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File: 1555711263816.jpeg (47.21 KB, 452x678, 1555232821658.jpeg)

No. 27045

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>/m/14862 (girls)

previous thread: >>25207

No. 27046

oops, second spam link should be >>>/m/14862 mb

No. 27048

what the fuck. they removed her entire jaw

No. 27050

why are the thread pics becoming worse and worse? such low effort, OP, don't make a thread if you don't know what pic to put for it

No. 27052

Because the thread hit the max post limit and no one submitted anything better…

No. 27053


I like this one more than the last one. The blackpink skelly sperging has always made me cringe.

No. 27061

File: 1555716287448.png (68.67 KB, 1080x474, Screenshot_2019-04-19-19-13-41…)

The thread pic is fine and heavily relates to the thread name because his fans claim he's 100% natural but we all know he is not. Relax.

Anyway why do armies claim everything is racist? Do words not have meaning?

No. 27062

What did he get done

No. 27063

What reason to talk about unrelated Korean scandals when covering BTS though other than race? This pretty much never happens when covering white artists. Does every One Direction article discuss Brexit or whatever?

No. 27064

yeah because BTS is unrelated to half of the kpop world going down for sex crimes….

No. 27067

Nose and jaw.

No. 27068

At the last anon who made a post in the previous thread: the anon you "corrected" was actually right, I'm the one that made those two post, and what that anon suggested was exactly what I meant by my posts. I wasn't just talking about him, I was talking about all japs

No. 27069

Kek oh well. I don't agree with the racebait but points were made.

No. 27071

Maybe I'm just blind but his jaw looks the same

No. 27072

Delusional army-chan. One Direction got linked to and namedropped along random and political British shit ALL the fucking time. Literally fucking no one is like 'BTS are yellow so let's link them to rape scandals'

No. 27073

File: 1555725267558.jpg (39.8 KB, 800x533, More dreads.jpg)

In the last thread that nose kid from stray kids was mentioned about his dreads, well here's another guy from pentagon with dreads too lmao

No. 27074

samefag I meant the nose kid and his braids. This guy has dreads but same difference. Also those dreads look so fucking nasty wtf and why

No. 27076

File: 1555727902747.jpg (124.53 KB, 775x1023, tumblr_oo694k1Hs71vgmqg1o1_128…)

I am curious about something: have any anons seen idols up close? Are they as good-looking/ugly as anons here insist?
Pic related are the loona girls

No. 27077

My friend got to meet Sunmi at here concert and said she's actually beautiful but I don't believe it unless I see with my own eye

No. 27078

Haven't seen them up close myself but heard from accounts of people who've seen them up close that they have terrible complexions and their faces are caked with makeup to hide it.

No. 27079

File: 1555728620764.jpg (59.2 KB, 612x612, 5557ee66-fac6-4890-8c7d-d92a78…)

When I was a kpop fan my friend and I saw NCT 127 up close and they're kinda ugly. I never thought they were good looking but seeing them so close… I changed my opinion. Most of the members all really tan and kinda short. It was so jarring. Yuta has saggy cheeks lmao. Pic related

No. 27080

Same fag, I meant to put pic related, it's the one I took of them when I saw them in person.

No. 27081

Saw Red Velvet up close, I'd consider them nearly as beautiful as pictures

No. 27083

I saw them too and I agree, also, Yeri looks thin irl

No. 27084

File: 1555731049556.jpg (88.75 KB, 734x1200, rough.jpg)

Nct 127 always look scuffed in unshooped pics. It's hard to tell them apart from their managers, especially in Taeil's case. Some of the other members hold up though, like Jaemin.

Taeyong has awful skin

No. 27086

Why do we give such a fuck about NCT? Ugly, irrelevant nobodies. It’s not even fun to criticize them.

No. 27087

Not everyone wants to sperg about Jimin's lazy eye or Jennie's non-existent stage presence for hours on end, fag.

No. 27089

Fuck ikr. I couldn't name you 4 of their members. They're fucking boring.

No. 27090

bts' faces while getting asked about plagiarism. okay if they didn't plagiarize anything it's stupid for a reporter to ask them about it but the way both bts and armys get so defensive over the mention of plagiarism is hilarious. like why do you care this much if you are completely innocent? jimin looked like he got asked about ww2 or something.

No. 27094

Aw I love this. I always loved Ellin the most out of Crayon Pop. Its good to see not only a Korean girl, but a kpop idol be so frank and eager to learn about sex toys and stuff since thats still so taboo over there.

I still think Rose resembles her a lot and it makes me miss her and wish she would come back to the industry, but seeing her instagram and videos it looks like shes probably happy just living her best free life.


No. 27095

Samefag to say I know its not critical or a nitpick or anything, so my apologies for posting it here. But it could open up discussion of how shes one of the only female idols thus far to actually be perfectly fine with making videos like this(and even acknowledging sex and masturbation in general), and other idols should really follow suit. Because the purity based and sexless existence idols pretend to employ is really retarded and unnatural. Shes 30 and shes just now learning about these things.

No. 27096

Go flick it to Utah and Henderry in your idol boy containment thread.

No. 27103

No thanks, I'll be staying here. If you don't like what's being discussed, bring up something else instead of throwing a tantrum about it kek.

No. 27104

Actually thanks for posting this. I think it's really interesting and even brave for her to make such a video. It was kinda sad she didn't know anything about sex toys though lmao. Anyway.. It would be cool if more people made videos like this or similar to further normalize sex and things like that because you're right that whole "pure, virgin uwu precious soft baby " schtick idols (have to) pull is weird asf and unnatural.

No. 27105

I just heard boy with love on my local normie pop radio station

No. 27107

Why would you want that? Sex positivity is cancer

No. 27108

Sage for old milk but I didn't even know BTS was accused of plagiarism for BST so I looked it up and found this video explaining the whole ordeal for people out of the loop like me.

BTS has plagiarized people in the past like big bang but this time I don't think so. The photos don't really look the same. what do you guys think?

Weak bait Anon.

No. 27109

Where outside of tumblr would that be considered bait?

No. 27110

NTA but you clearly have no idea what the meaning of "sex positivity" actually is. That term originally applied to women who worked in the sex industry and refused to acknowledge the repercussions of doing so. Sex and masturbation are healthy and normal, and someone learning about those things in an uptight culture thats only real references to sex are through rape, prostitution, smuggled porn and pedophilia is absolutely a normal appropriate thing. If you're one of those people that believes "All PIV sex is raep uWu" it sounds like you're the one who belongs on tumblr.

No. 27112

Idk but I'd jump out my mf skin if I saw Vivi irl

Most of Loona are really pretty, but Vivi's face is sagging from all that filler.

No. 27113

Finally an anon with common sense.

No. 27114

Woah and again. Is it going to be a regular in their rotation now

No. 27116

She only visited a sex shop to get money from her viewers. Not so genuine

No. 27117

I actually find Heejin fucking gorgeous but you can tell Blockberry Creative does too because she gets so much screentime, song time, and promotion compared to the other members. In her defense, the other members aren't as good looking and I can think of 3 off of the top of my head who shouldn't be in a group at all because they're totally useless.

No. 27118

She gets the most attention from Blockberry because shes the leader.

No. 27119

BBC did some interview thing with BTS a while ago (it was the first time they 'broke out') and you could see how terrible they looked and how heavy their make up was in some of the close-up shots.

No. 27120

Figured as such
idols have terrible dietary and sleep habits so thats why their skin is probably bad kek

No. 27123

source please

No. 27124

File: 1555755336754.jpeg (164.58 KB, 750x932, 8EA0C47F-F9F5-4148-A393-6A2011…)

Veron from SVT looks haggard.

No. 27125

Tbh everyone looks weird when laughing their ass off

No. 27126

Lmao I've always thought they must be so hideous irl. Who were the ugliest in your opinion?

No. 27128

Mb, it was the Radio 1 Teen Awards thing but eh


There's numerous zoom in shots

No. 27129

and anon from the last thread wondered why kpop idols look so emotionless

No. 27130

So twice is coming back with a new album and some of the girls are credited as songwriters. I wonder how much they actually participated in since two of the Japanese members are listed as well.

No. 27131

But you liked that pic…

No. 27132

The hypocrisy of the anons itt lmao

No. 27133

Some of the songs don't sound too bad but why have they suddenly changed their concept?
I didn't like the concept but it made them stand out against all the other 'girl-crush' stuff

No. 27135

Holy fucking shit that is hilarious. How many anons it jerking their hate boners while secretly being stans

No. 27136

damn the songs actually don't sound bad. the girls must be glad they don't have to do pedobait concepts anymore

No. 27137

Because all of them are now grown ass women in their twenties, and they have admitted that the kindergarden concept was growing old, even for them. They're massively successful for kpop standards, but they're definitely reached their peak and it's all downhill from here. JYP has already debuted a younger, fresher crop of teens for uncle fans to drool over, so might as well change concept and try to milk the fans that have been screeching for girl crush Twice since the early days.

No. 27139

Speaking of itzy, it's like they have become irrelevant in just a few months after they debuted or is it just me because i dont stan them? Kek

No. 27140

Wow that guy really is so skinny. I wonder if he'd look better with some fat on his face. Just the other day I saw a pic someone took of him and he didn't look that bad but his cheekbones were so pointy it was freaky (I can't post a pic or anons will go crazy.) I'm surprised he hasn't gotten his cheekbones shaved down or gotten fat injections in his face because that's what most really skinny idols do (including the other nct members)
And no I'm not yutachan, I make lots of posts itt about lots of idols and he's just one of them

>>inb4 reeee nctfags noone caressss

No. 27141

File: 1555763250099.jpeg (36.68 KB, 350x191, C413F600-D454-4212-92F4-8F3E80…)


The artist himself doesn’t even consider it plagiarism so this milk is boring. It’s an homage according to them. Personally, I don’t really see it except for the long table with the white table cloth? But long tables and white table cloths are pretty fucking common i.e. pic related

As for the Young Forever summer camp fire photo…I can see the similarities but I also have pictures of myself standing around campfires in shorts waving fiery sticks as a kid.

The third photo of them walking in a line…i don’t see it. Horizontal line with an equal divide between is just a common photography trick for a good photo imo but okay.
I think it’s pretty weak. Definitely not plagiarism, even the photographer says so.

From the photographer:
>An article released Monday 25.02 in the Korean newspaper Hankyore incorrectly stated that I was accusing the K-Pop band BTS of plagiarism. I discovered BTS album “The Most Beautiful Moment of Life: Young Forever” long after it was published, and I felt a common inspiration with my past
series of photographs ‘Summer Camp.’
>In an interview with a journalist from Hankyore about my current exhibition in Seoul, I answered about this feeling and made absolutely clear that I was considering a possible inspiration from my work as a tribute, and certainly not as plagiarism or copyright infringement.
>I love BTS, this album is beautiful, I feel honored to know that 40 years later, my photographs still inspire other artists. Love.

No. 27147

Lmao I checked out the blackpink coachella live going on right now for the heck of it and there was a part where rose put her mic down for a bit but the singing was still going on and she panicked and quickly brought it back to her mouth. I know they lip sync everything except for a few screams but it's still really funny to see them slip up

No. 27151

Yuta and Mark. Johnny too but.. he really just looks like that kid from the newer Lorax movie. Seriously like identical lmaooo. Honestly they all looked really tired and exhausted and just jacked up. Yuta looked kinda..sickly and skinny. None of them are good looking. None.

No. 27153

File: 1555767248255.jpg (6.23 KB, 199x253, download.jpg)

Not even Jaehyun or Taeyong lol? Most fans are obsessed with Jaehyun's looks, especially koreans but I've always wondered what those two look like irl. Who are the worst looking out of all of them tho? Is it yuta and johnny?

By character you mean this one right

No. 27154

I saw charli xcx credited on girls like us. Jyp must have bought the song from her label

No. 27157

Curious to see how this concept change will happen because JYP can't really do the kind of "girl crush" that 2ne1/4minute/Blackpink/Gidle have done. Even Itzy sounded kinda childish and immature.

Wonder Girls and Miss A were more on the "mature women" side so maybe Twice will go in that direction, which would be a nice change because those groups had good songs and concepts.

No. 27159

File: 1555770576950.png (2.41 MB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_2019-04-20-10-19-48…)

Jaehyun just looks really old and idk plastic.. Taeyong got a biscuit head. His head should be bigger I'll post the pictures my friend got of taeyong and Jaehyun because she took better ones than me. Worst looking out of all of them is Yuta. The only decent-ish one is Doyoung or whatever his name is.

And yes Lmfaoo that's the character I'm talking about kek.

Pic related this is Jaehyun.

No. 27160

they've co-written songs on their albums before

No. 27161

File: 1555770675842.png (2.33 MB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_2019-04-20-10-18-37…)

And this is Taeyong

No. 27165

Yeah for once they don't sound like kidz bop songs.
I wonder if they'll lose many male fans because of this comeback…I sure hope so.

No. 27166

yes or yes wasn't a pedobait song neither was dance the night away. their shit is still childish because they want to continue their appeal among literal children. i don't think this new song will be any different.

No. 27167

Can't believe I used to find him and jaehyun cute when they released 7th sense…

No. 27168

Yeah I've always thought Jaehyun would look old irl and taeyong had a weird head. I also find it funny that doyoung looks the most decent since he had so much ps
P.S. Lmao so the whole "yuta being the ugliest one" is actually true (what is it that makes him look so bad? I'm just curious because I find all of them so meh).

No. 27170

She's not the leader tho, Haseul is and Haseul gets almost no screentime lol

No. 27171

Begone NCTfags.

No. 27172

I don't care about NCT but they're being critical of a Kpop group. This is the Kpop critical thread. Be gone retarded ratmy.

No. 27173

which are the currently most insufferable fandoms? loona fans are extremely irritating but they don't have a big voice so it's not the worst gg fandom i guess. exo-ls aren't as obnoxious as they used to be but i'm expecting a shitstorm between them, armys and got7fags over the billboard award.

No. 27174

BTS fans are definitely the worst by far.

No. 27176

you're obviously an army

No. 27177

Blinks are really reaching up there with them but they're certainly not as bad for now

No. 27179

Nta but you call this critical? Ok i guess whatever
>Lmao so the whole "yuta being the ugliest one" is actually true (what is it that makes him look so bad?

No. 27180

File: 1555775778465.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_2019-04-20-11-48-34…)

Dug around my friends ig and found the clearest photo she took of Utah. His face is just all jacked up. That crimson chin implant really fucked up the lower half of his face so now his chin area is all weird looking now. Also whatever other procedures he got done are also affecting him negatively.

No. 27181

Everyone knows armys are crazy and BTS is dying

No. 27182

The look of shock and disbelief on Jungkook's face that anyone would dare ask about an ongoing plagiarism case instead of just sucking their dicks over how innovative and genius they are and how they've paved the way!!!! is hilarious. What a spoiled piece of shit.

No. 27183

BTS are so fucking boring, even nitpicking in this thread is so dry because there is nothing interesting or entertaining about them

No. 27186

File: 1555778276298.gif (959.2 KB, 250x241, tumblr_oj6qqhOcXM1rs78oso3_250…)

solji's situation is so unfortunate. she used to be quite pretty before whatever happened to her

No. 27187

This paved away shit needs to stop. They completely ignore the existence of older groups who actually gained "international" attention naturally.
I have old relatives in a country where kpop isn't even a thing and they don't even know what kpop is yet even they somehow knew "sorry sorry" and that was before streaming and all that was common
. A single group definitely isn't making that huge of an impact for kpop to become mainstream.

No. 27188

I don’t see shock on his face at all?

No. 27190

Then either you don't know which one Jungkook is or you're very bad at recognizing emotions.

Or you're a ratmy, I guess.

No. 27191

am I the only one who thinks that all the vicious nitpicking etc is just a way for some anons to distance themselves from their own cringey kpop riddled pasts/present

or is that too deep

No. 27192

anon what three members do you think are useless?

Vivi, Yeojin, and Hyunjin would be the members I find to be very useless.

No. 27193

Let me look at the video again brb

It still looks more like confusion to me. Don’t know what the host said exactly but if he used the word plagiarism then that’s bullshit reporting because the issue, as stated by photographer himself, was not about plagiarism but “credit for inspiration.”

Which is different.

But yeah, everyone who disagrees with you is either a dirty ratmy or is bad at something that you’re soooo good at.
Regardless, I think assuming that his emotions at the moment was smug outrage is some mighty bias.

No. 27194

there was some video of him smirking at that reporter too because you know, it's impossible to say that you didn't plagiarize anything without looking like an easily offended smug asshole. even if they didn't steal anything from other artists, bts and armys being so easily offended over the topic makes them look guilty.

No. 27195

>Regardless, I think assuming that his emotions at the moment was smug outrage is some mighty bias.

We get it, you love BTS and go crazy if anyone insults them. This isn't the thread for you.

No. 27196

The way Suga replied was very flippant and smug too. Maybe it's more obvious if you speak Korean, but the way he replied was extremely rude.

No. 27197

That's Leafy

No. 27198

as much as it pains me to say anything nice about him, the only one whose reaction to that question wasn't gross was ratmon. the rest of them all looked like they needed smelling salts at the very idea of someone not worshipping them.

No. 27199

File: 1555781354026.jpg (56.05 KB, 400x473, 202657.jpg)

tfw some reporter bringing up a plagiarism allegation ruined the circlejerk about how great you are

No. 27200

>confusing smug with curt

No. 27201

How was it rude or smug? It just sounded like he was trying to keep out of legal trouble by saying their position was the same as their company's.
Ratmys are also going off in the comments about how "savage" his reply was idgi

No. 27202

Lol right. This type of question gets asked all the fucking time and they literally can’t answer.

No. 27203

Without sounding too much like a vendettachan, it wasn't what he said but the way he said it. It's hard to describe if you're unfamiliar with Korean, but there are certain ways of saying things that are aggressive. It's like how if you emphasise glottal stops in English it sounds more aggressive.

No. 27204

ratmies please go

No. 27205

Damned if they do, damned if they with you people, huh

The obsession with hating everything they do is as obnoxious as loving everything

No. 27206

>everyone who disagrees with me is a h8r antifan!!!
>everyone who disagrees with me is a dick sucking ratmy!!!!
>the pot meets the kettle

No. 27207

Everyone thought BDZ would be different but it was the same childish shit too

No. 27208

If you're going to doublepost at least be subtle about it.

No. 27209

So on pann they were talking about harry styles being at blackpink's concert and there was a comment saying "Who is he? Is he better than any of our korean celebs? Rate his level to one of our (superior) korean celebs"
These koreans see streaming numbers and bulk buying and media play and actually think it means something lmaoooo

No. 27210

That makes sense. I don't know Korean at all so I'll just trust you on that.
What's funny are armeries acting like he just wrote his next diss track in that dry ass reply

No. 27211

File: 1555782986506.jpg (58.2 KB, 362x534, IMG_0036.JPG)

Maybe this'll help

No. 27213

i don't like 1D either but some of their members actually stood out individually. which mainstream kpop group has a member that is known by normies?

No. 27214

File: 1555783716563.jpg (262.19 KB, 1080x1080, ckjpopnews-solji-exid.jpg)

yeah the only reason her situation is ''unfortunate'' is because she lost her looks and not because she suffered from a debilitating illness.. Anyway she's still cute and one of the most talented idols out there

No. 27219

I think exid is a good group overall. They seem to be working well together and they haven't done problematic or annoying shit (well except for LE saying the n-word and Hani being overexposed).

No. 27220

i think their vocals don't lend themselves well to mature concepts? i haven't listened to their b-side,s but their vocals just sound childish in their promoted singles

No. 27221

File: 1555786748166.jpg (Spoiler Image,628.57 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190421_005645.jpg)

And people still insist that his face is natural…

No. 27222

this looks like one of those hrt timeline compilations

No. 27223

Tbh without that Hani fancam, both the group and their company woud have gone bankrupt kek. It's interesting that as they became more famous, their company stopped forcing them into stripper outfits.

No. 27224

hani is a annoying "not like other girls" kinda girl who denies her numerous plastic surgeries and ogles at minor girls doing sexy dances so

No. 27225

proof for your latter claim?

No. 27226

not op but I guess it's stuff like this from weekly idol? I feel like it might just be part of her whole "oppa" image though, but I guess the behaviour can be seen as creepy nonetheless

No. 27227

this is one of the few times i think the ps is an improvement. still don't like his face now, but he was genuinely very ugly before.

No. 27228

Might be seen as an unnilogist but I don't see how this video is more shocking than the fact a group full of a whorily dressed 15yo exists at all

No. 27229

it's weird that they gave him a bigger jaw. were they actually trying to appeal to i-fans with that, since square jawlines are considered more attractive?

No. 27230

why would he have jaw implants when the guy uses snow filters to make his jaw look smaller? also… angles, homie

No. 27231

His nose has completely changed too. And all of those photos are taken at roughly the same angle.

Fuck, did we get linked on /r/bangtan or something?

No. 27233

kpop stan twitter is the absolute worst by far but this one is also a fucking dark place

No. 27234

>Fuck, did we get linked on /r/bangtan or something?
Is it just me or has there been a higher influx of newfags in this and the last thread? Comparing this thread to the very first thread is like night and day.

No. 27235

there's definitely more anons popping up to go "ACTUALLY you're wrong" in response to people saying anything bad about bts.

No. 27236

Because he looked like a chimpanzee before kek

How did they even do that though? Idk much about ps, are jaw implants a real thing? Or is that the effect of something else like cheek fillers?

No. 27238

You can definitely get jaw implants. They're generally called mandible implants and people usually get it for a weak chin.

No. 27239

normies in general or normies in their own country/asia? with the exception of gangnam style, kpop isn't relevant in the whole world. bts are about as relevant as grimes in the west.

No. 27240

someone ship all the incels off to korea

No. 27241

Interesting. I think he looked alright before getting so much work done. He looks bloated now and it makes his face look bigger—further emphasizing the size of his football helmet head.

No. 27242

I wish people not interested in discussing V oppa would be allowed to secede from the kpop critical thread.

No. 27243

Nta but definitely. Has this thread become more popular for some reason?
Idk why you'd take part in it when you're an active stan that only comes to protect your idol, replying everything with ackchyually…
listen to your oppars: ~love yourself~, and go to the other 1000 kpop threads online.

No. 27244

The bangtanfags must be mad they can't suspend or block us here, so they come in here to Gish Gallop their alternative facts all over the place. Roaches all of them

No. 27245

Lots of ARMYs can be seriously obsessive about defending BTS from any comment they perceive to be critical—regardless of whether a comment actually is or isn’t. If you’ve noticed how much they sperg over streaming and buying physical copies of the same shit album, it shouldn’t be too surprising to think that they’re coming here to post covert pro-BTS stuff.

