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File: 1560793901954.jpg (200.7 KB, 1880x1410, queen.jpg)

No. 36249

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

No. 36254

God bless our terf queen

No. 36255

Latest news:
>Problematic queen Han Seohee spills more tea, and it's so bad that Yang Hyun Suk and even his brother have to leave YG
>Somi finally debuts, nobody cares
>IZONE releases another single, it's awful
>B.I leaves Ikon
>Jin is still a deadweight with an alien head

No. 36257

lol YG is so mad that they made a statement just to formally disavow her
who knows where she ever trained! who knows if she ever trained at all! who knows if she was a deep cover agent raised in the siberian wilderness just for this reason!

>>>“‘A,’ the person known as the informant, was never a trainee under YG Entertainment. Though we have made requests to media outlets to make corrections, wrong information continues to be reported. Therefore, we would like to reaffirm the fact [that ‘A’ was never a YG trainee] once more through this official statement.”

No. 36258

She was a trainee at jellyfish and source music iirc

No. 36259

IS THAT TIFFANY how much of her face was cut off and disposed holy mother

No. 36260

File: 1560797012683.jpeg (500.93 KB, 1091x534, C62CBD34-8F46-45E3-94F8-27C5BC…)

This is for the anon from last thread, jessi’s post on tiffany’s MySpace from back in the day kek

No. 36261

there is SO MUCH to unpack here but i'm stuck on "i feel bad for you" …dyinggggg laughing

jessi is so problematic but she's an excellent instigator.

if psy plays his cards right, ESPECIALLY post-YG, he could really shift the industry with the number of unabashed shit-stirrers on his team. they're all narcissists who revel in attention for bucking korean cultural norms and calling people out.

k-pop is so fucking boring these days and deserves a swift kick in the ass.

No. 36263

Isn't psy a druggie himself? I'm surprised he wasn't investigated as well.

No. 36264

>he could really shift the industry with the number of unabashed shit-stirrers on his team.
>they're all narcissists who revel in attention for bucking korean cultural norms and calling people out.

sauce? maybe i just haven't been paying attention but i don't hear much about psy in these threads despite his impact in kpop, what's up with him?

No. 36267

If I remember correctly Psy cheated on his wife (before Gangnam Style).

No. 36269

Wasn't he also potentially involved in the Burning Sun?

No. 36270

it's telling that taeyeon doesn't seem to have any close female friends. she seems like one of those women who surrounds herself with men and complains that every woman in the world is a catty bitch but she's different and special.

No. 36271

well she has yeri who is another kind of her own (thinking she is a very talented singer-songwriter )

No. 36272

Yeri is smart for networking. She managed to befriend almost every relevant idol in SM and outside of SM, and has actor friends and everything.
She knows they'll come in handy cause she can't rely on anything else really.

No. 36273

Internalized toxic masculinity heh

No. 36276

I wonder how they convinced her to perform this

No. 36277

Ot, but the girl in this video (the blond one) is ADORA, the only female producer from bighit.

She's gaining attention recently, of course, with ratmys getting obsessed with everything and anything bighit or bts related.

My question is, is it really natural for kpop fans to be so into a group that they were also following around producers? I mean, last time they also sperged on a good-looking (??) male producer's ig who apparently received gifts from SUGA and guess what?… gay fanfictions…

Is this normal? I mean people mentions about this "Teddy" too who is good at plagiarizing stuff but I doubt the same degree of digging info of their personal lives is the same and comparable with bighit producers.

No. 36278

Are you really asking if ratmy behaviour is normal??

No. 36279

Haha, I am aware they were not normal compared to any standards… but I am curious since they seems to have a full roster of bighit producers with their personal infos and past affiliations in the industry.

I was just curious if this happens to every company or its just a ratmy thing…

By the way, samefag here anon

No. 36281


Jeez I remember the ‘that’s so gay’ era back then but it’s so fucking cringe reading it now.

No. 36283

File: 1560808640572.jpeg (218.3 KB, 1665x1544, 31B07651-5CE6-4530-BABC-152417…)


i didnt even recognize chungha for a second….her face looks so pumped like its gonna explode

No. 36285

File: 1560809364266.jpg (51.26 KB, 1280x720, Shark-Tale.jpg)

Now she deadass looks like the fish from Shark Tale…

No. 36286

Anon is referring to P-Nation, Psy’s new agency featuring Jessi, Hyuna, and E’Dawn. Despite their… flaws… they’re the most popular idol acts actively breaking “rules” and they’re all under his power and influence.
PSY isn’t an angel but it seems like he sold out to the right people in positions of power and has enough clout to survive any scandals by association himself. After Gangnam Style, he performed for every head of state and wealthy business man that would have him, which has ensured his financial independence and significant status. I bet he pocketed more from those gigs than the sum of his earnings from the song alone.
With YG effectively gone, and no other “rebellious “ idol brand on the market ready to compete, Psy could have a whole stable of successful alternatives to every exactly the same idol product, and ones with more “Western” attitudes with a better chance of crossing over. Ifans think Hyuna and EDawn are super cute in love, and that Jessi is outspoken and courageous instead of tacky.
If he promotes them right and fans vote with their wallets, they could pull the same gutpunch that BTS ifans pulled, with a better chance of being taken seriously by western media—there hasn’t been a hit like GS in years, and his reputation precedes him.

No. 36288

she’s always had big cheekbones, i don’t think filler is the culprit here, more like her horrible jaw shave made her whole face look unbalanced and even more puffy. it’s a shame because i used to think she had such a unique face, she was pretty in an unconventional way. now she just looks botched like every other idol.

No. 36289

anon you're responding to; thanks for some more info.

while i definitely don't see any three of them making waves in the music industry anymore due to their washed up-ness and hard-to-sell appearances and attitude, i can see him squeezing out any profit left that they can make from their own fans and then adding on more artists to his roster that could potentially do what you are thinking. his agency is fairly young so we will have to see how it works out. old gen artists like bi rain and a few others have made their own agencies and had artists under it which completely flopped, but if psy is as powerful and has as much money as you say he does, i can see him turning a profit with his.

No. 36290

Just checked his wiki, and his western rep is Scooter Braun. He’s disgusting, but his reach is more significant than anything BigHit could put together.

No. 36291

I find it funnier that they sperg about these producers yet how incompatible that is with 'BTS are self-produced self-made kweens~' doesn't register

No. 36294

File: 1560816360993.jpeg (41.06 KB, 600x594, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

i know?? out of everything this confuses me the most?? they screech about how BTS makes all of their own music and how they're all the best socially educated producing artists out there yet also worship and love their producers?? who have the majority of the writing and producing credits? they are so disconnected just like their brain-dead, flat-headed oppars.

No. 36295

CL's Western manager was also Scooter Braun. I remember thinking that was a pretty big deal, but even that didn't gain her much success and I think it terminated around November last year. Speaking of that, y'all think CL will eventually switch to Psy's agency? I think it would fit her well.

No. 36296

I think CL just needs to cut her losses. She hasn't been relevant nor made anything good in years. Just looking at her old group-mates and their success with solo work hasn't garnered them much either.

No. 36297

i don't see that great of futures for edawn or jessi, but i'm pretty sure hyuna still has a ton of fans both in korea and internationally.

No. 36298

nothing to contribute, i just want to vent.

i hate orbits so much. they're the most annoying kpop fans on earth. their fandom is full of multi armys from that bts cover they did, plebbit-using bugmen from elon musk tweeting about them, tumblrfags from the grimes collab and yves, and actual fags who spam their shitty fancams everywhere. i didn't want to hate loona because i like a few of their songs but now i'm starting to because of their terribad fans. even twice's creepy uncle fans are more tolerable than them.

No. 36299

CL’s weight gain kind of destroyed any opportunity she would have for a comeback. Scooter Braun wanted “Go Away” CL, not a fat chick. Jeremy Scott and all the other gross intl brands Asians are so obsessed with loved her until she couldn’t fit their clothes any more. I think everyone believed she could’ve crossed over before her body transformed. I wish it wasn’t that way but… it’s the critical thread and a kpop reality. Scooter could’ve made it work if she had the vocal chops to do the “big girl, big voice” thing and a better grasp of English, but she doesn’t. Psy could make it happen, but only if she truly o w n e d her body/intl failure and made it her schtick, like Jessi/Hyuna/edawn are doing with their own scandals and eccentricities. Covering it up or trying to fake that she was the same old clearly isn’t working for her.

No. 36300

they are not worse than actual armys but yeah i agree. i really loved their songs predebut but i had to check out when they danced to bts. get some taste, girls.

No. 36301

Jessi does really well on mainstream variety, even if it’s just to shock and annoy people by being a Jersey girl. She’s taken relatively seriously as a rapper (comparer to like Irene, lol) and stands alone as a unique and memorable soloist, with no real competition

Hyuna has been looked at favorably in comparison to Sunmi on every dumb pann ranking I’ve seen, which amazes me considering the crazy difference between their discography and life choices, but go figure—she’s still a force to be reckoned with.

EDawn is a little more unpredictable, but I would bet money that if he crashes and burns with Hyuna and wrote himself an overly earnest breakup/heartbreak album (a la cry me a river), that shit would sell like hotcakes and obsessive fans would cream themselves trying to figure out all the hidden meanings and signals in everything from his clothes to his liner notes, watching like hawks as he awkwardly stands besides Hyuna at awards ceremonies… inevitable joint agency appearances…

No. 36302

Sofia Carson, the same girl ratmys bashed for sneaking a pic with bts on bbmas rudely, covered "boy with luv" and was getting a ton of shit out of it.

She's being called out for being racists because of his yellow highlighter back up dancers and she didn't even try to sing the whole song, just the english part that halsey sang (and yes, halsey's part had korean in it too, which she didnt sing)

No. 36303

literally who? you mean all this girl is known for is taking a picture with bts?

No. 36304

Nta but just search her name, she's a Disney channel girl

No. 36306

I hate them too and I actually liked some of LOONA's predebut songs.

I'm mystified totally though at how they managed to occupy the same ~queer fat positive yass transgender queens~ niche as SISTAR and Mamamoo (even though there's a weird massive stan war between orbits and moomoos over who is the wokest of the woke that even involves extreme hacking like in the last thread). LOONA are all stick thin, conventionally pretty and (not just typical Korean bleached skin but) porcelain white like to a level I have not seen with any other act. I get their songs are extremely catchy and ATRL-types tend to like that but… it's just weird

No. 36309

Imagine her debuting with Gfriend lmao, at least they'd finally be an exciting group then

No. 36311

What? She was thin for years and never debuted, her weight is hardly the main issue. Being skinny isn't even that important in the US (she was what? a size 12 at most?), and she lost most of lbs by now anyways. Plus she speaks fluent English. It's obvious that YG is the one holding her back from doing anything in the US, not her weight. She's not super talented but just being Asian and ~thicc~ would kinda make her stand out in the American pop scene if they just let her to do her thing with some generic trap producer.

No. 36312

File: 1560841073092.jpg (480.8 KB, 1080x2055, 20190618_135720.jpg)

Sunmi being an attention whore again

No. 36313

File: 1560841458743.jpg (895.18 KB, 1080x1854, 20190618_140357.jpg)

Netizens Bring Up Two Past Incidents Involving BLACKPINK To Criticize YG Entertainment

On a popular online community in South Korea, some netizens have been dragging even BLACKPINK down at the moment. The post states:

“Examples That Show YG Entertainment’s True Way Of Thinking & Behavior”

Of course, for BLACKPINK fans, this is unfortunate as the girl group actually has nothing to do with the current scandals surrounding YG Entertainment, but the public has been revisiting past incidents related to them that were issues during the time in South Korea.

One of them was the story of how a YG manager parked a van that was escorting BLACKPINK member Jennie to a restaurant,  in a no-parking zone. When asked to park somewhere else, the manager refused and stated that he would just pay the fine for parking in a no-parking zone.

The second past issue that they brought up was when a BLACKPINK manager pushed an elderly man out of the way because he was walking towards them and the girl group on the crosswalk.

No. 36314

File: 1560841806955.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1560841742161.jpg)

Yesung is officially an alien now
Warning: very graphic pictures

No. 36315

Imagine being a late-starter (24 yo) training like hell in an unknown company with no guarantee to debut, getting emotionally and physically abused every day. Foreign trainees, specifically in unknown companies are the dumbest among of all trainees.

With so many examples of flopped girlbands in the past, i still don't understand why so many young girls (especially foreigners) insist on joining the flop-guaranteed path.

No. 36317

when you look at groups like bts, gfriend and momoland who all came from small companies and the members are ugly (except for nancy) and not very talented but they got super famous it can give anyone hope really.

No. 36318

it's all because of that heart attack video where two loona members are pretending to be a couple i guess. they actually believe they are lesbians lmao.

No. 36330

Who even trains people to do splits with that method? It's always best to stretch slowly, especially for those who aren't all that flexible. That thing they do in the video only works well with kids since they're flimsy and extremely pliable.

No. 36331

File: 1560858373417.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96.45 KB, 682x500, 4806075C-1B34-4BBA-8324-CCC7F6…)

He could kill somebody with that chin

No. 36332

"Do they even need it" is the real question. Its not like idols do complex choreo that needs them to be as flexible as a gymnast or a ballerina. Flailing their arms and side stepping as well as twerking and hip-shakes are the usual stuff in their choreos. Nothig complex that even non-flexible fans can cover them in youtube. Plus you do stretches to be injury free… but from what I see, their tearing tendons and ligaments deliberately.

Honestly, I think it was just for the 'I practiced and suffered as a trainee' flare or they were just plain sadistic.

No. 36333

not to powerlevel but I know someone who was a trainee at a no name company for a few months. they stretch you like that on purpose cause their sadistic. sometimes they are just too ignorant to realize that's bad for your ligaments, but most of the time they just want to inflict pain on you

No. 36336

i honestly wouldn't even be surprised if they brute forced their flexibility for stupid idol shows, i've seen so many segments where how flexible a female idol is was their "main" attraction point. might as well go with the trend and tear up your idols instead of giving them light stretching lessons right?

No. 36337

File: 1560862756928.jpg (17.49 KB, 320x302, yesung4.jpg)

A reminder that he used to look like this. Seriously what's so good about looking like a totally different person? It should freak anyone (with sanity) out at one point.

No. 36338

File: 1560863005828.jpg (383.86 KB, 1080x1238, 20190618_200205.jpg)

Who's this fuggo from produce x 101. It's for the headline of a freaking news, they should have picked a more flattering face i swear. Anyone who picked this cursed pic should be punished.

No. 36339

Haha they should have just used the logo of the show instead of his fugly face. Now it looks like he was the one complaining about the stalkers

No. 36342

Dammit he was so cute. That hurts my heart.

No. 36345

File: 1560881185312.jpg (98.4 KB, 610x915, IMG_1154.JPG)

So this idol from some lesser known group cosplayed as a character and got some backlash because it was considered inappropriate.
She's super popular with men cause of her body so all men jumped out and started defending her and blaming the hate on ~jealous feminists~.
They called hwasa all kinds of names just cause they found her ugly but when a pretty girl does it it's welcomed.
Ok I expect that from woman-hating Korean men but the nb comment section makes me wanna drink bleach. They say shit about feminists, and they sound exactly like those male Korean commenters. Is that site infested with libfems and tra's?
So much ignorance and misinformation it hurts.

No. 36346

File: 1560882720891.jpg (59.34 KB, 960x1788, DRPRP7D.jpg)

That double standard is always strong…

Spot the difference, I see none.

No. 36347

the comment section was a mess in general. I don't think the costume is that big of deal tbh and there is a definite double standard when it comes to female idols and male idols. but all the comments about the evil feminist fatties that are hating on her made me roll my eyes.

No. 36348

File: 1560883024597.jpg (143.98 KB, 800x533, tumblr_neiao6hvoo1trk023o1_128…)

I mean…isnt this literally an outfit that other girl groups have worn for comebacks? AOA comes to mind but there are many others lol.

No. 36350

File: 1560883539634.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.3 KB, 1000x1452, IMG_1155.JPG)

Well yeah nobody has a problem when it's model-like idols walking around like that. Although I do find her outfit personally more extreme than aoa's

No. 36351

File: 1560884060247.jpg (17.34 KB, 236x354, 3eabea77786e16e63c546d649ebc9b…)

Honestly I was thinking of Seolhyuns in particular, and while agree that hers is more extreme, I think the only reason that it is, is because she is obviously pushing her tits up. Seolhyun didnt use padding or anything and thats the only reason her looks any less "vulgar" in comparison. So I really just dont understand why an idol can wear an outfit in a video or a performance but isnt allowed to wear that same style of outfit at an event. Its just silly that its even a controversy to me. Its the same when people were mad at Joy or whoever for wearing a short skirt to one, when Twice was having a comeback wearing the EXACT same outfits in their performances at the time. Selective outrage is ridiculous.

No. 36352

do you know what event she went to? because if it's a somewhat formal event and not a cosplaying-type event i'd see why people would be pushed.

No. 36353


He looks like a killer doll. What the actual hell.

No. 36355

File: 1560884574161.jpg (78.36 KB, 720x1080, b23c4ab857f7ea10216760ac86ccb8…)

he looks like eunha from gfriend

No. 36357

File: 1560884825925.jpg (71.75 KB, 540x578, IMG_0105.JPG)

I think it was a cosplaying event. I'm not hating on her because of what she wears I'm just disgusted by the hypocrisy of the men and that sex-positive bs people are pushing. It's not empowering to be sexually exploited by your company to create some buzz around your group. They started out with cute concepts iirc and now they make them dress like this.
I thought the burning sun scandal would make some people a bit more reasonable and critical but it clearly did not.

No. 36362

File: 1560893133627.jpeg (384.08 KB, 1400x1437, 77B7AD86-9020-4452-8E0D-A76BEE…)

That’s Johyun from Berrygood. They were at a gaming Olympic so she decided to cosplay as that one KDA character since League of Legends is incredibly popular in Korea.

Here’s a translation of her response

No. 36363

these girls all have the same nose lol and similar faces too

No. 36365

File: 1560895777172.png (90.26 KB, 250x250, tumblr_ph818fCgsv1wmlo63o7_250…)

This looks horrible. Why do they bleach to this level?

No. 36366

you mean shoop?

No. 36367

When it's shooping its even worse. Why do the 'woke queens' want the group they stan to look like casper the fucking ghost???

No. 36368

>mistaking a hack photoshop job with real skin bleach
Get some glasses anon

No. 36369

I think it's mostly kfans that shop every idol to look paler. The photos that fansites post are usually already shopped. Sometimes you see other pictures from the same event and everything is a completely different color lol

No. 36370

File: 1560897196192.gif (5.15 MB, 640x640, tenor.gif)

Why so aggro orbit? Her skintone looks bleached to shit even outside of fan edits

No. 36371

Who tf is this anyway?

No. 36372

nta but it takes one second to google and it's heejin from loona

No. 36373

>implying I even new she was from Luna
It's so weird how they feel responsible for the image from the idol they stan.

No. 36374

File: 1560899673933.jpg (350.53 KB, 550x825, heejin.jpg)

nta but you sound underage. that gif is just as heavily edited as the pic you posted. look at how overexposed the background is lol

it's so hard to find pics of loona that aren't heavily edited. even the videos on their vlog channel are overexposed and softened

no doubt they all bleach but her neck in this photo is probably what her skin actually looks like.

>Why do the 'woke queens' want the group they stan to look like casper the fucking ghost???

fake woke self hating girls with cognitive dissonance

No. 36380

File: 1560916019674.jpg (543.58 KB, 1080x1504, 20190619_104431.jpg)

10/10 will flop. Even Shannon williams (korean-british soloist) is history now.

No. 36381

File: 1560917783795.jpg (96.42 KB, 640x640, PicsArt_06-19-12.14.47.jpg)

Why is she cross-eyed? I kinda notice that most of k-idols (especially those who had something done in their eyes) look cross eyed. Like their irises were off-centered and tends to stay in the middle. Is this a genetic kind of thing or its side effect of them trying to make their slit eyes look more round

No. 36383

No. 36386

It's called pseudostrabismus. They aren't really crossed eyed but it gives the appearance of such at times. It's more prevalent in Asians due to the tighter eye lids.

No. 36387

Moon hee joon joined the "superman is back" and is apparently getting backlash for it. First, because he already stated before that he wanted to keep his family life a secret. And second, because of fans thinking he is just using his family on the show for money and to restore his ugly reputation. I mean, Yulhee is now being praised after hiding her pregnancy simply because people were all "uwu her baby is cute, you are forgiven" after her joining a reality show with her husband.

Anyway, I was horrified seeing his face. He looks like a hybrid of a lesbian and a gay man if that is even possible. His hairstlye reminds me of the "let me speak to your manager" meme and did he tattoo his lip? His lips looks tattooed.

No. 36389

File: 1560927465958.jpg (27.83 KB, 367x500, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

People are praising him in yt comments, but he seems like a careless dad to me. His actions are so fake, like he only does it because there are cameras around. Plus it's just evil to milk your own kid so you can restore your reputation, especially after he stated his discomfort about people looking up his wife's name on search engines, just a year ago. The troll should be more consistent about his decision to keep his life private.

About his looks, he reminds me of Jimin a lot. Not only they look alike, they also have the same prickish, attention-whoring attitude. To be fair, H.O.T were a group of visual holes except for Kangta.

No. 36390

the fact that he's 13 years older than soyul just creeps me out. i mean she was a grown woman when they came out about their relationship, but it just feels wrong. maybe it's because she looks so young and he doesn't lol.

No. 36391

Plus the fact that it was a shotgun wedding.

No. 36392

Who would anyone have sex with this man? It's definitely not because of his charming personality.

No. 36393

She has that type of face that they like/ want so if anything she'll have stans because of her looks.

No. 36394


Soyul said she wanted to marry him because of cookies (pic related).

Well, there are people in this world who could be bribed into marriage with cookies (insert sarcasm)

No. 36395

File: 1560932949604.jpg (25.27 KB, 610x346, The-Return-of-Superman.jpg)

Forgot to add the cookie pic

No. 36396

sounds like a lavender marriage
he has the mannerisms of a troon

No. 36397

Lets just conclude that she has non-existent standards, and for some mysterious reason decided to sleep with him which lead to a shotgun wedding cause some people don't know condoms exist.

No. 36398

what the actual fuck is this. i thought rbb was unlistenable, but holy shit, who signed off on this?

No. 36401

What's up with the stuttering? It makes it even more harder to listen to

No. 36402

I usually like RV's stuff but that's offensively bad. Sounds like a BP rip off, which is a misstep considering how shitty BP's music is.

No. 36403

At this point I just feel sorry for these girls. Wtf is this song? I think I've heard three different songs in this…it's like a worse version of I got a boy( and I didn't know that was possible)
Is is just me or does the chorus also sound like someone's about to get sacrificed in a ritual lol

No. 36404

i didn't expect it to be this bad wow. what a downfall from peekaboo.

No. 36406

eh it's not that bad. the chorus is just absolutely unlistenable and lowkey a rip off of red light and i got a boy

No. 36408

File: 1560938088623.jpg (534.98 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20190619-165104_You…)

>"Throw all your worries over the flat earth"
Like seriously
At least RBB was still listenable

There is this crazy theory on vc about rv being witches and that they are in a coven, the chorus kinda suits the mood lmao

No. 36409

Lmfaooo sm are flatearthers

No. 36411

this is so tragic. just finished listening to the mini album and all the songs besides this one are great and actually listenable
sm are so fucking bad at choosing title tracks it seems like sabotage at this point.

who's idea was this? why is the chorus so clunky and awful? why do their outfits look like that? why does the mv look even cheaper than normal? why does seulgi still have those awful bangs? wendy, joy, and seulgi have such great voices but not even the part at 2:18 at 2:40 could save this song.

can't even tell if this will be a success or not because the korean gp has such shit taste.

parade or sunny side up would have been better title track choices but sm just has to to choose the most obnoxious hard to listen song everytime

No. 36412

File: 1560942010206.jpg (11.64 KB, 277x261, 12bcbf3766feb6a6b04e85e1ee0357…)

Why are Exo fans dumb enough to suck it up to Lay? They're so delusional, none of the chinese members ever cared about Exo and their fans, and he does not give a fuck about you either. There can't be one Exo post or video without retards screeching about "OT8 cockroaches!1!1". Korean fans already gave up on him long ago - only ifans still insist that he's secretly the bestest friends with the other members. They'd be dumb af if they wouldn't hate him, they trained and worked all those years only for the chinese members to bail - or just never participate in anything like Lay does.
Why do they like him so much? His voice is annoying and his face looks absolutely punchable too imo.

No. 36414

their last few releases feel like sm are just shoving all the fx songs they paid for onto rv

No. 36415

kpop is banned in china and he is associated with the chinese government so he can't perform in korea for political reasons. i'm not fond of his high pitched voice and boring music but everybody got different tastes

No. 36416

not trying to wk lay but he's one of the exo members i like. i like him, d.o and xiumin because they don't come off as asshole-y as the others to me. however, exo fans who are still trying to hold onto ot9/ot12 are delusional. lay hasn't been around since forever and has completely distanced himself from the group. he left the group, just not officially.

