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File: 1685626646061.jpg (168.41 KB, 1500x500, FxcXIAALVfsVA.jpg)

No. 299904

Post the worst of the worst character designs you can find. From the uncannily realistic to terrible reboots to oversexualized. It doesn't matter if it's from movies, TV, video games, comics, just has to be awful.

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No. 302285

File: 1686766759482.png (320.61 KB, 567x525, Angel_Lilo_Stitch.png)

No. 302287

I remember when someone claimed that this character was designed by a kid who won a contest and therefore it shouldn't be mocked. But the only source on this was a fanwiki everyone could edit

No. 302294

File: 1686773081013.png (99.2 KB, 666x630, jessica sherawat.png)

Someone already posted Rachel Foley but can we talk about jessica who decided to wear high heels in her wetsuit?

No. 302295

this is both hilarious and weirdly….likeable. its just so silly

No. 302306

that was very stacy of her tho

No. 302346

File: 1686795164230.png (34.63 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20230614-190531.png)

That was really fake? I can't believe I even thought it was real. I had to dig up the original post and even this person said she made it kek

No. 302482

It would be impossible to win a contest under a fake name; for me that cements this story as fake

No. 302498

File: 1686864973829.png (218.41 KB, 1280x1920, why.png)

dang, an anon beat me to it, but I've still got to. I'm not even angry that she has her boobs out during some mutant/zombie stuff—it's how the hell can she see with her hair like that? No wonder she got got, she didn't see it coming.

No. 303192

File: 1687195700850.jpg (423.34 KB, 1685x1200, Fxv1f6NXA_mBTe.jpg)

Every Pokemon Generation past 4

No. 303230

I almost agree, there are some pokemon I really like starting from gen 5 but I think the majority of them are forgettable or ugly or look very out of place. I don't know how to explain it because it's so obvious but also so subtle but you can really notice at first glance which pokemon were designed by the original designers and which ones were designed by new hires starting from gen 5. It's sad but starting from gen 7 I pic my starters based on which one is the less stupid looking one when comparing their final evolutions regardless of stats.

No. 303291

fuck you snom is great

No. 303292

File: 1687204055975.png (70.72 KB, 950x475, FKV2uE6aV_A31b.png)

I dare you to defend this.

No. 303322

There are some good designs up to gen 7 or even 8. However the amount of bad designs increases with the gen number.
Gen 5 had a bunch of good ones. Gen 6 had too few new Pokemon to leave an impression but it had a mix of good and bad. Gen 7 is where it truly went to shit even though a few designs were still good. One of the few designs I liked from gen 8 was Corviknight.

The problem, I think, is that more and more people started to design pokemon, same with the human characters, so the franchise started to stray from the characteristic style it had for the first few generations.

Also, it's not like all of the pokemon starting from gen 5 are automatically bad and all of the designs before that were perfect, that's such a genwunner take. A lot of Gen 1 pokemon in particular are so fucking boring to me and don't seem to make sense, like they were designed in a hurry. But generally, yeah, the first 4 generations had better pokemon that actually looked like pokemon and quality started to decline after that.

No. 303326

>A lot of Gen 1 pokemon in particular are so fucking boring to me and don't seem to make sense
If you're talking about the pokemon that have fairy simple designs it's because the devs didn't want our gameboys to fucking explode when we were playing by putting complicated sprites that would take too much space in each cartridge. The more recent designs are more detailed and complex now because the devs can do whatever they want without making the Switch shit itself to death… No nevermind they still put insane glitches in their games like in the good all days but you get the idea.

No. 303352

Two different types of crab

No. 303659

File: 1687313350097.jpg (90.3 KB, 1080x1133, xgr65fxc44g61.jpg)

These two are white blood cells. Why does the female one have huge knockers out even though the male one is normally dressed? It doesn't make sense since this version of Cells at Work! she's in takes place in a much darker and edgier theme where hell breaks lose. How am I suppose to take this seriously when her tits are out making herself more vulnerable to enemies and foes? Are the audience supposed to feel worried and aroused at the same time? It's unnecessary, retarded and cringe just like Highschool of the Dead. I like the idea of surviving in an apocalypse or in a world being swallowed by danger and disaster but designing the girls to look sexy with skin out and to appeal horny moids just ruins it and breaks the seriousness and immersion of the theme.

No. 303667

Me in August vs. me in December

No. 303669

File: 1687316688802.gif (1.3 MB, 480x360, lies.gif)

Right, because people always tell the truth on Tumblr.com.

No. 303683

Yes I know she's lying. I shared because of how blatant it was

No. 303736

File: 1687357519427.jpg (1.66 MB, 5000x3404, Gens.jpg)

Accidentally posted the wrong image.

I was talking about Snom specifically not that disgusting thing! Anyway I decided to go over all the Pokemon from the Gens after Gen 5 and see how many of them I actually like. I've marked the ones I think are good designs/that I like personally. Just for fun.

No. 303877

Ik anon, I was agreeing with you

No. 304269

File: 1687530400440.png (36.89 KB, 685x402, IMG_6.png)

From the Western Animation Thread, tick how many of characters in the thread pic fulfil these requirements.

No. 304496

File: 1687628931857.jpg (140.32 KB, 1079x1677, Dog bee lady.jpg)

What is she even supposed to be

No. 304513

File: 1687635403975.jpg (45.84 KB, 800x418, miscreation.jpg)

It looks like a creature from miscreation

No. 304760

File: 1687756989175.png (35.45 KB, 475x475, 097.png)

God tier pokémon design right here

No. 304761

File: 1687757198589.png (641.17 KB, 868x764, fucking puke.png)

So tired of retarded anime designs like this. Cut your fucking hair goddamn

No. 304764

a game could be the next citizen kane but if the characters look like this im not playing it

No. 304815

Is there one character who doesn't hace bicolor hair in that game? Beside like three of them on top of my head.

No. 304830

hypno was genuinely one of my fave pokemon until the internet turned it into a "haha it's a rapist" meme, i loved the big nose and white fluff around its neck.

No. 304901

File: 1687809376663.jpeg (36.77 KB, 504x572, fetchimage.jpeg)

No. 304953

File: 1687824623329.jpg (204.63 KB, 1200x2305, Untitled.jpg)

this design has always been weird, stupid and coomer. i cannot believe the amount of women who went full pick-me to defend it because they like the game's creator.

No. 304957

i mean the whole point of the character is being coomerish, its full self-indulgence

No. 304961

some fenic fox + bee type of mix but Viv only knows how to draw canines like 99% of furfags. since beezlebub is mainly portrayed as some type of fly/insect kind of demon. the only insect like thing she has here are wings and extra arms. it's a mess of a design

No. 304962

doesn't mean it's a good design. if the creator was going for "nooo it's meant to be coomer" then she wouldn't also be trying to look so elegant. it's this gross and messy clashing of a beautiful dress with legs showing and dumb thigh-high stockings and a bodysuit barely covering her labia and heels she can barely walk in.

No. 304966

On a surface level the dress looks pretty, but upon further inspection why the feather sleeves and poofy sleeves? Also the slit in the dress and boob window contributes to the overdesigned nature of the outfit.

No. 304970

i dont find it a bad design, it's very recognizable

No. 304971

I don’t care for her dress but I like the rest of her. Would’ve made more sense to put her and 9S in armor. As a character I like her.

No. 304980

File: 1687831501678.jpeg (920.13 KB, 3024x2418, IMG_1952.jpeg)

Anyone else bothered by the women in the new Final Fantasy? The concept art looks good but somehow gets lost in translation to 3D because of weird-looking proportions (I think tiny heads/necks too long?) and extremely mousey faces. Meanwhile the men all look great. Jill’s unnecessarily low ponytail behind her ears and gray hair make her look extra mouse-like.

No. 304981

File: 1687831586033.png (541.94 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_1950.png)

Better view of her face

No. 304994

File: 1687837222012.jpg (40.04 KB, 600x337, Dissidia-FF-NT-PV_12-14-17.jpg)

I like Jill, but I agree there's something a bit weird about her and Benedikta's faces. It might be the long, thin noses and pointy chins? Benedikta particularly looks like a yassified Dissidia Zidane to me.

No. 305046

I have the same opinion for some of the guys. Their noses look weird, not Mickael Jackson tier but almost.

No. 305057

I think both of their eyes are too small and squinty?
I find the super low ponytail cute tho, makes me think of Applejack and Tifa

No. 305086

File: 1687885692373.gif (9.28 MB, 540x540, tumblr_53bfd233e177eac66e17edd…)

Their mouths are so weird

No. 305088

File: 1687885857466.gif (9.37 MB, 540x500, tumblr_5804fcb7af3db44345f015f…)

No. 305100

i think there's something wrong with the nose + philtrum shapes that makes them look like they have no lips. they clearly do have lips but it's creating an odd effect

No. 305107

I hate the modern FF 3D style so much. All the girls' faces look very similar (seriously, if you swap the hair they'd some of then look identical to each other) and they're uncanny when they move. Everything is so smooth and you can tell they refuse to give them proper expressions because they fear their usual japanese-looking pretty girl face will appear ugly. Look at these >>305088
>>305086 their faces don't move beside the tiny mouths. The men are slightly better but they often look uncanny too with the expressions and realistic face + anime eyes combo.

No. 305181

Also her cheeks just look too puffy?? Like overdone filler. Absolutely no sculpted features just fat filler face.

No. 305189

File: 1687919223851.png (122.5 KB, 1055x949, ECFD78C4-7590-4FF0-BCC7-6C7730…)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is excellent, I’m enjoying the fuck out of it, but MC’s design is so ugly. He’s very green in comparison to all the other characters, his one lens glasses look stupid af, his hair style is ugly, his clothes are ugly, and why does he have all those marks on his body that the other MC (also a kabaneri) doesn’t have? Can’t wait for this dude to get a hair cut or different fit or something. The purple pants ain’t it.

No. 305210

I love her design until it gets to her legs. The creator when full pornsick there giving her a ridiculous thigh slit, heels and thigh-high stockings.

No. 305224

File: 1687935268604.jpg (27.74 KB, 400x379, realmario.jpg)

It's the end result of modern FF trying to pander to both Japanese and Western tastes at the same time.

No. 305258

File: 1687955697474.jpg (26.21 KB, 680x1176, Untitled.jpg)

i agree it looks fine except for the legs. it's especially awkward comparing her to 92 who is completely chaste in comparison. i've seen people say the boy "appeals to female fantasy just as much". fucking how? he looks like a 10 year old in his school uniform

No. 305287

it always bothered me that her blindfold is longer on one side than the other. also why put her in heels when she weighs several hundred pounds due to the nature of being an android? it always reminds me of that fanart from detroit become human where kamski talks about all the math involved in balancing an android just right so she can walk in heels, and the other character (connor? gavin reed? idr) just grimaces at him because it's so stupid.

No. 305326

I don't know anything about nier automata, but he does look like a child to me especially compared to the female character. Apparently there's hints that they're into each other?

No. 305327

she would have looked so much better with just a full skirt, no boob window and normal shoes instead of hooker boots

No. 305331

I love the design itself, but it is coomer and it is absolutely unapologetic in its coomerness. It doesn't make sense, but she is also a robot so it doesn't really matter either.

No. 305401

He looks like an attempt to attract female shotafags

No. 305403

Yeah he’s definitely a shota, it’s the stereotypical shorts with stockings combo even. I’ve noticed a lot of eastern games doing this, where they want to appeal to men while also trying to get a female audience without threatening the male fantasy. So the male characters end up being shotas since a tall handsome bishie would be too threatening to men.

No. 305406

>where they want to appeal to men while also trying to get a female audience without threatening the male fantasy.
Exactly what I was going to say kek. If they had made the male android appear the same age as 2B and a bishonen/biseinen, male players would've felt threatened and cucked by him. Making him a shota also helps attract pornsick moids who are into straight shota (usually for self-insert purposes) or "femboys".
It's kinda fucked up that their way to attract female players is making the male character look like an underage teenager instead of a young adult man, just because they don't want to make moids uncomfortable.

No. 305407

I have noticed that misogynistic coomer moids tends to have a disdain towards attractive males, that's why they often attempt to emasculate or humiliate them in their media.

No. 305409

it's easy for incel moids to self-insert as shotas (even female-only coomerbait series like dragon maid include shotas) because they're all mentally unwell and also pornsick female shotafags love shipping shotas with big titty sexdroids for some reason, so it's basically a win-win in the eyes of the devs and even more proof that shota tend to appeal to the lowest audience. on the other hand tall bishounen interacting with coomer waifu will make them seethe because they know they can't self-insert

No. 305410

Do they? everytime I see shota characters their usually sexualized by men and made into "femboys" by porn addicted men.

No. 305411

no there's a lot of regular shota art from jp audiences, femboy is more of a western thing

No. 305413

jp moid misogyny is something that disgusts me but sometimes fascinates me, like who fucking wants to fucking self insert as a 10 year old boy.

No. 305415

well it's not like women who self-insert as lolis don't exist…unfortunately

No. 305460

File: 1688045504231.png (561.19 KB, 900x900, quality designs.png)

You know your characters designs have gotten "better" over the years when important features like eyes and arms blend into other bodyparts

No. 305477

please leave tinkaton out of this

No. 305601

>please leave tinkaton out of this
I second this, tinkaton is cute and fun!
While I find the other 2 quite ugly I don't think the things anon complained about are right in this case. Gholdengo is made of solid gold, the eyes are just rings etched into the gold. And Palafin is a superhero wearing a mask/swimming goggles, they both make thematic sense to me. As for arms blending in with body parts… that's been a pokemon thing since gen 1, just look at like mankey or poliwrath so I don't see what the issue is there? But I can't stress enough that gen 9 designs are not at all my taste and is possibly the ugliest region we've ever had overall. But that's just because they deliberately give each region its own "style", I for one adore pretty much every gen 7 pokemon but I've heard others say it's the worst region and them loving these new gen 9 pokemon.

No. 305651

Idk guys I find Tinkaton stupid too. I mean, it's cute, but it just doesn't look like a Pokemon. The huge-ass hammer makes it look more like a character from some anime rather than a species of cute critters, if that makes sense.
Same with the stupid superhero fish. You would never imagine those in the wild.

No. 306181

>like who fucking wants to fucking self insert as a 10 year old boy.

They like to self-insert as a little boy because they have the mentality of a little boy. Being an adult man means taking care of yourself knowing the ins and outs of the world etc. But these dudes are so emotionally stunted and lazy they'd rather everything be catered them to by a hot mommy waifu.

No. 306200

I feel the same way as >>305331
I actually like her design as well but I also acknowledge that it is total coombait material and I cringe when I see moids make fanart of her and go to town coomifying even more.

I do agree that it would look miles better if the skirt was a full skirt.

No. 306555

File: 1688452098981.png (168.35 KB, 251x581, Milim.png)

Wtf is this design

No. 306581

File: 1688468167462.png (564.39 KB, 719x1278, kawaii_desu_uwu.png)

An amalgamation of every coomer anime trope known to man. Surprise surprise, it's a vtuber.

No. 306582

>she's a vtuber
how? she is breaking every twitch TOS with that design

No. 306583

My bad. She's actually a VTwitch streamer.


No. 306592

Eugh, that design is so bad. I get wanting to appeal to coomers for simpbux, but everything about this design (except the hair) screams babies first coomer oc. Like a coomer version of Enoby Ravenway.

No. 306598

I'm surprised it isn't a troon.

No. 306602

Sorry to burst your bubble but according to her YouTube channel About Mr she (or more technically the avatar?) is genderfluid.

No. 306809

File: 1688594916677.png (219.7 KB, 454x985, 3350fb019c57776940b81bd8374d3e…)

trash tier design

No. 306810

Never played Danganronpa but this looks like a coomoid's idea of a "tomboy"

No. 306812

I don’t know this series but just had to comment: saw this from the main page and thought it was from Panty Stocking and Garterbelt

No. 306813

this is my eternal fight. Every single scrote thinks a woman with short spiky hair is a tomboy, they'll draw the stacy wojack thing with short spiky hair and slap tomboy on it.

No. 306816

The micro mini skirt is more of a gyaru thing in Japan, not to mention the cleavage. There's nothing "tomboy" about gyaru fashion, it's the most conventionally girly girl shit ever. Moids are incapable of understanding why or how girls become tomboys.

No. 306818

Absolutely loathe Reddit posts about the ideal ‘tomboy’ and it’s a hyper femme girl with D Cups, ass shorts, and a pixie cut.

No. 306820

File: 1688599386267.jpeg (63.75 KB, 540x411, IMG_2230.jpeg)

Literally leftover shit from the beta that no one could be bothered to put any effort into writing back in.
Originally she was going to be a more active despair character meant to contrast with Komaeda (encouraging people to not do anything aside from lay around in despair, while Komaeda encouraged people to kill for hope), but that got scrapped so she was just left with literally no personality aside from 'lol meat'.
Sucks because her original design and concept were really cool and I would have wanted to see the ideological debates she and Komaeda got into.

No. 306822

All the danganronpa art is ugly as fuck to me, looks like it was made by a 14 year old following a “How to Draw My First Manga” book, it is just so viscerally unappealing. It’s so stiff.

No. 306831

File: 1688606984733.png (23.74 KB, 512x512, CHEESTRINGS-MR-STRINGS-NEW-REN…)

The one in the middle is just a fucking string cheese

No. 306838

File: 1688611642177.jpg (414.25 KB, 820x1760, 611-6113961_this-article-cover…)

The whole thing about her having a coomery design bothers me because it doesn't even fit her personality and it's such missed potential. She's supposed to be a gymnast but nothing about this design screams athletic. They could have even made her sexy with a skintight gymnast outfit but they had to go for this generic, shitty take on a gyaru (I think junko's design from the same franchise is a very shitty take on japanese street fashion). But at least it fits Junko's personality, it doesn't even fit Akane. Picrel - I think Tenko from the third game really suffers from the same problem as Akane, her design is far too girly (yet also somewhat unappealing to coomers, she doesn't seem to have many fans) and doesn't fit her martial arts talent at all or reflect her personality very well. I am a danganronpa fan but gosh some of the designs in this franchise are hot garbage and I could totally sperg for paragraphs but I wont.

No. 306839

I mean, spoilers but I'm pretty sure in the third game they aren't supposed to look like their super special talent Because it's fake or something

No. 306843

you make a good point but some of the other characters have designs that fit their talents. i guess it's just rather inconsistent? like kaito, kirumi, kaede, himiko, and kiibo for example … so it's just rather inconsistent

No. 306870

File: 1688630637184.jpg (336.14 KB, 1220x813, E52X2B_388936122_677912872-122…)

general book thread ! CP !