No. 27246

Samefag here. This has also become one of the few online places to openly bash on anything K-pop related without fans rrreeeeeeeing about how butthurt they feel about such content. There used to be a popular bashing thread on OneHallyu but that was shut down after people complained about it being “too negative” or whatever. The participation/level of activity in these threads have definitely increased over time. So expect to see some more disguised K-pop fans trying to whiteknight their favorite members as well.

No. 27247

Wasn't the bashing thread closed after jonghyun's death?

No. 27248

I see, thanks anon

Still, why would they give him a more square jaw? He already had that V line thing they seem to love pushing on every single idol

No. 27249

Nta but yeah, that's why. Some people have migrated to the Rant Thread to disguise their bashing while some have gone to PULL, but by and large this is the only truly anonymous space to criticize Kpop.

No. 27250

I didn’t know that it was closed after Jonghyun’s death. However I don’t think it’s likely that it was closed just for that reason. There were complaints regarding the nature of that thread for some time before it shut down.

No. 27251

Grimes is fucking Elon Musk, BTS can only hope to be the buttboys of someone that wealthy

No. 27252

Yeah, Grimes made headlines because of the Elon Musk labor union controversy. BTS don't even get as much coverage as alt-celebs here, Kpoppies are just loud.

No. 27253

As far as I remember, it was shut down because it generated too much hate and negativity amongst posters ITT. Typical really. Someone bashes your oppa so you bash them. It was getting out of hand so they closed it

No. 27254

File: 1555791405090.jpg (133.15 KB, 910x428, Delusion.JPG)

This is probably low-effort but they really never get tired of ranting like lunatics huh.

Link to post: https://old.reddit.com/r/korea/comments/beghkr/bts_ranked_among_times_100_most_influential_of/

No. 27255

kek this is some gr8 copypasta material.

No. 27256

File: 1555791626724.jpg (28.35 KB, 909x105, As an old man.JPG)

OP is absolutely, totally, 100% not a delusional teenage girl, no way

No. 27257

Okay? They're still about as relevant as her.

No. 27258

at least this time they did the encore properly

but why is everything that jimin does so fucking ugly and puke worthy like does he really think taking off his jacket so many times is attractive

No. 27259

is it just me or do most BTS fans barely take the time to get into k-pop outside of BTS? of course you're going to think they're a cut above if the only other k-pop you know is KARD lmao

No. 27260

Grimes might actually be MORE relevant all things considered

No. 27261

that lil shit grimes is definitely more relevant than bts is

No. 27262

Seriously, when is someone going to step up and make an 8chan board for this? All the kpop shit invading this site is getting annoying.

No. 27263

What old person uses "hater" unironically in that context lmfao

No. 27264

I thought Hell Week would have stricter moderation, but apparently not

No. 27265

She is. She's very beloved by music critics and niche music fans. I'm sure even casuals were aware of the Elon/Grimes/Azealia drama.

No. 27266

Have either of you literally ever heard a grimes song on the radio? Her only real claim to fame is dating Elon and that blew up online, not IRL. I don't like BTS either but this is borderline delulu.

That only applied to the drama boards

No. 27267

Don’t see how the existence of the K-pop critical threads are that bad. It’s seperate from the drama threads and other off-topic ones. However the idol boy/girl spam is some next level shit.

No. 27268

Kanye hasn't been played on the radio in years. You want to tell me BTS are bigger than he is?

No. 27269

There was someone on the SNL subreddit unironically claiming BTS are bigger than most Western musicians because they managed to fill out stadiums. Complete with concert attendance figures and everything. It was the most bizarre shit I'd seen there

No. 27270

Holy shit, talk about a false equivalence. That is a ridiculously retarded argument.

No. 27271

bts are very boring, they are way too pc and everything about them is on eggshells. i think they could be more relevant if they actually fucking spoke english and got into some beef with a popular american artist or something. they never get involved with interesting drama, their controversies are always them fucking up and doing something misogynistic or racist.

No. 27272

It was brought up that BTS are more relevant than Grimes in America because they get played on the radio (literally never heard them but okay) and she doesn't. Therefore BTS are bigger than all celebrities that don't get radio play, right?

No. 27274

No, that's still a retarded argument. Grimes never got above C list and never had a song play on the radio in the first place. She has an online following in the west and no one really gives a fuck about her IRL, just like BTS.

No. 27275

Watching this made me realize why Halsey only sings some adlibs on the songs even though she was hyped up to have some notable feature spot. No way could she nor would she be able to perform with them on Korean music shows with a longer part. Not when she could be using that time partying and getting high on coke.

No. 27276

You sound like an ARMY.

No. 27277

do you have a fucking shrine for your radio bro

No. 27278

Ask any random person on the street who Kanye West is. 90% of them will know.

Ask any random person on the street who BTS are. Maybe 5% will know.

No. 27279

Any 8chan board will be instantly flooded with pedo dudes fapping over the underage idols.

No. 27280

sweetie are you sad that bts chose halsey to sing with them and not pure non-coke snorting you because that is what you sound like

No. 27281

How? I don’t really like BTS or Halsey. I was just wondering why Halsey didn’t have a longer part in the song even though her feature was hyped up so much before.

No. 27282

a sad day in hell when v is an oppa to lolcow users, boy is 23

No. 27283

she didn't have a longer part because then when they perform on korean shows her absence would be a bigger problem, and there's no way she's going to go to korea and do inkigayo and whatever with them. they need her more than she needs them and everyone knows it.

No. 27284

Jesus fucking Christ, making fun of Halsey without saying anything about how I actually feel about BTS must automatically make me an ARMY. Alright then.

No. 27285

This is the worst song I've ever fucking heard.

No. 27286

Halsey has a few more lines in the Spotify version. Anyway, the whole point of her was some misguided attempt to gain more clout with the us gp so ofc they won't have her at Korean music shows. Even if she was there, you think she would be singing? No she would be lipsyncing 90% of the time just like the rest of them

No. 27287

Yeah, that’s what I was trying to get at when talking about my realization from watching the video. But apparently some anons took that as me being a secret ARMY kek since I also brought up other shit about her

No. 27288

can bts vocalists quit singing for the wellbeing of the music industry

No. 27289

Then get hitler mods to keep those cunts out. Permaban all males on sight like we do on here. Shouldn't be hard for kpopfags to find mods in different timezones.

No. 27291

I kinda wonder what BTS and their music would be like if they never caught the attention of international K-pop fans and blew up. Would they still be trying to peform cringeworthy sanitized hip-hop songs? Maybe they would be releasing more explicit stuff ala Ratmon’s Expensive Girl. Or maybe they would have already been disbanded by this time.

No. 27293

So lolcow, which group do we think is the most botched? My vote goes to DIA. Gangnam unnies, all of them

No. 27294

Nice try, everybody know it's NCT

No. 27295

but talented vocalists of bts and TWICE are what is keeping the kpop industry afloat gotta give what the public demands

No. 27296

they'd keep doing whatever the trendy thing is. they wouldn't get hit by the tumblr wave as hard if it wasn't for the international audience though.

No. 27297

File: 1555794833412.jpeg (41.83 KB, 668x393, 27E53222-4722-4648-92FF-DCAAF7…)

My vote goes to EXID. Four out of five of them have gotten work done for sure (dunno about Junghwa) and it’s pretty noticeable. However one could argue that Park Bom’s face alone has more plastic than other any group and a water bottle factory combined.

No. 27300

File: 1555795371522.jpg (200.9 KB, 1080x693, IMG_20190420_172219.jpg)


No. 27301

What the fuck does he mean by "..Anime influences in Modern dance"??

No. 27302

boring looking idols with no distinguishable qualities? must be NCT

No. 27304

the rappers would go through "show me the money" one by one for sure.

No. 27305

Nctfags are so desesperate to get us to talk about them. There's nothing milky or remotely interesting about some unremarkable average looking asian men out and about

No. 27306

That could be said for all these new groups honestly…kpop is so boring

No. 27307

BTS are the milkiest only by virtue of having a batshit fanbase but I'll take anything at this point.

No. 27310

Their image is too squeaky clean to be true. Whatever fucked up or flat out stupid thing they do always gets pushed under the rug or waved aside. I'm sure there's gallons of milk hidden under all of bang si hyuk's machinations. When will it all come out so we can bash them properly instead of having the same ol' terrible vocals and botched ps discussions

No. 27311

Apink and Loona

No. 27312

>their image is too squeaky clean to be true
Of course they have a lot of shit hidden, that's why they're all buddy-buddy with dispatch.
I'm sure them being seem as 'tourists ambassadors' by Korea also help with ignoring and hiding any scandals

No. 27313

File: 1555798223330.png (301.57 KB, 457x557, wow.png)

I'm pretty sure there are better role models for little girls than underfed and empty headed kpop idols

No. 27314

nta but I think yeojin is actually one of the better loona members. Her debut song is cute and from what I've seen she doesn't get over sexualized like many other underaged girls in kpop. Plus she doesn't look like a gangnam unnie like other loona members.

No. 27315

Even in this extended interview in which they are more comfortable, Blackpink members come off as not sharing their genuine personalities or just lacking personality/ability to express it. If they could assert a few opinions or be a little daring in some things they say, they would draw more interest.

I also feel like Jennie is not super happy with Rose but suppresses it throughout this interview based on how she looks at her and reacts to what she says, versus when, say, Lisa is talking, but maybe it's just me.

Hyunjin is such a great visual, but her songs and vocals have let me down.

No. 27316

Loona look botched irl but what's even worse is the difference between their official promo pictures vs videos or photos from someone else. Blockberry must spend more on a photoshop team than anything else. I've seen people post their promo pictures in the more positive idol threads before talking about how cute they are, but Loona look nothing like those photos. Loona and their fans are the worst in kpop for me. They have just about everything this thread talks about. They're incredibly skinny, overhyped talent, botched surgeries, dumb obsessive fans, getting praised for being uwu equality queens for doing nothing, the company panders hard to make sure they get international recognition. It's amazing that they only come up for a couple of the worst stan tweets or for occasional mentioned of the busted Tomochin
the pattern I noticed with Twice that stood out for me was that title tracks about love have to either be about having a crush on a boy, wanting to be in a relationship but not being in one yet, or about just starting one. Even when it's not as pedobaity, it really feels like they're targeted to make sure their fans definitely don't think the members are really dating and fans can project that it's them who the girls want to date

No. 27317

Wow anon you said lots of things I want to say but am too dumb and lazy to put into words. I love seeing posts like this

No. 27318

i feel like it's also part of the whole image of naivety twice has. atm they're unlikely to sing about really being in love or getting heart broken etc. since their image is to be innocent and inexperienced in love and dating i.e. they're so "cute and pure" and they want their first bf, it's like romance for highschoolers

No. 27324

did he get a jaw implant??? his face looked like an egg

No. 27327

File: 1555804182264.png (615.48 KB, 558x548, 698983408.png)

her face is so cakeyy

No. 27328

Hot tbh.

No. 27329

I agree. some of this shit is embarrassing.

No. 27330


the jaehyun pic was too

No. 27331

this is so fucking sad. I hope his daughter doesn't become an ana chan like rose.

No. 27332

Yes. Because she has a lot of makeup on.

No. 27333

No. 27336

“Doyoung or whatever his name is”
Anon I’m pretty sure you know that’s his name

No. 27337

They're so bad at pretending. "Back when I was a kpop stan" made me cringe too because I'm 98% sure those pics were only taken 5 or 6 months ago kek.

No. 27338

No I genuinely didn't know how to spell his name. I wasn't sure if it was Doyong or Doyoung. I just guessed.

No. 27345

This reminds me of when JYP mentioned dating during a conversation with EXO, and their crowd (which seems to be full of adults) screamed no. The unease and regret on their faces is hilarious and you know they want to say something, but can’t because these are the same fans that put food on their table.

No. 27346

That is incredibly sad. Being and idol must be so shitty.

No. 27347

Ew the goal of using an eyebrow pencil is to blend the color in to make the brow look fuller. Her stylist clearly mismatched the color and its very noticeable.

No. 27348

Well they chose that life, too bad for them
I don't really care but why are you saying this here lol?
Korean makeup looks are so trashy looking tbh

No. 27349

>Korean makeup looks are so trashy looking tbh
I really hope this isn't coming from an amerifat or a bong kek

No. 27350

Nta but what's a bong?

No. 27352

Because anons act like that’s hideous when he’s clearly not, everyone’s standards are so high, if he is a 4/10 I wanna see a 9
A brit

No. 27353

File: 1555812041249.png (368.31 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2019-04-20-20-56-25…)

I don't want to live in this planet anymore.

No. 27354

gettin real tired of the baby's first image board newfags of this site

No. 27356

>not knowing what a bong is
this thread might have been a mistake

No. 27357

>Yuta is the worst looking
Lol but I actually find it to be the opposite now. I saw fan taken pictures of them today and honestly I was suprised to see that that guy is actually the best looking one irl. I have a good pic as an example but I'm scared to post it because of the anons iit that will get mad lmao
And no I'm not yutachan I've literally never made a post about him before

No. 27358

Who do you think you're fooling, m8? Get the fuck /out/

No. 27359

that's every kpop song marketed towards children because yknow… kpop is for children in sk

No. 27360

I'm american and I hate the trashy looking makeup that's in trend here too

No. 27361

The only way to get rid of this is to keep the kpop general alive, otherwise this is just becoming kpop general in other names.

No. 27362

I called it whore makeup on cgl and an anon reee’d out over the term

No. 27364

I mean Halsey trying to promote BTS is whatever since it’s just a mediocre artist promoting her mediocre artist friends. What’s really baffling is that fucking TIME Magazine has chosen to quote her and share this. They’re one of the most well-known and respected magazine in the world. Are they really that desperate nowadays?

No. 27365

Time has been irrelevant since the dawn of the internet. Print journalism is dead.

No. 27367

>Well they chose that life blah blah blah
You’ve been on the internet too long, your lack of sympathy is showing

No. 27369

Nta but there were anons calling loona girls pretty and other nct guys hot earlier iit too btw

No. 27370

I agree. I mean, lots of idols (not all of them of course) signed up as impressionable young tweens/teens without much guidance or with fame-hungry parents. Sure it’s naiive of them but it’s not like they can quit easily due to the trainee debt accrued or being too far into their contracts.

With comments like this one and that one anon comment saying that Tiffany’s mom committing suicide because of Tiffany being a good thing, it’s kinda messed up. That kind of behavior goes beyond being a catty gossiper/nitpicker.

No. 27371

Which thread is better for posting about kpop freaks we know? I know a wannabe korean guy from college who is pretty big on insta who is waaay uglier in real life than his pics

No. 27372

Yeah. There’s also luring people in with false promises, deliberately obfuscating with confusing terms and language that even adults would have difficulty.

10 bucks says that anon also believes that if you get tricked into a bad mortgage contract, it’s not the banks fault at all!

No. 27373

*would have difficulty understanding.

No. 27374

There’s probably a thread in /snow/ about personal cows. Maybe there.

No. 27375

Begone nctfags

No. 27376

I checked and that even took place in june 2018. Nctfags are just happy they could weird-flex and talk about their irrelevant oppars, disguising themselves as non fan or something sigh. They are so desperate.

No. 27377

File: 1555817809772.png (211.69 KB, 474x259, 20190421_103619.png)

I swear they all look retarded

No. 27378

Jin and Jimin are barely recognizable

No. 27379

i thought this thread was going downhill when anons were circlejerking about wendy’s botched jawline for 2 days, but now we have people unironically using the word “visual” and calling nct hot. i’m gonna go and report all the covert kpopfags but i just wanted to say that we’ve really hit a new low.

No. 27383

Jungkook too. Idk how you can look at them and see about how they never got surgery. They look completely different from debut to now.

An Anon in the last thread said they look like a special Ed class and well..they do. Jin and Jimin look like they have downs.

No. 27385

I’m an admitted newfag. How do these threads survive anyways? How can you know about these groups to bitch about if you’re NOT a kpopfag? I listen to kpop but I can’t tell you the names of any members besides Shinee and BTS. I’m all for hating kpop and korean culture and batshit fans, I have since college, but I just don’t get this level of vitriol for individual barely-celebrities.

No. 27388

Maybe that's because rose has been getting the most praise from casuals during Coachella while the other three have faded into the background. Jennie must be fuming at the spotlight not being on her for once.

No. 27390

Not that anon, but you don't get the point at all. It's not about "knowing" cause we were all kpopfags at some point of our lives. Some people pretend to hate/dislike an idol while secretly stanning them. Just look at this post >>27124 (vernon looks horrendous but i liked that pic anyway!!) or >>27180 >>27161 >>27159 (nct oppars are absolutely ugly irl but i got to see them in person and they kinda looked hot so might as well spam this thread with those pics even though no1curr and nobody asked me to!!!l).

No. 27393

Samefag, also dont forget those who claimed to be watching BP live at coachella, updating us with trivial things that no1curr about.

No. 27396

no joke if i saw nct in person i wouldn't even recognize them, let alone take pictures of them

No. 27397

This thread is generally reserved for an asinine amount of nitpicking.

No. 27399

File: 1555824550932.jpeg (340.29 KB, 768x768, EEC6DD66-4023-4C88-AA32-00D4F8…)

Shit like that should just be posted in the K-pop general thread (as stated in the rules). It exists and it’s only dead because some people have chosen to take their sperging/covert fangirling here instead of the more suitable thread.

Anyway does anyone find it surprising how Seulgi’s praised for her looks by Korean fans? She has features that aren’t considered conventionally attractive by Korean standards (wide face with big jaw, small monolid eyes, slightly hooked nose) yet I don’t typically see her put in the realm of JooE, Umji, Hwasa and so on. I would suggest that it’s because she’s from a bigger company, but Wendy’s looks get shit on all of the time even though I feel like Wendy’s new face falls in line with conventional Korean beauty standards more.

No. 27400

>implying the mods are going to do anything about them

No. 27402

To koreans she appears talented and professional and lucked out with not sticking too hard to beauty ideals while still looking above average. And she's skinny.

No. 27405


Why would casuals stan the ugliest blackpink member when she can't even sing? Rose, get off lolcow and work on those notes.

No. 27406

Her eyes aren't small

No. 27407

She looks very pretty in some pictures and just average in the others. It depends on her styling. She's boring but she dances well, has a nice body and is professional, which is more than what her members are doing

No. 27408

anons wouldn’t have to hide their stanning if other anons didn’t start going “reeee gtfo army/nctizen/kboo!!” anytime someone doesn’t agree with their nitpick or tinhat. if we just admit that we’re all casual fans at minimum maybe anons here would chill out with the unfunny jokes and obviously fake hate posts

No. 27411

jungah has had work done even if its just fillers

the lesson is every group in kpop is botched none of them are 100% natural

No. 27412

she got her nose done though check out her predebut pics and even though she hasn'r had double eyelid surgery she did the same eye-opening thingy that dahyun has got done (sorry not adept in plastic surgery lingo)

No. 27413

File: 1555830643518.jpg (28.81 KB, 400x534, 30c13f0f0749803c21d3e293c1d574…)

Seulgi is praised because she has old-fashioned beautiful Korean features. Small mouth with a specific curved shape, fairly pale skin, pointed nose with a specific type of bridge and short philtrum, 'wise' and 'warm' curved monolids and a mysterious relatively slim face. Other idols like this are Yeji from ITZY, Jisoo from BP, Jihyun from 4minute and Dahyun from TWICE.

Ofc there are Koreans who think she is lame and ugly for not being a TWICE member or gangnam unnie but still.

No. 27414

File: 1555831089726.jpg (99.38 KB, 508x332, 00.jpg)

you're not slick seulgi stan - trying to choose a pic where her nose looks flattering due to lighting

No. 27415

File: 1555831101431.jpg (22.43 KB, 240x322, 240px-171202_멜론_뮤직_어워즈_레드벨벳_(2…)

Her body is nice too. I wonder how kpop girls manage to look so tall and model like despite their small stature

No. 27422

it's called drinking only one glass of soy milk so that you are nothing but bones then wearing dresses that are meticulously meant to present the illusion that they have curves

the things you are idolizing are nothing but lies - at the end of the day when all of their extensions are out and their makeup is removed they are nothing but brainless malnourished empty shells of human beings suffering through hair loss

gtfo to the pop general thread to sperg abt your faves this is the critical thread

No. 27428

Padding and fillers make them look normal despite not eating and sleeping

No. 27429

>anons wouldn’t have to hide their stanning if other anons didn’t start going “reeee gtfo army/nctizen/kboo!!” anytime someone doesn’t agree with their nitpick or tinhat
The purpose of this thread is not to stan, retard. Whether obviously or not.

No. 27430

Reminder that NCT will always be irrelevant.
Can't wait for SM's new boy group to replace them.

No. 27431

is tvxq yunho gay cuz he sure gives off some vibes

No. 27434

>Ah shit, here we go again.webm

No. 27436

what is everyone’s opinion on the newly debuted gg everglow? they are in almost every country’s spotify viral playlist, that means they should have made some noise right? i don’t see their impact anywhere

No. 27437

Anons say gtfo because the stans are clearly here to prove how their idols aren't as bad as we think here, and go on to annoy us with irrelevant shit about them that we don't care about.
This is not the purpose of this thread.
If you're a stan then at least just lurk and don't try to convince us to like them or police the thread.

No. 27438

their hype revolves around the fact that two of their members were in survival show produce 48 and were pretty high ranked and they had a lot of predebut marketing besides that

No. 27440

I think yiren is cute and that one song is alright, makes for okay bg music just like most pop.

No. 27442


Lmao I have a feeling this is probably but does anyone else see this kind of stuff everywhere? Usually normal people say "oh I didn't like this band before but I listened to a few songs and now I really like them", but with BTS people are so damn dramatic about it and it's like they're in some kind of hypnotic state. Being all "omg they are the best most original band i've ever seen I couldn't stop listening to their songs they're so talented". Like wtf's going on there? Sucking up to armies or just armies pretending to be non-fans like on twitter?

No. 27443

I wish we would discuss the reason why kpop is so hipnotizing
My first kpop song/video was SNSD's Gee, I was like 12 when I first watched it and it was so groundbreaking for me, because I was a girl who liked cute things and my country is really all about sex, I basically craved for cute. I used to be a weeaboo before being a kpopfag, for me, kpop was like real life anime lmao. Needless to say I also has serious self-esteem issues because I didn't look like Yoona or whatever. Nowadays I think they all just loom really botched, so I don't have any problems of that nature
However, I can't stop listening to the songs or watching the videos. I don't understand, why is it like that with kpop? It's a bunch of malnourished kids with no talent and mutilated faces, so why is it so fascinating?

