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File: 1693877796074.png (184.14 KB, 357x323, p6fNpxU.png)

No. 319718

What are your thoughts on the state of current music? Or any old bands? Any subgenres that are tickling your fancy? Or is your favorite band behaving weirdly? Any and all music discussion welcome here.

No. 319723

I fall in and out of pop music every few years, but I haven't found any new pop stars that at least make fun music. Local radio doesn't even play new pop hits anymore, all my top 40 stations have pivoted to being nostalgia stations. I can't tell if this is because streaming and tiktok have made "stars" too niche to be appreciated across a broad audience or not. But I've noticed nobody really has any idea of what the Billboard Hot 100 is anymore. I just checked it and Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" is at number 4. That's a song released in 2019, why is it charting now? Eras tour? Tiktok? The idea of a national pop music culture feels dead with how random the songs that chart are and with so few good contenders for future pop stars.

Indie music isn't doing much better with even acts like Animal Collective not being able to tour due to inflation. If indie acts can't make money off CDs or touring, I don't know how or if they're going to be able to survive. What is going on with music? Is there any hope for local scenes? Or are we in the bleh age of music where there are few national discourses and no local scenes?

No. 319730

File: 1693883257491.jpg (61.39 KB, 640x478, 768h.jpg)

Thanks for the thread OP! >>319698 DA btw but I'd call boygenius "she/theycore". My own taste is kind of all over the place though, sometimes I feel like a slight NLOG for liking the Kate Bush/Fiona Apple/Bjork trinity and hating stuff like Taylor Swift and Lana but there are some pop artists with catchy stuff (for me it's some Tove Lo and Charli XCX kek)

No. 319739

This is a good idea for a thread. I’ve always loved the smiths and I’m mad that tiktok fags found their music and sped it up

No. 319744

Is it really necessary to bring those soulless 4chan memes over here.

No. 319757

Ngl I hate Charli, don't understand what the gays see in her. I also can't stand Taylor Swift, her and her fans are nlog enough themselves but I'll give Lana credit for always finding a way to stay relevant with teenagers.

This but for Cigarettes After Sex. Since when did they get so popular?

No. 319762

too much trannies mixed in this meme
>I feel like a slight NLOG for liking the Kate Bush/Fiona Apple/Bjork trinity and hating stuff like Taylor Swift and Lana
don't worry, i'm worse, i hate all of the artists you mentioned (besides bjork, i respect her)

No. 319768

I'm really late to the party I know but I just started listening to the cure and love their disintegration album. especially lovesong - I've had it on repeat often lately.
also I've been discovering old vkei bands that I never bothered listening to until recently. luna sea, la'cryma christi, malice mizer, the gazette, monolith, alice nine, maximum the hormone (well I guess they are just metal and not vkei) - I can't believe I was missing out on all this music and a lot of the bands are broken up or getting too old to tour so there is no chance of seeing them live.

No. 319796

I think you'd enjoy Laputa and Rouage if you don't know them already !!

I also think you'd like Baiser and bands like Die in Cries or Fanatic Crisis, but I'm insecure about my recommendation abilities kek.

No. 319901

File: 1693965369650.jpg (459.38 KB, 1087x1599, 1654311228817.jpg)

Nobody tell Moz they do that, I suspect he already has high blood pressure and I don't want him to die anytime soon

No. 319925

thanks for the recs nona, I quite enjoyed rouage, baiser, and fanatic crisis. I did a little research on the bands too and some were really popular back in the day, I wonder why nobody ever talks about them anymore.

No. 319935

i fucking hate the smiths and i loathe people who are like "separate the art like i already wanted him dead for his incredibly annoying whiny voice as a kid before i even cared for any singer and when i did find out about morrissey in my early teens i hated him even more for being ugly and even further for his retarded ass views to alog levels. i hate both the art and the artist equally ! it's obviously a me problem because i know numerous cool people that shock me by being big fans of the smiths but to me the sound is so excruciatingly grating i can't stand it. i don't know if the lyricism is good because i really cannot bare to listen to that voice and i'm not even being exaggerative. i don't hate even hate the genre i like the cure and such i just can't stand the smiths specifically. absolutely loathe that band's sound, but maybe i'd enjoy it as poetry or something, and i like the instrumentals too.

No. 319962

kek nta i love the smiths but respect your strong emotions

No. 319968

so based… morrissey is seriousoy an annoying fag

No. 319997

Thanks for making the thread OP! I feel like I haven't found a good place for music discussion online so hopefully this thread stays active.

