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File: 1696091351972.png (626.77 KB, 1920x1080, 870235.png)

No. 324512

>what is transwashing
Transwashing is when a character is forcefully made into trans, even if they're just gnc, homosexual, or crossdressing. When a character dresses or behaves in a way outside of the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex, oftentimes fandoms (and, even the creators themselves to appear "woke") start perceiving them as trans. And, sometimes, even if those characters don't have "any sign of being trans", some people's head-canons becomes too out of control and fall into the gender ideology. This unfortunately happens to real people too.

Post those characters, discuss why they're transwashed, and vent if you want to. Please don't infight and ignore any shitty bait.

Previous thread:

No. 324517

1. The other thread is still alive.
2. At least pick a different character for the OP. This is just pure laziness or you're obsessed.

No. 324520

It's like 3 posts from bump limit just move when you're ready

No. 324525

Thank you so much for making the new thread and continuing the trend of using Naoto! I love her so much and felt utterly gutted when I saw her being transwashed for the first time.

No. 324530

Not op but Naoto is a transwashed icon, she deserves being the threadpic. You can't even post innocuous art of her on social media without having an avalanche of people arguing about her gender in replies kek

No. 324534

File: 1696095156464.jpg (1 MB, 2491x3539, 743340.jpg)

>Not op but Naoto is a transwashed icon
And Felix or Astolfo are even bigger ones. Your autistic obsession is not helping these threads.

No. 324535

So you want a porny moidbait trap as the op instead?

No. 324537

File: 1696095968938.jpg (227.19 KB, 850x605, sample_eb8df3349043956d27de5e7…)

Weak. He's only 'porny' to you because you saw too much porn of him. In the series itself he isn't a fanservice character. If what others do with characters in fan creations can 'taint' them for you, I'm chuckling at your inability to enjoy 99% of media content.

No. 324541

File: 1696097562221.jpg (99.27 KB, 691x1096, ld0tl1pj9wb71.jpg)

In fairness, Felix (after therapy) would be pretty funny.

No. 324550

File: 1696100487997.png (124.56 KB, 1085x748, 7e6539decb8ffda49189f16d3dbea6…)

For the Enstars fans, someone in the subreddit asked why people use she/her for Arashi and I was really surprised to see this as the most upvoted answer, instead of someone just saying Arashi is canon trans. Besides this there were also many other comments saying they just saw him as a feminine man that weren't downvoted to oblivion. I was kind of shocked because the English fandom is so militant about him but there's only a few people insisting he's a trans woman. Do you think the attitudes are slightly changing?

No. 324552

I think you're the one being autistic here, please just hide the thread pic since it doesn't even matter instead of clogging the discussion, be the one to make a new thread next time if you want another character.

No. 324553

>Weak. He's only 'porny' to you because you saw too much porn of him.
>from a franchise that originated as an eroge game and has a bunch of hentai artists contributing to its gacha cashcow
Stop embarrassing yourself, scrotelicker(replying to bait)

No. 324555

How do you even cope with the fact that plenty of 'clean' franchises in Japan first began as eroge or were created by people who worked on drawn porn before? How does that feel to know your favourite mangaka, both men and women, first started as a porn doujin creator?

No. 324557

Girl, we are not putting an XY trap in the threadpic no matter how hard you cry(replying to bait)

No. 324560

I support you trap queens. naoto is boring character, free trap king astolfo.(bait)

No. 324561

File: 1696106104408.jpg (617.58 KB, 1600x1200, Degenerates.jpg)

Traps and femboys are a moid fetish and cringe meme. Into the garbage they go along with their disgusting coomers. Also Bridget trooning out is what they deserved for being degenerates now it's less fappable to them while taking in that copium still believing it's a boy.

No. 324577

I started reading your post but since I don't really know enstars I decided to look up the character and I thought "Oh they are trans washing this character as trans man? Tho I could see the appeal of a reverse trap in a game like this" then I come back and continue to read your post and they are transwashing him as a tim? why the fuck would anyone want a trans woman in an otome gacha game and why would the trans woman character just look like a regular anime male? None of it makes sense

No. 324578

File: 1696115224587.jpg (95.48 KB, 500x525, dio with it.jpg)

>stop liking what I dislike!
Childish. If something triggers you, you can just hide the posts instead of backseat modding. Not your personal Discord server, so you just have to accept that people are going to post stuff you hate. Learn to get along on a chan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 324580

>reverse trap in a joseimuke/otome game
I need this like I need air

No. 324584

>see the appeal of a reverse trap in a game like this
that would be genuinely horrifying we already have enough by having actual trapshit in our games(fuck imas sideM)

No. 324588

File: 1696117953132.gif (1.65 MB, 515x286, 1536570134494.gif)

Sorry I won't give validation on things that give moids boners especially on a female centric anonymous board. You could've just hide or ignore my post if disliking traps and femboys triggers you or the fact that they're coom garbage. Not everyone is gonna like them despite how loved and popular they are with moids and degenerates.

No. 324592

Enstars but it's Takarazuka Revue

No. 324596

Felix (after therapy) isn't a trap.
He goes back to dressing as a man 24/7.

No. 324598

I can't tell if cat femboy goes to therapy is a joke or not.

No. 324599

>If something triggers you, you can just hide the posts instead of backseat modding.
Ironic from the discord poster whining about why their speshul scrote wasn’t chosen to be a thread pic. You can always go back to 4chan to worship his uwu girlcock like the moids you clearly associate with(replying to bait)

No. 324602

File: 1696120984939.jpg (96.06 KB, 619x640, Gwyndolin_Close_up..jpg)

My boy here. Literally refers to himself as male in game and his whole story is being forcefully raised as a girl by his deranged dad, then stops pretending when his dad dies. Still the trannies say he is a tranny and misgender him

No. 324603

Is this the same Astolfofag spamming this insufferable moeblob on the yaoi and couples threads? Because fuck off. You're the one with the autistic obsession with this dickgirl porn icon. Next thread OP pic should still be Naoto or other androgynous girls like Haruhi or Rika.

No. 324604

I wish I had a computer that could run Dark Souls, this guy checks so many husbando traits for me

No. 324605

It's an au story line from the mobile game. After the woman he loved (and was into crossdressing) gets deleted from existence, he goes insane and suicidal. In the story, he gets his shit together, stops crossdressing or acting feminine, and becomes a doctor.

No. 324633

File: 1696138968302.jpg (375.69 KB, 1642x1642, tumblr_82701c35c762b60d1dbbc93…)


No. 324636

File: 1696140146719.jpg (1.08 MB, 2048x1536, tumblr_64a50831ab003e1b6efc118…)

Also relating to this
Goddamn I just wanted to look at Yotsuba fanart.

No. 324637

>the series’ with the most degenerate audiences also get their characters transwashed up the wazoo
No correlation here at all… none whatsoever

No. 324638

File: 1696141157418.jpg (111.74 KB, 560x583, tumblr_6e910bb14bbbb3a156afb8a…)

absolutely disgusting

No. 324639

The others agreed, but I don't remember Nichijou really having a degen fandom.

No. 324640

File: 1696141353850.png (3.48 MB, 2048x1536, YNBAW.png)

troon hands arent allowed in my moe anime

No. 324654

Saved. Thank you nonna.

No. 324657

I'd find them a lot more tolerable and more believable as "gnc male representation" if any of them at least sounded plausibly male and not like any other animu waifubait. I bet that Astolfo had a male voice actor or even a Megumi Ogata type of androgynous enough voice the conversation around him would be far more reasonable

No. 324658

it would be so cool to have a full GL otome with GNC love interests but a token GNC female love interest in an otherwise het game sounds like an awful idea tbh

No. 324659

File: 1696151203342.jpg (41.53 KB, 800x450, 97.5.jpg)

You're the one presenting as unhinged. If moids liking something makes it impossible for you to enjoy it, it's a mental illness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 324660

File: 1696151309915.png (268.18 KB, 343x696, lesson.png)

Keep projecting.

No. 324661

No such a thing. There are only guys with tits and TiFs.

No. 324662

The KyoAni fandom is degen by default. Have you been living under a rock?

Mixing hetero and homo routes in a dating game is a terrible business idea, unless you target it at men, who will fap to anything.

No. 324665

yeah but by coombrain logic guys with tits are "dickgirls"

No. 324669

File: 1696155161824.jpeg (35.57 KB, 640x480, EnXE5vuXYAAhQVJ.jpeg)

>liking traps and femboys
>mental illness
You were saying? Defend this moidshit all you want but that won't change my mind or others for disliking them. This is some pickme behavior. Also I've already been enjoying some media that's already been tainted by scrotes so I dunno where you got that idea from.

No. 324679

This post was written by AI.