No. 27444

I also had* self-esteem issues

No. 27445

I randomly found out about kpop by watching some variety show or something and I had no idea what was going on.
I wanted to know who these people were so that's how it started. I wasn't in a good place at that time so the colorful music videos, the upbeat songs and the variety shows were a really good distraction to me. I never really stanned a group though.
But I think many people get so absorbed into the kpop world because of similar reasons. (I'm not talking about the crazy kids who think they can marry their oppa one day)
The long-term effects kpop had on me were not good so I'm glad i left that behind.

No. 27446

I'm 80% sure their company bought bots because they are getting zero hype outside Stan Twitter. The song is just okay

No. 27447

File: 1555849997771.png (967.29 KB, 1260x403, ad.png)

My story is basically same as yours anon.

I was around 14 when I discovered K-pop (also SNSD's Gee lol) and I couldn't really relate to my country's pop songs since most of them were super erotic, based around sex, lust, partying etc.
I was a weeb and I also knew about AKB48, but their songs felt too childish (also creepy pedo factor) while SNSD's Gee was cute but also ""mature"" enough for a 14 year old. Even the sexy k-pop concepts that I discovered later didn't feel that erotic, at least not compared to western pop.

I never became a group stan either, would just have favorite songs instead. When I got out of high school, my interest in k-pop mostly died as all new songs and groups started to feel stale and not original at all.

(don't get me wrong, nowadays I don't think western pop is worse than k-pop, but when I was still a tween I couldn't get into it as it felt too sexual)

No. 27448

Britney spears is very pedo and exploitive.

No. 27449

That's Christina Aguilera on my pic anon. But yes, they were also exploited for the pedo audience.

No. 27450

There’s an illusion of closeness that it cultivates. They give you sense that they could be your friend, in a way.

Like, watching someone you think is funny/cute/whatever sit around and joke and eat with their friends, in a similar way that you might gives a sense of belonging. Other types of music, like western pop music, feels cold and impersonal in comparison. Kpop is also very, very aware of their audience and they pander and push that I’m your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend narrative at every turn. It’s like, “maybe I can be part of something instead of being an extremely depressed and isolated 13 year old in a very unfortunate situation.”

Fandoms play a very important role in this. Why do you think they give their fans cutesy names? Once again, to foster closeness between fans and idols, fans and other fans, fans and the outside world. One thing that every person has in common is loneliness and the need to be part of something.

I haven’t touched on cultural things within Korea and other stuff but in short, it’s deliberate psychological manipulation.

No. 27451

File: 1555851828936.jpeg (81.61 KB, 564x845, C0uXGyVUkAATDkJ.jpeg)

Seeing twice's siblings make you realize how normal they are compared to idols. This is nayeon's sister.

No. 27452

File: 1555851878637.jpeg (53.08 KB, 718x960, C0urwsbXUAIQ7nb.jpeg)

This is mina's brother

No. 27455

This was my experience with K-pop in a nutshell - I was codependent on K-pop's existence to feel like less of a sad friendless loser at the height of my depression.

When I got a good job, reconnected with old friends, and began having a better mental condition overall, K-pop lost most of it's appeal to me and I no longer religiously followed my favourite groups day by day like I used to.

No. 27456

She’s pretty.

No. 27457

That's how it works with all celebrity obsessions, deliberate fostering of closeness doesn't have to be part of it. That's the origin of the word stan, someone who's obsessed even without the manipulation.

No. 27459

Obsessions in general. It's the same shit with taiwanese moving pictures too except that attracts less normies/failed normies so otakus don't grow out of it as fast.

No. 27460

Yeah, but I think it’s an important and worth talking about…
Kpop really heavy handed about it.

No. 27463

Did you mean japanese?

No. 27464

Expect majority of the threads get taken up by nitpicks of female idols. The criticalness of the thread isn’t why most people are here

No. 27465

A big part of kpop for me was how over-produced and fake these idols are and all the story off exploitation.

Sort of like North Korea with being so secretive but not secretive enough

No. 27466

So these guys joined a random kpop dance held in new york, and I saw a lot of sea fans upset seeing how they interact with their western fans. I understand their disappointment tbh. They were saying that in sea countries they aren't even allowed to get near the idols or talk to them or give them anything, yet over there in America they're dancing with fans, taking fanletters and whatnot. The difference in the way they treat the fans is disgusting honestly
Plenty of people are unhealthily obsessed with american cartoons too btw

No. 27467

What is the problem with SEA? Some people in this thread and the general idea of >>27466 make it seem like SEA fans/idols are the worst.

No. 27468

I was agreeing with the sea fans, not making fun of them. I was criticizing the way idol companies and idols treat their fans in south east asia. What about my post gave you the idea that I was belittling sea fans?

No. 27469

Wow, looks like we've got another retarded newfag not recognizing a common meme.

It's because SEAcucks are the worst. Are you new too?

No. 27470

90% of "i-fans" are SEA anyway but the kpop industry can't deal with the fact the only people that like their shit are the ones beneath them - so obv they will treat their few white fans as if they are gods

No. 27480

File: 1555858611593.jpg (55.19 KB, 700x700, (you).jpg)

No. 27483

This is so gross. It also has 1.5 million views and it's only 2 days old

No. 27484

File: 1555860205868.jpg (42.77 KB, 564x902, Koreanstraightbrowtutorial.jpg)

I see the mismatched eyebrow pencil a lot on Koreans. They seem to never use black/dark brown brow pencil, they usually put light brown or even blonde pencil over their natural black eyebrows and you can see it.

She seems to be most popular among women for some reason.

No. 27485

Why is a child in an an outfit like that with thigh straps and everything? Tf is wrong with some parents…

No. 27487

Newfag here. Where does one find this information? I want to know what goes on behind the wholesome facade they show us

No. 27488

New twice teaser. Guess they really are ditching the kiddie concept this time round. The mv looks like hot garbage though

No. 27489

I won't deny that Koreans are racist to SEAs but I also feel like part of the difference in treatment could be because SEA fans actually acting dangerous in the past. In 2017 Taeyeon got knocked over and groped at the Jakarta airport. In the NY video you posted the fans are actually pretty chill especially compared to this shit

> Blackpink members come off as not sharing their genuine personalities or just lacking personality/ability to express it
I'm not a fan of Blackpink but tbh I don't think this is any different than any other kpop groups. Even on Korean shows most of what members say seems ingenuine and forced. I don't know any Korean but idk it just seems really obvious to me that part of the training these idols go through is rehearsing scripted answers to common questions.

No. 27490

i mean, the idols admit to having personality training

No. 27491

the taeyeon incident was fucking horrifying - how does one cope with a fucking mob touching every inch of your body like that eugh i personally would need years of therapy

No. 27492

Yeah I'm the one that posted that vid and after thinking about it I do think that the nyc fans are so much more chill and that was one of the main reason they did that. They would never be able to do that in a sea country without something happening to someone. Different cultures induce different behaviors I guess
It's probably what they spend all those years "training" doing
She's actually already debuted as a child kpop idol. I think she's kinda well known in sk
Bleh and meh

No. 27493

Koreans are definitely racist to SEA people, but I agree that SEA fans do seem to be more likely to be crazy. Go on any article about Seungri right now and 90% of the delusional idiots saying oppa did nothing wrong will be SEA. You can check for yourself by looking at their Twitters. It's almost always an Indonesian or a Malaysian fan. I don't know why but it is.

No. 27494

what did momo do to get such special treatment she got into twice even tho the public rejected her and we all know her singing "skills" don't make her deserving of singing the fucking chorus

like once she said she doesn't want to be a deadweight of the group so she hogged a whole ass dance break to herself in likey

No. 27495

This sounds…really bland. I mean I'm glad they're not doing cutesy shit anymore but this just seems boring.

No. 27496

That can be literally said for all of the members except for the "vocalists". They seriously lack any basic singing abilities and sound terrible individually.
It's pretty obvious that jyp just wanted a big group "cute" approachable girls that can succeed in Korea as well as in japan; he really didn't give a fuck about them having any sort of talent.

No. 27499

koreans seriously want bts to get an army exemption it's cringe

9. [+189, -58] They're at Beatles level popularity, they deserve an exemption

the delusion

No. 27500

>this unsauced quote I got from a netizenbuzz article represents all koreans

No. 27501

others itt really do think so and inb4 delulu cassie I don’t see it…

No. 27503

>beatles level popularity
they can't be serious. armys think they are still going to be obsessed with them when they hit their thirties and start to sag from all the ps but bts getting a military exemption would ruin their life in south korea, everyone would hate them. all korean men do it, bts in their 30s won't be an exception.

No. 27504

>not even 1000 upvotes
>all koreans
alright anon

No. 27505

These translated comments mostly come young koreans who are super into kpop, don't they?
That aside, I don't really get the point of translating online opinions from Korean articles.
They should take that time to translate the actual article instead. It doesn't make sense to me.

No. 27507

I was a weeb for j-pop, rather than anime, but like a lot of people I didnt like the wota-pandering direction j-pop took and, imo, the quality of the music declined a lot and became formulaic. Obviously I knew of BoA and liked some of her songs.

With Western music I liked Motown, the 90s R&B girlgroups like SWV, Brownstone and Jade, tATu, and the groups from my country like Sugababes and the 411. I didn't have a problem with hypersexual artists like tATu, Xtina or Vanity 6 but stuff coming out like the Disney tween acts, Danity Kane, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony really overtly turned me off. The music, vocals and visuals didnt really appeal to me and it just felt too pick me, male-centred bimbo and vapid without having an edge.

The first k-pop I was exposed to (like The Grace and Rain) I didn't think was very good. I really got into k-pop though 2NE1 who for the first three years had a distinct vibe, sound and look compared with Western and Japanese music. It was really cool to me that aside from Dara none of them were conventionally pretty, they were more fierce and it was in sync with their sound, or at least it was at first until they turned into proto-Blackpink…

Then I found KARA, T-ARA, (f)x, After School, 4minute and SISTAR. I liked the sonic and aesthetic diversity on offer. The music was extremely catchy without being smothered in layers of excessive vocals and had a lot of elements like modulations I found appealing that have disappeared from Western pop. And a lot of songs like Gee, WANNA, Muzik and A went pretty hard for pop songs (I like hard rock and hardcore rap).

I was never ever a fan of any boy group (so much warbling and the song structure does not appeal) or ballad group though. Nor did I watch the reality or variety shows or whatever. I remember my friend crying their eyes out about Sunny killing a chicken and I didn't understand why she was on such a show. That kinda turned me off the 'fan' side.

No. 27508

File: 1555868203926.jpeg (113.73 KB, 1080x607, 1555861002016.jpeg)

Some anon created a new thread instead of posting this here, so there you go.

No. 27509

can someone get hwasa a decent brow, these thin straight lines just don't suit her (i don't think they could really suit anyone tbh)

No. 27511

Hwasa’s makeup looks like something done for a comedic skit. If she seriously had it like that thinking she looks good then yikes.

Got into K-pop as an Asian tween in a Western country. There’s not a whole lot of representation of Asians as attractive entertainers in most media outside of Asian countries. K-pop’s filled with them so I think that was one reason that caught my attention.

Another one would have to do with the images idols themselves put on. You often see them talk about how hard they work/how much time they spend to perform, how much they care about their fans, and how relatively “clean” their images compared to other countries’ entertainers—even though it’s really just all a farce/act to get your money.

Korean male idols also are styled to resemble anime characters. I was already a weeb for some time and the transition to getting interested in K-pop was somewhat smooth in that sense. Not really into K-pop anymore aside from the milky content it can produce but those are my reasons as to why K-pop manages to appeal to certain people.

No. 27512

Same for me. There aren’t any Asian females in the entertainment industry at all, so you’re stuck with Kpop. It’s why BTS was able to snag all those Asian act records in the west because there’s nobody else in the ring. Them and the rest of kpop really got lucky 2015-2016

No. 27513

Huh, Nayeon’s sister is quite pretty—looks a little like LOONA’s Haseul. Wonder if Nayeon would look similarly if she had left much of face alone. She looks bloated and weird now.

No. 27514

File: 1555869790322.jpeg (66.21 KB, 960x707, 8CA6543F-6173-4FB2-A01F-7E86A8…)

These posts made me curious to look up more of TWICE members’ siblings. Momo’s sister cute and natural-looking for the most part—and seeing them next to one another really shows how plastic and somewhat troon-y Momo looks in comparison.

No. 27515

does any kpop idol look better with piss blonde hair as opposed to their natural hair?

No. 27516

File: 1555869915056.jpg (66.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She would have looked like this

No. 27517

Might be an unpopular opinion but Nayeon could still have been pretty at this age had she left her features alone (yes, even her nose). Lots of idols get work done when many of the features are developing and haven’t settled onto their face. So a nosejob that might look good at sixteen can look after a decade from that point.

No. 27518

*can look bad

No. 27519

he's got more rumors than most idols and plenty of them aren't just about dumb ships. he'd never be out though, so it doesn't matter whether he is or not. he's been given the title of the one male idol who can do no wrong so he'd never sabotage his own career and dispatch etc like him too much to ever dare leaking something. if it was true and got out it would be from a sasaeng turning on him. the yoonjaelovebar fansite still send him and jaejoong tens of thousands of dollars in gifts every year, so they still suck up to the fansite and make sure to drop references, it's embarassing at this point. even the richest idols are obsessed with getting gifts

No. 27520

jisoo just looks like a prettier hyeri from girls day to me so i wouldnt have even thought to put her in the same category as the other girls you mentioned

No. 27521

Good point. I’m the dame anon you’re replying to and would like to add that I’ve noticed that Asian media representation outside of Asian countries tend to belong to two groups: East Asians and hapas. I honestly can’t recall too many prominent fully SEA entertainers here in the US aside from Brenda Song and Kelly Marie Tran. Kinda makes me wonder if this furthers SE Asians making up so much of K-pop fandoms. There are at least a handful of SEA K-pop idols in K-pop and I guess they’ll cling onto any representation they can get.

No. 27522

i don't disagree. but while i think she was pretty, but her face was rather sharp, which would've put her in a bracket of belonging to a fierce group. kpop is all about stereotyping and marketing.

the eye surgeries, bleaching and all that made it possible for her to go into the cutesy niche that twice epitomises, even though it looks uncanny valley as fuck to me (the intro to yes or yes makes me cringe)

No. 27523

seulgis clothes look like they'd fit 5 other people into them WITH her still in them

why do koreans dress like this? its not just idols it seems to be a thing for koreans to dress frumpy and in wrinkled too big clothes that look like they'd be better suited for someone living in the streets

No. 27525

File: 1555871066154.jpg (43.46 KB, 361x522, individual5.jpg)

Bekah from After School was the first blonde kpop idol I saw(i only knew of wonder girls and after school at that point) and i was so in love with her lol. I hater PLEDIS so fucking much for how they treated her.

No. 27526

Wtf is that Oblivion NPC thing on the far right?

No. 27527

File: 1555871460751.jpeg (26.11 KB, 210x315, 843DCB78-A5F0-4C8C-8F80-C8E3F5…)

Bekah’s seems to have transitioned into a normal life away from the public eye, fortunately. I think she’s living in the States with a family now. However I can’t help but think that an idol with features like hers wouldn’t be able to successfully debut nowadays, even though she looks closer to the average Korean than most third gen idols do.

No. 27528

She was born and raised in the states. Her mom is Hawaiian Polynesian and Korean admixture iirc. But yeah, given that she was basically kicked from the group because of her body type, I'd agree with you. I cant imagine being called into a room of Korean men(and Kahi, who thought she was running shit) and told to my face that "You arent popular with Koreans and you dont help to sell our group". Fuck that. She's better off.

No. 27530

No one from After School would be able to debut in 2019

No. 27531

kaeun maybe, but shes basically the only one
well, koreans like lizzy too

No. 27532

kahi's control freak tendencies make me surprised that she she isn't mentoring idol groups more

No. 27533

Kaeun tried to debut again in another group last year with PD48 but wasn’t successful. I think her age played a factor in that rather than her looks though.

No. 27534

I honestly believe she doesnt ONLY because she's a female. If she was a male she'd be a full blown law breaking abusive CEO like the others. She has the same personality they do. I feel bad for the girls in After School, but honestly it technically WAS "her creation and idea". Thats why it was so funny when she got her own taste of karma and got kicked from the group. And lets be real it was because she forgot her gender and the men above her put her in her place, because its fucking Korea. She really thought she was the next BoA and the Korean Robin Antin. Then she tried to play the victim crying about her depression and not being "respected". Kinda ironic considering how she treated her members.

No. 27535

dang how old is she? i thought she was still pretty young but then i have to remind myself that the idols in groups now are born in the fucking 2000s lol

No. 27536

I know it was Park Yoochun so it's harder to care about it in hindsight, but her dating a barely legal teenage boy when she was 24-25 is a weirder fact when you add it together with her power and respect obsession over the years. If After School had gotten really big then I can only imagine how much worse she'd be

No. 27538

thats still so young now im sad lol

No. 27539

No. 27540

Because in her mind, seniority trumps gender, but like I said Im pretty sure she got put in her place because of that. She got too big for her britches so to speak. She forgot that the hierarchy ladder places men at the top. Though she does remind me a lot of those females that work in the companies or are married to CEOs and whatnot that prey on young boy group members. I wouldnt be shocked if something comes out like that in the future regarding her. She has that kind of personality and its creepy.

No. 27541

“i don’t agree with your asinine nitpick or tinhat” isn’t stanning, you’re just as bad as hardcore kboo armys, just as unstable and just as willing to spermicide when someone doesn’t agree with you

No. 27542

File: 1555876140219.jpg (30.89 KB, 540x341, tumblr_ppuhpxu2uH1wb8kv1_540.j…)

his nose is getting worse with each comeback. "surgery for medical issues" my ass.

No. 27543

I noticed that Hwasa is almost always the one with the worst makeup. Does the MUA hate her or something

No. 27546

File: 1555878106151.jpg (234.06 KB, 1080x1706, IMG_20190421_161600.jpg)

Apparently the discrimination isn't just against sea's, it's all non korean asians

No. 27547

File: 1555878129630.jpg (308.65 KB, 1080x1875, IMG_20190421_161614.jpg)

No. 27549

Yubin looked really nice with blonde hair, but it wasn't the piss hue Hwasa is now sporting.

She looked like a female version of RM

No. 27550

lmao anon and to add to that they went to the same school

No. 27551

File: 1555879203636.jpeg (324.53 KB, 1200x1921, BA678A66-8A63-4996-80FD-390365…)

When Yubin's hair looked like this?

No. 27552

reboot era

No. 27553

What the fuck did they do to Hwasa.

No. 27554

File: 1555879729446.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.04 KB, 630x656, 345D9D93-A12C-4E5F-935A-E9433B…)

lmao you guys reminded me of this cursed image

No. 27555

Weird that they would treat Chinese fans like dirt when WayV are a Chinese group

But again, sm and xenophobia are one soul now so this is not shocking treatment

No. 27556

how do so many people end up with the same nose? why does everyone end up with such…open(?) nostrils

No. 27557

What's even funnier is that the op is Ukrainian too, just an ethnically chinese ukrainian. They were all ukrainians but sm treated the white looking ones like kings and the asian looking ones like shit

No. 27558

It's mongolian motion tapestry get it right.

No. 27559

Just be realistic. Sea doesn't have much money. They're like 1/10th of the US music market despite being 3x the population.

No. 27562

Part of it sounds like they were sasaengs rather than normal 'fans'
The part about following them and that it's bad or w/e

No. 27563

but it also sounds like the white ukranian fans had followed them, so if that's the case why only let them closer?

No. 27564

I don't necessarily think that fan is lying, but I would say consider the source, anon. They're not going to say "Yeah, we were being stalkers and the white fans weren't." They're going to tell the story in the way that makes them look best.

No. 27565

>Some chinese fans went to Ukraine to follow WayV

So there's a high chance they're sasaengs, then. Makes sense the staff (who are probably also Chinese, since WayV only promote in China) would be guarding WayV against them. This isn't about race, this is about creepy fans being punished for pushing the line too far.

No. 27566

In other texts they did say they were also "stalking", but I didn't post it all because it wasn't really necessary. Basically the fan said both the white and asian fans were doing the same exact thing, and they were all in the wrong but the white ones got rewarded for it instead
That could be true, but the fan said that they treated the local asian fans like that too, not just the sasaeng ones

No. 27567

Nta but how would they be able to discern them from the locals? When people think of Ukrainians they most likely don't think of chinks lol

No. 27569

> Though she does remind me a lot of those females that work in the companies or are married to CEOs and whatnot that prey on young boy group members.

What females? What's the tea on this.

No. 27570

some younger male idols and trainees have claimed there are women in the industry who molest them and do weird shit to them, just like what happens to female idols and trainees
i dont have a source but there was a recent incident in some threads back about it

No. 27572

File: 1555885668586.jpg (102.45 KB, 534x1024, img-20190206-194133jpg.jpg)

No. 27573

File: 1555885746370.gif (4.03 MB, 720x514, 3D2D5530-3F6E-4EE1-BDA8-002CF4…)

what the hell? she looks so much better in the pic you linked than she does nowadays. dr. kim really did a number on her face…

No. 27575

That case was so awful and disheartening to read about. The fact that they were abused both by the CEO and his wife really speaks volumes.

No. 27576

Apparently she does her own makeup…honestly I like Hwasa a lot but this picture is fucking atrocious. She’s been the primary money maker for her company this past year, you think they’d get her a makeup artist.

No. 27577

Kaeun having to see Kahi on Produce 48 again during that ep where Kahi was mentoring was so fucking awkward. I don't think they really saw another much except during a reunion concert or performance since Kahi had left AS prior to Kaeun's arrival but couldn't help but feel bad for Kaeun when she was barely allowed to have lines or presence in the group before they took their long hiatus (although she was more prominently featured on their Japanese releases) and she had to come face to face with Kahi, who'd desperately tried to push herself as the previous center of the group.

Kahi is also super fucking bitchy and has that bitchy aura and everything about the way she treated her fellow members when she was still in the group was horrible.

No. 27578

As far as I know, pretty much none of the AS members are friends or even acquaintances of Kahi at this point. She is never in any of the photos of their weddings or parties or just hanging out or anything lol. She burned her bridges.

