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File: 1648762707889.jpg (258.59 KB, 1440x1085, 20220331_165406.jpg)

No. 193738

Link to archived J-Music thread active at the time of the /m/assacre: >>>/m/14863

This will serve as a temporary (?) J-Music thread since weird things seem to be happening in the JRocker realm.

>Yoshiki broke up with his longtime Russian sugar baby Natasha/Natalya in December 2019 & ran back to Japan "until further notice" using the pandemic as an excuse, but flew back to LA quietly less than 3 months later like nothing happened

>…right as Russia invaded Ukraine?
>he also has yet another ~international superband~ project, "Yoshiki SUPERSTAR Project X, only this one is supposed to be a boy band. I guess some people just don't learn.
>Yoshiki also unfollowed Marilyn Manson on all his socials, despite their friendship going back decades and involving hide
>Kisaki is a literal pedophile. Literally. See archived thread link for more info bc I'm just not comfortable linking it myself
>Gackt suspended all activity indefinitely due to health isssues, moved back to Japan & is still an aging cringelord
>Miyavi (and Yoshiki) may be trolling Instagram to scam fans out of money and ideas, needs more investigation but apparently back in 2020 an anon was sent a DM by a Miyavi fake on IG who she claims was the real deal, & that he stole a bunch of ideas from her like Miyavi sake, Miyavi hair wax and that he styled his Imaginary tour backup dancer to look and dress like her
>A theory is that Miyavi and Yoshiki have been making fake private accounts since the onset of the pandemic to contact fans for ideas and to scam money from them. One Yoshiki fan lost over $100,000USD and then killed herself because she was convinced she was talking to the real Yoshiki, and she even received details about his Baccarat deal before the real Yoshiki ever announced it on his official channels. This apparently happened the day before Yoshiki posted the first story to his IG about "not having private accounts'.
>There's an IG account dedicated to keeping track of the Yoshiki fakes, @for_yoshiki_attention run by a Russian Yoshiki fan trying to get to the bottom of this (slow updates lately bc of the obvious)
>Dir en Grey's Kyo made a personal Instagram, where he shares pics of his shoes and Gremlins figures. Seems random, but OK: @kyo_official
>Hyde's face manages to look… somewhat better in recent appearances? At least less like a melted grandma than before
>Recently partnered with BJD maker Volks for his 20th anniversary to make an animu Hyde BJD: https://jrocknews.com/2022/01/hyde-volks-dollfie-20th-anniversary.html

This thread will serve as a place to continue discussion from the previous lost thread & discuss new topics relevant to Japanese music/entertainment.

No. 193740

Damn, I can't link the archived thread:

>https://lolcow . farm/m/res/14863.html#14863

Just remove the spaces

No. 193937

The previous thread is just full of that one anon's weird Myv tinfoiling

No. 193962

They didn't even try with that Hyde BJD doll. It doesn't remotely look like him.

No. 194027

Would you buy a BJD that looked like a melted grandma?

No. 194099

They could have done young Hyde! He was really cute in a pixie-ish BJD way.

No. 194155

It was hardly "full" of it, and idk how it can be tinfoil when there were receipts posted for each claim that was made. There's both interest in the topic (Myavi scamming fans for ideas & groupies to cuck Melody) and someone worried about it being discussed which is interesting on it's own.

No. 194170

Can you point me to a receipt of one of the groupies copying said anon's style? Go ahead

No. 194171

also samefag but you're probably the Myv anon. Feel free to keep on posting but I feel like you're the cow in this case

No. 194174

File: 1648902030687.jpg (670.77 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220402-081242_Gal…)

I was the one posting the groupies, and I DO have collages of my selfies from pre-2020 that I sent to "Lee" next to Yuki's showing she copied them almost exactly. Except, I'm not exactly itching to post my face here when I know Yuki lurks based on her stories & knowing that she only dyed her hair pink bc I stopped sending selfies to Lee and started posting on my own IG again.

It's worth at least talking about, especially considering Miyavi did produce several ideas I gave to Lee AND Yuki wasn't on his radar despite working with him previously, until the end of 2020 when she changed her hair from purple to blonde and started getting fillers in her face.

There was interest in the Miyavi stuff until /m/ went down and I had nowhere to post more because there is just far too much going on to be sheer coincidence. Yuki even started changing the way she posts when I started posting again, and she tried to report my account somehow and cost me my branded content tools but it didn't work.

I also still have the email Lee used to chat with me, which is tied to the exact same screen name Miyavi posted in an old screncap a few days ago. Picrel.

I haven't posted the email anywhere online… yet.

I know someone is panicked over me trying to talk about this because despite blocking my main email, Lee still reads all the chats I sent from my secondary.

Honestly I'm pretty sure it was just Richard Frias trolling IG fans for easy marks and ideas in exchange for making them groupies, bc whoever Lee was had access to Miyavi for the 2020 videocall and took all the ideas I gave him to Miyavi, and as well used my selfies to style Yuki into the fake hood girl boss she's trying to be since 2020. Her tiktok is full of cringey videos of her acting like a blonde thot from the year between her working with Miyavi then popping up on the Imaginary tour.

Part of me is wondering if they had anything to do with /m/ going down, because somehow Lee was able to have MY chatlogs erased from the server, which shouldn't be possible.

No. 194175

File: 1648902311223.jpg (236.78 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220325-051346_Cas…)

Oh, and before Lee blocked my main he agreed to pay me via cashapp for my ideas IF I agreed to another videocall. I didn't, so he blocked me, but there's this account as well as another cashapp account tied to the email Lee was using.

No. 194176

There's no proof without the pics, I'm afraid

No. 194178

Also didn't you claim Yuki dyed her hair pink to copy Melody in the previous thread? tf

No. 194179


I'm not trying to get a ban for selfposting. Also, my selfies aren't the smoking gun here, the email is, which is why I'm keeping it to myself. The selfies only prove Yuki is an unoriginal whitefishing whore who is mad that I stopped feeding Lee selfies and posting them myself.

No. 194180

Please post proof that Yuki tried to report your account and that someone keeps reading your emails

No. 194181

Hindsight is 2020, anon.

At the time, yes, that's what it looked like and could even still be the case. Yuki was flirting with Miyavi hard on IG while he ignored Melody, I can't imagine that made Melody happy, but also I don't think she will do ANYTHING to ruin their family image or her meal ticket, hence Yuki and Melody now replying to each other on IG when they were all happy to ignore her during the tour.

Yuki put pink hair chalk on the ends of her hair when she flew to Serbia, claiming it was inspired by Euphoria despite her posting the pics to her story a while before the Euphoria post. None of the pics of her in Serbia have pink in her hair except the first one when she landed there, and also the pics she posted to her stories in Serbia had her styled completely differently than her posts (dressing like me with her hair done vs dressing like her old self & pulling her hair back).

Because I then started posting and taking new selfies, as well as reposting old ones she copied, she started doing damage control posts then went fully pink so that now she can kill 2 birds with 1 dye job: move away from skinwalking as I begin posting and getting brand collaboration deals, and to pretend she and Melody are friends.

IG doesn't tell you who reports your account, but after having branded content tool for 5 years and never using them, I don't see any other reason anyone would report my account. I asked for a review and the decision was reversed, now I actually have better tools at my disposal. So, thanks!

Also, I said I have been sending chats from my 2nd email to Lee, which are being read, but not replied to. Read receipts.

No. 194186

Again a wall of text with no images as proof. Not surprised

No. 194187

see >>194179
>I'm not trying to get a ban for selfposting

There is enough proof yet to be posted (because I'm not an idiot) but this really feels like someone trying to get me to put my face on lc without actually caring about all the other pieces of the puzzle that are more significant, like the email, the screenname Miyavi posted matching Lee's and my deleted chatlogs that proved Miyavi Sake, hair wax, and many other ideas were originally mine.

I've been collecting screenshots for 2 years now, I have several large folders of evidence, but I'm not just gonna dump it all here and dox myself.

No. 203319

Miyavianon here again with some juicy updates!

>since Sinta/Gaby's IG got tempbanned, she hasn't been mentioned by Miyavi or Richard nor seen anywhere near any of them, despite being tagged in Yukibomb's festival pic comments + the comment being liked by Dollyave.

>Today, Miyavi posted a clip from the 2021 NYC show where Dollyave and Sinta acted as backup singers/dancers, Miyavi tagged everyone BUT Sinta/Gaby, who herself has almost stopped posting to IG since Serbia except a few stories of her running around with some English guy. Miyavi himself has been very careful to avoid tagging her whenever he posts her while also tagging everyone else he can

>I send a DM on IG to Miyavi official on April 12th asking about the email "Lee" was using (miyavileei@gmail.com), and within 3 hours of me sending that DM, Miyavi official posted a SS of another fan's DM from that same day, proving he reads DMs despite mine still not saying 'read'. "Lee" isn't reading any hangouts messages or replying to emails now for several weeks.

>after posting about dying her hair pink, Yuki did her best to fade it back to pinkish blonde for her festival circuit with Miyavi, his kid and Dollyave, before going back to the pink again while also posting blonde throwbacks to her stories. It seems Yuki is only successful & able to be around Miyavi if she's blonde or blonde-adjacent, and acting like she can't decide if she wants to be white trash or black gangsta instead of the Asian Cali girl she is

>I also noticed that each time Yuki posts a new pic, a few more of the comments on my pics disappear, like they'd been reported as spam. I went from an average of 10+ individual comments per pic to now only 2 or 3 if I'm lucky.

>Yuki has also become bold enough to start carelessly stalking my IG & copying my posting style and even taking inspiration from my captions. I have proof for this, but it requires a selfpost so it's saved for the private group/lawyer

>Recently there was a shooting in my city that made national news, & within the hour Yuki posted a video of her, blonde, shooting a big gun at a target (that she never even hit, btw) in a range, for cool points. Also, every time she posts a new pic or reel, I get between 3-5 new followers who usually get deleted in a few days (spam followers), which doesn't happen any other time, and never happened before Yuki started being obvious about stalking my IG. She has her group of fan-friends posting comments to anything she posts, using words specific to things that I've posted in my stories after they disappear to sound "hood" (yet she fails).

>not to mention, the last full body selfie I posted, she used my outfit's color palette for her entire festival circuit: yellow, orange, pink, coral, black and white. She's also been posting BTS stories of her as a blonde, dressed just like me. This was her "festival model" phase, and the pic she based her palette on alluded to me getting a modeling contract. When I started posting more BTS camera stuff of some local events, Yuki started posting pics of her as a photographer. Everything I post, no matter what direction I try to go in professionally or creatively, Yuki jumps right on it like a fat cock & gets her troupe of friends to post tons of comments kissing her ass while the comments on my shit slowly vanish, seemingly for no reason (I've even gotten angry DMs asking why I deleted comments when I never did).

>Also, some may remember me mentioning in the old /m/ thread that Yoshiki official followed me on twitter for like 11+ years, and IDK why, but I blocked him bc of the Lee shit?

Well, I unblocked him, and he followed me back again, randomly. Now my Twitter is private, Yoshiki official is the only follower, and every tweet I post since then has 30+ interactions. It can only be Yoshiki/whoever runs his account. I still don't know why. I sent him a DM saying Hello but it's still unread.

Also, Yukibomb and Dollyave lurk/post here, Dolly loves posting "cow" references, and I'm pretty sure either Yoshiki or someone on his staff lurk here on a regular basis. Possibly Richard as well.

No. 203349

File: 1651595074367.jpg (92.24 KB, 768x513, YDB8305-768x513.jpg)

Idk if this is the right thread for this but turns out the new singer from Wednesday Campanella is only 20… The rest of the group are 40something scrotes
In this interview they mention that when kom_i was 20 and joined the band they would say no to her a lot, but they don't say no to Utaha. Also isn't it weird how after 10 years of working with them they suddenly replace kom_i for a younger girl?

Idk what kom_i even does nowadays.

No. 203370

The post-covid trend for aging artists is to inject younger Gen Z kids into their projects and let them fill them with stolen ideas. Seriously, I see this everywhere now in the art and music world- 40-somwthinga surrounding themselves with young 20-somethings and giving them everything they told their fans was impossible 10 years ago. It's like anyone over 25 doesn't exist to anyone over 35 anymore.

No. 203461

i listened to wed camp since forever and i was so pissed when they replaced kom_i. i just know they kicked her out because they thought this zoomer model was hot. they are NOTHING without kom_i and their new stuff is shit

No. 206389

File: 1652643212779.jpg (67.19 KB, 640x640, 04e71c01541ffdbe9426e4f2dbe0f9…)

Yoshiki's mother, Fumiko, dies recently. He announced it on his Twitter May 13th, saying he attended her cremation the day before & can't stop crying. I looked, but can't find any real info about it in English, though my bet was likely just natural causes related to age. In one tweet, he even says he thinks he wasn't a good son. Pretty depressing stuff, considering this came just over a week after hide's memorial anniversary.

No. 206652

Hi sweetlovelydead

No. 206966

Interesting that you posted the handle of a private account with only one follower that never had anything to do with Lee, which actually gave me another clue. Thanks!

No. 207103

Well, I unblocked him, and he followed me back again, randomly. Now my Twitter is private, Yoshiki official is the only follower, and every tweet I post since then has 30+ interactions.

You played yourself

No. 207588

My twitter & Yoshiki was a separate thing from IG and Lee/Richard. I made a shell IG with NY same twitter name to DM Melody, but it NEVER interacted with Richard's IG, but he still blocked it.

I don't see how you think you didn't fuck up, you still posted a screenname only Yoshiki (or whoever runs his twitter) or Richard could know, and I've had a hunch for a while that the Yoshiki twitter stalking and Lee popping up during the pandemic were related.

Again, I never posted those screennames anywhere, and even when my twittwe was public it had nothing on it about Miyavi/Lee pr any of then, it's just random musings and song lyrics to see how often Yoshiki watched my tweets via the interactions- which, since my Twitter name got dropped here, went from 1-3 an hour per tweet to dead zero.

No. 207698

Suuure, keep saying that's not you. I'm totally believing you especially since you need to add so much blabber that has nothing to do with my point

No. 207751

I never said that wasn't me, I said that there are only 2 people other than me that could know that name in relation to all this Lee/Yoshiki shit.

Although it's interesting that since this happened, 3 Yoshiki fakes that blocked me weeks ago unblocked me to act brand new & ask me for selfies again, then try to tell me to back off.

No. 207757

Oh! And in the couple of days since this post >>206652, the views on my tweets suddenly stopped until they picked up again last night. Even tweets that are days old still keep getting views and clicks, but the brief pause was definitely noticed. Remember, Yoshikiofficial is the only one able to see my tweets since he followed me again on April 28th.

For clarity: sweetlovelydead is my private twitter username that only Yoshiki can see. The one and ONLYBtime I have ever used that name online outside of twitter was when I made the shell IG to DM Melody, which Richard blocked without that account ever interacting with him. Even when my Twitter was public in between November 2021 and April 2022, nothing got posted on it about Miyavi/Lee, just random lyrics and shit. The only links between that username and this thread are A: the fact that Richard blocked that account on IG without it ever interacting with his account, and B: the fact that despite having matching usernames, my twittwe and shell IG never had anything to do with each other publicly.

No. 209265

Miyavianon, who Yoshiki follows on twitter back again with a very juicy update:

I decided to take advantage of Yoshiki following me and viewing my tweets 10+ times a day and tweeted @ him with a basic tweet-length summary of the situation, mostly to see what kind of interactions it would get.

I did that yesterday, I posted 9 separate tweets # Yoshiki about ehar happened, 4 of those tweets being the collages of Yukibomb and Gaby/Sinta dressing up as ME since 2020.

Now, less than 24 hours later, ALL of those tweets are now gone without me doing anything, and the only one left is the only one that named Yukibomb but didn't have a pic- and now, instead of starting off "@YoshikiOfficial", it's @sweetlovelydead, my own username.

How the fuck does that happen first of all?

Second, I guess that proves Yoshiki had something to do with "Lee" contacting me to begin with.

I think tomorrow I'll start making inquiries I to what type of lawyer I should hire, because now there's no way for me to doubt that Yoshiki and Miyavi ripped me off and are now trying to shit on me for originally posting in the old J-Music thread about the groupies.

I was talking to a Russian girl who was also tracking fake Yoshiki accounts, but I haven't heard from her in a few days. I don't knownwhere to go online anymore to find people I can ask for advice about all this shit and how to handle it, because by now after 3 years of this shit, there's no way I'm reaching and making all this up.

Also: yesterday I posted a tweet (than only Yoshiki can seeinteract with) unrelated to Lee or any of it- a selfie with a random caption- and in under 24 hours it got 13 views and 4 clicks.

Yoshiki is definitely somehow involved in the "Lee" scam, which proves that yes, it was Richard Frias/ Miyavi even more than the skinwalking whores do.

I wish I could post the collages here without catching a ban. If I could go back and tell my 11-year-old week self all this was gonna happen, I'd shit myself. All these years I wondered about the random comments saying Yoshiki was a total sack of shit, but now I totally get it.

No. 211922

File: 1654430846069.jpg (132.07 KB, 1080x2071, Screenshot_20220605-075243_Twi…)

Yoshiki (or whoever runs his twitter account that knows Lee) lurks lolcow, kek.

Since this post 9 days ago, my tweet interactions have ground to a trickle, going from multiple views and interactions by the minute and hour to going whole days with all 0s- except for a few tweets that have nothing to do with anything (origami, trees, a quote, etc) that are newer than my last post, yet have 120+ views each.

