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File: 1561725801240.jpeg (326.8 KB, 750x625, kim_jong_un.jpeg)

No. 38123

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)
· Previous thread >>>/m/36249

No. 38127

File: 1561726002049.jpg (52.59 KB, 770x409, lana.jpg)

i'm not trying to racebait with the title btw. i love putin. and no one bothered to suggest titles in the previous thread. and fans reeing about a russian idol is milky.

No. 38130

Why is stan twitter calling her a racist?

No. 38131

File: 1561726480094.jpeg (142.49 KB, 750x314, BCA800C8-DE93-48F3-AE86-404BAD…)

apparently she liked a comment on instagram that said white privilege isn’t real (she supposedly liked all comments, even the hateful ones)

that’s all i can think of but they’re literally spamming it so it will trend

No. 38132

Because they don't want to say the real reason, which is "I'm intensely jealous of her." They want to save face.

No. 38133

File: 1561726578420.jpeg (143.14 KB, 750x357, 82101597-9CDC-429B-892E-134DEC…)

their reasoning get stupider for every post, they really don’t think racism is a big deal given how they throw it around like it means nothing

No. 38134

File: 1561726609207.jpg (26.74 KB, 611x147, cdsda.jpg)

Apparently you need a blood quantum of 'being Asian' to be a k idol now because its 'music for ethnically Asian people'. I guess that doesn't apply to SM or BigShit's 100,000 Swedish and American songwriters of different races though

No. 38135

She's cute, no wonder SEAs are jealous.

No. 38136

lana is half tatar and she does look kind of asian though

No. 38137

File: 1561726794288.jpg (77.99 KB, 1080x262, racistkboos.jpg)

Reposting from last thread, because despite having actual Asian DNA, she's not Asian enough for them.

No. 38138

File: 1561726838706.jpeg (248.98 KB, 1280x731, F004AB36-AD6A-4046-BD00-7604D8…)

>I’m not trying to race bait I love putin

No. 38139

Putinbait worse than racebait

No. 38140

I'm looking forward to them realizing this argument means black people can't do Kpop either, despite Kpop using tons of black culture and aesthetics. Perhaps the real racism was the friends we made along the way?

No. 38142

File: 1561727252769.jpg (95.48 KB, 872x372, 8.jpg)

somifag kboo gets upset over lana

No. 38143

She's fucking gorgeous. She's what all the Gangnam unnies wish their surgeons could make them look like AND so pretty it makes the white Koreaboos extremely jealous. I love her already and I don't even care if she can sing or dance, her triggering Kboos is enough

No. 38144

wow she's insanely pretty. they must know that male idols are going to swarm her, that's why they're freaking out.

No. 38145

She was a bit awkward here, but she's looking way better now imho. Definitely not the ugliest Twice member, not with Nayeon, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon around.

She looks like Momoland's Nancy

No. 38146

mte. her singing is terrible, but the way she makes twt stans start foaming at the mouth is all the talent that she needs.

No. 38147

Most of these angry people are white themselves so idk why they feel the need to speak out for other asians? If you're so bothered by discrimination and lookism why are you supporting kpop still? You know exactly what they find attractive and what not so why are you acting so surprised all of the sudden…

No. 38148

File: 1561727900179.jpg (90.17 KB, 768x1168, russian-kpop-trainee-lana-2-76…)

>be 17 year old amerifag
>kinda autistic but not enough for anyone to do anything
>had a series of obsessions through the years
>stayed on tumblr after it banned porn and anything fun
>sees a beautiful lesbian scrolling down your tumblr dash
>actually a male kpop idol
>look into this kpop shit
>become obsessed
>decide korea is a paradise
>POC everywhere, basically 100% of the country is POC
>social justice wonderland
>know you can never be part of it due to you being an evil whitey
>come to terms with it, tip your black waiter 3x as much to atone for your slave driver past
>clicking through kpopmap.com
>"Russian K-Pop Trainee, Lana, To Debut At The End Of June"
>evil whitey in my social justice wonderland
>she's pretty and bang on for korean ideals of beauty
>picture with oppa

No. 38149

if she keeps making stan twitter mad i'll buy 1500 copies of her album.

No. 38150

File: 1561728368185.jpg (731.13 KB, 1080x1055, 0002.jpg)

Lisa looks so much like her mom except dunked in bleach

No. 38151

Yeah I meant if she can't sing or dance, tbh I never expected her to be talented but it doesn't matter lmao

No. 38153

most of the ones complaining are sea, as are most kpop fans in general

No. 38154

They're also jealous of pretty white girls or they wouldn't be bleaching their skin at any opportunity

No. 38155

Nah anon, don't feel bad, this is hilarious. We're really seeing the K-pop version of the red scare.

No. 38156

Because they don't give a shit. The appeal of kpop and the k-aesthetic to most i-fans is the very narrow exoticism (OMG POP MUSIC BUT ITS ASIAN, ANDROGYNOUS SOFTBOIS AND ANACHAN) and novelty that they worship endlessly. Its why they're totally batshit delulu denying any idol ever has had surgery (even fucking Bom or Namjoo), denying any idol has ever bleached (Lisa and Jennie) or denying any idol has had sex (most Big Bang fans up until the scandal hit, but hijabi-chans still insist this is true about Seungri). Telling themselves it's some kind of music meant to be representative of Asians and convincing themselves its woke in some way is how they justify the delulu. It has nothing to do with how Koreans in Korea view kpop

They continue to support the idol industry when kpop was more diverse and had more black talent before SM introduced the idol system. The idol system rewards aesthetic conservatism and not taking any risks every time, and i-fanzzz and Western media dicksucking BTS make it worse, rewarding Korea for homogeneity and blandness

Even musically k-pop has become an analogue of Western pop music with the same songwriters overlapping. The last distinctive sounding (ie not a type of arrangement you'd hear in the West or Japan) producer I can remember is sweetune

No. 38157

Mte. A white woman singing kpop songs either written by or inspired by western songwriters brings to light how unoriginal kpop really is. If she wasn't singing Korean her performance looks straight out of Disney channel

No. 38159

sweetune does't sound distinct or unique to me

>Even musically k-pop has become an analogue of Western pop music with the same songwriters overlapping

It's always been like this. Even when they copy jpop, jpop is still old western music. A lot of old kpop also sounds like old euro dance music. Correct me if I'm wrong though

No. 38161

File: 1561735031165.png (43.31 KB, 574x164, Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 16.1…)

fucking kek

No. 38169

File: 1561737830529.png (1.12 MB, 1006x848, felix.PNG)

I can't believe how much Felix straight up ruined his jaw the fuck… I was browsing some of his twitter fan pages to see if any of his fans said something and nothing, how can people not mention it?? It's so obvious. He really went alien territory.

I wonder how his parents feel, he looks so different now.

No. 38170

File: 1561737887752.jpg (30.16 KB, 352x600, felixdebut.jpg)

Him before. WTF.

No. 38171

eye shape looks bogged now too
imagine having surgery to transform yourself into a 12 year old

No. 38172

That's sad. Of all the skz members who could use some ps, felix was not one of them. Hope they won't fuck hyunjin and chan too.

No. 38173

christ. i wouldn't even have recognised him if you hadn't said so in the first place. shame, i liked how he used to look too.

No. 38174

Found a thread on allkpop of someone asking if he had ps and almost everyone was like "he's skinnier, growing up, you're jealous honey" and things like that. I really think the way they lie to themselves is one of the aspects I hate the most about kpop. It's infuriating.

The other thing that is difficult is to really find a good source on how they look because stage photos are out, fan sites ones too, promotional clearly Photoshop, and their own selfies probably go through a filter too. It's really difficult to see how these dudes actually look.

I did see the Fancy live and he clearly fucked up his face. A shame.

No. 38175

I can't see what was wrong with his jaw before, is the standard meant to be a "strong", "masculine" jaw or a non-existent jaw?

I thought the standard for a narrow/small jaw was more for women? Its a shame because jaw shaves only look worse with time and skin sagging, its just a fucked up surgical procedure and I don't think anyone looks better with it.

No. 38176

There’s a really unfortunate camera angle at 1.24 where one of the Itzy girls is bent over and shakes her ass right in front of the camera. Aren’t they minors?

No. 38177

File: 1561739722337.jpg (401.22 KB, 1006x848, naturalbeauty.jpg)

He probably won't stop until he looks like this

No. 38178

only the blonde in the thumbnail is a minor. shes like 15 i believe. everyone else is 18+

No. 38179

Yeah there's definitely something off with the eyes as well. I thought he'd be more opposed to ps since he's from Australia but it seems like he waited until he was 18 or something otherwise he would've done it pre-debut.

No. 38180

The one with pink hair who shakes her ass in front of the camera has recently turned 18

No. 38181

File: 1561740260925.jpg (168.36 KB, 1320x770, 6a88669c-6a9d-11e7-9575-882aa2…)

Korea is obsessed with neoteny not just for women but for men. Square jaws are considered ugly. Hence why Felix, Jonghyun and a variety of others fucked their faces
>“When you see K-pop stars, they all have sharp V-line jaws with perfect flawless skin, and masculine bodies,” says Kang. “For women, we have a term ‘bagel girl,’ meaning baby-faced and glamorous; a woman whose face looks very young but who has a sexy body.” “For men, we have a similar concept, ‘jimsung-dol’ which means ‘monster idol’; a young, cute-looking guy with a very muscular and toned body shape.”

No. 38182

File: 1561740806947.png (141.09 KB, 240x317, Itsjustweightlossandpuberty.pn…)

so they basically want to look like manga characters. pathetic

looks a lot like that hansol dude, who also had a ton of ps

No. 38183

Someone show this to the vigilant citizen forum, they'd have a field day with this obsession with dorito chins and will use it as "illuminati confirmed" material or some shit.

No. 38184

Long skinny faces arent neotenous

No. 38186

I don't think it's racist for her to be a kpop idol (how do you colonize an industry that's literally a soft power movement meant to draw foreigners to Korea?) but I don't understand why knetz praise her beauty while Somi gets shit on for being hafu, even though they look very similar. Somi is also a smidge more talented and has a good team behind her. Why was Lana even allowed to debut when she can't sing or dance even a little bit and just fills the same niche as Somi, but worse? I realize I sound like a somifag, but if I was a kpop fan and I had to choose between one of these two freshly debuted, extremely similar-looking women to ~stan~ then I would probably go with the one who doesn't whisper-sing and has a decent producer.

No. 38187

Becuase somi is already seen as a trouble maker who kept insisting that she is rightfully korean when koreans refuse to accept her becuase in their minds, her blood is "tainted

No. 38188

holy shit this is tragic, he was such a handsome young man before.

No. 38201

File: 1561751247624.jpg (196.74 KB, 953x960, 65215110_4524023419584_3572015…)

So did anyone see the picture for her tour promo where she's literally dressed as Ariana Grande?

No. 38204

File: 1561751939469.jpg (150.57 KB, 960x1200, D2AFe1aWkAA-Ph8.jpg)


Found it. Pretty sure this is the photo they are talking about.

No. 38205

Yeah when I saw it in my feed I thought it was Ariana for a hot second. Also, aren't moons also Ariana's "thing"? Like I feel like she uses the moon emoji a lot.

No. 38206


Same, thought it was a lost photo/edit a fan posted from sweetener.

No. 38207

I mean moons have been a thing before her but I guess she made it even bigger. It reminds me of Sunmi's Full Moon though.

I don't follow Ariana so I would've never thought is was her.

No. 38208

Yeah but the ponytail and the dress looks very Ariana already. So adding the moons is a little on the nose imo

No. 38209

Sunmi had a low ponytail too.

I don't doubt it was made to mimic Ariana though. I mean it happens all the time. No one is original.

No. 38210

Do you live under a rock? Its 100% Ariana's iconography, and its most likely intentional

No. 38213

File: 1561753308391.png (205.53 KB, 466x377, CLC.PNG)

Geez, the members of CLC look rough already.

No. 38214

I do live under a rock ok. I said I don't doubt is was made to mimic her. Geez. It most likely is intentional but it still doesn't change the fact that a lot of things get reused.

No. 38215

File: 1561753382501.png (217.67 KB, 292x401, sorn.PNG)

Sorn looks exhausted too. Do idols always look this haggard irl?

No. 38216

nayrt but you need to relax, they're literally agreeing with you. And aside from the cheap yaki hair and the gloves the photo isn't that reminiscent of Ariana. She's not known for wearing low-cut sequin dresses and I've never seen her associated with moons either. If it was an attempt to mimic her then it's a fail.

No. 38217

you realize pale skin has always been an asian beauty standard, right? caucasian people don't have a copyright on pale skin, lmao.
i agree the rage about this other girl is because they're jealous that she's pretty enough to be an idol and also mixed, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here

No. 38218

Skin bleaching no but they definitely get double eyelids to look white. We've been over this

No. 38219

my post and the other anon's were very clearly about pale skin, not double eyelids, so i don't know what point you're trying to make exactly

and even then, there are plenty of asians born with double eyelids tbh. you'd have better luck bringing up the fact that they sometimes wear blonde hair or blue contacts for an "exotic" look than either of those things

No. 38220

Nta but umm… Thats some pretty retarded logic you got there. White people are far, far, far from the only race with double lids. Most races have those. Even a lot of asians have them naturally.

No. 38222

lol at people on youtube being pressed over lana to the point of calling her "colonizer" just bc she's white. i wonder if they would dare to say the same thing to jp idols in korea.

No. 38223

please no "koreans want to look white" sperging….

flopping as hard as they have must take a toll on the members. i'm surprised clc still are a group. disbandment when?

No. 38225

The obsession with high nose bridges is definitely based on white worship too. The pale skin not so much.

Though having said that, Korean BB creams and foundations all have very cool undertones, which is weird because Asian skin usually has a warm undertone. Japanese and Chinese foundations have warm undertones, so this is a totally Korean thing. This is why Korean idols sometimes have weirdly ghostly, pink-tinged skin and then tan, yellow-tinged necks.

No. 38226

she apparently liked a tweet like "white privilege doesn't exist" but i really don't blame a russian girl who grew up in sakhalin for not being the most politically correct person and hurting american sjws' feelings. these concepts don't work in russia and sk like they work in america. all this name calling just makes them sound bitter.

No. 38227

lol thats thing, momo and sana were notable koreaboos but thats fine because they're ethnically asian. so many people say that their problem with lana stems from the fact that she's a koreaboo, not that she's white (so they don't have to follow the logic that any non-asian people don't fit into k-pop), but don't acknowledge that there are non-korean members of groups that are koreaboos but they think that's fine because all asian ethnicities are interchangeable and exotic to them.

No. 38228

Her acc liked every single comment on that page even the ones calling for her to die so its taking it out of context

No. 38229

is she throwing shade or liking everything that says lana

No. 38230

That famous Russian colonisation of South Korea

No. 38231

something about this is is so funny in a v surreal way. white kpop idol triggers twitter stans by liking literally every comment that mentions her, including the ones calling her a colonizer and telling her to die.

it's also funny how they hold her up to higher standards than other idols who actually say fucked up stuff, there was that scandal with chinese idols going on social media and telling other countries to surrender to china or something.

No. 38232

yes, they are extremely bitter and not only this but… funny how they are conveniently forgetting that japan actually colonized korea some years ago… not white people. but to them, asians can't be racists, right?

No. 38234

>forgetting that japan actually colonized korea some years ago… not white people. but to them, asians can't be racists, right?
unless jimin oppar wears a shirt celebrating a war crime that killed hundreds of thousands of japanese civilians, then it’s totally justified

No. 38235

some armys were wking him like "are you telling me that jimin, a proud korean man is racist against asians?" lmao

No. 38236

They got mad at Alex too. They used a lot of coded language and the "positive" stuff was just them having a fetish. It's not "white envy" it's "why isn't it me?". They'll look for any excuse. A bunch of people kept yelling that Alex was only in that group because she is light skin with looser curls and that "she was basically white".

No. 38237

Now that I think about it that's extremely ironic, considering how Japan and China each actually did colonize Korea for a considerable chunk of time.

No. 38239

>there was that scandal with chinese idols going on social media and telling other countries to surrender to china or something.
WHAT? thats so funny

No. 38240

lmao, is there even any country that Jimmin isn't racist against?

No. 38242

File: 1561760316555.png (80.19 KB, 680x504, 2547.png)

sea stans were like "please unnie we love you please don't post chinese propaganda :( saranghae~ ^_^ v"

here are some posts/articles that explain the situation:


No. 38243

Lay has been a Chinese govt. shill for a while now, no wonder he did it. These idols and their companies genuinely don't give a single fuck about non-Thai SEAs lmfao.

No. 38244

File: 1561761783274.jpg (90.99 KB, 600x1200, felix.jpg)

No. 38245

Didn't even Jackson post this? I feel like they're scared of being blacklisted by the government if they don't but yeah it's disgusting. These things never get big because they don't involve Koreans so koreaboos rather spend their time nitpicking and "cancelling" idols for stupid shit no one really cares about.

No. 38246

What a shame. He looked cute.

No. 38247

I'm sure the whole blacklisting thing is a cause in addition to nationalism. I mean China releases lists of which celebrities are good Chinese citizens and most of the Chinese Kpop idols weren't very high on the list. Since they make all of their money in China, they have to keep the country happy.
It's fucked up.

No. 38248

File: 1561763487989.jpeg (448.17 KB, 750x1017, C5EE35EB-825C-4922-BA81-6F5645…)

>spaces created by poc for poc

No. 38249

I wonder how idols like him and Lucas feel tap dancing in mainland China while shit is going down in HK.

No. 38251

You honestly think ifanzzz give a shit about that? They didnt care when Jia and her friends were bullying Victoria for 'not being Chinese' which was a big scandal in Korea. There's a lot of belligerent and tone-deaf shit PRC idols have done that I think knetz are justified to be mad about (given that only 70 years ago the Chinese army was rampaging across Korea), meanwhile ifanz think kpop is ~~pan-ethnic asian music~~ lmao

No. 38252

She's ignorant and a little koreaboo-y but as someone who does Race studies in college she hasn't really shown herself to be "racist" . It wouldn't surprise me if she was cause nobody surprises me at this point but she literally is just kinda dumb and you can tell by the way she talks in general and normally I hate that excuse but literally the girl ain't all that there. Her PR team needs to tell her to stop liking things on Twitter and speaking on "Asian eyes" and just stfu and do idol stuff. She reminds me of when Sooyoung would talk in "ebonics" to black people but at least she stopped when people explained how that's taken in a bad way.

I don't get why she has individual SNS to begin with, new idols normally don't for this exact reason. She's gotta stop liking stuff about politics and "clapping back" low key at jelly koreaboos. It only gives them more fuel to mess with her

No. 38253

my sides. ah yes, the genre korean pop is created exclusively for all people of colour.

stans are quiet when chinese/japanese/korean idols literally shave off half their jaw, get nose implants and fillers to fit korean beauty standards. but when a russian girl… looks russian ig.. she is a colonizer who possibly got plastic surgery to look more azn.

it's funny how these people don't understand how someone can be/look white while being a part of an ethnic minority, some of who have faced oppression throughout history (like the sami people). how sheltered are these people?

why are they trying to make kpop so woke? why can't they enjoy something that doesn't have social justice elements? imagine if bts released "gee", there would be thousands of theories about it. people would praise them for their genius lyrics and social commentary.

No. 38254

File: 1561765318577.jpg (210.14 KB, 1080x802, IMG_20190628_194024.jpg)

I swear, they all try to go back to looking 12 again. They don't let their faces mature like normal people

No. 38255

how the fuck do they not see how much whiter his skin got and how much his jaw was changed. holy shit

No. 38256

i'd say korea but he doesn't even like how koreans look lmao

No. 38257

>imagine if bts released "gee", there would be thousands of theories about it. people would praise them for their genius lyrics and social commentary.
MTE but that's also partially because they're mediocre men so people hype up shit that isnt there as usual. everyone thinks BTS does everything by themselves by default. take away that and the wokeness and you're just left with jimin being an average arrogant fuckboy who cannot sing

No. 38258

every time I hear the term "colonizer" being used in a completely nonsensical context by stan twitter I feel like I lose a few brain cells

No. 38259

So much hype for a cringy, "otome" game. I'm sure they are fueling the "my oppars needs me, i need him" shtick. One of this days, a sasaeng will stab a member and claim she's a girlfriend.

I remembered seeing a ,'theory' channel for their song once and I almost got aneurysm. I honestly believe bighit purposely makes their mvs vague and dramatic (with lots of gay and mental problem connotations) so ratmys could self-insert their own theories and hype them for being woke. Without those mvs, they'll be another set of manufactured, un-creative, boring idols.

No. 38260

wait why is jungkook in isis? fanservice for their muslim fans?

No. 38261

loona is the same. Insert some vague imagery and gay fanservice and the stans eat it up and praise it as brilliant storytelling

No. 38262

File: 1561770782527.jpg (26.27 KB, 275x275, lol.jpg)

No. 38263

File: 1561771085412.jpg (49.6 KB, 729x693, unnamed96.jpg)

No. 38264

File: 1561771554573.png (373.68 KB, 517x555, Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 9.25.…)

what happened to Sulli? She looks so haggard these days

No. 38265

she's 25 years old and looks her age

No. 38266

honestly thats probably the face he gives rat irl when he comes up with his fake deep german literature mythology shit

No. 38267

her hair color is terrible and washes her out + the makeup looks really bad. i wouldn't be surprised if she does a lot of drugs or is an alcoholic behind the scenes.

No. 38271

She looks fine, she’s just not wearing makeup. For all the postulating in this thread about evuhl Korean beauty standards, some of you sure do sound like woman hating poltards.

No. 38272

she's on tv she's def wearing makeup kek

No. 38275

shes prettier than most idols ofc koreaboos are jealous lol

No. 38276

she got older. it's nice to know that she never had work done on her eyes

No. 38277

>sooyoung would talk in "ebonics" to black people
can you please explain lol

No. 38281

your mind on kpop

No. 38282

>kpop is created by and for poc
kek only a delusional kboo would say that. then where are black idols? why do asians who aren't korean get treated like shit?

some people bring up the fact that by the same retarded logic, chinese and japanese members are also colonizers but these sjws' response it "b-but they are asian!!". what's the difference?

No. 38283

File: 1561782485034.png (208.75 KB, 433x416, yikes.png)

does anyone remember when Tiffany used black emojis for sooyoung and yuri? I'm surprised there aren't that many people trying to cancel her now that's promoting in America

No. 38284

yea, she looks fine. that anon's autism is flaring up.

No. 38285

It happened a couple of times but one of the main times I can think of was in around 2007-2009 and they went to New York for a TV show and they were in a cab and the taxi driver was black and she kept going "hey yo yo hey yo man" and tried to make her voice deeper. IFans told her why she shouldn't do that and as far as I know she stopped but it was cringy to watch. It might be on one of the old soshisubs channels that soshified had when I was little but it might have been taken down due to copyright.

No. 38286

wow what the fuck

No. 38287

File: 1561788328936.png (85.84 KB, 800x500, Screenshot_2019-06-29-13-59-48…)

That game is seriously intended for ratmys to cream their panties and/or hallucinate about their gay otp

(Pis related) Ratmon is posting screenshots of himself playing that game though…

No. 38288

Basically this. That's why despite plenty of pictures of her childhood being out there demonstrating that she's always looked the same, they are saying that she got ps to look Korean. And honestly, I don't see it. She looks Eastern Russian which is exactly what she is. It's not her fault that the vast majority of denizens of stan twitter need remedial geography. It's also not her fault that these people are so are so ignorant that they don't understand that Russia is a huge country with hundreds of ethnic groups that have been intermixing for over 1000 years. Additionally her father is a Siberian Tatar/Bashkir admixture who apparently favors a more Asian phenotype.
But she's very pretty and her features that aren't considered conventionally attractive in Russia definitely hit a sweet spot in Korea. It's a bit fun to see how nearly all of the stans spewing the most vile shit are deeply unattractive kboos themselves. Makes the jealously all that more apparent.

All that being said, she's really not talented or charismatic on stage and she's probably shouldn't have debuted.

No. 38289

If this wasn't proof this whole thread prides itself on willful ignorance and mindless sperging…

No. 38291

lmao i looked it up on twitter and literally every army who whines about this is a tranny. i bet the one who wrote this review is a fakeboi too. why would they go through the effort of making a male option when their fanbase is 99.5% female? if they did make an option for male players and made them flirt with them, armys would use it for their "bts are gay kings" theories.

No. 38294

My theory on why people hate (half)white girls trying to get into kpop is that A) they're either sea or asian americans who are jealous because they know that they themselves wouldn't be liked by koreans or B) if they're white they try to tell themselves that only asians can debut and that therefore they shouldn't even try because their chances are zero anyway. They know they would never make it because they're ugly/fat, so they comfort themselves with the idea that it's not their own fault but that kpop is simply only for asians. So when they see Lana or even Somi they get reminded of their delusion and feel hurt and angry because deep down they know that they only have themselves to blame for never becoming an idol too.

