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No. 297793

Previous threads

What is a vtuber?
>An online entertainer or live streamer who is typically represented by a digital avatar generated by computer graphics such as Live2D.

This thread is made to discuss your favorite Vtubers, news surrounding the topic, and other stuff!

Current news
>Ninomae Inanis had her birthday stream
>Everyone but Apricot and IronMouse decided to leave VshojoEN corp
>Pikamee is in VshojoJP now
>Baelz accidentally leaked her discord and one of the ID/EN hololive servers that had a few 2022 conversations and threads about AmongUs collab and the details about their collab payment.
>At least 3 official Hololive discord accounts got leaked
>Nijisanji's Asahina Akane graduates 3 days after her new outfit reveal
>Ex-NijisanjiEN member Zaion revealed that NijisanjiEN livers get only 1 to 2% from their merch and they don't offer any salary, paying their talents in 'exposure', other than donation cuts
>4 Nijisanji ID livers graduated
Please, let me know if there are any more news to share!
I was debating between Tenma, Selen, and Marine as our OP pics, just to in the end choose Suisei. She is one of the best tryhard women in the Japanese vtuber scene, and I hope you are ok with that! We can create polls for the next OPs if you would like.

No. 297810

Nice job anon better than the other one

No. 297841

I missed it. What was wrong about the other one?

No. 297842

File: 1684698348720.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.25 KB, 1129x1694, FqiitbJaQAAAerI.jpg)

No. 297844

File: 1684699309736.png (1.16 MB, 1240x6636, q5ucvm.png)

Thank you nonna, sorry, I didn't notice the existence of a different thread, but I wanted to dump some info into the OP and let girls shine instead of e-splenda daddies like Vox. No offense to nonnies who enjoy his content, i just prefer different malechubas.

Interesting how despite some anons enjoying the drama aspect of tubing, nobody talked about the Discord server leak of EN/ID, there wasn't too much information, but it still left me curious, as the info about payment for AmongUs collab stream got leaked, and some of the general dynamic too. Not counting the discord accounts too.

No. 297863

>Ex-NijisanjiEN member Zaion revealed that NijisanjiEN livers get only 1 to 2% from their merch and they don't offer any salary, paying their talents in 'exposure', other than donation cuts
this was fucking wild, i was going to buy selen merch and i decided not to because of this. What a fucking scummy company. I honestly hope selen goes indie someday or at least people are more wary now and decide not to audition to Niji. Their ''debutting 9999 vtubers in a year'' tactic is scummy too

No. 297868

>Baelz accidentally leaked her discord and one of the ID/EN hololive servers that had a few 2022 conversations and threads about AmongUs collab and the details about their collab payment.

I require further information. This looks juicy…

No. 297880

just scroll up

No. 297895

I had no idea that ID was losing 4 livers at once, and hearing that it's Taka, Zea, Siska, and Amicia is even more surprising. I don't watch them these days as I'm too busy to keep up with vtubers, but ID always had an admirably high retention rate (as in, 0 graduations for the longest time). Regardless of what their reasons are a) it's hard not to imagine that this is related to the unpopular merger with JP and b) losing 2/3rds of the OG trio hurts. It's sad seeing this happen because ID felt like it was there for English speaking viewers for a long time before the actual EN branch came onto the scene. I'm wishing Taka and Zea in particular the best moving forward.

No. 297917

In Selen's case since she's constantly trying to get management to let her release personal merch, buying her merch might help her cause by showing that there is a demand for Selen items. It's been known for a few years that no one makes anything worthwhile off merch in niji but I'm okay with buying her pieces in hopes she one day gets to release one of her ideas and doesn't have to do designing fake merch streams to hint to her fans what things she wants to see made of her because management hasn't let her. If you want to buy something that does support her, buy her voice packs.

No. 297958

>drama aspect
>surprised nobody’s talking about discord leak that’s just people talking about payment and sponsorship
I think it’s pretty self explanatory

No. 297961

It’s genuinely hilarious that Shoto does this shit and gets away with it because his fans genuinely believe he does no wrong. Clinging to Luxiem when they debuted, making it seem like he’s a genuine member of them and Nijisanji, then disowning it all when he’s got the numbers that he’s needed? All false because why would Shoto ever do that (even though Mysta, one of his closest friends, admitted he was a leech). Attacking smaller indies for having remotely similar designs to him? Justified, Attacking a newly debuted vtuber by subtly alluding to him being an abuser with no proof? Justified. Him stealing Minase’s design for his new outfit? What do you meeean he didn’t do that at all, he never steals from people. His fans are identical to kpop fans in where they don’t allow themselves to critically think about their oshi’s actions.

No. 297970

I read and understand but bro's voice is perfect lullaby fuel. Won't subscribe but will keep falling asleep to his voice every day

No. 298020

I've only heard about this guy from these threads and now I'm curious mainly about him attacking indies. There are so many vtubers out there trying to make it I feel like it's hard to have a design that does not even slightly resemble another

No. 298081

File: 1684800381999.jpeg (199.23 KB, 960x1707, IMG_4433.jpeg)

this shit ain’t even funny lmfao he looks like he is cosplaying as him. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery i guess.

No. 298085

I saw some poor girl in public head to toe with shoto merch the other day… literally can’t fathom the appeal there’s nothing moe about him

No. 298139

File: 1684835082004.gif (1.05 MB, 220x255, tenma.gif)


No. 298157

File: 1684847250068.jpg (299.41 KB, 1920x1080, Fwxlp3LX0AAgeCO.jpg)

Ike is doing an ASMR off collab with Vox… on one hand, I don't want Ike to go down the coomer route, on the other I am a shameless fujoshi and if they essentially make us a BL drama CD audio live, I will thank the Lord for this meal.

No. 298163

vshoujo is such a shit show kek veibae acting so holier than thou is hilarious for someone who makes coombuxs,remove the anime avatar and all you have left is another vthot kek god all of their talents are so insufferable to watch i really hope it goes bankrupt so i wont keep seeing ironlung shills and coomertier designs

No. 298164

His new model is really boring imo, isn't he supposed to be a demon hunter? He just looks like a normal character now, also they should have made his eyebags more prominent/bigger

No. 298171

Eyebags? Are you talking about the second picture? The second picture is Minase, the one anons are comparing him to. Not Shoto.

No. 298174

i agree. i hated his second model too but at least he was keeping up with the demon slayer theme. he doesn’t even care anymore

No. 298178

I am talking about the picture of shoto his new model, his old model had bigger eyebags (dark circles idk how its called under his eyes).

Yeah i disliked his second model too, its to bad he doesnt care about the demon slayer theme anymore.

No. 298234

it wasn’t Zaion but FalsEyeD who revealed the 2% thing

No. 298260

It was talked about years back by jp nijis, False is regurgitating stuff that people who followed nijisanji already knew

No. 298275

Every single fan I know urged other fans to avoid merch if they can’t afford it and buy voice packs for this reason. It’s one of the only ways to truly support them since they get a majority of money from it.

No. 298320

Honestly it's still fucking insane to me it's that low. I'm the kind of person that prefers getting a piece of merch for a bit more vs sending a donation, and while I obviously wouldn't expect them to get all the money, I'd expect at least 30%

No. 298384

No but really for that low amount just make your own merch to show support than to buy the official stuff. That shit’s ridiculous.

No. 298438

Isn't that essentially the set up within Hololive? I'm guessing that's why the merch tends to be a lot more creative then just a standee or button.

No. 298513

I didn't know about them until recently but a trio called Orion in Thailand grew surprisingly fast for being Thai vtubers. Haven't really looked into what content or strategies they've been using, but interesting to see something new grab an audience quickly like that

No. 298607

File: 1685026317297.jpeg (55.52 KB, 796x768, 34676798-090B-4CBA-BF60-3ABF7B…)

Any songs you’ve been wanting your oshi to cover? I’m still waiting for that official Plastic Love cover from Sonny and I really want Maria to cover Ageage Again by MitchieM. I want some more classic vocaloid song covers in general cause I’m a huge vocafag, but of course, in asking that, the 700th cover of King will be uploaded instead.

No. 298622

I don't have a specific vtuber in mind for this, but I wish one of the dumb horny ones would do a cover of a pink guy song. It's absolutely brand suicide and no company would want to associate with pink guy, but the cover just existing would be hilarious.
Other than that, I wish there were more covers of heavier metal stuff. While I don't like Froot, I do like her cover of Sunkiller and I'm patiently waiting for more vtubers to follow suit with that genre.

No. 298829

Is this a place where filthy nijiniggers lick their wounds?
Nobody cares thai trannies.(male)

No. 298834

Vtubers doing metal stuff is great every single time it happens. I really want more 3D performances of metal songs. But you’re right, heavier metal stuff would be a nice breath of fresh air. As for a pink guy song…. I know there’s one person who covered one of his songs but that was before he became a vtuber. Anyone who has the balls to cover his songs in a corpo would get an instant subscribe from me, though.
Oh, a lost /vt/sperg. Shoo shoo

No. 298838

I know Ike is releasing an original song in a couple of days and I don't want to get my hopes up too much but knowing him it's probably metal

No. 298968

Think long and hard before post something as i do, lurk in this thread subhuman nijiniggers
Yeah the superior gender, what about it? you'd better find some AC remote control or something and stick it up your ass to relieve your sexual desire because nobody will ever want to fuck you fucking ugly bitch. I hope your entire family gets murdered hamplanet.

Don't talk to me ever again or else I will find you and ** your thoat fatty(A-Logging moid )

No. 298970

Her voice is insanely annoying. How do people sit through her talking.

No. 298978

Why is that scrote sperging so hard?
It’s so weirdly nasally…. Of course it’s some type of character voice but how do you make the conscious decision to make that your staple trait as a vtuber and launch brigades to bully anyone who has a slightly similar voice in your mind…
Yeah it probably is metal, but I’m not so sure of its quality. Hakka’s debut had me excited for metal originals but his two songs have sucked ass so far. Hoping Ike can pass my expectations of half good. If not, there’s always Futakuchi Mana who has pretty great Metal stuff under her belt.
If you guys know about any other metalhead vtubers, please tell me.

No. 298981

File: 1685193667935.jpg (490.53 KB, 1920x1080, Fw-m1_4aMAgvIU-.jpg)

Akirose making me think of board-tan here

No. 298984

File: 1685193929188.png (633.24 KB, 699x697, akibd2023_shohin_en_06_1684982…)

I actually really like the merch, despite not watching Aki. Would get picrel if i could.

No. 298988

Aki is a terf confirmed.

No. 299103

My oshi reminds me of my ex. I don’t want to go gachikoi, should I call quits watching her? She’s as schizo as she was, too. I don’t want to fall in love with a vtuber because she reminds me of my ex. But she’s just so entertaining to watch, I love her streams. Help…

No. 299105

Who’s your oshi. Tenma?

No. 299117

No, Letania. She’s streaming right now

No. 299127

If she wears anything cow print I'll sub.
Also, this is really cute. I'm used to mugs or hoodies/t-shirts, but never this. How useful.

No. 299231

Just remember that she's a TiM and you'll be fine.

No. 299234

Letania is not TiM, though? Or you mean as coping mechanism…

No. 299239

Nonnie … this is a male also a nobody kek no clips or vods what is this a self promo?

No. 299241

So she’s a tranny for being a bit of a coomer? “He” either payed for a good voice changer or she’s a woman, her voice and sounds are extremely girly.

No. 299245

Oh wow, the Ike original was actually pretty good. I didn’t get to listen to it in the best setting but those riffs in the instrumental are great. Hope it doesn’t take 500 years for another original but him being a perfectionist is kind of a blessing.

No. 299248

He sounds like a man making the usual tranny voice. Moid detected.

No. 299255

You're fucking mental and moid obsessed.

No. 299257

nta but that vtuber definitely is a tranny. it's really not hard to tell lol.

No. 299259

Seconding tranny voice

No. 299298

I'm not the biggest fan of his singing voice which is something he can't change he's one of those people who weren't born with an inherent skill for singing and he's done what he can to train himself, but the song itself is pretty good, I'm impressed.

No. 299302

>self promo
Yes. One search on /vt/ to see faggot selfposting and samefagging galore, fortunately no one cares kek

No. 299304

File: 1685309249156.jpeg (243.1 KB, 1284x2188, 88EA5006-8289-4B22-9DFA-B0E62F…)

What the fuck…
Yeah his voice sounds extremely screechy sometimes and the way he over enunciates words leaves a lot to be desired. The composition, mixing, and everything else that went into the song is genuinely impressive, though.

No. 299307

Damn he didn't even bother to try and make it less obvious that he's self posting. It's funny that everyone calls him out on his obvious troon voice tho kek

No. 299316

Oh, noo a woman in vt.
I am not her, I just can’t hear the troonism. I heard women with way more manish voices.

No. 299320

If you don’t think it sounds like an AGPtuber then good for you, protect your peace kek. Now bringing up women with deep voices just makes it seem like protesting way too much.

No. 299325

I feel sorry for him being so music focused but having an awful whiny voice. I don't think there's much he can do about it but it must suck to love music but have a bad awful tone. There are some nijis who are bad but could potentially sound better if they did singing lessons but there's not much Ike can do.

No. 299335

Let him live that 2010 screamo dream for a sec

No. 299340

Oh he deserves to be proud of this, no doubt about it, it's just unfortunate that even someone like Alban could potentially train themself to have a better singing voice if he took lessons when music is Ike's entire life.

No. 299364

mediocre just like his vtuber career so far. what’s up with vtubers and trying to release ~deep~ songs. just stick with a basic love song next time.

No. 299372

I thought I was the only one that thought his voice ruins the songs cause no one will say it in comments kek I love him cause he's chill and does his own thing which seems like a rarity in niji lately but I find his voice annoying. It's not too bad while he's talking because I can delude myself into thinking it's just his normal voice but while singing it sticks out too much. His Chronos cover in particular would sound so good if he could somehow "improve" his tone and didn't have to sound like he's putting on a cute voice while holding notes. I'm also wondering if this really is his real voice but I feel like keeping up an unnaturally high voice for so long would be too hard on his throat tbh Regardless I'm glad he's doing what he likes and improving what he can. I hope he can inspire some others in his company that promoted themselves as singers but are doing no singing whatsoever kek

No. 299373

this was recommended to me and god it made me hate him even more. he is such a coomer it's not even funny. revolting.

No. 299375

>2 trannies on one screencap
/wvt/ is really full of nothing but self-posting trannies for at least a year now.
I despise vtubing market sometimes because i see vtubers be extremely desperate for any glimpse of clout. Literally saw a woman have a stream where she ate a condom after getting 10 followers and spent all stream writing people's usernames on a menstruation pad. Why?

No. 299376

what is he even trying to get at? That he's the type of moid that doesnt like men but gets off to the idea of another man losing his masculinity for him? Or that he has a tranny fetish? I already hate how every niji moid is trying to call himself bi, it pisses me off when they try to justify it with being into certain types of porn instead of ever saying they had a crush on a man

No. 299382

exactly. He didn’t even talk about the kind of men he likes, just about the kind of porn he likes. Though I guess to a pornsick guy that gets no game it’s the same thing.

No. 299390

What is up with moids and their porn obsession with femboys

No. 299391

Latent pedophilia. Plenty of ‘straight’ men who are sexually deviant want to have sex with young teenage boys. But now it’s socially acceptable and even celebrated when they clearly state their interest in BOYS and not men. This isn’t homosexuality it’s perversion

No. 299392

>doesnt like men but gets off to the idea of another man losing his masculinity for him
Was he bullied by some big strong chad kek it’s giving psychosexual trauma

No. 299411

You’re 100% correct

No. 299421

I wanted to check them out because of their insane CCV numbers, but then I couldn't handle listening to them speak Thai.

No. 299422

File: 1685374257122.jpg (173.26 KB, 1061x1061, FvnsUynaUAEdfzz.jpg)

I love Altare

No. 299433

File: 1685376480580.jpeg (159.93 KB, 829x1248, 2C8DF8F0-8C17-4FD9-AA8C-DCC53C…)

Axel is retarded (in a cute way)

No. 299459

Why does it matter so much to him that people believe he's bi anyway? He reeks of insecurity. All it took was Ike making a bisexual joke while drunk and people accepted it easily, if Mysta wasn't so fucking desperate to prove himself no one would question shit.

No. 299460

he has the desperate need to “prove” his bisexuality because he is just straight but if people knew he was straight we wouldn’t be able to queerbait and get supas. in the video he straight up says he hates to see “two gay guys going at it”. If he liked men he would have no problem with gay sex kek

No. 299462

I swear I don't get porn addicted moids sexuality at all. If some guy said he's straight but jacks off to men masturbating I'd call him a fag, but if a gay/bi dude said he hates looking at gay sex I'd be confused as hell. It's not even bisexuality at this point it's just called being a cooler.

No. 299463

*Coomer not cooler

No. 299464

Why does it matter so much if others believe he’s bi to himself ? His fans all believe him so I don’t see the issue.
Also his emphasis on saying he likes feminine boys instead of feminine men was low key weird.
Also why tf would you use your porn preferences to prove you like men ?!?! God just say a male celebrity caused your bi awakening or something.

No. 299466

The whole time I watched this I just wondered: Why is he talking about this? And why does he keep going? It’s obvious he’s just a femboyfag/shotafag when he goes into detail like this. Just give a blanket answer and go.

No. 299468

Being a coomer is a requirement for being an orange nijien boy. Alban's not much better, right down to me questioning his sexuality as well. He's never addressed his it as Alban but as Ritaka he said he was pansexual and I just can't see it. Owning a dildo and enjoying anal masturbation makes you a degenerate, not a bisexual unless you actually fuck men.

No. 299480

>Owning a dildo and enjoying anal masturbation
Does he really? When he debuted I thought he had some promise but he's only gone downhill since then. The recent Nagi stuff doesn't help, it's Mysta and Mika 2.0

No. 299486

honestly I just want to know if he's still with his gf from before niji.

No. 299489

He's not, they broke up about a year ago because it wasn't sustainable for him to stream as much as he does as Alban and keep up a relationship. Seemed like they parted on good terms but he chose his career over her. You can notice a pretty heavy shift in his behavior to being more coom-brained when they broke up too, if you've seen the uno stream with Fulgur, Enna and Mika, that was shortly after the break up.

No. 299490

Yugo AKA Fakeboi Masae debuted her new Live 2D model. Her lore video and her entire kayfabe gives me huge second hand embarrassment but I guess it’s good she got to debut again? Being an utaite with an avatar seems like a better path for her than being apart of a corpo, especially with her menhera tendencies still being very apparent. Her mistakenly calling her lore video a “role” video and not fixing it anywhere is so fucking funny, though.

No. 299491

I wish that she'd come back without a live2D model, menhera and trans aside, she's really cute looking and I'd prefer to see her as a fleshtuber

No. 299514

who was his gf? a normie or a vtuber?

No. 299519

vtuber, roxymanticore is her twitter

No. 299532

how do you know they broke up lol
I preferred her streaming without a model tbh, but I guess she gotta get that gender euphoria from somewhere

No. 299542

She tweeted about it when it happened

No. 299545

Also confirming that I saw the tweets around the time Alban debuted. He broke up with her pretty much immediately from what I could tell, and she was vaguing about how they had planned their lives together, how they had committed themselves to each other, only for him to drop her over a job opportunity.
Not sure if that was just her being especially upset about it in the moment since another nonna said they parted on good terms.

No. 299549

Using up all his energy during debut and tiring himself from overworking is backfiring on him since his viewers are complaining that he doesn't put in enough effort into streaming lately. I don't know if he pushed his friends away too while debuting, but he doesn't seem to have people to fall back onto when he's feeling down which is surprising to me because noctyx seem close. If what she said about him leaving despite planning a life together is true, I feel so bad for her. I don't understand why people can't try to have a career and a relationship at the same time as balancing personal and work life is just another responsibility every adult has lol I can't even imagine thinking someone values you enough to want to spend the rest of their lives with you but suddenly they can't even make time for you because they need to stream games. Is it that hard to spend a little less time together for a few months then get back into your routine when the debut rush passes?

No. 299556

because moids see women as disposable, he also knew that he could pull other vtuber girls with his niji fame, which turned out to be true, look at nagi. Considering he is a coomer weeb he probably has yellow fever hence the japanese girl.

No. 299557

File: 1685425661670.jpeg (148.47 KB, 862x1320, IMG_4488.jpeg)

damn. i feel bad for her.

No. 299615

Nagi's korean but he has JP girls after him too and if he really is bisexual then he's got double the options. His poor ex.

No. 299618

QRD on what happened with him and Nagi? Honestly the only clips I've seen of her is going yandere over Ange, so I just thought that's her personality

No. 299619

He's her current target, that's basically it

No. 299629

File: 1685489672937.jpeg (59.35 KB, 1298x599, IMG_1023.jpeg)

Why does he consistently joke about his mom finding his horny shit.
Like didn’t he just make the same tweet about his mom finding his cow lingerie a couple weeks ago.
This poor women seeing her son’s degenerate shit, he can’t even go on a trip without bringing a fleshlight.

No. 299631

unrelated but this bitch be always traveling. wasn’t he just at japan recently

No. 299643

Wouldn't be shocked if he wants to do it with his mom. If I could give her advice I'd say to take him to the back of the shed.

No. 299687

File: 1685535155222.jpg (482.85 KB, 2048x1608, peko.jpg)

I'm not sure how many like the idol side of Hololive, but for the ones that do and don't want to download entire gigabytes of video from Nya (or are just curious about it) here are the entire 2 days of the last HoloFest in high resolution separated by performances:

My favorite one was the HoloX main theme (https://files.catbox.moe/xs9ug6.mp4) all those purple colours were so pretty. The penlights add so much fun to the experience… I wish I could experience one of these one day, but travelling to Japan is so expensive…

No. 299692

Thank you! I love the idol side! Probably more than the streamer side for some performers.

No. 299734

Nasty as fuck. I genuinely don’t view males who use fleshlights as humans. I’d rather they fuck an ultimate cheese burger.

No. 299739

No. 300035

File: 1685690204186.jpg (71.16 KB, 850x705, YHzkC1A.jpg)

Sage for rambling but now that I learned about Alban's, Luca's, Mysta's coomer behaviour I can't stop seeing it in every niji male. Vox and Fulgur are both only women pandering streamers, Vox for the yumes and Fulgur for the fujos (more of an "I'm like you" fudanshi than creating his own ships) but I kept getting recommended Vox clips of him talking about porn and his degenerate sex taste. He says he likes "facefuck" as if that isn't just using a woman as a fleshlight. Then he slaps the listener in his asmr streams like that's ever normal. It's not even a sexual act like spanking the ass. Then Fulgur comes in and before he even lets his viewers hear his voice he joins different female streamers with loli voices fake crying like babies. If even his faggot ass is chasing after pedo bait, I'm starting to not trust any male streamer ever. Aster is already a coomer, now I'm waiting for Doppio to fuck up. If Doppio who only ever made content for women's enjoyment also does something degenerate I'll lose all hope. I want to change oshis after Selen turned menhera and was eyeing Aia apart from the moids I now gave up on but she's kinda boring. I don't know who to give a chance to because even Enna panders to shizos sometimes. I wish moids disappeared from the scene so we could be just women enjoying each other's content.

No. 300036

>moids disappeared from the scene so we could be just women enjoying each other's content
Absolutely based. Vtubing is a female trait. Men go die.

No. 300037

Ew what the fuck. Do JP males do degenerate stuff like that? I don’t watch males at all.

No. 300038

With their sensitive culture? Likely not. I guess that's one good thing to come out of their social pressure to not mention sex at all costs, we can believe in the fantasy that they're not your average coomers behind anime avatars. I've seen clips of the fag in the same wave as Hibari (the singer guy that got 1M views on his recent concert) talk about some sexual stuff but I don't remember being disgusted by it though I don't remember the content either. I might have just been desensitized after the coomerfest of niji en males though.

No. 300066

Kenmochi is a lolishofag to the point of being seen as a pedo by some people and Hajime thinks DV roleplay is hot and did it on his viewers. Kuzuha called Himawari a slampig once… but overall I don’t see JP males doing weird coomer shit constantly like the EN males do. My EN male oshi at least has the decency to refrain from talking about sexual things in his streams and even others streams and even shuts down those kinds of conversations sometimes, but it’s sad how that’s such a rarity among EN males. The constant coomer shit made me stop watching them and the only males I watch are my oshi, some of the Tempus guys, and some JP holo, Niji, and indies. I would rather not hear about what you jerked off to today or see you spam my timeline with shit from your porn tag.

No. 300067

No racebait but when it comes to japanese men assume the worst when it comes to the porn he's watching. It's the single most pornsick country on the entire planet and it's not close, especially when it comes to pedoshit both drawn and real since cp wasn't outlawed there until less than a decade ago.

No. 300068

Samefag but wait I forgot Lauren Iroas got caught with pirated male nipple torture porn and it got blasted all over news stations in Japan KEK.

No. 300070

shu and doppio are the only ones i can think of that are not coomers but they are still moids after all. we need women (that are not aidens) to start getting bishie models and stream as hot guys and drive these coomers out of business fr.

No. 300073

We need the female equivalent of babinikus.

No. 300077

Hey nonna, I kinda feel the same way as you do. I am a Niji fan, but the state of the company lately has made me completely disillusioned. Still, there are some members I still try to catch every now and then.

For JP, I still really like Kanae. He's very down to earth, chill, focuses on his games, and isn't weird with his chat or other members.

For EN, Ike Eveland is still the only guy I really care about. He DEFINITELY has some questionable shit going behind the scenes, but at the very least he doesn't put it out there. Though I've heard Sonny is also quite nice to watch.

For the girls, I will always support Selen Tatsuki even if she becomes menhera. She is too much like us for me not too. But I have also enjoyed content by Nina Kosaka (she has really grown the past half year), Maria Marionette (very relaxing and doesn't pander to fanservice at all) and I still like Pomu Rainpuff even if she is the quintessential idol member.

Honestly though, I've been watching way more of Tempus2 than anything else. Bettel is just TOO GOOD and too entertaining a showman. Him and Magni's collabs are great.

If none of this works for you, maybe it's time to consider following indies and smaller streamers?

No. 300080

Being a corporate fan is stupid yes but honestly with what has been coming out about Niji's practices as of late it's hard to support them. The profit shares are shit, they get fuck all support, and honestly I've never liked how they'll dump out like 20 new vtubers a year just for EN.
And yes I know Zaion/Sayu herself is trash, but that doesn't mean the company didn't fuck up either. That and a lot of things are echoed by other members as well. There's a reason all my favorites seem to have left and all started anew as indies instead.

No. 300082

> Though I've heard Sonny is also quite nice to watch.
Sonny’s definitely good (he’s my oshi kek so take my opinion with a grain of salt). Course he had all that sketchek shit going on and he has a closet coomer power level but he doesn’t show his coomer side on stream nor does he ever breach those topics which I really appreciate. He’s also really respectful to the girls especially which I like and doesn’t cross boundaries except for his few autist moments like that “Pomu my woman” shit he regrets to this day. He’s good for people who want a chill streamer that loves to experiment in games but doesn’t have toddler tantrums when he fucks up ingame. I really liked watching him from debut til now because he had a whole improvement arc from being an extremely socially awkward bad streamer to an entertaining streamer who’s a lot more comfortable streaming and socializing with his company mates.