I also posted a tweet when Yoshiki and Miyavi were both at Hyde's band's big anniversary show in Japan together, it got a lot of views quickly then he ignored it for a few days before going back to it again.

I've also made my IG private so Yukibomb can't stalk it and copy my posts, and since I did that she's been either reposting old shit or silent, and has stopped trying to act hood.

Although- she, Dolly, Kendall and possibly Gaby seem to be planning a trip to Egypt with Richard Frias for some time in the near future, which means Miyavi is likely gonna pop up in Egypt for some reason bc he can't seem to travel without his entourage of cringy asslickers orbiting him.

Also, I found another random American Miyavi fan turned MYV staff: a cosplayer from Atlanta, GA who was doing nothing before the pandemic, who suddenly moved to Japan DURING the pandemic in 2020 (which is also somehow also when Yukibomb was able to travel there, during the ban) to become a vocalist/song arranger and work for Miyavi, apparently out of nowhere: theartof_chlo

So, that's at least 5 random American girls who were struggling before the pandemic, who all ended up working for Miyavi after mid 2020 during the height of the pandemic when Miyavi was stuck in Japan doing nothing.

No. 212530

File: 1654633228965.jpg (187.08 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20220607-161031_Ins…)

Miyavi, Dolly, Yukibomb, and Kendarudesu are back on the road with Miyavi, this time headed for Egypt apparently. Dolly insists it's her tonedeaf warbling and not cockwarming a Mexican with yellow fever that got her there, bc she's too smug and dumb to realize how terrible she is. I have a theory that Yoshiki replaced his Russian girl with her bc she's a more obedient fangirl with more to lose, but she clearly prefers Miyavi, who clearly prefers blondes.

Yukibomb keeps using temp pink dye in her hair as a front to pretend she's not still skinwalking and whitefishing whenever she's near Miyavi, but she's finally caught on that I'm not letting up: Yukibomb made her IG private so she can post stories of her on tour and of her skinwalking without me catching her.

And, the most recent Yoshiki fake came back to keep calling me a chickenshit and dumb bitch, right after I posted this >>211922.

As for twitter, I went back last night and dug up some old tweets of mine from 2015 that had very few interactions & retreated them, pinned one, and since then the views on them went from 3 and 5 to 67 and 35 respectively, so whoever runs Yoshiki's twitter is paying fast attention to it.

The plot thickens.

No. 212798

what's sad too is that kom_i made the band. i tried listening to their new releases with the new singer and its just so bland compared to their old stuff

i really liked fujii kaze's new album, matsuri has been on repeat for me ever since it came out. wasn't a huge fan before, like kirari a bit but matsuri is just soooooo good imo. on another note, kind of bummed aya matsuura's music isn't on spotify, been on a bit of a 00's jpop kick lately

No. 213521

File: 1654985054710.jpg (433.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220611-180246_Gal…)

Miayvi, Dolly and Sinta flew to Saudi Arabia and Egypt for shows, even though neither girl is listed anywhere for any of his shows. I guess they get to just follow him around the world to sing on stage and play around with him since his manager Richard used the pandemic and Covid relief funds to drag his escorts into Miyavi's inner circle. Neither of them do anything, despite Odllyave getting signed and playing events (not actual shows of her own, mind you) without any real following to speak of. Neither one has released any new music since the Imaginary tour. Sinta went back to doing ad modeling for 7Eleven and camping gear, and Dolly's fake beard boyfriend she used as a flimsy excuse to justify buying a house in LA during the pandemic out of nowhere hasn't been seen since then either. Kendarudesu is also flying to Egypt with an EF Ultimate Break trip so she'll be there with Miyavi as well, so she must be his token white girl.

When they were at Jeddah, at about 1am Saudi Arabia time, my latest fake Yoshiki LINE account came back again to say he couldn't sleep and wanted someone to talk to. I asked him what time it was for him, he said 1am, but when I confronted him abt being in the same time zone and active as Richard and the escorts were active and posting, he went back to claiming to be a random black African scammer. The thing is though, this "random scammer" is the same black guy Lee had call me to throw me off once I started posting here in the old jmusic thread and putting shit together. Initially, he fucking panicked but now it seems they feel safe hiding behind this random black staff member who keeps desperately trying to find out my legal name and where I am/where I work, and keeps asking me for selfies. Since I stopped posting selfies, Yukibomb is quietly posting old pics pretending to be in LA, as though she would pass any chance to be near Miyavi any time he's away from Melody and with her troupe of middle aged Miyavi fanboys.

Whoever runs Yoshiki's twitter is still holy shit watching my account. A tweet of Dir en grey song lyrics I posted 2 days ago now has 203 views and 7 profile clicks. Considering this has been a trend for almost 13 years although not to this degree with these #s before), I'm now officially creeped the fuck out by it and removed all my info/pics from my entire account. When I go back and read the posts from "Maria", a lot of things matched what my Yoshiki fakes have said to me, and then the fact that the Disney+ Yoshiki special ended up on the app after shebclaimed she helped him get it through her father.

I'm wondering if Yoshiki has a long history of dating and scalping his fans for ideas to stay relevant, and Maria got to him but then fucked up by posting it here. My Yoshiki fakes have reacted to me with furious anger and insults every time I post here and they bother to message me, and some of the phrases they use are very specific to fangirly things I've posted abt Yoshiki over the years on my Twitter, which makes me think Whoever is running the fake accounts is the same person or knows who runs Yoshiki's twitter and has to have access to him.

I can't figure out yet if this scammer is for sure Richard Frias, but I'm 90% sure it is.

I think Frias used Yoshiki's method to scalp MYV fans for ideas to get himself a management position and get him out of the audience and the photog pit and his ugly escorts off instagram.

I'm certain there's a link between Yoshiki, Richard and Lee. I think maybe whoever was watching my twitter sent Lee to me trying to bring me in, but I told him I never liked Miyavi like that and I don't FW married men in general.

I also wasn't willing to accept $10K in Covid Relief Funds (like Dolly and Yukibomb clearly did) to get out of my abusive relationship and run off to LA. Dolly and Yuki lived in tiny ass empty apartments before popping up on the Imaginary tour, Dolly and Sinta dressing like me with Yukibomb outright skinwalking me and now they're both thriving without really doing anything but traveling and taking selfies with middle aged men. I found out recently that a lot of people since the pandemic misused funds that way which is fraud already, but there's now a special penalty for Covid Relief Fraud, so I'm working on making sense of the total fuckfest of .JSON files I have of my chatlogs so I can prove all this shit. Problem is, I'm not having any luck getting them into a readable format.

No. 213526

>When they were at Jeddah, at about 1am Saudi Arabia time, my latest fake Yoshiki LINE account came back again to say he couldn't sleep and wanted someone to talk to. I asked him what time it was for him, he said 1am, but when I confronted him abt being in the same time zone and active as Richard and the escorts were active and posting, he went back to claiming to be a random black African scammer. The thing is though, this "random scammer" is the same black guy Lee had call me to throw me off once I started posting here in the old jmusic thread and putting shit together. Initially, he fucking panicked but now it seems they feel safe hiding behind this random black staff member who keeps desperately trying to find out my legal name and where I am/where I work, and keeps asking me for selfies.

I need to clarify this:

When I first confronted Lee on Hangouts after I realized what had happened back in September'21, that was the first time he ever claimed to be a black scammer, but at first he claimed to be American. He videocalled me smiling like he'd won something, and I hung up. Remember, Miyavi had videocalled me before in 2020 and since then had given me a ton of info that could've only come from him abt his family and life so I know it was him, even if my stolen ideas weren't proof enough for me.

Then, when I asked the scammer how he knew Frias and Lee, he claimed he used to work for them but not anymore and just wanted to make friends with other Miyavi fans now.

The black scammer that videocalled me after I confronted the fake Yoshiki about my Twitter account and about Yoshiki liking Miyavi, Dolly, Sinta and Yuki's pics during the tour until I posted about it here was the same guy that videocalled me pretending to be Lee, except this time he said he was African and had no idea who Miyavi, Frias or the girls were. He claimed he was a Yoshiki fan who found my Instagram from comments I left on Yoshiki's official IG, which I stopped doing almost 3 months ago, and the scammer claims he only found my profile 2 weeks ago as of yesterday.

Whoever this guy is, he is connected to Lee for sure, and Lee is definitely connected to Richard, Miyavi, and Yoshiki. He claims to not know any of them now, but every time I insult them he gets offended and calls me names until I point out that he's getting offended, then he goes back to playing dumb and new again.

So, they think they're safe so far bc they think they've convinced me it was all a scam, despite Yoshiki stalking my tweets, despite Yukibomb skinwalking me so completely even my own mother was creeped out, despite Miyavi and Yoshiki both changing their behavior and posts on their official accounts based on what I post here, despite 7+ unique ideas of mine going from Lee to Miyavi AND the Carnegie Hall PBS broadcast idea I gave to a fake before Lee ever came around becoming a thing.

At this point there's no possible way that this is all sheer coincidence, I just have to figure out how to proceed legally and who/where to ask for advice on doing so. I didn't do shit wrong to these assholes and I loved Yoshiki and Miyavi since I was a kid, their music got me through my fucked up life, so for this to be happening now makes me sick and makes me want to ruin their fucking lives for it.

No. 214872

File: 1655399414410.jpg (635.71 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220616-130029_Ins…)

Miyavi is coming back to North America for his 20th Anniversary tour, only this time he's not coming to Atlanta, probably out of fear of me showing up there.

Undoubtedly Dolly, Sinta and Yuki are gonna go, only just like with the Jeddah/Egypt trip Yukibomb is gonna hide and pretend to still be in LA despite the fact that she keeps forgetting to post her usual shit every single time Miyavi is outside of Japan and with the other two groupies.

Yukibomb has also started using her twitter again after years, since I took down my PFP and info to SS for this post, which I left empty: >>211922

I out all my info and pics back up, then got a new Yoshiki fake with some juicy new info that I'm gonna sit on for a while.

The closest show to me is NYC which isn't possible for me to attend, but I will be screencapping everything and keeping watch on all of them like I have been. I gotta say though, I would absolutely love some help or input on this, I'm flying blind with no clue here while I watch these assholes taunt me and get rich living the life I told them I wanted for myself, just not via wire fraud, coercion and escorting for a married asshole and a fat Mexican with yellow fever.

I haven't called a lawyer yet bc really I have no idea what type of lawyer I would even call or how to go about presenting all this to them without it sounding like gibberish, but there's way too much that I and my family can't deny or write off as coincidence after it going on so consistently for so long. Anyone have any advice on what I can do? sage for consecutive posts.

No. 224392

>without it sounding like gibberish
At least you're self aware lmaoooo

No. 225647

Yeah, I'm sure the 10+ unique ideas thar came from me, that are now produced by Miyavi & the fact that Yukibomb came out of nowhere after putting on my skin & stalking my IG to this day so hard I can't post anything without her copying it, are all sheer coincidence.

Just like how "Lee" keeps randomly messaging me on Hangouts when I stop sending him messages, trying to get me to post on IG or send more selfies for Yuki to copy.
Last contact from Lee was July 21st at 9am my time.

I may not be able to organize it all well but it's definitely not fake, Miyavi is definitely involved and I know now for sure that Yukibomb was at least in part behind the "Lee" account". No other reason for him to beg me for selfies for 2 years & her to suddenly start style shopping when I quit posting on my IG. Yukibomb has used direct quotes of mine that I said to Lee as captions in her IG pics, and has also copied made many references to copying my other posts.

I have literally tons of undeniable evidence for anyone interested, it just all has my face or IG acct in it and I don't want a ban.

Also! I removed Yoshiki from my Twitter, but my tweets are still somehow getting multiple views and clicks. Before I removed him my hangouts Yoshiki(fake) said he planned to come to Miami in November so we'll see.

No. 225892

I bet you're just clicking on your own tweets all the time

No. 225924

Twitter doesn't count your own tweet views, and no it's not.

Cool side note: all messages from all fakes on all social media platforms of mine stopped when I started suggesting to them that they were Yukibomb or Richard, since they all kept asking me for new pics and what new stuff I was into. Looks like Yukibomb and whoever helped run the "Lee" account were using it to mine me not just for ideas to pass to Miyavi but also for Yuki to try and skinwalk me more precisely. Even asking me where I lived and worked for some reason. This stopped last month or so, then Miyavi suddenly started posting McClaren shit again. I notice Miyavi and Frias like to post vague stuff that nod to things I've said to Lee bc they know it's invisible to everyone else who hasn't seen what they're referencing…. yet.

No. 226033

myvscam anon here again

I'm gonna be reposting some stories to my IG with a couple of the collages, so if anyone is interested in seeing the extent of what I mean, just look up #myvscam and check out the highlight reel on my page for the collages story posts plus a few extra evidence posts.

They're baiting for something, but I'm not sure what, so I figure why not start letting people see what I've been collecting for the last 2 years & what they've been doing with my ideas while teasing me with my dream job (but only if I fucked Miyavi & let him talk to me like a docile idiot) just to feed Yuki and Miyavi every idea I gave them.

No. 226037

>highlight reel

dbl post, I meant the highlight collection, the one titled #MYVscam, my bad.

I'm inspired by the fact that I've been posting reels lately, thus Yukibomb has been obsessively posting reels "from her drafts" as well as reposting aniime.vibes stories I've liked again. I'm also thinking of making a separate timeline just tracking all the ways Yuki has been copying my posting styles and patterns, but so far I just have images.

No. 226499

File: 1659540756172.jpg (560.85 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220803-112025_Ins…)

Yukibomb is in Tampa, for some reason.

The more I point out on IG and IRL how much she copies me, the more blatantly and shamelessly she copies me. Any guesses as to why? I have a few influences interested in boosting the drama when the tour starts, but I'm getting very curious about why they keep trying to come closer to me while ignoring me suddenly. I'd more than love to deal with any of them in person, but of course they're all far too chickenshit to do anything but stalk my IG, cry about being Asian, steal from people and pretend to be tough online.

I'm also wondering why, in the original /m/ JMusic thread that went found, there was interest in this yet it seems to have vanished since the board did. I doubt it's coincidental, just like I doubt it's coincidental that Instagram changed their policy for minor accounts under 13 after I reported Miyavi's kids' accounts for being too young to use IG, and my chatlogs being deleted from Google after Lee begged me to not rat him out. Just like it's not a coincidence that Richard Frias blocked 2 of my other IG accounts that never interacted with him.

I'm getting sick of these Freaks stalking me online and pulling strings to keep me from getting attention on this issue. If it all comes right down to it, I'll fly to LA and walk up to them myself if I absolutely have to.

I can't believe there's no interest in this now, especially when every previous JMusic thread had mentions of Yoshiki fucking his fans, stealing from them Miyavi cheating on his wife with white women, and the like. This scandal should be blowing up, they committed fraud during a pandemic just to help Miyavi cuck his wife and commit wire fraud just to move his "backup singers" into new homes and careers they weren't even good enough to think of or want for themselves.

So, since I know Yuki lurks here too, and that they're all stalking everything I do while ignoring the messages: Face me, you fucking cowards. Stop pretending to be tough and cute at a shooting rangenjust because you're surrounded by a troupe of fat, middle aged Asiaphiles who only like you now bc you whitewashed yourself into a white girl they wanted more.

Stop being such a petty little chickenshit. You can rip off every single thing I post or say or do or wear, but you can't own up to it?

Ok then.

No. 226981

this anon reminds me of Katie Price lmao

No. 230294

the milk is rotten

No. 230717

What I want to know is more on the Yoshiki/Kamijo been someone talked about in the other thread. Yoshiki and Toshi don't seem to have any contact as it is and what about those rumors about Yoshiki going out with underage girls?
Sorry anon, the MYV stuff is just overwhelming

No. 231894

Yoshiki creeps on his underaged fans, can confirm. He dates his fans and steals their ideas as his own. Toshiba doesn't fw him for years because of it which is why he and Miyavi are BFFs now they do the same thing.

The old thread on the /m/ that went down had posts from a girl named Maria who said she dated Yoshiki, and her dad was the reason Yoshiki got the Dishey+ special. You can still go back and search for them.

No. 231896

sage for dblpost

>it's pure cream, I just can't post the best and most obvious evidence here bc of site rules

>they're lurking here hard-core from the beginning trying to sway board opinion on the matter out of desperation. Yoshiki blocked me again on Hangouts but Lee is still reading chats.
>Yuki is still very obviously copying my IG posts, I caught her 3x last week doing it so blatantly that she even posted a story indirectly replying to me trying to save face. Since then she's dressing completely differently than me. I plan to tag all her employers in the collage reveal videos I'll eventually upload to IG, everything is gon a go up on IG and Twitter
>Miyavi started having his comiyavi Twitter oage posting his official account names and insisting he never had any other. Cool, bc I still have screenshots of me giving Lee the McClaren collab idea in my phone from that year, and the chats with the account that gave me that email are still in my IG DMs where i got the email miyavileei@gmail.com.

Just wait for Miyavi to go on tour, have his fun and market his ass off. I'll jump right in those tags and post everything on IG.

No. 231956

File: 1660854068023.jpg (174.52 KB, 720x1459, Screenshot_20220818-131852_Twi…)

Ok let's just pretend that I believe the fanfic that the other thread just gave me and having this new found information about Yoshiki. 

1. I don't believe there's a "Maria" person involved in all this if "this" really happened. I think it was just Manson who got in here pretending to be someone bcuz we all know how Manson is and can be. He just wanted to let some heat off of yoshiki when being talked about him and his RUSSIAN SB who he broke up with just as Russia invaded Ukraine. 