No. 306888

tenkos design is annoying bc the character designers would rather die than let a female character wear anything other than a skirt, even when it doesn't fit their character. tenko hates men & is an athlete but they still give her a short skirt…
ill use toko from dr1 as a direct contrast & example of a character whose outfit (long skirt) actually reflects their personality. tenko had potential to be great imo, but her design doesn't do her justice

No. 306946

File: 1688668039234.jpg (149.53 KB, 1919x1079, glow-production-glow-productio…)

I posted some hero shooter characters in the last thread but god they haven't gotten any better. OW2 designs are still garbage and the most recent champion in paladins looks like picrel. I know probably no one else cares about these games anymore but I cant stand the shit-tier coomerbait designs when this game used to actually make good designs, including sexy ones! I mean this character is supposed to be the queen of demons or whatever she just looks like some generic monster bitch with the most ridiculous proportions and an outfit boring as sin. You can tell this was made for weird moid fetishes (peep the fucking FEET) . Also just one more cherry on top of the cake she's supposed to be black but imo the design does nothing to actually match that, like her skin looks way too light. Its just more lazy, ugly coomershit and hero shooters are honestly just filled with garbage designs now, not even just coomerbait ones.

No. 306947

File: 1688668246896.jpg (457.39 KB, 4096x1271, Fp6eI7pWIBEtKCe.jpg)

samefag but i completely foregot to mention how ridiculous and unbalanced the horns and wings look too, it's just way too much detail in one place while the rest of the design is boring as hell, picrel is concept art where she has this cape thing and even though using the wings as a cape is kinda silly it already looks so much more balanced than the design we got

No. 306959

>somehow still has to walk like she’s wearing heels
I think retards really think that women’s feet are exactly as Barbie’s feet.

No. 306979

Eh, I absolutely hate how short Tenko's skirt is because of her talent, but according to the art book she alters her uniform and adds ruffles and shit to make it cute and attract girls. I like the idea of her design but the execution sucks

No. 307024

God forbid Danganronpa let their female villains be insane in a way that's actually intriguing. I've also seen a couple people mention that Angie would have been a much better rival for V3 instead of the annoying shit known as Kokichi and they're absolutely right.
I swear this is one of the many reasons why I only engage with a select few fangames at this point. I absolutely love the concept of DanganRonpa but the execution really is just awful.

No. 307036

I loved Junko in the first game because she was clearly doing all this shit because it's funny to her and she gave no fuck whatsoever. I wish we had more female villains like this in general. I couldn't even finish the second game because it was very repetitive, the pacing was the exact same as in the first game, it relied too much on the first game and some untranslated novel that will probably never get officially released outside of Japan. I couldn't even start the third game because of the second one, I wish each game was a standalone story.

No. 307049

slightly ot but which fangans do you actually recommend? i've been looking for ones to play through with my moid but it's really hard to tell which are good and which are dogshit, especially since there's so many out now

No. 307086

Holy fuck, I don't recall the sprite art being this low quality. I would've drawn a skirt like that when I was 14. Tenko was my favourite from v3 but her uniform design is so bad in retrospect.

No. 307263

the same face syndrome really doesnt help lol

No. 307948

DR Another and its sequel SDRA2 are obligatory mentions; easily the best DR fangames of all time, no questions asked. Shattered Hope, Eden's Garden, and HeArt's Deceit are all just starting out but they seem VERY promising so keep an eye out for them. And Despair Time is good excepting the enby furry and his enabler but it's on indefinite hiatus.

No. 308747

Looks fine to me.

Loli-bait. Would look okay on an older character.

I like his design, it has that 80s feel.

No. 309766

File: 1689929477075.jpg (94.38 KB, 500x558, anime-same-faces.jpg)

whatever this is called?

No. 309776

sameface syndrome, moeblob etc.

No. 309777

That one clone technique that Naruto uses all the time.

No. 309796

File: 1689943529848.png (739.19 KB, 1000x563, girl.png)

Not like there were any good designs in this garbage shounen, but the way the giant girl's face was drawn pissed me off, how many extra chromosomes does she have?

No. 309797

File: 1689944130343.jpg (137.16 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The gym leaders (most characters really) of the last pokemon game. I despise almost every human AND pokemon design in those games, they're all so weirdly "meh". I can't even hate them with a passion because they just bore me too much for me to care

No. 309800

I hate how ugly the game looks and that's why I haven't played it. I do like the salaryman, the tomboy with the green hair and the girl who's dressed like a chief or baker. The rest is pure garbage. I don't get why so many characters have bicolor hair it's hideous.

No. 309801

File: 1689944734109.jpg (63.46 KB, 850x541, __rika_and_larry_pokemon_and_2…)

they're all horrible except larry and brassius tbh

No. 309803

Isn't this all anime in existence, but niche shit?

No. 309804

File: 1689946026184.png (9.34 MB, 2676x2867, better.png)

The original designs are much better, the original concept of Distrust in general seemed a lot better than the final tween product. Another game that got this treatment was Bioshock which had an actually horror-themed concept before it got candy assed into a sellable product with cartoonishly bobble headed characters. Danganronpa is a major disappointment in that it had a lot of horror/mystery potential.

No. 309820

File: 1689953610123.jpg (193.2 KB, 500x219, 1259681562192252.jpg)

All have been crap since the end of Gen-4

No. 309838

Yeah, big eyes, dot nose, and a little line mouth with a heart-shaped face is just the standard look for all anime girls, and anime boys are the same formula but with narrower eyes and slightly longer faces and noses. Honestly sameface never bothered me that much if the characters look cute and are easily distinguishable through other design elements (like the Love Live girls) but I get why people dislike it.

No. 309839

wow, I always hated danganronpa artstyle, but designs and color palette on the right look so good! Shame that they were scrapped, I feel like danganronpa could be so much more with them.

No. 309876

phew i am glad we got that togami, he was so ugly before

No. 309908

Nta but i personally hate Love Live's sameface more than other types because their eyes are way more extra shinier than the usual moeblobs, they look like orbs lol

No. 309913

Jesus, what a downgrade. I wonder about Monokuma's original design tho, that thing was definitely designed for a much creepier game than what we got.

No. 309933

i really love fukawa in the old one,, it matches her so well. the limited color pallet would of made the game a lot more pleasing to look at

No. 309937

Just how did they went from right to left? What was the thought process? They all look so different you could make a whole ass story using right side designs with a completely different context.

No. 309945

Multi colored hair is really popular in character design right now. I think it can be cute if it’s complimenting colors and the rest of the design is more simpler, like in Panty and Stocking. But now all character designs make shit overdesigned where it just looks like another ugly vtuber or genshit character.

No. 309951

File: 1690005768513.png (316.44 KB, 600x431, IMG_0093.png)

I really liked Suzuki's previous work, Kongo Bancho. Tried to get into 7sins because of that, but man… Everything from the art to the story felt degraded in quality for marketability. Not like Kongo Bancho was some masterpiece, but at least it had character. It knew it was stupid and had fun being stupid.

No. 310117

>Looks fine to me
>Would look okay on an older character
Scrote spotted

No. 310165

I have always loved how ugly danganronpas characters are, it makes it weirdly endearing and better than if they had been more perfect and good looking. It's like you found them at a messed up old deviantart page with weird fucked up lore that wouldn't get a pass by normal game developers because it's so dumb

No. 310213

it's called "sameface"

No. 311748

File: 1690738484832.png (101.07 KB, 259x426, IMG_0865.png)

I come back to Neopets and found this abomination made from the jump start days. Every official art of her is incredibly static and she stands out like a sore thumb because the art style isn’t consistent.

No. 311759

is she meant to be a faerie? the artstyle is so jarringly different (not to mention ugly) from the other designs, it makes 0 sense

No. 311776

File: 1690744088071.png (78.31 KB, 297x388, IMG_0866.png)

Yeah she’s from the not China/Japan region called Shenkuu. Not only is her design botched but so is her story. I want to redesign her to match the original Neopets style.

No. 311778

File: 1690744489029.png (560.69 KB, 800x501, tumblr_p03g9syKi01uysqzko1_128…)

Someone apparently did a pass that actually makes her work with the other fairies kek

No. 311790

File: 1690745969918.jpg (2.4 MB, 1970x1400, Danganronpa.full.1581183.jpg)

Yeah, I love them.

No. 311812

File: 1690751403752.jpg (273.99 KB, 847x1000, d.jpg)

kek she looks so retarded why did they draw her like that

i love this redesign, it actually fits. the wings reminiscent of sakura blossoms are a great idea

No. 318654

File: 1693460697771.png (745.13 KB, 603x1076, Screenshot.png)

Modern Pixar

No. 318656

Ugh I hate it so much. Give me the Dreamworks Smug Face over this, any day

No. 318660

Aww, I like Kaia's design. I agree with >>311778 that the problem is the style, not the actual design itself.

No. 318787

File: 1693505687123.png (474.86 KB, 320x1086, 320px-Olivia_portrait3_webp.pn…)

It's not bad on its own but she's supposed to be a woman in the 1940s

No. 318799

+1 with Dreamwaorks Smug face, at least it's not unpleasant to the eyes

No. 318853

She dresses exactly like my nu goth cousin dressed in the middle 00's kek. The Creator of this character should have google searched some pictures of the 40's not that hard to find cool hairstyles and outfits inspo

No. 318893

is this fear and hunger? The art in those games is so inconsistent

No. 318993

Yes. The second game looks so much worse imo.

No. 320182

File: 1694121744612.png (381.35 KB, 898x898, ewewew.png)

Hate this ugly ass hipster design. So far I'm really disliking the way they modernized Ooo and made it look like something from 2016. You can sense that time period in the writing too, it feels very mid 2010s in the worst way. The original designs were simple yet unique, not all of them were in my taste but they were very cohesive and timeless in a way. This already looks dated.

No. 320184

File: 1694122106738.jpg (127.33 KB, 698x1000, 91Gb2OXw04L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I think it's fine? Obviously you can't beat the original, but I thought Finn's new design was alright. It reminds me of Errol Flynn.

No. 320195

File: 1694125253052.png (3.14 MB, 1000x1662, 82bb74b06d59f7cae9c69d6f942364…)

How does he look like a hipster? To me, he looks like a more casual version of a Dungeons and Dragons character, which I guess it's the style the show is going for. Agreeing with >>320184

No. 327109

File: 1697310834722.png (51.37 KB, 414x670, Vivi_Transparent.png)

Basic as hell design ripping off Velmas

No. 327111

File: 1697311132192.png (843.47 KB, 946x2044, Mega_Man_X_DiVE_Hunter_Program…)

Bad in every possible way

No. 327402


No. 331529

File: 1698711799170.jpg (276.52 KB, 1280x720, 1686586199078.jpg)

The amount of information and colors in their designs hurt my eyes. Also, I hate the wannabe chibi style that makes characters look like dwarves.

No. 331971

Better than the Tangled/Frozen/BigHero6/Moana/Wish mashup style. At least these characters look like real, unique people and not a generic heart shaped face uwu eyed stock.

No. 332056

these are just as generic as the styles you mentioned kek. other than buzz lightyear and the fire girl they all have the same derpy circle eyes, giant bulbous noses, bean mouths and creepy teeth. and the fire girl's full design has the generic body type nearly every woman in pixar gets like the mom from the incredibles.

No. 333183

File: 1699231606478.png (314.38 KB, 494x744, Clawroline_(KatFL).png)

Why is Nintendo making so much shitty ugly fur bait lately?this looks like some coomers fursona.

No. 333192

File: 1699231821026.png (122.27 KB, 475x475, 908.png)

Ugly coomer,furry bait
The designers at Pokemon are not even trying anymore.

No. 333195

File: 1699232230299.png (407.75 KB, 800x600, Stella_profile.png)


No. 333239

A character design like this would work far better in something like the 90s and 00s Goofy movies but for Balto where all the animals look more or less normal ignoring their eyebrows, this design was just a whole WTF kek.

No. 333319

Based, I agree. Anyone who likes this shit is a furfag.
Besides, Meowscarada's design makes no sense to me. So it's a bipedal cat that's wearing a mask like at a carnival for what reason exactly? And this ties in with the Grass-type theme how? such a bad design in every way, and it's clearly pandering to coomers so it's even worse.
>giant bulbous noses
>bean mouths
nta but only two of them have it
And even if you hate these art styles (which might just look similar to you because all of them go for cartoony and hyperrealism at the same time, and all are in 3D with the same realistic lighting) they're still more distinct from one another than generic Frozen style. I really think the problem is the aforementioned similarities in lighting and wanting to make certain details as realistic as possible while going for the opposite when it comes to the body and face, which is what they do with Disney Frozen style also. Every single one of them would look miles better if they were 2D and Disney/Pixar/every fucking animation studio these days stopped trying this horrible realism and stylization mashup that clearly makes every design look like generic, uncanny valley trash
This character made me feel kinda weird in a bad way as a child and I didn't know why. Fuck moid writers and character designers inserting their pornsickness in children's media.

No. 334139

File: 1699477177868.jpeg (142.39 KB, 750x1050, wagYhtC.jpeg)

I hate seeing this coomers art.

No. 334142

why does the 'antisocial tomboy' look like jeff the killer

No. 334161

>woman has hobby
>guuuys this girl is totes a tomboy right ? I'm not a fag for having a hobby that women have sometimes right ?

I'm so done with the tomboy gf meme. And I'm even more tired of the "farm girl has big titties because cows haha" trope.

I love Meowscarada in a childish sperg way just because it's a cat magician, but I'm starting to realize I'm bound to experience the same fate as the kids who really liked Gardevoir. I hate knowing that whatever fanart I make will be seen with coomer eyes.

No. 334167

Wearing socks with flip flops is not antisocial, it's psychopathic.

No. 334172

at least the geek tomboy is accurate, that's literally alr's ex destiny

No. 334227

File: 1699495953868.jpeg (293.61 KB, 1280x1728, 5FDCCF40-DD04-49B4-B2B7-FF8608…)

Everything in this shit horrible coomer game. Korean moids, not even once

No. 334228

File: 1699495999030.png (105.83 KB, 1000x1000, 852148FA-283C-4EDF-8774-5FBFD8…)

No. 334229

It’s this blatant pornsickness if you haven’t seen ads for it before

No. 334230

File: 1699496134024.png (508.25 KB, 854x480, BB698CBA-A90F-4D7F-ACD1-3BECCA…)

Dropped pic

No. 334238

File: 1699498732962.jpeg (1023.25 KB, 2949x3008, FgaXABtVQAAw5cD.jpeg)

Why is most indie animation so ugly now?first Vivziepop now this???I remember when indie animation had really simple styles (ex homestar runner,eddsworld)

No. 334240

honestly, i am glad. Mainstream animation is dead set in making everything as much of a simple blob as possible, vivzie and this creature feel like a breath of fresh air.

No. 334319

File: 1699544431741.jpg (79.19 KB, 1000x698, earthworm jim.jpg)

I think a lot of indie animators are trying to imitate cartoons they liked as children. Obviously the older shows are inspired by even older cartoons and other media, but it used to feel more like things had a wider range of inspirations that all came together to form something unique.

No. 334333

Osmosis Jones + Earthworm Jim, kek

No. 334419

File: 1699580196813.jpg (90.26 KB, 1400x700, anxiety-in-inside-out-2.jpg)

Pixar has been failing repeatedly in character design lately.

No. 334426

I actually like this style, but it's definitely not for everyone.

No. 334435

i know this is an old post but tinkaton is honestly one of the best designs in recent pokemon gens and gives me hope for the future of the series. and this is coming from someone who dislikes most of this gen's pokemon

No. 334442

agreed. this gen was pretty hit and miss but there were really solid designs like tinkaton and imo glimmora and my boi clodsire

No. 334732

File: 1699674230446.jpg (97.34 KB, 981x517, Untitled.jpg)

it feels like common design sense to not put a tuft of fur on the pubic area to not draw attention to it, and yet

No. 334733

File: 1699674240588.png (119.66 KB, 475x475, 257.png)

Badly designed Pokemon in my opinion, unnecessarily humanoid with it's awkward looking body and face looks more like a Sasquatch than a bird monster also the fur tuft on it's crotch is just unnecessary.

No. 334736

You're nuts he's one of my favorites

No. 334737

Based. Words cannot describe how pissed I was that such a cute baby pokemon (torchic) evolved into that monstrosity, fuck all the scrotes who like this abomination. With the one exception of cyndaquil, fire type starters all get ugly, especially fire fighting.

No. 334738

Deleted my original post because I wasn't being too specific on why I hate the design… people shit on trubbish and that Ice cream mon when ugly furry abominations like Blaziken and Lucario are there kek it's fine if you hate them but I'd rather have some food/object monsters than more boring furbait tbh

No. 334749

My unpopular opinion is that I don't get why people give objectmons such a hard time, sure it's kinda weird for a creature to be literally a candle or an ice cream but they did a good job of designing around the concept? The designs are distinct enough to be recognizable as not just some object, without being overdesigned. Plus gen 5 had an urban theme so it makes sense to have industrialized artificial creatures. Doesn't Garbodor's pokedex say he developed out of nasty polluted conditions that humans created or something, he may be a pile of trash but he's a cool pile of trash
And also we had stuff like voltorb since gen 1. I have nothing against voltorb btw I think he's funny but I'm just saying there have always been "lazy" uninspired designs in every gen

No. 334837

File: 1699700759118.jpg (17.71 KB, 194x259, skinny kfc.jpg)

I like it a lot but I'm biased, it's my favorite gen 3 starter. It's based on pic related so I get why it's bipedal with long legs. It's funny because orgs like PETA complain that Pokemon games glorify the urban fantasy equivalent of dog fighting, everyone says they're wrong because it's more like some shonen manga martial art but with cute monsters, and then the devs give us a pokemon that's specifically based on rooster fights where people place bets over which animal will die or whatever it's called in English. The gen 4 fire starter is a good choice for a fire/fighting type since its last evolution is really just Sun Wukong, I have no clue wtf they were thinking with the fire type starter in gen 5.

No. 334875

I just realized blaziken is supposed to be fighting rooster, how did I not see it before.

