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File: 1646332490108.jpg (208.58 KB, 736x1116, 9970ade19dfd0bc9d0318ad98bef75…)

No. 186847

Post your favorite albums/artists/songs!

No. 186852

My electroconvulsive therapy jam ♥

No. 186854


No. 186859


No. 186877

I don't know what temporal music is but take this

No. 186909

legitimately love this thanks for posting. and here's some classic merzbow

No. 186911

yw nona, do you have any harsh noise/hnw recs?

No. 186914

No. 186916

kys if you think biological women can't enjoy noise. preferably by banging your head against a wall multiple times bpd-chan style

No. 186924

it can't be denied that most of the quote unquote women who enjoy it and or produce it are npd-kuns in programmer socks who like the sound of their own brains being deep fried by all the porn and anime they consume

No. 186925

you're basically the same as the noisebros that gatekeep the scene for women

No. 186927

fuck off. not all of us enjoy taylor swift. that doesn't make us moids

No. 186930

I'm trying to understand. I clicked through this randomly and it's the same sound of someone putting me in a plastic bag and throwing me down the stairs.
Same with this, it also sounds identical to the one above. Are there special headphones needed to understand this?
This one is neat, some guy blowing into a broken microphone. It kind of hurts my head though.
Anyway I don't judge, enjoy your noise, it doesn't make anyone a troon to enjoy the sounds of suffering. Songrel isn't noise but it brings me similar discomfort in a good way, maybe the emotions this give me are the same emotions you guys get from listening to static?

No. 186942

>it's the same sound of someone putting me in a plastic bag
quite ironic you say this, vomir wears a plastic bag on his head at (almost) all of his sets and also hands out plastic bags to any guests. they have to be black though.
>it also sounds identical to the one above
no, the textures are different.
you don't need to understand it to feel it. it's quite literally just textured static. it's made to be static, it's called harsh noise wall for a reason (though harsh noise wall is not the only kind of noise wall). a monolithic wall of noise. walls don't move unless they're being destroyed. no ideas, no development, no change, no entertainment and no remorse.
though there is more dynamic hnw out there, check out the rita and werewolf jerusalem for example. analog textured, monolithic and enveloping but still moving mass of noise.
>it brings me similar discomfort in a good way
yes, a degree of masochism is required to gain anything from harsh noise…
if that's too much you could check out the genres of power electronics (PE noise is less harsh except when it's all-on high-pitched feedback and there's more emphasis on vocals than in harsh noise) and noise rock maybe? i think you'd be into yellow swans and skullflower - vidrel (they have ties to ramleh, a classic power electronics band which is also a noise rock band sometimes).

No. 186947

Thanks for the recommendations. If it's a wall of sound, is it meant to be felt as well as heard? Is it enjoyed if it's played in a way that you can feel the vibrations? I'm listening to the video in your post now. I actually do kind of like it, but it isn't my favorite genre. It reminds me of some songs by Todesstoß which I listen to sometimes. I don't know if my vidrel is the best example. It's black metal though, I guess there are some parallels between the genres.

No. 186957

>is it meant to be felt as well as heard?
it's one of the ways of listening to it and i'd say the best one, but it could hurt you in some cases (if you decide to listen to one wall for multiple hours on full blast in your headphones and even if it's quite cathartic, it doesn't feel good afterwards) or you could just blast it on speakers in your room (the neighbours will just think you're really busy renovating your home if you care about it, speaking from experience)
listening to it in the background while doing something is also ok as it (for me) clears your mind and helps focus (just like a white noise machine but stronger).
>It's black metal though
black metal is nice, one of the most profilic power electronics/noise artists (mikko aspa) is also a BM artist and one of the vocalists of Deathspell Omega. the finnish power electronics scene in general has ties to black metal, though it's pretty niche with the themes they cover and such (one could call them ~problematic~).
the rawer side of BM definitely has noise qualities, the term blackened noise didn't came from nothing y'know. do you have any recs for that?

No. 186968

I don't listen to black metal much, only the bands Todesstoß, which I listen to select songs of, and a band named Emptiness. I'd say the first one is more noise adjacent than Emptiness. Have you heard of Gnaw Their Tongues? I've tried listening to them, and I think it definitely constitutes as noise, but it's not very accessible to me listening-wise. Vidrel is still Todesstoß, I haven't listened to nearly enough of Gnaw Their Tongues to make a decision of what to post, but I think it's noise.

No. 186975

yes, GTT is classic blackened noise, but sadly i haven't checked out it much, but thank ya. also the album Hirngemeer by Todesstoß looks pretty interesting to me, i'll check it out!
vidrel is from rape africa by bizarre uproar (another finnish PE band that has BM roots) and is mostly known by their live shows (they're very nsfw though). pasi's (only band member) live interviews are pretty hilarious imo

No. 187016

songs like this make me wanna become a cybergoth and bust some sick-ass moves under a bridge with other cybergoths

No. 187018

Move over this is temporal music

No. 187053

Hell yeah anon I still listen to this game's music. My favorite to listen to when I'm sad is this one, it's just really comforting to me

No. 187075

Would you consider noise to be "music" or just as it is named- noise? I personally don't find the appeal but I can see why others do. If I were to listen to noise I'd want to listen to something I can sort of grind my teeth to, move my head to, something like that. Skullflower Birthdeath seems comprehensible to me so far, the appeal for me here is the deep sounds and rhythm and a guilty of pleasure of mine is hearing wails in the background.

No. 187099

Actual goosebumps every time, sounds haunting played on vinyl.

No. 187137

while it is listed and recognized as a genuine genre of music (experimental/avant-garde; there are also subgenres of modern classical which extensively utilize harsh noise and noise music techniques) it is also very anti-musical in nature and sometimes an exercise in how long can you go before it's not even music ("hell, if even very short bursts of incomprehensible noise (gorenoise/vomitnoise) and legitimate static (hnw) is music, then what the fuck does music even mean?"); some noise artists actively deny their musicality (especially those in the gorenoise scene) so it's a question i can't really answer because i still don't know a comprehensible definition of what music even is.
>the appeal for me here is the deep sounds and rhythm
vidrel has both (it's guitar noise run through some muff, loop and distortion pedals) yet it is still a nihilistic harsh noise wall recording (albeit more emotional than your standard wall due to a grinding rhythm and the overall bleak, hopeless atmosphere while usual vomir walls contain zero emotion). there are rhythmic noise walls (for example, churner and stena (stena is one of the projects of sergey pakhomov, an extremely profilic noise artist and an actor)), vomir also collaborated with an industrial metal band, legion of andromeda. the resulting release (harsh metal wall) is very rhythmic industrial metal/noise metal - https://legionofandromeda.bandcamp.com/album/harsh-metal-wall .

No. 187367

Drudkh from Ukraine released a song early because of the invasion

No. 187368

And a song from Kanonenfieber

No. 187472

No. 187520

Can't stop listening to it aaah. It's been on repeat for days now and I fear getting sick of it.

No. 187555


No. 187567

Based anon, I love this album

No. 187583

This god forsaken site needs a prog thread

No. 187688

Love her!

No. 187778

Press play if you like irish folk and/or want to have a good morning

No. 187782

Good morning nonnas! I have been listening to so many of these Japanese ambient albums in my alone time. This one in particular is my fave when I'm getting ready for bed.

No. 187806

oooh I love Japanese ambient music as well!! vidrel is my fav

No. 187825

This is outrageously good, and my favorite album of 2021. It’s poppy, disjointed, upbeat, and trippy. You guys have to listen to this back to back. It’s a great work.

No. 187826

been on a huge nostalgia binge lately, obviously im biased but there is something about late 00's/early 10's indie pop that makes it so timeless but at the same time so dated. in addition to matt and kim i've been listening to a lot of empire of the sun and passion pit. god i missed stupidly happy and optimistic indie pop/pop

No. 187857

I cant stop jamming to buttmetal, help me nonnies.

No. 187953

Love them!

No. 187956

I remembered that a few years ago I was crazy about a slug themed metal band for a few months and then I never listened to it again. I completely forgot about it until now but it's pretty good
That's pretty cool
That's cool too

No. 187966

No. 188044

No. 188047

Did not think I’d be coming across this blast from the past here.

No. 188092

I've been listening to a lot of Killing Joke recently, they are the quintessential cold war band, their entire discography fit the current timeline, it's insane. They should rerecord Eighties for the Twenties, no need to change much of the lyrics.

Holy shit, somebody else listens to Magma here?! They are my fave band ever and almost nobody knows them (they aren't the easiest shit to listen to though), the Restrospektiw live is insane at that. Seeing them live was the highlight of 2021.

No. 188129

always thought she had big nlog energy, but that could have just be me being a cunt. Ignoring that, I still didn't like her music. Not a jealous fan of whatever famous scrote she got with

No. 188390

No. 188730

I met a person once whose favorite band was Foo Fighters, and they're forever in my mind as the person with the most bland, basic taste in music ever because of this.

But lately I've been thinking… Ny favorite band is radiohead, which is pretty damn popular. Is that a bland/basic choice? Be honest nonas.

No. 188732

You shouldn’t like or dislike things on the basis of how popular they are. If you love Radiohead then go love Radiohead.

No. 188748

Gonna sperg about my fave Finnish female* duo, PMMP a bit because I love them

I grew up listening to their songs, and I feel like they have a song for every mood of The Female Experience(tm). Their first albums are more teenage-rebelly in a way, but you really hear their growing up in the later years, especially the last album.

*the band members are male

This song is about doing well in school, being the perfect straight A girl, but then breaking down and having a rebellious punk phase


No. 188750

This one is about having your first experiments with sex (while growing up in a conservative household)


The music video is so early 2000s and embarrassing, I love it

No. 188754

This one's about a dead bedroom and getting therapy to fix why the man doesn't want to have sex, not wanting to break up despite everything


No. 188756

This one is about a dead partner I think, their later songs become less literal with their lyrics


No. 188759

Ok last one, then sperg over

This is my fave from their last album they ever did! It's about a lost relationship and mental health issues. I think.


Please tell about your fave artists nonnies, I would love to discover more non-english and/or female artists!

No. 188777

Yeah it is bland and basic, but whatever

No. 188781

i miss my auntie, she loved this song

No. 188829

Recently I've really been enjoying electronic music with rock/punk influences like Death Grips, Machine Girl, The Garden, Grimes, etc and 100 gecs. Any reccs for artists who are similar to this style or what genre I should look into to find more artists like this? I know some 90s industrial bands sound kind of similar, but outside of that I'm not too sure.

No. 188845

industrial hip-hop and hyperpop/bubblegum bass
you could also like digital hardcore
vidrel is clipping. , industrial hip-hop artist (known for sampling noise/power electronics tracks)

No. 188902

don't want to sound like a kboo since most of this is in eng anyway but something about this song swells up emotion in me

>fucking tired of it all

>you feel some get better than you
>was just looking for somewhere to be free from grief and loss
>when i wake up i hate myself so much it's sad

No. 188904

(posting here because there's no metal thread)

This would be the third song Arch Enemy has released since Alissa joined that I actually liked. It has a bit of a different sound than their previous albums, but judging by their other new music I think this song is an exception and they're not going in a new direction.