2. I have a choice to believe that this girl is actually involved with the whole thing. It's too convenient. There wasn't any more posts on her on the other thread once the Manson vs ERW news broke out. There was some posts from Yoshiki meeting with Los Angeles Mayor, ( not to mention his "friendship" with other USA law enforcement officials) then he ran to Japan, went back to LA for some time and then the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard happened. Then he started more activities with the whole energy drink bullshit and now he's got the 20 concerts that as of right now, he's done half. If this Maria girl exists then it looks to me as if he did something to her and they reached out a settlement of some sort. Yoshiki is old, he can't be performing much longer, his body will not allow him to and we all know that but he's still broke af. 

I can't help it but laugh at this whole thing. 

No. 232008

>marilyn manson is posting in this thread
>Yoshiki is lurking in this thread
>miyavi is lurking in this thread
KEK this anon is an underrated board schizo

No. 232176

File: 1660951475926.jpg (402.13 KB, 1080x1998, Screenshot_20220819-182959_Ins…)

Proof that Yukibomb was on the Imaginary tour with Miyavi in 2021, picrel.

Pic with a fan who met Miyavi, while wearing a MYV shirt and lanyard with pass in a Virginia venue during the tour, not in NYC for Fashion Week.

Yukibomb didn't pop up beside Miyavi until Richard Frias, Dollyave and Sintahoney did as well for the tour, when frias suddenly became Miyavi's tour manager despite not being a musician at all or ever managing a real one.

After miyavileei@gmail.com contacted me in June 2020. Every idea I gave that email, "Lee" is now a real Miyavi project, and anyone who does the slightest searching on IG will see how blatantly Yukibomb is still stalking and copying my IG for her inspiration. The only people who deny it are ever anonymous, nobody else anywhere online or IRL can deny the continued skinwalking.

And also, I still get random DMs from Yoshiki and Miyavi accounts all the way up to this July, and all the fake accounts are active right before the official ones post.

Richard still has my 2nd IG blocked that I never used to co tact him, so he knows who I am.

Yukibomb definitely knows who I am bc she wants to be me because of how badly "Lee" wanted me to go on tour in 2021.

Remember, "Lee" told me about the 2021 tour back in June 2020 before it was officially posted or talked about anywhere. When Miyavi went on the Imaginary tour was when I started putting it all together. That's how I discovered Yukibomb, tagged in Miyavi's pic, which he removed after my first post here on old /m/ when he deleted everything and she pretended to be in NYC for FW21 the entire time, then popped up in LA and HI with him for no reason at all.

Dollyave still has almost no real fans or skill and now has a modeling contract, is signed and has credit on one of Miyavi's albums, which is hilarious bc she used things from the deleted chats to write her songs. Sinta fucked off but still travels everywhere Miyavi does outside of Japan in between ad modeling.

over a dozen literal who's got careers with Miyavi because of the 2 years worth of chats between me and "Lee", and even if it was just Frias and his shapeless hoes, I'm still owed a fuxkload of money and credit.

Plus, if my style & "distinct personality" (how Yukibomb flogs it on her website) is that great then all I need is a photographer and manager. Yuki has a whole team of middle aged broke ass simps to help her curate my persona onto herself to get work, which is funny bc the only time she does get work is when she's secretly blonde again.

I'm not worried about any anonymous opinions on any of this. I'm posting it for posterity at this point for later, it's gonna age incredibly.

I literally did nothing wrong & these people have been stalking, copying and stealing from me for 2 years now.

I don't see what's supposed to be so wrong with me for talking about it, the only reason I can think this would take merit even a curious question or two instead of blatant disregard is because someone needs it to go away.

Every story I post of my pics side by side with Yukibomb's copies gets more and more iews and likes, including verified accounts that are pretty surprising. I'm not gaining new followers for the stories but the sheer amount of views on them since I posted about it here is crazy, too.

Somebody has been following my social media for a while now to leech ideas from me. I know exactly how crazy that sounds, but I have way too much to doubt it at this point. I can't say for sure who the "someone" is bc I don't know, but it definitely is someone with the ability to take any ideas I give them to the artists they're impersonating. Someone stole years worth of ideas, selfies, career plans and traits from me via that email, and now all of those things are associated with Miyavi and Yukibomb.

Tell me how else that can happen?

No. 232178

Can you not see that nobody reads or responds to your long ass walls of schizotext? fucking stop bumping this thread and get some meds

No. 232180

And it's fun y that you post this bothered-soundig reply within 10 minutes of Yucki posting a story to IG, lol. If you don't like it you can ignore it, I'm posting in case anyone else has had these types of accounts message them too bc I know I'm not the only one. The increase in my IG traffic since posting more stories and posting here tells me it's not all just Imaginary.

Just hide the thread & ignore it. Something suspicious is going on & I plan to expose it however it has to happen.

No. 232212

oh anon. I think you are genuinely schizophrenic and going through a persecution delusion. not that you'll listen to me, if reasoning with schizos worked then they wouldn't need the drugs kek. As an experiment, why don't you try getting on some meds and see if Miyavi stops copying you?

No. 232230

Gackt is apparently back from his hiatus. He looks a bit rough

No. 232231

It doesn't matter what you think. If I could post everything here without breaking a site rule it would be undeniable. If you're too lazy to look on IG for the blatant skinwalking that's on you, but either hide the thread & move on or stop waiting to be spoonfed.

No. 232232

sage for double post, but also Yuki is the one skinwalking me, Miyavi/Frias are the ones who stole all the ideas I had for Miyavi when I wouldn't join his boy-body escort harem.

No. 232270

File: 1661007508509.jpg (317.22 KB, 943x1280, 20220820_075800.jpg)

Kamijo is also back with OSCAR.

No. 232547

Miyavi anon get help, pls

No. 242042

I saw Miyavi in London over a decade ago. He kept looking at me and made really strong eye contact all through the gig, wouldn’t break eye contact to the point I felt uncomfortable and was grinning at me throughout his set, my friend who was with me even noticed it too and started joking about how he must want to fuck me because he’s giving fuckme eyes and how we would get backstage to suck his dick or whatever. I was only 17 at the time. I felt really really weird, and I went home right after even though we had planned to stay behind and meet him after the concert. I’m also blonde. Does he like blonde women or something? I’ve been out of the loop for a long while. I just found this thread randomly lol.

No. 242043

This post made me cackle.

No. 245456

He absolutely prefers blondes, why else do you think all 3 hoes went blonde for the 2021 tour? Or why they hired 5 different blonde stylists&assistants named Kelsey when I started really posting g and calling them out? Hell he even dyed his own hair blonde for the current tour. He looks miserable though, kek.

Even aside from my evidence, the smug vagueposting should be proof that they know SOMETHING is going on otherwise why else ignore me? I keep getting tons of Miyavi fans looking at my stories, Yukibomb isn't dressing like me anymore but she's still going back and forth with me based on what stories I post. It's fascinating to watch her directly reply to specific things I say about her while trying to pretend I'm crazy and making shit up at the same time.

Really, the fact that they keep proving me right plus how strange Miyavi is acting (notice he stopped posting w his kids as much and now he doesn't post with Melody at all? There were divorce rumors floating around Japan until I posted abt it here and then suddenly their marriage is fine again, but M/M/Y all stopped the pink/blonde hair roulette at the same time, too. Any time I post about doing something, suddenly Yuki is doing a bigger better version of it. I've shown a lot of people my collection of Yuki copycat pics and receipts, and the most common responses I've heard are "she must be in love with you", "she wants to wear your skin", and "she's your #1 fan", it's kind of flattering now that people are actually seeing it IRL, and I feel a lot more motivated to keep going with all this. I want to find a place online I can talk about it that isn't anon and won't be censored by these goons who clearly keep stalking me around the internet to censor me whenever I try to talk about this.

I mean really, did they think they would be able to literally copy everything I do while posting passive aggressive digs aimed at ???? and say it's just a massive 2.5 year long coincidence? I literally posted a story saying "HI, Yucki!" and she uploaded a pic with the caption "oh hi there" with kisses faces and hearts trying to act like a cringy girlboss. I don't think she understands that she's not the "girlboss" in this scenario, she's just a customized flashlight basically. But I guess that's what happened when you rot your brain chasing attention from middle aged simps? I especially loved watching her try to hop onto the "necklace" thing Miyavi and Yoshiki were doing, but as soon as she posted a selfie wearing on herself they both immediately took theirs off and didn't put them back on, after both Y and M wearing them for months. I had fun making fun of her for that, bc she scrambled and made her friend upload her selfie to her jewelry site as the model pic so she'd have an excuse for it. The screenshot Yucki posted still showed her friend's account logged in, kek.

I got a few more fakes on tiktok and ig asking for selfies and what "evidence" I had against them, then my IG got suspended and my email and phone were hacked. I lost some screenshots, but not many, and secured my phone again. Tons of updates now that Miyavi is on tour again, I started commenting on pics of Dolly and Richard calling then out & they blocked me. So far Dolly, Richard, Chloe, and Miyavi's 2 main fan pages have all blocked me instead of replying to my messages or comments. I posted comments on Dollyave's pics with Miyavi claiming Richard "manifested" her dreams to correct her and she kept deleting my comments despite them being rather polite.

They're scared and ignoring me but they are also careful to avoid certain things now that I mention. The tour is sponsored by the Dell collab where he used another stolen chatlog line of mine, btw. Every hashtag they use, I'm using.

Anyone feel free to DM me on Instagram and ask questions or for pics, I'm absolutely willing to show everything to anyone at this point, I just have a lot going on IRL aside from this rn. This is so hilarious and crazy, especially the part where they let Yuki flaunt so hard they now literally can't deny they don't know about me or that she's been copying my pics, or the part where they abandoned Miyavi's tiktok just so nobody can report the fake accounts messaging fans as impersonating the verified account anymore. I have a Miyavi tiktok in my inbox saying the same shit as 2020 Lee did, wants to carry fans along in his career like Dolly, Yuki, and Cloe, but the 3x I reported the account it came back not a violation- because Miyavi's verified tiktok (miyavi_lee_ishihara) now just says "Tik Toker" and has no pfp, so there's technically no "identity" to impersonate despite it being Miyavi's verified account. His staff will no longer acknowledge that he has it, either even though he went viral with #Ishiharas during lockdown and even talked about it in interviews. They all just pretend it never existed now.

No. 245458

OH! Me again bc I forgot one thing g that makes me giggle with glee:

I keep seeing multiple comments on pics for the tour from fans saying they suddenly have tickets and VIPs available for sale due to changing their mind about going. I found 4 pics with comments like these and each pic had at between 2 and 4 fans selling tickets without giving reasons why.

No. 245587

File: 1665197467372.jpg (283.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221007-224328_Ins…)

Didn't notice this earlier, but right after @comyvww, dollyave and Richard blocked me for posting and tagging them, Miyavi got flowers from those pages. My guess is the fans who were recruited during the pandemic into the "myvcrew" are struggling to keep his morale up for the tour while I keep forcing them to either change hashtags or acknowledge me. They aren't going to be able to promote this fucking tour on IG at all because of me. Fuck em.

I just found out today my 15 year old dog has colon cancer so they are going to be getting all of my psycho rage for the rest of the month & I'm pushing go on le lawyer tomorrow. They can all eat my shit, Yoshiki included, who I haven't forgotten about at all.

No. 245665

File: 1665227965632.jpg (312.87 KB, 1080x2114, Screenshot_20220930-182958_Ins…)

Another update!

I sent a DM to Sintahoney asking if she wanted to help me expose Richard for abandoning her in the UK because she looked so miserable sitting on her couch while Dollyave flew off to Japan with Miyavi.

One week later, Sinta and her visahubby are now leaving the UK and she seems happy again after weeks of no posting and having nothing to do with Miyavi or the Fraud Squad. I guess she told them I reached out & they're reabsorbing her to protect whatever info she has on them.

No. 245666

File: 1665228033328.jpg (771.72 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221008-070515_Ins…)

Flying away, suddenly happier

I also got a follow from a new Miyavi "official" fan account that was just made, I expect a DM asking me for selfies soon.

No. 245674

if you do intend to seek legal counsel, why in the world are you still posting here about all of this? doesn't the potential involvement of a lawyer usually demand some level of discretion?

my condolences for your doggy btw. :(

No. 245711

Because media attention for something like this is half the battle. I want more people aware of it and asking questions, generating interest because so far it's only me and the Fraud Squad stalking me around the internet to troll me into oblivion to protect Yoshiki and Miyavi's careers, bc I know now Yoshiki has been doing this since like 2015. Maria really did get a settlement from the Disney+ thing and I'd bet that's part of why old /m/ went down.

Miyavi and his crew are also now removing my posts from the tour hashtags, idk how. I don't really want to start making tiktoks about it but I know if I do it'll blow up. I really just want somewhere I can find other people who were contacted by them and gather more info and evidence because I know it's a whole scam system they're using to staff their ranks with super loyal fans. I know this because that's literally what I told miyavileei@gmail.com to do, looks like he did it but had to try to prostitute me out to knock me down a peg or two? Idk. It's crazy to me how they wanted all my million dollar ideas but all I literally said I wanted from them was to not have sex with anyone and not have to prance on stage. I described to him what I wanted to do and suddenly Yukibomb is blonde and doing it and working with the brands I told him I wanted to.

I also need someone who can help me figure out HOW they got into all my shit. I tried hiring a hacker online but I got ripped off, I really have no idea how to find help for this online anymore since they've been in my phone. I get fucked up google results for stuff I search that I never have before, I can't look things up in my city either bc it will only show me things far out of state. It's like they put a bug in my phone to make it basically useless for anything but scrolling social media because nearly everything else is glitching or just refuses to work properly.

And the idea that they're posting here isn't crazy at all. Marilyn Manson got into so much trouble bc of the anountmof digging and posting abt him I was doing here before I realized all this was happening. Remember when Yoshiki was hanging around Ghostemane, Dave Chappell and Dababy? That was during a time when I was listening to and posting those guys regularly, and the trend has been consistent for years: I start posting about something, then Yoshiki pops up randomly next to them or it. Same with his recent mentions of "punk rock". If it seems like he's doing some weird, random shit that doesn't align with his rich bitch persona, it was because of something I was consistently posting or doing. Remember he followed me on twitter randomly right after I turned 18 and stayed on my private Twitter until I took him off. Twice.

There's something huge as fuck hidden here and I just need some tech help to blow it all up. I can't do it alone and I know I'm not the only one who they contacted.

No. 245713

>>245711 again
Adding also that I have more evidence than I'm posting and that I have more that I haven't posted anywhere online saved offline and off of my phone. I started backing everything up when I noti ed my screenshots pf Yoshiki liking Yukibomb and Sintahoney's pics were done from my favorites folder, which is probably the reason why they hacked my phone- trying to delete my evidence.

No. 245747


Miyavianon again, I've been going back over every post I've made here & rediscovering just how hard they initially panicked and tried to hide the groupies before my phone was hacked. It seems that however they managed to hack my Gmail and edit my chatlogs made them feel secure enough to keep stalking, copying and vagueposting just to shit on me, but going back over everything that has disappeared since I started posting is damning enough itself. The creepy way Miyavi gushed over Dollyave on the 2021 tour, Melody's cringy comments thirsting over her own husband, and so many other things. The Hindsight is crystal clear, I'm not making any of this up, and they're committing multiple counts of fraud and have no intention of stopping any time soon.

No. 245999

Alright, ok. Miyavi has Yuki, Dolly and Sinta still whoring around and using them as he sees fit. Yoshiki reached a settlement with this Maria girl and Marilyn Manson is somewhat involved on shutting her up about something. But why? What happened? What's so special about these women?

No. 246312

File: 1665484335972.jpg (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, 20221010_193348.jpg)

So I've been going back and forth from this thread to the last and it's mentioned that Kamijo and Yoshiki have some kind of beef going on between them for some time now. I went back to my Playlist and watched the "Behind the mask" MV on YouTube and I saw a bunch of X Japan references. Like the bridge in California that Yoshiki also used for the IV MV(same scenario and lighting) a scene of a body wrapped in bandages just like yoshiki used for a scene in Born to be free and what really got to me is that in one of the lines of Behind the mask, kamijo says " Heartbroken prima donna, you took one look at me and realized youre not alone." Then moves to another paragraph and says "let's not tell anyone about our relationship/love" then moves on to say "everyone knows they're crying behind the mask". I'm sure I'm missing a lot more details but I also saw that in one of the Kamijo magazines, kamijo was in California in 2020 and 2021,right about the time where the beef rumors started to spark. If you zoom in this picture, it says Kamijo in River side. (California)

No. 246468

>come in here hoping to read some funny shit about bandmen being cows
>whole thread is just some schizo's blog
god damnit

No. 246597

The old threads were kind of interesting to read
I guess there isn't much to say since all the VKei artists worth talking about are old and boring now

No. 247043

At least it's interesting & there's actually something to it. The vitriolic seetheposting in response to it is telling, too. No thread gets replies like that without cows lurking, other anons ignore it and move on without getting personally invested and offended.

No. 247047

Sage for dblpost but I wonder if it has something to do with that Yoshiki Baccarat scam suicide? Apparently Yoshiki has been using fake private accounts to scam his fans out of money and ideas for years before the pandemic, which is why he doesn't make music anymore and has so many weird ass random merchandise deals.