No. 334944

I want to fuck the troll or whatever it is character from the first image

No. 335026

File: 1699747140760.jpg (139.93 KB, 1000x1363, MV5BMjhiNTZhNGEtYTRhNS00NGZlLW…)

I find the show good, a shame it has that disgusting bad adult cartoon style à la Family Guy. Misleading and turns away potential viewers who expect it to be retarded like Paradise PD or Big Mouth

No. 335027

i think the characters look fine, they actually have more realistic proportions in contrast to stuff like big mouth/family guy

No. 335030

File: 1699749307761.jpeg (124.26 KB, 1000x1500, CE52D069-5AE8-4598-9812-4FD561…)

nta, it’s the super stiffness of the characters plus the fact that every aspect of it looks like stereotypical mouth-drooly adult cartoon. The cast is stereotypical, the poses are stereotypical, the expressions are stereotypical, even the name and background are stereotypical. It’s enough of a putoff that even with an endorsement I’d never want to watch it after seeing that poster.

No. 335037

Vivziepop's art has so many freaking tangents even in animated form, she's a shit artist and character designer.

No. 335063

File: 1699757559874.jpg (134.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (31).jpg)

Coomerbait ft. same face syndrome

No. 335065

File: 1699758266829.jpg (25.45 KB, 600x315, Q8XvTnzd1aHa1g-ZBQ_riRC8ATBEPw…)

What the heck happened?

No. 335111

>same face syndrome
it's the same sprite reused multiple times with slight variations basedo n the level's theme. Common practice in videogames, especially platformers

No. 335202

File: 1699824083699.png (2.49 MB, 2046x2031, Redesigns.png)

Found these redesigns of the Helluva Boss cast and it really put into perspective how ugly these characters look. I mean the artist didn't even change the designs too much but even just drawing them in a different style makes them look 100x better in my opinion. Its not as bad with Moxxie and Millie as it is with Blitzo in the original but I like the redesigns more they have more personality. They're also easier to look at because of the variety of colors. Millie is cute and Moxxie is an absolute malewife as God intended. Blitzo looks twisted and conniving even without the weird proportions and the bulkier build makes it more believable that a bunch of people fucked him/want to fuck him in the cartoon

No. 335203

People were more normal in the 90s. That's what happened.

No. 335204

incredible how you'd never see anything this messy and pointlessly overdesigned back in the day when you had to actually prove your talent in order to make a cartoon and then profit off of it.

No. 335209

imo the redesign is a way worse version of an already bad design, it's so generic tumblry.

No. 335210

Idk, I think the generic tumblr style is better than the original, the original art style is so needlessly cluttered with dogshit proportions and terrible color choices. And the designs aren't really that different so that's not really the artists fault.

No. 335214

No offence anon, I know most of the board has very negative feelings towards Viv, but those are barely redesigns, they are almost the same thing with small proportion and clothing differences. Just because it didn't come from her doesn't mean it's better.

No. 335218

File: 1699829928181.jpg (12.12 KB, 278x283, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

what did you say about my husbando bitch?

No. 335221

hard agree most of the humanoid designs are so bad imo

No. 335229

Well at least Moxxie & Millie don't look related anymore.I like how Blitz's horns are reasonably sized now instead of being ridiculousy huge and disproportionate it makes his head look like a fucking uterus LMAO..

No. 335260

I gotta agree with this. The blitz redesign is slightly nicer but moxie and Millie look like shit compared to the original

No. 335301

They all look constipated.

No. 335309

objectmons are more MONSTER than "someone's slutty peacock fursona" that's for sure. i like pocket MONSTERS.

No. 336999

File: 1700438557505.jpg (59.23 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

i guess it's not "awful" but i fucking hate the appearance of every character in this game, it's like some faggy victorian-aesthetic yaoi anime but with a "realistic" filter, everything looks too clean and smooth and "pretty" and the main character people are thirsting after looks 12, it's gross

No. 337034

What an unnecessary sequel looks like a parody

No. 337046

File: 1700451431147.png (200.69 KB, 338x518, Yurishia_Farandole_Anime.png)


No. 337048

File: 1700451654541.png (251.43 KB, 488x938, Raphtalia_Anime_Profile.png)

Overrated trash

No. 337049

whenever i see shit like this all i think is "men are stupid"

No. 337063

I'd agree with the character but the design is a bit too basic for me to really hate, to be honest.

No. 337150

What is she supposed to be?

No. 337218

File: 1700524898570.png (648.16 KB, 1862x2417, 61848578_i5DntCDsF.png)

kittydog didn't listen to that advice, and put neon gradients in her character's vagina.

No. 337620

File: 1700691083338.png (313.05 KB, 415x830, Pinocchio_(2022)_-_Jiminy_Cric…)

Disney made Jiminy Cricket look like a green polished turd rather than a cricket also the rest of the dreadful designs are uncanny valley especially Pinocchio

No. 337621

File: 1700691213070.jpg (331.22 KB, 1535x1537, Profile_-_Pinocchio_2022.jpg)

The animated version looks more alive than whatever this is

No. 337627

He looks like a pistachio, I'd eat him

No. 337634

File: 1700697984307.jpg (774.31 KB, 5200x6500, Josie_CG.jpg)

The designs in recent Tekken games have been absolute shit (Looking at Paul and Nina) Never liked Josie at all but her design is absolutely atrocious.what is that footwear?the piss yellow,the unnecessary accessories.awful character too.

No. 337637

Honestly, in Kittydog's case it might have been on purpose. Hasn't she been posting highly sexualized stuff (with her eyesore blob OCs kek) since she was 16?

No. 337640

File: 1700699489878.jpg (106.31 KB, 707x869, Josie_CG_1.jpg)

Why does her hand looks like this

No. 337649

Are those tranny scars? I guess kittydog is a full blown troon now (and thats not how hairclips work either)

No. 337650

Even women's hands aren't allowed to rest naturally. Everything must be forced and unnatural to appeal to moids

No. 337668

Holy shit I laughed

No. 337672

She's right, do you have a better explanation for the retarded hand pose you'd never see on a male character?

No. 337686

No. 337809

File: 1700774461394.png (183.51 KB, 246x499, NinaT8_Render.png)

I hate this outfit so much, I don't remember which trailer showed her alt with cat ears but that ones bad too

No. 337813

File: 1700777187954.png (2.83 MB, 1829x3000, Voyd_Incredibles_2.png)

I'm honestly glad we're not going see this character again.her design was atrocious and looks more like a rejected Fornite skin than some Pixar superhero.why is her hair color almost the same blue color her suit has?the bright green clashing,the stupid logo,the ridiculous hair.the sequel was a huge downgrade anyway.

No. 337814

They could have just given her some black sleek catsuit instead of whatever that is
>Ankle bracelets
>Out of place sunglasses
>Mismatched gloves
>Over the top dress with fringe
>Leather that doesn't match
Did they fire the old designers at Tekken??what the heck happened here?

No. 337815

nowhere near as bad as my alisa…

No. 337817

File: 1700778061173.png (756.51 KB, 834x1158, Caine_Render.png)

I know everyone on LC is tired of TADC but his design is so distracting and hard to look at.Some of GreaseWorx's designs don't translate well in 3D at all,some things should just stay in 2D.

No. 337844

he looks so cheap and unappealing, like something that would be on the tv in a dentists office

No. 337845

File: 1700790838195.png (646.96 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_pbmy71GdF81qbs4u5o2_r1_…)

i wonder if they made her look like a tranny on purpose

No. 337849

her hands are like ai claws

No. 337852

File: 1700796178489.png (964.08 KB, 894x894, Lyric_the_Last_Ancient.png)

Lame,forgettable,bad Sonic villain no one remembers with an equally terrible appearance.

No. 337854

File: 1700796678208.jpg (131.99 KB, 1206x1206, sonique.jpg)

Iconic in a bad way lol
Hilariously terrible yet hideously grotesque at the same time.

No. 337860

Im still convinced it was a work and they had the “redesign” from the start. There’s just no way they thought that thing was actually OK.

No. 337871

File: 1700806920873.jpg (176.26 KB, 1920x799, ugly-sonic-1653040758070.jpg)

And somehow Disney decides to bring it back in that shitty Chip N' Dale movie with so much emphasis on his disgusting teeth. It hurts seeing anything Sonic-related as lame and cringe nowadays.

No. 337906

File: 1700828487401.jpg (1.15 MB, 4096x2865, F9w6LugXAAAb730.jpg)

No. 338056

File: 1700886068369.png (335.64 KB, 677x953, Screenshot_20231124-221908~3.p…)

I couldn't find a model sheet for this thing but it's butt ugly,it's from a short film called Clicker.its supposed to be some anthropomorphic boom box?looks like some French fry to me instead.the designs of the background characters were so much better.

No. 338068

I would believe this as well if they didn't create equally cursed merch for the movie before the character change. Chadtronic made a video showing some of the merchandise, he'd apparently bought some. Then again Chad possibly could've been given the merch as further promotion of the movie but I find that to be too far fetched.

No. 338086

lold so hard at this thanks nona

No. 338103

why is its butt in the front?

No. 338263

File: 1701007594181.png (232.64 KB, 347x1011, IMG_0535.png)

Medukaverse got a lot of bad apples

No. 338277

File: 1701016251365.jpeg (11.97 KB, 224x224, 0FE1BFAF-8552-412F-AFB7-B18A0B…)

Kek why does she have an ashtray in her hair? Is she an ashtray gijinka?

No. 338326

File: 1701038127808.png (249.02 KB, 652x990, IMG_0538.png)

She’s supposed to be a cinephile and friends with the main 5 but got lost in the timelines. Or some shit. It’s very Mary sue and her design is so jarring it does not follow the design rules of the main 5.

No. 338328

>bellybutton is covered but still can be seen through her shirt
i hate pedos i hate moids (redundant)

No. 338346

File: 1701043607133.jpg (97.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Pixar is dead

No. 338351

File: 1701044151243.jpeg (798.26 KB, 956x1615, IMG_2504.jpeg)

We have to talk about Elena from street fighter if we’re talking about fighting games because what is this. And she’s supposed to be a princess.

No. 338363

File: 1701050559218.jpg (112.95 KB, 735x535, 542a3703e78d06e6a16226217fe37c…)

The way she's animated in 3rd strike always bothered me. It's really uncanny compared to the other characters and it looks like she's rotoscoped. It's a shame her design is terrible because I love that she's very tall and from Kenya. If only they would've given her nicer clothing, an edgy take on picrel would've been really interesting but imo Japan really fumbles character designs when it comes to different ethnicities.

No. 338378

i have no faith in japan designing black characters so i really feel like they just wanted to make her a "sexy naked tribal lady" but ofc couldn't make her totally naked so they made her as close to it as possible. gross

No. 338400

She IS rotoscoped. I never played it but I've seen many sprites with references of movie scenes online.

No. 338413

Pixar was always dead. I prefer stupid caterpillar mouths with wholesome plots over ugly ass self-inserts, sexualized female characters or retarded het romances involving robots.

No. 338416

The grass monkey's evolutions, Scorbunny, the water starter's last evolution, the baby squirrel, the iron raven, the red ladybug, the plant with the big white fluff on it's head, the corgy and its evolution, the poison-electric guitarist frog, the baby octopus, the KISS furry, the coral ghost, the snow larva, the snow moth and the two legendaries are aight

No. 338417

oh i love corviknight, the cotton thing, the rocker frog and obstagoon a lot. they're great designs

No. 338420

It’s a gay moid designed by a gay moid no doubt, he couldn’t decide whether to put a bulge or butt there

No. 338421

Was the dookie stain really necessary

No. 339049

File: 1701382484983.jpg (780.03 KB, 1920x818, strange-magic_mbd040_f1001_wip…)

Hate this ugly, boring movie
It ripped off Epic as well,glad it was a box office bomb because the whole movie was horrible to look at.

No. 339050

i've never seen a movie that was so unbearably awful yet so enjoyable at the same time, it's an absolute enigma.

No. 339051

File: 1701383117030.jpg (100.54 KB, 679x478, breadwinners.jpg)

The fact that they're ducks makes it a lot worse…I always thought they were frogs?why green tho?

No. 339052

Those ducks look gay.

No. 339055

Yeah look at the one on the right, his midriff is showing and he's wearing tight short-shorts.

No. 339059

File: 1701387866140.png (493.98 KB, 499x922, Android_21.png)

I use to be a DB fan but when I first saw her I knew she would be a bad addition.honestly she's shitty bland waifubait made to sell merch.looks like some teenager's Deviantart OC.the vore stuff in the game doesn't help either.she looks way out of place as well

No. 339216

File: 1701466746653.jpg (224.4 KB, 1437x954, wp-content-2.jpg)

>why green tho?
they are suppose to be mallards but because of the stylization their is no way to make their bodies brown and white without making it look too jarring. if i have to say anything positive im glad they didn't make them white ducks since every cartoon duck is white but this artsyle just sucks and they dont even look like ducks

No. 339684

File: 1701656817478.jpg (15.44 KB, 300x222, 300px-Meikuumon.jpg)

Nothing redeeming or appealing about this Digimon along with it's evolutions

No. 339852

File: 1701738062081.png (277.09 KB, 530x452, news4vip_1493782220_304.png)

Apparently she's from a slice of life anime about mahjong, with some "yuri" flavour.
Can't really comment on the anime since i would never watch it but she looks so dumb, she isn't even curvy anywhere other than her breasts and the way they draw her shirt is so stupid it's like they couldn't decide if it would stick to her body or create a boob curtain. (which is not unpopular for pornrotted moids anyway)

No. 339853

File: 1701738860980.jpg (116.61 KB, 850x977, ef8e18f153264db7fa82395c7532b0…)

This is one of the worst takes of sexualized anime 15 year old girl, i'm sure there are worse examples but at that point they must be those things with ecchi scenes on every frame.
I don't even know if it's worse than Ilulu, i'm not defending that design but this is not supposed to be a 10000 year old loli and the way they held back from giving her thick thighs and skindentation despite everything these characters usually have creeps me out more.
These abominations should really stay locked in r18 content instead of something that wants to pass as slice of life anime.

No. 339855

There's more egregious designs on that series.

No. 339857

late as fuck, but I always loved the beta designs billion times more than the final ones (DR2 ones too). they had such unique appeal to them and you could tell they weren't meant to pander to the average anime weeb. I even liked beta Byakuya, he looked so fucked up, I love it. like a PLL character. vidrel related.

No. 339881

File: 1701743824900.jpeg (706.04 KB, 1625x1396, 433AD7E4-CFDB-440F-8981-DA3511…)

Mikio Ikemoto was Misashi Kishimoto’s assistant on Naruto and is now the artist for its sequel Boruto. I didn’t pay any attention to it until I saw his female character designs. Even as 12 year olds he drew the girl ninjas like little prostitutes. I hate to even type that but it’s blatant. Adult female ninja characters are all in heels and he added cyborgs to the ninja world who are extra coomery.

No. 339882

File: 1701744622559.jpeg (538.41 KB, 1817x1080, F1DDEF0D-D772-4A70-99D9-346B91…)

He has a thing for heels and legs kek.

No. 339883

eugh they remind me of those shitty OCs everyone used to make fun of

No. 339886

This is horrendous, i can't believe they allow this as official… no normal person would want to draw a kid like that, specially in a series aimed towards young people? I hate it.

No. 339889

File: 1701748695430.jpeg (666.6 KB, 1728x1268, 35A18B30-15E2-4BCD-865E-45535C…)

Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter is his wifu imo because he draws her in the skimpiest clothes out of all of them. At the risk of sounding like a narutard, she’s a female uchiha she’d make an interesting character he didn’t have to sexualize her so much. Kishimoto must be a coomer too or something for letting him do this to child characters. I think fans complained about her second outfit so in another time skip she has some kind of shorts under her long top instead of the gross mini dress and baby heels. Like wtf is the cover on the right? It’s like an upskirt shot thinly veiled as an action pose.

No. 339890

File: 1701749394946.png (121.88 KB, 250x495, Tumblr_inline_pc1nm6xCBo1qbjpi…)

related, i always found this disturbing

No. 339915

Jesus, those heels… aren't they supposed to be the ninja equivalent of middle schoolers?

No. 339921

File: 1701760025604.jpeg (366.62 KB, 1266x628, 8299D17C-31AF-4FFF-A530-822F37…)

Yes, they’re supposed to be 12 then 15. I’m grossed out I didn’t know this man existed and was doing this. He gives all the girls pouty baby faces I hate it.

No. 339929

WTF, how is Kishimoto better at drawing female characters then her.

No. 339936

Holy shit he butchered her…

No. 339937

File: 1701762090692.png (335.59 KB, 688x372, 970da81fcf3db6a.png)

Lolicon-tier usage of bigger heads to make their bodies look even smaller

This is surely weird but i've seen worse from him, maybe this looked less exaggerated during the 80's or whenever he drew this?
Also i think being autistic is a requirement to believe that red would look good with those colors kek

No. 339940

I thought the same at first but when I watched the movie I noticed that at some scenes, when the humans were talking to sonic, they were looking a little too high up. Like higher than where his eyes were, but where the old models eyes would have been since it was taller.

No. 339941

I wish they released the original movie as like a special part on the blu-ray or something. I want to see the whole movie with this terrifying sonic

No. 339944

File: 1701763991053.jpeg (477.11 KB, 1142x2304, 178E1C05-6709-4AA1-9C0D-52B7C6…)

I hate him so much for this giant chubby baby head thing.

No. 339945

File: 1701764037772.png (1.02 MB, 1725x2475, BEASTARS v18 (2022) (Digital) …)

Not "awful" but Kyuu's design was weird to me since none of the other furries had big boobs. She's not even a sexualized character, aside from a scene.

No. 339955

That’s really interesting. I’ll have to go watch and see.
This manga went to shit so bad. Tragic.

No. 340001

File: 1701789931424.png (2.29 MB, 1600x1230, AQbdAYF.png)

No. 340002

I don't even know where to start with these.

No. 340003

Yassified FNAF animatronic.

No. 340042

They massacred all of my favorites (I don't even read the comics, I just think Storm, Scott/cyclop, Wolverine, and the ice woman forgot her name are hot). The one on the far left is ok.

No. 340347

speaking of, i find haru's design incredibly creepy, especially her glassy shark eyes kek. literally the main reason i could never get into beastars

No. 342281

File: 1702582009189.png (3.38 MB, 1973x1638, sEEtsim.png)

No. 342289

Holy shit, whoever wrote this show needs to be ashamed. Especially whoever wrote the dialogue for it. It's like the show tries to be Invader Zim, but it just doesn't have the charm.