No. 36417

They all get super arrogant once they gain popularity in China. People like him, kris, tao, luhan and Jackson aren't even talented yet they are guaranteed fame over there. It's sad cause Jackson seemed to be quite loyal and humble but now he's a cringey wannabe-rapper.

No. 36419

File: 1560943845397.jpg (334.23 KB, 1000x739, 142534.jpg)

lmao nickelodeon what are you doing
people shipping lisa and jungkook is cringy as fuck but stan twitter wouldn't care if it was jenlisa and jikook or something. they're all delulu.

No. 36420

File: 1560943932491.jpg (113.6 KB, 1200x800, kda.jpg)

No. 36421

looks like hoot combined with EXID's lie video (none of them can pull off this type of creepy like hani and the saw puppet)

No. 36422

Is this a joke? Otherwise embarrassing af for both and soon incoming hate from crazy fans.

No. 36424

He already stopped with his activites in Korea before the ban.

>i like him, d.o and xiumin because they don't come off as asshole-y as the others to me.
Lay acts as if he's the 2nd Michael Jackson in China… I don't think anybody could dislike Xiumin (probably the only idol who's never done anything shady), but D.O. is annoying too. He could at least try a Little bit to hide that he hates being an idol so much. If he was a women, everbody would (rightfully) call him an ungrateful bitch. Nobody forced him to become and idol and he also wouldn't have made it otherwise.

What are they doing? Seems like suddenly Americans are pandering to Kpop so hard, without even having any basic knowledge about the industry. This will turn into a shitfest. Lisa's SEA orbiters vs Jungkook's horde of fangirls. And Koreans will hate ifans even more for this.

No. 36425


This is so stupid, I can´t… Just another attempt on bringing in the kpop-dollars, but so embarassing at the same time.

But tbh I would live for a little bitchfight between Army and Blinks.

No. 36426

Since she's obviously siding with her new male fans and enjoying the attention she gets from them…damn her legs are short

>[+1,997, -241] I thought you fatties thought Solar wearing a bra and Whasa showing her buttcheeks was girl crush
>[+1,492, -227] Just fatties being fatties ㅎㅎㅎ
>[+937, -126] I seriously want to take a crack at feminists and the fatties at female community cafes who are always finding issues with stuff like this…
I find Whasa buttugly, but at least her sole existence manages to really trigger them lol

No. 36427

File: 1560949277928.jpg (27.25 KB, 511x246, 6237462387.JPG)

I honestly wish they were actually a couple just to see fans on both sides have meltdowns. Just reading responses to this nomination is hilarious. I love how they pretend this isn't all about their self-insert fantasies. "This is a disrespect to both artists" lmao

No. 36432

Uh but literally all ships aren't real couples, unless some sad soul out there is shipping Hyuna and Edawn, but then again they probably wouldn't because only uguu gay ships allowed!!

No. 36433

lmao the army and blink salt would be amazing. both fandoms are already jealous of each other for existing.

No. 36436

File: 1560952727235.jpg (108.44 KB, 768x476, Tarna-clownshoes-56a6a4ee3df78…)

>Reveluvs getting ready to purchase, stream, and convince themselves that this song isn't a public indecency
>There is this crazy theory on vc about rv being witches and that they are in a coven
You mean like a fan theory based on music videos and 'in-universe' lore or an irl Illuminati type thing?

No. 36439

A theory, like subliminal messages theory. Not like rv are witches in real life but the people on vc believe that rv are promoting witchcraft. The peekaboo theory kinda got me though, they said the girls (or sm) were sacrificing jonghyun or something idk.

No. 36440

Lay is like an A list celebrity in China. After achieving that, he really has no reason to waste time promoting in Korea ever again.

>they trained and worked all those years only for the chinese members to bail - or just never participate in anything like Lay does

Lmfao you sound like a salty exol who holds a grudge against every member who leaves.

No. 36442

This mv is a mix of every motif and trope used in kpop and its disgusting. Usually I like RV's music videos because they're aesthetic and stick to one concept, but this one is all over the place. Every possible style of clothing in an unappealing blend of colors, trashy special effects, green screen, cute, "sexy", and even elegant imagery are thrown together within frames. Also those filler moments with POV roller coaster shots were so trashy. I guess that's what SM was going for though.

It's sad to see a rare group of talented singers given this mess of horrible pitchy "rapping" and vaguely melodic chants.

Lmao it's even funnier that the mv concept is "carnival." SM is clowning themselves at this point

No. 36443

Omg now that I think about it it would hilarious if actually two bts members were on this list instead.
I can't stand Blackpink but I find Lisa tolerable so it kinda sucks that her fans keep on embarrassing her.

No. 36444

Lmao what talented singers? Wendy is good but not great, and sometimes Seulgi manages to sound nice. The rest can't sing or rap for shit

No. 36446

i think soyul was slurred out of her mind when she took this things dick and i feel bad for her

the baby is cute but she should have aborted it

/bitter crayon pop fan sorry

No. 36447

Yeah I agree. Sometimes Wendy and seulgi took over the rest's part and it sounded way better. Yeri and Irene sound absolutely terrible and people know it. Joy manages to escape criticism about her voice cause it's very "unique" and people like that, oh and she's considered the cute and sexy one so that helps too.
I do think that Wendy's a good vocalist though and I like seulgi's voice too. The rest is disposable and replaceable.

No. 36448

This couple will just be a constant reminder how even the ugliest fucker with shitty personality can get a decent young woman (incels must hate him…disproves their arguments lol)
I'm sure soon we'll be seeing shindong with some young announcer or some shit.

No. 36449

File: 1560957571411.jpg (766.29 KB, 4256x3208, 1557182302311.jpg)

Jesus Christ, this is absolutely horrible, I can't believe it

No. 36450

I've always considered RV to be fairly talented. I agree that Yeri and Irene are completely disposable but I like the rest of their voices. I don't know if Joy is actually talented or not but I think her voice is distinctive, which means a lot when 95% of female kpop idols sound exactly the same.
My point was mainly that they can't rap for shit and I'm not sure why they were given this "song" when they have the potential to make nice-sounding vocal tracks (see Be Natural and Automatic)

No. 36451

no one ships hyuna and edawn because all shippers ship what they get their rocks off to and no one wants to fuck their druggie asses.

No. 36452

Red velvet's B-sides have always been better than their title tracks and this comeback is no exception. SM is so bad at selecting title tracks for them. Their only title track I actually think is good is bad boy.

No. 36453

justice for red light, aka fx's most potentially iconic comeback in their entire catalog

thanks sulli

No. 36454

would that explain was yeri was hysterical and acting like she was jonghyuns literal sister at the funeral almost trying to go into the damn hearse with him?

No. 36455

Weren't they friends though? I had the impression that they were kinda close. He posted a lot of pictures with her

No. 36456

Kpop this year has been atrocious. This is literally pure noise and I’ve never heard some overproduced EDM in my life

No. 36457

this god awful song has to be aimed at children, what the actual fuck lol. it seems like sm are trying to create something like "gagnam style" (weird song and colorful music vid that will catch westeners' eye) and make red velvet go viral.

No. 36458

nah sm doesnt care about red velvet enough to want them to go viral
they were the replacement for fx and it shows

also, they REALLY need to fire the stylists at this point because everybody is getting tired of the weird mismatched "lets just throw some pieces of clothing together that have no rhyme or reason and bleach and fry their hair to oblivion to the point that its broken and brittle and destroyed and they have to wear shitty wigs and ratty extensions to cover up their hair loss" style because ew
they literally look homeless

No. 36459

i kinda like the mv but the song.. meh
there isn't a single good kpop release this year. at least last year pentagon and ikon's comebacks were good.

No. 36461

File: 1560960555556.jpg (28.34 KB, 240x167, IMG_1160.JPG)

They're really saints for putting up with that stylist. They need to learn a thing or two from Jennie.

No. 36462

lol wendy looks like she wants to die in the new video
how long before disbandment or one of the members leaving or getting replaced with another rookie
are they still doing that concept?

No. 36463

cant believe people get paid to do this shit

im a better stylist just dressing up fucking stardolls online than these idiots seem to be kek

No. 36464

File: 1560960849089.jpg (79.32 KB, 640x438, IMG_1163.JPG)

Sorry for the shitty quality. Here's a good one.

No. 36465

is wendy cosplaying oscar the grouch im confused

No. 36466

Her stylist has an obsession with the Cookie Monster

No. 36467

seulgis the only one that ever looks decent anymore and its just because shes so otherworldy pretty to me
and its in spite of the styling because they fuck her over too but she manages to come out looking better than the other girls every time

No. 36468

File: 1560961380196.jpg (119.71 KB, 1024x682, 64503670_152985742510534_39069…)

lol joys hair

No. 36469

>implying boy groups collectively produce more than one decent song a year at most
I've heard a lot of good stuff this year, just not from boy groups. 80% of all boy group music is completely unlistenable to people who don't want to fuck the members (or watch the members fuck eachother).

No. 36470

Wendy and seulgi deserve better and they'll probably do well individually. Seulgi could've easily been a soloist tbh. Joy will move to acting, yeri will try to become an ~indie singer~ and Irene will marry an older rich man or something.

No. 36471

File: 1560962420152.png (1.07 MB, 1440x805, Screenshot_2019-06-19-12-35-04…)

Rv's new song is so fucking bad especially the chorus wtf, it doesn't even match with the song. They also have a flat Earth lyric in the song too.. Korean netizens were right, bad boy was RV's last good song. SM is just milking the last drops before they throw them in the bin like FX. SM is very obvious about it too, you know which artist or group is going in the bin when they keep releasing half ass shit songs + constant Japan promotion. RV's death is coming soon.

No. 36475

I feel so bad because sometimes I feel like I'm a red-velvet stan but I actually like certain parts of this song and the video. I'm so bored of k-pop and how boring and uncreative it is that I actually think this is somehow woke or something like that. I don't like the song completely, just certain parts and I appreciate the creativity but actually this is not the first time I have felt this way towards one of their songs, I thought Russian roulette was unlistenable. Honestly, their producers are pretty open minded and have a lot of guts to release this on the Korean market I can't imagine a concept like this being accepted by koreans or by any nation at all, maybe it could've done better in Japan.

No. 36476

Thought those cups were giant oreos flying around before clicking it.

No. 36477

File: 1560965135010.jpg (139.7 KB, 1000x500, Lay-Victoria-henry-jackson-che…)

>Lay is like an A list celebrity in China. After achieving that, he really has no reason to waste time promoting in Korea ever again.
That would be even more of a reason for them to finally give up on him.
>Lmfao you sound like a salty exol who holds a grudge against every member who leaves.
Yeah anon, because criticising one idol means you must be the fan of another.

China is such a joke, over a billion people, yet it feels like they let literally anybody become famous. These girls are absolute nobodies in Korea (the girl from ioi only had half a year of "experience"), yet as soon as they go back to China, they're treated like gods.

No. 36478

I don't know about this. I think Lay's pretty hot, but he comes across like he'd be a controlling hyper-critical asshole. It's hard to know what any of these idols are like in real life, but that's always been the strong vibe I get from him.

No. 36479

as garbage as the song is, i've had the chorus instrumental stuck in my head for hours even after only one listen. i swear this is the end goal of 90% of sm songs. jarring, almost unlistenablem, but catchy in the worst possible way

No. 36480

File: 1560965771067.jpg (2.32 MB, 3264x2430, pinky.jpg)

I've always thought she looked horrifying but she was apparently IOI's visual?

No. 36481

>I'm so bored of k-pop and how boring and uncreative it is that I actually think this is somehow woke or something like that
Sure, K-pop is boring nowadays, but you can't appreciate how try-hard quirky this is either. SM needs to cut this psuedo-artist passion project and put out radio friendly songs for the good of everyone involved.
>maybe it could've done better in Japan.
I hope K-pop companies aren't banking on Japan to support any flop concepts that could be considered unique. Just because Kyary Pamyu Pamyu exists doesn't mean the GP will accept any quirky-cute music like the red concepts.

No. 36482

File: 1560967825133.jpg (97 KB, 500x611, large.jpg)

They're so obsessed with features like high nose bridges, that they even like noses that would be considered too big in the west.
She has an arrow shaped (white girl) nose, which makes her look witchy

No. 36483

i saw some unpopular kpop opinion that she looks like ted cruz and i can't unsee it now. korea's lack of taste jumped out

No. 36484

Why wouldn't they? Japan is kind of similar to SEA in that no matter how shitty a Kpop act may be, they will still eat it up. Only unlike SEA they have actually have money and wasting money on dumb shit is a very popular Japanese pastime. So pretty much every Kpop group in existence panders to them with decent results, even nugu groups manage to make money there.

No. 36485

I swear a lot of you guys bash Japan to an extreme to appear balanced but it just looks really uninformed. Ifans are probably the worst for eating up shit groups tbh, Japan gives no shits about Blackpink, Loona or BTS. It's all Westerners supporting them.

No. 36486

But westerners don't buy shit, they're just really loud on twitter. Nct were doing $17 fan meets in half empty venues and selling $3 albums when they were promoting in the west.

No. 36487

Samefag but also
>Japan gives no fucks about BTS
Still to this day j-fans are some of BTSs biggest paypigs, dude.

No. 36488

lol where are you getting your info from BTS has made huge money off tours/fanmeets Japan and all their Japanese albums are certified gold. Blackpink had a Japanese arena tour. Loona is irrelevant everywhere.

No. 36489

Japan has jpop which is similar to kpop so of course they'll like it, it's somewhat ingrained in their culture but in the west people can actually avoid kpop as it's still a niche there.
There are hundreds of music genres that are more popular but these fans choose to obsess over mediocre groups. They buy expensive merch and albums online, go to overpriced concerts, go on the obligatory korea trip and so on.
In that sense, they actually are way more committed.
They stan groups no one in Korea even knows, which is exactly how bts managed to rise.

No. 36490

File: 1560970790855.png (602.92 KB, 650x466, PNG9lak.png)

She also has that "all feelings at once" smile

No. 36491

Why is it that Jk, V and Jimin are so much more popular than the other members? Is it really because of age? I don't think they're more talented or better-looking either…?

No. 36492

File: 1560971499324.jpg (20.68 KB, 502x375, Lay1.jpg)

Can we get Lay back in EXO now that Wayv is cashcowing in China?

No. 36493

At least they were natural I guess. i prefer to look at old guy than at cut jaw and too big eyes

No. 36494

I mean…if you're an army your standards are inherently low anyway but jungkook is one of the better looking members and his voice is ok but jimin? An absolute mystery to me. But do notice that it's mainly younger girls who are attracted to him. Maybe the others seem too mature for them? I really have no clue.

No. 36495

Oh and v acts like a dumb child all the time so that'll obviously attract younger fans.

No. 36496

Jungkook and V are the most attractive members out of the group, thats why they're popular. As for Jimin, I don't even know. Both his looks and his personality are offputting. Maybe he has more stage presence but obnoxiousness does not equal charisma.

No. 36497

age is def a big factor. The 3 oldest are 25+ and aging terribly so they don't appeal as much to preteen girls

No. 36498

I get that a very young fan might prefer Jk over Jin because of their ages, but Jimin and V turn 24 this year while Ratmon and Jhope are just 1 year older, why would anybody care about that?

No. 36499

File: 1560972807808.gif (698.87 KB, 409x250, disappointed jiayou.gif)

they aren't cashcowing yet. idol producer is tho so lay will be stuck shattering the hopes and dreams of aspiring cpop boys for a lil while.

No. 36502

File: 1560973969543.png (578.84 KB, 797x447, redvelvet.png)

wtf did they do to deserve this

No. 36503

I think Jin is an age thing, but The other boys dont really have the flower boy image that the younger ones do. Also ratmon and jhope are undeniably ugly as shit, even armys cant pretend theyre not. Ik everyone itt thinks Jimin is devastatingly repulsive but he looks way better than the others imo, before plastic surgery he was one of the better looking idols

No. 36506

File: 1560976877903.jpg (65.87 KB, 531x810, tumblr_ptbfgfg0eS1tdxtu2_540.j…)

V looks gay as hell in this picture.

No. 36507

File: 1560978323609.png (98.3 KB, 540x497, tfdjxgnfzj.png)

lgbtq+ kings kek

No. 36511

he is gay as hell and i'm not even saying it in a "lol faggot" way. dude acts like a retired drag queen.

No. 36512

i feel like they gave somi too many backup dancers for her stage performances. she already lacks enough stage presence and with soo many back up dancers it makes her blend in even more or gets outshined by the others. she is improving a bit now but still

No. 36513

The reason why I said that imo the song would do better in Japan is because the Japanese gp is more open to quirky concepts like zimzalabim. I don't really think it's something the Korean would like or something that will be liked in western countries either.

No. 36515

Omfg some aussie named Alex Williamson had the audacity to call bts for what they actually are… Generic… And made to extract money from stupid teens…. And he is getting absolutely hammered on twitter i cant…. Speak the truth about bts and get fired shit dawg

No. 36516

Somi's backup dancers are high key more attractive, eye-catching, and charismatically having more stage presence than somi herself. It is funny and sad.

No. 36517

Is he just a random dude or someone in the showbiz industry?

No. 36518

Momma gave you hands, use them to googlefu lmao. He is a comedian on aussie television. He has said brutally truthful things about not only bts but also 1d, etc. This man is my hero from now on.

No. 36520

is racism the shield they're going to use for bts all the time now? i just watched that segment and there was nothing there aside from a north korean missile joke (by a british comedian)

No. 36521

File: 1560984581344.jpg (452.33 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20190620-054809_You…)

What is this scene though? All hail queen irene? It's too random

No. 36523

This is an image board, post caps.

No. 36524

Well, his kind of humor is sometimes super offensive and I will never laugh about raping kids jokes… but it´s true, this segment really wasn´t bad. Army are simply whiny and hypersensitive, and wanna fight everyone who refuses to kiss some Bangtan-feet, as always.

No. 36525

At least Wendy doesn’t look hungry!

No. 36526

Thank you for giving the run down anon, I've been seeing people here and there making butthurt comments but didn't care enough to see why. God I can't wait till the bts hype dies down after some of them have to go to the military and most ratmies forget about them. They are nothing but generic manufactured idol-pop boy group from sk

No. 36527

YG Artists Currently Thinking About Looking For Different Agencies Shows One Possible End Game Scenario For The Agency

JUNE 20, 2019

South Korean news agency Dispatch has recently released a news report saying that some YG artists are currently thinking of leaving the agency.

The news comes amidst several scandal that YG Entertainment has recently been linked to, including former iKON member B.I’s attempted purchase of LSD, alleged embezzlement, and alleged solicitation of prostitutes for business investors.

According reports from Dispatch, an industry insider stated:

“After scandals alleging that several YG idols were involved with drugs, the public’s view on the agency has inevitably become worse. Right now is a stage where actors who must maintain their image and reputation, to seriously consider things.”

The insider has also claimed that four unnamed K-Pop stars are currently thinking of looking for a different agency. While termination of contracts for any of these stars is highly unlikely, the insider has stated that some are avoiding the subject of contract renewal.

Many South Korean netizens have expressed that their idol groups or favorite stars were better off in a different agency. And it is indeed a reasonable stance for them given the current bad publicity that YG Entertainment has been receiving, which is why fans should probably ask themselves if they are fans of the idols or YG Entertainment? We’re quite certain that it is the former, and under that assumption, they should probably then ask if YG Entertainment is the best place for their idols to be at.

In addition, a petition has also recently been made to the government by the public, demanding that YG Entertainment activities be put to a halt.

No. 36529

I kept expecting to hear "fast and furiaaass

No. 36530

P-Nation just completed its roster!

No. 36531

He could've actually criticised them in a proper way because there's a lot to criticise but I'm sure he doesn't know them or their controversies otherwise he would've used those instead of the argument that young people should stan scientists instead lol. I don't know him but to me it was just a justification to talk shit about them for whatever reason. He also calls these (probably young)armys "cunts" so I'm not celebrating him.

No. 36532

Do you think the other 4 members of BB will form a new label or give up entirely? Bc I think that’s they’re only two options.

I think Jennie’s mom definitely has some fucked deal with YG so BP won’t be able to leave at all

No. 36533

File: 1560985875037.png (939.28 KB, 852x438, facecam.PNG)

I keep watching Somi's performances just to see the girl on the left. She's behind Somi most of the time so that facecam is great.

No. 36534

i don't think the blackpink members except for maybe rose actually care about the group so they'd be fine disbanding

No. 36537

I think big bang is over as a group so even if they leave YG, I'm not sure they will enter the same agency as big bang.

No. 36538

You're weird

No. 36540

The girl on the right is a qt too

No. 36541

who are these girls? somi's rejected group mates lol? her backup dancers look like they were meant to be in a group with her until they got cut for her solo

No. 36542

File: 1560989778718.jpg (21.23 KB, 701x438, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Damn her face shape is so weird, it looks like the red queen's

No. 36543

File: 1560990324476.jpg (Spoiler Image,311.63 KB, 1500x1000, PRISTIN-KYULKYUNG-1.jpg)

she also has an extremely long neck compared to her small head. it always looks extremely jarring to me.

No. 36545

This is pretty accurate

5 Times Female Idols Were Shamed For Something Male Idols Do Everyday

No. 36548

Im pretty sure the girl on the left is @j.s.eon.m on instagram. She's a general kpop backup dancer. She's also done backup for red velvet's tour and exid i believe

No. 36549

she looks like whatsherface from AOA, yuna?

No. 36550

File: 1560998272629.png (628.57 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-20-10-29-58…)

I swear to god, ratmys were all detectives irl, they should have been called detectives in the first place.

Lol, he called BTS "ID of South Korea" and the "top boyband group you never heard of". Ratmys got back at him by calling out his parents for being cousins

No. 36551


He's done a lot of racist and misogynistic jokes before tho so i'm not really sorry for him.
I know some of y'all wanna try sound edgy while hating kpop but stanning tragic white men aint it lol specially Australian ones they're high key racists. Like u're just trading for sth worse lol

No. 36552

Armys make all other fandoms look tame and sane.

No. 36553

Yeah ratmy aint shit but im defo not go out of my way to defend lousy ass "comedians". White straight standup comedians are la merde de la merde

No. 36554

Ew the concept is like Block B mashed into Orange Caramel, disgusting.

I get that SM is pushing out party songs for June like always, but ditching the cute choruses for that low creepy shit really is almost disturbing.

No. 36555

Nah… I'm not defending the aussie comedian in any shape or form. I just find it hilarious that ratmys over-reacted once again and went out of their way to involve his parents, who had nothing to do with whatever's going on as well as the other antics they were planning against him on twitter…

No. 36556

File: 1561002469521.png (607.54 KB, 800x773, Screenshot_2019-06-20-11-39-04…)

Our queen… Han soo hee is back at it again…

>>"On June 20, media outlet 'Dispatch' reported in an exclusive article that former trainee Han Seo Hee was sent away to the U.S. for approximately 3 months, per YG Entertainment's coercion back in December of 2016."

So, it is revealed that Han soo hee wasn't the one who seduced T.O.P. like any defensive fangirl claims it to be…

And, YG funded her trip to America to keep her from ruining BB comeback.

More on: https://www.allkpop.com/forum/threads/hot-dispatch-unveils-text-conversations-between-han-seohee-and-top-han-was-forced-to-leave-sk.310714/

No. 36557


No. 36558

Don't we already know that YG is connected to the former president's cult lady?

No. 36559

That's JYP of JYPE with the alleged cult connections that hasn't been brought up again since he said he was writing a book that would prove Dispatch wrong or whatever back in September.

No. 36560

File: 1561006240919.png (464.45 KB, 449x592, wjsn 1.png)

WJSN should keep their magic girl concept, it suits them well. Idk why they keep going back to the generic girl group stuff. I didn't like their new release

No. 36561

they're not attacking him for being racist or misogynistic tho. they're attacking him because they didn't like what he said about bts oppars.

No. 36562

Those cunts literally took their time to involve his parents, who have no say in what he does. That's a shit move.

No. 36563

The two albums before boogie up were ridiculously good no clue what happened with that one.None of their summer themed comebacks have been good.

No. 36564

nah they are just basement dweller femcels who have way too much time in their hands. anyone who has a normal social life wouldn't be on army twitter.

No. 36565

File: 1561008430463.png (659.21 KB, 800x779, Screenshot_2019-06-20-11-42-06…)

Wow ratmys are just going to start making every single spot this guy took a picture on some kind of exhibit? I remember seeing that one lamp post in london were v took a picture in and ratmys actually lined up to take photos on it.

They even put cones and marked the exact spot he stand on.

No. 36566

no one even knows who he is other than ratmys. why is this necessary?

they are becoming more and more insane every other day and making bts look bad. i wish someone in the media dragged bts without saying anything racist and actually making points so ratmys can't just go "racists!! we'll fire you!!". they dragged jimin's vocals in the australian show and it was hilarious. armys in the comments are saying "omg jimin will be devastated if he hears this!!" well you blew it up.