No. 300085

Honestly Ike seemed fine but him calling oreimo wholesome haunts me.

No. 300086

What do y’all think of kyo kaneko ? I’ve only seen clips and he doesn’t seem too much like a coomer, but idk.

No. 300088

His model is horrendous if i wanted to look at an ugly guy I would watch fleshtubers. Which is kind of funny bc he is hot irl.

No. 300092

I semi-like him because I like his abrasive nature, but I hate that he is a leech on Enna.

No. 300104

a grifter and a leech, also tries very hard to sound black. honestly he just pisses me off a his collabs with enna too ,i hate enna aswell ever since her le epic win on the channers and her being a nepo baby whos openly a pedo

No. 300112

I liked Shu and Ike at first but Shu streams so little I forgot he existed kek and with Ike, I like his cozy vibe but I feel like he doesn't add much to the games he's playing. It doesn't feel much different than watching anyone else play, he's really good at some games which makes him a great watch for games I don't want to play myself though.

To be honest I agree with you, the freedom seems nice but it comes at the price of not being supported by the staff for anything. I wonder if the gamer wave is later than their usual schedule because some decided to dip out. One of the rumored guys liked and rted Zaion's tweet and the other corpo girl that dissed the 2% thing

I'll give him a chance, I didn't keep watching him because of his awkwardness for streaming at first. It's nice that he's chill about games because I despise men who throw tantrums at games so much lol

Kyo is not a coomer and shows bafflement at how shameless others are about their degeneracy. He was funny at first but his humor became repetitive to me. It mostly comes from him reacting "pause- pause- oh my gaa" to funny things rather than making the jokes himself.

I got the impression that he was raised in a mostly black neighbourhood for some reason? I remember him alluding to something like this but I can't remember exactly what he said. I never heard of Enna being a nepo baby though nona, can you elaborate?

No. 300113

Too zoomer ipad child energy for me

No. 300114

Enna’s a pedo ?! I didn’t know that, I don’t watch her much.

No. 300115

Kyo is a rare occasion where someone is hotter than their model irl.

No. 300119

Kyo was raised in a primarily african american area so his accent is authentic, but he is white. This isn't really something new, it happens a lot.

No. 300122

I get used to the fact that all vtubers will be degen even to a small degree. Moids will be moids. But out of the female vtubers I watch, I think amalee is the only one who doesn't pander to coomers. Likely because she was singer before she became a vtuber or because she just plays apex all day so she doesnt have time to. Then again I don't watch her enough to see if she coombaits because I can't endure fps streams for long. There's Geega, and while I find her boring, I don't think she panders either though she does yuribait occasionally. She does her own thing most of the time from what I see. I like to leave her stream on as background noise without really listening because she talks a lot so she's good for that if you're basically looking for white noise.

No. 300126

Are you…talking about the same person because he is considered hot??

No. 300128

Every other male chuuba is ugly irl please understand hes above average

No. 300138

have you seen fulgur or mysta? The bar is on the floor. He also had a glow up recently from his awkward teen on youtube era, check his ig. he’s a solid 7

No. 300158

I watch Niji JP males a lot and as far as their content goes, no, they don't act like degenerates at all. Even with things like ASMR and fanservice, they don't take things too far. This also means a lot of 'pandering' they might do (whether it's yume or fujo) isn't as forced as EN pandering can get.
>Kuzuha called Himawari a slampig once
Do you have a clip of this? I don't feel like he'd use strong language like that, he always talks about being scared of getting flamed/cancelled. Also while on this topic, I'd say in general Kuzuha is one of the least coomer males, he always avoids any sexual topics and usually ignores dirty jokes too.

No. 300164


No. 300168

i said no aidens

No. 300181

File: 1685763314924.jpg (211.28 KB, 1426x828, FrPSSpxaEAEqi7F.jpg)

I don't watch much vtubers these days, but Magni makes my heart soft. He just seems like a nice and genuine dude. Iirc, he's dating a woman irl but he's bisexual so his pandering doesn't feel too forced. Honestly I hope his irl romantic relationship is happy and fulfilling.

No. 300187

File: 1685769562169.jpg (64 KB, 680x680, E1Q7mWtXMAIwzaw.jpg)

What do you think of Pomu Rainpuff?

No. 300191

I still don't get why so many women like Kanae. He straight up victim blamed a woman who said she's sick of being used for sex and said it's because of the way she dresses. And he just gives off weird vibes because of his playboy image tbh.

No. 300194

The Enna being a pedo thing comes from her stream with the rest of Ethyria where she shows them a picture of a kid she used to take care of as a teacher in Japan and the rest of Ethyria kind of has a shocked reaction. Some people assume it's CP but it could just be kids doing gross stuff as usual. https://streamable.com/2qgth0

No. 300195

I really like her, she's got unique content and is just funny as a whole but I despise her fans.

No. 300199

Love her

No. 300202

calling it porn is a reach, judging from their reactions it’s probably just a gross picture. most kids are snotty and dirty. but of course coomers would assume it’s porn

No. 300207

Can I get a source on this?

No. 300208

Why would a gross picture get someone cancelled? If the clip didn't have that specific comment, yeah it's probably a nothingburger, but considering the rest… I don't think she's stupid enough to show straight up pornography or nudity, but it was probably something much more inappropriate that would get her canned if it were shown.

No. 300219

I'm an outlier cause I can keep watching a man who is degen but Akina is my oshi and yes, JP men can get very degenerate.

No. 300220

I'm trying to find it but I think the EN clip got deleted because it's not in my comment history despite commenting on it

No. 300237

No offense but this feels like the kind of post I'd see on /vt/, everything about it is wrong.
>He straight up victim blamed a woman who said she's sick of being used for sex and said it's because of the way she dresses.
When? The one time people tried to 'cancel' him it was because people kept trauma dumping in SCs and when someone brought up being molested he said he can't give advice as he hasn't experienced anything like that.
He doesn't push a playboy image at all either, if anything it's the opposite. He tends to be respectful and considerate whenever he collabs with women, while he keeps the occasional dirty jokes and acting flirty to solo streams and his interactions with guys.

No. 300240

Fuck off, Handmaiden. I haven't forgotten about the forced abortion rumor surrounding that moid either.

No. 300242

Either provide video proof or shut up. There must be a video somewhere if it happened.

No. 300243

Why'd you get so riled up over me asking for proof? That one rumor also comes from his 5ch schizos and is as baseless as any random rumor you could read on /vt/. Saying blatant misinfo just makes you come off as an anti.

No. 300252

Asking for proof makes you a handmaiden? Do you even know what the word means?

No. 300256

Thoughts on Kenji ? I think he’s one of the few vtubers who’s actually funny and doesn’t use middle school humor. However in some of his reaction videos his incessant need to make fun of the way some women look is annoying.
But I could be overreacting.

No. 300259

The proof is that she made it the fuck up. Post caps this is a imageboard retard

No. 300265

This so much. I just want male vtubers catering to women, but almost all of them turn out to be absolute degenerates. I've been more into female vtubers lately for this reason. I lean more towards males, but the more they pander to yumes, the more of a sex pest they are irl.
I wish there was someone like Vox that knew being a coomer irl is actually a huge turn off, but I guess that will never happen considering Hex is following into his footsteps and succeding financially

No. 300296

Bro I'm being serious I literally can't find it. I commented on the video but it doesn't show up in my comment history. I don't know what to tell you but it was literally real.

No. 300297

Also just so you know I've never seen this on VT so I'm confused by why you're acting like that's a rumour from there when I only saw it as a English subtitled clip. It was a girl saying she keeps on getting used for sex when she wants men to like her and not her body, and asked Kanae for advice, and he told her to not be mad at what he's saying and then proceeded to tell her to not wear revealing clothing and that that's probably why she got seen as easy. I don't know who the other commentor is who called you a handmaiden but I don't know why you're getting so annoyed by this. I don't believe that weird abortion rumour either. But it was a genuine clip I saw, I'll try to see if I can find it again because it didn't show up when I searched it or my comment history. My vtuber playlists always have videos that get deleted so it's not that surprising if it's gone.

No. 300300

Okay I found the link. https://youtu.be/S_9CgWLhOcs
It's at 3:48

No. 300302

not the anon(s) you're replying to, but i guess i can see it? since i remember a similar controversy he allegedly was involved in. at first i thought you were talking about how he had allegedly said he couldn't understand why women didnt speak up when groped. he privated the vod and was sort of indirect in his apology. he acknowledged the unpleasant nature of his statement, but not directly naming or specifying it and how it was so makes the situation ambiguous on whether he did say it because there are no clips, only a drama channel talking about it and some other discussion. the only "real" proof people had were tweet replies from people that did allegedly see the stream and a supposed transcription. im not surprised because Japan is still a conservative society despite weebs thinking that the men there will be somehow better than western men when it comes to that mentality

No. 300307

File: 1685829740462.jpg (198.38 KB, 621x1883, Image.jpg)

Samefag but this is the video I saw which is more extreme and explains my frustration with Kanae https://youtu.be/X6mBPP1wTxM. The translation here is a bit off as he says easy instead of whatever censored word is shown here but the fact that he said to wear less revealing clothing to a woman concerned with being used for sex remains.

No. 300310

Ah, I always avoid this clipper (they mistranslate things a lot, their most viewed clip is mistranslated as well), so I never saw this translation before, that's pretty bad. He never calls the viewer easy/a slut and he uses more polite language overall, though the comment about wearing less revealing clothes is still off putting. This video definitely gives a way worse impression though, I have seen the other clip before and I didn't take it as him shaming the girl at all.
Sorry if my initial post came off as rude, I see people post misinfo or mistranslations a lot when it comes to JPs and I do tend to get annoyed by it.

No. 300312

I love non kawaii(?) voiced Uchubers. Even if I don't speak the language, when I listen to Towa, Mori and even Subaru to sleep, I feel comforted.
It's ashamed that the pornsick of vtuber world think it's a "debuff"

No. 300313

I don’t watch this guy so no biased feelings here. It doesn’t seem like he’s saying it’s right or it’s logical but simply that that’s how most men operate. It is what it is, moids will judge a woman based on her appearance and can sense how “willing” she is to put out (low self esteem, desperate). It is a bit quick of him to assume her style and that’s why she’s approached by that type of moids. She could have conservative style and still give off menhera vibes.

No. 300317

not confirmed just a headcanon rio from holostars. dont watch him only listened to some of his female covers and the voices he uses is too convincing but idk

No. 300329

Amazing singing voice, quick witted and good at banter, genuinely passionate about idols, vtubing, and her favorite games. She's cute and funny and I love her.

No. 300348

They exist but they're mostly pedobait. Mashiro and Aki from Nijisanji both come to mind. Tamaki as well… Well, the latter two are less pedobait and more trapbait since they're both women voicing boys who look like girls.

No. 300349

File: 1685857504930.jpg (200.67 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

Plugging my oshi Amiya Aranha here as there always seem to be anons looking for female vtubers tolerable for female audiences.
She's a noncoomer (really sweet and wholesome) variety streamer who focuses mostly on music, retro games, and art in multiple mediums. I mostly watch her for the art and retro games! One of the earliest memorable streams for me is watching her create her own neocities site on stream, along with her picoCAD stream… I always feel like she's trying new and creative stuff and it's fun watching her apply herself to learn new skills.
Sorry for sperging a bit, I just really love her.

No. 300351

File: 1685857712749.jpg (141.37 KB, 850x1095, __amiya_aranha_and_amiya_aranh…)

Another as I just find her so adorable…
That being said, if any other nonnas know of relatively wholesome female vtubers who have unique content or do retro game streams, please let me know!

No. 300354

You say this and yet Akina (genuine shotacon) and Kenmochi (genuine lolicon) are a couple of the most prominent Niji JP males…?
And just off the top of my head, I've heard a bunch of them talk about their preferences in porn on stream: Kanae, YashiKizu, Chaika, Rikiichi, Maimoto, Genzuki, Kaida, Lauren, etc.
I'm not trying to bash you but lets be real and face the fact that if you're watching a male, you're watching a male regardless of what branch they're from.

No. 300391

I'm checking her out and she's really cute nonna. Just the type of content I enjoy. Thanks for posting her

No. 300398

mashiro from nijisanji is a male. you can easily find his other accounts where he shows his face and he uses his regular male voice sometimes, and when he's vtubing occasionally his voice will be his normal deep voice when he's coughing or singing.

No. 300400

samefag I think you might be thinking of masaru and not mashiro? masaru is the shota that's voiced by a woman

No. 300401

samefag I think you might be thinking of masaru and not mashiro? masaru is the shota that's voiced by a woman

No. 300443

Yeah, it was Masaru! I always get my wires crossed with their names, thanks for the correction.

No. 300445

NP! I hope you have a good time!
(Taking the chance to plug one of my favorite covers by her, too)

No. 300483

You're not wrong, however I don't expect them to never bring up anything sexual at all (even if it would be nice if they didn't), just to not be complete degenerates about it and keep it to appropriate places, such as solo streams.
I say this as someone who stopped watching NijiEN men because most of them act like complete coomers and even have a lot of their humor focus on it, so far NijiJPs have been far more bearable in my opinion.

No. 300516

Am I the only one who thinks a lot of vtubers are painfully unfunny ? so much vtuber humor is the type of humor only 14 year old band kids like. Especially vox.

No. 300683

Oh yeah vox is TOTALLY unfunny

No. 300686

there are so many indie and 2view metal chuubas I'd love to recommend you nonna if you're interested

No. 300688

kyo has a textbook Louisiana accent.

No. 300694

File: 1685998507813.jpg (64.22 KB, 931x1192, Screenshot_20230605_165539_You…)

samefag but I've decided to share my list of metal/hardcore vtubers because I love them :)
keep in mind, most of them are vsingers so most likely there isn't a ton of clippable content.
zephyrianna has uploaded some covers to spotify, her voice is amazing :)
mana puts up with no coomer business. she needs to stop fighting with people on Twitter all the time, but she's my oshi so I find it endearing.
Nana isn't necessarily a metal vsinger but she does collab with mana a lot.
maririn!!! I love Mari a lot and her voice is so powerful
2view artist I found thru ennas Twitter. her mixing is p awful but she's a talented artist and singer.

not necessarily a metal vsinger either, but her voice is very powerful and her growls are amazing.
too coomerbaity for me but she is really good at guitar
another 2view! his screams are really good. idk what else, i searched for some more metal vtubers for this post.

aerize does a ton of instrumentals for some metal vtubers

I've done way too much research for this stupid post so I hope you like it nonnas!(:))

No. 300736

It comes from the fact that a lot of vtubers, especially males, grew up chronically online and have the "internet humor" that really only makes sense if you know every single meme in existence since 2009 (and find them funny)
Thanks for the list nonna. I already knew Maria since she's niji and I love her singing. Also have been watching her streams sometimes, they're nice.
>there isn't a ton of clippable content
I feel like this is a good sign at this point. Whoever I started to watch after seeing their clips turned out to have streams that have hours of unbearable unfunny content and two seconds of funny content. Now I'd just rather watch someone be chill than try to be funny every moment. also don't use smilies next time /vt/nonna. You'll get banned for it here

No. 300843

thanks for the list nona. will check them out

No. 300849

File: 1686084306319.png (100.78 KB, 600x600, _FD7SosKVUAMOeI9.png)

Well nonna, have you watched Furuya Mari?

No. 300850

Heads up, Miori is also suuuper coomerbaity.

No. 300851

>retard baby voice
No thanks

No. 300856

I do like retro/classic games,but I'm not going to watch her because this post being phrased exactly like a 4chan scrote shill is such a turn off. Sorry.

No. 300857

Didn’t she get called out for accusing some guy for rape in the past as shunao?

No. 300859

File: 1686086911258.gif (1.26 MB, 498x278, marine-horny-marine-hololive.g…)

So, how does a male vtuber pander to female fans without acting like a coomer exactly?
Why is it acceptable when (JP) female vtubers act horny on stream?

No. 300860

File: 1686086977339.jpg (56.82 KB, 594x544, Screenshot 2023-06-07 012338.j…)

No. 300863

File: 1686087639878.png (5.38 KB, 1153x49, 013015604564050.png)

>Gets away with it for 2 years and counting

No. 300864

It's not. Countless nonnas here bash female vtubers for being coomery. Literally just scroll up a few posts from your own, even.

No. 300867

I think a male vtuber can pander to women without being a coomer if he avoids sexual shit. Like doing a soft boyfriend asmr where he acts more submissive instead of the whole “daddy dom slaps you” type of shit. Like vox panders to women but the issue is that it’s obvious he gets off on choking, slapping and degrading women in bed. Sure, many women like that, but doesn’t change the fact that it’s weird when men get off on that shit.

No. 300869

I mean, I don’t like constant horniness from female vtubers either. It gets annoying when a streamer of either sex can’t go one second without sperging about their fetishes or moaning into the mic or making raunchy jokes. For me, it shows that they don’t really have much of a personality out of their sexuality and can’t come up with funny quips that aren’t “HAHA I WANT FUCK”. It’s very easy to pander to a female audience without being overly raunchy, and that’s by doing BFE, being unabashedly cute no matter how uncomfortable male viewers get (yknow, cute anime boys doing cute things), talking to your viewers about female-oriented topics (I like when guys sperg about shoujo and otome), doing fanservice, etc. It’s possible to do those things without being raunchy, and if a guy can’t figure out how to do those things without doing so, that’s a skill issue.

No. 300873

I don’t like it when jp women do it either. I only overlook Marine’s baiting because she’s just that great to me, I have very little patience for everyone else as none has entertained me as much as Marine. I could argue that her “horni” stuff is self-referential and ott unserious but I digress.

No. 300875

just act like a boyfriend material without the coomer jokes. drop an accidental sexy joke mayyyybe once 2 months to keep the fanbase entertained but don’t overdo it. when they overdo it the sex jokes lose their appeal. get into games that are popular within the audience, doesn’t have to be strictly otome, in fact playing otome as a man is too desperate imo. stick to playing resident evil for leon kennedy for example is a better choice

No. 300877

>For me, it shows that they don’t really have much of a personality out of their sexuality and can’t come up with funny quips that aren’t “HAHA I WANT FUCK”.
Seriously, it shows a lack of skill and effort when your entire persona is centered around sexual pandering. The majority of the human populations experiences sexual compulsion, there's no unique quality to this kind of content at all aside from your avatar and voice maybe ticking off the boxes of somebody's type. I honestly this this is why so many coomerbrained vtubers who don't bring anything else to the table are so mentally ill. It's just not healthy for your self-perception or sustainable.
Yeah, I don't like it when Marine is coomery, either, but I've still watched a fair bit of her because she still shows a level of maturity befitting her age and brings other things to the table. And she's aware of what she's doing since being a burikko is part of her persona. When she talks about oldass memes and projects she's worked on prior to the Hololive era, I see a lot of passion and effort towards otaku culture that's just endearing.
I think a comparable opposite in the JPsphere for me would be, like… Gundou Mirei. There's very little substance there. She's not very nice to others, looking at all of the falling-outs she's had. And she's been proven to be a chronic liar when it comes to her more unique traits.
The same would apply for men if I didn't consider them an inferior sex that I refuse to watch regardless of content.

No. 300878

do you watch hakka by any chance?

No. 300879

marines art is so beautiful, I wish she'd do more drawing streams.

No. 300884

It’s sucks that the majority of vtubers these days seem to adopt the need to be overly sexual on their streams. Vtubing has a lot of potential but rn is been overrun by coomers and incels.

No. 300885

I think fulgur could do a good job relating to a female audience since he likes yaoi(even though fujoshis annoy the shit out of me). Too bad he defended loli cons.

No. 300892

It really is sad. I can only think of a few who I really enjoy. That are still remaining.
I knkw that the person behind him was a troon, but I wish we'd get more people geared towards utilizing the medium for its narrative potential the way Mayuzumi Kai did. Another existing vtuber who I also like for taking good advantage of the medium is the small indie Picky channel, but I find her sort of unwatchable despite having good content and high-effort solo branding because her audience is filled with troony coomers.

No. 300893

i like that they use a voice changer to sound like a uwu egirl but it comes off as a tranny trying too hard

No. 300894

The voice changer is for hiding her identity because she's had a lot of issues that ran her out communities in the past, kek

No. 300915

I really feel like I'm in the minority of not being able to stand Marine because of her coomer shit. She lost all care I had for her when she said she wanted rape doujins of herself.

No. 300927

Exactly why I'm excited for Kooji VA to be in the new wave. I hope en men don't poison him too and he can keep doing bfe without adding coomer shit into it. Viewers asking sexual question also makes them think that's what the audience wants so I hope all the vox and hex viewers stay in their lane.
When did she say that?

No. 300965

He's a tranny apologist sex pest, don't bother

No. 300994

wait, what are luca's coomerish behavior? i haven't watched him for months now and the streams i see were of him dipping his toes on fanservices but never committing to it unless it's specified for his streams. he's the only male niji vtuber i enjoyed so i'm shock to see he's a coomer. although i won't be surprised, thought he's tamer than most of boys in niji.

No. 301007

It’s mainly in his past life stuff from what I’ve seen. Back then his whole shtick was pretending to be a girl on vrchat to prank people or do skits. And a lot of that was pretty coomerish and at times slightly misogynistic. Overall he seems to have matured or maybe just wants to distance himself from that persona in current times.

No. 301015

He acts like a big man baby so I doubt he matured in any sense of the word. His humor is still a 10 year old boy's humor, I think he's just not making sex jokes to keep up his """sweet""" gullible persona.

No. 301021

That’s a lot more tolerable than shoving sex jokes and raunchiness into your viewers’ faces all the time, or at least it is for me.
I feel like this thread will have 50000 results of the word coomer by the time we hit post limit again.

No. 301025

How new to lc are you? She is well-known to be hated in Art community for being a terrible person.
tinfoil that it could be her too, because Furuya tries to self-post on various boards.

No. 301037

This thread keeps getting posted and mentioned on /vt/ (with some people claiming nonnas here raid them daily) so the fact we have so many self posters now doesn’t surprise me. Being retarded enough to promote yourself on this website is really something though, but nothing new.

No. 301043

File: 1686161560910.png (30.99 KB, 940x126, 0130165015601.png)

>Doesn't interact with her Tsunderia mutuals
>Plays on easy mode for 19 streams
The past is one thing but being a lacking streamer is another

No. 301116

I really don't want to search through every clip she has talking about doujins but it was something along the lines of
>every doujin has me being dominant or enjoying it, I want to see a doujin where I get taken advantage of and used!
She also happily chatted with Matsuri about loli doujins

No. 301203

She's stupid but I don't think she's stupid enough to selfpost in places where people openly dislike her. It's probably one of her scorned simps from her previous life vendetta posting. I don't condone vendetta!anon's obsessive behavior but I also don't think mari is undeserving of the consequences of her behavior, either.

No. 301376

File: 1686320414952.jpeg (184.02 KB, 1286x1309, IMG_1029.jpeg)

Another day another vtuber being a degenerate, the character she’s talking about is most likely 17.

No. 301377

Since we are talking about this ethot I don't know why but I'm very skeptical about baos moneys being stolen I think she pocketed it more like.shes like the ultimate griffter.

No. 301378

>moralfagging about the least important thing
Vtubers that publicly thirst over character are times better than the ones that thirst over their viewers. We need more husbandofagging in the vtubing community so scrotes are constantly reminded of how inferior they are to men that dont even exist

No. 301380

Husbandofagging a 17 year old fictional character is bad now? Every single female vtuber that has ever played Persona on stream is a thorough degenerate then KEK.

No. 301383

>baos moneys being stolen
>shes like the ultimate griffter.
wanna fill in the rest of us with the deets?

No. 301389

Ok and?

No. 301390

Vtubers that post their sexual fantasies on Twitter dot com for their followers are still coomers. Even if doing it over a fictional character, her followers will still get their dicks wet over it.

No. 301391

This whole fiasco

No. 301392

There are so many other valid reasons to shit on Bao that don’t hang this low, like her shit singing and her constant drama baiting in situations she has no relevance in.

No. 301394

File: 1686330690549.png (32.58 KB, 387x371, retard activated.png)

I think donated money being stolen is VALID enough reason for milk go back to twitter retard

No. 301396

I didn’t say that wasn’t valid milk. I said that the twitter post about the Spider-Man character wasn’t. Can you read? What the fuck does my post have to do with Twitter? Jesas.

No. 301411

File: 1686336153995.png (20.13 KB, 634x465, vtuber shit.PNG)

nah if you actually read through a lot other vtubers like saruei, onigiri, hannah, vienna, and others spoke up about being scammed by the same guy. can't find the tweet and clip again, but there was another indie who said she was strung along for months only to receive just 30 draft frames of animation which was generic magical girl transformation and was ghosted

No. 301458

>nooooooooo you can't be hecking attracted to a 17 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds old fictional man!!!!!!
Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 301461

How dare you say that, anon? Go back to twitter.

No. 301462

I wouldn't wince if she posted these on an alt, but on main? Really? lol

No. 301465

the way she acts is cringe but this character has no canon age or anything. stop calling everyone you hate a pedo you are making the word use it’s weight by overusing it

No. 301477

nobody used the word pedo, anon

No. 301478

I don't know, sounds based as fuck to me, though if I were her I'd be less explicit about it, so the scrote audience can't get any weird ideas.
Nta but there was moralfagging over the character (possibly) being 17. What other reason could you have to do that other than you think any woman who thirsts over a fictional character who might be a few months below 18 must be a pedophile? If you don't think that then why bring it up?

No. 301504

Woman husbandofagging anime 17 yo male is milk? You go back retard, don’t let ‘em catch you saying r-word on lolcow.farm

No. 301516

Always felt weird about Bao since that time she genuinely broke down crying in the middle of an amongus collab because she got caught as the imposter really fast into the round. Everyone was so confused thinking that she had some kind of emerfency but she was straight up crying over being bad at the game.

No. 301522

Can’t find her vod for it, but god damn.
Is she genuinely mentally ill? That’s so awkward.

No. 301545

Could be high stress, when I was under a lot of pressure and cried over the smallest inconvenience. Vtubing as an indie is probably really high pressure since you can't ever be 100% sure if your paycheck will be able to cover all costs of living.

No. 301548

I actually don't think this is the one I was thinking of - in the one I was thinking of she mutes herself on discord but had her on-stream mic on while she cried and the others were asking if she went afk after they accused her of imposter. She was muted/crying for so long they started asking if she had an irl emergency and her viewers had to alert other streamers she was just wordlessly crying over the game. It probably was just stress and pressure but it was surreal to see a grown woman crying over losing a video game.

No. 301578

I was gonna say, in clip above, it seems like a joke to me. She clearly plays it up anytime someone asks her what's wrong and they laugh along. But I'm curious about the time you mention lol.

No. 301654

they aren't going to get offended, most of the time their reaction to husbandofagging is "so shes a femcel virgin? hot." or they see her as more based for simping over fictional characters.

No. 301777

File: 1686501608508.png (304.08 KB, 1004x968, 1686455195714341.png)

Thoughts on new Maglord?

No. 301778

He doesn’t look inbred anymore horray

No. 301780

Bao will always be a cow in my eyes ever since i watched her first debut on yt (which later then moved to twitch) when she already started complaining about numbers and her manager, kek. I honestly dont know how people can watch her and Shoto.

