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No. 14863

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/234968

What was discussed in the last thread:

Yoshiki (X Japan)
>is an attention whore, is still milking hide’s death and is so desperate for American recognition that his band even performed at Coachella
>has a Russian sugar baby who’s nearly 30 years younger than him
>announces monthly that the new album is 99% finished (it’s not)
>hangs out with Marilyn Manson, Poppy and Titanic

Hyde and Gackt are aging terribly (plus the latter is possibly gay) and Atsushi Sakurai thinks he no longer needs to wear pants.

Kisaki (ex. Phantasmagoria) is a literal pedophile. And of course he gets away with it, because this is glorious Nipponland we’re talking about…
More can be found here: https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/53544-kisaki-drama-2k18
Warning! Absolutely appalling details, pictures as proof.

At first I thought about making this jrock/vkei-only (because most conversations were about those), but then decided against it. Therefore you can also use this thread to rant about how horrible the idol industry is and how bad Ayumi looks nowadays.

The latest scandal:
Spoiler: She had to apologize to her „fans“ for daring to speak out about it.

No. 14864

X needs to disband. They're all too old and too busy trying to stay relevant to try to revive an 80's glamrock band in a country that idolizes mumblerappers, thugs and thots.

No. 14865

>Atsushi Sakurai thinks he no longer needs to wear pants.
Who's gonna object to that?

No. 14866

pffft, so the thread got moved from /ot/ to /weeb/ and then back to /ot/? wat

No. 14867

File: 1548752240420.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 500x250, workitsakuraisan.gif)

Amen. As long as he doesn't go full thong, I'm quite happy with his newfound love for lingerie.

No. 14868

File: 1548769030717.jpeg (320.42 KB, 1748x1181, DvvH1BzVYAApfe3.jpeg)

Just stated that it was discussed, no judgement lol

I can't believe Kisaki still has fans…

No. 14869

>Cure magazine

Damn, they're still around? I remember buying hella copies of that shit from Hot Topic and FYE just to look at the pictures of jrockers & pretend I could read Japanese. I thought they went under after they tried to make Cure USA, iirc their first and only issue was mostly just a bloody vampire photoshoot of Yoshiki, a horribly laid out Dir en grey concert review and then a bunch of filler.

No. 14870

File: 1548785947413.jpg (54.53 KB, 400x514, CureUSA.jpg)

No. 14871

File: 1548791434677.jpg (627.98 KB, 958x1500, 1548128523265.jpg)

No. 14872

File: 1548799646395.jpg (87.3 KB, 750x576, Dx0dwF7U0AE6kKE.jpg)

all those supposed connections and this is still the best he can get? i guess it is american and pays money, so that's enough for him. i'm 50/50 on whether or not the x album is actually going to be released, but it will definitely lead to yoshiki milking hide more, with a briefer mention to taiji

hyde's album should probably be out though, after he released a meh collection of singles in 2018. speaking of him though, anybody catch the photos from his birthday with gackt? guests included a (not pictured) yoshiki, hyde's usual hanger on daigo, and gackt's unusual friend roland. guests did not include many other people over the age of 45, jrock sugar baby jaejoong, and seemingly no women at all. gackt's been making a big deal of his 20th solo anniversary being this year, i wonder if he's going to have his own mediocre album out this year

No. 14873

Roland? I can't find him…? Speaking of him, I know this isn't jrock, but this was in my youtube recommendations and immediately made me shudder… What a creep.

Hyde literally looks like a tiny grandma and Gackt, looks like Gackt… His little servant (Takumi or something) is also always with him. Shinya looks so weird too.
That whole party was probably spent talking about how great Hyde is.

And I highly doubt that Gackt will release an album, he would have mentioned it beforehand, no? All he's doing lately is being in commercials.

No. 14874

I can't speak nihongo but what's even the context of this? If I were those kids, I'd be creeped out with his plastic surgery ridden face up in my shit. Shouldn't he be in bed with gackt or something instead of signing children's soccer balls?

The kids touching his hair was kinda cute tho ngl.

No. 14875

I was really weirded out when I saw this. This nig is literally famous for having rich sugar mamas, he's obviously a terrible inspiration for the kids and shouldn't be going to children charity events and schools. It's like 12 years ago when the pussy cat dolls were all like WE WANT TO ENCOURAGE LITTLE GIRLS TO GROW UP BE STRIPPERS. Roland is like the male versiom of Vanilla, she got famous for her plastic surgeries but the difference is she never went to schools to see the kids like a celeb and shit. She's crazy but she's not far up her own ass like Roland and knows her lifestyle is not something kids should want

No. 14876

is anyone here into sakamichi or 48g or is this just the VK general? ):

No. 14877

A lot of countries nowadays are pushing a lifestyle of glamour and sex over work and education to their youth. It's a trick to get a generation to avoid learning how to think and provide for themselves so that rich old farts can own them and their youth.

No. 14878

File: 1549053066720.jpg (37.76 KB, 355x354, 81sLDFZs4KL._SX355_.jpg)

I used to be into 48g back until… 2013-ish? Yuko was my fave and when she graduated I just stopped caring (the singles also just when reeeeally downhill after the whole KFC meme song)

I still love to lurk them for drama tho, I think new scandals like Mahohon's will come up to the surface and I hope AkiP burns once and for all lol

No. 14879

File: 1549054857146.gif (766.18 KB, 551x295, yikes.gif)

yeah it's really fucking weird. Why is a manwhore something inspirational to children?

Also, I don't even get why Gackt hangs out with him? Roland is nothing but a host who spent all his money on a new face. Why is he in the j-rock squad? At least the other guys have some kind of actual talent.

No. 14880

jfc, Hyde aged so bad. Isn't he not even 50?? He looks 20 years older than his age.

No. 14881

People in Japan are disgusting and simply don't care. Look at the manga artist from Rurouni kenshin when he was caught with child porn and legit admitted to having it like it wasnt a big deal. He didnt even get jail time.

