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File: 1552900492767.gif (418.33 KB, 560x353, 1552860451160.gif)

No. 19696

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970

Last thread: >>>/m/17899

No. 19698

No. 19699

she was either coerced to say that or is too ashamed to admit shes a whore

No. 19700

I always thought the issue was him instructing staff to find inebriated women for VIP clients, surely there's laws against facilitating date rape in your own business? There's a lot of shit going on so maybe I'm getting it mixed up.

No. 19701

File: 1552906234619.png (1.16 MB, 1440x1575, Screenshot_20190318-064415~2.p…)

They still have proof of his interactions through the Kakao chats. One person among many victims shouldn't change much.

Anyway, found this filth just uploaded yesterday – oppa STILL has white knights after all this time.

No. 19702

>Seunghyun's Waffle
are there still.. fangirls.. using these cutesy names.. on seungri..

No. 19704

I've lost hope long time ago…he'll somehow get away with this, and the rest probably too.

No. 19705

this is disgusting.

No. 19706


shouldve blown the place up - what a perfect time and place to get rid of these wastes of oxygen

No. 19710

You'd think itd help people realize calling men that old "sweet baby bun bun uwu" was disgusting but nah they still do. Like Jin is only 2 years younger and people still give him the innocent baby treatment ugh

No. 19711

she has this
in the damn comments as an excuse how "nothing has been proved" i…i don't know why i had any expectations of people who think uwu oppa is a bby he can't do anything wrong uwu.

No. 19712

Maybe it helps them pretend that their heroes aren’t typical men and helps them be less scared of them. This makes sense in a society where men are sometimes horrible. (It makes sense as a fantasy- not saying it is healthy or wise).

No. 19713

The infantalization of grown men is so fucking disgusting and weird. I wish it would stop

No. 19714

Mark, Taeyong and the Botched boys' mv came out today. Opinions?

No. 19715

It will get in the way of expanding to the US or Europe, for sure. Even the silly stuff BTS did to seem goofy for their fans just fell flat in the U.S.

No. 19716

Weird video that is 90% sexy face closeups. I like their dancing. Didn’t have the sound up for the song. The closeups make clear there are too many members and make the video boring for non fans.

No. 19717

That should read “sexy” face closeups.

No. 19718

Terrible. Also wtf with Johnny's long hair, that had me laughing way too hard. Their japanese pronunciation was so bad, they could've at least given more lines to the one person who is fluent. Felt like I was looking at nothing

No. 19725

jin is really 26 now?? damn they get babied so hard you'd think the oldest would be 22 or something at most. the way they still get treated like infants make me want to vomit. there are people still babying seungri after everything for fuck's sake. i guess that's what the industry wants to do anyway, they build an innocent childlike image for idols and it makes fans think that they could do no wrong and must be above criticism

No. 19726

wondering why haechah is even in this comeback he doesn’t sing much and isn’t dancing all he gets are a couple closeups? What’s the point? Is he popular in Japan or something?

No. 19740


Kek, the same thing can be said for everyone in 127 who isn't Doyoung,Jaehyun,Mark and Scamyong.

No. 19741

Once again, the hemorrhoids of SM continue to prove why they are and will be flops. What a terrible fucking song, probably their worst yet.

No. 19742

If they can nail him for tax evasion he might still become prison bitch, all hope isn't completely lost yet

No. 19743

He often seems miserable for someone who is making that much $

No. 19744

Now that a new generation of groups is emerging, I can happily say goodbye to kpop lol…too bad that we only had bts and twice and shit.

No. 19745

Idk what you're talking about, he had plenty of lines. He can't dance because he broke his leg, but he got lots of camera time sitting in his chair. Popular in japan tho? Hardly, lmao, people there don't give a fuck about nct in general, let alone Haechan. A jpn person said that nobody knows nct or really cares about it there, but quite a few people like y*ta (separately) and know him yet you hardly see him in this mv kek, so it doesn't matter
Haha, true

No. 19749

File: 1552918916573.png (288.64 KB, 623x1761, capture.png)

No. 19750

He probably is miserable. Probably because no matter how hard he tries to shill that self made title he gave himself, people still think he is ugly as shit and hardly any armies give a fuck about him and it's affecting his narcissistic personality.

No. 19751

so apparently jihyo cried in her first appearance after rumors of her being filmed - i think she might've been a victim kek

No. 19752

I really hope no victims are revealed, but what appearance was this at?

No. 19753

This is good, yes? Or am I being too optimistic regarding moon's intentions?

Also, bunga bunga orgy scandal, what even…

No. 19754

No. 19755

Why are men like this…

No. 19762

Someone in the last thread said that BTS is worse than NCT. I think BTS's pandering is blatantly terrible and that they're taken too seriously by fans, HOWEVER, NCT is way worse.

BTS has no predecessors and came from a tiny label; at least they 'built' up to their current success, and yes their fans are absolutely awful but you can't hate them for inheriting a fan base when no one even knew who they were to begin with. The reason I cannot stand NCT so much is that their 'relevance' among fans is only because they're from SM which means that they, like Exo at debut, inherited a fanbase simply because of SM's past success with boy groups. They're riding off the coat tails of previous SM groups that actually had a hit song or two and were at least known by the GP in their peak.

It reminds me of when Exo first got popular because of their 'visuals' and I couldn't stand seeing their fans gloating about Exo's superiority due to visuals–particularly during their Wolf days which was and is still a terrible song. But now I have to say that I can appreciate Exo because at least they've put out songs since then that are somewhat pleasant to listen to. Each successive NCT comeback is like a new attempt to assault my poor ears more than the last time.

Now as to big three label privilege. Like other bland big three groups, NCTfags get angry when you assert the claim that their fans would not care about NCT if the members were from a different label with no attention. But really, take NCT and put them in a situation where they have no label to show how well-trained they are. Are you really going to flick your bean to creepy scummy Taeyong, the crimson chin Yuta, or Madame Tussauds' melting wax figure Jungwoo? Are you really going to listen to their songs over and over until you Stockholm Syndrome yourself into liking it? And what about their styling…are you just going to ignore that they look like they were dressed by the blind?

I don't feel the need to answer these questions as we all know the answer. NCT is a disgrace and a failure of a label that once created TVXQ. Whoever is pushing money into them needs to be stopped immediately. Yes BTS is shit for pandering to the mental health and LGBT communities which I do find annoying but I find NCT to be more annoying for the reasons above.

No. 19763

>Johnny's hair
Fuck I can't stop laughing

No. 19767

Omg be gone army.

No. 19768

Imagine being this much of a piece of trash

No. 19769

>NCTfags get angry when you assert the claim that their fans would not care about NCT if the members were from a different label with no attention
They do? Most NCTfags I've seen are aware they stan a shitty group whose only relevancy comes from being produced by SM save for the really young ones.

No. 19770

Because they are actively encouraged to act this way with zero consequences, especially in South Korea. I'm so pissed because I have no idea if they will actually go to jail.

No. 19771

this but unironically

No. 19772

You see this is why no one like armies. They are the only Fandom who have such a moral superiority complex.

No. 19773

NCT feel more like a weird passion project than a group made to make money and be popular. I know EXO was kind of that initially, but NCT just… I don't see how they could've ever been intended to be a nation's boygroup level group, they must be going for something different. I don't buy that SM could try and fail this hard when they know the formula for success. They could've easily made a 5-7 member dance and vocal group and had another TVXQ! or Shinee. They could've even done a twin unit group concept and had them mostly split and doing different styles but working together sometimes, like 2AM and 2PM did - it would've used up a load of trainees but not overloaded the groups with unneeded members.

For the first year I was intrigued, because there's some real potential in there. Their cleaner songs are b-sides, Boss and Baby Don't Stop weren't much worse than other groups songs that become minor hits, and plenty of the vocals and dancing are on the level of other SM groups. But the longer they stay this stagnant and the more SM only focuses on 127, the more I believe that SM might have really just completely dropped the ball on this and there isn't some bigger plan. They get more and more confusing to me, I don't get it. They feel more like an SM performance unit doing a one-off single than a permanent group that they expect to make money from in the long term. Some SM groups have had shaky starts but it's been nearly 3 years now. Super Junior took a little over 3 years before getting a massive hit (Sorry Sorry), so if they don't make one soon then they're SM's worst group in years.

By 3 years into their debut the other groups all had solid hits and achievements:
>TVXQ!- Hug, The Way U Are, Rising Sun, Tonight, O, Balloons - started building in Japan (album+tour) which was totally new for a Korean boygroup
>Shinee - Replay, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer - incredible debut and quickly known for their style and talents
>EXO - Growl, Overdose, Call Me Baby, Love Me Right - shaky start but quickly selling insane amounts of albums

Shinee and Super Junior got real attention from SM once TVXQ! had a mutiny and went on hiatus. Now that NCT are practically the only active boygroup under SM with the others on hiatus, maybe they'll get an attempt at making a real hit.

No. 19774

File: 1552927067195.jpg (206.65 KB, 960x531, 20190318_183633.jpg)

Afaik some reporter at an airport asked her about these Vietnamese deepfakes

No. 19775

i agree with your points about nct but bts owes their career to the genius in bighit that made them go all we fight for social justice we are depressed and we might be gay uwu and 1d's disappearance. they had the privilege of the right time lol. there are just a few competent performers in both groups.
>Are you really going to listen to their songs over and over until you Stockholm Syndrome yourself into liking it?
all kpop fans do this. i see kpopfags saying "i didn't like x song at first but as i kept streaming it it grew on me" all the time

No. 19776

Does the "critical" thing only apply to certain groups? Because then might as well rename the thread to "K-Pop critical and anti BTS thread".
And I'm saying this because you NCTfags have been making the "this is the K-Pop critical not the Antikpop thread" excuse to praise your oppars over and over.

No. 19779


im not going to say she was a victim or not, i can imagine just having those kind of rumors about you in sk is really scary because of how image conscious they are especially in regards to sex

No. 19781

does anyone even know where those rumors came from? people keep talking about them even though the original reporter on SBS already said they weren't involved.

No. 19782

Deepfakes are so fucked up
God I would never want to be in the public eye

No. 19783

ive heard it was a chinese forum, but i also heard about the deepfakes situation when it was posted here a couple of days ago, that some people made deep fakes and spread them on the internet and thats where it started and i guess this pic kinda confirms it? >>19774
it was posted about in the last thread that theres a site specifically of kpop idol deepfakes
but the jihyo rumor came out a few days before and jyp acted REAL fast to try to get it shut down so idk

No. 19784

File: 1552929168921.jpg (50.82 KB, 711x829, D16KEIHXgAA3-tJ.jpg)

i feel bad for blackpink now, yg will use them as a shield rn and then will probably put them back in the basement as soon as the scandal with seungri fades. i doubt their rushed comeback is going to be great

why is it important if somebody here is a fan or not? i come here to read different opinions and idc about anybody's intentions. gg fans discuss female idols all the time here and nobody cares, but once somebody turns out to be a bg fan, it's suddenly a no no

No. 19785

File: 1552929551528.jpg (110.94 KB, 960x1423, d6afdecf4e7bcf60c7c0efed44f1fd…)

sullis a jewelry model now


No. 19786

Laughing at fans saying BP's comeback saved the company just because of a 2.10% increase. Totally glossing over the fact that its increasing after a 25% decrease. Of course its only going to go up after that.

No. 19789

Because fuck male idols or guess. Or just men in general

No. 19790

File: 1552929808775.jpg (75.67 KB, 720x1080, f9e0edc2f1fc34cac0fab1b4c54d55…)

naeun is reaching hyuna and sunmi levels of thin now

No. 19792

YG name is dirt right now, they're not going to get Korean support if they comeback in the middle of an investigation. SEA fans will pull through because they are delusional, but it's just not the best time. Plus they'll be up against twice and BTS.

No. 19793


her chin is getting yves level

No. 19795

Yeah it's pretty frustrating, people discuss girl groups (and some other male groups) and it's obvious they're fans of them but nobody gets mad. Yet with some other groups, if you bring them up everyone else will go crazy on you for doing so, it's just tiresome. This is a kpop related thread, so of course people want to discuss, critic and nitpick kpop groups they know or like. I don't know about other people but I prefer nitpicking a group I know better than a group I don't really know anything about

No. 19796

her chin has always been like that. yves got that implant because she wants to look like sulli.

No. 19797

File: 1552931595668.jpeg (181.63 KB, 1152x2048, B2295F60-7774-45C7-B9CD-A536B9…)

Lol Halsey posted this video on her Instagram story. Apparently the blue bear thing she's wearing is RM's Line character, and since she has also mentioned RM being her "favorite BTS member" armys are upset that 'a cokehead is trying to date him'.

No. 19798

honestly wouldnt put it past her to try to thirst trap for him

No. 19799

How is that an excuse? Most of the people ITT are shitting on them. Anyways, BTS aren't better than NCT & NCT aren't better than BTS. Both groups are trash juice, how about that?

No. 19801

i bet they're sleeping together

No. 19803

Lookism is so strong in Korea that they just can't let go of her. They're still very much obsessed with her but can't admit it now that she's become "controversial".

No. 19804

File: 1552932319972.jpg (59.79 KB, 474x310, ae1149db6dd6ceb8ef5e94d4bc433b…)

imagine the fan reaction i am PRAYING for this now

No. 19806

i can't believe this evil pseudo intellectual white woman is hitting on my innocent smart baby omg did she really think our baby boy cares about her? he would never i'm shaking i'm quaking

No. 19807

They'd be perfect for each other. King and queen of Tumblr.

No. 19808

That girl looks really creepy

No. 19809

File: 1552932658935.jpg (53 KB, 598x595, large.jpg)

be nice to hitomi anon, or her mom might release a statement too!

No. 19810

Didn't Cheryeon's mother do that because neitzens were making fun of her nose or something?


No. 19811

Oh she's one of those akb girls from izone huh. Wonder how shes living kek

No. 19812

She looks absolutely fine to non-ham constellations, pretty much all of the kpop grills touted as being "dangerous skellies!1!!one!!1!" itt do
>inb4 rattle rattle go away anachan reeee

No. 19813

she apologized for being racist towards asians in the past lol the army reaction would be hilarious if she dated rm

No. 19814

yes lol

shes actually really popular right now in korea i guess they kinda like the whole kawaii squishy cinnamon roll thing

No. 19815

now this is a hot take

No. 19816

No it isn't, it just seems like one to you because you're a sperg.

No. 19818

Really? I thought nobody would care for her there, oh well. She also has really light skin, so I guess that helps her. But how popular or unpopular she is is not what I meant. I meant what happens "behind the scenes

No. 19819

cant be any worse than in japan honestly
if she were still in japan, she would have done almost nude pictorials by now im sure

No. 19821

The only one I sort of like in nct is ten and i do feel that his talent is wasted in ncflop. He should have become a dancer instead of guy #15 out of god knows how many in nct idk

No. 19824

This video is relevant again kek

No. 19826

>>kind Of awkward…

No. 19829

they called themselves out when they posted
>inb4 rattle rattle go away anachan reeee

so just ignore it

No. 19830

I'm not a fan of BTS. I don't like anyone currently in kpop for that matter. My last bias group still 'standing' is Shinee and they have one member dead.

No. 19831

That's not a "behind the scenes" either. I meant like how their treated by others there, also hinting at all the scandals going on that include female idols and trainees, and we know korean men fetishize japanese girls too. But nevermind, it's not important(no sarcasm intended)

No. 19832

poor socially inept bawbiez interacting with a xx chromosomed human that doesn't automatically scream for the first time

No. 19836

File: 1552937163243.jpg (59.53 KB, 1200x716, CgQS17JW8AMCard.jpg)

Thank god someone else sees it too. The Idol Boy spam thread is unironically full of SM's botched science experiment trainees, indicating that a number of the people on this thread are likely NCTfags which explains why everyone is so keen on roasting BTS and shifting the focus of our criticism of NCT to BTS.

I'm not an ARMY at all, and the last groups I was a fan of were Gen 2 Kpop groups. I don't listen to Kpop much anymore aside from a few songs here and there. I mainly keep up with the drama because I find so many groups to be shitty–especially NCT. And every time I say something critical about NCT in the goddamn Kpop Critical thread, I'm immediately shilled as an ARMY. You shouldn't be in a Kpop Critical thread when you can't handle criticism about your favorite groups.

It's pathetic. NCTfags must be wildly insecure about how their scrawny test tube twinks are failing so miserably despite coming from a label that instantly and automatically gives them more attention/fans simply for awaiting their debut than the attention/fans that one-hit wonder groups got at their peak.

No. 19837

>shifting the focus of our criticism of NCT to BTS
I can't speak for the other nctfags but I do the opposite lol, the gen thread is dead so this is the only place to talk about them

No. 19839

im really curious as to why you keep censoring yuta? it's something people do on discord and twitter, to avoid pinging people or people actively searching the tag … but i'm pretty sure there's literally noone searching this thread for "yuta" lol no1curr

No. 19840

I think it is supposed to be funny by some of you anons get so upset at his mention. Ps everyone pls stop policing who people can and can’t talk about. Talk about weird Kpop people, not each other. It is boring and repetitive to read the infighting.

No. 19842

it's boring that the thread keeps getting bumped by faggots like you not knowing how to sage your useless posts. i asked why she censored yuta , i'm not even flaming yuta if anything i'm giving her shit for stanspeak

No. 19843

Nta but sage isn't necessary at all outside the cow boards and it's not as if this thread isn't at the very top of /m/ 24/7 anyways. It's the only active thread on the whole board.

No. 19844

it's faggy when anons don't sage, it makes anons look like newfags from onehallyu or something. especially the anon from the previous thread who reddit spaces.

No. 19845

rofl man, they really have no idea how to act in front of a woman who isn't an obsessed fangirl. It's pathetic.

No. 19846

you should sage on any board. not saging shitposts makes "hide saged posts" function lose it's purpose

not to be completely ot, jjy is getting arrested


No. 19847

It's still unnecessary. Some of the newfags itt are clearly /mu/tants and I doubt many of those tards know what sage is either. Lc is the only board I know of thats strict about it.

No. 19850

No. 19851

I got that. I wasn’t addressing you- it’s impossible to make anything clear when none of us has names. I was addressing the same issue you were complaining about. Carry on.

No. 19854

reminds me of heechuls Obsession with Momo. I think anons said in the last thread that he is friends with seungri

No. 19859

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's a joke like what >>19840 said, not censoring or whatever. I saw a couple of anons do that in the previous thread too

No. 19861


No. 19862


This clip I found on my explore page is so weird.. like the way they whip their heads away from the dancing and just sit their uncomfortably staring at the camera…yikes

No. 19863

The comment underneath the video tho: "Jin looks like he’s ready to punt her. Thats the “excuse me, what are you doing here” look" Dream on armies your oppars will never know you, they have other girls to fuck

No. 19864

File: 1552946745969.jpg (127.25 KB, 1461x548, gr0qqZ.jpg)

ot but lol pewdiepie tweeted this and started to only follow bts now. get the army clout. he's probably just memeing or whatever, maybe he's an actual fan idk i've heard that him and marzia have been to kpop concerts. bts used to follow him but then unfollowed him so sjw armys are saying that bts unfollowed him for a reason. i really doubt that they unfollowed him for getting cancelled on stan twitter.

No. 19865

he actually likes kpop lol

No. 19866


Speaking from the memes, pandering to army retards is a top notch idea for him to widen the gap between him and tseries kek

No. 19867

I can’t believe they would want the controversy of this dude, especially now. I hope stupid armies don’t follow him without checking who he is. But I am pessimistic enough to know that might happen.

No. 19868


No. 19869

RM is the only one with a normal reaction. Are they told not to look directly at women on camera or something? Because they look really terrified.

No. 19870

The police guy is being questioned (the one who covered up the DUI). Maybe they really will go after bigger fish.

The reddit threads are amazing. https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/b2dr0p/burning_molka_12_jung_joon_young_has_a_second/eis5rx4/?context=3

No. 19871

File: 1552947698055.png (74.71 KB, 566x407, Skærmbillede 2019-03-18 kl. 23…)

>unfollows everyone except bts


No. 19872

jungkook's face is the face you make when you think of thousands of armys possibly losing their shit, making 30 minute long body language analyses and getting jealous over you commiting the crime of looking directly at a human female

No. 19873

notice how they get celebrated as savage kings while the mml girls were cyberbullied into turning off ig comments for far less

No. 19874

kek i think some people were on his ass for following some alt right political figures? maybe he did it to clear the situation up with some lighthearted shit. i don't think he would continue with the subscribe to pewdiepie meme after the tragedy.

No. 19875

Really? That sucks. Not surprising.

No. 19876

You’re right. That is likely his “neutral” face.

No. 19877

he used to be obsessed with g-dragon iirc

No. 19879

it's so hypocritical. i've seen some idol reactions on award shows video and bts were so emotionless during a jennie or bp performance, armys in the comments were like do you guys not get it?!?! bts doesn't care about them!!!!! and it's like.. i remember armys attacking jennie for not getting up to bow to bts during another award show

No. 19881

File: 1552950127942.png (66 KB, 275x206, 1521350713669.png)

No. 19882

Can't look at the article, summary?

No. 19884

Berlusconi had weird sex parties. Basically, men are pigs. (I didn’t post it but I agree evidence suggests men are pigs).

No. 19885

What am I missing? It just looks like mild discomfort to me. Honestly if I was put in such an awkward situation I'd probably bahave the same.

No. 19886

ahh I see, thanks

No. 19887

it boggles my mind how awkward bts are off stage like the never look comfortable it's fake af

No. 19888

it's because they know they're being recorded and if they do anything un-idol like their fans will tear them apart

No. 19889

Can anyone post some videos of idols actually singing live? Maybe from post-win encores and radio shows.

