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File: 1574041463333.gif (2.98 MB, 275x264, Lovelyz.gif)

No. 62891

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No. 62896

Mijoo claps like an autist lmao her girly act is so fake

No. 62897


Bigbang are definitely making a comeback to shore up YG then.

No. 62898

File: 1574042464395.jpg (29.64 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

Horrifying white cast

No. 62899

>>62898 She has iljin/Regina George vibes like her face changed the moment the fan turns his back

No. 62901

File: 1574043357811.gif (6.27 MB, 360x340, Nayeon.gif)


She's weird in a tryhard way

No. 62902

File: 1574043438368.gif (6.75 MB, 423x346, Nayeon.gif)

No. 62905

File: 1574044851906.gif (1.6 MB, 250x189, 1919a.gif)

>>62899 Mijoo is more pretty and Western looking but Korea hates cunning looks like hers and prefers Suzy who looks a bit daft

No. 62908

This is my favorite OP pic in a while. holyshit, his back sweat always gets me.

No. 62915

For the stupid anon that posted that stuff about Amber in the last thread: Amber is a korean american. Emphasis on american. She's not a 'korean celebrity', bitch afaik grew up in america.
People can't play the 'but she's korean and they don't know what racism is uwu' card

She's just a dumbass and she deserves all the criticism

No. 62924

Shes taiwanese american…not korean

No. 62927

Well my bad then. Still, she grew up in america and has been back there again for years. She should know better

At least she apologised but idk if she actually thinks she was wrong

No. 62928


Tbf she was just smacked in the head by a sweaty incel that probably gaps to her fancams nightly.

She was kinder than most of us would be kek

No. 62930

well she has to have SOMETHING that gets her fans, considering she has no talent no looks

No. 62937

anyone defending amber in here is just trying to be edgy. there's no excuse for her stupidity, and there is a problem with police officers in the USA with small dick syndrome, exercising power to those who aren't doing anything wrong.

but this isn't even the reason i hate amber. i don't care what ignorant shit she says, because tbh it doesn't shock me. she's conservative, brainwashed by some cult-ish religion, and continues to deny that she's gay. also anyone in here who denies that amber is gay is fucking retarded

No. 62939

To the person who keeps claiming that Amber is a trad christian fundie: has she ever mentioned anything about being religious? Other idols wear rosaries and talk (brag) about going to mass but she never does. She also has tats, short hair, is friends with mostly men, etc. Chances are high that the simple reason she's homophobic/racist despite living in the US is simply because she's from a asian family, period.

While I don't neccessarily think that what she said makes her a racist, I'm still glad that at least some fans are finally waking up and holding idols to the same standard as everybody else.
Kind of hilarious that an idol gets bombarded with those annoying sassy replies and fancams. And of course she pulled the "I lived abroad for 10 years" excuse…you're 28 and a native english speaker lol
Wendyfags also tried the same "she doesn't understand, different culture" shit, meanwhile homegirl even went to school with black kids.

No. 62940

File: 1574068279958.jpg (12.5 KB, 200x199, Mijoo.jpg)

she's weird and too plastic looking imo

No. 62943

god, amber is replying "i'm so sorry thank you for educating me" to randos on twitter. kpop fans need to realize that even asians from western countries can be ignorant and definitely won't teach their bandmates anything about racism

irl trollface

No. 62944

Wh is she even trying to put the mic inside her shirt? Some sexual innuendo for uncle fans, maybe ?

No. 62945

What do you think, guys? Is kpop on the verge of slowly starting to lose its popularity?
I really see it only going downhill from now on. Too many groups, kpop trying to go to America more and more. It just doesn't look anything out of ordinary. We know teenagers like to be edgy but kpop is becoming too mainstream now. Not to mention its main purpose - the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend facade has been getting shattered by the last year scandals. Similarly to what happened to anime- the cool thing for some time and then its popularity diminished.
I'm sure there will be kids still thinking knowing "Saranghae/ Annyeonghasaeyo" is sooo trendy. But nowadays, their oppas/unnies know English so this snowflake factor is also gone.

No. 62946

Her face is full of injections now. On another note, I'm surprised Lovelyz hasn't disbanded yet. They were obviously on Queendom out of desperation but that Sixth Sense performance ruined their image.

No. 62947

Anyone else find IU's music to be incredibly underwhelming?

No. 62948

File: 1574073216326.png (60.22 KB, 1146x256, Screenshot (74).png)

>thank you for educating me
Lmao is she really trying to blame this on being ignorant/stupid? This was clearly her honest opinion, she didn't even back down when the guy tried to tell her that this is wrong. She's a nearly 30-year-old american woman, what's there to educate?
Quick Amber, go and "reflect" for a year lol

We've had this discussion so often already. Kpop exists since decades and is more popular than ever, why would it suddenly disappear?
>Not to mention its main purpose - the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend facade has been getting shattered by the last year scandals.
What are you talking about? Idols have always gotten into scandals, that isn't just happening recently, and it never changed anything.
I think we can all agree that Seungri is the worst of the worst, right? Just take a look at the comments of your average kpoppies about him, they're still staying loyal. Dating, drunk driving, even raping, it doesn't matter, oppar never did it.

No. 62949

i feel like they meant its international popularity will wane and i think they might be right. i mean bts will start enlisting next year

No. 62950

i don't think jin enlisting is going to play a significant role in bts' popularity decreasing, he's very insignificant kek

No. 62951

true but a big draw of bts is the group dynamic. when that illusion falls apart i see less people being drawn to them. also by that time it's possible that a lot of younger fans will have grown out of their kpop phase

No. 62953

Mijoo looks OK but she had a phase where she did OTT poses at every opportunity to get Lovelyz popular but it failed kek

No. 62954

You all have yet to explain why you think Amber is overly religious and gay. Just show some receipts.

No. 62956

>>62954 honestly.. you're right. people been calling her gay for dressing masculine and never having a bf. but which idol even has a bf?
is wearing masculine clothes = lesbian for your peanut brains?
and I never seen anything about her being christian either.

No. 62958

Criticism for what? Just saying a dude deserved being talked by the cop? Who cares?

No. 62959

Why cant blackpink and big bang just quit YG? Big bangs fandom is big enough to live on and yg is wastimg bps potential. Niall & harry wanna do a collab with blackpink. Thatd make so much profit but yg doesnt do shit.
The companys reputation is tainted forever. Theres no coming back.

No. 62960

I hope she used it as cover to hug and kiss all the oppas.

No. 62961

The guy was arrested. Stop trying so hard to be edgy

No. 62962


BP can't even produce a song or sing. WTH are they gonna do without YG or a big company ?

Harry and Niall just wanna smash them.

No. 62963

The only YG artists I feel a little sorry for are Akmu and Lee Hi, because I think they are quite talented and their careers would probably survive without YG

No. 62979

BP can't do shit without their company. YG has been doing all the work and promotions, giving them the princess treatment and all. Without the company, they're nothing and wouldn't make it on their own.

No. 62982

Niall and Harry are saying "collab" to be nice, if BP didn't have YG clout they'd be pump-and-dump chicks at best for them

No. 62984

Kekworthy that the artists who YG didn't train himself and thus ignores are the only ones who everyone likes. AKMU lived in Mongolia for a few years singing to goats and sheep and they have more talent in their little fingers than "trained for 5 years" Blackpink kek

No. 62985

I know yall are being edgy by hating on blackpink but truth is they have a huge fandom and can make banks. Also harry and niall truly wants to collab.
YG literally mistreats blackpink just like how they did with 2ne1. Theyre trash and bp deserves better. Are some of you slow? Bts and blackpink are the most popular kpop groups among western kpopfags

No. 62986

Huge fandom and they still can't sell 3000 tickets to a fanmeeting and needed free giveaways to fill concert halls….Blackpink's popularity is a glass house

No. 62987

doesnt matter if akmu has more talent. Most people dont know them. Blackpink is the one of the few groups armys are actually threatened by (especially with the awards thing they had a huge meltdown).
no one cares about how your nugu groups are talented. Kpop is about catchy songs + looks. Companies care about money. Are you new?

No. 62988

File: 1574094193824.jpeg (193.58 KB, 1440x1671, EIs-EotWwAA6rr9.jpeg)

Explain this

No. 62989

They also sold out a tokyo dome tour.

No. 62990

File: 1574094636611.jpeg (96.87 KB, 720x827, EJTbbpxUcAApjsT.jpeg)

and also this. Dont be retarded. Yg always gave all their attention on bg

No. 62991

>Most people dont know them.
Akmu chart better in Korea than both Blackpink and BTS. Are YOU new?

No. 62992

>Dont be retarded
No u

No. 62994

Ratpinks being so delusional… Their fans are instagramfags that praise their look but don't give a shit about their music. If they quit YG for a little company, the hype will decrease and their "huge fandom" will go after the next asian baddies.

No. 62997

File: 1574097451592.jpg (59.89 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_p7r6xelyQi1szigj…)

Tl;dr but I followed f(x) for a long time after they debuted(havent been into kpop for years) and yes, Amber was very religious years ago. I dont know if she still is now. She and her sister, Jackie, used to post religious stuff all the time. They went to a formosan church, which is basically the equivalent of an Asian evangelical church. Most of her internet presence from before she was debuted was like pic related. And she did often post bible verses back when she was still in Korea. Her parents were also high profile members of her church and basically ran the musical department.
“My mom is the lead singer of our church and my dad plays bass for the church band, and then my sister originally was like a vocalist for our church."
And heres a quote saying she is not gay, but has no problem with gay people and believes people should be themselves and not worry about other people.

"People are always misunderstood, just because they are a certain way. Growing up and people always assuming I’m gay, which is totally fine, but being mistreated for that, is wrong. Whether it’s race, sexual orientation, the way you look, you should not be mistreated for those reasons. If you’re a crappy person, yes. That’s when we go into a debate. Even me having tattoos."

"Everywhere I go. In general, there are people out there that think they can handle you a certain way just because you make a certain choice, which doesn’t relate to them at all. If someone was gay, that’s totally their business. Are you dating me? No. If you’re happy, go ahead. If you’re in a toxic relationship, that’s a different story. I just don't like seeing people being mistreated because of something that doesn’t relate to the person they’re “hurting.”

How is my religion upsetting you, when it’s just me and my religion? I’m Asian. How is that affecting you? [laughs] Especially in the LGBTQ community. I have a lot of friends that are gay, bi, and so on. They are the most amazing people ever. Or people with face tattoos, people will assume things, but they are some of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s something that we learn since we’re young, I just don’t understand why we don't get it until now."

So I think if she is gay, she will come out when shes ready at some point.
Her comments about the subway were extremely shitty and she should have known better though. Period. No defending that.

No. 63000

File: 1574097678464.jpg (75.65 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nzcm22v5qb1upgh2co2_500…)

Heres the second photo from that same set she uploaded to her xanga or whatever it was. Quite lulzy but she was literally a kid.

No. 63001

File: 1574097788983.jpg (95.23 KB, 900x600, UH7dtlQ.jpg)

Speaking of AKMU… I'm surprised K-Netz never gave them more shit about their looks. Obvs their talent matters more and I'm glad Suhyun said she wasn't going to get ps, but cmon Korea drags Seolhyun for being a little tanned.

No. 63002

Probably because they arent really considered idols. It does make a difference. Lots of Korean musicians arent attractive and get no shit, but they arent idols lol.

No. 63003

Shut up amber fag

No. 63007

Nah people just asked for receipts and because I was an fx fag long ago, it took me 10 minutes tops to provide said receipts. I was never a fan of her individually. I agree with people who more or less say she is in denial of her own sexuality though due to her upbringing and then fucking off to Korea basically stunting her mentally. She can barely even communicate with her family because most of them dont speak English. She's always come across as aloof, dumb and a follower who does things for attention but protests that idea strongly which makes it even worse. Shes confirmed that shes dumb as fuck with her apology for this subway incident too. You cant hash tag black lives matter when you were a bootlicker a couple of days before.

No. 63009

Akmu has to be one of the most well known, most well charting, and most loved YG group in Korea. How the fuck are they nugus in the slightest? Because they don’t have a bunch of Thai fans drooling at their feet?

No. 63010

Same reason nobody gives Adele or Ed Sheeran shit for not looking like Cheryl Cole or 1Direction? Akmu are considered "real talent" singer-songwriters who don't rely on sexy outfits or dances to sell self-written music.

>>62987 Akmu are the only YG group that can produce music and put out albums anytime because they don't rely on eternal parties to write and produce songs for them. They can leave YG and hit the top of the charts, BP need to beg Teddy or someone for music kek. Soyeon said Cube kept postponing her group's debut due to lack of material so she wrote all the songs herself, that's why CLC are dead in the water while Gidle are thriving.

No. 63011

This. Idols have no talent, their sole purpose is to be attractive and cute. Real artists don't need to be pretty.

No. 63019

File: 1574107107300.jpg (41.46 KB, 720x408, a9f29d72766624043b970925debd9c…)

No. 63021

>an adult man admits to rubbing an underage boy's nipples every day to wake him up
>ratmys: "haha so cute!"

No. 63022

plenty of idols are more talented than Suhyun who just sings her brother's songs

No. 63023

Ok kpopfag. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 63024

Are you going to say she's vocally better than Luna, Taeyeon, Hyorin etc.?

No. 63025

She can improvise, syncopate and harmonise on the spot.

No. 63026

i'm late but l o l

Western artists only want to collab with kpop stars because of their rabid fanbases. Especially when you get to the likes of ex-boy group members who depend on some 12 year old fans

BP is a massive joke compared to other groups who actually have regular interactions with their fans outside of instagram posts and lives. Their Western attention is basically the same as every other kpop groups - fulled by fans who can afford to spend some cash to see their faves because the chances of them touring ever again are slim to none and there is generally no market there.

No. 63027

There's a difference between jazz (Diana Krall and Norah Jones) and pop singing (Lady Gaga, Taeyeon, Madonna etc) techniques or method and Suhyun is more towards the jazz/soul side.

No. 63029

wowww i just realised 16 year old jennie played gd's love interest in the that xx video. yg is so gross

No. 63031

Is Diana Krall a reference point for jazz technique?

No. 63033

the controversy between black people and police in america has been a mainstream topic in the US since the 50's. plus she lived in california during the rise of blm (after the fx hiatus started), so she's just willfully ignorant. whether or not you agree with her she should've stayed silent as a pr move.
cause they have been on the same tour for a year and ongoing and overcharge tickets. if the spice girls had stops in asia and south america they would've been number 1 most likely. a bunch of middle schoolers vaguely knowing the chorus to dddd doesn't make them that popular.
he fell in love with his wife when he was over 20 and she was 14 i'm not surprised

No. 63036

nta but your reference point for good idol singers were Taeyeon and Luna so be careful on your high horse up there kek

No. 63038

Tbh a lot of Soyeon’s music sounds extremely similar. Like when I heard Lion and I could literally hear the parts where “remember what you said” would have been from hann

No. 63039

Luna is "kek"worthy but Hyorin isn't?

No. 63041

I remember watching this a couple of years ago and being weirded out by it….but why are you sharing it now? Lemme guess another fujo army not contributing anything significant too this thread.

No. 63042

This is the real truth that retarded blackpink stans want to hide.

No. 63043

No, but Diana Krall is the first name that comes to mind when thinking of pop-jazz-soul singers like Lee Hi or Suhyun (she's barely 20 so she needs time to develop her voice), not Ella Fitzgerald or Astrud Gilberto.

No. 63049

File: 1574120059600.jpg (137.23 KB, 1080x420, ratmyintelligence.jpg)

No. 63050

Why so defensive? An idol doing borderline pedo shit is absolutely relevant to this thread, doesn't matter that it happened a while ago.
My post was more of a contribution than you reeing about me supposedly being a fan/fujo. If you don't like it, then ignore it or post better milk yourself.

No. 63051

Just watch Amber and Henry, all the hosts think they are a couple.

No. 63053

very early nomination for next thread pic, comedy at its finest

No. 63054

File: 1574123313612.jpg (69.22 KB, 960x640, eac5ab50da273f5109bb48326248fb…)

AKMU put in their contracts they don't want PS.

In mongolia AKMU is considered model tier

No. 63055

There is nothing wrong with that woman's face.
You are just too used to seeing asian celebrities with plastic surgery.
The majority of asian's look like this.
They do NOT have big eyes,high nose bridges,pointy chins or small jaws and cheekbones.

No. 63056

I'm only reiterating what AKMU themselves said

No. 63060

jfc, this person is actually retarded

No. 63061

Lol it’s true, I”m korean and my family is the only one in our community with big eyes, high nose, small cheekbones. except we’re also one of the only ones with tan skin while everyone else is ghost white

No. 63066

I love the fact that AKMU makes some Taeyeonfag fucking insecure lol

No. 63067

File: 1574126186207.jpg (46.78 KB, 600x478, 20160505182431247_96380.jpg)

from some of the comments on here, some people seem believe that babies born in asia get PS and bleaching at birth otherwise they all end up like this.

No. 63068

wait so most koreans are naturally whiter than other asians?

No. 63069

this woman has very nice cheekbones and a strong jawline

i find her prettier than most idols tbh

No. 63076

Yeah koreans actually are generally the palest asians

No. 63077

Yes, even if a lot of koreans don’t hit the kbeauty standards, i don’t think they should called ugly

(same fag)

No. 63083

File: 1574128840723.jpeg (98.74 KB, 750x1334, A301979C-2A21-40B3-AF61-6334EC…)

Army: Me🙋🏻‍♀️ Looking at a picture of Jungkook oppa whom Taehyung oppa loves!

V: Come out of your imagination now, that place’s not good

BTS fujos btfo. imagine being this fan… how embarrassing

No. 63085

Lmaooo wtf I love V now?

No. 63086

i find it hard to believe she's straight. i mean why make yourself look so butch if you're into guys? i don't get it.

No. 63087

i think that's the point lol. boring songs always chart high in korea.

No. 63088

maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't find it very funny or "savage" when a male idol who's career thrives on his gay fan-service gets all cocky to the immature and impressionable teenage fans he panders to

No. 63089

okay but these days i don’t think bts does a lot of gay pandering. i haven’t been a stan for a while but i think the worst of it was back when they first debuted. in fact most of what the stans go crazy over is just like normal physical contact close friends do and is just normal and not romantic or sexually charged lol

No. 63090

calling yourself a tomboy is an easy way of denying your sexuality to yourself, and to people who may judge you for it

if she was a regular american who didnt give af what her family thought, she'd be full on fake boi'ng it up at this point but its easier to not step on your toes or feel like you're going to hell if you just pretend that literally resembling a male in every sense just makes you a ~tomboy~ or ~androgynous~

im pretty sure ive never heard of someone referring to themselves as androgynous and not coming out as either queer, bisexual, gay or troon at some point down the line so we'll see

No. 63091

it was rumored years ago that she was dating crayon pop's ellin. i 100% believe she is not in denial about her sexuality and is just lying to save her reputation and/or to keep her christian family happy.

No. 63092

People lie about it to protect their celebrity image, protect their family. And some people just aren't interested in being the media dubbed spokesperson for all gays. Especially now with Trans taking up a huge part of the lobby now.

No. 63093

i dont ever recall seeing her hang out with ellin so idk
if i would guess any female idol it would have been ailee because they are literally always together

No. 63094

Unless you guys have more receipts, you're just blindly speculating like the rest of the crazy fans you criticize.
Some straight girls are tomboys because they think masculinity is superior and/or more relatable than femininity.

No. 63095

so…..a fake boi lmao

No. 63096

Jesus this post is retarded. All this troon/homo sperging needs to get back in the containment thread.

P. s. most fakebois are straight girls

No. 63097

No, they aren't.

No. 63098

It’s probably northern chinese

No. 63107

File: 1574141487369.jpg (282.4 KB, 1133x1319, EJqwsdkWoAArF4k.jpg)

lmaoooooo i'm losing my shit. i can't believe they hid his tattoos with photoshop when everyone and theirs mothers already saw them.

No. 63108

File: 1574141754920.jpg (146.09 KB, 1080x1080, EJppC7jXsAA6JJE.jpg)

samefag. apparently they also put tapes on his hands to hide his tattoos…

No. 63111

File: 1574143898633.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.81 KB, 1024x1534, 302838302280201.jpg)

When ratmys aren't ruining somebody's career for being mean to their oppars, then they spend their time fighting over who's secretly married to whom - and both V and Jk are the worst when it comes to gay pandering.
Absolutely ridiculous to act this way after playing fag for pay for ages.
I can't remember what it was called exactly, but there's this blog that collects problematic things idols have done and so many of them said shit like "please don't misunderstand, I'm normal, I like women, being gay is not right" after basically smooching other members on the lips.

No. 63112

ain’t he the member that always calls out his fans bullshit. i mean yeah bts’ fans got them to where they are now but at least he isn’t a coward like the other members. does that mean this “artiste” persona is true to him.

cause if it is he’s still an autist

mw jungkook and bighit covering them ugly hand tats up with every chance they get to pls fans. yeahh i’d cover them up too, clearly they were an impulse.

No. 63113

shipping culture is just embarrassing

No. 63117

I would love to read this blog. Anyone got the address??

Ridiculous. Looks like the hands of a 100 year old. Bit still I'm not sure which one is worse.

Anyone wants to take bets how long until he will laser them away?

No. 63119

When did he ever call out anything?

It is, but at the same time I don't think that we should put the blame on mostly underage fans for behaving the way some millionaires brainwashed them into behaving. BTS' words and action don't match, if you don't like that your fangirls think you're gay, then quit acting like that.
It's time to stop pretending that BTS are the victims, ratmys are ratmys because they were conditioned by BTS. They never step in when their fans' craziness is getting out of control, they definitely like all that cultlike attention and obsession (like people getting fired because of hurting their feefees).

Maybe he already got laser treatments and therefore has to wear some kind of protection over it? But hand tattoos fade rather quickly on their own anyway, it's an absolutely dumb place for a first tattoo and every tattoo artist that isn't his fuckbuddy would have warned him about that lol

No. 63124

They make anyone who has visible tattoos cover them up on TV, same happened with Chaeyoung's cringy basic bitch tattoos during their most recent promotions.

No. 63125

File: 1574154993536.png (36.35 KB, 872x150, girl....png)

This is old but gold - in a sad way. I always thought the girl in the incident was korean but somebody showed me the original tweet and it seems she's not(?) She put all the blame on herself and other fans are also telling her that what she did went against his culture or that this is his way of showing he cares about her. Ratmys have so much deep rooted sexism and self-hate, who unironically believes that a man telling a woman to cover up is a-okay? It's not like her tits were out, he told her to cover her arms. As if wearing sleeveless stuff hasn't been completely normal in korea for ages already.
>as a women we should wear clothes that are not too obtrusive. ya know men eyes and thoughts are different from ours
>just bc he told a fan at a fan meeting to button up her open cut sleeves saying tht it was a bit racy,does not make him sexist
>whats with "taehyung sexist" he just told a girl to cover up bcs her shirt are kinda down SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL?
>so you are saying that a girl can wear whatever she wants and that taehyung is a sexist bc he told her to cover up?
If he told them to wear a niqab they'd probably do it.
And I'm certain he also didn't post this recent thing about shippers to tell fans to calm down, but because somebody indicating he could be gay hurt his pride, honour or whatever.
What more proof do people need to finally get that he's the opposite of woke?

https://problematickpop.tumblr.com/ this blog has quite detailed lists of what every group has done
All male idols seem very keen on proofing that they're not gay, I especially like exo saying they're "real men" as if gay people are of a different species…

No. 63126

>>63086 Jesus fuck, we really live in 2019 where masculine clothes = gay, huh? My brain is fucking hurting.
You retarded mule, some girls dress super feminine and are gay, some girls dress masculine and workout and are straight.