No. 36570

It was apparently the Town Hall that did that. I don't know what is worse.

No. 36571

korea why

No. 36572

File: 1561012720833.jpeg (147.27 KB, 629x839, A9B626AD-27BA-4DEA-8AE8-641B92…)

it’s kinda sad how scared bts are to get tan

No. 36574

It is really surreal whats going on with bts. Like, every time i go on koreaboo koreans are naming specific spots as tourist spots just because a bts member stepped their feet there. The day they get into a nice, substantial scandal reeeeally cant come soon enough

No. 36576

who's the anachan in the middle

No. 36578

ajsjdfkf its yoongi(ajsjdfkf)

No. 36580

Seriously YG's power knew no limit. I'm starting to think that Daesung's car accident was swiped under the rug because of YGs police connections and a hefty amount of money.

No. 36582

File: 1561022807182.png (371.43 KB, 712x900, Screenshot (6).png)

They're so dumb, they don't even understand that some people might type properly and use quotation marks literally instead of only using them for sarcastic remarks. Nearly all comments are like that.

Also, that dude's main offense are the dozens of jokes about raping his daughter and ratmy's reaction is "how could a whitey understand? you're not allowed to have an opinion on this"…
The fact that she's a woman means nothing to them, I don't think there's a single white person who came in contact with bts who hasn't been dragged through the mud. If I was the boss of a tv or radio station I would only have black hosts interview them or black journalists write about them - otherwise you'll always be doomed.

No. 36583

I'm not even white, and I feel ticked off. Fucking weebs are getting too comfortable

No. 36584

i bet most of these people who liked that tweet and probably the op are self hating sjw white girls who think they are poc because they are 20% asian or something. what does kelly wynne being white have to do with anything?
the amazingly hilarious thing about army twitter being all "fuck white people" is that bts members themselves are obsessed with looking pale and describe their ~~ideal girls~~ as "pale skinned" lmao

No. 36585

no they are definitely either SEA fags who are very explicitly insecure of white women

No. 36586

I can't wait for this fucking company to burn

No. 36587

armys are insecure of all women in general but especially the ones who dare to breathe around their pure babby boiz. i don't know why but i see so many sjw white armys who suffer from white guilt. their fandom is psychotic with their identity politics.

No. 36588

And ARMYs are still gonna go around claiming that they’re woke and totally not hypocrites. Nothing immoral about them going around dressing like bubonic plague era doctors in the summer, but it just seems hypocritical since they try to pander to seem accepting of diversity with their promotional shit while simultaneously upholding questionable standards of beauty. What happened to loving yourself, BTS?

No. 36589

Oh come on. I know SEAfags are the worst but you don't have to drag SEA for everything. Have you not seen #ArmySelca or #ArmySelcaDay on Twitter? Stupid armys are from all races and religions. Besides, most SEA can't even speak english that well lol. The superiority some people have towards SEA in general (not just stupid kpop fans) here just irks me.

No. 36591

armys are replying to the australian guy saying things like "no not all armys are high school and middle school girls!! look at these two men in their 30s wearing bts tshirts!! @armymom is a 45 year old army!!". do they genuinely believe that 12-20 year old girls aren't bts's main demographic? you can pick some boomer armys here and there but it doesn't change the fact that most of their fans are very young.

No. 36592

I'm not even surprised that some old hags are publicly fawning over boys who look 15. Ephebophiles who like that kind of stuff are cringy af

No. 36593

File: 1561029596046.jpg (229.7 KB, 1080x741, 20190620_181725.jpg)

Op is black i think because she retweeted this, but who cares right. Any race can be racist.

No. 36594

Even if they were mostly 50 years old, it doesn't hide the fact they were all a bunch of immature and obsessive fans. And so what if they were middle aged people? Does that make their argument sound genious and correct? Lol it reminds me of the age hierarchy thing with jin. Do they think their point will sound automatically mature and right if they say they were older.

No. 36597

i mean fansites are mostly rich women around 30-40 but they aren't the majority of the fandom, neither are cougar army moms with yellow fever. if bighit pulled the analytics of who watches bts' music videos, vlog-ey videos, livestreams and shit i'm sure it would be mostly teenagers

No. 36598

File: 1561029965395.jpg (1.57 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1561029894097.jpg)

Left is from june 19, right june 20
Bad timing

No. 36599

Istg all Korean stylists share the same clothes, I see this kinda shit all the time

No. 36600

Haha i know but somi was supposed to have a "hot" debut, wasn't she. Recycling an outfit/accidentally wearing the same outfit as another person's (who is also promoting) just kinda killed it .

No. 36601

Anon, all of them are over 20 (and aging badly)…

No. 36602

> If I was the boss of a tv or radio station I would only have black hosts interview them or black journalists write about them

Yeah that doesn't work either. Or are we forgetting that one news anchor who received months of hate and racial slurs from both international fans and koreans for daring to call them…wait for it; "a boyband from Korea" and sort of being incredulous regarding Rat's undeserved UN speech.
Months of hate on all his social media, harassing his co-anchor, trying to get him fired and calling him every shitty race related insult you can imagine. The Koreans especially liked throwing those around (big surprise there).

No. 36603

i think she was talking about armys who have been weird with the younger ones since they were underage

No. 36604

Honestly, no one is safe from the armys. Even the most constructive, humbly and politely expressed critism would sound like a hate speech for them. You'll only survive if you suck bts dicks too and praise them like they were gods of music or something… which is difficult because they were not. They were just over rated korean boy band with a cult like mob of fans.

No. 36605

Exactly. Its not like they're all dressed up from head to toe to avoid getting skin cancer, sun burn or something. What they are trying to avoid is simply getting tan. Armys will probably defend them by saying that having pale skin is a beauty standard in Korea.

No. 36606

Samefag to add:
I'm sure that the evil "white woman" Newsweek journalist was the thrilled to be told to write about these overindulged socially maladjusted babies and their ridiculous tantrums, instead of you know actual news going on in the world.

Also these morons are threatening to sue her and the comedian. And I'm sorry I can just see that case coming before any judge (except maybe a South Korean one because Big Shit would try to bribe them) "The big stinky white comedian called my precious uwu babies a 'gimmick for 14 year old to waste their money on'. Arrest hiiiiiim reeeee".
Obviously just speculation because I would hope that BH wouldn't be stupid enough to take such an guaranteed L.

No. 36607

No it's not. It's YG. JYE is a totally different cult. For all of the past administration YG artists got special treatment from the government.

No. 36608

No. 36609

BIGHIT or BTS will not take an action when they were seeing and enjoying the view of armys doin the witchhunting and burning at stake by themselves.

No. 36611

Yeah..hence obviously speculation.
But my point was these brats are frantically reporting this comedian and journalist and posting lulzy legal threats.
I'm sure that BigShit wouldn't do anything because they have no path to do anything.

No. 36613

Yeah and kfans will call i-ratmys names and say how crazy they are, and that they don't represent ~real armys~ . Basically, bts, kfans and bigshit don't care at all about ifans so I don't know why they get worked up like that.
Negative opinions exist, some are critical, some are racist. It's good that these racists get called out but not everyone who dislikes them is racist and you can't attack every single person who disagrees with you ffs. typical sjw mentality

No. 36614

File: 1561034948035.jpg (401.47 KB, 1000x1054, AWsAENhgd.jpg)

someone called him during a livestream and he talked about how sasaengs call often to see if it's him and he blocks them. that sasaeng is saying that she'll expose bighit if they don't do as she says. lmao all their sasaengs exposing bighit when

No. 36615

Somebody on twitter claimed that the australian guy being racist to bts is trending in Korea. They do care if it gives them a chance to shit on foreigners.

No. 36617

This guy's whole job and income comes from being an idol and he couldn't be arsed to have helped BB's comeback if this temptress was in his general vicinity? Pathetic. But I'm glad our kween got a free vacation out of the ordeal.

No. 36618

>being racist
But nothing he said about them was racist. On the TV show they were mocked for being generic frivolous and untalented drek (the show had previously mocked 1D in the same way. And then on twitter he stated an absolute truth which is that they cater to bratty teenagers-or those with the mentality of teenagers- and take their money.
BTS and their delusional fans can't handle fair criticism and scream racist. That's unfortunate because it downplays some of the actual racism they've probably faced trying to break into the western music industry.

No. 36619

in the tv show they make some joke about kim jong un and how something from korea becoming mainstream in the west is worrisome and shit. it's not that deep but i can see how sjws would take it hard.

No. 36621

I'm amused and bewildered by all the koreans on the nb article being like
>Australians are descended from criminals, how dare they!!

Are ratmys truly so retarded that they think criminality is a genetic trait passed down for many generations, and somehow this means the current population has no credibility and no right to criticize shitty boybands? Ironic considering their own celebrities are currently being exposed as criminals on a daily basis.

No. 36623

The three generations rule in NK is there for a reason

No. 36624

File: 1561038431573.jpg (38.95 KB, 781x177, dssdcdsdcdc.jpg)

i'd rather drink bleach

No. 36625

The influx of websites that post every little thing BTS does is so annoying . I rather click through those clickbait slideshow articles instead. How is this even worthy of being an article is beyond me.

Slightly related but are Armys aware that these companies, websites etc are only using them to make money?

No. 36626

It all started with "New" with Yves, which was unusual for the time with Yves "dating" Vivi in the music video. Then it hit full steam with "Heart Attack" with LGBT people in SK playing it constantly at pride events. When the "Butterfly" MV hit with 90% "YES WOKE DIVERSITY SLAAAAY QUEEEN" with barely any Loona. They got all the insane LGBT/social justice people on board.

That's why the orbits are now insufferable.

No. 36628

whew he really uses tik tok. this dude is an insufferable manchild.

No. 36629

Lol so all of the sudden they know that certain behaviors can be interpreted as racist? Because international fans often use the excuse for idols that their culture is ignorant to certain things that we consider racist/insensitive. Actually, with the rising popularity of YouTube among Koreans I see many comments on videos where they talk shit about international fans and think everything is racist, and it goes beyond kpop related videos.
Seems like they know what is acceptable and what not, after all.
They'll soon realize that not everyone tolerates that witch hunt mentality.
That's why stupid fans shouldn't shield any person, culture etc. for shitty, unacceptable behavior.

No. 36631

Loona's fans are called orbits? How disappointing. I was so sure they'd go with loonatics, would certainly be a more accurate name.

No. 36632

"Bad guy" lmao and all those preteens are wetting themselves over that.
I thought he's a soft baby boy who hasn't even held a girl's hand before?

No. 36634

This is some really autistic nitpicking. It's a boring pop song by a 17 year old girl, anon. Not the whisper song. Im sure a lot of armys got a kick out of him saying "might seduce your dad" and other gay shit.

No. 36637

Anon, I'm not saying he is a slut or something for lipsyncing to this song, only that his fans contradict themselves by always claiming how innocent he is and now saying stuff like "yes, jk really is a bad boy hehe" just because he did that.

No. 36639

I've read the Snapchat she posted several times now and it still doesn't make any sense lol.

No. 36640

So i tried to search it on youtube but when i was typing jk's name i got a suggestion "jungkook imagine pregnant" and found this video. This is just one video (with over 430k), there are more like this. Shit, ratmys are something else. They make fake subs for things like this. I would understand if it was a parody but a fetish? I'd kill myself if i were him. Of course ratmy would deny that it's some form of a fetish, but trust me it is. Only crazy people would actually enjoy this video. Gosh I thought I've found out everything already but ratmy just never cease to surprise me.

No. 36641

This is apparently a live version but Somi doesn’t even sing half of the lyrics. She really should have debuted in a group, fucking hell!

No. 36642

Plus if you happen to know even just a little bit of korean, the simplest sentence like "nice to meet you", you'd find this video awkward and fake af. The timing, the subs, everything just aren't right. He happened to introduce himself as jk from bts but the fake sub was something dumb and completely unrelated lmao. The thing about this kind of videos isn't just that it's disgusting, it's also fake af. The fakeness is just so transparent lmao.

No. 36648

She looks so dead and empty inside, like she doesn't want to be there. I thought she would have improved after her first performance but nope.

No. 36649

this is so cringy how do they unironically watch these lmao

No. 36651

They make truly bizarre shit like this then sperged for ages about Cupcakke being a 'sexual predator' and called her an ape for making a few tweets saying she wanted to fuck him… because 'Jungkookie hates being sexualized!!!' and 'army doing it is different'

No. 36652

File: 1561049235441.png (613.89 KB, 742x820, Screenshot_2019-06-20-11-31-23…)

This Jap dweb looks like Vivi

No. 36653

Tbh that shit makes me so mad like, a bit ago there was photoshopped nudes of Jungkook all over Twitter and ratmys were all mad about but meanwhile they read fanfic and fap to these fake dubs on youtube??? Shit dont make sense.

No. 36654

if they are trying to find someone to attack for sexualizing pure babies bts they don't have to look further than army twitter. everytime i see army accounts in replies their profiles are always full of gay asian porn or "omg i want to suck jimin's dick" and shit. some of them have their faces in the profile too. i mean bts are grown adults and people with low standards can sexualize them if they want but it's ironic considering the backlash cupcakke got.

No. 36655

they accused her of being a pedo for it too. she's the same age as he is. sorry, i forgot only 11 year olds are allowed to find a grown man in his twenties attractive.

No. 36656

let's be real people have a problem with her saying that because she's ugly

No. 36657

jungkook could date someone 20 years younger and armys would still be like "he is our baby and this evil bitch is ruining his pure mind :(

No. 36659

Tf… I can't even wrap my mind around how this logic works. Armys are a truly special breed

No. 36660

Jfc, she looks korean but confirmed that she's 100% white.

No. 36661

File: 1561053618163.jpeg (37.1 KB, 280x373, 5F4FE208-C81D-4444-970F-B517B0…)

He looks like a child

No. 36662

I thought this was a girl before I read the comment. He looks like a lesbian.

No. 36663

Kek. Lay obviously isn't interested in promoting in Korea anymore and once EXO is under contract renewal he's bailing out. I don't know why you think he's ever going to come back.

No. 36665

She might do OK because she's pretty in the way Koreans like. I've never heard of HiCC Ent though, so probably not.

No. 36668

File: 1561057977910.gif (787.85 KB, 268x170, 62ab1fb3827ca8e6d95591c92cc4c2…)

Why is Heechul so popular?
They always praise his appearance, say he's better looking than female idols or actresses, but he's actually aged a lot?
Everybody always says his singing is so underrated blah blah, when him and the rest of Super Junior are basically talentless.
And lastly, he somehow get's away with being super rude (even by western standards), e.g. always insulting others appearance, so why is he still well liked by Koreans?

No. 36669

Am I the only one who doesn't think she really looks korean? She looks mostly white and a little asian but not korean. I saw another picture of her and she looked a lot like tzuyu actually

No. 36670

I mean, technically Russia is also in Ásia so.

No. 36671

File: 1561058843566.png (320.89 KB, 519x500, Screenshot_2019-01-30_at_6.52.…)

I looked for her and her eyelids actually look like when Korean idols get the double eyelid surgery… if it's shoop it's pretty crazy

No. 36672

100% looks like she got work done in Korea and ended up with the typical Korean idol ps look. That pic has obviously been heavily touched up though.

No. 36676

she kind of looks like momoland nancy, who is half korean

but also, guess what, not all of russians are blonde with blue eyes. as other anon said, russia is in asia. a lot of them look very much eastern asian (a factor is also that there were lots of migration from china and north korea lol so who knows maybe shes another solar)
she may just look like that naturally.
but also in >>36380 she looks much whiter. she just looks like a white person with korean makeup on.. kind of how the white girls on that one show are starting to look

No. 36677

Maybe Jp Kpop fans will like it, but it’s pretty far removed from what the gp seem to be currently into. “Safe” soloists are what’s popular now.

Isn’t blocked from promoting in Korea anyway?

No. 36678

File: 1561061027491.jpeg (206.28 KB, 1125x1253, 8701CBC5-DC2C-487B-B0D4-35B4F8…)

it’s shoop. remove the flattering lighting and angles and she looks like a regular russian. she also has a noticeable bluish ring around her eyes in some photos. without the kpop styling i personally would never mistake her as hapa.

No. 36680

oh yeah she looks extremely russian lol

No. 36681

Oh this is such a relief to see. Her shopped pics were creeping me out

No. 36682

I hope she's won't end up being exploited by male porn-sick idols who think she's an easy target. Such a strange thing to me how girls like her want to go to Korea and start a career there and as an idol on top of that.

No. 36683

File: 1561063987127.png (344.82 KB, 409x500, Screenshot_2019-01-30_at_6.54.…)

Kek, she apparently already has a PULL thread and really shoops her pictures to look Asian. Sad.
This is how she shoops herself…

No. 36684

File: 1561064017040.png (408.85 KB, 815x415, Screenshot_2019-01-30_at_6.44.…)

…vs how she looks in "candids".

No. 36685

I don't get what you guys are talking about, she still looks Asian or at least half something in her candids.

No. 36686

here's the video. to me she looks like a russian girl with korean makeup and styling

No. 36687

What's up with people explaining kpop like this? It's not that deep dude.

No. 36688

No. 36689

Gosh I know…as if three-minute generic pop songs have so much symbolism and deep meanings to make video essays about

No. 36690

I find the guys in this video repulsive looking as well. All these people trying to look like something they're not, it's sad

No. 36691

File: 1561065053225.png (333.74 KB, 567x540, Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 5.09.…)

apparently anyone can make a page on kpop profiles now

No. 36692

she looks asian to you cause she is. she's from eastern part of russia, which is in asia.
my point being: russian people tend to looks "asian" sometimes (cuz they are), google Diana Korkunova for example

No. 36693

File: 1561065458840.jpg (147.24 KB, 271x351, RSLsx4Y.jpg)

sorry samefag, she also seems to look pretty similar to how she looked as a child (look at her eyes) and very similar to her mother

aside this, i dont get it.. is she debuting as a soloist?

No. 36694

She looks a lot like Sophie Turner.

No. 36695

not trying to racebait, but ethnicity and location are two different things. majority of russians are white and almond/hooded eyes are common with eastern europeans

No. 36696

To me too. It happens. Not every human has to look like an average of their country. I have female relatives that look like they're mixed with Asian too despite being far from that.

No. 36697

Is he wearing contact lenses ? His pupils look so weird. Why do they keep wearing them when they look bad

No. 36698

We get it semantics-chan, she's from the Asian part of Russia. We're arguing whether she looks stereotypically East Asian or not. I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread knows that Russians can have hooded eyes, but that doesn't make them ethnically Asian. Anyways as a eurofag she looks like a regular Eastern European to me.

No. 36699

Mexico not americans

No. 36700

this is such a joke. How many times did her debut get postponed? And she can't even fully sing a song that's like half rapping?

No. 36702

Mexico IS in the American continent and Mexicans are then Americans Burguer-chan.

No. 36703

…. I kinda wanna hear the song. Gotta be a mess

No. 36704

i think she looks very pretty, but they'll probably end up giving her some sort of botched and unnecessary surgery. either way i hope she interacts with male idols, imagine the amount of milk it'll create by triggering the spergs on kpop twitter.

No. 36705

The right connections can get you almost anywhere.

Or he just has a big cock. It really is a mystery.

No. 36707

File: 1561070203141.jpg (143.26 KB, 1080x1026, 20190621_053335.jpg)

Lmao when you scroll down the page, there is a quick vote whether you're interested/not. Apparently it backfired on her. I'm having a good laugh.

No. 36708

Huh, they really can. She's just another koreaboo YTer with a handful of videos. Highest viewed: 627.

I mean go do your songs and vlogs or whatever, but claiming 'debuts' is pure cringe.

No. 36709

yeah she does, and her mom looks a lot like Alexis bledel

No. 36710

He is. Honestly think its because his eyes ''go in'' theyre a bit crosseyed

No. 36711


Who is "they"? If anyone does that I think it will be herself. Kboos and weebs who try to fulfill their idoru dreams never make it above D list.

No. 36712


>assuming that being an idol is her biggest dream

to me this seems like another situation of russian/eastern european girl being sent to china/japan/korea and getting exploited and/or worked to death. i think a lot of eastern european girls who work in east asia are scouted or approached by companies. most of them take the job because it's better than their other options.

No. 36714

Red Velvet is one of those groups that you think has trash songs until you listen to the b-sides. SM has always given them weird concepts and horrible title tracks, and I just don't get it.
Other groups have gone through weird eras but it seems like RV's weirdness never ends.
Is SM trying to sabotage them? Why not just take Sunny Side Up and make that the title track? I seriously don't understand it considering we all know that Bad Boy and Peek-a-Boo did super well and that RBB won ZERO music show awards.
Apparently SM sat on this song for 3 years…

How is it that these ~woke~ police ratmys don't even acknowledge the number of comments saying that "Australians are all descended from criminals and are scum, etc" as racist too? I read the comments from readers on NB and no one is even addressing how prejudice Koreans are to countries aside from their own, whether that be China, Japan, any SEA country, Russia, and now Australia.

I couldn't watch this without pausing several times to process the cringe. This makes me so oddly uncomfortable? I think it's because he's actually talking to the camera which makes it even more of a "self-insert" and the fact that someone made this scares me…not as much as like Columbine shooter pregnancy fanfics but still.
Also cringey because the subs don't match the Korean in the slightest.

No. 36715

> I Almost Hooked up With A Kpop Idol: Story Time

Why is it that I do not believe this at all…

No. 36716

I don't get the world hate from SK either. Like, it's literally the most boring country in East Asia.

No. 36717


Usually they go to them for models not idols though. I mean let's face it as much as Koreans love the look of Eastern Europeans they're too xenophobic to accept them as idols who are literally everywhere in that country.

She had to have wanted to be an idol on some level of delulu kboo.

No. 36718

She looks eurasian but im sure koreans will shit on her for her more square jaw. If she gets surgery on her jaw she'd look exactly like all the koreans that botch their faces to look eurasian

No. 36719

A member of Crayon Pop has a youtube channel now.
I bet male stans absolutely love hearing what kind of tricks their idols use to avoid showing how massively they sweat lol

No. 36720

she's half korean so technically not a koreeaboo but damn this made me cringe so hard

No. 36721

brb immediately clearing my search history and bleaching my brain

No. 36722

>I love her, she's my bias

No. 36723

When I think SEA I think hijabs not fakewoke. That's definitely westerners. I'm guessing mostly black americans.

No. 36724

lol super russian in this one

No. 36725

>she's half korean

She just a straight up kind of unattractive black girl.

No. 36726

I prefer this one if we're talking about random people becoming artists in korea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsnFlcDyjoM

No. 36727

Gimme a break. She's a koreaboo in every other sense.

The more cringey idol wannabes posted itt the better!

No. 36728

I wouldn't be completely sure, her english sounds a tad accented (though that may be put on). But just to be safe I'd just agree.

No. 36729

do you know how many fake woke muslim SEA girls are out there?

No. 36730

File: 1561075377694.jpeg (216.1 KB, 750x754, 243283D0-A5AD-4F77-9EB5-F6E91F…)

I think she's putting on an accent. It's not like that isn't common (Looking at you Miranda). But check out this ridiculous fanfiction of a profile. If nothing else that convinced me she's full of shit. I feel like black koreaboos and asian fakers rarely get called out for their clownery but they are pretty prevalent.

No. 36732

wow I am for one shocked that she didn't pass the SM audition

No. 36733

Nta but, please elaborate on that.

No. 36734

>shindong middle school
dumb and ot but that made me lol. a school for those aspiring to be fat and talentless.

No. 36735

Oh…fuck. I didn't even think of that.
Top fucking KEK anon.

No. 36736

Yeah you're right, this profile makes me lean towards fake kboo.

No. 36737

Suga's aiming to look like an ana-twink nowadays. I remember them talking about how suga wanted to be buff and actually beefed himself up but was told off by stylist because none of his clothes would fit so his sensitive ass resolved into becoming an ana-chan. He is quite sensitive about his looks afterall and even admitted to get depressed over it.

This is probably tinfoiling, but I can see that stylists are part of the reasons why idols need to maintain an unhealthy wait. They always buys one-sized fits all clothes and if there are sizes, they probably go on the smallest regardless of the body shape)

No. 36738

there is a whole sjw muslim movement (it's kind of dying now tho) and a lot of sea fans fall under that category. they'll practice islam but will turn around and act like 2014 tumblr basically

No. 36739

And I just googled it and apparently one of NCT members attended it.

No. 36740

Oh my god… what's up with her face on that tumbnail? She looks like a possesed japanese doll it looks so creepy…

No. 36741

What is this? A fanfiction? I really doubt a k-idol would show interest with her knowing that they make fun of people and insult them for being tanned

No. 36742

>beefed himself up
>unhealthy wait
>They always buys
>blaming some wage slave for a millionaire's sad boi problems
Stan twitter or SEA?

No. 36743

The stylists get paid in bread crumbs, it's not their fault it's a whole socio-cultural-capilatism problem.

No. 36744

Not saying it's not fanfiction, but it's well known that black women are seem as easy to get in bed with and overly sexual by some scrotes around the world. So it could happen.