No. 38296

Her mom looks like a piano teacher

No. 38297

Those are some terrible manga, ngl.

No. 38298

File: 1561799279868.jpg (135.56 KB, 597x567, jelly.jpg)

same. speaking of that
if this doesn't scream jealousy i don't know what does lol

No. 38300

That's what I think too.
I thought some here were exaggerating but then I saw all the likes and retweets from >>38298

No. 38301

what the fuck is this retarded gay keeping? anyone from any race can debut as a singer in any country. an african can be a singer in europe, an asian can be a singer in south america, a european can be a singer in asia. what makes sk special? it just comes off as them seeing sk as a superior holy land rather than a normal country.
people who attack lana are more of a kboo than people who like her.

No. 38302

samefag i meant gate keeping

No. 38303

maybe they're still butthurt over the korean war?

No. 38304

Uh.. well it starts out sounding alright… then it sounds like a kids tv theme song… which is maybe Ms. Johnson Baby Oil's point?

No. 38306

What's up with the styling in this mv? She looks like a washed up drug addict.

No. 38307

i think it's more of the fact that she went to korea instead of her home country to start a career (since she's untalented) that has the anons panties in a twist

No. 38308

File: 1561803342899.jpg (69.26 KB, 585x165, 130720.jpg)

fans are mad at the bts game because they made jimin anorexic as if it's not the reality

No. 38309

File: 1561803676318.png (639.35 KB, 660x497, fgbgf.png)

Jimincel looking like an old lady with her arms around her grandson is making me laugh. I guess Beomgyu is the marked choice for life exchange and blood removal

Also j-hope looks fucked
>Jimin berates himself and cries
well that's accurate

No. 38310

File: 1561803772577.png (13.25 KB, 575x121, xaxa.png)

Wow this army is totally batshit. I guess the kpop blood quantum thing applies to the producers who write all their shitty songs too

No. 38311

Sulli has an interesting vocal tone but I know she'll never put in the effort to actually learn how to sing. Also, she's more woke than bts will ever be.

No. 38312

Just how short is suga?
I assume he's also wearing those sneakers with the thick soles but even with that he looks extremely short.

No. 38313

Somi is actually getting worse with each performance.

Where is the energy? Where is the charisma? Why is her dancing so sloppy? Why is her singing so terrible?

No. 38314

where is jimin?

No. 38316

I reckon she hates the song and has realized debuting under YG was a huge mistake

No. 38317

I assume he's the one with the black hat next to the dude doing the peace sign.

No. 38319

txt are infamous for being very tall (by kpop standards) so maybe that contributes

No. 38320

File: 1561812575085.jpg (479.17 KB, 1069x2108, 20190629_194835.jpg)

Lmao i got curious so i looked up the 1 star reviews and these are some fucked up stuff

No. 38321

File: 1561813099379.jpg (64.21 KB, 1080x504, 20190629_195752.jpg)

No. 38322

What is this game about anyway?

No. 38323

I'm really shocked with the amount of hate this Lana girl is receiving. I'm latin american and I 've never believed in reverse racism, but now I guess I believe that, on the internet, anyone can experience it. Lmao are you happy twitter stans

No. 38324

lana isn't even in a place where she is of the majority race right now. she is in a society that already treats women like shit and also has a creepy bigotry towards slavic women. she is just a 17 year old girl ffs.

No. 38325

"assume gender identity" ???? lol whats wrong with being identified as a female? its a fucking game

No. 38326

Does he really?

No. 38327

ngl them using jimin is an anachan but using his issues in a game is kinda weird. it just shows how normalized it is in their society.

No. 38329

Exactly, she's in a country where women of her nationality are routinely sex trafficked and forced into sex slavery, and working in an industry where the pressure for women to perform sexual favors is already high. What privilege, exactly?

No. 38331


True. They claim the game is just fucked, but it is actually a very realistic representation of - I guess - BTS debut. Jimin got hate and since then developed a huge eating disorder and obviously problems with self esteem. JK was always sexualized, even as a minor.

And now Armys try to make it a problem of this game… sure.

No. 38332

ratmys have always been creepy with him since he was underage, jimin have always been open about weight stuff, almost everyone in their fandom is female, i don't know what's the surprise.

No. 38333

File: 1561817381199.png (25.64 KB, 550x541, D-OuDc2U4AI_Pza.png)

apparently this is one excerpt of dialogue from the game. reminds me of beavis and butthead honestly

No. 38334

>I need to be addressed with xe/xim pronouns in my bts otome game or else I can't cum 1/10 would not recommend, fuck this transphobic gamu

No. 38335

File: 1561817609772.jpg (30.75 KB, 480x480, 1561043130293.jpg)

>use the word "colonizer" referring to a young woman who committed the crime of being pretty and living their kboo dream
>literally demand that said woman, who comes from a completely different culture and country background, adapts to their American SJW "culture"
Can't you see the irony?

No. 38336

what 15 year old friends talk like this

No. 38337

Exp or whatever the fuck they were called did not get these kinds of aggressive comments from what I saw. They were just ridiculed through memes and edits.

No. 38338

>forced romance
haven't these little spergers ever heard of otome games and dating simulators, what did they even expect?

No. 38339

It's not even ~sjw~ and some of it isn't purely American. It's basic terminology when discussing race studies and the sociology behind it. People just misuse it online to fit their BS.
The girl is doing watered down pop R&B in Korean just like every other kpop idol. In Korea you'll meet Koreans who "prefer" white people over black people yeah, but we've already said x1000 times that there's plenty of black people in Korean entertainment and the moment IFans see them they nitpick them to death (i.e they don't "sound" black enough or "look" black enough) , the white Koreaboos loose their shit and rant about how "why would Korea want to look at a person that looks like that over me?" And then the self insert kicks in.
The only people who loose their minds over a non-asian in kpop are racist/prejudice/self hating IFans and racist/insecure Korean nationalist.
If any of them cared about "poc solidarity" they would have called out bts for calling people kamdoongi and dressing up as nazis. They would've stopped supporting mamamoo after wearing blackface for the 15000th time. They would talk more about Jay Park's creepy big booty black girl fetish instead of talking like it's a compliment. They wouldn't go on videos of black people talking about Korea liking our culture but being ignorant and sometimes outright racist towards our people commenting about how "Koreans didn't know any better when they told you to bleach your skin and to get a nose job".

I literally had a girl tell me during study abroad that "Asians are a little dumb so they can't help when they are racist, they don't mean any harm".

I'm sorry it's just people using their "wokeness" as a shield to unrightfully attack people is a pet peeve of mine. Lana's company isn't even an idol company and they only have her and a boys group anyway so I doubt she'll even go very far so all this fanfare is for nothing.

No. 38340

Either way they were a social experiment created by a female Korean student for her masters thesis and not a serious group


No. 38341

it's SJWy to use it wrong, you fucking tard.

No. 38344

I meant the term itself. We are actually agreeing with each other but continue.

No. 38345

There's no such thing as reverse racism it's just called racism.(derailing)

No. 38346

They aren't are real group? They seem pretty active right now.

No. 38347

This just sounds like the fanfiction they always write so I don't see what the big deal is. I think it makes them uncomfortable that BigShit knows exactly what their audience really wants and the implications about what BTS' purpose is is starting to click but they don't have the intelligence to connect the dots

No. 38348

File: 1561828108119.jpg (52.71 KB, 747x420, IMG_0147.JPG)

I would pay money to see bts react to these comments lmfao they'll be perplexed af once learn what crazy people they attract.

No. 38350

i remember it wasn't too long after i.o.i disbanded somi said in an interview that she felt like she already accomplished enough as an idol. tinfoil but i wouldn't be suprised if she wanted to quit after i.o.i, but her dad kept pushing her. now she realizes she's in a fucked situation she can't get out of so why bother? teddy didn't even give her a good song.

No. 38351

i doubt that they aren't grossed out by troons except woke genius gender special king ratmon.

No. 38352

he looks completely different. i wonder what caused him to get so much plastic surgery so early into his career? either his company hates him or he's going through something.

No. 38353

apparently itzy are promoting at music shows atm? either way they are a constant reminder of what she decided to walk away from. their debut was way more successful than hers and these days jyp is a much better company than yg. do you think she is going to snap and have a britney spears tier public meltdown?

No. 38354

No Itzy only came back for the half year special and sang the songs they debuted with in Feb. I think they are coming back next month or so. However Chungha is currently promoting and I reckon Somi sees her as direct competition, even though they were in l.o.l together. Chungha is 100x better than Somi and will probably beat her in music shows.

Red Velvet are also promoting right now and have beaten Somi in all the music shows so far. So it’s just a bad time for Somi to debut I guess. Also her song is bad which doesn’t help.

I’m sure she regrets not debuting with Itzy. She knows she’s fucked up and has already become disenchanted because her her debut has flopped. Oops~

No. 38356

Pretty much every Chinese idol and actor, in China and Korea, posted this. They have to if they want to career because the Government will absolutely blacklist them. The most you got to opposing it was some actors just didn't post anything, and everyone still picked up on the ones that didn't post. No-one can actually say anything against it.

No. 38357

All butthurt comments aside, who thought making this game would be a good idea?

No. 38358

why is it a bad idea? It was probably cheap to make and panders to every ratmy's fantasy of their sensitive uwu bois just needing love. It'll probably make them a fuckton of cash

No. 38359

do you guys know why blinks always defend rosé and lisa's ana chan appearance? they always go with the "they were skinny as a kid" defense, even though you aren't supposed to be as small as you were as a 12 year old when you are 22 years old (sorry if that sentence made no sense). many ana chans who dance/do sports take some drugs or drink a shit ton of coffee before playing/performing so blackpink can be doing the same.

No. 38360

Sage for blog, but I have a much younger sister who has that bts app. She's not a hardcore fan, but says its sooo good.
You basically are their manager and have to send them to their daily schedules. There are new songs and profile cards which you can collect and you can also style them. Maybe that "flirting" option comes in later, but so far it seems completely harmless, boring but harmless. There also are like 100 chapters and it exists in many languages, so they definitely put only female pronouns on purpose and not because it's easier lol

No. 38361

teenagers are too dumb to realize that rosé and lisa would look deathly ill without packs of extensions, face fillers, makeup, boob/hip padding, etc.

No. 38362

is jimin really anorexic in the game?

No. 38363

File: 1561835082247.jpeg (587.59 KB, 828x1447, 63AE5AF6-3D68-46BC-8B2F-C8DEE5…)

Im loving how much shes pissing them off She already has antis

No. 38364

aren't those wins about voting? how can it be about white privilege? sorry that your uwu gay gods loona are flopping no matter how hard you try.

No. 38365

I don't know, she only gave me a quick runthrough, but the pictures look like more recent ones, so I guess not?

No. 38366

I bet these are the same people who make threads about feminism and misogyny in kpop but they clearly have no problem calling a young woman a bitch, just cause they see her as a "threat". I don't know what this girl Lana has said or done so i definitely won't defend anyone but these people just sound pathetic tbh.

No. 38367

implying that loona would be more successful if they were white lmfao

No. 38368

she always looked like she had a syndrome or something to me, just like sunny
never understood the praise for her looks

No. 38369

the lana drama is so stupid only stan twitter fags are mad about her the girl isn't even doing that bad considering her song is shitty and basic

No. 38370

Kind of old but I just saw this for the first time and it legit disturbed me so much. One of their backup dancers has a full on seizure around 1:34 due to the strobe lighting and they all just KEEP performing like its nothing. Idols are trained to be inhuman its insane.

No. 38371

>loona still haven't gotten a first win
kek this goes to show that pandering to annoying twitter gays and multifandom armys will get you nothing but an insufferable fandom. they don't have ANY money and if they did they'd spend it on bts, bp, and rv first.

No. 38372

Fans always use "they have to stay professional!", "[insert name of the person who fainted] would have wanted them to continue!" as an excuse. I don't really like f(x) or Sulli, but them immediately helping Krystal, even carrying her, really stood out to me.
Seeing how Krystal has gained quite some weight now makes be believe she might have always starved herself and wasn't as naturally skinny as everybody claimed… Jessica also started out slightly chubby.

Not kpop but rather popular actress Jun Mi Sun killed herself.
She even talked about her depression on tv, but I guess couldn't get the help she needed.

No. 38374

Jfc that was disturbing to watch. It won't fucking kill them to stop their bland ass song to call for help or something. What if she actually died on that stage?
And there are people monitoring this so idk why help didn't come sooner.
I wouldn't be able to work with these shitty people anymore I were her.

No. 38375

It's not just teens, their grown ass male fans keep shilling their bodies being normal for young women in their 20s… Meaning the rest of us is just "fat" for thinking otherwise.

That's really hard to watch. I really don't understand why they don't react though? The first idol to help would be seen in a positive light by netizens. Just so that nobody notices that they lipsync?
Doesn't really help that stereotype of east asians being heartless robots, like when that baby in china was droven dead by multiple cars and people just stepped over it.
I'm surprised by the comments, I wonder if they'd shield a new group they like or not…
Ifans back then shielded them, but supposedly at least koreans gave them their well deserved hate.

No. 38376

>It doesn't matter to me. Actually, because of this incident, I got into SeeYa.
braindead kpop fans in a nutshell

No. 38377

File: 1561840614185.jpg (375.57 KB, 1080x1945, IMG_20190629_163429.jpg)

They just keep going lmao

No. 38378

File: 1561840649975.jpg (351.8 KB, 1080x1940, IMG_20190629_163449.jpg)

No. 38379

If they actually bought Loona's music then they would have a win. They are just jealous that someone else has spotlight while their group has none cos they don't fucking bother doing anything for their groups but whine on Twitter.

No. 38380

all of this outrage over some girl from an unknown company that's probably going to flop lol. the same thing happened with exp edition you'd think they would get over it.
does this girl even have any spotlight? nobody is talking about her other than international fans.

No. 38381

i feel like a lot of lana's fans like her cause she's white (i mean there are barely any white idols out there so she stands out with minimal talent like Somi and Nancy; plus the fetishizers) and the rest stan because they are okay with mediocre music. denying that her race plays a role in her career is ridiculous.

No. 38382

They are all so ignorant themselves. There understanding of race and ethnicity is so limited and they are all citing a poorly translated (google translate) article that one of the fail kboos on PULL posted as a reason to hate her. Meanwhile there are actual Russians trying to explain how race and ethnicity work in Russia and they just turn around and tell them they are wrong because "Russia is a completely white country".
And I hate to say it some of ones leading the charge are massive black kboos who claim to be blasian.

No. 38383

lana looks mostly white to me, but does it really matter? i mean she's still not east asian or even korean so why go to kpop? why do non koreans even join kpop in the first place?? it's kind of a retarded move if you want fucked plastic surgery and a 2 year career (5 if you're lucky)

No. 38384

if kpop stans were that woke they wouldn't try to dismiss all the indigenous north & central asian people that live in russia.
oh pulltards are probably even worse than stan twitter with their jealousy of lana lmao i can't imagine

No. 38385

>cause she's white
But she isn't exactly. As she said her ethnicity is complicated. She's mixed and at least in Russia she wouldn't be considered a "Pure Russian" ie white.
Why not?
She got lucky because her natural Eurasian features are pretty much considered the ideal in Korea.
OT: But she reminds me a lot of Leah Dizon. She was also very mixed and probably no more than 1/4 East Asian, but she had a look that could be perfectly styled for the Japanese market. Like Lana she wasn't very talented at all, but she was still popular. Unlike Leah though, Lana is fluent in Korean and that along with her looks is why she became popular.
She apparently originally went to learn Korean, stayed for university, did some modeling and tv work and got scouted by an agency. I don't blame her for running with opportunity.

No. 38386

>a lot of lana's fans like her cause she's white
And koreans like kpop idols because they find them attractive and other ifans like asian kpop idols because of yellow fever. Nobody is in it for the talent, so in the end it doesn't matter.

No. 38389

ahh that makes sense now. i thought she went to korea specifically to be an idol.

No. 38391

she reminds me of alex reid tbh. she could get fans that will live their fantasy kpop life through her.

No. 38392

Actually so far, it's been a pretty mixed reaction. Aside from the person who started who started the thread, it's been a relatively levelheaded discussion. At least they aren't swarming her social media accusing her of "yellowface", telling her to go back to Europe, or telling her to kill herself. Which is what stan twitter has been doing.
It's annoying because fundamentally I think she's not talented and I'm not going to be a fan, but these exceptional individuals make me hope she beats their favorite "artists" in everything.

No. 38393

i'm pretty sure koreans view her as white tho. and international fans see her as white even though she's mixed. and let's be honest a full korean being a mediocre as her would flop without a big gimmick like most popular idols have

No. 38394

oh, anon.. what koolaid have you been drinking? most popular 100% Korean™ idols are absolutely mediocre and terrible singers. most idols get by on their looks and manufactured personalities.

i think most koreans will assume she is part korean, as she looks like it. anyway, why does her being ~white~ matter so much to you? no one here would care if her "whiteness" is what makes her popular. people like her because her mere existence triggers koreaboos and rabid twitter stans.

No. 38395

wait, you cant be nominated unless you're in your second week of promotions tho.. or did the rules change this week

No. 38396

"the disease of white for dominance" what the fuck is wrong with these people? also what do they mean "light skinned privilege" when most idol are light skinned or bleach their skin? this makes no sense.

No. 38397

okay but i don't get it. why was alex reid, a half white half black girl, fine.. but this russian girl isn't? aren't they both koreaboos of another race who are invading an "asian" space?

No. 38398


I really wonder if after IOI or even after Sixteen Somi should have gone to America and tried to make it as some kind of kid star. If those youtube stars like the Chicken Girls or whatever could become a thing among tweens as talentless as they are then why not Somi who already has a legion of Hallyu fans? Debuting in Itzy tbh would have been a step backwards after IOI because she would have had to give up her solo promotions and endorsements for the sake of the group (who are barely promoting) and the group would also have turned into Somi and friends. She should have just signed some kind of deal where she could promote in Korea and America. She's young enough, pretty enough and looks white enough to not have too many barriers unlike someone like Tiffany. Maybe Dad saw Korea as an easier market and didn't want to take the risk.

No. 38401

She's almost completely unknown in the US, that would've been a big risk. I think it does make more sense for her to be solo considering she would be a lot more popular than any of her bandmates, it's just unfortunate that she doesn't have a lot of stage presence these days. She also waited way too long to debut, she's lost most of her relevancy at this point and she's always going to be overshadowed by Chungha.

No. 38402

They are idiots who despite trying to sound intellectual and woke have the depth of a kiddie pool.
Because there are a lot of black Kboos who think that they are entitled to a place in kpop because it steals so heavily from hip hop and rnb. And Alex was not only fulfilling this entitlement but also providing an avatar they could self insert into.
If Lana has any success at all, I guess Russian girls may see her the same way.

No. 38403

no anon, k-pop is definitely about poc empowerment, didn't you know?

No. 38404

File: 1561844308774.gif (1.09 MB, 478x474, IMG_0148.GIF)

This thread is already filled up with twitter screenshots that all are the same..I'll be back when this lana (and somi) race discussion ends.

No. 38405

File: 1561844485485.jpg (35.09 KB, 540x366, exo and orange guy.jpg)

exo met donald trump today and it's kinda funny

No. 38406

They met Trump? Wow… how is the ultra sjw kpop twitter taking it?

No. 38408


So the best thing for her to do would have been to just go back into training after Sixteen and emerge as a member of Itzy like Chaeryeong did. Oh well.

No. 38409

Wtf? Such a strange timeline.

No. 38410

Can I please get some context? I don't follow exo.

No. 38411


I saw someone say "wash your hands, boys uwu" after they shook hands with him but that's about it. Exo has never had many sjw stans.

No. 38412

File: 1561845086030.png (81.67 KB, 768x695, exo.png)

some of the comments in here sound like they're coming from lana stans honestly
they reacted like they usually do

No. 38413

As a latina, the hate I see from stan twitter towards white people is crazy. It's mostly blacks and asians who insult whites by saying things like "white people smell bad, its in their genes" and stuff. This whole sjw culture is a mess lol They're just racists in disguise.

No. 38414

are exo are a bunch of manlets or is trump a giant

No. 38415

is that a ratmon dp? of course armys are using this as an opportunity to soapbox.

No. 38416

trump is 6'4" so the latter

No. 38417

>It's not their fault, they were literally forced to greet him!!!
>Look at their faces their smile looks so fake and uncomfortable!!!
They already try to find little details that show their "rebellion" against him, supposedly Suho is just acting, Kai didn't look him in the eye and Sehun hesistated before shaking his hand…
They already met with Ivanka twice, if they weren't korean Oppars they would be cancelled racists lol

No. 38418

File: 1561845593322.jpg (57.41 KB, 618x410, ivanka-kpop-gift.jpg)

Trump and his daughter Ivanka got a welcome party at south korea's blue house and exo got invited. They even gave them a cd of their latest album kek

No. 38420

ah yes, korea, famed for respecting black people and being welcoming of immigration with zero nationalist sentiment

No. 38423

File: 1561845915539.jpeg (367.64 KB, 2048x1538, D-Ou2WMUIAEUeu2.jpeg)

A thumbs up…
Nearly all twitter stans make the same joke by cutting the pic/editing her out and then writing "better

No. 38425

>trump is 6'4"
In his dreams maybe. Probably closer to 6'2" and that's being generous.

Nah. No one is saying that she's talented or deserves a career. Anons are just reacting to the hypocritical vitriolic hate.

No. 38426

Truly the best timeline.

No. 38427

Also don't forget that they treat women with respect and love…

No. 38428

All of them were definitely smiling

No. 38429

This really is the perfect opportunity for ratmies to whine about their rights AND cancel their long-time rival group

No. 38430

the blue house invited them to meet trump, why would they say no? also, armys are freaking out and saying exo are ~evol~ for shaking his hand as if bts doesn't outright endorse the UN, who is aiding the genocide of palestinians (sorry i got a small hate boner for twitter armys)

No. 38431

no surprise there, most of the armys complaining are burgers and burgers don't give a shit about other countries besides their own.

No. 38433

>why would they say no?
I'm no exo or bts stan but isn't the reason pretty obvious? They're public figures and being associated with Trump is bad PR.

No. 38434

File: 1561853108857.jpg (156.77 KB, 1080x674, IMG_20190630_015436.jpg)

>We all know
Yeah right… I'm sure most ratmies are frothing at the mouth right now because their oppars weren't the chosen ones lmao
Korea doesn't give a shit about bts, as soon as they're no longer invited to american shows they're also going to drop them like a hot potato

>being associated with Trump is bas PR
Only in the eyes of muricans.
Everybody else acknowledges him as the president of one of the most powerful nations in this world, so of course meeting him would be considered an honor.
Chances are high that exo members are conservative (and uneducated) af, so do you really believe they dislike him or know that this could cause them to lose woke (and irrelevant) ifans?
I read that Ivanka personally requested to meet them again + their president invited them, so of course they're more than willing to go.

No. 38436

>white people breaking into an asian space
>this is unironically written by a black person
i…i cannot

No. 38437

she actually looks a lot like what koreans for a long time were getting surgery/makeup/styling to look like themselves before the china plastic gangnam look became a thing
guess thats why people are pissed
she hasnt had to butcher herself to look like what koreans want their idols to look like

No. 38438

File: 1561853854512.jpg (584.84 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_20190629_190925.jpg)

christ the produce trainees get more and more infantile every year. no talent but he'll probably debut and be in the cover of every fangirls baby cow hybrid fanfics

No. 38439

The rules always changes depending on whose idol promotes and who they wanted to win. Honestly, music shows shouldn't be considered a real "win" since most of the time they were just for promotion and who gets a lot of vote regardless of the songs being blatantly boring and mediocre.

No. 38440

Ratmies were just absolute bitters since Ivanka personally requested exo and not bts. Ofcourse, they'll be the one to spread shit as if exo was 'the second' choice and bts refused 'for woke' reasons.

Kinda reminds me of that time when ratmies thought bts will play olympics but 2ne1 played instead and they started saying bts were busy for an album but they were seen leisurely eating at restaurants with their respective friends.

No. 38441

>Only in the eyes of muricans.
OT but almost the rest of the world hates trump too.

No. 38442

She wasn't fine. She got dragged to hell and back and white Koreaboos called her ugly all the time. She had people self insert with her just like Lana too.

