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No. 192672

>How do you feel about the current state of /m/?
>Are you okay with rebuilding from the ashes?
>Do you feel the reset makes /m/ less convoluted?

No. 192678

I think the site is still broken because yesterday I tried to reply to an /ot/ thread with the reply form at the top of the page and it gave me an error.

No. 192682

File: 1648429953973.jpg (69.7 KB, 667x651, Or95itj5oekend.jpeg.jpg)

I feel like we were cheated. The silence is a coverup.

No. 192688

I don’t really care about the lost threads, it kinda sucks but obviously everything can be remade, I would just love to know what happened

No. 192696

I miss the otome game thread but I feel like the moment I make a new one /m/ will be restored and itll be for nothing

No. 192703

Just do it. /m/ is not getting restored at all.

No. 192706

This. /m/ dying is terrible not because /m/ died but because it showed the new moderatos are awful, lazy, inept, recalcitrant, and silent about their own failures.

No. 192713

I warned you a great mod, you fuck the janny and something something by my next presence in LOLCOR something something fix the sight MODERATOS

No. 192714

Mods can't code it's all on admin

No. 192725

why couldn't it have been /g/ that got nuked

No. 192729

no bully pls I know ChoaChan exists but would a rebooted kpop critical thread be possible or nah

No. 192731

no one wants to see that shit, go to choa

No. 192736

The vibes here changed. And is obvious that many interesting anons left, this is kinda /g/ p.2 right now. Not that i mind it, is just what i see.

No. 192748

/m/ feels so empty now…

No. 192761

The only upside is that the threads technically still exist, but part of me is paranoid that the next time something happens, they'll all 404 and the mods will just say nothing. We should probably start archiving everything

No. 192764

fuck no.

No. 192765

I think a lot of anons left too. It's not a /g/.20 for me but it definetely feels like a husk. I wonder why those nonnies don't want to post anything in here anymore. We still have some threads in here.

No. 192771

I'm personally miffed about it bc I was working on exposing a huge scandal in one thread that's now gone, and I don't wanna make a new thread for it all bc there were already a ton of posts in the one that went down.

Are the old threads coming back?

No. 192773

/m/ is the best board, it’s still good in here but way more empty than before. I hope all the anons that left eventually come back…

No. 192793

don't leave us hanging nonny, spill the beans!!

No. 192806

File: 1648470631275.jpg (236.78 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220325-051346_Cas…)


>There's a ton more dirt on the Miyavi scam thing

>Yoshiki dumped his Russian sugar baby and ran off to Japan in December saying he wouldn't return to LA for a while bc Covid then flew back 3 months later pretending nothing happened
>He also unfollowed Marilyn Manson on his socials and stopped interacting with Miyavi or the Groupie Girls on IG
>Dollyave somehow has a music career despite having no following and being unable to sing for shit, and it looks like she might be fucking with Yoshiki now bc she keeps ending up in his circles and at events and he goes to or has gone to before
>Yukibomb and Sinta followed Miyavi to Serbia for his UN something show for no reason, but since the Imaginary tour Sinta/Gaby got dropped by one of her agencies, deleted and reposted all her music info/links and may or may not have moved to London
>Yukibomb's skinwalking peaked in her and Richard Frias' stories in Europe but as soon as I started posting selfies to my IG again she started dressing and styling like her pre-2020 basic fashion hoe self and then full on dyed her hair pink bc I started vaugeposting abt her in my stories
>Since I started posting on IG, the hoes have all basically stopped & Yuki posted abt stepping away from social media and "forgettable videos", a full 180 from when she was posting "memories" of her partying with Miyavi
>Lee was reading the chats up until I caught him: Miyavi official posted an old pic from 2020 of him in a videocall with a ton of famous humanitarians, using the same exact screen name he used to talk with me, which is the same as his official IG name. The email Lee has been using to talk to me since 2020 is registered to a cashapp account under the name "Miyavi Ishihara" and there's also a cashapp account called "MiyaviTour" created in September 2021
>Lee stopped replying pr reading messaged when I sent him some collages I made of the Groupie Girls very obviously copying my poses and looks Since 2020 and during the tour, + then they all changed up their styles and hair

I have thousands of screenshots, guys. 2 years and ongoing, and based on who has me blocked I know I'm not imagining all this shit.