No. 324682

>You're the one presenting as unhinged
>spends hours malding over a thread pic
jesus fucking christ just make the thread yourself next time

No. 324684

nah, that would be even worse because considering how much most anons here despise traps the whole thread would be nothing but trap-sperging derail, which I'm sure is what the trapfag actually seeks considering its pattern of posts. just report the bait and move on from now on.

No. 324689

Since the BK remaster came out Mizuti is getting they/them’d…I will wait and see how worse it gets as newfags finish the game. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone tries to rewrite her wiki page.

No. 324699

Let's all just agree that traps can be cool but Astolfo is just ugly, woman, man, doesn't matter, ugly design.

No. 324702

File: 1696172529310.jpg (55.65 KB, 266x694, yasu.jpg)

Umineko's Yasu.
I hate when umi fans try to say shit like "Umineko is about a trans woman!" I giggle because they tell it on themselves.
In reality Yasu is the result of an incestuos father-daughter relationship, he was born male but got in an accident as a newborn, he needed a sex reassignment surgery (lol what a load of bullshit) and he was raised as a girl to hide everything from the head master of all. When Yasu finds this out, he has a mental breakdown and uses his imagination of being "Beatrice" as a massive coping mechanism and has power delusions
If this is the true trans rep they want so much, it's not much different from the actual story of that pedo John Money who butched a child's circumcision and the parents tried to raise that poor child as a girl.
I wouldn't want to be represented by this to be fucking honest. Umineko it's a tragic love story, not a trans allegory ffs.

No. 324727

This post is written by a seething autist.(replying to bait)

No. 324731

It's literally 1 or at most 2 trapfags, probably spent too much time around coomer scrotes so now are used to everyone around them posting trap porn and wants lolcow to be the same even though trapfags are a tiny minority here and the majority hates scrotepandering media.

No. 324735

>Do you think the attitudes are slightly changing?
Slowly, but I think it's a matter of more people going mask-off. I notice the acceptable gender lingo changes so often, and even normie liberals who are otherwise supportive of LGB and GNC people who drank the koolaid but are otherwise harmless are getting fed up with it. I think more people are just scared to voice dissenting opinions, because even back in 2015 I had fandom friends who would complain in private about GNC characters getting transed but wouldn't dare post that in public. I'm not familiar with Enstars but I notice the transwashing of characters from Japanese media is arguably xenophobic and projecting Western cultural standards, which would be a big no-no for SJWs, until gender is involved.

No. 324736

Very high chance it’s a couple posters from the fujo discord, I left it because they would only discuss Fate, P5 and SAO

No. 324738

File: 1696181285161.png (166.13 KB, 1744x568, Capture d’écran 2023-10-01 à…)

retards really will troon any male character just because he's short huh

No. 324743

Or probably Rancefag since two of the reaction pics that had been posted are Dio who in which is one of her husbandos and she is very insistent for anons here to accept scroteshit and would go autismo mode to those that oppose her. She also goes to 4chan too.

No. 324745

It's basically 1 person who likes traps. They always post astolfo. They do it in other threads too, it's better to just ignore them
I never understand why TiMs claim characters like this and Bridget if they explicitly state they don't like presenting as a woman. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to be TiFs? Why do men have to claim every single trans character as their own?

No. 324748

i really think the anti-imperialist angle will be the best way to undo gender theory from the inside. the one thing gendies can't stand is being called racist

No. 324749

File: 1696184521127.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 845x840, rancefaghuschart.png)

Here is her husbando chart that she posted on here ages ago.
>she is very insistent for anons here to accept scroteshit and would go autismo mode to those that oppose her. She also goes to 4chan too.
Along with having an typing style that's very much abrasive and an holier then thou attitude towards anons that she deems to be inferior and unintelligent based on their opinions. the average 4chinner behaviour.

No. 324752

>They're latching on to fuckin Godfather of all film series
Literally why?
>Anji Mito
We'll at least she has good taste

No. 324753

damn, there really is no accounting for taste.

No. 324756

File: 1696186003976.jpg (92.4 KB, 1280x800, 2ca812022d90e98ca3899c40f34cf3…)

Kek as if

No. 324764

No fucking way

No. 324776

Only if they aren't designed to be like retarded uguu~ moeblob waifus that scrotes and coomers drool over. I think Astolfo would've been more likeable if he had a more boyish voice or voiced by a man.

No. 324779

Is it because he is suicidal?

No. 324782

He literally had like 20 kids with his waifus (and one husbando)

No. 324817

tbf it's mostly the one tif since the fandom has very little cintent. but as to why i think it's because yiffanies just can't see a short vaguely attractive guy without wnating to troon him. michael as played by al pacino is like 5ft5.
anything under 5ft8 gets the tif treatment because they cope about being too shrot to pass as male. you hardly ever see a tall tif

No. 324824

I love that Jun won.

No. 325034

File: 1696289548344.jpeg (369.16 KB, 1200x840, F7GS-VlbYAAjjqk.jpeg)

>Let's say Dazai, a dangerous mafioso who wants to find a woman to die together with is a secret FTM, even more because he calls himself "watashi" rather than "boku", what can go wrong?

A lot can go wrong, fandom. A lot.

No. 325040

i never understood the whole deal with idiots thinking personal pronouns in japanese are the end all be all of gender? do they not realize watashi isn't female exclusive at all? and if he was a ftm wouldn't they want him to be using boku/ore anyway??? my brain hurts…

No. 325044

He uses "watashi", according to a trivia, likely because of the format of traditional novels, which the real Dazai specialized in, typically used formal watashi pronouns over its variants.

And even then, it would be like the Yamato situation: She uses "male pronouns" out of respect, not because she feels she's a real men.

I stg these people have no idea how pronouns work in Japan in general and its shows.

No. 325148

He and everyone else who has Kafuka’s parts.

No. 325160

He's based on a literal 3DPD moid.

No. 325163

I don't know much about Dazai, but I studied Japanese for years. Watashi and watakushi are also more formal. If you're in a job environment, you're better off not using boku, and you definitely had better not use ore to talk about yourself. More formal people will almost always use watashi, unless they're your boss, but even then, it's not super common irl. Sometimes I think people conflate masculine and feminine pronouns in English too much with Japanese pronouns. There's not a great one to one comparison.

No. 325169

That was also a serial cheater and manipulated two women into killing themselves. Dunno if it’s a good or bad thing that his legacy has been defiled with chuuni anime crap.

No. 325175

Also, the feminine pronoun is atashi. So they're even more wrong on this. Watashi is neutral and formal.

No. 325327

File: 1696460561485.jpg (56.87 KB, 606x756, 77e6e90b8275f9d8a831d68c766d58…)

Forgive me the rant but I rarely socialize anymore so that stuff is still new to me. Joined a big 2D robot related discord a while ago. Half of the users are sadly male, but to my surprise it's mostly chill and even gay ships can be discussed. Most users (female and male) discuss the plots and speculate which is what I am here for because the women only discords I know about are sadly infested with OOC uwu talk, coffee shop AUs and nobody even reads the very series they are fan of for some reason.

Anyway the new discord was okay but then one shithead starts posting about Rodimus, a male MC of a Transformer comic, to explain that "HER" being so popular was the "power of estrogen". I am too retarded and not online enough to get what they mean so I literally had to read it four times till I understood that they consider him a transwoman for absolutely no reason.
The audacity you need to have to not just talk about this like a headcanon you have but outright pretend that it was real in front of 100 other users. I cannot consider this anything but mentally ill lol. Not only the idea itself but that you wouldn't be aware of the fact that it's just your personal AU bullshit.
I clicked the carrd of course, I knew that every genderspecial has a carrd: "fatcatgirl" (guess that's a self-description), "cat/clover/shiny" (no idea what that means), 30s (so it's not a teen issue I guess), she/they, "trans lesbian" (lmao), ADHD, Autistic, "Proship DNI". Guess they all sound the same regardless of the type of trans they are.

So far I rather only read about this on lc and Rodimus isn't even one of my favs (more into the big brutes), but to my surprise it pisses me off more than I thought regardless, how do you all survive this shit on a daily base if you are into twinks and handsome young anime men?

No. 325329

>Rodimus sher/her
Leave the poor bots alone! Suprised that the shithead didn't get kicked out as TF fans are often hardcore from what I've interacted with last and not flakes like the shithead you mentioned. They must have been afraid of kicking him out since he's a transbian and they didn't want seem like a bigot or a terf.

>nobody even reads the very series they are fan of for some reason

People like those are often only in it for the "fandom" or the characters they can adopt their headcanons into and ignoring the material the character is from.

