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File: 1572009956587.jpg (209.7 KB, 545x269, 4M3Fear.jpg)

No. 59237

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick idols.

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No. 59244

File: 1572016654210.jpg (40.09 KB, 480x274, download (18).jpg)

"Female"… But other than that one can tell that everything has seriously gone downhill, none of these groups are deserving of any award, especially not a big one such as MAMA. Who's gonna win, bts's leeches? The ones who bought their win on produce? Ateez with their 99% american fanbase? Or somebody nobody ever even heard of?

No. 59248


Giving awards for awards' sake is nothing new in Kpop. You gotta create hype for rookies to keep the industry going.

No. 59250

Lowkey thought that was Shinee Minho with a bowlcut in the banner.

No. 59252

why is exo being nominated with tempo for song of the year in mama? that song came out almost a year ago in 2018.

No. 59253

leeches. votes seem to say so to point to them and even then i think they'd give them the award.

No. 59254

Tempo came out in November after last year's nominations, so it's eligible for this year

No. 59255

File: 1572019361450.jpeg (144.8 KB, 733x666, 41396370-0B1E-47B9-848C-E1B881…)

Jennie nominated for best dance performance lmao

No. 59257

dear lord none of these worthy
>post wannaone group no one cares about
>that stuck up asshole
>american fanbase
>who even tf
>bts’s leech
>ANOTHER p101??

No. 59258

Finding footage where she looks like she gives a fuck is going to be almost impossible

No. 59262

so MAMA has turned into the Grammys now? Where they just go with "Most Hype of the year goes to:

No. 59263

Best New Male Artist

Kang Daniel
Kim Jae Hwan

Holy shit it would be so hilarious if kang daniel or kim jae hwan wins.Like on some busker busker shit.

But we all know X1 has it,its scripted anyway.

And im surprised ateez is on there because i didnt really think they had a kr fanbase like that.Their company even tried to get rid of their international fans for their anniversary fanmeeting(which is super dumb)

No. 59264

Kant Daniel it's obviously going to win lmao Korean gp are more obsessed than the 10% of btsfags who care about txt

No. 59265

File: 1572022803606.png (661.7 KB, 1080x1994, Screenshot_20191025-125848~2.p…)


No. 59266

File: 1572022809673.gif (4.21 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

>Their company even tried to get rid of their international fans for their anniversary fanmeeting(which is super dumb)

I dunno, if I was a Kpop star I'd probably wonder why the hell some crzy foreigner who doesn't even speak my language shows up and loses their shit at me is doing with their lives.

No. 59267

I'm surprised they even nominated Daniel after his lawsuit. and yeah the awards are rigged but who would even get male roty if it wasn't x1? most of the nominees have awful digital sales so the only way to really measure it is physical sales.

No. 59268

is Mnet affliated with CJ Entertainment? Kang Daniel pissed off CJ so if they have a say he wont win.

I kinda want Daniel to win because he's doing what 90% of idols should be doing if their agency didnt chop off their balls. Kang Daniel quit CJ/LM Ent after hitting bigtime on P101, is his own agency CEO, takes a bigger cut of profits, panders to fangirls yet openly dates a top idol Jihyo right after debuting, still sells 450k albums a week for a shit song and breaks physical sales records kek. Basically does what Western popstars do but in SK, if only more idols learnt to embrace autonomy instead of being agency slaves.

No. 59269

Losing tons of weight in a short time results in loose skin. He's gonna look weird AF like an ugly Minho

No. 59270

he's a korean celebrity, he'll be able to take his pick of plastic surgeons to tighten things up. but regardless of weight, he's not a good looking guy. he's going to look weird no matter what.

No. 59274

Lol shindong constantly goes on diets and gains it back.

I swear he lost 50 pounds before…and now hes back to 250?Wtf.

No. 59276

Lol anon, no idol is in any position to judge any of their fans and especially not ateez. At least fans can afford to travel and buy tickets. Americans are the sole reason why they can continue playing singer while living of cup ramen.
Aren't they the ones who collab with Edward Avila (meaning letting him touch all over them)?

No. 59277

This has some meme potential

>the chad Kang Daniel

>the incel jungkook

No. 59278

That’s VAV and newkidd

No. 59280

Just found out the reason Loona hasn’t had a cb is bc the man who created them deleted their next album, left them in debt then moved on like it was nothing…What?

No. 59281

Idk much about loona, but if this is true their company should've bought the songs from him before he left. that was a dumbassery move in their part trusting him

No. 59282

That’s true as well. It’s just been stupid move after stupid move for them for sure.

No. 59283

If Jaden Jeong deleted the songs it means he must have did it to spite BBC and Loona. That's a vindictive move.

No. 59284

Since everyone else is saying it,
ateez company is insanely stupid.

They tried to get an all korean crowd for their fanmeeting,and most of the people there were people who werent even fans lmfao.

None of the members fit the standards korea has for looks now.(X1,TXT,blah blah)

You could get away with it in the early days of kpop,but not now lol.

They were better off gaining a international fanbase and then hoping the koreans bandwagon.

BTS had the same problem and now they have the most bat shit crazy fandom alive.It took awhile for koreans to notice them cause exo were kr popular.

No. 59285

nta but ateez JUST had an america tour… how tf are they going to alienate intl fans like that? Is their agency really that stupid?

No. 59286

So apparently GDragon is about to be discharged and over three thousands fans are waiting for him outside some military building. There's even a MC kek

No. 59287

if anything I feel like orbits give Jaden Jeong too much power lmao. he was mainly their creative director and allegedly left months ago. If they haven't been able to find anyone that could fill in for him then that sounds like a company problem. the album he deleted wasn't their next comeback but even then I doubt he's the only one that has a copy of it.

No. 59288

File: 1572043476527.jpg (33.8 KB, 1000x500, G-Dragon.jpg)

The original dorito oppar is back?!

Guess that means some competition for BTS because despite claiming otherwise everybody in Korea still kisses his scrawny ass.

No. 59291

Goddammit, this means that his nasally ass voice will be infiltrating all of Korean media again.

No. 59293

File: 1572047156397.jpeg (168.19 KB, 750x354, 1F24EB3B-092B-48B4-9792-E46ED5…)

Blind item. Any guesses?

No. 59294

Its a bummer that kpop companies are so secretive, there's got to be a goldmine of milk behind the scenes at bbc. I wanna know more about this mess.

No. 59295

What a lazy fat fuck. He's been this huge his entire 'idol' career. He gets to be obese, while female idols are forced to starve and be underweight. I doubt he'll stick to the diet

No. 59297

most other male idols have to starve, too

No. 59298

>>59286 Bet YG paid thousands of fags to stand outside and hype up the Bigbang manlets

No. 59300

File: 1572052688659.jpg (39.83 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-6.jpg)


No. 59301

blackpink and coachella?

No. 59302

samefag, in reference to the "big concert" in the blind

No. 59303

Yeah, that kia tour and coachella took place in april. Idk about the other 2 though.

No. 59305

Wouldn’t last April be 2018’s April instead of 2019’s April?

No. 59306

I checked. There's no "LA big concert" related to any female kpop group in april 2018

No. 59307

Why would you go to the US to get an abortion?

No. 59308

abortion is illegal in South Korea.

No. 59309

I'd assume cuz it's legal here (no idea if it's illiegal in sk to be fair) and because fans probably wouldn't be stalking you at a planned parenthood

No. 59312

File: 1572058319685.jpg (150.1 KB, 850x1134, unnamed55.jpg)


>So fans and netizens were first disappointed by upcoming K-Pop idol girl group HINAPIA’s group name as they felt it sounded like an insurance company. Now they’re even more disappointed with the group’s promotion designs.

>HINAPIA consists of former PRISTIN members EunWoo, Roa, YuHa, and Rena at the moment.

>We understand that a lot of money goes in to forming a K-Pop idol group and especially more so with the promotions and marketing. However, fans were shocked by the quality of promotions that were recently revealed by AlSeulBit Entertainment.

>Below is a plan or a layout of how HINAPIA will debut and promote.

No. 59313

File: 1572058420216.jpg (105.66 KB, 850x1116, unnamed-127.jpg)

Samefag. The redesigned version isnt even better kek.

>Netizens and fans criticized the lack of attention to detail.

>Which caused AlSeulBit Entertainment to re-upload the plan once more.

No. 59314

File: 1572058633709.jpg (57.62 KB, 540x811, unnamed-2141.jpg)

Halloween came early

No. 59315

>AlSeulbit Entertainment

Is this like the Palsonic or SQNY of Kpop companies?

No. 59316

File: 1572059310594.jpg (888.06 KB, 800x1200, NEaKBbn.jpg)


"Salute" topkek

No. 59318

File: 1572059516471.jpg (309.02 KB, 1024x586, y1DPRvC.jpg)

No. 59319

Shindong needs liposuction

No. 59320


Looks like GD spent his army service doing drugs

No. 59322

Lipo can't take 90 lbs off he'd be better off with a gastric sleeve kek. In all seriousness though, I've always wondered whether any super junior stans ever had shindong as their bias because I can't even imagine that

No. 59323

gee i wonder

No. 59324

didn't he take the burning sun story to make a bts blind item out of it?

No. 59325

So many YGstans turn up to see a druggie manlet kek. Imagine the Ratmy crowds when BTS enlist yuck

No. 59326

>>59316 why is GD's pose like he's jabbing his eye lmao he doesn't look sober.

No. 59328

There were very few shindong stans back then, idk about now though, they all have probably run away.

No. 59330

they can’t run if they’re as big as him

No. 59333

File: 1572067556363.jpg (109.46 KB, 540x675, 1569272569-201909232148250310-…)

No. 59334

File: 1572067692035.jpg (69.54 KB, 327x217, 20191026_122817.jpg)

Imagine your mom is one of them

No. 59335

File: 1572067871421.jpg (632.99 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191026-123042_Sam…)

No. 59336

they’re not even a one hit wonder they don’t have a hit yet lmao

No. 59337

Right kek. Momoland is a good example for a one hit wonder. People were only curious about superm because sm hyped them up so much + gave them the most ridiculous title for their debut song. Literally most people only listen once then move on.

No. 59338

Is this ironic

No. 59339

Not a ratmy and I have no clue who this group is but this song sounds exactly like a BTS reject. Especially around 1:48ish where the melody of one line is straight up taken from Boy with Luv. The general vibe is kinda similar to Dope and the chorus reminds me of Not Today (specifically the ad libs).

Alright I sound like an autist but I could use some opinions on whether you all agree/disagree with me.

No. 59340

Well….we all made fun of them but they robbed an empty house and won Music Bank.

No. 59341

holy shit it actually does sound like bwl and not today mixed to gether. i mean, its SUNG in the same note as bwl, and the random shouting and screeching gives off the same vibe as not today, only ONEUS (???) did it more frequently and made it sound ridiculous.

also, that part in 1:48 painfully sounds exactly the same as bwl's prechorus.

sage for sperging

No. 59342

That new doc is out & already on yt. Kinda surprising there arent more tbh (the 9Muses one has a diff flavor & purpose ofc) I'm already entertained by this journalist navigating an area w some of the pettiest, most judgmental music fans on earth lawlz.

No. 59344

This is why blind items are completely retarded. If they wanted to post something believable they could at least two seconds to find out you can just get plan b OTC in korea. Sorry for this useless info but these make me cringe

No. 59347

why would they travel all the way to america to get abortions? lol this is the dumbest blind item i've ever read.

No. 59349

speaking of momoland what is going on with that group? last year they blew up with bboom bboom and they're already irrelevant a year later. members keep going on hiatus and it all seems shady.

No. 59353

He should just pull a Do and also enlist immediately, it's not like they could stop him from doing so. Without him Sperm is useless, won't be able to release anything and by the time he's back some might have forgotten about it already.
Exo's contract is 10 years and they started in 2012, so it'll end in 2022. I don't think that SM would want to let go of their main source of money willingly, so the members will definitely be able to get way better contracts.

No. 59363

Wtf,the mamas votes are horrendous right now.

I guess it should be expected since apparently most of the fandoms don't care and army's are the only one voting? Idk,I haven't watched a kpop awards show in YEARSSS.

Also,army's will be bts downfall.Theres so many of them and the Korean/American media will get tired of bts and beg for something new.

Im sure kpop idols are tired of seeing them all the time.

No. 59366

the music is horrendous but what i found interesting is how the whole choreography seems to be a compilation of some of bts’ past routines? it’s almost like they’re emulating some bts’ members themselves. can’t wait for ratmy to lose their shit over this

No. 59367

RBW is so pathetic, they are copying bighit's strategy (using mamamoo to promote their other group) and they failed just like how bighit did with txt.

No. 59368

Could be overlap of same songwriter, producer, choreographer (lots of repeat players in kpop obv, it's a small world) but then one of the singers sounds like Jin and one of the rappers sounds legit like he's reaching for a ratmon impersonation…so…ya it's fishy. Never heard of this group btw.

No. 59369

Where has rbw done this?

No. 59371

right? i thought i’m the only one seeing the impersonations. the ones in the thumbnail seem to be visually impersonating jin and v. (visually i say, bc the originals don’t get many lines and can’t dance). a lot of gestures all of them do remind me of bts. maybe i’m reaching but there are obvious copies of ratmon, jin, v and jungkook. the red haired person reminds me of jhope albeit less-hyper.

credit to them for doing a better job than txt in being a bts-clone and whoever in rbw has done their job researching.

No. 59377

It’s not even that. Kpop fans have FINALLY realized that MAMAs are rigged, and a majority of them have stuck with not voting.

And that would be a bonus if they move on from BTS, but I don’t think there’s ever gonna be another group to take their “world famous” title. The new gen of bgs are just so fucking boring that they got girl groups doing even more than them.

No. 59379

No. 59380

and them copying bts' bwl is just cringey. I'm not a fan of any group, but rbw has never done the same thing for say, vromance despite them having a very similar style to mamamoo. It just comes off as desperate to me.

No. 59384

Oh I saw this as an ad in YouTube a while ago, 4 seconds on it and I could tell straight away this was a bts copypaste. The are even styled the same way lmao

No. 59387

But there are other countries you can go to that are nearer to SK where you can get an abortion cheaper than in the US.

No. 59389

File: 1572102217045.jpg (196.78 KB, 800x1200, Rbzj4f9.jpg)

Why did she add a mole and eyelid scars

No. 59390

sm makeup artists have been trying to be 'creative lately lmao

No. 59391

Actually a good documentary, but also seems kind of like propaganda for SM kek. Man it’s depressing to think of all the trainees that devote their adolescent years to pursuing kpop stardom knowing it doesn’t work out for the overwhelming majority.

Also lmao at all the jopping

No. 59392

So i got this old recommendation of a toyota hyuna add from 2013 which reminded me of how fast idols get discarded and forgotten in the kpop world.

Hyuna was like the biggest kpop it-girl and now no one cares about her except for the occasional twitter stan.

No. 59394

So what does everyone think of the final Queendom songs? Personally:
Destiny - shitty drop ruining what could have been good.
Lion - It's shit.
Moonlight - Pretty catchy, but the Latin vibe is pretty played out at this point.
Sorry - My favourite
Guerilla & Wanna Go Back - Meh

No. 59395

Completely agree, they're all pretty shit accept AOA's, Im just getting tired of the latin house music. I think producers think that its still a unique edgy concept but its so played out. Honestly I hate Mamamoo but if they dont win this show than the shits rigged like every other mnet program

No. 59400

Destiny is definitely doing the best on the charts, but I think the show might give it to Oh My Girl. They've won two rounds so far and seem to have been given an "angel edit".

No. 59408

Is TXT even trying to be a BTS clone though? I think Bigshit knows making TXT a BTS-wannabe group would only result in ratmy chaos.
Not sure if it's just me but TXT looks strangely short, like actual school children. Maybe this is supposed to appeal to children and noona-fans, but it's definitely not the same marketing that they did for BTS. Except for Jungkook, but he never looked like a child to me in the same way that the TXT members do.

No. 59409

Im getting tired of these talentless koreaboo dance cover thots.
Yeah this may look cool to a weeb through a computer screen but its super cringy in real life.
You can see how people are judging her in the background.

No. 59410

The only one I liked was Oh My Girl's Guerilla.
Bom's Wanna Go Back was also a good song, probably second for me; pretty sure that it's dedicated to 2NE1. The only thing is that Bom's voice is ruined/painful to listen to.
The rest sound painfully generic, including Sorry, which sounds like anything on American radio today imo.

No. 59413

iirc txt is one of the taller boy groups but they all have babyfaces and are clearly marketed as soft bbybois

No. 59414

File: 1572120001063.png (246.62 KB, 510x450, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…)

did jimin have some kind of plastic surgery for the 100th time again?
His face looks different.

No. 59415

ofc he did
too bad he was born ugly

No. 59416

File: 1572120801073.jpeg (78.13 KB, 1080x1080, EH0miepUcAAzxpa.jpeg)

nah he's just ugly

No. 59418

His lips look chapped he needs to wear a lip mask and exfoliate with a lip scrub when he gets out of the shower

No. 59419

he needs to drink more water too

No. 59420

TXT is taller than BTS lol

No. 59423

To me it still looks like he did something, but can´t point out what it is… maybe he simply lost weight again.

I think bighit didn´t want another boygroup which costs a lot of money and was nugu for years in korea, so they changed the method in cloning another babyfaced twink group whish doesn´t stand out and in the end isn´t successful, what is happening to TXT in my opinion. Ratmy are carrying them enough to stay somewhat relevant, but that´s it.

No. 59424

i foresee an expiration date for txt staying somewhat relevant

i can see bigshit regrouping in a couple months to make another bts jr. and completely abandoning txt

No. 59425

in some ways txt is similar to bts i.e. having "lore" or some kind of underlying thread/concept tying their music/videos together but i don't get why they didn't realise that the main reason bts is big in the west is bc they market themselves as "authentic" and have (some) involvement in their music… idg why they didn't go that route with txt and find underground musicians if they really wanted another bts to preserve the big hit image or whatever. the real bts wannabes are stray kids who do exactly that. they even have bang chan as the proto rm who wears dreads and says ninja in his songs lmao

No. 59426

>in some ways txt is similar to bts i.e. having "lore" or some kind of underlying thread/concept tying their music/videos together
as if every kpop group formed after 2011 doesn't have that too. that doesn't really make them similar to bts since its 100% not unique to bts.

No. 59428

They look shorter than bts because they're still young boys with narrow shoulders who also get starved to weigh 50kg tops. V is also skinny, but those two in that video looked extremely frail next to him.
But I also feel like official heights of male idols get inflated even more lately, a while ago you had them lying to be 178cm, now many even claim to be like 185cm despite obviously being a lot shorter.

Ratmys can rejoice over this
Surprise, oppars who claim to be so sweet and sensitive are actually looking down on women like every other dude as well…
>A fancam from earlier in the year showed Minhyuk and Wonho interacting with fans. In the video, Minhyuk puts his mic on Wonho's chest and asks, "Nipple-ssi, please say something" to which Wonho puts his hand up and shouts, "Me too".
>[+313, -44] He's not only a man but an idol with the adoration of many female fans. He will never know what it feels like to loser power in a sexual assault. Even if fans demand an apology from him, they will never receive one that is genuine and heartfelt. His mindset about this is all wrong and he's going to make the same mistake again, all the while wondering like other men "what did I do so wrong?"… and he's going to hate his fans for it in the end. A lot of fans have already turned their backs on him over this, me included, so farewell.

No. 59429

Wow ratmies are really have no prior kpop knowledge whatsoever. All kpop choreos are pretty much the same at this point, there are dozens of compilations on yt showing this kek also styled the same? Yeah nobody has a signature style in the industry. idols keep wearing the exact same piece of clothing all the fucking time. This even looks more like Exo's Love Shot outfits since they wore the same horrific white boots and they're wearing a similar model to Chernobyl's suit kek
The only thing really similar here is the 1:48 moment in which they sound like that one line in Boy With Luv pre chorus and the cringey rapper sounding like ratmon

It was about fucking time those retarded stans realized that mama is just a trap for twitter stans. It's not even relevant in Korea. The only award shows that matter in kpop are Golden Disk and Seoul Music

No. 59430


That or they change TXTs concept, make the similarities a comeback thing and shut Ratmys… wouldn´t be that bad of a move, I guess. But in the end, they will stay irrelevant. BTS only is where they are now because of their huge international success. After that they bacame huge in SK. That won´t happen to TXT in the near future, whatever bighit tries with them, they already missed the chance.

>A fancam from earlier in the year showed Minhyuk and Wonho interacting with fans.

Why does this only show up now…? Not to WK here, but this whole situation was a stupid joke. (nipple-ssi…? come on…) So it can also be black humor. We all know SK has some serious misogynist issues, but not everything has to be put on a pedestial. Not saying Wonho is not, just saying in general.

No. 59431

File: 1572126282626.gif (13.52 MB, 400x372, ezgif-1-b82c08c0f98d.gif)

It looks like he lost weight again (is back on ana chan diet) hopefully he doesnt start talking about his diet again.

One thing i cant understand about the retarded kpop industry….so they go and have all these complicated and dangerous surgeries
Like so many kpop idols would look so much better if they had their face fat removed.
And then they wouldn't have to worry about going on ana diets just to have a slim face.

No. 59432

File: 1572126531077.jpg (168.86 KB, 1200x800, Hi8G7Fe.jpg)

Doubt Bighit will abandon them since they are creating merch and all, they're legit more handsome and idol like than BTS but super bland. Also, can someone explain how they can cite Harry Potter in their song title without paying JK Rowling?

BH is going for a magic concept for TxT to be original in Kpop but it's kinda weird/cool to see how they will evolve as they grow up. The MVs for Run Away and Nap of a Star look 1000% better and more high budget than any of BTS' videos since Run kek

No. 59433

It sounds so random and doesnt even make sense as a joke??? Wtf. Also it surprises me that they even know abt it bc it doesnt seem the type of issue kmedia would cover and that the average korean would know of.

No. 59434

Buccal fat removal causes facial skin sagging and nasolabial folds. Facial lipo isn't really a thing because of that, removing facial fat makes you look way old because your skin sags and wrinkles more. Getting Botox to reduce jaw muscles is what idols usually do.

No. 59435

idk the details of ip law in korea but given that so many kpop songs interpolate western songs without songwriting credits i would guess that it's different there

No. 59436

Right? They keep jaw shaving but bichectomy would be an easier fix for most of these people

He probably retouched his chin and jaw fillers tho just like jk

No. 59437

Ngl this is pretty good

No. 59438

File: 1572127190953.jpg (46.38 KB, 745x795, 419045.jpg)

That only happens if your face is already slim to begin with.
These moonfaced pudgy idols who have faces that make you think they are overweight (but they have anorexic bodies) would benefit from facial lipo and buccal fat removal.

No. 59439

Self promoting fag detected

No. 59441

File: 1572127405990.jpg (175.85 KB, 668x393, seventeen-seungkwan-wifi-cover…)

(samefag) Seungkwan who is also skinny (yet everyone keeps calling him fat because of his moonface) would also benefit from buccal fat removal or facial lipo.

No. 59442

Metoo has been huge in korea lately.

Like >>59434 already said, it would make their skin saggy, but other than that I agree. Many idols always complain about chubby cheeks and looking bloated, despite being super skinny and I can actually really see it? It seems like the main reason they diet is only for the sake of getting a slimmer face, they name it as the motivation for dieting and articles plus netizens also always praise their faces after weight loss.

No. 59443

if they complain about having chubby faces, why do they get so much filler then? it only makes them look more bloated. and some diets make your face look bloated too. overall they don't know what they're doing and just end up hurting their bodies

No. 59444

She got her nose pierced recently, I smell a middle age crisis coming on

No. 59445

Lol…she is 30 i swear some of you act like 30 year old women are these super old 80 year old hags which you cant tell the difference.

No. 59446

It wasn't that bad i was expecting true cringe anon at least she can pull this off decently, i have seen worst.

No. 59447

shut the fuck up. imagine having a superiority complex over being engrossed in kpop for so long. obviously it’s a known fact every fucking thing is all recycled bullshittery. this performance op posted in itself has some bts undertones to it. for the thick-skulled folk, i meant that certain moves have been used by bts in very recent performances. with a song that a few people agreed on may sound similar to a mash up of certain bts tracks, it’s not weird to assume they may have taken inspiration from bts and mimick them. those who are familiar with it might see it. nobody wants to be a piece of shit ratmy you disgraceful exofag. posts are saged for a reason. go fuck yourself.

No. 59450

Black humor depends a lot on who you are talking with/context, it stops being black humor to become an insult if you joke about rape even though you know most of your female fanbase it's going to get uncomfortable and you still don't care, that just being a dick.

No. 59451

he should let the cheek and lip fillers wear off and just get a small amount of jaw filler to keep in from falling off. his face always looks bloated after getting filler
if they think she's too old wait until they see western singers or go outside and see normal adults kek
calm down anon and go to anger management. and just because someone doesn't like bts or mentions exo doesn't mean they are an exofag ffs (this applies to all groups too) you people must've just learned how to use ~fag.

No. 59452

just because someone mentions btshit doesn’t mean they’re a ratmy either~

No. 59453

Contrary to your "bTs Is NoT kPoP" ass that think those 7 untalented fucks invented the wheel, anyone who have known kpop for longer than 5 minutes knows this generic ass performance have no bts undertones whatsoever lmao you and your ratmy pack are only saying this bc they're your single fucking reference
and newsflash to you there's barely anything unique about your oppas. Cannot even think of one single thing besides ratmon's pathetic attempt of a blaccent

No. 59454

A exofag and a ratmy fighting lol.
Both of you can fuck each other.

No. 59455

man, you make so many assumptions for a person with no comprehension. anyway, keep sperging

No. 59457

>Like so many kpop idols would look so much better if they had their face fat removed.
Strong disagree. I think facial fat removal very, very rarely looks good. It ages you extremely quickly, and if your features aren't right you end up looking like an emaciated goblin more than anything else.
Just look a Jeffree Star's face. Do you really think that looks good?