No. 27580

File: 1555887957410.jpg (129.9 KB, 1200x800, IMG_0037.JPG)

I can't tell if it's because of the hair color or if it's something else but that dark makeup and overlined lips doesn't look good on her imo.
Her previous looks with lighter makeup were much more flattering. She definitely shouldn't be doing her own makeup.

No. 27582

File: 1555888713750.jpg (28.35 KB, 636x421, HWASA.jpg)

overdrawn lips, maybe the bottom lashes as well?

No. 27583

File: 1555889274881.jpeg (74.89 KB, 500x876, 48D122EA-0ADF-46C4-91D3-690EE0…)

I really loved her look circa Yes I Am. What the hell happened to turn her into Hyuna 2.0?

No. 27584

i think its because she overdraws her bottom lip

No. 27585

I get that Hwasa has the image of being the sexy member and does this kind of makeup on herself sometimes, but that Instathot/baddie paint really doesn’t suit her. Makes her look older than she actually is and not in a good way.

No. 27587

My speculation is that they try to make the nose tips look thinner and smaller and have to cut up the nostrils to do that. However, some surgeons end up doing a poor job leaving idols with two prominent black holes for nostrils (like Ratmon, Nayeon, that one chick from APink). I’m not plastic surgery expert though so feel free to correct me.

Damn, have not heard of this case before but fuck that CEO and his wife. Hope the member can get on with their lives outside of the industry.

Now that I’ve thought more about it, being an idol/trainee really comes with so much risk and such little chance at reward. Imagine spending your teens and twenties just focused on training without the guarunteed chance of debuting. Putting all of that time practicing to the bone and dealing with industry predators for years and you might not even ever become a star. Then you’re in your late twenties with few transferrable skills along with debt weighing down on you. No wonder you hear reports of some trainees who failed to debut committing suicide.

No. 27588

File: 1555890626488.jpeg (136.26 KB, 720x889, 77671AE9-E984-42E3-8BDA-CDC777…)

she looks best when her lips are a lighter, more natural color, and she has defined brows. who the fuck thought it was a good idea to lighten her brows to where you can't see them? the piss blonde wouldn't look nearly as atrocious if you could see her brows

No. 27591

Came across this fancam of Hwasa performing at her own show. Her new honey blonde hairstyle makes it look like she's wearing a wig and the bright red lips aren't doing her any favors.

No. 27596

she looks like a tranny from the shoulders up

No. 27598

Ok blackpill me on CL. I liked/like her. Crush my spirits.

No. 27599

>I liked/like her.
Even after the release of this mess?

No. 27601

I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. Easily her worst though.

No. 27602

Koreans have a stereotype of SEA and SEAs' fault is proving them they're right

No. 27606

I highlighted what you're saying about people shouldnt have hid their stanning at all, and youre clearly missing the point.

No. 27608

File: 1555900204517.jpeg (86.5 KB, 1024x683, 6F9880DA-C1DE-4CFF-809C-C28346…)

I know someone further in the thread mentioned Yuta being the best looking irl and i skiers them until this photo came up. Dude’s botched

No. 27609

he looks dead inside

No. 27612

File: 1555902306174.jpg (91.13 KB, 1080x1080, jKfzXfJ.jpg)

The combo makes her look hideous

No. 27613

Further proof that BlackPink and the folks at YG are far from being creative/game-changing.

No. 27614

They should add the part where the girls put their hands together (idk what it is called) i saw it on both forever young and dont know what to do.

No. 27616

okay hwasa looks tragic here are they trying to turn her into Hyuna 2.0? because that look is not flattering at all for anyone.

No. 27617

She looks like a 48 year old drunk aunt

No. 27619

istg it's because she puts lipstick underneath her bottom lip so it looks ridiculous when she smiles

No. 27620

>wota-pandering direction j-pop
Isn’t that just shitty idol music? I wouldn’t call mainstream jpop acts like Hoshino Gen, aimyon or aimer wota pandering.

No. 27623

She looked older than that. She had really weird face/neck proportions, her neck was too long for her head.

No. 27624

ain't this the chick that everyone thirsted over because of how "thicc" she is

No. 27625

His nose looks like it has far to much contouring powder and highlighter on it.

No. 27626

Yeah I've seen the makeup artist do it. There was a vid I saw once where the makeup artist was in the background doing his makeup and she kept rubbing the sides of his nose over and over again to contour it and she applied lots if highlighter on the front. I was like "Yikes what are you people doing!?" I'm telling you they have no idea how to apply makeup based on how it'd suit the person

No. 27628


No. 27629

hate myself for actually liking this. the vocals suck as per usual; momo's voice in particular is so grating to listen to idk why they let her sing.
the mv looks cheap and thrown together, weird because some of their older mv's are nice to look at.
nayeon looks more busted than usual giving off real gangam unnie vibes and jihyo looks.. old. her face at 2:55 is so cakey peep the stache
but uhh yeah i like the song a lot personally

No. 27631

Twice's MVs have always looked cheap (I think it worked for TT and Knock Knock though) because they're 99% green-screen and terrible zooming in and out. I guess if your cashcow doesn't need to do much to make money, might as well skimp out on the music videos.

You can really tell their new stylist is Blackpink's old one, though, with those outfits seemingly off the rack and being uncoordinated. Their old outfits were hit or miss, but it was cool having outfits specifically made for them that had elements and patterns that looked cohesive as a whole.

Their B-side Charlie XCX helped write is uh… pretty messy, though.

No. 27632

It looks so tryhard to me but I can see how they're getting rid of the pedobait image so okay i guess?

No. 27633

It's nothing special and still screams the general Twice image but with a slightly more mature voice. They seem to have kept the 'baby' appeal.

Basically what happened with the other song everyone was hyping because it had a darker image but it turned out to be the same old Twice.

No. 27634

Honestly, better make up, and styling in general, could easily make some of these idols look a lot less botched. Really does make me wonder if some of the stylists are anti-fans.

No. 27635

I like the fact that it didn't have a rap part. So many kpop songs don't need those unnecessary raps, they usually just make the song worst.

No. 27636

File: 1555930672680.png (48.07 KB, 642x352, yeah....png)

No. 27637

it repulses me that she keeps putting lipstick underneath her lower lip. like who tf does that she looks like a clown

No. 27638

It’s more listenable than likey or signal, but it doesn’t have any kind of catchy hook so it probably won’t be near as big as their previous songs.

No. 27639

File: 1555931109177.jpeg (112.3 KB, 750x372, D3105EB1-FB13-4AFC-87F0-05A03E…)

apparently a bunch of nct fansites are closing down, including really big ones like tyrant syndrome

No. 27640

the mv is giving me 2011 vibes.

No. 27641

I used to really like her in 2ne1 but lost interest after the whole American debut thing.
She's pretty low key and private so there's not much to find out about her. Even when 2ne1 had their own show she was the most private one, not even showing her room and all.
The only thing that makes her cringey is the fake gangsta, badass bitch act she puts on despite her middle class upbringing (dad a professor, studying abroad in various countries,..)
If you care about cultural appropriation and that stuff: iirc there was an interview with her and some friend who said he doesn't believe in cultural appropriation?(something along those lines)and she agreed. Also, the Asian women comment.

No. 27642

I really like chaeyoung, momo's and mina's hairstyles, jeongyeon looks so weird and troony with long hair though. Overall the song is alright, i appreciate not having to hear an out of place rap in the middle.

No. 27644

This anon was right all along. lol stupid me thinking they'd ditch the infantile "notice me senpai" concept for once.

No. 27646

Nothing stopping her from stanning ugly fucks like Ed Sheeran then, if looks really are that unimportant

No. 27647

The beat is okay, not annoying, but their childish voices ruin everything. Would it kill them to sing lower?

Looking at the translated lyrics this is the same old oppa pedobait concept just with black outfits now.

No. 27648

Why? What happened? Lmao

No. 27650

asian fans have to spend many thousands on minimum 10 albums to get a chance at being let into fansigns while in nyc all fans had to do was pay $18

No. 27651

File: 1555932419741.jpeg (237.03 KB, 750x689, 613BB8CA-5BA7-4EF9-8683-42715E…)

No. 27652

His nose is naturally an abomination

No. 27653

Oh I see why they're upset. But that tactic of buying tons of copies is not going to work here. It's not a part of our pop culture and is seen as pretty insane

No. 27655

File: 1555932746319.jpg (21.01 KB, 557x550, images.jpeg.jpg)

Agreed. Her bare face is so plain and her lips are thin though, that could be the cause why she thinks she needs that much amount of makeup.

At this point I don't think twice are capable of pulling off anything other than pedobait stuff and high pitched songs (that sound annoying). They should consider disbanding. Not an snsdfag but they transitioned rather smoothly from pedobait stuffs like gee, oh! to more mature ones like the boys, lion heart. Twice's vocals can't improve and are stuck at some point.

No. 27657

can you post caps from TS? her twitter is private now. I just read she was resting, not closing. is it confirmed related to that boycott or whatever?

No. 27658

Not much has changed lol, they just put some black dresses on

No. 27659

Fancy chorus is stupid catchy and damn mina definitely shines with this concept

No. 27660

File: 1555933943266.png (547.72 KB, 800x600, IMG_0038.PNG)

Yeah and doesn't help that she wants that Beyoncé look. It might be just me but I see this new trend emerging on insta and YouTube where Korean girls who oftentimes don't fit the Korean standards emulate the style of black women with braids and everything, or go for that Kylie look.

No. 27661

I get why they’re upset, but using different tactics for different markets ain’t racist, if that’s what >>27639 Is claiming. If asian fans didn’t buy into those gimmicks in the first place, they wouldn’t be used there either.

No. 27662

Yeah definitely. I don't like twice but mina stood out to me a lot in this vid. Her styling, singing, and behavior was the least childish and immature

No. 27663

She looks much more tanned than some of the other pictures posted here too. It's honestly reaching 'blackfishing'

No. 27664

no one in america except the most insane of kboos would buy hundreds of albums to see nct. if they tried that same thing in america it wouldn't work out.

No. 27665

Imagine spending thousands and thousands of dollars to see someone who "" loves "" his fans soooo much

No. 27666

Assuming the OP is a ratmy, BTS' music is awful but they also aren't really good looking and I'm not saying this out of a hateboner or whatever. Most people wouldn't take their first look at BTS and be like "wow they are so handsome I need to check them out". People get into their stuff because of their "we are genuine and quirky unlike these manufactured groups uwu" shtick.

No. 27668

Dumb girls get into BTS (kpop in general) because they are attracted to effeminate men with bleached hair and make up.

No. 27669

File: 1555935967121.jpg (63.19 KB, 365x512, 298088_original.jpg)

Lmao stray kids fans always try to push their the group as a "woke" and "aware" group yet it turns out it was actually this kids own idea to have the cornrows

No. 27670

yeah i used to think it was messed up of jyp to make jeongyeon have short hair all the time to get the fangirls, but she looks so much worse with long hair.

No. 27671

There's also this haha https://twitter.com/FELIXlTY/status/1120070433041207306
He copied it exactly and just changed "n*gga" to "ninja

No. 27672

Is this supposed to be a cover or an original song?
Lmfaoo not even trying to be subtle.

No. 27673

Imagine being petty enough to boycotting your supposed favourite group because other fans are now getting the chance to see them for reasonable prices.

No. 27675

I think it's an "original" song

No. 27677

He's actually getting death threats

No. 27688

No you're right, surgeons cut some cartilage off the nostrils to make them smaller. But in theory their proportions should be balanced with the tip, so if it doesn't happen (tip too small, nostrils overexposed) you end up with a botched nosejob like Nayeon or Yubin.

Miranda Sings

Yep, they do have the same moves in all songs. Even in the solos. The one you can see on the thumbnail was in Lisa's Swalla solo stage choreography too.
The butt touch thing is hilarious when they do it, because you can always see the hover hands. It's fine Jennie, you won't become a lesbian if you touch her hips for 1 sec. Lmao

No. 27689

the thing is even THAT isn't her natural face she still has some makeup on lmao

No. 27690

she is naturally paler but wants to be called the beyonce of korea sooooo

No. 27691

File: 1555942735985.jpg (348.38 KB, 996x1500, IMG_0589.JPG)

I'm not a music expert but in terms of vocals she's not really that strong… it's just masked better by her distinctive raspy voice.
If anyone is the "Korean Beyoncé" then it's ailee imo. Vocally she's miles better and she doesn't try too hard to be that "thicc" baddie.

No. 27692

how do people listen to that painfully grating high voice? Felt like my headphones where going to break if i didn't lower the volume or turn it off.

No. 27693

This is all they're capable of talent-wise. SNSD was highly overrated too but they did have good singers who sang in their natural voices.

No. 27694

File: 1555943328623.jpg (99.03 KB, 620x413, IMG_0039.JPG)

Spot the odd one lol

No. 27695

??? I don’t know what I should be nitpicking.

No. 27696

I think >>27694 is pointing out that once again Jennie is in a distinctive outfit that stands out from the other three. Even her boots are white.

No. 27697

doesn't it get humiliating and embarrassing trying to sing like a child? jihyo with her womanly tone is really struggling to fulfill the pedoshit qualifications. you can hear her real voice on masked singer and it's nothing like this

No. 27698

that seems to be the general theme the stylists have chosen for this comeback because of the white/black lara croft outfit in the video. why it had to be jennie is another question

No. 27699

File: 1555944152594.jpg (96.6 KB, 717x717, 13092511_219553478421928_81359…)

korea gave ailee an eating disorder. She's a really talented and dedicated woman. You can tell she went to Korea because no one would have given an asian woman a chance in the US

No. 27700

They've all expressed their desire to do more mature concepts but this is all JYP will give them because Twice's fanbase is literal children and pedo creepy men. And honestly they don't have the vocal talent to do what Mamamoo does, nor do they have the supermodel visuals of 2014 Nana. A girl crush concept would just look odd and out of place for them.

No. 27701

Tf are Lisa and Jisoo wearing…

No. 27702

It's all too funny
They look like their wearing diapers

No. 27703

No offense meant but Chaeyoung (and Yeri) give off rebellious slut vibes like Sulli

No. 27704

This is dated blackpink cosplay to me. I know this threat shits on twice for pedo-pandering, but cute concepts suit their songs better.

No. 27705

most of the comments are just complaining about youtube and meeting their streaming goals, what a surprise

No. 27706

i wonder how long can the members tolerate the favoritism. do you think at the first big scandal they will all jump ship and leave jennie all alone ?

No. 27707

why is the idea of mass streaming so popular among all kpop fandoms ?? does acting like a view bot make oppa proud ?? can’t we all just act like normal humans and watch a video once…

No. 27709

Do you guys think anything will be done for f(x)'s 10 year anniversary this year? SM treats their female groups worse than their male groups so I doubt much will happen…

No. 27711

It’s probably at least partially because they feel like they can show their support without actually spending any cash. I’m sure the groups themselves would rather their fans just buy the albums though, I doubt they get any of that YouTube ad revenue.

No. 27712


>No ass and saggy tits.

You know I like Hwasa and I think she is very talented but her style is atrocious. She dresses like a tackiest version of the Kardashians who are already super tacky.

No. 27713

>[+590, -32] I bet they purposely marked it as the Sea of Japan. Probably mad that an Asian group is so popular and wanted to put them down.
Koreans somehow really love to cry racism…

No. 27714

File: 1555949604408.jpeg (280.68 KB, 750x1251, 7D91CED9-FF69-4BF7-8079-39CEE3…)

>There were also underage girls put into sex trade, they were basically considered a runaway. Once they learned that there were nowhere they could go back to, they were promised that they'd be debuted as celebrities to lure them. They'd be used as prostitutes and be thrown away. There was also a priest who was looking over those runaway teenagers. 2 of those girls came out of it, one was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, the other became pregnant and through repeated abortions, her uterus was removed. Those kids were basically supplied to those MDs and getting pimped-out. They said they'd receive more money than normal prostitutes


No. 27715

The insecurity is showing lol. For having so many racism issues in their own country many sure to love to find racism in everything.

No. 27716

fucking sick, istg they had better not let any of this slide in court

No. 27717

Pretty sure punishment won't be severe enough. If i recall correctly, several arrest warrants were denied in another part of this fiasco because the suspects were "self reflecting", as if that's good enough

No. 27718

They'll make a Happy Anniversary tweet and leave it at that

Victoria is a huge star in China, Luna is an ana-chan, amber is doing things in the USA now (I remember seeing a McDonald's ad she was in?) And Krystal's being boring as usual. Apart from Luna, all other members seem to be content doing their own things now and Victoria's Chinese activities are probably bringing more profit to SM than f(x) as a group

No. 27719

Why would that be a bad thing though anon, I doubt Yeri and chaeyoung have taste as horrid as sulli's

As long as their groups aren't harmed there's nothing wrong with slutting it up discreetly

No. 27720

File: 1555951650524.gif (1.9 MB, 225x407, K4Zg.gif)

i only ever saw her posted on 4chan in these gifs, which would result in 50 replies about how ugly and fat she was
and ofc female western international fans loved her and mamamoo in general before their scandals, but i literally never saw koreans even mention her until she started wearing the intentionally ~sexy~ clothing which they apparently find offensive and lets be real its only because shes not stick thin

No. 27721

Didn’t realize until now that Irene turned 28 a month ago. Imagine being at an age where people are settling into adulthood and you’re still spending your life performing children songs. She seems tired of the idol life and wouldn’t surprise me at all if she leaves once her contract ends, although the backlash from doing that might force her to renew.

No. 27722

Samefagging but wanted to clarify that there’s nothing wrong with making music for children if that’s what you actually wanna do. The thing is that Irene’s life is basically dicatated by her public image/demands set by her contract so she’s spending much of her time doing something she doesn’t really seem to like. Not to mention that she’s a grown woman in her late twenties and is still treated like a pre-teen in regards to dating someone openly.

No. 27723

She gained more popularity after being on variety shows. Now the rest of the members get hated on.
I'm curious, has the public ever liked a girl group or just a female idol that they thought was unattractive?

No. 27724

She has a great body imo. I’ve always liked bottom heavy women, I don’t even mind that she has no ass tbh I just like the big thighs + small boobs combo. I never understood why she got so much hate…I wish I looked like that.

No. 27725

Hyoyeon maybe? She had quite a fanbase considering her entire appeal was self deprecation because she was ~le visual hole~ and used it as comedy. Her personality and dance talent really pushed her into popularity for a bit. But honestly, her being in SNSD was what really did it. A group where no girls fit the Korean beauty standard typically do not make it. I remember WASSUP and EVOL as two examples of that. WASSUP was DESTROYED on Korean sites for being "ugly and ghetto", and then Hello Veuns started styling themselves just like them and performing the EXACT same music and twerking and all that shit and Korea ate it up. So looks definitely matter.

No. 27726

With all her talent and personality she still was the least popular and nowhere near Yoona and Taeyeon or even Tiffany level though, so visuals definitely do matter

No. 27727

File: 1555953657157.png (73.74 KB, 634x421, uhm.png)

What if those are just random new yorkers going about their day? Do they really think everyone is out for their oppa? Ridiculous

No. 27728

File: 1555953810405.jpg (2.31 MB, 4160x2080, whoisthis.jpg)

Can someone please help me identify this guy? I found this at a kpop store.

No. 27729

This is not the thread for that anon but to me he looks more like a Chinese idol.

No. 27730

File: 1555954210201.jpeg (39.07 KB, 500x808, 1B666A3C-5C1F-4B2D-81CB-6A8D68…)

Why was Shindong ever allowed to debut as an idol? That guy has zero talent and charisma and was already obese or overweight pre-debut. Was his family rich or something? Imagine being a new idol who’s worked to the bone and gotten shit done to their faces in order to debut…only to go on shows and be expected to use respectful honorifics to this asshole because he not only managed to debut but also do it before you did.

No. 27731

did sj debut around the same time as big bang? because sm might have thought he'd be like TOP, who was obese before debut and then worked out like crazy and got into shape

No. 27732

Really disgusting and sad. This and the group chats really remind you how sick in the head so many people can be.

Linking for anons who aren't aware. A woman was friends with these stars for 3-4 years before she was gang raped (and filmed) while unconscious and drunk. She woke up naked to these douchebags laughing at her. After, the men pretended like nothing had happened, basically gaslighting her. She wasn't the only victim, unfortunately.


It goes to show that the "she could be your mother/sister/daughter/friend" rhetoric wouldn't matter to these men.

No. 27734

SJ was meant to be a rotational group, they could let a chubby or ugly guy debut for 2-3 years and move on to variety, but then were stuck with them when it became a permanent group. SJ get away with a lot because SM doesn't really care or invest into them, they make enough money through tours to keep themselves afloat so SM just accepts that. They're a group made up of the TVXQ rejects, after all. It's not even just a male idol thing, because a TVXQ or Shinee member wouldn't be allowed to get fat. Super Junior are such a weird group because it took them like 4 years to get a hit song but they were one of the earliest groups to have massive overseas followings

No. 27735

Can they fucking do something about this already? Are these people getting jail time or what? God fuck Korea and their misogyny. Sorry, but it's true. I can't believe this woman didn't even try to go to the police initially, she knew there was no way she would get justice and that's so sad…

Also, I really want Zico to be exposed. I know that fucker and other idols knew about this and I hate seeing people I know on Twitter defending them. They fucking knew.

No. 27736

Even China calls it 'sea of Japan'. Cant wait for i-armies to claim this is anti-yellow racism against the precious flowerbois

No. 27737

fancy is the first song where mina, dahyun and chaeyeong don't make me cringe. excited for where they go from here. i want sana to embrace her natural tone next.

No. 27738

I'm hoping idols go back to more normal looks and leave the excessive ps and ghostly skin behind. Even if koreans are so superficial I can see them embracing more natural looking idols once they get tired of the same faces over and over. Or maybe not? I doubt only i-fans are ripping apart idols for having weird plastic faces. What do koreans think of the ps in kpop? Do they wish to look like that or are equally disgusted as anons here?

Trends are usually replaced by opposite ones. Which is why I'm happy about the 90s look coming back, can't wait for the kardashian makeup and butt implants to go away.

No. 27739

bro what i'm talking about their sound

No. 27740

lol sorry I read that as skin tone.

No. 27741

it's all good fam happy easter

No. 27742

File: 1555957824580.jpeg (330.57 KB, 1364x2048, 88353C63-8268-4344-9E3C-32987B…)

suggestion for next thread pic

No. 27743

File: 1555957848962.jpeg (25.46 KB, 263x263, B79CA685-0913-4013-AAFC-C6CE6C…)

part 2

No. 27744


Zico is such a sleazebag. Some other Block B members are as well. If any female idol did even half of the controversial shit he’s done, she wouldn’t have a career anymore.