No. 342294

File: 1702586674396.png (238.54 KB, 485x666, Screenshot_190.png)

uma musume has some cute designs but this one is so ugly

No. 342296

File: 1702586888651.png (1.05 MB, 911x991, dragon-maid-ilulu.png)

No. 342298

File: 1702587509718.png (929.91 KB, 595x671, censor.png)

one of the worst coomer bait anime designs, her boobs look like tumors and the panties are just the cherry on top. genuinely looked better in the chinese censored version where they made her boobs smaller

No. 342339

The bottom looks like the edited one, which is insane to m e. Wow, I hate Japan so much.

No. 342347

I know it's made by that same tranny who made The Amazing Digital Circus that everyone won't shut up and coom over though I think that one is more decent and better designed than Murder Drones. I tried watching this but it's so cringe and edgy like it's made by a 12 old year boy after watching dubbed scrote anime and inspired by NieR:Automata. Like wtf robots with puberty?
Left to right:
>looks decent at first but gives off latex and midriff fetish
>twintails looks like Marie Rose from Dead or Alive which is a fighting game with coomshit female characters
>the middle one is the worst and coomerish design out of all with the thigh highs and nothing covering her down there. Probably inspired by 2B porn
>can't tell if the rebellious-looking teenager is wearing a skirt or just a jacket while wearing nothing underneath down there but wearing chokers is pretty fetishized. Moids love and coom to goth girls.
>cute boy is definitely inspired by 9S and looks like Chat Noir

No. 342361

i remember when crunchyroll shills were trying to pretend this anime was wholesome and progressive lesbian representation

No. 342376

The blonde looks like she is wearing a diaper.

No. 342378

murder drones isn’t made by the tadc creator, it’s just hosted on the same channel or something like that

No. 342380

that autistic “one finger up as if to inform you of something” or perhaps “one finger up, mouth agape, as if unable to respond to your stupidity” reddit pose

No. 342399

File: 1702621653489.jpg (162.42 KB, 1200x675, F93uU3nWsAAif4Y.jpg)

Just got an ad for this on Xitter. The more you look at it the worse it gets

No. 342402

I thought this thread would mostly be about designs that are just plain ugly, not degenerate pedophile cumbrain designs and now I’m depressed. Seeing shows as popular as Dragon Maid and Boruto have blatant softcore cartoon child porn while normies either ignore it or eat it up is so sickening.

No. 342510

Yuma did this concept a lot better while actually following the main cast's design rules.

No. 342567

i feel you, unfortunately when it comes to anime it seems like those things intersect really often

No. 342612

Why do they even have hair?makes them look more jarring.this shit gets praised for it's strong female characters which I find very laughable,classic coomshit.must be a pain in the ass to animate

No. 342636

File: 1702696301199.jpg (50.12 KB, 500x500, artworks-gMgpueeMaI2gXHrQ-HRXu…)

Terrifying,there is no way any child would actually love watching anything with this horrid abomination on screen.

No. 342805

I have no idea what this is but it looks like the cursed offspring of a gnome and a yeti.

No. 343063

File: 1702844954592.png (3.85 MB, 2200x3500, Toy_Chica.png)

speaking of, have this old cringe

No. 343073

I teach autistic children ages 5-7 in special ed and they fucking love booba and the little thicc mouse he gets into fights with

No. 343083

Right nonna. The first thing that came to my mind was that he is the result of rape

No. 343089

File: 1702855707284.jpg (248.39 KB, 1920x1440, 9story-Monster-By-Mistake-001.…)

Here's some legit ugly design nona. Monster by Mistake on Cartoon Network.

No. 343123

i feel like most modern character look like OCs in the worst way possible

No. 343127

everyone looks so gross here

No. 343128

insane how less scary the background charters look

No. 343129

fucking hated this show, especially when you were awake early in the morning and this was the only thing on

No. 343227

File: 1702917146602.jpg (122.65 KB, 640x898, 100654_front.jpg)

15 years later (!) and I have no idea what the death note guy was thinking with most of these designs.
>Grant gets a retarded backstory where he's butthurt over Trevor and Sypha getting married. That and giving him into a Voldo-esque mummy design
>Action figure design Death
Lol, this game was a fucking mess.

No. 343229

You'd think a nostalgic all-stars game would have recognizable characters, but no. Terrible design choice to make them not like themselves.

No. 343242

File: 1702919920504.jpeg (409.5 KB, 1280x1024, Alucard_1280_1024.jpeg)

Kek glad I'm not the only one who can't stand Obata's bullshit. What he did to my boy Alucard is unforgivable. I mean, imagine settling with picrel as your final design of one the most iconic and beloved characters of the franchise. Imagine thinking this is even remotely passable. The fucking gall.

No. 343286

Hiring this dude as the artist was such a bad move. Ayami Kojima had been doing the character designs for years. I honestly hated it so much because everyone was just a weird version of Light or Misa in the game. Not my castlevania.

No. 343289

File: 1702926721724.jpg (63.64 KB, 563x762, alucard-1.jpg)

They all looked so bad. Nothing can compare to Kojima.

No. 343295

Bootleg Sepiroth

No. 343312

kek, that cover art always sends me, it looks like Light Yagami started hitting the gym with that DBZ-tier thick neck. I'm not against having different designs for classic characters and on paper hiring the Death Note guy as a character designer for Castlevania may seem like a sound idea, until you realize everyone will end up looking like BDSM Hot Topic monstrosities.

No. 343484

File: 1702982365738.jpg (173.05 KB, 1920x1080, jerry_and_his_bros.jpg)

i love seeing shit design like this that is JUST ugly kek

my contribution is an old swedish cartoon called the three friends and Jerry, this show was somehow popular back when i was a kid

No. 343492

I swear the death note guy's characters all look the fucking same. He has a serious case of same-face syndrome.

No. 343510

His name is booba???

No. 344422

>This is surely weird but i've seen worse from him, maybe this looked less exaggerated during the 80's or whenever he drew this?

That's Bulma and Vegeta's daughter from DBGT which is more of a spin-off than canon. Not even sure if Toriyama designed her. Came out in the '90s

No. 345490

File: 1703846995513.jpg (103.64 KB, 942x522, jmv0Di9.jpg)

Not a single complete piece of clothing. Funny that twitter was bending over backwards defending this game's designs earlier this week.

No. 345494

File: 1703849165049.png (221.1 KB, 280x412, Untitled.png)

I babysat a kid during the summer and it's one of the cartoons he loved. He's also probably austistic but he is too young to be diagnosed. Funny thing is this cartoon wasn't even the worse he was watching.

and talking about the thicc mouse..

No. 345506

Bruh her chest isn't even covered. Like wtf is even the point of those flimsy shreds of fabric, they could've also just put some nipple plasters on there. Those bastards didn't even give her proper socks or sleeves. I've never felt bad for a random pixel character before that I don't even know the name of but now I kinda do. She must be cold. Someone give her a shirt please

No. 345507

why do you hate fun

No. 345509

STOP hating on kids shows from the late 90s and early 00s

No. 345527

File: 1703863361208.jpg (176.28 KB, 1024x1436, latest-958968972.jpg)

I know I'm late but I will forever hate Obata for what he did to Maria.

No. 345536

Old post but the redesign got rid of all the interesting dynamic shapes and kept the ugly clutter. They're so stiff. If I were a director I would have picked Viv's over these.

No. 345566

Oh no… it’s so tacky and so 2000s I kinda like it

No. 345687

File: 1703909851974.jpg (76.45 KB, 800x450, CRYMACHINA_20231007153659.jpg)

I wanted to try this game out because the music was nice, but the designs are horrific. Other than the MC, this character in particular's I hate. She's 2x taller than everyone else, dresses like a goth gf egirl, and has the cursed round glasses to boot. It's a yuri centric game too so I just imagine her as the character every tranny self inserts as

No. 345692

her ear looks like its made of raw meat

No. 346023

File: 1704127768120.png (430.33 KB, 687x577, EW.png)

Visual clutter and ugliness: the character design. 99% of the artist's designs are like this btw(namefag)

No. 346130

File: 1704166541200.jpeg (661.42 KB, 4096x1638, FOQLYq5X0AEccni.jpeg)

From an indie cartoon
Looks like some ugly Furaffinity adoptable that would be sold for $600.Why do a lot of indie animation creators hate simplifying designs?

No. 346137

File: 1704171309256.png (105.6 KB, 350x275, pinhead.png)

No. 346142

Nta but kek, why the fuck does it look like a pork chop? Also I know it's anime style but she really has no jaw or mandible here.

No. 346795

File: 1704501864210.jpg (60.3 KB, 366x566, ed240a3280dcf596f88b312501205f…)

A lot of Supergirls old outfits were hilariously and ridiculously bad.

No. 346796

File: 1704502047716.jpg (1.53 MB, 1080x1080, share-tw.jpg)

Self-explanatory but who approved of this???I can never get into Pokemon because of genuinely hideous garbage like this.

No. 346798

Pokemon has been so ugly after like gen 4

No. 346832

File: 1704512965550.png (548.94 KB, 2957x2957, Raging_Bolt.png)

The dragons are ok since they're designed to be like motorcycles but this gen has far uglier and uninspiring mons

No. 346836

at least it doesn’t have a boob-window

No. 346858

SWSH was the nail in the coffin for me for a number of reasons, but one of those reasons was the confirmation that GF was going to stick with the retarded direction they were going with Pokémon designs, especially for the legendaries. When the SV trailers dropped, I knew my judgement was correct. Even SWSH had some completely new Pokémon designs I liked, but almost all of the ones I like in SV are derivative of older Pokémon and a couple of the Treasure of Ruin Pokémon.

No. 346882

is this a pokemon version of the tallnecks from horizon zero dawn??

No. 347536

File: 1704837225741.jpg (493.67 KB, 1284x856, Lightyear.jpg)

He looks out of place compared with the other humans in the movie his chin looks like one single massive testicle.

No. 347537

Kek nonnie

No. 347554

File: 1704846860648.jpg (16.17 KB, 318x159, images (18).jpg)

i don't know what they call it but i am tired of seeing pictures of characters with wide mouths agape showing fangs with smug expressions. Its a plague, maybe this trash anime is what originated it or maybe is something that comes from furry art. but its gross, i hate it, i want to punch people who draw every character like that.

Hero academia has some of the most ugly face expressions in anime history, i don't get the appeal

No. 347555

it's always existed its just a bit more prevalent now, I don't like how Horikoshi does faces but face design aside his artwork is very good

No. 348200

Pretty sure this some sort of yandere fetish that comes off as quirky and carnivorous.

No. 349030

File: 1705398358674.jpg (168.71 KB, 800x722, Rmiku2023_01.jpg)

Miku's thighs are disgustingly coomerish here and if a character has a lip fang then the artist or creator is a degenerate since lip fangs are mostly seen in annoying moe characters like Astolfo.

No. 349031

I love it on everything except anime girls, a big totoro smile is cute

No. 349032

I agree but it's also frustrating as someone with naturally big curvy thighs to finally see anime girls who aren't stick skinny but it's all just a fetish and seen as coomery and gross

No. 349040

File: 1705403143702.jpeg (104.58 KB, 826x818, GDw9qhEW4AADU5R.jpeg)

Probably shooting fish in a barrel, but I saw this One Piece image and the anatomy is killing me.

No. 349062

reminder: this character is canonically 12.

No. 349135

I posted that having never seen the show. Wow, the context makes it SO much worse.

No. 349748

File: 1705671065126.jpg (128.43 KB, 1080x1080, c45.jpg)

No. 349751

If she is 12 then why is she drawn like an older woman, japs are retarded

No. 349753

she can manipulate her body to different age stages and she usually manipulates it to look like an adult woman.

No. 349762

I haven't watched one piece since the early 00s and its sheer volume is one of the reasons I don't pick it up and the other is the retarded woman proportions. This is beyond fucked up though I had no idea.

No. 349815

File: 1705687244340.gif (2.57 MB, 500x407, 0501ba63625e66a50e17d4e462264c…)

Female characters in One Piece always make me think of this line from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Even when I want to like them, it's hard to get past the ridiculous anatomy. How do all the women in this universe have J-cup titties? Oda has even given them canonical measurements that are like barbie-scaled-to-human-size measurements (Robin is supposed to be B100-W60-H90). I mean wtf.

No. 349849

Saw this on twitter the other day. Now feel the urge to question everyone who I know is keeping up with the manga and anime series. No shounen anime is safe I can’t be fucked giving any of it the time of day at this point.

No. 349991

File: 1705735478893.jpg (1.44 MB, 4096x2302, InCollage_20240120_142118174.j…)

This is exactly why we need to gatekeep magical girls (and anything related). Not only moids now are turning it into their loli yuri coomer angst torture porn fap material, they also come up with the most atrocious designs imaginable.

No. 349993

this is so jarring to even think about, truly male as default

No. 349997

unironically kam

No. 349998

Why are they like that? I know the idea of the left one is that she was tricked into being an evil magical girl but back in the day magical girl villains would be tastefully sultry. Who the hell wants to fight in nipple covers or a thong? Coomers are so retarded.

No. 350001

This is egregious holy shit
Dare I say worse than Strike Witches

No. 350039

File: 1705763436134.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.33 KB, 641x800, MED-DVD2-55483_01.jpg)

What's worse is that the special edition bluray for the first few eps comes with a cast-off figure of the left girl (who is 14, far right is 9). From the screenshots of the anime and some pages of the manga I've seen, it's pure ecchi shit with loads of clothing damage, tentacles, implied rape and so on…
I've seen people rave about this anime, because some stations are airing it uncensored, with nipples, as if that's stunning and brave of them.

No. 350082

I swear to god if they just took that retarded shine/reflection off of her thighs it would reduce the coomer look for me. Nobody's skin shines like that unless they're covered in oil.

No. 350083

I think anons are just salty that their boobs don't begin at their collarbones

No. 350111

File: 1705787261650.png (312.77 KB, 755x1040, Charlie_Morningstar.png)

Charlie's recent design is the lamest,most disappointing design I've ever seen for a female protagonist.she's literally the princess of hell yet how would I know from her basic ass look alone?Viv could have at least given her a crown or some other royal elements.why is she red now?why is her shirt not tucked in?why is her shirt and shoes the same color as her skin?her hairstyle clashes with the suit so badly.I don't know why Viv didn't turn her into some goat girl since Viv herself is a furry.

No. 350113

making her a goat would be an improvement, she really is so bland. the one time i'd prefer a furry design.

No. 350117

I thought she was a waiter or a clown thing

No. 350120

Viv seems to really like clown designs for some reason.

No. 350121

She barely looks like a clown except for the white skin color and red cheeks.according to Viv she was never meant to be a goat but a porcelain doll despite Charlie having some weird animal nose.Charlie looks way too human to even be from hell then again she's Vivs self insert.

No. 350124

File: 1705789928351.png (384.27 KB, 1285x1997, Lucifer_ashley_boys.png)

I'm gonna sound a turbo autist here again but Lucifer, who's supposed to be the ruler of hell,has the same problem too especially with his suit literally being the same color as his skin.why didn't they make his suit another color instead?also he looks way too identical to Charlie making them look like siblings rather than daughter and father

No. 350146

I hate everything Oda draws. All his stuff looks like garbage to me.

No. 350158

PLEASE viv expand your color palette beyond 100% saturated red black and white. I'm begging you. Beezlebub was a mess but at least she had fun colors.

No. 350193

I like him, he's cute. There are already like 2 or 3 edgelord tumblr sexymans.

No. 350198

my only question is… why does she have that nose?

No. 350264

File: 1705808075480.png (855.52 KB, 886x1869, Character_Furina_Game_(Pneuma)…)

mihoyoslop is rife with awful, soulless, tacky and over-designed characters but i am especially sick of seeing this creature and her mint toothpaste hair. hate the ugly mihoyo baubles all over the outfit, hate the stupid hat, i hate the silhouette, there's just nothing good about it. yelen is even worse, what the fuck is she even wearing

No. 350267

I didn’t realize it was supposed to be an animal nose…I thought it was a shadow cast from a human nose.

No. 350272

Jewelry's backstory was genuinely sad and moving but I just can't get past the way she's depicted now that I know she's 12. This is where Oda finally loses me.

No. 350277

File: 1705812069885.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.24 KB, 800x450, 1218141522604a0e825a7440011.jp…)

Sorry i know i'm beating a very dead horse and this is more of a costume matter than character but i'll never forget how uncomfy this costume was.
I know it's dumbass coom content but who would want to see a wool swimsuit, in a tropical setting even.

No. 350283

I actually like Furina’s design. She was designed by a woman but was intended on having longer shorts.

No. 350285

glad someone finally said it, I hate this design. being designed by a woman/less overtly coomer than the average genshin waifu doesn't make her any less ugly. I hate that game's lazy model recycling too.

No. 350291

File: 1705815872617.png (426.3 KB, 1208x485, arcade place.png)

No. 350293

I know very little about Genshin but I always thought she looked cute compared to some of the other characters I've seen from it. Though it's probably because I have a high tolerance level for over-the-top fancy outfits on anime characters, looking at her I can see why someone would think her outfit is overdesigned

No. 350295

File: 1705819756238.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, ezgif-3-eb1db27158.png)

the non-coomer designs are also very bad…..most of the dudes are hideous and messy (in appearance) too; i will never understand this game's popularity when all of its characters look like the weeb version of vivziepop sparkledogs, they can't be that interesting writing-wise.

No. 350300

overly-designed to compensate for generic sameface
pretty much all genshinfags are children or mentally children

No. 350304

Never forget that anon in ot who thinks Genshin moids are peak character designs that are super femgazey.

No. 350307

the hell is this?

No. 350314

kek who brainwashed her?

No. 350316

File: 1705832859004.jpg (261.2 KB, 1080x1920, 1000010377.jpg)

ngl tighnari easily has one of the worst designs in the entire game. theres just way too much going on here

No. 350320

File: 1705837245301.jpg (107.56 KB, 1280x720, vi.jpg)

I have seen many women instagram wear knit bikini tops and there are several tutorials youtube that shows you how to make one.
I even saw some websites selling them when I was bathing suit shopping last summer. I genuinely don't get this trend. I can imagine that people only wear knit bikinis for a photoshot and then they take them off but they look stupid. Bikinis already look silly to begin with but at least you can swim in them but why make them out of wool? it makes useless

No. 350321

i like this design because i prefer simple designs but it would suit better a different character.