No. 301782

awww he doesn't look retarded anymore, glad they fixed his goofy eyes

No. 301805

I got so used to his weird eyes that I stopped caring, but he looks good.

No. 301817

So, I just listened to Mori's cover of "Idol" and she sings well now?
When did that happen? She legit sounded like an ok singer most of the song instead of dreadful like before.

No. 301818

She's been taking singing lessons for some time now

No. 301835

He's still constantly looking down? Can't this be fixed by moving their phone/camera that's motion capturing their face? Axel suffers from this too, his rigger even posted a video where his face moves normally

No. 301853

still ugly

No. 301924


No. 301960

glad they fixed the anya taylor joy eyes but his model still looks cheap af like he is some indie with 150 ccv

No. 301974

Yeah I never thought his face was the only thing making him look weird. I like uneven haircuts and highlights but Magni's hair is just weirdly drawn. Even most indies have better art on their models.

No. 302041

Ina has had enough

No. 302042

Glad she's speaking up on it. It's not like there aren't enough of her fellow vtubers even just within hololive that will gladly go along with that kinda thing. If that's what they want they should follow Marine or something.

No. 302043

she's not wrong but some moids are already in the comments throwing a fit

No. 302044

I'm glad she's speaking out her views. I hate coomer vtuber art as well. Moids shouldn't be allowed in vtubuing

No. 302077

>all I hear about this situation from moids is that she had an explosive mental breakdown on stream that hurt artists’ feelings
>explosive amount of hate towards her
>damn maybe the situation was that bad
>watch this video and she’s so damn calm trying to filter her words as best as possible so she doesn’t cause the guys in her audience to have a meltie
>still has a meltie
God damn, moid vtuber fans are so fucking sensitive. And they say we’re drama whores ruining the vtubing community when their sex is actively ruining every fucking fanbase or community in existence because they can’t handle being told no.

No. 302087

hadsn't she already implied that she wasn't super into that kind of nsfw stuff in the first place? I doubt any of those artists care about her feelings enough to be upset. embarrassing but not surprising

No. 302098

>Check to see what's been posted about this
>Scrotes talking about raping her to fix her
God I hate scrotes. It's really that hard for them to not sexualize vtubers who don't want horny shit, huh? Oh I forgot, the fact that women like Ina don't want it just makes scrotes enjoy it more.

No. 302106

They absolutely enjoy it more when women hate it. Men are rapists by nature.

No. 302215

What are some games that you would want to watch your oshi play?

No. 302216

She handled it so good naturedly, politely, and maturely but moids will moid. In any other profession, constant sexual comments are considered sexual harrasment, but for some reason female streamers specifically are expected to not only put up with it but openly accept it and get told its their fault for not knowing it comes with the job. It makes me sad that plenty of moids will have public lives and never be expected to recieve sexual harrasment like this but women are punished for even politely asking to let themselves draw and play video games without being constantly fetishized.

No. 302217

Absolutely based. Also it's weird that moids in the comments are acting like she was just talking about not derailing chat when she very clearly isn't comfortable with sexual things,but they choose to conveniently ignore that.

No. 302279

I want him to play more TF2 on stream since those are always informative and comfy. More fighting games so I can see him destroyed by his viewers and roguelikes. I would kill for a stream of Dwarf Fortress or Caves of Qud from him.

No. 302570

File: 1686893879816.png (221.39 KB, 930x530, 045604650465045.png)

LMAO, fanartists are fully committed to profiting off of chuubas, even it they're well off enough to not need the extra cash.

It's a shame that Ina isn't allowed to block people. The whole subculture would implode on itself overnight if she could.

No. 302717

>haven’t watched a single vtuber stream in we eks
>i don’t check twitter for updates/clips
>i don’t search up fanart of my oshi anymore
>i have no fomo regarding streams
>i don’t even read up on vtuber drama anymore
nonnas… am i… cured?

No. 302730

Nonna I'm also experiencing this. It's starting to feel like a chore to keep up with everything especially since my oshi streams for 5+ hours everyday. I was never big on fanart or news about other chuubas but the one oshi I have I'm starting to feel no fomo about. We're cured somehow

No. 302735

It's not the first time at all, she was never into any sort of nsfw content.

No. 302762

the only thing keeping me in the sphere is the fact I am a vtuber myself… I can feel the interest slipping and it's almost entirely because of all the stupid drama.

No. 302772

I haven't really watched any in months if I'm honest. Youtube is ass when it comes to tracking who is streaming what, and there's just so many. It doesn't help I'm outside of the timezones most of my favs stream during.

No. 302828

i notice some nijisanji en and jp streaming on twitch sometimes, which has better tracking for streams if that helps. shame that discoverability and streaming is so shit on youtube since i like it more.

No. 302898

File: 1687066044696.png (6.32 MB, 2204x3412, noct.png)

Noctyx second outfits. Apparently the concept was kpop idols at an airport. Random ass theme but they could just make them wear casual outfits lol I don't even know how Alban's outfit fits the theme with the apron. It looks good without the apron though. Uki's outfit is better only while seeing his top half and I can understand why Fulgur was bitching about his outfit in the members stream. I thought it was okay at first but the more I look at it the uglier it gets. The pink is just too weird. Sonny fits the theme but his old hair is better, the outfit is okay. Alban didn't show his full body I think so he has someone's edit of the different versions lol

No. 302907

Alban won the mama lottery with the amount of options he has across both outfits compared to the others

No. 302932

Don’t like the new hair too much but at least Sonny got toggles.. the hat and mask combination looks very good on him, I wish they would add some toggles to his old outfit since he has literally 0 but it’s fine. The little negi on his outfit is so cute.. Fulgur’s is whatever.. Uki’s is nice , and Alban’s is very cute, I’m glad he got a little convenience store uniform to go along with the whole konbini thing he has going on. Overall could’ve been a better theme though, which staff member actually thought “kpop at the airport” was a good theme for them instead of something lore related.

No. 302935

Sonny, Uki and Alban are all… fine? Nothing that interesting imho. Fulgur got shafted HARD, I hope he is not forced to use this…

No. 302983

Unnamed release an orisong, it's pretty good.
I'm glad she's doing fine after niji

No. 303028

these are so ugly lmfao

No. 303041

File: 1687132589689.jpeg (271.47 KB, 1264x1686, IMG_1036.jpeg)

This is genuinely such a strange response, male anime fans have zero respect for women, they’ll even sexualize their own mothers.

No. 303042

ah.. releasing the song right after Yugo was “erased” from Noctyx’s new key visual
I like the song tho

No. 303048

>hurr durr i just gave my mom big anime tits because she has them in real life!!! nothing wrong here!!!

No. 303055

Freud would be pleased with his reply.

No. 303056

Imagine carrying a baby for nine months of grueling pregnancy, just for him to grow up and draw you like an porn charicature for millions of gross strangers online

No. 303062

The actual answer is that he's incapable of drawing an ordinary looking middle-aged woman. He just drew a teenage girl with giant anime tits, slapped some frumpy hair on, and called it a "mom." They literally do not know how to draw any other kind of female person. Their idea of aging a character up is just making her tits larger and her hair shorter.

No. 303067

File: 1687153383077.png (8.51 KB, 584x209, これ玉投げる人、強い人が立った時に頭か身体に投げちゃえば出場…)

Out of all the crazy shit that Gundou has said and done in the past, it's completely wild that this was the straw that broke the camels back. What the fuck is up with Enikara these days?

No. 303080

It seems like she's graduating from her own will, but I've been thinking this too. The thing I liked about Nijisanji is how you could talk about literally anything, but now they're trying too hard to seem professional. It's honestly making me stop watching Nijisanji as a whole, and pretty much the only person I watch these days is Iinchou.

No. 303085

why would the same company that let one of their talents stream poorly censored gore get so upset over such a harmless silly tweet?

No. 303092

Baseball moids started harassing the fuck out of her so bad that it landed on national news, so ask them

No. 303095

Struggling to figure out what’s offensive about this

No. 303100

>Out of all the crazy shit that Gundou has said and done in the past
not familiar with gundou, any examples of her best hits?

No. 303101

File: 1687173341349.jpeg (126.05 KB, 997x823, 9B66DFB9-62B2-499C-ACDF-8AD7EB…)

Thought it was retarded in March when the news broke out, still think it’s retarded now, can’t really figure out why Japanese baseball fans were mad other than an important match happened for Japan that they won and then Gundou made this tweet.. all that machine translation is telling me is that they took the tweet literally and thought she was mad about Japan winning or something and wanted them to get knocked out. I don’t know…. Japanese netizens are incomprensible. I think it was baseball fans mixed in with the schizos from suki-kirai that made this such a big deal, and then Niji wanting to save face with their baseball sponsorships instead of keeping her around. Maybe any of you that know the runes can decipher this article on the situation https://afumi-stage.jp/gundoumirei_enjou/

No. 303134

It's probably because of how Koshien is also one of their largest events I guess although I still feel like Nijisanji wasn't like this in the past.

No. 303340

Genuinely think Niji are listening way too much to shit schizos and normies say against their livers nowadays and making retarded moves to save face with them. It was very clear in Yugo’s graduation and kinda clear in Zaion’s. Them getting rid of one of their most popular Nijisanji members in general just because normies and schizos despise her shows this problem in full view. Wouldn’t be surprised if they graduated one of the bigger EN members just because a couple of loud schizos complained about her or him.

No. 303341

Some nobody made a documentary on Froot and got a lot of receipts for their video. Apparently Bettel is STILL dating Froot??? PLEASE tell me it ain't true.


No. 303345

Did she really cheat on a soldier stationed in Afghanistan? Based.

No. 303349

Cheating is bad regardless mkay.

No. 303350

Yeah but it’s funny to me

No. 303357

I can't get over the obviously fake cutesy voice.

No. 303367

I mostly know her for talking about sexual stuff and having an unfiltered dirty mouth, similar to Marine in that she'll talk about anything. Some stuff off the top of my head:
>talked about how she often went to lesbian bars; once walked up to a table at a lesbian bar and realized she had slept with every woman sitting there
>kissed Hoshikawa on a twtcast
>was also a teacher irl, one time her students found out about her vtubing
>also used to talk about shipping her male students together in her head
>generally talking about crazy fetishes like NTR and ugly old man doujins as well as giving listenera sexual advice with Hoshikawa, Utako, Mikoto, and Ange
>was hugely shipped with Kanda for a while, arguably one of the biggest m/f ships in niji, somehow both of their careers were improved by this instead of ruining them both

No. 303372

>also used to talk about shipping her male students together in her head
How do you get to this level of degeneracy

No. 303384

File: 1687230844208.png (45.14 KB, 361x421, 1685507542482528.png)

Who knows really. Judging from what I've seen of their interactions these past few months they seem pretty close, I think Bettel had even made a joke referencing her during his debut stream. Do we know if Froot is still living in the UK? I would've assumed that in the case that they're still dating they'd at least be in a long-distance relationship but according to picrel Bettel doesn't plan on traveling there anytime soon, if ever again.

No. 303397

I'm not watching all that but I wonder if the paypigs that shoot Gavis to the top of holostars earnings will leave if this blows up. It's kinda funny seeing non bfe/gfe vtubers lose their donators when they are "exposed" to have a bf/gf because it's a cold reminder of who most of the people watching vtubers are kek

No. 303434

Cheating on a scrote is based.

No. 303435

I don't mind Bettel being in a relationship but I do mind it being with Froot.
I am hoping the discord interview is relatively old and that this chatlog is new so that hopefully means they've broken up.

No. 303438

Sounds more like Matsuri, Marine’s sexual stuff is making fun of her own character mostly and dirty jokes, not actually bragging about being a degenerate irl

No. 303439

A lot of these things are actually not even true in the first place, which is why she gets so much hate because people believe she's a compulsive liar. For example, she admitted she made up the story about being a teacher IRL.

No. 303443

Who cares. Scrotes want to date some jirai cheater chan then they already accept the terms and conditions. All of these moids would cheat if they had the opportunity and I bet my house a bunch of them already have history of cheating. The only thing holding these moids back was the fact that they were all unfuckably ugly most of their lives.
Bayzed. /vt/ pickme’s act like bitter mothers-in-law, get cucked.

No. 303451

File: 1687250254643.png (49.28 KB, 1516x466, 1687162318885791.png)

I've heard about it being lies but when I look it up in eng and in jp I can't find any clear sources or expose pieces, though it might just be that it happened so long ago it got eaten by the algorithm and everything is about her graduation right now. I did find this on 4chan though. Also found a jp clip of her being rude towards cheap superchatters and the comments were talking about how they found her toxic and distasteful.

No. 303454

I don’t like the cringe sex stuff but vtuber viewers have got to be the least humorous and frigid bunch in the world. They should go watch the news and simp the weather casters instead.

No. 303460

>watch the news and simp the weather casters
There are guys who do that on /jp/ actually…

No. 303462

I'm not sure when the interview took place but the screencap is from an April (menshi?) stream. I could see why someone in his position would want to be discreet about a relationship, especially with someone as controversial as Froot, but then again it's also plausible that they might've already split and are now just friends.

No. 303481

t. Froot
t. Froot samefagging(hi cow)

No. 303483

t. You & Me out on a date

No. 303485

File: 1687270643470.png (18.9 KB, 640x480, bait.png)

Get better bait retard

No. 303517

Cope. Breaking: a grown man who is not your boyfriend would rather be NTR’d than humoring parasocial fatties. He’s probably balls deep in her rn, how do you feel about that?

No. 303726

Anyway, I was wondering; is anyone else frequenting this board also a vtuber? I am a small time nobody and I was wondering if there were others here too?

No. 303744

File: 1687360141900.png (4 KB, 328x150, gamer.png)

Gamer wave incoming. The rumored members were
>Kooji VA
>Issei Kai
>some league dude I forgot the name of
First three aren't even gamers so it's just a regular wave if it's true

No. 303745

i mean the only vtuber who openly has said she visits vt boards is pippa? i dont think many vtubers would like to mention they visit the le twansphobic site. i would like to know your name but thats against the rules.. but im hoping for your success nonna!

No. 303758

If it's here, I've seen a few people posted here in the vent thread about it.. Unless it's all the same person.
As for /vt/, it's safe to say a lot of EN vtubers, big or small visit /vt/. A lot of them it's by accidental screenshots of their search history or most visited website.

No. 303762

File: 1687363448713.png (1.09 MB, 1668x1574, BEA4EB97-9CCE-4CB6-8876-58905F…)

If they turn out looking like this, they’ve already gotten leaked months ago on 4chan.

No. 303764

The names are from the same leak. While all of the clothes are ugly as hell the top halfs are tolerable.

No. 303765

kek how does this even get leaked

No. 303805

I haven't posted about my vtubing in /vent/ at all, since I am way too small and there's a surprising overlap here with /vt/ (I say, as someone who's been on /vt/ as well…). But it's neat to know other vtubers are nonnas.

No. 303812

I knew a vtuber whose momma has connection with elira’s friends and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be the tanned guy on the bottom left. I hope that I’m wrong I really do. I’m tinfoiling because he locked his twitter account along with nuking his discord account after graduating.

No. 303814

Give us names nonnie

No. 303854

does he have milk

No. 303862

I like the first design. Hope his voice isn't annoying

No. 303863


I brought it up bc a friend of mine got taken advantage by him and she highly suspects that he got into niji after he graduated two months after having a 2.0 debut along with his vtuber mama having a lot of network connections with ppl that had worked with niji like hodusae. It really sucks to see the moid get better opportunities while my friend suffered.

some minor milk
>was a normie ffxiv streamer turned into a byf experience shoto-wannabe (even copying the demon hunter theme)
>is implied to be in love with his vtuber momma (who's already in a relationship with someone else)
>has an army of handmaidens to the point of commissioning art himself with them.
>mutuals with a lot of big name vtubers like shoto, Merryweather, jae, etc.
>openly talked shit about his fans in a past stream with his vtuber momma
>allowed a few number of his vtuber friends to dominate the conversation within his server
>a lot of his original supporters left thanks to the handmaidens turning it into a thirstbait cesspool
>there was definitely some social hierarchy bs going on with the handmaidens that they can be cows themselves. His lore writer was in a callout document

No. 303866

anyone else sick and tired of corpo vtubers that act like streaming is the hardest thing to do in the world and that even putting any effort into their content is draining every single cell in their body? i’ve seen this with shu from niji who came into the company wanting to release a fucking christmas album and a fuck ton of covers and now he gets mad and has breakdowns when people suggest stream ideas, games for him to play, ask for covers, or criticize him in any way. if you don’t want to do any content creation and just want to stream a collab every 2 weeks, then why did you become apart of a vtubing company?

No. 303879

True, but some fans also need to stop drinking the vtuber koolaid. If someone only needs to do one bare minimum stream a week, and gets showered with thousands of superchat donos, why are they gonna do more than the bare minimum?

I wonder if a lot of top vtubers are basement dwellers who don't have much need for money anyways, if they aren't into things like traveling the world or luxury clothes.

No. 303884

Looks like the top right backed out or was fired earlier on.
>Vezalius Bandage
>Vantacrow Bringer
The names suck… as always. "Yu Q. Wilson" is relatively normal though.(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 303885

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the guy who leaked the designs and the identities of them all

No. 303888

File: 1687394056365.png (6.24 KB, 645x169, js5ryhxder6kyr4.PNG)

nonas i cant. he's already trying to farm the parasocials with that toilet paper emoji too. im dying.

No. 303893

Post from May 25th on /vt/:
If people are leaking aruvn from the gamer wave. Let me leak the other 3. Issei Kai, Kooji and Anklespankin. Out of the 4, only ankle is a gamer but only for league, the others are like shoto lite. It will be heroes themed with medic, expert and tyrant as the other three that goes along with legend. Say thanks to the gamer wave for not keeping their mouth shut and telling people. Debut will be around June 25th.
Post from June 14th on /vt/:
new wave next week, will be hosted by mysta and rosemi. It will be 3 members and they will be the gamer wave but none of them are really gamers and are variety streamers. Originally there was supposed to be a league streamer but he and two other people got fired and that was why the wave got delayed. The designs are guy with bandages, guy with yellow hair and guy with face scars. They will be the hero counter wave to Japan's heroes wave. It's too bad that they recruited new members that end up leaking stuff more than any other wave.

Saw a post saying that there were apparently leaks regarding the wave back in March on Nyfco. What an actual fucking disaster if any of this is true.

No. 303895

>Originally there was supposed to be a league streamer but he and two other people got fired
So was these originally supposed be a wave of four or of six? Whatever the case, thank god the number was lowered.
Enikara really needs to start focusing on quality rather to quantity. Though… that's not to say that quantity doesn't always equal quality, but the days of debuting lots of livers at once like SEEDs or the OG generations just doesn't work anymore. The environment of vtubing back in 2018-2019 is far from the one we have now. If anything, it would be nice if Enikara debuted groups the way they did with Ex-Gamers. Just slowly debuting two to three livers at a time to create a larger group would be nice.

No. 303909


No. 303910

Kek to be fair what other joke can he make with that weird name/design? He has a gf anyway and he wasn't big on the parasocial thing despite being a bf asmrtist so this is just him being unfunny

No. 303933

I can't tell if you started it (because /vt/fags hang around here) or others have reason to notice a 10ccv vtuber going missing too but everyone seems to agree that Vantacrow is Luxe. Just spelled his name for the first time cause I was busy checking out the French guys lol

No. 303943

So his oisshi mark is literal shit paper cleaner?? Kek how embarrassing

No. 303963

if he is in the new wave, just proves that niji are terrible at vetting their vtubers. hope your friend gets justice nonnie.

i don't know his past life, so if he stopped the bf asmr thing immediately after he got a girlfriend, then i'd give him the benefit of the doubt. otherwise, im giving him the side-eye him just like i do with others who enable the girlfriend or boyfriend experience

No. 303968

They've been dating since at least 2021 if I remember correctly. He's been doing it since 2017, so either he started while dating or he's just kept it going when they started dating. He was 17 in 2017 though, so I don't know if dating since then is that possible Though his streams weren't bfe, just his asmrs which were usually yandere characters rather than himself if that changes anything

No. 303990

even if he doesn't mean it that way, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. he should be careful and learn from what happened with vox's fanbase when they thought reimu was interrupting their "date" during a roleplay stream

No. 304007

They look like shit

No. 304013

File: 1687435027269.png (2.25 MB, 4158x9796, 1687428613572426.png)

This image is being posted on /vt/ too about the leaks. Most of the image is just garbage from antis, but the first and last post are the most important. Also lmao at vtuber designs being so generic and ugly nowadays that computers think they're all AI generated.

No. 304054

At this point niji seems to hire only 2 types of people: those that are already vtubers no matter how low their ccv is, or people they scouted that have no idea what even a vtuber is.
Holo has its own issues but at least they seem to be decent at vetting their talents.

No. 304073

To be fair though, it’s nice to have some streaming experience beforehand. Might as well be nijinepotism since it’s pretty clear that the new and possibly future livers are gonna be handpicked from the elira clique and associates. It makes me feel sad for the other aspiring livers that genuinely love what they do.

I’m curious to know who the other anon that has figured out it was him. All the info that I’ve provided was from my friend’s firsthand experience with him. I just want to vent how I’m tired of moids that creep on other female vtubers get only get a slap on their wrist while the others silently suffers. I wonder if any nonnies have similar experiences with moid vtubers that gets away with crossing boundaries with their fans?

No. 304086

How was your friend taken advantage of, specifically?

No. 304092

From what she told me, he led her on enough to have her do a good amount of fanart for him. It got to the point where it led to her confessing her feelings for him. Of course, he didn’t reciprocate understandably but he started treating her differently ever since. The last straw was finding out that he didn’t credit the art that he commissioned from her and she knew that he’s not the type to forget crediting artists. It really messed up her self confidence and led her to believe she’s talentless. I want to let her know that’s not the case.

No. 304093

Oh, I thought you meant actual sexual abuse. Glad it wasn't that serious. Well that was a dick move of him for sure regardless.

No. 304155

I liked aruvn when he was just posting covers on yt but he was dry as fuck as a streamer. kinda makes sense he would debut in niji they love faded-glory type youtubers that have dead channels with a lot of subs kek. he also graduated his vtuber model and went private so abruptly. at least i know we will get some bomb covers.

No. 304156

Anon… the model he supposedly had wasn’t in the debut trailer and he most likely got fired for leaking shit…. Also he’s back on twitter again as of April

No. 304157

uh oh. i haven’t checked up on him ever since his “graduation” if what you say is true that’s fucking hilarious. he lost his only chance of reigniting his pathetic vtubing career

No. 304164

File: 1687485335850.jpeg (119.68 KB, 1284x2011, CEBEED52-D152-4C68-926E-7DF634…)

Thought it was some schizo trying to throw heat onto Aruvn at first, but found this on Vox’s nyfco page, a post from all the way back in March. I don’t know who the fuck else would go by Alv and why the hell he would use something so similar sounding to his professional name to leak shit, but hey, it does line up with his abrupt return in April. He seems like an actual retard.

No. 304165

>nijisanji wants to be a bitch to me
they probably called him out on his dry ass conversational skills kek. hate to break it to you aruvn, you have to be actually likable to become a streamer

No. 304167

it's a really handsome model that's out of the norm for nijisanji males (and it's also my type kek). and while it's sad i won't ever see it "come to life", im glad aruvn got fired though. i dont think he'd do the model justice. also he uploaded smth on his yt channel, another cover or smth. so i guess he's slowly reviving his channel.

No. 304336

I just started recently nonnie! Maybe one day I'll catch you out in the field

No. 304338

I rigged myself a model and made assets, did one stream and then my life got really hectic right after and I lost the spirit. It's been like 2 years now I still think about going back since it's pretty much all still there, but I guess I just psyched myself out.

No. 304340

Same here nonnies! I'd like to know what your themes revolve around but I know we're not about to risk our identities here lol

No. 304365

looks like that's a common pattern with moid vtubers and the way they treat artists and those in their fandom. it's why I can't get into them.

No. 304475

They haven't even debuted and I already dropped him kek this is so cringe. Can't wait for him to make a U-turn in six months when he gets the fujo money

No. 304545

File: 1687650698858.jpg (47.99 KB, 680x621, FzMW6LYWYAExjaB.jpg)

Oh it's even worse. How did it get more cringe

No. 304547

File: 1687651532456.png (26.18 KB, 593x730, pn.PNG)

i hate myself so i scrolled through. awkward if he does have a gf.

No. 304555

this has the same energy as shoto flashing his own r34 art and pretending it was a mistake. cringe desperate moid behavior.

No. 304567

I really hope this nonna comes back and can confirm whether or not this is him

I like him so far, though

No. 304569

I'm the nonna that posted and it's definitely him. His PL momma did his lore vid.

No. 304575

sounds like him

No. 304582

File: 1687664451578.jpg (728.09 KB, 2000x2000, FzZqJOIaUAIm9NF.jpg)

So, what's your opinion on the new Niji wave?

No. 304584

I like Vanta and Yu. The bandage guy seems a little dull but inoffensive.

No. 304585

meh. they are all pretty mediocre. i won’t be checking out any of them unless i like them in future collabs or in random clips i see

No. 304659

File: 1687718231514.jpg (80.17 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

How do people feel about ShyLily seeing as we've talked about Bao? Personally I think she's really clever, plays her character well to pander to moids but is still wholesome and knows that moids deserve to be extorted big time. She's prominent enough that Veibae who has mild cow or at least snowflake energy, is really jealous of her and accuses her of copying her.

No. 304663

Literally indistinguishable from every other booba vthot

No. 304668

Good but haven’t really watched her much. Doesn’t annoy me as much as other moid panderer twitchtubers do.

No. 304670

>bouncy tits
>unironically says booba
yeah no

No. 304677

"Have you ever tried bandage"

your English reps, Vezalius…

No. 304678

File: 1687728379238.png (83.25 KB, 538x602, 1683649625662.png)

Shylily yeah no. Her whole personality is look at me boobs

No. 304688

Yeah he’s extremely ESL…. Which isn’t the worst thing but I expect some Yugo-tier cringe moments due to it.

No. 304693

Her model is so fucking ugly I can’t give her a chance if I tried.

No. 304733

File: 1687744060417.png (102.06 KB, 290x290, Watson_Amelia_-_Portrait_02.pn…)

Idk if this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually like Amelia. She snaps at men and talks about fish tanks.

No. 304791

I don't watch much Hololive EN but I find her really cute and her singing is way too adorable.

No. 304843

File: 1687792421101.png (123.09 KB, 1448x2048, 21A86C76-778F-4E6F-A205-EDC36B…)

Nina Kosaka from NijiEN is graduating …….my roguelike sis…………………….I will miss her for her character development and constantly improving content output even though she thinks she was falling behind the rest of EN.

No. 304844

Omg I thought this was fake I honestly can't believe it I love her streams so much and I'm so sad to hear she's graduating

No. 304852

I thought this was a joke at first… I get how tiring streaming can become though. I hope she will have good luck (heh) and happiness with what she chooses to do after this. That said, it always felt like she would always be there. It's hard to process that she's the first one to voluntarily graduate in EN.

No. 304855

Genuinely so sad about this. She got so much hate early on, I wonder if that somehow affected her decision to leave, but I feel like she's been doing so well consistently lately, I'm really shocked. So many of the best NijiID members, Gundou, now Nina, gebuinely wtf is happening internally at Niji to lose so many talents the past few months?