Seriously. fans should also realize that the vague pseudo-feminist girl crush concepts as well as the “woke” songs that BTS and Stray Kidz like to parade around are probably produced entirely by money-hungry, power-tripping male predators at the end of the day. All of that money spent on physical merchandise and ticket sales go towards funding these getaways that enable them to commit more of these atrocities.

No. 27746

you know you can always spoiler shit like this anon

No. 27748

Blacking up and making watermelon jokes: Not racist, according to Korea. But using the internationally recognized name for a body of water? Literally killing millions of Koreans.

No. 27749

Video is eh, but the tune is catchy tbh

No. 27750

Good times when the public hated him (and the rest) for the Thailand controversy and the seolhyun thing, and it's pretty obvious he knew about the group chat and what they were doing.
But his image got better after he went to North Korea, idk why.
As a man you sure get away with a lot. They literally have member who has had a gf for years and nobody witch hunts him.

No. 27752

Someone should make a compilation of all the insensitive, racist shit bts (and other groups) has done and show those who get offended over things like that.

No. 27753

You wish you had a body like that. Idk why you would want to look like her

No. 27754

Lmao unpopular opinion here, but this is what blackpink should've released after as if it's your last, not that ddudu mess
I like this song a lot, the mv is shit as usual, as well as the styling

No. 27756

tbh how the fuck would this sound good without completely rearranging it lol singing the song the same way but with a piano is so stupid

No. 27757

>Thailand controversy, seolhyun, North Korea
As someone who doesn't know about Zico, what happened?

No. 27758

>I’ve always liked bottom heavy women
>just like the big thighs + small boobs combo
lol the anon clearly explained why what's there to not get

No. 27759

thai scandal:

"What disturbed most viewers and fans though was Block B’s somewhat insouciant attitude towards victims of the Thailand floods. When this topic was raised, the leader Zico said: ‘With this monetary aid, we hope that you will feel better. The only thing we have is money.’ However, when he was asked how much money he had, he replied: ‘About 7000 won‘, causing the other members to erupt in laughter. 7000 won is equivalent to around US $6."

afaik the seolhyun scandal is that they were caught dating, hardly scandalous but this is kpop soo

No. 27760

No. 27761

File: 1555962886112.png (287.9 KB, 612x547, chen.PNG)

No. 27762

at 1:21

No. 27764

ngl this kind of slayed. i'm ready to accept them as the new girls' generation

No. 27765

File: 1555963322316.jpg (98.78 KB, 635x668, IMG_0040.JPG)

That anon already explained the Thai scandal
>North Korea
They chose him to perform for North Korea idk it was a summit or something and he got praised for being patriotic afterwards
She is super popular among men and he was just seen as some tryhard rapper. They thought she was out of his league. He also denied dating her I think? So the public felt sorry for her cause pictures of her running to his apartment were everywhere and that kinda ruined her image.

No. 27766

How many more times are we gonna have to see a retarded comment from a netizenbuzz article being used to represent all Koreans ITT?

No. 27768

>Second picture
Did she forget to put her pants on?

No. 27769

This guy sounds low quality. I wouldn't be surprised if guys became idols just to gain a whiteknighting personal army for doing the bare minimum.

No. 27770

Wtf this is the first time I'm seeing this.
Why do young black people support kpop?

No. 27771

I honestly don’t know anymore…
Here’s a little article to read if you want to.
You can watch the videos mentioned (and more) on YouTube.

No. 27773

File: 1555966601703.gif (10.23 MB, 480x270, momo.gif)

Okay, sage cause here comes some unpopular opinions (at least in this thread)

>Momo is the cutest looking one in TWICE

I don't know why people talk so much shit about her looks? She doesn't even look botched to me, at all.
Granted, Tzuyu is the prettiest one (and has the best body as well), but Momo is very cute imo. I especially like her eyes and smile, and she looked the best in the short black hair (with volume) and yellow dress for the LALA Land scene, pic related. I guess because she doesn't look pedobait, and more like her age.
But she can't sing for fucking shit though, she should have only some spoken adlibs and catchphrases in each song and focus on dancing only lmao

>Jeongyeon looks better with longer hair

I mean, sorta. I think she looks the best with shoulder lenght hair (also pic related), but I am glad to see her in longer hair and I really don't think she looks as bad as some anons are making it to be.
And although she's not looking the absolutely best, it's still miles better than the coconut hairstyle she sported sometimes to fit the whole "JY oppa uWu she groped every girl in twice lezbian qween!", that she also seemed to hate. So at least I believe she'll be more comfortable with this longer hair.

As for the Fancy song itself… >>27628

Some anons are saying it's the same TWICE formula but with black dresses. I agree and disagree at the same time?

I mean, they are basically the same, making cutesy faces and singing high pitched (Except maybe JY, Mina and Jihyo?), but you can't say the song it the same "recycled Ooh-Ah" cutesy style. It's not super duper mature, but it's better than their usual stuff.
With a few tweeks and lowering the vocals, this could be sold as a boy group song, and "Yes or Yes" couldn't. The sound of the song itself is just too childish.
So yeah, a bit of column A and a bit of column B. I like this better than What is Love, Yes or Yes, Dance the Night Away and any of their japanese songs, that are always shit.

Sorry about the long ass post.

No. 27774

momo is one of the most pedobait in twice what are you high on have you not seen her "sexy stripper on stage kawaai oppa aegyo offstage" persona or what bro

her undereyes are filled with aegyo sal fillers and it is disgusting + during debut she had the most botched face because of fillers

she looked disgusting in the la la land dress - her chest looked skinny and hollow with the combination of super pushed up boobs may be fap material for weebs but to normal eyes it just looks sad

No. 27777


I think Sana is the most pedobait, but I do reckon that almost all of them are?

"sexy stripper on stage kawaai oppa aegyo offstage"
kawaii oppa? That doesn't even make sense, because both images are supposed to be the opposites.

But I wasn't talking about her personality anyway, I was talking about looks only, cause I know every single one of their personalities are fake and manufactured to sell products to thirsty korean and japanese dudes.
You're as entitled to your opinion as I am to my own, but your hateboner for her is pretty strong kek

No. 27778

This is a critical thread, it's not for you to post your unpopular opinions. Save that shit for youtube

No. 27779

by "kawaii oppa aegyo" i guess they mean stuff like this, though this is forced on most girl idols so i can't say it's momo's fault really

No. 27780

You know, soeaking of those unpopular K-pop opinion videos on YouTube, why the heck are there so many of them and why are they so damn inoffensive or not even expressing turly unpopular opinions. I saw one where the vid creator was like “Oh, I like Rose’s voice” as if she doesn’t have millions of delusional BLINKs that would agree with her on that.

No. 27782

she is from a rich family who could've done anything really but she decided to seek her kboo dreams and come to korea and become an idol and she knows that aegyo shit is part of her job and she earns loads of money for it - we can very comfortably say it is her fault

No. 27783

I kinda agree with all 3. I thought Jeongyeon would look better with long hair but she looked the best during what is love. maybe it's just the styling but every picture I've seen where she has long hair she just looks kinda off
probably because it's an easy way to get views with barely any effort.

No. 27784


Ah, thanks anon, I get it now. The "oppa" part is calling for the oppa, not that she's the oppa herself.


They make views, and views make money. There's even one youtuber that was recommended to me and when I saw her channel, she started as a "unpopular kpop opinion" channel and then grew enough to show her face and get sponsors and become a "real youtuber".


I was giving my opinion on the song, as well. Also, so many comments about "this girl looks like shit with this hair", I guess I could say the opposite as well? I don't believe it's only critical when you nitpick an idol to death, people can be more nuanced.


It's the idol industry. Both Sana and Momo are masters of doing it because I truly believe Japan is the best at making pedobait idols. They truly are at home doing this kind of stuff, and would also explain why japanese idols are usually popular despite Japan's and Korea's tension.

No. 27785

BTS too

No. 27786

Please don’t try to explain nuance to these people. It’s truly hopeless.

No. 27787

Will never understand why people think crotch grabbing is attractive or sexy.

No. 27788

Everybody knows kpop is problematic as shit yet nobody says anything directly bc kpop fan culture is toxic and stans is deep in their delusions. I've noticed intl fans disproportionally lashing out at fansites/sasaengs as if they're the biggest problem in kpop and not the companies who treat idols like disposable items. Not saying that sasaengs aren't scary but the companies seem to encourage them. Woke twitter stans could have a field day discovering dirt in kpop industry but they prefer to pretend like nothing is happening.

No. 27789

Same. Also it’s totally okay for a male idol to grab and thrust his crotch during a performance, but there’d be an uproar if a girl group member were to show some chest.

>There's even one youtuber that was recommended to me and when I saw her channel, she started as a "unpopular kpop opinion" channel and then grew enough to show her face and get sponsors and become a "real youtuber".

Jesus Christ, yet another piece of evidence that pandering to Kboos actually is an easy way to make money. I might as well just make video essays explaining on why BTS’s accomplishments are equivalent to Leonardo da Vinci’s in the realm of K-pop and see if I get any hits kek

No. 27792

I'm cringing

No. 27793

TWICE's "Fancy" is the same shit as usual except slightly more "nightclub" looking as opposed to their regular hoe disco pant shorts and bright crop tops. The choreography is the same trash and I particularly hate that weird "crazy legs" plie knee thing they do during the chorus that they've definitely done before in another song (Dance the Night Away I think).

Another thing is that they're always using childish voice clips in the chorus, like I think I specifically heard "Love!" in the chorus of Fancy which is basically the same as the girls shouting "What is love!" in What Is Love. It sounds like a bunch of school children which is really fucking creepy for a song with nine grown women wearing barely anything, pandering to a bunch of pedophiles–sorry, I mean "uncle fans" kek.

So what I'm trying to say is that this was marketed this as a "sexy" image that was supposedly "different" when it's basically just the same thing as usual. Childish song, schoolchildren (aka TWICE's adult members trying to sound like children) yelling in the chorus (for the pedos), generally skimpy outfits, and an awkward choreography, which is nothing like an actual sexy choreo like "Something" by Girls Day.

I'm already calling it that the stages are literally going to look the same as their previous comebacks.

No. 27794

Oh I'm sure that'll be lucrative af cause there actually are a few kpop commentators and they get so many fucking views for pandering to sjw fans or just stating the most obvious and basic problems of the industry.
Why else would all these (failed) ex-idols start with YouTube?

No. 27803

I'm so sick of JYP pushing Chaeyoung so hard. She's really not that talented, her rapping is mediocre and all her other "skills" are too. She's like the Ratmon of Twice, fake intellectual and really insufferable. She's so far up her own ass and constantly spamming their IG with pics of her Downsy face annoys the shit out of me.

No. 27805

I've heard that about 70% of twice's japanese fans are female….is that true?

No. 27807

Yes the majority of the Japanese fanbase is (pre)teenage girls, Sana and Momo are overwhelmingly the most popular members.

No. 27808

File: 1555972649435.jpg (244.48 KB, 720x1280, CNgepcz.jpg)


Yes, this is true. But it's also worth mentioning that albeit most of their fan are teenage girls, the ones putting real money on TWICE's table are japanese dudes with money and otaku mentalities, like they choose one waifu (usually a japanese one because, hey - it fits their fantasies better because they can communicate and bond over Japan and stuff) just as if they were anime character and drop a lot of money. Yes, there is TWICE gatcha machines in Japan that a lot of teenagers like, but that doesn't make enough money, so they're no the main target audience.

No. 27809

File: 1555972725557.jpeg (75.3 KB, 1080x712, 7A2EFF38-253D-43DE-B824-FF0214…)

All of them look plastic dolls (and not in a good way)

No. 27810

kpop is for kids. it's their attempt to look edgy but not too edgy because that's cool with young girls.

No. 27811

File: 1555973315379.jpg (106.86 KB, 675x1200, DChurx5VYAA09BM.jpg)

>omg look at all those creepy old men

No. 27812

The one on the top left would be cute with a better haircut but all the others are bland at best, very uncanny and weird looking.

No. 27813

What are you trying to get at, anon? It’s already been established that 90% male K-pop fans regardless of their age are trash.

No. 27814

File: 1555974421372.jpg (30.15 KB, 444x574, 1550292563230.jpg)


This posts reads ironically, but there really are a lot of creepy old dudes in this pic? I am confused

No. 27816


No. 27817

New thread pic?

No. 27818

File: 1555975107099.png (1.39 MB, 978x1148, Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 3.31…)

Shit, my bad

All of that makeup and the kpop idol "maintenance," and yet they still couldn't shave her stache. In the official MV as well! Too good.

No. 27819

Please elaborate

No. 27820

top right is so weird looking, bottom left looks like he got his eyes widened like sana and bottom right looks like baekhyun from exo

No. 27824

Delusional. If you’re hot you get a chance. And she’s hot.

No. 27825

File: 1555977105693.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.92 KB, 720x839, fly.jpg)

No. 27826

You sound like some K-pop newfag. Ailee has been criticized for her weight in the media before and has decreased in popularity since then. Korea’s definition of “hot” wasn’t something Ailee fulfilled unfortunately.

No. 27827

This is either a disgusting shoop or a very unfortunate fold. Either way, this outfit is tragic.

No. 27828

I think they were responding to the part about the US not giving her a chance. She did try to promote in the US but it seems she only released one song. A.leean is one of the worst stage names I've seen in awhile lol

No. 27831

Yeah def talking about the US. Her body and face are smoking hot to US standards.

No. 27836

File: 1555980088368.jpeg (6.74 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

>smoking hot
lets not get carried away now

No. 27837

What’s this from?

No. 27838

idk i'm not a fan of hers

No. 27839

Elaborate on what? The girl annoys me and shouldn't be pushed as hard as she is, that's it.

No. 27840

File: 1555980987408.png (145.18 KB, 2850x454, Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 5.52…)

Jesus Christ. Found this in a thread discussing the video of Jang Jayeon's friend coming out as a witness in the sexual abuse that led to the actress' suicide. ARMYs still manage to not only make it involve BTS but also try to claim how BTS are revolutionary social activists yet again.

I'll admit that I'm being excessively bitter but your oppas didn't really do shit for the #MeToo movement or for LGBT rights other than say "love is love.

No. 27841

B-but anon, speak yourself!! Ratmon said so!!!

No. 27843

there's liking a group… and then there's just pure delusion. The only way I would say an idol has recently brought light to some issue would be jonghyun his suicide brought to light the issue of idol's mental health and depression/suicide in korea, but I don't know if the effects were long-lasting and obviously this burning sun scandal has exposed more of the dark side of idol life.

the people making this MeToo movement happen in korea are the women getting sick of their standing in life and the shit they put up with, not a bunch of idols making pop music for teen girls.

No. 27850

>their progressive ideals
like skin bleaching, having a racist and sexist past, pretending to be commies while literally working in the kpop industry, and rap monster's beautiful well spoken woke speeches.. the wokest pro lgbt thing bts has ever done is queerbaiting to pander to their fujo audience.

No. 27851

File: 1555985831589.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 15D4D110-3013-44E7-8DF8-139626…)

No. 27852

File: 1555985863536.jpeg (247.37 KB, 750x832, A899E2A4-0B55-4AE5-950C-642DDA…)

Absolutely flawless fan site editing

No. 27853

>pretending to be commies

Are you sure you aren’t confusing them with their fans? Or did Ratmon say “I’m reading Marx” once and everyone jumped on that

No. 27855

we all know their dicks ain't this big

No. 27857

Damn that's so bad. Let's not forget about this song too (which they shamelessly made into an official MV). I think there wouldn't have been much difference if Somi had been able to join Twice since her voice is the same character. Jyp are so bad at picking their vocalists, the last decent ones were Miss A.

No. 27858

I think they will "officially" disband kek

No. 27861

I didn't know this kind of videos existed anon…

No. 27864

I think jyp just goes for personality more than anything else. both of the vocalists in 15& were good but it's hard to imagine them in a regular jyp girl group. with the amount of people that want to become idols you'd think they'd be able to find someone with great vocals and a fitting personality for twice.

No. 27867

This video was already discussed a couple threads ago, newfag.

No. 27871

I don't see how he looks bad here?

No. 27872

Samefag but sorry, forgot to sage kek.

No. 27873

all that 3 inch action

No. 27876

File: 1556011669681.jpeg (382.44 KB, 750x808, C114C430-EC88-4203-9A1B-00AE08…)

No. 27877

File: 1556011719998.jpeg (91.16 KB, 828x465, 3ACE6465-B20E-4AE2-9469-B785D7…)

pretty sure the mood killer would be vastly different

No. 27878

>assuming armycels that would buy these panties get laid

No. 27882

Lmao not sure if any army even wants to be with a real guy that doesn't wear tons of makeup

No. 27884

File: 1556018545715.jpg (126.85 KB, 1080x1038, D41XRzqX4AULNaC.jpg)

God the replies under this tweet are so retarded

No. 27885

i thought this would be about stans calling groups like loona my lesbian queens uwu for doing literally nothing but this is awful too

No. 27886

File: 1556019206608.jpg (130.12 KB, 1080x780, 20190423_183117.jpg)

The infighting is hilarious though. Also look at the upvotes vs downvotes of these comments. Armys hate it when someone say bts cant get pussies but also hate it when someone else says theyve gotten pussies before. At least be consistent.

No. 27887

god they are so retarded and proving op's point. these straight/bi sjws on kpop stan twitter who go around calling themselves or male idols lesbians while 90% of their timeline is them swooning over v's micropenis are vomit inducing. i am sure most of these male idols they post fancams of and see as woke gender nonconfirming pansexual legends fetishize and don't respect lesbians as normal humans and probably hate gays and troons.

No. 27888

10 years ago I thought it was cringey when female fans called their idols their "husbands", but this is a whole new level of idiocy. If I were a man and identified myself as one (assuming most male kpop idols do too), I'd be so fucking disturbed to find out that people whom I didn't know at all projected their weird fantasies on me (but that's kinda the point of being an idol i guess). I'd quit my job on the spot.

No. 27890

She should've called out trans fans as well while she's at it. They're delusional af assuming literally every idol is trans or gay. But of course we go for the girls only lol

No. 27891

I see those those kind of people she's talking about on twitter sometimes….istg they're so insufferable and stupid
I looked at fantaken pictures of them out of curiosity….and strangely enough I actually agree with that anon that said he's the best looking member in real life.

Also I saw someone say that they all have "big ass heads" and that she couldn't believe it. She said she had to get closer to make sure they weren't wearing masks lmao

No. 27892

She's one of those pro-trans hwoke leftist, so she prob will never dare to say anything about troons (since she'll be called terf for it).

No. 27893

sjw kpop twitter (which is almost the entirety of kpop stan twitter) needs to chill. kpop's practices are the exact opposite of any sjw standpoint. the possibility of kpop companies taking a trans trainee knowingly is literally 0. there might be closeted lgb idols, yes, but they are most likely a very tiny percentage. the possibility of at least two members from the same group being gay, dating and making a tumblr style comeout is extremely low.

No. 27895

there's been an openly trans singer in Korea since the early 2000s and it's been circling rumour mill articles for years that two girl group members have male ID registration numbers (I don't know the right term). There was the group Lady and another too I'm sure. Trans idols have been in Korea since the early/mid 00s, if stans were really interested then there's people for them to stan. They don't need to project onto regular idols if it's something they really believe

>which is almost the entirety of kpop stan twitter

that's a reach, they're just an intersection of the two most loud circlejerky groups on the internet right now. There's still a lot of openly racist kpop stans who only like gay stuff in the context of their ships but find actual gay people icky. They're still just like old anime fans with their precious filthy gays and having negative views on actual Asian people

No. 27896

File: 1556023741193.jpg (560.1 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190423-194807_You…)

I know we're so over this but i can't stand nayeon's botched face

No. 27897

This has been discussed before in previous threads but I'm really curious to know if that's true. If it is, then I'd imagine them being in some group nobody knows about. Must suck for the other members.

No. 27898

File: 1556024083573.jpg (474.35 KB, 1080x1347, 20190423_155343.jpg)

Chaeyoung is way worse

No. 27899

SJWs in general tend to be hypocritical and are currently the loudest group on kpop twitter. The "openly racist kpop stans who only like gay stuff in the context of their ships but find actual gay people icky" types would get mass reported and suspended in hours. Any kpop stan that disagrees with their SJW agenda gets lynched, like just say something like "maybe (insert popular male idol name) is not gay" and they would try to get you suspended for heteronormative oppression. There was some makeup youtuber that they cancelled for implying BTS' colorism.

No. 27900

Guess why they don't look as bad performing here

>moving camera

kek did they hire a korean to do the camerawork or something?

No. 27914

It's so cringey to see american cameraworks trying to imitate the korean style at the end with the zooming in and out, bet it's YG's special request since their last gig in an american tv show turned out to be so bad. BP really can't do anything without pre-recorded vocals and the lighting.

No. 27917

File: 1556029130938.gif (5.24 MB, 380x390, gLPVDZ.gif)

friendly reminder that the girls the industry wants to make you feel bad about not looking like look like bean poles without hip pads and stuffed bras

No. 27918

File: 1556029161504.jpg (87.11 KB, 1080x1080, 29093768_187359202051246_56819…)

No. 27920

Lol shut up fattie

No. 27921

mad because you're shaped like a little boy?

No. 27922

I don't think it's a stache, the whole eyes-nose-mouth area looks weird while the rest of the face looks like it was run through the usual kpop smoothing filter.
The Twice girls could use some chapstick if anything, in every closeup their lips look dry and creased like that >>27896

No. 27923

if your body type was desirable then these skinny girls wouldnt wear butt and hips pads as well as push up bras

No. 27924

Kpop fans don’t know what a terf even is. They’ll just say the person is transphobic.

No. 27925


Dahyun's hat tho. She looks like a condom

No. 27926

If this body type wasn’t desirable, they wouldn’t be forced to starve themselves to achieve it

No. 27927

it's because they want to be thin + have feminine hips but they can't have both because they have shit genetics. and i guess you do too.

No. 27928

this body type is desirable between koreans bc korean guys (more like fatass korean kpop uncle fans)like girls who look like they will break like a twig if touched

No. 27932

Harisu was married to a man and is 'heteronormative' there is nothing for troons to like about that

No. 27934

File: 1556033347139.jpg (339.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190423-172528_Twi…)

So another news related to burning sun were found. I'm beyond disgusted. But I couldnt find any info about it
Only some comments in pannchoa post mentioning it

No. 27935

how long will it take for brainless kpop fans to realize when they're pouring their hard earned money into their oppas, they're enabling such an industry? anyone who is into kpop should be shamed to hell and back.