No. 19890

File: 1552960040945.jpg (37.63 KB, 814x549, 7e7.jpg)

very ot but

>be me

>stumble accross a clickbait allkpop article on facebook
>take the bait like a fag
>read comments out of curiosity
>they're full of infighting, apparently started by a notoriously autistic scrote who sockpuppets to ree about sm and (mostly male) idols
>his typing style and vocabulary is beat for beat identical to a sperg I've seen in here
kek I wonder if he's posting. I knew I smelt scrote tier autism itt…

No. 19891

No. 19892

The first female celeb to be involved with the scandal has been revealed but not as a victim. Park Han Byul was possibly involved(by association and possible knowledge of the situations, not actively participating) due to her husbands involvement, and her relationship with the alleged police chief behind the collusions. So Koreans are pretty pissed and wanting her to leave her drama or have it cancelled.

No. 19895


Milky. Shes def getting fired now

No. 19896

the channel/producer released a statement that they arent going to fire her, thats why netizens are PISSED

No. 19900

Where did you see this? It isn’t on reddit yet I don’t think.

No. 19901

No. 19902

she basically got name dropped in the police investigation lol damn

No. 19903

File: 1552965915917.jpg (961.37 KB, 490x13272, fc4c2d70b0b7133804d0b45ba88787…)

weibo released its top 100 asian beauties list

>yoona and suzy that low on the list

im officially too old for kpop now

No. 19904

File: 1552965956790.jpg (895.5 KB, 420x12324, 71ab7583416fca438e30bbcca7ed59…)

No. 19905

File: 1552966224326.jpg (49.23 KB, 402x800, file71auekyjybp1bv70qm4k.jpg)

>CL is number 7

No. 19908

honestly i think the problem here is she wore some super baggy shit to cover up having gained some weight, and it made her look ten times worse lol
id be curious as to what she looked like in normal clothes at that time, because i think shes slimmed back down since then?

No. 19909

File: 1552967167919.jpg (57.09 KB, 740x350, optimize.jpg)

I mean …

she has stopped posting pictures of herself on insta, so it's hard to know if she lost weight or not. All pictures she has posted of herself through the last 6 months are reposts or old pictures.

No. 19912

File: 1552967617710.jpg (56.51 KB, 512x384, 1f275948ac24700fa9b2390f95fd08…)

No. 19915

Lisa at #1? Did an SEA blink make this list or something?

No. 19916

weibo is a chinese sns service so its userbase is predominantly chinese

No. 19917

I wonder if it's that hard to gain her old weight back? I mean kpop idols always follow strict diet rules and stuff so..

No. 19918

Apparently lisa is very popular in china

>China: Lisa, jisoo, Jennie, Rosé(Lisa and jisoo both have 1billion reads on their tags). Based on their individual bar, it would be, Lisa, Jennie, jisoo, Rosé, the difference between Jennie and jisoo isn't much and jisoo has 1 billion reads which was why I placed her before jennie.

No. 19919

File: 1552969327632.jpg (34.41 KB, 424x723, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

No. 19920

Tbh I don't even think she looks bad like this. It's nice to see an idol that isn't skelly and actually has some meat to them.

No. 19921

yeah but it was a very short time period for so much gain, so i can see why people were concerned

No. 19922

"Some" is an understatement. She'd be considered overweight in America lol.

No. 19929

are you chinese?

No. 19931

File: 1552971978718.gif (2.23 MB, 164x164, 6db2532474e52f8734e59587b2e988…)

kek this gif

No. 19932

Wow, Pewdiepie is as gross as his air headed girlfriend.

No. 19933

well, it's over for her.

No. 19935

Park Han Byul statement


I'll just let someone else translate it lmao. Or wait for someone on another site to do it. That was a horrible translation.

No. 19937


Former F.T. Island member Jonghun (29) was spotted 'liking' various posts on his SNS on March 17, just a few hours after he completed his police questioning as a suspect.

The former idol attended police questioning regarding his involvement in Jung Joon Young's hidden camera footage distribution, as well as allegations of soliciting police insider help to cover scandals, from March 16 at 10 AM KST until March 17 at 7 AM KST.

Jonghun, who recently announced his departure from F.T. Island as well as the entertainment industry, was seen 'liking' a photo of him in front of the press before heading in for police questioning via his personal Instagram; the action immediately bought the criticism of numerous netizens.

Not only that, Jonghun also 'liked' various other posts on Instagram by his followers, his fans, etc.

Netizens commented, "He literally has no common sense…", "Does he not have a brain? Is his head entirely for decoration", "This is why there's the saying, 'You're being too much'", "His mental state is gone", and more.

No. 19938

File: 1552973438164.jpg (46.98 KB, 595x804, 1jpg.jpg)

the picture of himself at the station that he "liked

No. 19939


lmao at rose being the least popular everywhere. why is that

No. 19941

I felt bad for her since it was revealed that her husband filmed her too, but seeing this news of her possible involvement is disappointing. Apparently she's as scummy as the men she dates.

No. 19943

She sounds like a dying goat, no surprise the general public doesn't want to hear a shitty Bom impersonation when the real thing is still active

No. 19944

"Popular" is kind of a stretch, she's probably just known among Kpop fans in China or something. The only Kpop-associated mainstream celebrities are the ex-EXO members with Cheng Xiao, the other WJSN girls who won Produce 101, and that Pristin girl on their way up.

No. 19946

> satomi behind Lisa.
I'm surprised she's there at all, I didn't know she was that known in China. I can't speak for the others but seeing some of Korean idols' rankings, it's most likely just a popularity contest isn't it

No. 19947

Same anon but is this list officially from Weibo or is this an American thing? I assumed it's from china but there's no way they'd rank like that.

No. 19963

Actually Pewdiepie's been caught up in a controversy after the recent anti-Muslim shooting in New Zealand. Allegedly the shooter said something about subscribing to Pewdiepie before the attack and it was brought to light again that Pewdiepie followed a bunch of prominent alt-right cows (eg. Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneux and the like) on social media. It's likely that he unfollowed those guys and is only following BTS now as a way to meme and deflect his influence in the shooting as well as distance himself from being an alt-right enabler.

Anyway, I came across a Reddit thread on the Pewdiepie controversy in a politically left-leaning subreddit. The comments section had some ARMYs trying to pass off BTS as being progressive ~*woKe*~ kings again.

No. 19964

File: 1552981859708.png (381.83 KB, 2808x1186, Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 12.4…)

No. 19965

File: 1552982205451.png (291.92 KB, 2394x916, Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 12.5…)

No. 19966

I guess that jiminomegaslick person is being serious? Oh god
Also, it's funny how they're talking about poor bts suffering in the entertainment industry when there's news about women being abused right now

No. 19967

I physically cringed.

No. 19971

>i just KNOW theyre communists
ot but when will these spoiled privileged shithead fans stop treating a fascistic political ideology that celebrates genocide as the greatest good on earth? does being an idol fan = having an iq in the negatives?

also hilarious how they screech about bts being anti-capitalism while in the same breath bragging about how their ~*rich successful unbothered kings*~ breathe and bathe in gucci

No. 19972

i actually cringed.. they are so delusional. how much of a communist can they be when they are working in the kpop industry, always walking around in ugly label clothes, buying multi million dolar mansions, flexing about how rich they are in every song and selling overprized tickets? when did a bts member openly talk about communism, transphobia (lmao do you really think they care except rapmon trying to pander to the fakeboi genderfluid autismgender sjw stans on twitter?), colorism or misogyny? the only time they talk about feminism is when they get criticized for being sexist and apologize to korean feminists. if they are going to talk about colorism maybe they should stop trying to look 10 shades lighter than they actually are.

No. 19973

>people still think he is ugly as shit
Are you talking about Jin? I thought he's the group's visual?

No. 19974

It's not that ba-


What the fuck

>Apparently lisa is very popular in china
I'm surprised by this. Does anyone know the reason for her popularity?

That's very clearly overweight.

no1curr go screech about communism in the vent thread.

No. 19976

What can you expect from edgy twitter kids. They just stamp every label onto them that might give them woke points. They literally have a member that they've named after a luxury brand. You just can't take them seriously.

No. 19977

it’s relevant to the warped world view of kpop stans and thus on topic, piss off.

No. 19978

Armys are always putting words in BTS' mouth. I bet BTS members don't give a shit about what's happening outside the korean border.

No. 19980

i've never seen any straight male getting so much credit for being a lgbt ally with so little done other than bts. they never openly said anything about supporting lgbt other than rm pussying out when he was asked about the topic and suga saying "yeah everyone's equal". idols do gay fanservice all the time, doesn't mean they all are woke gay legends fighting homophobia in sk

No. 19981

File: 1552989853060.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

Bitch you literally admitted to being off-topic at the beginning of your post.

No. 19982

Another funny thing is when bts fans claim that some members are pansexual lol yeah, because a bunch of men born and raised in SK, would obviously date a transgender person

No. 19983

>anomaly in Kpop
Big Bang might be a mess now but they literally had the exact same debut story, what is this autist sperging on about

BTS wouldn't ever have the balls to actually come out and say they support LGBT rights, all they've done is allude to some vague "equality" bullshit which their stans have taken as a blanket statement of support. Enough projection by these rats to fill several theaters

>Does anyone know the reason for her popularity
She's popular like a Nickelodeon star would be, known among kids and teens but largely irrelevant to the general public. Weibo polls don't mean much anyway.

No. 19984

It's very common for SEA people to create mass Weibo accounts and spam to boost their faves' rankings there. Yoona's fans do it sometimes to keep up the illusion that she's still an A++ lister in China. Weibo can be very easily manipulated.

No. 19995

shinee members showering us with singles and solos leaving a bad taste in my muth as usual - i guess their relationship really was all business

No. 19996

That should've been obvious long ago. They literally said before that that was all they cared about: promoting

No. 19997

This reminds me of the claims fans make that they write and produce their own songs, by themselves. It is easily debunked so people must just want to lionize them for some reason. Honestly I have heard undertones in their lyrics implying being in the closet, but they didn’t write those lyrics and the words could mean lots of things. Most likely at least one of their lyricists or producers is gay. (IMO)

No. 19998

He liked a photo of himself going to the police station. Wow. He has been raised to be an idiot narcissist by this industry, or he just already is.

No. 19999

>lyrics implying being in the closet
do they really have lyrics like that? i thought it was just them being delusional but maybe that's where these armys who think they are 100% gay and dating each other are coming from.

No. 20000

Agree- the only problem is the shoes. SK must have awful shoes because so many of the idols wear these Payless-looking wedges.

No. 20001

I can't listen to shinee songs anymore…its too sad and just reminds me of how fucked the industry is. Kpop used to be an escape but honestly jonghyun's suicide really changed my view of it, and in light of all these recent revelations, I can't support these companies anymore.

No. 20002

I think anyone really taking a clear-eyed look at the metaphors in truth untold and stigma would have to see worries about being closeted or found out as gay in them. But the songs are pretty sophisticated about it and sound like an older person with real experience songwriting. It’s coming from someone else, not the group- I can’t really say who (maybe several people).

No. 20003


source please

No. 20004

(There are lots of examples like this- the singularity lyrics but especially video). They aren’t subtle about all this really so my guess is it is on purpose by someone, and it has been very successful. Being closeted as a metaphor works for young people having to hide who they are in general, too, and what young teen doesn’t feel that way?

No. 20005

it's just bighit's marketing team gay baiting to keep the sjw fujos interested

No. 20006

For sure. It makes their lyrics more interesting than a lot of Kpop though- better than “wakey wakey” or whatever.

No. 20007

Source? I know SEA fans are crazy af but it's like they're at fault every time kek. I'm SEA myself, guess i never liked kpop that much to do stupid stuff like sabotaging voting results.

No. 20008

Not to be a jonghyunfag but his stuff were the only good things back then, along with taemin's 1 or 2 solo songs

No. 20009

>they also critique capitalism

A fucking boyband manufactured to make their bosses, who have ties to multi-national corporations, as much money as possible. SO WOKE!

No. 20010

i mean of course he was the only one who had a shred of genuineness in himself (that is why he died and people like key survived to cash in on his death) and the stuff he wrote for IU and EXO and his solos are all some good shit

No. 20011

my point exactly…. endorsed by the capitalist korean government, but also anti-capitalism? hmm

No. 20012

The op isn’t even correct that they critique capitalism. Bapsae isn’t anti capitalism and that was the only real example they gave. It would be stupid to be anti capitalist in sk and would end their career.

No. 20013

Men like him should get castrated for real

No. 20014

criticizing korean boomers is being anti capitalist in army logic apparently

No. 20015

Sensitive talented artists end up this same way everywhere (sometimes) but it still feels as if the culture played a big part in his death. And I hate how everyone just forgets about it after.

No. 20017

by all accounts, nobody took his depression/suicidal thoughts seriously. His case is an example of how this neglect of mental health has serious consequences. such a shame.

No. 20018

All those promotions just show how greedy the company is. They're like "we're sorry jonghyun is dead but we still got key and taemin, look at them, they got some talent too!!

No. 20019

File: 1553001227633.jpg (404.79 KB, 1080x1691, 20190319_201218.jpg)

Are they freakin serious… and only 100 signs needed kek

No. 20020


Seungri still coming up with more excuses to prove his innocence

>poor baby such injustice

No. 20021

Neither can I. It just feels weird listening to his voice after everything. I guess everyone deals with it differently. But he was the one with a memorable voice along with onew and I liked his voice the most so there's not many reasons to listen to them now.

No. 20022

No. 20023

lol i'm living in a muslim country and some religion teacher in my country was preaching to high school students about how bts is aligned with a korean cult, that korean cult is working for the american deep state, kpop is trying to normalize lgbt and lower the world's population. there are religious conspiracy theorists appearing on tv shows talking about similar shit, it's crazy.

No. 20024

Ok that is crazy. I bet they picked bits because they figured it might get your attention. I love how conspiracy theorists always think their enemies are so organized- as if Trump would be able to collude with sk in any meaningful,way, or want to. Lol to lowering the world’s population- wouldn’t that be good in the end?

No. 20026

kpop is pretty popular with young people here, especially bts so that's the name they usually bring up to say "wow look at bts you can't even tell if they are a girl or a boy, why do teenage girls like this? kafirs are trying to divide us!!". they think lgbt becoming normalized is an attack on their side for some reason but it's not like kpop is the most lgbt friendly industry ever, except the fanservice. lowering of the world population is one of the biggest concerns of homophobes and i also don't know why the fuck, there are already too many humans for this planet.

No. 20027

He likes GD

No. 20028


why leave minho out of this - he is coming back too

No. 20030

File: 1553003538959.jpg (187.25 KB, 1080x818, 20190319_204205.jpg)

Ikr. They wish to take down bts' videos from youtube because they contain satanic imagery kek. I checked the yt account of whoever made that petition and found some kpop parody vids. It's just a stupid excuse so that religious ppl like them could enjoy kpop too. Honestly if were that bothered by any vids, i'd just stop watching but no they're too woke to leave a kpop vid alone.

No. 20031

I forgot he existed and SM probably did too kek

No. 20032

That’s RM’s tumblr metaphors. I give BTS’s marketing team credit their lyricism but it’s still under the same messages of love, and being a youth. I don’t speak Korean, but reading the lyrics, the try hard poetry just screams those psuedo-intellectuals. It even gets worse when they write to milk out their debut story like they didn’t have a member from a wealthy family. The only person who actually gets a pass is Suga, but then his ego blew up along with Rapmonster.

No. 20033

Anyone knows vromance (mamamoo's brother group) by any chance? Ik they are irrelevant but they can actually sing. I'm surprised they didnt blow up, i guess having real talents isnt enough when youre not in the big 3.

No. 20034

talent means shit if you don't have songs that can capture the audience (even if it means musically uninteresting but still catchy)

No. 20036

I'm Fine is an amazing song and I usually can't stand male kpop voices. They should try to make it in other parts of the Korean music industry tbh, because they really can sing.

No. 20038

Wouldn't that be more or less sm's fault and not SHINee's? I'm not defending them bc I do agree them promoting right after his death and so forth was gross. But doesn't SM decide who does what and when?

No. 20039

They do have several catchy songs but still couldn't get the gp's attention… while bts can launch garbage like idol any time and get million views/plays kek. Anyways i'm not trying to promote them, just wondering.

Yeah i think so too. They can do acapella as well, reminds me of tvxq's debut days (musically speaking).

No. 20040

God they're so painfully fake. It was during the interview parts in this video iirc. I saw it a really long time ago

No. 20041

it doesn't matter how many signatures you get on change.org petitions because they don't do anything anyways lel

No. 20042

I just remembered this video

No. 20043

I didn’t think that seemed fake- it was some of the most genuine emotion I have seen in Kpop. The only mildly artificial part a hen they talked about wanting to get back to work- I am sure they were forced to and had mixed emotions. But the tribute was nice- I don’t see it as different from what other groups like linkin park have done. It’s better than acting as if it didn’t happen.

No. 20044

Was when, not “a hen” wtf

No. 20045

This was a reply to a video now deleted I think of Shinee being interviewed 7 months after and singing a tribute song.

No. 20046

Yikes. he's so cringey. He's what– 30 now? and fanboying over cringey BTS and Gdragon?

No. 20047

that's not even having being gay works. Gay people will always be less than 3 percent of the population. rofl. People who are 'concerned' with human population are liars and homophobes. And BTS are ugly lizards. They're barely human anymore

Of course he would.

No. 20048

I would have actually respected him if he was mocking kpop for being a shit industry with uncreative lyrics and idol groups, but instead he's a BTS and Gdragon fan. wow

No. 20049

Why doesn't their company promote them more then? Or somehow use mamamoo to promote them? I've heard of them before but I don't remember anything. I just want talented groups on top.

No. 20050

Only immature children go around calling things cringey anon.

No. 20051

he made fun of their lyrics and said that he didn't like their music too much

No. 20052

File: 1553010255826.jpg (326.15 KB, 800x567, btscocacolakorea_instagram.jpg)

I don't believe that people who are rich can't be communists, but I don't know how anyone could be anti-capitalist while advertising coca cola. Coca cola paid death squads to kill labour organizers in Columbia to keep the labor cheap. It is the antithesis of communism/socialism.

No. 20053

i don't know how anyone could be anti-capitalist while making a living off of k-pop

No. 20054

Thank god i don't live in Korea so I don't have to buy food and drinks that have their faces plastered on.

No. 20056

File: 1553011783099.jpeg (178.96 KB, 1152x2048, 3E548A13-C3A0-49DD-96E0-C2DFF0…)

I wish the psycho fans would knock it off with this disgusting shit. It shows how entitled they feel, no sense of personal space. Shoving a flash directly into someone’s face.

No. 20057

is that baekhyun? i don't understand why companies don't hire competent security for idols in airports when idols have gotten mobbed numerous times. anyone could do anything when they are that close.

No. 20058

because if they have security they don't look accessible which is the whole point of an idol

No. 20059

Armys not being able to realize this is an example of how delusional kpop is. They know what kpop is and it’s industry, and what capitalism is but still can’t connect the two ideas and realize that you simply can’t be anti-capitalism and benefit off of kpop.

No. 20060

Am i the only one who thinks this is fine and normal? I dont see anything wrong with him liking kpop?? Is it just cause yall hate BTS or something else im not getting

No. 20061

>Is it just cause yall hate BTS
Yes. This thread is full of autists, are you new?

No. 20062

B-but RM mentioned Palestine in a video :(((((((((((

No. 20063

>his typing style and vocabulary is beat for beat identical to a sperg I've seen in here
Which post?

No. 20065

anons are there any actually good songs that have come out of kpop in the last few years? ive listened to some bts singles and i find them really forgettable, honestly. i know ill get shit for this but i really liked 7th sense by one of the ncts, but it seems like theres way less catchy stuff than w 2nd gen groups

& yea this is the kpop crit thread but i feel like therell be less sperging & more honesty about quality of music

No. 20066

This board hasn’t been that spergy lately imo

No. 20067

i genuinely like eclipse by kim lip, love cherry motion by choerry and odd front and lunatic by odd eye circle, despite the memey loona stans. 4 walls and view are also really nice summer songs imo. Automatic by red velvet. Camo by BOA. Shine and naughty boy by pentagon. Teenager and lullaby by got7. rollercoaster by chungha. those are some that come to mind for me, theyre all basic choices but i enjoy them. I'm all for suggesting actually good songs in this thread, without any stanning bias.

No. 20068

File: 1553017689883.png (26.31 KB, 813x256, Seungri.PNG)

No. 20069

likey by twice is a fuckin banger

No. 20070

File: 1553017993337.jpg (41.46 KB, 630x405, Scum.JPG)

No. 20071

i genuinely feel like key was the only one who gave af anyway and thats because key is just as depressed as jonghyun was

No. 20072

not that type by gugudan is good imo, also twit by hwasa

No. 20074

Some BTS B-Sides are good like Rain or Outro: Tear.
Most recently I've liked Chung-Ha's Gotta Go, it's pretty catchy.

No. 20075

Sage for blogposting but I just remembered that Goo Hara and Junhyung used to date. Considering how she had to beg her recent ex not to release spycam videos of them having sex, I can't help but think that maybe Junhyung also pulled the same shit on her.

No. 20076

loona - eclipse and boa - camo

No. 20078

Black pearl by Sunmi, What if Love and Goodbye by Wendy, Move by Taemin

No. 20080

Yeah some people here are very negative, of course there's shit songs but you can't say that ALL kpop songs ever are bad. I really liked Park Kyung "Instant", it was really good and catchy.

There's some boy groups that I think have good releases, like SF9 and VAV. But they are pretty underrated as a whole.

I will admit to being one of the nct fans here, and I think they have some good songs, but the bad comebacks are outnumbering the good ones lately. I really loved "Boss" and "Baby Don't Stop", so I guess I'm more into NCT U. NCT 127 can fade away for all I care.

No. 20081

This seems like a weird attitude. Would you expect other people to quit their jobs because a friend/colleague died?