Interesting, I didn't know AnCo weren't able to tour, they used to be one of my favorites and I've seen them live a few times. Did they say that somewhere they couldn't afford it? To me, it's just the state of most industries nowadays, inflation is rapidly fucking up people who have genuine artistic merit and new ideas because record companies/radio/promoters are looking for that quick hit (aka Tiktok music) just to stay relevant. As for local scenes you usually have to be connected through social groups to find them but they do exist. Also depends where you are. I've lived around a few "music" cities that were teeming with musicians. Where I live now there are no concert venues for small acts, the best I can hope for is going to an open mic and that isn't always original music. But back to your point about surviving - the musicians who are relatively underground have been underpaid forever. I'd guess most play out of sheer enjoyment and a desire to share music. It sucks but I'm not sure how else we can individually encourage indie artists other than buying their music/merch/promoting online.

Same here, I never listened to The Cure but recently listened to Disintegration and adored it. It actually made me emotional and I tend to steer away from music like that. I feel like I either have to sit completely still and close my eyes to enjoy it, and most of the time when I listen to music I'm doing other things, so I can't listen too closely. Working or cleaning up while listening to someone pour their heart out just doesn't feel right.

No. 320005

I used to listen to music like that, especially Disintegration, by dancing and singing along in my bedroom. I had a record player now I have a better one downstairs. I should start doing that again. You should try their album Pornography it isn’t quite as good though, in my opinion. It is similar, however.

No. 320063

File: 1694056095050.jpg (46.72 KB, 600x600, old.jpg)

I don't hate The Smiths but Moz makes me laugh because he really does embody picrel so much except it's "angry old very gay man". People just find particular voices grating sometimes, for me I can't stand Lana Del Rey's voice at all

No. 320227

ayrt when I listen to the cure I do what >>320005 does and dance around my house kek but I also like to play disintegration while driving places alone. I gave a few other well known goth bands a try too and so far didn't enjoy any as much as the cure.

No. 320340

Why is it so easy for people to put female artists against each other? Saw some people on Rate your Music talking about all female Japanese math rock band Paranoid Void by comparing them to… another mostly female Japanese math rock band, tricot, and saying “they deserve all of tricot’s fame.” There’s no reason to compare these bands as paranoid void make instrumental math rock and tricot make poppy math rock. The only thing they have in common is the demographic of being Japanese women. It’s such a transparent way to pit women against each other when you can just listen to both.

Japan has a huge number of female bands for some reason, so there’s plenty of room to appreciate them. Paranoid void, tricot, lovebites, ars nova, and bandmaid fit into this description but they’re musically very different. It’s like comparing Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush because they’re solo female singer songwriters.

No. 320347

I've seen people on youtube comparing babymetal and band-maid and actually having arguments over who is better and more skilled/talented and who deserves the fame more…as if they don't sound nothing alike to begin with.

No. 320349

Personally, something that's really pissing me off in music circles is the defending of electronic music/edm and DJs and pretending they have real talent compared to someone who can actually play a real instrument or can sing or can write music and understands music theory. The sound of most edm/electronic music out there screams lack of talent and understanding of music kek.

No. 320355

I think making EDM music has a high skill floor and most people who do it are mediocre for that reason.

No. 320559

this is not the 80s anymore, get out with that "electronic is not trve music" bullshit

No. 320757


It's better in some genres than others, but I do think that the repetitive nature of some EDM limits the amount of interesting music theory stuff you can do. There's a lot more focus on timbre, structure, and sound design than on more complex harmonic structures, going beyond 4/4 is rare. And because enjoying EDM live has to do with DJs, who need to make your music blend in with other tracks from other artists, there's not much incentive to go beyond the BPM and time signature standard to your genre. But I'm sure as with every genre there are more experimental and advanced people making music meant to be listened to in your home.

Is anyone else really picky about music and cowriters? Nowadays I just don't want to put up with having a song that has the singer on it and then three other dudes as cowriters. I'm way more interested in music that's written entirely by a band or by just one solo songwriter. It's disappointing to get into an artist only to find out what you really liked was their cowriter and not them.

No. 320801

I wasn't expecting to see Visual Kei being mentioned here, I was obsessed with vk bands back in the day when I was a teen, and The Gazette was one of my favourites. Recently I've been rediscovering the bands I used to listen to, perhaps you could enjoy some of them, too, nonna? Versailles, Phantasmagoria (I can't stop listening to "Eternal Silence" on repeat kek), and DELUHI are really great!

Also, I used to be crazy for An Cafe, too, but I find it a bit embarrassing to admit it lol.

>maximum the hormone

Koi No Mega Lover and Kuso breakin' Nou breakin' Lily are some of my favourites songs for working out on warm days kek

No. 320813

Nonnies I need some recommendations! I'm on the look for trip hop songs/artists that're moody, dark but not boring. I love DJ Shadow and Unkle if that helps. massive attack is okay and portishead is not my vibe at all

No. 320819

I've recently discovered Pleasantries and I really like his music.
Drink to Me is a really good song.

No. 320856

Atyrt, I enjoy some electropop, synth pop, and electronic rock. But pure electronic stuff isn't for me.

No. 321326

ayrt I listen to versailles occasionally already, looked up the other bands and gave them a listen. I really like deluhi too, they remind me a lot of some western screamo bands I used to listen to.
kek yeah maximum the hormone makes some good workout music, too bad they don't seem to tour outside japan since they'd be fun to see live.

