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File: 1691315514548.jpg (430.02 KB, 2048x1106, 1691239849978.jpg)

No. 313103

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Damage calculator


>Build simulator


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


>Interactive map for overworld item locations


>Another interactive map


>Genshin Center, a resource center for the game


Previous threads:

No. 313107

Agree, I was really invested in Albedo's lore and I HATE how it's event locked. It was one of the most thrilling stories in the entire game to be honest. I could explore Dragonspine for hours too, I hope there will be a winter themed event again this year.

As for Sumeru's expansions, I think there were leaks that Sumeru will get an extra area at some point similar to Enkanomiya, Dragonspine and Chasm while the desert areas were part of the "main map". I could be wrong though. My problem with the desert is that looking at a brown wasteland for hours is just boring. The rainforest area had a lot of different details so running around was exciting, while the desert is just sand and rock all around with no variation. The final area was a bit better, but the two desert maps were practically identical and the underground areas had nothing besides local specialities in them, no puzzles, no nothing. The final one was a lot more interesting to explore, but god, I don't know what they were thinking releasing two identical maps. Made me miss Tsurumi.

No. 313115

File: 1691316278119.png (82.26 KB, 245x382, childe shirtless.png)

As an interesting tidbit they fully rendered his body under that shirt for a web animation so he's canonically shirtless. Picrel is the sprite people dug up

No. 313122

File: 1691319385798.jpeg (758.1 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_2295.jpeg)

Shirtless? Isn’t canon a red shirt

No. 313126

I need a hydro character and i still havent done inazumas archon quest. Should i skip yelan and kokomi and go straight for neuvilette or furina? Im kinda annoyed with furinas personality but im not sold on neuvillettes kit

No. 313128

You’ll have hydro traveler.

No. 313130

File: 1691325446421.jpg (1.6 MB, 2339x3075, F0RtpWHX0AIRF2D.jpg)

Yelan - Top tier Hydro sub DPS, perfect if you want another Xingqiu.
Kokomi - Healer, works as Hydro enabler.
Neuvillette - Support, but will probably work as a mono Hydro DPS unit too.
Furina and Hydro traveler - no clue about their kits, haven't looked into them

No. 313133

Judging by what's drawn and what's not I think the design intended for his jacket and shirt opening to be bigger than what we got.

Xingqiu. if there is a chance to get him C6 then honestly he's kind of above all 5 stars as far as how he clears abyss in national.
But if you need one asap get Yelan even if her design is bad, she's strong. But if you can wait get the hydro archon. Archons are usually really good majority of the time (looking at you can't-pick-anything-with-my-burst-Venti)

No. 313159

>(looking at you can't-pick-anything-with-my-burst-Venti)
wut? venti is still the best archon for the majority of what you do in game - exploration and instantly massacring spread out mobs. cc and buffing are the most valuable abilities in the game and he does both.

No. 313166

File: 1691343660718.jpeg (188 KB, 1073x960, IMG_9604.jpeg)

Venti is my “main,” I guess, since I use the fuck out of him and there are very few things that don’t get sucked into his Q since they made the specters suckable. You can usually time it right to hit other things that don’t. By far the most annoying though are the kairagi because of their dash.

No. 313173

Thank you for making a new thread, please ignore the trolls in the last thread. In your image there are literally multiple female characters, I also like Arlecchino but I don't see the big deal with this being the thread pic. I never imagined seeing multiple anons so triggered over a thread pic kek.

The first half of the current abyss is actually super good for Venti, every enemy can get sucked by his ult except for the herald I believe.

Honestely the only hydro characters I use to get all stars in the abyss are Childe in one team and Xingui on the other. If you have those 2 you don't really need any other hydro character. Good thing is, you can get Xinqui in paimon's bargains, he will be in the shop in September and March.

No. 313176

>I never imagined seeing multiple anons so triggered over a thread pic kek.
It was one samefagging anon having a frothing at the mouth fit over their waifu not being picked because "we" agreed on it i.e. one anon suggested and multiple anons replied saying "no" kek. Pretty sure it was a troll though because that's the lie I tell myself as I don't want to believe anyone has a meltdown over a completely neutral threadpic like that.

I don't get it either, he sucks up almost every enemy except bosses and the heavier elite enemies like lawachurls and geovishaps. He's still the number one crowd controller in the game and his burst makes most domains a ridiculously easy feat to beat.

No. 313177

Imo, it’s not even about the thread pic. OP didn’t even add/remove the links that were suggested. I agree with one of the previous posters that you shouldn’t be making the general of a thread you don’t even keep up with. Autist behavior.

No. 313210

4.1 additional rerun is Hu Tao.
So wrio, neuv, Venti, hu tao (unknown order)

No. 313212

>It's not about the threadpic
Yet it's the only thing some autists are malding about. You can say it's a shit thread because of the links and all but some anons (or maybe it's a seething samefag) were angry about the pic not having Arlecchino, as if they couldn't post all the Alrechino fanart they wanted in the thread.

No. 313214

I honestly couldn't remember shit that happened upthread two days ago, let alone a week ago. Hyperfixating on everything that's being said here is the autistic behavior. Are we just supposed to sit twiddling our thumbs with a locked thread while some neurodivergent queen emerges whenever she sees fit and puts together the perfect revised thread description with her personal yuri waifu? Some people just want to fight about everything, my god.

No. 313215

File: 1691353169367.jpg (69.86 KB, 736x674, ec4aed5227266e64ce66fb6679eb7c…)

Agree, it was clear it was just a bitter childish anon that wanted to own the "twitterfags" that liked Arlecchino or some shit, kek.
The backlash would have happened either way, because it seems there are two or three bpds that are also triggered by the sight of any female character. I could already picture the "shit thread pic" posts if the OP pic had been Arlecchino, kek. I think it's childish as hell, but this an anime gacha game, so I don't expect mature people in the thread anyways.
>inb4 reeee
I'm not gonna read your posts, so don't bother, eh.
I hope Venti reruns with Wrio and not Hu Tao, because I might pull for his weapon then. Still missing Venti's bow…

No. 313222

File: 1691358598303.jpg (1.67 MB, 4096x3699, 73245fcd5ed7f7794a3da81d2264ce…)

I actually got it from one of these threads forever ago. before he came out, some nonna called him that and I thought it was too cute not to use

No. 313234

>puts together the perfect revised thread description
Nta but a revised thread description is standard, not an unnecessary demand. Back in my oldfag days people didn’t make new threads unless they were certain that they could make it revised and complete.

The thread pic debate is retarded though

No. 313257

how to finish aranara quests for the utsava festival? ngl, i don't like anything related to the aranara and just wanted to finish everything about it. the last thing i did was getting the zohrah mushroom, but if that quest is unrelated for the utsava festival, then i also completed a quest where i had to plant smth for the aranara which im sure was for the utsava festival.

No. 313260

Who cares about drama, new music!
I was thinking it might be a bit boring compared to Sumeru but it's still good.
That little bit that reminds me of the Ghost Train music from FF6 is going to drive me nuts though.

No. 313263

And nobody posted the PV's.

No. 313264


No. 313270

Hey nonas I come to tell you that if you use your serenitea pots and buy the weekly resin there you can keep it to Fontaine, it can last 13 days.

Listened to it yesterday and the one I embedded, the music and especially Lyney's theme are gonna be so good.

No. 313278

Tbh, I use them when my resin is already full of I don’t do any domains or anything within the time limit. I hardly ever do anything other than the weekly ones though since I have all the stuff I need for builds. I guess I could upgrade weapons to max, but that’s just so much effort for something that will only make the game a fraction easier than before. Everything I use is lvl 80

No. 313303

I was thinking about new domain and new boss if anyone's getting Lyney or Lynette. Like this week 60 resin and next week before update another 60 that's 120 aka 3 boss runs! Good for those who haven't saved any resins (me)

Forgot to embed kek

No. 313306

love the live symphony performances. I am not a musician and my ear's very untrained so it's very fascinating for me to see how the sounds matched up with the instruments and musician's movements. Hope they'll put in a concern for this year's anniversary too.

No. 313370

File: 1691442226515.jpeg (527.67 KB, 1505x2048, IMG_1738.jpeg)

If I have a dendro team with Alhaitham and Baizhu, who should fill the 2 other slots? I’m thinking hyperbloom since I’ve heard it’s low investment but wouldn’t it be stupid to have Kuki heals and Baizhu C1 heals? Don’t have any electro 5-stars but have all electro 4-stars.

No. 313373

File: 1691444485669.jpeg (352.44 KB, 1279x711, IMG_2304.jpeg)

No. 313374

File: 1691444528899.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1280x629, IMG_2301.jpeg)

No. 313375

File: 1691444585723.jpeg (362.43 KB, 1279x713, IMG_2302.jpeg)

No. 313376

File: 1691444679402.jpeg (313.8 KB, 1279x708, IMG_2303.jpeg)

No. 313380

File: 1691445218166.jpeg (1.75 MB, 2732x1596, IMG_2305.jpeg)

I also thought this was weird. While the girls have tight garters, Lyney gets loose ones.

No. 313381

The shirt buttons that are about to burst and the dominatrix miniskirt being vacuumed into her crotch and ass combined with the see-through stockings. Ugly greasy hairstyle and a dumb looking hat. Nonnies, to me personally this is the most hideous design in Genshin I've seen, I thought Yelan couldn't be beat but this one looks godawful. The hydro archon and Navia look fine to me but this makes me want to download a patch to replace her model with a black censor bar.

No. 313389

gotta ensure the male designs aren't too slutty. don't want that oversensitive incel fanbase to meltdown again and kill even more cats

No. 313393

I hate her hair. Her design was so much more endearing when it seemed like she just had regular, short hair. What the hell is their deal with hideous rattails and jellyfish cuts? If it had to be long, I wish they could've made it look more like Layla's hair at least.

No. 313425

If you have Fischl you can use her instead of Kuki but if not who cares? Double the healing double the fun lol
And add Xingqiu for the last slot

I can't help but say ew outload, why is everyone so… one unintersting color mixed with black and white or shades?

As much as I'm for equal treatment for both male and female characters I'm glad? I hate majority of female characters because of their moidy coomish designs, knowing them they probably can but wouldn't resist adding mini thigh spillage if that was the case which wouldn't really be good fanservice? Idk I hate all thigh spillage thingie. They could atleast add any skin to burqa-kun (ily anon who called him that LOL)

It's because that's all you see in game, they're trying to make the backs have these hideous unbalanced fabrics because majority of the game you see them running from behind so the only way to feel it's a different character is from how many things are flying when they sprint

No. 313434

Same. I wish it had been kept short for sure, but I love her hat. So cute.

No. 313478

File: 1691482981124.jpg (236.39 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20230808_112403.jpg)

4.0 primos
Though subtract a bit since they calculate getting all stars in Abyss and that's unlikely if they shove those fucking beasts again in the next one.

No. 313545

Her fluffy hair is so cute! They really couldn't help themselves and had to put those tentacles on the back of her head. Feels like a mood tacked that on to the final product.
What's even the point of giving them skirts if they're just going to borderline have their pussies out? There's no fashion.
No comment on burqa-kun cause my disappointment is immeasurable.

No. 313547

File: 1691507919059.jpg (223.19 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20230808_181836.jpg)

They're supposed to look better in 3D but uh the only "good" ones imo are the trio of siblings.

No. 313557

this would be a one off event npc a handful of people simp for for 3 hours then erase from their memories in any other gacha (besides honkie). he looks like he started out as a weapon instead of a character.

No. 313564

I like Focalors' design. Really wish they gave her short hair and longer shorts or even pants though. But the overall bratty tomboy theme is cute.
Fontaine tall male designs are a complete downgrade from Sumeru. Hiroshi Kamiya also seems very poorly cast and directed, even if they were trying to bait Shizaya fangirls or something. Voice doesn't fit his look at all.

No. 313567

>Hiroshi Kamiya also seems very poorly cast and directed
YES oh my God I thought I was the only one who thought so!! I'm a basic bitch and usually love Kamiya's voice acting but he doesn't fit Neuvillette at all. I expected a deeper, more commanding voice for him. Maybe I'm just a little hater but so far almost everything about Neuvillette has been a let down, from design to voice, and I usually like most of the tall males. Perhaps his personality is going to be great but… eh, not sure if it'll be enough to save his ugly clothes or mediocre voice casting.

No. 313595

Iirc Hoyo hires popular VA to attract their fans to Genshin first them whether they for the character or not last kek
I don't think there is one Japanese VA that isn't popular in Genshin.

No. 313596

nona, you're hilarious! He really does look like he was meant to be an overdesigned, ancient sword.

No. 313598

It's noticeably different from the other 3 languages too.
sometimes it's fine when one version's voice direction is very different from the others. JP Yanfei's voice is one of my favorites across all version and the only one that feels right for her character. Eng Yae and Eng Mona are the only ones that sounds appropriately smug and haughty.
JP Neuvillette is really not it. Different but in the sense that it's easily the worst out of the 4.

and some of those popular VAs have been absolutely wasted on particularly bland or one-note Genshin characters

No. 313602

Focalor's hair is awful, is it really that hard to make hairstyles that don't look weird as fuck? Also I absolutely hate their skirts, what the fuck are those? There's a stupid ass diagonal skirt, then there's the one that's open and makes space for the pussy in the front (yellow girl). The knight girl is the worst so far. She has that horrible dress/super short shorts?? that reminds me of Eula and Mona with the new design. Beyond that she just looks boring. The concept design with the teal and red was SO much better, who the fuck thought this was the best design? Someone needs to be fired at hoyo.

No. 313617

I wonder if the reason why only Lyney and Lynette have a good design that feels like early genshin (not the over-designed vibes of other Fontaine characters) is because they were in that Teyvat chapters trailer and were designed since the launch of the game.

No. 313729


Same anon but burqa avengers colour-scheme is actually pretty… ill skip childe, yelan and furina for him

No. 313733

This could be it. All the others look like they were made last minute.

No. 313737

Neither look that good. Lynette is a boring tits out teenage catgirl, she doesn't stand out among the other new designs and lyney has terrible hair. Freminet looks 100x better than both.

You're still not sick of monochromatic blue color schemes?

No. 313752

File: 1691605808393.jpg (140.76 KB, 1920x1080, genshin-impact-lyney-ascension…)

I think because they have simple but straight to the point is what makes them good. Reminds me of early Mondstadt designs instead of slap as many bullshit as you can ala >>313375 especially. What are those ship's steering wheels on her hips doing there lmao
>lyney has terrible hair.
I found his hair to be cute af in preview. What don't you like about it btw?

No. 313760

I genuinely dont remember any significant male chars with that colour scheme (wait - just remembered Kaeya, but still) and I dont care that much for the women

No. 313771

Totally agreed! Lyney and Lynette's designs could be called simple but they're clean and represent who they are seamlessly imo. When will the designers get that adding superfluous frills and layers does not a compelling character design make?

No. 313774

File: 1691622130128.jpeg (146.55 KB, 850x1136, IMG_2206.jpeg)

Yep most of genshin's iconic and recognizable designs are simple and cosplayable/drawable. Easier shape and less details is always better, I don't get why they add so much. Their designers have genuinely no taste.
I love Genshin because of the open world but I find it so hard to have a favorite character because even Mondstadt ones were kinda lame. Arlecchino is the only design I've liked in a while, hope they don't give her shitty redesign with thigh highs and blue color scheme when she gets playable. And even though I usually like male designs in games more, I'm having trouble liking any aside from Alhaitham (and him I like for his face and simple grey hair, the clothes again have too many details).

No. 313776

On most of the surveys, they ask how much "complexity of design" makes you want to pull for a character and I always rank it the lowest, so it seems they truly think complexity for complexity's sake is a winning strategy. Meanwhile Hu Tao was wildly popular in part due to her comparatively simple design.

No. 313777

File: 1691623810130.jpg (436.68 KB, 1111x1570, F0GLbMFWwAEHtP6.jpg)

I always thought gachas have the need to make those outfits filled with details for 2 reasons:
1. To make sure their generic characters that don't usually get much character development don't get mistaken for characters from other gacha games (i. e. they try to create super unique designs to stand out).
2. Because gacha games are usually pngs, so they need to create a compelling, very detailed image to make sure the people who whale feel their spending is justified (?).
But the last point for Genshin is stupid, because you aren't pulling for a static png. But I guess mihoyo hires gacha artists, so it makes sense they are used to creating very complex designs.

No. 313797

Blandness isn't better than cluttered with incomprehensible details by default. By doesn't stand out I meant she doesn't look better than them not that they're more eyecatching than her. She's literally just a generic anime catgirl with a weird boob window, I don't have anything good to say about that. The other catgirl who was rightfully ripped to shreds itt looked better and less soulless.

No. 313840

File: 1691650796189.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, lyns.png)

I always thought EN VAs were a great match for the characters 99% of the time, now I'm realising it's because English voice acting isn't popular like JP and the VA won't make any significant amount of people play the game just for them so they can cast for the match to the character rather than popularity.
Their designs are copy pasted from their real life inspirations. Video in picrel: https://youtu.be/G0o0ba4-bUI

No. 313844

File: 1691651847516.jpg (316.69 KB, 1638x2048, F3FZ1-ibQAExyUM.jpg)

I fucking hate the English dub VAs and I can't believe anyone but ameriburgers afraid of foreign languages would subject themselves to the them since every ESL person I know uses the Chinese or the Japanese dub. Yes I know the female characters sound like shit in the jpdub, but I don't play female characters and the engdub ones sound like they're screeching into the microphone with the worst nasal cartoon voice they can make. The chinese ones sound perfectly fine. They also get into twitter slapfights or are outed for sexually harassing their fans or being openly racist all the time, how anyone can take them seriously or support them is beyond me. Remember when just a few weeks ago Cyno's engdub VA was calling Amber x Collei a pedophilic incest ship because he headcanoned them as "mother and daughter" and preferred the more coombrained Eula x Amber? That's the kind of retardation they constantly get up to, not to mention their acting being amateur hours all over. Most of them aren't even professional enough to belong to a union and then they cry about the scummy localization studio not having paid their wages in 6 months.

No. 313846

Idk man, I think EN is on JP level or a bit worse. They miscast once in a while. And the worst is shrieking Paimon that you hear all the time, and the girls trying to emulate uwu high anime voices (like Collei, Amber…). From the newer characters Mika is straight up unpullable in EN and Furina sounds insufferable, in other languages she sounds princely.
JP has really bad Neuvi, Candace and Tighnari and that's pretty much it.

No. 313857

File: 1691657465060.jpeg (196.68 KB, 1267x712, IMG_0929.jpeg)

I’m an eslfag and while I genuinely think the eng dub is bad, I play it just so I can listen to dialogues without paying too much attention/being able to scroll on my phone >>313797
If you like Kirara’s design over Lynette you genuinely don’t have a good eye for character design. Even with the V-neckline that Lynette has, it gives more early Genshin vibes like pic rel than Kirara. Early Genshin characters are till this day the most iconic ones that people cosplay and draw the most. There less cluttered. I’m not saying that Fischl for example looks more dignified than Kirara, she doesn’t, but she sure as hell has a better design than most new characters from a design viewpoint.

No. 313859

File: 1691659005662.jpeg (295.3 KB, 1800x1202, IMG_2215.jpeg)

Clorinde rant, she isn't too cluttered but she's such a downgrade from the initially great looking design that I won't even acknowledge her. Now she does look too generic, like a random hot captain NPC. I can't get over how every single one of the concepts was better than the final version because NONE of the concepts had the dumb white shirt boob window, where the fuck did it come from?? She genuinely is walking boobs, her whole design is dark except her chest. And of course most of her fanart is fetish shit because of it.
I've seen tiktok girls say she's such a relatable character and is for the girlies because of her bursting buttons and I think that's hilarious and willingly oblivious

No. 313861

>I can't get over how every single one of the concepts was better than the final version
This. Literally every design on this sheet is better than what they ended up with. You worded perfectly why she looks like a pair of boobs on legs, you can literally see NOTHING but those tits about to burst from her shirt. I really wish they went with the green one or the black/purple one but someone on the team said we don't have enough blue themed girls in the goddamn game I guess.

>I've seen tiktok girls say she's such a relatable character and is for the girlies because of her bursting buttons and I think that's hilarious and willingly oblivious

Jesus christ, some women grew with male centered media and it shows. The "you can't scoff at anime women being given focus on their big tits all the time because it's literally oppressing us girls with big chests!" narrative unironically makes me want to commit unalive.

No. 313862

File: 1691662185454.jpg (130.96 KB, 1200x1121, 1687248749_3-1.jpg)

>single one of the concepts was better
>Literally every design on this sheet is better than what they ended up with.
Hell no, are we looking at the same designs kek? Almost all of these are ugly coomer garbage. The red one in the lower right has disgusting thigh spillage that's even worse than Eulas, a corset to push up her tits and an open back, and the red one on the lower left just straight up doesn't wear any pants. ALL of them have Eula length booty shorts. If any of these designs actually became the final version, everyone in this thread would be crying even more about how coomer Clorinde is. What we got is bland as hell, and the buttons are cringe, but at least she looks kind of dignified from a distance instead of like a cheap hooker whose major design focus is garter belts.
I will forever mourn the purple version because it's the only one I've seen that actually looks good. The blue designs are okay as well, but I'm so sick of thigh highs on every single female character.

No. 313863

Nobody is saying those designs are GOOD or noncoomerlike, they're just better than what they ended up with.

No. 313864

File: 1691662362879.png (304.04 KB, 633x381, 121426.png)

You think THIS is better?

No. 313865

It's nasty but it's still much less NPC-like than the finalized design which, like said, is just a black and blue blob with white tits bulging out. Literally no effort, not even with coordinating colors. At least this has the rich black-white-maroon-gold scheme and even if she has that ridiculous belly apron instead of an actual jacket at least you don't have to stare at her tits all the time like a creep. The point is that the current design is just ugly and looks exactly like they gave up and just put tits on something with no thought included.

No. 313866

Honestly yes, at least than the final design. Even the really shit ones are better than generic captain boobs on legs.

No. 313868

Not reading all that but I'm >>313840 and ESL and I know that only american monolingual weebs ever fight people who use EN voices. You not being used to hearing anything other than anime doesn't make EN voice acting worse. If you spoke the other languages you'd think they're as bad as EN anyway, Korean is very cringe for example. They all sound like characters rather than people in every dub, you're just an insufferable weeb who thinks Japanese makes everything better because you don't have the capacity to know any better.

No. 313869

I'm curious, would you rate coomer designs that are universally hated in this thread like Yelan, Shenhe and Eula higher than Clorinde just because they look a bit less generic?

No. 313870

I love how posts like this always ignore how it was explicitly stated that Chinese dub is the best choice and go straight to "s-shut up weeb!!!!!" like it was the biggest own ever.
>Not reading all that
Okay then don't reply with your own crytyping spergbit, go back to tiktok to watch 1 second videos if that's all your smooth brain can process nonnie

No. 313873

File: 1691665626811.png (4.96 MB, 2039x2100, 3a84997570513787c3bce5a1d15608…)

>Cyno's engdub VA was calling Amber x Collei a pedophilic incest ship
Wait wait WHAT LOL
Goddammit I don't have a twitter and nothing milky came up when I searched Google. If you witnessed the whole thing can you tell me what instigated his hot take?
>not to mention their acting being amateur hours all over.
So much fucking this. Adult characters' VA usually do a good job, but the teen and kiddie voices are so bad I physically cringe. I immediately switched to Japanese after hearing Klee in this update. You can actually hear her VA suffering to keep the uwu voice it was painful.

No. 313877

File: 1691667123469.png (1.71 MB, 2814x1985, saab.png)

Sorry for the shitty image but Alejandro Saab (Cyno's eng VA) started arguing fans that Amber and Eula are Collei's "moms" and then when people told him how stupid he sounds since Amber and Collei are canonically only around 2 or 3 years apart in age he tweeted the last tweet in the image both as a reply to the original person he replied to and as its own standalone tweet.

No. 313880

If you need to compare them then Shenhe also isn't memorable at all and Eula is on Clorinde's level in coomer bullshit. But what's problem is that Clorinde is literally all dark and really boring except her chest with bursting buttons so it looks really ugly and you can't really look anywhere else because there's nothing eye catching. When I looked up her fanart literally every second one was her boobs bursting out of her shirt and bouncing and other gross shit, she was literally designed for this fetish. One of the worst designs so far in my opinion, partly because I know what could have been so I'm very disappointed.
Sorry for reposting but I wanna add that just wait for the jiggle physics to come in play, it's gonna look absolutely ridiculous.

No. 313881

Oh and Yelan is like her Liyue counterpart imo. I rate them similar. Clorinde has better hair I guess

No. 313882

File: 1691669524930.jpg (28.41 KB, 498x616, 825f6587bb0dd3791dd6865c0d8d23…)

They named the bitch chlorine lmao

No. 313886

maybe I'm just overexposed to fan meltdowns and insane screeching over ships but that seems really mild as far as arguments go. acknowledges he has a character headcanon (without using that word thank god), didn't actually insult anyone directly, let them know his limits which are probably considered quite normie but didn't actually tag any ships as icky.

of the CN cast: male voices are good, tall female voices are good, child voices sound very natural. but every single one of the medium female character voices in CN sound exactly alike in addition to also sounding fake and unnaturally high. EN medium female voices at least have some variety.
That being said, I dislike how every single one of the Eng VAs immediately try to turn themselves into e-celebs/livestreamers and spokesmen for the characters following their cast announcement.

No. 313888

He didn't just "have a headcanon", he "assumed everyone saw their relationship that way" and then accused of people having that ship of either pedophilia or incest, whichever he meant in his follow up despite Amber and Collei being one of the most non-offensive ships in the entire game. It wasn't straight up screaming and cussing or Paimon's eng VA level meltdowns, of course, but the message was made clear. Especially because he did continue the argument beyond just those tweets.

>I dislike how every single one of the Eng VAs immediately try to turn themselves into e-celebs/livestreamers and spokesmen for the characters following their cast announcement.

Kek if I had a dime every time some random amateur voice actor made a big "I'm on Genshin!" announcement expecting fame and it turns out they're playing a NPC side character I'd have my characters c6'd. And yeah it's extremely cringe to see them being all "As character's voice reading a script, I know better than anyone how they would react" especially when you know male voice actors do that all the time to woo underage fangirls like Tighnari's VA did.

No. 313890

File: 1691674689728.jpg (760.76 KB, 2464x4096, 20230626_112613.jpg)

Nta- that what bothers the most about English VA so much and I'd rather die than switch to English; their extreme thirst to fame and intrusions in fandoms. Like this Cyno's VA is a VA for fuck's sake WHY would he say that when he knows his words have weight for Cyno fans and shippers?
Cute cringe like Childe's VA singing parody songs is fine, why dont they do that instead of "uhm sweaty" shippers, kinda creepy.

I took a look at Japanese and Chinese VAs (dont know any Korean ones) social media and streams and they don't do any of this.

No. 313893

JP VAs are established industry professionals who don't need to do anything. Many CN VAs seem to already be vtubers/streamers before getting casted.
Anyway. They may just be less obnoxious because the CN fandom is terrifying. I recall hearing that Sara's VA got flamed for liking a cute Itto/Sara edit. Meanwhile, Aether/Scaramouche's CN VA is getting doxxed and has nasty rumors spread about him, such as that he slept with male writers/developers to get his job, because the CN incels hate Scaramouche.
While the EN VAs can be obnoxious and unprofessional, I think I'd rather have the EN kind of fandom environment where VAs have some freedom to express opinions. For example, I do not personally care for Cyno/Tightnari or Alhaitham/Kaveh. However, I think it's still kind of nice that the VAs felt free enough to retweet ship art content or create fansongs even if they were inevitably taken down a day later.

