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File: 1634809228127.jpeg (23.98 KB, 400x400, 201CC2C8-E2EA-4C34-AAF7-AF4555…)

No. 165676

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No. 165686

is picrel claire from supernatural?

No. 165690

File: 1634817440793.jpg (186.69 KB, 750x1000, Todd_S5b.jpg)

I hate him so much

No. 165691

File: 1634818027363.jpeg (29.35 KB, 480x267, 492CF4FC-DEF5-45F2-A60B-02337A…)

Same actress, different character in a different show. But tbh Claire was fucking annoying. Not the worst character in the show, though, I think that title goes to Ketch. Fucking hate that guy.

No. 165697

File: 1634822870846.jpg (5.74 KB, 273x185, june.jpg)

No. 165698

File: 1634823631206.png (150.54 KB, 360x450, main-qimg-0eca9650c007ebd539aa…)

this little shit

No. 165701

ew, who tf is that

No. 165702

File: 1634824936374.jpg (38.36 KB, 225x350, 101419.jpg)

No. 165920

i hate her too. even in the book all she ever did was complain and be annoying

No. 166943

File: 1635247550213.jpeg (66.31 KB, 620x386, BA56AD41-006F-4A39-9D17-6E56A7…)

can't even begin to describe how much i hate her. there never existed a more punchable character than her.

No. 166955

It's Todd from Breaking Bad, he's a total psychopath

No. 167071

Aka Meth Damon

No. 167107

IMO she was a lot more likable in the book than the show, but even then you have a point. The whole adaptation still feels like a bit of a disservice to the novel to me, really, along with the cringe cultural reception the show brought. It makes it hard to like any of the characters in that adaptation. The older film was a much better portrayal.

No. 167129

Yeah. He pretty much ruined the show for me. As flawed as it was, I could’ve enjoyed the whole ride if he never became the main focus and the retarded fixation of every other character.

No. 167148

File: 1635283046624.jpeg (38.6 KB, 396x528, F73FFACC-0C08-481A-9964-12CFD8…)

Not a character in particular but everyone he plays is so annoying. I watched Horrible Bosses and I began to realize early on that I didn’t wanna root for this ugly ass fucker. I hate him so much, I’m trying not to a log but he is so smug and not funny. He’s almost always the protagonist when he very much shouldn’t be.

No. 167150

File: 1635284325367.jpg (200.59 KB, 800x1121, seira.jpg)

She ruined the entire second series.

No. 170037

File: 1636989736670.png (81.43 KB, 177x566, Mr._Peanutbutter_casual.png)

So I actively despise Mr Peanutbutter but at the same time I believe he's a brilliant character

Just cause someone's a good guy doesn't mean they can be somewhat of a shitty person, for me he's like Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Cruise, Steven Martin e.t.c their likely not rapists or murdering pedophiles but their still superficial men who expect to be treated like their woke kings just cause their not as awful as other men in Hollywood

No. 170176

I think he was cute kind of like a puppy. I hate that they made him a fat ass in the movie though
Holy shit my ex was just like this guy. He would do stuff he thinks I like without discussing it with me and then proceeds to freak out when I explain to him that I don't want that

No. 170191

File: 1637111581601.jpg (109.02 KB, 1000x629, worst girl.jpg)

ignore the fact that High Guardian Spice is shit, Rosemary is the worst character and just seeing her dumb face makes me rage. SHe has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and is a burden to her friends and family. No wonder her mom left and never returned.

No. 170200

i've been thinking this before but she looks like a knockoff version of >>167150. or like aikatsu done by westerners.

No. 170210

No. 170218

he was a self-centered whiny little shit with hideous hair, cope

No. 170263

So what is the problem?

No. 170279

File: 1637179106869.png (315.58 KB, 840x709, madoka.png)

I'd say she looks more like a knockoff Madoka. The pink hair in bunches, the bow, the skirt and even the cap sleeves all scream Madoka.

No. 170288

I didn’t read ur post but I agree. Even Sayaka is less annoying than Madookie.

No. 170293

i sorta like her design but when i watched a few clips from the show, her voice actor really clashes with the way she looks. obviously the voice acting in that show is shit anyway but her voice definitely stuck out to me as not fitting

No. 170347

File: 1637233916622.jpg (57.44 KB, 570x618, il_570xN.2343906948_t7vw.jpg)

Extremely unpopular opinion, but he is so fucking obnoxious, definitely the least interesting character of the manga.

No. 170349

File: 1637235298023.png (313 KB, 900x1080, tumblr_n5delfCz3z1qi42hmo1_128…)

Well in the initial design she WAS. Good thing her design was changed enough to at least try to look different

No. 170374

I agree with you. I don't hate him, he's so forgettable I can't bring myself to hate him. The adult characters were way more interesting imo.

No. 170380

File: 1637254980311.png (721.43 KB, 579x524, draper.PNG)

POS that I did not feel bad for at any point in the show but gets idealized by retarded men for being "alpha

No. 170399

File: 1637266088923.jpg (61.3 KB, 768x511, image.jpg)

fuck this asshole and his obnoxious french canadian second wife

i can't hate megan as much as don for obvious reasons, but her whole character felt like poorly written coomerbait and was also mary-sueish in how she was portrayed as super sexy and good at everything while also being some kind of bimbo type. to make things worse, my gross ex was obsessed with her and would not stop talking about her whenever we watched that part of the show together and it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 170400

He's based and handsome fuck off

No. 170416

File: 1637273540564.png (3.85 MB, 2501x2139, main_sp.png)

The hell are these generic ass fanservicey anime waifubait characters doing in Super Smash Bros.? Such a waste of DLC character plus Piranha Plant and Min Min. I don't play Xenoblade Chronicles but fighting against them online is so fucking annoying and hearing their attack moves makes me cringe.

No. 170432

Sorry for your lack of taste nonny

No. 170461

This whole fucking show was stupid.

No. 170513

File: 1637325345158.png (151.53 KB, 555x394, F86341F8-AEC4-4584-92D9-A9EAF9…)

I think he's a genuinely horrible person, and I think he would definitely be the kind of guy to browse /R9k/.
It should be a red flag if you ever speak to a guy and he says he relates to Punpun.
How do I even describe his stupidity?
I think the worst thing he did was leaving Aiko's dead body with two children who he told to look after her.

No. 170514

No. 170518

this character is like peak scrote kek in that sense he is very realistic

No. 170523

basically any asano mc actually

No. 170546

If a guy raves about this manga it’s a triple red flag. Inio asano has enormous incel vibes despite being married

No. 170552

Yeah, something about this manga gives me a really bad feeling and I hardcore side-eye any moid that relates too much to the main character. I think the fandom is confused, because they go on and on about the themes…like what fucking themes? There are better manga out there that tackles mental illness, especially alienation and anxiety. The MC is a sociopath and I cried for 10 minutes after I read what happened to the girl.

No. 170576

So true, I read Solanin and really enjoyed it so someone told me to check out Dead Demon's which was cute and Goodnight Punpun and that just gave me so much discomfort and then I read that semi-autobiographical manga I can't remember the name of where he basically rapes his wife in it and just can't stand to look at this moid

No. 170600

Can someone spoonfeed me what the manga is about and what's wrong with it?

I actually had an ex bf who loved it lmaooo. I read a few chapters but never got into it.

No. 170621

No offense, but if you read what anons said, you should have a good idea about the manga. If you want a plot summary, just go to wikipedia or look for some autistic meta

No. 170704

I usually like fucked up anime and manga, some of it can be coomer or /r9k/-lite like Welcome to the NHK. Unlike the former, which has it's merits, Goodnight Pun Pun is pure /r9k/ shit. It's male as shit and I know that's bad to say nowadays here, but the author tends to humanize the fuck out of the horrible males in the story. Even if bad shit happens, the author's tone is very sympathetic, especially towards the creepy uncle and the sociopathic MC. The only women who are treated empathetically is that creepy lady (people who have read it now why she's a fucking creep).

The series also has a "woe is me" mentality, but through the lens of a fucking sociopathic pathetic idiot. The girl being used is just collateral damage for the creepy MC to "grow" and "change" Once Aiko isn't a manic pixie girl anymore, she is discarded like a piece of trash.

Fuck that manga, fuck the creator. I don't even know how he can be married and still have those beliefs. I hope she divorced his sick sad ass and I hope they don't have children either. I know that seems silly, but if you ever read it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Fucking hentai shit is nicer to women than this manga.

No. 170726

My sentiment exactly anon

No. 170734

>The only women who are treated empathetically is that creepy lady (people who have read it now why she's a fucking creep)
it's been years since i read the manga, who's the creepy lady?

No. 170737

File: 1637463425823.jpg (32.68 KB, 640x362, O-3j2RIzftCaNhmP8IuX0JD2THtnlL…)

>Is an actual psychopath that only cares about his crazy, unethical experiments and nothing else
>Would use his squad members as test subjects and live bombs, is somehow still allowed to be a captain
>Physically and possibly sexually abuses his daughter because he artificially created her and thinks she is his property to do anything to
>Got effectively murdered by Ishida for trying to kidnap Orihime and for admitting to killing his grandfather for experimentation, yet survived by some asspull
>Never gets his comeuppance for killing the few Quincy that sided with the shinigami or for abusing his daughter and team
>Is fucking ugly

No. 170747

File: 1637465995131.jpg (36.86 KB, 353x499, 51Y7xotz47L._SX351_BO1,204,203…)

>I don't even know how he can be married and still have those beliefs.
Never get married then, anon. Men don't change when they get married they just get better at hiding their degeneracy from their bangmaid.
>I hope she divorced his sick sad ass and I hope they don't have children either.
He's actually married to another mangaka who writes similarly brain-dead, immoral "love" stories. I was reading one of her manga and was like "this kinda sucks in a gross way I can't put my finger on" and i googled her and yep married to inio asano. Laughed my fucking sides off. I think they're made for each other tbh. oh god though the possibility of those two maladjusted retards raising a child is nightmare fuel
picrel is by the wife

No. 170750

I have taste like your and used to love Punpun when I was a barely adult pick me with myriad of mental health issues. The gorgeous artwork helped, too. Ironically enough, I feel like rereading that Trainwreck to see how I feel about it now. Aiko deserved better, that's for sure

No. 170751

Wait people actually praise Punpun(the character)? I love the story because he's a irredeemable piece of shit and he used the idea of Aiko and Sachi to fuel his delusions. I always saw the story as more of a more fucked up 500 days of summer or eternal sunshine where Punpun was more in love with the idea of the women he was with rather than the flawed humans they really were.

Then again I can be reading it through nostalgia lens since I read it when I was a depressed teen

No. 170788

File: 1637488744325.jpg (33.35 KB, 538x538, ayukawa_ryuji_20469.jpg)

This cunt. He's a selfish character who pulls a "muh have problems at home how dare YOU be fine with your life, suffer with me" and expect MC to take a risk for him because he's not caring enough. Not to mention how he deceived a man by pretending to be a girl and played the victim when he got rejected because the other dude is straight, but obviously the problem was that he was a bigot for not going out with a non-conforming man. He sure acts like a troon for being so entitled.

No. 170798

I didn't get the feeling Punpun was supposed to be sympathized with either? I read the manga fairly recently and was like "god, what a pathetic asshole" the whole time but I kept reading because honestly the main appeal for me was to see what he's going to do to fuck up his (and others') life even further. Though I'm not a moid so maybe I didn't "get it.

No. 170833

File: 1637518560928.jpg (61.73 KB, 642x500, les_mangakas_inio_asano_et_aka…)

What an odd couple

No. 170839

File: 1637522887022.jpg (170.62 KB, 640x960, Woody.jpg)

Fucking killjoy who ruins the life of people around him for his superiority complex, also he sounds like a retard in English.