Also is it just me or are Alissa's growls a bit… underwhelming? They're better in this song imo but ever since she joined Arch Enemy I've felt like her growls sound kind of weak in comparison to the instruments, Idk if it's just me who feels that way. I really think her voice was better suited to metalcore style, and her clean vocals are much better and more powerful sounding at any rate and I wish she'd stick to them more.

No. 189470

I love shitty catchy songs like vidrel

No. 189472

and this one too, i found it in the ftm thread when ellen page posted her first shinji troon pics KEK

No. 189474

I thought this was hila

No. 189481

lol i had to google her, same crazy lazy eyes

No. 189502

the urge of sending this to fakebois complaining about fujoshis…

No. 189506

always reminded me of a gay bootleg egyptian lover

No. 189507

No. 189519

Listening to this one while on a long train ride through nordic landscapes hits different

No. 189530


No. 189706

Huh, I have a favourite Gentle Giant album that I always listen to in its entirety on long train rides. Is that a weird coincidence or is their music just very train-appropriate?

No. 189712

I could never quite get into Gentle Giant, but I try

No. 189719

I get that. I love "Three Friends", "Free Hand" and "Gentle Giant" but most of their other albums don't do much for me.

No. 189744

No. 191048

stuck in my head

No. 191469

How come covers aren't done in pop music anymore? In the 20th century there were essential/staple songs that so many groups did. Like so many artists sang their own version of Downtown (vid related).

No. 191788

The Killers, especially the first two albums hold such a special place in my heart. Reminds me of being 15 and skipping school with who I considered the first real friends of my life. We're still close 15 years later. <3

No. 192493

Lolcow theme music

No. 192665

Missing the skram lyfe.

No. 193241

I prefer this to Harry's tryhard music

No. 193242

Josh Ramsay has always been ugly as fuck, his blonde phase really was a dark time. At least his vocals are redeeming.

No. 193817

This song murdered and resurrected me

No. 193823

I randomly found this song and I kind of feel like this is what would happen if Napolean Dynamite could sing and decided to get into the music industry kek. Honestly a bop

No. 193825

cool, I'm digging this sound. you should come visit us in the metal thread, nonny >>>/m/192752

No. 193826

Oh thank you I didn't see it in the catalog, I will. Nekrogoblikon also released an album today. It's so depressing

No. 194169

what do anons think of the linda lindas? I sometimes see males on /mu/ seething over them

No. 194182

I think it's a cool concept and I'm glad they're getting something out of it but….I don't really want to listen to a bunch of 12 year Olds putting on the deepest voices they can

No. 194183

i like this faggy arabic dance pop song, the guy also made a song with hatari

No. 194194

I got this whole black marble album on repeat

No. 194206

Sure they’re a little rough around the edges but they’re children. Love the mood and message and I’m sure they’ll only get better. Hope they retain that strong man hating energy

No. 194271

The layering here makes me melt

No. 194388

He's cool I like him

No. 194412

No. 194438

What song covers do you like better than the original?

No. 194494

This because she sounds like a siren that I would kill for.

No. 194641

Heard in it a perfume ad and couldn't get it out of my head

No. 194655

Help me anons this song has been permanently stuck in my head for the past few months. The whole album is just fantastic

No. 194657

I haven’t played the game personally but this song from the ost is haunting and beautiful

No. 194665

sh2 is the best one of the series and the sound track is definitely so bomb. I love it all

No. 194681

No. 194759

the scene it plays in (or scenes) are so hard-hitting. I have related to Angela so much and sadly I still do, in many respects. It was shocking to see so a suicidal young woman with CSA trauma when SH2 came out and it still is. She is so well-written.
I love Promise, Laura Plays The Piano and Betrayal too - and that's just from memory.

No. 194827

This is so different from the rest of their music such a beautiful song…. but also check out suicides music they rokk and don’t get credit for what they did for synth pop

No. 194837

Their best song, by far. no I'm not pro-Russia, and they aren't either I love them, they remind me of Die Antwoord but darker.

No. 194838

Based. Her songs are so good and the videos are always haunting

No. 194865

I really like their newest song, and I love her always.

No. 194891

I love Suicide anon, they're incredible and yeah their influence is immense. Their apocalyptic, eerie but also very dreamy version of simple 50s melodies really hits the spot for me lol. Their second album is my favourite

No. 195064

just found out this was michael giras band… i’m not a swans fan at all but i know a bit about him bc of this cool tumblr blog i did NOT expect music like this from him but i like it a lot…

No. 195259

This is supposedly a meme song but it's such a banger. It's a Cure cover but it actually sounds more Cure-ish than the original song

No. 195271

Love this anon!

No. 195514

Discovered this from the Tame Impala live cover and I can't get it off repeat. Kind of reminds me of Don't Fear the Reaper. Any recs for similar songs from the Flaming Lips or where to start with their albums?

No. 195626

I don't remember if I posted this already in the older thread but here it goes again anyway
Kek I was thinking about this song the other day

No. 195669

No. 195678

i know this is kinda a meme song but when you live through a ugly divorce this is exactly what it feels like but i like mountain goats other songs too but this band will always be my parents divorce band for me lmao also because they have songs of domestic violence like dance music

or see america right is a amazing song of obsessive love, once again, this band has all these songs of my idiot parents

No. 195680

But my love is like a dark cloud full of rain
That's always right there up above you

my fathers love! same white trash shit he did and has done like it is almost too uncanny

No. 195717

man I love 80's pop music. why is it so good

No. 195762

Sorry for your bad experience, Nona. Hope the divorce hasn't fucked you up too much…
That aside, the singer is so fucking ugly and insufferable I cannot believe anyone is listening to the crap unironically and not as a forced meme or an elaborate form of auditory self-harm.

No. 195785

The one thing I miss about retail was listening to Expose, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna all the time

No. 196098

My favorite band for almost 15 years and I can't disagree

No. 196284

Discovered her as a teenager and I still love her

No. 197477

Same nonnie, her first two albums mean a lot to me

No. 198147

There's a part of me that is always going to be stuck in my Crybaby phase

No. 198210

I need to listen to her new music, I've only ever listened to Crybaby. It came out when I was very young (I think 12 or 13 maybe?) and I liked the cutesy but dark vibe. Now that I'm older I relate to most if not all of the songs of that album, especially Cake is an absolute killer! I'm so glad too that the rape allegations were false

No. 198270

This song will never not melt my heart.

No. 198274

No. 198289

This is my new feel-good song, kek. I fucking love Rammstein.

No. 198668

Love this song. Dug deeper, turns out the guy could barely stand his kid. This song is more of a fanciful mirage. Taints it a bit but I still love the melody and the lyrics. It's sweet

No. 198716

Have they been called out as transphobic yet? The lyrics compares trans surgery to other unneccessary plastic surgery. Which is spot on.

No. 198753

I started wondering too and tried to look around, but all I found were a couple of completely retarded Reddit discussions and even there opinions were mixed. So apparently they aren't getting cancelled over this, which is too bad. Troons hating the song would've made it even better.

No. 198839

I tried to listen music on cytube with the other anonies but it's just not to my taste, so I opened youtube and now I have a beautiful woman playing music for me, thanks youtube.

No. 199038

Love her sets, yt did a good job recommending her to you!

No. 199051

I was actually looking for something else that I couldn't remember the name of, and I came across all these hör berlin streams, now I know what I am going to listen to when I study

No. 199457

Anyone listen to Tennis? I'm obsessed and want to share with all of you because holy shit

No. 200510

I want to show you this pretty song I found that’s played with 4 marimbas(?)

No. 200513

There’s also a snippet of it used for this short film.

No. 200664

This was my go to song when going out to get fuckeD UP YALL

No. 200696

This song is getting me through my work.

Banger 10/10

No. 200920

It's honestly embarrassing how much I love this song

No. 201005

Two marimbas and two vibraphones! The latter have that bell-like, more vibrant sound, really beautiful. Somehow I never looked for the full track from Puparia despite liking it a lot too so thanks for sharing♥

No. 201079

No. 202092

New Rammstein's album opening track is SO good I can't move on to listen to the rest of it

No. 202185

No. 202192

No. 202245

Love this! Thanks for posting anon

No. 202253

I don't know what's up with gloryhammer, I don't trust they aren't hiding something bad but I wanna fly away, on a unicorn~

No. 202280

I love this song because it brings back fond memories of a former acquaintance who went off the deep end after being ghosted by some guy she met through tinder

No. 202281

is she okay, anon?

No. 202283

I mean, I feel like an asshole, but she was not 100% mentally sound to begin with. But I'm happy to say, last thing I heard, she's over him!

No. 202433

feeling this so hard right now

No. 202453

File: 1651334944530.gif (506.72 KB, 238x238, 1599785835436.gif)

You are welcome, for I am the song dealer I deal songs.

No. 202493

No. 202496

Please anon I need to talk to you someway, Magma is basically my fave band ever and I have nobody to talk about it with, vidrel basically changed my entire life.

No. 202512

CP don’t scroll

No. 203058

Hold me, anons. I can't believe this was posted in 2008.

No. 203248

im so excited about bjork's new album thats supposed to come out sometime this summer, pls dont let it get delayed

No. 203466

No. 203470

Based anon. Great taste

No. 203610


No. 203785


No. 203797

>doot doo dododududodo dudu
the dead zone is the view to get by, hey

No. 204373


No. 204755

please tell me there are other anons who love lingua ignota

No. 204756

samefag, i cannot stress enough how incredible she is

No. 204758

Of course

No. 204813

Damn I love this song so much. And the one I'll post below.

No. 204814

This one even more

No. 204842

No. 204883

File: 1652124936014.jpg (271.17 KB, 1600x1067, FSU1teRWYAAoSS3.jpg)

Yes! There is actually quite a lot of linguanons in here. You should check the previous music threads from before the /m/ apocalypse !

No. 204894


No. 205080

Julian Casablancas' part is good but the rest of the song sucks.

No. 205085

Anyone listen to King Gizzard's newest album? I like that is sounds sort of summer-y. I especially liked Magenta Mountain and Ambergris

No. 205364

Didn't they just release a new album? Anyway yeah I gave The Dripping Tap a listen but never more than that, I suppose I'll listen to more now. I like some of their albums though.

No. 205671


No. 205672


No. 205673

HOLY SHIT I thought you were shitting me at first how long has it been?? Can't believe I just found out my favorite band as a teen just released something new on lolcow

No. 205676

I am so happy nonnies, I was so scared I was not gonna like their post-break up music but this is sooo good! MCR is one of my all time favourite bands so I was so relieved when I listened to the new song I started crying fucking kek. I hope we get a new album soon!

No. 205681

holy shit the rawring 20s are HERE this sounds so fucking good!!!!!

No. 205708

File: 1652418467447.jpeg (1.65 MB, 2652x4096, 24D84DE8-815E-4F92-9CE4-980CEB…)

Ray easily aged the best.

No. 205807

I fucking love it! Excited for the eventual album. I know nothing is announced yet, but this isn't the type of track someone would release as a random single not attached to any album.
Rewatching Life On the Murder Scene last year I realized how fucking cute Ray was back in the day, I can't believe I didn't see it as a teenager.

No. 205929

I unironically love this song.

No. 205935

Did Gerard lose weight? He looks better than I've seen him in a while.

Poor Frank tho… he is so roly poly, short kings cannot pull off any extra weight.