No. 38443

Did they really drag Alex? I remember the opposite. People making excuses for her and her lack of Korean knowledge, new fans saying they didnt actually care about Rania, only Alex and that the group was only relevant because of her (lol) etc. And then I noticed when Somi first became known those same people started hollering about white people taking over even though she was only half white. And here we are and they're doing the same thing again. The general reaction and acceptance of black and biracial black artists is more accepted on twitter and on websites frequented by westerners. Koreans are racist/xeno against all non koreans. But most of the hatred Im seeing directed toward Lana is from black girls on twitter who, as other people have mentioned, are just as guilty as white koreaboos in trying to ~enter asian spaces~, and obsessing over men that would pump and dump them and then still marry an Asian because they see Americans and Euros(both white and black) as prostitutes and porn stars and nothing more and have much more conservative and xenophobic views on race than the average Western citizen now. You are right that they're self inserting. But these same people's reactions to Alex were completely different than the hate this basic little Russian girl is getting. They're making her more famous anyway. She'd be a flash in the pan just like all the other whites and hapas that have tried to make it but now shes getting a push into the spotlight despite her mediocrity.

No. 38444

Bullshit. There was nor nearly the same kind of outcry and no one called her ugly (she is objectively gorgeous). if anything people were constantly whining about how racist Korea was because they didn't use her songs a lot. The only issue people had was that she didn't bother to learn Korean and expected special treatment. And the people who mentioned that got called racist. And whole discussion devolved into a complaint session about how there needed to be more black people in kpop.
No one was spamming her official accounts with hate.

No. 38445

Mte. I didnt even see any hatred directed toward her from Koreans, but then again I dont frequent Korean only sites. But tumblr, omona, allkpop, soompi etc were all up Alex's ass even though she contributed fuck all to anything.

No. 38446

Bullshit? It literally happened like I saw it? A bunch of white Koreaboos kept crying about how she was ugly and the black ones kept crying about how she was not black enough. Literally every article on it had these weird mini race wars and the comments and people kept demanding for her to flat iron her hair. I remember that shit like it was yesterday but kpop wasn't as big as the time so it was less people ree'ing at each other. And just like Lana she had Stans screaming that because of her race they'll Stan and that "she was prettier than all the Korean idols uwu".

No. 38447

Yeah, I dont believe at all that what you're saying happened, especially not on the level of what is happening on twitter right now toward the white girl. Gonna need the citations and proofs. And kpop was definitely as big at the time she was in Rania as it is now. Unless you're considering BTS' existence and pathetic attempts of floundering around in America and Europe as kpop being big.

No. 38449

I can't really control what you think? It happened cause since I speak Korean and English I read comments on a bunch of different websites and they kept calling her ugly and kamdoongi. They kept saying that she'd never be a real member it was extremes on both sides. One side kept screaming about how because she's black they'll Stan and the other kept saying racist "ew a black person bullshit". Some black people cried about how she was too light and her curls were too loose and some white/Asian people cried about how she is too dark and has curly hair. Then black media websites started posting articles about how she's getting racist comments and how they dress her worse than all the koreans. Then the scandal with her work visa happened and the "it's cause she's black" vs "she shouldn't be there" increased. The main difference is annoying "totemo woke" armies weren't shitting up everyone's Twitter feed because bts wasnt that popular. So of course you see those idiots more. To say she never faced backlash is a crock of utter shit.

Neither Lana or Alex deserve to be yelled at by annoying jelly koreaboos and everyone who screams about how they are victims and everyone who screams about how they are only there cause of races reasons is fucking annoying.

No. 38450

Also to add Alex did have people up her ass just like there's people up Lana's ass. I don't understand how it's so hard to believe that a half black person got backlash from kpop fans who are notorious to be unhinged and saying weird racist shit while also calling themselves woke. People tried to explain that the group Tashanne had a half black girl but people just kept screaming how she didn't fit while the other side called her Jesus.

No. 38451

This is just crap. I actually just went back and read through the Alex posts on Omona, Allkpop, and Soompi and there is none of what you are talking about. I saw 1 comment about her hair which was deleted and immediately countered by like 20 other posts. I saw no posts calling her ugly. I saw no posts saying she was too dark. there were a couple posts about her lightening her skin but those didn't come from white kboos. If Koreans were talking shit about her, that sucks but Koreans are racist. Im sure right now there is thread somewhere on Pann saying Lana looks like a 50 year old. But the point is that there wasn't the same level of bullshit. People telling Lana to kill herself on her insta, organizing to downvote all of her videos, trying make petitions to get her company to drop her. That didn't happen to Alex. What you're doing is making a false equivalence to justify shitty behavior.

No. 38452

That person is pulling stuff out of their ass because they maybe saw 2 or three comments that were shitty toward Alex. No one is saying Koreans didnt make racist comments towards her. I think the point is that all these people all over twitter and websites like omona were not nearly as critical of Alex as they are towards Lana and its simply because shes white and they're black. Period. No reason to beat around the bush and dance around the point. These people making these comments are not Korean. They are black koreaboos that feel they have more of a right to be a part of kpop and korean culture than white koreaboos. The point is that they're a bunch of hypocritical cringeworthy dumbasses justifying their own interracial fetishism and cultural appropriation and directing hatred toward a white girl because she made it and has a higher chance of fucking the same asian men they're thirsting over than they do.

No. 38455

That's monolids for you

No. 38456

seulgi and gain look ok

No. 38459

Nta but when are you two going to stop shitting up the thread with this white kboo victim complex bs? I guess I'll leave until the Lana discussion ends too if we're just looking at more of this for the next few days.

No. 38460

Why didnt you quote the person who insinuated Alex was given the same treatment as Lana? Why is it only shitting up the thread if people are rightfully calling out the hypocrisy?

No. 38461

Trump actually is around 1.9 metres, so you're correct. He was taller in his youth, though.

No. 38462

File: 1561866376530.jpg (20.9 KB, 820x547, 65386595_2250530838376326_6595…)

Erm..BTS is selling a toothbrush kit…

No. 38463

File: 1561866391435.jpg (91.68 KB, 489x582, lee-nan-hyang.jpg)

Sulli doesn't have monolids, she just has short eyelids
It's because she looks like the old ideal of Korean beauty. Compare this courtesan. A lot of people get surgery to look like this (ie Irene)
Although Sulli does look more like a fish

No. 38464

Damn that does look like Sulli

No. 38465

sooo for sm standards and charts, i guess no one gave a fuck about sulli solo debut lmao

No. 38467

I'll stick with Oral-B, thanks

No. 38468

Whats wrong anon? Not a fan of gentle flavor?

No. 38469

File: 1561866947026.jpg (52.87 KB, 700x390, rv kju.jpg)

rv had to shake hands with n.korea's leader but no one stopped supporting them

No. 38470

I think SK has kind of a weird love/hate relationship with NK. They're actually pretty pro unification and place more blame on Japan for the troubles between the two countries. The Kim family is pretty bad though on a whole other level so this is surprising to me that they would do this in the first place. I think I faintly remember there being a little bit of wtfness over red velvet being taken over there but i didnt know they actually met with government leaders.

No. 38472

File: 1561868843397.jpg (235.74 KB, 1320x770, she's leaning away.jpg)

i was actually referring to international fans. no one stopped supporting rv afterward, unlike exo, despite neither of them having a choice in the matter. but you're right, rv was the first group since baby vox to perform in nk. everyone was bewildered. and they didn't just meet with leaders - dictator kim himself specifically requested irene to stand next to him for this photo.

No. 38473

oof the look on her face
i would be terrified too lmao

No. 38475

Is that a white tranny next to the woman on the far right?

No. 38476

Well… most of the people #cancelling exo were actually ratmies with fake woke/sjw standards that were aimed at putting bts as woke kings. They were upset because exo were personally requested by ivanka and not bts.

ratmies had nothing against rv plus it was kind of an honor to be the first kpop group to be sent to n.korea for peace and unification. Although, people were slightly alarmed for Irene since Kim Jong Un since to have a little crush on her.

No. 38477

File: 1561871484124.png (416.63 KB, 800x959, Screenshot_2019-06-30-13-07-21…)

No. 38478

Ratmies hate anything not BTS, especially girl groups. I think they just dont give a shit about north korea. I still saw them during that situation calling Irene ugly and a comfort woman though

No. 38479

>calling her a comfort woman

wtf that’s severely fucked up and disgusting. You’d think koreaboos would have a little more awareness of the fact you do not make light of that shit in their target fetish country.

No. 38480

WWII intensifies

I'm from a country where our women were raped by Japanese soldiers and never received a decent apology from their government. Shame on them for saying that.

No. 38481

File: 1561874632462.jpg (145.13 KB, 1122x799, seungri.jpg)

Who's surprised…

No. 38482

Ahhhh who can forget yeri practically fangirling over kimjongun saying how amazing he is and stuff (yeri really needs to be eradicated lmao)

No. 38483

what the fuck they cant be serious

No. 38484

They are serious, and they don't care. I hope most women who see his face run in the other direction. The desperate ones are beyond saving.

No. 38485

I just want to him rightfully suffer for what he's done, i don't think I'll ever see that. From the start until now he wasn't worried even a bit cause he knew he was gonna get away with it all.
He's too much of a sociopath to be even acting like he's sorry.

No. 38486


>User content

Guys please .. stay critical.

No. 38487

File: 1561886308913.png (517.5 KB, 800x1162, Screenshot_2019-06-30-13-06-03…)

So I know this isn't exactly kpop but she's from YG ent so why not…

Ella Gross, a trainee from YG ent., starred in a Baskin Robins commercial that was on fire for being "pedophilic".


No. 38488

I could not see anything that could remotely be seen as sexual for the entire advertisement. Was it the eyebrow-raising before she ate the ice cream? Was it the gum? The strawberries? Or am I just stupid?

No. 38489

this is not pedophilic she's just eating ice cream? also she looks a lot like jennie lol

No. 38490

the commercial is meh, but i think i have seen some sus pictures on her ig profile? she seems to have somi tier stage parents.

No. 38491

I don't find it inappropriate but I'm still glad that people were outraged cause now other companies will be more careful with using minors to promote products or having subtle sexual undertones in their ads.
I'd rather have people be angry over things like this.
I already feel sorry for this little girl tbh she's too young to be in the kpop business with all these seungris walking around. Stage parents are disgusting human beings.

No. 38492

Same. Stage parents need to be more responsible rather than just whoring out their kids for money.

No. 38493

File: 1561891332261.jpeg (149.2 KB, 750x390, 8ECA1491-C153-4128-93CD-F884F3…)

they really have no clue do they

No. 38494

i like how everyone giving exo shit about this are all armys. if bighit told them to go greet trump and ivanka they would do it too.

No. 38495

Unrelated but trump looks busted as hell. Has he always looked like that?

No. 38496

File: 1561894608546.jpg (18.24 KB, 554x554, images-7.jpg)

He just needs the k-idol filter that fansites do… whitewash the hell out of that orange and give him dorito chin and he's good to go

No. 38501

File: 1561901459307.jpg (70.78 KB, 803x568, ba25ervntz501.jpg)

Kek, needs the Jesus filter

No. 38502

Maybe people have an issue with the ad because they associate ice cream with sex thanks to Red Velvet. The lyrics to Ice Cream Cake were clearly sexual so now Koreans minds are in the gutter. But I am also on the fence with this girl and her family. As others have pointed out, her parents have been trying really hard to promote her as some sort of child model. And she has a younger sister too right? Just like Somi and all the other hapas who's parents are out there exploiting them.

No. 38508

A little early but I nominate this for next op image

No. 38509

why do kpop fans attack sea kvloggers for being a kboo but don't call lisa and other foreign idols a kboo because they are asian?

No. 38511

I remember Alex getting dragged for similar reason as Lana pretty much from just international fans, ie. non koreans don't belong in kpop, she's a koreaboo, bashing her looks, etc. Not as bad as Lana is getting, but I don't really go on alot of kpop sites so I can't say that for sure. But that other non Asian girl who was in some group didn't get as much hate as Lana and she was white too.
Also I don't think it just black/biracial black artist, on kpop sites with "woke" fans if you female or a non white non asian person in the kpop industry you'll be instantly accepted, like that Indian girl from Z-girls.

No. 38512

eh… indian is asian, anon.

No. 38513


iggy azalea did literally the same this year lmfao

No. 38514

I'm sure they couldn't just say no. I sincerely doubt any of the members had a word in any of this, it was probably orchestrated by Sooman himself. What can you do but grin and bear it? Someone with a sense of dignity might risk their career and refuse to show up, but you can't expect that kind of independent thought from a bunch of soulless manlets.

This is pure autism. A whole country isn't gonna associate ice cream with sex because of the vaguely suggestive lyrics of a pop song from 5 years ago.

No. 38516

Yah this lana somi thing is pretty boring. It's not even a hot topic in stan twitter they just keep cherry picking tweets that have like 2 likes lol

Stop sperging Trump is hated by everyone in southern, western, northern Europe and the uk lol he's a fucking joke. Mind you also that "muricans" is reserved to trailer trash and patriotic messes not for actual reasonable ppl who dislike this sexual predator cheeto lol

Yeah pretty annoying anyone who is praising or shitting on exo. They probably didn't have a choice.
Also idk how trump stuff is reported on east asia since the bigoted shit trump says is focused on latinos, muslims, middle easterners so honestly i dont expect koreans to know much about the nuances of his politics.

No. 38517

She's right, you all are acting pretty smug and shitting on asians in this thread, and I wouldn't be surprised if you are all white.(sperging)

No. 38518

Lol Itzy is doing a comeback out of the blue and I wouldn't be surprised if JYP did it on purpose to get under Somi and her dad's skin.

Also seems the stress is making her start to look like a fat white koreaboo kek

No. 38519

You can be "latin" / "Hispanic" but still white so I don't believe you.


Um, yea they did.

This is why Somi is getting hate from Koreans, she thinks she made it out and is too prideful, Koreans HATE that, especially when it comes from a girl.

No. 38520

Yeah it’s so weird, she’s not fat at all but her styling is so bad that it makes her look fat

No. 38521

This, because they praise her while not a while ago they shitted on alex reid.

No. 38522

"as a latina"
keep thinking that as the same people you defend call you "spic" and make border jokes about you. I'm a latina and you don't speak for me.

Of course you downgrade it when it happens to us, just like everything else.


No. 38523

Oh anon. Thanks for the nightmare fuel. Trump-oppa is one of the funniest things I've seen today.

Stop racebaiting and samefagging or at least be less autistic about it.

No. 38524

who was shitting on alex reid exactly? racist knets? sjws who want everyone to fit their narrative?

No. 38525

Wtf there isn't even anything slightly sexual.

unrelated tho; to me she kinda looks like Jennie

No. 38526

>Of course you downgrade it when it happens to us, just like everything else.

It's a matter of degree. People weren't camped out on Alex's instagram accusing her of yellowface and telling her to kill herself. If they had been, I would condemn that too.

>to me she kinda looks like Jennie
I think that's supposed to be part of her appeal?

No. 38527

File: 1561917505404.jpg (78.47 KB, 500x485, DkjrpF8UcAAmiKC.jpg)

momo literally made a collage of her favorite idols and ships yet no one says anything about her being a koreaboo

No. 38528

Almost all foreign idols were koreaboos initially. I don't know all of them but yuqi and sorn have openly talked about being into kpop before and watching the shows and all.
I feel like a lot of people want to become idols to get closer to their favourite idols- both Koreans and non-Koreans. There was even a female idol who had a fan site and everything for this male idol and she literally stood next to him during an award show.

No. 38530

You could say that I'm mixed. But my skin color is neither black nor white, it's somewhere in the middle.

lmao I'm wheezing

No. 38531

lmao i need more of her kbooness

No. 38532

File: 1561923310499.gif (1.06 MB, 246x320, fc51734a039ec27c412dae50f76051…)

momo fangirling over seohyun

No. 38534

File: 1561926717355.png (423.29 KB, 800x781, Screenshot_2019-07-01-04-18-41…)

>#stoplyingYGE trended because B.I. was actually forced to quit and didn't voluntarily did it as per YG's statement
>the same reporter of seungri and jjy case reported it so knetz thinks its reliable news
>B.I. wasn't properly credited on a sechkies album for the track "worthless"

Honestly, fans are stupid. They were defending B.I. as if he hadn't committed/tried to commit a crime involving drugs. YG ultimately disbanded 2ne1 because of bom's drug allegations so why are people surprised he forced B.I. out? Seungri is a different case no matter how you look at it. Seungri is (almost) a business associate that deals with YG's shady deals so ofcourse he'll try to do something about Seungri in fear of getting named/involved in the investigation (because YG obviously is involved ). With B.I.'s case, its easier to just let him go.

No. 38535

Isn't CL signed under Scooter Braun in the US? It seems like Taylor swift just ended him.

I guess this will be the final nail the coffin of her non-existing US career

No. 38536

File: 1561927397936.png (348.67 KB, 584x454, Self awareness who?.png)


I know this has been talked about to death but, really?

>White idols are racist because they can make it anywhere

>White people already own most of the worldwide music and entertainment industry

So this person who has made Korean music a huge part of their life, most likely watches Korean Dramas, and most likely enjoys Korean Food/Culture all because of an intro through Idols is going to say this kind of stuff and claim to be knowledgeable about any of this shit based on having a bruised ego over One White Idol?

Also completely ignorant to Asian Countries to say White People own the entertainment industry when China, India, and Japan being huge players and SK is rising quickly because of fetishists like her.

Just disregarding multi-national groups like (G)I-dle or idols like Amber who are not Korean and are from the US, disregarding other countries and their social standings all while posting paired selfies of herself and J-Horse Oppar? Who was both darker skinned and less PS botched pre-debut? Who looks like BTS' Uncanny Valley Tom Cruise?

I love how it just goes over her head because she's from Atlanta and experiences everything through USA-vision that she leap-frogged over social justice into being ignorant towards Asian culture.

It makes way more sense that someone from Sakhalin would be introduced to music from places like Japan or Korea (Based on the mixed population, "The population of Sakhalin island was 497,973 as of the 2010 census, made up of mostly ethnic Russians and a smaller Korean community.") rather than a US fetishist.

To say she wants mixed black idols without mention of other Asian countries except in retweets or in the all catch of Dark-Skinned is creepy. Everyone in that fandom really doesn't care about anything besides BTS until it's convenient. It's all so performative and self-serving.
I can't pretend to be surprised.

No. 38537

kinda off topic but looking at the gif it is laughable how jyp media-played mpmo as a "hot body" when her proportions are so whack (longer torso eww) and now poor girl is adicted to bra pushups and padding

No. 38538

it's kind of sad that jyp makes momo and jihyo wear padding all the time as if to say their main value is their bodies. also momo gets those solo dance practice videos showing off her body too. i don't want to imagine what it would be like to be an idol and have all this focus on your face and body and feeling forced to starve and get plastic surgery. absolute hell.

No. 38539

why do these american sjws care about race so much? who gives a fuck if a black or white person becomes a k-pop singer? why does it matter? it's such a first world problem.

No. 38540

The part about "Y/N's nudes" being shared by a BTS member is fucking disturbing. I'm actually appalled, did BigHit actually approve this plotline?

Oh god if something like #RainbowARMY trended, it would be full of gold. I'm willing to bet that their troon fans are mostly TiFs that self-insert themselves into their gay fanfics.

You're forgetting that they're from a very conservative, hierarchical country where elders are to be respected. What were they supposed to do, smack him and risk their careers?
Plus this is the US President, which meeting such a famous representative regardless of politics, is a pretty big deal.

OT but does anyone feel like they're getting the effects of sniffing sharpies and huffing compressed air while skimming through this thread? I'm losing so many brain cells seeing these SJW anti-white racists use Lana as a scapegoat.

I agree, I wish I wasn't American because race-obsessed retards are EVERYWHERE here and are now infiltrating a homogenous society like Korea where their ideology does not work.

No. 38541

does anyone else peep the shitty photoshop on yeri (red velvet) and jimin (aoa) instagram pictures? so many wobbly, uneven walls lol it's a bit embarrassing

ot: the race arguments are dry as fuck can we move on?

No. 38542

somi is now being called a predator and sexual abuser for apparently groping hyunjin from Stray kids

No. 38543

File: 1561932422153.jpg (109.17 KB, 700x500, SNSD-Gfriend-TWICE.jpg)

Call me a stan or nostalgia fag, I don't care, but 1st and 2nd generation idols looked so much better, they really had the aura of a celebrity - meanwhile Momo of the supposedly prettiest gg right now just looks like the cute girl next door. They also act so bland, they have no personalities.
And I also can't help but think that companies not only went more lax with talent requirements but also with looks, especially their bodies. Most girls now are just soft and skinnyfat (skelly blackpink being the exception) but a decade ago nearly everybody was very skinny and athletic. Tzuyu's body is around the same as Yuri's back then, and while Tzuyu get's praised, Yuri was labeled the fat one. Her and Secret's Hyosung (and Shindong of course).

But why? Is it because nowadays idols are mostly rich kids who don't care as much about being successful or a tiny bit of body positivity in korea or because uncle fans want uwu soft girls?

No. 38544

>But why?
Changing tastes and in twices case maybe akb influence

>They also act so bland, they have no personalities.

>And I also can't help but think that companies not only went more lax with talent requirements but also with looks, especially their bodies.
All of this is just subjective nostalgia faggotry. Gen 1 and 2 idols honestly weren't much better on those fronts at all.

No. 38545

File: 1561933997394.png (166.05 KB, 598x737, delusional_ratmies.png)

somi's solo debut somehow keeps getting worse. ppl are attacking her under her ig pics, but remember, bts are the true victims in this.

No. 38547

how can you say snsd looked better than twice when they had hyoyeon? everyone in twice is prettier than hyoyeon. also idols are just as skinny as they are now than they were back then. eating disorders are everywhere in kpop and you say you want them to be skinnier? what even is this post

No. 38548

>knows about all the shit that goes down in th kpop industry
>knows about normalization of eating disorders and ps in SK
>decides to complain about idols not being perfect uwu enough with heavenly body proportions and skin
You guys are in part reason the industry is so shitty, stop being so cringy kpoppers.

No. 38549

shit taste minus jiyeon

No. 38550

I'm not wking any group but I feel like it's always been like this. In every group there are one or two girls that stand out because of their looks and the rest just looks average. I won't nitpick on looks but snsd has like a few average-pretty girls and the rest isn't really "superstar" material. Same goes for other groups like sistar or 2ne1.
I think it's just the fact that kpop has evolved.
Many of them are afraid to interact with each other or say something that could be misunderstood.
There used to be so many variety shows with a bunch of different groups together but that's a rarity now. And nowadays every idol has to look like a ghost, have ugly yellow hair, put on a ton of makeup and have all kinds of procedures …it just doesn't look good.
They're all skinny af too and you'll find at least one girl in each group who looks anorexic. Even momo mentioned how she spits the food out or something like that so idk how more skinny you want them to be…I feel the pressure is bigger than ever because there are just too many groups.

No. 38551

>Idols are skinnyfat now

Just because someone is short and thin doesn't make them skinnyfat, it impacts how their proportions look is really the only difference. A lot of idols have shorter legs, and we have more access to the reality of how idols look than back in those days.

I think what you miss is the illusion k-pop idols/companies can create if you only consume what they approve to go out.

No. 38552

>everyone in twice is prettier than hyoyeon

No. 38553

I agree that the older groups had an aura and all, but I'm glad that the skelly mindset its changing a bit.
In my opinion, the reason why the older groups look better it's because the concept, the outfits, the music video, the song etc were all very defined each comeback. Let's take SNSD as an example: all of their comebacks, from the start to the end, were all very distinct. You don't get that kind of vibe anymore because the market it's so saturated and a well-planned comeback doesn't guarantee stardom, not to mention the beauty standards are entirely different.

No. 38554

one of the reasons i checked out of kpop(other than just realizing how shit and manufactured and evil everything about it really is) was that girls no longer got cool outfits and hairstyles and makeup
everything became either dreadfully plain school girl shit, or too extreme ~high fashion~ bullshit that looked atrocious on everyone

No. 38555

"Ended him" is a bit generous. All she did was accuse him of being a bully and get mad that he bought her old record label. Swifties might spam his twitter with death threats for a few days, but I doubt it'll affect his career, let alone the careers of his artists. Especially someone as low on the totem pole as CL.

No. 38556

let's be real CL doesn't even have a career to end right now

No. 38557

Even if you're butt ugly, you can still look special and even good with the right styling - which is something that older groups did better than nowadays ones.
I never said that skinnier = better either, it's just something I observed. While there are a few curvy idols now, most of them are just slim, meanwhile some time ago they were slim but also toned. Most idols now have a softer look (again softer doesn't mean fat), cuter, more repetitive, more "bland". Like others said, different idols from different groups look and get styled exactly the same, until you can no longer tell them apart.

Yes, my post (which you failed to understand) causes girls in korea to turn into anas… And Seungri and his rapey boys are my fault too, amirite?

You got what I was trying to say, thanks anons.

