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File: 1552452230969.png (187.04 KB, 504x302, 1552255082739.png)

No. 17899

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970

Last thread: >>>/m/12791

No. 17901

Settling in. Im off work tomorrow too so Im hype.

No. 17902

File: 1552452406824.jpg (41.28 KB, 560x353, 1552435361743.jpg)

In for more trainwrecks

No. 17904

File: 1552452591677.jpg (45.68 KB, 396x510, Jung_Joon-Young-p1.jpg)

I can't get over how much this guy looks like a beta sissy

No. 17905

>gets banned from leaving the country, police is on him, lots of evidence about him being guilty have been found
"it's just a cover up for the sopa issue!! he's innocent!! remember park bom guys?? it's THE GOVERNMENT AND YG, not seungri!!

No. 17906

No. 17907

File: 1552452706756.jpg (24.5 KB, 365x356, 1552364779136.jpg)

Posting ugly pics for posterity as we wait for more news of YG and possibly the big 3's downfall

No. 17908

File: 1552452740056.jpg (70.47 KB, 500x678, 1552420811368.jpg)

No. 17909

File: 1552452769418.jpg (118.03 KB, 750x1080, 1552417299869.jpg)

No. 17910

File: 1552452809383.jpg (67.71 KB, 566x619, 1552417622190.jpg)

No. 17911

File: 1552452811998.jpg (31.74 KB, 300x379, thumbnail.jpg)

No. 17912

File: 1552452846887.jpg (54.13 KB, 430x645, 1552414068740.jpg)

No. 17913

File: 1552452897518.jpg (54.65 KB, 683x1024, bb8827a4671a2d94d8e87d8ffa6c22…)

No. 17914

File: 1552452912859.jpg (7.31 KB, 230x220, download (5).jpg)

why post shops when you have perfectly good pics to choose from.

No. 17915

File: 1552452920844.webm (2.96 MB, 756x1080, 1552437204346.webm)

How the fuck she got chosen for Twice beats me

No. 17916

File: 1552452946755.jpg (46.95 KB, 480x480, 1552440843819.jpg)

No. 17917

oof haha


No. 17918

File: 1552453059347.jpg (357 KB, 540x810, unnamed.jpg)

No. 17919

File: 1552453067720.jpg (75.92 KB, 1152x1152, 1552418711125.jpg)

No. 17920

File: 1552453096521.jpg (61.92 KB, 1000x500, hwa-sa.jpg)

No. 17921

File: 1552453123865.jpg (62.76 KB, 291x344, 1552407476296.jpg)

No. 17922

File: 1552453180095.jpg (52.41 KB, 1200x630, unnamed (1).jpg)

No. 17923

File: 1552453216863.jpg (26.91 KB, 562x567, 1552449650474.jpg)

No. 17924

File: 1552453292240.jpg (259.68 KB, 934x1401, 1552445398991.jpg)

her face is uncanny valley tier

No. 17925

File: 1552453339030.jpg (259.57 KB, 1280x1280, 1552367824996.jpg)

That's all I got. Enjoy!

No. 17926

File: 1552453353335.jpg (50.83 KB, 720x640, 27l3k8.jpg)

needs to be used as the korean version of pic related

No. 17927

I can't even tell if this is photoshop lol

No. 17928

File: 1552453379876.jpg (95.17 KB, 436x353, mac-tonight.jpg)

No. 17929

File: 1552453468876.jpg (18.05 KB, 238x315, SES.JPG)

SES's fourth member

No. 17930

The last thread was the best we had so far and this one is already runner-up holy shit lmao

No. 17932

>seungri's choking that woman

i just screamed, holy fuck haha

No. 17933

File: 1552453768958.jpg (74.88 KB, 540x694, unnamed (2).jpg)

It shocks me how little L.E is mentioned in this thread, she's a huge cow. Disfigured her face with ps, hangs out at gay bars all the time, got a tattoo in honour of the tranny community. fag hag

No. 17934

I saw a passing comment mentioning that the official investigators will make a statement around 3pm but I'm waiting for more confirmation

No. 17935

>hangs out at gay bars
>tattoo for troons

Summary Rundown?

No. 17939

sjw fujo kpop twitter's wet dream

No. 17940

File: 1552453971261.png (143.26 KB, 683x416, lee.png)

No. 17943

REEEEEE jcm doesn't consider hedwig trans, fake theatre girl.

No. 17944

Have you guys heard of any male idols that has done drag in the past? I remember seeing something about it that fujo stans were cheering about.

No. 17945

I remember Chanyeol from Exo did

No. 17946

File: 1552454370704.jpg (49.62 KB, 520x654, Dkks2KIWwAUh8_G.jpg)

jokwon regularly engages in that sort of thing lol

No. 17947

2pm Jo Kwon

No. 17948

No. 17949

File: 1552454505436.png (69.98 KB, 500x497, tumblr_n7oj0nhBfz1ssziiro2_500…)

honestly i fully believe that if jo kwon could speak fluent english, he would have participated in RDR by now tbh

No. 17950

??? dont they all do drag? do they not do girl group covers anymore? they used to do them all the time at end of yesr & special gayos, i remember like… 2pm doing fan by BEG & infinite doing some girl group song. /i only know 2nd gen

No. 17951

So he's been doing this from day one, wow

No. 17952

Most of them, probably? It's really common for male idols to do performances of girl group songs as a joke. If you mean serious drag then idk.

No. 17953

File: 1552454626781.jpg (50.14 KB, 480x640, 2c48ae29ddcd870ed93e5ed38f81f7…)

am i the only one who feels unsettled by men in drag? they look creepy. N is kind of cute tho tbh lol

No. 17954

same anon sorry im being an idiot if u mean drag outside of that lol

No. 17955

I think that for the rest that do it in drag they do it to joke/ make fun of the girl groups. It wasn't until a few like Jo Kwon continuously kept doing it and took it seriously that people started hating him till he went into the army

No. 17956

File: 1552454799705.gif (1.85 MB, 285x254, PzWC.gif)

not gay btw

No. 17957

yeah i mean it as in serious drag, it was a thread on twitter about some male idols who did it in the past and some of them weren't openly known for this kind of thing like jo kwon. i think one of them was chanyeol like an anon said??

No. 17958

He looks like a korean incel

No. 17959

honestly i feel bad for him, im sure its not easy to be as flamboyant and blatantly homosexual in korea as he is

No. 17960

File: 1552455015661.jpg (64 KB, 750x750, DCIVJKHU0AECdj6.jpg)

just bros being bros

No. 17961

in that case, im racking my brain for it. i feel like i remember lee joon predebut drag photos?

No. 17962

he just needs to talk to yunho

No. 17963

>Work in a group of pretty boys most your life.
>Every week meeting up to perform on stage with other pretty boy groups.

Yeah must be hell.

No. 17964

this is 100% me tinfoiling but i think the evol old kpop men saw this openly fag twink and he got pimped.

No. 17965

Also getting pumped by blueballed muscular straight men in the army

No. 17966

File: 1552455815028.png (989.65 KB, 850x521, tooo younggg.png)

SM's possible new gg members:

Top Left: Hina
Top Center: Kouen; (likely leader/lead vocal; popular SM trainee)
Top Right: Ning Ning (obviously Chinese)
Bottom Left: Lami (another popular trainee)
Bottom Center: Jungyeon
Bottom Right: Jimin

All announced are confirmed SMRookies other than Jimin

No. 17967

Red Velvet just took off and NCT is a huge waste of money, these girls probably aren't going to see the light of day until 2020 at least

No. 17968

File: 1552456076725.jpg (86.48 KB, 960x960, 51462514_475420266323866_79753…)

Erm…i remember when lami was really little and everyone was freaking out over how cute she was with her dimples and all, but recent pictures of her show she looks..a LOT older

How old is she exactly?
Shes not ugly by any means, very pretty. But she definitely looks more mature so idk if shes gonna be popular the way she was as a trainee.

No. 17969

No. 17970

No. 17971

That image you posted is Herin, not Lami

Herin left SM to perform on Idol School (idk why fucking stupid if you ask me)

No. 17972

I remember seeing a comment on one of those vids saying ''am i the only one who thinks SM's visuals have decreased?'' what a back handed way to say u find them ugly kek

No. 17973

File: 1552456496483.jpg (91.87 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nko4keWPtm1t5bsrdo1_500…)

Oh. Ok Idk who Herin is but mostly her pictures came up when I looked for Lami. Weird lol. They do look alike. I guess this is the most recent picture of Lami then?

No. 17974

Yes, that's Lami and I think that's the most recent one.

Watching their Mucky Mouse tapdancing cover to BoA they don't really stick out but keep in mind this was 3 years ago so who the fuck knows now

No. 17975

She looks like Winwin. LSM is working hard but Dr Kim is working harder.

also it would be hilarious if nct's names were in red like triggered etc farmhands hear us out

No. 17976

File: 1552457477162.webm (2.93 MB, 560x989, 1552454590850.webm)

So ugly I'm crying

No. 17978

Stock Update:
>[JYP’s market cap beats competitors on ‘Seungri scandal’]

>Amid a sex and drug scandal involving talent agency YG Entertainment, its main rival saw its market capitalization soar past others.

>On March 12, JYP Entertainment’s market value reached 1.6 trillion won ($1.41 billion) on the rising popularity of its girl group Twice and boy band Got7. The company’s new girl group ITZY, which debuted last month, is also rapidly gaining fans.

>Another factor behind JYP's soaring value is the misfortune of YG Entertainment, whose market value has declined by around 160 billion won to 652.9 billion won since January when the so-called 'Seungri scandal' broke.

>Seungri, who is a star artist at YG Entertainment was an executive at Burning Sun – the now-defunct club that was raided on charges of sexual assault and drug trafficking.

>Seungri also allegedly solicited prostitutes for investors from Taiwan, and most recently, news reports are accusing him of sharing sex videos and photos through a group chat with fellow celebrities.

>Meanwhile, SM Entertainment saw its market cap fall to around 900.2 billion won after an earnings shock stemming from a sales decline. The firm posted revenue of around 208.5 billion won in the fourth quarter last year, and an operating profit of 15.2 billion won, much lower than market estimates. This was due to the poor performance from its Japanese unit and its subsidiary Keyeast.

>On March 12, JYP stock prices fell 4.01 percent to close at 29,950 won, while SM ended at 39,050 won and YG at 35,900 won.

>By Song Seung-hyun (ssh@heraldcorp.com)

No. 17979

File: 1552457906387.webm (550.9 KB, 640x480, 1552450971355.webm)

No. 17984

>The company’s new girl group ITZY, which debuted last month, is also rapidly gaining fans.

Really? I didn't think they were that good, but thats JYP hype for ya.

No. 17985

jyp has written some bops but fuck, he's a cringelord. does anyone else get vic mignogna-y vibes from him?

No. 17986

all groups from the Big 3 will get a ridiculous amount of fans regardless of quality. see: blackpink

No. 17987

you do know vic is about to sue everyone to hell right?

No. 17988


Yes. He lets it get to his head since he's the face of the company. But have you seen this travesty?

No. 17989

i mean in his general manner of moving and speaking. i should have been more clear, considering.

No. 17990

Don't you remember when JYP met I.O.I and wrote no no no, and even made the dance? He's like the guy who gets beaten up for writing yuri manga in secret in highschool.

Everything else he does is compensating.

No. 17994

To me he doesn't seem like a sexual abuser… More like awkward type who puts women on a pedestal and feels flustered talking to them despite being old

No. 17996

No. 17998

catch up on the threads

No. 17999

File: 1552460175752.jpg (52.41 KB, 1024x820, 576c6d15c4f9c41b367541377310a1…)


It's getting hot at YG:
>"As indicated via several previous reports, all of the rumors involving our label's female artists currently being spread online are entirely false, malicious rumors.

>While we initially felt that such ridiculous rumors did not deserve our attention, we have found more online posts which continue to defame our label artists; as a result, we notify our intentions to take strict legal action against not only the perpetrator of the original rumors, but also any who spread and added to the rumors.

>Thank you."

No. 18000

File: 1552460246349.gif (908.64 KB, 423x225, tumblr_mv8dt16Rmy1rzpapso1_500…)

>Blackpink sex tape? There is no Blackpink sex tape…

No. 18001

File: 1552460314306.jpg (31.33 KB, 227x210, 1552458974061.jpg)

No. 18002

Jesus Christ I can barely hear what Tiffany is saying, I wasn't looking at the subtitles so
I thought she said nigga like 5 times at the beginning

No. 18004

File: 1552461037293.jpg (265.37 KB, 952x1094, shitfacedidiot.jpg)

If anyone is interested in reading up on JJY's previous investigation back in 2016 here:


>His agency C9 Entertainment stated on September 27, “The prosecution requested that he voluntarily submit his phone, and so this morning he submitted it to the Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office.”

>According to his agency, Jung Joon Young voluntarily submitted the phone in order to prove that the statements he made at his recent press conference are the truth. Jung Joon Young said at his press conference that the video was taken for fun with consent from both sides, and was immediately deleted afterwards.

>His agency also stated that Jung Joon Young will be sincerely complying with any further requests made by the prosecution.

No. 18008

I'm a bit late but going from the last thread and the potential links to JJYs fuckery

>Ft Island


I'm seeing a pattern and I don't like it

No. 18009

They look like siblings kek

No. 18011

it's crazy how much support he got when the news broke. so many people (both fans and celebs) were defending him and insisting that his ex was lying. sage for blogposting but i didn't start watching 2d1n until way after the scandal was over, i remember reading about it and feeling a little uncomfortable but since everyone was so convinced that he was innocent i just kinda accepted it

this is such a slap in the face, dude managed to get away with no consequence and turns out to be the exact asshole he was accused of being. had a lot of people fooled kek

No. 18012

This sounds stupid but you know when you sometimes just look at someone and your gut feeling tells you something is off? I always had that feeling with this dude. With seungri it was easier to identify the cause at least cause I never liked his public persona.

No. 18013

this is so ironical

No. 18014

File: 1552466666957.png (100.05 KB, 607x544, Untitled.png)

No. 18015

What kind of favors was he asking exactly kek

No. 18016

its hard to read translations i havent found a good english source yet since it just came out, but apparently he wanted to pay them off to not reveal his drunk driving arrest to the press, basically to keep his name clear because drunk driving incidents are very scandalous in korea especially if you're famous

No. 18017

No. 18019

Two articles suggesting there was someone associated with the police force, that was helping these celebrities in this chat room cover up various incidents including drunk driving, and violations of club safety and sanitation laws



No. 18020

and….. drugs and rape and trafficking i would assume

No. 18021

yep but these are two new allegations that were not discussed before and have only broke in recent hours

No. 18022

hope his ex is LIVING right now

No. 18023

“#Reporter #Club #Gangnam #SexualAssault #Drugs
“Starting from next week, a bomb will drop one at a time. It’s set to drop once every 1~2 weeks.
You need to drop the smaller news before dropping the bigger news, so we’ll be taking our time. I want to first apologize to our informants.”
— Reporter Oh Hyuk Jin

What could be bigger really?

inb4 yg and innocent oppas

No. 18031

He has very empty eyes, even when he is trying to look friendly.

No. 18033

Does anybody think jjy's "best friend" Josh knew about any of this? They knew each other for 15 years and were close, there's no way josh didn't know anything

No. 18034

A bigger star involved in all this mess? Murder?

No. 18035

Okay in light of these unfortunate events, bom's solo is out lmao. The song is outdated and her voice is as grating as ever. Sounds like a flop

No. 18037

really appreciate how every scene is shot so we can't see how busted her face is

No. 18039

That is an extremely unfortunate thumbnail

No. 18042

whoah her lips are huge. having a song with distorted vocals helps cover the fact that she can barely move her face enough to sing.

as much as she (and pretty much any other idol with a drug related scandal) doesn't deserve to be compared to seungri and jjy, her defenders really want to act like her incident wasn't covered up because she's famous. what she did wasn't immoral or anything, but there was still bribery and corruption involved in covering it up for so long. she's not an emblem of how scummy idols can be but she is one for how they can get away with anything if they have connections, until the bribery money dries up and higher ups need a scapegoat to take attention off of them

No. 18043

she looks like jin
also dara's face is so tragic. she used to be decent looking

No. 18044

why she’s still trying

No. 18056

The song's charting very well regardless of how shit it is, so I guess it's worth it? Her doing well seems like karma what with YG fucking up her reputation over Adderall

No. 18057

File: 1552488971613.png (240 KB, 640x336, image0.png)

No. 18058

File: 1552489012374.gif (718.79 KB, 500x384, 1537270805973.gif)

So when are those names coming out?

No. 18059

"Nation's pimp

No. 18060

So was he wearing a wig or not? His hair is something else.

No. 18061

No. 18062

Lmao I can't wait to see this filled up. It would also be really entertaining if one of them was someone who is regarded as a "nations sweetheart" or something like that
Tha'ts what I wanted to know too lol

No. 18063

I think if he really wore a wig and got his hat violently ripped off, wouldn't his wig have went as well?

No. 18064

Good point. Guess it's real, long, messy, and dirty hair

No. 18065

Even if you're out of the public eye just…why?

No. 18066

Ikr? Gross…well his hair is nasty just like him

No. 18067

File: 1552490755805.png (54.61 KB, 640x390, IMG_0132.PNG)

Looool even pannchoa changed their header image.

No. 18068

I don't really have the heart to criticize her given on balance she really got screwed over taking ADD drugs. I agree she didn't do anything wrong– and the big mess over it was overblown and ridiculous.

No. 18071

I hope no female k-idols ever set up, or tsold out a fellow member or put them in danger like what happened in that crazy j-idol maho scandal recently

No. 18072

Shit like this could totally happen if there were groups with +100 members….thank god there aren't any though.

No. 18073

True, not saying korean girls are morally better, but it's way easier to regulate behavior with a small number of people than 100+ lol. Also with so many people there's bound to be crazy people included

No. 18090

Since one of the ft island guys seems to be involced as well, does anybody else find lee hongki also fishy? To me he always came across like some creep… Another guy in their group also knocked up this super young idol.

For example being rumoured to date shinozaki ai - the girl who was already a gravure model at like 14.
He also allegedly watched an I guess sexist or very bad streamer. Afterwards he fought with his fans on instagram.
He also always accuses his company of treating them badly, but not in a brave, finally speaking out for himself way, more like he's got the upper hand and has been nagging and being ungrateful for years.

No. 18094

Lol. Put cjh in it

No. 18095

Honestly they should investigate ALL their friends. They must be friends for a reason.

No. 18096

Who's going to jail? naya na naya na

No. 18097

are all of these fuckers male idols/celebrities?

No. 18098

Bom topping the charts while yg is crumbling is hilarious. I wonder if we are going to witness a girl group revival since everyone but die hard fans are growing suspicious of male idols

No. 18099

He definitely sounds suspicious. Why most people think he's a little "cute" and "innocent" guy is beyond me. No actually it's not, people are blind and dumb

No. 18100

bts is going to perform on snl (in usa) can these fucking americans cut them off already we need rapmon to come out with a controversy cuz we know his sleazy ass has been in disgusting places

No. 18101

Eeeww why.. I don't need to see ratmonster and his ugly little gang plastered all over social media again being praised like there's no tomorrow

No. 18102

Is there any idol who seems to actually enjoy doing music beyond being an idol?

No. 18103

Yea she gained a SHIT ton of weight

No. 18104

Unless the SNL skits are about current trending topics (R Kelly, college admission scams) nobody's going to tune in. Let them have their promos now, Korea's got more important shit to worry about

The ones who genuinely love music become soloists like Dean or Crush, idols always clearly prioritize glamour over music.

No. 18105

I'm for it tbh

No. 18106

Exactly. You just can't expect each one to like all their members. Groups with 7-12 members already have issues getting along. Not saying that justifies doing shit like that though.

No. 18107

I have so many parody ideas…starting with their cringe lyrics and concepts.