No. 206053

No. 206146

That's what I thought as well, he really looked like a greasy nerd last year.

No. 206185

No. 206240

you and me both nonnie. I miss the edgy tumblr teen halsey she looks and acts like any other insta hoe nowadays

No. 206273

Been listening to this on repeat for the past few days

No. 206324

Weird, me too. Spotify played it after one of my playlists ended.

No. 206430

Not sure how many other britfags are here but I'm so glad he's releasing music again.

No. 206440

i love kepler-22b a lot, really great for driving home at night. i also like grim reaper but i HATED it when it came out. the rapping (?) in it was just too off for me to enjoy but now i get it stuck in my head a lot.

No. 206442

No. 206875

No. 206889

I adore this song. Here’s the Faye Wong cover (I still need to watch this film)

No. 208335

Eurovision political hypocrisy aside, this still a really enjoyable song. Can anyone recommend similar songs? Hip-hoppy/poppy songs with folk influences (not just Eastern European, also Middle Eastern or East Asian folk would be nice)

No. 208371

Recently I've been discovering visual kei and I don't know who else to share 25 year old japanese rock songs with

No. 208373

I don't know if kpop is allowed here but I think OT5 TVXQ ballads transcend kpop so I'm posting it

No. 208445

File: 1653257611060.jpeg (461.26 KB, 1920x1080, 138D2F48-E19B-4FEC-9511-000924…)

I think there was a vkei thread in old /m/ before it was wiped. Maybe you could start a new thread? There are definitely anons here who are or we’re into it and would probably be down for sharing music with you.

No. 208636

Not that much into visual kei, but I like this one.

No. 208729

been listening to this on repeat for an hour. their music has gotten way too upbeat and dancey for me these days

No. 208750

Based taste nonny i’m obsessed with old visual kei

No. 208937

Ahhh Moi Dix Mois is surprisingly good, I actually prefer it to Gackt's solo work. Gackt may have been hot in 1998 but Mana-sama will be a creative genius forever

No. 209316

Based Cranberries enjoyer

No. 209573

i am slow dancing and swaying to this song alone

No. 209762

people are sleeping on this song it's so good

No. 210125

I've been listening to this for 10 hours straight

No. 210136

Kek from a Norwegian farmer. Thought he was so cute back in the days.

No. 210139

So good

No. 210152

samefag, I'm trapped, I legitimately can't move on to listening to something else because the second this song ends I just have to replay, ILY for sharing anon

No. 210185

kek I'm really glad nonnie! I'm still listening to it too, we are trapped and vibing together! I'm so afraid of getting tired of it; the rest of their stuff is great too

No. 210237

Watched few of their live performances available on youtube and I definitely will have to see them live someday, amazing energy. And yeah, I'm worried of getting tired too soon as well since they haven't released much yet, hopefully more will come!

No. 210290

ayrt he was to be fair i still think he sort of is kek.sorry

No. 210570

Always looking for non-pickme female rappers
I tried listening to the Japanese rapper akkogorilla but she seems so libfemmy and tra

No. 210876

No. 211356

Muh k-pop

No. 211358

Pretty sure they're genderspecials but the song is still cute

No. 211856

I've been listening to Golden Bomber for the past few days again, and I think I'm re-discovering my love for them lmao.

No. 212067

I love her so much, she's such a badass! I'm rarely in love with female fronted punk and rock for some reason (probably haven't discovered the right ones though) but she's the best. And I can sing along in my poor German kek.

No. 212122

and after school sMOOKKe weed on the levee. This band has a few good songs. Not sure if they're enbies or not, but I remember them getting shit on really hard (and they should have) for defending that one guy from burger records

No. 212150

Oh my god the memories

No. 212204

What a coincidence anon, I've been listening to old Within Temptation recently too, mostly to the same album Stand my ground is from! Even though it's been like 16 years since I've heard it for the first time, I still love this one

No. 212304

Is listening to Hollywood Undead past the age of 15 embarrassing? Maybe so. Will I stop? Not yet. the majority of their new songs suck though, ngl

No. 213105

File: 1654801884700.jpg (1.49 MB, 2174x3324, BR6FAHHDHII6DBMNMJJ45TYFD4.jpg)

I miss old Kitty songs. Her new stuff just doesn't hit the same. The hooks aren't as catchy and it just feels like her husband kind of took over the sound and she sang over it. I know Tumblr rap is dead and cringe but I still LOVE Daisy R.A.G.E like I did in high school. Something about it is very honest and endearing despite it's dated references and teenage angst. She's definitely progressed in both her composition and singing though. I'm happy for her but long for the return of the rap game Taylor Swift.

No. 213106

File: 1654802010101.jpeg (113.25 KB, 1440x810, mgid_ao_image_mtv.jpeg)

Samefag, I remember wearing bows and dad button ups with thigh highs and boots feeling like I was the cutest bitch out. Her slouchy semi-cutesy style is still a big influence in how I dress.

No. 213181

I don’t listen to Bollywood music but this one captured by attention. It’s so catchy

No. 213191

ugh what an era, I miss kitty with a pryde on the end. haven't really kept up since miami garden club, but I listened to her so much in high school that while years have passed every lyric is still embedded in my brain. I think she was ahead of her time in a weird way, but of course she rose in popularity just as there was a rise in discourse that criticized/shamed white rappers, and since a lot of that came from the same tumblr culture she did it inevitably got in the way even though she openly made fun of that aspect of her identity lol. like nowadays you have billie eilish whisper-rapping or whatever and I feel like it doesn't matter as much. also fuck hot sugar.

No. 213260

File: 1654878080979.png (2.22 MB, 3386x6866, unknown[1].png)

I don't even know if that chart's true

No. 213271

I feel like there's a connection to be made betwixt the myriad names talentless scrotes have come up with to describe their horrible noise music and the myriad gender identities gooner trancels take on. Maybe I'll write my thesis on trannies and noise music.

No. 213287

The names are silly, and categorizing electronic music to the granular level is incredibly autistic, but the broader genres are pretty distinctive if you pay the least bit of attention to how the music is composed. ("Breakcore" is just really fast chopped up amen breaks, "gabber" is just fast techno with distorted kicks, etc.) Some genre names are more comprehensible if you're familiar with others (e.g., "acidcore", which is just fast techno + 303 synths, takes its name from "acid techno", which emerged in Chicago and Detroit in the 80s). But genres are inherently fuzzy and subjective with tons of overlap between tags, so I wouldn't take them too seriously.

Also flow charts are stupid, they're pointlessly convoluted and are no more useful than just a glossary of terms. If you're looking to get into electronic music you're better off just trying out what people consider classics and branching off into whatever sound you're drawn to from there.

No. 213333

Strongly recommend Miharu Koshi. Her composing and style are so unique and interesting.

No. 213336

Y'all are old as fuck wow

No. 213338

I love her

No. 213345

No. 213386

>you look like one of those dancers from the hanson video you little faggot hoe
>you pumpkin pie, I'll jack off in your eye
>you're like a fruity pebble
>and I'll lick your little dick motherfucker!
based. need a BL where the guys act and say things like this.

No. 213399

haven't aidens be crying homophobia about a LI in that one game by the sweet pool creators? kek

No. 213529

File: 1654987728977.jpg (596.94 KB, 1000x1000, AO_BigTimeAlbumCoverArt-164831…)

Anybody listening to the new Angel Olsen album? I'm listening to it right now and it's good. Definitely better than her last few. Has a few early 70s singer-songwriter "Southern" influences. Dolly Parton, Fleetwood Mac, a bit of Bobbie Gentry. It's really good so far.

No. 213532

No. 213697

She was always very self aware and smart with it, I wish she didn't get so much hate. I think it's why she dropped actual rapping and did the electro pop thing. As a sardonic teenage girl with terrible boyfriends at the time of daisy rage, I really felt so seen by her lol. Also yes fuck hot sugar he's ugly and fucking disgusting.

No. 214305

perfect song to listen to when I lie down on the floor

No. 214386

The ultimate pickme song

No. 214423

File: 1655261775995.jpg (84.17 KB, 680x400, morr ew.jpg)

>listening to randomised spotify playlist
>boring zoomer sounding oddly depressing sounding song comes on
>go to turn it off
>it's keep driving by harry styles

No. 214446

I’ve met plenty of industrial and noise nonas, but where are my powerviolence nonas?

No. 215395

I need more tacky 2000s pop songs like this one!

No. 215423

No. 215456

File: 1655609988587.jpg (232.23 KB, 1000x1000, 72a2bee10860770e8c05520603b86a…)

This album will always have a place in my heart, discovered them when I was 14 and loved them ever since! Some of the lyrics are really sexist which sucks, but I love Graveflower and Bleed me an Ocean especially. I think they're on Spotify and maybe Vimeo. If you're into sludge metal this is definitely the peak of it imho. sorry for not providing a link, I would but their songs are not allowed on youtube except Toubabo Koomi but I don't like that one much

No. 215672

No. 215711

I’m going to keep posting pv until I find nonnies who listen to good music.

No. 215734

Goddamnit, I remember listening to this entire album on YouTube when I was that age. Did they really take it down? Either way, great taste anon. When I was in hs I freaked out some dude in Whole Foods who was wearing a shirt with this album cover on it by telling him I liked his shirt, kek

No. 215768

This song makes me feel like everything is alright, I hate instrumental usually but this is the best.

Ayrt, yay a fellow AB fan! Yes Rotten Records has gotten super anal about their music not being published on the internet. My ancient youtube account got taken down for uploading a few songs kek. It was on spotify for a while I think, don't know if it's still there. I bought both their albums on cd with my birthday money at the time lol so idrc, too bad they can't get more recognition though.

No. 215803

this album is so fucking good! but I agree on what you said re some of the lyrics, even if theyre probably not meant to be glorifying this shit some of the lyrics legit repulse me, which I guess is intended since the themes of the songs are very morbid. hard to pick a fave but I think mine is graveflower or new death sensation.
Theyre still on spotify

No. 215964

I'm on such a type o negative kick lately, can't listen to anything else

No. 216023

Listened to this whole album in the bath yesterday, but picked this song because it's particularly pretty. Only learnt about this band a week ago and I'm fully obsessed.

No. 217094

call me cringe but i love this song. cant stop listening to it. i feel the vibrations of the singer's voice in my chest ( is he using some effect ? i assume so ) which i usually dont like but this time its a slow song so its nice rather than scary and annoying.

No. 218584


No. 218734

Everyone on here has heard this but I can never get enough of this song. Her vocals are so powerful.

No. 219043

gives me chills every time

No. 219219

I know it's a meme song but I haven't been able to get it out of my head for weeks now. I love the video too, what is this even kek.

No. 219237

Grimes confronting her fear of men, I love the song and the video. She used to make really good music, too bad she's a mostly a cow now

No. 219243

Truly. Love this song so much.

No. 219244

Brazil anons, if you don't love Djavan what are you even doing?

No. 219251

Idk if you've heard it but the music is still good despite her being a cow. Better than it has been since, well, Visions and even before then. Art Angels is still her worst by far and even it did have a few cute songs.

No. 219259

Visions and Art Angels are actually my two favorites so seems like we have exact opposite tastes despite liking the same artist! But thinking about it now, even though I didn't enjoy Miss Anthropocene at all, I'd count 4AEM as one of my all time favorites from her, so I can't disagree with you

No. 219799

Not very original but I really enjoy their albums 'Whore and 'I'm Heroin'.