No. 350322

The writing is even worse than the designs themselves. It's basically just the new BNHA, a shitty weeb thing that's easy for zoomers to get into.

No. 350339

File: 1705848898515.png (1.26 MB, 1084x900, bravelydefaultchars-2053266514…)

both their faces look like they tried to translate bravely default's art style straight into 3D without recognizing how wonky it looks in 3D

No. 350340

File: 1705849485599.png (1.79 MB, 1092x663, 51ACrhD.png)

No. 350432

File: 1705867992768.png (1.27 MB, 885x1920, Overblot_Riddle_Fullbody.png)

twisted wonderland is full of ugly outfits too. at least i can look at this guy and tell what he's supposed to be but it's still super cluttered

when you need your character to be unique but you can't actually draw and you refuse to pick up a 'how to design' book

No. 350438

the overblot designs are supposed to be super cluttered to reflect their fucked up mental states… if they weren't cluttered it wouldn't make sense

No. 350441

I played FF16 and it's really just Jill who has a weird rat face. Everyone else looks normal, Benedikta and Annabella look normal, and the female NPCs too. It makes Jill's face look even more jarring when she's next to other characters than in the pics the anon posted months ago.

No. 350444

File: 1705870370748.png (312.51 KB, 1000x630, Shadow_Chie.png)

cool, it still looks like shit to me. the "mental state" thing isn't good reasoning either imo, like smt's full of good designs wrt to frayed minds like picrel. (some good cluttered looks too – like carmen's persona.)

i love ridde's bustle, the heels, and the ink gloves, but the rest of it is just a mess. and he's literally wearing three different shades of black…

No. 350451

File: 1705871536983.jpg (89.66 KB, 1000x449, Tumblr_l_212692197805060.jpg)

persona is full of overdesigned messes with pegs for feet because soejima hates drawing them and little corelation to either the characters plights or the mythological figures they're supposed to represent, I don't think it's much better. kaneko, the iconic smt designer, never designed any of the p3+ personas and soejima never designed a single smt demon. soejima's shitty designs are partially to blame for how far smt designs have fallen over the years since persona blew up, kaneko left, and doi took over, but that's a story for a different day.

>he's literally wearing three different shades of black…

two of those are a different color called grey. all the black is there because he's covered in ink. it's an ink motif. you're free to not like it but it isn't a terrible design.

No. 350456

>you're free to not like it
i'm also free to call it a garbage vtuber tier design (which it is). believe it or not this is a thread for expressing your opinions, retard-chan

No. 350461

i like genshin dudes, i am so tired of crimsom chin jaw and muppet mouth looking bishies it's refreshing to have ones that are cute and simple

No. 350462

>weird bdsm lolishit
no thank you, i will take the twisted twink

No. 350463

nta and never played twisted wonderland but that design IS bad. beyond too much going on, it doesn't look particularly regal, and i'm assuming that's supposed to be the red queen?

>tiny crown implying some sort of restraint when the red queen is notably megalomaniacal

>glowing eye?
>female choker on a dude (gross)
>ripped sleeves just make it look like a t-shirt
>a corset? or a vest? with two belts diagonally below the ribs? what are they securing?
>the half-painted flowers are okay but, yes, we get it
>cards look like shit, add nothing to the design but clutter. did he glue them all together
>weird skirt that doesn't seem to connect to anything
>ugly clashing of colors that could have been done more intentionally asymmetrical rather than perfectly split in half like so
i like the pants and boots i guess

this looks stupid too

No. 350465

>female choker on a dude (gross)
opinion discard shit taste, chokers belong on dudes

No. 350466

How is the choker "female"?

No. 350468

File: 1705875290397.png (1.03 MB, 1200x1372, Inanna_(SMTIVA_Art).png)

mkay, no need to get so upest. now, allow me to post some of nuSMT's greatest hits.

No. 350470

File: 1705875338528.png (1.18 MB, 981x1465, IdunnSMTV.png)

No. 350472

File: 1705875720382.jpg (15.72 KB, 406x419, prototype-caine-from-the-conce…)

Funny enough,his concept design was actually tolerable and was actually better I don't know why Greaseworx ruined and complicated his design tho.what an irritating look he has now,his voice doesn't help either.

No. 350473

File: 1705875871233.png (172.43 KB, 790x1145, ZeusV.png)

No. 350475

File: 1705875962787.png (233.3 KB, 400x321, Sanat_SMT.png)

No. 350476

As a zillenial I don't care for the characters and story much but I like the chill open world and the music. I don't really have time for a proper longer game rn and I think a lot of people play it because it's easy to when you're really busy.

No. 350477

File: 1705876368010.jpg (318.24 KB, 3840x2160, Artemis1_Demons_SMTV1.jpg)

Sometimes I enjoy re-reading that longass blogpost about why modern SMT designs are shit.
I particularly hate this one from V because I know the source material for the reference, Saint Seiya, and it makes no sense for a goddess to wear what basically is the armor of a Bronze Saint (Athena's armor in Saint Seiya is basically a full golden plate).
It's just shitty otaku bait in more than one way and does no justice to a famous goddess like Artemis whose simbols go beyond "lol moon and bow lmao".

Egyptian gods having a flat disc on top of their head is also incredibly cringe.

No. 350479

looks equally ugly if not worse

No. 350483

I thought it was supposed to reference Saint Seiya as a reference to Kaneko being an animator for the anime way back in the days before he worked for Atlus? That's an obscure trivia though, maybe I'm linking two facts that aren't directly related all by myself and it's just that Doi is a Saint Seiya fan.

No. 350484

i bet you like "femboys"

No. 350485

File: 1705877773069.png (1.63 MB, 1137x1920, ezgif-1-8154b208d5.png)

1.) i agree that everything you've posted is bad but
2.) i'm not even an smt fan kek, i just casually enjoy (some of) the designs because they're interesting to look at
3.) the twisted shota is still fugly

i like chokers on dudes but yeah i agree with everything else. riddle's inkblot seems ai generated to me. so thoughtless, shit's just thrown everywhere to be somewhere. the others aren't any better, see picrel

No. 350486

nta but
>this is that femboy obsessed schizo from 4chan again
opinion discarded x2

No. 350488

i don't think that's her, but trapschizo has been at it for years…

No. 350489

i bet you think any male character with long hair is a femboy, schizo(infighting)

No. 350490

she's been actively stitring shit in our fujo thread for months and was infighting in the good design thread last night I'm pretty sure, that along with all the weird shit in the post has me convinced.

No. 350491

File: 1705878477218.png (1.33 MB, 980x1226, img_mv_sp.png)

They're all terrible.

No. 350492

You're really awful at selling people on why you think the design is objectively bad. You should just say you personally don't like it and move on instead of criticizing it for "different shades of black," intentional clutter relevant to the character's mental breakdown happening in the story, and an ink drip "seeming ai generated" somehow kek with the notorious femboy sperg as your only backup.

No. 350502

>calls someone else upset
>when she's the one who started crying over a stranger's opinion to start with
meds. several characters i like have been posted here but i haven't seen fit to whine about any of it you sperg

No. 350507

File: 1705881038890.png (963.01 KB, 1200x675, 0__zFjjfiL9xoyLUjP.png)

Nagatoro looks punchable as fuck to me, but maybe that's the intention?
Never seen this anime and never will but I hate this character. And what's wrong with her eyebrows?

No. 350509

i've never seen a final fantasy outfit that looked good. everyone who claims FF makes "fashion icons" out of their characters consumes too much anime and has never seen an actual runway.

No. 350514

I feel like these would be fine if they were bright stylized anime characters but the cosplay ass outfits with the deadpan copypaste asian model face looks so scary kek

No. 350518

Modern anime characters are constantly soyfacing with their mouths wide agape as if they are in some youtube thumbnail.

No. 350519

File: 1705886021994.png (1.11 MB, 688x2048, Screenshot_20240121-201524.png)

She is so much better when doing judo. IDK why the artists is still fucking around with the bullying girl with mouthfang schtick. That ship sailed years ago.

No. 350520

I really liked the previous manga the artist made and was excited to see he was working on something new. Imagine my disappointment when this is what we were given.

No. 350522

no1curr about your disney fanfic gachashit for tweens, zoomzoom(infighting)

No. 350523

All racing Miku designs are terrible frankly.

No. 350524

File: 1705887052371.jpg (355.61 KB, 1280x794, precure_mega_all_stars_by_prin…)

Relating to magical girl, every single precure design is godawful.

No. 350525

It’s tranny bait, I do enjoy their merch sometimes though

No. 350527

>It's tranny bait
It's really not, it's just a show for little girls.
Still doesn't excuse the designs being hideous.

No. 350528

I always thought so too but I could never tell whether or not that had to do with how much I associate it with Jill

No. 350529

Idk if it's because I grew up watching anime in the 2000s, but none of these designs are particularly offensive to me?
Like, as an adult, I wouldn't choose to cosplay or draw them or anything. But it seems pretty standard for magical girl anime geared toward children.
Ultrabright colors, frilly skirts, big hair, and tons of accessories seem to be mainstays of the genre to me tbh.

No. 350530

I found them really ugly way before I knew about Jill.
I've seen mahou shoujo for kids that have nice designs (I'm not a fan but Sakura sticks out to me as the main example), the precure ones are just highlighters on acid to me.

No. 350533

File: 1705888656508.png (6.83 MB, 3819x2060, dfr61jq-9bd006a0-3f27-4b82-b85…)

I don't watch them, but I thought pic related was kinda cute. I'm a sucker for a nice cape though.

No. 350535

It's not for you kek, and it really depends on the season. It's like how a lot of Kamen Rider looks retarded to most adults but it looks that way because it's what kids think is hype enough to dish outcash for.
It's for little girls. Really not sure where you're getting this idea from. Maybe you're confusing it with the Pretty Rhythm series, which is completely unrelated and actually does have trans characters while also being for kids?

No. 350536

Say what you will about Precure but it's the only massive franchise centered around empowering young girls by telling them they can break boulders with their bare fists so it's beyond reproach in my books

No. 350537

>It's not for you kek
And? Neither are coom designs for moids but those take up the majority of this thread (not that they shouldn't since they suck granted).
I hate the current 'magical girl feminism' retardation. They're just shitty superhero shows made to sell the current sale's quarter's plastic until they get thrown into a dumpster.
It's about as empowering as something like he man is for boys.

No. 350538

i really love that pop of a starry sky design on the white dress. stealing that for later

No. 350540

Ngl, this feels a bit nitpicky to me. Having colorful child characters with sparkly poofy skirts who beat up bad guys is not equivalent to having hypersexual child characters in tiny school uniforms throw themselves at a male protagonist.
Regardless, I'm curious to see what you think of as an appropriate and meaningful form of media for children to watch, or what it would theoretically look like.

No. 350543

>Ngl, this feels a bit nitpicky to me. Having colorful child characters with sparkly poofy skirts who beat up bad guys is not equivalent to having hypersexual child characters in tiny school uniforms throw themselves at a male protagonist.
I don't think 'it's for kids' makes saying it looks ugly a nitpick. Plenty of other characters from children's franchises have been posted here on top of that.
>I'm curious to see what you think of as an appropriate and meaningful form of media for children to watch
I'm fine with kids watching stuff like precure (it's made for them after all) I just roll my eyes into the back of my head every time someone tries to claim it's somehow 'empowering or feminist'. I like stupid shit on occasion as much as the next person but I don't claim it's high art.

No. 350545

>Pretty Rhythm series, which is completely unrelated and actually does have trans characters while also being for kids?
what? really? wow that sucks, whos the tranny?

No. 350548

File: 1705893221030.jpg (134.01 KB, 975x728, 8d37acf0fd6f46af56be73a9cf99d1…)

Nah, it's a reference to Saint Seiya because Saint Seiya is based around greek mythology, so Doi's brainlet idea is to have a greek goddess reference it blatantly by badly copying Pegasus Seiya, a bronze saint (the lowest rank of "knight" in Athena's army in the Saint Seiya universe) whose story and armor have nothing to do with Artemis. You could make a stretch and say that Seiya inherits the golden Sagittarius Armor, but it's not the armor that inspired Artemis' anyway. It's clearly his puny Pegasus bronze armor. A goddess like Artemis would never lower herself to the ranks of a common knight.

No. 350553

Lol at the baby just sitting there

No. 350558

File: 1705900591976.png (168.05 KB, 230x525, Hibiki.png)

There are a few instances of gender woowoo but Hibiki is explicitly trans

No. 350560

Precure has existed in its unique niche as a heavily martial arts focused magical girl series inteded as a spiritual sister to tokusatsu for two decades, this has nothing to do with "current magical girl feminism". Quit talking out of your ass completely based on assumptions.

No. 350563

File: 1705902361047.jpg (34.12 KB, 480x270, unnamed.jpg)

Wait seriously? It's been years and I never watched all the episodes but I thought Hibiki directly said she was a woman. I remember all the characters thinking she was a boy but then she casually reveals she's female and from then on is just the standard 'princely girl' archetype. That really sucks if they changed that, she was one of my favorite characters

No. 350573

Nah, IIRC the producer confirmed in an interviewer that Hibiki identifies as nonbinary. It's a shame because your intrpretation was what I got from the show too.

No. 350581

You're right, I don't think girls should get to enjoy seeing girls like them shoot vaporizing beams from their eyes and create high-impact craters in the ground with their incredible kicks… It's all feminist trash…
I'm gonna be honest, you just sound retarded interpreting my statement that way. If you'd ever watched the shit you're ragging on you'd know I'm just talking about how fun and exciting the shit Precure doles out is to watch. IDK why you're so pissed that something is tangibly more action-packed than other media for young girls.

No. 350589

spotted the turbo autist who doesn't know about hyperbole

No. 350596

File: 1705916267042.jpg (137.93 KB, 808x596, kinprisss07-57.jpg)

Also Leona West was "trooned" in The King Of Prism series when in Pripara him is just a GNC boy.

No. 350597

File: 1705916703201.jpg (173.82 KB, 680x1000, 11.jpg)

This Shit Counts?

No. 350603

File: 1705917973964.png (343.83 KB, 750x1024, IMG_0603.png)

That's not Leona, that's one of Leo Saionji's older twin sisters. The twins are based on Leona and his sister Dorothy, but they're not actually related to him. He's still just a GNC boy, much the same as Leo Saionji is a GNC boy. It's just a throwback.

No. 350604

File: 1705918263608.png (690.37 KB, 660x1211, IMG_0604.png)

Eh, in this case it makes sense in the context of what it represents. That being said, I do think Idia's overblot is just ugly.

No. 350730

File: 1705982101517.jpg (328.07 KB, 1280x1030, duck with tits.jpg)

No. 350731

File: 1705982269721.jpg (92.74 KB, 1200x829, GELODhDWkAAZSBb.jpg)

Since people are playing the new Pokemon ripoff with guns, it's got a lot of copycats and straight up Pokemon fusions. Picrel is by far the worst and most degenerate.
>basically pink Salazzle but hornier
>retarded heart shaped coochie
>heart shaped boob fur?
>NO. #069
>entry states that it rapes Pal monsters and humans, basically furry/coomer pandering

No. 350732

this whole character is ugly to be honest

No. 350733

I want to defend Idia's honor here but it's honestly funnier when people are being mean to him.

No. 350742

File: 1705991984640.png (25.98 KB, 180x68, Untitled.png)

holy shit it is literally just pink salazzle

No. 350747

Let's be honest. This is definitely what Salazzle's designer would have wanted.
I'm not defending Palworld designs. But for Salazzle in particular we have to be real with ourselves.

No. 350754

they didn't just steal the designs they even stole the actual game models from pokemon, someone is about to get sued kek
I can't imagine being so shit at designing even when stealing from one of the most popular franchises everything you make still looks like shit

No. 350760

It's not only Pokemon either, it stolen things from Zelda as well

No. 350990

File: 1706125625019.png (254.75 KB, 510x427, ROB-LightFury-Transparent.png)

Ugly,lazily made abomination, literally reminds me of bird poop.I find it funny when some HTTYD fans spergout whenever you say anything remotely negative about Light Fury

No. 350996

Honestly all of twists designs are shit imo. Sparkledog tier awful slapped, Yana Toboso can't design cohesive characters to save her life. It matches the fandom, combining the worst of anime and disney fags.

No. 350999

I hated that they made her. This and angel from lilo and stitch. Why cant these characters exist without having a magical girlfriend trope added? And yes, her character design is the absolute worst and lessens toothless as the last of their kind type.

No. 351010

pokemon with guns? lol sounds fun

No. 351013

I want to give it a shot simply because of how hard it makes pokefags seethe

No. 351022

Isn't she from the books though?

No. 351032

what pokefags are seething? every pokemon fan i've seen is either playing it or doesn't care. we get a million pokemon aesthetic copycat games all the time

No. 351036

File: 1706143396427.jpeg (278.91 KB, 1210x726, IMG_2200.jpeg)

kek you weren't kidding the designs are straight up lifted from pokemon wholesale. like picrel is just mega latios with extra steps
honestly as a pokemon autist, the concept of pokemon with guns sounds really fun. it's the plagiarism that's an issue

No. 351042

File: 1706146967169.png (788.32 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_X.png)

they've been livid over it, gamefreak bootlicking in overdrive. one autist made a (now deleted) thread that went viral comparing all the designs and some were really hilarious reaches. I'm sure you can imagine what reddit's reaction has been.

this one is just a reply to the aforementioned thread but my favorite about it is how they're both ugly. I don't care about the plagiarism at all as long as the game's fun tbh.

No. 351044

I don't care about the plagiarism specifically because it's Pokemon. I'll never forgive Pokemon for what it did to Yokai Watch, only to go on produce some of the most soulless drivel over its corpse.

No. 351047

No. 351055

i don't care because apparently they stole assets from nintendo and they aren't gonna be around for very long if that's the case

No. 351059

no, they didnt. nintendo cocksuckers have been trying to claim the models are copied and autistically overlaying the models together to prove a point, but it just proved they models, while heavily influenced by pokeshit, are completly made from scratch.

No. 351063

File: 1706160751553.png (191.77 KB, 480x902, Sniper_Mask_29.png)

everytime i see him i want to burn the screen and that's saying something since i love snipers, masked men and suits too.
the fedora and dream-esque face design kills me, i know it's not the worst but i despise this so much.

