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File: 1548676083767.jpg (138.1 KB, 1080x880, 1546772943626.jpg)

No. 14863

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/234968

What was discussed in the last thread:

Yoshiki (X Japan)
>is an attention whore, is still milking hide’s death and is so desperate for American recognition that his band even performed at Coachella
>has a Russian sugar baby who’s nearly 30 years younger than him
>announces monthly that the new album is 99% finished (it’s not)
>hangs out with Marilyn Manson, Poppy and Titanic

Hyde and Gackt are aging terribly (plus the latter is possibly gay) and Atsushi Sakurai thinks he no longer needs to wear pants.

Kisaki (ex. Phantasmagoria) is a literal pedophile. And of course he gets away with it, because this is glorious Nipponland we’re talking about…
More can be found here: https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/53544-kisaki-drama-2k18
Warning! Absolutely appalling details, pictures as proof.

At first I thought about making this jrock/vkei-only (because most conversations were about those), but then decided against it. Therefore you can also use this thread to rant about how horrible the idol industry is and how bad Ayumi looks nowadays.

The latest scandal:
Spoiler: She had to apologize to her „fans“ for daring to speak out about it.

No. 14864

X needs to disband. They're all too old and too busy trying to stay relevant to try to revive an 80's glamrock band in a country that idolizes mumblerappers, thugs and thots.

No. 14865

>Atsushi Sakurai thinks he no longer needs to wear pants.
Who's gonna object to that?

No. 14866

pffft, so the thread got moved from /ot/ to /weeb/ and then back to /ot/? wat

No. 14867

File: 1548752240420.gif (Spoiler Image,1.67 MB, 500x250, workitsakuraisan.gif)

Amen. As long as he doesn't go full thong, I'm quite happy with his newfound love for lingerie.

No. 14868

File: 1548769030717.jpeg (320.42 KB, 1748x1181, DvvH1BzVYAApfe3.jpeg)

Just stated that it was discussed, no judgement lol

I can't believe Kisaki still has fans…

No. 14869

>Cure magazine

Damn, they're still around? I remember buying hella copies of that shit from Hot Topic and FYE just to look at the pictures of jrockers & pretend I could read Japanese. I thought they went under after they tried to make Cure USA, iirc their first and only issue was mostly just a bloody vampire photoshoot of Yoshiki, a horribly laid out Dir en grey concert review and then a bunch of filler.

No. 14870

File: 1548785947413.jpg (54.53 KB, 400x514, CureUSA.jpg)

No. 14871

File: 1548791434677.jpg (627.98 KB, 958x1500, 1548128523265.jpg)

No. 14872

File: 1548799646395.jpg (87.3 KB, 750x576, Dx0dwF7U0AE6kKE.jpg)

all those supposed connections and this is still the best he can get? i guess it is american and pays money, so that's enough for him. i'm 50/50 on whether or not the x album is actually going to be released, but it will definitely lead to yoshiki milking hide more, with a briefer mention to taiji

hyde's album should probably be out though, after he released a meh collection of singles in 2018. speaking of him though, anybody catch the photos from his birthday with gackt? guests included a (not pictured) yoshiki, hyde's usual hanger on daigo, and gackt's unusual friend roland. guests did not include many other people over the age of 45, jrock sugar baby jaejoong, and seemingly no women at all. gackt's been making a big deal of his 20th solo anniversary being this year, i wonder if he's going to have his own mediocre album out this year

No. 14873

Roland? I can't find him…? Speaking of him, I know this isn't jrock, but this was in my youtube recommendations and immediately made me shudder… What a creep.

Hyde literally looks like a tiny grandma and Gackt, looks like Gackt… His little servant (Takumi or something) is also always with him. Shinya looks so weird too.
That whole party was probably spent talking about how great Hyde is.

And I highly doubt that Gackt will release an album, he would have mentioned it beforehand, no? All he's doing lately is being in commercials.

No. 14874

I can't speak nihongo but what's even the context of this? If I were those kids, I'd be creeped out with his plastic surgery ridden face up in my shit. Shouldn't he be in bed with gackt or something instead of signing children's soccer balls?

The kids touching his hair was kinda cute tho ngl.

No. 14875

I was really weirded out when I saw this. This nig is literally famous for having rich sugar mamas, he's obviously a terrible inspiration for the kids and shouldn't be going to children charity events and schools. It's like 12 years ago when the pussy cat dolls were all like WE WANT TO ENCOURAGE LITTLE GIRLS TO GROW UP BE STRIPPERS. Roland is like the male versiom of Vanilla, she got famous for her plastic surgeries but the difference is she never went to schools to see the kids like a celeb and shit. She's crazy but she's not far up her own ass like Roland and knows her lifestyle is not something kids should want

No. 14877

A lot of countries nowadays are pushing a lifestyle of glamour and sex over work and education to their youth. It's a trick to get a generation to avoid learning how to think and provide for themselves so that rich old farts can own them and their youth.

No. 14878

File: 1549053066720.jpg (37.76 KB, 355x354, 81sLDFZs4KL._SX355_.jpg)

I used to be into 48g back until… 2013-ish? Yuko was my fave and when she graduated I just stopped caring (the singles also just when reeeeally downhill after the whole KFC meme song)

I still love to lurk them for drama tho, I think new scandals like Mahohon's will come up to the surface and I hope AkiP burns once and for all lol

No. 14879

File: 1549054857146.gif (766.18 KB, 551x295, yikes.gif)

yeah it's really fucking weird. Why is a manwhore something inspirational to children?

Also, I don't even get why Gackt hangs out with him? Roland is nothing but a host who spent all his money on a new face. Why is he in the j-rock squad? At least the other guys have some kind of actual talent.

No. 14880

jfc, Hyde aged so bad. Isn't he not even 50?? He looks 20 years older than his age.

No. 14881

People in Japan are disgusting and simply don't care. Look at the manga artist from Rurouni kenshin when he was caught with child porn and legit admitted to having it like it wasnt a big deal. He didnt even get jail time.

No. 14882

Kek at that money necklace, how childish…
Ever since Roland quit being a host (which was only a couple months ago), he kind of blew up even more, is constantly on tv etc. (And for some reason japanese women do find him attractive - or at least pretend to)
Maybe he's buying himself in? And we all know that money is the only thing Gackt cares about, he hangs around with all kinds of semi-famous, rich non-musicians.

He turns 50 this year. I really don't get it, he's so rich, yet looks worse than your average dad. You'd think he could afford all kinds of skin care treatments and only the best stylists.

No. 14883

Even more ironic considering all the others members of Larc aged fine and look their age while Hyde looks like a grandpa already. He at least needs to kick the bleached hair because he looks better (and younger) with brown.

No. 14884

There's no way Kyo is not mentally ill. All he does is write edgy shit about women and is still obsessed with abortion (cuz according to an old ass interview, his mother tried to have his aborted, but it didnt work out.)

He'll be 43 (?) soon, so he needs to move off the edgy phase already.

No. 14885

File: 1549207613029.jpg (886.98 KB, 1080x1592, 20190203_102449.jpg)

If you ask me, Roland is Gackt's sugar baby. There's no way that fruit loop isn't a closet case.

Also, I noticed that since the first anti-Jrock thread, Miyavi has been posting and mentioning more of his wife, as well as Yoshiki making a point to be on camera with his Russian SB. Coincidence? Not that I think any of them would lurk here, I just find it interesting after the sperging over those women in the old thread.

No. 14886

Agree, especially with how Japan as a country is about mental illness. I'd love to hear his thoughts on the Kisaki scandal though.

No. 14887

I'd reckon he'd love to see Kisaki cash and burn (which will never happen though), but he probably also doesn't give a fuck about the women and her daughter who were abused.

So many people are making up accuses for him, even try to spin it around into him being pro-choice, but I can't believe that.

No. 14888

mahohon's scandal blew up all over social media but somehow no major outlet picked it up which has me confused but hard agree on akipig needing to burn

No. 14889

I feel like if it got enough fan attention, there would eventually be more of a scandal. Although with the way Japan and the idol industry is, unless her male fans rage about it I don't see much being done.

No. 14890

even if her male fans did rage, that's still only fans of one member, individual members are just too replaceable. it would take a level of outrage way bigger than just her fans + some sympathisers + girlschannel to have a big enough impact

No. 14891

that actually doesn't feel too far-fetched. Gackt 100% fucks dudes in a "no homo bro" way. Roland kinda gives me Yohio vibes so I think we've found Gackt's type kek

No. 14892

That would explain how roland is all over TV, Gackt could be pulling strings to make him some kind of tarento if they're fucking. Random prettyboy bisexual host suddenly starts hanging with rockers and celebs and showing up on TV for no reason? Totes not a handout.

No. 14893

File: 1550081947798.jpeg (224.06 KB, 1226x864, 7859C604-F33F-4F6C-9874-9B3FD3…)

I actually get genuinely sad seeing Hyde like this. He was so pretty just 2 years ago.

No. 14894

what the FUCK is in his cheeks

No. 14895


They look like literal cheek implants.

No. 14896

File: 1550084947981.jpg (18.13 KB, 420x210, oma-ist-die-beste-dpa-jpg.jpg)

He literally looks like some cute grandma lol
I really wonder what he did wrong to end up like this.

No. 14897

Looks like a whole breast implant.

No. 14898


Could this be the result of perhaps cheek fillers + botox? They look like botched cheek implants, but not quite 'plastic' enough to be actual implants, imo.

(also the clip of Yoshiki eating it on a skateboard from his insta was choice lmao)

No. 14899

I hope it's ok to ask this here ….
Can anybody give me good recommendations for Buck Tick songs( similar to Moonlight and In Heaven). I'm just starting to listen to them and liking it a lot

No. 14900

Just One More Kiss is one of their more famous songs and one of my favorites. Empty Girl, Tokyo and Oriental Love Story are really good too. Honesty I'd suggest just working your way through their albums, especially starting from the late 80s. They're all on Spotify if it helps

No. 14901

tf did i just watch

No. 14902

File: 1550241490777.gif (1.26 MB, 352x264, _D9BvY42y5B3XjqszccZEQPxqiaX-9…)

i hate this

No. 14903

I recommend listening to their compilation albums "catalogue 1987-1995" and "殺シノ調ベ This is NOT greatest hits". Both are on Spotify and should give you a nice overview of the band

No. 14904

He really thinks he's cute and quirky, like some dumb tween girl…

Good taste, anon. I'd second simply starting from their first album and working yourself up. Sissy Boy, Romanesque and Angelic Conversation are on of my favourite songs.
For albums, especially since you seem to like older stuff, I'd say Hurry up mode, Sexual xxxxx!, Seventh Heaven and Kurutta Taiyou. Six/Nine is very different, but maybe you still give it a try, it's suprisingly nice.
I'm rather disappointed in their newest album. The second last one also wasn't too exciting.

No. 14905

Sakura and Hyper Love are their best. (And of course Dress)

No. 14906

Also go on zoop.su to find these. Really love Sakura

No. 14907

File: 1550296690626.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.41 KB, 300x400, 7841c503be1d4724cd6785c4692ecf…)

Remember this

No. 14908

why is Gackt so cringy? lmao
when we were all teens we probably thought he was such a cool and unique artist and now we're all grown up realizing how retarded he looks and laughing at it. i love it.

No. 14909

Maybe back in the 90s/00s he had s mental breakdown due to being a major closet homo?

No. 14910

Thank you all for your suggestions!

No. 14911

Gackt has barely had his ego checked since the mid 90s. he couldn't have been much older than 21/22 when he joined Malice Mizer, so he was very quickly associated with one of the stronger names in visual kei history. there's all sorts of stories of him beating up various other musicians and roadies in the 90s, he leaves a well known band and has his solo career make him even more famous, he's making connections with all sorts of other celebrities far more famous than him. he's had plenty of criticism over the years for being cringy, but nowhere near enough to get through the fact that he's been having his ego stroked for about 25 years. him being (imo anyway) increasingly more unbearable over the last 10 years comes from the fact that he's had more criticism recently than he ever did before when his music was original, his singing was better, his face still looked like a face. the more articles and comments come out criticising him, the worse he's going to get

the man claimed to be a 500 year old immortal for years and was rewarded for his mysterious and unusual personality with media attention, money, and sex. i don't really think there's any chance of him getting better any time soon - not his face, not his weird instagram choices, not his occasional awful statements, and definitely not his deluded career choices

No. 14912

I weep. Hyde ruined his face with plastic surgery

No. 14913

He is like 45 years old. this is fucking cringey. why

No. 14914

It just goes to show money can't buy everything? Idk qhy he looks like this now though, I feel like a god-tier South Korean plastic surgeon would be able to save his face?

No. 14915

Maybe. He should do something to fix it because he looks 20 years older

No. 14916

File: 1550968957766.jpg (551.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190223-194228_Gal…)

Is it strange to anyone else that Hyde is playing a rock festival in Jacksonville, FL?? I mean… Nobody plays Jacksonville. This is a good little tour though, finally a Japanese artist goes somewhere other than just LA/NY/TX/VA.

No. 14917

I'm going to the Silver Springs show out of sheer curiosity. The other bands look good too

No. 14918

lmao no actual way he's playing at rockville…i work merch there i'll be able to see him for free

No. 14919

I keep seeing last minute ticket packs going on sale for Rockville and they don't even list Hyde on there. If his staff didn't post the tour pic I wouldn't believe he was actually going. Come to think of it, I doubt he will, or that it'll be any good. Usually when a popular foreign artist plays Florida it's a technical flop or gets cancelled. Wasn't X Japan shitty at Coachella because of a sound issue?

No. 14920

Hyde is basically everywhere. Last year he was in Norway, Sweden and other European countries to promote that documentary or whatever (I didn't go). I think he held some sort of speech or something in the beginning. At least, he was there during the screening.

No. 14921

whatever the fuck happened to bou btw, did the dude die

No. 14922

Honestly can you imagine him as a regular japanese guy? his whole appeal was the way he style himself he's probably hideous af without the long hair and little girl clothes. If he's still alive we'll probably never see him again.

No. 14923

Nah that was Yoshiki

No. 14924

considering that the vast majority of famous jrockers are old now, do you guys think they're married? i was looking through mana's twitter and i started thinking about it for some reason lol

No. 14940

I was thinking about going too since I've never been to a jrock concert but I also don't want to waste my money on Hyde. I can't imagine anyone going other than 14 year old weebs and little alt kids who were too young to go in the 2000s.

No. 14952

A lot of them were married in their prime, I would say. But only my opinion and without any evidence.
I also look at Manas twitter often, since I still like the Gothic Lolita style (can´t help it…), and at least he´s just doing in what he is good in. Even though I sometimes wonder about the whole MMM-partys, with dining and so on. But the few fans left are pretty loyal, I guess.

No. 14953

I know there were rumors in the last thread about Yoshiki being married to his Russian sugar baby, but all I ever saw myself were a bunch of Chinese screenshots of her Instagram account with the name redacted and stills of him texting in Russian while on some TV show from years ago. I doubt he would marry a random Russian instamodel almost 30 years younger than him without showing her off for the arm candy factor. I also don't see a random Russian instamodel marrying one of the most famous Japanese men alive and keeping it to herself. I do believe he probably still has her as a thirsty Russian sugar baby, 1000%. Aside from that, I remember something about him almost getting married like twice. I think he's closet bi, tbqh.

No. 14954

I'm interested, but as a Jacksonville resident who has been to Met Park, fuck paying Rockville prices just to see Hyde in a crowd of pretentious, sweaty classic rock fans and bandsloots. It's basically a giant lot with no natural shade or sun protection, grass and mud (usually), the security is super anal about bags and bottles too so they won't let you bring liquids ($3-5 bottles at the park ofc) and they search your bags. On top of that, it's underneath a giant fucking overpass by the waterfront. I went there once for World of Nations and decided not to go back, of all the places to hold good shows in this city and they choose the shittiest one all because they can capitalize on the heat and humidity while you're trapped in a gated lot in the sun with a couple hundred other sweaty people trekking through the mud. Not worth it for just Hyde, even if I still was that much of a weeaboo.

No. 14962

Several years back, Miku wrote in a short entry about he met up with Bou and he mentioned that Bou was married, had children and was doing well. Teruki also wrote about meeting up with Bou before so it seems like they were all on good terms but he no longer wanted the attention ir lifestyle.

No. 14966

Probably, the majority of Dir are either married or were married (Die, Kaoru, Kyo) plus Toshiya is serious with some tv presenter. Shinya remains a mystery.

No. 14975

I think Bou left because he was sick of being the girliest band member. When I brought my Cure magazines to school to look at the pics, my normie classmates would comment stuff like "she's cute, I'd bang her. You into chicks, anon?" when they saw me oogling pics of An Cafe and LM.C and the like. Bou was always styled like a girl.

I read a post on Tanuki translations that was a list of all the Jrockers that were posted being seen going to/at kyabas and it said "every member but Shinya" which gave me a laugh. I also read one that said he was into ageplay which I could see with all the Cheburashka shit. Shinya is the weirdest DEG member.

No. 14977

I can't. He probably works some shitty retail jop. Guys who were in vk bands can't get normal jobs, because of their past and because most of them probably aren't very intelligent or simply "normal" enough to begin with.
The only exception is Penicillin's Gisho. He even works as a higher up or owner of some business that not only pays well, but also allows him to occasionally still play gigs, so he really lucked out.
I also can't imagine that Bou was forced to have this girly image, it probably was something he himself came up with when they started out.

There were rumors on tanuki saying that Mana is married, but it's honestly so difficult to imagine lol

Yoshiki's gf is in the OP, no? He dated a brunette for some time, even took her to events, but no marriage.

Die is likely married (but said to be promiscuous), there are even pictures of her, but Kyo isn't - unless his wife is a complete doormat who allows him to play around with young women.
When pictures of Toshiya and that announcer surfaced they said they're only "friends"…lol
Girls on tanuki claim that Shinya is a complete freak and the longer you think about it, the more it seems that his shy personality really might be a facade.

Buck-Tick members are all married, minus Yuta who's allegedly a player and Sakurai is rumored to be divorced again.
I think the only ones who are officially married are Sugizo, Hyde and Miyavi.

Somebody in the kpop thread said that the scandals in the japanese music scene are much more extreme than korean ones, because the latter always try to lay low, but at least in the rock scene most japanese artists seem to be much more secretive than their korean counterparts imo.

No. 14979

What do you mean by MMM parties? I think nothing happens there really haha I was reading a girl’s blog and she said Mana is always his usual self. although he unexpectedly hugged her many times and even smiled, I think it’s maybe because he had seen her many times at events so he recognized her.

I think Mana is a very eccentric man lol
And since you mentioned his twitter, I was shocked at how good he looks even after all those years! He’s almost 50 years old and haven’t changed much.

No. 14980

I also don’t think Mana’s married but who knows. I remember I read a report some months ago of a girl from my country and she said that besides two translators, there was a random japanese guy sitting next to Mana’s empty chair at one event. He was 40+ years old (he had long hair and was nicely dressed) and she jokingly said she thought it was his boyfriend lol

No. 15002

>Yoshiki's gf is in the OP, no?

I think so, but it's so hard to tell in that pic. He's supposedly been dating the blonde Russian SB since like 2014ish though. All his relationships with white models seem to last a whille before he cycles back down into the lower 20s.

No. 15020

I’m actually kind of amazed that people are still talking about vkei, I though it was a dead genre at this point.

No. 15033

It is, a few bands are still active but the scene is mostly dead now. This thread is pretty much just checking up o them and their drama from the golden days.

No. 15484

Thanks for your contribution to the thread. No1curr

No. 15552

Supposedly Mana is married to Yukie Itoh, a producer for Midi:Nette. He said that they used to date pre-Malice Mizer era but have just been very close friends since then, and that their relationship transcends that of marriage, if I remember correctly. I don't know if he was just saying that so that fangirls don't come for him or if he really is just close friends/partners with her, or if they're even still together. My friend who goes to lots of MdM lives says she always sees her there though, so they're probably still at least friends.

No. 15558

File: 1552313685299.jpg (56.49 KB, 474x578, musumescandal1.jpg)

We've had some stage48 nostalgia in these threads, did anyone else prefer Hello! Project groups? They were always my favourites when I was in my 13 year old weeb fantasy of wanting to be a idol. The pedo bait stuff usually seemed a bit less obvious than AKB so when I was a young teen it didn't bother me as much, even though I find it weird looking back now just how young some of the idols were. I preferred their system of multiple acts with overlapping units, Buono! were definitely one of the best they had. The dances were more fun to badly do in front of a mirror, and something made it seem like it was easier to become a H!P idol, even when there's so many 48 girls now.

At the same time, Hello! Project, especially Morning Musume, always had way better scandals than just dating old men. This isn't very up to date but it makes me wish I'd properly kept up with all the drama at the time before it got harder to find, they make me think more of Johnny's groups where you really need to try hard to get involved to hear all the news and rumours. The "ugly Korean eyes" Morning Musume post wasn't until 2010. I actually think Produce48 would've worked better with H!P but there's a few reasons why that wouldn't happen, "Korean eyes" just being one of them. Anybody remember some good H!P milk?

No. 15559

>Guys who were in vk bands can't get normal jobs, because of their past and because most of them probably aren't very intelligent or simply "normal" enough to begin with. The only exception is Penicillin's Gisho

Ex-EVE (and currently CLACK inc.) Takeru has had an a white-collar type of job ever since they broke up.
He's a pretty normal guy and totally drama-free. I'm sure there are other examples, even though it's definitely not the norm.

No. 15570

NTA but it is kind of the norm. If they're still dressing/styling themselves the same, of course not, but if they style themselves like normies then they can go back into society just fine usually.

No. 15577


I was talking specifically about vk guys who are still in bands. Of course if they drop their vk personas completely they may be able find a normal job no problem, but people managing both is a bit of a rare case.

However, >>14977 anon wasn't wrong to say that ex-vk dudes may still have a hard time going back into society 'cause some of them are outcasts with no education and no professional experience besides playing in a band. But it's not always the case. Some dudes are just normal and have a normal life outside the band (talking about indiefags mostly, not those with a certain degree of fame)

No. 15613

I heard they got divorced

No. 21702

I'm the anon you replied to, and I did some digging and I think you're right, it seems Mana's divorced now. Poor guy, hope he's at least happy though.

No. 21716


Feel free to report your findings if you wanna. I'd be interested in hearing about them.

No. 21775


I'm honestly not surprised. Almost none of the late 90's/early 00's Jrockers have been able to maintain a steady relationship.

No. 21944

Ray from Born I think went back into his job as a graphic designer. So some bandmates go back into old lives.

No. 22180

File: 1553721355271.png (57.45 KB, 588x534, gacktboa.png)

Gackt's doing a few things lately, the newest one being writing the lyrics for a BoA single, is he officially finished with weird cryptocurrency business decisions and just sticking with music and TV again? I haven't heard about any reviews for the movie he was in, but I get the feeling he's attempting to have a notable year for his 20th solo year. He's never been gone for long enough to call it a comeback, but he definitely has periods of just completely phoning it in. I'd like to know if he still has real singing and writing skills like he did at one point, or if he's just lost it and just has a massive ego now. His talent downfall isn't as severe as Ayumi Hamasaki's but she's going deaf, what's his excuse? He's been an entertaining mess for a long, long time but I'd prefer it if he could still be fun to laugh at but also put out some decent content.

He's either buying instagram followers or is getting more interest lately, though. He's gained over 100k followers in about 6 weeks.

No. 22189

>He's either buying instagram followers or is getting more interest lately, though. He's gained over 100k followers in about 6 weeks.
Not neccessarily. Around that time he set his account to private, meaning many people followed him just so that they're still able to see his posts.

No. 22199

I wanna know why there's almost nothing lulzy on Atsushi except for what that one anon said in the last thread about the scandal with his stylist and that jav actress. You would think with all the women he's fugged that one of them would spill something more. He must be really good at sweet talking them.

No. 22241

The girl from NGT48 who was assaulted tweeted (what everybody already knew) that she really was forced to apologize by her management. Hopefully something will be done now, her tweets have nearly 200k likes and everybody, besides some edgelord pigs, are on her side.

All these girls who reveal stuff about bandmen on tanuki usually have already broken up with them or don't care if they find out. On the other hand the ladies he's with probably want to stay, since afterall he's a pretty big fish.
But the biggest reason simply is, that at the height of their career the internet and therefore tanuki didn't exist yet, so his flings had no possibility to share their experiences. And nowadays he's said to only go after older women - too old to still gossip and brag about their conquests on the interent.

No. 22242

I think that's because vk gossip places like Tanuki etc. focus on more recent bands. There may have been tons of B-T gossip back in the day, but I doubt 80's bangya would venture on a vk gossip forum to spill it.
I remember reading that Sakurai doesn't really fuck younger women and that he turned many younger fans down. He must stick to women around his age.

No. 22275

the governor in Niigata banning them from any further advertising in Niigata and participation in public events in the prefecture.

No. 22319

h!p will always be my fav anon!!!!
i was around when the aibon drama broke down and then the nono's drama!!! her marriage was so funny kekek
i wanna know the old guys scandals!!

No. 24626

He had a pop up museum and people were waiting in lines to get in

No. 24661

H!P was so great because there were always releases by a million different groups and they did tons of concerts so there was ample performance footage that wasnt just small stage music programming stuff that kpop did at the time. The dances were easier for my 15 year old weeb self to learn than kpop dances too. The really early morning musume stuff is still really good imo.

No. 24692

I'm not really into japanese music but i really like suda masaki and now that he has branched out into he music world I wanted to know what you guys think about that? Sorry if this doesn't belong here.

No. 24728

File: 1554829496970.jpeg (464.06 KB, 1242x1613, 6910D187-1172-4470-A44C-411E04…)

Ah I love his acting and I was pleasantly surprised by his music, it’s nice! His voice is alright but could use some work. Nice face though

No. 24754

He's OK as a singer. I prefer his acting to his music though. And I love watching him on variety shows with Yamazaki Kento, it's like watching Pinky and the Brain.

No. 24770

I agree
Lol at that analogy…can you tell me where you usually watch variety shows or Japanese shows in general? They're really difficult to find.

No. 27075

File: 1555727803187.jpg (212.75 KB, 800x1199, DzM68IIVsAAmj3T.jpg)

Thought this might be interesting to some people here.

This gya basically made a diary through this account about her time mitsu-ing for a vkei bandman from the band Kaitou Sentai Nusumunja (known for their parody songs).

There are some videos too of the guy spitting on her, yelling at her, call her names. (although, it's pointed away from any faces so it's basically just audio).

No. 27085

i don't understand how anyone could be a mitsu. that shit aint worth it

No. 27088

Most of these vkei dudes seem to be utter dickheads. The way he talks is obnoxious but I wish my Japanese was good so that I can read some of these tweets and texts.

Must be the loneliness problem Japan has.

