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No. 57365

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

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No. 57377

I accidentally deleted in last thread sorry. this is gonna sound so self centered and im sorry but a big part of the reason why i loved sulli and krystal in fx was because they were both born in 94 like me and during that time not too many female idols were debuting who were born in that year. So I felt like we literally grew up together. This makes me so sad because I looked up to her and Krystal and thought it was so cool that these young girls were revered and loved so much. Its crazy how public perception shifted once they reached their 20s. I cant stop thinking about how alone she must've felt. Or how alone Krystal must've felt when her sister got booted out of GG but she still had to promote with Fx. this is breaking my heart yo. And this is exactly why i say we need to keep a closer eye on the 2nd gen idols.

No. 57381

Not to go against the precedent of farmers being dicks to each other in these threads but I think that’s understandable.

No. 57382

I completely forgot about that crazy stalker fansite owner that was obsessed with Sulli, then turned against her and started stalking her and going on a huge hate campaign towards her and leaking their conversations and shit. I think that could have very well been a catalyst for Sulli. I cant imagine what its like to have to deal with obsessed fans that revolve their ENTIRE life around a specific celebrity, getting close to them, stalking them, then having all their information to use against them if they get mad or dont get their way about something. I heard she had moved on to some other idols but I hope she feels really shitty for what she did.

No. 57384

right. the whole jinnabit saga seems so long ago

No. 57385

Want that picture used like two threads ago…sigh

No. 57386

File: 1571070553150.png (620.54 KB, 1125x2436, 7A929F55-325D-44A7-8D8F-49DF2F…)

I don’t know if I believe she killed herself? She was looking really weak in recent pictures and the fire department says she showed signs of cardiac arrest. We know she was drinking a lot.

No. 57387

Your REEEE people was mean to sulli now they say RIP picture was even worse.

No. 57388

ever noticed how idols start getting hate once they reach 22-23? even if they did before, it becomes even more intense.

No. 57389

anon if you watch that video from her last instagram live…that was a clear call for help and I wish I hadnt seen it knowing what i know now

No. 57390

if she "just" had cardiac arrest they wouldn't try to cover it up as suicide anon. That's like covering up stealing a Mars bar with murder.

No. 57391

I don't understand why fans esp int ones talk about ''we didn't do anything'' what did they want to do for idols they only know behind a screen and don't even speak the same language as?

No. 57392

>>And this is exactly why i say we need to keep a closer eye on the 2nd gen idols.

Nah if anything people need to not scrutinize every single detail about idols' personal lives and criticizing them. Kpop is too far gone because Knetz are hooked up to the internet 24/7 and take out their stress online by posting anonymous hate comments that get upvoted 5000 times. Those sites are a cancer for idols who don't have strong mentalities, imagine getting cyberbullied and having it upvoted by thousands of general public for dating or being too fat/thin/tan/ugly etc

No. 57394

You can have cardiac arrest as result of taking enough pills to overdose.

No. 57395

File: 1571070881389.jpeg (215.54 KB, 750x830, 1197519E-0DEE-473E-B7A6-0EE353…)

Jonghyun had cardiac arrest too

No. 57396

Right. There is no ‘we’ in this situation, people need to let idols live their own life. I know it’s not realistic anytime soon though.

No. 57397

It wasnt fans job to do anything, but its very clear she had no one around her to help her. It seems very different than Jonghyun, who was very close to his family. So close that they actually almost got to him before he was able to kill himself. It literally felt like Sulli was surrounded only by people who were looking for a good time, and its very clear several of them are using those "good times" to cover up a deep pain. Her best friend is Hara. Thats why this isnt surprising to me. They have both been in a very low place for a very long time and being around eachother may have only caused a deeper depression, as sad as that is it was only a matter of time before one of them succeeded.

No. 57398

yes!! its crazy i feel like it happens 10x more for female idols. Its scary to think because in the real work 22-23 is when you are just now starting your career path. But for idols its the age when their career options start to shrivel up. Its insane to think that for most of these idols their career "peak" is like 18 and after that they are seen as has-beens. That must fuck with you mentally.

No. 57399

NB, Pannchoa etc translate those articles everyday and get hate but those 5000 upvotes calling idols "countrified", "ajumma", "psychobitch" etc come from Knetz. Then folks are surprised when Kpop idols get plastic surgery after reading lookist hate comments. 9Muses did a BBC documentary and their manager/CEO read out all the hate comments on their appearances to the sad girls after their stages, it was messed up.

No. 57400

maybe im being too pessimistic but i feel like idols killing themselves is going to become a bigger problem before anything in industry is done about it.there would have to be a deep level cultural shift to make any difference. sucks but it is what it is

No. 57401

You are acting as if this is something special to Korea and kpop as if Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, any big youtuber etc. doesn't get 1000s of hate comments every day.

It sucks, but people are assholes and if you don't have the mental strength to ignore and not let the comments get to you, you shouldn't be in the entertainment industry.

No. 57402

there is a difference in the way korea approaches mental health and the west does(though the west isnt very good at it either), but we arent allowed to talk about anything culturally significant to a topic on lolcow anymore so i digress

No. 57403

Nobody even knows these idols in real life, how are you supposed to keep an eye on them? By stalking news about them 24/7 ? Kek

Keep an eye on your friends and family, don't stalk idols like they are your friends it's unhealthy to think that way.

No. 57404

Saged/sorry for blogposting but jonghyun’s death is what shattered the rest of the veneer for me re: kpop. You hear how terrible it is but you also hear about how it is glamorous/great so you assume it’s somewhere in the middle.

Idk if this will make others stop idealizing kpop and idols or if they’ll take it as a one off since her career was an anomaly.

No. 57405

i get what you are saying but you cant possibly know if you have the mental strength to handle hate comments when you are a 7th grader debuting for a large company. I really think children shouldnt be in the entertainment industry in any country period! But we all know that will never happen. Come to think of it when i first got into kpop back in 08 i would only hear about actors killing themselves. Its crazy how much it shifted.

No. 57406

4 months ago, Dasom made a live video that was really similar to the one Sulli made where she just cried the whole time. I think she is also in that same little circle of idols too. So thats very related to this >>57397. A lot of times depressed people are drawn to one another and it makes for a really bad situation. It almost always ends badly for at least one. Hopefully somehow, all the others will get help.

No. 57407

>>57395 Cardiac arrest is basically these medical cause of death, aka he suffocated himself in an oxygen deprived room with carbon monoxide while asleep. Very sad.

No. 57408

File: 1571071464990.png (30.08 KB, 500x494, ddddddddddddddddd.png)

Kyla tweeted this

No. 57409

shes going to get hate for this i can already feel it :/

No. 57410

File: 1571071665517.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.18 KB, 207x243, tfw.jpg)

>tfw you just wanted to protect you ~uwu precious boys uwu~ from mental stress and suicide but they end up calling you out for being a sasaeng fan

No. 57411

Kyla got badly weightshamed and told she was cuter when she was younger by creepy Knetz. She's Westernized and Kpop image/weight standards must have been hard to adapt to coming from USA.

No. 57412

literally who

No. 57413

Pls it's sasaeng behavior to "keep an eye" on your idols if you don't actually know them irl.

No. 57414

it's such a relief she is from america… there she is accepted as she is and she can receive help if she ever needs it.

No. 57415

the idol system is terrible. back in the day they could just "retire" but these days it costs more to live comfortably and they don't get to just disappear anymore. so ex female idols don't want to just get married and pregnant with a rich dude anymore but the idol system is only for young people who can be "good" role models to 12 year old girls. what adult wants to carry that around?

No. 57416

She was also best friends with IU, who has talked about having bulimia.
Good that Kyla left kpop early into her career.

No. 57417

>>57412 One of the tragic Pristin girls. Did Kyla ever reveal the mystery why Pledis disbanded Pristin 1 year after their successful debut? It was so weird.

No. 57418

Pristin didn't have a successful debut and they flopped fast, and pledis didnt disband them instead the members left the group.

No. 57419

I was a fan of T-ara and can remember just how horrid and helpless of a situation it felt like for them. Literally being threatened, told to kill themselves, being booed and ~black oceaned~ during lives and worse over a situation that was a completely fabricated bullshit lie and the actual perpetrator had the nerve to ride the wave and play the victim and got rewarded for it. I can remember their parents literally coming to events and begging people to be kind to their kids because they were suffering so badly. And I remember the youngest member who had literally been physically assaulted and threatened by the ACTUAL bully and her twin, being ostracized and treated so badly by netizens, that she began starving herself and quite literally drove herself insane over it, then got shit on about that, taken out of the group, and put in a mental hospital and netizens still called her crazy and a witch and all sorts of things and she was just a kid. And her mom did the same thing, getting online and crying and telling people to leave her child alone and stop being so evil towards her when she had done nothing wrong. For awhile I was convinced at least one of them would have died by now but luckily it didnt happen. Their careers are still destroyed though. None of them recovered yet Hwayoung is still trotting herself out on tv with no shame and barely gets any hate. So maybe when a parent gets online and tells people to stop being so malicious I:e Kyla's parents, the Chae sisters' parents, Daisy's parents etc, people should listen because its not cute or funny to be so damn cruel.

No. 57420

I didn't even know that was the method he used, jesus.
I've been feeling sick to my stomach ever since I read the news this morning and I'm holding my breath for her circle of friends mentioned before, I really hope none of them get any ideas.
I've always been a very casual kpop fan (never bought an album, never streamed etc) and I admit I still do like some groups as a guilty pleasure but I've been feeling worse and worse about it ever since Jonghyun's passing. Then the Seungri shit happened and now this, I feel iffy thinking I ever contributed to the industry in any way. Sorry if this seems overdramatic but her suicide legit triggered me

No. 57421

the tara bullying situation was never proved as false. So with things like this its best to stay neutral because you are playing devils advocate wherever you take tara's side or the chae sisters side.

No. 57422

The image Hara posted from thread #37 is legit frightening and borderline glamourizing suicide.

No. 57423

Areum released the texts. It was proven false. The only mistake the girls made was joining up in self defense and taking the situation public because they were being punished behind the scenes for lies. Also, staff confirmed as well that Hwayoung was in the wrong and had been having issues for awhile. Her twin admitted it and apologized to Areum for literally threatening to kill and maim her because she was ~taking maknae attention~ away from Hwayoung. That's proof enough.

No. 57424

One of the tara members literally admitted that there was some bullying involved but it was not as severe as knetz/inets made it sound like.
Take your shit somewhere else

No. 57425

Back then T-ara's Jiyeon was besties with Sulli (together with IU).

Of course the idol industry and SM entertaiment are toxic but I feel like the main problem was her being a child actress and basically getting abondanded by her parents to make money. Who the fuck let's a 10yo move out and live alone? Just look at the western celeb thread, there's not a single child actor or actress who turned out normally, it's always bound to completely fuck their lives up. Of course we can't know for sure but I always had the impression that she was given a lot of freedom by her company but nevertheless it was probably too late to undo the damage of her lost childhood.

I wonder if they're going to bank on this whole depression thing now like Jyp does with Mina's anxiety. There are hardly any SM idols who haven't come out admitting that they are or were depressed at some point. Just google a group + depression and you'll get several members talking about it.

No. 57426

Ok Netizenbuzz. How much you getting paid for your clickbait articles based on nothing but lies sweetie?

No. 57427

I don't like Kpop music and that's the reason I'm on Kpop crit, can't stand how Kpop gaining mainstream relevancy outside of Korea among fans who don't even understand Korean lyrics and stan idols for their visuals. It enables more exploitation and contributes to a looks/plastic surgery obsessed Kpop culture.

Even BTS preaching "Love Yourself" etc rings empty when mentally unwell members like Jungkook (he continued promoting last year when people spotted selfharm scars, at least JYP gave Mina time off) are forced to fulfil rigorous schedules to dance and sing like style-coordinated circus acts. Hope Korean idols band together and stand up to fight for more individual freedoms and better labour rights from big companies, their pop industry horror stories sound like Jackson 5 abuse stories from years ago.

No. 57428

File: 1571073342116.jpeg (62.38 KB, 453x417, FECDDA3E-6457-4206-B71D-AFEA45…)

Remember when choiza met sulli (at age 15 or so) and officially started dating her when she was 19? I’m still disgusted that she got so much hate for being with him and this pedo got away with it.

No. 57430

I agree. It was really gross how she got hate over this relationship just because she was a woman and was more famous than him. He was the one writing a sexual song about her even though she was pretty young. Gross.

No. 57431

ew the way he was looking at her in that photo.
He was probably dating her when she was younger than 19 considering their relationship was accidentally exposed when she was 19.

No. 57432

These older men seek out younger idols like its nothing. God it gives me the creeps. Just like YG and that guy who knocked up Soyul. They spend almost their entire careers surrounded by younger girls just TRYING to get one knocked up or to persue a relationship with them.

No. 57433

I don't think he's a pedo (ephebophile like most men maybe) but most K-Rappers sound legit problematic be it San E, Zico, Bigbang, etc rappers are like the extra shitty tryhard badboy alphas in SK where men call the shots and women's rights is already shit.

No. 57434

Dont forget about Leeteuk seeking out the snsd girls when they were 12-14 and he was 20, or when Krystal was 17 and she mentioned Leeteuk talking about wanting to marry her and Leeteuk was in his middle 20's, or ;eeteuk who is 35 right now tried sliding into 23 year olds Yeonwoos dm's

No. 57435

I hope he feels like shit right now.

No. 57436

>>57432 Legit doubt they are trying to knock one up in order to pursue a relationship with the girls lmao. They already date these girls on the downlow and if they get pregnant, the couple usually get a shotgun wedding that doesn't always end well (that Ukiss fella… sigh) because abortion was illegal in Korea until 2019.

No. 57437

File: 1571074028636.jpg (90.22 KB, 470x649, moonh.jpg)

Like seriously, in all the years I watched kpop variety I only EVER saw this guy when he was on variety shows hanging around young female idols. He always creeped me out. He even begged to be on We Got Married with Taeyeon before that other creep(Hyung Dong or whatever) won out and got casted instead despite Taeyeon saying it made her uncomfortable. All these older male comedians and washed up hasbeen idols that cant date women their own age and spend a good chunk of their career waiting around to prey on vulnerable up and comers like soyul and sulli make me sick.

No. 57438

>>57437 Why was Taeyeon on a dating/marriage show with a dude 11 years older than her ew wtf SK?!

No. 57439

Tbf they never acted like as much of a couple like all the other pairings and nobody shipped them, it was more supposed to be funny I guess.

No. 57440

i didnt even know she was also on WGM thats probably why she is so depressed now. I can only imagine what horrible shit the girls from GG went through with these hosts, their body guards, fans, and other idols.etc at the peak of their popularity. Men are fucking disgusting regardless of race.

No. 57441

File: 1571074604112.jpg (40.02 KB, 527x439, CLCdsLKUEAARcLJ.jpg)

No. 57442

It sounds like extreme fanservice to cater to her "uncle fan" demographic, like IU occasionally used to do. Hope SM didn't force her into it.

No. 57443

I feel bad for male idols having to act like babies or pander to female teenager fantasies but female idols having to pander to "uncle fans" and older male fantasies with sexy concepts and aegyo is gross.

No. 57444

I meant that (as far as I know) they at least didn't do any "skinship" meanwhile other couples on that show do stuff like hug and carry each other.

No. 57445

>>57435 Hope pedo Rotta feels like crap too

No. 57446

Exactly, they have to deal with actual predators.
Is it though possible that some young boys have to deal with predators as well?

No. 57447

Yup, both of them deserve to feel like shit for the rest of their pathetic life.

No. 57448

KEK HOW RETARDED ARE YOU? How do you think people die from drug overdoses and such?

No. 57449

They do but its way less compared to female idols.
Thats funny of you to think that he even has any empathy.
I always hated leeteuk. He was a douchebag and a creep.

No. 57450

That idols on WGM have to do skinship with whoever they are paired with is gross, bet they can't wait for the camera to stop filming so they can stop acting like lovers.

One of the Burning Sun dudes Lee Jonghyun was on the show with Jungyeon's sister.

No. 57451

They do but young girls being preyed on probably happens more in kpop. All companies are ran by old ass men, young girls are scouted for their looks (sm tried to scout krystal when she was 5 years old ffs), and adult male idols have no problem hitting on underage idols (GDragon to Sulli, Leeteuk to Yeonwoo)

No. 57452

I mean i dont agree with them but they do have the right to tinfoil considering how many mysterious k-celebrity deaths there are in the industry.
I dont know if you heard of madam shim (the most powerful woman in korea) but so many celebs connected to her have mysteriously died from suicide (including the famous jang ya yeon was which was first treated as a suicide but now it turns out that it may not have been a sucide and the case is being investigated again)

No. 57453

Koreans still got abortions anon kek the ones that got shotgun married are either moon heejun the washed up has been who was way passed due to marry anyways (and ended up rawdogging a has-been HOT fan in the end anyways) or they w
already irrelevant idols in their careers and were in 'wuv'. I can name 4 people off the top of my head who ended up with babies, and 2 of them being from UKISS proves my point because their careers are so irrelevant that they've got a dad up there singing teeny bopper songs and nobody gives a fuck because they probably dont even realize the songs are being released. And these babies were being conceived at a time where celeb parents + baby shoes where bringing in big bucks, they they were probably looking for their own piece of the exploitation pie.

No. 57454

That sounds like an elaborate makjang drama plot. Occams razor etc.

No. 57455

>deep wounds left by words do not heal

What a dangerous thing to say. She's basically saying if you're feeling depressed right now because of something that was said, you'll never be happy again and won't be able to recover. I understand her point but she needs to be more careful.

No. 57456

Speaking of Lee jonghyun from cnblue.
Madam shim was basically the one who got him him so many acting gigs and roles and basically started up his career.

Is this all just a coincidence or no?

No. 57457


Is she a literal madame like a brothel owner/pimp?

No. 57458

In a sense yes.
>>Shim Mi Young, who goes by the names Shim Min Ji or Madame Shim, is the founder and CEO of the luxury fashion brand L’inoui. However this is not what her claim to fame is. She is known to be a broker for prostituting rookie and aspiring actresses to wealthy VIP’s, as well as facilitating a gambling ring for these VIPs, who are trying to avoid getting caught by authorities.

No. 57459

File: 1571076682154.jpg (146.63 KB, 720x892, IMG_20191014_211031.jpg)

It's been a couple of hours since this was posted, but that's a friend of sulli's as well. People have contacted police etc

No. 57460

Scared for Hara as well.

No. 57461

Post translation just says he's taking a lot of pills atm due to his own shit going on, not that he just ingested a lot of pills.

No. 57462

Sulli went to the hospital for deep cuts on her wrists a few years ago. People speculated that she tried to kill herself because she cut herself 2 inches deep but apparently the "real reason" was that she was drunk, It all seems so slimy to me now.


No. 57463

File: 1571077502098.png (15.18 KB, 616x130, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…)

I remember when there was this article about sulli talking about having a dark side and finding it hard to pretend to be cheerful and people called her attention-seeking in the comments…..and this was 11 days before she committed suicide.

She never did anything to anyone yet she got as much hate as problematic male idols who did illegal crimes.

No. 57464

i wonder if this cunt feels bad now or if they really have no empathy to begin with

No. 57465

I didn't say that he took pills, it's just that he sounds understandably very distressed and ofc people are tensed right now and reacting to every possible sign

No. 57466

how the fuck was she supposed to be ~mentally prepared for being in the entertainment industry~ when she was thrust into it by her parents in the 4th grade? the idol industry fucks you up even before debuting, and even moreso after you’re placed in the spotlight. after she turned 18 it just got steadily worse for her…she went from f(x) cute maknae to the nation’s most hated idol, she was pounded with hate every time she got online or was spotted in public. at that point it’s too late to develop any sort of mental fortitude. she spent her early teens being the butt of jailbait jokes and her late teens (and on) being called a worthless slut. she had no one around her to help, and mental health care in Korea sucks shit…to compare her situation to an American, grown ass singer or youtuber receiving hate comments is beyond tonedeaf.

i’m not gonna sit here and pretend like i didn’t side-eye her doing a lewd photoshoot with a pedo, but it’s obvious that she wasn’t a bad person, just an extremely lost and lonely young woman who was groomed from a young age and alienated from her peers and had her pre-existing mental health issues exacerbated by the insane amount of online hate she received. have some fucking empathy.

No. 57467

>"i can't believe this grown woman had a boyfriend! they probably had sex! nasty sex addict hoe!"

No. 57468

There needs to be child labour laws forbidding under 16s to be on TV or "training" to be idols because forcing kids to train until 2am to be stars is pure exploitation by the parents and entertainment industry, not to mention kids being preyed upon by older folks. Kids like Jihyo and Sulli shouldn't be trainees or live in dorms before they even hit their teens.

So many idols debut young and struggle with self image after growing up in the limelight, Eunha (idk she got so much surgery wtf), Jungkook, Ft Island Hongki who is totally over being an idol in recent years and shows his grumpy image more thankfully.

No. 57469

Poor guy now has his comment section filled with koreaboos with their dumb google translated "DONT KILL YOURSELF" novels and spamming that line from jonghyuns suicide (fucking dumb) while surprisingly korean comments are either supporting him in taking meds for his mental health or bashing him for 'trying to get sympathy' because he talked about having to take meds

No. 57470

Why do they see sex as something so tainted, so twisted? It’s shocking to me.

No. 57471

>>57469 Both Inetz and Knetz's takes sound terrible tbh but at least they balance out the idiocy.

No. 57472

Anon, are you stupid? An anon earlier had said that she died by hanging herself. I was obviously confused since I hadn’t seen any report on her dying by hanging, only this one where the fire department said she had a cardiac arrest.

> kEk HoW rEtArdeD aRe yOu

Keep up with the threads, dumb ass.

No. 57473

what the fuck is going on in that cursed building of sm jesus christ

No. 57474

>>57470 Confucianism and the idea that purity, innocence, virginity etc are prized qualities for women. Emphasis on women ugh. Sulli was a super progressive popstar and in the West that gets applauded but in highly conformist conservative Kpop she's seen as a nail that sticks out.

No. 57475

No the question is why do they see FEMALE sexuality as something so tainted,so twisted?

Probably because most of these fangirls are from islamic SEA countries where women are seen as way less than men. Thats why these women always protect male idols when they get into a sex scandal.

No. 57476

I wonder if the news will exploit the funeral like they did with the last idol suicide. Her being a black sheep in the entertainment industry makes me wonder if they'll paint it differently, like showing the other celebs who visited the funeral home or showing her parents crying carrying her casket with other members of f(x). Jonghyun had a very good reputation while Sulli was just so fucking polarizing and hated for YEARS.

No. 57477

I think it will just be like the jonghyun situation with youtube accounts trying to capitalize views off this,foreign sites publishing this,people acting woke….and then people forgetting about this after a month and going back to sending hate to idols they don't like.

No. 57478

But most of the hate comments that show up on Korean Kpop sites come from Knetz not Islamic SEA countries (like Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and….?) and SK doesn't need help in the "sees women as less than men" department. Check out the Seungri molka scandal and male Knetz outrage when Irene read a feminist novel or Naeun used a girl power phonecase. SK is messed up.

No. 57479

I read that they will be having a private funeral. Doesn't that mean no cameras? Idk

No. 57480

I think most people are going to be sympathetic and international media is going to talk about the "dark side" of the kpop industry like they did with Jonghyun (except this time it's actually relevant)

No. 57481


Jonghyuns funeral was private as well, it just means that all the cameras and journalists will camp outside the funeral place.

No. 57482

May be a bit… of topic mood wise but does anyone feel like everyone basically had to delay their teasers and comebacks out of respect rather than because their artists need actual mourning - apart from a few individual cases that is.