No. 192807

oh and also Yoshiki is fucking with Tealecoco again and he's somehow involved in the Miyavi shit: Teale blocked my IG on her personal even though before yesterday I had never even clicked on the link in her public IG bio. Remember Yoshiki and his staff followed me on twitter for 11 years despite me almost never posting abt X or Yoshiki, only liking his tweets and following him. And posting selfies. Never had more than 15 followers either, most of which were diehard Yoshiki fans bc ???

No. 192808

File: 1648471361109.jpg (183.76 KB, 1080x947, Screenshot_20220328-084041_Twi…)

Fuck, sorry, one more thing:

In 2019 Yukibomb teamed up with Miyavi online to sell tickets for one of his virtual lives, then on her twitter like a month later vaugeposted about people who step on others to get ahead. My guess is she got ripped off by Miyavi too but managed to worm her way back to him by skinwalking me and being an Imaginary tour groupie in exchange for being allowed to take credit for mt ideas and do the BTS and creative stuff I told Lee I wanted to do on tour when I said no to being a groupie.

No. 192813

I know we can just rebuild but starting from scratch because admin left us for dead is so heartbreaking. The bunker saga was fun and all but honestly it made me realize I spend too much time on LC and I'm trying to move on, I've seen other anons admit the same.

No. 192849

I have hope that OG /m/ will come back, someone in /meta/ I think said it's an easy fix and it's most likely due to the admin stuff is why it's taking so long. I hope we have a more concrete say of what's what at the moment since it's all quite confusing

No. 192884

What broke it? Site attack?

No. 192982

I think it's time to accept /m/ is not coming back. This new /m/ is okay.

No. 193004

>How do you feel about the current state of /m/?
Upset because I loved looking through /m/ threads the most. There was a lot of funny images and also some good tips for games and such. Also loved using it for music suggestions. I hope it comes back, I don't like using Google to find old threads since I enjoyed browsing through the catalog very much. I really hope for an update on /m/'s situation

No. 193024

File: 1648535812572.jpg (388.66 KB, 1132x998, musicbox_back.jpg)


No. 193034

Did most /m/ anons move to C.C? I haven't been on there in a while, but if that's where the herd went then I'll follow..

No. 193038

/m/ has been my most used board for a while, /ot/ has been stressing me out lately tbh. I don't use cc, I also personally don't feel like /m/ is that much more dead than it was before it went down? the book and video game threads already have 200 posts in about month. you have to remember /m/ was always slow moving- the first book thread took 5 years to fill up.

admin said it wasn't due to an attack, I don't think she ever said what caused it though.

No. 193039

Just a reminder all the old threads are still there just hidden from view in the catalog, you can still search up any old thread you remember you just need to use the search function at the bottom of the page vvv

We made an /m/ archive thread to compile all the lost threads here >>>/m/189103 . Just copy + paste the dead kink or look up the thread title with search it should pop up.

No. 193047

This picture is 80% legs.

No. 193078

The media board over there is somehow even more dead then current here. The most active threads on that site are just terf/pink pill and feels related.

No. 193106

Is ot cool to just like… start remaking threads?

No. 193128

I didn't go anywhere even when there were no threads on /m/. But I've checked /media/ lately and it got a bit more activity these past few days, it used to be much more dead.

No. 193131

Everyone working on this is doing god's work, thank you so much!

No. 193212

File: 1648589862393.jpg (72.84 KB, 954x702, EjF154YXcAQjmoZ.jpg)

>3 year-old or older threads with content gone

No. 193311

if you just want to access older threads you can do that, you just can't post in them. see >>193039

No. 193384

I'm bothered with the loss of /m/ but what bothers me more is that there's no update from admin. I feel like since admin sees we make new threads she won't feel the need to restore the old ones since we are "moving on" or something. I'd rather her say "I won't do anything about it so stop hoping" instead of this silence/

No. 193385

This. Will it kill for another update? Even if its just “still working on it” or telling us its kill forever. The deafening silence since that one post on meta is plain disrespectful

No. 193408

This. I don't want to start remaking threads if the old ones are coming back.

No. 193481

>>193408 there it has been at least a month since the /m/assacre. At this point it doesnt matter

No. 193742

remade the JMusic thread: >>>/m/193740

No. 194203

why the fuck did you reply to the schizo

No. 194513

why did the moderatos kill /m/ please I just want to know

No. 195083

File: 1649204727197.jpg (28.19 KB, 554x554, fee2471f-2e08-433c-8ae3-dd2efe…)

What I like the most about new /m/ is that the catalog is easier to load, it literally takes years on /ot/

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