No. 219802

The B-52s don't get as much praise as they should. I love them, this album is flawless.

No. 220216

Relaxing and perfect to have in the background while reading fanfics lol

No. 220651

Music loving nonnies- how do you collect music? So far I’ve just been haphazardly buying a little of everything (CDs, cassettes, no vinyl because I don’t have a record player), but I want to start seriously buying albums I really like just because I think it feels a little extra special to have a physical copy. I think I want to stick to just collecting tapes or just CDs or just records so I’d love some opinions on which is the best option!

No. 220692

I used to buy a lot of vinyl but I realized I was spending way too much money on it, and in the end I wasn't listening to it much either. I started out thinking I was just going to buy favorite albums, but eventually I started to stress-buy more and more and… I just ran out of room on my shelves. Anyway, physical media is so inconvenient compared to streaming or whatever, and I find I have to rapidly sift through music until I know what I'm in the mood to hear. You can't really do that with physical media, which is why I don't listen to my collection much. Still, it's nice to support artists you love and get something tangible in return.

No. 220734

Just remember that tapes degrade the more you listen to them, so they really are just display piece kind of things.

No. 221436

What are your guilty pleasure mass produced songs? My inner hipster is screaming always when listening to huge names but I can't help liking Bops

No. 221463

Also that mark ronson/miley cyrus song but beside these songs I can't stand any of the artists

No. 221490

For me, it's this lol

No. 222582

even though i was heavily into tumblr in the early 00s i never really listened to sky ferreria, but the other day decided to listen to her stuff on a whim and i really like it? granted i've been on a 10's nostalgia kick lately but i didn't think i would enjoy her stuff at all….i kind of get it now lol

No. 222882

File: 1658156481567.gif (974.76 KB, 500x406, happySky.gif)

Better late than never, nona.

No. 223125

i hate non-rock balkan music but she owns my heart

No. 223174

Bring Me To Life, I know the song's been memed to death but Evanescence was the first music I listened to that wasn't vetted by my mom, especially since it was "metal" and my parents found this kind of music too violent, it was almost like I was listening to something illegal lol. Anytime I hear Bring Me To Life, whether it's on the radio, during a karaoke session or just a snippet in a video I'll be the first to sing to it at the top of my lungs.

No. 223244

I recently found out about robbie basho and american primitive guitar. I've had this album on repeat for a few days. Beautiful stuff

No. 223303

I'm into metal myself, and I have no shame at loving Evanescence, and I never had. Being around people into the genre when the band first hit was so embarrassing though. People always whining about how Evanescence "ripped off" insert female fronted Euro band here.
For some reason, their stuff after Fallen, while good, doesn't have the same replay value to me. The demos for that era were great too.

No. 223995

Vid is chuuni as fuck, but I love this kind of busy but not noisy electronic stuff.

No. 224400

No. 224435

Sad to say the Evanescence has peaked with pre-Fallen demos and Fallen. The music hasn't been the same since Ben Moody got kicked out for being an abusive douchebag. Truly unfortunate that we cannot have anything nice

No. 224437

This isn't even on YT and I cannot find any information at all about who this guy is but I fucking love his music. Aplogies for Spotify link, it is the only place available. https://open.spotify.com/track/39IJHLcwUoSjphHtd3FVxM?si=rijW7bmaTmWm9oqseBRDmw&utm_source=copy-link

No. 224446

A lot of early 2000s nu metal unironically fucking slaps.

Miss me with that Blink 182 whiny pop punk shit, though. Forty year old moids complaining about their moms.

No. 224537

'And you know I like it when you.. Spit'
Love them

No. 224629

I miss the height of this type of Youtube music

No. 224911

No. 225487

No. 225547

No. 225555

No. 225600

based anon, D.A.F. is so good. Their album 'Alles Ist Gut' really ist gut (haha). vidrel is my favourite song off that album, so anxious and driving

No. 225728

Wonder where I got the rose from.

No. 226074

imo the manga is 100 % better than the anime, and even more sadder

No. 226328

No. 226922

Just discovered Alexandra Savior and I think I'm in love

No. 227364

No. 227365

No. 227956

absolute bop

No. 227963

Anyone know any drum heavy beach rock bands like this? This one's a banger

No. 227973

Been on a little emo trip lately and I still love the sound of Mayday Parade so much. I miss the mid/late-00's rock band sound. It makes me feel like an angsty teen again but not in a bad way.

No. 227975

BASED music taste nonnies! I love both bands so damn much! I love AB'S "When the Kite String Pops" album especially!

No. 227988

Don't make me cry nona, fuck. So many memories. I saw them on tour with Go Radio and they played Miserable at Best with Jason Lancaster (after he left the band ofc) and it was the peak of my adolescence.
Thanks for posting this. Time to sob

No. 228059

You're welcome nonnie!I'm jealous you saw them live!Miserable at best is one of my favorites.

No. 228654

Is there a single music player that lets you "link" two songs together so that even if you're listening to a randomized/shuffled playlist, those two songs will play one after the other? It's so annoying to listen to an instrumental intro and then it suddenly cuts off at the end and an entirely unrelated song starts. Or when two songs that are connected by the outro/intro are played individually. Or sometimes there's just those two songs that aren't exactly related but thematically or musically they're similar and you always have to listen to them together.
I'm aware that's one of the most requested features on Spotify but I wonder if they'll ever add it.

No. 228656

I love this song.

No. 229528

This live version is perfect

No. 229580

life changing song

Au revoir is my favorite song on earth, I've listened to it almost every day for the last 10 years and it still makes me smile

No. 230160

Love these guys, they sound like pure happiness

No. 230559


No. 230586

I feel this song is so soothing.

No. 231306

Blasting this while there's a storm outside is one of my life's simple pleasures.

No. 231468

I fucking love this song even over 20 years later. Such a queen. I wish I was born earlier to enjoy this in a club somewhere

No. 231475

Is this where I ask for music recommendations? I am looking for more music that fits the vibes of this playlist:

1. False Pretense - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
2. Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
3. Strangers - Bring Me the Horizon
4. Drown - Bring Me the Horizon
5. Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me the Horizon
6. Float - EDEN
7. Sarcasm - Get Scared
8. Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun - Get scared
9. Big City Dreams - Never Shout Never!
10. Survivor Guilt - Rise Against
11. Injection - Rise Against
12. Ready to Fall - Rise Against
13. This is Letting Go - Rise Against
14. Lunacy Fringe - The Used
15. Blood on My Hands - The Used
16. On My Own - The Used
17. The Bird and the Worm - The Used
18. Hush - Hellyeah
19. Confrontation - Otep
20. Invisible - Otep
21. Walk in the Shadows - Arch Enemy

No. 231642

Please nonnies, any suggestions? Im really feeling this type of song lately

No. 231651

feeling a little vidrel too, tbh kek

No. 232183

No. 232287

I was really having a hard time getting into new Lana, but she's still got it. She's really grown into herself as an artist in my opinion.
I wish I could hear this one for the first time again. If you're going to listen, listen to the whole song before giving up… it'll surprise you in a really great way.

No. 232294

I haven't been able to fully get into BB, but I love this song for the reason that you mentioned. It's really wonderful.

No. 232375

It finally made it's way into my top 3 albums from Lana. It took a while but the songwriting is so personal, it's powerful.

No. 232693

Death From Above 1979 is also worth listening to

No. 232986

cheesy 80s german music is my vibe

No. 233531

This came on as I was going to work this morning. Previously I had only known Jeff Buckley as the dead Hallelujah guy but after reading his wiki page and learning about Elizabeth Fraser recording Teardrop, man I'm way sadder now than I already was

No. 233642

Yugorock is the best

No. 233904

An obscure but incredibly beautiful classical piece

No. 234632

Guess I should apologize for this being idolshit, and, uh, not as refined lol as the rest of the posts in this thread, which I do in this instant this doesn't mean I'm sorry though but I feel like if I don't give air to my love for this video, I'll explode. For some reason, I've been obsessed with the idol groups of my teens, and particularly AKB48, like I'm 13 again, and seeing those exact three songs (never cared for Sailor Zombie, the last song, though) performed at Mayuyus graduation song right back to back made me legitimately tear up. I have so many memories searching high and low for high quality performances of these songs and trying to learn the lyrics and choreography. Especially Hatsukoi yo, konnichiwa (the third song), the love of my life, please look at my Goddess.

No. 235049

Can't stop listening to this dumb weeb shit.

No. 235064

Kind of a guilty bop since I'm not into kpop. So nostalgic and catchy.

No. 235127

I can't believe how late I am to this album

No. 235683

When this song came out I was 11 years old, English is not my native language and I was not very proficient at reading between the lines, so I didn’t realize what it was all about until a year or so ago. I was reminiscing with my bf listening to old bangers and put this on, when bf suddenly became very triggered remarking how odd the lyrics are KEK. My favorite part is 2:27 with the epic «HE. WON’T. FIND. OUT! seemingly being shouted into the wind.

No. 235706

Everytime this song gets mentioned I remember this (1:30)
Missing the good old rock band fangirl days

No. 236111

I love Ms. Ooja and I love her cover of Roppongi junjouha

No. 236117

Her cover of Hatsukoi is also great. I only wish I could find her cover of Koibito yo, too.

No. 236126

>what's one more sacrifice
>life's just a paradox
>what would you do for a paradise?
Love lines like these as pretentious as they can sound, I think it goes pretty hard in this song.

No. 236306

No. 236324

I can’t get enough of this song !

No. 236327

I love Julie. They’re shoegaze/grunge they do it so well, I love her voice.

No. 236341

Ily so much anon pls recommend more grunge/shoegaze bands you know!
I really like Alex G’s old music it has that gritty garage sound, especially with the way he mixes his sounds and makes the instruments extra loud

No. 236787

Have you ever heard of Loathe? I love Alex G too!

No. 236813

Love this song.

No. 236814

Can't ever get enough of Deftones

No. 236845

Since it's bucketing down right now in my area, have some nice HKE/telepath ambient vaporwave. Take a load off nonnies, the beginning of the school/work year can be rough.

No. 236942

Mein is amazing. Serj Tankian from SOAD is in it towards the end and the way he sounds reminds me of Bauhaus or sounds gothic almost.

No. 237239

if the anon above is allowed to post Eminem then I can drop this in here

No. 237278

Teenager is one of my favourites. I love the sweepy phaser sounds in the chorus and the line "new cavity moved into my heart today". The version off b-sides and rarities is also good

No. 237469

Late as fuck response, but agreed. The pre-Fallen demos and Origin and Fallen are the peak. The self titled EP and Sound Asleep are good too, but they haven't solidified their comfort with more rock songs yet, I think. Lies off of Origin is one of my favorites.
And yeah, shame about Ben being such a turd. I like the We Are the Fallen album, but the name is cringy and the vocalist doesn't have a tenth of Amys uniqueness or charisma.

No. 237994

No. 238095

No. 238370

I love this album, I wish it was on Spotify

No. 238375

thank you nona, i needed new music and this is it!