I understand it but at the same time it rubs me such a wrong way because realistically these entertainment industries and whatever goes on in them are part of the problem.

No. 57483

So you are saying this commenter is korean? double kek
Learn to read and go through the replies before you reply. Cement-brain

I was talking about the international netizens who were throwing hate at her.

No. 57484

Kpop is fucking dark tbf, if I were a parent of a non Korean kid I'd tell my own kid not to stan idols if I knew about the reality of idol industry exploitation. Foreign media need to report it more rather than suck up to SuperM and let iljin Taeyong act like an Ellen fanboy.

No. 57485

It's all run by money though and the fans themselves usually don't care unless it's someone they've followed/liked a ton.

I think the natural thing here is that everyone is being upset and respectful about it but in reality they will be back to engaging in 'toxic' bs that contributes to this stuff.

No. 57486

>>57482 They have to do it for respect/giving face which is a big deal in Asia. If you don't give "face" people will assume you are rude. She's not a nugu, she debuted as a kid and is a senior/famous idol in the industry.

No. 57488

Maybe the companies did it out of respect but idk about the idols themselves. I know I'd personally feel like absolute shit and a lot of them are probably struggling with mental health as well, it would be weird to force them to comeback
The groups already promoting right now probably have no choice but to continue like nothing happened

No. 57489

ia, but i feel like international news on kpop is really shallow. they're barely scratching the surface because all they do is talk about the training process and the pressure to get surgery. sulli moved to seoul by herself as a kid after her parents divorced, was most likely was groomed by a man 14 years her senior, and was treated as a pariah after she was caught on a date with him.

No. 57490

>>57487 Man in an ideal world someone would call out Choiza for preying on her, and the entire K entertainment industry would shun him. Amber or another exidol insider detached enough from Kpop should speak up about what goes on.

No. 57492

List of all SM idols who talked about having a mental illness:
DBSK Yunho (depression)
Suju Leeteuk, Heechul (both depression)
SNSD Taeyeon, Yoona (both depression), Yuri (said she has a phobia of the sound of cameras clicking)
f(x) Amber, Luna (both depression)
Exo Xiumin (anorexia), Kai (depression)
Red Velvet Joy (depression)
That's quite a huge percentage and those are only the ones who admitted to it.
And despite always asskissing SM Lay said the he would never allow his future children to get a job in the entertainment industry - especially not a daughter…

No. 57493

Taeyeon's parents also said they would not let her enter the industry if they could choose again.

No. 57494

Forgot to add: Sooyoung said her mother suffered from depression because she always read the hate comments about her daughter.
And god knows just how many have some kind of ED, Xiumin is the only one who's open about it.

No. 57495

nct jungwoo has been on a break for unspecified health reasons since summer and taeyong said on a live that jungwoo will return "in a healthier state with a better mindset". i don't think it's reaching to assume that he's also dealing with mental ilness.

No. 57496

Its kind of sad how now after she is dead people realize that the hate against her was stupid…but its to late.

knets/inetz used to nitpick her over everything,its like they wanted her to disappear or something…and their wish became true….

No. 57497

He's like the Korean version of R Kelly, I bet no one is going to call him out. Some retards actually feel bad for him and think he deserved better than Sulli because she was "crazy

No. 57498

Sulli also had really bad friends. Like that instagram live where sulli looked scared of that male fan but her friend just kept on laughing at her.

No. 57499

samefag. 34:50 is where it starts. Sulli also looks like she was stuck in a weird trance and her friend clapped at her to go back to normal.

No. 57500

Me too anon. The worst time of the year aka my birthday and holiday seasons have just started and now this. Wish I could prevent me for looking further into this… and I just know youtube is gonna suggest me the videos of her funeral etc etc

No. 57501

Yeah, Sulli was clearly in need of help that she wasn't getting in the past few years of her life. Having good friends and family doesn't always stop this from happening though (speaking from Jonghyun's case and that of many others who've committed suicide).

Taeyeon has also said the same thing. Others might have already said this but I think it's important–ending the stigma against mental illness in K-pop won't happen any time soon because that would require the whole industry to fall apart in the process. The greedy businessmen behind it wanna keep making money even if it means sacrificing the physical and mental well-being of the idols they employ.

No. 57502

Yup that's why the Kpop biz model shouldn't be exported overseas, it is super depressing that China is copying Produce 101 and Japan are sending their idols to take part in Kpop shows, not that Jpop isn't fucked up already (it's worse underaged girl idols do gravure photobooks, softcore bikini shoots and some actually go into porn)

No. 57504

And I'm sure koreans know this just as much as we do, so why are there still so many parents who allow their kids to enter this industry? Do they really believe that somehow their child won't get abused, won't flop like thousand others, won't get mentally damaged?

No. 57505

F(x) fans and the general kpop fans should protect the idols and call predatory dudes out, it's sad that ratmies and boygroup fans in general are overprotective of male idols and make huge efforts to bury any scandals they get into, but girl groups lose their fans and get thrown to the dogs if they date and lose their "innocence". Why don't female idols have committed fans like NCT or BTS who try to clear search engines of scandalous tags?

No. 57506

they want quick money off of their child, like most stage parents around the world want. they know the dangers but don't care. and of course some idols parents just wanted their kid to be happy and had the funds for it, but didn't even try to educate their kid or themselves on what actually goes on in the industry until it was too late which is arguable just as fucked.

No. 57507

well blackpink is the exception considering they have rabid drooling fans who try to silence anyone like crazy….but i cant think of any girl group having committed fans other than that.
Jennie bullied a girl so much to the point where that girl tried to commit suicide yet that was buried by their fans.

No. 57508

because they have male fans who see them as sexual objects and only go in whatever direction their dick points them to. they have zero interest in helping or protecting the girls they jack off to.

obviously this is generalizing but this is the general impression i’ve gotten.

No. 57509

some of them are stage parents like somi's dad, others probably don't give a shit as long as their kid makes money. a lot of second gen idols came from poor or broken families (yoona, most of tvxq, dara, goo hara)
fx is/was pretty popular (at least sulli and krystal were) but bts and nctfags are teenage and batshit. most of sulli's fans are adults now and have probably have more important shit to do

No. 57510

I think parents who allow their children to enter careers in entertainment are either incredibly naiive, fame-hungry (ala Somi's parents) or both. Also I would think that rich parents can feel like they can use their wealth to potentially insulate their kids from the more disgusting and harsher practices of K-pop.

I'm not too sure about as a non-Korean but I've heard something like the following before. Breaking into the music and arts successfully is tough to do in South Korea given the small market and other factors. I can see K-pop being used as a segway to more serious musical pursuits for many idols/trainees. NCT's Mark seems to wanna be an actual rapper and RV's Wendy has talked about how she strictly wanted to be a solo singer for the longest time. Both of them are idol group members though so I feel like they're using their current status to their advantage in order to boost name recognition for solo artistic pursuits in the future.

No. 57511

Most girl groups have predominantly male fanbases and male fans are fickle as fuck.The gross predatory guys in the industry that target these poor girls/women are the same type that are found in their fanbases.

No. 57513

I remember watching return of Superman and tablo was very vocal about not wanting haru to get into the industry, and he seemed so awkward around the guys at YG and it seemed like the show was really pushing him to take haru to the studios to be around them and have a couple of the members come to their house. Was always kind of weird to me. He would just say things and it was obvious he knew the kitchen bd of shit they were doing. He always seemed like a good dad and I feel he will really do his best to protect her and keep her away from those aspects of the industry if she decides to go into it ( I hope she doesn't)

No. 57514


Btw SuperM topped the Billboard album chart with NYT throwing shade:"But now a K-pop supergroup has truly pushed the envelope: SuperM — a seven-member boy band whose existence was announced just two months ago — topped Billboard’s latest album chart with a seven-track EP that was sold in an array of CD versions and bundle deals. SuperM’s debut, “The 1st Mini Album ‘SuperM’,” opened at No. 1 with 164,000 album sales and a modest 4.9 million streams, according to Nielsen. Of those album sales, 113,000 were CDs and 51,000 were digital downloads. The CD version came in eight packaging variations, one for each member of the group (plus a “united” version), which included a variety of posters and collectible cards. The group’s fans took to social media to display the many versions they acquired."

So fans have to buy 8 different CDs to collect a set or did they get 8 Cds for the cost of 1 album?

No. 57515

Why let her go on reality TV like Superman Returns in the first place, that show is legit giving idols an alternate career path of being reality TV parents and monetizing their kids on shows aka Yulhee and Minhwan plus Soyul and Moon Heejun.

No. 57516

Serri talks about the dark side of the entertainment industry, says she received sponsor offers and drugs.

>>Dal Shabet member Serri recently posted a YouTube video addressing controversial topics such as drugs and sponsorships that is gaining massive attention.

>>She started off by explaining that there are some companies who are likely to accept sponsors and some who aren't. Serri stated that luckily, her CEO never brought any of the members to a drinking meeting. However, Serri has received sponsorship offers through Instagram DM's. She stated that some sponsors will threaten girls who reject their offers, saying that they would not be able to debut or work.

>>Regarding drugs, Serri talks about a time when a fellow idol offered her drugs. The member was a part of an idol group and had the drugs in a vitamin container and told Serri that she'd "feel good" if she ate it. She stated that the individual later appeared in the headlines for drug usage, causing her much shock.


No. 57517

We're all aware of how fucked up K-pop is. Unfortunately nothing will change because K-pop wouldn't be K-pop without rampant corruption.

No. 57518

i think someone in the last thread had a good point re: sulli's career. it's interesting how this has happened right before iu and taeyeon's comebacks, two of her reportedly closest friends. i wonder if she tried to reach out to them, and they were too busy to put their hearts into replying? or, considering how goblin was just 3 months ago, she saw their careers as her future and she couldn't take it anymore? in any case, her reasons must have so many factors - thrust into the industry in 4th grade, preyed on by god knows how many creeps like choiza, jinnabit monopolizing her fandom for so many years, the constant articles and hate she got for just existing, getting lost on her career path and on the way to getting shut out of the only industry she knows at 25… fuck, idolism sucks.

No. 57519

Was anyone else surprised that the supposed Madame Shim looks relatively young? I was expecting the one who is pulling the strings to be some old hag, since everywhere else in Korea it's old geezers calling the shots behind the scenes.

No. 57520

>>57518 can you not baselessly speculate what happened between her and IU or Taeyeon as if people kill themselves to spoil their friends comebacks. What a sick rumour.

No. 57521

I agree but it was also just the first couple of seasons where they didn't expect it to become such a big thing. I think he was mostly doing it to help clear his name after having his career more or less ruined by lies. After that season where they made almost the entire show about his adventures in the YG building, he left the show. There was a bit of backlash and accusations that it had become the YG show. But they did it with SM too in later seasons.

No. 57523

If you google her name you cant find any information about her online (except for these recent articles.)
Isnt that strange anon? She is a owner of a luxury brand and was married to a basketball player yet if you goggle her name you cant find anything.
Apparently articles or mentions of her in the past also used to get deleted.

I wonder if she pissed of someone with even more power than her and now they are letting her get exposed?

No. 57524

can you not put words in my mouth? i was thinking about her support system and why things turned out the way they did. i didn't say she did it out of malicious intent toward her friends, you did. i was thinking she felt lost comparing herself to them. that feeling of imposter syndrome-esque self-doubt isn't uncommon.

No. 57525


The top Sulli Naver search terms are disgusting: "Picture that Sulli deleted in 3 seconds" "Sulli exposure" "Sulli live" "Sulli Instagram" "Sulli Choiza" "Seolhyun" "Choiza" "Sulli live exposure" "Fx"

At least Knetz are calling out pervs and asking Naver to clear those search terms.

No. 57527

Why would you speculate something like imposter syndrome and compare her career to IU/Taeyeon? You put those words in your own mouth. It's a roundabout way of saying you think she envies other's success, throwing shade on a dead person after she killed herself.

Sulli got relentlessly bullied and hated for being a sex symbol, stop speculating why she killed herself before XYZ idol's comeback.

No. 57528

>>57518 Anon it's childish and kinda stupid to think Sulli's support system is made up of IU and Taeyeon, like if they are busy, she has nobody else. Idols don't actually only talk to other idols, many times they aren't even close and only do it for the camera/fanservice.

Time and again the friends and people Sulli hangs out with irl on Instagram are not fellow celebs (maybe idols avoid her after her scandals) but non-celebs, she has many vids on IG live with her drinking buddies and they are all not famous except Goo Hara. Those people are her support network not IU or Taeyeon.

No. 57530

people are feeling bad for choiza because his ig is getting spammed but he groomed a teenage girl and didn't bother defending her when people made disgusting, sexual comments towards her because of him

No. 57532

i'm convinced all kpop stans have internalized misogyny. i still can't fathom how you blame the victim instead of the pedo/predator….

No. 57533


It's insane. it's like once they reach 22-23, they are kept on a tighter leash, put under a microscope. And with mental health just being non existent in korea, it's really depressing… I dunno why they act like these idols lives end at 25. (no pun here. just fucking depressed by all of this.)

What age was the dude from Shinee when he died?

No. 57534

No. 57535

He has a name. Its jonghyun.
He died at 27.

No. 57536

File: 1571092457676.jpg (184.06 KB, 720x720, natepann_temp15710448587005903…)

Sulli filmed a cf a day before she died.

No. 57537


I apologize. I didnt remember his name at the time.

But thank you guys. It feels awful to see anyone take their lives so young.

No. 57538

File: 1571094006242.jpg (111.29 KB, 606x598, untitled.jpg)

She was looking so tiny. This is so depressing. The amount of shit she must have been dealing with…

No. 57540

This is an image board.
If you can't be bothered to repost an image you could even just quote the post from the previou thread using the exact same way you would quote a post from this one.

No. 57541

no guy was a fan of fx lmao

No. 57543

File: 1571098681312.png (308.1 KB, 318x597, Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 8.17.…)

one of fx's songwriter's managed to make Sulli's death all about her lmao

No. 57544

Honestly this is the first time i side with ratmys. I can understand why they send her hate. What a attention whore.

No. 57545

Tbh this is kinda the only way some people know how to cope. It really looks like an attention grab but honestly theres a lot of people who don't know how to deal with death unless they make it about themselves.

No. 57546

kpop fans be like: omfg we need to stop boollying idols before they kill themselves
also kpop fans: immediately start harrassing a woman who has committed the crime of simply pouring out her feelings kek

No. 57548

any sullifags in here rn? I still can't believe it. I've been a fan of hers since la cha ta :( she's always had an idgaf attitude, unfortunately the SK idol system does not like that. she was trapped in it. all she had were a few fx fans who still supported her. it really is hyper competitive with a quick expiry date.

No. 57549

me too. i fell out of kpop long ago but this has been such a reality check. i could have never expected this to happen. that the pretty popular girl i used to admire could meet such a demise. i feel so stunned.

No. 57551

it's crazy that sulli committed suicide and not long ago her good friend hara attempted the same…it's so sad becoming a celebrity so young only to have people turn on you when you grow up and aren't what they want anymore. also south korea's mental health awareness is so bad.

No. 57552

File: 1571102951521.jpg (65.88 KB, 1200x675, pD1UQ7Y.jpg)

>>57533 You're trying to drive a narrative of Kpop industry throwing away idols once they hit 25 and reaching hard to fit Jonghyun into it, but Jonghyun def wasn't thrown away and he was 27. The year he died he published a book and even talked about achieving his dream and quoted the most significant line of his book during Shinee's variety promos.

For the umpteenth time, Sulli wasn't thrown away by SM despite her dating scandal. Tbh I think SM gave her tons of leeway because she was highly marketable as a model/celeb compared to the other F(x) girls, f(x) were basically discarded after Sulli left and she had a few solos. She was doing ads yesterday and scheduled to film her Haters Night talkshow (JTBC called it a new show "to help the stars become stronger psychologically" jeez) and missed it tragically. She has more work than Luna or Amber definitely.

No. 57554

Re JTBC Haters panel show: On October 14, 2019, the cast and producers recorded another epiosde, per a Monday scheduling, unaware of the death of co-host Sulli, whose death was reported later in the day. Trailers for more episodes were discontinued and the show's producers made no official statement about the future of the show.

Wonder if having to host that show and analyze hate comments made Sulli more aware of her cyberbullies and affected. She was already super vulnerable and into hard drinking

No. 57555


[+19, -6] This show killed Sulli. She had a filming schedule for this show the next day but she probably didn't want to go. We all knew that she was suffering from depression and hate comments and yet you still made her get up in front of people and read her own hate comments?

[+16, -0] But if not for shows like this, where else can celebrities clear up their rumors and feelings of exasperation? They should just get rid of the part where they read the hate comments and have a separate section for therapy or a lawyer on set to help them draft lawsuits against the hate commenters ㅠㅠㅠ I don't think the show is at fault, it's the hate commenters who are.

No. 57556

That is the longest torso I've ever seen holy SHIT.

No. 57557

Wtf kind of show is this? Is this like when Buzzfeed has random celebrities read hate tweets because its supposed to be funny?

No. 57558

people need to stop saying ''x or y killed sulli''. she is the one who made the decision to end her life in the end.

No. 57559

nitpicking a dead girl… cool thread 10/10 we're nothing like those mean old knetizens

No. 57560

If she's dead it can't hurt her feelings can it?

No. 57561

Fuck off

No. 57563

sulli's solo was a flop and that show is not relevant

No. 57564

File: 1571107193614.jpg (29.4 KB, 540x302, 201904251957491110_1.jpg)

I keep hearing about idols sleeping with their eyes open, is it an asian thing or a side effect from eyelid surgery?

No. 57565

Imagine going through you life and being surrounded by people who just want something from you, photos, aegyo, fanservice that they can show off to their friends.

Then the people in the industry, others who want to take you down because they are jealous, men who just want you for sex or to show off who they "scored with" to their friends.

No one is your friend.

No. 57566

Was talking about male K-pop fans in general not f(x) fans. Also f(x) fans were definitely interesting in that they had mostly casual fans of predominantly neither gender.

No. 57568

Sorry didnt mean to quote anyone here.

No. 57569

So 8 hrs ago jimin posted a thank you message on twitter https://twitter.com/statuses/1183816723633299456 for his fans. What do you guys think? Isn't it very insensitive to post something like that when the whole kpop industry is mourning. Like i get it, you had an awesome birthday and wanted to thank everyone who cared about it, but could you be more smart about it? His birthday was 2 days ago, he could have thanked them yesterday before the news about sulli surfaced. Ugh idk, i just hate this lizard boy.

No. 57570

File: 1571108893104.jpg (586.58 KB, 1080x1743, 20191015_100759.jpg)

Samefag. The link is dead now, sorry.

No. 57571

This wasnt necesary.

No. 57572

what is wrong with him? he has no class for posting this.

No. 57573

>When a consenting grown adult chooses to get into the industry after they are of age, its a little bit harder to feel sympathy.

When you grow up in the industry, it's all you know. Some types of people fall apart like Sulli, some types of people thrive like Seungri, unless they get caught out.

No. 57574

goddamn jimincel always fucks up

no but seriously i sure he didn't mean to do any malice

No. 57575

inb4 ban

No. 57576

He didnt even bother to fake his empathy, even when he could earn fake woke points from it

No. 57577

I saw this and just thought, wow, BTS really do think they can get away with anything and everything since they’re on top now.

No. 57578

it makes me sick that kpop went on as usual even after the sex scandals, shouldn't it have been the last straw? didn't idols especially male ones feel shame carefreely promoting like nothing happened? this warranted comebacks etc being postponed as well but no let's just ignore it… also rabid kpop fans who believe only the guys who were outed are bad boys and their favs are cute angels who could do no wrong. if they had ever questioned their undying loyalty to these men they don't know, they would have stopped supporting this cancerous misogynistic rapey horrible industry

No. 57579

File: 1571111668439.jpg (157.69 KB, 1080x694, 20191015_105328.jpg)

Crazy days and nights being such an attention whore in times like this


No. 57580

this lady makes everything about her, now you know why armys hate her. she made the whole last comeback about herself and claimed that she wrote the whole thing when RM went on vlive and said he wrote the lyrics kekekek

No. 57581

I read about the trending searches involving Sulli on Korean sites today and I really hope its not true.

No. 57582

BTS aren't even uwu cute bois anymore to ratmys they're gods who could do no wrong

No. 57583

this whole situation reminds me of when BM from Kard quoted a tweet a few months ago from a Loona/NCT stan about Kard being flops despite training for so many years. idols see it all and it sucks that people have to project anger from their own life onto other people that they think somehow don't have feelings.

No. 57585

lol loona and nct stans shouldn't throw stones in a glass house

No. 57586

The tv show in which sulli had to read the hate comments directed to her aint helping either.

>JTBC called it a new show "to help the stars become stronger psychologically".

Wtf so much bullshit
I hate this kind of show (hello counselor is an example)

>During Sulli's turn, she responded cheerfully to the mean spirited comments. She agreed with a commenter that said her biggest success is her social presence on SNS and that she is an attention seeker. She disagreed with a commenter who said she looked like a "druggie" because of her large dilated pupils, saying that she has done nothing illegal, but had studied drug behavior during method acting.[6]And she denied going braless to seek attention, saying that for her it was more comfortable, as well as "more natural and prettier". She said she sees bras as an accessory that she sometimes wears, and she had continued to go braless after it became a controversy to help make the prejudice disappear.

>Discussing past malicious comments she had received, Sulli said she had started to sue once, but the commenter, a student at a prestigious college, had sent a long letter of apology, and she had forgiven them. However, she said she would not do the same again.[6] She expressed her hope that people could accept each other's differences and said, "there are so many unique types of people in this country with so much talent and I feel like they're wasting it by putting their energy into critiquing others like this online."

No. 57587

File: 1571113102300.jpg (389.26 KB, 1080x1394, 20191015_111720.jpg)

No. 57588

Could this have also been Hara?

No. 57589

where do these anon posts come from? they're as credible as that one anon in the last thread saying they had evidence of blackpink with a sponser

No. 57590

Honestly it could have been anyone. Seolhyun, any of the girls in SNSD etc. Almost any female idol could fit as they all also act and do variety and have dated other celebrities. Really unfortunate no matter who its about if its true.

No. 57591

I said i hate what cn&d is doing to attract clicks.

I think cn&d just sorted of link this "blind item" from 2017 to the recent tragedy, thats why i said they were being such an attention whore. With jjy case leaked its not entirely impossible that it really happened in 2017 to someone, but to link it with sulli's death with the purpose of clickbait is just stupid

No. 57592

She posted a whole video after that about her cyberbullying again and mentions Sulli like 10x calling her a dear 'friend' when she hasn't even met her, all she did was work on one song of f(x).

No. 57594

Oh ok I didn't realize they reposted it, I just saw the 2017 date.

No. 57598

Bigshit/BTS don't give a fuck about SM and are probably happy SuperM cannot promote because they are salty that a rival company is gunning for Billboard #1 and trying to eat into their share of the US market. Kpop industry execs are that cutthroat and competitive, Bigshit always hinted that SM was the company they wanted to beat.

No. 57600

If you ever wonder why older male idols harrass women (Lee Juno, Minwoo, etc) get involved in molka scandals (Burning sun), cheat on their gfs (Kangta, Nam Tae Hyun) or cheat their fans like Kang Sunghoon, whereas most older female idols just lead a normal life without preying or abusing anyone, well SK culture enables that by treating male idols like literal gods who can do no wrong.