No. 63127

he says this now but I'm sure he'll be doing tons of fan service with JK at the concerts this weekend. I would have a lot more respect for BTS (currently have none) if they stopped all the fan service. jimin especially uses FS to distract from his poor lip-synching

No. 63131

>so you are saying that a girl can wear whatever she wants and that taehyung is a sexist bc he told her to cover up?
…yes? stans are fucking ridiculous.

No. 63133

File: 1574161793740.png (1.5 MB, 959x810, C56AC361-0A61-48D2-8AC4-A70B44…)


Like get off your bros lap

No. 63134

I’ll have my tits out if I want to, a fansign isn’t a temple where I ought to be modest

No. 63136

File: 1574162993351.gif (Spoiler Image,4.01 MB, 480x213, 1572827824013.gif)


Modesty is for the weak

No. 63137

id rather look like a hooker than do this, wth, she’s old too!

No. 63139

>Maybe he already got laser treatments and therefore has to wear some kind of protection over it? But hand tattoos fade rather quickly on their own anyway, it's an absolutely dumb place for a first tattoo and every tattoo artist that isn't his fuckbuddy would have warned him about that lol
Has been also one of my thoughts. Woukdn't be surprised. And anyone besides his fuckbuddy would have told him how ugly these tattoos are anyways.

No. 63140


He has them on display during concerts, he’s like proud of those tattoos, lol. He probably feels like a badass, he’s not gonna remove them, not anytime soon. His company just edits them

No. 63143

File: 1574168328249.jpg (54.45 KB, 813x1024, it's not a phase mom.jpg)

he's still got them

No. 63144

how old is this bitch? she looked like a 40 year old crackhead

No. 63145

>>as a women we should wear clothes that are not too obtrusive. ya know men eyes and thoughts are different from ours

i hate V fags so much. Anyone would say he's a piece of shit for telling a girl to cover up. A girl who is paying him money to be at the fanmeet. V comes off as a really dumb farmer with autism. Like, the things he says and does is straight retardation . No excuse for his shitty behavior towards women and gay men (cuz he's said homophobic shit too)

No. 63146

His face says it all

No. 63147

This is on the same level as a victim blamer.
"it's her fault. men think differently! why didnt she cover up?"

Yikes. Ratmys are braindead

No. 63148


>>as a women we should wear clothes that are not too obtrusive. ya know men eyes and thoughts are different from ours

Lmao is she a Saudi Ratmy because this is basically what Islam preaches about forcing women to cover up head to toe ("WiMmEnZ aRe SiNfUl LoOkInG") so that they don't tempt men into sin.

No. 63149

BTS could single-handedly institute global sharia law and ratmys would be like, “They’re not sexist, they’re just trying to protect us from other men who are!”

No. 63150

ik the conservative stuff he's said about having a wife who spends money wisely or whatever but what has he said that's homophobic?

No. 63152


I think he said what all Korean men are thinking. Sorry koreaboos, your idols see you as easy whores and they don’t want their own women to look like you

No. 63153

which men anyway? she was with them, so are the fans saying that bts members are looking at them sexually?

No. 63154

Korea is not as conservative as Japan, as long as your cleavage isn't super big then wearing no sleeves and short pants/skirts isn't a big deal. The only young men who've got a problem with this are incels and V.

Good point anon kek

No. 63155

An anon posted a clip in the last thread or two threads away where he said the that two men holding hands is gross and he could never imagine himself doing that. He specifically used the words gross.

No. 63156

Bitch. wtf

No. 63157

Japan is not more conservative than Korea at all, Japan produces pornography which is still a taboo industry in all other Asian countries. Gravure, scat porn, hentai anime, yaoi, no panty maid cafes, paid dating with high school girls, soapland etc are all Japanese creations.

No. 63158


Don't think that gross shit makes japan less conservative. Japan just allows more degneneracy is all.

No. 63159

I’m not saying I agree with those men, I think koreaboos are just in denial

No. 63160

maybe he shouldn’t sit on his bandmates lap them lol, someone might get the wrong impression!

No. 63161

Gravure and hentai aren't gross but it's obviously normalised in Japan since Japanese girl idols do softcore shoots when they are in their teens. Idk how you think they're more conservative than SK when SK balks at Lolicon and exploitative shit like Rotta's loli photoshoots whereas nobody in Japan cares if AKB girls do porn or lolita concepts

No. 63162

>Korea is not as conservative as japan
Really? I always assumed that there wasn't much of a difference, but then again I'm neither a koreaboo or a weeb so idk

No. 63163

Armys get more and more retarded every single day. They rlly think he said this about their nasty ships. No you dumb bitches he said this bc his autistic misogynistic self doesn’t want to be perceived as gay even after shameless fan service.

No. 63165

Jikookers are saying he said it cause his friends are dating and he doesn’t want people hurting them…

No. 63166

>>63158 Japan are seen as less conservative/more Western in Asia because Japanese women have no qualms about working in porn and doing all kinds of experimental scenes unlike most other Asian countries where the women would be shamed for life. In SK (and all other Asian countries) the men jack off to Japanese porn but if you asked them if there should be SK porn actresses they would say no because it's demeaning low class work for other countries' women not ours. That attitude is very conservative and prevails in Asia.

Btw Honey Popcorn are a Kpop group made up of AKB girls who did porn.

No. 63167

File: 1574175890052.jpeg (345.03 KB, 1279x1920, 765154F6-B1F8-4B88-B5F6-62D293…)

I remember him calling out fans overcrowding him in the airport by taking his phone out and filming. He tells armys not to tell him what to wear, even tho the advice is very much needed bc he dresses like an old 1950s wifebeater when bts’ stylists aren’t involved. That’s all ik

No. 63168

these bitches need time off the internet

No. 63169

Nta and I guess that's true but does anyone have a less vs more conservative perspective that doesn't involve porn..like daily life stuff

No. 63171


Exactly what I was thinking. Amount or production of porn doesn't really decide how conservative some country is. Or like it isn't the deciding factor. It's mostly made for and by men. With men's interest in mind. Doesn't really tell us much about the daily life of the women in the country. And honestly, thinking about it all only in terms of porn is a little gross.
But anyways I think that convo will derail the thread since this isn't the thread for it.

No. 63172

>>63169 Conservative and liberal have so many different meanings. Politically: Japanese are definitely more conservative/LDP-biased and right wing but most Japanese don't care about politics at all, Koreans have left and right wing govts but are more energised to vote and protest or discuss politics online. SK is more liberal and modern in their approach to discussion forums like Naver, Daum etc where people discuss politicians or celebs but Japan has no equivalent of Naver etc

Socially: Imo Japanese are more liberal, individualist and less conformist, people don't want to look the same (just visit Akihabara and see the street style) or get plastic surgery or braces to make themselves perfect (Wabi Sabi) because they think messy teeth or chubby cheeks are charming. There's heavier pressure in SK to conform to beauty standards like double eyelids, fair skin and vshaped face or study hard and get into a top university.

Economically: Japan is definitely behind SK in terms of adapting to 21st century industrial exports (Kpop, Kdrama, Samsung, LG etc overtook Japanese brands and Korean beauty brands are arguably more popular than Japanese ones) but both are very conservative in their work culture.

No. 63173

She was also caught reading Kryber fanfictions on a fanforum iirc.

No. 63174

Porn is not made for men and by men if the actresses are women who get paid and not druggies? Even AKB idols do AV. In Japan many women make a living as idols and do softcore shoots or hardcore AV but the society accepts it. That's a big deal that shows their society is mature enough to leave Japanese women alone to choose a very liberal line of work. In Korea Sulli was shamed and cyberbullied to death because she didn't wear bras and her nipple outline was seen, in Middle East, India or Pakistan a woman who held hands with a man could get beaten or jailed in conservative places.

No. 63175

>>daily life of the women in the country.

Watch Kim Ji Young 1982. I don't think SK or Japanese women have very different lives but after marriage Korean women are expected to listen to their mother in law but get freedom to work and Japanese women are expected to be SAHMs.

No. 63176

lmao taekook analysis channels on suicide watch

No. 63177

damn what an absolute retard. will she ever give up? v literally called them delusional yet she's still at it.

No. 63179

shippers of other ships are using it as an excuse to validate their own ship, so I can’t blame them exactly, they’re like let’s all be crazies together. jikookers apparently called a tv show and talked about jks and Jimins “anniversary”. It’s a contest, who can be the craziest

No. 63180

of course ratmy cucks will drink up whatever v oppa says even though it's directly insulting them. pathetic.

No. 63182

jikookers are crazier than taekookers at this point. the latest “proof” kek.

No. 63183

Why is it always Jungkook that people ship with everyone? Does anyone here know?

No. 63186

I think it's because he is so popular, and maybe since he is the youngest, he'll always be babied by whoever he's being shipped with. Poor dude, delusional ratmys ship him with anything that breathes.

No. 63187

I think it's because he is so popular, and maybe since he is the youngest, he'll always be babied by whoever he's being shipped with. Poor dude, delusional ratmys ship him with anything that breathes.

No. 63191

File: 1574183467230.jpg (34.15 KB, 591x564, grammy.JPG)


Apparently both BTS and Blackpink aren't getting anything lol

Lizzo with 8 noms? Are they high?

Anyways RATMY btfo as always

No. 63193

It was expected

No. 63195

seriously, who even expected either of them to get anything, especially for kill this love and map of the soul: persona, which are easily both groups' worst releases (i mean blacpink have like 15 but square up was a lot better imo). i genuinely think kpop fans live in a bubble where they think people who aren't into kpop care about it for anything other than clicks and attention.

No. 63197

Uuhh idk why the grammys invited them to be part of the academy then. I think they're getting a nomination but definetly not winning

No. 63198

A consolation prize?

No. 63199

Persona isn’t even a full album

No. 63200

i do remember reading that and not being sure what it meant, so i tried to find articles about other recording academy members.


this one from the grammy website shows that a few unknown artists have also been accepted as members of the recording academy. i've never heard of any of the artists listed on this page before so idk what categories they'd be nominated (and obviously bts would be nominated in pop… or god forbid rap) but i don't think that all 1340 people accepted this year are going to be nominated. i think inviting bts was just to diversify as it says in the article. i'm sure they will be invited again though for views (watch rm hog the stage by any means possible)

No. 63201

The ratmys must be jerking off with excitement now considering they've been spamming their fujo crap here for hours and talking about bts non-stop while pretending to be antis.

No. 63202

could be pop single or whatever for boy with luv but that would be embarrassing given its potential competition like bad guy, 7 rings, old town road, truth hurts maybe, sucker etc etc which are all songs that hd genuine mainstream appeal/cultural impact

No. 63203

Then post something different yourself, fucking retard. And learn how to sage, no need to bump the thread just for your daily whining about muh thread quality.

No. 63204

Ah i see that i triggered a army fujo.
What are you going to do cunt? Spam your bts yaoi as revenge?

No. 63205


whoops meant to link to this article. also i guess they could be nominated for group performance

No. 63206

Sounds like a lot but most of these people probably are from the "technical" area. There are lot of producers, sound mixers, engineers, composers etc also musicians working behind the scenes and people in charge of the business side of it.
Grammys are rigged anyways I wouldn't doubt they would nominate them just to get those ratings up or to get a paycheck

No. 63208

The people that make posts like this decrying every contribution to the thread as some sort of ratmy/blink false flag are by far the most annoying. If you don’t want to discuss something then just ignore it and don’t shit up the thread with your autistic whining.

No. 63209

File: 1574186775437.png (120.59 KB, 608x545, Screenshot 2019-11-19 at 18.05…)

my fault for not linking the proper article but this is the breakdown of what the roles of the new members are so mostly performers it seems

No. 63214

This post is late stage zoomer lmao

No. 63215

File: 1574189780105.png (2.33 MB, 1841x1366, 1574189723587.png)

>>63204 you inspired me, anon

No. 63217

File: 1574190234144.jpg (174.59 KB, 1080x1164, IMG_20191119_200319.jpg)

Lmao better be careful

No. 63219

2 articles about them came up today; one is a cover story on paper magazine. how anticlimactic would it be for them not being nominated tomorrow after this whole PR galore kek

No. 63220

File: 1574190677082.jpeg (305.68 KB, 1434x690, E8253080-0D06-44D3-B6CF-01D7BA…)

the styling for that paper magazine one is really something

No. 63222

Why are armys so adamant on getting BTS a grammy anyways? Award shows are practically irrelevant in the US that the board is grasping at straws to get anyone to watch and bring their viewership up.

BTS getting a half-assed Grammy won’t ever matter because it would only be given to them to get their fans to shut the hell up.

No. 63223

prayer circle for queen Han Seohee to spill some tea about jungkook soon

No. 63224


I’ve heard he only uses his house to receive guests

No. 63225


I'm not sure if the leaks r legit tho (I hear some ppl on Twitter saying that leaks happen every year and they're ALWAYS wrong, but that could just be RATMY cope)

we'll find out within 24 hrs anyways

No. 63226

Yeah she lives in trimage but that's and apartment complex so who knows if she lives in the exact same building. Also a bunch of other idols are living there so she's sleeping on it already tbh

No. 63228

And booty calls probably
She’s ballsy as shit. Sasaengs out there probably want to make molka of her. I’d be so damn paranoid.

No. 63229

i'm sure sasaengs would love to have the gossip that she has being every idol's dealer lol

No. 63232


This gave me nightmare flashbacks to lisakook

No. 63233

This is the weirdest crossover i have ever seen in quite some time.
IM cringing so hard. WTF.

No. 63234


I can’t believe paper made this their twitter banner. I’m chortling

No. 63236

Why does lil pump have a ''retard'' face or have the drugs fried his brain.

No. 63240

File: 1574201230093.jpg (767.92 KB, 2712x3656, IMG_20191120_080422.jpg)

Shes so unfortunate looking. I'm pretty sure she only made it into twice because of her sister

No. 63241

So apparently Scamyong got 'UNDeR' tattooed on the left arm and 'STAND' on the right arm. Engrish is a curse

No. 63242


She looks rather decent here. She looks better than when she first debuted. All of them do, actually. Twice were all pretty basic until DNTW.

No. 63243

Are we looking at the same photo? She looks like a potato

No. 63244

It's konglish anon

No. 63245

she looks like a regular person anon

No. 63250

File: 1574207480026.jpg (504.31 KB, 997x1389, Screenshot_20191120-095044_Sam…)

No. 63251

at first i thought that was wendy

No. 63252

why are western media companies bending over backwards to appeal to rabid teenage girls
oh no she has bloat and the filters erased half her face! she's a monstrosity!!!!!!/s

No. 63254

You all go on about how ugly nayeon is all the time but the moment someone says something about another member, its game over lmfao

No. 63255

I also agree that porn is a bad argument. I would look at representation of sexuality and gender since that’s usually what liberal/conservative people usually argue about.

I suppose that one thing one could argue is that kdramas, being generally pretty homophobic (for example, one of the most popular ones, strong girl bong-soo) are evidence of a more conservative nation.

There’s also little to no positive LGBTQ representation in Korea, while Japan has an excess of yaoi and yuri. And no, yuri and yaoi isn’t just perv nastiness. They’ve actually come a way and a good chunk of them are not just created for horny teen girls.

Anyway. Better/more frequent representation of LGBTQ in media is just one thing that could indicate the conservative-ness of a state.

But also abortion is legal in Korea and very rarely in Japan so I think they just flip flop

No. 63258

Because Nayeon is Nayeon

No. 63259

Japan and Korea pick and choose when they want to be conservative like many other countries.
No1curr that your poor Nayeon gets bullied and that we have different opinions on who's average/ugly. Jeongyeon looks like an average girl with snow filters and ugly kpop makeup. Nayeon has her nose snipped and looks like a lizard; she would be average too otherwise.

No. 63264

File: 1574219139143.jpeg (239.18 KB, 1125x808, 74B475D5-2E80-47E5-9EF0-B4F354…)

Why is taehyun so ugly….,,,,,

No. 63265

Black kpop stans are so fucking confusing to me. Why are they acting like just bc their faves aren’t white they won’t be quick to be ignorant and derogatory? I will never forget Jimin calling Jungkook the n word in Korean all because he got a little tan, and all armys just brushing over it, or EXO making fun of Kai’s dark skin. Like that shit’s normal over there.

Big Hit better be smart and not have BTS talk about sensitive American affairs. I was hoping there would be more outrage amongst black stans after they let Hoseok get his grimy slim jim fingers all over chicken noodle soup but ig not

seriously how hard is it for these yellow fever hoes to realize the blatant racism running throughout Kpop

No. 63266

The fact that chicken noodle soup has way more views from Jhopes version and the og mv is littered with rats makes me want to vommit. It's like when Taylor Swift covered September but somehow fuckin worse bc cns was like, very specifically popular with black folk and no other group. Inb4 racebait

No. 63267

lol you think that one looks retarded? feast ur eyes on hueningkai. he looks like he should be a member of EXP edition

No. 63268

He seriously looks like a frog mixed with alien.

No. 63269

All of them are.. But kai is vom worthy

No. 63273

He's just a kid, quit it

No. 63275

Gag. Go police somewhere else you spazz.

No. 63276

Honestly Jeongyeon gives me Quasimodo vibes, I don’t know how people think Nayeon is uglier. Her nose is fucked, yeah, but she’s worlds cuter than Jeongyeon even with all her shit fucked up. Some of you get so pressed when someone insults some ugly idol while you go on for days about how “ugly” you pretend to find better looking idols.

Inb4 naYeOn fAaG rEeee

No. 63281

This kid can't be real. Plastic surgery, makeup & filters make idols look plastic sure but not this plastic. Is he an illuminati test tube experiment? Like im speechless over here.

All of twice is busted, girlfriend, nobody's singling out your precious rat nayeon. Her, jeong & dahyun are so ugly + they actually believe they are beautiful, it freaks me out. Someone said this before but I'll repeat, nayeon would have been DESTROYED if she'd attended my high schoo too, it's wild she just happened to be born in a place/time where she's considered pretty, not only pretty but celebrity tier. Like what are the chances of that. It's freaky.

Momo & Sana have giant horse veneers, utterly tragic. Jihyo is ok ish considering she's pretty natural but her body & short hair are so unfortunate (idk why the stylists went so short for fancy, she already looks like somebody's over the hill aunt, major ajumma vibes) Chaeyoung has such an unfortunate face made worse by the black vacant stare, she really might have an extra chromosome or at least she's on the spectrum. I've never seen her emote or show any emotion in her eyes, have you? I'm honestly asking. She scares me

Tzuyu & mina are fine but not world class visuals like everyone says, and as someone else said, they have the personalities of wet cardboard, zero enthusiasm zero stage presence, and that really kills it for me. And it's not their role in the group or whatever. Tzuyu will be boring af in or out of twice, no question

No. 63284

I hate to be a "the state of this thread" anon but omfg this post would get you put out to pasture within minutes on the drama boards. You sound crazy.

No. 63285

Lmao are you ok anon

No. 63286

I never stopped to look at this bts copy band, but fuck they are ALL hideous. Not a single one is even semi attractive. wtf is big shit thinking?

No. 63289

The black haired one next to the blue haired one looks ok and actually human. But he has half his face covered by hair so I'm probably wrong

No. 63290

File: 1574242168553.jpg (62.26 KB, 550x825, e1d2550650322ff39875937a1e8b5a…)

He looks like a completely normal boy when he's not photoshopped and wearing crazy amounts of white powder + red lipstick. There's really no need to shit on the appearance of somebody who's underage if they haven't done anything "problematic" other than simply being an idol, calling a child vomit inducing and an experiment-gone-wrong is really too much.

No. 63291

I don't know if I'd call that a completely normal boy kek

No. 63294

File: 1574244596047.jpeg (103.58 KB, 708x1060, 713A2125-5710-402F-B10A-12A073…)

What is wrong with their fans, how is that hot??

No. 63296

your own comment applies to yourself retard. mad that i called your bias nayeon ugly. go back to twitter

No. 63297

the way ratmies infantilise bts is really fucking weird

No. 63298

Do u have ur eyes covered or did you get his old lid flaps

No. 63299

Why is there so many bg stans that are lesbians? They legit tweet theyd fuck their favs. Arent lesbians supposed to only be attracted to women? You can love boy groups but it always seems…odd to say sexual shit about them.

No. 63300

Because they’re not lesbian, they just say they are so they won’t get called misogynist for being oppapolagists. They’ll almost always use mamamoo or red velvet as their “see! I love women! Hwasa/Seulgi is soo sexy spit on me mom!” as their proof of being gay

No. 63301

the most degenerate fandom hands down

No. 63302

I never knew of this kink before, wouldn’t they prefer to spank him or something? Why do you want him to be a baby, that’s pedophilia

No. 63303

File: 1574250684327.png (1.54 MB, 1381x811, Screenshot 2019-11-20 at 11.50…)

the amount of pacifier edits is also creepy

No. 63304


You ruined my day in this one image, anon. Good job.

No. 63305

File: 1574251313629.jpeg (109.31 KB, 1125x485, 64E0D0AD-9392-4F61-B0DD-BF3320…)


(Slightly off topic buuuut)

Someone should start a thread of the fucking disgusting kpop fics. Or just gross fics in general. That shit is bad.

Also for some reason everyone on AO3 wants jimin to fuck a dog???!!! There’s an absurd about of fan fictions where he has sex with dogs. Reason one I left ratmy. I wasn’t even actively searching for that shit, it’s just that common. Blegh.

No. 63306

That’s animal cruelty, wtf, the dog doesn’t want this you freaks!

No. 63307

Dont wanna know why you're on ao3. Certainly not a misclick considering you've went through other bts tags too kek

No. 63308

Why do you search for this crap you fujo freaks. You just want to spam your bts fanfics and yaoi and fetishes here while pretending you hate it.
And funny enough when someone calls you out then you get all defensive.
Inb4 some ratmy says "cunt why don't you contribute" spamming yaoi crap that contributes to nothing is against the rules of this thread k.

No. 63310


I’ve repented for my bts fujo past but I am still haunted by my memories of it

No. 63311

Maybe they’re fans who hate the fetishes and the ships and come here to vent

No. 63312

bruh this looks flames U got a link?

No. 63313

File: 1574254059009.jpeg (44.37 KB, 1088x672, D_RlUOAVAAAJvGr.jpeg)

Speaking of fucking dogs. These guys are really not ok

No. 63314

Who is he, a dog?

No. 63315

File: 1574254475594.jpeg (43.58 KB, 453x680, 2B913F6B-E7D6-4047-8F72-71234E…)

He looks fine, he’s just styled weirdly a lot of the time. People just aren’t used to seeing white features on idols. And if you went by what people on kcrit said you’d have to believe literally every idol is some kind of hideous abomination which is evidently not true.

No. 63317

Can you stop. Okay yes we’re all secret false flag BTS fujos and we’re literally shlicking it to BTS a/b/o fic as we speak. Now can we move on and can you stop bitching about this every 5 hours?

No. 63318

taehyung's dog

No. 63319

File: 1574255416795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,88.05 KB, 650x680, 95EDDC0C-4A02-4465-9602-300A13…)

Nothing will ever top this for me.

No. 63320

Jesus bitch, wtf? No one cares about your high school. This wasn’t even really about twice but I’m glad you got the chance to stroke off your bizarre hate boner.

No. 63321

File: 1574255731301.jpeg (59.19 KB, 275x269, 48B9E330-D862-48A8-BD0A-6222AF…)

Yeah that”s the leader one. I always thought he was pretty cute compared to the others

Bruh that pic makes him look normal. I am surrounded by white people and no one has extremely prominent triple lids. In his predebut photos, he has double eyelids. This is the result of bigshit messing with his eyes.

Also to the person who keeps defending him, a lot of the people we shit on are minors. Where were you when we were picking at them?