No. 59458

File: 1572133677849.jpg (27.14 KB, 500x541, TOP insta story.jpg)

I wonder why those autistic ratmies dont create a bts critical thread? Nuff of them hijacking this thread tbh

Anyways it looks like bigbang or at least gdragon and top are coming back. Actually idk why people were thinking he was leaving yg bc he renewed his contract in 2015

Reposting to fix the file name

No. 59460

i think if you are at the point where you feel that incensed by kpop commentary on lolcow…. maybe it's time to log off

No. 59462

Did you ever see them, anon? They all look like aliens

No. 59464

File: 1572134907782.jpg (281.4 KB, 954x531, AlienxAlien.jpg)

>idols keep wearing the exact same piece of clothing all the fucking time

Kek anon didn't lie. Could the residents ratmies at least tell us if bts and monstaX share the same stylist? It's the second time this week they were caught with the same fit

No. 59466

Is suga wearing a bra?

No. 59467

Kek anon

No. 59468

It's a binder anon, didn't you know? he's a woke lgbt transman.

No. 59469

File: 1572135681961.jpg (57.82 KB, 744x744, myanmar_snub_nose_monkey.jpg)

the guy on the lefts nostrils…what the fuck
he looks like this monkey

No. 59470

maybe they’re dating

No. 59475

oh great another thing for armies to uwu about

No. 59476

Bet this is the the same person who said that txt's new song is a ~bop~ yikes. Whats with the txtfags manifestation lately?

No. 59477

Nta but the style doesnt suit her at all. Anon wasnt attacking her for being 30, are you retarded? Ppl still treat her like shes a teenager/praise her for having a babyface on top of that, so she doesnt have to worry about being age-shamed at all. I think shes doing what sj members are currently doing and its cringey af. Sure people can dress up however they want but dressing yourself to look like early 20s badasses when youre 30 isnt gonna help you.

No. 59480

Why are you self posting you talentless weeb?
Why do people do this, in general…is it an exhibitionism thing? Are you getting off? Clearly inappropriate in a public space full of people who likely haven't agreed to be filmed & posted online.

This is different from the flash mob type things that take place in designated areas in the street where a passerby can easily see what's happening & avoid the area.

This girl's uncomfortable facial expression @ the end made me lmao tho, so there's that

No. 59481

apparently loona fansites are closing down…guess it's over for them

No. 59482

eh she wasnt THE it girl, just one of them

she was big around the same time other second gen idols(taeyeon and yoona, suzy, iu, hara, sulli etc) and most of those girls arent particularly popular anymore so you're half correct

No. 59483

whatever happened to that one slightly chubby white girl who also did asmr and acted like she was hot shit always going to any american kpop events and making a fool of herself until she got called out for fetishizing asian males kek

No. 59484

This one?
Tho i wouldn't call her "slightly" kek

I always feel slightly catfished by this girl bc I always forget who she is. Her thumbnails & vid titles seem interesting, then most of the vid is her fat face hamming for her webcam & making shitty jokes.

No. 59485

nah im talking about heather/jellybeannose
there are lots of tehm though and they're all gross

No. 59486

It doesn't suit her because it's ugly, it wouldn't suit a 20 year old either.

But regardless, she's a fucking idol, ofc she's going to wear weird shit. There is barely any difference between 20s and early 30s when you're aging as well as her, there's no reason she should restrict her style based on age specifically (barring obvious lolita/schoolgirl shit).

No. 59487


actually lots of kidols and actors undergo cosmetic surgeries that make their cheeks appear more full and face rounder because if they didnt theyd look even more anachan than they already do

No. 59491

Then stop complaining about moon hee jun and suju looking ugly as shit with their current styling

No. 59495

Kek i agree. That's "urban light" in LA and people are always there to take pics, so that girl was being annoying as hell

No. 59496

omg this girl is so irritating her voice is annoying and she always pronounces idols names wrong on purpose.

No. 59497

taeyeon makes me cringe too. it has nothing to do with her age she just acts so immature and i can't take her badass concept seriously at all. she should stick to doing boring ballads because that's what people want from her anyway.

No. 59498

Ngl i kek'd way to hard at this

No. 59499

This is even more ridiculous than the "likey is deepurr than u think!1!" Analysis

No. 59500

Yeah she's a tryhard and it has nothing to do with her age. Like with irene you can tell she doesn't enjoy doing childish stuffs but taeyeon definitely enjoys the attention.

No. 59501

File: 1572153418235.jpg (57.64 KB, 639x960, unnamed-216.jpg)

No. 59502

File: 1572154424208.png (11.65 KB, 439x146, genius.PNG)

Whoa, twice has one intelligent fan on youtube, someone get this girl a full ride uni scholarship

True that the kpop junkie guy goes way too deep, tho I think these ppl know there's no hidden meanings in kpop, they're just bored
One day they'll have a job

No. 59503

yeah irene really doesn't suit the idol life. i don't know if she's from a rich family (probably) but she gives me snobby rich girl vibes. she probably wanted to become an actress or a model and instead got put into an idol group.

No. 59505

In fact you're right, google it, it's well documented Irene is using idoldom as a stepping stone to future entertainment endeavors like television, mc/host etc. She's def not the only one, many idols give off this vibe whether or not they've admitted to it

No. 59506

how tf did jimins vocals get even worse, he couldn’t even fully finish the last line of his song because he was out of breath lol

No. 59507

I fucking hate kpop music video analyses with a burning passion. I saw someone try to analyse a fucking 18 sec teaser with some ~true deep shit~. The fact they always think there's foreshadowing in everything and all the MVs are linked somehow and full of deep hidden meanings is so fucking tedious and "I'm 12 and this is deep". Most MVs are just some fancy imagery and idols singing and dancing. There's no deep meaning to anything, companies don't spend time on making endless continuous narratives for all their music videos, jfc. (Unless Loona or some other wannabe pretentious groups do it, Idk)

No. 59508

Rich or well off idols in kpop groups is so interesting to me.

Like…if youre rich,the only reason youd want to become an idol is for attention.

Thats like the only thing i can think of lmao.

Chenle from nct is the best example i have.

His parents bought a fucking house in korea.And its not even rented.Its also speculated to cost 16 million US FUCKING DOLLARS.
Who in their right minds would want to be in nct of all groups with that kind of money?

Chenle comes off as spoiled as fuck too.One of the members called him pretentious.

No. 59509

Btw nct as a whole is interesting too.

A group with 4 of sm's golden boys,and the rest were just male trainees they wanted to get rid of.

Theyre not even making back the profit thats spent on them.

When SM's next boy group debuts,im sure theyll be overshadowed lol.

And does anyone remember the guy that left?(Hansol)
He still wants to continue his idol dream not realizing that SM probably blacklisted his new group lmao.

And he also doesnt realize how blessed he is being able to escape at the last moment.

No. 59513

Yuju looks really pretty in here @ 0:30, what'd she get done? Im bad at spotting ps

Btw kfags & psfags, is the aegyo sal thing always surgery or does it occur naturally sometimes? Or is it another thing kfans claim can be natural but almost never is?

It's the lazy companies. This year alone had tons of outfit/mv/idea overlap between GF fever, Twice breakthru, RV Zim, Jennie solo, itzy icy, g idle Senorita, Somi birthday, + now here's this diamond/crystal thing ripping off the Twice special thing. + earlier Sinb had Dahyun's ugly pale blue hair, now she has Wendy's soccer mom Umpah hair

Ppl say stylists are angry & underpaid, ok sure but this is just lazy, almost embarrassing. Or maybe they do it to incite fan wars?

No. 59514

i just don’t get why jimin gets cheek fillers. his face is already naturally full. it doesn’t make sense to me why he starves himself to maintain his skinny twink body but then he gets cheek fillers which make his face look fatter.

No. 59515

Because face & body are different when it comes to this. A thin sunken face ages you VERY rapidly & can even make you look ill or coked out. Thin face is never desirable unless ur Jeffree Star for some reason kek.
Elderly people who are skinny & sunken are terrifying, thats the inspiration for witches, crypt keepers & other horror tropes. Fillers can almost literally fill in fine lines, wrinkles, keeping you youthful & fresh looking. Cheeks are filled to be plump & healthy looking, then makeup gives them that healthy rosy glow so they look young

Also it helps cut rumors of starvation, unhealthy diets & overworked schedules. Bc their face looks healthy despite the fact they're exhausted & likely starving. Imo this is the only reason blackpink rose gets away with her MORE than anachan body at this point. Her chubby face fools you into thinking she's fine.

Also look into Korea's obsession with neoteny, having a young baby face combined with an adult body. Examples off the top are jungkook, eunha, nayeon, seohyun, soojin, umji, lots of others

No. 59518

Aegyo sal can be natural too and it's not exlusive to east asians or asians only

No. 59520

Aegyo sal can absolutely occur naturally. It's not even rare.

No. 59521

Funny cause they have always been doing that like you can see threads about loona fansites closing down since 2017, there's even one from earlier this year

No. 59524

Nta but other anons stated that rose's chubby face could be bulimia cheeks. I also thought of her face being stuffed with fillers, but now that her "chubby cheeks" are gone, it could mean her face stopped being swollen and finally became permanently skinny after a long time of starving herself, becoming a fullblown ana-chan. Idk it could be a possibility because her round swollen face looked really uncanny paired up with her ana body.

No. 59526

>>59524 to be fair I think she still has a full face

No. 59528

i don't think rose starves herself because if she did she wouldn't last dancing all the time she'd have like no energy

No. 59529

Yeah even if she was on uppers the whole time we should have Rose fainting all over the place as her liver tries to convert something in her body into energy to use.

She's underweight, but probably riding a line there.

No. 59530

File: 1572173139737.jpg (502.49 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20191027-174514_You…)

I don't think she looks pretty, just weird

No. 59531

After getting it recommended for ages I finally clicked on a "chenle being rich" video and jesus christ, how could anybody not hate him??? He has an expensive af car despite not even being allowed to drive yet, he also didn't know what 'rent' is - and his fans find that cute… And I bet all the people sharing the pictures of him shooting screech about muricans' obession with weapons. There's no way the other members aren't feeling super bitter, especially the ones who are like a decade older than him (unless they're also well off).
I will never get why people act as if being born rich is praiseworthy. They seem to think that growing up spoiled makes idols more beautiful ("He looks like a prince!") No idea if this is a kpop excusive thing or if it's the same in korea in general.

No. 59532

I havent seen it but yikes

No. 59533

wait im sorry that little boy shoots guns? did i read that right? i honestly cant imagine it, ill have to hunt down that video i guess

No. 59535

it was fuller during aiiyl but this is pretty much a huge nitpick

imo rose has a weird but naturally skinny frame, but got unhealthily skinnier through out the years. she may look weird while dancing bcos of her body, but doesnt look fatigued while doing so. i also think it has something to do with her having a big head which makes her look skinnier in general. farmers have been discussing her body for a long time and most of them say shes anorexic. i think for now, she actually may be, since she looks severely underweight and that highlights her weirdly skinny body type + huge head with face fillers combo, making her appear spoopy af. but watching the way she dances, vid related, which is the year(i guess) she started to get severely underweight , her body looks weird and spoopy but she doesnt look as if she's about to collapse.

sorry for sperging. i know i sound like a fucking rosefag

No. 59536

File: 1572174144138.jpg (291.77 KB, 1600x1064, unnamed.jpg)

There's no video of him shooting, but tons of pictures

No. 59537

compared to wendy, when she started being ana during red flavor promotions. she looks as if she's about to collapse any second

No. 59538

not to power level but i'm a former anachan and her energy isn't that high. i used to do gymnastics and all you need is a small meal before stage are some light uppers, then you can pass out when you're done. she's naturally skinny, but lost even more weight, so she's gonna look skinnier but still have some energy (+ the uppers).

No. 59540

deadass thought this pic was a jimin reference

No. 59542

exactly my thoughts on what she does to looks spoopily thin. samefag ur replying to but i never mentioned she has "high energy" kek

No. 59543

File: 1572179227243.jpg (22.8 KB, 320x320, images.jpeg-6.jpg)

This is more like it

No. 59544

Some ppl speculated that jihyo might be on uppers. Lets assume it's true, then why only give the uppers to jihyo? The others (especially mina, dahyun, and tzuyu) also need those too kek

No. 59545

gonna sound like a jihyofag but maybe she works harder than the others since its the only thing she has. she doesnt fit the beauty standards so she actually puts "effort" into her performances so knetz wouldnt rag on her

No. 59548

She got her eyelids done a second time during her absence, I think it was totally pointless. I don't get this obsession with needing those couple of additional millimetres of eyelid space when you've already had them fixed once and they look fine. Having your eyelids done several times can't be good for you.

In an earlier thread there was that interview with some drug dealer in Korea who supplies kpop idols with anything they want and it said that they're basically all on uppers and downers.

No. 59550

File: 1572181779297.jpg (21.25 KB, 452x679, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

I just noticed. Yeah her eyelids look really weird now. With gfriend, I don't understand what kind of look they're trying to achieve. Like everyone else, with the exception of umji maybe should just stop getting procedures done after their debut, they looked fine and they were so young. I've said it before that they give off senior idol vibes (like apink) when they're only in early 20s because of their botched surgeries.

No. 59553

>>senior idol vibes

I've been trying to put it into words why Gfriend look odd but you hit the mark. Their PS make them less cute and more mature faced. Even Umji doesn't look 20 she looks 10 years older. IDK why they get botched so young when their CEO So Sungjin apparently is nicer than other CEOs.

No. 59554

>>59507 Ditto. Ratmy fags microanalyse BTS teaser vids like it's bloody Shakespeare kek

Lowkey rooting for Loona to fail because I can't stand all the "lore", female BTS or Loonaverse nonsense they are trying to hype.

No. 59555

File: 1572183043919.jpg (300.17 KB, 2048x2048, wifiHFH.jpg)

This. Kpop idols get a ton of fillers on their lips, cheeks, forehead to make their face look full, cute and babyish, if you are kpop idol skinny your face can look gaunt and tired but none of them look that way esp Jhope Jimin even Jin's lips look fillered out. My sister did that buccal fat and cheek mesotherapy in her early twenties and now that her cheeks are more droopy and she is considering cheekbone filler to lift it up, jeez.

No. 59558

File: 1572186857136.png (Spoiler Image,873.1 KB, 835x626, Screenshot (62).png)

Another day, another ratmy controversy. It seems like they spent the time they're not streaming with trying to come up whom they're gonna harrass next. This time they attacked gdragon's sister because she posted a pic of fireworks which happened to be from a bts concert.

This comment says it best
>Armys motto: love yourself and hate everyone else

Just because some criticise them they once again cry "not all army" "everybody is always attacking us" "why is it ok to call us rats and threaten us but if we defend our boys we're called toxic?!"…

And our lizard boy posted some new nightmare fuel… Isn't this just how all normal hot men in their mid 20s are supposed to look like, am I right girls? kek

No. 59559

Kpop idols are getting uglier each year.

It's like..no one wants to look like a normal person anymore.Theyre all trying to become pale anime characters.

Jimin gets worse with age.

No. 59560

Me too. Plus the girls really have no character/personality without all the lore, like they're all just carbon copies of one another, kinda like "korea's it girls" without the visuals. How a group can be that uninteresting is a mystery.

No. 59562

File: 1572188011376.jpg (14.03 KB, 634x398, HpNJmII.jpg)

Everyday Jimincel looks more like the white dude who got PS to look like Jimincel

No. 59563

At this point, gangnam unnies & oppas will become the norm in kpop and the current gangnam unnies & oppas will become monsters.

No. 59564

File: 1572188207047.jpg (328.36 KB, 1200x1200, Vzmax2v.jpg)

Is his left eye trying to escape kek

No. 59565

File: 1572188815456.jpg (18.78 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-8.jpg)

Not a gdfag but…

>In 2013 during a music show, GD liked one of BTS members shirt, and ask the member what brand it is, it was away to open a conversation as well we all know GD loves fashion, and it's normal to ask.

>Recently on one of BTS movies (I think) that member talked about it, and said he didn't answer GD because it was feke brand and he was a shy because of it, but now he can buy anything he want.

>Armys turn this as GD was bullying the member, and they attacked GD non-stop and made fun of him everywhere

No. 59567

File: 1572189551279.jpg (38.87 KB, 727x748, 171120_r30961.jpg)

>Any girl idol that looks older than 12 is a senior hag.
>>59497 >>59444
>Taeyeon is the oldest human being in the world and we all know how once women hit 30 they are dinosaurs and should stick to only doing boring ballads. She also has a middle age crisis hur dur hur

The ageism towards female idols is strong.

No. 59568

Honestly,that guy is pretty smart.

He thought about what jimin would look like in the future.

So 10 years from now, he'll be able to impersonate jimin and maybe trick someone gullible for cash.

No. 59569

Its so weird how he photshops himself to look like this.
The way he filters and shops his selfies makes it look like he has some disease.
Funny thing is he looks better irl without shop like >>59431

No. 59570

File: 1572190529706.jpg (78.73 KB, 720x1112, Jimindanger.jpg)


ugh how cant he see how hideous those lizard lenses look on him? it looks like a glass eye slipping out of place

and wtf is that makeup? the fugly neon tint ugh. they just slap the same bb cream and tint on all male idols and call it a day. i hope the fakeboi look dies bcos it obviously doesnt look good on everybody and style him back this way, pic related. i mean, he still looks like a lump, but not a botched middle aged tranny

No. 59571

File: 1572191303080.jpg (28.01 KB, 294x294, 3.jpg)

He was so much better looking in the past with his ethnic features.
Those slanted eyes gave him character (and remind me of jiyeon and hanbin) his shrek nose was cute and his jaw was manlier.

He should have never touched his face because now he looks like a teenage girl.

No. 59572

File: 1572191757607.jpeg (94.39 KB, 427x640, 0327402D-7373-46A5-9DF5-2E56DF…)

he doesn’t look like himself anymore at all. I don’t get how ratmies can believe he’s had no PS

No. 59579

you're comparing a pic of a man to a pic of a boy

No. 59580

You mean comparing a boy to a PSfag. Begone ratmy

No. 59585

File: 1572200953854.jpeg (153.18 KB, 989x1315, 32ACF1FA-854D-4B8D-8725-96AA46…)

Companies editing already decent looking idols to look like walking abominations is kinda funny. Do they really want them to look like this?

No. 59589

her neck is bugger than her face

No. 59592

File: 1572207144527.jpg (65.98 KB, 720x720, YSKyfxH.jpg)

Looks like Jungkook really got a sleeve tattoo it looks red kek

RATHER BE DEAD THAN COOL ooh edgy Nirvanafag

No. 59593

File: 1572207429612.jpg (74.56 KB, 682x1024, 5MS1FmJ.jpg)

No. 59594

File: 1572207583268.jpg (52.29 KB, 730x1024, bejfcK1.jpg)

Same design

No. 59601

That shit looks so bad… Also Nirvana? I thought he only liked pop and was a JB fanboy?
He's like one of those preteen girls who wears shirts of bands she doesn't even like or know just to be cool and different
>i'm not like the other idols!1!1

No. 59602

Did you masturbate while writing this?

No. 59605

no ratmy I was wondering if he looks up to Cobain and sees Mijoo as his Courtney Love lol

No. 59606

Imagine being rich and still getting the most ugly tattoos in the world. What is that scribbled shit and i'M sO dEeP gUyS-quotes.

At least he has enough oney to get rid of them in some years.

No. 59608

File: 1572213180512.jpg (46.03 KB, 720x690, cKHFwy5.jpg)

Same font as Mijoo's new ink. Couple tattoo?

btw are those Ed Sheeran lyrics cringekek

No. 59609

File: 1572213317663.jpg (505.88 KB, 1286x2048, why.jpg)

This pic absolutely sends me, idk why.. somebody caption or memeify it

Bulimia swelling is more about the neck/glands, the cheeks bloat more in response to post-purge water retention. But ya you have a point. And she's so young, plus this being the honeymoon early period of her ED (and of idoldom) she can coast on adrenaline/uppers for a while before she starts crashing. Low blood sugar starvation high is a thing too.

Now watch blinks wreck themselves going "bUt wHy diDnT hE aDd tHe oThEr tHrEe mEmBeRs tOoOoOo?" lmao bp fans are sending themselves to an early grave with all their unnecessary outrage & high blood pressure.. & I have to admit I'm here for it

No. 59612

fuck, those are real?? they all look so awful. like the chicken scratch tattoos instathots and hos get.

No. 59615

Clarifying from the last thread – Jimincel's eye thing is not astigmatism, that's just a vision prob. His thing is some kind of strabismus/lazy eye, not his fault, tho some children do eye patch training to improve it early on.

Truly terrifying. Does he get zero feedback on how awful this looks? He really is turning into his european ps twin wannabe, why aren't more kfags talking about this?

No. 59617

>>59558 Are those even the same person?! >>59431 the lip tint and shiny bb cream look awful. I really wish he'd stop with the contacts too.

No. 59618

so this happened lol

No. 59620

poor sorn.. failed career and having to be in this cringefest’s presence

No. 59621

And of course he makes her look ashy

No. 59622

Fans&antis are so primed to see ps, they see it where it doesn't exist, or they exaggerate it. This chick's face is shiny & bloated even w/o ps.

Devils advocate here – GF was likely formed based on this, they're all unusually tall & have a more mature look facially. They wouldn't look right with, say, the petite young looking members of crayon pop or lovelyz. Even in the schoolgirl trilogy, they dont give off jailbait/pedo vibes as much…they look like older girls play acting at being pedobait. & umji may have been added last min bc they wanted a cutesy "little sister" type & sinb didn't embody the maknae role the way they wanted.

Besides sinb's nose & eunha's overall mess of a face, they're pretty natural. Umji's ps was minimal, she mostly benefited from weight loss + improved styling as the co made more $$. Sowon & yerin seem natural…maybe some injections, but come on, yerin would be first in line for a jaw shave in any other group. Last thread someone said her face was fillered to death but she just has the normal bobblehead korean idol look – see video.

No. 59625

If plastic surgery special is 30-50%, think twice, farmers!

No. 59627

An astigmatism is when the cornea of the eye deviates from its normal circular shape, which can cause contact lenses to fit poorly on an eye with an astigmatism. Who knows if Jimin actually has an astigmatism, maybe he said it somewhere but I’m too lazy to search. He could have a lazy eye, but if his contact lens keeps slipping in his one eye like we keep seeing in pictures, him having an astigmatism isn’t surprising.

No. 59628

But why is he wearing them since he does not look good in them, that’s the thing. I thought idols wanted to look their best.

No. 59629

a member of stray kids just ended his contract with no explanation beyond "personal reasons

No. 59630

i watched some of their feel special stages and i don't think jihyo was on uppers. she definitely was during fancy & yes or yes promotions. she looked so tired like the other members when dancing to feel special.

No. 59631

he was the one who looked like an absolute goblin/jyp's son so good for them.

you're next, han jisung.

No. 59632

probably mental health. jyp overworks twice and stray kids too much.

No. 59633

File: 1572229592300.jpg (60.87 KB, 768x960, 32dec5dd65d1118cbc99c093fbb119…)

>>59631 farewell, uggo prince

No. 59634

it feels like I've seen multiple idols leaving their groups for vague reasons. most of them are pretty nugu but it just seems weird to me. especially in this case since they didn't do the usual hiatus then departure.

No. 59635

Something definitely happened with that woojin guy.Of course,we'll probably never know.

Dating?A huge fight?Drugs?Idk.

He was the least popular member,so i doubt jyp cared.

Its interesting to see so much stuff happen in the big 3 lately.

No. 59636

yeah, it's just so abrupt. hopefully we'll find out more soon

No. 59637

Which group do you guys think will lose a member next?

Im going to go with GOT7,Momoland,or NCT.

Maybe even seventeen.

I honestly wouldnt have expected a stray kids member to leave the group tho.Idk much about them so..

No. 59638

I want to see the svtfag bawww so I vote svt and nct

No. 59639

Already removed him from their official website too. Something big must’ve happened.

No. 59640

Topkek, he was the oldest & main vocal tho I think. Uggghh just one more thing we'll never learn the truth about. I hate kpop & how secretive they manage to be. Would never happen in the U.s. at least not as extreme.

Uhh same as the colored eyebrows, the yellow hair, the appropriating dreads/braids, safety shorts, rash guard instead of swimsuits, chokers on men, rhinestones as eyeliner, aegyo sal, bb/spf not blended w/ the neck, conch/tragus piercings, & literally every other trend or styling "norm" you've ever seen in kpop. Things go in & out of style for reasons, or no reason, regardless of how they look. Go ask your mom for pics from the 80s or 90s, chances are you'll see some ugly clothes or hair but that's how it goes. Things aren't always trendy bc they look good.

It's possible Jimin & his bros/staff think the contacts look good, but maybe in a few yrs he'll look back & cringe. Who knows.

No. 59642

BTS or X1

No. 59643

I'm seeing people on Twitter speculate that this must be something as big as what happened to Jay Park for such a sudden departure. Shame we might not find out what it is but people are saying we might get some details in a few more days. It's definitely not mental health related or they would've put him on hiatus.

My friend is a huge Stray Kidz fan and all of them usually post hundreds of SNS posts a day, but abruptly stopped about 2 weeks ago which was suspicious cause they announced a comeback in a few weeks and should be posting even more/doing vlives. This came out of nowhere as he was still promoting with the group and nothing seemed weird or anything, like this came out of nowhere. He must've done something unfixable and undefendable by fans, that JYP personally terminated a contract that usually can never be broken without huge lawsuits.

Stray Kidz always said they would be 9 or nothing, and would disband if 9 weren't there, that's what they told JYP. I'm not buying the "he left for personal reasons" business or we know people like Jennie would've left long time ago and become full time model.

No. 59645

i mean jackson's already got one foot out the door and momoland has members take hiatus on the regular.