No. 247057

Myvanon again, sorry for so many posts but my brain is fried from stress and emotions since I found out about my dog (& it doesn't help that Yucki just had to post her dog after I post here abt mine getting cancer), I was actually one of the main posters in the Manson threads before I realized what was going on here & stopped caring about MM. I know that when I stopped digging into him, the heat on him died down and Yoshiki, who had unfollowed him while Manson was getting the most heat, followed him again. I didn't know Manson had anything to do with Maria, either, can you fill me in?

I sent a DM to Sintahoney 10 days before she suddenly flee to the states to follow Miyavi around asking if she wanted to help me, but I guess she used that to buy her way back in instead. Not my best moment, but it's also still a clue.

Dollyave, Theartof_chlo, Richardfrias, Miyavi_staff and several other popular Miyavi fan pages that he interacts with have blocked me, and somehow no matter which hashtags I use on my pics they don't show up next to the tour pics like they should be. I still get the feeling they somehow have the ability to fuck with how my IG works.

>What's so special about these women?

For the hoes, they got handed what I wanted for saying yes to what I said no to & being willing to try to replace me. As for me, literally nothing. My #1 biggest WTF in all this is how the fuck any of them know anything about me. It has to have something to do with Yoshiki & him following me on twitter for so long, but even I don't know where THAT came from or exactly when it started or why. I was just a random 18 year old who joined twitter to upload my stupid ramblings, most of which were about Dir en grey because during my weeb years they were my fandom, not X Japan. I like hide, but I've never posted about him, and as for selfies I didn't post a pic of my face online until I was in my 20s after I finished Accutane. None of it makes sense, I'm a broke redneck nobody bitch posting low quality selfies and trying to make myself happy with kawaii distractions and anime when my entire life has always been shit. Now everything that used to be my escape is now a career for a group of escorts willing to wear my identity like an outfit for the "artists" I listened to since I was 11 because I wouldn't agree to fuck one of them? If I didn't have actual year's worth of proof I wouldn't believe it either, trust me. I'm ugly but I can take a good selfie on a good day with a nude face, that's not a skill worthy of all this just bc I have a rad personality and good taste in music and clothes.

Although I did just get another fake private Miyavi account on IG who sent me to another Hangouts chat to offer me money and to be with Miyavi again. I notice that those only happen (since I started posting callouts) when Yuki is posting regularly & copying me, too.

I go back and forth on if it was Yoshiki who told Miyavi to start scamming his fans bc of how he was struggling during lockdown, or if it was Richard pretending to be Miyavi to use the ideas and appeal of me to get himself a job with his idol Miyavi, because not only did Myv credit Richard with some of the ideas but he also wasn't working for Miyavi until the pandemic just like Yuki.

I did really see and hear Miyavi on the brief video call say my name though, so it eas him & he did/does know about me and that explains why he had Yuki up his ass every chance he got until she dropped the blonde.

Although my guess is Yuki got dropped bc she isn't actually on tour AFAIK, and those chunky ugly chokers Y and M were wearing for months dropped off of BOTH of them the day after Yuki posted a selfie wearing one like she was part of their little duo. She had to cover her ass by pretending her selfie was her modeling a necklace for her friend's e-store but the screnshot Yuki posted of the shop still showed her friend logged in from when she had just uploaded the pic (after I made a post loling abt Myv and Y taking theirs off the moment she put hers on). Yuki starts posting and copying me again the hardest when I get messages from Private amyv accounts asking me for selfies and where I work and live and trying to offer me money to shut up. Now, she's started reposting tiktoks to her stories bc I've been doing it lately, so I think she thinks "Miyavi" is still trying to contact me & is hoping to be the "better" version of me… to win him? I really don't know, the more she/they do it the funnier and more nonsensical it gets. Now even Miyavi is posting shit to match my story posts like Yuki has been, so I know he's watching me post calling her out, too.

No. 247066

Last post but I forgot to add that this is a fuckton of fraud, theft, impersonation, covid relief fraud & wire fraud, and human trafficking. If there's a system of artists preying on fans using social media to pad their careers and get laid at their fans expense, that's a huge deal. Isn't it interesting how after a bunch of male celebrities got in trouble for messaging young female fans & getting involved with them that suddenly a bunch of social media platforms started changing their terms of use several times in just a few weeks? Some of it for FB was that they changed it so that you could go back and delete shit from chats that OTHER people had posted, but the changes were related to chats, messages, and using those messages to prove things like theft and threats. Funny, huh? Just like how Miyavi's tiktok went from being his #1 platform and making him go viral to being abandoned when he came back with Bitchard & the Fraud Squad amidst Manson taking heat & Yoshiki basically doing nothing but getting scared by Russia invading Ukraine (which is weird by itself).

No. 247155

How is it that Yoshiki got the money to come up with a boyband and a TV show on Hulu with all his friend as guests if he's still broke? Is he spending all his last savings thinking that a boyband under his belt will save him from being in bankruptcy? That's pathetic.

No. 247168

Miyavinon here 4 out of 5 Yishiki fakes that messaged me since 2017 when they started on IG asked me if I wanted to do a private meet & greet, and if I wanted to he'd give e me his manager's email to set up the meeting and pay the $10,000 "fee". The Japanese girl e stole the Baccarat idea from allegedly sent him over $100,000USD before she killed herself when real!Yoshiki announced the Baccarat thing. I asked my fakes about her trying to get her name and each time instead of pretending to have no idea about it, they laughed about it.

Idk when she died, but I do know it was around the last time he kept posting "I don't have private accounts!" and "Suicide is never the option!" tweets that seemed random at the time.

No. 247169

Oh and also he's best friends with Miyavi who he's helped many times over the years, I wouldn't be surprised if they were helping keep each other afloat now that they're both washed up.

No. 247267


I wonder if the Yakuza are still protecting him for him to have such impacto on a person. With the rape rumors, even pedophilia, stealing the money and ideas from fans and then driving them to commit suicide this guy should be in jail.

No. 247275

oh for real? i hear if you look in the mirror at midnight and chant miyavi 10 times he appears and fucks your mom

No. 247281

Gackt had been posting old concert clips for the past couple months and now he privated his instagram… I wonder if he is going to announce something soon

No. 247283

i really hope not. what happened to that "my voice is ruined" stuff from a while back? his voice was the only thing keeping him from being a complete laughing stock, if he tours with a fucked up voice it will be so embarrassing

No. 247289

He got over his medical issues and announced that he was back in business like a month ago… I haven't seen him sing yet though

No. 247297

File: 1665727579835.jpeg (143.56 KB, 500x738, 11F31F8E-C0D5-4AAF-A259-C08FFD…)


No. 247323

Nah, he'd fuck your underage daughter bc he's an ephebophile, then "give her a chance" for it so she can be famous for stealing ideas from adult women. Just like Dollyave!

No. 247659

sage for dblpost but I skipped over this before- I've seen people calling Yoshiki an evil asshole for years but nobody ever says why, do you know the story behind that?

No. 247698

He's a nightmare to work with, he's been milking hide's death since 1998.

No. 247783

Yeah, but that doesn't = rape rumors. I've always heard he was a racist and pedo but never heard any rumors abt why. It's like there's an army of people who hate Yoshiki but can't/won't go into specifics, like scorned exes.

No. 247810

There's been rumors for some years now that he raped a 16yo model but nobody gives out any details on that. It's on the other threads as well. Coming from yoshiki I wouldn't doubt it tho

No. 247856

File: 1665915052178.jpg (43.21 KB, 960x492, gakutomiyabi.jpg)

Stolen from scape

No. 247931

>left visual kei

Kek, except for the last few days on tour he's been playing 15+ yesr old VKei songs and posting throwbacks to Vkei, because I (myvnon) told the latest "Miyavi" to contact me that I didn't like any of his new music. Hilarious, just like Yukibomb doing a constipated & bouncy dakota rose runway walk while being a full head shorter than the other models in heels.

No. 248348

There's never been any aside from randos from these threads that don't have receipts or sound the least bit reliable. He's just a run of the mill rich douche.

This thread reminds me of that one cow who's name I can't remember that thinks a bunch of male celebs are gangstalking her.

No. 248353

>artist and his groupies keep supposedly raping/stealing/whatever from you
>continue to desperately orbit them 24/7
uh huh

No. 248446

Suuuure. Keep telling yourself that

No. 248548

Has anyone else here ever read Gackt's autobiography? I thought it was kind of interesting until he gets up to the sections where he talks about leaving Malice Mizer and Kami's death, it sounds so fake kek. Honestly you can see his narcissism in the whole book if you read through the lines

No. 248621

Yeah it was pretty bullshit.

What's that saying, something along the lines of that if one person is having a problem with you, the problem is them, but if multiple people are having a problem with you, the problem is you? If the whole damn band had no problem with him leaving, the problem was most definitely him, especially if someone as chill as Kozi didn't mind him fucking off.

I think he's backed off on that story now though because over the past couple years he's been telling Malice Mizer stories like he's still bffs with them (he's not, and iirc they contacted him about their reunion and got no response). Now that he's old, increasingly irrelevant, and has no friends, he's probably nostalgic for those times and realized he fucked up back then and he no doubt knows they still hang out together and retain a lot of their old Malice era fans which makes it worse.

No. 248681

It doesn't even make sense that Malice Mizer and the record label would sit down and kick Gackt out, they were at the height of their career and Gackt was a huge part of that. And he tried to act like they kicked him out because they got greedy? It makes a lot more sense that Gackt is the one who got greedy kek. I don't blame him for having a solo career, although maybe he could have done both

And he tried to say nobody told him about Kami's death? I find that hard to believe nobody reached out to him about a funeral unless it was like family only. And that he drove around looking for Kami's parents

When has he been talking positively about Malice Mizer? I only know of that one cringe interview with the anime man where he says they're all dead kek

No. 248682

OH and the one part where one of the band mates made a throwaway comment about the fans buying CD's either way and he was like "Don't talk about the fans like that!!!" like he was so offended? Topkek that sound's like something Gackt himself would say

No. 248698

Even if they didn't contact him when Kami died, they weren't obligated to anyway. One reason being that I'm sure they were overwhelmed with the news themselves and Gackt was the last thing on their minds at the time, and the another being that if he left on bad terms how the hell even would they. Maybe if he was as close to Kami as he claimed he was they would have immediately made sure he knew (and if we was that close he wouldn't have needed them to tell him in the first place), but he probably wasn't and it didn't even cross their minds because he simply just wasn't that close to Kami.

As for stories, he's been amping up the nostalgia over these past couple COVID era years. Some I remember was about his time joining the band and coming to Tokyo, and the weird shenanigans they'd get into, like weirdos mistaking the band vehicle for a drug dealer's, staying over at one of the members shitty apartments and hearing Yakuza gunfire outside while the member (sounds like either Mana or Kozi going by the reaction) just shrugging it off, and some run-in with a crazy naked Chinese man with a sword. Another story was about Mana's guitar woes, where he was playing normally with his usual blank expression and then hit a string that wasn't tuned correctly and made a horrified face, then was depressed about it after the show, and Gackt found it hilarious. Recording of this one here:


No. 249262

Maybe you're right that Gackt just plays up his closeness to Kami kek. It's weird to see him talk so casually about Mana

No. 249434

Since vkei bandomen have a bad reputation, do you guys think Mana is a decent person? I think he's probably egotistical but I'd like to believe he doesn't do anything too terrible. It already disappoints me that Gackt is an asshole with a rape allegation that is probably true

No. 249482

Going by what I've seen of online Jap gossip, Mana has a really, really good reputation. He's somehow kept a very clean image over the three decades or so he's been active. Even archived 2ch threads from the 90s are squeaky clean. Most negativity that I've seen comes from English speakers and I can never find equivalent rumours in Japanese so I suspect it comes from some weird Mana vs. Gackt fanfic autism.

Same with the other Malice dudes besides Gackt, really. They did a good job keeping their image clean somehow. Part of it I think came from their policy on not associating with other groups. I don't think they ever got involved with the "scene" and hence never had other trashy bandmen influencing them. It also says a lot that Mana has kind of criticized modern visual kei for being full of posers so I think he's legitimately into the whole gothic thing too and not just in a band to be famous or get laid or whatever attracts shitheads. Kozi isn't too fond of the visual kei label anymore either for the same reason.

I think the juiciest gossip that's ever surrounded any of them since Malice Mizer disbanded is the rumour among Jap fans that Mana fired Juka for sleeping with fans. Just a silly rumour but big fucking lol if true.

No. 250318

This warms my heart, I was convinced there was some bad news around the other MM members I just hadn't heard yet lol. I'm not surprised Mana feels that way, he does seem like a true creative at heart

No. 253577

File: 1667743027592.jpg (34.06 KB, 1200x600, 20221106_065306.jpg)

So apparently the guy that was potentially going to be the new vocalist in Yoshikis new band XY PROJECT, has died. No causes of death have been revealed as of yet.

No. 254739

Hate to say, but it was probably the vaxx :/
So many young men are dropping dead these days.(:/)

No. 254936

File: 1668379852868.jpg (98.35 KB, 747x1140, Screenshot_20221110-211537_Gma…)

Soooo, who bought tickets?

No. 254939

Honestly? If it were anyone other than yoshiki, I'd go for sugizo and hyde.

No. 254987

File: 1668404614306.png (91.82 KB, 355x365, 34B964AF-4EA8-4EFE-8B78-83E0F1…)

>got over my myv oneitis 11 years ago
>miyavisama’s silhouette looking sxc
>still feeling it
noooooooooo stop making me feel things

No. 254988

nvm i googled him and he looks like a greasy chicken nugget now it’s over

No. 255581

I think they're ok for thier age. I bought a ticket and wanted to go to the NYC one since I'm going to a wedding anyway. I'm sure it won't sell out lol.

No. 255705

I just imagine what if one of them ends up collapsing mid concert, now that would be the only reason id go. But nah, they're way pass their expiration date.

No. 256190

The audience will be 30 year old women reliving their lj days. Actually sounds kind of cool, maybe I would go if gackt was involved

No. 256275

There was a joke going around that he was the bassist. Yoshiki tried to do this with gackt years ago, with S.K.I.N and they never even releases a thing.

No. 258268

>30 year old women reliving their lj days
that was too personal ouch

No. 260463

Jrock is really dead isn’t it? I miss the 2000s and early 2010s days.

No. 261474

I don't know what I was expecting but these sound like kpop songs with a twist

I guess I thought they would go for an older 90s/00s sound but maybe they're actually trying to court new fans

No. 261708

35 and me. But yeah, going just because. It's kinda wild how Yoshiki manages to stay afloat without releasing real music.

definitely died in 2010. I miss it too, but Japan doesnt like to advertise or do anything outside their country. there are so many good bands I never got the chance to see because they refuse to play overseas.

No. 261710

So happy Mana has been his unapologetic and unproblematic self for this long.

Yoshiki has another project? Sucks and rip to the vocalist, but that man jumps from project to project without completing anything. New Xjapan album never.
dont make me bring up Violet UK

No. 270827


No. 274752

Did anyone actually go and see The Last rockstars? It was okay. Hyde sang in english the entire time, but they did randomly perform Honey by Larc. I wasn't into it. It felt a bit all over the place. Yoshiki is still trying to break into the western market, but that ship sailed.
Someone updated the entire Tokyo and NYC shows if you search youtube.

No. 275171

I actually went to the la show and loved it. I'm still into thier music and like the energy.
I laughed though when yoshiki went on and on and on. Like hurry up me and my friends want to go eat trashy food.

No. 305137

Yoshiki will be hosting a panel at the LA anime convention this weekend, anyone going?

No. 308717

Went to the Yoshiki show and it was ok. What I'm more excited about is the JVM thing Kamijo and Mana have going on now that Mana confirmed at the Billboard japan interview that there are some issues between him and yoshiki and kamijo decided to back him up on the project. After seeing TLR and their total fiasco I can only wait for how the situation between TLR and JVM unfolds.

No. 309549

Anything happening recently? Bump

No. 309557

File: 1689844367675.png (377.18 KB, 477x791, screenshot.png)

MiA is getting some of his bones removed to make a guitar out of it and he previously planted a micro chip inside his body. Is this some shitshow that he is putting out for attention or has he gone fully insane?

No. 309747

Why does this read like Miyavi himself made this? Does anyone care or remember that he met with Samuel L Jackson besides him? The fact that it says hangs out also gives it away.

No. 310694

File: 1690295304955.jpg (431.76 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230725_102957_Gal…)

Anyone else watching the Yoshiki/Elon Musk Twitter thing?

Musk changed the name of Twitter to "X", which makes Twitter Japan "X Japan", which Yoshiki already owns the copyright to of course.

I'm waiting for a snarky Elon reply that starts a catfight, Yoshiki's fans will rip him to shreds.

No. 310698

I think it's Xitter now, not just X.

No. 310699

Yoshiki needs to drag Elon's ass to court and save us from his stupidity.

No. 310764

No, he wanted to rename it X to go along with that "everything app" he wanted to make & also call X.

No. 312249

File: 1690975622507.jpg (251.49 KB, 1000x1500, 20230731_181228.jpg)

This has to be photoshoped, right?

No. 313016

Nope. Elon is edging in on Yoshiki's X fetish, he changed the Twitter app to X and changed Twitter Japan to X Japan.

I was expecting way more from Yoshiki over this, but he's not doing or saying anything about it. I guess Gackt cares more about it than Yoshiki? Maybe Yoshiki gets $ from it somehow. IDK, I remember when Yoshiki used to sue everyone over anything.

