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File: 1696090661744.jpg (172.17 KB, 850x925, __yukoku_roberu_holostars_draw…)

No. 324507

Happy birthday to Roberu!

Previous threads

What is a vtuber?
>An online entertainer or live streamer who is typically represented by a digital avatar generated by computer graphics such as Live2D.
This thread is made to discuss your favorite Vtubers, news surrounding the topic, and other stuff!

Current news

>HololivePLUS app announced
>HololiveEN held their first ever concert
>Hololive released a new experimental generation -REgloss- that focuses on music production
>Hololive EN released a new generation Advent
>HololiveEN Council announces 3D Showcase streams
>HololiveID got their new outfits
>HololiveID concert announced
>HoloMyth Amelia and Gura got a new outfit, HoloJP gen7 got new outfits
>Takanashi Kiara announced her first solo album
>HoloENMyth celebrated their anniversary
>HololiveJP Pekora will hold her first ever solo Live concert
>HololiveJP Towa will hold her first ever solo Live concert

>HOLOSTARS Vesper got a new model upgrade, redrawing and rerigging his whole model>HOLOSTARS Vesper and Magni graduated and chose to go back to Twitch
>HOLOSTARS EN held their 1st year anniversary
>Roberu celebrated his birthday

>New NijisanjiEN wave -heroes- debuts
>Gundo Mirei, one of the NijisanjiJP most successful talents, got forced into hiatus, and then graduation
>NijisanjiJP legend (and the first person to who YAGOO superchatted) Maimoto Kisuke took an indefinite hiatus
>NijisanjiEN Nina Kosaka graduated
>NijidanjiEN Mysta Rias graduated
>NijisanjiID Hyona Elatiora graduated
>NijisanjiEN Obsydia and Iluna gens held their first anniversary
>NijisanjiEN Selen and Pomu got a new outfit
>Nijisanji EN Pomu and Selen made a mini-visual novel to celebrate their new outfits and anniversary

>AkioAIR got intro controversy for accepting a minor, half of her new generation graduated and posted their experiences with the corporations management and how predatory the corporation is
>Vshojo announced a new secret member (people suspect its either Nina or Mysta, most likely Mysta)
>Vshojo announced GEEGA as their new member

No. 324511

File: 1696090928049.jpg (113.51 KB, 1050x1200, QeOe2jm.jpg)

Thank you for the thread nonna!

No. 324519

File: 1696091830653.gif (1.92 MB, 498x373, cat-computer.gif)

Is anyother nonnie feeling vtuber burnout lately? I still watch my oshi here and there but there's so much saturation nowadays I'm falling out of love for vtubers and with all the graduation and drama ..I still watch my oshi though

No. 324523

File: 1696092748169.jpg (2.14 MB, 1958x1816, Xi9Yukh.jpg)

Nonnie I feel kinda similar, even worse. I had two oshis, one was streaming at a good hour for me while the other wasn't so I was vod gang. But lately I can't even sit and watch their streams for long. I used to watch games I'm interested in and zatsus, then put other streams as bg noise but I haven't really had the need to watch full streams even when it's games I like lately. I just put it on if I come across it. I kinda miss when I was getting food and waiting for my oshi's stream every day kek but I guess the novelty wears off even after being a part of my routine for so long. I used to search for clips from their friends too but now I don't wanna know what anyone's doing with all this drama lol

No. 324528

File: 1696094090090.jpg (164.85 KB, 850x1469, __hoshimachi_suisei_hololive_d…)

My pleasure! I am glad you liked it.
Which reminds me, i was planning on writing a post about Nijisanji not allowing Selen to create her own events anymore, etc, which is extremely unfair. I think I will make sure to post Selen as OP in next thread, she is a lovely dragon after all.

Ive been feeling that way for over a year now. In the end I got too tired of western drama and cliques surrounding eachother that I usually watch big events or streams of vtubers that are professional and work under a corp, or they are small and drama-free without any wrong "vibe". At a first glance, its tough to find women and men who are not obviously here for the clout and money, but there are good vtubers out there. I sadly feel too worried to mention the indies names in this thread because I don't want their names to be associated with vt or lc (because as you know, vt men pretend that all of the doxxing comes from here).
Outside that, i stick to watching Baelz, Bijou, Miko, Suisei and Advent collabs.

No. 324529

Going through the same thing, there's just so much drama and the scene has changed so much that it's lost the magic for me. I still occasionally watch but more and more I feel detatched from it as a concept.

No. 324531

Samefagging but does anyone remember when Sasaki essentially graduated from Niji because Nintendo was banning streams of their games and Niji as a company fought to keep her and actually contacted Nintendo to strike a deal that allowed her to keep her vods and keep streaming? That's the era I miss. That would literally never happen today.

No. 324590

Not burntout but I'm still suscribed to a few Niji guys even though I haven't watched a full stream in years.
They can be fun in clips still but I just don't feel like watching hours of Minecraft or Apex or whatever random grinding game/dumb indie horror they tend to play.

No. 324606

Question for the Pikamee stan if she still reads this thread: do you watch Henya now?

No. 324607

Tbh that was me a few months ago, but I watch more than I used to ever since Advent debuted. I know that FWMC have been… controversial here, to say the least, but the level fo kayfabe they bring to the Western vtubing scene + their commitment to idol culture + general consitency have really reinvigorated my motivation to watch a vtuber. It's a low bar nowadays, but they're relisble, and I can count on them to continue delivering a positive and reliable time.
And just generally speaking, it's a good time to be a Hololive fan. I'd consider it one of the few areas of Western vtubing that are doing alright nowadays. Trouble comes in waves, so it's sure to break sooner or later. But right now? It's good.

No. 324608

Watching K9KURO’s debut, looks like it was Mysta afterall.
His voice does not fit that model at all. It’s funny.

Idk how to feel tbh because I thought he graduated because of burnout and v-tubing being bad for his mental health….only to join another company as a vtuber. I assumed he would eventually just go back to being indie or being a fleshtuber.

No. 324609

File: 1696123401369.jpg (209.35 KB, 1280x720, fuwamoco-karaoke-is-live-and-i…)

Agree with you wholeheartedly.
I enjoy watching FWMC morning streams, they are amazing. The fact how they actually care about their audience and treat Hololive like a job (unlike many of the ENs other than Baelz and Kiara) is something else. I do not like their choices of games so I only watch FWMC karaoke (which are always SO DAMN GOOD. these girls are crazy!?, collabs, mornings and that one Fuwa-solo stream where she played Phasmophobia.
I dont think what they do is a "low bar". They are geniunely putting effort in things they do, even to think about it, they always write scripts for fwmc and make sure that they keep themselves in character on stream and social media. It is quite a dedication. Way better than going the usual "easy route" when a person would try going gfe mode for easy simp money. I am glad they filter out ironic weebs tbf.
Its also refreshing to see en vtubers make sure their viewers are getting better instead of using them as a shoulder to cry on. The "fuwamoco morning outings" alone is a smart way to give someone a habit of going outside and enjoying the day with photography and whatnot.

I lost respect for him shortly.
Yesterday, vshojo had its Kuro announcement. By the looks of it, he tweeted something on his Mysta account (people were bombarding him with replies). Then 2 minites before kuro debut, he tweeted it on his roommate account.
As long as shit gives him money, he will go anywhere. Wont be surprised if Vesper and Magni join too. Especially Magni.

No. 324611

i stick to mostly indie streamers on twitch who don't do many collabs if at all, so less chance for drama and random graduations because of black companies. i sub to a few nijisanji and hololive people and i get how it's tiring to watch them especailly since they stick to the same old games like apex, minecraft, or the small list of games the company has obtained permission to stream.

vshojo is pretty lax about its members. i think hime barely streams because of her other identity and she's still in the company and gets money from merch sales and promotions they do with other companies. from kson's words, her contract also improved after their biggest vtubers left. vshojo can play whatever games they want without having it just be apex so it looks appealing to him that he would join i guess.

No. 324612

He said something about it on his Mysta account? What? Do you have a screenshot?

No. 324615

The Hime thing low key pisses me off because she was already a popular AnitUber and clearly did Hime purely for clout. Someone made a model for her only so she could never stream yet still reap the benefits of merchandising.

Maybe it’s also because I already don’t like her other identity much either.

No. 324616

File: 1696125633918.png (943.03 KB, 1027x577, img.png)

I actually just got into it (about 2 weeks ago) and pretty much walked into picrel w graduation / drama etc. My first exposure to vtubers was merryweather and shoto (kek) because a few acquaintances I know simp for them, then youtube rec'd me vox (double kek) w algo. On a surface level they were fine, just a few dirty jokes and fujobaiting, but then found them too disgusting to keep watching, esp after reading about them in the threads. So ig I speedran burnout for them.

I still do like the chara design for Vox / what he is like when he's not acting like a coomer (which is him 99% of the time lol), but I guess that's the majority of male vtubers. I do like Ike tho, I like to have him as my bg noise and I like how he doesn't like being parasocial / doesn't pander, just seems like a cute nerdy guy and I find his voice soothing. Even if he's secretly a coomer, he doesn't talk about that stuff on stream which is what matters at the end of the day. I also like Shu for similar reasons.

For female youtubers I really like Kotoka and Selen b/c they don't do that whole loli pandering bs. I can't stand the squeaky voice bullshit, it just makes my ears bleed. Idk who else to watch b/c I'm pretty new to all this, feel free to rec anyone who's not a total degen. I need more based female vtubers on my list.

Autosage for newfag + no1curr sperg

No. 324617

Sad thing is he’ll end up blowing all the money he earns on gacha games. People can spend there money however they want but I can’t help but side eye people who make poor financial decisions

No. 324619

File: 1696126116332.jpg (256.4 KB, 895x862, Screenshot_20230930_220624.jpg)

so it was mysta after all, that didn't take long. I knew the moid couldn't go without the attention.

>no babying

We'll see how that goes.

No. 324620

File: 1696128894742.gif (9.44 MB, 640x438, nijisanji-hololive.gif)

>Hololive JP: Botan, Suisei, Iroha, AZki, Fubuki (i recommend watching her Mads Mikkelsen obsession, he actually had an interview with her), Towa, Polka, Ao, Raden, Watame
>Hololive EN-speaking JP: Lui, Subaru
>Hololive EN-speaking ID: Kaela, Moona, Anya, Reine
>Hololive EN: Baelz, Ina, Amelia, Mori, possibly Kiara as i dont watch her as much.

Honorable mentions: Pekora, Bijou (EN), Miko, Nene - high-pitched or "anime" voices filter you out so i put them there. Pekora is #1 and now loved by Kojima for a reason. I recommend checking out PekoMoon story arc.

The only HOLOSTARS EN guy that I watch is Axel and Shinri, but Hakka and Bettel left a good impression on me.

>HOLOSTARS JP: Oga, Roberu, Shien

>Nijisanji: I dropped the corporation after they mistreated my oshi (it was before nijiEN massive graduations). But i can vouch for Honma and Inui Toko. Also Ren Zotto who doesnt seem to lewdbait and was the only person to be mature and professional during the graduation drama of one of the EN girls.

No. 324621

>and was the only person to be mature and professional during the graduation drama of one of the EN girls
Do you mean Zaion? Because the only ones who blew the lid on it were Finana, Kyo, and XSoleil excluding Doppio. I remember Elira getting accused of talking shit about her but it was a case of people saying something happened, linking a timestamp, and no one watching it to find out she was just playing a video game the entire stream kek.

No. 324627

Me to a T, their karaoke and morning streams are great. I'm not too into their gaming streams as there's not much substance aside from cute reaction noises, which gets sort of mind numbing after more than 10 minutes. Which is a shame because I actually like their game choices.

No. 324629

File: 1696133008489.jpeg (79.66 KB, 572x600, IMG_0313.jpeg)

She'sunironically a coomer but I can't help watching her and crushing on her. I love what a dweeb she is and her rare ikemen moments just absolutely destroy me. I totally understand why she has so many hardcore female fans amongst both other female vtubers and viewers. Crucify me.

No. 324630

JP streamers from youtube: @Dola @KishidoTemma @yashirokizuku @himono_vtuber

EN streamer from twitch: FroggyLoch

nta, i like ogas event. is roberu actually an oneeshota fan as said?

No. 324632

He is. Does he not talk about it as much now that he's bigger? It used to be one of his biggest traits. Just look up "Roberu shota" on Youtube even, and you'll get tons of results, i used to be a regular viewer of his but stopped watching because I found it gross once I quit gacha games and my brain got uncoomerized kek

No. 324648

If they crucify you they crucify me too, I love her sm.

No. 324651

I can't get that into Nerissa as a streamer (personally not into "yuri for the camera" type chuubas… feels a little disingenuous from my lesbian POV) but her covers are seriously so good, I check all of them out, and I never do that for a chuuba I don't watch. It's great that EN finally got a strong singer at debut with a strong drive to keep putting out music.
Her English covers also just land so well within my tastes. A lot of the time I feel like English covers of JP songs have an uncanny quality to them, but hers flow very naturally with nice personal flare to them.
Overall, I genuinely adore this gen. They all bring something good to thre table. The onky one I'm not a fan of is probably Shiori because of the GFE and honestly just… feeling like she pushes so hard to be weird while lacking depth or actual uniqueness of tastes…? But I don't hate her.

No. 324653

I love her too, it's weird because she's a coomer but at the same time can be somewhat inoccent. She's just really funny and has great talking skills, I love her both in collabs and solo streams.

No. 324655

This might be controversial here but I don't mind Vox at all. While his content is not my cup of tea, it was a breath of fresh air to have a guy openly pander to his female fans and deliver what they wanted. The inevitable drama was, imho, inevitable, but as far as I've seen from him he doesn't really have a cruel bone in his body when he interacts with his peers. He's gotten better over time too and I hope he can find more comfort being more of a "brotuber".

Nijisanji as a whole has plummeted so hard though… I find it difficult to watch them with the same enthusiasm as I did before, but I've never liked most of Hololive because most of them are idols and I am personally not just an idol enthusiast. For Holostars, I was big into Vesper when he first debuted, but the more he went on, the more I lost respect for him. I enjoyed Bettel a lot, but his shtick grew old for me fast. I want to give Hakka a try, but I think I am suffering from burnout and should just avoid them for now.

I wish I spoke Japanese so I could truly enjoy the JP livers for Niji and Holo, they seem to be less infested with drama. I do still listen to Kanae from NijiJP though because his voice is very soothing.

As for Mysta… I am sort of disappointed that he chose to redebut this quickly, but I don't blame him for leaving Nijisanji. I don't think I'd want to stick around with that company knowing all we know now. He is a mess himself, and while I think he redebuted a little bit too fast, I don't blame him too much. I won't watch him though because his PL seems really vile and he comes off as the average mentally ill coombrained pedo. No thanks.

Thank you for coming to my blogpost.

No. 324713

Idk much about Vox as a person, but the reason people dislike him is because even though he panders to women he clearly uses it as an excuse to be a coomer.

Even in his ASMR’s he tends to showcase some kind of disturbing fetishes. Such as pretending to do things to the often female coded listener such as slapping them, spitting on them, degrading them , not to mention how so many of his ASMR’s are r*pe/dubcon fantasies. Even in his more wholesome ASMR’s you end up getting stuff like that.

It’s fine to enjoy his content, and idk the guy personally enough to say whether or not he sucks irl. But I mainly dislike him for being a coomer.

No. 324718

That clip of him going through his “dislikes” is pissing me off. God he seems like such a dickhead about everything. Him talking about how he hates fandoms when he’s obsessed with nagatoro as his “Waifu.”

Maybe I’m just nitpicking

No. 324729

I get you're reasoning, but it's shortsighted. His issue is that his "pandering to women" is clearly more sexually gratifying to him than considerate of women and the actual content of that pandering is disrespectful to women. The guy is a low quality coomer with a decent voice that allows him to get away with this shit. It's as bad as any of the other moids in Nijisanji who simply coincidentally benefit the tastes of women with zero standards.

No. 324741

>Even though he panders to women he clearly uses it as an excuse to be a coomer.
This is part of what pisses me off about him. He went out of his way to market himself as a coomer but can't stop crying about not being taken seriously. If he acted as a manwhore for so long, why does he thinks people will suddenly like him for his personality? I would at least respect him if he committed to the part, but he's so wishy washy with his fans it's honestly kind of funny how pathetic he is.

No. 324750

I think it's funny that he expected his fans to have a healthy reaction to his shift in focus, too. Like, you really think that healthy women are into the degrading shit you put out?
When it comes to heavy fanservice male vtubers, I think Doppio is the only one I actually find tolerable. He has an actual personality that's not based in coomerism and uses his fanservice like an actual collaborative creative medium between himself and his fans rather than as an outlet for his own fetishes. And he's an actual adult who knows how to take care of himself, so you're not going to see him having a menhera breakdown over infantilization from his fans like a few of the other notable "safe" male vtubers.
Genuinely not trying to shill here as whether he's your taste or not is a different matter, but it's sad how hard it is to find a male vtuber that can provide decent fanservice without making it all about his own gratification.

No. 324757

File: 1696186161539.jpeg (839.19 KB, 1284x1658, FB444908-4F05-40CD-A7B1-DECAD3…)

I still can’t believe he thought sharing his full ADHD and C-PTSD mental diagnosis to his audience was a good idea to “bring awareness”. Even Mysta of all people made fun of him for that, kek. I get that he recently just entered his 20s, but jesus he always puts his entire brain out there for any onlooker to poke and pick at. I knew he was fucking mental when he got upset about his fans calling him “fat” after he posted a picture of his midsection. They were all saying he had a sexy dadbod and he had a meltdown bad enough to make him get a personal trainer.

No. 324769

I think it's fine to dislike that stuff for yourself, but obviously a lot of women loved his content and enjoyed it. It's not for us, but why shouldn't they be allowed to have it?

No. 324771

>no shipping
Damn he really milked the fuck out of chinese fujos over a year just to do this

No. 324773

i love a good boyfriend moan asmr but vox’s stuff always felt very male-centric to me. yes he has a good deep voice and a clear mic so his asmrs/roleplays were enjoyable to some extent but they were mostly him living out his fantasies rather than him making content for the girls. From the scripts i could just tell that he enjoyed being able to pretend to beat and dominate women and act out on morally gray scenarios (like the prof asmr)without being called out bc he could just go “but the girls like it!!!1!!” and not take responsibility

No. 324774

Nobody is saying they shouldn't be allowed to have it, not sure where you're getting that from. I personally think that he's an embarrassing coomer for making content involving hurting/degrading women (which is clearly his fetish), and the fact that some women get off to that doesn't suddenly make him immune to being criticized.

No. 324775

I almost forgot this happened kek. Does anyone have the photo he posted?

No. 324786

I mean if you want to get real analytical, no, I don't think it's good that he creates content that exploits unhealthy fetishes for financial profit and personal sexual gratification.
Is this whole "Vox's existence is feminist" discussion going to reoccur every thread?

No. 324799

Honestly I’m kinda happy he’s stepping away from shipping. I absolutely hate vtubers that try extra hard to pander to fujos by flirting with everyone who breathes, especially if they have partners irl.

No. 324800

His worst asmr was the librarian one, it starts with the listener messing and flirting with him. Only for it to escalate to him tying up and assaulting the listener in the staff room of the library.

No. 324822

It’s the same exact person starting it. Just ignore her, she’s going to get herself banned again eventually.

No. 324826

Glad somebody else thinks so, wasn't sure if I was being a schizo.
Anyways… I've been watching more Hakka lately, I'm surprised at hoe funny he is? He's a great singer, too, I find myself enjoying hid covers along with Axel's more than any other male vtuber.
I feel like I see him talked about the least out of the Tempus boys, which is kind of surprising considering his sub count is comparable to Bettel's. Also did not realize that he shares a mama with Kaida Haru– what a theowback, I used to watch the guy a lot.

No. 324844

File: 1696219047197.jpg (536.29 KB, 1637x1085, kaes_madanni.jpg)

Hakka's really funny and feels like he really appreciates his audience. Since his first OG song I've been keeping up with his covers/songs and he kills it every time. He feels like a real holostar. It's nice to see that such a passionate streamer and singer got accepted into EN, he seems to be giving energy to the others too. Shame I'm not a burger so no EN holostar's schedule is fit for me… If I had time to watch someone else's vods other than my stars oshi Hakka would definitely be my choice.

No. 324847

Weird reason if you ask me. If you have that much money, hire an accountant.

No. 324850

File: 1696219685019.jpeg (55 KB, 402x307, IMG_0316.jpeg)

Who's your stars oshi? I feel like we rarely get proper JPstars discussion here. Mine is picrel and Aruran, so I‘m a Yurustars hako oshi by proxy.

No. 324851

In the video it seems like he’s trying to pin it on his company instead of admitting he fucked up.
Unless he did hire an accountant that was just real shit at their job, which apparently has happened before.

No. 324852

If one of his biggest reasons for leaving Nijisanji is really because they wouldn’t help him manage his taxes I’m going to shit myself laughing

No. 324854

people were discussing why he left and he really left because of taxes? good for him that he got his tax thing over with lol.

No. 324856

i agree with you but i also do find it annoying when men fujobait to get famous and then tuen around and shit on their fujo fanbase after getting big. vox did this, shoto partially did this, mysta is doing it right now. I’m not even a fujo but I find it extremely annoying. If you gonna pretend you like dick for views and supas at least stick with it and own it.

No. 324857

with all that money go get a consultant. you drop 5k on genshin for shitty pngs you couldn’t pay like 300$ a session to go see an accountant? he is going to end up like those people that win the lottery only to end up broke because they didn’t know how to handle money. financial illiteracy is a scary thing.

No. 324861

File: 1696225889239.jpg (736.25 KB, 1916x1086, MBluesekai.jpg)

It's Flayon, I meant I only have time to catch up to one EN star's vods. But I do watch JPstars clips when I find them. There my oshi would be Izuru because I absolutely adore his voice and singing skill. His stream time is really good for me but I don't like watching the fiftieth FPS stream of the month kek I do watch his other streams cause I love hearing his voice even without understanding him though. I love Rio's voice a lot too and keep up with his covers and karaoke. From the clips I saw there's something to like about all of them, Shien and Oga would probably be my other oshis if I understood Japanese. At the risk of getting booed, I'll admit I like when men do proper fanservice for women lol
>we rarely get proper JPstars discussion here
Wish there were more starsfags here so I could keep up with them without having to be involved with discord servers and twitter cults

No. 324951

I agree with you irt the fanservice from the JPstars, I've always felt that Shien in particular does a good job catering to his female fans. Not only with his nice voice but also his past game choices like his series of Twisted Wonderland streams– it was fun watching him genuinely enjoy a joseimuke.
I think Oga is also great for female fans, but it feels less like deliberate fanservice and just him naturally getting along with women? He's fun, respectful, and nice, and I love his gap moe when it comes to things like his cute little drawings and moments of pon. He and Aruran are probably the Stars members I most want as family, along with maybe Axel from Tempus.

No. 325049

File: 1696304406474.jpeg (254.51 KB, 2048x1388, F9CDBD15-BCAF-4D8F-A2FE-16578E…)

I’ll wait for a 3D show from Maria no matter how long it takes. She’s already having so much fun making dancing shorts with her VR model, who knows what she’ll do when she has 3D.

No. 325067

I don't watch him as much as I used to, but Izuru is my original oshi. His acoustic singing streams are great, and I like that he always keeps it real with his audience and discourages gachikoi, to the point of not even having a "fan name". I also like the contrast between his brattiness and prickly personality with his cute model, yet he himself seems to like the cuteness and doesn't downplay his cute appeal. Similar to the other anon though, I'm not a huge FPS fan, which lowkey sucks as a vtuber fan because almost all my favorite personalities (Chronoir, Selen, Ollie) main FPS streams..

No. 325092

I love Maria so much, she's so relaxing to watch and doesn't do anything weird or pandery.

No. 325192

NTA, but I want to shill Rio! He has a soothing voice that is easy to listen to even if you don't really understand Japanese. He's generally pretty wholesome and doesn't do coomerbait content at all (from what I understand) and when he does interact with the other Holostars members in shippy/bantery ways, it's usually in a way that's seen as cute. I like that he puts in the effort to interact with English speaking vtubers (his Fall Guys stream with Hakka is a good example of this) and vtubers from other companies, and that he acknowledges English comments in his chat if they're simple enough.

Of course, his singing voice is also great! Vidrel is one of his more iconic streams where he invited a lot of guests for his 1 year anniversary as a Holostars member to sing with him.

No. 325200

File: 1696390241468.jpg (104.02 KB, 277x279, bUQ8NHE.jpg)

>Complain about ex company not helping him with taxes
>Complain about ex coworkers not helping him with taxes (they're not in the same country)
>Turns out he admitted as Mysta that the problem is him not knowing you have to pay taxes for things you buy, he's in 350K in debt because he didn't pay property tax
>Turns out he did get help about his usual taxes from the company, they just didn't get involved in his personal finances
>New company magically got him out of a 350K debt
>Still talks shit about the company
>Left for "creative freedom"
>Creative freedom is watching tiktoks on twitch
>Tells his Mysta fans to fuck off
>All the normal fans are leaving, only the shizos and incels are left
He's doing all this to himself, can't wait for him to have another breakdown and leave Vshojo and also talk shit about them. When he graduated I really thought he was going to take time off to focus on himself. Forgot he's an attention hungry menhera

No. 325203

Rio streaming with Hakka was one of the best Jp/En crossovers where neither were fluent but it still felt natural. They both knew just enough of each other's language to communicate and they were both really open and friendly, really cute and fun.

No. 325204

He’s going to be in there for a year tops before he loses it again and joins another company and shittalks Vshojo, it’s all a cycle. Maybe the friends he would constantly complain about were right all along. What a piece of shit.

No. 325208

I'm starting to think the beef with his ex friends might not have been unwarranted too. He's the type to burn bridges. and I forgot to add
>Luca calls him out for slandering their company, says they knew what they signed up for while agreeing to work here
It just seems like Mysta didn't know how to adult in general. It's not weird that he would make mistakes in his first big boy job but the fact that he can't accept those are his mistakes and not random people around him is annoying af

No. 325211

Are there any timestamps or text evidence of any of this stuff? I want to hear Luca saying this for myself.

No. 325216

File: 1696402024947.png (39.47 KB, 593x353, luca.png)

No. 325269

File: 1696440407839.jpeg (472.59 KB, 1284x932, 5CBCECD9-D1F7-4739-8601-F797CE…)

Guess I was right in saying he had more than ADHD

No. 325288

I didn’t know he talked shit about his old coworkers and dissed his old fans.
God this guy seems like such a douche, he clearly cannot handle having a large following yet is too attention hungry to stick to being small (which would probably be much healthier for him)
I remember on his personal account as blu he once tweeted asking people to buy him shit like games and figures too on some website. And his frivolous spending is batshit insane it’s pathetic.

I feel empathy for him because of his mental health and past financial struggles. But it’s just so hard keeping that empathy seeing the way he acts.

No. 325291

This guy might need his own thread atp.

No. 325293

without fujo baiting, he is nothing. he set himself for failure when he pushed his female fans away. men do not watch male vtubers unless they are pro players (like RPR). He sucks at all the games he play, leauge as a game is not streamer friendly, and nobody likes TikTok reaction videos on vtubers. Reaction streams are for fleshtubers flr a reason, you need the human expressions for it, it just doesn’t work for vtubers. he’s gonna flop so bad. So many chinese fans on iketog are enraged because he farmed thousands of supas by pretending to be graduating from vtubing only to come back in a few weeks. He thought the money would be ever flowing because he grew up piss poor and neither him nor his mom has any financial literacy. (remember when she got scammed like an idiot?)no chinese sugar mommies will be supporting him on his new account, he tricked them all and then casted them away like an idiot. i’m saying again, he’s gonna flop so bad, and it will be so entertaining to watch his downfall. the menhera clips and tweets will be so much fun. I have my popcorn ready.

No. 325295

Am I the only one that thinks this model looks too much like Vox’s model? Idk if I’m nitpicking but I legit thought it was him while scrolling on youtube earlier and once again on this thread.

No. 325296

I can see but only in color scheme. He just seems to be following the Shoto formula but red

No. 325298

his views are smaller on his youtube than on his mysta channel, but if his main stream is on twitch then he'll probably do fine. twitch is small so 7k CCV is a lot there, and if he truly doesn't care about his fans then he'll make even more money by completing his ad incentives. as an example, AdmiralBahroo who is almost at the same size of viewers, was offered $44,000 for just one month of ad incentive completion.

No. 325299

yeah, he has the views because he is the fresh fave of vshoujo, the first ever dude too. how long until the hype dies down? vox used to pull like 15k now he pulls 3k. the audience knows him already, the novelty will wear off even faster.

No. 325303

Honestly, I don’t feel like he’s going to find a new audience at all. The people who didn’t like him already made their choice to avoid him like the plague. The ones who did like him despite his bipolar attitudes are getting shat on because of a loud minority of unicorns and schizochans. Sponsor and ad revenue money will definitely come in, but if he refuses to seek mental help in order to become a better person in general, the numbers are going to dwindle again. He’s also attracting 10x more hate than before with this nonsense, like I thought he would.

No. 325306

i think you're putting too much stock on view count. ad incentives, subathons, sponsors, and merch sales will more than make up for it because even a ~100 viewer andy on twitch can get around 1k+ subs per month and that's not including how much they can get from subathons either and i dont think he'll ever drop that low even if the hype dies down.

No. 325307

I doubt he will actually seek to Better himself anytime soon. He’s gonna do what he always does, go menhera after a while and quit again. Then go on to shit talk all his “friends” at vshojo. He would greatly benefit from taking a break from streaming and social media in general, it’s clearly terrible for his mental health.

But he won’t, because he needs money to blow on Gacha games and things he doesn’t need.
I genuinely do feel bad for him and I wish he would try and get better. But it’s hard to see that happening.

No. 325311

He probably won’t get to the same attention he got as Mysta. But he will still probably have a decent following because a lot of his old fans will probably stay. He’s mainly scaring off Fujos and sugar mommies. Plus he’s getting a lot of attention being the first boy to debut under vshojo. Though that novelty will definitely wear off in a few months.

No. 325346

I feel like he’s trying to make similar content to what Kenji makes.