No. 18108

Lami was born in 2003. She would be a sophomore if she was ever in the US

No. 18109

There are some idols who say they want to make rock music or other forms of music, but idk what their motives for saying that are

No. 18110

Apparently TOP posted this on his personal instagram then deleted it: "So hopeless, so shameful. So sad".

No. 18111

Is he talking about seungri? kek

No. 18112

for a group that allegedly is proudly nationalist and hates da evol westurnaz they sure do love going to america with their broken konglish.

No. 18113

File: 1552499155631.jpg (25.12 KB, 750x500, Dzi8cPoWkAUE3Z-.jpg)

LMAOOOOOOOOOO implying that BB as a whole isn't a big fat bag of trash

No. 18114

Lol RM alone seems to be obsessed with European culture. I'm sure if they could they'd all leave Korea.

No. 18115

Probably wants to make himself look "better" than him lmao
Lol what would they do if they did? Nobody in the west would accept them haha

No. 18116

Do you think the current scandal going on now will affect how regular SNL watchers will perceive bts?

No. 18117

Nah, unfortunately it's not getting much media coverage for non kpop fans to pay attention to it. Most people won't even try to understand, so.

No. 18118

No, I don't think they'll associate the scandal with bts, plus how many would even know about the scandals in the first place?

No. 18119

bigbang have been implying to various extents for years that they don't get on with seungri and don't want to be involved with his businesses and friends, if bigbang had broken up a few years ago i doubt any of them would still associate with him. even the members that were closer to him like gd pretty openly shade him now and then. even a scumbag knows when to not share details of their immoral crimes to colleagues so i don't doubt that he had friends who didn't know the extent of it, but bigbang did know he was a shithead - they just preferred ignoring and enabling it to keep making money, i guess. top's probably just pissed that he ruined his career just by smoking weed and hooking up with a 20 year old when other guys did far worse and kept it covered for so long

question since this is a better place than most for critical questions, if a male celebrity posted any kind of statement about how awful this is, would you assume they were just covering their own tracks or would it depend on the person? i was thinking about how idols obviously never use their influence for positive reasons like that, but frankly at this point i'd be suspicious that it was a pr coverup. i really just want to see the full list of names. it won't mean every other idol is 100% clear but it'd be nice to at least see who isn't on the list of the absolute worst of them

No. 18120

First, do you have an examples of big bang disliking Seungri kek

And to answer your question, In my opinion if a male artist did that I would think it's to cover his own ass and try to maybe divert attention away from them I guess ONLY because no male idols (who haven't been accused yet) have voiced their opinions on the whole ordeal. Plus idols rarely speak on or condemn any sort of negative events so it would just look extremely sus to me.

No. 18121

no because the average SNL watcher doesn't give a fuck about bts. All they do is see them tapdance and go "that's nice".

No. 18122

they're not doing it for the average SNL watcher, they're doing it to rile up their fanbase. if their ifans see them doing something "better" than the last comeback, they'll continue being deranged

No. 18123

Didn't gd use to hate him and ignore him and shit cause he didn't want him in bb?

No. 18124

File: 1552501017267.jpg (644.49 KB, 900x1350, 1552464894546.jpg)


No. 18125

Big bang fans before the scandal broke out when ppl implied all members weren't bff: omg how dare you oppas literally sleep in the same bed
After the scandal : yeah they never liked seungri anyway lol

No. 18126

File: 1552501081689.jpg (68.21 KB, 520x780, 1552464829517.jpg)

No. 18127

File: 1552501114716.jpg (56.16 KB, 520x780, 1552464957349.jpg)

No. 18128

File: 1552501151756.jpg (521.71 KB, 670x978, 1552465083592.jpg)

No. 18133

https://twitter.com/snsdorbit/status/1105668081223757826?s=21 sorry, dont know how to embed this video with my phone.
big bang knew.

No. 18134

Just checked out her new MV. Her face isn't taking the constant botox and nose job well. I'm glad her stans are supportive of her new album but she needs to stop before her face cannot be salvaged anymore.

No. 18135

File: 1552502460976.png (895.2 KB, 810x683, 1552470295776.png)

What did he mean by this

No. 18136

File: 1552502686331.jpg (120.61 KB, 799x1200, D1ex7gFU0AAzt4o.jpg)

hasn't it always been obvious that seungri is obviously just tacked on and gets 2 lines in songs and laughed at by the others? i'm sure there are people who've just suddenly changed their mind after this came out but i thought people have always known that if one member was the 'extra' one then it was seungri, even if they wanted to pretend it was a cute thing of him just being annoying and not the other 4 genuinely being closer to other people

gd didn't like him because he was cut from the group and then added again and nobody really thought he deserved to be there. i think he was the closest to seungri eventually though, if anybody who really kept up with them wants to confirm. old varieties i saw still had daesung saying he and seungri were basically strangers who lived together even years later because they just didn't get on at all. but i don't think they really cared if he was up to something, i still think they'll be far more angry that he got caught and trashed their careers than over the fact he did something this awful. they're not off the hook just because they probably tried to look the other way. they 100% knew something was happening, it doesn't matter how bad they thought it was. if they really cared about womens safety more than they cared about money and image then they could've done something. not that i would ever actually expect them or any other group to, but still

oh god this just reminded me of how people used to say her changing eyelids and nose were from lymph node swelling and not from surgery

No. 18138

File: 1552502959880.jpg (82.97 KB, 750x363, many-concluded-that-park-bom-h…)

She wasn't even that bad looking before the surgery. She didn't even need it honestly.

No. 18141

her fake eyes are kinda cute tbh

No. 18142

>they could've done something
I don't care about Big Bang, but could they? There are politicians and higher ups from the police involved. Even chaebols.

No. 18143

they all probably have shitty people in their inner circles, but seungri and the company he keeps really takes the cake!
i always thought it would be TOP or Gdragon involved in stuff like this, but I just wasnt paying attention enough obviously.

No. 18144

I think one person on twitter had mentioned something about how a police officer who was doing some investigating into a different case (or it might have been Burning Sun, I can't remember now) magically committed suicide because he got too close. Not excusing the other BB members for not stepping in and thumping Seungri for his bullshit, but political power is no joke.

No. 18145

i agree they look kinda like anime/cartoonish

everything else though, yikes

No. 18147

that’s true actually, it’s not like if they knew they could’ve just told the police and it fixed or something. no point in being labelled a snitch if it isnt going to do anything anyway

No. 18148

i'm so sad for bom :( she was the most popular member of 2ne1 and had incredible sales for her solo songs. she could've had it all

No. 18149

That’s what happens when your boss/mentor tells you you’re ugly and fat everyday as a teen.

No. 18150

yeah honestly that must be the reason why CL and Bom are overweight now, they must have got eating disorders from YG

No. 18151

Hopefully they'll tone the hate parade down now that the public is focusing on seungri

No. 18152

What are your thoughts on xenophobia in international kpop fandom, especially in regards to the tendency to dismiss Korean people and ignore cultural context in the face of scandal?

With the recent scandal(s), there's been a lot of talk about the xenophobia international kpop fans express when talking about Koreans and South Korean culture. One of the main lines parroted by Seungri fans over the last few weeks is that this is something trivial being overblown by the uptight and conservative Korean culture, even going so far as to frame Korean media and general response to Seungri's crimes as "backwards." South Korean media has been covering the international reaction to all this (for example noting the difference between comments left in Korean and those in other languages) and its been eye opening to witness how deeply this notion runs throughout the fandom.

Sometimes, I think its fair to call out Korean media and knetz. Ironically, one of the few times you'll see kpop fans suddenly switch to saying "its South Korean culture that's how it is you're just being xenophobic" is in defense of an idol who has done something racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. But in these cases what's being argued isn't an issue of relative morality, bigotry is still bigotry even within an environment where it is common/acceptable. In these cases criticism of the culture itself is warranted.

No. 18153

Doubt it. She's brave for even releasing music again in korea much less right fucking NOW when her her label mates are involved in possibly the biggest legitimate scandal in a long long time. It will chart well but she's gonna get ripped to shreds on every article im sure.

No. 18156

File: 1552505367778.jpg (105.26 KB, 720x1280, 1552481847825.jpg)

So is it safe to say Senguri's sister knew?

No. 18157

So is Somi fucked now that she's technically under YG?

No. 18158

why would his sister try to protect bts from him? he's not a gay pimp.

No. 18159

File: 1552505774642.jpg (172.85 KB, 850x868, theabsolutestate.jpg)

the absolute state of kpop

No. 18160

File: 1552505876840.gif (4.9 MB, 387x213, 5687778890874b0b9f424647957f9a…)

everything on that newspaper is terrifying

except for that ananth guy idk him

No. 18161

I would suppose so. Can't believe she had everything going for her and a weird last minute move ruined it. Even if this burning sun scandal never happened, there's no way she'd be getting more attention as a solo singer under a YG back burner label than ITZY is

No. 18162

Bom and Dara were always the pretty ones, though. Bom had the human doll thing around 2010-11 especially. Her ruining her face isn’t as simple as being told she’s ugly and trying to fix it. She did work with the trainer under YG a lot though, having a big appetite was her character but she also did weird things like hiding food under her pillow to eat secretly

No. 18163

a lot oif idols hide and sneak foods and honestly its fucked up how its prsented on their little shows they go on as a ~le quirky personality trait~. Like…no its fucked. Thats an eating disorder at the least, and its because they're being forced to starve by their manager or label or whatever. Its not cute or funny.

No. 18164

No. 18165

I wonder if this will affect bp's popularity in Korea. Not that that they are as popular as they make it seem to be but they still have a big solid fanbase.
They already got so much hate cause of Jennie and their subpar performances…army's surely having a field day with this scandal lol

No. 18167

They're going to lose Korean fans but their crazy SEA fans will stay for Lisa

No. 18168

the comments lmao

No. 18170

>Hailey Bieber moisturises with her own blood

No. 18171

Hailey Bieber does what now

No. 18172

Go back to Reddit for serious discussion anon

No. 18174

File: 1552509228614.jpg (53.82 KB, 786x933, 1552471361969.jpg)

Welp as we wait for more to be exposed…

No. 18175

File: 1552509264478.jpg (45.35 KB, 887x785, 1552470793282.jpg)

No. 18176

File: 1552509298770.jpg (39.83 KB, 666x689, 1552470935819.jpg)

No. 18177

Weren't they going to post the other names today? Though what I do appreciate is that they are drawing it out so that people don't forget.

No. 18178

File: 1552509516544.jpg (29.49 KB, 389x388, 1552462156241.jpg)

No. 18179

Nayeon Critical Thread

No. 18180

File: 1552509570195.jpg (15.58 KB, 393x370, 1552470850667.jpg)

No. 18181

File: 1552509687186.jpg (39.27 KB, 450x544, 1552478452273.jpg)


An old post about CNBLUE's Jonghyun and JJY is regaining attention…

>Five months ago, back in October 2018, an anonymous poster left a shocking post on an online community. According to the poster, Jonghyun has been investigated by the police multiple times. He and Jung Joon Young also allegedly drugged underaged fans and sexually harassed them.

>The full post reads, "I have something to tell CNBLUE fans. Don't be so into Lee Jonghyun. Rumors have widely spread about him having sex with a popular girl group… He's also famous for having sex with his fans. Please listen to me. Don't regret it later. It'll be in the news sometime. It hasn't made headlines but Lee Jonghyun has been to the police many times."

>And an additional comment stated, "Another spoiler here. '1 Night 2 Days' Jung Joon Young and Lee Jonghyun gave sleeping pills to underaged fans and sexually harassed them."

>At the time, netizens simply believed it was a fake post with malicious intent. However, many are now coming to think the writer was not lying after all.

>Netizens who've just recently reread the comments stated, "Hul… How did that person know?" "Wasn't this all in the news?? How did that person know?" "I'm getting goosebumps. Maybe their dirty acts were already well known in the industry," "Wow.. this is scary."

>Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young has admitted to filming women without consent and sharing the videos in chatrooms. Jonghyun is rumored to be a member of Jung Joon Young's controversial chatroom, however, FNC Entertainment denied all accusations.

No. 18182

File: 1552509725354.jpg (137.59 KB, 756x996, 1552473062677.jpg)

No. 18183

What's sad is that the user who posted it was probably assaulted herself hence why she's aware of it

No. 18185

File: 1552510065494.jpg (21.02 KB, 350x350, 1552484088376.jpg)

Chungus tier

No. 18186

When JJY's english friend set him up on a date with an underage girl in 2015, he threw a fit, probably because he got in trouble for fucking minors before kek.

No. 18190

File: 1552511824144.jpg (67.09 KB, 736x856, 1552511460055.jpg)

No. 18191

File: 1552511864317.jpg (934.75 KB, 2048x1931, onlydecentpicofnaeyon.jpg)

It's almost impossible to find good pics of this girl

No. 18192

>He's also famous for having sex with his fans
and delusional people think male idols don't fuck fans

No. 18193

She might’ve been considered pretty by the public, but definitely not but YG. It’s well documented that he frequently called them the ugliest girl group in kpop and always commented on their weight. Even if you were praised by the public, having your boss constantly degrade your looks will fuck with you mentally.

No. 18194

Just goes to show appearances are just appearances…I used to be a big Jonghyun fan because he always seemed to have this cool and calm vibe and didn’t really gaf about anything other than playing the guitar. Wonder how Yonghwa and his other bandmates feel about this lel

No. 18195

File: 1552512120102.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.96 KB, 600x537, 1552512046721.jpg)

No. 18196

> B-but he's an uwu baby that needs me to protect him!! Omg anyone who points out their illegal activities is just an anti lel

Never have I been so glad to not be a koreaboo anymore, and I honestly thank this thread for that.

No. 18206

Anon, you know this isn't an idol spam thread, right? All these pics are extremely obnoxious, especially since we have actual milk to discuss right now.
>inb4 stfu stan!!!

No. 18208

they fuck fans because regular girls would out their relationships to the public while fans are ''loyal'' kek

No. 18210

News is slow right now and these are ugly pics, perfect for the critical thread so idk what's the problem

No. 18211

File: 1552513178224.jpg (42.43 KB, 730x411, 6qbQG.jpg)

Came across this photo of Tiffany kek

No. 18212


Jesus is that really her?

No. 18213

he didn’t throw a fit he was just pissed. he does have a weird vibe about him though, he just seems so sleazy and you can tell he doesn’t shower

No. 18214

That's Sunny?

No. 18215

The news isn't slow at all, this is the fastest we've gotten anything since these threads started. It's a problem because you're completely flooding the thread with them and burying relevant posts.

There's hardly anything critical about them anyways, most of them are used as reaction pics by stans (such as yourself, I presume).

No. 18216

Tiffany is the one with her back turned.

No. 18218

File: 1552513724136.png (33.25 KB, 563x151, sure jan.png)

The mental gymnastics of Seungri stans is absolutely amazing tbh

No. 18220

these people are in denial Senguri can go on a shooting spree and they still won't believe it

No. 18221

i think they know but they just don't care

No. 18222

Same tbh. I wasn't a fan or anything but I saw some dramas with him in it and he seemed low-key and all. Things like this are a good a reminder to just enjoy what celebrities release without devoting yourself to them or defending them.

No. 18224

Same tbh. I wasn't a fan or anything but I saw some dramas with him in it and he seemed low-key and all. Things like this are a good a reminder to just enjoy what celebrities release without devoting yourself to them or defending them.

No. 18226

Same tbh. I wasn't a fan or anything but I saw some dramas with him in it and he seemed low-key and all. Things like this are a good a reminder to just enjoy what celebrities release without devoting yourself to them or defending them.

No. 18227

File: 1552514417155.jpg (102.86 KB, 540x810, 201903131837194888146_20190313…)

No. 18228


>them textmessages tho

Choi Jonghoon: An idol group member was exposed for drunk driving… (article text)

Choi Jonghoon: I was saved thanks to the grace of XX hyung.

(The person he is speaking about is Mr. Yoo that appears here and there in JJY’s chatroom.)

Mr. Kim: Jonghoon, you had a good experience.

Mr. Kim: Tried on handcuffs

Mr. Kim: Ran away from cops

Mr. Kim: It must have been thrilling

JJY: Jonghoon you could have been on the front page of the newspaper

Mr. Huh: It was worthy of the front page

Mr. Park: He COULD have become famous

Choi Jonghoon: Why would I be in the news.

Choi Jonghoon: Do you know how quietly it was covered up.

Mr. Kim: Quietly?

Mr. Kim: Do you know how hard Chairman Yoo worked on it?

Seungri: Don’t think that we’ll cover up your next drunk driving incident.

Seungri: XX hyung used his own money to shut their mouths.

No. 18229

File: 1552516418288.png (21.93 KB, 786x122, brah.png)

No. 18230

File: 1552516638515.jpg (128.45 KB, 885x580, 1faf2b34a93f2d75afb5cfbad5c0f7…)

saw this on pann

like it makes no sense yg is the guy responsible for feedind them

No. 18231

If it weren't for YG, they would be working for Seungri's friends if you catch my drift.

No. 18234

File: 1552517028394.gif (2.67 MB, 435x246, giphy.gif)

anon you're killing me

No. 18240

>One of the main lines parroted by Seungri fans over the last few weeks is that this is something trivial being overblown by the uptight and conservative Korean culture, even going so far as to frame Korean media and general response to Seungri's crimes as "backwards."
You couldn't be more wrong, anon. The people who are defending Seungri are mainly SEA - meaning often muslims or at least part of an old-fashioned culture. In their eyes Korea is the exact opposite, NOT conservative and because those fans live in such backwards countries, they see nothing wrong with men treating women like shit.

Very often culture should be criticised, it's horrible that some people would just accuse wrongs because it's somebody's culture, but in this case most western fans have actually been complimenting Korea, because they're finally taking steps towards a less sexist future.

No. 18241

I think the media ignores south korea altogether, the president was corrupt and being influenced by her PA who was part of a cult, and you barely heard shit.

No. 18242

>tfw just waiting for the Seungri, Joonyoung and Park Hanbyeol's husbands visits to the police station later today.

Hopefully more names will be dropped

No. 18246

yeah, even if you are in kpop, or part of the group with the guy in it, you can't do shit, go to the cops? They cover it up. Go to the press? They suppress it. Go to your CEO? He's the one trying to cover it up.

You just have to wait and hope it blows up someday.

No. 18248

Ah yes, the good ole slash tiffany meme from 2012 /mu/

No. 18250

File: 1552519466599.jpg (116.76 KB, 800x1200, [Airport Fashion] 2012.07.30 (…)

She does have kinda broad shoulders tbh

No. 18253

Has anyone heard anything about DO? Korean sites are still reporting that insiders are claiming he isnt renewing.

No. 18255

SM has been quiet since they've denied the renewing allegations

No. 18256

She has a fridge body like Yeri but she's good at hiding it sometimes

No. 18271

Can't believe anons cares about a girl's shoulder size when that huge scandal is being revealed.
Is this your problem with the kpop industry? That some girls have bodies you don't like?

No. 18273

Anon, it's Kpop, stop taking everything seriously. Everyone is buying time for when more bombshells drop.

No. 18275

File: 1552523264442.jpg (155.63 KB, 430x645, 10db8413731e8e2ec7603f1754e154…)

you can continue to post about the scandal if you wish even though theres no new info

no ones stopping you

No. 18276

Realistically, would it be possible for her to reverse all this plastic surgery?

No. 18277

? What even..I'm the Anon who posted that pic and I do care about the scandal going on. No new info is being revealed at the moment so I fail to see the problem if somebody Nick Picks at Tiffany's man back.

No. 18279

Tbh no for how much she's tried to alter on her face it's basically impossible.