No. 314297

Does anyone else still get random followers/messages on social media from fake Jrocker accounts? I noticed a major drop-off recently, but it's starting back up again on tiktok & now I can't find the button to even report them anymore. I also don't interact with any Jrocker accounts on tiktok, so why are they following me there? sage for double post

No. 318291

I’m pissed at Elon for copying Yoshiki-sama

No. 318601

File: 1693426857625.jpeg (761.53 KB, 828x809, IMG_3704.jpeg)

Gonna be seeing Passcode for their upcoming US tour soon, hopefully the pit won’t be full of stinky moids.

No. 318602

I dont know who they are, but have tons of fun!

No. 319658

Yoshiki seems to not care at all, but Elon's attempt to remove the blocking feature took over the X/X Japan issue entirely, so whatever I guess?

No. 320638

This is late but is Miyavi just a full on scammer then? I’ve composed various songs/instrumentals and have no idea what to do with them so I was considering selling them to a producer or musician. They are basically J rock guitar based songs so I would be fine selling them to miyavi but hearing all this scammy stuff about him freaks me out.

No. 320939

Yes, literally. Since the pandemic, most of his Diwcord fans admit they've only been fans for <3 years, and most say they found him via the projects he did right after with Arcane, Netflix (Kate movie) etc.

Considering also that the 'fake' miyavi accounts ask for content ideas and gift cards/to receive funds, it's pretty easy to deduce that since the pandemic when he ended his own company & started one w Richard Frias that all his new content and collaboration came from fans.

Miyavi pre-2020 was a completely different artist with a different direction. Now, his only goal seems to be to appeal to as many members of Gen Z as possible & inexplicably absorb them into his staff like Yukibomb, Dollyave, Gaby Borromeo, Kento Nakagawa, Theartof_Chlo and dozens of others.

There are even intros in the Discord from New staff members literally aged 18-25 who admit they didn't know of Miyavi before 3 years ago & were "pulled into his world unexpectedly". picrel.

Also remember the way he was ignoring his wife on IG, the way he looks like he wants to puke next to her, and the way he keeps sneaky linking with Yukibomb & how she can't go to any events (or even maintain her roots) unless Miyavi is in town with her.

I've been keeping up with them & I've found some damn good stuff, so much so that they're trying to take down my IG, and they hacked into my bank account and email, and have been illegally rerouting my calls and voice-mail since I no longer reply to the fakes that STILL follow me and send me messages asking about my interests and goals. Still.

I got banned from the Discord ONLY for posting in the discussion THEY made abt Miyavi fake accounts & member's experiences with them because everyone else was saying they asked for gift cards or funds transfers, but I said they only ever ask me for selfies, personal info, what I'm currently interested in and what I'm planning to do in any professional capacity.

No. 320944

File: 1694544044475.jpg (133 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230912_144356_Gal…)

fucking dropped my pic

But yeah, it's wild to me how since the pandemic, Japan/anime shit has taken tf off yet its all being handed to Gen Z kids when Millennials were the ones made fun of for liking anime to get away from everything else at the time being so sexualized. Now, the artists who are only popular I the west bc if Milennials are using all our creativity to fuck Gen Z.

It makes no sense how Miyavi is absolutely surrounded by under 25 year olds from IG who had no ties whatsoever to the careers they got with and from him during and since.

I'm honestly amazed that nobody else finds it as suspicious that an entire generation of brand new adults popped out of the pandemic into careers that Milennials have been building and supporting for the last 15 years.

Anime/Jrock/weebshit is only popular because of Milennials, but we got skipped over when it came to getting careers doing it because we're basically the only generation that isn't trying to use sex/social currency to get everything. These aging rockers are taking advantage of it fully.

Also Skyler isn't Miyavi's kid & that's why he can ball in Melody's face so hard with these girls while unable to be near Melody without looking disgusted. Skylar looks nothing like him or his kids when they were younger, & when Miyavi was going viral on TikTok with his kids Melody was nowhere to be found until he DID go viral. His marriage is for image only.

No. 320946

What's funny is Elon legally can't even do that, in order for an app to be on the Apple or Google play store it has to have that feature.

Nothing came from it which makes me think sneaky Yoshiki found a way to make $ from it.

No. 320948

File: 1694544803126.jpg (777.71 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230912_145131_Gal…)

In case it's not obvious, I'm the Miyavianon who was trying to call them out here last year, but I suffered a head injury last September that affects rs my memory and concentration which makes it so, so much harder to discuss this when they were literally ITT shitting all over me & literally laughing about it.

Picrel is from August 18th, 2022 when I was posting here. They were at Coachella or Revolve festival (idr), and posted this as I was in here getting flamed and called delulu. What is it?

Dollyave dressed in cowprint, laughing and dancing as Miyavi dances and types on his phone.

Very, very obvious in hindsight, considering people were asking questions and generally being cool abt it until suddenly the defensive trolling to derail the thread started.

Buuuut I still have all of my evidence lol. I'm still willing to talk to anyone else abt this who is curious, but after several ppl contacting me claiming the same thing happened to them & then ghosting me when I CAN prove I'm not making any of this up, they block me and vanish & suddenly Miyavi is doing another project with a new Gen Z staff member with no prior experience/exposure to music or fashion at all.

No. 320951

File: 1694545144046.jpg (802.25 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230912_145901_Gal…)

It was a video, so I got 2 screenshots of it.

It's the "random" cow print, the obnoxious dancing and Miyavi typing while doing so that makes it a little too obvious it was them, aside from the fact that they posted this AS I was here arguing with them.

Ever since "Maria" posted about getting ripped off by a "fake" Yoshiki to get that Disney+ movie & it turned out to be true, it's so hard to talk about it??

Miyavi & Yoshiki are both doing it, and they've both been very close for decades. When Miyavi got married, he went to LA with Yoshiki to learn English & I remember both of them posting MySpace blogs about Miyavi going to Long Beach to play guitar & enjoying the anonymity.

No. 320952

I think these scams are how Yoshiki has been floating his already flimsy career since before the pandemic, and when Miyavi started struggling bc of it was when I got the message from him on IG from the "fake" account that ended up stesling all my ideas and selfies/personal shit.

Yoshiki giving speeches abt ChatGPT at Stanford when he can't even figure out how to turn off his own IG live makes less sense than all these random GenZ nonfans who become staff members out of nowhere.

No. 320959


And here is the post I made on August 18th, after almost 2 weeks of no posts in the thread. That's when it started & didn't stop until I stopped posting, but while scrolling the thread it seems like some of the most mocking replies to me are gone?


No. 320964

File: 1694546861538.jpg (459.23 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20230912_152813_Bra…)

>the Fraud Squad

One last thing: someone named Kayla Zhao wrote a book literally titled "The Fraud Squad", based on this entire premise. She says she wrote it based on her experiences working at Harper's Bazaar Vietnam- the same publication that keeps shilling Dollyave since she doesn't know how to really write music.

The plot claims it's about a fake socialite scamming their way into the "elite" circle while working at the magazine. She claims it's based on her own experiences. I've tried to contact her multiple times to ask about it, but she won't reply. It's based in Singapore but the story came from her experiences working with Harper's Bazaar Vietnam.

That plot is literally all of this but from the POV of either Dollyave or Yukibomb, and the characters on the cover even look like them & Miyavi.

No. 320965

File: 1694547013771.jpg (274.74 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20230912_152752_Bra…)


Can anyone else explain how a phrase I used here before this book was written became the title of the book?

I think Kayla knew Dolly/Yuki and watched them scam me for careers with Miyavi (who the male character is obviously based on) and found her own way to make money off of me getting ripped off.

No. 320968

File: 1694547509245.jpg (100.15 KB, 1073x826, Screenshot_20230912_154009_Bra…)

Forgot to add, this book came out January 17th, 2023- just a few months after I started trying to call them all out using the hashtag #thefraudsquad.

ok I'm done fr this time.

No. 321902

File: 1694917290605.jpeg (Spoiler Image,187.27 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_8984.jpeg)

MiA got his rib removed and is apparently placing it inside his guitar (spoiler for blood and his literal fucking rib out wtf)

No. 321937

Jrockers becoming unhinged post-pandemic is the gift that keeps on giving wtf

No. 321968

I’m not gonna unspoiler the pic because euw but wtf? Seriously what is up with Mia? He pops everywhere but still only has his old mejibray costumes/photos from years ago too.

No. 323161

File: 1695569289896.gif (1002.54 KB, 408x288, 99b8ccf47624f01e926ba98e6398cd…)

Today I found out that Issay died and I feel so sad, I actually even cried a bit.

That led me to also look up the old bands I listened to and it seems that everything is gone? Coming across Tanuki when I was in my late teens already opened my eyes to the reality that most of them aren't actually big stars (and whores) but it's still super sad to see that many of them aren't even that much older than I yet already "retired". And let's face it, those guys aren't having a great job and future with was past and mostly no education. Sounds pathetic but I feel so sorry that they only got to live their dream for auch a short while.
Only the oldies from the 90s are doing well, I guess Plastic Tree and Mucc aren't rich but doing ok enough to live of their craft but even the bigger nugus like Nocturnal Bloodlust or the former Mejibray vocal only have 10k followers. Compare that to nobody kpop idols who nevertheless easily reach a million…

Der Zibet wasn't even my number 1 favourite, so I'm really scared that something could happen to Atsushi due to his decade long alcoholism and depression… Pathetic but I idolized these guys growing up so much. I still secretly dream of also having a band but apparently the industry is close to dead and there hardly were any female members either and apart from the lucky grandpas on this thread everybody else is broke and mentally ill.
Sometimes I wish I never came across visual kei because seeing it literally die now that I would have enough money to go to concerts os so depressing. I'm so jealous of japanese girlies in the 80s and 90s.
Sorry for the sad rant

No. 324508

No. 324575

Honestly I love it. I haven’t been active in the jrock comm for like a decade and I came back and there’s so much milky shit to catch up on, its great
I’m sorry nona, music really is a temperamental bitch of an industry and I guess most musicians consider themselves lucky if they had any success at all no matter how short lived. The world has changed so much since my old jrock fangirl days and it sucks. I know what you mean about feeling connected and protective over these guys, I’ve lost quite a few of my favorite bandomen to suicide, scandals or just seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth, and it really sucks. Things ain’t how they used to be and seeing people growing older and the environment and music industry changing is jarring and depressing. You have my condolences.

No. 324576

I feel like there’s really nothing sadder in the world than watching formerly gorgeous creative men ageing. They always turn into desperate creeps who groom their fans for sex and song ideas. I know quite a lot of 80s and 90s singers through my dad who worked in the industry in that time and so many of them are so damn creepy and desperate, you wouldn’t believe. I’ve had 50, 60 year old pop singers trying to flirt and proposition me since I was like 14. It’s like they’ve been having a permanent midlife crisis since they were 40 and the less relevant they become the creepier and more desperate they are. Sad to see Miyavi is going down the same road.

No. 324579

Sorry but dolly is so damn ugly and badly shaped

No. 324644

figured this belonged here.

No. 324765

Lmfao agree, that must be why she used to dress like & constantly reference looking like a 13 year old. It took her a solid 3 years of toddling after Miyavi to break 5k IG followers & that wasn't until dozens of @ from Miyavi and a blue check bought from Meta.

Yukibomb is still stalking, copying, & replying to my posts though. I even made a whole IG to post her replies she posts to my posts abt her while trying desperately to avoid acknowledging me while bragging about "haters". Girl legitimately hasn't worked since last May, moved to NY as the state is sinking & has been in hiding ever since except for sneaking around with Miyavi, trying to smeakypost about it, then frantically posting damage control.

Seriously, it's the most obvious and hilarious shit to watch, she posts, I call her out, she makes another post an hour after my callous trying to justify/excuse whatever I pointed out & mocked her for in my post.

Check out Yukibombfraud on IG, that's the account I made to keep track of her bc she won't stop sending me emails and fake profiles trying to get me to either "be friends" (LOL) and "share ideas and interests", offering to "help me make money on Instagram", or trying to fake-legally threaten me to take down all my socials bc it eats Yukibitch up inside that I have better engagement than her with only a frw hundred followers, meanwhile only her friends and past fuckbuddies will repost her anymore thanks to me constantly highlighting how she can't do anything significant u less Miyavi is in the same city as her.

Personally, I think she's in EU with Miyavi touring secretly with Marsdelsol, another random IG girl with no music biz experience who gets to travel & take selfies on stage for no logical reason.

Hell, the Totoya commercial Yuki had her friends help her get last year when I started posting my car & getting likes from Toyota & Ebay Motors, they just redid it to cut shots of her from the commercial & focus on the car, and everyone who posted it professionally refused to tag or acknowledge her whatsoever which tell me that they want to distance themselves from her.

3 years of calling her out, following any account she engages with on my callous account & posting when I catch her lying is taking its toll & she has nobody to blame but herself. They're all going down soon, so I recommend paying attention to all this bc about mid next year ita gonna take the fuck off.

No. 324766

The irony of course is that hey only have a fanbase in the west thanks to Millennials who supported them through the early 2000s/2010s, largely to escape the hypersexualized cultures we had available to us then (at least that's why I did, I wanted more 'cute'/'artsy' stuff to be interested in than bleach blonde pop princesses and Valley Girl stereotypes.

Now, they're trying to scam their fans fornideas but Gen Z only cares about attention and clout, they genuinely don't care about art or music or fashion other than as a means to get it, and the aging Jrockers are using that to groom them for sex to feel relevant.

It's funny bc if they could hire Millennial, they'd get ideas that would sell and they'd have loyal fans of over 10+ years, instead of young naive fans who have only known of them for less than 5.

No. 324770

>Miyavi anon needs help

Lol That wasn't me, I never posted on Tumblr.

This is absolutely about Yoshiki, the brunette is likely Maria. This is what they do & keep doing, which is why I'm trying to blow it all up and why they keep panicking when people start to take interest in this and reply.

I'm not joking when I yell you these guys traffick their fans for ideas and attention for their egos then toss them aside like trash. They're controlling, abusive assholes and it's evident by the way they speak to you when you have any sort of working relationship with them. The only people they can be around are asskissers who never tell them no.

I'm gonna be looking into this more & trying to find the OP of the Tumblr post, if anyone knows any info PLEASE lmk!

No. 324938

File: 1696261740861.jpg (57.66 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_20231002_114501_Red…)

Reading the part about her being beaten & her shoulder being bitten up is fucking crazy considering the answers he gave in this Reddit AMA 6 years ago:

>"If you're a fan you have a good chance of being bitten by me. Watch out."

>"A swan sings only once before it dies." (re: asking if he'll ever sing, which he recently did)

AMA: https://reddit.com/r/IAmA/s/adLeZcQc6e

No. 325677

File: 1696620822929.jpg (174.82 KB, 1140x1600, a14825d7e4f3d8eed6f2f18c2e113d…)

Thanks for getting me, sis. Two weeks have passed now and it still feels unreal to me. Kaya wrote a really touching post and I thought BT/Atsushi would too but seems like no.

It makes me so sad that after the 90s basically nobody stood a chance of making it as a rock/vk musician.
I don't know how to cope with my dream never becoming reality and seeing many of my former idols being mostly gone…

Might as well dump my little "research" of nowadays whereabouts here:
>Acid Black Cherry
It's been so many years since Yasu's illness started, seems like he'll never recover and be able to sing again.
>Alice Nine
Fell off, then went on indefinite hiatus.
>An Cafe
Absolutely gone.
Hiatus but messages sound like disbandment.
Lost many fans the last couple years, will go on "indefinite hiatus" (and we all know what that means…)
Disbanded, new tiny bands, Yoshiatsu has a bar now.
Surprisingly still going? but very small.
>Golden Bomber
Jun got married, got caught cheating, then went on hiatus. I always thought of Sho as a saint, being the only actual musician, making their songs and yet sharing the money…
Doing tons of side hustles with way younger people to scrape by, despite having been so big.
Another indefinite hiatus.
Remember that slutty girly little singer? They're all gone now, no other bands whatsoever.
I genuinely want to know what such people can work as in Japan, you can't be a host forever and they usually have no education. I think Hakuei with his teaching degree is the sole exception.
>Malice Mizer
Közi seems to live at bars with unknown musician friends and I have no idea how those gigs bring any money. Mana abandoned his blog, leaves modeling to others now, no new music. Yuki nowhere to be seen, definitely a normie job.
I'm glad Gackt is healthy again but we likely will never hear him sing again.
After his little pop project with Koichi, Genki/Tsuzuku seems to try doing band stuff again but at a very low scale. So disappointing, seeing how they were the most popular among indies back then. He also looks so much fatter and older now… Even worse Koichi had a total breakdown, claims to have never been vk? claims to be blacklisted by the industry? deleted everything. Meto is unironically a cook now. Mia is so mentally ill (already had a face lift a while ago, face tattoo, nipples removed, jaw removed, rumored ribs removed, plus talks about removing his pinkie?, brags about losing 10kg a month,…) but by far the most successful among the younger generation (working with Hyde) + he's rumored to be a sugar baby for rich older moids. Sad because I remember his rumored birth date being only 91, meaning he was just in his early 20s during the height of their fame and obviously completely botched at 30 now.
Literally what happened here, nobody ever fell off that hard?
>Nocturnal Bloodlust
Guitarists left, barely look vk anymore.
>Psycho le cemu
2 members are gym trainers now.
One time revival?
Byou went solo last year, others retired.
I know they disbanded ages ago but isn't it crazy that they're the only ones who made it to the Budokan and then just stopped?
Vocal fired due to a "serious problem" - turns out he became a vocaloid(?), shat on the band, people figured out it is him,…
Yuki will leave at the end of this year because he's ill…
One has a project with a member of Nightmare, the others are in no-name bands and of them is a host now…

Also apparently I've been gone so long that I've missed new bands who are popular with the kids now, some quite milky because they're constantly online, super sensitive and speak English.
But all of them are ugly, no sexy outfits or fanservice anymore, just pandering to tiktok kids.

