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File: 1627756213296.png (321.43 KB, 735x612, anime critical.png)

No. 154412

Farmhand said we could have an anime-critical thread, so here we go. Anime is garbage.

People who watch anime beyond the age of 12 are pedophiles, autists and transexual pedophilic autists. Talk about how much you fucking hate pervy cartoons about high school aged girls made by japanese men who want to rape kids.(>>>>/m/40244)

No. 154413

File: 1627756321891.png (521.9 KB, 540x559, the-faggotry-roadmap-jpg.png)

No. 154414

Let it go anon, you look silly.

No. 154415

Good thread OP

I don't care if you're a man or a woman, you are weird at best if you watch anime. It's absolutely bizarre.

No. 154416

We already have one in /m/, don't we? >>>/m/40244

No. 154417

Hide the thread if it makes you cry, weeb. Plenty of us are normal and would like a place to make fun of you. Why can we have threads making fun of fujoshi shit but not this?

No. 154418

nta but it's unnecessary to have it in /m/
nobody goes there and it's a dead thread

No. 154419

I think maybe it would be good to shut your computer down for a bit anon. Go take a shower, maybe run some errands.

No. 154420

How is it unnecessary to have it in /m/? That's literally the board for media discussion.

No. 154421

NTA but considering the roots of this site it's ironic and keky, plus the hyper autistic tone the OP set for this thread doesn't bode well for whatever discussion you want to have. Also the fujoshi hate thread is 90% infighting done by retards.

No. 154422


No. 154423

OP has autism, she doesn’t know how else to write. She came to post here because she couldn’t handle people in /snow telling her to stop sperging and derailing a thread.

No. 154424

No. 154425

Which characters pantsu-shot is your favorite?

No. 154426

kek, normies fucking love naruto and dbz
also OP has autism

No. 154427

OP was going apeshit derailing the MTF thread with her sperging about how all anime is child porn and everyone who watches it is a degenerate pedophile tranny so there's your context for this. All over one anon using an anime reaction image when replying to a post. I wish I was making this up.

No. 154428

That wasn't even me. Can you not imagine that more than one person hates anime? Stop derailing my thread if you don't want to contribute, thanks.

No. 154429

She’s upset that she kept getting redtext. I’m embarrassed she put the effort into making a thread. She should use that effort to go make some friends or something kek

No. 154430

you have autism
how dumb are you to not think that most of the normies like dbz and naruto only do so bc they have nostalgia, they watched it as kids and it was just another "cartoon" for them because it was extremely popular worldwide, like pokemon

No. 154431

File: 1627757579534.png (1.44 MB, 1880x1040, weebs.png)

Begone, stinky weebs

No. 154432

is that an anime reaction pic? uh-oh…

No. 154433

Lmaoooo honestly this is as cringe as someone hating all western animation and I don’t even watch anime

No. 154434

i think watching any cartoons as an adult is weird as fuck

No. 154435

Sure you don't weeb.

No. 154436

why though

No. 154437

It’s funny, this thread is just one angry anon from snow trying so hard to roast “anime fans”. They’re literally just mad they got chased out of snow

No. 154438

because it shows they're stunted

No. 154439

All you have to say is you hate Anime and the screeching weebs come out of the woodworks. Why so invested in children's cartoons? Also who is your waifu?

No. 154440

You realize there are many, many animation series and films meant for an adult audience as an art form, right?

No. 154441

I think it's less about OP hating anime and more about seriously believing this >People who watch anime beyond the age of 12 are pedophiles, autists and transexual pedophilic autists.

No. 154442

What makes it even funnier are the low intelligence responses of “no u weeb” to anything someone posts. Must be overwhelming to respond to so many posts when you have autism.

No. 154443

>saying weeb in response is low intelligence
>saying "u have autism" in every response is highly intelligent
Your brain on anime, smh.

No. 154444

i don't respect cartoons as an art form either kek. it's just my opinion, if you wanna watch it go ahead

No. 154445

File: 1627758361011.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.64 KB, 1200x675, ErZK22MVkAE7MHh.jpg)

Where is the lie?

No. 154446

File: 1627758468445.jpg (13.36 KB, 480x360, 13334.jpg)

Man I love all these wholesome childhood memories from my favorite Animes

No. 154447

sad, but understandable given the current climate of western animation.