No. 18280

No. 18281

People think those posting pics aren't the same ones updating everyone else on the entire situation and it's really annoying

No. 18282

File: 1552523667474.png (60.04 KB, 999x487, womanhating.png)


No. 18283

I've seen hardly any outrage over the news of Park Han Byeol's husband filming her during sex, his fucking WIFE and sending videos/pictures of her to his friends. Obviously yes the Seungri/Jonghoon/Joonyoung/Jonghyun stuff is absolutely terrible but my god, that is utter betrayal to trap a woman in a marriage and then to humiliate and violate her without her acknowledgement. Those sick fucks in that group chat definitely masturbated to not only the videos of PHB but also of those passed out and drugged women. And I can't imagine the mental state of any of those fuckers' exes who are questioning if they've been filmed and had it circulate. Seolhyun with Zico comes to mind.
I really hope that these women are being watched closely and being taken care of after all the mental and physical anguish this has done to them. I'm sure that BB had some awareness of what was going on and YG did as well, and if they aren't 'cancelled' after this, I will be more than disgusted. And I find cancel culture to be dumb but they all deserve to be exiled from the industry though I'm sure people are going to make BB out to be victims as apparently 'they didn't know.' They definitely knew–such fucking trash and I'm glad to see them burn along with their shitty, overrated music.
BP, Lee Hi, AKMU, Somi, and other female trainees should also start finding some sort of legal counsel and leave YG if they have any respect for themselves. This is just more proof that YG is a giant ass money hungry misogynist, which I was already aware of as a former fan of 2NE1. Idk how any woman can willingly decide to become a trainee there after the horrifying, publicly-known treatment of 2NE1.

No. 18284

File: 1552523735709.png (18.8 KB, 872x194, womanhating2.png)

No. 18285

Wtf is this for real? He's returning in something? Forget the trash in the comments ugh

No. 18286

those comments are from 2 years ago

No. 18288

oh ok stupid me I should've looked at the date

No. 18291

Koreans are outraged over Park Han Byeols husband. He is constantly in the search rankings and there are lots of Korean news about him.

I guess that the international kpop community just doesn't really care about him because he isn't an idol.

No. 18293

Isn't he an actor or something?

No. 18296

No. He's a businessman and the CEO of Yuri holdings, the company who has teamed up with many of Seungris businesses as well.

No. 18297

I just realized the female idol who was taped against her consent is probably Jiyeon from T-ARA

No. 18299

what's your source?

No. 18300

not confirmed though but you may be right though she denied the dating rumors
also jihyo from twice, jennie, and seolhyun are all rumored

No. 18302

I knew about those 3 but didn't want to say anything because some anons here would go crazy lol

No. 18303

JJY and her have been linked many times in the past and the journalists said the idol debuted in the 2000's. Seems fitting tbh.

No. 18306

Obviously Jennie and Jihyo are male netizens projecting their fantasies on this case. They were trainees in 2015 and I doubt that JYP and YG let their super young up and coming idols sleep around.

No. 18308

didn't they say that one of the videos were of someone who were a trainee at the time? And those things happened in 15-16

No. 18310

id consider thats probably true about jennie, but i think jihyo is pretty random as shes not even particularly popular in twice, correct?

No. 18311

Does she have to be very popular for that to happen?

No. 18312

yea i think people were saying it as a crude joke since JYP hasn't been affected at all during this scandal.

No. 18313

Yeah she is.. Especially among male fans since she has quite a large chest

No. 18314

She's very popular with guys

No. 18315


Jennies mom is supposedly very rich and an invester in YG.. I can't imagine they would fuck around with someone that high up in the hierachy.

The other 3 BP members are more plausible imo tho

No. 18318

if it's really her, the best thing to do is leave korea altogether tbh

No. 18319

for a guy to risk getting arrested over spreading the rumor because he "likes her" so much is what i meant

No. 18320

Weren't people saying the same thing about one of black pink sleeping with the people in charge of Coachella in order to be put in the show?

No. 18321

this is ridiculous… they had the cops, the press and the legal system on their side, they weren't scared of being caught lol.

No. 18322

JYJ has released his official statement in the police station
looks like he's admitting to illegal filming and distributing as charged

translation soon

No. 18323

File: 1552525827788.jpg (33.9 KB, 484x268, 20190314100226231cgel.jpg)

At least his hair looks decent today.

No. 18324

Recent Livestream of JJY and Senguri arriving in court

No. 18325

File: 1552526061973.jpg (101.75 KB, 658x905, download.jpg)

innocent uWu oppa~ protect this small cinnamon roll boi at all costs

No. 18326

Fans are back to stanning whatever braindead male idol they like… Obviously they haven't learned anything. You don't stand with the victims if you pour all your money into this fucked up industry

No. 18327

Dear female idols, STOP REPLYING and spreading this stuff around. You're only making it worse for yourself by making a reply like that. I hate that all these female idols are getting dragged in, but replying and making a post to draw attention to it is really a bad idea.

No. 18328

File: 1552526455472.jpg (17.14 KB, 435x396, 1552457644941.jpg)



>F.T. Island fans submit petition requesting leader Jonghun's removal from the band

>On March 13, members of an F.T. Island gallery via online community portal DC Inside posted a written petition requesting the removal of leader Jonghun from the idol band.

>Earlier this week, Jonghun received suspicion as a member of the Kakao Talk group chat room where Jung Joon Young distributed hidden camera footage to his acquaintances. The idol was then accused by news outlet YTN of requesting police insiders to cover his DUI charge.

No. 18329

thats how humanity operates though. Throughout history you have the majority people who've thought certain people were basically demigods, and would defend them no matter what.

Instead of Emperors or Kings, now you have celebrities.

No. 18330

For anywone watching the JJY monster comes in at 9:00

No. 18331

waiting on pins and needles to see if seungri admits to anything

No. 18332

will they even face actual prison time?

No. 18335

Depends. This is a weird case because it includes police and even higher ups committing crimes too. Who knows how its gonna go. If they're essentially gonna be used as scapegoats, or face less time in exchange for their silence. They still dont know who the official is that was colluding with them as far as i know. So we will see if they fess up and name names first and foremost.

No. 18336

No. 18337

It's better for her to stay quiet and let the company talk. Seolhyun is getting even worse shit because of her previous relationship with Zico but she hasn't said anything yet.

No. 18338

Well Korea doesn't take prostitution lightly, but then again it's Korea so who the fuck knows

No. 18339

im worried for seolhyun more than any other female idol right now tbh
if she had sex with him or used the bathroom somewhere where he was even once shes gotta be scared, even if she isnt sure she was filmed or not

No. 18340

>Korea doesn't take prostitution lightly
lol what? their "sex industry" takes in billions or something a year. pamphlets advertising whores cover the streets and male restrooms.

No. 18341

File: 1552527106549.jpeg (49.15 KB, 466x659, D1ffOkSV4AI9nax.jpg large.jpeg)

>So we will see if they fess up and name names first and foremost.

No. 18342

yea but the production and distribution of porn is impossible in that country, that's why I said what I said

No. 18343

yes and that's not the same as prostitution

No. 18344

YG himself is really praying that he doesn't get the fall next, I just know it

No. 18345

Stream says that Seungri will arrive at 1pm korea time so I guess that's when we can expect the next update

No. 18346

yeah its not prostitution they care about at all honestly
its the filming and distributing i think, and the collusion with someone in the police force

and even those things could be passed off with a slap on the wrist in their society, but they are famous so Im sure they are worried about the outcry and how this is going to affect kpop as a whole(because the kpop industry is directly tied to all sorts of crazy government shit honestly) and the fact that there are allegations of suicides and murders now adds to how bad this is in the public eye

the sewol ferry thing was a huge scandal because of the same thing, but that whole situation got brushed under the rug mega fast after the dude killed himself and the government essentially got overthrown or whatever so who knows how this will go

No. 18347

they will get away with some deal
1-2 year probation

No. 18350

JYP has apparently filed a lawsuit and is in talks with prosecutors over the rumors. He aint playing around. I feel bad for Twice right now.

No. 18352

Best translation Ive got right now

JYP Entertainment (JYP) has filed a complaint with the prosecutors in a day after the official announcement of malicious rumor writers and distributors related to their artists.

JYP said, "Recently, we started to grasp about the first writers and distributors about the rumors related to the artists that are spreading online, focusing on specific communities. We collected a lot of cases and evidence in one day On October 13, the prosecution filed a criminal complaint against them for alleged defamation. "

He added, "We are going to file a criminal complaint in case of further discovery as well as a lawsuit against the confirmed case. We will also proceed with the civil lawsuit."

Prior to this, JYP was informed that 'rumors of artist malicious rumor measures' related to the rumors related to its artists spreading online through a specific community, the rumor's level and contents could seriously damage the image, honor and personality of the artist And that it will take all measures legally available to the original creator and distributor.

They also asked fans to respond quickly to the issue and announced that their agency would take all measures and measures to protect the interests of the artists.


No. 18354

damn He's quick

No. 18356

it actually kinda makes me like him a little, but only if he's doing it to protect her because he cares and not just because she's a product to him that he needs to control the image of

unfortunately its probably the latter

No. 18357

Actually filing the lawsuit is usually a good indicator that the rumors are not true.

When they threaten to sue but never go through with it, the rumours are most likely true.

No. 18366

MLD Entertainment confirms Taeha & Daisy will sit out MOMOLAND's 'Show Me' comeback promotions

Why? They already gonna leave the group lol?

No. 18367


Joonyoung statement.

I'll do a potato translation:

"I'm sorry. I am very sorry to have caused concern to the entire nation. I will sincerely cooperate with the investigation. I'm sorry".

No. 18368

File: 1552528667058.jpg (2.06 MB, 3840x4012, 1552508304128.jpg)


>On March 14, MLD Entertainment issued an official statement regarding Momoland's 5th mini album comeback.

>The label shared, "We have concluded that due to various health issues and personal reasons, it would be best for members Taeha and Daisy to take a break during these upcoming promotions; as a result, Momoland will make a comeback as 7-members. The two members mentioned will rejoin Momoland in their next comeback album.

>Momoland are set to make a comeback with their 5th mini album 'Show Me' this March 20, with members Yeonwoo, Hyebin, Nancy, Ahin, JooE, Jane, and Nayun.

Who knows, it's probably nothing serious but the timing doesn't help.

No. 18369

Police have no intention of confiscating the so called "golden phone" because in their words "Its not an emergency arrest requirement".

Kek. Probably indicative of how this whole shit show is going to go.

No. 18370

and the fact that he's publicly admitting guilt is very telling that he's not going to face jail time

No. 18371

He can say sorry thousands of times but he managed to get away for it for so long I don't give a fuck because it falls on deaf ears except his mentally ill fangirls

No. 18372

maybe companies should stop promotions right now like they did with the sewol incident tbh, because everything is going to be connected to this case by netizens
i wish i didnt read the comments on facebook because people really cant help themselves from trying to throw female idols names around for every little thing right now and it makes me sick

No. 18375

Being someone well connected in high places means you are part of the protected class. You've seen that rapists on the street get 10 years, and rapists who are celebrities get suspended sentences.

We are still living in the age of lords and ladies.

No. 18376


SBS needs to hurry the fuck up and drop legitimate names because I get more and more worried about the mental state of women in this industry

No. 18377

File: 1552529166896.jpg (37.49 KB, 540x384, 0000600003_001_201903141052027…)

kek these ~emo~ photos coming out right now
this is like a damn drama

No. 18379

the problem is that the names of the victims should be protected unless they themselves come forward to talk about it
so theres gonna be speculation for a long long time if the names arent released
its a lose lose situation for female idols right now

No. 18380

holy shit they were in the elevator with him? I thought they couldn't do that

No. 18381

yeah….it looks staged af which is worrying

No. 18383

samefag and not sure if of interest but he is also asked 3 questions from journalists he doesn't really answer:

Journalist: Will you hand in your phone today?
JJY: I am sorry. While I am being investigated I will sincerely…

Journalist: Is it true you were using drugs back then?
JJY doesn't answer

Journalist: Did you have a policeman looking out for you during the incident you were cleared from in 2016?
JJY doesn't answer

No. 18384

This is all basically remains of the old administration going under, even if this does reach politicians Moon Jae-in's administration isn't innocent for sure.

No. 18387

his group namebeing Drug Restaurant is basically admitting his guilt regarding the second question kek

No. 18403

File: 1552530854229.png (239.27 KB, 521x435, highlight.png)

Yong junhyeong is leaving highlight

No. 18405

Another one bites the dust.

No. 18406

>tfw men start dropping out of groups in droves because they're scared af


No. 18407

Yeah next is Zico… It shocks me that people are even giving him the benefit of the doubt about the ''golden phone''. Like they really think he was interested in it cuz of phone numbers?

No. 18408

File: 1552531271020.jpg (70.16 KB, 509x600, a8ba5778a625fc608fcd7fec5b9be7…)

meanwhile, Z-Girls/Boyz has started their promotions in Vietnam if anyone cares lol

they literally arent even kpop and probably wont even promote much in Korea at all so its funny they're calling themselves a kpop group

No. 18409


“I did not receive a video [from Jung Joon Young] at the time, but I did receive a video at a different instance. In addition, I participated in inappropriate conversations regarding it. All of these actions were very immoral, and I was foolish. I treated it as not a big deal without thinking that it is a crime and illegal act, and it is also my fault for not firmly restraining [Jung Joon Young].”

“I do not want any further harm to be done to my fans and members who must have been disappointed because of me, so I will leave the group Highlight as of March 14, 2019. I will live while reflecting on myself again and again. I once again apologize sincerely.”

No. 18410

File: 1552531530986.png (192.75 KB, 623x574, bom.png)

They're dating, arent they?

No. 18412

uh….this is weird. Why does she need someone to come onstage to announce her ~mental condition~ to the audience. Does this make sense to anyone? Because I dont understand.

No. 18415

Sorry for the shitty translations. Koreans are very selective in what they want to translate for non Koreans so Im doing my best. It looks like they've got some leads in regards to people in law enforcement that may be a part of everything.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan police said on Monday that Kang Mo (44), a former police officer at Gangnam police station, was caught on a CCTV screen visiting his home for Burning Sun co-chief (46). This was taken on the evening of the 16th of last month, when Kang visited the house of Lee in a black car.

The police seized the residence of Burning Sun co-president Lee's residence in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 4th, and secured a CCTV video of the scene.

A police official said, "Since the time of receiving the bribe to prevent the burning Sun minors' incident is estimated to be August last year, the image taken last month can not be regarded as direct evidence," but " Because it is the captured scene, I judge it as circumstantial evidence about adhesion ".

Former Gangnam Police investigator and manager of a cosmetics company, Kang is suspected of acting as a link between the clubs and the police at the time of Burning Sun 's entrance to the ministry last July. The co-representative of the co-representative of the case, 2 million won to Kang Kang Lee to shout, and 23 million of them Kang Kang police officers in Seoul, Gangseo police officers through the subcontractor of the cosmetics company was delivered to two police officers. In fact, the Gangnam Police Station filed a lawsuit against the minors in August last year.

Lee, who is a co-president of the club, acknowledged that he handed over 20 million won to Kang in a police investigation. Mr. Lee, who is a subordinate of Kang's cosmetics company and who is pointed out as a "money transfer book," made a statement last month saying that he received money from the club and distributed it to the Gangnam police station under the direction of Kang. I reversed this position. Kang denies the allegations entirely.

No. 18423

seungris on his way

No. 18427

File: 1552532827693.jpg (28.54 KB, 442x440, image0.jpg)

No. 18428

They're obviously calling themselves Kpop in order to get the attention of retarded international fans

No. 18432

It's obviously because she can't do it herself since she's dealt with so much so I can't blame her.

No. 18433

File: 1552533182744.jpg (247.86 KB, 1712x1244, 1552506822676.jpg)

How long do you think it will take for JYP himself to get caught in this scandal? Anybody could be hit at this point.


No. 18435

>How long do you think it will take for JYP himself to get caught in this scandal? Anybody could be hit at this point.

He was involved in that cult scandal last year .. we're still waiting for that press conference.

Kind of amazing he got away with it actually

No. 18436

he gives me overcompensating gay guy vibes idk

No. 18437

This is morbid but have people made sure that BB and JJY's concert venues didn't have hidden cameras themselves…?

No. 18439

They very well could have. These men have no morals. They were filming trainees. Who knows how many girls, famous or not that they've filmed. Thats why they need to confiscate these phones and computers. Makes no sense for it not to be pertinent to the investigation. Especially considering law enforcement apparently raided the shop where the phone or computer or whatever was taken to get fixed which spawned this whole thing.

No. 18444

hurry up and arrive seungri i need to go to bed

No. 18445

not with that body language.

Is there any indication what Bom's been doing to manage her condition? I know Korean society is dismissive of mental illness and therapy isn't much of a thing, and even if it is it may not be of the best quality. She looks pretty terrified in all the recent candids I've seen of her.

No. 18446



No. 18449

File: 1552535411388.jpg (399.32 KB, 800x5307, 49d43f1ababd6ecaa77b5b6cd0b674…)

>fans finally realizing its time to let go
>crying and posting old pics

>taeyangs hair


No. 18451

Found one

No. 18452

Hopefully the link works, I've never linked a vid before

No. 18454

File: 1552535808433.png (382.8 KB, 882x518, img_8344.png)

wtf is wrong with his eyes?

No. 18455

taeyang had some ugly ass hair but you gotta admit he's the least problematic out of the five of them

No. 18456

I wish I knew wtf they are saying

No. 18462

RIP ur sleep anon the time has been moved to 2pm

No. 18463

gotta be up at 8 and its already midnight maybe i should just call out tomorrow lmao

No. 18466

SuJu - Murderer, Assault, DUI
DBSK - Toilet fucker
Big Bang - Druggie, Weedman, Murderer, Rape-Den Boss
FTIsland - Spycam shit
CNBlue - Spycam shit, degree scandal
ZICO - Spycam shit
Highlight - Spycam shit

Anyone else?

No. 18467

explain the dbsk scandal?

No. 18468

>DBSK - Toilet fucker
*JYJ - Toilet fucker

They've been split up longer than they were together at this point

No. 18469

File: 1552537770575.jpg (61.54 KB, 1318x570, aljfak.JPG)


Wanted to pass this petition around (For those that give a fuck, and yes, we foreigners can sign, we just need to do it through facebook/ twitter):

>Everyone please help to sign this petition for actress Jang Ja Yeon. Her case limitation is only 15 days left. All you need is to sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account!!! Please help to find justice for her after 10 years.

>All you need to do is click on the blue button then sign in with Twitter or Facebook. This only take 30sec. Once you log in to FB or Twitter, it will take you back to the page and click on ‘동의’

>For those who don’t know about her, she was force by her company to have sex with 31 men but only 2 were arrested.

>Her friend who was a witness when the case was open then she was threaten and had to move a lot and finally went to Canada. She is now coming out again and risks her life to fight for the last time for her friend. Please help them get justice.

No. 18470

thanks anon

No. 18475

Mickey was a toilet fucker and a rapist

No. 18481

File: 1552539368371.jpg (72.89 KB, 640x957, 1552536366488.jpg)

…What are the chances of YG being arrested?

No. 18482

File: 1552539447009.png (267.98 KB, 730x327, jail.png)

No. 18483

oh god

No. 18485

it's starting girlz

No. 18486

No. 18488

No. 18489

Holy shit were those reporters laughing?! They aren't holding back

No. 18490

yeah i want to know what they said lol

cant wait for translations

No. 18491

He basically said the same thing as the JJY, That he will participate fairly in the investigation, and sorry to the victims.

No. 18492

>knows the weaknesses of
>she won’t be able to report me

…am I missing something here? What did he mean by this?

No. 18493

maybe someone who doesnt have a good public image and wouldnt be believed, or alternatively, someone who DOES have a good image and her image would be ruined?

No. 18494

that she's mentally too weak to do anything about being raped and violated

No. 18496

i hope they dont mean someone who has mental illness, depression, bad self image, or someone whos underaged
all the possibilities are bad no good can come from this but jesus christ man….

No. 18497

I assumed it was an awkward translation for him saying that she's weak in comparison to him (a celeb with police connections)

No. 18498

or it could be someone who has done something bad like being involved in drugs or gang stuff or something like that, and he could hold it over her head

No. 18499

I took it as she did drugs or something else illegal with him so he has that on her and she would be scared of him. Whatever the interpretation, it’s gross.