No. 313901

I never hear about Sara's VA, poor thing. I remember Kokomi's Chinese VA getting harassment on stream because they were upset Kokomi cant crit/not good.
>nasty rumors spread about him
I think I heard about that, because iirc he keeps teasing and acting like a kawaii ugu little boy on streams hence why "it's proof" I remember Cyno's VA with his Vtuber friends were far more uwu soft boys than him yet got zero shits? Yeah %100 about Scara kek

About English VA+Fandom freedom I half-agree? They might retweet Alhaveh or Cynari or any of the approved ships™ but thats all theyre allowed to share or else getting cunculled!!! Hence that guy is putting more shipping rules on Amber and collei by considering incestuous and pedophilic!

No. 313909

File: 1691684812486.jpg (1.9 MB, 4050x2775, FuVmQqVXsAI0u7t.jpg)

The answer here is to stop following any of the VAs on social media and just pick the voice acting you like best. The voice actors are doing a job. They don't own the characters. I hate the JP voice acting so I just don't use it, simple as that.

No. 313910

File: 1691685114723.jpeg (927.73 KB, 1143x1851, IMG_2317.jpeg)

Oh he’s the same VA that voiced a Tighnari x Cyno ship video and got asked to remove it by hoyo? Such a cow.

Also bunch of Lyney stuff came out today. He’s in love with our eyes nonas

No. 313911

No. 313914

File: 1691685842327.jpeg (3.86 MB, 2038x1943, IMG_2319.jpeg)

Also some horrible coomer Amber official art from today.

No. 313933

my eyes are brown, and he looks like a little boy in lingere.

No. 313940

Even her model doesn't have her thighs squeezed. And of course there has to be a highlight line on her buttcheck. Nitpicks aside, it seems that the pose was changed midway? Her upper body looks like it has different perspective than her lower, what say art nonnas?

No. 313964

Can't wait to see him in the story and also hear his voicelines… the teapot voicelines, oh no…

No. 313966

File: 1691699880428.png (293.48 KB, 598x750, UguAdWI.png)

A new character, Emilie, will be in the latter parts of Fontaine. Looks like she comes from the Perfume lady/witch concept leaks. No news on her rarity yet but her art shows an Anemo vision. Imo all of these designs are actually cute, though I wish she'd stayed with the older woman model and the poodle summon.
There's still hope for the Musketeer to show up if the Perfume Lady made it in.

No. 313999

The bottom designs are the only ones I don't like that much because I feel like they are kinda non-sensical/all over the place. The rest are cute and I will probably build her if she's a 4 star.

No. 314008

I thought top right was Barbra and bottom left was Frauzan kek

No. 314036

A nice lolita design for a dollmaker character would be nice. Not that she's a dollmaker but it would fit Fontaine

No. 314048

File: 1691735898949.jpg (892.54 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_20230811_094016.jpg)

Hbd Mika!

No. 314049

File: 1691736031666.jpg (875 KB, 2982x3000, IMG_20230811_094023.jpg)

No. 314050

File: 1691736870451.jpg (594.65 KB, 1200x620, IMG_20230811_094206.jpg)

Same anon as above
Saving Mika's bday pics I saw this image peeking and the name Daman Mills hit me like a truck. Context The kid he groomed literally had evidence he kept trying to get nudes, talking to him about his growing penis, sexual conversations and get them to meet and the boy never wanted anything to do with Daman and, the story was getting traction even though his fans tried using but "he's gay you're attacking a minority" card but the whole story stopped when Daman brought his lawyer. Wish I could link the KF thread where everything was archieved but I can't access it
It's basically far worse than what Tighnari's previous voice actor did (and thankfully they did fire him) but they hire this guy?

No. 314061

Fucking christ and just after the discussion of Genshin engdub VAs being scum. You'd think they had learned a bit about this after Tighnari's VA was outed as a predator or at least google his name once since it's a pretty public position with a lot of influence in a large community but no. It was discussed on Lolcow btw so no need for kiwishit. >>>/snow/1518637

No. 314062

File: 1691741872868.jpeg (58.43 KB, 640x539, 6il3A3Xl.jpeg)

Other possible designs

No. 314064

>most finished looking concepts
>each version progressively has less clothes
gee I wonder which one they'll land on

No. 314066

>Starts out with a classy lolita-esque lady with a pastel-colored frilly dress and a cute hat
>Ends up with dualtone hair and an overdesigned mess of a swimming suit with detached sleeves baring armpits
Like pottery, fire the pornsick manager that ruins every good thing we could've gotten

No. 314073

File: 1691751791935.jpg (465.83 KB, 1331x2048, twittermumu_vosp.jpg)

>I will forever mourn the purple version
Same, nonna. I couldn't believe that they would toss this striking design in favour of that boring watered-down thing they picked. I don't know if Arcane had as big of an impact in China, but when I saw Clorinde in the trailer, my first impression was that she looks a lot like a Caitlyn knockoff now (didn't she have a sniper gun too?). I'd have pulled for the mafia design based on looks alone, the current design looks like a 4-star and will go straight into the "huh I forgot this character exists" corner of my brain. The silver lining is that we can save more primos I guess. However, I personally am not excited for any of the fontaine cast apart from Arlecchino, goth girl and cloud retainer (if she really comes out in 4.X), and probably pulling the archon for meta reasons. At least it's a good opportunity to get some cons on older characters, but it's gonna be one ironically dry-ass region for me.
I feel like this has to do with men not understanding female friendships. When Sucrose talks with Collei about her social anxiety (I forgot if it's a quest or event), I thought it was so touching and hit too close to home and an unusually well-written scene of 2 young women becoming friends. Amber and Collei's friendship is also sweet, although I didn't read the comic, I think anyone who gets to know Collei becomes protective of her because of her past, but that doesn't make it incest jfc. Scrotes really read these interactions completely differently, it's wack.
100% agree with everything you said. I'm so disappointed that they use Natsume's (my #1 favourite anime) voice for that old crusty man in a nightgown (sry anons who like him kek). It doesn't match at all. I absolutely hate the english dub, but his eng VA is actually way better because he has a deep voice, and the CN one too iirc. I don't understand their decision for the JP version.

No. 314077

>I don't understand their decision for the JP version.
I'm pretty sure it's because Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya come as a package deal and since they got Ono for Wriothesley they had to get him for Neuvilette. I was taken back by his soft voice too, but I'll have to see if it fits his character when we get to meet him in-game. I didn't like Tighnari having a female voice in the beginning either, but now I feel like it fits his gentle nature perfectly.

No. 314095

Ffs can voice actors stop grooming underage fans on the internet??

No. 314098

File: 1691757534443.gif (15.95 MB, 498x281, mika-genshin.gif)

Happy birthday, cutie!!!!

>I didn't like Tighnari having a female voice in the beginning either, but now I feel like it fits his gentle nature perfectly.
Same! Tighnari has a very soothing voice and I love it. The VA is used to doing male voices, so you barely notice it's a woman.

No. 314104

reading more recent articles, it seems like his accuser later retracted everything and said that he even fabricated the screenshots

> he did not do those other things we accused him off. Like we literally never touched each other like that, and there definitely wasn’t sex or a rape like people keep hinting at implying on the internet and on forums

> "The screenshots I provided were made up and not real at all, or happened between friends of ours and we just changed the names and stuff," they explained.


No. 314108

>Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya
At least this means we're getting a shit load of fujobait kek
I was going to comment on it then deleted what I wrote but I was thinking they might be fake given it all died down when the lawyer got involved. It's easy to prove those messages never happened while everyone on social media believes screenshots. Also makes sense they would cast him knowing the legal result as they reacted very quickly with Tighnari.
This gif is so cute nonna I can hear him saying "um akshually"

No. 314120

File: 1691768035489.jpg (147.67 KB, 1300x1050, b93793695d0e6034164e5d9ca0df89…)

The lawyer thing made the whole thing weird. Leaked DMs aren't usually for the sake of legal case but for people to be aware or take action, like there is no case against Tighnari's previous voice actor but the word spread so much he was rightfully fired.
Here those DMs give %100 creepy guy vibe not a bunch of teens messing around.There was word he and his mom were intimidated by Daman's lawyer that he took back everything was said.

BUT I genuinely hope it's a teenage boy being an asshole and wrongfully accusing Daman. Sorry for derailing, the only way I want to play my Gacha with a clear conscious without unintentionally supporting a groomer.

As a subject change, what do you guys think about this artist? I don't like Shenhe or Yelan but her artstyle is cute.

No. 314121

File: 1691768156036.png (1.15 MB, 1131x552, IMG_9718.png)

Lyney’s event wallpaper

No. 314123

There being one victim doesn't sound convincing though. It could be that he did this to one person only but I've never seen a case of a creep not being a serial one especially when they're using the internet to do it. And the existence of a lawyer shows how much he trusts that he's in the right imo, the Tighnari va never took it to court despite saying he didn't talk to minors (he only admitted to being cringe in dms). Genshin's EN VA team must have reached the same conclusion too, they don't have the best track record of who they hire but they take creeps seriously at least.

No. 314124

File: 1691770031908.jpg (378.41 KB, 987x2048, Fu3zjvxaYAE0dpn.jpg)

I like her style. She (and mitama from attached pic) actually makes Genshin's overly cluttered designs look clean, cute, and good for comics. I don't care for Shenlan as a ship tho.

No. 314129

File: 1691773189661.jpg (33.36 KB, 720x568, 800f3a560a6089703429e2272e7ea3…)

those wonky lines are giving me vietnam flashbacks to those disgusting loli raiden comics

No. 314143

This is so Scara kek

No. 314165

File: 1691790229479.jpg (117.96 KB, 850x754, __wriothesley_and_sigewinne_ge…)

Wriothesley is apparently a Cryo catalyst, not polearm as previously leaked. So it's very unlikely he's a physical DPS. Rejoice! Can't wait to see him punch with ice fists.

No. 314169

That sucks, I was so hyped to finally get a male physical DPS and a 5 star at that

No. 314170

I hope he's Heizou type physical catalyst user, that would be cool.

No. 314171

File: 1691792431128.jpg (453.17 KB, 1414x1885, __wriothesley_genshin_impact_d…)

What the fuck???? I was expecting everything but this?? Goddamn, we fucking won?
I'm so happy, I really REALLY don't like physical DPS, I can't believe this is happening….
He will probably be a mono cryo DPS won't he?
I'm just… so happy, omg…

No. 314174

NOOOOOOO i like physical dps but i never got eula, i was so happy to be able to get a physical dmg husbando :((:()

No. 314175

oh fuck i forgot about not using smiley faces here

No. 314198

I don't know about maximizing stats or anything, but Razor's been my main and main dps since forever. He's just been my tried and true and I love my little bupbup.

No. 314222

File: 1691816854291.jpeg (2.12 MB, 2100x2100, IMG_9726.jpeg)

I’m so happy I just got Kokomi! In 30 pulls. I wasn’t going to pull for her initially, but I’m glad I did tbh. She’s going to be so fun.

No. 314224

Congrats nona!! She is sooo fun to play with, especially if you have Ayaka too.

No. 314225

I really hope this is true. Phys dps would suck. I hope he also beats standart banner allegations

No. 314228

Just build Kaeya as physical. He's a good physical dps

No. 314239

No way! Horray no physical dps, since anyone can be physical dps with some fine tuning (minus catalysts ((and bring the idea of eye of perception or I'll die)))
I'm kind of feeling I might skip Lyney to get both burqa and Wario, knowing my luck it'll take 150 wishes each and I barely have 200.

No. 314250

File: 1691828621798.jpg (2.22 MB, 1800x2162, gROfLpL.jpg)

>anyone can be physical dps with some fine tuning
Nta but that's 1.0 info. They no longer let characters be built as dps if that's not their intended usage. The numbers just aren't enough. Before anyone whines
>You can still give them really good weapons and artis!
Yeah but the numbers will still be shit compared to if they had decent starting points and anyone who wants a specific type of character (physical husbando) wants it for the meta purpose so numbers matter. Getting a character designed to be a physical dps isn't the same as giving an R5 5 weapon, cracked artis and the best 5s support characters to make another character playable as physical dps in the abyss. You could invest 5% of that into the physical character and get the same result if not better.
>Why are you sperging about shit that doesn't matter
I tried to build every character as physical DPS at some point. It doesn't work and I want to save nonnies the trouble and resources of trying.

No. 314253

Lmao Abbystea in 2023????

No. 314254

File: 1691832429408.jpeg (28.09 KB, 496x334, IMG_0944.jpeg)

Yup and that’s from a reliable leaker so it’s definitely gonna be true. We get two husbando catalysts, Wrio and Neuv

No. 314255

TWO Catalysts? We'll be getting some nice attack moves then.

No. 314266

File: 1691837256259.jpeg (32.08 KB, 403x403, IMG_0945.jpeg)

Yeah and Wrio is most likely some kind of boxer catalyst since he has boxing gear on his hands and this was in his concept art

No. 314277

I just googled abbystea and from the art style I'm guessing it's the same artist? And I just saw what she posts, I had this picture saved from a long time ago I didn't know the artist kek sorry
I can see Wrio having some punching and kicking moves and Neuv having Baizhu-like moves

No. 314290

File: 1691846795180.jpg (530.19 KB, 2598x4619, 599q46ipvlhb1.jpg)

male korean genshin players are apparently whining about Lyney too. Saw a post about it on twitter yesterday and today this pic comparing the like/dislike ratio of his teaser in various languages is getting passed around.

Why are they such babies lol? The gender ratio is still extremely biased in favor of female characters. The probably best character of Fontaine, the archon, is a medium female character. Clorinde and Navia are upcoming. The release of a bunch of male characters means they get more time to save for their precious waifus instead of whaling with actual money. Lyney's outfit is a bit more revealing for a male but not nearly as revealing as the majority of female characters and we're following that up with burqa-kun too if they really want a fully covered male.

No. 314293

I genuinely don't get moids. They adore Venti and femboy'd the fuck out of him to the point that that he has tons of disgusting porn. Gorou has a more "revealing" outfit and he too was femboy'd, why don't they like Lyney and throwing this hissy fit? I mean I'm really glad they don't but wtf they don't make sense

No. 314295

Someone needs to boost Lyney's sales so asiancels will seethe forever. I'm not sure how it's going in China but at least global and Japan are fine with him.

No. 314296

last I've heard, CN male playerbase also hates Lyney. Not as intensely as they hate Scaramouche but there's still seething. Same complaints as the KR male playerbase. Outfit too sexy and gay, not enough waifus, too many feminists employees. The usual.

No. 314300

I doubt anon knew the source of the picture but that said goddamn that looks so traced, I absolutely believe the Russians who accused abbystea of tracing her/his work.

I think it's because Lyney is portrayed as such a gentleman and a "ladies' man" while Gorou had that Miss Hina thing and Venti was a meme character so it was easier for them to co-opt them from female players, but similarly to Scaramouche (who they also hate), Lyney is just a cute twink that girls like and he's being underlined as a central character in the story. Add to that the fact that Furina isn't a big booba waifu but seems more like a princely tomboy, not even captain boobs on legs is going to make it up for them.

No. 314308

Why cant these moids just kill themselves. this is already a waifu bait game. Let us female players have shit too

No. 314312

Oh crap I forgot about Ms.Hina, guess my mind deleted it because it's so unapologetically coomer-ish. Though Liben(sp?) if memory serves said that the people of Fontaine adore Ms. Hina so prepare yourselves to see an event about it.
>Lyney is portrayed as such a gentleman and a "ladies' man"
I also forgot men are so retarded they feel threatened by cute boys/guys who characterized as confident kek.

No. 314314

File: 1691859025554.png (8.16 MB, 4096x2048, 783647384.png)

No. 314315

File: 1691859053405.png (1.09 MB, 1280x640, fht4lYndR1Sftt7FMFYEosA9oDSxIr…)

No. 314317

Those fighting gauntles do imply that he's a boxing type catalyst like >>314266 said. He looks fine as fuck, absolutely going to pull for him.

No. 314318

I'm anon who said I'll get Lyney and skip these two
I'm a liar holy shit Wrio looks so fucking cool with those gauntlets and boots.
Burqa's design looks good in splash but I need to see his abilities. If he's a hydro support that helps with hyper bloom then I'll just pray Lyney's rerun will come soon kek.

No. 314330

Lyney is literally just wearing garters and a sleeveless top. The majority of female characters have skirts/shorts in the size of a belt with armpits showing. I hate sharing a fandom with male gamers they always do this.
I can’t wait to see his in-game model cause the wolf ears hairstyle is so cute. Might make me pull. Planning on getting Tartaglia and Lyney on his rerun cause I’m not sure about monopyro yet.

No. 314338

File: 1691866629590.jpg (69.03 KB, 701x394, F3WGMqAXEAErHQI.jpg)

the crotch, fucking hell they couldn't have shaded it more, bless you sisters from mihoyo,

No. 314339

Damn he has the Vi gauntlets, wasn't expecting that. I hope the standard rumors are false too and he manages to powercreep Ayaka, I'd love to see the male seething.
God Korean and Chinese moids are the worst, they truly have the most retarded things living in their heads rent-free. They should be happy they're getting to save primos for their trashy Captain Boobs.
He looks very regal here. I don't know if I'll pull for him, his kit sounds pretty niche, but he looks nice.

No. 314343

Still kinda meh on him but I like his splash art much more than his in-game model. Curious about how his burst and attacks will look in-game.

Hot damn. He looks fantastic. Love the gauntlets.

I tend to really like catalysts. Very looking forward to finding out more about their playstyles.

No. 314348

He honestly looks much better than I expected

No. 314358

File: 1691870032896.jpeg (29.97 KB, 1080x412, F3WMqCHaUAArxDt.jpeg)

No. 314398

Since the anon didn’t add context, the leaker who was correct about Wrio being catalyst also said that he speculates that he’s not a standard banner character.

No. 314419

File: 1691908069318.png (173.21 KB, 303x297, IMG_20230813_092840.png)

So to put it simply Lyney is Pyro Ganyu playstyle-wise? Sit in one place and aim? If that's his playstyle I'll skip him sadly.

One thing that's hilarious about this is that he looks good in his splash art is because he shows his legs. They could just make a cut from the front to make him look like that but nooo, Burqa Frollo for life.

HANDCUFFS. Please have one of his animations handcuffing hilichurls or something lol.

No. 314437

File: 1691923213281.jpeg (116.34 KB, 1080x1662, IMG_0980.jpeg)

>because he shows his legs.
Omg so true that’s why he suddenly looked good. Yeah I have to remind myself that’s not how he looks in-game

No. 314438

Promotional animation. Albedo looks ridiculously pretty tying his hair

No. 314444

File: 1691927111834.jpg (135.02 KB, 1000x600, 2e0a52a20ee5a917c5abf6edf12ce0…)

Minus Diona, which has no reason to be there other than to fill the loli quota, everyone looks good. Especially Childe with his Uta no prince-Sama look kek and totally pretty Albedo though Zhongli looks boring; his actual ingame clothes could fit here

No. 314566

I'm still in love with burqa-kun, no matter how covered he is. Maybe it's because he gives me aristocratic vibes and I have an affinity for those types of anime men. I hope his kit is fun.

No. 314575

I also thought he gave an utapri princely idol vibe kek
Love how we’re genuinely calling him burqa-kun continuously now

No. 314582

Asian moids are the absolute worst.


Sorry, I’m on mobile and don’t want to post a million screenshots, if anyone else can do it. We need to continuously ridicule these scrotes.

No. 314583

i disagree actually i dont think you need to link retarded reddit threads here 24/7. did you find this thread because it got linked on there?

No. 314600

It was such a hilarious quick read.
Tries to debunk, but immediately proves that KR moids are nasty. Though it looks like the redditor's goal was attention more than 'awareness' tbh, that was alot of nothing I've read to try and emulate the Chinese one. But there are no cat murder so that's a relief.

I agree with >>314583 we don't neither screenshots nor anymore of these reddit posts unless something actually happens and we kind of all figured that they hate feminine male characters which is why they're mad.

No. 314619

>it looks like the redditor's goal was attention more than 'awareness'
all these drama posts are purely for updoots and someone gets baited everytime. imagine spending your whole day in an endless ocean of softcore genshit waifu porn, costhots, ugly art, reddit humor, and the same male character hating incels but not asian and gleefully running to lolcow once you've finally found something that might be 1% worse than all that kek. that very reddit page has already had it's own dramas about this same thing + grooming and male character simps have to post on the genshin gay reddit page in order to not get drowned out and downdooted by the male coomer majority.

No. 314664

File: 1691995147246.png (192.58 KB, 440x247, show.png)

4.0 banner

No. 314667

I can't wait to have 20 more copies of barbs and benny (I have them at c6)

No. 314673

File: 1691997875619.jpg (1.05 MB, 3508x2480, 1691476342151494.jpg)

lyney is not a ladies man, none of the male characters in this game flirt with any woman other than the player (if she chooses lumine) and THAT'S A GOOD THING. he's a conman, he plays tricks and manipulates everyone. i don't get the yume obsession with forcing husbandos to be playboys and skirt chasers, it's gross

No. 314677

>calling neuvilette burqa
you guys are weird and behaving like moids now. women have always been attracted to male characters in full suits and the likes (tumblr sexymen anyone?). i like skimpy boys like lyney too but a fully covered man can also be appealing.
>inb4 cope
genshin doesn't have a problem with designing revealing clothes for male characters, but in neuvilette's case his outfit suits his character more and showing random patches of skin would make him look just as ridiculous as jean's armpits

No. 314678

Only the retarded developers want them to be so as seen in sister game Star Rail, and they do that so they can self insert into canon characters and live their yume dreams in canon. I've yet to meet a yume who wants her normal husbando to be a playboy. Moids of course have the mindset that any men women want is the chad I'm sure you know. Also being a lady's man as I understand it is about being a gentleman and boyfriend material, not a playboy.

No. 314679

god i have a lot of problems with star rail and the female devs obsession with making canon self-inserts.
it's true that a ladies man is seen as a gentleman, but it's a gentleman who is also very flirty with women. i would call it a more tame version of a playboy since it still gives the impression that he likes many women, not just one

No. 314680

I think you're being too judgemental nonna.

No. 314682

I've been play for more than 2 years and my barb is still C4 I legit hope Lyney wishes will get to C6 she's the only 4 star Mond character that isn't c6 ugh

>i don't get the yume obsession with forcing husbandos to be playboys and skirt chasers
It's normal. Have you never talked to any girl that has dreams of her husbando flirting with her? It's pretty mild.
Also nice Lyney pic, really wanna see his story but the fact that's after TWO archon quest I might watch it on YouTube.

Chill it's a joke because his design is smothered, he was also called Frollo if you're new and wanna comment on that
>inb4 cope
I like him and will get him and like to joke with the rest here (who will also do the same kek)

No. 314683

i want my husbando to flirt with me, but not flirt with 10 other women isn't that obvious??

No. 314688

don't compare that uggo faggot to frollo

No. 314692

Nah nona I appreciated the link as my morning share of milk

No. 314707

Watch out, nonna. I got bullied for saying I had a thing for Frollo last thread. Someone’s about to come tell you to change his diaper or something. Kek

No. 314711

File: 1692008430763.png (2.2 MB, 1024x2048, IMG_1380.png)

Um… nonnas

No. 314712

File: 1692008509013.png (2.6 MB, 1024x2048, IMG_1383.png)

Burqakun's the same though

No. 314714

god he's so sexy

god he's so ugly

No. 314717

File: 1692008781578.jpeg (375.61 KB, 1242x1448, IMG_0974.jpeg)

This is official stuff posted by Genshin so I’m not spoilering. Fontaine being the center of Teyvat is so weird. Center? If Natlan is on the left side of Sumeru like the NPC said, and Fontaine is above Sumeru and Liyue, Sheznaya must be huuuuge for Fontaine to be center.

No. 314719

File: 1692008938419.jpg (153 KB, 722x1200, 20230804_174620.jpg)

>she's the only 4 star Mond character that isn't c6 ugh
Nta, but my Barbara's C6 has saved my ass in the Abbys so many times that I have lost count. Hope you get her to C6!! I wish I could give you some of my C18 copies, kekk.
Nona, don't worry, the splash art we got before is his burst/skill, just like how Scara's drip art has him with the hat and the splash art doesn't. His 3D model doesn't have the gauntlets on when he is idle/not fighting. The gauntlets are probably on because of his burst, but it would be cool if they are a stand mode skill like Childe's, tbh!!

No. 314723

This is gonna be the first tall male pairing from a region that doesn't interact at all…. retards will pair wriothesley with a kid and neuvilette with furina

No. 314725

So we're not going from an official port? Is this just lazy devs or will it have story repercussions, like we're breaking the law by sneaking in again.

No. 314726

They both seem to be serious calm guys so their chemistry would be in the shitter anyway. If they do interact a lot HYV needs to give one of them a crazy amount of gap moe to make it work.

No. 314729

That one Fontaine npc in Sumeru who dropped a bunch of info said that there is a port but that you could also take this route. So we will see a port eventually, just not the first time we get there for some reason.

No. 314730

It's not illegal to enter Fontaine and we can just walk in there from any border too. This is just to help new players get to that region to get mats and explore before they finish 183647 world quests.

No. 314731

So wait this place is gonna be like Liyue/Sumeru? Where you can go there even if you only unlocked Mondstadt but with Kaeya ice Bridge or this port will always be open?
I fucking hated speed running to get Heizou mats way back when so it would be really cool to just zoom to Lyney mats and boss.

No. 314732

>VAs: Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya
>not fujobait
Yeah I dont think so. They even gave burqakun an ill fitting JP voice to make sure the fujobait duo got fujobait characters kek
Yeah that's why it's unlocked right after Mondstadt's quest, that's about the time you would start to level up your characters above 20 I think. They're also giving catgirl's mats for the first ascension so both of these must be for new players to level up more easily I think

No. 314734

File: 1692012350926.jpg (186.45 KB, 1400x957, IMG_20230122_141247.jpg)

Omg anon Thank you. Hell this will be good to players who want to get mats from other worlds, especially newbie worlds.
Here I come AR20 worlds to take lvl 90 Lyney mats lol.

Also about the fujobait thing they can work really well together if Wrio is a bit tempered with whatever Burqa does.

No. 314736

>Nooo you guys can't joke about how most male characters are fully covered in clothing and show no skin, because I decided that all women like that!

He's so handsome, when I first saw his old designs I thought it would suit him better. But now I actually really began to like his design.

I'm still not sure how I feel about his hair, maybe it looks better in game.

No. 314737

Guys we don't even have the story from the next patch, how are you seeing into the future that they don't interact. I bet they will.

No. 314740

I don't wanna be negative but it's going to be such a let down to see his in-game model be a moe bobblehead on a skinny, definition-less body. His body's way too nice and unsupported in game.
Kek nona I love you

No. 314741

I was so surprised to read that. Why wouldn't a judge and a prison guard interact?

No. 314749

I actually like his color scheme but his slicked back hair is ughhh I wish they would all be down, he'd look super pretty.

No. 314757

File: 1692019646235.jpeg (351.04 KB, 2048x2048, 509789A8-E506-4CAF-AE72-07D353…)

He’s ousia (dark alignment power) We can bench Lynette in the overworld the second we get him fuck yeah

No. 314761

@ min maxing nonas
Don't do reputation quests if you think you can finish Archon's quest in Fontaine so you can do this week's one there
Make fair amount of stamina food in case you're mid climb or glide
Make sure that your co-op options isn't auto-join like an absolute retard (me)

Oh and if you're a friendship point person don't do 3 weekly bosses yet if you plan to get Lyney day 1, slap him with good team and be closer to getting that cute card

I think that's about it?

No. 314766

File: 1692024343347.jpg (71.67 KB, 741x720, F3feSOTWkAAPPpS.jpg)

Everything is so perfect with this man, I'm praying his kit isn't mid.