No. 14882

Kek at that money necklace, how childish…
Ever since Roland quit being a host (which was only a couple months ago), he kind of blew up even more, is constantly on tv etc. (And for some reason japanese women do find him attractive - or at least pretend to)
Maybe he's buying himself in? And we all know that money is the only thing Gackt cares about, he hangs around with all kinds of semi-famous, rich non-musicians.

He turns 50 this year. I really don't get it, he's so rich, yet looks worse than your average dad. You'd think he could afford all kinds of skin care treatments and only the best stylists.

No. 14883

Even more ironic considering all the others members of Larc aged fine and look their age while Hyde looks like a grandpa already. He at least needs to kick the bleached hair because he looks better (and younger) with brown.

No. 14884

There's no way Kyo is not mentally ill. All he does is write edgy shit about women and is still obsessed with abortion (cuz according to an old ass interview, his mother tried to have his aborted, but it didnt work out.)

He'll be 43 (?) soon, so he needs to move off the edgy phase already.

No. 14885

File: 1549207613029.jpg (886.98 KB, 1080x1592, 20190203_102449.jpg)

If you ask me, Roland is Gackt's sugar baby. There's no way that fruit loop isn't a closet case.

Also, I noticed that since the first anti-Jrock thread, Miyavi has been posting and mentioning more of his wife, as well as Yoshiki making a point to be on camera with his Russian SB. Coincidence? Not that I think any of them would lurk here, I just find it interesting after the sperging over those women in the old thread.

No. 14886

Agree, especially with how Japan as a country is about mental illness. I'd love to hear his thoughts on the Kisaki scandal though.

No. 14887

I'd reckon he'd love to see Kisaki cash and burn (which will never happen though), but he probably also doesn't give a fuck about the women and her daughter who were abused.

So many people are making up accuses for him, even try to spin it around into him being pro-choice, but I can't believe that.

No. 14888

mahohon's scandal blew up all over social media but somehow no major outlet picked it up which has me confused but hard agree on akipig needing to burn

No. 14889

I feel like if it got enough fan attention, there would eventually be more of a scandal. Although with the way Japan and the idol industry is, unless her male fans rage about it I don't see much being done.

No. 14890

even if her male fans did rage, that's still only fans of one member, individual members are just too replaceable. it would take a level of outrage way bigger than just her fans + some sympathisers + girlschannel to have a big enough impact

No. 14891

that actually doesn't feel too far-fetched. Gackt 100% fucks dudes in a "no homo bro" way. Roland kinda gives me Yohio vibes so I think we've found Gackt's type kek

No. 14892

That would explain how roland is all over TV, Gackt could be pulling strings to make him some kind of tarento if they're fucking. Random prettyboy bisexual host suddenly starts hanging with rockers and celebs and showing up on TV for no reason? Totes not a handout.

No. 14893

File: 1550081947798.jpeg (224.06 KB, 1226x864, 7859C604-F33F-4F6C-9874-9B3FD3…)

I actually get genuinely sad seeing Hyde like this. He was so pretty just 2 years ago.

No. 14894

what the FUCK is in his cheeks

No. 14895


They look like literal cheek implants.

No. 14896

File: 1550084947981.jpg (18.13 KB, 420x210, oma-ist-die-beste-dpa-jpg.jpg)

He literally looks like some cute grandma lol
I really wonder what he did wrong to end up like this.

No. 14897

Looks like a whole breast implant.

No. 14898


Could this be the result of perhaps cheek fillers + botox? They look like botched cheek implants, but not quite 'plastic' enough to be actual implants, imo.

(also the clip of Yoshiki eating it on a skateboard from his insta was choice lmao)

No. 14899

I hope it's ok to ask this here ….
Can anybody give me good recommendations for Buck Tick songs( similar to Moonlight and In Heaven). I'm just starting to listen to them and liking it a lot

No. 14900

Just One More Kiss is one of their more famous songs and one of my favorites. Empty Girl, Tokyo and Oriental Love Story are really good too. Honesty I'd suggest just working your way through their albums, especially starting from the late 80s. They're all on Spotify if it helps

No. 14901

tf did i just watch

No. 14902

File: 1550241490777.gif (1.26 MB, 352x264, _D9BvY42y5B3XjqszccZEQPxqiaX-9…)

i hate this

No. 14903

I recommend listening to their compilation albums "catalogue 1987-1995" and "殺シノ調ベ This is NOT greatest hits". Both are on Spotify and should give you a nice overview of the band

No. 14904

He really thinks he's cute and quirky, like some dumb tween girl…

Good taste, anon. I'd second simply starting from their first album and working yourself up. Sissy Boy, Romanesque and Angelic Conversation are on of my favourite songs.
For albums, especially since you seem to like older stuff, I'd say Hurry up mode, Sexual xxxxx!, Seventh Heaven and Kurutta Taiyou. Six/Nine is very different, but maybe you still give it a try, it's suprisingly nice.
I'm rather disappointed in their newest album. The second last one also wasn't too exciting.

No. 14905

Sakura and Hyper Love are their best. (And of course Dress)

No. 14906

Also go on zoop.su to find these. Really love Sakura

No. 14907

File: 1550296690626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.41 KB, 300x400, 7841c503be1d4724cd6785c4692ecf…)

Remember this

No. 14908

why is Gackt so cringy? lmao
when we were all teens we probably thought he was such a cool and unique artist and now we're all grown up realizing how retarded he looks and laughing at it. i love it.

No. 14909

Maybe back in the 90s/00s he had s mental breakdown due to being a major closet homo?

No. 14910

Thank you all for your suggestions!

No. 14911

Gackt has barely had his ego checked since the mid 90s. he couldn't have been much older than 21/22 when he joined Malice Mizer, so he was very quickly associated with one of the stronger names in visual kei history. there's all sorts of stories of him beating up various other musicians and roadies in the 90s, he leaves a well known band and has his solo career make him even more famous, he's making connections with all sorts of other celebrities far more famous than him. he's had plenty of criticism over the years for being cringy, but nowhere near enough to get through the fact that he's been having his ego stroked for about 25 years. him being (imo anyway) increasingly more unbearable over the last 10 years comes from the fact that he's had more criticism recently than he ever did before when his music was original, his singing was better, his face still looked like a face. the more articles and comments come out criticising him, the worse he's going to get

the man claimed to be a 500 year old immortal for years and was rewarded for his mysterious and unusual personality with media attention, money, and sex. i don't really think there's any chance of him getting better any time soon - not his face, not his weird instagram choices, not his occasional awful statements, and definitely not his deluded career choices

No. 14912

I weep. Hyde ruined his face with plastic surgery

No. 14913

He is like 45 years old. this is fucking cringey. why

No. 14914

It just goes to show money can't buy everything? Idk qhy he looks like this now though, I feel like a god-tier South Korean plastic surgeon would be able to save his face?