No. 154448

File: 1627758700722.jpeg (761.72 KB, 1440x1624, E049DAAA-E3FD-438F-B983-6421C2…)

No one hates anime more than anime fans

No. 154449

I was the anon who initially suggested to watch Akira in the MtF Hate thread, and didn't want to further derail there but wanted to thank the anon who showed me details about the creator being a pedophile. I had no idea. Luckily I steal all media I watch so he didn't get a dime, but damn. I have a rule to never look up males involved in projects that I like because it just leads to rage and upset.

No. 154450

Lmao what did he do? I own the manga

No. 154451

what the fuck? do you have any more info about him being a pedophile?

No. 154452

>/m/ is dead
take your sperg there and make it less dead instead of shitting up /ot/ with a duplicate? also
>dead thread
do you even know how lolcow works?

No. 154453

The anituber community is just a cesspool of scrotes and porn addicts. Lost Pause's content is so vapid and excruciating to go through that even other anitubers hate him

No. 154454

I can link you to what the anon wrote/shared since my phone is giving me a hard time uploading pictures right now

No. 154457

The autistic anime defending spergs were embarrassing themselves in that thread too, don't pretend they didn't get banned for derailing, kek.

>you can't be a real woman that doesn't like anime! You're a tranny playing 5D chess to push me out of my cringey hobby!

It's especially funny that that anon was triggered by OP attacking Madoka magica since it's the most popular anime in MtF circles.

No. 154458

I don't know a single female anime fan that isn't a total pick-me or womanchild. The only acceptable genre is josei manga and even that often has doormat writers.

No. 154460

I'm a fan of anime and also asian….. Because any asian cartoon is now anime….

American cartoons shown pro nazi and sexist themes in it. I can sperg and say not all anime but what can you do.

Creeps will sexualize children in cartoons regardless, I have seen rule 34 for things as simple as Steven Universe. People forget culture differences too, not everyone is some American or European that grew up in the west. Criticizing anything under the lens of western values makes you seem rather lazy and not very smart in terms of cultures. People should criticize anime they need to be fair about it and not generalize either.
That is my take from an asian point of view.

No. 154466

>fans in the west drawing r34 of underage characters is the same as OFFICIAL ADULT STAFF sexualizing little girls BROADCASTED ON TV
Nice cope!

No. 154470

sexualizing minors is done in all genres of media, sadly. To pretend it’s just an anime problem is absolutely retarded, just like newfag OP who makes duplicates of threads which already exist.

No. 154471

>exists in all forms of media
Except Anime has at least twice as much misogynistic crap than other forms of media. It stands out because it's tied so heavily to otaku consumerism culture.

No. 154478

ot but it's safe to say /ot/ is at least 60% male now yes? the posting quality was never high but it being this bad can only mean one thing

No. 154484

I've known two anime fans IRL that turned out to be pedos and one even has criminal charges. OP is right

No. 154492

I can’t really enjoy anime as an adult but I actually kind of wish I could. I started growing out of it at 16 and by 21 or so couldn’t get into it anymore, just about the time that it started going mainstream (in 2012 cus I’m old) and now it’s everywhere.

Something about anime specifically is just too autistic and over exaggerated. Japan can make great movies and novels with nuanced and reasonable characters but for whatever reason everyone in anime acts too stupid and I literally can’t empathize or relate to the characters at all. Can I even call myself a fujoshit anymore if I’m only into western fandoms?

No. 154496

>Something about anime specifically is just too autistic and over exaggerated.
I feel the same way. I actually technically grew up watching anime because for some reason most cartoons on TV in the 2000s in my country were dubbed 80s anime, most of them were actually really good and I have fond memories of them, but as a teenager I already couldn't get into anime anymore because it was so overexaggerated and cartoon-y and i associated it with the stuff I used to watch as a child. The only anime I've ever watched in its entirety after childhood was yuri on ice for coomer reasons kek.

No. 154497

This. And even if you take the "good anime" the characters turn out to be so childish or pure wish fulfillment.

Reddit pushes the meme that anime has "strong female characters" but it ends up being characters with superpowers whose existence still revolves around the male protag or they exist for fanservice.