No. 239475

No. 240769

So smooth, my favorite nighttime music

No. 240793

Bump careful scrolling

No. 241802


No. 241803

Related. No this is not about Covid it came out in 2004. The entire album is an absolute banger

No. 242118

I don't understand why women only write folk, ballads, slow rock, and other downtempo shit. And if it isn't that, it's the most mind-numbingly generic pop, or "punk" that sounds like it's been recorded on a potato for the "aesthetic". I just spent 7 hours trawling the internet for anything appealing by women and couldn't find a single thing. Female artists need to expand their genres bc i'm tired of having no music to listen to.
And sort of unrelated, this trend of female whisper-singing is making me lose my mind I want it to die as soon as possible.

No. 242147

I think a big part of it is that it's easier for women to get into those genres. Unfortunately the music industry in general is horrible to women but especially rock and metal. I've heard so many terrible things from women trying to get into those genres. I think that's another reason why so many rock bands will have a female singer but all the other members are male. The only all female metal band I know of is/was Blackthorn, they were a Russian symphonic metal band. Not sure if they are still making music or not but their music was pretty damn cool

No. 242150

File: 1664099045408.png (476.92 KB, 720x1330, Screenshot_20220925-014226.png)

Samefag but I looked and they are still active yay

No. 242605

For my ex-yu sisters, I just discovered Bojana Vunturisevic on spotify and I am in love.

No. 242613

I've been in a At the Drive In and Mars Volta mood recently. Brings up so much nostalgia for my early teen years, blasting this on my little MP3 player late into the night.

No. 242629

you are based

No. 242660

remember when this was the very first song to show up if you searched for "japanese song" on youtube ten years ago

No. 242803

recently rediscovered the song I was obsessed with in 2018
so cool I love this song it feels exactly like like the empty cold classroom where I used to sit and sleep in

No. 242915

The album cover looks dope, I'm in love

No. 243358

Weyes blood fans & intellectuals, her new music video just dropped and it’s as gorgeous and fun as natalie
Super excited for the album out november 18

No. 243417

No. 243737

i love how british early 00s pop was highly influenced by electronic music scenes and genres, especially uk garage with drop of usual r&b infleunce back then. i've read up about this song a bit and clubs only played it when it got released as a white label, without name of the band who was basically formed during a tv show, popstars and it affected perception of them.

No. 243759

omg this gives me such primary school disco nostalgia

No. 244749

sigh the memories

No. 244801

No. 244802

This is one of my favorite tracks to drive to, I don't rec them that often though cuz they're definitely not everyones cup of tea

No. 245167

No. 245172

A song by one of the best Argentinian rock bands in history.

No. 245251

Excellent taste nonnie

No. 245285

This got suggested to me and I haven't thought about it since it came out and everyone in high school thought it was hilarious. I'm mad it's still kinda catchy….

No. 245911

This one still hits just right every time

No. 246024

Hearing this live last week added at least five years to my lifespan.

No. 246033

so fucking good, better than the two tracks combined.

No. 246167

If you like an oldskool throwback disco/party/dance tracks, I absolutely love this song and it deserves way more views imo.

No. 246478

No. 247630

What I'm listening to this chilly morning.

No. 247631

No. 247860

Been listening to a lot of late 90s pop rock free-sugar-ray-type-beat tracks, has me excited for summer to come round

I love spooky surf rock so much putting these on my halloween playlist

No. 247869

I know the new "poppunk" stuff is often corporate af, but it just sounds so nostalgic

No. 247968

Shakira didn't have to go so hard with this song I was just a little girl

No. 247971

>90s pop rock free-sugar-ray-type-beat tracks
kek a guilty pleasure of mine.

No. 248512

On repeat the whole day.

No. 248531

oldfags and especially oldfag bongs will know

No. 248832

This whole album is fantastic

No. 248851

I love her

No. 249271

I miss Malajube so much. Been listening to their album La Caverne a lot lately.

No. 249559

If you see a crazy woman dancing on the street, mind your business

No. 249747

Put this song on randomly to ease my anxiety and it worked

No. 249952

do any of u nonas like dean blunt/hype williams? i’m obsessed forever

No. 250044

sorry for my autism nonnies but i have a question— lately ive been completely obsessed with jeff waynes war of the worlds, and im wondering if theres anything similar out there? i love that it's a concept album that has both narration to tell the story and amazing music that perfectly conveys the themes. the only other concept album i know of that tells a story like this is masayoshi takanakas rainbow goblins (which i also dearly love)

No. 250048

Maybe check out Public Service Broadcasting. They mix old documentary and news and propaganda reel soundbytes with music. Their album on the space race is 10/10 imo. The best song on it is “Go,” which is towards the end of the album, but the payoff is much better if you’ve listened to the earlier songs first, especially in one sitting.

No. 250051

Samefag, idk if playlist links can be posted in the YouTube link box so here’s the album:

No. 250052

Samefag x2: I just realized some of these songs are trimmed to their detriment, so be aware.

No. 250056

File: 1666576928358.jpg (632.41 KB, 2000x1270, thosewigs.jpg)

I can't be the only loser who listens to them, right?

No. 250058

File: 1666577201130.gif (24.09 KB, 60x95, duckani.gif)

Oh, I'm happy to see this here! I used to be really into this album as a teen. Unfortunately I never really found that much besides musicals or rock operas/concept albums. I.e., Frogs, The Protomen (yep, Megaman rock opera……….), Electric Castle from Ayreon (kind of more prog rock but it features a variety of people from different eras stuck in some liminal dimension together), Razia's Shadow, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and…yeah, kek, I have nothing good. For some reason it's super hard to find one that cares a lot about creating atmosphere, like War of the Worlds.

No. 250099

This is so cool (especially since I love the history of space race), thanks for sharing anon

No. 250207

Actually not bad, actually good

No. 250252

oh hey its pilotredsun! achievement is unironically my favourite album of all time, im glad you like it nonny. it has a lot of memories for me. are there any particular tracks you really liked?

No. 250889

File: 1666853841564.jpg (31.94 KB, 735x603, 1663924529921.jpg)

hi nonny – ayrt here, just want to say thank you so much for your recommendations. tbh rock operas are new territory to me, but ive been exploring a few of the things you listed and i agree that while they're not quite the same thing as WOTW (which to me remains this truly unique and wonderful experience), they are in a similar vein. id love to see a resurgence of this kind of concept album where there's a story being told and palpable atmosphere being built with the music, a clear sense of progression of the story… i wish i were musically talented enough to attempt it myself lol.
i really enjoyed into the electric castle, anyway, currently checking out a few of the rock operas you listed too. thanks again my fellow WOTW appreciator ily, wishing you the best

No. 250951

I never liked his solo stuff much but this song came to me at just the right time. The lyrics, his voice and the simple guitar supporting it. Perfection.

No. 250954

Casino Night

No. 250960

Nta but I love pilotredsun too and Casino Night is so good. It's melancholic but also familiar in a somewhat pleasing way.

No. 251237

Soooooooooo good

No. 251269

No. 251458

Lead singer of Low Roar has passed away at the age of just 40… Their music is something is something that always resonated with me so deeply, it wasn't my favorite band but somehow it was always them I found myself coming back to when feeling emotional. It's surreal to think he's dead

No. 251592

Shit. Lots of Low Roar's songs have been my go-to songs when I'm feeling sad or alone. I wanted to see them live ever since I'd discovered them through Death Stranding. This fucking sucks. May he rest in peace.

No. 251963

Breakup songs? (I'm over mine, but ironically keep finding or rediscovering breakup songs lol)

starting off: I have loved Schism for years but it wasn't until after my breakup that I really felt it

extremely sad. Dying of illness at such a young age is especially tragic to me. I'm so glad their music was shown to a larger audience via Death Stranding.

No. 251964

another breakup song: this is a song written from the POV of the dumper, who realizes that they have fucked the dumpee over.

No. 252006

thats a bummer, always found low roar really soothing

No. 252087

I've been revisiting a lot of albums from the early 2010s. I really like bangerz by Miley Cyrus. A lot of the songs aged terribly but it gives me a lot of nostalgia for a time when youtube was fun and there wasn't any pandemic. Adore you has to be one of my favorite songs of all time

No. 252163

this entire album is amazing. genesis is amazing. fuck.

No. 252319

YES NONA! my internet buddy sent me this as a teenager and it got me obsessed with Genesis to this day.
(rip my pet rat Phil Collins, you were a real one)

No. 252415

Obsessed with this intro for some reason

No. 252756

Love this whole album, can never get 'don't you don't you wish you never never met her?' out of my head.

No. 254107

any of you dumb bitches azealia stans?

No. 254108

Ab stan reporting in

No. 254142

discovered them from playing little big planet when i was like 10 but i have been obsessed with this specific performance of theirs. the inclusion of the live orchestra is just perfect and i just found out that this version is on spotify so i blast this song full volume every day and its glorious

No. 254143

saw some malice mizer nonnies upthread, i love this performance

No. 254194

No. 254200

Damn I adore her. I just love everything from Is This Desire?, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, and Uh Huh Her. It resonates with me like nothing else. I wish I didn't ignore her music when I was a teen. So weird that I missed her somehow, I'd definitively love her back then.

No. 254213

Patrician taste

No. 254489

No. 254506

No. 254526


No. 254527

Hello fellow Prince of Egypt appreciating nonnie

No. 254535

Knew it was The Plagues before I even clicked the video. It goes so hard.

No. 254649

I love his music so much I could die.

No. 254791

Had this song on repeat for the past week

No. 255115

dear lolcor: in desperate need of a song with a really catchy guitar riff played by a woman

No. 255596

i really love naomi elizabeth, i remember listening to god sent me here to rock you years ago but i never really listened to more of her music until recently. idk it’s kind of lynchian to me

No. 255599

I can't get over how beautiful this song is. The bounciness of the melody and the singer's vocal style contrasted with the sinister nature of the lyrics.

The line 'Eyes turn grey like her face in the paper' is just poetry.

No. 255970

No. 256005

Excellent taste, nonna! Always happy to see TBM getting some love

No. 257190

I miss this era of music

No. 258157

I have a soft spot for medieval music with string instrument and these types of simple harmonies (basically The Witcher 3 soundtrack). Please let me know if you've got any good ones nonas.

No. 258159

No. 258161

No. 258164

No. 258605

No. 258646

2000s J-rock makes me feel so warm and nostalgic. Just discovered this band from the Jellyfish Princess OP and have been going through all their old albums, love them

No. 258703

I wish I could listen to this song but it's blocked in my country, what's the name?

No. 258757

I discovered this singer because she's the sister of a YouTuber. Then I fell down a rabbit hole of lesbian pop music (kind of surprised at how much there is) like Hayley Kiyoko whose music I really like. I like this video because it's romantic in a really corny way, it reminds me of Pretty in Pink. I'm not even lesbian or bi though lmao.

No. 258760

nta but it's Dai Dai by chatmonchy

No. 259098

there's nothing wrong with a mutation!
they're good for mankind and the nation!

(boingofags hmu wyd)

No. 259568

I'm kinda sad I finally started listening to Vangelis after the guy died because I'm really enjoying his music. I'm more into his classically inspired compositions but most of his stuff is really good, I need to give a listen to Aphrodite's Child too.