No. 57601

Other kpop artists have been posting teasers and other news throughout the day, not just BTS

No. 57602

Comments like this show how many SEAfag muslims actually inhabitate this thread. If she choses to expose herself then obv people would search for it. It is not even leaked nudes. She agreed to show herself in lives and in movies. So get off your moral ground and stop saying it's perverted. This is coming from a straight girl who couldnt care less about her boobs btw so dont @ me.

No. 57603

it's really not that hard to have tact. All she had to say was she was sad about sulli passing away, she wrote an fx song, and that's it. There's no reason for her to turn it into a pity party for herself.

No. 57604

Run BTS is postponed until further notice so

No. 57605

Nobody knows or cares which shitty lyrics Ratmon did or didn't write except you. Learn to hide your power level a little better.
And stop making someone else's tragedy all about your asshole oppas. You're just about as bad as that opportunistic scum you're complaining about.

No. 57606

i didnt make anything about "my oppas" in fact she did, if you read her post and watched her video .

No. 57607

If it were true then there would be several cases of it happening in the past when girls didn't have the funds.

But I've never heard of such a thing

No. 57608

Was only a casual fan of f(x) but I always liked her idgaf attitude and how she seemed so strong….I guess in the end she wasn't

I always felt that for the things she did, her punishment didn't fit the crime. Not wearing a bra and being weird on Instagram isn't an offense worthy of threats. It's very sad that all her cries for help went ignored

No. 57610

Nta but stop dragging seafags whenever someone says vague fucked up shit, unless theyre being transparent about it. Anon probably thought it was disrespectful for people to dig into her dark past, thus making those keywords to appear as the top searches and attract people who know nothing about it to dig along. I agree with you though, it's not like she never agreed to publish those pics/vids.

No. 57611

File: 1571121650991.jpg (29.53 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

I'm not wking the knetz in any way but i kinda understand why they took her transformation so strongly. It's like the miley cyrus' breakdown in the us, only this happened in korea where people are more reluctant to accept different things other than what they consider as acceptable (this is not racebait okay). People literally watched her grew up from a 10 year old child actress to the "different" sulli. It's hard to accept that the person they knew as a sweetheart has abruptly changed to the sex icon that she was.

No. 57615

How tf was she a sex icon… Why are you calling her that?

No. 57616

the patriarchy. korea is absolutely shit for women but in a difference sense than countries like saudi arabia etc. and no one really realises especially koreaboos who come here solely for kpop

No. 57617

agreed. she was just doing normal instagram shit and celebrity photo shoots that are normal for american celebrities. she was never a sex icon nor do i think she wanted to be . i’m sorry but i refuse to give the south korean knetz and general public the benefit of the doubt. it’s the 21st century and guess what? women aren’t ‘pure’. i wish they would stop thinking they have any control over celebrities or that their opinions matter

No. 57618

starting to believe he's a bit dim lol if he had any common sense all of his scandals wouldn't have happened

No. 57619

I mean if it was the dudes birthday he had all the right to say something to fans. BTS (like any kpop group) thrives from the relationship they have with their fans. People here (and in general) expect life to stop for everyone when someone within the industry dies which is unrealistic.

It sort of odd to think how idols like Hyuna are basically allowed to gloat about going out naked or being all sexual but the moment another idol does something similar it could go either way.

Not to say Hyuna doesn't get hate but she definitely has a fair amount of support too.

The industry literally establishes this image of idols being godly and pure. I have no doubt that there's expectations for them to do this, but realistically the whole thing is started and maintained by the actual company, and the whole 'fan relationship' is possibly the most important way to success too. So, fans are often encouraged to think they have some sort of chance in dating said idol and that the idol is some sort of angel that they must protect.

No. 57620

that’s very true but in sulli’s case most of the people (in fact nearly all i would argue) weren’t actually fans of hers who i could conceivably believe would develop such a parasocial fixation with her. i’m willing to bet most of the hate she got was from entitled and judgemental non fans who don’t understand mental illness and women have choices to live their life how they want.

No. 57622

Bruh forgive me for being an ESLfag, what I meant was that people associated her with sexual stuff because she went braless, did suggestive photoshoots, etc.

I am in no way giving them the benefit of the doubt. I was just trying to explain as to why koreans were so harsh regarding her abrupt transformation, it's more or less affected by their norms and social standards. It's similar to Miley Cyrus' situation, just that it happened in SK.

No. 57623

People feel bad for harassing teenagers but once theyre adults people think its fine.

No. 57625

Do you guys think if she wouldve left sm and the idol image then she wouldve stayed alive? I think people hated her because she was an idol and everytime idols date or do something sexual they get bashed. Do you guys remember gain's bloom? Its a song about female masturbation and koreans were furious about it.
Sulli shouldve left the idol scene completely and choose an underground company. People associate SM with idols. Heck even sungmin is on hiatus just because hes married. Idol culture is insane yet it will never die because:
1. Kpop idols support korea's economy
2. People want idol fame and are willing to risk their soul for it

No. 57626

it is not her dark past though - she was open about it and encouraged healthy discussion about fetisization of female parts

No. 57627

Hyuna was always bashed from day one. The difference is that she doesnt suit much the idol image. Shes more of a Korean singer that's it. The minute she left 4minute her whole image was about being different and sexual. At that time feminism wasnt big so you can imagine all the hate she received. Parents COMPLAINED so much about MAMA where she performed troublemaker with that dude from beast. You should've seen the outrage. HyunA lowered people's expectations so nobody was shocked anymore. She found her niche in that sense and became popular with some men and a lot of women.

No. 57628

You don't think the fact that a girl literally just died and the first thing people search for is her nudes, is perverse? You're fucking retarded if you think that's a "healthy discussion

No. 57630

Exactly. Sulli was too much of an activist and pioneer. People want idols to stay out of politics at any cost especially women.
Sulli was too good for them.

No. 57632

I agree. It's 1 thing to remember her as sulli "the activist", but the people who search for the nudes arent there to applaud her for what she had been fighting for-its the exact opposite. Its as if that anon agreed to her being degraded and insulted even in death.

No. 57633

sulli's last ig live video. her eyes look so depressed here, she's also listening to a song that has lyrics that allude to suicide

>And Harlem River swallow me

>Put your hands around my neck
>And Harlem River I can't breathe
>They've got the lights down now
>And Harlem River give me wings
>Put my head up in the clouds

No. 57634

File: 1571126367603.png (866.96 KB, 2048x1745, Screenshot_20191015-035917.png)

No. 57636

You're just as retarded as the twitterfag who said that. It's always the combination of things that we will never know for sure what, saying only this or that triggered her is stupid. You don't know her personally.

No. 57642

nah, she was always like this apparently. She used her ‘participation’ in writing some of BTS’ boy with luv lyrics for a guiness record, thinking she was some hot shit and here she goes again. For once ratmies were right to send her hate. She tries too much to be relevant but she’s really not lol

No. 57643

File: 1571133750307.png (270.04 KB, 372x690, Sulli.png)


nta you're replying to, but you're probably right about it being a combination

No. 57644

I wish she had left a note like jonghyun or jang ja yeon did (they said they found notes in her apt, but they're something like diary which wouldn't be revealed to the public), at least we'd get a glimpse of what was really bothering her. Not everything of course, just a little bit of information will do. I'd rather hear from her directly than some anons assuming that A/B killed her, then proceeded to fight each other or wk some obviously evil company (every company in the industry is).

Then again, even a message will be forgotten. It will not change the way kpop industry works. Jonghyun poured his heart out in the letter but nothing ever changed because of it.

Tinfoil: she actually left a note but some people would rather keep it to themselves because they dont want to get in trouble
>inb4 reee ur crazy

No. 57645

Ratmies have never been right since they existed, please hide your power level better

No. 57646

File: 1571134735822.jpg (182.58 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20191015_121739.jpg)

she did leave something, apparently its not pertinent to her death though so we wont be reading it. im honestly glad theyre respecting her privacy, whatever the memo may contain.

No. 57647

I wonder if with enough money someone could leak the basic contents of this

No. 57648

well this is interesting. if not a suicide note or a goodbye or anything pertaining to her death — it’s an unrelated “memo”? I wonder what it could be. call me pessimistic but I can imagine reasons besides empathy being the driving forces behind such discretion

No. 57649

Does anyone find it sort of weird how her close friends are coming out crying on IG lives and the like? This feels like it should be a very private moment for everyone but they're all making it very public.

No. 57650

>>57648 i thought the same, whenever the korean police choose not to disclose something my first instinct is to question whose ass is being covered

No. 57651

Sullis non-idol friends always seemed kind of shitty to me, so this is not really surprising.

They let her drunkenly humiliate herself several times on IG lives and when that creep wouldn't leave her alone they just laughed.

No. 57652

SM is famous for never suing anybody, they also never took any actions against their male idols' crazy sasaengs.

Or maybe they were also drunk and therefore couldn't comprehend how serious the situation was?
Blaming her normie friends is the last thing we should do. They were probably the only ones she had, her parents obviously didn't give af and her celeb friends are just as unstable.
Has anybody but Hara posted anything personally?

No. 57653

I'm glad dongwan from shinwa is being outspoken about the latest event. In fact he always writes something like this, he gets hated by knetz most of the time but he just keeps doing it. I know it's not gonna change the industry, but we need more people to speak up. It'd be interesting to know the pov of 1st & 2nd gen idols.

No. 57655

Shinhwa fell out with SM when they left as a group so they will call SM out publicly, recall the slave contract lawsuits SM fought versus JYJ and EXO's Chinese line, SM doesn't have a glittering staff welfare record.

Shinhwa and Beast/Highlight did something more groups should do which is to stand up to their mgmt.

No. 57656

And yet he's groupmates with a guy who likes to harass girls while on nights out with his bestie Jungkook…

No. 57657

Nobody knows if she was surrounded by cloutchasers or not. Entering the entertainment industry as a child must be shit because you have very few real friends and people approach you all the time because of your looks or fame. Some people blamed Sulli for throwing away her privilege but can you imagine being surrounded by parents who want to use you for money, friends who want clout and creepy men who want sex.

No. 57658

>>57657 Case in point Lindsay Lohan. Not sure what happened to her after Parent Trap but she looks really hard these days

No. 57659

>>57656 How is he responsible for what Minwoo did sperg?

No. 57660

File: 1571141206142.png (5.85 MB, 1242x2208, 1F7F1D20-E52F-4469-8E96-6C11EC…)

does she even speak chinese?

No. 57661

The antics of a mentally unwell woman aren't "activism". Is it really feminism to do softcore porn in a country that hates women?

No. 57662

She wasn't an activist and she also didn't do softcore porn (nude scenes in a mainstream film aren't porn). Maybe she was feminist insofar as she tried to normalise woman to go braless like men, but imo she was a rebel without a cause

No. 57663

"we will not disclose the contents of the unrelated memo that is neither a diary entry nor suicide note"

Well you can be pretty sure it names some names.

No. 57666

Yeah i dont get why anons glorified her mental illnesses like that

No. 57667

They could have said they didnt find anything at all if they wanted to cover something up, but would it be too suspicious?

No. 57668

How is him working with a sexual harasser any different than bigbang choosing to ignore and stay quiet about what seungri did?
If he really cared so much about social justice then he should have dropped him.

I guess most chinese kids can speak english and so does she? Still weird tho. Maybe it's only for one episode.

No. 57673

I'm sure they will use an interpreter the whole time

No. 57674

Not that anon, but you never know what goes on behind the scenes. If you want to hate then hate junjin cause he blatantly defended minwoo.
Dongwan didnt say anything doesnt mean he approved of what minwoo did. Real life relationships are complicated, he's been friends with minwoo for like what, 20 years? He cant just talk shit in public about his bandmate, thats not how normal adult men handle their conflicts.

Yes bigbang members are shitty but they have always been open about their dislike to seungri, still no one drags them into the actual case of burning sun as if theyre responsible for what happened. At this point youre no different than knetz who just love to spend their time looking for the faults in others.

No. 57675

If the memo is unrelated, why bring it up? It feels highly sus

No. 57676

Her 'offenses' were nothing. Korea treats women and female idols like objects to be desired, and once they do 'wrong' they are trash. It's disgusting and a big example of the culture's mindset towards women. Anons here are pretty smart and we all see how male idols (BTS, SperM, Big Bang etc) can act vs female idols

No. 57677

This is why i will relentlessly call out gender double standards in Kpop and spergy ratmies and nctfags who protect their oppas and blame any woman who they date for scandalising them. Btsfags on reddit are acting all "Poor Sulli!" but they harrassed Mijoo, Suran, Solbin, etc for being close to BTS.

It's terrible how female idols in Kpop are treated compared to male idols.

No. 57678

No. 57679


i dont think with a fandom that large we can just assume the same people who attacked mijoo or suran are the same people (or type of people) who are expressing sympathy towards sulli. sympathetic people and assholes can exist within the same fandom and they dont just cancel eachother out nor do they necessarily have to be hypocrites for being on either side, but i see your point about the different standards male and female idols are held to for sure.

No. 57681

File: 1571149201353.jpg (284.91 KB, 982x719, fuckatragedy.jpg)

I hope one day, an idol/A-lister will publish a whole ass expose: text messages, contracts, recordings, everything, before offing themselves. One day, someone who has nothing left will be a martyr, not just a victim. Set it aflame, all of it.

No. 57682


Former SNSD SM trainee Stella Kim who almost debuted talked about how:

-Every week they had profile filming's where they would tell you at what angles you look ugly.

-They would scale weigh them and the ''heavier'' girls would be humiliated in-front of everybody.

-Her dermatologist kept recommending her plastic surgery and fillers.

-Felt pressured because other girls were getting procedures done.

-Developed a eating disorder.

-Says her friends who are still in the kpop industry have self image issues.

Sulli def went through the same, she was shamed for being bottom heavy years ago and looked so different in this pic >>57538 it's sad.

No. 57684

>>57681 Why do you want another suicide can't they publish an expose without offing themselves? Creep.

No. 57685

File: 1571150304359.jpeg (294.89 KB, 750x919, A7FA8383-274A-45C6-A1DA-284F90…)

poor pedo being “bullied”

No. 57687

disgusting. why are they siding with this creep? why arent they suspecting anything from him?

No. 57689

Other than Amber, did any of her other bandmates say anything about her?

No. 57690

None of the others are publicly saying anything but Luna was seen at a Funeral Hall earlier today.

No. 57691

I'm not wishing for their death dumbass. Unfortunately, only a person who is ready to die will even think of plotting something like that, especially a public figure who faces intense pressure from all sides to live and die quietly. It would have to be motivated by revenge/spite as the last act of protest, because tattling is not only social suicide, NDA's are a thing, they'll be effectively breaking the law. Not to mention, depends on how explosive the info is, they may even be violently silenced. Let's not be naive.
She was only hearsay and a nobody… so no one cares

No. 57692

>>57691 Fuck off you're the nobody blatantly hoping more idols would off themselves.

There are exposes by former SM trainees, current idols or 9Muses BBC documentary where they got yelled at and slapped on camera but you want someone to die for the drama.

No. 57693

What did he do? People should leave him alone

No. 57694

>>Inb4 sperg anon argues she needs to die before they hear her protest

No. 57695

Idol culture affects both women and men. Both cant date or have sex. Thats how it is.
Sulli couldve quit but she chose to stay bc she wanted fame.
If you cant handle being an idol then QUIT.
The industry is not dying

No. 57696

cut version idk where's the full documentary, if 9Muses was treated that way on camera it was probably 100x worse irl

No. 57698

Where did jennie bully someone? Shes extremely hated constantly. Someone even made a twitter account just to wish jennie death. Shes one of the most hated people right now. Wheres the receipts?

No. 57699

Is there any receipt gd and leeteuk did those things or you just hate male artists? Bruh

No. 57701

>>57695 She quit being an idol in 2015 when she left f(x) and went into acting and modeling.

>>57698 Mostly it's Lisa and the gopchang princess thing

No. 57702

Hes a sweetheart. Stop making up shit. Is this thread just filled with edgy gg stans?

No. 57703

Lisa fans constantly talk about how they want to kill jennie and jennie and Lisa are friends..ill read the article tho

No. 57704

She did quit you retard.

No. 57705

No. I doubt f(x) are even close with sulli

No. 57706

Yeonwoo-ya…. Kek

No. 57707

She shouldve quit sm then. She knew being in sm would associate her with idols. She couldve stayed away from idol culture. She wanted clout and stayed. She paid the price

No. 57708

Leeteukfags still exist in 2019?

No. 57709

Youre really acting like leeteuk, a man who does multiple shows a day doesnt have any fans? embarassing

No. 57710

Fuck off.

No. 57711

ITT gg stans who hate any man older than 18 for taking pictures with younger women because apparently thats evil

No. 57712

Can you come up with an argument? Being in SM = being associated with idols. she paid the price

No. 57713

I dont know about gd. But leeteuk went after snsd when they were 12-14,krystal when she was 17, he fatshamed underage suzy and his most recent of trying to slide into yeonwoos dm's who is 23.
Lets not defend a creep like leeteuk.

No. 57714

Retarded besuty gurus get 1000x more hate than sulli daily and they're still alive. Shes weak asf

No. 57715

Leeteuk apologized for the sulli thing. Give me proof for the snsd thing please. And you said shes 23 so its legal??

No. 57716

well they also shouldn't call choiza a pedo kek.

No. 57717

Sorry i meant to say suzy thing

No. 57718

Fucking search for the snsd thing you lazy bitch. you are still going to defend him. Because you are a oppa apologist

No. 57723

SM has a ton of subsidiaries with soloists, actors and actresses they are not only an idol agency idiot. They are the parent company of KeyEast, Woolim, Mystic home to hundreds of non idol actors, indie singers, producers, pianists etc

No. 57724

I just want proof he tried to get into underage girls pants. If he really did then ill def hate him but so far ive never heard of it

No. 57725

holy shit. it is so samefaggy in here I have to step outside for a little.

No. 57726

You shifted the goalpost. Her staying with SM is irrelevant, she would’ve gotten hate no matter which company she was signed with. You’re saying she was a clout chaser for not giving up her career and forcing herself into irrelevancy at age 21, get fucked.

No. 57728

itt some faggot talking to themselves

No. 57731

Here is proof of leeteuk trying to get into underage/younger girls pants for the reatrded oppa apologists

Collection of leeteuk being a creep
1.When krystal was 17

2.When yoona was 13

3.Elementary school age Sunye

4.Him saying sooyoung was his first love when she was 12 and he was 20

5.35 year old leeteuk trying to slide into 23 year olds yeonwoos dm's

There was also that moment with taeyeon too where he also liked her when she was 14,there were also some dating rumors beetwen them in the past which makes it even creepier.

6.He also made a rape joke about getting girls drunk

No. 57732


Ok, as if that isn’t a dead give away that you’re a stan that wants to larp as a Korean

No. 57734

this is so gross. thank you for enlightening us. Now im disgusted by every male in the industry and im praying for all of the girls. There should be an exposing the creeps of kpop thread lol

No. 57735

This is a critical thread, if you want to gush about how great he is, go to the Koop general thread.

No. 57738

File: 1571158506008.jpeg (50.56 KB, 733x216, BF0513C8-407A-4EDD-8595-94542B…)

“How can I make this tragedy about my faves?”

No. 57739

>4.Him saying sooyoung was his first love when she was 12 and he was 20

this is fucking disgusting. I'm convinced every kpop idol or even korean male is okay with this kind of behavior because their society is okay with it. sexualizing a girl as young as 12?? wtf that's really some sick shit

No. 57740

It feels like they are sympathizing more with this pedo creep than Sulli. i hate this.

No. 57741

In this case she'd be right to take legal action.

No. 57742

>them using sulli's suicide to guilt-trip people for lending constructive criticism towards a genuinely lazy sack of shit
jennie stans reach a new low every day

No. 57747

File: 1571160937911.jpeg (191.44 KB, 750x636, F81BD70B-424A-437C-BBB3-79B186…)

They don’t even bother saying anything about Sulli.

There are a lot of idols that got criticized for lazy dancing but Jennie got the most of it because of yg’s blatant favoritism

No. 57748

You can see a good amount of time that Lisa and Jennie don't get on lmao

No. 57750

i wonder if sulli was one of burning sun's victims. she always struck me as a vulnerable and broken girl, i feel so sad for her.

No. 57751

god that would be horrible i pray not

No. 57752

I saw people doing the same shit for taeyong. They unironically compared the hate sulli got to the hate he's getting for being a homophobic booly.

No. 57754

This is so salty. I dont care if you're worried about your bias, but this isnt the way to do it. it's tactless

No. 57756

File: 1571168351945.jpg (73.23 KB, 1000x555, 1571140185-20191015-shindongry…)

>Ryeowook (who once was fat himself): "Shindong, please exercise a bit for your health"
>the rest of Suju: "uwu he's already playing golf!"
And then poor little Shindong oppar looked uncomfortable
I don't care that his fans say that the fatshaming comments of his happened a decade ago, he was already in his mid 20s, he should've known better, he simply is trash.
He's already passed the line to obesity 50 pounds ago, I really wonder how he's still able to dance.

No. 57757

she literally quit the group in the middle of promotions because of the slut shaming she was getting for being in a relationship(instead of…you know..the make getting shot for being so much older than her) and she didnt want to break her contract because that would have caused problems with her company. so she worked it out with them and they agreed to keep her and let her go into acting which was what she wanted to do

No. 57758

fuck i didnt even think about that, anon
really hope not

No. 57760

he would also make jabs at ryeowook and call himself more attractive while the rest of the members cheered him on

ryeowook may be just your average gay twink but shindong is a literal hambeast

No. 57761

File: 1571170411585.png (409.4 KB, 764x576, Untitled.png)

He should just give up and become a comedian already or be the next Moon He Joon and camp out and wait for an underaged idol waifu to snatch up. He'd fit right in. Speaking of the creep Moon He Joon, he's still at it trying to recapture his glory now that hes in the spotlight again for putting his toddler all over tv. This was literally posted a day ago and I could barely stomach the article.. It kind of makes me sick how the media forces its viewers and readers to fawn over old washed up male idols making fools of themselves(but oppa lost weight he looks so good the bar is so low!!111) while a woman cant even reach 30 without having to have extensive plastic surgery and still remain chaste and sexless and underweight.

No. 57763

He is so fat and disgusting. Ontop of being a sexist pig, how is this piece of shit an idol?

No. 57764

>dancing with dignity

Just yikes

No. 57768

Why haven't they renamed the group to Super Seniors?

No. 57769

Thought that was BTS Jimin topkek

They have the same height and style lel

No. 57771

rofl i love you
But seriously, Suju attempting a comeback now is straight up embarrassing

No. 57776

Why, cause you think they're old?

No. 57777

i think youre the only sujufag here

No. 57778

NTA but I agree a group being 'old' is a dumb reason for them not to have a comeback. They need age appropriate styling and songs and to kick out shindong ofc but it's not embarrassing to exist past 30 and keep performing for the fans you have left.

t. a dbsk stan so my favs have been around even longer and will probably be like jpop groups still going in their 40s

No. 57779

Yeah, not a Sujufag, but thanks for assuming. I was just asking. And if it really is because you think they're old, you better not be one of the people complaining about ageism in Kpop, lol.

No. 57780

nta but i dont give one fuck about male idols, because of shit like this >>57761

they can be dumb ugly fat drug addicted pedophile fucks with no talent and still get treated like gods despite their age, by the general korean public
its a completely different situation for female idols and you know it

No. 57781

it's not cause they're old it's cause they're styled like 16 year old idols rather than 29-38 year olds. they look deprecate cause of that.