No. 14915

Maybe. He should do something to fix it because he looks 20 years older

No. 14916

File: 1550968957766.jpg (551.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190223-194228_Gal…)

Is it strange to anyone else that Hyde is playing a rock festival in Jacksonville, FL?? I mean… Nobody plays Jacksonville. This is a good little tour though, finally a Japanese artist goes somewhere other than just LA/NY/TX/VA.

No. 14917

I'm going to the Silver Springs show out of sheer curiosity. The other bands look good too

No. 14918

lmao no actual way he's playing at rockville…i work merch there i'll be able to see him for free

No. 14919

I keep seeing last minute ticket packs going on sale for Rockville and they don't even list Hyde on there. If his staff didn't post the tour pic I wouldn't believe he was actually going. Come to think of it, I doubt he will, or that it'll be any good. Usually when a popular foreign artist plays Florida it's a technical flop or gets cancelled. Wasn't X Japan shitty at Coachella because of a sound issue?

No. 14920

Hyde is basically everywhere. Last year he was in Norway, Sweden and other European countries to promote that documentary or whatever (I didn't go). I think he held some sort of speech or something in the beginning. At least, he was there during the screening.

No. 14921

whatever the fuck happened to bou btw, did the dude die

No. 14922

Honestly can you imagine him as a regular japanese guy? his whole appeal was the way he style himself he's probably hideous af without the long hair and little girl clothes. If he's still alive we'll probably never see him again.

No. 14923

Nah that was Yoshiki

No. 14924

considering that the vast majority of famous jrockers are old now, do you guys think they're married? i was looking through mana's twitter and i started thinking about it for some reason lol

No. 14940

I was thinking about going too since I've never been to a jrock concert but I also don't want to waste my money on Hyde. I can't imagine anyone going other than 14 year old weebs and little alt kids who were too young to go in the 2000s.

No. 14952

A lot of them were married in their prime, I would say. But only my opinion and without any evidence.
I also look at Manas twitter often, since I still like the Gothic Lolita style (can´t help it…), and at least he´s just doing in what he is good in. Even though I sometimes wonder about the whole MMM-partys, with dining and so on. But the few fans left are pretty loyal, I guess.

No. 14953

I know there were rumors in the last thread about Yoshiki being married to his Russian sugar baby, but all I ever saw myself were a bunch of Chinese screenshots of her Instagram account with the name redacted and stills of him texting in Russian while on some TV show from years ago. I doubt he would marry a random Russian instamodel almost 30 years younger than him without showing her off for the arm candy factor. I also don't see a random Russian instamodel marrying one of the most famous Japanese men alive and keeping it to herself. I do believe he probably still has her as a thirsty Russian sugar baby, 1000%. Aside from that, I remember something about him almost getting married like twice. I think he's closet bi, tbqh.

No. 14954

I'm interested, but as a Jacksonville resident who has been to Met Park, fuck paying Rockville prices just to see Hyde in a crowd of pretentious, sweaty classic rock fans and bandsloots. It's basically a giant lot with no natural shade or sun protection, grass and mud (usually), the security is super anal about bags and bottles too so they won't let you bring liquids ($3-5 bottles at the park ofc) and they search your bags. On top of that, it's underneath a giant fucking overpass by the waterfront. I went there once for World of Nations and decided not to go back, of all the places to hold good shows in this city and they choose the shittiest one all because they can capitalize on the heat and humidity while you're trapped in a gated lot in the sun with a couple hundred other sweaty people trekking through the mud. Not worth it for just Hyde, even if I still was that much of a weeaboo.

No. 14962

Several years back, Miku wrote in a short entry about he met up with Bou and he mentioned that Bou was married, had children and was doing well. Teruki also wrote about meeting up with Bou before so it seems like they were all on good terms but he no longer wanted the attention ir lifestyle.

No. 14966

Probably, the majority of Dir are either married or were married (Die, Kaoru, Kyo) plus Toshiya is serious with some tv presenter. Shinya remains a mystery.

No. 14975

I think Bou left because he was sick of being the girliest band member. When I brought my Cure magazines to school to look at the pics, my normie classmates would comment stuff like "she's cute, I'd bang her. You into chicks, anon?" when they saw me oogling pics of An Cafe and LM.C and the like. Bou was always styled like a girl.

I read a post on Tanuki translations that was a list of all the Jrockers that were posted being seen going to/at kyabas and it said "every member but Shinya" which gave me a laugh. I also read one that said he was into ageplay which I could see with all the Cheburashka shit. Shinya is the weirdest DEG member.

No. 14977

I can't. He probably works some shitty retail jop. Guys who were in vk bands can't get normal jobs, because of their past and because most of them probably aren't very intelligent or simply "normal" enough to begin with.
The only exception is Penicillin's Gisho. He even works as a higher up or owner of some business that not only pays well, but also allows him to occasionally still play gigs, so he really lucked out.
I also can't imagine that Bou was forced to have this girly image, it probably was something he himself came up with when they started out.

There were rumors on tanuki saying that Mana is married, but it's honestly so difficult to imagine lol

Yoshiki's gf is in the OP, no? He dated a brunette for some time, even took her to events, but no marriage.

Die is likely married (but said to be promiscuous), there are even pictures of her, but Kyo isn't - unless his wife is a complete doormat who allows him to play around with young women.
When pictures of Toshiya and that announcer surfaced they said they're only "friends"…lol
Girls on tanuki claim that Shinya is a complete freak and the longer you think about it, the more it seems that his shy personality really might be a facade.