No. 59646

Jihyo's issues are different, she puts on weight easily & is a lower energy person in general. Without going into detail…I study endocrine & circadian rhythm disorders & their role in obesity, adhd etc and based on what she's said she just strikes me as a bit metabolically slowed down, naturally. Looking back from sixteen until now, it def follows a pattern, & many users in another community believe she's biohacked herself via nutrition, exercise, surgical sculpting & yeah probably drugs. Obv we don't know her, just there have been lots of clues over the years, and its very different from tzuyu or Mina. Lots of idols probably use drugs but jihyo's had a pretty marked change, jmo.

You're right, and I think it started around DTNA imo. But uppers have a honeymoon period. Eventually your tolerance outpaces potential dosage, or you just hit the wall. Maybe she's burned out, maybe she got off them, maybe she's taking a break, who knows. But if that is what it is, whether they're pharma grade or more, ahem, illicit, you can't just take them forever. See: Judy Garland, Amy Winehouse, umm literally every performer who's ever lived, basically, lol.

Frankly all of twice looks tired & bored af with Feel Special…almost as bored as I was trying to watch it the second time. Literally no one will remember this song a year from now.

No. 59647

i really don't think the reason is that milky. he probably has issues and just ran off or had a breakdown or something so jyp just terminated his contract instead of dragging out the situation.

No. 59648

how can you tell someone is on uppers?

No. 59649

Idk I'm just going off of Twitter/Reddit and what my friend is saying. Also JYP's history of terminating past contracts. All of the were due to breaking JYP's trust, a fact he mentioned himself, and violating the integrity of the company.

No. 59650

File: 1572233979948.png (53.81 KB, 473x216, concerned_jeff_benjamin.png)

here we have kpop reporter Jeff speaking his thoughts on the heartbreaking situation

No. 59653

Sarcasm? Kek should I know who this guy is?

But wow it is sad, bc if theyre down to 8 members they can't use their cutesy catchphrase "Nine Or None!" What's the opposite of poetic justice?

No. 59654

i forgot jihyo gained a lot of popularity for her dtna fancams. she probably felt the pressure to always look happy and energetic while on stage. she's never been praised for anything else.

No. 59655

if Jihyo is on uppers it does make sense because she's the only with her mic on during most of their performances..not to mention she has over 60% of the line distribution while the 7 others only have to sing 2 lines and be done. i rlly do wonder if these kinds of members are infinitely jealous of other members who just get to stand and look pretty while getting the same cut of money.

No. 59659

Where did u get that mijoo pic tho

No. 59660

We will have more hints on woojins departure when the members start appearing in public again.If theyre awkward,it was probably a group conflict.

Honestly…this is wild cause theyre pretty new right?

They dont have a huge discography so they cant skip songs with him in it.And itll take awhile for them to redo choreography and lines lmao.

Looking at their line distributions,he seemed to have a decent amount.
He was also apparently the main vocalist.

No. 59662

Ya, and he's been performing with them just two weeks ago and he was in all content like normal, so this definitely just happened and is probably a shock to the rest of them too since he's a main vocalist and they require 9 for all the dance formations. Not sure how they will redo all songs without him and the comeback that's supposed to be next month

No. 59665

jihyo trained for 10 years and had to compete on a survival show just to debut. she got called fat and the visual hole of twice despite being the most decent singer in the group. i'm sure she's jealous.

No. 59666

I thought SK and Asia in general were about slapping youthful heads on mature bodies.

Wonyoung at 15 years has the similar proportions as Lee Kaeun dancing next to her 28 year old former Pledis member who stands at 5 seven

No. 59668

it makes no sense that south korea is a conservative country but they let a 14 year old girl dance like this on public television. it's not like she has a mature face either she has major baby face. wtf.

No. 59669

File: 1572239130161.jpg (733.09 KB, 1200x1200, eun.jpg)

Idk what's worse, Eunwoo's first nose job or her second. I thought she made $0 from Pristin how tf did home girl afford it

No. 59670

omg her nose…. can she even breathe out of that?

No. 59671

The 10 yrs thing is way overblown. She was a child, she lived @ home & attended normal school. She wasn't broke & starving in a dorm. She probably had music/dance lessons & rehearsals evenings & weekends like any other kid. Probably went on auditions as they came up. It's not necessarily her fault or JYPE's fault nothing worked out earlier, it just is what it is.

That survival show was scripted or at least preplanned, just like every other reality talent show. At the very least, jihyo nayeon & jeongyeon knew they were moving forward, even if the other six were still up in the air when the show started. The "we were gonna be 7 members but now it's 9" plot twist was staged for the sake of dramatic impact, it made the show more exciting.

Sorry to be a dick, I like stray kids, but even kpops worst dancers are still professional dancers, at least in the sense they can learn & lock in choreos, formations & song arrangements very quickly. Don't let them manipulate you into feeling sorry for them. There will be an adjustment period but they'll be fine.

No. 59672

its still 10 years of training over ppl like Sana who got in from making spring rolls … and Tzuyu/Momo who couldnt sing even after training and exposing that fact during livestages …lets not even forget Dahyun who couldnt sing dance or rap and still debuted

No. 59673

Lmao true story. Dahyun still can't sing dance or rap and is still one of the ugliest idols of all time. Her stans are questionable at best, terrifying at worst…

No. 59674

At least they don't have to go to much effort to replace him since he never got any lines and no one cares about him.
I wonder if there's something sus going on because they suddenly stopped posting anywhere 3 days ago. Must've been a pretty big thing for him to leave in 3 days.

No. 59675

yeah thats why everyones really confused…this happened within a few days, he was posting 3 days ago so idk what he couldve done, maybe get someone pregnant

No. 59676

I keep seeing these botched faces and I wonder, what is the company doing? Surely they have higher ups that don't want their singers to turn into freaks?

I thought they were supposed to have these idols in a cage until it was time to perform? How do they go get these backyard surgeries?

No. 59678

Maybe his mom died or something

No. 59680

lots of idols immediate family has passed, they go on hiatuses but dont completely leave their job…who would do that

No. 59681

File: 1572246086067.jpg (26.78 KB, 358x543, QmcScEP3gAwrZjrqnFraYszeGnv8bB…)

It is conservative, compared to America.

No. 59682

America is just a different breed altogether

No. 59683

what bothers me more is her lips in this picture they're so downturned

No. 59684

Japan still winning with younger girls and no bikepants.

No. 59685

File: 1572251974554.jpg (90.86 KB, 814x1600, ZjH4TUj.jpg)

Meanwhile on TOP's IG story….

No. 59688

That stray kids guy also used to be a trainee in SM for a few years. I wonder if he left because of the same reason.

But to me he seems/acts so naive, I almost believe it's actually a health related reason. I just can't see him involved in a sex or drug scandal. I dont know, maybe I'm the naive one kek

No. 59689

I always thought he was gay after the other BB guys said he watches them shower.

No. 59690

>>59685 to be honest he has the most particular sense of humor. I laughed at this

No. 59691

Fan service, or fake funny story to get lolz on variety. What's with the influx of koolaid drinking stans today? Kpop is 95% fake, kidlets, just like Santa Claus

Wouldn't jype just say that? The secrecy implies something sensitive, & the way it happened so fast implies drama, some kind of irreversible personal or professional disaster .. it's gonna be a long few weeks suffering thru endless fan speculation in every comment section + twitter .. settle in, folks

No. 59692

What in the FUCK?

No. 59695

yeah, you're right. It could've been a family issue too. Like maybe someone from his family did some shady shit, so jyp cut him off as soon as he learned that

No. 59697

thats what i was thinking. a family member or friend associated with him did something like get caught with drugs and they don't want the reputation tainting their already flop group

No. 59698

You sound retarded

No. 59699

Or maybe Stray Kids flopped and his parents want him to quit. Seriously Stray Kids are nugus

No. 59702

>Fan service, or fake funny story to get lolz on variety. What's with the influx of koolaid drinking stans today? Kpop is 95% fake, kidlets, just like Santa Claus

so what does it take then? Do you need a porn vid before you say someone in kpop is gay? Or do you think that might just be fanservice leaked by the company now?

Saying no one is gay in kpop is as bad as someone thinking everyone is gay in kpop.

No. 59704

are they tho? i thought they were pretty popular overseas. im not sure. i guess i should've realized since nobody here talks about them

kek this reminds me of baekhyun saying he showered with the other members and sehun had a big dick. makes me cringe everytime i remember it

No. 59707

Hm.. that reminds me of something. Does anyone remember like two months ago or something there was that article about embezzlement or something, and the guy who it’s son was a well known boy group member?? (not that im saying woojin is popular) however i highly doubt it was woojin because the article supposedly revealed the last name of the member, but it wasn’t kim.

Any guesses though?

No. 59708


no one gives a shit about this guy and yet his ugly ass gets posted constantly on here and conveniently the poster always links his videos. he’s not korean or anything to do with kpop, just an ugly wannabe trying to join the kpop critical thread for a chance to feel like he’s an OpPa IdOrU

No. 59709

iono fujo stan. what if they actually kicked him out because he was gay lol

No. 59710

didn't that turn out to be someone else from another nugu group? i don't really remember the details but i think that guy's last name was choi

No. 59711

Top isn't gay he hit on Han Seohee in those publicised texts messages

No. 59712

Woah really? i guess i don’t pay enough attention to kmedia imma go find the allkpop article now lol

No. 59718

I remember that blind… wasn't the name Heo? The only idol with that name is Heo Hyunjoon aka Hwall from The Boyz, and he recently bailed from his group too.

No. 59723

File: 1572272865623.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x2560, 19-10-28-16-25-58-118_deco.jpg)

I don't understand why she didn't stop fucking with her face. She ruined it.

No. 59734

Lol it doesn't take much it's just that dumb stans keep falling for the same old fanservice antiques. There are forms of gay signaling/coding but shippers keep being clueless straight girls with no gaydar calibration.

No. 59742

Who is this person, Taeyeon??? I don't even recognize her natural face and the current one

No. 59743

She was so cute. Sad

No. 59745

>>59743 Don't disagree she used to look cuter, but the reason most popstars get plastic surgery is because intense schedules and heavy makeup makes them age fast. They travel a lot and poor eating smoking and bad sleeping lifestyle habits develop, so they look aged if they dont do fillers and because they see derms/plastic surgeons/makeup artists/stylists regularly, their looks get microanalysed everyday, they start to see plastic surgery as no big deal since the choice isnt "to be cute" or "plastic" but to be "old/unappealing" or "have a marketable image that sells well".

Pop stars live off an image of unattainabilty which brands crave. All pop stars would rather be plastic, sexy, iconic, rolling in endorsement money rather than called cute and homely girl next door. I really doubt Taeyeon wants to look like a cute girl next door, she has singing talent so she wants to look like a fierce diva and PS is needed for that in her view.

No. 59747

Not endorsing her PS but Taeyeon can't look 22 forever so comparing her now to her old 2010 photos is silly. Of course she looked cuter when she was in her early 20s, she's 30 now. If she looked the same instead of projecting a womanly image people would think she's unappealing or odd to be doing aegyo and acting sweet or cute next to young idols.

It's like comparing young Madonna to mid 40s Madonna of course she cant look like a sweet innocent flower forever.

No. 59750

is this nayeon

No. 59752

What has her age got to do with her whole face being plastic?
She changed her nose,eyes,jaw,chin etc etc.

No. 59753

no, blind retard…

No. 59754

She still didn't need several nosejobs and a jaw shave that extreme. She had a few surgeries and she looked amazing, I don't understand why she had to keep getting more. I think it started in 2013, her getting more noticable work done. She already has all the dermatologists etc at her disposal, why does she need to have invasive surgeries with all the risks attached to them? If she does anything more to her nose it's going to collapse. "Korean society, pressures of being an idol, etc etc", yes, I get it, but I still think it's totally pointless to go this far.

No. 59757

Idols, actors and actresses get PS to fix up their face or body to match what professional image editors do in Photoshop to make them look slim and hot. Especially since you can't hide your features on TV dramas unlike idols who use heavy stage makeup.

Idols do photoshoots everyday and get told that they look bad from certain angles (see SM Stella Kim's interview on YouTube) or have makeup artists sticking on eyelid tape etc to fake double lids etc, or stylists padding their boobs or butt. At some point many idols succumb to PS because their career is hyperfocused on their image. None of us care how thick our eyelids, calves or thighs are but idols get told by stylists and image editors that they cannot wear XYZ clothes if they are fat or need to lose weight, or need to Photoshop their eyes bigger or face smaller it's no surprise some resort to PS after being subject to extreme lookism.

Recall Bang Minah and Hyeri showed their bare face on camera and Knetz called them ugly for having single eyelids or a flat face (Hyeri got forehead implants after Knetz shat on her looks) so the pressure is huge and it takes lots of self-esteem to not succumb to the imagecentric Kpop industry machine. Maybe Taeyeon is insecure whereas Bang Minah and idols like CL or Amber are very secure.

No. 59758

File: 1572291611403.jpg (19.33 KB, 300x294, 4aNTyrm.jpg)

Hyeri is literally unrecognizable from her younger days. She looks very different at debut too.

No. 59759

No. 59760

I don't understand koreans and their obsession with having a round forehead. There was nothing wrong with her forehead before.

No. 59762

>>59760 yeah literally can't tell she got forehead surgery,but it looks like her eye shape changed.

No. 59764

But they let her keep that nose?

No. 59768

her nose bridge looks a little smaller now (filler maybe?). a rhinoplasty looks like itll end disastrous because of the rest of her face if not done right so i think they didn't want to risk it

No. 59771

her nose looks fine. i'm sick of seeing the same pointed and thin white people noses on kpop idols tbh

No. 59772

New to Kpop, why EXO isn't as successful at promoting compared to BTS? EXO have more handsome visuals, can sing (to a neutral like me Tempo sounds better than Boy with Love) and act, but they aren't great at group dyanmics. Is that why, like BTS gets stans because they are funny chummy boys?

No. 59774

exo's songs suck objectively, none of them write their music and ppl are all about authenticity these days, SM idols are known for that manufactured factor, which is why BP > RV, BTS > EXO, TWICE > SNSD etc. this is also why SuperM flopped

No. 59776

sorry for being an exofag but lately some of them are getting involved in lyric writing and composing… however compared to BTS it's not as much… tbh I think BTS wins at every chart bc they have those obsessed cult like fans like BP, they make you think they're a better group because they do well on charts but they're really not special

No. 59777

you can be an exofag idc personally i agree they have better vocals but bts members have been producing since predebut and some of them have over 100 song credits to their name these days, so even after their idols days are over some will still have producing careers. meanwhile exofags on twitter fight with ratmys over their favs being models for gucci and whatnot, when you argue like that, it really sucks the authenticity out of a group thats supposed to be about music, then again kpop is literally about visuals and modeling these days

No. 59779

Literally only an army would say this. This is the most retarded post in the thread.

No. 59780

Any news on the Stray Kids member? Last I saw people on were saying they are removing him from all filmed comeback material too since the MV has been filmed already. crazy

No. 59781

OPINIONS? (other than her botched face k)

No. 59782

>these days
that's all it ever was about, armychan. bts have horrible lyrics and horrible music, it doesnt make a difference whether they wrote them or not. they arent real artists, theyre idols no matter how hard you fags try to convince yourselves otherwise.

No. 59783

uh given recent events I stand by SM still being the worst manufactured kpop company, you dont have to be an army to know this lmao

No. 59784

basically, that as well as their self made authentic artist thing which idk how they get away with bc it isn't even that novel in kpop given that members of yg boy groups play a role in writing/producing their songs, noise pollution that everyday is. also bts rapline almost always have their names last in all the songs they write in, preceded by american writers and their in house song writers, producers)

No. 59785

isnt treasure13 not debuting anymore because trainees left? ikon only had one person producing who was kicked out due to drugs, bigbang also done due to drugs, winner eh their music is all sound pollution too besides really really

No. 59786

Sure sure, but only an army could've been behind posts as dumb as yours.

No. 59787

Just because someone thinks EXO sucks doesn't mean they're an armychan, exofag

No. 59788

File: 1572297727935.gif (1.59 MB, 360x360, 1.gif)

What kind of surgery did Cha Eun Woo get in 2016? He went from looking like he did at debut (Feb 2016), to basically how he does now by the end of that year. I don't think weight loss could have changed him that much. He was already pretty thin. But what do I know?

No. 59789

He lost weight in his face but other than that I don't see a difference? Even if he did get PS he looks good so who really gives a shit.

No. 59790

did a google of t13 and apparently the company denied that there were trainees leaving and some of them were recently spotted at winner's concert so who knows… i think it all hinges on big bang's comeback (if there is one). top being active on social media makes me think there's a chance

No. 59791

File: 1572298023252.jpg (173.09 KB, 988x854, 13yrold.jpg)

It's quite interesting the links you find

No. 59792

very interesting vid, thanks anon


No. 59793

why are you posting Jpop jailbait, this is the KPOP thread fag

No. 59794

yeah ikon is pretty much done without bi (although bobby wrote a little too) he was pretty much the driving force of ikon and the singers don't have much name recognition by themselves. it's a shame bc their last release i'm ok was quite good and original

No. 59796

He looks chubbier, see this vid from Jan 2016

No. 59797

I'll give you Twice and BTS but Blackpink are faker than all the groups here kek

No. 59799

Noah fence but I think that the fact that you have to compare SM’s groups to THREE different company’s groups really says something. Not only that, these other groups were modeled after the SM group. BP debuted with 4 members and a supposed dual concept, sound familiar?

No. 59800

Funny you say that because when BP debuted with Whistle they had the same MV director as Dumb Dumb plus a lot of similar scenes, especially the table conference overhead shot

Blackpink fails in every single way to define these supposed dual concepts though. Negative stage presence and group dynamics, bandwagon fans who stream on YouTube but can't even buy tickets to fill up a 3000-seat fanmeeting, no new or unique music to speak of….. they're glorified Instagram models at best

No. 59801

I feel ya, I didn't get it either but I do now after it was discussed here a few threads ago, it has to do with the side profile of the face looking flat. It's the kind of thing you really can't envision unless you're looking for it, or you see a good before&after pic. Also see bts Jin & how they style his hair, he has the same thing but on the back of his skull, it's very flat. Again you wouldn't notice unless you're looking for it or you see a really convenient unflattering photo.

I don't notice or care about boy groups in general bc they're all kinda samey, the music is uninspired & they're all styled the same, they do the same tired fan service etc. But even from my cynical, bored perspective, bts have tremendous chemistry as a group. Even when they're just sitting around doing nothing, they're entertaining. Exofags of course will say exo is too but I think that's bc you already love them. I'm offering this as a total non-boy group fan. I even wonder if BTS would be as successful if you swapped out even one member. there's something almost magical about the 7 as they are & that kind of chemistry can't be faked or reproduced. Ya bigshit works very hard & is very greedy (as all big biz should be, no doubt) but I think they got real lucky with those 7 dudes & how appealing their dynamics are to even uninterested viewers.

No. 59803

Because EXO never promoted in the US or EU while BTS did at the perfect time. EXO is still more popular in Asia. Not sending them to the US was the biggest mistake SM ever made.

No. 59804

Their music videos are very repetitive too, a typical BP mv consists of 4 different flashy sceneary and outfits, throw in close ups and a dance shot. Black pink isn't as popular as everyone makes them out to be. They're gonna be dead soon, give em another year or two.

No. 59806

literally. if exo was promoted in the us at 2015 they would've been pretty successful there. especially since even though exo doesn't have much good music, they still have more listenable/radio friendly songs then the h&m dressing room crap bts puts out

No. 59807

It's all about timing for these bands. BTS got promoted hard core. Even coworkers who dont know kpop know bts. It's crazy

Hopefully soon. I will never understand how BP has a fandom. They're like stale bread and have no stage presence

No. 59808

>Even when they're just sitting around doing nothing, they're entertaining. Exofags of course will say exo is too but I think that's bc you already love them. I'm offering this as a total non-boy group fan. there's something almost magical about the 7 as they are & that kind of chemistry can't be faked or reproduced.

????? Only a ratmy or exofag or any crazy fan will find ANYTHING magical when 7 dudes are just standing around doing nothing and care so much about ~group dynamics~ rather than performance.

That's like saying normal uncles should find RV entertaining when they're sleeping. NOPE. Only creepy uncle fans would care or want to do that.

Sounds like a thinly veiled BTS propaganda by ARMY with explicit anti-exo vibes kek

No. 59809

That's it anon, it's not about the music, dance and even the lack of visuals of bts, it's the fact that you barely find groups whose members get along well or at least hides well their interpersonal problems. BTS even recognize that as their success, the lonely ratmy in front of her computer finds in them the friends she doesn't have (or boyfriend?) And that's how they binge watch every video of them until show becomes brainwashed and addicted, that's how their cult works

No. 59810

Yep. Armys immediately detected when they bring up songwriting, producing credits. Don't rely on the "real artists" trope, you sound like you're 10. NO KPOP IDOL IS AN ARTIST, period, they are called idols for a reason. Even the idols who claim to contribute musically have a lot of help. Ratmons plagiarism controversy is still a problem. Suga is the only one who might segue idoldom into the engineering, producing side.

I can't even be bothered to click on this, taeyeon is the most uninteresting soloist of all time. Can't believe there's still a market for korean soloist ballads, they're like saltine crackers in music form

BP is fascinating…bc Jisoo is still a soccer mom/auntie misfit who can't dance. Rose is starving herself to death while her fans insist she's not, and you can almost taste the insecurity leaking from every one of her pores. Jennie's immaturity & ego are so unwarranted & misplaced, it's actually entertaining in itself by this point. Notice none of these topics involve music, concepts, creativity, sales. In the US these girls would be socialite types good only for tabloid fodder. Good for them, cuz like they're famous & all, but I doubt this is how they hoped to become & remain relevant.

No. 59812

Ya I knew saying "magical" would fuck me. My point still stands, lol don't analyze for secret armydom that isn't there. Here's a better example, car salesmen don't sell cars, they sell themselves..if a client likes YOU, they'll buy anything from you. That's what's going on w/ BTS. Charisma, likeability, vulnerability & chemistry as a group have taken them this far, not their music. It's almost awkward watching an mv like Fake Love or BST bc they're so melodramatic & overstyled, it comes off hokey. Fans prefer them being themselves (or what they've sold to fans as "themselves") like jumping around the bouncy castle for anpanman or whatever. In this way, bts transcends the very concept of a kpop idol group. And it can't be manufactured, bigshit just got very lucky. And now any group that tries the same will be side-eyed as tryhard BTS copycats.

By "magical" im highlighting the fact that you can't manufacture this level of chemistry. you can try but ultimately luck will determine if you really have a winning combo. Exo just don't have this, very few groups do. Closest IMO would actually be stray kids, but they're very unpopular here so I'll see myself out now kek.

No. 59813

Taeyeons song is so boring.

Its crazy how boring you can be in korean music and still be famous.

I know generic artists are everywhere,but wtf.

No. 59814

Also monsta x's new song is absolute horseshit.

Its like their producer is sabotaging them or something.

Atleast there older songs had an actual melody,idk what this shit is.

No. 59816

Korea likes conformity

No. 59821

No. 59823

I meant to post this here lul. I know "worst kpop release of all time" gets thrown around in here a lot but this is legitimately one of the worst kpop releases I've heard in a minute. If anyone doesn't understand what people mean when they call bg music noise, show them this. It's the musical equivalent of a fork stuck in the garbage disposal.

No. 59824

yeah I realized that but I'm going off what kpop stans use as their arguments, that BP is "more western and not bubblegum Asian manufactured pop, can actually sing and rap, not talk rapping, look American, Harry Styles loves Jennie he wouldn't look at any other kpop girl" shit like that

No. 59825

you really think exo would even make it in the US with members that look like Kai and Sehun . . .

No. 59826

exo's music was ALWAYS bad and no matter how many exofags come here to tell us otherwise, remember your place. just remember kokobop and don't come back

No. 59827


I understand exactly what you're saying. Kpop in itself looks like the FAKEST shit because deep down the ones who have been deprogrammed (us) have realized that all the chemistry groups have is faked. There cant be any fucking chemistry when you're competing in a life or death debut situation with 20+ other trainees to get a spot in the debuting group. How would anyone actually be friends in these situations? It's so obvious that people like Jennie were hated by all trainees for being a favorite, and attached to Jisoo who she knew would also make it in because of visuals. Its like a coworker situation, are you gonna be best friends with someone whos competing for the life or death promotion against you? No. Same with Twice, half of them were friends with the other trainees on Sixteen who got eliminated, they also had arguments and they weren't all friends as trainees, now they act as if they have been sisters for life or something.

The point is all these groups have a business based chemistry strategy and its really obvious in SM groups because of all the trainee competition they have. People on this site mentioned how NCT members talked shit about Taeyong around debut time, and its obvious half of them still hate him because they don't interact with him even now. Having debuted so many boys who should've just remained trainees really opened up my eyes to the trainee competition. They have 21 members now but imagine if SM was going to debut a permanent 7 member group instead of what flopping idea they have now. Mark, Taeyong, Lucas (where are you Lucas chan) etc would get in and the 14 guys? Bye

BTS was a different situation because they are the only big group right now that didn't have that insane competition, Rap Monster was legit the only trainee in the entire company because he couldnt get into any other company, and then they just scouted whoever they could find to make a group, hence you dont see "oh I almost made it into BTS" trainees. You can't deny that they grew up together in this business knowing they were flops until people paid attention to their "magical" chemistry.

No. 59828


literally cornflakes. Why do SM name songs as if their execs are 5 years old. Jopping Kokobop Umpah Umpah Dumb Dumb Peekaboo kek

No. 59829

stray kidz kek, after the news this week even their own stans are questioning how authentic this friendship is that JYP has kept pandering over. leader of the group posted an apology to fans today and didn't even mention the guy who left, and also said "we're in a situation where we have no choice." still seems milky, wonder what's going down behind the seasons. members are probably pissed that this guy ruined the entire group's best friend image

No. 59831

You know you can reply to multiple posts in the same posts instead of spamming, salty rat. And wym? sehun and kai are objectively more talented and attractive than any given bts member loool please hide your powerlevel better. Take your own advice and remember your place. You stan 7 ugly talentless males.