No. 63322

This just in: not thinking someone is ugly make them your bias! Some of you sound actually autistic. Imagine being this hurt because someone disagrees with you.

No. 63323


Surprise surprise, ratmy is full of nasty degenerates who apply their own weird pedo fetishes to idols. Imagine being an idol and finding a fic where you shit yourself on stage for someone’s nightly fap. Yikes.

No. 63324

does anyone know if the korean fans write weird fetish fanfiction too

No. 63325

No. 63326

lol after all that PR bts didn't get a nomination

No. 63327

i know, hope bang pd feels embarrassed. and armys have the gall to criticise other groups for media play

No. 63328

No Kpop nominations at all right?

No. 63329

I'm already seeing ratmies saying that the grammys are being racist jfc
yep, none for blackpink either

No. 63330

nope, none at all, though i don't know why anyone expected there to be

No. 63331

lmao how predictable. i saw a screenshot of a tweet where some kpop stan was calling people racist for listening to latin pop while making fun of kpop… seriously how are you that ignorant to the current state of politics in your own country as well as comparing music with actual history to what is essentially cookie cutter pop music

No. 63332

Because Ratmy and Blinks still don´t understand how the Grammy Awards work.
No one cares about a bunch of crazy fans in puberty or sales.

Sounds like, I think the Grammys aren't rigged like any other awards, kek.
No, but in the end, this persona-album was shit and did BP even release a full album…? Don't know, tbh. But KTL and DDDD neither was good enough for a nomination, even though personally I listend to them a few times.

But I enjoy the crying over twitter because cleary Grammys are racist and unfair.

No. 63333

>I think the Grammys aren't rigged like any other awards
Um lol

No. 63337

its almost like these koreaboos never saw a white kid before

No. 63340

This thread really is filled with a bunch of extremely cringy koreaboos

No. 63342

These anons bring up TXT every time to call them flops, nugus, and plastic aliens yet also have the names and faces of each member and their schedule memorized.

Someone in the last thread asked why TXT is mentioned when there's no milk. It's obvious who's doing it with all the salty btsfags/armys lurking in these threads.

No. 63344

Having one tiny odd feature still doesn't make him repulsive or deserving of your rage. The entire rest of his face is absolutely normal.
Feels like it's always the very same anon who keeps bringing up how supposedly disgusting he is around once per month. Seriously what's your problem?

>Also to the person who keeps defending him, a lot of the people we shit on are minors. Where were you when we were picking at them?

We don't shit on them, you do. The only time I remember people talking shit about somebody underage was some farmer(s) claiming Somi slept herself to the top, which is obviously gross and was called out. Some also said that Wooyoung might have been forced to get ps already but nobody called her an abomination like you do with him.

Seriously, nobody likes txt, nobody talks about them, you can absolutely live life without ever coming across anything about them or their fans, so I don't see why anybody would even waste their time getting mad about their existence. It's not like they're constantly in your face like bts, nct or loona.
If the face of a high schooler triggers you so much then maybe just quit searching for and saving pics of him…

No. 63346

The replies to that give be secondhand embarrassment

No. 63347

You sound unhinged, sorry you were bullied >>63333
Grammys rigged just like every other award, just not in oppas favor. Why tf does an American award give a shit about a bunch of korean teen boppers.

No. 63348

File: 1574273591693.jpg (216.45 KB, 720x926, 20191120_131148.jpg)

armys bullying halsey and she replied and they're trying to say she's making them look bad. no grammy noms for bts and armys self destructing. could this day get any better.

No. 63350

So BTShit won't have an excuse to go to the army? Phaha, poor babies will have to serve. BTS will slowly start fade from now on. Finally.

No. 63351

Is there any possible way from BTS to be suddenly added to Grammy's nomination, though?

No. 63352

How? I was thinking though that they might invite them anyway somehow.

No. 63354


everyone hates txt is cause bigshit is trying so hard to make them bts 2.0. No one would give a shit about them or talk about them if it wasn’t for them being bts ‘little brother group’.

Also the stylists at bh need to be fired because they dress txt up as such faggots. They guys themselves are okay, but bigshit bigshitted up everything about them, starting with naming them tomorrow x together

No. 63356

if they gave bts a last nomination bc of their crazy fans (but i highley doubt it lol) calling them racist and whatever, what category would bts be put in? persona was a mini album and not a really good on honestly (no matter the amount of sales like ratmys keep bringing up lol)

No. 63363

File: 1574278585751.jpg (455.7 KB, 2688x1200, luda wjsn.jpg)

So what the fuck happened to Luda's face? Her face shrunk to half the size of what it originally was. I didnt even recognize her. WJSN was on break for half a year and some members can't wait to turn themselves into weird looking aliens. I don't even want to see what they'll look like when they come back a long hiatus.

No. 63364

Meanwhile she's still caping for them and claiming racism as the reason why they weren't nominated…

No. 63365

I mean, not to be on ratmys' side for once but who does this when you have a big following? Just look at your mentions (that's probably easier to find the fans who'd like to interact with you). Plus, she saved face really quick with another tweet telling everyone "aww i know it's so unfair BTS wasn't nominated bc you know it, they're SO talented!", still wanting to milk the shit out of this unfathomable fandom. They're all two-faced opportunists.

No. 63366

File: 1574279251738.png (111.04 KB, 438x500, 42E9DBF8-5FED-449A-9745-F9AC77…)

here is the tweet

No. 63367

I don't really know if it's a good idea to post this here, considering the fact that in this thread any positive criticism is considered to be stanning (and I absolutely don't stan NCT), but I've seen quite a lot of unedited pictures of NCT (NCT 127 ?) members on Twitter, and I think it's super refreshing to see idols looking "normal" for once. I wish more idols would release unedited pictures of themselves, most of the time they look so much better without filters.

No. 63368

>the US is so far behind on the whole movement.
What the fuck does that even mean? This dumb crackhead just strings words together to sound woke but ends up saying nothing and dumbshits eat it up… she always has to offer up half-baked opinions on shit that are really just her regurgitating the uninformed political ramblings of kids on tumblr/twitter, she's never thought critically about anything in her life.

No. 63369

File: 1574282152903.jpg (75.62 KB, 506x351, m.JPG)

No. 63370

Wasn't those bw unedited photos leaked tho? But i do agree on rather seeing actual human skin having idols vs snow filtered monsters. It's just funny how stans treat these filtered pics like it's gospel.

No. 63371


You might get shit on by everyone else but I get what you mean

No. 63372

File: 1574282787493.jpeg (83.56 KB, 318x500, h.jpeg)

No. 63374

File: 1574285646966.jpg (58.51 KB, 580x457, twitter.JPG)

They're realizing how weird and overbearing she is… Like, weren't they clued in when she bought expensive-ass bracelets for a bunch of acquaintances or called them her family despite the massive language barrier and only seeing them a handful of times a year (and knowing them for less than 2 years at that point.) This is an established pattern of behavior for her, she's currently up taylor swift's ass for the clout and woke points (probably hoping for a collab) remember when she wrote that cringy song trashing taylor back when she was a psycho 1D fangirl

No. 63376

she definitely used them and exaggerated the extent of their relationship (although they're no better in their blatant desperation for a crossover hit) but it's obvious that armys are jealous of her for breathing bts's air as well as being misogynists

now this is a lie… what nominations did they deserve exactly for mots?

No. 63378

Of course bts were also using her and a lot of armys were jealous weirdos about a feeemale being near their oppars (did you see some of them when bwl was first teased/released bitching about halsey not wearing a bra around their precious innocent babies), it's just that I've been looking at the PULL thread on halsey lately, and wooo boy she's a piece of work… bts are real dumbies for getting involved with her (and publicly tying themselves to her #officiallyourgirl) seemingly without anyone at bighit doing any research lmao

No. 63379

yeah she doesn't seem like a great person and is quite annoying. but i doubt bighit cares about stuff like that seeing as they've kept around a guy who wrote on a rape fantasy song (who bts rapline are also quite chummy with)

No. 63382

bts being the most popular kpop group is proof that "cancel culture" is not real and only affects people who had no real staying power anyway. like they had the chance to apologise for their cultural appropriation/antiblackness during jimingate last year but they chose to only address the stuff that was being brought up at that moment in time. and they obviously can't have learnt much seeing as chicken noodle soup was released a month or so ago

No. 63386

Idk how you read that thread, it's filled with koreaboos and armies

No. 63387

a lot of people on that pull thread are so obviously the misogynistic jealous twitter armys lol

No. 63388

What are they even jealous of, doesn’t she have a boyfriend?
I don’t get it, do they think bts are innocent babies or rabid men who can’t control themselves around a woman? Like if they’re as respectful and innocent as their fans say they are, why would a braless woman tempt them?

No. 63391

I just remembered this song, and it's really sad how sharp of a downturn Crayon Pop took after Bar Bar Bar blew up. I know it was a quirky song but this "comeback" afterwards was just ridiculous.

No. 63393

A legit question: Why do people say EXO members are old and BTS is young when their eldest members are only three years apart? And BTS debuted the year after EXO so it's not like they're new or fresh, either.

Legit curious.

No. 63395

I guess cause the lifespan of idols is so short?

No. 63396

Yeah but if EXO's is up, based on debut, isn't BTS near the same boat?

I don't believe in any of that, tbh. Just trying to understand the mind of ARMY. Probably a waste of time.

No. 63397

Why is Jessi always act like such an American celebrity try-hard? Same for Jay Park. This just looks bad.

No. 63398


No. 63402


No. 63403

They are westaboos basically.

No. 63404

File: 1574291689519.png (705.97 KB, 888x536, tumblr_p2ckhw8qXc1v9f0spo1_128…)

Because exo hit it big not long after they debuted and bts didn't. Most nowadays fans only became interested in kpop when exo was already established and then witnessed the rise of bts in 2016/2017, so even though they only debuted a year after exo, they feel much newer.
Plus exo quit doing aegyo/dressing cute ages ago already. If you compare their recent comebacks bts are obviously still pandering to school girls (and noonas kek), posing all smiley, talking about first love, adults being mean, while exo tries to go for sexy concepts.
Probably not the best comparison pic, but you get the gist.

Based on my own little sister who's a fan I've also always gotten the impression that young fangirls try to make themselves believe that bts are sooo young, just "boys", because admitting that those men in their mid to late 20s would never be interested in their (pre)teen selves would hurt too much. And bts furthers that by dressing and acting immature and featuring little girls as love interests in their mvs, to seem relatable and approachable to their kid fans. If one of them were to date, then I'd bet money on ratmys calling her too old looking for their oppar, they also already called the actresses bts named as their ideal types 'hags'.

No. 63405

7. [+37, -25] Probably because the Grammy isn't a place you can win a trophy just off of fan labor

Ding ding ding!

No. 63406

That! Idk what men in their 20s would be normal enough to act as teens? A person's mental development at this stage actually can't stand teen behavior, not to mention acting like one. It's disturbing on so many levels. it almost blends the line with pedophilia (especially the pics with the rainbow colors somebody posted above) and that explains to a certain extent ratmies' weird obsession with diapers and their other insane imaginations.
I just wonder how much longer this will continue because at one point they can't keep on hiding the fact they're grown-up men. This will just get worse soon for them. Even if they try to act mature and sexy, I don't see it working at all. Maybe for a while but their fall is bound to happen in the next 1-2 years.

No. 63408


>>because at one point they can't keep on hiding the fact they're grown-up men

Usually that's once they enlist in the Korean military and return, they lose momentum as a group, can't tour or record albums as a whole (an enlistee cannot make side income during service). The end of every teenybopper boyband plus the fans usually move on to something new.

No. 63410

Serious question but will V enlist?

He has autism so I don’t know if they will let him in since he has a disability.

No. 63411

They're Americans who couldn't make it in America.

No. 63412

>>63410 that ugly bitch has no diagnosis

No. 63413

We don’t know that

No. 63414

Out of BTS Rat Monster looks like the biggest pussy when it comes to military service. He just seems like a whiny pseudo intellectual who likes watching 18+ videos but still a momma's boy when you have to act like a responsible men.
But on second thoughts, they're all just narcissists with a big ego.

No. 63415

>Seriously, nobody likes txt, nobody talks about them, you can absolutely live life without ever coming across anything about them or their fans, so I don't see why anybody would even waste their time getting mad about their existence. It's not like they're constantly in your face like bts, nct or loona.

Yeah this. I never see txt brought up anywhere but here so i think youre on to something

No. 63416

I don’t see suga and jimins 90 pound twink asses doing well either kek

No. 63417

I like how Ratmies suddenly comfort each other with "A Grammy doesn't mean a thing. It's rigged anyways." If you know it's rigged, why you even want an acknowledgement from a rigged thing, huh? They contradict themselves constantly.

No. 63418

Grammys isn't rigged at all, the nominations are voted for by Recording Academy members via ballot and BTS are RA members themselves who probably nominated themselves. But most RA members are Muricans who don't listen to Kpop or understand Korean so the odds they nominate BTS over English pop acts are slim, there's no conspiracy. Ratmies cencelling the RA is kek, BTS are part of the RA.

No. 63419

He looks cute in that pic. Maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but I think he's going to turn handsome when he gets older. Actually, I think most male idols look ugly when they are still teenagers. Maybe because of the styling, I don't know.

No. 63420

I just roll my eyes at the ratmys that want to protect their poor boys and read for the tea, early in the thread is from before she collabed with bts so it's pretty good. Speaking of ratmys in the halsey thread:
>i love them to death too and this shit sounds selfish but i really didn’t want Persona to be the album that got nominated for a grammy. and i loved Persona (Home, Dionysus, Jamais Vu; the b sides are fucking good) but fml if the shit with halsey’s screeching Oh My My My in the bg was the grammy nom album… bitch that would be shameful. let BTS get nominated for something they did all on their own. absent of a kid-kissing, avocadis & bananis singing, obsessively searching herself, faking everything for PR, clown.. get some help, weird bitch!
I actually think halsey sounds like she belongs on the track and the already mediocre song would be worse without her. The album fucking sucks and it would be a travesty if it was nominated with or without the halsey collab.(emojis)

No. 63421


Or because no one actually listen to KPOP in Western countries except virgin teen? I was in a gay club 2 weeks ago and the DJ played a BP song… It literally killed the mood: no one knew their shitty song !

No. 63422

maybe if they played twice/loona…

No. 63423

I used to go to a (normal) club and they would play cl and gd's collab with skrillex very often. This was like a year ago. It was pretty shocking to hear but people seemed to like it

No. 63424


No. 63425

Dirty vibe is clearly a Skrillex+Diplo song so yeah people like it. It’s not really kpop.

No. 63426

I saw a ratmy comparing BTS Grammy case to Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar. There's no cure for them.

No. 63427

That's true but it was a surreal experience for me to hear that in bumfuck europe lol

No. 63428

File: 1574298462188.jpeg (497.99 KB, 1124x1424, 26906923-83EA-4BDD-959A-6588F0…)

The autist levels of this… jfc

No. 63429

>2. [+742, -82] At the end of the article, it mentions that the Grammy judges more on artistic ability and musicality rather than popularity. You have to admit that their standards are different from Korean award ceremonies.
>5. [+51, -9] Reminds me of a Bong Joon Ho interview. When a reporter asked him why Korean movies haven't been nominated for the Oscars despite great influence in the past 20 years, he said, "It's weird but not a big deal. The Oscars is not an international film festival, right? It's a local festival."
Drawing a line from a genius auteur to a shitty, plastic, manufactured boy band - the audacity.

No. 63430

this song fucking slaps wym

No. 63432

File: 1574301859594.jpg (95.52 KB, 578x550, halsey.JPG)

Ratmys are so gullible.

No. 63433

nomination for next thread pic kek

No. 63434

>>63413 well you actually got me there, anon.

No. 63435

Def dating myself here but is that 1990s lisa frank art? What does that have to do with bts?

No. 63439

Idk why they’re expecting to break the internet with this. Idk why they even made it a goal

No. 63441

Was thinking the exact same thing here, anon. I was thinking it was some collab.

No. 63443

kek @ people who think bts wants to go to the army they would get backlash if they didn’t

if they didn’t get backlash for not going none of them would go, in fact no korean male would go kek

No. 63445

>6. [+15, -2] Then it's time to get rid of the clause granting exemptions to athletes who win Olympic medals. I don't personally like idols but let's be real, what BTS has done historically is a lot more than what Olympic medal if we're talking about bringing honor to our country.

jfc ratmys are absolutely delusional. on what cursed plane of existence do boybands bring more honour to a country than olympic medals?? i'm offended on queen yuna's behalf, not that she'd have to go to the army anyway.

No. 63448

File: 1574312816362.jpg (384.89 KB, 1080x899, basedbbc.jpg)

BBC having none of it kek

No. 63449

I do see how they've brought honor or whatever in terms of spreading hallyu, bringing korean culture & language to a prominent place on the world stage, blah blah blah no one's disputing that. I sure can't name any Korean politicians or athletes, and I'm an old who actually follows the Olympics kek. But this aspect of the conversation needs to end..like, yesterday. Even if they were granted exemptions, they'd still go…I mean nationalism, pride, honor, social expectation, societal norms, cultural notion of masculinity, whatever you wanna call it, it runs deep in SK, everyone knows it, so does it even matter? All seven of them are such public figures at this point, along with bigshit & bang pd, et al, so wouldn't they be destroyed by the gp if they skipped out?

I'd also like to know if any Olympic athletes, renowned classical musicians, or members of other "exemption eligible" groups have actually taken the opportunity & skipped service. I just can't see that being the desired outcome unless theres a legit reason like an injury or something… although there is plenty of military work that's not physical so even that's a weak reason.

Also waiting on the Lisa frank thing still, like are these edits? I don't get it

No. 63453

File: 1574320086954.jpg (517.86 KB, 1080x2399, Screenshot_20191121_080716.jpg)

thats because it is lisa frank art

No. 63455

I might be a dumb esl anon but isn't 'speak yourself' grammatically wrong? How tf does one speak himself. It's been bothering me for a while now

No. 63456

the virgil abloh thing is interesting given that he invited mino to walk for one of his shows this year lol
i think it's like "speak out for yourself". the clumsiness is so that it fits in with the "love yourself" thing
the first two cyphers are some of the worst kpop songs ever

No. 63457

Im canadian and sometimes they play blackpink in the mall.
Blackpink do not make club songs lol
The only korean artist that goes well with the club scene is big bang

No. 63458


No. 63459

Well, big bang and 2pm

No. 63460

when will people realize most normies arent into asian music in general?
Of course they wont be nominated at the grammys.

No. 63463

Some kpoppies were rational enough to say that too but were immediately attacked by others lol The grammy is an american award, so of course most of the winners will be americans too.
Why is it so wrong that they prefer listening to artists from their own country who speak their own language? It's not like Korea hands out awards to foreigners either.
All artists in the entire world are somehow ok with not getting american awards but ratmys are so entitled that they think not getting is a crime instead of just the norm. But like usual this is also bts' own fault, since they always whine that a grammy is their biggest dream.

Something else that they just won't seem to get is that selling shitloads of albums doesn't mean that the music is good or that they're loved by the general public. Ratmys are super triggered by the jonas brothers, always reeing about them being a flop and not selling well but at the end of the day even middle aged people know them and their new song was on the radio non-stop (I say this as a non-american), so you can definitely say that it was more of a success than everything bts did this year. The music of others might not be super deep as well but at least it's not anpanman tier of childish.

No. 63464

File: 1574326329348.png (188.14 KB, 1379x394, Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 08.51…)

rational ratmies. wow didn't think they existed

No. 63465

Exemption only means being spared from the full 2 years, but those eligible still have to do 6 months basic training. Athletes only get to skip if they win gold medals at the Asian Games or Olympics. Silver and bronze winners will serve regardless.

I remember Son Heungmin celebrating winning gold at last year's Asian Games because it meant he and the entire Korean football team wouldn't have to do the full 2 years.

No. 63466

File: 1574326720266.jpg (273.18 KB, 980x1276, jimincel.jpg)

I really don't get what they were going for with this photoshoot lmao

No. 63468

Im surprised no one posted this. This was siwon's idea since hes now the representative of UNICEF.

No. 63469

Yeah i agree. Armies just legit hate on every american & korean artist and then act like victims.
Ive been into kpop since 2010 and its obviously much more mainstream than before but its still mostly nerdy teenage girls who listen to it in the west. Yes occasionally you see western artists going to bts or blackpink concerts but thats it.
Kpop is still niche. Plus kpop fans have such a bad reputation, many people refuse to listen to kpop bc of it.

No. 63470

File: 1574327145497.jpeg (390.58 KB, 1538x2048, C55FE777-ED6D-4793-ABDE-2A6A75…)

get a load of this jimin fanboy

No. 63471

damn i forgot to remove the video from my reply. Saged for autism

No. 63474

>>63468 why would we discuss that? it's not milky at all, they're trying to help out poor kids.

No. 63475

That was quick, lol. No Grammy, no hel from the government. I can imagine BTS crying their asses already somewhere.
Now that they weren't appreciated in America and next The Beatles agenda is over they will crawl back to SK pleading what big patriots they are. International fans will soon start losing interest in them cuz BTS weren't strong enough to provide them with a good "battlefield" for them to stream for them. BTS should have known that acting all "American" will only bite them back in their stinky asses.

No. 63476

will all of bts actually serve in active duty though? I doubt it

No. 63477

How are ratmy saying there are no asian grammy nominees when H.E.R and Anderson .Paak have two nominations each?

No. 63478

I think so too. Maybe most will go to the police duty or some other lighter category. But one or two of them will have to receive a harder duty to save BTS image.

No. 63480

I can see maybe JK and RM doing harder duty. I don't think the rest of the manlets could cope

No. 63481

well… you know why

No. 63482

I imagine them voting who will have it the hardest. JK will most probably be on a harder duty to make up for his rebellion, lol.

No. 63487

File: 1574336229041.jpeg (295.17 KB, 980x1230, 1EE2ADD4-458E-401F-AB52-929491…)

Kitsch + 90s nostalgia (Lisa Frank). It’s supposed to be tacky and garish. Actually I think it’s clever since boy bands are probably reminiscent of the 90s for a lot of Americans and a lot of BTS’ fanbase are women who were children in the 90s so it taps into demographic nostalgia. Paper mag is known for offbeat covers.

No. 63488

>tacky and garish
that they are. their complexion is ashy, idk if it was intentional. they look like bunch of uncles trying to appeal to 12yr olds with that background.

No. 63490

Lol it really seems meant to appeal to young millenial women who have a nostalgic fondness for Lisa Frank though IMO. What I’m questioning is the decision to put jhope in such a prominent eye-catching position on the cover… his skeleton plastic surgery face is just scary & sad to look at.

No. 63491

Ratmon and Jimincel are really fugly, but goddamn I still don't understand how someone with a face like Jhope can be in a fucking boyband

No. 63493

File: 1574338352927.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1668x1791, F523AB39-1531-4C4C-AF7B-669797…)

suga looks like my uncle..

No. 63495

File: 1574340116993.jpg (28.59 KB, 500x503, d181c3cf05ce417b047dcb8720fdba…)

he never shouldve fucked with his face. his looks were okayish before all the procedures. But he DID debut with the botched nose job, so my point doesnt really stand.

No. 63496

"Hey there, sexy girl. Do you want to come to my apartment. I have sth big to show you tonight.

No. 63497

I swear I saw some of these designs in a girl magazine my mom got me when I was 10.

No. 63498

Damn he looked a trillion times better

No. 63499

Is that really him?? RIP he was actually pretty cute. People ruining their faces with plastic surgery is the saddest thing.

No. 63500

File: 1574341273774.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1404, 61E67F22-2322-47F6-9526-12CD62…)

How is Jimin so popular? He’s a literal fucking maggot.