Although I will admit,I am suprised with Rodimus being transwashed and not for example Starscream or Elita 1

No. 325333

File: 1696465305198.jpeg (66.92 KB, 540x960, chihiro fujisaki.jpeg)

Definitely Chihiro from Danganronpa. I'm not gonna do a whole essay on how dumb it is that trannies wanna claim him, so I'll put it as simply as I can. The point of his character arc is that he wanted to stop being afraid of his own flaws, and learn to embrace what he actually was: a boy that would eventually grow into a man. Calling him a tranny just because he disguised himself as a girl is pretty much a big fat shit on his character because unlike actualy trannies, Chihiro decided to GROW UP and accept the male that he was.

No. 325334

I meant *actual. Ignore the typo in my post by the way.

No. 325339

>They must have been afraid of kicking him out since he's a transbian and they didn't want seem like a bigot
Yeah I think it's this. The canon gay couples from the comics made people more chill but I doubt that many like that transwash shilling. It's just that most fans are afraid to say anything against trans users nowadays especially if it's a bigger forum or discord because you know they will start a crusade and accuse you of all kinds of things to earn sympathies if you do it.
>People like those are often only in it for the "fandom" or the characters they can adopt their headcanons into and ignoring the material the character is from.
Yes this. I knew about this in the past but had the impression that it was more of an exception not the rule. Guess I was wrong.
It's honestly frustrating because I am mostly into some weird but interesting side characters but almost nobody cares about them because they don't know them. Those who don't read the manga or comics only know like the main 10 maybe that are central enough to be shared on memes, which is all they seem to consume. Maybe the transwashing is related to this and people pick characters that give off the right "vibes" and latch onto them without care about the narrative.

No. 325507

Now he got the aph poland cut, went from one type of faggot to another

No. 325612

Found the misandrist (kek, jk nonas) TIMs exist (we know)

No. 325628

File: 1696597715650.png (307.51 KB, 584x829, 45.png)

trannies try not to be delusional challenge

No. 325653

I love Naoto being the thread mascot so much

No. 325661

Is that a fucking camel toe?

No. 325767

File: 1696671749167.jpg (99.27 KB, 937x800, 34df11d6046b82e7ce9adbfa62bcf6…)

>is a girl
>an extremely mysterious yet interesting character if you're on the mindset that her dreams symbolize her personality or memories
>obviously going through some shit emotionally because of how you end the game
>doesn't say shit during the whole game, but is still able to be somewhat relatable to girls and women who struggle to leave their comfort zone and socialize
>one little feature where Madotsuki can use a male restroom stall is all it takes for all these creepy, shit-brained trannies to think Madotsuki is "one of them", EVEN THOUGH Madotsuki can just as easily use the female restroom stall in her dreams.
>there is literally more evidence for the theory that Madotsuki was raped, than there is evidence for Madotsuki being a troon; a people fucking HATE the rape theory.
Fuck you trannies, Madotsuki is just a girl that's going through some shit. She'll never belong to you!

No. 325769

The worst part is that the tranny theory ruins all other theories. Basically, you have all these theories that each have one crucial piece of evidence:
>the large phallic creature symbolic of fear of penises (rape theory)
>the Toriningen are girls that bully Madotsuki (bullying theory)
>the whole deal with cars and Tomoko are apparently about a car accident (car crash theory)
And you can easily put together all of these theories as being parts of a larger story (like say, Madotsuki was raped due to neglect, which was due to her bullying, which was due to an accident she caused). You can create a huge story out of these little symbolic hints.

Now, enter the tranny theory. It uses the phallic monster to argue that "muh dysphoria", the toriningen for "muh gender envy", and so on, essentially destroying all other theories. It's poetic in a way, of how the trans movement selfishly hijacks many other movements and ideologies to mash it into some frankenstein abomination.

No. 325771

>>325769 samefag

MyHouse.WAD anyone? People are arguing that the main guy is a tif because at one point you enter a mens restroom (that's next to a women's restroom), you fight monsters there, take pills to heal and when you exit the two bathrooms are mirror-inverted, meaning you leave from the women's.
Makes no sense with the game's time period, the mirror theme is constant so it can be a coincidence, and the other argument which is the deadname Anna is some bullshit too since Anna is a separate character.

No. 325774

File: 1696675032114.jpg (15.93 KB, 275x206, 1644217033807.jpg)

>the insane amount of reach it takes to reach the theoretic conclusion that the player character from MyHouse.WAD is actually a tranny because of extremely insignificant, or incorrect interpretations of details like his inspection of the female restroom, or his real name.
Holy Fucking SHIT.

No. 325777

a redditcore liminal horror doom mod sucked and fucked dry by youtube video essayists for months straight AND had homo romance got the attention of trannies? color me surprised!

No. 325974

File: 1696776339139.jpg (158.81 KB, 757x1076, 109777631_1453654878162497_250…)

That's what irks me more. I bet they didn't even read "No Longer Human" book to understand Dazai (the moid) at all.

And since we are talking about BSD, the fact they call Sigma with female pronouns or call him a "non binary icon" because he was born in a lab… He still think himself as a man, way to misgender him for your tastes!

No. 326047

File: 1696813883020.jpg (Spoiler Image, 897.91 KB, 2048x2686, tumblr_0636cfaf3ca841a05c549f3…)

pathologic has some of the most rabid trans fetishy bullshit ive ever seen and i hate it. so much. i LOVE the three main characters intensely, and pathologic 1 + 2 are two of my most favorite games ever made, but i cannot look for fanart or fanfic without running into revolting trannyshit. they especially dump it on daniil, because any slim man = ftm i guess. conveniently ignoring that daniil is the most likely character to be -phobic of anything, lmao. god i hate fandoms

No. 326066

It's funny seeing MyHouse.wad mentioned for tranny stuff. The Doom mod community is extremely misogynistic and is full of moids (female modders are very rare, actually I don't think I know one) yelling homophobic (and twansphobic uwu) and racist slurs at each other on discord. There's no fucking way they would include a tif in a Doom mod.

No. 326176

File: 1696938562636.jpg (4.75 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Does anyone else find the whole "I want to steal his gender" thing with fictional male characters really creepy and weird? Like wanting to dress up like a fictional character is okay but wanting to literally BE them is so weird to me.

No. 326180

it's the same thing as tims wanting to skinwalk women, but with less menace because there is no real-life threat from women (tifs) toward men.

No. 326188

I don't think it's creepy, but it's lame and I can't help but find it childish, because when I was a kid, I was like that with Tomoyo from card captor sakura, I wanted to be just like her, but my personality and body were completely different and that wasn't realistic at all. Later I realized I had a little crush on her and i think that's the exact same thing that's going on with these tifs, but as a teenager or an adult you should have some grasp of reality

No. 326194

It feels more like finding them attractive and wanting to look the same, so they can also be attractive. Maybe it comes from an inability to see women that way and also not fitting/wanting to reject female beauty standards. But people say it very casually, so they oftentimes probably don't even mean anything when they say it. Especially because the concept of kinning has also become something that's casually joked about and not treated like it's weird as hell

No. 326211

Kinnies were a mistake and should've never stopped being mocked years ago. It's obvious these people have a crush on the character but instead go the retard route and say "I want his gender" or say "He's so gender!" The fuck does that even mean? Just say you want to fuck him and move on with your life.

No. 326213

Is it bad this is the first tranny theory I heard before I even knew much about trannies at all kek. I remember "unreasonably" hating it as a girl who was going through some shit and alienating herself as well, and that was before knowing everything about them I know now. A sign.

No. 326280

File: 1696980450820.gif (261.17 KB, 300x223, LMjXcmL.gif)

And many of them excuse their actions while saying "Killua made me do it, even Goku tried to stop it but Nagito wanted to see the world burn".

No, you did it because you knew it was wrong.

No. 326281

File: 1696980504069.png (111.67 KB, 1266x470, Footprintpatha.png)

there's no way this theory could be true, there's too much fear of sexual threat from men and pregnancy for mado to be a tranny. trannies are just retards who infest all indie games.

i've always thought KIKIYAMA was a woman due to the portrayal of mado's fears, dreams and nightmares.

No. 326285


From my experiences this past year, TF is ground zero kek, I went to some cons and it was 50% troons and 50% hardcore moids, with 99% of the female minority as TRAs. It was some of the craziest shit I've seen recently, gender ideology really has done a number on nerds. I'm trying to laugh about it so that I don't cry, the fact that nearly every other woman there was on T was so sad. Or you had neckbeards virtue signalling by bringing up "maybe we should call this bot/alien "they" because their pronouns have never been confirmed" during their presentation. (yes, I know there are troon bots now in the comics, which I don't really read, but I'm not talking about them, trying to stay on thread topic)

Sorry for mistakes I'm just an ESL lurker.

No. 326316

It's so rampant amongst gen z too. Like I know two girls, both under 23 who claim to be lesbians, but obsess over kpop and everyone they come across is their husband. They really say shit like 'gender envy' too. Is there no hope for modern lesbians? They're always just fake bi girls or straight girls pretending.