No. 325382

File: 1696481495190.jpg (242.17 KB, 800x558, 101435504_p6_master1200.jpg)

autosage for blogposting / no1curr

I love this nerdy cute novelist. I get that he's not the most high energy VTuber to watch but out of all the male chuubas he seems like one of the 'normal ones'. Doesn't do the whole "haha seggs joke so funny" shit and other gross stuff that most moid streamers resort to. His character design is also cute, but then again I have a thing for 2d men in glasses kek

I've also been watching Luca and he's my second favorite so far if not liking him as almost as the same level as Ike, he also seems well adjusted and I love the whole goofy golden retriever persona. I'm definitely super late to the party, but I've been enjoying watching clips and VODs of them so far. Kinda wish that the whole Luxiem drama didn't happen, would have loved to see their 3D model do concerts, what a shame

No. 325383

nitpicking but didn't he make fun of Vox for telling his fans about his ADHD diagnosis? then he turns around and shows the whole world that he's on the spectrum kek

thanks for the TLDR nonna, idk how people still watch this dude after all the drama he's caused out of his own retardedness. I get that financial illiteracy is a serious issue that's hard to address, but he really couldn't hire some financial advisor with all the chinese sugar mommy money he was raking in? I had no clue about the 350k debt due to not knowing how to pay property taxes, that's a whole new level of tard

No. 325415

When did he shitalk his old coworkers?

No. 325425

No, he was in Vox's chat at the time of Vox announcing his diagnosis defending him against antis in chat. He also later talked about how brave he thinks Vox is for openly discussing his diagnosis since he avoids talking about his ADHD on stream. He never dissed his ex-coworkers either and openly said his friends helped him with his taxes (yes this includes NijiEN members) but white knighting vtubers (especially males) is stupid so I'll leave it at that.

No. 325427

File: 1696503753084.jpg (223.68 KB, 721x1500, __ike_eveland_nijisanji_and_1_…)

nonna ily Ike is my oshi and even though he might have some questionable sides to him they rarely come forward in streams and it's just so nice to be able to enjoy a nice swedish ikeman who doesn't pander disgustingly and is just focusing on streaming and his hobbies

No. 325429

yeah i don’t like mysta but let’s not make shit up. he never really shittalked niji or anyone from there. luca just shaded him about his financial illiteracy and blaming the company for his personal finance problems but he never claimed mysta was shittalking any coworkers.

No. 325515

Luca pisses me off more than other Luxiem members (with the exception of Vox) tbh. But I think at least some of that is because of his fanbase.

No. 325743

3/5 members of Luxiem were good, it's just Vox and Mysta that are shit. Shu is a decent, clean, and down to earth streamer as well, wven if he's not the most exciting. It's a shame that he has a model debuff and that his second outfit didn't do much to improve that.

No. 325827

Was watching some Tenma this weekend. Her video talking about husbandos and how much she likes widowed fathers and how she wants to mindbreak them is very cute.
(idk why the embed isn't working for me)

No. 325864

>Wont be surprised if Vesper and Magni join too. Especially Magni.
something tells me they won't join vshojo, they seem to be happily streaming as indies rn, which I'm pretty glad about since I prefer the orc model and it's charm to mr dorito chin.

No. 325951

What do you think of Selen's new song nonnies? Not the type of music I listen to but I actually like it a lot, everything about it is so high quality. She puts so much effort, time and money into her projects. The thought put into every part of this is obvious, she never brings out half assed work even when it's something she's not specializing in. Her singing is beautiful and the MV and the lyrics fit her perfectly. Kudos to everyone involved in the project, they all did a great job.

No. 325988

cool mv but i honestly hate this type of music.

No. 326002

>Her singing is beautiful
Not at all but it is cute though

No. 326017

Her vocals aren't very good, but it's a fun song and mv.

No. 326042

I'm tired of Ui's Loli God Requiem song being everywhere and normies interpreting it as being anti-loli. I'll admit it's catchy but let's call it for what it is: pedo-pandering fodder.

No. 326048

I mean yeah, any anime fan would be able to tell it’s pandering to pedos. Sad that they get off on being told they’re going to jail though.

No. 326057

People sadly think it’s mocking loli cons when it’s very much pandering to them. I’m sick of it too, I get that it’s a catchy song but knowing it’s for loli cons makes my stomach churn.

No. 326085

I saw a lot of japanese comments being happy because she mentioned the "older sisters" too and that they're proud of being a female lolicon…

No. 326243

I hope all the nonnies who watch Fuwamoco feel at least a LITTLE guilty about it. Come on, they're adult white women with a pretend Japanese accent playing into the incest fantasy.

No. 326255

I don't even like them but why bring them up again for the millionth time with nothing new to add. Who cares

No. 326304

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't hear a Japanese accent anywhere. To me they're just doing uwu-speak. They don't have any of the hallmarks of an actual accent. I have seen literally hundreds of comments saying they sound Japanese and it made me realize that a lot of people don't actually know what Japanese accents sound like?

No. 326309

I was just surprised at the number of anons in this thread who said they like FWMC. It feels like they go against what most farmers would like, but to each her own, I guess.

Most people have never heard adult women speak their native language in such a jumbled way, myself included

No. 326312

File: 1696993608645.jpeg (495.08 KB, 2048x1185, 9D1B3C3F-4473-444A-A196-D26A02…)

This god damn off-collab better lead to an announcement for new outfits and not just be another really awkward and boring management-conducted one like the Luxiem one.

No. 326467

File: 1697064916079.jpg (7.47 KB, 228x222, 0a5df8f5edc3c17da393301dc9aa7e…)

Sage for blogposting and my personal complaints. I started vtubing a few weeks ago, and it's 100% just for my own fun. I'm putting time and effort into what I'm making, and doing more than just streaming, so I'm lucky to be gaining a few hundred followers. I only expect this to be a hobby for me. I don't expect this to ever pay my rent. In fact I expect it to be a net financial loss.

That being said, I've seen too many people in the vtubing scene who act like spoilt whiny babies when they only have 100 followers after a year or got rejected from Hololive for the umpteenth time when all they do is the absolute bare minimum. All they do is get a model, then start streaming the same handful of games for a couple of hours every week, then expect the followers to come rolling in.

No advertising themselves, no experimenting with new and unique stuff, no trying to find a niche (like ASMR, language teaching, creating artwork or music, handcams). Just, 'wah wah wah, why won't Hololive hire me, I streamed 200 hours this past year and I draw anime sometimes.'

Of course you 'deserve' to be in Hololive. Everyone and their mom wants to play vidya for a living and be showered in cash and fanart. But you've done nothing new, you don't have good conversational skills or banter, and you'd probably crack under pressure the moment more than 20 people were watching your stream and you started receiving death threats.

(I'm sure there are very good streamers who just haven't picked up momentum yet, but 99% of amateur Vtubers are doing the same, mediocre things. Nonnies who are just vtubing for fun, this isn't directed at you.)

No. 326474

You're literally right though. To me, the best streamers, vtuber or not, are either like modern improv comedians, or people who have a lot of interesting stories and life experience. Uninteresting weebs whose only hobbies are gaming, anime, streaming, and youtube have nothing to offer a large audience. Also not hating on hobby streamers, I used to stream art and it was a great reason to stay focused, but I'm no Ina and I didn't expect to be.

No. 326477

I used to Vtube for fun too but stopped bcs I was quite tired juggling between work and streaming for a year (it was my fault tho for my bad scheduling). I've been planning to stream again and try being chill with my schedule.

I agree with your points. It's quite funny for me to see them whining about numbers and how they are qualified to be in Vtuber agencies but all they do are involving themselves into dramas, doing controversy takes and baiting people with having big boobas and say lewd things. Tbh I wanna see Vtubers that has the same vibes as Jerma/Vinny Vinesauce and female Vtubers who do otome contents.

No. 326487

I could never judge someone who's just doing it for fun, and wish I could see your streams!

At least lewdtubers are providing something (sexual titillation) even though I don't like it. But if all someone is doing is playing flavor of the week games and commenting on it, and wants to make it into Holo/Niji, I feel like they need an exceptionally charismatic personality. Like, people were happy to sit and listen to Vesper talk for an hour about cooking chili, because he was entertaining to listen to.

Too many amateur vtubers are focusing on ~muh lore~ but literally no one cares about how you're a half vampire half succubus from the year 2123 with a magic sword or whatever if you have a dry personality and no life experiences.

If you don't have exceptional people skills and you want to make it as a vtuber, I feel like you need to start honing some other kind of skill, like singing, ASMR, multilingual skills, or making edited videos. Sitting there and playing games on Twitch is the bare minimum.

Anyways /end my 2nd blogpost and RIP to my male acquaintance who has been trying to vtube as a 'career' for like a year now and has less than 200 twitch followers kek.

No. 326498

File: 1697083637519.png (28.91 KB, 598x256, img.png)

Anyone who's keeping up with Merry got any milk on why he's doing this? General burnout?

Autosage for newfag

No. 326500

I hope he quits. I don't know what that's specifically about, but I've always disliked him even back when he was just a comic creator.

No. 326512

File: 1697091831634.jpeg (66.72 KB, 850x850, IMG_0329.jpeg)

I'm gonna sperg.
I'm Korean and IDGAF lol. I've seen a lot of racefakers and disrespectful weebs in my time and they're not that. They're fluent in the language of the culture they love and they're always respectful. They've made it clear on their RM accounts both of their own volition and every time it has come up that they are White. Their speech may be sort of cringe but it mostly reads as them trying to be cute. It's not like they're using incorrect grammar or mispronouncing words in a slapdash approximation of ESL speech. And the age isn't an issue to me because most of my favorite vtubers are of a similar age. What are you going to do next, cancel Korone?
I really did dislike them the most at the beginning. And honestly, I still don't enjoy them in collabs and a lot of their gaming content because it's just not that interesting beyond "cute girls make funny noises". But being as big a fan of Hololive as I am, spending time with them in a zatsu setting or in FWMC morning was bound to turn my stance around on them as people. They're always punctual, always present quality, and have an incredible depth of knowledge stemming from actual decades of passion far beyond most fans any Japanese cultural product. I really do enjoy hearing them sperg about their interests and bring that same enthusaism to their work as vtubers. It's earnest and refreshing.
Not to be accusatory, but I really do think a lot of the hate levied towards them is coming from people who dislike Hololive to begin with and are simply buying into an overblown narrative of their supposed wrongs. Either that or you only watch a couple of the ENs and aren't a fan of Hololive as a whole. It's just too hypocritical to disavow them while still supporting a lot of the other big Hololive names.
The only thing you can really "get" them on is alleged incest baiting, but it's really not that present and the whole thing is just what you'd expect of twins who have based their entire entertainment career off of being twins. If that's someone's issue, that's completely fair and I actually would agree with you in that I plan to dip if it gets worse.

No. 326539

Ayrt, I can see the points of your argument. They do at least seem like they want to be in Hololive and care about being there unlike some of the talents, so I can see the appeal of that.
The only things I'll add is that their downsides are things I personally can't stand. I only mention their age because of the uwu voice. Maybe some could argue it's their devotion to the role and shows how good performers they are, but I simply can't do with uwu voice. I'm sure their natural voices are lovely and appealing, but I just can't sit there and listen to the garbled uwuspeak. Never met anyone who speaks like that irl.
I also feel like they like/support lolicon culture. Maybe this sounds more like a tinfoil hat, but I'm pretty sure I've seen posts from their past life of them enjoying loli stuff. I know it's prevalent in a lot of anime, but loli is just a personal no-go for me.
Blogpost but I grew up watching anime and playing eroge, so for a while, I was brainwashed by that sort of culture, too. But it's been a few decades for both me and them.

No. 326540

samefag continuing to blogpost but I feel like so much of being an anime or vtubing fan as an adult is choosing which 'problematic' parts you're tolerate and which parts are a hard no from you
Like I know a lot of Hololive is lolis, or people putting on voices, but I just try to choose talents to avoid it. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite but meh.

No. 326574

I don’t really give a shit about any of that. There are so many worse vtubers to be a fan of. As long as people in this thread aren’t simping for Pippa or Majou Carol I’d consider that a win in my book.

No. 326600

I think the nonpreference for their voices is fair, and you're entitled to that. It's up to personal taste, and I do understand what you mean when it comes to some other vtubers. For example, I respect Bijou as a streamer but I can't get behind the actual loli model coupled with a forced child voice on any woman. Same goes for Luna from JP actively infantilizing herself, although I think it's not as bad these days as it was a couple years ago.
I've never really gotten the lolicon vibe from them TBH. They like cute anime girl designs in general, but actively lusting after lolis is a level of degeneracy I just wouldn't be able to get behind.

No. 326627

File: 1697142145959.jpg (10.55 KB, 380x213, wIdyPiqpuXJCPjB-800x450-noPad.…)

Based nonnie having an internet disagreement in a civilized way. Idk if I'll ever watch them but I can see your appreciation.

No. 326632

It's been nice hearing your POV and learning where you're coming from, nonna. I hope you have a good day!

No. 326639

File: 1697149901690.png (1.07 MB, 900x900, nina.png)

Looks like Nina is joining Vshojo. People found from her steam and minecraft name being changed. It seems she'll be a cockroach-themed tuber.

No. 326640

is it not the guy in the video?

No. 326641

Is this sarcasm? They're referred to as 'her'/'she' in the video and video description.

No. 326645

>is this sarcasm
no im just stupid. sorry nona

No. 326647

You're good nonna.
Anyways, maybe I'm too much of a purist, but I always feel it's kind of sad when vtubers end up in Vshojo. It feels like it's becoming a dumping ground for anyone done with regular corporate life. It also feels a little backstab-y to get fans worked up over your graduation, then resurface a few weeks later. Well, I hope she does well anyways. She seems nice.

No. 326648

Well that’s awkward. Hopefully she’ll play some of the games I wanted her to play

No. 326652

I don't see it as Backstabby, BUT I can see the hurt, to be honest. Sappy Graduations are kinda staple in major labels at this point.

No. 326654

Maybe backstabby wasn't the right word. I can't truly blame vtubers for finding the workplace they're most happy in, if they're doing it for a living. But as a fan, it just doesn't feel the same when a vtuber 'reincarnates'. So personally I'd find it a little hard to follow a vtuber from one life to another. That's just me being sensitive.

No. 326656

I just dislike it when they talk like they're done with the industry for the foreseeable future or imply that they're going to take a long break or give any other number of serious reasons and then turn around and negate it all with a rapid reincarnation.
I like her, but it reminds me of how Suzuhuara Lulu stated fan stalking as a reason for graduation and then quickly redebuted as a fleshtuber. Hard to blame fans for feeling emotionally twisted around by it.
I think part of the blame does just lie around the traditions of vtuber culture, though. Especially when it comes to corpo graduations.

No. 326658

File: 1697155401835.png (2.6 MB, 865x1214, IMG_0330.png)

New teaser, zoom and enhance in a sec.

No. 326659

File: 1697155481476.png (54.79 KB, 224x179, IMG_0331.png)

I hope she actually retains the messed up insect hands from the teaser despite this being a pretty generic anime girl face. Do something marginally interesting.

No. 326664

>her name is literally cockroach in russian
>MomCockroach name
Vshojo will always look pathetic to me with their obvious "hey guys we took xyz corpo vtuber in" tactics. Its desperate and tacky imo. Call me when they pick actual talents.

No. 326669

if you want an insect girl, JuniperActias's model commits to the bug girl concept pretty well with moth limbs/inhuman features which is partly why people thought it would be her debuting in vshojo at first. she switches to her more human-like model sometimes from the few times I've seen of streams on Twitch tho. there are several insect and moth vtubers i cant remember the name of.

No. 326676

I don't closely follow Nina, but didn't she give an excuse during graduation, something like she felt like she wasn't performing well anymore and was a disappointment?
I'm too lazy to actually verify this lol. But I wonder if it was just an excuse.
Tbf, I guess you can't really say 'Niji is a sinking ship and I'm done.'

No. 326677

I like Juniper! I love the work and dedication she puts into her own model, which is also why I don't think it'll be her as IIRC she likes inhabiting the product of her own work.
She implied that she'd be taking a year minimum break.

No. 326679

It feels very disingenuous that they bothered holding auditions if they only intended to hire friends and vtubers who were already famous.
I mean I get that it works great for them, but to me it feels like they don't bring anything fresh to the industry. At least Hololive takes a gamble on smaller creators who seem promising.

No. 326691

Idk what’s going on with him, but I’ve never liked him as a content creator. Everything he does seems calculated in a way that’s just trying to get fame and views. Including his vtubing career. He’s not an untalented writer and occasionally will put out some genuinely good stuff, but he very clearly cares about getting as much clout as possible first and foremost.

Maybe he’s acting like this because his attempt at a vtubing group flopped or something…idk.

No. 326702

>They like cute anime girl designs in general, but actively lusting after lolis is a level of degeneracy I just wouldn't be able to get behind.
I feel like there's a level of cultural nuance to it when people like Fubuki or Flare say they like loli. The way I see it, it's kind of like how people say they like furry; we might think of the animal fucker fursuit wearing degenerate types, but it might just be they like funny Zootopia/Beastars animal people.

>Maybe he’s acting like this because his attempt at a vtubing group flopped or something…idk.
Tell me more about this kek.

No. 326787

I thought her break from streaming was supposed to be one year long? kek At least she didn't immediately emerge after milking the fans with a month long pity party

No. 326794

Basically about a month ago Merry officially created his own vtubing company called astraline. With that a vtubing group was created(also called astraline) that included him , lumi and 3 newly debuted vtubers.

Of course merry slapped his own face at the forefront of this group but that’s not too important.
Besides that the 3 newly debuted vtubers seem to be making very little noise and getting little traction. The most followers one has is 12k and the two others haven’t broken 10k yet.

Obviously this could change in the future and followers aren’t everything, it should be about enjoying yourself. But Merry has always seemed like the type of creator to care about popularity and views more than anything.

No. 326797

File: 1697213047401.jpeg (447.35 KB, 1169x711, IMG_1261.jpeg)

Looks like he isn’t gonna quit after all.

Anyone has any idea who he could be talking about ?

No. 326802

People were saying it could be about that one time he got really scared of Pippa and is still fearing her ever since

No. 326830

What happened between him and Pippa ?

All I know about her is that she’s a loser to panders to an audience of 4chan users.

No. 326878

Guys, NotNina has working higged cockroach claws.
I'm so hyped she's going for an actual monster girl model.

No. 326898

NAYRT but I think she's talking about this? Basically, Pippa went full schizo about conspiracy theories in a stream she did with him.

No. 326903

She seriously has mental issues.

No. 326909

It's his fault lol, everybody and their mother knows that she's like this and will spring this shit in collabs.

No. 326910

I love how many people got filtered by the concept and I hope that the monstrous aspects are the main, permanent model she uses.

No. 326916

Didn't people find her posting trans ally stuff right before she debuted or something?
She probably doesn't even believe anything she's saying. She's probably some lonely, boring woman irl who just wants attention on the internet. Negative attention is still attention for some people.

No. 326920

If your need for attention is expressed in the form of spreading the idea that “pedophiles are based guiz” and that shootings are staged to people on the internet you should enter yourself into a psych ward, not be a streamer.

No. 326921

Oh yeah I'm not agreeing with her in the slightest lol. But if she wants to maintain relevance, she's probably going to be in an endless loop of spouting more and more insane nonsense to please her manchildren fans. Can't wait for her anti-vax arc if she hasn't had one already.

No. 326930

God she’s such a pathetic 4chan dick sucker. I’ve heard some batshit conspiracy theories but the shit she’s spouting is insane levels of mental illness.
Ngl I pray she fucks up one day and her entire audience turns on her. The bitch needs a wake up call to what kind of people she so desperately wants to appeal to.

No. 326932

Didn't she have a breakdown on stream a few months ago and was crying about being suicidal?
Her less-subbed but more normal counterparts are probably much happier and healthier than her.

No. 326933

IIRC she previously had a Tumblr fakeboi phase hefore hard swerving into what she is now. I'm sure you can find her rant about it if you look for it.

No. 326955

No. 327375

Apparently Vespers "anxiety meds" he was always talking about was weed. Things make more sense to me now. His Japan schizo arc was because he couldn't bring his weed into Japan.
Makes me kinda sad to think about. I'm not opposed to weed, but feels like he lost a good thing to his weed addiction.

No. 327387

MataraKan debut is happening

No. 327395

Good god. That’s fucking sad. His whole entire career fucked up because he can’t get some puff puff. If he got actual anxiety meds (which he can probably pay for) he would most likely still be in Stars and would’ve never had that fucked up menhera arc where he refused to get into collabs with his members.

No. 327397

File: 1697415025907.jpeg (86.42 KB, 488x734, DDA9AF47-A5BD-4A19-9BEC-D7E7C4…)

Compared to the Nina design, this is a downgrade.

No. 327398

I unironically like the hands, feets and extra arms(?). However, I do agree it's a downgrade though.

No. 327400

I like those too, but the focus on her tits and thighs along with some other things just really take away from the design.

No. 327406

what the fuck are those cytokinesis boobs

No. 327409

weed addicts are so fucking pathetic lmfao

No. 327415

File: 1697424723385.png (1.03 MB, 1360x768, 1697414669577805.png)

I actually think the face is so cute and expressive somehow. It reminds me of a barbie doll. But yeah, the body is a bit much.

No. 327419

the fucking boob mole when she's an insect..

No. 327454

When did Pippa say anything about supporting pedophilia?

No. 327463

There's a vod of her with pickme kirsche(she's like the retarded cousin of metokur who's not even funny) where she watches the vice pedophilia in the manga industry and says its only fiction and doesn't harm real children..while the docu shows it does and then she backtracks like the retard she is, she also had lolicon art in the past (she herself admitted it was the art of underage characters) overall she's a retard and it's best we don't talk about her since it'll attract her coom brained scrotes

No. 327466

I hated Nina's design from the getgo personally, so for me this is a sidegrade. I dislike how sexualized it is, but I like how mad some men are because it's slightly creepy. I wish she'd have gone creepier, but she seems happy and if she's happy then I am happy. I will support her regardless.
well ackshually she's an alien

No. 327467

Every vshojo model is shit or generic. I only love KSons design because she worked on it herself without vshojo involved. Its still funny, remembering that Vshojos gift to her joining them were
>an extremely shitty 3D model that looked like straight out of 2$ steam porn game
>a lewd outfit that she used only for a month, drawn by an entirely different artist that couldn't even bother matching her skin color and looked out of place because how different the artists styles were
Couldn't find a lot of "that" 3d kson clips, feel like they were trying to scrap the awful look at it under the rug.
Henyas model downgrade is a different topic.
I dont understand have naive nonna thought that they might make something cool outside "mommy tiddy bitty" model and other garbage Vshojo is known for.

No. 327487

It feels like Vshojo took notes from the Genshin school of over Designing characters for most of their vtuber models.
Most of them are way too overdetailed and over sexual it just becomes painful to look at.

Nina’s model has a nice color palette and cute face. But everything else is just….too much.

No. 327516

I feel like vshojo is gonna devolve into an agency that only takes in popular graduating talents from bigger companies eventually. Instead of taking in indies.

No. 327518

Ugly hentai proportion aside, this could have been such a cute concept, I really like cockroach silhouette that is not even gonna be used as it will mostly only be the boring ass generic base >>327415

No. 327534

File: 1697476403128.jpeg (948.07 KB, 3867x2564, F8j8TPjbYAAjP7z.jpeg)

Cutie. I love the outfit, even if I don't watch IRyS anymore.
The details are awesome! I especially love short hair.

No. 327545

I don't really like vtubers but I figure I could at least try for the sake of getting more Japanese practice in. Are there any Japanese vtubers preferably male who don't make retarded loud noises every few seconds and has a nice low voice?

No. 327548

Oga and Rikka from Holostars and Oliver Evans from Nijisanji are some off the top of my head. Oliver speaks pretty fluent English and does language lesson streams sometimes that are very helpful.

No. 327549

Oga is one of the few male vtubers i can recommend.
>orange juice game creator
>is generally a chill man
>the thing that makes me love and appreciate him the most is how respectful he is towards women and hololive girls
He is basically a normal man with a deep voice. Just a nice man who doesn't do anything retarded. HolostarsJP in general is the best male group i found, because they are literally just "boys doing things". Their bond between eachother will never break.
I do not recommend western moids because they are the worlds biggest coomers. The only EN guy that seems okay is Axel in my book, he knows both ENG and JP, and didnt join the corpo just to get closer to their e-celeb crush or any crap like that, unlike some other people.

No. 327555

Samefag but if you want to watch some deeper voiced EN tubers who have Japanese streams, Shu Yamino and Sonny Brisko do streams in Japanese. I’ve only watched Sonny’s and he usually uses simple to understand Japanese so it’s easy to grasp what he’s saying and pick up new words. He doesn’t bring up gross topics on his streams and makes a point not to, which I like, and isn’t a really loud person and Shu isn’t either. I also agree with nonna’s opinion above with recommending Axel Syrios because he does a lot of Japanese streams and speaks Japanese a good amount throughout his English streams as well. But if you only want JP tubers, Holostars is the way to go.
I’d recommend Axia Krone if his streams still existed because I found the language he used simple to understand even while being N5. There are clips of him that exist out there if that helps you at all.

No. 327610

2nding Oga because he's fun and I love him. The gap moe between his appearance/voice and his drawings got me interested at debut.

No. 327781

Anyone else just still kinda pissed at Magni and Vesper? It is one thing to leave, but it bothers me that they fucked over the rest of EN Stars just because they didn't like having management tell them things sometimes. It's the new models for both of them that really did it for me. Those take long to make. Pako finally had someone use his art again. And they use it twice just to fuck off right after. I'm sorry but it's pathetic.

No. 327789

Honestly I can't help being a little happy that after a year of Holostars fans gloating over how perfect their precious boys were two of the most popular ones turned out to be shameless grifters who left as soon as they could to focus on their solo content with their newfound Holostars audience.

No. 327811

I’m with you nonnie. I didn’t really like Magni from the beginning, and I think Vesper grew to show his own colours anyway eventually. The model ordeal is really horrid though. I feel for Pako. I think Stars EN is better off without them anyway if it’s any consolation, they both attracted more of a moid audience who wanted ‘brotubers’ kek

No. 327817

Finally me and other female fans can freely be yumejoshis and draw fujo art without being bombarded by hatred from moids. It was annoying as fuck before, but those two leaving pretty much wiped those annoying shitheads out.

No. 327819

True and it's weird because A) JP Stars fans were never aggressive towards Nijisanji or tribalist, and B) The shilling was mostly based around Vesper and Magni (and I guess Bettel but to a much lower extent and seems much more genuine, with female fans) who had a moid audience.

No. 327823

I love Mori very much.

No. 327857

ReGLOSS's debut song is growing on me. Not that I ever dislike it. But I love the slow-tempo pop song, and their variety of voices. They seem like a neat bunch. Wish I understood Japanese!

No. 327872

i have very mixed feelings about it still and am taking a break from vtubers in gen just to think about it.

my theory is that vesper got hurt in someway, he mentioned having to do physical therapy a lot. So cover said some bullshit to vesper about his work so magni jumped in saying if he goes, im going. so eventually they left. from the JP members, it doesn't sound like them leaving was planned and very abrupt due to ongoing contract negotiations.
so 1, i fucking hate cover because they treat their EN employees like shit. 2, I don't like how vesteas/magmites were treated after graduation. it's probably parasocialandy from me, but when you support a creator and they just give up and not even acknowledge their own work just leaves a bad taste in all the memories.

side note: i'm sure bettel is on his way out unless cover renegotiates his contract so well that he won't want to leave.

No. 327874

I think you phrased it well about them not acknowledging anything. I initially liked Magni and Vesper a lot when they debuted, but the way they just vanished suddenly leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Especially when Pako had just made new art and Magni was just re-rigged. I guess streamers are human beings first and foremost, but it still sucks.
Even if the person playing the character is fantastic, we're still kind of attached to the character in the way, art and everything. Re-debuts or retirements are bound to happen, but when vtubers just redebut left and right, it takes a way a little bit of the magic for me.

No. 328009

To me, Magni was the most obvious bad choice, remembering how roommate.
>is an ironic weeb grifter
>blew up only by using vtuber hype clout
>is nothing but a reddit-tier coomer
>it was obvious that he thought he would get more fame from hololive and throw his twitch friends in there
Know nothing about Vesper, but he gave off a vibe of a weirdo IT-guy with massive 'tism. Out of everyone in their cursed gen, I think only Axel deserved to be in Hololive.

I am just glad they fucked off, even if they did it in the most obvious 'we dont give a shit about anything but money', way. Especially how they did Pako's new model dirty. The disrespect, lmao.

No. 328080

File: 1697652023623.jpg (166.65 KB, 579x1200, F5toZW3bgAAXXIN.jpg)

I enjoyed Vesper's content at the beginning, but after everything that's happened I'm so glad they're gone. Holostars EN as a whole feels much better without them.

No. 328237

How are these people just… leaving agencies? And go sign up with new ones like it’s nothing? Do they not sign contracts or whatever? No penalties?

No. 328262

It's like any other job. If there are penalties they can likely pay it off with the money they made. For Holostars I'm guessing they just didn't renew their contract after it expired in a year. So Tempus2's anniversary should be when Bettel leaves too.

No. 328323

>So Tempus2's anniversary should be when Bettel leaves too.
he's leaving??

No. 328325

Just a guess.
>kept appearing in irl Magni's streams
>became more active in his pl
>shared plans about using his face instead of a model for pl's future
>highest earning of tempus, could let it get to his head
>sees Magni and Vesper leave and get support
On the other hand he could see that they lost revenue and decide to stick to tempus

No. 328340

I watch his PL and he seems pretty aimless on there. Just doing whatever to do whatever. As Bettel, it always seems like he has new ideas all the time, dropping unexpected covers or projects. And implicating he might leave because of him just hanging out with Lando on stream makes me think of how some trolls tried to say Mori would leave Hololive because she streams as Demondice and talks to KSon. To me it just seems like he needs a break from streaming as Bettel for a bit because he’s been going hard for a while.

No. 328362

Hopefully you're right because I think he fits Stars and has a good dynamic with the others. The others seem to be more active in their pls too but maybe that's just to stream games they can't in holo once in a while.

No. 328418

There's a contractual constraint to how much time can pass from initial sign-on to when they can become properly active in their PLs again. I wouldn't attribute a rise in activity on his PL to much more than that.