No. 27939

Jesus Christ, there's not much left now besides murder.
It's really scary when you realize how oblivious normal people are to the these things until they get exposed…which is a rarity.
Makes me wonder if this is only the surface…

No. 27940

File: 1556035571906.jpg (511.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190423-090204_Chr…)

Is this what that is referring to?

No. 27941

File: 1556035615942.jpg (560.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190423-090220_Chr…)

Another part from the article

No. 27942

No. 27943

what the actual hell

No. 27944

One reporter said on his IG that there was more disturbing and disgusting stuff than this, but they aren't revealing it to the public

No. 27946

>"They revealed that there was a doctor and a disposal team in charge of the snuff films too, you call this a country? This happened on the roof of Burning Sun and Arena"
oh my god i don't even have a word. what the fuck. the fact that all this despicable shit went down in one of the most popular clubs in gangnam and it took the police such a long time to find out tells a lot. everything about this and everyone involved with burning sun should be exposed to the public and get busted for life.

No. 27949

If anyone gets away with anything less than death it will be terribly unfair, to say the least. Horrific.

No. 27951

File: 1556037934930.jpg (114.18 KB, 635x889, Christ.JPG)

Found this in the Pannchoa comments, an interview of an author who researched Gangnam clubs a few years ago


No. 27952

Just imagine, if that initial assault case hadn't become big this all would've remained a secret…

No. 27953

And it's been happening in maybe the most metropolitan area of SK.. They were even working with an incinerator and surgeon team. I don't want to tinfoil too much but I don't understand how it took the cops such a long time to expose this.

No. 27954

Literally throw them all in jail and toss away the key. At first it was "Oppa is a pimp", now we wouldn't even know how to name it

No. 27956

Something needs to be done about Rape Monster’s blaccent. It’s literally the same thing as Iggy Azalea.

No. 27958

he would be cancelled if he was korean american

No. 27959

Wasn't it revealed that they were bribing the police?
The investigation is a mess, they already disposed major evidence.
How can they be so incompetent seriously

No. 27961

It took so long because the police force is notoriously corrupt AND incompetent.

Mainstream media can’t be trusted because they’re controlled/censored by the government. And that’s not a tinfoil.

No. 27962

The us-artist sjw stans (preferably the crazy Ariana or Beyoncé stans)need to see all that problematic shit, gang up, and start a twitter war with the kpop sjw stans.
Cause I know there's sometimes tension between those two worlds when it comes to streaming and shit.
They're notoriously vocal so they'd make sure to "expose" them and make others "cancel" them.
That's the only way, really. Otherwise no one would give a shit about individual people complaining.

No. 27964

the police and higher ups are involved, thats why things seem to be moving so slowly and things are poorly executed. My friends said they honestly expect nothing much to come from it (aside from some idols recieving punishment to "be made an example of") because it goes too far up and the government is so corrupt. theyll pin everything on lower-tier guys so the top guys continue to get away with this shit.

it doesn't help that korea is still pretty much a "man's society" too. hell, my friend couldn't even get help for her or her mom from domestic violence against her dad. Police told them to deal with it

No. 27969

It’s a club anon, not a kpop company

No. 27970

File: 1556045899538.png (476.39 KB, 820x540, kljlj.png)

No. 27971

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what is this why do these look like post getting-hit polaroids is this some sort of weird pedobait

No. 27973

Why do they look like they smeared some poop on their lips?

No. 27974

post sex with seungri selfies

No. 27975

Is this supposed to make them look like tough Lara Croft-types? Because it's not working

No. 27976

Disgusting comment

No. 27979

why do i feel like they're always trying to morph jisoo into somebody else, she's also trying to sing deeper now but doesn't have strong enough vocals for that

No. 27980

File: 1556047810998.png (212.43 KB, 435x318, 2ir515y.png)

No. 27981

Some of you are really new to kpop and it shows. Not trying to be elitist but it's not hard to find summaries on past scandals and to gauge the 1st and 2nd generation of kpop's groups and their impacts.

Whenever I see a BLINK trying to say how incredibly successful and revolutionary BP is, I automatically know that they are either A) aware of 2NE1's impact and lying to themselves or B) a new 3rd gen fan and know nothing of the 2NE1's impact in the 2nd gen. I'm sure former fans of SNSD, TVXQ, and BB (unfortunately) feel the same.

You don't even have to listen to groups like SNSD, 2NE1, TVXQ and maybe a few other older groups to know that their songs were largely influential in not only the kpop scene but also among the GP. Youtube views don't mean shit. Album sales don't mean shit. Streaming at this point doesn't mean shit either. NCT is a fucking joke, sorry to all of you NCT dweebs in here that have no respect for yourselves. BP's 3 year career is still a failure compared to 2NE1's debut album. Red Velvet is forgettable, even compared to f(x) the group that already had one foot in the grave at debut, and still managed to be more popular than RV when SM decided to give them a chance.

Twice I'm not going to speak on since they're actually popular among the general public but almost in the same way as SNSD where Hyoyeon and Sooyoung were regarded as the ugly ones–replace them with Jungyeon and Jihyo or Chaeyoung. They're basically SNSD if SNSD never left Gee and Oh! era and also if SNSD didn't have a single decent vocalist.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. I'm not even a 3rd generation fan of any group after my kpop phase died but you all are wasting your time being a fan of any of these groups. They will all inevitably get fucked over by their companies, go one-by-one to the military if they're male, or put out a shitty song which you'll be forced to 'like' or else you'll be cast out of the 'fandom' if you voice any other opinion than blind ignorance.

No. 27982

Not OP but your woke Twitter sensitivity is showing. Take a joke, ~kpop woke fag~
Seungri was huge into hitting on trainees at YG. Forget where but this was years ago that I read it and there were always idols that mentioned him being a creep to younger females. Not surprising at all, in fact that's probably the most harmless offense that he's committed.

No. 27983

Are you sure this speech is intended for this thread and not for stan twitter? People can just enjoy music and idols' looks without getting delusional, it's not that serious you know

No. 27988

You're really going to imply that the entirety of the posters here aren't delusional? Have we been reading the same thread?

No. 27990

one of the ones with a male ID was in a group made up of Korean race queens aka the prostitutes that go to expensive car shows and stand by the cars and advertise themselves to be bought by billionaires

cant remember the name but i think pocket was in the name somewhere
pocket girls? idk cant remember

No. 27991

These threads have opened my eyes to the fact that gen 2 oldfags are the boomers of the kpop fandom. You goys are insufferable.

No. 27992

they just look like domestic abuse victims what the literal fuck

No. 27993

lmaooo is this copypasta

No. 27994

Also add BP's Lisa. She actually sounds like Iggy imo.

No. 27999

lol especially when tvxq gets mentioned

No. 28000

I wonder how these idols feel that even when they starve themselves their bodies aren't good enough.
Didn't one of the twice girls get breast implants as well?

Holy shit I thought for sure this was fake but I looked it up and they are official Kill This Love photocards. I can't believe YG really did that especially after the recent news of the Burning Club members beating and torturing women

No. 28003

YG is a fucking imbecile doing this in the middle of all the crap he has going on
if it was anyone else no one would bat an eye, like, people have been doing cut and bruised makeup since forever kek

No. 28004

there's no way this isn't copypasta. where'd you find this?

No. 28007

File: 1556055455219.jpg (438.85 KB, 1022x1763, Screenshot_20190423-222454_mh1…)

whew, i thought bts members net worth was a little low …

No. 28010

File: 1556057745415.jpg (49.54 KB, 611x935, EUXr3Ik.jpg)

nayeon really lucked out being a twice member. she would have been ripped apart if she was in any other group. her looks are on the same level as jooe and umji.

No. 28011

Holy shit that picture is terrifying

No. 28012

lmao, being a wigga is problematic now? i wish this whole cultural appropriation bs stopped

No. 28013

anons having meltdowns because ugly people exist are funny

No. 28014

which twice member got a boob job? i've never heard of that

No. 28015

did you fall asleep in 1999 and suddenly wake up in 2019?

No. 28017

Its speculated that jihyo might have gotten hers done

No. 28018

she's right you know. rat mon only pretends to be black so dumb black kboos think they have a chance with him and spend money

No. 28019

eh thats a weird speculation
she was "chubby" before and lost weight and she may just not be one of those women who loses their breasts right away after weight loss

No. 28020

File: 1556060122440.gif (4.73 MB, 443x475, 1537556711_트와이스 지효 볼륨감 2.gif)

i think she just wears padded bras. twice is so busy i don't see how she'd have the time to get a boob job, but maybe who knows

No. 28021

if you got your boobs done wouldn't you/your company want to show them off more? yet she's always dressed so frumpy

No. 28022

File: 1556060752158.gif (2.14 MB, 268x400, tenor.gif)

who says they dont show them off?

No. 28023

Hasn’t the company been taking out copyrights on everything they possibly can worldwide?

No. 28024

File: 1556061843652.jpeg (172.11 KB, 800x1200, 227D3DEA-E321-40D7-B0DE-40B0DC…)

Here's what she looked like during their debut, pre weight loss. Doesn't look like she's that chesty to me, but it could also be, as someone already said, padding and not a boob job.

No. 28025

File: 1556062016343.jpeg (116.29 KB, 520x838, 2B5EEDA6-5D62-42A9-97F0-38A48F…)

Here's Jihyo predebut when she was on sixteen

No. 28027

File: 1556062201137.jpg (77.69 KB, 1000x1000, 12b2c926584456a5f5475f76326437…)

what the literal fuck

No. 28028

did she post this picture herself? if she didn't someone must have it out for her.

No. 28030

why would she get a boob job when everything else can do the trick? not like jyp is ever going to make her show them off naked

No. 28032

No she doesn’t? She has a completely normal speaking voice in English, she just puts on a blaccent when she’s rapping and we have no idea if that’s her choice or not. It is extremely cringey but at least she doesn’t do it in everyday life the way Ratman does.

No. 28033

jihyo became much more popular after her titty shake in likey

momo got a boob job too

No. 28035

a momo boob job would make more sense
she has no body fat and was really athletic and muscular even on her already tiny body frame

No. 28036

File: 1556064377867.gif (9.08 MB, 397x720, Honeycam 10197.gif)

They look kinda real though

No. 28037

i wonder whether being a full blown porn star is less degrading than being a sex worker who has to pretend she's oblivious to her ''fans'' sexualizing her to hell and back

No. 28039

There's no way that TWICE isn't aware of how many of their male fans see them as just fap material. With the amount of pedobait they put out and padding that they use, the members could just go full Waveya at this rate.

No. 28040

File: 1556066097887.jpg (30.59 KB, 600x337, ans-483293614.jpg)

could just be padding again, but she was pretty flat before

No. 28043

File: 1556067692111.jpg (31.31 KB, 552x372, boobsreportjihyo.jpg)

Kpopalypse made an analysis on "big boobs of kpop" and it's disgusting as hell.

No. 28044

File: 1556068066054.jpg (21.24 KB, 564x691, sulli-goo-hara.jpg)

They aren't idiots, this shit is done on purpose. Same with this stuff involving Sulli and Hara. It's all messaging to a certain 'subset' of fans and people within the industry. The woke types won't understand why 'fierce queens' just drop this creepy shit all of a sudden nor will they oppose it, even if they know of it.

One of the Kill This Love photocards is a Happy Birthday card with Jennie as a child in a strappy top with messy hair. The other happy birthday cards are regular standardized glamour shots of the other three as adults. Considering the theme of the song and the bruise photoshoot cards alongside them - that's a weird theme to be going with…

No. 28045


Not sure if this burning sun article was posted yet (I think this one contains some details that the other ones don't) but some of these stories are harrowing.

>The other girl had too many abortions and her uterus was exposed, so she was abandoned after they said she was no longer of use.

Just when you think they can't sink any lower…

No. 28047

When I first started being into kpop, many years ago like..2010-2015 basically, people really seemed to think kpop was like China, in that they would just copy what other other countries were doing and what was trendy and whatnot. And so thats why you'd get a weird mix of concepts, styles of both clothing and music and stuff like that that didnt seem to be cohesive. I do still think that IS a thing. I think they do in essence live inside their own culture bubble and are ignorant to symbolism and what things mean, hence their absolute refusal to understand why cultural appropriation is such a big deal. But there is definitely a part of the industry that has contacts with many people in other cultures, particularly Western. And they know what they're doing. And any adult male that is half intelligent KNOWS what pedophilia/abuse is and that its not morally sound or appropriate. Especially considering they sit around in chat rooms and try to find ways to keep it hidden and secretive. Excusing it as ONLY ignorance doesnt work anymore but I bet you there are a lot of people who still will try it.

No. 28049

can't forget the whispery pedobait teaser for her solo that crept the fuck out of everyone

No. 28054

File: 1556069481314.gif (1.89 MB, 331x355, 1542501307_p73.5.gif)

jennie does that weird baby act a lot. i wouldn't be surprised if she came up with that teaser on her own.

No. 28055

kpopalypse is a cow in his own right and needs to be mentioned more around these parts. he's basically weeb onision with the way he defends objectifying minors ("it's legal in australia!!!1")

No. 28057

Another anon linked to pannchoa's article >>27714
Still disgusting and sick tho. At this point the Korean public should riot and stone the criminals to death since the police wont do anything. Seungri stans who still defend him are fucking vapid and stupid.

No. 28058

Korean girls must do that all the time and the nen there seem to love the baby act, gross

No. 28061

yep you'll be hard pressed to find a female(and even a lot of male) idol that doesnt do this kind of shit during fanmeets

No. 28062

For real. A fat old ugly "punk" with a "music degree" crying about fangirls when he's as obsessed as they are.

No. 28064

Not to mention his Asian fetish that he likes to parade around as if it were normal. Read someone in one of these past threads that his irl girlfriend is actually white and his age, so it's just weird on his end to be lusting after these women.

No. 28066

i hate the "cultural appropriation!!" thing but he's been copying black artists way before the sjw wave

No. 28067

Does SM ent make Yuta and Winwin act like this or are they just really gayishly close?

Another vid https://youtu.be/Fj7yyBZ5Lac?t=30

I don't think any of the other members are as touchy like Winwin and Yuta, why them if SM really picked them for fanservice

No. 28068

you must be lost, this is the kpop critical thread

No. 28069

lolcow is the only place pushing NCT. never hear of them anywhere else

No. 28070

please be less transparent abt how much you want to discuss your otps anon hahhahahaha

No. 28071

File: 1556081846390.png (386.89 KB, 497x606, hsdl.png)

When is the white face tan neck shit makeup going out die out? Even Japan is doing it now.

No. 28072

japan has always done it

No. 28073

File: 1556082416801.jpeg (725.17 KB, 1920x1080, e6acacd1633194d4297bcf16bdddd4…)

pale face makeup isn't exactly a recent trend in japan

No. 28074

are you clinically retarded? using the wrong shade of crappy korean foundation isn't the same as shironuri makeup at all.

No. 28075

Nta but kek whatever you say, weeb

No. 28076

The choreo looks great. It’s too bad the song sucks shit and none of them can sing.

No. 28077

I'd say she definitely has bigger boobs than the average Korean woman but there's also some sort of padding and/or pushup bras going on there, because when I saw her on Sixteen and in their early debut-stage performances I didn't really notice her being THAT huge

No. 28078

worse than sadistic sex crimes and beating bound women until they hemorrhage… Christ

>her uterus exposed
Does that mean she experienced a uteruine prolapse? God that poor girl. How evil are these men. The rabbit hole just keeps getting worse

No. 28081

The priest who is mentioned in the articles wrote a book. It hasn't been translated into eng fully anywhere yet but I'd be curious to see it translated. l feel horrible for the guy and what he had to witness but I'm thankful that he aided two young victims and was brave enough to come forward with information. Even if they're withholding more horrifying details that they should release, I'm grateful that this is being exposed, because people need to realize how dire the actual situation is, it's not just about k-pop celebrities anymore but about the gruesome and horrifying details of exploitative ventures that some of them happened to be involved in- and how that extends to an even deeper corruption, and that is not something that should be ignored. I hope actual justice comes from this, especially for the sex trafficking sickos, they don't deserve to live after what they've done to women.


No. 28083

Seungri always gave me douche vibes, even though everyone else thought he was charismatic for the longest time before all the controversies started building up one by one. Am not surprised by the recent revelations about him. Like, so many other top male idols seem like they’d be douches as people (Ratmon, Zico, Taeyong). Jonghyun’s the only male idol that never gave me asshole vibes—maybe Eric Nam as well although Eric sometimes seems a little too nice at times that it can come off as suspicious.

No. 28084

There are quite a few other male idols who don't give me asshole vibes (and no, not because I want to fuck them) like Minho, Lay, and a lot of younger idols.

No. 28085

Well the way he tried to leave EXO and pursue a solo career while playing victim seems questionable. Also I remember reading about how he openly admitted to hitting/abusing trainees as well as getting into fights in a semi-autobiography he wrote. Will share if I can find it. Out of the EXO members Xiumin seems the most controversy-free.

No. 28086

File: 1556090168243.gif (1.43 MB, 398x237, DCCCC0C4-7204-4E55-939F-27E6D0…)

Samefag. Forgot to mention that infamous moment of Lay hitting a stylist on the head with some paper. He’s lucky he got to debut in EXO.

No. 28087

>that gif
Oh he tapped her. Such abuse, my innocent eyes can't take it. Seungri 2.0.

No. 28088

fuck off oppalogist - it is the attitude that matters just look at his smug fucking face god wonders what he does in private

No. 28089

what kind of toll must it take on poor jihyo the fact that she basically didn't have any fans until her boob jiggle move in likey and always been hyper-sexualised like that kek her wanna-be jazz voice is so annoying too

No. 28090

i’ll be called an nct-chan for this but i find that johnny, jaehyun, doyoung and mark come off as very sympathetic, same with most of wayv

No. 28093

you are a nct chan - doyoung recently got into a controversy saying that people as amazing like him don't exist among non-idols

(one may interpret his comment as being a deep-ass analysis on the idol industry saying that he is just an image and doesn't actually exist like that in real life but naaah we can safely bet he is a dumbfuck plastic monster)


No. 28094

I get that you people want to discuss NCT because nobody cares about them anywhere else, not even SM, but you should really go to the K-Pop general.

No. 28095

I keep an eye out for stuff to hate-read, and I've seen 0 mention of these BP cards, the fuck? You'd figure it'd blow up in light of YGE's connections to Burning Sun but I guess one or two decent Coachella performances have redeemed the company and their acts.

No. 28096

That only means you're not on internet much

No. 28097

nta but you sound like you are bragging about being on stantwt all the time

No. 28098

Well NCT basically stands for "Nobody Cares Though" kek

No. 28100

File: 1556100210796.jpg (368.93 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190424_115944.jpg)

Old hag

No. 28103

i’ll never understand why he goes out of his way to do those shitty fake boyfriend tweets when he’s clearly gay

everything in the idol industry is obviously disingenuous but it just feels so odd to willingly put yourself in that position when it should make you especially uncomfortable

No. 28104

What are you trying to say?

No. 28105


lol why do you say he is gay like is there some milky proof

i've seen an article speculate that he is dating taeyeon kek

No. 28107

>clearly gay
Have you finally invented the only reliable gaydar, anon

No. 28108

There's one anon in this thread who is weirdly insistent he's gay despite there being no evidence for it and a lot of suspicion he's dating Taeyeon. Probably a shipper.

No. 28109

like with key and ten, sometimes it’s just obvious someone ain’t straight. he’s every bit as feminine as them, but more subdued. like them and sehun he also shows zero interest in women.

No. 28110

The Nct fandom literally just got done sperging about him saying he thinks Ariana Grange is hot.

No. 28111

her old age has caught her up to her and she no longer looks like ''uwu cute princess with resting bitch face'' but like a nagging wife

No. 28112

You guys are like those pedo uncle fans you keep complaining about.

No. 28113

i don't see it, especially after he got himself into trouble for saying ariana grande is hot a few days ago. with ten and key it's obvious, doyoung just comes across as your typical sm robot. sorry anon, doten or whatever isn't real.

No. 28114

sorry but you're projecting. most people especially in asia don't find 24yo women attractive(bait)

No. 28115

Anon, if you're going to troll this poorly you could at least sage.

No. 28116

Slight ot for this convo, but isn’t Sehun close with Seungri? Wasn’t he defending him or something?

No. 28117

Anon, plz…

No. 28118

Seem like arrogant self-entitled
assholes, don't make me laugh
I'm not gonna forget what he said in this hello counselor video about the guys creepy obsession with his sister being a "beautiful concern" the girl was distressed and it was affecting her life
I think that was their choice. I doubt sm gives two fucks about what yuta does unless it would ham nct's image. Also I don't see it as gay, just a bit clingy (it's not that deep, clingy people exist)

No. 28119

Why troll? What's the reason according to which iz*one girls are so young in your opinion? These popular girl groups reflect what men want. I don't understand why it's allowed to nitpick idols' minor flaws yet you will get banned for stating unspoken truths. People won't lose interest in Twice because of Nayeon's botched nose but because they aren't teens anymore

No. 28120

seungri sat on his lap once sehun prolly got a hard on lmfao and yea he was defending him in sm's cryptic yet stupid instagram caption and photo style but ofc exols shut those talks down

No. 28121

i would never watch an episode this god forsaken show but damn this show is good at bringing idol's real personalities into light - what with taehyung also

No. 28123

Johnny seems OK, I guess. Just OK though, in the same way any rando who's a normal human being not obsessed with pumping their face full of the latest fillers and dating 15 year old girls is OK.

Jaehyun creeps me out. I don't know NCT well so I don't know if I'm right, but he seems like one of those idols who puts on a butter-wouldn't-melt image and turns out to be involved in degenerate shit.

No. 28124

You realize Irene (28) is one of the most popular idols on men's sites and boards right now, right?

No. 28125

the only ncts who seem like remotely human people are johnny and yuta. and despite seeming like a decent person, yuta sure doesn't look like a human after all that botched ps.

No. 28126

That'sthe only reason why I check them out sometimes kek
Yeah that's what I think too. Although I think yuta's face is getting better, it's been a while since he looked really botched

No. 28127

SM forces her to undergo tons of procedures in order to make her look youthful for as long as possible. The fact you've only been able to come up with one famous adult idol is quite telling

No. 28128

She looks her age though.

No. 28129

What face anon? There’s no face expression. You seem to be reaching

No. 28130

johnny's face is super blotched with fillers and shit though

No. 28131

oh my what is happening with twice mv they aren't even reaching 50mil

No. 28132

I don't get your nitpicking tbh. Not wking her but it's clear that she's changing her image ever since she got featured for Clio after Etude House. The same brand that features mature actresses/celebs like Lee Hyori and Gong Hyo Jin.