No. 154500

YOI was the only anime I watched and enjoyed recently too (and haven’t watched any since then). But I think the characters acted somewhat more like normal human beings and not cookie cutter fetish archetypes. By general standards it’s still trash but by anime standards it’s better than most (and I have a soft spot for the fact that it was a massively successful show made entirely for female tastes and helmed by a female director)
But of course anything in the anime industry that doesn’t appeal to moid coomers is haram and so it disappeared completely off the the radar.

No. 154502

>And even if you take the "good anime" the characters turn out to be so childish or pure wish fulfillment.
What about Satoshi Kon's work (excluding Paprika), Utena, Haibane Renmei etc?

No. 154503

Scrote weebs idea of strong female characters is just Captain Marvel / Rey as an underaged 32DDD cup schoolgirl. Bland personality, overpowered magically, little to no character development, but the anime character is designed to get males off while CM / Rey aren’t so they’re “garbage”.

No. 154512

File: 1627840027403.jpg (233.58 KB, 2048x2048, 468bf4e819ff844f6568e0d662a459…)

Don't bother anon, this is just a troll thread.

Saying all anime is ~*childish uwu*~ is like saying fantasy novels are only for kids lol.
We have an anime critical thread, and people discussed issues with anime and pedoshit without generalazing.
I sure as hell don't relate to fucking Anastasia of 50 Shades of Grey, yet is one of the most known erotica novels out there. I think the Star Wars saga is kind of souless and Gossip Girl is dumb. However, this is just my taste. I rarely watch anime, but thinking series like Re:Zero are the same as, idk, Mob Psycho or Lovely Complex is stupid af.
As >>154470 said, all types of media can be and are problematic, basically because, you know, the patriarchy yada yada.

No. 154515

You're all losers for even talking about this. What the fuck do you care if someone else is watching cartoons? If you think someone is a weirdo for watching Adventure Time in their 20s, guaranteed there is someone who thinks you're a boring old cunt who forgot how to have fun, and neither of you are going to change the other person's mind. What it comes down to is two groups of absolute retards arguing over who is cooler while pretending to not be NLogs. Get over yourselves. No one actually gives a fuck what you watch or what you like. No one here matters.

No. 154517

If women criticising anime upsets you, you can always hide the thread instead of sperging that everyone is a troll.

A few expectations don't define anime as a whole, the popular series, best selling series and mounds of seasonal garbage are still there. And fact is that anime has more sexualized underage characters than any other form of media, and a myriad of trashy tropes.

Call me when anime stops being tied to Japan's otaku culture and develops as much variety and freedom as western series instead of marketing horse girls for a gambling simulator mobile game or pretending to be deep by writing edgy pseudo-bullshit about lesbians or Tomino making the mecha genre revolve around jerking it to his daddy issues and values that were outdated in ww2.

99% of anime is shit, and the 1% of good ones isn't going to make me dislike the culture less, it's like "notallmen" arguments. Also for example, Japan still has a rich culture of serious novelists with a wide variety of genres but inside the otaku culture there's the trashy LN bubble that can't even compare to anything serious.

No. 154518

Sounds like this made you butthurt.

No. 154529

I’m not actually all that against it but honestly it’s had a big impact and not in a good way. It’s not the sole contributing factor but I feel like its lead to a lot of gross modern behavior. Seems like every gross troon, embarrassing aiden, autistic incel, proud MAP and other societal dregs are always way into anime and other stupid Japanese media.

No. 154564

File: 1627896761061.jpeg (35.93 KB, 362x259, 472DAF21-9A18-44A5-94CB-61007E…)

I just want to know what are you watching if it’s not anime? A lot of the time I find that they’re more entertaining than tv shows with real actors but the moe blob stuff isn’t worth watching.

No. 154570

Do you understand just how much anime exists? And the dozens and dozens of subgenres? My mother has been watching anime since the 80s. It's just ignorant and kind of stupid to say "most people who watch this entire medium are blank" when such a huge population watch anime. You wouldn't even know that I watch anime if you had met me in real life. You wouldn't know that goofy adult swim shows are my favorite thing to watch. Because I'm a normal person and I don't let the media I watch influence every aspect of my life like a 14 year old. Why criticize something in such a general and broad way when it's impossible to cover every aspect and every sort of person that consumes it? You might as well make a "music critical" thread where we sperg about how pedophiles happen to listen to music.