No. 314768

Thanks nonna! Do you know if that dancing-robots enemy is a new weekly boss? I kept my third discounted run for that just in case but I don't even know if it's coming with 4.0. I wish they'd let us set commissions to Fontaine a day in advance too (fuck that desert weasel comm). Another small tip as someone who pulled Alhaitham and was getting spammed with join requests, put your avatar as Lyney if you've pulled him so people will know they can't farm in your world.

Praying that Wrio is limited. Only 3 men for an entire region, please let us have at least this, Hoyo.

No. 314769

File: 1692025574882.jpeg (31.23 KB, 930x175, bzL3Qq6.jpeg)

Kits are out
>Wrio kit
>Neuvillette kit

No. 314770

Do you know what we needed after the last two on-field dps hydro males?
Another on-field dps hydro male :)
Fuck off mihoyo.(:))

No. 314773

File: 1692026639585.jpg (71.03 KB, 1024x768, F3foudhbcAE9e36.jpg)

I think he can also work as sub-DPS, no? Cmiiw, but is skill is kind of similar to Yae's. I think they wanted to make him a hybrid character that can either work on-field or off-field?

No. 314780

Wriothesly is clearly an on-field Cryo dps. That description sounds almost like a cryo Hu Tao with how he drains his HP for extra power and heals himself. He sounds like he could be strong. I have some hope.
Neuvilette is like… A hydro Yae? A bit odd but I guess it's good for taser and bloom teams.

No. 314785

>changing avatar
I've never changed my Tarta avatar and forgot that I can thank you for remind me nona
About new weekly boss; nah. Lyney and co. will use Apep's mats

Wario seems op with his own punches healing him when he's below %50, which is awesome, I want to solo things already with him
But Burqa's kit seems to be boring

No. 314788

Not really, for what I understand? His skill is a single attack with 10s intervals to create orbs and his burst seems to be a big attack followed by a smaller attack that creates more orbs. His kit is all about creating those orbs to power up his charge attacks, which seems to be the actual meat of his kit. So a CA dps.
He has very little going on for off-field as I read it, but I could/wish to be wrong.

No. 314839

So hes going to be mono? Leakers said that his on-field variety is mono but his off-field is much more flexible

No. 314849

That leak was full of crap, because of his passive he actually wants reactions not momo hydro. This a good summary I found for his kit
>Summary: On-field playstyle based on a modified charge attack. Skill and Burst generate "sourcewater droplets." While charging CA, Neuvillette can move and collect these droplets, which heal him and speed up charging. When charging is complete, he fires a continuous water beam in front of him that does not use stamina, but that drains HP while he is above 50%. Triggering hydro-related reactions can increase the beam's damage by 110%/130%/160% (each separate reaction can give one stack).
>He scales almost entirely with HP, and has mechanics that increase and reduce HP, which will trigger effects that rely on those things happening.

No. 314857

File: 1692054639528.png (Spoiler Image,212.26 KB, 960x680, dHsE7F4fYhQMzyKpQvqolBr9VBwItz…)

Wrio and Neuvillette mats.

No. 314884

File: 1692062734961.jpg (2.06 MB, 2345x2345, FfDVcuAXgAAHOFn.jpg)

>mechanical bug for ascension
Holy hell not again. First Itto, then Cyno, now this.

No. 314886

File: 1692063766584.jpg (94.08 KB, 1024x1000, FznwH3XXwAM-MpR.jpg)

I'm so tired of people in coop getting all deffensive when I make a comment about the character they are using. I bet those users are the same that screech like mad about how "metafag told me I couldn't bring qiqi to the domain and bullied meee reeeeeeeeeeeeee!!1!!!1!".
No, Petrovski, I just wanted to know if Qiqi can deal with the electro things Scara boss summons during the second phase, so I would know if I had to bring Bennett or not. I'm sorry you are retarded and think everyone is out there to fight you or smth. I couldn't care less about what stupid underleveled characters you use.

No. 314921

Freminet is so cute… Lyney is nice too ig jk he's really cool

No. 314922

Here's Lynette's demo, there are like 2 scenes of the other 2. I love that they're coming in a package of 3

No. 314928

File: 1692075909372.jpg (470.34 KB, 2048x1824, IMG_20220426_084428.jpg)

Lmao really? I thought it's common for people to ask if any character is fit for the domain/boss? Which server are you playing on that has this many retards?

Maybe skipping Wrio isn't such a bad idea after all kek
I hated collecting them with how many barriers there were to find them whether behind electro barriers or behind underground caves that needed a side quest.

Omg they're so cute together. I know they're not really siblings but they cute little gang interactions are the only reason I'll get Lyney and risk getting an extra con from either Zhongli/Tartaglia for Fremi. Good thing we get Lynette for free in case she wanted to pull a Mika and never appears in her banner.

How many wishes do you guys have so far?

No. 314929

they're probably literal children who just want to use their 5 stars. do it by yourself or go make some friends if you're going to be an ass about randoms not appreciating your passive aggressive bitching in an already easy game, autist.(infighting)

No. 314933

File: 1692077849625.jpg (444.56 KB, 1208x2048, 20230815_021849.jpg)

I play in the european server. I usually bring Bennett when I do Scara's weekly boss if there isn't anyone in the party that can break the Electro thingies. But since Qiqi was already a healer AND cryo, I didn't know if her skill was able to bring them down.
There are a lot of Russians playing in EU that don't know English. Sometimes I think they have gotten mad at me for no reason at all just because I messaged them in English, kek. Maybe they think I'm insulting or mocking them or whatever, since they don't understand what I'm saying. Sometimes I wish genshin had a internal machine translator or something…

No. 314939

File: 1692083882051.jpg (168.83 KB, 1463x1450, 3b46e181bd909458d5a1a60dca405a…)

>Utapri Childe pic
ILY anon.
Cryo can break them but Qiqi is too short and slow with her skill that she sucks in that fight. The only ones who can't are Hydros, learned that the hard way with solo Childe. Let his Fatui mate beat his ass all the way Hoyo ffs
I'm in EU server too and suffer from the same problem with Russians, the only way to go around it is to use the Venti or Mona heart stickers after saying anything kek
>always using Benny in Scara co-op
The sacrifices of people who don't want to lose and let others play their fave characters aah.

No. 314941

Why do the Genshin thread only anons abuse reports like this? Co-op is full of literal children who need help. You are a grown woman with no reason to do co-op complaining about how reprimanding complete strangers for using characters you don't approve of hasn't gone over well lmao.

No. 314951

>How many wishes do you guys have so far?
Only 80 so I’m panicking. Getting Tarutaru and Lyney on his rerun. Wrio banner with any chest primo I find.

No. 314953

File: 1692095095064.jpeg (351.38 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0970.jpeg)

Before we leave for Fontaine what was your favourite thing about Sumeru?

No. 314954

Lush green forest that’s easy to explore with not too difficult puzzles. I really enjoyed the overworld except the desert

No. 314962

Yeah I get you, sometimes people take a character like Shenhe without anyone else taking a cryo character. And then I just wonder like, do you want us to take a cryo character for you? Like you I almost always need to take Bennet or Baizhu. Because no one else wants to take a healer or shielder, but they also don't bother to dodge the attacks.

What are you even talking about, how is that abusing reports kek. That anon was infighting and taking it way to personal, and so are you.

No. 314968

Yeah I agree the forest was the most beautiful part. I hated the desert because it’s a pain to explore, the clearance aspect is a pain in the butt. I feel like if the desert was more condensed it wouldn’t have been so bad.

No. 314971

Good luckk! I saw alot of new players and players who didn't get him before are going for him, but haven't heard a peep about anyone wanting Zhongli. Poor Zhongobongo.

Story after discount groundhog day was good. ost was great and we got alot of nice characters like Cyno, Alhaithem, Tighnari, Scara and Kaveh, how about you?

No. 314976

Tell the womanchild op who got so offended by the suggestion that she might be the weird one for being a dick in co-op unprovoked in a game full of kids that she started reporting to not take replies so personally?

No. 314994

>the only way to go around it is to use the Venti or Mona heart stickers after saying anything kek
Aah, good tip! I might do that too from now on. Although it feels weird to do that after every sentence kek.
Also, thank you for answering my question about Qiqi, because that player died before the electro thingies appeared on the field and I couldn't test if she could get rid of them kek.
>The sacrifices of people who don't want to lose and let others play their fave characters aah.
Aw, I love you too anon… It's not a big deal, I don't mind bringing characters to help others, especially because I know most people don't even know how the game works, kek. I enjoy playing supports anyway.
Right? Like, once, I was doing some Azhdaha runs trying to help other players, and we died once, so the host switched characters to Nilou. Nobody was using a dendro character, so I tried to explain to her that Nilou wasn't good without Dendro. She said "Okay, I understand" (without being an ass or passive agressive or anything) and then… proceeded to start the fight anyways, kek. I just laughed it off and even the other teammates were also like "dude…" when that happened, lol.
In the end we had to repeat that fight like 4 times or so, I got so frustrated because not even my strongest healers could heal my teammates since they kept charging towards Azhdaha when he stomped the ground… So I solo-ed the boss using my Tighnari, kek. I think that was the first time something like that happens to me.
Good luck, nona! Hope Childe comes home in the first pull!!

No. 315017

Thank you for your sweet good luck wishes. With the power of nonas’ wishes I’m sure I’ll get him
Their dynamic is so charming

No. 315025

File: 1692118119855.jpeg (574.33 KB, 1242x538, IMG_1157.jpeg)

Ass being covered by the jacket kills me

No. 315026

File: 1692118538791.jpg (184.19 KB, 922x2048, 20230815_185552.jpg)

Someone posted this on twitter… thoughts? I still can't get over how thin his forearms are aaa

No. 315027

File: 1692118592801.png (11.26 MB, 4958x2160, jp14tz.png)

Also, here's the HD pic, because the one nonnie posted is a bit blurry.

No. 315030

File: 1692119463158.jpeg (132.58 KB, 1170x247, IMG_9746.jpeg)

No. 315033

File: 1692119760414.jpg (389.25 KB, 1536x2048, Fb0T01nUUAETaGc.jpg)

The Aranara quest was my favourite part of Sumeru. The rainforest in general was pretty good. I didn't hate the Desert but it's was a bit bland apart from in the Underground and ruin areas. The Sorush area was nice. Most of the characters were pretty good too apart from the Dehya fiasco.
Zhongli is like Xiao, anyone who wants him probably has him already and there isn't a huge point in going past C1-2 unless you're C6ing him out of love. I'm sure they put him at the beginning of new patches in case new players come to the game because his shield makes the game so much easier.
Hoyoverse needs to get that beefy man model finalized already. I can't imagine Capitano or Varka on the current tall model.

No. 315049

Do my eyes deceive me or his butt is kind of round?
Need to get him to glide from somewhere for scientific reasons kek
Anyways I like how he looks from front and back but wish there was a pose of him standing idly since his legs are clashing in this T-pose one

No. 315058

File: 1692125235816.jpg (1.09 MB, 1500x3959, FSJpfz5aIAEHmTF.jpg)

I've spent my resin and am set up right at the entrance to Fontaine. I'm ready.

No. 315068

File: 1692128655432.jpeg (2.19 MB, 2732x1500, IMG_2318.jpeg)

In how many hours does it drop?

No. 315070

File: 1692129136849.jpeg (817.76 KB, 877x1945, IMG_2335.jpeg)

Saw pic related on Reddit. I think he looks fine. Arms like Alhaitham but bigger chest and thighs. He’s a bit thicker than normal bishies but not too much.

No. 315073

Yeah beefy man model for Varka or Capitano is okay but otherwise I'd really hate having a lot of the male fantasy ugly lumberjack type guys in genshin. Moid already spam how they hate twinks and they foam at mouth at the manly musclebeast guy on every new tall male post. I like my pretty-faced clean thin bishies. Beefy male power fantasy guys are in literally every other game.

No. 315089

File: 1692133161301.png (287.95 KB, 960x800, Soriz_C.png)

Completely agree with you… I really don't want this game to turn the few males we have into male power fantasy gigachads (?), picrel.

No. 315093

Should be in ~5 hours., unless they go late on maintenance.
I'd hate it if we lost our bishie men but I think the beefier model is necessary for at least those two.

No. 315094

Agreed. Male fantasy muscle bros are generally hideous and disgusting and males get catered to plenty. Wriothesley's at the perfect ratio of muscular vs bishounen for me, personally.
Don't worry. The cape's clearly going to be fluttering around when he's moving.

No. 315100

Oh god I hate how the PS4 file system works with this game. I better have enough space to redownload Warframe after this is done…

No. 315106

Gdi nonnas, I don't have enough space to update and I refuse to delete all of my other games just to redownload them all a second time. Have fun for me while I suffer alone.

No. 315111

Anon, you can always uninstall the game and the install it again I think? Some people don't have enough space to store the new patch files AND the game, so they just uninstall the game when a new patch releases. That way you don't have to download 32GB on top of the 72GB.

No. 315115

Is that what the ps5 does too? The game redownloads as a whole for us each patch. Didn’t know that it had a purpose

No. 315116

The livestreams say 2 1/2 hours left until maintenance is done. Fml itll be done 11pm my time.

No. 315118

Damn, well I guess I'll try that next time.
I'll still probably get a bigger harddrive for the PS4, it's surprisingly easy to replace.

No. 315127

Actually servers will be open in like 10pm (your time) I don't know why they add the extra hour in the live stream, I always get in there that time

Im also a PS4fag that suffers from this kek
If you have access to 3.0 USB flashes they can be the hard drive but the minimum is 250GB on those. You can use them as extra storage

No. 315130

I'm ayrt, and I'll try this out! Worst case scenario is I won't be able to play, which would've been the case anyways.

No. 315131

File: 1692150028967.jpg (1.17 MB, 5294x3176, 5925219cv11d.jpg)

*use it as extra strorage or speed boost. Like the Texture popping in game that takes forever takes a little less with these
Sorry anon I forgot to link stuff here is the Sony link https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/hardware/ps4-external-hdd-support/ to explain it and it goes like this instead of inside ignore me if you already know how this works and good luck!

No. 315133

File: 1692150277154.jpg (50.96 KB, 1200x650, FhQQMWqVsAEnh7f.jpg)

Deleting the game didn't fucking help. Aw well, any nonnas have a guestimate for when Wrio's banner will run?

No. 315134

sorry nona…
4.1 will go live around September 27. We still don't know if he will be first or second phase. Either September 27 or October 18.

No. 315135

Don't lose hope if you have good internet!
Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > insert your normal virus free USB stick in ps4 >copy to USB device or if you have PS+ you can upload the save file there and delete the big games and reinstall them later with the saves being preserved
To get the saves aferwards go through the same route but instead of "Saved Data in System Storage" go to "Saved Data on USB Storage devices"

No. 315137

I think it doesn't even delete saves when you delete a game anyway.

You just have to pick what's least important/a game you haven't played in a while.

No. 315148

60 primo code


Yup,but on the off chance anything happening its best to back up.

No. 315167

So I was like, 'I'll just play until I unlock the city map' but then the cutscenes kept coming.
I feel like lorewise there's probably supposed to be a bit more then a few meters of water in-between the two countries…
Also damn you leakers, I really feel like we aren't supposed to know Lyney and co's ties to Scheznaya The inevitable surprise is ruined now.
Also why are we being so friendly with Childe all of a sudden, that last event he was in at Inazuma with the domain we were still allowed to be bitchy.

No. 315174

File: 1692176452358.png (1.72 MB, 1472x1022, 29389728.png)

I stumbled on the main side quest for Fontaine before starting even step one of the Archon quest. I don't need to know where to find it, I'm good, it's just funny.
Also I found and fought a Giant Enemy Crab. It's flat out called that.

No. 315176

His boss isn't the guy dancer I now have 26 of those mats and I don't want to cope about the wasted resin kekk

>The inevitable surprise is ruined now.
didn't the trailer/preview had them both bowing with Fatui lady that I can't spell her name behind them holding them like puppets?
>At that second spoiler text
WHAT. Oh no did they ruin him? Is this in the first or second archon quest, I'd rather watch it since I can't play for a while

No. 315177

Is it worth rerolling an account for Lyney? I dont play Genshin but I’ve been seeing this character everywhere and I just absolutely love his design. I was always hesitant about starting Genshin but now I want to do it for him

No. 315178

File: 1692177431313.jpeg (377.13 KB, 1431x2048, IMG_0975.jpeg)

Unfortunately for me I can’t start the archon quest because I have Sumeru character quests to finish. When I get home from work today I’ll just let those auto play while I do chores.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Lynette? I think so far she’s got a really strong design and plays well.
You should start playing for him! You’ll get free rolls and a lot of primogems if you start now. Thankfully, new players can even access Fontaine if they’re past the mondstadt story quest which is really good.

No. 315179

Uhhh am I gonna have to roll on the weapon banner for Lyney? I only have Skyward Harp as a 5star is that good on him?

No. 315182

File: 1692178413446.png (709.14 KB, 1177x506, iji7folatpab1.png)

It's his 5th best weapon. Don't waste your pulls on the weapon banner unless you don't plan to get any of the 5*s in the upcoming patches.

No. 315183

Thank you so much anon, I rolled one ten then read this, there is no way I'll have enough for the next two guys

No. 315185

>did they ruin him?
Nah he's the same as ever. I'm just one of the rare players that hate him so I want to be allowed to be mean.
He shows up pretty quickly in the quest once you get to the city.

I still haven't finished Dehya/Baizhu/Yoimiya2 quests. But those have nothing to do with Fontaine so I can leave them for later.
I never ended up doing any of the one time reward domains in Sumeru either.

No. 315186

Because I have those quests unlocked it won’t let me move tf on. I should have never been so stupid to unlock them.

No. 315187

File: 1692179728756.png (5.88 MB, 2205x2976, hj545la343.png)

No problem nona, I understand the urge to pull. This weapon banner is incredibly baity but we must remain strong.

No. 315188

I feel like it's obvious they have ties to Snezhnaya when Arlechino is speaking directly to them and coaching them in the recently released YouTube trailer/video. It can't be that big of a surprise to anyone but like children or people who haven't seen the video.

No. 315191

Only Dehya shows up briefly at the beginning of the Fontaine quest, you might just be able to advance one step at a time until there's no conflicts rather than doing all the quests?

Yeah but the leak was they're blatantly orphans which means they are probably trained spies/assassins so I immediately got suspicious about the magic bag thing when we're probably not supposed to.

No. 315192

File: 1692180542437.jpg (271.94 KB, 1000x1000, 8ec5808cbff7b69cf55c6a176c2279…)

Hope you guys are ready to C6ing your Bennetts for Lyney! 'cause I still couldn't press that button

>one of the rare players that hate him
That's a actually rare lol. Why do you hate him is it like character or gameplay reason? Or both?

No. 315193

LOL anon are you behind me? I literally just C6ed Bennett a minute ago. I think it's only important not to have him C6 for Eula and I won't ever pull her anyways.

No. 315194

Yeah that explains a lot as to why I can’t progress. I’ll just do her’s and see if it works out. >>315192
I c6’d my Benny forever ago and I’m so thankful I have a use for him now! Still got to get Lyney but that’s ok.

No. 315195

>Why do you hate him.
I don't like that he was a villain, is probably still sort of a villain, but he acts like he's our best friend.
Also I don't like fighting bakas. And his design isn't anything special/my taste to make up for it.

I have an annoying feeling that however many years from now the Fadui's plan will probably be revealed to be the right thing, but they're just so damn shady.

No. 315196

NTA but I wish he got a skin. Only thing I like about his design is his dead eyes.

No. 315200

180 rolls is the guarantee for the rate-up character right? How much would I have to whale if I have 0 wishes?

No. 315204

I play on my laptop unfortunately, but I'll figure something out. Thanks for the super clear instructions though, nonna!
I hate him too. I think the hate comes from annoyance?

No. 315211

It's always a little less than 180 like 160 approx.

You need a total of fourx 6,480 package but if you've never bought it before you can buy one get one free once a year so three times ($300 if you're American)
Though tbh nonna I'm against spending this much on Gacha. Buy Welkin, explore and quests until you get said character

No. 315221

File: 1692187656559.jpeg (129.71 KB, 989x994, IMG_9758.jpeg)

Lyney is so fun, nonnies! I was going to skip him, but after playing his trial, I want him so bad. Unfortunately, I only had 50 primos saved. Got a C1 Lynette, two Barbs, and two Benny cons. I may have to wait for his rerun.

No. 315222

How long do reruns usually take in this game?

No. 315224

It's random, sometimes 3 months and sometimes over a year. Newer units usually get reruns a lot faster though (at least once in their new region) and archons always have theirs within I think 4 patches after they were released.

No. 315225

Okay thank you… I was considering whaling for Lyney since I'm completely new and don't want to go through the long reroll process but I'll just save for his rerun instead.

No. 315226

If you're lucky you might even get him now, new players get A LOT of free pulls just by doing quests and exploring the world. His banner just released today and it's 3 weeks long, so you have some time to get him. Good luck!!

No. 315229

Does pity carry over across all banners? I don't want to roll, not reach pity, fail to get him and then have that early stash wasted. I also heard Childe was getting rerun too?

No. 315233

Yes it does! Lost 50/50s also carry over. Childe is getting a rerun along with Zhongli right after Lyney, and in the next patch we are getting 2 new tall male characters as well. So you have a lot of opportunities to get at least one good husbando.

No. 315235

Okay thank you nona that sounds perfect!

No. 315236

I lost my last 50/50 (to Diluc, every. fucking. time.) so maybe that means I’ll roll Lyney next 50/50?

No. 315251

File: 1692191723499.jpg (348.93 KB, 2048x1152, 38f5d0fc9fec26358348dc9e5a6eb3…)

Are there any good guides on this Ouisa(sp?) thing? I read few that explain that's it's like light and dark but how to spot which is which visually in puzzles or monsters?
-When a monster is has purple parts do I keep hitting with Lyney or Lynette?
-What the heck do they mean by balanced?
God these new things make me feel so stupid because I feel the answers are there and my brain is too dead to get them.

No. 315254

never worth whaling if you are a new player.

No. 315255

here's mihoyo's expalanation: https://www.hoyolab.com/article/20767650

>inb4 this is an imageboard, post screenshots

It's a way too long article with animated images.

No. 315258

Yeah. There's no 50/50 next time you get a 5 star, you just get Lyney. Good luck!

No. 315259

Yeah I know its dumb but I've become really smitten with Lyney's design and concept lmao, I'll just be patient though and hopefully it pays off or I'll get lucky.

Forgot to ask but is it feasible to play with husbando units only? I don't really care about waifus that much

No. 315261

File: 1692193181719.jpg (366.35 KB, 1842x1035, 219f5a6b9a75c8a3e616f6683102db…)

Thank you thank you omg what was I thinking reading only texts to try and understand this

No. 315263

File: 1692193916950.jpg (290.26 KB, 1200x1697, 20230816_153711.jpg)

>Forgot to ask but is it feasible to play with husbando units only?
Overworld? Yes.
Abyss 12th floor? No/Difficult.

Abyss is not mandatory anyway, it's just endgame content that gives you 4/5 wishes every 15 days. You can complete combat events and get primos without having to min-max your characters.
Majority of my teams are husband-only. The only units that need female characters to work are the Dendro characters, because there are no Electro male supports (I'm still waiting, mihoyo).

No. 315264

I know it's not the point of the game but I wish there was more opportunities for romance/cute interactions between Lumine and different characters.

No. 315267

Aww no problem anon, I think it’s so much easier to visually learn too!
I know a lot of anons disagree cause they call him a fag kek but I really like Lyney a lot too!!

No. 315270

Heizou is still the absolute best for how dating sim-like his hangout is.


Yes, he's charged shot/quick swap.

No. 315271

File: 1692195356384.jpg (1.21 MB, 2866x4096, 5afadfcc8d8a424d5377c6c2dbbc25…)

Neuv wheeze
Never gonna happen 'cause alot of moids play as Lumine.
However you do have hangouts? They suck but eh, still.
read fanfics nona, they're way better than what hoyo would write
Charged shot that drops his mascot to be a decoy and then it shoots a homing shot afterwards. He's actually strong and although he's compared to Ganyu you don't need to curse yourself if the charged hit doesn't land, because it freaking homes on the enemy and a decoy all in one.
He loses health when he attacks but his skill will help him regain it.

No. 315272

kek it shocked me to find out how many moids actually play as lumine. it makes sense to me that you would play as the gender you are because the game is from your pov. but i guess a coomer moid's brain is wired differently

No. 315273

Thanks so much nonas!! (I accidentally deleted my comment cause I’m on mobile with big thumbs). I’m so glad he’s not exactly like Ganyu and has homing shots! Or else it would be almost impossible for me to aim with a controller.

No. 315274

I'm gonna pick up Genshin after like a year hiatus now, do you guys have any recs on the best hangouts besides Heizou (the cutest/most romantic ones kek)? I think I've only done Bennett, that one was meh from what I recall.

No. 315281

i said fuck it and pressed it like last year and i’ve been fine. I just can’t use him with ayaka now that’s all, but i didn’t really use him with her anyway. I like to troll other ayakas and keqings in co op with him whenever im bored though kek

No. 315282

Benny's hangout still stings because he deserves better. To this day I wish I could've killed that adventure's guild bastard and left his body in the domain.

No. 315285

File: 1692198457280.webm (352.29 KB, 736x720, burqa2.webm)

I'm a retard and posted image not video
Look at the beautiful no ass vision lmao

No. 315286

You can hold Kaeya’s hand in his hangout. Thoma was romantic too.

No. 315300

Everyone's asses are censored underwater, anon…

No. 315302

I really enjoyed Kaeya's hangout. Faruzan's hangout was also quite charming.

No. 315305

File: 1692203696566.jpeg (47.46 KB, 1242x689, FGxn1DdXMAAqFVi.jpeg)

Thoma's was also interesting because you can see how he can be manipulative and cunning too, it gives some depth to his character. I love him so much.
I miss him, we haven't seen him in a long time…

No. 315347

I've finally been pushed to buy external storage just so I can play this game without deleting literally everything else. I'll be joining you nonnas in Fontaine next week!

No. 315356

File: 1692212608517.jpg (266.99 KB, 1821x2048, F3p2xvNWIAEMbUf.jpg)

Nice, nona, see you there! Fontaine looks pretty good so far! There are so many things to do that I'm kind of getting overwhelmed, kek.
Also, I love that there is an event that encourages exploring the region to get familiar with all the new enemies and materials.

No. 315358

Don't know how to describe it but Fontaine seems like the first area in a while that feels "European" to me like Mondstat, which I'm really happy about cause I was getting kind of tired of the Asian-ish regions after Inazuma. First time in a while that I've been excited for an update

No. 315360

Well… yeah? Mondstadt is inspired by Germany, Liyue is inspired by China, Inazuma is inspired by Japan, Sumeru is a clusterfuck of random SWANA countries and now Fontaine is inspired by France. Why would any of those other regions have a European feel kek?

No. 315361

I know. I Finished that domain and found this no-ass-vision-water-skirt funny, didn't expect it to be this big kek

Despite how simple it looks so beautiful it's my favorite region now, that Aquabus long ride was so neat

No. 315364

Well not that they should have a European feel since they're inspired by Asian countries, just that I'm glad there's another European-ish region like Mondstadt after a while. I didn't know Fontaine was meant to be inspired by France, that's cool.

No. 315373

File: 1692215288869.jpg (383.41 KB, 2241x2298, F3mIJ8xa8AAX8__.jpg)

I'm really loving Fontaine as a region and the archon quest so far. I'm actually super excited to play now. Lyney is cute and the girl characters are pretty fun too.

No. 315383

Do you guys like the exploration aspect of genshin?