Buck-Tick members are all married, minus Yuta who's allegedly a player and Sakurai is rumored to be divorced again.
I think the only ones who are officially married are Sugizo, Hyde and Miyavi.

Somebody in the kpop thread said that the scandals in the japanese music scene are much more extreme than korean ones, because the latter always try to lay low, but at least in the rock scene most japanese artists seem to be much more secretive than their korean counterparts imo.

No. 14979

What do you mean by MMM parties? I think nothing happens there really haha I was reading a girl’s blog and she said Mana is always his usual self. although he unexpectedly hugged her many times and even smiled, I think it’s maybe because he had seen her many times at events so he recognized her.

I think Mana is a very eccentric man lol
And since you mentioned his twitter, I was shocked at how good he looks even after all those years! He’s almost 50 years old and haven’t changed much.

No. 14980

I also don’t think Mana’s married but who knows. I remember I read a report some months ago of a girl from my country and she said that besides two translators, there was a random japanese guy sitting next to Mana’s empty chair at one event. He was 40+ years old (he had long hair and was nicely dressed) and she jokingly said she thought it was his boyfriend lol

No. 15002

>Yoshiki's gf is in the OP, no?

I think so, but it's so hard to tell in that pic. He's supposedly been dating the blonde Russian SB since like 2014ish though. All his relationships with white models seem to last a whille before he cycles back down into the lower 20s.

No. 15020

I’m actually kind of amazed that people are still talking about vkei, I though it was a dead genre at this point.

No. 15033

It is, a few bands are still active but the scene is mostly dead now. This thread is pretty much just checking up o them and their drama from the golden days.

No. 15484

Thanks for your contribution to the thread. No1curr

No. 15552

Supposedly Mana is married to Yukie Itoh, a producer for Midi:Nette. He said that they used to date pre-Malice Mizer era but have just been very close friends since then, and that their relationship transcends that of marriage, if I remember correctly. I don't know if he was just saying that so that fangirls don't come for him or if he really is just close friends/partners with her, or if they're even still together. My friend who goes to lots of MdM lives says she always sees her there though, so they're probably still at least friends.

No. 15558

File: 1552313685299.jpg (56.49 KB, 474x578, musumescandal1.jpg)

We've had some stage48 nostalgia in these threads, did anyone else prefer Hello! Project groups? They were always my favourites when I was in my 13 year old weeb fantasy of wanting to be a idol. The pedo bait stuff usually seemed a bit less obvious than AKB so when I was a young teen it didn't bother me as much, even though I find it weird looking back now just how young some of the idols were. I preferred their system of multiple acts with overlapping units, Buono! were definitely one of the best they had. The dances were more fun to badly do in front of a mirror, and something made it seem like it was easier to become a H!P idol, even when there's so many 48 girls now.

At the same time, Hello! Project, especially Morning Musume, always had way better scandals than just dating old men. This isn't very up to date but it makes me wish I'd properly kept up with all the drama at the time before it got harder to find, they make me think more of Johnny's groups where you really need to try hard to get involved to hear all the news and rumours. The "ugly Korean eyes" Morning Musume post wasn't until 2010. I actually think Produce48 would've worked better with H!P but there's a few reasons why that wouldn't happen, "Korean eyes" just being one of them. Anybody remember some good H!P milk?

No. 15559

>Guys who were in vk bands can't get normal jobs, because of their past and because most of them probably aren't very intelligent or simply "normal" enough to begin with. The only exception is Penicillin's Gisho

Ex-EVE (and currently CLACK inc.) Takeru has had an a white-collar type of job ever since they broke up.
He's a pretty normal guy and totally drama-free. I'm sure there are other examples, even though it's definitely not the norm.

No. 15570

NTA but it is kind of the norm. If they're still dressing/styling themselves the same, of course not, but if they style themselves like normies then they can go back into society just fine usually.

No. 15577


I was talking specifically about vk guys who are still in bands. Of course if they drop their vk personas completely they may be able find a normal job no problem, but people managing both is a bit of a rare case.

However, >>14977 anon wasn't wrong to say that ex-vk dudes may still have a hard time going back into society 'cause some of them are outcasts with no education and no professional experience besides playing in a band. But it's not always the case. Some dudes are just normal and have a normal life outside the band (talking about indiefags mostly, not those with a certain degree of fame)

No. 15613

I heard they got divorced

No. 21702

I'm the anon you replied to, and I did some digging and I think you're right, it seems Mana's divorced now. Poor guy, hope he's at least happy though.

No. 21716


Feel free to report your findings if you wanna. I'd be interested in hearing about them.

No. 21775


I'm honestly not surprised. Almost none of the late 90's/early 00's Jrockers have been able to maintain a steady relationship.

No. 21944

Ray from Born I think went back into his job as a graphic designer. So some bandmates go back into old lives.

No. 22180

File: 1553721355271.png (57.45 KB, 588x534, gacktboa.png)

Gackt's doing a few things lately, the newest one being writing the lyrics for a BoA single, is he officially finished with weird cryptocurrency business decisions and just sticking with music and TV again? I haven't heard about any reviews for the movie he was in, but I get the feeling he's attempting to have a notable year for his 20th solo year. He's never been gone for long enough to call it a comeback, but he definitely has periods of just completely phoning it in. I'd like to know if he still has real singing and writing skills like he did at one point, or if he's just lost it and just has a massive ego now. His talent downfall isn't as severe as Ayumi Hamasaki's but she's going deaf, what's his excuse? He's been an entertaining mess for a long, long time but I'd prefer it if he could still be fun to laugh at but also put out some decent content.

He's either buying instagram followers or is getting more interest lately, though. He's gained over 100k followers in about 6 weeks.

No. 22189

>He's either buying instagram followers or is getting more interest lately, though. He's gained over 100k followers in about 6 weeks.
Not neccessarily. Around that time he set his account to private, meaning many people followed him just so that they're still able to see his posts.

No. 22199

I wanna know why there's almost nothing lulzy on Atsushi except for what that one anon said in the last thread about the scandal with his stylist and that jav actress. You would think with all the women he's fugged that one of them would spill something more. He must be really good at sweet talking them.

