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File: 1647202481062.jpg (159.17 KB, 640x960, 65c0fb398528d825ecf35a39f146c5…)

No. 189103

In case /m/ decides to never come back, use this as a searchable catalog for all /m/’s lost threads.

All these threads are still here, you just need to use the search function to find them. Copy paste the text into the search engine at the bottom of the page!

This isn’t a complete comprehensive list, feel free to add any threads you remember here! Some threads have temporary remakes until the old ones are restored, if you want to continue the discussion.

>Keep in mind, links to these threads will appear broken and you won’t be able to post replies atm.

No. 189106


Video games General
Animal Crossing General
Sims General
Pokemon General
Video games General
Mobile games
Genshin impact general


Anime General
Manga General
Manga panels you like
JJBA general
Golden Kamuy general
Fujo/yaoi general


Characters you love
Characters you hate
Relatable characters
Scary characters
Awful character design
Good character design
Comfort characters
Ship thread


Bad/Hideous art
Actually good art
Art that makes you feel something
Cute 2D women art thread
MS paint doodle therapy
Draw my OC
Rate my art


Image thread
Dumb bitch memes
Animated gifs
Random gifs
Cute Pixel art
Graphics dump
Cursed images
Creepy pictures
Reaction images
GOOD reaction images
Random cute pictures
Bad tattoos
Tattoo inspo dump
Literal Cow thread
Oldie goldie thread
Cute girls
Cute boys


Random videos thread
Youtube Channel Recommendations
Youtube Nostalgia
Creepy and Paranormal Youtube videos
Webm thread
Podcast General


Music thread
Music thread/Your guy’s fav band or album
Metalhead general
Music videos and music genres discussion
Workout music
Old music general
Mainstream music general
J-Music General
Female rage music and bands
Terrible songs thread
Musician farmers
Anime OSTs we like


General Movie thread
Current Cinema thread
Actually good/scary horror movies?
Favorite Movie meme
Movie stills/screencaps
Classic cinema thread
Star Wars General


TV Shows and Series
2000’s-2010 Reality TV
TLC Megathread
90 day fiancé general discussion thread
International TV and shows
Western Animation
Obscure Animation
Reboots you hate


Books/what are you reading?
Great book covers
Favorite book meme
Harry Potter General


Comics thread
Short comics
Moomin thread
Webtoon general

No. 189108

anime/manga related
anime general #1 >>>/m/3894
anime general #2 >>>/m/126536
anime general #3 >>>/m/171819
critical #1 >>>/m/40244
critical #2 >>>/m/154412
favorite osts >>>/m/172556
favorite girly anime/managa >>>/m/10012
manga general #1 >>>/m/3745
manga general #2 >>>/m/148640
manga covers >>>/m/126691
manga panels >>>/m/89824
2010 weeb tube >>>/m/97202
(related: youtube nostalgia >>>/m/151031)
touhou >>>/m/112365
higu >>>/m/119076
tourabu >>>/m/170549
vocaloid >>>/m/74677
utaite >>>/m/170868
mmd >>>/m/145932
webtoon #1 >>>/m/49285
webtoon #2 >>>/m/122979
non-sexual media recs >>>/m/165118

fujo #1 >>>/m/20688
fujo #2 >>>/m/105134
fujo #3 >>>/m/137122
fujo #4 >>>/m/165351
fujo #5 >>>/m/181933
otome game gen #1 >>>/m/104102
husbando smell identification thread >>>/m/164600
roast/rate my husbando >>>/m/182915

j-music gen #1 >>>/ot/234968
j-music gen #2 >>>/m/14863
japanese music >>>/m/165620

books general #1 >>>/m/8561
books general #2 >>>/m/160853
i think there's another one that hasn't been linked?

awful character design #1 >>>/m/124171
characters we hate #1 >>>/m/90146
characters we hate #2 >>>/m/109651
characters we hate #3 >>>/m/165676
designs we like #1 >>>/m/125527
characters we like >>>/m/94399
tropes we hate #1 >>>/m/129780
reverse tropes >>>/m/111547
characters you like that everybody hates >>>/m/149028
fandom interpretations you hate >>>/m/159020
overrated fiction we hate >>>/m/15093

funny tumblr >>>/m/106870
tumblr gen >>>/m/171798
funny twitter >>>/m/94854
tiktok cringe >>>/m/11941

ms paint doodle therapy >>>/m/98544
maids >>>/m/117815
everyday solitude >>>/m/97601
draw my oc >>>/m/146757
qt 2d men >>>/m/182647

sims >>>/m/8880

did i do this right?