No. 326318

No. The lesbian masterdoc has caused irreparable damage to society

No. 326371

it's confusing. however, one of my friends is a legit lesbian (has only dated and had sex with women for the past 15 years) and continues to like m/m pairings. i would love to know the psychology behind this. is it because men can embody so many roles that women just can't in society?

No. 326377

If m/m pairings are animated then it's not like they represent real humans anyway and people are more interested by their personalities, the dynamics involved and their design. Their relationship could just be more interesting to ponder for your friend. Many such cases exist.
I consider myself bisexual so take this with a grain of salt, but I think it's because very often fictional women tend to be bland and flat characters. I liked both women and men irl, but only fictional men and no fictional women. Okay, maybe only one or two fictional women in my lifetime.

No. 326873

Having finally gotten around to reading Felix's backstory, it'd funny how it's more of a child abuse trans allegory than anything else.
His father abused and tortured him and basically destroyed any chance at healthy pruberty (though by neglecting him for years in a basement), and there's even a scene where he confronts him and yells at him for ruining his life and "ripping any chance at being a normal healthy man", basically crippling him for life.

No. 326980

I think as long as she don't like their dicks/porn, it's fine. I'm lesbian as well and while I dislike m/m, there are some m/f ships I love because their dynamic, so I guess it may be a similar situation. When I see NSFW art/fics of them, I just focus on the girl and try my best to ignore the guy's dick & I'm not sure how could you do that with a sausage fest though kek, but like you said it's probably because men are allowed to have a bigger range of personalities, dynamics etc in media; on top of us being conditioned by society to view men as more "human" or insteresting than women. If we are talking about cartoon ones, they're often feminine twinks that barely look like actual males, so again unless she's into bara or some shit I think it's relatively normal.

No. 327482

File: 1697453391241.jpeg (207.64 KB, 683x1024, 1A741F1A-3A84-45EA-8940-F91672…)

Unsure if pro wrestling counts in this thread, but since it’s his wrestling character/gimmick rather than the actual guy, maybe it does -
CM Punk gets portrayed as FTM quite often by fans

No. 327992

File: 1697622354243.jpg (264.89 KB, 1280x1333, Neeko League of Legends.jpg)

Neeko from League of Legends. Canonically a lesbian who has multiple (tame) moid-hating voicelines.
Doesn't help that there's a chroma with the tranny flag for one of her skins

No. 327993

File: 1697622666951.jpg (98.8 KB, 1366x768, Leo.jpg)

Leo Kliesen from Tekken. This one is more understandable because Namco loves playing up her androgynous features and keeping it vague, but if you look into it it's obvious that she's meant to actually be a woman.

No. 327999

I actually hate how she's very, very, very obviously a lesbian written by a moid. Even her moid-hating lines are what you'd expect an incel moid to answer if asked about males.

No. 328001

She also has some troon-themed voicelines because when she takes the form of a female character, she makes dreamy comments about how she wishes to look like that - very troonlike comments. Makes me want to puke.

No. 328002

Are you a pooner? This trend of picking an obviously male character, no, REAL PERSON, and trans them out instead of looking at actual strong female characters is nothing short of mysoginistic.

No. 328004

Sadly I get what you mean, I cope with it by seeing in as lesbian envy "Do I want to be with her or be her" kind of way.

No. 328052

I remember when Leo first appeared in tekken 6 the general consensus seemed pretty unanimous to me that she's a woman. Only recently when I got back into tekken did I start seeing people going for the ~ambiguous~ approach.

No. 328110

Nona I made a post about MyHouse.wad a while ago in the Dumbass Shit thread, I have no idea if anyone replied kek, should've posted here instead.
>The Doom mod community is extremely misogynistic and is full of moids
Yeah it's a given. I'm no DOOM fan but I have never heard of any woman in that entire community either.
However, the Doomworld forums, where the .wad was published, seems to be full of TRAs and some troons. I read the entire thread because I just needed to know the truth about the creator, even though I didn't know much about the community. In the end, they didn't reveal his identity (at least when I last checked) but along the way they did develop this tranny theory that the whole level is an allegory for either an MtF or an FtM going through some tragic bullshit. That was in the same month the .wad was released.

Yes, it has always confused me as well and creeped me out. In general I think it's mainly due to low self-esteem (no surprise there) and a lack of sexual and romantic experience, so they have no idea that it's normal to be attracted to someone you both relate to and admire at the same time, and that you don't have to literally be that person to feel comfortable with yourself. And maybe since the character isn't real and they can't be validated by him, their only solution is to make him real in some way. Or maybe they're a bit autistic but I feel that's a shitty answer. I do think inexperience definitely plays a huge role though because that behaviour is very childish like >>326188 said.

No. 328129

>not reading the OP
>using "pooner" unironically
go back to /tttt/

No. 328986

are you retarded

No. 329015

File: 1697902331693.jpg (60.69 KB, 500x500, artworks-dTjz4v92DLmPOnv1-iZ2H…)

i hate trannies

No. 329019

i'm a lesbian (married to a woman, never had any desire for sex/relationships with men) and i love m/m pairings in fiction. tbh i don't know why, I've just always been kind of a fujo. i do enjoy drawn/animated m/m porn and written erotica because drawn guys don't look like irl men at all. i have no attraction to men irl though, lesbian fujos are more common than you think

No. 329020

File: 1697904277611.png (47.97 KB, 640x480, Kyukyu.png)

Sorry for the late response, but I agree with you. I know the rape theory is an unpopular one, but the obvious uterus, pregnancy, vaginal, phallic, and bloody imagery gave me the impression that Madotsuki experienced some sexual trauma. Or just curious about the human body at the very least. It's a shame people hate this theory so much, because (to me at least) it would explain a lot of the creepy, organ-mimicking imagery and NPCs, and it also can make Madotsuki more relatable to women and girls who've experienced such trauma. Although it's a touchy subject, it keeps a level of "realness" in the game. Sorry for the sperging, I just think the theory gets too much hate.

No. 329021

>I'm no DOOM fan but I have never heard of any woman in that entire community either.
Kek there's me I guess, but I always posed as a male online for obvious reasons. And I had no idea the Doomworld forums were filled with trannies, I assumed the community was the same as the usual Doom modding group of unhinged spergs using real gore as sprites and maybe one or two decent people. Trannies really infest anything.

No. 329027

My exposure to MyHouse was on Twitter, with some artist's I follow making fan art of the two gay dudes.

No. 329032

i don't know anyone who hates this theory tbh. but then again, i've only discussed yume nikki with women. maybe moids hate it because they like to pretend they aren't mouthbreathing cavemen who rape all the time.

No. 329071

File: 1697921948141.jpg (29.16 KB, 563x453, b87df42bfe952fe363573f113a0d56…)

basically any horror movie character at this point

No. 329080

File: 1697925118343.png (946.55 KB, 1080x2309, mst3wmjy76r81.png)

I just discovered that troons and other genderfags are jumping through loops of circus-tier gymnastics to theorize that Danny-fucking-Phantom is a "transboy". I saw one claim that Danny in his normal outfit has "wider hips" than when he wears his skin-tight ghost suit, for "proof" that Danny was born a girl…completely ignoring that those "wider hips" can easily be explained by his normal clothes just being baggy. And why do they think the cliche trope of a superhero teenager needing to keep their identity a secret is somehow an analogy to trannies being in the closet?? With that logic, anyone having any secret ever can be compared to being a tranny. Can these people do their gender-destructive surgery and chemical lobotomy so the human population doesn't have to worry about their worthless genes making it into the pool? God.

No. 329143

Why do tifs latch onto horror? It's so common.

No. 329160

they think they're being edgy i guess
don't know where they were back when horror wasn't "cool" in online spaces and didn't get tons of fanart like it does now

No. 329237

File: 1697989177897.jpeg (29.91 KB, 620x333, FAsvbfAWUAoVq59.jpeg)

I think Adam attracts TIFs because he's the perfect self-insert for them. He's shorter and younger than the other male characters in Saw, which is more relatable for them. He's also only alive in the first movie, so what is known of his character is very minimal, allowing TIFs to project onto him. They also ship him with Dr. Gordon, because they love to pretend their heterosexual attraction to men and autoandrophilia is totally gay and queer.

No. 329268

CM Punk?? as FTM?? These kids have not seen him in ROH and it shows. Which is ironic because Chyna, back in her prime time, was always called "tranny" because she was a muscular woman.

IIRC It all started to piss off Butch Hartman, like people calls Hermione a TIM or a TIF to 'piss off JK Rowling, because Butch is Christian, so they want to use their "Transness" to troll him. But like JK Rowling does, Butch doesn't give a fuck about headcanons, even if sadly some TIFs took that shit seriously.