No. 170847

>punpun wasn't supposed to be sympathized with
I'm forced to assume all of you saying this are stupid, media illiterate, or more likely, intensely optimistic about the intentions of the author and fans of punpun because you can't fathom that men actually relate to and like his character. But to spell it our for you, The entire ending sequence in ch.145 is 100% sympathetic to punpun as it celebrates him moving on with his life and "leaving his past behind" while a phantom aiko smiles and offers metaphorical forgiveness all while glossing over and sanitizing the fact that punpun made it impossible for aiko to have a future at all when he killed her. She is seen narratively as but a sacrifice that had to be made for punpun to grow up and live a normal life.

No. 170848

These are the retarded moids who sympathize with Bojack and Rick sanchez unironically so

No. 170857

Woody was a egotistical asshole in the first movie (Granted, Buzz Lightyear would be annoying to be around). He seemed ok in the 2nd and 3rd movie but I haven’t watched those in forever. Haven’t seen the 4th yet.

No. 170862

Don't bother watching the 4th movie tbh, it's shit.

No. 170864

Personality aside, she is way out of his league.

No. 170869

btw but I liked it, it was nice though not as good as TS3. Same as other movies in the series

No. 170870

>The entire ending sequence in ch.145 is 100% sympathetic to punpun as it celebrates him moving on with his life and "leaving his past behind" while a phantom aiko smiles and offers metaphorical forgiveness
Not dunking on other anons as this is a general comment, but weird how so many people are media illiterate and miss that kind of obvious narrative signals cough 3.0+1.0 tard upon a time. It's shocking how their interpretation goes completely against the authorial intent as they get bashed in with it.

No. 170875

File: 1637545227398.png (588.97 KB, 500x610, tumblr_ac11ab085f212a0f13a18a5…)

This bitch right here. I don't even necessarily hate her as a character, but the weird worship that people have over her is so annoying. Now whenever I see her, I just cringe thinking about some "uwu succubi femcel girlboss" zoomer fetishizing/romanticising her. I especially hate the weird feminist takes on her as well. She's very clearly meant to be the villain/monster in all his works. They just can't admit Junji ito might have some anti-feminist takes.

No. 170876

File: 1637545791481.png (292.91 KB, 1240x537, hgs.png)

all of their initial designs looked better tbh (except for parsley)

No. 170882

This is just straight up madoka sjw fanart

No. 170885

File: 1637550860313.png (1.09 MB, 1280x800, 47C99279-68D5-400A-8F65-8911E6…)

Nta, I knew there was something too similar to madoka, other than the obvious pink girl, those are Sayaka, Madoka, Kyoko and Mami, It’s not completely transparent but it’s like frosted glass.
Is the cat girl Homura?

No. 170893

I get the hype.
Shes one of the few anime/manga females with a spine and it's easy to stan a dark triad spooky bitch

No. 170894

No she’s Tokyo black cat girl mixed with Mew ichigo lol.

No. 170898

Agreed. Every male in this show was insufferable and you know the scrotes that watch it put it on their list of "shows women don't understand" even though it's 90% softcore porn and 10% plotlines that go nowhere

No. 170904

I don't care about Tomie herself but the fact that it's one of Ito's cornerstone manga baffles me, all the Tomie chapters are exactly the same. Her fanbase is extremely obnoxious too, exactly like you described it.

No. 171022

File: 1637622424101.png (197.76 KB, 300x541, Hisoka.png)

I hate this pedo clown. I remember seeing somewhere that Togashi said he's his favorite character?? Glad he's bedridden for life.

No. 171493

File: 1637899065121.png (59.59 KB, 187x414, Hayley_Smith.png)

Annoying libfem who is a bitch to her mom

No. 171495

Every bitch I have met that likes this character has always been toxic and borderline abusive to everyone in their life.

No. 171503

File: 1637909061544.jpg (94.87 KB, 736x736, 248889400bdb5781fe0cf552c65470…)

No. 171564

point proven thanks

No. 171643

File: 1637994432573.gif (4.72 MB, 268x320, tumblr_40bff247d053b7a7370401e…)

he makes my blood boil

No. 171648

File: 1637999241397.jpg (65.07 KB, 1280x720, HR4bRrs.jpg)

Fake two faced yandere bitch that's willing to kill mc who's friends with the prettiest girl in school who she admires and wants to be friends with. Somehow she's forgiven and now simps for the pretty girl in a disgusting horny way. Fucking weirdo. I'd slash this bitch's face and break her knees.

No. 171678

File: 1638020664176.png (423.88 KB, 860x563, 9C52C25E-7772-4957-BE49-6413C0…)

They’re just fucking annoying and the shippers who bean flick to them are even worse.

No. 171689

Wait wait. He was the most chill of the group. What bothers you about him?

No. 171698

God this is so low-tier it's unbelievable.

No. 171736

I love my dad but Peanutbutter is like the worst aspects of my dad rolled into 1 character

No. 171737

>Bean flickers

Do women actually masturbate to these characters? They're literal children. I know they're really low res cartoons, but still

No. 171743

Did you only discover the internet this morning?

No. 171746

Being rude without having reason is so cringy. You bitches need to chill out

No. 171747

stop being so sensitive aubrey, anon was just making a joke since it's shocking you don't know about the absolute fuckton of southpark porn slathered on all corners of the internet.

No. 171749

File: 1638061065153.png (14.87 KB, 720x645, Berdly_face.png)

painfully unfunny, chapter 2 as a whole leaned too much on internet humor imo

No. 171773

i unashamedly love hisoka but if a male has him as his favourite character it's a red flag for sure

No. 171786

File: 1638086995070.jpg (82.95 KB, 1200x692, KS-6-1.jpg)

aqua from konosuba
i know the whole show is coomerbait trash comedy but at least the other characters are funny, this one is straight up insufferable

No. 171807

File: 1638103655053.jpg (741.35 KB, 1080x4797, ZomboDroid 28112021123400.jpg)

Rereading Punpun now as well as the interview Asano gave about ending and it looks like his intentions may have been grimer than what you (and me) assumed, see picrel.
IDK if you buy that the manga was supposed to show the characters in a negative light, personally I do – though I haven't reached the ending yet (I'm 3/4th in). What I have noticed and absolutely believe in is Asano's absolute disdain for women who are unfuckable to him, especially fat or ugly. See: Aiko's fat mother masturbating stuffed in her daughter's school uniform. The fact that after her murder the postman delivers a vibrator to humiliate her further shows what Asano thinks of female sexuality that doesn't pleasure scrotes. There is also Kanie's sister whose only point of existence is to stuff misogynistic fat jokes into the comic. The teenage prostitute from the most likely autobiographical manga also is portrayed as chubby and facially grotesque in order to show how low has the protagonist fallen to fuck THAT. Maybe rapist motherfucker Punpun is supposed to be seen as a negative character for his deeds, but Asanio puts horny unfuckable women on the same level.
BTW I hate Sachi for being Punpun's fuckmommy who defends him to death, gives him career and pussy and is ~so good for him~ but I will get into that more later

No. 171822

based ed helms hater

No. 171987

File: 1638215409865.jpg (92.38 KB, 772x772, 2136547893.jpg)

Tomie is extremely based. And your interpretation is shit, anon. All Tomie does is be a bitch and regenerate, scrotes are the villains in her stories.

No. 171992

>Asano's absolute disdain for women who are unfuckable to him
Inincel Asano despises all kinds of women, anon. He puts his pretty female characters into abusive relationships to punish them. A Girl on the Shore, for example, is just a lame story about a girl being abused by a moid and it has a lot of sex scenes, because scrotes are degenerates with no self respect who want to fuck the women they hate. And Punpun literally destroyed Aiko's life. Asano said Punpun's worst punishment is staying alive, which is bullshit because he manages to live a happy life with Sachi without suffering any repercussions for his crimes. Meanwhile, Aiko was abused by Punpun until her spirit got completely broken and died an undignified death, being discarded like garbage and forgotten

No. 171993

File: 1638219106251.jpg (201.19 KB, 650x1146, oyasumi-punpun-4748341.jpg)

finished reading Punpun. I found the ending really hollow and depressing. The protagonist is an abusive waste of space, but at least it's his story. I fucking hate Sachi so much more after finishing the comic. Can't stand braindead Punpun stans calling her ~perf gf uwu~
>Insecure about her round face as a teenager. First thing she does as an adult is botching it to the point Asano has problem drawing her bizzaro chin. Still fucking ugly
>has a bestie for life, treats her like shit cuz she's a fatass while depending on her to save her skin
>begs a random teenage scrote to write a comment about her painting in a gallery book (to 1-up said fat friend). Scrote rambles about The One Who Got Away instead of saying anything about the art. Gets obsessed about the shit story
>randomly runs into the scrote years later, offers him job writing his crap stories so she can make picture stories/manga out of them
>scrote doesn't do shit, defend him from a woman rightfully calling him a waste of space
>sleeps with a scrote while obviously enamored with him. 'it's okay, nothing has to change between us!!!! I don't want anything from you!!!'
>manga sells better w/out scrote's stories, still obsessed with working with him
>gets pregnant by exhusband, asks scrote to go to an abortion with her. Scrote promises to go than fucks off. Doesn't abort, obsesses over scrote instead
>finds random girl's clothes, 10 bags of semen-encrusted tissues and blood spills in scrote's abandoned apartment. Calls for a police? Nah. Decides to look more frantically for a scrote instead, ie by visiting his father and friends. Meanwhile scrote is on the run with The One Who Got Away after helping kill her abusive parent (scrote took up on himself to continue the abuse)
>eventually finds scrote lying down in an abandoned place like a trash he is. Pounces down on him. 'You are finally fucking mine!!!!'
>'teehee you don't have to tell me where you've been or who you've done, i'm a cool girl'
>breaks down crying upon finding out scrote has been involved in a murder. When scrote gets out on a probation, drags him into being a father figure for her daughter (despite Punpun not really giving a fuck and wanting to be left alone)
>decides to draw a manga about a scrotes life
Fuck that bitch and her fans. Pathetic cunt fronts as a ~strong independent career woman~~ while she's a pickme for a neet incel. At least Aiko had the excuse of being abused her whole life and not really knowing how bad Punpun is until it was too late. There is no reason why Sachi had to play a mommy bangmaid to him instead of literally anyone else.

No. 172000

Sorry, posted >>171993 before I saw your reply. Aiko's fate makes me fucking furious, but I feel like in that case it's what reader is supposed to feel. I didn't feel like her death was glorified (ie compared to heroines of galge like Air or Kanon) or justified, it was horrible. I will not defend Asano on a whole, though. Another good example of him hating women is Punpun's mother being portrayed in a worse light than the mostly-absent father or pedo uncle.
don't get me started on the 'evil teenage seductress' plot… i guess it mirrors what happened with Aiko's mother, but I don't want to think about that too deeply Also Harumin wanting to commit murder after happily talking to his wife/fiance.
It's a shame, since I think that there is a lot of good stuff in Asano's work (plot, art… it's fun to read). There is no cure for being a scrote, though. I think that unfuckable women get the worst of him, though. He doesn't even try hard to cover up his disdain with plot.

No. 172016

but what was going on with that weird cult subplot thing going on? i don't remember anything from it

No. 172098

File: 1638302645944.jpg (117.07 KB, 540x506, E2aoevDWQAMur1O.jpg)

I don't think it's either feminist or antifeminist, but it's just so damn enjoyable to watch a girl berate and then torture men

No. 172208

I feel that Aiko's individuality was taken away from her in the way her death was portrayed, it was more about Punpun than about herself. If this story had been written by someone else, I might have a different opinion. But considering Asano's misogynistic tendencies, it didn't sit right with me. It's been a long time since I read this manga, so my interpretation might be wrong. The cult thing was really boring. Despite it's flaws, I really enjoyed this story. The art is very a e s t h e t i c.

No. 172234

>the way her death was portrayed, it was more about Punpun than about herself

that's just the role of female characters in pretty much all male-written media. They die for the development of the main male character. That's their job. Her death is there to make the scrote more interesting. You see it everywhere in media, punpun is just a really blatant example.

>Inincel Asano
LMFAO I'm gonna start calling him incel asano from now on. What a perfect pun.

No. 172238

A perfect punpun, if you will.