No. 59832

Meh it's bloody obvious BTS put on an act to fake their group dynamics. They really don't have much in common outside of promotions and sometimes when they hang together it shows.

V = Opera, Gucci, wannabe actor whose only role was in a cringy idol drama, hangs with real actors.

Jin = wealthy gamer kid who owns a restaurant, doesn't give a shit about pandering to fans and doesn't need to stay in the industry or even act.

Jungkook = tattooed emo kid, Kurt Cobain wannabe who prob thinks he's too cool and individualistic for idol groups.

Jimin = Alcoholic fuckboi wannabe who wants to be a plasticfaced ladies man kek.

Ratmon = pseudointellectual wannabe who wants to show how woke and artsy he is.

Suga = lazy producerfag who's the antithesis of idols, looks done and ready to quit BTS when dancing.

Jhope = IDK what he does in his spare time tbh. Is he gay?

No. 59833

Theres this one dude from ateez who has such a fake scripted ass personality.

I would be very suprised if he acted like that irl.

But then again,if i was an idol,id be faking my personality too.Anything for a chance of making big bucks.

Also..fans would be quicker to defend you in any scandal because you come off as such a wholesome person :)

Taeyong was able to avoid bullying rumors simply because of his on-screen "mom" personality and the fake stories his members told to make him look good.
Until he ended up confirming the bullying rumors himself lmaoo.

No. 59835

a nugu group got kicked off of stage in kuwait bc the organizer thought they were all gay kek https://www.albawaba.com/entertainment/because-youre-gay-k-pop-band-d-crunch-got-kicked-stage-kuwait-watch-their-devastated

No. 59836

Except you forget group dynamics are a huge part of idol groups. They're idol groups, not artists not musicians not pro dancers. They are trained & styled to be idol groups. Personality & group dynamics are crucial, this is why older groups can put out garbage songs like RV lately, bc the fans are already invested. Fans even hang around "stanning" online long after a groups exp date, like 2ne1, snsd, even Bom solo. You can't have that without some serious emotional investment, and fans have to feel emotionally tied up with the members & their struggles (even fake manufactured struggles, cough Jimin cough Momo cough Somi cough got7 kek)

Yeah all of that is correct, and all of >>59810 is too, it's just not enough to cancel it out. It rly is surprising! they had all the makings of a hit group w/ int'l appeal but they don't have natural chemistry. This can be faked w/ maturity & self awareness & a businessy mind for what fans like, but they DONT have the maturity & ppl skills with each other to forge a bond, even a fake one. It's just so cringe when you can tell they are divided & not getting along, it really bursts the idol fantasy bubble.

Frankly yg must be pissed, he had all the pieces right there, but the girls themselves just couldnt get their shit together enough mentally to really make it happen.

No. 59837

honestly that’s why kpop is goona struggle in the us they guys look really feminine to them

No. 59839

No one is forgetting anything.
LOL an invested fan will appreciate group dynamics because guess what, they're FANS. A "random bystander" like OP claims to be will NOT find anything magical or cute about 7 girls or guys standing around doing nothing or doing aegyo for the camera.

The fake personalities and friendship they put on are for FANS, not for casual onlookers. If a non-kpop person told you they wanna listen to BTS, you'd send them links of music, not links to their VLives or instagram accounts.

No. 59840

nta but you look like a super salty Exofag accusing everyone in here of being ratmys. Do you people ever shut up with pointing fingers at eachother

No. 59841

Yep totally milky. And that guy leaving doesn't change the fact that stray kids had bts-like chemistry, in fact this solidifies the idea that a smart group, with good social skills & a mind for business, can create that emotional bond with each other + fans. It doesn't have to be real it just has to be convincing kek

Yep & it doesn't even matter what happens now or ever again, they have a stupid amt of money so if they're smart & invest wisely they never have to lift a finger ever again. I'd be so relieved to not be chained to twitter 24/7 anymore, like wow, but the maknae line are such attention whores they'll probably keep trying to be relevant long after the world grows sick of them kek

No. 59842

how does jennie have the people skills to make friends with all these western celebs while the other 3 are sitting in the dorm watching netflix. i recall her stans saying she has social anxiety kek i guess it disappears when she doesnt have to perform

No. 59843


No. 59844

Exactly, she's clearly consciously selective & that makes it so much worse. She needs to get her "house" in order (the group) before all that other shit, otherwise there is literally no solid ground to come back to, but it's too late, she already blew it. Rose & Lisa fans mostly stan out of pity while denying their obvious anachan competition with each other. Jisoo ain't bothered, she can just go act or hawk beauty products or something. Blackpink ship has sailed, and hopefully newbies like itzy are taking notes cuz it's a really big public lesson to learn from imo.

No. 59846

blackpink's contracts are over by 2022, which is only a few years from now. And with 1 comeback a year, that puts them at only 3 more comebacks, 3 minis with 4 songs and a remix. Alot of their stans moved on to Twice and Itzy anyway. I can't see anyone sticking around till next summer for the next comeback at this point, they blew it for themselves. they can go on vlive and post youtube videos if they wanted to like regular idols post covers, but they only seem interested in modeling on instagram.

No. 59847

jhope is a hype beast and seems to be very interested in wearing the ugliest fashion possible

No. 59848

This is some corny ass shit lmaooo. The reason BTS are big now is because they promoted like hell in the US and pandered enough to get their fans to push them right when the US market was open to looking into the growing Kpop scene. Without their American recognition, BTS would continue to be nobodies in Korea, because Koreans only care about them for the attention they bring to K culture. A substantial amount of Korea’s gdp is sourced from cultural exports.

SM on the other hand decided to start touring EXO like crazy because they were making mad bank at their peak. I saw a report once say that just from touring 1 year in Asia, EXO grossed almost 3 billion dollars USD. That is some crazy money EXO was making from tours so ofc they were sent to tour forever.

Sorry Ratmy, but bts isn’t magical. Bts got lucky that SM found out EXO tours were lucrative as fuck and decided to put all their eggs in that basket.

No. 59849

when bts started getting noticed in the us (around the time of their nomination for billboard) i distinctly remember that they were also quite big in korea. sure maybe without the us attention their popularity in korea would not be as high as it is now, but they weren’t disregarded in any sense for at least a year. plus then they released spring day which was a hit with the korean general public which made normal koreans who aren’t kpop fans grant them a little bit of respect.

No. 59852

I lived in Korea from 2017 to 2018 and I can assure you that I never heard Spring Day. Love Scenario, anything by RV, Latchaha, and Rollercoaster were what I remember hearing most of all. At the time BTS didn’t even have endorsements in Korea except for the Mediheal mask and they were dropping the BT21 Characters but only in Line Stores that were frequented by foreigners.

No. 59853

you know you can keep it all in one post instead of making 4 posts about the same thing pretending to be other people. as a korean LIVING in korea the past 3 years has been nothing but Twice and BTS so nice try. you literally cannot escape hearing either group at any establishment in the country. idk what time you went but Spring Day is constantly played everywhere, especially during winter ballad season. its the longest charting song out of any song in Korea at the moment. I actually haven't heard anything by RV in awhile. anons who pretend to know anything about Korean culture are so corny

No. 59854

>exo's songs suck objectively
I mean yeah most suck but BTS is yet to release sth better than Growl and Call me Baby. All credit due to SM producers ofc but these are well-rounded hip hopey beats


Spilling water kek BP barbies are paid to poorly perform Teddy's songs how are they any more authentic?? Kek they contribute w nothing artistically
Twice x SNSD is also a bizarre comparison cause they're the exact same shit. And popularity-wise SNSD were bigger so…???

No. 59855

Roe-zayyy seems preoccupied with her weight & scoring fashion gigs, when she could put that energy toward writing & improving on guitar..? I feel like she started out really "about the music" but it's turned into something totally different, it's sad

Doesn't change that fans like bts's relationships & chemistry, & that that's a huge part of their appeal. They're a good mix of characters from a marketing standpoint. No one's disagreeing here, youre just set on arguing for some reason

What member? I'm super interested in this type of thing, idk this group tho

No. 59856

BTS didnt even promote in the US until their first Billboard nom and even then, they barely did anything to help people stan, like lack of english subs making fans do all the work, lack of making any actual connections in the industry, leaving fans to do radio shit and propel them up the charts. honestly bighit got so lucky that fans were willing to do everything for them while only having to do a couple of shows in the US then leaving straight back to korea.

SM on the other hand is aggressively promoting and pandering to the US, NCT has been the most embarrasing "US Debut" I've seen in Kpop next to sperm, by the way what happened to sperm? Exo just announced a comeback for November and WayV the chinese NCT also announced a comeback so was sperm just … to get a billboard achievement and then be scrapped to the dungeon along with all the other subunits?

No. 59857

I had to remake the posts because there was typos and were supposed to delete posts and edit them, dumbass.

If you read the post !!! You’d see i LIVED there for a year and when I did, BTS wasn’t popular. Sorry if that hurts your Ratmy feelings but they really weren’t. I literally wrote 2017-2018, it hasn’t been 2018 in like 10 months, ofc trends will have changed, how brain dead are you?

No. 59858

File: 1572323696290.jpg (62.65 KB, 724x553, D8BveixU0AA3LSc.jpeg.jpg)

>korean LIVING in korea the past 3 years has been nothing but Twice and BTS so nice

Lol ratmies decided to post their fanfics here
U should have at least added Produce/Kang Daniel to make it more reliable but I'll give you a solid 3.5/5

No. 59859

calm down exofag, at this rate you'll be saying Jopping is a hit in Korea kekekekek, also learn to sage and stop replying to yourself

No. 59860

Honestly, you know it’s a Twitter kpop fag when they think it’s normal to write kekekekek anywhere other than their fanfic.

Kekekekekkeep pretending you’re Korean, ig.

No. 59861

Keep these memes on Twitter, this is so cringe. Kang Daniel doesn't even have a hit song? What are you on

No. 59862

This ratmy bitch is really out here pretending she is korean while not having a clue abt the person whose face was in every milk cart in SK kek
I vote proof of nationality or be put to pasture tbh

No. 59863

>EXO is still more popular in Asia
Okay then name one asian country where EXO is more popular than BTS.
You can't even say SK since the latter have surpassed them even there like two or three years ago.

No. 59864

how does having his face plastered everywhere correlate to his music being played everywhere? did I even say anything about his face?

No. 59865

its the same exofag cluttering this whole thread, they legit said above that Growl was a good song

No. 59866

Maybe in your autistic world they were popular among the gp meanwhile the neurotypical people of your dear motherland (kek) knew nothing about them until last year
Even in those channels that pander to retarded koreaboos they couldn't find a single soul who knew them before 2018 when doing those street interviews

No. 59867

You keep accusing everyone of being a single exofag yet you got worked up and samefagged when someone accused you of being a sperging army… Please calm down, autismo.

No. 59868

Nta but you're doing a really awful job at hiding your powerlevel as well, exofag.
No one in their right mind would call Sehun 'talented'.

No. 59869

sehun fags need to gtfo all his stans do is praise his modeling career

No. 59870

Ratmy if you r gonna samefag at least wait a few minutes to do so. I know you pressed but breath and calm the fuck down before clogging our thread with your shit

No. 59871

Sehun’s talent is being a better dancer than anyone in bts despite looking like a wet noodle. Truly an idol.

No. 59874

>E-everyone who's against my awesome exo oppars is a stinky samefagging ratmy!
Nice cope

No. 59875

A very obvious case of samefagging, kek.

No. 59876

The demon who posted this thread on weverse show yourself

No. 59877

I think namjoon is in this thread.

No. 59878

Not a ratmy but their shit was played often in the cafes when I went to korea

No. 59879

Posted one of these and not the other so… the writing style isn’t even the same..

Ratmy/ies, stop replying to yourself and trying to make it seem like BTS is any better than any other boy group just cause they’re in the West. BTS got lucky, they are not magical or special no matter how much you’ve deluded yourself in to believing that. As soon as one of them enlist they will crash and burn like every other group ever. If they don’t enlist, they will be hated by the general public for skipping service. It’s a sad reality for you but a blessing for everyone else. Let it go and get out if you can’t take criticism on your favs.

No. 59880

File: 1572326260218.jpg (71.71 KB, 800x708, KakaoTalk_20180408_230614128.j…)

this. how much longer is this shit show gonna go on?

No. 59881

File: 1572326680062.jpg (364.82 KB, 952x1270, Demonic possession.jpg)

He does look like beelzebub so you're onto something!

We keep shitting on the naeyeon, taeyeon, jhope etc nose jobs but this one is nightmare inducing tbh

No. 59882

File: 1572328117093.jpg (16.58 KB, 273x275, 1531534579005.jpg)

did someone actually post this thread on weverse?

>inb4 RM reads through this thread and an hero's

it's okay dude you'll find your angle someday

No. 59886

File: 1572329588351.png (306.88 KB, 400x480, markchin.png)

did mark get a chin implant or am i tripping?

No. 59893

“ITs jUST PuBerty ANon”

No. 59894

File: 1572331475950.jpg (191.5 KB, 1600x1150, s4f1k.jpg)

>But even from my cynical, bored perspective, bts have tremendous chemistry as a group. Even when they're just sitting around doing nothing, they're entertaining. Exofags of course will say exo is too but I think that's bc you already love them. I'm offering this as a total non-boy group fan. I even wonder if BTS would be as successful if you swapped out even one member. there's something almost magical about the 7 as they are & that kind of chemistry can't be faked or reproduced.
What an amazing shitfest to come back to, thanks for making my day kek

No. 59895

>(((not an army btw)))

No. 59896

ITT: Ratmys and Exofags calling out each other despite the fact that all of them suck at hiding their powerlevels

No. 59897

File: 1572332831250.jpg (540.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191029-080344_Fac…)

Geez, can Ratmy just stfu…
Although it would be kinda funny to imagine they are still stuck with the same boring, annoying asses. Even in times you could go solo, or simply be in contact with other pwople outside bigshit. But nope, your precious fandom wants otherwise for you.

No. 59898

bts is a group of untalented uggos and exo is a group of bullies who hate each other. both groups music is getting worse as time goes on so neither of them are better than the other imo.

No. 59899

Bts could chose to do that on their own if they wanted to, which I'm sure they don't. Nothing stopping them. So what's the point of this petition…?

No. 59900

>i-it's not just us armys, exofags do it too!
Have they ever delivered such brilliant posts as the one above? I don't think so, that's your speciality lol

When will blinks get this into their head? Their money is supporting this rotten company and their unnies are sponsered by dirty money. If bp was as innocent as they claim to be, then they would have tried to get out of yg already. This is one of the cases there the idols would have had a very high chance of winning a lawsuit thanks to public demand. But they know exactly that they wouldn't stand a chance without yg privileges, so they just wait it out instead…

No. 59901

i don't think the blackpink members except maybe rose (because she has nothing else going for her) care about the group at all. they'll definitely wait out their contracts and then leave the company.

No. 59903

literally nobody is saying they cant go together and theres no law that prevents it either… what the fuck is the point of this petition?

No. 59906

it’s just ratmies being scared of bts no longer being “ot7!!!” I think it’s mainly HL stans who don’t like the idea of HL being getting even more irrelevant when they’re in the military while ML get more popular.

No. 59907

Which one? Cause I have one member in mind lmao. Inb4 ateezfag reee but even tho I don't mind them as a group I hate the amount of gay fanservice they do, it's so heavy handed.
Seems like most new bg try to attract fans with fanservice & we are a family shit

No. 59909

how are their english songs their best kek

No. 59912

it's obvious now that they're getting tired of being overworked but it wasn't before

No. 59913

honestly i think bp not being bigger in the us is kind of yg's fault too… idk why they came back with a messy song like kill this love as they were kicking off their world tour.

No. 59914

Is EXO gonna comeback without DO and Xiumin?

No. 59915

for real. the english ones are listenable

No. 59916

The bts birth order = their popularity ranking, they're literally going to enlist from least to most valuable member kek probably a good thing cuz if Jin was enlisting later itd be way more obvious how unessential he is

This directly contradicts this thread's long history of noticing BTS treats the Korean fans/market way better than the US, so you'll have to clarify

>Twice x SNSD is also a bizarre comparison cause they're the exact same shit
Objectively this is correct, so why does snsd seem so much better than twice? Like in every way. They even seem older than twice @ the same ages, is that just a biased perception of new 3rdgen fans who weren't around for much of snsd?

No. 59917

His only fault is not selecting girls that are actually talented and have a somewhat pleasant personality.


Not to wk any of the older members, but it's so creepy how always the youngest seem to be the most popular, it's the same in other groups too…

And just because they're pandering to the US, doesn't mean that they can't suck up to their korean fanbase. They're promoting in the US + earning lots of money from americans, but right afterwards do v lives saying that they miss korea. Ifans are their cash cows and by sweettalking their national fans they receive a positive reputation with the general public (shit like "bts brings honor to our country"). I guess most of their western fans must have noticed this by now, they're just trying to ignore that their oppars don't really love them kek

No. 59920

The maknae is usually selected as the visually cute/pretty member who is the least skilled/trained, it's always been this way. Sehun, Tzuyu, Seungri, Nancy, Shuhua, Guanlin, some of them cant even speak fluent Korean but it's OK since they're cute uwu babies. Maknaes are naturally popular as they're babied by the group so the fans love it and give them leeway.

Jungkook Taemin Hwasa are maknaes who outshine their group but usually but that's usually not the case. Taeyeon Yunho Eunji Chungha Daniel Kang Sunmi Baekhyun etc are all not maknaes.

No. 59921

>>59920 Hwasa is the maknae? topkek

No. 59922

I was in Seoul during July this year and managed to hear fucking CLC of all groups in a store once. Getting music played in a store is no big accomplishment, fake Koreafag

No. 59923

The chorus instruments sound so Turkish. American money drying out so they decided to pander to Erdoganland instead?

No. 59927

File: 1572353931631.jpg (34.46 KB, 474x331, 12a5523f9090a13dcb039889ceeb5f…)

People always say she looks younger/her age without makeup but I don't see it lol No idea why she looks so mature, her skin is actually nice

No. 59931

Ya she's kind of an ameriboo. Her nails especially

Every group has an inexplicably old looking member, I don't get it either, probably bc I'm not Korean

No. 59932

File: 1572355095222.jpg (158.82 KB, 668x393, vhCSpDM.jpg)

It's her makeup. Hwasa always wears a dark/matte/non-pink lip and dark eye makeup unlike the other Kpop girls who all do Korean style "no makeup" makeup.

No. 59933

File: 1572355554728.jpg (61.94 KB, 530x594, 2pctlTi.jpg)

No. 59935

She looks like Jhope

No. 59936

They pander so much to their Korean audience because they have to work for their attention, unlike international fans.

No. 59937

listen to more music

No. 59938

The funniest part is that the only thing you see are rappers saying that they were in BTS but decided to fuck off because they didn't wanted to be idols. Literally half of BTS did leave the group at some point kek, that's why there is no competition. They just hated V for doing nothing and being annoying but they probably don't do anymore, it was really obvious back then

No. 59939

Be gone exofag

No. 59940

kek for red velvet, that doesnt seem to be the case

No. 59943

true that. My grandparents live in korea, so i visited last summer and while there were BT21 ads everywhere, all i heard were rv and love shot like once

sigh red flavor is so overplayed there

No. 59944

Ya that description of maknae norms really isn't accurate, there's a wide range of kpop "types" & they don't follow any pattern. There are oldest members who are very immature, youngest members who are legit the most mature, there are leaders of many diff ages, groups with no leader (or such bad leadership they may as well have no leader) also sometimes "roles" like lead dancer, face of group etc are assigned randomly for any reason or no reason at all. Kpop probably started with a copypaste formula in mind but over time, with so many varied groups & companies, pretty much anything goes now.

Even titles like main dancer, main rapper etc are meaningless now when they're assigned just to fill in the blank instead of based on actual skill. They should do away with all that, it's so dumb, but since it sparks fan debates + fan wars they probably love it

I see what that person was getting at, but it's just not helpful for someone new to kpop

No. 59946

File: 1572362270430.png (91.67 KB, 744x138, Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 11.12…)

I'm honestly surprised I definitely assumed they were on their way to irrelevancy and that there's no way anyone could've liked Feel Special.
I might just be a 2nd gen fag but I feel like twice is just walmart snsd. Snsd had legitimately catchy songs and the members seemed relatively balanced. Tzuyu and Mina are charisma black holes that are just there to be hot and Chaeyoung and Dahyun are like clumsy little kids that somehow managed to tag along.

No. 59947

She had a nosejob tho, pretty obvious too. I watched that drama she starred in years ago and it was especially jarring since she was standing next to actresses

No. 59948

Boring and generic.
She really doesn't suit the bad girl image she's trying to portray.

No. 59949

File: 1572365251366.jpeg (Spoiler Image,417.38 KB, 1536x2048, DDFE963D-78BB-4CB7-ACE0-328CFB…)

they’re all so weird looking. lmao at jungkooks face. also why does yoongi always wear his mask like that? is it to hide his fucked up jaw

No. 59950

File: 1572366348577.jpg (12.01 KB, 480x480, 1572027642174.jpg)

if you think "oh!" and kissing u are better than tt and likey you're retarded

No. 59951

Digitally it is one of their worst performing songs, I'm guessing the public is tired of them but their fandom has stepped up the bulk buying since they had a big gap between comebacks

No. 59952

Lol every Twice song after Likey has been total shit. They are only in their 4th year and can’t even get a number 1 hit anymore, compared to SNSD who had consistent number ones into their 8th year. Cheer Up and TT are Twice’s best songs but they were from three years ago. Twice peaked already. All the members are fucking butt ugly too

No. 59953

snsd was fucking ugly too. and most idols are not getting no.1 songs this year. twice is still big seeing as yes or yes was a hit and fancy was a hit too. again if you think peak snsd songs were better than peak twice songs you're retarded. igab and the boys during their peak were god awful whereas knock knock is just annoying.

No. 59954

And here I thought that nobody would ever unironically think of Twice's songs as superior to anything. Even their thirstiest neckbeard fans admit that their music is plain garbage.

No. 59955

At least SNSD could actually sing lol

No. 59956

They all do that, not just idols & not just koreans, & it's basically the equivalent of putting your sunglasses on your head when you don't want them on for a bit or whatever

Suga looks like an actual mannequin, we say that every day in here about idols but goddamn he is actually plastic now…that can't just be a filter can it? Or foundation? Maybe not as bad as yesterday's Jimin but…wow. nightmare fuel indeed.

No. 59957

File: 1572368142174.jpeg (36.87 KB, 360x584, E4B8EFE9-AB17-4961-952B-E150C8…)

damn jyp
i wil lnever get why shes popular

No. 59958

I honestly will forever dislike Twice and absolutely hate that shitty yes or yes song. They played that shit in every store, cafe and restaurant in korea. I wanna kill myself every time I hear it.

At least most of snsd could actually sing.

No. 59959

> and most idols are not getting no.1 songs this year.

Taeyeon managed it. I guess SNSD are still popular…

No. 59961

Just Taeyeon is popular nobody gives a flying fuck about any other snsd member (jessica included)

No. 59963

File: 1572370664445.jpg (31.52 KB, 644x357, Lost jackson.jpg)

Music-wise yes, but overall not really cause Yoona is arguably more popular than Taeyeon considering the number of roles and CFs she scores

Anyhoo, didnt know this person (Apink Namjoo)… did she sue for malpractice? Legit the worst nose job I've seen in kpop, Park Bom included

No. 59964

they probably want a break from each other at this point lmao

No. 59965

Even in twice's better songs momo and sana's screechy voices just give me a headache and make them unlistenable

No. 59966

I don't even remember the other SNSD members now that you mention it. Even Yoona is literally the most bland idol ever, Knetz fawn over how pretty she is at events but that's all, nobody wants to see her act in a Korean drama and Knetz bitch when she is cast.

Once the group breaks up members lose popularity and relevance, simple as, imagine if Twice aren't even popular individually now how forgettable they'll be next time.

No. 59967

>>59963 People used to bitch about IU's acting like Yoona but she improved and Yoona hasnt. She has acted a lot and still got 0 breakout roles and people are tired of her stiff acting compared to real actresses. Cha Eunwoo can't act for shit as well he's like the male Yoona but if he improves he will be a top star. If he doesnt he will be Song Seunghun the goodlooking actor who is laughably bad at acting. Watching Seolhyun in My Country (she has improved and is prettier than real actresses) made me realise Yoona is stealing roles from better actors.

No. 59968

File: 1572375106814.jpeg (219.26 KB, 707x1014, 79ABC65F-C3D7-4B09-85DC-B59403…)

Bit insensitive so soon after Sulli

No. 59969

this has been mentioned a lot in previous threads, but i can never see why koreans find yoona beautiful. she doesnt look that uwu cute and she doesnt have those sharp features either. i get that the perfect face ratio matters a lot judging by their beauty standards, but her face is just uber bland. not to mention her creepy jaw and filler filled cheeks. srry i just had to vent because i really dont see why knetz find yoona attractive. do some farmers find her pretty?

No. 59973

her 2010-2014 face was pretty in a girl next door way. the jaw shave honestly ruined it. since she was considered the epitome of beautiful back then and since other idols try to get surgery to resemble her, she kept the title as prettiest idol

No. 59978

bruhhhhhhhhh what is that caption why would she doooo that!!!!!!

I have been thinking about how everything is just back to business so quickly after her death. Like, is she really dead? Or is she "dead", Elvis style? Forgive me for sounding faggy. Even Taeyeon can't be bothered to act mournful. And there is that suicide note the contents of which are not yet released. And why did her manager go visit her home so much later than the show was supposed to be at?