No. 351069

I can’t even tell which of these is the actual pokemon and which is the bootleg one, they’re both so boring and look like deviantart furfag ocs. Pokemon designs used to be mostly good and clearly inspired by something what happened.

No. 351165

File: 1706187565396.png (3.33 MB, 1240x2008, IMG_3463.png)

every single character in not only this game but across the whole franchise. and not just the characters but also the design of everything else in all of the games. just zero appeal whatsoever

No. 351166

Sometimes I see something so different from my opinion that I think it’s bait and I have to take a step back and remember that other people genuinely hold these opinions

No. 351182

in that case i still don't care because it looks like they're just "stealing" designs from the ugly furry bait pokemon and those suck

No. 351311

i love the animals but the humans are ugly

No. 351344

File: 1706255176728.jpeg (256.42 KB, 1170x1942, IMG_0412.jpeg)

all of the designs from this are bad but she makes me want to alog she looks like an rcdart drawing.

No. 351346

No. 351382

what did pokemon do to yokai watch? i loved the first game way more than pokemon, but never checked the rest

No. 351491

File: 1706306766154.jpeg (11.97 KB, 300x277, Kerry.jpeg)

Some might disagree but I always found Kiritsugu's design to be so cringe. The black trenchcoat-cigar smoking-stubble having trinity feels so tryhard—literally baby's first 2edgy4me OC vibe.

No. 351503

File: 1706309518938.jpg (41.85 KB, 512x451, gungod.jpg)

I believe the dead eyes and brooding attitude are what make him feel so tryhard, he always felt like emo Spike Spiegel to me.
His design itself is most likely taken from Gun God, the main character from one of Nasu's previous works (even their love interests look similar), and Gun God is most likely based on Kaji from Evangelion which was Nasu's biggest inspiration back then.
Sage for type moon autism.

No. 351584

Because he is a tryhard dude, so it fits his character?

No. 351627

Yokai Watch died for a lot of reasons related to Level-5's general decline, so not sure what nonna is referring to. But Pokemon did make a very targeted effort to compete with YW by mirroring its elements in the SuMo era onwards, before stagnating again once YW was out of the picture.

No. 351629

Kiritsugu is a cringe character though, it fits him.

No. 351739

File: 1706409327512.png (329.29 KB, 541x403, DeathWolfPussInBoots.png)

He looks like some emo 10 year olds edgy furry OC from Deviantart,the long snout looks so stupid too.he wasn't scary at all just terribly try hard.

No. 351740

File: 1706410473786.jpeg (760.03 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_7283.jpeg)

Those goggly eyes staring into my soul disgust me. Every facial feature being crammed into a perfect rectangle is disgusting, why do they have no necks? Why do the legs just stick out from nowhere? The Simpson-like side mouth, the nose so up high when cute dog snouts have nose+lips close together… they way they run around like wind up toys made up in hell. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone finds those cute. I like that the main characters are females, that’s it. Such an eye-sore.

No. 351756

File: 1706422826487.jpeg (120.58 KB, 651x1000, IMG_6852.jpeg)

just everything

No. 351761

i saw so much thirst for this dumb character

No. 351833

I wonder if the style choice is just cause it is easy to animate or if they wanted something very distinct from traditional anthro cartoons cause it is furry magnet. I don't care for the designs much but I once got suggested a video showing all the dog breeds in the show and thought it was a shame some characters didn't resemble their breeds more strongly.

No. 351851

File: 1706476970113.png (433.23 KB, 1014x1058, Saint_Peter.png)

This is supposed to be Saint Peter BTW why does Viv love white twinks so much?

No. 351852

Loving and worshipping white twinks is basically a tumblr fandom citizenship test

No. 351855

It made me take him less seriously lol

No. 351862

i wish we lived in the universe where they went through with the anime version, ladybugs design is absolutely atrocious and cat noir is just slightly better

No. 351865

He looks SO bad in motion. Uncanny and cringe, his voice sucks ass too. Why doesn't he have a nose or a chin?

No. 351871

For some weird reason Viv hates drawing noses and even ears which is funny because she likes adding messy , overcomplicated , details to everything.

No. 351963

Was so disappointed by the character and movie after everyone hyped it up so much. It was all so mid and ugly.

No. 351965

iterally why wasnt he a ram with a skull head. would have been so much more swag
i agreed with this until i watched them in motion, idk how but it works for me

No. 351967

if st peter is there jesus is there too right. $5 says jesus looks identical to this but with long hair and stubble maybe

No. 351977

shit I just noticed no one has fucking ears

No. 351978

Its a kid's movie they cant make him leatherface tier scary. They did an excellent job considering its the sequel of a movie no one asked for. Fucking love the beautiful animation too.

No. 351981

They are so ugly, there is barely any distiction between breeds or even ages. MLP is from 10 years prior and the characters look miles better and are very varied, both from female/males to the young ones.

No. 351983

>takes ugly old man
>turns him into cute twink
based vivziepop

No. 352019

>his voice sucks ass too
aw… be nice

No. 352046

Cute?his head is shaped like a spoon he basically looks like humanized Spongebob but worse and uglier.get better taste lol

No. 352053

File: 1706560681298.jpeg (62.77 KB, 720x900, GBfa3GcaYAAJxpZ.jpeg)

I don't see why she couldn't have had some goat features especially horns since she is supposed to be a demon princess after all.Vivziepop is just shit at character design.no wonder Charlie gets redesigned a lot,wasted potential.

No. 352066

lmfao at those broken ass fingers

No. 352615

File: 1706791447477.jpg (239.33 KB, 965x1292, GEiujGNXEAA9_PU.jpg)

No. 352617

she looks exactly the same just with horns and a tail

No. 352796

File: 1706838200662.jpg (52 KB, 408x540, Polar.jpg)

Imagining having a virtual singer that's lame and basic and also super unoriginal and forgettable. absolutely soulless in every way.

No. 353517

Looks like those bratz dolls, but even worse.

No. 353520

YNBHM!! (you'll never be Hatsune miku) also I hate the red blush it's clear its supposed to appeal to coomers

No. 353522

How hard is it to give Harley pants?

You arent wrong. it's so cringe

No. 353563

File: 1707089446950.png (931.4 KB, 820x1198, 1000014552.png)

I hate the characters in Splatoon, they look like speds and have that incredibly obnoxious family friendly Nintendo games design.

No. 353573

I always thought they look like the Incredibles

No. 353581

i hate how the female squid kid is pigeon toed on most of the promo art. Also I agree that the style of splatoon is ugly. Their skinny limbs combined with their giant hands and feet is so off putting. And the biker shorts only highlights their stupid proportions. Their faces are also fugly I cant stand looking at them. Im normally not vain when it comes to fictional characters but something about splatoon gross me out

No. 353582

File: 1707094084284.png (116.34 KB, 550x545, Untitled.png)

i thought all these designs were adorable when i first saw them, but then of course, moids happened and made everything associated with them smell like rancid cum.
also some of the designs give weird vibes.

No. 353584

File: 1707094431155.png (2.79 MB, 5079x1455, bf013f9204ac97dcc1c15632b4700b…)

Boring,overrated,ugly shitty cookie cutter trash.they literally all have the same faces and bodies barely any nuance.I honestly don't know which ones are worse this or Hazbin.I found it hilarious how much people especially smelly man children praised these designs for being either unique or good.

No. 353586

File: 1707095767354.jpg (191.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Samefag, incoming sperging I could shit on these designs all day it's just so pathetically lazy and boring the creator didn't bother making them stand out just some basic anime girls slapped with horns and tails nothing really screams demonic from them.Helltaker designs make Hazbin designs look amazing in comparison.

No. 353587

Yeah honestly why is it so shit, why are they all clones

No. 353589

i hate this style of western animu art. also i'm 99% sure the creator of this game only made it to fulfill their suit fetish kek

No. 353608

dev is supposedly color blind but that doesn't stop the art from being shit
the moids hazbin really

No. 353622

Is the creator a twitter artist? There's always a cadence to this kind of art. A bit anime, very coomerish, obsessed with surface level aesthetics of power and physical strength. I know a guy who draws like this and he's insufferable.

No. 353624

You could tell me these were event skins or something for the same character and I would believe you

No. 353700

File: 1707132881874.gif (502.66 KB, 500x384, 1691011416201.gif)

Her original look was iconic, nothing else compares.

No. 353943

they look so gross like you know theres a deep layer of porn addiction under these designs. theyre all porn tropes, they dont seem like characters of their own.

No. 353944

File: 1707196586264.png (640.97 KB, 273x600, Valkyrie_DD2.png)

No. 353986

File: 1707221978493.jpg (113.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

These things used to creep the shit out of me as a child

No. 353989

File: 1707222964641.png (121.82 KB, 300x301, 12.png)

I hate this cartoon. It was ugly and gross

No. 353998

is the sheep meant to be like a racist caricature

No. 354003

File: 1707229216460.jpg (160.04 KB, 954x953, ds.jpg)

I think the design for Higgs in Death Stranding 2 is so ugly. I hate the really bulky armor with the codpiece thing and the hair and makeup. The makeup would have worked on a character that is actually hot, he’s not. The only part I like is the intestines viewable through the armor.

It’d still be a shit lolibait design but they could have at least made the leg armor metal match the gold buckles kek.

No. 354006

i hate DS and i think his appearance in 1 was much more appealing. looks like some kind of weird mix of marilyn manson and the joker

No. 354011

Kojima is being such a fucking fag with these games I swear. Why did he go for this ugly ass armor that makes him look fucking FAT and why is his face so dumb looking? The shoulder pieces look like they don't even allow movement.

No. 354013

File: 1707231615573.jpg (22.5 KB, 889x580, brandon-lee-the-crow.jpg)

The design pays homage to The Crow

No. 354014

This nona >>354013 is right, but his design being an homage doesn't change the fact that it's hideous. As for the chunky android armor, I think it may be Kojima's niche fetish. It showed up in Metal Gear Rising, too, and that was released a decade ago. He's clearly been attached to the concept for awhile.
It triggers insufferable Redditor moids when people say that he looks like the Joker, so you should keep doing that.

No. 354016

He had almost no involvement with MGR iirc.

No. 354020

File: 1707233559868.png (210.6 KB, 972x333, HUKGm00.png)

No. 354033

He looks so BAD in DS2. I like him so much better in DS1. Wow, this is awful. Looks like edgelord's first oc

No. 354041

He left Konami before MGR was made though.

No. 354069

File: 1707241060612.jpeg (169.93 KB, 1191x751, 887AE19A-43A3-48EC-ADDB-6A52E8…)

Thank god this shit finally never happened

No. 354095

File: 1707249122748.png (531.27 KB, 494x838, 1707248040720.png)

this looks like something a teen boy would find cool. considering that's the target audience for this franchise, i'm not too surprised kek. very ugly and boring design though

No. 354096

Samus's design is fucking iconic

No. 354099

it's an iconic piece of shit

No. 354104

File: 1707251045445.png (158.06 KB, 360x535, Zero_Suit_Samus.png)

She's actually iconic but zero suit Samus belongs itt

No. 354105

atrocious shoes

No. 354109

File: 1707252781218.jpeg (58.3 KB, 750x399, A21BD7D1-ED2F-4DF3-9E4A-65A456…)

Shit tastes, her shoes are blasphemously ugly

No. 354155

File: 1707263121434.gif (403.61 KB, 500x200, D360CFE1-E9FD-45FB-9618-AAC0B6…)

Wtf I thought the project didn't come to achievement but in fact it did, I can’t believe Tezuka production validate this bullshit. I'm angry like Chris Chan during the Sonic Boom incident now, who’s I’m gonna pepper spray huh ?

No. 354162

You're right, my bad. The design of his armor just reminded me of Sundowner and Jetstream Sam. >>354041 this, on the other hand, isn't true. MGR was released in 2013, and Kojima left Konami shortly after the release of MGSV in 2015.
I'm not fully opposed to ZS Samus wearing a gymnast-inspired outfit, but her retarded sci-fi Bayonetta heels in Ultimate don't match that concept at all. I also hate how much her colors clash.

No. 354180

File: 1707268211877.jpg (196 KB, 1080x1440, 232158065.jpg)

He man from that 3D Netflix cartoon I know the show is highly stylized but he's built like SpongeBob his tiny head doesn't help at all he looks soo bad in motion

No. 354181

doesn't make it any better tbh

No. 354207

File: 1707274923496.png (523.66 KB, 460x1064, Rebecca_Anime_Concept_Art.png)

She's 16

No. 354208

File: 1707275010557.gif (1.15 MB, 492x319, giphy.gif)

This gif of her tho lmao

No. 354978

File: 1707607549038.png (2.28 MB, 1480x1679, Sf6-lily.png)

Her whole look is a mess especially the hair and shorts shorts her face is also uncanny valley.

No. 354981

File: 1707609376824.jpg (112.4 KB, 594x900, F2Y-NMVXoAAD8uF.jpg)

I've been a lifelong weeb but never got into one piece and still don't understand why everyone likes it. It's hideous

No. 354996

File: 1707612076806.jpg (55.39 KB, 1000x563, MV5BOTIzYjlkM2QtZjk1Yy00YWVjLW…)

Extremely hideous

No. 355001

As someone who is currently watching one piece now with my sister, I have noticed that every relevant female character has been conventionally attractive (well… as conventional as oda’s hideous art allows) meanwhile you get a wide variety of male designs from fugly, to old, to masculine, warrior-like, goofy and straight up WEIRD male designs who all play different relevant roles, both good and bad. That realization pissed me off so much because oda’s art is ugly as shit anyway so would it KILL him to draw weird female designs where she isnt beaten in 1 episode or a literal who side-character? He’s also said some shitty things about his female readers but I’m phoneposting now so I cant post the pics yet, I’ll never understand a single woman who wastes money on this manga written by a shitty moid who actively hates his female audience

No. 355003

She looks literally like every other female character that I've ever seen from one piece and that makes it worse

No. 355099

File: 1707662355452.png (4 MB, 2372x1867, shame.PNG)

I've never seen OP and I think the pretimeskip designs are better. Nami used to have a really cute outfit and wasn't shaped like a badly shooped insta baddie.

No. 355100

File: 1707662544153.png (4.74 MB, 1274x1899, cahncept.PNG)

Even more tragic when you find people posting her concept art.

No. 355126

File: 1707671844407.png (186.99 KB, 398x400, Screenshot 2024-02-11 171856.p…)

Sanji also used to look hotter than the ugly perverted french mutt he is now

No. 355129

I hate her body shape. I know it's anime, but that waist to hip ratio is beyond retarded.

No. 355131

Fuck off. This version of Samus is the only one i'll accept. I played Super metroid on snes as a young teen and didnt know Samus was a woman for a while. She's fantastic and not sexualized until they made ZSS and ruined her

No. 355134

Girl got a bbl, implants, veneers and hair extensions smh.

No. 355141

Would love some kind of short episodic series with these two designs instead of slogging through OP

No. 355147

File: 1707676603263.jpg (53.98 KB, 738x412, EreIm2yXUAIIbO4.jpg)

moid author doesn't care

No. 355152

One Piece is a perfect illustration of why authors (especially moid authors) need restrictions placed upon them. They need editors to rein them in somewhat

No. 355157

I'm gonna cry, this design was cool, cute and fun. The fucking robot arm?? Testosterone really does ruin the brain.

No. 355191

tbh I recommend that you maybe stop before the time skip happens. that's what I did. I grew up really loving it, but it's like a lot of the characters become more flanderized over time.

No. 355365

File: 1707744766186.jpeg (227.1 KB, 945x2048, coomer gotta coom.jpeg)

kek it's hilarious how this game designs are so shitty even by coom standars. Such generic boring designs. That ugly npc kpoop girl will never be 2B/bayonetta levels of recognizable coom waifu.

No. 355371

They look like they come from two completely different games kek

No. 355372

I actually enjoy coom outfits unless they are plain stupid because it's something i can't see irl and i'm bi but god since i've seen crumbs of this game years ago i was baffled.
She looks so boring, like a random ponytail girl created in honey select to make gross monster bestiality porn kek.
I guess that i can appreciate that she looks like a human and doesn't suffer from vtuber special eyes/multi-colored hair.

No. 355381

All that girl's costumes look like shit to me. Just unfashionable garbage. I wouldn't have minded her being sexy if she at least looked stylish as well.

No. 355405

File: 1707759076412.png (1.07 MB, 2048x1074, xBtEtdE.png)

No. 355422

Is that ben 10

No. 355473

File: 1707781642101.jpg (280.52 KB, 1004x1069, 20240212_194821.jpg)

her old character design was just an oversized sweater and nothing else, i think she went too far in the other direction with this eyesore. Also no wonder the old one had overly long sleeves she can not draw arms to save her life

No. 355482

I think she looks very cute, just need bigger and larger shorts or pants.

No. 355652

File: 1707832232464.png (92 KB, 566x518, Efjnv5jWoAMIkvb.png)

I'm surprised to see her featured here but I agree with you anon, her old design was a bit better because of how simple it was. I'm bias though since I think oversized sweaters will always look cute but her redesign just has so much going on with it. Seems she was trying to make her look more like an IDOL character but it just doesn't really "hit".

No. 355832

Idk what this is but the designer definitely watched Oshi No Ko

No. 356433

File: 1708050164539.jpg (130.14 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Overrated,ugly and they all look like they belong in different shows especially Pomni and Zooble.Nothing about their designs tell me that they're in a circus except for Kaufmo he's the only one designed well.

No. 356441

File: 1708052276473.jpeg (70.29 KB, 645x475, IMG_6928.jpeg)

some of you guys have 0 taste, whenever I see anyone praising these abominations, I gag. Your nostalgia goggles are working overtime.

No. 356568

i always hated the og designs too. enchantix and sirenix were much better

No. 356600

File: 1708099501005.jpg (194.96 KB, 1024x640, sirenix.jpg)

I agree about enchantix, but sirenix being much better? It's all overdesigned, ugly, copy-pasted garbage. Maybe even the worst designs in the show.

No. 356622

File: 1708111103041.png (1.44 MB, 667x933, Cap.png)

No. 356629

File: 1708114443041.jpg (669.49 KB, 1046x1450, Winx.jpg)

i've always liked bloomix the most

No. 356635

File: 1708119649531.png (2.13 MB, 1280x960, IMG_1133.png)

I feel like a lot of winx transformations of the girls lose their individuality. They’ll never top enchantix and they know it too. I like it because they actually look like faeries.