No. 315392

I agree! I loved Sumeru, it’s a pretty rare aesthetic in video games. However another place that has the vibe of Mondstadt is just so nice and has been needed. Honestly makes me a bit unenthusiastic about Natlan. Is anyone actually excited about Natlan? Especially since leakers are saying that Fontaine will end in 4.6 instead of 4.8

No. 315393

File: 1692218535769.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, 20230429003201.png)

I love taking photos and looking at the scenery. I also love the puzzles, they make me feel smart when I manage to finish them without looking at guides.
But sometimes I think there are too many enemies in the overworld and that they get triggered very easily. Like, maybe you are walking really far away from them, but they still spot you and start chasing you all the way to Snezhnaya. I also hate that the majority of them are all hostile. I wish some of the enemies only attacked you when you got really close to them or if you attacked first (kinda like how Sumeru animals are friendly sometimes.)

No. 315402

It's the part that keeps me going apart from the lore. If the game was just a waifu collector I probably would have given the game up by now.

No. 315403

Leak warning: Neuvilette’s gameplay animations. I can’t decide if it’s epic or goofy

It’s not uploaded to YouTube yet so it can’t be embedded, here’s the Reddit video link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks/comments/15t1ms0/41_beta_neuvillette_gameplay_animations/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1

No. 315404

Nvm found one on YouTube. Hopefully it doesn’t get immediately get striked

No. 315405

Wow, I wonder what his element is

No. 315406

File: 1692220440548.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 2310x1425, IMG_2336.jpeg)

Yeah kek so hard to guess

No. 315407

nonnie, you need to study more…
anyways, it's not the only european nation we'll have. after natlan, which will be a mix of native america and sub-saharian africa, there's snezhnaya which is based on russia.

No. 315408

Wriothesley's are up too, but not on Youtube yet.
Rejoice handcuff anon, he has a handcuff animation. And his ult looks a lot smoother than Dehya's mess of an ult.

No. 315411

Thanks for the link anon! His animations aren’t as advanced and unique as neuvilette but he definitely looks like he’d be insanely fun to play! I’m so damn happy his coat is so flowy and relatively short, his ass and big thighs showing must be mihoyo answering my prayers

No. 315418

I far prefer Wrio as a character to Neuvi but his animations kinda worry me. Neuvilette's are so much more fleshed out. I hope they make them a bit flashier or he's not beating the standard banner allegations. Although maybe flashier doesn't necessarily mean better in play satisfaction.

No. 315421

Maybe it's because I dislike him in general but that water cannon looks so stupid. I know they were trying to make him look as epic as an archon but the way he T-poses while firing a huge beam of water is goofy as hell. And it reminds me a lot of the Honkai games which I despise.

I love him so much but his normal attacks and skill animation are 4 star level… What a disappointment.

No. 315433

I'm inhaling copium that the animations look better when you hit enemies plus they usually still fix a bit and add more effects before it comes out of beta.
If not, another copium is that leakers all said he feels very satisfying to play no matter his animations.

No. 315434

exploration is my favorite part! Fontaine feels quite satisfying so far. They managed to make the landscape and music feel very distinct from Mond.
I'm interested in Natlan. There's not a lot of hype since we have almost no lore or characters from the region yet. The setting, like Sumeru, also seems rather underused in anime video games so it'll be cool to see how Genshin adapts it.
Unrelated but. Wanderer's already pretty good to use for exploration. However, he feels really good to use in Fontaine. So much water, so many slopes to fly up, really easy to get from peak to peak.

No. 315461

Any other anons getting motion sickness from diving? I've been having fun exploring, but any more than two minutes underwater makes me want to puke and have to put the game down.

No. 315467

File: 1692234700706.jpg (83.21 KB, 813x1226, 4073e085767bdf532de7cb152c9b0b…)

Tighnari main here, is it worth it to roll for Aqua Simulacra or should I hold out hope that Hunter's Path will rerun? I don't have a decent weapon for him yet, just using an unrefined String less.

No. 315470

Thank you anon for posting this! But what the hell I'm kind of underwhelmed. I thought well get something with more character not basic boxing animation..

No. 315494

>fixes his tie after attacking
Uh oh… My savings are in trouble…

No. 315496

wrio looks like a standard character, he's just cryo dehya but 10 times sexier. i hope he uses those handcuffs on me

No. 315498

Would they really let the first Cryo Catalyst be on standard? My bet is on Geo lady since there is no Geo in standard.

No. 315504

Maybe he isn’t standard just because the animations aren’t flashy. Like Wanderer.

No. 315525

File: 1692260333398.jpg (264.12 KB, 1117x1757, c5b8ba29435ab2b94506b36d49c832…)

Do you have Ibis piercer? If so use it, it's good.
As for reruns no one really knows if standard-sized characters' weapons a rerun.

Kek same that's why this guy will be the first tall I guy I skip, too Honkai-ee and his wolf bro is too HSR-ee but I'll let it pass

No. 315528

OK finished the first half of the story then stopped to do the time limited stuff.
The diving is nice, very pretty, but attacking underwater is a pain, why even have a cooldown timer? And I can't believe they made the cute water balls an evil enemy type.
And of course the research institute is just off the map, and that other big tower, the prison?
Anyway I actually was surprised by the box falling in the cutscene, but then of course it would lead to some ridiculous farce Phoenix Wright trial. Do they not have public defenders? I really hope all trials in Fontaine aren't so ridiculous. And powering the city with energy created from the trials… of course that could never go wrong.
And then MC goes totally cold on Lyney with the Fadui reveal even though you were cool with Childe earlier. And oblique mention to human trafficking in cute anime game. And I guess the House takes in orphans from all of Teyvat, not just Scheznaya, I thought it was weird that there were so many orphans in one country.
It was nice that the bit with the thief at the beginning and the silly macaroon bit weren't just filler and actually tied back in.

No. 315530

Nicee, I like this digested summary of events. So would you rate the story so far good? Better than Sumeru? Because Sumeru at the start was a slog.

No. 315531

>And then MC goes totally cold on Lyney with the Fadui reveal even though you were cool with Childe earlier.
This was the only part that really irked me because it made no sense, otherwise I've liked the story fine.

NTA but I think it's been very interesting. The trial mechanics were a bit awkward to me but the story in itself kept my interest up so well I finished the entire questline without realizing it. It didn't feel like a slog to me personally, at some times the dialogues went on a bit too long but the general idea has been satisfying to me. It's full of fast paced twists and turns though so talking too much about it would spoil too much.

No. 315538

>This was the only part that really irked me
Nta - Pretty sure it's there to add conflict to solve in Lyney's story questand have them interacting more
Can't wait to finish quest to start that!

No. 315633

I love Liney!! He's cool and fun to play with. On the other hand I can't bring myself to like Neuvilette or Wrio. The old man looks too cringy (the water cannon while he's just floating there, really?) and Wrio's face is cute but the rest of his design is a bit boring to me.

No. 315638

File: 1692304737658.jpeg (352.37 KB, 870x437, 207B1753-11C1-4BDF-ACAC-87BB3B…)

I benched the waifus but are these two okay to play with so far? I got Xingqiu from the beginner banner. Dont think I’ll be able to roll on the Lyney banner for a while since it seems expensive to do a 10-roll and the primogems are trickling in

No. 315640

The twink on the right is one of the most meta units in the entire game. Definitely build him. Kaeya is ok too, not OP or anything but together with Xingqiu you'll have a nice freeze interaction.

No. 315646

Xingqiu (The short blue haired boy) and Bennett are both from 1.0 yet remain the most important 4* units in the game even 3 years later. His elemental skill and burst revolve around the rain sword shield that deal hydro damage (and apply hydro on the enemies in the process) and protect your on field character from damage and interruption. The most effective reactions in the game require hydro application and since his shield is very effective he's an extremely useful unit even this late into the game. Give him the Heart of Depth set that ups his hydro damage and maybe the Noblesse set that ups his burst damage. If you got sacrificial sword from the gacha you can use that for him but since you're so early into the game you can probably get Iron Sting by forging it. No need to stress that much, especially in the lower world levels you can just fuck around with the characters you find interesting and not worry about builds or party compositions that much. You'll learn as you go.

No. 315647

Very good. Kaeya is actually pretty good and a very underrated character. He is very easy to use! Also, yeah, Xingqiu is a top unit. Him and Xiangling are top tier 4* characters.
Also, don't be like me and don't be afraid to use their bursts when they are charged. When I started playing, I refused to use them and that made things a little more difficult for me I think, kek.

No. 315651

Don’t get me started with this anon!! Warning for Act 1 spoilers
I don’t care if traveler felt lied to, who the fuck answers "that was in the past" to someone explaining that they were orphans and fucking (sex?-)trafficked by a pedo who held multiple girls hostage. Of course they’d be fine with Arlecchino, she saved Lynette from a disgusting man and gave both of them a home under her full protection But we’re supposed to feel like the traveler? Making two orphans who had no choice but to join the fatui apologize to us over and over again and not forgive them? They better resolve this in the archon quest, not make it story quest exclusive.

Also a feminist rant:
Aside from the character designs of the women, the real issue here is the disrespect to female players. We can’t even get a shitty isekai experience without kidnapped and killed young woman and trafficking to aristocrat rings being a plot point. Did they have to bring the patriarchy to an anime fantasy world? The way traveler even says he’s not interested in solving the case of the disappeared women holy shit. You spent hours on dates with Yoimiya and shit during previous archon quests, you can be bothered to protect young women literally being killed asshole.

No. 315653

>feminist rant
My anon this is a spoiler for act 2 so if you didn't already, come back when you finish it but they literally get that serial killer being absolutely ripped to shreds and ruined by the women he murdered including the woman he thought he was doing all this horrible shit for and that was one of the most satisfying moments ever, fuck that sick scrote.

No. 315662

Feminist rant but you play as male traveler?
But in this case, it is not really our problem, it's like how MC refused to help in Inazuma at the start. But it is just so cliche, of course unsolved string of kidnappings in the legal focused story.

No. 315714

File: 1692336380235.jpg (710.83 KB, 1510x1918, 6f142a86c934c8f4296727b68f6fe4…)

So far writing has been really good and I'm suprised after the series of letdowns from Sumeru, especially Nahida's second story quest. I feel they got a whole new team for writing Fontaine.

Though suprised they let "Paimon's pissed" pass. Isn't this considered a curse word kek

No. 315717

Ok finished the rest of it.
And to start enjoy rotting in prison till the next update Childe. And the whole thing was just a bit of filler-ish stuff to introduce us to the farce that is the justice system and the Archon so that next quest we can reveal the real mystery of the Oratrice. I do wonder how the dumb brat Furina ended up the new Hydro Archon, I don't think it's going to be like what happened with Nahida. And I wonder if they'll ever explain elves, it's just Alice, Klee, Layla and Neuvillete. No NPC's with pointy ears and nobody seems to think it's weird that these guys live so long.
Of course the whole case would be because the guy wanted to bring back his lost love, though that diary with the baby names threw me, thought they would add an extra layer of tragedy there. And there were sewers, and of course the poor people live there, at least it wasn't a dungeon with poison water or something.

Overall I wouldn't say it's better or worse, just a different theme. The mystery was pretty cliche if you've read even just a few mystery stories or watch procedurals.
Now I'm gonna take my time exploring, I got through that last desert part a bit too quick. Hope there aren't too many quests tied to commissions this region. Still never finished Garcia's thing in Sumeru.

No. 315720

>I do wonder how the dumb brat Furina ended up the new Hydro Archon
My theory (and one I've seen others speculating) is that the previous hydro archon (Amrita) had a falling out with Celestia and Furina was put in charge specifically because she's a dumb brat too spineless to really stand up for herself and instead follows Celestia's orders, which is why the story has always underlined how the current hydro archon isn't as popular as the previous one and made the lochfolk go into exile. Furina is portrayed as being insecure in many scenes of the story and having to resort to bluffing to save face, like when the oratrice delivered a conflicting verdict and she had no idea what's going on.

Also Neuvilette is heavily implied to be the hydro dragon in a human form so he's not an elf. Alice is implied to be from another world since she travels between Teyvat.

No. 315721

>Neuvilette is heavily implied to be the hydro dragon in a human form.
ah makes sense I guess? Hope for human Dvalin so I can have playable Takeuchi Shunsuke?

No. 315724

Oh come on, playing Lumine doesn’t make you a better feminist.

No. 315725

lol, it was half a joke.

No. 315734

That was a pretty cool scene, but it was sort of undercut by the text screen 'and then he died' followed by the anyway 'some time later' quick cut.

No. 315739

Been trying Lyney in Abyss and he's OP but I'm having problems with his team and him staggering with projectiles.

Tried him, Bennet and Layla(quick strong shield) as a trio and it has been neat so far, for 4th slot Kazuha and him work better as Lyney going for skill and burst rather than charged shot. I don't have another Pyro that utilizes the distance I put between me and enemies so XL would definitely be misplaced here. Who should be the 4th slot? Albedo, Ayato, Ganyu or Venti?
Also fuck this weapon banner, if I didn't know that you can lose 50/50 twice I would've rolled immediately.

No. 315744

Lyney wants mono Pyro because his talent gives him 20% more damage per Pyro character in the team so ideally you'd replace at least one of them for another Pyro. Do you have Yanfei C4? Or Thoma? C2 Xinyan? Otherwise Lyney/XL/Layla/Bennett is the best option you have.

No. 315748

God I benched him for more than a year and forgot his existence. His C6 being actually useful here what was I thinking putting Layla instead of him jfc
Thank you so much, now that it's Bennett/Lyney/Thoma who should be in 4th slot?

No. 315749

File: 1692353613840.jpg (Spoiler Image,186.67 KB, 2048x1153, 0BC04Ky.jpg)

>have someone die on screen in a violent way and show his corpse
>have topics of serial disappearances
>have topics of sex trafficking of children
>have someone else die on screen in a violent way
>visit someone's grave and watch two characters come to terms with his suicide
>still the most fun main story quest so far
They really figured out how to write interesting stories huh

No. 315751

Right? It's shocking how they actually went in pulling no punches. Also add instead of the serial killer being forgiven and empathized with, the spirit of his wife he "did all this for" refuses to meet him and tells him that the world would be a better place without him and that he should just die. For some reason the English script used the term "drown" but the original and the Japanese ones explicitly stated "die". The sex trafficking of children and drug trade really weren't something I expected them to feature in Fontaine.

No. 315752

No problem! Kazuha would probably be the best because he can VV swirl Pyro, just run away a few steps after you used him in the rotation to let Lyney do his charged shot stuff. Venti also works if you'd rather use Kazuha in another team or really don't like pairing him with Lyney, he's just a bit worse in single target situations.

No. 315755

Wtf I knew about Clorinde her thight blouse but I didn't realise you could actually see skin of her breast because it doesn't close properly. I hate her design so much, it's funny because at first I thought I would hate Navia her design the most. But now I'm playing the story and Navia is a lot less coomerish then Clorinde. Like yeah it's a still a stupid outfit, but something about Clorinde her design makes me so much more uncomfortable.

Thoma is not that good with Lyney since he won't do any NA. Because of this you aren't able to stack his Blazing Barrier when using his ult. Ofcourse you can also use only his E but his shield will be a lot weaker and his c6 buff will only last for 6 seconds since you can't use his ult and then NA with your dps to keep stacking his shield. I think like the other anon said that Yanfei C4 is a better option since her shield is stronger if you can't stack Thoma his shield. You could also just use Zhongli and use no anemo character, since Zhongli does have a res shred. If you prefer dps over comfy then use Kazuha instead.

No. 315761

File: 1692360275981.jpeg (409.58 KB, 2048x2257, IMG_0979.jpeg)

I didn’t think I’d like Navia but I ended up liking her because she sees through the bs. Her voice actress is bad though. Part of me wonders if Fontaine is inspired by the OJ Simpson trial where people see it as a show rather than a real case.

No. 315762

Yeah I liker her too, I'm playing with the chinese voices right now because I forgot how annoying paimon sounded in english. You also had the Johnny Depp case which was also just surreal to witness how people online would just pretend like it was a tv show.

No. 315763

I was going to use Johnny Depp v Amber Heard as an example but I know that brings the scrotes out of the woodwork to defend Johnny.

No. 315764

It's just true crime in general. That first convo of the entire quest I was thinking, 'great a whole nation of true crime enthusiasts'.
Also funny that one of the first NPC's you can talk to gives lore about Natlan, like don't get ahead of yourself game.

No. 315776

I was thinking the same when they talked about plot twists in a trial kek the entire nation would've loved twitter, I know the discourse would be insane

No. 315778

File: 1692369134929.jpg (280.28 KB, 1080x1758, 6wUT0wS.jpg)

The Natlan leaks having african inspired names with some indigenous mesoamerican and south American inspiration included is funny cause you know mihoyo is still gonna have the palest characters known to man.

No. 315779

When the hell is the switch port releasing? I'm tired of playing on my phone and my laptop isn't compatible

No. 315794

File: 1692373415114.jpg (51.39 KB, 401x654, Screenshot_20230818_183846.jpg)

Ever since I saw Freminet's design my brain told me this design is familiar, so familiar and now it hit me, his clothing reminds me of 9S after he blows his shorts and stays in his boxers. Sorry for shitty quality all the good images are fanart.

They'll probably give them the same dark skin Ermites have, don't think they can manage actual dark skin and different facial features. What I can't wait for is all the "cancel Hoyo for racism!!!" clogging my timeline randomly when all I follow are eastern artists.

No. 315798

>complains about skin colours when they all share the same anime features that don't belong to any race
no one cares. go back to twitter retard

No. 315810

>muh twitter
So you missed the last thread when sumeru came out?

No. 315815

>thinks anyone over 18 falls for twitter level arguments
>last thread wasn't even when it came out
>picks a fight about middle eastern skin colours with a middle eastern

No. 315822

File: 1692379019232.jpg (164.72 KB, 1200x857, F3hE1qeakAMKHlP.jpg)

Today I deleted an insufferable "woke" genshin player I have been talking to from my contacts.
Recently, she said she was dissapointed that Mihoyo keeps releasing male catalysts that throw punches like Heizou (talking about Wriothesley) and that she wants to see a male character like Kokomi, quote "I want a male catalyst with pink, frilly motives, something cute, with elegant animations". Thoughts? Would you like a character like that? I feel like we already have Baizhu, and Neuvillette also looks elegant enough. I dislike characters that have retarded uguu animations, like Sucrose or Barbara, and I don't think I would like to see a male character doing the same.

No. 315827

>last thread wasn't even when it came out
>picks a fight about middle eastern skin colours with a middle eastern
did i ask where you're from? so it was the 12th thread, the point is why are you minimodding what people talk about.
50% of the genshin threads are just nitpicking how shitty the designs are and the other half is husbandofagging.

No. 315828

It’s like they forget Scara exists. I just want fighting moves that fit the character l. I’d be sad if characters all had the uguuu fighting style.

No. 315829

I wouldn't like it either. Venti is the maximum amount of cutesy I can take. If they made a male character that's as girly and cute as Kokomi I guarantee you they'd turn him into a full on Astolfo-esque femboy. Way too moid baity for me.

No. 315830

>"I want a male catalyst with pink, frilly motives, something cute, with elegant animations". Thoughts? Would you like a character like that?
i wouldn't want a character like that but lyney would probably fall under that if he was a catalyst user.

No. 315832

i was about to say, i just don't like femboy characters. they are made for coomer scrotes.

No. 315833

File: 1692380144254.jpg (27.44 KB, 322x628, d1vjS61.jpg)

the closest genshin can go to making a masculine woman before fully combusting

No. 315834

I'm still mourning the uwufication of Skirk…

No. 315836

File: 1692380417979.jpg (504.15 KB, 1946x3500, 7930867ecc7faa4a2255cb1292ffad…)

These girls are upset that Hoyo won't release girly men or men in drag for them to make trans for woke points. They won't even get said character if it was ever released. Lyney was supposed to fill this role for them but him being playful/gentleman ruined him for them.

Btw when it comes to Genshin players pick husbando lovers, which they usually have it in their signature, and yumejos, those who say they're ____ wife (kek), as your friends, they're usually (keyword usually) chill. Tried to make some fujo friends but they all have he/they or saying I sexualize "MLM" with yaoi lmao.

No. 315838

I would love a character like that but then again I'm really into cute twinks to begin with. I would love to see moids having an autistic meltdown over a genuinely cute and effeminate femgaze male character though, just like they did with Lyney. I'm salivating for Wriothesley for the record, but masculine characters are too easy for scrotes to self insert into. We need the cute ones to show them their place too.

No. 315849

>yumejos, those who say they're ____ wife (kek)
most of those aren't yumes, it's a meme

I find wriothsley and the other guy boring to hideous, wrio looks like he's going to be popular with moid yumes and fags or like he could've been designed by a man / with making a male character that doesn't upset male players that much in mind. hope he isn't standard banner and he flops, his reception has already been pretty mild outside the few "ooh a man use your handcuffs on me daddy" anons here. but I'd instapull a male kokomi.

No. 315855

Nah, they can't and don't self insert into the more masculine but still thin bishie genshin characters. They rage about them all the time. You say Lyney is female gaze, I disagree, I think something like athletic but pretty-faced and clean Alhaitham is more for women than Lyney, underage looking with garter belts.
I've only seen moids self-insert into silent manlet (standart isekai protag) characters like the male traveler/xiao or ugly power fantasy musclebeasts that I expect Varka to be.

No. 315862

I like Lyney but I agree, he was made with men in mind. The only ones who chimp out whenever a feminine male character is released are insane Korean moids, Western scrotes love them because they have porn brainrot for femboys.

No. 315864

>says Wrio looks like he's designed by a man for fags because…he doesn't look feminine enough? Which is what women… hate in you opinion? Lean pretty bishies with muscles?
>wants male kokomi that would look and move like an actual irl faggot
Truly a hot take

No. 315865

i've seen some use diluc as a self insert. they self insert with aether and see everyone else as part of their harem. which is why they seethe at any character that isn't made for cooming.

No. 315866

also adding again i would say scara was more female gaze, cautiously though. lyney, venti and maybe gorou are made for femboy coomers. though i do ship venti and lumine…

No. 315868

File: 1692387126851.jpeg (251.51 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_0983.jpeg)

I know a girl that does this with the Genshin husbandos. I think it’s based she would do this tbh.

No. 315869

I would love a male character with a more delicate/pretty vibe that doesn't look retarded in some way. Not really femboy shit with frilly stuff, just a genuinely pretty man (by female standards). Baizhu is elegant but I wouldn't call him beautiful, and Neuvilette looks old and ugly kek. I think Xiao and Lyney can come close but somehow they still don't look beautiful or elegant. Kaeya but with a more delicate look would be perfect. Also I wish they would ditch the ugly pants and baggy/loose shorts for male characters, they either look shonen-y or boring. I agree that Wrio doesn't look great, he's just boring.

>He/him fujos
I'd tell you to stop interacting with twitterfags but unfortunately it's impossible because this game's player base and fandom is plagued by genderspecial autists.

How can you tell he was made for moids? He's pretty, charming and he wears a cute outfit. All of these make moids seethe, he's not even as femboy-looking as Venti. They were seething when Gorou came out too, because a cute male being shirtless is unacceptable to them. Also the garter belts fit his theme, I don't really see them as a sexual thing and to me he's more mature-looking than Xiao or Scara (might be the hat idk).

No. 315871

File: 1692387532951.jpg (148.29 KB, 923x1231, 2ba7d40ac62b31f0694730855fe5c4…)

I thought about it too because of armpit fetish that I'll never understand, but if he was made for moids in mind he would have puffier shorts or anything to 'inflate' his hips and thighs or his waist to appear smaller than his hips but nope, he's a straight line barely any bumps.

Their cringe is so cute and so 2000s like OCxCharacter in dA's shitty bases tier I always cheer them on and encourage them.

No. 315877

it isn't a hot take at all. bishounen are more popular, especially in asia, and he isn't a bishounen. itto isn't half as popular as any of the other tall boys besides awkward and off putting baizhu (except with barafag gays) or any of the little boy 5 stars for that matter and at this rate wriothsley won't be either (except with barafag gays). the fact that a twink in a terrible nightgown has more hype behind him speaks volumes

No. 315880

File: 1692389029696.png (3.35 MB, 2415x2756, F3bikHVawAAJJgp.png)

I unfortunately know more than I'd like about what men are into so I'll try my best to explain.
Characters like Alhaitham or Childe were made for women. Women generally like more subtle fanservice like a slight show of abs, buff arms, and shiptease with either other male characters or the Traveller. Lyney wears what's basically a genderswapped version of what the more coomer-y female characters wear which, obviously, is what weeb moids go crazy for. Women not so much. Obviously some women like femboy twinks, but if you look at Alhaitham and Lyney side-by-side you can very easily tell that the devs weren't targeting their female playerbase when they gave him armpit windows and garter belts. The armpits especially are just such a male fetish, I've never seen a single woman who's attracted to armpits that belong to a very slender male character.
The only thing that's female pandering about Lyney is his lore and flirty personality towards the Traveller, but when they designed him back in 1.0 they were definitely not thinking about appealing to any women.

>the fact that a twink in a terrible nightgown has more hype behind him speaks volumes
I think the only reason people are hyped for Neuvillette is because of his lore and flashy gameplay. There aren't a lot of players who are in love with his design. I've seen a lot more love for Wriothesley even though we don't know anything about him yet, Neuvillette usually has something like "I wasn't into him until now, but…" attached to any compliments.

No. 315881

Then explain why moids are being put on suicide watch raging about Lyney being too female pandering and mass downvoting his character trailer. These anons who have "femboys" living rent free in their head forget how niche of a fetish they are and 99% of scrote players will still jack it to big booba anime waifus first and foremost and cute twinks will forever be most popular with women. Venti, Gorou or Lyney are nothing compared to the actual degenerate male coomerbait like Astolfo or Felix. All of the people I've seen obsessing Venti, Gorou and Lyney have been undoubtedly female and even the Miss Hina bullshit portrays her as a 100% big tit woman and not a "femboy".

No. 315885

for every moid mass disliking there are 10 other moids making nsfw fanart of him.

No. 315887

Kek oh anon. Venti is literally the icon of big femboy subreddits and his porn subreddit has more subscribers than his SFW one. Scrotes absolutely love him. Gorou is a lot more beloved by fakeboys than men but Venti is one of the most pornified characters in the entire game.

No. 315889

samefagging again, if you think venti doesn't get the same coomerbait as astolfo you have never looked through his tag on pixiv. ignorance is bliss

No. 315890

i think genshin female fanbase is so big you can go around without seeing the full extent of scrote degeneracy. but venti is definitely up there with felix unfortunately.

No. 315892

File: 1692390165068.jpg (204.57 KB, 1024x768, FmXx3M7agAErqYT.jpg)

Venti is one of those characters that unfortunately appeals to both coomer moids and women.
Cyno for some reason has a lot of self-inserting men. Maybe because his first appearance in-story was stoic and somewhat edgy like Xiao. Him and Diluc are the ones I see self-inserted most.
Ayato and Baizhu to a lesser degree are pretty elegant, though not Kokomi-tier. The Musketeer design looked elegant, though again not in a Kokomi way.
Mihoyo got in trouble with the CCP for making Venti. I don't think they'll go much further than that.
Itto definitely appeals more to Western audiences. He's popular with monsterfuckers too because big oni man.

No. 315893

Yeah, the only reason I know about Genshin femboy economics is because I researched it out of curiosity a while ago. IIrc Venti had the third most porn out of every Genshin character back then, female ones included.

No. 315894

>Cyno for some reason has a lot of self-inserting men.
Literally the only reason Cyno x Nilou is a thing is because men self-insert into Cyno and want to fuck the cute waifu in a belly dancer outfit.

No. 315895

Imo Lyney doesn't look coomish to me, I know his armpit and bit of his thigh are visible but seeing him front to back all works well for his personality, from being a little Magician to being a part of Fatui.
Freminet on the other hand ehhh again not coomish to me but those shorts are really short lol.

No. 315897

File: 1692390889822.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2881x4096, IMG_9776.jpeg)

I cannot be the only woman here who is insanely attracted to this character. I need more beefy men with their whole chest out, hoyo.