No. 22241

The girl from NGT48 who was assaulted tweeted (what everybody already knew) that she really was forced to apologize by her management. Hopefully something will be done now, her tweets have nearly 200k likes and everybody, besides some edgelord pigs, are on her side.

All these girls who reveal stuff about bandmen on tanuki usually have already broken up with them or don't care if they find out. On the other hand the ladies he's with probably want to stay, since afterall he's a pretty big fish.
But the biggest reason simply is, that at the height of their career the internet and therefore tanuki didn't exist yet, so his flings had no possibility to share their experiences. And nowadays he's said to only go after older women - too old to still gossip and brag about their conquests on the interent.

No. 22242

I think that's because vk gossip places like Tanuki etc. focus on more recent bands. There may have been tons of B-T gossip back in the day, but I doubt 80's bangya would venture on a vk gossip forum to spill it.
I remember reading that Sakurai doesn't really fuck younger women and that he turned many younger fans down. He must stick to women around his age.

No. 22275

the governor in Niigata banning them from any further advertising in Niigata and participation in public events in the prefecture.

No. 22319

h!p will always be my fav anon!!!!
i was around when the aibon drama broke down and then the nono's drama!!! her marriage was so funny kekek
i wanna know the old guys scandals!!

No. 24626

He had a pop up museum and people were waiting in lines to get in

No. 24661

H!P was so great because there were always releases by a million different groups and they did tons of concerts so there was ample performance footage that wasnt just small stage music programming stuff that kpop did at the time. The dances were easier for my 15 year old weeb self to learn than kpop dances too. The really early morning musume stuff is still really good imo.

No. 24692

I'm not really into japanese music but i really like suda masaki and now that he has branched out into he music world I wanted to know what you guys think about that? Sorry if this doesn't belong here.

No. 24728

File: 1554829496970.jpeg (464.06 KB, 1242x1613, 6910D187-1172-4470-A44C-411E04…)

Ah I love his acting and I was pleasantly surprised by his music, it’s nice! His voice is alright but could use some work. Nice face though

No. 24754

He's OK as a singer. I prefer his acting to his music though. And I love watching him on variety shows with Yamazaki Kento, it's like watching Pinky and the Brain.

No. 24770

I agree
Lol at that analogy…can you tell me where you usually watch variety shows or Japanese shows in general? They're really difficult to find.

No. 27075

File: 1555727803187.jpg (212.75 KB, 800x1199, DzM68IIVsAAmj3T.jpg)

Thought this might be interesting to some people here.

This gya basically made a diary through this account about her time mitsu-ing for a vkei bandman from the band Kaitou Sentai Nusumunja (known for their parody songs).

There are some videos too of the guy spitting on her, yelling at her, call her names. (although, it's pointed away from any faces so it's basically just audio).

No. 27085

i don't understand how anyone could be a mitsu. that shit aint worth it

No. 27088

Most of these vkei dudes seem to be utter dickheads. The way he talks is obnoxious but I wish my Japanese was good so that I can read some of these tweets and texts.

Must be the loneliness problem Japan has.

No. 27115

Holy shit what. Since they always sing songs about how other bands are kusomen I never thought they would end up being kusomen themselves

No. 28241

Yoshiki permanently resembles Mylene Farmer

No. 29311

What does Yoshiki even do lately? Is X Japan still even "active"?

No. 30385

File: 1557085264937.jpg (428.58 KB, 1080x2072, 20190505_153924.jpg)

Was anyone planning to go to Rockville to see Hyde? Apparently due to severe weather his slot was cancelled, even though the rain wasn't actually that severe (Jaxfag here). Idk if this means ticketholders will be refunded or the show will be rescheduled, or if it means the event was cancelled for the whole day.

No. 30809

Takemasa from Kiryu posted a video, adressing that he got married 2 years ago.
She was his fan (and mitsu), she's allegedly always first row and fans found out because she was bragging about rare items she had, so everybody got suspicious.
He pretty much said that it's not his fans business and that they should leave him alone, so the ones who did not shit on him for getting married are also angry, like "Why are you blaming us? We didn't do anything".

It's so weird seeing bandmen have YouTube…

No. 30883

Why is he mad though? If he wanted his marriage to be a secret he shouldn't have married a hxc fan who would follow him around to shows and brag about exclusive merch, other crazy fans always notice that type of shit.

No. 31515

kinda ot but it's so annoying to see the western fandom on tumblr and twitter completely sperg out with their holier-than-thou attitude. They seem to think that the Japanese fans are against the marriage because of the dislikes and bash the Japanese fans 24/7.
Honestly the bangya are just pissed because he's so passive aggressive and treated all Japanese Kiryu fans like one big hivemind even though most fans were ok with the marriage.

Seriously since when did vk attract so many young tumblr retards

No. 32575

File: 1558374968272.png (717.66 KB, 1055x597, jpop 2000s.png)

Does anyone miss the 2000s jpop look? I loved the thin brows, golden dyed hair and nude lips. I hate how most acts and idols are following the basicbitch Korean trends. The kpop wave killed Japan's unique makeup and fashion style

No. 32584

I'd say AKB48 getting big killed it, now it's all variations of pedo pandering

No. 32591

tbh i don't think this was just a thing with jpop icons, it was really apparent with hostesses at the time as well. very minimalist and glamorous, but also street with a hint of punk.
i did like how jpop stars made wearing a tank top look fashionable.

No. 32619

>The kpop wave killed Japan's unique makeup and fashion style
This so much
The girl in the video looked so cute and happy, but now turned herself into a bland (and plastic) korean clone: https://www.instagram.com/erisagunji/

saged for ot

No. 32640


it's gyaru. you guys are just talking about gyaru.

No. 32669

I frequent Japanese message boards, it's ridiculous AS FUCK how the Japanese on the board say they hate Koreans and laugh at their plastic surgeries and in the same sentence say "I'll still buy their cosmetics though cuz it's cute. They hate Koreans so much yet they like their clothes, makeup/cosmetics, follow their style trends and go to Korea for plastic surgery. How are they gonna hate Korea when they want to look like them?