No. 63502

I second this holy shit

No. 63503

File: 1574341714326.jpg (81.66 KB, 778x1200, EJ5VLB_UUAATgK6.jpg)

that's a bit harsh anon. from some angles he looks almost like a human. even if he is an ugly one.

No. 63504

Someone needs to tell him to stop with the contacts, are his bandmates blind? What about his friends, his family? A partner? Someone needs to open his eyes.

No. 63505

File: 1574341832813.jpg (46.22 KB, 800x586, LeeJoonProfile.jpg)

saw someone on kpopsecretmeme say that he would look like lee joon if he hadn't fucked with his face. he honestly doesn't look bad in this picture what a bummer

No. 63506

sage for tinfoiling but do some idols wear contacts to hide dilated pupils

No. 63507

I find him attractive but I also think he’s kinda uggo. Idk. He looks like an anorexic monkey. One of those things where you feel weirdly attracted to someone cause of their flaws. I think most BTS fans think he’s just super conventionally handsome though which… lol. I’ve always been confused by BTS because apart from V and Jin they’re not a very visually appealing group.

No. 63508

V comes across as extremely cold, how can anyone fancy him? For me Jungkook is the only one that looks like the kind of cute next door guy, the rest look plastic to me.

No. 63509

File: 1574342103698.jpg (218.28 KB, 1080x1350, junglebook.jpg)

"the kind of cute next door guy" hmm I'm not too sure about that

No. 63510

i think they probably find him charismatic or whatever. i mean he's a great performer and not completely hideous but also he's kind of annoying lol.
v is easily the most conventionally handsome and that's what i think it comes down to in the end. they all are to an extent except the rappers lol. i know someone is going to call us closet armys in a few minutes

No. 63511

File: 1574342346325.jpeg (287.22 KB, 853x1280, 84D1550E-F1F7-4EE7-8DC4-1DF331…)

V is weird and retarded and but he’s easily the most conventionally handsome member.

No. 63512

literally the only reason people would ignore the hair pulling and telling a girl to cover up is bc he's good looking. oddly i don't think people talk enough about rm's multiple fuck ups

No. 63513

Sure but the most handsome men aren’t always the most alluring ones, he looks like a doll

No. 63514

That hair pulling video is fucking weird. Even the other members look skeeved out by it. They seem to at least have the self-awareness to realize the optics of the situation and V’s just acting like a mindless retard.

What’s RM done?

No. 63515

File: 1574342897660.jpg (34.9 KB, 500x716, 69cc4119f2b9a2f8af8eb8364a8936…)

oh boy, what hasn't he done… co-wrote on war of hormones, admitted to being an avid porn watcher which is kind of skeevy, said that his talent is impersonating black people (just like wendy), said the n word in a shinwa cover, used to deliberately style his hair to imitate an afro. these are just the ones off the top of my head

No. 63516

Lmfaoooo I just watched the hair pulling video and before he forces himself to smile, jimin looks like he’s about to flip the fuck out

No. 63517

File: 1574343731223.jpg (217.96 KB, 2000x1333, 946644f40fefb76e39bc53d08d6493…)

I really can't stand the bright blue contacts/monolids combination, it just looks so unnatural. Light brown contacts are fine, but not the extremely fake looking bright blue ones, they're way too jarring. Pic related.

No. 63519

I thought that a farmer made an unfunny edit to highlight his autism or something - but this is official??? lmao

In other news, Amber released a new song just days after scandal. Does she really think she will be let off the hook so easily? I-fans are the only ones who care about her
I really wonder why SM is still keeping her: her "music" flops and she seems to no longer work in Korea at all, you only see her doing collabs with american youtubers.

No. 63520

she left sm whenever f(x)'s 10th anniversary was

No. 63521

Oh, I missed that.
But how does she survive, if sm no longer provides for her? Fx wasn't popular enough to save much money and her income now must be close to zero?

No. 63522

Posted 10 hours ago, only 47 upvotes on r/kpop. Oof. Ngl I liked “Other People” though. Nothing groundbreaking but a pleasant enough 80s synthpop track. But Amber just doesn’t have what it takes to be a soloist I don’t think, even setting aside the recent controversy.

No. 63523

Doubt they care. Maybe giving them too much credit but I get the feeling theyre kinda over it. Grammys would mean even more posing as token asian horse n pony show, answering inane interview Qs, pretending they don't hate america while wishing theyre back in sk w/ their preferred fans & food, struggling English, pretending they don't secretly hate each other etc etc. They can't even mingle or party during u.s. activities bc they've set a precedent for always vlogging for fans after

All idol have a major emotional labor component, but bts is next level. I don't blame those lovelyz girls above, imagine how tiring pretending you love your incel/femcel fans & having your every strand of hair under scrutiny 24/7.

For this reason i kinda doubt any of them are truly on the spectrum only bc I think they'd snap or at least break the facade way more often..24/7 acting takes toll on anyone but autism spectrum, even mild, = even less stress tolerance. Incidentally v seems to break most often, tho, so u could be on to something anon.

No. 63524

I don’t truly believe V is autistic but he fits some of the markers for it & the discourse around the issue is kind of funny to me. Speech difficulties, going nonverbal, getting easily stressed out and overwhelmed in crowds, fidgeting, general lack of social awareness. Of course this could all be some quirky ~artistic~ persona he’s encouraged to play up for the cameras to seem like a manic pixie dream boy savant or something.

No. 63525


Am I bugging out or is she shamelessy trying to copy Doja Cat?

No. 63526

File: 1574348181343.jpg (93.18 KB, 747x478, autistaehyung .jpg)

his own fans were saying he was autistic at one point kek

No. 63527

That botched nose job threw off his entire face. he didnt even need PS. Korea is really fucked up

No. 63528

V is a gross , sexist autist. Even with all that in mind, i cant find him attractive because his personality is ugly as hell. I understand though that his fanbase are retarded teenagers and underaged girls.

No. 63692

File: 1574348820873.jpg (59.96 KB, 764x1024, wtfbro.jpg)

RM tryin it with the afro looks urked me the most. like wtf. his hair is very much not that texture, but some of their early work, he really had that hair and tried to ignore it happened. Did he ever apologise for it?

No. 63693

>Speech difficulties, going nonverbal, getting easily stressed out and overwhelmed in crowds, fidgeting
But he doesn't do that…? To me he comes across as very extroverted, albeit arrogant.
He sometimes spaces off but so does Jk and many others (nearly all female idols), either because they're tired or because they know that their fans love the deer-in-the-headlights look.
And it pays off, just look who the most popular in each group is, always the ones who look or act "cute".

No. 63694

Kek. Taehyung is the self-diagnosed sperg self-insert and Jimin is the fakeboi self-insert for western ratmies.

No. 63695

Can we talk about something other than BTS? I mean the Ratmy salt over Grammys snubbing them and SK government denying them military exemption on the same day is funny AF, but I wanna hurl at the 50 posts of lolfags(ratmies in denial) arguing if V Jimincel or Junglebook looks more handsome.

No. 63696

Sure, feel free to start by posting something else.

No. 63703

http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/11/court-dismisses-lai-kuan-lins.html Korean courts are no better than China. What happens next does he have to continue working with Cube after suing them kek

No. 63710

File: 1574351709873.jpeg (239.94 KB, 1125x1076, 62AA112C-37B7-4887-A9DB-6FD7A3…)

No. 63713

Lmao, what's the plot gonna be? Fat delusional murican kboos travel to seoul to become idols and fuck oppars?
I bet kpoppies will absolutely looove a foreigner doing this /s

No. 63715

It’s gonna be cringe. Plus it’s doomed to fail. Kpop stans are notoriously oversensitive and balk at any outsider attempts to document the culture. Any jokes about the manufactured/corporate/regimented nature of kpop will be taken as evidence of racism and xenophobia. No satire allowed. On the other hand normal people will just be like “what’s kpop lol that’s weird lol” and won’t go see it.

No. 63716

Police duty requires passing a separate entrance exam which I doubt most of them have the brains to pass. I'm guessing they'll claim long-term injuries as an excuse to do lighter duty

I went on holiday to India last month and one of their big high-end stores played Bad Boy and Kiss and Make Up, but mall BG music isn't much of an indicator for public relevance anywhere in the world. Most people just concentrate on their shopping/eating/whatever

Sucker hit #1 on the singles chart and was top 10 for quite a few months. That kind of longevity is something that BTS hasn't yet achieved and probably never will

No. 63718

File: 1574353938286.jpeg (554.46 KB, 2304x1536, vbn.jpeg)

Theres so much to unpack re manufactured idol personalities (& the younger the fan, the more they believe it's real) This pic feels like some insight into it.. tzuyu gets a lot of shit for always wearing that bored blank stare but maybe she's just trying to be always camera ready bc she knows she looks weird if she's not self monitoring?

Dahyun's camera finding thing might be staged. RM & Jackson's "friendship" is absolutely staged, also the group chats idols claim to share w/ other idols their age (I bet that did happen organically like, once, & fans loved it so everyone copied)

RM's whole clumsiness thing is fake or at least very exaggerated. I bet he broke something once & bigshit thought it was funny so told him to keep doing it. If he truly had issues w/ proprioception he wouldn't be so smooth w/ stuff like jumping off the table for Dionysus, walking the bleacher stairs on that one mma perf, etc.

No. 63720

Tzuyu is probably like Shuhua, Guanlin who all look blank and bored because theyre not truly fluent in Korean and probably don't understand 100% what people are saying half the time.

No. 63723

File: 1574355512015.jpg (951.84 KB, 1500x1000, 667632.jpg)

Samefag, this pic also is sooo freaky to me bc I've never seen this expression on him, he legitimately looks like a different person. Obviously it's a candid, some fan/pap surprised him but it's verrryy eerie to me..I understand if others don't see why tho.
Man Id kill for raw footage of these ppl IRL, no cameras.

Amber's solo stuff is terrible. The "borders" one is so cringe, i almost couldn't believe it was sincere & not just a campy one-off done just for fun or something

No. 63725

Do you realize there is tons of videos of him that are not their mv, right? All of them move their facial muscles and make expression lol

No. 63726



>no cameras


No. 63727

My friend has seen them at an airport in Japan and she said he’s quite intimidating. Just the other day a stalker posted a video of him and JK walking and talking at the airport and people said she deleted the long version cause he was glaring at her lol

No. 63728

Bts had their peak and I'm excited to watch their fall.

No. 63729

File: 1574359985061.webm (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 720x1280, BOOMBOOM.webm)

How boombayah isn't a club song ? Dududu, if remixed is ok as well (the other song that I heard in another gay club).

It isn't about the songs, it's about nobody knowing them kek

No. 63730

Yep. And theyre all acting all the time, that's why these pics are wild. Genuine candid reactions are rare. idols know they're being filmed everywhere. + fansites/media scrub the unflattering pics

You know exactly what I meant, but good try attempting to argue. No cameras as in not working, don't know they're being filmed. Doesn't have to be sub rosa tier stalking, just anything showing idols being their real selves. Jimin breaking character in the last thread was prime "tea" as the kids would say kek

No. 63731

i agree that they might find going to america exhausting and repetitive and i can't tell if other members are over it but i get the feeling that rm and suga would be pissed bc they seem to take themselves/bts in general quite seriously. tbh they're the reason that armys are so particularly arrogant since they push the real music agenda the hardest. at least the vocalists know pop music is meant to be fun

No. 63732

"with help from a former kpop trainee" lmao is tiffany going to be in this? it's such a bad move for her to actually script the movie, like i'm sure there's a korean american there who could write something satirical and funny. by the time this film gets released the intl kpop fandom and 3rd gen will probably have died down so it's going to be outdated and cringe

No. 63737

>>63493 sorry to that man

No. 63738

He did a few years ago, but it was an extremely vague “I didn’t realize I was offending people with my actions, I’ll do better in the future” type copout apology that armys treat as a get-out-of-jail-free card even though he’s done tons of racist things since then, and never speaks up when his band members do it. At this point I think bts’s offenses against black people are in the dozens, yet they still somehow have black girls defending them to the death. I will never understand.

No. 63741


Lolfags which do you prefer, Asian American or Korean makeup?

No. 63745

These pics seem old…

No. 63746

File: 1574369026854.jpg (415.62 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_11-21-03.35.53.jpg)


Nta but I took two photos from the article so no one has to waste time clicking a link

Top is korean makeup bottom is American

No. 63747

>hurrdurr maybe if i add fag to the end of muh words itll help me fit in better
Anon this thread is about kpop not makeup

No. 63748

Is Amber's new MV catastrophically low in views or about normal? Someone with more perspective tell me. Too used to million+ views in 24 hours from the top groups.

No. 63749

Korean makeup just doesnt look like makeup to me,it's not that sexy too . I am from Europe.

No. 63750

I feel like only rm and jk even want to go to the us - rm because he wants to be the next kanye (but in woke and deep) and jk because he loves generic pop singers like justin bieber. Rm obviously already speaks english and jk at least always says he wants to learn (but is too dumb to make much progress), however the rest looks like they couldn't care less.

I don't know much about nct but I can imagine that their korean members also aren't too thrilled about being constantly forced to try and make it there.

Can't really fault them for that, most people would probably prefer staying in their native country.

No. 63753

i think she just has a boring personality and so does mina and that's why they always look dead inside. momo and sana barely spoke korean when they joined twice, but they don't act like robots.

No. 63754

Does anyone remember Henry Lau being creepy toward women? I know he did or said some things, but I don't remember what it was.

No. 63755

looks like she got skin cut off around her eyes to make them look bigger and got a jaw shave

No. 63756

there's this black kpop youtuber who is shits heavily on mamamoo and (g)i-dle for being racist, but she's a ratmy who's bias is rm…literally makes no fucking sense.

No. 63757

Tzuyu has been in Korea, what, 7 years including trainee years and still looks like she doesn't know much of what's being said. I guess some people are just slow at languages?

No. 63759

Ratmys always manage to make everything about themselves. The video is about sexism in kpop yet their reaction is
>taehyung also said that people call him rude when he doesn't smile
>uhm jimin gets slutshamed a lot?!
>ackshually yoongi is also always boolied

I'm not a fan of jennie getting used as an example for a victim but female idols having it a hundred times worse than males is a fact.

And one thing kpoppies always get wrong is that they still believe in the notion that it's other women who are attacking female idols when it has been proven that adult men are the worst perpetrators.

No. 63760

I personally don't understand why most people think learning a language would be easy if you're locked up training dancing/singing, etc with practically only time to sleep. Not to mention that they probably skip most of their school days so it's understandable.
As a non-native English speaker it took me so many years of many hours per day to finally start understanding texts that are on B2 level. If I were to practice new songs/choreos while having to perform on tours/new comebacks, my English would be non-existent.
Not to mention I started getting interest in learning languages only after I got my first PC and access to the Internet. I basically self-thought myself English via Internet. Almost all the information I wanted was in English. But you need to have a lot of free time on your hands which members of kpop don't have.
Ofc, this doesn't apply to the ones that have lived in an English speaking country or have parents who thought them a second language.
My French, on the other hand, is total sh*t because there's nothing that sparks my interest about it.(blogging)

No. 63761


Meh… Sana, Mina, Momo, Lisa, etc. have all been in S. Korea around the same amount of time as Tzuyu and their level of fluency is much much better. Particularly Sana's. And they had to train, as well. Comparatively, Tzuyu looks like a deer in the headlights when anyone talks to her. Language is prob just not her strong suit.

No. 63762

>they still believe in the notion that it's other women who are attacking female idols when it has been proven that adult men are the worst perpetrators
But save for a few instances, it mostly is other women? Just look at this site. Males are banned on sight here yet this thread is still full of autists ripping apart female idols on the daily. This entire board is and has always been full of women shitting on other women…(derailing)

No. 63763

File: 1574378082344.jpg (122.59 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20191122_091250.jpg)

Do people that do this to themselves think they look good?

No. 63765

File: 1574379348352.jpg (77 KB, 720x618, 1572909823018.jpg)


No. 63766

>>63763 does wengie belong here tho even with wannabe idol shit, it's kind of a stretch. Also careful with racetalk, anon.

No. 63767

I honestly had no idea who this was lol, I saw her on Twitter and assumed she was a member of one of those groups that do stripper tier dance covers on the streets of myeongdong. No racetalk either, I just meant people who give themselves the gangnam unnie look deliberately genuinely confuse me. Idk anyone who thinks they look good

No. 63768

Who's that ?

No. 63770

That anon might be referring to a netizenbuzz article where there were more men attacking someone than women. But I think that article is the exception not the general case.

No. 63772

She said that a black guy being taken into custody by the cops because he was eating a sandwich in a train station was at fault for not being polite enough to the police on a podcast or something. Now people are canceling her for being racist.

No. 63774

>>63767 Don't blame you though, she has been trying to skinwalk k pop idols for so many years, gotten tons of surgery, it's sad. She just did a song with some nugu and she truly does look like a gangnam unnie!

No. 63776

I got this in my recommendation list lmao

No. 63777

>comparing his looks to adele

I'm so sorry adele sweetie you don't deserve this

No. 63780

No. 63784

File: 1574393494545.jpeg (433.15 KB, 1125x1609, 60ADBE0C-D11B-4CC1-BB9E-B0C06D…)

“ the announcement comes as part of the governments reform bill that aims to tighten rules for alternative military service”

Uh oh!!!!!! Looks like none of our oppas are getting special treatment !!! :(

I know it’s not true but I like to think that SK is just so sick and tired of bts that they passed this bs to force them to retire sooner :)

No. 63785

going to get called a rat for this but i don't get why everyone is convinced the military is going to kill bts. if super senior are still afloat in 2019 what makes you think bts won't be after they enlist? wishful thinking?

No. 63787

(Samefag) well I figured it would occur pretty naturally since bts is around 7 years old, which is nearing the end of an idol group’s lifespan. Plus Jin will be almost 30 when he gets out. I can’t imagine a bunch of 29 and 30 year olds executing bts’ current concept very well. I’m mostly glad that the gov isn’t making exceptions for any idols; they aren’t that special

No. 63790

>>63785 they need to buzz their hair, and then there's the fun thing of idols sometimes gaining weight or buffing up. None of these really fit the flower boy ugu bullshit many ratmies value kek

No. 63793

I wouldn't even say it's shooped but after losing so fast he'll definitely yoyo back
>[+403, -7] Since when is 99 kg considered handsome?????????????????
>[+8, -1] He looks like Bang Shi Hyuk

Using lolcow as an example is dumb, this is an obviously very niche site, your average women doesn't act like us, plus the chances that an idol will ever come across what we write here is highly unlikely. We're talking about people who write hate comments to idols directly, either on korean news articles, on their social media or even through fanmail. There have been several cases of hate commenters being sued by companies and they nearly always turned out to be middle aged men.
Latest example http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/11/son-naeun-shocked-at-hate-commenter.html?m=1
>"Really?" Even Son Naeun is surprised at identity of hate commenter, middle-aged male graduate of S Law School
>The person sending bomb threats to A-Pink was a man too.
>And the person who kept creating pornographic images of Suzy and claiming they were real? A man.
>Oh right, and the person who claimed that Jisoo from Lovelyz had raped her and posted pictures to prove it? Yeah, that turned out to be a man… and the "proof" photos were from porn.
There can be not one negative comment in sight and men still immediately start reeing about jealous females who supposedly hate on every attractive idol while hyping up ugly whasa or slutty hyuna.
I also saw an article on why there are no famous female mcs and men tried to write it off as "women don't want to watch them, women are womens biggest enemies", as if the entertaiment industry isn't completely rigged in favour for men. Even female comedians are supposed to look pretty meanwhile male idols like shindong expect praise for weighing less than 100kg.

No. 63797

>>63793 maybe I read your post the wrong way but korean men don't like hwasa or hyuna.

No. 63799

I am yet to find a more insufferable fandom than armys. They've got huge heads but fail to see that bts's popularity is literally just a trend, and trends eventually die. They'll always have a huge fandom, but their hype overseas wont last another 2 years imo

No. 63804

>Using lolcow as an example is dumb, this is an obviously very niche site, your average women doesn't act like us
Then what about lsa, pull, guru gossip, girls channel, the edgy side of stan twit, etc.? The rude pann commenters sound exactly like users from those female-dominated sites and lc too, nothing about them sounds inherently male. And I think that example you used is the article >>63770 mentioned.

>they nearly always turned out to be middle aged men.

Retarded boomers are worse at covering their tracks, who woulda thought.

Bizarre to see a manhate anon cross posting in here of all threads(derailing)

No. 63869

Yes, you read it wrong.

Saying that men make disgusting comments towards female idols isn't manhate.
What do you want? Should we all repent "yes we're so evil, we're all jealous women-haters who always post mean hate comments, unlike men, who'd never do such things"…?
You thinking they "sound" female doesn't mean a thing, these men being found out isn't an exception, unless further investigations prove the opposite. Plus saying girls who don't smile 24/7 are bitches and making sexually harrassing comments towards their bodies is not a male thing, are you sure…?
And like I already said before, there's a difference between posting on anonymous sites (especially non-korean ones) and going to an idols instagram and telling her she's a slut who deserve to die.

No. 63877

v is looking so bored of this shit kek

No. 63884

Since they announced that bts will be the first performers at the jingle ball, ratmys are super giddy joking about how half the audience is going to clear out before the other performers go on, it's super annoying. They're also already working themselves up over how many songs bts are going to do. from r/bangtan:
>I’m expecting 5-6 songs. Anything more is great. Anything less is disrespectful.
lol what? they need to get a grip

No. 63886

>A small spiteful part of me really hopes that the stadium is noticeably empty after BTS performs.

No. 63888

both look pretty okay. the korean makeup looks more like a 'no makeup'/natural' makeup look while the american one is more edgy/sexy
super junior had an old fanbase. 12 year olds move on fast. plus, aren't there like 15 members of the group? there was enough members to keep the hype going with variety shows and subunits
it's not manhate. incels and misogynists exist and they are pretty loud and proud about it in korean comment sections. of course women hate on women but we do it mostly on our own websites.

No. 63894

And the reason for this is that they want to prove how much better they are than monsta x who performed in an half empty stadium last year.
I bet the same ratmys who pretended to be angry at disrespectful americans leaving before them are now planning to do the very same to whoever is after bts.
If this really happens, then I can already smell the next negative bbc article kek
>How fans of this popular kpop act once again show that they lack basic respect
>reeee get your facts straight those were not real army quit painting all of us in negatively!1!1 lets report this unprofessional writer to bighit

No. 63895

It’s part of his public persona, I’ve noticed that he does it a lot. He’s supposed to be the bad guy of the group I guess, they all have assigned roles.

No. 63896

Some people act like males don't hate on each other on their own websites, as well. Look at Bodybuilding forum. No one accuses men of hating other men, though.
Only women are expected to give each other positive comments all the time or else it's "woman-hating.(derailing)

No. 63898

No, he's just retarded. Everytime i see a clip of V, i imagine a hamster on a wheel in his brain.

No. 63903

File: 1574440729491.png (126.47 KB, 300x280, homer.png)


This is probably him

No. 63917

Ratpinks are always acting as if Lisa was some dance goddesse or something when she's so fucking plain. Always shaking her anabody to some mainstream overplayed music. She inspires me nothing more than boredom everytime.

No. 63919

Headlinerjk is back with a long ass dissertation
I was rooting for her to quit this altogether and deliver the milk but this bitch is probably missing the money she gets from the jkfags

No. 63920

who the fuck is headlinerjk ?

No. 63923

File: 1574449835952.jpeg (73.53 KB, 749x1253, EJ_omFIWwAA1jo3.jpeg)

No. 63926

This is old news, anon…
At least post her new "dissertation" (if she even made any) instead of this, it's been discussed already.