No. 328647

Sorry if this isn't the right thread to ask this but do any nonnas who are Vtubers put LGBTQI+ tags in their Twitch channel?
Asking because I've read about several farmers from here that they are Vtubers and want to cater to a female audience only. I've found several female Vtubers that aren't part of any agency, are very chill and have obvious female appeal, but they tend to have those obnoxious kinds of tags (despite not being FtMs or even they/thems, and being obviously straight too), so I was wondering if any of you use gendie tags to camouflage as not-TERFs?

No. 328675

I don't personally use tags like that, instead I use yumejoshi and fujoshi as tags, since that usually peaks the interest of other women who are similar.

No. 328692

As a viewer seeing lgbt tags or pronouns puts me off but if it's a woman with she/her pronouns I just assume she's a normal lesbian or bi so I keep watching. It depends on how much spicy queerness you can tolerate in your viewerbase, I'm not a streamer but I feel like if you don't bring up gender topics yourself they might not bring it up themselves either. I would immediately feel closer to the streamer when I see tags >>328675 mentioned though.

No. 328813

File: 1697832548533.gif (879.68 KB, 500x500, ugly-cry-anime-girl-sobbu-big-…)

incoming blog post

>be me

>be new vtuber
>having a really nice time, making a few friends in the community
>an pre-debut vtuber reaches out to me
>really cute design, she seems really professional and well-prepared despite being new
>we hit it off and message a bit
>come to her first stream to support her
>a dude's voice

I can't believe I let myself be bamboozled like this nonitas… Never again…

No. 328873

Horror story… Good luck disengaging, nonna.

No. 328876

good luck distancing yourself without the transphobia accusations kek
I avoid people with LGBT tag personally because themlets are annoying

No. 328972

I tend to avoid LGBT tags like the plague, because most of the time some drama will end up happening down the road. Even if the Vtuber herself is chill, it probably collabs with trannies or something. That's the reason why I never support they/thems, I don't wanna get attached to someone that will likely do something retarded later.

No. 328992

Do streamers bother using the Fujoshi tag if it's not relevant to what they're streaming? That tag is kind of meaningless unless they consistently play yaoi visual novels or something.

No. 328995

No one's streaming gay kissing or tranny rights speeches either. But I agree, tags should be used for the content of the stream or vibe like calm voice, there shouldn't be any for LGBT or fujoshi

No. 329038

Sorry anon, just engage more with someone else publicly so he doesn’t think you have a special relationship kek

No. 329046

File: 1697912281454.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.27 KB, 670x680, 20231021_201547.jpg)

I can't believe i find this mf attractive. He has a nice fashion sense (for a man who is into punk/goth stuff at least), but i just know if it wasnt his outfits, he would have looked lame, at least purely for the fact that he often makes weird expressions on his pics.

No. 329050

Nonnie visit a gas station or a art University you'll simmer down real quick. This man looks like he huffs rats piss

No. 329061

Thank you for fixing my mind, nonny.

No. 329075

I have this question a lot with the Tempus boys (just because I see their RMs being lusted after a lot more than other male chuubas) but are other women seriously attracted to these men? Like, even if you saw some other guy who looked like him, you'd still find him handsome? Or is it knowing that they're your favorite anime boy that makes up for the mid face?
Magni in particular baffles me because he's legitimately unattractive by Asian (and I would presume Western) standards.

No. 329078

speaking of Henya, I came across her birthday stream (not the character's), and I have to wonder how fat she's IRL. In case the embed doesn't set the time correctly, it's at 7:59:07 (Ring Fit Adventure). Also lol @ her screaming at the calorie estimates, maybe she should've supplied a number near her actual age.

No. 329081

If someone’s already attracted to the persona (albeit in a paradoxical manner), then they’re able to overlook appearances. Lando has that “pathetic tumblr sexy man that needs to be fixed by my love” kind of energy. They might not be attracted to him themselves but how he makes them feel.

No. 329136

I’m straight but seeing the way other straight women love men sometimes makes me question my sexuality. no way you’re attracted to that. that’s just some guy you find at your local panera bread.

No. 329144

I feel like sometimes being anime attracted skews our standards because no way nonnies think this guy is ugly. Average sure but he's not unattractive, he's okay enough that his personality will push him towards a little attractive. The only thing that gives phantom rat piss smell is his anorexia. Even his messy hair would look ok if I couldn't see his skull shape.

No. 329173

I kinda understand with Connor because he has a specific aesthetic that could contribute to the attraction (this is not a good photo of him, he cultivates a very sad goth look kek)

No. 329320

File: 1698003736350.jpeg (519.16 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_9784.jpeg)

>Sayu shits on Yuniiho for “not finishing” her model before the deadline
>accuses Yunii of taking “bribes” because she was working on other models before/alongside Sayu’s
>Yunii’s vods prove that she finished Sayu’s model 3 weeks ahead of the deadline
>turns out Sayu has the model on hand and threw a hissyfit at the wrong person (it was the rigger that is delaying her model debut)
Sasuga schizoid

No. 329326

File: 1698004689082.jpeg (581.39 KB, 1284x885, 3904475B-7BF8-4555-88D2-326CA7…)

It’s really funny that the people who first sided with her when she left Nijisanji are now turning on her after realizing how often she lies about and responds terribly to things. Yuniiho is supposed to be her “friend” for god’s sake, but what Sayu said caused Yuniiho to get shit on by the scrotes that still cap for Sayu. She’s another person that needs to desperately go to a mental health professional before she starts streaming professionally again, but it looks like she won’t. I just hope even more people don’t get screwed over by her starting drama.

No. 329329

She’s a narcissist and an unreliable narrator when she’s not flat out lying (e.g. claiming Niji unfairly terminated her when she was a loose cannon, her ex having to clear up her lies about the divorce).

No. 329342

let this flop die she’s still riding the high of 2 weeks of njisanji fame it’s so fucking pathetic

No. 329364

what a hideous generic model

No. 329403

File: 1698029331666.png (3.29 MB, 1500x1182, wat.PNG)

this is what no pussy does

No. 329410

What do you do after you found out you gave birth to this?

No. 329411

euthanize it like a dog..with no anesthetic

No. 329412

More like a pig in a slaughterhouse, with a gun and then with metal sticks to make sure it doesn’t survive.

No. 329413

File: 1698034559394.jpg (Spoiler Image,802.9 KB, 1276x1500, F7O2HIia0AEBjy6.jpg)

People unironically called this attractive

No. 329415

Quintessential anime watcher

No. 329427

Bottom of the barrel and his humor is coomershit too. I have to assume that nonasian women just have no eyes when it comes to Asian men but like Altare and Axel aren't even lookers and yet they don't get half the thirst this dude does despite being way better looking.
Insane to me. Grow standards kek

No. 329430

This just sounds like /vt/ console wars to me, Magni had coomer humor now?

No. 329431

NTA but both of you guys’s posts read like mush. But yes, Magni has always had coomer humor, especially on his roommate. Lots of his content revolves around porn. Can’t embed this one for some reason but this whole video is about MILFs and he uses terminology like Pawgs and shit.

No. 329447

Delete the & and everything after it.

No. 329448

I think you guys are just ruined by anime, kpop and filters. He looks average.

No. 329454

and the average man is unattractive lol what’s your point. It’s stupid to fangirl over an average looking ugly moid.

No. 329483

I seriously fucking hate when Vtubers show their mugs, do these losers really think they would have as many fans as they have if they didn’t depend on an attractive character? They would all have 200 followers at best and it would be mostly moids and low self-esteem women.
It’s just so smug of them all to think that because they created a fandom, that their faces won’t be considered as fucking ugly as they are, and while some people can wear their fan glasses 24/7, I personally consider it’s of a really bad taste to reveal who the fuck you truly are, like, they’re not voice actors, you can just ignore a voice actor’s face and just know that your favorite character isn’t the voice actor; but Vtubers are literally the character.
Like pretend for a few years you’re not catfishing people, all of the compliments aren’t for your ugly ass, they’re for the character.

No. 329520

Wow, I'm now an hoshimachi or whatever the name of Suisei's fan is.

No. 329522

He was a normal youtuber for years before he became a vtuber… he didn't do a vtuber face reveal, people just figured out who he was and started following his existing non vtuber content.

No. 329531

I still don’t understand what’s the reason of getting mad that a streamer has a partner as long as they don’t bring it on stream. They’re not shoving it in your face and you’d only find out if you dug hard enough, so why care? Male fans are retards.

No. 329534

nta but he went back to using his face thinking his holostars fanbase will follow him for his content despite his face. Then again the ones that followed him are probably just the dudebros as ugly.
It's so stupid that female vtubers have to deal with this all the time even when they don't bring up anything themselves. Male fans are so pathetic.

No. 329561

Let women enjoy things.

No. 329571

Let women get some fucking standards, are you seriously telling me that you think that that goblin is sexy at all? Or did you meme yourself while huffing copium into liking greasy looking ugly insects like him?

No. 329573

NTA but why does this even matter?

No. 329589

You’re ruined and desensitized by traumatic ugly exposure

No. 329591

>simping 3DPD on my lolcow
Holy fuck I hate yumes

No. 329595

Some nonnas on this website hate men enough that anyone else enjoying anything involving them means they're betraying their cause or whatever.

No. 329632

You can enjoy them or whatever, just admit that they’re fug

No. 329651

I mean, I already know that. You’re a newfag if you’re upset by it. I’m just wondering why the fuck this discussion has gone on for so long in a vtuber thread.

No. 329658

Do you know where you are? Besides this is a vtuber thread not a methhead appreciator thread

No. 329666

Nonna at this point IDK what you expect. There’s too many newfags and men that frequent threads these days that I’m not even surprised “she” said that.

No. 329686

Can we just ban flesh discussion here? You have the doxx site if you want to simp the guy who voices your chuuba.

No. 329714

File: 1698116973203.png (310.9 KB, 564x726, Mika_Melatika_Portrait.png)

Anyways, here's some actual vtuber news. Mika Melatika is graduating. What's the chance we see her in Vshojo in 2024? She's pretty close with Mysta/Kuro.
I don't follow Niji that closely but she seemed like she was inclining. Things aren't looking great for Nijisanji.

No. 329715

I couldn't care less, I hate this coomer ethot so much im pretty sure niji let her go since she was too coomer for them she won't be missed
Also it's so tiring seeing these graduations I'm kind of glad I stopped having oshis

No. 329716

Another NijiID leaving isn’t really surprising. Riksa and Xia are leaving too and while ID fans on twitter cry about it, they didn’t even bother to tune into Xia’s graduation stream and Riksa didn’t even make one. Riksa has the lowest amount of average viewers among all of Nijisanji and Xia is close behind, and while Mika did bring herself out of the place ID intentionally put themselves in by milking the fuck out of EN, her friends left so of course she’s going too. I really think that if ID weren’t so cliquey and didn’t ghost ID members that achieved fame and allowed themselves to adapt and grow as creators like KR did, they’d toe and toe with HoloID. Hana used to be one of the most popular English speaking vtubers back in 2020, but she squandered that all because of a misguided sense of loyalty towards ID and wanting to be friends with them after they shut her out for being popular. Everything about it is so retarded.

No. 329720

>she seemed like she was inclining
She only attained the numbers she currently has by rubbing against EN— but most specifically Mysta. I don't find it at all surprising that she's graduating, and I think it's 100% likely she will end up in Vshojo, solely based on the fact that she is closest to both Mysta and Nina.

No. 329747

>im pretty sure niji let her go since she was too coomer for them

No. 329750

When I read that I really assumed that nonna had no idea what company she was talking about.

No. 329870

Despite obviously being a menhera, I actually sided with her after the Niji drama went down, but time after time she keeps proving how much of a retarded snake she is. In the same stream where she's shitting on Yuniiho, she
>Seethes because of her low numbers, clearly unable to move on from her ridiculously short time at Niji
>Complains about her chat and how she can't ban people because of how little viewers she has.
>Has the nerve to namedrop Nina when she was debuting that same day as Matara
>Complains about money even when she spends it all on merch and travelling.
The funniest part tho was the tweet she made almost immediately after ending the stream, apologizing to Yuniiho for being a retard kek
It's amazing how she lost all the good faith people that aren't her die-hard fans thanks to a 30 min rant. Wonder how many more bridges she will burn in the future. If some corpo was thinking about giving her a chance, I'm sure she's now seen as a terrible fit for any corpo culture

No. 329878

Oh, there are still some that are giving her support, but they’re the ones who unironically foam out the mouth whenever Nijisanji is even mentioned anywhere and send hate to members even though it’s the company that is a problem. These people also don’t watch her streams, of course, and she even said during that rant that her numbers now are lower before she even left to debut as Zaion. There’s seriously no saving people like that.

No. 330046

Her complaining about her community being out of control, constantly sexualizing her, not actually giving a fuck about her, etc. is the most ironic part of the whole rant. My vsister in Christ, you built that community. And she literally begged an artist to draw porn of her when she raided him last week so she can’t complain about others sexualizing her while she sexualizes herself.

No. 330059

Even as Zaion she had her likes full of porn of her model. I just don’t understand what she wants and I can even understand where her fans are coming from when they get frustrated with her on that front. She needs to stop flip flopping and figure out what she really wants out of her career, cause it seems like she’ll just be streaming genshin, reacting to videos, begging for people to feel bad for her, then rinse & repeat. It’s sad. With how often she frequents 4chan and even talks about specific memes and says criticism on there is legitimate compared to other platforms (hell, the whole rant was triggered by a comment on there), it lets us know that she probably sees what people say about her ex-genmates and Nijisanji and how harshly the members get treated on there and finds that “legitimate” and amusing. I don’t think she registers that this makes her look even worse of a person than she already does.

No. 330106

>she probably sees what people say about her ex-genmates and Nijisanji and how harshly the members get treated on there and finds that “legitimate” and amusing
She actually was bragging about how she could have easily burn the company into the ground, like that didn't make her look shitty.
The fact that she even said all those things about Yuniiho pretty much confirms she has 4chan brainrot, considering that was basically the only place where people theorized Yuniiho gave priority to clients that payed more, and Sayu decided to believe that rumor for some reason and spread a moid rumor about her friend. I still don't understand how they're still viewers that coddle her in her stupid decisions

No. 330258

File: 1698280332889.jpg (440.85 KB, 1080x2526, IMG_20231025_183135.jpg)

No. 330263

I might not watch any of them but I’m happy the guy is speculated to be a good singer

No. 330275

I feel like it'll be hard for me to become attached to anyone. Niji might just become a stepping stone to VShojo or indie popularity, tbh.
It's like debuts and graduations mean nothing when they happen every 30 seconds.
The guy does seem to have a nice voice though, but unfortunate name. Any clue who his past life is?

No. 330310

I kind of just want an all female wave tbh

No. 330331

>basically no one talks about nijikrisis
>justice has been served

I’m the nonnie that talked about one of the past wave’s members here and it makes me a tiny bit happier that they didn’t blow up in popularity. I dropped corpo vtubers almost completely and focusing on my indie vtuber friends. The whole vtubing scene has been nothing but nepos and clout chasing that it’s lost what made it so unique in the first place.

Oh and I’m only watching female vtubers from now on. Why are all male vtubers clout chasing pests? I swear almost every single one of them are engagement baiting or chasing a new female vtuber every week.

No. 330337

Is it just me or do all their voices sound so fucking skuffed? Can this company really not afford to buy their talents a few microphones? Jesus.

No. 330356

Lmao, I thought it was a filter applied to their voices for some kind of unique artistic effect. Don't tell me that's the actual audio quality…

No. 330359

The voices sound like this in every single debut teaser so I’m almost 100% sure the staff are straight up recording them over a discord call

No. 330381

Mic quality aside, all of them sound dead on the inside, the last one sounds especially fucked. Would it really kill them to record the line more than once and try to put actual emotion into it?

No. 330459

i hate how soulless nijisanji en feels like every other day they're shilling out more generic talents with what feels like gimmicks instead of actual personalities

No. 330460

idk if this is just me but it feels all en can come up with for jokes and laughs are dirty jokes and lewd words meant for shock value while jp talents often has more unigue and original stuff that incorporates things other then just "lmao do you know what this word means"

No. 330463

Niji EN? Yeah.
I used to be a huge Nijisanji fan but the management and cultivation of the EN branch over the past few years (+the graduations of all of my fav JP members) has turned me from a Holo anti to a huge fan.

No. 330479

Who graduated that you liked?

No. 330580

Hololive graduations feel like the Queen of England dying. Niji graduations feel like another Tuesday.

No. 330598

File: 1698431986837.jpg (354.36 KB, 1080x2449, IMG_20231027_123735.jpg)

Niji posted the announcement again to "fix" the audio, but it sounds just as bad and the replies are even more critical kek

No. 330599

No. 330615

File: 1698436348620.jpg (791.22 KB, 2698x4096, 20231027_134222.jpg)

Have any of you nonnas kept up with the advent girls? Personally, I gave Shiori the benefit of the doubt, but she ended up disappointing me with that litfag kayfabe along side her retarded scrote fanbase who unironically call her a femcel kek. I like Nerissa even though she's kind of a coomer and somewhat yuribaits, but other than that she's very relatable and I'm rooting for her success and seeing her in live concerts

No. 330621

File: 1698437338019.jpg (674.63 KB, 1912x1076, 20231027_220911.jpg)

I prefer Bijou and Fuwamoco.
I love how all 3 actually try really hard to reach new heights. Bijou is always collabing with others, even shows up in holoJP chats, engaging with fans and their content, etc. She really seems like a ruthless business woman, lol. But my favorite part are her and Kaela collabs, they get along so well.
Fuwamoco are doing their own original content, i love their fwmc show, their games are not to my taste, so i watch collabs instead (i enjoyed the Fubuki collab). I love how they also show how much they care about the fans and actually want you to get better and improve, instead of being one of those gfe manipulators or arguing with your fanbase like Kronii and Amelia did (even though in Ame case, i understand. She grew sick of her own fanbase almost 2 years ago. Poor girl).
I dont watch Shiori because she is too desperate when it comes to being a schizo/gosling glue, coming off as extremely desperate. On top of that, her interview with Kiara + her past…no thanks.
She is not my type because of coomerism+her trying to gather Kiaras fanbase came off as tacky to me, and some of her other collab choices, too. But i like hearing about her family, its super fun. Admittedly i only prefer watching her play Terraria, she does super well in collabs too. Bless her for opening Terraria server.

No. 330634

File: 1698441182358.jpg (108.95 KB, 660x933, 20230916_232916.jpg)

I like her too! can't really follow a lot of her streams because I don't particularly like those "endurance" streams, it's endearing how much she tries to interact with the JP girls and their chat interactions. I didn't have much faith in her because of the loli voice and design, but she's becoming one of my favorites, it sucks that a lot of scrotes have such a coomer attitude towards her, but otherwise she's very nice.
I tend to stick more with the JP girls and one of my personal oshis is Aqua, I'll try to give FWMC a chance but their debut didn't give me a good impression, although I could be wrong kek.

No. 330647

ignore the thumbail, but vidrel got me into them. debuts are always a little awkward at first, but you can really see them grow. the fuwamoco collab where they teach the rest of advent japanese was cute.

No. 330648

>I gave Shiori the benefit of the doubt, but she ended up disappointing me with that litfag kayfabe along side her retarded scrote fanbase
Shiori's GFE shit is so cringe and yet her retarded fanbase eats it up kek she's not even trying to seem genuine, probably because her audience has never spoken to an woman so they wouldn't know the difference. Her Halloween bible-length post is specially bad.

No. 330659

Yeah, I honestly like all of them and they've become the first full gen of Hololive I keep up with. Shiori turned me off bigtime at first due to the disappointment of her not actually being a litfag, but I find her game choices/handcam streams fun. I'd usually mind the GFE more but she's too goofy for me to take it seriously lol.
Nerissa is probably my least watched, mostly because of the light coomerism and her yuribait. I'm a lesbian but yuribait just really turns me off regardless of the streamer's actual orientation.
They all seem like nice, enthusiastic girls, though. I'm rooting for them.

No. 330664

What's Shiori's halloween post? On Twitter? Mind sharing it?

No. 330704

what did you guys think of the new nijisanjiEN wave? liked Victoria so far.

No. 330706

I liked them all but Victoria’s debut seemed really cool at first and became super boring and rambly. She seemed nervous as fuck.

No. 330709

I usually love women with deeper voices, but something about Kunai's voice is unfortunately just such a turn off for me.
Victoria was a little awkward, but I can see her being great once she gets past her nerves. Claude sounded comfortable and confident, he seems like he'll be fine.
Not really compelled to watch any of them.

No. 330710

Kunai's tastes have a lot in common with me so I'll keep watching her for now. I like her humor. I agree with >>330706 I didn't understand why she did the same boring thing she made fun of at the beginning lol but I like her humor too so I might watch her. I don't remember much from Claude despite him being the last one, was pretty unmemorable except he's into BL I guess? That's not too unique in Niji though.

No. 330716

anticipating the games that kunai will play. kind of tired of people playing chilla's arts games and her anime tastes seem interesting. i liked victoria's humor the most of the three from what she showed despite her nervousness, but was ready to stop watching the stream when victoria said she liked villainess manhwa kek. claude did seem the most comfortable and i can see him get along well with the other older nijisanji members. also made me wonder if it's required to hate vegetables to get into nijisanji. i want to see his chemistry with the rest of the new wave.

No. 330765

New debut theme song being sung by Enna and Maria is weird. So the two wanted to make a song and management wanted to use the chance to promote it? If the wave isn't getting a song then just don't give them a song. No one will remember this song as the wave's song lol

No. 330825

File: 1698514640839.jpeg (1017.92 KB, 953x1652, IMG_1281.jpeg)

So Vox is making a “film”.
I low key wanna give him props for actually doing something that has to do with making a film rather than trying to make “serious” boyfriend asmrs.

However it’s so hard to take him seriously, he clearly wants to be a looked at as a serious film maker. However it’s hard to see him that way when he got his start doing boyfriend asmrs. Honestly it’s hard to see him that way because at the end of the day he’s a damn vtuber.
But hey at least he’s trying.

No. 330826

this looks so corny
also the fact that it's coming from someone who's probably just a doughy, average-looking guy is kekky

No. 330838

File: 1698516420798.jpg (1005.63 KB, 2524x4096, 1698310805154064.jpg)

Nerissa and Biboo's sleepover was really cozy, I love the bird's relaxed energy. I tried Shiori for a while but agreed that her fanbase is absolutely the worst one and get upset that gasp, a woman in her twenties who is probably cute IRL has had multiple boyfriends. They're all so hypocritical with their expectations of her and infight all the time, I hate moids so much. They're all insistent on how roasties and pick-mes are sooooo bad all while being so blind that Shiori's entire kayfabe is a quirky pickme who absolutely knows what she is doing. Only sad bit is recently she's realized just how mentally ill said fanbase is and how far they will go (look at Fauna currently…) and she's having to backtrack a bit from wanting to be a cute housewife to insisting they find their own gfs. Stupid Novelite moids.

No. 330842

Having… multiple partners in your life time is the most normal thing if you’re a moderately attractive person. But wait…. The closest these people have had to a relationship is with the discord and soc girls they groomed so it’s not really surprising they think it’s a lot. I wish they could shut the fuck up and stop getting so mad about what the person does in their private life because, unless they bring that shit on stream, it doesn’t matter. It never has, it never will. It doesn’t change content either, seeing as how Fauna still does the same old stuff while having a boyfriend.

No. 330844

do fujo female vtubers exist? i know of the pirate girl but she seems a little too male-pandering/moe for me

No. 330857

I am one, but selfposting on lolcow…

No. 330859

Supporting you from afar, fujo vtuber anon! Stay safe but I'll be looking out for you.

No. 330889

File: 1698525155420.png (606.55 KB, 725x1019, 3oxho.png)

I started listening to Kiara recently, because I began to see and admire her tryhard energy. Aside from Mori, it seems like she's the only one in Myth who still cares about Hololive and takes it seriously.
I think I was initially filtered by her crazy design and how hard she was trying to keep a cute voice in the beginning. However, I think she talks in a much more normal voice now. Plus, she seems like she's always working on new stream ideas and projects.
I like her girly normie energy. She seems like she'd be fun to go shopping with or travel with.
Tl;dr: I finally gave Kiara a shot, and I think I will come to like her. Don't listen to 4chan's hateboner for her.

No. 330907

holoID girls are all probably fujo lol being fujo isn’t persecuted weird girl status like in the west or even japan

No. 330919

If 4chan hates someone, it's usually cause they're enjoyable and pleasant to watch.
t.Mori and Kiara enjoyer.

No. 330931

NAYRT but When you see some of 4chan’s favorites, they’re mostly vtubers who have big number (Gura) or are edgy (she who shall not be named). With the way they look at things, they miss out on quality vtubers which is why they’re stuck watching YouTube analytics all day for entertainment, which is quite sad.

No. 330933

File: 1698532200746.png (1.03 MB, 1067x3272, schizo.png)

nta but

No. 330948

Who do you think 4chan likes(woman cause they obviously hate males) in EN side of Vtubing? I know Gura, P*ppa, and I guess FWMC.
On a similar note, I feel like THAT board likes a lot of JP without knowing Japanese, because if they did, they'd be more anti threads.

No. 331004

>Only sad bit is recently she's realized just how mentally ill said fanbase is and how far they will go (look at Fauna currently…)
Wait what's with Fauna's fanbase currently? Haven't watched her in a year but I always thought her fanbase was kind of mellow.

No. 331010

NijiEN Meloco is a fujo, but I don't watch her often, so I can't speak on how much pandering she does.

No. 331014

Elira’s a huge one

No. 331017

so just like shoto he will be ripping off demon slayer?????

No. 331021

Did she write this? I mean… I guess a vtuber trying something new is cool… But if they really had to go for this theme, couldn't they get someone who has actual writing skills? There's gotta be some vtuber with a useless art or English degree they're waiting to put to use, no?

No. 331088

To nutshell it, one very persistent schizo incel kept spamming her doxx over the last year or two but recently it resurfaced and 4ch got spammed, this time the mentally ill moids found her ex and her address, her actual LinkedIn and other heavy doxx stuff and it blew up like crazy so this poor girl behind the character must have had little to no sleep. She took a break for a few days, probably to put safety measures in place because some buds are insane too, and then the rest of the fans kicked off because they were worried she'd graduate.

No. 331089

Samefagging but based Kiara and more enjoyed I love you. I love doing the housework to Kiara's chats and Mori is one of my gym playlist favs. I know her music gets shat on a lot but I've got a soft spot for it!

No. 331135

What the fuck. I wouldn't wish these psychos on the worst pickme Vtubers, let alone someone as inoffensive as Fauna. I hope she gets the support she needs.

No. 331140

I like Shiori too and agree that I've never understood why people acted likes she's some manipulative whore when it's clear she's just acting as a pickle as a bit, glad to see others on here like her too because everyone seems to have a negative opinion of her for some reason.

No. 331164

I also like doing housework while listening to vtubers. And I'm not a fan of most of Mori's music, but she seems hardworking and intelligent. You do you, nonita.

No. 331196

Honestly I have no idea what the movie will be about. Probably something lore related, I doubt it will be good though. Vtuber lore is genuinely the last thing you’d want to use for a serious “film” . Besides that it’ll probably be just a slideshow too.
But who knows, maybe it’ll defy our expectations.

No. 331210

>it’ll probably be just a slideshow
I was about to be impressed that he actually did a big project till he showed so little people for the credits. There's no animation team at all. If it was another person who didn't hype it for too long I wouldn't mind it and still find it impressive that they made a 40 minute project but we were given too much hope for this one kek I'm curious to see what he added to the story to extend a lore video to a "feature lenght" slideshow though. If he fails, he'll fail hard this time.

No. 331269

His fans will probably eat it up no matter what in all honesty.
Honestly I think it’s mainly because it’s Vox that I have so little hope for this project. If it was a smaller vtuber I agree that it would be pretty impressive even if it’s a slideshow.

But considering how it’s Vox who wants to be seen as a “serious” filmmaker I’m gonna judge it harsher. Also I’m just not the biggest fan of Vox .

No. 331316

from all the en vtubers, Luca is the only one I really like, everyone else feels like they're trying way too hard to play into a role they're assigned(like ara ara mommy or shrilly voiced kawaii anime girl or sexy asmr voice guy) but luca always seems chill and genuine

No. 331317

Vox is returning to the Undertale animatic days of his past life… Nature is healing… Vtubing is good again… I kneel.

No. 331325

No shade to them at all but honestly Fuwamoco just make me feel jealous lol. I watch them and it just makes me wish I was born with a twin sister who was into the same weeb shit as me. I'm sure it has it's own unique set of issues but I hope they realise how lucky they are to have each other. When I watch them, they make me feel kind of lonely because of that. They always seem like they're having a lot of fun with each other even when they argue and I wish I had that kind of relationship.

No. 331342

Same, I want a twin the way they're twins. I have multiple sets of twins in my family who get aet along to various degrees from pretty well to terribly (not on speaking terms) so I get that what they have is a very unique circumstance even among twins. But what they have seems really comforting and nice. Just, like, reliable, you know?
It's kind of the same with Bettel and Bettel to, for me. When they live together and can count on each other for life shit and talk about getting meals and splitting rent and stuff it makes me jealous.

No. 331343

I don't interact with vtuber fanbases at all or even look at chat, so seeing how insanse her fanbase is in this thread is an actual surprise to me. OFC her GFE pandering would cause some issues, but I really thought it was obvious enough that it was sort of tongue in cheek. Are moids really this retarded? (I already know the answer)

No. 331357

Kiara has been my oshi since Myths debut! I know she’s got flack in these threads before because of her past life mostly, but I think it’s unfair. She’s also grown so much and consistently persevered through everything. I like her high energy and I think it really shows how much she is grateful for where she is.

No. 331431

idk if anyone else noticed the careful wording on the recently graduated and returned vtubers. But it seems like both cover/nijisanji have entered a new clause under their contracts that new employees must forgo their previous vtuber models used in their personal lives, even if it was only used for audition.

maybe i'm reading into it too much, but it would explain why so many of them are delayed from redebuting immediately and never return to their old model.