No. 20082

thoughts on the new uwu girlcrush group?
video's been out for day and has nearly 5 million views. i know international fans like their pseudo blackpink songs/concepts but this growth seems sus to me. how does a no name group get that much recognition in just a day? was there hype before they debuted or something?

No. 20084

I actually got their Instagram recommended to me on insta about a couple weeks ago while they were doing teasers and I saw other Instagram accounts talking about them or reposting their members teasers also I believe 2 members participated in produce 48

No. 20085

Think the issue is that people were expecting/wanted them to go on hiatus to grieve properly instead of continuing to release music like nothing happened. A lot of Shawols or SHINee fans were upset at SM for doing that.

No. 20086

I thought the song was horrible unbearable autotune and really plain (like every other girl church concept as of recent) also one of their members is 180cm ? Won’t their be unbalance on stage lol

No. 20087

clc - no
april - oh! my mistake
exid - alice
(g)idle - hann (alone)
oh my girl banhana - banana allergy monkey
wsjn - secret
and tbh, nct u - without you, 7th sense, and baby don't stop and 1 2 3 by nct dream are good too

No. 20088

terrible. but at least they aren't literally children

No. 20089

I can't lie I actually like the video and song a lot. Interested in watching the live performance for it.

No. 20090

>oh my girl banhana - banana allergy monkey
i hope you're joking

No. 20092

It got stuck in my head and now I like it, sorry

No. 20093

Are U and 127 supposed to have different music styles? Why are U's songs listenable but 127's ones are shit

No. 20094

Yeah I wasn't a fan of Shinee but I though it was really in poor taste. They came back like 5 months after his suicide? It's too soon. I could had accepted solo stuff, but to come back as a group I don't know…

At least they are not doing typical baby voices. And you're asking why the hype? Because international fans like girl crush concepts.

I kind of like the leader, she has a different look to her. Hope she doesn't ruin her face in the long run.

No. 20096

The style is different yes. I get if you don't like either, but they do have different concepts. I've always liked NCT U songs, but not so much what they do with 127.

We all know idols are clean slates, it's not crazy to say that you like a unit but not the other. They are what the producers want them to be. And NCT U works for me.

I would love for the vocal unit to get more songs for themselves, they are actually pretty good but are wasted in SM.

No. 20098

180cm?? She towers over half male idols then kek

No. 20099

I really hope some shit comes out about Zico, I have no doubt he knew about all of this. I have a fan of his on Twitter raging with everyone to leave him alone and that he's a good guy, and I would love to see her eat her own words.

No. 20101

I went on their group profile to confirm and her member profile says she is 174 centimeter and she said it was 174cm not 180 but yesterday her profile said 180

No. 20102

Yeah they are supposed to have different music styles kek.

When U debuted with The 7th sense a lot of people liked that song and that Unit itself but for some reason SM went completely backwards, ditched NCT U and started shilling 127 even though more people liked NCT U's music way better.

I don't think SM should of added the same members to each unit. It would have been better if each unit had mostly different members and wasn't just 3 different variations of NCT U kek.

No. 20103

breaking news: jin killed his sugarglider because he is an irresponsible ass

No. 20104


No. 20105

No. 20106

IIRC 7th sense was received poorly in Korea. It might've had something to do with bad management though. Boss on the other hand was NCT's only successful comeback to date and for good reason, not sure why they haven't tried something like that again.


No. 20107

The only song I thought was alright from 127 was the jpn version of limitless aside from taeyong's weird moaning noises, and I also kinda liked the song 100, which is one of their japanese b-sides. Anyway, Nct U has way better music and concepts. And I don't care for the members that are only in 127 except for Yuta and Taeil's voice, so if they dropped 127 and put Yuta and Taeil in Nct U that would be perfect for me
It was because they didn't like the song or video. It didn't suit Korean tastes well

No. 20108

I think it's fair to say what international fans like is not what korean fans like, hence the problem. I don't get koreans taste to be honest most of the time.

No. 20109

Idols who get a lot of pets, especially exotic ones, make me angry because it's obvious many of them are doing it just because fans like it. Every single idol has a pet now, no way all of them really wanted it and know how to look after them. I doubt that the managers really care about the pets either if the idols themselves are neglectful.

Wasn't their intention with NCT to cater to international fans? Idg who they make this music for, if they thought Americans would like Regular so they promoted it there, well… they were wrong

No. 20111

If they knew anything about what Americans would like they wouldn't be struggling as much as they are now

No. 20112

The groups that I really go hard for are barely discussed here, probably because they're just nugus and rookies that no one cares about, but I find their music really enjoyable. Ateez and Stray Kids are my absolute favorites. Also I like a lot by Heize, LOONA, and Eyedi, the couple solo songs by Donghan, Teenager album by Samuel, SF9, Eau de Vixx album by Vixx, Blooming Days album from EXO CBX, anything by Jonghyun (seriously if you haven't listened to his work, please do it), and a few songs from NCT but my all time favorite from them is Sun&Moon. I realize that I tend to listen to more collective works of male artists and singular works from female artists, so if you want more song recommendations rather than over all artists, I can expand.

No. 20113

So bland, they cant sing so they use all that auto tune, repetitive girl crush and stupid and boring dance moves, and their childish voices are annoying
Where on earth do they keep their pets? Who watches them?
Oh yeah, (same anon >>20107) I liked sun and moon too, also back 2 U alright. Heartbreaker (I loved Yuta's voice in it) would've been nice if it didn't have all the extra unnecessary noise.

P.S. This is starting to feel like the general kpop thread and I wonder if that makes some people annoyed…

No. 20114

Whenever I see idols’ pets, I just wonder how on Earth they can properly care for them

No. 20115

I think SM could have real success with NCT Dream if they didn’t follow through with the graduation concept, they have some solid songs and since the members are younger they’ll have ample time to improve as performers as well. Their last comeback had potential imo.

No. 20116

i like most songs from loona and mamamoo. red velvet title tracks are usually meh but their b-sides are nice

No. 20117

I should of clarified I meant the 7th sense was well received by international fans.

Isn't this like the second time this has happened? I know he had some then they died so he got more. Why is he even getting pets like this that require high maintenance when their group is always doing events and shit.

No. 20118

Samefag I meant one died so he got another one

No. 20119

Better than ITZY to me, and the music itself is more interesting than their voices. I like the outfits. I'm not really sure about the dance. And the melody that one girl sings with for the third verse reminds me a lot of Thank U Next.

No. 20120

They shouldn't have done the graduation nonsense imo, they should've just kept Mark in there and removed him from other units. His rap get repetitive anyway so there's not point in being in more than one unit. But whatever, they already screwed things up.

No. 20121

U seems to be more R&B and 127 seems to be more Edgy Boypop.

No. 20124

I personally like B.A.Ps wake me up and Dystopia.

No. 20125

Maybe it's annoying the newfags who can't into kpop and only come here to post "jimin and rat mong fug X-DDD ebin jawshave" but I doubt anyone else minds

No. 20126

>4 walls and view are also really nice summer songs imo.
I love these songs, f(x) is also one of the few kpop groups I've really liked in particular.
Anon you're definitely right that these recent threads have a way more general feel compared to the first ones. I'm not going to complain about it like everyone else does. like yeah this thread has gone soft due to being a closeted twitterstan haven but it's better than when there was more infighting and high tensions because of edgelord anons when the threads were still purely critical.

No. 20127

doesn't look like a deepfake to me, seems like a lookalike or its possible its the real deal.

No. 20128

127 tends to have better b-sides than their title tracks. Their title tracks have been pretty noisy and hit or miss, while their b-sides are really enjoyable and well structured. SM kind of has a habit of giving their artists better b-sides than titles and I have no idea why that is.

No. 20129

AFAIK some of them just leave them with their families (Suga or V for example). Others like Bambam or Lisa leave their cats in pet hotels.

No. 20131

>>20125 happen to be a finnfag, anon

No. 20132

NCT 127 has good songs, they're just all b-sides lol. Sun&Moon, Summer 127, 0 Mile, Dreaming, Back 2 U, etc. are all good. I also really like Yuta's voice, but Doyoung's is probably my favorite because I just adore a soft kind of intonation. But yeah this discussion is sounding very general now so I'll stop if anyone does find this annoying.

No. 20133

>SM kind of has a habit of giving their artists better b-sides than titles and I have no idea why that is.
That's true, just compare Kingdom Come to Peek-a-Boo or Tempo to Gravity.

No. 20134

Yeah, I guess the difference is that I do like Red Velvet and EXO's title tracks, but don't usually like NCT's. However, comparing RV and EXO's titles to their b-sides, their b-sides blow them out of the water imo. With NCT, I hated Regular but I found that I enjoyed almost every other song on that album.

No. 20135

Yeah I'm hoping it will last for a bit until the raging anons come and ruin the mood calling people "fags" or "autists". I actually really wanted to ask what songs people liked here, but I figured I would get chased off by other anons.

I admit that I'm getting less and less interested in comebacks. After a while you see the "threads" and the cliche concepts all too much and it can get very dull.

I especially hate hearing the same phrases in all songs, like "Forever Young", "Young and free", "Señorita". Can they be a bit more original??

I also really liked Ateez, but I do think they have very similar concepts as other groups, nothing particularly new but they give it a more original spin. Like I liked their costumes for Hala Hala, it was cool.

No. 20136

The biggest problem with NCT is that they are becoming cringier and cringier, and it used to be funny but it's not anymore lol. I could accept Regular, but this Wakey Wakey bullshit makes me cringe so hard.

What's up with kpop and using dad phrases? Ally alligator, Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey kek kill me.

No. 20137

Btw I actually liked Firetruck even tho the song isn't that great and the choreo is stupid, there was something interesting about it, but every new song by 127 feels like a watered down version of it. At least the ridiculous styling is entertaining, I wonder what comes next after the skirts and Johnny looking like a clown with that wig

That JBJ guy got outed with the irresponsible treatment of his cats and his agency didn't do anything, he just threw the cat out on the street. I guess this is more common, we just don't know about it

I'm glad I don't know Korean, so I can ignore the lyrics for the most part, I wish I could ignore shit like "NCT we all so sexy" as well

No. 20139

I don't see a lot of groups actually doing the concept Ateez is, they're doing some kind of adventurer concept but giving it a little edge (and imo the edge isn't as cringey as some other groups can make it, but I can see how that part is found in other groups like Monsta X) which I find refreshing, and the narrative they give to their concepts/comebacks doesn't feel as contrived or cliched as that of BTS or even LOONA (at times). Or maybe it's just that I'm a sucker for the kind of adventure-esque themes they're going with, as a lot of my non-music media tends to be more in that genre. Also I really adore their stage presence, they're incredibly expressive with both their bodies and faces and bring a lot of energy.

Also I find myself being less excited about comebacks too, except from the couple groups I listed before. I know that the allure of Kpop has definitely warned down, I used to be enthusiastic to check out most group's comebacks but now I can only really bring myself to be that kind of ecstatic for two groups. Maybe it's just been a boring go for comebacks the last couple months and my interests have been waning, though.

Also, I really liked the K-Latin thing when SF9 released O Sole Mio in 2017, and when the trend started I thought it was going to be a niche, however it's so overdone now that I'm sick of it. Especially since all the songs are sounding similar to eachother instead of expanding on Latin sounds.

No. 20140

>implying nct (127) hasn't always been cringy
Limitless wasn't a terrible song and Fire Truck's mv was ok but I'd say they were just as bad overall.

No. 20141

>if you're happy and you know it clap your hands yo

No. 20142

Hm a man of the culture I see. f(x) is probably the only kpop group I like. To bad they are dead.

No. 20143

I totally agree with you. Maybe the b-sides are better because they aren't as cringey, but fuck was Wakey-Wakey absolutely terrible. Johnny's intro made me actually tear up from laughing so hard and the rest of the song is just noises. I find that Monsta X seems to go that route sometimes too. Are edgy boygroups cursed to cringe?

No. 20144

Somebody said he looks like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob and that was the best comparions kek what the hell were they thinking…

They are a bit more original, but what I meant is that they have the same old structure of one/two good vocalists, filler members and deep voice, high voice rapper. It's not that original as it may seem. If you pick apart their outfits and stuff it's the same as any other group, except they are fairly new and it still feels fresh. I honestly didn't find their B sides that interesting, and Hala Hala is a better song with performance and not so much to listen by itself. I like them don't get me wrong, but they are not that original.

No. 20145

Jennie ranked higher than Park Shin Hye? Sorry but Black Pink ain't shit. They're just awful singing skellies.

No. 20146

Does the male one have Yuta? I want to see anons rage lol poor guy, he had a botched chin and generally people don't care about him, and people STILL shit on him every day. I feel bad for the dude, he even has an eating disorder from what I've seen (most idols do). If I was him I would go back to Japan and try again.

No. 20147


Yeah Jonyhyun's whole discography is just so good and what's amazing is that every single song is just ..so..him kek if that makes sense. All around he was a very talented individual. Base and Poet|Artist are my favorite albums from him.

No. 20148

Sojin has left Girls Day. They were one of the last groups of the second hallyu wave. RIP.

No. 20149

It's the combination of aspects that make them original to me (even non-music related such as their stage presence/expressions, concepts, and outfits), since pretty much anything you find won't be completely original, it's the arrangement and unique combination of things that make it so. But, yeah, purely just their music isn't really the most unique thing out there, however, I do appreciate the nastiness of their beats. It's, for lack of a better term, fucking sick. I definitely agree about their b-sides save for Hala Hala, Desire, Light, and Treasure (which had to grow on me, actually, since I found it boring at first).

No. 20150

O Sole Mio was good, it was one of the first with the Latin feel yes. It got old so quickly after that, I hope G-idle's one is the nail in the coffin.

I really liked Mamma Mia from SF9, it was super dumb, but it got stuck in my head so hard. Their latest comeback felt so old, like the styling, the MV everything. It was still a good song but kind of disappointing.

No. 20152

it's changmin from tvxq

No. 20153

>every single song is just ..so..him
You're so right about that, his music is just so genuine and authentic and honest in an industry that is mostly the opposite. Not to mention, all the songs are pretty different from eachother, express some originality, and display his talent in singing/songwriting. He was truly a gem.

No. 20154

I agree with you entirely. O Sole Mio was so good because it was the only K-Latin song currently out there, so it wasn't oversaturated. I also hope you're right about G-Idle being the last one, I don't know how much more generic K-Latin I can withstand, especially since it seems to already sound so outdated somehow.

Mamma Mia was really enjoyable, it gave me modern Korean Beach Boys vibes. What I appreciate about SF9 is their ability to play with a lot of different sounds and styles. But, their latest comeback disappointed me too. I guess I got so accustomed to being wowed by their comebacks that I expected more because, like you said, it was still good but it didn't feel completely satisfying.

No. 20157

File: 1553027051196.png (84.92 KB, 632x295, vCC0E6H.png)

Just searched this up because I was curious about what happened. Apparently his sugarglider jumped or fell from its cage, and the cage was too low for it to start gliding and land properly so it just fell and…

Anyone that takes care of a small pet knows not to leave its cage open while you're not watching carefully. Wtf was he thinking?

Apparently he's had not one but two sugar gliders before this one (and his current living one), so the death toll is at 3…they have decent lifespans too, so it really is him being an irresponsible ass. Seriously, who leaves their small pet's cage open unattended? RIP to the three little friends that passed away, and good luck to the other little guy that is still alive…I'm sure it won't be long until he decides to adopt yet another. I'm sad.

No. 20158

Did anyone catch this new rapper? She's like the opposite of Hyuna but managed to be even more annoying to me lol I hate her tone so much. Props for not going with the nasal voice, but I hate the fake deep "badass" voice too. She sounds exactly like Flowsik actually.

What a fucking idiot. I hate people that neglect their pets. I hope ARMY grills him for it, at least the sane fans. He shouldn't own pets.

No. 20160

I've never heard a female rapper with this kind of voice before, damn.

No. 20161

Jessi? She has the same deep voice style. I looked for some videos of her speaking and at least say she does have a deeper voice, so it's not completely fake as I imagined.

I just think it's so monotonous and boring to hear. It's odd to see a rapper of her style in SM, just noticed.

No. 20162

I honestly feel a little bad for Jin because he seemed to genuinely like them, although he’s clearl6 irresponsible of two ended up dying under his ownership.

I don’t own sugargliders, but I own a leopard gecko and any exotic pet requires much more maintenance than a dog or cat. You be careless anywhere or else you jeopardize your pet and they’ll die. I hope he learns his lesson and never buys any exotic animal every again, especially since he’s an idol.

No. 20163

She's not exactly "new", she was on Unpretty Rapstar before. Agreed on her voice being annoying though.

I think SM just bought the company she was under so she's not exactly an "SM rapper

No. 20165

Lol anon, idk what they say on twitter rn but I'm 200% sure they're writing heartfelt sympathizing passages for him bc he's an innocent uwu baby who didn't deserve to lose his favorite pet. Why does he keep announcing them die though? He could pretend it's the same sugar glider, delulu stans don't recognize RM in his old pictures, they wouldn't notice the replacement of the pet for sure

No. 20166

I would feel bad if it was the first time. But it's the second one he's killed. If he buys a third I wil rage. Idols are such idiots.

No. 20167

I'd argue that Jessi's voice is a little more feminine except when she's really pushing it deeper. But, yeah, it's really jarring. I'd probably like the song more if her tone wasn't so low. Someone in the comments said she sounded like a female Jackson Wang kek

No. 20168

The songs actually kind of nice. Her voice is refreshing to hear too. There's barely any female rappers in Korea that don't have that nasally tone so this was like a breath of fresh air imo. I'm getting Cl vibes from her though idk why. This is the first time I'm hearing of her is SM not promoting her or something?

No. 20169

he's most likely going to buy another one because I was reading about sugar gliders and it said that they can get really lonely and it's better if they're kept in pairs so.. I do hope that armies set him straight because his negligence is killing poor animals is not cute.

No. 20170

Another forced "badass" rapper. You can just tell most of them don't have the background for being "edgY". They are styled that way and it shows. Jackson is a goofy idiot that tries to look cool.

That's the problem with female rappers, they are all compared to CL eventually. CL did have a more nasal tone too, this one is missing that. As I said, look for Flowsik, she sounds like a female version of him.

I wish she had a more distinct look at least, she looks like every other female idol. Korea is so one note with their visuals, how sad. I hate Jessi but at least she looked different.

No. 20171

I like Jackson's personality a lot, but he isn't a very good rapper. You can get by in Kpop as a rapper if you just have a deep voice, because fans conflate a deep tone with a unique one.

No. 20172

Reminds me of that clip from Unpretty rapstar with Jessi being disgusted at all the other female rappers acting all baby like and pandering when a man was present. Living in Korea when you're not from there originally as a woman must be horrible. So embarrasing.

No. 20173

but he milked his pet's death for some good ol' emotional vlive brooding so its okay! when are people going to take off the blindfold and see that he is a fucking killer ffs

No. 20174

His stans on twitter are saying that his three dead sugar gliders are all playing together in heaven and hoping that he doesn't blame himself because it totally had nothing to do with him!!!1! 0 criticism for being negligent, but I suppose even if they were thinking it they couldn't voice it without being torn apart anyway.

It's apparently the third that has passed away under his care, and he already has a fourth that he got after the second one died. He seemingly always keeps two (makes sense as they live in colonies), so I'm sure he'll have a fifth before long. He should just give away the one he has now to someone that will give it proper care, though I'm sure that will never happen.

I wish that irresponsible idols that want to adopt exotic pets could understand that thinking an animal is cute and being prepared to give it the proper care and attention are two different things.

No. 20175

Are you serious?? God I hate him even more now. THere's clearly no end to fans babying their favorite idols. It's like telling a 5 year old their pet went to live on a farm.

I just hope his manager or someone doesn't let him purchase anymore. Fuck him, I have zero tolerance for people that neglect animals.

No. 20176

He WILL have a fifth or that fourth one will die. You have to keep sugargliders in pairs, or they quite literally die of loneliness.

No. 20177

I'm sorry, it's actually correct that two had passed away. I assumed there was three based on what I was seeing fans write on twitter, but I just saw that his other pet that passed away was his dog.

No. 20178

third pet that died way too early? what an irresponsible asshole

No. 20179

Childhood dog? Lol did he also kill a dog or was it old?

No. 20180

No. 20181

Lol I figured, but the mental image of ARMY trying to justify Jin killing a dog and two sugar gliders at the same time was too funny-

No. 20182

These bitches are so one note, it has the same feel as their last two comebacks. They can't possibly last much more. right?

No. 20183

exid 2.0 but worse. shit is so plain

No. 20184

Giant Pink was under Mystic Entertainment the last time I checked and SM is a huge shareholder in that company. Having SM in the thumbnail is new, though, so she could've switched labels since UR3 was on. She won unpretty rapstar 3 but other than that I wouldn't expect anyone to have heard of her before

No. 20185

they had yeonwoo's ass and face - but yeonwoo had fillers in her face so now hey only have her ass :(

No. 20186

Isn't this old for dog standards? What are you people even saying?

No. 20187

Is the chorus going to be "I'm so hot" and some dumb trumpets or that sound that they have on EVERY song of them? lol it sounds so bad. People forgave the similarity between Baam and Boom Boom. They can't be blind to this too. They should had named it HOT HOT kek

No. 20188

We're joking, nobody said he killed it? I clearly stated it's probably a family dog that passed away. Where do you see people saying it was too young? uh?

No. 20190

>>20065 >>20067 >>20069 >>20072 >>20074 >>20078 >>20080 >>20087 >>20112 >>20116 >>20124
You know the kpop general still exists right?

No. 20191

Lol it was good while it lasted, here comes the policing anon. Nobody is fangirling anon, we just shared songs that we think are good.

But clearly we won't anymore because you'll get upset.