No. 172244

I feel a lot like you on the comic, I think. IDK I do feel like Aiko's death was a tragic ending to her arc (led to suicide by Punpun's abuse, infected body, no hope for the future due to the murder), but everything about her life it's so fucking cruel it makes my blood boil. Especially since I saw a meta claiming that Aiko is responsible for everything wrong in Punpun's life, that when he calls her stupid and childish after they reunite (cause he's pissed she has a bf and a job) that's exactly what she is, that her death is a good thing cause it represents Punpun finally being free from toxicity etc. Made me want to a-log
I would say her death was the final nail in the coffin for Punpun, but IMHO Sachi is the one character who exists only for the protagonist despite a facade of being a strong career woman (Mommy Pixie Dream Girl). How would you write Aiko's death (let's assume that it has to happen) to not make it feel like it's only for Punpun's development?

No. 172252

my god. We've hit maximum pun.

No. 172260

>How would you write Aiko's death (let's assume that it has to happen) to not make it feel like it's only for Punpun's development?
I fundamentally take issue with the idea that the story even had to be written in the first place. I think there is weight in the decision of what stories to tell and how, and telling the story of an abuser, from the perspective of the abuser, who faces no consequences other than vague manpain for causing the death of his victim, who then gets to go on and live a good life as a result… is a story that doesn't need to be told. Especially since it's something that happens every day in real life, so often in fact that you have so many male fans of the series who genuinely see themselves in punpun because the story is so similar to the life and views they already hold.
It's not bringing anything new, it's only serving to validate the shitty attitudes of maladjusted scrotes by showing them someone like them who does terrible things and those terrible things are okay actually because in the end it's all about them and their growth, everyone else they trample on the way be damned.
It's essentially misogynist propaganda drawn in pretty pictures.

No. 172268

I keep thinking what would punpun look like if the story was retold with switched genders. girl punpun retaining the same bird design and aiko and sachi as men

No. 172278

Obviously if punpun was a girl, it'd lose relatability with scrotes (& women, since most women couldn't relate to punpun's behavior even if superficially he was made into a girl) and everyone would rightly hate punpun, wish her dead, and call the story a terrible waste of time.

No. 172279

I guess her personality would be changed a little to be more relatable to women if we're going for female gaze but the story would still be disturbing

No. 172281

I genuinely don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. Are you trying to do one of those retarded “b-but if the genders were flipped the feminists would LOVE it” arguments? Because no, it would still be shitty, just now unrealistic and shitty since most women wouldn’t relate to punlun’s behavior like men do. And If punpun’s behavior was changed it would be a different story altogether, so.

No. 172283

no, it's just something that I wanted to see for myself

No. 172301

AYRT I see your point and I agree. Even if I interpreted the story in a more damning way for Punpun (and I'm attached to my take on it), it doesn't matter since most of the readers end up siding with him. As you mentioned, stories of poor abusers sacrificing women for the protagonist's sake are dime a dozen. I've also learned that when in doubt about scrote author's intentions, it's the worst assumption that's true.
Personally, I think that Aiko's story could be told from her POV. It wouldn't be uplifting, but it would allow it to show Punpun as what he was aka an abuser not deserving second changes. To me what happened to Aiko was the only important, moving part of the manga (I didn't GAF about Punpun, he can fucking rot). I found Aiko relatable and she made me rethink where I was and where I am. If I had the time for it, I would write a fix-it fic focusing on her. Maybe even two, one just presenting the story from her POV and another giving her the ending she deserves. Too bad I don't have the time

No. 172512

File: 1638520772222.jpeg (27.54 KB, 220x330, FDC69352-42DA-49B1-B078-119A19…)

It’s been awhile since I’ve read Harry Potter but I hated this asshole so much. He’s pretty much an incel that never got over that his stacy crush went for a chad instead of him and took it out on their kid (who was still a young child). And we’re supposed to think he’s the good guy? Harry names his kid after him despite Snape being a total asshole to Harry while he was alive? Fuck that. I also don’t get why he even has fangirls. Sure, Alan Rickman was attractive but as Snape, he looked so plain and greasy. There are much better characters to husbandos in Harry Potter.

At least the movies added some comedic elements to his character here and there that made him a bit more tolerable but it still wasn’t enough.

No. 172519

>He’s pretty much an incel that never got over that his stacy crush went for a chad instead of him and took it out on their kid (who was still a young child). And we’re supposed to think he’s the good guy?

Amen. Fuck that guy. He is expecially awful in the books, the movies made his sacrifice a bit more sympathetic.

No. 172523

I'd say the fangirls are 99% cause of Alan Rickman, he wasn't conventionally attractive but he had this intensity to him, especially when he was playing Snape

No. 172524

Hisoka is crazy to me because only hot normal girls like him. On Twitter all the girls that defend him are like Stacy’s with weeb brothers/exs. All the average-ugly weeb girls like the other hxh boys more and have (justified) problems with hisoka.

No. 172525

>hot normal girls
Anon what are you smoking, normal Staceys aren't into anime pedo clowns.

No. 172527

Dude I swear to you attractive well adjusted straight women on Twitter will be break up their Normie feed of generic “vibes, protect your energy, astrology, aesthetic” posts to say they loved this clown on some viral on normie Twitter rt-bait tweet

No. 172529

File: 1638530467680.png (3.89 MB, 1024x2304, zixa803r.png)

Why do anons take Hisoka so damn seriously lmao, I haven't paid attention to hxh fandom in years but I've never seen anywhere other than lolcow clutch their pearls over him. I'm sure twitter does (I don't use it) but usually anons don't moralfag as hard as them. Like yes, he's an evil pedo with some plausible deniability, but he's a pseudo villain and comedic relief half the time. People like him because he's entertaining and occasionally attractive, it's not like the pedo jokes are frequent or important to the plot.

No. 172536

This, plus the movies made him more sympathetic in general, he isn't shown bullying Neville or being unfair to non Slytherins, the scene where he protects Harry and the others from werewolf Lupin isn't in the book iirc. Movie Snape is more of a stern goth than a greasy incel, he probably didn't have fangirls before the release of TPS.

No. 172553

I found her character utterly boring and didn't like Punpun either. I think the only character I liked was Aiko, that one boy who sees his 'God' or something and Seki.

No. 172575

What is this manga about?
I really have to wonder what kind of woman would marry a guy like the Punpun mangaka.

No. 172606


So punpun is about the author and his wife, got it.

No. 172609

agreed anon. literally what is the point of this character, the show would be so much better without his dumb ass

No. 172623

I'm sure it is. And then the Reiraku manga is what happened after the honeymoon period lol

No. 172670

there's several plotlines but from what little I recall, one is about a female teacher getting with her teenage student, and another is about some lady who was fucking her friend's rapist or something like that. It's edgy garbage just like incel asano's stuff.

No. 172831

Policing what kinds of art should exist is dumb.

No. 172834

No one's policing anything, just rightfully calling out a retarded story for what it is

No. 172836

I feel like both of you are right, especially since the story relies heavily on interpretation. I got something else out of it than you. Authors should write whatever they want, the readers are free to judge and reject them. Nobody's opinion is definitive one, though.

No. 172854

File: 1638723518900.jpeg (138.99 KB, 720x540, vnb-marie.jpeg)

She fills me with rage.

No. 172856

Actually, I bet that if the genders were flipped, moids would still relate to Punpun lmao

No. 172861

File: 1638726663160.jpg (53.64 KB, 605x605, uraraka_ochako_13776.jpg)

I've never read BnHA, I just dislike her because a pickme on Tumblr loves her. Also she looks like a retard but that's pretty much everybody from this manga.

No. 172867

Why is pretty much every female character in the Yakuza games so useless and annoying?

No. 172868

Talk shit about Makoto and I'm throwing hands

No. 172888

File: 1638738066309.jpg (524.09 KB, 1280x1811, tumblr_e674c88d622d0216a725672…)

fuck you

No. 172891

This is the issue I had with Saeko. I don't hate her as a character, but how she's written. Every interaction with her and the party was "she's the girl." The bad guys always have to mention the pervy things they'll do to her. Her interactions with the Korean guy boil down to "you're hot," to "you're not hot anymore," depending on what he says. The worst offense is when you meet the pink haired Korean lady, and Saeko instantly gets jealous of the guys paying attention to her, despite Saeko not showing any romantic interest in them before. Speaking of the pink haired lady, that scene where she's extremely pissed was so damn annoying. A woman with a crazy amount of power and control ready to end your life, and the party members all go "don't get angry, you'll get wrinkles uwu," "no man likes an angry woman uwu." Meanwhile, they're all on their guard with every incompetent scrote, regardless of his influence.

No. 172894

I don't think they'll ever do women right. 7 was supposed to be the woke game but still had Saeko who wields a purse as a weapon and has an ability where she grabs dicks in her femdom class. Even the hideous hobo guy had more character development than any woman in Yakuza.

No. 172927

File: 1638768670118.jpg (119.6 KB, 960x525, aoki.jpg)

yakuza 7 is a glorified mexican soap opera after all, in a sense that you can't bring yourself to like or pity most characters.

picrel is my fav character, no doubt (maybe even adachi as well)

No. 172968

File: 1638807902500.jpg (210 KB, 1413x1076, uzui.jpg)

uzui and zenitsu are easily the worst moids in demon slayer

No. 172970

The best female character was the beast style trainer in 0, Miss Tatsu.

No. 173007

File: 1638828381488.png (537.88 KB, 720x720, Toga.png)

There are worser BnHA girls than Ochako. Also picrel. At least Ochako isn't coom material.

No. 173018

hate this scene. STAY AWAY FROM HER

No. 173020

thats why theyre shipped together

No. 173068

File: 1638884951325.jpg (157.26 KB, 1215x717, Jinx_0.jpg)

Arcane renewed my dislike for her; Jinx is a boring Harley Quinn clone, I don't even mind psychotic characters, but the fem clown/jester inspired design is so overdone

No. 173084

I hate everything about Jinx too for the same reasons but they did a surprisingly good job in how she was portrayed in Arcane.

No. 173152

File: 1638942011138.jpg (61.61 KB, 586x798, diluc__albedo_ar13_genshin_imp…)

These two mfs. I don't even know shit about them but something about their existences enrages me to no end, I don't understand how they have so much fans and fanart, it's a mistery to me, they're literally the most generic anime bishies ever, I can't even look at their souless eyes, specially this Albedo guy seems so fucking meh and emotionless, while Diluc looks like any other red-haired anime dude and his design is boring and uninspired and I bet he has the personality of a bowl of soggy cereal and the charisma of Batman craking a joke, I bet he's an edgelord too
ugh how could anyone like them?

No. 173189

File: 1638977036256.gif (1.11 MB, 250x141, tumblr_osw2ldH6ef1s7o6cuo1_250…)

I wish there was more of her.

No. 173499

File: 1639261127932.jpg (203.97 KB, 952x995, 09378b260e359bb6a816a8f5f240a6…)

Watched the first two seasons of BSD and found him to an insufferable obnoxious asshole. Read "No Longer Human" and hated him even more.

No. 173511

But he’s so sexy

No. 173512

He has a very punchable face

No. 173517

used to love him, but started hating him (and chuuya) once the rabid skk shippers took over and they started heavily marketing dazai and chuuya because they brought in a shit ton of cash from fujos. i just wanted more atsushi and akutagawa, but no, everything was focused on dazai and chuuya. tbf i do love the silly mentor trope so i would love to see a fight between dazai and gojo from jjk.

No. 173522


No. 173529

File: 1639280630418.png (227.67 KB, 1080x1080, 0CADDE62-7213-4DEE-A5EF-6884D6…)

Annoying obnoxious overly smug faggot.
Can't stand his character troupe. Same with Claude.

No. 173545

>thought it was a female character before i booted up the DLC
my disappointment was immeasurable

No. 173546

File: 1639293542833.jpg (8.71 KB, 219x230, images (3).jpg)

she still bothers me

No. 173553

Ever since I saw that he looked like a shitty, ugly medieval-looking visual kei singer I knew I didn't need that DLC. I read about the new characters' backstories when it got released and I'm glad I didn't, as if the main game wasn't already horribly written. I never want to see anyone praising FE3H's story while shitting on Fates' story ever again.