No. 331455

i don't know about this theory. a few of the very recently graduated streamers did return to their old models and names. like orc even currently, and sayu for a bit after her return. if you're talking about vshojo, i think it's a case of new models and/or names generating more hype because new models and/or names lead to interest on social media because people will want to guess who it is. new models mean debut streams and debut stream always give higher CCV than their average. the only ones in vshojo who kept their models and names were big indies whose IP were never owned by a company in the first place.

No. 331459

File: 1698702111471.jpeg (46.3 KB, 482x636, images - 2023-10-30T154033.736…)

completely unrelated but I see a lot of japanese ladies who seem to love Iroha, which other holos have a sizeable/vocal female fanbase? personally haven't watched anything of her but I think she's kinda dorky

No. 331520

>Graduated vtubers having to get rid of their previous models
I mean, I can see that being plausible in some cases but even if you look at the graduations of last year, this isn’t true
>Getting rid of models even if they’re used for auditions
Anon, if this was the case, Shiori would’ve had to change her past life persona millions of times

No. 331590

I'm not saying they can't keep their persona/accounts, but that the particular moving vtuber model can't be used. Orc has only used reacting gifs since returning, sayu also only used gifs because her model is still being made.

What led me to this train of thought was that connor said he could no longer use his model anymore.

No. 331606

Connor as in Cdawg? What does Connor have to do with Hololive and Nijisanji though?

No. 331616

I think she's referring to Bettel, his pl is commander connor or something. I think they just can't use any vtuber model while in the company. They can stream with their faces or no model/face some time after their debut, but they can't have another vtuber identity. As to why they decide to change models when they return to their pls, it might be just to get hype for a new look or they think they can get a better model with the money they made?

No. 331646

I’d be inclined to believe that seeing as how uncommon it is, but Shinri did that as LexParte though during the whole Magni-Vesper graduation limbo thing. He put out a schedule as Lex and had his previous Vtuber model, rigging and all, in use during those streams. It’s been a while since he streamed on there but it’s definitely possible for talents to do it.

No. 331751

File: 1698787076444.png (573.38 KB, 800x450, F9qRZb0bYAA1fJw.png)


No. 331756

Fauna has been my favorite Holo girl since she debuted and I hate her fanbase with a passion. I hate how they pushed the mommy schtick onto her, I hate how they constantly bring up her bf, I hate how they nonstop sexualize her and simultaneously infantilize her. I will always love her videos but looking at the comments of any of her vids pisses me off. I wish I could ban all men from watching her.

No. 331772

File: 1698790329423.png (82.64 KB, 610x317, Capture.PNG)

correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she push the "mommy" shtick herself with doing an "ara ara mommy voice" multiple times, doing ASMR content of ear cleaning and having the viewer pretend they're laying their head on her lap, and having encouraged artists to draw art of her in a cowkini? she actively plays into that sort of content from what I've seen.

No. 331775

IMO it's a similar deal to what's now occurring with Shior
Both women sort of lean into catering for their male fanbases, but that doesn't mean there aren't boundaries to how far they're willing for it to go. But males are genuinely unhinged and will take a mile when you give them an inch, so they end up with insane male fans who go mental over the slightest contamination of their mental images of these women.
I'm not interested in blaming them for how things are, as they both seem like relatively nice and healthy girls whose general fanbases don't deserve what they try to take from them. But people should really learn from/predict this shit happening since it's a tale as old as time when it comes to female streamers.

No. 331776

She does play into it sometimes, but 95% of her streams, especially when she started, she is just a normal young woman. She also used to say she doesn't understand why people see her as a mommy type when she herself feels like she wouldn't fit that role. She's also made content making fun of people who call her mommy. Yes she makes fanservicey ASMR, but they used to all be scripted, self contained stories, it was mostly the fans that wanted more of the yandere mommy stuff. No excuse for the cow thing though, I personally didn't mind it that much at first and thought it was cute, but then of course the fans spinned it into a nonstop horny fanart fest so non-fans will constantly associate her with horny cow fanart instead of minescraft speedruns and spore shitposting.

No. 331787

File: 1698794950359.jpeg (261.58 KB, 1200x1043, IMG_0350.jpeg)

Actually, who is everybody's favorite from each Hololive English gen? For me:

Myth at debut: Amelia, she just seemed cute and I liked her game choices. Got tired of her content quickly, especially as I really dislike "your mom" jokes.
Currently: Kiara. She really grew on me. I'm not an active viewer of any Myth members, but the consistent effort and passion she has put into her role really won me over. Calli is a close runner up for how much she has grown as a vtuber and contributed to Hololive as a brand. Her music may not be for me, but Hololive is definitely thenplace for her.

Council at debut: Sana, because she was actually friend of a friend in her PL and I was rooting for her to succeed. She brought a certain earnest wholesomeness, and I was sad to see her graduate, but I understand why it didn't work out and think it's for the best.
Currently: Nobody in particularm although I don't hate anybody either. They've been sort of a slowburn gen for me where I like seeing them plug along but don't get super hyped for them. If I had to watch anybody it'd probably be Fauna. Mumei's recent song made me cry.

Advent at debut: FuwaMoco hands down, I love them and still do but I just am not that compelled to watch most of their content. I'm excited to see them go far, though, and their morning show is a nice pick me up for me.
Currently: Surprisingly Shiori, despite her being my least favorite at debut. I just find myself gravitating to her choices in stream content more often then not and she's my most watched Holo member these days. I do not interact with her fanbase, just as I do not interact with vtuber fanbases as a whole, and will continue to practice this aversion based on recent comments in the thread.

Feel free to do for any other branch of Holo as well, I'm just cutting it here because it'll get too long otherwise.

No. 331798

File: 1698800580042.jpg (236.85 KB, 1534x2048, 20231031_172406.jpg)

>>331787 following what other Nona said
Myth at debut: Ina, she was the one whose design stranded out the most. Very chill and friendly girl, not a fan of her game choices but I listen to her zatsus from time to time.
Currently: Kiara. Not my oshi by any means by I find it endearing how much she tryhards being an idol, it's nice to see there's still people in this company that just don't do it for the sake of getting their paycheck.

Council at debut: Nobody. I don't hate any of the girls but it took me a while to get an interest in them.
Currently: Mumei. Partially because of her PL and the nostalgia I have for it, when she talked about wanting to join hololive because she wanted to make female friends and her social anxiety I couldn't help but relate to her, it's dumb, sure, but I really treasure her. I also love Fauna, at first I avoided her because of her fanbase but her game choices stood up the most for me… Anyone should try to give her a try, if you look past the gfe asmrs you will find someone with a very intelligent sense of humor.

Advent at debut: Shiori. I thought she'd be a cool addition to hololive because of her husbando taste and her literature choices but it's obvious she doesn't have any idea of what she's saying.
Currently: Nerissa. Perhaps not a lot of people might like her because yeah she's kinda coomerish but I can't help but admire her, she almost cried druing karaoke because of some issues regarding audio. Another idol enjoyer just like Kanata and Kiara!
I could probably go more in-depth with holoJP but I don't want to ruin the thread with my idol/Holo spergout.

No. 331800

Honestly, I kind of get it re: Mumei. The biggest appeal of being a Holo vtuber to me is the close knit group of friends you seem to develop from it.

No. 331802

the advent halloween party is starting out so scuffed but in a good way. the way fuwa has to constantly tilt and correct her neck to fit the png i feel kinda bad for her tho kek. their costumes are cute so i hope they can get it rigged officially with their models.

No. 331803

I'll HoloJP spergout if you do! It's always refreshing to hear about them from nonmoids.
NGL there are a few Holo fans I'd love to connect with in the friend finder thread ITT. It's so hard to find vtuber fans who watch the same chuubas as me without being moids or handmaidens.

No. 331807

It's so cute! Basic but I love Nun!Nerissa

No. 331824

they look like characters from old pacthesis otome sim flash games on deviantart kek

No. 331841

File: 1698813074869.jpg (36.04 KB, 845x776, 20231031_223132.jpg)

No. 331855

File: 1698819671527.jpg (103.93 KB, 736x832, 20231028_213600.jpg)

ayrt here it goes nonnie
>Gen 0
Suisei and Miko. Originally I avoided Miko's solo content because of her voice but over time I've grown fond of her silly antics, her due with Suisei is so adorable and you can just tell they enjoy hanging out with each other beyond simple business! Suisei started at the bate bottom and I can't help but admire her, she's so funny and always tries to help the girls when they're in a bad place.
>Gen 1
Not much was done to foster a group identity tbh.Even so, I could say that my faves are Aki and FBK, I admire the effort Aki has even knowing that her PL is married, unfortunately many of her talents are something that not many would see on stream which is sad because I would seriously love it if more people had her appreciated. Fubuki is a straight-to-the-point entertainer, although her character is a fox girl in her early 20s but her game choices tend to be old games, I usually see her in other holomems' chats.
>Gen 2
Aqua-tan! a bit of a gap Moe tbh she's a competition freak with no hesitation to beat others but also a rather socially anxious and clumsy girl, I am so glad she has grown of her cocoon and has decided to interact more with others.
I'm very fond of everyone in this group but I'd say the closest thing to an oshi would be Korine and Mio. Mío has a maternal energy and is always willing to help other girls, I usually try catching up with her morning Mío streams; Korine is a ball of sunshine and I don't usually need to pay a lot of attention to what she's doing since her commentary is quite good.
>Gen 4
My personal favorite generation! I'd say most of the members are pretty charismatic and offer a lot of funny moments even with the departure of Rushia. I did use to sort of cling to her because I thought she was just playing a character and the whole menhera thing was just a schtick kek. My oshi is Marine, I know a lot of peeps might have a negative outlook of her because clippers don't usually give justice to her content, she's someone whose passionate about internet culture, a lot of people misinterpret her burikko kayfabe and will genuinely think she behaves like that kek there's a lot of passion in her zatsu and projects.

No. 331856

File: 1698821399316.jpeg (56.99 KB, 463x662, images - 2023-10-30T154027.894…)

>Gen 4
They are a particularly close knit gen who often treat each other like family.
Kanata is a girl with a somewhat clumsy and awkward body language but she is nonetheless someone who is passionate about her work as an idol and she doesn't just do it for the simple fact of getting her paycheck. Watame is someone with a lot of empathy and I can't help but see her as a little sister to me, I cried when I saw the recent live concert, she is cute and her Japanese is simple. It saddens me that the jp scrotes have made Towa feel ashamed of her nasal voice, I find her somewhat uncomfortable and sometimes I wish she would stop paying so much attention to those types of people because I see her as someone I look up to.
>Gen 5
Nothing against any of the girls but imo it's probably the most forgettable gen. Lamy is cute and sexy, I often find myself listening to her ASMRs when I have trouble sleeping, she's probably the one with the most underrated chat interactions and banters. Occasionally, I find myself to be playing alongside her fps streams but I do tune in for the more laid-back streams, couldn't help but mourn along her when she lost the SF6 tournament she put so much effort and practice. Nenechi is very funny, she does kind of pander to scrotes but it's more in the sense of getting pay-pigs but outside that she's fine.
>Gen 5
My second favorite generation. Lui reminds me of those ladies that participate on theater. she is something of a big sister to the rest of HoloX, and even jokes about her being intended to be a older-sister type (thought don't be fooled, she's a bit of an eccentric woman kek). Iroha seems to be popular with japanese women because I see a lot of girls in my timeline with itabags and shrines dedicated to her. Haven't watched much of her but by my first impressions she seems to be dorky and a shrinking violet so I guess that's why she has a "she's just like me fr fr" to them kek. Chloe is my kamioshi! I found it amusing how open she was to wanting money and talking about her BL fetish tastes, it's the perfect mixture between being cute, sexy and snarky though to some nonas her gfe can be a turn off but it's not like she does that on all streams.

No. 331916

File: 1698846572896.jpg (256.27 KB, 1608x1707, F8iUHDEbQAERjKB.jpg)

I was really rooting for Nerissa, her first stream was so fun but it's been sad to see her coomerfication (kek). I had the same feelings of Bijou, I remember showing up to one of her Hitman streams and she was just screaming BALLS BALLS DO YOU WANT TO TASTE MY BALLS??? and I instantly unsubbed. The Fuwamoco sisters are really hardworking and are most in-tune with Japanese idol culture, so I've gravitated the most towards them now.

No. 331928

Myth @ Debut : Mori, I really thought she was cool and her release song was catchy as fuck. I also liked that she wasn't the average "idol" Plus making moids seethe by existing is based
Myth now : Still Mori, but I also now like Kiara. I couldn't stand her constant crying and sperging about views and sub count, but she stopped that so I'm happy for her.

Council @ Start : I don't watch much of Council but Kronii. Kroniichiwa

Council now : No one, unforunately. If I have time I'll watch Kronii but otherwise I don't care for anyone enough.

Advent : Shiori, love husbandofags very much.
Advent now : No one

No. 331947

I used to watch whoever was streaming at the time except for Gura (I actually think she's kind of funny but I just can't stand chumbuds). But honestly, my favorite was Sana, she had a similar type of wackiness as Korone and her leaving really broke my heart, after which I sort of fell out of love for watching streamers for a while. Nowadays I only really catchy up on EN if they collab with JP; recently, I actually really love Flare and IRyS's friendship, I wish I had someone who'd play Splatoon with me kek.

No. 331982

File: 1698868106093.jpg (411.43 KB, 1200x846, 1647823446127.jpg)

Myth at Debut: Ina or Mori, since I was drawn to their designs the most. I still they're great, and definitely talented, but I hardly watch them stream.
Currently: Pleasantly surprised to see others mentioning Kiara. At first, I didn't know much about her, besides a little bit about her pl. After seeing some posts from anons dedicated to shitting on her, I decided to watch her streams myself to make my own judgment. I easily was drawn to her personality, and really appreciated how communicative and kind she is with her fans. She always works hard, and I admire her greatly. I consider her my oshi, and although I don't watch vtubers as often as I used to, I still support her when I can in streams and with merch.

Council at Debut: I thought Bae or Kronii would definitely be my favorite. Never ended up watching her much after though.
Currently: I do try to keep up with Mumei's streams now and then. I love her design, and think she's cute. I wanted to get into Fauna but her voice filtered me personally, as I don't really like listening to high pitched voices/prefer her "deep" voice which is probably closer to how she sounds irl I think (I know Moom's voice is higher pitched as well but it doesn't bother me for some reason.)

Advent at Debut: Nerissa, and potentially Fuwawa and Mococo. I did like Bijou's scuffed powerpoint debut as well, thought it was really funny and clever. I felt completely disappointed by Shiori for various reasons. I love her model's design but that's about it.
Currently: Nerissa, I know she does coomer pandering here and there which isn't my favorite lol. But I love her voice, and her singing is gorgeous. I have a lot of fun in her streams, and loved her chemistry with Kiara in their minecraft collab. I think it's cute how supportive she was for Kiara with her pl on Kiara's older videos.

As for Holostars EN, I'll just say that my favorites were initially Axel and Vesper. Still think Axel is pretty great, and I'm honestly a fan of everyone in Tempus right now, especially Hakka, Shinri, and Bettel.

No. 332354

File: 1698966759248.jpg (282.41 KB, 1335x1552, 20231029_114126.jpg)

No. 332362

saw a picture of Sayu’s bf and they’re looks matched… in an unfortunate way. her ex husband was uglier though kekw.

No. 332692

Share nonna. I don't even know what sayu looks like

No. 332902

File: 1699160802441.png (666.37 KB, 1080x1080, 1699125084114231.png)

What in the Deviantart OC??

No. 332903

kek I was right. Vox really did release an animatic like his past life. I ain't watching all that but thats hilarious.

No. 332904

how old is vox? that would be cringy and pathetic even for a 15yo horny fujo

No. 332912

File: 1699167819375.png (1.16 MB, 1286x725, F0D00277-66D2-41EF-B38B-72125D…)

Riro from idolcorp (an actual vtuber company with huge backing) selling some sort of service where she’ll drug herself and record porn, I guess. Also talks of meeting with fans and apparently has an asmr where she sexually roleplays as a under 10-year-old child getting molested. This is the EN vtubing community, folks.

No. 332913

Tryna fund Israel's war weapons with lolicon porn(bait)

No. 332943

His new model looks like a 15 year olds deviantart oc low key.

No. 332944

That’s genuinely so repulsive and disturbing.
Idc if it’s “role play” anyone who indulges in that type of fantasy is sick.

No. 333084

File: 1699214432377.webm (3.85 MB, 1280x720, 1699210187035468.webm)

I love Kiara and I love Mori!

No. 333221

he’s stuck at 2014 tumblr

No. 333592

File: 1699342899992.jpg (346.97 KB, 2272x1528, F-ONsFlXAAEgUt1.jpg)

Going to sperge for a minute but I hate Shuca so much. I'll be excited for the day clawmino takes over, and I don't even seriously ship them. Shu and Luca just seem like casual buddies to me, but even when Luca joined Claude's recent valorant stream, all the Shucafags made it about how Luca is so jealous of them. They hyper-analyze every interaction because they've never had close friends before

No. 333699

File: 1699379276098.jpg (149.13 KB, 977x1600, 1696993780307919.jpg)

>Mori going on semi-hiatus
I'm going insane, nonnies. Why? WHAT COULD IT BE.

No. 333800

Anon she’s probably just tired.

No. 333910

File: 1699407462168.jpeg (322.09 KB, 960x1689, IMG_0904.jpeg)

I hope she is. In the sense of she's been working real bloody hard and I hope that it's just that and nothing more.
It could also be shes prepping for her surgery which was mentioned a while back.
What I'm NOT hoping is that she's thinking about leaving or something

No. 333918

>Leaving a job where she gets brand deals, sponsorships, crossover song deals, anime ending/opening deals, superchats, and merch sale money left and right
I doubt it. Even if she was tired of streaming, she could do a Gura and just stream once and a blue moon if she wanted to, I think she’s set as an entertainer for a long time. Especially with how much the nipponse love her.

No. 333999

She's one of the least likely to leave Holo ATM. As her fan, you know this deep down. Don't worry!

No. 334236

Sayu's face is all over the internet because she used to be a fleshtuber. You can find it pretty easily by looking up Sayu Okami or Sayuha (her username before she became Sayu Okami).

Vox is 23, assuming the birthday on his PL's profiles are his real birthday.

Not surprised tbh. Selling sex worked for Yuko and Coni's entire fanbase is lolicons so Idol hard panders to coomers now.

No. 334574

Kyo apparently got cancelled for being racist towards Koreans.
Apparently it’s just because he said getting plastic surgery is common in Korea…the plastic surgery capital of the world.

No. 334593

Not even that, he said “I went to South Korea to get my nose done” I think in reference to his model remake. He has drones of Korean “fans” saying they’ll punch him and beat him if steps in Korea over that

No. 334600

kekk. I like that response tbh. Koreans need to get over themselves. they are obsessed with plastic. Giving 16 year old gift cards for surgery.

No. 334613

Lol that's a retarded thing to get upset and called racist over, but considering he made Enna out to be the second coming of Hitler for saying something about fried chicken I choose to believe it's karma. I always hated his holier than thou attitude where people have to know not to cross the line but he himself crosses it constantly. If EN members were less professional I'm sure someone could point out his hipocrisy.

No. 334615

Not even black people went this hard against enna for this. She took a break after non-niji fans harassed her for it, came back, and was completely fine. I doubt Kyo will be able to recover from this. I get the hypocrisy, but he's not even Korean, and its a known stereotype around the world. They're being incredibly sensitive

No. 334616

This is such a retarded reason to cancel him. Would this happen to someone else making the same joke if it wasn't the always politically correct Kyo?

No. 334620

I could at least understand why people were mad at enna, talking like a black person and bringing up “chicken”. Like she was def just being a dumbass but I could still understand why people were offended. And even then most black fans were just disappointed rather than threatening her or anything crazy.

No. 334622

Koreans have a big issue with being overly patriotic to the point that when someone states an objective fact about their country that could be taken negatively , they get viscerally angry.
Even if they did genuinely take it as an insult, it’s painfully obvious Kyo didn’t meant it that way, threatening him is crazy.
The craziest part about it is that a lot of Koreans will say objectively worse shit about other countries and their people and think it’s ok. Because this large amount of patriotism has lead Koreans to being incredibly xenophobic.
I mean look at the reason the WEBTOON “get schooled” was taken down off English platforms.

No. 334672

i wonder if this is going to make him leave any color. he talked about probably doing twitch streams more and how he liked it was chill. is he done with his fanbase and want to ditch them? this might seem like a stretch to think he would join vshojo since their people do twitch streams now instead of youtube.

No. 334675

Tbh at this point it sounds like nijisanji deserves to have their talents swiped. Seems like they have a fair amount of talent, but squander it with poor communication, poor pay, and debuting people every 2 seconds.

No. 334678

>poor pay
Mysta bought two houses with a fuck ton of property, Ren and Uki funded animated music videos out of pocket, and Scarle was able to hire a fuck ton of great artists and animators for her recent outfit debut, and the talents are able to do a bunch of other things with the money they get from the company. 2% is a meme, but I do agree that the communication between management and talents is fucking garbage because there is no reason as to why projects should be cancelled left and right with little reason. At the same time I think the management is so shit because Nijisanji really only cares about their JP branch and they have entirely different perms for each branch, which is why you’ll often see one JP streamer play a game while one on the EN side will say they have no perms for it.

No. 334721

welcome to the reality of shitlibs, race can never be brought up, even in positive or neutral aspects or you will be hounded by some internet yuro who only ever met non-whites in college and the guy trying to get in her pants cause theyve never seen racism outside of nano aggressions(racebait)

No. 334803

>Mysta bought two houses with a fuck ton of property
and is currently like 600k something GBP in debt because of it lol

No. 334814

Yeah, cause he didn’t file his taxes properly and thought he didn’t have to pay property taxes for his home since ge used it as a work space,

No. 334818

Timestamp 1:38:31

No. 335011

I love his voice so much

No. 335086

He's so underrated! I admire that he drew and rigged his model himself.

No. 335097

>My Little Detective Can’t Possibly Be This Retarded!

No. 335101

Saddest thing about it is that his mom frequently falls for scams (he talked about this often on stream and Twitter) yet he readily took her financial advice and applied it on something so important. Of course that’s his mom, but still.

No. 335196

I honestly think the backlash is this bad because a lot of people lowkey did not like Kyoto begin with and were seeking a reason to have beef with him. And then him doubling down in hypocrisy after holding a fragile stance of "never crossing a line" with his jokes gave them more ammo.

No. 335200

But yeah it could be a mixture of people still feeling butthurt about the Enna situation so they want to hold him accountable and a certain group of fans being extremely sensitive over anything. I remember them sending Ike threats over a fucked up machine translation of a tweet he made and he had to publically state that machine translation wasn’t accurate twice to get them to calm down.

No. 335386

Am I the only one that thinks people mad at Kyo for the enna situation are overreacting?
Maybe I missed something but from the og vid he had a pretty appropriate response to ennas impression that was obviously gonna be taken as racist whether he said something or not. Enna fans acted like he went on a hate tirade calling her evil and racist or something, when all he did was tell her the obvious.
Like I can’t blame him for his reaction, if he had said nothing or just awkwardly laughed it would’ve looked bad on his part.

No. 335408

File: 1699913776515.jpg (683.91 KB, 2048x2055, 20231110_230748.jpg)

No. 335544

File: 1699977883086.jpeg (166.28 KB, 1170x441, IMG_0123.jpeg)

Kek at untalented indies malding over not getting into Hololive and then blaming it on racism. Everyone knows that it’s insanely difficult to get into a reputable agency; they literally take 5 applicants out of a pool of thousands, if not 10s of thousands of applicants. It has nothing to do with you being POC. Besides, there are plenty of Hololive and Nijisanji livers in EN and ID that aren’t white.

No. 335573

Most agency vtubers are Asian, overwhelmingly so. A LOT of them are SEAsians too. Twittards just got used to blaming everything on a couple token issues lol

No. 335631

File: 1700007454017.jpg (89.32 KB, 850x540, ame.jpg)

Not gonna look up who this tuber is but 99% chance their streams are boring or mid-tier at best despite them being 'hardworking' or streaming x hours a week for x number of months.
Also 90%+ chance their 'talents' are something like drawing (at the level of an 8th grader in an anime club), gaming (duh), and something that doesn't really have a role in streaming, like cosplay or candlemaking or some shit.
Not trying to be mean, they might be a very sweet and hardworking person. Also this isn't aimed at this particular person, but at most indies who have this attitude. Indie vtubers need to realize that 90%+ of them aren't cut out for corporate vtubing lifestyle, and out of those 10% who make it into some form of a corpo, only maybe like 10% of those will make a livable wage.

No. 335632

sorry for my sperg, I'm an indie vtuber who's doing it for fun, but tired of 1views acting like Hololive should be begging at their feet
Anyways Holostars EN released a dating sim. Looks like it might be fun for nonnas who like them. Only $13, though idk how long it is or if there's CGs.

No. 335770

File: 1700068840200.jpg (996.85 KB, 2896x4096, 20231114_185813.jpg)

No. 335771

File: 1700068868275.jpg (752.2 KB, 2896x4096, 20231114_185841.jpg)

No. 335773

File: 1700068988278.jpg (602.19 KB, 2896x4096, 20231114_185844.jpg)

No. 335880

This is so retarded, it almost sound like engagement bait.

No. 335893

Tragically, there's a lot of this attitude in the indie vtuber community. It's probably genuine. "I'm socially awkward and boring but I like anime and I stream 50 hours a week!1! I deserve to be paid 6 figures for it!!!"

No. 335907

Yeah, I figured it was probably genuine.

No. 335940

File: 1700107339741.jpeg (103.38 KB, 680x383, IMG_1056.jpeg)

New HolostarsEN unit. /vt/ seething as per usual. Not interested in male vtubers but if they seethe I happy.

Also can someone confirm is Zentraya is a troon or not? I

No. 335953

rigging looks good. i don't have a twitter, how do their personalities look?

No. 335954

Average internet addicted seafag humor

No. 335958

Nice. As long as Cover is keeping to the same standards they had with the first two gens, I'm sure it'll be fun.
What happened with Magni and Vesper was unfortunate, but I blame them and not cover for it. While they were cooperative, they were good contributors to Holostars… In both their cases, seeemd like they crashed and burned themselves.
Tangent, but with this it does seem like Cover's stated intention of ramping up debut output starting with Advent was true. Wonder if we can expect to see new Holo ID and JP gens within the next year as well, unless ReGloss counted as the new debut gen for JP overall despite being a new branch.

No. 335959

File: 1700114813170.jpg (237.26 KB, 1200x1077, b8mZ2ht.jpg)

>Doppio from Niji makes a cute fan project by commissioning templates for "evolved" fan mascots (og mascot is a chick)
>You can customize hair, skin, clothing colour and about everything really
>Fans get mad because they want to larp as men
You're watching an attractive man with an attractive voice acting like a himbo and getting cutely flustered when the game mentions sex despite being a female oriented sex worker in his past life. Who are you kidding kek trannies just have to make everything about themselves. He spent so much money and thought on these designs yet trannies took away all his excitement.

No. 335963

I’m a fan of him, and yeah it was terrible to see them shit on him because they wanted the designs to be “inclusive” when his whole entire fanbase is made up of girls. Seriously, the bullshit on your twitter bio doesn’t count, and if you want a guy avatar that much just ask for a genderbend.

No. 335965

Jurard T Rex - KamiyaJuu
Goldenbullet - SuperKrazyBones
Crimzon Ruze - Rimmu
Octavio - Karlobster

A bit iffy on Octavio but pretty sure I got all their PLs

No. 336001

Him being a sex worker sounds interesting, can you tell me more about that?

I hate vtuber names that are supposed to be puns. T. Rexford… give me a break. Recently I saw a magician vtuber named Abi Kadabura and I wanted to anhero.

No. 336017

File: 1700139423170.jpg (272.84 KB, 1080x1314, IMG_20231116_064936.jpg)

Well, that's a debut I'm not watching

No. 336027

>sex worker
He had a patreon where he made sexual audios acting out characters from MHA and Genshin (afaik). He was a tame vtuber when he streamed so he was always drawing a line between himself and the "side work" he had on patreon but most of his audience found him via those audios anyway.
I don't know why they all feel off. I was excited because Tempus2 were all great recruits but these guys feel so cringe. Their jokes don't land right.

No. 336085

It reminds me of Nijisanji style debut humor. Maybe this is nitpicky, but I don't mind a little spicy wink-wink-nudge-nudge flirtation or suggestive content once in a while. But the outright "I'M A DISCORD MOD" is a bit distasteful for me.
Could be grasping at straws, but also, the association between discord mods and going after kids is a bit… uh… I wouldn't personally make a debut tweet comparing myself to a discord mod.

No. 336088

>Kamiya Juu
Hard pass. I know this guy, he does have a good voice but I watched him in his early days and his humor is onthe level of thinking his chosen vtuber name is hilarious because it sounds like Jew. This was back before he'd started streaming and only made video content with his 3D model, like 2020/21 maybe. I see he hasn't improved much since then, based on >>336017

No. 336259

I was so worried pre-debut knowing Doppio was on pornhub doing erotic audio work but he's really surprised me with how he is in streams. I know nothing of how he is outside his online personas but it makes me wonder if he resigned to doing the audio porn out of desperation for money rather than being a coomer.

No. 336260

Might be it. He's always been interested in voice acting but no one's willing to pay to get a random internet man's in character voice acting audios unless it's nsfw. He posted normal voice acting on youtube then made nsfw ones for patreon so it's a good sign he just wanted to voice act and did porn to support that dream. It also works as advertisement as funny as it sounds to advertise sfw work with nsfw ads lol

No. 336262

File: 1700204634782.mp4 (Spoiler Image,5.15 MB, 1280x720, sayunsfw.mp4)

Sayu was never a fully seiso vtuber but damn she'll really do anything for a shred of attention. Also the blush rigging… kekw

No. 336263

I wish Doppio was in Holostars. It's a testament to how much I like him that I'll tolerate other Nijishit just to see him in it, but it'd be much less taxing to just see him in comoany I don't hate. Selfish of me, but still.

No. 336265

Can Doppio ever be truly understood by normal minds though?

No. 336268

I love that Doppio plays into the character so much, he's doing what vtubing is supposed to be. Most western vtubers now are just regular vtubers doing youtuber/reactionary content just without their ugly faces getting in the way.