No. 326006

I don't know what's sadder, the bands who flopped out or the bands in their 40s-60s still trying to be relevant with teenagers/20-somethings.

No. 326278

File: 1696979959193.jpg (102.17 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20231010_191650_X.j…)

I actually chuckled at this.

Why does this feel like someone who finally realized they were a shitty friend after their doormat friend learned self worth & now the shitty friend is trying to play nice again bc they have nobody else left?

Especially since his last "Happy Birthday Toshi" post was way back in 2016 lmao

No. 326303

I've been into vk for almost 2 decades now. It makes me sad to see what happened to Mejibray. I remember the vocalist did an IG live a few years back where he was crying about the forced disbanded of his group. Japan really hates vk and never promotes bands outside their country. Hell, most vk artists never finish school and end up host boys or hosts owners/managers, or working in Lawson. It's just so wild how somehow like Yoshiki has managed to stay afloat this long.

No. 326305

He got so much bad plastic surgery, around the same kpop was getting more popular over seas. He looks like he'd fit in with those shitty groups. MiA has always been unhinged, it seems.

No. 326314

I'd be salty as fuck too though if my band was getting recognized overseas and needed one last push, then my idiot vocalist learned a Japanese cult randomly to ruin it all.

No. 326492

That didn't happen until after X disbanded though.

He stays afloat bt mining his thirsty ass cult of fans for ideas & doing collabs for the most random shit, like eggs.

No. 326775

i know it’s probably just a joke and troons have tainted me but the thing with die calling himself “big gurl” really irks me

No. 326790

Die from Dir en grey?

No. 326919

File: 1697259073104.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x2191, IMG_0165.jpeg)

yes, he keeps calling himself big gurl on instagram and i don’t know why or how it started? the consequences of sena jiluka slay

No. 327025

What the hell. Wow. If he troons out before Shinya then I lose a bet from middle school, fuck.

Die looks like another one of the thousands of Asian women I see going blonde and wearing tons of edgy black stuff lately. What is this trend??

No. 329572

File: 1698089021464.png (342.98 KB, 1290x1781, times_goes_by.png)

This thread is too deep man. I miss the old culture

No. 329742

File: 1698126605213.png (1007.62 KB, 648x1232, 1698124346125.png)

Reposting this from the celebricows thread.

Atsushi passed away. It was announced on the Buck Tick instagram page.

No. 329746

File: 1698130616457.jpeg (127.83 KB, 647x930, IMG_0767.jpeg)

rest in peace atsushi, you passed way too young. i feel so bad for all the fans attending the concert wondering what happened
nona psycho le cemu just put out a new album and are still doing lives. i know it’s not much but it’s a little hope for you

No. 329764

Nonny was right. RIP

No. 329778

I love the loud rock band coldrain so much even though they are mid 30s guys playing middle school tier linkin park ass songs, their shows are just fun to go to and I think the singer/leader is so hot, he is my favorite bandman of all time.
A while ago I found 5ch threads from 2020-2021 claiming he was a gang stalker l and net worker along with other famous bandmen. I seems gang stalkers harass people online (competition) and find them irl, driving them to suicide? I even read of people claiming their eyes got gradually redder as they are a target of gang stalking.
And there was talk of him having an illegitimate son with a model he follows (who has 3 sons all from different dads). They said he was in a thread himself to dispel that rumor, but I couldn’t find the thread, and idk that kid does look a LOT like him.
I don’t know if it’s all just 5ch schizo rambling and if gang stalking is a paranoid conspiratard thing or if it was all true but it hurt my love for him/the band, it doesn’t bother me as much as it did originally but it’s still a tainted image. I hate that they’re the biggest in the scene so I could believe they’ve done bad stuff to get there…and I could def believe he has a son.
If anyone knows anything about this old coldrain/masato scandal or 集団ストーカー , ネット工作員 here I’d like to know.

I wish my Japanese was better so I could understand 5ch threads better. They are so weird. So many claims of models and idols being in cults and doing online work a la feds.

No. 329779

File: 1698143725880.jpeg (501.62 KB, 1472x2048, IMG_2295.jpeg)

Dropped image

No. 329796

acchan is dead????! omg this is heartbreaking I never got to see him live

No. 329802

Thank you for the recap. I listened to all of them like 10-15 years ago. How time flies.

No. 329824

>Der Zibet wasn't even my number 1 favourite, so I'm really scared that something could happen to Atsushi due to his decade long alcoholism and depression…
Imagine what I feel rn nonitas… He was my hero since I was a kid…

I don't know what to do, I'm so shocked. Ages before Issay's death and this post I already "joked" that being a fan of such an "old" band is bad, since one day I would have to cope with losing them but I never thought that it could happen this soon… Now I will never be able to see him, and this was one of my biggest dreams. Even if the band continues or does a farewell concert it just wouldn't be the same, only super sad. Of course his kids and wifes are the most sorry rn but I also really feel bad for the band, BT was one of the only old legends who were still super close, just a couple of friends living their dream together for decades…

With Glay being so mainstream, Diru so metal, Yoshiki being Yoshiki, Gackt being Gackt (and therefore no longer really musicians), Laruku being said to hate each other and only being in it for the money, and now both Issay and Acchan dead, it really feels like a big chunk of og visual kei and jrock is gone or literally dead too.

No. 329825

Die has always had body image issues. He really peaked during Macabre and I always suspected he was envious of Toshiya for being so naturally androgynous. Die makes me sad because he was so incredibly handsome back in the day but he really looks like shit and still has an obvious ED.

No. 329826

My long time vk buddy texted me the news at 4am. I am heart broken and devastated. Been into Buck tick since 1999. This is so unreal. No one ever had a voice or stage presence like him. It's so sad. RIP Sakurai.

No. 329831

Truly devastating in an almost traumatic way.

No. 329842

RIP king

No. 329844

Idk why but no matter what his antics are Gackt always cheers me up because he’s such a grandiose narc lolcow. He kind of reminds me that you can just live life being completely delulu and off the wall if you want and nobody can really stop you.

No. 329850

Lesson is most bandomen are dropouts and losers. They rebel against Japanese society by living like wild rockstars but unless they achieve mega stardom they almost always fall off and end up as losers because they have no long term life plan + waste all their savings on ridiculous designer clothing, bars and other nonsense. Goes for most guys in bands tbh.

No. 329880

jesus fucking christ… rest well, Acchan

No. 329886

>He kind of reminds me that you can just live life being completely delulu and off the wall if you want and nobody can really stop you.
Except you need a god-tier voice, be handsome, confident and hustling like crazy to achieve that privilege…
Last year I was scared that he'd die because of his illness, but now it's Acchan instead…

No. 329997

WHAT? What happened?

No. 330014

Atsushi Sakurai, the lead vocalist of Buck tick died today. Apparently he collapsed on the 19th of Oct on stage during a concert and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately he died of a brain stem hemorrhage.. It's too sad. he was only 57.
They were doing their 35th anniversary tour too.. I still cant believe this.

No. 330035

Gosh anons I couldn't sleep at all. To those who really loved buck-tick how are you getting over this? I'm like really really sad.

No. 330117

When I woke up my eyes were so swollen that I put a cooling pack on them for half an hour but nevertheless several people asked whether I'm sick/ok. Today it only really starts sinking in, like he's really just gone..? Of course I found him hot like everybody else but due to how young I was, their gigantic discography and their super likable personalities they simply felt like more than just a band you listen to… For years they were pretty much my biggest or even sole interest, they shaped me so much growing up and I just really can't accept never being able to meet him…

No. 330133

I wasn't ever a huge fan, but with Buck Tick being one of the original jrock bands, it feels so much like a loss- made moreso by the fact that it seems like nobody is talking about it??? Usually as soon as a Jrocker dies, every other one makes a post about it but I haven't seen anything. If I hadn't checked the thread I still wouldn't know, it just feels so weird to me.

No. 330181

It's weird because it doesn't feel like. When you hear people say shit like I just woke up and thought it was a nightmare, that's how I feel. I was listening to so much Buck tick last night. I felt so nostalgic. It just doesn't feel the same to not have Sakurai around. I was hoping to see posts from other jrockers like Kiyoharu Mori or Kyo from dir en grey, but Kyo barely posts on social media as it is.

No. 330186

What do you mean, nobody? No other musicians?
Maybe it's too painful for his close friends (he also didn't write about Issay's passing) but on japanese news were quite a few condolences, e.g. by Daigo, Kishidan, Tomoyasu Hotei (the other Gunma legend). Comedian Hiroshi (from that camping interview Acchan did during the pandemic) was a super fan, he still posted that he named his cats Atsushi and Sakura after him and then prayed that he will be healthy after the cancelling of the live show, but then the news came..
Imai's post is so heartbreaking, I too thought you'd play as 5 forever…. He says he will continue, but you know that they will never replace Acchan to honor him, meaning they all will do their own little projects, who will likely sound very different.
But you're right, the ones we know should also say/write something, especially Yoshiki since they worked together back then.

Something I also always kinda wished for was a meeting of him and Gackt, no idea why they never did anything together. Hyde neither, right?
There's only this meme rumor of rookie Gackt going backstage during a BT concert and Acchan saying he doesn't know him - and years later famous Gackt supposedly took revenge by acting as if he didn't know him either.

I really feel so devastated. As the hours go by, I keep remembering all those dozens of amazing songs and moments by them, all those "firsts" of first listening to yet another favorite songs, those songs you link to memories and dreams of years ago, how understood I felt, how inspiring especially the lyrics of their earlier songs were (like future for future, or memories), I just can't

No. 330192

Here's a summary of what everybody posted so far (but in japanese) https://article.auone.jp/detail/1/5/9/333_9_r_20231024_1698126291828797
Sugizo posted, Izam of Shazna wrote that he can't stop crying and Takanori Nishikawa wrote that he had to calm down first before he could type something. He really was a huge fan and his interviews with them were sooo funny
Apparently a dude already got into a minor scandal because he posted like a typical psycho scrote
>I didn't really listen to them, but liked a couple songs
His band is called Kururi (never heard of them) and he's close to 50yo yet still moving like that….
A tv show also explained the medical behind of what he died of

No. 330201

I feel awful for the really diehard fans and oldfags here and everywhere else, but I'm personally just really angry.

An anon correctly headcanoned me as a BT listener some time ago in another thread, hope she's ok

Thank you for the news report. I've heard of Kururi/Quruli before, I think they were influential in the creation of the sort of, idk how to call it, "sterilized shoegaze" ? vibe that is popular in mainstream rock. They're not nobodies, but I don't think they're very relevant anymore.

No. 330204

File: 1698264640455.png (Spoiler Image,20.96 KB, 410x225, Screenshot.png)

Logged into my old tumblr to see what others wrote and god was I naive back then, disbandment being the worst…

No. 330256

Quruli is a pop/alternative rock band, like Sakanaction. I would disagree that they sound similar to shoegaze but they have been around for a while, they’re kinda mainstream

No. 330304

>Something I also always kinda wished for was a meeting of him and Gackt, no idea why they never did anything together. Hyde neither, right?
>especially Yoshiki since they worked together back then.

Crazy you say that bc Gackt and Sugizo posted tweets about it on the 24th (but he died on the 19th?).

Hyde, Yoshiki, Miyavi, & Mana haven't posted anything about it at all. I've had to look for every mention of his passing other than here & only found those 2 tweets.

>Maybe it's too painful for his close friends

I also thought it was odd that his funeral only had close family members…

No. 330342

It's weird that those japanese news articles talked about all kinds of smaller celebrities (also some manga artists) writing about him but didn't mention Gackt. He wrote that he never met a person with a greater aura than Atsushi, so they did meet/know each other. Sad that they (or him and Hyde) never worked together.
His death was only announced on the 24th, so everybody posting on that day was fast.

Issay's funeral also happened super quick and was only for family. Wasn't hide's funeral public and super dramatic/chaotic because of that? One can understand that his family didn't want something like that.

Did Mana and him ever meet? Miyavi is in a completely different lane imo. But Yoshiki really should do something, otherwise those jokes about him being jealous feel true.
Yesterday night I also remembered that Acchan was the reason for Kyo being into vk, although he's a different genre. When he was a kid a female classmate had a pic of Acchan on her desk and he was so shocked by his looks that he became obsessed. He really influenced so so many..

No. 330348

Yeah, during hide's funeral Yoshiki had to make a statement asking fans not to "follow" him by committing suicide bc one girl succeeded & several others tried.

What's more weird is how he died on the 19th, but they're being so sly about the date. The onlynresult I found that explicitly said he died on the 19th was Wikipedia, everywhere else it says "last Thursday" or "last week" and doesn't give any specific info. Some articles make it sound like he collapsed on stage during a show, others like he collapsed right after a show. No info on what time it happened, and almost nobody from BTs era is even acknowledging it while newer & smaller bands post abt it. Why wait till the 24th to announce it as well? And the funeral, you'd think at least one or two close friends would attend.

It's so sudden and dramatic yet its being swept under the rug despite Sakurai being one of Vkei's biggest stars for 3 decades. Yoshiki and Miyavi stopped posting anything but tour promo when it happened, too.

It all sounds very fucking suspicious, considering I made a Tumblr acct and reached out to this anon (>>324508) who spoke to me regarding Sakurai, Yoshiki and "Maria" less than 24 hours before he died.

No. 330351

File: 1698332065451.jpg (232.33 KB, 1080x1310, Screenshot_20231026_104715_X.j…)

>Yesterday night I also remembered that Acchan was the reason for Kyo being into vk, although he's a different genre. When he was a kid a female classmate had a pic of Acchan on her desk and he was so shocked by his looks that he became obsessed.

Sage again for double post, but Kyo posted this. It's not explicitly about Sakurai, but Kyo loves to be vague and he hasn't posted anything else since then. Everyone either ignored it and kept on like normal, or posted about it & just stopped posting.

No. 330361

Thank you for posting this. I was wondering if Kyo would say anything, since Sakurai was such a huge influence to him.

No. 330365

I got confused about the date as well. They said he collapsed on the 19th and was rushed to the hospital, but brain hemorrhages are usually shift and kill you quickly. They're really scary to deal with and never heard from anyone recovering from one.

No. 330369

>brain hemorrhages are usually shift and kill you quickly

Are they ? I lost a relative to brain hemorrhage recently and she was in a coma for a few days, so I assumed that's what happened here as well.

No. 330372

It depends on the severity of the hemorrhage and where it is. They can kill instantly, or they can just bleed into the tissue building pressure up until it kills you. Extremely YMMV.

He could have lingered in a coma, which would explain nobody posting about it, they would've been exploring every option to save him while in the coma until he passed:

>Brain stem hemorrhage is a type of stroke that occurs when a weak blood vessel leaks or breaks open, causing swelling and pressure that damages tissues and cells in the brain. It can be caused by a clot from another part of the body that breaks off and becomes trapped in a blood vessel supplying the brain or by a burst blood vessel. 

>Risk factors for brain stem stroke include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, atrial fibrillation, and smoking.
>Rare causes include injury to an artery due to sudden head or neck movements.

No. 330374

File: 1698341359079.jpg (473.35 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231026_132826_Bra…)

Me again, as soon as I posted this I went "wait a minute-" & checked wiki- according to this he died on the 19th, but it wasn't reported until they 24th. But why?

No. 330376

from what i heard the family wanted to have a private funeral before they announced his death

No. 330379

I guess it's possible that most in the industry knew when it happened & were asked to not say anything by the family for that same reason. When hide died so suddenly, his fans went berserk & maybe they were trying to avoid that. Hell, for all we know it was Sakurai's advanced directive to have a family only funeral in the event of a sudden death bc of how huge and painful hide's funeral was.

No. 330383

I imagine it was to avoid mass panic, and because Sakurai had family. hide didn't. The circumstances felt different due to Sakurai being around for 35 years vs hide who died in the 90s, long before social media took off.

No. 330569

File: 1698416093091.jpg (508.47 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231027_101439_X.j…)

Kyo posted another tweet probably about Sakurai, if so it seems like he's taking it hard.

No. 330705

File: 1698464102790.jpg (359.69 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20231027_232729_Chr…)


Long interview where Yoshiki talks about sending his crew to a fans house without their knowledge for an interview abt how much they love Yoshiki, because that's not totally creepy or anything. (sarcasm)

He also talked about asking his fans to send him videos of them singing his song for the movie & says some of them sounded like dogs & he thought it was funny.

No. 330824

File: 1698514392540.jpg (410.72 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231028_133216_X.j…)

Sage for double post, but Yoshiki finally posted about Sakurai- just to plug his show tonight, acting like he JUST heard about it.

What a scab tbh

No. 331112

Jun is back to Golden Bomber since December 2022.

No. 331725

File: 1698779345856.jpg (479.6 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20231031_150824_X.j…)


Damage control

This feels like he's teasing self-awareness just the slightest bit. Yet still takes the chance to pity himself.

No. 331728

I randomly decided to google what he's been up to today and found out he died a few weeks ago. Buck-tick have been one of my favorite bands since I was in middle school and I'm 30 now so this feels surreal to me.

I remember thinking more than once over the years that there's a good chance he was going to die young because of his previous health issues and functioning alcoholism but it actually happening is still surreal. Fucking horrible. Poor guy.