No. 315898

cyno and xiao are edgelord bait, probably cooler than aether

No. 315899

you're overestimating the amount of attention players pay to the lore, but a prison warden character would have just as much if not more intrigue if he was a bishie.

>I've seen a lot more love for Wriothesley even though we don't know anything about him yet, Neuvillette usually has something like "I wasn't into him until now, but…" attached to any compliments.

and you're looking on reddit, right? a vastly male dominated space where the few women present are pickmes. you don't have to make excuses, the gap is big when you look at normal female communities and it's consistent with how male characters have been recieved in the past. bishies will always be more popular than these stocky macho man types.

No. 315901

A prison ward who punches stuff has more intrigue than a 10000 year old water dragon that shoots huge lasers…?
A lot of anons in this thread, some parts of Twitter that aren't just tweens and most of my friends that play Genshin all agree that Wriothesley is more attractive than Neuvillette. You're the one who overestimates how many women prefer old men in suits to buff guys with scars.

No. 315902

File: 1692392049480.jpg (404.32 KB, 1486x1865, FBb2m7VVkAALrlX.jpg)

Itto is one of the hottest Genshin men imo. You're not alone.

No. 315904

File: 1692392958683.jpg (1017.89 KB, 2926x4096, 0cbaacf321c3d92bf8b188f99c6aae…)

Based nonas

No. 315906

>bishies are for girls, bara is for women
sure, let's wait and see how their banners do kek that is if they don't dump that guy straight on to standard

No. 315922

File: 1692395249282.jpeg (236.81 KB, 2048x1485, IMG_0984.jpeg)

If he ends up on standard that would be awesome tbh.

No. 315925

File: 1692396730845.jpeg (131.89 KB, 560x462, IMG_2337.jpeg)

>I want a male catalyst with pink, frilly motives, something cute, with elegant animations
I’d fucking love that

No. 315926

File: 1692397042244.jpg (628.4 KB, 4056x4096, 20230816_190240.jpg)

Come faster, 4.1….

No. 315928

More official Lyney stuff

No. 315930

I love him nonnies

No. 315931

File: 1692400003286.jpeg (790.54 KB, 1431x2048, IMG_9777.jpeg)

So, Navia x Clorinde is the yuribait couple of this region, huh?

No. 315935

I would ship them if Clorinde didn't have such a hideous fucking design to the point I don't even want to acknowledge her existence.

No. 315937

Big day for transbian gooners. Eula and Amber, Yae and Raiden, all of Honkai, now this. Moidhoyo keeps them well fed.

No. 315938

File: 1692402134501.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 1119x1390, mento ilness.png)

I love Fontaine… The world quests all being connected was so fun to theorize about, and the new world lore bits were satisfying. What do you think so far, nonnies? There's also so many cute spots on the map. As someone who loves idling in beautiful places and make photoshoots, this region is a treat. Had some great fun touring with my characters, and I'm excited to see more! Can't wait to see Berrypuff grow up.
Didn't start on the archon quest yet, since I've been putting Caribert off for the longest time… To the nonnas who started it, has the new archon made an appearance yet? I want to see what her deal is. I already disrespected her by sitting in her stupid little throne and I feel I should let her know.

No. 315954

File: 1692417056370.jpg (475.49 KB, 4096x2234, nmFsuJv.jpg)

>last spoiler
Yes. You meet her in the first part of the quest, very early on I don't know why you dislike her (?) but she's very different than the other archons, I feel like you should definitely start the quest and meet her lol

No. 315955

File: 1692417646599.jpeg (198.95 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_9779.jpeg)

Haven’t seen anyone say this yet, but these things should NOT have human hair styles. Very hideous with their design, even ignoring the obvious furry bait.

No. 315960

File: 1692422346592.jpeg (764.6 KB, 1512x2217, IMG_9780.jpeg)

Well, I lost 50/50 to Tighnari. Best case scenario if I were going to lose, honestly. I now have him C2. Team ideas? I know he’s good, and he’s cute. I’ve also got him to lvl 80 with upgraded talents.

No. 315961

Oh, and no, I haven’t been using him.

No. 315983

Neuvillete a twink? Don't see it.
I am more interested in him now after doing the story though, I thought he might be villainous but he seems smart and chill. His sleeves are dumb, but I like his Warlock boots.

I lost the Kazuha 50 to him and leveled him up cause he's cute, but I just use him for bow trials so I don't have to use Gorou or the girls.

No. 315985

File: 1692427527305.jpg (390.2 KB, 2048x1152, 214bc22fd1c30fe01aa54daca50d8c…)

Haven't started their quest yet because I hate how they look so much. Why couldn't they make something as cute as Aranaras and less furry loli/made in abyss characters.

Goddammit, sorry nona. But he is the best standard character imo so kind congrats it wasn't Dehya or Qiqi? Safe guess is Tighnari/Fischl/Collei/ because I have no idea what characters you have.
The most important thing is that you have another Dendro for its resonance and an electro to get him to spread.

No. 315989

File: 1692431305418.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 2428x1908, IMG_2269.jpeg)

Nonny I don't know what fandom spaces you live in because everyone everywhere is down bad and hyped for Wrio even though his gameplay seems basic. If you don't like him okay, I prefer sumeru males too but no need to say everyone hates him because it's just delusional. He's getting tons of fanart and is pretty much very liked by male and female players so far.
Also delusional, he's not bara at all. Do you know what bara means? Refer to picrel.
Wriothesley is literally slightly toned guy, not a muscle beast. Is Alhaitham bara to you?

No. 315992

did you really have to repost that three times just to attach an ugly ass unrelated pic.

No. 315997

I had typos. And anon keeps calling genshin guys bara so a pic would help understand what bara for fags actually looks like. I spoilered it too so what's your problem?

No. 315998

The ship has Kaeluc vibes so yeah

No. 315999

No. 316010

Oh, I don't hate blue heckler, I'm actually pretty excited to meet her! Especially since every non-original archon is bound to have a storyline tied to the cataclysm. I really like finding out about the previous archon and how they died. Thanks, that makes me motivated to catch up!

No. 316044

OT but that artwork is insane, I can't tell what's going on at all

No. 316047

I put together some random shit with him/Kokomi/Kaveh/Kazuha, but it didn’t really feel like they were doing all that much together. I probably need to fix their artifacts and level talents, though.

No. 316048

Can I ask why this shit would even matter? Even if a character was designed to appeal to moids they can still be liked by women and vice versa. Korean incels hated Lyney so much that they mass disliked the trailer and they like guys like Haitham as the post from >>314582 explains. There's no such thing as Male players like this but Female players like that and it's pointless to argue about this. And it's so stupid to try and make a distinction between armpits of slender characters and characters like Al Haitham, it's all the fucking same degeneracy

No. 316049

File: 1692460874634.png (887.6 KB, 933x918, paimon akschually.png)

Moids: They get bitches cause they're born as chads!
Moids: They get bitches even though they're born short and skinny, because their personality and/or (looking at Wanderer) their attention to taking care of themselves and looking good is enough for women to like them? You're telling me I could get women if I took a shower?! Lies!!! Lies!!!!

Hope this helps nonnies

No. 316050

I couldn’t do it nonas. I caved. I was supposed to wait for Childe but ended up pulling for Lyney’s visual kei looking ass instead. I couldn’t resist

No. 316051

File: 1692461396285.jpg (710.23 KB, 1936x2184, F3tgAx4bQAAE0sE.jpg)

I couldn't care less what moids like or dislike, to be honest. I also couldn't care less about banner sales, dislike/like ratios or whatever. Just like mihoyo!

No. 316053

File: 1692461967055.jpg (122.36 KB, 850x751, __aether_and_lyney_genshin_imp…)

Fully agreed. Shit like this shouldn't matter. Cool bishounen characters and sweet boyfriend candidates? Moids will self insert into them. Twinks or vaguely effeminate characters? Moids will sissify them into loli traps. Bulky and/or muscular characters? Moids will draw grotesquely exaggerated bara porn of them. Undeniably gay male characters? Moids will turn them into complete jokes and faggot memes or act like they don't exist. Men will literally ruin every kind of male character women like because guess why, they feel threatened by them and react by colonizing them like they always do. They start by throwing a chimpfit like they did when bombing Lyney's character trailer and then start coping with their prison gay femboy fanart or by genderbending them into big booba waifus which was the case with like 90% of hentai tagged with Venti back in the 1.0 era.

I overall have a really hard time believing that Lyney was created for men to coom over when he's intentionally made so charming and cool despite his short shorts, him and Freminet has the same aesthetic as characters like Ciel from Kuroshitsuji. As if a ton of otome games and fujo mangas didn't have the cute short twink character included in the cast, the anons who have an aneurysm yelling about """femboys""" sound like they have a superiority complex over their own taste being better than other women. All of the male characters in Genshin are designed with women in mind due to half of the player base being women, if you've ever played other gacha games you know what the actual moid powerfantasy male characters are. And honestly, even if they were made for men, then steal that shit away from them and make them a women's thing. Just like they do to us all the time.

No. 316079

File: 1692467003215.jpg (362.49 KB, 687x1130, cons.jpg)

The quality is so shit for some reason, but anyway, these are the characters I have. Sorry nonnies, I'm so shit at team building honestly.

No. 316081

With those options your best bet for Tighnari is Fischl, Collei, and then a shielder like Beidou or Thoma. If you're really good at avoiding enemy attacks you could run Kazuha but you'll have to be dodging attacks all the time.
If you want to prioritize ease of play I'd recommend rolling for Zhongli next patch, he's the most versatile defensive unit in the game.

No. 316091

File: 1692469554527.jpg (1.42 MB, 2800x3509, IMG_20230209_220904.jpg)

You can play the game however you want ofcourse, but that's a really bad team for him. All you would be doing is good for Kaveh and barely that with his bloom bombing but not Tighnari.


Zhongli is suet strong and still relevant but she has both Baizhu and Layla, unless op doesn't want any of the next husbandos (or is loaded) then go for Zhongli.

No. 316096

Thanks for the suggestions, anons!

No. 316111

File: 1692471100318.png (942.99 KB, 700x1578, Weapon_Card_Flowing_Purity.png)

Would this weapon be good for Wriothesley? I know it's super mega early but looking at my catalysts I have not one crit rate or crit damage and might as well farm it's materials and weapon lvl up crystals

Don't worry what you did was right kek

No. 316116

File: 1692472269989.jpeg (553.16 KB, 1376x1219, IMG_2338.jpeg)

Here’s the theorycrafting I found from his subreddit

No. 316138

You win either way, I love them both

No. 316174

>There are no optimal artifacts, weapons, or teammates at this time
Huh? What does this mean? His own weapon is not… optimal for him? What??

No. 316201

Man, Sumeru's desert with all the pyramids would've been SO much fucking easier with this new underground map system. Why didn't they implement this then?

No. 316205

File: 1692489983087.jpeg (90.53 KB, 1029x579, IMG_1954.jpeg)

I agree I’m super happy with Lyney, it’s great having a Fontaine character while exploring! Hopefully I’ll get 70 more wishes and win the 50/50 by the time Childe comes… I desperately bought welkin for the first time kek

No. 316209

File: 1692490493377.jpeg (140.77 KB, 1419x437, IMG_2338.jpeg)

Idiot redditors always have to put these disclaimers when theorycrafting from the beta cause sometimes things can actually change. If things change and there is no prior disclaimer people lose their shit like retards in the comments. Pic related is the full context if you got confused

No. 316225

Skyword Atlas can work? Huzzah no pain in the ass farming, thanks nona!

Something tells me they were spending all their energy on HSR that they didn't bother with any QoL but now that it's released they can go back to Genshin. Saw some leaks and there are much nicer things coming

Sometimes miracles happen don't worry and you might get him in the next 10 pulls also see >>313478 I think you'll get to 70 easily by the end of this update

No. 316242

File: 1692515138331.jpg (789.84 KB, 1053x823, sSCB6yF.jpg)

I want to know why a child works at a prison. I know Sayu works as a ninja and Diona at a bar and it's anime loli logic but a prison in the nation that had the most violent crimes committed on screen so far? Also I need Wriothesley being a good father figure in the main story. Hope she acts like an actual child instead of a totally mature child worker obsessed with her job or something

No. 316244

>Also I need Wriothesley being a good father figure in the main story. Hope she acts like an actual child instead of a totally mature child worker obsessed with her job or something
Oh please no, I'm praying to every deity out there that this won't happen. Albedo is already ruined with his annoying relationship with Klee and Wriothesley is way too cool to be wasted as some boring ass gentle daddy character. Siegwinne being a retarded baby he has to be a caretaker for is my nightmare scenario, I'll take her being some bullshit magical race that looks like children despite having adult intelligence over that any day. Just don't make one of the most handsome designs we've gotten in a while perma-attached to a loli.

No. 316247

That art is so cute omg
She has rabbit ears so I'm assuming it's a new race that's like 500 years old. So far I think these two are like siblings than father-daughter because iirc and I don't know if these leaks are true but both are color blind also she's a 4 star healer
>He looks like a wolf
>She's a rabbit
Geddit he's supposed to be mean and evil but he's a nice wolf boy that even a rabbit likes him! Kill me

No. 316277

Too late, his drip marketing was released with a description saying that kids put stickers on his gauntlets that he has to try to remove. They’re most likely making him the stoic but good with kids type

No. 316280

To those who finished the melusine quest, so the melusine who could see hidden things said that paimon looks like a balloon with its string attached to the sky. Obvious Celestia reference again, they’ve foreshadowed this paimon stuff enough already. However, the traveler looked like a monster that was gonna devour the world (Teyvat?). What does this foreshadow??

No. 316283

No. 316285

You're the only woman I've seen that hates seeing that a man is good with kids lol

No. 316287

File: 1692538699633.jpg (67.03 KB, 1200x620, 20230820_161118.jpg)

Hoyo is offering 160 primos for 100 random winners who subscribe to Genshin's whatsapp, what the actual hell who the fuck would use their whatsapp that has their number there for the chance of 160 primos? I know idiots exist but this is ridiculous. All of this for surveys btw.
Read the whole thing

No. 316288

>perma-attached to a loli
Why'd you have to make it so weird, anon? You've been hanging out in moid spaces for too long.

No. 316293

File: 1692539171862.png (1016.87 KB, 1268x697, bigbro.png)

Agreed, a stoic man with a violent job being the caretaker of a child or younger person he does anything to protect is such a common trope in every forms of media. Hell we even have Childe who talks about his siblings all the time in this very game. There's also Baizhu who's Qiqi's guardian but it's not like HYV made him just that.

No. 316299

Well, shit. I'm just really disappointed in Wriothesley's design being wasted as a babysitter when he could be a gritty no-bullshit warden. Adult male being a caretaker to a little girl relationships bore me to tears and I find them more grating than cute because it always becomes all about the kid. And child characters in Genshin are always way more annoying than they are cute.

What's weird about it? It's the same for Albedo. He barely has a personality outside of tending to Klee now. That Plantbedo killed a good thing we had going on with him.

>Agreed, a stoic man with a violent job being the caretaker of a child or younger person he does anything to protect is such a common trope in every forms of media.
It is, and I hate it specifically because I know how much it always ends up sucking.

No. 316307

Then you need to talk to women. "He looks weird/scary/stoic but secretly he's good with kids!" is the lamest gap moe they could've gone with. This is the fifth male character they've done this to and every single one would be better off without it.

No. 316309

File: 1692541965415.jpg (396.59 KB, 850x900, F3fchp3bwAEgCH6.jpg)

>me @ all the wriothesley slander itt

No. 316314

>"He looks weird/scary/stoic but secretly he's good with kids!" is the lamest gap moe they could've gone with.
This, it's been done to death and it's the laziest one you could do. I'd be fine with literally any other cliche gap moe. Like what do we know about Baizhu besides him being a terminally ill tard wrangler to Qiqi? Post Dragonspine every time we see Albedo it's him being a boring ass big brother to Klee and now that he wasn't in the summer event that questionable honor was handed to Kaeya. I was fine with Childe having a litter of younger siblings he takes care of because they mostly exist offscreen but if Wriothesley's entire personality is just protecting Siegwinne or shit I'll. Seethe uncontrollably I guess.

No. 316315

File: 1692543918805.jpeg (543.24 KB, 2205x2976, IMG_9790.jpeg)

I’ve finally figured out why I love them both. It’s because Wrio is the werewolf to Neuvi’s vampire aesthetic.

No. 316319

File: 1692544479101.jpg (220.16 KB, 850x1200, 60d743ae1076ca734b9281eea0d199…)

None of the anons and I agree. There is no problem him being nice to kids but something tells me they can't write guys without linking them to kids. Alhaithem, Diluc, Kaveh and Ayato are the only exception right?

OH now it makes sense… still can't pull for Neuv with that unfun playstyle even after that revelation, but Wriothesley, %100.

No. 316353

I don't think there's anything to worry about regarding him being tied to the melusine-looking loli, we've already gotten leaks for voiceline counts by character in both upcoming guys' story quests and Wrio doesn't have any other playable characters appear in his quest at all

No. 316355

Was it good? I've almost don't want to do it because of the characters but I need those reputation points

No. 316356

I think that's actually kind of interesting, I can't really think of a female character that has a close bond to any kid. Lisa took care of Razor and Jean takes care of Klee, but I can't think of more examples

No. 316368

A melusine npc in the city said that humans are too big and that it’s hard for melusines to fit into clothes. She said she wished she had a body like Sigewinne. So the loli is a melusine-human?

No. 316373

File: 1692562520120.jpg (400.51 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20230820_231802.jpg)

Ive been ignoring these flowers since my team is mono Pyro, time for Tartatarta team to farm those flowers

No. 316380

File: 1692563789246.jpeg (484.76 KB, 2048x1005, 2DBA61BF-F39B-43CC-AD74-1809A5…)

You can find them underwater too! No need to apply hydro that way.
I really liked it! It wasn’t too long and the reveal at the end tied back to so many other quests.

Also nonnies, the hot musketeer guy from the leak. I haven’t heard much about his playability. We know that perfume lady Emilie is coming but nothing about him. I saw this champion duelist npc though and that’s definitely what musketeer-kun is too!! Now I really want him to be real

No. 316395

I just hit AR16 and tried co-op which was awkward, is this a mode I can just ignore? I prefer playing at my own pace and I felt really bad for the person who carried me kek
I originally wanted to do a domain I unlocked but I think I accidentally connected to someone in co-op

No. 316400

Nitpick, but I am so fucking sick of blue gliders. So many variations, for what? I would pay real world money for pink, or rainbow.

No. 316409

File: 1692569937379.jpeg (Spoiler Image,144.2 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2346.jpeg)

You can definitely ignore it. I’ve played co-op like only 5 times and I’m AR58. My advice in order to avoid it is to not level up your world level too fast (via your AR ascension) or else the bosses will be too high level and you’ll need co-op help.
It literally baffles me! We just kept going more and more underground in the desert. Like pic related, even though the game didn’t acknowledge it aside from an achievement, this is the door to Khaenri’ah. We literally went that deep underground. Yet Fontaine is where they decided to first implement the new map?

No. 316416

We actually have a potential name for Musketeer from datamines ("Chevalier"). But that's all so far. If we get him it'll probably be in the late Fontaine patches.

No. 316422

File: 1692573520026.jpeg (399.05 KB, 1578x2048, F3cRzm5WgAAFR9d.jpeg)

Yeah him being wolfy makes him an instapull for me. Really looking forward to him.

No. 316424

File: 1692573888782.jpeg (448.98 KB, 2048x1448, F3vGbnAbAAAcIP4.jpeg)

And never noticed but Neuvi does look vampy with his pointed ears and all. I really hope to get them both.

No. 316427

is fontaine good? Should i redownload genshin I deleted it after getting bored of desert shit

No. 316428

it's another genshin impact region, it's about what you would expect.

No. 316429

I’m talking about the story silly

No. 316431

I personally liked it, don't know if it's because Sumeru's was too direct but I liked this one because I didn't expect them to go after few subjects in the story
>deleted it after getting bored of desert shit
New area is really relaxing to me and it's the exact opposite of the desert area

No. 316432

still applicable

No. 316464

So far my support Hydros are Barb and XQ, I only use XQ but it's either my Alhaithem team or Cyno team has him.
I really don't want Yelan because I hate her design. I heard Archon's are always good supports, and Furina's design doesn't bother me so that's good lol soo it's a safe bet to ignore Yelan completely for Furina right?

No. 316488

Yelan is ugly and overpowered and only made to appease scrotes mad about having to keep Xingqiu on their team but you can do fine without her. I don't think there are any decisive leaks regarding Furina's kit at the moment but I concur that archons are often focused around applying their signature element and giving major buffs so I'd say save your primos for her.

No. 316510

File: 1692629327724.jpeg (654 KB, 3000x3647, IMG_2345.jpeg)

Oh I didn’t know! Was it a datamined name?

No. 316511

File: 1692629566541.png (616.83 KB, 1232x1342, Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 15.53…)

>free bennett
Oh thank god I was starting to get tired of having Kaeya bruteforce against Cryo enemies, I almost caved and started using Amber. Time to rush to AR20

No. 316512

It was a datamined name, yeah, and it would fit the character design we've seen. But datamined names do sometimes change, see Mimi -> Kokomi or the Momoka/Kirara nonsense.

No. 316515

Thanks nona it brings me hope that we’ll get more than 2 tall males in Fontaine!

No. 316516

If you’re not even ar20 you can use an unleveled amber against the slimes tbh

No. 316519

I'm doing okay with Kaeya bruteforcing for now and then using the freeze tactic with Xingqiu for other enemies, but I recently reached the snowy(?) area to the left of Mondstadt and thats when I realized I wouldn't be able to do much there without some form of pyro kek I'd just rather not use any waifus
I have 3 days so I should be okay to reach ar20 by then for Bennett

No. 316522

Honestly I like it a lot. It's very vibrant and the underwater exploration took some inspiration from the non-scary parts of Subnautica, a bit clunky but the visuals are stunning. The music is great too and the archon story is imo the best so far (I speedran most of the story to get here and Fontaine story seems a bit less outright for small kids like most of the archon quests feel).
But take me with a grain of salt, my friend and I hyped ourselves up for fontaine a lot and were looking forward for like two months so I might see it more positively than it actually is. I also like that we only have a small part of fontaine now so it isn't overwhelming like Sumeru was to me. Sumeru had better character designs though.

No. 316525

File: 1692634494906.png (6.39 MB, 2850x1675, stickers.png)

I love the underwater stuff and the world quests are a huge improvement over the desert's. If you come back they've made desert exploration a lot easier now with the layered map actually showing where the hell you are down there.

In other news, they've updated Wriothesley's ult animation to show one of three stickers when he casts it.

No. 316526

Scrotes don't want baby mommies that "come with a baggage" but women are expected to swoon over a male character's only personality trait being getting along with a little girl. Coincidentally it's never a cute little boy but always a female child. There should be studies about this trope.

I don't know what it is about the world quests but they're so much more interesting than the desert ones that I actually had to force myself to do. Maybe because we're actually learning about the world and not some stupid NPCs and their problems?

No. 316530

I just wanna add that Sigwinne is leaked to have 0 lines in his story quest so I don't think she's gonna be his only personality trait. I took it more like 'funny opposites as friends' than him being good with children because Sigwinne is not a child, she's the dumb 1000 year old loli trope, a hospital staff that makes skincare classes for fontaine citizens, but I think the relationship is up to your interpretation. We don't have any info yet so I'll wait.

No. 316533

Oh my god Musketeers are my only weakness, too bad he's not gonna be in 4.0-4.6 banners.
I also hope the design on the right is what's approved, really like that greenish yellow shade.
>Inb4 bland shitty design is announced

That's actually cute, love the shark one.

No. 316535

My dumbass almost got upset because I thought the bigger stickers to the side were going to be in the ult too lol
I was one of the anons who originally didn't have a problem with Wrio being paternal, but when you put it this way, I see where you and a few other nonas are coming from. It's always a little girl.
>1000 year old loli trope
Pedo moids stay fed. I hope it's true that she isn't relevant to him.

No. 316537

File: 1692639671700.jpg (395.48 KB, 2048x2048, F3j77GRaYAA67OJ.jpg)

This is so cute……. I love the shark sticker! I need an irl one to put on my laptop, lol.

No. 316560

>It's always a little girl
Same I really didn’t mind it until nonnies made me woke about it. Kaeya, Albedo, Tighnari, Wrio, Baizhu. They’re all paternal figures to young girls. It’s definitely some overused gap moe but it also just feels creepy. Do they think we have daddy issues?

No. 316562

File: 1692644642545.png (191.9 KB, 758x478, bd1fbb688ca8465723e46990e483a1…)

Today someone joined my world to farm Lyney's flowers and he said that it's a shame I don't have Dehya otherwise she would've saved Lyney from alot of damage and wouldn't let him stagger while aiming, is this true?
Now that I think about it she was made for pure mono pyro and she couldn't fit with any vaporize or melt teams. Like was this their intent when they released Dehya? To be there instead of Xiangling? I don't even think she can save him from staggering while aiming tbh

On that note, Lyney is really really strong and I can't believe I'm seeing 50-80 with him while he's still not maximized. Guess Childe national lost it's Bennett forever need a new Pyro healer/attack booster.

Brilliant idea nona! I'll shamelessly steal it and redraw it with Neuv looks too kek

No. 316563

I'm guessing it doesn't help that there's no child boy model. If there were playable child boys we'd probably have women taking care of them.
The closest we have there is Eula watching over Mika and even then that's barely part of either's story.

No. 316564

And Dehya was watching over Isak, so it looks like female charas have ties to male children.
Tbh I don't feel like it's creepy. I think it's probably just meant to be cute, maybe I'm naive idk.

No. 316566

Eula and Mika, Shenhe and Chongyun, and Raiden and Scara and they're all extremely creepy.

No. 316577

How are they creepy? They barely talk.

No. 316587

Yeah Dehya is best used in Lyney teams but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Lyney still has the best dps with Bennett, XL, Kazuha but since he’s squishy Kazuha can be changed to Zhongli. Either way Dehya doesn’t make Lyney resist interruption enough, a real shielder is still preferred.

No. 316588

Samefag. I just realized how retarded that was worded. What I mean is the only instance where Dehya is useful is in Lyney teams. However for Lyney, she isn’t his best option.

No. 316644

File: 1692686565297.jpg (381.81 KB, 1494x2048, 423abd27cfb4ddc2a48aff74d4af1f…)

Makes so much sense, I forgot she even existed until that guy brought her up.
>he’s squishy
Too goddamn squishy. I'm glad Zhongli can shred but the many flashy lights can't make me see when Zhongli's shield is down until Lyney is immediately thrown around

No. 316731

File: 1692720268204.png (1.46 MB, 1304x916, Genshin Impact_20230820220201.…)


No. 316734

File: 1692720525793.png (2.43 MB, 1920x1080, 20230815232650_png_.png)

Also, why does time still go even in camera mode, the moon moves too fast.

No. 316784

Lmao I love Fontaine's locals and their police/fbi/whatever actually work in their region. Those mafia guys in Henri and Virgil's quest were a breath of fresh air of people actually getting things done without much of traveller's help.
I liked Luca, hope he makes an appearance in the future.

Does the same happen when you choose the Kamera tool?

No. 316810

File: 1692741468163.png (3.24 MB, 2778x1284, 20230822215414.PNG)

I’m the newfag who started for Lyney and in the 20th roll I managed to scrape up from exploring I got him! I’m so happy! This feels like a blessed roll with Bennett and Lynette coming along too. Now I’ll just focus on comfy exploring with my new boys

No. 316812

Congrats nonnie! That's an extremely lucky pull, Bennett works great in almost any team ever.

No. 316850

Congrats! I also got Lyney and Bennett today in the same 10 pull. Are you going for his weapon too?

No. 316851

File: 1692755736762.jpeg (412.26 KB, 1474x2048, IMG_9832.jpeg)

Yeah, super vampy imo.