No. 18501

He’s probably feeling like a big victim right now. This guy is pure psychopath.

No. 18502

File: 1552540665873.png (13.29 KB, 375x80, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-14_0517…)

No. 18503

File: 1552540679652.png (33.47 KB, 605x381, aw.png)

vips going through the five stages of grief

No. 18504

Imagine the sheer volume of incriminating shit that these CEOs are hiding.

No. 18505

File: 1552540772777.jpg (15.26 KB, 459x459, 2ac969d6129474a075328f364c7b34…)

how dare you anon, oppas is INNOCENT

No. 18506

And reflecting on himself!

No. 18507

Woah wtf explain suju??? I loved them in highschool tf did they do

No. 18510

m8…..we'd have to find one of those "primer" tumblrs that makes the huge list of ~problematic~ things super junior has done
almost all of them are proven pieces of shit

No. 18511

i bet heechul and leeteuk are part of the group chat

No. 18512

None of these men are even apologizing to the victims. It's sickening at the sight of Highlight fans telling Seungri to "take notes" when their fave is in the same wrong as Seungri and only apologized towards his fans. MEN ARE FUCKING PATHETIC

And the fact that armys feel the need to announce that men ain't shit during this situation when they stan…….men, is very telling, can't wait for even more shit to go down when BigHit can no longer pick up BTS' shit and all of their scandals get leaked.

No. 18514

leeteuk probably. but i highly doubt these men are in a group chat about girls in the most fratbro way with a gay man.

No. 18515

Ngl leeteuk always creeped me tf out so I could honestly believe it

No. 18517

Why Heechul? He doesn’t seem to fit at all. Has he had similar scandals? Isn’t he gay?

No. 18518

Kek. Watch-out, you'll get some hate thrown your way for being "off-topic" for mentioning them.

No. 18520

heechul isn't gay kek… his flamboyant facade would be the perfect cover for sex crimes tbh

No. 18521

SNSD insinuated as much once when they were guests on his show - that he plays up the gay rumours to make female idols comfortable around him. So far women have said they feel safe around him, but you never know now. Nobody is above suspicion atm

No. 18522

>that he plays up the gay rumours to make female idols comfortable around him
I'm guessing it also makes fans more chill about him hanging out with female friends publicly.

I'd be disappointed tbh, I don't stan him or Suju but I still want him to be cool because he's close with my fav and I got a good impression from him in general.

No. 18523

File: 1552542069058.jpg (82.33 KB, 800x1199, autismflair.jpg)

trust no men sweetie

No. 18524

who's ur fave?

No. 18525

File: 1552542262036.gif (11.85 MB, 452x300, 6ba28d52abe437089c5a90460ab22d…)

Anybody else notice the difference in body language between the two of them today? JJY put on a sympathetic emo woe is me I have failed the world I will commit seppuku now act. While Seungri came out and walked fast with his head held high. Very confident. I feel like Seungri knows he's gonna get away with this shit.

No. 18529

I bet that's cuz JJY isn't used to people not complying to him so he feels like a victim for real.

No. 18532

You just can't read people

No. 18534

i want him to get busted for life. even though he's rich and can pay to save his ass, everyone hates him now and he's banned from leaving the country. even if he gets away he'll be going out as a pimp and a rape drug dealer.

No. 18536

No. 18541


hmm hard to tell by photo but off the top of my head if they're from a semi popular group that has disbanded, or that has had members leave in the last 5 years or so
after school
its not snsd im sure

No. 18542

why athe fuck are these koreaboos talking about r kelly and america in the replies? there is an actual crime going on, women have been sexually assaulted, and what you are worrying about is to point out that america is just as corrupt as sk?? why do you feel the need to defend them?

No. 18544

ok i reread and they said they were in the group 3 years
come on anons lets think

No. 18546

two girls from momoland are sitting out of the upcoming comeback. momoland debuted in 2016 so it's been three years but we dont know whether they have left the group fr

No. 18547

3 years and 500 events? That's a lot..

No. 18548

File: 1552543857147.jpg (16.78 KB, 430x430, 1552476091778.jpg)


>KBS JOY’s “Coin Law Room” recently gained attention for featuring two former girl group members on the show.

>With cast members Song Eun Yi and Moon Se Yoon, “Coin Law Room” is a show where people are able to come into a room and meet with a lawyer to talk about their cases and receive a consultation.

>Warning: descriptions of sexual harassment.

>On March 13, the show featured two female clients who once promoted in the same girl group but recently parted ways with the group. During the show, the women opened up about how their agency had treated them inhumanely.

No. 18549

Gotta be NineMuses

No. 18550

Aren't they under Mnet though? Mnet isn't that poor right?

No. 18553

YooAra and YoonJo were in Hello Venus for about 3 years. They promoted a lot but didnt take off until those two left and they rebranded their image as a ~sexy~ dance group. Could be them. They were under the same label as After School right? After School, 9Muses, Rania all also went through hella lineup changes. But My guess is Hello Venus for now.

No. 18554

It's gotta be from a no name group that has dragged on. Could be:


No. 18556

its not crayon pop they promoted longer than 3 years, other than the japanese member that never really officially joined

No. 18557

Aren't DIA and T-ara under the same company? Could be one of them.

No. 18558

I was thinking Soyeon and Boram until I read only 3 years. I doubt its Hwayoung and Areum.

No. 18559

could be Bestie

No. 18560

When you think about it, if idols go to jail, it's just like an extended military enlistment for fans kek.

No. 18561

Dal Shabet was formed in 2011 and Jiyul and Kaeun left in 2015.

No. 18563

Just wanted to share this timeline here with all the information from the first video that came out on Burning Sun to now. I just found it in Twitter.


No. 18567

EvoL debuted in 2012 and disbanded in 2015. They were never popular at all though. Surely they didnt go to 500 events. I liked their one song but nobody else knew who tf they were when I used to bring them up so idk.

Glam formed in 2012 and disbanded in 2015 and we all know what happened with them lol. But could still be them.

Lip Service debut 2014-2017 so theres another one.

Basically theres no way to mathmatically figure it out on so little information.

I dont know why I just feel like its Hello Venus if its one of the bigger groups. Because the timeline fits perfectly and the two of them left at the same time.

No. 18568

hello venus only promoted for 3 years?

No. 18569

the two girls only promoted for 3 years, it doesnt mean the group did the article isnt clear enough to understand if its the group as a WHOLE that only promoted 3 years, or just the two girls

yooara and yoonjo only promoted for about 3 years before they didnt resign with the group and chose to "act" instead, which never really amounted to anything

No. 18570

>Showing his concern, Moon Se Yoon said, “If you release an album and promote, there’s a big possibility that the same situation might happen again,” to which the former girl group members replied, “It’s true. Even now there are other young idols who are promoting there [in the agency] again.”

Not enough info to decypher what this means tbh. It could be the same group, but with younger girls that replaced them in the group, or new groups alltogether. We probably wont find out unless the lawsuit goes somewhere. This has happened before. Around 2015 idk if it was this show or just a news report, but a former idol came forward, with her face blurred and said she was suing her former agency for abuse. After that week I never saw anything about it again and it was never revealed who it was. She probably got threatened/paid.

No. 18571

I don't understand why they made their parents pay for them to get abused. Sounds kinda iffy.

No. 18575

On March 13, Channel A reported that the business organizations of Club Burning Sun and Club Arena are planning to open a new club.

Both clubs have closed its doors since the recent scandals involving the clubs. Now, they are reportedly preparing to open a new club in the basement of a hotel located in Gangnam."


No. 18576

File: 1552547213540.jpg (39.81 KB, 640x342, resource (2).jpg)

So Wendy was on a show and apparently started crying because she feels apologetic to her family because she starves herself. Her mom used to send her food on her birthday such as cakes, and she eventually started sending her sugarless cakes and even then, Wendy wouldnt eat them so she feels bad. SMH what a mess.

No. 18577


Nothing as damning as the evidence against JJY has come out against him, has it? He was obviously complicit with a lot of shit and had some hand in prostitution(/bribing the police?), but I would argue that what JJY did was a lot worse and there's copious amounts of evidence against him. Seungri may still have an out somewhere, JJY definitely doesn't.

Either that or Seungri realizes the uwu i didnt mean it act is pathetic and won't get him shit, so why bother?

No. 18578

File: 1552547926733.jpg (45.13 KB, 489x580, 8b8a5c7f60f787ee5012e5810ed4b4…)

seungri had an elevator photo taken too
is this their version of mugshots lol

No. 18579

How do you starve yourself as a kpop person? aren't they like practicing all the time? Wouldn't they be burning calories and shit constantly?

What the fuck are these people eating regularly? Lard?

No. 18580

>What the fuck are these people eating regularly
sweet potatoes, plastic cups with beans or rice in them,kimchi and cherry tomatoes unless they're on camera, then they get to eat noodles and chicken(except for chanmi who got cussed out in front of everyone because shes too fat to be eating chicken!) and occasionally a cookie or cupcake or ice cream. Also they get to eat those shitty inkigayo sandwiches too when they go on the show.

No. 18581

File: 1552548495326.png (173.37 KB, 800x1200, one.png)

No. 18582

File: 1552548553568.jpg (144.54 KB, 1023x2048, db90e96de7031c407c994eec31a811…)

No. 18583

File: 1552548623760.jpg (34.6 KB, 564x564, soyou-diet.jpg)

dont mind me just posting some of kpop's favorite diets by their own admission

No. 18584

File: 1552548679517.png (654.76 KB, 1080x1080, SUZY-DIET.png)

No. 18586

File: 1552548751751.jpg (15.21 KB, 220x285, S1uo8lff540.jpg)

>people believing the things idols say on variety shows to get articles written about them

No. 18587

File: 1552548768434.jpg (83.46 KB, 540x604, 20120308_ninemuses_1.jpg)

9muses infamous plastic cup diet is my favorite

No. 18588

the point is to only eat 3 times/day whatever you can fit into that cup??

No. 18589

File: 1552549084423.jpg (158.46 KB, 700x700, izone-miyawaki-sakura-irene-7.…)

wendy nooo

No. 18590

honestly i think its worse to believe they eat well simply because they stuff food into their mouths on variety shows, which seems to be a running cutesy gag that fans cant get enough of for whatever reason

No. 18591

iirc correctly they replace one meal with the cup, then they'll eat like..a chicken breast and sweet potato for dinner maybe with a small salad etc
it probably comes to around 900 or less kcals a day

No. 18592

The “Paper Cup Diet” is actually pretty easy to follow. First, you need to prepare 3 paper cups. You have to fill the first cup with rice. As for the second cup, you have to fill it with side dishes, and the last paper cup with veggies or fruits. It will be much better to have whole grain rice, or soup rather than white rice and make sure your side dishes aren’t cooked with oil, less salt, and grease. It is fine if the dieter drink liquids low in calories but they aren’t allowed to eat anything outside the 3 paper cups. During “Star Beauty Show”, Nine Muses members also showed how they did the paper cup diet. They also mentioned that even though the meals are usually low sodium and low fat, this paper cup diet also works when they are eating out.

The advantage gained by following the “Paper Cup Diet” is that people can see and realize how much food they consume. By realizing this, people will tend to prevent themselves from overeating. Also, “Paper Cup Diet” reduces stress of those who adapt to it because the “Paper Cup Diet” doesn’t restrict people in terms of the menu.

“Paper Cup Diet” gives the dieter the food with enough nutrition but smaller amounts of fat that keeps the dieter healthy and fit. But you need to always keep veggies, fruits, and kimchi in stock. For Nine Muses, especially Sera and Hyemi, the “Paper Cup Diet” works 100%. They had followed this diet plan for 5 months and they really showed their results during their comeback for Nine Muses “Ticket”.

No. 18593

File: 1552549611657.jpg (424.32 KB, 1452x1903, photo-8.jpg)

snsd's isnt so bad but i doubt this one applies(d) equally to every member

No. 18594


yura's body is completely ruined due to her dieting and what not but on the other hand we have hyoyeon who looks like she has maintained her self pretty nicely

No. 18595

The thing is, if those diets are real, its practically impossible to live like that full term without serious health effects. So most of them probably sneak food/binge. IU admitted to having bulimia. Some of the girls in T-ara did too.

No. 18596

File: 1552549976591.jpg (128.07 KB, 581x550, yuri weight loss 2.jpg)

You mean Yuri? She has been seen at both extremes for sure. There was her lowest weight which was scary to see.

No. 18597

you'd need to take multi vitamins on the side because theres no way people would plan there nutritional intake, they'd just have their favorite shit.

No. 18598

File: 1552550095074.jpg (1.12 MB, 1429x2000, Yuri_KCON.jpg)

Then she gained a lot of weight during the Mr Mr era but even then she wasnt really fat. Just "fat" for an idol I guess. Which shouldnt be a thing but unfortunately is.

No. 18599


where'd the dark skinned indian go

No. 18600

File: 1552550320972.jpg (159.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She looks good at all sizes other than the Hoot one tbh. From what it seems, shes very healthy and works out a lot and stuff I guess. Not like we really know what idols do outside of whatever they say or are told to say.

I was wondering that too. None of those girls look like her. Maybe she already dropped out or had a visa problem or something.

No. 18601

File: 1552550637648.gif (8.69 MB, 560x315, eecca40155739a66f164d2b6e3f41c…)

i dont understand jennies mouth situation

No. 18602

JongHoon has left FT Island officially!

No. 18603

nah man she has ruined her body vid related

No. 18604

No. 18605

It was decided today that Choi Jong Hoon, who has evoked criticism with involvement in a recent series of incidents, will be leaving FTISLAND.

Our agency would like to make it clear that there was no intention to hide or cover up the truth regarding these matters. Previously, based on our relationship of mutual trust, we checked with him on what he remembers regarding the past incidents before releasing statements. We express deep apologies for causing confusion by releasing inaccurate statements through this process.

There are additional suspicions regarding illegal acts although he says he does not remember them, so he will diligently receive a police investigation sometime this week. Choi Jong Hoon has decided to leave the team forever and will retire from the entertainment industry

The agency realizes the severity and feels responsibility for these matters, and we will fully cooperate with the police investigation process so that the truth can be clearly identified.

Choi Jong Hoon expresses his apologies to those who received harm due to his inappropriate and embarrassing words and actions in the past. He is also deeply reflecting on the disappointment he has given to many fans and the members of his team. The agency expresses our deep apologies for being inattentive in managing and teaching proper character to our artists and for causing trouble to many people due to an unfortunate matter.

Choi Jong Hoon will now halt celebrity life and live while reflecting on himself. The agency also cannot avoid responsibility regarding Choi Jong Hoon’s words and actions that cannot be forgiven by society, so we will guide him until the end towards living as a member of society with an upright perception.

[The agency] once again promises to be more thorough and strict in our management and education of all artists. We apologize.

No. 18606


can some of the bts members be among those flies please people need o dig their shit up and there is a lot of shit i believe

No. 18607

i doubt it, bts is koreas biggest export, so they'd fall on their swords to protect the cash cow.

No. 18608

so the ft island guy has the worst statement yet tbh
>i guess i did it but i dont remember doing it

lol he's probably got some more shit to hide with the way hes playing dumb

No. 18609

>no name group
lol i get you don't like t-ara but they were huge in korea for a good while. the bullying scandal made them plummet a bit but people still knew who they were

No. 18610

yeah and all the members other than areum and hwayoung promoted for WAY more than 3 years, and it was made very clear that hwayoung and her sister threatened to injure/kill areum so i doubt theyre gonna go skipping hand in hand to a damn tv show to bitch about ccm

No. 18613


lol he has gone from 'it's not me' → 'i did some drunk driving, but i was never in any chat'→ 'I don't remember'


No. 18619

I just realized that trainees are almost always minors and since these degenerates were filming them, they are also guilty of possessing child pornography.

No. 18620

Age of consent in Korea is 13.

No. 18623

File: 1552557104452.png (94.61 KB, 1097x530, reddit.png)

From the master post on reddit.
Shit is about to hit the fan

No. 18624

You absolute dimwit. 13 year olds being allowed to have sex with each other doesn't mean that it's legal for grown ass men to drug, rape and film young teens.
The age of consent in Germany is 14 - nevertheless any porn featuring a person under the age of 18 is child pornography. That's how it is in nearly all countries. Korea might be backwards, but even they aren't that degenerate.

No. 18631

seungri's on the news even in my small ass backwards country lmaoooooooo rip

No. 18643

I'm glad this is getting international coverage and not just swept under the rug.

No. 18648

File: 1552564248676.jpeg (478.56 KB, 1568x1225, 256FFE79-3918-4C65-A9AA-87122A…)

No. 18649

One guy saying he feels sorry for him, another saying he shouldn't have done it, because he's a celebrity (indicating normal men are allowed to)… I feel so sorry for korean women.

No. 18650

Let's see how VIPs will spin this one

No. 18651

File: 1552565151519.png (399.4 KB, 574x403, Skærmbillede 2019-03-14 kl. 13…)

Lee Jong Hyun from CNblue has now officially also been outed by name


No. 18653

Why do you believe this? Just because you hate them? I haven’t seen anything to indicate they are like these guys.

No. 18655

Ft island and cn blue are from the same company…
Aoa too. And whom did aoa's seolhyun "date"? Their friend zico.

No. 18656

Even trying to look sad he looks smug.

No. 18660

Finland didn't have a statuatory rape law on the books til a year ago. So not really.

No. 18661

File: 1552568633514.jpg (36.73 KB, 720x360, 54254929_642209382915795_40353…)

SBS just released the photos of all five members of the group chat.

No. 18663

I wouldn't be surprised if Zico mentioned how he wants to bang her and they introduced him to seolhyun.

No. 18664

Sorry to be mixed up but which one texted he was with an unconscious woman he had assaulted? Just want to hate him especially.

No. 18665

I always knew Zico was a manslut

No. 18666

Me too, never liked him. Actually I never liked any of the people in the group chat. It's not hindsight btw, like some people might say

No. 18667


Non celebrity Kim was the one who sent a spycam video of an unconcious girl

Joonyoung was the one who suggested that they go to a stripclub and rape girls

No. 18668

File: 1552569780008.jpg (92.92 KB, 680x680, IMG_0003.JPG)

Don't know if this has been posted yet but here's an updated lineup.

No. 18670

the final state of this should be our next thread pic

No. 18671


No. 18677

No age of consent is 13 in Korea too. It is, however, surprise, surprise, a remain from the Japanese colonial period.

20 is the legal adult age.

No. 18678

Then why is ther such a sexual overtone to coming of age ceremonies, including the kpop song? And why the bring a rose on the coming of age day? I always thought the idea of a “now it is ok to have sex” day was weird anyway as a song concept but now that it turns out that isn’t the age of consent it is even more confusing.

No. 18679

I.e. the coming of age day isn’t the age of consent- sorry if that didn’t make sense.

No. 18681


So was Big Bang once upon a time.

But BTS never had any rumors about their sexual misconduct with girls or even sleeping around. They've been pretty clean from debut, rumor wise, even when they were nugus. If they were really doing gross shit with women, or even were known sleeping around with fans, then fans would have uncovered it in an instant pre-Wings.

The only thing I ever heard of was Jin having a dick pump/condom (who cares) and V having some kind of relationship with a fan during their debut year in 2013 and fans found that out FAST and nipped it in the bud.

The only other things that get talked about are wild shipping rumors with mostly maknae line.

No. 18682

Don't forget Jang Ja Yeon and the other 3 actresses in her agency who mysteriously died. People are saying they might not have committed suicide after all. The statute of limitation is coming up soon so don't let the media bury it by throwing celebs at people.

No. 18683

i see comments of people hoping that blackpink escapes yg and idk, even if they do 'escape', something tells me they wouldn't want to continue performing together

No. 18684

can't wait for all this trash to get picked up.

No. 18686

>Jennie was actually tired from all the drugs they were feeding her.