No. 32680

They aren't getting plastic surgery though or using the cosmetics in a way that mimicks Korean style. When you buy cosmetic brands out of country, you don't automatically want to look like the people in the country. Are you a teenager?
Ah, that's it! I honestly forgot there's sub categories of gyaru that aren't focused on super tan skin and heavy eyelashes.

No. 32681

File: 1558475819727.jpg (29.52 KB, 539x256, cvifcs.jpg)


No. 32686

Just sounds like a koreaboo tbh.
I honestly haven't noticed a huge number of Korean fashion brands getting popular here. I mean there is Chuu and Stylenanda to an extent. But Japanese brands and styles are still way more popular.

No. 33003

Gackt is nearly 50 and looks older because he had botched surgery in his late 20s/early 30s. He's such a pathetic being now.

No. 33005

He holds overpriced dinners with fans and posts random bullshit on IG about X and hide. He really has no life anymore. X will never release their new album.

No. 33808

File: 1559233798644.png (310.56 KB, 713x431, Screenshot_2019-05-30-12-24-54…)

Boring musume's new song, as usual their songs suck with their lame dances, basic bitch look, ugly costumes and average vocals. They try to be sexy but it's just awkward. Idk who is worse, AKshit or Boring Musume.

No. 33810

this is why im so glad i like bands like pentagon, dadaroma, sick2 and unite. no fuckin drama like this lmao

No. 33813

He likes to use his IG to quietly show off when he's with his Russian sugar baby too. He signs his posts with a capital X usually, but when he's off somewhere like Hong Kong with her he does a big and little one, like: Xx. Kind of cringey, if he wants a white 20-something trophy why can't he just have a public sugar baby girlfriend like he has in the past with his wannabe-model and wannabe-actress girlfriends?

No. 33817

Are you 12…?
sick2 are so irrelevant, I've never even heard that name and Yoshiatsu from Dadaroma is 1. ugly af and 2. forced a girl to get an abortion. Your uwu drama-less bandman is human scum.
And you really do have the taste of a preteen.

No. 33825

File: 1559247378591.jpg (717.06 KB, 1664x1176, 2232.jpg)

Hello Project has been slowly dying for the past decade. I miss their glory days.
When 9/10th generation first joined it was pretty fun, Kobushi were great before they got scandaled to hell and back, and Country Girls (the best group in terms of personality IMO) doesn't really exist anymore.
I can only hear about Disneyland and Starbucks so many times before it gets boring, I have no idea why I still follow this dead company.

No. 33861

Their standards are pretty bad now.. old ass Tsunku said he doesn't look for special girls anymore even though they make a splash and become very popular get make a lot of scandals and that's why everyone in Boring Musume is basic as fuck.

No. 33889


Lmaooo that made me roll my eyes so hard.

DDRM is one of the scummiest bands in the scene, literally no one can stand them and Yoshiatsu's antics are so infamous.

Pentagon aren't angels either, pretty sure they're kusomen too as I remember seeing Minpha's supposed dick pic he sent to a tsunagari. That was pretty early on in their career, too. I don't follow Sick2 closely but I remember reading something about them too very vaguely, I'd have to check out again.

UNiTE seems relatively chill and drama-free, true, but my favorite indiefag bandoman seems to dislike Yui, and I'm pretty sure there had been some unreported drama with EVE around the time Sana joined since they had broken up like one month earlier, so.

Either way, while there are definitely some chill bands out there, but sadly they're a minority, so I wouldn't go claiming the moral high ground on them unless you dig deep enough. These days indiefag drama doesn't gets reported nearly as often as it used to, you have to look up things for yourself.

No. 33977

kek this is the tumblr vk crowd right here. ~uwu my smol beans are pure~

Like no, DDRM are notorious kusomen that built their whole fanbase through fucking every single girl they see. Which is why they're still not successful after churning out so many songs and albums. No one wants to touch that band with a ten foot pole.

And where the fuck have you been to miss out the Minhpa scandals? He fucked some idol, has a ton of mitsu and even sent out dickpics. I think the Japanese fans even gave him a nickname because of it? Chin-pha I think? (=Dick-pha).

No. 33979

File: 1559400802466.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1124, Screenshot_2019-06-01-10-50-40…)

Boring Musume tries to come off as relatable and sincere with their shitty songs when pretty much all of them has never worked a shitty full time job before.

No. 33991

File: 1559413811045.jpeg (40.91 KB, 355x311, 9C11976F-3E54-4E56-8029-D1B642…)

Anyone knows what happened with the girls from W? Or Double U?

No. 33996

I'm a old fan of W.

Ai was exiled for 15 years because of her underaged smoking and old man boyfriends scandals. She ruined a family because she shacked up with a man 30 years her senior as a minor. HP gave her another chance but she blew it when she got together with another old man and got caught smoking again. After she got kicked she went through a lot of ups and downs in her life, she tried to commit suicide multiple times, got into drugs and cults. She got pregnant randomly and married into an violent relationship, divorced and got pregnant again and remarried to a yaukuza member which ended terribly for her. I think her husband got arrested for fraud and other violent offenses, tried to restart her career as an idol but failed. Nozomi became a tarento and started her mission to repopulate Japan with her famous baseball player husband, throughout her career she stayed in touch with Ai and tried helping her out and because of Nozomi she was accepted back into HP after 15 damn years and was able to perform as W again with Nozomi at Hina fes 2019.

No. 33997

I forgot to mention they also finally released their canceled album W3:Faithful. I hope they make new music

No. 33998

File: 1559418915656.jpg (40.18 KB, 640x486, 19847_tp2bqj.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Ai got addicted to plastic surgery at some point. She doesn't really look like herself anymore

No. 34000

I've always wondered about that too. Even aside from her aging and thinning out as a result, she looks a bit oddly different. Maybe it's just the decades of stress coupled with what looks like a rather low bmi.