No. 336269

That blush rigging is what she gets for accusing both the model artist and rigger of taking bribes to do commissions faster than other people. I wish people wouldn’t post her at all anymore, cause even stuff hating on her gets more eyes on her content.

No. 336380

can never get into him, he's always grasping at trends and jokes that dont land. not to say its bad or whatever but he doesn't have the charisma to hit everything in the nail and with the persona he's putting right now. it's tasteless and a def turn off for me.

No. 336381

Really don't know what Cover is thinking casting him in a role parallel to Altare's as leader for the new group, or so it seems so far. He has zero charisma beyond a decent voice that can sound forced depending on your taste. I usually don't subscribe to rrats but I wouldn't be shocked if Altare's persistent noninteraction with Armis has to do with Rex.
Other three guys seem okay. Ruze has actually been pretty funny in his Twitter interactions so far, so I'm interested in seeing how he is as a streamer. The ridiculous chuuni thing he has going on reminds me of Doppio, kek.

No. 336384

I don't follow Doppio, but tbh, I don't think I'd feel that bothered by a male vtuber making porn audio, especially if it's female-oriented. Porn audio for straight femanons is nice. The only thing is that 95% of men can't pull it off without being cringe and disgusting.

Why are her eyes blushing, too? Does she have pink eye? Seems like niji lost a real gem with this one!

No. 336455

No fucking way the blush is part of the rig, but if it is, she deserves it kek

No. 336499

I'm glad other anons here like Doppio, he's funny and creative and even if he's secretly a coomer I'm glad that he keeps it out of his streams and tries to actually commit to his bits.

No. 336527

Jurard stop yelling please

No. 336528

File: 1700277402432.jpeg (116.82 KB, 1079x1251, IMG_0379.jpeg)

I still can't believe they let this guy spearhead the new gen, let alone let him into holo

No. 336529

File: 1700277535284.png (50.18 KB, 1080x312, IMG_0380.png)

No. 336544

Goldbullet is so fun, I adore him already. He has a good sense of humor and seems really sweet.

No. 336551

holy fuck sensei

No. 336561

Same, I love him! Refreshing to have a flamboyantly gay chuuba who isn't of the cancerous breed that Uki is.

No. 336568

I had my reservations at the beginning because I tend to be wary of gay content creators, but he's actually very chill and cute.
Jurard on the other hand is unbearable.
Savage kek

No. 336569

>>336561 ayrt, I agree! His debut was really chill and entertaining. I thought it was funny how he tried to lean into fanservice-y stuff but couldn't do it without cracking up. Love how he doesn't take himself seriously

No. 336586

Ashamed to admit that I liked Jurard. I like high energy streamers, his chuuniness kinda reminded me of Doppio. His voice acting skills took me so off guard but that doesn't mean much to being a streamer so I'll have to see his content.

No. 336610

Doppio’s chuuni at debut was cute to me but I had to mute Jurard because of his cringiness and yelling and constant voice switching and… you get what I mean. How did you sit through it, anon…

No. 336613

I'm with you nonna, I didn't expect to like Jurard as much as I did originally. I personally found his enthusiasm infectious even if it was a little much, and I'm sure he'll be more chill in future streams after debut nerves wear off.

No. 336692


Oof. That was the second one that I watched. Hated it. The gamer bf one was kinda okay except certain moments that were just annoying to me.

He could do so much better with a female script writer. I know an indie ASMERtist turned vtuber who did really well with the scripts. That guy even got away with grooming several girls till some came forward.

I think Vox's stuff is for young girls, maybe. Or people who like the accent and aren't picky about their audio smut at all.

No. 336703

I want to trade Doppio's VA for Jurard's VA so badly. They belong in each other's companies

No. 336709

Niji just got rid of one annoying shitter and you want to send them another?

No. 336733

No. 336736

File: 1700345358862.jpeg (701.15 KB, 1762x1367, IMG_0385.jpeg)

This was his PL content, so…

No. 336747

Where's this idea that Doppio would be better in Holostars coming from? He wouldn't be able to do as many solo projects and would get his requests for perms and projects get blocked by the management just like other stars are. Stars would benefit from having someone with so much enthusiasm but Doppio benefits way more from being in Niji doing whatever he wants by himself. Even someone as energetic as Rex might get that energy sucked out by stars management.

No. 336758

Wasn't trying to start a serious logistical discussion of something that will never happen. I just hate Rex and want him out of Stars and want Doppio in Stars where I won't have to suffer through nijicollabs and Niji's cheap assets

No. 336759

>willingly subjecting yourself to collabs

No. 336774

Praying to heaven and back that Ruze keeps up the chuuni kayfabe post debut

No. 336796

Crimzon Ruze - Liminal Lark apparently

No. 336800

Thanks for keeping us updated.
IDK how sustainable Ruze's character will be in the long term, but he was really funny and cute. Even if he dials it back a lot, he's naturally witty enough that he'll be a fun watch.
Overall? Goldbullet is a potential new oshi, loved Ruze and Octavio for their debut kayfabe, Jurard will have to prove himself past his reputation thus far.

No. 336802

Jurard I wish you would stop yelling

No. 336803

Ruze’s Homestuck bit actually made me laugh. I love him.

No. 336804

Wow they actually have great energy as a group. Jurard's a decent convo leader despite being too fucking loud.
Kek at Pako reposting the volume slide all the way down though

No. 336808

Goldbullet might be my new oshi, too! I wish he had a better name though. I’m sure he’ll come up with a nickname, as most vtubers with weird names do.

No. 336812

File: 1700373823322.jpg (149.13 KB, 878x1014, F_NuUDLbsAA_V4q.jpg)

Jurard was pretty loud but they have solid synergy as a group
I love Ruze already, he's a new oshi for sure.

No. 336818

I like his name, but it's not very search engine friendly… Also not a hugeee fan of our fan name, WBU?
I love his incoming game picks, though. And I'm over the moon about his stream time, I've only ever managed to watch Vesper and FWMC consistently, so a new morning streamer is always welcome.

No. 336821

What is everybody's oshi history like, actually?
Mine is Vesper > FWMC > Fauna. I've been watching vtubers since 2019 but didn't really get having an oshi until relatively recently.

No. 336825

Yeah, I’m not too big on bubbies either. I think I’d prefer campers but I don’t feel too strongly about either options. Maybe a better alternative will arise one day…
I tend to sleep really late so maybe his streams will finally motivate me to wake up early!

No. 336965

File: 1700430348927.jpg (14.32 KB, 226x311, F_MJnFmbsAAkoa3.jpg)

He's so fucking manic and stupid and obnoxious. I think he's my oshi.

No. 336967

Good luck! And yeah, I'm hoping for a better 3rd option…

No. 336968

I was a Jurard anti but honestly after the collab I'm willing to be open minded about him. He did alright

No. 336971

Same, I don't know if it was just that my expectations were so low going into it, but he ended up being my favorite of the bunch. Usually when people try to be so high energy it comes off very forced and grating, but something about his presentation is sincere enough that it became endearing to me. The collab was very fun though, they all had me laughing tbh

No. 336993

Right? I've seen some argument to the contrary, but honest I think he did a good job keeping the conversation going without talking over everybody else (which is what I was afraid of).
They do need to work on some sound levelling for future collabs due to how loud Jurard is though, kek… I could barely hear Goldie at times.

No. 336997

File: 1700438154218.jpg (120.57 KB, 620x876, 1700438076371421.jpg)

No. 337000

File: 1700438900851.jpg (164.4 KB, 1554x1063, F_RGTQ3bYAAkh-K.jpg)

No. 337017

File: 1700443087982.mp4 (1.1 MB, 720x756, ssstwitter.com_1700443004047.m…)

No. 337064

File: 1700456650850.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1955x1247, art_by_bk0416v.jpeg)

No. 337066

File: 1700457044710.png (40.87 KB, 400x366, IMG_0388.png)

I miss him

No. 337128

File: 1700492420718.jpg (198.45 KB, 1500x2000, Jl1naWK.jpg)

>2nd stream ever
>do anything in his power to get the vod removed

No. 337147

File: 1700500265660.png (49.22 KB, 400x400, IMG_0389.png)

Yeah I'm gonna menshi this guy

No. 337175

I missed it, what happened? Why did he want the vod removed?

No. 337186

He admitted that he got help from a Holo girl to pass the audition.
I don't personally believe it's such a bad thing to do, but the way he brags about it looks pretty bad, and him talking about it in a stream it's pretty retarded to begin with

No. 337188

Huh, I wonder who? IMO this vid isn't clear on whether it was a Hologirl as opposed to staff or one of the boys. But I'd think one of the ID girls to be the most likely given his former collabmates.

No. 337210

File: 1700521461004.jpeg (287.18 KB, 1205x2048, art_by_tsukkiusa.jpeg)

Just watched Ruze's debut since I wasn't able to catch it live and I really love him so far! I admire the attention of detail he puts into performing as a believable character, everything feels very cohesive. His model fits him and his energy perfectly.

No. 337259

It's not so bad, he made a few jokes about "having a spy" and "getting help" from an insider, but it seems like he had just asked a friend who worked there already what questions he might be given during the interview, which is a super common thing to do for job interviews? Kekked at "nepo dino" though.

No. 337299

I feel so bad for Rex's manager lol. King of saying normal shit in the worst way possible

No. 337870

I don't know what it is exactly but he got my attention pretty quickly. His pahahaha laugh is also immediately infectious to me. You can tell he's around or close to early 30s in a good way where the general life experience and lengthier knowledge of the things he likes will be an asset to him. If things go well with him in consistency he will definitely be one I'll check on more frequently alongside Doppio

No. 337966

Are there any vtubers (both male and female) that you all find fun to watch? I feel like there are so many that are just sitting there making “cute” noises but don’t really bring anything entertaining to the stream in terms of commentary, gameplay, personality, zatsudans, or whatever else. I find that Japan has many great vtubers but the EN side (Holopro, Nijisanji, and indies/other corporations) seem to be really lacking in terms of genuinely interesting personalities or good talkers and are just carried by their designs.

No. 337988

i feel like we get this question every thread. if you're not the same anon asking you can try to find some of the vtubers mentioned in the past threads. this place is nijisanji/hololive central though so most you'll already know but there were a few lesser familiar indies being mentioned you could find. i remember seeing some interesting clips from the indonesian, chinese, malaysian, and korean sides but im not a youtube fan beyond seeing clips, so i didn't note their names. since you seem to be into japanese, some KR nijisanji side can speak japanese too IIRC. their collab clips were fun.

No. 338019

I will always shill Mori.

No. 338020

Is the Fauna shill nonna around? I've been watching her a lot lately and wondering if her menshi is worth it. IDK what's usually offered in hers but I'm not into her ASMRs while I do enjoy all of her other content.

No. 338029

After skimming Ruze's pl account, him being able to do the rasp consistently up to several hours at a time isn't a concern I guess kek

No. 338075

File: 1700899855954.png (406.31 KB, 586x640, Screenshot 2023-11-25 000851.p…)

wilson intentionally took a fanartist' design and commissioned another artist to 1 to 1 it for him to use as his "official" mascot. this is a really shitty thing to do, he basically stole it and creditted the entire design to another artist

No. 338076

File: 1700899903997.png (254.89 KB, 579x501, Screenshot 2023-11-25 001226.p…)


original artist's design

No. 338078

Did he tell the artist the design he wanted or was the artist tasked with designing and stole it?

No. 338081

he said he saw the design and liked it, but he commissioned someone else to make the design have a few changes. still disrespectful to the original artist because he could have commissioned them in the first place and just ask for the changes to them and avoid the drama. if he was going to commission someone else and keep most of the other design, then at least say it was inspired by the original artist too. like there isn't a rule where you can only credit one artist and you don't have to break 3 fingers just to credit someone.

No. 338083

File: 1700902605698.jpg (67.84 KB, 594x469, gMA46nk.jpg)

Oh that's awful. He even admitted it. The og design is cuter so perhaps the commissioned artist is a friend he wanted to give work to lol. If he wanted those tiny changes he could ask the og artist to do it. I wouldn't expect this from an inoffensive and careful streamer like him. Just checked his twitter and I can't tell if he's just panicking or he got into trouble with management (hence the suspension).

No. 338093

I'm not the previous anon who's mentioned Amiya Aranha before but I've watched her and she's knowledgeable about a lot of older/retro games. And a good singer too

No. 338094

ayrt. dont think it's a terrible mistake that could terminate him, but really avoidable. he will recover and it's good he tried to make amends. hope neither artists are getting hate.

No. 338099


i dont get his thought process, was he seriously not going to credit the og artist at all if no one caught him? its not like he made a mistake he wasnt aware of or only referenced a generic axolotl that had no relations to his brand, he knew someone else made the design intending it to be wilsoneer and intentionally got someone else to redraw it and chose not to credit the og artist.

How would this have gone any other way?

No. 338100

File: 1700910276540.jpg (1007.79 KB, 2401x1350, F_vxGqVbQAAEsUu.jpg)

After seeing the two Armis collabs so far, like others I do think Rex seems notably better when at least one other person is around. Like his bratty yelling shounen MC thing has something to get softened with instead of bouncing around so sharply and very loudly off the walls. I'm still really liking Ruze a lot, I feel like he has pretty detailed and solid convictions behind his opinions on various things and media compared to several other male vtubers I've given a try. Goldbullet I wouldn't usually think is my type of vtuber but he's been surprisingly charming with his game commentary or reactions. Octavio I haven't been able to catch up with yet to listen more from him past the debut, but he has a good voice and some good moments too in the collabs. I don't know if I'll end up looking much at Armis besides following Ruze and whenever they have collabs with either each other or tempus/holostars but I can see the reasoning behind why they were picked, even Rex

No. 338151

not the fauna shill nonna but I'd say it's worth it if you kinda want to feel closer to her, the recent menshi stream is her trying to animate but a lot the paywalled stuff is just her doing more miscellaneous and improvised stuff.

No. 338165

artists were underselling themselves with their commission rates, but i think ai art has made people disregard an artist's value more. because he's from a big company and has a bigger fanbase willing to draw for him, maybe that was all the more reason to undervalue them and treat them as disposable and interchangeable.

No. 338182


it disturbs me that he intentionally went out of his way to get a(noticeably bigger followed) artist to make basically 0 changes to it though. Like why not dm the og artist? Why go out of your way to get another artist to make you the exact same thing?

It just disturbs me that this is being treated like an innocent mistake when he had to go out of his way to save the og art, seek out another artist, discuss with this artist to change basically nothing, and post said art shouting out the new artist all the while knowing that someone else came up with the entire design.

Also really weird of that other artist to basically act as if they came up with the entire design also knowing they referenced almost all of it from someone else.

No. 338187

the way you're putting it makes sense. i assumed he was an indie before anycolor, so i thought he would have the idea to support smaller artists and appreciate his fan artists. i want to believe that he will learn from this. i want to think the other artist didn't know, if their bio that says "do not edit, trace or steal" is anything to go by, but i don't have an account to see how they're handling it. it was funny seeing some people reach to defend it and go "b-but it's not plagiarism because the eyes are bigger!"

No. 338355

File: 1701046146087.jpg (2.01 MB, 2032x1940, 1701031891635852.jpg)

What enrages me about the whole thing is he genuinely believes he did nothing wrong, to the point he admitted he stole the design when replying to THE ORIGINAL ARTIST

In other news, Vox is trying to pull some RP shit since he wants to kill his coomer reputation, and it's backfiring hard kek

No. 338383

Sounds fun! Thanks, I'll go for it.

No. 338384

I'm the OG Amiya Aranha nonna and I will second this shill. I love her. She's always trying new things and pushing herself creatively… For example, she's streaming learning the game dev process lately. Between this and the bucketloads of retro game content she brings to the table, she's really the peak of what I seek in an indie vtuber.

No. 338530

Does anybody know where I can find the archive for the amerily ch.
Its the Fuwamoco twins streaming under a new channel and they announce each of the streams on their patreon "allysally" mostly I just want to listen to the channel exlusive karaoke's they did.

No. 338593

File: 1701183403691.jpeg (975 KB, 3376x2251, F_aXSnJbcAAOlhw.jpeg)

Like that other nona said you can just look through previous threads. That being said, someone I've not seen recommended in previous threads that I've been enjoying lately is Vantacrow. His personality is not what you would think judged on his model alone. Trust me on this one.

No. 338624

One nonna here really doesn’t like him but I find his streams pretty entertaining to just turn on, especially since he’s streaming almost 24/7

No. 338673

File: 1701205261621.png (136.58 KB, 1700x2200, 1701201873721704.png)

No. 338674

And all this time her fans were saying it was a bit? Kek.

No. 338677

The company going hard on loli pedo pandering ended up with some mentally unstable streamers… Oh no… Who could have seen this coming…

No. 338715

Hope she gets help. He behavior was concerning and this doubles the fact.

No. 338716


No. 338723

This stream has started to already really cement Ruze for me as one of my favorites

No. 338734

File: 1701243546537.jpg (93.01 KB, 592x438, C72Cngr.jpg)

Meanwhile Shinri of the actual idol company Holopro is asking for nudes

No. 338780

>asking for nudes
>telling someone to not do it is asking

okay lol

No. 338781

From how you framed an extremely polite expression of disgust and rejection as him begging for nudes, I bet you’re one of the people who twisted Ruze’s words around the other day of him saying he didn’t like fanservice nor liked lolisho into him hating the members of Holopro who are obsessed with that shit. VT catalog levels of reach.

No. 338785

File: 1701264093923.png (1.29 MB, 1170x1500, 8CE59BF3-F476-4009-8FBC-E2CED7…)

Samefag, I hope this is the last of the projects that got delayed byVesper and Magni leaving. It’s wild how just the exclusion of these two pushed the cover back 3 months. Still baffles me that despite everything, the guy who played Magni is trying to switch to vtubing with a model that looks similar to Magni.

No. 338789

That seems pretty futile compared to simply being a normie friendly streamer. The whole holostars EN project was always going to be a new unsure thing to try to do, but a large part of the hook is the consistency of the 'full dollhouse of anime boys'

No. 338805

Pics of this new model, please? I can't find anything and this sounds hilarious if true.

No. 338897

aint reading all that can someone summarize

No. 338913

It is sad and she's probably a troubled young woman, but also, I have limited patience for adult women who willingly and proudly cosplay as little anime girls on the internet.

No. 338975

File: 1701350510979.png (3.14 MB, 2874x1160, Screen Shot 2023-11-30 at 11.2…)

Honestly, I just like him because I enjoy gap moe personalities and how silly and goofy he is despite his sexy animu boy model, especially when he goes off on tangents about random weird shit in his streams. I agree that he's not for everybody but he's chill and I like having his streams as background noise when I do other things.
(Also he seems to genuinely enjoy streaming based on how much he does it, which is refreshing considering there's so much drama surrounding vtubers in this day and age lol)

No. 338992

nta but he shows it around the 2:05:00 mark (spoiler: it looks like shit) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1981458235

No. 339018

Meh this isn't going to do anything at all for him most likely or even make things worse

No. 339031

File: 1701374476659.jpeg (340.93 KB, 1502x830, IMG_0392.jpeg)

Help, the shoehorned catboy elements are so bad

No. 339032

File: 1701374531640.jpeg (78.15 KB, 581x816, IMG_0393.jpeg)

No. 339035

If he comes out with some cheap ass and way too tacky shit it'll look so bad when inevitably compared to the holostars he ditched, especially when Armis received good models (imo)

No. 339063

File: 1701389223503.png (3.06 MB, 2000x1286, Magni.png)

This looks like shit lol
Magni's design was so much better imo, even with the old face

No. 339068

His model and fanbase design were all perfect but he threw that away for what… to not do any content on his older channel and make plans of streaming as a vtuber? I don’t get it at all.

No. 339070


ah yes alien overlord who's just a human wearing campy fashion. like come on, thats just some guy

No. 339081

Did he draw this? Why is the art ugly as sin?

I really liked Magni when he debuted… It feels like he had such a fall from grace.

No. 339101

At this point it looks similar to the ton of other cases on the internet where someone was too full of themselves and jumped the gun in their assumptions of the future. Very different mindset from the first gen jp Holostars who stuck to it and endured much worse to make something together

No. 339124

File: 1701424155653.png (4.57 MB, 2860x1510, 1.png)

You can really sense the coomer tendencies with these designs. Maybe Magni's design wasn't so bad after all…

No. 339150

He had already admitted to being a furry but these designs look like he's about to come out as a tranny.

No. 339236

Yeah, Magni's numberfagging really rubs me the wrong way as a Stars fan who remembers back when Miyabi would stream to audiences of like… 12 people, max. To get such a big head start over their JP senpai thanks to said senpai's hard work, and then throw it away for this kind of shit is just cringe. It's shit like this that makes people wary when a new debut clearly wasn't a fan of Holo before joining. Sometimes we get someone like Mori who learns and becomes the backbone of the group, and sometimes we get people like Magni who dip suddenly and do lasting damage.

No. 339237

>hourglass figure
>thigh gap
jfc. At least >>339031 has some interesting textures, and the bodywrap catsuit makes a lot more sense design-wise instead of whatever ripped up school uniform type deal they're going for with the other two. The color variants all look like ripoffs of existing characters too, from left to right I see Cloud, Sailor Jupiter, Aqua, Sailor Mars.

No. 339270

Damn I thought this was an exaggeration and then the image loaded… That design looks like Tumblr trannyshit.

No. 339322

File: 1701508283166.png (Spoiler Image,71.61 KB, 253x278, 42. CLyKSPJW8AAU6a5.png)

Sage for old milk but it's not posted here yet so:


Funniest part: the “dick pics” in drive kek




Adriana (her friend):
(Primarily tells him to remove Lollia's legal name since he's upset about his own legal name being used.)

Bruno (his friend):
(Mainly says she SHOULD have her name out there.)

No. 339323

File: 1701508828973.png (496.48 KB, 790x1076, 52. Screen_Shot_2018-02-28_at_…)


Remember to open the drive and scroll to the last pic. Attaching it in case he deletes it. There's 52 pictures.

No. 339324


Looks like he quit without a proper plan. Should've gotten a model ready BEFORE quitting. He'll probably pull a Mikeneko at some point.

No. 339326

File: 1701510389079.png (558.15 KB, 968x586, riro-11-28-2023.png)

>Company hires mentally ill woman in hopes for having a pipkin pippa
>she turns out to be a ethot and a sleep meds junkie
>sleeps with staff member(a moid who was married) to get clout
>meets fan irl and gets thousands of dollars based
>suprised mentally ill woman acts mentally ill
Also that nonnie was on the money when she said she'll either be fired or graduated

No. 339327

who is this?

No. 339328


Ike Eveland.

Incidents happened in 2014-15. These posts are from 2020.

No. 339336


Joe B (Her other friend):
(Takes the blame for his part and calls him sus.)

Just noticed twitter archives don't work so screenshot.

No. 339337

File: 1701517620809.jpg (515.92 KB, 1080x2108, Bruno.jpg)

No. 339338

File: 1701517894360.jpg (443.15 KB, 1080x2112, Adriana.jpg)

No. 339341


Screenshots from drive imply that all parties are kinda milky, imo.

Xandu constantly does this thing. “Call. Now.” as if trying to avoid giving her anything written to screenshot.

Lollia blamed the other girl instead of just dumping him.

Other girl started out of the conflict, supposedly. But they got together pretty quickly later and there's at least some overlap between Lollia/Xandu screwing and relationship with the other girl.

His friends, “He suffered, she should too cz she blacklisted us.”

Her friends, “Yeah she exaggerated but you ain't clean. But let's all find healing.”

(Btw, there's a lot of drama in at least Adriana's circle with the Random Encounters people like Sparrow Rayne and Peter.)(unintegrated posting style)

No. 339358

Anon you posted so many pictures and I still don’t know what even happened in any of them without any context given

No. 339387



Sorry. The screenshots I posted are mainly twitter and the last ones from the drive link cz he's likely to remove them.

2014-15 (based off 3 statements + 52 screenshots)

>They dated.

>Ike got introduced to Arietta.
>Lollia eventually got jealous.
> She was mean to the girl.
>They broke up.
>She still wanted to visit him as friends.
> He offered to waive a loan if she didn't visit.
> When she got there, they had sex multiple times (he said they were drunken relapses. She says he asked to pretend they were together again. And that she still didn't consent to every encounter.)
> He also locked her in her room at his parents' place. (He said cz she ran away and almost physically hurt him. She said she was traumatized and wanted to get out. Oh and she said he molested her.)
> During the stay, she sent mean messages to Arietta that she deleted, according to him.
>He knows can he yelled at her till she shared the data.
> She later stole his phone to read his messages to Arietta and accused him of wanting to screw her.
> He's entitled to reading her messages but not vice versa

> After she goes home, she finds out Ike has been dating Arietta for a while.

>Sounds like he was screwing Lollia while already being with Arietta
> She makes a tweet about it and deletes it.
> She's supposedly a terf, cz she calls his chats with other girls+ FtMs harem chats
> He also calls them that
> So do his friends
Apparently she also tweeted about him during MeToo, but we'll never find it cz her old socials are gone now.

2 years later, he breaks up with the second gf.

>There's talk of his “other victims” that he finds out somehow. We don't know if they exist. Except the girl Aerie that Ike never addresses whom he supposedly messaged

> Doesn't deny messaging Aerie.
>He is the one who included ss of her conversation with Lollia as proof that she's trying to raise “an army”.


> He makes a statement with 52 screenshots in a Google drive link. (At the bottom of Xandu's statement)

> He says she's doxxing him by using his legal name
>Lollia being mean to Arietta
> Lollia telling a friend she's having intrusive thoughts of hurting Arietta
>He says Lollia caused him to get depression and anxiety
>Says you can't revoke consent after weeks/years
> She owes him about 1,700 USD

>Adriana makes a statement telling him to find healing, his ex has changed for the better and to handle things privately

>Tells him he's doxxing lolita by using her legal name
>He removes Lollia's legal name.

Lollia makes a statement
> he drove her to that point
> She developed an ED cz his talk of other women's bodies made her self conscious
>He had depression and anxiety before they ever got together, so she didn't cause that
>Denies being owner of the server where all the talk of Lollia's Army happened
> Says consenting once doesn't mean every single time was consensual
> Says she'll address the money via email

Lollia's friends makes a statement
> he's the owner of the server
> Says it was never about Ike
> “Utaite community isn't safe for women. People are preying on them”
> They supposedly had a lot of predators back in the day
> Says Ike provided biased screenshots and stories don't add up
> Will let it go cz it's been 5 years
>Also shits on whoever leaked info from that server
> also says that Ike and him had a call

We don't know if Ike ever got his money back.

There's other stuff but this is the tldr

IMO, he's like Fedmyster but smart and faster than the girl.

He also does this thing in certain screenshots where she's trying to talk to him via text and he's going “Call. Now.” Looks like they had some weird BDSM adjacent kink going but he used it to get his way.

Imo he was either careful not to send text messages or he crossed out his own stuff.(unintegrated posting style)

No. 339388


There's 52 images in drive link at the end of Xandu's statement and I can only post one at a time on my phone. Someone on PC please post them in multiples.

No. 339398

I think he was planning on returning to fleshtubing. He's only doing this now after realizing how many of his fans were around for the vtubing, not his raw personality. But even in this pursuit, he doesn't seem to understand what made Magni work.

No. 339400

This is, as you earlier acknowledged, all pretty old news about Ike. Not sure why you're sliding in now and massposting about it, especially in a format that shows you're new to the site.

No. 339402

I heard Magni and Lando were very different.

No. 339403

Beyond his design, creative streams, lore, and strong bond with the other members being a selling point to the Magni character, his censored idol persona was what made his personality palatable for female fans to begin with. Now that’s he’s uncensored, all he does is make graphic sex jokes, has long discussions about sex, and even had a rant about women calling them “females” which made a bunch of his fans (one of them being me) leave.

No. 339406




I thought he was trying to appeal to the LGBT community? And whatever happened to his gf? Relationship content could have been better than the sex talk.

No. 339409

Just archiving cz it's not already here. Someone asked for it in an older thread, so now it's here.

No. 339420

i don't go here at all but this vtuber disgusts me for taking part in the mesugaki shit. like are you just that desperate for views that you have to make fun of safety buzzers, aka very real things young girls in japan have to hopefully scare away rapists. yeah fiction is fiction and all but this feels a little much

No. 339423

Don’t forget that the title literally says (9 years old) at the end, so weeb moids can’t run from that one by saying she’s a 1 million year old petit lady. Seriously disgusting to make a rejection fetish song for people who are attracted to 9 year olds.

No. 339425

bumping this question by the way; it isn't mine but i'd love to watch some vtubers with large female fanbases. i think it'd be similar to kpop where there's less pressure on the idol/vtuber to be a "cute girl" when she's not surrounded by scrotes

yeah it's totally gross. i don't think she's that young either (i've been seeing her around since like, 2020, with her older model) so what's her excuse

No. 339428

Loli stuff disgusts me so much because stuff like that specifically fetishizes little girls who are actively trying to reject/run away from creepy men. Lolisho content in general is nasty. But gross pigmen who specifically like the idea of little girls expressing their discomfort and disgust with their creepy behavior have a special place to rot in hell.

No. 339431

Your sorry autism ass knows that this video meant to be anti-lolicon right?

No. 339432


She's about 26.

I think her excuse is literally being loli sized. She's about 149cm. And has a child like face.

Where's the rape whistle bit though? The attached vid doesn't have captions.

No. 339436

Nothing in this page defends that point except for the mentioning of the intentionally brutal lyrics, which are directly meant to fit into the sexual and sadistic mesugaki archetype of lolis. If Japanese companies and celebrities are getting in trouble with Japanese netizens for even acknowledging the song, it’s clear that the song is even seen as disgusting by people who live in the culture and speak the language fluently. Also
>defending lolishit on lolcow of all places
Do you know where you are?

No. 339439

>She assails and taunts imprisoned pedophiles
>which then leads into a dubstep-like track to reveal Ui's hostile side towards pedophiles.
>Right in the middle part of the song, in an act of divine purging, the music cuts to her firing her Ui Beam to electrocute sludge creatures while the narrator explains the situation and the attack.
Okay ESL-chan(read the rules and integrate)

No. 339445

>However, after the release of its music video a year later, the song went viral worldwide on social media and became an Internet meme. This was unexpected for Shigure herself, who expressed that she hoped not to be perceived as a mesugaki to newcomers.
>she hoped not to be perceived as a mesugaki to newcomers
>basically saying, although my mesugaki persona is featured in this song, I hope people don’t perceive me as only that
Why would a person who’s made a whole entire sadistic loli persona of herself, has a significant lolicon fanbase, and is a lolicon herself make an anti-lolicon song? I genuinely think you’re misunderstanding, but if you knew the trope, you’d know the song is celebrating both it and lolicons, and that’s why people are disgusted with it. There wouldn’t be an outrage over the song from people who hate lolicon culture if it was.