No. 18689

No. 18691

This whole thing just came in perfect time for bts. Now vip's can't claim the "kings of kpop" title anymore cause their legendary status is gone. Exo is also losing popularity in Korea so the public is left with Bts. And in Korea no one cares about the things we criticise about them here.

No. 18695

>Lee Jonghyun: I did XXXX with the ** kids yesterday.

>Jung Jun Young: Not bad. Introduce them to me next time.

They fucked and and passed around idol trainees too
>Lee Jonghyun: I did XXXX with the ** kids yesterday.

Implies that the girl is from a known group
I wonder which one.. This shit gets milkier and sadder by the day

No. 18697

This thing goes well beyond K-Pop and idols. Take off your tinfoil hat.

No. 18699

File: 1552575342473.jpg (33.22 KB, 620x413, yrpxlfbnfizdq10akyyl.jpg)

jesus what are you bts' manager or something?

No. 18700

I was just agreeing with that anon. What tinfoiling lol

No. 18703

Yikes wtf is wrong with them? So people only act mad on the internet apparently

No. 18704

I remember the FT Island guys were trying to hit on Red Velvet way back in early 2015…I don't think SM let them even meet but just knowing that they had contact with such skeevy guys makes me feel slightly dirty inside. One of the members even said he liked Yeri, who was just 16 back then. Fucking disgusting

No. 18706

Your oppas are whores

No. 18707

NTA but here is the video of one of the members saying they like Yeri, just in case anybody wanted to see it.

No. 18708

Lmao tell em

No. 18709

bighit buys japanese whores for them

No. 18710

File: 1552577903538.png (58.15 KB, 683x438, woww.png)

No. 18711

Is that for real?! I feel so sick

No. 18712

File: 1552578114014.png (466.21 KB, 652x551, wtfseungri.png)

No. 18713

Are those japanese girls or are they just using japanese food and clothing? And who is that woman?

No. 18714

How could you possibly know that?

No. 18715

Grown men having no problems admitting they're into minors. Reminds me of that video where dean says he likes tzuyu(she was a minor at that time iirc)This seems to be completely ok with adult men…like…completely normal.

No. 18716

This shit got even more revolting if that was possible.

No. 18718

Its a literal "sushi girl

No. 18719

Seeing some delusional fans in my Twitter, I would die for a dislike button right now ugh…

Is this real?? Not sure where that image is from. Holy shit…

No. 18720

More than half of Korean men visit whores. Most of these encounters happen when a boss/business partner invites them out for drinks/karaoke. Do you think your oppas are in long-term committed relationships when they're barely home?

No. 18721

File: 1552578813071.jpeg (112.94 KB, 635x1200, D1n5_atV4AA2A7_.jpeg)

Here's the article in the original tweet. ATM there's no English translation but does anybody here know Korean?

Anyway this is so fucking disgusting. I hope everyone involved gets burned alive.

No. 18722

my boys are the most innocent idols out there, i can't believe people could even have any doubt about their pureness. they are feminists and are anti prostitution. they don't even want to do anything with women, they are all gay and in love with each other with the exception of our lgbt ally hetero king rapmon. please respect their queerness and don't assume their sexuality.

No. 18724

File: 1552579311718.png (108.59 KB, 922x614, transl.PNG)

Couldnt find any translation and i dont know korean but I found this under the >>18710 quoted tweet

No. 18726

File: 1552579382341.gif (1.64 MB, 400x390, 25c3816277e3d13ab9a1ef3931dd07…)

you forgot about our mtf queen.

No. 18727

No. 18728

This feels like something from a horror film with the way it's filmed. Also did you know Korea sends out so many prostitutes to other countries? There are Soo many in la too

No. 18729

Holy shit

No. 18730

you guys need to stop picking on her facial feminization surgery as a botched jaw shave. her and the ftm legend jimin saved the transfemme nonbinary genderfluid community in south korea.

No. 18731


I do, but I don't have time to translate it all. The title says

>The ''bare-face'' of the Gangnam club exposed through Burning sun gate… "Middle school call girls - Famous idol stockholders".

민낯 is a term usually used for not wearing make up, I guess in this context it something like ''naked truth'' or something like that.

Given it a quick read-over, I don't think the article is about Burning Sun, but another unnamed club in Gangnam which now gets exposed thanks to all the attention on Burning Sun and Arena.

No. 18733

Is that title implying idols visit there?

No. 18734

Thanks Anon. Much appreciated.

No. 18735

I went to a Korean christian mission trip years ago and let me tell you almost 95% of the men confessed to going out with prostitutes behind their girlfriends/wife's back and the women would just forgive and forget every single time.

Prostitution is the bread and butter of korean men

No. 18736

Huh. I knew they did that, just didn't know how common it was

No. 18738

There's this stereotype that it's mainly fat old white guys who fly to thailand etc to fuck children - but actually korean men are number 1 when it comes to underage sex tourism. Seems like they've got no problem with doing so in their own country as well.

I bet this really serves as a wake up call for their international fans. Nobody with a brain could continue to glorify that country after this. It'll serve to decrease yellow fever as well, no more "All asian men are super handsome, romantic, gentle and awesome bfs. Can I call you Oppar??? teehee"

Fans are whiteknighting blackpink really hard now. But if all of yg company was so sleazy, when they also kind of profited of the money gained from doing illegal shit.
I highly doubt that any of them were victims. Somebody from a more unknown, smaller company is a lot more likely.

I already felt sorry for Seolhyun getting humiliated by being found out to date Zico, running to his place in that short outfits, but if it turns out that she was somehow forced or "convinced" to do so by higher ups in her company and then not being allowed to defend herself, then that's truly disgusting.

No. 18740

File: 1552580914123.jpg (139.84 KB, 803x723, vietnamese.jpg)

to be honest, I can't even tell what age anyone is half the time.

No. 18743

The title is implying that the club has idol investors

No. 18745

What does this have to do with anything? That's obviously someone with a disability
Japanese men must be number 2 right?

No. 18746

>I highly doubt that any of them were victims. Somebody from a more unknown, smaller company is a lot more likely
i've thought of it kind of like accounts of photographer terry richardson harassing/abusing women. the already famous women don't have complaints about him because he only did that stuff to women with little to no power, because it's far easier to cover up. yes a lot of female idols will have gone through some awful stuff, but more of them will just be regular women hoping to be models or something. wasn't seungri's girlfriend last year a 19 year old girl trying to become an actress?

No. 18751

that's what happens when women and girls around the world get their only exposure of korean men/korean culture through media heavily marketed at lonely and insecure korean women and girls. even in the last kpop critical thread, an anon asked "doesn't sk praise men for being emotional?" lul the naivite. meanwhile popular korean films among young men are stuff about suited up gangsters who gamble and get women

No. 18752

File: 1552582439606.png (396.21 KB, 416x552, aaaa.png)

he's so damn fugly

No. 18753

I love a good conspiracy, but a lot of the 'evidence' about them not really being suicides is based in stereotypes: people do kill themselves with family at home and plenty of people don't leave notes.

>not leaving a will is suspicious
>this actress did leave a will and that's suspicious

Eh, it's not impossible but the post is poorly written.

No. 18754

that jaw slimming lol he does not look like that

No. 18755

men lowkey look better without fucking jaw shaves but who will tell them their bang pd just can't even look at boys without shaved jawlines

No. 18756

Ot, but it's infuriating how some of the most famous and influential celebrities now claim to have been victims, when they actually always had a choice. It's always, really always the young and non-famous ones who are suffering the most. God knows how many korean celebrities, male and female, did know, yet never bothered to say or do anything…

No. 18757

exactly. these woke feminist princess female idols end up marrying CEOs anyway.

No. 18758


They seem to hate each other lowkey. Jennie and Jisoo were the only ones who were friends pre-debut. But fans are funny talking about Blackpink escaping. The only reason why they have careers is because of the YG branding and YG stans who auto-stanned them the second they dropped their MV.

But Jisoo would do well as an actress at an acting agency. Lisa would do well in Thailand. Jennie is stuck because her mom is an investor in YG and Rose is completely irrelevant in Korea.

No. 18760


JK definitely is. Otherwise why is he always tied to every female idol in the industry? There were also weird vibes between him and Nayeon at the MMA 2017, weird vibes between him and Rose at the MMA 2018 and SBS Gayo afterwards.

No. 18761

Maybe then Jennie's secret wish to go solo will come true lol

No. 18762

If Seungri goes to jail, I really don't see how YG will go on. like how does it make you look if one member of your biggest group was a pimp?

No. 18763

And what about all those treasure box trainees?

No. 18764

nooo omg he's shy around women!!! this multimillionaire male celebrity is a virgin!

No. 18765

File: 1552584152419.jpg (212.94 KB, 1600x1200, 527b35a8246adf730844a3f6f06b12…)

No. 18766

People should've gotten suspicious when he went to foreign countries and was always seen partying with various women there.

No. 18769

i think male idols mostly hook up with prostitutes and stalker groupies. i don't think it is common for them to hook up with female idols.

No. 18770

File: 1552584638856.png (29 KB, 683x230, kekk.png)

hyung did nothing wrong?

No. 18772

agreed. since most of the time male idols don't get caught it's safe to say they're not hovering around female idols all the time. i think it's wishful thinking by fangirls who don't want to think about them fucking random thots and chaebol daughters.

No. 18774

Who, Seungri?
I posted pictures of him "celebrating" in his club, while being surrounded by dozens of scantily dressed white girls already a few months ago. How that didn't seem extremely weird and shady to any of his fans is beyond me. Those women definitely were more than just waitresses/"decorations".

No. 18775


Jesus. Korea is Cancelled.

I'm not even surprised actually. The entire idol industry runs on pedophilia. You have the media talking about colleged aged boys interested in sharing chocolates for White Day with that girl from Itzy, the maknae. She is 15.

No. 18776

File: 1552584876821.jpg (51.36 KB, 500x590, l.jpg)

these are the kind of girls that male idols fuck with lmao

No. 18777

So what you're telling me is those pieces of shit make money from women and then use that money to abuse women. Is that why so many of them want to become idols despite all the risks? To have a chance at becoming a rapist and a pimp?

No. 18778

1/4 of all men are shit and seungri is the fucking filth on earth. i'm not going to be surprised if he turns out to be the right hand man of al-qaeda at this point

No. 18779

Yes. They probably get off on having girls so infuated with them and screaming their names too.

No. 18780


My male family member looked really weirdly at Milly Bobby Brown and dude is in his late 30s. Men are trash regardless of circumstance.

No. 18782

yes sort of? most people pursue being famous to gain power, especially in an industry that's built on having no talent.
why else would a young man sign up to wear a full face of makeup everyday? to gain respect of his peers? for artistic creativity? no, it's to get close to young women.

No. 18783


Now I'm remembering Jimin and JK's "trips" to Japan. I mean, I'm sure female idols know that every time they 'date' a male idol they're sharing them with fans, saesangs, prostitutes and other female idols on the side. Makes the whole uwu baby boy culture shit feel like a joke.

No. 18784

File: 1552585201726.jpg (92.38 KB, 813x678, mbb.jpg)

Man you guys don't keep up with the US news much do you.

No. 18785

isn't that kim do yeon - the popular ulzzang from a few years ago? lmao i saw her instagram the other day @dodo_baby and she looks completely different… can't believe she's almost 30 now jesus

No. 18786


this reminds me of rumors that suga had a secret instagram account where he bragged about his conquests. i'll bet all of bts and every other male idols are shaking in their boots trying to clean up their chat logs. Even Big Bang with all their money, power, fame and power-connections were not immune. No one is truly safe.

That 97-line group chat is looking real suspicious to me right now.

No. 18787

v and jimin bragged about being chased by high school girls in the early bts days

No. 18788

no anon my closeted smol gay beans are going to japan for honeymoon uwu

No. 18789

The hopeful part of me thought it could be because they like performing, dancing, making music, singing, etc. but aren't talented enough to be a fully fledged artist. Well, that part of me definitely died today.

No. 18790

i think v and jimin are xenophobic and pervy trashbags but weren't they the same age with high school girls back then? still sounds egotistical tho.

No. 18792

men aren't as interested in glamour as women, they're mainly motivated by ego/masculinity. being a kpop idol is the antithesis to that.

No. 18793


Korea looks down on Japan but they're one in the same with how they blatantly sell children for sex. And openly. There's nothing surprising about this. Look at how young idols debut. Isn't the center of IZONE just 14 years old? I also remember seeing a Dance Moms Korean version, Idol Moms, where there was one mom that went around with her elementary school daughter who was really pretty and being prepped for idol life. Look at Somi's dad advertising his second daughter on television. This is so common. So many of these girls that end up trainees and end up debuting as female idols probably started out doing this kind of sex work as elementary and middle schoolers. It's horrific because there are literally NO laws protecting them in and out of the entertainment world.

That's why this "JYP is so wonderful" bs needs to die. We all see how they market the maknaes of their girl groups.

No. 18794

>1 of 5 Big Bang members is a rapist.
>1 of 5 F. T. Island members is a rapist.
>1 of 4 CN Blue members is a rapist.
But females are just as bad, amirite?

No. 18795


Idol investors, but wouldn't shock me if there were idols, including well known ones, visiting for their services. Remember when everyone thought Onew was the sweetest, gentlest guy then whoops he gets caught drunkenly groping a girl at a club and that just mysteriously goes away. I'm not saying he'd frequent a club like this. I'm just saying you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. This week has been a wake up call for a lot of people.

No. 18796

lol yas hunny stan girl groups!

No. 18797

doesn't this guy have anything better to do than flexing on everyone for no reason

No. 18798

sunmi covered herself in stickers for her comeback she should be put away for life

No. 18799

I was done with the kpop world but still enjoyed listening to some songs from time to time but I'll refrain myself from doing that too. I don't wanna support this shit.

No. 18800

I don't understand how anyone would want to stan any k-pop groups after reading these threads.

No. 18801

when you're an idol who gets made fun of by other men you'd want to brag about the pussy you get too.
i also remember bts members saying suga is the heartbreaker of the group lol

No. 18802

Nta but these threads alone were what really got me into kpop lol

No. 18804


Most i-fans want to believe they're in a long term committed relationship with a female idol (their bias of course) because then they can project onto that female idol and have their fantasy. The reality is male idols usually don't get with female idols beyond a 1-night stand/couple of random hook ups. It's more trouble than it's worth for a number of reasons.

Far more easy for them to get with noncelebrities: friends/acquaintances, chaebols like Top's drug mule, fans, saesangs, company staff members, prostitutes and trainees. Remember when BTS had a bunch of trainee girls in their Love Yourself teaser videos playing their love interests? And now these conversations leaking of Seungri finding trainees to come out and drink with them…?

No. 18805

her what situation?

No. 18806

ikr? what busy male celebrity would get with an equally busy girl? they want someone who will be available when they're available and fuck off when they're not.

No. 18807


it's been a long truth (treated often as a joke) that guys start bands to get chicks. Male idols want the worship, money and girls. I'm sure some of them enjoy performing, but there has to be some other powerful motivator to make you endure near slavery in the industry.

No. 18809


V and jimin were 17 when they debuted in bts…

No. 18810


>1 of 5 Big Bang members is a rapist.

>1 of 5 F. T. Island members is a rapist.
>1 of 4 CN Blue members is a rapist.

That we know of

No. 18811

Also many idols, male and female, come from uber rich families. People often talk about exploitation but the likes of Tzuyu and Jennie probably bought their way into entertainment industry

No. 18812

early days in terms of bts could mean two years after their debut

No. 18813

Big bang members predicting sengri's future from 2017

>Taeyang added, "Did everything get resolved well? You keep contacting me, and asking me to borrow some money," and also later said, "Your ban on entering the country has been finally lifted." Next, T.O.P commented, "I'm sorry I couldn't answer your call."

Kek they all totally knew

No. 18814


I refuse to support this industry anymore through money. I will listen to some songs for free but my spending days are over.

No. 18815

iirc all of these girls in their video are minors, some of them are members of itzy. bts are grown men in their 20s. idk why they couldn't just get girls that are, you know, not underage

No. 18817

No. 18818


For those videos, jk was already 20 years old and itzy's maknae was his partner would have just been 14 at the most. Why they decided to pair a 20 year old man with a 14 year old girl as a love interest is beyond me and makes me wonder about him. I mean it's not like he chose her personally but it's just gross. Then again, he debuted at an equally young age and probably had grown women (fans, staff) preying on him daily.

No. 18819

what kind of loser actually spends money on fucking kpop like are you in that dire a need of getting rid of your money

No. 18820

I mean he had fansites who are adults stalking him around since he was 15 but Bighit pairing BTS up with literal teenagers is gross. K-pop needs a fix with their pedobait bullshit and I hope it's finally going to happen

No. 18821

i wonder if that's because their 14 year old fanbase would be threatened by older women

No. 18822

I highly doubt it
Lmao ikr?

No. 18823

nta but i've bought posters from a store in ktown. they really aren't any different than band posters.

No. 18824

buying band posters is pretty gay too

No. 18825

from which group kek

No. 18826

Yes it is. They're idols not a band of musicians

No. 18827

i have a rv and a sunmi poster

No. 18828

bts had 15 and 17 year old members lifting their shirts and grinding and stuff on stage, so if there’s nothing more sinister i can see jyp and bighit just not caring that the trainees were young. jyp is notoriously awful for sexualising their youngest girls, so having 14 year olds as (non sexualised) romantic partners isn’t that out of character for them

No. 18829

File: 1552587734933.jpg (38.63 KB, 430x496, download.jpg)

hover hand kek

No. 18830

File: 1552587847156.jpg (40.8 KB, 600x584, bounsa.jpg)

you don't stan males so you're fine

No. 18831

So it's good I only have snsd and red velevt merch? Good to know!

No. 18832

I bet every farmer has liked SNSD at some point

No. 18833

i feel bad for you, you missed the actual good times lol

No. 18834

hell no don't drag us all down, had a friend liking them when they were huge and i found it super creepy even back then.

No. 18835

Eh I wouldn't waste my money on female idols (don't like idols in general) either….but at least it's not males

No. 18836

File: 1552588645357.png (328.71 KB, 398x540, fug.png)

No. 18837

>>18836 why does it look like what jennie will look like in 20 years?

No. 18838

Good grief the girls who find this attractive need to go for a check-up
What good times? If it's old groups then nah, never liked K-pop even from the beginning

No. 18839

Samefag just want to make it clear I'm not the person who said this >>18802 cuz I realize it sounds like I am. I'm just another anon

No. 18840

why are black armys so delulu?

No. 18841

This is either an extra unfortunate angle for our least favorite lizard or he's gotten even worse. Why release this photo

No. 18842

Not going to lie, I did like SNSD and some other girl groups when I was a teen, but supporting them financially…?
Seriously, set your priorities straight, no kpop idol deserves your hard-earned money.

No. 18843

putting photoshopped pictures of young plastic women on your walls is weird in and of itself

No. 18844

did he become anorexic or get a jaw shave or something

No. 18845

SNOW filters

No. 18847

wow there must be a lot of men in this thread or creepy self hating women (>>18796 >>18756 >>18738)
to have concrete evidence that male idols RAPE AND DRUG AND SELL WOMEN and STILL claim that female idols are just as bad. yes. bullying and having the weong kind of body are equal to what seungri and at least 1/4 of all men are doing to underage girls. we literally have tons of proof of how badly women are treated in korea and you still think any female idol has any power? what the fuck? hate on whoever you want but drawing any parallels here is sickening lol

No. 18848

stan loona

No. 18849

Who is kpop's final boss?

No. 18850

Could someone explain to me what exactly is happening? I haven't touched KPOP stuff since January.

No. 18851

Just read this timeline

No. 18852



No. 18853

No. 18854

wasn't there a first woman President of Korea that got impeached for massive corruption? Sounds like everyone is bad as each other.