No. 57782

Spotted the oppalogist

No. 57783

>Collection of leeteuk being a creep
1.When krystal was 17

Wtf did I just read. Not even about Leeteuk – just the part where Krystal says she (joke) accepted proposals from older dudes in the company in her youth.
Why is that even a joke/point of conversation among men who are older who work with kids/teenagers. I know she didn't specify which oppas they were but like ??? Gross. Yes some could be closer to her age and not pedophilic (still weird and potentially creepy) but the context overall is just icky.

No. 57784

>>57783 The marriage proposal thing is common as a joke in some conservative Asian cultures… Tbh it's no big deal if Lee Teuk confessed once to Krystal only but the creep confesses to every underaged female idol with a pulse ew

No. 57785

are you the one that defended leeteuk

No. 57786

Common does not uncreepy make, anon. Oppa is gross.

No. 57789

jimincel" has to be the funniest thing i've ever heard on lolcow holy shit lmfao

i legitimately can't say or type it with wheezing from laughter

No. 57790

jimincel in 15 years lol

No. 57791


cant even fucking type

No. 57792

weird thing is how the women fans will attack other women for even rumoring that a male idol is dating.

While if the roles were reversed the men would be criticizing the woman idol for not remaining pure. I suppose they subscribe to lock and key theory.

No. 57793

And ryeowook at least knows how to sing

No. 57795

male kpop idol fans generally don't care. i mean they care a bit but not even comparable to how female fans react. it's more what the gp thinks that effects female idols.

No. 57797

File: 1571200833621.jpg (87.78 KB, 746x421, natty.jpg)

wow Natty went from Thai to past Korean now she looks straight Japanese

No. 57798

some would consider that an upgrade unfortunately

No. 57800

Why did Natty not get something out of Sixteen and idol school? Seemed so weird, she was ranked the most skilled in the entire group but couldn't even get last spot like Chaeyeon.

No. 57801

Probably because she hadn't "fixed" her face yet to please the Korean public

No. 57802

Kek right
Shindong is tonedeaf af, people are acting like he's park hyo shin or something in this vid, it's embarrassing

No. 57803

File: 1571205532796.png (104.89 KB, 1130x666, Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 11.1…)

The BTS thread on VC is…something else.

Watch out, Jin oppa! /s

No. 57805


No. 57807


It is tbh
It doesn't look botched

No. 57809

Wow they have turned fully batshit. I was there last year on the kpop thread, it was just people discussing the ~hidden meanings~ behind kpop mvs, but then the ratmy separated themselves from the main thread and this happened. It's rude and uncalled for to predict someone's death like that.

No. 57810

Pretty sure they're just hired crowds lol

No. 57811

>She was only hearsay and a nobody… so no one cares
NTA but it certainly wasn't "only hearsay" with her. I don't know if any other anons on here used kpsm/2 but she was regularly discussed on there back in the day as she was friends with Sooyoung and Jessica iirc and would post pictures with them and her eating disorder was clearly visible. She's obviously had some first-hand experience and plenty of proof to go with it. People don't care because people want to continue enjoying k-pop. People wouldn't care if someone killed themselves and exposed the industry either. They'd still continue.

Case in point:
>Korean actress who killed herself and wrote about all the men who had raped her in the industry.
Shit gets brushed under the rug. Death won't solve it.

No. 57812

their obsession with looks is nigh autism tier

No. 57813

Yeah, jonghyun died but no one learned

No. 57814


>3. [+804, -63] Out of the big three, they're the quietest company with the least scandals and yet they suffer the worst things to happen

>5. [+32, -0] I noticed that SM has a tendency to keep their artists on board without terminating any contracts but if you're going to do that, please continue to take care of them and give them the attention that they need. Keeping their contracts on board isn't the only way to care for your artists….

>10. [+17, -6] Honestly, I've never seen SM take any official action over her hate comments. They take in young kids and put them through intense competition before debuting them as singers and then milk them as much as they can to make their investment back. They don't stop to check the mental healths of these kids… Let's be real, Super M was only put together because EXO and SHINee are in the army and they're scared of their stock prices dropping. So many of them have complained of sasaengs but SM has never done anything about it. Honestly… SM needs to be in trouble for that….

No. 57815

File: 1571213435175.jpg (190.19 KB, 1364x2048, attention whore .jpg)

what is it with jimincel and his need to constantly expose his twinky body? i thought they weren't meant to be doing that at the saudi concert but it seems like he couldn't help himself

No. 57816

>t. farmer

No. 57817

?? hasn't SM had a lot of scandals

No. 57818

serious question but is jimin really under 60kg (132 lbs) he looks like he's in 8th grade

No. 57819

jennie stans are just as self centered as her

No. 57820


SperMfags are kicking up a fuss that it's written by Ratmy journalists.

No. 57821

>the least scandals out of the big 3

No. 57822

Jimincel looks drunk. He drinks alcohol like it's water high chance he's alcoholic.

No. 57823

Nothing worse than people who seek profit from others' misery. Now they'll use it as an excuse to give everyone a pass even when they don't deserve it (like seungri for example)

No. 57824

more than jyp??

i must be dumb because it never felt that way

No. 57825

Jyp's cult scandal was huge and it's also directly related to the sewol ferry tragedy. Sm's scandals are mostly inside the companies.

No. 57826

sounds like a bit of a reach to link JYP to that

No. 57828

Idc what you think. It was a huge scandal in korea, that's a fact.

No. 57830

okay buddy

anyways when are goona start roasting jimincel again like we always do

No. 57832

if u compare Jimin to chen
jimincel sounds like a dying horse in comparison

No. 57833

File: 1571217908287.jpg (49.88 KB, 277x410, 20191016_162511.jpg)

No. 57834

i want to bully him

No. 57836

And Chen isn't even the best vocalist in EXO there's Baekhyun and D.O. kek

No. 57837

i thought chen and baekhyun were considered the best in exo? not an exofag so i don’t keep track but they’re usually listed that way in vocal rankings and whatnot

No. 57838

try to be more subtle with your powerlevel next time, exofag.

No. 57839

File: 1571221598843.jpg (121.21 KB, 1157x677, thailand.jpg)

she showed up at Kcon Thailand recently, looks like someone vacuum sealed her pants on.

No. 57840

i'm not the same person but you can point out that jimin sucks at singing without being a stan. exo is always pitted against bts so this is a good comparison

No. 57841




No. 57842

There are tons of these comparison videos out there (not just with exo) and while most ratmy are self aware, many also defend their oppars with "b-but they can rap!" Ok, then why don't they stick to that onstead of torturing us with their "sexy" dances and singing?

No. 57843

She looks very Thai/SEA, her features are not the sort that Koreans find pretty. I doubt she will debut for a top GG or get popular in Kpop she should be a solo artist in Thailand like Tata Young.

No. 57847

sehun's rap>kpop

No. 57848

Natty kinda looks like Chaeyoung.

No. 57849

one of the most iconic kpop lines ever

No. 57850


"The boys have expressed their gratitude for how hard we've worked for their #1's on the top 200 and still mention their hopes for that #1 on the Hot 100. As long as they want it, we'll work to get it for them. Also, the fact that these numbers impact awards. No, in theory the awards don't matter, yes we could act above it all, but if the awards make them happy then again, we will work to get it for them."

Adele can actually sing but BTS uwu babies deserve awards uwu

No. 57851

That and chogiwa never fail to make me wheeze

No. 57852

Weki Meki Yoojung will take a break due to health issues

No. 57853

File: 1571228608655.jpg (495.53 KB, 582x1369, 13854225.jpg)

Today on Shit Kpop Stans say
>Sulli grew up in an unstable home and became an idol at age 9
>Choiza (31) dated Sulli (17) and later Choiza wrote a song "Eat, Sex, Sleep" with horny corny ass lyrics about her
But remember anons, "she consented!!" and calling a grooming pedo out is witch hunt! Karma will get you!!

No. 57855

File: 1571229656978.jpeg (452.81 KB, 750x1013, 4AD3E19B-986F-4ED3-9E1B-E00086…)

+ was spotted leaving a hotel and crying at schedules, but you’re right

No. 57856

Not sure what's cringier, what you quoted or that you actually lurked at r/bangtan

No. 57857

Nta but it only makes sense to me theyre not close anymore since f(x) unofficially disbanded in 2015, they cancelled a whole group for 1 member and added yeri to red velvet as a distraction

No. 57858

Sulli also had people saying inappropriate sexual shit because his stage name means “big dick”. He’s a manchild that groomed her and fed her to the wolves once she was old enough.
>added yeri to red velvet as a distraction
This sole reason is enough to make me wish Sulli decided to stay in f(x).

No. 57859

File: 1571231780056.jpeg (112.4 KB, 600x1066, Cj1sR8zWEAAvP_u.jpeg)

Jennie didnt bully anyone. yall lisa akgaes need to chill with the fake news

No. 57860

seungri is innocent. theres no proof he did anything lol he was also invited to gd's sister wedding or something

No. 57861

also no one cared about f(x) and the individual members till sulli's death and kpoopies are hypocrites. they want groups they hate to die but tweet shit like "bullying is wrong fatshaming is wrong"
wokeness is a disease

No. 57863

Yikes dude chill

No. 57865

Seungri is not innocent shut up YGstan

No. 57866

this is creepy and rude af. what is wrong with these people?

This is sad. Nothing will change unless the industry changes from the inside. All of this behavior is encouraged. it's sick

No. 57867

Are they supposed to be covered in burkas though? i dont get it. i'm just annoyed they even performed in SA to begin with.

This popped up on my google mobile about how SA changed policies for them for the time they were there. it's all gross


Everything about Saudi was a mess

Are him and the rest of Big bang even still close? I wouldnt want to be associated with a literal rapist or and someone drugging women

No. 57869

> Are him and the rest of Big bang even still close? I wouldnt want to be associated with a literal rapist or and someone drugging women
they’ve always been pretty upfront about disliking him from what i understand

No. 57871

Nta but that anon was samefagging, so it looks like she was sperging about seungri when she was /s replying to the screenshot she posted. This is why samefagging is harmful kek.

No. 57873

Choiza made money off his Eat Sex Sleep먹고하고자고 song on YouTube and streaming sites and now he's shilling for sympathy on IG

No. 57874

jin is 59kg so I think jimin is probably under 60 as well. bts are all such manlets lol

No. 57876

Jin claims to be 59kg…but I highly doubt that, even if he isn't as tall as his profile states. 60kg is already very unrealistic for a young guy, even the tiniest skinniest asian man won't be able to weigh much less than that and bts looks neither that short nor that skelly next to westerners.

No. 57882

File: 1571237640511.jpg (179.9 KB, 849x801, ivdrip.jpg)

makes sense Yoojung has always been the smallest and the hardest working. I've heard about her getting IV's before.

Seems to be fairly common among some.

No. 57883

lol my friend was in love with jrock idols and went to japan and she was turned off it once she got there she said it was like meeting children, they were so small and fragile.

No. 57884

If only Sulli stanned BTS

No. 57885

I wish non-kpop people would spam it on twitter to piss off all those kpop vermin.
Not so funny when the shoes's on the other foot huh? kek.

No. 57886

You guys are so foony haha

No. 57887

even if they didn't stay in touch in the past years, they lived together, promoted together for many years as young girls… they are bound to be devastated over her passing.

No. 57888

Aren't those guys way smaller than the average kpop idol? And koreans generally have better bodies than japanese people anyway(racebait)

No. 57889

You know whats sad…this man was probably her first love which is so fucked up. This creep stole her innocence.
Agree,and they cant be even bothered to remember sullis name.

No. 57890

The samefag who is defending seungri is also the samefag who keeps om defending jennie,leeteuk,super junior and keeps on hate spamming jimin.

No. 57891

why would anyone stan musicians for their body type not musical ability? All musicians age and get wrinkly, why pick some unlistenable kpop/jpop shit? Why does anyone become a weeb or Koreaboo because of the visuals of some twinky looking photoshopped popfag wearing 5kg of makeup on his face? At least your friend woke up kek

No. 57893

Your very new to kpop arent you?
The point of kpop is to be goodlooking and appeal to the girlfriend/boyfriend experience to your fans. There is also a reason why kpop idols are called idols.

Kpop in itself is basically fan-service with music that is for the opposite sex.

No. 57899

>>57887 there are many F(x) fans who blame Sulli for breaking up the group, who knows how the girls think.

TBH because Kpop idols debut very young people think group members' relationship is friendly like high school or uni students, but in reality they're more like professional coworkers. There's favoritism and workplace hierachy in Kpop too. Some members are more valued by the company bosses (Jennie, Sulli, Krystal) and others are added to the group to make up numbers/add visuals or fill a dancer role (Jin, Lisa, Sehun) , they basically act chummy as a group on camera to service fans and gain popularity but every member is more focused on solo activities because an idol group only has a 5-7 year lifespan, all members must use their brief idol career to leapfrog into solo singing, acting, modelling work etc. Luna Amber etc have struggled after f(x)'s demise while Krystal and Victoria went into acting.

Not uncommon that popular idols who get a lot of solo work start to find comeback rehearsals and group promos a hindrance because they rather promote solo, like Suzy, Seolhyun, Siwan, Kyungsoo (enlisted early for his acting career and upset EXO fans) etc.

No. 57902

She said Jrock band, which means they play instruments. Why would you pick a rock band based on looks kek if she said she liked their sound despite their looks it would mean she had a brain

No. 57904

nta but visual kei exists

No. 57905

>>57904 Yes but most Western rock musicians are scrawny, unwashed, old or uggos, I assumed people who like Kpop or visual kei would not mind how stereotypically scrawny Asians in general are, it's funny as fuck to unstan because they're manlets.

Good music is good music, imagine people unstanning Mozart or Beethoven for being ugly kek

No. 57910

https://mobile.twitter.com/rvcrave/status/1183981338845765632 Jinnabit, Sulli's ex-fansite master/sasaeng now stalks Izone Wonyoung. They look kinda similar and Jinnabit is that creepy woman who turned on Sulli and became an anti.

No. 57911

Jinnabit sounds like pedophile lesbian.
So sad that sulli had (ex)fans like this. This is why idols should not debut at such a young age because the wrong people for the wrong reasons like them.

No. 57913

A woman in her 30’s following 15 year old Wonyoung is vomit inducing

No. 57914

File: 1571244870106.jpg (130.38 KB, 1027x924, EG6Cy7KUEAAaLTE.jpg)

Allegedly this is how she looks like

No. 57915

File: 1571245025502.jpg (498.74 KB, 1440x2672, E4QotmQ.jpg)

All sorts of fucked up…


"Sulli's just an onion… I thought things had at least gotten okay now but after reading Jinnabit's tweets, I can't stand it because I feel so bad for the other four members… poor Soojung!!!"

"Jinnabit's a saint for putting up with her.."

"Jinnabit-nim fighting…"

"Considering all that's been revealed, Jinnabit's a saint…"

"How could Jinnabit just stand watching Sulli act like this…"

"I really liked Sulli but this makes me lose all respect for her."

"Don't care about Sulli anymore, my heart breaks for the four f(x) members."

"Proves that the scariest anti is a fan who turned their back on you. Jinnabit's a real saint. Makes me so upset and want to cry because this is so different from the Sulli I had known."

"I used to hate Jinnabit but considering everything she's put up with, she's a saint."

"You can really tell Jinnabit loved Sulli… always shielding her, staying quiet when she got hate. Sulli really betrayed her ㅠ Sulli even asked her to make Choiza an ID on the fansite ㅠㅠ and yet Jinnabit still has to put up with all the rumors people make up about her."

"There's no fan like Jinnabit who helped Sulli and shielded her… why did Sulli do this to her."

"Jinnabit herself said she's going to leave once her lawsuit is over. She's suing a ton of fans for making up rumors about her like how she threatened other fanpages and everything."

"This is why idols shouldn't be friends with their fans. How're you going to handle the repercussions when things go wrong?

"Man, I'd be so grateful if I had a fan who loved me like their own life…"

"Heard Jinnabit has almost spent 20 million won on Sulli."

"Somehow Jinnabit saying all this makes it believable…"

"It's already been game over the minute Jinnabit turned on her.

No. 57916

Bet Knetz will deny they ever bullied Sulli after Jinnabit turned on her

No. 57917

File: 1571245373397.jpg (96.29 KB, 620x465, 1-1568646827079810013162.jpg)

Wonyoung resembles child Sulli, that's the creepy thing.

No. 57919

tfw there will never be a tv show about the internal Loona competition.

No. 57920

Better this way. Loona honestly sucks

No. 57921

would be more interesting to see any drama between them and how they truly feel about each other tho.
side note: any loonafags know why they aren't releasing music? it's odd to see new rookies only have one comeback in a year.

No. 57922

My understanding is the company is banned from using the money they had made from arms dealing and now have to use whatever "profits" they made. So they're broke.

No. 57923

Banned by who?

No. 57924

No. 57925

Jesus, I remember their expensive teasers predebut and how everybody said that at least they don't need to worry about paying off debt, but now… Can't say I feel sorry for them tho lol

No. 57926

>poor health
fucking disgusting how companies spin the mistreatment of their idols as them being naturally frail and delicate~ UwU As if this isn't an everyday occurrence for most of their employees if they dare to gain weight.

No. 57927

File: 1571253623270.jpg (25.1 KB, 480x270, iXEdzj6.jpg)

Choiza's ex looks similar to Sulli, SWAN's Han Jina. SWAN stands for "Strong Women Achiever, No Spouse" lel

No. 57929

do tbey ever show blatant dislike for eachother?

No. 57930

File: 1571256158338.gif (1.48 MB, 250x187, GPJLFFvCbiYSjrNFvyj4ay-o3gHlYg…)

typical vile incelbian

No. 57931


The companies been releasing pseudo teasers ever since their butterfly comeback. I dont think their funds dried up completely, but they’ve been going to events and other shit to fully fund their next comeback. They’re broke but not to the point of asking fans to help fund a comeback.

No. 57932

How much do you think he weighs

Honestly he does look around there sometimes

No. 57934

I seen plenty of guys skinner than that

No. 57936


That's skinny for a girl and Jin isn't skinny

No. 57937

>there are many F(x) fans who blame Sulli for breaking up the group,
Honestly, in a way they are correct, but it is disrespectful to mention it now. She did choose to leave the group in the middle of promotions BUT it wasnt her being selfish like people played it off as. She was in love(which most of the bitter betties will never experience lmao) and she was young. Whether the relationship was healthy or not is not relevant. Lots of people make relationship mistakes. Her even daring to have sex and ruin her ~le pure girl who doesnt even know what sex is~ image made it almost unbearable for her to be in an idol group because in Korea its the end of the world when an idol, especially a female, has sex until they get married and even then marriage seems to warrant death threats and erasure in a lot of cases(that guy from SJ etc). She got into the industry as a kid. So while it is true that her leaving during a promotion cycle might not have been the best thing for the group, she felt it was the right thing to do at the time. And if people werent so obsessed and retarded over idols genitals and what they do with them, she probably would have been ok. She also didnt seem to have anyone around her to protect her. All her friends were encouraging her to drink excessively and make a fool of herself a lot of the time. I 100%she and Hara started to crash and burn a couple years ago mentally, and they unfortunately just dug eachothers grave deeper. I hope she pulls through and I hope people have learned a lesson to be less cruel.

No. 57938

All of bts is skinny no one weighs more than 150 pounds

No. 57939

File: 1571260556961.jpeg (205.75 KB, 900x1260, A19C0D65-470A-4579-A58C-376B6B…)

I dunno anon

No. 57943

Yeah they go all out with attacking people's mental states. Tablo, Hara, Sulli, ChoA from AOA, Areum, that girl from Kara Project, Sera from 9muses, Yeri etc. They've destroyed people's careers and personal lives and I hate to say, but Im really surprised more havent killed themselves.

No. 57944

Creative Director left his position and had to be replaced, so comeback is taking longer.

No. 57945

Lee Soo Man is refusing to come back for Sullis funeral kek. What a piece of shit.
>Inb4 he comes back due to backlash at last minute

No. 57946

File: 1571263736382.jpg (20.9 KB, 228x237, train.jpg)


No. 57947

i knew this would happen. They did the same thing when jonghyun died

No. 57948

File: 1571264800945.gif (4.11 MB, 480x268, six16.gif)

The only time I ever thought JYP went too far was this number on Sixteen. It looks like some sort of bizarre underage burlesque club

Somi is 14 and Natty is 13 here.

No. 57949

they were marketed towards a female audience here too.

No. 57950

This is so tactless. SM should copyright strike these videos

No. 57951

lee soo man is too busy worrying about Sperm and a new group he's wanting to debut, sorry maybe later!

No. 57952

rofl you're right. I wonder if anyone who posts/lurks here is going to the Sperm shows? i have one playing nearby but apparently people already bought the front rows to scalp prices.

Sperm is gonna flop

No. 57954

wow you're right all i can hear is girls screaming

No. 57955

File: 1571266486620.jpeg (117.06 KB, 1334x750, 791D00B3-8485-4989-BA39-73A6C9…)

kpop fans are officially brain damaged. in the new txt music video there’s a shot of two korean school girls holding hands and everyone on stan twitter was like ‘gay rights’ ‘lesbians hfhfjejeejeoeke’ you know how stan twitter is. and apparently pointing out how it’s normal for girls who are friends in korea to hold hands is homophobic and ruining people’s fun. bitch. bighit bts txt don’t give a fuck about gay people. otherwise bighit wouldn’t have sent one of their groups to perform in the lgbt paradise of saudi arabia. lgbt people who are craving for representation should seek it elsewhere than kpop

No. 57956

File: 1571266682208.jpg (39.2 KB, 576x600, pepe.jpg)

No. 57957

because as much as feminists have blinders on wrt this stuff, female musicians all over the world with hypersexual images/concepts/lyrics are marketed towards a female audience because that's what the female market wants. it's not evil ceos being sexist, it's capitalism.

No. 57958

File: 1571266919231.jpg (157.8 KB, 688x455, pow-taylor-swift.jpg)

>kpop fans are officially brain damaged.

its no worse than other celebs crazy fans. I just think how kpop fandom operates allows you front row seats.

No. 57959

i think people on stan twitter are just damaged in general. especially lgbt kpop stans on stan twitter. simply unbearable

No. 57960

also what's with anons thinking "red velvet is male fan repellent! only women like red velvet!"
has anyone ever watched their performances? a majority are male fanchants and not to mention they're super popular among korean army guys.

No. 57961

who has time to sit on Twitter all day but mentally ill people living off their parents or the government?

No. 57962

sage for double post. red velvet doesn't attract female fans because their concepts are "woman friendly", they attract them because they don't threaten them via affections from their oppas. majority of female fans who are fans of girl groups are fans of boy groups too.

No. 57963

Where is he right now? Still in America with SuperM?

No. 57964

No. 57967

ngl this teaser actually sounded good, every single release from every group this year sounds dated, this actually sounds fresh

No. 57968

>SWAN stands for "Strong Women Achiever, No Spouse" lel

I thought you were joking lmao

No. 57970

Honestly it's more of sm's fault than hers. They could have continued like they did in 2015, 4 walls wasn't a flop at all, fans liked it. F(x) was going to die sooner or later but they just decided to abandon the group after only 1 comeback with 4 members. I still dont understand why they havent announced official disbandment yet.

No. 57971

people also seem to forget that 4walls comeback without her did fairly well. ulimately it was sm imo

No. 57972

isnt krystal the only one still even in SM?

No. 57974

Yes, and only because she has a different contract length than the others (idk about sulli). Thats why i dont understand why they didnt just announce the disbandment, people will stop wondering and move on anyway, its been 4 years already since their last comeback.