No. 316856

>Are you going for his weapon too?
I'm going see how many primogems I can collect in the next 2 weeks and maybe go to first pity if I can. If I fail to get his weapon then I'll give up since I read that the weapon gacha has 2 pities before the guarantee? I might as well save those rolls for more characters I might like

No. 316859

File: 1692761107327.jpeg (91.27 KB, 803x960, IMG_1004.jpeg)

Someone put a bounty on a mirror maiden because she rejected him. Tbh based

No. 316874

Nta but yeah TWO pities for no good reason. You can risk it for one pity if you're early game since there will be alot of primos coming

No. 316882

The Kamera just automatically takes a picture so you can't turn off the character models.

No. 316902

Only 20 pulls?! I haven’t had that luck in 2 years of playing! Congrats!!

No. 316907

ngl I liked their dynamic a lot, they're becoming my favorite yuri couple in genshin, though that isn't too hard to do as the women mihoyo write are almost always bland as fuck

No. 316925

I wish I could like them, I just hate Clorinde having visible boob skin through her bursting shirt so much I can't take any of her dialogue seriously.

No. 316930

File: 1692782956626.jpg (127.55 KB, 1017x1214, 1d408a3a10d9cd42415bf059601888…)

Anons who finished Melusine's quests: how did you tolerate the same animations everytime the say a sentence over and over again? Those arm movements are so clunky it's distracting.
This might the first quest ever I had auto play on and they're still going kek.
I pray they don't make any appearances in the future. Please.

No. 316931

One killed the others father and they barely have a friendly interaction but lets ship them cause their colors contrast…

They don't bother me, but I'm probably reading through the text fast enough that I'm not really looking at the models that closely.

I haven't finished the whole chains, probably. But I think the world quests were more interesting than the Archon quests again. It's all so mysterious. I got excited when those names from the investigation journal showed up again.

>monster that was gonna devour the world
Hmm, maybe if we end up agreeing with our sibling that the gods should be destroyed?

No. 316966

I'm the anon that hates Clorinde but even I can see their relationship isn't that simple, I feel like you didn't complete the story quest or didn't pay attention

No. 316983

I just don't have yuri goggles on. They're obviously not enemies anymore, but it's far from lover potential.
But I don't ship anybody in this game. It's all too shallow.

No. 316998

Nta I know Navia invited her to for a meal or something and they made up but I still think Navia is too good for her until they give her time on screen or a personality. So far Clorinde has the most no-personality personality in this game and the only thing she has is that neat action cutscene and that she's a great duelist. Oh and breasts that are visible from her shirt kek
I know they're this region's yuri ship and their color/style fit, but I saw more chemistry from EiMiko and Imho I barely see any chemistry from them except from their fanarts.

Sure hope they don't screw up Wriothesley's and Neuvilette's interactions. They don't have to make it fujo-baitey but just add a little of chemistry, you know?

No. 316999

I really liked the lore of the Melusines and found the quest interesting but their designs bother me to no end. Aranaras were genuinely cute but Melusines look like they were commissioned from a furry lolicon. I'm so glad that Neuvilette isn't their father like everyone were suspecting but instead another dragon that was implied to be created by Rhinedottir.

No. 317000

>I still think Navia is too good for her until they give her time on screen or a personality.
Same, I really like Navia but Clorinde needs some really good character writing and personality in order for me to look past her godawful mess of a design.

No. 317067

Act 2 was so much worse than act 1. What I assume will be in act 3 childe in prison with Wrio, hopefully saves it

No. 317082

File: 1692821429085.jpg (183.21 KB, 1000x1298, 0471bef5fdafabec7f314852bf286c…)

During Act 2 I kept screaming 'who caaaares' in my brain for the whole thing lol
Act 1 was great with its twins reveal and dark stuff but 2 would fit for long side quest than Archon.
I pray this is how things will be, really need prisoner-kun to carry the act if Fontaine characters are too boring.

No. 317104

funny you should say that. the leaked line counts show that childe doesn't have any lines at all in the next patch

No. 317105

You’re kidding uuugh.
Exactly. Navia crying twice (simultaneously with her ridiculous star in her eyes) wasn’t as emotional as mihoyo thought. And the npc villain was so fucking boring.

No. 317154

I don't get how he has no lines when leakers mentioned Arlecchino will make an appearance? Will she knock him out and carry him to the nearest Fatui hideout? Kek

No. 317219

Oh god once again with the body horror, what exactly did Rene do to Carter? And will the 10th Enigmatic page ever be added?
This Narcissencruz stuff is way more interesting than dumb Phoenix Wright trials.
Also wiki diving again and realized the stuff about the Hydro dragon being reborn in a human form was said back with Enkanomiya.
I really should read all those in-game books but that whole section is so wierdly laggy on PS4 last time I looked.

No. 317230

Are servers down right now or something?

No. 317237

>Also wiki diving again and realized the stuff about the Hydro dragon being reborn in a human form was said back with Enkanomiya
Correct, and with Kokomi knowing about Enkanomiya, her constellation being "sleeping dragoness", and her talking about her fate as a priestess because of the blood in her veins, it has been widely believed that she’s the hydro dragon. However, with recent additions neuvillette, she most likely isn’t or it’s retconned. Aside from the plot holes I don’t mind if she isn’t tbh, it’s funny seeing kokomi-moids seething about kokoshit still being written poorly

No. 317255

File: 1692890779116.jpeg (3.81 MB, 2039x3785, fdc8b8ef7ed68a0897d54669646f2f…)

I gave up on exploring %100 of every part of Fontaine's map even though I'm %99,%97 and %100 but those underwater areas are too similar to me. The only way to %100 is wait until I get treasure compass… which is like forever and a half from now kek.
Not in EU server.

No. 317291

File: 1692897771077.jpeg (575.03 KB, 1682x1739, IMG_2350.jpeg)

This shit cracks me up so bad. Never pull for lolis anons, this is the fanbase

No. 317293

KEK no but anon they like Nahida just because she's such a cute little daughter!!! anyway what do you even care she's not real smh these western twitter SJWs ruin everything based asia lets me jerk it to loli feet

No. 317298

File: 1692898238102.gif (899.47 KB, 245x229, source.gif)

No. 317303

You’re spot on anon kek. Here’s some milk that some anons might not know. There’s this one coomer, a known pedophile who has even been temporarily banned before. This coomer lurks the leaks subreddit and immediately creates the mains subreddits for each character name that’s leaked. This way he is a mod on alhaitham mains too even. Every day he spams porn of the characters on the mains subreddit. Where people go for build help and discussions. He just spams porn. When he’s called out for posting porn of kid characters, his defense is always "it’s not my fault that you view it sexually".. This is why I ask you anons for help with builds, seriously don’t go to any genshin Reddit. He’s still a mod for sooo many mains.

No. 317310

File: 1692899966935.jpg (161.43 KB, 1920x1080, Dz1w6qt.jpg)

Inside of you there are 3 wolves…

No. 317318

Genshin reddit and youtube are full of disgusting coomers, I had to stop looking at both before it ruined the game for me. Similar to how I have to stop reading this thread when anons are shitting on characters I like or trying to explain their theories on how they are actually invented only for those coomers no matter what gender kek

No. 317329

I feel like the shit anons say here isn’t the same level as YouTube or Reddit at all. Shit like "Lyney is made for men!!1" is just some zoomer who spends too much time on twitter, completely oblivious to women’s anime media. Shimono hiro commonly voices characters like Lyney, and it’s always for female otaku audiences. Same for Lyney’s garters. Kuroshitsuji was never for a male audience and that’s exactly the look Lyney has. So I just take it as a newfag being less knowledgeable about women’s otaku culture and ignore it.

While Reddit and YouTube genuinely ruins the game. Either you have 14 year olds screeching about something "problematic" about the male characters or you have 30+ year old men screeching about their genshin porn.

No. 317372

Reddit is full of coomers but people itt are just way too negative for this thread to be fun to read. It makes me needlessly negative too. Honestly this might be a lolcow problem on the whole kek.
Main genshin reddit is impossible to use but I check the leak one compulsively and it's a bit better.

No. 317379

Samefag but the most recent sperg was about Wrio being for men wasn't it? Lyney being made for men is a few threads back sperg. Or I'm getting lost. Who cares anyway.

No. 317380

File: 1692916795233.jpg (154.04 KB, 1000x1412, 50eaa368c5f7dbcee124a816f80d15…)

>women’s anime media
I think anons itt think that is only made of yaoi and romance, unless it's an exact replica of these two style then it's for moids.
Also you're on point with the Kuroshitsuji sampling, I feel every Genshin character has to remind me of something kek.

If anyone here played FFXII; does Melusine's hidden village thing remind them of Eryut village? Them being all girls, kind of furry, hidden village, few million years old… etc.

No. 317382

So where does one go to talk positively about the game? Seems like on nearly every social media platform everyone is frothing at the mouth at every opportunity to nitpick or harp on the same tired talking points. Why even play if they dislike the game so much?

No. 317392

File: 1692920230100.jpeg (49.8 KB, 480x300, i.jpeg)

I have no strong feelings about Lyney and no desire to get dragged into this retarded debate, but saying he looks more Kuroshit than coomer is a lie. You could blame it on Genshin's design principles and art style cursing some characters with an inherent trashy, porny look, but Freminet looks more like a Kuroshit than Lyney and his exposed armpit romper. His base design is already weird then you have sexy elements on an orphan child character and the same moeshit face as every other Genshin to top it all off, that's what makes him look coomer. He looks more like a deviantart nekopara edit in a flat modern anime style.

Unironically go back to reddit? Kek

No. 317411

File: 1692931404328.jpg (51.9 KB, 1000x673, IMG_20220210_145339.jpg)

There doesn't seem to be any place like that, especially a women only space. So make do with what you have, ignore people who just want to pick fights and reply/share your thoughts about Genshin.

No. 317425

File: 1692938417951.jpeg (964 KB, 2048x2048, AB764EF2-CEF8-48F5-922E-658ED9…)

I don’t agree. Your pic isn’t like Lyney at all. Pic related is my compilation of things that has a female audience and are styled as Lyney. Instead of going back and forth I’m just trying to end this discussion with some proof of what some anons and I are talking about.

First of all, Ciel, Alois and Yana Toboso characters in general, are styled like Lyney and are made for a female audience. Doesn’t mean you have to be attracted to it, but the fact that it’s made for women and has a massive female fanbase especially in Japan is a fact. The bottom row might be unfamiliar to some but oldfags who have been into Japanese subcultures might recognize it. Visual kei being a style where the musicians dress like the two on the bottom right. Try finding a single male in those audiences during concerts, it’s even a running joke amongst the band members that men don’t come. The fangirls even lost their shit screaming when the dude in purple wore shorts and garters again at a concert after he had previously stopped for awhile. So yes, some girls like it, doesn’t make you a moid. Ouji (meaning prince) style is another obvious reference, where both shorts, top hats and garters are a common thing for either the Lolita girls to dress their boyfriends in or for masculine girls to crossdress in. Once again, made for a female audience since I know that the outfit in pic related was in KERA Magazine, a women’s alt fashion magazine. So even if you are not attracted to it or you don’t think that it was made with women in mind, there’s plenty of nods and references to characters and styles for female audiences that are as clear as day.

No. 317429

>t. zoomer in her first year of radical feminism who feels the need to screech coomer at everything without knowing any of the culture she's talking about

No. 317430

Nobody has been saying that Wriothesley was for men, the recent discussion about him was that the "scary daddy" gap moe trope was boring and overused.

That looks nothing like Lyney, what the fuck are you on about? He's an ouji style inspired character and that's 100% a female aesthetic.

No. 317434

File: 1692943047902.png (1.87 MB, 1080x2160, Lyney_Card.png)

Wow, what a wall of text. What gave you the idea that you're the only nonnie who knows what Vkei is like we didn't used to have an active Yoshiki punching bag Vkei thread here? Lyney looks closer to Nekopara and other things that sport a similar frilly goffik anime aesthetic but feel off because of the moid's touch. His design lacks the level of detail, style, and cohesion your examples have, instead it sports awkward pandering details that appeal more to trapfags tastes than women who are happily skipping him for Burqakun. It's not the thigh garters and bootyshorts, it's them paired with the dumb open backed skin tight romper and moe sameface. Like when a male coomer designs a lolita character, you can sense it. Mihoyo is a heavily a male dominated company, that's all there is to it.

No. 317437

Okay so I take it as you just trying to bait now. Cause if you actually read my wall of text and that’s your conclusion then I give up.

No. 317444

Sorry but I agree with >>317434 . Yana Toboso would not have created a design as utterly swagless as Lyney's. The base for something that could have been made by her ilk is there, but it falls short of ornate beauty because men don't care about that, they just want the coomer trapshit he delivers as-is. You can also tell this from his posing and expressions in most official content compared to thr examples you yourself provided. It's all the usual trapshit.

No. 317446

Based anon, thank you. Lyney isn't Vkei at all either, at best he looks like he's about to chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of.

No. 317452

Anon was literally saying he was made with men in mind >>315849 and that he's bara (character made for male gays) >>315877 and >>315906
But it doesn't matter because its retarded sperging

No. 317466

This has to be a bait jesus christ I lost braincells reading this

No. 317467

File: 1692946125124.jpg (95.37 KB, 1200x1200, guDrZ8l.jpg)

His design is a more gentlemanly version of the irl outfits >>313840 and youre both retarded. He flirts with the traveler in the most gentlemanly female fantasy way possible and your brains filled with porn addicted male takes on anime can't even see that he's the epitome of that female gaze stuff you're trying to say he isn't made with

No. 317469

Stop please no one cares about your hateboner for random characters.
Unironically the reddit genshin leaks is the best moderated and terfy one (troon headcanons get down voted to hell) or you could just search up fanart on twitter or search up local fb groups. I'm in one fb group and it's a hilarious mix of old normies and no-life shut ins but there isn't much interesting discussion. None one of these is very good but I haven't searched that much because I have a positive mini-community with my irl friends.

No. 317470

File: 1692946333950.jpg (1.75 MB, 1323x2219, 9cb05a4c1cbd0777c39a5a56d703ca…)

Nona I love you for bringing back some Vkei memories and I'd like to add to add the Cabaret's theme is also there plus the ouji thing but the post you're replying is bait.
I'm %100 sure it's Cockroach Zhongli-chan

I'll be the one that says this: whether it's %100 made for men or not, if you, a nona wants it then it's made for you period. Don't get this negative feeling that it has been sullied because scrotes like it, scrotes like everything they don't really have any standards so don't give their "taste" the weight it never had.

No. 317474

File: 1692947772537.png (41.82 KB, 512x512, 73657021d0c0163533500ca9bc35c7…)

This didn't need to be 4 separate posts, nony… But you referring to a 90% male subreddit as "terfy" sent my sides into orbit, here is your reddit gold for the irl kek(infighting)

No. 317475

Thanks kind anon I know it’s retarded to write a “wall of text” (it wasn’t even that long if I’m honest) like that, I just felt the need to cover every single point with both real life and anime references about how some women are attracted to certain design aspects of Lyney. So yeah you’re right, at this point it’s just bait and I’m shamelessly gonna post Lyney in this thread while cockroach Zhongli-Chan screeches

No. 317482

I just stick to my friend group's chats and only lurk leak websites. I get being disappointed at some things or disliking a story chapter Inazuma but people who have played the game for 3 years and only complain about it make me wonder how brain damaged you have to be to not just, you know, play something else instead. At this point you would think they kind of learned that the game isn't to their liking and never will be. They just seem to be addicted to negativity since even when they migrated to HSR they still kept whining just the same.

God read the room and fuck off, nobody here wants to hear your retarded opinions. Sorry not every woman likes only shirtless coal miner daddies or whatever you see most fit for a based radfem farmer queen but take your autism elsewhere.

No. 317484

I need to be spoonfed the deep lore on "Cockroach Zhongli" anon

No. 317487

Whatever your personal take on Lyney is, the fact that Korean Genshin moids mass disliked Lyney for being part of some imagined degenerate female agenda has to stand for something.

No. 317496

Why should it? They're irrational psychos who sperg out on a dime. Lyney's like a fraction as appealing to women as the characters they say they don't hate, they don't make sense. You shouldn't factor moid feelings into your opinions.

Who tf said anything about Zhongli

No. 317497

File: 1692950851804.jpg (578.04 KB, 2894x4093, c0a81664b101d3b5bacb3cd7672eb1…)

It wasn't really a wall of text lol it's just your usual shittalking, for real I appreciate your Vkei lore seeing those I'm tempted to jump back to that scene kek

From prev thread >>308015
I've seen her posts before and they always have the same baity/pissy attitude, but this
>groomed his butt buddy
Is why I'll always treasure cock roach anon no matter how stupid her posts get, still makes me laugh.

No. 317500

File: 1692951678469.jpg (324.96 KB, 1736x2456, 20230816_153748.jpg)

I don't know what happened, nonas, but I'm cackling at "cockroach zhongli anon" so hard, keek.
Nice pic, btw.

No. 317501

KEK oh right this person, I didn't make the connection. It's definitely a very similar posting style, I don't find it that funny or endearing because I find that variety of edgyposting cringe and terminally underage especially when it's used to force an infight over literally nothing. Maybe if I was 14 I would've thought anon was being zomg epic funny hehe butt buddy and not someone with an underdeveloped brain and a chromosome defect failing at roasting a gacha game.

No. 317502

The Melusine aren't that old, they were 'created' after the cataclysm.
Also the Viera are much more mature, mystical, and exclusionist.

No. 317521

Apparently the schizo anon thinks Zhongli looks like a cockroach. So nobody should like him or his design. It’s such a weird take but now at least we know that there genuinely is only a handful of anons who are unhinged in these threads and spam their hyperfixations and vendettas.

No. 317525

Real, these discussions lead nowhere anyway. I'm just glad that not every male character is covered head to toe and I wish anons could just say it's their personal preference when talking about this stuff instead of pretending like all women want the same. Genshin characters are made to appeal broadly and everyone has different tastes, so none of this matters

No. 317528

File: 1692956017820.jpg (21.53 KB, 474x343, b6ea60408eee928d00aba7e4649411…)

um i'm the zhongli anon (not any of the lyney ones) and i didn't say that. he does look like a roach gijinka though. and theres only a handful of anons itt period.

mina-san, i hope those posts will continue to making you very upset desu.(anon-chan please urusei)

No. 317539

>You shouldn't factor moid feelings into your opinions.
>Constantly spergs about how women can't like Lyney because he's totally a trap made primarily for coomer men
Do you even hear yourself

No. 317554

File: 1692966504419.jpg (66.55 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20230825_143045_Gal…)

Now that you say it, Zhongli does have colors of a cockroach

No. 317557

Girl see the first post I ever made about Lyney >>317392. This isn't a conspiracy orchestrated by a Korean samefagger in womanface. I didn't see what the other anons said but I was speaking objectively on his design. Your own moid taste inferiority complex made you hallucinate the part where I told you to kys for wanting to sex up your stupid femboy shota waifu. Spending your neetdom compulsively flipping between a reddit sausagefest and lolcor isn't good for the soul, we both know those men were nawt terfs.

No. 317559

So which is it, should we "not factor moid feelings into our opinions" or forever be tainted by a moid possibly in theory finding a boy character attractive or are you just going to stay here being angry over nothing and vomiting a word salad of insults at everyone

No. 317570

File: 1692974780475.jpg (378.4 KB, 1488x2388, ce95a13b59d27e624c775e7b45cfba…)

Tl;dr Lyney pisses off retards, hope anons keep posting cute pics of him since I'm running out.
I'll post few pics that I really liked

No. 317571

File: 1692974906045.jpg (1.1 MB, 3044x4071, 9bac46a62a282a5faeeb93c485a6b2…)

No. 317573

File: 1692974997851.jpg (350.9 KB, 1200x1740, bd19c69e9cc68a53eeced58ca09fc4…)

No. 317574

File: 1692975021737.jpeg (496.1 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_1305.jpeg)

>hope anons keep posting cute pics of him
Definitely will!

No. 317575

File: 1692975131559.jpg (56.46 KB, 564x752, 4cbe4de855997f6106739dab912101…)

Here you go nonny

No. 317576

File: 1692975250664.jpg (78.54 KB, 564x799, e9629e4093e10c0092d5b83136cd62…)

No. 317577

File: 1692975414229.jpg (129.41 KB, 736x1048, 3efd445a6b4d3f7f1b6fadb1e67bf1…)

Lyney has always pissed off retarded virtue signalling feminist equalist misandrist misogynist or whatever the fuck ists she-nons here I still remember the dumb threads about him some months back

No. 317583

File: 1692976397367.jpg (443.22 KB, 1527x2384, a1fe90a264354ade5f40ee8085ab02…)

I knew I could always count on you guys to post ones I've never seen before ily

Kek I think I remember what you're talking about, was it about his garter shorts being related to bdsm or something?

No. 317585

File: 1692976655372.jpg (1.06 MB, 1589x2000, a85244028491c82d18f8f40a0a53f4…)

Samefag obvs-
Childe, Zhongli and Zhongchi artists are on another level, wish they'd like other characters coughwrio&Nuevcough and start drawing them in their styles.

No. 317586

File: 1692976780013.jpg (814.09 KB, 2857x2966, 8d8996c59e63a7d84fb9da01deb306…)

Last one I promise kek

No. 317588

File: 1692977153289.jpeg (2.48 MB, 2931x3939, F4DNDIqaAAAwEvI.jpeg)

I love Lyney so much, hopefully retards with shit taste will one day evolve their brains and realize his beauty

No. 317592

File: 1692977487193.jpeg (939.6 KB, 2731x4096, F4CbisQacAAaFSg (1).jpeg)

No. 317593

File: 1692977510489.jpeg (327.2 KB, 1456x2048, F4C8mSfbkAAJzCy.jpeg)

I love whenever someone draws him with his tongue poking out

No. 317596

File: 1692977604182.jpeg (335.72 KB, 1646x2048, F4D219MWAAA35Vy.jpeg)

No. 317609

lyney looks way too shota kek when will this game make a femboy that looks like an adult. cat girls and magic everywhere but androgynous men are too fantastical a concept

No. 317610

ew, scrote taste.

No. 317611

I love this one, so cute!!

No. 317613

>looks like an adult
femboy is a scrote term for young men that look even younger, 20 looking 15 for example. If you mean feminine men I agree though, I would love a character like those danmei men in feminine art styles

No. 317614

File: 1692980301482.jpg (544.05 KB, 1240x1754, F1ppxjIaMAEoxyl.jpg)

No. 317617

File: 1692980849360.jpeg (371.59 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_1327.jpeg)

So cute I’m gonna cry
This one is so pretty wow

No. 317618

File: 1692980888936.jpeg (310.68 KB, 1696x2048, IMG_1329.jpeg)

Incoming dump

No. 317619

File: 1692980911755.jpeg (312.82 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_1331.jpeg)

No. 317620

File: 1692980964663.jpeg (113.65 KB, 810x1080, IMG_1333.jpeg)

No. 317622

File: 1692981027397.jpeg (544.32 KB, 1153x2048, IMG_1334.jpeg)

I really don’t mind Lynette’s design I hope anons don’t mind if I’m posting art of them together

No. 317623

File: 1692981078098.jpeg (325.84 KB, 793x2000, IMG_1335.jpeg)

No. 317625

File: 1692981114778.jpeg (240.66 KB, 1260x2048, IMG_1336.jpeg)

No. 317626

File: 1692981161807.jpeg (273.26 KB, 1139x2048, IMG_1338.jpeg)

No. 317627

File: 1692981192396.jpeg (496.73 KB, 1841x1340, IMG_1342.jpeg)

No. 317628

File: 1692981214187.jpeg (189.7 KB, 1574x1146, IMG_1366.jpeg)

No. 317630

File: 1692981356254.jpeg (479.81 KB, 1459x2048, IMG_1365.jpeg)

No. 317632

File: 1692981431870.jpeg (277.79 KB, 1650x1668, IMG_1346.jpeg)

No. 317633

File: 1692981492639.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1508x2048, IMG_1347.jpeg)

No. 317634

File: 1692981529497.jpeg (201.17 KB, 1261x2048, IMG_1349.jpeg)

No. 317635

File: 1692981561941.jpeg (434.13 KB, 1445x2048, IMG_1363.jpeg)

No. 317636

File: 1692981588805.jpeg (224.23 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1345.jpeg)

No. 317637

File: 1692981615712.jpeg (352.86 KB, 1596x2048, IMG_1356.jpeg)

No. 317638

File: 1692981662658.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3000x3500, F3pDIzJaQAAahMn.jpeg)

This is the only one I have of them together kek so sure

No. 317639

File: 1692981674492.jpeg (122.81 KB, 616x586, IMG_1357.jpeg)

No. 317641

File: 1692981709997.jpeg (84.33 KB, 1616x1321, IMG_1367.jpeg)

No. 317642

File: 1692981754283.jpeg (224.72 KB, 648x900, IMG_1339.jpeg)

No. 317644

File: 1692981802259.jpeg (788.3 KB, 2048x2048, DC81E098-F8A4-467C-8F16-469C4D…)

Ending my dump with some fujo art

No. 317646

File: 1692981886507.jpeg (192.73 KB, 800x780, IMG_1341.jpeg)

No. 317647

File: 1692982161831.jpeg (166.21 KB, 761x935, IMG_1370.jpeg)

Samefag, I’m a fujo but here’s one that I found for the Lumine self insert yumes. Trying to include all the nonas of the Lyney fan club spectrum kek

No. 317650

File: 1692982941075.png (2.64 MB, 1996x2624, a21a044fe3ca0119f68561b7d0b224…)

Oh my god Lyney anons thank you so much my folder is finally getting quality Lyney art

Not a yume but that's really nice of you I'd type the legal heart emoji but chances are I'll fumble it, so pretend there is a heart emoji

No. 317653

aw my pleasure anon ♥ (I really hope this is the correct heart emoji)

No. 317655

Thanks for the dump, a lot of the art is really pretty nonnies

No. 317668

File: 1692986719258.jpg (17.79 KB, 400x337, k18.jpg)

That's up to you kek My concern lies with the scrote who created him one handed went about depicting him, the consequences of it are a deal breaker for me this time. This is my first time seeing such a massive meltdown in real time here, I can't believe it happened because I insulted a Genshin Impact femboy of all things. Is this a real autistic on disability? I'm getting invested in your lore, your life of checking reddits and lolcow genshin threads every few minutes, fighting in them, obsessively playing genshin, and hoarding fanart is wild, no way you got a job.

>vomiting a word salad of insults at everyone

>Lyney has always pissed off retarded virtue signalling feminist equalist misandrist misogynist or whatever the fuck ists she-nons - you
None of these words were in the bible.

No. 317671

words have no meaning anymore

No. 317680

Nonie this thing comes to Genshin thread to shittalk and bait people who play it then copes over and over again, I'd recommended not giving her any attention anymore because you know it'll be recycled "Lyney femboy ex dee" with more edgy word salad.

No. 317682

every week this thread inundated with autistic infighting about being the best radfem because ackshually my favourite character is the most male-triggering and soulful gachashit, didn't you know? snooze

How are you guys finding Fontaine's underwater combat? I've only briefly explored Fontaine but the underwater combat is… a choice. Sometimes I appreciate Genshin for wanting to try new things that are counter-intuitive to maximising profits, such as forcing whales to bench their DPS for underwater combat, but I also like using the characters I've built to clear content so it's a strange toss-up, really.

Sometimes I wonder how the Genshin design team meetings must go, because I don't think they're dumb enough to be consistently making small design missteps that would irritate the playerbase (for example, Inazuma's harsh overworld matching the harshness of the Archon, Sumeru's long desert sections, when people already hate traversing desert in video games) so maybe they just think that the playerbase will suck it up anyway.