No. 304872

File: 1687801994091.jpg (966.45 KB, 4780x3138, 1647073425425.jpg)

So I just came across this jpg, and I know Nyanners, Froot and Hime are 100% correct, can anyone confirm the other 3? Preferably with link/proof?

No. 304873

I feel like Niji needs to step up their game in how they manage EN (by which I mean the utter lack of support and management) or else we'll see a lot more graduations soon. The leaker that said Nina will graduate today also said that another big NijiEN is graduating within the next few months.

No. 304887

File: 1687806864661.png (6.78 KB, 781x108, 1687798472356528.png)

I am genuinely upset by this, Nina was one of the few girls in NijiEN who I felt was genuine. She didn't do that stupid anime-loli voice, she played some really cool games, wasn't obsessed with sex constantly. Even if she had a yab arc she really improved and progressed as a person. I hope I'll be able to find her if she reincarnates, I'd love to support her as an independent streamer.

Leaker has mentioned it's going to be Shu who is the next to graduate. And if it is, that is going to look very bad on the company…

No. 304896

Bruh she was the only nijiengirl i liked aside from seen and rosemi. I liked her more mature character but she was relentlessly bullied on nyfco/iketog and her coworkers seemed to not like her that much either. I feel like this graduation will create a domino effect and will cause many others from en graduate too. I will miss her.

No. 304898


This is the difference I have noticed- I love the same Nijis as you, Rosemi is my comfort streamer but she makes me crave boba, Selen is awesome in general, and Nina is sweet but I think the Nyfco teenagers are just insanely jealous because of her energy with the Niji boys but it's so weird to see her go. Who do we think the leaker is? It has to be someone internal….

No. 304900

nyfco is down again just like back during yugo graduation…. sadge
i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s aruvn again lol. apparently he was the one to leak the 2% thing too. i also think mysta is a goner too he’s been acting hella passive aggressive towards his fans and anycolor

No. 304946

Damn, I haven't consistently watched her, but I thought she was sweet… I even like the silly 'mom' thing, even if it's pander-y. She always seemed levelheaded and mature to me.

No. 304955

Man, I liked her a lot. Her voice was really nice and easy to sleep to. Really appreciated that she played some games that seem to be more uncommon among vtubers as well. Was hoping she'd eventually do DnD sessions.

No. 305002

I've been thinking that he's too lazy but if he ends up reincarnating and doing stuff like karaoke, covers, etc then it'll be proof enough to me that NijiEN has some internal shit going on that makes the livers not want to do anything. It's hard not to compare the opportunities they get to the ones in the neighbour company get.

>her coworkers seemed to not like her that much either
There was this clip of Fulgur telling Nina to shut up and being pretty hostile towards her and everyone was praising Fulgur about it and thought it meant every liver hates her and only Fulgur speaks up. I took it as Fulgur being his usual self who is extremely influenced by 4chan and nyfco cause he reads it all day. We won't exactly know what went on but she has a positive impression on her coworkers now at least. The nyfcofags also turned their opinion on her around last I checked.

No. 305021

I just remember watching a stream where everyone was going around talking about what they liked about the Nijisanji members and I remember when they got to Nina, Millie struggled to find much to say and just said she's supportive outside of streams (she emphasised the outside part). I never got the hate for Nina but at that moment I did feel like her co-workers didn't like her as much as I thought? But the other stuff people took as proof of her co-workers disliking her is pretty stupid

No. 305026

>her coworkers seemed to not like her that much
apologies if this is not correct since I don't regularly watch niji but didn't nina do multiple off collabs with a lot of the nijien members? like with ike, vox, luca, and a few of the girls? the impression I got was they all enjoyed spending time with her. did something happen that changed their opinion of her?

No. 305032

tbh I think they used to not get along in the beginning but it changed over time: if you saw the stream Nina did after she announced the graduation, the other Ethyria girls actually said this. They said that they had a rough start together but they felt like because they overcame their differences they felt stronger as a group, Millie and Reimu were full on sobbing talking about their best memories together as a group.

Early on, there was a thing where the other Ethyria girls would have private calls together that excluded Nina, presumably because the other three all knew each other beforehand and also probably just didn't get along as well with Nina yet. But then months later Millie said that the first time she met Nina irl at a con she was nervous things wouldn't go well, but then Nina ended up being extremely mature and kind towards her and they got along the best irl out of all of the others there.

Just purely my opinion as a fan, but I think early on Nina may have been overly eager or even aggressive with the others, either out of ego or trying to prove herself, but then over time self reflected and became more humble. She has openly talked about how getting hate made her want to do better and become stronger, I think the "bitch catalogue" was probably a shock to her and made her want to change because I feel like for nearly the past year she has been very mellow and I haven't seen any new public issues with her. Honestly I respect her for it and am sad to see her go and wish her the best.

No. 305069

That Fulgur thing was during a drinking totsumachi he hosted where he put in place rules that he would immediately tell someone to shut up if they were about to say something that shouldn’t be said on stream (y’know, cause they were all drunk). Nina just took it the worst out of all of them when he told her to shut up.

No. 305106

Don't care enough to go look up actual links, but from what I recall the silvervale image came straight from am old social media post she made back when she still used to post rl photos of herself. Melody being an ex-camwhore named mars mayhem has never actually been 100% confirmed, people just assumed it was her because some of her noises, movements, and general style seems the same. No clue about the iron mouse photo. It could be her, it could be a completely random photo someone found while doing a Google search for "latina wearing an oxygen line"

No. 305229

oh wow I didn't know about the bitch catalogue, some of the stuff in there sounds over-exaggerated/misinterpreted but some does make her sound unpleasant to interact with. I'm glad she was able to change for the better, not a lot of online personalities bother doing that.

No. 305276

Thank you very much, kind sir, but with 4 of the 6 being 100% correct, i'd assume the other 2 are true, too. + leaving Zen empty instead of just using some random pic from some random dude makes it kinda more believable in my eyes(USIR HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 305278

>kind sir
Anon….. do you know where you are

No. 305280

Why are you calling anon sir?

No. 305282

go back to reddit

No. 305283

Of course the one bricked up over face dox is a scrote, go back

No. 305297

File: 1687969141176.jpeg (151.61 KB, 1200x675, F355D588-C2BA-4B31-8C8D-29E88A…)

Any of you knew that Vesper is having a whole entire new model revealed along with a new mama? How do you guys think it’s gonna turn out?

No. 305308

Is there any particular reason for the change? Is it a new permanent model, or just a new outfit?

No. 305315

File: 1687973589748.png (656.49 KB, 1070x541, magni.png)

I feel bad for his mama too. The company should have gone for an experienced vtuber designer, or given feedback (and more money) to guide the artist to make it fit for a vtuber. I don't think the idea for his design is ugly at all, it even fits his personality, it's just that the artstyle is too out there.

Probably a permanent change. Magni also got a 1.5 which fixed his face a little but the design outside of his face was almost the same. Vesper's artist changed and it's referred to as 2.0 so it must be a rework of his original design instead of just a new outfit. I don't see why he would go back to his old face after getting a "fixed" one. As for the reason, everyone hated his face and the artist's art style wasn't fit for the type of vtubers we see. Their wave got subpar funding for their models while the next wave was funded better, seeing the first one succeeding. I don't see Altare and Axel getting new faces though, as the other two were always more shit on for their weird models.

No. 305332

I'm probably the only one who prefers Magni's old face to the new one. New one is too chubby for me.

No. 305366

I can see why they changed Magni's model but imo Vesper's always looked good in motion. Even with his dorito chin, I feel like it was endearing and made him look unique. Legit kinda sad his mama is changing because I was a fan of her from her previous work in designs for game characters.

No. 305384

>I feel bad for his mama too
nah his mama is kind of psycho, she went full retard when someone ctrl+s'd her art and lowkey blamed magni for no reason. like wtf did you expect posting shit on the internet?? She also barely acknowledges Magni, way before the 1.5 update.

i think the old design is moe but as long as magni is happy i'll deal with whatever. tbh i only listen to the voices

No. 305386

>nah his mama is kind of psycho, she went full retard when someone ctrl+s'd her art and lowkey blamed magni for no reason.
wanna elaborate here nonnie? seems like a dumb reason to get mad about

No. 305391

File: 1688016284971.png (6.98 KB, 583x221, prof.png)

>She also barely acknowledges Magni, way before the 1.5 update
Magni dissed his model on his pl. I somewhat remember his mama then apologizing on tumblr without addressing the exact issue but I couldn't find it on her tumblr now.

No. 305402

When did she blame anything on Magni?

No. 305433

I love her. I will probably be accused of being a moid, but I just love high sexual energy women that also have personality. I don’t watch her too much, mostly because she might become a bit repetitive but she just gives my brain so much serotonin. You’d be surprised how wholesome she is most of the time and not that whorish at all. I’ve seen way worse, which probably plays a role.

No. 305452

You do you, nonnie. The only things that are unforgivable for me in vtubers is sexualized loli characters, or vtubers who put down other women, like Lumi.

No. 305459

Lumi and most PC are irredeemable cunts and/or grifters and/or pickmes. They get the audience they deserve.

No. 305469

Super unpopular opinion? I am a fembeat. I love Mori. /vt/ can die. Twitter can die
I don't think she's racist
t.black woman currently dancing to nezumi scheme

No. 305475

I like her a lot too nonna. Being sexual in the VTuber scene is kind of a given so it doesn’t bother me that much. I like that she doesn’t hesitate to call out her moid fans to take a fucking shower kek

I feel that she’s one of the few vtubers that’s genuinely nice and goes out of her way to make her fans happy.

No. 305478

File: 1688058116568.jpeg (179.03 KB, 1200x1768, A60A37E3-30FE-4177-9746-DA52C4…)

>Not one single Dwarf Fortress stream during her whole entire streaming career
I hope she plays it if she starts streaming on her old account again…

No. 305488

>one of the few vtubers that’s genuinely nice
Every time I see stuff like this, it gives shill vibe. How do you know she's "genuinely" and not like other girls? Every vtuber has that same saccharine facade, what makes yours "one of the few"?
>goes out of her way to make her fans happy
That's not a good thing, that almost always means that their fans are parasocial weirdos

No. 305490

NTA, but anon, do you watch any vtubers at all?

No. 305492

I’m just baffled at the criticism on “going out of her way to make the fans happy” thing. I wish my oshi would do that by finally uploading a fucking song cover like he’s promised for the past year and a half.

No. 305493


No. 305494

Former if he actually does end up graduating soon.

No. 305500

File: 1688063761112.png (77.9 KB, 622x349, 12.png)

Nona I think he will actually graduate.
>streams every blue moon when all he has to do is turn on a nerdy game and instantly get more ccv than his golden children genmates combined
>singing was his whole shtick when he debuted, did 2 karaokes and no covers, meanwhile in his pl he was doing karaokes and covers, collabing for covers and had a good standing in the vtuber-utaite network
>fans tell him to get singing lessons to improve so he remembers that he's supposed to be singing, he doesn't get the hint or ignores it
>threw a mini fit (sad tweet and 2 months of disappearance) over not being able to perform live, has never put effort into performing properly on his own streams so he's just looking for a reason to "get mad" at the company and ghost his fans
>had tried to get into holostars first anyway so he knew he couldn't thrive off as an idol in niji from the start, can't say if he would have the same slump if he was in holo though
It's sad to see the last standing pillar of non-pandering nijis go. He literally never pandered to anything, so much so that his fans had to work only with him being a nerd. He could be the unironic chad of niji but something dried his soul up. The audience he tamed will be lost forever.

No. 305509

I heard that he has to do a lot of the back and forth between Niji EN and the main branch since he speaks Japanese. If that's true, than I wouldn't be too surprised he got tired of being the support, and the AR live getting cancelled being the thing that finally made him want to quit Niji.

No. 305513

So you believe the Japanese company that has a big successful English branch doesn't have any staff to do translations? And it falls onto a non native japanese speaker american to do translations when the en branch has actual japanese people who speak it natively? This is not even a rrat

No. 305517

Actually, for some of it? Yeah. Any Color is a terrible company.

No. 305542

Based. idc what anyone says, I like her music and I even when she was getting into "drama" it was entertaining.

No. 305575

On the occasions I've watched Mori, she seems pretty funny and mature. I like how she has a deep voice and doesn't force the uwu vtube voice. She is kind of cringe, but I think it's her charm.

I don't really know what she did to trigger 4chan so bad. Maybe being a woman who doesn't act 13. I feel like they've moved on from her now that there's actual milk in the vtube scene.

No. 305577

File: 1688092383736.webm (1.49 MB, 320x568, ZOO7r_bBUQD6RTyZ.webm)

what a turn off

No. 305578

iirc he already had a cover for a song but the file was deleted for some reason. i think it was due to issues with his computer that compromise the file for his cover. i feel like since then he's been unmotivated to do any type of cover-related content. but i dont get why his manager doesn't have a copy. i know that things like these is up to the vtubers but to leave everything to them is kinda crappy ngl.

No. 305583

Unfollowed the vtuber artist that put this on my twitter tl so fast. It's not even funny. What type of content is this supposed to be?
That sounds discouraging but wouldn't be enough reason to give up trying to sing at all if he wasn't bothered by other stuff, maybe just depression. Nijisanji is a company that collects indies and gives them nothing more than the Niji name on the EN side, so no wonder he doesn't feel supported. Maybe we'll see him in Holostars EN3 kek though I don't know what idol activities Tempus are doing

No. 305613

seems like raunchy coombaiting is considered normal now
>but at least she's telling moids to take a shower, so it makes her different from other vwhores.

the bar for vtubers is so low holy fuk.

No. 305639

Real. Thats not a real vibe check, just banter. The way Ina spoke out against scrotes is more brave.

No. 305722

Curious who this is in regards to?

Maybe someone more eloquent than me can explain, but I feel like most of us can appreciate a woman who expresses her sexual side. However, that's different than a woman who is putting on a show for men. I feel like it's just one of those things where if you know, you know.

It's hard to provide examples, but it'd be really, really hard for me to enjoy watching an uwutuber. "G-Gaiz! My voice is totally this high pitched irl! I got made fun of for it… uwu… everyone always mistakes me for a kid…"

No. 305742

>a woman who is putting on a show for men
Lmao no fucking way we’re talking about shylily right? Yeah it is obvious when a streamer is a soulless coombaiter. Anyone can type her name in yt and see what kind of clips make up 90% of the results.

No. 305746

I haven't really watched much Shylily, so I wasn't referring to any particular vtuber, but I believe you!

But like I said, my own personal beef is more with uwutubers than titty tubers. At least sexualize vaguely adult looking women rather than children. Ofc, neither is ideal.

Women who can talk frankly about sex but not be pander-y about it are cool.

No. 305777

Oh no I don't like it… the 90's bishie vampire aesthetic appealed to me, now he's just Shinri 2. Grandpa…

No. 305778

shit, vesper's hot!

No. 305781

Spear chin turned into a club chin!

No. 305782

It seems like nice art and rigging to me, it just feels like such a huge change. I wish they had kept it slightly closer to the original art tbh. But if they had come out with this instead of his OG art, I probably would have accepted it.

No. 305787

File: 1688177438301.png (210.16 KB, 774x598, 6AD03604-AE48-4D34-A6DB-8C6C5D…)

No. 305789

File: 1688179101922.png (135.66 KB, 832x468, maxresdefault.png)


No. 305790

File: 1688179228093.png (124.66 KB, 572x468, Fz6l3BPWcAYk8tB.png)


No. 305791

Yeah I noticed it looks so god damn similar to his old one. Pako definitely gave him a shit ton of creative freedom on this one.

No. 305794

Barf. Bring the dorito chin back

No. 305809

I’m not his viewer but I gotta say he looks good, huge improvement. I guess nonas like their men kinda ugly though.

No. 305811

File: 1688185709234.png (256.71 KB, 996x1051, hanbyeol.png)

samefag, giving my opinion now kek I think it looks good but he doesn't deserve such a nice model. Now he has better art than the ok looking 2 of his gen and it bothers me. Now I want better art for Altare even though it didn't bother me before. His pl looked so pretty, I didn't expect to wish he could keep it a year into their debuts

No. 305815

It’s just typical “don’t save or repost shit”, one fan took a ss to gush about how magni looked, everyone told them to take it down, which they did. His mama saw that and decided to nuke the sketch and say she wouldn’t post it(and low key implied, or magni) again. The fan was wrong but that’s such a huge overreaction, like are you going to ask google to get rid of all of your fgo art too??

No. 305891

Yeah no, no fucking way you look at clips and think “oh yes this is 100% this vtuber ALL the time.”
You’d say the same on Marine? Because yeah, then I’d say you don’t understand the difference between a woman comfortable talking about sex and being sexy themselves to pandering to scrotes. There’s a reason /vt/ hates Shylily with all their beings.

No. 305955

File: 1688227729153.gif (94.37 KB, 220x220, 4E51A08D-3384-4C13-B562-376BA8…)

Cope. Your oshi has no personality that’s why all her clips are lewd. If reality was otherwise, it would be reflected in fan content.

No. 306061

you guys saw the new irys leaks on nyfco? she bad

No. 306062

That site still updates? Also this is an imageboard upload the images lol

No. 306064

File: 1688240577779.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.03 KB, 610x710, 56OvCss.jpg)

>she bad
Cope she's very pretty
Repost cause I forgot to spoiler

No. 306068

I think anon meant bad like she a baddie. She’s very cute indeed.

No. 306069

>””she bad”
>Cope she's very pretty
fucking kek, bad means hot as fuck anon. But yeah, she’s very pretty.

No. 306075

File: 1688244020127.png (Spoiler Image,163.83 KB, 1035x800, apology.png)

No. 306082

Kek. 10/10 effort

No. 306083


I love her

No. 306097

File: 1688251826374.jpg (124.65 KB, 500x500, 1680917245720.jpg)

is holotools working for anybody?

No. 306104

May I have the blank, Nonna?

No. 306105

No. 306118

HES SO UGLLLY I WANT THE OLD MODEL BAACK. The older one was better I hate they totally removed his ojisan energy

No. 306140

File: 1688271775930.png (107.69 KB, 1246x619, 1686629838571541.png)

what the fuck is apartheid clyde doing with twitter, the only reason i use this shitty app is so i can keep track of vtubers and to get my fanart seen. whats the fucking point if i cant even get to do that

No. 306147

File: 1688278008934.png (Spoiler Image,52.87 KB, 630x487, BA2CCB55-D8E1-4028-9FBB-1310B4…)

No. 306158

he's pretending to do it to prevent 'data-scraping' but in reality it's because he hasn't been paying either google or amazon.

No. 306169

No. I use holodex but the home page shows everyone and their mother so I made an account to create a favourites page

No. 306254

I only watch male vtubers.

No. 306262

Okay. Who do you like?

No. 306282

All of Tempus but mainly Bettel

No. 306437

File: 1688409150464.jpg (624.97 KB, 1229x912, KJKV7DZ.jpg)

I forgot to do this yesterday but now that we're one week in here's my opinion on the new wave:
Yu Q
>cute and chill
>streamed for 8 fucking hours but it was actually enjoyable
>people were worried he's going to be boring but he seems confident in his streaming ability and it works
>may need to tell chat off in the future but that's something every niji needs to face kek
>knowing he has a long term gf makes me happy like he's been approved by a friend.
>he was a good housewife in minecraft
>needs to speak french more. it's hot
>his voice is just nice to listen to. whether he'll make asmrs or not… while i want him to continue i don't want the chinese femcels to latch onto him and eat him alive when he makes a move they don't like
>is the youngest. cute
>rose to my oshi spot (until he too reveals that he's secretly into rape porn or something as all niji men do)

>autism 100
>he talked about some pickup lines he thought of as his first tweet. any of them would be better than what made the cut
>honestly too autistic to judge harshly and i don't think it comes from being esl
>zatsus have cute moments
>has a good singing voice, he better keep making covers
>i like his accent and idk why people act like they can't understand it
>too autistic for me to watch him regularly. maybe he's doin a sweet boy act he'll drop later on? why that first tweet then though

>his lore was funny but he hasn't kept up to that rep. the dad joke thing he's going for doesn't work because he has such a normie moid voice
>he sounds like he would narrate a true crime youtube video (insult)
>won't watch him. he was kinda cute when he didn't know anything in minecraft but that's just my ovaries begging me to have a soft spot for children rn

They have great synergy overall. Yu Q needs to stop acting Vanta is his big brother he needs to latch onto though. They all feel like they won't have a problem interacting with the rest of the branch. Niji only accepting experienced streamers was a good move after all

No. 306570

>knowing he has a long term gf makes me happy
>until he too reveals he's secretly into rape porn or something
Girlfriends mean nothing unless they can keep them while also being in niji, reminder that Alban was in a serious relationship when he debuted

No. 306667

from their tweets it looked like a random girl he was talking to on discord he matched pfps with tbh

No. 306694

I thought they were on the level of seeing each other as one day ending up marrying the other

No. 306716

You sold me on Yu Q, i will check him out! His design is very cute

No. 306727

File: 1688560607178.jpeg (24.34 KB, 250x358, A6DA4867-1503-454D-8A57-368F2C…)

Apparently this Phase Connect said “stupid fucking nogger” in this clip https://files.catbox.moe/megafr.mp4 . People are saying it’s supposed to be her slurring the word “degree”. Can’t her channel get banned for even uttering the word? Low Quality image cause I don’t care for her.

No. 306728

She said "stupid fucking degr-" at 00:16, nothingburger

No. 306753

the only things i hear about her is that she's a 4chan pickme and how she's been close with people who doxx other vtubers so i don't care for her either.

No. 306761

No. 306762

File: 1688574373707.png (1.81 MB, 1200x800, crabs.png)

>pic related
That is you, everyone posting in this thread.

No. 306764

Isn’t that a good thing? Crabs taste yummy

No. 306781

isnt that just half of phase connect talents? besides its clearly a nothing burger. although ive heard she doesn't get along with her ex members of tsunderia

No. 306793

thanks for confirming it because now i know which company's vtubers to avoid

No. 306819

I'm really excited for Mori and her OP collab. I wish I could avoid /vt/ because they are malding, as usual, but I'm so flipping happy and excited for her outfit.
She works hard and deserves everything. Seethe and cope, /vt/ards!

No. 306897

I fucking hate my viewers sometimes. They make really gross comments and act like typical coomer moids. I wish I had more female viewers, but I have no idea how to advertise.

No. 306922

Consider banning or timing out the worst offenders, if your viewer count can handle the hit. If you keep allowing the coomers in, they're just going to keep bringing other coomers to your stream and lower your chat quality further.

No. 306923

When it comes to getting more female viewers, I think it helps to network with other female vtubers who streams content that most women are into if that helps. The female vtubers I tend to network with have interests related to egl/decora/etc.
Heavily agreed with nonnie, these types of moids will affect the experience of your stream. Not sure if you want to enforce a “3 strikes” rule unless they’re really gross about then yeah ban their asses.

No. 306924

What did they do?

No. 306951

even if it affects your view count, just ban them because it will affect your mental in the long-run. your stream should be fun for YOU first and foremost and it would kill my mood to start stream everyday if i didn't like my chat. chat is a hivemind so if you keep coomers around it will embolden other moids to act the same if they see continue seeing those types in the chat and you don't want to be a slave to those types of people. a coomberbait vtuber had to apologize multiple times to her chat just for streaming with a moid once.

No. 306967

I have contacted my mods about it and we're going to start being stricter. I am really small so any loss of views is a hit, but man am I tired of micromanaging grown ass men.
I'm worried that if I say too much I could potentially be found out. To be really broad; they made a lot of really sexual comments that made me very uncomfortable even if the comments weren't towards me specifically.

No. 306972

I'm glad you're working towards cleaning up your chat. Hopefully with the coomers gone it'll help make your chat more welcoming to chatters who were also uncomfortable with the coomers and they'll participate more.

No. 306981

Loss of viewers is always worth over growing resentment with your chat. These are the people who are gonna become your core oldfag audience, it’s very important to curate and maintain a chat culture that you’re happy with.

No. 307067

File: 1688716724464.png (Spoiler Image,177.09 KB, 512x724, IMG_0052.png)

Even with Magni's touchh-up, I still can't believe that he's the design we got from the creator of an absolute sex character like Caster of Limbo.
Even design aside, the art itself is just not up to par with Hasendow's known skill level?

No. 307069

File: 1688717280856.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.07 KB, 500x500, IMG_0054.jpeg)

I'm still convinced that Hasendow and Vesper's OG mama got nerfed by some design/time restriction on Cover's part because they both got models way below the standard of quality their artists were known for.
Picrel was the group designed and illustrated by Vesper's debut mama, Komiya Kunihara, for Paradox Live.

At the end of the day, I guess I am glad that pako finally got to be a Holostars papa like he should have been from the beginning.
Nothing against his female designs (Maou Nobunaga was absolute sex for those nonnas also into women), but he's generally more heavily known for and personally obsessed with his male characters. I'm not one of the haters of Sana's design, but it was, again, just so far below what he can bring to the table as an artist.

No. 307078

…These are seriously the same artist? I knew this project from the start and if you told me the artist would draw Vesper's og art one day I would have never believed you. So either they made the artists do the work in one day or they paid them almost nothing… No way a proper commission from this artist would result in that model
On this one I can see the resemblance to Magni 1.0 tbh, checked out the character's wiki pictures and he has similar eye distance and body proportions.

No. 307124

Nina's graduation stream is currently ongoing.

No. 307130

why is she graduating?

No. 307132

File: 1688745423774.jpeg (413.54 KB, 1545x2000, EFBD78D3-2555-4424-A767-04B531…)

She felt she was falling behind the other EN’s in content output and talent (even though she put out some of my favorite content in all of Niji EN)

No. 307144

File: 1688751361622.png (698.25 KB, 512x875, CE995.png)

Yep, here's more of Komiya Kuniharu's work to show her range. I'm actually surprised that they went with a whole new artist for Vesper's 2.0, as between his old mama and Pako, KK is the one you'd think of for the design we got. Maybe an issue of her not having time and Pako already being a big Hololive fan and thus being eager to contribute?

No. 307160

Be honest, would you date a vtuber?

I currently am and while I support him endlessly, it gets really upsetting when most of his life now revolves around streaming and he has very little time to actually spend with me, plus I get frustrated (I'm a mod in his chat,) watching some of his viewers obviously simp over him.

No. 307162

File: 1688756396765.jpeg (125.21 KB, 1080x1080, F0FR6hPXsAIIj_P.jpeg)

I wonder if anyone else saw HololiveEN first concert? I'd say it was nice for their first-ever IRL concert overseas. I especially loved Baelz, IRyS and Kronii's dances.I had no clue Kronii was doing ballet! And despite not being a big fan of Mumei, i got impressed by hearing her sing in a deep voice. It's still nothing much compared to the JP concerts (god, especially HololiveJPs latest gen concert, it was so good!!)
Also, people seem to tinfoil that Gura might graduate because she keeps collabing instead of doing solostreams. But the problem here is that she is still 'the face' of the holoEN in japan, and i think it's just her being sick of her huge, weird fanbase. She can at least avoid the chat during the collabs, but even when they are group she just seems to not talk much. It's still weird, and people wonder what happened from the time when she was with Mori IRL in the US and Mori decided to throw a party, ever since Gura almost stopped streaming and 'got sick', they don't seem to communicate much either.
Vesper's artist disappeared from the internet for at least a year now.
>Maybe an issue of her not having time and Pako already being a big Hololive fan and thus being eager to contribute?
I think so.
i think of all holostars, i think magni deserves his 'meh' design, because he is an ass off-screen and his roommate blew up only because he leeched off vtuber trend.
I would say it's fine, as long as my s/o wouldn't do gfe/bfe or parasocial tactics.