No. 260183

File: 1670044918579.jpg (131.63 KB, 1000x1000, lwA4uNF.jpg)

ayumi hamasaki is so legendary for all the dj/remix albums she released during such an iconic edm period

No. 261296

No. 261303

They really did it to ‘em with this album. Perfect pick me up whenever I’m feeling down.

No. 261313

fucking goated album

No. 261318

Holy based

No. 261526

This is such a good song. The guitars sound amazing. The structure of the whole song is perfect.

No. 261748

For anyone who cares- new Lana single dropped!!!!

No. 262029

rip queen ♥

No. 262261

Best xmas song

No. 262268

No. 262269

No. 262270

No. 262281

holy shit il maestro on lolcow

No. 262397

No. 262500

Yesssss this one always does it for me

No. 262851

poptart~ poptart~

No. 264608

ugh love em

No. 264920

This song makes me so nostalgic because a radio station i listened to as a child loved playing this song. It's such a banger and makes me want to dance every single time.

No. 264986

Genesis/Phil Collins professional sperg back to drop another tune for you all. Finally I can access the site kek

No. 265808

There's so many artists where I think "Please, even if it's just a single song, let me see her live at least just once" but Nakamori Akina has got to be my number one.

No. 266891

I still love her, her first album came out when I was 14 and it means a lot to me. I didn't know there were people who felt the same as I did.

No. 267999

please listen to this

No. 270691

She's such a badass

No. 271091

File: 1674361502244.jpg (223.92 KB, 1824x1080, 5564.jpg)


No. 271118

Whenever I listen to this song I literally tear up. It has such a serene and happy feeling, it makes me depressed because I can't "reach" it.

No. 271285

Nostalgia music

No. 271312

This is so lovely, thanks anon

No. 272014

No. 272171

No. 272373

Feelin happy

No. 272714

post "odd" sounding music

No. 272717

mini dump incoming

No. 272718

No. 272720

or any aphex twin track, tbh

No. 272721

nonny from the favourite song lyrics thread, if you ever read this, thanks for introducing me to severed heads

No. 272724

No. 272725

No. 272991

File: 1675378049842.webm (3.45 MB, 853x480, Patricide - we can still be fr…)

No. 272992

File: 1675378246372.webm (4.91 MB, 540x360, Di Gi Charat - Party Night.web…)

No. 272994

File: 1675378390122.webm (5.73 MB, 640x360, Crystal King - Daitokai.webm)

No. 272995

File: 1675378718919.webm (5.81 MB, 1280x1080, 13;33.webm)

No. 272997

File: 1675379140256.webm (13.04 MB, 1280x720, birdbath ☆ - imdeadanditsyourf…)

No. 272999

File: 1675379294902.webm (13.26 MB, 540x360, world on fire.webm)

No. 273001

File: 1675379545897.webm (3.49 MB, 324x408, Tonetta - Lazy Way Out.webm)

No. 273003

File: 1675379709599.webm (7.57 MB, 1000x1000, Boku no Migi Te.webm)

No. 273006

File: 1675379890831.webm (8.52 MB, 1280x720, WSG thing No2.webm)

No. 273007

File: 1675380025631.webm (2.97 MB, 440x550, The Main Ingredient - Everybod…)

No. 273008

File: 1675380232922.webm (3.73 MB, 400x306, alaskalaska - happyface.webm)

No. 273010

File: 1675380336729.webm (1.72 MB, 256x224, 1604173271590.webm)

No. 273011

File: 1675380432477.webm (2.36 MB, 688x472, 1516596698590.webm)

No. 273014

File: 1675380770918.webm (5 MB, 750x422, good evening.webm)

No. 273016

File: 1675380931745.webm (3.55 MB, 640x360, hoopaloop.webm)

No. 273017

File: 1675381055998.webm (4.54 MB, 640x360, mortido.webm)

No. 273018

File: 1675381165015.webm (6.25 MB, 1920x1080, softer, dream, safe.webm)

No. 273020

File: 1675381339544.webm (1.28 MB, 320x480, windy windows.webm)

No. 273206

No. 273334

No. 273345

I'm not a gabbie hanna fan but yes I have this 100% on right now while I'm all jacked up and heartbroken over a nigel
dunk on me please, and if you can send more breakup beats
this one hurts nonas ngl. I'm trying to be strong based stacy but owwwwww my fucking everything hurts

No. 273352

No. 273367

this is funky as fuck, i love this. can you post more?

No. 273379

oh nonny i wish i had lots more similar songs to post. i only found that song today when watching tiktoks about songs that sample other songs, then i immediately went down a small rabbithole bc i was like 'i stg theres like 10 songs that have sampled this particular bass riff'. the original sample is from ain't no stopping us now, and was later sampled in ma quale idea, then madison avenue's don't call me baby, and i'm 100% sure it was sampled in a well known future funk song but i can't for the life of me remember what it was.
but for similar music i recommend looking at the kind of music that gets sampled in future funk tracks, honestly. i found this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL370CfqucLV7urmNfeLQrQF7I3UUx5BTB , hopefully you find some more good stuff in there. you'd probably like a lot of brazilian or italo disco music too

No. 274538

File: 1675929861856.webm (1.78 MB, 360x360, Mrlje - Mrtvi Decaci.webm)

No. 274540

File: 1675930073111.webm (6.85 MB, 853x480, Aoi Haru Timelapse.webm)

No. 274586

I love this song the beginning entrances me, I like to listen to this while I work out.

No. 274631

No. 274766

No. 275176

Probably the best instrumental music I ever heard, absolutely insane

No. 275197

No. 275198

reminds me of this now that I think about it

No. 275204

Did I post this? If I hadn't been inactive on LC for all of january I would've been convinced I had posted this. Massive nostalgia

I love this, I should've checked out evanescene beyond my immortal and bring me to life sooner

Her two most recent singles are really fucking mediocre at best

No. 275212

I’ve been obsessed with this song for the past few months since I started rewatching the anime.

No. 275314

Why does this go so hard? Careful, the video is explicit.

No. 275340

Q: What inspired you to write "SAPURIMINAL DIET"? Do you feel pressure as Japanese women to match a common body type?

MC ITSUKA: I was so tired of hearing the word "diet" used as social flattery. I have a lot of questions about a society that judges people by appearance and the individual's weakness of not following one's words. Both of these can be improved by building up your own inner self, I believe. We should consider diet as a tools to improve ourselves on the inside, not improve what comments we get from the outside.

No. 275414

This song has had in an iron grip for weeks now

No. 275486

Yes i know, Britney spears, but i've always loved the lyrics and felt a connection to them.

No. 275522

Personally I think Toxic is the best Britney Spears song and sometimes I think of it as the only good one. Work Bitch is a serious ear worm for me and a good comeback hit but I think it’s a bit too goofy at the same time.
Thank you for reading my Britney opinions.

No. 275594

I love how the beat is clearly inspired by Can't Get Get You Outta My Head. Not a Bladeefan, but the beat is so good.

No. 275605

I'm bad at describing such things but I like how music of that era had this coldish feeling like an autumn day or a rainy one in the summer.

No. 275607

I also love this one, it's more… aquatic, and so dreamy.

No. 275614

this is full stop the single worst take I've ever seen on lolcow

No. 275615

No. 275617

No. 275642

I’m sorry but toxic is better than slave 4 u and it’s not even close

No. 275648

Ok if you remember born to make you happy you can disregard my opinion on the best Britney song because obviously you are on top of it. I was talking about big hits, but you’re a true fan. I got tears in my eyes watching this because it brought me back so hard lol

No. 275651

When I listened to this as a teen my dad heard it and said that’s so me
He literally threatened to kill me once a week and beat my mom and all his kids so I was just fucking confused when he said that but I couldn’t say anything but “yeah so true, completely” because what the fuck

No. 275663

I would shoot you if you said this to me irl. you're just a pleb, and that's okay. but it's really not okay.

No. 275676

No. 276005

No. 276074

can't understand a word but I love it

No. 276086

my issue with it is that when britney sings "slaaaave" (and the rest of the chorus) she sounds so bored and dead, like all the emotion just leaves her voice suddenly and it always kills the song for me

No. 276118

The chorus and bassline is just good stuff

No. 276119

No. 276120

No. 276121

No. 276262

Discovered Little Simz recently and been listening to her albums a lot

No. 276740

No. 276872

shitposting and reminded of this based band, fuck I love them

No. 276895

No. 277079

Skrillex dropped 2 albums 2 days in a row and upon listening to them, I can barely tell they have an ounce of Skrillex's touch in them. I'm missing the old Skrillex. I want less radio safe Skrillex.

No. 277333

No. 277432

No. 277439

Our Moz sang his heart out here. You tell us all how much you're hurting you angsty queen.

No. 277460

No. 277778

I love this song so much I want to cry

No. 278263

i front as such a music snob, but this song actually slaps so much. its so catchy

No. 278264

me love ice spice

No. 278326

i love this duo so much <33 ice spice is adorable

No. 278406

I just love pinkpantheress. Her music tickles my brain a little

No. 278409

nice to see her here, I love her too, she's on a whole other level of talent!

No. 278718

No. 278733

i'm going down a rabbit hole nonnies… it's like pop music with male throatsingers and yelling female vocals??? so nice

No. 279571

I love Yaeji, just got reminded of her by a post on /g/ in the attractive women thread where she was featured in the music to a runway model video

No. 279854

No. 280822


No. 280829

this is pretty good

No. 281200

Not a huge david guetta fan but I do love Oliver Tree and his stupid silly bullshit, this video and song are exactly what I want

No. 282224

they're all yours,
and I was once all yours

No. 282333

It’s a bop

No. 282471

Yo, is anynonny into math rock? This genre has been my rock through studies and work so far. The melodies are so cool and keep me motivated to do work without being overly busy or distracting. I saw someone describe the genre as "jazz for emos" and was like yea. tru.

vidrel is a band I discovered recently and I'm hooked. I wish they'd tour more! But they're frenchies and haven't gone to other countries yet. I love this video, too. Can't wait until the weather is nice for going on a ride again.

No. 282472

Same, nonna. His last album was so fun. But didn't he say that he'll "quit music" or whatever? It's so dumb, I don't believe him at all. It sounds like a ploy to get more listeners/streams or whatever.

No. 282495

when i listen to this song, i imagine myself waking up surrounded by forest nature. maybe somewhere in Squamish, British Columbia.

No. 282520

Unironically I love the English songs made for the series and the movie. 4Kids did such a good job handling Yu-Gi-Oh lmfao.

No. 282705

No. 283963

any nick drake fans here?
i only discovered him today but since then ive been listening to this whole album on repeat

No. 283986

No. 284270

No. 284271

No. 284336

No. 284338

No. 284349

Love the guitar solo

No. 284733

No. 284737

No. 285454

No. 286008

No. 286009

No. 286051

I used to hate his solo stuff but the live versions are really impressive, what a voice

No. 286468

good morning

No. 286538


No. 286793

No. 286794

No. 286973

Had to share this Grimes x Madonna x Nicki Minaj x M.I.A. mashup because is pure art, From the thumbnail to the production, absolute beauty.