No. 36745

Plot twist: she's kmusicandblackwomen

No. 36746

everything probably seems deep to people who don't read books or ever challenge themselves intellectually, which is probably the case for many hardcore kpop fans.

No. 36747

Nah, it probably has to do with her being both black and a woman more than being ugly. She got multiple death threats but a good number of them specifically targeted her race.

No. 36748

File: 1561080095076.jpg (113.05 KB, 800x1200, D9g2L1XXYAIgJAw.jpg)

So Winner's MINO is the first K-pop idol to walk down a runway for a Louis Vuitton show. He's honestly so below average-looking for an idol and moreso for a model. Guess nepotism always wins out.

No. 36750

Korean society is built on nepotism, so absolutely

No. 36751

You don't have to be beautiful or handsome to become a runway model because designers wants the attention on their clothes, not the model's face.

Lol outside korea, no one cares but koreans always had the knack on being "first". Who cares if he is the first k-idol… its just so his fans could claim he "paved the way

No. 36754

Well that makes sense according to >>36734
>a school for those aspiring to be fat and talentless. kek

No. 36755

Of course her father has to be korean-japanese. The perfect combinations of a perfect sugoi-oppar family.

No. 36756

>You don't have to be beautiful or handsome to become a runway model because designers wants the attention on their clothes
Yeah but he doesn't make the clothes look good.
>koreans always had the knack on being "first"
First of all. Huh? I'm not sure what your trying to say but I'm assuming that you mean that Koreans are obsessed with being the "first". Korean inferiority complex strikes again. They come off so fucking desperate.

No. 36757

We've all seen models before anon, we know they aren't conventionally attractive. But they aren't frumpy faced and average looking, they tend to have interesting or alien-like features

No. 36760

I was just being sarcastic by saying they have a "knack" for being "first"… yes, I do mean they were obsessed with being first one to do stuff

No. 36763

File: 1561084881675.png (724.75 KB, 800x803, Screenshot_2019-06-21-10-26-17…)

> EXO Chanyeol reported fans for trying to break into his home… and apparently, there is a Ms. KIM staying there while he is away

>Jungkook, and later Suga, expressed concern about sasaengs contacting their phone numbers

Okay… that is scary. Imagine someone trying to break into your home late at night and then someone constantly messaging you 100 messages per hour.

No. 36768

i like crayon pop but they all gangnamed unnie'd themselves to hell. i dont even get why they did it because they werent ugly predebut (by predebut standards)

No. 36769

I looked up that school and apparently it's famous for being nct's jaehyun's school. 10/10 koreaboo and fake hapa.

No. 36771

File: 1561088494990.png (318.13 KB, 687x761, Screenshot_2019-06-21-10-38-46…)

There is an ongoing petition by ifans so that BI could stay in the group. First and foremost, these fuckers give no fuck about ifans. All they care about are kfans. He's already done in the korean public's eyes. What makes those dumb kboos think he can stay in a group and still can make it in korea? The public will roast him to death.

No. 36772

File: 1561089004473.png (252.48 KB, 508x443, Screenshot_2019-06-21-10-48-49…)

Ironic cause the headline is him looking straight up ugly

No. 36776

File: 1561090120547.jpg (70.22 KB, 747x744, 44570108_2208120379458895_1014…)

Yeah… he is handsome… like, after ten layers of make up and camera filter…

No. 36777

File: 1561090259696.jpg (7.63 KB, 191x264, images-7.jpg)

Oh… so this isn't V?

No. 36778

His outfit is ugly but he looks good in that pic

No. 36782

That's some horror movie shit. I feel really bad for the more famous idols sometimes.

No. 36783

File: 1561094072229.png (608.86 KB, 800x744, Screenshot_2019-06-21-13-11-08…)

No. 36784

does halsey even believe in this herself

No. 36786

Just getting into K-pop I see?

No. 36787

I honestly don't have a lot of sympathy for people this stupid.

No. 36788

>apparently, there is a Ms. KIM staying there while he is away
does that mean he has a gf or some kind of guard

No. 36789

What the fuck that's disgusting

No. 36791

i hate little miss fake woke already but this makes me hate her even more

No. 36794

They speculate that she might be a lover. She's non-showbiz and also why else would she stay there when he is away?

No. 36795

a housekeeper? maid?

No. 36797

He should go back to his early looks and gain some pounds. If he's not sick then it must be the drugs.
This whole new persona is pretentious and it doesn't suit him. Is he even tall enough to be on a big runway show like that..?

No. 36798

File: 1561108713832.jpg (49.86 KB, 700x500, mino-diet.jpg)

why are so many kpop fans comfortable larping like this and pretending they dated or hooked up with kpop idols? it's so far fetched, especially when they look below average. writing y/n fanfics or imagines is cringey, but at least they admit it all is a fantasy.

he is the epitome of a male ana-chan. he looks like a completely different person pre-weight loss. idk why male idols think the spooky scary skeleton ana look is suitable.

some designers use celebrities as runway models because it creates hype or they want to market themselves towards a specific group. i think his below average looks make him suitable for the runway model look, kek. his face is so bland that your eyes immediately go to the clothes.

No. 36800

ah yes - yet another classic case of nose shape changing upon dieting

No. 36801

weight loss and puberty changes your nose shape, anon!!

No. 36803

Check her instagram, I don't think she is half korean. Also she claims to speak Korean, but there is no proof of it anywhere. Kind of funny.

She's just a koreaboo

No. 36804

Anon have you never seen the pores of a human being?

No. 36805

That one is especially disgusting though, and the fact that it's being covered up by ratmy through constant shoop and whatnot

No. 36806

File: 1561114663782.jpeg (37.97 KB, 581x527, images (1).jpeg)

I remembered the fansite who posted that unshooped photo. She's called 'celestial boy' on twitter and she had been showing photos of jimin unshooped so armys actually thought she's an anti. They bashed her on twitter that resulted to her deactivating her twitter.

I don't really know if it was true but she released this photo right before she deactivated and probably used it as an ugly slap to those armys who likes to argue that "uwu oppars doesn't have pores uwu they have perfect skin and as pale as paper uwu

No. 36808

>call out people for flexing
>have song after song of them flexing

No. 36809

I'm only thankful it's not Gucci Gang-tier awful. Sweet backing track though.

No. 36810

File: 1561115788478.png (61.63 KB, 640x381, IMG_1171.PNG)

What a bunch of hypocrites. You're saying your oppar is a flawless god but get mad for people not altering his face. The insecurity is pitiful.
Little off topic but this is all funny cause just a while ago I read that post on netizenbuzz about a model doing a photoshoot with black paint on and the most up voted comment was this

No. 36812

I think sm has changed dr kim's or something - irene yeri boa yunho wendy are all looking kinda decent and not that busted recently (inb4 utah chans pray some of the good surgery trickles down to their bias)

No. 36814

>fansite posts whitewashed and heavily edited pics
>"this is problematic!! we love them the way they are!!"
>fansite doesn't edit pictures and posts them with pores
>"are you an anti?"
rat logic

No. 36816

File: 1561117863267.png (431.9 KB, 800x798, Screenshot_2019-06-21-19-45-13…)

They aren't detectives but most of them are sasaengs who had talents in snooping around and tracking idols anons

It is also useful in hunting down comedians who are being racist against their oppars

No. 36817

How is releasing unshooped photos a crime? Ratmys are something else.

No. 36818

File: 1561119382551.jpg (89.22 KB, 750x742, 944d2b50-2d34-4206-bc21-340610…)

I saw this and thought it was Halsey for a second

No. 36819

File: 1561119483388.jpg (63.3 KB, 640x640, Han-HyeJin-For-Harpers-BAZAAR-…)

I looked it up and it's not looking good. I think they purposely gave this shoot an ethnic vibe. I'm not black but this is inappropriate.

No. 36820

What are they gonna do after finding out that he literally gives no shits about the situation and is simply relaxing at the beach?

No. 36823

If he was darker and had long hair he would really look like jessi

No. 36824

Koreans are saying that it's black people with inferiority complexes who are angry about this shoot, but with the same breath they are screaming at the Australian comedian for his ''racist joke''.

It's so fucking laughable.

No. 36825

From what I've read, most black people are not even offended. It's probably the vocal sjws that get offended for everything and everyone. Just really ignorant to accuse them of having an inferiority complex because of one single issue. Those who have commented and liked that would probably bathe in bleach everyday if they had dark skin lol

No. 36827

What the hell is this mess SM… the dancing is laughable too.

No. 36828

I actually liked the choreo, I think the song is better when you see them dance to it.

No. 36829

They did a song with fucking juice wrld? what the hell

No. 36831

irene looks completely dead inside and i can't blame her

No. 36833

both ratmon and suga want to become juice wrld so badly so no surprise

No. 36835

How the fuck did they get him to collab with them? American artists need to get some self-respect

No. 36836

i'm sure this grown ass man is deadly afraid of some socially awkward ana-chan 16 year olds and fatty fakebois beating him up uwu

No. 36840

I want to know you guys opinions about this: do you think BTS is a B.A.P ripoff?
I used to listen to B.A.P when I was younger, and when I knew BTS (through this thread), their early concept immediatly reminded me of B.A.P's early concept; not only that, but there are some obvious lookalikes, like Youngjae who looks like a cross between Jin/Jimin, and Bang Yongguk who looks like a more attractive version of Rat. Am I insane?

No. 36841

File: 1561131634200.jpg (197.9 KB, 1200x1800, 932ba42eb176675927eb66711f16f8…)

For reference, this is Youngjae

No. 36842

File: 1561131656344.jpg (45.9 KB, 575x1024, 533adbec5d3c8619137a6ae7a490e4…)

This is Bang Youngguk

No. 36843

bts have been referred to as a bap knockoff multiple times in these threads

No. 36844

Yes but it doesn’t really matter, like saying twice is a snsd ripoff. Only bap Stans care

No. 36845

their early style is a seo taiji & boys knockoff

No. 36846

dammit anon i was eating. spoiler that shit.

No. 36848

Stylists usually don't choose sizes. The brands will send them sample size clothing, which is really small. Happens in hollywood too.

His skin looks good in this pic tho i don't see why it would be shade

No. 36850

Afaik they were initially more relevant than bts and they did that whole ~social issues~ thing too…They seemed like a more talented, less obnoxious version of bts and their leader didn't come off as pretentious and unbearable as ratmon so i would've been less annoyed if they made it instead but unfortunately they missed their chance and I think they got fucked over by their company too.
This guy is also looks straight up a somewhat good-looking version of jimin.

No. 36851

they let jungkook and jimin work out tho. favoritism?

No. 36853

seeing his picture reminded me, is this mv not 'appropriating' japanese culture? Kpop stans were getting on ariana for being a culture vulture for her stupid tattoo, but it's ok when oppar does it right? lol

No. 36854

i can't find the tweets any more but i saw some people saying koreans cant appropriate japanese culture because of japan colonizing/invading korea… these stans are a different kind of retarded to act as if korea is a victim

No. 36855

I'm actually suprised wendy got that much screentime

No. 36856

Are there any news about Haechan, by the way? He got accused of rape a while ago.

No. 36858

Stans, especially on twitter, select what counts as appropriation and what's appreciation. Prominent people like Beyoncé, Katy perry, nicki Minaj and various other rappers all have done this but then their stans come running to defend them. It's stupid if it applies to some but not others.

No. 36859

i'm honestly impressed by their energy and expressions in this. they actually look happy to be on stage it's kind of surreal. song is still hot garbage though

No. 36860

That would be himchan not haechan kek. He got arrested for that months ago.

No. 36861

their flow sucked so hard compared to juice lmao

No. 36862

File: 1561138083039.png (761.89 KB, 838x815, Screenshot_2019-06-21-13-25-55…)

Do agencies give their idols drugs? I don't get how kpop idols have the energy to dance on stage when they get less than a thousand calories a day. For example Wendy is not built to be sticks and some how she can still move around. At some point didn't she say she got really sick from all the dieting? Wendy is getting thinner and thinner with every new release, she also talked about wanting to let go at 40 and to eat at her heart's content

No. 36863

fangirls $$$ >>> self respect

No. 36864

File: 1561139558776.jpeg (474.61 KB, 1536x2048, 3218F562-37BE-40FA-B873-E9F50D…)

Makeup does wonders. This is Soyeon from Gidle

No. 36865

will absolutely have nightmares tonight about that guitar pick chin. thanks anon

No. 36866

as a former ana-chan all you need is caffeine and cigarettes/juuls.

No. 36867

why do female idols all try to like retarded alien emojis?

No. 36869

they probably do take some sort of stimulant to keep their energy up. adderall or just plain caffeine probably.

and no, most idols only crash diet and starve heavily when it's time for promos and photo shoots. they burn a lot of calories given how active idol lifestyle is with practicing, and live performances, so under 1000 calories all the time is just bullshit . they'd all be walking skellies like lizzy and rose if that were the case

No. 36875

File: 1561148723124.gif (3.74 MB, 350x200, Untitled-1.gif)

Differing opinions make the world go round and all that, but if you think this is a good choreo I think you've drank a bit too much of the kpop koolaid.

No. 36876

File: 1561148876801.gif (1.87 MB, 350x200, Untitled-3.gif)

Also this move is straight lifted from Momoland.

No. 36877

I mean they both lifted the leg movement off of psy

No. 36879


I saw this dance move way before kpop. It's nothing new.

No. 36881

No. 36883

File: 1561153047462.jpg (110.13 KB, 703x388, tumblr_inline_ovi9fdCWZ31tui8u…)

> when news comes out that more YG celebrities are facing drug charges but their names have yet to be released

No. 36884

is there anyone who hasn't been involved with drugs or prostitution in that shithole

No. 36887

A lot of groups will be under contract renewals soon so who do you think it's bailing from their groups once the time is up? I definitely see Jackson leaving Got7 also Jinyoung looks more interested in acting than music now. Irene definitely is going to leave. Also EXO D.O who obviously wants to focus on acting. EXO is done anyway.

No. 36889

what makes you think irene is leaving? red velvet is doing well. i don't know much about exo, but didn't d.o just go into the army?

No. 36890

jackson and lay will probably leave

No. 36894

File: 1561158916038.jpg (34 KB, 332x396, fedora speaks.jpg)

>everything probably seems deep to people who don't read books or ever challenge themselves intellectually

No. 36895

>Kpop stans were getting on ariana for being a culture vulture for her stupid tattoo
OT but wasn't her tattoo japanese, why would k-pop fans care?

No. 36897

a lot of kpop fans were previously weebs so it strict too close to home

No. 36901


The fancam is even worse. With so many lights and a good camera game they look passable but the full choreography is horrendous. Joy, Yeri and Wendy can't dance at all, Irene looks like is held at gunpoint, Seulgi is the only one that looks half decent.

No. 36902

I saw red velvet in concert and in person it was really noticeable Seulgi was much more energetic and her moves were cleaner. It really makes the others look bad when they're dancing next to her

No. 36905

It looks like a ritual lmao

No. 36907

Everything You Need To Know About Recent Sasaeng Break In Incident On EXO ChanYeol’s Officetel

>The Woman Who Was Inside ChanYeol’s Officetel Was A Staff Member Working With Him

SM Entertainment responded shortly after word got out that a woman was actually inside ChanYeol’s officetel. The agency stated that the woman was a staff member who was working with ChanYeol on various different projects, as the officetel space was actually being used as a studio and workplace.
>staff member
Was it really? I know agencies always try to cover up any dating scandal that isn't planned

>The Two Sasaengs Are Reportedly From China And Have Been Harassing ChanYeol For Some Time

ChanYeol has revealed that these two particular sasaengs from China have actually attempted to break in to his house several times. The female SM staff member who was present when the sasaengs continuously rang the doorbell and forcefully turned the door knob recorded the intercom video screen showing the sasaengs trying to get in, and reported it to the police.

>It’s Not Just Breaking & Entering That The Sasaengs Are Currently Being Questioned Over But Also Violating The Immigration Control Law Of South Korea

The sasaengs are currently being questioned additionally as news reports have revealed that they have actually violated the Immigration Control Law of South Korea. The two females are also the same sasaengs who harassed ChanYeol at airports in the past.

No. 36909

I'm disappointed. I was waiting for her to be an escort or something

No. 36911

Were they singing live during this performance? I can slightly understand the shitty dancing if they were singing live

No. 36912

Like most Kpop groups they sing live but with a backing vocal track that is so loud it doesn't actually matter if they're singing or not.

No. 36913


The shade would be the v pic on >>36776. She is a jimin fansite so she probably threw shade on v fangirls who thinks he is a real life CGI

No. 36915

they could've just as easily made this, milkshake, or any of the other b-sides the title track and it would've been a better choice

No. 36916

I don't know but it sounds like a cover up on the part of the girl being a SM staff. Officetels, if you'll find out about korea's sex and prostitution ways, tends to be the place were they send off girls to do their services for men to hide the fact they were buying service with the facade of "working".

No. 36918

KEK fair enough. I'm still gonna judge 30 year old women who think kpop lyrics are deep though.

No. 36919

Doesnt the CPC want to keep lay in Exo for whatever reason?

No. 36921

I know this is supposed to be crit but wow she is naturally pretty

No. 36926

File: 1561172471134.jpeg (8.43 KB, 275x183, images-2.jpeg)

I would rather someone kind of unattractive in that odd way, like Vixx' Leo

Maybe I just spend too much time thinking about what traits would be best for male modeling though….he has no nice cheekbones but his small mouth and eyes creates a cool look

No. 36927

How does this happen to your skin??
Smoking? Stress??

No. 36928

It reminds me of Judy Garland

No. 36932

her and her twin are twitch thots now lol
and ellin is a correspondent youtuber influencer or whatever
soyul is married to the uggo with the baby on return of superman, and gummi is missing….wonder what shes up to

No. 36933

It's probably from constant foundation/makeup use.

Im not wk but Tbh his skin in the pic doesn't even look that bad it's just the low quality that makes it look worse.

It actually makes him look normal

No. 36934

well shes also just prettier than all the others lol
i dont see how irene is more popular in korea
they have such shit boring taste

No. 36935

I think Irene is basically talentless but she is really pretty tbh. Especially seeing her skin in real life like with V >>36933 makes her so much less weird to look at than all the heavily shooped ads she's in

No. 36937

i dont think shes ugly at all shes just SO damn boring and basic

kinda like yoona i guess
i feel koreans dont like girls with unique features and its so weird to me because they just pick girls who are so…..safe…and plain

No. 36939

Well, they're not a mixing pot of cultures like some countries. That's a big factor

No. 36940

>well shes also just prettier than all the others lol
Noone except slug stans would say this

No. 36941

Well a lot of fans are still mad at her for the whole kris wu thing, or for sjw points, a lot of them were asian americans so there's that, or just a case of yellow fever and the need to lash out at a ignorant yt person

lol maybe, a lot of kpop fans are still weebs too, actually kpop as a whole is extremely weeby

No. 36942

Anybody with "unique features" is automatically considered ugly to Koreans.

No. 36943


No. 36944

I've only ever watched half a kdrama, but the actor I found the best looking to me was someone who I later found out was considered really ugly by koreans. He also never had ps and didn't want to get it either.

No. 36945

File: 1561178922522.png (110.95 KB, 429x213, Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 12.48…)


No. 36947

File: 1561180448241.png (617.82 KB, 800x906, Screenshot_2019-06-22-13-10-04…)

Now delusional fans are starting to call him 'THE god'

And no surprise that it came from SEA fans

No. 36948

he's literally the most disgusting member i really dont get it

No. 36949

There's only one god in my heart, and they certainly don't look like that.

No. 36950

Did Joy gain a lot of weight? No hate but I can't tell if it's just the shitty outfit or not

No. 36951

File: 1561181907627.jpg (550.06 KB, 1000x1500, unnamed.jpg)

she probably went on an extreme ana-tier diet to lose as much weight as she did in the first place after she got ripped to shreds the first two years of Red Velvets debut, and is just gaining it back as most people who starve themselves eventually do

No. 36952

I could understand that but I've seen idols run offstage after shows to remove makeup with wipes, so maybe he's just genetically unlucky with acne?

No. 36954

File: 1561182168586.png (112.89 KB, 217x272, Screenshot_2019-06-22-13-37-41…)

No. 36955

He has the least chin but the most hair

No. 36958

Could be a combination of both -mixed in with constant stress and poor diet. There's so many factors.

A lot of idols have acne and I mean a lot…but as you know fansites edit the fuck out of pics so you never really know. When I first found that out I was so shocked. I thought all of them had pale,perfect, poreless skin like a retard.

No. 36959

His looks are meh! But the guy is pretty harmless and does his own thing. He is not in everyone faces like NCT or BTS.

No. 36961

Which BTS member has the least hair anyway???

No. 36962

V. His hair is 80% extensions

No. 36964

File: 1561187840694.jpg (36.69 KB, 500x479, images-7.jpg)

No. 36965

Lmao they should have had an agreement before posting that

No. 36966

Op is indian i think (based on the character there) so technically south asian, not south east asian lol. Both are crazy tho.

No. 36968

i think they hire extremely bland, yet attractive, people so fans can self insert.

No. 36980

File: 1561200785133.png (423.79 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-22-10-37-32…)

Grammys now accepts streaming albums so it means ratmon's mixtape is now qualified for a grammy… is it suspicious? I don't know… it just sounds really suspicious since they were part of the deciding body now…

And you know… someone from the group (if not the whole) needs to won something "big" before they becomes irrelevant…

No. 36981

fuck no. someone in grammy put this just so bts can be worthy of something. i really hope they never win a grammy, their ego is already gigantic enough.

No. 36982

They'll get a Grammy and will be expelled from the army.

No. 36983

Sounds like a nightmare. Suga’s lyrics will become more annoying and annoying if they do.

No. 36984

they only exempt olympics winners. i don't think it's on the same level. i think bts members will enlist even if they somehow get exempted just so their entire country won't hate them.

No. 36985

Jfc I'd need a total month of social break if that happens.

No. 36986

Social media* lol

No. 36987

I really wonder if there's some agreement between bighit and the Grammys. I checked out their twitter and they even promoted that song that was posted on here. Did I miss something?

No. 36989

Tinfoil, but…isn't this super suspicious?
I know that the south korean government has been trying hard for 2 decades already to push the hallyu wave onto the rest of the world, but it really seems as if there's more than just that.
What were the chances of somebody who's not in the big 3 to hit it big, not only in Korea but in the rest of the world too? Zero.
Usually only american or latin music (due to being right next to the US and the huge amount of spanish speakers in the world) was popular, this has never happened before, just a short while ago south korea was a small, literally who?-Country and suddenly everybody is obsessed with it. Somebody really must be pulling the strings for BTS and trying to get them to reach fame no matter what. But why?
I have to admit that I liked some of their earlier songs, but nowadays their so below average, so why do normies who never even liked kpop in general before care about them now?

No. 36991

Well we know BTS totally lucked out on timing, which is basically everything in the entertainment industry nowadays. 1D was on what now seems to be permanent hiatus and 5sos were stagnant/fading out of relevancy at the time. It's not clear how or why BTS of all groups was the chosen one to do extremely well, but I think the government didn't push them at first, only after BTS proved to be the real deal in spreading hallyu. K-Pop was also a bit popular before 2014, not like anything we see today, but it was an internet niche.

>tldr; timing is everything and I think they got lucky. If there's behind the scenes pushing it prob happened after they garnered hype in 'murica

No. 36992

They literally had a president who got her advice from a cult leader. Anything is possible.

No. 36993

my take on bts' fame is

>fake woke agenda

going all social justice is the trendy thing now and dumb teens think supporting them is also woke.

>underdogs image/~~depression~~

people like a "started foom the bottom" story in general. pandering about mental health is very trendy now and teens find it relatable. it makes them think that they are deep because they don't listen to songs about sex, they listen to songs about real social issues!!

>east asian entertainment's popularity, ex-weebs with yellow fever and fujos who like gay asian stuff latching onto them

they're always on some "armys are our gfs uwu" shit, they never had a confirmed relationship, they come off as available and it appeals to socially inept femcels. they do a lot of "2 of us might be dating, we might come out one day, just wait!!" fanservice that attaches fujos to follow their content to see if there's an update on their gay babbiez.

>the latest top boy group aka 1D's absence and their fans finding another boy group to obsess over

>companies constantly releasing new content

they watch an interview, travel show, another interview, a vlive, an entertainment show, and they fall further into it and try to keep up with everything. who knew.

tldr: bighit is good at keeping up with trends and pandering and bts was lucky with their timing.

No. 36994

>Anything is possible.
Especially when your president endorses you. I would've been really happy for them if the whole kpop industry wasn't so ignorant, misogynistic and rotten, or if bts had decent talent.
Would've been way better if it was some interesting band or someone like ailee that blew up.
The Grammys aren't even credible anymore. If someone like cardi b, the industry plant, can win best rap album or whatever then anyone can win really …

No. 36996

>Would've been way better if it was some interesting band or someone like ailee that blew up.
Not to fangirl in the critical thread, but I agree, Ailee blowing up would've made much more sense and been actually cool. She grew up in the US so the intl interviews would be smooth, she actually has talent, and her fanbase would be more diverse and inclusive of the GP than the Tumblr army variety. That's the kind of kpop that I don't mind crossing over – these fad boy and girl groups are embarrassing and so far removed from what people organically are interested in.