No. 189111

i did not

No. 189113

No you did, its just links to threads that are not in current catalogue will appear broken rn, if you paste them into the search bar they will show up

No. 189120

Bless you anon

No. 189125

here's some i found in my browser history!

harry potter thread >>>/m/156424
tv shows and series >>>/m/31983
tv shows and series #2 >>>/m/164739

fictional farmers/cows >>>/m/145787
favorite [blank] template >>>/m/181231
board-tan media >>>/m/147329

No. 189128

metal thread (I had it bookmarked) >>>/m/28299

No. 189129

well shit

No. 189143

Copy + paste into search bar!


Merchandise thread >>>/m/82067
Plush toy creation and appreciation >>>/m/164475
Stuffed animals general >>>/m/47492
Toy thread >>>/m/43388
Nendoroid thread >>>/m/185766


Husbandos #1 >>>/m/7318
Husbandos #2 >>>/m/77610
Husbandos #3 >>>/m/118836
Husbandos #4 >>>/m/173210
Waifu thread >>>/m/22511


Dress up games #5 >>>/m/80879
Dress up games #6 >>>/m/100062
Dress up games #7 >>>/m/117580
Dress up games #8 >>>/m/139245
Dress up games #9 >>>/m/159078
Dress up games #10 >>>/m/183398
This person does not exist >>>/m/136582
Waifu generator #1 >>>/m/99741
Waifu generator #2 >>>/m/142139
NeutralBlender thread >>>/m/166096


Female Friendships >>>/m/182721
Lesbian meida >>>/m/1764
Obsessive women >>>/m/150988


Animal pictures >>>/m/98490
Animal thread >>>/m/132588
Pinniped thread >>>/m/178213
Penguin thread >>>/m/186111
Monke thread >>>/m/162342
Scavenging and foraging thread >>>/m/177575


Guilty pleasures >>>/m/116469
Rate my taste >>>/m/125837
Horror >>>/m/12872
Halloween thread >>>/60667
Holidays 2021 >>>/m/171269

No. 189149

File: 1647218907622.png (684.09 KB, 1000x833, FNZXyQZagAAmAEy.png)

I had the Golden Kamuy thread open when all the shit went down cause I was gonna reply. Miss my GK nonnies


No. 189165

File: 1647226987042.png (18.81 KB, 552x230, uwu.png)

You can also just go to click on the search function and find some threads there (this is how I found this one) >>>/m/126985

Direct link to the search function is https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=015039435983255579989:ewpleqypgn0

No. 189166

File: 1647227086061.png (5.3 KB, 452x138, uwu.png)

the search function is here if anyone is confused, below the webpage

No. 189174

was… was there always a search function?

No. 189180

File: 1647232787755.jpeg (166.6 KB, 660x371, 02DBC70F-A6D4-42FE-BFA1-F9C52A…)

No. 189208


lolcow book club >>>m/22985
Favorite book meme >>>m/136964

No. 189217

No. 189222

you reminded me that i had the jjk thread bookmarked even though it was dead kek.


No. 189227

why the fuck is the search function only at the bottom of the page? Good to know I guess.

No. 189229

>>Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact general >>>/m/115241
Genshin Impact General #2 >>>/m/141618
Genshin Impact General #3 >>>/m/158229
Genshin Impact General #4 >>>/m/163970
Genshin Impact General #5 >>>/m/182899

No. 189421

File: 1647308313782.jpg (42.34 KB, 500x518, tumblr_b0eecc4d82892175c3fa0d7…)

>nothing has been fixed yet so we have to resort to shit like this

I warned you that I wanted you a great mod, you troll the janitor and you fuck the janitor I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to be normal again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel like I'm back and there's nothing yet please please please please please please please PLE Correct the eyesight I'm begging for you please give me GIVE US /M/ BACK MODERATOS WHY DO YOU LEAVE US HALF DONE WHAT IS THIS JUST REMOVE THE BOARD IF YOU CARE SO LITTLE YOU RUINED MY VALENTINE'S DAY ALONE AND YOU RUIN EVERY SUBSEEUQNET DAY SINCE THEN CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND RETSTORE /M/ TO ITS GLORY ITS NOT RIGHT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT

No. 189685

I have a link to the 3DPD husbando thread if anyone's interested
and the room inspo thread

No. 189687

File: 1647394089357.jpg (33.48 KB, 552x720, bd73d2e4ea11594959349210dc0ff4…)

very important!