No. 34002

She had an eating disorder around the time her scandals broke, old MM members commented how shocked they were seeing Ai lose so much weight in so little time. I'm guessing Ai had a lot of home issues and being an idol didn't help her escape it

No. 34017

Tsuji got pregnant by some actor from ultraman and booted from her shit, and started her career as a tarento and blogger. She has a steady following of Japanese haters (mostly bitter housewives) online that comment negatively on everything she does. (“Add some fucking potatoes to your curry! She calls herself a fucking housewife?”) Nowadays she’s more known for the hate against her, and if not that, being dumb/a ditz enough to warrant the hate. Her threads on gossip forums are literally PULL-tier. Imagine the PULL Kenna threads but for a Japanese celebrity.

She actually recently had her 4th kid and shows his face without stickers or mosiacs, which always did with her first 3 on her blog. She also posts a lot on Instagram with her husband if you are interested.

No. 34020

I honestly think it's just the culture of Japan in general right now. Pretty much every girl is an idol of some sort and it takes away the need to put yourself out there in order to stand out. The meaning of idol was changed by shitty akb and all the other flagship groups. People say Morning Musume was girl next door but during the golden era they at least had some kind of charm point. Akb changed that and went the quantity over quality route by just putting any random uggo in.
I feel like now HP definitely goes for the safer choices/girls they've already trained though which is crazy considering the most popular member right now is a rando from hokkaido.

Because they totally had a voice in the direction of the music video or their songs.

I think she mentioned she got a nose job sometime ago on a tv show. She definitely looks different and it's kind of sad considering she had one of the best visuals in Morning Musume.

No. 34029

File: 1559451774860.png (213.38 KB, 801x295, Screenshot_2019-06-02-01-02-20…)

I always hated her eyelid surgeries, out of her whole face she got her eyes done the most.

No. 34031

File: 1559451970617.png (1.8 MB, 1440x1759, Screenshot_2019-06-02-00-59-35…)

Didn't Ai do av at some point?

No. 34032

Wow thanks for the info. I got extreme nostalgia from reading all these threads. Tbh I think the Robo KISS mv was the first video I put on my iPod. It’s nice to see there’s still ppl who talk about jpop jrock

No. 34035

Not even legit porn, she put this shit in the album jacket art during her failed comeback in like 2010

No. 34107

File: 1559500425075.png (911.07 KB, 1141x362, akb.png)

2007-2014 AKB was the best, they had pretty members and their songs were good, now the fugly AKShit girls are in every movie, tv show, magazine, commerical and their shitty music is blasted all over the place. You can't escape them and their 70 sister groups. AKshit is like a uncurable cancer spreading across Asia. Is it really necessary to infect India and the rest of Southeast asia with this trash??

No. 34109

Yeah I seriously hate their shit, and so do most people in Japan. I even saw some people saying that they hope the reiwa era will bring an end to the akb groups and how it's one of their biggest wishes for the new era

No. 34117

Are they REALLY performing for the 2020 Olympics?? If so they will embarrass Japan and further perpetuate the uwu defenseless ugu Japanese women stereotypes. I sincerely hope they get Utada or Ayumi Hamasaki to perform instead of Akshit.

No. 34120

Oh no….they definitely CANNOT perform at the Olympics…that would be the worst. Idk how Japanese people would let that slide, they already consider them a huge shame and disgrace

No. 34121

I found this article from 2015 no new updates though


Akshit's creepy president stopped forcing the underaged and mid teen members from doing the creepy gravure and bikini stuff because he didn't want non Japs to have a bad impression on AKshit for the Olympics. I hope they do get banned from performing

No. 34166

File: 1559554507139.gif (1.82 MB, 320x251, 30126015566f91a5df4f8f3446e57b…)

KimuTaku and his horsefaced wife are currently pushing their daughter a ridiculous amount. That girl profits more from nepotism than the Jenners and the Hadids combined. At the age of just 15 (she's 16 now) she already won a best upcoming actress award (despite never having acted before kek), she's the official face of Bulgari, she was in a Chanel add and currently gets ripped into by by everybody for looking like the tiny japanese kid she really is in comparison to the normal models at a Chanel show.
She's probably the most hated person on girlschannel lately, there's no way she's gonna turn out sane after all of that. And they also put her into way too revealing clothes.

No. 34167

I ran across a couple people on twitter discussing some recent vk drama. What I could gather is that:

1. Tomo (from Vistlip I assume)accidenlly came out as bi and has been deleting a ton of his social media?

2. On Kazuki(from Screw?)'s stream people could hear a child crying, assuming it's his?

Does anyone have more milk on this? I don't care about any of these people, but I'm a sucker for drama so

No. 34169

Isn't she 18?
I don't wanna be mean because she's young still but that Chanel show was absolutely terrible. She looked like a teenager who sneaked in tbh. Her height is also questionable. She looks too small to be 170cm.

No. 34172

I almost feel bad for Koki. Yes her parents are fucking insane and pushed for her model career at the age of 15 but I don’t think girlschannel should nitpick the shit out of her. Koki hasn’t really done anything bad.

No. 34175

Netizens dont like her because she's in everything like akshit. People will like her more if her parents stop using their fame to push her and let her career naturally progress

No. 34188

>accidenlly came out as bi
how do you accidentally come out as bi?

No. 34190

I have no idea, I was just reporting what I read lol. I guess he let out some comment that implied that? I don't know the dynamics myself and I'd like to find out

No. 34206

I absolutely love this

No. 34207

The full version (the struggles of trying to enjoy a jpn song, sigh)

No. 34210

Ayumi Hamasaki can’t sing live for shit now though, partly not her fault because she really is losing her hearing now but also because even at her peak she had some rough performances. As much as she could do a really cool performance of the Surreal and Evolution mix she does, her newer performances (can’t find the most recent one on youtube) of it are ruined by her vocals. But I’m sure I’ve read before that Olympic performances are almost always lipsyncs as a rule to avoid any mistakes, so maybe she could do it even if girlschannel would call her fat

No. 34218

Can you post caps if possible?