No. 27115

Holy shit what. Since they always sing songs about how other bands are kusomen I never thought they would end up being kusomen themselves

No. 28241

Yoshiki permanently resembles Mylene Farmer

No. 29311

What does Yoshiki even do lately? Is X Japan still even "active"?

No. 30385

File: 1557085264937.jpg (428.58 KB, 1080x2072, 20190505_153924.jpg)

Was anyone planning to go to Rockville to see Hyde? Apparently due to severe weather his slot was cancelled, even though the rain wasn't actually that severe (Jaxfag here). Idk if this means ticketholders will be refunded or the show will be rescheduled, or if it means the event was cancelled for the whole day.

No. 30809

Takemasa from Kiryu posted a video, adressing that he got married 2 years ago.
She was his fan (and mitsu), she's allegedly always first row and fans found out because she was bragging about rare items she had, so everybody got suspicious.
He pretty much said that it's not his fans business and that they should leave him alone, so the ones who did not shit on him for getting married are also angry, like "Why are you blaming us? We didn't do anything".

It's so weird seeing bandmen have YouTube…

No. 30883

Why is he mad though? If he wanted his marriage to be a secret he shouldn't have married a hxc fan who would follow him around to shows and brag about exclusive merch, other crazy fans always notice that type of shit.

No. 31515

kinda ot but it's so annoying to see the western fandom on tumblr and twitter completely sperg out with their holier-than-thou attitude. They seem to think that the Japanese fans are against the marriage because of the dislikes and bash the Japanese fans 24/7.
Honestly the bangya are just pissed because he's so passive aggressive and treated all Japanese Kiryu fans like one big hivemind even though most fans were ok with the marriage.

Seriously since when did vk attract so many young tumblr retards

No. 32575

File: 1558374968272.png (717.66 KB, 1055x597, jpop 2000s.png)

Does anyone miss the 2000s jpop look? I loved the thin brows, golden dyed hair and nude lips. I hate how most acts and idols are following the basicbitch Korean trends. The kpop wave killed Japan's unique makeup and fashion style

No. 32584

I'd say AKB48 getting big killed it, now it's all variations of pedo pandering

No. 32591

tbh i don't think this was just a thing with jpop icons, it was really apparent with hostesses at the time as well. very minimalist and glamorous, but also street with a hint of punk.
i did like how jpop stars made wearing a tank top look fashionable.

No. 32619

>The kpop wave killed Japan's unique makeup and fashion style
This so much
The girl in the video looked so cute and happy, but now turned herself into a bland (and plastic) korean clone: https://www.instagram.com/erisagunji/

saged for ot

No. 32640


it's gyaru. you guys are just talking about gyaru.

No. 32669

I frequent Japanese message boards, it's ridiculous AS FUCK how the Japanese on the board say they hate Koreans and laugh at their plastic surgeries and in the same sentence say "I'll still buy their cosmetics though cuz it's cute. They hate Koreans so much yet they like their clothes, makeup/cosmetics, follow their style trends and go to Korea for plastic surgery. How are they gonna hate Korea when they want to look like them?

No. 32680

They aren't getting plastic surgery though or using the cosmetics in a way that mimicks Korean style. When you buy cosmetic brands out of country, you don't automatically want to look like the people in the country. Are you a teenager?
Ah, that's it! I honestly forgot there's sub categories of gyaru that aren't focused on super tan skin and heavy eyelashes.

No. 32681

File: 1558475819727.jpg (29.52 KB, 539x256, cvifcs.jpg)


No. 32686

Just sounds like a koreaboo tbh.
I honestly haven't noticed a huge number of Korean fashion brands getting popular here. I mean there is Chuu and Stylenanda to an extent. But Japanese brands and styles are still way more popular.

No. 33003

Gackt is nearly 50 and looks older because he had botched surgery in his late 20s/early 30s. He's such a pathetic being now.

No. 33005

He holds overpriced dinners with fans and posts random bullshit on IG about X and hide. He really has no life anymore. X will never release their new album.

No. 33808

File: 1559233798644.png (310.56 KB, 713x431, Screenshot_2019-05-30-12-24-54…)

Boring musume's new song, as usual their songs suck with their lame dances, basic bitch look, ugly costumes and average vocals. They try to be sexy but it's just awkward. Idk who is worse, AKshit or Boring Musume.

No. 33810

this is why im so glad i like bands like pentagon, dadaroma, sick2 and unite. no fuckin drama like this lmao

No. 33813

He likes to use his IG to quietly show off when he's with his Russian sugar baby too. He signs his posts with a capital X usually, but when he's off somewhere like Hong Kong with her he does a big and little one, like: Xx. Kind of cringey, if he wants a white 20-something trophy why can't he just have a public sugar baby girlfriend like he has in the past with his wannabe-model and wannabe-actress girlfriends?

No. 33817

Are you 12…?
sick2 are so irrelevant, I've never even heard that name and Yoshiatsu from Dadaroma is 1. ugly af and 2. forced a girl to get an abortion. Your uwu drama-less bandman is human scum.
And you really do have the taste of a preteen.

No. 33825

File: 1559247378591.jpg (717.06 KB, 1664x1176, 2232.jpg)

Hello Project has been slowly dying for the past decade. I miss their glory days.
When 9/10th generation first joined it was pretty fun, Kobushi were great before they got scandaled to hell and back, and Country Girls (the best group in terms of personality IMO) doesn't really exist anymore.
I can only hear about Disneyland and Starbucks so many times before it gets boring, I have no idea why I still follow this dead company.

No. 33861

Their standards are pretty bad now.. old ass Tsunku said he doesn't look for special girls anymore even though they make a splash and become very popular get make a lot of scandals and that's why everyone in Boring Musume is basic as fuck.

No. 33889


Lmaooo that made me roll my eyes so hard.

DDRM is one of the scummiest bands in the scene, literally no one can stand them and Yoshiatsu's antics are so infamous.

Pentagon aren't angels either, pretty sure they're kusomen too as I remember seeing Minpha's supposed dick pic he sent to a tsunagari. That was pretty early on in their career, too. I don't follow Sick2 closely but I remember reading something about them too very vaguely, I'd have to check out again.

UNiTE seems relatively chill and drama-free, true, but my favorite indiefag bandoman seems to dislike Yui, and I'm pretty sure there had been some unreported drama with EVE around the time Sana joined since they had broken up like one month earlier, so.

Either way, while there are definitely some chill bands out there, but sadly they're a minority, so I wouldn't go claiming the moral high ground on them unless you dig deep enough. These days indiefag drama doesn't gets reported nearly as often as it used to, you have to look up things for yourself.

No. 33977

kek this is the tumblr vk crowd right here. ~uwu my smol beans are pure~

Like no, DDRM are notorious kusomen that built their whole fanbase through fucking every single girl they see. Which is why they're still not successful after churning out so many songs and albums. No one wants to touch that band with a ten foot pole.

And where the fuck have you been to miss out the Minhpa scandals? He fucked some idol, has a ton of mitsu and even sent out dickpics. I think the Japanese fans even gave him a nickname because of it? Chin-pha I think? (=Dick-pha).

No. 33979

File: 1559400802466.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1124, Screenshot_2019-06-01-10-50-40…)

Boring Musume tries to come off as relatable and sincere with their shitty songs when pretty much all of them has never worked a shitty full time job before.

No. 33991

File: 1559413811045.jpeg (40.91 KB, 355x311, 9C11976F-3E54-4E56-8029-D1B642…)

Anyone knows what happened with the girls from W? Or Double U?

No. 33996

I'm a old fan of W.

Ai was exiled for 15 years because of her underaged smoking and old man boyfriends scandals. She ruined a family because she shacked up with a man 30 years her senior as a minor. HP gave her another chance but she blew it when she got together with another old man and got caught smoking again. After she got kicked she went through a lot of ups and downs in her life, she tried to commit suicide multiple times, got into drugs and cults. She got pregnant randomly and married into an violent relationship, divorced and got pregnant again and remarried to a yaukuza member which ended terribly for her. I think her husband got arrested for fraud and other violent offenses, tried to restart her career as an idol but failed. Nozomi became a tarento and started her mission to repopulate Japan with her famous baseball player husband, throughout her career she stayed in touch with Ai and tried helping her out and because of Nozomi she was accepted back into HP after 15 damn years and was able to perform as W again with Nozomi at Hina fes 2019.

No. 33997

I forgot to mention they also finally released their canceled album W3:Faithful. I hope they make new music

No. 33998

File: 1559418915656.jpg (40.18 KB, 640x486, 19847_tp2bqj.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Ai got addicted to plastic surgery at some point. She doesn't really look like herself anymore

No. 34000

I've always wondered about that too. Even aside from her aging and thinning out as a result, she looks a bit oddly different. Maybe it's just the decades of stress coupled with what looks like a rather low bmi.

No. 34002

She had an eating disorder around the time her scandals broke, old MM members commented how shocked they were seeing Ai lose so much weight in so little time. I'm guessing Ai had a lot of home issues and being an idol didn't help her escape it

No. 34017

Tsuji got pregnant by some actor from ultraman and booted from her shit, and started her career as a tarento and blogger. She has a steady following of Japanese haters (mostly bitter housewives) online that comment negatively on everything she does. (“Add some fucking potatoes to your curry! She calls herself a fucking housewife?”) Nowadays she’s more known for the hate against her, and if not that, being dumb/a ditz enough to warrant the hate. Her threads on gossip forums are literally PULL-tier. Imagine the PULL Kenna threads but for a Japanese celebrity.

She actually recently had her 4th kid and shows his face without stickers or mosiacs, which always did with her first 3 on her blog. She also posts a lot on Instagram with her husband if you are interested.

No. 34020

I honestly think it's just the culture of Japan in general right now. Pretty much every girl is an idol of some sort and it takes away the need to put yourself out there in order to stand out. The meaning of idol was changed by shitty akb and all the other flagship groups. People say Morning Musume was girl next door but during the golden era they at least had some kind of charm point. Akb changed that and went the quantity over quality route by just putting any random uggo in.
I feel like now HP definitely goes for the safer choices/girls they've already trained though which is crazy considering the most popular member right now is a rando from hokkaido.

Because they totally had a voice in the direction of the music video or their songs.

I think she mentioned she got a nose job sometime ago on a tv show. She definitely looks different and it's kind of sad considering she had one of the best visuals in Morning Musume.

No. 34029

File: 1559451774860.png (213.38 KB, 801x295, Screenshot_2019-06-02-01-02-20…)

I always hated her eyelid surgeries, out of her whole face she got her eyes done the most.

No. 34031

File: 1559451970617.png (1.8 MB, 1440x1759, Screenshot_2019-06-02-00-59-35…)

Didn't Ai do av at some point?

No. 34032

Wow thanks for the info. I got extreme nostalgia from reading all these threads. Tbh I think the Robo KISS mv was the first video I put on my iPod. It’s nice to see there’s still ppl who talk about jpop jrock

No. 34035

Not even legit porn, she put this shit in the album jacket art during her failed comeback in like 2010

No. 34107

File: 1559500425075.png (911.07 KB, 1141x362, akb.png)

2007-2014 AKB was the best, they had pretty members and their songs were good, now the fugly AKShit girls are in every movie, tv show, magazine, commerical and their shitty music is blasted all over the place. You can't escape them and their 70 sister groups. AKshit is like a uncurable cancer spreading across Asia. Is it really necessary to infect India and the rest of Southeast asia with this trash??

No. 34109

Yeah I seriously hate their shit, and so do most people in Japan. I even saw some people saying that they hope the reiwa era will bring an end to the akb groups and how it's one of their biggest wishes for the new era

No. 34117

Are they REALLY performing for the 2020 Olympics?? If so they will embarrass Japan and further perpetuate the uwu defenseless ugu Japanese women stereotypes. I sincerely hope they get Utada or Ayumi Hamasaki to perform instead of Akshit.

No. 34120

Oh no….they definitely CANNOT perform at the Olympics…that would be the worst. Idk how Japanese people would let that slide, they already consider them a huge shame and disgrace

No. 34121

I found this article from 2015 no new updates though


Akshit's creepy president stopped forcing the underaged and mid teen members from doing the creepy gravure and bikini stuff because he didn't want non Japs to have a bad impression on AKshit for the Olympics. I hope they do get banned from performing

No. 34166

File: 1559554507139.gif (1.82 MB, 320x251, 30126015566f91a5df4f8f3446e57b…)

KimuTaku and his horsefaced wife are currently pushing their daughter a ridiculous amount. That girl profits more from nepotism than the Jenners and the Hadids combined. At the age of just 15 (she's 16 now) she already won a best upcoming actress award (despite never having acted before kek), she's the official face of Bulgari, she was in a Chanel add and currently gets ripped into by by everybody for looking like the tiny japanese kid she really is in comparison to the normal models at a Chanel show.
She's probably the most hated person on girlschannel lately, there's no way she's gonna turn out sane after all of that. And they also put her into way too revealing clothes.

No. 34167

I ran across a couple people on twitter discussing some recent vk drama. What I could gather is that:

1. Tomo (from Vistlip I assume)accidenlly came out as bi and has been deleting a ton of his social media?

2. On Kazuki(from Screw?)'s stream people could hear a child crying, assuming it's his?

Does anyone have more milk on this? I don't care about any of these people, but I'm a sucker for drama so

No. 34169

Isn't she 18?
I don't wanna be mean because she's young still but that Chanel show was absolutely terrible. She looked like a teenager who sneaked in tbh. Her height is also questionable. She looks too small to be 170cm.

No. 34172

I almost feel bad for Koki. Yes her parents are fucking insane and pushed for her model career at the age of 15 but I don’t think girlschannel should nitpick the shit out of her. Koki hasn’t really done anything bad.

No. 34175

Netizens dont like her because she's in everything like akshit. People will like her more if her parents stop using their fame to push her and let her career naturally progress

No. 34188

>accidenlly came out as bi
how do you accidentally come out as bi?

No. 34190

I have no idea, I was just reporting what I read lol. I guess he let out some comment that implied that? I don't know the dynamics myself and I'd like to find out

No. 34206

I absolutely love this

No. 34207

The full version (the struggles of trying to enjoy a jpn song, sigh)

No. 34210

Ayumi Hamasaki can’t sing live for shit now though, partly not her fault because she really is losing her hearing now but also because even at her peak she had some rough performances. As much as she could do a really cool performance of the Surreal and Evolution mix she does, her newer performances (can’t find the most recent one on youtube) of it are ruined by her vocals. But I’m sure I’ve read before that Olympic performances are almost always lipsyncs as a rule to avoid any mistakes, so maybe she could do it even if girlschannel would call her fat

No. 34218

Can you post caps if possible?

No. 34220

File: 1559611137099.jpg (928.09 KB, 619x478, Inkedtomo-kazuki1_LI.jpg)

I apologize for the shitty editing job lmao.
Also, as you can see it's pretty difficult to make out what they're saying from the way they're talking (or maybe it's just me)? Hence why my summary also seemed confusing

No. 34221

File: 1559611178583.jpg (797.6 KB, 604x826, Inkedtomo-kazuki2_LI.jpg)

No. 34222

File: 1559611279720.jpg (932.1 KB, 617x480, Inkedtomo-kazuki3_LI.jpg)

No. 34223

File: 1559611404137.jpg (919.02 KB, 620x414, Inkedtomo-kazuki4_LI.jpg)

No. 37405

File: 1561350064806.jpeg (44.89 KB, 640x439, b5118605f34bdf94dc9b10d4dc2ba3…)

The new Boring Musume members

No. 37436

File: 1561371899370.jpg (47.8 KB, 540x404, tumblr_ptkslr9rkl1w99gpj_540.j…)

No. 37449

I hope those rumours of Johnny Kitagawa's death are true.

No. 37459


Holy fuck, anon. Lmfao

No. 37461

Anyone here familiar with chanmina? I've seen a couple of her music vids because of youtube recommendations but that's about it

No. 37467

Isn't she another kpop star advancing to Japan?

No. 37472

looks like all the other members of that group and every other japanese loli idol group

No. 37477

No she's a jpop star. What makes you think that?

No. 37479

nta but she's japanese but was born in SK. she also apparently wanted to move back to SK to do kpop there. she's just trying to do kpop in japan though which usually ends up a flop.

No. 37481

how is that kpop though? It just looks like normal pop star shit to me

No. 37507

I think I lost a few braincells reading this.
It's just pop/hip hop music, it's not "kpop" unless it's coming from a kpop company in seoul. She was going to pursue a kpop idol career in korea then changed her mind decided to stay and pursue a pop star career in japan. It's not like japan has never had its own pop stars before. But sorry, I didn't realize that korea owns pop/hip hop music and anyone in asia who does the same is copying them

No. 37664

rofl, I just saw the vids on IG last night. Yoshiki shouldn't have been wearing such a long scarf to begin with. he's an idiot. Why is he even trying to chummy it up with the Queen anyway?

No. 37925

Does anyone have any dirt on Shiina Ringo, or lesser known VK bands like Guniw Tools?

No. 37960

I sincerely hope that Jpop mvs shot like Kpop mvs is just a small minority, It looks so bad, unoriginal and tacky.

No. 37961

There was an old tanuki rumor that she was being passed around between all dir en grey members… lol but nothing else that I know of.
She recently collabed with atsushi sakurai.

No. 37962

i feel like i lost braincells reading this. those were her words, not mine.

No. 37967

Nta but she herself said that? Wow, hope she flops then

No. 38008

I heard this too, that she's trying to "bridge the gap" and make k-pop in Japan for korea.

No. 38018

That collab song was absolutely awful. Was actually excited for it but it literally sounded like nails on a chalkboard

No. 38074

Same, both have good voices but that was less than mediocre. Buck-tick's music in general has been declining steadily over the last years.

No. 38529

does anyone have any milk on ngt48? apparently a lot of them are bullies

No. 38658

>Korean fashion

Being a weeb from the early 2000's to now it's so sad seeing Japanese street fashion die and turn into Korean fashion, I hate it and I can't accept it

No. 38667

Hey, this is the J-Music thread. Not the J-fashion thread. You fucking moron lmfao

No. 39466

Any drama on gazette?

No. 39533

Yep, tons. Stop being lazy and go on tanuki or look at the first thread.

No. 39551

Johnny Kitagawa is dead. Rest in pieces you child molesting trashcan. I don't think anything will change in terms of Johnny's Entertainment continuous domination though.

No. 39560

Disgusting how he got away with it

No. 39581

File: 1562708103006.png (240.04 KB, 480x476, birthday-party-pepe-png-16.png)

>>39551 julie kitagawa is in charge now tho

No. 39622

What do you expect. It's japan.

No. 39633


I saw those ones, those rumours have been around for such a long time, and don't even seem that legit tbh… I was talking about recent stuff, really can't manage to find new drama on them

No. 40020

Luckily, they are now

Good. you know that piece of shit molested every child he recruited. Jin Akanishi of KATTUN had to leave japan to get away from him. Glad he did. I know Yamapi also left Johnny's Entertainment. Too bad Japan doesnt give a shit about child sexual exploitation.

No. 43686

Yoshiki has been teasing a big announcement regarding X Japan, but so far no delivery. He was going to announce it on Yoshiki Channel 8/02 but didn't and tweeted a sorry apology instead. He said it was something regarding the future of X Japan, but nothing specifically anything about the album release date. Oh, then he showed up in Miami for some reason?

Anyone care to

No. 43692


*Anyone care to guess if X is officially disbanding or gonna actually release the album?

Sorry, my phone glitched and I never came back to check if it posted properly.

No. 43695

File: 1565284702908.jpg (161.55 KB, 540x575, 20190808_131819.jpg)


Oof, timing.

No. 43696



lmao, I just got a mental image of Yoshiki browsing lolcow thanks to this

No. 44360

File: 1565696283461.jpg (681.96 KB, 1080x1328, 20190813_065223.jpg)

Dir en grey are coming back to the states to tour this December, but they're ignoring the east coast altogether this time.

No. 44527

New York isn't on the east coast?

No. 44595

It is, but it's a No Shit city so it's guaranteed they'll go there, like LA. Anywhere between Florida and Virginia is no man's land.

No. 44607

File: 1565797770362.jpg (563.2 KB, 1666x1496, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-L10c…)

Mingna Wen's daughter kinda looks like Kanna Hashimoto

No. 44611

Who the fuck wants to see them anymore? Why can't buck-tick come here? Atsushi needs to stop being such an obnoxious nationalist.

No. 44614

I go for the nostalgia factor due to being a fan for almost 15 years, it's really not bad if you mind your business, don't try to sneak pics of the staff/random Asians and avoid the worst of the crowding. Plus they play a mix of current and older songs so even if I don't fully vibe with some of their newest stuff it's fun to hear Obscure, Child Prey, Saku or The Final performed live.

No. 44725

File: 1565890013010.jpg (99.47 KB, 540x592, 20190815_132602.jpg)


I think Hyde wants to do a US tour, he seems like he's trying to get in good with bands here lately.

No. 44950

But where is the tanuki gossip stuff? There's been nothing lately

No. 44966

Hyde has been kissing american musicians asses for ages already

Nobody is translating stuff anymore

No. 45036

I´d say they do rather well. They are not playing in hugeass venues - at least in Europa, can't speak for the US - but they are mostly sold out.

Any new gossip an Yoshiki and his big X announcement or can we see his wine collection - why is this so unbelievable random to me… - as the big deal for him?

No. 45127

Tbh who the hell still cares about xjapan?
btw anyone remembers that photo where dir en grey and yoshiki were making x with their hands and toshiya looked like "kill me please

No. 45162

He did a tour recently with a metal band. He really seems like he wants to stay in the US. He's become nothing but an ass kisser the last 10 years

No. 45164

I need to see that photo. Sounds hilarious

Well, ONLY doing nyc and no one else on the east coast is pretty fucked. they also chose a very small venue that sold out immediately. they jacked up tickets from $35 to $116 and the seating was super minimum. they're a buncha assholes to be honest. Not even attempting to play DC or baltimore anymore, even though those are big cities with huge pulls for shows.

No. 45188

I want to see Dir en Grey again. I was hoping they’d come to Atlanta (for the sake of all the fans in the surrounding states) but I’m even surprised they zipped right to NYC. Isn’t it rumored Kyo hates touring the US?

No. 45228

Kyo hates overseas touring period. He also hates touring Europe, Australia, South America, Korea, China etc (You get the picture). Actually when they toured Asia back during Rettou Gekishin Angya in 2002 there was some issues with some rude stuff he said about Chinese fans. Basically he'd prefer to stay in Japan always.

No. 45233

Just recently he said rude stuff about europe and europeans too, he should just stay home.

He also does shit like sleeping at fan meets, so he really doesn't deserve a single cent from you, farmers.

No. 45248


Overseas tours are just cash grabs for their rich Japanese fans, that's why the VIPs always have early access to merch- every time I've managed to score a DEGVIP I see Japanese fand buying up multiples of everything first chance and dripping $200-500 at the table on merch. I read about some peolle not being able to get anything in any size but XL and up at a couple of shows because they got in the venue later than most of the crowd. They play small, open floor venues and don't set queues for tickets because they know what they're doing- The US tour is a gimmick for the Japanese fans to come buy out for the travel experience.

No. 45287

Omg what did he said about europeans? lol

kyo sometimes looks pretty much like your average japanese supremacist

No. 45288

He said that europeans are intimidating because they're so tall and fat, that it was dirty and that he hates the food (and goes to mcdonalds instead). In short, he's a massive racist ass, just imagine a western artist toured in Japan and said those things about them… Plain racism, but of course his crazy fans would shield anything he does and say that it's because he doesn't like flights.

No. 45290

He said during a Q&A in the fall that he hates touring abroad because everyone is bigger than him ( he used the word dekai which can mean taller or larger bodied but foreign fans immediately decided he meant fat even though there are other words for that which he has used freely in the past), he can't understand the English or any other languages, and the food doesn't suit his palate. The only thing that he can eat is Mcdonalds. So he always stays on the tour bus or in the hotel room.
But, honestly, I was at that Q&A and he was being more self deprecating of his own faults and inability to acclimate to other cultures than denigrating towards Europe and Europeans.
He has said many times that he welcomes foreign fans for shows in Japan and is really happy when they come. He has also defended foreign fans when other people have tried to shit on them in interviews. Back in 2009-2010, when they were playing NYC, he brought out hot green tea at 3 in the morning to fans who camped out. He doesn't hate foreigners he just hates being outside his comfort zone and has a tendency to say shitty thoughtless things as a result.

No. 45291

Excuses, excuses.
>he just hates being outside his comfort zone and has a tendency to say shitty thoughtless things as a result.
He's what, 45? He should know how to behave. His fans always brag about him being brutally honest and not bending to fake polite japanese culture, so stop trying to twist his words into meaning something less negative.
>the food doesn't suit his palate. The only thing that he can eat is Mcdonalds. So he always stays on the tour bus or in the hotel room.
Lmao. All the food in entire europe doesn't suit his majety's palate. Again, just imagine if somebody said that about Japan, or whole Asia.

At vip meets they stand behind a barrier, so that you can't come too close to them, while kyo looks ready to murder everybody. They're only ripping their fans off moneywise.

No. 45314

I love you, anon.

Kyo seems like a huge japanese nationalist and probably hates any country or place outside Japan even though fans will give him mega bucks and he can retire before 50 at this point.

No. 45315

>At vip meets they stand behind a barrier, so that you can't come too close to them, while kyo looks ready to murder everybody. They're only ripping their fans off moneywise.

Never had interests in doing VIP. How do they take photos then? fans just stand in front of the barrier line? lol

No. 45352

File: 1566384776184.jpg (66.67 KB, 640x425, cg0gWRjl.jpg)

Be prepared…
I can't even stand looking at those pics, so awkward. Just imagine paying loads and then getting this in return…
Some more
As a comment says
>You can tell they really love and appreciate their fans.

No. 45353

File: 1566385183697.jpg (197.47 KB, 1600x1200, DSCN1252.JPG)

In earlier meets they allowed the fans to stand with them but Kyo always made sure to stand and look as far away as possible.

No. 45354

Nah nah nah. I’ve been to two meet and greets with DEG in Atlanta. 2011 and 2013. There was no barrier. We got to stand next to them. Some people got hugs from Toshiya while I was waiting. But yeah the Japanese fans that fly overseas love to get those vip tickets. Some of them are sweet but they will knock your ass clean tf over if they catch the band unguarded (after the show).

No. 45355

>inb4 no one understands poor kyo-chan

I'd feel uncomfortable too If I had to take pics with a bunch of greasy weebs. It's pretty obvious Kyo hates most of his fans since they're retarded, obsessive and mentally ill 80% the time with no interest in his music or art but only in his persona and here I'm talking about both Japanese and Western fans. I would make them my cash cows too.

No. 45356

I haven’t seen a DEG weeb since ‘09. Oop. No I take that back. There was one girl at a meet and greet that gave people second hand embarrassment. She asked DEG a question in Japanese and the poor band just looked confused. The translator was like, “Just ask in English and I’ll translate.” We we’re looking like… Yikes…

No. 45358

Oh hey, I had VIPs to those two shows too! In 2013 when the bus showwr up to the venue slme of the Japanese fans chased the bus around the block to try and catch them coming off it.