I am just not over it and the way people are reacting it is like everyone hated Sulli. Even Goo Hara did an awful live where she was saying cheesy shit with a cheesy song playing in the bg, like it was some kind of an audition for a kdrama.

Anyway, sorry for essay…

No. 59979

>>59969 Yoona has a uber demure appearance Koreans love (they dislike fierce faces like Hwasa or Soyeon) and looks like a stereotypical innocent damsel in distress who could never talk back or save herself. Her roles in K2, Love Rain, King in Love are spineless weak damsels. She has never shown any range in acting or willingness to try a complicated role. She is now typecasted, once she hits 30 those innocent girly roles will dry up because younger actresses will get them? Idol actresses who do well like UEE and IU pick roles which require them to do more than just be pretty.

No. 59981

How is it creepy when most of their fans are still younger than the youngest member?

No. 59982

i think the anon went kpop groups in general, not just bts. like itzy and izone has a 15 year old, tvxq had a 15 year old at debut, i think txt are all 15-17, i think jungkook debuted at 16/17 etc. a lot of fans of these groups were 20+ when the youngest members were kids

No. 59983

File: 1572379182362.gif (2.57 MB, 480x270, tumblr_inline_ovpk6jKfZn1qkzxp…)

I know this is from 2015, but it just proves how fake bts's chemistry is.
The moment jimin saw the camera is off he stopped smiling and started glaring at jungkook.

No. 59985

jimin’s always seemed like he’s got a really bad temper. I don’t get why fans buy his “I’m an angel fairy uwu” bs

No. 59987

Gifs lie

No. 59988

They are probably super foulmouthed offcamera but those gifs are fake as hell lol

No. 59989

File: 1572381154536.gif (32 KB, 780x870, jwqYx1R.gif)


Korean beauty standards are extremely strict. I can't help but suspect that after the Korean war somehow some art textbook on how to draw human proportions just became standard throughout the country as an objective reference.

Yoona was considered to be so good looking because she has proportionally long legs and a small head. For years I never really understood what "small face" meant until I realized they meant like the opposite of having a bobblehead.

However, Sooyoung (who had similar proportions) wasn't considered as good looking because her skin was darker and she lacked big eyes and a small nose with a high bridge.

The Korean beauty formula is long legs + small head + fair skin + big eyes + high nose bridge. Even ugly people will be considered good looking if they check those boxes.

No. 59990

I cant believe that 20 year olds couldnt even say a single swear word in their lives to the point when if they did,it has to be deleted. lmao, it kinda makes all idol lives so boring to the point that u already know whats going to happen next.its like their fans have no humour or something.

No. 59991

listen to more monsta x? no thanks

No. 59992

I think it was mostly the dark skin and rounder face and the not typically "Korean" look because looking at both of them Yoona's eyes aren't any bigger and her nose isn't any smaller. And considering she already had had a significant amount of work done pre-debut her place as "the beauty" always struck me as bullshit.

No. 59993

File: 1572383989717.jpeg (133.59 KB, 750x1124, 1C8E8D7C-7783-4370-9DD4-46B356…)

>she lacked big eyes
aren’t her eyes pretty big? i always found them very doe-like

No. 59994

File: 1572384741952.png (4.77 MB, 750x1334, F9044625-9A71-4A25-877E-05D9AB…)

why the fuck does jungkook look so fucking old

No. 59995

They are, but because she "looks South-East Asian", she'll never be called pretty in SK. I remember Koreans were nasty af about Sooyoung. Although she was a better actress than Yoona, K-Netz comments said she only had the face for "the friend of the main character". There was an awful article years ago where there were rumours she was dating Won Bin.


[+2,072, -226] Wow… Won Bin must feel dirty…
[+368, -25] Looks like SM put this out in the media since SNSD's making their comeback soon ㅋㅋ But why Sooyoung and not Yoona?

Fucking shameful.

No. 59998

Same anon, but I do wonder how K-netz can say these things, when the average Korean certainly looks more like Sooyoung or Umji, than Yoona and Irene. Like y'all are playing yourselves.

No. 59999

why the fuck is jhope so ugly?

No. 60005

and yet she still has the hottest boyfriend out of all the soshi girls ever. we all know the knetz criticizing her are grotesque in appearance and probably rarely leave mommy’s basement.

No. 60007

File: 1572387122153.jpg (76.21 KB, 640x1280, IMG_20191028_233045.jpg)

Apparently that Stray Kids guy got a girl pregnant kek. No wonder JYP terminated his contract so suddenly if people found out he has a child knetzs would riot

No. 60008

>>60007 weibo rumors are usually baseless as shit. this is funny to think about tho kek

No. 60009

Same. I also always found her to be the cutest member of SNSD. Her whole face was pretty dolly imo.

No. 60010

lol @ v mogging them all so hard

No. 60011

True. There are some outliers, though. Nana has all of that, yet isn't considered pretty in SK. Tzuyu has dark skin and is the visual.

No. 60012

Im kinda shocked reading that to be honest.
From what ive known she was never in any scandal or problem and was gorgeous in her prime.
Just realized the article was from 2012 so it was probably bitter uncle fans and jealous girls since snsd was in their prime in 2012.

Hate or love snsd but you cannot deny that they are the only girl group who were able to stay relevant for a long time. Its 2019 and people still talk about them. Legends.
Snsd was the only girl group who was able to break the ''7 year curse''.

Twice which is the discount copy version of snsd, are on their 4th year and they are already losing relevancy with their new songs.
Blackpink is also falling hard and no amount of views and twitter stans can help them.

No. 60013

She and her bf look good together plus they've been dating for ages so lately she seems to be getting a lot more positive comments.

Somehow weibo rumors are always pregnancy claims lol

Because all of them are bitchy cunts who secretly hate each other and therefore try to make the others look like shit by only posting stuff that flatters themselves.
Look at Jk blocking Jin's face, what a "quirky" think to do as an adult. No idea why he looks so old, maybe didn't get his weekly dose of botox yet? Jhope is slowly transforming into some very creepy aunty and the others look so bland, especially Suga.

No. 60014

File: 1572389668836.png (154.03 KB, 468x313, babyfacedhags.PNG)

lol winwin and lucas looking haggard

No. 60015

File: 1572390079402.jpg (23.72 KB, 500x309, 9c82c2ad2482ec311e2bce27f8393b…)

Not fake turn the captions on anon.
jimin thinks the camera is turned off and switches personalities
Jimincel:''Jungkook i told you not to turn the camera off''
Jungkook: ''I didnt''
Jimincel:''Listen to me''
jimincel: ''Act properly when i start filming''
If you think thats bad then the real translation makes it even worse
jimin thinks the camers is turned off
jimiincel:''I told you if the camera is off,its not like this,right?''
jungkook:'' i didnt hear that''
jimincel;''Just listen to my words''
jimincel:''You laugh?''
jimincel:''if the camera is off,listen to me well''
Jungkook has been looking old ever since he lost all his face fat. He was perfectly normal before and mogged all his members but i guess they got jealous and kept on telling him to not eat.

Also pic related is when jungkook was considered ''chubby'' by his ''lovely'' hyungs.

No. 60016

That used to bother a lot but i've come around…at least she has a nicer personality than 3rd/4th gen visuals which r basically cold/boring e.g. Tzuyu and Irene. She seems to just stay in her lane too which prevents developing a bitch eating crackers sentiment

No. 60017

why do people like to pretend sooyoung is pretty lol she is an ana-chan with a huge head

No. 60018

Twf when you hit post wall at 20.
>Irene >Yoona
Its funny because there is only one age difference between irena and yoona.
Yoona is 29 meanwhile irene is 28.

No. 60019

File: 1572390511207.jpeg (34.03 KB, 268x294, F85FE9AD-B940-4C07-91DA-EF15B6…)

Milf hunter winwin already looked rough as hell at 18

No. 60020

It was bound to happen sooner than later bc he wrinkles a lot around his eye area, always have. That's an easy botox fix though.

No. 60021

>when the average Korean certainly looks more like Sooyoung or Umji
Anon, I know Sooyoung doesn't fit the korean beauty standards at all but she isn't ugly or at least not as ugly as Umiji.

No. 60022

File: 1572391320091.jpg (98.89 KB, 700x1050, aZL0bWX_700b.jpg)

Irene looked much younger than Yoona when she debuted and had less work done on her face
Now imho both look like their ages. Not that there's something wrong with that btw

No. 60023

I hate ratmies and BTS but cmon Jimincel is obviously fooling around and trying to act like he's Jungkook's bully if MBC captions it like "You are currently witnessing Jimincel's tier in the group hierarchy" at 1:47. He literally calls everyone in his group ugly in some Bombs.

No. 60024

File: 1572392218304.jpg (611.21 KB, 1920x1279, creepy....jpg)

>Also pic related is when jungkook was considered ''chubby'' by his ''lovely'' hyungs.
Ratmy love to say that they raised him, but if you think about it it's actually so fucked to put a 15yo boy together in a group with grown ass men. Jin was already 21 and in uni when they debuted, meanwhile Jk was a literal child. Yet he had to work just as much, they lived together, had to do fanservice together and so on.
If a girl group has such a huge age difference when the older likely takes care of the younger members (at least I would) but the chance that a young man wouldn't despise the idea of having to work with a kid (and lose against him in terms of popularity) is ridiculous. So of course Jk always cringes when the others try to touch him.

I used to really like her when I was younger. I get why some might find her bland, but to me she's pleasant to look at. She might not be the most stunning but she never looks really bad either and she doesn't need much makeup. I don't know if you've ever seen her in a show or an interview but she acts super normal; meanwhile most other idols either go for the extremely annoying hyper or the soulless and "chic" image. To me she was a nice in between, just friendly and somewhat fun. I guess she seemed approachable to both girls and guys? (Plus her skinny body of course also attracted lots of ana fans…)

If you know that your friends are so sensitive that they start bailing because of every tiny thing and that one comment can result in them thinking they need to starve again - then would you say things like that? They obviously don't give a shit about each other and their feefees.

No. 60025

>I Hate bts and ratmies
>Posts a timestamp of a video that only ratmies would watch

No. 60027

You just dont want to confess that bts arent close do you. Jimincel is not that good of a actor. He was cunty throughout the whole video. They view each other as competition because if they didnt then jungkook wouldn't try to take away serendipity from jimin.
Also you forgot to take away the video link samefag and learn to sage.

No. 60028

>>why the fuck does jungkook look so fucking old

It wouldn't surprise me if he ages hard because he is into hard drinking and smoking, having late nights with his tattooer friends. Many Koreans age super hard in their 20s-30s due to binge drinking. One of JK's fansites started bitching about giving up on him during his birthday aka they know hes different to his idol image

No. 60030

Spoiler that shit

No. 60032

can you all stop posting this gay shit?

No. 60033

File: 1572393805438.gif (Spoiler Image,998.75 KB, 245x250, BraveAssuredAzurewingedmagpie-…)

Ugh jin's and jungkooks relationship used to be so creepy when jungkook was underage because jungkook looked like he was 12 when he was 15-17 so jin looked like a pedo whenever he tried doing fanservice with him.
Sorry anons was just trying to show how creepy their fanservice was. Its spoilered now to protect your eyes.

No. 60034

apparently this is the yaoi thread

No. 60035

Because she seems approachable. Most men are intimidated by highly beautiful women.
That's why Dahyun is popular on the 4chanz, ugly girl less likely to reject them.

No. 60036

>this was in 2016
I'm surprised to see that they were singing live… are there idols who still do that now?

No. 60037

Yeah I think what a lot of anons don't think of is that terrible lifestyles is usually one of the main reasons why idols look so old and washed out at such young ages. Heavy drinking, smoking, fried food, staying up all night, and sleeping all morning is not going to look good, period.

No. 60040

huh they don't sound that bad

also Sunmi here looks skinny but not "sick"?

No. 60045

The average Korean definitely doesn’t look like Sooyoung. If Sooyoung wasn’t 5’7 she would get a lot more “REEEE she looks SEA” comments

No. 60046

she has always gotten those comments lol

No. 60047

And drugs. His tattoo artist gf has a cocaine tattoo.

No. 60048

Oh yeah definitely. I forgot to include drugs

No. 60049

i’m always reminded of seungri when i see jungkook

No. 60054

idk i guess sulli didn't have that many friends as it seemed. i don't know about the faking her death part, i mean it would be a way to escape her celebrity life since she clearly hated it. however, she seemed genuinely depressed before her passing.

No. 60055

i don't know why idols don't work on their acting. so many of them are really bad at acting and get constantly shitted on for it, yet still refuse to improve. i guess i understand if they're constantly promoting with their group like joy from red velvet. yoona however has no excuse now that snsd has unofficially disbanded.

No. 60058

>Sooyoung doesn't fit the korean beauty standards
u mean 13 year old pann users’ standards
don’t take internet comments from koreans too seriously
she would absolutely be considered gorgeous in a group of avg korean girls

No. 60069

does anyone else think jungkook smells?

he looks like he smells like a fart

No. 60070

Ratmy are crying about people bodyshaming Bang PD - the same man who calls their boys fat when they weigh above 60kg…

And Han Seohee is a gift that keeps on giving: now her lesbian/tranny gf/bf accused her ex Monsta X Wonho of not paying her back 25k$ she lent him 6 years ago. Fans say that his mom had to sell furniture to afford his idol training, so him having to borrow money is not that unikely. Plus the company could sue her if she lied. But of course he's also being defended because he supposedly used to be her beard, when in reality they probably just dated normally.

No. 60071

why do ratmies defend bangpd so much when he’s been shitty to bts and just cares about the money? it’s weird

No. 60072

The new WayV comeback has TVXQ vibes imo. Mainly the orchestral stuff in the track, but it kind of sounds like a song that TXVQ would have if they were still 5 in 2019.
I actually like it a lot from an outsider's perspective; despite SperM being the SM Performance group, I think this song actually really fits the SMP thing that SM was going for with TVXQ. Jopping was also a fucking mess to the point that Zimzalibim would have been better kek.

No. 60073

they always pull the "but bts wants this" card when some stans pointed out how they were being overworked or how none of them had any solo stuff. they also keep insisting bigshit is the best company when it really is the same shit

No. 60074

File: 1572430773105.png (32.71 KB, 1087x172, Screenshot (64).png)

So some nugu group was stopped from performing in kuwait after they already went on stage because people thought they were gay… And because the people attending wanted bts to get invited too, they were doing their ratmy fanchants in front of that other group. What a mess.
But one of the members posted rainbow coloured hearts afterwards, so good for them. They'll surely never come back to such a backwards shithole.

Because they're a family!1!! Unlike those evil SM, Jyp,…
I was never a fan of them, yet still remember that video of one of their managers threatening to hit them. How convenient that all ratmy seem to suffer from alzheimers.

Can't you post this in one of your two nct/lucas circlejerk threads?

No. 60075

speaking of crazed ratmies they have this conspiracy theory that there is this force working against bighit and bts and try to tear the fandom apart when they disagree with each other. its like they cant even have their own opinions and they all have to think they same way or else its an inside job to take them down kek along with criticism against bts/bighit are all “rumors” or “racist”

No. 60076

I'm not the autist who stans that douchebag Lucas, retard. I'm making a fucking observation; this thread isn't called the bashing thread, and not everything critical has to be bashing. I'm not even a fan of the trash ass kpop groups today, including the ear raping NCT fags.

No. 60077

Thats so fucked up but maybe it'll make people realize that they shouldnt be performing and supporting shitty countries. Can already hear armys making this all about bts. Rookie groups have it tough but they shouldnt take every performance they can get..

No. 60078

>i like it a lot, it sounds like old tvxq, they're way better than sperm
>reeee i'm not a stan, i hate them, nct is ear rape

No. 60079

it's cause she wasn't starving herself as much and started claiming that she was "binging" to gain weight
pointing fingers and accusing everyone of being a stan (plus the over use of fucking fag) is why these threads go by so fucking fast (it's not just you by the way)

No. 60080

tbf bighit/bts helped to create this narrative. they have has this victim mentality since the beginning i.e. their songs, rm claiming he was competing with winner or whatever and starting beef with bobby etc etc

No. 60081

File: 1572435115629.jpg (196.44 KB, 1200x900, EIENwiFU8AApfRf.jpg)

It's as if they're holding contests on who manages to look the most non-human…
And he uploaded this with #jimin - nevermind all your other members in the pic, amirite?

No. 60082

Why is Jhope making retarded noises at the camera?

No. 60084

File: 1572436248075.jpeg (139.24 KB, 1067x765, DD87C110-E869-4ED3-850C-590764…)

This showed up in my explore page, why does Joy look so haggard? SM pulled a real con job convincing people she was any sort of visual. She’s always been one of the ugliest along with Yeri to me.

I don’t think Sooyoung is particularly pretty, her nose job and bloated face give me skeleton vibes about her face and her body is all bones. She is one of the more charming members of Snsd because she has a personality tho, and she also sings quite well. What she lacks in looks she definitely makes up for in talent imo.

I think Yoona is cute. Not gorgeous but at least cute. She can be pretty funny sometimes.

No. 60086

I was surprised to find myself liking it, it definitely has some old kpop vibes but it's a bit messy in some parts imo. Lucas and Winwin sound so out of place, are they supposed to be rapping? Lol

No. 60087

Honestly the people who cared about Sulli in the public cared about her when she passed except for Taeyeon apparently. Even Goo Hara’s live that you were talking about was due to her not being able to attend her funeral since she’s stuck with a whole bunch of schedules in Japan. I know you’re mad about how Taeyeon and some other’s (Tiffany’s caption is pretty disgusting) treated Sulli’s death but most people did respect her death and grieve for her. Also your theory on her faking her death is as plausible as the people trying to connect her death to the Illuminati

No. 60088

They all look haggard, see the hair & no makeup? Workout clothes? Could've been a 5am sound check or smth. I'm indifferent to RV so no wk, but this was unnecessary

Sooyoung was always prettiest to me, never popular but there's no major reason, I think it just is what it is. Not everyone can be #1, heh. She & hyoyeon always ranked last.

Yoona is visually so painfully boring but she deserves props for not living in the problem attic, she has a good attitude & isn't a bully. This is what I meant re. "people skills," kek yoona is basically the anti-jennie imo

Whatever happened, woojin dun fucked up, and boy is jype making an example out of him! In fact, probably to all male idols, tbh. It has to suck being the other 8 guys, they probably get asked about it 50x a day but can't discuss it.

No. 60089

No. 60091

What do you guys think bp members will do after they inevitably disband?

No. 60092

lisa would go back to thailand since her career there is made apparently, rose maybe become indie musician in the west, jisoo branch into acting and jennie idk

No. 60094

File: 1572442020033.jpeg (36.5 KB, 370x362, FFC1D7BD-7854-4E33-98EB-113469…)

someone explain to me why jennie isn’t ragged on more for being ugly?

she has always been the ugliest bp member to me, she just looks so dumpy and like she possibly smells bad, her gummy smile looks gross and incel-y. then add the horseshit personality.

No. 60095

What would lisa be? An influencer?

Jisoo i can see going into acting since that's apparently what she wanted in the first place.
I don't really see rose making it as a soloist.

Jennie really has nothing

No. 60096

i guess or like a socialite or something. i see rose trying to make it in the western music industry but like tiffany idk that she would have any success

No. 60097

Monsta x have rather mature fans, so many already didn't forgive him for his metoo "joke", but this could be the last straw lol And the rest is mad that oppar lived together with a woman.
He's obviously an ass, freeloaded of his gf, stole her stuff and sold it, got her to give him money and didn't even try to pay back in installments.
They want to sue her for defamation and even if it's true (which is likely) they can still do so, because the korean law system is fucked.

I'm loving these comments lol
> [+270, -11] Wonho's stupid fangirls are victim blaming her saying she's trying to drag him down now that he's famous, you guys do realize that no one in real life knows his face or his name other than you guys?
>[+242, -6] Jung Da Eun is more handsome than him…
He's just popular with ifans because of his body, but has no other redeeming qualities.

No. 60098

>her gummy smile looks gross and incel-y
because most people aren’t as nitpicky about looks as you

No. 60099

Her personality is shit but she’s popular and is YG’s favorite for a reason lol. Why would an idol who most likely got those antiperspirant shots and doesn’t even dance much in the first place even smell bad lol.

No. 60100

EXACTLY, just say you hate her existence and go lol.

No. 60101

I don't think she's pretty either. There was some post from Korean plastic surgeons about how in Korea the most requested 'faces' are Yoona, Irene, and Jennie. Imagine wanting to look like Jennie. Fucking lol.

Girl has no redeeming qualities. I'm amazed anyone likes her at all. YGs power to make an idol seem like they're the best thing in the universe is no joke I guess. Even when they're entirely talentless and look like a foot!

No. 60102

File: 1572453579945.jpeg (160.92 KB, 800x1200, 20683CBD-0DB9-4A62-AFEE-770E3B…)

This just comes off as bitter. Her personality may be shitty but her face is still very pretty. I think she looks weird while smiling but I think a lot of people do. To say that she’s hideous just because you don’t like her smile is kind of delusional.

No. 60103

File: 1572454728439.jpeg (53.02 KB, 276x451, BB0B57E1-D5E6-4331-9DAE-F76FA7…)

She’s pretty from the front but her profile is not cute at all

No. 60105

I agree, her side profile isn't great. But with so many kpop idols looking horrifically botched I don't think she's anywhere near the ugliest I've seen. At least she hasn't dorito chinned herself.

No. 60106

Kek I'm bitter because I don't think Jennie is God's gift? This is the critical thread you know that right anon?
Her face is fine as long as she never emotes, opens her mouth, or turns her head to the side lmao. Her attitude only makes her even uglier.
What's with anons in this thread feeling the need to whiteknight idols so hard?

No. 60107

Like with every Idol with tons of makeup they look pretty. Without Jennie looks like a child. Is this very pretty in a grown woman? Not sure.

OT, but I still can´t believe she showed up in that horrible outfit at a fashion event…

No. 60108

Girl, you’re bitter cause you’re getting so pressed that anyone would think Jennie is pretty. If you’re so mad that other people find her pretty then yeah, you are bitter. No one is saying she’s god gift or even the prettiest idol ever on earth but wow, you’re busting a vein from how much you hate this random girl. It’s the critical thread but not everyone will agree with your delusions. Cry me a river, Mary.

No. 60109

Jennie isn't as pretty as Suzy or Seolhyun but she's got a sexy "Come Fuck Me" eyes and face so she is an It girl. You don't need to be pretty to be an It girl (Alexa Chung, Lindsay Lohan etc) they usually look effortlessly stylish or sensual.

Koreans think Honey Lee is the best Miss Korea ever because she looked sexy enough to beat South American beauty queens on stage, Jennie kinda has a similar appeal. SK has many bland beauties like Irene or Jisoo, Jennie is unique because she looks naturally sensual and she knows it. Jennie comes from money so she has the demeanor of a snooty poodle lmao IDK if she'll ever get hitched but it seems whoever dates her will have to be her servant.

It doesn't detract from the fact that men want to date her (she is very popular on Kpopfap) and women wanna look like her.

No. 60110

Deadass, that anon is bitter af. With an industry filled with botched Namjoos, people see Jennie as a breath of fresh air. She looks like any Cali abg, which is miles more appealing than being a gangnam unnie.

No. 60111


The gloves are coming off… I actually feel bad for the Monsta X boys who are done if Wonho really did juvenile detention.

No. 60112

>>60106 and >>60094 aren’t the same person just fyi

he always seemed like one of the kinder male idols imo, i’m kind of shocked it was him since the short girly suga clone was revealed to have beat up some girl iirc. then again taeyong is marketed as some saintly team mom despite his past and what haechan had to say about him, so.

No. 60113

Who is the short girly Suga clone? Woozi?

No. 60114

No. 60115

File: 1572461406311.jpg (17.92 KB, 320x320, bX11AlO.jpg)

Woozi is literally a Suga clone right down to the producing.Yeah hard to believe he'd beat a girl he's like 1.64m

No. 60117

File: 1572462970951.jpg (59.29 KB, 700x467, 82.jpg)

thats what always killed me about yoona too, her face predebut was actually what koreans hate

super strong korean genetics and a face that looked more like the pre surgery pictures that plastic surgeons use than what korea considers beautiful

No. 60118

I doubt he smells but does anyone else think he’s very unfortunate looking? I don’t understand why people find him attractive, even Jimin could mock him imo if he was more natural looking…

No. 60120

Kek Jimin is the most unfortunate looking

I mean Jimin even admits that JK is the only non ugly member, see the English version of the BTS vid some other fag posted.

JK is rough looking because of his aesthetic and lifestyle, he isnt into Botoxing or looking like a smooth manlet like Jimin or Jhope

No. 60121

anon you gotta admit when he had long hair he looked like an unwashed incel that smells like ass

No. 60122

File: 1572465703158.jpg (69.76 KB, 1280x720, MV5BOTdlNzk3MmQtMWNkYi00YTQxLW…)

The uwu flower boy styling cannot end fast enough and it's exactly why there are no appealing boy groups. Even goddamn BTS looked better with "bad boy" styling.

No. 60124

it would be even better if they gained muscle and grew facial hair

No. 60125

but they dont look any better here

>implying anyone in bts could grow a beard
>implying a little extra bulk makes a difference for manlets

No. 60126

>but she's got a sexy "Come Fuck Me" eyes

we need a spoiler tag for text asap
I almost died of cringe and secondhand embarrassment reading this

>There was some post from Korean plastic surgeons about how in Korea the most requested 'faces' are Yoona, Irene, and Jennie.

Probably an article in english aimed at a western audience right? Cause korea has 8499485598494 actresses and models more widely known and prettier than those idols

No. 60127

they’re all 140 pounds tbh the average ratmy weighs more

No. 60128

Then Jimin is lying cause V mogs them all lol

No. 60129

V is the only one who still remotely looks like a normal human being
styling/working out won't save their unfortunate faces…

No. 60130

whats up with the essay on jennies alledged sensuality anon? U ok??