No. 38558

the 'y/n's nudes' thing was just armys reading too far into suga saying that he found a lot of 'weird selfies on y/n's hard drive' and that he joked about sharing it with the members

No. 38559

I'm curious what her career is gonna be like once she finally leaves YG.
yes that incident put such a wrench in his career. I was shocked he was even able to recover.
this is just as dumb as the somi/wooshin incident but you can't even see anything. the only people crying about it are ifans so she'll probably be fine lmao.

No. 38560

What is she even doing these days?

I only ever see her name attached to other artists/bands now.

>ft. CL

No. 38561

File: 1561937822201.gif (3.11 MB, 500x282, snsdoh.gif)

i think what anon means is back then girl groups were taller on average and looked more modelesque? example being seohyun being like 5'5/5'6 but towering over momo in that gif.
twice's entire appeal is cute girls next door you may have a chance with, whereas snsd were never really labeled the same way. they did the same cutesy pedo pandering concepts but somehow the feeling is different? imo they come off mature and womanly even when doing aegyo shit but that could just be age playing a role. twice are all in their 20's but besides, jihyo they still look like children to me
all in all i really do think it's just a change of taste and trends
does anyone remember around 2013-2015 'sexy' groups being really in? 9muses, girls day, exid, aoa, dalshabet come to mind, then the meta shifted to cutesy for a little bit after the success of twice's debut

No. 38562

rip taeyeon and jessicas cute not as plastic faces

No. 38563

File: 1561938139418.jpg (14.96 KB, 300x168, snsd-akb.jpg)

Like I said earlier, Korea has become obsessed with neoteny. Its why someone like Lee Hyori, Kahi, Bekah or probably all the members of SISTAR couldn't debut now. SNSD are on the extreme tall end and mature in the face end of what an idol can be nowadays, but back then they were one of the 'cute' groups

The market has become more male and female tween-centred so women are expected to be cute and smol and like 10 year olds, but carrying fat in a pubescent way is acceptable. If a group like SISTAR or Spica debuted though, men would call them fat roasties

Then people are shocked that actual 10 year olds are used to advertise ice cream

No. 38564

File: 1561938379842.jpg (148.31 KB, 1080x1920, cl_trump.jpg)

besides being in YG's dungeon, she did a song for the my little pony OST, performed at the olympics, and cuddled with ivanka… so yeah

No. 38565

File: 1561938395556.jpg (161.36 KB, 1280x720, cl.jpg)


>What is she even doing these days?

Eating her feelings

No. 38568

File: 1561938967404.jpg (74 KB, 499x500, Cateyereg.jpg)

It's pretty much what happened with jpop too, once upon a time female jpop idols looked liked this but now it's all bland girl next door nonsense. They debuted in 1995 btw

No. 38570

i think you're getting at something here. the 2nd gen groups seemed like they were marketed just as much to female fans, if not mostly to them. now all the groups (even the "girl crush" ones) seem to have men in mind. the cutesy neotenous features are not as appealing to women as they are to men, which is why the modelling industry is made up of taller women with distinctive features. women don't aspire to look like little girls.

No. 38571

I feel you anon, but I do feel like SNSD was marketed like "cute girls next door you have a chance with" as well but at the time their looks and concept seemed so fresh.

I mean Sunny is what, not even 5'2"?
If you look at pictures of them lined up the shorter members of SNSD cross their legs one over the other or do specific poses to make their legs look slimmer next to their taller counterparts and/or have more leg showing, etc.

Their faces were pretty, I definitely feel SNSD had a more "model" feel to them but a lot of that seems to be their concepts were kind of "simple" even down to the cute make up styles and they were considered ethereal and ideal rather than uncanny valley. How slim and tall they looked definitely had a lot to do with styling, posing, and extreme dieting IMO but I do consider them more "idol" than groups now.

I guess it's similar to supermodels of the old days vs anyone can be a model nowadays, and PS is considered a leg up rather than actually being born with the features people wanted to see back then. The industry seems too saturated, and there's no illusion of Idol-ness anymore. The general feeling feels out of touch and fake. There is no "awe" factor, if that makes sense. SNSD was able to create that real wonderstruck feeling without really doing much.

No. 38572

I am spiritually hurt from seeing this.

No. 38573

File: 1561939921637.jpeg (362.71 KB, 750x1055, A257212B-7ABD-4F82-8173-2F73DF…)

Oh fuck. I can already hear the Ratmies screaming their heads off.

No. 38574

they should be celebrating. i can't imagine the cognitive dissonance in worshiping "woke" bighit when they are so clearly misogynist.

No. 38575

Yeah sorry I dont care who washed up idols decide to receive money from but I also don't believe the ignorance excuse. CL is a fluent English speaker, has lived in countless countries and portrays herself as ghetto and down. The "koreans dont know anything uwu" people on here are naive as fuck. If any western artist did the same they'd tear them apart

No. 38576


Wow top fucking kek

Maybe it's true about what netizens are saying about USA's impact on bodies
Those oversized clothes are doing her a disservice too, she looks like a Walmart Mom

Hello, brunches
Nananana nananana na na na

No. 38579

except they were a minority back then too. jpop ggs have been mostly legit pedobait since the 90s.

No. 38581

>since the 80s

No. 38583

Guess you're right, idk much about that stuff actually, I just saw someone talking about it once

Holy shit I am beyond disturbed

No. 38584

ooh lordt. and I know this definitely isn't the main issue here but the lack of talent… those girls dance like they have downs. I've seen kindergarten dance recitals way more impressive than that.

No. 38585

Japanese idols are supposed to be more kawaii than talented anon.
Do you really think the okd men watching gave a crap about their choreography?

No. 38586

Meant to type old.

No. 38587

File: 1561942739738.png (72.36 KB, 459x436, Awvay8F.png)

No. 38588

File: 1561942955956.jpg (68.95 KB, 945x1024, 86c8f59838f3f4987f957a7e392d16…)

no silly, big hit is only ever evil and oppressive! they were delivered the message of wokeness by the super woke members of bts who would definitely support people with leaf/leafs/leafself pronouns

but hitman bang decided to ignore the message that was given. instead he decided to make jimin starve (cause it's not him being an ana-chan, cause that would mean he was flawed) and decided to leave the most talented member, jin, without a single oscar winning k drama to his name :( press f to pay respects

No. 38589

The fuck…. Honestly why can't japan be more like south korea? I'd take removing a commercial over assumed pedophilia over having this shit accepted and normalized any day.

No. 38591

SNSD aegyo was still designed to appeal to uncle fans, as were Wonder Girls, but the spirit was more slanted towards girls finding it appealing, which is why men have never really liked either group. Also, the uncle fan concept was more jailbait (even Hyuna in Irony was dressed to seem like she was a girl who messed up her school uniform to try to look older, which is pretty much why every kboo man I've seen talk about her from day 1 has called her a whore and a slut) than flat out looking 10 years old in a school uniform like Wonyoung

Groups like CLC follow this pattern of having mainly female and gay fans (despite their own fair share of pedo pandering) because their aesthetic is slanted that way as well
70s imo. Momoe Yamaguchi was releasing fairly sexual songs as a 13 year old about her 'unripe fruit' and how every man can 'do whatever [they] want with [her]'. Japan has always had a problem with pedophilia going back to samurai times

The 1990s actually did signal a shift in the other direction with Amuro, Hitomi, MAX and gyaru style, and once again you can tell the female audience starts to dominate in buying records and defining aesthetics, but then it drifted back to pedoshit and men

That said, AV that is child porn with very minor idols was made during the 1990s (Japan only made CP illegal in 2001) so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.
I shit on Korea a lot in these threads but its never gotten to Japan (or Denmark, or Netherlands) level of public depravity about children with legalized CP

No. 38592

god what the fuck. the sadness and fear in that woman's eyes at 1:35 is going to haunt me forever. suddenly k-pop doesn't seem so bad…

No. 38593

Next thread pic vote

No. 38594

i hate that i watched this. their parents were probably watching them sing that shit in the crowd. how embarrassing. i'm mad that this exists.

No. 38595

Fun fact: this song was written by Yasushi Akimoto, best selling lyricist in Japan and the same guy behind AKB and its sister groups as well as iz*one's Japanese songs. And you guys wonder why all their jp comebacks suck.

No. 38596

>"character of sulli"
>cutesy mental illness portrayal
>lullaby baby music
is sulli trying to become korea's melanie martinez?

No. 38597

hopefully she won't rape anyone. but it sounds that way to me.

No. 38598

between somi's birthday drop sounding like soap and sulli's comeback it really does seem like korea just discovered melanie martinez

No. 38599

cant wait till they start wearing diapers and dancing on abc blocks in their live shows :3

No. 38600

I literally thought of this when I heard/saw the song

So true lmao

Why is this man still alive. So many people die every minute why can't he

No. 38602

File: 1561950397457.jpeg (739.88 KB, 1242x1438, 697B9A22-76CE-4AEE-8121-C8A6A6…)

Armies are fucking weird

No. 38603

File: 1561950517230.jpeg (893.86 KB, 1242x1508, B038551E-C051-4F0E-A98A-44C18D…)

Translation: “Jimin…dont suck your thumb…thats yucky…Time to put your paci in…”

No. 38604

Can someone explain why Jimin is so popular? He's fucking weird.

No. 38605

imo most idols have something wrong with them mentally/emotionally but Jimin was the most transparent about his distress and self hatred in BTS so ratmies self-inserted the easiest in him as they're very mentally unstable as well and he's somehow also indirectly sustaining the whole woke agenda because mental illness brings woke points (they probably think he's making a change on the way mental health is treated in kpop or some delusional shit like that)

No. 38606

I assume it's because he does the most gay fanservice/has the most stereotypical "twink" look of the group/is shirtless the most often

No. 38608

Not a Twice-chan, but Momo does have a great body whether her boobs are padding or not. Some of the Twice girls tend to be a little healthier than other kpop idol girls out there today and that's clearly not a bad thing. Also, Momo can't really help her proportions so commenting on something she can't change is moot. Really, the industry is so damn lookist that both fans of kpop and nonfans are sucked in to comment about the looks of idols rather than the things that really matter (because in kpop, nothing sans for appearances matter that much). What really matters isn't Momo's body but her past as a koreaboo.

No. 38609

File: 1561954704843.png (343.5 KB, 270x588, sUBAGwn.png)

She was also pushed as the sexy member because her butt is more plump than that of an average east asian girl (let's not forget jyps obsession with thick butts)

No. 38610

armys faking suicide for attention
of course the fakeboi is worrying about pronouns when "dying

No. 38611

File: 1561959162547.jpg (87.16 KB, 750x962, IMG_20190701_003239.jpg)

the fucking crytyping lmao

No. 38612

I came across this vid and my first thought is: "gurl, blend your jaw contour well"

It really distracted me the whole time looking at her dirty looking jaw that looks like smeared with soot.

Anyway, interviews like this makes me think kpop idols are idiots for being scammed by ent companies and also likes victimizing themselves alot

>They were in debt for a ridiculos amount of money for trainings

…when they couldn't even have a decent vocal training coach
>They claim to train dancing for a ridiculos amount of time
…when their dance steps were simply composed of side steps and jumping around while flailing their arms. And then, still commits mistakes on stage. Professional dancers who trains 4-8 hours a day were still better than them.
>"We are not allowed to date"
…but still finds a way to flirt and get pregnant.
>Our company starves us and doesn't give our basic human rights…
so I'll talk about it on youtube when I'm done with my contract.

No. 38614

Army is full of pedophiles and Bighit loves it. I remember someone on twitter found a ff about a teenage Jungkook where he was a human/rabbit hybrid who has sex with his adult owner in graphic detail. It had thousands of likes and pornographic fanart of a childsize JK with rabbit ears and stuff. It's not surprising the amount of disturbing shit their fans produce when you think back to the pedobait marketing Bighit used to do, particularly when Jungkook was underage. I hope Bighit is paying for his therapy now.

No. 38615

But she's right anon, companies treat their trainees like shit especially smaller ones and considering korean culture she's brave for speaking up

No. 38616

Can you give more details on Bighit's pedobait marketing? I'm not a BTS fan so I was never aware of this.

No. 38617

>armys write weird ass baby hybrid fanfictions every day
>"don't kinkshame, people are allowed to post whatever they want!!"
>bighit doesn't call the bts otome protagonist xe/xer
>"trigger warning: misgendering. this made me feel suicidal. this can be really triggering for nonbinary and genderfluid armys. it's really dismissive of thousands of male armys too!!"

No. 38618

>my mom on her way to beat my ass for hiding from her in the clothing racks at Target

No. 38620

Do male armies even exist? I mean like real males not crytyping Damiens. I've only seen gay males stanning EXO

No. 38623

>Denmark, or Netherlands) level of public depravity about children with legalized CP

Seeing SNSD getting posted reminded me of how sad it is that the girls haven't even reached their 30s yet, but already are completely irrelevant. Sometimes you nearly forget how young they actually still are. I remember when Lion Heart came out, that they were already somewhat seen as has-beens - at the average age of 25.
So many of the older idols debuted super young, shot to fame super fast and then had their careers die by the time they reached their mid-20s. Somebody like Krystal at least gets modeling gigs, but Dasom of Sister is also only born in 94, yet probably hasn't had a single job since their breakup. How could anybody be ok with knowing that people only liked teen-you? Being an idol was their dream job, what do they do now?
Meanwhile girls like Red Velvet and Blackpink are also around that age (Irene even older) and they maybe haven't even reached the height of their fame yet. Debuting trainees young is really so cruel.

No. 38624

Male kpop groups in general barely have any male fans, and if do then it's gay fans. That's why there are all these gifs and videos of them being surprised and acting all awkward when a male fans shows up to a fansign event. They're meant to sell that boyfriend image so naturally it won't appeal to straight guys.

No. 38625

there is a guy named luke with a verified account i always see whenever army drama happens and there are some male youtubers who also act like bts fans for attention. if bighit pulled their subscriber demographic i'm sure it would be like 95% female, 5% male, 4% of it being tranny snowflakes.

No. 38626

i see a lot of male kpop fans say they like bts though. they might be lying, but that seems to be the token boy group for straight male kpop fans to stan.

No. 38627

File: 1561970509075.jpg (390.3 KB, 925x640, 0000213903.jpg)

he's a sjw whose tweets are all about jerking off bts for likes and rts yikes

No. 38628

boy groups like big bang who don't have a uwu cutesy school boy concept have tend to have a little more male fans i think

No. 38629

>still failing to report accurately about bts
He's right! They should start exposing the holocaust thing, the nazi hats, the "black" jokes, the n-word, the sexist songs, the Hiroshima shirt etc. instead of kissing their asses with sensationalist bs articles.

No. 38630

Despite the controversy, it's like Lana's company wants the attention to be directed at them because they couldn't even do the sound mixing right lmao. It sounds so amateur-ish and half done, like a cover or something.

No. 38631

What do you guys think about the confirmed upcoming I.O.I comeback? Will they still be relevant?

No. 38632

They are probably going to flop without Somi and Chungha

No. 38634

I forget that Krystal and Sulli are the same age as Wendy, Seulgi and RM. They debuted REALLY young.

No. 38635

I agree anon, that's the harsh truth. I feel sorry for the ones who signed and debuted super early, but not for the others. It's been known since more than a decade just how shady the industry is, they knew what they got themselves into. If some dumb american or european kid decides to become a model instead of working normally and has to starve herself only to end up in debt, then people would say it's her fault too. It's not like they've got no other choice, they wanted this and were dumb enough to believe that they're the best, that they will get rich and famous.
Also, in this video she looks 10 years older than in her own…

The "1994-line" was so popular back then.
It's really strange that they and also Minzy, Jiyeon, IU and Sohee debuted a decade ago, while male idols of the same age are still debuting in 2019.

No. 38636

SNSD were lucky to make it 10 years. I think the perfect age for idols is 18-25 years anyway. So a 7 year contract is perfect.

After that, it’s right for idols to move onto something else. 30 year old idols would be cringy as fuck. The attraction is young and beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with that. People started getting sick of SNSD even at their peak because they were everywhere. It’d be even worse if they were still going into their 30s. That’s why people like BoA just needs to stop now. No one cares anymore and have moved on.

The SNSD members are doing fine individually anyway. Most of them are working/acting. I think it’s only Sunny who’s decided not to be in the entertainment industry because of her health/knees

No. 38637

Chungha will be in it though. Somi should really think again - it would help with her popularity I think. And it’s not like the black label is going to give her another comeback anytime soon. She’ll be in the dungeon until next year

No. 38640

Part of me thinks Jimins selcas are part attention seeking and her photoshopping them to look weird. She looks okay here

No. 38641

Only Taeyeon and Yoona are doing well, Tiffany is trying way too hard in the US, both Yuri's acting and solo debut are a fail and the others are nearly out of the spotlight.

I don't think that this is a decision of whether she wants to or not (there's no way she doesn't), they probably simply don't allow her to go.

Has anybody watched this? That girls acts all sassy, arrogant and "I wouldn't have wanted to debut anyway", meanwhile she auditioned dressed up as a sushi at the age of already 22. All american idols are cows.

No. 38644

Is it possible that the black label is the one holding her back for joining the comeback?

No. 38648

As someone who wasn't into kpop when SNSD was famous, I can't feel this supposed "celebrity aura" at all. They've always looked pretty bland to me.

No. 38649

I didn't want to say anything as anons seemed to be having fun jerking each other off, but you're right

No. 38651

Same here

No. 38654

me too

No. 38656

No. 38657

The worst thing about akishit is that is isn’t even that a bad lyricist when he tries, he’s just too much of a desperate attention seeker that he’d rather shit out songs that would cause controversy than anything half decent.

I feel sorry for izone, it really looks like AKS doesn’t care about them and are just doing the bare minimum to fulfill their side of the contract for pd48.

No. 38659

Buenos Aires is the worst song of the year, or at least fighting for that crown alongside Zimzalabim

No. 38663

I'm pretty sure this is the kpop effect, you get into a group and are so blinded not to see that they are/were mediocre. Stans of the third generation of kpop "dont respect" the second generation because they really are bland, and fans of the fourth generation will feel the same way about the third because they're just as bland. Rinse and repeat. It's because the companies don't value talent or ingenuity on any scale, they only care about looks, and beauty standards change for every generation of kpop.

No. 38664

underrated smart anon.

No. 38665

SNSD really were set apart from the rest though because they can actually sing. No other group can sing or harmonise like the video attached

No. 38669

your brain on kpop

No. 38673

this looks just like jungkook

No. 38675

Buenos Aires is worse.

No. 38676

File: 1562007993568.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, eloel.png)

God this thread has been infested with delusional sones right from the beginning

No. 38677

their other japanese single is also awful, even down to how its mixed sounds like a demo. I was just blown away that it was seriously released.

No. 38678

How the FUCK did shinding debut? He's 5'8, overweight, has ridiculously short legs, and is rude as fuck. Female idols can get away with being short, but fat and rude never slides.
wdym?That anon is right. The only 3rd gen groups that can do the same/better than this off the top of my head are mamamoo and exo (well, at least chen, baekhyun, and kyungsoo)

No. 38679

apparently hes a good dancer?

No. 38680

sm groups tend to have good vocals

No. 38682

nct says hi

No. 38683

i don't know much about them. they are from sm. are they that bad?

No. 38684

I think shindong's role in suju was to be so ugly that he made the other members (most of whom were pretty scuffed themselves) look cute in comparison, unlike a normal "visual hole" whose "subtle" ugliness spreads to the other members.

No. 38685

File: 1562010138889.jpg (240.63 KB, 596x872, 20190701_153932.jpg)

rosé needs help NOW
she's so obviously malnourished

No. 38686

I know it's a meme for idols to be underweight but this is above and beyond. This is hardcore thinspo level underweight.

No. 38687

Even their weights/BMIs published by YG put them at severely underweight. They advertise them as malnourished and still the media praises them for their looks. It's honestly depressing

No. 38688

All official idol bmis are always exactly 16 - no matter how the girl looks like. BP are one of the rare ones who really weigh that little but e.g. on produce 48 girls had bmis of 19 or even 20.

No. 38690

lol mamamoo?

No. 38693

Former ana chan here, Rose and Lisa's pics are huge in the proana community. Like even among people who don't like kpop, they're constantly looked up to as the ultimate goal for anorexics. Id also see Hyuna occasionally

No. 38694

i think her height helps her hide it. people can convince themselves she's normal skinny she just has long limbs.

No. 38695

I don’t see how people can ignore it and act like having a bmi of 16 at 22 years old is perfectly healthy

No. 38696

Apparently this is an nct fans response to people who say nct can't sing. Lol weak argument imo

No. 38699

Her head looks so huge in comparison to her body it's bizarre.

No. 38700

her proportions are awful

No. 38701

File: 1562015831024.jpeg (137.7 KB, 740x1110, 7A85CA4A-A15F-4A94-984B-BBD560…)

i know the ice cream thing is dead but this is why people were mad

No. 38703

sm really didn't give a fuck with them, huh? they let several trainees who had no business debuting debut, gave them leftover songs, dressed them in hideous clothes brands sent them for free, and didn't bother to train them half as well as they trained their other idols. I feel sorry for the few decent members wasted on this half-assed mess. it would be epic if sm actually tried with their next bg.

No. 38704

Fucking hell that’s disgusting

No. 38705

Now that we're talking about bodies again: I saw that the( probably) least popular exid member has uploaded a video in which she discusses her current diet for their comeback or something. I didn't watch all of that shit cause it infuriates me but the first few seconds start with her freaking out about her weight which is 51 kg.
With this whole diet thing on YouTube and her low-esteem she seems like a second Luna.

i know that probably every female idol starved herself at some point so its not just her but to show it and normalize it for your young fans on YouTube is just disgusting.

No. 38706

Wtf. How old was the model girl again?
That looks disgusting and VERY pedophilic, I'm glad that the public opinion shut it down. Who the fuck though that using a pinup soft porn pose and clothing for a child was okay? Also, what's up with the excessive make up? It looks like a Victorian child whore costume for fuck sake.

No. 38707

>With this whole diet thing on YouTube and her low-esteem she seems like a second Luna.
She's just as ugly and unlikable as Luna too. Exid always had sexy concepts, yet she always spoke in an annoying squeaky aegyo voice, desperately trying to be the cute and sm0l one.

No. 38708

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? And the worst thing is the fact that at least one of her parents were there cause she's a minor and they just saw nothing wrong with their little daughter doing this…and I thought somi's parents were bad jfc stop doing this to your daughters.

No. 38710

yet they're pushing them so hard and trying to make them their new cashcows. why does all the effort go into the promotions and not into their music and other content? idg what sm are doing at all

No. 38712

That is not the little girl from the CF tho
Still, that's a pretty disturbing picture

No. 38715

is this ella gross? this is so disgusting oh my god her parents are fucked in the head for allowing this
it's even worse knowing that she's also under yg and we know yang hyun suk has a thing for minors im sick

No. 38717

This is an old ad for Fila from around 2017. It was rightfully called out as pedophilic as well but not til almost a year later.

>>38487 I think the reason that the public thinks the ad is pedophilic is because fruits exploding are usually a euphemism for the female orgasm, but in this case it's candy. That's the only thing I could think of because otherwise it seems harmless.

No. 38720

> it would be epic if sm actually tried with their next bg
lmao how

No. 38724

File: 1562019565627.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.34 KB, 720x964, etPQnRc7KV59cNpxqya.jpg)

I google searched the image and it gets much worse, so fucking disgusting

No. 38725

I googled it and surprise surprise it's taken by that "Lolita"-obsessed photographer.

But if that's not the girl then please someone tell me that this model wasn't a minor at that time

No. 38727

File: 1562020114596.png (193 KB, 633x433, Screenshot (3).png)

Looks like the model was Haneul. She was 23 at the time.

No. 38728

from what I can put together the controversy with that ad campaign was the weird pedobait lolita concept, not the model's age since she was 20+. like that pic of sulli and goo hara in the johnsons baby oil shirt.

No. 38729

wtf lmao nevermind then. the shoop made her look underage

No. 38731

Thank you cause I was convinced it was the same girl and I didn't understand why this was allowed.

No. 38733

No need to watch the whole video, just skip to the end.
She's only photoshopped herself to look ana, that's so fucked up.

No. 38734

what in the actual fuck

No. 38737

she still looks skelly imo. It doesn't surprise me she would shoop herself even thinner since she's probably super insecure about her appearance. She really needs help

No. 38741

File: 1562028583223.jpg (30.66 KB, 340x340, 1502566516709.jpg)

How disgusting.

No. 38744

File: 1562029769487.jpeg (110.25 KB, 867x615, F4948F3E-F254-496F-9E94-374E07…)

Christ, here I was feeling sorry for her for looking so close to death, when in reality most of her pics are shooped. She’s still quite thin in unedited photos, but I refuse to feel sorry for someone who shoops herself skelly knowing her audience is mostly young girls. The video also mentions that her following rapidly shot up after she started posting her ana pictures. How does one even sleep at night knowing that ~200k of their followers are thinspo/pro ana accounts?