No. 63927

she's no better than rose at dancing, but since rose got main vocal she was given main dancer i guess. blackpink are so underwhelming as a group.

No. 63929

I think Anon referred to why Jungkook couldn't improve his English.

In my opinion what you talk about is a completely different situation beacause those idols who you just mentioned have been living in Korea for years now an are surrounded by that language on a daily basis. They learn Korean (indirectly) even if the don't wan to, while they would have to make time for themselves to learn actively any other language (English, etc..)

No. 63931


Wow this looks awful. Whats up with all the weird little camera cuts? She’s not the best dancer and def isn’t the best in all of kpop.

She’s only hyped as a dancer cause YG only gives her dance shit and hypes it up

No. 63935

V is the most over it, as said above he breaks character most often..but we can't say if it's rly autism or just being over it
This jingle bell vid looks just like him in the intro to that snow white dance practice

But I'm more concerned about suga, what did he do to his face? He looks so different…he looks different every few months tbf but this is REALLY noticeable to me, i physically went "yikes

No. 63936

File: 1574464499795.jpg (Spoiler Image,320 KB, 886x1920, tumblr_ps0neoxTfv1ryqna1_1280.…)

sometimes i stumble upon these, never fail to crack me up a bit.

No. 63939

Old interview with bts, but weird. The comments are hilarious.

No. 63941

I swear everyone on kpop critical seems like a Ratmy in denial digging up old BTS interviews and photos kek

No. 63947

File: 1574467878289.jpeg (117.4 KB, 1109x1378, EKBAya1W4AAogaV.jpeg)

Wtf is up with the heart tattoo, it looks wrong

No. 63948

me too anon. My eyes immediately went over to his face and obviously, the bloating is gone. i mean, he does look a tad bit better without it. Idk if its dieting and severe weightloss, or botox around the jaw area. i guess we'll find out if he actually turned ana during the jingleball lol

No. 63949

seeing these tats close up ,i nevr realized how ugly they actually were. imagine having ~army~ on ur hand for the rest of your life. yikes

No. 63950

this. no one else pays enough attention to them to know exactly how often v "breaks character" or notice when suga loses one (1) lb. the "v 100% has autism!!!" anons sound like the guys who lowkey have a thing for autistic girls on cuckchan.

No. 63951

>You want to be brat?

No. 63952

I don't care how cute Jungkook is, that tattoo is a major femboner killer. It looks like something scribbled on by a bored 10 year old kid during Math class, most kids wash ink drawings on their hands off but he actually tattooed it kek. not too smart.

No. 63953

Lmao the delulus who harrassed the tattoo shop employees must be seething now. Not only he showed he's still friends with them but also couldn't curr about them posting his pics. For once a bts member wasn't a completely coward.

No. 63957

>>63947 next thread pic nomination

No. 63958

Did they post it with his permission?

No. 63959


Looks like he’s got bulimia knuckles

No. 63963

>BTS will not be given exemption from mandatory military service, South Korean defense ministry has said, reaffirming its policy of no exceptions for pop stars.


how do you guys think fans will react ?

No. 63965

This has been posted 50 times already

No. 63969

she's such an okay dancer. she isn't stiff/doesn't look like she's having a seizure like most idol dancers do but she's so average. a way of describing her dancing is that if she were featured in a dance studio's video, she'd be in the back of a large group. there's nothing interesting about her. this is particularly shit (and her long arms and legs make her look 6'0 and 80lbs. it needs some muscle.)

No. 63973

I'm always surprised that they can tell which member is which.

No. 63978


Yeah, but actual fans should take notice of this behaviour. It comes off as weird and not professional.

No. 63979

His nickname at debut was like "V Alien" because he's always been ~quirky~ and ~weird!!~. Is it possible that he's just playing up the image so much because his company has always wanted him to? And maybe that he's not actually autistic but read through the criteria for diagnosis and faking the mannerisms.
I really wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, considering he's under the same company that's shitty enough to send out a survey to fans about their mental illnesses to later rebrand & capitalize upon the mentally ill.

No. 63980

These look like amateur stick and pokes an 18 year old did at home. Junglebook really got robbed lol

No. 63981

wow you sure seem to know a lot about him

No. 63983

the tattoo artist who posted it actually has decent work too… why do him this dirty and then post pics of your mess too? like we get it you got to tattoo another famous person but this is hardly work one should be bragging about

No. 63984

lol @ how irene isnt following yeri on Instagram and everyone is freaking out. Just because they're in the same group, doesnt mean they are friends or even like each other

No. 63986

Jesus fuck those are some fug tattoos. The next hooker to get fucked by him will have to see that ugly ARMY mess on his hands and pretend to still be turned on somehow

No. 63987

jungkooks tattoos…man what the hell? it literally looks like some kid scribbled on a napkin and he took it to the tattoo shop…the heart literally looks like it was done in a marker. his arm must look disgusting

No. 63988

File: 1574494076658.jpeg (279.97 KB, 591x586, E3FFE883-9255-4B99-A5D8-B37871…)

Wtf is this hair??? Is it junglooks goal to look as stupid as possible these days or..???

No. 63989

He’s having a metal breakdown

No. 63994

That's what normal mens hands look like, anon… He dances and works out a lot, and is probably too lazy to put on lotion like every other dude as well

What am I even supposed to see here?

People need to quit overanalyzing every tiny detail

No. 63997

ot but I fucking hate hand lotion, even the ones that claim to be non greasy

No. 63998

File: 1574498693217.jpg (62.06 KB, 1024x682, EKCtYSKXkAA5fds.jpg)

At least post a decent pic if you want to nitpick.

No. 63999

Irene isn't following anyone on instagram, why would people be freaking out about that

No. 64003

File: 1574502866041.jpeg (131.17 KB, 682x1024, C2F0C1F8-F9D3-4092-89F9-9C75AD…)

jimincel looks so awkward here kek

No. 64007


I can do the same with marker tbh

No. 64008

Apparently yeri has been begging her to follow back on Instagram

No. 64009

she sees her almost everyday why would she have to beg for a follow? that's high key pathetic and verified accounts can follow people without it showing up on their account.

No. 64017

Fuck is it just me or does he look like e’dawn/dawn here

No. 64019

Tbh I feel sorry for taeyong and mark having to go back to 127 after accomplishing so much in superm. Imagine performing in a sold out madison square park with some of the most talented idols in the industry and then having to go back to carry those talentless freaks in 127 as always. 127 Nctzens are out here faking that they miss markyong but it's only because they hate seeing their success and popularity in superm

No. 64023

did you forget the "/s" anon??? from what i read 30 sections in msg were closed so of course it'd be easy to sell out. sperm fans are mostly nct stans and boy group fans who hate their individual groups. they gained almost no new fans who weren't already into kpop. in fact, ive seen some people say the only reason why they went is cause they never got a chance to get see exo or shinee's tours. curb the autism.

No. 64025


No. 64027

It's true, a lotta people went just for taemin or the wayv members

No. 64028

File: 1574524131016.jpeg (180.23 KB, 1080x1016, 19C8357A-A204-4CBF-B82D-0F153D…)

Leave Jikook alone!!

No. 64030

File: 1574524738132.jpeg (122.82 KB, 1024x1009, 7F5C2984-3736-49AA-8ECB-DEBDCD…)

leave taekook alone!

No. 64031

File: 1574524921954.gif (3.87 MB, 540x304, douma1.gif)

I'm not the only one who finds Matthew creepy, right?

No. 64032

File: 1574524972972.jpeg (154.21 KB, 1080x958, D048263E-8083-47CE-8D50-369776…)

FU whoever that is, Jikook <3

No. 64033

want them to see all these ship wars and go off again

No. 64034

File: 1574525186401.gif (4.11 MB, 240x480, douma2.gif)

No. 64036

He went straight for her lips at first. An obvious narcissist creeper.>>64031

No. 64038

This is genuinely disgusting, i think im going to vomit. This man is her father ew……

No. 64042

No. 64043

Taeyong and mark still accomplished more than what the other nct members wish they ever could. They wrote and performed solo songs, taeyong received writing credits on no manners, and even the executives at cmg took a liking to them.

No. 64044

I am 100% sure taeyong is giving his ass to come executive in SM lol

No. 64045

it doesn't make sense that he was the most controversial member pre-debut yet all of nct was focused on him. Dude can dance but so can hundreds of other sm trainees. sm really has a soft spot for talent-less idols that the public has a problem with(another example: yeri)

No. 64046

sm does blind testing for the lyrics they use from their idols. They let mark and taeyong write songs because find them genuinely talented, and because nobody else in nct can do better

No. 64047

okay if this is true I feel bad for her, but that's also hilarious

No. 64050

Thats disturbing
Anyone knows which video is it?

No. 64051

Why does the public have a problem with Yeri?

No. 64052

Considering how he allowed Somi to be sexualized as a JYP trainee I'm not surprised he's a creep too

No. 64053

cause they didn't want her to be in red velvet (she was added a year later) and because of her body shape. they find her rude/untalented

No. 64055

He's an eNtErTaiNeR too so it's along the same lines of all the fake gay fan service. It's all meant to be just over the line for attention. I wonder what knetz really think of him

She has to be a plant…sm "favor" fave or chaebol kid. Nothing about her justifies her placement. Plenty of untalented idols do at least bring something to their group…yeri's got nothing so ya she is sus

No. Are you 12? You've clearly never seen them irl before. Embarrassing reach
And hand tats fade fast, I think y'all are trippin over nothing. These aren't a serious life long commitment lmao calm down

No. 64057

she's definitely a chaebol kid. according to reveluvs (grain of salt) sm staff kept saying she was one of the best trainee they had so they added her to red velvet instead of the upcoming sm group. they probably said that cause her rich parents give them a bonus to debut her sooner kek

No. 64060

Way late sry but idg this, are you under the impression there's an expiration date on the gay fan service? I imagine they'll keep doing it as long as fans want it + it keeps putting $$ in bigshits pocket. Idk why you think it's officially inappropriate now (it always has been, unofficially but that's a diff topic altogether ha)

If this is really your pov this isn't the thread for you. Fans of a thing learn details of that thing, then posts come from said fans keeping up on the news of that thing. Is this your first time on the internet?

General convo by nonfans, like general observations of bad songs, bad ps etc are observations literally anyone can make & this thread is well beyond that (at least it was before this recent influx of twitter refugees who refuse to integrate) If you can't see why someone would know an idols name i can't imagine why you'd care about anything in this thread

No. 64062

There's a difference between knowing the most popular groups or keeping up with "news" like on netizenbuzz, and knowing every tiny detail about absolute nugus or overanalyzing V's expression in every pic that's out there (plus talking about it for days). That's more than just keeping up with kpop milk.
Some people here have admitted to having been a fan when they were kids (and therefore knowing about shit that happened 5-10 years ago), I do have a soft spot for some of the old idols I liked back then, but there's no excuse for farmers who very obviously watch every loona or nct video - unless you were underage until yesterday…

No. 64068

Taeyong is Lee Soo Man’s way of showing Jaejoong he’s completely over him.

No. 64076

No, lsm likes him because he's talented, hardworking, good-looking, and has obvious star quality. He's easily more all-rounded than most of the exo members and he's only been around for half the time they have. The only thing he can't do well is sing

No. 64081

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t know any 18 year old girl that would be happy to sit around with their dad while he’s in underwear. Let alone broadcast his thighs to the world on camera. So weird.

No. 64082

Not a fan of EXO but I gotta laugh. Him shaking his ana bones around and talking fast isn't talent. At least EXO leaves the producing to the professionals and comes out with some music that doesn't sound like pots and pans. Taeyong got ps to resemble Jaejoong cause he is the most successful idol ever. SM wants that again.
Shes probably 'comfortable' cause he's been doing this for years around her. He is a creepy stage dad that needs to stop pimping out his kids.

No. 64083

Fuck off, markyong both suck ass and taeyong's rapping was by far the worst part of sperm's mini albun. He's worse than chanyeol. who cares if he writes his own verses if said verses are trash? If those two were half as good as you claim they are their group wouldn't be flopping harder than any other flagship bg sm has put out in the first place.

No. 64084

The lyrics she's written aren't nearly enough to justify her status
That solo song is boring as any iu drama ballad & the mv looks like a bad powerpoint, almost as bad as minzy's solo mv
Her voice is so bad I'd actually pay for a version of milkshake without her grating nasal "rap".. & that's saying a lot since Ive spent literally only $4 usd on kpop in six yrs

Other talentless idols contribute to their groups in other ways thru visuals, personality, acting, leadership. Other "ugly" idols make an effort to turn things around…like Umji or Soyeon both still get shit for their visuals but you can't say they aren't trying. Yeri is a total mystery, def someone or something is behind it

No. 64085

>Scamyong is talented, hardworking, good-looking, and has obvious star quality.
Lmao get out of his ass, he's an anorexic midget who spazzes around on stage and calls that art. Plus, he bullied his classmates to an extreme degree, no normal person likes him.
I guess this one >>64019 is yours as well…

No. 64086

His height is average for a Korean male.

No. 64087

Nta but you don't believe he's actually 5'9", do you?

No. 64088

File: 1574555221872.jpeg (45.34 KB, 404x571, 94FD9F70-42B0-4C6E-A232-EA5647…)

Taeyong is always wearing thick insoles. Doyoung’s listed height is 178cm and Taeyong’s is 175cm. Does this look like a 3cm height difference? And I’m sure Doyoung isn’t even 178cm.

No. 64089

Whether he's short or of average height doesn't even matter anon, fact is that he's not the amazing godlike creature you make him out to be.
Stanning some untalented uggo is one thing, but caping this hard for a bully…

No. 64090

Not any of these anons but are you not aware idols are frequently cast precisely because their stats are considered more attractive than the average Korean? It's called the entertainment industry lmao

On top of that male idols wear insoles & fudge their official heights/stats to be higher. Female idols have their heights/weights fudged to be lower.

No. 64092

Do you have a good comparison picture of his and johnny's height? Johnny is listed as 184cm but one of the members revealed that he's actually just 180cm (rolf) and taeyong looks so much shorter than him.

No. 64094

File: 1574557652105.png (683.71 KB, 636x718, Somi.png)


They are so fucking gross !! Who does that kind of shit ?

No. 64095

File: 1574557846519.jpeg (238.64 KB, 1000x1500, 7C0E5300-9429-4615-974C-9002F2…)

nta but i looked up a pic and taeyong has to be 171 cm at most… especially if you factor in the fact that they wear thick boots and insoles.

No. 64096

File: 1574557996239.jpeg (163.12 KB, 1080x1920, 5CE88CAA-8ABD-4473-8DB1-BA417C…)

Johnny’s head is cropped but this

No. 64097

File: 1574558064623.jpeg (771.89 KB, 1536x2048, DCE38AA6-D9C6-4866-A4C3-A47DB3…)

Also this looks fucking gross

No. 64098

People who are trying to make it in entertainment, to get attention publicity etc
I'm not saying it's cool I'm saying we're doing exactly what they want kek. Her dad's pretty shameless

Does anyone remember the pineapple discussion from a few threads ago? I dug pretty deep trying to find more on that but couldn't find anything, can anyone link me or is it just that no one's written about it in English?

No. 64099

can you link the thread where the pineapple discussion is? i don't see it

No. 64102

Taeyong would make a great twink, ngl

No. 64103

Meh. He don't even got an ass

No. 64114

File: 1574570272737.jpeg (88.22 KB, 720x960, 45403F10-A91E-48C9-A8F9-C0A724…)

Yes he does he has a juicy booty

No. 64116

I meant taeyong

No. 64117

thought it was taeyong damn they all look the same

No. 64119

He probably is tbh. Oh wait inb4 that person comes in here again saying that theres no gay idols and everyone is homophobic

No. 64121

Did you miss the part where taeyong actually IS homophobic? That controversy only happened like a month ago.

No. 64123

ew, wtf . Everything about this is 100 percent nope. Her body language says it all!! creepy ass motherfucker

No. 64131

this vid has the energy of a tiktok

No. 64134


or hint…thread #20
if you can't figure out how to ctrl+f for a quick search, i can't help you there friend

No. 64136

A gay person who mocks other gay people in their youth before they come to terms with their sexuality. Hmmm never happens.

No. 64137

170cm is the global average and is still within the norm for Korean guys. Stop comparing Asians to Dutch people.

No. 64138

I think the only faggot here is you, anon.

No. 64139

File: 1574585732493.jpeg (87.15 KB, 616x628, A8A217E9-6C32-404B-8CDB-96D81A…)

since some anons seem to think taeyong’s lyrics are so good, they should know that he literally admitted his shortness in a song

No. 64140

Mamamoo is honestly becoming sort of trashy. They're clearly playing on their sexuality level more honestly than a lot of idols but aiming to make everything into controversy or somehow challenge the norms is a bit much once your entire existence of a group becomes that.

No. 64142

[Breaking] Reports state Goo Hara has been discovered dead in her home


No. 64143

and you linked the oh_mes2 tweet instead of the article

rip hara

No. 64144

No. 64145

No. 64146

Fuck this is heartbreaking. RIP

No. 64147

Goddamn, that poor woman. I was really rooting for her…

No. 64148

who cares if it's an article or a tweet from oh_mes2 you sperg


No. 64150

File: 1574598634953.jpg (301.96 KB, 997x1578, IMG_20191124_131948.jpg)

Sad, but not really a surprise.
I remember "defending her" from some cunts a while ago.

Suzy really seems to be the only one out of the 2nd gen female idols who debuted super young but miraculously turned out alright.
IU just had a comeback, she must be devastated losing her two best friends within weeks.

No. 64151

File: 1574598680818.jpg (394.36 KB, 896x1910, IMG_20191124_132042.jpg)

No. 64152

great that people are already focusing on this being solely a depression/mental health thing (which it is partially) but completely ignoring the fact that it was misogyny that drove both hara and sulli into those mental health issues in the first place. until south korea gets their rampant sexism and abuse towards women in check this will keep happening.

No. 64153


All of these suicides end up as some excuse/argument to censor basically everything instead of people looking and companies that debuted these idols and likely gave them no mental health support ever. That and their society in general.

It's fucking dumb.

No. 64154

her first failed suicided attempt was never taken serious by the press and demeed fake and scened for attention.
people don’t care unless these celebrites end up dead,and that lasts for a few weeks before they move on.all these deaths have no impact on how women are treated and spoken about in media.

No. 64155

there's a reason she became so close with sulli and IU right after going through that whole shit with her abusive piece of shit ex boyfriend and the abuse the korean public hurled at her. all 3 of them face/d constant misogynistic abuse and it's honestly depressing as shit that seemingly nobody wants to talk about this.i hope IU has a rock solid support system i sincerely fear for her life at this point

No. 64156

IU was hated on by the general public? I thought she was the golden child no one ever spoke badly about.

No. 64157

2019 is a shitty year for Kpop, goddamn.

No. 64158

lol no she got into hot water over some shit with her MV having lolita-esque imagery in it + the usual incel abuse because she dares to date men. she even made a song about the garbage the press keeps writing about her

No. 64159

Misogyny might have fuelled her mental illness but in the end she commited suicide because she was depressed and no longer had the will to live.
Mental illness needs to be talked about just as much as misogyny.

She was very good friends with them already years before that, don't try to twist the truth to fit your rethoric.

In the end those comments from farmers are sexist, seeing as men who try to commit are believed. "Attention whore" is a title usually only given to women.
But nevertheless, not writing bullshit like that isn't "censoring", they were clearly only mocking her.
I'm a radfem too but please don't turn somebody who's been in a ruthless industry since they were a child killing themselves into a general all problems are caused because women in korea are treated shitty thing. She debuted as a young teen and later was beaten and raped by her bf - and nobody, not men and not women, believed her. This is not the experience of an average woman.

No. 64160

>Cosplay Snow White
>I'll be the hobbit

what the fuck are these lyrics??

No. 64161

iu was at first liked,then loved,then hated,then loved again by the public. but now she is most appreciated for being this cute non-controversial bland ballad-singing girl , but she had her share of undeserved hate.

No. 64162

File: 1574600725584.jpg (163.18 KB, 821x1074, EHUreicXYAAj9SQ.jpg)

You sound way too sure of yourself on this for someone who clearly has no idea how korean society works. Domestic violence and rape is a huge huge issue in SK and yes, her experience was absolutely amplified due to being in a toxic industry, I never said otherwise. But to ignore the fact that misogyny is a huge big problem in SK is just being willfully ignorant.

>pic related and from actual koreans

No. 64163

File: 1574600781233.jpg (149.51 KB, 770x1026, EHUreiTWoAA_2hk.jpg)

No. 64164

File: 1574600800771.jpg (151.39 KB, 790x1002, EHUreibX4AIuCmG.jpg)

No. 64166

You sound as if you feel guilty and try to push the blame as far away from you as possible
>m-my hate comments towards her don't matter, it's korea's fault!
Everybody who didn't believe her is no better than those korean men.

No. 64167

? It's obviously a multitude of things and the hate comments have a specific root cause. I never said the hate comments didn't contribute to her death I'm actually saying the opposite but I guess everyone here just reads whatever the fuck they wanna read.

No. 64168

Right? I was going to say if >>64159 is a radfem she's a pretty shitty one. Imagine calling yourself a radfem and having no idea how widespread and systemic abuse of women is in patriarchal societies (like SK). She probably thinks radfem means "hates trannies" and has never read an actual feminist work.
SK is so awful for women, isn't it the worst OECD in for women's rights?

No. 64169

*OECD country

No. 64170

You like all the other resident radfems came here the second the news broke and now try to use her death for your agenda. This is disrespectful. It's about her now, and not about womens rights in korean society in general.

No. 64171

I'm not a radfem I just have common sense but I guess I offended the resident koreaboos. My bad. I'll take my leave.

No. 64172

You sound like those conservatives who say we shouldn't talk about gun control after a mass shooting. Of course tragic events in the news that highlight certain societal issues are going to spark discussion of those issues, and hopefully lead to some insight/change.

No. 64173

Guys stop talking about redfems/korean culture, you're all going to get bans kek

No. 64175

With all the recent suicides that have happened you'd think this would open up a dialog about mental health and a sort of social reform of the entertainment industry as a whole but its like people dont care.

No. 64176

Ikr. How long was it until sulli was forgotten? 2 weeks? People only hyped the news of her death to wk their own idols or to earn fake social points.

No. 64177

you say that like it would be a big loss

No. 64179

Are people supposed to mourn a celebrity death forever?

No. 64182

As sad as it is, nobody cares about these idols’ suicide because they’re not “mainstream” They’ll get a few posts here and there to attract views and shares and that’s it. If something happens to a member of BTS, EXO or Blackpink you’re gonna hear it for months and mayyyybe the industry will do something about mental health since their golden cows are either dead or mourning over their friend. This is harsh but it’s the world we live in.

No. 64185

Yeri IS a visual. Irene of course will always be the #1 prettiest in the group but Seulgi and Yeri are also considered very pretty by most of the Korean public. I don’t get why this thread buys into the Yeri hate, obviously she’s not talented but she’s not particularly worse than any other idol, and all the bad attitude rumors seem completely manufactured. The girl has been bullied for her figure and has been rceiving rape threads on livestream since she debuted at 16, and then she lost one of her mentors to suicide. Can you really blame her for having rbf and looking like she hates idol life? She probably had no idea what she was signing up for as a kid.

No. 64186

The level of vitriol was unwarranted, but I wouldn’t say the hate was completely undeserved. She obviously has some deep-rooted childhood abuse issues if she thinks pedo pandering is okay. I used to have more sympathy for girls like that until I discovered the online ddlg/lolita scene and realized they revel in the attention.