3 of them look like literal children in this and the rest looks tragic as always

No. 60132

Anon also cited r/kpopfap to measure Jennie's popularity with men.


No. 60133

Don’t think so, Asian girls are small usually. Maybe only Jimin is slimmer than fans

No. 60134

the average asian woman isn’t that skinny

No. 60135

Yeah but their fans are young girls I think? Under 30

No. 60136

Lindsay Lohan? This has to be a troll post

No. 60137

why does this whole thread only talk about Lucas and Winwin

No. 60138

Jisoo won't branch into acting she only has a pretty face and no drama had even showed interest in casting her. Lisa def go back to Thailand she is praised like a Princess there. Jennie move to Paris, date Harry styles and move up into the Cara/Jenne modeling friend group as the token Asian girl for representation. Rose has already given up on any musical prospects she doesnt even post covers or do her guitar thing anymore, maybe she'll try to model too at places where having an ana body is a good thing

No. 60140

Cause they're the most useless members of any group they're a part of, they're the most popular in wayv and lucas gets shilled a fuckton everywhere even if he looks like a frog

No. 60141

anon is probably the one making endless "bedroom eye" posts about Jennie on r/kpopfap

No. 60142

Jisoo has the perfect face for acting in Candy roles, she reminds me of SES Eugene they appear humble and kind no matter how dressed up they are. Gotta take acting classes.

Jennie = fashion influencer. Lisa = Thai pop star soloist. Rose = she could do a Sunmi but it depends if she knows the right people in the industry to go solo.

What about BTS? I actually dont think any of them have real solo potential because they all either cant sing or dance well other than JK. And Jungkook seems to be very jaded with the industry.

No. 60143

cant wait for this to blow up tbh, we need more drama with these useless manchildren

No. 60144

what makes you think taking acting classes can make you any better in acting? Jisoo and countless other visuals train for 4-5 years and they still can't even dance or sing. I don't get the obsession from kpop fans in making idols turn into actors, idols are mediocre in everything they do because they only have to be adequate at it. leave them out of acting and get some professionals please.

also how is Lisa going to be a pop star soloist if she can't sing? have you heard her talk rapping? she can only dance, not sure what that's good for since it seems like she can only do Swalla. also her getting super boney these days definitely is compromising her energy levels, she could not hold a stage on her own, none of the 4 can, especially Jennie.

idk why people expect them to solo when it takes them 3+ years to make 10 songs and 1+ year to release one member's solo, they definitely don't seem to be wanting to release any shit any time soon. all 4 of them will probably end up being instagram models fulltime

No. 60145

this shit belongs on stan twitter, no one is bitter, trust me

No. 60150

kpop really attracts the worst people

No. 60152

>>60100 sage your pointless shit, for fucks sake. Stay the fuck out of the thread if you can't even figure out how to post.

No. 60153

ABGs are known for being extremely average or ugly without heavy eye makeup/falsies/instathot clothes, so I guess Jennie could be one

No. 60154

File: 1572480400806.png (55.08 KB, 619x611, whytho.PNG)

Idk why this is funny, but I laughed.
Hmmmm…still no one knows anything? Geez.

Woojin is now quite literally a stray kid

…I'll see myself out :-/

No. 60155

kid? he was the oldest member, like 20-something

No. 60156

yeah people baby these idols esp cause he's from a rookie group, people dont wanna believe he would do any of these things, but at 22 years old hes not a baby and he couldve definitely done something bad

No. 60157

Always confused me why stans hail Lisa as the best girl group dancer of this generation when she has only done choreo for the minimal amount of title tracks they have. Even Twice has had harder choreo lately and don't half ass it most of the time. I've legit only seen her doing the same songs over and over and she doesn't even put any power in her moves these days, she's just good at pretending to be sexy so the woke feminists fangirl over her humping the floor. Not to mention she did a whole year's tour with just that Swalla choreo, I can't believe people paid >$200 to see that + DduDdu. I was under the impression that in order to keep your dancing skills you have to constantly practice and learn new choreos, so I don't know if she even wants to dance anymore

No. 60162

Lmao is this real? The group is called "stray kids" regardless of their ages, it was a play on words .. a bad joke, as was pointed out .. ? Nothing to analyze here, try again next time.

Lohan's a bad reference but that anon had the right idea. It's not always about looks, in fact I think it's rarely just about looks, charisma & demeanor do most of the work .. imagine if Jennie & Jisoo switched lives/personalities, we'd perceive them way differently .. & idols like Rose, V & Jackson would be taken more seriously

No. 60165

>the real stray kidz were the members they lost along the way

No. 60169

Jennie will definitely move towards fashion/beauty because

A. Tiny face
B. Completely featureless body with a washboard ass.

Gay designers would love her. And since shes already made deals im sure her and her mom are making connections.

Jisso and Rose are the real wildcards, don't know if they have any connections outside of YG, they could vanish if Blackpink disbanded

No. 60170

I wasn't referring to their group name, I was referring to the fact that kpop stans do not believe any boy group member is capable of doing bad stuff because they are uwu soft babies. 22 is not a baby it's the time to move out of the parents house and get a job and try not to get people pregnant until your job is not a flop

No. 60172

i can't listen to jopping without cringing so i was pleasantly surprised by this song. zimzalabim also wasn't that bad i feel like people were being overdramatic about that song.

No. 60174

lisa is best dancer, rose is best vocalist, jennie is best rapper and jisoo is best visual. they literally think those things despite all of them being mediocre in those categories. also i find it funny when i see comments like "we have to save blackpink from yg" because i don't think they want to be saved. i think they'd rather have the group disband and go their separate ways. jennie already checked out of being idol in like 2017.

No. 60175

File: 1572491690488.jpg (222.55 KB, 716x1100, kpop.jpg)

Yeah if you take a look at most of the biggest most marketable idols, they all closely resemble the average high end model, small face, tall, attractive but not too sexy, just the perfect non threatening spokeperson for your advertisement.

No. 60176

seolhyun is known for her body and sexy image. also yooa and yuri were never that popular or "marketable". the beauty trend is korea is not to be tall exactly but to have good proportions so long legs and a small head.

No. 60179


Descending into monkeys flinging shit territory. Han Seohee apparently received a DM from a man whose wife cucked him with Shownu topkek

No. 60181

i still get confused by Jisoo being called the visual. I'd call her the only one with a personality probably.

No. 60182

If Starship chose to debut Wonho knowing his larceny record they deserve all the heat. Idiot move dumber than SM debuting Taeyong.

No. 60183

Men are pathetic tbh the fella just exposed himself as this big cuck and for what. Probably why he got cheated in the 1st place, what a loser

No. 60185

But imagine if they had Jennie's attitude & Soyeon's talent + confidence, they'd totally dominate both the music & fashion worlds & not just in Asia, hence total it girl status. Bland personality almost seems to go hand in hand w/ being "THE VISUAL" in korea, like someone said above, bc Koreans like that demure boring vibe in their visuals. Kind of the inverse of what I'm saying.

Tzuyu is beautiful but is not an it girl, meanwhile lohan & paris hilton were it girls despite being truly ugly. Another confusing one is Chloe Sevigny, there is nothing physically beautiful about her imo but she was a big deal in the ny fashion scene in the 90s (or early aughts?) clearly there's just something about the way she carries herself that makes designers want their clothes on her, just like jennie

Huh? This does nothing to excuse or clarify your stupid comment. I'm going to assume either you're very young or English isn't your first language bc you're making zero sense homegirl

Kek see this anon gets it

No. 60188

both are false homegirl lmao, but you're either a straykidsfag/woojinfag or you cant understand basic english either. no one gives a fck what the group name is, we're making fun of the fact that he's jobless at 22 and there's definitely alot to analyze with the entire situation, cant wait for it to get milkier so people like you can see how dumb and fcked up your favs are

No. 60189

she's the visual because she fits korean beauty standards the best. also wow rose's face used to look different.

No. 60190

koreans hate tall girls, shorter girls are cute to them, they just need to have long legs, hence how hard it is to even be considered attractive there since you need to be born with good proportions

No. 60191

I said here before that Rose definitely did something to her face between 2016-2017 because wow her face just looks so different, and its not weight loss like everyone keeps saying because she's always been super skinny. Also she only got 5 seconds in the entire video while Jennie was the rest, so its really hard to tell what she got done since there's barely any content from her

No. 60192

maybe she had cheek fillers when she debuted and they eventually faded? i don't know how ps works lol. maybe she got the fat sucked out of her face who knows.

No. 60193

yuris body didnt look like that for long
shes naturally thicker, and koreans dont like that unless its trendy at the moment, which it wasnt at the time and her being ~dark skinned~ aka the natural skin color of an average korean didnt help
she even went ana at one point because of it

No. 60194

File: 1572498919282.jpeg (83.9 KB, 750x325, 4981B5E6-A5FA-4AA2-A0D4-2A49FA…)

Saw this comment in the article. Damn, if I knew monsta x were this messy I would paid attention to them way sooner.

No. 60195

Shownu of all people cucking someone is hilarious

No. 60200

You can clearly tell which comments are from ratmy who are happy that a small threat to bts got stopped now, because they always mention american advancement.
Everything Han Seohee said so far always turned out to be true and she won't stop no matter what, so suing her is useless.
But the way these guys' fans act… Of course everybody cries she's a dirty homophobe and transphobe, I read comments saying that she'd get the death penalty in another country, that she's just as bad as the men she's exposing, that she's selling meth to little children…when all she did was smoke and give weed to male idols who were older than herself.
She once already tried to go against bts by saying v drank while he was underage but that was sadly quickly covered…

No. 60207

we stan queen han seo hee

No. 60208

File: 1572510164582.png (108.87 KB, 595x371, rip wonho.png)


No. 60209

File: 1572510240004.jpg (130.45 KB, 1000x1234, IMG_20191031_032413.jpg)

Lmfaooo anotha one bites the dust

No. 60210

I think V wasn’t underage, people were just upset cause apparently he never goes to clubs, lol. That was the scandalous part, that he lied

No. 60211

File: 1572511000392.jpg (29.25 KB, 480x480, 506ecc27937c82f15c1cc21a1cbc49…)

Lisa and Rose changed the most imo

No. 60212

Jesus, that was fast!
And he was the most popular member too, all they were known for was him being ripped lol
He's nearly 30, what he's gonna do now with that past?

No. 60213

Since there's a possibility he's the same age as Shownu, he might do military service and then who knows…

No. 60215

Shindong along with kangin are the most unpopular suju members. literally no one cares about them. Elfs dont claim them

No. 60216

Lisa kind of looks like sunny from snsd. Wow

No. 60217

Why do people say that han seohee is transphobic?

No. 60219

she said that transwomen aren't women

No. 60220

This Han Seo Hee chick has enough tea to feed Britain

No. 60221

So it is true. Hopefully he at least pays his debt now!

Ratmy must be very pleased, now their rival band in the US is gone.
I have no doubt Monsta X is over with this recent events.

So, who will Han Seo Hee go after next???

No. 60223

on twitter everyone is blaming hsh for ruining another idol's life lmao maybe if they weren't shitty people she would have nothing to say

No. 60224

she said nothing but the truth! she was just dating an nb or something though

No. 60225


No. 60226

I am willing to pay hsh to spill tea on bts. 2019 has been such a milky year for destruction of boybands, we need more milk!! Something amazing abt bts that will unmask their hypocrisy for even the dumbest ratmys

(Inb4 ppl think i am a mosta x fan lmao i am not yuck)

No. 60227

if she had anything on bts i think she would have spilled it already. it's funny to me that yg didn't let han seo hee debut because of her scandal with top so she just exposes idols for fun now. if she actually debuted we wouldn't have gotten any of this milk.

No. 60228

>>60226 I fucking wish she had something on them. Seeing them go down could be so extremely milky and fun.. but >>60227 is right. If she had something, she would probably already said it.

Unless she's waiting for the right moment. Maybe to get in contact with someone closer to bts to get better info or something..

No. 60229

If seungri still has stans than I don't think it will. You're grossly underestimating army stupidity…

No. 60230

I was wondering about Woojin the SK boy that left recently. He's 22 so not that very young.. it is very possible that he has an ugly dirty past.
Tinfoiil but to me it's very possible that someone contacted JYP with dirt on him (maybe hsh herself?) and they had to pay said person off to not say anything, and in change had to kick Woojin out.

No. 60231

If this had happened in the west nobody would have cared. I'm not sure why I'm surprised this (or any other scandal, really) got so big.

No. 60232

because south korea is a conservative country.

No. 60233

Stans dont care if their idols do something bad.

No. 60234

What was her scandal with top?

No. 60235

smoked weed together

No. 60236

It's speculated he got a chinese fan pregnant

No. 60237

>>60236 yeah and I already commented a few days ago that I don't believe weibo rumors at all. most of them are about pregnancies to begin with

No. 60241

File: 1572519663637.jpg (35.79 KB, 472x679, VJkBLcP.jpg)

No. 60242

Han Seo Hee's IG is filled with people telling her to kill herself. Wasn't the kpop community just preaching to stop spreading terrible comments like that like 2 weeks ago? I really hope she doesn't do anything because honestly it seems like everyone is begging for her death rn

No. 60243

I agree, just ignore her, i think people are too extreme when they hate her
I wish people are respect wonho decision thou, Instend fans are beggin him to comeback in Monsta X again.

No. 60244

Honestly, considering her personality, I highly doubt she will do anything. All the hate will probably just make her troll harder.

No. 60245

File: 1572520729691.jpeg (251.71 KB, 750x800, 5BB80084-600E-4061-9A2B-0A68A0…)

why are stan twitter idiots so convinced they know the past better than the people who were actually involved and have any right to claim what happened as lies? did y’all know him back then? yeah didn’t think so

No. 60246

>unfairly accused of things he hasn't done
Like if he has never done it, why did he get kicked out of the group? If the rumors were untrue, the company could just sue HSH and kept him in the group but it's the other way around. What a logic.

No. 60259

seriously the fact that both TOP and Wonho's tea was real makes me think she really saw BTS V in a club. I actually worry for HSH because Korea is pretty shady when it comes to gangs and thugs, spilling tea is great but if she offends the wrong person she has to be careful if some CEO pays thugs to harrass her.

No. 60263

File: 1572523741469.jpg (41.59 KB, 1080x1508, EIMey5vWsAEm23C.jpg)

Han Seo Hee posted this on her IG:

"Hey, even if you are leaving pay back my Daeuns money. Give her the money you bastard"

Stans are fuming, I fucking love her hahahaha

No. 60268

File: 1572524678302.jpg (302.94 KB, 1080x1390, pathetic.jpg)

The people on allkpop are also completely losing it
>she and her friend have fun ruining multiple peoples lifes
>why is she not in prison yet
>i hope she rots in hell
>allkpop and nb are also at fault for spreading rumors
How hypocritical of everybody to still shit on her when she already paid for her drug crimes but when oppar does something worse it doesn't matter because it's in the past. When top's scandal happened everybody also said it's "only" weed but now with her weed is suddenly so bad.

Some comment I read said it very well: she was always right, so why were fans dumb enough to attack her when her friend first accused him? Maybe of they just had stayed quiet when she wouldn't have went so far and wonho wouldn't have needed to leave. It's their own fault, their behavior made everything worse.

And those who still call this rumors - if somebody would accuse you of being a lowly thief who even stole from his loved ones, wouldn't you immediately deny it…?

No. 60270

she truly is the hitwoman of our dreams. She took down so many male scum this year alone. If she even knows this thread exists, then hit BTS next year queen.

No. 60271

File: 1572525584133.jpg (41.07 KB, 499x549, 2019110101000044000186031.jpg)

han seohee, man what a fucking icon
AND she's a terf, even better! im gonna follow her again, exposé queen. and do retarded kpop fans even THINK? its false news but he's leaving lmfao yeah right. what the hell would these kpopfags even know about wonho, it's not like they spend time with him ever

No. 60274


she's more handsome than wonho kek. wtf its possible to develop adam's apple with hormonal injections?

No. 60276

File: 1572527659054.jpeg (42.66 KB, 560x377, 27EA39F7-DF13-4573-BC15-0FE257…)

>smokes weed with TOP
>says trans women aren’t women
>openly dating a hot butch lesbian
>exposes shitty boy band members and ousts them from their groups

how much more based can she get

No. 60279

File: 1572528514697.jpg (52.86 KB, 582x414, wonho.JPG)

No. 60280

File: 1572528862183.jpg (753.19 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191031-142540.jpg)

They're out there acting as if he's some 5yo african child who stole a piece of bread to survive…
>How will he take care of his family now?! uwu
They really don't get it, she didn't get away with this because she's rich, she served her time already, meanwhile he has yet to get punished for his theft. Why is her exposing his juvie past so horrible, but you also still talking about her past is a-okay? She was also only like 20 back then, so not that much older than him.

Seungri oppar also did aegyo and shit on camera but that didn't stop him from raping women in his freetime either…

No. 60282

File: 1572529188903.jpeg (74.21 KB, 750x368, A2A00EE5-2E92-4E96-B519-0A1B32…)

No. 60283

I fucking love her

No. 60284

File: 1572529431479.jpg (393.02 KB, 1080x1686, IMG_20191031_143959.jpg)

>Just die and never be born again
They surely learned a lot since Sulli happened…

No. 60285

This is old news and was posted 2 years ago on reddit. Someone commented there claiming a more accurate translation is:
>”Retards, make the articles, fucking bitchesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hugged and kissed your oppas a fuckton mhm mhm You guys can't do that, huh? Tsk tsk haha cheers”

Can’t vouch for that myself but lmao. She seems so cool. Negative fucks given

No. 60288

It's almost funny how lolcow is licking her ass now

No. 60289

Why shouldn't we? She served great milk at the expense of male idols again and again.

No. 60290

Lol and everywhere else is hating on her like crazy
Yup. I don't give enough of a fuck about these people, I just want some drama

No. 60293

Lol shes right in this instance. But her previous exposés were not what everyone here was hyping. She was just being a snitcher of fucking drug use of all things how petty one must be for that. And she was the dealer lol first time in mt life that ive seen a dealer exposing their clients

No. 60294

But she blessed us with the mental breakdowns of fans realising their idols aren't perfect uwu babies. I love her for the hours of humor she's provided so far.

No. 60295

and thats all you have against her? LMAO k

No. 60296

>She was just being a snitcher of fucking drug use of all things how petty one must be for that.
You might find that petty, but for Koreans drug use is a huge deal - and she knows that. Female idols' careers can end over nothing, she herself went to jail and couldn't debut because of her drug scandal, so why should she just watch by when male idols are living their best life while doing equally bad if not worse things?
Her friend who told her about Wonho's past might not stay the only one who approaches her with dirt about idols, so I'll definitely look forward to what she finds out and will reveal next.

>Netizens took to Jung Da Eun's social media, accusing her of driving illegally as a minor without a license and calling her a "murderer in training." Han Seo Hee responded to the comment, stating, "Yeah, but do you know that both [Wonho] and [Jung Da Eun] didn't have driver's licenses? What can you do now? [Wonho] is a murderer in training too."

No. 60297

>[Jung Da Eun] didn't have driver's licenses? What can you do now? [Wonho] is a murderer in training too
Is she calling her boyfriend (or girlfriend? Is she trans or not?) a murderer in training too?

No. 60298

Just stopping by before work to proclaim that Han SeoHee is in fact a cow queen, and I hope she destroys kpop singlehandedly!

No. 60299

i think she was just using their logic to prove a point

No. 60301

>Female idols' careers can end over nothing, she herself went to jail and couldn't debut because of her drug scandal, so why should she just watch by when male idols are living their best life while doing equally bad if not worse things?
Seohee's case is pretty severe, no company would debut a male trainee who's known to have gone to jail either. Do you have any other examples?

No. 60303

File: 1572536193690.jpg (71.09 KB, 530x804, IN66j2l.jpg)

How did Wonho ever become an idol with such uggo face and juvie past

No. 60304

File: 1572536239290.jpg (496.96 KB, 1280x1280, tinfoilhatday-3.jpg)

Sage for tinfoil sperg.

Anons saying BTS is next.. but what if they aren't? What if behind HSH is no one else but Big Hit themselves?
First it was Bigbang, the biggest kpop boy group alongside BTS. A group that could potentially get a hit in America one day, stealing the title of main US bg from BTS.
Then it was IKON, a group that didn't have any trouble having hits in Korea once they found their sound.
Now.. MONSTA X. This last week has been absolutely the lowest point in their careers with rumors and scandals coming from left and right.
Coincidence? I think not.
ARMYs are well known to hate MX.. MX who have been releasing catchy radio friendly songs FOR AMERICA! A potential threat.. it is better to get rid of it before it's too late.

I'm onto something here anons. Maybe our terf queen is actually getting a good coin from BigHit or some other higher ups…

I predict next to be EXO. Unless they really are that boring and the worse they done is dating a BP member.

(nb4 go away tinfoil fag, im just having a good kek here okay)

No. 60305

eh does anyone even care enough about exo anymore? all those shitty sm groups only have a couple of popular members and wasnt sperm sm's attempt to just take those few members and milk s skinnycash cow before it finally reaches death throes?

No. 60306

holy shit, so what hsh was saying about wonho was true? or otherwise i dont think he would have left the group and just denied it.

still wondering why that sk dude left tho

No. 60307

>>60305 You're right. Exo is enlisting soon anyway..

No. 60309

Other examples of what? Female idols getting treated like shit over nothing while oppars get away with anything?

This would make sense if she didn't try to go after V before too.
But ratmys are definitely secretly happy about the recent events.

Most of exo's fans are adults who choose to stay despite their previous scandals, so I guess they made peace with the fact that their boys aren't pure virgin angels anyway.
These kind of exposals only really work on the newer groups with younger fanbases (unless it's something huge like with seungri).

No. 60311

I love her. Undisputed queen

No. 60312

ot but the pics of them together are really cute

No. 60314

She's always been liked here.

No. 60315


Maybe, but this is actually the one where she kinda backtracked and said maybe he wasn't a minor there? I think BigShit sponsoring her is still a possibility

No. 60318

Truth does not matter he's over regardless. imo he left bc he sensed that things were going to keep escalating and would risk exposing more shit he's done (i'm sure theres more) or maybe more of the members would get implicated in the process (e.g. shownu and minhyuk). Also, he's probably still affiliated with starship bc why else are they still be pursuing legal action on his behalf?

No. 60319

Since when are weibo rumors about pregnancies? I visit baidu and weibo often and it's the first time i see pregnancy rumors regarding a male idol there

No. 60320

Im so confused, did i miss something in the thread?? What money is she referring to? What is da eun's connection to that butterface monsta x kid?

No. 60321

Anon you’re not the only one, there are conspiracies that happen in every industry.

No. 60322

people have theorised about a jyp/big hit alliance. i guess the only way to know for sure if anything comes out about an sm artist

No. 60323

she or han seo hee alleged that wonho stole money from her before he debuted which kicked off this whole chain of events leading to things about his past being unearthed which is why he left the band presumably before it got worse

No. 60324

by doing illegal stuff to get a foot in the industry, like all these men who have been exposed the past entire year. this scandal in kpop is going to mirror hollywood's inner breakdown, I theorized that this year was going to be big and we'd be getting alot of people leaving groups. like someone above said, companies would sure for defamation and rumors if it wasnt true, yet they are kicking out the most popular member in the entire band right when pushing for US fame. lots of stuff must be going down behind the scenes, same with JYP because they are really quiet now too, probably trying to quiet down whoever they payed to bury the Woojin news

No. 60326

stole the money and she's definitely pushing for him o pay it back, apparently he sold her furniture or something that she loaned to him to pay for trainee debt

No. 60327

the retards on twitter are saying seohee was involved in the burning sun scandal. did they pull it out of their ass like the child abuse thing or what is it referring to?

No. 60328

Shut up dyke

No. 60329

the way y'all sucking han seohee's dick rn; hope you don't get a std

No. 60330

>by doing illegal stuff to get a foot in the industry, like all these men who have been exposed the past entire year.
It was armed robbery. How would that help him to get a foot in the industry? Not that it's any better but get your facts right at least.

No. 60331

Hush Monstafag. She is the kpop grim reaper

No. 60332

not sucking her dick, just busy eating her pussy out.

No. 60333

Honestly she's a piece of shit, what I love is the fucking avalanche of fans who are really proving that the kpop fandom is hot garbage. If seohee killed herself like theyre all begging her to, half of em would be typing "rip" and the others would be laughing about it

No. 60334

she'd only off herself if the attention she's getting stopped.

No. 60335

>half of em would be typing "rip"
only farmers and people who hate the groups she's eating up would say that. everyone else hates her lol.

No. 60336

How many short girls have you need with long legs? They'd have to have no internal organs. Most of the time the long legged girls are 165cm+

No. 60337

and everyones hate for her is completely baseless. misogyny at its finest.

No. 60338

>by doing illegal stuff to get a foot in the industry, like all these men who have been exposed the past entire year. this scandal in kpop is going to mirror hollywood's inner breakdown, I theorized that this year was going to be big and we'd be getting alot of people leaving groups.

yeah koreaboos are deluded, they think "oh Kpop is nothing like the American industry" all these scandals just prove its just like the US, just a few decades behind in how degenerate they are.

No. 60339

I'm still confused how these 14-16 yr old girls were living alone in an apartment and chose to use a voodoo doll on one of the girls ex's that turned out to be a 20+ yr old guy buying some girl drinks at the club.

I guess they weren't supposed to be underage for the purposes of the music video?

No. 60340

if she does turn up dead sometime soon I will be very suspicious that it isn't just kpop companies trying to cover their asses

No. 60342

>It was armed robbery.
I feel like his fans don't realize that. They claim that everybody does dumb shit, but that's not just some kiddie crimes, what he did could have gotten him shot in other countries. He's a lowlife wannabe ghetto gangster turned wannabe hiphop artist. If he wasn't a k-idol they'd call him trash who's had it coming.