No. 38746

it's wrong that she edited her photos to make herself skinnier, but the person who made this video claims that she probably doesn't have an eating disorder and is just pretending. i disagree with that. she still looks underweight and i imagine most people with eating disorders edit their pictures online to look skinnier.

No. 38747

it feels like there was a lot more "it girls" back then. now it's just irene and jennie who are really popular and stand out in their groups. there is not one twice member that stands out, they're just a blur of pretty faces. it's interesting how kpop has changed.

No. 38749

Tzuyu used to stand out til people no longer give a fuck

No. 38750

File: 1562037711205.jpg (34.29 KB, 1000x500, Chanmi_1460568804_af_org.jpg)

Idk what Chanmi had done but she looks like Jimin now as they both look extremely bug eyed. Obvious jaw shave, lip fillers, new nose, and probably cut her eye corners to make her eyes bigger. And it turned out pretty bad; it's so sad that surgeons would rather take money from people rather than telling them that they don't need anything–I really feel like quite a few idols would be better off now if that was the case.

OT but does anyone recognize that with every group, there's one member who's super insecure and visibly jealous of another member? Typically it's one member who's jealous of the "visual" and then that member usually overcompensates with a bunch of unnecessary plastic surgery which turns out even worse than before.

No. 38751

When did this board become 90% critical of women's appearances, 10% critical of all other aspects of kpop?

No. 38752

when stans from twitter invaded

No. 38756

its 90% of lolcow tbh

No. 38757

They stopped giving a fuck about Tzuyu the moment she turned 18, just like they did with Somi. Lmao # justkoreanpedophilethings

No. 38759

File: 1562042262634.jpg (48.03 KB, 425x350, dfvsvf.jpg)

The fuck lmao

What is even tsundere about Jennie? Her personality in all interviews I've seen is like bland somewhat dorky girl

No. 38761

File: 1562042555222.jpg (66.86 KB, 520x608, yg-tvreport.jpg)

>Kang Kyung Yoon, the reporter who released the initial reports on KakaoTalk chatrooms between Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and others, revealed that Yang Hyun Suk had reached out to her and apologized.

>On June 28, SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung Yoon guested on SBS’s podcast “Cine Town 19” (literal title) and talked about what went on behind the process of reporting on Burning Sun.

>She shared, “After the report on Burning Sun, [Yang Hyun Suk] reached out to me through another reporter. When I reported on the suspicions of Seungri mediating prostitution services and revealed the KakaoTalk messages, [YG] released an official statement saying not to spread false rumors, but Yang Hyun Suk later told me, ‘I’m sorry about [what happened] back then. I had to believe in my kid [Seungri’s] words. It wasn’t intentional.'”

I hope this isnt part of YG's rehabilitation but I can see it going that way

No. 38765

I thought of the sexual euphemism of the exploding fruits too since I've seen it in a bunch of girl group videos.I kinda feel weird for knowing this and connecting it to the little girl ugh

No. 38767

I was one of the anons who thought initially that the ad campaign wasn't bad because I only saw the video. I now feel like an idiot for not doing more research.

On the ad, that's just plain disturbing, almost perverted in a way. Ella's parents should be ashamed of themselves, but they're probably basking in the attention.

No. 38768

because in their minds her bitchy attitude is just a front hiding her actually cute personality when in reality it's probably the other way around.

No. 38769

Anon didn't you read the rest of the thread? It's not her.

No. 38772

Same. At least label who's who if you're going to post.

No. 38773

This entire situation sucks in general

No. 38782

File: 1562060262525.png (1.05 MB, 1280x853, tumblr_inline_ptorlbSWir1rvtgv…)

VIXX's Leo is the newest member of the ana-chan club

No. 38785

>stand out in their groups
not to sound like one of the lisa-chans but lisa is far more popular than her. jennie is only an “it girl” because yg keeps shoving her down everyone’s throats.

at least irene’s popularity seems genuine despite her having the personality of a cardboard box… and despite seulgi being the only member with charisma and wendy being the only member with talent.

No. 38786

File: 1562068287137.png (227.5 KB, 750x1334, 1CD37B5F-4506-47AE-A7A3-B0B47F…)

This is the response from Ella’s mom about the controversy

No. 38787

File: 1562068683700.jpg (63.95 KB, 768x576, IMG_0149.JPG)

I know we've discussed this endless times here but jennie's popularity is the most forced thing I've probably ever seen. I think even as a trainee she was that old creep's favorite (does she look like a young version of his wife or something?) and the whole outfit thing was just the beginning and it's weird how after all these complaints from fans she still gets her different outfits.

Apparently she became really popular after she cried ~like a baby~ on running man and for some reason Koreans love weird shit like that.

But I've been noticing that many non-fans tell everyone to appreciate Jisoo. I wonder if it's because she's the least popular and so least threatening to their oppars or if it's just to piss blinks off?

No. 38788

No. 38789

lol she's probably pissed at everyone who made the company remove the ad… and I kinda understand cause it seriously looked harmless to me but then again she's a stage mom who sees her daughter as a trophy and shoves her into this sick business so I don't really have much sympathy for her.

No. 38790

Is this Shindong? (it's a video clip): https://twitter.com/JTBC2X4/status/1145978475070627841

If so, how the fuck did he get even more fat

No. 38791

His face is already so weird and now he doesn't even have a nice body anymore… I imagine he's super stressed, his group wasn't successful, he's nearly 30, there won't be any fans left after his military service.
He's another example of what's unfair and sexist in kpop. Always looking angry, never talking (because of shyness uwu!), if he was a woman he wouldn't have been allowed to even debut.
After he was on weekly idol a staff member posted that he was impossible to work with and as a result his fans got her fired.

>surrounded by strong women!!!

Apparently she became really popular after she cried ~like a baby~ on running man
This can't be true right??
I never get this, sometimes idols will get ripped apart for crying and sometimes people love it, why?

No. 38792

For some reason I was under the impression that Jisoo is the most popular one in Korea?
Lisa has SEA stans and is the most popular overall. Jennie is just shoved down people's throats with the human chanel stuff and all the other not so subtle bullshit. Rose is just…there, I guess

No. 38793

Rose is for ana chans

No. 38794

>Always looking angry, never talking (because of shyness uwu!)
The industry itself is fundamentally sexist but most
female fans have a severe case of internalized misogyny and will drag every female idol for the most stupid things whilst protecting male idols for everything basically.
Guys are just allowed to take up different personalities, from the confident womanizer to the flamboyant rude guy while girls must always be humble, polite and nice regardless of whether their image is a hyper-sexual or cute one.
Just look at some male idols and think whether you can imagine a female version of them existing in kpop.

No. 38795

Jisoo is one of the most tedious idols out there, her singing is absolutely horrendous and the only reason she's not the worst in the group is because Rosé literally sounds like a dying goat. She also looks really old to me (no, I'm not saying looking/being old is bad, I'm just saying she looks the same age as Irene) and just seems so out of place in a "badass" group. Idk about off stage because I can't stand BP on stage so I'm sure as fuck not going to watch them on variety shows to find out if they're more bearable there. Also I personally don't give a fuck about "variety talent", but that's a totally different tangent.

No. 38797

Trust me you don't want to see blackpink on variety. Jisoo's "talent" I guess is not being as unbearable as the other three with their super forced aegyo voices and general extreme social awkwardness, and then trying way too hard to seem "quirky!!" to compensate.

No. 38801

>"she's the biggest coward I've seen in my life"

No. 38803

lol I remember Hyeri going viral for the same shit back in 2014

No. 38804

Her dance looks terrifying with that anachan body. When you see the whole performance it's not noticeable but this focused cam says it all.

No. 38805

File: 1562082850850.gif (1.6 MB, 500x279, IMG_1252.GIF)

It's embarrassing. I wish these grown ass women would stop acting like little girls seriously. I don't know old hyeri was here but Jennie is in her early 20s. I don't wanna imagine how these women talk with their boyfriends.

No. 38806

He also seems tall and broad imo

I really only like his last two concepts, but that’s about it
I enjoy the aesthetics surrounding him so I pretend he isn't there

No. 38808

Surprised twitter SEA ARMYs haven't gone after Red Velvet for Zimzalabim using the gamelan yet. Then again they probably don't know what it is and when they do get what it is through ARMY PSAs they will pretend they've all played it for 10 years and it's part of their sacred culture like they did with bharatanatyam

No. 38809

File: 1562085348364.jpeg (388.24 KB, 1920x1080, 14C5C1EC-0BA2-4A1E-9305-10206F…)

People are SEETHING on twitter but I’m actually surprised this fucking happened

No. 38812

KEK. sf9 have been in the industry for years now and have yet to win a music show afaik.

No. 38813

File: 1562087751449.jpeg (123.55 KB, 1334x750, D-dx3-FWsAEwy0K.jpeg)

Its fake. Still nice to see them get angry tho. I hope she gets a win before Loona does bc twitter would explode kek

No. 38814

Whut? Who made this?
And isn't Ateez the group who hardcore panders to foreigners?

Wjsn are such losers, they debuted ages ago, tried to shill "thicc" Cheng Xiao so hard, she was even an mc on china's produce 101, yet they continue to flop.

No. 38815

I'm from the country where gamelan is from, and no indonesian fans' will only lick rv's asses for using gamelan because it makes them feel proud and recognized. In fact people make gamelan remixes of kpop songs all the time. Seems like no one has realized it yet tho.

It was like that too in 2000s when the fast and furious tokyo drift came out. People were so hyped a japanese group used gamelan sounds for their intro kek. Unless it's blatant appropriation, no one will be bothered. People here are just inferior towards foreigners.

No. 38816

File: 1562089735519.jpg (220.89 KB, 720x883, 20190702_134743.jpg)

momoland was apparently harassed at a fansign in Mexico. disgusting.

No. 38821

i was talking about popularity in korea. lisa is has more fans overall, but in korea jennie is the most popular. her solo did really well too.

No. 38822

what do you guys think of ailee's comeback? it's a little too over the top with the girl crush concept, feels forced.

No. 38824

This is a weird mix between every current girl group with a girl crush concept…and it kinda sounds like bts' idol too? I hate how lee hi and her are doing these lame generic songs now but she probably wants that US recognition too, seeing how her lesser talented juniors are all over American magazines, have concerts overseas and are featured on various YouTube channels. But she should stick to her more mature songs she's too talented to be doing this tbh

Her face seems kinda off did she do something?

No. 38825

This is extremely retarded, just like the top comments on the instagram video here >>38487
People were upset because the ad seemed pedophilic to them, so they wanted to protect your daughter. To imply that they did that to be "hateful" towards Ella is absolutely retarded. What logic is even that.
The "hurtful and negative reactions" were directed towards the people behind that ad, not the little girl. But she's probably defensive because many people were criticizing Ella's stage parents (so, her), so she's trying to use her daughter as a shield and manipulate people into believing a lie. Gross is truly the right last name for Ella's mom.

No. 38826

Disappointing. Hip hop edm is nice and all but that chorus is just so empty. This title track is nothing like the rest of the album and it’s a shame she rode the trend, especially since she wouldn’t charted fine without this mess?

We’re only half way through 2019 and this already the worst year for kpop musically

No. 38827

everyone ITT who can't see this as sexual is retarded. it's extremely mature with the close ups and her weird expressions. it may not be sexualizing her as a child, but it's treating her like a mature woman, which is gross.

No. 38829

File: 1562100928277.jpg (323.13 KB, 1500x1062, IMG_20190702_164940.jpg)

mental illness

No. 38830

>Big Hit Entertainment, home to superstars BTS and monster rookies TXT, will be debuting a new girl group through a new subsidiary label.

>It was reported that Min Hee Jin, a former member of SM Entertainment‘s board of directors and their creative director, has joined Big Hit Entertainment. Min Hee Jin is the woman behind the concepts legendary groups Girls’ Generation, f(x), Red Velvet, and SHINee. She is also the one who planned the symbols and the universe for EXO.

I cant see this going well. ARMYs hate competition they barely even pay attention to TXT, and they hate girl groups too

No. 38831

File: 1562101027458.jpg (70.53 KB, 600x848, IMG_20190702_165258.jpg)

why would you want to draw a grown ass man as a fucking infant jfc

No. 38832

LMAOOO is that jimin? what the fuck

No. 38834

File: 1562101505632.jpg (80.89 KB, 900x600, 849091abf5f146e7a2a4f58cb5eb12…)

>News outlet Dong-A Ilbo reports that Shinhwa’s Minwoo (Lee Min Woo) has been booked by police under suspicion of sexual harassment of two women, including kissing by force.

Another day another scumbag from a 'legendary' group

No. 38835

I hope all the girls are super pretty so I can lay back and watch armys having a meltdown

No. 38838

I think some of them might love it honestly. army's will think the new group will take down bp and now people can't say bighit is sexist anymore.

On an unrelated note apparently there's some rumor going around saying that Mark from got7 was in a chatroom with Jung Joonyoung. apparently this is all coming from some popular korean streamer who said they'll reveal more tomorrow. I'd take it with a grain of salt for now but who knows what will come out of it.

No. 38839

Be prepared for BTS fans to cream themselves about their new “woke sisters”. Every member will identify as a feminist and every song will have euphemisms for abortion and date rape because all of the member are sO dEeP aNd HaVe ReAl mEaNiNg tO tHeIr lYrIcS.

No. 38841

peak autismo 2000 crying, why the fuck would anyone find this cute?

No. 38843

Is this fanart? Who did what to their fans to deserve this horror show?

No. 38844

wow, another one of bts' friends getting exposed for being a creep. first it was Roy kim now him. and jin's friend kidoh wrote a song about raping women too. oh and what's funny is that kidoh and iron (who abused his girlfriend and stabbed himself) were both in the original bts lineup too. interesting.

No. 38845

File: 1562114299155.png (310.63 KB, 602x558, Q2Pa5t5.png)

>It’s said that this allegedly occurred when Minwoo was drinking with celebrity colleagues on the morning of June 29

So taking time zones into account, can we assume Jungkook from BTS was one of those celebrity friends? I think this tweet was posted at 11:16PM KST on June 28.

No. 38846

The army meltdown on the replies, lmao.

No. 38847

File: 1562114690942.gif (1.7 MB, 320x179, WE0DRqN.gif)

I think we can safely assume Jungkook was with him. Someone grab the popcorn, Army twitter is about to get entertaining.

No. 38848


No. 38849

I liked some of her songs, I like the songs where artists really belt it out.

The girl crush thing makes sense to me in terms of marketing. There’s a lot of women in fandoms pouring money into boy groups. They can’t win them over with a, ”Don’t you want to be just like her~ Diet and exercise routine page 10!” kind of stuff and it seems there’s a wave of feminism taking SK for a while now that started with slow rumblings and pads taped to walls. If it works successfully as a concept the girl crush thing really pays off and I feel it's more a guarantee of direct merch purchases. If it fails….unlucky, written off as a try-hard.

No. 38850

>"The involved parties have talked to each other and cleared up all misunderstandings. On reporting sexual harassment to the police when there was no sexual harassment, the other party will be withdrawing their complaint."

So did Liveworks or Bighit pay them off, and who paid the media to not bring Jungkook into this when there's a fucking photo of them out together on the night of?

No. 38852

File: 1562116192179.jpeg (368.23 KB, 667x872, DBC848A8-F2DC-4113-8A91-F27AEF…)


I swear Kpop companies are practically creating sociopaths.
I never really considered a BTS member being removed before, they seemed to at least have many stans and alright PR. If a BTS member especially Jungkookie~ left the group….I wonder what the outcome would be? Solos? Sub-units?

Unrelated (except in boyband and future of groups), and I know its purely emotional, but I can’t listen to new SHINee stuff since Jonghyun killed himself. I think they really should have disbanded or at least had some kind of break, instead the remaining members went ahead to perform very quickly after. I always wonder what goes through their heads. How much of it is ”He would have wanted you to go on”, ”You have to”, and/or ”This is the only thing I know how to do”? It really makes you raise your eyebrows, but then again Ladies’ Code members were still made to sing and dance after the car accident.

No. 38855

File: 1562116733083.png (316.11 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-07-03-09-11-19…)

Well at this point, I have a feeling that SHINEE were going down the "X-JAPAN" path were they keep the dead involved in some ways. I hope not.

Armys were already crying out to censor jungkook in this issue through that twitter post… I can't imagine how they'll react if it becomes a full-blown scandal with media involved (they'll probably get the whole police force fired or something)

No. 38856

ailee is really talented but her songs always suck. i can only think of one I kind of enjoy. she deserves better material.
the only groups who ever pulled off girlcrush convincingly were 4minute and 2ne1. maybe lee hyori and BEP as well but their schtick kind of predates the modern girl crush concept. it almost always feels forced. i will never buy clc or (g)i-dle as bad bitches.

No. 38857


100% subgroups. their soundtrack for their weird group even has them in subgroups (jin/jungkook/lizard boy, v/j-hope, rat/suga).

jungkook self harming and being depressed about his future despite being touted as being the 'golden' one (and already having made bank) kind of gives it away that bighit has no confidence about them succeeding as an idol for very long outside of a group. i assume it's already been discussed what they'll do when jin finally enlists

No. 38858

File: 1562117890291.jpeg (649.01 KB, 681x1059, 0E3DA503-24C9-4D98-8395-BD098D…)

I’m ngl I didn’t notice her until I saw her with orange hair, but hearing how she was starving herself so badly it impacted her singing really bugged me. She really looked cute, I wish average weight idols looked good beside their really thin counterparts.

I’d definitely say Ailee often looks on the higher end of average, however. Not sure where her actual weight rests on that sliding scale especially with the angles from below and tight outfits. I feel pretty conflicted because I can empathize with the starvation diets being way too much, but I also feel like she could do more normal eating healthy and exercising. If she worked out for a kick ass body and sang some good hits I would absolutely stan, even at heavy weights her face is pretty to me.

No. 38859

I think Jungkook would have to actually murder someone on live tv before he was removed. He's not the most talented member but he is the most popular and Bighit did just sign him for another 7 years. Bang isn't going to lose his cash cow at the height of his popularity for anything short of damning evidence or apparent self-harm.

No. 38860

File: 1562118323382.png (29.5 KB, 601x299, armys.png)

ARMYs seriously remind me of a cult

No. 38861

why is everyone around bts an absolute piece of shit

so is he innocent? how is sexual harassment "a small misunderstanding"?

No. 38862

Bigshit's fame starts and ends with BTS kek

No. 38863

I always knew he's an asshole

No. 38867

this and there needs to be a dating scandal

No. 38873

Who do you guys think will be the first member of BTS to jump ship? I predict Rat Mon, he will ditch the idol life to be a real artiste any minute now. Can’t wait.

No. 38874

maybe v or suga. ratmon is too much of a pussy to leave first but i can see him unofficially abandoning bts to become a part of the 88rising crew. i think most of them are afraid of the army wrath to even consider leaving.

No. 38875

One of them will either be permanently maimed or killed in a freak accident. The rest will then continue on as BTS in his honor /s

Jimin certainly won't be first and neither will J-Hope and Jin. They're too reliant on BTS. Maybe Suga? It's hard to guess because their…future remains uncertain.

No. 38877

Suga. He gets the brunt of rat being an asshole and ‘deep’.

No. 38878

Anon, it's not Markoppar's fault, it's because his american friends are all evil!

That's crazy, usually koreans immediately throw anybody under the bus who's ever talked to the accused, yet there wasn't a single mention of him in the stuff nb translated.
Do you think that the korean public would also shield Jk just because they don't want anything to stop Bts from spreading superior korean culture to the world?

He's an insecure midget who compensates his height with working out like crazy, of course he's bound to be an misogynistic ass.

No. 38879

not trying to defend him but looking at the times mentioned, jungkook posted the pic with minwoo at 11 pm and the girls went to the police station at 6 am. so it's possible that jungkook wasn't around when it happened.

No. 38880

Because baby jk has to be home before midnight /s

Everybody is shitting on the girls for not going immediately, but they were likely drinking and knew that the korean police wouldn't believe drunk women accusing a celebrity of sexual assault, so they simply waited until they had sobered up a bit.

No. 38882

File: 1562148299215.png (105.91 KB, 640x820, IMG_1257.PNG)

Why do men have rights…

No. 38883

Did they at least catch the asshole? Fucking hell, that's disgusting. Depraved people need to lock themselves up

No. 38887

I'm just curious, do you guys think a concept like the Spice Girls could work in kpop? I guess like girl crush but really focused on the "girl power" and sort of feminist(?) messaging.

No. 38889

This is why artists should never "come to mexico/brazil!

No. 38890

none of them because they're still making money. they probably won't leave until they die or they get booted.

No. 38891

File: 1562161703574.jpg (64.85 KB, 610x554, l_2019070302000189200034501.jp…)

No. 38892

If they still pander to male audiences through the performance of hyper-femininity, have suggestive dances, sexy outfits, do aegyo, and if the songs aren't overtly "feminist" then yes. And if not, they might be only popular among certain types of young women and men would hate them, obviously.
But the kpop industry is run by men so actual feminist messages in "girl power" songs wouldn't even be up for discussion in the first place.

No. 38897

Did something like that also happen in Brazil?

No. 38898

all comments were boohooing over poor jungkook i didn't a single one showing concern for the victims. armys are revolting.

No. 38899

Things like this just make me realise that they'd be worse than seungri stans if one of the bts members was in a similar situation.

No. 38900

That person with the Nigeria flag is funny. Pretending to care about social issues, while at the same time protecting a possible perpetrator of sexual harrassment and even demanding that other people censor his name and protect him as well. Usual ratmys' cognitive dissonance.

>mfw Italian
Lmfao I didn't know about this! Absolutely based TG3

No. 38902

Wait where is this JK selfharming T??
Yes because only latino men are disgusting pervs. Disguise your racist bias better

No. 38903

File: 1562166847868.jpeg (129.68 KB, 640x816, B85423C4-9210-48BA-B9D7-7C9438…)

ofc he isn’t gonna go down for this, or leave shinhwa pure trash I hope if the bts guy was there shit goes down I s2g Yunho is going to be the only decent guy left standing in kpop

No. 38904

Radfem sperging detected boohoo fapping to asian girls in public is american incel culture woke sis the type that will end up mail order a bride from SEA or mass shooting their school.
Kpop in those countries is for uggo teen girls and faggots only. Also straight men there don't like asians flat bodies.

No. 38905

what is this tangent lmao

No. 38907

literally wut….

No. 38909

You esl is showing, beaner-kun lmao

No. 38910

I didn't say all/only latino men, now did I? I was only referring to (some) south american men.

No. 38912

it has been talked about here before but basically he appeared with selfharm scars on his wrist in late 2017-early 2018 (?). ratmies are still in complete denial.

No. 38913

And what about it racist? Text me when you can talk any other language than trailer trash murican

Lmfao your US PS education is showing. Mexico is not in SA wtf it's literally next to your country how can u not know this. Also still racist xoxo(infighting)

No. 38914

None of them for now because they're all resigned their contracts. To break it they would have to sue BigHit and it would be probably a big scandal in Korea + BigHit wouldn't let them go that easily so the case would take years.

No. 38915


Her voice is good, as always. The song in itself is quite basic, though. Not a big fan of the chorus.

Real question : what hAS SHE DONE TO HER FACE. Fuck, I know kpop fans and netizens aren't nice with her looks but damn. I feel sorry for her. That extreme jaw shave/dorito chin was absolutely not necessary.

No. 38916

*South american + mexican, my bad. Doesn't matter if it's racist, it's true :^) Please stop derailing to defend your shithole country now.(racebait)

No. 38918

File: 1562169790219.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.97 KB, 602x406, jungkook_scars.jpeg)

they're def self harm scars. he kept that part of his arm covered with wrist bands for a while.

there are more pics of this on google, and the scars look the same. armies claim they are photoshopped (kek) and rumors by antis trying to sabotage bts or something. if anything it seems like a cry for help as the scars are in a very visible place.

No. 38919

the fact that his obsessive fans just swept this under the rug is weird

No. 38920

File: 1562170518127.jpeg (Spoiler Image,829.42 KB, 1158x1695, F9586678-3BA0-47E6-8A62-CB11AE…)

they are sick

No. 38921

No, because kpop fags would still manage to jerk it to ggs with feminist themes - as long as they're somewhat young and not obese.

Exactly. I find it especially funny how they only write j* so that their precious baby doesn't show up in related search results (he still did tho lol). It's especially disgusting how they write "Stream … instead!".

He can't be selfharming because Jimin is already the uwu depressed one. Jk is the "golden maknae", he's literally perfect.