No. 36997

This is a reach that the Grammys did this just so a BTS member could win. Streaming is the new normal and Soundcloud rap is the zeitgeist. I'm sure they will encourage Armys delusions for the ratings but he won't win anything

No. 36998

That's not even the worst part. Imagine a world where Armys can use a Grammy win to justify their shitey existence

No. 37003

Lmao i literally saw this on my tumblr a few minutes ago. What a delusional attention seeker. She's clearly trying to suck up to armies as much as possible so they buy her shit with BTS.

Disappointing if true, but i'm not surprised. I'm not one of those people who is completely against streaming but it's undoubtedly wrecked music charts and awards for eternity. It's not just related to BTS or kpop, any semi-popular album can get an award or "record breaking" title for doing the absolute bare minimum, like extremely poor physical album sales and very short song legacies. The music industry has become a joke because of it, they really didn't think any shit through in regards to how streaming would warp everything.

No. 37006

go listen to it yourself then sheep

No. 37008

Let's pray that our Queen releases more names.

No. 37009

File: 1561216061016.jpg (287.06 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20190622-220206_You…)

A new gg is debuting soon and it has the silliest name ever. I'm laughing so hard.

Their tweets are stupid too, they should hire a real translator. This is one of it:
>I am glad to have Korean fans because we have not had Korean fans in the meantime. It does not discriminate foreign fans and Korean fans. As you all know, I want to tell you

They're already pandering to twitter stans by following back almost every one of them lmao.

No. 37010

Google Translate fails again

No. 37013

Yeah in a few years or so they will probably completely stop trying to appeal to Korean fans.
A group like kard are nobodies in Korea but in Latin America they're super popular and they do covers of Spanish songs and everything. They probably make good money from those fans alone. Now imagine being popular in North America….they won't care about Korean fans then cause idols barely make money in their own country anyway.
I also can't wait to see an influx of koreaboos debuting as idols

No. 37014

File: 1561219011933.jpg (113.37 KB, 480x480, 1561218610229.jpg)

No. 37018

>Ex weebs with yellow fever
For the older fans maybe, but a lot of younger are anime fans and see kpop idols as real life anime characters, which is what kpop idols try to look and act like anyway. Like another anon mentioned above, kpop is super weeby. It's what nonkpop fans tell me all the time too

No. 37019

File: 1561224319711.png (94.7 KB, 800x293, Screenshot_2019-06-23-01-16-06…)

So are they trying to go the same route as bts? Pandering to I-twitterstan-fans?

Also, I've search about them just now and the first thing I find is someone dragging the company for being a scam. Kek

Plus, aren't "purple" ratmys special color? It doesn't really makes sense even after #manager explained what their group name supposed to mean

No. 37020

RV is not a performance group in my opinion–without the music show cameras, they look like a group at a high school talent show group of friends with Seulgi being that one member who has dance/sang her whole life.

I'm not an RV stan but I'm so disgusted bc Sunny Side Up also looks so much better in terms of choreography and outfits. Why the FUCK didn't SM just use this as their title track?

I don't normally advocate for plastic surgery but I think if anyone would benefit from a chin implant, it'd be him. Even a dorito chin implant would be better than how he currently looks.
He has apparently had a nose job before which makes me wonder why the fuck he's still so goddamn ugly.

If anyone was going to be hyped by the Korean government, wouldn't it have been YG? YG and Psy have had strong ties to the Korean government for years.

No. 37021

i actually hope bts do get exempted from the army. because even though koreans claim they'd be ok with it, an exemption would come back to bite them in the ass the second they have any kind of scandal whatsoever.

No. 37023

SM have always been the best when they went with their rather unconventional, experimental sounds and didn't follow the latest US trends. Now they seem more desperate for US recognition that's why the change in sounds.They think any shitty edm song will end up being liked. Just go back to giving them songs like dumb dumb.

No. 37024

File: 1561225621370.png (633.1 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-23-01-29-04…)


>they already have a fandom name

>they are using sns exactly like how bts used them
(interacting with fans thru sns prior to debut/ 'members replies fans themselves for 'we are genuine idols who cares for our fans' effect)
>they came from a small company that came out of nowhere
(so they can use the 'we are underdogs' strategy to gain pity points from gullible fans who is always in for sob-stories)
>They were already making a buzz for the bad "rumors"

I'm curious to see how this will work… specially since they were a girl group and rarely do a girlgroup get the same amount of obssessive fans. I'm probably stretching, but I think this is the "formula" that made bts successful and someone figured it out. Plus, the company didn't even have an office and was called out for being a scam because of that. I wouldn't be surprised if one of this days, we'll find out its one of big4 companies sister/subsidiary company.

No. 37025

maybe they'll still have some popularity while jin is in the military but after suga enlists and all of them slowly start to hit their 30s no one is going to be into them anyway. no one will be around advocating for their exemption.

No. 37026

LOONA already tried this and it hasn't really worked.

No. 37027

i heard that the ceo has family members in the government so that would explain why bts was picked out of all the better soloists and groups.

No. 37028

Why is sm so desperate now? Where did all the exo money go?

No. 37029

File: 1561227021500.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, 1559805527190.gif)

>they already have a fandom name

No. 37030

i'm waiting for the 'han seo hee' of bighit to expose them already. especially the crew that they hang out with. i heard that one of them is a serial abuser and some others are druggies lol

No. 37031

File: 1561227296516.png (303.51 KB, 800x1183, Screenshot_2019-06-23-02-04-48…)


Bighit ceo did come from an elite family…

His father is a high ranking gov. official…
Uncle is an ambassador and news agency director…

No. 37032

if korea thinks nayeon is cute they probably think rat is cute too. same chinless rodent face

No. 37033

Exo is slowly but surely dissolving, shinee will probably be too, nct is a failed project = they'll no longer have a representative boy group.
Snsd is basically done and red velvet is kinda dying too.
They have that Chinese group but idk how well they're doing.

No. 37034

I think SHInee as a whole is already done. There last album sold only like 50,000+ copies. After Jonyhyun's death unfortunately they declined in quality and popularity.

Tbh all SM groups apart from Tvxq are pretty much over are soon to be and they debut that new gg then it's really game over.

No. 37035

File: 1561228075910.jpg (139.65 KB, 700x700, 26-rachel-roy.w700.h700.jpg)

Becky with the good hair called and she's suing for trademark infringement

No. 37036

> Supremeboi(bighit prod.) co-write a rape-fantasy song with ROCKBOTTOM, which is his underground rap group, that is also involved with a drugscandal
> IRON was probably the serial abuser you've mentioned ( that used to be in bts orig. line up and was still friends with Ratmon and V). He beat up his girlfriend until she was hospitalized. Aparently, he wrote a diss track about TOP and it came out true (probably, because they have the same dealer or something)

No. 37037

File: 1561228759182.png (128.29 KB, 640x931, IMG_1177.PNG)

If anyone's interested here's a rare, old article about how some Koreans really felt about his looks before it was considered blasphemy to say negative things about them. Nowadays nobody ever mentions their looks and if they do it's usually some fans praising v's looks lol they don't wanna go there cause they low key know.
I'm really impressed how they manage to control themselves and not shit on their looks cause that's what they like to do the most online. https://www.koreaboo.com/uncategorized/netizens-claim-that-this-male-idol-is-ugly-yet-pretends-to-be-fatally-charming/

No. 37038

File: 1561228779245.png (583.82 KB, 634x600, Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 2.34…)

Not sure how many of you watch Produce X 101 but I seriously hope Starship's next boy group flops after this bullshit they're pulling with THREE of their five trainees ranking in the top 11 with like 1/3 of the show's camera time consistently despite being ugly, short and not talented in comparison to other guys on the show.

The middle one gives me Korean Nikolas Cruz vibes and the one on the right looks like a blobfish.

Also currently in the middle of watching Episode 8 but I'm preparing to be disappointed bc I've been rooting for the actually talented trainees, no ep 8 spoilers pls

No. 37039

Don't forget Kidoh, also an original BTS member and close friends with them still. He took part in some pro-rape songs Iron made, and then got imprisoned for drug use.

Really stellar company BTS keeps.

No. 37040

> Aparently, he wrote a diss track about TOP and it came out true (probably, because they have the same dealer or something)


No. 37041

korea has decided bts are their beatles so they have to pretend they're beautiful now. compare ANY article about them and the comments in 2015 which are mostly critical to what it's like 2017+ where their asses get licked. netizens even said that japanese boyband BTZ were 'ugly' and '90s boyband looks' compared to BTS. apparently looking like j-hope is progress, or something

No. 37043

the big 3's death is finally happening. yg ruined itself, they only have blackpink left and even blackpink's fans started to get tired of them. sm's all boy groups are failing. f(x) and snsd are dead. jyp is doing okay though.

bighit could take over if they weren't so obsessed with milking bts until the last drop of money and they were any better than the big 3. their groups after bts will flop.

bighit doesn't even take female trainees ffs. if anything companies should be more focused on girl groups, at least they likely won't go become a pimp and ruin the entire company.

No. 37044

File: 1561230530526.jpg (34.73 KB, 400x400, visualking.jpg)

It really is a miracle, it's the year 2019 and a boy group with absolutely basic music, from a small mostly irrelevant country, who possesses neither talent nor looks nor charisma (or the ability to speak the global lingua franca) and whose shady past gets shielded by everybody is supposed to be the top of the international music industry.

I'd expect people who get to know BTS and with them the shady music industry that is Kpop to quickly drop them, but no, they apparently get brainwashed so fast that they don't even care about that…

No. 37045

Wow they are becoming even more brazen. I thought that last year was bad when they rigged it for WY and kicked out Miyu to put in Yujin (seriously the only difference between the two appearance-wise is the nose). But that's just ridiculous. The one on the left seems to come from the same pedobait factory as WY and makes really punchable facial expressions. The show would be better without Starship involvement. I mean they'd lose Soyou. But that's not much of a loss because she's a terrible vocal coach and just an overall unpleasant person.
>Japanese boyband BTZ
Funny thing is that is not their name or even their official abbreviation. Nationalistic knetz and BTS fans made it up in order to give them a reason to hate the group and accuse them of copying -besides being a hiphop influenced group with 7 members (because BTS apparently owns both hiphop and the number 7). Anyway, they are an LDH goup with all that that entails. It doesn't stop Koreans and BTS fans from obsessively spamming their debut video with hate comments.

No. 37046

they're not a boy group, they're just a successful boyfriend simulator for weebs.

No. 37047

Does anyone else feel like BigHit and BTS don't really want true success in America, just bragging rights back home? I'm sure they know that a Korean boy band isn't going to be a hit with the GP if they don't speak English, and that Korean idol training strips them of their genuine personalities, which is really important to American audiences. Their team sets them up to do interviews but obviously screens the questions beforehand and even makes Billboard or whatever participate in Aegyo bullshit like holding puppies. BTS did not pave the way - PSY did, with an organic hit and a goofy charismatic presence that Americans genuinely liked. It's not like BigHit is unaware of this. Which leads me to believe that true American success is not the end goal, and that's A) really stupid because it's the biggest music market in the world but I wouldn't put it past such a nationalistic country to not care about that and B) making the American ARMYs look even more desperate and pathetic because they're being used for clout.

No. 37048

tfw u get outshined by ur background dancers, who are better dressed than u and ten times more charismatic.

No. 37049

Blame everyone for not buying music. The record industry wouldn't be shilling them so hard if armys didn't buy so many physicals and so much merchandise across the world which makes a shit ton of money compared to streaming. 7.5 million domestic album sales (just in Korea) = 8 billion streams. Then factor in the foreign sales (Love Yourself sold 200,000 in the USA)
They don't need to put that much effort in. They figured out they can stand around with Jimin pulling faces and squealing and no one cares. Anyone who does gets called racist by the woke media (wanting a cut) and armies

No. 37050

Can't wait for the charts to get reweighted so that Spotify streams mean more than physical sales. It's definitely coming soon and BTS will be left behind, their Spotify numbers are tragic. I thought their collabs with Zara Larsson and Charli XCX were weird choices but it turns out even those two flops are outstreaming them.

No. 37051

you keep posting variations of this, why so buttmad?

No. 37052

Nta but what on earth makes you think its the same anon doing it, somifag?

No. 37053


So what was even the point of promoting the god awful track Zimbalazim if Sunny Side Up is already going to be showcased anyways? I'm glad this is happening, don't get me wrong, but I'm just confused.

No. 37054

kek, this is the first time i post about somi in this thread. she was charismatic during sixteen and pd101/ioi, but leaving jyp was a massive mistake. seeing how poor her performances and styling are compared to itzy is entertaining. i'm pretty sure her creepy stage dad played a big role in her leaving, which is unfortunate because she is not made for the solo singer role (yet).

no matter how many jaw shaves wendy gets, her head still looks too big compared to her body.

No. 37055

seulgi's head is way bigger. sis looks like a bloated bobblehead these days.

No. 37056

i don't get how they went from looking great in their happiness and ice cream cake eras to this styling fuckery

No. 37057

Korean beauty standards are so boring and narrow it’s unreal. I wonder if they’ll ever get tired of the sameface-ness of idols.

No. 37058

File: 1561234854011.jpg (65.83 KB, 439x591, 39854093804.jpg)

every time i see him his nose gets smaller and smaller. how soon before it looks like mj

No. 37059

>better dressed
Not her choice.
>10 times more charismatic
Not really, they're nothing special either and at least Somi's face is prettier. Your obsession with her background dancers is creepy, you can criticise her without kissing random girls asses.
Most dancers are either trainees or idol rejects (because kpop dances aren't difficult), so if Somi was allowed to debut with her sub-par voice, then just imagine what they sound like…

No. 37060

looks like we have a somi fag on our hands

No. 37061

i kinda like his outfit because he isn't styled like an infant for once. is he growing a mullet?

No. 37064

>Your obsession with her background dancers is creepy,

Lmao what? How is that anon obsessed with her backup dancers? Becausenhe said they dance better than Somi? You sound mad someone is criticising you untalented wifeu

Idk who's worse Yuta chan, suga chan or this Somi fag lmao

No. 37065

It wasn't just that, somebody put in the effort and tried to screenshot her background dancers to show how "cute" and "charismatic" they are
That's stanning and doesn't belong in the critical thread, even if they're not idols per se.

No. 37066

sugachan was an aspie, not a full blown autist don't drag her into this

No. 37067

is this yungkook or taehyung? isn't the former known for his big nose or something?

how is pointing out that an idol is so bland that random idol-rejects turned backup dancers outshine her stanning? also this is an imageboard….

No. 37069

You could have written Somi has no charisma instead of "her dancer is so cute" "she's a qt" "what's her name?" and then a couple days later again "her dancers are better dressed and so charismatic".
As soon as that other anon called your behavior out, you started with Somi fag and now again and again. Neither her nor I have posted pictures of Somi to prove her cuteness, there are more posts of people wetting themselves over her dancers than there's posts defending Somi. Repeatedly writing Somifag doesn't exactly help in trying to prove that you're not just samefagging, you probably don't know or remember this, but people only started writing Yutafag after around 100 blatant stan posts about him.

No. 37070

You're right on this show encouraging pedophilia. I finished ep 8 and they called this 15-year-old sexy before announcing his rank.

No. 37071

>B-but I'm not stanning, you are! Leave my caucasian legend alone!
You're talking to multiple different anons and have been called a somifag by multiple different anons, m8 shut the fuck up and hop off her dick already.

No. 37073

So that's your problem lol
Of course a white girl could never be as perfect as your korean backgrounddancer-chan

No. 37074

File: 1561239660866.jpg (45.93 KB, 500x448, somi_kek.jpg)

this somifag stuff is too much, my sides.

No. 37075

More like that's the only reason you're covering up for her. I wasn't any of the anons you were replying to and I never commented on any of her dancers.

No. 37076

Whatever you want to believe, dancerlesbo.

No. 37078

The guy on the left has absolutely no talent, refused to dance when the judges evaluated him, and almost got sent home and he's still in the top ten.

No. 37079

Somi’s performance is a let down because of how hyped she was like two years ago. People expected better but she really is a terrible performer as a solo. Should have stayed in Itzy but she didn’t want to delete her precious Instagram account which would have been required. Even Twice members don’t have individual accounts

No. 37081

Nta but calm down Somi-chan you are embarrassing yourself.

No. 37083


Ntayrt but Somifag pls stop embarrassing yourself like this

No. 37085

File: 1561241625946.gif (4.07 MB, 540x306, BeneficialBriefCrownofthornsst…)

>in the 5th year of their career
>Irene is 28
>trained for up to 7 years
>plastic af
>super short with awful proportions
>dance like this
= one of the top kpop groups

You've got to be kidding me…

No. 37087

He also fake cries at every opportunity. I'm so tired of him.

No. 37088

she's pretty and was comparatively a good dancer compared to joy and wendy back when they first debuted. now she's just lazy old and waiting for the contract to expire

No. 37090

Stop racebaiting, go to PULL if you want to sperg about evil white girls.

No. 37091

I was talking about all of them, but yeah, Irene's basically useless

No. 37092

An "expose" video with the black girl who was in Rania.
She claimed to be born in 95, right? lmao

No. 37093

Oh man was she totally useless and talentless and yet seemingly stanned by the entirety of the western kpop fandom.I remember that she couldn't speak Korean at all so they just kind of kept her to the side to rap a few line in English.

No. 37094

Looking at her insta, she still tries to bank on "I'm the first black idol, btw girlsss I miss you!"

Pandering to ifans and touring overseas is the dumbest thing groups/companies can do. BTS 2.0 isn't going to happen.
Crayon Pop toured with Lady Gaga a couple years ago, and despite only getting a small amount of pocket money, they were in debt when they came back because transportation etc burned most of their earnings.
I feel sorry for all groups who are forced to play in (South) America just because noisy fans demand so, they only have to work harder when they go back to Korea to make up for all that wasted time and money.

No. 37095

funny thing is that her dad is white and her mom is half black or something. she's probably 1/4 black and looks mixed race. she could easily pass of as another race if she were to straighten her hair (kinda like meghan markle).

do you think they'll keep making groups with members who are non-east asian, even though they flop? will a group with a non chinese/japanese/korean member ever become popular? it seems like it only worked with black pink because yg are/were a big company with influence. lisa being thai is also not used as a gimmick.

No. 37096

It’s funny ‘cause I seem to recall the commenters on Omona being triggered by her, like she was encroaching on something sacred that rightfully belongs to Koreans, lol.

No. 37097

>will a group with a non chinese/japanese/korean member ever become popular
Unlikely. Koreans are racist as fuck. Th only reason the Chinese and Japanese squeak by is because they tend to have features Koreans like naturally and they are similar enough that Koreans can pretend they are Korean. Twice is a really good example of this because the Japanese/Taiwanese members are the most popular but god forbid if one of them draws attention to the fact they aren't Korean.

No. 37098

Maybe a few. But more people were definitely hyping her up than were disparaging her.

No. 37099

Yeah, there are plenty of thai kpop idols and HK/taiwanese are higher on the dumb azn race totem pole than mainland chinese (and koreans depending on who you ask)

No. 37100

>she didn't speak korean - "omg why didn't they hire a translater for you?!"
>another member who spoke english was forced to help her
>"is she still in the group?" - "i don't know lol", "aren't they disbanded" - "i don't know LOL"
>i thought we would be like sisters, but communitcation issues and cultural differences…
>i didn't ask for all this attention, i was in literally every newspaper back then
>the others were jealous of me
>didn't even understand that some members left the group
>was hit on by male idols and dated one: they used the phone translater to communicate
Sorry, but she sounds like an entitled cunt (and Grace acts fake too).

I was surprised about her being mixed too, because she keeps repeating that she's black.

That's funny, she said if there was another black woman in kpop then she would have had a role model to look up to blah blah, but in the end of the day, if there's zero "korean" in you, then why should you make korean pop…? Same obviously goes for chinese, thai and japanese kpop idols too.

No. 37101


I wouldn't call her completely useless only because she
revived Rania's career and garned them a lot of attention

Honestly yeah but I think it'll be mainly to cash in on the Western market. Companies see the success that BTS has overseas and want to cash in on that somehow so they'll start taking trainees who are not Asian and debuting groups with a non Asian member. All in hopes to emulate that success somehow and get western attention – all while looking diverse and woke.

No. 37103

>>she didn't speak korean - "omg why didn't they hire a translater for you?!"
Why didn't she bother to try to learn the language?
>>the others were jealous of me

No. 37104

Tasha, who is half black, is among the most successful female rappers. But that’s partially because she grew up in Korea and is married to Tiger JK who’s well known. Koreans are still extremely racist towards her and her son though, regardless of the couple’s success.

No. 37106

File: 1561249415668.jpg (1.65 MB, 2480x3508, D9aXZqEUcAATq8u.jpeg.jpg)

This girl from purplebeck is so hideous, she's like Sinb's knockoff. Companies should stop debuting cookie cutters. The industry is so oversaturated it hurts.

No. 37108

File: 1561249946262.jpg (54.41 KB, 681x681, 58606498_157099818658916_42644…)

The dude on the left scares the fuck out of me. I haven't checked but he must be the new baby cow in fans' retarded fanfics. Can't blame them though.

No. 37109

Rv is so going to disband in a year or two cause a 30 year old doing this kind of dance is embarrassing, and RV's concept won't get any mature from this. They will just debut a new gg but still aren't sure if they will get the same irene effect kek. Sm is so done.

No. 37111

File: 1561250975310.png (68.5 KB, 900x900, c67qBxh.png)

Stop I can't believe this. Someone tell me this isn't a shoop of some kind and this is how he actually looks!

No. 37112

File: 1561251513352.jpg (21.04 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

>do you think they'll keep making groups with members who are non-east asian, even though they flop? It seems like it only worked with black pink because yg are/were a big company with influence. lisa being thai is also not used as a gimmick.

They will, just to end up flopping in a year or two. These companies never learn I swear. I think Lisa's popularity is due to her charisma and personality more than her being a non east asian in the kpop industry, even though the latter plays a huge factor too. Other thai girls weren't so lucky.

More companies should learn from SM in this case. They stopped debuting non east asian when Isak and Jiyeon failed in 2002 (with Isak being 100% german and fluent in Korean, even though she could pass for a hapa). Non east asian artists just couldn't get the same chance in korea as they could in japan (crystal kay for example). If they insist on debuting as a soloist they should try japan instead. They won't get as much international exposure in japan but it's a good bet to have a stable career.

No. 37113

So Alex actually wasn't the first non-Asian idol.
I've never heard of them, her face is really weird for a German. Just proves once again that even fitting all their beauty standards won't be enough.
I wonder why they allowed her to perform though, that chinese member of Super Junior was forced to wear a mask, because they couldn't stand his foreign features (or so he/his fans claim) and here, a few years prior, they let somebody of a completely different race on stage.

No. 37114

Shes rude as fuck and its not warranted tbh
nobody would even know who she was if she wasnt thrown into some random kpop group that she didnt even know anything about.

She had LITERALLY been trying to make it as a video ho back in the states and met teddy riley and he got her in the group with basically no notice. Rania had been doing thing the "foreign idol" thing for the entirety of their career. She wasnt the first foreign member, just the first non Asian. Yet her stans were the absolute worst and ruined the fandom. She didnt speak Korean but thought everybody should bend to her whim to accommodate her. I agree that it was shitty for the company to do what they did for "urban cred", but unless she names names, I dont want to hear her dragging the other members through the mud. Nobodys jealous of you sis. You are a nobody.

No. 37115

>I'm the first black idol
This is disgusting because she literally isnt. Yoon Mirae and Lee Michelle are as black as she is. And Im sure there have been others.

No. 37116

Crystal Kay is half-Korean too, although she's j-pop

No. 37117

whoa this whole time i thought isak WAS a korean

No. 37118

As you can see from that stage performance, Isak barely got any korean lines and when she did, it sounded kinda awkward. At that time the korean gp found it weird and annoying for a foreigner to be performing using their precious language, thus they were never popular. After InJ, Isak was famous for MCing and her guest appearances on gag shows (because foreigners were only useful for this kind of show lmao). Jiyeon became a member of CSJH The Grace (the supposed female version of DBSK), SM focused more on Jiyeon and let Isak did backstage things until 2012 I think.

>Just proves once again that even fitting all their beauty standards won't be enough.

People only started to be more accepting one kpop became an international phenomenon. Even so, they still have very strict standards to what they call pretty in foreigners. They praise Somi and Nancy for their looks but shit on them daily just because they gain weight, look old or something when they're just jealous they don't look like them. If Isak were to debut in recent years, I'm sure the public would give a fuck too because she actually fits their beauty standards.

>I wonder why they allowed her to perform though, that chinese member of Super Junior was forced to wear a mask, because they couldn't stand his foreign features (or so he/his fans claim) and here.