No. 339448

Samefag. There’s also no reason to be doing the “It’s fiction” song and dance, the argument that lolicons use to say that being a lolicon isn’t actually bad, either like she does in this video if it was meant to be a anti-loli song. The lyrics are full of inside jokes that Ui has with her audience, including the aforementioned Ui-beam. I wish someone would make an actual anti-loli song and have it go popular, but this one isn’t that.

No. 339463

File: 1701563445651.jpg (177 KB, 1500x1500, 71T04c7TEIL.jpg)

>Where's the rape whistle bit though?
right near the end, like i said in my og post she's holding a "safety buzzer". gross so spoilered: it's a pretty common trend in mesugaki works where the loli taunts the adult male with her safety buzzer before getting raped

kek honestly i normally don't care about loli when it's something extremely far from reality (like the monogatari vampire – shinobu or whatever), but this is a little too realistic. i mean yes it's cutesy and silly but there are actually young girls out there using safety buzzers, there aren't any vampires though

No. 339465

File: 1701563842422.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, 4444EF5C-65DE-4A65-88F3-74F6F0…)

Nevermind, he’s such a snake, cutting his members into pieces like this…

No. 339469

Fulfilling his amputation fetish on stream like this… tsk tsk

No. 339474

As much as people hate to admit it in the name of creative freedom, the tard wrangling that Holo does is actually a large factor in their success.

No. 339475

Got it, thanks in that case.

No. 339476

You do not watch Shigure Ui, she's been making tongue in cheek jokes about hating lolishit while also pandering to lolicons for years. Her personal preference actually leans to middle-high school age girls, but she's really far from condemning lolicons. Loli God's Requiem being a thinky veiled mesugaki anthem is extremely on brand for her.

No. 339502

File: 1701581962384.jpg (1.39 MB, 2002x2820, befb5ac03e565a68df808d8b14e2bc…)

Are you new to the internet or just to anime culture? Rejection/girls acting disgusted/scolding you has been a big part of anime and especially vtuber culture for a long time now. Picrel.

No. 339503

File: 1701582193145.gif (Spoiler Image,98.76 KB, 498x281, shigure-ui-ui-shigure.gif)

Samefag but… come on, anon. Did you not see this and the ass-wiggling? This is not how someone who wants to protect kids would have their MV animated.

No. 339504

Maybe the person isn’t into anime or something and is a newcomer to the hobby. That’s the only thing I can think of. That or they probably fell into the same delusion that TikTok users have about the song being anti-pedo, since I’ve seen that idea widely spread on there.

No. 339506

I wouldn't be surprised if people pushing that ideology are minors themselves who think that the song is entertaining and catchy (which it is) and made it their new flavor of the month tiktok song without really understanding the subtext behind it.
Don't plenty of loli anime have little girls bullying and attacking the protagonist or running away in fear, like Bakemonogatari? It's all part of the fetish…

No. 339514

No one actually thinks she's 9, it started as a bit when the openly lolicon vtuber Kenmochi Touya got her to do a loli voice as a punishment game, and it snowballed from there with her fans always wanting her to do the loli thing and her going along with it and making fun of them for liking it. Not defending, just explaining the context to why this exists.

No. 339555

Back a month or so ago when she streamed this and had to put out the statement, the moids were coping and seething about how it was totally just roleplay, I only saw one or two actually have a brain enough to know that this rockstar was horny on her meds and being serious. Those same copium bros broke down when the termination post came out, holy kek.

I do hope she gets help and is safe, but she was big before idol and she seems to be returning to her old stuff. Live your based life, girl.

No. 339557

Tik Tok users are retarded and I bet after learning the actual context behind the song, they entered turbo cope mode so they don't get cancelled and can keep using the audio without cognitive dissonance kicking in

No. 339565

NTAYRT You’re 100% right, I’ve seen it done with other trends on TikTok and it’s definitely happening with this one. They don’t want to be publicly scrutinized or feel bad for liking the song so they make up shit to feel better about listening to it. I don’t blame them for liking the song, IOSYS makes earworms and has for the last decade or so of their careers, but there’s no reason to pretend it’s anything that it isn’t.

No. 339604

There's a lot of willfully turning a blind eye to avoid even that tiny bit of responsibility of avoiding using or mentioning the song, but I think several (especially if fairly young) don't want to believe that so much effort to make catchy music and animation was put into something so offputting and gross by other humans

No. 339718

Why is the doxx site filled with so many eslfags and underage people from twitter? They take all vtuber drama way too seriously, especially for an anonymous forum. You can't say anything on there without some random girl sperging on you for being an "anti"

No. 339730

Wow its almost like nonnies have different opinions on vtubers wow you retard

No. 339734

People put on a nice face on public facing accounts and then go to other, more anonymous sites to show their ugly side. Tale as old as time. The dox site's unique userbase comes from attracting people who want to express ugliness while still holding the false mental high ground that they won't enter "bigoted" spaces like here or /vt/. The weird compartmentalization produces some interesting double standards when it comes to what you can and can't say on a site that's already scum for doxxing.
IDK what page you're seething about but the StarsEN pages have been really weird lately. They nuke entire threads for people having "difficult" discussions of any kind.

No. 339747

File: 1701676745502.jpg (89.82 KB, 1920x1080, VP0vQNP.jpg)

>the StarsEN pages have been really weird lately
Nta but yeah, they discovered flagging and now they flag anything. There's a weird hivemind thing going on with them upvoting and downvoting based on what the first few people did. Retards that live on that page downvote or upvote you based on keywords they see and everyone follows suit, the same exact post that everyone agreed with can be downvoted to hell two pages later because the first to see it downvoted. Classic twitter behaviour of following what everyone else is saying rather than reading, understanding and forming an opinion yourself lol.
Even /mans/ has too many retards now. /nenmen/ is tranny central. Wish we got more discussions about male vtubers here. All appreciation posts just shill cows like fuwamomo, I forget where I am sometimes. Redeemable cows like picrel are more interesting than pedo bait no39562 but no one seems to care even about milk like his coworker saying he'll accept nudes from fans.

No. 339774

>Redeemable cows like picrel
Terrible example, Flayon is a coomer that trannybaits a lot, he's way more unbearable than most of the girls, same goes to a lot of male vtubers that can't hide their moid tendencies. Besides, it's nice to have a place to discuss female vtubers with other women, since places like /cbdct/ are full of misogyny.

No. 339783

He's tolerable because after milking Holobros with coomer games he comes back home doing bfe. He shows his mature side often in normal streams and I know he's handsome irl so I appreciate his bfe more than retard next door that has an existential crisis every week because his only skill is cumming on stream. He's ok on a male vtuber scale and when I get off my delusion that I could bag this guy and turn him into a proper man, I can admit Flayon being one of the mature maletubers just shows how miserable female viewers are. Same thing with Fulgur, he doesn't do bfe but he's the fudanshi rep that reminds me how much better a friend/boyfriend experience a guy with a properly developed brain could give us. Unfortunately those few guys don't become vtubers or streamers at all. I'd like discussing female vtubers if it didn't always circle back to retards admitting they can stand listening to fuwamomospeak.

No. 339793

File: 1701698636597.jpg (392.7 KB, 2047x1301, 124.JPG)

>Wish we got more discussions about male vtubers here. All appreciation posts just shill cows like fuwamomo, I forget where I am sometimes.
be the change you want to see, nonna. there were people having discussions about their male oshis all throughout the thread and armis just a few posts ago, but there’s not any wider discussion going on since people here are more attracted to the milk, sadly. just talk about what you want.

No. 339829

I haven't personally watched any Flayon streams, but I did get this clip recommended to me, where he says that even if he's feminine, he doesn't wanna be called a girl and that he's not a girl.
I took that as him lightly laying down a boundary that he doesn't wanna be viewed as a TIF despite seeming small or cute?
I could see TIFs or TIMs targeting him because he does seem a bit 'feminine'.

No. 339832

File: 1701723007649.png (269.84 KB, 600x1000, tenma.png)

Samefag but I enjoy Tenma after some anons shilled her here a few months ago. My headcanon is that she was given a loli model, but she decided to just play as an adult-aged character anyways despite the loli model.
I've seen some anons change their feelings on her because they think her accent is fake, but I wonder if she might be a mixed woman living in Russia or somewhere, hence still speaking Japanese while having some kind of euro accent.
She's goofy, ragey, and cute, but shows some vulnerability and kindness at times.

No. 339833

AYRT maybe you should consider that we can have multiple discussions at once. Some of us like female vtubers of actual quality and enjoy discussing them with other women in a relatively guaranteed tranny-free space. And most of the negative male chuuba feedback here comes from the male chuubas in question being annoying coomers like your picrel or making retarded brand decisions like Yu Q Wilson and Vox. We've had plenty of posts postively shilling male chuubas like Doppio, GB, and Ruze ITT alone so it's not like we never talk about them. I don't really understand how Flayon is somehow better than FWMC in your eyes.
If you think you have interesting discussion to present, then post it.
Personally, what I dislike about Flayon is his penchant for bringing up sexual topics unprompted in conversations unrelated to them. I can only take him randomly going off about thighs so many times.

No. 339834

New PC generation announced. This is just a pet peeve of mine, but I'm sick of the 100s of uninspired alliterative vtuber names so I'm passing on this gen on the sole basis of every member being named in this manner.(imageboard)

No. 339835

I agree with you, I hate the alliteration names. I also feel like vtubing names don't sound like actual names, western or Japanese lately, they sound like mumbo jumbo syllable repetition. It almost feels AI generated. Pick out the made-up vtuber name: Runie Ruse, Muu Muyu, Riro Ron, Ver Vermillion, Claude Clawmark. Jk, those are all real names.

No. 339838

File: 1701725242952.jpg (171.78 KB, 479x763, phaseconn.jpg)

am i crazy or does this look just reskins of the talents they already have? i kinda like this design but ofcourse they couldn't resist the coomerish open skirt, all the other designs are kinda bland?

No. 339839

This was so fun. The Japanese from the Nihongo-dekinais was pretty cute (even though Selen and Vox’s accent is pretty severe). I wonder if they’ll re-cover this when they all do their official 3D.

No. 339842

File: 1701731881971.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 4096x1355, lolilive.jpg)

I don't really care about female lolicons personally, but come on now. Kagamine Len did it first with "Shotacon Genocide", which has the same theme of being "anti" on the surface, but still hints at complicity. It's fanservice. Accept that japanese otakusphere not only does not give a single fuck about "fake" pedophilia, they know how profitable it is.

No. 339846

File: 1701734141870.jpeg (2.65 MB, 1900x1750, takikomi5_f.jpeg)

Ruze's cookie decorating stream was so adorable and fun. I hope he does more handcam streams!

No. 339854

Same, he adds such fun and wholesome personal flair to everything he does. I love his brand of kayfabe.

No. 339891

>I also feel like vtubing names don't sound like actual names, western or Japanese lately
My theory is that everyone wants a global audience now, but non-Japanese vtubers don't want to be accused of racebaiting (or being weeaboos in the classic sense) if they pick an actual Japanese or otherwise Asian name.

No. 339907

>>339854 Right? He's so good at it, its really entertaining and charming. Considering he's an experienced dungeon master, I suspect that's how he got so good at voices and executing his kayfabe. I liked how he called his apron his baking armor lol

No. 339924

What's the best way to find other fans of vtubers? Twitter?
I want to find other girls to talk about Holo girls with as I've really become a regular fan lately, but not sure how to go about doing it. Worried that going through their twitter tags is going to subject me to tons of porn or something.
Any nonnas want to conmect in the Friend Finder thread? I mostly watch EN girls, but I keep up with VG and Armis when their streams interest me. I've been a fan of both the male and female JP branches for a while and have also been doing JP reps to get into actually watching them live more regularly.

No. 340045

File: 1701805875732.jpeg (341.83 KB, 828x665, IMG_0406.jpeg)

Morinonnas were onto something, I properly watched her for the first time since her debut year today and she's really become such an entertaining streamer.

No. 340062

Nothing wrong with people having different opinions. I'm talking about how they speak and present themselves, like >>339734 said. It's a site meant for hosting doxxes for crying out loud, why are people acting so high and mighty there kek. No need to be aggressive
Twitter if you can. There aren't as many female holo fans on there, but I'm sure they exist. Avoiding vtuber porn is gonna be hard, but you're less likely to find it if you're sticking around women or people men who don't use /vt/ lol.

No. 340087

i got to work with a certain popular vtuber agency recently because of a cross promotion with the company i work at. you really don't want to know how the sausage gets made, it really ruins the illusion. the vtubers i had to work with were clearly unhappy, menhera, and depressed. if you love your oshi, theyre probably happier not being a vtuber just saying

No. 340092

Can we get more milk, nonna?

No. 340099

Do you work at EA?

No. 340101

I really want to know what you posted that got such a negative reaction, kek. Not that random negging on that site for any opinion is isn't the norm these days.
I expect Niji livers to be this at baseline, and I expect it of Holo talents to a certain degree too depending on who you're talking about.
If you work for EA, I wouldn't be shocked to hear this about Selen and ShinySpicy.

No. 340118

Why are you edging us? Gib milk now!

No. 340121

File: 1701832785974.png (319.99 KB, 860x1290, Gawr-Gura_pr-img_06.png)

4chan's preoccupation with Gura not streaming is so funny and sad to me. From the way they doompost, you'd think that Gura was a girlfriend of 5 years who cheated on them with their brother or something.
I've never been a Gura fan, but I gotta assume she's some combination of sad, anxious, or burnt out about trying to entertain 1,000,000 manchildren. She's probably sitting on enough wealth to buy whatever she wants, but she probably doesn't even want that much as a NEET. I don't think there's some secret illness or project in the works, she's probably just bored and tired.
It sucks watching your favorite change but her fans need to stop giving her money and unironically improve themselves. She probably reached her creative peak years ago.

No. 340123

It's basically as you said– she stated herself in her recent Sendai stream that she hasn't been streaming because she's burnt out (along with the time sink of having moved to Japan this year).
I honestly think she was just never the type who'd have wanted to be the face of Holo in the west to begin with. When you look at the personalities of Myth, it makes sense that Calli and Kiara are the ones still charging full force while the other three have had to step back a lot at various points for their wellbeing.
I agree that the seethe is just sad. Just watch somebody else, it's not like you're forced to give her money while she's away.

No. 340136

I didn't post anything that bad in my opinion, just told people they were being dramatic over something that the livers didn't care about. Suddenly I had a bunch of esl girls responding to me trying to psychoanalyze them and their reactions. I couldn't understand any of their sentences but they were mad at me. I almost wanted to ask them to explain what they meant but I just didn't care anymore. I don't want to say what I was actually arguing against because it'll make me sound weird but it wasn't that bad I swear

No. 340150

Honestly, it seems like there's been a huge influx of really angry and toxic ESLs lately, coinciding with the increase in bait and falseflagging on pages. I wonder what's going on.
I first started seeing them on Vox and Mysta's pages, but it's more recent that they've spilled over into the Stars pages. I have to assume they're Luxiem's angry CN fans.
I hate to sound like a /vt/ schizo ranting about nijisister collusion, but something of some kind is up.

No. 340187

NTA but are you talking about nyfco? Nyfco has been full of kids and ESLs since the day Luxiem debuted. Almost the whole entirety of their fans back in the day came from TikTok and Twitter, and being newcomers to the community they’d look up “Mysta real face” or something and ended up there. They’d make TikToks and twitter threads “exposing” their past lives and calling them “problematic” for them and whatnot. Sometimes Mysta’s or Vox’s Chinese fans would raid their respective pages whenever they got mad at either of them and post a bunch of nonsensical hate messages and mass downvote any comment saying “Taiwan #1” or talking about Tiananmen Square (which was done in retaliation to their spamming) and they really haven’t left since. A good deal of female vtuber fans in general are SEA or Chinese, so the English second language thing has always been there. If there’s a recent uptick of that in other pages though, it’s probably because either the Vox fans or the Mysta fans that left decided to become Tempus fans. But in general, Tempus’s pages always had those types of people roaming them, especially Axel’s due to the timezone he streams in. But I guess there’s more nowadays due to a shift in fanbase and people finding new interest in ARMIS maybe.

No. 340256

Yeah, and I know– I've been on NYFCO since the pre-HoloEN days. It's been markedly worse than before these days, as we've been saying. I'm not talking about the usual occassional trolls.

No. 340286

Try using this hashtags, it's in japanese but I'm sure learning the basics might help you connect with other women who like hololive.
There's also counciltwt/holotwt so try looking at the bios and follow them, try making your account presentable and maybe even add your interests/oshis. You can maybe find some luck joining the fancords but there's usually not much beyond fanart dump and shitty fann projects.

No. 340315

Thanks, both of you!

No. 340372

Performance is mid and I don't understand the choice of vtubers but Bae is amazing

No. 340396

>blue retard
KEK put her in and any event is ruined

No. 340426

This sounds terrible I’m sorry.

No. 340509

I'm a bit surprised how many anons here are fine with uwu voices like Fuwamoco and Fauna. Not to start drama, tho. Ofc, I'd rather women speak in their natural voices, but if I had to pick, I'd pick a forced ara-ara voice over uwu voice…

No. 340568

Fauna's is the only one I can tolerate because the actual content of her speech isn't retarded childspeak.

No. 340576

the youtube comments on her latest streams are full of that too, she'd probably be getting less of this if she communicated with her fans more (besides saying she's burned out recently) but it still feels excessive. I actually like that she streams less since there's so much vtuber content it's already too much for me to consume. plus she's been releasing some nice songs at least
I find the uwu voice cringy, gives the same energy as a bad english dub

No. 340580

Honestly, everyone in Hololive EN is doing about as well as you could expect by giving NEETs a 6 figure salary to play vidya as an anime girl whilst having moids rage at them and stalk them for every word they say.
Not defending Gura per se, but I could see her being too stressed to even do or say anything. Every single tweet she makes is gonna be dissected to hell and back on 4chan. Every stream is gonna be moids raging at her for not streaming more.
On a brighter note, I think Hajime's ending animation is really cute. I don't speak Japanese but she seems sweet.

No. 340585

I actually love all of regloss. Ririka's the only one I'm a little leery on because of her coomer tendencies, but the otaku gyaru schtick appeal is still strong. They're a fun group and it's interesting to see Holo make a branch out of "riskier" talents, from one not being a native JP speaker to those who have zero prior streaming experience.

No. 340586

Who isn’t a native JP speaker in the group?

No. 340624

Gura just became too popular too fast. That's it. She never developed the necessary grind mindset to make it as a vtuber, so when she struck gold at the very beginning it came to bite her in the ass later with time. This is in contrast to someone like Kiara or even Mori (whom I despise) who knew what it's like to struggle with their careers and so on way before they became vtubers. They knew how to handle pressure, expectations and their own menhera. Gura did not. And she will be totally irrelevant in the near future, though fondly remembered. At her peak she was beyond doubt the best vtuber and nobody will ever be as good as her.

No. 340625

NTA but Kanade is Korean and at the time of debuting didn't live in Japan, although she is fluent in both Korean and Japanese (Korean likely being her first language, though). I think her location is more what qualifies her as an outlier hire than her fluency level.

No. 340732

File: 1702059063452.png (184.86 KB, 459x327, IMG_1308.png)

This vox model is so damn hard to look at, it looks so wonky. It looks like that one jjk gigachad porn artist drew it.

No. 340737

I saw it during the suika tournament and questioned why he would ever think it suits him. The whole eye color-rping drama aside, he just doesn't fit a giant model as funny as it is given his voice.

No. 340738

It’s so hard to look at. I can only assume Vox was the one who requested it look like that. I actually really like vox’s original model, so I feel bad for his mama who had to take her hard work that she was probably proud of and turn it into a deviantart tier horny gigachad oc.

No. 340740

They request their 3rd model so yes, this must be his idea. Fulgur will also have a hunk model for his 3rd. His base model fits him perfectly but apparently he's 6'4 irl. It pisses me off that male vtubers with female audiences are getting gay hunk models instead of keeping the pretty normal men ones like everyone else does.

No. 340749

God I feel bad for Lam. Imagine making such a pretty design and Vox comes to you and asks you to make it 8 feet tall with bulging muscles and a pronounced crotch.

No. 340750

Welcome to the deadbeat family. I love Mori so much. She's so hardworking. I wish more nonnies would give her a chance.

No. 340754

To me that's kinda the essence of vtubing though, actually playing some type of over the top cartoon character on stream consistently instead of just being a streamer with an anime facerig. Pretty much all of my favorite JP vtubers do that and I'm glad there are some on the EN side who also go for that despite the cringe factor. Although I can't say that imagining the people behind Fuwamoco doing their anime baby talk for an audience of mostly adult moids doesn't make me a bit uncomfortable lol.

No. 340758

The anatomy is so horrific. The neck looks huge and the hairline looks off as well. It looks like a poorly designed 80s action figure.
Sucks because his og model was very nice looking.

No. 340791

One month late, but Watame's song sounds exactly like Doggy God Street to me… Fake Type really needs to come up with something new tbh.

No. 340792

Kek, you're not wrong.

No. 340837

File: 1702103887170.png (1.28 MB, 1296x777, IMG_0407.png)

Advent NY outfits announced! Shiori and Bijou both look cute from the silhouettes, although I'm not a watcher of either. I always look forward to seeing these when they come out, although Ina and IrYS' have been the only ones I've truly enjoyed from the branch.
Also seeing some predictable salt that the boys haven't gotten outfits yet, but IDK what people were expecting. OFC the girls will get their outfits? Personally, I really have my fingers crossed for summer outfits as I tend to enjoy those most from the Stars side. I still remember losing it live at how cute Miyabi's was.

No. 340842

>stars outfits
Magni and Vesper mentioned that Axel and Altare "sacrificed" a lot for their redesigns, then left the company a week after their redesigns. I think most of the salt comes from the fact that they sacrificed HQ outfit budget for Magni's eye surgery and Vesper's entire new model. I agree with you about summer outfits, I hope Tempus gets that as their first too despite everything.

No. 340844

Oddly, I'm seeing hate directed at management and resentment towards the girls for this, not MagNoir. There are still a large chunk of fans who refuse to believe the pair voluntarily left, insisting that they were shadow terminated and the lack of outfits is further punishment towards the branch for their departure after a big resource sink. Schizo shit

No. 340866

I will never forgive Mori for introducing this talentless hack into the mainstream. All his shit sounds the same, the fact he managed to worm his way up to Ado shows the power of nepotism

No. 340868

Anyone happen to know about Cr1TiKaL / penguinz0 doxxing Sonny Brisko? I have no confirmation if this happened but a mutual mentioned it in passing that Cr1TiKaL may have made a video in the past.

No. 340887

He did look up videos of Sonny on stream once about him being Sketchek once but there’s no clip of it besides a real short clip of him reading a chat message with the search recommendations in the background showing videos about it. I even looked through the vod for that day and that part wasn’t in it cause the guy recording the vod started recording it late.
https://www.twitch.tv/?tt_medium=mobile_web_share&tt_content=clip (can’t embed this)

No. 340892

And yet both doggy god and what an amazing swing are very successful songs. Let the people have their samey electro swing nonna.

No. 340909

File: 1702141154642.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, inaconcert.jpg)

looking forward to ina's 3D concert today

No. 340912

File: 1702143248687.jpg (349.95 KB, 1080x1292, IMG_20231209_113320.jpg)

I know her termination was unfair, but she's starting to sound pretty pathetic considering she worked in Niji less than 3 months after debuting and still can't let go.

No. 340915

Nah she’s been sounding pathetic even before he had that rant namedropping Niji members and falsely accusing Yuniiho of taking bribes to speed live2d model commissions up. This is going to continue to be her call for attention for years to come.

No. 340920

Honestly, it wasn't even that unfair. She was a PR disaster, a possible menhera mess behind the scenes, and almost cost them Nintendo perms.
The only reason why she's ever had people on her side is because of the Niji hate-train.

No. 340924

ntayrt, and sorry for sperging
But from watching corpo and indie vtubers, it's kind of hilarious to realize most of them don't have any actual life experiences aside from e-begging. You can tell most have never had a real-life job, even a part-time one, or gone to any form of higher education.
>2-view indie vtubers with boring personalities and no interesting hobbies like singing, art, or zatsudan: "Waah! Why won't Hololive hire me!"
>corpo vtubers getting burnt out and struggling to send a single tweet or schedule 1 stream a week
>people like Sayu getting hired to literally play vidya a few hours a week, then getting fired for an inability to behave and communicate in a semi-professional manner
Like I do have some sympathy for the fact that most corpo vtubers probably have insane stalkers and fans, and have to fight over permissions and such. But if I could work for a big corpo, I'd sit there and stream Minecraft for 20 hours a week or whatever with a smile and collect my 6 figure paycheck. It's not that hard.

No. 340925

(samefag but just wanted to add I'm not trying to roast anyone who doesn't have a college degree or whatever - literally working part-time at McDonald's would give some of these tubers the work ethic and communication skills they need to get by in a corporate environment)

No. 340929

>almost cost them Nintendo perms
nta but Oh god, you’re right. With how insane Nintendo is about perms too, they would’ve taken them away from the JP branch too. Imagine Sasaki graduating a second time because of no Nintendo perms… The whole thing about Sayu being held up as some martyr of Nijisanji pretty retarded, especially since she’s shown whats she’s really about so many times since she’s left the company. Nijisanji isn’t great and Cover Corporation isn’t either, none of these corporations are anyone’s friend. It’s exhausting, though, when there are egregious instances of Vtuber company malpractice not even being talked about in favor of bringing up Sayu getting terminated for the 100th time, like
>AkioAir hiring an underaged teenager and all their talents leaving because they were tired of the company’s shit
>Wactor doxxing and threatening talents (one got her whole real name plastered on an announcement from the company about her) and presumably firing every vtuber they had employed since none of them stream anymore among other things
>Tsundereia vtubers having to package each piece of their merch by themselves instead of it being handled by an outside company then having the bomb drop on them out of nowhere that their company doesn’t exist anymore
>AuroraLiveVR just having a bunch of people leave and expose how bad it was working at the company
There’s a bunch of fucked up shit going on in these companies that nobody even really bothers to translate or talk about either and I get that since Niji is big, any microdrama they have gets clicks, but god damn, I feel like no one really cares to expose true terrible companies outside of whatever contributes to stupid fanwars. It reminds me of Kpop fanbase wars.
The thing with Sayu is it seems like she had actual corporate jobs before becoming a Vtuber and is over the age of 30, but that probably didn’t do her any well either.

No. 340932

I'm genuinely getting tired of people blindly blaming the corpos for everything that goes wrong with a chuuba and then taking the moral highground of fighting an evil, callous business. It occurs so often in situations where theres overwhelming evidence against the person in question, but people instead concerningly choose to ignore facts in favor of a script of anticapitalist justice or something. Like good grief, you cannot be this retarded– form actual opinions for once instead of what your own paranoia and Twitter tell you to believe.
Yeah, I hate to sound like a boomer or someshit, but you're absolutely right. All of the best chuubas worthy of actual respect IMO tend to be those who have actually grinded through tough circumstances for their dream. Say what you will about their actual appeal to you, but I unironically believe this is why Mori and Kiara are able to keep up regular output compared to their genmates after all this time.

No. 340934

>people are sometimes at fault for getting fired
Wow, the bootlicking. But to be honest, I don’t even take vtuber fans saying things like that seriously anymore because I’ve seriously seen people getting called bootlickers for just acknowledging that the Riro person from idolcorp was bound to get fired at some point.

No. 340957


Thanks! I’m late to the past drama/issues. Having a popular fleshber streamer out your PL (who was big in the TF2 community) while you’re trying to build your new corpo Vtuber life must’ve thrown a wrench into things. Wondering if ANYCOLOR ever took legal steps

No. 340958

Honestly, as a victim of suicde baiting in an abusive relationship, I have so little sympathy for a guy who faked terminal illness and death. And then came back as an anime boy lol(no1curr)

No. 340989

File: 1702182283849.jpeg (476.71 KB, 1829x1281, 55132775-AFA9-4E52-8232-5B0C4C…)

Can you really expect a moid, much less an e-moid to not be retarded?

No. 340991

NTA but wow I didn’t know there were Sonny fans in here except for me. I haven’t watched him in a while but I’m going to tune in for the VR stream tomorrow.

No. 340992


Sorry that happened to you. It was a terrible thing to lie about, and his pathetic apology didn’t do anything. He was an incel and could possible still be. Admittedly I haven’t watched much of him; I only got in from XSOLEIL and working backwards.

But I guess Nijinsaji EN really knows how to chose them. Sonny (faking/lying about dying/terminal illness), Vox (fake? vomiting/fake therapist session and mental breakdown on stream), Ike (an abuser with a pattern, Kyo (racist against Asians and use of Blaccent), and Zaoin (a complete mess on her own). Did I miss anyone?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 341003

I don't know what StarsEN haven't taken off as well as Nijimen when Stars is really cornering the market on incredibly pathetic men that trigger womens sadistic instincts (Jurard, Bettel) in a way Niji hasn't. Or am I biased because they trigger my taste for male ryona?

No. 341004

AYRT, honestly I'm fine with him being around since he's a functioning member and seems like a decent guy. Like he was the most supportive of Yugo despite her incredible levels of menhera and babysat her on multiple occassions. People can change, I just also think he's one of the rare cases where he should just take it whenever he gets PL doxxed.

No. 341008

Vox also had allegations of taking advantage of artists for free assets and grooming a minor in his PL that were brought up around the time he debuted. Although they were largely dismissed (but not disproven) on a basis of "people can change" as he's relatively young and the events stated had taken place several years prior to his debut.