No. 330119

File: 1698241970103.jpeg (33.45 KB, 346x480, 02931302-95DC-4804-9549-CFADE2…)

actually, it’s mainly his ROH appearance they like to make FTM, i’ve observed

No. 330234

File: 1698271242799.png (1.28 MB, 1843x1888, 8712191.png)

I don't understand why people do this shit instead of just making OCs. I mean, it's so far removed from the source material. Also this bit in the caption made me laugh:
>I think the way hussie wrote about gender and they themselves figuring out their own queerness and opening up more to being queer Whilst writing Homestuck
…He's a bearded straight man married to a fan young enough to be his daughter, and he's clearly insincere about using "they" pronouns. Kek

No. 330769

Praying for the day when the precise combination of traits that makes a tall, androgynous woman so repulsive to trannies that they refuse to go near her is discovered.

No. 330778

i like astolfo but i rarely see him claimed as a trans gal these days. normally people are assuming he’s non-binary or something (which is unfortunately the case for most feminine male characters, even if they explicitly say they’re male)

i’m still pissed off about bridget also. his new design is cute kek

No. 330779

this is almost as bad as scrotes who turn her into a generic girl archetype (and then go on to ship her with fucking yamada)

No. 331085

I don't understand why the only thing TIFs care about is the gender, pronouns, sexuality and appearance (which they try to bastardize from canon as much as possible just for the sake of diversity) of a character rather than any other information about them. What are their likes? Dislikes? Past? What makes this character unique and interesting? Is their only personality being a she/it/meow/pup/woof/xe from Philippines? At least she gave the characters unique facial expressions instead of making them stand still. But they look nothing alike to their canon counterparts. And where the fuck is Caliborn? He's too "pwoblematic" for her to draw?

No. 331175

File: 1698596747365.gif (11.8 MB, 250x222, PainterSnooze.gif)

Edgar valden from identity v. Anytime I look at western fanart of him they make him ftm. Doesn't help that his former voice actor was a woman before his original creator complained about it.

No. 331518

IDV fandom is so fucking shit it’s all gendie 14 year olds who have never even played the game they just make retarded memes that are always about sex or get in shipping discourse or accuse everything of being racist and problematic somehow. Leave my cute puppet boy ryona game alone.

No. 331768

I blame the danganronpa crossover for bringing more of them.

No. 332620

File: 1699055557409.jpg (177.16 KB, 706x793, f6dc760764e682c6de0769622681db…)

This fandom is basically frozen on the 2010s and yet I still find the occasional comment claiming Gowther is a mtf, sometimes a person would bring up since he is a doll then he is technically non-binary. I'm actually quite mad today anons.

No. 332759

File: 1699111491694.jpg (129.78 KB, 960x720, Sanji_im_Alter_von_21_Jahren_a…)

>creeps on women constantly to the point that one of his lifelong dreams is sneaking into the womens' bathhouse with invisibility
>nearly dies from nosebleeding over seeing beautiful women
>literally learned how to fly by escaping an entire island's worth of creepy transvestites
and yet the number of times i've seen an MTF headcanon slapped on him frankly baffles me

No. 332787

i have seen a couple of TIMs over the years complaining about headcanoning him as trans because it feeds into transmisogynistic(barf) stereotypes

No. 332788

Maybe they're too autistic to understand that human beings have complexities beyond superficial shit like the pronouns they use and the skin color they have.

No. 333228

File: 1699237324779.png (234.91 KB, 640x653, regarding-gwen-being-trans-her…)

having just watched the spiderverse films:
die mad, troons

No. 333232

File: 1699238261712.jpg (576.36 KB, 1280x1229, tumblr_63fb9ede9f87223636d9aff…)

I hate Pizza Tower but I've noticed something

No. 333236

Why do Tifs love this game…so. fucking. MUCH?

No. 333244

i told people in one of the bad art threads that tifs were jacking off to pizza tower of all things, and they didn't believe me. it's so bizarre. tifs just love ugly "quirky" things.

No. 333246

This character is nemubait

No. 333266

i hate having similar taste to nemu… first i found turbo cute now i find pizza man cute too.

No. 333270

It makes perfect sense why Sanji is headcannoned as a MTF - it’s because he is a thirsty sex pest. Tbh he’s pretty accurate MTF representation in that regard.

Also during the okama island arc, he did end up embracing crossdressing, I guess as a way to get the trannies off his back by making them think he’d become one of them. I hope that the okama island plotline makes troons seethe - my one complaint is that it depicted all of them as gay men lusting after an XY chromosome penis-haver, when in fact the majority of troons IRL these days are straight men calling themselves lesbians and sexually harassing biological females.

No. 333307

It's not like only scrotes like that, there are Japanese otome games that do it already, and even more that have a non-ambiguous (gender conforming) female love interest, although having either of that in otome is still pretty rare.
>Why do men have to claim every single trans character as their own?
Because they (TIMs) like to pretend they can look like cartoon boys that look and sound exactly like cartoon girls. Also the vast majority of these characters aren't even trans, they're just crossdressers that identify as the sex they were born with from what I understand, and were usually forced to assume roles associated with the opposite sex, castrated against their will, using crossdressing to temporarily cope with some trauma, showing that sex doesn't determine what clothes you can wear or what things you can like, etc. None of that matters to tranny coomers, however.
That's pretty funny because there are moids that decide to troon out partially because they think they're not manly enough to be men/don't want to perform male roles = they're women. This character did the opposite, and trannies want to bring him down to their level to feel better about themselves instead of facing the fact that failing at gender roles makes them feel useless or they'd rather dedicate their lives to a coom LARP than behave like an adult male.
>my one complaint is that it depicted all of them as gay men lusting after an XY chromosome penis-haver
Yeah, when Japanese men use that joke it's because the idea of an ugly crossdressing man will hit on them disgusts them to their very core, like it's the worst possible thing that could happen to a man (especially one like Sanji).

No. 333322

this time it's okay. the tifs can keep his ugly ass for themselves, we don't want it.

No. 333407

I don't like Sanji at all, and even I think he doesn't deserve it. We're nearing chapter 1100 and it's full of flashbacks to God Valley and the Revolutionary Army, and I'm praying that Crocodile was never a woman. He above any character would have his reasons if he was, but for the sake of my fucking sanity and the endless aiden tears, I hope he was always a man

No. 333450

Same! I’m manifesting Crocodile Y chromosome energy!

No. 334030

Thanks nonnie! Let's do it for him!

No. 334085

tifs are so retarded. i have nothing elegant to say i just despise tranny content in pathologic of all things soo much. i bet half of them haven't even played the game they just watched that fucking hbomber video

No. 334114

Turbo…Like from fucking Wreck it Ralph?

No. 334132

Either that or the ones by that obnoxious overacting mtf

No. 334210

Is beatrice the golden witch actually a troon or it's just that digitroon was named after her (him?)?

No. 334243

Yes. Spoiler read at your own risk It's been a long time since I've played anything umineko related but Beatrice the Golden Witch, Shannon, and Kanon are all alter egos of a mutilated incest baby seeking revenge of the Ushiromiya family for the mistreatment hes faced. He was up the product of the family head raping his daughter (also named Beatrice). He was thrown off a cliff as an infant and his penis got ripped off or something. So he was raised as a girl away from his creepy dad for a lil but. I felt a lot of sympathy for this character because in basically all worlds he's doomed to suffer like that. I believe that in it's heart the magic of umineko is just the fantastical world view of a broken child. That child is a product of incest but Beatrice, Shannon, and Kanon all have feelings for their niece/nephews but those are basically the only people nice to them. There is a lot I can't put into words besides it's just so tragic. A lot of gendie fans like to call Beatrice/shannon trans women but they literally had their penis ripped off or damaged in a way to make it easy to pass as female. Depending on how you view the magic aspect of the series there is only one world where he is spared most of the hurt and as a happy life. In this world he looks male but his gender is left ambiguous. If you believe that the magic is real then you can draw your own conclusions but since I see the magic as a coping mechanism I think that that happy life is just wishful thinking on his part, and his gender troubles are included because it's something he's struggled with since he realized his genitals were mutilated and can't imagine a life without. Sorry for the spreg and any inaccuracies it's been a while. I feel like the devs really wanted to tell a tragedy but couldn't resist having an ambiguous tranny there. Like it's not even a trans story it's a tragedy about a lonely abused boy who has identity issues because he's been lied to his whole life and he had his genitals mutilated. As an infant. He literally never had a choice.

No. 334244

File: 1699503718483.jpeg (42.39 KB, 479x359, IMG_2653.jpeg)

yes, i was a young teen when it came out. he's so cute here but his 3D model is meh.