No. 34220

File: 1559611137099.jpg (928.09 KB, 619x478, Inkedtomo-kazuki1_LI.jpg)

I apologize for the shitty editing job lmao.
Also, as you can see it's pretty difficult to make out what they're saying from the way they're talking (or maybe it's just me)? Hence why my summary also seemed confusing

No. 34221

File: 1559611178583.jpg (797.6 KB, 604x826, Inkedtomo-kazuki2_LI.jpg)

No. 34222

File: 1559611279720.jpg (932.1 KB, 617x480, Inkedtomo-kazuki3_LI.jpg)

No. 34223

File: 1559611404137.jpg (919.02 KB, 620x414, Inkedtomo-kazuki4_LI.jpg)

No. 37405

File: 1561350064806.jpeg (44.89 KB, 640x439, b5118605f34bdf94dc9b10d4dc2ba3…)

The new Boring Musume members

No. 37436

File: 1561371899370.jpg (47.8 KB, 540x404, tumblr_ptkslr9rkl1w99gpj_540.j…)

No. 37449

I hope those rumours of Johnny Kitagawa's death are true.

No. 37459


Holy fuck, anon. Lmfao

No. 37461

Anyone here familiar with chanmina? I've seen a couple of her music vids because of youtube recommendations but that's about it

No. 37467

Isn't she another kpop star advancing to Japan?

No. 37472

looks like all the other members of that group and every other japanese loli idol group

No. 37477

No she's a jpop star. What makes you think that?

No. 37479

nta but she's japanese but was born in SK. she also apparently wanted to move back to SK to do kpop there. she's just trying to do kpop in japan though which usually ends up a flop.

No. 37481

how is that kpop though? It just looks like normal pop star shit to me

No. 37507

I think I lost a few braincells reading this.
It's just pop/hip hop music, it's not "kpop" unless it's coming from a kpop company in seoul. She was going to pursue a kpop idol career in korea then changed her mind decided to stay and pursue a pop star career in japan. It's not like japan has never had its own pop stars before. But sorry, I didn't realize that korea owns pop/hip hop music and anyone in asia who does the same is copying them

No. 37664

rofl, I just saw the vids on IG last night. Yoshiki shouldn't have been wearing such a long scarf to begin with. he's an idiot. Why is he even trying to chummy it up with the Queen anyway?

No. 37925

Does anyone have any dirt on Shiina Ringo, or lesser known VK bands like Guniw Tools?

No. 37960

I sincerely hope that Jpop mvs shot like Kpop mvs is just a small minority, It looks so bad, unoriginal and tacky.

No. 37961

There was an old tanuki rumor that she was being passed around between all dir en grey members… lol but nothing else that I know of.
She recently collabed with atsushi sakurai.

No. 37962

i feel like i lost braincells reading this. those were her words, not mine.

No. 37967

Nta but she herself said that? Wow, hope she flops then

No. 38008

I heard this too, that she's trying to "bridge the gap" and make k-pop in Japan for korea.

No. 38018

That collab song was absolutely awful. Was actually excited for it but it literally sounded like nails on a chalkboard

No. 38074

Same, both have good voices but that was less than mediocre. Buck-tick's music in general has been declining steadily over the last years.

No. 38529

does anyone have any milk on ngt48? apparently a lot of them are bullies

No. 38658

>Korean fashion

Being a weeb from the early 2000's to now it's so sad seeing Japanese street fashion die and turn into Korean fashion, I hate it and I can't accept it

No. 38667

Hey, this is the J-Music thread. Not the J-fashion thread. You fucking moron lmfao

No. 39466

Any drama on gazette?

No. 39533

Yep, tons. Stop being lazy and go on tanuki or look at the first thread.

No. 39551

Johnny Kitagawa is dead. Rest in pieces you child molesting trashcan. I don't think anything will change in terms of Johnny's Entertainment continuous domination though.

No. 39560

Disgusting how he got away with it

No. 39581

File: 1562708103006.png (240.04 KB, 480x476, birthday-party-pepe-png-16.png)

>>39551 julie kitagawa is in charge now tho

No. 39622

What do you expect. It's japan.

No. 39633


I saw those ones, those rumours have been around for such a long time, and don't even seem that legit tbh… I was talking about recent stuff, really can't manage to find new drama on them

No. 40020

Luckily, they are now

Good. you know that piece of shit molested every child he recruited. Jin Akanishi of KATTUN had to leave japan to get away from him. Glad he did. I know Yamapi also left Johnny's Entertainment. Too bad Japan doesnt give a shit about child sexual exploitation.

No. 43686

Yoshiki has been teasing a big announcement regarding X Japan, but so far no delivery. He was going to announce it on Yoshiki Channel 8/02 but didn't and tweeted a sorry apology instead. He said it was something regarding the future of X Japan, but nothing specifically anything about the album release date. Oh, then he showed up in Miami for some reason?

Anyone care to

No. 43692


*Anyone care to guess if X is officially disbanding or gonna actually release the album?

Sorry, my phone glitched and I never came back to check if it posted properly.

No. 43695

File: 1565284702908.jpg (161.55 KB, 540x575, 20190808_131819.jpg)


Oof, timing.

No. 43696



lmao, I just got a mental image of Yoshiki browsing lolcow thanks to this

No. 44360

File: 1565696283461.jpg (681.96 KB, 1080x1328, 20190813_065223.jpg)

Dir en grey are coming back to the states to tour this December, but they're ignoring the east coast altogether this time.

No. 44527

New York isn't on the east coast?

No. 44595

It is, but it's a No Shit city so it's guaranteed they'll go there, like LA. Anywhere between Florida and Virginia is no man's land.

No. 44607

File: 1565797770362.jpg (563.2 KB, 1666x1496, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-L10c…)

Mingna Wen's daughter kinda looks like Kanna Hashimoto

No. 44611

Who the fuck wants to see them anymore? Why can't buck-tick come here? Atsushi needs to stop being such an obnoxious nationalist.

No. 44614

I go for the nostalgia factor due to being a fan for almost 15 years, it's really not bad if you mind your business, don't try to sneak pics of the staff/random Asians and avoid the worst of the crowding. Plus they play a mix of current and older songs so even if I don't fully vibe with some of their newest stuff it's fun to hear Obscure, Child Prey, Saku or The Final performed live.

No. 44725

File: 1565890013010.jpg (99.47 KB, 540x592, 20190815_132602.jpg)


I think Hyde wants to do a US tour, he seems like he's trying to get in good with bands here lately.

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