I think they only let her because it was SM, and it was such a new concept. They only had 2 to 5 stage performances. Even Shinvi had more.

No. 37119

Netizens ripped chocolat apart too calling all the members ugly except tia.
Even the fully korean member got pushed to the side in favor of her because she fit the ~pretty half white~ girl style.
They also sexualized her just like somi and eventually when it became clear the group was going nowhere, the other girls went back to america/europe and tia stayed and got mc/radio/variety jobs. Luckily Melanie and Julienne seem happy now away from idol life. While Tia still desperately hangs on to her attempts to stay famous.

No. 37120

Tia was (half) german too, right?

No. 37121

her dad was german and puerto rican, mom was korean

No. 37126

I'm not defending her but
she didn't audition, the entertainment agency asked her themselves

No. 37127

She looks fine, no one cares about this nugu group anyways

No. 37128

Wait, she said she was DATING? Fuck people are going to riot lmao

No. 37129

i wish she dated someone super famous so that there would be drama but she probably only dated teddy or some k rapper that nobody really cares about

No. 37132

she's been telling that story for awhile lol. I doubt anyone is going to care unless she says who she actually dated.

No. 37138

txt is flopping hard and its kinda pitiful how they've been guesting american shows left and right. They were trying so hard… and why are they promoting mostly in U.S.? Why aren't they going to weekly idol or musicbank like how normal k-idols are supposed to do? Are they promoting exclusively in U.S. now?

KEK 5000 views and 1000likes for a trip around hollywood… the hype around them during debut is gone with the wind

No. 37139

Wheeeeww chile you sound like an Amerikkan fucktard who would pronounce lingerie as 'lingeray'. Calm down a bit this ain't it
Wtf why would they place their worst dancer in the front? Also they should try other formations so they could hide better their lack of skills. Like cramp everybody up and make Seulgi center always
She's not old just lazy and an untalented dancer. beyoncé's older and dances 10000000x better and shr ain't even that good either

No. 37140

I mean it was pretty obvious they would target American audience from the start? They made a smaller group with 2 fluent english speakers plus 1~2 w good enough skills. But I read some i-ratmys talking they would stop supporting bcuz they realized the sooner they succed the sooner bts sashays away

No. 37141

they got a deal with an american record label around the time they debuted so I guess people are counting on them being the next big thing. it seems weird to market them towards america with that kind of concept but they probably didn't want to do a blatant bts copycat. plus I think they'll save that for the bighit/cjem group.

No. 37142

Bitch stop talking outta your ass you're sounding aspie. Everyone and their granny know that artists - not even just fucking k idols - make more bank touring (i mean aetists not the fucking record label). These crayon poppers ended in debt because they a) were not headliners; b) probably had to pay some to tour w lady gaga cause literally no one knew them c) had some terrible contract; d) were overall flops. The smart ones are making at least some money they wouldn't otherwise in Korea by touring America and Latam.

No. 37143

Nayrt, but how exactly does that anon sound like an "Amerikkan fucktard"? They made some good points even if they expressed it with some extra vitriol.
Honestly, from your post, you sound like a stan twitter escapee.

No. 37144

idk but this group creeps me the fuck out. the mixed member looks like he got plastic surgery to look more asian

No. 37145

these kids are pretty good at speaking english they make their bts hyungiez look autistic lol.

No. 37146

>the chinese members to bail
From what I've heard about how SM treated them,they had every right to bail.


No. 37147

File: 1561269255957.jpg (167.82 KB, 1280x960, IMG-20190622-WA0057.jpg)

Dafuq this whitewashing. RM lookin whiter than my scandinavian ass

No. 37148

my favourite white boys omg

No. 37149

Jk is looking super girly. WTF hapened? He was the only one kinda cute.

No. 37150

Agreed. SM treats all their Chinese idols like dogs even when they end up being the most popular or bringing in the most money. It would be retarded for them not to leave. And the other members can fuck off if they resent them for it, those chinks trained just as hard as they did only to get fucked over in the long run.

No. 37151

I get if Chinese idols are less liked/criticized because of political reasons but from the beginning on they have no chance against the Korean members. For example fei from miss a was always more talented than suzy( she's prettier too imo) but they still gave no fucks about her.

No. 37152

File: 1561273814345.png (193.76 KB, 800x537, Screenshot_2019-06-23-14-58-02…)

Kek… the drama between k-ratmys and i-ratmys is so stupid I wish they would implode to smitterens

>J-hope received no cheer for his 'aegyo' because k-armys are bitter about the cheap face mask he gave away to them and so i-armys were shitting on k-armys for being entitled

Its quite ironic since they call themselves the "best fandom" for giving each other cute nicknames (k-diamond and i-pearls) and having "peace" and "cooperation" between K and I ratmys but here they are, calling each other out for entitlement

Guess what? BTS loves Japan since they always have the longest tour date and the best incentives and perks and they even bothered to put japanese subs on their stuff wayback before they realized their rise on western media

No. 37153

How is it possible that literally all of Somi's backups are better and freer with their bodies amd expressions than Somi is??? It is her stage but she is dancing like her limbs are tied up with invisible rope ffs … And i watched her other perf like whatta man and shit and she always has that deer in the headlights + restricted movements thing going on… White girls istg they think they are way above us mortals so she doesnt feel the need to actually give it her all in her stage

No. 37154

was his gift that shitty? i mean thousands of people in the audience can't be mad at the same time if it's not for a valid reason right

No. 37156

Why are you so angry? lol
I was only repeating what that girl from Crayon Pop said in her videos.
Do you really believe that groups who fly around the globe just to play in front of maybe 200 people are making bank? I'm not talking about BTS, I'm talking about your average group who flies to e.g. South America for 1 or 2 performances and that's it, because that's what most do.

Same goes for you, tell us what your problem with that post is, instead of just swearing around.

I-cockroaches (that's how they really call them) are so pathetic, things like 'ot7' was never a thing in korea, they don't care about their feefees and will openly show which members they don't give a fuck about. Nobody likes Jhope, because he's ugly and obnoxious, period. Some girl on twitter telling everybody that she hates y'all won't magically make everybody coddle man in his mid 20s who's sad because people didn't clap loud enough for him.

>White girls istg they think they are way above us mortals so she doesnt feel the need to actually give it her all in her stage
Being an asian girl doesn't stop Jennie from acting like she's above her fellow group members either, it's not a white problem…

No. 37157

Ugh not this again…

No. 37159

i'm not a somi stan but i swear international kpop fans have had it out for her since produce 101. is it some kind of jealousy that she's half white and gets to be an idol? i remember people called her a koreaboo even though she is half korean and her stage dad basically forced her into this career.

No. 37160

Fuck off, Somifag!

No. 37161

> is it some kind of jealousy that she's half white and gets to be an idol?


No. 37162

The gift was the cheapest variant of their mediheal mask and k-armys felt entitled for something more since j-hope is now millionaire

No. 37163

no one asked but I watch the show and he got his teeth fixed

No. 37164

I was curious about this so I looked on Twitter:


The fans didn't cheer his shitty aegyo kek.

No. 37165

i dont think he actually cared

No. 37166

>The fans didn't cheer his shitty aegyo
He's fucking 25!!! (meaning 'omg she's what? 30?' on lc kek)
It's insane how idols are allowed to act, nobody would give a fuck if Justin Bieber pulled a "sad" face because nobody liked him jumping around like some retarded monkey

No. 37167

He did an aegyo pout so he's clearly deeply depressed and will be having sleepless nights for weeks.

Hopefully the mountain of money and drugs he has will help him get through it.

No. 37168

File: 1561279609458.jpg (82.21 KB, 481x286, heartbreaking.jpg)

How do ratmies make it through the day

No. 37169

god you sound just like those korean netizens who sperg about irene's age and body all the time. who actually gives a fuck about proportions? also irene looks younger than her age.

No. 37170

She gets hated on by both sides. Many toxic Korean kpop fans can't shame her for plastic surgery cause her "desirable" features are natural so they're bitter and comment on her "white genes", and some international fans hate her for that too but more often it's because this girl has no discernible talent which she should have considering the immense popularity she has. Many jyp stans (cringe) also bombarded her with hate comments after she left the company saying she ~betrayed~ jyp.
But she still has a huge Korean and international fan base, otherwise she wouldn't have come that far.

No. 37171

File: 1561281407803.png (728.43 KB, 596x1138, Screenshot_2019-06-23-17-06-22…)

they make it through the day by cooing and sperging at their baby bois having such a "difficult life uwu" while BTS reveal every now and then a sob story in the past about k-armys and sunbaes bullying them so I-ratmys can coo at them more (read the attached pic)

No. 37172

summary: "we desperately want to perform in OGA army pls harass them until they have no choice but to invite us <3 i love you guys!!

No. 37173

Could it be because the title isnt using the abbreviation 'txt'? Not sure if people actually look for 'tomorrow x together' lol but nevertheless they're already done.

No. 37174

File: 1561282061468.jpg (106.47 KB, 800x1200, ea79c0c3542a48f99b4ab5b9b0af77…)

No, she clearly doesn't Irenefag, I feel sorry for you if you think that's young-looking.
We constantly shit on people appearances, some of them barely legal (or not even that), so why can't we criticise a women who's close to her 30s? Your limbs are essential for dance and hers (same for Wendy and Yeri) just don't look good.

No. 37175

File: 1561282101810.jpg (54.7 KB, 524x762, ire6.jpg)

Mind you, she's hailed as a goddess in Korea…

No. 37176

File: 1561282209995.png (332.29 KB, 478x464, 7B8A0CD7-73A5-4904-912E-98D0CD…)

nta but RV’s proportions are trash.

No. 37178

File: 1561282670728.gif (442.61 KB, 485x810, tumblr_inline_o380inElkf1qdbq1…)

Agreed kek

No. 37179

File: 1561283084485.gif (1.45 MB, 400x400, tumblr_poq335v57K1wsqvt4o1_400…)

Lmao no that wasn't shooped. He's really got that nightmare-inducing face.

No. 37181

File: 1561283783688.jpg (112.88 KB, 1024x683, CT22NyRUEAASVvu.jpg)

They always give them outfits that can only look good on tall, skinny and long-legged girls. On them it only makes them look like a strange mix between toddler and granny.

Snsd was so hugely successful, I wonder why sm choose to debut a group with such a vastly different concept.
I guess in the end it worked out, red velvet is doing somewhat well, but nowhere near on a level that a sm group was supposed to reach.

No. 37182

Why does Jimin literally look like he's wearing a mask?

No. 37183


1) they do! that is why they goto such lengths to hide irene's shit proportions and yeri's fridge waist! they aren't scientists - they aren't singers - they re selling their bodies so they better look good lmao

2)irene doesn't look younger thn her age - you need to get glasses dear irene-fag (in fact if she stops getting hr face done so often she would look way older than her age)

No. 37184

Clothes that are flattering to their body shape would help a lot.

No. 37185

they all look like fakebois tbh

No. 37186

yeah but their body shapes are so bad that the stylist would have to work overtime to find such dresses and keep it creative - and no sm stylist is paid enough to care that much

No. 37190

Oh my god they're miniature

No. 37192

File: 1561292518955.jpg (125.98 KB, 960x733, 1.jpg)

Lol do they really think nobody notices that their calves suddenly doubled in length

No. 37208

Nta but your pic was taken a year before the one you're replying to

No. 37211

So they shrunk? lol

No. 37214

File: 1561300133206.png (439.75 KB, 480x480, ioi chaeyeon dachshund.png)

yeah i don't get the sperging over proportions tbh. what's milky is the fact they try to hide it so hard, although this pic >>37192 is like 2/3 years old the stretching is still hilarious

i'll never forget when knets collectively nicknamed chaeyeon 'dachshund' because of her legs kek

No. 37215

Taking photos at or below eye level in a smaller space makes you look taller while taking photos above eye in an open space makes you look smaller. They're wearing more flattering clothes in your picture which probably helps too.

No. 37216

I knew their faces were all photoshopped but now I can't even trust the body proportions and height and everything.
I'm convinced that the guys are all shorter than they claim to be.

No. 37217

the picture was shopped by fans/anti's to show what she 'should' look like not officials

No. 37218

The kpop thread is unfortunately going to shit again. The same shit as always with calling out "stans" in the thread and ironically those that call out the "stans" have the worst grammar in their posts and sound like rabid kpop fans with their excessive nitpicking and their inability to distinguish between someone giving constructive criticism or sharing an unpopular opinion and stanning, they're probably just projecting.

No. 37219

Most men are shorter than they claim to be so I imagine kpop boys are tiny irl

No. 37220

File: 1561302446551.jpg (123.04 KB, 1124x1124, Dw9k0D0VAAYeIyU.jpg)

Well what do they expect?
Cat and Dog is a shit song whatever the case but the English version is utterly incomprehensible which is fatal for a song with a trap sound. BigHit has no sense of quality control. They should've debuted a group full of Korean-Americans, which would've been the best opportunity to cash in on BTS American and British stans. As it goes, not many armies give a fuck about this brother group. It's not even like looks or singing ability are that important for idols at this point. The members all look bland with no edge either

Dr. Feelgood by Rania remains the only comprehensible English version in kpop (since Jooyi for whatever reason understands English diction)
He got a bunch of shit done to look like an ulzzang, but Koreans love making hapas sport white styles and give them surgery to look rounder and more open, which a lot of the time is ill suited

No. 37221

male idols' real heights are (whatever their "official" height is)-5.

No. 37222

It's ok, we're used to it by now. The best thing to do is to not even call them out but to just move on. When there's not much real drama in the kpop world some just tend to nitpick in the meanwhile.
That's why I only come here when something has happened.

No. 37225

I wish I was in K-ent ONLY so I could recruit the trainees who don't make the top 11 in PD X 101 (like JBJ) and make a new boygroup with the ones who are actually talented.
This boy group is guaranteed to suck. Kim Mingyu for instance is guaranteed to debut because the votes are combined and he's been in the top 5 for the past few episodes (up until now). For the ones who don't watch the show, the video attached is who I'm talking about…

According to an ex-SM trainee, the best trainee they had around the time RV debuted was Yeri. So I genuinely think that they don't have tall, long-legged trainees. Or if they did, not enough to make a group.
I mean look at NCT and you can see that the quality of trainees fell off years ago.

No. 37226

File: 1561304650364.png (545.68 KB, 496x543, big_bang1-kpop.png)

Minimum -5cm…

>So I genuinely think that they don't have tall, long-legged trainees.
I really don't get why, the average young korean is a lot taller than most might think (and there are plenty of girls pretty enough to not need ps), so why do only rich shorties with average faces flock to agencies (or does SM only recruit the small and cute ones, like johnnys)?

No. 37227

File: 1561304679450.png (472.51 KB, 499x593, big_bang2-kpop.png)

No. 37228

It's only healthy for your body and soul to not watch these ranking shows ever again, especially if you expect fairness lol
I mean that dude from wanna one got second place because his cringey end pose went viral…

No. 37230

There are always better, more talented and more attractive people. Most people who aim to become public figures do crave some attention and that's not something every attractive person necessarily wants. Many of them are plain looking or even unattractive but then get a complete makeover once they know they'll debut.
From what I've seen it seems like actors need to be very tall and more attractive than idols.

No. 37231

File: 1561305446272.jpg (38.7 KB, 320x432, 1561241126287.jpg)

>According to an ex-SM trainee, the best trainee they had around the time RV debuted was Yeri.
LMAO. it is over for SM unless they pull something out their ass with SPRY. i'm pretty sure this is due to lee soo man not giving a fuck since the 2012 corruption scandal. TVXQ and SNSD made loads of money

No. 37233

File: 1561306113719.jpg (223.56 KB, 1200x630, a69b7b30c9158327c747d095bc54af…)

I don't understand why Big Hit went down the route of picking basic ass bland looking boys. I see the appeal of BTS and them having completely different apperances, like you're able to tell the difference between them all and the personalities for fans to latch onto. But, TXT has nothing going for them lmao. They're far from being the "next" BTS.

Big Hit should have either debuted a girl group with a vibe similar to BTS, but they're all Korean Americans. (They could've done the same thing with boys as well). And continued with their cinematic approach like BTS' HYYH era, but no, the money that they're clearly getting from America says otherwise.

They're trying to pander to the West and obviously flopping.

(Pic is to show how basic and similar looking TXT are).

No. 37234

they look like little ncts.

No. 37235


Big Hit stole SM twink machine to build txt.

No. 37236

Guys do you think that most companies don't debut a group where all the singers are good because they're afraid that once they get famous they'll drift apart and do their own solo thing? I don't think I'll ever understand why some literally tone deaf idols get to debut. Shocking for companies but it IS possible to be quirky, fun, good looking and talented. You cannot convince me that they can't find 5-7 people like that in their huge companies.

No. 37237

File: 1561307014021.jpg (100.47 KB, 369x339, 20190623_112055.jpg)


This guy looks scary, he has so much plastic surgery.

No. 37238

Thats taehyun on the far right, right? That kid is borderline horrifying, wtf did they do to his eyes.

No. 37239

the guy you just posted is a different guy from whom op posted.
this is dongpyo, op posted hyungjun

No. 37240

they finally have enough money to create a group of clones. inspirational.

No. 37241

The confusion about who is who lmao
I wonder how it feels like to spend day and night with people who look exactly like you…

No. 37242

According to some sources I've seen, SM trainees get paid much much less than the other companies (even FNC), so no wonder people ditched it in the 2010s. Also explains the manic schedules of so many people coming out of it

No. 37243

I didn't even know trainees got paid tbh.

No. 37244

>literally no one knew them
Except they actually went viral for a minute with Bar Bar Bar and Lady Gaga herself asked them on tour….

No. 37245

Ok cherry popper fag. They went viral because they look retarded lol same old we are not laughing with you we're laughing AT you.

No. 37246

because sm didnt really plan for snsd to go down in flames
they didnt plan ahead at all and thought they would have their uWu ot9 cash cows forever, so they didnt really care about the other female groups on the roster and now they're fucked because its harder for a female group to be as successful as male ones, so now they're mostly focusing on males

No. 37247


SM tried it to a certain extent w Shinee… Hate or love JH/Onew/Key’s voices, they can sing live w power.

But—despite the fact that the only less talented member is Minho—they exerted all their effort into Taemin’s solo career despite JH writing/singing his own music. If anything, it felt like the really vocally talented members were just holding space for Taemin until he got his shit together.

I think now that you can auto tune live vocals, all this effort is a waste of time and money, but it also means you never get voices that sound at all like the record in nugu groups—When you hear them with a backing track and a mic that isn’t pitch corrected, it sounds like two different people.

No. 37249

they probably just don't want to spend the extra money training them properly

No. 37250

Yeah those bitches were dumb and got scammed hard. Plenty of small groups are banking by touring overseas these days. Or maybe they were just unluck with their timing cause now seems to be the golden age of making money off koreaboos.

No. 37251

sm has nothing to lose so they should push a girl group in america. say what you want about blackpink but they have more casual listeners interested in them than bts do. the market is ripe right now for pop girls for gay stans and teen girls alike to "yassss" over. get some korean-americans on board and it could be a thing

No. 37252

Tbf Jonghyun told repeatedly he wasn't passionate about being an idol, he liked producing and writing better… which unfortunately only contributed to his depression and sad end.

No. 37253

awwwww…. you can actually tell when they aren’t singing live bc the backing track is quieter than their live vocals instead of some mr removed voodoo.

RIP! will probably never, ever see a group like this again, from SM or anyone

No. 37254

They were really peak kpop and had actual talent among them. Rip Jonghyun.

No. 37255

ia, but I think Jonghyun really started spinning and spiraling out (no armchair psychology, just timing) after he wrote a record like this and 1) would always be treated like an idol no matter how much effort he put in 2) would always be second class to Taemin no matter how much effort he put in 3) could never do better than a boy group no matter how talented he was

it’s not the best song that ever bopped, but just how badly it did is proof of just how fucked the Korean music industry is

No. 37256

Yeah, but I don't think this is what she wants. Fans who went to the USA tour mentioned how tired she looked and how dissapointed they were in her.

Kyungsoo enlisted earlier, he volunteered.

No. 37257

lol, anyone who was alive for shinee knows for an absolute fact that this bts/nct nugu bullshit is absolute amateur hour (hence us all being on this thread, lollll). the twink bg we deserved.

No. 37258

Not really. They also exempt classical musicians like pianists.

No. 37259

lol how do you know what she wants? idols get tired all the time it doesn't mean they want to quit. irene's always had an rbf. to me it seems like the red velvet members are happy with this comeback despite everyone else hating it. i don't think any of them want to leave currently.

No. 37260

I def agree w points 1 and 3, not sure about 2, because I don't think he would compare himself or pit himself against someone in the realms of kpop idol. He didn't want to follow a career like Taemin's one, he wanted to make the transition from idol to "serious" artist.

No. 37261

Samefag as >>37254. I wasn't being sarcastic. ia w you.

No. 37262

Okay delusional Revuluv. We will see in the future because they don't have that much time left anyway.

No. 37263

>I think Lisa's popularity is due to her charisma and personality more than her being a non east asian in the kpop industry
Shut up already Lisachan, what personality does she have? She acts like a retard, bleaches her skin and what else? Stop pretending she's in any way less worse than all the other members of BP, they're all bland as fuck and anyone in this thread thinking Lisa or Rose or whatever has anything close to a personality is deluding themselves or swallowing too much western media praising her flat ass

No. 37264

Ratmon suga & company being propped as this deep ass poets when someone like Jonghyun existed is a fucking joke. His interviews are deeper and more meaningful than anything ratmys hype up.

No. 37265

what classical musician did the sk government enlist? even if they do k-pop idols aren't classical musicians.

No. 37266

samefag, exempt i mean.

No. 37267

op— point 2 was more in reference to how he was treated but SM. afaik, SM never pressured or properly promoted his individual songwriting endeavors. it lee hi got “breathe” the same way iu got “gloomy clock”—he played the demo for her as a friend. he would show up to foreign songwriting sessions without asking because he wasn’t “supposed” to. SM wasn’t going out of their way to support his career at all, he was just really prolific in spite of them.

Taemin on the other hand… got a Japanese solo before anyone else, got pushed with a capital P even circa Lucifer when his vocals were shit, total company bb

No. 37268


(skip to 1:35) have you ever seen a harder, faster NO

No. 37269

File: 1561313944579.jpg (188.38 KB, 720x540, Screenshot_20190623-131539_Chr…)

Found this gem on Twitter earlier. Eatmys still the worse I see lmao

No. 37270

>~~not like other koreaboos~~
i thought bts oppars were proud woke poc artists? what happened?

No. 37271

Lool I saw that too. Normal people on Twitter were super bothered by kpop stans and how they keep spamming their shitty idol fancams everywhere. Some people were like "yo your idol ain't doing nothing, this looks like shit" lmao

No. 37272

Something I hate about kpop stans are they double standards they have.
My silly little sister says Nicki Minaj and the likes are disgusting for dressing like hoes, while being and names Blackpink as a positive example of basically being the opposite. Just because they're skinny or flat they get a pass for how slutty they're dressed or how they dance. Kpop idols can were crop tops and micro shorts/skirts and still get called innocent.

Lmao "Kpop fans are cringy, we're Armies!"

Both of these things are kind of similar lol, a pot calling the kettle black.

No. 37273

plot twist: rat monster is actually a lil nas x fanboy lmao

No. 37274

Oh then Ia completely. I'll never get this cause SM could have profited off his songwriting/producing skills too. They just seem to put people in a box and that's it, no change of path allowed.

No. 37275

tbh taemin was the only interesting member of shinee. it makes sense why sm pushed him more than the others.

No. 37276

File: 1561314748397.jpeg (19.86 KB, 576x1024, D9ub31tWkAA2f8P.jpeg)

Still less racist than BTS

No. 37277

is this why people are cancelling him? i thought he actually said some racist shit lmao

No. 37278

this thread is really just stan wars huh

No. 37279

Girllll it’s an anti fan thread where everyone seems to know every member’s names and vital statistics; what did you think??

No. 37280

File: 1561315390921.jpg (131.99 KB, 1080x858, IMG_20190623_204054.jpg)

I don't know what's worse, people who post in a thread saying they don't like it
or braindead loona fans…

Twitter or Lipstick Alley?

No. 37281

That's not OP's point though lol

No. 37283

File: 1561316859404.jpeg (32.46 KB, 220x317, 94FDA102-8DC7-418A-98F1-BA1AB5…)

Literally the ugliest idol I have ever seen. I have no idea how she was placed 9th when she looks like this

No. 37285

even having a sweet spot for taemin, you have to admit that almost everything interesting about him is completely manufactured for that purpose by SM. his dance skill being ~the best~ (when key is probably on his level), his androgynous concepts (now i think he's doing it willingly, but they were definitely forced at the beginning), and his variety personality were all carefully and deliberately crafted by A Team. without his members or the intense coaching he had later on, he had the same boring/naive personality as everyone who throws themselves into training as an elementary schooler without living a real life.