No. 335184

File: 1699812629169.jpeg (120 KB, 828x636, IMG_2550.jpeg)

This shit makes me cringe so hard

No. 335186

famously, long hair & dark dye = all you need to be waman

No. 335452

File: 1699935960472.png (74.14 KB, 248x420, Kirara_Hoshi_-_Manga_(3).png)

tbh kirara is a bit confusing to me. we know he's male and his image drastically changed from when he was in high school, but he literally has tits?

No. 335751

File: 1700060549556.jpg (92.65 KB, 1280x853, Good Omens - Crowley.jpg)

I haven't seen it myself because I avoid fanfiction and fandom spaces in general, but my friend has ranted about this to me a few times. But Crowley from Good Omens is apparently headcanoned as trans because he dressed up as a woman in episode one (which was more likely a regular "haha, man in dress" joke) and wore something that could be interpreted as a feminine outfit in one of their flashbacks, so there are supposedly several fanfics where he has a vagina and surgical scars. They are also pushing that any and all pronouns works when talking about Crowley and Aziraphale since they're not human, even though they obviously consider themselves male and go by "he" throughout the show.

No. 335754

honestly hate the show, especially for all the new blood it brought to the fandom, which was already very 'tumblr' and annoying before that (but like, the superwholock era sort, not so much current gendie fandom shit… at least the last time I saw it in passing). Not surprised either of the two leads are getting tiffed, they're basically the only ship in the fandom (to my knowledge) and pairings like that seem to reach an event horizon of gay content that leads to sudden mass tranny shit. idk it's weird. Also as someone who really likes works that explore non-humans in-depth, it depresses me that most fans just leave it at gender shit now (another example would be Vash) with an extremely poor grasp on biology if they do try to at least jazz that concept up (not that that's surprising considering lol)

I love the original book, though I'm also not in the fandom and just see its content in passing, but the show felt very… Gaiman, which I'm not into so I gave up on it.

No. 337556

I'm not sure if there are any Tekken fans here but it seems like the character Leo has been troonified (or retconned entirely). In Tekken 6 Leo was a woman, a total gender nonconforming woman who was not drenched in male gaze but then around Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the creator started being ridiculous saying that Leo is just "Leo" and started graying the lines about what "gender" she was even though she was a clearly a woman since her full name was "Eleanore".

But then around Tekken 7, they gave Leo a male voice actor and it seems like in Tekken 8, they're continuing with this and I'm already seeing gender tard fans say she's "Transmasc" or "transman" and it's just so sad because it was nice to have a female character who was not an oversexualized female character.

It's probably a bit too early to tell if they really are making her a troon or changed her sex entirely and it's probably better to wait until the game comes out and we see what customization they give this character but it's just not looking too great…

No. 337956

I remember the creator saying Leo was originally going to be a female character named Eleanor, but some localization issues had her confusing overseas fans. It didn't help an official comic made her male as well, and they just leaned into the ~ambiguity~ of the character. The full "Leo is Leo" quote isn't too bad, as he said Leo wouldn't want to be called nonbinary, and instead it doesn't matter, as Leo is just a video game character.

SNK had a similar poorly handled, weird attempt at an androgynous female character with Yumeji in Samurai Shodown too, although she becomes a nun in her ending, lol. So they aren't the first to do it, although I can't think of any other ambiguous fighting game characters? For a hot second people (like the three still interested in the franchise at the time) thought Amakusa was nonbinary because the localizers used 'they' for him in press release before correcting it to 'he'.

Also Testament was clearly male back in the day. I don't even get why people think he was always supposed to be a troon, Daisuke wouldn't have felt the need to obnoxiously explain he is in his GGST reveal if so.

No. 337965

Daisuke Ishiwatari is just looking for ways to make shit popular. Testament turning into an enby waifu is for the DLC coombux, same for Bridget.
In the early 2000s he used to leave ambiguous replies to fan questions regarding Sol and Ky being gay for eachother… and that was because GG had a HUGE fujo fandom and Sol/Ky was the most popular ship. To avoid losing customers he literally lied about Ky and Dizzy's story (which became explicit only in GG2 and previously was only featured in a console port of X I think).

As for Samurai Shodown, the fandom is made of millennial male and boomers. Its fringe gendies are only in it due to KoF and they haven't discovered Yumeji's cringe yet. I did see Galford with tit scars and a vagina though.

No. 337971

AYRT and I guess my annoyance with this blurring that they're doing with Leo is annoying because it feels like these days you can't have a nonconforming woman (not adorned in coom tones or male gaze) with trying to make the character ambiguous and I'd just prefer they play the character straight if you know what I mean?

And I didn't know that about Samurai Shodown but Guilty Gear's Testament, very aware as I was really into GG back in the early 2000s. Testament and even Bridget were clearly male characters in their conceptual art and they depressingly ended up trooning both of them but in my head they will always be male.

No. 337994

Japan are cowards. Gone are the days of voice actors like mitsuki saiga who voiced male and masc female characters, popular by her husky voice. I hate it. Why aren't we allowed a masc woman?? Where are the Fatal fury Kings of this era?

No. 338023

Exactly. It's such bullshit kek. The FF Kings of today are nonbinary/transmasc. IT just sucks that even in Japan this crap is becoming more of a thing. Again, too early to tell with Leo but with the state of the social climate in gaming today, my hopes just aren't high at all.

No. 338207

If men in extremely traumatic situations is gnc, I wonder how gendies see people getting bombed in the middle east. Must be really queer to be losing a limb from the 3rd exploding hospital you've been at.

No. 338737

That's clearly a troon. Not related to thsi thread

No. 339434

File: 1701552610669.png (262.77 KB, 477x477, hanatarou bleach.png)

I remember a post of someone saying "yeah, queer people in Palestine are in danger, but did you knew that Florida is so dangerous to trans people???".

I was having a memory about picrel and how he was drawn like a clueless and shy guy, but he doesn't doubt in put his life in danger to heal others. I think many people would say he's a TIF or No-binary because he's not like other moids.

No. 343385

Harada has always wanted her gender to be whatever you want her to be which doesn't exactly translate to trans per say but it's still retarded I agree.

No. 343733

I could've sworn back during the Tekken 6 days, xhe was revealed to be a woman given her full name "Eleanore". How many guys do you know named Eleanore? Kek. I'm pretty sure the ambiguity came about post Tekken 6 but to those of us who knew of her before that, we know she's supposed to be a woman.

No. 343946

File: 1703143995767.jpeg (476.04 KB, 1080x1839, FlUe8JRaMAM7J1J.jpeg)

Michel from The House in Fata Morgana.
It honestly upsets me. I think it's very cruel to him and his character. I could write an essay.

No. 343984

I keep ending up liking female characters that get called every single pronoun that isn't she/her, gets called nonbinary/other gendershit or worse called trans men all because they're gnc and/or lesbians. The crazy part is the source material will have explicitly feminist themes and makes a point about them being women and not being restrained by gendered expectations and troons come along with their complete lack of critical analysis and project all their gender shit on the characters. I'm tired of this shit, especially when they dogpile anyone that isn't a self-hating woman and goes along with their nonsense.

No. 344110

honestly I think it says a lot that out of all "woke SJW" causes it's specifically troonism that is catching on so hard in Japan

No. 344152

Japan is doomed. They dick suck the U.S harder than anyone else. If the tranny pandemic got them, there's no stopping. They already have had traps in their media forever, now they're just gonna try to shoe horn trannies in. fuck japan. Women are always losing with this shit.

No. 344176

men see it as a deserved backlash, because how dare women think of themselves as people and want to be represented as such? God, my generation will forever be associated with tranny slop.

No. 344351

File: 1703319159223.jpg (416.43 KB, 1479x2048, juiz undead unluck.jpg)

I am so fucking sick of her getting trooned, and I'm so tired of people totally misunderstanding the worldbuilding to try and insist she's totally MtF. She knows biological sex is an ironclad rule of the universe, and she's even British, it makes more sense for her to be a terf if anything lol.

No. 344468

File: 1703388378967.jpg (87.65 KB, 644x766, Screenshot_20231224-031322_Chr…)

Haruhi from Ouran. I've seen so many people say she was their "trans awakening" when she's not even trans, both for FTM, non binary, genderfluid, etc. On episode 1 the other characters mistake her as a boy but then find out she's a girl. Because of her androgyny she later crossdresses and pretends to be a guy to work at the Ouran host club, but not once in the anime does she say she's a man or anything other than a woman, but of course these retards have to trans any remotely gender non conforming character or act like if she isn't always feminine=trans, genderfluid, etc.
It makes even less sense when there's an episode where the guy characters get mad at her for fighting men BECAUSE she's female and straight up tell her it's dangerous due to the inherent biological differences between the sexes.
And another thing I find funny is how her dad is a crossdresser too, but the show calls him tranny and other adjacent words, which they seethe over while simultaneously believing it matches their ideology somehow

No. 344483

For me, yume nikki will always be about Madotsuki being depressed and having trauma. Men don't understand and want to make her trans because they will never know what being a woman and being afraid is like. They want everything to pander to them.