No. 45359

loooool was that in Atlanta in 2013?

No. 45360

And? That's a thing they've done for years on and off.

No. 45361

Yes!!!!!! Yes it was!

No. 45362

They chased the bus that day? Wtf!? I don’t know why their security is so lax when they some to ATL. I saw Kaoru and Die after the show standing outside their tour bus but I kept driving home like a good fan lmao

No. 45363

I remember that! And the hot Starbucks question for Shinya. God, those shows were both so fun and so cringey. I've been to Firestone in '08, ATL in 2011 and 2013, Seattle 2015 and I got a GA ticket for LA this year, I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans happen.

No. 45364

>with no interest in his music or art but only in his persona
You really sound exactly like Kareki, I've read that exact phrase a dozen times on her blog already.
Everybody is evil and little Kyo is the eternal victim. This is why the Diru fandom is shit, you can't criticise anything without being a "bad", not "true" fan - whether it's Kyo being a dick again, or the quality of their songs, or their questionable lyrics. There's probably not a single person on this earth who'd be considered good enough as by them, everybody is supposedly fake or too dumb to get the trve deep meaning.

I was a fan for years, but again and again heard about them being absolute dicks to about everybody, they and especially Kyo manage to sound like the most obnoxious, full of themselves people on the planet (despite him supposedly hating himself sooo much uwu), so that I really decided to quit liking them. Why should I or anybody else support human trash?

Buck-Tick are just as big as them, yet always stayed decent and humble towards their fans, interviewers etc (and as far as I know Atsush also isn't throwing weekly tantrums like Kyo does either…) Hell, even Yoshiki or Gackt seems more normal and charming than them and that means a lot lol

No. 45366


As long as you're chill, hygenic and polite they're actually not that bad, it's probably mostly the cringey weirdo fans that inspire the rude comments.

No. 45367

Maybe I just keep to my self but I’ve never really encountered too much foolishness in the DEG. I’ve seen drama amongst fans but all this about DEG being assholes is news to me! Die is the sweetest person!! Toshiya is sweet, too. I saw one fan chase home down the street for a hug (she smelled really bad too… like she didn’t clean her vag before stepping out that night) then her group of friends proceeded to speak broken Japanese and tell me how “black” I am because I wasn’t running around saying “kawaii!”

They were black. It was cringe and annoying.

No. 45369

Tell me more about how fans are stinkier than aging alcoholic (and possibly disease-ridden) rockers living in a tour bus for weeks… There's nothing cringier than guys in their late 40s acting all emo and entitled, at least those weebs are still young and somewhat innocent.

What is english? What does integrating in board culture mean?

No. 45370

I'm genuinely sorry that other fans have spoiled your enjoyment of the something that much.
I think that calling them human trash is taking it pretty far. In my opinion they all have their good and bad days. They're only human after all.
>Buck-Tick are just as big as them, yet always stayed decent and humble towards their fans, interviewers
With this I'm confused. I'm not sure what basis of measurement you are using. If you are talking foreign tours, Buck-tick has never been as active as Dir or other acts. If you are talking about in Japan, I've never heard of either group members being rude to interviewers or fans. And I'm long time fan of both bands so I feel like I've read and translated a lot of their interviews. Ymmv I guess.
>As long as you're chill, hygenic and polite they're actually not that bad.
Lol. Sometimes even if you aren't.
I still can never forget that Kyo personally came out at around 3 in the morning in NYC to hand out cups of hot green tea to idiots that were camped out for the next night's show because it was ridiculously cold in January. Not to mention when Japanese interviewers have tried to shit on the foreign fandom, he shut that down really fast. So imo he's mostly ok and hardly a "Japanese supremecist".
And Die and Toshiya are often downright friendly. Kaoru is nice too but a bit more aloof and Shinya is generally shy but polite. But they all hate doing the VIP stuff and don't pretend otherwise.

No. 45371

Samefag. Meant to tag >>45364 at the beginning.

No. 45372

No, I actually think Kyo is a pretentious, edgy fuck himself but there's no doubt a very big portion of his fans are actually fucking insane and they fetishize and idolize him. They're not there for the music or art, they're there for Kyo-sama. I don't think an artist, especially singer/composer has the obligation to treat their fans well especially if the fans in question are bat shit insane. I also think he's about as nationalistic as the average Japanese person. He didn't fuck his fans, he didn't assault or abuse them, he just looked uncomfortable at fan meets.

No. 45373

These. Kyo's stage persona worshippers are the core of the fandom drama, and the members are old enough that they really don't take themselves that seriously anymore, it's a known rumor that they all only stay together for the money.

No. 45377

I didn’t know all this was going on. I didn’t know there were people that hate DEG so much, either. I’m a fan and I’m having an ok time. Honestly, ain’t really shit going on in the fandom nowadays. Most of the fans are adults now and the younger crowd is all into kpop.

Anyone going to see or has seen miyavi?

No. 45378

You’ll be okay reading with a few errors, you’re smart!

No. 45383

Europeans and most of the US people do have a fame of not taking showers and being stinky, so I don't think it's that hard to believe this girl was stinkier than aging alcoholics

No. 45385

Yeah, the western jrock fandom in general is pretty chill nowadays. I considered seeing Miyavi, but as none kf my friends ate into jrock anymore and I was never a huge fan of his I haven't seen him live. I need to make more friends with similar interests in jmusic, but it's so impossible as a 25+.

No. 45394

>Europeans and most of the US people do have a fame of not taking showers
Racist much?

No. 45395


Because - as you said - the fandom grew up or isn´t even into Jrock anymore. Can be a good and a bad thing, tho.
Where are you from, anon?

Is it just funny to me, that this barrier is … nothing? They fans can reach them, run around the barrier and it just makes sure, that the band seems even shorter because of perspective.

No. 45396

I saw Miyavi several years ago in the US and it was tons of fun, looking back now everyone was comparatively nice compared to other Jrock shows. I still think his MYV POPS albums is one of the best, its like a gallery of fun novelty songs and pop-rock stuff. I actually tried to find that era on youtube but the label removed the official vids on copyright claims and fan uploads seem scarce. Such a big change from back in the day, and its so weird to meet random normies around here who really love him now, do they know about the Galyuu, myv pops, or Miyavism albums? Do they ever look them up or find them or is that era of jrock way too disconnected to younger fans now? back in my day…

No. 45397

File: 1566403180747.jpg (71.44 KB, 640x425, 6c266pjl.jpg)

They don't just seem short, they are absolute manlets

No. 45398

File: 1566403376722.jpg (70.54 KB, 640x425, DMyBoGXl.jpg)

No. 45400

Florida currently but I've lived a few places, hence seeing them in Orlando, ATL, and Seattle. I plan to move to LA by the concert though bc fuck FL.

It's not hard to meet other adults with similar interests, it's meeting people you vibe with who also have similar interests and since jmusic is niche, it's doubly hard to do as an adult because of work and life responsibilities taking priority. I think if fan forums made a comeback and the fandoms got away from Twitter and Facebook then it would be way more chill and easier to organize and meet people, like have meetups at shows or whatever.

No. 45401

I've always heard Yoshiki is a colossal creep and asshole/drama queen, but all I've ever seen was him being really campy/metro and polite or kind of bitchy/spoiled. Tanuki has some raunchy rumors about him but they're a bit too wild for me to believe, so what makes him so bad? Everyone who doesn't like hom hates him it seems like.

Both shows I had VIPs to had no barrier, but we were told not to touch them or ask for hugs. I guess it just depends on how the venue wants to handle it?

No. 45402

The sudden change when his kid was born was what made me move away from MYV honestly. I get why he did it, and granted his style and music is much better now (imo) but it was the suddenness and the rapid change from uguu kawaii nyan pastel ADHD Miyavi to dadMiyavi was so weird. Only knowing of him as the spastic genki weirdo and then hearing his moodier music was odd. Now, it's hard to find any of his older stuff where he was like that, probably because westerners who aren't familiar with kawaii shit would think it was weird.

No. 45407

You know the meaning of seem even shorter, anon?

Really?, I liked his music before more. It was more experimental and suited him much better. But it is subjective of course. But it also still is strange to me, that he thought this change was necessary becoming a Dad.

No. 45409

I liked his music before too, just that now that I'm older as well and I don't get the same thrill from hyperactive pastel-kawaii stuff that I did 10 years ago in my early teens, so I guess his newer music appeals more to my adult tastes vs my younger weeb tastes.

>But it also still is strange to me, that he thought this change was necessary becoming a Dad.

Mm, same. He lightened up when Airi got a little older but for the first year or two after the bombshell marriage+baby announcement he was really dark and… idk, stiff? Nowadays he seems happy and like he has a lot in the works.

No. 45458

Saying the truth is racism now? Just some days ago I saw US people saying they don't take showers since the 90s because just getting into a swimming pool is enough… Stinky lol

No. 45479

I went to one of their shows in 2011, and did the meet and greet. Got a picture with them and was really disappointed how bored they all looked in it. I saved for months for that shit. The Apocalyptica fans across the way at their meet looked like they were having a blast with the band, kek. Shoulda saved my money.
Never went to another show. Thought their stuff after that sucked anyways.

Sage you fool

No. 45505

The 2011 tour VIP pics were all pretty hit or miss tbqh, Nora was a shitty photographer.

No. 45518

I’ll be seeing miyavi this weekend for nostalgic purposes. I have vip tickets; gotta get that full experience. I don’t really like his new album. It seems… soulless? Idk I’m just not really feeling it and it’s basically the set list lmao no Girls Be Ambitious for me!

No. 45575

Anyone knows how I can get VIP tickets(or if they are even available at all) for Buck Tick concerts? I read you can get "normal" ones thru their fan club and then if you arent in it, thru the normal sources (conbinis etc)

No. 45790

I dont think Miyavi has made good music in years, but that's just me. I hope you have a good time. which city did you see him in?

No. 45792

I never understood japanese fans flying overseas when deg plays in Japan all the time. What the fuck is the point? it seems really rude to the over seas fans who never would get a chance to go to japan.

No. 45905

It's the same fans that do it every time, the obsessive rich ones who spend literally all their money on DEG. Trust, they see them plenty in Japan too, they just don't want smelly foreigners stealing their precious bandomen.

No. 46861

Did you know there is apparently an artist in instagram whose kaoru supposedly "copied from" to put in his own exhibition in nagoya and there are even some merch featuring art that is really "looked alike" with the art of this same artist. LOL

No. 46862

i don't really know if i can put the link of his instagram but if you type maximetaccardiartworks i think you will be able to find him

No. 46934

>>46861 this isn't milk, at least post the merch and comparison jfc.

No. 47004

File: 1567334070013.jpg (231.08 KB, 540x818, 20190901_063218.jpg)

I don't even use Instagram and it took me 2 seconds to find. Chill.


They're definitely extremely similar, obviously Kaoru's work is inspired by this artist's style even if he won't ever admit it. Have DIR reached a point where in their jaded mediocrity they honestly think they can just rip off anyone outside Japan for money from their Japanese fans?

No. 47005

File: 1567334294336.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x2560, 19-09-01-06-38-27-216_deco.jpg)


Maxime's art on top, Kaoru's exhibition poster on the bottom.

No. 47117

File: 1567369185600.png (1.37 MB, 817x1578, lol.png)

I see this montage of this merch and one of Maxi's art.
i don't know dir en grey's merch, i never buy them i just saw this in tanuki lol

No. 47128

Ah, I love this, serves obnoxious Diru fans right. Their precious, oh so creative, better-than-any-other(western)-artist leader sama is a lowly copycat lmao
I just wish it would've been Kyo instead…

No. 47137

Most kaoru fans are kinda chill but the one with kyo as a bias or kyo only fans are definitely worst than anything i have ever know

No. 47141


No. 47143

>>47004 it's an imageboard nonny.

No. 47155

I know this is old but why on earth is Yoshiki there? How did he get in?

No. 47229

I think I see Hiroshi Mikitani (Rakuten CEO) behind him laughing, that might be how.

No. 47367

That's pretty shitty of Kaoru. If he's at least heavily inspired by this artist, he should credit them… like wtf

No. 47368

Yoshiki brown noses everyone and everything. He's so irrelevant. I dunno how he keeps making money tbh. (Unless he's broke or in debt to the Yakuza like some others had suggested.)

No. 47433


>Evening/Breakfast with Yoshiki shows

>X Japan/Evening with Yoshiki merch ($$-$$$)
>his overseas Yoshiki fanclub thing that charges $4.99/month
>Yoshiki wine, Yoshiki curry and his various other branded consumables he's done over the years that you can still buy online/in Japan

He has a lot.pf little things and probably royalties to fall back on, and I heard he had a hand in creating a few gimmick bands that got decently popular like Babymetal so it's not impossible that he got a little kickback from that if so.

Kaoru is the last DEG member I'd suspect of this type of thing, but oh well I guess because it seems like nothing is going to come from it.

No. 47463

In music in general you die a legend or live enough to become a lolcow.
I think if hyde was still alive he would become something like this LOLOLOL

No. 47464

I used to love buck tick but then I found out that Atsushi hated peruvian girls. I was heartbroken because it snapped me back to reality

No. 47467

File: 1567514379529.jpg (86.18 KB, 600x600, d5674fb5dca9d6a1a9d8fd9472bbb0…)

>He has a lot.pf little things and probably royalties to fall back on, and I heard he had a hand in creating a few gimmick bands that got decently popular like Babymetal so it's not impossible that he got a little kickback from that if so.

I know he had a hand in creating that weird kpop(?) band The TRAX. He even styled the drummer to look like himself.

Thanks for reminding me about the dinner with Yoshiki bullshit. Doesn't he charge a few hundred yen for that trash? I wish i knew a breakdown on the event. >>47433

No. 47468

Source? Why peruvian women? I've never heard of this.

No. 47478

File: 1567516745073.jpg (213.59 KB, 720x1035, IMG_20190903_091745.jpg)

Has anyone seen this?

No. 47651

Well good on him for donating.

No. 47660

Hyde is still alive, if you mean hide Matsumoto then probably yeah. The legend of his drunken antics rivaled Yoshiki's

No. 47662

Fuuuuuck I forgot about TRAX. So has Yoshiki been ghostforming bands since the 90's to collect royalties from? I remember the rumors of Rose (the drummer) being his long lost half Korean son.

No. 47669

Plus hide was friends with Marilyn Manson and was set to do a US tour alongside him with Zilch (I think?).

I never heard any rumors/stories about hide and MM, but I know hide supposedly spoke decent English so I guess them being good friends isn't too unbelievable, plus it would explain YoshikiXManson being friends.

No. 48181

Yoshiki tries awfully hard to stay relevant and popular for a guy who doesn't really do much or make music anymore.

No. 48268

that new x japan album is never coming out. haha

No. 48412

"New X Japan album coming soon!" is a meme at this point.

No. 49406

Is it okay to post j-music/jpop recs in here?

I really like this song and vid, gives me early-2000s jpop feel. Made me smile when I played it

No. 52326

File: 1569475637996.jpg (915.89 KB, 1306x3040, karekilol.jpg)

Kareki getting worked over some shit, as usual. This time she had a long debate about some stupid silly piece of fanart being humiliating (it isn't, it's funny, but deg fangurls know no fun). At one point she even claimed fanart like this would be illegal, just ask a lawyer, rofl.

I really don't get those crazy old ass fangirls who still lust after the aging goblin and will go after sane fans.

No. 52399

I love the 46g groups even the weird ass Yoshimotozaka one. Their songs are slightly better than 48g but it's all still the same money grabbing bullshit scheme

No. 52435

I remember this bitch. I can’t believe she’s still going at it.

No. 52480

File: 1569546714143.jpg (194.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20190926-211115_Ins…)

Has anybody in the US gone to any of Hyde's shows? He's in your now with a few big American bands, it seems a bit strange for him to be there but he seems to be enjoying himself. He must really want to break into the west like Yoshiki did.

No. 52500

>it's degrading

bitch, i've been a fan since 2001 and it gave me a good chuckle. imagine being this uptight about a fun fanart someone drew. This bitch is the real MVP of crazy

No. 52501

Hyde is a crazy old man, but he does seem to having a good time. Good for him. He's been playing in the US a lot lately.

No. 54893

File: 1570538629285.jpg (138.14 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20191008-084154_Ins…)

It looks like Shinya became a game streamer? He was the last DEG member I'd expect to be into games like Dead by Daylight.

No. 54919

That's wild. Shinya is the member that constantly surprises me with what he's into. I think a lot of Kyo's gore stick is for edgelord points, but Shinya might genuinely be into this stuff. I'd love to check out his twitch stream or a recap/archive.

No. 54923

Nah it’s just shinya channel content. He’s done let’s play a little bit before to promote arche i think but other than that.. yeah i guess he’s genuinely interested in it.

No. 55087

I mean, there are photos as far back as their 2004 (??) Dragonfly or XXX era when they went to Singapore and Hongkong. I cant find it cuz i suck but you can see him in the back playing a clear purple game boy advance.

No. 58524

Just got tickets for larc at yoyoji stadium! So excited! I bought 2 tickets just in case my friend wanted to join but there's a high chance that it will be going to waste but oh well, it's totally worth it. Might try to get VIP still though.

No. 58572

I'm always gonna be sad i never got to see larc at their prime. have fun, anon!!

No. 59173

File: 1571954030077.jpg (40.1 KB, 600x314, rLclYdTX.jpg)

Yoshiki should release an "How to stay rich and relevant despite not having made music in 20 years"-guide… Dude's literally doing anything for money (besides actually working) - and people still eat it up.

>larc at their prime

No. 59539

He's also touring with Sara Brightman soon, so maybe he just can't make any of his own music?

No. 67605

File: 1576336367417.jpg (78.33 KB, 500x750, IMG_20191214_091059.jpg)


The word around Twitter is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a pedophile.

What do you anons think? Mistranslation of her blogs or should she be locked up and key thrown away?
Some people had known about this for years, but this is the first time I've heard of this.

No. 67606

File: 1576337548263.jpg (99.72 KB, 640x735, tumblr_ec32b7165668452ecbdab66…)

she apparently was crushing hardcore on this "p-chan" dude when he was 12 (he's 19 now) and said all of this and behaved all creepily, apparently even said that she tried "nicely seducing him"

idek what to think of it tbh, it's kinda stupid to call her out on this now because it was 7 years ago but at the same time it's really disgusting

No. 67614

Honestly I'm not even sure if I should believe she wrote these herself or not. Lots of idols have ghostwriters and their public blogs are definitely part of the fan experience.

No. 67632

File: 1576354044622.png (290.87 KB, 413x363, Tempura kidz.png)

huh interesting. P-chan is that boy who was her background dancer! His instagram is p_tempurakidz

No. 67638

Couldn't it be that she just meant something along the lines of "he's such a cute child, I want to cuddle him and pinch his cheeks"…?
Kind of hard to believe. Why would she write that publicly if she really was pedo? Hopefully itvs fake or just a misunderstanding. Kind of ironic that this is trending in Japan - there everybody can openly by "lewds" of preteen girls…

No. 67671

File: 1576380710670.png (217.94 KB, 1079x855, Screenshot_20191214-202320(1).…)

I asked the same.
The replies to some of the tweets about p-chan are definitely something else. 1st tweet is someone saying how they recently started getting into elementary school students. Second tweet is saying Kyary is now their competition because they've shotakon as well.
There's also a picture from 2015 she posted with some young boy model and it's captioned something along the lines of "a shotakon had to have taken these". Someone asked her if she's a shotakon and she replied "maybe a little (side eye emoji)

No. 67675

It’s deadass embarrassing that this has blown up just now, Japan needs to get their pedofilc culture in check

No. 67687

File: 1576407934330.jpg (168.83 KB, 1800x1350, IMG_20191215_050514.jpg)

She posted a picture of her phone case in late 2017 that says lolicon on it

No. 68423

Does anyone know what happened to Masa from gacktjob? I used to be obsessed with him because he was a kawaii uke boy uwu and I think his band had a song that implied drama with Gackt. Something about broken promises but I might be making it up it's been so long.

No. 70363

When people get old they tend to age.
choker right?
The dude is in his 50's of course he will look old

No. 70372

This is super creepy. Is kyary even still relevant? I remember her doing some weird collab with Katy Perry years ago

He looks like shit, especially with his obvious fillers

No. 70490

The dude wasn't even 50 in this pic, yet looks worse than some people in their 70s…

No. 70665

File: 1578048658492.jpeg (51.39 KB, 750x719, 23067ec8cce3028eeb2425f8f9d14e…)

People saying the tweets are fake or mistranslated for Kyary are dumb. Now that she's going to coachella maybe people will realize how gross it is. She's literally saying she might be a shotacon because little boys are cute.
Here's the direct link because people really try to say everything is Photoshop these days.
Kyary's a creep even Japanese people are talking about how gross it is.

No. 70677

i mean she literally has a shotakon phone case. it's just a cope. kyary has always been weird, like how she has a song about a dildo that's "totes just a joke".

No. 70711

File: 1578082574412.jpg (63.39 KB, 795x745, ayu.JPG)

>Ayu revealed that she gave birth at the end of 2019, calling her son “an angel.” She also said that some days it’s hard trying to find the right life balance as a new mom. She then thanked her fans for understanding and accepting her. She also gave a shoutout to all the mothers, including her own. Ayu herself didn’t touch on it, but sources say that the father is a younger non-celebrity, and that there are no plans to marry.


No. 70724

Kyary is going to coachella with Hatsune miku. We've reached peak retardation so early in the year

No. 70763

Kek other asian countries have decent acts going to Coachella meanwhile japan sends a weird girl and a fake girl to perform braindead kawaii shit. I wonder if any japaness people ever feel humiliated by this stuff

No. 70801

Eh idt it's humiliating, just shows that Japan is only putting in the bare minimum to promote their soft culture. Their domestic music industry is easily enough to support their artists, and it's viable enough that foreign artists are always touring there too. Meanwhile Korea is absolutely desperate for western recognition to the point of being pathetic.

No. 70810

>thinking this miku bs isn't japan being desperate to get a piece of the western fan pie

miku isn't popular in japan as a performer, she's a mascot. that's why all the miku "concerts" are in other countries.

No. 70837

Cope harder weeb

No. 70938

Lol Korea sent Black Pink last year and they were embarrassing af. Whereas Japan sent Perfume and they were surprisingly really well received. So go figure. This year Korea is sending Big Bang which I think has the potential to be an interesting set.
I wish that Japan would send some of it's more popular artists like Aimyon, King Gnu etc but I guess they don't need to.

No. 70941

King Gnu have such an interesting sound and high quality music. I wish they were performing at Coachella instead

No. 71096

Ever since X Japan played Coachella all their Japanese acts are outdated and overhyped.

No. 71223

>song about dildo
Which one?

No. 71496

File: 1578496944168.jpg (654.77 KB, 1080x1477, 20200108_102042.jpg)

op part deux

YoshikiXPoppy, why is this so strange to see? What is Yoshiki even doing anymore? Poppy's new musical shadowpuppeteer?

No. 71499

Ghostemane looking cucked while Poppy leans on Yoshiki lmaoooo

No. 72291

File: 1579099736853.jpg (24.78 KB, 281x500, KatoMinamiInstagramStories-281…)

This is old and I'm sure you've gotten most of the milk by now but maybe someone else who reads this thread would be interested. Anyways, as we all know by now, a couple of girls from NGT48 were bullying Yamaguchi Maho quite a bit because she complained to management about them being out with the more unsavory type of fans and drinking with them. The girls didn't take kindly to that so they gave Maho's address to those guys who ended up assaulting her.
NGT has always had bullying rumors and one of the members even confirmed before the scandal on a variety show that a lot of the girls are mean to each other and talk about each other behind their backs. (Ironically enough she was called a liar by fans back then and got quite a bit of backlash lol)

The fans ended up figuring out who the girls were that gave Maho's address out and one of them basically outed herself by being a retard and posting pic related on her public instagram account instead of her private instagram account. The picture is of Maho's, and her other NGT friends who were also victims of bullying, graduation live (ie. their goodbye live before they left the group)
It reads:
"“Even though I’m doing my nails I want someone to change the channel.”"

People flipped their shit because of this whole situation and basically both NGT and AKB are widely hated now and the mayor of Niigata banned NGT from doing promotions for the city and cut all ties with them.

No. 72299

File: 1579103408718.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.09 KB, 1200x1800, 958d7477f209ed98565b803732c41b…)

Are those kids idols with the extremely creepy old male fans that keep being brought up in the anti kpop thread really a thing in Japan or is it just rare instances that have been blown up by the internet? I refuse to believe any parent would be ok with putting their child in those situations. Who the fuck would be ok with softcore porn images taken of their child?? Pic related, spoilered because creepy.

No. 72305

It’s real anon. Just like parents of Hollywood who shill our their children to pedos. It’s about money and greed. Not all parents have their children’s best interests in mind.

No. 72315

I'm surprised the gp actually gave a shit. They're usually indifferent and heartless

No. 72341

I think AKB48 slowly losing favor with the gp after the minegishi scandal and other things played a huge role in the support she got. AKB and their sister groups were already on their way out and this was just the final nail in the coffin for them and the final excuse the gp needed to shift tides.

No. 72342

this is tame in comparison to other shit you can find in akihabara. there's really nasty toddler gravure sets where they're in swimsuits/swimtrunks and it's all very obviously sexual.

No. 72345

Yeah I saw some much worse stuff when I was googling this shit, didn't want to post anything since it's just so gross. I wonder how these kids are going to feel growing up

No. 72500

Both. It is very much a real and gross thing. It's also extremely niche and not considered acceptable by the general population.

No. 72507

watch the tokyo idol documentary and see for yourself. there is a pop group of 10 y/o catgirls shown as well as their oldass fans

No. 72510

No. 72511

There are YouTube features on junior Jpop idols

No. 72512


No. 72522

What's the deal with Yoshiki hanging out with sooo many shitty, abusive and problematic people? I know Marilyn Manson used to be friends with hide (which raises questions as well, but with him being dead 20+ years there's probably no info on him in English) but Yoshiki presents himself as this kind, empathetic type which directly clashes with like, half the western celebs he takes pics with. Not to mention how he got in hot water for the picture with Jackie Chan a few months ago.

Is there any dirt on Yoshiki? He's always around but never really does anything anymore.

No. 72525

Ugh I can't watch this…it makes me feel sick to my stomach

No. 72533

File: 1579231933995.gif (197.33 KB, 220x165, yousuredidthat.gif)

I cant even click the link because i'm angry just looking at the thumbnail, but Japan needs to fucking sort out their extreme objectifying of children.

No. 72561

Is this bad enough that I’ll be out on a list if I watch it??