The amount of times I read "I'm honestly a good person, I'd never wish anything bad on anybody, but she'd deserve to [insert cause of death]"… She probably received more threats the past few days than Seungri and Co. thoughout the entire year.

No. 60343

if she turns up dead you'd only be suspicious?

No. 60344

>Other examples of what?
Female idols' careers ending over nothing

No. 60346

File: 1572549926421.jpeg (46.21 KB, 750x213, 932E5814-9766-43F5-97DA-D3F5CF…)

her antis seem to be literal bebes

No. 60347

I love hsh because all the kpop fans are so triggered. They even want her to be raped. Vile

No. 60348

i thought rape culture was a guy thing

No. 60350

It is a guy thing because these pick me SEA girls wish death and rape upon her just because she exposed some famous men

No. 60351

Please don't start with the racebait…

No. 60352

File: 1572553800642.jpg (130.76 KB, 900x600, rbfBy3o.jpg)

Ever since the Feel Special comeback, I knew something was different about Tzuyu. They had her cut the corners of her eyes. They look longer and with less cutesy. Not just a matter of makeup either.

No. 60353

File: 1572554148863.jpg (10.32 KB, 480x120, IMG_20191031_212411_759.jpg)

How can someone even write something as disgusting as this. Kpop fans are sick in the head.
Seungri pimped out girls as young as 12 yet he doesn't get comments as disgusting as this.
Just proves how kpop fans are stuck a couple of centuries back where women were viewed as subhuman and Men were viewed as gods who can do no wrong.

No. 60354

han seo hee is the best thing that happened to kpop in the last years

No. 60355

ikr! i still see hundreds of seungri int stans commenting “i will wait for u oppa” on his posts
somethings wrong with their sanity-

No. 60356

Just waiting for Shownu to leave so they can completely go under.

No. 60357


her eyes look the same, learn how to do winged liner and cut eyeshadow

No. 60358

i got blocked by so many people on twitter and reddit for shocker mentioning the other side of the story where HSH is probably not lying and all these idols actually did have shitty pasts. people legit wont stop replying to me and dming me to shut up lmao . armed robbery and not paying someone back 20k and he still "didnt do anything wrong" ? give me a fcking break

No. 60359

File: 1572555150943.jpg (5 KB, 205x171, IMG_20191031_214707_654.jpg)

The funny thing is that international fans are more sexist than knetizens.
Knetizens cancelled seungri and all his creepy pals and I will give knetizens huge respect for that meanwhile international fans defend male idols who are woman beaters,pimps,rapists and criminals.

Either way this woman who wished death on that sohee girl looks 35.
Imagine being 35 and wishing death on other girls just because they exposed your oppar as trash.

No. 60360

File: 1572555238859.png (714.05 KB, 661x660, chin.png)

All of Loona looking like plastic dolls but what happened to Heejin's chin/jaw area?

No. 60361

File: 1572555711923.jpeg (539.62 KB, 1668x1095, D221BA43-4D5D-4721-B7EB-41643E…)

the delusion is suffocating

No. 60362

yeah apparently the staff at the music show they just performed at before terminating his contract were telling people he might be able to return so people have started full on petitions to get him to come back

No. 60363

boulderheads aren't dolls

No. 60364

imao something i noticed a while ago is that one side of her face is bigger in the jaw area than the other. def a jaw shave gone wrong

No. 60365

>>60352 this just in: anon knows shit about makeup or is a scrote

No. 60366

the most disgusting stans also tend to look like toes

No. 60367

since when are facial asymmetries proof of ps?

No. 60368

File: 1572556514057.gif (180.48 KB, 500x284, spookymilk.gif)

kek, han seo hee is unironically one of the most powerful women in kpop atm. i see twitter spergs foaming at the mouth, claiming that she is the dangerous woman who ruined kpop this year:


can u believe all kpop fandoms will assemble like voltron and bring her down? the power of shared hatred is truly beautiful thing.

No. 60369

(op) because her face didn’t look like that before mixnine

No. 60370

not just them, vips want to join too because "she ruined top and bigbangs career

No. 60371

Imagine if the guys who were outed by Han Seo Hee, become friends and write a song about how all of their lives were destroyed because of her

No. 60372

She's just salty that everyones "oppas" did the same drinking / clubbing / smoking stuff that she did, but they have the fame and money while her debut was cancelled. Why shouldn't she be mad and help expose all the things oppas and police have been covering up

No. 60373

>>60371 You must be over the age of 18 to post here.

No. 60374

File: 1572557002108.png (76.08 KB, 445x158, screen-shot-2012-02-16-at-8-01…)

they always do that though

No. 60375

Seohee needs to write a tell-all book ASAP. It Would be a bestseller and she will be untouchable.

No. 60376

i'd rather they all get in contact with Han Seo Hee again and start dragging other male idols out of revenge with her, she will probably lure them back somehow since she seems to have hugged and kissed all these oppas. maybe drag some of their own ex group members

No. 60378

File: 1572557777943.jpg (36.9 KB, 480x403, IMG_20191031_223456_910.jpg)

I love how all the hate directed to her is by international autistic fans because Korean monbebes don't care and are leaving the fandom.

International fans are so stupid and retarded that they can't even form coherent sentences.
Seo Hee roasted this stupid fan.

No. 60380

File: 1572557987266.jpeg (148.49 KB, 750x401, 02913177-C495-4C68-A655-7285EF…)

>i’m proud of our fandom for being calm but now we’re gonna skin you alive and i’m so proud we’re like this uwuwuwuwu

this has been posted before

No. 60381

tbh it's insulting to bi to compare him to wonho. bi wanted to do drugs, which is not morally wrong, wonho stole money from someone and never paid it back even when he had the means to. i saw someone say that wonho was poor and hsh's girlfriend was rich so she had it coming lmao kpop fans are so dumb

No. 60382

*someone who trusted him

No. 60384

File: 1572558514220.jpg (122.19 KB, 835x541, jinsoul.jpg)

I been looking for something for an hour now, I think it's just a fuckup with the photofilter myself.

It's weird how this is a female only board and they go straight for the surgery accusation when they should know the power of makeup angles and good lighting.

No. 60385

Fuck, even her? Nobody leaves their face alone in this industry, incredible
There was absolutely nothing wrong with her before

No. 60386

just lol at this autistic post
also lol at comparing a 16 year old to an adult

No. 60387

we were taking about heejin not jsoul but go off, and that pic is already her with surgery done

No. 60389

File: 1572560213843.jpg (27.65 KB, 474x632, 4da4a5d2f56e1c373f2b678b19d24e…)

definitely got her eyelids and nose done

No. 60390

Yes it is morally wrong (depending on the drugs.) Drug use negatively affects the people around you and the industry as a whole is dangerous.

No. 60391

Kpop fans are legitimately the dumbest people in the world. Like, imagine writing something like this. Imagine having a sense of priorities this fucked up. How do they live?

No. 60392

>SEAs and teen girls are retarded

No. 60393

not denying PS, but I will say that if that's an ID/passport photo taken at a studio, they're usually shopped to hell here in Korea.

No. 60394

Idk, I guess it's hard for me to rap my head around because even as an autistic teenage girl I never acted like these kpop weirdos about the shit I was a fan of.

No. 60395

Hell SNS are face tuned too hell as well. So you can't go by those photos either. Loona definitely had work done but >>60360 looks more like a shitty shop job than more plastic surgery.

No. 60396

Lol i ventured to the kpop subreddit and the amount of posters who are "LITERALLY SHAKING AND CRYING RN" and bitching for han seo hee's demise is hilarious.

I literally cannot believe the amount of people saying they need support because they're so upset and that the KOREAN companies shouldn't have removed butterface so quickly because "international fans are 90% why kpop is popular ", like they needed to consult them before making a decision.

Kpop fans are literally so fucking retarded

No. 60399

>"surgery accusations"
>le "It's just makeup and angles" meme
You do know that every single idol you see has had at least some work done before debut, don't you?

No. 60400

File: 1572563588240.png (140.04 KB, 450x470, OFqPxhX.png)

Just leaving this here

No. 60401

"Hello FBI Agent 294, we have questions as to why you used government funds in order to harass a member of the public over a boyband

No. 60402

this is like potterheads, grab your wands, but so much worse because these ppl actually believe the south korean president himself will destroy anyone who exposes bts.

No. 60403

“Because chimchim is an uwu kawaii oppa!””

No. 60405

Yuri's body was bangin that era (& a few others iirc) but not really for koreans bc yes her "dark skin" (& this was right when tanning beds were poppin' in my area for my age group/demo bc we couldn't afford spray tan yet, god it's so tragic) also her cankles or something about her legs, kinda like sulli. She still has some of the best natural body proportions in kpop imo.

As much as we all hate bts you have to admit theyve done a near perfect job staying away from scandal, either paying ppl off or being extra careful, but probably a mix of both. It was hilarious when armys lost their shit over the condoms in Jin's mukbang pic, all i could think was "well shit at least he has the good sense to USE condoms" (cough stray kidz guy cough)

I know abt makeup (i hate that i just wrote that, pls kill me) but anon still has a point. The problem is EVERYTHING is shooped now, even predebut pics, passport photos, candids… we can't verify anything anymore, thanks internetz
>>60385 You can't deny it's a big (but still subtle) difference, & def an improvement

LMAO "in politics and apart of the government" what?

No. 60407

The term "kpoppies" never fails to make my skin crawl. Also, all these fandoms say the same thing.
>They're lucky WE'RE SO NICE
Like a red flag warning

No. 60411

>so why should she just watch by when male idols are living their best life while doing equally bad if not worse
I mean she was actually worse in this situation bc she was the dealer and the other 2 were users. If she reported some other truly repulsive behaviour like sexual assault, driving under the influence etc i'd agree 100% that it was a case of double standards. As I said I still hope that she does it eventually.
Also it's important to note that she received a very light penalty for what she was charged with cause she's some rich heir so in that way she's just as privileged as those idols. The difference is that she doesn't need a company to save her ass cause she's got mum and daddy

No. 60412

File: 1572566196725.jpg (526.64 KB, 1059x1059, rena.jpg)

More after Pristin plastic surgery. Rena looked so good in Pristin now she looks like every other ps unni after the jaw shave, nose job revision and lip work.

No wonder Tzuyu looks a lil off

No. 60413

damn she really changed A LOT, how even is this the same person

No. 60414

File: 1572566311209.jpg (14.92 KB, 236x354, a342ac3160a69c24593b5637272285…)

No. 60415

File: 1572566398654.png (516.15 KB, 876x540, churchofjimincel.PNG)

Knowing how fake he is makes these moments so cringe. All idols are fake tbf but this ones on another level imo, you can tell he's so insecure & jealous but his age means he can't bully anyone except junglebook. Borderline sociopathic, def has a temper…& his acting & fan service are really OTT, not convincing at all. I have no idea how to make yt compilations otherwise I would have by now, he has so many fake moments but ratmys are so drunk on the koolaid they can't tell

No. 60416


"1. [+739, -10]
I'm just gonna quit the fandom. Meanwhile Hyungwon has been dating his girlfriend for 2 years after debuting and is doing lovestagram ㅋㅋㅋ Im Changkyun was saying "Ang kimochi (T/N: Ang, it feels good/ usually used in Japanese hentai)" on live broadcast, Yoo Kihyun's pictures while smoking and drinking when he was still a minor are all coming out, Lee Minhyuk was smoking in a non-smoking area and was smoking an electronic cigarette in their official video, and yet, the fans are still insisting that these were all made up. Although, Lee Hoseok is the one that's getting talked about the most ㅋㅋ Just how long are the fans planning to cover it up for them? How much more disappointed they want to be? Seeing how you guys still like them despite knowing their past and is going hard on the self-censorship makes me wonder if you even feel at ease. It was at least a bit hard to cover up for Yoo Kihyun right?? Shownu is the only one who's pitiful here."

"His aggravated theft apparently involved a knife-like object and they were a group of over 2 people ㅇㅇ

No. 60420

File: 1572567405721.jpg (30.91 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Yes look at this plastic surgery monster he's practically unrecognizable.

How far back are you going to go? Almost everyone has eyelid surgery in Korea thats a given, but I think you are being paranoid about everything else.

No. 60421

What the fuck is happening. Why is no one calling out this delusional loonafag?

No. 60422

lol the minute they disagree with you they are some loona stan.

Everyone knows there are people with jaw shaves, nose jobs, brow lifts. But some people just got older from elementary school got their eyelids done and then got the right makeup and stylist.

Not everyone is a goblin at birth in SK you know jesus.

No. 60423

kek anon stop talking about yourself in third person

No. 60424

pfft I never even go there anymore, they are nothing but the official international kpop advertising arm.

No. 60425

Tzuyu's looks good tho, it's a small change but has a lot of impact, I imagine this is bc she hasn't cut into every part of her face. Ps is a slippery slope, you can only do so much before you reach that scary point where anything you do makes it all worse. Tzuyu making minor tweaks to her already good face =/= idols completely reconstructing themselves into unrecognizable monsters or melting candle wax

Loona are & have always been so irrelevant, their fans don't bother me, my brain literally glosses right over them, doesn't read or retain anything they say
I imagine im not the only one

No. 60426

>we could get them fired from their jobs

I will never understand this level of autism

No. 60427

File: 1572570947456.jpeg (98.51 KB, 750x336, A71904C4-0D18-4FC0-8DD2-2E98D4…)

Han Seohee really has dirt on every male idol doing drugs

No. 60428

I checked out LSA's asian celeb thread since they're always thirsting over wonho over there and it's the same lol. Crying over butterface and cursing hsh out and talking about they want to beat the shit out of her

No. 60431

Since when did LSA become oppalogist? I thought that thread was level-headed

No. 60432

Didn't realized she's gay, truly /our girl/

No. 60433

doesn't she have super rich parents? they probably are protecting her. at this point she's bound to have pissed off the wrong person.

No. 60434

Let them people smoke weed in peace omfg r u evangelical or sth grl? Imagine the heart attack koreans would have if they knew miley cyrus, drake, demi lovato. They should get a grip tbh

No. 60435

rofl so based. I love her

No. 60436

half the people who hate her only hate her because she is exposing their precious oppas, the other half are upset because she rightfully reminded troons that they are troons, not women

in other words, the only people who hate her are mentally ill

No. 60437

she kinda looks like jiyeon in that last picture

No. 60439

Aggravated larceny tho

No. 60440

Page is gone. What was this about?

No. 60441

when gay males took over the site

shes like an irl troll who just wants to watch the world burn down because she got fucked over and she knows exposing idol drug use will turn the industry upside down

i can appreciate her art and determination tbh

No. 60442

File: 1572577690134.jpg (563.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191031-215708_Twi…)

An icon

No. 60443

Wait a sec
Does HSH dates Jung Daeun or not?
Googled Jung Daeun and some news says HSH denied they were dating in October

No. 60444

they're fucking but she's too embarrassed to outwardly say it and walk back her terf stance

No. 60445

Just watched their performance, Yaebin's jaw still looks pretty strong, she doesn't look too different from her Pristin V days overall.
Eunwoo doesn't look like Voldemort anymore, that's an improvement.

No. 60446


I see the difference. Very subtle but it's there. Like when Taeyeon cut her corners she started to look softer and lost some of her character. Same exact thing with Naeun. It's that stretchy effect.

No. 60447

his left pupil is rebelling again

No. 60450

Why is Jimin called a lizard and what is it that makes his appearance stand out ? I am not sure I get it.

No. 60451

File: 1572580701497.png (630.27 KB, 1420x500, lizard boy.png)

is this not clear enough for you anon

No. 60452

Because of the eyes then. I had thought there was something else to it.

No. 60453

Her jaw is a lot smaller now, look >>60414. I think she thinned the bridge of her nose and got lip fillers. Don't get me started on Yuha, she looks so odd now. I really liked Pristin, I hate how they all look so different. Usually kpop idols start packing in the extra ps after the 5 year mark. The only person who still looks recognisable is Minkyeung, I hope it stays that way.

No. 60454

i cannot believe he's straight

No. 60455

File: 1572581346214.jpg (54.92 KB, 759x759, 2pLKCM0.jpg)

No. 60456

How many more times do we have to see this picture? It gets posted in every thread.

No. 60457

because farmers are obsessed with jimin even during the milkiest scandals

No. 60458

His contract was not terminated. Starship is still choosing to go to court on his behalf meaning he's still one of their artists. He just stepped down from MX.

No. 60459

File: 1572582633774.jpg (1.12 MB, 468x480, IZB2fMc.jpg)

it's Halloween lolfag

No. 60460

File: 1572582854061.png (293.64 KB, 382x444, Yaebin.png)

>Her jaw is a lot smaller now
Well, I'm not really convinced.

No. 60461

Lmao, shes not gay. She admitted it was a fake relationship after a day or so

No. 60462

she's not a lesbian she's just using her gay friend for radfem clout in korea.

No. 60463

didn't sistar also have a dark pasts? starship really know how to pick em

No. 60464

nta but its fucking hilarious everytime so

No. 60465

dasom(who was best friends with jiyeon, iu, sulli, hara, hyoyeon all of whom are considered ~bad girl idols~) was allegedly an iljin too yes. Idk about the other members.

No. 60466

I feel you, in the early days i thought the lizard was V bc he's always sticking out his tongue @ unnecessary times, this thread means it as jimin tho

Jimincel's eye thing is some kind of strabismus or lazy eye, NOT astigmatism, but some anons here are set on spreading that misinformation for some reason

No. 60467

File: 1572584496149.jpg (110.29 KB, 1280x720, hyunjin predebut.jpg)

hyunjin looks more or less the same, unlike jinsoul

No. 60468

200 Entertainment Industry staff members choose K-Pop's Best Brand

1 BTS (187)
2 SM Entertainment (5)
3 Big Hit Entertainment (4)


Kek at this point the real scandal is if BTS quit Bighit

No. 60469

Yep, and the last time i pointed this out i got banned for miNimOddiNg so watch out

Isn't this just the cliche explanation for any female idol with rbf or who just isn't as sweet as kfans would like? Soyou, Chaeyoung, Sinb, Dami, Soyeon, Solji, umm a bunch of others i can't think of right now

No. 60470

>'A' continues, stating that the bullying began from their first year of middle school and continued on relentlessly for three years. In a quote from the post, 'A' claims, "[Hyolyn] would regularly steal my clothes, money, etc., and would find any reason to attack me on the apartment playground."
>In another part of the post, 'A' recalled, "My friend once was called over to karaoke [with Hyolyn] and got hit on the head with the microphone".
>As to a reason behind why Hyolyn allegedly targeted this netizen, 'A' states, "Hyolyn bullied me because my boyfriend had the same name as her boyfriend at the time."
>'A' continues on, saying, "I'm amazed at myself for not having committed suicide during those three years and enduring it. I used to wish I could get into a traffic accident on my way to school just so I wouldn't have to be the target of her anger."

>I am also a victim of the happenings mentioned on this post. Hyolyn used to curse at us in every which way, and she’d ask to borrow our bags, clothes, and shoes for one day but wear it around for days. She didn’t want to return it so she’d lie that an upperclassman stole it from her.

>If I asked for her to return it, she’d curse me out by saying ‘I said I’ll give it to you, you XXX’.
>At the playground, she would make us cower in fear by asking, ‘Who do you want to get beat up by today?’ We were assaulted without any reason. My eyes would get bloodshot and bruised from the beating, and my lips would swell up and bleed.
>My mom once rushed to the school after seeing my eyes.

No. 60471

Also all the people who are "so stressed and exhausted" from Kpop.

Many people are also saying stuff like "it's just weed, who cares!?" Well, Korea does, and that's why he's in trouble. Apparently the statute of limitations for drug charges is 7 years and he's on 6…they're really out to get him.

No. 60472

It isnt this thread is just full of 12 year old kpopfags

No. 60474

i think they legit had proof for some of the idols tbh, though i dont always agree with the degree of ~degeneracy~ they claim
netizens seem to look down on idols that drink a lot which is really silly because korea is known for its extreme alcohol consumption, and ofc weed is a non issue everywhere else, as is sexual activity among adults for the most part

when they allege the idols were doing crazy gang type stuff or doing shady stuff with money, or doing underaged sex stuff i guess its kinda different but most idols were never confirmed to have done those things

No. 60475

Topkek if they leave they will have to go under another name bc Big Hit owns the BTS brand, plus any other trademark lmao

No. 60476

File: 1572590960436.jpeg (80.89 KB, 1241x580, A58F4528-BBE9-4961-972A-094875…)

Starship JUST terminated wonhos contract so he ain’t gonna comeback they had to let him go because of his weed past kek @ all the fans reeeing and crying about starship not “taking care of their artists”

No. 60477

Starship prob didnt want to sue anyone unlike what they said before. Also they can't debut him solo without massive backlash

No. 60478

loona is a dying group. if they don't have a comeback soon all their fans will be gone.

No. 60479

rip monsta x i doubt they will even have a comeback after this.

No. 60481

They literally JUST started their comeback. I saw a bunch of people talking about how they were in line for one of their music show performances and it was announced they cancelled.

No. 60482

Monsta x were kinda making something happen in tHe wEsT (sry but this is such a cliche at this point kek) with that super americanized song .. but besides that they are completely redundant. Most boy groups are, i mean they all look the same, not generally but literally STYLED THE EXACT SAME, & always w/ one token neon-bright-hair-color-guy per comeback

GGs aren't much better but I guess they seem less samey since girls have more options w clothes, hair & so on .. & somehow with music too, bc all bg music blends into this homogenized mess of clanging pots 'n pans w/ mandatory shitty rap parts for the bridge or 2nd verse, even tho I'm pretty sure literally no one ever asked for that. GGs have more options musically somehow

Then again, this yr girl groups have been copying each other so aggressively it's almost like they're trying to not stand out. Doesn't make much business sense to me but I don't work in korean entertainment so.

No. 60483

It isn’t just their group their company is bankrupt/300k in debt. I’m surprised Loona is even going through with their comeback when they know they won’t pull in as much money as bigger ggs and have a history of splurging on their comeback stages with little to no profit from it

No. 60485


Even if HSH and Jung Daeun didn't rat Wonho out, Dispatch was going to do it with a richly detailed account, those 2 chicks just jumped the gun for clout and infamy because Jung Daeun knew Dispatch had all the evidence on Wonho after they interviewed her.

People should stop hating Han Seohee and Jung Daeun, it's pretty much a Dispatch hit job and the timing is same as Kang Daniel, right after a comeback.

No. 60486

But the group is the company…they can't really be thought of separately
Loona was a good idea in theory but 12 is way too many members esp when they all have the same boring gangnam unnie ps & the music is so bland.

I feel like loona fans just hopped on to be all "not like other girls" but the group was so uninteresting it ended up having the opposite effect, which is ironic & kinda funny.

No. 60487

No. 60488

Apparently MX cancelled everything they had including fansigns the day the news broke out kek and now that wonho’s contract has been officially terminated and their leader has been thoroughly shit on by knetz for the alleged affair scandal, I don’t see MX continuing their comeback at all

No. 60489

I like how the Burning Sun ties to a situation that happened 6 years ago.

No. 60490

File: 1572594374450.jpeg (380.54 KB, 750x803, 25B5F614-6959-4D7A-865F-64A589…)

He’s been under suspicion since their return from Germany which was in September I think? They even used a hair sample of his to determine whether or not he did anything in the past 90 days but haven’t said anything about it being positive or negative lmao I think all the shitty hair dye and him balding would make it hard for them to test if he actually smoked recently

No. 60491

>Starship have announced Monsta X will recommence promotions today (as 6 members).


No. 60492

God this is so annoying. No wonder the companies try to keep everything secret because one sniff of anyone having done anything wrong suddenly means the end of their career.

No. 60493

File: 1572596014668.jpeg (473.56 KB, 750x890, 4896EB20-CB13-4E67-9A06-4463F1…)

Damn I stand corrected lol just saw a knetz say that they’re going to perform at music bank as six members and people are saying whatever photocards or fan goods they were passing out didn’t have wonho’s face on it lmao starship is really working fast on parading their cash cows around as if nothing happened

No. 60494

Surely they should've waited for the results before dropping him no?

No. 60495

File: 1572596636402.png (554.76 KB, 550x741, dis3.png)

And not one member of his supposed suuuper close "family" will miss him. They're all cold bitches.

Kpoppies once again proved how dumb they are by switching their opinion so quickly.
Just yesterday Wonho was a poor baby boy and now, after the weed thing was revealed they're suddenly "well, if he really wanted to show that he's a better person…" I guess theft with a knife is a-okay but weed isn't?
Also, how can they say Jung Daeun backstabbed him for revealing his juvie past, but stealing from your gf is supposedly not. Really makes you think how kpop fans are living their lifes. All of them seem to share the tumblr sentiment of rich=bad, "poor"=innocent. Just because her parents are well off doesn't mean that 25k aren't a huge sum for her. Plus the broken trust and betrayal… What she did was just a natural reaction to what he had done to her.

And judging by those pics he's likely a fag in denial too, if he was willing to date her when ahe was already a fakeboi.

No. 60496

Considering how conservative S.Korea is and Dispatch releasing statements saying that officials are still going to investigate him due to the statue of limitations being 7 years, they have a whole year to gather evidence so I understand why ss would drop his ass even if the drug tests came back negative

No. 60497

>monsta x
>cash cows

No. 60498

>Kpoppies once again proved how dumb they are by switching their opinion so quickly. Just yesterday Wonho was a poor baby boy and now, after the weed thing was revealed they're suddenly "well, if he really wanted to show that he's a better person…" I guess theft with a knife is a-okay but weed isn't?
Where? I still see "please bring wonho back, he's innocent" everywhere.