No. 287248

This song found me at just the right moment

No. 287699


No. 287700

Thank you so much for sharing this, I've been working my way through every mashup on this account and it's changed my life

No. 288797

Сопряжение сфер

No. 288889

No. 288890

No. 288928

No. 288988

No. 288992

No. 289518

No. 289531

i've always really liked their cover of Metro

No. 289544

Nice, heard it before only in System of a Down version but I like this better. SOAD's is too noisy

No. 289556

No. 289675

No. 289676

No. 289677

No. 289783

No. 289856

No. 290270

2:04-2:16 would be a great reaction gif

No. 290285

No. 290768

No. 290773

110% agreed, thanks for the music rec!

No. 290931

No. 290996

No. 291633

File: 1682257512307.jpg (5.54 KB, 224x224, 6113b21798609323364480d0d96c9b…)

does anyone have good songs about bloodlust and violence and wanting to punch people and hatred and aggression?

No. 291637

"Naked Agression" is good, though is more about violence against the rich but the vocals are really agressive and satisfying to me.

No. 291638

Anon are you okay?

No. 291642

yeah i just want to find music that speaks to my soul

No. 291643


No. 291647

Almost anything by my queen Lingua Ignota

No. 291648

Almost anything by my queen Lingua Ignota

No. 291671

You should start listening to metal

No. 291672

My favourite girly murder song

No. 292164

File: 1682468596568.jpg (169.81 KB, 2000x1815, de9ezxw-58790f5d-8dd4-488d-b57…)

anons I've recently gotten into metal/hardcore/heavier-than-alt-rock music. pls suggest bands

Bands I already like:
>the devil wears prada
>bad omens
>bring me the horizon
>bleed from within

even if I've mentioned a band you like pls share your favorite song (especially if it's older/obscure)

No. 292171

No. 292583

God I love this song

No. 292695

i fell in love with this band when i heard icebergs in a record shop

No. 292827

just randomly got this recommended to me and it's really good to chill out or study to

No. 293493

No. 293613

No. 293617

No. 293692

No. 293937

No. 293998

whats your ultimate savior complex song? youre not allowed to say devils backbone.

No. 294090

No. 294153

Daaaaaamnnn I miss this industrial cyber goth era, those innocent days, it kills me

No. 294155

It makes me so happy I laugh stupidly, haven't listened to it for over a decade

No. 294172

No. 294196

No. 294202

No. 294203

No. 294205

No. 294349

No. 294558

No. 294580

File: 1683414386756.jpg (76.46 KB, 867x1034, weresoback.jpg)

Two of the most amazing artists come together. This is fucking hilarious.

No. 294597

No. 294740

No. 295068

No. 295119

No. 295130

No. 295848

I can't believe it's already been 10 years since RAM came out.

No. 295916

No. 297484

I love the whole piece, but this movement always makes me cry it's so beautiful.

No. 297526

No. 297690

Is it just me, or does it seem like breakcore and more intense types of breakcore are infested with tranny BS? I was looking at interesting hardcore/breakcore rave musicians because I saw vidrel live recently and really enjoyed their music. (tangent, but the show was INSANE, easily the best artist I saw that day. He was amazing with the crowd.) However, apparently some well-known artists like Sewerslvt are deranged trannies that hold psycho beliefs to say the least. To anons that listen to similar genres and artists, are there any that you'd recommend or advise to stay away from? I don't often look into artist bios because musician drama is annoying, but I'd rather not listen to trannies at the bare minimum. Recs would be appreciated!

No. 297691

This album was so good! Takes me back to a specific part in my life. Nonnie who posted this, did you like his later releases? I liked some songs on Ultraparanoia, but after that… IDK, good on him for posting so much music but I haven't vibed with it since Ultraparanoia, especially once he started revealing his face more.

No. 297715

No. 297763

No. 297865

No. 297988

I love this song so much, apologize if I already posted it months ago. It's definitely a sound I wished could exist and upon finding it, my dream came true.

No. 298824

No. 298998

Sorry but not sorry

No. 299418

george clanton back with another hit

No. 299534

i am so hyped for the new album, it's unreal. this track sounds like it could've landed on slide, feels like a pretty natural progression imo

No. 299536

love this song, mid 90s ambient J-pop from Miu Sakamoto, daughter of Ryuichi(RIP)

No. 300228

The best version of Pachelbel's Canon

No. 301002

There is not one single thing about this that isn't corny as hell and I love it.

No. 301013

i'm gonna go look these guys up his voice is actually amazing kek, reminds me of quiet riot. thanks for posting nona.

No. 301058

They didn't last very long sadly, only 1 album kek. Maybe Quiet Riot can provide me what Grim Reaper cannot, they do sound a bit similar.

No. 301517

No. 301521

I know this band is probably made of nazis but I can't stop listening to them, their music is so good, I saw some anons talk about them in another thread and I'm so happy I'm not the only one who loves it.

No. 301641

>magic powers are attributed to the winning horse

No. 301651

Saw them in concert about a month ago and cried during the vocoder parts of this song. No idea why it moves me so much

No. 301653

This is kinda cool, anon, and the artcover is amazing
Nice and trippy, but maybe I shouldn't listen to it at night
This song is so fucking good, I can't seem to like any other Skinny Puppy song that I like as much as this one, I'm a huge fan of MY Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and I was expecting Skinny Puppy to have as many good songs as them

No. 301656

I like pretty much everything off Kooler Than Jesus & a bit of Confessions of a Knife. Got into Electric Hellfire Club a week ago

No. 301668

No. 301709

>maybe I shouldn't listen to it at night
I love to listen to this album while falling asleep. It's chill.

No. 301854

instant serotonin

No. 302692

Still love this album
annoyed the official music video has this really awkward cut where it's not the full song.

No. 304150

I love Afrikaans, such a unique language.
MLWTTKK is amazing, I used to listen to it when studying and it made me feel like I was on speed kek.

No. 304158

this shit is fire

No. 304234

No. 304382

I always used to mishear the lyrics "not tell any members of our inner posse" as "not tell anyone that i'm into pussy"

No. 304717

This feels way too good to just be fake band seiyuu pop.

No. 304720

This ones really catchy

No. 304725

No. 304752

No. 305038

No. 305039

No. 305040

No. 305497

six tracks. two hours. middle earth baby

No. 306290

No. 306643

sock it to me

No. 306652

All burger anons are obligated to listen to at least one butt rock anthem today

No. 306653

No. 306832

I'm stuck in the 80s

No. 309330

No. 309919

No. 309924

No. 309938

No. 309974

No. 309978

nice, that's probably my favorite of her songs, though I never watched the anime it's from.

No. 309980

love you anons

No. 309981

No. 310045

No. 310098

No. 310264

No. 310292

No. 310388

2009 throwback

No. 310453

No. 310484

No. 310656

why? Because it's Poppy? It's just a dumb catchy song.

No. 311070

Been on a house music kick lately. There are so many pro sets uploaded on Youtube it's great.

No. 311093

I love this shit while studying, just brainless background music that doesn't interfere with my thoughts lol

No. 311617

Yes full ver! But now I have to wait till it's on Spotify for the other song.

No. 311619

No. 311699

TDJ is such a good modern trance artist. I'm so glad I found her music.

No. 311942

angsty emo shoegazey stuff, I really like her recent releases.

No. 313431

I can’t believe I almost forgot this song and band existed. I was heavy in my jrock/vkei phase circa 2007/2008.

No. 313432

Seeing this music video on an international music channel at like 12am while I was staying the night at my grandparent’s house permanently changed my brain chemistry.

No. 313486

I suddenly remembered liking this song and how anorexic the vocalist looks in the PV kek and discovered this live from 2022!

No. 315539

I've been wanting to slow thing song down and un-nightcore it but I love it so much

No. 315753

rip magoo…

No. 315775

love you so so much for unlocking this old memory i've been blasting this song for days now. I can't describe the feeling it gives me, the constrast between the bubble pop electro, moody lyrics and her husky vocals with the nostalgia brought by watching paradise kiss as a kid… perfect

No. 316900

No. 317007

No. 317239

No. 317531

No. 317787

No. 318001

No. 318413

rip dark triad queen

No. 318653

Love the beat on this

No. 318778


No. 319111

anyone else?

No. 319665

No. 319698

Not sure if this should be in another thread (is there music discussion?) but I can't get behind boygenius. I admire the ambition of the band and that it's all done by women, but the songs just aren't that great. Also something about it smells of libfemery but I can't tell what. Anyway linked is one of the few boygenius songs I like.

No. 319700

>smells of libfemery
I've been avoiding them because of the fanbase kek but this song is not bad. I would love a music discussion thread, right now I think most of the music threads are just youtube embeds

No. 319713

No. 319720

Yeah the song itself is fine, it's the fans and the way the musicians talk about the project that gets me. Like if you're gonna have genius in your name, I expect next level music on another dimension. This is just good rock.

Made a music discussion thread here >>319718 if you or anyone wants to talk about musicians, bands, fanbases, trends, reminisce, whatever.

No. 319924

No. 320368

Feelin nostalig about unapologetically cheesy and sincere songs like this. Always there for my nonas!

No. 321953

No. 323709

High production synthwave. The music video's great but is a short story video almost with five minutes before the actual song so I'll just post the song itself

No. 324202

File: 1695951239332.jpg (208.35 KB, 2560x1703, 2.-SLEEP-TOKEN-2_DSC_0348-2-1-…)

I am seeing Sleep Token, Bad Omens, and Polaris all in one week I'm so happy AAAUUUGGHHH

No. 324294

No. 324498

I'm happy for you nona, I tried to get Sleep Token tickets for so long but because they had a very successful show at a festival in my country few months ago, it was totally impossible to get tickets to their tour.

No. 324631

I totally get you nonnerita, I bought resale for too much money kek.

No. 324966

File: 1696273385068.jpeg (17.78 KB, 219x275, 1583260802945.jpeg)

me currently because Bad Omens cancelled

No. 325064

No. 325068

ily nona

No. 325356

This song really gives me "autism vibes". Autismcore if you will

No. 325631

No. 325632

No. 325634

No. 326003

No. 326005

No. 326155

Does anyone know of any songs like the Stones' Lady Jane but from a reverse perspective? Old medieval sound, lady to man? Not too slow or depressing, either?

No. 326240

Witnessing MDK live four times in the span of two days has been my highlight of the month.

No. 326443

File: 1697051148923.png (1.54 MB, 900x900, 81sGGDF.png)

No. 326448

>>234762 is better for this

No. 328512

No. 330197

No. 332682

No. 332939

No. 333303

No. 333538

No. 333545

Patrician taste

No. 334245

No. 334300

No. 334351

No. 334636

No. 334878

No. 335018

No. 335075

Been on a Steely Dan kick lately.
Adding Kid Charlemagne to this. Must listen.

No. 337763

Perfect for autumn strolls

No. 342952

he knows

No. 343109

No. 343459

This is literally the best song Fleetwood Mac has ever made.

No. 343741

No. 343743

And from the first line I was thinking bout a husbando ff

No. 344202

chururin chururida churururu~

No. 344250

No. 344464

One of my fav Christmas songs. This whole album is good.

No. 344471

maybe the french deserve some rights for this

No. 345150

No. 345241


No. 345262

No. 345574

a 3 hour mix, please enjoy

No. 346511

No. 346787

I fucking love this song

No. 347483

Feeling a lil bit nostalgic. Such a queen

No. 347973

No. 348972

No. 349856

No. 350638

No. 350639

No. 350729

No. 351070

No. 351071

No. 352633

No. 354252

No. 355419

No. 356190

Amazing guitar solo, great lyrics, relevant to this day.