No. 307175

I wouldn't date anybody who streams as a full-time job. Just not for me.

No. 307192

Sux to hear but that’s how it’s gonna be. The only solution is you also start streaming.

No. 307216

Dating a streamer sounds draining plus most male vtubers are ugly. Is your bf a big vtuber?

No. 307219

Magni's an ass off screen? All I know is that he's an ungrateful bitch to his Mama

No. 307233

well it's someone's fault his design was so scuffed

No. 307240

depends on the streamer. I made my byf his pngtuber but he streams as a hobby so we still get to hang out and spend time together.

I'd personally watch out for the vtubers that flirt with other vtubers as a job. I know that shit would drive me crazy to the point where I'd start thinking he's cheating. Getting into a relationship with someone who does bf/gf experience content sounds like a recipe for disaster and not to mention that they're the type that changes partners like underwear.

sage for blogposting

No. 307291

Dating a vtuber means dating a weeb so, no. Weeb women are ok, weeb men are all degenerates.

No. 307294

He’s just another ironic weeb twitch grifter, also makes gross coombrain content like

No. 307404

File: 1688837982231.jpg (57.86 KB, 563x538, 31ZpjJE2AJ7.jpg)

Sometimes I wish Magni was straight

No. 307411

He's not? He seems like the guy to be spicy straight and call liking she/they women being queer. Is he actually bi?

No. 307423

he wont date you

No. 307470

I hope the fox bitch catches cluster bombs and dies.(a-logging)

No. 307472

Who? And the fuck are you wishing death on people for?

No. 307474

Nta but nina kosaka who just graduated from nijisanji en I presume. She's not even a bad person so I dont know why anon's so mad about her

No. 307479

File: 1688872324824.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1939, IMG_0166.jpeg)

dacapo is getting dragged on tiktok after shitty low effort “concert” wherebe lipsyncs to that one tiktok eboy japanese song

No. 307480

I was gonna say bro just wants to join in the concert fun but the caption… people actually paid for it?

No. 307482

Here's what I found:
>it's a "performance" shown on screen on the stage where cosplayers etc also had a mini concert/panels
>there's a fee to enter the event so people didn't specifically pay for him
>it's a mixed backtrack of his vocals, not live singing
>probably prerecorded video too but I didn't find videos of the beginning or end or him interacting with the audience
>people screamed when he lifted his bangs kek
Yeah embarrassing

No. 307504

File: 1688885903404.jpeg (46.56 KB, 732x577, 76814C24-F9CE-402A-AFEA-984652…)

Consider this, retard.

No. 307514

apparently it was 4 bucks for entry so it’s not as bad as i thought but still it’s insane to me how mediocrity is praised in the vtuber community. his fans seriously think that it’s a good “performance” and try to defend him on Twitter

No. 307561

File: 1688924924059.jpg (161.92 KB, 1273x721, wentuyt.jpg)

He said that he is "bi" as Lando, and said that he isn't straight as Magni.
I just don't want to see him acting like this >>305577

No. 307679

File: 1688988715074.png (56.02 KB, 801x432, 1645798310954.png)

No. 307680

good riddance

No. 307681

Huh? Anyone know what happened or was keeping up with them enough to have a guess? It reads almost certainly like they got into an argument with the management again, which is kind of weird since they just got upgrades to the worst thing the management gave them. Also how is it always these two at the crime scene lol I kinda wish EN got more JP type of streamers for holostars, which they did achieve in Tempus2

No. 307693

probably feels bad to be the artist of a new holo model like pako only to see this drama happen

No. 307733

Very sus that it's the two who just got new models, but it could also have nothing to do with that. RIP Pako and I hope they didn't do anything too stupid…

No. 307743

thoughts on rin penrose? I really like her prince character

No. 307747

I saw some clips of her and really liked her character but no way I'm supporting her company. Really wish she was in any other company. We need more prince women around here

No. 307750

Isn't she a tif though? She doesn't seem like a masculine woman..

No. 307754

I don’t know why they let one of their employees masturbate and cum on a membership stream on YouTube of all places. If you’re going to allow your “talents” to do that sort of content, let them go on chaturbate or some shit.

No. 307761

Excuse me, what?

No. 307785

File: 1689024622114.png (14.78 MB, 5760x3240, 107990922_p0.png)

no, she's just a normal woman

No. 307789

Yuko Yurei from idol EN humped a pillow and almost came on stream, and does shit like dick sucking streams and cum countdown streams. It’s paid locked content and reuploads on other sites got nuked, but if you look it up and ask her scrote fans they’ll tell you with glee. Of course it’s the one with the loli model.

No. 307827

I'm thinking Covid, especially for Magni who was just at AX which has been declared a super spreader for it.

No. 307829

imagine baiting that hard and still having less subscribers than your coworker who just makes a bunch of shorts

No. 307835

Absolutely pathetic lmao

No. 307868


No. 307938

File: 1689096492399.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, 1689086827795395.png)

Ike is getting a figure! I am SO EXCITED for this!


No. 307943

File: 1689097411774.jpeg (256.29 KB, 2048x2048, 1C85B410-339B-4F02-A5F3-533264…)

That sounds incredible. I hope you have fun with your tiny Ike, quildren.

No. 307951

File: 1689099101663.webm (5.4 MB, 720x1280, chat-do-a-flip-1280-ytshorts.s…)

I like him, his humor and his model that fits with his voice and personality though I agree he can be sometimes annoying by making fun of some women in his reaction videos. You know how moids are but at least he's being honest. He's still pretty funny and entertaining ngl and probably the first vtuber I've seen to casually have his face revealed.

No. 307962

you did not just basically go, "boys will be boys." stop making excuses for moids. you're part of the problem. i know there are other women here that like to nitpick women's appearance too, but come on.

No. 307964

He is the world's most typical gross-coomer moid who gets clout from screaming and talking about drama.

No. 307967

He is everything that is wrong with the western Vtubing community. He constantly inserts himself into drama he has no part in, he’s constantly making himself the victim in situations (recently making up a whole situation where a whole fanbase of people were calling him racial slurs because one black person called him the n word people use in songs….), and putting down his peers and people he has worked with just to make himself seem like he’s “one of the good vtubers” to normies. All for attention. I wonder why he doesn’t just ditch the vtuber model and do facecam streams if he always uses his real life appearance to victimize himself and makes it such a core part of his personality.

No. 307972

Fucking ew.

No. 307974

Unexpected crossover, but cool to see a small vtuber concert from the perspective of a non-fan. Idk anything about Production Kawaii but this made me interested in checking them out.

No. 307977

he sucks i hope he graduates soon

No. 307982

Don't know the specifics, but I believe that Production Kawaii is the small corpo that recently dropped an entire generation.

No. 307997

He's kinda based tho too

No. 308001

This is the same dude that drew his mum like a coomer would.if you're his fanbase no wonder he's that retarded

No. 308005

Oh yeah ew that is pretty weird. He definitely has a thing for moms. Still I keep coming back to his content. Any recommendations of other entertaining or funny vtubers similar to him and his humor?

No. 308122

what is up with people shilling him here despite his audience clearly not being anyone who uses lolcow? maybe some people genuinely like him but i'm sure some of these posts are just self-posting moids

No. 308123

I also feel this is the case

No. 308124

Yeah especially praising his humor. I thought anyone who enjoys that type of normie coomer humour gets filtered out of this site automatically. Though there's been a few times nonnies pointed out evidence of /vt/fags frequenting on this thread so it might just be those lost retards or vtubers that want a female audience to seem agreeable post themselves here

No. 308137

Kai Cenat and KSI

No. 308168

File: 1689179648451.jpg (68.23 KB, 680x622, 0c3.jpg)

>casually have his face revealed

No. 308194

You have to be 18 to be here

No. 308195

I was joking, anon.

No. 308204

i mean they do share the same loud = funny vibes

No. 308286

File: 1689249098228.png (87.92 KB, 1315x516, Untitled.png)

Come on… this is amateurish…

No. 308287

Imagine how many people went there specifically for them losing that chance to see them just because they were retarded with their scheduling.

No. 308288

They weren't retarded with their scheduling, they just hate being in kurosanji.

No. 308290

I’d only believe that if it was one of the girls, but they never ever do this. These guys get money for fucking breathing, if they really hate their job enough to skip a con schedule, then they’re only being disrespectful to their fans.

No. 308292

>two workaholic responsible talents getting the date wrong, never once in their emails and schedules either notice
>niji staff fucked up as usual and it's on the talents to act like it's their fault and ask the fans for forgiveness
One of these happened many times before

No. 308296

We’re talking about Vox, right? The same guy who got drunk and doxxed his coworker in that coworker’s donothon?

No. 308297

I don't know what you're talking about but I meant it in relation to his work. I don't remember him ever fucking up a schedule like this. And it happened to Ike too, how likely is it that these two genmates who are likely to share a manager both individually wrote down the date of a big event wrong and never realised leading up to it?

No. 308298

They both attended a birthday stream that was way too late for their timezone and it seemed that Vox forgot seeing how he didn’t talk about the con at all in his streams this week. I don’t even mean to defend management, I just think it’s retarded to try to absolve two grown men of their wrongs and not allow anyone to criticize them for it like the fans are doing and always do. People paid to see them.

No. 308299

I'm a fan of neither but we know niji makes their talents take "breaks" to hide that they're suspended. They might have forgot but the company didn't exactly paint a good enough reputation for themselves for me to not question their talents' words when something goes wrong

No. 308313

This was my first thought, too. If it was just one of them, I'd immediately assume it's his own fault (especially in Vox's case). But both of them just makes it seem like they received the wrong information and were told to take the blame for it.

No. 308348

File: 1689279768162.jpg (88.18 KB, 736x1118, e7a21e27269a61574ecdc88914d212…)

they were both late because they were busy having gay sex and lost track of time.

No. 308358

good. going to cons to see vtubers is retarded anyway. stick to streams.

No. 308648

File: 1689469289763.png (859.18 KB, 844x1404, F4F79C73-8A3A-4DEF-A4AE-C1B109…)

Favorite designs? I don’t like the person at all, but Millie’s design is extremely cute to me.

No. 308657

File: 1689473566349.png (467.53 KB, 577x750, chrchie.PNG)

dont watch much of millie, but her designs are my favorite out of all the nijiEN. i really like the costume with the white and black dress. and i know indies aren't really discussed here, but chrchie's is also a design i like. i also found miyu's design from honeywork's new vtuber thing cute too.

No. 308661

File: 1689475630569.png (384.74 KB, 720x720, Inugami_Korone_Portrait.png)

Honestly, Suisei is truly my favorite visually of the idol-type vtubers. It makes me doubly happy knowing that it's one she designed herself.
Picrel is my favorite female vtuber design, though. Korone's look is simple and effective and I love her for it. It really feels of a different era than what we get nowadays where every vtuber is overdesigned to hell and back to stand out.
I guess I just like it simple but recognizable in general since Yashikizu is my favorite male vtuber design, kek.

No. 308667

File: 1689477816110.png (91.78 KB, 184x498, 29D158BF-4F76-4A02-9E36-3AAE3D…)

Males can seethe, but this is the epitome of the male form, the absolute peak.

No. 308672

Vox has been late to his streams multiple times, once was even absent to a TF2 collab and never announced it prior to the stream, only tweeted hours later after the collab ended. Ike has been known to be late for or absent from meetings. Even if, by chance, they weren't individually notified even before rehearsals, wouldn't they have received group notifications?

Shu and Luca both showed up on time, the other guest livers were also at Pomu's bday stream, they would've made a mention of it in conversations wouldn't they? Face it both Vox and Ike fucked up, the company, shoddy as they may be, has nothing to do with it.

Their breaks would still be announced. Ike didn't announce his, and even showed up in Ren's chat for his Jazz On The Clock premiere. Vox still continued to stream and pretended nothing happened.

No. 308673

Idk who this is but your dedication to him makes me smile. Never change, random nonnie.

No. 308674

File: 1689481195408.png (1.11 MB, 1000x1288, Hanabatake_Chaika_Portrait.png)

Based fellow Yashikizu design appreciator (I'd say I like his personality too since he's funny and responsible but the rare occassions of scrotish perversion turn me off). The fact that he's so "normal" but his artist is a gay porn artist makes it even funnier.
Marginally related, but I unironically find Chaika so fucking funny. His personality-model matchup is great, I think he utilizes his freak model really well for bits.
While I'm the topic of older male vtubers though, the only nijimale I actually respect is Kagami Hayato. Dude is always so clean and funny and takes bullying with grace.

No. 308677

Male NijiENs were a failure for me because dudes pushing 30 being stupid as shit is the content I go to Nijimales for. The only one getting close to this tired older guy being silly energy in the ENsphere is Vesper Noir.

No. 308683

Checked out Chaika, Yashiro, and Kagami since they were mentioned. They're super entertaining!

No. 308685

Glad you enjoyed! Chaika and Yashiro can be moidish, but I don't mind it as much since they don't have delusional gachikois who insist that their beautiful man can do nothing wrong lol
Kagami is genuinely mature and sweet (not that Yashiro isn't also mature, it's just in a more jaded way). He's a popular guest when the other livers want to pull one over on somebody because he always plays along well and is really nice about it even when they're being mean. His 3D debut is still a big moment in Niji history to this day for its technological feats as well as him using the entirety of the record-breaking supas he received to pull off an incredibly expensive 3D stream to give back to his fans.
Anyways, vidrel is my favorite of the three of them together.

No. 308686

File: 1689485705168.png (395.45 KB, 500x1323, Sasaki_Saku_-_Full_Illustratio…)

Sasaki Saku is my favorite female Niji Liver and I find her design so cute! I love it when she acts deranged and rude, she's like a feral cat you brought in off the streets that still hates your ass despite beating the shit out of you when you're late with mealtimes and then enthusiastically gobbling up the food.
Her only con is that she simps Vox, but that's only because it wasn't anywhere near as funny as her other simping eras. Back when she publicly snubbed Belmond in her post-graduation MV, and then rabidly crushed on him in a love rivalry with Ange Katarina, and then switched to being overly and shyly conscious of Ange after noticing her reliable charm… That was the best! All the wild play she pulls out is so fun.
The only corpo vtuber to graduate and then return from the dead… Live forever, cruel panda!

No. 308689

Blessed description nonnie, you should be a writer lmao.

No. 308691

>Vesper Noir
what happened to him? Did he get suspended? I really like his new design

No. 308694

I don't watch much JP since the ones I'm interested in stream at inconvenient times for me, but I enjoy Chaika's Yugioh streams, he's so funny, the home 3D really gives him a power-up.

No. 308695

Thanks for the description and recommendations, nonny. Maybe its Chaika's unappealing model and Yashiro's simple model that contributes to their lack of gachikois, but I definitely find their designs charming. The clip you attached was a fun watch too, it shows off their personalities well! I'll have to check out Kagami's 3d debut, I like what I've seen of him so far.

No. 308698

File: 1689490212143.jpg (168.17 KB, 850x1133, __sasaki_saku_sasaki_saku_and_…)

Yashikizu will always be classic for me… I got into vtubers through some randomly linked video of him getting bullied in minecraft, and then fell fully down the rabbit hole watching Dokuzuhonsha clips. His swagless office drone demeanor and cutting commentary will never stop being a hilarious combination.
He deserves so much more amongst the EN fanbase than being known as the Vox Yashiro guy, that one-trick pony has nothing on a man whose past life was outed because there are just so few people able to rhythm game on his level.
I'm also the Sasaki Saku anon and I bring this up only because I think that Gacha Lever Daipan is quality content that everybody interested in NijiJP should watch the archives of.

No. 308701

He and Magni were suddenly announced to be unable to stream for the time being.

No. 308703

You should try watching his Vampire Survivors stream with Furen, it was hilarious.

No. 308704

Tbf I think she was joking when talking about Vox and just pretending to be a fangirl. In other streams she was pretty normal about it

No. 308705

Thanks for the rec, I haven't watched it! Their dynamic is golden, though!
Sorry if it didn't come across, but I wasn't taking it that seriously. Part of what's fun about her is that most of what she does is a play act.

No. 308713

Being a Vox fangirl/boy seems to be a bit of a meme in JP branch

No. 308714

File: 1689506331438.png (384.37 KB, 334x771, aiku.png)

I am a simp, so this man's new design really hit it home for me. I love how cozy it is.

No. 308721

I've been getting into Furen lately, her clips keep getting rec'd to me and they have made me laugh so hard every single time.

No. 308856

Same, she honestly reminds me of HonHima in the older days, I love how she's so stupid but cheerful. Honestly, her banter with her chat is hilarious, and I love when she annoys Yashikizu with her stupidity. She can turn anything into a comedic situation (I guess that's kind of like Sasaki in a way, except in opposite ways)

No. 308884

Vtubings been mainstream for a while now, so I think even people who jumped on with the HoloMyth debut could answer this… Are there things about the scene that you're nostalgic for?
Personally, I still miss the early days of HoloNiji collabs, when both agencies were still pretty nascent and mutually trying to make the format grow. Holo and Niji still collab, but I don't think something like Oozora family would happen nowadays.

No. 308893

Tbh I don't really get the mentality of "EN audience not appreciating the full charm of JP" since a lot of EN audience who don't understand JP can't really watch his streams and can only enjoy translated clips, there's only so much content one can consume, heck most of the EN audience don't even have full knowledge of every EN member's charm point if their oshis don't collab with the others often and they don't watch others' streams/clips.

No. 308895

I think you've got some kind of chip on your shoulder as an EN fan because you're arguing with something that wasn't present in the original post. It's pretty natural to wish for your favorite to be appreciated by a larger audience, the same way people take pride in some of their EN favorites being popular even with JP audiences.
In any case, Gacha Lever Daipan has been over for over a year now and a lot of the archive is translated, standing as a fun way to learn about various JP livers. It's just something to do if you have an interest in that. You're not being attacked for being an EN-only fan so don't be so self-conscious.
(Or are you taking offense to the statements about Vox? Because NGL being a Kindred is actually cringe, sorry.)

No. 308898

Can you /vt/fags leave already? Your retarded /vt/ rants don't fit this thread and it's painfully obvious you're all coming from 4chan.
>singles out one vtuber whose fans are all women to defend retarded japanese humour
You all make me want to a-log

No. 308900

I agree the /vt/ faggotry is annoying but what the hell are you talking about kek

No. 308901

You're a /vt/fag too retard if you knew anything about lolcow you would know the first thing about what makes it so obvious you're all tourists

No. 308902

I mean, I said I get what you mean, so I get where you’re coming from with the lolcow newfaggotry, I specifically don’t get what you mean with the “defending retarded Japanese humor” thing. Hope that helps!

No. 308913

Take your meds nona.

No. 308919

Nona, there's a huge overlap between vt cute male threads, nijien threads, stars threads, mans threads, and lolcow.

No. 308924

NTA but Yeah I noticed that too, I even recognize some specific anons (some from the images they use kek). There’s a lot of overlap, I just wish people would try to integrate into the site culture a little better. Especially with the OP, it looks fit for a /w/ or cow thread, drama bullet points and all, even though this is /m/. The fact that an anon got upset that another thread didn’t have it is really telling that a lot of people here are new as shit.

No. 308926

>I just wish people would try to integrate into the site culture a little better

No. 308931

File: 1689620201177.jpeg (399.18 KB, 2017x2048, F14BDE01-B417-433E-B0F2-06D776…)

Here, I’ll sage one just for you, nonna.

No. 308951

I'm gonna be real with you; I've used 4chan/lolcow/etc since inception and I've never bothered to integrate so hard that my personality changes. Sorry not sorry.

No. 308963

Why are you making out hating on Vox to be some kind of anti-woman thing? Besides, people are as entitled to their dislike of him as you are to your hatred of Japanese humor, it's called an opinion.
This meltdown over one person making a jab at Vox and other people discussing JP vtubers they like (in the thread FOR discussing vtubers) is bizarre.

No. 308964

You don’t, you only have to do that with cow threads and the like, but apparently we have to do it everywhere according to anon

No. 308966

I thought so too, but I got temp banned for not saging when replying to somebody else's seething rant in the last thread so I'm not sure what the deal is. Wonder if the reporter was the same nonna seething here about tourists when somebody posts an opinion she doesn't like, though.

No. 308968

imagine being so parasocial that you want to a-log because someone insulted your favorite vtuber.

No. 308970

I love Botan's design so much. Seconding is Lui.

No. 308971

I like that she tried to twist not liking Vox as a misogynistic thing when
>he made a weird me too joke in a family feud collab
>he has been found following Andrew Tate on one of his old accounts

No. 308977

File: 1689638856025.jpg (82.36 KB, 850x1133, 9a8u2irusuhahquuquhf727eu28838…)

Lui is so cute! I love the whole vibe she has going on.
I was thrown off by Botan's original design due to how much she looked like Siege from Arknights, but it's grown on me along with her over the years.

No. 309005

File: 1689652398802.jpg (161.24 KB, 1080x720, バーチャルリアル.jpg)

I miss when vtubers were only a niche thing in the west… I miss when reaching 100k took forever, and was seen as a magnificent feat. When a woman collaborating with a man wouldn't cause so much controversy (especially for Hololive).

The fact that the culture has been overtaken by people who care about nothing but numbers, company wars, drama, and pandering just sucks so much.

It sounds really stupid to be reminiscing about what is essentially just people role-playing behind a screen, but it really hurts to see a culture you love so much change and and revamp it self solely for the lowest common denominator.

I know it isn't all like that… I mean, I still watch the JP vtubing sphere of course, regardless of the type of fans that are now attracted to it. I just wish the EN sphere wasn't so much like… that. I feel like it attracts the worst of the worst.

No. 309015

So you are like those shitskinned subhuman indogs but the only difference is that you have no interest in indog chuubas. Very cool, thanks for sharing it with us in lolcow, of all places.(global rule #7)

No. 309020

We dislike for Vox for being into rape here, we don't call women "cringe" because they're into the same content moids are never made fun of for being into. I know you /vt/ and nyfco refugees can't understand the concept of forming an opinion different than the mass
You don't have to but damned if you retards keep bumping this thread with your shitty /vt/ tier replies. You can't even lurk long enough to see how slow /m/ is before copy pasting moid opinions from /vt/(infighting)

No. 309024

I get what you mean, I honestly miss when Vtubing was just entertainment. I remember how niche it was, and how when I searched up my favorite YouTubers, nothing really came up with English results. At that time I think the only place that discussed vtubers was 4chan, but even then it was just one thread where people weren't really fighting with each other over fanbases. The main thing I really hate about vtubing nowadays is that in the EN sphere, the fans are so thin skinned they make drama over everything. Also I don't really like the pandering to gachikois that some vtubers do these days, I much prefer the Japanese style comedy that Nijisanji did, or the big events from .live where it felt like they were anime characters…

No. 309029

People might be disagreeing with you because your opinion that women should allowed to be coombrained enough to enable a shitty moid without any critical thinking just because moids are subhuman coomers to begin with sucks. Do you go around whiteknighting for rancefag too?
I get what you nonnas mean, I still watch my favorites but it feels like the magic of it dispelled after a certain point. Happens with anything, though… The flavor just changes once something gets saturated enough that it can trend-chase and aim for blanket appeal.
Who do you keep up with nowadays? I still like pockets of HolostarsJP if I'm being honest as my favorites (the yurustars) still haven't broken out in popularity– they're all still sub 200k so it feels cozy.
I haven't really kept up with NijiJP as the train of old guard livers leaving over the past year or so has made me sad.

No. 309039

>not liking Vox means you’re a spineless sheep
Vox was the first EN guy I’ve ever really watched. I liked the cooking stream he did with Mysta along with a Vampire ASMR he did, but I figured out after I started catching him in his solo streams and other collabs that he was in that he could be annoying and rude as fuck, constantly talking over and telling people to shut up so he could ramble about an incoherent thought for the next 20 minutes or say a stupid joke. His intense fits of gamer rage also aren’t for me. He’s one of the most popular male vtubers in the world, I’m sure you’ll be able to cope with some people on here just not liking him.
>where it felt like they were anime characters…
God, this part in particular makes me realize what I really miss about vtubing. To be honest, I just used to be a huge Kizuna fan and nothing else for a good couple years, but I loved how it was just like watching anime characters do silly shit and play video games. Now everything is drama this, drama that, numbers, super chat revenue, who’s the most popular and most successful, having a meltdown over a man or woman being near someone of the opposite sex. The fan culture reminds me so much of how kpop fans fight on twitter, but instead of teens fighting about which group sold better, it’s incels fighting about how their favorite vtuber got 10k more views than another. It’s tiring and makes me wonder if these people even like the hobby to begin with.

No. 309110

As much as I love Hololive, they really popularized this view of vtubers as idols. And as their success grew along with the medium itself, this equating of vtubers with idol culture seems to have really grown in a way that I feel led us to how things are today. Ofc people are always going to be parasocial, but the specific possessive, tribalistic breed of parasocialism is something of its own.

No. 309114

File: 1689703442469.jpeg (217.19 KB, 1200x1200, EAE71028-94ED-45E4-AD5B-18F2DC…)

Yeah, I can see that. I guess the massive influx of people coming into the hobby when HoloMyth debuted really disillusioned them on what the rest of the vtubing landscape is like. Like, applying idol rules to a random female indie and getting angry that she has a boyfriend (found out through doxx most of the time) or has male friends openly is fucking bizarre. That’s some woman that probably has a 9-5 and does vtubing as a hobby, not your virtual idol. And even if they are one or in Hololive, they don’t have to follow these rules if they don’t want to. But moids always have to their way in everything and will have a fit and call them whores if they can’t, that’s always how it is in fanbases dominated by them. Picrel since both got branded as whores for simply collabing with their coworkers once they were allowed to.

No. 309151

Girls really do get it the worst. If it's the female vtuber with parasocial fans who breaks their expectations, she gets attacked. If a male vtuber with parasocial fans breaks expectations, the female vtubers who interact with him get attacked. Not saying that male vtubers don't have their own issues, but when it comes to the issue of interacting with the other gender, the female side of it always gets the worst treatment because they're seen as temptuous whores or whatever.
I haven't really followed NijiEN since the Noctyx debut era, but doesn't everybody there interact with each other anyways? What were moids even expecting…
That one early incident where Finana and Pomu had an off-collab where Uki unexpectedly showed up to bring them a charger or whatever and moids flew into a rage is still so ridiculous to me. Moids were bashing him since debut for being gay and a troon, which he is, so what was even the issue? Dude likes men.

No. 309171

So true. The idol LARP has impeded and stunted what vtuber could be. The content structure is so rigid and everyone else just try to simulate that instead of using the medium in an interesting way.