No. 38922

because if jungkook is self harming he should get help and not be in bts anymore. jungkook leaving bts is too scary of a thought so they'd rather pretend he's totally fine. it's like how blackpink fans ignore rose & lisa's eating disorders because it'd mean the idol life is having a negative effect on them.

No. 38924

Armys are next level delusional. I've never seen anything like it. I met two Armys in real life that were much older than me (28 and 32) and they were just as delusional and got defensive when I showed them that he self harmed. They're too far gone.

No. 38928

File: 1562177827910.jpeg (96.08 KB, 1024x683, main-qimg-c3a5d389d4d4ee65b76d…)


there's lots of him looking like this, as soon as it started generating buzz they had him wear a sports band over it

>38921 the laxatives in his bag were also completely glossed over by his fans too poor jiminie oppa is the only one with weight troubles

No. 38929

has there been other instances where idols were seen using laxatives & weight loss pills?

No. 38931

File: 1562179233800.jpg (37.18 KB, 600x450, 1ab072f5df99fb9788473d67f3a475…)

Ivy admitted to taking lax to look skinny for a photo shoot and needing to go to hospital. I'm assuming she shit herself in front of everyone kek

No. 38942

File: 1562183626246.jpg (405.9 KB, 1080x1523, IMG_20190703_154954.jpg)

I know it's been discussed here a lot already, but these are some knetz comments about the ice cream ad

No. 38943

File: 1562183659850.jpg (337.57 KB, 1080x1676, IMG_20190703_154938.jpg)

No. 38945

korean incels are the most vile disgusting type of incel there is. i can't comprehend how much of a degenerate you need to be to want to public state that you want pedophilia to be legalized without any shame.

No. 38946

what the fuck is wrong with these incels

No. 38949

Disgusting is an understatement.
They're so vile that they're trying to piss women off with this and even call them jealous…jealous of a child….their Incel brains are really showing.
I don't know shit about law but how is it legal for adult men to comment their pedophilic fantasies like that in the comments? What kinda website is this?

No. 38957

i’d like to know he source of these images if possible. like what website is this? koreans don’t reallt use image boards but they have a message board called ‘ilbe’ that’s basically 4chan but even less moderated

No. 38959

I hate the retarded argument of "Everybody who says that something is not appropriate must be a pervert/pedo!".

>You can't blame someone else for your own perverted thoughts.

>damnn people that commented like that must be perverted!
>The people who see sexualized kids here need to check their own minds 1st.
>you are ruining the child innocences by your dirty thoughts
These are the top comments.

No. 38960

there was a comment that literally endorsed pedophilia though tf

No. 38961

yeah like the reaction to miss a's song "i don't need a man" was so bad. no wonder suzy turned out to be a feminist after that.

No. 38967

What's funny is that the lyrics to that song are so unbelievably mild. Basically "I'm independent, I can earn my own money and support myself" and even that was too much for K-incels.

It's a testament to how controlled girl groups' images are when even the "girl crush" groups like Blackpink and Itzy still basically only send the message "I'm so cute and extra, oppa~!"
I-fans eat it up but it's all the same curated shit.

No. 38968

american incels do this too…

No. 38969

Looks like an article comments section akin to pann or nate or one of the other news sites? But I'm not really sure

No. 38974


american incels absolutely could not get away posting this kind of shit on normie sites like reddit. sure they do it on 4chan but are always met with anons calling em out for being degenerates.
all those filth responses and like 1 or 2 saying how vile it is? yeah, no. if this was on like a big site akin to like the dailymail or whatever i'd be horrified

No. 38975

Im the one that posted the pics but I have no idea which kind of site it came from. I just got the screenshots from Twitter. But it does look like a comment section, idk

No. 38976

>are always met with anons calling em out for being degenerates
nta but lolno. western incels and horny pedos get away with just as much shit, even on big websites unless those sites have very heavy moderation. but this isn't the thread to discuss this anyways, it's a fucking kpop thread.

No. 38978

>hi please delete this as you have not censored his name

In this timeline being publicly talked about for having been friends with a sexual predator is not okay and could ruin someone's image, but not making Mommy fake snaps?

If Jungkook got caught in a scandal I see him quickly seizing the opportunity to end it all, not to be morbid. I wonder if young male idols are treated like the female ones and brought around to events to be pawed at for the entertainment of people with deep pockets?

No. 38979

they get away with shit when its less public and hidden, and i disagree but w/e

my concern is if those comments were posted
on a large platform the general public use. if these are really just niche incels or, just korean men on naver's comment section that are publicly saying they want to fuck this child.
i guess it doesnt matter in the end since the source can't be confirmed

No. 38981

No. 38982

If this happened to any other singer, Twitter will be on his throat in an instant even if he was innocent. But because it's their Jungkook they've suddenly gone real quiet.

No. 38984

lol, but isn't this off topic?

No. 38987

File: 1562208453990.jpg (101.71 KB, 1080x1929, D-h0RDkXoAAv2xZ.jpeg.jpg)

I found these on someone's account regarding ella gross' ad. Korean men are fucking disgusting.

No. 38988

File: 1562208518327.jpg (146.3 KB, 1080x1933, D-h0R1JXYAARAuh.jpeg.jpg)

The way they glamorize an actual pedo rapist

No. 38989

File: 1562208614495.jpg (102.52 KB, 1080x1934, D-h0TQiXsAcMDAj.jpeg.jpg)

No. 38990

Are you new to the internet? Just some lame trolls trying to get reactions. Why are people even surprised anymore?

No. 38991

Eh i don't think they're just trolling. I think they mean what they say.

No. 38992

looks like dc gallery based on "- dc App

No. 38993

sounds like the avg /r9k/ or /tv/ thread, incels truly have no culture

No. 38994

>jealous of her life
I bet tons of Korean (and Japanese) incels would troon out if they could

No. 38995

i really hope korean men just have some fucked up sense of humor and they're not actually out there having these thoughts seriously

No. 38998

File: 1562221053419.jpeg (678.23 KB, 1242x1372, 12D2B9BB-F8FE-4308-B010-39388F…)

TIL kpop parent twitter accounts are a thing… fucking grown ass adult FATHERS spamming jimin gifs and wearing that shitty character merch

No. 39000

That's a whole new level of embarrassment

No. 39002

Nta but it seems like these translations were provided by the feminist site womad

No. 39004

File: 1562225130980.jpg (51.88 KB, 665x813, 1562220352358.jpg)

No. 39005

File: 1562227708833.jpg (28.07 KB, 400x400, peg-perego-thomas-the-train-ta…)

No. 39009

wtf does he mean by "training for jimin's next vlive"?how do you "train" for a live broadcast?what is this?

also this could be nominated for next thread pic kek

No. 39010

nothing can make me believe that an american dad sat down and genuinely wanted to watch jimin's boring livestream, not understanding anything he says

No. 39012

Same. I feel like he's either gay and is into them for real, wants clout…or something else. Either way I find it kinda weird for a grown man to be an active part of twitter army when it's full of underage girls. Might be cynical of me but I have reasons to be suspicious of guys like that.

No. 39014

i want to be live that he's really just some 15 year old troll but i don't put it past some people to be that retardef

No. 39015

guess i'm the retard lol

No. 39017

he has a specific weird obsession w/ jimin

No. 39018

Kpop vlives are barely interesting even if you're a horny teenage girl who just wants to ogle a kpop boy the whole time. I agree, what is a grown, supposedly heterosexual man getting out of it? It's not like Jimin's saying anything interesting or insightful.

No. 39019

It's half trolls the like of which you'd find on 4chan and half incels.

No. 39020

Ah, only thing worse than an incel is a pedophilic one

No. 39021

Who is this?

No. 39022

why do shatmys expect prince eric to be played by jimincel the blobfish

No. 39023

Isn't Zendaya rumored to play Ariel? She's like a foot taller than our depressed boi, that'll hurt his feefees kek

No. 39024

If anything, thanks to these insane LGBTQ+ fans, Loona has less of a chance of winning now. If you want to win you have to appeal to Korea, not some tranny in budapest.

No. 39025

when will she stop? her face is going to explode

No. 39026

that's the irony of sjw gay people and trannies being kboos. sk is extremely homophobic yet they think there are cute opparz walking around holding hands in every street.

No. 39027

exactly why do these people seem to assume 90% of people are gay and love watching gay media and gay storylines?

No. 39028

File: 1562244761714.jpeg (276.15 KB, 750x542, 7EB928E5-ECD7-4F21-ACDC-884D70…)

samefagging to add this

No. 39029

Don't forget the super woke Butterfly MV that had more poc screentime than the actual group you were waiting to see.

No. 39030

because shipping unnies with unnies makes you holier than lesbians who have celebrity crushes on idols like some normie cuck

No. 39031

"That's just, like, your opinion, man.

No. 39032

woke king jimin would never grace the american film industry with his amazing acting skills.

No. 39033

Why is jimin always the first one that comes to their minds when ANYTHING happens?

No. 39037

Literally just spamming the heart button over and over. This poor man is probably closeted as fuck and gets off to little asian twinks.

No. 39038

so he'll spread their baby cow agenda

No. 39039

Pity? It's an unusual phenomenon, but K-poppers tend to prefer the more…depressed individuals.

No. 39040

It's funny because the "If you see something sexual about it then you're the pedo!!" argument is literally the argument actual pedos make when caught

No. 39041

File: 1562251758262.jpg (438.44 KB, 1024x1536, yooa-full-30707.jpg)

Yooa from Oh My Girl, this is what she used to look like

No. 39042

him becoming an ana-chan made him infinitely more relatable to all these teens

no wonder him and suga are the most popular ship, they're the ones who have talked most openly about being depressy

No. 39044

they're both a bunch of boring manlets. do they even get along?

No. 39047

Some chick from I think Lovelyz or Apink got into mild trouble for having a "girls can do anything" phonecase

No. 39049

File: 1562256867779.jpg (99.32 KB, 954x895, delusion.jpg)

No. 39050

There are people making theses about how bts effectively used social media to create unhinged fans like this but sure bts only made it because they're so revolutionary and different lol.

No. 39055

Why is Korea like this.

No. 39056

He can't play Eric, because koreans are already reeing over the actress who's going to play Ariel lol http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/07/hollywood-halle-bailey.html?m=1(OT)

No. 39057

File: 1562264245178.jpg (40.4 KB, 704x396, IMG_0152.JPG)

It was naeun from apink
That was so ridiculous to me. Imagine getting death threats and shit because of the controversial statement that women are humans.
That's when I realized that women there are fucked.
There are several feminist organizations in Korea and afaik they haven't done anything extreme so I really don't get why women associated with feminism are treated like extremists or criminals, even by fellow women.
I'm so happy that it's always the most popular member in those groups that "out" themselves as feminists because it's a huge slap in the face for the delusional male fans.

No. 39058

seohee is a goddess for openly speaking out about being a terf

No. 39059

Istg most of those have to be trolls, not saying armys aren't delusional but some people are definitely trolling

No. 39060

It's not really kpop related though but I have to say that I don't give a shit who plays Ariel but it's not surprising at all that even they are triggered over a black character. The twitter comments are even worse.
Someone remind them they are minorities in America as well and there would be a similar outrage if it was a Korean actress. Where was this energy when white people took all the Asian roles? Just say you're racist and go.(OT)

No. 39061

File: 1562268959695.jpg (165.07 KB, 675x1200, HanSeoHee3.jpg)

She's really our queen.

No. 39063

>normie sites like reddit
The incel subreddits that still exist are pretty vile.

No. 39067

File: 1562270289540.jpg (266.27 KB, 714x1046, 20190704_155711.jpg)

why, so he can call Halle a kkamdoongie during filming?

hell no

No. 39068

imagine thinking that jimin would even want to be involved in anything non-korean

No. 39069

Imagine thinking Jimin would be arsed learning any English for the role

No. 39070

why specifically jimin? out of every korean celebrity, why an idol who afaik has never been involved in acting at all? hell, aren't there other BTS members who actually want to act?

No. 39071

So apparently the guy who was managing NGT48, that akb sister group that has basically self destructed due to poor management, is also the guy managing Izones Japanese promotions lmao. That explains a lot tbh.

No. 39072

File: 1562271617308.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, IMG_1294.GIF)

No. 39073

To be honest I don't think anything wrong with it tbh. From what I see those are just young girls not attacking anyone but doing what little girls do and talk about their favorite member. You guys overreact sometimes.

No. 39074

File: 1562273051415.png (324.77 KB, 640x598, tumblr_8227cec9c8fcf02b721413b…)

No. 39076

File: 1562273158459.gif (2.95 MB, 500x239, tumblr_ptuicx7kom1y51zjto3_500…)

idk who this guy of txt is but he literally looks so fucking weird, he has so many teeth but it looks like his jaw couldn't keep them all in. hungry shark looking ass boy.

No. 39077

>>39076 taehyun, the one with the stare

No. 39078

can you blame them for being depressed

No. 39079

This is it. I’ve read the fucking eunuch thread. I’ve seen a munchie cow mutilate her legs to the point they need muscles removing. I’ve seen videos of a drugged up child sat on a piss covered mattress as his manic mother screeches about how great he’s doing.

Yet this is the weirdest fucking thing I’ve seen on lolcow. Holy fucking shit.

No. 39080

i hope every twice member goes feminist just to piss them off lol.

No. 39081

File: 1562274640989.jpeg (49.17 KB, 974x479, DyqcmRmWsAAFCO0.jpg large.jpeg)

No. 39082

I genuinely think they really are too dumb to even understand what that is. I bet they believe what their uncle fans say/write, about them being perfect and their haters only being jealous feminazis.

No. 39083

> just had the idea
If something like this just casually crosses your mind in your daily life then perhaps you should re-evaluate your entire life and seek help tbh

I really wanna see the faces behind these type of posts…

No. 39084

They're grown women, anon. Curb your autism for a sec.

No. 39085

it's not that they're dumb it's that, like most idols, they're attention whores who only care about fame & money and they know they have to pander to their uncle fans to get that. when they get older and their uncle fans leave them i'm sure they'll be talking about feminism and trying to reel in those female fans.

No. 39086


I like black man "yo".

No. 39088

stan twitter will be okay with the first tweet not censoring his name but will flip their shit about the second one

No. 39089

File: 1562278435360.jpg (37.54 KB, 520x293, TWICE-Sana-Tzuyu.jpg)

Are you sure? Besides maybe Tzuyu they all see mighty retarded.

No. 39090

That's just fan service for the most part.
Male fans think it's cute, and non-threatening, for them to be retarded.

No. 39091

Yeah, I'm sure. They seem fine..?

No. 39092

yuri isn't black she's just tan? i don't understand the obsession with pale skin it's retarded. also tiffany shouldn't be allowed to have social media she's already shown us what a dumbass she is many times, but she keeps going.

No. 39093

File: 1562296344656.jpeg (119.28 KB, 540x810, C1FB2BAA-8784-4E1A-BB81-BA2F0C…)

Lips and lips

No. 39096

i do NOT understand why she got lip fillers. she already had such full lips to begin with and they were pretty. just whyy. i feel like hyuna hasnt been well since shes been with edawn. im happy she is happy, but shes been going through some really drastic physical changes that its alarming.

No. 39098

i think hyuna has always been crazy she just finally stopped caring about hiding it when she got out of cube.

No. 39104

its annoying me that some people are saying she looks pregnant in these photos on her ig just cause she has a slight bump of her stomach. shes been looking extremely ana this past year and shes finally putting on a little weight
god forbid her from gaining weight in her stomach /s
im seriously concerned for her. the drastic and frequent hair color changes, the extreme weight loss, all these impulsive tattoos, and now the lip fillers.. after dating edawn and getting kicked from cube, she seems unstable. it still looks like she wont have a comeback for a while and when she does i have a feeling its going to flop pretty hard. as a long time hyuna fan, its just disappointing seeing her like this and i wont be surprised if it just gets worse. right now edawns starting to look better than her wtf

No. 39106

File: 1562313119698.jpg (58.51 KB, 838x468, CwJmk8KUAAApDKv.jpg)

No. 39107

>There are several feminist organizations in Korea and afaik they haven't done anything extreme so I really don't get why women associated with feminism are treated like extremists or criminals, even by fellow women.

WOMAD (Korean: 워마드) is a radical feminist online community based in South Korea. It has been criticized for extreme anti-male sentiment, including threats of and videos of sexual and physical assault of men. It split from Megalia, another feminist online community based in South Korea, after Megalia created rules against anti-gay slurs.

No. 39108

it's not okay to promote violence towards any group but i can't blame extremist korean radfems for being a little too aggressive sometimes when they are living in such a sexist society. you can't just look at 2-3 feminists who say "all men should be beheaded!!" and dismiss all feminists.

No. 39109

No. 39112

All this "extreme anti-male sentiment" is just mirroring of what korean men post on their sites.

No. 39113

What the hell did I just read

>If you purchase a "shota" around 20, it will expire within 2 to 3 years. Anyway, 20-year-old is too old for a Shota. In my opinion, a shota should be around the age of 10 or younger. When it reaches its late teens the penis will not be pink any longer. What a shameful thing for a boy. They should jaggie before that age to maintain their pride.

No. 39114

Chanmi from AOA was usually regarded as one of the fattest ugliest idols and now her youtube channel is filled with videos like this. If she does shit like this often I won't believe for a second that Jimin "eats healthy

No. 39116

File: 1562322018687.jpeg (212.92 KB, 828x1434, A8D17E91-2B92-4842-84E3-EF528C…)

i fucked up and posted this as a thread by accident when i meant to put it here woops. i just clicked on see translation on hyunas post so it doesnt make the best sense. but is she trying to put it off like she just overlined her lips instead of getting fillers? a lot of people in the comments are saying shes beautiful and to not listen to the haters.

No. 39117

google translated it and it comes out as this:

I do not like eye make-up, over-lip is bigger, and make-up is dark and light is different every time. I like this. I have a lot of opportunities to change while scheduling every day.

so yeah shes claiming it as overlining her lips. i guess all the comments got to her

No. 39119

it'd be funny for hyuna to have a 2007 britney moment with the path she's leading

No. 39120

File: 1562323704939.jpg (105.7 KB, 500x665, IMG_1301.JPG)

It's weird that she actually commented on that instead of just ignoring it.

No. 39121

Look up "mirroring". Literally all WOMAD's "anti-male sentiment" is just copy and pasted posts from Ilbe with the genders switched. The point is that when men say they want to kill, rape and torture women everyone shrugs it off, but a woman takes what the man said and changes the genders and suddenly everyone's screaming about anti-male sentiment.

No. 39122

Kek what a great forum. Gotta love the rules.
This is important to remember.

No. 39127

File: 1562331445037.jpg (13.08 KB, 320x332, 132e16a372faf62b23f21ecc95f461…)

hyuna looks even more awful now

No. 39128

They're pretty small groups, though. There are subreddits just dedicated to turning those losers into a laughingstock.

No. 39129

Maybe it's the Uncanny Valley surgery in combination with his smile?

No. 39130

Why would anyone start a eunuch fetish thread? Of all topics…

No. 39132

i assume she only ate like this for two weeks, and then went back to eating regularly? either way, a lot of idols have to be lying about their starvation diets. the people i actually believe eat meals like the ones chanmi described in her vid are rosé and lisa from blackpink. what i don't understand is why idols keep doing these insane crash diets? why not just not have a healthy diet and regularly work out?

idol diet culture confuses me so much. like, somi recently claimed she only weighs 48 kg. she is 169 cm, which would give her a 16.8 BMI. this is such an obvious lie, why even bring it up? she's obviously thin, but looks rather healthy and not severely underweight.

No. 39133

ah, a pedo chick spotted in the wild

No. 39134

ot but i remember seeing a necrophile nctfag in a non k-pop related thread. i wonder if she's still around.

No. 39135

it's just a poster saying what men on ilbe say about "lolis", anon. ilbe men are notorious for being obsessed with pink pussies.

No. 39137

She actually grew and is over 170cm now, so less than 50kg becomes even more unbelievable. She recently claimed to have lost nearly 10kg after weighing close to 60, but I call bullshit. She's half-white, tall, athletic, there's no way she weighs so little.
On one of the Produce 101 episodes the girls had to weigh themselves and many of them ended up being in the healthy BMI category, despite claiming to be a 40kg, BMI of 16 ana-chan.
Companies and idols just want to make their fans believe how hardworking they are and how much they suffer for their fans. It also helps with painting idols to be superior to normal korean women, who don't weigh below 50kg.

No. 39138

Anons have already said that the posts are done to hold up a mirror to what men write online and you still take it seriously?

>>39130 The thread must be the snow one about the artcow sisters who love eunuchs.

No. 39140

holy shit this forum makes me wish I spoke korean lol why isn't there anything this good in the english-speaking side of the net?

No. 39142

>ot but i remember seeing a necrophile nctfag in a non k-pop related thread. i wonder if she's still around
Lol wtf? Do you remember what the post was?

No. 39143

Someone please teach the koreans "scrot" too.
Lolcow probably come closest but the pink pill thread is too angsty.

No. 39144

it was a "what websites do you use" kind of thread in /ot/ or /g/ and someone listed a nct member's wiki page and a necrophile site where they post dead men. maybe it was some fucked up joke idk

No. 39145


>It gives me headache when womxn with rainbow hair and pantie-like pants who wear "Girl power" t-shirts advocate every single beings but themselves

We really live in a bubble lmao they can see right through the bullshit
it took me YEARS to realize this

No. 39146

I don't know much about them but I've learned not to trust Wikipedia articles about anything feminist related really. They're most likely written by libfems, tra's or other men.

>Someone please teach the koreans "scrot" too.
Nta but I kept hoping to see it pop up as I read through the names lmfao

Also, does anyone have an update on that dude with jungkook?

No. 39149

>Violence is wrong
>But it's okay when we do it

You are gonna pop a socket reaching

No. 39151

allegedly both parties dropped the case saying it was "a small misunderstanding" but the police said they will continue investigating the situation due to laws. i really think shinhwa's company or bighit might have paid it off. we know that something has happened because they don't deny that it happened, they say that it was a misunderstanding.

No. 39155

>Violence is wrong
>But it's okay when we do it
This is unironically true tho. Are you a man or something?

No. 39157

They are very salty about those korean feminists so very likely.
Other than one crazy person (afaik) all the women on that forum are doing is typing words. Words are not violence.

No. 39158

Why were these 2 slightly ot posts considered ban-worthy >>39056 >>39060
while sperging and derailing about radfems for hours is a-okay?

No. 39160

because the (BASTE!!) mods never do anything about misandrist sperging kekeke now take your snitching to /meta/

No. 39166

i can’t remember if this has been talked about in the previous threads but has anyone else seen this? like it’s been known luna is insecure about her muscular legs but what the fuck?

No. 39167

who even has time to do this shit wtf

No. 39168

It has been talked about I think but I just can't imagine anyone doing this every fucking day like how insanely insecure must you be to do that.
It's more likely that she had some procedures done cause I really doubt that your leg muscles disappear through massages and binding.

No. 39170

Isn’t this like dry brushing or lymph massage? I feel like a quack told her to do this

No. 39175

File: 1562364156579.gif (2.77 MB, 268x350, nayeon.gif)

you think there would be more outrage from twice's uncle fans about this concept change. i can't believe they're the same group who sings children's songs.

No. 39181

This Q could be better suited for the gen thread but when is winwin going to file a lawsuit or just leave sm? Nct is due for a proper controversy. The fact that he's still there makes him look like an absolute doormat and an idiot. He must have the most incompetent manager in existence.

No. 39184

Is that a special stage? I don't think fancy has a choreo move like that lol

No. 39185

its the chorea for the japanese song break through

No. 39190

Femdom shit are very popular in japanese porn so i bet the uncle fans there dont mind at all

No. 39192

Not even close to being as popular as pedoshit, especially amongst the kind of guys who like twice.

No. 39194

File: 1562373019771.jpg (81.21 KB, 494x454, thh.jpg)

Luckily we got this shit the same day

No. 39196

momo’s forward teeth and lower mandible makes her look like a horse lol

No. 39197

jeongyeon looks like she hates her life lmao

No. 39198

Isn't he in the chinese subunit now? Afaik he's really popular in China

No. 39201

File this under "Reasons why JK cuts himself"

Also googling "Jungkook Self-Harm" has fanfics about him and self-harm within the first ten results this fandom just does not care

No. 39204

speaking of jungkook i wonder if the other bts members give him shit for being the youngest yet the most popular in the group. considering how v got shot down when he criticized jin or when jimin got mad at that kid for telling him how to do something, they seem to take the age hierarchy stuff seriously.

No. 39207

Is he the most popular?
I just looked it up out of curiosity and it seems V's fancams get the most views.

No. 39208

wtf you're right. armys are fucked up. the twitter mentions are all "don't talk about it, censor his name, delete your tweet". they are good at covering up everything not nice about bts to make sure no one finds it out.