She's definitely going for that mature image as she's aging and she knows that f(x) is done for good, so there's no reason for her to go for the cutesy image anymore. She might as well prepare for a more promising career/future by changing her image. If anything, good for her. I'd imagine being Irene suck more than being Krystal who got to choose her own image after she's done with idols life. Again, not a Krystal-chan. You're just being ridiculous.

No. 28133

Irene currently holds the top spot on MLBPark (male site). Also in the current top ten: Taeyeon (29), Suzy (24), Kim Yuna (28), Kei (24) and Hani (26).

You're delusional, anon. Sorry.

No. 28134

I don't get what your argument is here. So, because there is a significant amount of men who like underaged girls, we should shame adult women in the industry for their age?

No. 28135

we can only imagine how wrinkly she would look without botox and photoshop

No. 28136

Doesn't matter though. She doesn't look 15 and she's still one of the most popular idols with men, so you've been proven wrong.

No. 28137

File: 1556105434747.jpg (15.59 KB, 400x400, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Just a quick explanation of that Clio brand. They featured Gong Hyo Jin who already looked this old as their spokesperson before Krystal.

No. 28138

28 isn't that old, are you one of those people obsessed with a woman's "peak"? She would look older without botox and photoshop but she's not a spinster like you seem to be implying.

No. 28140

Nta but that's true. His face grosses me out a lot, and it's supposed to look way more mature than that. You can't even see any bone structure

No. 28141

File: 1556105661132.png (33.86 KB, 437x404, aaa.png)

Popularity index for April 2019

No. 28142

It's either a scrote or an insecure 13 year old, anon. I'd just ignore it.

No. 28143

this is just based on how many times their names are mentioned on twitter and other social media and is basically a useless index

No. 28144

''Everyone who disagrees with me is a scrote'' ok old hag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 28145

Jennie (23)
Sakura (21)
Jisoo (24)
Hyejeong (25)
Jihyo (22)
Eunbi (23)

was this supposed to prove your point or…

No. 28146

This is an index of social media mentions, so it counts women too. It's not the same as male fanboards.

No. 28147

Just like our resident scrot in the Pink Pill thread, it can't sage, so I'm guessing it's the same one.

No. 28148

Yujin (15)
Wonyoung (14)
Minju (18)
Yuri (17)

No. 28149

That is the minority of the list, yes.

No. 28150

I'm pissing myself, let us know when you finally reach the old age of 21 yrs old and decide to kys.

No. 28151

Right, as if they won't get older…

No. 28152

With 13 year olds they tend to get mad because their favorite idol boy is dating an "old hag" instead of them, so they tell themselves oppa secretly wants to date some snot-nosed preteen and is just settling for Jennie or Taeyeon or a famous actress or whoever.

No. 28153

Most likely an insecure, jealous Kai stan then

No. 28154

>saying ariana grande is hot
he talked about her being one of the hottest artists, as in one of the most popular and successful ones active atm.

No. 28155

Don't bring that NCTfag sperging in here, anon. He said "She's hot" and you know what he meant. He's not a baby and they use "hot" to mean fuckable in Korea too, as the Wonder Girls will tell you.

No. 28156

>"she's hot"
>h-he just meant she's trendy right now! my oppa would never call a woman hot, he's too gay and feminist for that!

No. 28157

File: 1556107197982.jpg (98.57 KB, 1080x455, 20190424_185756.jpg)

Shall we summon ariana-chan to stop the arguments?

No. 28158


he said she is hot and pretty end of discussion lmfao what "trendy" stop deluding yourself nct-chan

No. 28160

Lmaoooo is that a comment under an allkpop article about the doyoung/ariana thing? My sisters are nct fans and I'm quite familiar with them but I fully agree that they are flops. Whenver I see people try to talk about any of their "successes" I laugh

Also I thought the whole "shes hot" comment was distasteful and objectifying (just what I expect from him anyways kek)

No. 28161

File: 1556108301443.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.14 KB, 1080x1080, kpopalypse.jpg)

This is what he looks like, for the uninitiated.

No. 28162

Looking at him and his fetish overall, I can see that there's a high chance he'll "identify" as a woman soon lol

No. 28165

he claims his boob judging posts are supposed to be ironical or satirical or something but no one can catch it

No. 28166

I know what you mean. Some men just make you feel uneasy by looking at them. I never liked him cause I found him obnoxious af, and I knew he was doing shit like that when he asked sejeong to pour drinks for the guy she liked. That just showed how normal these things were to him.
But even the kindest and polished man can be a sociopathic asshole so I'll refrain from defending any male idol.

No. 28168

i knew seungri was trash the moment that story from the japanese woman he slept with and strangled came out.

yet at the time basically everyone laughed it off and said choking is fun and sexy so she should have been OK with him just suddenly strangling her with no warning. it was insane to me. it's taken YEARS for people to look back at that incident and admit that the minority of us who had a problem with it weren't just being boring prudes.

No. 28169

is sehun really a seungri oppalogist? disappointed. i wouldn't even be surprised if he was pimped too.

No. 28170

File: 1556110251023.jpeg (372.65 KB, 750x749, 98B0DB9E-9977-43D3-8E9F-A7A697…)

seungri stans still at it

No. 28171

jail is his rightful place

No. 28172

File: 1556111001093.jpg (376.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190424-122005_Twi…)

Found this on twitter while searching for some burning sun update. I wonder when they will realise how delusional they are

They also quoted similar tweet and wrote that he was only face of burning sun and arena and it has no connection to him..

No. 28173

Twitter stans like her should replace those poor teenage girls' position, really

No. 28174

I do admittedly like the choreo, I think Soompi reported that it was actually done by BlackPink's choreographer which is surprising, considering not to far off thread it was pointed out how repetitive and flaily the choreo is. I guess the big formations help a lot.

No. 28175

File: 1556111522517.jpg (257.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190424-150834_Twi…)

I'm anon who posted >>27934 and just updating that this is apparently what masks were for

No. 28177

File: 1556111603148.png (99.33 KB, 720x820, Screenshot_2019-04-24-20-12-12…)

No. 28179

I find it funny/strange that the japanese dude is one of the only ones in the group that seem ( I said seem not is) decent. I can't figure out why that is, considering where's he from I thought it'd be the opposite

No. 28180

most male idols that stans want to be gay show zero signs of actually being gay. like i understand where someone is coming from if they say sehun is gay, but the "this idol is gay because he's so gay with that group member!!" people are delusional. if there are gay idols, they are most likely not dating their bandmates, just stop.

No. 28182

why what's wrong with osaka

No. 28183

if i were gay and an idol in sk i would freak the fuck out if my group mate tried to do fanservice with me in fear of being found out for starters

No. 28184

are there actually rumours about this? i thought any rumours about taeyeon and an nct member would just be about the fact that she's dated a member from every other sm boygroup at some point

or you play up the fanservice so that nobody believes any rumours and assumes they're just from crazy shippers

No. 28185

gay dating rumors can make sense if there are actual arguments other than "he sat on his lap!" or "the company is trying to separate them!!". all boy groups do cringy gay fanservice. if two members of the same group were in a closeted relationship and broke up it would completely ruin the group, especially if they made it public. it would be dumb of them to make it so obvious.

No. 28186

>it was actually done by BlackPink's choreographer
That's why 1:19 looked so familiar…

No. 28187

why does this 30 year old woman have the body of a preteen it's almost one-dimensional even with that kinda flowy dress

also for a woman who is praised for having a "small face" she sure has a bobblehead ffs yoona is also the same

No. 28188

samefag but i figure the fillers in the face are the reason she looks like she has a massive face

No. 28189

Oh I was just thinking of japan in general, I don't know anything about osaka

No. 28190

What the fuck? He's so much older than I expected, I expected him to be in his twenties or something based on how immature and stupid he seems. Not that old. Yikes.

Is the woman beside him his girlfriend? I wonder how she feels about his proclivity towards objectifying women half his age.

No. 28191

how long is she gonna milk this havana dance shit for

No. 28192

How is Japan any worse than Korea though?

No. 28193

Why is he claiming to be half Chinese when he looks like Corey Feldman?

No. 28195

Lol no I meant that it was pretty much like korea, so I find it strange that he seems decent, is all. Guess I exaggerated a bit

No. 28196

For someone who continuously shits on SJWs and Tumblrinas, he and his GF (if that's who the woman on the right is) sure do look a lot like your typical box-dye xir-xims

When SEAnons over here ask why SEA stans are hated so much…..this is why

No. 28197

Irene being famous is proof of just how lookist Korea really is, she'd be instantly forgotten if she lived literally anywhere else

No. 28198

Korea is tiny, every shit gets viral.
Like, sana went viral for saying "cheese kimbap".
I'd milk it too for as long as I can cause I've heard they make the good money from commercials.

No. 28199


No. 28200

i know kpop takes a lot of influence from american music but imo this is one of the most regurgitated american pop/rap sounding kpop songs ive ever heard. it sounds like shit

No. 28201

I forgot they existed and so did Korea, judging by their chart performance

No. 28202

>can I be your pet?
do people agree this just seems weird? Is it extreme to say it almost feels like pedobait for unnie fans…?

No. 28203

He claims to be mixed Asian? Top fucking kek.

No. 28205

protect these kids before they get discovered by furries.
this looks like what bighit was trying to do with boy with luv. also they are probably trying to push one of these rappers as suga 2.0. he had the similar edgy style.

No. 28206

these lyrics are so cringy. i wonder how the hawaiian kid and the others who speak english felt with this weird shit.

No. 28207

"We're getting a fat ass check for this shit. Suck it up.

No. 28208

This is horrendous. The concept, the styling, the sound of the song…everything is just a mess. TXT comcept is probably like this since a more mature concept might have them be compared to BTS and ahve ARMYs flipping out. Still I can’t imagine that any k-pop fan who didn’t like BTS before will get into TXT and think it’ll be hard for the general public to warm up to them

No. 28210

File: 1556127176264.jpeg (375.13 KB, 1242x937, 5FEC60E9-0D9A-4D4D-9D81-A50B4C…)

people should thank bts for existing, the media should be on it’s knees praising them…. this fandom has a major superiority complex

No. 28211

it's like they know k-pop is a fad in the west
(also nitpick but britain got oasis, who were up there with the beatles over there at the height of their fame)

No. 28212

so how's bts different from any other korean bg except for having a big international fandom?

No. 28214

they are woke and genuine unlike these other groups uwu

No. 28216

These young people need to find better priorities in their lives than to invest an abnormal amount of time, money and energy on seven men who don't know about their existence.
They even made that channel remove the Sea of Japan thing which gives bts more nationalism points back home lol

No. 28218

If you think he's been looking less plastic lately that tells me you've only seen him in pictures or just haven't been paying attention. He looks like a complete abomination in motion, it makes me feel uneasy.

Anyways, sorry rain on the yutachans' parade but I doubt he'd be decent after all this. Maybe Johnny, Haechan, most dream members, and a few wayv members (namely Kun).

No. 28221

>One Direction

No. 28223

Do these koreaboos really think bts is on the beatles level? Lmfao wow. Talk about delusional.

No. 28224

Haechan? He seems like a moody little bastard.

No. 28226

Wow this post made me laugh from it's sheer stupidity. Whatever makes you feel better anon

No. 28227

To be fair the Beetles weren’t that great either, people only shill them because they’re old.

No. 28228

File: 1556133254706.jpg (104.78 KB, 682x1024, 1556130470322.jpg)

i can't imagine how bad ratmys meltdown will be if bts disbands

No. 28231

contrast their reaction after winning today's whatever show today to their first mama daesang and that'll show you the distinction between real and fake

also v can't even do his trademark box smile properly anymore due to shit done to his face it is SAD (read: funny)

No. 28232


No. 28234

Nice projection, yutachan

No. 28235

*sorry to

No. 28236

Are the same anon that wrote the post?

No. 28242

talks about BTS 11:25
nothing super milky, but he basically says their performance on SNL was above average (better than the "mostly sad" SNL performances) but not one of the best performances ever seen on the show.

No. 28243

why do you keep posting this faggot? even cuckchan has disowned him at this point. only 13 year old redditors give a fuck about what he has to say.

No. 28244

just thought the army's tweet was pretty funny, because of how hard they want his approval for BTS

No. 28246

File: 1556138440775.jpg (43.14 KB, 1000x666, 88ecd5ec08a75eb6a28f1c9419888c…)

why do they both look so swollen

No. 28247

they hold the record for most #1 singles ever. bts will never even have ONE. they couldn't even beat months old post malone singles and a meme country rap song with hannah montana's dad.

No. 28248

>I don't like someones face and think they look too plastic=must be a terrible person
>A kid who contacted and kissed up to saesangs must be a decent kid
>A bunch of rich spoiled kids who have been famous since they were young must be nice kids
>I don't know much about the wayv members but I bet they're good people

Nice logic

Fillers at least

No. 28250

yuta just seems very insecure and self-hating to me. possibly anachan, definitely hates his face since he can't stop doing shit to it. i've seen nothing to suggest he's a dbag to anyone but himself though.

jaehyun, doyoung and jungwoo are the ones who give me dbag/fuckboy vibes.

No. 28251

>The Utah asskissing continues
Why can't you guys at least white knight an attractive idol?

No. 28254

it's only because they wore similar rings in a photo together. highly doubt they're dating with this proof alone.

No. 28256

lbr 98% of the time ugly/botched men are terrible people. that's not to say handomness = innocence, but the ugliest member of a group of men should always immediately stand out as the most suspicious :^) sorry if he's your bias, nonnie

not memeing btw

No. 28257

Three attempts at a lame post…

No. 28258

Not that anon you’re responding to but you’re actually retarded if you think people who are uglier tend to have worse personalities. No better than many Koreans who genuinely believe in shit like physiognomy.

No. 28259

lol fr, it sounds like those translated comments on netizenbuzz

No. 28260

women don't but men do. it's not a belief, it's a fact.

No. 28266

oh shut the fuck up kpoppie

No. 28272

File: 1556146970209.jpeg (130.78 KB, 640x944, 701B081E-0C5F-45B5-8476-958D99…)

He’s finally done. Good riddance.

No. 28277

Okay but why isn't he locked up in prison?

No. 28278

Because Korea. Apparently there’s a warrant out for him though.

No. 28283

the cringe is real with this one, like, i have never seen a kpop video that has made me cringe this hard wow, this song sounds like a remix of jacob sartorius's Hit or Miss and that's not a compliment

No. 28286

Fucking hell, Rose might seriously end up like AOA's Jimin by the next comeback. There's that saying that the cameras adds ten pounds. Assuming that's true, Rose probably looks like a 3D stick figure in real life.

No. 28287

Seriously, what's the point of this comeback? Are they that forgettable? Also fuck the autotunes

No. 28290

i know i was supposed to focus on Rose's disturbingly skinny body but i couldn't help but get distracted by Jisoo and Rose's shitty singing

No. 28291

>implying that Rose isn't a terrible vocalist even though she's supposed to be the main vocalist

To be fair though, she used to be able to hold a tune and I can understand how she made it past auditions. Now she sounds like shit probably due to similar reasons Park Bom started sounding awful after the first couple of 2NE1 comebacks.

No. 28312

More like noona fans, yikes
Feel bad for the mixed guy who is also their English speaker, these lyrics are so uncomfortable and cringey

No. 28324

I agree. Imagine leaving the chance to have a stable and comfortable life with more opportunities in the US in order to become known as a piece of both pedobait and furrybait.

>thinking that TXT are even close to getting paid/breaking even at this point

kek Maybe they will in a few years or so. Still if they keep pushing out shit concept songs like this, they might end up flopping without much to show.

No. 28326

Bighit could always get BTS to shill them

No. 28327

Isn't that already happening? I mean, I'm not sure how much of BTS's success can extend over to TXT. Their company's not that established yet and both groups kinda have different concepts going on for them. Some of BTS's music can pass off as generic EDM/trap songs if they were in English, but TXT's music has absolutely little appeal to most demographics outside of little girls and mentally stunted Koreaboos.

No. 28329

File: 1556163178586.jpg (111.39 KB, 1000x1553, 3b307922e9d832a125d304b4f5adac…)


No. 28330

Twice is a 3rd gen version of SNSD, only 2/3 of them are the hyoyeons of the group

No. 28334

File: 1556164932431.png (280.05 KB, 410x409, 7.png)

calling them a 3rd generation version is pretty generous tbh

they're literally and quite intentionally a shitty third rate copy from the number of members, down to the clothing they wear in videos and performances
jyp knew what he was doing

No. 28337

Does anyone have any milk on pedo Hani? I saw someone saying she was being gross with underage girls on a show. Does anyone know when she did this?

No. 28338

File: 1556169198098.gif (2.02 MB, 450x376, original.gif)

her personality has always rubbed me the wrong way
the constant burping and farting and being gross because shes ~a guys girl~ or whatever disgusts me, and she also plays up the ~im a autist retard~ schtick too, but idk about the pedo stuff

No. 28343

File: 1556173523116.jpg (123.18 KB, 900x1200, D493-0QU8AArdFU.jpg)

Oh jesus

No. 28344

imagine if hes a sleep walker and you wake up to that face staring at you in the middle of the night

No. 28347

At least snsd could transition smoothly between concepts (from oh! to run devil run for example) and didn't sing in baby voice all the time. It took till now for twice to abandon their recycled song formula, while still keeping the baby voice. i'm not the hugest second genfag but even the useless members of snsd were more entertaining than the most useless members of twice.

No. 28348

does he have no self awareness

No. 28349

Maybe it's my age since I'm relatively older than most of TWICE but I couldn't see them pull off something like Run Devil Run. Granted SNSD is older than I am which may add to this but TWICE looks a lot younger than SNSD did imo, almost so much in a way that it makes me think of them as a group of school children.

No. 28350

That's how I feel like it is with most third generation idols. They're styled a lot younger and they look a lot younger. Even the supposedly "edgy" idols like BP are infantized (sideyes at jennie's weird lolibait bs) and most other girlcrush concept groups are a lot trendier and younger looking than their predecessors, who were styled in more mature, wacky fashion and wore far heavier makeup? Maybe it's just a generational shift but there is this inclination towards SK trying to make idols (and lets not kid ourselves, the male ones too, look at that fucking TXT MV) look more childish.

And as time goes by they keep trying to make them look younger… and younger… and many of the older 3rd gen groups are fully grown adults by this point.

TWICE were styled the most "adult" during Like Ooh Ahh and Sixteen, ironically when half of them were underage.

No. 28363

File: 1556189558576.png (103.15 KB, 1348x656, omgarin.png)

You'd have to search through every Weekly Idol episode with teenage girl groups to get an idea of her being a pervert but only ironically so it's fine, but searching for Hani with Oh My Girl's Arin gives a list of a few instances that are just a bit weird given the circumstances. Arin was only 15 when she debuted and was 16 and 17 when Hani started sperging about how she was her ideal type. There's loads of instances of older female idols being really sweet with underage idols without ever having to call them their ideal types or anything, it's just a bit weird that she uses specific phrases like that. Hani just seems like she thinks being quirky and not understanding boundaries is cute and she applies that to talking about teenage girls as well as burping to be unique. Would be less weird if fans didn't use it as a reason to love lesbian queen Hani

No. 28365

Twice made a whole career out of being permanently stuck in SNSD's Genie era

SNSD only pandered to weebs and losers in their first 2 years, they switched to RDR almost immediately after Oh. Twice remained stuck in the pedobait niche for far too long because JYP is scared of taking risks after Wonder Girls' American advancement failed.

Twice is his copy of SNSD, Itzy his copy of Blackpink, I imagine in 3 years time he'll have a copy of Red Velvet all ready to debut.

No. 28369

It's so unbelievably retarded when I see kpopfags complaining on how kpop songs sound too "western" now and they want the old kpop sound back. What the fuck do they think "kpop" is?

No. 28373

I know lmao. The so-called “golden age” had literal Ke$ha rejects, dated eurodance and sounded like everything in America from 2009. What they really mean when they say that is that K-pop is getting too hip-hop and Latin pop influenced. They have no problem with European trends.

No. 28374

is the thing about burning sun filming snuff confirmed by the police? this whole shit is somehow even more horrible than i thought. seungri deserves a life sentence.

No. 28382

Ideal type? Is she openly a lesbian?

No. 28385

that's exactly how i feel. they literally look like 12 y/o children. i think especially bp don't suit their concept. they are only a few years older than me but if i saw them irl i would think they are at most 15 or so. also their behaviour is child-like. it really creeps me out sometimes.

the only gg that look like tehir age is red velvet and even that's debatable…

No. 28387

Does it kind of annoy anyone else whenever they constantly see comments on girl group videos (most from BTS/boy group stans) saying "lol this group has so many fanboys" as if it's something surprising? I know it's because it's not a thing in the West but damn if you do two mins of research or think critically it's not hard to realize that it's adult men giving most of these girl groups money, not little girls

No. 28388

Eaxctly, kpopfags are a sad, dumb bunch
Yeah little girls only have so much money, who do you think is buying all the merch? Lmao

No. 28396

i understand what they were trying to do with this but.. are their auntie fansites going to go around calling themselves young ones lmao

No. 28398

Young girls are not going to spend a lot of money on women but they do when it comes to cute boys

No. 28399

And everyone is salty in the comments because its the same name as tiffany's fanclub… txt are a mess

No. 28400

File: 1556211396004.png (564.23 KB, 487x702, txtisaflop.PNG)

I kept seeing TXT pop up all over YouTube so I was curious about how they're doing. Geez, their latest comeback video was uploaded only yesterday and it's still at a low 6 million views. I guess their initial hype wore off?

No. 28401

It's basically the numbers Loona makes. No compulsive stream stans, it seems

No. 28413

what was yg thinking when he made her main dancer. she's embarrassing

No. 28414

Considering their fanbase is mostly offshoots of ARMYs they're pretty weak

No. 28415

All you here are the male fans lmao what are those people who act like their fandom isn't made up of men on about

No. 28417

dumb question but most of their male fans aren't creepy uncle fans, right? like do they also mass stream? twice's views are usually pretty good.

No. 28418

that's mainly i-viewers but a lot of the i-viewer streams are from japanese men

No. 28419

File: 1556218367713.jpg (1.17 MB, 1548x1024, red-velvet-2017-mnet-ap-billbo…)


TBH I just think TWICE is legit popular everywhere in Asia. Korea, Japan, China and a lot of SEA countries. That are probably some mass streamers because of course there is, but they also have legit views to back them up. Good thing that JYP now learned his lane, and doesn't try to make stupid ~international~ promotions outside of Asia.