No. 331741

>I still secretly dream of also having a band but apparently the industry is close to dead and there hardly were any female members
Sis, I spent my 20s a useless hermit NEET scum and over the pandemic decided to teach myself bass on a whim on my sister's old beaten up piece of shit. That had the side effect of inspiring me to start socializing with my local punk scene, which led to jamming with other musicians etc, and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. It's funny, I was always dead set on being good at drawing but could never really do it, and always told myself other artistic endeavours like music would never be for me, but clearly that's not the case.

Even if you never "take off" or make so much as a cent off of it, music is a great hobby to have. Even if you just end up discovering you hate making music which is fine, at least you won't one day be sitting in a retirement home regretting what you never did with a bunch of 'what ifs'. And lack of female musicians is just more reason to put yourself out there and make a difference.

No. 332616

File: 1699054232896.jpg (301.54 KB, 1080x1489, tumblr_be7c8aa24454ad54d6a0834…)

How are you all feeling? I stopped crying that much but it still feels somehow unreal… No idea whether I'll ever be able to consume their work anymore without breaking into tears.
Still no news about a public memorial either, right? I don't even really know where to look for english news about them, because the biggest blog understandably closed down.

There was some confusion on when exactly he died: according to japanese fans on twitter the concert on the 19th started as per usual, he sang 2 songs but during the 3rd he fell on the stairs and then gestured to staff. They talked for a while and then he was led off stage, already supported by staff. And nobody booed or anything, everybody just told him to get well again. So, many japanese fans (including the above mentioned comedian fan) thought he was just ill and hoped and tweeted well wishes while he actually already dead days ago… Imai posting about his birthday is weird but he likely did it so that they family could finish the funeral in total peace.

This piece of shit… You're surrounded by people into music, I bet you're constantly online and on social media too despite being a boomer, it was even on japanese tv, there is zero chance of you not knowing!

No. 332618

File: 1699054799176.jpg (60.87 KB, 720x568, tumblr_08f00a5440189fb60d35ce9…)

Thanks for the sweet encouraging words nona but I feel like I can't do it. I'm too scared to fail, to not "make it" to even try…

When I was younger Atsushi's life story motivated and encouraged me (he became so great despite having a shit dad, despite being so shy and awkward, I'm not that bad off, I can do it too!) but now I realized that close to all my fav work of Atsushi was made before he was my current age, he moved to Tokyo when he was just 21 and immediately wrote hits, he even lost both his parents and made a child before 25 but he was still strong enough to go on and on. Hell close to all great artists achievements happen when they're very young. Meanwhile me…I wasted so many years just studying shit I hate.
We often make fun of loser bandomen but in the end they do it right: try your luck and have fun when you're in your teens/20s and if you don't hit big, simply do something else afterwards. Starting now at my big age and then failing is humiliating…
Additionally I have an extremely lame and proper job, plus I look really prudish, so I feel insecure and like I don't fit in with artistic people, I have zero idea how to reach out or approach anybody.

No. 332667

The fact that he died a day or two away from Imai's birthday, dude's probably going to feel very conflicted on his birthday for years now, if not for the rest of his life.

I don't know what genre you'd be going for, but if it's any kind of rock genre, your local scene is probably full of awkward weirdos and also a LOT of older people (I'm talking 50+) who still do what they do just because they love it, and nobody cares. The bar for getting along with these people is also low and tends to amount to just "be reliable". The people you'll probably find cool and intimidating are likely just unusual and stopped giving a shit which imo is a good trait to strive for yourself. The most judgmental people are primarily insecure teenagers that can't play at bars yet and are confined to being pretentious twats online, or otherwise people who never get off their ass and actually do anything, it all comes from their own insecurity.

As for meeting people, looking for bars or livehouses that host bands of your genre is where you'd start, and then regularly attend them. Usually these places also hold something called open mic nights and open jams which are basically intended for local talent to meet each other. You might not even have to do much approaching yourself if you attend a lot, you'll start to be recognized. There's also bandmix.com, and depending on your area facebook groups can be surprisingly conductive despite the site otherwise being boomer central now.

I get the fear and insecurity, having had crippling social anxiety my entire life. I've also found that people who are artistic/creative/whatever tend to be sensitive and have either worked hard on giving no fucks or had some kind of "fuck it, I'll do what I want" epiphany at some point, so being around them and working on that yourself would be good for these kinds of feelings.

No. 333618

Heath from x Japan just passed away from cancer art 55

No. 333621

Every time he opens his mouth I am overcome with immense shame for ever having been a X fan and it only gets worse. I think I'm going to stop here

I still feel like it can't be real too. I was under the impression that Buck-Tick was going to be around forever, sort of ? I saw them as some kind of super reliable immortal band that you could always count on, for some reason. A bedrock band if you will… It's like the ground fell from under our feet and the scene has nothing solid to stand on anymore.

No. 333624

I came here to post this, wow. News JUST broke yet it's spreading faster than news of Atsushi's passing.

Honestly? Same. Being his fan feels like being in a cult the way his fans act, and he never does anything but take&post selfies, accept awards, and ???.

Although someone in the X Discord mentioned Yoshiki referencing being "cursed" in the past and it made me realize- a lot of Yoshiki-adjacent people have died in the last couple of years. Issay, Yoshi, his mother, Atsushi, now Heath. He must have pissed off a witch & caught a curse for real or something.

No. 333625

dblpost but from what I'm reading he died at the end of October, but they kept it quiet due to how private Heath was. Apparently, he went to a doctor earlier this year & found out he had cancer that was pretty far along but chose not to tell anyone.

No. 333707

Sad. Dope HEADz were pretty fun from what I remember.

No. 333725

Fuck this shit, it's just bad news after bad news, I can't take this anymore…
At this pace Diru will randomly disband and Mana will suddenly retire/disappear and I will never have been able to see any of my fav vk musicians live anymore.

You just know Yoshiki will milk this for money but also use it as an excuse to probably never ever have a proper X Japan comeback again (despite him and the others definitely not being as close and therefore emotionally affected as the Buck-Tick boys).
It's also crazy that 3 out of 6 X members died already…

Every day the realization that Atsushi is gone forever hits me a couple of times and I just feel so much despair… I really don't know how I will ever be able to cope with this.

No. 333728

>a lot of Yoshiki-adjacent people have died in the last couple of years. Issay, Yoshi, his mother, Atsushi, now Heath.
Did him and Issay ever even meet? They're completely different genres of visual kei. Him and Atsushi also weren't exactly close, at least not the last 3 decades. His mom dying is sad but not really unusal considering he's approaching 60 himself. That young guy's death is insanely sad but on the other hand he was driving a motorcycle at midnight, that is a dangerous hobby.

What I find more crazy is that best friends Issay and Acchan died so soon after each other and both seemingly of the same cause: falling and then dying of brain hemorrhage.

No. 333744

File: 1699388986187.jpg (49.14 KB, 480x381, CRXuHBpUYAExG4i.jpg)

>He did not have the chance to share the news of his diagnosis or his personal battle against cancer with any fellow members of X JAPAN.
Yeah I'm not buying that
>HEATH’s last musical appearance was as a guest for YOSHIKI’s dinner show in August of this year.
Oh pls, as if he couldn't tell his "friend" was gravely ill (less than) 2 months before his passing!

That news article reminded me that Heath joined so early, he was already the the og bass in Art of Life and Dahlia. These works were so great, truly real art, I wonder what hardworking 20,30yo Yoshiki would think of his nowadays state…
The reason Buck-Tick were so beloved whenever they had a rare appearance on tv was because while more mature they pretty much acted the exact same awkward yet kind and genuine way as they did as young rookies, meanwhile Yoshiki did a 180.

No. 333797

lol right, I should say, "people Yoshiki feels close enough to to justify posting about himself".

I'm seeing multiple articles and people quoting JP articles saying he didn't tell anyone bc of the fact that by the time he knew he had cancer at all, it was too far along. Allegedly he was diagnosed 'around the start of the year' this year and died at the end of October, right after Atsushi and right around Pata's birthday.

Also didn't Pata have some serious health issues including a blood clot around 2016?

No. 333801

I was expecting Pata to go first tbh

No. 334034

File: 1699444185899.jpg (321.71 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20231107_223911_X.j…)

Sometimes the things he posts really make me think he lurks here.

No. 334054

>being his fan feels like being in a cult the way his fans act
X is such an effective "cope band" I think it attracts a lot of miserable people who accidentally persuade themselves that they wouldn't be alive without it. Sometimes you grow out of your delusion and realize the reason you're still here is not because of edgy music but because you just want to live. Sometimes you stay stupid forever. For him specifically, I guess there's also some kind of sunk cost fallacy factor that makes people not want to let go.

Kek that would be so lame. Also every single bad thing that has ever happened is Yoshiki's fault actually, we need to start a second special tinfoil thread about why he is in fact the antichrist

I'm kinda late to the party but I think you should listen to more stuff with women in it and also watch them if videos are available whether it's old live records or MVs, even just old pictures, you should gather them somewhere. Women may be few and far between in Vkei but they're definitely there in goth music, metal, and there's been a lot of outlandish female acts all over especially in the 80s whether it's all female bands or just a singer/musician. I'm not saying you should force yourself to like them or give up on Vkei but it's good to have reminders that women can make unique music and have crazy aesthetics and still people are drawn to them for it. I don't know whether you play an instrument or sing but I wholeheartedly believe there's at least a few people that would appreciate you with your visual kei influence and what it brings to the table, and would like to work with you.

No. 334090

>tweets about not attending an event because someone passed away
>posts a selfie in mourning clothes
>gets shocked when the press investigates it
what a cow

No. 334158

I mean, this would really be the proper thread to shit on Yoshiki, he's not relevant enough to warrant his own thread. That said I'm absolutely here for this ITT.

No. 334612

File: 1699638575254.jpg (326.93 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20231110_124935_X.j…)



No. 334649

pointless as fuck tweet

No. 334831

File: 1699699072388.jpg (326.02 KB, 1080x1033, Screenshot_20231111_051630_Ins…)


"Heath didn't have time to tell anyone he was dying of cancer, but he wanted Yoshiki to be in charge of his memorial concert!"

I'm so so done with Yoshiki & """X Japan""". I'm sick of memorial shows & Yoshiki concerts. His classical music all sounds the same and X is done. Yoshiki needs to retire and sit tf down for good. Honestly he needs to be next imho.


No. 334832

File: 1699699201192.jpg (256.65 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20231111_051633_Ins…)

Also why does it feel like he waited the 24 hours just so he could post on 11/11?

No. 334855

It should have been him instead of heath.

No. 334894

he really went and made heath's death about him

"my show" "my dinner" "my band" "my career"
me me me me

No. 334957

Honestly I don't think I believe that Hesth asked Yoshiki to organize a memorial show for him if he didn't even tell anyone he was sick. Especially if the others members like Toshi won't even be in the same room as him or speak to him.

This feels like Yoshiki convinced his family to do a show for Heath's fans and the money so he could milk it the way he milks hide's death to this day. Which is another reason I don't think Heath told anyone- watching him milk hide's death for decades & knowing he'd be next.

I dunno, it's just sus af that he left a request for Yoshiki to milk his sudden death that not even the band mates knew was coming, when Heath would've been fully aware of how Toshi and the others feel about Yoshiki.

No. 335181

Many of you are too cruel… In times with so many deaths, you shouldn't jinx anything.
The condolences about Atsushi were also mostly talking about how awful they feel, meaning "selfish", not much different to Yoshiki now.
And while it is possible that the memorial concert is his decision, we don't know for sure. Heath might have been a quiet person but he nevertheless liked that type of life, he performed with Yoshiki nearly til his last days, or it could have been his family who wants a memorial or even tries to milk his death, nobody knows. There was also a memorial planned for Atsushi (but so far no news right?) and nobody would accuse the Buck-Tick members of being greedy either.

No. 335208

This is Yoshiki were talking about. He literally cannot not make everything about him. He's not some smol, delicate baby boi he's an almost 60 year old grown man. And as high class as he likes to act, he's completely tone deaf when it comes to his own narcissism. He has enough influence, time and money to do so much more for those around him than just talk about himself & stick his face on everything he does "for" anyone else. And, from the looks of his recent tweets, he couldn't pull off the memorial for Heath (thankfully). IMHO there should be one festival for Atsushi, Heath, and any other JP artists who have died in the last year or since Covid unexpectedly. They're not young anymore, they didn't live their lives focused on good health and longevity, so while it is jarring when someone dies, it doesn't need to keep being handled like such an event. Heath and Yoshiki were the only members of X left concerned about playing together again, which is the only reason any memorial show makes sense, BUT if he didn't even tell anyone he was sick, I doubt he was worried about a memorial show. He could've recorded a final wishes video expressing such a sentiment if so, but so far its all rumors based on what Heath's family allegedly told Yoshiki. Toshi and Yoshiki were given the chance to meet & say goodbye to Heath together but chose not to, so I highly doubt there was a pre-planned memorial approved by Heath. There are easy ways for Heath to have conveyed that as a last wish without telling wlanyome he was sick before his passing, but that's not what was done as far as we know. So far it's all rumors and Yoshiki pretending to "fight" for the opportunity to use Heath's sudden, unexpected death to benefit him and X Japan.

No. 335318

>and nobody would accuse the Buck-Tick members of being greedy either.
Nobody is accusing them bc 1- They don't have a history of milking a bandmate's death 2-They actually kept atsushi's death private and didn't leak it by tweeting and taking a selfie in mourning clothes (yes LEAK. I fully believe that heath's death was leaked because yoshiki couldn't stand the fact that the attention is not him) 3- They aren't saying shit like "atsushi made me in charge of his memorial!" etc etc as this sentence itself is very rude and unnecessary to put in such a message 4- xjapan is an inconsistent almost dead band that yoshiki only uses and milk its name and dead bandmates to promote himself and earn money. Not to mention he tends to "tease an album" whenever fans take away their attention from him. So it's valid for some fans to think that yoshiki is a greedy narcissistic cunt because he is. Stop babying him with the "oh my sweet retarded smol bean didn't actually mean it like that" lmao he is a fully grown man and he certainly knows what he is doing.

No. 335328

I wasn't serious anon, just joking because there's been a lot of tinfoil itt and the vague implication of Yoshiki being the mastermind behind a grand conspiracy is kinda funny to me idk

This might sound disrespectful but recent events made me realize it wouldn't change much to his fans' lives (besides the fact that they would have to find a real hobby besides licking boots) if he died because X IS a dead band and the Yoshiki that people admired is already gone as well. We listen to X like it's a dead band already, not really expecting anything new.

I'm a huge hidefag but because I'm not that old, I have always known him as a dead man. I do wonder what his current day discography would be like had he been alive, but I don't expect him to come back, I accept that's all I have. Now I see that when it comes to X, it's more or less the same thing, just listening to old stuff again and again thinking about old times that aren't coming back any time soon. Meanwhile when it comes to a productive band with a massive discography where you're always looking forward to hear new interesting things and they take you along for the ride, it hits a lot harder when somebody dies.

No. 335340

Everybody knows X is dead, it's the way Yoshiki won't let it rest in peace & keeps dragging it up that annoys everyone. It's like he's not living in reality but everyone around him are just playing along, letting him live in Yoshikiland where he's an innocent lil baby who dindu nuffin'. What does he do to earn such favor is what I'm wondering.

No. 335392

Fucking this. X was never good imo, Luna Sea has always been miles more listenable and has way more catchy and nostalgic songs that aren't cheesy, cringe-y, whinefest ballads. 2023 has been kind of a hell these past few months as far as losing memorable faces of the scene, but I sincerely hope that if we have to lose anyone else, let it be Yoshiki because truly, nothing of value will have been lost.

No. 335393

>Also every single bad thing that has ever happened is Yoshiki's fault actually, we need to start a second special tinfoil thread about why he is in fact the antichrist

KEK This unironically… Yoshiki's the biggest cow in the Vkei scene next to MiA right now, he deserves to get bullied. What an uwu eternal tragic heroine he is. I feel no pity for him, especially if that anonymous story on tumblr about him being a psychotic, abusive dickhead is true. I honestly don't doubt it much.

No. 335471

This thread would be it, it's slow enough and it's relevant to the subject. I doubt a Yoshiki thread would get much activity when nobody is really willing to start the convo here to begin with. He's got such a checkered past, just start talking about it & if enough discussion happens, then a Yoshiki thread would be warranted.

Idk X with Hearh and hide was pretty fire. Art of Life, come on? But that said, all the good members are dead or no longer in the band, kek.

No. 335472

Sage again for double post but u actually messaged that tumble blog and got an email that matched the "Maria" posts. I reached out to the Tumblr user and "Maria" but lowkey I think they may be the same person. Send a message and see what happens? Idk, all you can do is try.

No. 335595

I don't get the sudden vitriol against Yoshiki/X? The only crazy vk fans I ever met were all Diru fans (deadtree), X hardly even has fans outside Japan.
And are you genuinely confused why people like them and their music..? Most artists are most active when they're young and also have most of their hits when they're young (it's the same for BT, Laruku and so on), so them not having been very active doesn't change how good they were. Plus plenty of people are fans of people who lived long before their time, doesn't make their music worse or anything either. Art of life, kurenai, silent jealousy, rose of pain… they have dozens of timeless hits.