No. 154598

>WaMeN critizicing anime
And these are women telling you they don't take weeb shit as seriously as you and agree most of it is trash and only like a handful of shows from 20 years ago written by women, but for some reason no one gets this scandalized nor points out the rampant degeneracy and sometimes literal propaganda like tranny and pedo shit being shoved down children's throads in american media, namely literal kids cartoons being made with them in mind.

Do you want a fucking medal for attacking women with different opinions than yours?

No. 154599

I'll take seriously these shit threads when someone makes an equivalent for american media and the shit they have been normalizing to kids and teens for at least a decade already. Which is even more concerning since these reach a broader audience than some steaming pile of garbage aired at 3 am in nipland that got English subbed by western neets on the internet. Until then y'all are a bunch of psychotic bitches having a big meltdown over some random shit you didnt even care about until somethig drew your attention to it.

No. 154601

I haven't watched anime in years tbh. I can only watch anime that don't have annoying tropes like attack on titan. Tropes like having loli characters, harem and weird sexual stuff that happens to the femalr characters. I can't ignore it anymore like I used to. Maybe I should focus on trying to search for anime that has women as a main audience because almost all popular animes have tropes i hate.

Ntayrt but god you're cringe.

No. 154604

File: 1627925697317.jpg (459.49 KB, 595x842, 1556029109623.jpg)

The users ITT are incredibly bizarre to me. I can't think of another thread I've ever seen before that has THIS level of defending over the subject, and so vehemently, too. I think the OP was written poorly but anons calling other anons "losers for talking about this" really speaks to me as to the larger population of those using and browsing OT. It's fucking anime of all things, you have to genuinely be a loser yourself to defend some shit like this to this extent. If the subject bothers you so much, hide the thread, and stop the bickering.


Anime in particular is pretty bad about pedoshit and sexism because it's so overt, imo. Sexualization of young women and children is not new to Western media, but you have to be willfully ignorant to pretend anime isn't worse. Loli and harem anime are so abundant, looking at MAL right now and I see tons of it. Even in anime that don't have loli/harem elements in your face, the characters still act unlike any human in the real world, making random sounds and gasps like they're mentally incapable. I've watched plenty of anime and even the ones I deem good or better than most, I can't stand the dramatic acting and retarded noises.

I think most of us do watch TV shows with real people, or busy ourselves with different types of media. I guess if you like isekai or anime-specific settings and plots I could understand
why you like anime more but… still, why? Can you see yourself watching that up until you're 40? 50? Not trying to say women at age 40+ can't enjoy those things, but really.

No. 154605


I mean, I enjoy different types of media but I just like to watch anime when it comes to television. I don’t watch every anime that comes out but I will say a lot of my favorite shows are in fact anime.

I have moved on more to reading manga and light novels that I find interesting. I think if you’re not a freak about enjoying it, there’s nothing inherently wrong with consuming the content. I’m genuinely not interested in a lot of the content they put out here in Burgerland.

I’ve tried watching popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy to see if I could get a feel for it but it felt like a highschool drama with Adults. I think the last rl show I enjoyed was You and that was just because of how absurd it was.

But, I agree. A lot of anime is filled with gross stereotypes and it makes it hard to filter through all the garbage for something good.

No. 154606

>I can't think of another thread I've ever seen before that has THIS level of defending over the subject, and so vehemently, too.
I think it's unironical autism. Same as the fujo cringe thread suddenly being filled with super defensive and offended fujos. Hell, it might even be outsider trolls because I saw an anon unironically defend Saya no Uta, kek.

No. 154607

You sound like a total pick-me.

No. 154609

Yeah, I agree that there's nothing inherently wrong with consuming anime. At the end of the day, it really is just an animation form and there are some anime that deviate from the typical tropes and classic shitty acting and turn out to be diamonds in the rough. I'm no caper for American media - I actually think most of it is boring because of how woke or palatable to the masses they like to make things, but I'd personally rather sit through ten Avengers movies than have to watch 2000 year old demon lolis making retarded noises at me in every anime I ever watch. Still, kudos to you for being critical of the stuff you watch. We clearly can't say that about half the people ITT, lol.

I know always calling annoying spergs moids gets old but I genuinely think that this thread is so radioactive because of scrotes in particular. I've perused the fujo cringe thread and even the defensiveness there wasn't nearly as explosive as it is here.