No. 72614

its a report about junior idols. They interview some men who went to watch her and the fact that they have the audacity to go on camera… disgusting

No. 72919

How much make-up does Hyde have here? He looks like in the 20th L'Anniversary concerts.

No. 72975

Hey, better OTT makeup than more plastic surgery I guess.

No. 73208

I wanted to ask something about these shows…. I want to try to apply for the re-selling lottery for the Yoyogi one. They are going to have two concerts here so I was wondering if I can apply to both or only to one? Also (if I get it), on the day of the show how many hours in advance am I supposed to arrive? Is there any set of "rules" or recommendations to follow for the day of the concert?
(sorry if these questions sound weird, Ive never been to a concert/performance before)

No. 73379

No. 74225

Is anyone going to DEG in Paris on 8th?

No. 74326

i went searching for a yoshiki thread because i just heard some backstory and what he is up to.
a fan said he use to write for koreas sm entertainment. he was really involved in trax and wrote for other kpop companies. this would explain why tvxq looked very jrock.
now yoshiki is writing for japan johnnys group sixtones. he envisioned them to be a worldwide band and wrote rain all in english. johnnys board said no so the song is Japanese with some english.

No. 74465

Yoshiki has been ghostwriting for bands for a decade now, TRAX was back in like 2008. Nobody really cares, it's so obvious when he's pushing a new band he's involved in bc he milks it for clout. IIRC Babymetal was also his idea.

He's loved the ides of an "International band" forever tbh, but it won't ever work unfortunately. He's just not realizing that any band or group that can be puppeteered that way is gonna have the passion and trend appeal to survive for long without being hilariously expensive to maintain. If Yoshiki wants to be involved in music again but with his own styles and songs, he should do like Titanic Sinclair did- find a mediocre non-ugly girl to be your avatar, market the shit out of her and make sure she's not talented or wealthy enough to go off solo.

Really he needs to have a press conference about X Japan, what is going on and if they ever plan to tour/play live/release music ever again. Obviously not, none of the other members seem worried about X at all and have their own new projects.

As for me, I'm mostly intrigued by the "gap" between his persona and his social circles, good guy who hangs with a bunch of creeps, etc. I've seen him called a creep and perv before but never heard any actual stories.

No. 74466


…is not gonna have the passion, my bad.

No. 75158

File: 1581434439723.jpg (212.65 KB, 958x958, 1581422654-10.jpg)

I'm excited to see what kind of trainwreck Jaejoong will turn into in a couple of years lol He already met up with Yoshiki, he constantly posts about hanging out with Hyde and now even with Gackt… He'll be just as much of a plastic narc as they are by the time he hits 40.

No. 75217

Jaejoong's been pretty clean these days but imagining his 2013 alcoholic ana chan self hanging around Gackt is hilarious. If they're really going to start spending time together I hope Jaejoong at least starts being more embarassing like he used to be instead of just shaving another cm off his jaw every year

No. 75340

>2013 alcoholic ana chan self
what antics happened? im new to all this drama. please fill me in

No. 75352

Been loving this group lately, what are you guys listening to?

No. 75379

this live perf is pretty cringy, kinda hard to hype it up by yourself in a room

No. 75381

the original pv is pretty cool and has lots of views

No. 77043

File: 1582842921545.jpg (266.36 KB, 946x630, yoshiki.jpg)

Yoshiki has a clothing line?
is the model a new sb or old one?

In other news, he wrote a single for a jgroup (SixTONES) which sold 1,3m first week.

No. 77053

He's had this clothing line since ages already and he always only used white models, he can't possibly be dating them all.
Why can he write hit songs for others but not finish an album for his own band in what, 25 years?

No. 77075

At this point x japan should disband because he'll never write songs for them or finish the 'coming soon, guys, i swear' album.

No. 77422


Dude that band is dead. He has been sellinh various shit as kimono and wine yet isnt capable of finishing an album.

No. 77454

I know its kinda old but looks like kyo of DEG is going on the same path of jrockers who wear lingeries

No. 79671

File: 1584652999760.jpg (35.44 KB, 580x720, 001_size6.jpg)

Takuya Kimura's eldest daughter finally made her modeling debut! With Vogue mazagine… I can see why they chose to debut Koki first I mean, his first daughter is as stale and plain as a bag of de-thawed peas. And she is definitely the uglier sister out of the two, at least Koki looks like Takuya while this sister looks like ??? It's plain obvious that these high fashion gigs are only made possible with Daddy Takuya and Mommy Shizuka's star power, that's why a lot of Jap Netizens don't like the Kimura daughters. Without Mum and Dad Koki could be a C to mid tier model but Kokomi on the other hand looks like she could be a member of Uggo48 since their standards are so piss poor.

No. 79681

At least Atsushi only did it to look sexy, but whatever Kyo touches must be deep… He recently also did an interview there he said something along the lines of "being gay is ok" and now is fans worship him as lgbtq icon.

Jeez, I hate to be mean but that looks like a chubby 40yo aunty getting "dolled up" to go out with her girlfriends. He's not doing his daughters any favor by pushing them, everbody will only make fun of her. Kendall and the Hadids at least have the body and a somewhat pretty face but that girl is beyond plain.

No. 79687

Anyone else followed odotte mita community?

I love the eurobeat

No. 79708

File: 1584677164293.jpg (65.15 KB, 465x530, Cocomi.jpg)

The scripted Jap media covering Kokomi's debut is saying she looks like Shizuka lmao whereee? It looks like she got eyelid surgery, home girl really needs a reduction if she wants to look like Shizuka. I don't think she would get so much criticism if she started off with Seventeen mazagine or some other teen mag, her look is too average and boring to be the cover girl for Dior and Vogue.

No. 79709

File: 1584677355770.png (96.99 KB, 360x237, ETe90pzUYAAsc6g.png)

Kokomi with Koki
Did the Kimura's pick up the wrong baby from the hospital? :Crylaugh:

No. 79710

File: 1584680509799.jpeg (45.91 KB, 750x493, 7j3LmROWfFyr9Gt_MGVUy_22.jpeg)

Koki looks really misplaced with actual models

No. 79713

I've been following the oddotemita community 'til now but their dances have become more and more boring thruout the years with the same cutesy dance steps.

sage for slight ot

No. 79738

File: 1584709102426.gif (4.08 MB, 250x312, LawfulThoughtfulLemming-size_r…)

Lol why did you choose the most flattering pic to prove your point?
She's not even that short (especially for a japanese girl) but she's very bow-legged and her proportions are bad in comparison to all the other models. All runway models are insanely young, but unlike her they don't look like kids. So embarrassing.

No. 79743

Koki is tall but I don't think her look is suited for high fashion, I think she's ok with mid tier brands like Samantha Thavasa. And her sister is even worse, I don't even think she has the height on top of looks.

No. 79749

Her walk is all over the place, but she's still a pretty girl. she should go commercial model

No. 79794

File: 1584769887126.jpg (240.08 KB, 640x540, takuya-kimura-kimutaku-cocomi-…)

Kokomi looks like the Grudge

No. 109192

I saw a thread on Tumblr that Yoshiki has a new girlfriend, she's a brunette in her 20s. Probably been dating for years now.

No. 109194

Whoever Yoshiki is dating right now I should ask what do these women see on him? Like wtf, he's ugly looking, he has his ass in debt, he is like many other celebrities unable to live as a normal human being and what I noticed from all his girlfriends is that they have money. They are rich and they help him with connections and different jobs to keep him busy. Talk about being pathetic

No. 109206

Speaking of Yoshiki, why is he on Disney+?

No. 109207

He looks like a rat. I cant imagine any woman dating him for anyone more than his money. Is he even rich? He strikes me as a guy with lots of debt, but keeps up outer appearances of being wealthy.

No. 109209

From what I know his new girlfriend works in Arizona and California and that would explain him going to Sedona which is in the state of Arizona, most of the time. So maybe she has connections to get him to work for Disney+

He benefits from the women he dates and then tosses them like yesterday's garbage and moves on to the next.

What really upsets me about Yoshiki is that he mostly dates fans, he knows he was a big star back in the day and they fall for that bullshit

No. 109210

I went to check on Yoshiki's new girlfriend's Twitter and even Toshi and Katie Fitzgerald from Voilet UK follow her and apparently she's a novelist and model. But that leaves me wondering if dating a roach such as yoshiki is stressful thanks to his fucking attitude.

No. 109224

what's her name/twitter acount? curious what she wrote

No. 109225

File: 1601223342122.jpg (503.08 KB, 960x1280, MAKEUP_2020041712293560_save.j…)

Found this picture and I think that's Yoshiki's new girlfriend. She kinda looks like Atsushi Sakurai. Guess Yoshiki hasn't gone over the romance he had with Sakurai back in the day. I think I read sometging about the 2 being together in the 90s before atsushis first marriage.

No. 109240

I read on a thread that YOSHIKI is broke because he owes the Talks a around 100 to 150 md. Rumors have been strong about this so who knows and there's no way in hell a guy like him can come up with that money specially at his age. What I also read is that the Russian girl's named Natasha and she lives in a luxurious life in HK. Her father supposedly is helping yoshiki out with his debt, but him and Natasha have nothing besides acting like attention whores. He has an actual gf in California that he doesn't speak about but she is a model and she might be the face behind Red Swans poster. We know how he likes to date every model that crosses his way.

Btw, any news on Klaha being alive o Kamijo being married?

No. 109246

The Yakuza*
Sorry guys, my phone is glitching.
I also read that YOSHIKI gave ToshI a massive amount of money when X got back together because the cult took every penny ToshI had. So yoshiki fell in even more debt because of ToshI.

No. 109260

This is just some sea girl selfie that has been through a fuck ton of makeup filters, is this a selfpost fam?

No. 109263

I read about her on a thread. It's strange how this person is involved with YOSHIKI and ToshI. However that leaves me hanging with the question on to why yoshiki would be around a person like her. It's too convenient if you ask me. Maybe yoshiki is two-timing them.

No. 109266

Klaha is dead af and Kamijo is remarried i think. There was a rumor of him being married but his wife passed away during lareines times.

That's so strange. I live in Sedona at the reservation where yoshiki comes and visits and I do feel like I've seen this girl with him but very low key. I was gonna laugh and call bullshit but no, im sure I've seen her with him.

Why make a big deal about her Anyway? Yoshiki is someone disgusting and nobody is going to give a fuck about who his fucking anyway.

No. 109274

Nah Klaha is still alive and living in Japan right? And I didn't know kamijo was married.

No. 109281

I think I saw somewhere Klaha was married and had kids and other pages say that he was an etiquette instructor in NYC. And I always thought that yoshiki never took relationships seriously just take a look at how young his gfs are. It's disgusting. I doubt he's having an affair with a Russian girl and it's more likely he's got the actual girlfriend away from media. It's what they should do anyway keep quiet about everything and seek for retirement.

No. 109287

Yoshiki dates 20 year olds? That's gross. Wouldn't that make him a pedophile?

No. 109290

I'm sorry but how would that make him a pedo? Wtf is going on in this thread

No. 109291

He's no pedophile, hes just a creepy asshole.(newfag)

No. 109292

Is a 20 year old a child? No. So how would that make him a pedo? What crack did you smoke today

No. 109293

It's Yoshiki, not Nobuhiro Watsuki. Yoshiki is an attention whore learn the difference.

No. 109294

File: 1601266239884.jpg (30.37 KB, 250x370, tumblr_opcujcvJpm1v1ftwqo3_250…)

Do you think Sakurai and Yoshiki had something going on back when they had this photoshoot?

No. 109312

This is a really unfortunate picture. It's like the photographer hated everyone involved.

No. 109331

Are you twelve?

No. 109356

I dont think Yoshiki and Sakurai had anything going on. But as we know Gackt and Hyde were involved in rumors about them being together before, during and after they did moonchild. But again gackt would fuck anything.

No. 109375

i know it's not in the rules but why must you bump the thread with your fujochan stuff

No. 109472

Any tea on Jupiter/Versailles at all (that isn't "Jasmine died of aids lulz")? Seems like Hizaki's crossdressing days are numbered, his age is starting to show. Teru, on the other hand, recently started an yt channel for his design stuff and still looks mad fucking cute.

No. 109486

File: 1601425438124.png (326.04 KB, 413x405, ahmemories.PNG)

I do wonder how much of the gackt & hyde rumors were caused by wishful fujochans (anyone remember those godawful cringy photoshopped edits of them kissing? picrelated lmao) and how much was legit. I think it was obviously somewhat legit from one side but I don't think I ever saw anything that indicated hyde reciprocated at all. He did put up with a lotta gaey interactions from gackt but I think he might have gone along with it just to placate his fans.

On the other hand, I recall gackt doing basically everything but full on announcing his desire to buttfuck him so. There's this one gif from behind the scenes of moonchild where they were just talking (with gackt seated and hyde standing facing him) where gackt grabbed hyde's hips with both hands and readjusted his stance manually. Also those interviews for the movie where he kept repeating that if Hyde was a woman he would marry him or that he would be his dream girl or some shit lmfao. And, granted this was not hyde, but there was another outtake from behind the scenes of that movie where another male actor was lying down on the beach at night after filming and like tripped gackt and pulled him onto him in a straddling position while rolling around and squeezing his ass. I think that was played of as some "haha look how silly they are" moment but uhhh… just bros being bros?
I have no sauces for these examples cuz its been like 10 years since I last thought of them, sorry lol. But surely anyone else who was a hardcore simp for either of these two remembers these, right?

No. 109498

>inb4 armchair therapist
so much of gackt's weird antics and generally cringe posturing about being masculine makes a lot of sense if you realize that he's just closeted

No. 109499

Kamijo had issues with how the band was going and mainly with Hizaki and Yuki. Teru is doing good and Masashi went back to Kamijo after a while.

Did GACKTs account get hacked?

No. 109500

File: 1601436884500.png (145.64 KB, 1310x332, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 8.35…)

apparently so, but i can't say it's all that surprising that he'd be posting weird stuff on social media again

No. 109507

File: 1601444198424.png (1.74 MB, 1280x1249, okgackt.png)

What's so weird about him, imo, is that you would think if he was trying to keep himself closeted he'd have refrained from all the blatantly homosexual things he's said and done throughout the years. Like he's always talked about liking to make out with men and how his friends and him "kiss all the time" and used to answer questions about if he was into men with "I like women AND men". It seems like over the years he's switched from not giving a shit if people think he's bi or gay to constantly justifying his gay-seeming actions (hanging out naked with his friends, etc) by saying he's just trying to teach other men how to be "manly".

It's like he's regressed backwards into a closet he wasn't even bothering to stay inside of at the start, picrelated. Very strange.

No. 109512

File: 1601448395864.jpg (563.19 KB, 1080x1886, 20200930_024543.jpg)


Ok, so… who is she? Why so many unsaged posts about a girl you refuse to name? Smells beardy to me, but it makes Teale Coco being cringey in his IG comments so much funnier. She also hasn't commented on his pics since this mystery GF was posted here, hmm.

No. 109535

goddamn did the tanuki translation tumblr die?

No. 109536

The Admin outgrew the scene & nobody stepped up to translate/scan tanuki in her place.

No. 109552

Guess that confirms a lot. lmfao(continued newfaggotry)

No. 109558


The lack of sage is greater than the lack of relevance. Learn 2 integrate, none of these dinosaurs has that much going on.

No. 109592

Maybe that was the point? Throw off Teale's desperate IG thirst?

No. 109847

File: 1601735431732.png (87.44 KB, 712x634, IMG_143465366.png)

How can he go on with the album shit? It's clearly not gonna happen. He probably broke up with his SB, him and Toshi are still fighting and he's just feeling sorry for himself. I think his actual GFs name is Mary or Marie or Maria.

No. 109893

This is because, if you go on any of his official channels and read comments, theyre 3/5ths asslicking idol worship, and now 2/5ths criticism about the lack of album, X activity involving other members, and him using the X Japan name and fame to push his other side projects, like this new photobook and his classical tours.

He's outlasting his star power, trying to use his old name to stay afloat but it's falling apart now that his youngest fans are aging out of his bullshit, and he's too old and has been too irrelevant for too long to try rebooting the cycle. People are sick of his money-grubbing bullshit.

No. 110931

He didn't even know Hyde personally before Moon Child

No. 111033

fuck, I remember this photo. Gackt is such a closet homo, it's not even funny. He posted a while back on his IG about taking a bath (hot tub) with some staff members or whatever. All dudes and kept emphasizing how not gay he was.

No. 111039

File: 1602218641498.png (117.79 KB, 225x296, Wall_Maria.png)

Taking in the fact that Maria is the name of the wall in Attack on Titan where Yoshiki wrote the song for n ToshI has a song called love is Maria, consider me impressed.

No. 111146

I remember that, he said they all worked out together, then showered and jumped in the pool naked- but it's not homosexual!!

>it's bisexual

No. 111148

How is a name fetish impressive? Both of those things predate this "new gf", who anons have said might not even be named Maria.

No. 111169

Fam im so confused on this"gf" subject. I thought he was dating a model named Jay or something like that. How many bitches is this guy dating? He's 54 for crying out loud. It's not like he can do much

No. 111354

File: 1602450161112.jpeg (17.72 KB, 206x275, 1602258536360.jpeg)

Now that Atsushi Sakurai revealed his son, is it true that Hyde has a son too?

No. 111357

He did what?! Holy shit is that his son? Does anyone have a picture that isn't for ants

No. 111359

File: 1602452464255.png (407.86 KB, 720x435, IMG_18263739.png)

Apparently his name is Haruka Tono, he was born in 1991 and he's an author. He looks like Atsushi too.

No. 111362

File: 1602456154962.jpg (81.39 KB, 640x800, 120845294_113743547163072_4090…)

Here ya go anon.
As >>111359 said, he's a novelist and recently won a prize or something like that. Also pic related is from an interview between Atsushi and him.

imo they have the same nose, i can't see anything else lmao

No. 111416

File: 1602475529121.jpg (22.33 KB, 477x643, EjwNzIiWsAAAZAP.jpg)

he won the akutagawa prize, which is considered really prestigious in the world of japanese literature. apparently he's one of the youngest winners, so that's impressive i guess. they don't really look that alike to me so he must look a lot like his mother

No. 111436

Oof he looks kinda ugly to me. Doesn't look like atsushi at all

No. 111458

File: 1602514563703.png (734.91 KB, 639x960, IMG_5921.png)

yeah, it is weird to think what atsushi would look like if he had the stereotypical asian nerd haircut

No. 111494

Not the same haircut but kinda close here. Still they don't look much alike

No. 112051

Imagine your 54 year old father being hotter than you.

No. 112260

Unrelated to anything of this thread but I lost a friend after saying to her die is supposedly married and has kids. She doesn't talk to me anymore just when I needed her to see a picture of Die's new red hair.

No. 112454

File: 1603231427274.jpg (44.4 KB, 600x450, Friday3.jpg)

I know that I'm super late but does anybody find this weird? Atsushi might be nice on camera but he's also a cheater and very likely did not raise his eldest son. But now, nearly 30 years later, when said child got some fame as well, he suddenly decides to not only go public, but to do a shoot/interview together with him? Of course celebrities aren't obliged to show their kids but this kind of leaves a bitter taste, as if he's only acknowledging because of his success.
Pic related as been around for years, him having had a kid when he was only in his mid 20s was always known.

And of course twitterfags and tumblrinas are crying because some dared to call him fug lol

No. 112469

I won't comment on what kind of person he may be in private, but it's very common for Japanese celebrities to keep their private life secret and not show their children. They take privacy very seriously. If his son is now in the public spotlight there's no need for that however. I think you're reading far too into it, especially considering his son is a nobody compared to him, so if anything he's helping his son out. Apparently his son's books sold out everywhere after this reveal, if Japanese comments in relevant articles are to be believed.

No. 112763

File: 1603462268953.png (613.24 KB, 720x626, IMG_1923698.png)

So apparently this random guy got arrested for fraud on pretending to be Kyo from DEG.


No. 113051

I tried to google translate this and got word salad, explain?

Bits I could get:

>pretended to be Kyo for 10 years

>scammed a shitton of ¥ from a woman who was the common law wife of…?
>is a DEG fan himself since high school
>was scared to tell the truth, so he just kept it up

No. 113055

File: 1603750753503.png (361.52 KB, 576x702, Screenshots_2020-10-26-18-16-3…)

Guess he's still seeing Natasha the Russian who takes care pf his dog in HK, and Teale is still thirsting. I feel sorry for all these girls tbh.

No. 113059

of course he gets a faggy dog

No. 113120

Hey now, the dog didn't do anything wrong, leave her out of this.

No. 113263

I read the comments posted up and i have to say that it is sad how he has one girl in the US and still goes out with the one in HK. I feel sorry for them too, anon… They must love him and he's just toying with them. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment especially because they're so much younger than him. Both Natasha, Teale and Maria, I feel sorry they're with someone who just uses people to his convenience. Don't they know? Are they too blind? It seems to me he's very manipulative with them.

No. 113305

HK (Natasha), US (Maria) and AU (Teale), he's got a young hoe for everywhere he typically goes. But really, does anyone expect any different from Yoshiki by now? His entire 'awkward, kind eccentric' is a carefully curated front for his spoiled, entitled assholery of which there is much evidence- that's probably part of why he chooses to live in LA instead of Japan.

No. 113759

Damn. I'm not gonna say a lot about these hoes other than "they could do better if they wanted" but it's obvious that Yoshiki learned well from his friend Manson (whom got married recently) so I wouldn't doubt it if Yoshiki marries that Maria girl or Natasha the sb because they're fucking loaded. Such a piece of shit.

No. 113764

>They must love him
lmao or they're just gold diggers like any attractive 20-something white woman that would even look at a weird 55 year old Japanese man.

No. 113824

>was scared to tell the truth, so he just kept it up
Kek how does one even manage to pretend they're Kyo for 10 years? And why skinwalk Kyo of all people

No. 114015

the answer is almost always autism.

No. 114143

File: 1604558988585.jpg (477.96 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20201104_234435.jpg)

Did Toshi get even more plastic surgery or he's just abusing filters? Can anyone enlighten me about Toshis and Yoshiki's relationships with the Yakuza?

No. 114275

>Can anyone enlighten me about Toshis and Yoshiki's relationships with the Yakuza?
don't know anything about that, but pic above just looks like filters… the SNOW app is one hell of a drug

No. 114421

>even more
Did he get anything noteworthy done recently?

No. 115213

File: 1605399566047.png (669.83 KB, 719x672, IMG_182638.png)

Is this the Maria girl everyone is talking about? She bought a 6 million dollar mansion in Malibu recently, she apparently has stocks in Disney, Activision, capcom and other companies. Author lyricist and model. Which would explain the new Yoshiki projects and she's the owner of Honey Bee? The other Yoshiki dog that he sometimes shows. I don't know but this to me looks like either this Maria girl could be the main bitch or they're a 3some or 4some including Teale

No. 115326

I just find it funny that she has activities in companies like Disney and she's an author and yoshiki is working on a Disney+ project and releasing a random photo book no one asked for. Also being a lyrist and yoshiki starting saying that the album is done and ready for release randomly. It just reminded me of the time where Yoshiki had his girlfriend at the time help him the the Dahlia album and gave her no credit for it.

No. 115516

Yoshiki is broke and using rich younger women as sugar mommas? How pathetic.

No. 115529

why do houses in california look so third world. even the rich ones.

No. 115531

I have a hard time believing there's anything serious going on with any of these women getting posted or that they're sugar mamas to this old fart. Just have a very hard time believing these young successful white women would all be head over heels for this old Japanese man if there wasn't something else to it. Seems like that's just the automatic assumption of weebs with yellow fever who don't think there's anything very strange with this scenario. If anything they might just pity him and hook him up with connections or see him as a pet like a fag hag sees a gay man.

No. 115547

It's chic. Being rich now is about appropriating the poverty aesthetic and mindset while still wearing designer shit and going to salons.

No. 115548

Yoshiki has been rumored to be broke since before the reunion, and he struggles to stay relevant and produce any sort of content because he's just too old, and he waited way too long, an he only ever does something when a new girl pops up.

Nobody cares anymore, and watching him try to take himself seriously while he does Disney covers and plays his old specials on American TV is bizarre. How did someone who did so much and knew so many people end up out on his ass so hard? And why is Lindsay Usich crawling all over his IG comments now as well?

No. 115553

Seriously what in the fuck is going on with these girls? He obviously will do anything to stay relevant and still cry about Hides death and say that he's doing it for the dreams they shared. Yoshiki does not realize that he's not needed anymore and he's too old to play himself the victim, its just pathetic to see him now leeching over young girls.

No. 115554

He seriously needs to let hide fucking rest and keep his name out of his mouth. Yes, X gave hide his fame, but Yoshiki killed X when he stopped getting everything his way & hide went on to do well on his own, and Yoshiki didn't. Y has been using young white women and trendy western celebs to cling to media attention for almost 25 years now because, despite his musical abilities and accomplishments, he destroyed his body, career, and now nobody is left to throw him a lifeline- everyone he hangs out with now is as washed up and controversial as him.

No. 115560

I can only guess that they read about him on wikipedia or some shit and think he's Asian Gene Simmons and he'll make them famous. These normies aren't gonna go digging any further.

No. 115577

Nobody cares about Dir en grey in this thread but Die just appeared in a hostess club stories in IG with no mask on while his wife is supposedly pregnant again.

No. 115578

No. 115586

What's with this new trend of posting links to images on an image board? Upload the image if you want anyone to care. Die has always been a playboy douche & guys like that don't change just because they get married or have kids.

Joke's on them, kek. Imagine thirsting after a nearly 60 year old washed up Jrocker who pretends to be rich bc you think he still has clout, but ends up using you/your network to help himself get scraps of "work". The best part is how he's obvious about all these women and none of them aeem to mind. Given the skintight leather pants he used to love wearing and hia voyeurism, we already know his dick isn't that big, so I can't imagine why they do it.

No. 115593

I tried to post the screenshot directly here but it is seems I don't have enough memory shrugs

No. 115756

So the new Under The Sky Youtube Original documentary on Yoshiki just came out and it let me thinking on how bad this is going to flop I won't even bother watching it after just watching the preview. What are your thoughts on this?

No. 115785

Watch it or don't, we won't spoonfeed you. Guarantee it'll be cringey as fuck though. Also next time, use sage.

No. 115814

yoshiki actually looks better without the sunglasses he wears 24/7. they bring too much attention to his horse mouth and it's all the notice about his face.

No. 115838

Agree to disagree, nonny. He has a horse face and small eyes, he's quite weird looking these days. He, like Hyde and Gackt, should have let himself age naturally.