No. 173559

>all the gays wanted to marry claude
>instead they got a fem queen

No. 173561

File: 1639308623046.jpg (32.46 KB, 397x595, Brick_Heck.jpg)

I hate everything about this little freak. The Middle wasn't great television, it was just Malcolm in the Middle with more hatred and even less heart, somehow. But this character was the worst of the worst. I really can't emphasize enough how much hatred I feel towards this weird ass kid. It's not his fault he sounds and looks like that, he has a disorder or some shit, but they didn't have to write him like that. Like Young Sheldon drank a fatal dose of asshole juice

No. 173571

The "gays" who wanted to marry Claude were fakebois and straight guys trying to attract fakebois. There were several other guys who are implied to be into guys or whose relationships can easily be interpreted as gay if you don't pay attention to the sometimes bad English localization, but they're not all romanceable if you play as MByleth and Claude was never one of them anyway.

>same with Claude
I can't believe Cclaude was meant to be that mysterious, scheming guy with no remorse but the writers overestimated themselves and couldn't write any of the main characters like they wanted to. Same problem with Edelgard, she could have been a super cool piece of shit villain who only cares about herself and maybe Hubert because he can't betray her anyway, but her own route ruins her by making her kawaii uguuu.

No. 173630

My mom loves The Middle for some reason. I went back and watched all of Malcolm in the Middle recently and was blown away how much this show was a copy but lacking the humor. You're right about the undercurrent of hatred. Like some corporate who worked on the show was really upset about his midwestern upbringing and his vision is at odds with the wholesome theme it's going for.

No. 173635

File: 1639341899012.gif (997.69 KB, 500x251, celia.gif)

More than her?

No. 173680

File: 1639398341022.gif (1.04 MB, 498x280, celiahodes-weeds.gif)

celia was such a wretched cunt but at least she was funny. nancy and her obsession with men/ruining her life/ruining shit for her children was so upsetting. really, what possible excuse did she have to get involved with esteban? sleeping with every man she met and putting her life at risk in doing so?? the way she treated silas was uncalled for and nasty. just a terrible mother, putting her kids in mortal danger regularly. her actions were hardly strategic and just entirely upsetting. she was just a bored bitch that needed a fucking hobby. celia is a selfish, materialistic dumbass but nancy isn't as stupid or as pathetic as celia. she has no excuse to act as dumb and selfish as she did.

No. 173683

There's one anon on /g/ who keeps posting how much she wants to fuck Diluc and how hot he is, everytime I want to answer "you have to be 18 to post here". I've never played GI but I genuinely don't get how people can simp for these white bread of characters.

No. 173690

>There were several other guys who are implied to be into guys or whose relationships can easily be interpreted as gay
like who beside linhardt (felix and sylvain was more fanservice-y, a single line "i want to hug you" out of nowhere in S support to me)

No. 173693

Poor anon, I'm so sorry you played it in English.

No. 173717

File: 1639432443616.jpeg (21.67 KB, 739x415, 7EE0C60F-203C-49F7-8A38-AE2236…)

Overrated, whiny, entitled piece of shit scrote. Azula is clearly superior

No. 173721

What do you think of Rhea nonnie?

No. 173815

This. I'm tired of seeing twitter fakebois worship the ground he walks on

No. 173827

File: 1639506884905.jpg (71.86 KB, 768x574, peepshowdobby.jpg)

I don't hate her as such but her lines are so clunky it's painful

No. 173829

File: 1639507296057.jpg (59.78 KB, 734x593, lila.jpg)

I'm rewatching old seasons of Dexter because of New Blood and this bitch still annoys me after all those years. Most of Dexter's love interests are okay at best, but Lila makes me skip every scene she's in.

No. 173833

I give zero fuck about Avatar but woah, you went out of your way to find the shittiest pic of him, that's impressive.

No. 173834

Completely agree, what a horrible clunky hamfisted character.

No. 173856

She def is a farmer though. Prolly on /m/ and /ot/.

No. 173858

Rita is the only one I didn't mind with Dexter, the others were meh. I love Lumen and Angela but as their own characters and not love interests.

No. 173879

that pic spawned a thousand memes so it wasn't hard to find lol.
he's not usually that ugly but that pic sums up his character pretty well

No. 173921

File: 1639575132757.jpg (101.23 KB, 1200x630, stormfront-the-boys.jpg)

I thought she had some funny lines but I hated her as a character

Stormfront is a Twitter user's Idea of a Nazi. Its a Nazi character written by someone who absolutely refuses to spend a moment contemplating a world outside a liberal bubble and who gets triggered by sarcasm. "Fascism memes" "anti girl-power" and "build a wall" do not a nazi make. IRL Stormfront would be the equivalent of some tardthot who gets ridiculed by her own followers more then anyone else
I'm glad that Stormfront was killed so quickly, before she could ruin any more of the show

No. 174028

File: 1639629088478.jpg (97.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't like her at all, she's an obvious manic pixie dream girl

On a sidenote, Fuck him, fuck him so much nonnas I can't stand him. He's such a fucking moody, self-absorbed crybaby, he has everything I hated about characters like Lapis Lazuli from SU, he's such a fucking waste of oxigen, I hate his stupid, whinny, try-hard softboi uwu voice, I hate that cooler characters like Amaryllis have to coddle his ass while he cries like a little bitch, the only thing that I find wholesome or mildly positive about him is his crush on Sage (and even then, imagine a soon-to-be troon having a crush on you), but other than that, he's so annoying.

No. 174057

you sound like you've got a lot wrong going on up there

No. 174079

Oh no they misrepresented muh nazism :((:()

No. 174103

Anon why do you watch this piece of shit show unironically

No. 174142

Lol I don't, I was just hate-watching some clips on Youtube like everybody else and it just occurred to me that he's quite a bitch, I was okay with him being the typical petty bully but I couldn't stand his ass when he started crying and guilt-tripping everyone, this asshole beat someone to pulp over his stupid feefees (He literally threw hands with a blood-thirsty face and dramatic music, such a dainty vulnerable flower), it's like the writers want me to feel sorry for him because he's a closeted troon but I don't see how Im supposed to care about it.

No. 174216

>He’s pretty much an incel that never got over that his stacy crush went for a chad instead of him and took it out on their kid
To be fair:
-Snape had a strong friendship with Lily before entering to Hogwarts.
-Unlike incels he is not misogynistic.
-James was indeed a bully, humiliated Snape constantly and was arrogant to the point
-Lily hated him for years.
-Harry looks exactly like James physically (not his fault ok).
-Snape openly displaying his hatred toward Harry made him perfect for protecting him undercover.
-Snape felt bad Dumbledore was keeping Harry alive so he dies at "the right moment".

No. 174246

Thank you, I wanted to post 3 times that the incel thing is bullshit but didn't since women have the right to be tired of shitty men presented as heroic. Incels feel entitled to women and never accept "no". Snape apologized for being racist and accepted when Lily didn't want to be his friend. He left her alone, minus his intervention with Dumbledore in an attempt to save her (and her family's) life.
What's wrong with holding on to loving someone dear – especially someone towards whom you feel a lot of guilt? Also Snape had no fucking way of getting over her by finding a new connection as he was doing the whole double agent thing. Dumbledore was his only "friend", maybe except Minerva and look how it ended. With her thinking he betrayed them all. Snape wasn't really in a place where he could have healthy (or any) relationships with other people.
>Snape openly displaying his hatred toward Harry made him perfect for protecting him undercover
I've seen another great point today. Had he been friends with Harry, Voldemort would surely exploit the connection. Hating Harry while saving his life was the best option.
IMO the only truly shitty things post-defection Snape did was saying "I see no difference" to Hermione (but I've seen varying interpretations of that line) and being an asshole to Neville. TBH I'm not saying he wasn't morally grey or a dick, but the incel bs needs to rest as it has no basis in canon. Just hate him for being a got to students or something

No. 174275

File: 1639798989621.png (1.15 MB, 1059x714, DB97A320-798A-4611-977E-138E96…)

Too real, man. Gays really are this sexually degenerate and misogynistic. Which would be fine because, duh, show about horrible people, but he’s also the least funny character and gets less funny every season.
I don’t even think he has any character traits anymore besides being a huge faggot whose jokes revolve around enjoying monkey cock or anal puns or having disgusting orgies, and he’s annoying on top of it. Also I think Rob McElhenny is an egotistical cunt.

(Yes the rest of them are pieces of shit too, but they’re actually, you know, FUNNY.)

No. 174276

DAMN he looks old here.

No. 174281

File: 1639800653218.jpeg (62.38 KB, 611x658, 607DA0AC-E012-44AE-B940-E5B2A9…)

He is old.
Everyone clowned on Glenn for looking like an AIDS patient last season but he’s managed to somewhat unfuck himself. Rob needs to stop slicking his hair back, balding fuck.
Charlie and Danny are eternal.

No. 174287

File: 1639805897534.jpg (117.27 KB, 1557x880, Silco-TFT.jpg)

I hate this bastard and his relationship with Jinx so much. The way it was basically the blind leading the blind infuriated and stressed me out the entire time, but everyone in the fandom seems to act like he's the world's best dad and I'm left wondering if we even saw the same show.
Especially when he solidified his enabling in at the end by saying "you're prefect" instead of just "I love you" or something. Idk how so many people were touched by that, it made me livid.

No. 174291

>Also I think Rob McElhenny is an egotistical cunt.

how come? What did he do

No. 174292

File: 1639809266066.jpeg (81.88 KB, 852x876, C3502B4A-A4FA-4932-9D37-138381…)

Won’t go into it here but he did just buy a 250k fuck ugly monkey picture and got roasted so hard on Twitter he deleted his status 20 minutes later
Funnier than anything he’s done on the show in weeks

No. 174314

File: 1639825953612.png (203.99 KB, 540x304, based.png)

Kek, their relationship seemed weirdly sexual too, "daddy uwu" kind of unhinged shit but idk, maybe I'm the degen.
I liked book and movie Snape. Book Snape is so mean and petty that it' almost comical.
>Is butthurt when losing Quidditch match during first book
>So salty that he spits on the ground like a moody 13 yo
>Bullies Hermione about her castor teeth
>When Hermione gets hexed with a spell that makes her front teeth reach her chin, says that he doesn't see any difference with her usual appearance

No. 174320

Is that from the shitty mobile game? A shame, since I would play the shit out of it

No. 174326

File: 1639830122156.png (718.75 KB, 1920x1080, kce6kbz0mcz71.png)

>Kek, their relationship seemed weirdly sexual too, "daddy uwu" kind of unhinged shit but idk, maybe I'm the degen.
You might be onto something, most of the time it was ok (as in, passable for a normal dad-daughter relationship) but I remember feeling weirdly uncomfortable in one of these first scenes after timeskip when Jinx is doing the eye injection for Silco

No. 174359

You are welcome Anon!
Snape had a very interesting character development.

James has been an asshole to Severus from the first time they met on the Hogwarts Express, where James also made fun of Lily (who was crying because Petunia was angry and didn't say goodbye).

What I hated about James is that he always needed his friends or half of the school with him to bully Severus. Unlike Sirius who had a traumatic childhood, James didn't had any excuses for being such a jerk.
So yeah, Severus hated him, but for being an asshole, not for being a Chad.

No. 174363

I don't get why he bullied Neville despite knowing what happened to his parents. Evil shit.

No. 174365

On the book during the first class Snape tells he's very demanding.
Sooner after Neville melts down his cauldron and unvolontary keeps provoking damages and troubles in his class all the time.
I guess Snape was really fed up to fix the mess Neville did, keks.

No. 174374

File: 1639856331284.gif (129.65 KB, 500x370, Vash.gif)

I want to stomp on and kill him, nicholas was better

trigun has managed to suck my enjoyment out of watching anime I swear

No. 174395

it also looked like Neville wasn't paying attention like with the potion Snape wanted to feed to his frog… he put wrong amount of something. Being forgetful, I understand how it could have happened, but to anyone on the outside it looks like you don't give enough of a fuck to read the goddamn instructions.
I've read an interesting meta by 2 people saying Snape's behavior in the 90s wasn't considered abusive but normal for a strict teacher… I'm glad shit has changed since then.