No. 317683

I actually like the gimmicky underwater battles for the reason you mentioned, I get a feeling of satisfaction when the game levels the scales and forces you to actually gain skill by experience rather than bruteforcing through with your wallet. I wish more of that existed in Genshin because as someone who's been playing since launch I can just throw my main DPS and rip everything apart in seconds and there isn't a lot of fun and excitement in that. 3 consequent areas of desert was a huge blunder though and I don't understand why they did that, just because they added a few gadget mechanics doesn't mean running through miles and miles of wasteland is fun. I'd like to hear why they went with that option instead of going half and half with the rainforest.

No. 317684

I don't particularly like the combat but I don't really hate it. Got used to it pretty quickly. The slice attack is OP.

No. 317685

File: 1692989728529.jpg (93.48 KB, 1482x680, 88bf18648df4cc6657a723c33ff34d…)

I really like it, it took me forever to realize I can counter attack with the crab skill after getting beaten up by the yellow turrets. Wish we had more stamina though

One thing Fontaine destroyed for me is swimming any where else; since you can't drown in Fontaine, I keep swimming in other places thinking it's the same and only when it's too late my stamina runs out and my bursts are gone.

No. 317687

For "retarded virtue signalling feminist equalist misandrist misogynist or whatever the fuck ists she-nons" did you keep clicking the predict word on your phone keyboard or was that original, queen? You keep saying I'm word vomiting but what is a she-non.

No. 317724

File: 1692994505902.jpg (255.32 KB, 1638x2048, F3-ZQcDakAAOQXD.jpg)

It took a bit of getting used to but I'm enjoying it now. The slice attack is definitely the best attack. I like that there's "harder" optional bosses in the overworld in Fontaine.

No. 317745

File: 1692999912829.jpeg (338.78 KB, 1554x1692, IMG_1343.jpeg)

Just finished the Lyney story quest. Gosh it was so good. The animated part must be the best we have seen for any character. And the fact that traveler got his one and only rainbow rose?!? The symbol of romance and passion, through the same magic trick where Cesar gave the flower to his wife.. Are we getting married kek? I play as Aether and Lyney places the rose on his chest while Lumine gets it on her neck/scarf. Thought that was funny, hoyo avoided making Lyney placing a flower on her tits

No. 317808

I've done it, nonnas! I got a new phone and am finally playing genshin again! It's my first time playing on mobile and the main problem I have is just navigation, but I might even prefer this interface to PC. This isn't anything important but I just wanted to say I'm happy to catch up with you all in Fontaine.

No. 317811

Congratulations!! Navigation is hard at the beginning don't worry but it'll become second nature asap. Tell us how your wishes go if you do wish

No. 317820

Someone talking about "she-nons" on LC and does not get bullied off the site? Do better, /m/.

No. 317822

File: 1693035756361.jpg (223.42 KB, 1600x1600, 2377821.jpg)

Happy Birthday, Ningguang!

No. 317823

File: 1693036516482.jpeg (518.18 KB, 2048x1583, IMG_1358.jpeg)

I totally missed that yesterday wtf is a she-non??

No. 317867

File: 1693048459719.jpeg (419.13 KB, 1325x2048, F4WTGRoWoAAGSG3.jpeg)

No. 317868

File: 1693048520179.jpeg (162.54 KB, 1611x1000, F4TSmCYaEAAeRbk.jpeg)

No. 317873

File: 1693051212385.webm (261.96 KB, 336x428, Cyno spin.webm)

I love this animation
The underwater current sections really reminded me of Abzu.

No. 317874

File: 1693052212768.jpeg (462.29 KB, 1609x2048, IMG_1352.jpeg)

No. 317875

File: 1693052249723.jpeg (244.29 KB, 1574x1500, IMG_1351.jpeg)

No. 317877

File: 1693052295349.jpeg (308.78 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_1368.jpeg)

No. 317878

File: 1693052331645.jpeg (526.64 KB, 1862x2048, IMG_1355.jpeg)

No. 317879

File: 1693052374774.jpeg (278.01 KB, 1419x2048, IMG_1304.jpeg)

No. 317881

File: 1693053054873.jpeg (314.09 KB, 1670x2048, IMG_1391.jpeg)

Fremmy dump

No. 317882

File: 1693053094489.jpeg (271.99 KB, 1434x2048, IMG_1381.jpeg)

No. 317883

File: 1693053123387.jpeg (191.54 KB, 1408x2048, IMG_9146.jpeg)

No. 317884

File: 1693053160257.jpeg (218.25 KB, 1596x2048, IMG_1382.jpeg)

No. 317885

File: 1693053198469.jpeg (255.95 KB, 1443x2048, IMG_1379.jpeg)

No. 317886

File: 1693053238383.jpeg (198.95 KB, 1443x2048, IMG_1378.jpeg)

No. 317887

File: 1693053271120.jpeg (290.65 KB, 1438x2048, IMG_1390.jpeg)

No. 317888

File: 1693053302687.jpeg (478.81 KB, 1447x2046, IMG_1383.jpeg)

No. 317889

File: 1693053348793.jpeg (154.59 KB, 1450x2048, IMG_1388.jpeg)

No. 317890

EEEEEE I love these two so much

Ikr? I keep going on and out with most of my characters lol

No. 317899

spergchan, what is a she-non?

No. 317901

Whats with the Kaveh glitch exploit? My friends in Genshin are telling ke turn off co-op because Kaveh has a glitch that can delete statues, challenges, statues…etc. and their only proof is two videos from bilibili
Is this a troll?

No. 317943

Apparently, someone from China was able to hack the game and turn some of the objects into Bloom cores. By using Kaveh's skill, he can make them explode and dissapear. Forever.
Apparently, people say it's just on the Chinese server, so I think you should be fine? Either way, mihoyo will probably release a patch soon to fix that bug and ban the hacker or anyone that tries to mimic him.

This kinda reminds me of when people were getting their accounts stolen en masse during 1.0/1.1 and everyone was freaking out, saying Russian hackers would ask to coop with you and steal your account that way or some shit. Good times. I was retarded and fell for that shill. I spent a long time playing by myself in the beginning, because I was scared of le hackers kek.

No. 317948

It's happening to people using 3rd party modifications and messing up the game. People playing without any of those should be fine.

No. 317977

I haven’t seen a single instance be outside of the CN servers

No. 317981

I really love this~ I can't help but think that Silver is secretly in love with Navia and that they would be a cute couple together!

No. 318015

File: 1693121549922.jpg (124.75 KB, 900x1040, e9e79c06586a9b864526896e1ed997…)

>Russian hackers
To this very day actually. Few People keep going in worlds asking to remove 5 stars from the showcase because a Russian hacker, specifically, would hack accounts through chatting kek.

Poor idiots just fell for a link and still think its magic.

No. 318055

File: 1693148093306.jpeg (295.65 KB, 735x1226, IMG_9870.jpeg)

Which one of his talents should I max first?

No. 318056

File: 1693148674653.png (399.63 KB, 750x900, 222ae505b548f555e43eea45f2f653…)

Normal attack

No. 318065

Normal > Skill > Burst

No. 318120

File: 1693174472218.jpeg (276.97 KB, 1080x1419, F4eMcCJaIAA2IiS.jpeg)

No. 318122

File: 1693174778125.jpeg (625.41 KB, 1725x1485, F4g-j2vbsAAOyB3.jpeg)

No. 318123

why are all genshin memes unfunny as fuck

No. 318124

the characters only have 2 personality traits so all the jokes are equally as creative

No. 318127

>characters are flat lel
Why are you here? Don't you have some 2deep4u games to play?

No. 318129

jeez, relax anon. i enjoy the game and have been playing it for years now. there are just a lot of shitty characters in genshin which in turn results in even shittier memes. the haikaveh meme is cute but i'm sure we have all seen a million ayaka yandere and traveler harem jokes before.

No. 318130

Make a funny one then

No. 318145

is any display of self awareness itt punishable by a 24 hour detainment in the she-non tank at your local zoo or? we're not on reddit anymore this hater's domain

No. 318150

File: 1693189181829.jpg (92.79 KB, 1170x987, 20230827_004749.jpg)

No. 318163

File: 1693194590922.jpg (91.58 KB, 1080x1440, 20230626_134035.jpg)

Love this one

I stopped seeing people in-game with his pfp or his name card.
I'm kind of suprised there is no creepy pasta about him yet kek.

No. 318177

People are crack shipping him with faceless Ayato now

No. 318215

File: 1693226188711.jpeg (341.7 KB, 871x1521, IMG_1414.jpeg)

They fixed it.

No. 318234

File: 1693234297180.jpg (110.98 KB, 1011x1020, 20230827_004726.jpg)

where are the apologerms

No. 318252

Zero chance for apologems since this was caused by people using plugins.

No. 318254

Sometimes i forget that lc have genshin thread and sometimes i visit reddit to ask some questions. God the takes i read there boil my blood. I don't even think it's the opinion that angers me it the way men comment. Here when i see some stupid take it makes me laugh and i.continue to scroll. Can't wait for 4.1 i want Neuvi very much…

No. 318265

File: 1693247337597.png (219.26 KB, 800x800, 79b417f5ec4b1b05a1307569f0a369…)

I feel weird not liking Neuvillete, like he does look nice and all but after wanderer I feel drained whenever I see the color blue on alot of characters. His design is too covered for my liking and his gameplay was too boring, the only cool thing was his burst/splash but I'm a husbando collector and I feel I'm betraying that title when I'm %99 skipping him lol

Anyway the reason for that intro is to ask Nonnies who are excited for him, what do you like about him? I need to find a reason to stay true to my title

No. 318272

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I really like him as a character. A slightly kinder and more emotional Zhongli. But I wouldn’t pull for him. Weird animation and too covered for my tastes

No. 318280

i love his clothes especially those boots covers ups reaching his tights, love his bow in his hair, love his eyes and round cheeks, that he looks like genshin otters, i love his coat (??) and i like the fact that he is covered (my faves usually are covered form head to toe i just think more undressed chara designs looks tacky), i love his cane, i love that he is emotional but feel the duty to uphold his country laws and traditions but often finds contradictions in them and he don't know how to understand it emotionally so he cries in his office. I really love that you can feel his power but there is nothing evil or angry about it. And he gave work to Meslusines. I really like his burts animation and his gameplay visually looks very different from others. I like staying for longer on my dps but when u swap from him I don't think there is gonna be so much loss like with Cyno (but i don't know that for sure). I'm really fangirling over him he is right up my ally, sweet emotional man and very pretty for me. But i don't think u need to like him nonna but if u gonna like him in the future there's always reruns!

No. 318290

Aw looks Iike he became your husbando

No. 318297

I wasn't gonna roll because I thought he might be a villain, but I guess not.
So far I like him slightly better then Ayato, and I'm never rolling for Childe, so he'd be another hydro. Might just try him out and decide then.

>cries in his office
Where's this from?

No. 318298

I like his gap moe of being so intimidating yet clueless about human social interactions and expressing himself despite being fascinated by them and wanting to be kind to living beings. I'm also really interested in seeing how he works with Wriothesley.

No. 318300

>Where's this from?
NTA but the story heavily implies that he's the hydro dragon and in the beginning of the chapter Freminet mentions a belief from his childhood that whenever the hydro dragon cries, it rains. Later on after Navia has that emotional argument with him in his office and leaves the building, it suddenly starts raining. So unless the thing was a huge red herring we can draw a conclusion that Neuvilette was left depressed.

No. 318313

File: 1693276353275.png (2.58 MB, 1822x913, F4N8InAacAEKCEQ.png)

I like his characterization and love his hair. However, his outfit has too much dark blue. Kind of the same reason that I didn't pull for Ayato, except his outfit had too much white. Wish they could have him and Ayato swap and combine some pieces from each others closet.

No. 318314

The Fontaine guys have been extra mid so far. I'm a husbando only player too but I don't want any of them. I also hate how all 4 are mediocre main dps like nearly every other dude in the past year and a half. They aren't worth the time it takes to build them when I'll use them once and then never again because a Itto team and a random assortment of supports is stronger and easier to use. Wanderer is alright because lol hover zoom.

No. 318315

>mediocre main dps

No. 318317

>Charged shot dps
>Gimmick kit with no versatility
>Carried by Bennett and Kazuha
>Best lineup for damage would be better off with Childe or Xingqiu in his place
>One fire enemy in abyss lineup = bench
Yes, mediocre

No. 318319

I often see those 'guys i made this design better' and it's always so ugly

Oh no geo main

No. 318327

it seems to be dependent not only on crying like Fremmy said, but also just sadness. When we saw Neuvillette at the grave he said he had mourned and been sad for days, while Navia said it had rained for days. Once we and Navia talked to him he cheered up and the rain stopped after our conversation. It’s why fan art like this exists >>317885 >>317875

No. 318328

While monopyro is limiting, his damage is genuinely amazing, definitely above mediocre like Cyno. My Lyney does 40-50k per charged shot without Bennett. And I don’t even have his signature set. I bet if he’s well invested he’d be outstanding

No. 318336

Nta but oh my god it makes so much sense with how many times they mentioned rainy weather, thought it was raining because the subject was sad like in anime lmao
Now his and Fremmy's fanarts are extra cute.

That definitely a cute.

No. 318337

>random theorycrafting instead of looking at the actual performance and numbers
Never talk about meta again

No. 318340

I know it’s so cute!! How come you missed that plot point? Did you space out when Fremmy said "Hydro Dragon don’t cry" to the sky

No. 318342

Lyney is such a great DPS that hu tao waifufag mains are going crazy with rage about how he outperforms her as a pyro dps. Please shut up when you clearly have no understanding of how the game works or can't play anything else but button smashing

No. 318347

No I paid attention to that but just thought it was some random thing, didn't expect that this time story/lore is actually good compared to late sumeru but I definitely spaced out during act 2 where the Navia/her dad/kidnappings were happening and that was my mistake lol

No. 318363

Why are you going crazy with rage? I don't give a fuck about Hu Tao, she's mid too without c1 and her weapon

No. 318365

>Why are you going crazy with rage?
Nta but what. Kek

No. 318368

This, autistic redditoids deemed Alhaitham garbage before his release and now everyone agrees that he's a S tier DPS. They told people to skip Kazuha and even during version 1 called Zhongli crap simply based on his damage multipliers. The same happens with practically every male character in this game, theorycrafters brand them trash 2 months before their release and when their banner rolls up and people are posting their damage screenshots they either go full on copium trying to protect their waifu's honor or act like they always predicted this. Everyone tried to act like monogeo didn't exist for the longest time and now they pretend like they never shat on Itto as a DPS or kept him in C tier. Never trust theorycrafters with your rolls, just go for the character you want.

No. 318373

This. Leakers are just a bunch of retarded attentionwhores. If you like playing with the character, go for it or skip. Personally I have no Cryo catalysts so Wrio is a must.

No. 318374

Read >>318342

I'm less concerned with muh meta and muh damage and muh redditoids' opinions of these on field dps males and more concerned with how all but 3 males since the end of 2021 have been on field dps. You can't practically use more than one of them in each team, half use the same old supports.

No. 318378

File: 1693317533955.jpg (521.76 KB, 2118x2995, 501155fa9d5678122a391bbc5f5d28…)

Any GOOD reason why bow characters cant have their normal attacks infused with any element?
I was messing around with C6 Bennett and going with XQ + Lyney but he kept shooting physical even with Chongyun and Candace's infusions?

No. 318379

Infusions work only on swords, claymore and polearms. Catalysts are based on making their normal attacks infused with an element, bow users are based on their charged attacks. If bow users were to use elemental with their normal attacks, they would just be catalysts on steroids since they had their aimed shot on top of that. So they would render an entire weapon class useless.

No. 318382

File: 1693318528010.jpg (92.59 KB, 700x988, b0ba0507c1987fa15011f9af065b3c…)

Oh okay that makes sense. Still, would've been nice to have vape-turrent Lyney lol
Thanks btw!

No. 318386

I don't care for Nueve's design at all and I haven't started Fontaine's quest, but if the stuff I'm seeing about his cute personality is true then I really need him!
I was never able to click with Zhongli's more stoic personality or whatever tf Ayato's doing and I just want some genuine kindness and vulnerability from a husbando. Can overlook not rocking with his design if his personality is good.

No. 318388

I don't like his design either but he's so sweet and such a unique character too. I highly recommend playing the Fontaine story to see for yourself.

No. 318419

I've been wanting to save for Furina because I dont have, aside from XingQiu, kokomi (skipped her for Lyney) as a hydro sub dps and only try to get Wrio but reading some anons' posts about Neuvi I'm pretty much convinced now to try to get both and forget Furina even existing kek. Really sucks that all incoming tall males are DPS, would it kill them not to have Neuvillete a sub-DPS?

No. 318442

File: 1693347099693.jpg (343.23 KB, 1400x1750, 1688383131001685.jpg)

I'm the oneeshota sperg and I need to come clean because I realized something about myself. I wanted to be the sexy onee-san all along (I'm not into shota but i want to be an older sister figure/gf and have a cute younger bf) and that's why oneeshota made me seethe like crazy, I was just mad jealous that this will never happen to me irl. A bit embarrassed to admit it, hope you guys forgive me for my sperging. Here's some haikaveh

No. 318446

Looks like Wriothesley beat standard allegations, according to leakers there won't be any standard characters in this patch. Uncle Chicken was the one who initially spread the standard rumors and he took it back too. We'll see, I won't celebrate yet.

Honestly seeing his design as a vampire lord or something like anon upthread suggested made me like it a bit more. His voice in JP still makes me cringe though. And I like Wario because I like wolves and edgelords. I'll wait to judge their animations until after they are released because they tend to change a lot.
Kek I remember redditors and farmers doom posting about Alhaitham. He ended up being one of the best characters in game.

No. 318506

File: 1693379559436.jpg (1 MB, 3325x3462, 2b46fc2a6f8e5eaca53aea6d0432f7…)

I can't believe this character development, Lolcow 4.0 patch is thr best so far Kek jk glad you're doing better now

I doubt they would throw the first cryo catalyst to standard banner? Geo is the element that's lacking in standard banner not cryo, we have Qiqi as cryo
>farmers doom posting about Alhaitham.
Remember how they nerfed his damage by alot? Iirc the doomposting was because they thought they nerfed him because they didn't want a guy to be better than their waifus, though lo and behold he is stronger, which really makes me think how op was he?

No. 318512

File: 1693380532096.jpeg (80.54 KB, 872x1200, IMG_1389.jpeg)

>but if the stuff I'm seeing about his cute personality is true then I really need him!
It is definitely true, even aside from the crying rain stuff that we are not 100% sure about yet (although it is heavily implied) he has a much more gentle personality than Zhongli. This is a small conversational spoiler from act 1: Neuvillette politely apologizing and trying to talk to us when he heard Paimon whispering that he was awkward Truly showed how cute he is. You should definitely play the archon quest cause there are plenty of those small moments where you notice how kind he is.

No. 318524

File: 1693385755923.jpeg (210.83 KB, 1695x1395, IMG_2296.jpeg)

Yeah and his numbers aren't that bad either. Still funny how he went from physical polearm standard Varka to cryo catalyst limited Wriothesley. More twists then when we all believed leaker that Arlecchino dies.

No. 318525

File: 1693385895599.jpeg (198.53 KB, 1096x1333, IMG_2297.jpeg)

No. 318533

>Yeah and his numbers aren't that bad either.
yeah I heard that he's a similar power level to wanderer. So a bit above mid. Which is fine to me. Just hoping his burst animation gets improved last minute like wanderer. Right now Wrio doesn't look very creatively animated.

No. 318538

Tighnari is in standard banner and hes a great dps and the best standard imo, so its not really a testament that Wrio is a bad character if he's throw there now if Tighnari can come home I would be happy but nooo keep giving me Keqing, Genshin

Also! I told my friend I'm definitely getting Wrio and she said "nice! I'll boost you with my Shenhe!"
>Mfw Shenhe is the only Cryo support that exists
Hope they release a Cryo Gorou asap.

No. 318542

That spoiler…I have to have him! It's been over a year since I last bought a welkin pass but here we are. It's love lol
I couldn't force an emotional connection with Zhongli and Ayato despite having them forever, but it looks like there's finally a tall male for me.
I just finished Sumeru's archon quest and will be skipping the leftover world quests so I can take my happy ass over to Fontaine. Can't wait!

No. 318543

File: 1693395990704.jpeg (294.87 KB, 1341x1936, IMG_2298.jpeg)

No. 318544

File: 1693396012108.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2936x2235, IMG_2306.jpeg)

No. 318545

File: 1693396035031.jpeg (715.23 KB, 2048x1336, IMG_2311.jpeg)

No. 318547

File: 1693396150280.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1200x867, IMG_2314.jpeg)

No. 318548

File: 1693396181425.jpeg (315.89 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_2307.jpeg)

No. 318569

Is Cyno a bad unit? I'm planning out who to roll for (I'm eventually going to collect every husbando but primos are tight rn) and when I look at reviews about Cyno they say he's bad. I don't have any electro and I don't want to raise Lisa so should I roll anyway? My account isn't at the late game tryhard stage anyway

No. 318570

He's really strong but clunky as hell in overworld because he's burst reliant. If you don't have Baizhu or Nahida his playstyle is even worse since his burst is too long for any other dendro characters to support him. He's the only character I actually regret pulling, I use him once every 6 months in abyss and that's about it.

No. 318571

I know husbando style is the way to go and Cyno looks great but consider using Fischl for now since he is power hungry and his slightly clunky skill is eeeh
I regret pulling him too kek

No. 318573

Like >>318570 said Cyno sucks as an overworld unit but he's really strong in domains and abyss. But I can agree that his issue is that his burst is so long that it outlasts supports and pure electro doesn't really work in the game at the moment. His burst also has an energy cost of 80 which is pretty high for someone who's so burst reliant so I rarely really use him, he has great potential and his burst is easy to use but the game just doesn't have any viable supports for him at the moment. Hopefully they'll add more in the future and bring him back to meta.

No. 318574

>His burst also has an energy cost of 80 which is pretty high
Which means that he has to be run with at least one other electro unit (Kuki or Fischl) in the team anyways, so anon might as well just use one of those two if she needs them for a hyperbloom team. That's the only time electro is necessary outside of niche tazer teams, otherwise it can easily be substituted with other elements. It's not a gamebreakingly important element to have in the team like hydro or anemo are.

No. 318577

Yes, I regret getting him too. The only 5* male characters worth pulling for their strength alone are Kazuha, Venti, Zhongli, Childe, Baizhu, and Alhaitham. Itto and Albedo are only strong once you have them both plus Zhongli and Gorou. All the others can easily be replaced.

No. 318579

Albedo or Zhongli can be substituted with Bennett though, Itto is like a gorilla so shield isn't always necessary. I've found 3 geo + Bennett's attack buff sufficient enough since Gorou's main geo damage buff needs only 3 geo characters in the party.

No. 318580

And I main Cyno and it works. Yeah it's annoying how his burst lasts longer than Baizhu's, but you don't have to press the button to extend it. I don't use another electro and his burst doesn't take too long to recharge.
It's probably not 'ideal meta' but I don't want to use a girl or completely redo my team.

No. 318581

File: 1693411362298.jpg (2.18 MB, 1821x2732, 6rd3EGX.jpg)

I don't have him but someone made a video showing that EM Kuki does more damage than him in the same team
>Itto is like a gorilla

No. 318583

The only thing that sets that team apart from other greedy dps centered teams is not needing Bennett or any other in demand supports like Xingqiu and Kazuha, and no other team really needs those geo characters. There are so many better, cheaper options to put with Bennett than Itto.

No. 318584

Well he is one (affectionately), his burst damage scales from his defense which means you have to prioritize it when building his artifacts and with Gorou's buffs you couldn't knock him down if you tried. If I had to pick between Zhongli and Albedo I'd take Zhongli no questions asked but you can substitute either for his composition if you lack either, Gorou is the only necessary geo unit.

Huh? What are you addressing here exactly?

No. 318589

File: 1693415546439.png (4.54 MB, 1116x1798, Fdl6V9nacAEV0TR.png)

I don't regret Cyno. One of the units I've C6ed. I use him in Abyss all the time though like other anons said he's not great in the overworld.
You don't need to run two electros if you have enough ER in your artifacts. I run him with double dendro.

No. 318614

what did Ayato do lol I found his character story to be a bit bland and it's hard to get a real solid grasp of his personality

No. 318633

Nta but I don't like the slightly entitled onzoushi trope he has going on. Which is supposed to be balanced out by the fact that he works so hard for his country like in his extremely boring story quest.

No. 318666

Yeah Cyno’s numbers are good. His kit doesn’t have any glaring issues. He just needs a shielder/interruption to resistance that lasts as long as his burst. And right now that doesn’t exist.

No. 318672

File: 1693469587720.jpg (113.61 KB, 1200x675, 20230831_111308.jpg)

Second phase banner

No. 318681

File: 1693471266597.jpeg (230.18 KB, 1459x2100, IMG_1875.jpeg)

Fuck that’s so bad. Almost makes me want to build pity on Lyney’s banner instead so I don’t have to pull on that 160 times

No. 318685

It's ass. Don't know who even wants Sayu, atleast Noelle is good for starter accounts. Fremmy better come home in less than 20 pulls
>Almost makes me want to build pity
Who are you getting?
Also nice pic

No. 318686

File: 1693472492166.jpeg (233.09 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_2354.jpeg)

>Who are you getting?
Childe! But Lyney has better 4 stars with Benny being there.
>Also nice pic
Ikr. The artist draws great butts

No. 318723

Sorry for the confusion, nonna. By whatever Ayato's doing, I meant whatever tf his personality is supposed to be. I legit can't get a read on him except sly yet dutiful young master. I know he has a dark backstory with having to raise his sister and protect their clan from a young age, but the personality it formed is totally lost to me. Manipulative, 3 steps ahead, young masters with fake smiles are boring to me even if he may have a good reason to be the way he is.
He's been a strong part of my team but I don't really like the guy kek

No. 318733

File: 1693486619309.jpg (83.42 KB, 850x438, __yae_miko_kamisato_ayaka_kami…)

I would've loved Ayato if they concentrated on his pranking side (giving weird drinks to Thoma) a little bit more, or anything that gives him a memorable personality.
Source is trust me bro but from fanarts to chats I feel he is the least popular Husbando by husbando lovers, the only time I see him mentioned now is in Ayathoma art.

No. 318735

The writers also don't seem to know what his personality is supposed to be. I think they were trying to give him gap moe with his boba tea BS and making him a bad cook who secretly buys his speciality dish from a local restaurant, yet at the same time he's supposed to be a morally gray work slave. It doesn't give him depth, it comes across as clumsy writing to me.

Yep, AyaThoma and his voice actor are the only reasons many people like him. But to be fair he's apparently a lot more popular in Japan.
Other than his head his design is so stiff and ugly, at least Neuvillette's suit has pretty design elements and flows very prettily.

No. 318736

File: 1693489771675.jpg (116.5 KB, 750x1000, uUuwT7l.jpg)

I keep forgetting Ayato exists even though I think he's one of the prettiest characters in the game and I love his design, he's one of the few characters where I can tell 90% of his clothing belongs to the same person. I don't know what would make him more compelling, a trickster personality could fall flat since there aren't many moments to make it natural in his story and event appearance. He's the workaholic waifu trope except male and he doesn't blush and giggle at (y/n).

No. 318746

Will he and Zhongli share the 5 rate-up or are they on separate banners and the potential spook is just a standard 5?

No. 318747

Separate banners but if you lose the 50/50 in one you're guaranteed for whoever's banner you pull in, not only the one whose 50/50 you lost. And yes the potential spook is a standard fivey

No. 318750

Fug I was hoping for the opposite since I'm missing both so it'd be a win-win situation. Then which between Zhongli or Childe would you guys recommend for a new player? Or should I keep saving for Wrio or Venti?