No. 154623

You act like western media isn't full of its own weird and creepy aspects and cheesy tropes, it is just as rampant in western media as it is in anime. To think otherwise is being blatantly ignorant. Just because you are over exposed to traps and whatever online doesn't mean that's what actually saturates the medium. It's just your anecdotal bias. All you're doing is convincing me that a lot of you have no media literacy and are more concerned about how you'll be seen for watching animated media. I mean it when I say this thread is pointless if all you're going to say is that you think it brings out the creeps. That isn't a criticism of the medium itself. And if you don't watch anime, so how would you know what's currently popular or the quality of it? The only people who care if you watch cartoons or anime when you're an adult are judgemental weirdos who are thinking way too much about other people. If someone in their 50s wants to watch cartoons and anime, they should, it doesn't mean anything. It's not deep. It doesn't mean they are childish or weird, and it doesn't mean that person is more likely to be a freak. Our generation, who a large number of grew up watching anime, and are more likely to become adults still appreciating the medium because finding shows and movies that fit your maturity level as you grow up is really easy and nostalgia is a feeling most people enjoy indulging. I'm not offended that you don't like anime, you don't have to like anime if you're so insistent on it. But you not liking it isn't my problem, especially when you don't have anything valuable to say about the subject, so why bother opening your mouth if not to just shame the people who do enjoy it? You have a problem with pedophiles, not with the average viewer.

No. 154625

I was typing up a response to this but then I realized that my original post still holds up.
> It's fucking anime of all things, you have to genuinely be a loser yourself to defend some shit like this to this extent. If the subject bothers you so much, hide the thread, and stop the bickering.
Seethe. Dilate, even.

No. 154635

I liked saya no uta…

No. 154638

>it is just as rampant in western media as it is in anime
it isn't. weird hill to die on.

No. 154670

File: 1627964863728.png (996.16 KB, 850x633, Untitled.png)

never trust a mfer who likes moeshit, he is always a degenerate cumbrain

No. 154671

name some western media that prominently features peeping toms, lifting skirts, inappropriate touching, groping, and ogling of tits as a funny and common trope even in children's shows

No. 154672

Goat story lmao

No. 154678

File: 1627967909348.jpg (131.48 KB, 1920x1080, preview-2.jpg)

Western media may have less outright horrible shit yet the few degen shows they do have are 100x worse than anime.

No. 154681

Literal devil

No. 154688

I think most women in this thread are well aware of how retarded 80% of anime is. I don't think anyone here will fawn over kobayashis dragon maid or whatever pedo shit is currently trendy.
Despite all of that there's a pretty hefty amount of decent anime and manga out there due to the sheer amounts of it coming out. I agree most of it is trash but I feel like we went over this discussion ~13 years ago when most of us here were teens.
It's baffling to me that other anons think that the anime watching population on this site would have such extreme shit taste that they'd watch bottom of the barrel coomer shit.

Go into the anime thread and you'll see nobody is posting about isekai harem moe pedobait anime #5839, at most it will be some edgy depression porn manga, and there's a lot of posts criticizing coomer shit as well. I think the anons hating on anime here are preaching to the choir, with a holier than thou attitude because you refuse to watch the decent stuff too. Which fine, nobody is making you watch it but sticking fingers in your ears and screaming "everyone who watches anime is a pedo tranny degen" won't make it true.

No. 154689

>I agree most of it is trash but I feel like we went over this discussion ~13 years ago when most of us here were teens.
Well there's the thing, there will always be a new 17-year old who "grows out of anime" and is desperate to distance herself from the cringe weeb audience she associates all her teenage retardation with, or in worst case was groomed by a bunch of 20+ moids in a moe anime discord at 14. That's why I really don't understand why anons even bother to fight them as it's like talking to a brick wall, I guess they just need to get over that phase before they could consider the fact that Kobayashi's Dragon Maid isn't actually widely recognized as the pinnacle of anime as a genre or a medium.