No. 116715

From dating rich girls, having them at his convenience to still cry about Hide and pretty much selling his sadness to the world so everyone can see him as a life example, Yoshiki can't and won't do much from now on. From what I'm reading He's using the Maria girl for his activities in California but I'm sure once he can he will go to HK to visit the other girl. That's gross and the sickest part of it is that they might be ok with it. Guess he wanted one last thrill before realizing he got old and hes unnecessary. And we all know he's got a small dick, so it's not that he's chased by young girls because of that. He's got many physical conditions to deal with clearly, I bet he can't even move in bed anymore and they have to do all the work. I just cant imagine someone standing by his side through all his bullshit other than just saying they dated a half way decent musician

No. 116792

again, they're normies who probably looked him up on wikipedia and think he's jap Ozzy Osbourne or some shit and stick to him for clout. their own problem and not something worth feeling sorry for them over as they're just as shallow as him.

No. 117221

File: 1607106964009.jpg (154.94 KB, 1200x800, C8yjAvwV0AAU1eW.jpg)

I saw the New Lex Tokyo was mentioned in the previous thread and was wondering if anyone had any info on that place. Yoshiki seems to hang out there a lot and is friends with the owner Taka Masuda. If you look on Taka's instagram, there are always pretty famous Western celebrities hanging out there, especially big names in the rock music scene. To me, the club looks below average, small, and isn't decorated particularly nice. Why do these celebs always go? Their other gimmick is the models in attendance who all appear to be Eastern European, Russian, and American, not famous (usually around 1000 instagram followers), and barely legal, if legal at all. I'm guessing they're just atmosphere models who are getting paid to be there, but if it's something sleazier I wouldn't be surprised either.

No. 117761

I've been dying to see a thread like this and I'm so glad I found it. Here's the the thing my dear nonnies: From what I know ToshI is broke because of the cult story everyone knows about. He was in debt up to his ass when he got out and went back to Yoshiki to reunite X and we all know how that turned out. The thing with this is that I read ToshI asked Yoshiki for millions of dollars to help him from being broke. Yoshiki lends him that money and that's how he's been broke from years ago. Of you pay attention Toshi is the one doing great while Yoshiki pretends to be doing as great as he used to. If yoshiki wasn't broke, he would have been somewhat out of the public eye. That's what I think anyway.

Yes he is in fact in a relationship with Maria but she uses a lot of names to get herself out there just like Yoshiki. There's not much on her other than being young and a self made millionaire in California and they are engaged. Also I think she was supposed to be in the MV for Fake Divine and ended up dropping that MV to do the photoshoot of Red Swan. I understand that Natasha is a young millionaire too in HK but she's wealthy because of her father who has businesses directly with Yoshiki so they do have to see each other. I believe Yoshiki owes money to Natashas father and that's why they make a big deal about the dog. Teale is just a hooker, she can be paid to be in parties and make appearances with other "celebrities". Marilyn Manson used to rent her too.

I don't know about the Yakuza stuff with Toshi, but I did know Mana and Klaha had some things going on with them back in the day, that's why Mana helped Klaha with paperwork to start a new life supposedly in the US (not confirmed tho)

No. 117924

Doubt on Mana/Klaha stuff since Mana doesn't know what happened to Klaha.
Mana actually tried to get in touch with Klaha fairly recently (past couple years? my sense of time is off) but no success.

No. 118322

Yoshiki and Manson are collaborating now that Yoshiki has Maria to bankroll him. Btw, how is she a "self-made millionaire" in LA in her 20s if it's not nepotism?

No. 118324

So… Yoshiki is escorting to support himself becsuse he gave all his money to Toshi after the X reunion? He's supposed to somehow be less skeevy for using a couple of rich white 20-somethings to get work instead of address his band or album?

No. 118342

File: 1607898844166.png (112.28 KB, 720x850, Screenshot_20201213-120606~2.p…)

I can't wait to see if any milk comes from this collab. Both Yoshiki and MM are cows separately, combining them can only end up being cringey or milky.

No. 118348

>Yes he is in fact in a relationship with Maria but she uses a lot of names to get herself out there just like Yoshiki. There's not much on her other than being young and a self made millionaire in California and they are engaged

Lol, Yoshiki has been engaged half a dozen times in the laat 2 decades, besides, Natasha owns him and I doubt would let him marry another rich girl if her daddy is helping keep him afloat and paying for their HK place. Without music, Yoshiki is just a reverse starfucker.

No. 118353

File: 1607909024856.png (280.02 KB, 720x985, Screenshot_2020-12-13-18-20-54…)

Anybody noticed that ever since this Maria girl was brought up to the chat Yoshiki has been sharing posts in Spanish and Teale hasn't been that much around?

No. 118356

He always does that shit. When he got with Natasha, he was busted tweeting "I love you" in Russian while on stage recording a TV show as a guest. As for Teale, she's in his comments, liking and posting on every pic trying to out-cloutchase Lindsay Usich.

No. 118358

He's a fan of covert public lovebombing, insecure young hoes love that shit and lap it up which is why he keeps doing it.

No. 118362

It's just disgusting to see that bottom line, Yoshiki is in need of someone to take care of his finances. Yes, Natasha might be one of his hoes but the other rich bitch looks to be the brains behind the new Yoshiki activities and keeping him somewhat relevant. We all know he will do anything to maintain that status even if it means kissing ass to young girls. One of them owns him until he pays back and the other is necessary for his fucking career.

No. 118376

File: 1607930440350.jpg (83.8 KB, 1024x601, IMG_1764754675.jpg)

I didn't think I'd be getting a response so quick. OK, all I know is that this Maria chick got rich over investing. Like I read on the comments she's a model, author and does well on the stock market. She keeps a very low profile with different names like Yoshiki. She's the person he sees in LA, Sedona and other places like San Francisco where he loves to go. I don't know much about her activities? But I wouldn't doubt she's been saving him from bankruptcy these past few years.

On the other hand, Natasha is an insta model, a daddy's girl and an attention whore. She loves taking pictures right next to the places hes been at. It's ridiculous. I don't know if she does anything other than her father lending yoshiki money and being an attention whore tho.

I read the comments up and saw that one of you said Maria looks like Atsushi Sakurai and him and Yoshiki had a romance? This has nothing to do with it but I wouldn't doubt it. Especially because we all know Yoshiki at least had a hand full of bfs out there, but I just laugh that he has a certain type when it comes to women just like with Julia Voth.

No. 118409

Where are you getting your info/pics? Natasha's socials have been locked down for a while, but it seems whenever she's mentioned someone had been keeping up with her, how?

No. 118410

I thought he was married to Natasha since like 2011? She loved calling herself his wife on insta, at least.

No. 118525

Is the blonde in this pic Natasha? If so, I see why Yoshiki likes her- she looks exactly how he wishes he looked, just young and female.

No. 118552

I'm not sure when they started, but Yoshiki and Julia Voth were engaged until 2010 and then he went on to date Katie Hill until 2014, he dated a Canadian model up until 2016 (he said it himself on a Q&A on Reddit, I think her name was Sarah) and then in 2017 he got with this new girl Maria and got engaged. I'm not really sure why Natasha would call herself his wife back in the day, maybe because they were seeing each other on and off or doing business since. All I know is that Yoshiki owes her father a lot of money and the whole situation is just so fishy…

No. 118637

If he's been with Maria since 2017, why has he waited until now to start doing anything again? 3 years is a long time to be engaged to someone without actually doing anything, and he can't even use Covid as an excuse. It sounds more like some girl met and worked Yoshiki well enough to make money "investing" via his network and is now paying him back by helping him work?

No. 118831

I have to say that is a very good thought, which I wouldn't doubt. Even Hizaki and Teru talked about her in some posts, my guess is that she's more involved in VK than some. Although I don't know why some are saying that Lindsay Usich is being weird on Yoshiki's insta posts when SHE'S MANSONS NEW WIFE. That's kind of obvious really.

No. 118848

What does Lindsay being Manson's wife have to do with her thirsting over Yoshiki? Also, what 20-something makes millions in LA via "investing" without some kind of shady shit or handout? Nobody. And she's involved with Disney and knows a bunch of old fart Jrockers? Rich daddy, for sure. Yoshiki has always been a spoiled brat curating an image and he goes for the same type of women, which is why his GFs are always young, pretty, and love to bait his fans with clues on social media. Maybe of he hadn't been such a colossal asshole in his heyday, he could get some help from his peers instead of having to fall so low as to becoming an almost 60 year old escort for rich, insecure 20-somethings.

No. 118895

>Why do these celebs always go?

To fuck underaged white models… Are you really that naïve? New Lex is the best way for white weeb starfuckers to network with horny Anglophile Jrockers and has been for a long time.

Also, it's interesting how Teale and Lindsay have stopped thirstposting on Yoshiki's comments since it was pointed out here last week…

No. 118964

Not only are Teale and Lindsay stopping with their shit lately, but Yoshiki has been pushing the Yoshikimono mask, putting announcements in Spanish and pushing the new book on top of the Red Swan MV.

No. 118972

Lindsay stopped thirsting over Yoshiki when he announced the Manson collab, weirdly enough. Also, now that Rakuten is doing another fashion show soon, he's plugging his Rakuten credit card.

No. 118987

Do you know more stuff about good ol malice mizer?

No. 119013

OK, on Malice Mizer it's so complicated when it comes to Mana and Klaha. I believe (personal belief from what I've read) Klaha is not dead. He's somewhere in the US or Japan. Read me out, a person doesn't just disappear all of the sudden and most importantly no person is impossible to find unless the name was dropped, changed or Masaki Haruna was never his actual name to begin with.
I find it hard to believe that Mana tried to find him and just dropped the possibility after getting a "no, he's nowhere to be found" just like that. It's easy to cover up or disappear in Japan and Mana would be the only one to know how to do these things. Klaha just doesn't want to be found and I'm convinced Mana knows this and that's why he "tried" looking for him but gave up very soon after.

No. 119048

Do you know of any milk on Miyavi? He blew up during Covid and now has deals with Gucci and is popping up everywhere.

No. 119058

About what they're doing now? Mana and Kozi are both still active and hanging out, Yu~ki came back recently to perform with them in a mini Malice Mizer reunion (and I think he has a handmade gothic jewelry line now or something). They couldn't get Klaha so Kozi was on vocals.

They seem pretty chill and there's no milk that I'm aware of.

No. 119083

There's not much I can say about MYV other than what's being stated, I honestly don't know how he got that contract out of nowhere, being in mid pandemic and all of the sudden he tries to stay relevant?

Malice Mizer is just a band with mellow members, there's nothing more on them that I know of other than the Klaha stuff because they're all so chill.

I read on the comments that one of you said something about Kamijo? What I know is that he has a daughter the same age as Luna Artemis (sugizos daughter for those who don't know) living in California and she wants nothing to do with him, she resents him and he's in a relationship if not already married by this point too I guess. At first I thought he was in a relationship with this Maria girl because Teru and Hizaki had talked something about her, they don't seem to like her. But going back to Kamijo I guess the rumor of him being married and losing his wife to cancer might be true, thanks to his daughter not wanting anything to do with him. Or could be his attitude too, he's not the most likeable guy out there.

No. 119088

I read in the last thread that he (myv) cheats on his wife with white women. I'd believe it, tbh. Know anything about that?

No. 119171

Well it seems everybody cheats in Japan(women included) so it is not a huge deal tbh

No. 119175

The implication was that he was trolling his fanbase for white weebs to fuck, though.

No. 119176

No. 119178

Their goddamn weeb ass, not even being a wk but these anons cannot give even half a receipt for any of their fanfics.

No. 119181

File: 1608603740216.png (436.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-12-17-17-00-44…)

No. 119182

File: 1608604498657.jpg (166.43 KB, 709x1025, IMG_19273839.jpg)

I found these too. I want to see what yoshiki will do if he once these are uploaded, since he acts weird when something like this is written here.

No. 119189

Not surprised, they got married because she got pregant anyway.

Where is this, New Lex? Yoshiki and Miyavi have been regulars there for a while now, it's a chill spot to drink and meet young models and escorts willing to feed old man ego for cash and secret shoutouts.

No. 119208

Look at those pathetic shoulders.

Can't believe scape is still up. Used to lurk there all the time like 15 years ago because it was the least cringy jrock forum I could find and I loved MM/MdM/SS.

No. 119234

Yoshiki recently did a song or whatever with St. Vincent, who is breifly named in the celebricows thread. Is everyone he fucks with a literal who or a Hollywood skank?

No. 119264

File: 1608681411702.jpg (379.88 KB, 1338x1040, IMG_20201222_165101.jpg)

I don't know if the pictures are from Lex but I wouldn't doubt it if they were, I'm just making assumptions here. But what I'm not assuming is the fact that after the pictures were posted here, suddenly he decided to postpone his new project and blames it to covid? I call bullshit on that. I bet he needs to re-edit the documentary to hide some things about his personal life.

No. 119270

Might have something to do with the names in that lineup being everyone Yoshiki has fucked with recently or semi-recently, or is already problematic. Plus, it would look kinda bad if a docu dropped featuring every single person this thread has just tinfoiled over him fucking to make ends meet.


No. 119271

>Nicole Scherzinger

He's been in her circles since the Pussycat Dolls days, what good is she to him? She was another random celebrity who inexplicably bounced around doing different things after her music career ended, so she must have good connections with the kind of people in Hollywood that like to try reviving dead careers.

No. 119342

So is this thing going to be translated into Japanese or does he think he actually has a fanbase in the west bigger than a handful of autistic weeb girls?

No. 119344

Also samefag but I can't help but wonder if shit like this is mainly intended to fool Japanese fans/press into thinking he's far more relevant and important in the west than he really is. It's always been his wet dream to be an international rock star so if he can't achieve it, just fool his home country into believing it.

No. 119404

Him being broke has been an open secret for a while now, but using 20-something weebs and abusive, irrelevant celebs and C-listers to release projects is too pathetic. I bet this project never gets released, like the "new album".

No. 119681

Teale and Lindsay are back to thirsting since he announced this cancellation, that didn't last long.

Also worth noting for the Maria anon, if she was married or engaged to Yoshiki since 2017 I doubt she would wait until now to start dropping rumors about being with him, considering Natasha has been seen and photographed with him in LA since then, including this year pre-Covid. I think Yoshiki and Maria are a new fling for personal gain for the both of them, and one or both of them needs it to look more legitimate and less transactional and obvious. Maria is a tool, not his fiancé.

No. 119719

How I would love for Yoshiki or any of the ones mentioned here to see this chat and ask this especially to the Maria girl everyone is talking about, how does it feel to have Yoshiki Hayashi by his balls and to know that if she walks away so will whats left of his pathetic career?

No. 119724

Well my dear annon it's not the fact that they see this thread, I think they already have and keep doing so. Why do you think yoshiki, Teale and Lindsey react weird after something compromising about them is shared here? I'm just making assumptions here and call me crazy, but I also see that a certain annon gets a little ticked off every time this Maria girl is mentioned here,insisting yoshiki is with Natasha even by looking at the pictures with him and Maria. Also how did you guys know Natashas social media have been cancelled? I'm not really sure and don't take anything to heart when it comes to this fucker, but I think Natasha is butthurt this other California girl has him all to herself and she has to wait until God knows when to see him again. Again, it's just what i think.

No. 119729

Almost all of his inner circle have been discussed here, and have been speculated to have eyes on the site. It wouldn't be a stretch for him to know about this place.

No. 119731

Why do you think Maria had had him all to herself fpr the last 3 years when the OP pic is of Yoshiki and Natasha at Manson's birthday last year, and there are pics of her at the previous year's party with him too? Also, he still does his Xx thing, and makes posts about missing his dog and Hong Kong.

It's more likely this Maria used some of her secret nepotism or casting couch money and connections to help Yoshiki get work, expecting popularity in return within certain circles as his new side hoe. Too bad he has an almost decade long pattern of posting for Natasha, and there's tons of evidence of her being with him for a long time uo to now. Maria, on the other hand, is a literal who that is only affiliated with Yoshiki here on lolcow. And, if the YT thing was cancelled because of this thread, it's more likely to avoid proof of him being associated with her. Maria seems like the girl who can't take a hint, and wants to use the favors he fucked out of her to blackmail any attention she can out of his circles and fangirls.

No. 119732

>a certain annon gets a little ticked off every time this Maria girl is mentioned here
Nobody gets ticked off but Maria when they keep pointing out all the receipts of YoshikiXNatasha and asking who the hell Maria is supposed to be, kek.

>Teale and Lindsey react weird after something compromising about them is shared here?

What about them commenting on his IG is compromising?? Plus they started again after he cancelled the project Maria made possible for him to pay his friends for, so I just think maybe he would rather be broke than follow MM, JC and other unlucky fucks down the psycho-blackmailing-groupiewife hole. No young hoe is worth an entire career just because she wants attention she doesn't deserve, after all.

No. 119766

I don't know, this seems too convenient on Yoshiki's behalf. Since some of you are saying that Natashas social media have been blocked, I think it would be interesting if Maria or Teale were reached out and ask. I have to say I'm looking forward to this. I'll write some time later and see What I can find.(cowtipping)

No. 119778

Cowtipping is not allowed.

Also, nobody said Natasha's socials were blocked or cancelled, just private since his Chinese fans found her pages almost a deecade ago, which now doesn't matter much when Yoshiki is the one posting pics with her at parties, posting Melody/HK pics and signing tweets and posts with "Xx" for her.
Natasha gets to go to Marilyn Manson's Bday party 2 years in a row, while he's allegedly been engaged to Maria for 3 years, but "Maria Who" hasn't been seen in a pic with him yet.

No. 119780

Oh I thought you said "reach out to Yoshiki and Teale" but you said Maria and Teale. Still a bad idea, but I just love that you floated the idea of messaging "Maria" directly so she can make up whatever shit she wants that conveniently also agrees with everything you've been saying about her with 0 proof or receipts.

Besides all that, Yoshiki is the cow, nobody cares about Maria.

No. 119804

Yoshiki is boring. Still desperately chasing Hollywood stardom like all he's ever done.

Do Japanese tabloids even cover any of these washed up rock artists anymore or are they all completely irrelevant?

No. 119809

don't bother people over an obsession with a celebrity, returd. I'm sure they get harassed by autistic weebs enough already.

No. 119810

Stop with that Maria stuff, doesn't matter if she's hanging out with him, that doesn't mean you guys have to even look for hers direction or whatever she does. Stop bothering her.

No. 119839

Nobody is bothering her, there's 1 anon in here stanning her and saying she's cucking Yoshiki and owns him without any actual receipts or anything.

Bonus: Yoshiki posted Xx again on Insta, still no sign or mention of any Maria by him and nothing about the cancelled Maria project yet. IF, and this is just humoring an idea, Maria was here trying to force connections to her and Yoshiki then maybe he saw her trying it and decided to cancel the project rsther than risk being blackmailed into associating with a crazy attentiomwhore.

No. 120708

Oh my god you really put in your email. That's fucking hilarious.

No. 120808

I wonder if any of j celebs will make a only fans account like some western celebs did.
Gackt would be the first.

No. 120836

fucking KEK. He got really fucking close with some of those insta pics from a few years ago lol. I doubt he would ever do it though because then people would find out that all his bragging about his mAGnUm cOcK throughout the decades was bullshit lmfao

No. 120856

Lmaoo Gackt is getting cancelled in Japan again.
>Gackt and the famous host Roland and made a fashion brand called G&R
>They hype it up as classy high fashion for an affordable price
>The four designs they show are complete copies of western high fashion brands
>some dresses are exact copies from Aliexpress
>Japanese fans freak out on twitter
>Roland makes an apology video and owns up to his mistakes
>People seem to accept his apology
>Gackt makes an apology video
>Gets 50 000+ dislikes
>Gackt doesn't apologise until 5 minutes into the video
>Not even an apology, he blames the workers at the company
>People criticize his narc behavior and ego
>Gackt doesn't give a shit

No. 120860

Gackt could onision himself and make some "softcore" bs or put socks inside his underwear or just simple and pure put some huge mosaic censuring his parts. He could also pimp some of his sugar babies. There is a lot of e thots not doing actual porn. Just posting some lewds. I bet if there is some Japanese only fans version runned by yakuza a lot of these failed vk dudes and hosts would whore themselves for 500 yen per month. Kisaki would be one of the pioneers followed by gackt and some others ex idol girls. It would be safer and less unpleasant than going full porn like some other idols. A lot of former hostesses would be there as well.
Sorry for the spergery but the whole hipotetical scenario is hilarious to me.

No. 120861

I mean Icuckzz's gf and penis angelic just went as far as post some half assed pics of their sad tits and belle delphine gain rivers of money shoving dildos in weird angles were you can't actually see shit. Some bitches's fans are more than happy wasting their hard earned money in this type of (un)porn

No. 120874

I think Gackt is a seriously underrated cow. Even just a few years ago he probably could have had his own thread, that’s how much insane shit he was doing on the regular. My favorite era was around the time where he went to hang out with the prince of dubai in a literal bowl cut, was posting his ass on Instagram twice a week, released a strippable body pillow of himself, and was selling empty bottles of cologne he had already used for like thousands of dollars all while his interpersonal relationships were falling apart with his friends of 20 years and tabloids were kicking the shit out of him. Top quality milk.

Most of the tabloid stories were ridiculous, but there’s one that I now believe 100%. Back when his longtime friendship with YOU crumbled, tabloids started rumors that YOU had actually been his ghost writer for his entire solo career. Not only is it plausible since the timeline matches, (they were already very close friends in the late 90s), but ever since they parted ways? Guess who stopped putting out new music.

In the year or two after that happened, he farted out a couple really bad and uninspired songs which felt totally different even from the increasingly mediocre stuff he’d been doing in the years before. Seems like maybe they were some unfinished reject songs that YOU left behind from the years they worked together that he tried to spruce up and release. And now that he has no more to pull from, he’s quit music entirely. IMO the timing is too suspicious to be a coincidence. Talk about lame— his early songwriting was pretty much the only respectable thing about him and turns out that was all a ruse. What an insane career.

No. 120876

Old milk but I cyber stalk Aiko and the more I know, more i think i think she and Toshiya never really dated but since she is famous Toshiya probably saw her as a glorified sexfriend. She is notoriously known groupie but still maintain her popularity over her simps. She also slept with a whole lot others band guys like kirito and she actually wanted kyo(lol) but since kyo is only into alt girls he probably thought she was boring and told her to fuck off. Toshiya was the second choice and like die(whose recently got coronarolled-rest in pieces) he is not picky at all. But she admitted in the beginning of the last year she actually got a serious boyfriend. Also This type of woman probably will marry a rich and famous pastel celebrity when she retires while Toshiya will probably marry a former hostess like most of his peers.

No. 120877

Also most Shinya talk over tanuki probably is trolling. He looks weird and awkward but I think if he was a legit sex weirdo like kisaki everybody would end up knowing after all these years.

No. 120912

Die got Covid??? (Also, please learn to integrate and use sage.)

No. 120935

File: 1609615856559.png (145.25 KB, 540x697, 20210102_162915.png)

im not surprised at all

No. 120937

I always thought that rumor was interesting. But doesn't Gackt still work with You? So the music should be the same. Whoever is writing the music has a distinct signature sound.

No. 120946

This will be my last entry here.I can assure you I am not Maria but someone closer to home, if I was i wouldn't be writing this. The crazy part about everything is that she loves him. She loves that piece of shit and i feel sorry for her. This is the one place where I don't have to reveal anything if I didn't want to and I figured since not many people know about her I would come forward about Yoshiki. I am tired of being a piece in his game but I now have nothing to lose as of January 1st. I am free of his blackmailing and everyone who hangs out with him, because in one way or another they are victims. I am the only one who can tell you the truth even though he's tried to silenced everyone around him. When i tried to file a complain about his behavior to the police they didn't do anything. I am not telling you or asking to believe me, you don't have to. By reading me you're doing more than enough. All I have to say is that those 2 together and I hope she gets out of there soon, because while she works hes whoring around in parties. As of January 1st Toshi has paid his debt and has removed any trace of X Japan from his social media. Toshi has raped women and in some ways Yoshiki manipulates them to be quiet too, this is exactly what happened to me. Thank you guys for reading me if you did and don't hold them dear to you, they are worse and more sadistic that you could ever imagine. I may not be able to come back to this thread anymore but there's so much that you don't know about X, like the killings, rapes, violence and so much I'm saving because unfortunately not even I can prove it, I just overheard some talking between Brian and Y. They talked about a priestess in the TST too but I don't know what that means to them. Спокойной ночи

No. 120955

Apparently Die got coronarolled by a family member but if he doesn't drop dead until next week he probably will be fine but if I was him as soon as I get the results i would be looking for get hospitalized asap.

No. 120957

this probably belongs in crazy bangya thread

No. 120977

Natasha? Spill milk on Yoshiki tho

No. 120978

Die is so good at contracting diseases it's almost funny.

No. 120982

Well Die is by far the most sociable of that band and he likes to travel and being around people a lot,he is rumoured to be very promiscous and probably has a huge std story. his alcohol abuse and supposedly ED problems also help to curb his immune system into abyss but at this very moment probably the other members already got infected as well but didn't realised or even mentioned since they didn't really needed to attend in public events for a while but Die is very unlucky one of his old as fuck relatives/close friends actually got serious complications and needed to get tested since in Japan the goverment hides a lot of the actual numbers of deaths and they purposedly avoid testing people who are not at the verge of death.

No. 120983

Make a twitter account or a tumblr with the name the "truth about X Japan" or something my dainty gorl, why did you tease us with so much milk only to disappear like that.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 120986

who knew there'd be schizo conspiracies about jrockers.
i have no doubt they're shitty people but by the end of your post you went full tinfoil illuminati tier.

No. 120994

File: 1609657615096.jpg (3.28 MB, 3469x2769, EbhJrKIU0AECqnx.jpg)

Speaking of Toshi, his dog is pretty cute. Nyantarou is a weird name for a dog though.

He seems to be doing pretty well as a solo artist, getting into the top 10 on the Oricon album charts, producing, commercial and tv appearances etc.

No. 121006

That was tinfoil, not milk. Milk is proven, anything unproven cannot be milk. Anon didn't actually provide anything but unsaged fantasy.

No. 121070

File: 1609728126155.png (457.92 KB, 540x779, 20210103_233735.png)

Not milk, but Melody is pregnant again

No. 121084

What is up with japan and this trend of old famous women suddenly getting knocked out everywhere. It is pretty dangerous to you conceiving after you are 35 and your son can legit born fucked if the father is a old geezer as well.
But I wish everything well to her and her baby because dealing with Miyavi must be very hard.

No. 121086

Why did you say that? I know he cheats and all but…idk.

No. 121092

Guys tend to want a divorce from their baby mommas when the kids get older and they want more casual sex, or to trafe up to a younger woman. She probably felt like she needed another safety lock on him, his cheating is really an open secret and from what I've read on Tanuki in the past he even uses his "passionless marriage" as a justification for it by saying they're together just for the kids. Idk, it's so hard to find anything solid on Miyavi because his PR team is pretty good.

No. 121093

That hairstyle needs to retire, it's atrocious.