Isn't Lisa the main dancer? I always though she was the main vocalist, Jennie was the main rapper, Lisa the main dancer and Jisoo… was also there. The visual, I guess.

>the only gg that look like tehir age is red velvet and even that's debatable…

That's why RV is so popular with women. And I mean women, not teens. Same goes for Mamamoo.

And I think this is also the reason why Yeri is the least popular from RV (aside from lack of talent and charisma), she's just too young compared to the others and is usually the most infantilised. I think SM is trying to change that a bit, but she's a hack nonetheless. also why power up wasn't as big as bad boy and peakaboo, although still pretty big

Crazy, it's almost like women prefer looking at entertainers that reflect themselves? Idealised, yes, but at least more adult-like.

But hey, women don't make as much money and more importantly - don't drop as much money as these uncle fans, so unclebait k-pop is probably not going to leave soon.

Side note: I do believe that was also the reason SNSD was so popular with women as well. I know SNSD was also immensely popular with men; with makes me wonder if, with the rise of wota virgins, the market shifted to more "pure", "girl-next-door", non-threatning looking waifu idols.

No. 28420

Is anyone shocked that Dalla Dalla by ITZY is still in the TOP 100 like actually very far up (within the top 10 on Naver). If I remember correctly, most comments about the song were that the song is atrocious. It's also been over a month since they debuted and I'm pretty sure their promotions are over so what is going on?

No. 28421

How do you know that?

No. 28422

Does anyone have a good summary of milk on Sakura of Izone? She seems like such an attention whore; it must bother her that she placed #2 to a 14 year old.

No. 28423

No. 28424

File: 1556221117030.jpeg (94.03 KB, 999x1333, 2d1c96bdb3fec9727e71096452f3db…)

its going to be so weird when they tweak her features

No. 28426

File: 1556221486107.gif (1.66 MB, 305x235, IMG_0045.GIF)

Is her personality really as bad as people describe it?

No. 28427

Everything else aside, why would he put it back on the floor where someone could tread on it…?

No. 28428

because he probably JUST picked it up because he knew the fancams would see it and create some retarded pointless story to get the fans in a tizzy

No. 28429

Trivial question but how fake are the height descriptions of idols? I know that sometimes idols themselves admit that it's wrong or fans say they are shorter in real life but I wonder how common that is

No. 28430

doesn't she weigh like 40kg? that combined with starting to become very famous as a young teenager (underage gravure etc) probably gives you some weird inflated ego issues mixed with some self esteem problems. she might not be a stone cold bitch like some people say she is for calling other 48 members fat, but even if she's "nice" she's probably still a weird 21 year old

No. 28432

File: 1556222080894.jpg (54.08 KB, 811x270, Sakura.JPG)

No idea how true this is or how much of a bitch this makes her but here you go

No. 28433

No, she dated Junsu. She's one of those straight girls who pretends to like women to get men hard.

No. 28434

lol at a comment on the forum
>Threatened K-pop fans suddenly care about AKB48

No. 28435

Jisoo: Lead Vocalist, Visual

Jennie: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Rose: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Lisa: Rapper, Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

No. 28437

her hair needs a cut asap just give her extensions eugh

No. 28438

Fake as fake can get, normally.
I suspect it’s off by at least 1-2 inches, usually. Could be as off as 5 inches.

Boy groups over report and girl groups under report.

No. 28439

her assigned "personality" is female idol who thinks shes a man
so progressive~

No. 28440

Wow you can tell they used blackpink's choreographer with all the hand movements and "follow the leader" line formations.

No. 28441

File: 1556223717796.jpeg (131.65 KB, 640x700, 306d2a6be81e6f1d1e3c1ac20e9962…)

>when manager oppa says you can eat ice cream for the first time in 8 months

No. 28442

I know about AKB's popular member Mayu (so a former colleague) who hates her guts, she had a private instagram where she posted some rant about Sakura being a "plastic surgery monster".
Link is kinda nsfw because the author felt the need to post weirdly sexual bikini pics of Mayu to fill blank spaces.

No. 28443

kek so much hilariousness in this article

>pure image

>tons of gravure photoshoots that people want to pretend they didnt know existed until she got hacked

why are idol fans so willfully obtuse

No. 28444

Shit, I wouldn't wanna be in that group.

No. 28445

That's what happens when you throw 100+ girls at each others throats. Bad system, very bad system

No. 28446

The whole vibe of their new comeback is just off. just because their styling is more "edgy" doesn't mean the concept is. the song is still cuetsy af. i don't think the attempt to transition into a more mature concept is gonna cut it. why not milk the cuetsy concept till they're 25 and then go full mature like apink?

btw can't believe their fans are calling this a "sexy concept" smh

No. 28447


Lmao koreans thinking that all jpop is cutesy idol girls…..fuck off.

Also it shouldn't called kpop, but their reasons are ridiculous. Their insecurity is so obvious kek

No. 28449

I agreed with most of those comments tbh, idk what you mean

No. 28452

What exactly do you agree with?

Why on earth do they think so highly of kpop lmao? It's just pop music in korean, and jpop is pop music in japanese

No. 28453

Nothing about these girls is remotely sexy. They haven't been given a concept change for so long because they literally cannot pull it off

No. 28455

I don't blame them for wanting kpop and jpop to be distanced from eachother, especially irt idol shit.

No. 28457

There is still a limit with Red Velvet. Be Natural had a way more mature vibe than their current stuff but R&B vocals and suits don't placate the kpopalypse uncles so they ditched it for the autistic Sue Lyons routine that Irene seems to permanently reside in.
Wendy's entire jaw got shaved off to make her look more like jailbait. Paedophile i-fans shit on Seulgi's looks so much I'm surprised she hasn't been botched as much as the others yet

No. 28461

>tons of weirdly pedoish gravure pictures, probably some made when she was still a minor
>"My waifu so pure!"
>said idol grows up, mentions sexual things and talks shit
>"Not pure anymore!"
They're so delusional

They already tried the mature concept a couple months ago, see video related. It wasn't even bad, no high pitched wails. Maybe it was too mature for unclefans.

No. 28465

Yeah, because all japanese pop music is idol shit and all korean pop music is respectable and proper. Ok anon
I don't think it should be called kpop eithr, simply because it's not in korean.

No. 28466

So i guess "XXX ones" will become a trend in fandom names after IZ*ONE and TXT use it as theirs. Thats how kpop work.

No. 28467

File: 1556230944675.jpg (10.19 KB, 163x210, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

I find her weird looking tbh. also before PD48 i wouldnt have thought that she's only 17 (not complimenting korean styling either).

No. 28468

i thought people would make fun of her like that one other girl and her sister, but apparently they find her ~endearing~ because she looks like a kawaii hamster or some shit

No. 28469


Holy shit, I am impressed with this?? I mean, it's no grammy performance, but it's… good? Even Momo doesn't sound as bad as she always do. Damn.
That and vid related show that they could kinda go for a "2nd gen SNSD" vibe-ish if they (actually, JYP) wanted too, but the uncle money is just too too sweet to lose.


>There is still a limit with Red Velvet.

Oh yeah, deffo. You still have to pander to be as high as they are, but what I was saying was more "you don't have to go as low and would still get women's money too, to boot". But yeah. At least I think RV experiments a bit more with their concepts than Twice and BP.

As for Wendy's jaw… I still don't now if that was a corporate's decision or her own. She's always so insecure. Either way, I mourn it, she had a pretty nice face shape.

No. 28470

File: 1556231485722.jpg (201.87 KB, 720x960, cbe621eaa15765176ec78c9560f95d…)

surprise halloween came early this year~

No. 28476

You sound just as salty as the commenters…

No. 28478

File: 1556231869580.jpeg (117.19 KB, 675x1200, a4eca704e1de7d08697a695e85acab…)

excuse you twice is a visual group

No. 28479

I'm done with this stupid discussion

No. 28480

File: 1556232198809.gif (5.7 MB, 350x733, 99d172911a34d558afd672821fc044…)


No. 28486

I kind of loved this one. I've listened to a few of their other songs and while I think they're all pretty, their music is unbearable baby shit. Are there more songs by them like the one in this video?

No. 28487

That was a cover, the original song (and choreography) is by Taemin. Methinks they were testing the waters for a more mature concept but decided to tone it down with Fancy.

No. 28488

She looks so uncomfortable

No. 28489

Im confused by this gif. Did the tall girl purposely bump the short girl?? Or accidentally?? And then the short one had a bitchy reaction?

Idk their names i don't keep track kpop groups anymore

No. 28490

File: 1556234451455.png (93.51 KB, 602x409, Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 7.19…)

Ugh I really can't stand her.

No. 28491

They probably have catfights in the dorm regularly
Me either, her being a kboo was the last straw for me (and no, i'm not a fan of the shitty group shes from, I just hate her type)

No. 28492

File: 1556234822343.png (449.68 KB, 752x488, Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 7.25…)

This sound's like some amateur's sound cloud hit. Also what's up with this guy? He looks plastic.

No. 28493

is he one of those idols the industry is pretending is full korean?

No. 28496

No. 28497

Well he's half, but I noticed that when koreans put that heavy makeup on someone who has more defined features it makes them look really weird and plastic. After all, they use that really heavy makeup to 'enhance' their features (which are mostly flat and undefined), so when they put it on someone who already has those features….it's comes out really stiff and plastic looking. It's like adding salt to a dish that's already seasoned

No. 28504

File: 1556236736250.png (40.65 KB, 623x304, 1f6306ea-0a61-4b76-b610-ef1f1b…)


>429 replies


No. 28505

File: 1556237128906.jpg (171.16 KB, 800x1200, 14712657_1147255315352292_6944…)

i would too if my skirt was that short. i think it's even the same length as irenes infamous dress. they really are obsessed with long legs lol

No. 28506

She's so fucking creepy. Idk what it is about her that creeps me out so much, I think it might be her eyes, they're cold dead voids like that streamer Asmongold's or an opossum's.

No. 28509

the song doesn't match their constipated trying to look sexy expressions. they aren't comfortable with this concept change and you can tell they'd rather be acting like little girls instead of this.

No. 28510

she looks like a skull face

No. 28513

Idk if this has ever been posted before but this knetz comment is gold:

[+864, -17] Korean hip hop: rappers acting like they struggled all their lives when they actually went to normal schools with lunches packed by their mothers and played Maple Story after school in PC rooms

No. 28514

Fuck she looks like a drag

No. 28515

File: 1556239898343.jpg (15.79 KB, 320x320, 53272235_293905501282363_52200…)

Even his fanarts are creepy cause they couldnt not include his triple eyelids

No. 28516

This is the best.

No. 28517

File: 1556240901024.png (1.91 MB, 1074x1060, Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 6.06…)

Anyone remember that time Jihyo made a dig at having darker skin and Tzuyu called her out on her shit? It's weird looking back since Jihyo got a tan and started getting more praise for her looks than she ever had because of it kek

No. 28518

Well tzuyu could shit on her for probably hiding her real ancestry or something kek

No. 28519

Not sure how much of you guys go on Stan twitter but I’ve seen a lot of these boy group stans that only Stan one girl group and shit on the rest. You could say it’s just Stan twitter being toxic but I’ve always seen an underlying misogyny in there tweets. I’ll never understand how the kpop fandom is primary woman yet they feel the need to degrade other women over men who literally couldn’t care less.

No. 28524

K-pop’s not that progressive given that it’s mainly older men running the industry and how many group concepts are still dictated by gender norms. The misogyny isn’t surprising to me.

No. 28525

What kind of name is Huening Kai anyway? Could have just went with one or the other (although EXO fans might have sent death threats had he been named just Kai).

No. 28526

I feel like some of it is also jealousy that the girl groups got too close to their precious oppar and have more of a chance of being in a relationship with them. I used to hang out with a Kstan and that seemed to be her general defense for saying horrible shit about some girl groups.

No. 28527

@4:00 in, they have a skit between someone and an army. It’s hilariously sad how accurate it is

No. 28528

Tbh I found a lot of Mayu's posts very funny, specially the skater pooh one. Japanese idol fans have such a huge stick up in their asses, why can't the girl have a life and personality outside her job?

No. 28529

The comments are all about the bts army girl..ratmies
It's that messed up culture aki-shit introduced

No. 28530

>messed up culture aki-shit introduced
Literally what and who?

No. 28531

File: 1556243193721.jpg (212.51 KB, 1080x744, 20190426_083746.jpg)

Apparently it's a real surname similar to: Buening, Huenink, Dunning, Piening, Durning, Guenin, Duensing. According to the site though, it's a very rare surname with the origin traced back to a city in the USA.

However, Idk how real his dad's name is since he has no connection to Wisconsin (he used to live in Texas) and is Brazilian. So idk how he got that surname unless he had it changed. The name kinda sounds chinese too (许宁), and it makes sense for him to want a chinese-sounding name since he's a huge chinaboo (who actually made it big in china, the equivalent of englishkoreanman and the likes in modern days). That's just my theory and I could be wrong. If he and his son arent public figures, I'd think of them as catfishes cause of the edgy ethnic backgrounds combination and shit (not that it's impossible though).

No. 28532

Not that anon but they meant the idol culture Yasushi Akimoto (AKB48's founder)introduced to the world

No. 28533

most of the time they stan some popular girl crush group and complain about how it's too hard stan girl groups because they aren't the female version of (insert any bg). blackpink used to be the token group for bg stans but idk who it is now.

No. 28534

Yes that's what I meant, he deserves his position as one of the most hated men in Japan

No. 28535


She's right.

No. 28537

That's Justin from nine percent. He is chinese.

No. 28540

I know these girls aren't idols, but do you think you could see kpop idols doing something like this? Imo blackpink should've tried this concept

No. 28542

File: 1556249372046.jpg (20.97 KB, 720x297, IMG_20190210_060259.jpg)

my sides, I'm cringing so hard

No. 28545

Japan is ok with having idols/ artists not being attractive as long as they have personality/ stage presence. The same is impossible for Korea.

No. 28547

i wouldnt say its impossible given how many unattractive idols there are
shindong, hyoyeon, umji, nayeon, luna etc

No. 28548

It's kinda cringe with the #slaysian but some of the rappers had pretty decent flow despite the lame beat. I didn't know Japanese suited rap that well.

No. 28549

Korea sucks the fun out of everything so…not anytime soon.

No. 28553

I feel like the only ones feeling this shit is the J-line and that's a given.

>shit on Seulgi's looks

I don't understand why they do this and then they post Twice Naeyeon unironically as a better alternative.

No. 28554



Looking at the camera with eye-service~ and flipping your hair while not going hard in the actual dance, especially for a BoA song is pathetic.

SNSD did it better.

No. 28556

no one from the big 3 - especially blackpink - would ever release a song about how proud they are to be asian because their music is meant to be internationally consumable, and that kind of stuff alienates fragile middle americans who break out in hives at the mere mention of race. anyways, i think the word #slaysian is cute as hell and i’m gonna use it from now on. >inb4 reee go back to twitter

No. 28557


I was not talking about the video I posted when I said I was impressed and that it was "good", I was talking about >>28461 but anon deleted the one I was directly quoting.

No. 28558

Go back to facebook, m8. Even twitter is above that.

No. 28559

File: 1556256636941.png (331.05 KB, 467x960, nr2o7uuccbt21.png)

ARMYs prove themselves to be fucking disgusting part 32356

No. 28560

File: 1556256834462.jpg (59.3 KB, 750x711, w8aygueds2q21.jpg)

moar cringe

No. 28561

File: 1556257427139.png (Spoiler Image,729.08 KB, 737x598, f6a.png)

I see a lot of boy group fangirls who are into stuff like this and hands, veins, necks, sometimes collarbones, etc. I remember seeing similar shit in the female gaze thread though so maybe it's kind of normal?

No. 28562

Maybe it's common but it's still weird to be saying shit like that like a spaz on a public social media account.

No. 28563

File: 1556257894108.jpg (29.4 KB, 540x302, 201904251957491110_1.jpg)


Um, wtf

1. [+830, -72] Isn't that a side effect from double eyelid surgery..? She did get her eyes done before

2. [+819, -76] That's a side effect of double eyelid surgery ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+343, -48] There really are some people who sleep with their eyes open ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+33, -13] I don't think I've seen anyone who sleeps with their eyes open when they haven't had surgery

5. [+31, -4] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's a side effect of double eyelid surgery. There's not enough eyelid skin left after the surgery so the eye doesn't close all the way.

No. 28564

>There's not enough eyelid skin left after the surgery so the eye doesn't close all the way.

what in the everloving fuck??

No. 28565

File: 1556258124018.jpg (33.46 KB, 778x399, cb1254f2f969dffb2d96a9f8db61eb…)

i remember that new weird girl that joined kara slept with her eyes open too
she scared the fuck out of me in general but that added a whole new layer lol

No. 28567

Right? Considering how koreans do that surgery all the time it never occurred to me that there are actually creepy ass side effects like not being able to fully closing your eyes ever.
This is black mirror level dystopic.

No. 28568

Jiwon from spica has this problem too, i'm convinced it's caused by the eye enlargement surgeries. Running into someone that naturally has this problem is pretty rare, I'm surprised that none of them care. They're all going to develop chronic dry eye real soon

No. 28571

File: 1556259145264.jpg (48.66 KB, 540x675, 201904221320351704823_20190422…)


What the absolute fuck is wrong with Kpop Idols. Can they stop touching their face for 5 fucking seconds? Why fuck up your face when you are already chosen to debut? You made it! I don't understand.

No. 28572

File: 1556259243690.png (342.81 KB, 608x604, Screenshot_2019-04-26-01-09-49…)

No. 28573

I mean, considering the nit pick level I see kpop fans engaging and calling any girl that does not look like a doll ugly/old/fat, I can see why they would keep trying to "perfect" themselves.

No. 28574

the reptile in his element

No. 28575

File: 1556259762492.png (467.14 KB, 1080x2160, un4hj49tyrt21.png)

No. 28576

No. 28577

File: 1556260177591.jpg (13.92 KB, 563x503, 1531559775297.jpg)

lmao anon

No. 28578

No. 28579

Eh. I wouldn't even call those Banana Lemon girls unattractive. They actually look like real people when compared to kpop idols. I think that's the difference: even the unattractive kpop idols have that unreal, borderline uncanny feel.

No. 28581

Koreafag here. I hear this song play at least once a day in stores, cafes etc. Some songs seem to retain popularity at random, while others get dropped after a week or so (heard momoland’s I’m So Hot constantly for about a week and a half, and never again since). Not sure of there’s any logic behind it.

No. 28582

this is absolute nightmare fuel

Lol ratmies proving themselves to be literally the most deranged and idiotic cult of fans once again

No. 28583

newton must be jealous of our baby :(

No. 28585

File: 1556264570245.jpg (483.5 KB, 638x640, 35fd255b96bda8d028fb78.jpg)

I never understood why fans would wear these.

No. 28586

Masturbating? But that's kind of a dumb design if that's the case. It would be much better if they were upside down in order for the wearer to see them correctly and maybe stamped inside the panties for a view during the pearl cleaning action.

No. 28588

File: 1556267669037.jpeg (554.46 KB, 2304x1536, 655B978D-672A-4A23-A0E4-7C3A8A…)

Holy shit, Tzuyu's expression here…

No. 28593

Not wking but there could be other reasons other than surgery that makes someone sleeps with their eyes open. My cousin sleeps like that too and ik she never had any eye surgery. No idea about sakura's case though.

No. 28594

I don't think it would have been that big of a deal if she didn't mention that it was because her eyes were too large lol

No. 28595

She's making a funny face…

No. 28598

File: 1556276991871.jpg (42.22 KB, 576x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

They changed the shape of his eyes to give him rounder lids and it looks totally wrong. Korea cant even tolerate heavy lids on hapas FFS

No. 28599

File: 1556277905413.jpg (76.3 KB, 1000x566, C6xJoNDU8AAqCbS.jpg)

Does anyone remember when mina from twice was in this picture with that bambam guy and she got a bunch of threats from male fans including one male fan from somewhere in korea sending her a picture of a knife and telling her to either kill bambam or kill herself

No. 28602

File: 1556278605172.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, D23101DB-739B-4003-BA4A-159D74…)

No. 28603

I don't know what to say anon…

No. 28605

which member is the alien-eyed one?

No. 28606

what is the point of doing a sexy concept now when they are all so stick thin at least during debut season they had some meat on them so they could pull off sexy

No. 28610

Twice could actually sound decent with lower pitches + the right song. Also they should stop giving the chorus lines to Nayeon and Jihyo. This B-side song was okay to me.

No. 28612

Correction: even nayeon's and jihyo's parts don't sound so bad in lower pitches
*not a twice-chan

No. 28614

NO NO NO NO arrest all the noona-fans who are enjoying this shit

No. 28616

what the fuck are bts' staff doing? they can't touch fans like that. it's borderline creepy.

also the fact that armys are still going "omg our bawby finally said that it's okay to call him oppa!!!" over this grown man is so cringy. shame on jungkook for fueling this baby shit.

No. 28621

>tfw Mayu was right

No. 28623

Why are fans so adamant about calling him oppa, especially non-Korean fans?
They should be happy that for whatever reason he doesn't like to be called by something that older guys sexualise and get hard over when called that by younger girls.

No. 28625

File: 1556290313346.gif (2.57 MB, 500x225, tumblr_pl4kcq95Xw1we7cjco5_500…)

My guess would be it's this fugly dickhead

No. 28626

can she even breathe from that nose

No. 28627

Longer version of this shit song

No. 28631

I hope they have fun performing it to half-empty venues.
SM believes this noise is what the general American public will like, and they honestly thought NCT could fill up a 20k seat arena by themselves - I wonder what it must feel like to be as delusional as the current SM executives?

No. 28633

All of them are fug so any guess is a good one kek

No. 28635

Didn’t know that Mina received an actual death threat for that. Fucked up. After that inage came out, I’m sure Mina and Bambam were more than just friends at some point assuming both are attracted to people of the opposite sex. The way they’re posed makes it look like a couple’s photo.

Someone edit this inage with a funny caption and it’d be a good nomination for the next threat pic.

No. 28636

Did they have lots of empty seats for this venue?

Why can't they make actual hip hop style songs? That's what's trendy everywhere now. Nobody wants this outdated noise

No. 28637

you're implying that people can get attracted to A+ uggos like Bambam which is concerning

No. 28638

it does sound pleasant. but they should really lose that obligatory rap part. are there even people who prefer songs with them?