No. 18855

shut up moral-chan

No. 18858


This is exactly what happened when they did American Hustle Life in 2014. When they did the Boy in Luv video with actual grown women (not too much older than them of course), fans flipped out and started pitching a fit talking about how these evil girls were harming their precious babies somehow. It didn't help that these girls actually looked like adults (instead of the weird arrested development pedo bait look most female idols stick to), with full figures and obvious confidence. Also didn't help that they were all black women.

No. 18859

true but including idol singers with politicians? even in america beyonce doesn’t have the same power as trump, you know that right

No. 18860


This is why I laugh whenever fans coo over every instance of their idols acting like a decent human being in front of cameras, helping staff or doing manner hands. It's all fake dummies.

No. 18862

File: 1552592261874.jpeg (313.25 KB, 1121x1397, 7E893B72-E8DF-4B53-A1CF-4EA825…)

this is gross but lmfao at the twitter op having a suju name, girl

No. 18863

this. though yuta's chin, sharper than a shard of obsidian, is quite a formidable weapon, yuta himself ain't shit.

No. 18864

are these men retarded

No. 18866

they're just men, so yes

No. 18867

Tinfoil but this may be something, the rumors of her being one of the victims align with her being recently low energy and lackluster on stage, which could be the result of suffering the trauma of an assault.

No. 18868

If it helps, most kpop merch outside of Korea is all bootlegged, so it's not like those companies are actually getting any money. Not that giving money to bootleggers is much better, but hey.

I also kind of figured most people here are either into kpop or were at some point.

No. 18869

No. 18870

god no wonder choa left aoa and jimin is having a breakdown, apparently these guys tried shit with every single member

No. 18871

what the fuck is he doing…

No. 18872

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 18873

Your wrong Anon
Piece of shit

No. 18874

he looks white lol

No. 18875

Yes being moral is bad. Being immoral is cool!

No. 18876

So I was probably right about Seolhyun being forced to fuck Zico as well.
Male idols really are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want…

Same with YG: BB were always free to do as they please, meanwhile he always shat on 2ne1 for their looks, weight, performance,…

This whole scandal can be summed up with one word: misogyny

No. 18877

When being white means having full lips, a flat, broad nose and almond eyes, then yes.

No. 18878

what the hell? you responded to an ironical post in a mightier-than-thou way. go back to reddit

No. 18880

if nct had a battle royale, yuta might make it to the semifinals. outside of that, he's not very effective.

No. 18881

the office meme SHUT UP ABOUT YUTA!

No. 18883

Sorry but that pic of him has burned itself into my skull

No. 18884

Is there a way to cancel all men forever?

No. 18885

You already have your containment thread, so can you please shut up about childish nct "memes" that nobody other than you crazy stans find funny

No. 18886

I was joking duh. Funny you took it seriously
Its your guys own fault for posting that pic and joking about it all the time. It's kinda hard to forget

No. 18887

the only ones posting it are nctfags because literally no one else cares about nct

No. 18888

That's good to hear because it would be pretty pathetic otherwise

No. 18889

the rape tapes are from 2015. keep up.

No. 18890

what about my post gave you the impression that I was taking it seriously, autist? wew

No. 18891

Do you think JJY knew he was gonna get busted when the Burning Sun scandal first broke out?

No. 18892

omg anon im the one they replied to dont be a retard

No. 18894

Maybe cuz you responded with some retarded battle royale senario like you actually gave it some thought

No. 18896

WOW Choa got out at a good time

No. 18897

Chill out, you're the one taking it too seriously…

No. 18898

Jesus this is the fastest I've ever seen Kcritical threads move

No. 18899

his lips aren't that full, his nose isn't that broad or flat, and plenty of white people have almond eyes like that (sans the epicanthic folds) but regardless i was just having a laff mate it wasn't serious

No. 18900

File: 1552595911202.png (450.14 KB, 711x741, 1552409701607.png)

Anyone know about this? Is it real?

No. 18901

But not all of the rapes nor documents of it took place in 2015, that's only when the kkt group chat itself started.

No. 18903

It is indeed real

No. 18904

> [+6,913, -53] This isn't over yet. We need to investigate Roy Kim, Eddie Kim, Choi Tae Joon, Zico, all of them.

I don't know everyone in Kpop so who the fuck are Roy Kim, Eddie Kim and Choi Tae Joon?

No. 18905

Jungkook once said he couldn't reveal the name of the 97-line group chat or what they talk about. I thought maybe the chatroom name was a dick joke or something seemingly harmless, but, now everything is suspicious

No. 18906

>That typing style, lack of awareness, and need to sperg about Yuta
Is that you, yutachan?

No. 18907


wow this makes me puke - if he had the audacity to pull shit like this in public then whAT is he doiing behind closed doors

(i always knew he was a shit person - his evilness shows in his eyes - just like himchan for example)

i am beyond disgusted

No. 18908

Who the fuck is that and when did I sperg about anyone

No. 18910

No. 18911

his hand is nowhere near her ass and she didn't even react

No. 18912

I'll take that as a yes. Quit fucking bringing him up, no one cares.

No. 18913

You're probably looking at the wrong people lol. It's the two right at the front. She turns around and looks at him after he bumps into her. If you look closely you can see his hand bumped into her ass. Might have been accident since the girls randomly stopped and he was looking away as they did but not really into giving this creep the benefit of the doubt at this point

No. 18915

He is tied to different idols because bts has millions of young fans with too much imagination. I don’t think it’s possible to discern “vibes” on camera. He may be a player, but without inside info who knows.

No. 18916

It’s literally like any other form interest. No need to go mental about it

No. 18917

I never brought him up, that was another anon(stop)

No. 18918

infighters are ruining this thread

No. 18919

Himchan? What did Himchan ever do to be considered evil?

No. 18920


this is all i found.

Apparently the guy staring at Goo Hara is Lee Kyung-kyu.
Lee Kyung-kyu is not the killer but because he used to look like Jo Hyung Ki (the real killer) people would often mistake him for the killer.

i also can't find anything recent about the killer Jo Hyung Kit BUT this part is true! he definitively has been active in the entertainment industry after being released. He last played a supporting role in a movie that was released in 2015. https://mydramalist.com/people/2832-jo-hyung-ki
which is fucking disturbing. As a man you can get away with literally anything in korea

Lee Kyung-kyu who is innocent is still very active in the variety shows as a guest and host.

No. 18921

That pic straight up looks like a scene from a psycho thriller.

No. 18922

anon who posted this..do you happen to know what exactly is going on here?

No. 18924

All this reminded me of an article I remember reading a couple of years ago:
Soyu and Hyorin said to Kim So Hye in unison, "Men, you have to be careful of men." Bora added, "When you're a rookie, male seniors don't leave you alone. Not all seniors are nice people."
Dasom said, "Don't date them. The best thing is to just stay home. I wish that you would just stay home." Soyu continued, "Whether you're a man or woman, you have to be careful of people. For example, if you get close to people who like to have fun, you keep falling deeper into that end.

No. 18925

File: 1552599952741.jpg (40.42 KB, 997x172, goldfish.jpg)

you people have the memories of goldfish.

No. 18926

Nta but if you're talking about the woman: I've heard about this human plate thing is coming from Japan where they serve sushi on women's naked bodies in some restaurants.

No. 18927

as a man you can get away with anything anywhere

No. 18928

When you ruminate in this thread and have a kpop hate boner, you’ll end up being as delusional as kpop stans themselves

No. 18930


or maybe not everyone on here is an American or follows American celebrity news.

No. 18931

If we are talking about b.a.p himchan then there was sexual harassment accusations against him. I dont think there was an announcement about result of investigation tho.

No. 18933

iirc there’s a big thing about korean men going to the Philippines and getting random women pregnant, then disappearing back to Korea and there’s nothing any of the women can do about it. There was some attention on the whole thing at one point but I haven’t heard about it since (gee wonder why)

No. 18934

File: 1552600834902.png (16.06 KB, 237x330, a099ac474a96e2eb5fecf3368ecc81…)

i wonder what afterparties for shit like the gayos and award shows are like

No. 18937

It's been around 10+ years in the US even, I've always found it supremely creepy.

No. 18939

File: 1552601923354.png (247.73 KB, 649x372, he trash in 2016 and still is …)


>Singer Jung Joonyoung's lawyer wrote a false statement at the time of the incident of his ex-girlfriend Molca in 2016, SBS reports.

On SBS '8 News' reveals on the 14th "Jung Joonyoung's lawyer confirmed that he wrote 'false statement' at the time of his ex-girlfriend's case before 2016.

No. 18941

It's the literal objectification of women.

No. 18943

Lol I've always wondered this, prepping for a show is an all day thing so they definitely go hard when night comes

No. 18945

they've also released a statement declaring that none of the victims are signed YG or JYP artists. again…keep up.

No. 18950

File: 1552604905346.png (394.31 KB, 415x545, tiff.png)


No. 18952

YIKES. It makes her look 4ft tall and her torso look twice the size it is.

No. 18953

god damn it

No. 18954

Her head is already huge so cutting it that short is a bad idea

No. 18955

who the hell

No. 18956

Who is she?

No. 18957

File: 1552605637686.png (653.48 KB, 807x537, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 23.2…)

No. 18958

she's such a fraud tbh. she's likeable however people love to shit on sm for ''failing'' her while they were the ones who made her look good and made her look like she could actually sing

No. 18959

Holy photoshop…kek

No. 18960

File: 1552606625146.jpeg (839.21 KB, 1125x1519, E3769510-74D7-4D79-B3D3-6B8B48…)

No. 18961

inb4 4 suicide shots to the back of the head

Whoever it was definitely had a lead that would incriminate a politician

No. 18963


keeeeeek sasaeng fans has been sharing the phone numbers Seungri and the gang

Fans turning anti is truly something to be scared of

No. 18964

Holy shit
>am I talking to police sunbaenim

No. 18965

these "sasangs" are so lame. all they do is share their numbers, like who cares?

No. 18966

That and sell fake information they wrote on some notes app

No. 18968

File: 1552611229171.jpg (39.53 KB, 610x223, 2019031500112_0.jpg)

No. 18969

File: 1552611369225.jpg (48.88 KB, 610x469, NISI20190315_0014991673_web.jp…)


No. 18970

Ugh the korean society is rotten to the core

No. 18971

No. 18972

Would love to genuinely stan Loona but Blockberry's parent company owns another company that sells weapons to the Korean government, so I pirate their releases and keep adblocker on while watching their videos. I'm not giving them a penny. They've put out some absolute bangers but I have principles.

No. 18973

File: 1552612109195.jpg (110.23 KB, 650x1150, 1552512438399.jpg)


1. [+3,582, -22] Is this really a guy who has a little sister? He's done every disgusting thing in the book

2. [+3,241, -24] This trash can never get into the army, he has to go to jail

3. [+3,150, -17] If this was in 2014, that means he was 24 years old, really?

4. [+193, -1] I really want to hear from his father and dognsaeng. That dongsaeng b*tch should post something on SNS. Tell me again how your pimp of a brother is the regretful one in all this.

5. [+182, -1] What is this guy? Is he a drug distributor? A pimp? An idol? A hidden camera p*rn director? How many different jobs does this guy have?

6. [+164, -0] Singer by day, pimp by night ㅋㅋ

7. [+147, -0] His parents should be investigated too. They managed his wealth and businesses, do you really think they didn't know?

8. [+119, -0] He really worked hard in life, didn't he? Singing career, ramen business, club business, gambling, prostitution ring… he really must relate to Sunmi's song, where 24 hours just isn't enough.. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

9. [+92, -0] Then does that mean all of his business partners were a part of his ring too..?

10. [+76, -1] He should've sold his own sister off too ㅋㅋㅋ

No. 18974

Whilst the outfit is ugly as fuck, you'll never this shit in Korea. Their award show dress codes are always so borinngggggg

No. 18975

File: 1552614072476.jpg (52.67 KB, 500x499, large.jpg)


1. [+734, -25] Too bad YG is failing now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+669, -28] Look at her doing fashion shows while her CEO is in the sh*ts

3. [+593, -42] She looked pretty before but now she looks like an ajumma

4. [+64, -5] Remember when Black Pink said on 'Radio Star' that there are 6 things that are banned under YG: drinking, driving, smoking, clubbing, plastic surgery, and dating. What a joke, Jennie-ya.

5. [+50, -3] She seemed so proud to be under YG, what's she going to do now that her company's moments away from crumbling ㅎㅎㅎ

6. [+41, -8] Your CEO is in an emergency state

7. [+38, -4] Can the YG ba$tards just stay quiet already;

8. [+19, -4] She looks like she stole her mom's clothes, mom's heels, mom's stockings…

No. 18979

File: 1552616390698.png (11.23 KB, 683x58, agedlikemilk.png)

This is a comment on a variety show with young foreign girls… Scary

No. 18980

File: 1552618148784.jpg (44.87 KB, 489x580, 1552617347083.jpg)


No. 18987

File: 1552620700906.jpg (69.98 KB, 480x958, c7fc015f23c302f02c7ea59142e4f0…)

people are trying to connect shinee jonghyun to this shit now smh

>tfw even in death you cant escape this shit

No. 18990

him being dead doesn't mean he didnt do creepy shit

No. 18991

theres no proof of that though so idk just seems in bad taste since they have literally nothing to go on other than photos of them hanging out a few times
not trying to sound like a delulu retard here so apologies if i do

No. 18992

well all the guys who admitted to seeing jjy's tapes also ''hung out'' a few times with him

No. 18993

you're right

No. 18994

hmm, but i've heard of jonghyun being a feminist and ally to lgbt? he'd be someone i'd least suspect of doing or being in such a thing, it would be disappointing/ gross. ew

No. 18995

yeah thats why i feel kind of sad about it, but it is what it is and honestly you just cant trust men, period
sometimes i have to remind myself of that

No. 18998

File: 1552622163145.jpg (157.2 KB, 1080x1080, sanedreads.jpg)

amazing he has gone this far without being accused of sexually assaulting someone

No. 19002

File: 1552622529171.jpg (227.4 KB, 480x720, 377392dcf2873cbfaa06c520b63aa6…)

this is the japanese girl from izone right? her face is so….squishy…
she kinda looks like wendy though

No. 19008

thats literally who is in the picture and who is being referred to anon..kek

No. 19009

I know, I didn't scroll up. thats why I deleted my post…

No. 19019

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself, just you
You and no one else

No. 19021

File: 1552625611371.jpeg (151.73 KB, 747x910, 39B1BD69-C420-4AF0-AD7C-BFF14F…)

No. 19022

But wasn't there a "Park" on the group chat?

No. 19023

looks painful

No. 19025

San E needs to get roasted.

No. 19026

Will you guys ever shut up about Yuta

No. 19027

>9 hour post
>will you guys ever


No. 19028

so apparently the guy from ft island didnt just "watch videos" he posted his own videos as well

expect more about this in the next few hours i guess

No. 19029

has anyone ever seen a gangnam unnie irl?

No. 19030

are you new? that was like yesterday, keep up

No. 19031

File: 1552626376091.jpg (208.22 KB, 1360x936, 1552625620726.jpg)

No. 19033

File: 1552626505133.jpg (246.39 KB, 800x800, 8cad1779c10cbff96d47a5eeb2224f…)

so this is the future of kpop…

No. 19034

mature oppar with facial hair uwu

No. 19037

oh I didn't know they already started the broduce 101 shit already.

No. 19043

will you guys ever shut up about jimin/jungkook?

No. 19049

Don't fucking care, this thread is going to shit really quick with all le funny pics of idols and unrelated shit like fucking battle royale. Let's keep on the topic Seungri is a fucking piece of shit and going to jail.

No. 19050

uh oh, complaining derailer anon is back

No. 19051

File: 1552627854079.png (144.52 KB, 349x553, lmao.png)


No. 19052

File: 1552628021674.jpg (98.73 KB, 850x850, f7725f36d9121e9e5b1368df345ac5…)

yeah most of these guys look weird af im expecting a lotttt of plastic in their futures

No. 19054

at least they're from a relevant group unlike nctflop

No. 19055

God, looking at this Starship trainee and Monsta X, this company seems to have a soft spot for picking up ugly people on the streets.

No. 19056

You just know this fucker did something.

No. 19057

ooof jeffery dahmer oppa is so good looking! yeah he may have killed innocent ppl but opparrrr <3333

do these stans not realize how much of degenerates they sound like…??

No. 19058

File: 1552630014571.jpg (67.99 KB, 540x675, 7dcd75b5863bd26c63b13d35dd59e3…)

so..did the indian girl drop out?

No. 19059

thanks to korean ps, she might be any of the girls or boys in this picture

No. 19061

File: 1552632415054.gif (1.76 MB, 270x338, 935E9535-CDD7-4A20-A964-24E877…)

probably on “hiatus” and dieting like kayla

No. 19062


No. 19063

ugh i can already see westerners creaming themselves over her just like they did with alex

No. 19065

At least she looks different. Would you rather they copy pasted another Korean plastic face in her stead?

No. 19066

File: 1552633788617.jpg (30.18 KB, 326x326, 1548826654090.jpg)

>using the term "westerners"

No. 19067

if they let that one chick with the nose in the group i can't see why they wouldn't let someone with some slight chub in the group. besides, she's not anywhere near as big as kyla.

No. 19068

what makes you think they’re gonna let her keep that nose? lmao

No. 19069

Nta but why are you so triggered by that word?

No. 19071

Oh they can do better than that. They should utilize their full sasaeng power now against them.

No. 19072

lmao nonny other countries r allowed to post here too, maybe go to /pol/ or something for ur ethnostate

No. 19073

Did anyone screen shot? It’s a IMAGE board anons, stop posting links to shit that can deleted

No. 19074

Don't have a screenshot but it was a short clip of one of the dudes groping hyejeong from behind on stage. Can't remember which guy, but i agree anons need to stop linking twitter status and fucking screenshot. Takes 2 seconds.

No. 19075

File: 1552639070449.jpg (354.63 KB, 1080x1651, IMG_20190315_133634.jpg)

No. 19079

>1. [+4,805, -46] Who do you think Seungri learned all this from in YG? Who has Seungri always called his role model in YG?

No. 19080

Monsta X is average looking, this boy is straight up ugly. Starship probably figured that people will stan anything with fake abs as long as it has a penis so they gave up trying to find good-looking male trainees.

No. 19081

YG and his brother invested heavily in most of Seungri's businesses. He's probably YG's chosen one

No. 19083

That practice is close to non-existent in japan actually, its actually more of a western thing now, and apparently they do it korea too.
Males do it too, not just women. So its the objectification of people

No. 19085

You mean to say they are pimped out by the company or they are manwhores themselves?
Not disagreeing with any of this because anything is possible but, source?

No. 19087

File: 1552650193502.jpeg (44.23 KB, 824x252, 68359420-158E-4050-940B-9D3253…)

No. 19088

I HATE it so much when they drugged and raped women and now go about saying "I'm sorry I've caused trouble", "I'm sorry to cause worry to the entire nation". You're a fucking RAPIST, you did a bit more than just caused trouble!!

TL;DR of todays happenings "I'm not a pimp I swear, I've been tricked uwu"


No. 19089

it might not be a bad idea to have a link to the kpop reddit thread in the next thread, they update pretty quickly with verified information. it does update daily though so it would be out of date soonish, these threads are noving pretty quick tho and i dont think this is gonna die down any time soon

No. 19090

it's crazy how the police is taking it's sweet time when they are already being watched by the public.

I'm sure the police and everyone involved has gotten enough time to get rid of any evidence that might link them to the scandal.
This is honestly kinda disheartening.