No. 356659

File: 1708126090429.png (1.09 MB, 907x1845, Raggie (1).png)

So ugly and uninspired. The worst for me is the ragdoll character, I fucking hate the way her feet and hair look especially, it's so lazy. And the main character of course looks disgusting

No. 356715

File: 1708153355851.png (486.35 KB, 720x480, E_0wV25VEAI9g8p.png)

Cheap,shitty rip-off of Molly Coddle.it isn't inspiration it's blatantly copying the design in such a lazy way sorry for the sperging but it's true I agree with you.

No. 356810

File: 1708201819892.jpg (203.78 KB, 607x861, 942558_465951466816788_1783589…)

No. 356857

I hate this style of European comics, when I was a kid it scared me for some reason.

No. 356860

File: 1708212345391.png (Spoiler Image,3.01 MB, 6000x2250, Zone-tan.png)

Edgy cringe coomer OC. Probably smells like rancid cum and glue scented lube mixed with pungent Bath and Bodyworks perfume to mask the stench.

No. 356862

its honestly not bad considering its supposed to be a coomer donut steel

No. 356936

File: 1708259811182.png (373.38 KB, 398x1066, latest.png)

never been interested in the games so i do not know, can final fantasy nonnas tell me what the appeal of tifa is outside of her cute face and sex appeal? (the main 2 things i've seen people talk about regarding her online for years upon years) i've always found her outfit so damn stupid

No. 356939

Men like her because she’s the attractive childhood friend that always takes care of the disinterested guy, and she’s feminine looking with masculine characteristics (phys fighter + runs a bar)

No. 356949

Holy shit, this Nami looks like really cool, im gonna cry.

No. 356950

File: 1708268641515.jpg (472.8 KB, 3190x3115, vomit.jpg)

I guess who approved this garbage.

No. 356974

there's something about the expressions that i find deeply unpleasant, like the weirdly inconsistent nose and unnatural mouth in 'ecstatic'. ugh

No. 357020

i think ladybug has the most bland superhero costume thats ever existed. and adult fans of that show are complete retards.

No. 357027

I feel like most adult fans probably have stockholm syndrome at this point. The show's almost a decade old now.

No. 357114

Girl, me too. My husband totally judged me that I used to watch it at some point. They don't want to admit that animating Ladybug in anime style would have been a lot of money and lied saying "it's because it's hard to animate the spots" that should have been a sign to change her design.

No. 357911

File: 1708655731399.jpg (46.1 KB, 800x1237, Despicableme2-lucywilde-kriste…)

Her design is not that bad but it's extremely boring and forgettable I mean she's the wife of Gru.the high heels have to go tho

No. 358106

File: 1708732832857.jpg (160.06 KB, 1200x800, justice_league_box_aspect_rati…)

Not just awful but visually grotesque and hideous I guess his first design wasn't bad enough

No. 358107

Cant stand this bitch. I keep seeing her and the pink shit every time I open social media because my friends are deep into FF and they look like shit

No. 358281

File: 1708821612323.jpg (76.02 KB, 1200x900, palworld-lovander.jpg)

Worse than Salazzle,it looks like some shitty scalie OC from a furry porn site.

No. 358296

the way this thing is greninjas legs, rouge the bats heart poof chest and charizards head is disgusting kek

No. 358301

salazzle and lucario are in there too. it's just this horrible mix of furfag favorites

No. 358302

back in 2015 it was exciting to have a fully 3d show like that. But it’s not as exciting in 2024. not only the animation hasn’t gotten better it’s now worse. Also they’ve been stuck at high school will they won’t they for a decade now. They should have ended the show after like 2 seasons OR aged them up earlier while actually upgrading the animation/designs.

No. 358345

I gotta agree. While Winx Club is super nostalgic, I've gotta admit that their designs didn't look all that great in hindsight kek. Personally I felt that that Trix trio had much cooler outfit designs, even their Trix Power form managed to look cool imo. The only bad look they had was the "Amplified" form.

No. 358347

My only exposure to Tifa was through Kihgdom Hearts and FF Advent Children. I've seen some scenes with her and personality-wise, I like her well enough but I agree with others that her outfit was just so dumb. I probably wouldn't mind it as much if they gave her shorts instead of the mini skirt, I just get bad coomer vibes whenever I see it.

No. 358425

File: 1708891427130.png (611.18 KB, 545x960, F8iMG9l.png)

I hate Ian Jones-Quartey.

No. 358428

Same. All of the moids are varied in shapes but the womens all look like coomery waifu bait.

No. 358444

people are fine with this because they're thick and think this is the ideal female body. if they were all skinny there would be more outrage

No. 358787

I followed someone who openly hated on this show's designs while it aired and she got a bunch of shit for it because "who cares" "it's stylized" "it's just a cartoon" "a woman designed these though" I wanna say I hope she feels vindicated but honestly I still don't think this show got enough hate.

Lost some respect for an artist I admired (it was a tif anyway) because she also defended the hideous designs with "well a woman designed them sooo" I hate cartoonfags so much lol. The moids on the crew (including Ian) were typical coomers who got off to (art of) sexualized teenage girls in thongs but of course fans will never see them as creeps or see the correlation between creepy tastes and coomer designs.

No. 358900

File: 1709074577750.jpg (199.19 KB, 1000x703, 6501192e41794.jpg)

It's not that awful compared to the rest of the designs here but she looks nothing like a dinosaur (pterodactyl)and more like a dolphin.why does she have her wings in the back rather than having the wings on her arms???what a weird design choice yeah I know I'm gonna get hate for this

No. 358901

Who's the woman who designed them??

No. 358903

I have no idea what this is but I've seen it online and just assumed it was some coomer dolphin OC

No. 358906

>I will get hate for for not liking a themlet character
Maybe if you posted this trashfire on Twitter, yeah, you would get hate for not liking whatever the fuck is that waste of digital space.

No. 358908

I always thought her design would be okay if she didn't have those wings, makeup, and the spike on the back of her head. Of course the themlet is a biologically female alt-girl too.

No. 358912

You're telling me this isn't supposed to be a dolphin?

No. 358914

File: 1709079453109.png (1.7 MB, 2118x1300, Fang_Pass2.png)

Her beta design is 10x better than what we got,she actually looks like a dinosaur in this one.they made her too humanoid in her final design .

No. 358916

File: 1709079802460.jpg (2.17 MB, 2608x1952, Amazonas-Flussdelfin_Orinoko3.…)

I always thought she was one of those long snout crocodiles,a Gharial or a River Dolphin guess I was wrong.

No. 358921

Dang that’s actually cool and cute. Anime ruins everything huh.

No. 358927

File: 1709084724628.jpg (174.93 KB, 1240x1754, D2maZEgXgAAIBkn.jpg)

Horrible and hideously grotesque in every aspect.

No. 358929

I hate those stupid cartoony faces on coomer bodies

No. 359104

File: 1709154539817.png (271.68 KB, 1417x315, Steven_Universe.png)

Shit like this makes me appreciate Steven Universe even when people bash on this show.

No. 359107

More like brainrot and twt does. I hate the they/them bullshit so much.

Still so hideous

No. 359112


lapis, the pearls, and fivehead diamond were cute

No. 359113

File: 1709157281527.jpeg (72.66 KB, 686x386, IMG_1229.jpeg)

I hate the godawful swimsuits the girls wear in the new FF game. The ruffles on tifa’s top annoy me so much.

No. 359114

Aerith's swimsuit doesn't look that bad, it's kinda cute tbh, but god wtf is going on with Tifa's? It's like they wanted it to be coombait, but added too much of everything.

No. 359118

File: 1709158305589.jpg (103.05 KB, 800x450, 800px-SO_Promo_screenshot_20.j…)

I've always been neutral on Splatoon itself even in spite of the always coomerish fanbase but the outfits in the dlc lean into it way too hard. Too much emphasis on the lower half of the female character where it's obviously intentional on an otherwise childlike body, it just feels gross

No. 359120

File: 1709158448957.png (116.05 KB, 220x469, FoeuN6zXsAIeceg.png)

No. 359135

File: 1709164636880.jpg (637.44 KB, 1875x1561, D_y9sT8UIAESG_f.jpg_large.jpg)

They had more body diversity than most cartoons imo

No. 359143

File: 1709165376734.png (343.32 KB, 525x653, Agent_8.png)

The male is absurdly cheeked up too, I was surprised but not in a good way despite enjoying the DLC so far.
I would be fine with this outfit otherwise, it's another spin on the octarian army aesthetic and Agent 8 (picrel), which is a little sexualized and edgy anyway, but there was no emphasis to asscheeks in their previous game…

No. 359152

File: 1709167303628.jpg (522.73 KB, 3464x3464, duyijca7ch1a1.jpg)

The reason for that is because the characters aged, meaning Splatoon 2 Agent 8 is a teen and cheeked up DLC Agent 8 is the adult version. Picrel shows the difference between your character in Splatoon 2 and 3 (inklings are even smaller and stockier in Splatoon 1).

I get your point and I agree, DLC Agent 8 is too sexualized; this isn't to justify the change in her character model, it's just to give it some explanation and context. I too wish they would've not exagerated her ass as much

No. 359154

File: 1709167497843.jpg (74.71 KB, 443x377, Tumblr_l_642594648497300.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging but since we're talking about the Splatoon 3 DLC: Acht looks amazing and I love her design… until the glasses are off. Jfc

No. 359156

I have to give it to the Splatoon team for at the very least sexualizing the male characters as well. You rarely ever see that.

No. 359158

I like her goofy ass face, but I understand why you wouldn't enjoy it and its gap moe.

Off-topic, but what's up with her gender? Is she the japanese equivalent of a themlet in the original?
I don't find them very hot, but I think the octolings being a little sexier adds to their cool appeal.

No. 359163

>more diversity
>the women are either thicc coom waifus or lolis

No. 359165

the should have given him the exact same outfit but with shorts though

No. 359169

File: 1709176065833.png (51.97 KB, 497x538, a6aec2725f5fcaf9f66eca1b0c5ce2…)

>side-tie panty above the skirt and the gravure idol ruffle bra

No. 360589

File: 1709776933113.png (2.33 MB, 1920x2457, Julia-chang-tekken7-artwork.pn…)

Awful just awful I cannot even understand why they made her look like a teenager what's that thing on her waist??a jacket?? nothing on her outfit goes together and everything clashes instead.

No. 360601

Eh, the hair style is a bit young but she looks like a woman in her 20s. I wouldn’t say she looks like a teenager but her outfit is stupid af and the color pallet is awful.

No. 360615

File: 1709792230154.jpg (726.87 KB, 1637x1752, 1000006392.jpg)

The alternative outfit for Tifa is somehow even uglier. Sleeves and DENIM? For the beach?

No. 360627

File: 1709797969362.png (380.01 KB, 385x967, DFFNT_Tifa_Lockhart_Costume_02…)

Her advent children outfit was better, although I never liked the shoes

No. 360630

good grief, what is this from?

No. 360632

did a troon choose these clothes? they're so bad

No. 360633

all the biggest (male-looking) muscle mountains are all black and have short hair

No. 361012

File: 1709953120662.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1599, zhen__kung_fu_panda____transpa…)

Another boring,uninspired,shitty fox furbait that looks nothing like a Kung Fu Panda character.

No. 361016

File: 1709953535066.jpg (624.19 KB, 676x704, Chameleon2.jpg)

What an ugly,cluttered villain design.even her name "The Chameleon" is lame as hell I think she's so supposed to be more stylized than the others?but all those unnecessary details look like shit and is jarring to look at.no wonder she was hard as hell to animate.

No. 361019

You can tell so easily when an animal character was designed by a normal person vs. a furfag

No. 361022

File: 1709954081142.jpg (93.3 KB, 500x664, tumblr_inline_mfw18dboTF1rund2…)

she got that disney channel drip

No. 361034

Her head looks like it's been stepped on

No. 361221

I would like the anti-social tomboy if she weren’t attached to the stupid tomboy meme

No. 361260

File: 1710049800657.png (5.44 MB, 3681x4523, Kasumi_Yoshizawa_(Violet).png)

Coom design. Also isn't her character and personality as of a Mary Sue?

No. 361263

File: 1710050599031.png (701.57 KB, 2048x1888, P5S_Ann.png)

Her too. Both are high schoolers btw. Funny how this dominatrix design pretty much defeats the whole purpose of her struggle against the pedo teacher who's all into her.

No. 361294

Oh don't get me started, her design is just an uninspired coomer genderbent version of Joker's and she's one of the most embarrassing Mary Sues I've seen in a long while. Like genuinely reaching parody levels, she enters a room and everyone goes off character to take time to talk about how great she is and she has a convoluted ~dark backstory~ and the entire extra arc of P5R is dedicated to worshiping her. I genuinely hate her as a character so much that seeing her posted I couldn't scroll past the thread without entering to bitch about it kek

No. 361297

That's exactly how I felt when Marie got introduced in P4G and why I never played it. Kasumi is so much worse though, you're right about it being so ridiculous to the point it seems like a parody.

No. 361300

I don't know why Atlus pulled a literal repeat of Marie in P5R but I guess Japanese moids love a very slightly eccentric tragic Mary Sue they can fix and protect. Kasumi was so badly integrated into the game I physically cringed when she appeared only for others to drop everything they do to gather round to kiss her ass even though they barely knew who she was, she only interacted with the MC too and the only dialogue options you were given were basically "I love you" and "I like you". To top it all off, when her "tragic backstory" was revealed it made me hate her even more.

No. 361303

>Kasumi was so badly integrated into the game
I thought Marie was worse. At least they made Kasumi a student in the same school so she had a much better pretext to be in new cutscenes before the new arc starts, even if I still can't bring myself to give a fuck about her. I liked that her backstory made her look like such a selfish, retarded asshole that it was hard for me to even notice I was supposed to root for her kek. Marie was pure cancer, they didn't even try to hide her Mary Sue status. Atlus does that with most of their new editions, it's not just Persona. SMT5 Vengeance has a new girl who's from another school and she may or may not be a saint just like Tao. SMT3 Nocturne added Dante, who's replaced by Raidou and Gotou in other versions. DeSu2 on the 3DS added a new girl who suspiciously looks like Yamato but I haven't played that one until the end so I can't tell you if she's as bad as Marie and Kasumi. Catherine Fullbody added Rin, a new love interest who's actually a guy and while I find that case way less worse than the others it still adds a few cutscenes before Rin's new routes and some people did say that it ruins the pacing of the story a bit, etc.

No. 361318

Kek I also can't stand her. I can handle Ann's design because at least her character isn't bad personality-wise (I love how optimistic and how she's a good friend in the game) but fucking Kasumi oh my god. Why did they make her design like a genderbent version of Joker? Everyone has their unique thing but she has to have the copy of the protagonist. She has her own (long ass) scene in the prologue that makes her look like a badass while every other time in the game she's a pathetic selfish loser, and you know what it would be fine if she was and if that was addressed in the game, but no everyone kisses her ass and is fine with what she does and how she behaves so she starts off as the mary sue, then you discover she's a loser who's skinwalking her dead sister, then you find out her biggest wish isn't to bring her dead sister back to life (despite her sperging about how important she was for her) but to become her, then she goes through her character arc where she supposedly understands that she's okay being herself, then she goes back to looking and behaving exactly like her dead sister again and a perfect girl uwu kek what?. Then the scene where she's introduced as your school mate she does a dramatic tryhard gymnast move and everyone is wooed (don't even get me started at her animated scene during the school festival thing). THEN on top of it they try to push her as this rival/equal figure to Joker together with fucking Akechi who actually has the whole game and a lot of reasons to be his actual rival, because he has plot relevance and is his actual rival, like he's the antagonist for more than half of the game while she appears here and there to do her mary sue things and shares only a palace/dungeon with the main team. You could also write her off completely and the story wouldn't suffer from it because the character that's actually important for the third semester is Maruki who was added in well imo.

No. 361323

>Then the scene where she's introduced as your school mate she does a dramatic tryhard gymnast move and everyone is wooed (don't even get me started at her animated scene during the school festival thing).
Oh my GOD nonnie I had completely forgotten about that school festival scene, it's unreal how much it made me cringe. For the first half I thought they were setting her up to be a villainous yandere because she was so suspiciously perfect and only appeared to meet the protagonist but no, that's just how her character was supposed to be and you were meant to adore her for it. It's archetypal Mary Sue writing even down to her flaws being "she's too perfect and everyone is jealous of her" and "she's kind of shy and clumsy because her own clumsiness got mixed up with her dead sister's gymnast skills and absolutely not because they were trying to make her soooo adorkable". Like I can't believe they even added that ridiculous "she has godlike metabolism so she can eat all the food she wants yet stay thin and petite tee hee" thing too, it's as if they wanted to deliberately piss players off. The payoff was worth diddlysquat because as you said she goes back to just skinwalking Kasumi anyway but basically "being an improved version of her" so what the fuck was even the point of her entire arc?

>THEN on top of it they try to push her as this rival/equal figure to Joker together with fucking Akechi who actually has the whole game and a lot of reasons to be his actual rival

Remember when she appeared in Metaverse and immediately upstaged Akechi (who had been an assassin in his Loki form for YEARS before the Phantom thieves even existed) in combat despite apparently being a complete newbie to fighting? I honestly can't understand what they were going for with her and I can't get over the collective brain damage in the P5 community celebrating her as the best girl. I wanted to be mean to her all the time but all the given dialogue choices were just flattering her kek.

No. 361357

I can't believe how much her writing and design make me seethe. I tried really hard to like her when playing but she's just so so bad. She made me realize Makoto wasn't that bad kek at least she has her own theme and they don't try to push her as some sort of female version of the main character.

No. 361585

File: 1710118250252.jpg (117.87 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BNDExYTFlNjctYTZiZi00YjZlLT…)

The knight guy is okay I guess but the rest are awfully bad why did Dreamworks approve of this?

No. 361593

File: 1710119402584.png (2.73 MB, 2191x2800, Reina.png)

She looks like she came out of Twitch.I will always hate the lazy,uninspired e-girl look a lot of game designers are giving to female fighters.we really didn't need an Asuka clone also her color pallete is rather bland.

No. 361651

You can pick a different skin or make your own.

No. 361685

Thank you nona, I thought I was the only person who didn't like her. When I first saw her I thought she was designed by a vtuber artist. Combine that with her marysue backstory and she really is just Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way in Tekken form.