No. 121137

Did he admitted in a interview his marriage was passionless. I used to believe tanuki was a reliable source most of the time but after a lot of lurking i got the conclusion most of these girls are as clueless as most of us and they are trolling just like any other anonymous board saying random things that is obviously unbelievable bullshit and expecting people being dumb enough to believe.

No. 121138

>getting knocked up in the middle of a pandemic

No. 121147

Most marriages in Japan are passionless these days, most get married because they have kids and want to be better parents than they had.

No. 121151

I heard japanese don't view marriage any more that another "part of adult life" so they don't really mind to stay in a loveless relationship for years because there is no expectation for any housebreaking love to begin with.
with.most divorces comes from the women.
Even when they get bored of each other most will stick around even if emotionally they are not available for the other partner anymore.

No. 121317

lmfao nobody told me Shuuji Ishii performed with MM at the reunion. This amuses somehow. The song choice fits him though.

No. 121320

Also Seth nailed Gardenia. Good Job.

No. 122501

I swear to god I got sick off of him at a concert way back in the day. Dude looked ill, took a swig of water, and spat it all over the front rows of the crowd.

No. 123695

No. 123715

That was very relaxing
Mana is still doing the no talk thing?

No. 123725

it's been too deep rooted into his stage persona at this point, although it doesn't seem to be taken very seriously anymore.

No. 124359

But apparently he was asymptomatic because it took him only one or two weeks to get ridden of the virus. day 12 he made a exam again and was already negative also at least 13 more employees of Sunkrad got the 'rona. And i swear for god these guys are hidden the real numbers just because they need to work. Tommy February(their boss) got a positive in the beggining of december.

No. 124360

You got sick because as all girls who enjoy/ have enjoyed this band you are probably mentally ill and your immune system is as shit as an old alkie and probably anorexic dude :)

No. 126953

File: 1612921307609.jpg (262.76 KB, 1000x380, ano_idol.jpg)

Does anyone here know Anochan from You'll Melt More/yurumerumo? Is she genuinely retarded/disabled or is it the usual idol act but cranked up to 1 million?

No. 126954

Samefag but sorry if this question sounded rude by the way, I'm just genuinely unsure and I'm still getting into Japanese music so I've never really seen an idol act(?) to this extent if that's the case.

No. 126963

Had to check her out and she has weird finger movements, without knowing anything about her I would think autistic or tourettes?

No. 127543

have an example? I remember Yuko Ogura acted like a legit retard back in the day.

No. 128098

I guess this is the most famous example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ27mTkyBl8&t
and this is a recent video where she's a little older: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYUVFSz21U
Her twitter is @/ano2mass if you want to see how she posts

I came to the conclusion that it's an act that got too deep and now it's just a part of her

No. 128755

Yoshiki released Under the Sky recently amid all the Marilyn Manson drama unfolding, and on his insta he's been posting selfies with depressive captions about waiting for shit to blow over. It seems like he was gearing up for some new project until the Manson shit started getting real, and he and Manson have been close friends for decades (even hide was good friends with Manson, apparently which is weird af).

What are the odds of the MM drama coming back to Yoshiki? It's becoming more apparent that those in Manson's circles enabled him for years, so I wonder who else will be dragged down with him as the drama plays out. I've been trying to follow the MM threads but they all turned into instagram a-logs of the victims andntheir claims & icbf to trawl it all for the few nuggets of actual relevance to MM.

It is also interesting how quickly "Maria" anon fucked off after trying to drag Yoshiki, right before the bulk of the Manson drama happened.

No. 128950

Yoshiki is way too irrelevant in the west for that. Nobody outside a certain type of weebs knows who he is.

No. 129443

File: 1614216688684.png (425.23 KB, 540x781, 20210224_222931.png)

Aaaand they are already exposing the kid. They don't waste time

No. 129546

Surprised no one has mentioned Gackt giving away his puppy

No. 129549

yeah kek and his shitty niconico "apology" video. He's getting cancelled every month nowadays

No. 131745

File: 1615470150347.png (116.33 KB, 870x720, gekkareijin.png)

this reminds me of this insane comment on a Buck Tick video

No. 132200

why don't these people just join an rp forum

No. 140427

>what are the chances??

Oh, fuck off. Sharing birthdays with your kids or siblings is pretty common, and as desperate for attention Melody is she probably scheduled it that way so Miyavi wouldn't be able to ever forget her birthday again. I'm not a Miyavi fan or a Melody hater but from day one their entire relationship and interactions have always seemed very stiff and curated. If she hadn't gottwn knocked up after having him on her show she would be a literal nobody now.

No. 141247

Gackt is being gay again

No. 144797

Has anyone got any milk on Miura Ayme? Back in 2017 he performed on a small stage at Hyper Japan in London and stormed off when not enough people were listening to him. I’ve tried to see anyone if anyone else remembers but no one knew who he was back then. He used to follow a ton of British cosplayers back in the day to get a follow back (including myself lmao). Years later my friends telling me about Obey Me and how the singer is him.

No. 144822

It's a bit cringe how he cosplays the character he voices in a gacha game and edits his face massively.

No. 154839

File: 1628095689631.png (131.95 KB, 720x878, Screenshot_20210804-123600_(1)…)

Miyavi is gonna be in another movie, but this one seems cringier than his last movies. Is he still in with Angeline Jolie & that Hollywood crowd that got him Unbroken and Rampage? Those were big movies, this looks like… If the internet made a movie.

No. 155549

File: 1628683904600.png (1.25 MB, 720x1398, Screenshot_20210811-080903_(1)…)

Thinking of washed up jrockers reading lolcow gives me life, kek.

No. 159396


GACKT is on indefinite hiatus after serious and at one point "life-threatening" complications affecting his throat due to an illness in his nervous system that he has been battling since his childhood. In said life-threatening complications he has reportedly lost about 10 kg in weight.

He is currently receiving medical treatment at home. He says, "I will return overseas to see my primary physician and undergo diagnostic testing to determine the severity of the chronic condition and issues with my throat. After, i will focus on treatment to return to activity.

No. 159419

File: 1631065025824.jpg (31.53 KB, 393x281, wellillbe.JPG)

Huh, I always figured he was lying or at least massively embellishing his tales of long hospital stays and being told he "wouldn't live to 30" as a child. Was he actually telling the truth? I'm actually kind of shocked, I thought it was just bullshit like him claiming to be a vampire.

Pic related, dysphonia is defines as "Difficulty talking, including hoarseness and change in pitch or quality or voice" and is regarded as incurable. I know he hasn't been making music for a while now, but with this his career is probably well and truly over. The sequel to the widely popular movie he acted in a couple years ago has suspended shooting.

No. 159455

Here's a slightly more detailed, english report on it if anyone's curious, it also includes a longer message from His Highness.


The more i read about this situation the more utterly hopeless it feels. Even if i don't really like him that much, i hope he doesn't completely disappear from the public eye any time soon (ignoring how much that would directly contradict his personality as we know it) , because he's a cow that keeps on giving. And losing that would be a shame.

No. 159458

Yeah that kinda makes me sad. He’s a huge cow but has a great voice. It’s depressing that he can’t even speak properly because of the illness.

No. 159515

It's really sad for a singer to lose his voice. Gackt's voice is/was wonderful, at least until the mid-2000s when he started using ott vibrato all the time.

No. 159523

>ott vibrato

huh? But yeah the vibrato style he started using mid 2000s ruined my ability to appreciate his voice for some reason. I can’t put my finger on why it’s so unpleasant, but yeah. His early stuff was so good… what the hell happened?

No. 159524

ott = over the top. He used the vibrato too much and too hard. I also disliked it, I guess because it sounded smarmy but also because the qualities I previously enjoyed in his voice was how "clear" and clean it was? His mid 2000s downgrade both musically and vocally were always a mystery to me.

No. 159542

>His mid 2000s downgrade both musically and vocally were always a mystery to me.

holy shit yes. I don't get it. It bewilders me. Gackt's early music was unironically artistically good. Then he had such an abrupt and extreme downgrade into soul-less, corporate, and tacky (only not in an artsy way this time) that it feels like a whole different person was behind it all. Do any anons think he might have had a ghostwriter in the beginning? That's literally the only thing that makes sense to me

Also people on twitter are saying he's a COVID denier which I didn't know but definitely feels on brand for him

No. 159562

tbh I don't believe everything he says because…well hes Gackt. Hes a shady asshole that lives in south east asia so he can do shady shit and bring boytoys (maybe get a couple over there) and everything he does is so shady, wouldnt surprise me if something "weird" happened because he got someone angry and this was payback.

>wonderful voice
pick one

No. 159667

That change did make me wonder about the ghostwriter rumor but as far as I know, the first time this accusation was made was in 2014 when You's ex wife claimed You is Gackt's ghostwriter. But You has been with Gackt since they were teenagers so what then, he was the ghostwriter for the early stuff but not the later stuff or vice versa? That doesn't add up much.

No. 159674

File: 1631216942066.jpeg (20.03 KB, 300x210, E956A3B7-603C-46BC-BC95-48091C…)

Idk, I could buy it. Obviously they started out closer than they have become over the years— it makes sense to me that at the beginning the partnership was more enthusiastic, fame was newer, and YOU was churning out material. Then as the years went on and they started to grow apart, the material dried up.

Don’t you think that it’s weird that when YOU and gackt had their big falling out in 2014, that was also around the time that gackt dropped all pretense of being primarily a musician and went full time retard with the poker shit and cryptocurrency and instagram whoring to stay relevant? How many new songs has he released post-2014? Like 2? And those were completely unmemorable and phoned-in.

No. 159894

That could be the case but the same could also just as easily describe Gackt without a ghostwriter. Sometimes musicians do their best and most poignant work when they're young and then kinda become boring, either because they mellow out with age or other reasons. Sad that we'll probably never know…

No. 160412

I was always his fan despite him being cringe for years because young Gackt was simply amazing but recently I watched his interview with Joey and in English he sounded so insufferable that I was ready to drop him…and now I start feeling sorry for him again kek

I dont think his childhood illness is true but rather years of singing visual kei style (like the aforementioned overuse of vibrato) destroyed his voice. When he was young his voice was very calm and deep but in recent years he sounded more and more faggy. And doesn't Yasu of Janne da Arc have the some condition? Voice so damaged that he has to relearn how to talk and might never ever be able to sing again?
And did he say he goes back overseas, meaning Malaysia or somewhere to get treatment…? I'm sorry but that doesn't sound like a good idea, he's so rich, he should get himself the best doctors in Japan or Europe…

The earlier ones during his peak were likely written by You. But he probably had more than one ghostwriter and that's why there isn't a clear break when his songs started getting shitty. Plus his horrible midlife crisis might have lead him to composing/paying people to compose ugly songs.
I remember that when the rumors came out all japanese comments said that it was so obvious that Gackt would have never been able to write the songs during the end of Malice Mizer/the beginning of his solo career, which were by far the best, like Le Ciel and Mizerable.

No. 160823

I think a lot of fans are emotionally attached to young Gackt and just kind of tolerate current Gackt.

I do feel like most of his early stuff was written by the same person because there's a certain signature sound, the kind of melodic DNA that makes people say "this sounds like a Sia song". I'm not actually too familiar with vkei but unless that signature sound appeared elsewhere in the scene, it makes sense that most of the songs were written by one writer, either You or Gackt.

No. 161016

File: 1632033227110.jpeg (430.2 KB, 828x1142, 01DE5282-6F2E-4709-8D91-1730EE…)


Yoshiki is so broke that he can't even afford a proper chair

No. 162125

Well, what does he even do? He doesn't play shows anywhere anymore, and all his merch is overpriced and hard to get.

I really don't understand how Yoshiki hasn't ended up homeless after what, 10-15 years of not really doing anything but popping up here and there as "Yoshiki"? Maybe his wine sales and Rakuten plugs really paying that well? His recent Live was broadcast on the screen at Shibuya crossing, and who even knows why? He's like Dakota Rose, he doesn't do anything except pop up every few months to post and tag people, yet everyone still acts like he's relevant and making new material. It's baffling.

No. 167522

File: 1635443783371.png (1 MB, 719x1191, Screenshot_20211028-134537_(1)…)

Anyone else get the feeling Miyavi is fucking around with Dollyave, the random photog girl from LA he has touring with him in North America right now? I hesitate to even post this, but it's gettinf more and more weird. m

Most of his IG posts from the tour that aren't promo shots are selfies of him taken by her, or him posting random stuff and tagging her calling her "baby", "baby girl", and "baby D". He also previously captioned a clip of her singing awkwardly on stage with a cringey caption calling her baby girl, thanking her for "staying pure, positive and crazy".

I looked her up, she has less than 5K followers and her account isn't that old, and I didn't find but one post about her singing before this tour from a few months before in NY. He also doesn't post the other girl, Sintamusic, who supposedly got Dollyave on the tour nearly as much as he posts Dollyave, and when he does the captions aren't nearly as sugary.

The entire thing just makes me quirk an eyebrow tbh. Really odd behavior for a married father of 3 who just had another baby.

No. 167574

File: 1635461638207.png (208.81 KB, 720x958, Screenshot_20211028-184829_(1)…)

>I looked her up, she has less than 5K followers and her account isn't that old, and I didn't find but one post about her singing before this tour from a few months before in NY

And suddenly, a low quality rushed MV for a random tour photographer turned "musician", shot on a donated set, last minute after only 1 day of planning.

What a sudden and funny coincidence.

No. 167666

Her Twitter is even sadder: less than 1,500 followers, made in January 2020 and her first post was in May 2021. Miyavi doesn't follow her there nor does he mention her on Twitter basically at all, unlike he does on IG.

She also has the Miyavi tour dates in her IG bio as 9/29-11/6, but Miyavi's NA tour ends on 10/31. Weird.

No. 167720

File: 1635538831187.png (1.27 MB, 720x1282, Screenshot_20211029-160829_(1)…)


>suddenly, Miyavi posts older tour pics done by an actual photog, who suddenly also sho the most recent show

>no more saccharine Dollyposting or trying to pretend she's the tour photographer, but she's still on stage despite not being listed on the tour anywhere officially
>no pics of the Montreal show were really posted on the 25th, but that was also his "day off" post where he kept posting stories about Dollyave then reposting them as feed posts once they disappeared
>his wife did post a comment on the pic he posted that day saying "will you marry me?" and he replies. fans gush over how cute it is, but it seems really random and kind of clingy to me tbqh.

I'll admit this started as a tinfoil, but no shit since I posted this there has been a noticable change in Miyavi's posts since and he's suddenly stopped putting Dollyave on a pedestal for nothing and now suddenly she's a musician and they have another photog.

Clearly his wife is just along for whatever ride she can get, but acting like this over a 25 year old groupie all over IG and making it so obvious has gotta be insulting.

No. 167721

File: 1635539004373.png (160.47 KB, 720x1237, Screenshot_20211029-161602_(1)…)

Melody's comment. I hope none of this comes off as sounding jealous bc really I'm not, if anything I'm starting to feel like Miyavi is just another famous fuckboi who can't keep his dick in his pants despite his wholesome family dad image.

No. 167725

File: 1635540010700.png (859.28 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211029-163749.png)

No way this dude is their actual tour phorographer, even if he did shoot the Montreal show.

This post is an hour old, so he posted it the same time Miyavi did, and there are no other pics from the Miyavi tour by him. His previous post right before this one is from an Exploited show back in July 2019.

>can anyone say "damage control"?

No. 167729


This confirms he isn't on the tour, he was at the venue and took pics for the show but they would've had their traveling with them (Dollyave), except she wasn't really taking tour pics and those she did are obviously not professional quality tour promo shots. She spent the tour taking outfit shots, selfies and getting gassed up by Miyavi until this post >>167522

No. 167737

File: 1635542856533.png (357.85 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_20211029-171925_(1)…)

>endless work ethic
>commitment to her craft

>Dollyave: "I wrote this"

>four weeks ago she was a literal who photographer, now at the end of Miyavi's tour she has a music career pushed by his team after weeks of him acting like a teenager with a new crush

Here it says Yung_spielberg wrote it, one of Miyavi's team. Samfreakingli, another Miyavi staffer, apparently made the video. For what it's worth, this isn't a new video or song either- earlier while grabbing screencaps I saw a clip of it from August on someone else's account, but now I can't find the account or remember the name. I'm not sure if it was the guy in the video with her or not, bc she went back and tagged a bunch of Miyavi's crew in the video.

So, she suddenly has a music career that kicked off right before this tour, and is all made and promoted by Miyavi's team even though she was supposed to be a tour photographer. I guess being a groupie really does pay off these days?

No. 167755

I actually went to one of his shows and it's funny reading all of this because I felt like he and Sintamusic/Gaby had much better stage chemistry. He didn't interact with Dollyave at all at the show I attended, but Gaby left the side of the stage to go up and sing with him, during Perfect Storm I think. Dolly wasn't really that memorable at all so it's funny seeing how much he posts of her online kek.

No. 167763

Probably bc from what I'm seeing, Sintas is an actual musician/performer, while Dolly is just her awkward friend tagging along while the crew tries to push this persona on her as a hard working girlboss as well as an uwu kawaii. Problem is, she hasn't done really anything the entire tour except awkwardly sing while visibly uncomfortable, take social media tier pics hanging out with Miyavi and post outfit selfies with Sinta. She's a groupie, nobody would foot the cost of her traveling with them unless she was.

To me, Dolly feels like a ripoff of 2012-2015 Ariana Grande when she was trying to put herself on a pedestal while also trying to come across as timid and humble.

Looking back, both Dolly and Sintas worked with that Richaedfrias guy, so it looks like Sintas got Dolly on the tour by somehow being affiliated with the guy who helped Miyavi do those Covid virtual lives a while ago.

They both just seem so random and added on, neither of them have music like Miyavi's and lowkey I get massive subverted egirl/pickme vibes from their IG and Twitter, not to mention the egirl uniform "tour outfits".

No. 167909


Miyavi reposted the Montreal show pics again, and there haven't been any show pics posted of NYC or DC since this was posted, just reposts of the Montreal pics and clips from Miyavi's signing booth at AWA. He also hasn't posted Dolly directly since then, and she hasn't been posting at all really.

Tinfoil, but the thought of someone in Miyavi's camp reading lolcow is hilarious, I just have to say.

No. 167926

File: 1635663976052.png (821.2 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211031-030206.png)

>there haven't been any show pics posted of NYC or DC
>the thought of someone in Miyavi's camp reading lolcow is hilarious

kek, picrel.

No. 168105

They've only been reposting fan accounts that took pics during the shows, it's like they want to get the tour over with as quietly as possible now.

Funny, because last June I got an IG DM from a "private" Miyavi account claiming he was going on tour near the end of 2021 and was looking for fans to see what they thought of his movies and "carry them along in (his) career". I blew it off bc he kept demanding my personal info like my address ans phone #, but now in hindsight everything the "Miyavi" account said would happen this year did happen, like for example back in 2020 when I was messaging him he said he was working on a movie, then Kate came out this year. He also gave me an email to chat on Hangouts with and tried to do voice and video calls to "prove" himself but all I ever got was a black screen and random bg noise. I blocked him when he got mad that I wouldn't give him my info and called me a racist (wtf?).

Which show did you go to? & Has anyone else been to any of the shows since Montreal?

No. 168133

I went to the show in NYC!

No. 168150

Care to tell how it was?

No. 168193

I thought it was a fun concert. Lots of good energy and a good crowd. The venue was pretty small but didn’t sell out I think, and tickets were relatively cheap (~$50 after tax) which is one of the main reasons why I went. It wasn’t super crowded but there was still quite a lot of people there. Dolly was honestly a pretty forgettable person, although I remember I thought her pigtails were cute. Like I said above, Gaby and Miyavi had good stage chemistry, she seemed a lot more outgoing and happy on stage compared to Dolly, and I think Gaby looks much better in person than in photos. Miyavi did go on and on about all the stuff he was doing, which is fine since it’s his concerts and I’m sure more dedicated fans than me would care to hear, but I was like “ok I’m a bit tired of this” after a while, and then he also brought him visiting refugee camps and *~*~the power of music~*~* which I just find cringey but do you, Miyavi. He also played somewhere over the rainbow during the encore kek.

No. 168201

File: 1635833861711.png (801.11 KB, 719x1405, Screenshot_20211102-021017_(1)…)

>Gaby and Miyavi had good stage chemistry, she seemed a lot more outgoing and happy on stage compared to Dolly, and I think Gaby looks much better in person than in photos.

Agree, which is why it's even more cringe that the Miyavi press IG keeps posting Dolly while claiming she had the same energy on stage as Gaby. The photogs they tagged into the last few shows all say the opposite of every concert report I've read, makong it sound likenthey both had bigger roles than they did when really Gaby was the fun one and Dolly was just kinda there.

I am kinda curious though how a literal who from Wisconsin goes from nothing to touring as a photog for Miyavi to being a "backup singer" that quickly and artificially. I read in old threads from Tanuki that Miyavi has a long time habit of cheating on his wife on tour, but I always heard it was with white women. Yoshiki was liking all Miyavi's early NA tour pics featuring the girls, but also stopped when Miyavi's thirstposting was called out. Going back they've been in pics from the start of the tour, but nowhere did it ever have them listed as part of the show, they just popped up on the tour. Has he had backup singers like this before, or is IG trolling for tour extras going to become a thing I wonder?

No. 168204

Also nitpick, but I don't think Dolly really dresses like that, almost all her outfits for the tour were big on her which is funny since many of them are supposed to be tight. If you go back and watch the "tour outfits" video at least half the outfits fit her loosely. Even in the pic here you can see Gaby is a bit thicker than Dolly, so they're probably all her clothes.

No. 168208

File: 1635836575286.png (166.84 KB, 720x1508, Screenshot_20211102-030150_(1)…)

This is interesting:

>the MIGHTY FRESH website's social media links (IG, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, etc.) All lead back to Dollyave's profiles

>All their "partners" are entities Dolly did her photography work for in LA
>The MIGHTY FRESH Youtube channel has one of Dolly's songs as the first video you see, and there's an entire Dollyave section for her videos.
>All her music is less than a year old except for a couple songs from 3 years ago where she did collabs with some decent artists.
>She made her IG and Twitter only last year when she suddenly started releasing music through that Richard Frias guy and a few of the other westerners Miyavi had on tour
>In fact after a quick scroll, most of the MIGHTY FRESH YT is just Dollyave videos.
>Guess who is the founder of MIGHTY FRESH? @Richardfrias, this guy: >>167763

Someone is pushing Dolly really hard in Miyavi's camp for over a year now and it's very weird. Who is this girl & why did she pop out of nowhere like a plant?

No. 168209

>She also has the Miyavi tour dates in her IG bio as 9/29-11/6, but Miyavi's NA tour ends on 10/31. Weird

Miyavi flew back to LA for some Gucci thing before returning to Japan, my guess is Dolly did too and this is her way of lowkey trying to imply she gets an extra week with him post-tour. I couldn't find anywhere else that has Miyavi's tour end dated as 11/6.

No. 168397

11/6 is when that new Netflix show thing he's doing comes out. Dolly stayed in ATL to shoot a Kimbra show but is back in LA, Miyavi went to the Gucci love parade last night and posted a vid of it less than 30 minutes before Dolly posted being back in LA.

On a side note: >>168105
>Funny, because last June I got an IG DM from a "private" Miyavi account claiming he was going on tour near the end of 2021 and was looking for fans to see what they thought of his movies and "carry them along in (his) career". I blew it off bc he kept demanding my personal info like my address ans phone #, but now in hindsight everything the "Miyavi" account said would happen this year did happen, like for example back in 2020 when I was messaging him he said he was working on a movie, then Kate came out this year. He also gave me an email to chat on Hangouts with and tried to do voice and video calls to "prove" himself but all I ever got was a black screen and random bg noise. I blocked him when he got mad that I wouldn't give him my info and called me a racist (wtf?).

I found an IG account dedicated to exposing a ton of Yoshiki fakes doing the same thing, @For_Yoshiki_Attention, and one of the posts says one of the fake Yoshikis knew about stuff real Yoshiki actually ended up doing, and told her before real Yoshiki posted them anywhere.

Comments on the pics from other fans say they got IG DMs from fake Sugizo accounts as well. Real Yoshiki posted a note denying any private accounts but said nothing else, which is weird considering real Yoshiki is usually very open about exposing that type thing himself.

Apparently, ton of Jrock fans on IG have been getting messages from fake private IG accounts that know shit about Jrocker activities before they're announced, and they all ask for money of course. The @For_Yoshiki_Attention IG claims 5 fans have killed themselves over it so far, making it stranger that Yoshiki isn't really saying anything. Some other fakes I've seen mentioned in comments are Kyo, Shinya, Toshi, and of course Miyavi- there are even several accounts up on IG right now with identical bios to the fakes that have been reported many times by many people, but don't get deleted.

No. 168447

File: 1636000924782.png (350.84 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211104-003538.png)


She took those dates out but I got caps, lel. I find it very sus that Miyavi goes quiet the very same hour she lands in LA and takes those dates out of her bio (after being active pretty much nonstop while she was still in NY and ATL), on top of their behavior during the tour and her "the best is yet to come" "tour gift" bracelet from someone unnamed.

It really does look like Miyavi is fucking with Dollyave, in a very sloppy way, but what I can't figure out is if it ties into the private IG scam accounts. Dolly popped up suddenly out of nowhere on social media and on the tour around the same time the scams started happening, and especially this part stands out

>Funny, because last June I got an IG DM from a "private" Miyavi account claiming he was going on tour near the end of 2021 and was looking for fans to see what they thought of his movies and "carry them along in (his) career".

That sounds like Dollyave got lucky on IG bc maybe a few of them really did get that desperate during lockdown? A lot of celebs did a lot of stupid shit online because of it. Like, maybe the scams are happening so much because the artists are actually using IG to scout for girls due to lockdown? Nigerian scammers shouldn't know what Japanese artists are up to before they announce anything.

No. 168454

File: 1636003018330.png (911.44 KB, 720x1359, Screenshot_20211104-011454_(1)…)

>literally 5 minutes later, picrel
>Miyavi reposts a pic from the GLP event last night, that he also posted as a story last night

No. 168456

File: 1636003720671.png (933.21 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211102-022209.png)

>on top of their behavior during the tour and her "the best is yet to come" "tour gift" bracelet from someone unnamed.

picrel, my bad. She posted this on the last official day of the tour, before editing the dates in her bio (10/31).

No. 168514

File: 1636037187745.png (671.36 KB, 720x1369, Screenshot_20211104-103302_(1)…)

I don't think Dolly really shot the Kimbra show in ATL, there weren't any pics of her actually there so for all we know she could've claimed pics taken by someone else were taken by her in ATL while Dolly was in LA with Miyavi- except for those random ATL Kimbra show pics Dolly has been MIA since the end of tour. Kimbra hasn't posted in a few days so Dolly's ATL show pics are supposedly the most recent pocs of her, but it's also interesting to point out that Miyavi didn't start liking Kimbra's pics until October 24th. Maybe Miyavi asked Kimbra to pretend Dolly was in ATL with her still while he fucked around with her in LA before flying back to Japan.