No. 309183

So true on the content structure… It seems like you're expected to have singing ability or at least work towards it nowadays. That's such a timesink just to fit into an expected baseline mold when the appeal should be that everybody brings variety to the table. And for some reason not working hard enough on steady output of covers/improving singing has become seen as a valid neg towards vtubers who have plenty of other merits?
Inb4 "stop defending Shu" this isn't about Shu, Shu styled himself as a vsinger so he actually does deserve the criticism for lack of musical output.

No. 309350

I think it's less singing ability and more performance ability. Love Pekora but the girl can't sing for the life of her, but she's able to perform well. Miko and Peko singing together is simply fun, even if they both aren't good at it.

No. 309568

Sorry for the late response but I still watch Iinchou since she's who got me into Nijisanji, and I watch Yashikizu, Ngo, Leos and Sasaki occasionally too. Aside from that, I've been mainly watching Aogiri Koukou. Honestly with Nijisanji, I mostly watch the tournaments and events, since a lot of them remind me of the events Idol-bu used to do (I think some of their videos have English TL if anyone wants to see them). I don't really watch Holostars too much, sometimes I tune in to 3D or karaoke streams. I did watch a Collab stream from one of the guys with Baacharu but I don't know remember his name.

No. 309571

I think it's kind of funny too because AFAIK even actual idols don't seem to try to farm gachikois as much as some vtubers do, or I guess more accurately, the fans don't care as much about interactions with men (they still care but I would say it's a lot more exaggerated for vtuber gachikois). I'm not sure whether this is true but I heard someone say that idol otakus that we're diehard gachikois pretty much moved onto vtubers and honestly that seems kind of accurate.

No. 309590

File: 1689862829449.jpg (153.92 KB, 868x1228, FWBU8FYVsAEa7v_.jpg)

Leos is so funny. I got into him through his collabs with Sasaki, and he's such an entertaining guy.

No. 309620

I wish I could recommend smaller indie vtubers here but I don’t want to give myself away. I appreciate them a lot more because the interactions felt more genuine and they don’t push themselves to do what every other byf/gf experience vtubers do. Those are the type of people that I want to see thriving but I don’t want them to fall into the trap of farming gachikois.

No. 309631

Any recommendations for female vtubers that don't have a coomerish design without the anti-gravity boob physics? I haven't sub to any female vtubers except for Omocat and I'm kinda interested in Rosemi.
Also any yumejoshi/fujoshi vtubers or handsome female vtubers?

No. 309673

i would love to see more female indie vtubers here, but it's to find ones that dont do the gf/bf experience

they're twitch streamers rather than youtube streamers, but i recommend cynosurae and i know i already mentioned her in this thread, but chrchie too. both just chill and sing, but cyno is more gaming focused. i dont really watch her, but you can check out girl_dm since she has a similar design/color scheme to omocat.

No. 309757

Yeah his collabs are honestly hilarious, I love how he's not ashamed of making a fool of himself. I also love his covers because he sings like a character, kind of like Salome.

No. 309879

Amiya Aranha! She does a lot of retro game (including educational streams on older games and platforms) and craft/art streams (not so much illustration unless its for her little props, more for experimenting with things like site building or low poly 3D modelling, etc.) She's also a great vocalist.
Very non-coomery. Formerly of Tsunderia last gen but she's independent now that they've gone out of business. I really like the homemade feeling her streams have going on.

No. 309892

I’ve heard so much about her I’m surprised she only has 17k. Her design is so… bright it hurts my eyes but hey the game selection seems nice.

No. 309916

I'm surprised, she feels overshadowed by a lot of her former coworkers from what I've experienced! I'm happy to know she gets talked about, though.

No. 309936

Rin Penrose might be what you're looking for: she's a "prince type" and an avowed femcel apparently.

No. 309982

I obviously can't selfpost here, but I am currently going through a redesign and I am aiming for a princely type model. I want to attract female viewers because I hate coomers.

No. 310005

I hope I come across you one day nonna.

No. 310063

File: 1690056220632.png (5.25 MB, 2642x2240, 128371.png)

Mikeneko revealed her new model today.

No. 310072


No. 310146

File: 1690114017173.png (432.27 KB, 676x608, 92011cc04f7d3b887e8d62831ee382…)

No. 310147

Aw rip mystafags what happened?

No. 310148

He seemed checked out for a while, but god damn. That’s two whole people gone from AR live now, if it even happens. I’m so sick of this shit.

No. 310155

Holy shit I saw the rumor that there was going to be a “big one” after Nina but I didn’t think it’d be Mysta.

No. 310161

Oh no ..if he's going do you think vesper too? God I hope not

No. 310162

I cant help but wonder if hes okay. Hes been dealing with depression for a long time. I hope he becomes happier in his new job, whether thats being an indie or an offline job (I think he needs to go offline tbh)
I dont follow, what about vesper? Theyre not in the same company

No. 310172

File: 1690125933227.png (Spoiler Image,78.48 KB, 736x447, 1690125955208519.png)

Irc he was the one who got cancelled on his roommate for abusing his gf.
Wasn't he also the coomer that keeps jerking off to femboys, or was that another one?
Anyway, picrel is the proof that he won't be getting any fanmails

No. 310173

The one who got cancelled for abusing his gf was Ike, that’s basic information, kek. https://twitter.com/lolliaofficial/status/1301229790041640965
As for the fan mail stuff, it seems like that was an issue for ID since even Nina has talked about reading her fan mail in one of her streams before she went away.

No. 310174

called it. he was complaining on his alt non stop and his views have been low ever since he stopped the fujo bait. another coomer down. vox next pls

No. 310177

File: 1690127154384.jpeg (426.09 KB, 1170x995, IMG_0289.jpeg)

heh. this tweet makes sense now. I’m guessing he will go indie

No. 310298

No. 310301

Here's the same link embedded. New wave

No. 310304

their designs look cute. do we have leaks on who they might be or completely new people in regards to streaming?

No. 310312

genshin impact ass designs

No. 310326

I know that they were good friends so it's not like it needed contextualizing, but this does put Nina telling Musta before anybody else that she was graduating into perspective.
Hope this helps the dude get mentally well… Can't say I liked him but it's been evident since forever that he's super unhappy here.

No. 310335

looks like shit

No. 310341

They look cute but I think one of them looks a lot like Kronii and another one looks too much like Noelle. It's interesting that we're getting twin vtubers (?). Anyone know when their debut will be?

No. 310451

File: 1690224935429.jpg (211.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I saw the two fox girls together and thought of the Misaki sisters. They're pretty ESL but they're in Canada right now, so maybe they've gotten better.

No. 310480

I like their designs but why do 4/5 of them have some variation of white hair?

No. 310483

Oh joy, now aside from the usual scrote behavior toward Hololive, we will now have to put up with twincest.

No. 310724

File: 1690300719026.jpg (590.72 KB, 2467x3500, 5ef87901f2153f27b14ce1753a2d6c…)

I have a massive crush on Saruei. I'm straight but she makes me feel things.

No. 310726

Outside of the first couple JP gens Hololive always hire established chubas. Gura Gwar was collabing with Belle Delphine and just shy of a million subs before she got picked up.

No. 310729

4chan is getting pretty hyped up about them. Someone saying the ESL and accents were just an act. Can someone confirm that?

No. 310741

i thought the twin girls were going to be this obscure canadian twin idol group from years ago ally+sally

No. 310752

Why? She's a pickme bihet BPDchan.

No. 310761

Sisters… what if magni and noir have already been fired/quit, but they're not announcing it for a few weeks so it doesn't interfere with the debut hype? Damn, I'm kinda sad now.

No. 310766

me coping; it would make retard sense of cover to fire them immediately after upgrading their models. like i know new outfits are mostly vtuber funded, but it would paint cover in just a shitty position as njsj

No. 310773

Stop self-shilling, nobody here cares for a coombrain nlog like yourself(hi cow)

No. 310789

That’s what I’ve been predicting will happen. I expect an announcement either between a week or a month after the debuts. I still can’t figure out what the fuck even happened.

No. 310791

probably want to get that indie freedom back after boosting themselves enough with clout from the company name.

No. 310792

Shinri will leave before either of them

No. 310806

I know this is petty and parasocial of me, but I don't like watching special content planned because of a graduation (new songs, live concerts, etc.) It feels like a consolation prize. Like damn where was this when you weren't graduating?

No. 310814

Deets? I haven't heard anything about her

No. 310828

If magni and vesper are forced to graduate I’m quitting watching vtubers as a hobby forever. Why the fuck does idol work always sound like slave contracts

No. 310833

they can all go back to their old channels so it's good they're liberated from their restrictions of their contract. i imagine needing to wait for permission before they try out games and collabs is a hassle they want to be freed from.

No. 310844

Why are you saying that?

No. 310860

The new gen looks pretty cute to me tbh. I hope some of them are down to earth and don't coombait too hard.

No. 310865

Don’t worry nonna, I love both Saruei and Shylily and no one on lorcow dot farm will ever shame me out of it. You should love her too if you’re into her.
Saruei is the kind of woman I would fall for despite knowing full well she’s not actually into women and will most probably ruin my life and self esteem. Shylily is more like the cool friend I would hang out with but would avoid going out with if I know males are joining.
The cool thing about streamers is that there is no actual connection and you won’t ever see them in real life, watching streams of a nlog is totally fine unless it’s the type of nlog that puts down other women. So far neither of them showed disrespect for other female creators, viewers or women in general.

No. 310877

Cant tell if male or selfposting but thanks for the laugh kek

No. 310895

File: 1690389229224.jpg (177.77 KB, 497x495, ywnbaw.jpg)

>whorelily and selfposter
>watching a nlog is fine?
>i am totally a gurl guyz!
fuck off troon(baiting)

No. 310898

I hate the rumor that saruei and magni are dating, but they’re really good friends so it might be true. It’s hard to stomach someone as nice as magni with a mean cunt like her though

No. 310905

You think this >>305577 is the man that deserves a good gf?

No. 310915

>good gf

They'd deserve each other if true kek

No. 310995

Yes every lolcow user you disagree with is a troon. Yes, women can’t be friends or enjoy watching a nlog because reasons ???
Jesus, the psychosis.

No. 310996

I thought magni has a gf irl? I doubt that they’re dating irl bc magni probably prefers having an irl relationship over having one online

No. 311003

NTA but you really want to shill male-asslicks on this board and expect to not get ridiculed. You have your own shitty website to do that.

No. 311006

If you know, you know

No. 311015

Are you alluding to him going back to streaming as Lex Parte? Because Bettel is doing the exact same with his other streaming persona. That’s like saying Mori is going to quit being in Hololive because she still streams and does projects as demondice.

No. 311022

>>310898 said he deserves better than her retard

No. 311026

There's quite a difference in posts for both of them.

No. 311028

I have no doubt it's Ally and Sally, the typing style is exactly the same. These >>310451 vtubers are definitely Ally and Sally as well. They're not ESL at all, just speaking with that baby vtuber voice and using Japanese mannerisms, but the voices match up. They've been affiliated with Mangagamer before.

No. 311040

I've been watching Doppio lately so enlighten me, nonnas: is there any secret freak moid shit I should know about him before I get too attached or can I enjoy him enencumbered with the knowledge that he's actually a massive coomer?
I've poked around but there's only so much I can find on my own with Iketog not being as forthcoming with PL details as of late and me refusing to engage with 4ch/twitter.

No. 311047

I love these girls, and if Yagoo actually got them into hololive, i will be extremely happy. One of the best vtubers out there. Shame their manager didn't give a crap about the project so he quickly nuked it, right when they reached a milestone.
I used to know her before she became a vtuber. She is the worst person you'd ever want to be around, the fakest bitch ever too. I feel bad for you. Still, convinced that one of you is that rando from vt who keeps trying to shill her.

No. 311059

Anon, he has an entire page to himself over there with his PL details all plastered on that website. Surely you can find it with a quick google search.

No. 311060

i'm a diff anon but can you explain for me? Lex used to be part of a group that i'm affiliated with so i'm very curious

No. 311065

He used to make nsfw audios as characters for women. I got the impression he's more respectable about it and tries to be an actual voice actor rather than make asmrs to degrade his viewers, but I didn't dive too deep (they're cringe). He doesn't really do any pandering in his streams right now, but his vps are apparently yume-like which all vps are as far as I know. In short I didn't find any subhuman tendencies from him and he hasn't been influenced by his coomer coworkers to do easy money with nsfw asmrs on stream yet despite being the only one with that experience. I don't think these topics would even come up in his streams since the vibe is always uniquely humorous and lighthearted in his own way kek

No. 311091

>I used to know her before she became a vtuber. She is the worst person you'd ever want to be around, the fakest bitch ever too. I feel bad for you.

Do you have some milk? Did you know her irl or just by her previous streaming persona?

Of course she's fake, Anon, she's a streamer. All streamers are fake, the "sincere" ones are a dime a dozen and for sure they are not in the biggest content creator part of twitch of all places.

No. 311102

Nta but she's been somewhat of a minor personal cow for 10 years with her previous aliases (am I allowed to post them?), she's always been very arrogant, she's also an anachan who had a private thinspo tumblr account (which I never got access to). She's also apparently lying about her age, I've heard she said she was 23 but she's definitely turning 30 next year. I don't think she was super milky and never did anything outrageous afaik, but if someone else has more info…

No. 311144

Okay, NOW this is what I call interesting milk, for how bland it is.
This is lolcow, it shouldn’t be a problem if you post her other aliases and minor stuff, I think.

No. 311157

It seems like YOU dont know and just wanna cuse drama

No. 311171

File: 1690490702185.jpeg (90.93 KB, 720x530, IMG_0145.jpeg)

From Selen's iketog page. Dubious but interesting nonetheless.

No. 311180

Omg, it all makes sense now
>Stupid baby talk they've used back then
>Knows JPN.
Jesus Christ, aren't they past 30? Not that I care about vtuber's age but the whole schtick feels weird.

No. 311186

I believe it.

No. 311192

Open 3 tabs on your browser.
One tab for lex, one for connor, and one for lando.
Open eyes and read. EZ
If you can't see it, not my problem

No. 311193


Try again

No. 311194

It makes me wonder what the JP contracts are like if EN is so pitiful. I imagine they’re either fairer or they get more amenities because there are some real long haulers in JP.

No. 311205

File: 1690499457078.png (59.07 KB, 873x345, hand holding.png)


No. 311231

I know that for some of the JP livers, it definitely is more worth it for them to stay with the company because of how much they make on the sponsorships they get through being with Nijisanji. This only applies to a few livers, but for example, with Yashikizu, he makes a ton off of sponsorships despite not getting many superchats. This, hand in hand with the fact that sponsorships are more orevalent for the JP side, might explain a small part of why they've got some long-haulers with the company there.
But there's also the fact that we've seen an unexpected number of longtime successful NijiJP members leaving in recent years, so one has to wonder how much better a deal JP actually gets.

No. 311232

Why do i feel like mysta wrote this it feels like something he would write. Or maybe I’m being stupid. Anyway, 85/15 is ridiculous and should be considered something like a slave labor. Shit like this should be regulated. I know vtubing isn’t mainstream enough for that but that ratio feels illegal as fuck.
she always gave me millenial woman vibes she does not feel like a zoomer at all, uses old internet lingo all the time. i would not be surprised if she was in her 30s
another graduation? damn english vtubing is in shambles

No. 311238

The Fuwamoco character designs also have the same hairstyles and character colors they use, pink/bob hair for Ally and blue/longer hair for Sally (idk unless I mixed them up). They must have auditioned together and then Hololive had the artist come up with the designs after. The baby voices are cringy as hell, but also they'll probably make decent money now that they're in Hololive and it's probably better than a shitty office desk job, so I guess whatever works?

No. 311252

Can't help but compare EN corporate vtubing to JP games getting EN releases: JP hands over all the work to some EN publisher and don't care if they make weird decisions in their games' name. Do vtuber companies also make an EN branch with random connections from the US and call it a day? How come they can have a million projects going on in JP and EN gets no support whatsoever even when the members themselves try to do something all on their own (Selen's outfit drama). We knew it happens in Niji but even Holo?? It's not like the boys are making too low to care about.

No. 311256

I doubt JP gets a better deal, Japanese entertainment contracts are notoriously shitty when it comes to revenue payout, and it's just widely accepted that's the way things are so there's probably little pushback. Like you said though the sponsorships probably make up for it, that's generally how idols and talents in Japan make their money. I know its vtubing, but probably still similar.

No. 311257

Thank you!
Thanks for letting me know, searches were only giving me the xsoleil page but I was able to find his page on the site.

No. 311292

May i ask how did you know him? As Lex you mean?
If you watch him now, do you think the conntent is trueto him> ?

No. 311320

From what I've heard so far, they honestly sound pretty milky and lolcow-like. I know this specific thread is supposed to be drama-free, but damn, I kind of want them to debut and the past milk to flow…

No. 311383

They really weren't milky at all compared to other girls at the time, other than their weird obsession with porn games. I don't remember them ever causing drama or anything, mostly just stuck to their twin character shtick.

No. 311392

Tbh I feel like it's dipping pretty low to allow you and your twin sister to be sexualized in order to attract incest-obsessed coombrains. Every normal set of twins I know irl hates that shit.
Also they're apparently white Canadians but are faking having an ESL Japanese accent. Bruh…

No. 311426

Is one of them allowing her twin sister to be sexualized in this video? If not, are you saying they’re both allowing it together just because they’re both vtubers? I don’t really get what you’re saying here.

No. 311456

I tried listening to this and I want to fucking vomit, why do women do this shit.

No. 311470

File: 1690642985416.png (26.48 KB, 507x276, 1427138241185.png)

I wasn't specifically referring to sexualization in that video, I just meant their fake ESL accents.
Here's an old blog post from their lolcow thread. I find it absolutely bizarre, pandery, and inappropriate to talk about playing H games with your sister at age 13. Nothing good can come from mentioning that to scrotes online. Tbf, this was many years ago, so maybe they've changed for the better, but it gives me the ick.
Are you fans of theirs?

No. 311472

Samefag but they're also liking art with both of them lewdly posed on Twitter, so they're clearly cool with the sexualization. But go off, I guess.

No. 311480

Why didn’t you add all this context at first, then? I didn’t get what you were referring to with the sexualizing twin sister thing because I don’t know anything about them and the video just seemed like the typical vtuber moebait to me. Damn.

No. 311486

My b, I was replying to the anon who said they weren't that milky, cuz it seems kind of milky to me. Very odd set of adult women, to say the least. I'll try to give them a fair chance but my hopes aren't high.

No. 311495

I'm the anon who said they weren't milky, I didn't mean that as a defense of them, just that other than their weird coomerbrain anime twin posting (which is definitely weird as hell, dont get me wrong), they didn't really do anything else interesting. Like compared to other wannabe idol girls of the time they never got into fights, never had some big irl secret exposed, never became porn actresses, etc. They seem really boring personality-wise honestly, they just keep doing the same thing they've been doing for years.

No. 311496

You're good, I get what you're saying! They're just more bizarre and cringe the more I learn about them kek.

No. 311501

Yeah, they're definitely bizarre, I get being a fan of moe and Akiba culture and accepting the gross parts of it when you're like 18 years old and don't know better, but continuing the weird anime twin fetish thing all the way into 2023 when you're grown women is… certainly a weird choice. They could definitely still do the twin gimmick without encouraging lewd fanart. Anyway, we'll see, I don't think I can watch them myself though.

No. 311517

Agreed, blogposting, but I think a lot of us who were chronically online/in the anime sphere when we were kids accepted the lolicon thing, or even leaned into it. But I think they're 30-ish now? Oof. I'm gonna laugh if people realize they're adult white women, not kawaii ESL japanese teens.

No. 311576

File: 1690671207222.png (100.91 KB, 300x300, f75d4103-a265-4e21-88b5-44745f…)

Thoughts on Filian? She seems way too high energy like she's snorting Adderall or something.

No. 311581

Not my cup of tea but it's nice to see some non moeblob character designs out there. Her archetype pops up in a lot of shoujo stuff. I can't think of the name but like Utena, Rei from Marimite or Sailor Uranus.

No. 311586

The equivalence of the youtube front page when you’re not logged in: junk content designed to entice literal ipad babies, like some kind of sssniperwolf of vtuber. Big numbers yet no one really cares about her.

No. 311596

I probably won’t watch them cus they fucking suck at games, but I’m happy for them. They’ve been trying to be idols for a decade. Kiara isn’t my cup of tea either, but I respect her streaming schedule and commitment to be an idol. We need more girls who give a shit instead of menhera tummy horts

No. 311627

Only one I still have hope so far for is Nerissa. Shiori and Koseki's forced squeaky voices are a disappointment as well as Shiori's generic "uwu" e-thot personality.

No. 311632

i might watch shiori because i like the aesthetic she has going on and bijou seems cute, but probably will not watch her. not into the loli model and i fear that moids will infect the fandom and ruin it because of this with how degen they are. i know im in the minority, but i dont actually mind the higher pitched voices that vtubers put on unless they do coomerbaiting with a loli model of course, but none of them actually sound like children and i see it as a what a voice actor would do for when they get into a role.

No. 311633

>Shiori's generic "uwu" e-thot personality.
MTE. Fuck, I want to like her so bad, I probably will still try to watch some of her streams, but her "im gonna step on youuuu" "dont you wanna try and fix meeee :3" shit is obnoxious. If she didn't do any of that I'd adore her.

No. 311642

Based of how little I know about her PL, she's not that into GFE and I wonder if her ethot act was forced upon her because she's now stuck with that e-girl model when she just wants to chill, kinda like an Ina situation.

No. 311712

For what it's worth with Ina, pretty sure she is an actual massive fan of the artist as she's drawn his FGO servants before and iirc is a fan of Abby (FGO servant) but I might be wrong on that. It's been a while.

No. 311732

I can see this. Idk anything about her PL persona, but she seems chill, nerdy, and a bit of a girly-girl. However, 4chan got all hyped up over LE GOTH MOMMY crazy dom menhera unhinged energy her art gives off. Of course, these expectations always lead to inevitable disappointment.
Funnily enough, I didn't see much hype over Bijou on 4chan, because her design just looks pretty cute and normal. However, people ended up being pleasantly surprised by her fun debut stream.
Verdict is still out for both of them for me.
I feel like I'm going to be actively repulsed by the twins, but simultaneously enjoy the feast of cringe they'll bring.

No. 311760

she could drop it later, probably just wanted to make her debut memorable. i have hope if >>311642 is true.

No. 311761


The moids are actually so gullible and stupid. I wanted to like Shiori as a litnerd, but her debut was so disappointing:

> fake uwu ethot soft voice

> can already tell she's going to be bitchy to the other genmates and has jealousy issues
> somehow menhera is sexy to the moids
> forced interests, couldn't even be bothered to read the books she listed and just Audibled a bunch after googling "classic gothic and crime books" before debut
> every other "favourite" thing she listed she conveniently glazed over, you know exactly the vibe I'm talking about, that one girl in school who pretends to like X thing to impress the boys
> stupid pandering

No. 311798

I wish they'd select the streamers, then build the avatar around their personality. Now we're stuck with a shy awkward girl who has a "goth archiver" avatar, so she has to pretend to be a dommy mommy and like she loves reading (when it sounds more like she got selected for this avatar, so she had to quickly download Audible and binge books to keep up the persona.)

No. 311799

samefag but someone like Nina Kosaka would have filled the avatar better, imo. I'm not saying it literally had to be Nina Kosaka but there's gotta be more than one vtuber with a mellow, mature, and womanly personality who could have played the role.

No. 311806

>can already tell she's going to be bitchy to the other genmates and has jealousy issues
How so? Her way to address future collabs was weird, but the rest of he stream was pretty much whatever

No. 311833

I love and will ALWAYS love Shiori only because of her husbando list. I hate yurishitters so much it's unreal.

No. 311842

Pretty neutral on her but I think it's pretty impressive that she can do flips and handsprings will all that gear on.

No. 311861

I liked Bijou's debut. She seems alright so far. Yeah she's got a 'loli' model/voice but as long a she doesn't go hard on the pandering like Gura it doesn't bother me. She likes soulsborne games (a plus for me) so I might give her a chance. Shiori's debut felt like it would fit in nijiEN lol, she's like a hololive Aia Amare. A basic nerdy girl trying to do a dommy mommy schtick she's very ill fit for. Maybe she'll drop it and find her niche once she settles in but for now she's kinda cringey. I don't think the twins will be for me but I'm interested in Nerissa because I do like her design the most out of all of them.

No. 311873

Random rant. I don't understand why hololive and anycolor can't get better riggers when they're the two biggest vtubing companies. if anycolor really takes 90% revenue why do newly debuted indie vtubers have better rigging and a bigger range of motion?

No. 311878

It doesn't bother me too much but I think indie rigs look funny. I prefer Niji's rigging the most, Holos also move weirdly and it only fits energetic types in my opinion. Maybe it's just my mind not being able to comprehend a 2d character move so much lol

No. 311887

Weird to me too. Wuite a few smaller corpos debut their vtubers with higher fidelity rigging than Niji livers get, while Hololive rigging can be inconsistent in a generation on debut. Even by the time of their 3.0s, Niji livers can still be oddly stiff?
A little ironic considering how good their 3D models can be.
I've never thought of it that way, but from that POV I can certainly see the appeal of Niji rigging!

No. 311899

Just as expected, clicked around the Fuwamoco debut and had a brain aneurysm. 2 white women in their 30s pretending to be ESL Japanese lolis.. kill me now.
I can respect the 'idol' thing but this ain't it, chief.

No. 311905

Had a quick look over Advent's debuts. The twins and Bijou got filtered easily based on their voices but Bijou is the more bearable one, she might turn out to be fun once she settles into her streaming style. I think Shiori will either distance herself from the goth gf persona or properly lean into it, if she doesn't make it her whole shtick I'll give her another try, judging before a month is hard but I like her vibe for now. I like Nerissa the most, she's the chill type of vtuber I like and want to support, I like her cover too. I hope she doesn't let the idol culture dictate her moves too much, she seems like the friend experience streamer at least for women. I'll watch through each one's debuts once I have time and see if my opinion changes

No. 311907

>>311899 them saying theyre 2000+ years old but saying their ages dont matter… oh i know the coomers are gonna eat them up

No. 311924

I want to like Fuwamoco because I thought they're cute on Twitter but I just can't get over the fact that white fluent English speakers are acting ESL. I can take any pandering but acting like you're Japanese is just too cringey.

No. 311925

It sucks that the anime lowest common denominator has made little girl characters inherently sexual. There are plenty of girl cartoon/anime characters who are iconic and beloved (Ghibli leads, for example) I honestly wouldn't mind a little sister vtuber experience type vtuber but scrotes ruin it.

No. 311943

I do not like Advent as a whole.
Shiori and Nerissa have a minor on me though.
This MV is not great either. I feel like a hater, but it's not good.

No. 311946

I liked Bijou and Nerissa. Bijou definitely had the best debut and feels like she was just made to be a vtuber. I can for sure see Nerissa being popular with women like you said.

No. 311950

incel pandering pick me bitch

No. 311960

I thought it was pretty clear that their “age didn’t matter” in the sense that their real human age would be equivalent to 20 years old regardless. Not that they’re an immortal 9,000 lolis kind of “age doesn’t matter”

Like maybe a coomer fan would take it that way, but not someone with eyes and a brain where they put 20(00) for a reason

No. 311980

Why do I feel like 90% of the song sounds like pre schoolers learning to rhyme? All I remember after is "PARTY PARTY FIRE FIRE"

No. 311986

Previous editor for her Youtube said she's a massive see you next Tuesday

No. 311992

All this edgy imagery just to stream Minecraft.