No. 356201

This band is so underrated

No. 356248

this song is me right now because i cried so much to the point i can’t sleep today

No. 356360

Fave album

No. 356907

No. 358205

This came back to mind.

No. 358515

No. 359323

Not sure how to find more like this. Paris cafe songs basically.

No. 359329

All the mean girls comments can fuck off

No. 359431

No. 360444

No. 360464

I adore this song. It sounds like a standard pioneer song until you realize it's about humans colonizing other planets. It was written in the 70s by Queen guitarist Brian May, who has a degree in astrophysics. Very timeless.

No. 360673

No. 360728

No. 362613

No. 362712

No. 362845

No. 362910


No. 365720

No. 366371

No. 366717

No. 367226

i love this band

No. 367750

No. 367751

No. 372787

No. 373153

File: 1713884166555.mp4 (13.88 MB, Jonathan Bree - You're So Cool…)

No. 373186

nonana nona

No. 373187

No. 374472

What should I listen to when I feel really depressed

No. 374479

No. 374484

No. 374490

Anything by her

No. 374750

Hearing this on Spotify I thought it was an actual 80s song for the longest time kek. Also the moid in the video is hot

No. 374752

I love this song

No. 375197

seconded. plague mass is my fave album, especially vidrel and "let my people go"

No. 375534

What genre of music is this?
I played the game years ago, i hope it's not anything triple s themed but even so i just want to know what genre it is, i'd like to listen to more music that sounds like it.

No. 375562

No. 375596

Ayrt, based taste.

No. 375612

No. 375728

Military band music?

No. 375737

Military Marching Band

No. 375813

Oh thank you so much nonas, didn't have anything like that where i'm from and i have almost zero knowledge of military themed music.

No. 376188

i saw this song posted here and i love it
do any anons have any music recommendations that sound like this?

No. 376533

What is your favorite song that isn’t about love/relationships/heartbreak? I feel like there’s so much more subject matter out there than romance (or lack thereof.)

No. 376619

No. 377988

New starset song just dropped! I like it, very catchy. And his screams improved a lot! I haven't listened to Divisions or Horizons so this is a surprise. His voice is as sweet as ever though. And that spoken part was kinda hot.

No. 378101

No. 378209

still prefer her tommy February music, but i've had this one on repeat for a while

No. 378835

No. 382241

No. 382527

No. 382660

No. 382873

No. 382987

No. 384808

i'm genuinely curious what you guys think of gezebelle gaburgably. i mostly listen to scrotey oi punk and that got me recommendations for shitty incel rock in like 2021. i looked into it and the only cis female artist in the scene was gezebelle gaburgably and i honestly kind of like her music despite it being "weirdcore" hyperpop shit.

she basically larped as a tranny (she's cis) to get negative xp to let her into his retarded "boys club" compilation album and her moid fans were seething at the fact that they related to songs made by a woman.

No. 384813

samefag, lately i've been listening to shit like 86 mentality. i find it hilarious listening to punk vocalists switch between their dorky normal voice and their artificial hardcore voice in live recordings.

No. 385025

No. 385063

I love her. I think her lyrics are great and she uses sarcasm to convey feminism in a really cool way. I've seen analyses of her lyrics by scrotes who took it at face value and it made my blood boil tbh. Males are incapable of understanding subtlety.

No. 385242

on loop…

No. 385252

she's clearly a far-right weirdo, everyone she was associating with were literal racist incel misogynists. Then when people started protesting at her shows she posted a dumb insta post about how she's "apolitical" and "doesn't like politics" and is just "writing about whatever" aka the quintessential excuse given by racist idiots who want to take advantage of newfound popularity outside of their little racist subcultures

No. 385463

You couldn't come to rnb night and bump this????

No. 385619

one of the best american songs ever made

No. 386163

No. 386164

No. 386476

This band sounds like sex turned into music

No. 386738

Boring and unsatisfactory? Can't agree.

No. 387208

No. 387395

I love this album but can't listen to it too much because it reminds me of being a kid and staying up too late after school playing Submachine and MOTAS. RIP Flash.

No. 387403

Submachine… it was good, but my drug of choice was daymare town

No. 387404

No. 387405

You're going to laugh at me but the pixelhunting in Daymare was so difficult and I gave up after cheating through the first game kek. The whole nostalgia of it feels extra sad because these people were extremely talented but "Flash game artist/musician" wasn't as financially viable as being a current day internet influencer. How times change.

No. 387460

No. 387474

No. 387837

No. 388139

No. 388396

I would like to share my all time favorite songs with farmers. I'm not a music nerd but they make me violently shake my head like a retard. The genres are house/dancehall, I think. (1)

No. 388399


No. 388400

I apologise for the faggy taste, but Club 69 - Adults Only has got to be my most underrated fav. The whole album is kinda cringe but soo fun when you're tipsy. Sugar pie guy, I wanna be your underwear, Diva… (3)

No. 388402

I know it's meant to be funny but I listened to it almost daily

No. 388404

Songs about Jody taking your girl have a 100% chance of being bangers… so is this jazz music or nah?

No. 388493

Old OOR songs make me so nostalgic, I hate everything past 2015.

No. 388795

No. 388803

No. 389720

Semi related but I hate that Spotify doesn't let you copy the title of songs or artists names. I've been listening to more japanese music lately and it's all in katakana/hiragana/kanji, which I know nothing of. I wanted to post a really cool song here but I can't search for it on youtube because I don't know what it says.

No. 389721

Take a screenshot and Google lens the text

No. 389764

We can read it for you.

No. 389862

No. 390634

I really like their energy.

No. 390643

Same they're cool

No. 390728

agreed but i also wonder if the members get annoyed that the short haired girl gets all the center time

No. 390780

No. 390789

No. 390797

how i feel most days

No. 391124

No. 391149

No. 391281

Looking for JP music recommendations, particularly those that aren't involved in doing music for stuff like anime (although if they're niche I'll bite).
Same with Korean artists who aren't mainstream. Just generally looking to get off the beaten path. Thanks in advance!

No. 391403

No. 391404

No. 391406

No. 391407

No. 391431

normally I wouldn't be able to answer this but I was researching shibuya-kei and I think it probably has something you'll like. just look through the artists listed here in the description of the genre https://rateyourmusic.com/genre/shibuya-kei/
>Pizzicato Five
>Flipper's Guitar (Cornelius is another project by a member of this band)
>Takako Minekawa
>Kahimi Karie 
>Fantastic Plastic Machine 
>Towa Tei 
>Buffalo Daughter
if you were looking for something more contemporary I don't know, but some of these groups are still making music. there's a related, like, offshoot genre called Akishibu-kei but it's more animu-oriented so probably not what you want. you can look into the Picopop genre if you like more peppy electronic sounds.

No. 391432

No. 391603

This album is insane, love her. This one is amazing too. People think it's about Lorde but i don't know enough about celebrities to know.

No. 392144

No. 392717

can anyone recommend me more gay music? i want to hear dudes croon about other dudes. pls no ham smith.

No. 392719

Frank Ocean? Yves Tumor - Licking an Orchid? Smalltown boy? I don't know

No. 392720

The Charm of the Highway Strip has always been and will always be better than 69 love songs

No. 392839

Something good in youtube recommendations

No. 394487

No. 394499

Maybe Elton John? I don't listen to him so idk if the lyrics of his songs are gay. There's also Village People who were a gay group so maybe you'll find something there.

No. 394506

No. 394530

No. 394531

No. 394546


No. 394551

The long blonde haired boy is cute

No. 394721

File: 1719157573574.jpg (43.84 KB, 499x359, 1717639866894.jpg)

Can anyone rec me some Midwest emo? The girl I'm crushing on likes it and I wanna be able to talk to her about it.
Pic unrel

No. 394733

massive redflag. all the biggest bands are full of heavily redditcore sex offenders who started balding in their mid 20s and the music is just their pathetic sniveling over some bad math rock. it's awful.

No. 394741

Our first language isn't English and hers isn't very good. I doubt she's in it for the lyrics or knows anything about the singers

No. 394967

No. 395031

I'm gonna miss this fake band.

No. 395141

I love Strobe so, so much. It’s so good it makes me cry kek

No. 395598

That tranny sophie, who has been dead for years, is gonna have a posthumous album released soon and people are creaming their undies at the prospect of virtue signalling how much they love trannie dick. OH MY GOD SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAA I LOVE HER SO MUUUUUCHHHHH AAAAAAAA SHE CHANGED THE MUSIC SCENEEEEEEEEEEEEE

God shut the fuck up. I'm glad that moid is dead.

No. 395681

I'm loving this album. I generally never listen to pop music but this reminds me of 90s house / chemical brothers and it's just so good. the remix of girl so confusing with Lorde is great

No. 395746

Aw this song transports me back to 2010. Good times. I love re-listening to this song when I code kek

No. 396064

No. 396067

No. 396069

I love this song it sounds like my childhood

No. 396088

No. 396093

i’ve had this on repeat nona! it’s amazing

No. 396239

She should've put it on the standard instead of the deluxe but I'm eating it up nevertheless

OT I'd like to see another Charli / Tove collab after they did the 'bitches' remix together

No. 396241

File: 1719632069948.jpeg (80 KB, 720x960, 2A53FE49-027F-4A51-838C-871860…)

I was just singing this while vacuuming earlier. What other bands do you like Nona? I’ve never been able to find something similar to MCR

No. 396249

Such a shame he turned into an AGP

No. 396269

He’s always cross dressed for fun and to shock people. It just doesn’t feel shocking anymore since it’s the norm now.

No. 396562

Sometimes I just remember this band at random and I have to watch this grainy video again. I was a teen when I found this band, I think I still had a myspace account.

No. 396605

early perfume genius fits methinks

No. 396607

samefag but just wanna post what i've been listening to

No. 397259

No. 397617

New darkwave stacy?

No. 399915

No. 400043

Does anyone else like breakcore? What are your favourite artists?
Thanks for posting this, I added some of her songs onto my playlist after I heard this one.

No. 400880

No. 401049

Anyone can say what they will about Marilyn, but scrotes absolutely hate her because lyrics like Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend are unfathomably based and tells it like it is and that makes me love her more.

>A kiss may be grand

>But it won't pay the rental
>On your humble flat
>Or help you at the automat!

>Men grow cold

>As girls grow old
>And we all lose our charms in the end
>But square-cut or pear-shaped
>These rocks don't lose their shape
>Diamonds are a girl's best friend

>There may come a time

>When a lass needs a lawyer
>But diamonds are a girl's best friend

>There may come a time, when a hard-boiled employer

>Thinks you're awful nice…but get that ice or else no dice!
>He's your guy
>When stocks are high
>But beware when they start to descend
>It's then that those louses
>Go back to their spouses
>Diamonds are a girl's best friend

No. 401147

No. 401201

Thank you for posting this. The blond guy produced some songs for artists I like and I discovered this after reading his wiki page because of your post!

No. 401226

in what universe scrotes hate marilyn? she is the ultimate sexualized hollywood icon.

No. 401296

I also enjoy the Julie London version of this

No. 402025

No. 402036

No. 402037

No. 403334

I like all of their songs

No. 403943

No. 403981

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