No. 174419

File: 1639873093210.png (498.93 KB, 519x1836, 1423514490133.png)

Fandom flipflops so much on this cunt. First everyone (before movies came out) hates him, then loves him, then they figure out he's actually shit, then people try to defend liking him by separating fanon and film Snape from canon Snape, then they try to justify his canon self; this shit blows my mind.

Newsflash: he's a piece of shit with no excuses and admitting you like fanon/film version is basically admitting you like a different character, who's ironically less complex and interesting than the original.

No. 174435

Totally get the hate anon, but can I offer you my perspective?

I think the show did a good job showing how Silco, despite the fact that he actually cares for Jinx, is not a 'good' parental figure and they are toxic for each other. I agree, I hated how the show in the beginning played up weird 'sexual' undertones (honestly, felt like the show-runners were doing that so later they could be like, "ha! you viewers totally thought they were going to bone, you perverts! Shame on you, they're actually a family and you're degenerates for seeing sexual energy!").

The people who say he was a good dad are totally wrong. Just 'cause someone gives unconditional love doesn't mean that it can't harm someone, as with Jinx who is clearly unhinged and needs people to call her out on her bullshit.

No. 174477

File: 1639904416106.jpg (166.98 KB, 356x350, yae.jpg)

the definition of a mean spirited cunt. she's not cool she promotes trashy coomershit novels, humiliaties random innocent people, took advantage of itto being dumb and attempted to kill him for no reason at all, is a massive bitch to the traveler, also takes advantage of raiden
I can't stand her smug attitude and how she was written as this super intelligent mary sue mastermind ara ara onee san

No. 174483

>In the end, he wanted Dumbledore to save Lily's whole family??? Asking Voldemort to not kill even one person for you is insane.
This post goes more into it and over all I agree
That point is fucking bullshit.
>Poor Remus!!! Only if you don't realize that he was endangering all students by not drinking his fucking wolfsbane potion. Snape had to nag him about it. He transformed past the whole Sirius Black reveal and ended up being a danger to the golden trio, but it could have happened in Hogwarts and lead to children being harmed. I liked Lupin as a kid, still kinda do, but he was fucking irresponsible
>back at it with the incel narrative… already commented on it here >>174246, so I will only add that he gave Harry the memory of Dumbledore telling him that he is wrong about Harry. Feels like a clear admission of being wrong and/or indirect apology. I think that in a way, risking your life to constantly save the life of a child who acts and looks just like a bully who sexually harassed you WHILE possibly knowing that the child will die in the end anyway… whoa. Snape's sin was being a cunt. and not understanding who Harry was as a person, but he wasn't obliged to like him. The whole double agent plan worked better if he didn't, actually
Need to look more into the dementor's kiss thing, because honestly I don't remember (I would suspect a retcon, but apparently she had told Alan Rickman about Snape's whole deal? IDK). But huge parts of the comic are skewed to present the worst possible interpretation of Snape. I am still not saying that he was an angel or anywhere close to it.

No. 174488

File: 1639911732701.png (623.15 KB, 1514x1677, Tatsumaki.png)

This rude arrogant bratty bitch. I also hate how she looks like an overpowered sexualized loli with those exposed thighs and how it looks like she's not wearing underwear at all.

No. 174502

File: 1639919473538.png (447.19 KB, 600x848, WC_Tatsumaki_vs_Saitama_5.png)

She looks absolutely retarded in that artstyle. I like her in one's crappy webcomic style. I found her "you must have no friends my sister they are worse than you, you must work on your own" annoying but she made things interesting, I loved seeing her around.

No. 174505

File: 1639920493902.png (409.5 KB, 651x545, 39691f30f78af4924661678743c748…)

For years I heard people rave about this anime, and I kept avoiding it 'cause I can't stand cheap emotional melodramas. I finally caved and checked it out 'cause I figured that it can't be that bad if it's so widely well received.

Well, guess the fuck what?

Not ONLY is it a cheap melodrama, but the entire """plot""" revolves around not one, but two 16 year old boys being in love with a dumbass that died when they were 5.


11 years ago, and she was so fucking good and nice and perfect that they're still tripping over how much they love her.

Oh but it gets much better, not 1, but 2 of her female friends have their entire emotional arcs around accepting that they are jealous that the aforementioned scrotes were in love with her.

But then you get to see her in action, right? I wanted to know what was so great about her that she has people tripping over how much they love her since she died at 5 years old but the show wouldn't even grant me that decency. She's just retarded (and I mean that in every sense of the word) and I guess her acting stupid is endearing or something?

If I had the time, I could easily write an essay about the myriad of ways of how and why Anohana ticks me off. But for now I present you the worst character on the show. The fact that I picked her over the scrote that crossdresses as her should give you an idea of just how bad she is.

No. 174508

NAYRT but ok we get it, you have a hate boner for Snape.
However some characters portrayed as "nice" as super problematic.

(book only don't care about the movies) In the 1st book, Neville break his fist due to falling off his broom and sent to infirmary. When he comes back, totally everyone forgets about him and he has to sleep on the cold hallway floor were he was terrified and crying as the bloody baron was nearby.
Wtf was McGonagal doing? She is responsible of him. How tf you let a student from your house like that?
She also ask Neville to keep quiet about his lack of ability when Durmstrang students were in Hogwarts in front of every students, which was really humiliating (she could've done it privately).

Oliver Wood is also a jerk: he doesn't care at all Harry is injured as long as they are winning.

Anon, I hate her so much, she's so entitled, useless and annoying. I just want Saitama to end her kek.

No. 174513

File: 1639924968054.png (1.94 MB, 560x9520, it_was_snap.png)

Agree with you. Anohana is a great example of everything shit with anime writing.
Picrel is a good post that goes in depth of how other teachers also were shit. I think that at times it goes to deep into whiteknighting Snape, but I agree with it over all.
Link to the post (so anyone can also see different takes on the topic):

No. 174528

Lol, I don't have a hateboner for Snape, look at the second half of my post. I think he's probably the most interesting character in the books (alongside Dumbledore) with a backstory that makes his personality quite believable. I'm just baffled by the people who try to justify a lot of awful shit he pulled while him being a dick makes him more enjoyable to read.

>best teacher at Hogwarts
I'm not even gonna read this. Snape was a shit teacher in terms of passing knowledge to students. He was a great potion master and admittedly, he probably had nowhere else to go but Hogwarts, but he was pretty much stuck with being a teacher while completely unfit for this job (remember he was also terrible at teaching DADA). Fucking Slughorn was much better as potions teacher and Slughorn also did questionable shit.

People trying to justify Snape being awful to his students by "but Voldemort would be suspicious!" are pulling shit out of their ass. NOTHING in the books suggests Voldemort cared about what Snape did at school beyond his relationship with Dumbledore. In fact, you could flip this argument and say Snape would be a better spy if he had the trust of his students. He didn't, because it was not in his character, not because he was pulling some grand double act scheme.

No. 174533

I honestly don't think she looks like a loli, but that hair is awful.

No. 174550

What is it with weeb shit and its characters being unable to get over childhood crushes? This is why I couldn't stand 5 Centimeters per Second.

No. 174554

anime characters are allowed to love only one person forever, you don't see a lot of series with realistic relationships

No. 174555

>This is why I couldn't stand 5 Centimeters per Second.
This is why I hate every Makoto Shinkai film.

No. 174569

nta, but i hate-watch it because i hate myself

No. 174570


thanks anon, you said all the things i havent been able to when my friends ask why i hate this anime

No. 174571


i was fine with him dressing as a girl, but when they forced the transgender sub-plot on him, i was done

No. 174574

This is awesome Anon. Thanks for the link.

>what about he (Snape) make Remus lose the only job he had
DADA is a cursed position, no one could stay more than a year. Remus is very lucky he didn't die/wasn't injured like most former teachers (Quirell: dead, Lockhart: amnesia, fake Moody: dead, Umbridge: injured).

Actually, several years before book 5, Umbridge passed a law making impossible for werewolves to find a job. That's the core reason Remus was unemployed and was poor.

No. 174583

I agree Snape wasn't exactly the right person to teach since he couldn't pass knowledge well… but he also had a surprising amount of passing students.
You say it's ass pull, I think it's a reasonable interpretation and/or headcanon. Rowling was making up shit as she was going along, nothing wrong with reading the character in a new light after the final 2 volumes. Yep, Snape was an ass carrying a lot of baggage. I don't think he was this moustache-twirling villain some people see him as. He is also not as good as some fans make him out to be. There is some wiggle room and I think it's cool. You are just as entitled to your interpretation. I will always disagree with the incel reading, though
at least in 5 centimetres they were teenage crushes, but I agree. The fact that Mari Okazaki is praised as some god tier writer is a load of crap. She had a difficult life and it's cool she became a big fish as an anime scenario writer, but she writes trash. Shinkai's stuff is the same melodramatic, sappy trash

No. 174585

samefag as >>174583
>That's the core reason Remus was unemployed and was poor
I think the other anon is making a point that Snape stole the last job from Lupin just to be a bitch. Well, maybe Lupin should have been taking his meds.

No. 174596

Maybe Snape would have been MTF if HP was set in the modern day and the marauders would have been TEHMs (gay male terfs)

No. 174597

that's a creative way to say you hate snape and think bullies are based

No. 174599

obviously bullying is only based if you're an adult bullying children you're supposed to be teaching.

No. 174854

File: 1640063188799.jpg (94.82 KB, 1200x675, 93215632563.jpg)

That autistic piece of shit. And I hate how his retarded fangirls attack anyone who dares not like him, with their dumb " muh character development " argument, as if Horikoshi had writing skills

No. 174856

Lila is manic pixy dream + crazy bitch trope, Dexter really wasn't good with female characters 90% of the time. Dexita 4 lyfe tho.

No. 174860

File: 1640071244859.png (2.83 MB, 1920x1080, Minoru_stuck_to_Momo.png)

Bakugou is alright but Mineta is way worser.

No. 174877

Mineta feels like he belongs to a manga from 30 years ago just like Zenitsu from KnY, the perverted male is not funny and modern shounen mangas don't have them anymore, even Dragon Ball Super turned Kame Sennin into an ascetic for its tournament arc.
With that said, the meltdown from wokesters when they thought Mineta was bisexual was fucking hilarious, he is almost worth existing just for that.

No. 174878

File: 1640086766705.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1920, LCtPpPU.jpg)

I couldn’t get past the first episode. Why are we forced to root for this obnoxious pickme bitch?

No. 174907

Even her face is annoying and punchable as fuck

No. 174913

everyone in this show is insufferable. her manager can be funny though

No. 174931

Her Dad carried the show imo

No. 175023

>Mineta is way worser
No, he's not, because the author doesn't keep trying to make him relevant
>Modern shounen don't have perverted males anymore
Not true

No. 175035

Saiki K has a pervert but atleast it's not his one joke and he tends to stop once rejected, maybe I'm just making excuses because I like that show though. Though if someone were to force me to put a character here from that show it'd be him.

No. 175047

It gets better, give it a couple more episodes. Fleabag is still better though.

No. 175065

File: 1640155404615.jpg (31.04 KB, 225x350, Monoma.jpg)

I think Monoma is more insufferable and annoying. At least Bakugou had me chuckled here and there.

No. 175066

Ugly babyface gets too much screentime and his power is… copy? kek

No. 175067

Girl come on lol it was the 50s, you can't blame her for being a pickme. The series is basically about her distancing herself from the typical housewife lifestyle and making a career for herself in a pretty unladylike profession.

I love the series and found her funny and charismatic personally but if the Amy Sherman Palladino style rapidfire dialogue annoys you then it will definitely be obnoxious.

No. 175188

Because Japanese culture.