No. 64187

Now, this doesn't surprise me at all. I was really taken aback and shocked when Sulli passed, it truly took me a while to process it, but when Hara made that crying livestream for Sulli, I instantly assumed it'd only be a matter of time. I didn't think it'd happen so soon after Sulli, but I knew it was coming, specially with her recent attempt and the fact that she clearly didn't get the necessary help afterwards. What happened to her at the hands of her abuser was absolutely horrific. I hope she rests in peace. This is quite sad.

No. 64189

people do with jonghyun, why not with sulli and soon goohara? …oh wait i know why.

No. 64190

I hope goo hara's ex lives with guilt for the rest of his fucking life

No. 64192

She tried to commit suicide back in May as well but was found by her manager. The death of Sulli and her ongoing case with her exboyfriend probably didn't help her mental recovery.

No. 64195

Does anybody remember the show that was the main cause Hara's career ending?
Kyuhyun said "She's the dating-dol (meaning she's the idol who dates the most = a slut). If I open my mouth, Hara will be over." Then she started crying and all the hate comments started.
His fans tried to defend him by saying that this is the show's concept and that he was pressured to do this, but while the older mc were invasive too, he was by far the worst.

He opened a new hair salon just shortly after he was declared "innocent", he obviously doesn't care…

No. 64197

They think they're not like other girls because they're size 4s instead of 0s

No. 64198

not all of them. someone posted this on reddit yesterday and i got spooked by how skinny she is
(go to 4:50 or so)

No. 64200

People seem to forget that cameras add a few pounds, there is no way Solar is a size 4, at most a size 2 judging by the video. She is definitely skinny but she has muscle, unlike Lisa or Rosé.

No. 64202

Nta she has some muscle definitiom but she is still awfully skinny looking, especiallu the thighs. Sidenote, why the hell are covers like these in kpop done in a way they just sound pure garbage?

No. 64203

Ikr? The hobbit? Kek did he not want to call himself a dwarf?

>I want you to be afraid of me

>Be meaner to me
Why does he contradict himself? His lyrics are retarded

No. 64204

File: 1574624293502.jpg (59 KB, 610x563, mama.JPG)

Mamamoo is just as skinny as all other groups, they just like to pretend they're different.
Moonbyul is one of the most ana looking idols out there - and she lost a lot of weight predebut meaning she's definitely not naturally skinny.

I always wonder how come they act so westernized yet also do racist things? They act as if they eat tons, are "curvy", wear weave + baddie makeup + longass fake nails, act lesbian, don't wear bras, are "badass",… They totally remind me of the Jenners and Hadids, how they're spoiled and rich af models but then pose with burgers and speak about feminism.

No. 64205

File: 1574624648087.jpg (59.77 KB, 564x640, Moonbyul before and after.jpg)

No. 64206

File: 1574624817217.jpeg (219.97 KB, 1076x1169, A8C834F5-9C4C-415E-8D93-F62B56…)

not to defend him but he said that when recording that song he was made to change some of the ”me/i” to ”you” making it sound weird. i guess the original (pic) was too subby for sm kek

No. 64208

File: 1574625007960.jpg (56.73 KB, 377x725, yoshiki0347.jpg)

She looks like freakin Yoshiki from xjapan

No. 64209

Aside the hobbit line the lyrics here actually aren't half-bad. I can see why they use his lyrics, and don't think anyone else in nct could write stuff like this

No. 64210

anon please kek

No. 64211

No. 64212

Probably neither.

No. 64214

File: 1574631738252.jpeg (311.58 KB, 1668x1645, 8509F388-177F-4B9C-9739-CCD369…)

Political twitter are making their takes now, unfortunately

No. 64215

that person isnt wrong tho

No. 64216

They're right

No. 64219

>exclusive contract with a japanese agency
>jpop release
>japanese tour

No. 64220

Learn to read will you. I replied to the post saying that their deaths are never going to change anything within the industry. Mourning has nothing to do with this. Remembrance is good to prevent the same thing from happening in the grand scheme of things.

No. 64221

Because most people here are ot4 rvfags

No. 64224

I agree. They're mainstream though, they're just not "hot news" and being female also plays into how the public perceive them. Really shows how quick the idols' expiry date is.

No. 64225

File: 1574633108491.jpg (108.03 KB, 1080x500, IMG_20191124_230307.jpg)

She's absolutely right. But all fans in her retweets for once are acting mature and agree with her, so…

No. 64226

that's what i was thinking. the fact that they're female + the amount of public harassment/shaming they faced played into a role why most people don't care. sulli and hara are also considered 'old' even though they just debuted pretty young

No. 64227

Ugh I remember this. Everyone excused the fucking shitty mcs for their behavior. They weren't even apologetic afterwards. At least show remorse and admit you shouldn't have said that. Instead they act like they can't handle her emotions (which they probably can't, they don't give a fuck how women really feel)

No. 64229

Hara probably lost a very important friend and confidant in Sulli, if they were close and Hara was already suicidal I could see how it pushed her over the edge.

But Knetz are terrible and culpable for blaming Hara initially when she got into a scandal with her ex boyfriend and embroiled in a court case, then for trying to search for Choi Jungbum's revenge porn of Hara on Naver. Wasn't there a blind item of a celeb being blackmailed by her ex, I think it was definitely Hara and even til today I think her ex possibly has some compromising material of her that she fears will go public. It's very sad but I completely understand her fears because SK will blame her for getting nudes leaked and for dating bad boys even if she was a victim.






No. 64230

Are they just pretending to not know or are they that naïve to ignore the fact that their support & money are what enabling the industry to abuse those idols

No. 64231

yeah that's what i don't get… why is it hard to admit that entertainment industries are corrupt and evil systems that rely on exploiting people? you can still enjoy kpop and admit this.

No. 64232

Yeah even when i was in my teenage kboo phase i never paid a dime to listen to kpop albums or paid for a concert. Not to say that piracy is great but knowing how the system works you wouldnt want to be one of the people actively supporting it. Nowadays these kboos spend big on times square ads and shower their idols with expensive gifts, and they expect for changes to happen in the industry like seriously… you can only pick one side here.

No. 64234

What's the difference between "dead inside" and "tired after performing a 2 hour concert"? Kek. I look dead inside after running a half marathon too but it's not because I'm depressed.

BTS are among the least exploited groups in Kpop since Bigshit is a small agency with a CEO who said he started his own firm after JYP to give idols better treatment. Still I have zero doubt Jungkook is not a well-adjusted adult after debuting too young and missing out on a normal adolescence with schoolmates and friendships. Debuting very young seems to have done Hara and Sulli harm too, Korea should maybe ban under 17s from debuting in the entertainment industry because training, living in dorms and idol schedules separate them from their family too young and make them ripe for exploitation and harassment.

Women in Kpop have a worse time than BTS or male idols in general since most male idols have loyal fangirls who shield their scandals and attack their gfs (Mijoo lmao) whereas female idols are dropped like a hot potato by male fans who stan some new girl if their faves have a boyfriend. Hara got slutshamed by Kyuhyun for dating but I bet he wouldnt call out a male idol for dating or visiting host bars or escorts.

No. 64241

This is what I hate when cases like Hara's one happens. All of a sudden, they all know who's depressed and how they feel.
I actually feel disgusted that once a death occurs, suddenly everyone cares for the person. Yeah, sure. It's such a big hypocrisy. Those fans choose to support the industry as long as their fantasies are satisfied. They don't care those people are more and more exploited because those fans keep feeding the companies with money. They see them tired but don't bat an eye cuz they need their new contents constantly. Then, they use death for suddenly showing how "caring" they are.

No. 64242

Tbf most ifans only support their oppars through streaming, the real reason groups like exo or bts (and therefore also their companies) are so rich are wealthy af korean and chinese women who are willing to spend millions on their favs, like buying 1000s of copies at once. So at least they're not financially aiding the industry.

Somebody in that very same twitter thread pointed out that she/he is often at metal concerts and while the artists are also extremely exhausted it's still different from how kpop idols look like.
I think it's good when ratmys like >>64225 acknowledge that bighit isn't a caring family, that bts are not in control and overjoyed about everything their company has them do. I mean, some other ratmys really do believe that the childish act they put on for videos is their real personality, so that's an improvement already… And in the end it's not a competition of who has it worse. Some idols might be decked in gucci and traveling the world, but they're still puppets who'd lose everything if they tried to break free.

No. 64243

Do you think she was treated badly by her japanese agency? Since things are even worse there…

No. 64244

streams = money and most companies take 70/30 on top of the fact that the 30 is split among 5-12 members. plus some fans buy 5 albums each, every update for lightsticks, concerts, and other useless merch. they are still contributing

No. 64245

i dont think theres any use in speculating those kind of things when there are plenty of proven things that seem to have contributed to her death

No. 64246


Lmao apparently Jimincel is the most popular male idol among idols

No. 64249

File: 1574646939225.jpg (36.98 KB, 749x415, IMG_20191124_195452.jpg)

sorry for the garbage quality but holy fuck what is going on with rat monster

No. 64250

File: 1574647017875.jpg (113.35 KB, 1080x578, Screenshot_20191124-195325__01…)

someone said he looked like a cabbage patch kid

No. 64251

File: 1574647280050.png (574.81 KB, 1200x1198, CiCQUOJXAAEr3a-.png)

it doesnt even look human kek

No. 64252

Yumi king is that you???

No. 64253

idc if you are a delusional blink but Harry Styles never said he wanted to collab with bp, he just went to their concert and followed Jennie on IG. Niall also said he thinks their music is cool but never mentioned anything about a collab, he said he wanted to collab with Ariana. I am sick of kpop stans thinking every single celeb wants to collab with their favs just because they mention them. its dumb and never gonna happen, like someone said Harry just finds Jennie hot he couldnt be bothered to follow the rest of the anas

No. 64254


No. 64255

also these numbers are due to how overpriced the tickets were…ive never seen a concert with such high prices for such a small amount of songs. and kek get this, they are already booking venues for an early 2020 tour with the same amount of songs. obvs they'd be making more than all these other groups mentioned

No. 64257

File: 1574650085773.jpg (55.72 KB, 378x524, sleepparalysisdemon.jpg)

No. 64258

They all look miserable.

No. 64262

>>64250 the fucking colorist jokes ratmon used to make, bitch yall tan.

No. 64275

OP knows a nickname from the basic profile of an idol
"Wow you sure seem to know a lot about him!!!!!

No. 64276

Is there any reason rap monster looks up all the time in selfies and on camera

No. 64277

(ntayrt) you could've just said "i know", we all know you're op.

also lrn2greentext

No. 64278

Maybe he thinks it makes him look like he has a chin

No. 64279

he should do the ok sign over it like leafy

No. 64282

No. 64283

You're like a full day late, jackass >>64142

No. 64284

it's so obvious which members are abusing the fillers lol. j horse, jimincel and rat must all visit dr.kim together

No. 64285

Is that really the case tho. I come from an SEA shithole in which broke teenage kboos are willing to spend their broke parents' money to buy more than 1 album and concert tickets. Some even scam other retarded fans to buy concert tickets. Sure chinese fans have the most money but other ifans are just as retarded.

No. 64286

I have no idea but that bra slip accident was messy

No. 64287

tbh that's what bang pd wants you to think… he obviously doesn't care about how idol life can fuck up minors given 3/7 bts members were minors at debut and some of txt probably are too, bts were on tour for like a year straight, bts don't have as much creative control as they'd like you to think, jimin had/has an eating disorder, none of the members seem to have any cultural sensitivity/awareness of social issues given that the chicken noodle soup atrocity just came out a few months ago, this has been discussed on here ad nauseum so i'll stop. so i don't see how they're different except that they tell you they're different.

No. 64288

File: 1574676475110.png (421.38 KB, 701x782, jincelandjimincel.png)

Maybe not the same but this pose gets me & idk why. They're not doing anything, but somehow it is so gross to me..? & all male idols do it (its the director/photog telling them ofc, but still)

A worthwhile drinking game might be kpop boy group mvs on a loop & you drink every time a guy wipes his lip kek i'm fascinated by this kind of thing tho, like who even started that? Who decided it was sexy or cool? It def wasn't the western entertainment industry. And the girls do it too

No. 64289

not @ the fact that some of y'all don't know what the fuck you're talking about and use xenophobic, racist, etc remarks while aaying the idols are bad for doing the same thing

y'all on some other shit(>>twitter)

No. 64290

OMG did u see what people are saying about jihyo lol


No. 64291

that link is about onision…

No. 64292

OK, back to Twitter with you, kid.

No. 64293

"I wanna play with your heartbeat…fade away until I can't hear it anymore"

Uh is this him basically describing slowly murdering the girl? Weird choice of words lol

No. 64296

did you have lipstick alley pulled up and accidentally posted in the wrong tab lmao?

No. 64297

Yeah, that part gave me the creeps… I want to know who finds that sexy so I can stay as far away from them as possible.

No. 64302

Is it possible for the majority of users in these threads to not comment on idols' appearance? It's not really relevant to who they are as a person. This is a CRITICAL thread, not a shitfling thread.

No. 64303

No. 64304

>Korea should maybe ban under 17s from debuting in the entertainment industry

Never going to happen, Asia has always had a very pedophilic culture so the second girls hit 25 they start declining in interest among most "fans". It's gross as fuck.

No. 64306

bro the audience for kpop is literal teenagers

No. 64307

The audience for boy groups are teenagers generally but for girl groups the audience are generally adult men which is creepy.

No. 64317

File: 1574710580130.jpg (48.51 KB, 540x500, 201911251830590310_1.jpg)

Top is so stupid, everybody already hates him, he should have just stayed quiet.
Hara wished him a happy bday, he ignored her and now posted screenshots of it, making himself look like a complete ass
>i failed to reply to ur last text even tho it was a bday congratulation.. im so sorry hara, i hope ur resting in a good place..

No. 64318

Lmfao stfu

No. 64327

Wow he is using her death to gain attention and probably boost the next rumored comeback

No. 64328

are u 13? wiping or touching your lips has been a 'sexy' sign since before the dawn of time, not just kpop lmao

No. 64329

disney still debuts people under 15 in the industry, look at all our 'celebs' today, all exploited as disney children, preyed upon, and turned crazy once they hit 21. why would only Korea ban it when this happens in entertainment industries all over the world?

No. 64330

Why are people still supporting BigBang members when its clear they still are friends with Seungri…how do these people even have careers anymore? Would you really spend money on a group just because the 'problematic' member is gone? How are kpop stans so sure that the rest of the group are pure angels who never wanted anything to do with the 'problematic' member? I will never understand how all these groups with cancelled members still generate mass amounts of revenue, especially after reports came out that YG was using BP's tour revenue to gamble. Isn't it obvious that these guys are just gonna use your profits for drugs and to hire more prostitutes for their lavish parties? While you're sitting at home streaming an MV…

No. 64331

>the audience are generally adult men which is creepy.
says who? crayon pop sales? no, the majority of female idol fans are teenage boys (in hs and college) and girls and women

No. 64333

who do you guys think is the ugliest bts member?

No. 64334

Nta but not in japan kek. We've all seen pictures of kpop girl groups with audiences full of old men there. But yeah, in korea most of the male fans are hs and college age. And military guys ofc

No. 64335

Ik everyone here really hates Jimin but like, Ratmon is legitimately one of the ugliest idols I have ever seen. Its not even botched ps ugly like most idols, he is just so awful looking and has zero talent.. I have no clue how he made it

No. 64336


/sage but

since all we do here is speculating— I honestly don’t think so. She had a suicide attempt earlier this year, was dropped from all her Korean representation, and stayed alive until she returned to her home in Korea from Japanese promotions/touring. I don’t think she was back in Korea full time for more than a week; when Sulli died, she was still in Japan. I’m willing to bet that her Japanese team was some sort of support system that checked in on her regularly—Hara wasn’t found by her concerned manager this time, but by a cleaning lady.

Jonghyun killed himself immediately after concluding his solo commitments, Sulli released an album months before dying; they were all about to turn 30.

I think anyone with any vague suspicions about how empty, late capitalist, and painful wasting away your youth and independence for Korean idol child stardom, watching those projects fade as the next hot things replace you, and living in a society focused on appearances and metrics w/o any safe haven for inner turmoil/weakness/mental illness…

like, who the fuck knows what was going through her head, but these are all facts; it shouldn’t be so confusing to draw some conclusions about why this is becoming an increasingly frequent pattern.

No. 64337

ikr ratmon is soo ugly like how is anyone with that face an idol jimin looks good without the contacts

No. 64338

Child actor is different to idol, I think acting is less intensive whereas idols have 24/7 schedules and do fanservice.

Anyway Hara was very affected by her revenge porn scandal. Everyone is blaming her exbf but Knetz on Naver said a ton of shit like "Live quietly you have a sex video out there" "Do you have any shame?" "She wanted to film a video how stupid" "The police saw your sex video what a slut" etc AFTER her scandal when she restarted using social media. It was so sad. Maybe the reason she went to Japan was because Korea shunned her after her breakup and court case, she had trouble promoting on broadcasting tv channels.

No. 64340

>>I think anyone with any vague suspicions about how empty, late capitalist, and painful wasting away your youth and independence for Korean idol child stardom, watching those projects fade as the next hot things replace you, and living in a society focused on appearances and metrics w/o any safe haven for inner turmoil/weakness/mental illness

What a bunch of nonsense, as if being a millionaire Kpop idol owning buildings like Hara or Sulli at 25 is worse than working a dead end job and struggling to pay rent like 80% of millennials in the capitalist system.

The real problem is that Kpop idols like Sulli and Hara got slutshamed and discriminated in their workplace after dating men who turned out to be trash. Sulli was blamed for breaking up F(x) after dating Choiza and all her fans turned on her, the question is why can't female idols date without being treated as scum who ought to lose their job? It's misogyny pure and simple.

Hara was no longer an idol when her scandal came out but she got played by a bastard and the #1 search term on Korean websites was "Goo Hara sex video" with lots of people calling her a thug for fighting with her bf and slut for filming a video. Even before that Kyuhun called her out for dating and she got hate for having a bf pre-debut. It's all really weird how SK has Madonna whore complex and any female idol who isn't a pure virginal caricature is ostracized and bullied.

No. 64341

YES. Like tbh even though jimin doesn’t really look good I can understand why his fans think he’s attractive/like him. Ratmon stans, however, are out of their fucking minds

No. 64342

File: 1574729526613.png (126 KB, 326x210, furbcel.PNG)

Don't drink the koolaid, Jimin is just as ugly. His personality and endless whiny sob story just keeps fans hooked. It's some kind of stockholm syndrome

I've always thought he looks like a furby, idk why

Obviously not what I meant.
I've never seen an american/european singer do this in an mv. Kpop is full of hand gestures like this, im curious where they originated and how they became the norm

No. 64343

ok but ratmon is just extremly fugly like no way his fans actually think he is attractive

No. 64344

jimin looked attractive in fire era without the contacts and his black hair but ratmon is the ugliest idol ever never seen any idol as ugly as him

No. 64345

uh i've seen one direction do it in their mvs and countless other american boybands

No. 64346

File: 1574729876628.jpeg (58.12 KB, 720x622, 334D2123-6B65-46E4-972E-148EEB…)


>uwu look at my fairy baby!! So smexy •\\\\• rm my bias XDDDD

No. 64347

fucking ewwww he is so ugly!!! i don't understand

No. 64348

File: 1574731297439.jpg (61.28 KB, 510x680, ratcel.jpg)

Ngl, it's a pretty close race

Ratmon stans don't exist, at least not organically. They are pity fans trying to be "not like other girls"

I do like some of what I see from rm in terms of personality, leadership & stuff. He is the only one w/ any semblance of people skills. But in the group he just blends into the background, even more than jin (& jhope is a more convincing rapper/performer to me despite having no experience) Its not lack of talent per se he just doesn't have what it takes to really put on a show. I don't think any rm solo project would survive

No. 64350

Did kara's japanese fandom/hara's fans there know about her scandals? Was it not really covered there thus she able to continue a career in japan?

No. 64351

Japan is less conservative and restrictive than Korea, iirc Hara released a song and performed it on Japanese TV when she had a wardrobe malfunction? Morning Musume and AKB48 girls do JAV porn after they graduate so Koreans were saying she promoted there because her scandal isn't a big deal in Japan.

No. 64356

>wardrobe malfunction
You mean the time her dress went down a little and her nude colored bra was shown? That was a live broadcast and iirc the cameraman had the decency to pan the camera towards the ground and her backup dancers until she fixed pulled up her dress. Idk why knetz made it sound so terrible

No. 64358

Lol, a kboo who truly believes idols lives are enviable.
Sulli was a literal child star, and anyone who thinks that would be preferable to being a typical overworked millennial is seriously projecting. Sorry that you’re too poor and narcissistic to realize there are other ways to suffer in life besides your own.
The truth is that if you’re over 30, most idols have no future, period. It’s grim and the result of an inhumane system of manufacturing a constant stream of new, better, shinier pop stars built on the hopes and dreams of impressionable teens.

They killed themselves; they didn’t just die because of misogyny… if female idols killed themselves over extreme sexual harassment, half of Twice would be dead already.

Actual Koreans are wishing they get born into a “peasant,” “normal” existence in their next life, not be reincarnated as men.

No. 64360

Came to take a look at this thread after the Goo Hara incident. So glad I'm over the kpop phase and I really suggest you anons do the same, it's pure cancer. Even if you hate it, it's better to waste your time with other things. Kpop is fucking trash and I'm even embarassed for liking it when I was younger.

No. 64361

No. 64362

Sorry. Forgot to add text lol. Kpop fans like this are fucking awful

No. 64364

I don't even know why I come to this thread anymore. I was hoping to see more details on goo hara, but instead the ratmies are talking about "whos the most uggo bts member??? im totally not a fan in disguise!!" AGAIN.

At least sage your pathetic attempts.

No. 64365

they do shit like this and wonder why people hate kpop fans so much and korean fans hate intl fans. the guy is just trying to use an elevator ffs.

No. 64366

this has like 4 likes and was just posted lol. How did you even find this?? i smell selfpost

No. 64367

I follow the person who retweeted it. The source of the actual video is unknown. Do you use Twitter? A lot of "stan twitter" just reposts cringey crap all the time.

No. 64371

Is this a kpop idol or just some random asian guy?

No. 64372

this twitter stan account also just tweeted "incel" (instant farmer giveaway) and is constantly talking sh*t about bts, like this thread the past few days. why would u selfpost its so obvious you're the same person polluting this thread with bts

No. 64373

rap monster is this most attractive person alive(underage)

No. 64374

no i don't, because im not a loser ass stan like you

lol how embarrassing. that whole account is sad. anon needs to go outside and get some friends

No. 64376

Trying to shift the blame of the bts posting onto someone else lol

No. 64377

Aren't most kpop idols broke as fuck lmao?

No. 64378

It's clearly from tiktok, anon, everyone could post it to twitter, especially if it has 40k likes

No. 64379

What exactly did Twice go through that's comparable to being groomed at 15 by a gross old rapper or being abused, possibly raped, and threatened with revenge porn by someone else in the industry?

And Hara is a bad example because her group was one of the few kpop groups Japan actually gave a shit about. Other girls in her group are actors in Japan now, why couldn't she do the same, especially since she was the most popular member?

No. 64381

to our knowledge the twice girls haven't gone through anything like that but it can't have been easy for them to be sexualised by jyp when they were minors/barely legal. plus nayeon's stalker thing was just posted, and there's tzuyu's taiwan scandal, sana getting hate about posting about a new era in japan etc etc, so they have received public scrutiny, albeit not to the level of hara/sulli. and besides they face the same future as other older idols (although maybe not for a few years); to be discarded by fans and their company for a new shiny group, having developed no skills or having no education for anything other than idol life.

No. 64383

Throwback to when Daniel Kang was marketed as some broke idol when in reality dude lives lavishly af.
If you're from a successful group you're definitely not broke, that and most idols seem to have decent connections to their rich parents.