No. 341009

Pippa's gone off the deep end


No. 341010

File: 1702190584086.jpg (1.12 MB, 2794x1954, HxiRhvR.jpg)

TSB Holoniji Apex custom winners
>1st Regular game: VAC (Aster Vezalius Claude - NijiEN)
>2nd Melee only: ERM (Maria Elira Ren - NijiEN)
>3rd Regular: TSB (Axel Selen Altare - StarsEN & NijiEN)
>4th Sniper only: Villain team (Koyanagi Rou, Hibachi Mana, Hoshirube Sho - NijiJP heroes)
>5th Regular: TSB again
>6th Hide and seek (TSB hunt others): Axel died to ring but the other two ended up hunting all others, second place/last standing was Reimu

Notable moments:
>in the 2nd game TSB lived in final ring by driving in circles with a car high enough that they couldn't be punched
>Villain team (NijiJP heroes) won after one of them disconnected in the final ring and his teammates had to punch him into position
I don't know anything about Apex so correct me or add on other moments, I couldn't catch up with most of the teams/rounds.

It was so fun, the meme rounds and nerfing winners to keep it dynamic were good ideas. I enjoyed watching my oshi even though I don't like FPS streams. It's interesting to see Holoniji interactions. Selen said this is a pilot episode, I hope they do more and grander events. The other two said Selen did most of the work so especially kudos to her for making this happen.

No. 341013

Timestamp? Summary? I'm not watching all that.

No. 341014

Thanks for the rundown, sounded fun. I'll probably watch the Armis VOD later as their arc of total noobhood intrigues me.

No. 341017

Sometimes the popularity rankings of several different things aren't quite explainable totally in a logical way past the abstract "vibes" a company managed to catch with their fist out of the ether, plus the luck and timing. Niji may simply innately know what looks sleeker and on-trend for their male models as one of the factors. Honestly I've been enjoying both Jurard and Ruze a lot on several occasions with how they lean into their specific anime character roles (especially when together), since it that does feel rarer for the EN side of male vtubers to capture that AND get some kind of decent viewership plus fanbase with it like Doppio did

No. 341018

Interesting. For sure, Vox ain’t beating those allegations.

No. 341080

It was fun, I was watching mostly Astel's team and I was surprised by how well they got along. I know Astel has already played with Reimu a few times but the three of them were bantering like they were best friends while Astel did his usual Apex troll shenanigans. Overall good time for a silly just for fun Apex thing.

No. 341186

File: 1702263023183.jpeg (89.78 KB, 788x393, IMG_0428.jpeg)

No. 341201

Sonny did it to escape TF2 community which are known to be as retardedly annoying as Chinese communities. Vox dated someone 2 years younger and retards stretched it out to be a bigger age gap. Ike's ex didn't have any evidence of anything other than normal couple fighting so there wasn't even anything he could defend himself from. There's milk brewing in front of our eyes but you're all bringing up shit nyfco solved right after they debuted. Vox going "I felt forced to continue" about his asmrs he was jerking off during filming is more proof of his manipulative nature than dating a 2 year younger girl in his teens.

No. 341217

What milk is brewing

No. 341224

Justifying faking terminal illness and dying is an extreme way to escape the TF2 community. I know how bad they are, they literally complain about TF2 streamers who haven’t streamed TF2 in a decade.

Idk if you make your money/name/fame off some kind of parasocial relationship, and then lie about dying. Kinda can’t be surprised at what’s coming to you for the rest of your life when you trade one parasocial relationship for another.

Vox is another mess on his own.

Surprisingly haven’t dug up anything for Xsoleil outside of Zaoin so maybe she really was the one problem child and the other are fine. The other five seem chill and get along well without her menhera

No. 341252

File: 1702302988495.png (102.06 KB, 515x300, 453FD428-52C7-4D2A-8F21-D20704…)

>Idk if you make your money/name/fame off some kind of parasocial relationship, and then lie about dying. Kinda can’t be surprised at what’s coming to you for the rest of your life when you trade one parasocial relationship for another.
NTAYRT, but the guy didn’t really trade off one parasocial relationship for another since the lie was made up in 2015 (before his family kicked him out for being a NEET) while he came back in early 2019 and was back to doing the same gameplay edit routine until 2022. You could even say that he came back to his channel to maintain his channel to get into Niji, but he didn’t think of joining until Bonnivier, his friend in NijiID, encouraged him to join and that guy debuted in 2020. Also, kek, the way you phrased it all made it seem like his content harbored a deep parasocial relationship with his audience while the guy just uploaded gameplay edits, mostly without his voice.
By the way, have you guys heard about Hana from NijiID making an alt vtuber account to upload sex audios and do fansly streams? I made a post about it a long time ago, when she was just doing regular streams on the channel, but I felt bad cause it seemed like she was genuinely mentally unstable with the whole using he/him pronouns thing. But now it’s public knowledge after getting blown up on twitter and she deleted the alt YouTube channel and privated the twitter and the fansly, so I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

No. 341262

What he did in the past was shitty but Sonny would have had to state his prior content creation identity while auditioning meaning ac is fully aware of Sketcheck's shenanigans.

No. 341358

Wait, Hana trooned out?

No. 341361

The person behind the character did at least. Who knows what’s going on with her mentally anymore.

No. 341362

I casually stopped watching her altogether years ago when she mentioned her favorite hentai artist being the shotacon artist Higuma. Sexual degeneracy always leads to more of the same, IG.

No. 341367

File: 1702325995908.jpeg (4.85 KB, 64x83, A9FE6E9B-0976-4E50-8EFE-4F0B27…)

lmao tranny colors

High chance, she made jabs at JKR while on her alt.

No. 341374

The link doesn't work

No. 341466

> the other five seem chill
Hex gets a lot of flack for enabling parasocial behavior and menhera fans, as well as being a Corpse Husband wannabe. There was even an incident where a fan carved his name into her arm

No. 341483

File: 1702350809552.png (45.49 KB, 658x309, BB4E801A-CD45-4E01-ADB9-E322BD…)

She needs to go on medication at this point.

No. 341521

Jesus, I thought that the #cutforhex jokes people kept making were just jokes, not something based on an actual event

No. 341522

No, she needs to simply touch grass and realize how stupid she sounds. I bet none of the positive replies to the tweet even matter to her, considering she's always addressing shit that only people in 4chan talk about

No. 341526

Menhera fans gonna be menhera.

No. 341534

AYRT - You don’t apply to Niji and not expect a parasocial audience. What he cultivated before became parasocial since TF2 fans are menhera in a different way. Idk what he was going through to… fake his online death but he shot himself in the foot for exposing his NEET incel past for a chance to apply and get through in Niji. I’m sure he regrets doing it but hindsight is 20/20

No. 341550

Sonny seems pretty normal from the clips I've seen, so maybe he was just an edgy teen.
Ike and Vox are just repeating I they were accused I early on. Ike with the ghosting, posting self harm stuff and clingy-ness and Vox with the non-con rp with no warning or consent. And true to their PLs, both of them went from shading their exes to their company (see: AR Live and COVID). Ike doesn't have anything to defend against cz HE accused his ex of a bunch of stuff when it's clear that he was definitely abusive as well (possibly more so). If you read the screenshots without looking for reasons why he's abused, it looks like he was meticulously avoiding leaving written messages.
Maybe Sony, to, will revert to his old self.
For Xsoleil, there were rumours that part of the reason Zaion was fired was because Hex complained and he was top earner in the wave at that point.
Someone posted about Luxe or something in an older thread. That's one of the Krisis boys.
The milk exists.

No. 341551

Between Hex, Vox, Iris and Fauna, it's pretty clear the way to do well as a Vtuber is to pander to parasocials.

No. 341572

What has Fauna done other than using a cringeworthy permanent ASMR voice (and doing actual ASMR I guess)? She never actually goes beyond normal streamer-chat interactions, and she has spoken against parasocial weirdos on stream.

No. 341573

File: 1702390860865.jpg (2.44 MB, 3557x2506, GBJmKo_bEAAiuqh.jpg)

The first to graduate from the first generation…
I can't say it's unexpected, given that she's been here since the start of Nijisanji, but God… the announcement is affecting me a lot more than I thought it would. I don't even watch her that much anymore but… it was fun, to watch her from the absolute beginning and to be there until the very end.
Aside from Chii-chan, Azuchi Momo's graduation has also been announced. Admittedly, I don't feel as emotional for her as I do for Chihiro, but I do wish we could have seen her in 3D alongside SEEDS.

No. 341590

For how long her career has been going on for, I’m sad that she’s going but not too surprised.. but an OG member leaving feels terrible… She definitely left her mark on the industry, especially with being the one to coin oshi marks, so at least she’s heading off on a good foot. It sucks that she’s leaving so fast, the end of January will be here before we know it.

No. 341630

Fauna doesn't pander to parasocials, she actively drew a boundary and got stupid hate for it from an audience that forced an imagined role on her.

No. 341632

>Including Fauna
Stick to talking about streamers you've at least watched enough to know the names of.

No. 341696

File: 1702422114260.jpg (1.41 MB, 2048x1443, __inuyama_tamaki_yumeoi_kakeru…)

does anyone like tamaki? i enjoy watching her (him? pretty casual fan so i don't know how far she goes into the trap larp) fujo/perv out on male cohosts

No. 341761


Guess we have an approximate expiration date of a Vtuber now. Been thinking about how long one can last in that job

No. 341776

I think she's based for having openly stated husband standards that everybody said were way too high, and then actually finding and marrying somebody that met all of them. It was so funny how everybody was like, "No way…" at the time, but it makes sense ig given that she's beautiful, extroverted, and successful.

No. 341786

i hate her because i hate trapfags, she would be based if she didnt indulge men with sissy fantasies

No. 341825

the vast majority of vtubers support some coom fantasy of men??

No. 341826

she’s funny and i’m glad she didn’t quit after her hair scare. her voice isn’t too baby pitched either.

No. 341856

File: 1702477239594.jpg (200.81 KB, 1200x1600, prv12oco8yt41.jpg)

I've been getting way to obsessed with Roberu recently. I'd love to just kidnap him and keep in my bedroom, Misery style.

No. 341875

File: 1702482579931.jpg (301.59 KB, 595x649, B6HzcaZ.jpg)

Is this AI? The bg looks normal but his face is fucked.

No. 341877

Looks like the artist might have referenced a photo for the body and background, but freestyled the face

No. 341901

I'm pretty sure the trap thing is her own fetish, considering that the manga that launched her whole career was based on it. So it's more like Itou Life or any of the other numerous R18 artists who vtube under an avatar that's more a personification of their fetishes than somebody they want to be. Although it does also cater to those folks, yeah.

No. 341914

Jesus Christ are you the Roberu schizo from /CBDCT/?

No. 341952

File: 1702498078405.jpg (44.03 KB, 426x600, actor-roberu-yukoku-522969_lar…)

Nah not her. I've only recently got obsessed with Roberu.

No. 341965

Sonny definitely seems like he's matured a lot since the death faking. He was an edgy 4chan user who self posted his voice impressions on /a/ and definitely still has a lot of that sense of humor but he seems to have outgrown his past from how the others all talk about him. These days the most objectionable thing about him is his clear kink for being called oniichan and that he's a loli/shotacon.

No. 341973

Kek doesn’t sound like he matured at all then? Just learned to shut his mouth more probably.

No. 341976

>hair scare

No. 341981

Favorite covers from this year? I’ll start

No. 342014

Sayu is my personal lolcow because I've known her irl for a while.
Can confirm that 99% of her problems are imaginary/caused by herself and result from her refusal to touch grass. She's very sheltered and has been coddled all her life by everyone: her parents, ex-husband, friends, etc. She's even more menhera irl and (hate to defend a moid here) the divorce was as much her fault as it was her ex's.

No. 342020

No. 342030

I'd say it's maybe a mix of both but he comes off as being pretty unfiltered someone who knows when to not say something wouldn't have chosen the angle he did with Alban or have his friends referring to him as oniichan when hanging out in person in Japan. Maturing from faking your death is a pretty low bar to have. I just accept that any male vtuber is going to have some gross moid interests it'd be rare to find an otaku guy who hasn't ended up with gross porn tastes, I don't think that's something he's going to grow out of at almost 30 years old.

No. 342143

I also liked Banchou's Carnivorous Flower debut cover.

No. 342144

This kne was crazy cute…

No. 342149


sayu comes across to me like an extreme pick me who thinks that if she just acts edgy enough, she can do anything and be excused from her repercussions

No. 342150


its not, its just that they positioned his mouth too high and to the right

No. 342152

Hit the nail on the head.
The art is insanely cute.

No. 342165

Not really a cover I guess but this was great

No. 342168

I actually really like her solo songs but this was stuck in my head for a while.

No. 342175

made me a nina fan

No. 342181

He sounds like the song was made for his voice, I can't listen to the original after hearing Izuru singing it.

No. 342182

Samefag, honorable mention as this is an original song but all three of them sounded really good. This subunit needs to make more rock songs

No. 342237

late watching this. favorite moment was the hide and seek portion when sho used mirage's decoy skill and got both he and rio killed. and his teammates calling him an idiot after. 2nd is when the baby team were negotiating their terms for the last portion and not knowing which zone was which. i want to see more nijiholo.

No. 342275

Nta but want to add onto this, she’s so fucking weird IRL. I was working in a booth promoting njsj and HL stuff and she kept floating around the area. Didn’t nijisanji fuck you over?Why are you hovering around corporate stuff? Do you think people will recognize you??

No. 342287

Kek thats so embarrassing. Was this soon after her being fired? Maybe she was checking how much Xsoleil merch was selling

No. 342320

But really, tho… how do you get fired from VTUBING of all jobs? From Niji of all places? Sheesh.

No. 342335

Directly AFTER being fired. I noticed because a girl with fried bleached hair kept reappearing . I thought it was a potential shoplifter but my coworker filled me in.

No. 342344

Ayrt. She’s obsessed with xsoleil and went to a con to see them. She still wants to be corpo but no agency is retarded enough to take her. >>342335
>I thought it was a potential shoplifter

No. 342354


is she actually asian or just a white girl going around calling herself "okami sayu" lmao

No. 342357

She used to have YouTube videos with her face but I think she deleted them now. She’s legit Japanese but adopted by a white family or a distant relative. Someone check me on that source though I might be mixing it up with another girl

No. 342369

File: 1702603493706.jpeg (Spoiler Image,94.46 KB, 640x960, IMG_0546.jpeg)

She’s actually Japanese.

No. 342394

How are we feeling on the Armis boys now that we've had a bit of time with them? I was only into GB on debut (potential oshi material) and was a Jurard hater, but after actually watching them I'd say I love everybody but GB

No. 342400

File: 1702621685756.jpg (3.36 MB, 3445x2067, 2RKxwD2.jpg)

I like Octavio, to me he has the most Holostar feel. I used to like Jurard but the voice buff is not enough he really is too much for me. The other two I never liked anyway so I don't really watch them or have an opinion. What made you dislike GB?

No. 342404

Just a lot of personal stuff, I find some of the voices and sounds he makes to be gross and his brand of positivity is a turn off because I find it difficult to trust (sorry, mentally ill kek)
Jurard grew on me in a group setting, I can't really handle him on his own but find him fun when he bounces off of others. Also he surpassed low expectations because he's grown a lot from the type of person I remember him being a few years back.
Octavio really is such a great pull for Holostars, I can't wait to see what he does here.

No. 342410

I can see myself occasionally looking at the other three if I feel like it by chance or the game interests me but Ruze was made just for me, a rambling chuuni big fantasy fan in a fantasy guild. Glad he's in there since I like the way EN holostars are grouped together a lot more than what EN niji has

No. 342411

File: 1702626986953.jpg (132.25 KB, 1170x547, MnWSCVC.jpg)

Well. No need to look further for a reason to dislike GB now. There's more of the fan's tweets here but this is the worst one. https://imgur.com/a/hztW958

No. 342413

This wording is suspicious as hell along with going into dms but there's only two actual messages shown related to art/drawing permission or something? And it's still on the monitored company account all of them know is watched by their manager, but definitely offputting. Oh well, I guess he doesn't exist at all to me now

No. 342453

So is he one of those moids that acts creepy around women but believes it's okay because he's supposedly gay? Oof

No. 342461

Apparently this is about his PL? What a mess, one of the things I like about StarsEN is that they're usually free from the more serious drama.

No. 342464

Samefag, this isn’t a cover video but it’s insane how much money and effort Ibrahim put into making this a reality. It was nice to see so many members fully animated in 2D like this, and professionally animated Kanae looks so cute.

No. 342467

I looked through all of this a while ago and the actual screenshots show pretty directly an online fight started over lineart tracing where the girl then misuses pretty serious words for what looks like a standard argument and falling out. There's no reason to trust him and the dming thing can blow up to be a lot more serious depending on what the full context is, but that specific one where full screenshots are shown is bunk.

No. 342470

>tan skin
>white hair
My favorite kind of anime guy since 2002. Why am I like this

No. 342484

The most curious thing to me is that yesterday a comment directly addressing his interaction with this person was posted to his Zelda VOD, but quickly deleted, whether by him, management, or the poster is unclear. The private twitter account of the person in question was deleted as well.

No. 342511

This is very suspicious, either that girl is completely delulu or something really bad about GB is gonna come out eventually

No. 342514

Apparently she was known for being pretty mentally ill and obsessed about Vesper when he was still there, to the point her username is quickly recognized by tempus fanbases

No. 342704

I'm so disappointed in the Takamori song. I just cannot stand Kiara's voice among other things. I also dislike TeddyLoid's music so it doesn't help much.

No. 342769

I always want to support her because she's so passionate about the idol dream and always trying to make it work even if music isn't her strong suit, but her voice is iust… It's hard to listen to lol

No. 342803

Tbh, I think Kiara is handicapping her own singing by trying too hard to do the idol chimkin voice.
This is Kiara's VA singing 10+ years ago. I find it a lot more cute and natural. It's not Suisei or Risu level singing, sure, but I think it's perfectly passable doujin kind of singing.

No. 342867

She definitely suits the doujin/idol singing better because the vocals don't have to be good or overdone. I think she's trying too hard recently to sound like a pop/kpop idol or some shit but both her talk-singing and singing sound off.

No. 342906

This is actually really cute, and if this was her 10 years ago, I imagine a more natural voice with 10 more years of experience would sound pretty good.

No. 342988

If you've gone through everything, can you screenshot and attach the last tweet? I can't open it.
This one:

No. 342995

i'm not sure if it got deleted actually, she might have just culled her following on it and changed her handle. that or it's her other account, all i know is that my friend follows it lol

oh trust me this girl is delusional as FUCK. she's known for her insane vesper posts but some of us have known about her prior to all of this. she's had problems respecting and understanding boundaries long before she became brainrotted over vtubers. i hope she gets therapy instead of another bishonen streamer man to lust over

No. 343000

I don't have access to that and I doubt anyone here could with an account that may not even be active anymore. But she attached screenshots of her full first callout thread and it's all related to a fight over calling each other lineart tracers/art thieves and then saying he's ghosted a few clients on some art commissions or revisions. And every screenshot after looks clearly like the fallout related to those art related insults and hysterical hurt feelings over it

No. 343036

File: 1702838929739.png (33.06 KB, 611x415, vtuber of the year.png)

Did anyone watch the VTuber awards? I watched the vod today.
Should Iron Mouse have won best VTuber of the Year?
The awards were super scuffed. They kept showing the wrong clips and award winners didn't show up. Filian was dying out there half the time. She was not prepped for this.

No. 343041

im more surprised that iron lung is still alive??? wasnt she dying of a totally real illness?

No. 343051

She's just barely hanging on thanks to the generosity of her fans. Remember to like, comment and subscriber or she might not make it.

No. 343056

Try this link

'Vtuber Awards' from the view point of ENVtubers and it's community don't really mean anything to me, so I didn't care to watch… but wouldn't it have better to restrict the nominees to solely ENVtubers? I get that they wanted to make a 'First-Of-It's-Kind' sort of thing and include everyone, but considering that the vast majority of English-speaking viewers are only able to watch JP Vtubers through clips, I don't think they'd be able to accurately vote based on anything substanial.

Besides, I feel that award shows should focus on a broad horizon of choices, not just the most popular or most known. The fact that Matara Kan (Nina's reincarnation) and Kuro Kurenai (Mysta's reincarnation) are nominated for something despite only being in the sphere (as their new personas) for two-three months immediately removes any merit this "Award Show" attempted to have.

No. 343058

Tbf I think only like 2 JP VTubers won anything and there's supposed to be some international one by a different group hosted in Spring.

However Henya managed to win rising VTuber even though she's was very established before people made her retire for playing Hogwarts Legacy in her past life. Makes the categories seems like a mess.

I hate it but it should be like what the Oscars do. Get the top couple hundred creators in the industry to vote on things they like. As creators they should know the industry quite well and it won't be a most fans contest. Like Gura got best fanbase and she barely streams.

No. 343060

Gura got "most dedicated" fanbase to be specific, amd considering her earnings and viewership this year despite her never streaming, it's kind of hard to argue kek

No. 343061

QRD? She sounds milky

No. 343064

I don't have a problem with JP Vtubers winning anything (in fact, I think more should have), but the fact they were nominated and lost against something in the EN-sphere only because it was more popular. You mean to tell me that VSaikyo and Hololive's Sports Festival lost to… an Ironmouse subathon? Nijisanji Koshien, not even nominated? Kuzuha, the literal face of Nijisanji's gamers… lost to Selen? And why was Holocure even nominated for the game award…? Sure, it was popular, but the nomination spot could've easily went to a game that everyone's still actively playing, like Sutogura.

You're right, having those who are actually in the industry vote would definitely make this entire have actual, meaningful nominees and winners. As nice as it sounds though, I don't think anyone would really give a shit to do it. I know I wouldn't.

No. 343068

File: 1702847132048.png (406.53 KB, 614x525, IMG_1442.png)


they used ai for suisei, the one Japanese vtuber nominated for this award(whatever it was), this “award show” was nothing more then a way for the organizers to gain clout off big en vtubers

No. 343070

why was bettel’s line so bad here? I know he’s en but they couldn’t have like trained him a bit? He completely butchered it at the end, like he only did one take, forgot the words, and just kinda mumbled gibberish hoping no one would notice

No. 343074

File: 1702847607578.png (241.73 KB, 462x314, fuwamoco.png)

I wouldn't say that's a slight. Just some intern grabbed the first person off Google Images. Every other JP image was fine.

No. 343075

It's honestly bizarre the way Holo was treated despite so many nominations and wins kek
Like Filian not knowing how to say their names and usage of only the shittiest misrepresentative clips. They should have just kept it to twitch bc IDT they have any clue whats going on outside of it regardless of influence in the hobby

Anyways, personal thoughts:
I'm glad Selen won things but she should have won in some other category, not the ones she won in. It just made Niji look worse.
Fauna is my oshi but she did not deserve the ASMR award. At the same time I'll take it because Vox losing is always funny even if he doesn't care about his ASMR anymore.
Pippa should have won most chaotic. It would have been a backhanded win, like Gura's fanbase win, but still. It's true even if it's the result of mental unwellness.
There should have been more categories based on type of games played, especially when gaming makes up such a huge chunk of vtuber activities. Like best variety gamer would be very different than best gamer overall or best FPS gamer.
Also, the fashionista award was stupid. Isn't that just about whoever has enough money to cycle through outfits so often they become meaningless?

No. 343076

No idea, but it reminds me of how hilariously badly they mangled Shinri's voice in the Christmas song.
IDC if you don't watch Holostars, please listen for a good laugh.

No. 343077

>fashionista award was stupid
I guess it would tie in with parent award but it should have gone to the designer

No. 343080

If anything, saying that the organizers just grabbed the first image off of Google sounds way worse than saying they had an AI create it. It's really not that hard to find an official image, whether it's grabbing an image from the Virtual YouTuber wiki or even just a taking simple screenshot from a stream. Imagine what would have happened if they grabbed any random image and it turned out to be someone's fanart? I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank God it was just an AI image.

No. 343081

Wait, how does Selen winning awards make Nijisanji look worse?

No. 343094

The sheer amount of questioning over the only two awards NijiEN managed to snag (and then there's Mika getting the 3rd Niji award while being on her way out kek)
Like, Selen absolutely deserved to win something for the shit she goes through to keep her branch relevant but it was not gamer awards lol

No. 343097

File: 1702858476556.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x1954, 87A50817-844E-4F72-95DC-4EAAD9…)

I mean, the nominations for FPS vtubers weren’t really good from the start. Botan, Shu, Selen, and Froot. They could’ve picked better people for the category to begin with, and Selen winning in the Gamer category over Kuzuha makes as much sense as Mori winning for the musician category over Suisei or Ironmouse winning vtuber of the year over Salome or Pekora. This was a western-centric event with western fans voting, so you’ll get wins that are more popular with the western crowd. Plus there’s a bunch of questioning going on for the event entirely and some people even urging Cover to sue everyone involved in putting it together. Does any of this really matter, though? It’s some random award show that has fansly promo all over it, mispronunciation of names, scuff on top of scuff, and random usage of AI art where it didn’t need to be used. It has less credibility than even the Streamy Awards and just a little more credibility than the random polls you see thrown into 4chan threads, so seeing people treat it like their oshis are getting snubbed of Grammys or Oscars awards or something is pretty funny.

No. 343098

Out of the nominees she did have the most claim to the title since it wasn't like a JPtuber like Kuzuha was ever going to win, yeah, but I'm considering the nominations themselves to be why this is a joke lol
I honestly think the only thing this show was good for was making divisively bad moves

No. 343118

File: 1702875244254.jpeg (798.14 KB, 1183x1286, IMG_0462.jpeg)

The masochistic state of mystakes is unbelievable (context, he's ebegging still over the tax situation)

No. 343119

Wondering how much of the money goes straight into gacha rolls

No. 343120

Most of it probably goes to his travel funds atm because he's been having fun travelling overseas nonstop despite allegedly still having SO much debt to pay off

No. 343143

i don't think she's the milkiest around but she has a history of becoming a figurehead of sorts for fandoms before dropping them a few years later (which is what happened with sidem before she got into vtubers lmao). she's really just an obnoxious BNF-type who tends to be believed over the people she causes problems for.

No. 343276

File: 1702925756777.jpg (2.52 MB, 1920x1080, AOVar5k.jpg)

No. 343301

No. 343302

Holy fuck that model…. the face is alright but kek at the Ken doll body

No. 343318

Is this supposed to be the actual size comparison of their models? Awk.

No. 343391

File: 1702952744472.jpeg (490.72 KB, 1170x1130, IMG_0583.jpeg)

Imagine being so mad that someone returned to the internet that you make a whole thread on it kek.

No. 343392

why are western male vtubers so fucking ugly. They are like a black hole of eroticism.

No. 343435

I kind of get the point though, why say that you're basically "leaving forever" if you're coming back anyways? And yeah, I get it's some sort of marketing campaign in which you pretend you will end a service to make people want to get it, but it's just dumb to do so with online entertainers, and using the same tactic over and over again could make the customers not even want to know about the entertainers because like, what's the point of subscribing to a character if the character can graduate and stop producing content for some time that could be weeks or months?

No. 343446


i mean it does feel kind of manipulative if they really played up their goodbye and made it super heartfelt and tearful and stuff and then is back in like a month

No. 343454

In Vox's case, Lam just sucks at male designs in general, I don't know why Niji went to him for two of their boys. There are some really good designs with the nijien males, Luca and Alban, Ike, Ren, Doppio and Ver are all great, others aren't awful but Vox and Fulgur got the short end of the stick no matter which way you look at it.

No. 343458

The point was that Vox is making fun of Mysta for evading taxes and blaming it on everyone else and currently being on the run in "vacations" with the money he should be paying his taxes with

No. 343472

File: 1702976752917.jpeg (63.78 KB, 621x493, IMG_0463.jpeg)

This was honestly so funny that it made me watch half a Vox stream which is the most he'll ever get from me. The initial stunned silence from the other boys when Vox popped the question on them (he confirmed that they didn't know going in) was also great.

No. 343497

aren't both their designers japanese?

No. 343531


When I saw this on a random VOD binge, I screamed. Though I don’t know what’s real and what is fake with Kuro. But man, even if Vox was just joking with the boys and not making a direct reference… that timing lmao

No. 343556

File: 1703009027911.jpeg (230.68 KB, 800x1000, 64ad80ae471cc7fb1c55d58e_Watso…)

I started watched Ame after a long time of not really watching vtubers. Tbh, I still like her. 4chan is usually pretty angry at her, because she seems like she's capable of creative things but has been burnt out for a long time, PLUS the 'work on yourself' thing.
But tbh, I like her, even though she's not a content and creativity factory like Kiara and Mori right now. She just seems like a chill gamer girl who needs some time to relax, and is tired of everyone expecting her to come up with something new constantly. I could see why it'd get tiring for her to be the one trying to spearhead a lot of collabs, especially when your genmate is Gura.

No. 343561

I loved when Shu had to clarify that Vox really meant "members" plural. Like my man was really taking the question seriously thinking about the sole ex member currently evading taxes in Indonesia kek

No. 343643

This might be an oddly specific question, but are there any vtubers who have gorgeous graphics on their streams? Like backgrounds, the chat bubbles, the transitions. I'm a vtuber looking for inspo (and losing all my money on this hobby)

No. 343665

Haven’t been keeping up with kuro/Mysta. But it’s absolutely crazy to hear he hasn’t changed at all with how he spends money. And then his parasocial fans will sit and act like it’s their responsibility to help him pay off his debt because he spent all his money on vacations and gacha games. You’d think someone who grew up financially unstable would know to appreciate money a bit more and live a little frugally.

No. 343669

there have been many doxxing attempts in the last two weeks actually but not by her fanbase

No. 343674


That’s exactly why I reacted, otherwise I would’ve just not thought about it at all. Like yeah same old tax evasion joke Vox makes because he has no material… until Shu made me think of… past Luxiem members


There is some study about kids who grew up in impoverished or lower income households that lack self control and lack impulse control after they become adults with money (especially large sums of money). If you know what it’s like to not have luxuries in life, or be starved of them because of lack of money, you might get addicted. Thus Mysta/Kuro’s supposed crazy spending habits. It’s not like his mom is a great financial advisor/budgeter

No. 343676

It's likely this, I suspect this is the same reason why Finana acts the way she does.