No. 344551

File: 1703428634849.gif (49.7 KB, 314x564, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I'm surprised I don't see more retards misinterpreting the SIR in Integra Hellsing's title.

No. 344587

Hellsing doesn't seem to attract many trannies.

No. 344627

the female chars are too ugly for coomer moid mtfs, and the nazis are too problematic for the sensitive baby ftms

No. 345036

they can't believe a girl could feel comfortable with not being dolled up and acting like a stereotype. haruhi just didn't give a fuck about gender at all. she's a radfem icon

No. 345038

File: 1703642000199.jpg (57.11 KB, 540x540, f2f62b51d40a006c3e1d7aa2bca0c2…)

haruhi said it. the only thing that matters is if you're xx or xy

No. 345107

File: 1703667296170.jpg (65.89 KB, 800x500, cm-punk-post.jpg)

Late, but CM Punk caped for them so its pretty obvious why.

No. 345119

File: 1703674920453.jpeg (17.71 KB, 600x450, blob.jpeg)

I forgot the name of the troon who skinwalked Battler.

No. 345140

the only troons i've seen into it were the edgelord-y aidens and yes, they did troon out both integra and alucard

No. 345378

File: 1703783824037.png (43.09 KB, 773x295, 53F31EF8-AD11-4DE9-B91F-8A4061…)

I’ve seen this screenshot being passed around some fandom circles and am losing my sanity. The Western fandom is already full to the brim with annoying TIMs, but claiming a character is trans because she has pink hair and a blue dress with white trim is stupid. She’s a princess themed after cherry blossoms and butterflies, idiot. Although she did die by suicide, so maybe they’re onto something kek
Additionally the phrase “Submissive and Prideable” is fucking disgusting, just why

No. 345391

File: 1703787767161.jpg (275.91 KB, 2048x1192, 0508a1563908cac887cd1fb56851bb…)

Nooo! Leave my girl out of this, Yuyuko doesn't deserve this slander.
Funnily enough, I've also seen people claim that Mokou is a FTM because… she wears pants?? I guess? It's really silly.

No. 345396

i miss the old days where people just joked about wriggle being a reverse trap and left it at that.

…i wonder if there's tit chop art of wriggle on twitter

No. 345397

playing devil's advocate here, but isn't this character intersex. he does kind of mirror trans dialogues, being mostly feminine/female until he hit puberty (it has been years since i read fm so i could be wrong i guess)

No. 345398

File: 1703790704467.png (776.37 KB, 640x800, arashi.png)

You have to call him she/her online or you'll get banned / dogpiled
>I know next to nothing, but I'll uncritically absorb this information as fact!! :3c
Why do they all talk like this

No. 345417

Omg I hate when people call Mokou a boy just because of the pants. It’s so stupid, how dare a woman wear pants…no she HAS to be a boy. She isn’t even really that gnc otherwise. She’s one of my favorites so it always really irritates me.

No. 345422

They made Arashi a tim in canon, so you can’t even argue against tras who want to force you to use she/her anymore. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have a faggot as part of the game, he actually became a tranny. I quit the game because I won’t support anything that supports troons and honestly wish more people did. It’s tragic to see the increase of actual trans characters in Japanese media. I’m worried about the effect it will have on the people consuming it.

No. 345431

Mister CM "I hate being here, so I'll make a fuss until I get fired for the drama" Punk? Having a trannie shirt? Why am I not surprised?

No. 345432

I agree with you on Arashi but the game has always been yumefujo material IDK why you would have played to begin with if you hated faggots

No. 345433

nta but I'm pretty sure she means faggot as in okama kind of dudes not just regular yaoiboys

No. 345443

>They made Arashi a tim in canon
Heartbreaking that even Japan has begun drinking the Kool aid and transing their characters. Arashi was just your average feminine gay dude with some self-image issues at the start of the game. They fucking destroyed him, it's so sad.

No. 345451

Unrealistic bl homo behavior is hot but realistic homo behavior is not, even in anime. That's why like 70% of bl includes characters living their whole lives with no interest in men and then having a "guess I'm gay now" moment for one guy.

No. 345453

i would argue it still isn't 100% canon, as he seems to not want to transition, but they did make him struggle with his identity. in the japanese text, it seems he is more "in between" if that makes sense, or up to interpretation (basically all the japanese fans see him as strictly male) but it is sad to see the trend of feminine male characters going down the trans route.

this is probably all cope btw. i know even the english release removed the she/her pronouns, and just try to avoid referring to him as anything aside from his name. or thats how it was last time i checked, but its a pretty shit game.

No. 345497

File: 1703855348137.jpg (115.14 KB, 1500x1000, Renny_dailylife_design.jpg)

A few modern Sakura Wars fans push the idea that Reni is trans because she is a tomboyish kuudere. It's so stupid and offensive to imply any girl with short hair and boyish clothes is actually a boy.
It's especially annoying because there is a trans-adjacent character in the series (Subaru, whose sex is unknown) so why do they need to transwash Reni?

No. 345610

Androgyny is not allowed in 2023. Just as how moids bemoan that they can't find the tomboy waifu of their dreams anymore, it seems I can't express interest in cute skinny boys who shave their body hair without being accused of liking eggs.

No. 345631

They should know better because Sakura Wars is harem garbo for moids, of course it’s a chick

No. 347379

File: 1704754952035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 951.21 KB, 1816x1238, GCyDxv2aoAATLOt.jpg)

delulu porn of soap from cod having a vagina cuz hes a ftm and ftms can totally look and sound like him

No. 347400

I've always heard that modern military recruitment requirements are kinda strict, i know a moid who couldn't even get in because of his flat feet. How common are transgender people in the british army? Kek

No. 347401

It's like whiever drew this can't imagine sex that isn't heterosexual. I can't be the only one seeing raging homophobia here. Probably a tif who wishes she was one of them
And even if by some miracle they got taken in, they'd get bullied to death by the other soldiers (and rightfully so)

No. 347416

their delusion defies logic
nooo anon its heckin valid and even more gay and faggy than actual homosexual sex

No. 348711

Japanese aren't stupid. They know what a TIM actually is and would no holds barred deride one when they see one. TIMs are a whole different thing from simply male characters who femboy.

No. 349131

literally no one in the japanese fandom sees him as a TIM, they get confused by characters like that all the time. they see that shitty zombie character lily as a boy, and most of them still think bridget is a crossdresser still.

No. 349172

the tranny trap shota in zombieland saga ruined the anime for me. It was genuinely so cool and interesting before. Made me laugh the troon died when he started to grow facial hair though kek

No. 349179

File: 1705462062813.png (307.14 KB, 423x576, sa1-1024x577.png)

This count?

The character is Yuta Asuka from "Stars Align" (2019) and supposedly him is non-binary.

No. 349183

File: 1705462950549.jpg (483.85 KB, 1280x720, 1577385693449.jpg)

oh wow i remember when that thing came out, what a fucking let down. The anime was trash overall. There was supposed to be a follow up episode to this faggots tranny arc, but it was never resolved because of time and money constraints. That anime is genuinely cursed. Tranny non binary ''representation'', animators getting fired over tracing animation for the ending, horrendously bad animation, unfinished story, trying to be the meguka of spokon, etc. Had extremely high hopes for it and it ended up being disastrous.

No. 349187

File: 1705465990484.jpg (109.88 KB, 951x469, A.jpg)

Well… At least this wide shoulders guy admit the biologic reality"

The Character is Nao from "Skip And Loafer" (2023).

No. 349188

why is there so much tranny shit in anime and manga lately? its alarming

No. 349190

Japan has always followed the west. They usually just lag a few years behind due to the language barrier. Everyone should have known this was coming.

No. 349194

>troon and pedo culture
that's going to be a fascinating car crash to follow

No. 349196

that is gonna have an impact, they have a culture that is fine with pedophilia and porn,(as long as you keep it to yourself)

No. 349198

Wasn't it always somewhat of a thing? Okamas and what not?

No. 349199

File: 1705470341551.jpg (101.3 KB, 765x674, Episode_Preview_10-4.jpg)

Somebody remember Kaoru Kurita from "Wonder Egg Priority" or not?

No. 349200

there is already a turbo pedo anime with the most realistic child body animation i have ever seen being hailed as a peak troon reprensation, ofcourse

No. 349205

File: 1705473042463.jpg (54.57 KB, 1280x720, CY71g2AU0AAhJsm.jpg)

Kuranosuke from Jellyfish Princess is sometimes treated by some people as troon when him is just a crossdreser with mommy issues!