That being said, their careers will pretty much be over as soon as they hit a certain age or as soon as their group 'breaks up' or someone else replaces them. But even then, they have a fair shot at appearing on variety shows, continuing a solo career or modelling so it's not all doom and gloom.

No. 64385

can posts from 14 year olds like these get removed?

No. 64386

The fact that you follow that account…yikes

No. 64387

Some idols being rich doesn't mean that the MAJORITY of them are. I'd say it's more likely that MOST idols are broke af.

No. 64389

What's your problem with it? Or just trying to be edgy and contrarian?

No. 64393

Most idols are not broke af, even the nugu ones who are stuck without work resort to BJ or Youtube as a second career like Ellin or Way where they get fans to donate 6 figure sums. None of you are Korean so you don't know that even the nugu idols do photoshoots for online malls, or social media ads that don't make international Kpop news. They try to get roles in musicals, stage plays or dramas. Many get married and become fulltime moms like Soyul because that's a respectable career in Korea. Kara and f(x) are not even nugu tier idols, they were super famous and Sulli and Hara were the visuals so they were very popular IT girls in Korea. That is worlds away from being a former nugu idol of a group like Berry Good or Crayon Pop. Hara owned a building and played golf in her spare time and Sulli holidayed all over the world while doing ads for SK Telecom and Etude which are top Korean brands.

All this nonsense about idols becoming irrelevant at 25 is a Western fantasy. They could retire and live like Dara, Minzy or Eugene, Shoo, Bada quite comfortably with their own properties and collect rent without having to stress over money. Sulli and Hara lived in big houses alone and came from broken famillies, when they got bullied online and felt depressed they probably didnt have any support, I think Hara relied on Sulli (look at TOP ignoring her texts) as an outlet.

If they were Westerners theyd probably be like Selena Gomez or Lindsay Lohan, tabloid scandal fodder but living well on the money they earned as child or teen stars. But South Korea ostracizes women who are caught in dating or sex scandals and Knetz and Ilbe incels can harrass them anonynously online for shit like filming sex videos (the court ruled that Hara did not object to filming the video after watching it and gave her ex BF a suspended sentence for threatening to spread the video post-breakup) or Choiza's rap lyrics about Sulli in Eat Sleep Fucking. In the eyes of Korean society these women are sluts because they dated trash dudes publicly and got into scandals, even their own families or relatives treat them less well and it's hard for a Korean woman to get married to a decent Korean man and not be looked down upon by her in laws when people gossip about her past. Baek Jiyoung had a leaked sex tape in the 2000s and overcame it successfully but Knetz are vicious nowadays. In the West nobody would kill themselves over scandalous lyrics or a sex tape but in Korea it's enough to derail your career and get you side-eyed by colleagues, family and friends. Kpop suicides aren't a common thing among nugu idols but Hara and Sulli are IT girls who became "dirty" in the public's eyes and shunned.

No. 64394

Korea does sound like a hellish place for women in general

No. 64395

Most idols come from rich families. They are not broke

No. 64396

This thread has become a train wreck tbh. A separate thread should be made for bts discussion/critical instead of spamming this one

No. 64397

I also thought about that but don't think mods would allow it. There are already too many kpop threads (though kpop general and female idol spam aren't active anyway).
Plus the non-bts thread would just get flooded by nct or loona fags instead kek

No. 64399

In Korea and Asian countries, a woman's clean reputation is very important. You could dance in minishorts or bikinis and nobody cares how sexually suggestive it is, but the moment you date someone who is a bad boy (like Choiza, Yoochun, Joon Junyoung's friend group like Kyungri) or have some sex scandal, in the eyes of the public you are a fallen 'easy' woman, you are fair game to get sexual comments and harrassed by everyone and public broadcasters will hesitate to cast you in TV shows. Gossipers online will say shit like 'She's shameless' or 'Are you not embarrassed'. In Korea people care about social status when dating and getting married, women who have a public sex or dating scandal are seen as the lowest of the low, especially entertainers.

No. 64400

you all need to be careful, the anon who keeps using the word "dyke/ dykes" as a slur here will start screetching that you all are radfems

No. 64401


No. 64403

File: 1574781742559.jpg (77.46 KB, 640x428, foKOOGe.jpg)

I feel like idols being broke/rich is missing the point…
Jonghyun, Hara (though she was neglected and abused as a child), and Sulli all had successful groups that made tons of $$, and hopefully good savings and investments.
Maybe they even had enough money to restart their lives somewhere else!
But just like you can cherry pick examples from fucking crayon pop, you can find plenty of examples of each of these 3 saying they <u>regretted becoming idols</u>.

Korea is def misogynistic, idolizes capitalist values of success above personal happiness, has a toxic internet culture, and has a higher suicide rate than Japan (who used to be #1.) All of those things can be true, contributing factors…

AND I’m sure being a 27/28 yo idol, especially in Korea (no graduation = no escape), with very few opportunities for the future, constantly criticized for aging or changing, stuck as fuck… at the very least exacerbates things.

That girl who trained with SNSD but never debuted was mentally ill and suicidal without any scandals or harassment campaigns. Something about the K-system is obviously profoundly fucked.

Most idols get forgotten, have no shot at variety (as if that has anything to do with happiness!!), and thrown away—by shitty netizens and literal opportunity loss to younger groups. There is no graceful transition from idol life to being a normal person that doesn’t involve continuing to be public facing and/or rich. It sounds miserable.

Again, really sorry that you think access to money and celebrity cancel out suffering, mental illness, loneliness, and a culture of secrecy surrounding literally anything authentic about your life. Go read a book on Buddhism or smt, lol.

No. 64404

We can fight it by staying on topic instead of wasting time/giving them attention by negging them

No. 64407

ONCE AGAIN, being an old idol, aging, having younger idols debut and take your spot doesn't make people kill themselves (this happens to entertainment industry folks everywhere and they get plastic surgery or move onto solo projects or do production work), it's like saying Selena Gomez did drugs til her liver failed because she is depressed that she is too old to act on Disney channel. That's a dumb theory. Sulli and Hara were ostracized by other idols (Kyuhyun saying Hara will be ruined if he reveals her dating history on Radio Star and TOP ignoring her birthday greeting) and even their own relatives too because they were tabloid fodder, their image after doing Rotta photoshoots was bad and Knetz even gossipped about their bralessness or wardrobe malfunctions as if they were attention seekers who wanted to show skin. People said Hara moved to Japan after her sex tape scandal (the guy got off too lightly without jailtime and Knetz called her a slut for willingly making a sex video) and suicide attempt because Japanese people think nothing of porn so her scandal is no big deal there but in Korea people can't accept it.

No. 64408

http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/11/park-kyung-lawyers-up-in-preparation-to.html I never cared about Park Kyung in Block B but I love how he's going to fight the sajaegi chart cheaters in court to prove his point instead of backing down and apologizing.

No. 64410

seeing all this shit makes me completely understand why Tiffany is at peace in America holy shit

No. 64411

Hara was sexually assaulted:

Hara dated hairdresser Choi Jong-bum after the two first met on the set of the beauty TV program My Mad Beauty Diary.[30] (Another JTBC program indirectly causing the death of an idol) At around 1 a.m of September 13, 2018, Choi broke into Hara's house drunk while she was sleeping and started an argument that escalated into violent assault, when he allegedly tried to break up with her.[31][32] The police arrived at Hara’s house after Choi reported her for assault.[33] Hara claimed that the incident was two-sided and that both parties posted images of the aftermath to the internet.[34][35] During the incident, Hara suffered from uterus and vagina hemorrhage, and was also diagnosed with “cervical sprain”, “facial contusions and sprain”, “lower leg contusions and sprain”, and “right forearm and additional sprains.”[36][37] Following this, Hara filed a lawsuit against Choi for threatening to uploading a sex video of her to end her career.[38][39][40] During the first trial held on April 18, 2019, Choi denied most charges but admitted that he was responsible only for the destruction of property.[41] In August, he was acquitted of the charge of filming the victim’s body without permission but was sentenced to a prison sentence of one year and six months, suspended for three years of probation after being convicted of intimidating, coercing, physically assaulting, and destroying Hara's property.[42]

Wonder if she knew too much about some other scandal:

Following her death, a petition was submitted to the blue house with over 200,000 signatures demanding a more severe punishment for filming sexual acts without consent and distributing it.[61] Moreover, it was revealed that Hara helped Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon investigate Jung Joon-young’s chatroom case prior to her death.[62][63]

No. 64415

This is horrifying.

No. 64419


Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+501, -46] What an embarrassment to the country
2. [+412, -36] Let's start by getting into the Billboard and Grammys first
3. [+375, -41] Please know your place ㅎㅎ
4. [+71, -4] So damn embarrassing
5. [+66, -4] The super bowl ㅋㅋㅋ the half time show is a stage that even groups like Maroon 5 get hate on
6. [+64, -3] So embarrasing, why would you embarrass us like that..

wouldnt be surprised if they get it with the connections in the states.

No. 64420


I hate koreaboo, but its a link at least. basically she wanted to help after hearing about jjy's nasty ass chatroom. She told the reporter she'd live for herself and other girls who are in similar situations. KKY stated he even contacted Hara after Sulli's death and told her to keep strong.

I wonder if it was too much for her to handle, or if something more nefarious is going on

No. 64421

Anyone think Tayeon is next?

No. 64423


The new rules go into effect Jan. 3, 2020.

Moving forward, in order for an album sale to be counted as part of a merchandise/album bundle, all the items in the bundle must also be available for purchase concurrently and individually on the same website. In addition, the merchandise item sold on its own will have to be priced lower than the bundle which includes both the merchandise and the album. Further, merchandise bundles can only be sold in an artist's official direct-to-consumer web store and not via third-party sites.
The new policies do not affect albums that are part of a concert ticket/album sale redemption offer bundle, ….

well, so no real change at all.

No. 64424

Please don't cheer on other suicides. Was Taeyeon involved in a scandal apart from dating Baekhyun? She is not bullied at all and everyone loves her plus her songs chart well so why would she off herself?

No. 64425

no, wont be anyone from that circle.
they are doing just fine.

No. 64426

lmao Taeyeon looked like she was living her best life and didn't give a fuck when sulli died so i doubt a person as narcissistic as taeyeon would off herself.

Now Hara on the other hand was already suicidal before,hated and her best friends (sulli) suicide pushed her over the edge.

No. 64427

If I was korean I'd be embarrassed to see a group of goofy looking teen boppers performing on such a huge stage too..

No. 64428

we won't speculate who will kill themselves next, you retard

No. 64429

These sound like Ratmys. As if BTS aren't embarrassing too…

No. 64430

bts grew into what they are now.(despite things such as sm trying to hinder them)
sperm is booking everything on connections and money to push them.
(before im accused of stanning,I couldnt care less for any idol. i dont know them = i dont care. its merely temp entertainment)

gotta give it to lsm though, seems like he finally found out that the missing ingredient in his cookbook was social activism. fans will eat it up.

No. 64431

Selena and the other disney stars didn't get hate for being too old for disney channel like these idols got hate for being too old to be idols. People congratulate disney stars who transition from being too old for disney to the music/adult acting industry. Idols who are 'too old' for being an idol are brutally attacked for acting like adults. For crying out loud Miley Cyrus did not get as much viscous hate as Hara and Sulli did and she was arguably more controversial (at least, the love was louder than the hate). And it's not just the idols being old that cause them to commit suicide. Stop being obtuse.
Her fans say she's depressed so who knows. Plus, like you said, we shouldn't be speculating more suicides.

No. 64432

You guys think Interscope will give Blackpink a new English album? Or at least something to do since we all know they can't do a comeback in Korea.

No. 64433

Wow international (mostly SEA) KPOP fans are showing again how embarrassing they are and how evil they are by spamming Han Seo Hee's recent post.

Han Seo Hee posted a picture of her and Go Hara and these retarded kpop fucks are too stupid to understand that leaving those types of hate comments on that post ONLY MAKES THEM LOOK DERANGED.

It looks like Koreans have had enough because they are defending Han Seo Hee in the comments and telling these int kpop fans to fuck off.

No. 64435

International KPOP fangirl starter pack.
-Is mostly overweight.
-Face looks like a toe.
-Forever mentally stuck at 12 years old.
-''MY SHIP IS REAL'' (bonus points if she meets her oppars and tries screaming about her ship to them)
-Does not allow opinions or criticism about her oppar and goes ballistic and insane if you have a different opinion.
-Nasty damaged hair which is sometimes dyed in a clown hair color.
-Is a sjw but yet is misogynistic towards women and is okay with her oppars racism,colorism and sexism.
-Her oppar could kill someone and she would blame the person who was killed kek.
-Believes that life in Korea is just like kdrama and kpop.
-Koreaboo tendencies.
-Acts like a stalker if her idols visits her country.
-Doesnt know how to speak normally other than stan twitter slang.

No. 64436

File: 1574802021380.jpg (36.67 KB, 751x401, superbowl.jpg)

from popcrush interview.

this is really what they are going for.

No. 64442

File: 1574803581309.png (1.59 MB, 1200x800, yeolde2ne1.png)

Came across this pic by accident & wow im stunned, is this shooped? I always thought they were all pretty similar proportions wise, both face & body. Is this why bom's ps went south so fast? Too many procedures in striving for the small face thing?

I feel like maybe we can't understand this unless you're actually in korea up close with these ppl. Photos & video are tricky.

Sperm/lsm & social activism – what are you referring to?

No. 64446

lsm figured the key ingredient for bts success is social activism/signalling. -involving company/groups in social stuff for clout to get western validation.
he is now using it to push sperm (and nct/nugus next year).
-unicef world children day song by sm artists.
-lsm made head producer global goal live
-sperm donates song proceeds to global poverty project
-sperm, boa, exo to perform at global goal live with usher, red hot chili peppers, mettalica, coldplay etc.

this is also why sperm had to debut this year. now they can attend the major concert as they have been so successful already.
rather well organized.

No. 64448

So aoa came back with a totally different image.
I guess their company after seeing how well liked aoa was on queendom without stripping, so they changed their image to a tame one.

I'm gonna miss slutty aoa.

No. 64451

I think so too, especially this comment just screams ratmy
>I know BTS songs but I don't know any of theirs ㅋㅋㅋ I'm a man in his forties, by the way
Yeah right.
Someone pointed out that bts is just as manufactored as all other groups and that they used bundles too and got downvoted to hell lol
>so what?! they only did it once!1!1

Lsm is somebody who unironically deserves to be called boomer. Literally anybody could tell him that this is not how sperm is going to work. You can't just declare you're a sjw muricaboo and have people immediately flog to you. It only makes everybody hate on the members. What's more likely, baekhyun dreaming of performing at the superbowl or him being told to say so? Same for taeyong yelling "mom, I'm on ellen!". She's korean why would she know or care about that, she probably didn't even understand him.

No. 64452

>I'm gonna miss slutty aoa.
…? You miss underage girls having to show their panties while pretending to be cats in front of hordes of screaming creeps?

I'm happy that the whole thing worked out for them. It's truly a small miracle how they went from famous to absolutely hated and nearly irrelevant to being popular again, but this time with a concept they can enjoy. They seem to have gained a lot of female fans.

No. 64453

see >>64436
Superbowl mention wasnt the first time. They all said it.
What difference would it make if they were reminded of the Superbowl goal again? They are idols, they aim for fame and fortune.

> You can't just declare you're a sjw muricaboo and have people immediately flog to you.

Depends on said peoples critical thinking capabilities. (quick reminder that trump is president)

No. 64455

Uh, none of us know what's going on w/ them. Suicide is complex & can't be predicted by some random keyboard warrior fan/farmer. It's in very poor taste to even speculate…come on, that's low even for this thread

You can't even begin to use miley cyrus for comparison..& the kpop idol system is nothing like America's Disney kid talent machine, or any other ent institution really.
SK isn't just "a little bit different cULtUrE" it's almost a diff world. No matter how many dramas these boos watach, they'll never come close to full grasp of idols/knetz' upbringing & ideology. And esp all those young ratmys who think they're fluent in korean fail to realize there is a huge amt of nuance & cultural context that is lost unless you actually grow up there or stay fully immersed. Anon >>64393 pls come back any time, your comments were refreshing.

No. 64456

Then all of them were told to name the superbowl as their goal?
Some idols might not be the brightest but I don't believe that any of them are delusional enough to really believe they have the slightest chance.
BTS named the grammys as their dream, so LSM thought of a way to one up that.

No. 64457

People need to stop believing the uwu baby idol so "insert selected adjective ie:poor" crap. Nugus, failures can still get 6 figure jobs and do WAY better than an average person.
On top of that they have fans who will gift them loads (not just clothes but appliances etc), yes even the not so 'well-known' ones.

No. 64459

File: 1574809557229.jpg (42.7 KB, 750x360, redswissvelvet.jpg)

So obv I know about BTS/bigshit but not how sperm is working their model, so while you were replying i googled & the first hit was the Ellen gorilla donation, & I thought huh, that is pretty tryhardy. Does sm have any interest in wildlife conservation aside from kissing Ellen's ass?

If sm just goes all in right away with all these projects, doesnt it look desperate & tryhard? Of course bts/bighit have always shamelessly tugged on the woke, broke heartstrings of the youth, but I think they tried to make it look organic, at least at first. Lsm seems like a sad lil copycat, kinda embarrassing…

Pic attached is RV being appointed travel ambassadors or some shit for Switzerland…kinda ot but another seemingly random, contrived PR move from SM.

No. 64461

before someone jumps down my throat: just talking about the company SM, not the individuals under contract. (same applies to bigshit)
LSM seems to be very good at getting connections and (im new, this is just a current entertainment) is being able to start to use them on a broader scale: - becoming head prducer of massive concert and getting his artists in to perform next to famous international (western) artists, -collaborating with major us companies (capital, caa)
this stuff took a while to organize.
he realized that social clout is popular and will work (has with bts). Hence his artists being involved more publicly (via the company and not as individuals) with social stuff.
>doesnt it look desperate & tryhard?
Only to people following this. Newbies wont know and just see the massive social involvement.
> RV and Switzerland
yeah thats PR and further networking at work

from what im seeing SM has previously used hard power (connections for backroom deals…its Korea so duh!) and realized this wont work in the future. They are switching to a soft power, social involvement.

one major issue im seeing with this is that people will need to be sold on it.
Here is where the individuals involved are so important.
Example: Halsey (i never even heard of her until now reading up, as said im new, this is current entertainment), i couldnt get myself to read more than 10min. She is rather try hard. If her for clout networking and wokeness pays off- next years tour will tell. Youtube views are irrelevant. What counts are gigs, thats where the money is. If she has problems selling and making money, people are catching on to her.
The social engagement worked with BTS cause I actually believe they cared and were sweet kids. Using past tense cause the timeperiod of rising to fame is important. They may be arrogant and whatnot now. They seemed genuine then (and not very aware of social issues according to western standards). On top of that they went through an awful lot and their vulnerability was shown. People empathized with them.
Back to SM groups, sperm as example. Here we have scammer who is portrayed as mom of the group. He met with his ex victim to apologize in person, despite previously denying it. Why and why now? For the narrative to work.
I still dont see them as relatable. This vulnerability ust isnt really present. The stroking on head caring for each other is the most they do. The struggle isnt there at all.
Btw: Idols are aware of vulnerability working and some are actively using it. The funniest example I found was the 'i am so lonely now'claiming they went straight to the hotel to wine to fans about being lonely despite them taking their time screwing and partying it up with groupies after the concert (aboard, NOT in Korea).
In short, depending on how LSM plays his hand he might be very successful, social clout works (depending on gullibility of target market). If not, he will need to switch to a more personal approach and make the individuals matter.
The more uwu they are, the better the chances.

No. 64462

with their us connections i think they have a good chance! capitol and caa are major players.
why wouldnt they want to perform there? its bragging rights.
Another notch on their belt to superstardom. Thats why they became idols in the first place. For fame and fortune (+groupies)!

No. 64463

april fool's day came late this year I see.
I think one thing we're forgetting here is that if, hypothetically, they were announced to play at the superbowl, they'd get fucking crucified by the majority of america to the point no one would want to work with them, backdoor connections or not.
I mean sure, let's let them say that's their dream, but we all know there's no way in hell they're playing halftime.

No. 64467

This breaks my heart. Hara didnt deserve to die after surviving this. while her scumbag rapist ex just moves on with his life. fuck.. this is awful

No. 64468

Honestly its weird to me the hate Tiffany gets simply for being a HAPPY person. I know shes done some dumb stuff and can be annoying at times but ever since her debut people have been so irrationally ANGRY towards her in Korea. She(along with Yoona for whatever reason) were constantly accused of "flirting" with all the male groups they were around at the time, especially Super Junior. And people were telling her to kill herself like her mom did and making horrible sites about how her mom was in hell etc. I dont blame her for wanting to make it in America and get away from Korea. All her idols seemed to be Western anyway except Boa and Rain.

No. 64469

She was literally raped. And then trashed as if it was her fault. Poor girl jesus.

No. 64470

Chanmi is the Hyoyeon of this group. Was the one everyone called ugly and useless and as they all started loading their faces with plastic, she's actually the only one who's looks improved lol.

No. 64473

>I'm gonna miss slutty aoa.
the same people then wonder why their favorite female idols always appear down and seem to have issues with body image and self-confidence

No. 64477

hyoyeon is arguably one of the most plastic snsd girls and still looks odd looking so the comparison doesn't really work here

No. 64478

Odd looking or not, her surgery still improved her looks, while all the other members surgeries made them look worse. So the comparison is actually apt.

No. 64479

File: 1574837971427.jpg (30.69 KB, 800x360, 5dolls-like-this-like-that-eun…)

Lol completely random, but I started looking up random kpop groups since I stopped listening to it around 2014, and I found 5dolls. Their song This and That was kinda catchy, but I was SO distracted by this girl (eunkyo?). I feel bad but I literally thought she had downs or something kek

Then after some googling, this girl bullied someone else out of the group? How??? Talk about looks matching personality

No. 64480

Amber also laughed and joked with male idols but got less hate because fans thought she looked to "manly" for idols to fancy. Tiffany's only crime was her being conventionally attractive and friendly at the same time

No. 64481

not to veer into the gay amber drama again, but i think she and heechul both had an advantage in that they could be close with people of the opposite gender and not get shit for it because they were ~andro~, thus less threatening to obsessive fans fantasies about fucking/dating idols

No. 64484

every industry is toxic..not sure why kpop fans should stop supporting it. Ill still support my favs idgaf(>>twitter)

No. 64485

Yeah no. Once on instagram she uploaded a picture saying she was in japan while it was a korean holiday remembering how many korean people died or something. Thats when people started hating her

No. 64486

The song is so trashy and noisy. Even Chen's high note couldn't save it.

No. 64488

No. 64489

goddamn wtf is this shit? This could legit be a superM song. What has exo become?

No. 64490

Yeah, she and Chanmi bullied another girl. She got cut from SNSD and flopped under 5dolls and Produce so karma is real

No. 64491

I saw somebody say that it sounds like some early justin timberlake+timbaland and I think it's accurate. I feel like it had the potential to be good but they failed miserably, even tempo is better than this.

Also kai's crop top doesn't suit him at all and what the actual fuck have they done to chen's face? He looks like a chucky doll

No. 64492


No. 64493

File: 1574850537593.jpg (19.87 KB, 512x266, ummwhat.jpg)

So google takes me to the crazy spyware site & this time it's mathematic analyses of these dudes' hands & faces. Are these ppl for real, not trolling?