No. 343682

I've seen that happen for a phase irl to a girl I know, after gaining way more disposable income than she was ever used to after growing up with a lot of siblings and parents who had very little past the bare necessities. Spending a ton of money rather recklessly on luxury skincare, expensive merch, perfume, and clothes. Although she got ahold of herself after a while and reigned it in a ton

No. 343686

i don't really watch her but the scrotes on 4chan always have something bad to say about every vtuber

No. 343691

I suppose that makes sense. Hopefully sooner or later Mysta wises up and stops spending money like it’s water, only to go and cry to his fans about the debt he’s in.

No. 343694

Samefag but I have continued enjoying Mori. I truly do not feel that her voice was so soothing before, but it does things to me now. Also won over by how supportive of other Holos and funny she is now? I'm sorry for sounding like a massive shill but I'm so down bad for her these days it's unreal. She's so accomplished but when she's being sort of fail in collabs and games along with her voice it triggers the same part of me that goes crazy for Ange Katarina. Sorry.

No. 343726


Unfortunately his viewers are enablers and more than willing to pay off his debt for him.

Now that he doesn’t stream on YouTube under Niji, he’s realizing there’s a cap to how much balls and cock and femboy mentions can get you.

No. 343790

He’s slowly becoming irrelevant.

No. 343792

It amazes me on how English vtubers will build a brand off of being lewd and nsfw. But then have a sense of humor that would only appeal to tumblr 14 year olds in 2018.

No. 343844

I think it's crazy that he built a brand off of being a lewd anime boy but then does handcam streams as Kuro where he shows his fat hands and forearms with no gloves or anything. It's truly beyond me how he maintains his fanbase.

No. 343847

kuro/mysta posts selfies where he is clearly fat, unwashed, dressed in head toe in aliexpress. yet people still thirst over him. parasocial relationships are wild.

No. 343851

They cling to the idea that he’s their perfect anime boyfriend. Even though he’s probably hates women irl like most male anime fans.

No. 343874

Usually I get it when people say they watch vtubers for their personalities and not how they look IRL, but in Mysta's case I have to wonder what he has going for him when he doesn't have looks, personality, voice, or actual skills. Is it the "I can fix him" instinct?

No. 343903

I'm going to sound like an autistic schizo, but shit like that is why I've almost completely given up on oshi'ing or even watching male vtubers. Most don't bother to keep up the illusion of the ideal anime boy and let you know how ugly, unclean and degenerate they are. Hell, some will outright tell you how much they hate you, like Kuro and Vox, and still expect you to drop money for them. The point of vtubers is to escape reality, but for some reason male want to be liked because of their personality, which is ironically garbage. Whoever puts up with their shitty attitude and even shittier looks, that they insist on showing despite being fucking vtubers, is a complete masochist

No. 343906

You’re not Schizo at all. Vtubing is all about the personality, influencing in general is. Most male vtubers wanna appeal to women, yet have the personality of a typical degenerate. So they appeal to women for the first few months to get parasocials attached to them. Then completely drop the act and be the moods they are, however girls are still clinging to the idea that they are still their anime femboy daddy boyfriend.

No. 343908


mysta feels like he only does the shit he does (femboy, cosplay, uwu, etc..) to cater to his fans, like if he didn't have a platform he wouldn't give half a shit about any of it.

No. 343913

I like when nonitas come on here and shill their favorite vtuber. It's fun spilling tea on tubers but I think anyone who is in this thread enjoys vtubers on some level. I've listened to recs of anons here before.

No. 343914

File: 1703127387294.png (197.47 KB, 600x570, Screenshot 2023-12-20 185654.p…)


she's back again omfg

No. 343915

AYRT Mori isn't even my oshi, I just make these posts to validate the couple of Mori anons in here who turned out to be right all along. I hate what her voice does to me.

No. 343919

I'm actually really curious regarding who is represented ITT.
Picking only one chuuba, who do you nonnas oshi? Judgement free zone for one moment for the headcount (unlikely to occur but try)

No. 343921

File: 1703127821045.jpeg (152.17 KB, 850x1204, IMG_0466.jpeg)

No. 343925

File: 1703131203520.jpg (125.96 KB, 1280x922, kanifishing .JPG)

Oh wait it’s only one

No. 343927

Interesting, I actually don't think I've ever seen Axel mentioned in these threads. I like him though, he's one if those chuubas where even when they're being yabai it diesn't rub me the wrong way because it's oddly innocent

No. 343928

File: 1703135321236.gif (450.07 KB, 480x480, 2312439_symbolswriter_tenma-ma…)


No. 343930

File: 1703135370032.jpg (549.39 KB, 3500x4000, GA97fR4XoAAQPnb.jpg)

He got shat on itt but he triggers my i can fix him instincts

No. 343934

I feel guilty, I guess because I'd be so disgusted if a moid said this about a female vtuber, but the only time I watch male vtubers is when they trigger my ryona lust. Bettel was an occassional indulgence but Jurard makes me feel insane I want to see him bloody and ground into the dirt under somebody's boot with his teeth knocked out and his face a mess.

No. 343935

Lol its fine nonna. Yes its double standards but a man thinking this about a woman is very different.

No. 343940

I don't view men as people so it's a little similar unfortunately

No. 343956

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news nonna, but some people LOVE his voice and his personality.

No. 343957

File: 1703151937277.jpg (1.56 MB, 2480x3800, Ike.Eveland.full.3981972.jpg)

He has his flaws, but I will always have a soft spot for him.

No. 343966

File: 1703154416155.jpg (289.38 KB, 1400x1400, VPHkHDi.jpg)

>over 30
>actual ex doctor
>made an original song for his intro, his first attempt and it's good enough
>has a great singing voice and the drive to make covers
A good oshi candidate for someone like me who's tired of my old oshis breaking into menhera arcs where they can no longer hide their coomer tendencies and lack of any professional job experience before finding this outlet to live out their anime harem protagonist dreams. He's sweet and interactive with his chat. EU-friendly-ish time slots and even when I miss it most of his streams are 1-3 hours so it's easy to catch up. Already liked his excitement for streaming but these made me like him more.

No. 343977

File: 1703158274583.mp4 (13.29 MB, SnapTwitter_VGimiULaMUBb1cGL.m…)

This is so freaking cute [crying emoji]

No. 343987

4chan got angry after the boys Collab, I think. Did they ever stop being angry after that?

No. 343988


You may not like unofficial fancords.




Not sure if it's related to the GB thing or not.(this is an imageboard)

No. 343989

Not trying to excuse 4chan scrotes but she has a habit of starting projects then getting not following through or giving up quickly. She hyped up her news thing and gave up on it after 4 episodes.
Her VRChat map is pretty sweet though. I visited it the other day and had loads of fun things.

No. 343991

File: 1703165346986.jpg (78 KB, 706x736, 55e2fdc8cff90aea9b54085dd25cb6…)

Pic related overall
Mori for EN (she is a lot better in her IRL channel)
Roberu for boys

No. 343995

Will there be a Mousou Express follow up?

No. 343998

Tara. I liked her when she was Nina. She's the reason I started watching Vtubers. I only got clips though. And maybe 2 karaokes.
And Elira. She's a fujo who likes/reads weird smut like Clippy. She just like me Frfr. <3(<3)

No. 344001

The accent. A lot of people love that. I give you Kuro, Rin and Vox. You know who they are. I think they all reach 1 million pretty early, but Rin did it via shorts.
Plus, there's a lot of women who see Mysta's stuff as, “I like hearing about that stuff from a male perspective.”
I think the bit about zero gag reflex was famous. Those things appeal a lot to clippers etc.
Tldr: people who like coomer behaviour and mostly see clips.
(BTW: I heard someone on nyfco say he's not that bad outside of the clips.)
IMO, the clips reflect on the clippers' mentality and that decides the community the streamers will eventually attract. Idk how coomer he was in general, but the clippers primarily liked that part of him.

No. 344002

What are these links supposed to be? Post screenshots ffs.

No. 344005

File: 1703168380526.jpg (416.84 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20231221-194833.jpg)

On it.
TL;DR: Tempus fancord mods are trash talking people behind their backs and getting people ostracized. Small, dumb reasons like pl related art.
If you like discord communities, I recommend officials servers.

No. 344006

File: 1703168655797.jpg (269.3 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20231221-195236.jpg)

No. 344007

File: 1703168763243.jpg (387.34 KB, 1080x2142, Screenshot_20231221-195321.jpg)

No. 344009

File: 1703168905679.jpg (389.28 KB, 1080x2137, Screenshot_20231221-195419.jpg)

The mods are more milky than the streamers.
They also mod the unofficial Armis servers.

No. 344015

File: 1703170103803.jpg (44.86 KB, 584x822, eApYKis.jpg)

Shinri is officially a sex worker

Totally not related but how much do non-Bettel stars make anyway? Niji has people moving out in the first few months or being the sole breadwinner for their families but as far as I can tell most Stars are living with family or roommates.

No. 344018

I assumed it was more about them (Niji) being young and wanting to leave overbearing Asian families and Stars choosing to live with others (cz even Bettel does, afaik. Doesn't he live with his brother?)
Kyo moved back home. I assumed his condition required more help than expected.
I think only Luxiem does REALLY well, judging by the Vtuber SC rankings that people keep posting. They used to be top 20 when I checked, along with mostly Holo/Niji JP members & Myth featuring there.

No. 344019

No. 344024

Don't know how many exactly, but several jp stars have a day job or a pt job of some kind. Uyu has had erratic scheduling because his parents need him in their family's business. I wouldn't be surprised if Octavio continues a part time job to supplement income since it sounded like he's used to supporting a house and several pets. Hakka iirc is the main financial support of his family but he also lives in an area where that's a lot more possible

No. 344030

The problem is that men will actually go out and commit those crimes.

No. 344035

Part of it is that Niji, while having shit numbers these days, does A LOT better on the sponsorship front whuch does help pad income a little. It's hard to say how much the various StarsEN members make, but Shinri, the worst performing member of Tempus, still has roommates despite stating several times that he'd like to live alone and that it would benefit his streams, so at least one guy isn't making ends meet as well as he'd want to. Although I'd expect that the majority of Tempus are doing much better financially. Flayon may also have low numbers but his fans are also more mentally ill than Shinri's so kek

No. 344038

Curious about him being a doctor, where'd you learn that?

Doesn't Shinri have a law degree? I know lawyers aren't usually filthy rich but damn, can't he get a part-time job?

No. 344039

File: 1703181848774.jpeg (113.34 KB, 850x478, IMG_0467.jpeg)

Bettel lives with his brother, yeah. He said he did consider living alone at one point but decided it would be saner not to, more because he wouldn't cope well on his own as opposed to because it's financially necessary. Which makes sense as Bettel2 does seem to be the more practically responsible of the two and help Bettel out in a lot of ways.

No. 344041

It's not confirmed that he was a doctor, but it is confirmed that he's a medical professional based on posts from an old gaming review blog of his where he talked about going on hiatus and getting accredidation + more recently taken IRL photos from his doxx (these I think were from his mom's FB, which has since been privated), which do show him working in a medical setting.
Really depends on what kind of law you worked in. I don't actively watch him regularly (I don't like his model sorry), so I'm not even sure why he left law to do… this lol

No. 344044

All of this sounds like stupid high school drama but I can't believe this is why Jay R hasn't been showing up. I loved that bit lmao

No. 344056

File: 1703187107735.jpg (694.87 KB, 3930x2777, 20231208_002659.jpg)

No. 344081

AYRT. It IS high school drama. The obnoxious kids are chasing out most adults, from what I gather. But others are coming back, so hopefully Jay R also feels okay to come back eventually.
I've gotten corrective DMs in the past and they ruin a lot of the experience.
Are there clips of JayR? Istg I saw at least one.

No. 344084


I assumed it was either a hobby, or he decided to do an unrelated side gig, or it was early days and there's loans to repay so he's living frugally.

No. 344087

Not me drawing parallels between the 2 sets of twins. Bettel 2 and Fuwawa are the nice older siblings who do stuff like cooking for their kinda tsun younger siblings.

No. 344115

oh fuck you're going to get me parasocial, that's too wholesome

No. 344127

IDT I've ever seen one, but Jay R came up so often as a bit in Bettel zatsus during the time I was most active as a watcher. It was usually about all of the ways Jay R was miniscule (like he sleeps in a thimble, hangglides with a Costco receipt, etc) and how Bettel was going to obliterate him with casual ease

No. 344135

I feel like shoto has been a lot less annoying now that he avoids streaming with nijisanji as much. I feel like he also isn’t as desperate to get himself shipped with every male vtuber he interacts with too.

No. 344153

File: 1703221650769.jpeg (183.62 KB, 850x1046, IMG_0470.jpeg)

I get your vibe but it also makes me laugh because Bettel 2's solution in contrast to Bettel's habit of just not eating is that he orders entire palettes of top ramen at a time and eats stacks of 5 PB&J sandwiches in one sitting for maximum refueling efficiency kek. He's more on top of adult life than Bettel in a lot of ways but he's also so tangibly still his brother's twin.

No. 344161

I'm getting parasocial. He just like me Frfr.

No. 344163

Don't worry, nonnie. That's just regular sibling stuff. You'll see that with everyone who has siblings. Elira feeds her little brother even when she's abroad. Bijou likely got into video games cz of her brother. Look at her now.
Randon wants to be like his older sister. They're all pretty wholesome. I think that's why they were hired.

No. 344165

File: 1703225568513.jpg (1021.9 KB, 1500x844, FhNJ_c5aMAIrlLR.jpg)

I love him so much.

No. 344174

I want to kiss whoever keeps sliding in with gc rhetoric on the other site whenever backwards questions about a STARS boy secretly being a pooner comes up kek

No. 344177


No. 344180

gen2 tempus and armis is such a blessing for us

No. 344181

The one I've seen the most is other pooners coming into the page all excited with their ideas that Rio must be a TiF who is for some reason doing everything he can to hide what he is. People will tell them that Rio isn't, and that Rio has even said he's been harrassed in the past for his feminine voice despite being male, and they'll still come up with insane theories about how he could still be trans but going to extra lengths to hide it with an elaborate story. It's ridiculous.
I've also seen Uyu's stories of being confused about his high voice and trying to maintain it when he hit puberty as "proof" of him being trans, when he explicitly stated that his mom supportively thinking he was trans was what gave him a reality check.
Today we have somebody asking if Ruze is trans because of his interests and PL.
In every case, there's always somebody subtly coming in and talking about how this kind of thinking is regressive/people should be able to present however regardless of their sex without being trans, etc. basic GC talking points without directly using alarming terminology. I'm hoping it peaks some people because it does get a surprising amount of support and Cover's fandom isn't as rabidly TRA as Niji's is.

No. 344182

>Shinri is officially a sex worker
Not surprised since his PL comes from the /wvt/ general.

No. 344184

Ruze of all people? Kek they're so delusional. Can't quickly find a clip of Uyu saying that but I'm glad he said it straight up. They need to stop speculating about normal people just to feel some fake validation from people who couldn't care less about their made up genders.

No. 344185

Here's Uyu speaking on it.
The funniest thing is that these threads stay up until somebody calls them out on being insane, and then the upvote/downvote ratio flips against their favor, and the thread always gets reported and deleted lol

No. 344187

File: 1703239419031.jpg (216.67 KB, 1000x982, 4934054039135_figure-kuzuha-ni…)

Great taste, did you get his figure?

No. 344188

I went to check out their voices and Uyu is obviously a moid, but I think Rio sounds like a TiF myself. Ruze on the other hand is 100% a man.

No. 344191

The comments are so tone deaf celebrating the mother's words ignoring that his panic when someone thought him to be a tranny smacked him back to reality and he even called his mother "unnecessarily openminded" kek
One of the en stars referred to Rio as "they" while he referred to others as "he" so he might be a tif but why would a girl get bullied for having a high voice? I think he just has unfortunate genes/hormone problems. On that topic it seems to be a trend among vtubers to refer to people as "they" randomly despite knowing their gender. It's awkward and weird when they randomly switch pronouns, Bettel does this a lot.

No. 344193

Was it one of the ENstars? I thought it was Ame, and mostly because she wasn't familiar with him.
And yeah, the comments on that vid are so delusional when he was clearly turned off by the line of thinking that he might be trans and critical of his own previous actions.
That's not a reason to justify people insisting that he's possibly trans for their own gratification against his own stated trauma from being harrassed over his voice.
He's not the only case of a male vtuber with a highly GNC voice, either, but he gets these schizos because he has good opsec and is the only StarsJP that hasn't been doxxed. Mashiro from Nijisanji has had similar experiences with his voice, and his voice is his natural voice despite him being undeniably male when you see pictures and videos of him IRL.
This constant evaluation of whether you can clock somebody or not is just overall regressive, and a trend I really dislike in some terfy spaces. And it's not contributory to the discussion at hand.

No. 344280

File: 1703283433741.jpg (485.91 KB, 2935x4096, Fr1XFoKaAAENdX7.jpg)

Me too, good taste. Looking forward to his solo live part of Nijifes. I really appreciate how he manages to stream a lot while keeping up with his idol-related activities.
Also I feel like I don't really see a lot of people into Niji JP among english speaking vtuber fans, although seeing posts like this >>344181 it might be for the better kek.

No. 344285

File: 1703287409398.jpeg (74.9 KB, 850x602, IMG_0473.jpeg)

I'm mostly a Holo fan these days, but my love affair with vtubers began with NijiJP! It's just that all of my favorites slowly left or became inactive…
Picrel was my original oshi, but I'm taking the loss a lot better after seeing recent clips of his fleshself still delusionally holding on to the idea of being female, while also talking about how he's poly? It's sad that he turned out to be another typical troon.

No. 344286

>recent clips of his fleshself still delusionally holding on to the idea of being female, while also talking about how he's poly? It's sad that he turned out to be another typical troon.
what what what what what the fuck are you talking about? this cant be

No. 344293

He identifies as a transbian. His personal twitter bio has had this stated since back when he was Mayuzumi.

No. 344296

Samefag but more than this, he got flamed in the past for saying misogynistic things about how women just have to worry about being cute and things are easier for them.

No. 344297

no wonder i didn't like him, i got that his personality thing was being quiet and blunt, but i still disliked him, esp in comparison to Kuzuha and Kanae

No. 344299

I liked how much effort he put into kayfabe and lore compared to most other NijiJP members at the time. But this is just too much for me lol

No. 344300

why does he actually look like a less fat, japanese Alex Mahan…

No. 344304

I hate you for saying this, it's so true lmfao. Mayuzumi/Yamien is a hafu though. If you look at pictures of him (and I think measurements from his talent agency listing confirmed this but it's been years) he's anachan

No. 344305

>Mayuzumi/Yamien is a hafu though
yeah i could tell that much kek, if only his teeth leaned towards a more Western taste.

No. 344309

File: 1703291133976.jpg (16.69 KB, 257x257, 1641935789541.jpg)

i was studying his face for while for some reason, and then it hit me. omg, he looks just like my teacher in my fashion college, down to all the hair being combed to his forehead and scrawny anachan build and fucked up teeth and big nose and sunken in cheeks and shittily painted nails, all he's missing are glasses and a square face shape.

No. 344314

File: 1703295687665.jpg (545.52 KB, 1000x750, E7BTso-VEAordjq.jpg)

>I'm mostly a Holo fan these days, but my love affair with vtubers began with NijiJP! It's just that all of my favorites slowly left or became inactive…
NTA but me too. I think NijiJP has stronger entertainers but Holos in all branches just seem like nicer (introverted) people overall kek. NijiEN, what happened to IN and KR, and the increasing JP idol activities were ironically what pushed me towards watching HoloEN more.
>It's sad that he turned out to be another typical troon.
I cope by pretending that's an imposter and that his real RM is a regular ass salaryman somewhere out there in the world

No. 344316

File: 1703296153647.png (120.42 KB, 746x617, 3B8ACC7F-AF36-4A46-8D9A-458221…)

If fan drama is relevant at all, I’m surprised no one has talked about the real insane fan named Horayo who was simultaneously an extremely parasocial fan artist while spending money sending hate superchats to Mysta almost everyday, and now does the same thing to Kuro. It got to the point where Mysta threatened legal action while still in Nijisanji and even had a private talk with her as Kuro, telling her to get her act together before he proceeds with suing her. She’s been going even harder nowadays after getting doxxed (by sending a public hate superchat that ended up getting tracked back to her own Steam account among other things) and I think she might get sued soon.
>Serially harasses Mysta/Kuro (spawning from jealousy over Mika and Mysta becoming friends during the Luxiem offcollab)
>Also harasses other Nijisanji streamers such as Mika, Kotoka, and other members of Luxiem
>Harasses other Mysta/Luxiem fans over completely unjustified reasons such as not liking them “the right way” such as clippers, fan artists, etc
>Created tons of Mysta/Kuro hate threads on the 4chan catalog highlighting out of context clips to spawn hate towards him while also complaining about the hate that he gets on Nijisanji threads (even complained about the hate he gets on this website once kek)
>Frequently blog posted about having a miserable life and no friends and self posted art from her own Twitter account (which is another thing that ended up getting her doxxed)
>Harasses Mysta around his graduation announcement time (something she might be possibly responsible for) on Twitter which leads to him responding to one of her tweets telling her to move on (picrel)
>Still is somehow a Kuro hater/fan when he debuts, still going on with the usual routine of making fanart and replying to every single one of his tweets on a hate account and her fanartist account
>Kuro gets a hate dono from her one day and says he knows what her main account is, which leads to her making tweets about how she wants to leave the internet and how regretful she is of her previous actions, which alerts other Kuro/Mysta fans of her Horayo identity
>Kuro mocks his haters on stream one day and she takes this as a slight towards her and goes on a full smear campaign to generate him hate by making malicious clips and spamming them under random fantweets and posting them on 4chan
>Has a “reborn” hate account now where she’s just talking to herself about how much she hates Mysta and telling random fans to “apologize” for being a fan of him
>Now Mysta’s nyfco page is just full of her ranting to herself about not caring if she gets sued and fighting with Mysta fans
Parasocialism truly is a disease.

No. 344327

AYRT oh my god, are you me? I never got into Niji EN but I was big into ID and KR and the slow death of those branches made me so sad. It always felt like you never knew when your favorite would leave in KR, and after the third graduation of somebody I watched there (Shin Kiru), I just gave up, which was a shame since that's the only non-EN branch I can fluently understand. With the bullying and mismanagement, though, I get why they ended up as they did.
ID though? The way they killed a branch that absolutely thrived on its own and then further neutered it by merging it with JP was just sad. I was already gone by the time the mass graduations started happening, but each one was so sad.
I hate to turn my back on the group that brought me into all this, but I'm a lot happier with the stability Holo provides me as a fan. I was a StarsJP watcher convurrent to watching Niji for years, but after finding my Hololive EN oshi, I've been really content as a fan. Who do you watch now?
And yeah, kek, Mayuzumi's kayfabe was strong enough that it's pretty easy to divorce him from Yamien. And his troon shit never really came out with the character, unlike the way some other livers have slowly morphed their characters to their gender illness.

No. 344329

I'm aware of her, but because it's Mysta I just sort of funny. Menhera tard on menhera tard violence.

No. 344333

Eh, unless she threatens him that’s just free money for him

No. 344334

It's even funnier that she's so menhera that people started suspecting it might be Mysta himself. Right after realizing that the niji leaks started when he decided to graduate and stopped when he graduated.

No. 344335

File: 1703304695893.jpeg (727.18 KB, 2480x3329, IMG_0477.jpeg)

I'm actually so excited for Fauna to go on break. Getting daily episodes of her Outer Wilds let's play is going to be a nice and easy to keep up with treat each day during a stressful time of year.

No. 344359

nonnas bonding over liking the most popular vtuber in the world

No. 344371

Armis getting me a lot more interested with en Holostars came at the right time. I was following franchises like Idolish7, Hypnosis Mic, Paradox Live, etc. but getting kinda bored of that. I'm hooked on how Octavio, Rex, and Ruze interact with each other

No. 344372

File: 1703335930062.jpg (244.84 KB, 1284x1027, GB3ZJX7bYAAe21C.jpg)

No. 344386

that's not ironmouse

No. 344402

And…? He may be popular but both members of Chronoir surprisingly don't get discussed in these spaces that often.

No. 344427

File: 1703367805140.png (300.98 KB, 640x360, banchougun.png)

Mayuyu was my kamioshi for a long time. I didn't even care about him being a troon irl much at first, but it's pretty disappointing nonetheless. I do still miss him and wish he was still around in Nijisanji.

I initially thought Ruze was going to be my new oshi, but I definitely have a soft spot for this bratty, dumb dino.

No. 344438

Yup, when it comes to english speaking fans I think that most people have a positive opinion of them and find it cool when their oshi gets to interact with them (like Sonny and Zali recently), but they don't exactly have a super big dedicated fanbase outside of Japan.
This is the case for Niji JP in general since most people can't understand japanese and it's not like Niji puts in much effort into advertising their JP branch overseas.

No. 344460

I've watched some translated clips and some of the edited yt content from Chronoir but ultimately despite wanting to learn japanese to be fluent one far off day, I have other things I want to learn or read about more. So english speaking vtubers are much easier to listen to and become familiar with while I'm doing other things like chores. It's still a little too bad that western audiences and vtubers in the 2 main corpos besides a few are so lukewarm or almost leery on the prominent kayfabe and character part of it, considering how much everything owes to past anime/manga/videogame characters and their creators plus voice actors

No. 344473

File: 1703392065389.jpeg (308.27 KB, 2264x996, IMG_0653.jpeg)

>Zaion is in her lore video
>her lore is that she was traumatized and broken by Nijisanji

No. 344481

File: 1703394734623.jpeg (84.57 KB, 828x905, D927B2EC-B740-4FF4-99D2-AC8735…)

The past year of her career summarized in one image

No. 344482

Kek, I had to watch the video. This is the most melodramatic thing I've ever seen in my life. "You can't play your old Genshin account in Niji" = putting her under surgery, electrocuting her, forcing her to become someone she's not, then literally kicking her poor anime neko/kitsune(?) girl self into the streets to survive in the pouring rain. Ok.jpg
Reminds me of Yanderedev's infamous video where he portrays all of his struggles except he's a cute anime girl being bullied by le internet.
And what's with the Kson appearance? Is she trying to imply she's going to be a part of Vshojo? Do they even want her?

No. 344484

Kson just likes to blindly support whoever gets burned by corpos, she was doing commentary on some of Sayu's original disclosures about Nijisanji back when her first google doc came out.
If anybody really wants a good laugh, check out the comments. I like the one likening what happened to her to psychological horror kek

No. 344486

she wasn’t even in niji long enough to be tortured fucking kek she needs therapy

No. 344495

File: 1703405367192.jpeg (141.81 KB, 850x849, IMG_0485.jpeg)

Just wondering, but for those of you who have a female kami oshi, what's your sexuality? I'm a lesbian, although I wouldn't say that I'm attracted to my oshi at all (even if I am to some of the other female chuubas I watch).

No. 344496

I'm straight (I think… I'm not sexually attracted to women). My kami oshi is female simply because I don't like men and therefore don't watch male chuubas kek.

Kekw Yunii being in the video after Sayu shat on her.

No. 344503

kek im gay myself but i dont see my kamioshi as my wife?? i just see her as a cool friend i can watch, shes like a older cool coworker so its more fun since shes a indie and quite older than usual vtubers also romantically following someone is super retarded

No. 344504

Who's your kamioshi? She sounds cool.

No. 344506

Yeah, it's the same reason for me. I don't want to watch men and I'd still watch only female chuubas if I was straight kek
Nice, I wish there was a term for it that didn't sound misogynistic but hag chuubas are really just the best.
Honestly I'm pretty sure that viewers who genuinely oshi somebody for waifu reasons are pretty rare.

No. 344525

Does Cover even hire gendies to become vtubers in their company anyway? The only one I'm aware of is maybe Kronii's PL, who's apparently a "nb lesbian" or something like that. I'm a fan of livers from both Holo and Nijisanji, but something that I've noticed is that Anycolor is more lax on hiring vtubers to join their companies compared to Cover. They're more willing to hire menhera gendies like Yugo and Mayuzumi to join their companies, whereas for livers under Cover, the "wildest" they'll get is hiring bisexuals (Tempus Vanguard boys are a good example of this). In fact, it might be too risky on a business standpoint for Cover to hire TIM/TIFs, as the Holo streaming culture is "boys interact with boys only and girls interact with girls only"unless you're in ID or want the male fans to give you shit forever aka Mori kek.

No. 344526

Vanguard are not bi except for Shinri who's an actual bara liking faggot and occasionally finds joy in seeing women being reduced to sex toys in gacha games

No. 344527

Flayon's not bisexual? I remember him saying he had interest in men a couple of times, as well as talking about gay shit on streams. That could just be him making his typical little comments though.

No. 344528

Every male that grew up on tumblr is "bisexual" because they liked a male character once despite never having liked a real man in their lives.

No. 344541

File: 1703424861104.jpg (118.62 KB, 1182x1182, GCE3LjPa8AA6-ZV.jpg)

Top 10 Cutest Vtubers of All Time
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare
>Regis Altare

No. 344544

>sacrificed for HQ
>adopted VG
>has holostars heart
>wants to be here and shows up for events
Good leader. His only flaw is that he's too scared to tell trannies to kill themselves. Honestly don't blame him since half his/ENstars' fanbase is 30 year old women still thinking they're yaoi bottoms.

No. 344547

>Kronii's PL, who's apparently a "nb lesbian" or something like that
She had they/them pronouns in some bio of hers and mentioned being "genderfluid" in a reply to one of the comments of a video of hers. I feel like she just didn't want to identify with her gender online just like you don't use your real name for your online usernames.

No. 344549

but everyone knows you're a woman when you call yourself genderfluid. I think she genuinely identifies as that

No. 344552

I don't quite get your logic. People usually have usernames instead of their real names for privacy reasons. Kronii is obviously a woman, so there's no reason for her to claim she's genderfluid unless she actually believes it.

No. 344553

I’m straight but I see having a kamoshi similar to how I felt while being a stan for pop stars when I was younger kek, and I never cared for men in that sense. It’s someone who I can admire almost like how a younger sibling admires an older sibling I guess. I do like Holostars though because of cute boys doing stuff meta so I understand people who have oshis that they consider to be waifus/husbandos

No. 344565

Krisis is a gem for Niji and each of them alike. A wave with actual friendship and fun personalities that had to go through hell predebut and came over the low ccv curse iluna and xsoleil had. I didn't care about wave collabs till them. Merry Krisis ev