No. 20192

File: 1553030530286.jpg (42.49 KB, 576x571, 71b35bf9d4de667e1e19d10e5d0ca7…)

no1curr but afaik suga does not have a pet. i think holly is their family dog or belongs to his brother. v on the other hand did get a dog and then dumped it somewhere at least for a while. what were him and jin thinking i dont know

rip odeng

No. 20193

>we just shared songs that we think are good
And that's what the other thread is for. Fuck off.

No. 20194

There was clearly a lot of people open to talk about it here, and you're the only one complaining now. Stop being so annoying. We already stopped anynway, we were discussing how much of an idiot Jin is now.

No. 20195

you should do that on the other thread and not junk up this one because that thread is for general discussions like yours so please do us the honour of fucking off

No. 20196

So what? It's the kpop CRITICAL thread. The problem isn't that you're fans of kpop, pretty much everyone here is even though not all of them will admit it. The problem is you posting shit where it doesn't belong.

No. 20198

Nta but Nowhere does it say we can't discuss what songs we find good kek. But anyway it doesn't even matter it's over now.

No. 20199

completely off-topic question from someone who does not give a shit about kpop or korea, but if someone who actually understands korean knows, do they actually talk like this or is this just how it comes out after translation? "my mood is put at peace", who talks like that..? not talking about just this particular line,i've seen same style of talking in other random korean caps too.

No. 20200

Lol ok anon, nice posting trying to look like two different people.

Go ahead and share your critical opinions then. I was just talking about asshole Jin neglecting his pets, that is clearly on topic it seems.

No. 20202

The even admit that they're stans who migrated, see >>19837 for example:
>I can't speak for the other nctfags but I do the opposite lol, the gen thread is dead so this is the only place to talk about them

This thread is possibly the only place on the whole internet (and I'm sadly probably not even exaggerating…) where you can openly hate kpop. So, I think most of us don't want to see anybody talking about which groups, idols or songs they like.

No. 20203


it is the korean way of speaking that sounds weird when translated to english


sweets you really thought you got us but i didn't post the second comment

No. 20204

NTAs but settle the fuck down, anon.

Sometimes I wish this thread and the general thread would merge already.

No. 20205

>The even admit that they're stans who migrated
And it's hardly the first time. I mean it's fine for them to be here but I with they'd shut up about how much they like nct.

If that's what you believe feel free to report our posts for samefagging and see what the mods have to say. I'm done arguing this shit.

No. 20208

probably just literal translations

>Odeng and Eomuk are gifts to Jin from his parents, he showed them for first time on BTS Comeback Show - DNA.[1] They used to live with BTS in their dorm, but because his constant trips to abroad his parents take care of them.[2]

wack (if it's true, it's from bts wiki and not really credible)

No. 20209

Is Seungri gonna get away with it?

No. 20211

Putting NCT U on the back-burner for retarded NCT Dream and 127 was the biggest mistake SM did for that group. Their debut and song where perfect and they fucked it up for their followup comebacks with 9 plus whoever the fuck members.

No. 20212

You're still open to hate on it here, just because some anons were discussing the good in Kpop doesn't negate the freedom to speak about the bad. It's Kpop CRITICAL, meaning critique, and critiques include the good and the bad as well as what's needed for improvement. Stop being a whiny, infighting bitch and ignore the posts you don't like.

No. 20213

Why do you refuse to move on? That discussion ended 2 hours ago and anons collectively decided to pack it up and move on to relevant shit if you'd scroll up even a little. Threads always go to shit when users start nitpicking at users instead of actually contributing.
Probably. Read somewhere that jun joon whatever is getting time but seungri's still under "investigation".

No. 20215

It would be better that way. Plus non-kpop farmers would appreciate the decrease in Kpop threads.

No. 20216

File: 1553033902447.png (462.69 KB, 421x534, asd.png)

jungkook suddenly has a top lip

No. 20217

You are so right. The thing with NCT 127 is that they will never be successful and that's because as sm is not making music to attract whatever demographic that they're trying to get which I assume is the korean gp (because their name is the coordinates of Korea or something like that like…the 127 has some to do with Korea) but the thing is that SM is giving them music that has a more American style rather than making music that Korean people like which doesn't make any sense since nct 127 is supposed to be the unit based in South korea.

No. 20218

File: 1553034213885.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.02 KB, 1200x700, DeuGK5ZWsAATvuP.jpg)

I thought you was lying but…nope.

did he get a nose job too..? his nose is like lopsided

No. 20219

Criminals in Kpop

Big Bang
>Daesung: Killing somebody by accident
>G-Dragon: Drugs
>Seungri: Drugging and prostituting women (possibly minors), approving of rape and sharing porn of non-consenting women
>TOP: Drugs

CNBLUE Jonghyun: Approving of rape and sharing porn of non-consenting women

FT Island Jonghoon: DUI, approving of rape and sharing porn of non-consenting women

Highlight Junhyung: Approving of rape and sharing porn of non-consenting women

Jung Joon Young: Rape, filming and sharing porn of non-consenting women

NCT Taeyong: Scamming

Super Junior Kangin: DUI x2

Did I forget anybody?

No. 20220

You're right. It's a CRITICAL-KPOP thread not ANTI-KPOP thread.

So people can still take about what they think is tolerable as long as they aren't a uwu stan posting fanfics and brainless shit.

No. 20224

Why hasn't anyone posted the male version yet? I would but I'm not sure how.
Also the thing about the eating disorder, most idols at least pretend to love food and eat a lot on camera, but that guy takes it to another level (don't attack me for bringing him up, I just wanting to talk about a crazy eating disorder), he never eats on camera even when the others do, he sometimes fake eats or pretends to eat, a couple of times he even spit out sweets, reads the calories without trying to be obscure about it, and one time during a radio talk he was handed a frappe and was like, "oh no I can't drink this it'll make me fat, can I have water instead?"
Btw I saw a knetz post on this topic hence why I know all these details, or else I would not have known all this.

What I want to know is are there other idols that act like this? So obvious about their disorders?

No. 20226


Hyun joong from that group ss501 severely beat his girlfriend, Nichkhun got a Dui and Kangho from co Ed school was caught smuggling drugs into Canada, using drugs and was accused of raping someone. I'm sure there's more criminals though.

No. 20227

File: 1553035485085.png (831.48 KB, 1891x866, Screenshot (52).png)

I hate to break it to you…

No. 20229

"Wanted" not "wanting " dammit

No. 20230

Ah, you're right. And I forgot Yoochun's toilet scandal and Junsu not paying his employees too.

No. 20231

This thread hasn't been named the anti-kpop thread in months lol

No. 20232

I suppose you don’t actually interact with any actual asian fan base? They absolutely do this. Idol fan culture is intense and their fan clubs are straight up militant. They organize to vote, pool money to buy merch, to spike viewership and the whole 9 yard. Korea and Japan fans do this too so the SEA-only accusation is stupid though.
If these idol-worshipping women could unionize like that about something that fucking matters, they probably would have human rights by now.

No. 20233

We voted on a name change for a reason, retard

No. 20234

He seems to expect to. I hope he is wrong,

No. 20235

Umm…toilet scandal? What the hell is that?

Also I find it interesting how a lot of these k-celebs get away with drugs as well, iirc in Japan they take drug laws very seriously, especially with celebs. There's been a few of j-celebs that quit the entertainment industry and had everything they made pulled from the market because they got caught with drugs. Rarely ever does someone come back after being associated with drugs there. I assumed it'd be the same in korea since the two countries are so alike in the things they do

No. 20236

Ugh. Jk has a beautiful face- don’t mess it up, please, idiots. What was wrong with his natural lips?

No. 20237

File: 1553036676750.jpeg (121.46 KB, 1125x654, 8870D89B-C887-421B-A5A3-6FE5C9…)

girl’s day disbanded in january, anon

No. 20239

File: 1553036733471.jpeg (197.7 KB, 1125x1369, D2DlMczUcAAUQ4O.jpeg)

Why is her face so much longer

No. 20242

Far from the worse kpop fans have done honestly. It's amazing how even these complete nobodys can get away with crime in korea.

Speaking about crazy fans they fixed the subs for the SVT hello counselor episode, if anyone wants to watch.

No. 20243

Everyone’s upper lip looks bigger from a low angle. Not that i’d put it past him to get lip fillers, but I’m pretty sure it’s just camera tricks.

No. 20244

File: 1553037480008.jpeg (67.36 KB, 600x585, F6851E89-A802-4309-B46D-F4F46A…)

Shorter hair + lack of SM makeup styling + plastic surgery
Debateable. He very much looked like a typical Asian person before getting any work done. Even after that, he’s never been super handsome compared to idols in other groups; just the best-looking in his group.

No. 20245

Typical korean person you mean. Also something funny, but I've seen a lot of people say he looks a little japanese (post-surgery), and I think so too

No. 20246

No racebait but… they look the same.

No. 20247

Watching it and holy crap. I feel like she’s gonna regret investing so much time and money into a group when they’re no longer trendy and become just another phase in her life. However, K-pop does have a minority of ahjumma fans who are perpetually pre-teens mentally—and she could use some help so that she never becomes one of them.

Slightly OT and it might have been said before but Hello Counselor is awful. The concept of being kinda like a Korean Dr. Phil with celebs is…eh but the execution is what makes it really bad. They need legit psychotherapists instead of these clueless entertainers for the everyday folk who come on. And a nitpick is how that male host keeps reading off letters from women and girls in that weird child-like voice—maybe I’m getting into SJW-y territory but it feels like there’s a sexist undertone of how he’s mocking them.

No. 20249

He has a nice nose, imo, both pre and post surgery. I don’t think there is a typical Korean face, although most Korean men I know have high cheekbones and flatter noses compared with other people (otherwise they vary a lot). JK has a high nose bridge which is unusual. Anyway, I wish they would leave his looks alone.

No. 20250

probably a SNOW effect

No. 20251

Your oppa is busted and never looked good to begin with

No. 20252

File: 1553040629443.gif (2.44 MB, 350x206, 303A1CC7-288C-451A-BFAF-CDD747…)

I scream in horror and impressiveness every time I see this. I know you can actually do with a natural nose, especially when you have a running nose like her but the fucking indentations get me every time. It’s like her nose is putty and she just pushes it down

No. 20253

He loves toilets, and he's a rapist.

No. 20255


No. 20256

Does rhinoplasty really do this to noses?

No. 20257

I think even she herself acknowledged that it was partially a coping mechanism for her daddy issues lol

No. 20258

Nayoung from Pristin, but he was also apart of IOI

No. 20260

Now I wonder if the reason they're being dungeoned is because the members are too botched

No. 20262

File: 1553044571301.jpg (889.3 KB, 2896x4344, 91t9NMv1ubL.jpg)

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. For example, I highly doubt you'll find a korean man that looks like this

No. 20263

looks like an arab

No. 20264

I don't know or care whether that's true or not but we were talking about what typical asians look like. They typically look very similar. You need to work on your reading comprehension.

No. 20265

i thought he was a poo in loo at first glance

No. 20267

Pentagon: Shine, Like This, Naughty Boy
Got7: Paradise, You Are, Teenager, Lullaby
Monsta X: Oh My, Jealousy
BTS (pls no bully): Blood Sweat & Tears, Tear
NCT 127: Limitless, Touch, Fly Away with Me
NCT U: Boss, Baby Don’t Stop
WayV (Chinese unit of NCT): Dream Launch
iKON: Killing Me, Love Senerio
ATEEZ: pretty much all Treasure Ep.2
TXT: Crown
BigBang: Flower Road
Blackpink: Playing With Fire, As If It’s Your Last, Forever Young, Really
Twice: TT, Signal, Likey, Yes or Yes
IZ*ONE: La Vie en Rose
Sunmi: Siren

I’m probably going to get shit for this but enjoy anon

No. 20268

Whats that?

No. 20269

meh normiecore taste. someone needs to make an official lolcow approved kpoop playlist on spotify or something.

No. 20270

It's a meme about Indians. nta btw and I don't condone racism

Please kindly take this discussion to the kpop general.

No. 20271

File: 1553048139958.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.28 KB, 500x500, artworks-000120047688-vrtgq6-t…)

Well here's a photo shopped picture I found lmao

No. 20272

You should listen to b-sides of albums since that’s where majority of the music lies. Not saying title tracks and promoted songs are total shit but they are very plain and mediocre compared to the rest of the album.

Also listen to groups besides 3rd gen

No. 20273


god she looks so bad now

No. 20274

Nta but I don't see the point in the general thread anymore since both threads have the same people

No. 20275

nice anonymous virtue signaling, m8

kek looks like im not the only one then

No. 20276

File: 1553050436644.jpg (133.12 KB, 660x1153, 7f80c90ec54268eb4e65cdf40ff2cd…)

There are quite a few posts here (like the song recommendations) that should be taken to the K-pop general thread.

Anyway whoever's been encouraging Chungha to mess with her face - STOP! She's still pretty but looks years older than she actually is right now, and the effects will magnify much more later on. I know that Koreans aren't as big on lip fillers as, say, people in Westernized countries but I've noticed that more Korean celebs like her are plumping up their lips.

No. 20277

Without professional styling you wouldn't say she's ''still pretty''

No. 20281

Siwon from super juniors dog killed someone a year or two ago.

No. 20286


Clip #2739373503 of Yg being a creepy, perverted pedophile

No. 20289

You should check out soloists like eric nam, ragoon, so soo bin, 20 years old, etc

No. 20290

This song is super shitty and wack (wakey wakey, more like wacky wacky), but I think you guys are forgetting this is a jpn release made for their jpn album which is made for dumb and pathetic japanese koreaboo girls who only care about korean "visuals". It's also why the jpn dude is the least shown in the mv lmao, because no japanese kboo wants to watch a kpop video and see another japanese face. They don't care what kpop songs sound like as long as they have "visuals." It could sound like utter trash and they'd still eat it up

No. 20291

It’s not “virtue signaling” to be against race baiting. The board is supposed to avoid race baiting anyway, so cut it out pls.

No. 20292

It’s not “virtue signaling” to be against race baiting. The board is supposed to avoid race baiting anyway, so cut it out pls.

No. 20293

It’s not “virtue signaling” to be against race baiting. The board is supposed to avoid race baiting anyway, so cut it out pls.

No. 20294

Thoughts on latest VAV's track? I liked it, minus the chorus being a bit confusing. I'm not sure when it starts and ends. Kpop songs lately have really odd structures song wise, I wonder when the trend started. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it sounds bizarre.

I also hate that auto tune is having a comeback, at least in Korea.

No. 20295

Not planning on listening to it, but the guy in the thumbnail looks gross. Like an ugly version of a guy from pentagon I can't remember the name of right now

No. 20296

Any news on Seungri? Is he getting jail time? I think I saw that the other singer was getting like 7 years? I really hope he doesn't get away with it. Same for the CEOs and people involved.

I can't believe no dirt about YG came up yet.

No. 20297

dude will be park bom tier by the end of this year

No. 20298

No. 20299

No1 curr about your nugu faves go revive the general thread for song discussion

Sorry for policing but this is why it's best to keep this thread hate-focused for lack of a better word, any other kind of discussion just opens the floodgates to sperging

No. 20300

General thread posters are autists in every sense of the word. They can keep their sperging over Lucas to themselves there

No. 20301

reminds me of this clip from kpop star 6. she joined yg as a trainee a couple of years ago. hopefully her parents don't let her stay there.
most of it was okay but I didn't like the chorus at all. are they popular? I saw some person on twitter asking people to buy tickets to their comeback showcase on twitter.
people come here frequently to ask for others thoughts on a song lmao. it's not a big deal.

No. 20302

"People"? Unlikely. From the style of posting I'll wager it's the same anon who's too scared to talk about non-NCT faves so comes here hoping we won't be too hard on them

No. 20303

yes "people" but even if it was the same person asking why wouldn't it be allowed here if they're asking for critical thoughts on it?

No. 20304

File: 1553056418621.jpg (24.71 KB, 639x355, fist.jpg)

Why do people refuse to use the kpop general for things that obviously belong there? And mods refuse to do anything about it

No. 20305

I'm not saying it's not allowed, I'm saying it's annoying that's all. Anyway I'll end this discussion here since you seem triggered for some reason. The song's okay, maybe if they work hard enough VAV will reach U-kiss' level someday

No. 20306

Mods are NCT fags too probably

No. 20308

File: 1553057608662.png (529.47 KB, 683x492, lunawendy.png)


No. 20309

File: 1553057657619.png (257.26 KB, 399x539, tryhard.png)

No. 20310

its like..shes trying so hard to be sulli but nobody cares lol

No. 20311

I like the song but it could of been arranged better in regards of mixing. The mv is nice too imo.

No. 20312

I only feel pity for Luna. She really got the short end of the stick. Despite being the most talented in her group nobody gives a flying fuck about her and it clearly bothers her. She was on some show and she said that she writes comments on her own articles because it doesn't get a lot of comments and I felt pure sadness. Luna needs to be try and just be herself and stop trying to be like everyone else or at least stop acting like an annoying retard on crack.

No. 20313

Wendy looks out of it, and she looks different everytime I see her.

No. 20314

>she said that she writes comments on her own articles
jfc, thats fucked

No. 20315

Will kpop ever stop using shitty engrish in everything. They ruin so many songs with random engrish words. Don't let me get started on their taste in group/stage names…I get embarrassed just mentioning them.

No. 20316

>she said that she writes comments on her own articles
That's sad and hilarious.

No. 20317

File: 1553058712940.jpg (68.78 KB, 951x1062, 50959438_1528103570653105_4425…)

maybe shes on pills or something
idk what they're allowed to take in korea

No. 20318

She's not going to be the sexy one and should honestly give up on trying, for the sake of her own mental health

No. 20319

Or she just found out she'd get zero screentime in their next MV because SM loves the autistic Irene too much.

No. 20320

i don't understand why sjw kboos never talk about this. they are always like "my faves don't care about western attention!! they are proud poc artists!!" but i've never seen a non-english speaking country's artists using so much english in their songs. most of the time their pronuciation is bad too, an american artist would get cancelled for koolchorul appropriashun if they made a song with a korean title and didn't pronounce it perfectly.

No. 20321

tfw you realize you've given up on the prospect of a peaceful life in canada to be a shitty idol in korea

No. 20327

kpop is just like any other entertainment industry. There are parents willing to send off their kids and let others do what they want with them, as long as the kid sends the money back.

No. 20328

No. 20332

what is even your point?

No. 20333

This is really sad for sure, but what does it have to do with her being the anachan attention-whore that she is today?

No. 20335

Well actually, English is the recognized international language so other countries using it is Not the equivalent of english-speakers using Korean words for no apparent reason.
Japanese lexicon is 20% english, this isn’t because they’re westaboos. Same with koreans, they’re not using it because they want to be white or crave western validation beyond profit or whatever, that’s retarded.
The song-writer ahjusshi just think those words sound cool and “hip” or something. Their English names are for ease of access and reach, which is understandable as showbiz is business and Kpop has been international long before it reaches the west.
The only problem is that they’re letting the English-illiterate people make these decisions. That’s why everything sounds like something ESL middle school students come up with.

No. 20336

File: 1553072559265.jpg (51.58 KB, 629x481, Capture.JPG)

Rat Monster >>>> Shakespeare

No. 20337


he is hiding his face too much i guess his self-loathing is peaking (what a shame bcuz without surgery his features were not bad at all)

No. 20338


yg has been recruiting a lot of half-whites in his company maybe half whities are the future of kpop

No. 20339

Imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt before > to be, or not to be
Armys are true literary critics!

No. 20342

That, or Seungri's clients probably prefer banging half-whites

No. 20343

I bet Somi is a suuuuperslut

No. 20344

sunmi is a fucking attention whore who has a ridic amount of luck - how come she gets to be the least talented and most ugly wg + leave whenever the fuck she wants + when she comes back she gets all the catchiest tunes

her fake crying in insta live was like teaser to her fucking mv like in one of her interviews she said that the "noir" of our generation is people taking selfies everywhere - ummm world hunger climate change rising unemployment would like to say hi but you probably too busy puking all your food out in order to maintain your ~~~natural thinness~

No. 20345

lol there is a difference between using loanwords and writing half of the song in broken english when you could easily write the same line in korean. they can easily write something in korean rather than "hit you with that ddu du ddu du", but they know it won't get as much international attention. this is way more common in kpop than any other pop industry. i've seen some rare non-english pop songs that had english lines and most people thought it was extremely cringy. but muh oppressed unnies and oppas' songs get a pass because how else can international kpoppies sing along

No. 20346

duuude i was talking about literal kids like probably not even in their 10s - yg has been recruiting a lot of those kek

No. 20347


her father has definitely made her sleep with people - he even compares somi to her younger sister and creates this unhealthy relationship dynamics - i am excited to see how fucked up somi's metal state gets as she goes older

No. 20348

lmao, ARMY is off their rocket (thread). that song is not written by rm though, he covered it

No. 20349

sounds like something from seungri's chat

why are you -excited- to see how fucked up her mental state will get? some of you really are something

No. 20350

bcuz she portrays herself as being the best so it would be quite fun to see her realize that she is nothing but an empty shell

No. 20351

File: 1553078892968.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, 1506431680882.png)

Well, there's evidence for that… I still like her as an idol though. I mean, she was on a show marketed as "healthy porn" when she was 15. All the girls in kpop must have a screwed up view of sexuality.

No. 20352


What has pineapple got to do with it

No. 20353

Pineapple is known for making sexual fluids taste better. Note the winky faces.

No. 20355

Not to racebait but looking at her dad, it seems that her parents have the typical wmaf dynamic.
Her dad is the one who has the say in both girls' "careers" and doesn't mind exploiting the fetishization. Not to mention, he's an attention whore himself and seems quite narcissistic if you've watched "real men".

No. 20357

Fuck off, she literally only turned 18 a couple days ago, she's not a "slut". If she really slept with higher ups or seniors it's certainly not her fault.