No. 154713

>I think most women in this thread are well aware of how retarded 80% of anime is.
I agree completely. I'm saying right now that this thread isn't "mostly women", lol.
>I think the anons hating on anime here are preaching to the choir, with a holier than thou attitude because you refuse to watch the decent stuff too.
This isn't what it is at all. This is supposed to be a thread for people who hate anime and want to criticize it for any reason to talk about that; if you're an anime fan, YOU'RE the one out of place. We're not preaching to the choir, we're stating our opinions in a thread that is asking for them and everyone else is coming in trying to defend their loser pedobait medium.
>Which fine, nobody is making you watch it but sticking fingers in your ears and screaming "everyone who watches anime is a pedo tranny degen" won't make it true.
Generalizing something doesn't mean we're talking about literally every single fucking thing in that group, come on, anon. It's safe to assume that 80% of the medium is disgusting, repetitive loli or harem garbage so generalizing it is fine. Holy shit.

At least Big Mouth doesn't parade its young children characters as seductive to the audience and attractive, even if the subject matter is cringe. The style is absolutely vile, meanwhile anime is all about making the underaged characters attractive and sexy.

No. 154722

I still think you're a loser, so you're talking to a wall.

No. 154729

It's a scrotewank love story between an alien taking the shape of a loli and a self-obsessed incel that features sex scenes withs said loli body, an old man violently raping the loli, both of them torturing another girl because she was a sweet, normal woman and in love with the incel and turning her into a lobotomized pet, the incel eating human flesh and liking it, ultimatively it's a juvenile edge wankfest. I wish the animetards didn't show their shit taste so openly.

No. 154730

OP been camping in this thread for three whole days, damn. Don’t you have a job or anything?

No. 154731

If you animefags admit there's only a small amount of good anime and the majority is shit, where's the problem? No one is attacking your precious YA-level fave, people are criticizing the general culture surrounding animeshit.

No. 154752

Should have named your thread something else then. Previous anime critical thread was for people with nuanced opinions. Don't be surprised when you don't get the replies that you want.
you or the actual OP if that's a different person, I don't care, the point stands) Anime hate would be more accurate.
IDK why nobody from jannies noticed that this has either a wrong title or is a duplicate.

No. 154758

File: 1628022445569.jpeg (220.91 KB, 1024x1024, 1D93FB1C-D624-4052-B81B-7BE8E7…)


I think people who defend it so strongly are kind of strange. It’s okay to enjoy something and be critical of it. There is the whole making someone feel bad for watching anime but if you’re self aware enough, you should be able to watch something, enjoy it, but still be able to admit the faults. Not all anime is good, just like how it is in any other media.

No. 154768

File: 1628031448562.png (262.24 KB, 473x515, sliceoflife.png)

Moving from what kind of people those who watch it are, most anime just has awful pacing issues and the most bland character writing, especially when it comes to women. Almost all of it has fan service, and even that term alone connotes that this is a supposedly good thing… When someone tells me they like anime I often assume that yes they are a coomer of some kind, are incredible childish, or willing to put up with extremely poor writing and lackluster animation because it's some form of NLOG media consumption. Read a book.

No. 154771

OP's thread is more in line with the old Anti-anime thread in /ot/ that got locked for autism and infighting. The anime critical thread that already exists in /m/ was an offshoot of that thread for actual critical discussion of anime. Regardless there shouldn't be two threads with the same name floating around.

No. 154775

File: 1628044892047.gif (1023.88 KB, 245x160, c061fc27db8053bff_d1a6181a_250…)

No. 154787

This so much. And if a woman tells me she likes anime I automatically assume she's a fujotranny coomer or a handmaiden from reddit.

No. 154788

>I think most women in this thread are well aware of how retarded 80% of anime is
You know that applies to literally all forms of media too? What really changes is specifically what makes them all shit, and even then I see a lot of people complaining about sexualization of underage characters in manga and anime like they're the only ones guilty of this. Honestly the only advice I have to give to anyone who may be interested in anime but these common flaws will prevent them from watching anything : just read manga instead and don't listen to any self-proclaimed American anime fan's opinion on anything. Be as picky as possible. Most anime are just shitty adaptations and manga has so much more diversity you're more likely to find something you'll enjoy that isn't all ass and titties and mindless shonen battle manga.

The shitty pacing is why I stopped caring about anime. I may watch some original shows sometimes but that's it. Some manga also have this problem but it's not that obvious if you're reading a finished story.