No. 311997

I'd really prefer to support the girls if possible, so it pains me to say this… But the Advent debuts just fell flat for me after how good the two Tempus waves' debuts were.

No. 312000

How do you feel about Kobo? She's tolerable to me as far as the baby-voiced variety of vtuber goes. Maybe because she skews more towards an actual annoying younger sibling than coomer pandering.

No. 312012

Admittedly, I haven't sat down and watched a full Kobo stream, but she does seem cute and not too pander-y to me. Some clips of her goofy shenanigans do make me smile. She's good at the role she plays!
I unironically want a cute goofy daughter someday. That shouldn't sound sexual but this is what anime coomers have done.

No. 312033

Learning Shiori's PL does change things. Interested to see where her character goes in the long run considering that she's an OG.

No. 312044

>hates her autistic brother
>says her incel viewers would make better brothers than him knowing they're all coomers and gets off to her bimbo act
>is unironically the most retarded person I've seen
>can't speak any language properly, just yells
>doesn't even try to hide her crush on that singer guy from starsJP, makes a song about a man that's obviously him
>no content, just screaming obnoxious half sentences
>everyone goes along with it not because she's a bratty princess but because they pity her for being more retarded than her autistic brother she hates
literally why is she even this popular despite having 2 iq I have no idea

No. 312049

>hates her autistic brother
>everyone goes along with it not because she's a bratty princess but because they pity her for being more retarded than her autistic brother she hates

No. 312052

Maybe it's just me, but Kobo genuinely sounds like a child to me and it doesn't sound like she's faking her voice to make it like that? I might be an idiot though, but I've genuinely wondered if she is an actual child.

No. 312089

I believe she's a college student. She just plays her character very well.
Cover stopped hiring underage streamers a while ago as it created significant burden on both Haachama and Shion in the long run.

No. 312108

What's her PL? Other than the twins, I don't know anyone from EN3

No. 312145

I can't explain it well, and I'm not particularly a follower of Kiara, but I feel like Kiara is more genuine in her white-adult-woman-trying-to-be-an-anime-idol energy than Fuwamoco. I feel like what Fuwamoco are being praised for is what Kiara was hated for. I know that makes me sound schizo but yeah.

No. 312153

Maybe it's because Kiara seems a bit more disillusioned with the Japanese idol world as a result of her lived experiences, her time as an idol was pretty rough. She seems like she grew up and is a weeb that is fine with the fact that she can never actually be a Japanese girl and is content with being a vtuber, compared to the twins that are mimicking Japanese idols to the point that even their English speech has the cadence of Japanese. I think Kiara came off as a lot more insecure when she first debuted, so some people found it easier to criticize her. The twins are really dedicated to playing the character of anime girl idol vtubers, so I can see how that comes off as more 'professional' in a sense.

No. 312222

Natsumi Moe, an OG ENtuber who started in 2018. If you include her PL, she's been at it since 2017. There's some content on her channel that I'd give the side eye to, but she also did a lot of interesting stuff. Will be interesting to see what she brings to the table after joining an agency like Hololive, at the very least.
I've seen some surprise expressed at her being the "leader" of Advent, and her lengthy experience explains the position.

No. 312225

Honestly, I don't have an issue with the FWMC characters themselves since it'd be hypocritical of me to judge that as a Korone fan. But the LARPing as ESLs is legitimately cringe and I just can't get past it.
I think you're on the nose about how Kiara presented at the outset. She had a lot against her compared to her peers on debut and the effect it had on her mentality was tangible. It was a long time before she came to terms with her comparative lack of popularity compared to her genmates.
Bijou was a small indie named Waabyuu streaming from twitch.
Nerissa is the voice actress/singer Caitlin Myers.

No. 312423

She's talking about books in zatsu right now and it's the weirdest thing… The selection of books she's talking about makes me think that maybe she actually has read a lot (or has gone down a Wiki rabbit hole of lit) but beyond Sherlock Holmes, II don't believe she really "read" or understood them?
Is she just banking on her chat being illiterate enough to not know what any of these books are actually about?

No. 312462

> doesn't go hard on the pandering like Gura
Did you watch her streams or tweets? She’s already pandering way more than Gura.

No. 312523

This is what I mean by hololive needing to design an avatar based on the streamers personality, instead of vice versa.
Sad fact is that Shiori is probably neither a dom goth girl, nor a literary nerd.
Now she can either A. Pretend to be a literary goth dummy mommy, and everyone will see through the charades or
B. Just be herself, which seems to be a shy quiet girl, and then scrotes will go "zomg nooo goth mommy doko"

No. 312531

Shiori's classic lit selection/commentary is extremely "former AP English student who had to read all of the mentioned books for class but was never that into them and now barely remembers what they were about a few years post-graduation"

No. 312624

Sorry for my fuwamoco sperging, it's just hilarious to me and I don't feel like anyone else will get it. 4chan likes the fact that they're adult white women who act brain damaged.
In this video, they excuse their poor English despite being English natives because "we're doggies!!11"

No. 312628

They literally called themselves ESL by saying that. People in the comments are convinced that they're Japanese/half Japanese despite being white Canadians, I guess their weeb dream has been fulfilled kek

No. 312634

these fucking dogs are unbearable and knowing they're white women in their 30s makes it so much worse

No. 312646

I’m really doubting Vesper and Magni ever coming back.

No. 312659

During Shiori's sleepover collab yesterday they were pretending (?) not to know what Scooby-Doo, Mary Poppins or The Simpsons were, which killed any momentum in the group conversation dynamic. Feels like it'll be hard for their genmates to relate to them and vice versa

No. 312666

i don't understand how kronii can juggle hololive commitments and "other" commitments at the same time. it seems to explain a ton about her behavior.

No. 312668

Wait, I don't know much about her, what "other" commitments?

No. 312710

So much mental gymnastics in the comments because no one wants to admit their dream esl waifus are white women.
"They're japanese!"
"No they're canadian actually"
"…They're half japanese"
"No They're white"
"…they probably studied abroad in Japan their whole lives!"

No. 312712

I don't get why it would matter if they're Japanese or not. They're acting retarded for lonely scrotes, they're the cash cow after all. Are moids just in denial?

No. 312713

Seems like they're not coming back. It's been a very long break right after their 1.5/2.0's and it killed all the hype, their fans were speculating they were asking for more than cover is willing to give in their contract negotiations which would explain why there was no time given for when they would come back and they got suspended at the same time. If it's true and they're not back yet, they must not have reached an agreement. Shinri's pl tweet also alludes that the streamers are not really happy with StarsEN management. I wonder if the sussed two will have graduation streams at all.
They do say their first "human" language is English and Japanese comes after it so I don't know how the retards in the comments insist they're ESL Japanese waifus lol

No. 312716

Adult white women with broken english doesn't fuel the fantasy quite as much as happa teens who grew up in Japan but are doing their best to adapt to english, I guess.

I guess their long-winded answer properly confused the scrotes, all according to keikaku. "We're english natives" is embarrassing and doesn't explain their pseudo nippon loli accent. "We're DOGGOS" fuels the scrote fantasy and they can avoid admitting they're english natives who choose to have broken english.

No. 312747

If it's true this situation happened because of not being happy with the current contract terms I have to wonder why they thought they had enough leverage to pull it off versus the risk. At the end of the day it's not a necessity for someone to be a streamer as their job or for a vtuber company to keep on a lower earner

No. 313811

Shiori is so close to being based, too bad about the model-voice mismatch and awkward goth gf pandering. This makes me believe she could be cool to watch, but she knows what she has to do to get the incel money, so she will not drop the act.

No. 313850

File: 1691654281514.jpg (123.39 KB, 1139x1080, 1656146768106.jpg)

How the fuck is pippa still a vtuber I checked out her last stream out of curiosity and it's just her coping for pedos and saying lolicon in on the same level as saying games causing violence and her sucking her 4channers dicks saying not all men

No. 313858

god i fucking hate that fake-ass voice she is doing.

No. 313871

That’s how she’s still a vtuber, by pandering so hard and doing all this shit she doesn’t believe in to get approval, then pussyfooting when she goes to far or getting harassed by the people who are supposed to be her fans. She’s kinda like a vtuber version of Pearl Davis.

No. 313883

The pearl Davis comparison is on point even in the stream I mentioned (she was reacting to that vice pedophilic industry of japan) she says that you can't say that child rape manga makes someone a pedophile and it doesn't target anyone (how brain dead do you have to be?) then the social worker comes in and she says maybe it is. She's such a coward. I'm betting that her own audience is going to be her downfall it was so disgusting them spaming based mangaka in the chat. Her model is cute but I hate it's attached to such a disgusting person. She thinks she's the next metokur. She's milky as hell im suprised there's no thread about her

No. 313953

>nooooo you can't just have a cute high voice you have to sound like a whale like me it's not faaaaair(ok)

No. 313967

I feel like Selen is the next graduation for sure.
I could really see her doing well with Hololive's resources, but it's hard to imagine her gelling well with the idol aspect of things. If she resurfaces indie, I hope she makes it big.

No. 313971

Ah yes the only two types of female voices possible, strained fake uwu loli and whale

No. 313984

From what I've heard about her, she seems like a highly troubled individual. I almost feel bad for her, but I can't put up with the 4chan pandering. Just develop a personality outside of being edgy and a backbone, sister.

Lolcow is for women. Go back to 4chan.

Wtf is Niji doing to their talents? They're having a mass exodus. They seem like they have plenty of talented individuals and energetic fanbases, but they squander everything. Kind of sad to see, honestly.

No. 313985

It pisses me off how after all this time, only one group has 3D and how they’re not allowed to do most of anything because of how particular management is about things. Making Selen publicly apologize on stream for flubbing a tournament is so god damn retarded. She’s one of their most popular EN livers and she’s treated like shit too.

No. 314001

Not to be a parasocial andy, but god - magni dating saruei is soft confirmed and I wish it could be any other girl. Why the BPD drama monger shit stirrer, why

No. 314003

She's milky as hell, but I wouldn't want a thread on her only because it brings the risk of attracting her retard coomer fans to lolcow.

No. 314015

there's no way you actually believe that kek

No. 314025

yeah unfortunately it'd attract her annoying edgy scrote orbiters to it like flies on shit

No. 314097

It's almost impressive just how bad they are at managing their talents. It really feels like they're going out of their way to fuck things up for the talents, or make it more difficult for them to make more money (and by extension, make them money)

No. 314125

As a fan, I just want 3D concerts, lives, and more cool events happening, especially international ones. With how fun the PuyoPuyo tournament was, you think they’d let Selen organize more without so much autistic management, but I guess not. EN management is so fucking shit. If they tried just a little bit we’d still have Nina and Mysta, and maybe even Masae.

No. 314127

Masae's problems had nothing to do with management though. I'd argue management fucked Zaion over way more than her, Masae lost her mind on her own while Zaion got wrong information from managers. She'd still do better with a manager that watched her stream and told her to end it when she started crying about not having a dick but I don't know how feasible that is given managers have 2-3 people to look after.

No. 314153

That's literally what they did to ID, so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 314167

masae was too menhera to be a professional streamer, being a casual streamer working whenever she can on her own pace works way better for her. zaion was just unlikable and made everyone hate her so fast with her unfunny jokes and genshin account shenanigans. mysta queerbaited too close to the sun and couldn’t take the fujobait anymore. not to be a nijibooklicker but all three of them fucking sucked. i only felt bad about nina’s graduation, she was hated on unfairly.

No. 314187

Are you a fulgur fan?

No. 314189

nah i find his voice extremely annoying

No. 314414

magni's been streaming on twitch as his past life recently with decent views. if he does leave holostars he'll probably do fine.

No. 314416

I listened to Mori recently talk about onsens, food and places to travel in Japan and it was really just a pleasant stream. I think she's not really the first person most female viewers would think to watch which is why nobody recommends her. She seems kind of confident after all her influx of hate which I like about her. She also just has incredibly good work ethic and is always making something, so it's kind of fun to watch her achieve her music and big goals.
She's not very good at collabs and never has been, so avoid them, but she's fine one on one with her audience. You can tell she enjoys engaging with deadbeats and I considered it very positive.

No. 314420

Nonnie, I am a fembeat for life. I had a major cry right a few hours ago and then I taught about Mori, and felt better. I love Mori so so so much, and believe or not, A LOT of women who watch female streamers are also fembeats. Moids hate her but all moids need to face the wall.

No. 314423

I'm glad I'm not the only fembeat. I guess I just don't see a lot of them here or on /vt/? It's probably just moids overshadowing the female audience, as it is with most female vtubers.
>moids to the wall
Exactly. Vtubing is so female centric and it would be great if we could take it from them. I actually think of most of the female vtubers as being pretty tame and good entertainers while male vtubers actually cause a lot of their own drama and are super sexual. The best vtubers are still mostly women.

No. 314425

is he streaming as a fleshie or with his previous vtuber model?

No. 314426

NAYRT, but he's streaming as himself. His content is mostly just the standard gross moid pervy stuff for the most part

No. 314434

Nonnies, help me. Please recommend a tired yumejoshi (not fujo) Kindred someone who actually cares. I just get the impression more and more he only cares about numbers. I'm tired of pretending I don't see him chasing the tail of somehow the blandest latinx in existence. Every male in NijiEN is close to at least one girl and of course he's close to just the worst one who loves torching his career, gloating over the delicate immersion breaking, then Kindred have to watch him coddle her like nothing happened. Just an absolutely, maddening and toxic "friendship" where they're both sinking ships and only care about themselves.

I randomly tried Uki and he seems really pleasant and receptive and his voice is very gentle. I do really like pleasant voices you can listen to for hours. I was sort of surprised he noticed I was there in his chat and it felt good to be acknowledged. Is there any other good male vtubers? I've heard Bettel as one, but I don't know anything about him. I tried Fulgur more than once but I just get the impression he doesn't care if someone leaves and I'm no fujo. I also got the impression, especially in the early days he's one of those males that he just outright hate's the yumejoshi's. (What did we ever do to you, Fulgur?)
I know Hex has copied the whole "model", but I'd really like to hear from anyone if he's sincere or not or just doing a grift. I don't want Voice Demon and his unfortunate ego 2.0.(learn2integrate twitterfag)

No. 314456

If you're looking for a more low-key male vtuber I definitely would not go for Bettel, since his humor mostly consists of loud = funny and he doesn't necessarily strike me as the yume-friendly type anyway. Perhaps you should check Shinri out? I've only picked him up recently but from what I've seen of him so far he's pretty chill and receptive.

No. 314504

nta, but I'm genuinely curious as to what the fuck is going on with both him and Vesper not streaming. I can't imagine that Hololive is particularly bad wrt profits or investment in projects. It seems like as long as you have a decent plan they're willing to help you out networking wise. Meanwhile in niji you have to basically do everything regarding your own debut, merch, and whatever else.

No. 314516

File: 1691949478762.jpg (590.06 KB, 1668x2048, F3bC58db0AALNXV.jpg)

I'm a little confused about whether you want someone who accepts yumes or someone that doesn't play into it at all so you don't get your hopes crushed but I'll recommend some anyway. If you want someone that occasionally does yume pandering, I heard Flayon and Hakka from Holo do it. I don't watch anyone full time but I sometimes watch Flayon and he's one of the few mature men in vtubing I've seen, his advice is sound, his casual chatting is comfy and I like his voice. He plays retarded loli dating games though, I don't watch those. I watch Hakka less but he's fun. I said I heard he likes yumes but I've yet to come across much yume material in his streams? He has more of a friend appeal to me. Both of them and Shinri as another anon suggested at least feel like they're not gonna have a breakdown on stream about how much they hate the viewerbase they cultivated and that's more than I can say for some Niji men kek
He was really funny at first but to me his pathetic man act got unfunny fast. It's not off putting though you can stick around for him. If you care about their past lives there was some talk about his gf up in this thread
He's gay but chill so if you want to get away from bfe, he might work.
He's been doing some more fanservice lately but don't really expect that from him. You're right, he's the type to not care much if someone leaves. He's pretty strict on people not making jokes or commenting stuff that comes across as "parasocial". He is very comfy though and he interacts with chat a lot, so you might feel like he cares in the way he takes your comments seriously rather than caring whether you stay or leave.
He does a lot of pandering to yumes, actually that's about his whole content. If you want a rebound after Vox, he will work perfectly. But I think you need to experience different kinds of streamers tbh. He goes very hard on keeping his "parasocial" bond strong. He also reads comments a lot and his main content is interacting with chatters. I don't know about his collab behaviour though. I think he collabs with Meloco and I've seen people say they're baiting for shipping but I haven't seen any of that myself and I kinda find it hard to believe he'd do that when his audience is so obsessed with yumeing. I have to say he panders so hard I found it hard to watch him for more than 10 minutes. I couldn't even put it as bg noise because he's kind of… intense.
You didn't ask about him but if you're looking to separate yourself from the yume illusion all together he's your man. He's so… unique. He has a certain vision for how he wants his streams to be and he acts according to it at all times except for his vps which I heard are pretty bfe. He almost never does bfe on stream though. He has a "yandere" asmr that I didn't watch but apparently it's an unserious one? I've seen him slip a few things that could be interpreted as "how he would be as a bf" moments but tbh between him and Shu I don't know who would take the crown for having so little intentional fanservice that their big brain moments are the sexiest thing about them. Oh right, if Shu streams he's never doing bfe either. If you care about PL Doppio was an anime character bf audio maker with nsfw ones too but I think he didn't act out bfe in his streams even then This might mean his vps are good yume content though since he writes his own scripts.

Some others could be Sonny, who does a little pandering, Luca who also does a little but he's kinda retarded. I heard Alban is chasing after some girl in JP rn so he's a no-go. I find Altare from Holo boring but he's chill, I think he doesn't do any bfe though.

Also about Vox, Reimu drama feels like it happened at least a year ago lol but he let Reimu get shit by his fans and that ruined his image in the eyes of people who don't watch him, which I think he values a lot more now that he's trying to get connections. I heard he's taking back his yume content and he talked about how he really did it for the fans (aka for the money) which must be why you're looking for someone new. If you don't need it to be streamer you can search for bf asmrs by others, maybe not knowing the personality behind the voice will help you get over the heartbreak of learning all moids are the same? If any anon that read this far wants to correct me on any of this, please do so because most of it is things I heard, I don't watch all of them. I tried to find good Hex art but I couldn't lol

No. 314561

I hope his career tanks, he cant' keep doing the same cringe skits forever

No. 314656

I couldn't be bothered to look into it for all the details but I saw something related to a music producer who had done audio editing and mixing for several vtuber song covers supposedly acting volatile and mentally ill. Allegedly he breached NDAs by leaking some sensitive personal information (don't know if anyone got doxxed) and future project information on a couple vtubers he's worked with. Magni was on the list of vtubers he's worked with

No. 314716

4chan is malding at Kiara trying to "break" the kayfabe of Fuwamoco in her recent Holotalk stream.
All she did is ask them what they share as twins, for example, makeup.
Fuwamoco seemed slightly nervous to me, since it's probably harder to kayfabe when being interviewed since they don't have agreed upon answers.
Fuwawa says something like, "…why? Do you think we need makeup?" when they both in fact wear makeup irl.
After, Kiara asks if they share anything, like socks.
Fuwamoco insist that their socks are different lengths (presumably as per their models) so they can't share socks.
Honestly it was kind of a funny and sad trainwreck. They can't answer normal questions because of their moe idol kayfabe. Kiara was completely fine imo.

No. 314718

A lot of vtubers worked with him though, why would it be only them taking a break and how do their songs affect their regular streaming?
Moids are so funny about their incel interests until they get scary

No. 314742

Here is the timestamp of Kiara "breaking" the kayfabe of Fuwamoco by asking normal human being questions like sharing clothes.
Kiara eventually realizes and goes, "Ah, so it's like you're cartoon characters who have the same outfit 10 times" and Fuwamoco responds somewhat nervously/halfheartedly.
Love to see it kek.

No. 314750

File: 1692018527977.jpeg (93.79 KB, 824x1472, 68CB8A53-1294-4B55-8EE0-7B8A18…)

TCBNmusic, right? He doxxed the fuck out of Futakuchi Mana (her address, her job, her real life relatives, etc.) and tried to pose it as le 4chan hackerz doing it when it was posted in the exact time as when he mentioned it privately to another person in discord DMs. He was also leaking vtuber projects he was working on to people he didn’t even know for that long (like start a new DM session with him and you’d know that Selen was working on a music project in 5 messages sort of thing) so I wouldn’t doubt he would even spout actual doxx information at some point as well. There’s some twitter threads to it, Mana’s are private cause she’s having a bunch of moids call her a sperg for being a commie and I’m not on desktop to screenshot all the posts from her thread.
There was another thread but it looks like that person deleted theirs too, Jesus Christ. TCBNmusic nuked all his accounts after Mana’s post started gaining traction though.

No. 314752

File: 1692019336959.jpeg (94.29 KB, 824x943, 796ECB96-647B-4DD7-AA75-7799EE…)

These threads too (picrel is from Mana’s thread) https://twitter.com/futakuchimana/status/1688130082291007488
I just wish the people who made the damning callout posts weren’t so menhera about being “harassed” for being involved with the guy and wanting to get rid of all association to their “abuser”. Stuff that can get him sued is now in internet archive hell.

No. 314763

I wouldn't know either, but the timing matched up to be a possible factor if the producer somehow got ahold of some personal info he could end up being unpredictable with. It's possible whoever else worked with him are pretty sure he doesn't have any sensitive info on them so they don't care, or they're hoping this problem all goes away on it's own or with the company handling it and don't want to reveal any fear.

Other than that, contract disputes still seem like the most likely speculation to explain why two are absent at the same time

No. 314765

>ah yes, dating a woman that would show her own viewers that she never takes out the trash to a point where the liquid leaks out of it all over the floor, and she still doesnt know what to do is actually dating anybody
I don't use imageboards often, the things said by anons are true; she is already in her 30s.
I wanted to write my years of experience with her in personal lc thread before she became a vtuber. I didn't care enough. I if i have to put it short (i dont want to waste too much time thinking about her and afraid of getting doxxed), it would be
>screams and throws fits at any breathing thing on a vc over nothing;a hysterical woman
>absolute normie no matter how much you would want to convince her shes not;if it wasnt covid and her bf breaking up with her over her behavior (and him always having to clean and cook after her), she would have kept fucking on tinder and partying around
>would brag about fucking her dealer for free weed occasionally, even turned into fwbs with him
>will only care about you if you benefit her which is obvious. She threw out years of her infights and drama with a lot of vtubers and artists to use them for clout (they still hate her bts despite all that)
>would play the victim only if it benefits her; any situation should be about her; if any of her friends is having it rough, she will turn it around about herself;
>no personality whatsoever outside pandering to men with sex, will copy anybody she is jealous of
>so bored out of her life that she would want to steal your mental illness because she wants to feel quirky, example wanting to become nonbinary when one of her friends turned into a tranny
>will throw you under the bus just to avoid actually apologising and admitting her wrongs
>geniunely hates women and always have been, would talk shit about any woman joining her community and try "testing them" to make them leave the server (keep in mind, it was before she turned into a vtuber and started only chatting to her paypigs)
I could list up more, i want to make sure that I am not getting doxxed by her obsessive simps. She always starts threatening to commit suicide to her own top-pigs whenever something doesn't go her way.

No. 314779

KEK this is fucking funny as shit to read. Sorry nonnie you had to go through that but without screencaps this is just speculation (but not surprising) if possible maybe you could provide the artist getting fucked over?

No. 314813

Timestamp was lost, can you post when it is?

No. 314819

Yeah, honestly, I don't give a shit if her wks would believe me or not (not meaning you, but she has built a huge fanbase of saviorfags who will lick her feet if they could), people can always figure out how to find her past stuff. She also used to try gaining relevance and clout on twitter by defending lolisho stuff and going 'me me me' mode. I know 4chan once found her 2nd account where she whiteknighted her vtuber persona and infighting with other people (since she had to delete all that once she became a vtuber), you can find it a few years back in vsj+ threads. I am just happy she is out of my life.
Unironically, this stream showed how much Shiori doesn't give a shit about hololive outside the money. It's strange to me they chose her simply for her numbers+being one of the OG vtubers. You can always find her 'onii-chan rape me uwu' vocaroos she would send to /jp/ to try getting numbers, but in the end nobody would stay with her in the long run - she is boring as shit.

No. 314834

>You can always find her 'onii-chan rape me uwu' vocaroos
any clue on how to find these anon? me and my friend are having a shiori hater moment and i want her to see kek

No. 314855

kiara is going to ruin nerissa's career. i'm calling it.

No. 314866

B-but muh goth dommy mommy model1!11!

I need the milk, sister.

No. 314923

Their answers make sense to a degree re: sharing clothes because despite being identical twins, Ally is actually a good bit taller than Sally. Not denying what you're pitting down, just an interesting note.
FWMC's kayfabe s difficult to watch during collabs. I feel like it interferes with them properly integrating with the group in this generation collabs. Once collabs outside of their gen open up, though, I'd be interested to see how it feels in interaction with some of the more gimmicky JP members. I think it might mesh better there.
Kayfabe just seems difficult to pull off without being awkward in EN vtubing. The only character I think this really works for is Doppio Dropscythe… But I think it's because 85% of it is his actual personality, so people are more willing to play along or accept it since it's legitimately how he is.

No. 314925

>He's so… unique.
Doppio is really so difficult to describe without just experiencing him. I get the feeling that he could actually act completely normal and probably does outside, while vtubing is where he unleashes his actual personality. The former part of my statement is what makes him good thiugh, IMO. His whole character could easily fall into annoying and flat-out cringe territory, but the person behind him seems like a well-adjusted, healthy adult even if he's absolutely not normal.

No. 314926

I haven't been keeping up with Kiara's rampant narcissism, but I do know all of HoloMyth can barely tolerate her and Mumei and some of the other girls in Counsel once arranged a get together and quietly kept her out of it lol. Does she feel threatened by crow girl? Please give us more details.

No. 314930

What's your source?

No. 314935

Kiara herself. It's incredible how she gets away with live on air. She was whining in I think one of her notorious superchat zatsudans, around last year when that happened. This was in the earlier days of Counsel, too.
I'm sorry I'm not going to go through hours of her zatsu's to find the timestamp and spoonfeed you, but you should just listen to how much information she gives in those zatsu's if you're curious about anything in Hololive. She is like the leaky faucet of Hololive and always has been. Super passive aggressive, perceives a lot of normal things as slights against her.

No. 314944

so no source

No. 314957

Reading posts like this makes me feel bad for the girl.

No. 314959

This post is weird.

No. 314998

I'm pretty happy nonnies, I've only been vtubing for a short while now, but according to analytics, about 2/3 of my viewers are female.
My tiny community has been pretty respectful so far. I hope it stays this way, even if I grow.

No. 315015

I don't think she feels threstened by her. If anything, Nerissa's attention makes her feel like she's finally getting recognition for things and she's rapidly grown close to her. They recently talked about how they've been voice calling daily. We'll see where it goes.

No. 315055

I wanna ask your name so bad.. I've been looking for a female oriented vtuber but only found some with moids infesting the servers.. is there a way to find vtuber who target women than men?