And her mother is beating her with a frying pan…

No. 20358

I don't think I've seen an idol that blunt about their eating disorder on camera before….either he has it really bad or he doesn't give a fuck about pretending, or both
Lmao that's ken hirai right? A lot of people thought he was mixed when they first saw him but he isn't, just plain japanese

No. 20359

what kind of fucking reach is that anon lmao are you 14

No. 20360

I honestly think that this sounds less disordered than pretending to eat loads on camera and then secretly starving/purging. Spitting out would go too far, but refusing sugary stuff and checking nutrition labels is just realistic for a celebrity. He might be healtheir than others who can't eat all week because they splurged on empty calories during a show, maybe he's eating healthily when they finish filming? He's slim, but not skelly.

No. 20361

File: 1553082318861.jpg (372.69 KB, 1080x1653, _164215.jpg)

We've been saying that SM sucks at managing their groups and they seem to think they're doing amazing

No. 20362

Please seek help

No. 20363

amazing how one half of this thread talks about how fake these idol's images and personalities are and then people take them seriously… reminder that she's a teenager

No. 20364

Never underestimate the degeneracy of rich fucks, anon

No. 20365

"Social media is a disease" says the woman whose career is alive thanks to edgy GG twitter stans

No. 20366

I can already hear the white blonde koreaboos rejoicing at the possibility of debuting under a Kpop group at last

No. 20367

It’s a reach but I’ve also heard the myth that pineapple makes you “taste” better. I remember being in high school and people would make sexual innuendos about pineapple because I think some research went viral about it. Her IG story looks like she’s implying that joke, but it could be anything.

No. 20368

Yea so they can fuck them lol

No. 20369

Kek, don't you know they mean Asian Americans? SM does that all the time when they audition. They can't discriminate anyone who wants to apply but they obviously choose Asians

No. 20370

it's funny how most idols with attitude problems (according to netizens) are anglo asian: jennie, krystal, jessica…

No. 20371

Lol Good luck to them, outside of Britain there hardly are any. "Asian Europeans" aren't really a thing. But of course SM thinks that US = EU. I really wonder who's in charge for making such dumb decisions.

No. 20372

I feel like people just say this because she is half white and looks mature for her age compared to other idols so lots of people sexualize her and then project it as "you can tell she's a huge slut"
I used to browse /kpg/ and the comments about her on there were sickening

No. 20373

remember when a grown man bought her worn clothes on live television kek

No. 20374

netizens think that tons of female celebrities have attitude problem

No. 20376

With them it's pretty much everyone and anyone who isn't smile 25/8 has an attitude no problem.

No. 20377

Or a resting bitch face. A lot of idols get surgery to specifically get rid of that and some don't

No. 20378

idg how so many kpop fans still want to go and live in sk, i can't imagine the amount of stress you'd be getting at work and in everyday life there when there are so high specific standards for everybody

No. 20379

foreigners living in korea aren't held to the same standards as real koreans. pervy white guys can get jobs as english teachers even if they dont speak a lick of korean

No. 20381

Yeah but your coworkers will keep convincing you to get some stuff done to your face cause theres something wrong with it according to them

No. 20382

This thread basically does the same thing whenever someone posts a candid photo of an idol like zoning out or something.
>See Wendy pic a few posts up
>Maybe she's on pills
There's like a 100 other pics from that event today of her looking happy or normal at least.

No. 20383

Lmao look at these flops all happy over their tour. I'm stiff confused as to how they're gonna fill up those arenas and stadiums. Also did no one tell Yuta they're going to 11 cities because he looked suprised kek

No. 20384

white men are not being told to get surgery in SK lol

No. 20386

Lol I don't usually see such a big dislike bar for kpop songs. I hope they crash and burn. Their songs suck ass.

No. 20388

lol the song is bad and annoying, but aren't many kpop songs just like this? are armys disliking it because momoland disrespected their oppas?

No. 20389

probably a mix of armys and blinks. the song sounds boring to me but the reaction momoland is so over the top.

No. 20390

Yes. Apparently it's a sin to laugh while ~ Jimin oppa~ is singing like a dying cat. I saw that reaction video a while ago and it honestly didn't look like they were making fun of anyone.
They should go to North Korea where everyone is forced to fake-smile and clap.

No. 20391

Yes. Apparently it's a sin to laugh while ~ Jimin oppa~ is singing like a dying cat. I saw that reaction video a while ago and it honestly didn't look like they were making fun of anyone.
They should go to North Korea where everyone is forced to fake-smile and clap.

No. 20392

English is dashed around in very non-western genre. Wether it’s from Europe, Asia, or Africa. It’s the most popular language

No. 20393

give one example to a pop industry that mixes their language with english as much as kpop does. they mix english with korean in literally every song. every popular kpop song, every single these groups release have english lines. kpop is mostly a ripoff of american pop after all.

No. 20394

They're trying to fill 15k seat arenas when they're not even as known as Blackpink….lmao

No. 20395

Okay I hate myself but I really liked it mostly due to the electro swing instrumental and the vocal melodies of the girls who lead into the bridges in the first and second verse. I hope swing is the next trend, I'm tired of the Latin shit.

No. 20396

The problem is that this song and their last two had the exact same structure. They even add a rap part at the same exact time in all three. I think that's the reason for the down votes. They already got heat because Baam was so similar to Boom Boom, and now this one sounds exactly the same too.

God I'm so tired of how fakely cutesy korean girls act in these videos, it's cringy as fuck. Same for a lot japanese girls. The idea that they need to act that way to "get a man" is sad as fuck. That article an anon posted about living in Korea made me glad I don't have to put up with that shit where I'm from.

No. 20397

I'm not concerned with the technical prowess or structure as long as I have fun listening to a song, so it doesn't bother me so much. This structure is used in a lot of Kpop songs, not just by Momoland, but it is Momoland who has been abusing it in every comeback so I can see how people get tired of it. Like I said, I just prefer this one to the likes of Bboom Bboom and BAM because of the electro swing and some vocal runs, not necessarily because it has some superior musical structure.

Anyway, totally agree with the aegyo shit. It's absolutely creepy that men are pretty much unabashed pedophilics getting off on girls acting like children, and it's 100% okay because of "cultural differences.

No. 20400

>as long as I have fun listening to a song
this is the logic majority of kpop fans have and thats why kpop songs suck such ass

No. 20401

I don't think it's a bad thing to have fun with a song even if you think it's pretty basic. The problem is when fans hate the song but still support it because they blindly love their faves. It's different. We all have guilty pleasure songs.

No. 20402

I just don't take it as seriously as some of you guys do. Kpop fans have this mentality coupled by some kind of superiority about their group based solely on awards or streaming or something completely retarded and baseless like that and delude themselves into think their oppas have talent.

No. 20405

File: 1553106354824.jpg (19.32 KB, 300x324, 02.jpg)

uh..she was definitely not the ugliest WG…lol..lim and sohee were much uglier than her
i never understood why people were always up sohees ass when she literally looks like a whoville resident with down syndrome

/kpg/ has always been disgusting
i take it you werent on there years ago when certain posters(who were notorious for being spergy insane autists at the highest level possible, even for chan) would make videos of themselves and take pictures jerking off onto idols pictures?
believe me anon, unless those posters are dead, they're still there and it would be in your best interest to not go back lol

No. 20409

File: 1553110304305.jpg (160.41 KB, 728x1200, D2E4C_WUwAA83Jw.jpg)

She's pulling a Suga and going OTT on filler

No. 20411

There are tons of East Asians and SEAs in the rest of Europe lmao. Just because you've never seen an ethnic person in whatever bumfuck British or Eastern European town you're from doesn't mean the rest of the continent is devoid of them.

No. 20412

Shh anon they're going to have a meltdown if they find out how many Asians live in Europe kek

No. 20414

File: 1553112624344.gif (8.89 MB, 450x456, unnamed.gif)

Good grief the girl cant stop.

On another note, this girl from itzy has such a freakishly stiff face and shes not even 20 yet

No. 20416

File: 1553112829474.gif (Spoiler Image,3.07 MB, 410x410, terror.gif)

And here's another girl from that group that freaks me out too

No. 20417

File: 1553114509700.jpeg (311.29 KB, 1491x1188, 87C914F5-6A3A-4DA5-99A3-09330A…)

Kiss Red Velvet goodbye anons since they’ll be put on the back burner soon

No. 20419

lol that anon was correct
the future of korean pop is literally going to be all multiracials, SEAS, and straight up non Asians

cant wait!

No. 20420

File: 1553115179664.png (580.25 KB, 750x1334, 87FD7F03-3A6A-495C-B69D-CD40CE…)

This just in
I imagine some ARMY will do some dirty stuff with them.

No. 20421

They'll be broke from paying for all of NCT very soon, these plans probably won't even materialize

No. 20422

Mattel saw a chance to stop going bankrupt and took it.

No. 20423

>no more dreaming
More like a nightmare but ok.

No. 20424

Looking at this GIF makes me uncomfortable considering she's only 15. JYP's need to sexualize the youngest members of a group is highly disturbing

Dolls that are much less plastic than their IRL counterparts, a rare phenomenon

No. 20425

File: 1553115749104.jpg (53.3 KB, 660x400, DjT6NTHUwAEG0AQ.jpg)

Sorry to bring back the Wendy Jaw talk, but I think it only looks so ghastly because of how low her weight gets when she yo-yos. It looked pretty much the same in Power Up, and in RBB she almost looked like her debut self.

No. 20426


all of the itzy kids have had little summings done to their faces - and all of them definitely have cheek fillers

No. 20427

I don't think that's true for Yeji but then again who knows, I feel like her face is untouched (maybe because they didn't touch her eyes specifically it gives me a false sense of security).

Also speaking of eyes, I just realized only Yeji and Seulgi have kept their natural monolids (yes I know Koreans can be born without them, but I mean in terms of the Koreans born with them). And I like their look because of it.

No. 20428

You know getting double lids is not the only eye procedure. A lot of idols keep their monolids but tweak it here and there to make them seem larger. Like eye widening surgery.
Also I'm pretty sure yeji has Botox and fillers too, her face is also quite stiff

No. 20429

That haircut… I'm actually convinced that SM is actively sabotaging her. You can't possibly always happen to give the worst styling to the same member.

No. 20431

File: 1553117991091.jpeg (161.98 KB, 750x503, EF7B8575-E19B-483A-8C04-F9FF2A…)

Wtf do kpop trainees even do? I always read about idols becoming trainees when they're like 10 years old and not debuting for another 9 years but I just saw this girl from loona was a trainee for only 1 day??

No. 20438

she was a trainee at BBC for one day, she had trained under another company beforehand I think

No. 20449

She is really unrecognizable now wtf?

No. 20450

File: 1553123119103.jpg (255.53 KB, 1948x1335, D2GSH-GU8AAkH3J.jpg)

it's just an unflattering photo

No. 20452

File: 1553127860407.jpg (19.47 KB, 250x357, tumblr_p0pqkoVYeM1tx9v44o3_250…)

I just remembered something really ridiculous armies did, they were once hating on this j-actor for looking like suga. "How dare he look like our oppar!" "He got surgery to look like him!" "He's trying to leech off suga's success!" Lmao armies have no limit

No. 20453

He looks more like Kai than Suga.

No. 20455

File: 1553128773217.jpg (444.44 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190321_013816.jpg)

Why do so called fans white wash their idols so much?

No. 20456

Do YOU listen to any non-white pop beside kpop anon? Jpop is filled with this. Same in Chinese/SEA pop, littered with english on various degrees. Especially in the hip hop sector. Matter of fact, english is increasingly infiltrating every day life secular languages everywhere. Just because oppas are bad at English doesn’t mean let’s be weirdly aryan about it. What weird derail.

No. 20461

it's a beauty standard over there. pale = beautiful

No. 20463

File: 1553129735027.jpg (26.85 KB, 400x400, yeji.jpg)

yeji got her nose done

No. 20464

That's from the official RBB teasers.

No. 20465

How old is she in that pic?

No. 20466

File: 1553130702111.jpg (22.19 KB, 480x480, 1552625662522.jpg)

Also I think Seulgi got her eyes slightly fixed

No. 20467

File: 1553131384606.jpg (17.23 KB, 320x320, d5ada8108b9bcc09c61fe166ddbaae…)

He does look like suga tho, I guess I didn't choose the right pic. Here's a better one probably

No. 20469

File: 1553131791418.jpg (35.94 KB, 1080x715, 52363149_783402608698821_32393…)

This is what Suga looks like now lol fakeboi tier

No. 20470

oh yay its time for a bts pic spam /s

thanks for the song recs anons im the one who originally asked, and again i asked here bc it’s the critical thread so i was hoping it would be less pure sperging, like there were literally two BTS songs listed so i would say i got better results than if i asked in the gen thread
was it really so horrible to see song discussion rather than whats currently happening, the same BTS pics and criticisms repeated lol

No. 20471

cool input

No. 20472

No. 20474

No. 20477

has this been posted yet? i kind of feel bad for her but why is she so scared to sing her own solo song after having performed it in front of concert audiences? cringe

No. 20479

that's not scared. that's what rehearsed down to each and every facial expression looks like without the usual stage/camera/audience.

No. 20480

i hardly think she's nervous. looks calculating af. her eyes and expression don't even change, but maybe i'm just jaded.
the whole segmet at 2:50 and onward was so unecessary, like just sing the song properly?

and what was that 'hehe' at 1:02? aegyo is so weird.
she has a nice voice when she's not trying so hard to be cute though

No. 20481

he's always been more "feminine" when it comes to looks but i thought he was cute. now this is just tragic

No. 20482

looks like there'll be a new produce coming out

idk why people watch it we all know they're gonna choose the talentless pretty guys anyway

but the looks have dropped drastically that's for sure

kek at the 'Sky Castle' chubby guy giving it a go - hope he wins it

No. 20483

No. 20484

They did the same to Baekhyun too. They were convinced Baekhyun was trying to copy V lookwise so they swarmed him with a lot of hate

No. 20485

File: 1553135257744.png (425.89 KB, 676x494, produce.png)

watched the drama and i think he's cute and a breath of fresh air among so many plastic idols


No. 20486

File: 1553135417396.jpg (236.18 KB, 1000x1404, IMG_20190321_032943.jpg)


No. 20487

File: 1553135710753.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190321-093030_Dri…)

Agreed, that anon sounds bitter af kek

There are actual researches as to why English is being used in Asian pop music. I think it started with Jpop (correct me if I'm mistaken). Anyways stop being so bitter and read this if you really care to understand why http://www.anlp.jp/proceedings/annual_meeting/2015/pdf_dir/D6-4.pdf

No. 20488

And i know this isnt the jpop thread but some reasons may apply to kpop as well since they're heavily influenced by japanese pop (duh we all know koreans used to be bitter about everything japan so they planned to take over the world using kpop as some form of soft power)

No. 20489

>calling a reaction to japan's colonial rule of asia as "bitter"
the absolute state of this thread

No. 20491

File: 1553136514267.jpg (126.49 KB, 1080x390, 20190321_094511.jpg)

Do you not know how to read? I was replying to this post (pic attached, what i called as bitter af). I only added the japan part to explain why i gave them a research paper on the use of english in jpop instead of kpop.

No. 20492

File: 1553136971858.jpg (420.43 KB, 1080x1375, 20190321_095547.jpg)


No. 20493

i know this, smarty pants. i'm saying your use of "bitter" is faggy is all.

No. 20495

File: 1553138329544.jpeg (204.45 KB, 640x805, BAF96E12-FE3D-4CF1-A2A9-9D4DEB…)

nobody is surprised. what a disgusting human.

No. 20496

boy is getting a plea deal lol no one does this shit

No. 20498

File: 1553138549634.png (285.14 KB, 720x405, lead_720_405.png)

I think all of you are overlooking the fact that kpop was in part sponsored by the korean government to be a cultural export. hollywood in the 50's made america "cool," and the korean government is trying to emulate it with kpop (and kdramas, to a lesser extent). english is the current international language, so to make kpop more palatable to international audiences english is used. this doesn't mean they are trying to attract a strictly western audience, either. the common language throughout asia is english, too.

No. 20499

i wonder if he’ll get deported. i used to be a fan and he wasn’t raised or born in sk. hopefully he still gets some jail time and doesn’t get let off easy just for being a c list celebrity

No. 20500

she's probably not used to singing the song without a backing track kek… it's a very hard song to sing even with proper breathing technique which unfortunately she does not have

No. 20502

being born abroad doesn't mean he's not korean

No. 20503

LOL what are you talkin about nobody said he's not Korean. The Anon was just saying that since he's wasn't born in Korea will he be deported to his home country because he committed very serious crimes in Korea… kind of like how America sometimes Deport people back to their own country when they commit really terrible crimes.

No. 20504

uhhh what? america doesn't deport american citizens

No. 20505

wow you sure are retarded. do you realize you can't just deport one of your citizen for having committed a crime? also he probably doesn't have citizenship of the country he was born in, you must be american

No. 20506

She looks like a less unfortunate Daisy from Momoland

No. 20507

different anon but he moved to korea in 2008, grew up in the phillipines so it’s not like he was just born there.

No. 20509

File: 1553141792042.png (62.25 KB, 683x426, lmaoo.png)

luna even gets insulted by her own fans wtf. even mocking her for her skin tone like netizens

No. 20510

wtf , he needs to be put behind bars.

No. 20512


That song is supposed to show off your power vocals not to be ahgeao all over the fucking place.

If you aren't confident and at least fucking try. Otherwise don't become a fucking idol, this is why LOONA is shit.

I hate this shit.



No. 20513

yes.. the one on the left is skelly with clothes that don't fit her and an awful dye job

No. 20514

File: 1553144617186.jpg (81.23 KB, 960x960, 54372193_2065866356857359_7084…)

this is the contestant with the most fansites already, from produce 101 so basically expect him to win

No. 20515

What is it with choosing basic looking guys as "visuals"? Hopefully he's a decent singer/dancer

No. 20516

No, he needs to get castrated then put behind bars kek

No. 20517

yeji and seulgi got to keep their monolids bcuz their monolids are not fatty like say jimin's so they are more widely accepted (asians with monolids would be able to describe this better)

No. 20518

also her jaws

No. 20519

still reddit fags wont stop calling her churiana grande

No. 20521

He doesn't look like Daniel but he resembles him a lot, if that makes sense. The jaw, shoulders, kind of expression on his face/look to his eyes. They definitely have a type on Produce.

No. 20522

he looks like L from infinite - are all idols just rehashes of older idols jeez

No. 20524

im pretty sure an entire group could be formed of the jaejoong knock offs

No. 20526

File: 1553166418883.jpg (47.18 KB, 640x377, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

Idk which season this pic is from but in general the produce series are made up of botched creatures wearing extremely light foundation

No. 20528

No. 20529

File: 1553167768853.jpg (108.71 KB, 1074x728, D2GhK7ZVYAExg7F.jpg)

Apparently yg also sent in a couple of his trainees to the produce show. Here's one. His name is Jyunhoa and he's taiwanese

No. 20530

File: 1553167861971.jpg (409.48 KB, 591x685, imagepng.jpg)

And here's the other one. Mahiro, japanese

No. 20532

This is so intensely cringey and obviously rehearsed, I had to turn it off.

No. 20534

The embarassing performance plus her breathiness or straight up not singing lines… I thought she was the most talented vocally in loona but, this was hard to watch.

No. 20536

the one with the dark hair on the third row looks like a straight up lizard man.

No. 20537

Wtf what's wrong with his nose

No. 20538

It really was. I feel sorry for them, they must be getting desperate for some recognition. That's why some of their members take role of the bubbly, hyper one(reminds me of that girl from momoland)Their company thought they can make them huge, now that they've become flops the pressure must be huge.

No. 20539

i've seen like 15 more male idols wearing the same outfit does the korean gov give these out for free

No. 20540

produce 101 contestants wear matching outfits

No. 20541

He really does resemble Daniel.

No. 20542

Is it really true that the new pd101 group is gonna last for five years?

No. 20543

File: 1553176630655.png (92.25 KB, 639x814, IMG_0240.PNG)

No. 20544

no i mean as in idols from groups that have debuted. every male idol wears this shade of blue school uniform at least once.

No. 20545

how do momoland manage to keep a healthy weight and still be popular? they're mostly skinny but don't look anorexic

No. 20546

anorexia is not a business requirement but more of a mental illness.

No. 20547

Armys crying because jungkook got a haircut


No. 20548

so? i'm talking about idols being pressured into losing weight in most cases, whether it's because of hate comments or their agency. i'm surprised momoland members stay the same as far as i can tell

No. 20549

File: 1553180973599.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190321-104941.jpg)

Jaehyun loves to show off his "perfect" skin, and everyone is obsessed with it, but you can tell it's not that great even with the Photoshop and filter in this pic.

No. 20550


No. 20551

did he finally realize that armys are going to baby him no matter what so just decided to change his uwu smol bean haircut

No. 20552

File: 1553182833174.jpg (2.58 MB, 5664x4024, momoland_show_me_i_m_so_hot_jo…)

Speaking of momoland, i almost didn't recognise JooE with the dark hair, I really hope she keeps it.

No. 20554

ew those chompers

No. 20555

fucking lol and loona fans say chuu is one of the best vocalists in the group? the girl can't even breathe properly and struggles to sing the most basic notes jfc. combine the airiness with the shitty aegyo and this is the cringiest thing i've seen in kpop in a long time.

it absolutely is a business requirement. idols and trainees are weighed every night and if they weigh any more than the previous week, they are forced to starve.

i was one of the few who actually liked her blonde hair, but brown suits her too. she has a unique ugly face, it's charming to me the same way hwasa is. not sure why.