No. 57975

4 Walls was arguably one of their best albums and im pretty sure one of their albums had charted on billboard world charts way before charting on billboard was a thing in korea. just because someone leaves a group doesn't the whole group has to die.

its SMs fault, he will have 20 different subunits of boy group members with members missing here and there because they have to be in other subunits or other schedules, yet for his girl groups its somehow all or nothing. jungwoo from nct has been gone basically this whole year for health reasons but the whole group isnt just dead? this goes for other companies too, like when Minzy left 2ne1, YG killed the whole group, when it still had the potential to go on.

the disposability of female groups and female idols in general by these big man sexist CEOs is cruel, they are just dolls to play with until they reach a certain age, then they get new dolls. obviously the idols themselves don't think this deep because to them, a member leaving is essentially backstabbing the whole group. when in the end we see people need to leave for mental/health reasons, because that's what being an idol does to you.

im pretty sure the rest of the members have finally come to terms now with why she left and how it wasnt her fault, but SM's fault since im pretty sure most of them didnt resign with SM. fans are realizing this truth now too, but its too late since so many people blamed her for ending f(x).

No. 57976

Sm sabotages everyone's career for nctflop

No. 57977

Barf he always panders hard to sea audiences, pathetic

No. 57978

This is sad
>5. [+162, -2] Sulli learned that she has to appeal sexually to be loved by Choiza. That's the only way Choiza reacts to her… There doesn't seem to be psychological or emotional attachment between them.

No. 57979

It’s crazy that SM literally does not care about any group other than NCT and even SuJu. Girls generation was left to die not even promoting ohgg, f(x) on hiatus for how many years, shinee being forced to release albums back to back after a member passed, red velvet? Who’s red velvet. Even exo was put on hiatus for a whole fucking year lol. Now they have a group with over 20 members that’s flopping endlessly but getting the most comebacks and schedules it’s like they want to go bankrupt lol

No. 57980

File: 1571273973457.jpg (507.34 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191017-075914_Sam…)

No. 57981

honestly im used to companies fucking up and letting their groups die and stuff but with snsd i was legitimately shocked
around the time bring the boys out/i got a boy came out there were some noticeable signs though i remember feeling like it was the beginning of the end but it spiraled so fast

No. 57984

Not that fast though, they were still relevant even until 2015 (lion heart)

No. 57985

extremely accurate

No. 57987

relevant yes but letting jessica get knocked out by security, the taeyeon dating scandal, hyoyeon getting drunk and trying to kill herself, alleged taeyeon/jessica tension etc happened before then

No. 57988

red velvet gets promoted a lot, but it feels like sm doesn't actually care about them that much. their music video for umpah umpah was so low quality it was embarrassing. also what even was zimzalabim?

No. 57989

the deal for the Label SJ under SM is strange. it seems like they make their own decisions comebacks for the group but can't kick Kangin out or bring back Sungmin despite being a normal person, just married.
SNSD might have survived if they got a similar one like it before everyone left.

No. 57990

hyoyeon tried to kill herself? i thought she just beat up her boyfriend.

No. 57991

it leaked that she had tried to jump put of a window and her boyfriend stopped her and she assaulted him but sm was quick to denounce it and claim it was a lie despite leaks from someone in law enforcement

No. 57992

No. 57993

Meanwhile superm gets an action movie mv

No. 57994

i always believed she got drunk and tried to jump out the window because she went full retard basically like it was stated, but not that she did it because anyone in snsd was bullying her, but i do think she got violent with him that night and he covered for her because sm told him to
sunny said on a few occasions she was the kind of drunk that would lash out like that

No. 57995

Really Bad Boy MV was even worse. It made me think they were from a bankrupt company before I knew more about them lol

No. 57996

Uhhh no? Her shorts arent even tight

No. 57997

it doesn't sound fresh to me. it reminds me of 2nd gen kpop like a song infinite would come out with.

No. 57998

Is it the only SM MV with a subtitle? Kek

No. 57999

Right, it sounds like something from 2009

No. 58000

Speaking of Infinite I will still stand by the fact “The Chaser” is the greatest KPOP song of all time

No. 58001

File: 1571278863074.jpg (257.79 KB, 1638x2048, disgust.jpg)

and some anons still try to make others believe only males sexualize kpop idols…

No. 58002

File: 1571279038556.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.99 KB, 1638x2048, disgust2.jpg)

No. 58004

fresh as in a relief theres something singable, an actual chorus, rather than all the bgs releasing absolute pots and banging mess noise music where they just have to shout

No. 58005

We will never get anything like this again

No. 58006

File: 1571279533070.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.72 KB, 576x1024, 34805196-8057-4A7F-9DF7-FA397C…)

I’ll never forget so now all you will have to see it too. RPF is sick.

No. 58007

Red Velvet is for female gays.

No. 58008

Uhh thanks, we know genius anons. Hold your Kpop 101 For Morons class elsewhere, like the general thread. Lurk before posting, yall have no manners at all

No. 58010

No wonder Jungkook selfharms kek

No. 58011

File: 1571280334518.png (196.35 KB, 747x645, damnson.png)

never forget idols' first and biggest haters are their own fans. this girl kept making edits of yuri looking fat and now she actually met and conversed with some of the girls.. shocking

No. 58012

File: 1571280399049.png (21.75 KB, 722x131, damnson2.png)

No. 58013

since when does soup make people fat?

No. 58014

I thought you were just spamming with your favs but this is actually very impressive, damn.
It's more complicated than that, female fans sometimes just go with the flow even when they dont like some concepts because they like the idols and admire them, even when they have sexy/pedobait concepts they're marketed on a way girls will like it which is the main difference between lets say Mamamoo/Blackpink VS Twice.

No. 58015

Big agree. I loved them so much back then, and this song was peak kpop for me.

No. 58016

God dahyun is so fucking ugly to me still. And i've really tried with her, truly. im stunned by how much I hate her. Im a terrible person.

Taylor swift has always looked like stuart little to me. Amazing that someone so rich & famous can be so plain. Another mystery i guess.
Also where did you even find this photo, i literally cannot breathe rn

No. 58018

File: 1571282494231.jpeg (22.03 KB, 828x120, 33483613-ED7D-4102-A54B-E0FFCB…)

fag is jimin your pfp

No. 58020

No. 58022

Re BTS .. some site, akp or something just notified that they're doing a remix of Make It Right with some American singer. Sorry not sorry, am I the only one who feels like Make It Right, Magic Shop, and Euphoria are the same song? I mean how are they getting away with this generic same ass resolving melody in all three of these generic midtempo easygoing same sounding songs, its so lazy & no one calls it out

Isn't it kinda tacky then that Hyoyeons bit in the IGAB mv was her hitting the boyfriend? Or was that the point?

No. 58023

(aside from the rap parts) doesn't this have a strong old jpop sound? Idk maybe not, but I do feel like I've heard this kind of sound a really long time ago

omg that is too funny, but honestly why else would they be looking at btshit art if they weren't a fan? This reminds me of that vernon anon from a while back

No. 58024

honestly sm probably did do it on purpose to ~make fun~ of the rumor because they know sm lapdogs will eat up anything they say/do

doth do protest too much etc

No. 58025

but that doesn't make it admirable because of marketing. there are no morals behind any of it except $$$

No. 58026

someone screenshot for next thread pic
i cant breathe

No. 58027

nta but how can you even tell thats jimin? i would have never guessed

No. 58028

nta but it's very obvious to me

No. 58034

Yeah I get Umpah was supposed to be all cheapie sound stage for whatever deep artsy reason but they already did that to death with Automatic so it felt really lazy… inexcusably lazy

Cream based not broth based?

Looked like jhope to me. Either way, could tell it was some kpop guy, therefore still funny

No. 58036

File: 1571284281542.png (9.51 KB, 631x104, Capture.PNG)

vote too early but what can i say, my nomination for next thread pic>>58026

No. 58038

Kpop and Jpop sounded more similar back in the day

Nowadays kpop is American music in korean

No. 58039

I feel dirty just looking at this gif christ

No. 58041

ratmy infestations jesus

If sulli didn’t die this thread would BTS critical 38

No. 58042

File: 1571285821056.png (260.93 KB, 825x642, nb.png)

that last comment from a sulli article from 2015… pretty scary.

No. 58043

Why does the pic of Sulli on wiki look so jaw shavey…did they shoop it even tho it's supposed to be a pap photo?

No. 58044

she was just having fun jfc
like i legit thought lolcow can be autistic and nitpicky but knetizens take it to such a level i didnt even know could exist

No. 58045

Stop being delusional. Many cows who act as attention whorish as she did get ripped on twice as much except they don't have blind fans who will blindly worship her regardless.

No. 58046

File: 1571286705163.jpg (237.16 KB, 762x1444, secret.jpg)

How does the Kpop industry cover so much stuff up? How does it keep so much stuff quiet? When everyone has phones on them almost all the time. The leaks you get suggests its just as bad as Hollywood, but SK is able to keep stuff from getting out most of the time.

No. 58048

cringe samefag who just got here from twitter. learn to integrate, no one currs

No. 58049

looks like it's babby's first day on a dramu site.

No. 58050

File: 1571287601611.jpg (147.19 KB, 1194x673, hot.jpg)

Why aren't you guys still stanning H.O.T?

No. 58051

Nope, apparently two of us are wheezing over this. Someone in this thread gets me uwu <3

No. 58052

File: 1571288246011.jpg (38.03 KB, 250x333, 0.jpg)

has zico said anything yet? i know he was close with sulli long ago and still hanging in the same circle

No. 58053

It's amusing but I guess the main reason is stricter libel laws. In America tabloids can keep saying jen aniston is pregnant with brad's baby and other blatant fake news and there are no consequences whatsoever. Meanwhile in SK journalists can be sued for just stating facts or talking abt private matters of a public figure.

No. 58055

Eww Zico who had fun scrolling thru JJY's molka videos on the "golden phone"? If there's something I learnt recently it's that all Kpop/Khiphop rappers are shady as shit.

No. 58056

i still suspect he's one of the ones who took videos/pics of famous girls to share with the others

No. 58057

I didn't say it was admirable, i was just pointing out why girls like those groups

No. 58058

Me too. He seems scummy as fuck, specially considering how he treated Seolhyun. It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

No. 58059

File: 1571289440430.png (363.79 KB, 975x882, Screenshot_20191017-011625~2.p…)

Crazy how little free speech Korea has

No. 58060

I know we always say this shit but bro, Korea's really fucked this is unreal

No. 58061

So theoretically sm could easily sue those knetz who talked shit about sulli but they didnt?

No. 58063

File: 1571290470754.jpg (529.74 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191017-123434_Sam…)

No. 58065

probably. because they have a lot of power

woollim successfully persued charges for netizens who helped spread rumors about lovelyz jisoo, and many companies have threatened to do similar though i dont know how many have actually gone through with it

iirc, tablo also did the same succesfully after his entire career was ruined because of fake online rumors about him

No. 58066

also bom i think, after her prescription scandal

No. 58067

Ayrt yall bitches are dumb i got this off google. Srry for ruining how funny thatd actually be lmaoo

No. 58068

>X Doubt

No. 58069

Proof then

No. 58070

100% sure no one has ever stanned h.o.t here in the first place, they disbanded even before most of us knew the word kpop

No. 58071

and it's disturbing the government is going to use sulli as an excuse for more surveillance and control via "sulli's law

No. 58074

Uhmmm…why don't they just improve their mental health care system to prevent people from killing themselves instead of trying to create more shady laws? we all know why

No. 58075

H.O.T disbanded before i even knew what Asia was

No. 58076

Yes, actually

No. 58077

Lmao that's something else

No. 58078

Double edged sword. Sounds like people like Seungri could also leverage lawsuits against people calling him a human trafficking sicko, even though it's the truth. Or then if he ends up acquitted he could turn on those people and call them defaming liars.

No. 58079

Wasn't it on the list of the best boyband songs made by The Rolling Stone or something?

No. 58081

File: 1571293141309.jpg (Spoiler Image,295.16 KB, 1080x2049, Screenshot_20191017_081820.jpg)

nta but i did a quick reverse image search

No. 58082

Lmao this "remix" always makes me fucking wheeze.

No. 58084

I never was a fan but The Chaser, BTD, and Bad are fucking jams. I wish we had a BG that would consistently put out such good songs, or basically just a BG that used Sweetune as their producers. I think/hope the next Woollim BG could show some promise since Woollim seems to use Sweetune a lot.
Also, what happened to Infinite? I remember back in 2014 they had a large, stable fanbase but you literally hear nothing about them anymore. I never found them attractive except for L, but I remember that their appeal was the dancing, songs, and talent anyways.

No. 58085

one reason might of been Hoya's departure

it was revealed their in-house producers had to hide his involvement in a track just so it would be approved for the album

No. 58086

File: 1571295517628.jpg (28.1 KB, 291x400, c71a92ab25fc15af09ce98b9457f75…)

They are Korean rappers, they model themselves after their heroes. Tupac, Eminem, Big Sean, Snoop Dogg.

No. 58087

I was only a casual Infinite fan but was Hoya even that relevant? It’s not like he had a huge fanbase like L or any significant talent.

No. 58089

i heard he produced a lot of the songs

No. 58090

Half of them is in militarny, right? I'm suprised, but their fanbase is quite alive on twt. They never were problematic and as far as i remember Woohyun's solo was rather successful so it's good, good for them

No. 58091

So I've had access to family members directv satellite tv thingy in the US this wk, and was shocked to see two kpop mvs on this Nickelodeon music channel (i think), one Monsta X w french montana (sp?) & Nct highway to heaven. Both are so American pop somehow, both musically + the videos, I was so surprised. And suddenly I understand why BTS couldn't (or just didn't? idk) get radio play here. Anyone else in the US have this experience or similar? I wonder why bighit didn't try to pander to American tastes, or maybe they thought they were? I can't explain it, just Fake Love and Boy w luv seem so far from what I watched today, it kinda made it all make sense, tho im not sure why.

No. 58092

That's the thing, Bighit (and most kpop companies) wants US recongnition but they dont even study its music market and how it works nor understand American culture/references/trends, they are willfuly ignorant and arrogant about their knowledge on US, theyre are so fucking lost its pathethic and that's why the final product looks so weird.

No. 58093

i wish kpop would stop trying to pander to america, we have enough iggy azaleas and nicki minajs. Most people wanted to get away from that.

No. 58094

They wouldn't need to pander if they attracted attention organically, BTS and most kpop acts on the west always seems desperate for attention and its because no matter what they do they're literal nugus, Latin music its kinda Americanized too but it doesn't just really on that to attract listeners which makes it look less fake and desperate unlike kpop. They could have done it with style, with actual bops that the GP would listen but nah lest keep copying backstreet boys and 90s/2010 pop, Americans will LOVE it.

No. 58095

Bighit: how you do fellow kids?

No. 58096

No. 58098


20191017 - “Polaris Entertainment reportedly loses lawsuit against global IT business DONUTS, ordered to pay back 360 million won DONUTS lent Polaris 400m won to help grow LOONA. 40m was deducted and 360m wasn't returned“

Should've stanned Loona

No. 58101

File: 1571307755592.png (277.37 KB, 612x525, bts.png)

BTS will release a new song tomorrow. It has another feature kek. Are they unable to make new track without making it with some no-name American artist?

No. 58102

File: 1571308880109.jpeg (302.27 KB, 743x692, F36CE0DE-485F-4EEC-A0DA-43FC57…)

Fucked up how people started attacking her because when someone passes you have to immediately rush to social media and make a post to seem like you actually care nowadays LOL

No. 58103

it’s not a new song just a remix

No. 58104

ok ratmy

No. 58105

>because when someone passes you have to immediately rush to social media and make a post to seem like you actually care nowadays LOL
Ugh, THIS. I've seen too many cases of ppl accusing someone for not caring enough when they dont post it on social media. It's actually the exact opposite really. Not saying that ppl who post too soon arent genuinely sad, but sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Sage for blogpost.

No. 58107

so we're back to accusing anons of being stans for simply correcting us when we say something wrong, great

No. 58108

>Donuts stated, “We invested 3.5 billion won (approximately $2.96 million) with the promise that LOONA would appear on the ‘My Live’ broadcast, which is run by our company. Not only did the agency fail to return the deposit, but they also did not faithfully keep their promise about LOONA’s appearance. Only one member of LOONA appeared on ‘My Live’ and the promise for the other members to appear on our show was not kept. That is why we have filed a lawsuit for the return of our investment, and we are preparing to file for separate criminal charges as well.”

This is the single Mylive.

No. 58109

>Only one member of LOONA appeared on ‘My Live’ and the promise for the other members to appear on our show was not kept
But why? I'm sure the girls would want the gig too, and they're not busy at all. I'd understand if it was something like failing to achieve a certain amount of profit, so that sounds ridiculous

No. 58110

It’s because BBC is a company run by retards apparently

No. 58111

File: 1571315121898.png (666.35 KB, 1182x2048, Screenshot_20191017-082001.png)

So a loonarmy hacked Sherliza Moe's twitter account because of her dumb comments about bts on her YouTube channel

No. 58112

ik people have been criticising sm for not taking action against hate comments but aren't korean defamation laws strict already? obvi there's no place for disgusting misogynistic mean spirited hate but ppl should feel free to criticise celebrities/the entertainment industry

No. 58113

File: 1571315312013.png (160.64 KB, 584x672, kek.png)


whew lad

No. 58114

File: 1571315644863.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.89 KB, 300x300, michelle-moe-4.jpg)

I wish I hadn't googled this person

No. 58115

Not a fan of her by any means (though I like how she pisses off kpop stans) but I don't get the issue ? Of course she's not going to look like a kpop idol, she's just your average asian girl.

No. 58116

this reaction is so ridiculous it's funny.

or should i say, ok, nctfag

No. 58117

File: 1571316518275.jpeg (422.01 KB, 728x962, E866CDD7-6C2A-4408-B949-46A887…)

There’s countless amounts of people pretending to care about her death by spamming OMG #RIPSULLI and then somehow loop it around to make it about their kpop boy/girl or were the ones spamming hate comments towards her in the first place. But her members not posting anything means they don’t give a fuck about her at all I mean she “”ruined”” f(x) so they wouldn’t care if she died, obv.

No. 58118

Can someone explain LOONA? It feels like the girl version of NCT. All I know is that they'd been teasing the debut of this group for like 50 years.

No. 58119

she had plastic surgery in korea tho

No. 58121

you’re still a fag who went looking for gay bts shit to post here

No. 58122

Do the members postponing their comebacks and going to her funeral mean nothing to you?

No. 58123

learn what 'nta' means asshat

No. 58125

what comebacks lol

No. 58126

I was being sarcastic about them not caring about her, if the quotation marks didn’t signal that in your brain.

No. 58127

The 4 members left are not problematic at all, like yeah sometimes you hear things about luna but that's all. Knetz are just looking for someone else to blame rather than their own damn selves

No. 58128

Victoria supports the police in Hong kong like a lot of chinese idols, so I wouldn't call her "not problematic

No. 58129

She got some hate comments because she said one bts member is not good/irrelevant (can't remember who) and that baekhyun is the walmart version of taehyung lol
But other than that she seems to be a ratmy? And an attention whore

No. 58130

Imagine being such an insecure fandom that you have to spam and hack all people who says something bad about whoever you stan.

No. 58132

That was already quite some time ago, so I doubt it was because of that. Maybe she did something again lol

No. 58133

>the disposability of female groups and female idols in general by these big man sexist CEOs is cruel, they are just dolls to play with until they reach a certain age, then they get new dolls

They do it becuase it's projection. It's the men who are who are truly disposable. That's why they go hard scaring female idols with aging. When even Gyuri from Kara is most likely going to date a chabeol while most male idols run away trying to knock up a female idol / female fan before the public forgets about them.

No. 58134

File: 1571322475701.gif (748.85 KB, 264x264, tumblr_inline_o5ac58sHMc1s3ggq…)

she must've gone to LE's eyelid doctor

No. 58135

It's funny how all these companies have female groups as their biggest moneymakers but they always treat them like shit.

No. 58136

>she's not even an idol, she's a youtuber stop picking on her!!

lmao idiotfag do you even know where you are

No. 58137

HOLY SHIT ratmy newfag infestation CONFIRMED

No. 58138

Korean name is “Girl of the Month,” in the buildup to their debut as a 12-member group each member debuted individually with a single & her own music video. There are also 3 subgroups that debuted prior to the main group: Loona 1/3 (consisting of Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, & Vivi), Odd Eye Circle (consisting of Kim Lip, Jinsoul, & Choerry), and yyxy (consisting of Yves, Chuu, Go Won, & Olivia Hye). Yeojin, the maknae, is not in a subgroup. Each subgroup had a different musical style and aesthetic.

There’s also the Loonaverse, which is a subtextual narrative that loops all of the Loona music videos and songs into a larger metanarrative that can supposedly be teased out through images and symbolism in the videos and lyrics, but I think this is mostly just surface-level imagery and fan speculation about it is mind-numbingly boring schizo shit.

They debuted as a group with Hi High and did a followup release with Butterfly early this year but since then they’ve been AWOL. Plans for a ballad album were scrapped, a Japan debut never materialized, planned subgroup promotion never happened, and the third release B#RN is seemingly delayed indefinitely. Jaden Jeong, the creative director behind the group, also seems to have left. And it was recently revealed that the company lost a lawsuit with another company that fronted a lot of money for Loona’s inception. So it’s a whole mess right now and it’s not clear if the group will even be continuing. Sad, as musically and conceptually they’re probably the best group out there right now.

No. 58139

LMAOO this is so funny.

Please ratmies do yourselves and all of us a favor and leave.

No. 58141

That's simply not true, anon. Female idols are more well known in the general public but boy groups make way more money because male fans are content with fapping it to Nayeon on the internet while fangirls are willing to spend every last cent on their oppars.

I think that's also where SM's sexism really shows: rv has more female than male fans at this point, which is something they should be glad for seeing as women are more loyal than men, but instead of appreciating that they still continue to mainly pander to males.

More like loonafags judging by the sudden constant mentions of and questions about "LOONA"…

No. 58143

Can't you read? : >>58081

No. 58145


>Laughing with glee about retarded ratmy selfposting

>"Fuck off ratmy!"
>"probably a loona stan!"

You can't win.

Fuck off projecting faggot. Stop tinfoiling that everyone is a ratmy or loonatard. Literally ask a farmhand and they can confirm that I'm neither of those.

If sulli didn't die you all would still be posting about gay bts pics and trying to silence eveeyone that complained. Go ahead and report cunt.

No. 58146

Doesn't matter. We don't want to see gay pics. Go to your gay boy idol thread.

No. 58147

she called bts colorist for putting on tons of sunscreen so their skin wouldn't be dark and called them out for ripping off songs
ratmy couldn't handle the thought of their idols not being woke kings or genius songwriters kek

No. 58148

People attacked her?? Wew. Actually, all the idols close to Sulli are still being silent on SM. Taeyeon, all the (f)x members except for Amber who only posted once to announce her hiatus due to Sulli's passing, even Tiffany. Only Goo Hara spoke, and had an instagram live crying because she couldn't go to her funeral.
That's entirely normal.

No. 58150

oh i've seen a video she made months ago, it was something like "interview with a ex bts sasaeng". has anyone seen it? it looked really fake to me.