No. 318754

Zhongli is a top tier support that can go into any team. Childe's best team is Childe National, Childe-anemo-Bennett-Xiangling but there are many options for Childe's position in that team so he's not a must. Wrio, we don't know yet. Characters can be very different in practice compared to what we see in the beta or numbers so I can't recommend going for or skipping him yet. Venti fell off meta because while he's a good Viridescent Venerer (artifact set) user, his best ability is to suck in enemies and more and more enemies are becoming immune to his burst's pulling strength. If you're new, you should hold onto your pulls till you want a character to be honest, the beginning is not hard and doable with the free characters easily (there are people who only use free characters too so it's always possible but yk) so play the story and character stories and figure out who you want for the sentimental value or wait till you understand the mechanics of the game fully and watch character showcases to decide whose damage/support you want. Beware of youtubers who make videos on characters just to get clicks, calling them op one day and trash the next though. I don't follow any ccs so I can't recommend any.

No. 318756

I really wanted him to be a sadist under his calm exterior but Mihoyo only slightly implied him having grey morals. They should've just taken the chance and given him a full on dark side because he has this sort of a sophisticated creepy vibe to him, his story quest barely told us anything about him as a person.

No. 318757

If you have a an hp built Layla she can be a good substitute for Zhongli, but he is the best shielder and will probably get a rerun in a year kek
Childe's national team is still used beating hardest abyss but needs alot of prep, especially for your Xiangling.
Wrio is Wanderer tier
Idk about Neuvillete kek
Venti is really good in over world and small fries but not so much in damage, Kazuha took that from him.
Actually can you show what characters you have?

No. 318758

Zhongli also has good res shred for all elements and physical. I didn't build Layla so idk, does she have that or are you saying just for the shield?

No. 318761

File: 1693496529285.jpeg (241.74 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1439.jpeg)

>least popular Husbando
He tops popularity rankings in Japan. They seem to understand his personality more than the western fandom. Gap moe of being ufufufu~ and then serious/dutiful master manipulator. I’ll do a mini art dump that shows his gap moe personality, maybe that would give some clarity on his personality type?

Personally I think as a husbando that personality type isn’t ideal but in a fujo ship he’s perfect, which is why they pushed him with Thoma.

No. 318762

File: 1693496555609.jpeg (182.13 KB, 1860x1024, IMG_1440.jpeg)

No. 318763

Could it be because they're used to his trope and apply it to him but we wait for actual actions from him to show his personality or how he would act in certain situations?

No. 318764

File: 1693496695365.jpeg (78.97 KB, 526x807, IMG_1443.jpeg)

Maybe I should also clarify that I’m posting pics of his personality for this nona who was a bit confused by it >>318723

No. 318765

File: 1693496789344.jpeg (308.67 KB, 2000x1100, IMG_1441.jpeg)

Definitely! I think the same way, I kinda need more story relevance while Japanese audiences knew the second they saw him speak of how he is

No. 318766

File: 1693496827113.jpeg (87.1 KB, 850x634, IMG_1438.jpeg)

No. 318767

File: 1693496871850.jpeg (200.57 KB, 964x1200, IMG_1446.jpeg)

End of dump. So yeah think pic related and then combine it with >>318765 and that’s the trope.

No. 318775

File: 1693498813331.jpg (152.34 KB, 850x1139, __kamisato_ayaka_and_kamisato_…)

Only shield-wise.
I don't really know what your AR or characters for best incoming characters but if you're thinking about getting Zhongli then do 'cause it will probably a long while before he gets a rerun.

No. 318800

Thanks for being polite and trying to feed me, nona but it shows that hy couldn't write his story and personality well enough if I have to get a feel for him through fanart. I like how he's portrayed in his art and the AyaThoma stuff but when I see him in game it's crickets lol
You made me realize I don't really see a lot of western Ayato wives.
Imo, the attempt at gap moe flopped. The boba and bad cooking combined with paperwork ufufufu just didn't gel well. I'm glad that there are others who like him, though. It just makes me realize that I'm drawn to the exact opposite of him and he's nice to be set in your type.

No. 318801

Had to come back and say he's gorgeous. Why can't I love him?

No. 318811

File: 1693515052836.jpg (511.8 KB, 1040x1042, Screenshot_20230831-214311_2.j…)

I think after reading anons' reasons to love Neuvillete, I'll get him because omg I'm convinced he's too cute.
I'll hope my savings are enough for him and Wrio though I can afford only one 50/50 loss

No. 319034

File: 1693607868436.jpeg (453.08 KB, 2048x2048, 757248CD-17BD-4310-B90F-1F27F7…)

So hoyo rereleased Lyney, Lynette and Freminet as Fatui

No. 319035

File: 1693607938680.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 1242x2478, IMG_1487.jpeg)

New Lyney art too. His expression, the background, the card. Didn’t see any changes to Freminet and Lynette.

No. 319045

This is pretty cool but nice going spoiling the big twist of the archon quest for those who haven't finished it yet. I'm glad I didn't procrastinate and actually played it right away but sucks for anyone who didn't.

No. 319046

I'm slow af excuse me but does mean we're getting more of the trio in 4.1? Or does she just mentions them

No. 319060

Yeah they just have the background changed
It's not a spoiler at all though, we knew they were related to the fatui since the teaser video lol Even if it was a spoiler, what were they supposed to do, wait till every single player gets to the end of it to release it? I'd rather some inactive players get spoilers to a detail that's minor in the long run than the game introducing the characters very shallowly just to make one scene in the first part of a quest stand out in game.
We probably are, Arlecchino seems to want Lyney to take over so they must be important parts of her plan.

No. 319070

It’s posted by the official Genshin account, even they didn’t put a spoiler warning. At this point it’s not a spoiler.

No. 319103

File: 1693655366310.jpg (251.76 KB, 1536x2048, 475730a63c4d30d3ebd9f324a7a459…)

Current Abyss wasn't bad at all, the room with Cryo Cicin mage beat my ass though, only because I put Kazuha instead of Zhongli with Lyney.

Also this was posted on reddit leaks, I know I need glasses but what changed?
>Why not embed it
Everytime I try it says "couldn't make sense of the url of the video you tried to embed" even when I changed it to youtube.com

No. 319109

No. 319110

It's the NA sounds (first half has old, second has updated). Burst doesn't have its original sound yet

No. 319132

Did anyone else let the character quests pile up and now they can't take a step anywhere without a quest triggering and they're locked out of important world and archon quests because they have to go to other regions just to complete character quests?
I'm going to be skipping dialogue all damn day.

No. 319137

File: 1693674905693.jpg (151.13 KB, 1640x1640, 1a369e6db664dcf1ef4fb4970489ee…)

Thank you kind anon.
Oh okay, I thought there was a change in animation that I couldn't see kek.

No. 319177

Yeah I think that happened once when I unlocked 3 story quests at the same time. So now I just try to finish every quest I start before starting anything else.

No. 319239

Just realized you can dolphin jump but only as the Traveler or the Fontaine duo. I jumped from the top of the opera house to get that treasure chest that was surrounded by walls.

No. 319381

File: 1693777729793.jpg (753.47 KB, 1533x2300, 3c49a9db60672ca2af943e4c2be6c8…)

No. 319382

File: 1693777890937.png (617.45 KB, 500x754, e633c4311752abf385a679b51b2a95…)

No. 319383

File: 1693777924574.jpg (168.71 KB, 933x1200, a136408328abd52698b9e44bb6d1d7…)

No. 319384

File: 1693778071612.jpg (1.33 MB, 2894x2806, 042570572f06d099e28e5eac367b1c…)

No. 319385

File: 1693778148188.png (652.98 KB, 500x754, 6c63da1f3fa4d49b758d9ee7ec6e1d…)

No. 319386

File: 1693778785937.jpg (476.87 KB, 2894x4093, 6930de5d85a532a623bd1250b286e6…)

No. 319502

this one is so nice omg

No. 319528

Is the paimonmoe website safe to use as a roll tracker?

No. 319529

yes, I've been using it for years

No. 319531

File: 1693841139829.jpg (364.76 KB, 1985x2048, 8243799b6a6b49aeb642179b72f029…)

Nta but does it show rolls even though they're no longer in genshin? Like older than 6 months?

No. 319532

File: 1693841513089.png (1.65 MB, 1654x1654, Fx8LaFNaEAE8xr8.png)

no, sadly not. 6 months is as far back as it goes. I'm pretty sure that if you regularly save your rolls in it, they stay saved, though

No. 319548

It only shows you the rolls you can currently see in your game history, but if you keep using the website the data won't disappear. You can then save it as an excel sheet as well

No. 319635

File: 1693854839478.jpg (217.9 KB, 1200x1600, 9e5d120e33a2b2067190c2923da2ae…)

Thank you nonas. I was hoping it would show the entire history to see how many times I won and lost 50/50 guess it's up to looking at my character's avatars and try to remember

No. 319670

File: 1693859545240.jpeg (144.61 KB, 1100x1400, IMG_1546.jpeg)

So what do u think of Fontaine and its world design nonas? I feel like it looks like a Mondstadt extension. Pretty but feels very small since the water exploration is lackluster. Like a new Dragonspine rather than a new region. Sumeru in 3.0 felt way more impactful.

No. 319679

File: 1693861690810.jpg (632.76 KB, 1705x2719, 88f2acae907406334cfe9c72f04c87…)

Agreed about it being Mondstadt+ and the exploring is kind of minimal compared to Sumeru but one thing it has above Sumeru is the story. Could be because I'm biased towards Fatui but I wasn't looking forward towards the story in sumeru like that, but this whole house of hearth and potential dark themes is a breath of fresh air imho.

No. 319681

File: 1693861853096.jpg (Spoiler Image,163.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

But what is wrong with this fandom lmao, this is a video thumbnail

No. 319687

I'd take anything after the eternal deserts of Sumeru

No. 319716

On the hand, I'm glad I'm not overwhelmed like I was with Sumeru.

No. 319852

File: 1693935083474.jpg (780.72 KB, 1920x1080, 9a88863d0e9e45b14fed534306e177…)

Finally got Freminet after 44 pulls, this mf almost got me a Childe con.
Though he's worth it, his design is cute and I think his damage is good too, he's finally home with his siblings I'm so glad.

No. 319853

File: 1693935113620.jpeg (527.56 KB, 1968x1661, IMG_1542.jpeg)

Now that the Lyney banner is over, did you get him? Are you pulling for Childe/Zhongli or saving for someone else?

No. 319857

I put 60 pulls in and only got a bunch of Noelles. I hate pulling for 4 stars so much, I have the shittiest luck with them.

No. 319858

Yes I got him and I'm having so much fun staring at his cute butt while swimming

No. 319861

Was anyone suprised to see Keqing in Zhongli's trail?

No. 319865

File: 1693940652934.jpeg (354.8 KB, 1113x2048, IMG_1456.jpeg)

omg im the anon who wanted Childe but pulled Lyney and had 0 wishes and no guaranteed left for Childe. After intense primo farming I got 60 wishes. Pulled on the Childe banner, got him in 14 pulls!! Never been this lucky I could cry right now!

Also nonas who gets my 5-star Aqua weapon if I run the abyss with Childe on one side and Lyney on the other? Any 4-star alternative that is actually good for one of them?

No. 319867

I pulled for Freminet and got Mona at pity 25. Wish I got Zhongli since I still don't have him but at least I have guaranteed Wrio now. I don't really care for Mona but at least she moves fast and has pretty attacks and at least she wasn't another Keqing.
I got Freminet too. I'll snatch Zhongli and Tartaglia on their next reruns.

No. 319868

I've lost 50/50 and got another Diluc instead, reeee. Now I also have to miss Freminet since I'm saving up for Neuvillette. Hoyo are so cruel with their banners

No. 319877

File: 1693947165153.jpeg (222.94 KB, 1537x2020, IMG_1543.jpeg)

His legs are very cute when swimming too
At least you got Freminet! Mona is not the absolute worst out of the standard characters either.
Hopefully you get Freminet randomly on the Neuvillette banner then! Also, I did hear a rumor about a potential free Freminet kind of like how they gave us a free Dori.

No. 319881

File: 1693949032363.jpg (474.22 KB, 2800x1337, 117f01a3b642e9af96297f35f6b8c4…)

I'm currently testing Freminet, and he's like…really fun? Him and XQ with Rosaria (crit rate and battery) with Fischl (super conduct) make such a fun team. I'll try mono cryo with Chong/Rosa/Kazuha later too.
This is by the way the most un-sexy weapon banner ever kek

I really want Neuvillete, Wriothesly, Furina (has to be good hydro applier) and Arlecchino. Who do you nonnies think will get the nearest rerun?

No. 319888

Fremi's cute, but not gonna chance wasting my pity on guy I never use or guy I don't like.

No. 319922

Anyone else pulls for characters but is absolutely tired of building them? I've got some new 5 stars I really wanted but farming is such a painful waste of time of my life that I always stick to my two well-built teams for everything and other collect dust. At this point I don't know why I even bother pulling. Building one character I like would be cool but it's the 4 stars that I need to build along with them to make them functional that is really pointless to me.

No. 319923

I would say Lyney gets the Aqua since it's second BiS and he's the only damage dealer but Hamayumi can also work if you forget about bursting or prototype crescent if you know where weak points are at.
As for Childe he can use rust or the stringless.

I'm a masochist nona, I love getting alot of characters and thinking about the fastest way to optimize them. But ai agree about using 2 teams, I still use Childe national and Alhaithem hyperbloom.

No. 319933

>stringless on childe
Stringless' passive only works for the first changing stance hit on melee, not his attacks after that. Also EM stat only helps his burst in national and ideally you would do his ranged burst unless you're running nuke childe so practically it's a bit bad on him. Not unusable though
Lyney should get it because it increases his damage too much to pass on the chance. Childe can get Viridescent Hunt or Rust, but tbh any ATK% 4* weapon wouldn't be too bad on him if you don't have any crit weapons. Also they share their best team members, so can you tell us your teams for both and also your bow weapons to give better advice?

No. 319942

File: 1693997601558.jpeg (358.92 KB, 1660x2048, IMG_1455.jpeg)

>Also they share their best team members
Thanks to all anons for the weapon help, I started building my rust, and wow im an actual retard. Thanks to you anon it just hit me that my Lyney team is Childe international kek. Yeah no abyss for Lyney then. Why did I not realize this kek

No. 319943

Why the hell is in-game enemy radar or whatever it's called is so bad? I tried using it to find Samurais in Inazuma for Scara talent and it doesn't show all of them, I even tried other enemies, like call this first world problems but I really don't want to use interactive map while playing when we supposedly have this feature. Thanks for letting me reee

Beautiful pic anon!

No. 319945

Just memorize where the nobushi are, there are a few spots that have a ton clumped together, like in Higi village. I've started simply buying the handguards from the stardust shop because farming them is such a waste of time. The enemies barely ever drop them for some reason.

No. 319954

If you don't use both at the same time you could make them share the weapon. My Alhaitham and Kaeya use the same green 5* sword, I make one of them equip it depending on who I'll use in Abyss or domains. Same for Favonius weapons, I switch them around when I wanna use a character more lol

No. 320009

File: 1694025657707.jpeg (162.45 KB, 1200x956, IMG_1442.jpeg)

Yeah exactly, that is what im gonna have to do. Totally leveled my rust for no reason kek

No. 320044

File: 1694038706847.jpg (220.98 KB, 1448x2049, 634841c38e767016505567280c0cce…)

Albedo nonnies:

Is the Golden Troupe good on him? Is going 2pcs Golden Troupe 2pcs Husk of Opulent Dreams better than a set of HoOD?

No. 320048

Golden Troupe is good yes. A full Golden set is better than a set of HooD, but 2p 2p probably depends on the substats you have on them.

No. 320080

File: 1694067767287.jpeg (520.76 KB, 2048x2048, F5ZP_k_bkAAuAMw.jpeg)

Happy birthday Chongyun!

No. 320081

File: 1694067919091.jpeg (464.69 KB, 2048x2048, F5ZPaPYbEAA88jK.jpeg)

"Xingqiu, I thought Xiangling only asked you to collect ingredients. Why are you dragging me along?"
"Hehe, isn't it a rare opportunity to prepare one's birthday meal with their friend?"
"Oh… Um, you do have a point there."

I always lmao when Chongyun says "Xingqiu dragged me" please more content of the two Hoyo

No. 320082

File: 1694068604352.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1290x2166, IMG_0768.jpeg)

Reminds me of a worse picrel

No. 320085

File: 1694070330765.jpg (288.29 KB, 1390x919, RIZZNEY.jpg)

On a new episode of the sister game having everything genshin players ask for: the resin cap is increased, if the resin goes over the limit it keeps generating and turning into a version you can turn back into resin whenever you want to use it, there's way too much endgame content for a game you put on autoplay. I don't understand what game has that ours doesn't nonnies. Are we adopted?

No. 320086

File: 1694071783254.jpg (152.99 KB, 850x1202, __xinyan_genshin_impact_drawn_…)

Nona, have you played HSR? It's shit, period. I love turn based games and they failed to add actual commands when they decided to be "inspired" by persona.
Imagine not having guard or item jfc.
>high resin cap, mats always available, endgame…etc.
If you played it you know they better add these things otherwise no one would fucking play it, thr dread of waiting with that gameplay? Hell no. They took all the feedback they got from genshin and threw it there because the game is sooo goddamn bad they have to add so many things to make it playable. Resin caps, in general are there to get you to open your game to play it, its why almost all gacha games have them and end game content? You mean harder and harder abyss? No thank you kek.
The only good endgame content they could add to the game is floor 10-11 difficulty runs that awards 5-star artifacts without using any resin.
>Inb4 bootlicking Genshin
I just know what genshin is now and what it'll be; the same. Hoyo were pissed off people were complaining about abyss and I don't know if anyone remembers how there was a meltdown about it? They said they'll take endgame "content" and add to other games like HSR and ZZZ because Genshin is too popular world wide and too many "casual" gamers play it and they want an """anxiety free""" gameplay basically means we're getting shit kek. So the only way to enjoy Genshin is collecting your fave characters, explore, do battles here and there, bit of Abyss and see where the story goes.

I'm so sorry for the amount of quotation marks lmao.

No. 320091

Chongyun is such an airhead aw.. He’s definitely being used by Xinqiu to do all the work for him. I love their dynamic so much

No. 320096

File: 1694078967623.jpg (408.45 KB, 866x1298, img_1694079008247.jpg)

Neuvillete and Wriothesly's namecards

No. 320097

There's nothing wrong with wanting casual, anxiety free games.
Games should be fun and not stressful.
There's plenty of hardcore difficult games out there if you like a challenge.

No. 320098

ugly art and autistic post

No. 320099

Yeah very autistic.
I like them! More effort than what they put into Wanderer’s namecard for sure

No. 320101

File: 1694084628156.jpg (131.84 KB, 850x850, __xinyan_genshin_impact_drawn_…)

No one said anything about casual gaming though? This was HYV's excuse for not adding endgame in Genshin

Lmfao it was long af, thanks for reading tho

No. 320155

I found hsr really boring too, I don't think it's a very good game compared to others in that genre.
I've been playing genshin for around a year and still have so much to do. Still have most of Inazuma and Sumeru left. I don't get wanting so much endgame content and people complaining genshin doesn't provide enough content, I wonder how much do these people play? It must be hours and hours daily. For me it seems there is too much to do and I get pretty overwhelmed. I am glad to do dailies and current events for the primos plus an hour of some story quest or exploration which gets me to almost two hours almost daily. I guess some could be day 1 players and others teenagers with no job and no serious need to study that do have more time to put into it. Wish that were me ngl

No. 320203

I fully agree that HSR is much shittier of a game because it has way less content than Genshin, no exploration, the worst turn based combat system I've seen and even uglier female characters but I would kill for that resin cap increase and Simulated Universe in Genshin. I personally don't like playing Abyss because there just isn't anything in it for me except a few primos, the enemies in Simulated Universes at least give me drops. That said I still prefer Genshin being a casual experience that's more driven by the story, quests, events and exploration than autistic number crunching.

I don't get it either, I've been playing since day 1 myself and I still haven't 100%'d every map and have unfinished world quests despite playing daily. The people I know who complain about the lack of content literally play for hours a day which is senseless to me, I have other things to do than sit there wasting time on one vidya endlessly.

No. 320229

File: 1694156630914.jpeg (536.24 KB, 2048x1327, 4CCDA4E7-74CC-41AE-A8CA-FC2967…)

Hoyo’s official genshin taobao store dropped Scara clothes. I wonder if the model is supposed to look like him. It’s so hard to know what the NPCs mean when they say he looks especially beautiful, since all characters look pretty. So I’m guessing he’s supposed to have a doll-like beauty like the model in pic related. Cute.

No. 320239

First, cute!!
Second, was there rage in China because of this? Did the moids there threaten the model or taobao?

No. 320241

No rage from what I heard. I mean in the end incels are loud but not the majority of the fanbase.

No. 320266

I really like this line, specially the culottes and pants. may actually buy the beret and culottes. all the pieces are quite cute and wearable without totally screaming weeb like those t shirts with character silhouettes.

No. 320279

File: 1694190200036.jpg (221.74 KB, 1000x1500, 4d06e86e5ae5e47c34f7fdfc1cd472…)

He's holding a bag right? Why didn't they make that with the outfit?

No. 320282

Not my style but I hope it does well so Hoyo makes more of them. It's nice to have some subtle outfit choices rather than everything being overtly weeby.

No. 320288

File: 1694195558266.jpg (505.28 KB, 2394x1600, F5ebgIrbUAEI_Ey.jpg)

they are selling the tote bag too

No. 320325

File: 1694211837019.jpg (226.92 KB, 1080x1968, Screenshot_20230909_012503.jpg)

That's the first time they use a character's name as the sender right?

totally didn't shit myself and thought my phone got hacked

No. 320452

File: 1694279708032.jpeg (575.68 KB, 2048x2048, 63BAB6A9-2502-453E-B375-C28156…)

Since we are only two nations away from the reveal, how do you think Genshin will end? Based on the lore we have thus far and what we know/see of Asmoday/Unknown God/Sustainer of Heavenly Principles?

Just from pic related we can assume our loading screen is Celestia and Asmoday protects the rules of Celestia.

No. 320453

lyney is so cute

No. 320455

File: 1694280923744.jpg (371.37 KB, 1280x1280, 82cf60c8635118df8a630d601ed50a…)

Fixed spelling kek
I'm more interested in how Genshin will carry on after Celestia and the final reveal. If memory serves their initial plan was 5 years but after huge profit made they changed it to 10 years. Will it be just events and reruns or will they stretch Archon and Celestia stuff

No. 320459

File: 1694282307023.jpg (603.88 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_20230909_205832.jpg)

Happy birthday Razor!

No. 320460

File: 1694282366925.jpg (2.51 MB, 3000x3000, IMG_20230909_205837.jpg)

"Many gifts… From teacher Lisa… and everyone…"
"What is this… warm… feeling? Thank you."

No. 320491

Love this wolf

No. 320492

Wait, this outfit is actually really good. Do you think it's possible for me as an European to buy this? I never used taobao before. Is there an English website for official Genshin merch?

Happy birthday Razor!

No. 320496

I think we’re going to get a few other region expansions from Liyue and Mondstat and then they’re going to lore dump us last minute in snezhnaya.

No. 320501

File: 1694291638774.jpeg (219.07 KB, 945x1200, IMG_1445.jpeg)

>Do you think it's possible for me as an European to buy this?
You will need a shopping service that buys it for you, and ships it to your country. There are plenty online. Look up "taobao shopping service" and find some reviews. This is what j-fashion anons have done for decades.

Yeah I think so too. My theory is that the traveler will try to destroy Celestia, like the burning structures in the choose your twin cutscene, and the loop/samsara of Teyvat will be revealed. If hoyo wants to be annoying, this means that we will have a few more years in the loop before the game actually ends and the god is defeated.

No. 320511

File: 1694295639999.jpeg (464.12 KB, 1576x2048, F5W635NaYAIw4u7.jpeg)

I just want to hear his voice by Daisuke Ono already. Leakers are so shit recently, probably because the next patch has no new female chars.

No. 320512

File: 1694295693820.jpeg (196.54 KB, 1200x1526, F445DqzXgAAJjOf.jpeg)

No. 320522

Happy Birthday baby! I love my son so much.

No. 320612

File: 1694357612067.jpg (229.43 KB, 2400x800, F5otJSHbMAA0V5D.jpg)

not one but two new official merch collections. clearly of higher quality and more thoughtful than previous waifu fashion series.
I need to know for schadenfreude, how hard are the CN incels seething right now?

No. 320629

I wish mihoyo would open up an EN/global store, they have the money to

No. 320635

Oh my god so cutee!! I'd love to get this plush. I'll wait for some ebay or local listers to sell it.

There is a cut on the model's nose, is that intentional scara thing I don't know about or does she just have it kek

No. 320640

intentional. it's meant to resemble kitty scratches.

No. 320643

I really doubt Scarakitten would just let himself get caught without a fight, kek.

No. 320647

File: 1694376086267.jpg (358.72 KB, 1600x2008, 5b18a2c4be3718b69b1b5b0f78903f…)

That's actually adorable wtf I want it right now
(And his pendant)

No. 320658

File: 1694380437957.jpeg (113.75 KB, 850x948, IMG_2322.jpeg)

No. 320659

File: 1694380491689.jpeg (135.41 KB, 850x1203, IMG_2323.jpeg)

No. 320660

File: 1694380551311.jpeg (186.83 KB, 850x1511, IMG_2324.jpeg)

No. 320669

File: 1694381305350.jpeg (148.38 KB, 850x940, IMG_2330.jpeg)

I really like Yanfei (especially deep voice jp dub), wish she had normal clothes. I'd kill for a decent skin. Shame genshin doesnt do more skins, they'd probably make a lot of cash off them.

No. 320675

File: 1694384299748.jpg (166.84 KB, 1080x1980, bc0a6aa9389e35a09ab6738238c2f7…)

You would think a company that likes to sell waifu/husbando experience would put couple of skins each patch but for some reason, barely.

Lack of gifting option also confuses me too? Sure it'll cause e-begging in co-op and such but it would also bring some profit since 3rd party websites do it and Razer gold too iirc.

No. 320712

File: 1694407741918.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080, 20230905173747_png_.png)

Underwater sunset~

No. 320739

File: 1694428567347.png (9.99 MB, 2101x2974, IMG_2331.png)

No. 320743

Really pretty, this almost makes me want an underwater part in Serenitea pot.

No. 320758

File: 1694446516389.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, gensh.jpg)

Found these guys near Qingce Village's fishing spot. So water Eidolons in Liyue and Corrosion Wolves in Mond, huh.

No. 320764

ya they do that sometimes, add new monsters to old areas with lore relevance to the new monsters. they retroactively added consecrated electro scorpions on Yashiori Island, near Orobashi's bones too

No. 320775

File: 1694455458323.png (1.15 MB, 1717x1101, abyss.png)

People (read: angry moids) keep saying Geo is dead but I don't see it.

No. 320784

File: 1694458582103.jpg (1.26 MB, 1725x1080, genshi.jpg)

Didn't even know about that! Thanks nona, I'll grow a "Lyney Travels" Album book lol.

Whenever Childe's team gets slapped around Geo is always there to avenge it kek.
Watch them praise it to high heaven when Navia's released though.

No. 320810

File: 1694482729760.jpg (307.05 KB, 1438x1719, F5tvsK-XsAIBKi5.jpg)

when is the livestream, i need to see him so badly

No. 320836

File: 1694502740033.jpeg (154.79 KB, 850x1133, IMG_2329.jpeg)

Me too, we still know barely anything about him. Leakers aren't leaking anything it's so weird.

No. 320838

File: 1694504693069.jpg (383.49 KB, 1080x481, Screenshot_20230912-104549_1.j…)

Went to check for leaks and found first banner.
Second banner is Wrio, Venti, Chongyun, Thoma and Dori.
These are trusty leaks but still take the 4 stars with a grain of salt.

No. 320869

File: 1694513714913.jpg (369.83 KB, 1658x2048,