No. 20556

what's wrong with having teeth lol

No. 20557

more than perfect it is about the whiteness of his skin if you can't appreciate that he is the snow white of the group then just shut your mouth!!1

in all seriousness though it is disgusting when he bashfully accepts compliments about his pale skin color

No. 20558

I actually saw the YG Treasure Box show, it was pretty dull (and predictable) but I did like some of the Japanese members. I'm glad that they are getting another chance with Produce, but I feel bad for the trainees that are actually debuting under YG now. I would want to leave so badly after all these scandals.

I'm going to get bashed for this but I find the anons here that nitpick kids really disgusting. Either they look natural and get bashed for it or you make fun of them because they got ps. Pick a lane jeez…

No. 20559

welcome to /lolcow/. Enjoy your stay lmao.

No. 20560

File: 1553190143939.jpg (62.65 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190321_132506.jpg)

What a disaster

No. 20561

wHAT the actual fuck

place your bets on the bts member who will change their looks so much at a point where even ratmys cant shield that they are plastic surgery junkies

No. 20562

hi anons im drunk and kpop stan twitter is 100% convninced that the only kpop boy that i like is gay and in love with a groupmate and itm akes the autistic fangirl part of my brain jealous pleasr feed me a black pill give me a realit check send help

No. 20563

Lol go to bed anon. I hope you're super young to be "falling in love" with kpop idols. Even if he isn't gay you would never see him and he would never fuck you.

No. 20564

Lol is it ten?
Your response was perfect lmao

No. 20565

kpop is fake and gay

No. 20566

youre right anon i knowe im not in love its more like a dumb celebrity crush i am 18 and its still too old and its stupid thans for the reality check

No. 20567

Who is it? Now I'm kind of curious lol, I'm guessing someone from NCT.

No. 20568

im pretty sure ya'll are falling for bait

No. 20569

Haven't you see the kpop idol spam thread? There's definitely some anons here that are too in love with idols. I'm guessing either the Lucas stan or the Hendery stan.

No. 20570

im really not baiting and im not a nctfag i just came to get a sensible response because you guys know how kpop stans are and you are blunt and were all anons and i dont want to get cancelled by sjw kpop twitter for assuming an idol might notbe gay

No. 20571

you've already done this before

No. 20573

Lucas stan here–it's not me, I don't drink.

No. 20574

i really have not anon idk i thnk i havent even fangirled about him here before im sorry for making this so blogpost-ey im drunk sorry

No. 20575

it just looks like you want attention, and this is not the thread for that

theres a drunk thread somewhere on ot so maybe try there

No. 20576

Nta but shut up, you're getting really fucking annoying. Take it to the vent thread or something. No1curr here.

No. 20577

get new material

No. 20578

Now that you mention it, I feel like I do remember someone admitting to being a part of kpop stan twitter and whining about how their fave kpop boy might be a fag. Embarassing.

No. 20579

i wonder if it was the same person who kept asking about daniel kang using the same wording multiple times

some people get bored and copy paste stuff just to do it on chan boards idk why

No. 20580

File: 1553194962086.jpg (64.98 KB, 600x600, IMG_0261.JPG)

I won't make fun of anyone's looks but I just wanna how guys can get away with looks like these but women fucking get dragged from left to right.
Example: CL's looks get compared to Suga's all the time (and they do look alike imo)yet it's only CL who gets constant shit for her looks but no one talks about his dude. Kpop truly loves male mediocrity. But to be fair, I'm talking about Korea mostly cause I know ifans love her.

No. 20581

kinda unrelated but i've thought about it before, didn't the video where they talk shit about sasaengs cause any harm to kang daniel's rep as a part of w1? he still seems like a golden boy.

No. 20582

outside of their batshit fandom no one cares about suga like that
yes it was the same anon that was scared of being called anti-sjw for questioning wether an idol was gay or not lol

No. 20583

idk about that saesang thing, but he's pretty fucked in the industry now because of his recent stuff with wanting to get out of his contract

No. 20584

why is it such a huge deal when it comes to idols? they don't even defend openly gay artists as hard as they defend kpop idols from the evol hetz. if they actually cared about ~~lgbt representation in media~~ they could go stand for a proud fag like sehun or something

No. 20585

I feel Sehun fans try to label him straight, which is weird because he's so clearly gay. I think fans that say some idols are gay don't really think that deep inside. I think it's a copying mechanism for them since it's better to think they are gay than to realize they don't care about them and are out there fucking groupies and prostitutes.

I'm not including the really persistent BTS shippers or the fans of yaoi manga that think idols are fantasy people they can ship like their anime boys.

No. 20586

His fandom is pretty big, but if the lawsuit drags on for over a year idk how many of them will stick around

No. 20587

"Bashfully?"I hope your joking. That guy is so obviously full of himself idk how no one sees it. He always tries to find a way to show off his skin, calls himself "mochi", only wears black surgical masks to make his skin look whiter, and much more. He further encourages fans to be obsessed with his skin

No. 20588

The biggest problem is that it's so ingrained in their culture, to be full of themselves regarding looks. Just read that article that someone shared about living in Korean and stating that people are constantly looking at themselves in their phone screens. I've noticed that with idols, when they do lives and stuff they are not looking at the camera, they are looking at themselves in the screen. It's so off putting. And don't get me started on their creepy selfies or videos where they are silent and staring at nothing.

Why do fans like that? Videos where your fav is just staring unblinkingly and not speaking, just moving their head or making a sign. I don't get why asians don't find that weird, because I've seen it from regular people in instagram too.

No. 20589

i mean i wouldn't think that he's gay if it wasn't for the sugar daddy thing him or his sugar daddy posted themselves and he wasn't going around talking about how men make his heart flutter and shit, i wouldn't base it on "he looked at this group member so he's gay!" and yaoi stereotypes because then all male idols are gay. kboos have a thing for the daddy shit and gays but they won't acknowledge an actual gay relationship that doesn't fit their hot skinny azn guys banging fantasy.

No. 20590

why ask the question you already know the answer to? because teenage girls get turned on by straight boys acting gay, but not actual gay boys.

No. 20591

I find most idols so boring because of this, they only talk about themselves which is understandable, but all of them are so self-absorbed they never say anything interesting. It's not like I'm expecting celebrities to give profound speeches on science or whatever, I just don't get how their fans don't get bored of these interviews or vlives when all they do is praise each other and check themselves out on the screen

No. 20593

The forced "you look so handsome!" from other members ist the worst kek. Just look for any MV reaction from a group and they are the dullest fuckers ever lol. That's why I only care about performance, I really don't follow idols outside of their live stages.

No. 20594

God I hope not.

No. 20595

There's only one idol I'm fine with, and it's mostly because he doesn't really do shit like that (on camera at least)
Ugh I hate that too, they makes those comments no matter what they're doing. It's like they have to constantly remind fans that they're "good-looking". And whats messed up is that they only really do it for the members that are already considered to be the "visuals" of the group. They never really compliment the members that aren't "visuals

No. 20596

i hate armys as much as you but nobody there is crying

No. 20597

>Seungri's lawyer claims his Katalks were 'typos'
Are they insane?

No. 20601

File: 1553203540831.png (379.21 KB, 1440x2084, Screenshot_20190321-172308~2.p…)

This VIP is such a cow.

No. 20604

The bar is on the floor. Is this one of his Indonesian fans?

No. 20606


^Same person who tweeted this, no surprise

No. 20610

Seungri stans are the kinda fans that would grab shovels and cleaning supplies without being asked after witnessing Seungri rape and murder someone.
if VIPs get questioned by the police: "Oppar has such a pure heart, his actions hurt him more then anyone else involved. He is suffering the most, so in reality Seungri is the real victim.

No. 20612

File: 1553208919791.jpg (243.34 KB, 1080x782, 20190322_055325.jpg)

Nope lol. Ik indonesian and muslim fans are crazy af but it's not always them. This one might also be muslim tho, not religious-baiting i just find it ridiculous for them to be defending a sexual predator. If anything they are making their religion look bad.

No. 20618

I'm not an iz*onefag but their recent collab with jonas blue isn't so bad. If kpop companies really want to 'take over' america, they should collaborate with good western producers instead of trying to promote shit that will only work in korean like "ddu ddu ddu" or "the boys" in the west kek. Most of the decent kpop x western collabs end up to be 'owned' by the western artists like "kiss and make up" etc.

No. 20619

nah this is trash too

No. 20620

File: 1553215123375.jpeg (476.5 KB, 2000x3000, 52300.jpeg)

Wendy and the Junghwa have the same hair cut, but it makes Wendy look like a 9 year old boy, while it makes Junghwa look kind of cute?

No. 20622

Junghwa doesn't have a botched face compared to Wendy, also Wendy's elongated jaw totally ruined it

No. 20624

>Nigerian flag
>Defending cancer

Yep, most likely muslim.


I'm sorry who is Jonas Blue

Junghwa's face to me looks suspiciously bloated, but at least when she does sexy she isn't trying too hard.

Any foreigner who has stayed in Korea for more than a month as undergone crisis mode where they become super critical of their own appearance that originally wasn't a problem back in their home country.

no1curr but I knew a koreaboo who left for Korea for a 2/3 month study abroad trip and no joke she came back almost anorexic and bragged about losing 30 pounds. She later had to be admitted for an eating disorder. She won't admit it but she was never self-conscious about her appearance until she came back and she still struggles with it today. It really freaked me out.

No. 20625


I studied abroad in Korea and even though I didn’t feel literally any pressure from other people to be thinner or lose weight or anything like that, the fact that the girls there are almost all slim and well dressed and made up made me feel shitty. No one called me fat, no one looked at me funny, no one did anything that could be considered triggering but it was definitely an environmental thing. I lost tons of weight there cause I’d make myself walk everywhere to lose weight and started wearing more make up etc. Even now that I’m back home, I still can’t shorts without getting self conscious. It’s a really weird environment.

No. 20627

That is EXACTLY what happened to my friend. I don't even know the last time I've seen her wear shorts in 90+ degree weather.

She said no one bullied or made fun of her but because she felt so out of place she didn't like it at all and started wearing out her hair more and be meticulous with skin care and makeup.

No. 20628

File: 1553220192893.jpg (104.75 KB, 750x750, IMG_20190322_030233.jpg)

No. 20630

how do you do, fellow kids~!

No. 20631

is this…….shindong?

No. 20632

File: 1553221089979.jpg (89.3 KB, 576x1024, 1d03fcc2e6631006307ba66c23d476…)

No. 20637

uhhhhh couldn't you have spoilered this shit i was eating

No. 20642

My nomination for next thread pic

No. 20643

So this is the yg dungeon everyone talks about…

No. 20645

maybe i'm just retarded but i don't get the loona reference. is it about mix nine? is it just a nonsensical shitpost?

No. 20646

Loona fans are triggered because he (rightfully) called haseul talentless kek. I've seen some ppl call her an opera singer kek

No. 20647

International fans are bigger sheep than K-fans for believing Loona are special or talented beyond other groups

No. 20649

Have a field day with this. New produce season theme song

No. 20650

Lee Dong Wook next to them makes them all look like weird plastic aliens lol

No. 20651

int fans are shitting on yuri in the new pd101 bc he called likes a comment saying he’s more attractive than bobby but like….. he is lmao why are they so pressed that their oppa is ugly they should be used to ppl calling bobby. maybe if he got some braces he wouldn’t look like such a train wreck

No. 20652

lee song wook looks plastic too in the clip

No. 20655

File: 1553261504663.jpg (48.64 KB, 534x667, IMG_20190322_143051.jpg)


No. 20656

I find that yuri guy uglier than Bobby, the difference between his instagram pictures and his IRL incel chin is stark

No. 20657

I found it ridiculous how jaehyun was wearing that crop top in the wakey wakey mv so it could keep showing his "abs" lmao all he was showing off was how skinny he was and his stomach hair. People always speak about Jaehyun as if he's so fit and muscular, but it's obvious he's not, so who in nct is? Are they all bumpy sticks?

No. 20658

ive never watched this before, how do they pick who gets to be centre? isnt that a huge advantage straight away?

No. 20659

I’ve always assumed it’s the shortest

No. 20661

They compete for the centre position pretty early on, after they've been graded into the A-F groups iirc.

No. 20663


No. 20664

File: 1553270344256.jpg (338.72 KB, 600x1528, Screenshot.jpg)

maybe he needs to start from spitting on his bandmates then

No. 20665

I can't believe this dude is so desperate that he's pandering to 13 year old girls for subscribers

No. 20666

He's obviously doing this because of the New Zealand shooting. He wants to divert attention.

No. 20667

File: 1553271774813.jpeg (232.09 KB, 1985x1125, 17968BA0-33D5-4924-93ED-CC689E…)

damn, didn’t know jhope had an equally ugly and botched brother

No. 20668

Lmao I've seen lots of his brothers lately. He's got quite a big family

No. 20670

he has already made content about BTS in the past, what's so surprising about this?
he's making fun of everything, just like we do in this fucking place

No. 20672

File: 1553277491448.jpg (241.13 KB, 941x705, IMG_20190322_135523.jpg)

Speaking of jaehyun I saw this pic of him today and he looks so old

No. 20673

I would say more mature? I think it's because he has a skinnier face now. I'm not sure if it suits him or not, but it's commmon to see this fluctuation of weight with idols. Taeyong was super skinny during Boss, but got bulkier in Touch, with months in between. It must be really bad for their health.

No. 20674

i don't care if he's fucking around or whatever but the sjw army reaction to him is hilarious.

No. 20675

he is hideous

No. 20676

Whatever you're opinion is on PewDiePie I think everyone can agree it's pretty pathetic and stupid of him to stoop so low and pander to a bunch of ratmies.. and why did he think that would work in the first place? A bunch of armies are "super woke" and would never let this slide kek. He doesn't need to use BTS for clout anyway it's not like his career is over or anything.

No. 20677

File: 1553278338396.jpg (122.38 KB, 800x1200, unnamed.jpg)

This guy (Han Seungwoo on the new Produce) has such a blatantly obvious nose implant to raise his bridge higher. I've never seen such a sharp nose on an Asian person naturally so it's pretty badly done imo, unless he's going for a look where he wants people to know what he's had done. It suddenly made sense when I looked his name up and found out that he's Sunhwa's brother.

No. 20678

File: 1553278375836.jpg (37.58 KB, 640x960, 962d298b11e324a88179bbca9c2bce…)

Another picture for reference.

No. 20679

all these new kpop idols want to look like manhwa characters. some 13 year old girl will think he looks dreamy and that's all that matters.

No. 20682

His nose looks like a bad drawing

Nah I don't think it's just because of weight, his constant plastic surgery also plays a huge part

No. 20683

yeah its funny because he liked BTS before they were even a thing, so to see all these little SEA urchins latching onto him or even attacking him is retarded af, because he was a fan even before they were

No. 20684

so crazy grace made a video claiming some male idol sexually assaulted her, but wont say who it was?
i have to go to work i dont have the video and havent watched it but i'll post it later if no one else does

No. 20685

Nta but here's the video for those curious.

No. 20686

I bet it was that San E faggot

No. 21638

It looks fine? He's probably wearing foundation but you're reaching

No. 21640

How convenient that the guy who made her touch him couldn't be drunk because "i knew he didn't drink" kek. Are there really male idols that dont drink, even regular people drink like theres no tomorrow.

No. 21642

It’s illegal in Korea to say who it was- as I understand it the libel laws are very strict.

No. 21643

So you are saying she must have made the whole thing up because she said this person wasn’t drinking (even though you have no idea who it is?)

No. 21644

I just needed an explanation for that particular part

No. 21645

yeesh she looks worse every time I see her…but yeah idc if she comes off as opportunistic. Male idols need to be knocked down several pegs.

No. 21646

File: 1553298849394.jpg (87.41 KB, 750x1125, itzyew.jpg)

make it stop

No. 21649

I really hope this is just an unflattering photo cuz this is not the face of a 15 year old

No. 21651

File: 1553303253400.gif (3.33 MB, 480x270, pro48.gif)

jesus here we go…

No. 21652

Haseul was studying music in college in hopes to enter the academy of music to become an opera singer, her music teacher told her to participate at a talent festival, and a BBC scout picked her up there.

No. 21656

i thought she was cute with the blonde hair, she kinda looked like jessica

No. 21657

excuse me i want him to get 1st place on this shitshow

No. 21658

Samefag but idk if it was really blonde, more of a purplish blonde or whatever but yeah it was better than she looks now.

No. 21659

Still can't sing kek

No. 21660

>decided to participate in produce x 101 instead of studying for med school
Saying goodbye to a real promising future

No. 21661

He's cute, too bad they'll botch him as soon as he gets into a group.

No. 21662

to be fair i can't imagine the hell it would be to get into med school in korea

No. 21663

You must not be around them much. It’s really not that big of a deal

No. 21664

>I've been training for four months on my own

I hope all of his dreams come true.

No. 21666

I don't understand why people want another season of this shitshow. Wanna one straight up is one of the worst kpop bands that has ever been (considering how much fame they got)

No. 21667

Samefag but it's also funny how all post IOI groups failed without exception

No. 21668

izone was a flop?

No. 21669

I just hope that jaw stays that way, but we know it won't if he wins.

I kind of want to see this show, I've never seen a Produce one. When does it air and where can I see it? I know some anons here are going to so don't act dumb lol

No. 21670

i'm talking about the groups joined by former IOI members following IOI's disbandment:pristin, gugudan, dia, weki meki…

No. 21672

Not completely sure but maybe late April/early May

No. 21673

debuts may 3rd

No. 21674

Well then, either she was a bad student or Korean opera training is horrible, because she's really not a standout singer even when doing her "opera vocals".

No. 21675

"Wasn't drinking" and "didn't drink" are different. She was referring to the latter, which made me wonder.
Male idols are horrible but some women lie for attention, not saying that she lied cause we don't know for sure but anything is a possibility.

No. 21677

File: 1553320853525.jpg (92.81 KB, 539x810, tumblr_pooj0xPvP61r506hz_540.j…)

his nose has been looking off lately

No. 21678

Who is that? Anons please say who people are if you're sharing a photo. Reminds me of JB from GOT7 but no way right?

No. 21679

Vixx's Hyuk

No. 21684

bitch be looking like bootleg yves. could just be oil from the makeup? either way that's a terrible candid, she looked older than her age from the start to me but this is tragic

the rampant and creepy sexualization of minors in kpop doesn't surprise me anymore but I feel like they keep getting younger and younger and the ps some of them are forced to get is more and more apparent.

give wonyoung some credit her face does look closer to her age and that makes her sexualization even more disturbing than yunas… but yunas is pretty bad too.

I feel bad that both of them are going to be objectified by gross men and eventually discarded when they're "too old" for the ent industry, looking at what happened w/ Kaeun from PD48 being phased out in the final results despite being in the top 10 all show due to blatant ageism and mnet wanting to shoehorn as many "innocent" looking minors into the group as possible (hence why Han Chowon didn't make it in. She didn't fit the definition of "innocent cutesy underage looking girl" despite being underage as well, I'm fucking surprised Chaeyeon made it in because she doesn't fit typical korean beauty standards and she's now an adult)

if I can at least give the second gen some credit while they still sexualized underage idols to some degree they at least put them in more conservative outfits and they looked a little closer to their age because of that, at least in the case of Krystal and Suzy who I feel like weren't as oversexualized as wonyoung and yuna are now despite all debuting at the ages of 14-15

No. 21685

Given the state of things currently I'm more inclined to believe her. That said, she should name names, I'm sick of criminals getting away with not being shamed in public because of Korea's strict defamation laws.

Is she living in Korea? She could always go back to the USA and spill everything, I doubt Korean lawyers could touch her if she's an American citizen on American soil

No. 21687

Chaeyeon was a pity choice, Mnet worked very hard to give her an angel edit because she was a JYP trainee and is talented. Han Chowon was equally talented, but like you said she doesn't exactly look cutesy so she didn't make it (I found her very pretty though, kinda like an Asian Gal Gadot).

No. 21690

File: 1553331596046.jpg (429.61 KB, 1080x916, 20190323_155754.jpg)

Idk, I guess we should take everything with a grain of salt but if it really did happen to her then I feel sorry, never would I deny the toxicity of the kpop industry and the people in it.

No. 21700

I think she is still under contract in Korea. And if she went to the US and names names she would get the same negative reaction she is getting now, multiplied, and nothing would happen. She can’t prove it. I don’t think she is trying to prove one event, anyway- she is sharing so others can know if it happened to them they aren’t alone and to help expose the industry.

No. 21701

Who is this quoted paragon of wisdom and sociology? It’s difficult to be factually wrong and dismissively sexist and yet manage to sound convincingly like a 12 year old, so yay.

No. 21704

File: 1553342383117.jpeg (257.22 KB, 750x796, C6860EBC-B623-4F5A-B908-51DC2A…)

what’s with koreaboos’ obsession with white people? most people tend to be thrown off by languages they don’t understand, it’s not a white thing.

it’s just such an odd thing to fixate on, why not just say westerners?

kept the likes and retweets because yikes

No. 21705

They think non-English speakers = non-white people.

No. 21706

I cringe at how they make it exclusively a BTS thing, like it should have been Kpop in general if they insisted on saying shit (not that i agree with the entire tweet).

No. 21707

i'm not white or from an english speaking country but i still think bts should learn english if they want to keep sucking off america for money and validation. them making music in korean is fine but i find it hilarious how these rich men in their 20s can't manage to learn some basic english for shit despite going to america numerous times and owing their career to their international fanbase. are they really that stupid, how hard is it to learn some basic english to handle a 3 minute long interview? they are just fucking lazy.

No. 21710

Agreed, almost all foreign entertainers who promote in America can speak English well enough to do interviews, talk shows, etc. BTS not knowing enough English to get by is just costing these shows extra time and money to hire translators, and because they can't express themselves in English they come off as extremely awkward - I saw Monsta X and GOT7's interviews, both groups with English-speaking members, and they were by far more engaging and interesting than BTS.