SM and LSM in particular desperately wanted/wants him to succeed. key said they were having individual meetings with taemin about his solo by ring ding dong. jonghyun and key were both more interesting on their own because they made themselves interesting; taemin is just ~trying his best~ and shit.

sn: taemin's western press is starting to pick up. he did an interview for allure us (??) a few months ago. everyone else in shinee is dead or in the army, so no competition there. SM has primed him for a Rain status crossover forever. idk when he goes to the army, but he can't have more than one good year.

with all that money, time, and effort… do you think he'll actually make it? will withdrawing ratmys pivot to this dancing kween once their boys are in the actual army? or is he ~too kpop~ to succeed with the children?

No. 37286

because shes a kawaii squishy uWu japanese anime girl, anon

No. 37287

speaking of loona i have never got the hype about them and never will. their songs are bad and most of them can't sing and look awkward on stage. they seem like a group who was threw together at the last minute.

No. 37288

i'm pretty sure it's because their concept is different (in terms of a member for every month), they are seen as a female bts cause they're from a small company, and queer baiting/pandering

No. 37289

I'm no loona stan, I've been complaining about orbits itt forever, but they do have some good songs. Their discography is the only thing I really like about them.

No. 37290

it's a shame, because ladies code was so good. i thought polaris did such a good job with this debut back in the day.

it ended really tragically, but loona feels like it's the opposite concept in the worst ways instead of any improvement.

maybe polaris really is just laundering weapons money…

No. 37291

i mean he is kind of like the male sunmi. people assume he's gay and want to support him because of that. we saw how far sunmi got with that shtick. eventually he will have to go to the army and that will cause him to lose fans. unless he releases some gangnam style tier hit before he goes his popularity will just fade over time.

No. 37292

This may sound repetitive, but I really can't understand why people love and support kpop when it reeks of nationalism. It's literally funded by the government for that reason. For example, I saw someone say she saw a director at sm at a event recently, and he said that the whole purpose of kpop is to spread ~our amazing korean culture~, and he said that's been their main and sole plan from hot to now. Like some anons were saying about bighit, they (kpop as a whole) care more about bragging rights and national pride than anything else

No. 37293

not asking this to turn it to the cursed "which idol is gay/lesbian" debates but as someone who doesn't know much about taemin off stage, has he shown signs of being straight? he is kind of effeminate on stage but it doesn't really mean anything.

No. 37294

File: 1561318395691.jpeg (378.79 KB, 750x625, D722C70A-8C50-4347-8BD5-D6F85B…)

suggestion for next thread pic

No. 37295

kpop groups lately are pandering a lot more to westerners and i think it's only going to get worse in the future. i have a feeling we will see kpop groups debuting who all speak english and release english versions of their songs from the get-go. seeing how far bts have come has to have inspired companies to attempt american advancement. they could make so much more money.

No. 37298


"During a speech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2011, Lee said he coined the term "cultural technology" about fourteen years prior, when S.M. Entertainment decided to promote its K-pop artists to all of Asia.
In the late 1990s, Lee and his colleagues created a manual on cultural technology, which specified the steps needed to popularize K-pop artists outside South Korea.

"The manual, which all S.M. employees are instructed to learn, explains when to bring in foreign composers, producers, and choreographers; what chord progressions to use in what country; the precise color of eyeshadow a performer should wear in a particular country; the exact hand gestures he or she should make; and the camera angles to be used in the videos (a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree group shot to open the video, followed by a montage of individual closeups)," according to The New Yorker.

No. 37300

this has already been happening for years now. most new groups have at least 2 or 3 english speakers. txt had an english version of their song from the get go and nct literally stands for neo cultural technology, the whole point of the group is to expand and colonize outside korea. where have you been, anon?

No. 37301

He looks like a fat jhope

And I always wondered why they didn't collect data of all characteristics the most popular groups share to calculate the ultimate formula to success, seems like they tried to, but looking at the newest groups it's clear they failed

No. 37302

Nta but the first bp girl that jumped out to me, I'm no a fan or SEA, was Lisa. She does have a presence and a look about her.

No. 37303

I don't think the formula is the problem, it's the tragic execution.

No. 37305

And I thought JooE looked basic.

No. 37306

oh jesus christ what on earth is up with the guy's eye on the right?

No. 37307

How he's still in the top ten is beyond me.

No. 37308

>has he shown signs of being straight?

No. 37309

doesn't he have a weird white girls calling him oppa fetish? i've seen kboos talking about it.

No. 37310


No. 37311

Nta but yeah he frequently asks white girls to call him oppa here's an example


No. 37312

Samefag but something I wanted to add on: they go on about spreading korean pop culture as if it's something unique and new and ~ours~ when it's really just a combination of an imitation of other peoples pop cultures, and they never give credit where it's due. What makes it even worse is how they turn around and act as if they're better than the people they stole from. It's ridiculous. A good recent example is what people were saying about bts music vs. black people music (I don't remember the details but you get the point)

No. 37313

>his fetish is spreading Korean cultural domination one white horse at the time
The SK prime minister would be proud of him.

No. 37314

It's so weird to see natural looking noses on idols… Rip ladies code, one of the few decent female groups.

No. 37315

For a gay man he's at the top of the fanservice game. Park ~idontwannagotoamerica~ Jimin should learn a thing or two from his friend.

No. 37318

File: 1561326331912.gif (1.15 MB, 268x268, 4fe9ffb5a2c8259e7aeff007c42455…)

i always thought that they look eerily alike. jimin is also obsessed with fanservice, he just hates foreigners.

No. 37320

Wow, Taemin looks so beautiful when he's standing next to the lizard king. Is he 5'6" or is Jimin wearing new balances?

No. 37321

File: 1561326751524.jpg (46.27 KB, 500x500, H5Qm177.jpg)

after reading the fujo dispatch conspiracy theory in the last thread… i honestly kind of believe it tbh

No. 37323

>they seem like a group who was threw together at the last minute
Because that's exactly what happened.

No. 37325

File: 1561326999777.jpg (28.59 KB, 499x475, xVGMcQJ.jpg)

>Is he 5'6" or is Jimin wearing new balances?
heel lifts are out of control these days

No. 37327

Imaging knowing that your band member is gay and still having to do fanservice with him…uncomfortable

When bts gets individual instagram accounts the difference in popularity will become even more obvious. On v live there they post individual videos jk's and jimin's easily get over 20 million views within a week, while videos from the older guys sometimes don't even reach 5 over the course of several months lol there's no way they're all buddy buddy with each other, i believe jin will quit the fastest (even though he's not as vocal about feeling sad like some others)

No. 37329

I wasn't that deep into it but I think these photos first came up because Kai's orientation was called into question, not Taemin's. Like, why does Kai have a nonstop slew of hetero dating scandals when it's such a financial risk.
I think the general consensus was that the dating scandals were a cover up for something (government activity or fraud), but that beards set up to protect Kai's precious manly image sounds more like unlikely fangirl conspiracies.
If it was all for Taemin however… The fact that there is no milk for his personal life and he "got married" is suspicious, combined with his in-company favoritism and flaming idol fanboys… (puts on tinfoil beret)

No. 37330

yeah i was looking at their twitter account and jungkook's posts had almost 2 million likes while the others were around 1.2-1.4 million. armys obviously like jungkook and jimin more. idk why bighit doesn't let them have individual instagram accounts since they already use twitter like instagram anyway, they just post selfies and stuff.

No. 37332

Because they want a group they can assign roles too. If a group contains all talented vocalists, it will ruin the purpose of a boy/girl group. Plus, usually vocalists cannot dance or rap well so they gotta find other people who can fit the roles. Also it's hard to find vocalists who are also good looking, look at Suju KRY (Suju's best vocalists) for example. Yesung was always the ugly member who could sing, Ryeowook wasn't popular because of his looks before the surgery, Kyuhyun was the only one who stood out but he couldn't fucking dance.

Mamamoo without Moonbyul would be a group of talented vocalists, Hwasa could do both singing and rap, but the company wanted to add some character so they added Moonbyul into the group. Same with Vromance (their brother group). They're all talented vocalists but they lack talents in other areas such as rapping and dancing (+ visual) so they just come off as awkward and nobody really knows them. To sum up, a group of talented vocalists should become wedding singers instead because they simply won't sell in the kpop industry.

No. 37333

probably the same reason why jyp doesn't let any of the members of twice do solo work. it keeps the personal brand of the group stronger. plus it's easier to prevent scandals when everyone posts onq the same account

No. 37336

Damn I've always wondered why this song was so underrated when it had this unique feel to it. SM never actually promoted it either, unlike what they did with Taemin's overrated bland ass.

No. 37338

Calm your hateboner down. I don't even like her but when you compare her to the rest of the group, she seems to be the only one who gives a fuck and work hard. Just because I praise her in one area doesn't mean I'm a stan. Some of you need to take your fucking chill pill.

No. 37341

File: 1561331239700.jpg (34.05 KB, 516x676, 934534929843892.JPG)

Idk if anyone still cares but it apparently came out that she wasn't lying. A rare case I think

No. 37342

File: 1561331291639.jpg (90.4 KB, 483x420, 20190624_060741.jpg)

I also wonder why

No. 37343

lmao who is that

No. 37344

Afaik moonbyul trained as a vocalist alongside the other 3 but mmm's company forced her to debut as a rapper. She wasn't added in the group at the last minute just for some 'flavour'.
But your main point still stands

No. 37345

blurry low-res photos are a dead shoop giveaway

No. 37346

All those money and no effort to look more decent. He represents the m0dErN dAyS' bEaTlEs for fucks sake, yet no one ever criticized him for looking creepy and untidy af. He could lose some weight or something and got rid of the pedo vibes idk.

No. 37347

He reminds me a lot of Kim Jong-un for some reason. He's got fat, conniving asshole vibes.

No. 37349

File: 1561331870900.jpg (52.93 KB, 619x869, 6234968732.JPG)

Don't know who he is specifically but the group is apparently called T.E.N. They're pretty unknown of course

It's a screenshot from a video on IG actually.

No. 37350

File: 1561332019037.gif (624.43 KB, 512x512, 1559023358579.gif)

are you for real anon. this is so shopped holy fuck hahaha please be joking why is half her arm transparent

No. 37352

I looked it up and I guess you're right. she should've just said it was some nugu idol so people wouldn't get mad

No. 37353

Because they don't want to make it obvious that jin and jhope has lesser to none fans, and people only lick ratmon's ass because of his pseudo-intellectual stuff

No. 37356


This is a real win for KMusicAndBlackWomen lmao.

No. 37358

>moonbyul trained as a vocalist
Sorry I didn't know that before. Her voice is kinda deep so that's probably why she was assigned as a rapper. She kinda helped with the uwu gay queens vibes they were trying to go for though.

No. 37359

File: 1561332894566.jpg (24.87 KB, 320x320, 320x0w.jpg)

>his nose though

No. 37360

File: 1561333645875.jpg (125.55 KB, 690x388, 20190624_064518.jpg)

Is this the dude? Did she tell everyone which group he is from? No1curr about them but companies would prefer to keep it a secret I think.

No. 37361

File: 1561334070316.jpg (63.32 KB, 387x673, unnamed81.jpg)

Lmao so even nugu groups would pick kfans more than ifans any time. More proof that ifans are dumb af.

>International ATEEZ fans, I-ATINYs, are currently in disbelief in the way the boy group’s agency, KQ Entertainment, handled things for a recent fan meeting.

>According to various reports, KQ Entertainment initially received complaints saying that there were too many foreigner fans who were on the guest list for the fan meeting, causing them to abruptly take out thirty international fans and replace them with domestic fans.

No. 37362

the nose checks out lmao

No. 37364

File: 1561334665779.jpg (7.81 KB, 220x275, 1556231511638.jpg)

I remember seeing this pic in the spam thread a while back and doing a double take because he looks so much like jk, I thought it was him at first

fucking kek

No. 37366

Why are i-hoes mad? They're promoting in korea, not pissing off the domestic fans should always be their first priority

No. 37367

She has a good r&b voice imo. I wish she had more solos.
I'll stop before I'll get called a moonbyulfag lol

No. 37368

Because fans say that ateez' first win on m countdown is due to their international cd sales

No. 37369

Lmao why are they surprised? A couple days ago I was watching one of their vlogs or whatever, it was one were they were preparing for their american tour.
Instead of being excited about having a usa tour even though they're rookies all they could talk about was 'k atinys we love you, we'll be back soon to you to show you even better stages' or something like that.
What's funny is that they are much more popular internationally. Guess they can't afford to upset the kfans?

No. 37370

Hilarious because it seems like Ateez are really disliked by the small fraction of the Korean public that even knows who they are so they should be kissing international ass.

No. 37371

Idk how Koreans can be so fucking dumb about it. They could make so much more money off foreigner fans lol and i guess they could have a longer career in the west since westerners 1) are used to longer breaks between releases, so they could go to the army and still have a fanbase 2) don't ditch pop stars that quickly when they turn 30. But yeah the dynamics of idols and kfans are basically of an abusive relationship sprinkled with lack of business oversight

No. 37373

Kpop groups (especially from small companies) are ungrateful whiny bitches who don't acknowledge their own fans just because they're not Korean. If you saw the tweet of Purplebeck that I posted above, it's obvious that they're worried about not having Korean fans. They'd rather have a small group of Korean fans rather than a big international fanbase, when it's really the latter who keep them alive kek.

On the other hand, international fans are dumb for stanning those bitches. At this point they should know better that kpop companies always discriminate ifans, no matter how big the company or the group gets. Take a look at bts/bigshit for example. The big 3 only became the big 3 because they're much better at handling their international exposure. I'm not saying they're the best but like it or not, it's true. Idk what's actually going on, whether their artists actually hate performing for foreigners or not, but the big 3 are much better at hiding it even if it's true. At this point ifans should boycott kpop and leave it alone for the muh national pride Koreans.

No. 37376

Do you know why they are disliked? They seem to be doing quite well for themselves and int fans hype them a lot as the next big thing but I don't know what the knetz are saying.

No. 37377

File: 1561340506517.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.3 KB, 900x1200, 1559693030834.jpg)

don't korean fans contribute more to sales than international though
exposure means shit if no one's actually buying anything

loona is a great example of this. they have more int fans than korean but haven't even sold 100k albums. you'd think they'd be making bank but they're not. spent too much time pandering to stan twitter types than pulling in a profit
those mv's and youtube views count for nothing if no one's actually buying their stuff.

in ateez's case i think it really is smarter to appease to native fans or else they'll end up like loona, all hype and broke. please the people that are close and desperate and the money will flow organically

kfans are a special breed. wasn't there a girl on hello counselor that said she spent her entire tuition/or inheritence on a group and says she just has to support her oppas?
pic semi related

No. 37378

I think thats yamada ryosuke

No. 37379

But this isn't the spam thread or the general thread so i don't get why you posted that here

No. 37380

To be honest they wouldn't even reach 50k if ifans weren't buying the cds. Nobody seems to care about them that much in korea, same with other groups. Not saying that ifans are helping the sales but these new groups just aren't very liked/known domestically.

No. 37381

Well, in fairness, I'm only basing that on what Netizen Buzz has relayed (I know, I know, not a reliable source) but it seemed all K-netizens had to say about them was either "literally who" or that they are unpopular outside of a tiny-but-dedicated group of fans.
When you've got tons of highly-upvoted comments saying they've never even heard of a group, it's telling.

No. 37382

yeah it's this episode i think. k fans are dedicated for a short time, but they go all in

No. 37384

Well I saw posts similar to it being made here so I didn't think there'd be a problem if I did. I just found it interesting that jk after all his surgeries looks like him.
Btw, does anyone remember (if they knew about it at the time) when armies were saying that yamada attended a bts fanmeet in japan a few years back and that v was his bias? He then came out and said that it was all lies and that he would never attend a fan meet and that while bts were having that fanmeet he was at home watching a movie. It was really funny and a lot of armies got mad and called him arrogant for that. I still don't know why they spread those rumors in the first place though

No. 37387

Nta but this might be why they are disliked in Korea.

>They're 100 days old as a group. And have a sold out USA tour. That is insane to me. Also, I fear for them and their fans because they have a company that isn't great. KQ has another kpop group (the one they were actually established to take care of and promote). KQ ENT is a fairly new-ish name. They renamed themselves to that about 2 years ago but before that, they were known as Seven Seasons (aka Block B's company).

>Yeeeeeep, my only hope lies in the fact that the old CEO killed himself (I AM NOT HAPPY OR GLORIFYING THAT HE DID. IM JUST SAYING. OBVIOUSLY NOW THERES NEW MANAGEMENT.)

>at least i think thats right? Block b had a past company and a current company, and all i know is the past company CEO killed himself when they banded up to sue him. Anyhow we can do nothing but watch and aee how they treat such obvious kings, its going well so far but it could be a ruseee

>ATEEZ is under the company that was created after Block B sued and left their first company. Up until Babylon joined the company, they were solely known as Seven Seasons. When Babylon (the first non-Block B artist) joined, they rebranded themselves as KQ Entertainment but it's still the same company. They have Block B (minus Zico), Babylon, Ateez, and a few other artists. I feel like it should be a very big warning sign when the biggest artist who was given complete freedom and control decided to leave the company and start his own though.


No. 37388

Like jk got a horrible mj nosejob

No. 37389

her stylist must HATE her

No. 37390

They debuted less than a year ago so that makes sense that they're not known.
Ifans love them tho, they had a us tour and a european tour a couple months after debuting. They shouldn't be upsetting their main audience, but idk

No. 37391

Lol are you saying the guy in the picture looks like jk if he got a bad mj nose job? I'm a bit confused

No. 37392

Her stylist and red velvet's stylist must have some sort of competition on who can make their idols look worse

No. 37393

File: 1561343611366.jpg (93.08 KB, 1080x429, 20190624_093254.jpg)

Someone already defended the stylist lmao

No. 37394

Nta but no one else has done that here… Someone posted a member of BAP, a kpop group, and said he looked like Jimin and compared the group to BTS, they didn't just post some random Japanese dude who looks sort of like Jungkook…
Feel free to go back to lurking the spam thread

No. 37395

>Btw, does anyone remember (if they knew about it at the time) when armies were saying that yamada attended a bts fanmeet in japan a few years back and that v was his bias? He then came out and said that it was all lies and that he would never attend a fan meet and that while bts were having that fanmeet he was at home watching a movie. It was really funny and a lot of armies got mad and called him arrogant for that. I still don't know why they spread those rumors in the first place though

No. 37397

The zimzalabim performance vid comments are full of 'you don't get it, their outfits are unique, better than cookie cutter boring like the other ggs!!1'
Unique doesn't mean ugly as shit, they can't pull it off. Somi can't either.
2ne1 for example had weird and downright ugly outfits but they pulled it off most of the time

No. 37399

Oh? Then whats this >>36652

It was just something I remember armies talking about a long time ago. I'm not a fan of either of them btw. Just forget I posted that. It's looks stupid now.

No. 37400

it looks stupid now*
I hate myself, ugh

No. 37401

>Oh? Then whats this >>36652
A saged, nitpicky shitpost that nobody replied to for a reason

No. 37403

oh no women looking like human beings, would you rather them be anachans like blackpink?

No. 37404


See this is why BTS will never win the general American public… literally pissing off everyone.

No. 37406

I'm pretty sure they were wondering wtf it was and why it was playing on the screen. Also just imagine the girl sneaking back to the store to film this. How embarrassing

No. 37407

At least country music x rap is distinctive.

No. 37408

Nobody said they're fat. They're midgets with horrible proportions, losing weight wouldn't change the fact that they look bad.

No. 37409

You are aware that the average height for women in East Asia is fairly shorter than what they show in the media, right

No. 37410

he's "cancelled" for saying some dumb shit about islam a few years ago on twitter, but bts
>said the n word
>wore swastikas
>celebrated japanese ww2 bombings
>hate anyone brown

No. 37411

Was the n-word with a hard r?

No. 37413

File: 1561354099224.jpg (41.14 KB, 736x327, comment-white-idol.jpg)

>Maria from the U.S. explained that among international fans of K-Pop there are people thinking that someone who is non-Asian better not become a K-Pop artist. After she appeared on the TV show “I Can See Your Voice”, she had to face malicious comments.

>Koreans who commented the post mentioned that he/she would like to see only Koreans in K-Pop. The person also said that they are already a lot of trainees in Korea. Another person mentioned she can’t understand why non-Koreans want to debut in Korea because there are already so many local trainees.

If anyone happens to know the show "I Can See Your Voice", it's just a fun game show in which the guests must guess whether the contestants are skilled singers/not. It's not even a real stage. I wouldn't have known Koreans would be so bothered to see foreigners on the show.

No. 37414

So a YouTuber I watch just uploaded a vid on kpop stans

No. 37415

Haven't seen the vid yet. Does he discuss anything that hasn't already been beaten to death in these generals?

No. 37416

No, his channel is not a kpop channel btw, he's just reading out tweets and talking about how messed up they are. It's kinda funny though

No. 37417

For the anons I read a little ways back talking about Ladies Code. They had a comeback last month.

No. 37419

making fun of kpop stans*

No. 37421

they're just average short women who aren't being photoshopped to hell and back. they look normal and fine.

No. 37423


Don't forget about Jimin calling another member a "kkamdoongie" which is the korean equivalent to the word nigger.

No. 37424

File: 1561361023496.jpg (67.57 KB, 960x960, GFRIEND-7th-mini-album-fever-s…)

Her nose scares me

No. 37427

tbh Lisa jumped out at me too because she's not as bitchy-looking as the one with the baby face and not as generic-looking as Rose or the other one. and when it comes to personality i can think of that one show she was on where she pretended to lasso a star i think??? but i literally can't think of anything the other three have done. so lisa is at least more memorable.

No. 37433

the rain was their last good song. this song and ashley's solo were such a huge drop in quality. i guess their company doesn't have any money anymore.

No. 37434

>or does SM only recruit the small and cute ones, like johnnys)?
I guess it depends on what age these idols are when they’re being recruited, but those really shit diets most idols are on must have an effect on overall growth too.

No. 37435

Imagine that shit happening in europe or the us
>we don't want foreigners in our precious tv shows!!!
Then maybe stop trying to appeal to the international market? Stop shilling how great your country is to foreigners? And while we're at it, why don't you just stay just stay put in your little country, then you don't have to see any of our faces at all lmao

Look how much they hate it when a foreigner appears on one of their stupid singing shows…they're such twofaced cunts.

No. 37437

That’s an impressively bad photo. She was never the best looking akb member but the typical Kpop pale-washing makes her look so much worse.

No. 37438

File: 1561373303913.jpg (23.49 KB, 369x232, DSY9Dc-VAAAyIIr.jpg)

Sorry, I forgot that we're only allowed to criticise Blackpink's ana bodies, 14-year-old Wooyoung's face or any male idol's height, weight and looks.
All hail to our queens!

That doesn't explain why SNSD and f(x) had several tall members >>37181 , despite being starved more than RV. And groups from other agenices are also taller although they're kept at a lower weight than them.
It seems like they were deliberately choosen for the sm0l and cute factor.

No. 37439

RV are all around the average height (5,4ft) for SK women though?

No. 37440

no, only joy is 164/165. wendy is like 155, yeri is a about the same, irene is 158, and seulgi is 160/162

No. 37441

They simultaneously want to keep Korean music pure and homogeneous but also want Westerners to worship it and to allow Kpop stars on Western music shows. It's an inferiority complex, basically, an intense need to feel like the most important globally.

No. 37442

I may be a bitch sometimes, but at least I'm not a white-knight scumbag.

No. 37443

Joy is 168 cm

No. 37444

I find that the majority of Koreans love it when other countries (especially European or North American) embrace their culture and appear on their shows. That's why, for a small country like south Korea, they sure have many shows with foreigners: Abnormal summit, problematic men, I can see your voice and so many more. They just don't like seeing non-Koreans outshine Koreans on tv. Those people who complain about them are imo the minority.

No. 37446

>I may be a bitch sometimes, but at least I'm not a white-knight scumbag.

No. 37447

So he really won't get punished??? What a joke of a country.

No. 37448

is it a reach to hope the army will treat him like the rapists and pimps in jails?

No. 37450

she isn't. she's visibly shorter than yoona and sooyoung

No. 37451

File: 1561384415270.jpg (26.89 KB, 500x487, images.jpeg-5.jpg)

I think so too

No. 37452

File: 1561384759357.jpg (245.78 KB, 500x560, 20150912165552659vbgr.jpg)

Yoona is wearing heels and Joy is wearing sneakers here. Joy is probably actually like 166 cm.

No. 37454


Both their official heights are 167cm but they can't be the same height judging from their body proportions. Yoona looks bigger despite wearing heels.

No. 37456

Wow, that's actually something that needs intervention from people who know what they're doing. A bunch of media stars aren't the most suited for giving relevant advice.

No. 37457

she's still taller than joy by 2cm without heels. you and that anon need to stop sperging

No. 37458

Yeah, Yoona is standing awkwardly, she's wearing very low heels, while Joy wears thick sneakers (+ insoles?) and you can still see that the lenght of their calves and arms are vastly different. I'd say Yoona is at least 5cm taller.
This doesn't mean that Joy is neccessarily lying though, to me she looks like a big girl, but maybe the taller members of SNSD were simply told to lower the height on their profiles to seem more "approachable" to men, that wouldn't be unheard of.