No. 58151

i remember when wonder girls would get play in america on channels like that lol
that was forever ago though

No. 58152

i wonder if the sulli fans and defenders who've been saying for years that she's just carefree and doesn't give a fuck feel bad at all now? in the last couple of months her behaviour was clearly erratic, didn't she expose her nipple on an ig live and ignore it? i don't mean that anyone who's openly sexual or unusual is mentally ill but it was really fucking obvious that she had the sort of disconnect and recklessness of someone who isn't in the best place mentally, when you looked at her behaviour overall and how thin she looked. stans just took it as another thing to praise because kpop fans have such a black and white mentality that showing concern for someone acting erratically is the same as bullying to them.

sulli got way too much criticism for the wrong things like not wearing bras, got too much 'she's a dumb slut' instead of 'here's why this is harmful' criticism for genuinely bad decisions like repeatedly working with a pedo photographer when she was in her 20s, and got defended by her rabid fans when they should've showed concern. she must've been dealing with a lot because so many people had really strong opinions on everything she did, ranging from thinking she was an angel to a druggie whore. must mess with your head when so many people don't see you as a real person

No. 58153

It was obvious to everyone with a working brain that sulli had issues. But it doesn't really matter at the end of the day whether or not her fans were concerned. Only sulli could've decided to seek help.
I'm tired of people saying that SM should've pursued legal action for hate comments or whatever. That wouldn't have taken away sulli's mental health problems. There clearly just wasn't an adequate support system in place for her.

No. 58156

uh what is this even about?

No. 58158

their company is in huuuuuuuuge debt and is being sued by their investors

No. 58159

Amber's upcoming solo release. She postponed it after hearing what happened to Sulli.

No. 58160

Its about some loona/ratmy stan hacking sherliza moe's (a youtuber) twitter account. reason she is one of stans favorite target is because she's said some "bad things" (criticized) about their UwU baby boys. to their eyes, she's a hater

No. 58163

Thank you nonnie for using your grand IQ to remind me how terrible this thread is, and how shitting on some random girl's face is going to improve it sooo much.

Anyways, I can't remember if this video has been posted yet (sorry if it has), it's nothing new but still quite a good summary.

No. 58172

are you seriously implying every person who barely "acts out" is going to kill themselves? people do shit all the time

No. 58174

using twice as an example is retarded. twice male fans are very dedicated and they're the second too selling idol group rn and have been consistently.

No. 58175

Not only that but they’re in extreme debt bc their company is run by idiots.

No. 58176

I was under the impression that Loona was a passion project primarily being funded by a very rich guy or a couple rich guys, hence the reason they were able to produce so much expensive content (videos, albums, etc) prior to debut. Not sure now where or why exactly I formed that impression, but it never seemed like they were intent on competing for chart position or sales or even recuperating costs. Also isn’t Polaris Entertainment connected to arms manufacturing too? I’m so perplexed by this current situation.

No. 58177

that’s what i thought as well after looking into them, and then while i lurked a few threads back some anons were discussing that as well

so bbc is a branch of polaris?

No. 58178

sorry for samefag, but also does anyone know why their original concept director left?

No. 58179

How could anybody who isn't a massive stan even know such things? >>58178

No. 58180

Maybe not getting paid enough? If all these stories show how deep in the hole they are why would you stay.

No. 58181

No one knows exactly. He posted on his blog a few months ago that the X X album was his final collaboration with Loona. No further clarification since then… a mess!

No. 58182

No. 58183

this woke shit will never not crack me up. all a male idol needs to do is not cringe in absolute revulsion at a sign saying “gays love u xoxo” and stans will laud him as a WOKE ALLY KING for eternity. when will they realize none of them care at all and in reality are likely creeped out by it?

No. 58184

went through the entire thread so idk what that says about me but some of these are so bare minimum like bm from kard (who is presumably american) saying "it weirds some people out but not me" do u want a medal

No. 58185

That's so disgusting. Sulli didnt deserve to get dragged for a fraction of the shit she did. And looking at her ex's lyrics, i bet he didnt get on shit on

No. 58186

Ok this is unironically catchy af and makes me miss the mid 2000s.

I heard Big shit was suing the person who released the photos of Jungkook and tattoo girl for defamation but i thought it was a joke. Korea has some terrible laws. does this even benefit anyone?

No. 58187

what's the logic of being a ''lesbian'' and obsessing about kpop boys and craving their approval?

No. 58188

yeah, they do. Cuz their standards are so low. I'll never forget Ratmon saying at a concert that love is love and i wanted to vomit because we all know he doesnt believe that shit. Esp after this Saudi event

No. 58189

always wondered about this. "oh im a lesbian but all i retweet and talk about are a group of men" like you sure girl? nothing wrong in being straight.

No. 58190

I mean, fags do the same thing to women

No. 58191

Certain female actresses and singers have big gay fanbases but I’ve never heard of lesbians obsessing over Justin Bieber and Nsync. I think a lot of “lesbian” ratmy are just saying that so no one accuses them of being delusional fangirls in love with their oppa

No. 58192

call me a jungkook stan idc but i kind of feel like obtaining cctv footage and invading someones privacy is definitely grounds for a lawsuit. and i dont believe they're suing the people who stalked him and took pics anyway, just whoever provided and leaked the cctv footage. sounds pretty reasonable to me.

No. 58193

this is true but with divas that embody the “gay male” aesthetic, it would be unusual to see hordes of gay guys obsessing over rosé or yeji or nayeon or [insert kpop girl here that’s not a campy female soloist]

these girls are just teenagers - maybe bisexual - that intuitively grasp that identifying as a lesbian grants them extra clout in online spaces like stan twitter

No. 58194

Because it is fake. It's her own voice with a filter on it. It's noticeable because she talks in the same chopped up way and her attempt at a fake accent was horrible.

No. 58195

No. 58196

>BlockBerryCreative (브록베리크리에이티브) is a Korean record label. It is a subsidiary of Levite United and is home to the girl group LOONA.

>BlockberryCreative is one of three labels under Levite United (리바이트 유나이티드) along with Polaris Entertainment and New Type ENT.

>Fans are shocked after finding out LOONA's company, Block Berry Creative (BBC), has only 15 employees. The information was revealed online by Block Berry Creative at a job application for new employees alongside interesting information about the company.

>Besides the number of employees, it was revealed the company was founded in 22nd March of 2016 and has a female CEO, Sunhye Kim.

>Sept 2016, the Loona Project began,and today has 31 music videos, 2 Korean Olympic Stadium appearances, with a cost of at least $10 million dollars US.

No. 58197

>it would be unusual to see hordes of gay guys obsessing over rosé or yeji or nayeon or [insert kpop girl here that’s not a campy female soloist]
There are tons of gays that do that? Fags loved fancy and feel special. Sana Nayeon and Jihyo are especially popular with gay men who give a fuck about kpop. Loona and red velvet are too. You're out of touch.

No. 58198

I think most kpop react guys are gay guys. They'd probably make up the most hardcore male fanbase.

No. 58199

It seems like fags who support girl groups do so because they want to be them and like the style. Lesbians who support boy groups are rather odd to me. I can't imagine being a lesbian and looking at a man and thinking 'I want to be him' , but I can imagine being a gay guy and thinking the same thing to a girl.

No. 58200

File: 1571350670495.jpg (81.62 KB, 728x1015, Ellen-Page-Girlfriend-Samantha…)

>I can't imagine being a lesbian and looking at a man and thinking 'I want to be him'

could've fooled me

No. 58201

how do you think fakebois exist? also most(?) fujos are lesbians.

No. 58203

So whats Asias obsession with Leon about exactly?

No. 58204

Fujos aren't lesbians, they are just undesirable and delusional.

No. 58205

she's that girl who made a video of dakota and later got it taken down by kiki.

No. 58206

being undesirable and delusional and being a lesbian aren't mmutually exclusive. most of them are lesbians.

No. 58207

holy shit what a weird coincidence. pseudo cow collision.

No. 58208

this is already hilarious enough, what i find funniest is that super woke uwu baby boys bts didn’t make it to the list even with all their pandering

No. 58210

most fujos are straight girls who would not give a fuck about another woman if she danced naked in front of them. can you imagine a gay man reading lesbian fanfiction whilst clearly self-inserting into the butch? don't even get me started on omegaverse

No. 58211

File: 1571355699877.jpg (494.66 KB, 1548x1024, 02-BTS-press-Big-Hit-Entertain…)

exactly. bts appeals to lesbians because lesbians like their androgynous twinky aesthetic and they're deluded into thinking bts are woke gay kings. I don't think it's deeper than that

No. 58212

File: 1571355828408.gif (8.87 MB, 550x296, lmaooooooo.gif)

From what I saw, he was fairly popular in the US? (or at least in the Midwest)
I feel like we have this epiphany every other thread
I thought the fact they lost the lawsuit was funny as is but hearing the reason it was filed in the first place is killing me

No. 58213

all these so-called lesbians obsess over these guys in a sexual way. they ogle them, they imagine them in sexual situations, they say won't shut up about how cute they are. how is that lesbian behavior in any way?

No. 58214

>I thought the fact they lost the lawsuit was funny as is but hearing the reason it was filed in the first place is killing me

Seriously kek. How are you not able to do a couple of livestreams for 3 million diddly dollars

No. 58215

whats with all the dykes in here?
go back to l_anon

No. 58217

I hate this picture so much. Jhope doesn't even look real.

I don't remember Hoya being popular at all, really. I don't think Infinites stagnation had anything to do with him, I think they just got left behind. afaik they were still popular-ish(?) in Korea until recently, but they always remained as a second gen group, and none of those have really survived. Even GG was stagnating toward the end. I'm curious to see how BEG's are gonna do when they come back.

I was a huge infinite fag, even their recent-ish songs were good imo, but Sunggyu's in the military now and he was their only good vocalist. Their latest single doesn't have him in it and you can really tell who carried the group without him there.

No. 58218

idk why you're so insistent on disproving something thats common knowledge… even the mangaka for my lesbian experience w lonliness is a fujo who mostly draws BL. fakebois and fujos tend to be dykes, not gonna derail about this anymore.

No. 58220

i got some bad news for you…

No. 58222


Also, lots of these lesbian fujos don't even subconsciously view these kpop boys as fully male, they're weird androgynous aliens that they can project themselves onto. It's a weird phenomenon.

No. 58234

For some reason J hope kinda looks like Jungkook here idk

No. 58235

if not, they're autistically sperging about straight girls. idk why these deluded dykes think others don't notice how retarded they are.

No. 58237

I wont be surprised if knetizens plan to boycott sm's new group

No. 58238

from my experience most fujos are lesbian or bisexual with a preference for girls. i think they don't see male idols as real men (i mean most of them have that flower boy aesthetic nowadays) and just a way to self insert themselves into a kpop group. the cutesy or girl crush girl groups don't really suit their style i guess.

No. 58239

if it's seriously coed a boycott wont be necessary. no one is going to pay attention to that shit.

No. 58240

I can confirm this, it's usually younger or immature self loathing dykes . When they grow up they will feel attracted to the feminine girls in kpop the same way than men kek if they even mature, which is unlikely

No. 58242

File: 1571365592954.jpeg (840.58 KB, 3464x3464, 60A649DA-43D8-44DD-B624-BE30E6…)

I didn’t know she got a new face

No. 58243

while reading the thread and this post, i went and listened to the songs you mentioned. true, they have a surprisingly good western appeal to them and seem on trend with current us pop and modern somehow. these could’ve used the promo sperm received.

No. 58246

That + she photoshops her photos to hell. She still looks semi-normal in non-instagram photos.

No. 58247

maybe sm wants to debut the justice league of kpop next lol

No. 58254

Because it's pedo. Fcking disgusting too and to think that it's based on Luc Besson relationship with his wife… yikes

Lookin like an ethot. mark thuan and bang sihyuk already found in line to be her suga daddy.

No. 58256

File: 1571378142516.jpg (162.32 KB, 1200x674, Cqlp5AwVIAEjcMk.jpg)

Wtf how is this the same person? Jesus…

No. 58258

File: 1571379095825.jpeg (19.74 KB, 638x361, images (48).jpeg)

young bang pd didnt look so bad

No. 58259

yooo he looks like chan from stray kids LMAO

No. 58261

File: 1571381290370.jpg (162.58 KB, 1099x649, parkjin2.jpg)

shes prolly like 5 ft tall or less.

No. 58264

i cant believe twice are worked to death just to release this garbage
worse than i feel so speshul~~~

No. 58265

never said that no fujo is a lesbian. those who are lesbian usually write/read some femslash from time to time and not just tweet about wanting the most dominant looking girl to top them, is all

No. 58266

You're still dragging this out? Are you even a lesbian? Because you act like a clueless het or bifag. Femslash is scrote shit.

No. 58268

i don't have to be a lesbian to know straight girls when i see them, but whatever

No. 58269

This is very nitpicky

No. 58270

Wow this is so trashy, "fake & truth" doesnt even make sense

No. 58271

lol their CEO is sexually harassing one of these tone deaf sticks :'D top kek

No. 58272

nta but it's okay to nitpick. It even says so in the OP. I rather have people nitpick about something new, than we end up discussing Jimins botched face or how skinny rose is every day.

No. 58273

Woohyun was a better vocalist than Sunggyu imo.

No. 58275

i thought they couldnt go worse from breakthrough, and even thats a better song compared to this, which is very bland and nothing unique about it. fake and true being sung in the same note as feel special doesnt help either. Also, sana's eye makeup looks terrible with the crusty aegyo sal eyeshadow. even the makeup couldnt hide how overworked they really are.

thats one helluva weight gain

No. 58278

Are you ok

No. 58279


Conspiracyfags are theorizing that SM are going to use BTS Murican success and SuperM's Billboard #1 and to ask for Korean military exemption kek

No. 58280

File: 1571412445438.jpg (158.51 KB, 925x622, parkjimin.jpg)

I wasn't nitpicking, I'm just saying she seems to photoshop a lot of her stuff because shes probably insecure about her height.

This is a very recent screenshot and she looks the same as she always does.

No. 58282

Because Leon is essentially a lolita story, but it doesn't actually involve them having sex. So, entertainment execs can dress idols as basically Lolita, but can't be called out on it.

(Also, they can covertly push the idea of young pretty girls with balding old men on TV shows).

No. 58284

who's the guy on the right?

No. 58289

>>58284 the one with his arm up is the rose woosung

No. 58290

Woosung from the rose I think

No. 58294

why do they so often style male idols like hipster lesbians? i hate it. they look like retards.

No. 58295

File: 1571419091194.jpeg (235.25 KB, 1227x920, 32A77296-2526-4E2B-911B-98ADD5…)


No. 58300

dont idols always look like that

No. 58301

Why is the hairdye so patchy?

No. 58303

sana is pretty but that hair color and those blue contacts are a bad choice. i don't know why companies insist on giving idols these weird hair colors and bleach blonde hair when it never looks good on them and leaves their hair super damaged. i don't think i've ever seen an idol who didn't look their best with black or brown hair.

No. 58304

this song is just as forgettable as feel special. when are twice's contract renewals? i have a feeling more than one member will be leaving. they seem to be going downhill rather fast.

No. 58310

their japanese songs are always garbage, no one actually listens or buys this shit besides actual fans

No. 58311

October 2022 apparently. I can't imagine them renewing past that, they've for sure already peaked and are probably making plans for solo stuff.

No. 58313

Male idols look like lesbians with every style since they always got feminine face features and twinky bodies, even on "manlier" styles they still look like dykes it's hilarious.

No. 58314

File: 1571446226407.png (362.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-19-07-45-21…)

No. 58317

Hmmmm…what are we supposed to see here? also, your comment sounds very salty even for lolcow.

No. 58318

wow that's so far away it feels like twice debuted ages ago

No. 58326

yeah lol seeing them unshaved is weird too lol

No. 58327

File: 1571454367296.jpg (31.65 KB, 410x521, oNaBQVH.jpg)

No. 58329

izones japanese songs were just so shocking, it made Loona 1/3 look good with their throwback 1990's anime/game ost type music.

No. 58332

Aside from Jackson who’s more masculine than average imo

No. 58333

File: 1571460248086.jpg (398.5 KB, 1139x1451, sakura.jpg)

As opposed to the female idols who are lesbian fangirls lol

No. 58334

File: 1571460499868.jpg (42.27 KB, 693x1024, O69WdiG.jpg)

Siwon also looks good with facial hair

No. 58335

File: 1571461336108.jpg (156.01 KB, 1192x671, girlfriend.jpg)

No. 58336

There’s only 2 make idol groups that look remotely manly

No. 58337

there's nothing lesbian about this, desperate incelbian. why don't dykes like you lust over other lesbos instead of straight women?
go back to l_anon where you can obsess over straight girls and pretend short nails = secret carpet muncher(homophobe-chan pls)

No. 58338

Tbh monsta x is actually pretty manly mainly because of wonho and shownu

No. 58339

File: 1571462135300.png (234.89 KB, 925x207, Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 06.15…)

read the room……

No. 58340

how manly can a guy below 5'7 really be, hm? he doesn't even act like a top. only shownu is masc.

No. 58341

Wonho is under 5’7? Lol he always seemed like he 5’9-10

No. 58342

He is 5’10. Anon is kinda retarded

No. 58343

bullshit. you're retarded for actually believing what his height is listed as when it's been proven time and time again that idols always lie about their hights.

No. 58344

File: 1571463714517.png (262.56 KB, 352x550, C7457C69-FA6C-4AED-9EE1-592E05…)

Nta but you have issues. Getting this pressed over someone saying Sakura might be a dyke isn’t normal, even if they’re wrong.


Pick one.

No. 58345

He’s taller than 5’9 idols and is the same height as other 5’10 idols so unless they’re all the same exact “actual” height lying about being the same exact height, I think what they listed is true. It’s not like he’s 6’10 or anything, just 5, so calm your tits.

No. 58346

He has the most “manly” body I’ve seen in 3rd gen kpop

No. 58348

File: 1571464551137.jpeg (18.48 KB, 286x382, 91CC1982-9B8F-4E29-A7C2-EF319B…)

He might be more manly but he isn’t a uwu kawaii oppar like ChimChim! /s

No. 58349

go read taylor swift threads on lchat then you'd understand

No. 58351

They probably are lying as well. plus male idols wear insoles and I'm sure that turbo butterface is no exception.

No. 58352

File: 1571465890338.jpeg (189.06 KB, 1000x1500, C6BC1F58-77A4-4A73-95B3-015CD9…)

If he’s actually 5’6, then he’s as short as this manlet, think

No. 58353

I could see jimincel being around there

No. 58354

>famous people can't be gay

okay fam

No. 58355

File: 1571468147443.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.9 KB, 900x1200, original (10).jpg)

This guy's nose looks creepy af

No. 58356

Hate to say it but straight manly men don't go for the roided look, it's usually men who want to attract other men who want to look ripped. Shownu has a great bod but Ratmon has the most natural manly body type for a dude who doesnt work out that much

No. 58357

what is this supposed to prove, wonho-chan…? wooseok is one of the tallest if not THE tallest kpop idol, confirmed to be around 6'3. with wonhos weird midget proportions I still wouldn't doubt he's around jinhos height.

No. 58358

ratmon looks skinny tho like 160 5'11

No. 58359

i don't think sakura is a lesbian lol i honestly think she was just acting like a fangirl so people would find her less threatening

No. 58361

No. 58362

Gay fanservice is literally AKB members' only talent. It's not legit, it's just sad.

No. 58365

Generous of you to consider it a talent. I'm grossed out by that MV btw, also hate the song cause it's so overused. Sage for ot.

No. 58366

File: 1571475064990.jpg (72.08 KB, 683x1024, 1105d1c211d6d9ae532756beee0c06…)

>the most manly body type

No. 58367

i dunno why they picked rat lol the member with the manliest body is probably jungkook

No. 58368

>most natural manly body type for a dude who doesnt work out that much
What is this even supposed to mean? Every body of a guy is natural, unless they did something to change it. Idols botching their faces has nothing to do with their bodies. Not saying, there arent possibilities and that nobody does it, but for the most time it is simply the difference of body types between ethnicities that might seem "unmanly" to you. But to be fair… that is only you.

No. 58370

Don’t call me a Wonho Chan because you don’t know how height works

No. 58371

Super cRap

No. 58372

So they’re making gag songs now , and SM put actual money into this. God.

No. 58373

Yeah, I agree with you. You not Wonho-Chan, You're never-learned-how-to-sage-Chan

No. 58375

super clap sounds like one hell of a strong std

No. 58376

It's like a reject psy song. Their stans are going wild over this tho, I was honestly unaware that they had fans at all

No. 58377


No. 58379

File: 1571486790283.jpeg (179.35 KB, 750x723, 4ADB6F71-3365-424E-94CB-9B0E57…)

I'm not sure if this is too harsh, but I feel like this isn't right.

You can't change other people but you can change yourself.
If you're getting hurt by hate comments, you should change the way you feel about them, not the people making them.
I just feel as though can't limit people into only saying nice things.
Hate comments are a part of being a celebrity. Am I being too harsh?

No. 58380

I guess it depends on what's considered a hate comment
Since we're talking about IU, I doubt it's just the typical "lol shes ugly" type of comments

No. 58381

No you're not being too harsh. There will always be people who dislike what you do, no matter how harmless it is (eg. Irene reading a book about feminism, etc). Many people, and not just idols should do multiple checks before publishing anything. If you think you can handle the hate comments directed toward you after uploading a certain content that you know will provoke a negative reaction from the mass, then go for it. If you think you can't, then don't. Simple as that. Oh and I'm only talking about things that you can totally control like Instagram or Twitter posts, TV appearances, etc. Not candid pics and vids.

No. 58382

there's a difference between hate coments and malicious rumors like the ones Sulli faced. People were leaking info about her Obgyn checkups and saying she was pregnant or had an abortion. She is prob doing this to teach Sulli's cyberbullies a lesson. Immature Knetz called IU a slut for dating Eunhyuk and Jang Kiha too, any dating scandal gets female idols hate from their spergy male/lesbo fans.

No. 58383

File: 1571489815003.jpg (50.19 KB, 648x1024, 12dd8279a12a60eaed92d2bedb3283…)

tbf rat has buffed up recently

No. 58384

File: 1571490042611.jpg (79.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Nice autistic meltdown there, anon.

I thought there was a guy in Monsta X that is sort of not as twinky as a lot of K-Pop boys, which isn't saying a lot, but it's the dude in the middle of pic related. I don't know if that's the same guy because I can't tell these dudes apart, but if that's him, then what the fuck happened?

Holy shit, are these two in the same group? How is that not awkward as fuck? LMAO. They're different species.

> People were leaking info about her Obgyn checkups and saying she was pregnant or had an abortion

No. 58385

Now he's just an egg face with some muscle. Nothing will save his ugly face and personality

No. 58386

All of their songs have the worst names. Jopping? Super Clap? I almost believe this a parody band

No. 58389

Honestly just the name "Super Clap" has me almost dying of laughter. It sounds like a fucking Pokemon move.
This group isn't gonna get any better is it

No. 58392

more women are straight than gay and she won't fuck you, sis. get over it.

No. 58393

>Jopping? Super Clap?
Those are two different groups anon

No. 58396

magnitude 9 earthquake at 1:12

No. 58398

My bad. Apologies then

No. 58400

File: 1571499783834.jpg (113.08 KB, 720x441, IMG_20191019_184018.jpg)

So, bts got a cultural merit award and ofc ratmys trended 'bts korea' s pride' or whatever.
The speech was real subtle about their korean world domination through kpop plan. I can't wait to see them fall from grace

No. 58406

think it's a sly dig at SuperM because "Nation's Shame" is trending on twitter thanks to ratmies

No. 58407

god i really hate his taste in clothes

No. 58408

is her hair supposed to look damp, or is it just dirty or dried out

No. 58409

iirc the issue with IU wasnt that she was dating eunhyuk, it was that she uploaded a picture from after they had just fucked onto social media, kek
still doesnt warrant that much hate but slut shaming isnt surprising and it was a dumb move on her part to do that

No. 58414

damp. she's sitting in the rain.