No. 19091

im trying to be optimistic and hoping theyre being thorough and retrieving erased data. theyre investigating way more people than just the celebs. idk. they did transfer the investigation from the police to the krn equivalent of the supreme court. source https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/b0b1af/megathread_6_seungri_and_jung_joon_young/eiex4jl/

No. 19092

digital tracks aren't that easy to erase. i don't even know how these oppars could be so stupid to use kakaotalk for discussing their rape escapades

No. 19093

File: 1552653499152.jpeg (187.82 KB, 828x1031, 95BB0FC5-1E79-4FDA-BCA1-E1D663…)

The revealed 8 members are as follows:

Seungri (formerly of BIGBANG)

Jung Joon Young

Choi Jonghoon (formerly of FTISLAND)

Yoo In Suk, also known as Mr. Yoo, former CEO of Yuri Holdings

Mr. Kim, former club MD

Kwon Hyuk Jun, brother of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri (referred to as Mr. A)

An unnamed former employee at YG Entertainment (referred to as Mr. B)

A friend of Jung Joon Young’s, who appeared with him on a travel program (referred to as Mr. C)


No. 19099

Sorry, but that guy in the top, center looks literally disabled. A typical mouthbreather.
If he wasn't a precious korean oppa kpop stans would have no problem with calling him a severely inbred hick.

No. 19100

Instead of Yuris brother now the article just says "a relative of a girl group member"

>Note: The source article, when originally published, stated that the relative of the girl group member was Mr. Kwon, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s brother. This has since been edited out of the article.

No. 19101

Ha. It alwqys felt like there was something off with Seungri… and now we're here

No. 19103

Can't tell if you're joking or you're just that big of a weeb

No. 19104

And? This is a kpop critical thread, and NCT are a kpop group. We can talk shit about NCT if we want to.

No. 19105

File: 1552660666268.jpeg (114.65 KB, 749x944, 8E04FEBC-18A2-4522-8368-C7E8F5…)


No. 19106

So the Zico thing was fake?

No. 19107

why? he said himself that he looked through the phone

seriously, there's always someone policing the thread, what IS ok to discuss? only girl groups?

No. 19108

There was a rumor that Zico was a member of the group itself. I honestly had no idea he said he looked through the phone. Sorry.

No. 19109


These weirdo sociopaths always have trouble understanding they did something wrong– they wanted something so they did it. What is the problem? Honestly at this point no sense talking to any of these people or listening to them- just put them in jail. They said they want to "reflect" on their life– let them do it there lol. Lot's of time for it.

No. 19110

Sperging about x female idols wacky nosejob for 18 hours straight is kosher but if you so much as utter the name "y*ta" youre sent to the gulag.

No. 19111

File: 1552662721159.png (106.81 KB, 640x732, IMG_0188.PNG)

A weeb for sure. Even the wiki page says it's still practiced there. There's a Japanese name for it ffs and yeah we know guys do it too but we also know which sex is the more popular choice and more common.

No. 19112

1994? Why still try to be an idol that far in your life?

No. 19113

It was practiced a long time ago among samurais and geishas but hardly anymore. I don't have to be a weeb to know stuff
I did my research, maybe you should do yours and not base it off Wikipedia

No. 19116

I know that sociopaths like to objectify people (women) in various ways but this is just plain unhygienic and awkward. Why.

No. 19117

File: 1552664591287.jpeg (727.01 KB, 1800x1258, 730871AF-7F53-4B33-8E2B-6E7409…)

No. 19118

Idk it's gross. I saw an article of an American woman who does it(in America) and she said she loves it. It makes her feel "aroused" and "special", what a weirdo

No. 19119

It really infuriates me how korean (male) celebs play the victim like this when getting caught in something. Being constantly babied by your fanbase really is convenient, isn't it.

No. 19122

He specifically says they are Romanians. It is well known that Romanian girls are often victims of trafficking.
Of course they feel sorry for themselves, they don't care about anyone else. It's a common behaviour among abusers and narcissists in general. Boohoo I got caught, feel sorry for me.

No. 19123

I just discovered kpop recently and sort of fell for how fun it was to watch the dancing and silliness. I thought it might be a world where the sexual politics I knew were somehow different. Don’t ask why I was so stupid- at some level I knew it was a fantasy. But boy the universe decided to really explode that fantasy this week. It is good in the long run to know the truth of course but sad the truth is so disgusting.

No. 19124

It’s similar to licking salt off women’s bodies before doing “body shots.” You can classify it under “if you are into that you are tacky” along with this sushi stuff.

No. 19125

K-Pop is fine as long as you treat it as it is - meaningless entertainment and good fun. There's a lot of corruption and explotation (the trainee system is fucked up). As long as you don't get too obsessed like some people it's fine, I think.

No. 19126

>[+119, -0] He really worked hard in life, didn't he? Singing career, ramen business, club business, gambling, prostitution ring… he really must relate to Sunmi's song, where 24 hours just isn't enough.. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Lmao, based Knetizens

>[+64, -5] Remember when Black Pink said on 'Radio Star' that there are 6 things that are banned under YG: drinking, driving, smoking, clubbing, plastic surgery, and dating. What a joke, Jennie-ya.
Lolwut? Plastic surgery banned under YG? As if. Each and every one of his idols would flop.

It all returns to nothing
It just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down…

It's so uneven and shaky-looking… why do they do this

No. 19127

Feels bad for the 2D1N cast, kim joo hyuk died in 2017 and another cast member is going to jail. Dozens of people are going to be laid off cuz he couldn't help being a pervert

No. 19128

The recent events really revealed how many kboos and K-pop stan's were on this thread lol. Well, at least these scandals are helping you see clearly now

No. 19129

That comment was obviously made in sarcasm, anon

No. 19130

Considering how up to date everyone is on kpop news, how they will talk about individual idols and their looks, and the language used in these threads (oppar, sasaengs)- it's obvious. I'm just a non-kpop fan reading in horror as these threads constantly are on the first page.

No. 19131

Who did you think was delivering the legitimate milk all this time? Kpoppies are the ones keeping the thread alive

No. 19132

I don't understand why we have an influx of moral fags and other annoying anons since this thread was moved to /m/.

No. 19134

it seems natural to discuss morals when someones being charged for every crime but murder

No. 19136

>but murder
Give it time

No. 19137

I don't see why someone who isn't or has never been interested in kpop would even read these threads.

No. 19138

>moral fags

I can't believe anons ITT are against crimes such as rape!

No. 19139

I said kboos and K-pop stans, which is more extreme than just being interested but not really caring. I'm among the latter btw

No. 19141

The anons who don't give a shit but lurk anyways are the ones who contribute nothing but nitpicking and repetitive comments 99% of the time

No. 19142

Who cares about yuto when seungri from bts is a rapist reeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 19143

File: 1552671620202.jpeg (87.22 KB, 399x600, D8C385A4-7D93-4C1A-998F-3A6195…)

scum is scum kek I wonder how his band mate yonghwa feels bc he was given so much shit for his scandal regarding his degree

No. 19144

No. 19145

i agree, if i wasn't interested in k-pop and didn't know about the groups i would get bored if i read these threads. i am interested in the shit that goes on in the industry and i do follow certain groups but that doesn't mean i have to go full whiteknight when someone talks shit about them. i'd rather see people talking about these topics the way they are with no sugarcoating than the over sensitive irrational sjw kpop stan twitter.

No. 19146

Agreed, if I didn't previous like Kpop then I'd have no idea what anyone was talking or care. Also, what's nice about this forum is that you can be honest without having a crazy fan threaten your life because you point out something that breaks the illusion they created lol.

No. 19148

dae utah chin man XDDDDDDD

No. 19149

Blackpink said that in sarcasm?

No. 19150

poor yuri

No. 19152

Yuri's brother apologized to her fans first instead of the victims, it goes without saying that he's scum

No. 19154

I've noticed when kpop idols get caught for doing something bad they NEVER apologize to the victims. Even when that pathetic scamyong got caught for scamming people he never apologized to the people he scammed, he just sat there blubbering about how he's sorry for "having this bad image and disappointing the fans" or whatever bullshit. They're so shameless and nasty

No. 19155

Since their companies usually write their apologies, it doesn't surprise me. Scumass companies enable scumass people. Also, gotta keep those brainwashed fangirls around to pay for the lawyers fees

No. 19156

I know but really? Is it that hard to throw in a "I apologize to the people who were hurt by my actions and I hope for your forgiveness"? Isn't that better for image anyway? I mean it does create an image of being more humble

No. 19157

Oh trust me, it's infuriating, but these monsters don't want to admit that what they did was wrong. They'll halfass it and be on their merry way.

No. 19158

Yea. That’s why I keep up with this thread because nobody discusses the Seungri issue this deep or any other scandal besides Reddit. Twitter stabs just look at it and scream “fuck men woman rights” and ignore it till it happens again. Like when will they finally realize this issue goes to the root of korean society, the one all of their faves grew up in. They think BigBang, FTISLAND, and highlight is the big secret uncovered when it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can’t even criticize korean society without them saying you’re being racist.

I’m just waiting for the day where media stop giving a fuck and start releasing nasty shit about idols.

No. 19159

Some of it might be legal concerns - not wanting to admit guilt in case it is evidence?

No. 19160

Sorry to sound like a stan but he traded someone a bootleg figure online and told them to fuck off when he was in middle school kek. They aren't ~victims~ and he did at least throw in an "I want to sincerely apologize to those that I hurt when I wasn’t trying to understand other people. uwu”

No. 19161

File: 1552677875860.jpg (70.5 KB, 1000x500, nejpg.jpg)

naeun is unrecognizable oof

No. 19163

File: 1552682026763.png (670.71 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_2019-03-15-16-31-05…)

Zero days since K-pop fans' nonsense

No. 19165


No. 19166

is nobody else irritated that they're treating this like some kind of game show, not bothering to tell the rest of the celebs?

didn't realize korea wanted to protect these criminals so bad, holy shit i feel bad for the victims

No. 19167

iirc they are waiting so the current news wouldn't get buried. imo it's not that big of a deal unless they wait like a month or something. they've already given out a lot in the past week.

No. 19168

The thing about this is that there are people way more important than some celebs involved, like the Gangnam Police Superintendent.

No. 19169

They have revealed all the celebs involved in the gc

No. 19170

File: 1552684355533.png (153.12 KB, 690x691, screenshot.png)

>Says he's lost contact with an informant

No. 19171

File: 1552684930613.jpg (53.34 KB, 1080x720, IMG_20190315_222225.jpg)

No. 19173

Is that amber? She couldn't get a better lace front?

No. 19174

Yeah that's Amber. If she got a better wig she'd look decent.

No. 19182

I fucking KNEW that this was gonna happen

She was tired of being masc and people tryna trans her lol

She low-key tried to do this back when fx was still a thing in 2011/2012 by growing her hair out, but the stylists still dressed her masculine and never properly did her hair so it stayed looking a mess, so she just decided to go full butch and cut it short again because at least then the stylists would fucking do her hair!!

No. 19183

>>19171 them dyke nails lol

No. 19184

there are rumours going on that Blackpink is disbanding. YG is going to post something later.

No. 19185

she was my bias, im devastated lol
she was gorgeous

No. 19186

why would they disband? i doubt they had much to do w the scandal. are they being punished for this?

No. 19187

I'd be surprised if that's true. especially considering how much effort they're putting into pushing them in the west.

No. 19188

rumours like this have been going on since last year. i highly doubt it.

No. 19192


Hate to burst your bubble but the image is from a music video she did with some band or something. In the video they are just changing up their style and she wears this outfit for only like 6 seconds. The rest of the music video is her wearing her typical boyish clothes.

Also in 2011 and 2012 her hair was short.

No. 19193

anon can't handle that amber isn't girly kek.

No. 19194

the anon who is the only person in the world that thinks her tomboy image was forced on her is back

No. 19195

File: 1552695511865.jpg (25.68 KB, 500x333, 8dbb88f312e21ba91149ec21f816b0…)

Shoulder length is considered long haired to some but not towards others huh

This was right before pink tape btw 2011 or so

No. 19197

File: 1552695836189.jpg (89.62 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mg8zo6EjNs1qc0xxco1_500…)

It was not styled!!
you can't tell me the stylists didn't fucking hate her cuz sulli was also growing her hair out from that bowlcut yet her hair was still taken better care of than ambers

No. 19198

because sulli is feminine

No. 19199

It's styled the way male idols with long hair are typically styled..

No. 19200

if this is the case then why does she still dress like a man? are you going to claim that SM forces her to aged 25 and without any real project?

No. 19202

Why can't you retards fucking read?

I never said amber wasn't naturally a tomboy
I said that sm styled her more masculinely then she actually was

Amber's not gonna fuck you get over it

No. 19203

the defensiveness is strong in this one

No. 19204

Famous K-Pop singer, SeungRi from Big Bang has been arrested over a scandal. Somewhere in an unknown prison facility, he's being interrogated by the worlds greatest detective, none other than Batman himself. When all of his methods are failing, they call upon a powerful friend for assistance…

No. 19205

It's because I'm right and it's not nice to tell correct people whom are right that they're wrong when they are right like I am

I corrected thy for thoust wrongdoings for I have stan

No. 19207

cool reddit spacing, newfag. p.s learn to sage

No. 19208

They definitely do not.

No. 19209

Notice how it's only loona, bts and txt fags that do this

No. 19210

amber is lesbian and not trans confirmed

No. 19211

oh please oh please god yes

No. 19212

holy shit inb4 bigbang / YG stans flag his channel

No. 19213

>Jung Jun Young's alleged videos leaked to the public through air drop feature

how much worse can it get? this is so fucked

No. 19214

File: 1552700887495.png (2.43 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_03-15-09.43.16.png)

Samefag as >>19208 but here is Amber on stage vs in her person life, very similar so lmao what are you even talking about SM doesn't style her more tomboyish kek


No. 19215

lol you're so fucking weird

No. 19216

Do you guys consider kpop to be a genre, industry, or both? Armys always seem to throw fit when people consider it a genre ever since capitalism boy said it wasn’t.

No. 19217

sort of. there's something unique to the way they overproduce and harmonize every voice on every song. plus the excessive use of hooks and how the verses are never a full verse but a string of different lines lol.

No. 19218

Eh, it might have it's own trends and styles but that doesn't make it it's own genre. It's pop, and it's not produced exclusively by Koreans either so I don't think that could be a defining factor. Swedish producers churn out hits that get distributed all over the place.

No. 19221

I kinda consider it both tbh. And don't armies think that Bts isn't K-pop and that they are their own genre or something?

No. 19222

File: 1552704242479.jpg (170.39 KB, 1024x1537, 0f4e2dc792cab7c127548400fa97e3…)

why do they give idols such shitty dye jobs? i dont understand why they dont even TRY to cover the roots

No. 19224

I don't think momoland's agency has that much money? If they don't pay the girls, they probably don't pay much to the stylists either

No. 19225

people are making deep fakes of various kpop girls and claiming the videos are the ones from the chatroom

i hate the world

No. 19226

File: 1552711211718.png (76.54 KB, 601x293, 20190316132513510rubv.png)

i cant tell who any of the girls are but these are the idols who have been in the fake videos circulating so far

No. 19228

looks like IU, idk, irene, jennie and seolhyun

No. 19229

agree with the last two, and second from left looks like seulgi to me

No. 19231

File: 1552715246761.jpg (83.85 KB, 728x971, Cx9bFgaUkAAWv8c.jpg)

it is jennie

No. 19232

It's crazy but my friend once showed me porn of k idol lookalikes. They did look and were styled like the real idols, i'd say the similarity was 80% lol. I'd hate myself if people make that kind of video of me.

No. 19233

Wow i forgot that momoland existed til you mentioned that kek

No. 19234

Yeah its been a thing for along time to find Japanese AV actresses that vaguely resemble kpop idols and label it with their names on 4chan and some subreddits. In this context its even worse though. It could hinder with the investigation especially since deep fakes are being used rather than just mislabeling.

No. 19236

File: 1552716023878.jpeg (249.25 KB, 619x591, C2F9AD81-EC53-4507-BC34-D8A10D…)

i think it’s yuqi…

No. 19237

no idea who that is but it definitely looks like the pic

No. 19238

Yuqi of g-idle

No. 19239

Honestly I'd be shocked if anyone ever acted inappropriately towards Irene, she's like SM's untouchable princess whose agency will sue you if you even look in her direction

No. 19240

she also wouldnt respond at all as she genuinely acts like an autist who doesnt understand anything half the time

No. 19241

Where did you find this?

No. 19242

No. 19243

One of the legitimate videos has leaked and is spreading through something called "Airdrop" which i guess is like a torrent or cloud thing? idk but im willing to bet its one with a female idol and it will be on regular internet in no time probably. Really hope Im wrong and they manage to gain control of it before then.

No. 19244

I mean all of them probably tried seeing how popular Irene's visuals are, but SM generally keeps its artists on a tight leash with regards to socializing so I doubt anything happened.

If I had no idea what Kpop was and saw this thumbnail I'd be creeped out instantly. Maybe it's time to start judging books by their covers again.

No. 19248

File: 1552730500799.jpeg (48.47 KB, 643x553, D1xYA1UUYAAvDXk.jpg large.jpeg)

No. 19255

File: 1552736101988.jpg (338.91 KB, 1206x1748, 4a0beb5a0b1f69d0a31bb9675ade5e…)

first one looks like gugudan's mina, 3rd hwasa, and 4th jennie

No. 19256

File: 1552736770409.png (476.06 KB, 1241x370, dontask.PNG)

Are you talking about her nose or did she get something else done now?


The girls in that image are IU, Yuqi, Irene, Jennie, Seolhyun, but I think >>19226 is wrong. Click my link, those are just the 'featured' idols on that site. Those 'featured' idols are not necessarily connected to the chatroom webcam sandal. They are just 'featured' by the site.

No. 19257

File: 1552738747354.jpg (54.99 KB, 540x897, 201903141914181810_1.jpg)

Now that the public is no longer in their favor, we finally get see real pictures. No longer lightened and photoshopped to hell by asskissing journalists.
One might say this is mean, but seeing photos like this will probably open their fans eyes and make them feel less insecure about not being as "perfect" as their idols.

No. 19259

>Somi moved to YG
>Kang Daniel is suing his company
Are Produce 101 winners cursed?

No. 19261

Is she half white or something?

No. 19263

No. 19264

i don't get the hype over mamamoo. yes, they can sing, but their music is so bland, their personalities are obnoxious and they're ugly.

No. 19265

The one with the long acrylic nails always annoyed me. Also what's up with the foreigners?

No. 19267

God, it's really true that their society has this follower-mentality. Now that the Latin sound has become popular, after all those bland tropical house releases, everyone is using it…

No. 19268

That's one shitty opinion anon
I agree that the song is kinda meh tho

No. 19269

Am I bugging or does this sound scarily similar to that song Friends by Marshmallow kek.

Here's the song for comparison.

No. 19270

it’s like a company heard fans say “i want idols that can sing and don’t act like sexy toddlers!” and said “okay” and made mamamoo and forgot to give them any other redeeming qualities. their music especially is really generic and safe, even when they stand out from other girl groups they still aren’t that memorable. i don’t care about them not being attractive but they need better makeup artists and stylists asap, that alone would stop how often they look tragic. hwasa especially needs a stylist who will dress her in a way that doesn’t highlight the fact that she somehow has the flattest ass possible while still being pear shaped. if they didn’t try so hard to seem quirky and unique then they might actually bring something different

No. 19271

Yeah a lotta people have been pointing it out in the yt comments. The beginning is similar, the rest not so much

No. 19272

No, i somewhat agree as well. The beginning, the house party theme, the parts where the music stops and she speaks…they definitely got inspiration from this.

No. 19273

Agreed. I loved mamamoo's retro sound in the music they made before Yes I Am specifically because it wasn't like this

No. 19274


The beats are very similar and the chorus(?) Part is too.

No. 19278

I've seen Amber in LA and she's extremely butch off duty as well. She's at stud levels tbh.

No. 19279

anything released in kpop is a rehash of some trendy music in USA

No. 19280

Netizenbuzz must really hate her. Even during a time like this she doesn't forget to translate her negative articles lol or maybe it's just because she knows her articles cause so much stir in the comment section. But I agree with them, I'm tired of seeing yg and anything that's associated with it.