No. 21711


The way Jimin shove his ugly face in the camera while Jungkook struggle with his high note in the back but no one can see him because his bandmate is an attention whore lmao

No. 21712

are these lack of sleep eye bags or the weird lower eyelid surgery they get to look cute

No. 21714

File: 1553348969139.jpg (109.5 KB, 460x663, suzy.jpg)

suzy was 16 during goodbye baby and they dressed her like that

No. 21717

I think they are injections. They would look so much better with them,

No. 21718

Without them

No. 21720

I think with each season of pd101 there'll be less and less people debuting with actual talent. That was already the case with the previous seasons( gualin and sohye for example) and from what I've seen this time there are quite a few models and actors? They're just there for exposure, and will most likely do well because of "visuals". This defeats the whole supposed purpose of the show.

No. 21722

that is the face of a fifteen year old who has already started on her cheek filler doses

No. 21723

No. 21724

he's clearly a narcissist who has been coddled and had his ego jerked off for years, i dont know why people are surprised

No. 21727

To think I used to feel sorry for this bastard at one time. Hopefully, even if he beats the rap, his name will be dirt for a good while in the eyes of the public

No. 21730

has anyone noticed how twice mina is stiff is fuck while dancing and can't for the love of god move her shoulders idk it looks as if she is having an epilepsy fit when she dances most of the time

No. 21731

Well from all of the experiences idols and trainees have shared, becoming an idol and even being one sound like everyday hell with only a 1% chance of having a decent income. At least being a doctor would guarantee him a stable income and skills with more real-world applications than being a K-pop idol ever would.

No. 21732

kek Funnily enough, she used to be a professional ballet dancer or was training to become one (if I recal correctly). Given TWICE’s schedule though, I wouldn’t be surprise if her not dancing well is due to how overworked idols generally are. If not, I’d probably start half-assing the choreo too given how lame and immature the groups’ songs are.

No. 21733

File: 1553373667712.jpg (27.75 KB, 647x137, Capture.JPG)

No. 21734

File: 1553373837913.jpg (125.01 KB, 627x889, Kpop fans are nuts.JPG)

Also one of the main accounts translating this whole Burning Sun saga is done with Kpop stans harassing her because he/she said bad things about their oppas https://twitter.com/bin_oculars

No. 21736

why was vernon put into seventeen. his only quality is knowing english. people fawning over his looks 24/7. he looks like imallexx.

No. 21737

>people fawning over his looks 24/7
That's why, basically

No. 21738

This was a mess in general, from the frumpy, non-ironed looking outfits to everyone's lack of energy. We've been shitting on BP and Jennie but lately I've been noticing how common is the onstage laziness and lack of sync in K-groups in general

No. 21740

she's incredibly untalented. she can do ballet tho but that's it. she's lucky she's pretty.

No. 21741

Vernon is in Seventeen lol what are you talking about.

No. 21743

lol who did you confuse vernon with? who's the one that's not botched? i'm curious now

No. 21744

we love to worship a walmart-dicaprio looking half-white pale skinned motherfucker

No. 21745

Her eyes are a bit wonky (she looks like she has got a lazy eye goin on) and she has done minor things to her face but her level of lack of talent is astounding

No. 21746

It’s hard to tell if the girl groups can sing or dance when they have this cutesy concept- they yell the words and hop and wave their arms around like cheerleaders in middle school.

No. 21747

>They think non-English speakers = non-white people.
This. Plus, "all white people are native English speakers".

>Agreed, almost all foreign entertainers who promote in America can speak English well enough to do interviews, talk shows, etc.
Most speak english so well that you can hardly hear any accent at all. Yet precious bts can only say "worldwide handsome" before having to fall back to using korean, because words like hello or thanks are too difficult for them…
As a white, yet not native english speaker, this sentiment pisses me off so much.

No. 21748

Her explanations sounds completely reasonable. Nothing in the text suggests he is arranging a woman to shop with another woman, and anyway women don’t need to have people do through major negotiations to get a shopping (or drinking) partner. At this point he is just saying anything he can and it is embarrassing.

No. 21749

Oof, I didn't confuse him with anybody, I just kind of mixed up nct and seventeen as a whole / forgot they're two different groups? Both are so big, yet bland, there's just nothing memorable about them lol

No. 21753

because they're not doing interviews for you or to make new fans

No. 21754

I’ll say Seventeen has good synchronization. Unfortunately their music went shit (right when the members started producing their own music).

No. 21755

i thought they made their music from the start? their fans always pushed that they did absolutely everything on their own

No. 21756

She's literally the most pointless idol ever. She has no personality or charisma or talent and all her fans are delusional. "uwu ballerina swan princess introvert delicate precious angel being topped by Chaeyoung every night MiChaeng is real" Mina stans, Chaeyoung in general and MiChaeng shippers are some of the worst things about Twice/onces.

Lmao no her ballet skills have been called out as being really overhyped by other ballet dancers. Her fans are simply deluded. For example Jihyo is a way better dancer than her.

No. 21760

Given her background as a top surgeon's daughter, plus she went to a really prestigious school in japan, she could have become anything but she chose to become a disposable kpop idol. Wait for a few years and she will be irrelevant af (along with the other twice girls), especially since she's a foreigner.

No. 21761

File: 1553387158201.jpg (29.61 KB, 533x800, itzy-for-cosmopolitan-korea-x-…)

This is such an unflattering pic for a M.A.C ad

No. 21762

Who is this supposed to be? Is it rose or one of those loona girls? I cant even tell anymore

No. 21763

its someone from itzy. ryujin maybe? she looks a lot like jennie

No. 21764

looks like one of the itzy girls

No. 21765

Looks like Lia

No. 21767

File: 1553389235889.jpg (86.78 KB, 640x824, p3CBCZ1y7PnRIwlFQgsosfZpnpeO8X…)

No. 21768

File: 1553389830892.jpg (309.31 KB, 1536x1152, LYM_6327.jpg)

Creepy how ryujin looks like chungha here

No. 21770

The girl in between the blond and red head… She looks so OLD and swollen

No. 21773

That's ryujin right there. She looks like she just had botox injections.

No. 21776

Srs question does any twice member actually have talent?

No. 21779

If they were from any other agency, they would have flopped already.

No. 21782

jihyo can sing and dance

No. 21783

wait is cosmo also a magazine that's full of sex tips and sex advice in sk like its native counterpart

because if so why the fuck are ITZY modeling for it when basically all of them are underage? yikes

No. 21784

no, it's a "women's magazine

No. 21785

File: 1553404384138.jpg (50.62 KB, 644x956, 55462946_702339443552127_78932…)

It was so ovbious this guy got ps
but omg he looks totally like a different person now.

No. 21786

File: 1553404450332.jpg (72.28 KB, 663x960, 55557126_702339466885458_79785…)

Another one.

No. 21787

good god literally ANYONE can be a kpop idol

No. 21788

jyp: "tzuyu was scouted because of her dance skills

No. 21789

Yeah at this point he's desperate for the public to believe any explanation he gives.

No. 21792

File: 1553408690827.jpg (503.24 KB, 1080x1653, 20190324_132343.jpg)

Oh yeah anon, it's full of sex tips

>why the fuck are ITZY modeling for it when basically all of them are underage? yikes

Who the hell knows

No. 21793

File: 1553409070814.jpg (895.08 KB, 1080x1863, 20190324_132708.jpg)

The "love" section is basically "sex tips" section, no romance aegyo kind of thing. f(x) also got featured there when krystal was only 16. Idk about other ggs.

No. 21794

File: 1553409104870.jpeg (118.39 KB, 750x1334, D2Smv2qX4AAeQhw.jpeg)

they retweeted some ratmon fanart with like 20 likes that they weren't even tagged in and then unretweeted lmao these lazy asses are lurking stan twitter

No. 21795

i remember watching this gayo perf and thinking what the hell she is doing and why is she calling it ballet like this is shameful how can she unabashedly call herself good at ballet

No. 21797

pretty sure these girls are in more danger inside their own company than by making a dumb photoshoot for boomer korean women

No. 21799

Red haired girl continues to look extremely creepy

No. 21800

She has a huge mouth… big big deal

No. 21801

It's more her eyes tbh, huge eyes + huge smile = borderline creepy

No. 21802

File: 1553411920276.jpg (67.36 KB, 520x780, 036056c6214b7e2af1ad3b052e9252…)

joy's mouth is so ugly too, it ruins her face

No. 21803

File: 1553411957037.jpg (81.05 KB, 682x1024, 408427a5d978dfacb8f791fb423794…)

No. 21804

I saw a few scenes of one of her dramas and all I could see were her massive chompers, she couldn't even talk because of them. She needs to get her veneers resized.

No. 21805

joy during debut was prettier but now all the little things she has got done to hr face has ruind it

No. 21810

Holy crap, they look like completely different people. I legitimately mean this when I say that this is one of the most drastic plastic surgery transformations I’ve seen (that didn’t end up botched). There’s no way this guy would be #1 with his pre-debut looks.

No. 21811

God I wish nitpicking was banned itt. This is ridiculous.

No. 21812

I find it creepy how many kboos actually move to Korea to attend concerts and fan meets and whatnot. they are unhinged

No. 21813

when i was curious about how the fuck kpop fansites and fansigns work and how do they not end up being broke, i dug up some of these fans' accounts to find some english speaking ones and there were a lot of them who flied out from north and south america to korea. there was one girl who moved to korea for college but wasted a huge amount of her money on fansigns and concerts, someone asked her how many albums she bought to be able to attend to a fansign and she said it was around 150-200, and it was still a low amount compared to most people. i wonder if they regret it, it's such a waste

No. 21815

Nah the artists themselves might not be in "danger" but young girls might buy the magazine because their idols are on the cover. The thought of so many young women reading these sex tips is horrifying. Just my two cents tho.

No. 21817

File: 1553422951949.png (256.36 KB, 566x531, ew.png)

No. 21818

I wonder how it affects young Koreans to be constantly bombarded with information about what is attractive that doesn’t coincide with what any actual person looks like, I know this is a problem around the world but the uncanny-level seems especially Asian. In many other places people can look odd or different (or natural) and be famous and in the public eye,

No. 21819

This instance and some other ones lead me to believe that Key can genuinely be a dickhead sometimes. I feel like he gets away with stuff like this more easily because (1) he's in SHINee and (2) he's always had that image of being a sassy gay friend type.

No. 21820

Hint: young girls have always bought and will continue to buy stupid gossip and beauty advice mags - no matter if there are idols featured or not. Some of them are underage, but they're no babies. They and their younger fans can just skip pages with things they find icky, but it won't affect them negatively.
Where else do you suggest should they be allowed to place advertisement with them? No man would ever touch something like Cosmopolitan, so that's the "safest" place their pictures could be put in. I really don't get what's the big deal here.

No. 21821

It has caused some controvery in the west too


But i get it if you dont see this as a big deal, like i said it's just my two cents

No. 21822

I dont know anything about ballet in general but even I can tell she's doing some basic/beginner stuff here.. she has no charisma or talent

No. 21823

This is random but are sm idols allowed to get eyebrow piercings?

No. 21824

i think some of the chinese exo members had eyebrow piercings but i'm not sure if they got it during their sm times

No. 21825

Almost certainly not. Most idols can’t do anything to their face without management approval first and facial piercings are still really taboo in SK

No. 21826

File: 1553437245074.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 1920x2560, 1552694947857.jpg)

looks like dakota's pointy 80s-esque nosejob. pic spoilered because not that relevant.

interesting that he's 16 and the youngest on this season. How old was wonyoung on pd48, 13?

No. 21827

She was 14. Probably changed the min age due to all the outrage over Wonyoung being center at that age. Either that or so they can record longer

No. 21828

As a ballerina, this is beginner level at best and they probably wouldn't put her in pointe bc she most likely never reached that level. Another classic case of Kpop groups taking something from someone's past and pushing it at the forefront to make them seem interesting.

Also, is that V in the background singing??? Who knows maybe she was tryna stop herself from laughing kek

No. 21829

Yeah I asked because a member of nct told a fan that he wanted to get an eyebrow piercing but wasn't allowed to

No. 21831

That's A LOT of photoshop, holy shit. The only recognizable one is Chaeryeong. Ryujin looks like a completely different person. Lia has a longer philtrum with a thin top lip, they pumped her lips and cut the philtrum in half. I'd be offended if I were them

No. 21832

I don't know why gay men love to judge and police women so much.
Both him and heechul have that blunt, borderline rude personality and are still loved and known for that image.
Can't imagine the outrage and hate if one of the female idols behaved like them.

No. 21834

Actually she was 13 until the very last episode, but honestly she looks like a creepy toddler in the face.
Her company shoops off like half her jaw/cheeks to give her a v-line in their promo shots. Guarantee she'll end up with a jaw shave before she's 18.

No. 21835

it's what vocal god v would sound like if he stopped vaping and actually took some vocal lessons

No. 21836

File: 1553441076004.jpg (61.78 KB, 540x494, tumblr_pnjfp3dFZR1tmjqga_540.j…)

How fucking short are they? kek

No. 21837

jimin and suga are such manlets i'm not going to be surprised if they get exposed for being 4'9 or something

No. 21839

There's no way that can be the same person kek

No. 21840

i think suga and jimin are 5'5-5'6

No. 21841


lol they wish! they are all shorter than what they say they are - suga and jiminie are probably 5'4 on a good day

No. 21842

that is shorter than what they say they are

No. 21843

File: 1553445854224.jpg (46.16 KB, 641x559, Sunmi.JPG)

Where? I don't see any weight gain. She's not that tall for it to not show up easily.

No. 21844

File: 1553446151995.jpg (83.84 KB, 627x734, VIPs wilding.JPG)

Watching VIPs melt down will never not be funny

No. 21845

Is this a meme? lol that can't be j-hope's real head size…

No. 21846

His chair is a bit closer to the camera which is why he appears to be bigger than suga, jimin, and jk when in reality he's as big of a manlet as suga.

No. 21848

I never liked Key he comes off ass such a rude judgemental asshole and his fans pass it off as him just being a "confident sassy uwu who gets topped by Jonghyun every night owo" when he's actually just a huge self centered dick.

No. 21858

File: 1553456623769.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.82 KB, 660x400, sunmi_weight.jpg)

I think those are after pics. She looked skelly in heroine

No. 21859

That grand jete…..oof. It seriously looks like the majority of girls in my ballet classes when I was 8 years old. I did ballet and got pointe shoes at 11, and you basically transition into dancing purely for performing en pointe. She looks like a dancer who's in an intermediate beginner class; most dancers who are her age have more poise and experience.

It's pathetic to say that her superior ballet skills are the reason why she looks uncomfortable (aka terrible) when she's dancing in hip hop style. "She's more suited for ballet!" Bitch no, she just can't dance at all. Talented ballet dancers are also great at other styles of dance because companies often make you take other dance classes aside from ballet as well. She just sucks, along with the rest of Twice, including Momo who is a mediocre and over-hyped dancer as well.

No. 21860

File: 1553457575552.jpg (69.85 KB, 645x345, 9SdO7ZJ.jpg)

You can tell that he went to Dr. Kim, showed him a picture of L from Infinite and told him to make him look like L as much as he possibly could.

Funny though considering L is considered to be a naturally good-looking dude whereas this guy went out of his way to shell out thousands of dollars to try and get the same exact face since they're under the same label.

No. 21862

It seems a lot of these guys end up looking more Japanese after surgery. It’s the nose and chin I guess. Wonder what that is all about..

No. 21867

Funny that you say that cause he kinda reminds me of Ryo Yoshizawa.

No. 21868

File: 1553461056388.png (Spoiler Image,517.01 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_2019-03-24-16-50-36…)

Please be fake Please be fake please be f-

No. 21870

OMG….I've always noticed this but people hate it when I say it. It's nice to see someone else think this too (it also sometimes applies to Korean girls too btw)
Same here

No. 21871

File: 1553462226519.png (700.17 KB, 1306x744, iifjdfdk.png)

lol i remember this. she deleted the tweets but here's the convo with her dad that she posted

No. 21872

We need to bring back public shamming

No. 21873

What Alabama shit is this

No. 21874

No. 21876

this is day old but I genuinly can't tell. Is this wendy?

No. 21877

That's even fucking worse. This MUST be a fake conversation that she made up for whatever reason.

No. 21879

No. 21881

Given the history I can see that people in Korea might get upset. But the history might be unconsciously causing this preference… hmmm. I have only started noticing it but if you look at Japanese actors and singers… we aren’t wrong.

No. 21884

yikes. I'm vying that it's fake, the pic looks simulated, iPhone texts don't use such a bold font

plus what fucking lunatic would discuss her sexual fantasies with her dad? I'm closest to my dad, but there's no way in hell I'd ever discuss something like that with him. way too incest-y, pic looks fake, screams attention mongering

No. 21886

Or it's not actually her dad but her "daddy".

No. 21889

Even if this were an open conversation about sexuality and exploring safely or whatever, saying something like "getting wet for some boy" to your own daughter is the creepiest shit.

No. 21890

Looool and who calls their daughter a "thot". If you make shit up then at least do it properly.

No. 21891

Looool and who calls their daughter a "thot". If you make shit up then at least do it properly.

No. 21893

And no dad would respect his daughter coming clean to him about bts. Gross.

No. 21894

It thought it was obvious kpop idols lurked on Korean Stan twitter. I know NCT was able to see an English tweet a couple times and referenced. Stray Kids also does a lot of twitter pandering too

No. 21896

helps that NCT & Stray Kids have English speakers, the horror of having to scroll through stan twitter tho, those poor boys

No. 21897

do these girls really realize the fact that they have a clit after seeing bts oppars doing cringy fanservice

No. 21898

I don't think it's about history (looking like them)…more like pop culture in this situation

No. 21901

>kinda like an Asian Gal Gadot
I've got news for you about where Isreal is located

No. 21903

yes i notice it too, i mentioned bom looks close to a japanese bot/anime girl after all the work she got done
a swollen one, but one nonetheless

No. 21916

File: 1553502816788.jpg (103.84 KB, 1080x1350, yeji.jpg)

Yeji doesn't have monolids, her eyes are just really small. That + the combination of thick black eyeliner gives her the monolid look

No. 21934

Taeyeon's new releases are generic boring ballads. I miss her songs in 2015-2016.

No. 21935


this is way better than all her other previous singles where the chorus is a variant of "yiaaaayiyaaaaaaaaaaaayiyaaaaaaaaaa" vocalization bullshit

even yoona's songs are better than taeyeon's singles

her previus single "something new" and its music video was ironically a copy of a taylor swift song ffs

No. 21936

File: 1553519760120.png (292.01 KB, 1080x1568, IMG_20190325_141528.png)

No. 21938

People who are trying so hard to get ~woke points~ always end up making themselves looks like idiots. People still celebrate the birthdays of the dead as a way of respecting the life that was once here.

No. 21940

Lol yeah you've got a point there. I was referring to her b-side tracks. I didnt know that smth new was a swift's rip off, probably explained why it came off so bad

No. 21941

Imagine if it was a bts member… (Not that i wish death upon them kek but IMAGINE)

No. 21946

i follow a kpop fan that is obsessed with this dude, and every time that somebody talk about him is like " you don't respect him like i do, i will never do something like that" and that 3 minutes later they show that they buy some memorial cd, kpop fans like to be the only woke people, especially if they are trans fans for some reason

No. 21948

woke lgbt fans who except validation from kpop are the saddest. how delusional do you have to be to genuinely believe kpop is filled with trans idols as if any kpop company would accept them knowingly

No. 21949

File: 1553532513223.jpg (66.95 KB, 503x762, BP.JPG)

Can't wait for more out-of-sync dancing and scratchy vocals

No. 21952

The name of the song is stupid and I don't how to put this… awkward maybe? All of Blackpinks's songs carry that same generic house music-y sound even though they are trying to pull a red velvet "Black" and the "pink" being two different concepts. Can't wait to see Jennie slack off in the live performances and her fans break their necks to defend her.

No. 21953

ther is like ONE kpop idiol that is openly gay, but i don't know why most of the tranny fans are like "all of them say trans rights" like?…

No. 21954

This is very much a last-minute comeback thrown together because including album copies with tickets is part of Interscope's deal with YG - they're still filming the MV. They'll be up against Twice and BTS, and now that YG's name is in the dirt I don't expect this to do all that well domestically.

No. 21955

most of them come from thinking male idols wearing makeup and acting feminine is revolutionary and breaking ~~cisnormative gender roles~~.. every single male idol wears stage makeup and acts gay to pander to fangirls, it's not that deep.

No. 21956

It's weird because nobody really shills Holland who is an actual openly gay idol and you would think that the way all these kpop fans be acting they would be all over him and he'd been real popular by now etc etc but I think reason is because he just is a singer who happens to be gay rather than someone using his sexuality as a gimmick to please fujos/pander to a certain demographic of people by making out with other boys openly or whatever. Beating a dead horse here but K-pop fans don't care about lgbt anything and jist use the facade of them caring to actively indulge in gay fan service,reading gay smut fics about their fav all with a guilt free conscience. Also and of course for free wokeness points.

No. 21957

I didnt even know not celebrating someones birthday after they die was a thing people feel so strongly about, but Im seeing it a lot recently wtf. Not just kpop. Im seeing people even on face book screeching about how disrespectful it is like…I have never heard it in my life but if any time is the right time to find something retarded to be offended by, its right now I guess.

No. 21961

i don't care about them being fujos but the sjw kpop fujos are hypocritical considering how much they sperg about how they care so much about their gay ship because it's lgbt representation and by shipping them they are supporting a closeted gay couple because how do you know that it's not real guys??? but when it comes to an actual gay idol that doesn't fit into their fanfiction narrative they don't care. it's almost like being gay and real gay relationships don't actually work like their fantasies.