No. 175512

File: 1640348150728.gif (1.12 MB, 498x498, emma-norman.gif)

I don't exactly hate Norman and Ray (slapped and the one slapping) but posting it here because they're the biggest contenders for being lolcows. Too bad they aren't real people

No. 175518

File: 1640349385320.png (117.06 KB, 540x265, tumblr_d72a60e9c43ab34c4340163…)


No. 175622

Not to mention they got an obviously jewish woman to play here. Could they not find a blond haired and blue eyed woman? She looks like ben shapiro's sister. Maybe that is what they were going for. Saying shapiro is a notsee. She still isn't as evil as the other characters ironically.

No. 175625

It was predictable, it wasn’t even sad even though I usually have a soft spot for sentimental soaps. Menma’s whole personality is crying every 5 minutes every episode and acting like a uwu child who wants everyone to get along and be happy I guess. Of course the boys wouldn’t like the girls who showed any real human emotions and internal conflicts. Women liking Anohana is neither here or there for me but when men sperg about it I just think they’re scrotes with a “manic pixie dead girl” fetish.

No. 175722

Mac was funnier when he was obsessed with being badass and doing dumb shit to constantly prove how tough he is. The “Mac being gay” stuff in the later seasons felt really tacked on and forced. It’s Always Sunny needs to end.

In terms of him being a cunt, I heard that he treated the original Dee (who was also his ex) like absolute shit.

No. 175865

File: 1640566515409.jpeg (3.45 MB, 3200x2133, kurt caldwell from dexter.jpeg)

I know he's made so all viewers hate him but I find him so disgusting it makes me skip his scenes sometimes and also consider stop watching.

I kinda hated how they seemed to underestimate Emma but it ended up making sense. But yes they'd be here

No. 175992

File: 1640655566908.png (458.74 KB, 796x647, privileged white bitch that ca…)

This millionaire white boy that act like he cares for people when all he does is half ass protests. He looks so fucking crusty with his earring and greasy hair. He's surrounded by beautiful girls that he clearly doesn't respect. He's defo a fake feminist/BLM activist. He doesn't have any likable traits, in fact he doesn't even have one: IDK and IDC about his taste or dislike, he's just a german moid with a big appartement. God with all his money he can't afford clothes ? He looks like he just wears the lost clothes from a primary school. I hope the worst happen to him because rn the show is trying to make me root for him and that annoy me even much.
yeah he's a creepy selfish coomer. I waited years to be mentally ready for this "masterpiece" just to realise punpun fans identify with him and his pedo tendencies.
INTP are the worst kind of humans.

No. 175999

this, lmao. no harm no foul on not digging the first episode, but it's a little hilarious to see midge called a pickme when the whole series' premise is "midge is the perfect bangmaid and her scrote still fucks off, pickmeism is death.

No. 176001

>INTP are the worst kind of humans
Is he one tho? He's not even a nerd/smart, imo he's just a mentally ill asshole

No. 176003

Just ignore her, it's just a mbti-fag who wants to diagnose characters she doesn't like with personality types she personally considers ~ebul and bad~ and calls it a fact. Juvenile and reeks of arm-chairing and like the people who think anyone they don't like is a capricorn, truth is you're right, he's just a mentally ill asshole.

Anyways, like anon said, I wish Bakugou stopped existing, the fact this bitch got to bully a boy who could be considered disabled on the first chapters and literally nobody did anything about it makes me so confused and disturbed specially considering his huge fanbase.

No. 176013

The least believable part of this show was that not one but two attractive women would want to fuck this disgusting balding man that i’m supposed to believe is a high schooler. Also really creepy imo how he’s dating a girl who iirc is supposed to the 14 in the show.

No. 176036

a triggered INTP i see

No. 176138

File: 1640734682777.png (656.63 KB, 1025x768, Anime_toya.png)

His bullying of Sakura goes too far, it's not teasing it's just being mean

No. 176147

>INTPs are the worst humans

No. 176157

My older brother and I have around the same age gap but he was way worse so I feel like Touya wasn't even that bad.

No. 176165

What how? Stfu leave him alone plus you're homophobic

No. 176230

Eh, he's mean but he obviously deeply cares for his sister and immediately jumps into action whenever she's in danger.

No. 176240

I think you should definitely post your thoughts on this anime in the anime critical thread. I would love to read it, I haven't watched this piece of shit but I enjoy reading criticism towards anime because most reviews out there blindly praise shit like this for being "deep" or "moving" or whatever the fuck without even realizing how it's just some otaku incel's sexual fantasy, and that kind of review definitely used to fool me.

Calm down fujo, no one ever said anything about his boyfriend holy shit

No. 176294

File: 1640839347039.jpg (36.14 KB, 634x588, f84bee1d73e97be86fd9939ed4afc4…)

I'm halfway through the most recent season of AoT and she's just so annoying… I get that she's supposed to be a callback to how Eren was at the beginning of the show, but at least people called Eren out on his bullshit at least once per episode. Also, while both Eren and Gabi are annoyingly self-righteous at least Eren had the excuse of hating titans which basically just seem like soulless monsters. What makes Gabi worse is her self-righteousness about killing other humans and still thinking she's the good guy. I'm sure she's intentionally supposed to be this way, so I don't think she's a bad character or anything, but I already thought young Eren was annoying and she's so much worse… Not sure if she changes later on, but I really hope so.

No. 176349

File: 1640872533488.jpg (439.37 KB, 1326x1546, Old_Kai_DBZ_Ep_250.jpg)

There's a male and female fusion I was expecting a true hermaphrodite and with the smugness aimed at trannies I prepared myself I instead found this character, resulted in an old moid and perverted, yep back to square 1.

No. 176431

Tbf, having sex in public, going to burlesque shows, and flashing your tits on stage aren’t typical 60’s housewife things.

And apparently she temporarily gets back together with her scrote later on anyway? It doesn’t seem like she learns anything.

Granted, I’m still on the first episode, and I’m assuming that she never gets called out for her drunk tirade about her scrote’s secretary.

No. 176449

I (was) a manga reader so take this with a grain of salt but I did grow to like her, ended up getting more character development than Eren in 3/4 of the time.

No. 176454

File: 1640912044557.png (155.27 KB, 475x475, 887.png)

I hate its stupid face so much,one of the worst pokemon designs ever along with dreepy and drakloak.

No. 176474

File: 1640917112968.jpg (450.6 KB, 1500x2244, superman_profile_1.jpg)

Never liked him,never will.

No. 176485

File: 1640924048389.jpeg (6.57 KB, 194x259, diplocaulus.jpeg)

What no I love this thing its based off a real ancient amphibian with a banana head. They could have done more with it's concept though it should have been able to fire its head off and have it comeback to it like a boomerang.

The real tragedy were the fossils of gen.

No. 176490

File: 1640926104003.png (331.83 KB, 518x1080, 28320546-12F7-42BE-BECB-666D2E…)

I have no idea how anyone could like this pickme sad excuse of a mother.
Maria torturing her was deserved.

No. 176501

File: 1640931613779.png (106.33 KB, 604x351, Untitled.png)

oh god. i hate the fossils so much. i've been made fun of for this but i find them really gruesome for some reason. like, the idea of them being based off old paleontology mistakes is funny but i would have preferred if we just saw them in a museum like that but had the opportunity to put them together correctly. forcing a frankenstein abomination into life and making it suffer is just really bleak to me

and don't tell me "pOkEmOn WaS aLwAyS dArK" it's kinda different when the pokemon itself chooses to haunt a mask or whatever, it's different to be the one in charge of bringing one of these goddamn monstrosities to life and allow it to live in agony

No. 176537

No. 176599

File: 1640985709583.png (1.14 MB, 1385x2043, Rockman_X_DiVE_Hunter_Program_…)

memes aside im glad she didnt get revived for future mmx games. she was so annoying in x4

No. 176600


What the fuck is this design lmao

No. 176826

NTA but I think she's kinda cute…

No. 176831

File: 1641088985796.png (127.63 KB, 429x429, 882Dracovish.png)

Holy shit, I had forgotten about these monstrosities. I haven't played Gen 8 so I didn't know it was this horrible. Poor things.

No. 176854

File: 1641104168332.png (803.45 KB, 454x756, enid ghost world.PNG)

Generally enjoy things from this genre, but I hate this movie, and Enid in particular.

No. 176855

(Samefagging to say she'd absolutely be a farmer though)

No. 176864

File: 1641111452413.jpg (458.61 KB, 2828x3535, Iris wilson.JPG)

annoying “child genius” and not a fan of pink haired lolis. But I even prefer any of the other alternate versions of her design in the concept art over what they chose in the end lol

No. 176868

I loved her, especially in DGS2, but I didn't like the "child genius" thing either. Thank god it didn't prevent her from acting like a child her age most of the time, but her having a PhD in medicine at 10 years old was completely irrelevant in the story, unlike with Klavier and Franziska, the writers should have made her a very young student who skipped a shit ton of classes or something like that instead.

No. 176873

File: 1641120417382.jpg (12.5 KB, 210x240, h1sdz68c1p431.jpg)

God I just wanna bash this little cunt's face in with a chair until he fucking dies

No. 176885

I think he'd pretend to be a woman and talk shit about girls on /snow/, kek

No. 176909

File: 1641153888817.jpg (116.68 KB, 701x1000, 5d8b87ee8884c.jpg)

everyone but especially kaoru

No. 176915

File: 1641155733230.jpg (49.17 KB, 1280x720, [JacobSwaggedUp] Sakamichi no …)

I hate the author for not making Sentaro and Kaoru canon, or, more realistically, unrequited love on Sentaros' end This isn't even my fujo soul talking, they just had a ridiculously romantic relationship at times and it would've actually made narrative sense with the ending as is.

No. 176978

damn someone else watched this? i am glad you hated everyone too kek

No. 176990

File: 1641194109968.jpg (34.36 KB, 350x409, deltarune_spamton_shop.jpg)

I don't what this character is supposed to be but I fucking hate seeing it everywhere. Why does Toby Fox create so many unfuckable things people want fuck?

No. 176998

It's so fucking ugly and annoying (you can hear his grating voice in the game) and I can't understand all the kids who want to fuck him. They're probably all autistic. He doesn't even have a deep storyline, he's just a poor bean who became mad because of the scary secret bad guy uwu.
I could understand the hype with the other robot because it didn't look as bad and had a more charming personality but this fucker sucks.

No. 177023

this entire anime was godawful so no wonder the characters were annoying too. emma wasn’t much better

No. 177669

File: 1641511105427.png (1.38 MB, 1440x1080, Episode 21' Director's Cut'_ _…)

This bitch is pathetic. All over GENDO'S dick?

No. 177753

File: 1641546649091.jpeg (50.28 KB, 320x240, 4AF3887F-DC4C-44E6-BE10-70687C…)

Darry from Jeepers Creepers pissed me off “let’s go in that well “ you absolutel dumbass!!!!!

No. 177757

What'd you expect from a character played by Justin fucking Long?

No. 177762

He is cute but is he a bad actor? Or something?

No. 177766

Nah, it's just that most of the characters he plays tend to be incompetent types

No. 177844

File: 1641578309493.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3464x3464, 9EC1BCDB-8F37-4B11-8152-5A0D9A…)

I feel like they're both the type of characters that people only like because of self insert "wow she's literally me" reasons. Very overrated.
Not to mention, Marianne is 100x better than Bernadetta. She's a shy, depressed, anxious girl done right whereas Bernadetta is too overly dramatic about it to the point where it's just annoying.

No. 177849

Marianne is even worse than Bernadetta imo.

No. 177853

They are both annoying but at least Marianne looks cute

No. 177875

Fuck no she doesn't. They're both equally annoying and plain as fuck. Utterly forgettable.

No. 177891

The way they "redeemed" this fucker was such bullshit. I wanted to see him suffer

No. 177896

i started to think bernie was cute after seeing so many flayn cutscenes

No. 177897

File: 1641602029999.png (536.62 KB, 1038x604, lyse.png)

i already posted this on the ffxiv board but didnt go into much detail but GOD DO I HATE LYSE. she's a vapid, annoying character with a white-savior complex. she's irrational and reckless (which is apparently contagious, as alisae acted like her when together), she shoves the WoL out of the spotlight because Stormblood is about HER and how SHE is a STRONG LEADER even though she doesn't do JACK SHIT. the other characters also praise her for how good of a leader Lyse is, even though she doesn't have an original thought the whole expansion and is just forced upon the WoL to babysit. there was little to no character development to show from her being a sheltered inexperienced "scion", to being a reliable leader of the resistance. it was all very forced, and very cringe.