No. 154790

Pacing is my issue too. I feel like anime has minimal rewatch value because it's hard to enjoy it moment by moment. There are lots of series that I love because they have satisfying moments and overall plot progression, so once I've finished it's really memorable to me, but they tend to drag on their way to the good parts. Way too many lengthy, lingering shots, too much pointless barely-there dialogue (saying someone's name in a meaningful way etc), I just get impatient for the story to actually move. I rarely feel that way with western series, even if it ended up having less impact or worse writing than an anime series. Manga tends to be much more enjoyable than the adaption simply because I can read faster and set the pace myself.

No. 154794

I remember the thread and the whole history, was fun. Why can't this be renamed to Anti-anime?
I'm so thankful that I'm not the only one who cannot watch anime due to slow pacing. 20 minute episodes drag forever, while I can watch a one hour tv show episode no problem. That's one of the reason why I prefer manga (that and the fact that there is so much more choice in what to read, not only what will sell commercially the most).

No. 154803

so much this, the source material is always better and so many good stuff never got an adaption. Imo people who only want to watch and are too lazy to read are plebs.

No. 154806

Not like manga is that much better, especially weekly series can go to shit fast or resort to "tell don't show" exposition.

No. 154811

in my (and other anons ITT) it is though. For example, a manga can have a quick gag at the side of a frame. You can read it in a second. If anime wants to keep the gag, it always lasts at least a few seconds and ends up being unbearable. Plus if you are a fast reader, you can consume manga volumes in no time. Fastforwarding anime doesn't really count as watching as intended.

No. 154813

Manga still suffers from the same shit anime does and by large shares the same tropes- except manga is allowed to have more gore and porn than anime, and anime adapts the stories with more mainstream appeal. Even shit like "World's End Harem" reaches a big audience over SJ+.

No. 154815

File: 1628079402155.jpg (94.16 KB, 520x520, 1465340767.g_520-w_g.jpg)

To be honest, I can't imagine typing as much of some of the spergs ITT, and being so angry over a drawn medium they claim to vehemently dislike from a part of the world they (presumably) don't live in and never have to think seriously about, then insisting those that defend it are the autistic ones.
It's like someone who claims to be anti-furry writing an epistle about furries that details a bunch of minute opinions about the community they'd only have/care about if they purposely inserted themselves in it. Almost on the same level of fixation as that one "derpibooru" poster. "Don't like it, shit disgusts me" is a normal person's reaction, the novels and pure seethe in here are not. Obsession.

No. 154817

Seems like you don't listen to your own advice and are obsessed with this thread. Hide it if it triggers you, nonna.

No. 154819

Nah, I just found this thread and skimmed through it. Sorry if I struck a nerve.

No. 154821

Yeah and there are so many different genres and demographics that you can easily avoid that shit and read better series. Meanwhile nowadays anime are almost always shonen shit or otaku bait that last 13 episodes and get new seasons every five years.

No. 154822

>short expression of disgust
>you're a troll that doesn't know what anime really is!
>longer post containing an explanation based on experience
>you're an obsessed sperg!

What makes you want to defend anime so badly on a gossip forum?

No. 154823

>there are so many different genres and demographics that you can easily avoid that shit and read better series
This. I can agree that most manga is garbage, but you can find some really cool stuff if you are willing to look for it and steer clear of shit that everyone is getting obsessed about (if weebs at large are in love with a new manga/anime, 99% chance that it's shit).

No. 154867

The west has shitty shows that do sexual and do the same thing as Anime.
>riverdale? They are all having sex and pole dancing? Oh you think that is a minority case
>Pretty little liars, a girl marries the guy who preys on her.
>Super hero cartoons, female characters sexualized by actions and outfits

Anime is not unique, creeps in every culture exist. Saying that anime is bad because of creeps is not criticism of the medium but some of the fans.

No. 154897

Anime fans sound absolutely ridiculous with this cope, western media isn't restricted to one subculture like anime is. Japanese and asian media isn't restricted to it even, that's why you'll also see many people in those countries look down on anime and mock it.

No. 154898

File: 1628145918789.gif (433.07 KB, 500x281, e003fee57755edbebfd30eb25c4749…)

>when you watch a mystery show and STILL see bullshit pornification like this

No. 154902

i dropped it after the first episode because of that
it's a shame because I love those "teenagers explore urban mysteries" it's such a fun trope.

No. 154964

100% same here

No. 155252

Og god I hate his laugh. So forced like Jimmy Fallon's.

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