No. 39209

It was pretty obvious when he was younger the rest of BTS treated him like shit even with cameras around, and k-fans didn't seem to care because he wasn't considered to be talented or attractive. It really wasn't until he started beefing up that anyone took notice of him and the other members started kissing his ass. It's a shame he's rotting his brain with steroids because he does seem to have the only genuinely tolerable personality in BTS. He's a strong contender for the 27 club

No. 39212

'twas neutralized by nayeon adorably talking like a fucking 2yr old in this vi

No. 39213

Nayeon looks SO rough in this. Her nose is fucking tragic

No. 39214

Can you really blame feminists or even the average woman for hating them? It feels like for every step women there take fowards shit like this takes them two step back.

No. 39215

File: 1562407912195.jpg (35.21 KB, 719x710, CKnhAHxXAAIYm3y.jpg)

she looked fine pre-nose job. i don't know why she did it.

No. 39217

that looks like after nose job; or at least after she got groomed a bit by jyp - her original nose is an ugly hook type lol

No. 39218

File: 1562410137375.jpg (17.32 KB, 1468x295, IMG_20190706_124140.jpg)

Made me laugh

But do you think it's possible that they really played escort? That would explain why they managed to make it in korea despite being from a no-name company. Pandering to sjw only works in the west, not in korea.
If that's really the case, then I hope that they at least only had to do some rich women, instead of taking it up the ass…

No. 39219

File: 1562410901835.jpg (35.41 KB, 1000x500, IMG_1317.JPG)

You mean this?
The girls rely on their fun and cute image that's why to their fans they all seem like goddesses.
Individually none of them could have a celebrity image and do modelling and acting without getting backlash, except for maybe tzuyu. The public was obsessed with her and her looks and no one really gave that much shit about the other members until that whole Taiwan flag thing happened and tzuyu somehow got buried under.
Now we have to pretend nayeon and her unique selling point - the buck teeth are "visuals".

No. 39223

File: 1562417091220.jpg (187.12 KB, 881x1200, DiozUTzWAAA8WgG.jpg)

Momo and Sana's veneers are some of the worst I've ever seen. Sana's got such a weak chin and the veneers give her the biggest overbite. I don't see why they couldn't have just gotten braces to fix whatever was wrong with their teeth originally. Veneers end up looking comical on 99% of people Imo.

No. 39230

File: 1562427246250.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_20190706-082409~2.p…)

This lip filler trend needs to die already

No. 39231

I blame the increasing popularity of this look on hyuna

No. 39232

File: 1562429168646.jpg (4.45 KB, 199x254, download.jpg)

Habsburg vibes.

No. 39235

File: 1562433917105.jpg (98.44 KB, 550x870, momo.jpg)

momo looks like a completely different person compared to how she looked on sixteen

No. 39238

They managed to make in Korea because I need U was a hit and RatMan was on Problematic Men, a really popular show at the time.

No. 39240

Not to sound like a delusional Ratmy but I don't think it was the case? Jin used to take him to his family home predebut and Jungkook stated many times that Jhope helped him a lot and he cried when Horse tried to quit.

No. 39241

Still had those horse veneers back then

No. 39246

This is so pathetic. Fans worshipping even his sweat and tears and him having to shake thier hands for free(bcs this won't happen under other conditions) to save his career.

No. 39247

OT but I read on another board that BTS has one of the largest wealth disparities in any kpop group. Jin and RM are from insanely wealthy families and Suga, V, and JK's families are dirt poor (not sure about remaining members). That has to make for some interesting power dynamics behind the scenes (if the ageist bs is any clue). I've wondered if Jin and RM's money kept BH afloat early on.
Do you all think members' family wealth can influence a kpop group's success?

No. 39248

wealth definitely helps. a wealthy family can pay for a nicer dorm, pay back debts faster, all things that will take the pressure off an idol and put them in a better headspace. well-slept, unstressed idols have a headstart over someone who's sleeping on the floor in a dorm room with 8 other people.

No. 39251

Also wealthy idols might have family connections to influential people in different sectors of business/media/etc - smaller companies might give those trainees an automatic debut so they can use those connections for themselves.

No. 39252

Some also discussed how their CEO has wealthy family members and some of them are in the government even. While they might initially not have had anything to do with the popularity they now certainly help to maintain and increase it.

No. 39253

>Suga, V, and JK's families are dirt poor
Come on, their familes look like they're completely average. Just because they're not "chaebols" like the rest of kpop doesn't mean they were starving.
They all released pics of their families, we always make fun of V being some hick, but his parents don't even look like farmers. All of them were always decently dressed.

The only really poor idols were TVXQ.

No. 39254

so v isn't actually a farm boy?

No. 39255

I think he is, but that doesn't mean he was dirt poor.

No. 39256

hmmm if RM is so rich maybe this is why BTS was supposedly “built around him”

No. 39258

If boy groups are anything like girl groups they may have had to play Host to rich people and their connections

No. 39259

It's ridiculous anyone from the big 3 would have to fundraise in this way. Surely those companies can afford to support a group without pimping them out… BigHit on the other hand… those early days must have been rough. Whatever happened to those female trainees at bighit that never debuted?

No. 39260

They were sent to other companies.

No. 39262

File: 1562448122166.jpeg (230.12 KB, 1135x1702, 1555926033262_1_184105.jpeg)

She doesn't look that different to me besides the bangs tbh. But it seems like she's another lip injection victim

No. 39263

She literally looks like a sex doll/robot…

No. 39264

i just saw this video in my recommended for a girl group called "lusty"…wtf

No. 39265

I don't even know what's worse- the fact that the English name is lusty or that it's probably pronounced as rusty in Korean lol

No. 39266

Sorry if posted before but W O W

Way from Crayon Pop said in this interview the companies take 70% of income and the members themselves had taken out bank loans or that when they couldn't do events in Korea that they'd be in a state of debt to their company (which they could pay back in events, naturally).

School of Performing Arts Seoul aka SOPA (Pic related) made it aware of their students being exploited for entertainment purposes for free, also if they had field trips it was on their own dime (despite these events usually being paid work often) on top of that it seems to be while their school needed a lot of new equipment and repair the people running the place looked to pocket most of the money.

This school was known for pushing out k-drama and k-pop performers, I feel like they're essentially grooming minors to be complacent to the harassment and sexual exploitation of companies. Sick shit.


No. 39267

File: 1562454329364.jpg (38.51 KB, 770x409, studentsexposeschoolsopa-770x4…)

Dropped pic

No. 39268

So Honey Popcorn, the group with JAV actresses and now two gravure models, is back. Their debut was met with a lot of outrage so I'm surprised.
Surprisingly the MV and the song are pretty high quality…more high quality than Izone's Japanese releases. And this is a group financed solely by one of the JAV girls, not an huge entertainment company.


No. 39269

for starters, "fucking eww, literal whores." and their music isn't done by akishit (and probably not even japanese producers) like izones japanese releases are so of course it's better.

No. 39271

File: 1562456873284.gif (1.47 MB, 480x368, giphy.gif)

I'm feeling conflicted.
The song and MV are cute but I can't help but to feel that they are part of a wave trying to make porn more mainstream. If JAV actresses can become idols what stops companies from debuting idols that in turn also do porn as a fan service or to stand out?
Also, unironically, why isn't anyone thinking of the children? Porn and abuse against women are already normalized enough, what if it is now "goals" to be a "sex-worker"?
It's cute but I hate what it represents.

No. 39272

What the fuck did I just read? That article and SOPA video are from Feb 2019 but I've never heard this story. Did this get drowned out by burning sun?

No. 39273

As much as I hate the porn industry, I love anything that triggers Koreans or Koreaboos so I'm totally fine with this.

No. 39274

It was a couple of weeks, if not a month, before the burning sun I think.
We had it in one of the past threads, anons thought the video was kind of cringy and try-hard if I recall.

No. 39275

why are they doing a cute concept when they are still doing porn? it's normalizing the fuck out of predatory behavior. k/jpop fans get mad @ k/j feminists attacking pop groups when they have every right to do so.

No. 39277

>anons thought the video was kind of cringy and try-hard if I recall
"Cringy" is writing off children alleging being abused as "try-hard". Some of these anons are fucked in the head. They would rather critique an idols waist size than the industry's rampant abuse of minors, and sexual exploitation of, well, everyone. Cute pop music be damned, anyone still putting money into that industry is complicit.

No. 39278

File: 1562460087367.jpeg (186.26 KB, 619x640, 2036826D-5178-4B59-9E70-5B70E8…)

Sehun, EXO

No. 39279

so was there a follow up to this? Did authorities look into SOPA at all or were they just complacent (again)?

This place is meant to be a school, how fucked up is it that (according to those students) it’s essentially sexually exploiting and grooming the teenagers that go there…

No. 39280

their faces are uncanny valley and i can't help but feel this group is just trolling. why in the world would jav actresses want to be kpop idols with an innocent concept as well? lol

No. 39282

I agree. I hate the porn industry with a passion but would love if these girls were to get closer to BTS or NCT, and trigger the fuck out of their fans.
Sadly I think they're banned from doing most music shows after a bunch of k-fans protested their debut.

Also for you ladies who want to cringe at males' immediate response to their debut. It always makes me laugh how men's degeneracy is not just limited to jacking off to porn, but to spending hours, potentially days, editing music videos and compilations of someone getting fucked. [NSFW]:
[The two other JAV girls also have videos like this one made by the same guy–not gonna link them though since it's irrelevant.]

No. 39283

>There should be a version of 'Asia's Got Talent' where the first round is singing/dancing and people can vote to see who takes a load in the face.

No. 39284

This video is where I heard about it to begin with, Burning Sun did quickly sweep everything away IMO

I mean…they're kids, who were performing "Who is Guilty" from "Hero" with lyrics changed to fit the situation they and many other students had to deal with. It also may have ruined years of studying, their own personal reputations, and blacklisted them as performers. On top of that, it was a private school with a yearly tuition of about $10000.

I'm sure the severity of the consequences that speaking out could produce weighed heavily on them.

(Not saying you were the anons calling it that, but it's kind of shocking because…It's not like they're idols with companies, they had no one to fall back on making a video like this and I would be surprised if all these students discussed it with their families)

No. 39287

God, that video was fucking nasty. I'm glad people protested their debut at least.

No. 39288

Is that a debut song? It's fucking awful and generic. They sound like Playback but even worse.

No. 39289

ngl, this is way better than i thought it would be. not a fan, though

No. 39290

spill the tea on him using roids, anon

No. 39291

Wait doesn’t one of the girls from Iz*one go there? I recognise the neon yellow uniform from the second season of their TV series.

No. 39293

I could've sworn I saw a follow up to it on another site but after searching for it nothing came up. sucks that it pretty much got buried.
a lot of idols have gone to sopa but yeah 2 of the members are I think.

No. 39295

Jungkook went there and one guy from ateez as well. I'm curious about what kinda shit they went through

No. 39296

afaik most idols who graduated from sopa have only been there for like two days.

No. 39299

i saw on twitter that both mina and dahyun are having health issues and taking a break from twice. i guess they're finally breaking down after being overworked so much. i wonder who will leave twice first. it seems like they never get a break.

No. 39300

It's either the most or least popular Korean member Imo.
I don't know much about twice but I feel like chaeyoung would leave.
The japanese members wouldn't risk it and tzuyu can't start advancing in China cause they hate her over there.

No. 39302

jeongyeon mina or chaeyoung tbh the least favorite members have not much to lose

No. 39303

I have mixed feelings about the fact that a couple of them are JAV actresses, too. I also think it's bad if this group makes porn more mainstream.

On one hand I think women who have done prostitution are sometimes viewed as forever dirty/impure, so former JAV idols doing something like this might change the public's perception of women who have been prostituted (in porn or not), and I think that's good. When I watch their MVs I think "you go, girl!" and hope they do well so she doesn't have to risk STDs and get bukkake'd in order to make a living.

But I wonder if the group was created by the lead girl to market her porn. Like, to showcase her so guys would want to watch her getting fucked.

I think the fact that the lead member funded the group makes it more likely that she isn't doing it in order to market her porn, because it seems like a really poor business strategy to do that. Even if she is partially doing the kpop thing to market her porn, I think it is good that she's showing that people who have done porn have sides to them other than their porn persona.

No. 39304

File: 1562497816726.png (212.03 KB, 800x572, Screenshot_2019-07-07-19-01-36…)

(OFF TOPIC) Everyone is hyping this collab between SUGA and HEIZE and I'm laughing at those ratmys applauding SUGA for whatever he had contributed.

I mean, pic related, the manlet could have done 10% out of a hundred in that song and we wouldn't know about it. He could have been placed there for the hype.

IMO, his name didn't even standalone in any part he contributed.

Well, I am waiting for that part where a scandal between the two erupts and ratmys will go around claiming SUGA is a christian boi who was celebate and will never touch a girl.(autism; non-integration)

No. 39305

I already feel so bad for the first woman who will officially be with one of them. I can't even image all the hate and harassment. She could be a fucking supermodel with a PhD who does volunteering in her free time yet they'd still think she's not good enough for their oppars.

No. 39306

i feel bad for their future partners as well because i know some ratmys are insane enough to go cause real life harassment and maybe commit suicide or something. most of these gay shippers are just using it as a coping mechanism because their uwu insecure hearts aren't going to be able to handle a female mosquito around their oppars. bighit is making a mistake by keeping their dating life so hidden, it'll be a huge blow on their fame in the future.

No. 39309

Lmao i cant imagine being a bts member and have people committing suicide for me just because i have a life

No. 39315

So shawn mendes had a lightstick show at one of his concerts and kpop stans on twitter kept going on about how it's been done by kpop for years, and that kpop started it, and to "credit kpop." Now I know western artists would know about it from kpop since it spreads itself everywhere, but iirc wasn't it fist done by jpop since the 70s? And when someone tells them this that they get all upset and defensive lmao. Why do kpop stans insist that the people behind kpop came up with everything they use? Most of it is just stolen ideas

Also it's funny how they get on their high horses as if kpop isn't heavily based on western pop and fashion. A lot of it is just plagiarized western music too, face it.

Kpop stans stupidly delusional as always

No. 39316

Kpoppies need lightticks because their fans are too retarded/underage to use real, "dangerous" lighters like in good old normal concerts.

No. 39317

Not to WKing here, but doesn´t say the line of people, who participated more? So it would be for composing, piano and synthesizing, that Suga had contributed the most.

Personally I didn´t either bother to listen to it, tbh.

I feel like we can argue about how much Idols and people in the entertainment business itself kinda lika this idea. You have to have certain personality traits or you won´t survive in such toxic environment.

"credit kpop"… I laughed out loud at this.

No. 39318

Some people are just delusional. Nothing against the younger ones, tho. They're just kids being morons.

No. 39319

Yeah I know kids don't know any better or much in the first place, it's the adults who do this that piss me off.
I think it goes without saying that most of the time we're annoyed at the grown ass adults, not ignorant kids

No. 39323

Kpop steals pretty much everything from the US and from other cultures…let them steal something back lol

No. 39328

They're still active in the industry, so I'm leaning towards the idea that she's doing it to market it back to her porn. But I also don't know what to think of the other three new members (apparently one of the original JAV girls left). According to their profile, one of them just reached out to Yua (the girl funding it) and auditioned. This girl doesn't have a past in porn or gravure like the other two new members (who were gravure models).

Then again porn traps women from pursuing most other careers so it's possible that they'd like to transition to music but the sales in Korea are likely not going to be good enough to live off of.

No. 39330

I doubt Yua is expecting to turn a profit, she's probably just an attention whore and salty that her career in AKB ended and she had no other job opportunities besides porn. I wonder how rich she is to be able to fund these songs and MVs on her own or whether they're funded by sugar daddies.
It's hilarious to me that koreans go insane when AV actors do kpop meanwhile half of all idols probably fucked to get where they are.

No. 39332

I feel like it's just a marketing strategy cause people will look her up just for the sole reason that she does porn. Otherwise they could've just debuted in Japan where no one would bat an eye.

No. 39335

>On one hand I think women who have done prostitution are sometimes viewed as forever dirty/impure, so former JAV idols doing something like this might change the public's perception of women who have been prostituted (in porn or not), and I think that's good. When I watch their MVs I think "you go, girl!"

No. 39336

you know they could have just gotten a job at mcdonalds instead of doing porn but pity them all you want

No. 39340

samefag. no one will judge your porn past at mcdonald's. and you can work your way up from mcdonald's to an actual restaurant and make some decent money along with some money from sugar daddies.

No. 39345

I have a suspicion that they're funded by their japanese porn agency and not the leader. She can't be that rich to fund a whole group (and add 3 additional members) you know? So that makes the porn-promoting argument legit.

No. 39347

This. it's not like they lived in a third world shithole or something, it's Japan. I wonder if this shit is like (((yakuza))) related. most jav is.

No. 39348

I would believe this but the new members aren't porn stars. Unless they're trying to break into that industry? Something about this group just seems fishy. I assume they have to have some sort of management, maybe they're all some rich guy's mistresses.
You sound kinda judgemental anon. Why should anyone give a fuck if a womans to a become a hooker or porn star. Is being a slut for free really any smarter? Not that I think Honey Popcorn are doing something incredible and woke either. Being an idol is just a more respectable way of whoring yourself out.

No. 39349

please stop derailing with this tumblr libfem autism. pro porn/whore tards are the worst.

No. 39350

Different anon, same sentiment. You're in a kpop critical board where a good chunk of the conversation is about the sexual abuse of idols, but you would rather rage about women selling the same product and pocketing the money instead of old men at labels and tv stations? Nevermind your albeist language. Newsflash, edgelord, it's 2019 and your shit is only welcome with the incels on reddit. Bye.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 39353

if i hadn't read these comments i would've never known they used to be JAV actresses so if they're porn propoganda they're doing a bad job of it

No. 39354

they are probably funded by sugar daddies and leftover porn money
well they are being blocked from music shows so many people don't even know of their existence

No. 39355

File: 1562561793851.jpeg (204.59 KB, 1080x1920, 44A58EC0-47CC-463D-90F3-32EF6E…)

I heard about the BigHit survey form previous threads, but actually see the questions really shows how calculated their whole concept is. Mental illness is a great marketing strategy, but the exploitation us so god damn obvious

Link to survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8p2PVeJIwe_N830-ZmW1QqlE3IZOVDBIL-bWnb7Nho9Do8Q/viewform

No. 39356

File: 1562561902299.jpg (340.46 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_pu95hxLUzE1ubnufto1_128…)

these ugly ass ibuprofen shaped tennis shoes are so ugly, especially with suits, why did they think this was okay? i mean i know it makes them taller but at least jimin for once is the only one doing something right

No. 39357

They romanticizes mental illness and purposely uses it to promote their shitty songs. They disgust me.

I wouldn't even be surprised if Jungkook cutting his wrists was staged as well as Suga claiming he was depressed in his mixtape. Jungkook is portrayed as the 'suicidal gay boyfriend' of suga who has BPD based on their webtoon and theories,afterall.

No. 39359

god i can't fucking STAND ratman's stupid face when he does that thing with his mouth it's so gross. and he always does that. so very unfortunate

No. 39362

why does v always look like a pimp in every group picture

No. 39381

File: 1562569401555.jpg (39.23 KB, 550x560, plCLawg.jpg)

Have you guys heard about mark from got7?

I think we should discuss it, since the fandom is screeching about not translating any sources to nOT SPREAD RUMORS!! (even tho it's all confirmed, he apologized himself lol)

so here's the scoop: apparently he just apologized for having dated a cam girl.
I think she's one of those softcore porn girls korea loves. they call it BJ? some people say he was just her "sugar daddy"
whatever the case is, it's hilarious.

pic related is her

as i said, no sources. just reddit where i read it from: https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/ca9ntg/mark_writes_personal_apology_to_fans/
and this crazy lady: https://twitter.com/neoliveson/status/1147362062307397632

No. 39384

For those who don't know, a BJ is a broadcasting jockey. Basically, they're the ones making the streams. AfreecaTV is like Twitch but mainly used by people in SK.

No. 39388

I love when male idols who are babied by their fans for being ~uwu shy and innocent~ get into controversies like this..gives the fans a reality check every now and then.

No. 39389

I don't really know much about got7, are they really portrayed as innocent?

No. 39390

no, no really. once upon a time they were neck and neck with bts in terms of popularity, but they had a couple scandals that turned off their western fanbase. that plus just not making good music caused their popularity to falter as BTS grew. they always had an edgy image, they never tried to do a flower boy concept like bts, the closest they got was the colorful concept of just right.

No. 39391

>>39389 No they're not. But their stans, as any kpop fans, like to think they are.

Personally i never liked Mark, he's quite boring and talentless. He also had that scandal about his LA friends where everyone would say the N word, use him for clout and just be nasty online.
He had it coming

No. 39393

Actually, fans are mad because the person who broke out the news about him having dated a BJ also "softly" accused him of being involved in the JJY's case. At least from what I read here

No. 39394

I'm late to the discussion lmao. This just reminds me a while ago her fans were reeing because bigshit stole "young ones" as the official fandom name of txt, now she's out there copying someone else.

No. 39395

File: 1562575121177.png (199 KB, 1362x550, Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 4.23.…)

hope i don't come off as WKing because i like got7 and mark but here's a comment basically summarizing the situation, a few other sites say more or less the same thing. it's funny though how the fandom is trying to stop the news from spreading and attempting to keep it as a secret…? lol

also, here's a link to the translations of his ex apologizing and denying he was her sugar daddy or that he was affiliated with the burning sun:

No. 39396

the whole thing sounds confusing and i don't blame fans for trying to hide it. it's so easy to take things out of context and ruin someone's image.

No. 39398

its not WKing its providing receipts unlike the OP who's has their panties in a twist like an average kpop fan and just posted random shit from reddit. this thread is getting more retarded by the day. thanks for the actual links

No. 39401

File: 1562577134762.jpg (29.67 KB, 699x439, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Off topic but the bj who started it all looks terrifying with the tiny head:huge boobs proportion. Idk why anyone wants to look like this.

No. 39402

is that a candid or her own post? because if that's a candid, then wtf

No. 39403

Not sure whether she photoshops herself to high hell or she is a legitimate Gangnam Unnie, probably the former since nobody has those proportions irl…why do sk girls want to look like this

No. 39404

File: 1562579971487.jpg (110.76 KB, 1542x914, unnamed.jpg)

All of her own posts are her looking like that…

I think we'll need to find a video of her BJ-ing to find out if it's shooped to hell and back or she actually looks like that (due to ps)

No. 39405

No but mark was always seen as the shy, introverted, proper one back then I don't know about now but I agree with everything >>39391 said.
Fans need to stop wking male idols cause sooner or later they will get disappointed.
They never fucking learn and forgive or defend everything they do which enables shitty, problematic idols to keep their careers despite backlash from the public. Just look at how top is planning to come back and is having fan meets etc. there were even foreign fans in the pictures. If his fans were sane they'd know he's complicit in the whole seungri thing, and wouldn't ignore the fact that he does questionable things on his own.

No. 39406

File: 1562580369545.jpg (71.88 KB, 1301x842, IMG_1372.JPG)

She's literally that meme teddy bear

No. 39407

these can't be unedited photos. her proportions are scary.

No. 39408

>If his fans were sane they'd know he's complicit in the whole seungri thing
not to wk but i thought him and daesung disliked seungri?

No. 39409


I remember when a escort who operated under a pseudonym was on Japanese TV regularly, because there was a layer of plausible deniability. So they were just able to say she was a normal everyday girl.

No. 39410

Before scandal
>OMG they're literally family/brothers/dating!
After scandal
>they always hated him anyway…
Not liking him doesn't make them any better, it only shows that they knew how shady he is and didn't do anything against it.

Wasn't Mark the guy who said the n-word and was excused because "his evil white american friends said it all the time, so he just copied them, thinking it means 'buddy'"?

No. 39411

here ya go

No. 39412

File: 1562581929045.jpg (15.91 KB, 750x137, images.jpeg-5.jpg)

Also unrelated. The name "afreeca tv" has always bothered me. It's spelled like "africa" in korean hangul. Their mascot used to be black before it was changed to blue. Not to be sjw but it looks like cultural appropriation to me? Actually idk the term for it but it's like they only use/take out some parts of black culture because they think it's cool?

No. 39413

We wouldn't really know that except for a few clips here and there and maybe the fact that they don't hang out. The state of their relationship still doesn't take away the complicity.

No. 39414

File: 1562582221831.jpg (32.04 KB, 525x765, 347d6fc1217789224ed34fb1127d27…)

> Not to be sjw but it looks like cultural appropriation to me? Actually idk the term for it but it's like they only use/take out some parts of black culture because they think it's cool?

Yes you figured it out, people like cool shit and copy it, may as well shit on everyone in the world for stealing suits, loafers and high heels from europeans because it looks cool.