Idk if Kimbra is in LA right now or not, but Miyavi is flying back to Japan talking about toasting something random, It'll be interesting to see if Dolly posts pics in LA or Japan moving forward.

No. 168614

File: 1636067680870.png (907.72 KB, 719x1385, Screenshot_20211104-190819_(1)…)

Kimbra is in DC as Miyavi lands in Japan, she keeps posting tagging Dolly but there are no pics of her in the shots. Kimbra's tour posts seem focused on tagging Dollyave in pics she isn't in with big letters while Dolly herself stays silent since landing in LA the other day.

However, Miyavi posted a shot of him in a cab with a woman you can't clearly see that could very well be Dolly with her hair up from behind.

No. 168615

File: 1636067934258.png (898.77 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211104-191646.png)

If he took Dolly to Japan with him, then this flight post plus her tour bracelet plus her random appearance on tour plus her disappearance since it's end, it looks like Miyavi got a sugar baby.

No. 168629

File: 1636072881477.png (277.78 KB, 720x1319, Screenshot_20211104-203448_(1)…)

The trend continues, Miyavi posted another pic from the Gucci parade within like 5 minutes of this post- and Dollyave commented on it literally instantly, but still no pics of Dolly with Kimbra who she is supposed to be touring with now.

No. 168734

Kimbra can't post pics with Dolly bc she isn't there, kek. Man, when I was 13 I would have never thought in a million years that my favorite Jrockers would end up using social media to meet groupies based on IG algorithms, but here we are (if it's true). I wonder if any other fans got measages from the Miyavi account before the tour? Usually weebs love to humblebrag and drop vauge hints whenever their faves acknowledge them.

No. 168810

I bet $5 Dolly remains MIA from social media AND Miyavi doesn't resume his normal posting until after the Japan tour ends/January. Calling it now.

No. 168891

File: 1636218915276.png (215.51 KB, 720x1247, Screenshot_20211106-131356_(1)…)

Sinta has been MIA as well and she still has the Miyavi tour in her IG bio. I expected Miyavi to post about being home from tour and back with his family, but instead he keeps gushing over the special, precious memories he made with Dolly and Sinta before they all disappeared from social media, the same way he gushed over them on tour.

No. 168938

File: 1636238282485.gif (3.91 MB, 300x225, 149230_original.gif)

Anons I know that he's a lolcow but I still can't help but worry so much about Gackt, he was the very first celeb that I really admired…

No. 168944

Do you follow him on IG? His captions are so hit or miss, half of it is generic motivational crap and the other half sounds like weird preaching. What is going on with him these days?? Last I heard he had to medically retire from singing due a condition to his throat.

No. 168947

>Last I heard he had to medically retire from singing due a condition to his throat.
in that statement he said that he already lost 10kg and is in pretty bad condition overall, that was months ago, no updates so far
sounds really scary

No. 168951

Right? But he's been posting like normal and I'm pretty sure I've seen stuff about him singing since then?

No. 168956

File: 1636245157846.png (842.54 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_20211106-201514_(1)…)

>I expected Miyavi to post about being home from tour and back with his family, but instead he keeps gushing over the special, precious memories he made with Dolly and Sinta before they all disappeared from social media

Miyavi is home after another flight from Tokyo (he lives in LA??), Dolly suddenly has a boyfriend she's moving into a new apartment with and Gaby posted a pic od a dine & dance place in NY but isn't pictured in it. Wherever Miyavi went after LA and before he went home, he likely took both of them. Personally I don't even see the point since they both kinda look like younger versions of his wife (imho).

No. 168958

Miyavi said he moved back to Tokyo, I think around the time Skylar was born (can’t remember if after or before his birth). He mentioned it at the NY show so I can only give my word as proof.

No. 168960

Then that makes no sense.
>He flew from LA on November 4th to Tokyo
>posted the Tokyo cab selfie in >>168614 the next day on Nov 4th
>reposted tour pics for 2 days
>flew again (17 hrs ago) and THEN made a family post about being home
>meanwhile the other 2 suddenly become active online again on opposite ends of a different country

Why would he need to fly from Tokyo to Tokyo?

No. 168963

It's pretty telling how neither Dolly or Gaby like any of his pics with his wife or kids in them, just the ones that promote him and the ones alluding to their special threesome.

No. 168964

File: 1636252122821.png (419.33 KB, 720x1451, Screenshot_20211106-222400_(1)…)

>Dolly suddenly has a boyfriend she's moving into a new apartment with

Actually, it's a house. And, if you go back, there's no mention of the guy she tagged in the stories she posted before all this, so probably he'll never be seen again and is a convenient excuse for Dolly having a big new apartment in LA above her own means right after being Miyavi's groupie.

Also funny how she even says she was on tour "not as a photographer" yet before the posts here began claiming the Miyavi fake was confronted about the tour, they were tagging her as such and there was no other mention of her as a singer or dancer. Plus, look at the guy's face in picrel.

No. 168965

File: 1636252169732.png (451.42 KB, 720x1443, Screenshot_20211106-222418_(1)…)

If she was on tour as a legit singer/dancer, it makes no sensenthat they never named her until the posts here.


No. 168966

File: 1636252263790.png (128.31 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20211106-222434_(1)…)

Plus of the Miyavi fake was contacting girls on IG last summer demanding their personal info and trust while claiming to help them with a career, this post makes a lot more sense. 3/3

No. 168968

>big new apartment
Derp, a big new house. My bad.

It had to be before that bc Skylar was born in Tokyo on Melody's birthday and they haven't moved houses in a while, and Skylar is almost a year old now too. I recall something about them moving back sometime around the pandemic bc of the higher standards there.

No. 168969

You’re so fuckin jealous lol

No. 168970

Imagine trying to pass yourself off as a singer while all you do is take selfies with an actual artist and let his crew fake a career for you. AFTER that man just had another baby with his wife. Jealousy? Nah. Kinda stunned it's Miyavi of all people and floored that they were flaunting it so carelessly and expected nobdy to notice.

Goddamn I hope those 2020 chats get posted. That would be pretty damning.

No. 168971

I missed the photos of him flying again but I wouldn't put it past him to randomly repost more pics of his flight since it really doesn't make sense for him to fly again. His feed and stories are so jumbled to me.

I peeked at his stories and the newer flight pics don't show up in his story for me? I only see reposted tour pics and then two other unrelated posts before that.

No. 168973

File: 1636253640437.png (214.66 KB, 720x1233, Screenshot_20211106-225019_(1)…)


He posted this a few hours afternsome stories boarding his flight around 3am LA time November 3rd: >>168615

Then landed in Tokyo Nov 4th with an unnamed mystery woman, the story he posted right before this one was the "back in my city #Tokyo" one from the plane window: >>168614

Then he posted this 18 hours ago (as of now) which was this wall of text gushing about the tour: >>168891

Then 2 hours ago he's back home: >>168956

& Dolly and Sinta didn't post at all between the ATL show and today, recently for both of them in fact.

No. 168974

The strangeness is how since the first post here, Miyavi has been changing the way he posted about both girls while still obviously pushing them for unknown reasons.

If the fake Miyavi was real and got mad at anon for not giving her info, then she confronted him about the tour dates and things began to change based on the posts here cataloging them. That's very fucking shady and all those posts from the beginning of the tour to now showing that progression are still there, many have been edited, and they line up with the posts here pretty damn coincidentally.

No. 168976

Kinda fucked that all this weird behavior and sudden career for Dollycame from just one casual post saying "why is a married man posting and sweettalking this random 'tour photog' who only takes selfies with him?" & now she was never their photographer. Wild.

No. 168977


Point, dolly was tagged as the photographer until the first post about it here and then suddenly she became a dancer/singer, then 7 hours after that post they shit out a rushed MV for her. Sounds like she took the offer anon turned down and fucked her way on tour to become a halfassed plant.

No. 168980


If you go watch the show footage of the 3 of them on stage, the way he posts about the tour is way ottt compared to the lack of enthusiasm on stage from the girl and the lack of interaction from the crowds. The Miyavi staff page recently posted a bunch of clips of Miyavi on stage with the girls and literally all they do is stand there singing along intil he headbangs, then they pump their fists. It looks like he had way more fun on tour in NA with these girls than his fans did at the shows, and like he used it as an excuse to be on tour with them away from his wife and kids.

No. 168987

File: 1636258881535.png (537.5 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_20211107-001823_(1)…)

>pic of her and Miyavi looking way more hype than most of the shows were
>"some of the best moments from this tour are not onstage"


No. 169017

>I wrote this song abput waiting for that person you've been imagining in your life

Like a JP sugar daddy? kek. Based on the timeline of these posts there's no way this pickme didn't fuck her way into all this, I just have a hard time imagining Miyavi DMimg girls on insta like a scrub while his wife is pregnant with their 3rd kid circa 2020.

No. 169019

File: 1636292798757.png (355.27 KB, 545x873, Screenshot_20211106-222400_(1)…)

A SD would explain the sudden BF from nowhere and how she's moving into a new house after popping up on tour with Miyavi, when before she was a broke nobody with no online presence or following. 5 years working multiple jobs trying to make a game, then suddenly your gf tours with a star unnanounced and comes back to a lifestyle upgrade.

Where is Melody??? She hasn't posted since October 26th, 2 days after her comments asking her husband to marry her where he replied "lol".

It would alao explan this poor man's face- this is notbwhat a happy BF and GF posting about their first home should look like, but I guess being a beard for a groupie turned "artist" beats struggling for another 5 years to make your own dreams come true legitimately.

No. 169020

File: 1636293114212.png (489.5 KB, 720x899, Screenshot_20211107-084939_(1)…)

>how did I end up here
>I just wanted to release my game
>what have I done

No. 169027

File: 1636300871895.png (1.39 MB, 720x1310, Screenshot_20211107-105553_(1)…)

Suddenly right after this post, Kimbra posts old pics from November 4th that she tagged Dolly in while she was MIA with Miyavi (currently Kimbra is in Dubai for an expo). Dolly waited an hour to repost them to her own story, but they're from the same days old shoot done in NY while Dolly was sneaking off to LA.
Why is Kimbra latergramming for her now too?

No. 169031

File: 1636301317722.png (960.76 KB, 720x1346, Screenshot_20211107-110648_(1)…)

Even then, the shoot is from during Miyavi's tour, she posted shots in this outfit at her October 26 show prior to tagging Dolly in them. Picrel, another photog took them. Imagine shooting Kimbra, then a week later your shots are reposted with another girl's name as the photog who had nothing to do with any of it just for the sake of damage control. How insulting to people actually working toward their dreams.

No. 169034

File: 1636302995016.png (158.71 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211107-105106.png)

I wonder if this has anything to do with anything? Very breif new Yoshiki article about new artists struggling to debut during Corona, and how they should do whatever it takes no matter what.


How about just make something you're passionate about and people who share that passion will follow you??

Yoshiki was liking almost all of Miyavi's Dollyposts until M started being more sweet and obvious about Dolly, since then Yoshiki hardly liked any of Miyavi's pics.

No. 169089

File: 1636329868691.png (880.63 KB, 678x1170, Screenshot_20211107-185802_(1)…)

I doubt this is her BF, she's thinner now than she was in this pic, so she probably has a new house to herself in LA. Plus, that man is visibly uncomfortable, no way he's her BF.

>much professional musician and photog

No. 169126

File: 1636351213966.png (863.41 KB, 720x1098, Screenshot_20211108-005708_(1)…)

Now they aren't even hiding it.

How can you feel good about using a married man to force a career for yourself when you stand on stage or get posted on their socials? Is narc koolaid really that sweet?

No. 169188

What's funny is he is completely ignoring Gaby in NY while Dolly parties with his friends who knows where at HITC.

Interestingly, Melody still hasn't posted anything aince the end of tour.

No. 169209

The alleged boyfriend Jordan seems to be Jordan Fanaris who works at Heart Machine, a legit game studio that released the highly acclaimed game Hyper Light Drifter and is about to release a sequel this December. The details regarding him do add up but something stinks.

No. 169225

I read an article about Dolly from a month before the tour where she explicitly said she was going on tour as a photog, but did not say with who. Fast forward to now, I can't find the article again and suddenly she was never the photog, and Miyavi is no longer wearing his wedding ring and keeps making reasons to post her after the tour ended and Gaby went back to her normal life.

No. 169228

Way too much PR for a brand new artist from nowhere with less than 10K total followers on IG/Twitter who has been active for less than 2 years. They keep posting both girls but Gaby is back in NY doing her normal things while Dolly is getting hella press and partying with Miyavi's friends while MIA.

No. 169250

File: 1636427953429.png (1.09 MB, 720x1256, Screenshot_20211108-215535_(1)…)

Wtf does this have to do with sake? I'm sure it's easy to work toward your goals when you've been famous since you were a teenager.

I liked Miyavi a lot better before he became so… self important. He's starting to remind me of Gackt.

No. 169252

Anon, I'm late but I think >>160823 said it best:
>I think a lot of fans are emotionally attached to young Gackt (and find it hard to let go)

His early career was really great and inspiring for me as well. I loved his cohesive aesthetic and musical style, and back then he was retaining enough of his pre-fame humanity to have genuine charm and relatability in his interactions.

But that time is dead and buried under his tax evader mansion in Malaysia. He's metamorphized into an eerie, plastic zombie who doesn't even know how to act or speak like a human anymore. I think that's what happens when you're a narc by nature, coast by on easy fame (ghostwriter[s] and style directors laying out his artistic moves for him during his prime) and only surround yourself with yes-men for 20 years.

Gackt at his core has always been just a performer and he did it well for many years. But being left to simmer in his own nature for so long has rotted him into the talentless sleazebag he is now.

I'd personally love to know who was behind his style and music in his early career just to see their other work.

No. 169255

Didn't it come out years ago that he had a son livng in Canada & he way paying off the mother too?

No. 169257

That was from a sketchy ass tabloid tbh i have a hard time picturing him fucking a woman at all LMAO

No. 169344

File: 1636515516163.png (346.95 KB, 720x1192, dollyave.png)

More damage control, looks like Richard Frias is gonna try to pretend to be Dolly's main pusher now that Myv is in quarantine in Japan. She strikes me more as a follower than a creative leadwr though, she really sprang up suddenly out of nowhere with very little but big connections and leveled up pretty well just from taking selfies of and drinking with Miyavi, only to go back to doing nothing.

No. 169396

There are a million celebs out there who take on vanity projects and spout bullshit publicity garble for something entirely unrelated (perfume, booze, skincare, clothes, makeup). If I could get paid millions to blather on about how a new eyeshadow palette was actually a reflection of my inner strength I'd do it. It's unlikely he had much of a hand in creating any of this, from the sake which was produced by the brewery to the ad campaign by his marketing team. He posted the translation of a fully polished advertisement, I really doubt the words were directly from him. The stuff with the "photographer" girl is sketch but this is pretty much par for the course for every celeb in existence. Still ages away from the train wreck that is Gackt.

No. 169398

I still can't believe that Gackt, Miyavi, Yoshikk and Sugizo were all in the same band at one point & the ego clash was so huge they never even did anything with it, kek. Still I liked Miyavi better like 3 years ago when he was actually doing the humanitarian work & before he went all Gucci crazy. Lately it feels like he drank the Hollywood kool-aid.

No. 169426

She's not even cute, I feel like of Miyavi were trolling for groupies on IG he could land one wayyy prettier than her who is also desperate for forced, fake fame.

No. 169431

My impression at the time was that they just got bored with it, not that there was any big ego drama although that would not be surprising.I recently looked up S.K.I.N on youtube and there was almost nothing out there. The entire project was just a fart in the wind.

No. 169443

Iirc Gackt and Yoshiki kept butting heads trying to be in charge and that's why they never really did anything. They played ONE con once and it was so poorly done that even the fans were meh about it.

No. 169508

File: 1636643136427.png (1.16 MB, 720x1235, Screenshot_20211111-095537_(1)…)

He liked this one, which is kinda interesting because of how on the nose it is: Dolly's name is Tracy, and Miyavi likes to go by Lee. See the L+T white heart above where Miyavi sprayed the tour logo in the color he's holding? Dolly is spraying the white can so people know she put it there. He even tagged Cadillac Ranch on top of it.

No. 169510

Meant to quote >>169034

No. 169569

File: 1636676547875.png (189.55 KB, 720x1244, Myvhawaii22.png)

Suddenly, a new Miyavi show in Hawaii in early January because ???

His wife is from Hawaii, so I don't think Dolly ave would dare try and go to that show.

No. 169627

File: 1636720160863.png (990.2 KB, 720x1277, Screenshot_20211112-072417_(1)…)

Guess again.

I've NEVER seen an artist go this hard for a basic photog girl and her friend before. Not even 3 months after the tour he makesnup this show just to give them something to do? They weren't even a big part of his tour, they wete very clearly just there for his entertainment and being given an excuse, which is fine, but it's getting annoying how hard he's pushing these unremarkable girls just to spend time with Dolly in a very obvious way, while trying vainly to hide behind Richard Frias and pretend it's mostly him.

No. 169628

Where the fuck is his wife? This is very visible fuckboy behavior for a married man with a <1 year old, is she just okay with her 40 y.o husband blatantly fucking 2 IG clouthoes?

No. 169657

File: 1636743983961.png (795.45 KB, 720x1335, Screenshot_20211112-140029_(1)…)

Still no posts from her, but Miyavi can finally post another family clip now that he got an excuse to post Dolly again.

It almost feels like someone in Miyavi's camp actually is watching here. Since the posts started they've been running along with whatever gets posted here and the damage control is obvious.

No. 169841

No idea who these girlies are but every vk fan always praised Miyavi for being an uwu perfect dad while he was always sus to me. Sugizo, Hyde and BT have kids too but actually keep them private and safe. And crazies like Yoshiki and Gackt are at least reasonable enough to neither marry nor reproduce. I bet Miyavi's daughter will be in some shitty tryhard band once she's 16, acting all poor and punk and naked.

No. 169863

His oldest is already a he/him themby and he seems cool with it. Miyavi and Melody both let her wear male clothes and post pride flags and pins, and she even has an IG (despite not being 13 yet idek how) where her bio says he/she/they.

As for Miyavi, his wholesomeness has always felt like a coverup for something else. He feels like a small town church-going dad of 3 with a good reputation hiding a dark secret.

No. 169869

File: 1636868288217.png (1.16 MB, 720x1259, Screenshot_20211114-001916_(1)…)

He also went back and removed all tags of Yukibomb, the girl he took to the Gucci love parade. The story is she did his makeup, but she hardly posted during the tour and I know he tagged her in ateast 2 pics from September as the photog, bc that's what promoted me to wonder why Dollyabe wasn't taking the pics as a "photographer". After the posts here, Miyavi untagged Yukibomb until the Gucci parade and posted a stiff comment abt her being professional. Yukibomb also posted a selfie claiming to have been busy in NY for fashion week the entire time, but I distinctly remember him tagging her with the camera emoji in 2 concert posts. Going back ofc they're gone now, but Miyavi forgot he liked only 2 of her selfies back in August before the tour ever started.

So, as soon as this tourwhore thing was brought up, Yukibomn went from being the MYV Imaginary tour makeup artist to not even being there, until she popped up in LA at the Gucci parade with him. My guess is Yukibomb isn't just another literal who like Dolly and Gaby and she couldn't afford to be associated with whatever ends up coming out in the end.

No. 169871

File: 1636870056324.png (957.58 KB, 720x1310, Screenshot_20211114-010247_(1)…)

The GLP post.

Also has anyone else felt a chance in Miyavi's energy since this shit? He went from being way OTT happy to ne on tour with Yuki, Dolly and Gaby to looking kinda depressed in his recent stories. That, plus the sudden, random Hawaii shows with Gaby and Dolly feel like he used the Imaginary tour to fuck a handful of 20-something Asian girls he met on IG when Yoshiki was also liking their pics alongside him. Remember Yoshiki was liking all of Miyavi's OTT sugary Dollyposts until shit started getting posted here. Yoshiki also unfollowed Yukibomb but I'm taking soooo many SS and losing track of shit by now bc there's so much, I can't find a cap of it so all I have for this one is my word.

No. 169872

Miyavi has always been sus. His pre-marriage image was cringey as hell with the assburger behavior like rocking back and forth randomly and the weird twitchy poses. I remember the blog post he made announcing it, he sounded pissed as hell about it all and said something along the lines of him not wanting things to go that way but making the best of it and some anger at an implication that he was hiding it from his fans. Remember, Miyavi and Melody met when he was a guest on her show amd she immediately got pregnant, then only 5 months later "Airi" was born. Her name kanji is literally "the reason for love".

No. 169874

Derp, let me finish my thought- I think Miyavi has had a habit of fucking around for a lomg time & Melody used itnto her advantage to secure the bag. Having another baby this year so far apart in age from the other two with barely any mention of the pregnancy beforehand, and her inducing on her birthday seems like she wanted to secure those child support payments after the girls age out, and making sure he can't forget her birthday bc it's the same as his son's.

If Miyavi was trolling IG for tourwhores in summer of 2020, that's around the same timeframe that Melody would've had to get pregnant. Maybe they made a deal- she gets another baby and he can fuck around as long as it's not in Japan.

No. 169875

>5 months later Airi was born

No, I mean 5 months after the shotgun wedding Airi was born, the blogpost was him announcing his sudden marriage to Melody.

No. 169877

File: 1636871590195.png (128.38 KB, 720x781, Screenshot_20211114-013254_(1)…)

And for that matter, his posts about his kids and those tour girls are way sweeter and sincere than any of the posts he makes about his wife. Her posts about him are more like his posts about Dolly while he regards the mother of his children as like a nanny he has to keep telling people he respects.

No. 169904

File: 1636898899197.png (825.05 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_20211114-085819_(1)…)

Check out the first post by Sinta that Miyavi liked before she joined the tour.

Alao notice that before joining Miyavi on tour Gaby and Dolly both dressed completely differently and didn't have blonde in their hair. This feels like he's trying to use these girls as a standin for someone else and show them off, but it all looks hella trashy and sus.

Why is a married 40 year old Japanese man acting like this so obviously? Is nobody on his team aware of how this all looks? If anything, ot looks like the 3 of them are all cranking it up to 10 on purpose while Melody is still MIA.

Also interesting- immediately after the tour Dolly got a house in LA, and Gaby moved from NY to LA where she is now with Dolly.

No. 169905

File: 1636899014826.png (111.66 KB, 720x677, Screenshot_20211114-090010_(1)…)

He's more affectionate with these two than he is with his own wife >>169877

No. 169908

File: 1636899397778.png (1.01 MB, 720x1264, Screenshot_20211114-085908_(1)…)

Woops, that's actually not her first post that he liked, she posted that & he liked it after she had joined the tour, picrel.

No. 169910

File: 1636899642447.png (954.96 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_20211114-091440_(1)…)

However, she did post this bwfore the tour, and after Dolly got a new house in LA as well.

It seems both these literal whos with barely any followers suddenly got handed homes and careers just for being alt groupies for Miyavi's tour, literally out of thin air.

No. 170216

This may be a long shot but do we have any Bakudan Johnny fans ?

No. 170244

Idk why but I get major "former fat girl" vibes from her. She looks like every generic Asian girl I see at the mall.

No. 170906

I didn't expect this at all.

https://new-beginnings.info/(this is an imageboard. post screenshots )

No. 170936

File: 1637587613741.png (813.53 KB, 720x1327, Screenshot_20211122-081746_(1)…)

Sinta chanhed her whole IG, she took out all her links and bio and changer her name from Sintasmusic to Sintahoney, and she dyed her hair platinum blonde at the same time as Yukibomb as well.

Dolly and Yukibomb both went to the Arcane release party in LA but didn't tag each other or mention each other at all despite both being there to "support Miyavi", and Sinta didn't go at all.

Dolly hasn't gone blonde yet, but she is reposting the backstage shots from Kimbra's tour she pretendes to take while she lurks around at the Arcane release party, I guess trying to make people think she was ever a photog in the first place? She's also doubling down on the alt outfit posting but the more she does it the more obvious it is that she's wearing a costume.

Melody has started posting again & suddenly Miyavi can comment on her posts & be nice to his wife, unlike when he was on tour with Gaby, Dolly and Yuki.

I bet these girls slowly start getting phased out soon, and bonus points of that Hawaii live in January gets canceled.

No. 170937

File: 1637587907456.png (336.84 KB, 720x976, Screenshot_20211122-083009_(1)…)

Suddenly, a link!!

Lurk harder, tourwhores.

No. 170938

Jesus Christ, aren't these guys all pushing 60 by now?? I get that they're sore about anime/Japan being so big overseas right now, but they had the chance to ride that wave 10 years ago with the visual kei boom and slept on it. Retire already.

No. 170939

File: 1637588703697.png (500.3 KB, 720x1271, Screenshot_20211122-084138_(1)…)

Me again, more damage control:

Before the NA tour, Miyavi was regularly wearing his wedding ring in pics, but took it off and it was nowhere to be found during the tour or in any of his pics until he returned to Japan and started posting family/baby pics again, now it's back again.

I hope his wife chewed him a new asshole.

No. 170943

File: 1637589805211.png (444.06 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211122-085623.png)

Compare to this SS from November 2nd, note how much she changed her page. The link is her same old music link from before. She also removed her contact and modeling info as well as her highlights from the Imaginary tour, and went back to edit several captions on her pics from before and during tour.

If you're an up-and-coming model/singer who just toured with an international celebrity, why would you change your IG from a music account to what looks like not much more than a sugar baby account?

No. 170972

File: 1637600700358.png (396.85 KB, 720x989, Screenshot_20211122-120108_(1)…)


Music link is gone again, looool! She's allegedly no longer in LA, and all her pics since the tour from LA are all tagged with NY locations. Woops, lol. Too bad the caption about moving to LA is still up.

No. 171500

File: 1637906483563.png (923.31 KB, 720x1105, Screenshot_20211126-003220_(1)…)

Myv stopped liking Gaby/Sinta's and Yukibomb's pics, but not Dollys.

Sinta finally dropped new music but is still nowhere near LA, tho richardfrias is still up her butt within the literal minute of her posts. Moved all her MYV tour highlights to her "play" collection and removed the one she made for the tour.

Dolly keeps posting abt being an azn girlboss despite not actually doing anything aside from posting selfies and receiving praise for being some sort of "artist". No trace of her ill-fitting bondage egirl outfits from tour, either.

Miyavi still liking her pics as of 2 days ago and leaving heart emojis which she replies to with more heart emojis. She also comments on nearly all his selfies since the tour. Dolly also moved her MYV tour highlights, and lost about 2.5K followers out of nowhere after gaining only about ~100 since the MYV tour, but Sinta and Yuki have gained folllowers since- more than Dolly.

