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No. 167972

A place to discuss anime.
What shows are you into?
What shows do you hate?
Do you watch any seasonal anime?
Got any recommendations?
Or any show you think we should avoid?
Write your thoughts, discuss, ask questions, talk about your personal relationship with anime. Etc.

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#2 >>>/m/126536

No. 167973

File: 1635702542082.png (276.42 KB, 696x392, imagen_2021-10-31_114909.png)

OP pic is Kamisama Kiss. I think it's a good alternative to those who like Inuyasha but Sesshomaru doing what he did makes them angry. What I watched was alright.

No. 167978

BRUH, can you stop? The other thread still has a 100 posts left until you need another thread.

No. 168049

The other thread has a shitty OP.

No. 168057

i love kamisama kiss and tomoe he’s so hot

No. 168131

probably the same weirdo who made acnl thread when theres 100 posts left and the thread is slow asf

No. 168192

>on lolcow

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