No. 39415

File: 1562582385061.jpg (522.17 KB, 1080x1431, 20190708_173717.jpg)

That's from 2017. Her boobs are seemingly bigger in the recent vids kek. The pics are edited I think. Her obsessions are still creepy though.

No. 39416

that's hilarious.

No. 39417

I don't think it's cultural appropriation at all. probably just S. Koreans being oblivious to the world as usual

No. 39418

This whole scandal is so confusing but from what I've gathered, he was sort of dating this cam girl who got involved in some streamer drama, so he got dragged in. I guess most of the outrage is literally from his association with a camgirl lol
I think the camgirl herself came out and said he wasn't her sugar daddy. Could be trying to save her own skin as well though since I'm sure she doesn't want to deal with fan outrage.

Has there ever been a year in kpop history as scandalous and disturbing as this one? It feels like the idol facade has really been challenged, especially for male idols.

No. 39419

Idk if that's appropriation or not but I can tell you that South Korea wouldn't give a fuck even if it was. There was this female Korean youtuber (who is also rapper iron's ex whom he assaulted) and she was doing boxer braids and a lot of people were upset by it but even after it went viral she gave no apology and didn't understand why some were offended, although she had looked up the history behind it. That's why many kpop idols don't really understand that there's a certain sensibility in this stuff and say/do racially insensitive things.
I also wanna say that Afreeca tv is home to the most disgusting, ignorant and attention-whorish streamers so I'm actually surprised we don't hear more controversies about them.

No. 39420

no unless you count 2014 when those chinese exo members left, jessica left snsd, sulli left f(x) and those 2 ladies code members died

No. 39421

File: 1562589249464.jpg (106.08 KB, 1200x900, taeyeon.jpg)

looks like taeyeon got a nose ring. seems like she's the only snsd member with a future at this point.

No. 39422

Is it real though? 2 years ago she was also rumoured to have pierced her nose but turned out it was just a fake piercing

No. 39423

No the pink hair is recent, Idk if the piercing is real. She also has tons of really cringy tattoos.

No. 39424

File: 1562594093032.jpeg (108.03 KB, 750x251, 231757F8-8098-40A5-8C16-98BDE1…)

i realize this is supposed to be a joke but

No. 39425

imagine crushing on a guy and finding out that he is actually an incel who wants to marry everyone in twice

No. 39426

I'm surprised there's enough of her nose left for her to even get a piercing.

No. 39428

File: 1562596438900.png (347.16 KB, 475x573, Screenshot-hxxsxxhee-2019-07-0…)

Seems like our queen Seohee is on the go again. Could it be another "paid vacation" to keep her quiet?
We don't know yet. All we know is that all the koreaboos still reeeeing under every picture she posts are hilarious.

No. 39429

File: 1562596698678.png (311.61 KB, 933x582, Screenshot-hxxsxxhee-2019-07-0…)

She also posted a video of her singing and she seems actually pretty good.
Plus, top comment is a based Korean woman calling out all the int kpop fans for calling Seohee a criminal for selling weed, when she helped exposing their pimp oppas who did way more fucked up things.

No. 39430

Not defending crazy international fans but why don't they come for the Korean fans first? As if they don't exist. They were all waiting for TOP when he got discharged a few days ago or so and back then they called hsh a crazy bitch too.
Most Ifans are more triggered about her "transphobic" statements more than anything else tbh.

No. 39431

I'm so scared that these "paid vacations" are a trap by some one higher in the korean government to get her killed.

No. 39432

I think that it's fewer, crazy Kfans doing that. If you check the comments on her social media, the Korean comments are usually nice while the ones in English and other languages are the ones bashing her. Many of them are SEAs, too.
I don't know what the general Korean public thinks of her, but if they know of the scandals she helped exposing they'd probably be more on her side imo

No. 39433

i'm sickened by the i-fans more because they hide it behind woke bullshit and wanting to 'stomp her out' for 'being a TERF'. literally being a cheerleader for the most regressive disgusting shit in korean society by sucking the dicks of their oppas and troons

No. 39435

I hope she considers moving out of Korea. If she was some poor and helpless woman I'm sure she'd be gone by now.

No. 39436

What does seohee actually do?
Is she just one of those rich girls living of of her family money and dabbling with the celebrity world?

No. 39438

It's funny when you realize how much the koreans gp hate troons

No. 39439

i think all the kboo autismgender/fakeboi crowd on twitter would be put into mental institution in sk.

No. 39441

She was a trainee for years, no idea what she does now formally.

No. 39442

File: 1562607222357.jpg (46.46 KB, 639x731, 592742.jpg)

there are so many "if he stanned X kpop group then maybe he wouldn't have died" tweets out there. the edginess

No. 39443

Rich parents, like all other 3rd generation trainees/idols.

No. 39444

i like edgy humor but ktards doing this right after a real human's death is just unfunny and distasteful. they would flip their shit if someone tweeted something like that after their one of their babby boiz' death.

No. 39445

I genuinely hope that one day one celebrity makes the effort to collect some of those tweets to show the degeneracy of ratmies/kpop stans to a broader audience…

No. 39447

I just need to get out the frustration of my friend sending me a clip of Vernon from Seventeen saying the bare minimum basic support of LGBT fans (saying something like wanting equal rights or whatever) and then telling me that she was nervous about Seventeen being LGBT friendly because they never talked about it before but now she's "uwu-ing." Why do people get "nervous" about that kind of thing? Why do they need validity from a Korean boy group so badly? Why do they swoon over the most basic "love is love" shit?? Also why would you just assume that someone hates LGBT people if they aren't constantly talking about it, especially in a regressed country like Korea?

No. 39448

i agree. they get too much praise for saying the most vague shit. like it's a good thing that vernon said that but he didn't throw the first brick at stonewall. why do you need a kpop boy's validation so badly? i'm sure most of these male idols stan twitter sees as woke gay kings fetishize lesbians and don't take real gay relationships seriously.

No. 39449

i think its because kpop fans know deep down that most koreans are homophobic/sexist/racist so any sort of sign that they might not be is like a huge relief.

No. 39450

Because they idolize these people to the point of obsession, so it'll shatter the whole image that they've built for them inside their heads. If reality ends up contradicting with that image, they'll feel personally betrayed by that idol or something and it fucks them up mentally.
Another reason is that since they think their "faves" are perfect they want everyone to see that too and not have any potentially damaging evidence against them, in this case being anti-lgbt.

No. 39452

Yes, this is so true. They also want to feel justified to themselves for dedicating so much time, effort, and money to something so shallow as pop music (a niche genre of pop music on top of that.) They know deep down how foolish it all is, so they convince themselves that it's "woke" and "deep" in order to feel like they're part of something worthwhile and meaningful, and that nobody can look down on them for that.

No. 39453

How are receipts from livejournal any more valid than reddit? It's all pure gossip lol. All OP said is that he apologized for dating a camgirl, which is true. The whole situation is borderline incomprehensible anyways.

Look at their icon and handle, this is obviously some retarded exo fan trying to make the rats look even worse than they already do. Not that ratmies aren't capable of posting this type of degeneracy, but this is clearly bait.

No. 39459

File: 1562615413816.png (230.25 KB, 604x604, lol.png)

hating on ARMYs is mostly justified, but dont forget EXO's equally milky fandom

No. 39460

File: 1562615528537.png (165.83 KB, 627x510, lol2.png)

No. 39461

Nah armys are worse and they need to stop trying to convince themselves otherwise.

No. 39462

ratmys are honestly worse because exo is dying. exo's sasaengs during their prime were the craziest though.

No. 39463

armys are truly the most oppressed minority, f in the chat for them

No. 39464


So I don't know if this was mentioned here, but this blind item site "revealed" that BTS has a connection with the ongoing Burning Sun scandal. What do you guys think about this?

No. 39465

I don't understand how cute kpop groups aren't super popular in Japan, they are literally anime idol groups come to life.

No. 39467

Them being involved with prostitutes wouldn't surprise me in the slightest but I honestly hope they weren't involved because they hold too much power, way more than Seungri, JJY or other dickheads did. Even Seungri still has whiteknights ffs. They are extremely rich and have a huge obsessive fanbase they could get away with anything. They could cover up anything. Ratmys won't let them go unless they date a female or cause WW3 or something.

No. 39468

They are "too pretty". The whole appeal with jpop groups is that the members are average/slightly below average which makes them more attainable thus more desirable.
They like the average little sister next door look

No. 39469

Speaking of Seohee… no lie, her nemesis Harisu was at one point one of the prettiest troons I'd ever seen, but he's completely butchered his face. JFC I couldn't make it through this video

No. 39470

yawn he's boring

No. 39471

Aren't they tho? I was always under the impression that kpop is super popular there, including those types of groups

When they do that they give everyone else the impression that japanese girls are bland looking and extremely average. It's what I see kpop fans say anyway

No. 39472

KARA and SNSD were ridiculously popular in Japan. They sold millions. Their Japan-only singles sold huge amounts

Groups like fromis_9 are too on the nose, similar to each other and Korean-looking to succeed there imo. GFRIEND do okay there

No. 39473

>I don't understand how cute kpop groups aren't super popular in Japan
From what I understand talking to people about current kpop ggs; Most of them can't really speak Japanese and have bad pronunciation and as a result they don't really show much personality which is really important to Japanese audiences. A lot of them view Kpop groups in Japan as a cash grab from a country they aren't particularly fond of to begin with. Kara managed to become popular by learning the language well and fitting into the culture.
Plus much of their "cuteness" is believed to be the result of plastic surgery. JP aesthetics are more natural(including their plastic surgery ) and geared toward the individual.

Kpop is niche in Japan and is mostly popular with teens and girls in their early twenties.

No. 39474

Kek I saw a jnetz say that kpop girls (the post was a picture of sana from twice btw) all looked the same with white faces and red stained lips, and as long as you have that your set.
They're not wrong lol, especially with all the new groups

No. 39475

File: 1562625096641.jpg (123.69 KB, 1152x693, PURPLEBECK2.jpg)

Sounds like DIA or PRISTIN or worse the countless nugushits like this PURPLEBECK group. Why in such a looks and endorsements based industry do agencies debut groups with sameface and sameheight syndrome?

I miss groups that looked like randos strewn together like T-ARA

No. 39477

omg those three in the middle are terrifying

No. 39478

wasn't that years ago though? Now this is Twices Japanese single. Seems the opposite of the cute concept.

No. 39479

File: 1562627103995.jpg (98.89 KB, 1000x500, Park-Bom-harisu.jpg)

looks like a man that asked for Bom's face

No. 39484

I constantly see people praising the lyrics of older groups, like miss a. I think we can all agree that suzy definitely was sexualized as a minor, so just how far has JYP sunk that now suddenly his older songs and concepts are seen in such a positive light? Twice songs and lyrics are so pathetic that not even their fans try to shield them.
>How did JYP come from this, to all the mediocre songs in Twice? Like the lyrics are totally the opposite everything
Nearly 1000 likes…

No. 39485

I don't know if you know… but that used to be a 'MAN'. The first korean transgender entertainer.

No. 39487

Definitely gonna backfire when one of these twinks dies (definitely not hoping for it cause i'm a decent human being, unlike them but it so gonna is). Also if any army ever commits suicide because a member is found to be dating/in a scandal, there ya go.

No. 39488

it's not surprising that someone prevented jungkook's name from being associated with minwoo's harassment claims despite the fact that jungkook was drinking with him the night of (?). where there's a spark there's a fire, and if it is true that BTS is potentially involved with the burning sun scandal then bighit wouldn't want their name involved with anything that could make people curious.

No. 39489

File: 1562632504183.gif (1.68 MB, 498x498, bitchass.gif)

No. 39491

File: 1562632858193.jpg (51.87 KB, 540x675, hyuna1.jpg)

?? i was commenting, not necessarily acting like i revealed the biggest secret in hollywood. you could use that gif for a lot of comments here tbf.

also while the lip fillers aren't the best look, hyuna looks better these days imo. the blonde hair and crack look was atrocious, she suits black hair better.

No. 39492

File: 1562633263310.jpg (86.62 KB, 375x421, 20190709_074730.jpg)

You can literally see all the plastic in her

No. 39494

File: 1562633759932.jpg (462.05 KB, 1080x1506, 20190709_075023.jpg)

>BTS member Jin, who is often times referred to as the “world-wide handsome” group member, is just too handsome that he sometimes gets too carried away admiring himself. In fact, we’ve actually seen this happen recently during BTS’s 5th Muster.

>But then again, when you’re just that handsome, it’s really hard to be humble about your appearance as you’d be flowing with way too much confidence where ever you go.

>This is why Jin actually stated that he intentionally does this particular thing in order to try and keep himself in check at times.

>He once stated during a live broadcast that he sometimes intentionally gets short and choppy bangs to try and ruin his beautiful face.

Imagine how much shit a female idol would have to go through if they ever said something like this. Anyway, the whole handsome thing is so annoying. Just get rid of the flat head implant or whatever it is, and he'll look worse than an average korean dude. He's just too embarrassed to say he got the wrong hair style or something, tells you so much about his personality. Literally no one would give a fuck about him unless he takes away the head implant lmao.

No. 39495

File: 1562634994543.png (3.21 MB, 2078x1396, bt6.png)

kek its equally hilarious considering how forgettable he is, almost sad when you come across a group picture of bts and not even notice him because he's just that non existent. i agree with the people who say he was given this personality because it's the only thing he's got besides his ""acting"" degree which has been collecting dust. actually, him being forgettable is probably his only personality trait.

No. 39496

head implant..do i wanna know what you mean by that?

No. 39499

people just pity stan him because he barely gets any lines and people call him talentless. the same goes for people who say umji is their favorite gfriend member or yeri is their favorite red velvet member. it's all so they can feel special for stanning the unpopular talentless uggos.

No. 39500

Would be cool if they dropped Jin. Maybe he was the least busted in their early days but all he does is bring their looks average down even further now. Their visual is a "visual hole" lmao.

No. 39501

File: 1562640267176.png (467.82 KB, 610x452, forehead.png)

koreans don't like the look of a flat facial profile so there's surgeries for forehead implants. Yeri's is the most obvious imo, it's harder to tell with Jin since he's always had bangs.

No. 39502

File: 1562641348655.jpg (265.39 KB, 1080x1350, 86b288cb3cb56af88917c6564c5995…)

i don't know the signs of a forehead implant, but yeri looks different now compared to when she debuted.

No. 39503

nta but this pic is heavily photoshopped

No. 39505

File: 1562645987300.jpg (41.18 KB, 498x366, DiLlt94X0AYi_NZ.jpg)

nta but I think they meant Jin's flatass skull. Idk if he's gotten it fixed but it was mentioned previously.

No. 39506

it's not so much their visual average he brings down, considering they're not the best visuals, but i think it's their entire "aura" he brings down. like they all have a more unique look to themselves along with the group as a whole (maybe edgy? i honestly can't think of the words, if ykyk i guess?). jin is just such an obvious, bland, "public-friendly" face. so you have all these unique, plastic surgery ridden faces and then you spot jin and its just so basic and bland. it's weird. he definitely did not fit in during BTS's early days, that was the only time he was entertaining at all, seeing him try to be hardcore and edgy.

No. 39507

File: 1562647835370.jpg (105.71 KB, 720x1080, a1b71e8f8a653caf7a8ebea873f36c…)

nta but do hair crimpers actually add volume like k-pop stylists say they do? I think little crimps added in the hair can be cute, kind of like Yeri's is here, but I hate the look of when you can tell the stylist was trying to add volume to the roots and the crimps are peeping out, or the whole head of hair being crimped

Also this was disgusting

No. 39509

File: 1562652755389.jpg (36.42 KB, 587x522, images-150.jpg)

Kek FLAT-HEADERS is a thing now, I guess…

Anyway, I thought back head implant for JIN'S flat skull didn't exist but I was proven wrong. They do happen and people do get this sort of surgery.

South Korea really had all kinds of fillers for every perceived imperfection.

No. 39510

File: 1562653053430.png (493.34 KB, 800x555, Screenshot_2019-06-30-08-01-58…)

"Two bros looking for their bro's missing jaw

No. 39511

File: 1562656794586.jpg (39.47 KB, 480x640, dhu.jpg)

Q: is it irene or taeyeon?

A: it's fucking jo kwon

These idols are morphing into one another and no one thinks it's creepy when it is


No. 39512

That's the effect when your country only have one specific beauty standard for both girls and boys

No. 39513

File: 1562657098007.jpg (46.34 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

That's just overdone and gross. Reminds me of this.

No. 39514

kpop is just a freakshow of plastic faces and skelly bodies at this point

No. 39516

Someone posted wondergirls a couple threads ago, hyuna was sexualised from the start

No. 39517


Maybe he should just remember that he’s always been less attractive than the other visual in BTS, who can actually do other things as well. V is a sexist, but he has a jawline, is taller, and has a better face.

Remember when V told him to actually keep time and move when dancing and Jin fucking lost it? Kek

No. 39521

>Maybe he should just remember that he’s always been less attractive than the other visual in BTS, who can actually do other things as well. V is a sexist, but he has a jawline, is taller, and has a better face.
Not to mention when they first started out V was the only one who could somewhat sing (even though he sounds like shit now). Meanwhile Jin has never contributed anything to the group, ever, besides maybe reeling in V's autistic ass occasionally.

Remember when V chimped out and pulled some girl by the hair at a fansign and Jin was the only one who tried to stop him while Jimincel just sat there with a shit-eating grin on his face?

No. 39522

jimincel and v are insufferable together. don't know what teen girls see in them.

No. 39523

File: 1562672020489.jpg (500.15 KB, 1080x1503, 20190709_182901.jpg)

Guys I think the Russian invasion is real lmao

Quick question, do you think kpop & k-entertainment in general should be more open to people from different races & nationalities or should it be kept exclusive? We know that Koreans haven't always been accepting of foreigners but seeing the trend now, I'm not sure if the korean gp actually demand/wish to see more foreigners in the ent industry, or it's just a way to pander to international fans.

No. 39525

I really don't get why he just didn't tell his parents to buy him an acting career (doesn't take much talent in korea anyway).
I bet the others hate (or even bully?) him, he cries himself to sleep, only to wake up in the morning and force himself to act like he loves himself. He also has that weird stage persona there he acts like a grandpa, makes dad jokes, but of course fangirls aren't digging that.

There's no doubt that the youngest have massive egos by now. They know they can get away with literally anything, ratmies will always shield them.

No. 39526

I don't really care and I feel like a small homogeneous country like South Korea isn't obligated to include other ethnicities and nationalities in their entrainment.
Korean entertainment has always been super popular in other Asian countries but I yet have to see south East Asians for example being represented in Korean variety shows as much as white people are represented.
Aside from kpop, where they usually do prefer other Asians, I can't imagine them casting non-white looking people for movies, dramas and other shows except for when they need foreigners for comedic purposes.
Their beauty standard is mostly based on Eurocentric features so of course they're gonna hire people with those features like that girl when they decide to cast actors for actual serious productions.
So if diversity = only white and face á la Lana, then no thanks.

No. 39527


Jin cooks and halts the autism on occasion. That's all he contributes. He can't sing, he can't dance, he's not the most attractive there, he's not funny. If he wasn't the oldest he'd be ripped to shreds by the others

No. 39530

Sometimes I wonder if the "Jin is scared of Jk"-thing might be more than just a joke. There's no way the others like him.

No. 39531

I dunno if its just me but does Hyewon have autism?

No. 39532

File: 1562680438105.jpg (252.23 KB, 1080x1071, IMG_20190709_094832.jpg)

What happened after the second top right picture?
People always say he's ps free by comparing his now face to childhood pics and saying they look exactly the same…but that just makes it weirder. His face should look different from his kid face, it should've matured normally if he had no ps done to retain the youthful look. He looks like an alien now

No. 39535

she's such an awkward human being, makes me wonder why she even wanted to become a performer when she's so robotic

No. 39538

File: 1562682905881.png (44.68 KB, 236x213, BTS-Save-ME-Official-MV-YouTub…)

V has a flatass skull too kek

She looks like an Asian mix, just like Lana. This is why it's accepted by Koreans.

No. 39541

>>39532 tbh the only obvious ps i can spot are his ears.. this pic isnt great example of that but he got his ears flattened (?)
other than that probably just fillers?
so no, he's not ps free

No. 39542

File: 1562686514422.jpg (89.63 KB, 925x550, taeyongears.jpg)

its not really milky but i wanted to support my point with an image

No. 39543

I would guess he had something done to make his nose bridge more pronounced, a little something to make his eyes more open and maybe a jaw shave? I'm not sure on that one. His face is definitely longer but that could actually be from losing some baby fat or something similar. The pic could also be photoshopped to give him more of a v line

No. 39546

>People always say he's ps free
That's stans' delusion. No modern kpop idol is PS free, not a single one.

No. 39547

huh. if it was ear flattening day over at dr. kim's office why didn't they bring lucas and winwin along?
but ty is too uncanny valley looking to be otherwise ps free, he's like the poster boy for gangnam oppa face.

No. 39549

she probably just wanted to be an actress/model, but her company might have made her go on produce48 for exposure. who knows.

No. 39552

Just yesterday some male tried to tell me that the newer generation is getting less ans less plastuc surgery… His proof: some montage of Twice's baby pics morphing into pics of them nowadays…
3rd generation idols are already 50% plastic before they even start being trainees. Older idols had to make profit first before being able to afford getting gradually more and more altered.

No. 39553

File: 1562692070959.jpg (90.83 KB, 1024x757, super junior.jpg)

look at this picture and tell me any of these faces would debut in 2019. eyelid surgery and a nose job is like mandatory now for trainees.

No. 39554

the level of delusion to insist twice never had ps…
>but eyelids and noses change shape from puberty!!

No. 39555

File: 1562692777603.jpg (80.6 KB, 627x820, 2a0f1ace606b00dadf7529867b876f…)

Only Heechul. But he'd quit if he was pushed into an uwu depressed baby boi concept like most idols are nowadays.
In a way companies are ruining the future of their idols by doing that. Somebody who acts like Jimin could never go into variety or acting.

>b-but weight loss!!!
>besides, she still looked better before than you jealous roasties reeeee

No. 39557

I always found donghae cute.
new kpop fans are delusional

No. 39558

Jfc shindong….they really let him debut like that, they really…did.

No. 39559

File: 1562695478526.jpg (29.53 KB, 500x500, do2.jpg)

>[+920, -156] He looks like any ordinary person because he's short ㅋ
>[+35, -22] There really isn't much to celebrities ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're nothing without their make up, hair, and clothes ㅋㅋㅋ
>[+29, -13] He looks like such a narrow-shouldered, short non-celebrity here ㅋㅋㅋ
Lmao, I never got the hype around him. He looks less than mediocre, has a constant resting bich face and always shows how much he hates being an idol, why would anybody "stan" that

No. 39561

>the fat one
I'm not into K-pop but some of those other guys are at least passable.
For at least four of them, whatever was deemed wrong with their appearance couldn't have been so serious that plastic surgery was a drastic improvement

No. 39562

Kek, even their ugliest members have noticeable ps. Nayeon is completely botched, Chaeyoung had obvious work done, Dahyun had a nosejob and who knows what else.

No. 39563

File: 1562696425177.jpeg (356.27 KB, 750x696, B812F461-CDDA-4745-ADC8-7D580E…)

”no promo”

No. 39564

Why are they so surprised? All idols look like the average citizen without all the crazy stage makeup, hair and outfits.
There are some female idols like nana that do look like a "proper" celebrity to me but I legit cannot think of one popular male idol that I'd turn around for if I saw them on the street. The bar for them is really on the floor. But to be fair, d.o is imo a good singer so he doesn't have to look hot to make up for his lack of talent.

No. 39565

>She looks like an Asian mix, just like Lana. This is why it's accepted by Koreans.

she's actually half korean

No. 39566

i think the standards are different for idols. korean actors are much better looking and there seems to be a stricter criteria for looks. i don't think idols are taken as seriously by the general public so it's okay if most of them are botched.

No. 39567

dude on the right looks like edward avila or whatever his name is kek

No. 39571

Also saw this too

No. 39572

Yes! I thought the same, that part sounded SO familiar and I was sure it was plagiarized, but I couldn't remember which song was it. That was it, the Rihanna one.

No. 39573

Not sure why anon deleted the post, but this was the video

No. 39575

Lol it was an accident, I was just about to reupload it but you beat me to it

No. 39576

While we're at this, dumb dumb always reminded me of bang bang…

No. 39584

Red Velvet hasn't had any ps. Especially seulgi and Irene!

No. 39586

File: 1562713987996.jpg (45.13 KB, 600x852, 20170202180951_1.jpg)

Not sure if you're being sarcastic but Irene has definitely had some plastic surgery before. Seulgi seems natural and I'm very surprised she didn't debut with surgery-made double eyelids.