No. 315071

Is there any way we can find you? I want to make more friends with female vtubers…

No. 315075

You sound like you have a personal vendetta against Kiara since a very long time.

No. 315090

Tbh, I wasn't trying to target either gender. I'm just passionate about a fairly niche topic (at least in vtubing) and started making some videos about it.
But my model is slightly revealing (think Houshou Marine's original model) and sometimes I make flirty jokes. That's just how I like to be. But I'm glad if women feel comfortable on my channel.

No. 315092

(blogposting) but aside from some cheeky comments once in a while, I definitely don't plan on devolving into girlfriend ASMR or RATING ANIME FEET or whatever. I'm just going in with the assumption that anything I say as a vtuber, could be linked to my professional identity someday.

No. 315453

on the coworker level, simple observation reveals that kiara is not going to be a good for nerissa, because kiara demands everything to center on herself. it's never really about the good of the group, or EN itself. it's only about how she benefits. this puts nerissa on the level of only useful. this is not healthy on kiara's part, because to demand recognition from a coworker makes for a toxic work environment. it's hard to accept that she's "finally" getting recognition when people have been recognizing kiara since debut with subscribers past a million, superchats, membership, and even the recent formation of the bird idol unit within hololive. if recognition means having someone who loudly speaks their infatuation with kiara nonstop, then we have nerissa. however, their recent collab stream shows that kiara only cares for kiara's own interests, until their interests align, but even then it's only that nerissa's interests aligns with hers, not that nerissa's interests are appreciated because they are nerissa's.
on the otherhand, nerissa's obsession with kiara is already putting things in place for nerissa to get burned out by kiara, so she will shoulder a large part of the problem, if things get to the point of being a problem.
i could be totally wrong, and that would actually be great. but i see in kiara a consistent pattern of selfishness, and i believe we all have met that one coworker who exhibits such an attitude.

No. 315456

I hate saying this because it makes me feel like "that bitch" or something, but the rapid escalation and publicity of this relationship makes me feel anxious because I've seen the exact same script go poorly multiple times between female vtubers. I had been impressed by Kiara's growth over the years, but the way things have been with Nerissa feel almost disappointing. I get Nerissa falling into this as a long time fan finally getting to work with her oshi (not that I don't think a more sensible person would go about this differently) but my expectation was definitely for Kiara to handle this more maturely. The way things are now feels like she's still in so much need of validation, which was what originally made me dislike her, as much as I felt bad for her. I get why she's happy, and conceptually I think that this is cute, but it has a bad vibe.
Nowhere near as bad, but reminds me of Matsuri's fiascos with Luna and Sara.

No. 315462

I think by default, vtubing at its core is a double-edged sword because it requires one to be present for faceless fans, while behind an avatar. Kiara's definition of validation requires an established person to be the one to give her the validation she seeks. In a certain sense, this is actually insulting to her fan base, because all the validation they provide falls short because they are not real persons to her. There is a sadness to that, and it throws into question any and all gratitude she expresses to her fans. After the stream ends, with no validation being received from the thousands of fans who loyally watch her, what does three years of being in Hololive amount to?
With Nerissa, Kiara can now attach a real personality, face, voice, and body to a source of validation. I think that's why your concern about the escalating nature of their relationship doesn't sit well with you and many others. With this new source of validation, the only route to take is to strip mine all the validation that is possible to extract.
This is where I think Nerissa is already screwing up. While stating last week that she's being careful by vocal resting as much as possible between streams, she then undercuts the effort with all-nighter Discord VC with Kiara. I would like to think that Nerissa has a good head on her shoulders and is just exhibiting giddy feelings because of being in Hololive. Hopefully, she recognizes that she doesn't have an infinite amount of validation to give, and that if the relationship starts to go hardcore in a unilateral direction, that she'll draw a hard line at some point.
Oh god…Matsuri…..please don't let things get to that point.

No. 315477

Early Chronoir/Kanayou era. I also do miss Holoniji collabs but what irks me more is this sanitized and scripted shit. Like I just want to watch a spur of the moment 9 hr Minecraft stream again not all this planned content. Which is funny to say because Chronoir was scrupted since the start but I mean more in the line of that time of Niji where people just collabed and fucked around instead of freaking out over what the managers will allow or what cuts into jumping jack training

No. 315557

Left for Dead Lullaby is a banger…

No. 315670

Demon Dice > Mori
She feels too J-Poppy with Hololive stuff IMMO

No. 315674

If this suspension is going to be a definite termination they should at least pause Magni and Vesper’s memberships. Seriously what the hell is going on.

No. 315675

Just unsubscribe yourself nonna. Most vtuber watchers are cucks who would extend their memberships even if a streamer hasn't streamed a single time in over a month, they probably want to cash in from that.

No. 315678

At this point, I wonder if there's some kind of legal proceedings happening? Does Hololive need to gather evidence or hire lawyers to suspend Magni and Vesper, or can they just kick them out? Idk anything about Japan's legal system.

No. 315680

J-Popish??? She is like a fish out of water in hololive, I don't think idol music is enjoyable, but I really don't think she is J-Popish, unless you compare it to DD, then yeah I guess. Mori standalone? No.

No. 315929

I just wish they'd say what the fuck is going on, or at least a bit of a hint.

No. 315941

Her rapping as DD is complete dogshit, at least she sounds passable when singing the Hololive stuff that's produced by other people even if she doesn't suit the vibe.

No. 316033

File: 1692452542447.png (821.06 KB, 1741x1030, whatisthisgarbage.png)

This trash is the reason why I cannot stand NijisanjiEN.
>graduation video
jesus christ. Not even gonna bump the thread with this.

No. 316037

File: 1692454830036.jpeg (383.2 KB, 1284x1070, 33F1C953-6C51-41EA-95C4-49F80C…)

That’s not his graduation video KEK. That’s his last “ASMR” stream which is a series of making fun of asmrs and essentially “loud = funny” content. Did you get this from the 4chan catalogue cause it seems like you didn’t even look at the title of the video fucking kek.

No. 316039

I saw it on twitter trending. Do you think this content is funny? Jesus.

No. 316040

Where did I say I thought it was funny? I said it wasn’t a graduation video and that it’s apart of his “loud = funny” asmr series cause that’s what the whole entire series is, just being loud and saying retarded shit in an attempt to be funny.

No. 316113

nta but it's obvious he's just fucking around and not being serious. He clearly does not give a single fuck anymore.

No. 316161

This is something that's annoying me. I've caught some of his graduation lead up since I did used to watch him a bit and giving no fucks is one thing and niji management deserve all the shit they get but there are parts where he's clearly just shitting on things without taking into considering who he's talking to. Spy party was just awkward in parts because he was running his mouth without considering that while Alban obviously experiences a lot of the same stuff, he has a very different fanbase who let him get away basically anything but the guy is also the kind of person who'll find a way to agree with the person he's talking to so was finding ways to agree with Mysta when he was running his mouth about hating everything but also shooting himself in his own foot because he's the one who has this compulsion to do talk show style talk despite that fact it was clearly going to lead into this. I'm not going to miss Mysta, his coombrain or his menhera-ness and I'm going to stop watching any of his graduation lead up cause he just pisses me off.

No. 316241

I know they're friends but it's crazy how loud=funny is so good when Bettel does it but so shit when Mysta does it. What being a public and unrepentant coomer does to a MF.

No. 316243

File: 1692515490354.jpg (359.36 KB, 1200x1111, tumblr_3d0dd8cae1c271571e64419…)

They also had that pathetic energy to them when they first debut but somehow Bettel's is funny and I can tell he's not an incapable manchild while Mysta's pathtetic shtick just feels like a pitiful reality he's trying to use humor to cover up.

No. 316425

mysta doesn’t have the intelligence for good humor. he throws moans and sex jokes in there thinking that makes him funny. glad he’s gone now not gonna miss him at all

No. 316430

I feel like it's one of those things where you're laughing at them vs. laughing with them. There's a difference between some well-timed self-deprecating humor and just being a dumbass.

No. 317065

did anyone see the opera gx vtuber? girl can sing. also saw that the channel had pippa banned predebut without one interaction from pippa. if a company decision and not a personal one, the idea that a browser company was checking out other vtubers is kinda funny.

No. 317136

The model is ugly af fuck also company mascots suck. what’s next wendys girl vtuber? Give me a break

No. 317144

I'd be into it if the browser in question wasn't Chromium based.

No. 317183

af fuck
I think they did that because Pippa called their software spyware on stream. If this wasn’t it, they either blocked Pippa because she’s an insufferable bitch or because the creator of Opera is one of those terminally online SJW type of people, so he probably knows she’s an edgelord and blocked her for that reason. Corpo vtubers blocking Pippa is pretty funny, I know Selen has her blocked or at least muted and she got so upset about it even though Pippa was shit talking her at her debut.

No. 317222

No. 317224

Damn… I knew it was likely, but I didn't want to believe it was true. They were definitely my favorite from Holostars EN. I really wanna know what happened…

Blocking Pippa right off the bat should be the industry standard.

No. 317225

No. 317232

I’ve always thought that Vesper would be better suited off as an indie because of his menhera tendencies and individualist fanbase, but didn’t think that he would actually decide to leave. Be careful what you wish for, I guess…

No. 317234

…I fucking knew it…nonnies I think I'm going to give up having a oshi…this is too much for my heart…

No. 317238

Why does this happen when I finally like one Vtuber (Vesper)
Hope he continues his indie activites at least…

No. 317241

There's already many theories abound, but the main one seems to be contract dispute, and they both went into negotiations together.
I think both of them are fun to watch, but I kinda think they wanted too much? At the end of the day, hololive is an employer and you can do a ton of things, but certain lines you need to stay within. But I feel like both of them always wanted to cross that border.

No. 317245

OP here, tbh I expected this announcement as soon as I saw the professor's birthday karaoke. He seems so much happier as an irl streamer and seeing the orc in the post-birthday raid was when I made my peace with their hiatus. They're doing fine, and they will be fine without Cover.

However, still kind of a dick move to start a hiatus right after they both got redesigns imho so I'm a lil bit salty about that lol

No. 317246

>Vesper gets a whole entire redesign to resemble his old model
>Dips after streaming with it for one time
This is such an asshole move

No. 317247

The real victim of this whole mess is Pako. The man just wants to be a vtuber parent.

No. 317249

felt bad not only to Pako but also Altare and Axel.

No. 317256

I agree.
I think Magni never deserved to be in Holostars in the first place, he is just an ironic weeb who was trying to get clout off vtuber trend as an irl streamer. I heard he is dating some e-thot vtuber, don't know how much of that is true.

No. 317257

>in accordance with their wishes, we
have accepted their decision to graduate
How come Hololive EN has the idol shit from JP but Holostars EN doesn't have the brotherhood shit from JP? I'm happy that the coomer and the manchild are leaving though. Unironically the second wave has the Stars feel and people who actually want to be a part of Stars God don't take this as me manifesting Shinri's departure after tweeting about not being given chances please I do feel bad for Axel and Altare because they're just two people in their "wave" though they're 6 as a gen. Hope the jester doesn't get led astray by the coomer retard

No. 317261

tbh i have a feeling Lando (might as well call him that) was probably already trying to shittalk and groom Bettel into going out of Hololive, he seems like a terribly catty person to me. But i think Bettel is ok.

No. 317270

Yeah I'm not gonna feel bad that this guy >>305577
won't be around anymore. Poor Pako though.

No. 317277

I feel bad for Pako, but I'm glad that it's finally been settled. Now this cloud that's been hanging over the branch can start to fade, even if it'll be difficult, and we can move on.

No. 317289

Good riddance. They wanted everything handed on a silver platter and didn't care about how that could impact the rest of Tempus, Vanguard included. Vesper especially is a menhera asshole and Magni is just some trash-taste-tier ironic weeb that saw this as nothing but an opportunity to cash in more money but wasn't willing to deal with the limitations of working for a company.
Poor Pako and fuck Vesper for doing this after just debuting his new model.

No. 317309

This. I don't think the anons here who feel sad about the whole thing need to really worry. He looked pretty happy when he was streaming as Lando during his break from being Magni and most vtubers who "graduate" really just go on to being the indie they were before or make a new debut as we've seen many times earlier because they've just been it doing for too long to quit.

No. 317313

I wonder how this couple is doing now

No. 317317

nta but agreed. Some especially on the EN side seem to be absolutely amazed that being under a corporation means that you need to abide by rules. Nobody seems to be able to say what exactly is so strict about Holo (or Niji for that matter). It all seems like the most basic stuff that anyone employed by a business has to abide by.

No. 317320

It's definitely a bit different since they were Gen 1, but I'm not too worried about HQ becoming a two-person unit. MaFia (Oga and Shien's new gen name after Kaoru left TriNero) have still been plenty fun with just two people. It'll be fine.

No. 317326

It's definitely a bit different since they were Gen 1, but I'm not too worried about HQ becoming a two-person unit. MaFia (Oga and Shien's new gen name after Kaoru left TriNero) have still been plenty fun with just two people. It'll be fine.

No. 317367

Silence brand

No. 317374

>the orc in the post-birthday raid
Sorry what? Can you elaborate?

No. 317375

> They wanted everything handed on a silver platter and didn't care about how that could impact the rest of Tempus, Vanguard included.
Sorry, but what is your source on this? We have no idea what they talked about behind scenes as far as I know.

No. 317414

My final rrat on Magni and Vesper that no one asked for:
Things were most likely okay in Hololive, but it was time for re-negotations.
They were probably either unhappy with the (lack of) creative direction, and/or the distribution of funds.
This probably all occurred several weeks ago, but Hololive corp either tried to continue negotiations for some time, or the decision was made long ago, but they held off until EN 3 could debut.
Things aren't necessarily on bad blood since it's not a termination. Things just didn't work out, and by this point, no one really felt like coming back for goodbye streams.
It's not juicy but tbh I feel it's the most likely explanation unless we have reason to believe otherwise.

No. 317436

File: 1692943415980.jpeg (236.45 KB, 1176x338, IMG_0195.jpeg)


No. 317458

I do feel bad for how all that effort and time from Pako basically got thrown into the trash. If there's ever another model from Pako maybe that time will finally be the charm

No. 317514

Maybe they can reuse his design for the next gen. Let's call him, I dunno… Aurora Blanc. Yea, that oughta work.

No. 317556

Anyone know if Vesper has a roommate or a PL or anything where he has been posting? He was my oshi once, I might consider following him again.

No. 317560

File: 1692968554343.png (776.24 KB, 863x930, Screenshot_20230825-090440.png)

Professor Lando raided a vtuber artist who was also celebrating their birthday on the same day and Vesper's PL was spotted subbing to the channel. There's a screenshot on nyfco but I'm too lazy to find


No. 317565

I genuinely hope is career tanks, do people really want to watch this below average dude talk about unfunny ironic weeb coomer garbage?

No. 317691

Reminder that Magni shittalked his debut model on his PL, and after finally getting the shinier version he wanted (which delayed the rest getting new outfits and some other stuff), he fucked off after like 4 streams of using it.
Similar thing for Vesper, except he gave Pako the hope that he might finally be a vtuber papa again for less then a week.

No. 317697

I am glad they are gone, Vesper's grandpa's model was disgusting. Western men are so fucking insecure they cant even larp as a handsome man for the fucking handsome man and hot woman company they signed for. Such manchildren.

No. 317704

I remember the offcollab drama, they didn't leave her out on purpose, it went like
>HoloEN girls have a discord server with very few channels
>several girls start talking about an impromptu irl get together in main chat
>people who responded move to DMs
>messages about get together in chat gets buried
>Kiara misses the convo because of time zones and not reading all the messages
>finds out about irl collab after its already happening
>gets sad she wasn't invited not knowing it was basically an open invite, thinking they just didn't ask her
I do think Kiara likes to be the center of attention and is pretty menhera but tbh I would also be sad in this situation if I thought my friends purposefully left me out of something.

lolcow not letting me embed but here's the explanation from Mumei's perspective https://youtu.be/frhF6LB36JE?si=tiBoM5sPyX1PeUZ5

No. 317740


Phase Connect is the only company worth watching. Everyone else except Pikamee / Henya are boring as fuck.

No. 317742

I tried to tolerate her but her shit treatment of other girls and NLOG preaching doesn't help. Nor do the DemonDice antics

No. 317743

Not really

No. 317751

But PC literally only has Tenma?

No. 317752

But PC literally only has Tenma?

No. 317783

MagNoir stream upcoming, if some nonna watches please spoonfeed us the deets

No. 317784

>6pm pacific tomorrow
>stardew valley co op
I won't watch it but these are the details if anyone wants to watch and let us know what they say about their graduation

No. 317786

where will the stream be? on magnis/landos twitch?

No. 317791

on twitch
I don't know if Magni is streaming

No. 317792

Twitch, on Randon's channel I believe.
AYRT same, I'm dying to know if they acknowledge the situation or if they're really going to just stream like nothing happened, but not enough to watch myself, lol. Need a hero nonna to do the honors for us

No. 317797

File: 1693027652703.png (20.68 KB, 583x246, chrome_XmH5n4x9qf.png)

Man. This only strengthens my thought on their duo grad being a "if you go, I'll go" type of agreement between the two.

No. 317814

NGL I'd been excited for their hiatuses to end because I knew that no matter what, the milk would be delicious. And now that it's here, it is flowing.

No. 317864

>Vesper's grandpa's model
Lmao what? It's not because he wasn't a perfect anime twink that he looked old, diversity in designs is good, you are so dramatic.

No. 317870

I don't know about that anymore . Tenmas fun to watch but she's been collabing with some coommoids as of late..zone and onigiri she has started to make some awful coomer jokes aswell..its kind of sad to see this since I expected her to be quite anti coom with how angry she was when people asked for feet pictures…phase connect is kind of a congregation of the worst vtubers ever..

No. 317908

As if Holostars didn't debut it's first generation with Aruran… Dude himself had to make the shift to a regular ikemen because he wanted it while Cover was the one that thought an ossan would be a good idea (and they were right).
RIP guess there's nothing at PC now.

No. 317923

It's ironic because Magni being so scuffed looking at first actually gave him quite a bit of attention at first

No. 317992

I was expecting Selen to graduate in a few months time but a matching outfit with Pomu is making me think she might be sticking around for longer than expected

No. 317993

I want to like Phase Connect, but it kind of feels like a lot of the talents end up going in that direction.
I was briefly subbed to Uruka when she was new-ish. I liked how she had violin streams, and played silly childhood games, like Poptropica or whatever. She kind of just seemed like an approachable and down to earth girl.
I stopped watching her for a while, then I went back a few months later to see she had a livestream of her filling up a water bottle with spit… Wtf? I saw a clip of it in my youtube and gagged.
It sucks that vtubers are probably more rewarded for this degenerate behavior than just being normal. I've seen people call her boring, but I kinda like that she just seemed like a normal college girl. Wish they didn't all get sucked into this vortex.

No. 317996

new stream is great, happy to see him back

No. 317998

File: 1693107469332.jpg (102.7 KB, 680x383, 20230827_054017.jpg)

The day1 of Hololive summer concert got delayed, so they refunded everyones day1 tickets and now you can watch it for free with others on their YT channel! I'd say based, but I am not gonna watch it because of the bikini possible fanservices, so i will cherrypick my oshis songs. I loved the EN solo concert, my only issue was that out of all holos, kronii had the obvious "fanservice " angels, which sucked, as if the cameraman was being creep towards her.

No. 318005

i should have stopped reading at the first sentence. fuck why

No. 318007

holy fuck thats gross as hell,its quite a shame really they have such cute models but such disgusting people attached that attract the worse people imaginable..

No. 318116

It's so disappointing to find out that Tenma's been faking her ethnicity so she's just another white woman putting on an accent so that she can get away with saying some heinous shit. I always thought it was way too convenient that she would only parrot the edgelord memes.

No. 318117

File: 1693173693610.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1604, Mysta.Rias.full.3604328.png)

Welp, he has graduated now. I watched the very end of it. He streamed for 12 hours. I don't think he's coming back as a vtuber any time soon based on his final stream, but maybe someday in the future.

No. 318135

''diversity in design is good'' as long as its a moid, because all holo girls look the fucking same. Nah, give me cute ikemen.

No. 318146

Men should only be ikemen while females get diversity.

No. 318148

Wait was this proven conclusively or something? It's always been speculated for obvious reasons, but I'd never seen solid proof

No. 318310

i fuckin told you guys

No. 318311

Unfortunately there's no concrete proof, it's all hush hush behind the scenes.

No. 318437

Now I'm not good at telling accents or anything. But is it absolutely unbelievable that an ethnically Japanese woman or mixed woman could live in france or wherever tf people say her accent is from…? Idk, maybe she really is Asian but doesn't wanna talk about her home country for doxing reasons or whatever.

No. 318448

Do you think Japanese people don’t live in France or something?

No. 318454

i used to watch her clips until i saw a clip of her stream where a prediction was set up asking people to guess if her or her mom's "boings" were bigger. don't know if she really went through with banning and removing the mod that set up the prediction, but weird either way of the mod. realize that we've come to a point where weebs can't separate reality from fiction and just casually act creepy

No. 318467

Guessing you read my post too quickly, nonnie. I'm saying it's possible she's a Japanese or mixed woman in a European country. She could speak good Japanese and still have a European accent.
If that's so and she's hiding it, I can't blame her. Unfortunately, if she's a Japanese office worker in some European country, some insane fan might try to identify her. She may have a LinkedIn or something, who knows (I'm not familiar with what her irl job is.)

No. 318479

What are your thoughts on Kiara's album? I cannot stand it. It's very radio music.

No. 318486

I've never actually watched her, but her accent sounds fake as hell to me and I'm not convinced she is actually native in Japanese from the clips I've been able to find (mostly of her collabing with a JP vtuber, the contrast is very clear). The pronunciation is mostly good, but the inflection on certain words doesn't sound native. She also uses very basic grammar, makes little mistakes, and kind of stumbles on what words to say, like someone who has studied a lot of Japanese but is definitely not native.

No. 318487

Is it possible she's a second generation Japanese woman born and raised in another country? Can any anon who watched her before confirm whether she's even claimed she's a native born Japanese?
Tbh, I'm not quite ready to get out my pitchfork and go "SHES A WHITE WOMAN FAKING AN ACCENT" unless she seems to make contradicting claims.
I can promise there's more options other than "pure blooded Japanese woman who's never set foot outside of glorious nippon" and "white western femoid who learned imperfect weaboo Japanese because she's a fucker and a liar"

No. 318488

Samefag but "ah yeah I'm Japanese and speak Japanese" might not necessarily be a lie if she has Japanese family and grew up speaking some Japanese, even if raised in a western country. But I'm not familiar with her exact claims

No. 318489

Sure, that's possible, I have no idea what her ethnicity might be. All I'm saying is this is not a Japanese accent and she is not a native Japanese speaker at all, I doubt she grew up speaking it as a kid, it sounds more like someone who has studied it and practiced pronunciation. I do find it very weird that she is playing as if she is a native Japanese speaker, even if its by omission and hasn't actually said so.

No. 318495

I think it's something close to this personally, as she's said that both of her parents are translators and that she had to move around quite a bit growing up.
FTR, she's very adamant about not disclosing her location but as far as we know, she does seem to imply that she lives in Japan. If we hold what she says to be true, it's most likely that her accent in both English and Japanese comes from living a country with some other native language.
French and Slavic influence in her accent are what I see most frequently theorized.
If she's genuinely not Japanese and has been faking it this whole time, it'd be really funny to me, not going to lie. She didn't really use being Japanese as an excuse for cringe weebism the way some other racefakers I've seen have, so I'm not that peeved about it.

No. 318509

Pronunciation aside, her Japanese language skills do not really match up to either someone who was raised completely fluent, or even someone who grew up speaking with just their parents occasionally. She makes grammatical mistakes that a kid wouldn't particularly make, but someone who is learning Japanese might (いる/ある). Her accent also shifts over time, the English pronunciation goes from sounding Japanese in her debut stream to whatever it is in her most recent, as if she started with a character voice and gradually dropped it over hours of streaming. What she's said about her parents is probably true and she might live in Japan now, but that doesn't particularly point to her being Japanese. To me the most likely scenario is she's from a European country and doesn't want to say for whatever reason, but is studying English and Japanese. She might not specifically be white, could be Asian or whatever else.

No. 318511

there's plenty of native speakers of languages who speak poorly, generally 2nd gen immigrants, and end up wanting to study to improve.

No. 318513

its more likely she's a hafu she has mentioned being bullied for how she looks and has said she thinks her father is a piece of shit(twitch streams) and said he taught her Spanish when she was little. she soon edited it that out info in the streams but I'm sure there's a archive somewhere also this isn't the first time she been a vtuber (she has done it before)

No. 318572

Sounds like she might just have a complicated and unique family upbringing, which could potentially make her doxable. If she was like "yeah I'm half japanese with a Spanish last name and I live in xyz country" that might make her pretty identifiable. That being said, I don't watch her enough to say whether she gives off lying skinwalker vibes or if she just seems like she omitted a lot of things and people came to their own conclusions.

No. 318578

Yes I know, but this still doesn't explain why she begins streaming with English that sounds slightly Japanese despite her skills being like someone who learned the language later through non native means. It's not hard to believe that a woman online streaming as an anime girl would rather come off as Japanese ESL than European ESL.

Once again though, this doesn't specifically point to her being Japanese. Not saying that she's a skin walker, I don't really know what her deal is, but if she has conveniently avoided saying she's part Japanese and does not speak as someone who grew up speaking the language, you sort of have to go through hoops to justify a non-zero chance of her having some Japanese heritage. I don't think she has to reveal who she is or where she's from. Anyway, I know it's kind of pointless to argue the heritage of some random girl online, so I'll leave it at that.

No. 318594

Ntayrt but I agree, I don't wanna derail the thread anymore until there's concrete evidence. Tenma seems alright from the little I've seen, and i dont feel the need to get out pitchforks right now.
Not to mention, we have Fuwamoco, who are known white women in their mid 30s who are skinwalking as Japanese ESL children. I hate it. There's clips of them in their past life speaking much more fluent, deeper English. (Assuming that's not allowed here so I won't post.)

No. 318597

I don't mind Pineapple, especially the more I listen to it, overall I think it's a cute song. I personally love "The Great Wanderer," Her voice sounds really lovely here

No. 318607

Honestly I kind of dig the cheesy, straight-up pop once in a while. I like this kind of thing as workout music. I wonder if Kiara is going for a mainstream normie vibe, considering there's nothing anime about the cover.
But damn, I wish Kiara would turn down the chicken voice. She seems like a sweet girl who stays in her own lane, but I can see why the voice is a bit of a turn-off.

No. 318638

>Assuming that's not allowed here
I don't care about them so I'm not saying this about them specifically but it's allowed. Just don't make it the entirety of the thread since it's an /m/ thread

No. 318639

That whole skinwalking Japanese ESL women shit still gets to me along with how they incest baited as soon as they could with listing Yosuga no Sora as one of their favorite anime. Jesus. It’s sad the lengths some people would go to just for some attention from the worst type of people. Apparently they were pretty infamous for doing this ESL weeb act for a while too, since I have a couple of acquaintances who came across them in real life and on internet communities and weren’t surprised they do the things they do and act the way they do now.