No. 58415

obviously she is suing malicious comments that are worse than calling her a slut. If it becomes defamatory or baseless rumors like making up ectopic pregnancies (Sulli's case) or accusing her of sleeping with sponsors etc I dont see why taking legal action is wrong. SK entertainment has a culture of "If you dont sue it means the rumors are true". There was a rumor about an actress at partying at Burning Sun nightclub high on drugs and a few actresses who were linked to the blind item sued. Go Joon Hee, Han Hyo Joo etc

No. 58416

this is buff?

No. 58417

i agree with you, i was just saying the controversy and slut shaming was not due to dating eunhyuk, but having sex with him, uploading the photo and then making up some ridiculous story to try to cover her own ass

they werent even dating at the time which is what made butthurt netizens so angry
it was literally just a booty call and she documented it lol

No. 58418

i find it hard to care about ITZY since all the members are obviously low talent rich girls

No. 58419

they're good dancers except lia

No. 58420

And they make noise music for children. itzy are blackpink for gradeschoolers kek

No. 58423

>super clap sounds like one hell of a strong std
lmao i was thinking the same
from jopping to super clap, i guess this is sm’a definition of sexy

No. 58424

I wouldn't say they're good, they are on the same level as twice imo. They're decent. I saw their stage at kcon and they have like 0 charisma. Why do people like them? Just cause they're from jyp?
Don't wanna sound like a twicefag but their debut song was miles better than dalla dalla

No. 58426

File: 1571512721771.png (568.18 KB, 648x613, ghybjfu.PNG)

I am fucking dying of laughter about this guy's shirt matching eyebrows

No. 58427

is that a cloud shaped like a dick on his shirt

No. 58428

people calling idols who don’t look like they are about to break “buff” make me question if they ever saw man irl

No. 58429

the lyrics were shit as well
the typical “im different not like others u cant change me”
also the fact that the name of their song was fucking romanization

No. 58430

his head looks too small for his body

No. 58431

yeah her company said that he was sick and she was visiting him out of concern lol. they wanted so badly for her to keep her pedobait image, but i think iu posted that picture so she could get out of that image.

No. 58432

Why does he have purple eyebrows???

No. 58433

noooo anon, we aren't allowed to point out that IU is a softcore pedophile, she might kill herself u h8er.

No. 58434

File: 1571515023569.jpg (178.1 KB, 944x1191, DqNLhNQV4AMPHU6.jpg)

This seems to be an odd trend in SM right now, no idea whose brilliant idea that was…

No. 58435

I wouldn't mind colored eyebrows if they went crazy with the styling. Idols eyebrows are often times hideous anyway, especially when they try to make them light coloured and they end up like a goopy mess. Or they make them too short and block-y ugh

No. 58436

ITZY are decent dancers, but are any of them even good singers? It feels like ITZY is the B team and ITZY was originally going to be like, Somi, Chaeyeon, Chaeryoung, and Natty or some of the other girls who left for fromis_9

No. 58437

i think nobody thought itzy would be successful because of how big twice is, but somehow even with bad songs itzy managed to become popular. now twice is falling apart in the background. i don't think anyone expected this outcome.

No. 58438

sana is really good at fanservice too. i wonder if she was an akb fan lol.

No. 58440

IU is a pedophile?

No. 58441

there is her song zeze which i think is based on her experiences in the music industry as a young girl. but she dressed up as matilda from leon the professional (discussed earlier in this thread or the last)

No. 58443

This. She's also done photoshoots inspired by Lolita.

No. 58445

depends on what you consider to be a good singer. yeji is good imo, but if you think ott vocals runs is the marker of a good pop singer, nah.

No. 58446

Speaking of which, in the original script matilda 'convinces' leon to have sex with her. If people needed more proof of the pedophile theme. I think IU knows that people see her as a cute innocent girl and she plays into that fucked up fetish. Sort of like Sana does. I'd go into why aegyo and acting like a baby is so popular but I don't wanna be banned lol

No. 58448

Not being able to criticize korean culture on a kpop critical thread is so contradictory. It's like on the shayna threads where you can nitpick al you want but people who call her dirty for having armpit hair are banned for ''nitpicking''.
Lolcow rules make no sense and are arbitrary as hell.

No. 58449

>the typical “im different not like others u cant change me”
Right it's cringey. Middle schoolers find it nore relatable than say, if blackpink gives the same message.

No. 58452

i honestly think their target audience are middle schooler who want cool girls to self insert with and the occasional uncle stan. no one else would eat this garbage up

No. 58453

iu isn't a pedophile she just plays into how people want to see her, an innocent little girl, even though she's a grown woman. it's kind of messed up how chungha, sunmi and blackpink can be sexy and act their age, but certain idols like iu who were given this baby image when they were teens aren't ever allowed to let it go. if they try to be sexy and mature they get shamed for it.

No. 58454

No. 58455

Idk, she seemed to enjoy what she was doing and wasn't to let go of that pedobait image any time soon

No. 58456

File: 1571538917897.jpg (95.43 KB, 512x778, unnamed40.jpg)

Wow this is retarded

>BTS member V’s Chinese fans recently spent most likely an enormous amount to dedicate a 3000 meter banner for the K-Pop idol.

>And we all know that when Chinese fans gather to do something special for their idol, they never disappoint. In fact, some of the craziest gifts and tributes to K-Pop idols were from Chinese fans. From luxury cars, to countless shopping bags filled with designer clothing and items, Chinese fans spare no money or effort when it comes to gift-giving.

>They booked a total of three encircled roads where around 300 ads promoting V were placed.

>The fan club signed a deal with Seoul City and were able to make V the first K-Pop idol in history to have ads of himself that was over 3000 meters in length.

No. 58457

what's their endgame? when fans throw so much shit at you constantly, you stop feeling grateful at all tbh. if it were me, i would be embarrassed

No. 58458

this is fucking insane. What the hell is even the point of this??

No. 58459

the same reason these same fansites spend thousands of dollars a week to send idols super expensive gifts
they legit think by doing these things that they're going to get oppas attention and more or less, his cock

thats how retarded these people are

No. 58460

Some people have more money than they deserve…

No. 58461

I thought anons were joking when they said that suju are only popular in latin america now but wow all i see is comments in spanish in super clap, like 90% of them

No. 58463

>good dancers except lia
Have you not seen the clip of Ryujin dancing predebut?

No. 58465

gtfo ryujin-chan

jk lol

No. 58467

File: 1571547267352.jpeg (41.21 KB, 452x678, EE756459-4E23-425F-8741-6BD4E8…)

that’s not wonho you blind rat

No. 58469

Ew you could've spoilered that

No. 58470

sucks becuase iu is older than all of them lol

No. 58473

File: 1571551102655.jpg (100.62 KB, 800x1200, DscjveWUcAEF3Ly.jpg)

Ryujin has that Tzuyu "dead inside" vibe. Mina also has it. I don't understand why some of these girls decide to become idols when they seem to hate it.

It was just a question since they've all had that ugly styling at some point and they all blend together when they have damaged colorful hair and those ugly contacts and look the same, I didn't mean to trigger you. I'm so sorry I can't tell your oppars apart when they look like a middle schooler's clown art.

Anyway, he doesn't look bad when he looks like this? I don't understand how the unicorn vomit styling is appealing.

No. 58474

wonho is the definition of butterface kek

No. 58475

Why do they make Idols wear those contacts?

Asians don't have light colored eyes and don't look good with them imo

No. 58477

File: 1571553435699.jpg (55.28 KB, 759x759, DqhkNg2VAAAI1r0.jpg)

Wym anon? Are you saying this isn't the sexiest thing you've ever seen?

But for real, it's fucking ugly. I can't think of a single idol that looks better with those ugly contacts on than they do without them, I understand wanting ~unique~ styling, but these days you'd be better off leaving them with their natural eyes since everyone wears contacts. Also, why does it seem like idols wear the cheapest, ugliest Halloween store tier contacts? You'd think they'd at least invest in some that aren't so comically fake and make them look like lizards? Kek

No. 58478

Same answer as in why they choose the pissyellow hair or starve them to death.

Imho, sometime it can look good, if the quality of the lenses is high. But most of the times, it just results in precious little lizard boys.

No. 58480

if jimin is gonna wear lenses he needs the astigmatism version

No. 58481

File: 1571556281556.jpg (Spoiler Image,43 KB, 700x457, bill-skarsgard-scares-bill-had…)

pennywise eyes

No. 58482

this picture gives me nightmares

No. 58483

its what i see during sleep paralysis

No. 58487

File: 1571559616945.jpg (46.3 KB, 1024x576, ffa285916dc221ac16b62242d7ca0c…)

I found this and ratmy made it as a meme unironically, they think this is cute

No. 58490

doesn't this hurt

No. 58491

>The full autopsy report for Sulli is yet to be released but National Forensic Service has verbally confirmed that there were no signs of external force or injuries that suggest murder. Police will close the case once the detailed autopsy report comes out.

>However, there is an ongoing media speculation over her cause of death. Some raised questions on the grounds that she had her fresh produce delivered on the morning of October 14 and that she posted on her Instagram on October 13, the day before the incident.


No. 58492

I skipped your post cause i didnt know who that was but wow park jimin?? She looks very different.

I read somewhere that she had reported all people who dmed her, comparing her body parts to fruits like kek it's so rude but she drew the attention herself

No. 58493

Probably not, his eyes are naturally like that i think (anons here have mentioned the name of the condition but i forgot). The contacts only make it stand out.

No. 58494

no i meant the contacts sliding around his eye they look kinda uncomfortable

No. 58500

My contacts do that if they get dry. Jiminprob wears his to look less basic and more vampirish ugh. That shit gets old at some point, look at SuJu with their rainbow colored hair.

No. 58501

File: 1571563805317.jpg (78.2 KB, 200x320, 1FNG1tv.jpg)

Basic bro

No. 58502

i wish BTS would go go back to mid 2018 fake love era all black hair

No. 58503

File: 1571566785484.png (9.28 KB, 748x85, EHTv4gMVAAAhmmr.png)

Another day, another ratmy being dumb as a box of rocks (there's not even a country in the world that has 1.7b people so double fucking dumb)

No. 58504

imo they looked their best 2013-2016, which is when they havent overloaded on ps/fillers, started wearing unattractive gucci that made their styling uncoordinated, and didnt have the freakish fakeboi haircut+makeup. also, them being younger is also a factor they looked more attractive when most of them were tan

No. 58506

Those type of contacts look good on no one. it's so cheap and fake (and probably shit for long time use) I understand wearing slight colors like grey or light brown but that crazy halloween shit looks bad.

I think Jimin looks best as a blonde or with pink hair but he doesnt need the contacts. i would be uncomfortable af wearing that shit all the damn time, esp if they arent meant for astigmatism eyes. I agree, they need to be styled better now that they are in their mid to late 20s. not teenagers anymore

No. 58507

She's mad cuz she got some hate and sexual comments from guys, but why would she get implants so big ? rofl i really dont understand her logic. it only makes her look stumpier

No. 58512

I'm sorry, i don't lurk that often but what kind of condition does he have though?

No. 58513

lots of people act normal right up until they decide to actually kill themselves
its not always a super long planned out thing

No. 58516


astigmatism, his eyeball just isnt perfectly round as they usually tend to be which makes contact lenses sit weirdly and shift around.

No. 58517

File: 1571579492048.jpg (83.37 KB, 480x608, kIXVOg5.jpg)

No. 58518

This looks like some cult where the followers can only wear ugly rags and the cult leader will always come first lmao

No. 58519

stans do this and then wonder why people think kpop is a disease

No. 58521

File: 1571585484953.jpg (276.45 KB, 1080x974, 20191020_103217.jpg)

A literal Ape

No. 58522

No. 58526

the comments are the biggest fucking conspiracy theorists
6. [+135, -6]
Sulli's day of passing was exactly 666 days after Jonghyun's death. And if you dissect the day of death and add together the numbers 666 appears again(?). Did Sulli calculate this…? Freaking goosebumps

Like that one is pretty disrespectful ^. I hate when people make shit up like that without any proof that makes sense

No. 58530

aomething about momo dressing up as boo from monsters inc bothers me

No. 58531

Yeah that's pretty much islam in a nutshell, men are the cult leaders and women are the followers.(derailing)

No. 58532

She always had big tits though, the skimpy outfit, push up bra, and editing makes them look bigger than they actually are.

No. 58533

some anons here really cant go one thread without talking about islam with no relation to kpop

No. 58534

File: 1571596216402.png (622.98 KB, 858x747, Screenshot 2019-10-20 at 19.27…)

jimincel is so creepy looking

No. 58535

Yeah her current pictures are mostly just shooped to hell and back, on ASC her body is a lot more fridge-shaped.
I feel bad for her because she can sing and even beat Lee Hi to win Kpop Star a few years ago, yet almost everyone else on the show and in her friend circle has had a better career than her; Baek Yerin just had a huge hit song this year and is better known among the public, Seungyoun recently got into X1, Vernon is in Seventeen, Lee Hi and Baek Ayeon are digital monsters and Seunghoon is doing well enough on varieties and Winner.

I wonder what went so wrong with her career that she got stuck on ASC just to stay afloat

No. 58536

Twice probably has the worst concert perfomances.

No. 58537

File: 1571597558545.png (24.49 KB, 606x150, 0C95E50E-D9A5-4DC1-90F5-1197C1…)

This is why you shouldn’t call your fans your girlfriends

No. 58538

All the obsession over muslims in these threads is further evidence that anons are american autists living in backwater towns that don't get out much.

No. 58540

>americans obsessed with asians and muslims
color me surprised

No. 58541

but the people in the picture anon was replying to clearly were mudslimes

No. 58542

The genie outfit is funny as shit to me for some reason. Why isn't mina dressed up tho?

No. 58545

But the picture is someone holding a fucking cardboard cut out that any dumbass stan would do. But ofc anons have to turn it into some neckbeard religious debate.

No. 58546

wtf is this shit, they really are doing the most to avoid talking about and maybe doing something against the poor mental health in their country.

No. 58550

lmao dahyun is the best and lol @ nayeon's old boy costume

No. 58551

nayeon a woman of substance confirmed

No. 58552

When she debuted with her 15& duo group they were mildly popular in korea so i dont understand why jyp stopped promoting them.

No. 58554

People even favored Jimin at first too and wanted her to be solo. Maybe Jyp thought ASC was actual promo and put her on there not knowing she’d rot and turn into “that annoying girl on ASC”. Sad since she was actually talented, but we know JYP only favors the pretty faces of the company who can do nothing but look pretty (Twice).

No. 58558

It's pseudostrabismus i think, common in asian

No. 58593

tbh i like the fake love era more than idol and boys with luv

idk but it felt more real(samefagging)

No. 58601

Don't forget SEA too

No. 58602

File: 1571632292790.jpg (18.44 KB, 504x442, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

She looked like bts' jimin in this 15& pic

No. 58605

File: 1571640876055.png (3.07 MB, 1125x2436, 33DE6E48-8983-440E-81E5-FC59CB…)

Why does Yeri look like this? Proof that that ideal Korean “visual” doesn’t always work out.

No. 58606

What do you mean??

No. 58612

Yeri is not & never has been considered a visual so idk what you're on about.
She's ps'd herself into gangnam unnie status like 90% of idols…nothing special about her situation afaik

No. 58616

File: 1571648598898.jpeg (85.08 KB, 530x749, 1.jpeg)

how is she even close to gangnam unnie status?

No. 58617

That's not even Yeri, moron. Where'd you even find that pic?

Petition to ban anons who can't take two seconds to make a descriptive file name ON AN IMAGEBOARD please & thank you mods <3

No. 58618

Calm tf down, anon posted some gangnam unnie to highlight that Yeri doesn't resemble this at all…

No. 58619

Reason #956374894 why images need descriptive names.
Yeri's gangnam unnie status was addressed in the last thread. Keep up with the threads or stay quiet, we aren't going to spoon feed you old discussions

No. 58623

No one even mentioned Yeri in the last thread.

No. 58624

idk if thats Yeri but that chick is a 100% gangnam unnie.

No. 58632

File: 1571659349519.png (678.72 KB, 670x714, 2capture-20191021-114949.png)

Jungkook if he worked a regular job.

No. 58637

No. 58644

I got this in my recommendation. I think this performance is 100% live except for chorus and adlibs. Imagine how much shit idols would get in this day and age if they did this.

No. 58647

File: 1571668660225.png (163.62 KB, 621x634, yeri.PNG)

Should I warm up a bottle & tuck you into bed too? Jfc

No. 58656

#35 wasn't the last thread

No. 58657

Can't decide if it's a bop or not.
Sounds like 2 songs in 1.

>>58647 That's bad Photoshop for ya

No. 58658

Too much autotune

No. 58660

the autotune is a little offputting but the song is so weird i kind of like it that part right before the chorus is super catchy

No. 58668


No. 58670

Literally who?

No. 58671

my thoughts exactly

No. 58673

Not op but this is Alex Christine. She's half Korean half White and was on Produce 48. She also used to post a lot of dance covers (i think she used to be a cosplayer, idk). Anyway the song is pretty good but on one is gonna listen to it because zb label is unknown. Unfortunate but she's not gonna be able to take the Somi route like in sure she wanted

No. 58674

Meh. I can’t see it becoming a hit on the song alone, it’s just not catchy and too experimental. Stans are already hyping it up tho

No. 58676

She’s gonna end up going nowhere. Half Koreans only get any attention if they fit Korean beauty standards. She does not. She’s gonna end up like Shannon

No. 58677

Sounds like a mess. Parts are catchy but the 'ethnic' (can you call it that or is that bad now too?) beat is a bit out of place.

No. 58678

i find it funny how people would assume taeyeon would be so devastated when she was cheerily posting instagram teasers and stories less than 1 week after sulli died… proof celebrity friendships are mostly bullshit

No. 58679

not a taeyeon fag but if she posted only sad posts she'd be dragged just like when jonghyun passed away. fx members and goo hara were dragged for being too sad or not posting anything as well

No. 58680

I think it sounds bad. Not terrible, just bad and boring. Txt are the worst out of the rookies this year imo, everything they do is so unlikeable to me and I'm not even sure why.

No. 58681

she didn't even acknowledge it happened tho it's weird.

No. 58682

It's a stereotypical egyptian/arabic sound to be specific

No. 58683

Yes you are a taeyeon fag.
Its very obvious how different taeyeon is to sullis death compared to jonghyuns.
It seems like sulli and taeyeon were not close but she could have showed some respect,choosing who she will mourn and who she will not is disrespectful/

No. 58686

Detroit become human

No. 58689

maybe bigshit wants these failed plastic surgery experiments to flop

No. 58696

You are like those retarded Knets attacking everyone not ”proving“ how sad they are on social media.

No. 58697

People can mourn in silence anon. and i'm not a taeyeon fag, have you ever heard of benefit of the doubt?
the song is pretty okay, but she will definitely not go far and will probably stop at 1-3 comebacks and go back to youtube

No. 58698

Learn how to sage and tag.

No. 58700

K now youre just nitpicking. I'm supposed to remember which thread every discussion takes place in? I knew it happened, I knew it was recent…and not my fault these threads turn over that quickly. Honestly four threads in two and a half wks is pretty cray even for lolcow haha

I feel like this is just like itzy. Why does every big group need a "little sister/brother" group targeted @ younger fans with wacky noisy tracks & all that forced relationship stuff with the original group? It's just so played out at this point…concepts are so stale and overused…no one's had an original kpop idea since 2nd gen pretty much

No. 58704

Bitch, me too!! I'm reading in the comments that everyone's getting this recommended too lol

No. 58705


I guess it has to do with sulli since she was in f(x)

No. 58706

Omg I have so many questions, someone help me. Why are you saying idols today would get shit for this, you mean the collab between girls & guys? I mean that's true but it has happened sometimes, just not with BTS & groups with more insane fans

I watched this twice and I don't think jonghyun is in this, am I blind? Why are all the comments saying otherwise? This is taemim and key and onew or mino (I can't tell those two apart sorry I'm not a 2ndgenfag lol)

It's showing up in recommendations bc of the algorithm sensing sulli death news, plus ppl keep mentioning jonghyun. But the algorithm is not perfect so I guess that's why it's misleading new young fans into thinking he's in this? Or the owner of this video has pulled some strings, like how sometimes I get ads for super shitty indie singers & it's clear they or their parents have fronted a ton of money to appear as ads in other ppls videos lol

No. 58724

Twice and Got7 did something like this a couple years back. I didn't hear anyone complaining about it. I think it still happens in big company concerts, and I doubt anyone gives a shit, but maybe I just dont go to the right parts of the internet

No. 58725

i saw stans of both groups on twitter tweeting about how they are jealous that their bias is dancing with a another group and that the other group is cancelled when this video came out. otherwise, most people don't really care

No. 58732

I was going to post that too but idk what the original poster was talking about with fx/shinee. That was pretty tame. The twice/got7 performance, they were actually touching each other I think. So I'm confused

No. 58735

I was honestly surprised at this

No. 58743

why is the TxT fandom name so weird. Moments of Alwaysness kek. MOA doesn't even abbreviate into a proper word like ARMY and ARMY's meaning is cringe as fuck, Bighit cant English

No. 58746

I'm the OP. What I meant was that current idols would get attacked for performing 100% live (with shaky voices etc), i could barely hear sulli's and victoria's voices in that video. People would rather believe mr removed vids even though most of the stages are already backed by prerecorded vocals, they praise the idols with words like "they must have eaten the CDs" when actual live performances like that one vid would most likely upset them cause they're not perfect.

No. 58747

>,choosing who she will mourn and who she will not is disrespectful/

Are you just pretending to be retarded?

No. 58748

File: 1571713926888.jpg (135.6 KB, 1200x630, unnamed.jpg)

>Fans pointed out how Taeyeon was wearing all black in commemoration of Sulli.


No. 58749

Despite trying to give off futuristic feels, this MV just comes off as cheap

No. 58750

File: 1571714649780.jpg (452.11 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20191022-102246_You…)

Wow they are so stiff and the music sucks. Something about this dude's lips & nose just feels really unnatural

No. 58751


No. 58754

"Reaching" is what i call people who assume someone's feelings based on whether they post them on insta/not

No. 58758

No. 58761

the lack of instgram post about it still more telling than random black jogging clothes no matter what.
it must be part of korean culture or smth. even if they weren't actually close it's still odd.. same with tiffany etc who were thought to have ''raised'' her

No. 58765

File: 1571734070012.jpeg (70.69 KB, 750x930, DFF2A3E2-B992-43D0-880B-FB5595…)

Tiffany posted this on her stories but this was the only mention from her. I’m honestly surprised too that none of the other SNSD members have posted, especially Taeyeon. Although honesty I’m wondering if they’ve decided not to put it on social media at all considering that social media was the cause of Sulli’s death and they don’t want any kind of hate comments on posts about Sulli?

But yeah I do get why it seems disrespectful to not at least mention something but instead just carry on like nothing happened. Yoona hasn’t posted anything about Sulli but she’s not posting anything else either, whereas Seohyun is just posting selfies at the beach like she doesn’t give a shit. I find that weird even if they weren’t friends. They were still in the same company.

No. 58766

to me, this really seals the deal on how extremely artificial celebrity friendships are. none of them give a fuck about each other.