No. 19281

I feel sorry for her. Her family is very religious, so most likely "conversion therapy camp"-tier if Amber ever came out, so she's stuck in this limbo of "I'm a butch but I'm not into girls at all, not even bisexual, no no no

No. 19282

They can really sing- but it is more noticeable on cover songs. I wish they were given better original songs to sing. Solar is beautiful and none of them are ugly imo. They are just underused.

No. 19284

This kind of plagiarism is common. Singularity sounds a lot like Call out my Name- not sure if kpop does this more than other groups but it seems so?

No. 19285

how can anyone with eyes call solar beautiful!! she is plastic and ugly as fuck

No. 19287

I hope whoever made that is a Korean living in Korea because you're going to get fucked by SM by doing this

No. 19288

i wish i didnt click that link

im gonna be sick

No. 19290

why are men so obsessed with iu's pedobait schtick

No. 19291

because east asia worships childlike women

No. 19293

Did you not read what that girl said the other day? When she was promoting in the group for 3 years and forced to go to clubs and disgusting men touched her, her manager oppa said "THEY JUST THINK OF YOU AS THEIR CUTE DAUGHTER". Asians are notorious for normalizing incest and pedophilia. People want to dance around it for whatever reason but its the truth. Its like that everywhere ofc because men are sick in general, but in Asia its NORMAL. Like..accepted so widely that they barely even have any laws against it.

No. 19294

exactly. at least everywhere in the world it's "MILF" and "step-sister" or something. whereas koreans and japanese men love "little sister", just googling "little sister" leads to porn

No. 19295

ot i don't understand straight men's obsession with incest in general. looking at porn sites it seems to be way too popular. in east asian porn women are squeaky don't even seem to enjoy themselves, it's creepy. i wonder if these men really think a woman acting that unwilling and creepily childish during sex is normal.

No. 19296

taboo freaky stuff. i would say more women are into "daddy" stuff that men are. east asian men like it because of their madonna-whore thing. men around the world are more into "slutty" women whereas east asian men are into women who are pure who can also be slutty, which is why they see prostitutes at such a high rate, because they aren't "real" (pure, wholesome) women.

No. 19297

File: 1552762415012.gif (6.13 MB, 415x320, 7603ccc3016dde3c1eda01458e3e01…)

the females play along because they dont know any better :/
theres no reason for a grown woman to infantilize herself in fan meetings like this but they all do it, even if they dont project that image in their music

its weird af

No. 19298

than* lul

No. 19299

not to defend your point, but male idols do this as well lol
also see how fans love it when idols get "scared" by the stage pyrotechnics

No. 19300

iirc thats because of sunny? she was legitimately afraid because she was from a military army that was in kuwait when she was young, and she has ptsd from artillery noises

fans thought it was ~cute~ when she almost panicked on stage when a pyrotechnic backfired, so other idols started doing it to get that same attention

No. 19302

military family* sorry

No. 19303

File: 1552762845889.jpg (73.22 KB, 1242x792, IMG_20190316_144226.jpg)

She's not that bad anon.. especially compared to Hwasa and even Botched Moonbyul. Not WKing bc i dont like any of em, but shes not ugly

No. 19305

File: 1552763229661.gif (1.24 MB, 500x281, de8f3c1e8e09e604159ba1f0c8d677…)

No. 19306

File: 1552763390374.jpg (89.01 KB, 1024x576, 77c7aa70330673997be4182f49403d…)

oh look, another girl group being weighed on national television yet again

the look on the girls face in purple lol
>tfw you didnt expect to be weighed today so you ate 2 actual meals yesterday and you know you're gonna be forced to sleep in the bathroom on the floor as punishment

No. 19308

File: 1552765551478.gif (9.58 MB, 560x350, 7b241bea1f2abc12676bbba33d4d88…)

well, a nose can change an entire face so even if thats the only thing she got done, it has made her completely unrecognizable other than when she talks or smiles because her mouth still looks the same

No. 19313

No. 19314

They are not being weighted, they are taking their height. The one in purple is super tall so she feels self conscious about it. It's that super young member that was doing the overly sexy choreo during produce 101 that a lot of anons here were disturbed by.

No. 19316

File: 1552768789265.jpg (25.51 KB, 480x480, 51966161_276622806569878_65261…)

she's 25 years old

No. 19318

Why are you all freaking out about body sushi like it's a picture of confirmed assault or something? Its weird but it's super fucking normal and common. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyotaimori

No. 19320

Why do you think reducing a woman to a plate is a normal activity, anon?

No. 19321

eating food off the body of a woman who might as well be a corpse is normal?

No. 19324

Oh my fucking god, stop sperging about the creepy, degen body sushi. No1curr.

No. 19326

All of you, knock it off with the infighting.

No. 19334

File: 1552771594825.png (459.41 KB, 522x370, 12332.png)

can they stop forcing straight eyebrows on Tzuyu? it looks fucking horrible without eyebrow pencil

No. 19335

File: 1552771687047.jpg (110.78 KB, 768x1154, 9d5766c518b79e58d068748b724628…)

tbh it looks worse and way too spaced out with makeup

No. 19336

Why are straight eyebrows a thing over there? Unless someone's eyebrows are naturally like that it looks weird (same thing when people force the overly arched eyebrows in the US, it doesn't look right on all faces)

No. 19338

>>19336 bc uwu innocent youthful charm-nim

No. 19339

>>19334 what do her natural ones look like

No. 19342

File: 1552772832997.jpg (49.93 KB, 600x533, CEDJTIIUEAAHUyh.jpg)

No. 19344

I just googled her and she's only 168cm. Aren't koreans the tallest asians? That height doesn't seem too unusual, why would she freak out about that?

Can somebody explain why she's hailed as the most beautiful ever?
Completely average face shape, thin lips, lopsided smile, wide nose, smallish eyes and the personality of a blanket. I don' t get it. Must be because she was the "sexy" underage maknae.
Notice how the most popular members are nearly always the youngest? Yoona (2nd youngest), Krystal+Sulli, Sohee, Suzy, Jiyeon,… and now that izone girl. They could choose to stan one of x adult members, but no, they always go for the 14/15/16-year-olds.

No. 19345

Yeah her nosejob and eyelids aren't botched, she just needs to let those fillers dissipate, they make her look so bloated and old.

No. 19346

she's not that popular anymore. she was popular around sixteen and like ooh ahh but koreans don't care about her anymore. sana is more praised for her visuals.

No. 19347

cuter girl groups lie to sound shorter, sexy girl groups lie to sound taller. idk the group but does that apply here?

No. 19349

File: 1552774105795.jpeg (149.91 KB, 682x1024, Download.jpeg)

Not really. Her face looks like a toddlers, yet her agency shills her as sexy…

Their weights (if true) are insane as well: nobody more than 48kg and one girl supposedly only 42kg at a height of 163cm…

No. 19351


I have rarely seen girls in kpop groups in "official" bios by their companies being over 49kg.It's as if being over 50kg is some sort of disease and you aren't ~uwu smol and petite~ if you are over that weight regardless of height or body type.It's ridiculous that things like height and weight are made public in the first place like why do they care so much

No. 19353

Sage for blogpost but I remember reading an article written by an american woman that was living in korea for work, and she was saying that she can't wait to leave and gave some reasons why. One of the main reasons was because of the women's childish behavior, and she was saying that almost all women she saw acted that way. When they were with their boyfriends/husbands they'd talk in baby voices and and throw their stuff on the floor and stomp their feet and throw tantrums like toddlers. Then the men would try to calm them down and talk to them as if they were handling babies and give them what they what they want so they don't throw a fuss. The woman said it was extremely disturbing and it grossed her out sooo much, and she saw it all the time and couldn't take it anymore.

No. 19354

i mean yea, look at the aegyo in kdramas. women over there strive to act like that.

No. 19356

This reminds me of this creepy looking ddlg video on I saw twitter and the couple was korean.

No. 19357


No. 19358

I don't watch kdramas so I haven't seen much of their aegyo thank god

No. 19359

File: 1552780973466.gif (2.12 MB, 500x281, tumblr_pbytc3ulWg1rtjhamo9_500…)

I agree that she's the best looking of the group, but she definitely reaches Gangnam Unnie levels…

No. 19360

File: 1552781092283.jpg (291.22 KB, 1434x980, Screenshot_20190316-170025.jpg)

I said "normal and common" you autistic fart huffers. Normal as in regularly occuring. Lots of normalized behaviour towards women is shit but you're out here like "ommfgg he did a body sushi hhurghrghl rapist". This website gets shittier every day.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 19362

No. 19363

File: 1552782034946.jpg (8.35 KB, 318x159, downloadd.jpg)

No. This is what a real Korean looks like.

No. 19371

Yuna from Itzy is another one men are drooling over, it's disgusting. She's 15

No. 19376

source? the poll that said "men" wanted to give her chocolate or whatever wasn't from men, it was from school-aged boys. lolcow kpop critical doesn't read.

No. 19382

File: 1552787386835.jpg (31.46 KB, 502x611, images.jpeg-6.jpg)

She used to be okayish during mamamoo's debut but i agree now she looks more plastic than ever. Attached is her predebut kek.

No. 19383

Can confirm. I lived there and my girl korean friends would act normal and speak normally when it was just us, but if a guy was around they were suddenly completely helpless and spoke like children. Even guys they talked shit about when they weren’t around.

No. 19386


Not surprising. Korea never left the Mad Men era.

No. 19387

playing with a silly hat is infantilizing yourself? these hats are all over the internet right now

No. 19391

File: 1552790777202.gif (4.53 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

>these hats are all over the internet now
Not that anon but those hats are all over the internet because of kpop idols. You don't see any normal adult man doing this (pic related), it's a part of fanservice. For the complete list of adult men infantilizing themselves https://www.kpopmap.com/list-of-male-kpop-idols-wearing-the-rabbit-hat/amp/ (trigger warning kek)

No. 19393

File: 1552791054466.jpg (124.06 KB, 723x1200, Ci6sOCNVEAAtadl.jpg)

ugh idols use pacifiers at fansigns too, creepy

No. 19394

File: 1552791182939.jpg (302.87 KB, 1068x757, 151208_honeybutter_03.jpg)

i remember the honey butter chips and how stupid it seemed that idols were carrying them around for no reason because it was a trend, but now i wish we could go back to those simpler times

No. 19395

I think it was a stupid trend too but at least the chips were actually good unlike bp's songs kek

No. 19396

File: 1552791321962.jpg (42.94 KB, 748x741, Qu1sntsa5_1280.jpg)

the empty existence of a kpop idol lmao posing with chips, my lord

No. 19397

File: 1552791423867.jpg (89.5 KB, 600x600, 240979_600.jpg)

i dont even know if they were good because we never got them in my country unless they were in specialty stores, but i doubt most of the idols even ate them lol

its got pretty crazy, there basically wasnt one idol famous in 2013-2015 that didnt pose with them they even showed up to airports and just walked down streets with the bags for fansites to photograph lmao

No. 19398

File: 1552791425455.jpg (31.28 KB, 480x480, b0c4f2e2a39ff6bde0b6ebfacada4d…)

Not so bad compared to this one

No. 19400

This must be some fetish kinda shit kek.

No. 19408

>you don't see any normal adult man doing this

It's St. Patricks day weekend in America, anon. I saw many grown men wearing green clovers on their face and silly leprechaun hats and wigs all for a stupid drinking holiday. There's a lot to point out about how childish idols can act. A weird hat isn't one of them. And I thought the hat got popular because of Tiktok, I didn't even know idols wore them.

No. 19409

didn't South Korea only stop being North Korea like 50 years ago?

Yall asking for 100-200 years of western society like right now.

No. 19410

File: 1552796025204.jpg (80.91 KB, 968x681, v3-kim1.jpg)

No. 19412

Sometimes I wonder whether middle class N koreans really live worse lives than middle class S koreans.

No. 19413

there is no distinct middle class in dprk. it's a socialist country.

No. 19420

I've had no idea so many people think idols sing live, I get the confusion when the singing is prerecorded but even when the audio in the performance is obviously the same as the recorded song, there are often so many people in the comments insisting that it's live…wtf

No. 19421

i wish there was a korean genius or something where idols went to sing without autotune and explain their shitty lyrics lmao

No. 19423

then they have the audacity to make fun of american pop singers for not having perfect live vocals that sound like the recording because their precious idols practice 24/7, according to them.

No. 19426

File: 1552804707844.jpeg (858.88 KB, 3464x3464, EEB105E3-7F0A-4B6D-BEA2-6107FF…)

lmao is solar wearing hip pads here? it looks so bad…

No. 19427

>>19426 she looks pregnant

No. 19428

No. 19429

this guy is going to have psychological problems down the road kek - how can a #worldwide infantilized guy like him lead normal relationships with women

No. 19430

it's okay anon he's an innocent gay smol bean uwu that's just his real personality
anyone who grows up getting as babied and ego boosted as him turn out to be really annoying and mentally unstable people. he'll probably go through a mental breakdown after they start flopping and not everyone around him is coddling him anymore.

No. 19431

Not OP but the pictures are edited

No. 19432

File: 1552806775716.jpg (128.89 KB, 719x959, EXoShota3.jpg)

He still gets babied to death and would probably go around with pacifiers to pander to his pedo fans.

K-pop needs to cut out this creepy shit. This wouldn't work out in America without being seen as cringy but i-fans see it as grown ass adults genuinely being like this. I've seen some youtube comments where they were talking shit about Lisa for being a koreaboo and how people would make fun of them if another non-korean acted like her but I think korean idols with their pedobait shit is just as cringy as well

No. 19433

gold diggers

No. 19436

american news sites should make an article of jungkook (and the other members) wearing pacifiers and shit and imagine how many views it'd get

No. 19437


No. 19438

File: 1552811814149.jpg (68.72 KB, 500x494, 7hIBQO7.jpg)

Predebut tzuyu.

No. 19439

Literally ew. That's the face old perverts make during strip club scenes in movies.

No. 19440

File: 1552812501007.gif (9.19 MB, 600x477, MMJY-3_www.kgirls.net.gif)


No. 19441

the fuck is this D:

No. 19444

it's all padding anyway

No. 19446

lol this reaction video was the first thing that came to my mind when he got exposed. Naive fans think it's all cute and wholesome in these events and Shows, not knowing it's the perfect opportunity for these older male idols to prey on girls they desire.

No. 19447

Jeongyeon and Momo

No. 19451

i know this is random but, i don't know where else to ask…
what company was jang ja yeon under? i tried googling her and a few other actresses (that were allegedly under the same company) but i literally can not find the name of the said company. help?

No. 19453

No. 19454

I searched and found "The Contents Entertainment" but when I google it I get the wiki page of MBK entertainment, seems like they've changed the name.

No. 19455

That's seriously scary. She was in Boys over Flowers, so it's not like she was just some small fish and yet the men in her company (and the police…?) hold so much power

No. 19456

It's so infuriating how these rich pigs get away with practically everything, and the victims are just…trapped.

No. 19458

Murder is certainly possible but it’s enough to know that these women were that miserable and some of them explained why. The industry just acted as if they never existed- I guess to keep the fantasy. Maybe international attention can force action.

No. 19459

also , yeah they changed the name
(this is the only thing i could find lol)…convenient how little info there is connecting her to the company, fucking disgusting.

No. 19461

Unless there is a lot of attention, especially international attention. Korean culture definitely likes to ignore conflict and lie about it to bury it but with enough attention it becomes necessary to act because it is more trouble not to.

No. 19462

I looked them up and DIA is under them. I remember seeing a blind item about DIA that said that some members were being sponsored.

No. 19463

T-ara is under MBK ent as well

No. 19464

I really didn't think this sponsor thing was common but after all of this, I seriously think almost every (female) group has at least one member that's involved in this sponsorship thing, and that's terrifying.

No. 19465

File: 1552836735882.jpeg (65.66 KB, 386x473, AFED791B-F099-4B25-8776-C992B7…)

Me too and if you think about what some creeper like Jang Seok Woo (photo- he was convicted already) would do to keep this situation of access to beautiful women, you can understand why no one wants to speak up. They would be in real danger.

No. 19466

Ps he assaulted men, too. I often wonder about the beautified boys in these groups and all those men around- gross.

No. 19467

Does anyone have any clue on how Gaon and Hanteo work? Bts has a 1 million gap between the two and it’s the first time a gap has been so large. People suspect overshipping

No. 19468

File: 1552837975759.jpg (574.47 KB, 1110x1123, autism.jpg)

why do armys do this retarded shit where they pretend to be a hater and then act like bts is suing them, like what's the point? doesn't bighit have anything better to do than sue an account with 25 followers? there is this thing going around about how bighit is going to sue anyone that talks shit about bts for defamation but i've never seen them suing anyone except larping twitter stans claiming to be sued.

No. 19469

It was college students not school boys

No. 19470

Let’s combine all these threads and encourage Army to go after the mistreatment of women in kPop! Only half kidding- they have the numbers to most anything they want.

No. 19471

my bet is that it averages out to something like at least one or two girls in every group and one boy in most groups. it is specifically like ‘boys’ but ‘women’ though, most anonymous stories have it about trainees and rookies for boygroups but still grown women, boygroups age out of being the main targets while girlgroups need a lot of experience and connections and power to not be anymore. there’s definitely going to be johnny’s entertainment style abuse in kpop too. look at photos of male sm trainees 2001-2004 and remember how many of them were really poor and living miles away from their family. it’s like a catalogue of twinks to pass around between old men

No. 19472

that's just too much of a wishful thinking anon. armys hate women, they hate women in kpop for being able to breathe so close to their preciouwus oppars.

No. 19474

Just recently a new boy group said that they were sexually abused by their manager's wife or something like that. I'm not sure of the specifics

No. 19476

There are articles online about women sponsoring idols. I wonder if that is what was going on with v in the early bts year’s when he would show off gifts from one female fan and post selfies she asked for. All those incredibly expensive gifts to buy bands- I imagine the gifters wanted something in return. V came from a poor family- it would be very tempting to give into this type of thing.

No. 19477

File: 1552840564883.jpg (102.45 KB, 534x1024, img-20190206-194133jpg.jpg)

The group is called ATEEN. For those out of the loop here's a translated article about what the CEO and The Ceo's wife did to them.

No. 19478

File: 1552840596156.jpg (108.18 KB, 648x1024, img-20190206-194138jpg.jpg)

No. 19479

File: 1552840736167.jpg (118.55 KB, 890x1024, img-20190206-194140jpg.jpg)

No. 19480

technically fansites are like sponsors, they fly out to see them performing all around the world, they buy expensive gifts and hundreds of albums to guarantee getting into fansigns in the return of sometimes getting recognized by idols when they are in the frontrow with their huge ass cameras and expecting idols' celibacy. v was probably sugaring some middle aged chaebol daughter out of desperation.

No. 19481

What was this weird lady doing in a restaurant to these boys in front of her daughter? So weird! Beyond the immorality it is just really strange. I guess it’s a show of power to be so blatant.

No. 19482

I think he is entertaining (shoot me- I can’t help it- he is funny) so I watch videos of him and he used to flirt a lot in fan meetings. In return he got a lot of gifts. Here’s hoping no one demanded anything involving touching from him- but interesting to view that now given this sponsorship discussion.

No. 19485

Yes I know a lot of people here don't like anything nct related but there are people who do and this is the critical thread after all so..

No. 19486

It's as shit as all NCT songs. SM is trying their hardest to replicate f(x)'s experimental/house sound with NCT and failing.

No. 19487

I guess the reason why the majority of us don't like them is that what they produce isn't anything of note and their supposed popularity is the work of fan girls who feel bad for them. Also, lots of botched ps and Dorito chins.

No. 19488

EXO, TVXQ, Super Junior and Shinee 3 years into their careers - either very famous or just broken through with a big fandom and public recognition, raking in cash for SM with arena and Dome tours

NCT 3 years into their career - annoying loud songs, negative public recognition, hemorrhaging money with their 200 members and continuous comebacks

Someone in the last thread said NCT is the Jeb Bush of SM and I've never seen a more accurate comparison

No. 19489

SM should ditch them already. There's no way they will replace EXO once they start enlisting.