All that conspiracyfagging itt (even hinting to Atsushi's death being suspicious) is so unhinged and disrespectful…

No. 335600

these threads have always been borderline tinfoil-y. that said, yoshiki has also always been obnoxious in how much he huffs his own farts and jerks off to himself. he's the biggest most shameless diva and lolcow in VK so people are gonna naturally talk a lot of shit about him in the japanese music thread on a website about lolcows.

No. 335618

Yoshiki has been disliked well before the recent activities in this thread. I met him in person at the premier for the X Japan movie. All he does is talk about himself. The whole movie was a movie about Yoshiki and his life more than about X.

No. 335626


It's not sudden, and it's well deserved. Yoshiki works very hard to be Queen Narcissist. Allegedly, Toshi won't even talk to him except through a lawyer, and the members allegedly ignored the chance to meet at Heath's wake and reconcile. We won't ever know the full, real reasons why, but Toshi and Yoshiki grew up together so for Toshi to refuse to speak to him and refuse him permission to use his vocals anymore is pretty telling. As long as there has been a western/English speaking space to discuss X, there have been negative comments about Yoshiki being a super diva, controlling, unable to finish anything and extremely temperamental (which might have calmed down with age as he's almost 60 now). I've seen comments as far back as 15 years ago saying he should be in jail, but for what nobody ever says.

It's strange that Fandom aren't allowed to criticize and discuss issues and rumors with the band members. What's the point of blind worship and support? Most of Yoshiki's fans are extremely sensitive to any criticism of Yoshiki, and the way they gush on about him and write him whole novels full of sappy, overbearing sentiments of adoration while grossly overpaying for his cheaply made gimmicky merch with little more than his name or "X Japan" on it feels very much like a religion/cult.

Adults should be able to speak how they want about things they know a lot about due to keeping up with them foe years, even decades. It feels immature to say "why say anything negative about them if you call yourself a fan?" Because they're human. They're not supposed to be worshipped as perfect, especially when they're barely even decent people to begin with. You can like someone's art or content while also freely admitting they're a shitpile of a person, and it's also not like there isn't massive amounts of evidence of what a princess brat he has always been. Why ignore it? Because it might hurt his or his other fan's feelings? That's also immature.

Tinfoil or no, Yishiki gets around and knows too many people to just be a Japanese rock/classical musician and producer, and he barely ever releases anything. His drama is and always has been a big part of who he is and his image. Yoshiki LOVES drama and angst, he has said so many times before, he just doesn't want any of it to make him look bad, but like… oh well?

I mean really. He has to be too rich and famous (and busy) to care what normal people online think or say about him. Everyone else can just… ignore it? Just because you see something does not mean you have to insert yourself into it and react. That's a big part of why there really aren't any more good online spaces anymore, because everyone wants to insert themselves into discussions and spaces that had no need for them to begin with.

Logically this would be the place to discuss Yoshiki. IDK why anyone else ITT would have a problem with that other than Yoshiki fans, in which case, just hide the thread and don't look at it. There are already tons of other online spaces to praise and discuss him and the band, plenty for everyone and every type of conversation.

No. 335638

I drank a shot of JD and hope Pata will be alright. We're never gonna get X back as a group. I wish Yoshiki would just announce their disbandment. It's weird and lingering.

No. 335642

>Heath requested that I, YOSHIKI, be in charge of his memorial concert
Is this a bad translation or does he always speak like a retard MC in a light novel?

No. 335684

Is yoshiki still friends with Manson? Will their collab ever see the light of the day?

No. 335731

Kind of both, it's translated the way he writes about himself. Gackt kinda does it, too.

Yoshiki unfollowed Manson right around Covid when he was about to get reamed by whatever weaponized autism was happening in the celebricows threads. Now, they're back to being "brothers" again and Yoshiki follows him, but Manson is still on an ankle monitor and isn't really doing anything lately but going to court and laying low.

No. 337360

File: 1700586451585.jpg (500.96 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231121_120813_Gal…)

Nothing from Manson for his birthday, but his obligatory celebrity birthday shoutout is Ivanka Trump… for some reason?

No. 337723

They're probably not on speaking terms anymore tbh and yikes not surprised anymore but he hangs around the worst of the worst

No. 338164

Now his American manager just died too. What the fuck.

No. 338318

Hyde obviously is a great singer but it feels weird hearing him in X songs. This makes it seem like we can say goodbye to ever hearing X (or rather the 3 remaining members) together again, so sad. Laruku are rumored to hate each other since ages already, so maybe Hyde x Yoshiki (and Sugizo) will be a semi-permanent thing. I wonder how Toshi is doing nowadays.

That's so crazy it's scary… Whoever made a shady illuminati/Satan deal, pls step forward now… Was there any reason given?
On the last day of their small tour they all bawled, so I thought it's because of it ending or because of Heath but seems like there's even more on top of his death…

No. 338372

>Whoever made a shady illuminati/Satan deal, pls step forward now…

Maybe that post about "Maria" had some truth to it? I've heard about that same situation with different names 2 other times since it was first posted here, but before the Tumblr link was. If there is any truth to it, well… its prett heinous.

idk how to spouler but maybe myvanon put a curse on them, lmao

No. 341416

Yoshiki is such a weirdo.

No. 341417

Can you post caps? I never saw those.

No. 341554

Can you be more specific? Even though the search feature still works.

No. 342430

File: 1702639995707.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1086x1306, 0716D40E-B4C6-4BBE-B0E4-07BB9F…)

You think Mia could be part of that nullo cult? They like to remove people’s nipples genitals and other body parts and recruited a lot from Japan.

No. 342432

Some people just attract death tbh. I know other people who’ve had multiple family members and friends die randomly and I feel kinda bad for them because they end up thinking they’re cursed or something. Also a lot of people are suffering heart brain and lung damage from covid and the vaccine. There’s quite a lot of excess deaths in under 60s still.

No. 342628

Damn from that video looks like Miyavi is the only one ageing remotely decent, I don’t know who started the idea that Japanese men age well, they seem to age horribly imo. Probably because of more Ainu blood or something.

No. 342629

It’s been years and I’m still traumatized by Gackt’s penis pearls.

No. 342989

I'm still convinced that's something Gackt made up about himself to sound edgy and cool. How could it be confirmed without pics?

No. 343700

Miyavi is like 15 years younger than all of them

No. 344020

Miyavi is also the only one of them that hasn't completely redone his face multiple times. He's probably had some work done but the others have had much, much more work done and it's showing with age, especially Hyde.

I just can't understand how someone so rich wound up looking like an old woman? Maybe he started getting work done young and kept going bc the more you get the worse it looks when you age.

No. 344021

sage for double post but also look at Yoshiki and Toshi: Yoshiki now compared to Yoshiki in 2010 has a completely different face, while Toshi still basically looks the same, just slightly older.

So I think it's just a case of "they're aging like shit bc they ruined their faces with too much plastic surgery", not that Japanese men do or don't age differently.

No. 346103

File: 1704151443366.jpg (119.51 KB, 660x440, news_photo06.jpg)

>The “BUCK-TICK Genshou-2023-” live is over. From fan reports, it seems like it was a usual year-end B-T gig, except for of course Atsushi not being there in person. His parts were played from previous audio+video footage (and when there was no accompanying video, a pillar of light shined from below center-stage). The band members were obviously emotional but they swore to continue and that B-T will always be five members.
>They announced a live for 2024/12/29 at the Budokan, and also a new single and album (I’m wondering if some vocals were already recorded by Atsushi, because I do remember that they said in interviews that they originally planned the last album to be a double album).
Maybe I should be glad because this means I might still be able to see them live afterall but I don't like it. It sounds too much like the Hide hologram shit (and nowadays even AI for voice and so on would be possible too). Malice Mizer of course was in a different position but hiring a new vocalist would be the best decision imo. It doesn't have to be a permanent one either, I'm sure there would be many singers (old friends of the band) who'd be willing to do concerts or even record new stuff with them.
I'm just really surprised that they aren't waiting for a longer time, it feels too soon, who is in the mood for that already?

Also can we pls limit the Mia talk from the vk lolcow thread on /w/ to here? Both threads are too dead on their own (and the other one is shit), limiting it to one would be better.

No. 346108

File: 1704152165595.jpeg (433.66 KB, 1080x1621, c69c60ac6097ea0fcfa6b413e83a08…)

I believe it's just photoshop, you never saw them clearly. But the bones seem very real. I hate how Gackt and Hyde enable this shit, of course you can't count on them to be great rolemodels, but they're old enough to be his dad, how can you constantly hang with this young dude and just watch him destroy himself?

There are so many tanuki reports about it tho…lol

To me Yoshiki looks like the same lady for nearly 20 years already. And Sugizo was always rough-faced.
But Hyde's sudden aging is so shocking? He looked so childishly young just 5 years ago and now the grey hair is making him look easily 60+. Sometimes babyfaced moids age like shit but he held up til 50 and then suddenly completely crumbled.

Sadly it's the same for Diru. I remember tumblr going crazy of course for Die but then for Toshiya too after he suddenly got huge muscles and a style makeover in like 2016. Meanwhile now they suddenly look like old men too. If you translate japanese comments under their videos they're even telling Die to get plastic surgery oof I thought him having chicken legs is simply a moid thing and the "big girl" captions a tongue in cheek notion to westerners who call everybody with long hair a woman, but maybe the ana troon tinfoil nonas are right

No. 346111

His body is barely cold and they’re parading him around like this? Definitely as tasteless as the Hide hologram

No. 346120

File: 1704155267159.jpeg (57.49 KB, 803x1200, 1a33dfa0948d91e3e7eefddadca95d…)

I saw fans say that they were together for nearly 40 years, they knew each other so well, that this is not using him (uwu we need to trust them!!!) Some even said that his passing is not that surprising (???) and that they might have even talked already about what to do if he/one of them dies. The songs for the new album seem to have been recorded by him already.
Pic was the setlist.

But yes, I love the other members too, so I try to not say it as harshly, but at the end of the day, is it really that different to what Yoshiki does and eternally gets hated on for..?

No. 346347


IMHO, Jrock is dead. None of the 80s/90s bandmen can accept aging gracefully, they're all just tragically clinging to their pre-pandemic fame and trying to hop onto any new fad they can to be relevant. Sugizo hiring that random cosplayer from Atlanta during lockdown was the start of it for me, then Miyavi surrounding himself with IG girls too. Idk what's up with all that, but as someone in my 30s it's sad to see how they've all basically forgotten the fans that made them popular in the west & pander to the new generation of "fans" who honestly only seem to be fans as long as they get recognized for it. Never in my life have I seen it sooo easy for fans and artists to end up next to each other without it being suspicious as hell, and the way they just act like it's normal is weird to me, too. You can't ask how they did it without cattiness & being called jealous, but I've known many jmusic fans my age who worked for years to get into the industry, or close enough to it to work eith their favorite bands. Then suddenly the lockdown happened & the bands who were struggling before that now have fresh, young faces surrounding them who genuinely had no idea who they were before then, or even 5 years ago. Everything feels like a bit for attention, nothing feels like it's about the music of the fans anymore. There's no real community for the fans, if there is you can barely participate without being singled out or called "old" or argued down if you try to bring up anything about the band that the newer fans don't want to hear. 2000's fans have no place in the fandom anymore bc the artists only care about new blood. I don't see many of them lasting much longer before burning out or destroying themselves with PS/edgelord tactics like Mia or pandering to Thembies like Die teases with the "big gurl" stuff. It feels weird now to even follow them on Insta bc as soon as I get excited about following them again, they do or say something weird as hell that gives me the ick and makes me feel like the "freak" non-VK fans used to mock weebs for being. It's way beyond just being laughed at for "liking Asian women & Chinese emo". It feels like many of then don't know what direction to go in anymore creatively & are just clinging to anything they think will get attention. Band fandoms used to have names, culture, unofficial rules of conduct and were mostly supportive, but now the focus on individualism has kind of destroyed that. Japanese fandoms seem to be going strong still, but the western fandoms just feel so strange and different suddenly. It's not even due to aging, bc these bands are in their 50s/60s now, I always thought that until they disbanded I'd be able to grow with & follow them and the community would expand, instead it exploded and now all of them are just getting more & more weird and cringe as time goes on.

It may be due to hitting a wall creatively, having to compete with the constant influx of new media, and social media being flooded with people advertising themselves as creatives just trying to be associated with the artists for clout, but it all feels so surface level for how long they've been active. IDK really what I'm trying to say, just that ive noticed how since covid every fan community seems to be either vaguely cultish or purely performance, blind acceptance of whatever the artists say and do & the instant gratification is ruining them.

That, plus how every single artist seems to have at least 2-3 side/solo projects now, and none of them tour anywhere other than Asia & Europe anymore (except Miyavi). It feels like as soon as they start to feel consistent with their music/image again, suddenly there's a new project or collaboration to distract from it. It all feels so scrambked and disjointed, like they're clinging to whatever they can while they panic about aging.

And as for Miyavi, I wonder why he doesn't really work with any other artists his age that have been active as long as he has? It's like he only wants to hang out with people who are 10+ years older than him or 10+ years younger than him.

No. 346562

That's not the first time you complained about this, what does being grateful to your fans have to do with who you work with? They already have a fanbase in their 30s/40s and up, they try to reach younger ones now. And as retarded as this is, sadly people in their 20s are always deemed cooler than people in their 30s.
Western bands also mellow out once they reach middle age. Fans love old hits they had when they were young and wild, doesn't mean they're giving up. There hardly are any new upcoming bands in Japan and whenever somebody uploads an old visual kei clip, it gets lots of views and all japanese comments praise them like god compared to the ugly and untalented celebrities of nowadays. People obviously still love it.

Bandmen do projects to explore other styles of music, it's better than bands straight up separating to do so.
And I guess there simply is nobody Miyavi's exact age in the scene? I think he's similar to Diru but they never hung out and have totally different styles, plus he likely looks up to Yoshiki and the others and is glad that he gets to play with his senpais.

>pandering to Thembies like Die teases with the "big gurl"

Oh please, he's a 50yo asian man, he has zero idea about that, he's just making dumb jokes.

No. 348704

File: 1705285422832.jpg (63.06 KB, 1000x500, hikaru-utada-science-fiction-2…)

I used to love Utada but ever since she came out as non-binary I can't take her seriously anymore. I liked that she was more down to earth and not super feminine or sexualized, but now it's annoying that she's fallen for rejecting the woman label. What causes a woman in her 30s to do that anyway? Shouldn't she know better?

She releasing a compilation album and touring this year so it's been on my mind

No. 349201

Oh yeah I forgot why I decided I didn’t like her. That was it. Gender bullshit. What westernization does to a sister.

No. 349206

Well that’s a massive turn off. She was in my long list of artists to properly listen to and I loved the few songs I’ve heard. Ugh ridiculous. Anons do you think we should make a thread dedicated to all the female artists we’ve lost to the non binary bullshit cult? I think it would be interesting

No. 349260

Does anyone know how hide met manson ? Always been curious about this and there's no info to be found online

No. 349290

Now that Pata is using a wheelchair I fear the worst for him. I wonder who will go first,Yoshiki, Pata or Toshi.

No. 360052

File: 1709544453268.jpg (198.08 KB, 1280x1280, main_content4_00049_1.jpg)

Kamijo is going to be touring with yohio. Since when are they so close?

No. 360071

That's so random. I thought Yohio was too ugly to do his dumb crap now? I guess he's still sucking up to rockers

No. 360072

I feel like Yoshiki will die last because he's cursed or something

No. 364926

File: 1711209185371.jpg (215.17 KB, 751x1326, IMG_20240323_165453.jpg)

It freaks me out so much how fragile many of them seem to be?
They're not much older than my dad yet in worse shape than my grandpa. I thought japanese people are supposed to live the longest on earth, their wild partying and drinking days have been over years ago and they hardly tour/work now, so why are they dying before they even hit 60?

I actually thought about going and completely missed that Yohio is part of his team now. I thought he fell off and stopped doing music years ago? I checked his ig and he looks so oddly feminine now but in an ugly old fakeboi or Karen way, no pics of his work. Kamijo also looks, I guess interesting now…

No. 364930

File: 1711209471572.jpeg (400.52 KB, 2048x1174, GCrz9a1XcAAsZet.jpeg)

Sorry, just noticed that Yohio's last pics are actually from 2021, so no idea what he looks like now.

Seeing Kamijo on normal TV looks so odd kek

No. 365114

He still looks good though

No. 371212

File: 1713248829087.jpeg (287.25 KB, 1060x1140, IMG_9644.jpeg)

there was an announcement just now that reita passed away. what’s with all these bandomen dying so young? rest in peace

No. 371213

File: 1713249081115.png (25.59 KB, 555x231, IMG_9643.png)

he posted this before he passed. mabye it was a suicide.

No. 371230

This just shocked me so much. Like no way..Reita?? but based off his last tweet, I also feel like it was either intentional suicide, or accidental via too much drugs or something. But it sounds a lot more like suicide. A few other VKei artists have also been suspected of suicide, but the families prefer to never say it. Usually if it's an honest accident, they just say that, like the one who died from being ejected from the backseat in a car accident (no seatbelt). But if it's something very shameful, they wont say.
Her recent remix of Simple and Clean was horrific. She is a woman and she always will be. I used to love Hikki too, but over the years I noticed she also at times has a bad attitude and no appreciation for fans.

No. 371266

Who else have been suspected to die by their own hand?

No. 371308

nonny do you mean yoidore? nonetheless what happened to reita is shocking and tragic and i wouldn't be surprised if it was suicide.

No. 371476

I lost a friend to suicide around this time of year a few years back so I think I've taken this much harder than I should. I feel so bad for his friends and family.

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