No. 321946

where do i request for a song i don't remember the name

No. 323664

Don't know if you ever found the thread, but here you go, anon: >>>/ot/1561582

No. 324701

File: 1696172369240.png (952.5 KB, 922x919, Screenshot_20231001-095701-468…)

I come back to this album every few years because of the production and Trent Reznor's bitchy moody voice.

No. 339069

File: 1701390763710.png (168.26 KB, 628x328, Untitled.png)

Spotify wrapped anyone?

No. 339071

File: 1701392733617.jpg (192.86 KB, 757x1357, Screenshot_20231130-215835_Spo…)

Here's mine.

No. 339072

File: 1701393077703.jpeg (137.61 KB, 547x1001, IMG_0843.jpeg)

I know, zoomer trash. I can’t help it.

No. 339073

File: 1701393181963.jpeg (258.87 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_7270.jpeg)

mine is basically the same every year

No. 339074

File: 1701394067941.jpeg (238.35 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_4154.jpeg)

Stereolab was my #1 too!

No. 339091

I live in Japan and go to multiple metalcore/melodeath/nucore concerts every month. I love it because they don’t cry about trannies or BIPOCS or other shit between songs or on their social media. It’s purely music on stage. I love not having to separate art from artist.

I feel so bad for Japanese girl bands. I have been to Nemophila, Gacharic Spin, Bridear, and Mary’s Blood concerts. The audience is almost entirely middle aged men.

No. 339098

File: 1701408042310.png (421.23 KB, 549x1000, wrapped.png)

somehow vocaloid ends up being my top genre every fucking year

No. 339163

Based fellow starset enjoyer. I see you like slipknot as well. Good taste.

No. 339166

I'm a bit of a metalcore fan and I'm jealous ngl

No. 339288

What bands do you like? I only got into it big time last year. Myself I don’t really like the modern sound like Invent Animate and Polaris. I love Sable Hills, Crystal Lake, Phinehas, Issues, Dying Wish, Paledusk…the list goes on. And more meathead moid beatdown stuff like Kublai Khan.

No. 339362

Recently 3(!) members of my favourite visual kei bands died, so I decided that I have to start going to concerts in order to not feel even more regret.
In spring Dir en Grey is coming to my country, so I thought I'm gonna go no matter what, despite being alone. Turns out the city they'll perform in is 10 hours away from there I live, on a work day…

I also tried checking out concerts in my city, especially of female bands, but it's all just either big pop musicians or rock/metal cover bands, like I saw at least 10 Rammstein copycats. And the only female artists are fat middle-aged ladies calling themselves some name with "chicks" and also only cover Aerosmith or similar old classics.

I don't have any social media so I have no idea about that, but do smaller more alternative acts sell their tickets via other sites (meaning not ticketmaster or eventim) or does such a scene simply not exist there I live? I really have no clue where to start

No. 339546

Death in Vegas, Tricky, Lamb, some stuff from Sneaker Pimps, and maybe Hooverphonic as well. I love Unkle too anon, but I'm very surprised you don't like Portishead

No. 341134

What are your top albums for 2023? I’m looking for more stuff to listen to. I’ve been trying to get into Mitski’s new release (the land is inhospitable) but it’s very ballad-y. Some of the tracks have been cool, like My Love Mine All Mine, but I really can’t click with Mitski for some reason. I prefer music that’s more melodic and her stuff seems very atmospheric.

I wasn’t really into the new boygenius album either. Maybe indie sad girls just aren’t for me.

No. 341138

If there are small venues in your town yeah they might post their show lineups on instagram and I have no clue outside of that (maybe if they have their own website?)

Otherwise I find out about any and all artists coming to my town (or any location I input) by using the website songkick? Works for bigger and smaller artists and it's very passive for me (I get emailed relevant show alerts once in a while).

No. 341139

I've had success with bandsintown, but I'm an amerifag so ymmv if you're outside of the US or Europe.

No. 341161

Do you mean released in 2023? If so:
Babymetal-the other one
Cattle decapitation- terrasite, still not used to it though since I've only got a chance to listen to it only once. But lots of good songs caught my attention.

No. 341172

Dying Wish - Symptoms of Survival (female vocalist, check ‘em out frens)
Periphery: Periphery V Djent is Not a Genre

No. 341242

Just to name a few:

Art School Girlfriend - Soft Landing
Susanne Sundfor - Blomi
Alan Palomo - World Of Hassle
Kelela - Raven
Blonde Redhead - Sit Down For Dinner (it's quite dreamy and lush but very melodic, you might like this one OP)
Death and Vanilla - Flicker
Tennis - Pollen (lots of great melodies and instrumentation here)

No. 342414

Based KISS fan. My favourite album is Hotter than Hell and I love Parasite and Strutter

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