No. 178006

File: 1641660869253.jpg (79.37 KB, 960x640, https___blogs-images.forbes.co…)

Hated him from the beginning of the MCU. Didn't see Endgame but I'm glad to hear he died.

This would've been my pick too. God I couldn't stand her.
I can't bring myself to hate him nona, I'm too attracted to Clancy Brown lmao.

No. 178238

No. 178245

At least Bernadetta isn't a serious character so you can easily ignore her and her scenes. Marianne won't stop whining about her shit life and won't stop being a melodramatic bitch except she's supposed to be taken seriously, almost all her supports are exactly the same with different characters saying the same lines in a slightly different way, and she's a shitty unit on top of that.

No. 178352

File: 1641751163641.jpg (20.26 KB, 314x385, f588b952779067dfb55d84ed6b4cdc…)

I hate Susan so much, Edie burning her house down was probably the best moment in the whole show, second only to when she gaslit Mike.

No. 178374

File: 1641756324515.png (128.14 KB, 250x350, tom.png)

Thank you for reminding me of this show, nonnie. Absolutely agree, Susan was the worst main character and her story line felt so pretentious compared to Bree, Gabrielle and Lynette's. Even Edie, who was supposed to be an unlikable, husband-stealing vixen had more depth than Susan.

Speaking of DH, this manchild.

No. 178420

YES! I cannot stand how he constantly throws tantrums when things are going well for Lynette.

For being a semi "villain" Edie is probably one of the characters I like most, along with Felicia Tilman. They're just so enjoyable to watch, total schemers.

No. 178488

this movie was awful, why do people like it?

No. 178519

I mean, tastes. I really thought I would love it. Genuinely seemed right up my alley. I read a lot of people waxing poetically about it. I was almost mad by the end of the movie because of how unexpectedly shit it was.

No. 178522

oh my god yes. i fucking hate these tards.

No. 178559

File: 1641838253595.jpg (57.5 KB, 750x750, 9f877c2062221ea223eb7c69d7d1bd…)

if you told me that she canonically sniffs erens shitstained underwear i wouldn't even be surprised. it has been close to a year since the manga ended and i still feel burning hatred for her and her incel boyfriend. fuck you mikasa jean deserves better than your autistic mary sue ass

No. 178589

She's pathetic, creepy and her relationship with Eren feels wrong and gross, she will never be her own character

No. 178601

I hated her bc she was boring and lifeless. She's not even cute to back that up.

No. 178621

I also hate her she has zero personality beyond being obsessive over Eren. The dude who wrote the manga once said that their relationship is like a mother caring for her child which makes it even creepier. Shit ending.

No. 178624

Japanese have some bizzare obsession with love interests also being like mothers. See:
>Tifa/Aerith in Advent Children (with Tifa, I'm talking about an official quote that called her 'like a lover, mother and a close ally in battle', Aerith has 'a maternal essence' which lingers in her watery grave. Unconscious Cloud confuses her with Claudia for a second.
>Kojima almost had Naked Snake in relationship with The Boss at some point, but changed his mind (though it certainely makes sense, keeping in mind the 'it's been exactly 13440 hours 895 minutes and 24 seconds since I last saw you. Talk to me' part of dialogue.
>the Misato and Shinji thing in EoE, kinda
I know it's a known fact that men want fuckmommies since Freud's bullshit, but weeb media is particularly shameless about it

No. 178628

you can add chainsaw man to that list, the author has said that denji craves maternal love and that he actually loves makima as a mother

No. 178633

why are men so obsessed with fuckmommies, it's not like most of them have trauma related to mothers (if anything, most people i know irl have dad trauma kek)

No. 178646

Men are so lazy nowadays that they can't even wipe their own ass.

No. 178647

Women want to finally experience the love they've been deprived of, men want to continue being an object of unconditional and unearned adoration

No. 178649

because it's a trend. men can be memed into anything. anything that gains popularity men will develop an interest or paraphilia in/for

No. 178658

She's a horrible person (like pretty much everyone aside from Jessica, Ange, Maria and Battler if you ignore that he forgot about Ange in the meta verse) but I think as a character she's pretty damn interesting and realistic as depressing as it is.

No. 178661

File: 1641864424435.png (49.17 KB, 900x600, X2P4ACZAINCJHDPSIX4QHBGWWA.png)

This fat fuck right here. He's well-written, he's a solid character, yes yes. But he annoys the fuck outta me. I haven't finished the show yet, I'm in the middle of season 5, but after the season 4 finale I just can't stand him. I've even started to like Janice more than him, and I used to hate Janice when she first showed up.
James Gandolfini is a great actor though, only him could make Tony as compelling as he did. I hope Tony stops being so incredibly cunty before the show ends.

No. 178664

He irritated me a lot as well. I know he's meant to be that way but I've heard lots of people say that they found him very sympathetic and likable for most of the show and I can't relate to that at all (Christopher gets the same fan treatment and I found him obnoxious early on as well). The Sopranos is a great show though, I want to rewatch it now.

No. 178705

>I hope Tony stops being so incredibly cunty before the show ends.

Well anon prepare to be disappointed, because he gets even worse if that's possible lol. I love Janice though, she's a horrible person of course but I can't help but find her outrageously hilarious.

No. 178707

File: 1641885577895.jpg (121.83 KB, 1200x800, YBYJGF5XPBD3DA2IPPQD4MXONI.jpg)


No. 178724

No. 178725

She is interesting, you're right, but after Episode 4 I had enough of her and wanted no more. She's almost TOO good of an 'antagonist'.

No. 178754

Jeff is at least fun to laugh at but I fucking hated his parents.

No. 178757

File: 1641912054157.jpg (24.27 KB, 634x357, 51896225-10318961-image-a-4_16…)

I wouldnt say i hate her with a burning passion but shes just as stupid and inept as her brothers and got fucked because she couldn't stop her narcissistic tendencies from getting on her plans for one second lmao

No. 178761

File: 1641913517559.jpg (340.26 KB, 2000x1500, uggiwfkkd.jpg)

This tranny from that creepy pedo show euphoria, I hate him bc he's fucking ugly

No. 178765

No. 178766

>>177669 nta but i didn't know rei reads lolcow but it makes sense - it's always the quiet ones

No. 178792

File: 1641923879577.jpg (138.47 KB, 1920x1080, wp9519164.jpg)

lmfao no, that's 100% Ritsuko bitching while asking for relationship advice in /g/

No. 178802

Dumb take

No. 178845

File: 1641948148050.gif (10.21 MB, 720x720, Jules.gif)

Tbh this is one of more flattering pictures of him and that is saying a lot. His goofy ass looks so jarring in motion, especially next to actual girls. And his character is shit-tier too. If "she" was played by a female actress the showrunners would get eaten alive for writing a shitty misogynist caricature, but since it's a troon it's all uwu stunning and brave.

No. 178859

File: 1641958217808.png (128.19 KB, 240x436, Sae.png)

She nearly made me quit the anime all together

No. 178864

is that Sae from Peach Girl? kek

No. 178890

File: 1641983151463.jpg (63.15 KB, 527x656, Reawakened_Sung_Jin-Woo.jpg)

Overpowered mary sue with no personality except being overpowered

No. 178910

I'll never get over the fact that this deranged tranny's character has a name that's exclusively for males in my country. It's just too funny.

No. 178923

He looks strikingly like Hunter Parrish and a Sprouse brother had a baby kek.

No. 178931

Also Hunter sounds so fucking male to my ESL ears, it's like the name of the snotty rich kid in a random cartoon, is it his birth name or did he never bother to change it?
Are you French too nonette?

No. 178936

He was cuter when he was not buff and still patethic.

No. 178947

File: 1642010366592.jpeg (243.4 KB, 1920x1080, 7E044735-5590-4996-8F5B-761C78…)

This slacker

No. 178982

Fuck you're right about Hunter, it also reminds me of the stereotypical rich boys in American cartoons and teen series. I always forget this actor's name though. Yes I'm also French. I don't know if Jules is also a male name in other countries though but I wouldn't be too surprised if that were the case.

No. 179106

jules is most definitely a male name

No. 179179

It definitely felt like he had more of a character before, after that the whole thing is just "wow this guy is supposed to be low rank why is he so strong" I also hate that he wears the most basic clothes.

No. 179252

I don't know why he wont' get that caveman brow shaved down if he's interested in passing. The beaky nose is bad too but the brow…

No. 179661

File: 1642366946338.gif (1.93 MB, 378x280, d.gif)

omg she loves waffles, so quirky and funny!!!!

No. 179686

File: 1642381588796.jpeg (10.92 KB, 300x168, téléchargement (1).jpeg)

The three most unlikable charas in the game so far. At least their chara designs are okay i guess

No. 179690

No they aren't

No. 179691

Their designs are shit too.

No. 179693

They're lifeless waifubait with next to 0 personality, they are unlikable

No. 179695

lmao you guys say this about every single female genshin character

No. 179706

let's not start

No. 179708

If you're going to whightknight these heifers please feel free to do it back in the Genshit thread

No. 179805

File: 1642438724818.jpeg (44.05 KB, 852x480, 4c5f8b461ecfdad30aaaff2d9e634a…)

I hate this bitch so much. For those who aren't familiar, this is Murano from Parasyte. She is insufferable, always nagging and crying ab how the main character wasn't lovely and soft anymore even when she knew about some of the harsh stuff he was going through. I could almost skip the scenes she was in because I hate her sm.

No. 179813

They made her terribly ditzy in the anime, in the manga Murano is better. Not that it matters much since her whole character is to simply be a love interest to Shinichi.

No. 179876

I didn't mind Sara that much. She was at least 10% of the electro archon that was promised. But yeah, Baal was insufferable both in design and personality and the whole clone storyline is cheap af.

No. 179884

>She was at least 10% of the electro archon that was promised
how so? all she did throughout the entire plot was stand there, be a shill, and then get her ass kicked

No. 180306

File: 1642670655772.jpeg (735.72 KB, 1170x783, 08A8D8C8-641E-49D8-9C91-4D3ABF…)

I actually loved this little bitch, she’s awful at first but oh so fun by the end.

Rob fucking ruined the character by being an attention whore and getting jacked for that “very special episode” dance scene. He’s too buff for the wannabe badass jokes to work anymore, he’s just an overly campy, flaming caricature of himself now.
He ruined the Mac and Dennis dynamic, new era Mac just simps and tries to fuck him. Dennis is also less funny, mainly because the actor has turned into a shriveled old hag, he’s more creepy and sad than funny now.

Unfortunately they’re not putting this dog out of her misery anytime soon. Motherfuckers gonna look like Botox mummies by the time they film season 18.

No. 180430

Interesting. I haven’t seen the Dance episode but it seems fucking cringy and preachy (seriously, why did It’s Always Sunny of all fucking shows have a non ironic “special episode?). It’s a shame that they ruined Mac and Dennis’ dynamic. They were hilarious together in the golden years. Also lmao @ your description of Rob/Mac these days. Makes me embarrassed to think I had a crush on Mac at some point.

Any more milk on Rob and the rest of the cast? Danny and Kaitlin still seem pretty cool.

No. 180433

>it seems fucking cringy and preachy
It wasn't at all, idk what anon's problem with it was. Giving a character their own scene and development isn't attention whoring. It was definitely a weird change in tone for the series but the dance itself was gorgeous and there was no actual discussion about gay rights let alone preaching. It was all visual.

I still love Always Sunny to death, the seasons are less consistently good now but there's always at least a few god tier episodes. Scene related is one of the funniest things in the entire series.