No. 361728

File: 1710170801669.png (165.19 KB, 260x562, 260px-Jessica_Albert.png)

Started playing Dragon Quest 8 and something about Jessica sets off my fight response. Something about the color scheme the context for the outfit change ("Fuck you Mom I'm rebelling") and her tits just being out. She's supposed to be 17.

No. 361804

I hated Ann's design the most. The fact that (once again) persona takes place in high school is frustrating enough, but that outfit is disgusting considering her backstory. I hate Japan's obsession with high school girls.

No. 361807

I never liked Jessica's design either. she looks like a weird bar maid.

No. 361899

Nah she's a shit character with a shit design looks nothing like a Tekken character.

No. 361900

File: 1710213000932.jpg (52.7 KB, 478x641, 1000007410.jpg)

Reminds me of this trope with asian female characters having short hair and colored strips

No. 361924

OT but I always thought this was a ridiculous nitpick fueled by confirmation-bias. The vast majority of those girls are some shade of punk or alt, where it's common to have dyed hair. Some of them are also mutants, magic, or from the future.

No. 361963

I agree with you to a degree. I still find this outfit ugly but it does look somewhat like something a woman in her early 20s would wear. I think the issue is more of how they fucked up her personality. She acts like a teenage girl with the streamer thing which is absolutely fucked because aside from it being out of character, she's also supposed to be one of the more maturer female characters. When you compare how she was in Tekken 4 to Tekken 6, it's like looking at two different characters and I hate that, especially since she personally is one of my favorite characters in the series and you just know that if she comes back as DLC in Tekken 8, they're bringing that ugly outfit back. I just hope that if they give her a new one, it looks more fitting to her and they ditch the streamer crap.

No. 361964

Yeah I actually liked this outfit for her too. Even though the back flaps look like they'd be intrusive, I'm willing to look past it because it really isn't a bad look over all though I do feel you on the shows, they are pretty ugly and it would be better if they gave her some good old fashion combat boots instead.

No. 362134

Ayrt and honestly I never watched most of these, I wouldn't know if it's a nitpick or not, you might be right. I just think it's a ugly look kek.

No. 362615

File: 1710449385963.jpg (25.72 KB, 600x337, Übel.600.4100023.jpg)

Her design is so e-girl coded to me and I can't stand it. Naturally moids are obsessed

No. 362616

This whole show is the definition of bland and uninspired

No. 362723

File: 1710470353566.jpg (28.95 KB, 480x360, chop_socky_chooks.jpg)

I have always thought their designs were horrible and looked nothing like chickens.it aged like shit too.

No. 362728

why does she have belts on her socks

No. 362743

I didn’t know they were supposed to be chickens until I was an adult because I didn’t watch it and didn’t know the word chook. So when I heard the word chook as an adult I thought of whatever these things were first then promptly learned the word meant chicken. They look nothing like chickens I thought they were just some ugly random character design.

No. 362782

I really enjoyed the first season, the characters interactions are so cute, but the designs are always a mess. Some are so modern, some are victorian, some are like 30s style, the show doesn't have a set in stone style at all

No. 362783

File: 1710494121430.png (93.59 KB, 400x163, JQXAWDp.png)

No. 362791

nooo she's cute! the horses having eyebrows is stupid but they're not too bad

No. 362795

nta but the thing is that it was always JUST the token asian who was (very mildly, sometimes not at all) alt/punk and they nearly only ever expressed it with just a streak in their hair so they weren't "too" alt for the normies to be put off. i think the ones where every character is a funky mutant is a stretch, but the stereotype is very much real

No. 362802

I hated rain so much as a kid. Like even a horse represents the blonde blue eyed stacygf trope what the fuck

No. 363020

she slayed + youre jrealous

No. 363671

If you mixed Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss with VTubers

No. 363703

Even when it's supposed to be a boy turned into a girl, it's still easy to clock it's a male. I had a feeling about it before reading the premise.

No. 363704

This is exactly how i feel, the first time i saw her i just thought she looks like a girl who got her first goth egirl outfit from aliexpress. Coomer male fans go nuts over her bland design and sadistic personality and call her "goth mommy" or whatever other retarded bullshit, they're so easy to please it's pitiful

No. 363705

File: 1710807346305.png (13.24 KB, 169x275, 1710807151743.png)

All FNF designs are bad but this one's really ugly and it's just another stupid donut steel Mary Sue designed by a coomer.

No. 363706

File: 1710807537483.jpg (1.04 MB, 2000x2906, MV5BOTMxMTkzMTk5Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

What were they even thinking?the entire cartoon was a mistake.I fixed a typo but yeah who approved of this?this was a kids cartoon

No. 363866

This design got partially reused for UDG Komaeda kek.

DR1 was supposed to be turned fully 3D at some point, I imagine that's why they redesigned it to look less detailed, since it was a PSP game. Komatsuzaki wrote in artbook about adding details to Naegi's hoodie from behind because the player would see it, which was never a thing in actual game, and you can see from DR1 sprites that they just posed 3D models and added hand-drawn details. TCRF had some screenshots with posed 3D models left over that they used for CGs.

I actually like the idea of Grusha (him actually being rude jock despite the design) but his clothes are pretty ugly kek. I mostly like seeing him from specific artists that draw him more handsome.

No. 364232

…Are those thigh cut outs? Literally the only purpose of that would be to cause chafing.

No. 364341

File: 1710989736252.jpeg (159.57 KB, 865x1355, 5B133086-434C-4757-804F-016CB6…)

the big lips and weird face, the ugly green hair with that awful white headband, giving her a huge ass despite the fact she's supposed to be skinny and awkward looking. what the hell are those shoes? strive continues to disappoint.

No. 364383

the artist put so much effort in but it's all wasted on this design. reads like mallgoth tryhard.

No. 364420

This video gave me an aneurysm.

No. 364467

File: 1711047569692.png (620.93 KB, 709x960, Ggxxs_cs_ab (1).png)

Thank GOD I'm not the only who's pissed about ABA's new design. It's so bafflingly ugly. Her old design in picrel was so cool to me, she was always my favorite gg girl when I was younger because she was so grungy and awkward. I feel like every returning character in strive has just been redesigned to appeal to normie porn artists on twitter.

No. 364669

File: 1711126352302.png (672.11 KB, 600x810, zPqZyBm.png)

No. 364673

I hate this with a passion

No. 364679

may I ask why?

No. 364694

I hate new GG art so much, it's like two completely different series compared to what it used to look like. Blazblue's character designs were dogshit too.

No. 364710

This is making me wish I could kill myself and take a bunch of moids with me.

No. 364730

lmao what the fuck is mickey's hair

No. 364846

kekkkk those shinji akari bangs

No. 364919

>what the hell are those shoes?
I asked myself the same thing before reading your post kek I know she is supposed to look weird and contorted, but that arm is beyond broken.

No. 366192

File: 1711653936890.jpg (78.08 KB, 957x546, original ocs donut steel.jpg)

No. 366212

It's just tom and jerry, he didn't even change their color schemes.

No. 366392

this is like when you're 13 yrd old and you draw canonically bald characters with puffy hair to look cuter

No. 366552

File: 1711813714526.jpg (452.77 KB, 1803x1150, fcf506e541159d2430b48c00832114…)

Such an original OC concept

No. 366630

File: 1711841628783.jpg (94.27 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

The moid that currently does the art has never seen a pair of breasts in his life

No. 366633

Kek literal water balloons

No. 366637

File: 1711843519501.png (5.04 MB, 2090x2258, Zhen.png)

This movie sucked anyway but seeing her concept art makes me sad because she looked so cool! She actually looked like a thug and not shitty furry bait, also the final design doesn't even seem to belong in kung fu panda

No. 366640

idc about kung fu panda but that concept art is amazing

is he gay? these arent even sexy in a "big perky boobs" way bc they look so unnatural

No. 366650

File: 1711849597257.png (379.97 KB, 927x940, MissCircleStanding.png)

This is so painfully try hard and ugly just like the rest of the shitty designs.

No. 366671

Why bother making concept art? What is the point? The people up top don't know fuck about appealing designs. I've seen adoptables with the same look for half what it probably cost to get that.

No. 367252

File: 1712084504788.webp (82.56 KB, 474x913, IMG_0610.webp)

I hate this clusterfuck of a design.

No. 367259

What the fuck is going on below the knee? Kek
The more I look at the entire character the more jarring and odd it looks. Why does the fanny pack have to wrap around the bare thigh? My leg hurts just looking at that and it makes no sense, that strap is completely useless. What's with that weird headband thing that just disappears into her head? I can't tell what vibe/time period/character type they're going for at all. I usually like a mix of techs and time periods (think steampunk) but this misses the mark for me.. Those damn shoes with that single-armed fat armor (??) and that weird ass giant sharingan motherfucker. Offputting as hell.

No. 367260

To be fair FFVII always sort of had that vibe. It's meant to be contemporary (to the late 90s at the time) yet industrial and edgy.

No. 367261

>What's with that weird headband thing that just disappears into her head?
It's just behind her bangs, it's some stereotypical ninja headband. Same shit with the big shuriken she's carrying.

>What the fuck is going on below the knee? Kek

Socks like this were trendy in the 90s with teenage girls in Japan and FF7 is a 90s JRPG.

No. 367267

i fucking hate ff clothes. they never look good, just a bunch of awkward cropped fits and buckles and random shit attached and hanging off, they all look like garbage.

No. 367298

File: 1712098445253.png (2.89 MB, 1626x2510, Alisa_29.png)

I guess that she would have looked ok only in the concept art, she looks so boring and i agree, she looks like a Twitch gijinka but i'm surprised no one mentioned what they've done to Alisa? This hurts my eyes.

No. 367299

Fair and I've never played FF7 but the design just looks so bad it enrages me. It's so damn asymmetrical too, like if she wasn't in that pose with the weapon on her left shoulder it would be so right-heavy and awkward looking.
I can assume what they're supposed to be and what inspired them, but that doesn't make it not ugly af. Just my opinion of course. I like plenty of other FF and Kingdom Hearts campy designs

No. 367313

File: 1712100982920.png (395.45 KB, 640x750, seith_goddess_of_hope_slide.pn…)

My friend sperged about Fire Emblem and i still can't forget the awful design of the characters in this part, she showed me some of the cutscenes too and they were all so coomerbait and made no sense. I know it would be even more coomery but maybe if this character didn't have that weird ugly grey skintight suit under those clothes it would look better.

No. 367317

File: 1712102070856.png (746.85 KB, 514x1188, IMG_5141.png)

It makes me kind of bummed that Fire Emblem became so ridiculous looking, I liked it as a kid because the designs were so grounded besides the anime hair colors and short skirts. I wonder if shit like the Fate franchise is to blame for popularizing gachas and waifushit and having tons of guest artists making character designs. These don't even look like they're from the same franchise.

No. 367458

at least her pants are buttoned up now

No. 368501

File: 1712444627691.webp (81.07 KB, 1000x791, IMG_2116.webp)

>literal embodiment of lust
>looks like shit
he has 0 sex appeal. why, vivzie?

No. 368507

i mean it does look like the final boss of tumblr sexymen

No. 368518

No way, what makes you say so?

No. 368521

he looks like a turbofaggot, is wearing a suit and has a shit eating grin

No. 368523

literally no character in that show looks good

No. 368525

I know it's a cartoon but the way those boots look annoy me.I'll take Obey Me Asmodeus over this horrid abomination any day and I've never even played Obey Me.

No. 368540

File: 1712451727897.png (1.27 MB, 880x1000, image_2024-04-07_110037408.png)

To be fair actual Asmodeus is supposed to be ugly as shit but the stupid rooster theme his character is supposed to have doesn't work and looks terrible. This design should have be scrapped

No. 368549

never noticed he was supposed to be a rooster. now i hate the design even more.

No. 368575

looks like a massive irredescent scrotum

No. 369029

dafuck is this holographic ballsack

No. 369246

File: 1712663276558.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.49 KB, 596x1181, dqb79vinha3b1.jpg)

Cammy's old outfit has always look so disgusting and coomery. She's not wearing any underwear either. How the fuck do you even fight while constantly having a wedgie between your ass and avoid slipping your coochie out even by "accident" down there? She has a serious demeanor but not with that retarded outfit; going out fighting with your skin that exposed to vulnerability and unashamed for how porny it looks. Bringing this hideous shit back is a fucking mistake and deserved to get to canceled. God I hate moid coomers so much.

No. 369249

Okay i agree that it does not look practical but i hate the new one much more kek. What bothered me the most is just why is she wearing a leotard at all, i don't know the SF lore but isn't she supposed to be in the military? Couldn't they design something more elaborated? I can't even think that she has a sexy swimmer look because why would you have paint on your legs if it washes off? Someone please explain.

No. 369350

Why do you hate the new one more?

No. 369394

i love how muscular and tough she looks and they ruin it with that dumbass outfit.

No. 369407

Eh i just don't like how she looks like Android 18 with a casual boring outfit, i know this one is even more simple but the new one has such very boring colors and clothes that i've seen around any kind of character, i'd prefer the silly green leotard with red beret, it's more unique.
Also i really don't like the haircut, i think that it's cool that she can look badass with super long twinbraids instead of looking like Anne of the green gables so it weirded me out when they made her look so generic.

No. 369417

File: 1712702546462.jpg (254.04 KB, 801x1285, Cammysf6.jpg)

They gave her a redesign in the new game that you might like more. Though as >>369407 points out, it's less unique than the old one.

No. 369430

File: 1712710839633.webp (179.87 KB, 900x1060, 0611a0da-11f7-4fa5-b41b-5eb9f7…)

No. 370032

File: 1712966081250.png (251.61 KB, 1200x923, 1200px-PMTTYD_Flurrie_and_Hear…)

She kinda looks like Ludwig which is weird.

No. 370848

File: 1713168088424.png (101.86 KB, 340x476, 1000002352.png)

No. 371337

File: 1713292822767.jpg (270.57 KB, 1228x1282, GIJFN7-aEAEOSOh.jpg)

No. 371343

All of them suck.

No. 371352

Even the logo became worse and worse each time.

No. 371369

I grew up with most 96-2003 cartoons as a 90s kid. It's crazy how is just went downhill.

No. 371373

The concept art looks so good. They made her so boring. wtf. this looks so bad now. I hate coomer furries

No. 371424

File: 1713320345061.jpeg (1.09 MB, 4096x3322, FNMoP7uUUAE9_YH.jpeg)

Jeff The Killer but for retarded,fat gendies.

No. 371425

File: 1713320510781.png (52.19 KB, 300x475, Peter_(YB).png)

The least they could do is give him some hair

No. 371440

File: 1713332008547.png (95.8 KB, 365x545, 1713320510781.png)


No. 371449

this is the result of a bald man trying to shift the public opinion to make them seem desirable

No. 371454

File: 1713342634724.png (3.17 MB, 1826x2733, MM_Happy_Mask_Salesman_Artwork…)

No, the japanese dub made her a tomboy who uses boku, every other translation has her as female, but of course amerifags had to be quirky and made her a themlet
>every returning character in strive has just been redesigned to appeal to normie porn artists on twitter.
That and gendies. I miss the edge of 2000s designs. New ones are bland.
Couldn't have said it better. I feel like even husbando-bait characters have to be ugly to an extent because modern gendie fangirls are insecure as fuck

No. 371847

File: 1713478361497.jpeg (195.72 KB, 2048x1151, IMG_3058.jpeg)

She is suppose to be a handsome girl, but she has this retarded coom face you see in hentai. Nothing about this ugly overly inbred pug face design is handsome. An absolute disgrace to all handsome women.

No. 371878

File: 1713491910201.png (369.09 KB, 1080x1710, 1000019107.png)

I get it, he looks slightly less retarded with a nose and some generic hairstyle. What is the point of the game anyways? I've read that he's a yandere, but is he? I don't get how anyone can look at this character and fall in love unironically.

No. 371881

Thank you nonny,he actually looks attractive now.major improvement.

No. 371889

Bamco trying to chase Blue Archive money by aping the art lol

No. 371890

She wears them to hide from people like us. People like us who would throw up at her. Bless her for being so considerate.

No. 372151

File: 1713572175949.png (1.03 MB, 860x1313, Sly.png)

Fuck it I'm going say this but Rogue's costume sucks ass.I don't care how iconic it is the yellow and green is so ugly It reminds me of vomit and the colors are horribly flashy and clash.they couldn't have chosen another color scheme for her?it's so damn hideous,her boots as well.

No. 372245

File: 1713597016352.jpg (183.7 KB, 632x960, 9032635-power-girl-2-1-50-vari…)

i could go on and on about ugly-ass "iconic" superhero outfits

No. 372507

File: 1713689423765.jpg (1.37 MB, 1200x1586, bugtopia webtoon.jpg)

I could put any webtoon original here but something about looking at any of these characters pisses me off lmao

No. 372517

I can basically feel the degenerate intent behind this

No. 372530

As a ruralfag yellow and green is always going to unfortunately remind me John Deere tractors

No. 372539

File: 1713697935986.png (1.8 MB, 1200x1465, AssassinShutenDoujiStage1.png)

No. 372554

File: 1713706580920.png (703.62 KB, 563x1000, a trillion belts.png)

Nah I'd argue ff7 has the least cluster-fuck designs compared to the other series. Don't get me started on the spin-offs.

Along with the coomershit, the worst thing about gatchashit designs are how cluttered they are with details. I think there's a culture of artists who are fucking some dick measuring contest on how much details and trinkets they can shove on a character and brag about how much shit they have to animate.
It extends with vtuber shit as well >>363671

No. 372575

>boobs on non-mammalian creatures
Everytime I see this trope, I want to gouge my eyes out.

No. 372611

Covered everything with the ridiculous belts except left a hole to show her thigh. Fuck coomers.

No. 372617

I remember someone posting this hideous coomer design on LC before, and when anons replied that it looked like an underage girl, the poster got mad and claimed that this is what ordinary adult women look like in Japan. Crazy shit.

No. 372618

Agree on Yelan, never liked her design, but dissing on Furina? That's my pretty princegirl, get out of here. Look at her cute curls. I love her so much. Might be bias though because I love almost every design from Fontaine.

Actually, can you take a look at focalors and tell me what you think of her design? (Furina but with long hair and a dress)

No. 372769

IIRC the legend is supposedly that she's based off Aoi Yuuki, but she obviously isn't an average Japanese adult lol and she has normal proportions, not this creepy featureless toddler body.

>However, she has recently been struggling with the gap between her ideal image and physical development.
Of course. Certified scrote shit.

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