No. 21962

saying “kpop fans/armys are all SJWs” might be the current hot take but loads of them are barely covering the fact that they’re still racist homophobes who fetishise idols for any reason they can. see the amount who love their headcanons about their idol being an innocent trans baby but not caring about harisu

No. 21965

But he does use his sexuality as a gimmick and that’s all he’s known for. Fans only like him because him gay and that’s the main premise of all his music videos. They just wouldn’t support him beyond twitter because that would involve time; time that would be taken away from hyping other groups they actually care about.

Only an idol who has an established career that comes out can actually grab their attention so I’m just waiting when Sehun drops more evidence

No. 21969

I just saw a coupple of the introduction videos for produce 101 my god, they are the cringiest thing ever. I actually recoiled at a couple of them. You can see how cringe idols are when you put them in a room with no music, no fangirls, etc lol makes me feel bad about them, they all look so desperate for your "love".

Someone should make a cringe comp with these videos, nobody would be able to complete it.

No. 21970

File: 1553546945155.jpg (485.09 KB, 1080x1390, IMG_20190325_164748.jpg)

This picture is from a while ago but it still scares me

No. 21971

I honestly can't last 5 seconds watching these videos my GOD. I didn't know they were so cringy.

Also here's J-hope's twin from the screenshot anon shared. Uughh…

No. 21972

File: 1553547166529.png (56.97 KB, 420x420, 8743e04f66617f58a39119cc2819a4…)

Why does Jaehyun look like a Roblox character?

No. 21978

why do you constantly spam boring pics/vids of jaehyun itt? do you want to gut him or fuck him?

No. 21979

No. 21980

Post caps, retard. This is an imageboard.

No. 21981

This picture isn't about Jaehyun, it's about Taeyong and the picture's filter and what it did to his face and hand

No. 21983

sure. my question still stands.

No. 22005

File: 1553561344061.jpeg (798.5 KB, 1125x1470, 59200149-FF30-477C-8283-9C9C99…)

Screen shot for this idiot

No. 22008

Tyl this content is for little girls who have no romantic experience. That’s the only demographic that finds this desperate appeal attractive.

No. 22010

Why does he look like a middle aged tranny

No. 22011

File: 1553564864034.jpg (525.41 KB, 1080x1592, 20190326_084705.jpg)

>South Korean netizens are now currently suspecting that Burning Sun was a place used for money laundering by organized crime.

You know what, this makes a lot of sense and I have no doubt YG is involved too.

No. 22012

I hope I don't upset nct chans here, but god is their music completely awful. I listened to wakey wakey (lol) and at this point I can't imagine you guys going through the torture of listening to such shitty songs only to be able to hear your oppa sing a 3 seconds konglish line. Do people on Kpop general know self love?
It seems like SM doesn't give a fuck anymore and is giving all the EXO and SHINee reject songs to this trainwreck of a group.
Also, Haechan's nasally voice makes me want to take an icepicker to my eardrums, kill two birds with one stone and perform a lobotomy on myself right on the spot.

No. 22013

I don't think even one of us liked that song to be honest. We didn't even share it on the general thread. There's several songs that we do like and think are good, but of course I'm not going to defend any of them here because it's pointless. Either you like them or not.

But nobody liked wakey come on, we know it's a shit song. At least is a Japanese release, so who cares.

No. 22015

I think songs like Limitless were well produced, but fuck they don't even try with their Japanese releases. Chain and Wakey are terrible, but also that's even a step lower from Firetruck and Cherry Bomb. Talk about an achievement.

No. 22016

File: 1553570916481.jpg (138.71 KB, 1000x500, 20190325-jenniejpg.jpg)

jennie getting the fx/red velvet whitewash treatment

No. 22021

File: 1553573485342.png (375.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190326-050956.png)

Do they think they're funny?

No. 22022

Why do you think their japanese releases are so bad? I have a good idea why that I mentioned earlier in this thread btw

No. 22024

who's going to tell these REEE YT PPL SUCK I HATE 'MURICA GRRRR kpop stans that most of their unnies and oppars are americaboos? especially someone like jennie lmao

No. 22025

File: 1553578212679.jpg (68.86 KB, 960x960, 54525824_841662959514771_49887…)

mijoo is apparently using an app to make herself look like those fucking weibo weirdos in china

scary shit lmao

No. 22027

If you think those noise pollution, metal clanking, cringy lyrics, try hard hip hop excuses for a song sound good you're way too far up Lucas' ass for your own good. There's absolutely nothing redeemable about it.

No. 22028

File: 1553580408998.png (124.22 KB, 680x680, 135.png)

silly nigga, lucas isn't in 127

No. 22029

File: 1553580466483.png (316.38 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_2019-03-26-12-05-43…)

What the hell is that nose, looks like it's melting off his face

No. 22030

taeyeons impact!

No. 22032

So Suzy is leaving JYP. Isnt she just an actress now anyway?

No. 22033

File: 1553582010118.jpeg (159.88 KB, 750x750, AC8D38AD-8D68-4378-8C53-725FD6…)

No. 22036

Taeri-esque. Speaking of which, are there candids of Taeri?

No. 22038


a masterpiece like always

No. 22041

Did you even read their question right? Where did they ever say their songs were good?

No. 22043

She's almost 25 now, that's grandma-tier for JYP because he now has fresh new 14-year-olds to sexualize

No. 22044

File: 1553601734960.jpg (226.46 KB, 1080x1032, IMG_20190326_080122.jpg)

The woke stans coming thru

No. 22045

File: 1553601765689.jpg (205.02 KB, 1080x850, IMG_20190326_080108.jpg)

Here's an extra pic LMAO

No. 22046

These dolls look like Yuta now

No. 22049

I hate this term so much. Eyeshadow didn't stop glam rock musicians or Dahvie Vanity sleeping with 12 year olds. Didn't stop Seungri either

No. 22050

Lmao just the lips I think

No. 22051


looks like leeteuk like WHO is this supposed to be ffs

No. 22052

how the fuck does eyeshadow end toxic masculinity
I don't expect much out of stans but give me a fucking break

No. 22054

Did someone squash his plastic nose kek

No. 22055

I hate how this ~woke~ culture turned feminist language into a mere joke.

No. 22073

Luckily most people agree that the dolls are fucking disgusting so point to armys for not being super delusional

No. 22074

ngl i think a couple of their faces are kind of accurate. Jin's doll is just bad but I could actually tell who was who just based on their faces. That said they're still quite…creepy

No. 22076

I don't think this video was intended as a cringe comp but it may as well be.

No. 22078

I think it's because it's a different company? If bighit released these dolls themselves, armys would cry that the boys and bighit work so hard and everybody must praise them or get bullied

No. 22079

What's up with all the pokemon shit?

No. 22080

Rip Jennie’s scalp. That hair looks so dry and blonde does not suit her either.

No. 22081

Now imagine these guys practicing these intros, repeatedly, in front of the mirror in their parents' apartments and actually thinking it's good and charming. The cringe can only multiply.

No. 22082

It's a wig.

No. 22083

File: 1553620151379.jpg (605.27 KB, 1022x1820, Screenshot_20190326-180411_mh1…)

JK and V having a smack down with who can edit their selfie in the most idiotic looking kind of way

No. 22084

I'm surprised that armys don't talk about the dolls being whitewashed lol. That Jin one looks pale af.

No. 22085

File: 1553620497070.jpg (136.76 KB, 1122x1099, D2jx3I8X0AArcaR.jpg)

Jesus Christ just look at this shit.
Is anyone actually going to buy this?

No. 22086

which one is this? looks like edawn.

No. 22087

aw yis, barbie dolls. the symbol of gender equality and feminism

No. 22088

No. 22089

Underrated comment

No. 22090


are you fucking blind it is a wig

No. 22091

doesn't really look like him. bts aren't this pale

No. 22093

File: 1553623455259.jpg (50.83 KB, 900x506, maxresdefault-1-900x506.jpg)

OT but it looks like this dude from ateez took a picture of that guy from cross gene to his surgeon and told him to make him look like him kek

No. 22095

might just be the pointy nose, but hongjoong has always reminded me of dk from seventeen

No. 22096

File: 1553625766483.jpg (10.15 KB, 231x166, tumblr_inline_poky691Yid1r0xdm…)


No. 22097

crazy obsessed 12 years old BTS fans of course, surely mattel isn't aiming for older fans

I laughed so hard, the clothes are way too fancy though, edawn style it's more grandpa-hobbo~esque

No. 22098

Several of ATEEZ members have some weird nose jobs, especially Hongjoong. He has a creepy face but I kind of like that about him, not sure why. Not saying he's attractive, but he looks interesting.

No. 22099

this is true Holland does us the fact they he is gay to get attention, all his videos are about him kissing or almost fucking some dude,his music is not even that interesting, but he does have fans but they are just trans or gay people that happen to be asian or kpop fans

No. 22100

Lil Pump has seen better days than this

No. 22101

File: 1553629575435.jpeg (534.05 KB, 2048x2037, 2E1694DB-1808-43F4-9451-0803E4…)

can’t wait for how awful the in-store displays are gonna look

No. 22102

their tranny fans must love it since they look like women

No. 22103

Only the jungkook one resembles him a tiny bit, the rest I would have never guessed who they were supposed to be especially without the colorful suits

No. 22104

Second one from right looks like Michael Jackson

No. 22106

File: 1553638118904.jpg (767.25 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190326-180704.jpg)

You're talking about this guy right? Tereda takuya

No. 22107

File: 1553638237525.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.87 KB, 1080x544, IMG_20190326_180939.jpg)

Another pic he really does look like him

No. 22109

They got the noses right

No. 22116

holy fuck are they ugly

No. 22123

sage for off topic

this is why koreaboos annoy the fuck out of me
this 43 year old korean guy is single and the comments are full of nothing but kboos trying to get into his pants
'korean girls don't get him he should date a foreign instead' this is soo cringy and thirsty af
i feel personally offended cuz i know some ppl like that in rl and it's not cute, even if they're attractive
just reminds me of disgusting greasy white boys chasing after asian girls (went through that)

No. 22124

This is V’s karma for pulling that girls hair at the fansign

No. 22126

>I think he will be the best with foreign wife he is really charming and he looks attractive . I think maybe korean girls are no up to his personality. And seems dating korean girls is a bit difficult they are no direct the want the men to guess everything because of that questions and the answer no always apply for foreign girls.
is this why koreaboos hate female idols so much?? this is honestly just sad. i hope these girls don't bump into some middle aged creep and get manipulated with their yellow fever and uwu daddy kink.

No. 22128

THey hate female idols because seeing them is a reminder of the level of beauty they'd have to be at to ever have a shot with their oppas

No. 22137

I'm glad to find someone else who agrees with me on that abomination of a voice. His voice is terrible and annoying and hurts your head. Can't believe nctzens compare him to mariah carrey and beyonce.

Also another thing, why do his fans make such a big deal about his skin tone….sounds a bit colorist if you ask me. Why is it so important if he's a bit tanner than the others? Whats the big deal? Since when does skin color make you more special? (sarcasm)

No. 22139

i think the emphasis on skin colour for more tanned idols is the ifan's attempt at a pushback against colorism from kfans

No. 22140

I always saw fans how fans were talking about his vocals so I listened to nct dream's songs and holy shit his voice is grating af. I cannot fathom how he's supposed to be a main vocal?

No. 22141

most of the "good" vocalists of k-pop are on the squeaky high pitched side, both male and female idols. are there any decent vocalists with a lower range? they always make them sing out of their range and they end up sounding like dying goats, it's such a waste. you see kpoppies praising idols for having superior vocals but i don't see it. sm is pretty good with some of their vocalists, groups who come together after singing contests have some good vocalists too but other than that, i think most companies aren't really good at vocal training.

No. 22147

idk if she still does but Puer Kim's debut was a pretty low song, but Kpop could use some idols who don't scream into the mic and call it a high note.

No. 22148

nta but jesus christ relax. you can’t see the hairline in the pic upthread so the only giveaway is how scraggly and dry it is…which is what it looks like when you bleach dark brown hair to white.

No. 22149

hwasa has a pretty deep register. iirc their company put mamamoo together specifically because of their vocals and even said something like “it doesn’t matter if they’re ugly as long as they can sing”. it’s a shame that all their newer songs are just generic pop garbage that don’t showcase their talent. they’re one of the few groups who don’t put on that annoying fake high-pitched toddler voice.

No. 22150

Its true that sm is one of the only companies that have decent vocalists. It's very rare to find one elsewhere. Taeil from nct has a pretty low register and sounds like an actual vocalist

No. 22154

File: 1553712443198.jpg (371.5 KB, 1080x1466, IMG_20190327_194253.jpg)

President Namjoon"
He's got to have the most punchable smug face on this planet. ..
It's disgusting just how calculated everything they do is: hold that shitty unicef speech, dumb ratmys make "Namjoon for president 2020"-posts and now they release that video. What a coincidence… They must lurk stan twitter 24/7. Still doesn't mean that they make an effort to communicate with their interenational fans though kek

No. 22155

Moonbyul does too, but she doesn't sing as often. I think in kpop you're considered a good vocalist only if you screech out high notes, it doesn't matter if you hit em or not. For example, armys really think that V is a great vocalist and he sounds like a dying goat

No. 22156

he literally looks like a lump of clay

No. 22157

is bts still going for school boy concepts when they're all around 25?

No. 22158

samefag but their high school dropouts schtick is a huge seo taiji & boys rip off.

No. 22159

Which is probably a rip-off something else too lel

No. 22160

I'll be honest, I liked the rap. Didn't read the lyrics too much lol, but I liked his flow for this "trailer".

He does have a punchable face kek

No. 22163

He sounds like every other kpop male main vocal. Nctzen spotted.

No. 22164

The rap was actually okay but the end with the 'hook' in English was really cringey. RM should really stop writing the hooks in English as they never make sense and sound really elementary.

No. 22165

Can't imagine how big his ego must be …but can't blame him though. I'd probably be like that too if I uttered childish nonsense and people would think I'm some sort of eloquent, linguistic prodigy.

No. 22167

I thought about b.a.p youngjae (in video the one with soccer hat) but well I might be wrong but in terms of kpop it seems deeper when you compare it to voice of the high pitched vocalists

No. 22169


"level of beauty" you mean the level of botchedness to match their oppas botchedness

No. 22170


they do lurk stan twitter. a few days ago jk accidentally rt-ed namjoon fanart on the official account. probably forgot to log out of his personal acct

No. 22172

tinfoil: rapmon himself has several bts stan accounts to keep up with whatever the korean and international fans are saying so that he can report stuff to their marketing team and they can pander to them.

No. 22174

Lol pretty sure they can pay people to do that anon.

No. 22175

no one in bighit speaks english other than rapmon and some of the txt kids

No. 22186

I thought the same thing lmao. That was perfect anon

No. 22187

That's a totally realistic assumption cause I've seen that with other English-speaking idols where they try to emulate that cringey stan twitter language or reference memes.

No. 22194

Not the same anon but what exactly is the deeper or different tone you guys are talking about? Can you give a video as an example ?

No. 22200

B/c that’s literally the only English they’re learning

SK’s English education is a pathetic joke. Feel bad for the kids there who actually want to learn but are only taught to memorize, memorize, memorize useless junk that won’t help them at all in real life situations.

I keep thinking of rm’s “love is a complex” line
That he used
In several interviews
And his fucking lyrics

Love is a complex, bro

No. 22201

"Love is a complex" actually makes perfect sense but I'm sure that wasn't what he was trying to say lol

No. 22202

That’s at least half of why it’s funny to me lol

No. 22203

File: 1553734625375.jpg (603.14 KB, 1333x2000, R2Ammpr.jpg)

Jeongyeon always looks so miserable. I feel bad for her.

No. 22204

Where is she miserable in that photo? Are you suggesting you know what she's thinking?

No. 22205

That fake smile. Every time I see her she looks miserable.

No. 22206

the classic kpop dead-eyed smile

No. 22210


These days she often looks like she hates her life and no amoun tof cheek fillers, botox and dead-eyed smiles are going to convince anyone but her fans otherwise.

No. 22211

File: 1553738256212.jpg (77.32 KB, 750x666, jImhDwL.jpg)

Why does Rose look like the Joker in a wig?

No. 22212

jaw shave. completely throws off head proportions. prob unfortunate cheek fillers too

The Joker was a gangam unnie.

No. 22213

Of course, but RM in particular seems like the type that'd obsessively lurk stan circles. Iirc, there was a rumour around a few years ago that he was seen browsing a website that suspiciously looked like OneHallyu.

No. 22216

is this recent? did they really take out lisa's ratty weave?

No. 22217

Lol all that pic is missing is a titan to break that shit down

No. 22219

Lmao wheres the colossal titan when we need him

No. 22220

File: 1553748315442.jpeg (28.3 KB, 275x275, 189AB838-17A2-48F8-833F-EC6A65…)

Need more jaw shave vs ordinary people pics to boost pathetic self esteem by petty means

Jaw shave is fascinating

No. 22221

File: 1553748381582.jpeg (31.05 KB, 275x99, E3346A1D-D846-41BD-AF00-3241BA…)

This has to be photoshopped

No. 22222

File: 1553749077496.png (270.72 KB, 416x463, a289sjk2.png)

sinb was so ugly before surgery damn

No. 22224

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but I really like the way this guy sang predebut. Maybe because it was a jpop song, which are usually sung deeper

No. 22225

didn't she cry to her fans that she wanted a break or something? she'll probably be the first to leave twice

No. 22228

Can you guys PLEASE find some new content? You guys stay posting the same idol pictures over and over again like it's brand new. The nitpicking is old.

No. 22229

File: 1553754842129.jpg (98.77 KB, 1080x334, IMG_20190328_023307.jpg)

Good grief armies

No. 22230

YG keeps promoting Jennie as if she's the only member

No. 22232

Since I saw those videos and gifs of Jeongyeon groping the breasts of other members I just want to sucker punch this bitch.

No. 22233

this cant be sinb right - fans always talk about how her nose was perfect predebut

No. 22234

lol, what? i hear this generic voice in 99% of kdrama ballads.
Your oppa is uninteresting and has a boring voice.

No. 22235

I read through these tweets. What do BTS have to do with their personal growth…like wtf. What have they done other than say "love yourself!". God, what mental health legends. If some rando made a tweet saying "love yourself:)" people would be in the replies like "I have depression, karen". Why are BTS different here?

No. 22237

That's actually a pretty good point. Just recently I read a post saying that telling depressed people things like "I'm sure it will get better soon!" "No, you are beautiful/smart/whatever, have more confidence!" - very similar to the stuff they always preach - is supposedly abuse.
Yet when Oppar does it…

No. 22239

Her head is massive.

No. 22240

No. 22243

they are just like the "why are you depressed just stop being sad!!!" people. i don't understand how these people unironically go around saying bts saved their life. how?

No. 22246

Her acting was shitty in the Solo MV, what makes CF directors think she can make convincing expressions for 5 minutes?

No matter how many topics we nitpick about, /ourguy/ Yuta will never die. It's almost endearing in a way, he might be a plastic faggot but he's OUR plastic faggot now I guess

No. 22248

Yuta seems like a stupid melodramatic bitch with no social skills.

As another stupid melodramatic bitch with no social skills I relate to that, even though my chin is a normal size.

No. 22250

Ah, back to the classic yuta nitpicking I see. Lol

No. 22251

is this, dare it say it, the birth of the first /kpop critical/ meme?

No. 22253

Fuck Yuta, he is not now nor will he ever be my guy. You can go right back to posting him in the spam thread instead of shilling him here. I'd take jimin over him.

That bts comeback can't come soon enough… The nct niggers need to shut up.

No. 22254

i wouldn't really recognize him amongst nct if it wasn't for these threads lol there are like 15 more members that look like him. i actually feel bad for people like him and park bom for getting irreversably botched ps

No. 22255

Bad PS like that makes me sad too. You can't fix it without risking making it even worse. Plus it's like painting with watercolors: after a certain point if you continue trying to "fix" a mistake you'll just muddy it up even more and there's nothing that can be done.

No. 22257

Attack me if you want, but I don't find his face (his current face), as botched as some of you guys make it out to be be. It's much more normal looking without all the freaky contouring makeup imo

No. 22258

must be sad being a kpoop fan and get called i-roach by knetizens

like getting insulted by koreans of all ppl is fucking embarrassing kek

imagine spending so much money to listen to plastic music and fake xenophobic idols

No. 22260

You said it anon. It's very sad indeed

No. 22261

>knetizens call i-fans i-roaches
Kek based

No. 22263

It's mainly his nose that's plastic looking now. He's got one of those obvious PS noses.

No. 22264

where have knetz called ifans i-roaches?? this is gold

No. 22268

File: 1553781877669.jpg (10.98 KB, 284x404, images.jpeg-12.jpg)

She's often called "Jessica's lookalike". It kinda makes sense imo.

No. 22269

It looks much more normal without the contour actually (which is also what I was suggesting before). Kpop makeup artists don't know anything about applying the right kind of makeup for different faces. Probably because they're all supposed to looked the same anyway so why bother knowing how lol

No. 22270

Tell us more about how they hate us I love that shit

No. 22272

File: 1553782736073.png (214.38 KB, 467x320, 3.png)

Luhan's jaw shave tho

No. 22273

Caption this with "Why do females always reject me?" and he looks like straight out of r/incels kek


No. 22276

Pathetic, insecure, and jealous pieces of shit

No. 22277

File: 1553784433326.jpg (13.07 KB, 480x360, checkem.jpg)

>those digits

No. 22278

>Most I-roaches are weaboos and hate Korea anyways ㅋㅋ
>They're the ones who keep dragging the Korean trainees around, while they support those talentless Japanese ㅋㅋ
>There are more people here who enjoyed the show than them who cares, they can go fangirl/fanboy over J-idols instead

the salt… in summary, knetz and i-fans both need to chill

No. 22280

My fucking sides, literally every single one of those statements is true and can be applied to at least half the posters itt

No. 22281

Speaking of plastic faces and horrible singing…..