No. 180435

It didn't match the tone of the show at all, it wasn't "gorgeous" it was fucking stupid and self-masturbatory

No. 180454

Same also Hanazawa Kana makes her unbearable to listen to

No. 180520

Agreed. Old it’s always sunny would have a build up of Mac putting everything in to it and thinking it’s this awesome and deep representation of who he is, and the real performance the tv show viewers see is that in reality it’s this shitty lame dance done poorly resulting in Mac’s dad calling it gay or something in a you’re lame’ way.

No. 180761

File: 1642843085124.png (156.19 KB, 540x309, tumblr_inline_o6ff3b2fcO1s8x2w…)

this insufferably selfish faggot

No. 180772

isnt that from fucking gankutsuou

No. 180796

well i want to eat her out soooo

No. 181929

File: 1643289393474.png (215.21 KB, 720x400, Shirleyfenette.png)

Watching the 1st season of Code Geass right now, I'm loving everything and everyone except this irritating blob whose only character is to whine about her crush on Lelouch.

No. 182078

File: 1643378096448.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, [CBM]_Code_Geass_-_12_-_The_Me…)

>omg my dad died can you pls kiss me
Someone please tell me they don't get serious later on

No. 182083

Omg i am also watching the 1st season right now!! got past that kiss episode like 2h ago hahaha what a coincidence, have been putting of watching the anime for so long
I've been really enjoying it, never really got the appeal of mechs though. Also Kururugi is nice but he is soooo naive and it's getting annoying almost.

No. 182085

Nice! It's really good right? Wasn't expecting to enjoy it this much before going in. I think the mechs are meh too, they're not really used in an interesting manner during battles apart from Lancelot's battles sometimes. I have the same feelings about Suzaku too kek I really like him but his moralfagging gets tedious to hear since he kind of becomes a parrot after he starts piloting Lancelot full-time. That being said, I'm still really looking forward to when he and Lelouch eventually find out about each other.

No. 182086

samefag to add that I like C.C. a lot so far, I'm so curious about her background.

No. 182128

>tfw when I'm an oldfag who watched the show 10+ years ago and remember the memes and the twists.
I had no idea people still watched Code Geass, I thought it wouldn't age that greatly.

No. 182145

I've heard so much about /a/ watching Code Geass I'm jealous I wasn't around back then…

No. 182173

Havent watched CG but I always thought she was so pretty. Shame she sucks.

No. 182248

She just looks like Orihime to me

No. 182331

File: 1643486649359.jpeg (321.3 KB, 828x614, 1A224D6A-F17F-45DC-9571-BFAEB9…)

Betty off Riverdale, the show overall is total trash but I couldn’t stand betty cooper so much that even the actress annoys me now. she was nothing compared to how awesome comic betty was.

No. 182333

Yeah code geass was more frustrating to watch than anything.

No. 183253

File: 1643753907802.jpg (66.2 KB, 492x356, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

I hate this guy so much. Pretty much all the characters on the show are terrible but his issues just get overlooked and it’s made out that his biggest flaw is being a bit annoying and too genuine. At least half of his screen time has to do with a terrible surrogacy plotline where he takes advantage of two women, but no he’s supposed to be just a cute innocent bi man.

No. 183289

File: 1643755988012.jpg (62.44 KB, 960x540, ezgif-3-7566c62e74.jpg)

both of em

No. 183311

Honestly WhiJo was too good for him and I’m glad they broke up.
It was more the context of the show than the character (everyone drops everything to give her constant support even when the show is self aware about it?) but I ended up liking Rebecca less as the show went on, too.

CXG and Sunny have the same sort of problem at their core, there’s something weird about a showrunner who also plays the protagonist(s) who are also heavily based off themselves.

Like new Sunny is worse because they went from “completely selfish losers whose schemes almost always blow up in their faces” to “well they’re mostly losers but they’re not TWANSPHOBIC that would just be TOO evil even for us, tee hee (but child rape/misogyny is fine though, we’re going to continue to joke about this character assaulting women because we’ve decided that was less horrible than saying the word “retard”)

Just continue to go balls out fully offensive, you pussies. Its less embarrassing than deciding what you regret joking about and what you don’t based on what Twitter says.

No. 183325

I've not watched sunny but like doesn't sound like it actually compares to cxg in how its characters act, like Rebecca is not a horrible evil person, but her mental problems stop her from being her fully realised happy self (which does show sometimes during the show and she's fairly charming then)
I'd really hope Rachel Bloom doesn't compare herself to Rebecca.

No. 183340

File: 1643764955246.jpg (49.42 KB, 564x659, 69eff50e4f3adcd564cf3a46575a1e…)

Komaeda-Chan can fight me

No. 183390

ily anon thanks for your bravery

ive posted here about my hatred for komaeda before as well. i truly don't understand why people love him so much, there's absolutely nothing redeemable about him whatsoever

No. 183395

I respect komaedachan but I am no longer sure if I respect komaeda. this isn't 2016 anymore

No. 183402

he is so fucking annoying

No. 183410

File: 1643786641955.gif (1.57 MB, 313x313, tumblr_d62f367cdd584494317ab31…)

No. 183493

The actress who plays her always looks so smug

No. 183566

File: 1643820951014.png (2.36 MB, 1280x1234, ema.png)

>edgy school shooter
>pathetic doormat
>gary stu who is rewarded for doing nothing
Worst trio in anime story

No. 183584

I remember thinking that AOT was going to be a really interesting horror story when watching the first season while it was still aired in Japan. I'm glad I gave up on the manga after Reiner and Bertholt say they're titans because the pacing was slow and I was sick of waiting for more chapters each month, I dodged a bullet.

No. 183599

Anon please explain. Not judging just genuinely curious

No. 183631

shiv did nothing wrong except marry that piece of moid shit tom

No. 183643

Not "im so desperate for a baby I'm going to talk about your body as if it is a literal incubator" Tom. Like he's an interesting character especially after the S3 finale but I saw no one talking about how super duper gross he was being about Shiv's body. God I hope they don't make her character pregnant.

No. 183655

File: 1643831904613.gif (9.22 MB, 640x360, 88E8C64F-6DE1-43A6-909A-B57E77…)

Reminds me of how much I hate him. Idk maybe I’m biased cause I’m the oldest and I hated him since I watched MITM as a kid, but he’s so manipulative and not even that cute..

No. 183663

I don't even like his character bc he's just the bumbling useless comic relief.
like the roys are all terrible people but also tragic and entertaining characters. but tom is just the annoying incompetent sycophant

No. 183704

How can you see him as comedic relief or bumbling after last season?? You saw the last episode right?

No. 183802

yeah i did and it doesn't make him any more interesting? he's still a slimy, pathetic, self-servung little suck-up. he's just gine from sucking up to his wife to sucking up to his father-in-law. and he's not smart enough to come out in top, logan will just screw him over like everyone else.
i just think he doesn't fot into the dynamic of other characters. the others have more depth and then when you have tome scenes it's just him being a dumbass or creeping on greg over and over. he's just such a boring character

No. 184100

File: 1643940485869.png (528.41 KB, 1000x889, Artwork_Byleth_F.png)

Not just Byleth as a character, but the entire concept of Avatars/My Units in mainline FE titles in general. They don’t increase my immersion to the story more than regular main characters already do. I hate how the entire cast simps for you with little build-up or justification because the dating sim quota must be filled. It’s apparent that they’re going to make this a permanent staple for the series going forward because it sells so well. I got into the series since Blazing Sword so I know my opinion might make me sound boomer-ish, but I can't help but be sad.

No. 184106

We share the exact same opinion anon, and blazing sword is my favorite still of the games so far. FE7 did have a 'my unit' character, but I loved that they were just a tactician that got to watch all of it unfold and not the protage of an otome game. It feels really cringe to admit liking 3 houses tbh. I miss the older Fire Emblems like PoR.

No. 184121

Thank you based old-emblem nonnie, I was almost hesitant making that post for no good reason other than nerves lol. I'm glad you mentioned PoR because it's by far my favorite story in the series that I've played. They managed to make a tale about furry racism believable and tasteful which is honestly wild for me to type out. Some of the best world-building that I've seen in a game along with gorgeous character designs. It's a fucking crime that they're withholding a port after all these years.

No. 184204

File: 1643966489508.png (839.17 KB, 969x805, shiddd.png)

Fuck this mega-nlog. Kojima should never be allowed to write any female characters at all.

No. 184205

Nowhere near as insufferable as Rose.

No. 184206

I started with Awakening so you can call me a newfag if you want. I like the self-insert units in Awakening and Fates because you can customize their looks and have a little bit of fanservice on the side but at the end of the day they're still established characters with a specific personality and backstory so I can't even self-insert that much. Byleth is an abomination though. You can't customize them, they're silent protagonists to give you the illusion of choice while playing when you actually choose your route so early it doesn't even matter, their backstory is nonsensical yeah sure, an experienced mercenary who doesn't even know where they live and who are the important rulers of each country, makes perfect sense…, it doesn't even matter for fanservice because the characters love you just because you exist and you can only marry one of them at the veryyyy end of the game. FE3H should have had Dimitri, Edelgard and Claude as the actual MCs of their respective routes, which are all way too identical btw. Next time I see someone shit talking Kamui while praising Byleth's writing I'll kill someone.

No. 184224

why tho? I think it at best applied to her in MGS (that bra/gun comment), but even that I find farfetched. She deserved better than what Kojima wrote for her, especially Johnny Sasaki.

No. 184250

But how else could I have married my one true Lord, the greatest man who has ever walked the earth, Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd?

No. 184271

I get it. For me it's a guilty pleasure because women generally don't have many "power fantasy" things aimed towards us. Sorry it had to be Fire Emblem, though.

No. 184276

NLOG is when you're a tomboy and talk to men duh

No. 184285

Yep that thing, instead of flipping snak off or mb trolling him by asking why despite being a man he carries such a small "gun" in his pants, she made that dumb sucky comment about being so zomg uncomfortable with bras (I get saying that they are unnecessary&rudimentary but saying that you are much more uncomfortable with them than you are with "hyper-masculine" big guns just reeks with internalized misogyny) + this sperg she said: "I don't use make-up the way other women do, I hardly ever look at myself in the mirror. I've always despised that kind of woman." Bleh

No. 184286

Next time play the game before posting about it. You clearly don't know what are you talking about.

No. 184292

I didn't know because I played it a long time ago, dumbass.
I was going to say: "ok nvm I totally forgot about this, that's peak NLOG". But also go fuck yourself.

No. 184293

>vYep that thing, instead of flipping snak off or mb trolling him by asking why despite being a man he carries such a small "gun" in his pants
Oh God, I wish. MGS!Meryl has been written in an abysmal way. She's 17 years old (?) and yet she walks around in her panties, is useless (the fuck is a rookie soldier that cannot even shoot doing at a military base overtaken by a terrorist group?!) and only there to be a romantic interest/damsel in distress… when Otacon would suffice. I think that Meryl got so much better in MGS4. I've played it almost 10 years ago, but I was happy that she is finally a non-sexualised badass - except Johnny Sasaki. TBH, now that I think about it, all characters got better as the series went on. Otacon started out as an ugly weeb with a Young Werther tier delusional crush. He ended up being a funny and charming scientist dad with a cringe taste in entertainment who fucked - I bet Snake was among his conquests, lol.
I also liked Rose, by which I mean that I have sympathized with her. Same applies to Fortune – I never understood what was going on with her gimmick, though.

No. 184296

I just hate her design, why is my assigned self-insert dressed like a hooker? Why couldn't she wear the same outfit as male byleth?

No. 184297

File: 1643990407713.jpg (22.03 KB, 600x623, x7wuDSazMtvmdzo405z3wWtrK6w_lm…)

>Snake : I had no idea you were so feminine.
>Meryl : This is no time to try and hit on me, Snake. Besides, it's a waste of time. When I joined up they gave me psychotherapy to destroy my interest in men.

No. 184303

The default outfit is so ugly, it looks like a troon designed it.

No. 184305

kek because of the way the post looks on mobile I thought it was Snake who used psychotherapy to stop being gay

No. 185483

File: 1644454767154.jpg (10.21 KB, 360x360, zaheer.jpg)

I just hate him so much

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