No. 58767

people have different ways of mourning anon

No. 58768

stop parrotting dumb reddit shit. if you feel sad about your friend's death you don't post happy stories of yourself on instagram merely a few days later, period

No. 58769

as much as it sounds like dumb reddit shit it's true

i know some people who don't fully grasp
someones death untill much later

No. 58771

File: 1571737595950.png (989.32 KB, 1000x703, 1571713795-12.png)

the look jeongyeon is giving somi's dad lol

No. 58772

this is the second suicide to come out of that god forsaken company what, the last 2 years? i can understand why most of her colleagues/friends/group mates or whatever haven't addressed anything. seems more like a shame,shock, or disbelief thing rather than them just not giving a fuck. (but that's just my assumption)

if anonymous civilians are mourning her death no doubt the people that actually spoke,interacted, and grew up with her in SM are even more affected. not to say any of them are close bff's or whatever, but its highly unlikely they don't care at all unless we have reason to believe they're malignant sociopaths (we don't).

iu was supposedly as close to sulli as goo hara but hasn't posted anything either. weird asf to write them off as not giving a shit

No. 58773

The difference is, IU hasn’t updated her IG at all. It’d be different if she was posting smiling/happy selfies because that contradicts the idea of someone mourning. But some of the SNSD members are posting regular stuff with no mention to Sulli at all, so it gives off the impression that they don’t care/aren’t in mourning. They hopefully most likely are in mourning of course, but as a celebrity I do think they should have acknowledged it before going about their day.

While it might be shameful for the company to have two suicides, having no one mention it actually makes it seem like this ‘one big family’ is even more of a lie

No. 58774

>this ‘one big family’ is even more of a lie
Who actually ever thought that? It's not even really an image SM tries to push, even idols within the same group openly admit to members they feel awkward or not close with. It's obvious not everyone in a huge company is going to be bffs, they're coworkers and so busy they wouldn't spend a lot of time together.

Though even if you weren't close it's pretty callous to carry on posting selfies like nothing happened.

No. 58775

Apparently IU was at Sulli's funeral parlor since it was set up, watching over it, and she delayed both her single and album release dates.

No. 58776

i agree that relationships are artificial but I think at the same time these people are still celebrities and must keep up with the public. People like IU can afford to disappear for a month or two and no one would probably question it too much because she's popular.

That and they may not be the bestest of friends or have talked that much so everything is hitting her a bit less. Point is - they can be friends and not be the closest of people.

No. 58777

What will kill kpop once and for all? It certainly won't exist in a decade, probably even less.
I can't get over that rapist kpop guy who called his fans something like ''whores''… kpop fans think it's an individual thing as if other idols dont feel the same way towards their fans. Not to excuse them but silly girls brainlessly screaming your name would make u somewhat resent women to start with

No. 58779

bts did a performance of fake love with charlie puth entirely with shaky vocals at an award show last year, they didn’t get ripped to shreds.

No. 58780

>>What will kill kpop once and for all?

Nuclear war between the two Koreas kek

Kpop is huge in Asia even Indians watch Kdramas because it's got no M18 scenes.

No. 58782

>Nuclear war between the two Koreas kek

plot twist, south korea wins, korea unifies, now there is twice as much kpop.

No. 58783

it would take a while for the north to catch up

No. 58784

Only because ratmy are deaf. Other fandoms won't tolerate something like that.

No. 58787

Hahaha pls no

No. 58790

I love this video and comment section

No. 58791

really? you couldn't go anywhere on kpop twitter (except army twitter obvi) without seeing that clip of jimin's infamous morugeusso line

No. 58792

I was was reading up on IU, and found it odd that she debuted with LOEN ent. as a solo act, after only 10 months. When she was 15.

Then when she was 16 she was already hosting music shows and making regular appearances on TV.

I just find it quite odd for a girl that came from a family that had no connections since they were living in poverty.

Does that sound unusual to you?

No. 58793

i was under the impression that a lot of 1st/2nd gen idols came from poorer backgrounds than now

No. 58794

Jisoo sounds horribly strained in it, how does being the least bad of the 4 make her stable vocally?

This is also prob why Blackpink doesnt release new music, they cant sing for shit and producers must work around it. Rookie TxT has the same amount of songs as BP apparently kek

No. 58795

males, especially men from a particularly male chauvinist nation like south korea, will think of women as whores no matter what. stop thinking that female behavior fundamentally impacts their perception of women.

but i do agree that most idols have no respect for their fans, nor should they

No. 58797

I assume that SM and their PR people are probably telling their artists not to post anything. They probably don't want more attention drawn to Sulli's death since it reflects pretty badly on their company. Imo it looks shitty for snsd members to not acknowledge it at all though.

No. 58799

>bibbidi bobbidi

No. 58800

idk what appropriate grieving is defined as worldwide but I think posting a memorial for IG likes when they are only acquaintances could be construed as insincere in some Asian countries. In all honesty I doubt Sulli or f(x) were close buddies to SNSD in general even though they are all SM idols. SNSD debuted earlier and are sunbaes which in Kpop means idols that debut later regardless of age greet them formally and are overly subservient or polite. It makes sense that f(x) grieved for her but SNSD were prob like coworkers in a different department of the same company that f(x) competed with, you can't assume they are close when idols like SNSD have crazy schedules and travel in and out of SK so they don't see f(x) on a daily basis.

No. 58802

>I can't get over that rapist kpop guy who called his fans something like ''whores''…
which specific one are you talking about?

>kpop fans think it's an individual thing as if other idols dont feel the same way towards their fans

Im sure behind closed doors they talk about them like cattle.

No. 58804

i think wanna one actually had a scandal like this where they didn't know they were streaming and spoke about their fans rudely

No. 58805

Sulli lived with taeyeon and tiffany when they were trainees

No. 58806


95% of the comments hating on Mijoo for talking about the hate she received from Ratmies and Jungcock stans. So she is supposed to never talk about getting harrassed by complete strangers?

No. 58807

File: 1571751994781.jpeg (139.23 KB, 750x752, 8427186A-184C-48C6-B8F3-502EA3…)

they also complained about being overworked and their pay but this is the fan stuff

No. 58808

Ive dormed with a bunch of girls and I don't keep in touch with all of them regularly.
Many celebs also have private IG accounts where they post real stuff for their friends and family as opposed to a public IG account for fans and official promos. Some private IGs got outed like that AKB idol.


No. 58809

this is really sad. She doesnt deserve the hate she got just for hanging out with JK and having a drink with him. it's not like they were alone. people are trash for no reason. Your bias isnt gonna acknowledge you or fuck you for being a piece of a shit to a random woman

No. 58810

Even after this whole Sulli thing, people still wanna send hate for no reason. rofl Korean fans will never learn.

Does anyone think Mijoo is doing this for clout though or just caught up in a bad situation?

No. 58813

Are they saying it seriously or sarcastically.

No. 58814

File: 1571753386499.jpeg (337.41 KB, 500x750, 05EAE3FE-E08B-462A-A4A0-6D0333…)

I really want to like Soyeon, I felt really for her in PD101, I’ve just been getting these arrogant vibes from her recently and on shows

No. 58816

Tbh I don’t think Taeyeon cares all that much. She’s always struck me as someone that thought she was ~ not like other girls~ and it makes sense that she’d be all over Jonghyun’s death because he was a man and not Sulli cause she’s a girl. Taeyeon ‘s always been some what sexist and self centered.

No. 58820

Can someone who knows SNSD fill me in on Taeyeon's personality? From what I keep hearing, it seems like she has a rude and unpleasant personality, yet she's still really popular.

No. 58821

She's been playing the "woe is me I'm so depressed all I do is stay home and color in coloring books" card for so long and her stans eat it up. They treat her like a poor uwu tiny baby even though she's 30. Her personality has always been shit but the reason why people liked her was because of her voice and in SNSD she didn't really need a big personality because she made up for it with her voice. She's never had any remarkable qualities other than "kid leader" and her voice. I honestly don't think anyone would have given a shit about her if she couldn't sing, she's wholly unremarkable. Also she has a tendency to fall for trolling/reply to bait which is annoying as well.

No. 58822

As others have mentioned, shes always been fairly whiny. Even on variety she was always like "I dont like any of the concepts they make me cringe." but she still worked hard and had talent so people thought of it as endearing moreso than annoying. When she was a trainee, she got upset about something(nobody has ever said what exactly happened), pitched a fit and ran away from the dorms and SM freaked out because they were literally RESPONSIBLE for her and she just took off alone and they had to find her. Ever since then she has complained about pretty much everything. She claims to be an introvert and loner which is understandable, but then why be an idol? Thats something I dont understand. If an idol spends their childhood WANTING to be an idol and pursues it then doesnt want to be one when they're older, its understandable. But it seems she didnt want to from the beginning. Its hard to really know exactly how it is though because they keep everything so secretive within the company and stuff. Nobody knows what happened between her and Jessica that caused tension. But honestly I've never heard anyone who knows Taeyeon in real life say anything particularly bad about her. She just really seems to resent being an idol.

No. 58823

I mean yeah I agree her personality is shitty but why does it always have to be a age thing with women.
Do you think women don't deserve sympathy or love once they turn 30?

No. 58824

File: 1571761364318.jpeg (208.99 KB, 609x374, C21D3834-1572-46B6-80A5-5FBD06…)

what the fuck

No. 58825

File: 1571761499679.jpg (51.15 KB, 720x432, unnamed.jpg)

i feel like every idol has been harley quinn its so tired and boring now

then again, im not a capeshit fan

No. 58827

File: 1571761571564.jpg (80.62 KB, 704x396, harley-quinn-poll-header.jpg)

even the males, kek

No. 58837

Are all of them men?? omg

No. 58838

top right and bottom middle are

No. 58840

File: 1571764775590.gif (1.75 MB, 251x342, LJtOFD7.gif)

Do you think that more talented idols resent, mock or even bully their lesser talented group members? Having to share the money you earned with somebody who's basically useless is bound to piss anybody off. Example, Baekyhun and Chen vs. Chanyeol and Sehun or Choa vs. the entire rest of AOA. Not that Jihyo is super good, but just imagine having to constantly hear Sana and Momo's whiny ass voices. It seems like in most group there's always only one somewhat decent singer who has to carry all the others.

No. 58841

File: 1571764860807.gif (1.65 MB, 500x249, tumblr_ng5xfuXtLg1rrjbeno1_500…)

No. 58842

File: 1571764880228.gif (1.51 MB, 500x250, IgnorantUnequaledKentrosaurus-…)

reminds me of this

No. 58843

great minds anon, kek

No. 58844

File: 1571764999868.gif (4.54 MB, 480x360, oRRx34B.gif)

sooyoung did it too lmaoooo

No. 58845

Not that she has any business looking down on others for their singing… lol but they all seem to dislike Tiffany('s voice)

No. 58846

I think the problem with Tiffany is her lack of control. She does that same crap Christina Aguliera does. And since people say she's trying to be Ariana Grande I guess she does that too but I've never heard any of her songs so idk. If she would just stop struggle screeching she'd be fine.

No. 58847

Every Idol would be delulu to believe in only talent will bring success. Take Sana, which brings in the unclefans, which are Twices main fangroup.
Idols are marketed as wholesome entertainers, so especially groups are mixed with different "talents". Do you think Jihyo would have ever that success she has with Twice now? Never.

No. 58848

No. 58849

File: 1571768074884.jpg (94.58 KB, 720x960, IMG_20191022_201429.jpg)

so he said "bye hair", huh?

No. 58850

Tiffany failed at being Ariana Grande so now she’s trying to be Lady GaGa. Don’t know why she can’t find her own style now that she’s in America. Trying to be someone else will never work. All her songs have been mediocre as shit

No. 58851

what in the kpop macaulay culkin is that?

No. 58858

Anon you've already posted the same thing before,just drop it. She has become too irrelevant that no one wants to talk about her.
Neaga wonho is balding,probably because of all those steroids he takes.

No. 58861

Oh, didn’t realise it was already posted. But I was literally just answering someone’s question… chill

No. 58862

I mean I basically just outed myself as an ex-SNSDfag, I'm clearly not young myself lmao. The issue isn't that she's 30, it's the fact her stans baby her and treat her as if she's a helpless infant. They romanticize negative aspects about her personality and use it as a shield against any criticism. They also keep going on about how she looks like she's a teenager when she clearly looks like a woman who's had work done. I just don't think infantilization is a good thing. Of course this doesn't just happen to Taeyeon, it's all over kpop.

No. 58866

File: 1571773379746.png (488.86 KB, 800x445, 16-800x445.png)

I mean its worse with male idols.
Stans keep on acting like chanyeol is this dumb naive little boy (he is 26) whenever someone calls out the fact that Chanyeol was best friends with his misogynist meetoo buddies which are zico,jung yoon young and that cnblue dude.

No. 58867

The HQ and Joker trends are honestly the worst in so many years. So sick of this unoriginal shit

No. 58868

File: 1571773494549.jpeg (11.01 KB, 210x240, images (1).jpeg)

I don't know much about them, but appearantly his agency didn't like his look? But his fans did, no? Nevertheless I don't get why he additionally photoshops his face into that abomination, that's so extreme, even for k-idol standards…

No. 58870

aka Wonho took roids and his company stopped him

No. 58871

He used to be an ulzzang so it kinda makes sense

No. 58874

jimin’s fails were brought to light only after his club scandal afaik. bts whole vocal line is shit & shaky, and rap line raps like they’re taking out their repressed anger by yelling lyrics. nobody really criticized them.

No. 58875

oh definitely not lol people have been critiquing his live vocals for years. maybe you only started noticing it recently, but its been going on for a long time

No. 58876

this is .. tragic. i was convinced this was unnecessarily edited to show bp in a bad light until i watched a exid mr removed video this same person uploaded.

No. 58877

I’m an ex-ratmy and I saw them live in 2015 (pls no ban), the rappers were actually pretty good, especially Jhope. Jimin and Jin didn’t sound that bad either back then, I think nowadays their vocals are just completely blown from touring for a year and doing performances 2-3 times a week even when they’re on “break”. iirc they don’t have vocal coaches at all, and their warmups/soundchecks are just singing their own songs. I guess it’s more lucrative to watch them holler like horny baboons and then film it for a DVD when they break down crying about it backstage. I would feel bad if they weren’t such arrogant shitheads.

No. 58878

i've always wondered how people make mr removed videos. like how do they isolate the live from prerecorded vocals just from the video

No. 58879

why are the comments on that video all praising jisoo omg… kpop stans love to think they are edgy contrarians

No. 58880


is that autotune at 1:10 when jimin sings? kek

didnt even know mr removed existed until your post. Top!

No. 58881

I didnt know MR removed existed either. This puts a lot of bands into a new light

No. 58882

Tiffany’s problem is that she has no technical abilities. Her singing is unsupported and even after all these years as a singer, she hasn’t figured out how to move from her chest voice to her head voice so her high notes are always strained and nasally. She also always tries to sing out of her range (because it’s so small) and she just doesn’t have the skills to do that.

I don’t think Jessica or Taeyeon originally had the voice for singing because they have a weird tone but you can tell that their training is years better than Tiffany’s.

No. 58883

seriously will never understand why they gave the main parts of the chorus in fake love to JIN and JIMIN of all people…… i don't know anything technical about singing but using the higher parts of their voice for long periods of time cannot be sustainable for the two of them. v's voice also acquired a sort of warbly quality last year it seems

No. 58884

>they don’t have vocal coaches at all, and their warmups/soundchecks are just singing their own songs.
This is what every single ratmy cries when they get criticised. "It's not their fault, my babies didn't even get vocal coaches, they have to learn everything by themselves!!!" Are you honestly dumb enough to believe that?
Even if bighit wouldn't provide them (which is definitely not the case), then your poor boys could just hire one themselves instead of spending their millions on more useless gucci shit.

It's also hypocritical that one second bighit is the coolest and bestest company ever but as soon as somebody criticises bts they push the blame onto bighit and say that the members get mistreated and oppressed.

No. 58885

I watch MR removed vids for keks but there's no way prove these videos show their real voice, sometimes idols lipsync or pre-record live vocals or live process their vocals. Most "MR removed" vids are just fake vids made by opportunistic youtubers who make a version of distorted echo-y isolated vocals on Audacity for 100k views. It's a stupid easy way to get YT views.


No. 58886

A lot of the time the least talented idols are the most popular and give the group more publicity as a whole, so even if Wendy can't stand Irene's autism or Jihyo hates Sana's whiny ass voice they probably just rage in private because they wouldn't have careers without the talentless "visuals

No. 58887

At least Sooyoung knows she's no Celine Dion and doesn't mangle her throat trying to be main vocalist

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king. Jisoo is the least bad (though still terrible by normal standards) so commenters latched onto that because they don't want to admit that BP have negative talent.

No. 58888

these seem like the less-dignified cousin of “vocal coaches react to”. i learnt from a youtuber that even live performances could be auto tuned entirely. everything’s a sham

No. 58889

exactly. Mics can be adjusted to autotune their live singing voice or distort it. It's all a sham.

No. 58894

The fuck did i just watch?
I'm no longer on planet earth

So can anyone elaborate on the discussion a few threads ago about why sakura is popular despite having no dance or vocal talent. Something about, akb made her just rly good at stage presence or something? Idk just it was fascinating to me but the convo died after like two comments & I've always wanted to know more in depth bc I don't understand her appeal at all

No. 58896

Bighit is a zillion dollar corp but can't provide the best vocal training on earth? Bullshit. Ditto for all the drama that goes down in airports, as if most groups couldn't afford a private plane or private boarding around the back not in the main part of the airport? There's a reason they do all this shit, idk why but it's annoying as hell that they think we are dumb enough to accept all their lies & machinations

Tiffany can't connect her head & chest voice, she has no mix whatsoever & apparently no one has ever told her. I give her props for trying but she just doesn't have the voice to rly carry a solo career, regardless of country or language or market. Her music videos are like long form beauty commercials or perfume ads. And there's something to be said for that, I mean they are pleasing to watch, but like it isn't musical artistry, it's all visuals & expensive instagrammy sets & outfits.

Kpop rly isn't about the music anyway, guys, and once you realize that kpop becomes more fun to watch & critique. Kpop idols are NOT musicians or artists. Huge effort is put into visuals, acting, concepts & dance. Vocals & songwriting are almost irrelevant at least to the idol. But that's the point. Idol pop is not music it's entertainment. Group members are cast for reasons that have nothing to do with music. Outliers like Wendy/yuju being good singers, rose having a music background & playing guitar, ikon/BTS rappers writing their own stuff, are exceptions not the rule.

No. 58898

I’m just speaking from experience, they don’t do warmups at their sound checks, or at least they didn’t a couple years ago…that’s just a fact. And they never had vocal coaches in any of their behind the scenes vlogs. I can’t speak for what goes on nowadays since I haven’t kept up with them in ages aside from these threads. I didn’t mean it as an excuse, but is it really that hard to believe some companies are too stingy to invest in coaches when some idols train for 5-8 years and still debut sounding like dying goats?

No. 58900

No I'm agreeing with you, just I phrased my reply as a rhetorical question to bighit bc I don't believe they can't afford a vocal coach or whatever. they just don't care. There are some ppl who proudly state they've never had lessons & don't need them, but that's absolute bs, in fact that's how I can tell singers apart…all singers need training, idc how good you think you are or how famous you are

A major sign for me, that they don't train, is the fact I've never once heard an idol say they're on voice rest like no talking or singing for x amt of time. It's weird considering how much they milk sob stories for fan sympathy. Fans would totally eat up a variety appearance with someone like jihyo claiming vocal cord strain or injury & writing her answers to things on a paper or something like that.

I also never see idols warming up, managing their breathing, like none of it. All of them would benefit from all that breathing shit w the diaphragm, chest expansion & modulating it so they can increase stamina for dancing while singing. I bet fans would also dig footage of voice lessons …or a super non musical idol like, say, sowon or shuhua or jisoo taking a guitar or piano lesson

These idols along with many others don't have a single musical bone in their body. Jisoo especially has no rhythm, she doesn't feel the music & move with it, she just robotically repeats dance moves by rote memory. Ditto Jin, Sowon, yuqi, miyeon, Irene, most of twice. It's fascinating how untalented you can be but still be so popular! These kids aren't musicians and most aren't even dancers. They're idols. Fans fall in love with their looks or personality. And there's nothing inherently wrong with this, I'm just fascinated by it

No. 58902

>And they never had vocal coaches in any of their behind the scenes vlogs
you get your "real" info from watching bait media output? Seriously? You're in the wrong forum here.

No. 58904

wasnt chanyeol the one that has a rep for screwing around tons?
Is he also on that go bonkers with groupies when abroad list?

No. 58905

I see what you mean but I think that was that anons point. They show plenty of behind the scenes stuff with staff, stylists, dry run rehearsals, meetings, dance practice. But nothing related to singing, (in fact singing is almost never even discussed which is weird.) There's no reason to keep vocal coaching secret or off limits, in fact fans would probably love it, same way they love all the other evidence of their idols working sooooo hard. And then they would have even more grounds on which to base their "but uwu baby jimin works sooooo haaarrrddd" delusional white knighting. Based on all this, and the fact that kpop singers pretty much never improve, leads me to believe that singing is the lowest priority part of kpop idoldom. I mean they talk more about unhealthy dieting than their actual craft…bc it's not their craft! It's not about the music. They aren't musicians. Even Rose playing a lil guitar doesn't make her a musician. These kids arent being paid for musicianship or artistry. Theyre being paid to diet, get their hair dyed 582538 times a year, and memorize dance moves like a robot.

No. 58911

You need to relax lol we’re literally on the same side. I got my info from seeing them live and being at their sound check 5 years ago, as embarrassing as it is to admit that now. And about the vlogs, like anon said >>58905 they show everything else besides vocal coaching/singing lessons, so it’s not a far leap to assume they don’t have any. Or maybe they do and they just suck so bad they can’t retain any of their lessons, I have no clue. Both seem plausible. I’m done sperging about this.

No. 58912

bts do talk about vocals, mostly about how they feel about their awful vocals, they do talk about getting lessons in the vlives and their movies/documentals. They sing in bon voyage and run episodes. They also talk a lot about their vocal lessons as traines and how Jimin didn't got enough vocal lessons because he was suppose to be only a dance member and V as well because he was suppose to be a rapper or something like that, I don't remember well

>source: me, an armyfag

No. 58913

mamamoo lowkey mocks everyone's singing voice on queendom lmao

No. 58914

Please gtfoh. Why are the resident rats getting so bold lately? Die

No. 58915

everything good at home anon?

No. 58917

File: 1571792340731.png (441.9 KB, 541x516, isheamanorababy.PNG)

A bit out of context, but lmao this headline. Ladies, isn't he just your dream boyfriend?

So they just have the most incompetent useless vocal coach in SK? Even my unprofessional ass knows jimin won't last in that strained falsetto night after night. I imagine they won't drop keys bc the music is all canned & it has to match for fans who might view from home, on youtube etc? I saw one tiny clip of jimincel crying about his shit high note & a female staff said we can drop it a half step,, & im like uhhh that's literally the bare minimum, it needs to come WAY down, and it would benefit v and Jin too sooo–

Idk why no one's noticed Jin obvious straining, like you can literally see his neck tendons contracting…it's so cringe I can't watch him. If ur straining ur actual face and neck, ur doing it wrong. 

No. 58918

>So can anyone elaborate on the discussion a few threads ago about why sakura is popular despite having no dance or vocal talent. Something about, akb made her just rly good at stage presence or something?

She's supposed to have no talent, but her skill level jumps all over the place. I think it's all an act to make her seem like the "girl next door" that would help her in AKB48.

No. 58919

Why would companies spend money on vocal training when they can just fix it in post? Why would they spend money on a private jet when they can save money and use it to boost visibility?

No. 58920

taehyung is such a softie uwu /s

No. 58922

Eddie is so fucking cringy and none of the girls can even remotely sing dear GOD
couldn’t he have shaved his stubble instead of his leg hair?

No. 58923

And that was before she even started PD48. And AKB48 really get training at all, so most of her work is probably herself, and since shes a huge fan of Red Velvet and Irene she probably models herself on them.