No. 60499

Unless ss has another group under their belt that makes most of their money they sadly are considered “cash cows” none of their other groups or solo artists are making as much money and while I don’t know how much impact wjsn has but the fact that I haven’t heard much from them solidifies my statement lol

No. 60500

File: 1572597475860.jpg (636.67 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191101-093713.jpg)

On netizenbuzz and pann-choa most comments on the newer translated articles are suddenly a lot less biased and accusationary of Han Seohee and Jung Daeun than just yesterday. Just look at the top comments as an example.
Twitter and allkpop is probably still the same tho seeing as the fans there are the most insane.

No. 60501

No kpop fan has ever had a single original thought, they just parrot each other until the collective fandom opinion changes again. They especially seem to enjoy milking cliches for likes/upvotes which is fucking dumb. Except for the top 5ish percent of "influencers," social media engagement is not currency, they're doing it only for asspats. Dissenting opinions are almost always deliberate trolling or edglording.

But it's possible these comments have been cherry picked or mistranslated to spark controversy & clicks

No. 60502

>But it's possible these comments have been cherry picked or mistranslated to spark controversy & clicks
I was talking about the comments of the i-fans, not the korean ones. Most k-nets immediately were against him.

No. 60503

File: 1572600267629.jpeg (465.85 KB, 750x1054, D222EF81-8457-4E8D-AFFB-8C95A1…)

The stupidity from these monsta x fans never cease to amaze me kek theyre now saying that their oppar getting kicked out is all a part of han seo hee’s plan of making a coverup for the government because of news of the sewol ferry incident

No. 60504

File: 1572601049764.jpeg (482.14 KB, 750x1040, 272A2FF8-B7EB-467F-AD91-48F80A…)

>Newly discovered video from the Sewol ferry disaster shows a rescued student who was still alive was sent to the hospital on a patrol boat, although three different helicopters were available to take him. It took 4 hours to get him to hospital; a chopper would have taken 20 min.
>The student was dead when he arrived at the hospital. But the choppers didn't take him because… they were too busy taking high ranking maritime police officers back to land.

Got this from a user who translated the article and gave their opinion about the incident afterwards but how disgusting are these fans to immediately think of their oppars reputation instead of the student who died due to government negligence. Kpoppies make me sick

No. 60505

I mean…. what did you expect? Kpop fans are only interested in Korea for their shitty hobby.

No. 60506

just saw a clip of monsta x performance on music bank a few minutes ago their eyes and faces looked visibly swollen like they'd just been crying the whole atmosphere was off.

thats… really fucking weird

No. 60508

The few fans that went to music bank said that they saw one of the members of mx leave crying and now starship said they’re going to show a prerecording instead of participating in the live show? And that the remaining members are to sing wonhos parts. So I would expect them to be “upset” considering that wonho didn’t tell even the members he was leaving the group and how his scandals are ruining their image, they’re probs crying because their careers are as good as done

No. 60509

Even more reason for their fans to go uwu look how much they're suffering, look what you've done to them, let's support them more…

And that's not weird at all, it was how it always is everywhere else in the world too, the wealthy and powerful will always safe their own asses first.

No. 60510

making a lot of assumptions there

No. 60511

Shows how much Starship thinks about the petition all the ifans signed demanding Wonho back.

No. 60512

File: 1572604477691.jpeg (199.76 KB, 749x1077, 3A42EC1A-1C13-4E59-A821-3EBE26…)

No. 60514

The group members are just as delulu as their stans kek even if they made him stay the public would still be on their asses and wonho is still under investigation, they’ll have to deal with that for an entire year before they drop it due to limitations.

No. 60517

Kpop fanatics are so hypocritical with drug use. Like, how do they expect most of them function properly when they sleep 3-4h per day, on diet and having to fake their whole life and personality? Kpop is just a sick cult. If you actually care for those people you follow, you wouldn't want them overworked just your lalaland fake happiness.

No. 60522

aren't most people defending the weed thing?

No. 60523

Tinfoil but the government using kpop scandals to turn the attention elsewhere would be nothing new. Didn't the Taeyeon/Baekhyun scandal break out after the Sewol incident?

No. 60525

the twice dating scandals were coincidentally exposed during the height of the japan-korea tensions…

No. 60526

File: 1572612272271.jpg (103.64 KB, 1200x900, 8abrFXf.jpg)

Why does he look like he took feminine hormone injections lel

No. 60527

the reverse jang daeun print lmao

No. 60529

Obviously not. Look at what happens with everyone who is caught taking durgs - out of groups.That reminds me of the kpop documentary and that Korean girl who was like "they can drink some but if they use drugs - it's over". I really don't get their logic. But I'm glad kpop image is finally getting shattered.

No. 60530

There should be a game called, "Six Kpop Degrees of Han Seo Hee

No. 60531

It's all types of retarded. Like weed is probably the most harmless thing they can put into their bodies, but binge drinking and blacking out is okay with them?

No. 60532

In Asia drug penalties are a lot harsher than West. Some countries like Singapore have a mandatory death penalty if you have more than 500g of weed and the penalties for drug use are 10-20years in SEA. Korea has a suspended sentence for drug use which is quite lenient. Weed is used widely but they won't legalize because it is a gateway drug. Alcohol is the widely accepted way to get high because Korea has a booming historical soju industry.

The harsh drug penalties in Asia have a reasoning that harks back to China's Opium wars, when the British forcibly imported Indian opium into China and got their citizens addicted because China wouldn't sell them tea for cheap so they found a way to make Chinese hand over their tea with Indian opium profits. China tried to ban opium but UK started a war to force China to continue buying opium, which caused China's economy and Qing dynasty to tank and Hongkong to be given to the UK. All Asian countries other than Thailand have been colonized and set strict laws after their govts saw the shit that went down in China being forced to give up Hongkong and import opium while the economy tanked as their citizens became drug addicts. Same thing as the opoid or fetanyl crisis in US now.

No. 60533

because he uses snow app to fuck with his features and skintone, just like all other idols do. can we finally stop trying to asses their faces based on edited selcas they themselves post? how many times do we need to have this conversation jesus

No. 60535

File: 1572621511264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,123.55 KB, 747x613, 4EFB21B4-4982-4423-9F0F-345A17…)

Is the dad they’re thinking of peter griffin?

No. 60536

Kek Shindong is lucky there are a few fat fetisher Koreaboos

No. 60537

tbh i am surprised by how many people care about this wonho guy, i can only assume it's bc they're worried their favourite idol will get got somehow too. tbh for people obsessed with korean culture kpop fans are really insensitive to social issues in korea. for example they want bts to be excluded from military service but don't care about how ordinary korean men suffer with their mental health after being conscripted and if bts do have to go all of them should go even the younger people in their early twenties who would be giving up their prime years for a solo career. also i don't think it's fair that bi was kicked out of ikon for wanting to do drugs bc i don't think there's anything morally wrong in that in itself and i sympathise with his mental health issues and the fact he lost his idol career overnight after working nonstop for years. however you can't deny that han seo hee did the right thing by exposing police corruption and yg's seedy ways. also wonho didn't just make a mistake he stole money from his ex girlfriend and didn't right his wrong even when he could.

No. 60538

You can make the video but make it unlisted so only people with a link will be able to see it. So no kpopies will be attacking you
Are there any idols who have had a normal school experience?
Either they are bullies (Taeyong,Hyorin,Jennie) or they were bullied by others (Jimin,Daniel,Holland.)
If only the autists spamming that were smart enough to understand that.

No. 60539

Tons of kpop idols used to be popular bitchy mean girls or disruptive teenage brat types who never saw a need to take school seriously because they were idol trainees trying to enter the entertainment industry. You basically get treated like royalty in school if you were an idol trainee and some kids wouldve let it go to their head especially since they were more confident than other students.

No. 60541

Some were good kids and good students (like e.g. Eunwoo) but they're always also bland af.

A girl from Crayon Pop is a streamer now and some neckbeard spent a million US dollar on her, but because she doesn't actually love him he wants to sue kek
And now everybody is accusing everybody of being hypocritical because when Wonho oppar did it you called him a thief!

No. 60545

bts jimin was bullied? how do you know?

No. 60550

i think it was because of his satoori? but idk if its been confirmed

No. 60555

It's just their opinion to drugs. Korea is backward as fuck when you look at it from a Western perspective.

I also haven't seen much discussion of just how many Burning Sun scandals are waiting to happen. It's not a secret that the 'clubbing' community (if you can call it that) is overrun by influential people using girls sexually, using drugs and the like. But of course, Korea doesn't care unless it's revealed and that's just another little sticker of how their backwardness works.
Watch HSH come for BTS lool.

No. 60556

No. 60557

Right now BTS is protected by the Korean government whether people like it or not. I doubt she'll say anything about them.

No. 60559

even if you have a thing for chubby guys, he's not even cute in the face and doesnt even have an endearing personality he literally spouts incel tier shit

get some standards kpop fans

No. 60561

omg im screaming that ellin would do this

i always knew she was a troll lmao

No. 60562

File: 1572628708329.jpeg (328.76 KB, 1124x1058, 3607DCB7-6669-4646-A5CC-DC9EF2…)

if all of south korea smoked a little more weed the society would improve enormously

No. 60563

File: 1572629104995.jpg (222.4 KB, 593x1015, main-qimg-205fc0cf75c651d7cc67…)

Jimin and Taehyung used to go to the same school together after they became trainees.

>Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin both attended Korean Arts High School and graduated in 2014.

>Because Jimin came from Busan, he arrived to the group with a strong accent and no friends, families, or any relations in Seoul. He is ultimately isolated, and it was because Taehyung was the same age as him, therefore going to the same school and classes as Jimin. Jimin has spoken before how much Taehyung has helped him become integrated with his classmates, because he was so shy around strangers and because he was embarrassed of his accent. Taehyung essentially stood up for Jimin when he saw that his own friends weren’t talking to Jimin much (though the reason was because Jimin didn’t respond much) Jimin also said that at first he was wary of Taehyung because of his shyness, but Taehyung broke down his walls.

>When Jimin moved to Seoul from Busan, many classmates made fun of his accent.

>Taehyung introduced Jimin to the classmates and teachers on his first day at the new high school

>When his friends didn’t talk to Jimin, he told them “Why don’t you talk with my friend?” after he saw Jimin playing with his phone alone.

Jimin also donated money to his old school and funded a scholarship for a grade A students and poor students.
>In April, Jimin quietly donated 100 million won (approximately $88,000 USD) to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education. 30 million won (approximately $26,000 USD) of this donation was reportedly sent to his old high school.
>Jimin’s donation is helping to fund school food expenses, student welfare, student council activities, and self-regulated classes. It’s also supporting students from low-income families.
>A student from Busan recently received a scholarship from funds donated by BTS‘s Jimin.

No. 60564

LOL their "reasons": She should go to jail, because…
>she's a bitch x1000
>she's ruining everyone's life x500
>"Because creatures (you can't call that a 'human') like this should be behind the bars."
>"Go to hill"
>"I don't want another idol to commit suicide because of bullying."
>"She deserve more than this"
>"he made my wonho cry"
>"she's a transphobic abusive menace that supports sexual abuse of minors and bullies harmless people for her own entertainment. take this defaming, spineless, disgusting monster down. This person is a danger and nuisance to the K-pop community. She destroyed so many lives. She's a criminal and nothing else."
>"She is the worst person this world!!"
>"I want to do something good"
>"She is a predator and those should be put in jail where they can't hurt anyone."
>"she deserves to be in jail because our oppas suffering because of her"
Every single one is gold, they really think that saying she's an attention whore is grounds for a life sentence. I genuinely believe that change.org was only made for lulz

No. 60568

>everybody knows that V would choose a burger restaurant rather than going to a club.

Holy fucking kek

No. 60569

Delusional vip is trying to pick a fight with me on ig, help me prove her wrong kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 60570

Or you can just ignore her like most normal people do?
I mean if someone still loves bigbang even after all of their scandals then they must be mentally ill so its best you ignore them.

No. 60571

fuck off dumbass

No. 60572

monbebe retards are spamming seohee’s comments with monsta x lyrics kek

No. 60573

Yeah, you’re right i will. She was pissing me off though, cussing me out because of her oPPAR

No. 60575

I dont care about her boobs but her face looks different.

No. 60576

Why does she talk like that? She sounds like those tiktoker kids

No. 60577

Has she always been this annoying, or is this a new development?
Her photoshopped tits weren't an issue at all and certainly didn't trend for "two days" kek, Wonho barely lasted 12 hours and his issues are legit news.
Her talking about her tits in the hope that people will listen to her music just won't work

No. 60578

>>60577 she was always very, VERY, annoying.

No. 60579

Her fakeass black american accent lmao she lived in Thailand and Korea, never in USA

No. 60580

>Has she always been this annoying, or is this a new development?

I think its a new development,she was never this annoying.
Im guessing she is trying to imitate those #relatable instagrammers and youtubers but all she ends up sounding is like a cringy ratchet blackaboo.

No. 60582

Honestly she truly flopped . She has international fans but I don't get why . I am a white american and I don't get the hype around her

No. 60583

never heard of her. Didn't realize you could be more embarrassing than Jessi.

No. 60584

I have heard of but she's just a wannabe

No. 60585

Honestly Korean rap is full of Eminem , Lil Wayne and drake wannabes and hoesntly they think they'll surpass the America and Canadian rapper(s) that I listed on the charts .. haha nope

No. 60587

I thought you were talking about ifans

No. 60588

No just Korean rap in general

No. 60592

she's ruining their delusions of kpop and they hate it lol

No. 60593

wasn't b.i a bully in his group? i remember always hearing bad things about ikon. also he's the clown for wanting to do drugs to make himself a genius lmao.

No. 60594

Idol rap isn’t Korean rap. Real artists do not feel the need for whities’ validation

No. 60595

File: 1572640132400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,794.37 KB, 1242x1411, BAE521C3-C9F2-465D-B937-338896…)

jennie was seen at ariana halloween party and kendall jenner bday party in LA
this is SO transparent

No. 60596

looks like she has a glass eye like jimin lmao

No. 60597

No. 60598

but hes just a poor innocent baby boi that i wanna have a blunt with uwu

No. 60599

i don't hate her like others here and think she's really pretty but this makes her look kind of like she just wants to be famous and reap its benefits. does she know you need to have a talent or at least something that makes you stand out to be relevant

No. 60600

Oh i def give no fucks about negative feedback, i just have no idea where to even start. I have sooo many ideas tho. Also i could watch hours of this kind of thing >>59983 i feel like there's not much tho, like ofc their staff edits the fuck out of things. Y'all trippin if you think any kpop content goes out w/o approval & a thorough scrubbing…so clearly someone @ bighit was hungover on this day kek

No. 60601

Here is her getting caught leaving with some random dude after the party


No. 60602

Wow what a fucking asshole this was really uncomfortable to watch
>comments: he's just playing yall are exaggerating, nobody's perfect and he was stressed!!!
These are the same excuses people use to protect women beaters lol, why are these bitches so retarded? this was way too far.

No. 60605

File: 1572645021073.png (305.31 KB, 607x457, ameribooinyourarea.PNG)

She looks so good" LMAO
You LITERALLY cannot see her. Are these people for real?

No. 60606

Finally found context, or at least some footage that could explain that Jennie yelling at Jisoo gif https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WblzSbZewc

No. 60607

well, shes actually moving

her fans arent used to that

No. 60608

>>60606 literally what are we supposed to see here? 2 minutes of jennie trying to smile?

No. 60609

looks like security tbh but shes starting to show the real reasons why she wanted to be a "singer" though. clearly, this girl only wanted to be famous so she can hang out with celebrities. it's kinda odd how shes the only one bring part of things like this when Rose and Lisa also speak english to make celeb friends.
I wonder if she just sucks up to them or if yg is behind this cause i remember cl acting like that too few years into her debut.
She should leave bp and become a full time socialite.
weird how she didnt get all "tired" and shit from going to 3 parties in one night…

No. 60610

Nah, it’s just an extended clip of that gif instead of that little snippet that was cut out. Still don’t know what Jennie was mad about but looks like she was angry beforehand

No. 60611

looks like she was mad that jisoo was whispering in her ear. like either she couldn't understand her so she told her to stop or she didn't want to talk and just watch the performance. whatever she said was definitely rude because the other members looked uncomfortable after what she said.

No. 60612

looks like she was mad that jisoo was whispering in her ear. like either she couldn't understand her so she told her to stop or she didn't want to talk and just watch the performance. whatever she said was definitely rude because the other members looked uncomfortable after what she said.

No. 60613

looks like she was mad that jisoo was whispering in her ear. like either she couldn't understand her so she told her to stop or she didn't want to talk and just watch the performance. whatever she said was definitely rude because the other members looked uncomfortable after what she said.

No. 60614

not your personal armys

No. 60615

File: 1572648171131.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1805, Screenshot_20191101-184235~2.p…)

Han Seo Hee is Lolcow personified. Radfem, lesbian(?), and a gold mine of milk. I love this bitch and her fakeboi bf.

No. 60616

Also she backtracked on what she said about troons months ago, long before she started dating the fakeboi. She never said anything else "radfem

No. 60617

Bf was a typo, my bad. But the feminist movement in Korea is pretty much inherently radfem and she was pedalling that shit hard a few years ago iirc, no?

No. 60618

No..? As far as I know the only reason why farmers are calling her radfem is because of the thing she said about TIMs. After that she said something like she wasnt a feminist anymore because its too much of a hassle.

No. 60620

>Also she backtracked on what she said about troons months ago
Seriously? Do you have a source on that? Because that's disappointing.

No. 60621

Not rn but it was posted itt like all the way back when she was first mentioned in here. If you search her name on this site you might find it.

No. 60622

you really have it out for her huh lmao

No. 60623

damn how is this not a scandal in itself,,,this girl gets to sing one song a year and is invited by the thots of America to club, drink, and obviously do drugs. you think she was just there to smile and look pretty? shes definitely trying to work her way into the hollywood model group, if she becomes a part of the Jenner crew….bye blackpink

No. 60629

She isnt a lesbian lol she even said it herself that she uses jang da eun for lesbo clout in order for her to pander to “the gays”

No. 60630

God she’s gonna get a bbl and breast implants just like the rest of them, that sounds nightmare inducing. Seriously though, I wonder how no one is talking about this? I know Korea doesn’t care about them but seriously?

No. 60631

And heres the articles covering her “quitting feminism”. She may be overflowing with hidden milk about other shitty idols but she’s still someone who panders heavily to her audience for attention and is just as worried about her “image” as much as the next busted kpop idol she exposes

No. 60635

https://youtu.be/IcsyMJs6B18 has anyone ever talked about this before?

No. 60636

she was drinking in one of the twitter videos too. jimin clubbing in paris was almost a scandal till ratmys buried it but literally no one is talking about this. the monstax dude is still trending worldwide tho for almost 2 days now so maybe thats why. sucks that rose and lisa have to sit at home and play with the cats when they have better socializing skills in English

No. 60637

Gross. This girl is so fucked lol there's no way she's not going to go through some shit debuting so young. Hope her parents take care of her but we all know they won't. Also next time add the link to the Youtube bar anon.

No. 60638

when will these dumb fucks monbebe realise that it's already game over!! they terminated his contract (maybe bc of the weed rumours)(read the damn rules)

No. 60639

As if Starship sees there's a banner in Times Square and is like "Wow, guess we have to bring him back

No. 60640

but they dont have the connections

No. 60641

her costume is so cheap looking lol couldn't she social climb in something better

No. 60642

Hoping anyone else got vids of her dancing on some random guy and downing shots with the Jenners and Smiths, who are also known weed smokers with free supplies of weed at all of their famous Hollywood parties

No. 60645

kek she gets the same type of illiterate comments on her ig. some are in other languages, lyrics spams, emojis, and most of them are in broken english. I couldnt even find one thats spells "bitch" right or one that barely looks like a toe that calls her "uglyyyyyyy!!!" god how are they not embarrassed

No. 60658

I'm late to this (literally just went here today), but wow how autistic can you be? You gave an example of a 2nd gen idol who's naturally good-looking (and ps wasn't really a huge thing back then) while anons were mostly discussing about 3rd gen idols and they weren't being "paranoid" at all when they were speaking of the truth.

No. 60659

It's called pseudostrabismus https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudostrabismus and people have talked about it in the earlier threads, there's only 1 anon who keeps insisting that it's astigmatism.

No. 60661

>I genuinely believe that change.org was only made for lulz
This one is the funniest I've seen so far, made by some kpoppie from the vc forum kek

No. 60662

No sane person would start an argument with kpoppies

No. 60663

Wow she's a tryhard and an attention whore. Other ~baddies~ like hyolyn, hyuna, or soyeon just come off as natural. Doesnt mean i like them tho.

No. 60664

I agree. there are some good kr rappers that arent associated with kpop, most are no-names but some gain their fanbase naturally due to their works

No. 60665

The girl has been exposed since when 8 yo?? Lol i dont actually know when. When you think of it tho, the public are gonna be tired of her soon just like how they are with somi and it's worse because she will only be 15 maybe? The whole thing is ridiculous, also fuck her stage parents

No. 60666

from my tl it seems like black twitter has discovered jessi

damn, they're still going hard over his career?

No. 60667

File: 1572681836286.jpg (782.94 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191102-150301_Sam…)

Well this is interesting

No. 60669

File: 1572683182734.jpg (186.29 KB, 895x933, IMG_20191102_091900.jpg)

Just saw this on /ot/ and I bet it applies her too. How can you "think" you are dating somebody?? You either are or you're not. That guy is probably on the level of Shindong/Bang PD.

No. 60671

Ellin is a golddigger. It's no surprise really she posts sexy swimsuits photos and people pay money for her to do shit on her streams. BJs are shameless in SK.

No. 60672

well good, I want people to see what happens when you hang out with American celebs.

No. 60673

Unless they were like "official" or engaged then he's dumb af. He's also rich af though, he must be desperate/an incel.

yeah both sides are trash. Wonder why this bj culture is nourished and nurtured in sk tho, it's just softcore porn. Bj girls are mostly uneducated women with too much ps and are not good enough for a real career in the entertainment industry.

No. 60674

>Yeah both sides are trash. Wonder why this bj culture is nourished and nurtured in sk tho, it's just softcore porn. Bj girls are mostly uneducated women with too much ps and are not good enough for a real career in the entertainment industry.

In 2004, the South Korean government passed an anti-prostitution law (Special Law on Sex Trade 2004) prohibiting the buying and selling of sex and shutting down brothels.[15] Soon afterward, over 2,500 sex workers demonstrated in the streets to demand the repeal of the law, as they believed it threatened their livelihood.[16]

Pornographic websites, books, writings, films, magazines, photographs or other materials of a pornographic nature are illegal in South Korea, although the law is not regularly enforced. Distribution of pornography can result in a fine or a two-year prison sentence. Since 2009, pornographic websites have been blocked by the South Korean government.

No. 60679

Okay, what's your point though? Literally what comes up when you search "korean bj" on google are naked webcam girls, idk if they do that on legit channels like afreecatv tho (ik many of the contents there are harmless but still). The fact that they never took sexy bj-ing as a serious matter is a big question if they take porn that seriously. I'm gonna stop here before getting marked as derailing/racebait.

No. 60680

File: 1572687514327.jpg (14.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I wouldnt have been able to tell that she was going as alice from alice in wonderland cause gurl that dress looks so cheap, like i could grab one from aliexpress for $10

No. 60681

File: 1572688152559.png (125.13 KB, 1193x527, Screenshot (66).png)

Do they even listen to themselves? She's nearly 24, normal people her age all study and/or work, so why does she deserve to not do anything? Partying with Ariana Grande and the Jenners is not just some normal thing everybody needs to experience. Quit pretending she ever worked hard, she was never a "slave". There are probably very few people on this planet who put in less of an effort to become rich than Jennie did. Why are they so happy about somebody they don't even know personally living life being absolutely spoiled?

No. 60682

File: 1572688257688.jpg (237.02 KB, 964x1199, unnamed-3.jpg)

Idk who they are (found this pic on "best halloween costumes" article so you wont roast me for trying to ~promote~ these trashes) but they look so gross. i cant imagine any decent human being pouring their heart out and money for them

No. 60683

>>60682 ACE. I have a friend who is obsessed with them. The reality is that their music is trash and two of the members look like they went to the same Mr Kim.

No. 60684

probably just the filter

No. 60685

File: 1572688777205.gif (779.28 KB, 500x280, giphy (4).gif)


They raised over $20K to put up a support banner in NYC. Coulda used that money to pay back JDE lol.

No. 60686

~decent human beings~ wouldn't be that judgemental about their looks

No. 60687

Couldn't help but notice the person who organized this was an underage trans SEA fan.

No. 60688

why is rap talking even a thing? who started this shit? irene really has no talent when it comes to singing/rapping, same with yoona. its always the it girls that get the rap talking parts. it might sound decent in recorded audios cause their voices have been autotuned to hell and back.

No. 60689

So they have 1 fan. I almost feel sorry for them.

No. 60690

where do you see that?

No. 60691

In the article.
>organized by Carter Lee of Parkland, Florida, known as Kihbebes on Twitter.

No. 60692

File: 1572693314223.jpg (136.69 KB, 1280x720, n6Xj03q.jpg)

cant be as bad as Ateez

No. 60693

>underage, SEA, trans
Probaby the worst combination ever but nice bait. Their twitter account doesn't even tell if they're underage or SEA. You sound obsessed and I'm always in awe cuz some people really need to drag race into every conversation.

No. 60694

Careful or their only fan itt will reee kek

No. 60695

It's all on their carrd which is linked on their profile, and the only reason I found out was because they kept talking about how people were misgendering them amongst the tweets about the MX advertisements.

No. 60696

he's so fat that it almost looks uncomfortable. the way his stomach looks like it's about to burst…fucking nasty

No. 60699

She is officially dating that Harry Hudson guy now. I guess we know why she flew to LA without her managers and bodyguards unlike Lisa.

No. 60700

shindong stans remind me of j-hope stans. like there is no way you can stan someone that off-putting. i think maybe they stan him out of sympathy?

No. 60701

That, also some of them found him cute in suju's early days or they are fat femcels themselves

No. 60704