Yuki has scrubbed basically all MYV from her acct. Had thanksgiving with a bunch of random dudes.

No. 171554

Holy shit, someone's been stuffing their foodhole nonstop since the tour.

No. 171841

lmao all vk grandpas
…except yoshiki kek

No. 171927

File: 1638160230599.jpg (100.03 KB, 900x1030, 20211128_212711.jpg)


No. 171928

Damn are these men still trying to stay relevant? Literally buck tick's new vids have 100 views because of atsushi's weird nationalism and refusal to tour outside of japan all those years lmfao.

No. 171930

File: 1638163915565.png (262.56 KB, 720x830, Screenshot_20211128-222507~2.p…)

Kamijo stopped following Yoshiki and he didn't even wish him a happy birthday, he just retweeted Yoshiki channels tweet becuz he was tagged in the birthday event. Is there drama going on between them? Kamijo used to idolize him

No. 171970

What are you on about? Each of them is more relevant than all younger bands combined, they didn't jump on the tiny vk trend 10 years ago because they don't need to. And touring abroad for a couple 100 people is just depressing if you're used to standing in front of many thousands in Japan.
BT's youtube is a flop but it wasn't neccessary anyway. If they livestream a concert in Japan they still get over 100k watching, japanese grannies pay way more than foreign kids on yt.

No. 171996

Are you trying to imply Yoshiki isn't a vk grandpa?? He's one of the vk grandpas.

No. 175613

Both Dollyave and Gaby/Sintamusic (now @Sintahoney) unfollowed Miyavi, though Yukibomb (who purged all evidence of herself from the Imaginary tour once it was posted abt here) still follows him and he still follows all three of them.

Miyavi also started taking his wife and kids along to the shows on tour, as the tourwhores have both been suspiciously silent in LA as the Hawaii show creeps up in January.

I'm gonna laugh if Miyavi has to bring his whole family to Hawaii during a pandemic just so his wife can keep his dick out of two nobody IG escorts "managed" under the table by Richard Frias.

No. 176836


With the Blue Note Hawaii show creeping closer and closer, it's very telling that they both unfollowed him and neither has been mentioned when MYV promotes the show, and neither one has said anything about it in over a month. I guess we can only wait & see if Richard Frias's "photog/model/dancer/singer" girls ends up at the show alongside Melody & the kids, but I doubt it.

I honestly can't believe someone with such a family-oriented image got so sloppy over two ugly nobodies. Or that he was so desperate for 20-something pussy after lockdown that he hired an escort managing idea theif to feed him new ideas just so he could have a pair of tourwhores to play around with and show off.

>myv sake

>exclusive merch collections (KLKTN)
>Yoshida Brothers collab
>virtual lives & the VR fan ticket experience

All these ideas were credited to Frias after Miyavi hired him for the North American Imaginary tour in June/July 2020. Every one of those ideas AND MORE was stolen from MYV's fans bc Frias made a gmail account to chat on Hangouts and scalp ideas from fans while scouting for tourwhores on Instagram using Miyavi Private accounts- and he's still doing it.

About a month ago I made a shell IG and sent Melody a message abt all this with my own screenshots from 2020 and the email Frias was using to pose as Miyavi since then- and Frias blocked that shell acct without me EVER interacting with him on it. Two days later, I made an IG with my twitter handle (my main, the one Yoshiki followed for over a decade, see below) and Frias blocked that one as well even though I never used it to interact with him, Melody, Miyavi, Yoshiki, Dolly, Gaby or Yuki- I made it to see if he was blocking all my handles and he is, except my main IG which I followed him on this summer when the Imaginary tour was finally announced. I guess he doesn't wanna be TOO too obvious.

Since then, Mel and the kids have been all over MYV, he's wearing his ring again and ignoring both tourwhores, and he went back and recreated all the Halloween Squid Game pics he posted to his story back in October with his daughters- in the SAME EXACT COSTUMES, same exact poses.

A bonus: around the same time Frias messaged me as Miyavi on IG in 2020, I also got a msg from a Yoshiki private acct asking if I wanted to tour with him near the end of 2021 as well, and from what I can tell it looks like Frias may have used several JP celeb identities to steal ideas from their fans. Yoshiki posted a rushed message about it to his IG story briefly a lil while ago without giving any real info, then suddenly a few days ago he announced he was staying in Japan for a while/until further notice after being admitted to the ER for "stress pains" in his stomach. Yeah, I bet you're fucking stressed.

Actual Yoshiki, as in YoshikiOffficial on Twitter followed my personal twitter account for over 12 years (I've blocked him since all this ofc), which was locked and he was the only follower for over a year, so I know he absolutely knows who I am despite never contacting me directly using his official twitter. And thanks to my tweet analytics, I know he saw every private tweet I made in the last year about all this. I have screenshots of everything from Twitter.

Yukibomb had the decency to remove herself from everything ASAP when I made my first post here abt it all. Smart.

I actually have screens of everything, emails, and I'm not stupid enough to buy the "get a random black guy to videocall me and claim it was a nigerian scam" when i start threatening legal action, either.

Takamasa "Miyavi" Ishihara called me on hangouts and said my legal name in his unique voice and accent. He told me abt the Imaginary tour in 2020 before it was even announced and tried to get me on it, but I'm not a whore or s musician/model/dancer/photog so I said fuck no, that would be obvious as hell. So what does he do? Steal my ideas and take those two desperate socks on tour & dresses them in copies of the outfits I had on my IG in 2020 (I've purged and privated my acct since then).

Frias is smart as fuck to do things the way he is, but he's still a sloppy greedy idiot at the end of the day.

Fuck you, Frias. Enjoy the upcoming social fallout, and good luck pushing those two talentless nobodies with blatantly fake audio of them singing songs they didn't even write or record in your living room.

No. 176837

File: 1641095142257.png (470.77 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220101-222130.png)

dropped my cap

Get ready to choke on those words soon.

No. 176838

File: 1641095792480.png (403.15 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220101-225455.png)

No. 176840

File: 1641096408067.jpeg (43.03 KB, 945x1943, received_715759999405363.jpeg)

>Yoshiki posted a rushed message about it to his IG story briefly a lil while ago without giving any real info

No. 176867

Miyavi, Richard Frias, Gaby and Dolly are all in Hawaii for the show; Melody is silent.

Hilarious at Gaby for saying she's flying to HI for "work", since she isn't a singer in her own right and both girls are only going to the show to stand on stage for Miyavi's ego & warm his cock afterwards.

Melody must be a total doormat, though what do you expect from a 25 year old American woman desperate to make it in Japan who took 4 months to convince Miyavi the meal ticket baby was his?

Dragging these girls along with him is the big tell. They came from nowhere to do nothing but play around with him on tour while he slipped little signs into his SM posts (the ones that were all edited after the tour ended) and now he's trying to act like it was all professional all along & they actually need to be there to flirt with him on stage like they're actual musicians or dancers when relly they're just escorts with a manager feeding them a taxable cover story for all the big handouts they both got after the Imaginary tour despite barely doing anything other than taking escort-tier IG selfies.

Who knew turning 40 could hurt a married man's ego so badly? kek

No. 176874

You all are acting like cheating isn't super common in Japan.
I am not a miyavi fan but why botter Melody with this bullshit.
Btw a lot of famous woman fuck their way to success, i personally don't judge.Miyavi seems an good father for japanese standarts that ( basically really low)

No. 176879

Quick question why is this thread in /m/ ? You’re clearly discussing cows.

No. 176884

The "good father" thing is just PR. Lovelie is a genderspecial which doesn't happen without growing up around some fucked up gender roles, and it's not really a thing in Japan. As for Melody, lots of women doing it doesn't make it any less cheap and pathetic. Melody came from a family of well connected people giving her handouts since she was 18 and the best thing she ever did for her career was P-trap Miyavi so sneakily that when he announced it he was obviously pissed off, and they took so long to do it that back then on /cgl/ there was a small flamewar where some delulu fans tried to claim she hasld a full term baby only 5 months after getting married.

And it's not like she has any power over him anyway- hence their new baby. She had to have a son on her own birthday to get her husband to remember hers, then immediately after he fuck off to the states to dip his dick in some basic escorts while she thirts over him in his IG comments. She is his bitch, he tolerates it for the sake of his goody family man image but in reality she's just a dependawhore who got lucky.

The point isn't to get anything out of it- I offered the chance to do things right and was called ridiculous- so I'll settle for making sure it's known that Miyavi is a scrote with a shit marriage based entirely on an image he needs to protect himself from the consequences of his horny fuckboi ego.

No. 176886

One more thing: it's also about the fact that he can only stay relevant by stealing ideas from his fans after making them promises he knows he won't keep. I'm personally curious how many times he did it before he got to me, and how Yoshiki fits into it all considering his behavior over the past few months leading up to him moving back to Japan so suddenly.

Aside from all that, what they're doing is illegal which is likely part of why Yoshiki ran back to Japan. Remember, he was liking all the OTT tourwhore Imaginary pics too. Yoshiki never followed any of the girls with his IG or Twitter, but both of them are followed by a @Yoshiki69 account with no posts that follows everyone involved in this, including Yoshiki, Melody and Frias. Neither one has many Japanese followers otherwise and the bulk of them seem to be Miyavi/Yoshiki fans accounts or people either artist has worked with in the past.

No. 176887

File: 1641140057841.png (437.83 KB, 720x1488, Screenshot_20220102-110423_(1)…)

I wonder why Dolly & Gaby need to be at the Hawaii show if they aren't listed as being part of the show? He stopped tagging them in Blue Note posts as well.

I guess they're literally there as cockwarmers & standing them on stage simply provides them with a bullshit paper-thin excuse to shamelessly flaunt their whoredom in front of his wife and fans like they're special for sucking middle aged married dick. Why is it always ugly, talentless girls who think prostitution makes them better than everyone else just because their John has some fame?

P.S., look who is liking the posts as well as posting at the same time as Miyavi.

No. 176951

File: 1641180253360.png (920.45 KB, 720x1384, Screenshot_20220102-220953_(1)…)

Both girls are at the show rehearsal despite not a single mention of them being there by the venue, Miyavi, Richard Frias or anyone but the girls themselves from their stories; Melody & his kids are still in Japan.

The only people they're pushing Dolly and Sinta as performers to are the people who bought tickets, who have unfortunately paid money to help enable a 40 year old man to cheat on his wife while stroking his already massive ego.

It isn't enough for him to cheat on his wife with multiple younger women, he has to make sure at least some people see it and buy into his lie of yanking whores into stardom and fame as a reward for pleasing him. Unfortunately getting blasted for it burst that bubble.

Also, this time they're wearing modest white dresses for the show instead of edgy BDSM egirl goth shit. Still, it doesn't change the fact that Richard and these girls flew to HI, as well as all over North America, just to threeway a married man while he cucks his wife and flaunt it on Instagram.

Are/were their travel expenses, food and hotel stays all covered by Miyavi's ticket or merch sales, I wonder?

No. 177033

Since these posts, both whores have started reposting the same few pics since landing in Hawaii over and over, no mention of Miyavi or the shows anymore and Miyavi hasn't mentioned either one or tagged them in any show posts. Blue Note Hawaii hasn't mentioned either Gaby or Dolly at all, they're not part of the show in any way. They're literally just there to fuck Miyavi and play rockstar onstage as payment for it. Now that they're exposed they're trying to downplay everything they worked sooo hard to show off last September/October, what a spectacular backpedal.

No. 177036

Yukibomb is randomly in Hawaii as well, though hasn't posted anything about the shows or Miyavi at all since the first posts about the Imaginary tour here. She's a groupie too, just way more careful about no being associated with the other two shamefully sloppy escorts.

So, 3 Asian 20-something comfort girls flown to Hawaii just to fuck a married father of 3 so he feels like a rockstar again. Pathetic.

No. 177071

File: 1641251776371.png (359.65 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_20220103-160925~2.p…)

If Yoshiki can't even be able to open a fucking lid why the fuck is he planning on beginning a new band? He has to know that his plan and ego will kill him if he continues like this. He also stopped posting the Xx shit and said he was alone/single. And now he's stressing? Of course he is.

No. 177104

Girl did you just say vk is more relevant than ever before? Nobody cares about these bands since like 2007 is what they were talking about. What a reach.

No. 177137

File: 1641300092454.png (872.15 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220104-073813.png)

The egomaniac couldn't resist- he finally posted both whores and tagged all 3 of them, confirming he rounded up all 3 escorts just to cheat on his wife using a flimsy cover story nobody actually believes.

No. 177139


Yoshiki fucking up a lot this past year it seems: >>177071

Guess he can't function without thirsty blonde 20-somethings using him to work out their daddy issues.

No. 177140

File: 1641300623933.png (736.55 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220104-074324.png)


Another interesting note is that while Yuki is clearly one of Frias's escorts, for some reason she REFUSES to be associated or seen with the other two escorts. Dolly is the most proud whore and loves to flaunt & drop hints like she's the next Melody, so I hope she doesn't end up pregnant just like she did at the same age bc she was also going nowhere despite all her handouts.

No. 177141

File: 1641300899707.png (555.38 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220104-074319.png)


And the venue still hasn't posted, tagged or mentioned any of the 3 escorts at all, which means they have nothing to do with the show officially. Miyavi and Frias are literally just dragging them around to show off and fuck as pretend singers who aren't even good at singing.

They get to be on stage all bc they took turns helping Miyavi cuck his pitiful old doormat wife/ sucked some fat middle aged loser's cock and helped him steal ideas from Miyavi's fans.

Imagine having to fuck this fat loser just to get onstage with a married man bc it's the only way you can get noticed in life even with a ton of easy ass handouts.

No. 177142

File: 1641301436820.png (1.12 MB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220104-074417.png)

Buy the way: these 4 spent almost a week in Hawaii before the shows, most likely paid for by the tour. I guess being a shameless whore pays well?

Points to Frias for being smart enough to use Miyavi's fans for both ideas and advertising his escorts, though!

No. 177144

File: 1641302228547.png (117.79 KB, 715x1406, Screenshot_20220104-081224_(1)…)


"Lee" has been frantically reading my chats as well, but not replying, and I can't help but think the laughing emojis on the story post tagging his whores is supposed to be a dig on me, but that's ok.

Maybe if he wanted me to believe the random black guy cover, he shouldn't have tried passing him off as American (with broken English?) to another American, sitting in a room with JP shit on the walls behind him AFTER multiple voice and video calls with him. Jackass must think I either had a stroke or that he's safe bc I didn't record those calls, but I have more than enough without that.

No. 177145

Also notice: this post was made after I messaged Melody AND after I posted abt it here, but not in between, and this post uses the same exact typing style and broken English as Miyavi/"Lee" did: >>176874

No. 177174

Yoshiki didn't realize that the consequences of his reckless actions may not reflect well on jim or his sugar baby's father if his actions over the past year came to light in the near future.

No. 177175


*him, my bad.

No. 177200

File: 1641330009347.png (749.67 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_20220104-155335_(1)…)

Reposting the same few clips of the escorts over and over again doesn't make it look like they should be there, dude. Check out the clip Miyavi keeps reposting of them onstage- Gaby looks like she has a literal stick up her ass & Dolly looks like a kid at Christmas.

No. 177203

Very interesting how once I notice things & post abt them here they change, like how he started tagging and posting the escorts & they suddenly started posting about the show (Yuki).

Hilarious to me that he needed 3 sloppy Asian girls to get over one blonde white bitch shooting him down,though. I always kek heartily when nonwhite dudes call me racist for telling them no.

Me again, also notice how any time Dolly is on stage she can't stop staring at Miyavi and doing her little twirls like a fangirl. I guess that's why she was right beside him in every single offstage Imaginary tour pic & why they painted the "Lee + Tracy" heart at Cadillac Ranch.

No. 177221

File: 1641338513619.png (606.22 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220104-181856.png)


Yep, right on trend: I mention it here, suddenly it pops up on IG.

No. 177323

Is there only one person posting in this thread now?

No. 177354

File: 1641389329443.png (1.1 MB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220105-082437.png)

Yuki is there with the other two, casually trying to not be on camera and failing thanks tó Miyavi's need to show off, despite him not tagging her. Now I see why she was trying so hard not to be seen: he had her copy my hair style and color exactly, keeeeeek.

No. 177396

Yeah. This entire scene is all dried up, crusty, and dead. Including the 70 year old men involved in it.

No. 177476

File: 1641449682607.png (287.8 KB, 720x1295, Screenshot_20220105-225013~2.p…)

Some things that I've noticed through time in this thread

MYV will just keep on cheating on his wife and she's not going to do anything about it. They must have some kind of agreement for him to be acting like that in public and she's keeping quiet on everything.

On the Yoshiki note I just think the whole thing is a shit show. Ever sense the dating news began here nobody gave out any more details and the Marilyn Manson case started. Now Yoshiki moved out of California, broke up with the SB and he's hiding in Japan. There was another rumor saying that he had raped an underaged girl some years ago but nobody gave out any details or further information.

Kamijo is going both solo and with Versailles this year. Guess the whole beef between him and Yoshiki could be true but if Kamijo thinks he's going to do better than Extav even with Versailles he's out of his fucking mind. If Extav ever happens and doesn't end up like SKIN that is, at the rate that Yoshiki is going he will die before releasing anything else.

No. 177498

That anon seems a bit manic with all the "the Miyavi tour groupies copied this and that from me!!1

No. 177692

same, it reads as some schizo delusion but admittedly i don't know enough about whatever and whoever the fuck she's ranting about to tell

No. 177810

There are at least 3-4, kek.

No. 177811

Think the Yoshiki/Miyavi things are related? Yoshiki was liking the posts with the girls in them and the Miyavi sake posts until it was mentioned here.

No. 179241

File: 1642123324730.png (1.02 MB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220113-201234.png)

Miyavi posted a pic of him in the pool at the hotel in Hawaii, posed like he's getting head underwater.

Funny thing is, Yukibomb was in that pool with him when the photo was taken, she posted her pool pocs a few days ago but didn't tag Miyavi or the hotel. She's also still currently with him in LA, and went to Riot games with him seemingly for no reason. Looks like, despite Dolly clinging to him every chance she got, he chose Yuki bc she's the more subtle escort & doesn't make it so childishly obvious.


No. 179242

File: 1642123997496.png (1.2 MB, 719x1317, Screenshot_20220113-201917_(1)…)


I've also been screencapping all the ways that Miyavi has been adjusting his patterns after I post about them here: Now all the escorts follow Myv again, after I posted that they unfollowed him (has recepits). After I posted asking how his kids can have IG already, he makes a Halloween costume post with them tagging their accounts which he never did before. Yuki went from trying to hide herself to pretending to be anything useful on set that she can manage to not fuck up (which doesn't seem to be working based on how they toss her around and let her do whatever?) And have an excuse to still be traveling with Myv. She also stopped styling her hair to match the selfies I sent Lee & now straightens it.

"Lee" last checked the chats on Jan 1st but still hasn't replied. I notice he checks the chats befofe making a new collab or product announcement, though.

No. 179245

Postng again to add: notice that these pics were taken in almost the same spot in the pool at the same time of day, meaning they were in the pool together and likely with Frias taking photos for the two. Yuki's pis was taken first based on lighting.

Also, if you compare the surface of the water in both pics, the water in Miyavi's pic is disturbed while in Yuki's it's moderately still, like she walked the edhe then sat on it before dipping her feet in. The swirling pattern above Miyavi's hips indicate that something or someone submerged there right before the pic was taken, so what likely went down was Yuki waked the edge, took her pic, dipped in followed by Miyavi then ducked under for a racy pic for Myv to post on his IG, like their little secret.

No. 179463

File: 1642252844462.png (685.39 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220114-203324.png)

>Looks like, despite Dolly clinging to him every chance she got, he chose Yuki bc she's the more subtle escort & doesn't make it so childishly obvious.

KEK, Dolly was triggered by this post apparently.

Insecure 20-something instahoes, not even once.

No. 179492

File: 1642268363293.png (458.52 KB, 720x1251, Screenshot_20220115-123037_(1)…)


I wonder how many times they're gonna keep reposting the same few pics to their stories/feed just to subtly prove they're watching here. This is the 6th time Miyavi or the tourwhores have reposted Hawaii pics after they were posted or mentioned here. Dolly sure does need a hell of a lot of coddling, doesn't she? Too bad she's so unprofessional she can't pull off pretending to work with him in LA now like Yuki is trying to do.

Bonus: every time I view the tourwhores's stories, Miyavi reposts Hawaii pics taghing them do they can repost them. He and they have posted/reposted the pool jump pic, the poolside group pic, show pics and Imaginary tour pics all at least 3x, way after the fact, seemingly at random except for the fact that it always happens after I check their stories. Remember, Richard blocked not only my IG shell that I messsged Melody on, but he also blocked the IG I made that never interacted with any of them (but had the same pfp).

>"Lee" last checked the chats on Jan 1st but still hasn't replied. I notice he checks the chats befofe making a new collab or product announcement, though.

Went back to check, Jan 1st was his Kollektn collab announcement. "Exclusive merch club" was another idea I gave him back when he was still begging me to tour with him.

No. 179502

File: 1642271106090.png (496.62 KB, 720x1170, Screenshot_20220115-132425_(1)…)

Like clockwork

No. 179657

File: 1642363973621.png (1.19 MB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220116-091706.png)

>Yuki went from trying to hide herself to pretending to be anything useful on set that she can manage to not fuck up (which doesn't seem to be working based on how they toss her around and let her do whatever?)

Picrel, kek. Someone in their camp is lurking hard.

No. 184845

Lee keeps messaging me without trying to make a deal to pay me, so here's another post since I know he and all the whores are lurking here:

>Gaby/Sinta deleted her whole IG, after a few days of posting mspaint censored lewds in mesh lingerie to her stories, and ran away to TikTok to sadpost about being abandoned or something. Guess she didn't make the final cut.

>Dolly/Tracy is trying to act busy while Richard shills her as a singer everywhere he can with minimal luck. Clearly the only people who ever told her she could sing felt bad for her or was tone deaf. Richard is trying to find her a new artist for her to leech off of without much success based on how they keep asking ppl from her years-old attempts to debut to act like she's still brand new

>Yukibomb posted some old pics of her with purple and silver hair, which Miyavi commented on playfully gassing her up. The kicker to this is, she posted it only because Melody posted a pic of hew new pink hair a few days before, so ofc Yuki had to tease about going pink, too to fuck with her. It looks like Yuki made the cut as Lee's new SB thanks to giving him pool head and not being stupid enough to vaugepost all over IG during the entire tour like a shameless groupie whore, which has given her the confidence to start cucking Melody on IG with Lee.

>Miyavi continues to ignore Melody on IG as much as possible while also doing as little damage control for the tourwhore flaunting as possible: the best he'll do for his wife & the mother of his kids on any of her posts are spam-tier throwaway comment of nothing but 5 or so handclap/flame emojis. He's looking for a replacement before Melody turns 40, which is the only reason she had Skyler and induced on her birthday (so Lee can't pretend to forget her Bday ever again, and to lock down another 18 years of MiyaviMoney).

And the best part: He's looking for a girl to have a hafu baby with, for when he leaves Melody. He apparently only married her because when he went on J-Melo back when they met, she was cranking up the idol worship act that he can't resist and lied about being on BC. That's why it took so long to announce their wedding and the baby, why he was so goddamn mad when he finally did, and why their daughter is named "the reason for love (lbr, 'marriage')" and has issues with being seen as a girl. He's a controlling, egotistical asshole who does every single thing for his image.

No. 184848

File: 1644186660077.png (113.96 KB, 720x707, Screenshot_20220206-172655_(1)…)

Yuki's comment abt going pink & Miyavi's comment

No. 184850

File: 1644186888952.png (997.39 KB, 720x1314, Screenshot_20220206-172820_(1)…)

Melody's new pink hair post that triggered Yuki's petty throwback post. Yuki loves how much it pisses Melody off to watch Miyavi comment on almost all of Yuki's pics, while the best she can get are generic spam comments.

No. 184852

File: 1644187215048.png (1000.46 KB, 720x1315, Screenshot_20220206-172848_(1)…)

Last thing: though she has no power over Miyavi and has to basically eat the shit to keep her lifestyle, she's very aware of what he's doing so her one and only cope for being a doormat is pretending to be above it/cool with it. In reality she's humiliated every time her 40 year old husband makes a fool of himself over 25 year old Vietnamese weebs on Instagram while she takes care of his kids.

No. 185797

File: 1644571957637.png (1.2 MB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220131-121300.png)

Looks like she caught a tempban for posting poorly censored nipples, kek. Her account is back up, but now all her info is gone except her links. Now, Richard is pushing her as a musician again, only this time it's Gaby's turn to wear the "edgy alt blonde egirl" uniform.

Dolly edited her bio as well, and changed her title from musician to just artist. Looks like they have to take turns making music? Lol.

Yukibomb continues to work against her skintone, wear the wrong foundation and filter her selfies + bleach her ever thinning hair to skinwalk a white girl for attention from a married 40 year old father of 3.

Picrel, probably what got Sinta/Gaby the tempban.

No. 186082

File: 1644678055846.jpg (2.01 MB, 1920x2560, 22-02-12-09-54-48-057_deco.jpg)

I made a LINE collage to more vividly illustrate how obvious it is that these girls are cleaely trying to copy a certain blonde white girl. Picrel is Yuki how she normally looks (lower pics) vs when she's skinwalking. Yuki atarted going blonde around the same time I started videochatting with Lee in 2020. Every time she dyes it for "work", she bleaches it back and takes more highly filtered early morning window selfies trying to pretend she has golden tones instead of olive tones.

I didn't know you could get a passport photo made that looks nothing like what you look like, either. I thought there were rules about how much you had to resemble your passport pic.

No. 186084

File: 1644678603900.png (530.72 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220117-190608.png)

Also: Yuki has been in contact with Miyavi before from years ago, but she never got a follow from him or got to go on tour with him until she started whitewashing herself and acting like some one else circa summer 2020. Before she adopted her new edgy blonde girlboss persona, she was a happy weeblet Miyavi fangirl, whereas now she's a totally professional professional who doesn't have any specific job but is always somehow around and getting paid to travel and have fun. Sounds a lot like prostitution/sex trafficking to me.

I wonder why Miyavi didn't take you on tour until you started pretending to be someone else, Yuki? Guess he just isn't interested in Asian girls unless they're doormats who will perform for him.

No. 186089

File: 1644679412187.png (941.58 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220212-101726.png)

Picrel when she first started going blonde, back in 2020 right after I first got the IG messages from Lee/Miyavi. An exact copy of a selfie I sent Lee, minus the blunt I was holding in front of my face in my pic.

No. 289576

So, anything going on anymore? (Yes I'm bumping this, fuck you)

No. 291017

There's a new thread, but honestly no not really

No. 358262

Teale Coco whore and good that Lindsay Usich harassed her.(baiting)

No. 358263

I wish terrible death to Teale Coco because she sleep with Manson.(alogging)

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