No. 349207

This is peak red-flag anime.

No. 349213

disgusting, the whole op is just disgusting especially the first part

No. 349236

the eternal anglo and its consequences

No. 349256

File: 1705503078721.png (3.29 MB, 2535x1440, Screenshot234402.png)

He's an intersex man who was forced to live as a girl because in those times people didn't understand intersex at all, hated it, knew he was a man and eventually rebels to live his life as his true self - a man.
He always identified himself as his biologial sex. That's quite the opposite of what trannies do.
In fact I'd say you could view him through a very anti-trans lens (like I do lol).
He's tall, has a deep voice, large shoulders etc obviously male build, Imo the story deals with him being intersex pretty well.
A male with an intersex disorder isn't a tranny he's just a man with intersex disorder. His specific condition is called 5α-Reductase 2 deficiency which ONLY happens to XYs.

I have no idea how that mirrors trans dialogues, whatever that means.

No. 349276

Troonism has spread everywhere. People still say I'm fear mongering for saying troons are gonna be in mainstream games like pokemon and zelda because "japan is too culturally into their gender roles". Spoiler it's already happened

No. 349410

File: 1705548228402.png (Spoiler Image, 551.33 KB, 1297x719, die.png)

anyone who draws shit like this of a child, cartoon or not, should be violently killed

No. 350148

oh okay. like i said, it had been a few years since i last played.
>trans dialogues
as you can probably tell by scrolling thru this thread, troons consider most things 'trans dialogues', but especially things wrt a character's gender/sex. the most common trans dialogue is
>i look this way, but i'm actually this way (how can't you tell? i'm wearing pants/a skirt and i like the color blue/pink despite being female/male)
and as i recalled michel's story, it was something similar to that. i was young when i played it though (i think i first played it way back in highschool?), so that's probably why i remembered it that way

No. 350149

yeah i generally do not care about lolicon unless it's like this; these proportions are too realistic to not throw off my cp filter. it's really disturbing how well-animated the show is, makes you wonder who funds this stuff.

No. 350159

File: 1705799097960.jpg (74.66 KB, 720x1080, 72e61ad44b93c3e6deb631b2486a49…)

i remember all the slapfights on tumblr over whether this character was a TIM or not

No. 350245

I think it's pretty obvious who funds this crap.

No. 350259

in the case of onimai its a passion project by an studio that hit it big with a really popular isekaishit anime. Although it seems it did well enough to warrant a season2.

No. 350284

>its a passion project by an studio that hit it big with a really popular isekaishit anime.
On one hand I find it funny how angry scrotes got about this anime taking away from the workforce of the isekaishit, on the other hand I hate this and also it took away from animating a moid trying to kill himself because his dick didn't work.

No. 352143

I'm another fan who liked Leo in Tekken 6 but I'm sad to say that I feel like they really did troon her. I got Tekken 8 opening day and have been playing through it and with Leo, I noticed that when they bring her up, they don't use pronouns of any kind at all for her, they just her name in place whenever she's being referenced.

Not only that but I feel like she's now being voiced by a man. Her voice sounds so deep and male-like in this game and while women can have deep voices, Leo's just doesn't sound like a woman to me.

No. 354189

File: 1707270653140.png (324.04 KB, 725x820, Screenshot_656.png)

kek you know i was just talking to a nona in the anime thread about new fans transwashing the characters. i hope they kill themselves

No. 354195

File: 1707272296047.jpg (143.79 KB, 905x1200, GDK76PhXoAAwPa1.jpg)

Absolutely disgusting kek.
I'm an unapologetic gatekeeper I hate when stuff I like gets popular and the way 90% of the new DM fanbase interprets the characters is wrong. It's sort of understandable bc the gravity of the series doesn't fully dawn until later in the story but I know that fanon is retarded enough that the shit determined now is what's going to stick for posterity.
Friends keep sending me tweets about the show because they know I'm a longtime fan of the series but everything is genuinely the most run of the mill braindead fanbase shit and it's just not fun. I don't want to see it.
More on topic: The no.1 shit I keep seeing shilled is that Falyn is trans just because she's a big girl. I want troons to hang themselves.

No. 354218

File: 1707277979304.png (852 KB, 1240x1754, tumblr_9870a5880f3e030b5b8022a…)

Yeah it's a plague

No. 354228

God forbid men being pretty.

No. 354360

>gen z lesbians in 2024
>a woman and a man

No. 354362

haven't read the series, but this just looks like an underage boy to me.

No. 354365

File: 1707339368822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.95 KB, 661x838, Efr.jpg)

Brain damaged elf. Pic related is what he'd look like if he was human.

No. 354388

wtf is even going on in this?

No. 354394

Author drew fantasy race swaps of some of the characters for an accompanying artbook.

No. 354596

Shit I misquoted. I meant this one, kek >>354218

No. 354732

File: 1707501871994.png (352.36 KB, 720x1402, TIF_Louise.png)

According to some TV Tropes users, a nine-year-old girl who isn't hyperfeminine and plays with Barbie dolls 24/7 is actually an eggy transboy.

No. 354733

File: 1707501904358.png (74.7 KB, 720x277, TIF_Louise_Numero_Uno.png)

No. 354767

Gender retardation

No. 354796

KEK are they doing this because he's short?

No. 357659

File: 1708588158885.jpg (139.56 KB, 1280x720, 20240222_075438.jpg)

They turned Acht into a themlet in the english version of the Splatoon 3 DLC despite every other version making her female. She's described as female in every version of Splatoon 2 (english included), but the Twitter referred to her as they/them in ONE tweet and so the translator team decided to go all the way with it, and picrel is the result (Pearl is referring to Acht). I don't get why they would do that and why her of all characters. Hopefully it's just a one-time thing, since that's the only instance she is referred to in 3rd person. I'm hoping there's a lore collectible that refers to her as a she.

No. 357681

NOA is troon poisoned and they probably have many gendie employees. It's only a matter of time before it sticks onto NOE too. Now I hope the script in my language has kept her a she since it's actually translated from japanese.

No. 357704

It's only the american version thankfully

No. 357705

File: 1708618041264.jpg (324.12 KB, 1080x1912, IMG_20240223_025043.jpg)

I hate how fandoms nowadays love to reduce characters to tropes and push dumb gendie headcanons onto them. I feel like a lot of people are incapable of enjoying characters without somehow projecting themselves onto them.
I'm part of the new wave of Dungeon Meshi fans (though I've finished reading the manga) but I already find a huge portion of the fanbase insufferable and I'm scared of how the twitter fandom is going to treat characters like Mithrun when he appears in the anime. Tifs are probably gonna be all over him.
Also why do they gotta draw every character with tit chop scars, looking at art like this triggers some sort of visceral reaction in me. I seriously don't see the appeal of it.

No. 357866

So far the italian script has avoided using gendered language for her. I'm disappointed but not surprised.

No. 357908

>Not only that but I feel like she's now being voiced by a man.
Late, but yes she’s now voiced by Philipp Zieschang.

No. 358124

File: 1708740462939.jpg (106.71 KB, 960x720, ezgif-2-7cc3ffabc0.jpg)

VT from Cowboy Bebop

No. 358126

not just scars but horrendously botched scars. the worse a titchop scar looks, the better, nowadays. i remember not even 10 years ago tifs were all freaking out about not passing, about scar aftercare, about what type of incision left the least damage. and now it seems to be desirable to have disgusting scars that look like you had it done for $50 in some alleyway.

No. 358133

part of the old wave of dungeon meshi fans (been reading it since 2017) and holy shit the new fans are so goddamn annoying. i have seen so much trans art of thistle/chil that it's giving me actual headaches. why oh why do these people not see how regressive it is to claim short/feminine men as "transmasc" (female). like do they never stop to go "hmmm i wonder why laius does not seem trans to me"

No. 358164

the past years the former have been derided as "truscum assimilationists" now it's all edgelords who romanticize it the same way they used to romanticize self harm back in the 2000s/early 2010s

No. 358236

The french version goes all out with gendered words (it'd be hard to given french grammar rules) and it's so satisfying. Gendies can cope all they want, there's no way a japanese game would make a dress-wearing, mascara-having character in high heels a tif.

No. 358257

those motherfuckers

No. 358349

AYRT, goddamnit it. Well you know what? Fuck that noise, Leo will always be a woman to me kek

No. 360181

File: 1709587234560.png (403 KB, 400x700, giogio.png)

If I see another fic where he has a pussy I'm not sure what I'll do

No. 360186

all of the golden wind boys get trooned so much, it's awful. I hate looking through fanart and ao3 tags just because of all the troonshit. the jp side of the fandom seems mostly free of that stuff at least, but unfortunately any anime with attractive and/or androgynous men is like gendie catnip.

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