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No. 245041

A thread to discuss horror related topics from the internet.

This will be mostly for internet based horror things like creepypastas, paranormal evidence, ARGs, creepy videos, internet mysteries but you can add your own personal internet related mysteries here as well.

If you want to discuss true crime or real life conspiracies please use the appropriate threads.

True Crime thread >>>/m/208516
Horror movie general >>>/m/206467
Scary pictures >>>/m/194147

No. 245143

I forgot where i first saw this one but i remember i hated it kek.
The explanation like it's a legitimate thing and the dude with the fucking things growing out of him are what creeps me out the most i think.

No. 245159

I remember a couple years ago I would keep click on this video and there would be Japanese remixes of it coming up in the recommended, (I believe it was a meme in Japan to remix this song and video) and I would keep clicking more and more recommended remix videos and it would lead to Japanese-only creepy videos. It was like a mixed candy bag and you didn’t know what you would get if you didn’t speak Japanese haha. I saw videos of like a creepy dark hallway with red text and scary ambience assuming it was telling a story, or a video of a merry-go-round gif with music playing in reverse again with Japanese text telling a story or something. It was so creepy and I loved it. I’m not sure if you can do it again though, it was always this video for me. I’m too spooked to do that right now hahaha

No. 245260

i really like the concept of this and especially the xray footage of the metal growing. massive nitpick but i cant take it seriously with a name like 'metalosis maligna', like idk theres just no way medical professionals would sit down and agree to call it that

No. 245344

Woah I actually never seen this, pretty cool. Reminds me of this game I found one time but forgot, it was mostly text based but the story was you were doing a medical report of a man who wanted to join a giant fungus parasite thing, and you had to take notes while the fungus absorbed his body and mind, eventually leaving him a pile of mush to start talking as part of a hivemind

I have a whoole list of scary related content somewhere, anybody want me to post the links?

No. 245350

> I’m not sure if you can do it again though
Do what? Fall down a rabbit hole of creepy videos? If that is what you meant, I guess not, I went looking for the channel of video related to post in this thread and all the recommendations I got were aesthetic morning routine videos (because I have been watching that the last couple of days), new videos by youtubers I'm subscribed to and other videos by this same channel.

No. 245351

Please post the links anon!
i love nana's vids! even the minecraft ones kek but yeah i remember seeing creepy videos because of my recommendations on youtube but it doesn't work like that anymore unless you watch a ton of it

No. 245353

Do you guys like strangest videos online? i find them interesting even tho it's probably a bunch of stolen and reuploaded content.
it would be nice to have a creepy video night with anons, since it's october and stuff. Maybe when the thread gets more content posted we can make a list out of it and schedule it for a moovie night

No. 245515

>creepy video night
the most based idea. I know the movie night schedule is pretty full for this month, but I'd love this idea so much

No. 245517

aryt, yes that's what I meant. The algorithm has changed since I last did this, and the recommended mostly shows me videos from who I'm subscribed to like you said. I'm going to try and attempt this incognito to see if I go down that rabbit hole again

No. 245520

Samefag, I've been trying to do this but it doesn't seem to work. Youtube just wants to push out what has thousands or millions of views to you instead of relevance. Makes me sad, I want my niche 32 views creepy Japanese youtube videos

No. 245541

I remembered watching about this Russian guy who created some weird homunculi experiment by injecting human sperm into chicken eggs. In the second video, it moved and spitted some sort of acid at his hand thus killing it by slamming it with a book. He made another one and over time, it shaped its form, made movements, can consume and produce electricity. I know that this is not possible but it looked real and it was pretty interesting to watch as it progress. He no longer uploads video anymore dued to a heart attack as to what people said but I want to to believe that some Russian government caught him and did who knows what.

No. 245602

I used to watch Korny too. I remember when he brought up his friend with supposed powers (it was like telekinesis or fire or something).

No. 245615

>the movie night schedule is pretty full for this month
I know this but i feel like movie streams don't take the entire day so we can still schedule sometime
I'd say it would be ideal on a friday/saturday so we van watch stuff late dumbiknow and out of obligations
And maybe wey can talk about creepy experiences too idk

No. 245621

Here's the list of creepy content I had, might be forgetting some but I can add them later


Gemini Home Entertainment
Analogue horror anthology in the style of VHS informational videos-

Late night local news station

Daisy Brown
A girl raising a monster as a brother

Alan tutorials
A tutorial channel that gets progressively more strange

Short themed limal space edits-

Horror commentary channels:

Nightmind - offers commentaries and explains ARGs


I really like his Tramathon videos for Halloween

Mostly covers lost media, with some missing person's cases

This one's a guilty pleasure of mine. He does compilations of paranormal/spooky videos from around the web every week, they vary a LOT in quality, most seem illegitimate. But they're fun to watch

Bedtime stories
Does readings on mysterious topics like cryptids or paranormal events

No. 245632

Anon, why did you have to remind me of the creepy singing mannequin video. Now I'm remembering Shay st. John too. I tried so hard to forget.

No. 245689

File: 1665233548928.jpg (72.81 KB, 625x352, ss1.jpg)

Man I was so into this shit as a middle schooler! Some classic creepy videos were the japanese soup "torture" video, obey the walrus, I feel fantastic (op pic), Shay st. John, the smiledog creepypasta, Candle Cove, Suicide Mouse, barbie.avi, nana's videos and that one video with the guy staring at the camera with a red filter.
I was also into videogame creepypastas and the most popular ones were Polybius, The Theatre, Petscop and Sad Satan which actually turned out to be the real deal because the creator got arrested for cp.

No. 245809

>Candle Cove
I remember that one and wanting it to be real so baddd
>Sad Satan which actually turned out to be the real deal because the creator got arrested for cp.
i remember some dude saying he found the game but he wouldn't play it because he was warned about cp images, thought it was fearmongering but i guess not

No. 245818

The yt channel creator of obscurehorrorcorner is the sad satan creator. I loved the content for all of the indie and lesser known jp horror games. Apparently one particular video of sad satan playthrough on this channel is missing

No. 245844

>he wouldn't play it because he was warned about cp images, thought it was fearmongering but i guess not
Apparently there were two versions of the game going around. It was considered a hoax for a while and everyone said sad satan was just an edgy art project, but then the alleged creator (also the owner of the channel obscurehorrorcorner) got arrested for having cp. I recall that even the clean game had plenty of audio and images relating to child abuse cases, which is already kinda suspicious if the game is made by a moid. This guy made a good documentary on it!

No. 251188

i think i was scared because of the quiet tone

No. 273200

No. 273212

I don't know whether to post this on the scary pics thread or this, but nonetheless i need help finding an image. It's a low quality image of a boy and some man in a "satanic" costume (like the goats) and i think the kid was crying? It was also in wendigoon conspiracy theory iceberg if anyone here watches him kek

No. 325184

creepy yet beautiful

No. 326058

KEK why is this so funny to me. i put it on 1.5 speed and 0:30 killed me.

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