Cuties with an ouchie >>>/m/75296

No. 190667

You can also use the way back machine and access all the threads available really easily. It's what I did to make this comprehensive summary as to why I think it's taking /m/ a while to come back (or may be gone forever). /m/188817


And the catalog works too, but some of the links, if clicked, have a date of like May 2021 so it won't necessarily be 100% up to date version of each thread.

No. 210377

Why was this pinned just now? I think that means we are not getting the old threads back?

No. 210447

Most likely, but I think we already knew that.

No. 210567

Admin is a fucking faggot for not communicating that at the very least

No. 210638

Can we know why it happened, at least?

No. 210658

and probably for the best, I like the fast loading catalog time and the current /m/ reflects the current culture of lolcow better. Feels more organized and neat. Sucks for the lost threads though

No. 210745

Starting over is pretty cathartic in an unexpected way. Even though some of the threads that got purged were ones I made, I’m not hung up on it.

No. 210750

Same, I just remade everything. Maybe we need to do this too with other boards

No. 230756

Half of it is fucking gone because a retard deidnt check before going on mass delete on a anon, Idk if i should cry or laugh and yes im talking about the temporary threads.

No. 230803

That's not what happened.

No. 230822

are you retarded

No. 230863

some of the threads are gone, thats what they mean, there are 5 threads that are gone.

No. 230916

which 5 threads are gone?

No. 231013

NTA but I know the yandere, webtoon and 2D guy threads are some of them

No. 231048

The Asian TV series/dramas thread is also gone.

No. 231050

please remake them! I would like to see them back again. Jannies are dumb but at least they did get rid of the stupid spam, now if they only were quicker…

No. 231060

No. 231232

The mods truly have a hate boner for asian culture

No. 231240

They were most likely mass deleted as OP probably uses Proton VPN which is the a same one the spammer tranny uses

No. 231241

How have they not permabanned VPNs by now? They clearly do more harm than good.

No. 231258

Nope, not even the free ones like Proton

No. 231260

Um no I didn't I used the same ip I have been using for years. Mod accidentally banned me for responding to him which they removed the ban minutes later.
You just making shit up for fun.

No. 232695

File: 1661154830394.png (Spoiler Image, 590.33 KB, 1188x984, ugh.png)

well, here's the explanation. He just confessed.

No. 232858

no amount of trolling will ever make him a woman or a human being at all kek

No. 232945

so the mods just listened without even checking post or the ip and just banned wow, i feel sorry for the m/ anon and for the other anons who had this happen too ( because i saw other anons complain that the troon got them banned too). This is really dumbass behaviour from the mods especially considering they can see the ip of the person who sends in the reports so they know it was the troon reporting those posts.

No. 233482

I mean arguing with a troon or scrote is against the rules so if they got banned for replying to him they should have. It’s not allowed.

No. 233669

But the mod clearly made a mistake in judgment since the ban was removed right after >>231260
And in any case it didn't warrant deleting every single one of her previous posts

No. 233671

>banning for replying to bait
Except they got banned because the troon reported them and then they had their all threads/posts deleted. Do you get it now it has nothing to do with what you are saying.

No. 240020

Reminder that /m/ is the best and most quality board

No. 241742

I know the mods gets a lot of shit around here but I've yet to come across any cp so i just want to shut out a thanks for that kek

No. 241854

random thread to say it in but I agree

No. 250698

Nta but it's probably because the thread is pinned.

No. 260051

>bad art threads

#1 >>>/ot/61892
#2 >>>/ot/102776
#3 >>>/ot/180901
#4 >>>/ot/208764
#5 >>>/ot/268249
#6 >>>/m/7847
#7 >>>/m/25707
#8 >>>/m/61953
#9 >>>/m/93235
#10 >>>/m/107580
#11 >>>/m/117325
#12 >>>/m/133936
#13 >>>/m/148164
#14 >>>/m/175182
#15 >>>/m/175180

No. 260894

not from /m/ originally but the Adults who are still kids at heart thread was /m/ related and since its locked on /ot/ I thought I'd post it here


No. 267504

Huh, if you post links as farmcow.lol they're actually clickable.

No. 277569

Admin response about lost /m/ threads here:

No. 277673

As per our most recent update here:

We have recovered the vast majority of missing posts, thank you for bearing with us!

As a result, we will be unstickying this thread. Happy posting!

No. 277676

i never thought we'd see the day (during shaymin's reign)! all hail cerbmin

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