No. 37460

yeah i remember an episode where a girl was bulimic and the cast just made jokes and said that they should try it too. they can keep the cast to make the show not super serious, but at least have 2 mental health professionals on there

No. 37465

yeah the whole premise of the show is so flawed, they make light of a lot of genuinely serious stuff

No. 37466

File: 1561390169525.jpg (57.92 KB, 400x420, clownery.jpg)


How you all sound, sperging about this retarded topic for over a day and a half.

No. 37468

I'm so fucking shocked how no one in Korea sees a problem with this show. They take everything lightly and talk about pretty much everything in a joking manner, whether it's abuse, mental illness, discrimination, bullying, you name it. They need to learn that not every show has to include shitty, insensitive comedians who compete for laughs, especially not if almost all the issues discussed are serious. It must really be hell there if issues like that are treated by the society the same way they're treated in that show.

No. 37469

The overly affectionate brother episode is basically about a man who was so traumatised by the near death of his little brother that he began to suffocate the poor lad. Not even the feel-good ones seem to be free of mental illness.

No. 37470

agree, this has been one of the most autistic discussions we've had in here in a minute
>inb4 reeeee quit bitching and change the subject then

No. 37471

Do they not understand the entire concept of attraction? Subjectivity?

No. 37473

also black pink
kpop fashionh is just a horror show for the last two years all together

No. 37474

so many of these people go there with domestic violence and obvious mental illness issues and you see a reflection of how the korean general public treats them. we all know how jonghyun's therapist treated him. i feel really bad for korean people who are going through these things.

No. 37478

You might be right, but using the favourite meme of underage twitter/tumblr fags…

No. 37480

Not surprised, but disappointed.

I think so. It has a reason and says a lot about a country when someone with this much shit gets away without any punishment at all.
Propably he will be treated like a big fish or at least as someone with big contacts.

No. 37483

The guy with the flame-like hair reminds me so much of Rat Monster during his debut days when he tried to look "gangsta". This whole group look like members from other groups as well. Like the tiny blonde one looks like Hoshi. The one with the hat is a mix of Hansol and Jr(Nu'est). And one of t hem is similar to Zico's brother.

No. 37484

literally no1curr, newfag. lrn2embed.

No. 37486

File: 1561394002714.png (339.16 KB, 442x358, chungha.PNG)

Chungha's new single "Snapping" came out and my God, not only is the English bad, but so many of the dance moves are straight up recycled from Gotta Go. She looks even more plastic-y in blonde and ofc has to wear the same outfits that have been passed around by every stage in the past few months.

No. 37489

>>37486 I saw someone say shes looking like a korean kardashian and they couldn't be more right lmao. Face-wise only of course

No. 37490

File: 1561394410483.jpg (95.93 KB, 540x540, 17882692_1024062001028491_5371…)

Dressing up grown men in little boys clothes is so fucking weird. At least other idols shave when they have to wear shorts but this…

No. 37491

Why is there a square on his thigh

No. 37492

Her laugh is so annoying. Surprised her English skills are this good though since she sings the language so awkwardly.

No. 37493

I'm fine with this, I think it's weird when male idols shave all their body hair. Kai is a qt3.14

No. 37494

how are black sports shorts little boys clothes? saying he's a grown man and implying he should shave if he wears shorts doesn't make any sense.

No. 37495

They're not normal shorts, plus the high socks… It's definitely supposed to mimic little boys outfits (think the british prince, or christopher robin). Bts also did that for a long time.

No. 37496

File: 1561395528688.jpg (51.16 KB, 417x606, 91xdWa6xMPL._SY606_.jpg)

yeah its part of the flower school boy image or whatever
weird as shit

No. 37497

but he’s not dressed like that, he’s wearing a windbreaker, he looks like a dude about to go for a run. that photo of NCT Dream has them styled like little boys because of the shirt and hairstyle combo. shorts and high socks are normal athelisure wear

No. 37498

i think you're reading too much into this. its a pair of shorts, it doesn't look like attempted pedo pandering or whatever.

No. 37499

Why are you posting an MV from 2013, from a group that no one knows or cares about?

No. 37500

if she keeps getting surgery she might go down the park bom route. she played it too safe with this comeback; it's just gotta go but white

No. 37501

If he were indeed dressed like a little boy, how shaving would make it any better? U sound sus af like why would anyone prefer that he looked more like an underaged boy??

No. 37509

Regardless of her looks or her music I'm kinda happy about her being popular in Korea and not ending up like the rest of ioi girls (I'm talking about those who had talent). I'd take her over someone like Jennie or somi.

No. 37510

Meaning the only reason why she’s so popular is because she’s white? I wouldn’t be surpassed if she got an ego from it judging by how her father acts and how much Asian people let white people walk over them.

No. 37511

Was she ever bullied in school for being half white?

No. 37512

i like that chungha's a successful soloist because it makes somi look even worse

No. 37513

Not that I know off, but I’ve pretty sure Vernon and his mom faced discrimination in Korea for being white

No. 37514

She said she was bullied

No. 37515

She lived in America for like 8 years so that’s why her English is good

No. 37517

Jfc how do people deal with having kpop stans as friends?? I called Jennie a lazy sack of shit and my friend went on a fucking tirade about how I'm rude and it's inexcusable that I'd say that about someone who has an illness you can't medicate – she fucking pulled the "motion sickness" card – and that she totally gives her all at "important performances". Bitch, if your job is go perform you have to perform well every single time. Jennie is a spoiled rich cunt, proven bully (yes my friend made excuses about that too) who hasn't had to work hard a day in her life yet gets all the praise. People have made the most ridiculous excuses for her laziness (my faves were "her dad is sick" and "she's on her period") but we all know the only plausible ones are the facts she doesn't give a fuck and is an ana skelly who probably doesn't have any energy. Oh yeah, this same friend also thinks the "maybe if you stanned Loona you wouldn't have gotten raped/your mother wouldn't have died" etc tweets are hilarious. I don't even know why I'm still friends with her. Kpop turns people cancerous, I'm glad I got out of it.

No. 37519

CL called, she wants her outfit back.

No. 37520

>Kpop turns people cancerous

This couldn't be more true

No. 37521

They're really unbearable unless they're casual listeners. A friend of mine loves Jennie too because she thinks she's a "bad bitch"…she's also a hardcore army who got super offended when I said how imo bts isn't all that. I don't know why people take these things so personally. I wouldn't hate my friend for not telling me they don't like some singer that I like either…it's really bizarre

No. 37522

File: 1561412380597.jpg (84.98 KB, 658x350, 2ne1-658x350.jpg)

That's exactly what I thought as well. It's very 2ne1 i love you era were all they could wear for a while was that one versace print

No. 37523

Yeah I still listen to some kpop because I like the songs, but the fact these people treat anyone saying anything negative about some idol the same as if someone just insulted their mother is beyond me. I've seen this girl turn more and more nasty over the past 4 years, she's really mean now, tbh I think her entire world view has turned more right wing and nasty, Idk how much of that can be solely blamed on kpop, but I can definitely say she was a nicer person before kpop.

No. 37524

after seeing those videos of idols fainting on stage, being sick, having injuries, falling down multiple times and wardrobe malfunctions yet still keep on with the performance i can't take any jennie defenders seriously. the girl is just lazy and doesn't care about her job, end of story.

No. 37531

I feel like SM artists never get to transition to being 'serious artists' though because the idol image brands them. It's like a former Disney Channel star who wants to break out and do something different, and yet they always carry that label with them despite how many sex scenes they film or how many drugs they use.

When will they realize how fucking stupid they look putting down other Korean artists when their BG's music sounds the same? I used to be an ARMY back when they first debuted and I still cannot process that the tiny fandom that I was once a part of is now everywhere and a complete joke at that. I don't even know how to put it in perspective when I think of how small and niche BTS' fandom was back then and then am confronted with how many psychotic fans they have now, it still shocks me just how massive their fandom is and how disgusting it's gotten over the years.

No. 37532


it's the fandom echo chamber that turns people cancerous, not the kpop. i've got friends who listen to kpop but aren't involved in all the fandom bullshit and it's fine, we all know that BTS have had surgery and that jennie is waiting out the BP contract and that the whole thing is a big problematic mess.

the second you speak to someone who's involved in the fandom shit you see peak sperg

No. 37536

why are you still even talking about kpop irl to this person, just tell them you don't like the genre and don't talk to to them when they bring it up, its simple.

No. 37537

From what I've seen, kpop still harmfully affects people, even if you're not really in the fandoms. A lot of the mentalities it holds rubs off on people. Of course that won't happen to everyone, but my point still stands

No. 37538

File: 1561419813431.jpeg (3.04 MB, 2048x2048, 884DACFD-FA1B-411B-941B-74E2AD…)

Stray Kids finally went to Dr. Kim

No. 37539

They been going to dr.kim, it's just a lot more extreme now. Yikes

No. 37540

Yet here you all are, posting in a kpop thread day in and day out as if that doesnt apply to you. Literally everyone outside this thread thinks it's one of if not the most cancerous on the entire site. Kpop is like radiation exposure and it affects antis just as much as it affects stans, get over yourself.

One, maybe two Stray Kids members bear a striking resemblance to a younger version of JYP. I feel like his npd is the only reason why those goblin motherfuckers are in the group.

No. 37541


the two on the right look fucking terrifying

No. 37550

Calm down and stop projecting. It's the kpop critical thread, I can criticize kpop if I want to here. Unless you'd rather we all sat around and got involved in stan wars instead

No. 37553

you can criticize kpop all you want, it's when you spend a large amount of time criticizing kpop, get really aggro about it and still act like you're better than fans thats the problem.

No. 37555

>They always give them outfits that can only look good on tall, skinny and long-legged girls

Tall, skinny, and long-legged girls are going to look better in any outfit that's just life

If they didn't stick RV into shorts/skirts and thigh high stockings/boots they wouldn't look so thick-legged. I wouldn't say Bad Boy is my favourite song, but it seemed to pair with a very flattering concept for RV and made them popular with women in the Koreaboo communities.

SM keeps pumping the brakes with their concepts and forcing RV into these creepy infant roles. They could have them sing in chorus because they sound alright in those moments, but instead they have them jerking their stumps around while gasping for breath.

No. 37556

Yeri's skills are really lacking in comparison with the rest of them. She has no charisma at all.

No. 37558

I feel like they shoved her out for promo as being all wau so young~ and didn't train her enough, she was like SM's baby shamu

No. 37560

This might be a reach but it looks like g-idle's new concept is chola/ghetto chic, which seems in poor taste. One concept mimicking a culture, okay they didn't know what they were doing w/e. But every song they've had is riding on the coattails of some ~exotic~ culture. Sorry for the sjw sperg

Latata - Hindu/Hindi
Hann - Arabian/ Hindu/Hindi
Senorita - Spanish
Uh-Oh - "I grew up on the streets

No. 37562

No anon, I totally agree with you. It's pretty gross imo

No. 37563

One of their interviews or promotional writings explicitly said they have an "ethnic" concept.

No. 37565

not to sound like a stan but (g)i-dle as a group is really well rounded. it's too bad they have such a questionable concept lol.

No. 37566

well rounded except even their main vocalist is average at best, Shuhua can't do anything including actually speak korean, and Soyeon is a dollar store Hyuna ripoff.

No. 37568

its not even just soyeon. its like cube split hyunas image between her and soojin. soyeon mimics hyunas rapping style, often dyes her hair blonde, tries to do that intimidating/sexy/badass expression a lot, and is shown as a "focal" of the group. soojin has the same black hair and big red lips combo that hyuna also sports, plus she has the same under eye mole. soojins also pushed as the "sexy" member. hell, they gave her the same hairstyle/color in hann that hyuna had in volume up. its painfully obvious what cube is doing. they even made yeeun from clc rap like hyuna too. a lot of clc's songs lately sound like songs 4minute would have gotten if they didnt disband (hobgoblin, black dress, no, me) me sounds like another version of hate.

No. 37569

I liked their concept until now because I felt like they weren't doing it disrespectfully and merely using motifs. However this is gross

No. 37570

Meh, I think you guys are being over dramatic. Wait for the full version to see if it'd really disgusting as you guys say.

No. 37572

here's an unpopular opinion: it doesn't bother me if netizens or i-fans itt pick on kpop stars appearances, they bring it on themselves by not being talented enough to take the focus off of their image. look at western stars, some of them are normal looking as shit and even if they aren't, they usually have some kind of unique talent that people focus on. i only ever see female pop stars praised for their beauty because they're actually talented, even the less attractive ones like gaga are celebrated. in kpop they are all hollow shells so beauty can't come from the inside out. and they all sing and dance the fucking same so the only way to distinguish them is to pick apart their features. ok rant over

No. 37573

You had me till you said western artist had unique talent. It’s the same boat over here than it is in kpop

No. 37574

not really. sure there are super bland ones, but the ones people care about like beyonce, gaga, taylor swift, even ariana all have something about them that is their own brand and compared to the homogenized kpop industry, they are unique from each other. you couldn't really confuse them for anyone else. look at any western pop icon and it's true. i'm not talking about flash in the pan z-listers like shawn mendes

No. 37576

Truly unpopular..

>bring it on themselves by not being talented enough to take the focus off of their image.

I'm not wking but people will still find certain celebrities ugly whether they are extremely talented or not. It's inevitable. Talent is not going to save anyone from criticism on their looks esp kpop idols. Koreans are to shallow and obessed with beauty to give a flying fuck about talent.

>look at western stars, some of them are normal looking as shit and even if they aren't, they usually have some kind of unique talent that people focus on. i only ever see female pop stars praised for their beauty because they're actually talented, even the less attractive ones like gaga are celebrated.

I don't even know where to begin because everything you just said couldn't be any further from the truth.

No. 37577

ok koreaboo

No. 37578

what unique talent does taylor swift have? she's an average singer and her songs are super bland. i can say the same about beyonce. ariana is a great singer, but if it wasn't for mariah carey's existence would she even have a music career?

No. 37579

this is your brain on kpop. taylor swift is celebrated for her songwriting. beyonce is an incredible performer, a better all around entertainer than any of your braindead idol faves. not up for debate

No. 37580

Nta but you're delusional if you think even a majority of western pop stars are genuinely talented and totally not manufactured.

No. 37581

Thanks for the laugh retard

No. 37582

you koreaboos are dumb as fuck if you really think that even the most "manufactured" western pop artists are as bad as the fucking kpop industry, where idols have to train for years to fit into a very narrow mold, don't have any creative freedom whatsoever and are under a slave contract. grow a brain

No. 37583

this thread has really gone to the dogs since the non-farmer kpop stans invaded because they needed a space to nitpick. and that's all i have to say for tonight

No. 37584

Absolutely this, that anon is a spergy retard. Western popstars are no less fake than kpop stars. Britney's slave contract is worse than most kpop idols'. It's all the same and their music isn't any better either.

No. 37585

Eh… Britney is an anomaly; that's why she's getting so much media attention. Her career actually makes a case for why the "idol" model doesn't work in America, because it is so restricting and damaging.

No. 37586

What is TXT's whole schtick? What's with the story of the horns in their songs? Being gay (I mean honestly they seem pretty gay), the occult or what? What is bigshit going for here?

No. 37587

The music world, and life in general, is a giant game of opportunity. If you can sing and have the right connections, congrats. If you can't sing but have the right connections, congrats. It's fucking stupid, but that's how it is.

No. 37589

I get what you mean but the relentless image focus in Korea is making kpop become more of a monstrous industry every day. In that sense I feel bad for Korean self-made artists who have to co-exist adjacent to the idol industry
Kpop is all appropriation on some level but the main thing weirding me out about this is that the dancers are tan and styled to be ethnic while the group members are all sheet pale. Unlike past attempts to be street in kpop it doesn't even feel coherent.

No. 37590

the horns symbolize puberty apparently. which is weird in itself

No. 37592

>it doesn't bother me if netizens or i-fans itt pick on kpop stars appearances, they bring it on themselves by not being talented enough to take the focus off of their image.

this is how you create an ouroboros of labels seeking out looks over talent and pushing people into surgery and shit. nitpicking appearances past a certain point is stupid all it does is force women into anachan diets and get botched surgery.

>i only ever see female pop stars praised for their beauty because they're actually talented

what are you talking about, theres loads of singers and celebrities who are more beautiful than they are talented. gaga also got surgery and was hated on to hell and back for her appearance anyway, but she had a crazy gimmick to make up for it, which notice after awhile people stopped caring for her?

No. 37600

No. 37602

Going after looks leads to insecure young adults botching up their faces and then you'll be posting in here calling them gross wax figures.

Also don't be a western sperg. Ariana gets shat on for enunciation, Taylor used to get accused of only writing break up songs, Gaga was more known for her over the top looks and gay pandering than her songs.

And you're comparing American soloists to Korean groups, not really a straight comparison

No. 37603

Seems like /m/ was invaded by radfems (and twitter stans, judging by the lingo of some) with their "uwu don't you ever dare to make fun of a woman's appearance - even if she possesses no other redeeming qualitites that would warrant her popularity (and wealth)"-stance.
A long time ago nobody gave a fuck about "nitpicking" or a little blogposting and it was fun. Now nothing but discussing sexism, slave contracts and how sorry you feel for the ones who decide to botch their face is allowed anymore by the lolcow thought police (and I don't mean the mods).

No. 37604

Slave contracts are pretty serious to some degree. I'm more annoyed at the parents who let their underage children go through the entire K-pop factory, though.

No. 37605

> be goo hara
> fake a suicide attempt and get "rescued" by your manager
> attain a new level of low by using suicide to promote your new stuff

she knew no one could give a fuck about her stuff before so now she will probably come out with a song saying how sTrOnG she is and how she will never let anyone take her down bullshit

funny thing is - the suicide didn't even cause that much of talk around her

and before anybody calls me a monster - show me some proof that she actually tried to commit suicide + tell me celebrities don't use the mental health shtick to make bucks in any industry

No. 37606

she also switched agencies recently.

No. 37607

rather than switched i thought she joined a new agency in japan - where the mad bucks will be multiplied due to her sob story

No. 37608

But mental illnesses is such a taboo subject in Korea how are idols making money off of it? All it does it make Koreans think you're lazyand sgerg about how ungrateful you are etc. That's why many idols suffer in silence.

No. 37609

someone in my work group is a bts shipper and she is the stan twitter type as well, they are even more cringy in real life. she's so stereotypical with the whole "~~i'm pansexual~~ i'm sooo gay~~" thing but she's constantly swooning over korean men, spams normie kpop twitter memes and gay bts fanart in groupchats, wears black face masks outside, all that kboo shit. other than being a kboo she's not a bad person so i hope she'll grow out of it.

No. 37610

Depends on her age really. My 27 yo friend is far from growing out of it. She's been a kboo for more than 10 years I think.

No. 37611

Hara is one of the very few idols we should actually feel sorry for.
She was beaten and raped by her bf and it took a long time for the public to believe her. At first she was even made out to be the culprit. Of course that'll take a toll on her mental health.
Get your facts straight before spouting bullshit.

But instead you retards rather sperg that calling some woman's face or body ugly is mean and harmful!!!

No. 37612

seriously though, the thread has been shittier than usual. Did twitter stans invade?

No. 37613

to be fair she went through a lot with her boyfriend breaking into her house and beating her up.

No. 37615

Eh i don't think it's right to suicide-shame someone. Despite it (the trial) having no evidence of happening, we don't know if she was really depressed or if she really did try to kill herself cause we can't proof that she didn't either. She's probably trying to shed some light on what's happening in the entertainment industry, yet people like you give no fuck because she didn't really die. Remember that suicide is a real issue in korea. If jonghyun failed to die or something he would probably be shamed too. I don't think hara is gaining any benefit from that story, she just won't be able to gain back her popularity no matter what she does, except if she dies in a suicide really. Don't be so hateful.

No. 37616

IDK where anon was going with their conspiracy theory. Mental illness has been a common topic in most of these threads because it's serious. It's scummy to treat suicide as teenybop attention-seeking behaviour.

No. 37617

You sound autistic af by samefagging three times. Just how much hate do you have for the woman? Are you also the same person who age-shamed Krystal in two or three threads earlier? Your writing style and the "no sage" are familiar. Did she ever hurt you personally? I understand hating on celebrities because of the fucked up shit they have done to others (Seungri and friends) but Hara is not hurting anyone.

No. 37618

it's confetti

No. 37622


nta, and while I think tinfoilhatting about Haras suicide might be a bit too much, it's not like falsely using mental health as way to get out if shitty situations isn't common in Kpop.
Look at the girl from Crayon pop who had to quit because she had "anxiety", when in reality she was just pregnant. Or Nam Taehyun who left winner who claimed to have mental health issues as well, but has had no problems coming back as a solo artist.

No. 37624

Seems like they're now afraid to do cornrows and all that lol.
Interested to see what the next "ethnic" concept will be.

No. 37626

File: 1561462273872.jpg (18.57 KB, 320x304, 4939eeecd6cc918673512e0d3c8aff…)

Okay I am one of those anons you mentioned. I found this on netizenbuzz.

>That’s true though, FYI that’s really a show between her & her manager , they work together for this show , even the police, doctor and paramedic said she’s not in dangerous situations at all and the first thing she did in hospital was giving EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW and following marijuana queen han soohee with her secret IG , she did this for attention and sympathy after her image was ruined bcs her marijuana post & her sex scandal. She fooled you all !

If it's true then shame on her lmao. Other artists with real mental issues are struggling but these people just make fun of it. I remember Son Hoyoung (a g.o.d member) did try to commit suicide in public a few years back and he took a long hiatus after that. Coming back in a month is kinda suspicious, I agree. Although she's still a victim of that blackmail tape and abuse.

No. 37628

Its still too tinfoil for me. Ofc its plausible especially for someone as unknown as her to do this, but if there's anything we should be giving idols the benefit of the doubt for its suicide. Kinda shitty to b like "well there's no proof she DIDNT do it for attention, so it must have been a publicity stunt.

No. 37629

I vote for taco stand ballad

No. 37630

Hara isn’t unknown she was koreas “it” girl for a short time

No. 37631

Yeah, because a comment of some korean rando that nb decided to translate means anything.
Maybe she likes Han Seohee because of the same reason we like her as well? She debuted when she was like 15, maybe she's glad all these men are finally getting exposed?
And she's not coming back either, she just signed with a japanese agency, she could be resting at home, her manager gave her a quick call and she accepted. That could be it.

Seriously what's wrong with you guys? That's a 4chan-tier level of "edgyness".
It doesn't happen often that we have so much proof about a scandal. Her doctor's report showed that she was raped, yet she had to defend herseld in court for scratching said rapist. Nobody would be okay after that and immediately plot a staged suicide attempt for even more attention. She's well off thanks to her success in Japan.

I swear, people showed more concern and sympathy for Jennie because some tinfoiled that she might be one of Seungri's prostitutes.

No. 37634

>people showed more concern and sympathy for Jennie because some tinfoiled that she might be one of Seungri's prostitutes.

Doesn't her mom own stocks or something in yg? Would they still enslave jennie when she has actual control for everything else such as picking outfits etc. I'm just curious. The tinfoil about her being yg's sugar baby sounds likely though.

No. 37635

Of course not. She's just a spoiled brat.

No. 37638

Lmao monsta x's fans are mad because some australian radio host compared them to bts. Yeah there's nothing racist about it. You can't blame them either when monsta x look as gay as bts.

>Host: “If I was a [The] Voice mentor, I wouldn’t turn my chair. Let me tell you a bit about them though. There’s 7 of them, just like BTS. They were formed on a reality television show in 2015 and this song features French Montana – who I can guarantee you had no idea who MONSTER X were and probably still has no idea and I would presume he just took the paycheck for his 29 second verse. Literally, it’s 29 seconds. MONSTER X featuring French Montana, the song is ‘WHO DO U LOVE?'”.

I still think monsta x are a little bit above bts though. At least some of the members are capable at holding a real conversation in English, but they're not worth wking for.

No. 37639

I can already imagine the tweets from the rabid fans.

No. 37640

Lmao, savage. And absolutely true. Good for him for being so ballsy.
Soon koreans will boycott australia, so many racism scandals in such a short period…
Celebrities of any level of popularity constantly get compared to their fellow countrymen, what's the big deal?

No. 37641

>they're not worth wking for
well, best boy wonho is the only genuinely thicc idol. ive seen idols much, much less deserving get wk'd to hell and back in this very thread.

No. 37642

not wking monsta x but they are actually competent singers and are overall more tolerable people than bts. if an english speaking media outlet talks shit about them monsta x can probably understand unlike genius bts opparz

kpop fans might cancel australia any time after this and the comedian who made fun of bts some days ago.

No. 37644

When you're so sensitive, you cancel an entire continent

No. 37646

File: 1561470103080.jpg (34.33 KB, 500x375, 90cb19a687bdfd775fe8dc122d8661…)