There's this yt vid circulating that mentions when one direction lost a member, a few hundred ppl applied for time off (or w/e it is in the UK) Can you imagine the disaster if something happens to bts? Even if just a decent sized scandal, fans would at least be regretting their shitty tattoos & wondering why they tossed so much of their youth when they could have been out, like, being a person

(P.s. they all have straight up girl hands, not just jimincel)



No. 64494

Still one of the best bg releases I've heard so far this year. It's been rough.

No. 64496

obsession is the worst track of the album tbh
the other songs are completely different (and much better)

No. 64497

Sm been giving shitty title tracks lately. First red velvet with zimzalabim and now this… Why do they want to sabotage one of their moneymakers? For NCT?? kek

No. 64499

Can the "amber is straight" conspiracy theorists fuck off

No. 64500

ot, but the tiffany posts reminded me. yesterday i heard about tiffany’s concert on radio. i live in a rather conservative part of us and the stations here hate kpop, so i was surprised

No. 64501

Their title track is a song telling sasaengs to fuck off, I can respect that.

No. 64505

I cant, cause the company actually encourages sasaeng behaviour.

No. 64506

This mv is so…ugly. The outfits, makeup, and effects are hideous. They look like a bunch of kpop jokers lmao

No. 64509

Ikr.. i really like butterfly effect but Obsession sounds like a superm bside

No. 64510

>butterfly effect
As in the 2nd worst song on the album? Jekyll is the best

No. 64511

Kai is way too skinny now for that look, he looked a lot better pre sperm and weight loss, and Chen was always ugly, that's why he has no fans despite being able to sing.

With Tempo a lot of people also said that the side tracks would have been much better, no idea why SM is so bad at choosing title songs.
I haven't listened to it yet, but from the preview it looks very similar to the look that nct, suju and sperm also went for, all their boy groups seem to get the same concept lately.

No. 64512

"Shut up and go away" Lmaoooo. Um at least the dancing was good? It honestly sounds like a rejected 2000s RnB song.

Really? Jekyll is pretty bad lol. The chorus is awkward as fuck and overall beat is so lazy

No. 64514

I always thought chen was one of the nicer looking ones, mainly cause he looks like a normal guy and not a ps freak.

No. 64515

No idea whether he had any ps, but he just looks too boring for most fangirls I guess, like just your average dude. Plus he's short and his head is big and we all know how much koreans love that combo…
You could say the same for baekhyun but he makes up for his appearance by being super loud, meanwhile chen usually doesn't say much.

No. 64516

File: 1574868917566.png (87 KB, 450x450, Souichi_Tsujii.png)

I've always thought that chen looked like a tame version of this junji ito character

No. 64518

I'm talking about the hate she got from fangirls, not the GP. Before the flag fiasco she was pretty well-liked among casuals.

Exols waited a year for this garbage? F. Even Zimzalabim sounds better than this pile of crap

No. 64519

Lol wut. That didnt happen months into debut…shes literally been getting extreme hatred directed towards her from Koreans since she debuted. And that wasnt two years ago. Learn to read.

No. 64520

File: 1574873595615.jpg (304.02 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20191127-174212.jpg)

That whole comeback seems so rushed. They didn't even bother to edit their pimples…

When sperm was announced everybody whined that this means that exo won't get a comeback before most of them enlist and then they suddenly announced a new album. Like a week ago their fans trended a hashtag, something along the lines of 'sm treat them better', because they likely won't promote much and now they announced that they'll go on that variety show knowing brother.
It's as if SM is testing how far they can go in terms of laziness and if there's backlash they simply throw them a bone.

If she was hated since her debut then maybe it's plain old xenophobia? Or simply because she's not much of a looker.
I always had the impression that she was rather well liked tho

No. 64521

SM slowly learning from YG.

No. 64523

She was well liked in the industry yes. But not by Koreans citizens. SNSD in general had a really hard time during their debut honestly. I think a lot of people dont remember or werent around for that because their debut was actually a shitshow. People seem to think they came right out with Gee and were already super liked/famous. Not the case at all. They were already up against Wonder Girls who, believe it or not, were a top girl group at the time. They were doing janky busker fashion show type things to try to get noticed. They released a remake of an extremely popular song and got shit for that. They were Super Juniors ~buddy group~ and got shit on for that. They had to deal with one of the first major "black oceans" during a concert, which for Korea was a big deal back then. Its the equivalent of an audience booing you and telling you to get off the stage. They had one of the biggest anti fan networks on Korean social networks for a girl group of the second generation of hallyu(google STAND, which was an actual fanclub simply based around hating the girls, and buying tickets to their shows and meet and greets and whatnot simply to harrass them, such as the person who threw the note on stage to Tiffany about how her mother was in hell). Tiffany and Yoona were singled out for wearing "shorter skirts" than the other girls, and for getting ~too close~ to males but they were literally kids and were just friendly and well liked. Not to mention Kpop costumers have a hard time dressing anyone who has a different body type, and Tiffany did. So ofc her skirts were shorter. Because they dont know how to fit anyone who isnt super tiny. Idk if xenophobia played a part in it or not, because Jessica never really got the same kind of hate Tiffany did. Although it does seem they equated Tiffany with more of an American girl image than Jessica. Probably because Jessica was fluent in Korean and had family in Korea that she visited a lot.

No. 64527

This is so bad it actually looks like a bad discount copy version of ''monster'' LOL.
This looks like it was supposed to be released in late October due to the halloween vibe but sm dun goffed and released it now.

I cant stand looking at their plastic faces….especially baekhyun's….dude looks like a agp tranny ew.

No. 64528

How Kpop can be soooo behind music wise ? This shit sounds like it was produced 10 years ago. I guess SM can only afford to buy old and bad beats to some US producers…

No. 64529

i'm pretty sure sm can afford more modern music. they just choose outdated crap on purpose (or maybe lsm is embezzling way more money than me think lol)

No. 64530

they bought NCT bsides from Ariana Grande's producers

No. 64532

>The hashtag #BigHitAddSubs is trending #1 worldwide on Twitter as global fans demand subtitles so they can understand the content. The call to action came after a new BTS DVD was released without subtitles.
Lmao they hate you, get that into your birdbrains! They debuted 6 years ago, made dozens of millions off you, yet can't even be arsed to pay one measly english translater, they obviously don't give a shit about you iratmys.
>the DVD filmed in Brazil didn't even include Portuguese subs
>The co-ceo shamelessly said they don’t put subtitles cause there are fans who already do that for free.
Yet they also hunt down and delete subbed vids…? Please make sense
No idea if it's just trolls but some say 'the boys try so hard to learn english for you, why can't you entitled bitches do the same!' lol

No. 64536

Is it just me or does anyone notice she opens her mouth and closes her eyes as if she's expecting to be kissed. I can't tell if that's supposed to mean anything else other than what I'm thinking or just a shocked reaction. I really hope it's the latter.

No. 64539

fuck off you piece of shit

No. 64541

did he really just escape all of this while hara took the blame? That he quietly opened up a flower shop or a coffee shop and just keeping a low profile wtf

No. 64542

cant believe TOP went and admitted that he ignored her… like its obvious that anyone outside of that friend circle was ostracizing them and he went and confirmed that…yet people still are thinking he just "didn't have time to reply" . sure

No. 64543

I also wonder if something happened. If she found out something she wasn't supposed to. If all this is some big coverup from Madame Shin or whatever. How every single scandal this year has somehow been related to Burning Sun. Even that MonstaX guy and Stray Kids member mysteriously kicked out after apparently having a family member in connection with Burning Sun.

No. 64544

Source? That Stray Kids guy was kicked out and no one really knows why. Wonho was kicked out cause of his past crimes.

No. 64546

well fans have been doing that for Blackpink but YGE seems perfectly okay with how far they can go in terms of laziness. SM really doing alot this yera even though all the releases were bad. People like to say it isn't a kpop problem but SM idols in general worked alot this year for LSM' infinite group dream. I mean Taeyong's scandal didn't even hit him like it should have.

No. 64547

theres a whole document I read about it compiled by kpop stans with all this evidence. even ikon's BI was connected to Burning Sun case somehow, and yes for the Stray Kids guy people were assuming its because his family had connections to Burning Sun. theres literally no other reason he got kicked out and the whole group + JYP is pretending he doesn't exist anymore.

No. 64548

Not that anon, but here's a link for Wonho:
I'm also interested about the source of Woojin, though.

No. 64549

File: 1574890999556.png (143.59 KB, 583x679, bi.png)

No. 64550

File: 1574891134384.png (306.57 KB, 495x687, wonho.png)

No. 64552

File: 1574891535006.png (141.54 KB, 506x654, deaths.png)

so many suicides …

No. 64557

last thread was someone with sm insider contact. you still around? i got a couple questions XD(XD)

No. 64561

Second this. Did you get any new info from your friends?

No. 64565

I thought that Woojin was kicked out because he left a girl pregnant (some rumors says that it was a Chinese fan but idk)

No. 64567

its all rumors, we will never find out but I'm more inclined to think its related to BS since Weibo rumors are always pregnancy rumors + why would he get a girl pregnant, he was the least popular member he wouldn't ruin his career like that, he was lucky JYP debuted him.

No. 64568

whoever wrote this is reaching so hard to connect hsh with burning sun. the cringe is real.

No. 64569

does the chart in this picture have pictures of all the people they were after? damn that's actually scary, its like Madam Shim is a whole assassin organization

No. 64571

>why would he get a girl pregnant
Ummm because things happen? People make mistakes all the time. Are you 12? I promise your oppar is smashing more nights than not

No. 64573

the fact that it's a chinese fan makes me think the rumor is fake. it just sounds like a fanfic lol.

No. 64574

sounds like a superm reject. sm's last album was garbage. i haven't listened to the new one yet but i bet it's even worse. i guess sm doesn't care about giving exo good music anymore because they make so much money off their loyal fans.

No. 64585

>doesnt care about giving exo good music anymore.
Exo never had good music to begin with.
Their debut was cringy ''shinee reject'' music and fanfic pandering that only got worse.
Their only good albums were ''Exact'' and ''the war'' but everything else was mediocre shit.

No. 64586

I really can't imagine SHINee singing Mama. Suju or DBSK on the other hand are a posibility.

No. 64589

>Exo never had good music to begin with.
jesus christ, the shittest taste
and besides are you really saying that with 12 fucking music releases, albums and minis, all that by sm and they don't have good music?

No. 64590

is it possible that hara and sulli were also murder victims?

No. 64595

Imagine defending exo and being a delusional egg-l in 2019 lol.
Exo's music is worse than Baekhyuns botched face.

No. 64599

their music is good and I like it
you see, molkaman could bring destruction to exo and I would be happiest with the shitstorm

No. 64601

Fuck off egg. Lmao pretending like you are not a fan, only a fan can like their dumpster fire music which sounds like discount shinee/dbsk.
Go defend your post wall men on the spam thread.

No. 64602

I'm not pretending, lmao. I do enjoy exo
are you confusing me with someone else in this thread?
>only a fan can like their dumpster fire music which sounds like discount western pop acts
ftfy, meant for bts

No. 64603

Whether you think their music is good or not is subject but you cant deny this new album has a "xyz" reject-y sort of feel

I'm thinking nct 127 rejects bc Obession sounds like a bunch of noise to me n that's their style.
This is probably their worst album to date

No. 64604

No, it was meant for Exito you delusional roastie.
SM is as guilty as BH when it comes to buying cheap music from C tier western producers.

No. 64605

t. assblasted btshitter
sm always give their songs their own signature and exo's final production and songwriting is almost always miles above anything that thing puts out, whether you like it or not is something else entirely, I agree
>but you cant deny this new album has a "xyz" reject-y sort of feel
yes. to be honest, i haven't been fully enjoying their music since exact, that was a really shit album if you take out the title tracks

No. 64606

Literally the only other time i've seen that insult used itt was by that one autistic rat that kept ban evading. You're bad at hiding your powerlevel, please fuck back off.

No. 64607

second part meant for >>64603 sorry

No. 64608

Calm down you paranoid roastie, this is the first time I'm talking about Exo here.
I'm not ashamed to admit I'm an ex-rat but at least I don't hesitate from criticizing the shit that's been done by BTS and their rabid fanbase unlike most exo-ls itt who still kiss their oppars' plastic asses and get triggered even by the smallest criticism towards them.

No. 64609

>calls people roastie
>insane and gaslighting adept
you'll never be a woman tranny

No. 64610

Nice buzzword you got there, you really showed me girl.

No. 64611

While I don't agree with the retard using "roastie".
But the fact that you can't have a negative opinion on exo without exofags jumping on you really shows the absolute state of this thread.
I know and everyone knows that this thread is filled with exofags who say the most fucked up things about other groups but the moment you come for exo then they act like psychotic fangirls who try to divert the topic to bts like they always do because you are not allowed to talk about exo here.

Exofags do a better job at hiding your power level, even nctfags are better than you.

No. 64612

>samefagging this hard
you're really bad at this, are you a zoomer?

No. 64614

>this is the first time I'm talking about Exo here
>I'm an ex-rat
I'm suuuuure that's true, you edgy little ratcel

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ratmy you may to be entitled to financial compensation

No. 64615

>exofag using the stale samefagging card again
stop coping already.

No. 64616

y’all are on crack i swear to god

No. 64617

coping for what, seething rat tranny?

No. 64618

you stan bts and call people roasties in [current year], anon

No. 64620

take your meds already you insane rat shit

No. 64622

These threads should be banned

No. 64623


No. 64624

Yesterday multiple people crictised exo and nothing happened. It only took these two retards from an hour ago to shit up the thread.
>Exofags do a better job at hiding your power level, even nctfags are better than you.
Taking into account how big exo is, they're barely talked about here anyway. As long as nobody does stan-shit like analyzing their expressions in different pics, like people do with bts, nct and jennie, they're not the problem.

And to all those people tinfoiling about Hara being murdered, the texts that her borther released show that she was simply extremely depressed.

No. 64625


No. 64626

Why, because people shitting on your oppars hurts your feefees? Cry in meta about it. Or just fuck off completely.
I've never seen this entitlement in other threads, you don't get to decide which threads exist on lc and which don't.

No. 64627

No, it's because of the severe retardation. This thread is worse than the robot containment threads were on ye old /manure/

No. 64628

his texts only show that he was worried not that she had already lost all her hope

No. 64629

You sound like a fangirl, the general threads are that way >>>

No. 64630

Calm the fuck down, fag. I wasn't one of the anons you were replying to.

Honestly if you can't see the problem with these threads you must be part of it

No. 64632


1. [+4908, -36] It'll be a thanos law if it also includes drunk driving ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Half of the celebrities will be gone.

1. [+783, -34] Please ban Bigbang.

4. [+109, -2] Can they ban Lee Soo Geun first who raped a woman with his manager? Why are people stanning this a$$hole?

No. 64633

they're mad they couldn't use 'dyke'
so they started using 'roastie'

A lot of the music they release is because they have a shitload in the backlogs just waiting for the right time to release. I think someone mentioned Zimzalabim for Red Velvet was a SNSD reject.

No. 64635

File: 1574958177734.gif (1.79 MB, 260x228, k4.gif)

Just saw that on nb too http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/11/politicians-consider-law-to-ban.html
Damn Lee Soogeun really is something… He's so popular and funny, who would have ever thought that? Knowing Bros (a show most idols go to) constantly makes fun of his gambling, but meanwhile…
Commenters also named some others who still get to appear on tv despite being criminals:
>Jo Hyung Ki. He is a MC and comedian it was in the 90 or early 2000. He ran over a women then dragged her body in to the woods and buried her in a shallow grave.
See gif for him…
>Ryu Si Won killed a person as well.
>Han Ye Seul caused hit and run accident
>Kwon Sang Woo caused a big accident and run away.
>Park Shi Hoo raped a trainee (he was caught on CCTV carrying the unconscious girl to his home).
>Lee Soo Geun raped a girl with his manager and violently beat her in the process.
>Lee kyung young. this old man is actively in dramas even after underage prostitution

No. 64636

sadly i agree, the boy group retards ruined it. Like they do everything else. When we talk shit about the girl groups it's never this autistic.

No. 64637

someone mentioned this a while back in an earlier thread about that creep staring in the back. How the hell do these people keep dangerous men around?

No. 64638

This is going to cause mass suicides among celebrities who get banned.

No. 64639

are you joking? the blackpink spergs are as bad as the rats. you're all terrible.

No. 64641

Ah I forgot about the BP spergs, thanks for reminding me

No. 64644

boy group and girl group stans are both derailing this thread to hell with those retardation (although most of the retards are boy group fags). entertaining them is the reason why we have so many threads
all these men have some form of a madame shim behind them, so everything would be covered up. plus they're just men. if a woman did this 100% she'd have no career and be in jail to this day.

No. 64645

File: 1574961276666.jpg (83.37 KB, 1123x628, infestation of the highest ord…)

No. 64646

Korean ratmys seem to have little to no sympathy for their western brothers and sisters lol
>they made the DVD in English, and people were complaining there was no Portuguese subs, which I didn't understand. So you're telling me if they do a concert in Brazil, it should be in Portugal, then in German in they do a concert in Germany and Thai for Thailand?
>Must they..? When I fangirl on overseas artists, I try hard to learn English so I can talk with other countries' fans and I've never went to their company to ask for stuff like this
>I'm surprised. Whenever I fangirl on other countries' content, I just search for subs myself, I never went as far as requesting the company for official subs. Is this something only happening to KPOP fans?
Ratmys, the next time you meet korean tourists, just talk to them in your native language kek. I mean, studying the languaeg of a country your interested in is the bare minimum, no?
Isn't this actually scamming? Selling a "global kit" but it doesn't have english subs? Selling a dvd filmed in brazil to brazilians - but it can't be played in brazil because of its code? But of course obedient little fangirls are willing to spend half of their rent money on shipping stuff they can neither understand nor watch, because boycotting their babies is never an option.

>For real They're the ideal idol group No ajumma fans
>You guys should really be grateful to have a fandom without ajummas….
Meanwhile poor nct and txt… Female pedofans must be especially awful to get that reaction.

Yeah, let's only shittalk girls instead of oppars.

No. 64653

Who saw that NCT had a float in the Macy’s thanksgiving parade?? The video is shitty quality but it’s the performance they did prior. I was not expecting this. Lowkey laughing my ass off.

No. 64655

>Taking into account how big exo is, they're barely talked about here anyway
That's because most posters here are exo-ls, of course they won't talk shit about their has-beens oppars.
Meanwhile, EXO is one if not the most posted group in the other kpop thread.

No. 64656

>t. paranoid roastie

No. 64657

it's kind of sad that it's impossible to talk certain groups and people on this forum, like bts and nct lucus, or else the retards come out and derail it all.
but it's ok to talk trash about woman on here by the female anons, because it's not their oppars and the female idols are the only ones who have a chance of having sex with said oppars. as they lay in their cheeto dust and 3rd day without sleep because they think being obsessed with a boy group means having a personality.

No. 64661

>People who say that exo has bad music are retards who need to shut up.
Hi im the original anon who said that exo has bad music and got attacked over it.
If someone saying exo has bad music causes you to go over the edge and get emotional (when there are way worse things said about other groups but you dont care) then i suggest you and all the other egg-l's leave this thread because its very obvious that you cant handle a opinion about exo.

Egg-l's were never able to handle a opinion and were always known to go psycho when someone says something bad about exo including writing murder depictions of them talking about murdering haters and even assaulting people in real life.

I feel like im two reply's away from a crazy egg-l talking about murdering me and my family because i said something bad about her botched dumpster group.

No. 64662

egg-ls, or really any hardcore stan would benefit greatly from going for a run than spergging all day long.

No. 64665

All spergs deserve to go for a run especially with all that extra weight they have.

This all literally started because i said ''Exo never had good music to begin with'' and then some egg-l got butthurt and mad and tried forcing her delusions how exo have the best music on me.

Even exo hates egg-l's that should tell you how psychotic egg-l's are that your fave group hates you.

Kyungsoo even said that he is scared from egg-l's because so many of them were psycho and sasaengs that now he is even scared of ''normal'' egg-l's.

No. 64666

i wouldn't be surprised if more than half of the anons on this forum have extra weight from before or after becoming a group stan. the only ones that probably dont, probably just starve or/and exercise all day long to have a chance of being with their oppars.

yikes, those guys had to go through the torture of the whole trainee process, and then get tortured again by little girls who can't treat them like human beings. can't tell if that's hilarious or sad, if you consider how the torture has been non-stop since they were picked off the streets when they were minors.

No. 64669

File: 1574969531662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 2048x2048, 811368B3-EDA7-47AD-9043-99B09C…)

blackpink fans are on par with ratmys on the level of delusion. lisa and rose are spoopy as fuck but fans won’t take it seriously until one of them passes out or drops dead on stage and then it’ll be floods of “omg we had no idea. sad face. you never know what people are going through!!1” spoilered because this shit is grim as fuck

No. 64670

ever since their world tour, both lisa and rose have been losing too much weight. there was a video comparing her swalla versions, in the before, her limbs were a lot fuller.
after she and the other girls lost too much weight during their japanese tour in aityl era, she's been wearing those baggy pants to hide her legs and give an illusions she's really thick. soon after she got a nylon japan magazine cover i think.
and yhs is still a major stock holder in yg, he was once admitted to analyzing her dance videos second by second, he seriously allowed this to be posted on 'her' channel?

No. 64671

blackpink aren't that much worse than the other skinnier kpop groups so its easy for their fans to overlook, kpop stans already get a warped idea of healthy weights after a while. bp are consistently really skinny but it's not at all hard to find time periods where twice or girls generation or f(x) or red velvet had members being as boney. the majority of girl groups stans are either into thinspo or don't think someone's skinny until they have a bmi of 15. boygroups are similar but not as severe.

blackpink are deliberately dressed to emphasise it though. the other skinniest girls don't usually have their ribs on display, they have the more unpleasant parts of being so thin hidden under their clothes

No. 64672

you can feel all her bone rattling in your ears, like the ringing you get from a migraine.
it gets worse around here: https://youtu.be/By61X4Ku9JE?t=37

No. 64673

Man does that look fucking ridiculous

No. 64676

this is so fucking embarrassing.

No. 64678

the thumbnail looks like he wants to do a kamikaze

No. 64679

why does lsm think that this is better than literally any other groups he's made
blinks want to live vicariously through the girls, so they don't see the problem with this. lisa and rosé were already naturally skinny predebut, but they look gross and sickly now.

No. 64680

the funniest thing is rats thinking all exo fans like kyungsoo

No. 64681

>ree everyone who dislikes exo is a rat
lMAO at triggered exo-fags.
And dont worry sweaty kyungsoo aint the only who is dusgusted at you psychotic landwhales.

Sehun is a genius for using retarded exofags as cashcows and making them buy him expensive stuff while paying them no attention.

No. 64682

saying sehun is a genius is an overstatement

No. 64683

you guys are really best, low efforting gives me so much, and
>rats thinking I spend money on exo

No. 64685

Why Exofags are acting superior ? EXO is as rubbish as the others group, to say the least… Except Love Shot they have 0 enjoyable song.

No. 64687

Are you not the same anon who was screaming about roasties and admitted to being a rat earlier?

No. 64688

File: 1574976857342.jpeg (67.7 KB, 1080x1130, received_803871803396692.jpeg)


No. 64689

Love Shot is one of their blandest songs.

No. 64690

Love Shot? LOOOOL. You sound like someone who started listening to kpop in 2017 or something. That song is awful

No. 64691

No not everyone who doesn't like your group is the same person

Exofags go back to the mental hospital challenge.

No. 64692

do rats even realize they're the most annoying shitheads

No. 64693

i'm laughing at how you anons are shitting on each other than (all) the idols like how it should be

No. 64694

are there any real rats here tho? there are no positive posts about bts and I haven't seen anyone defending them. only ex-rats are here

No. 64695

take a look at the idol spam thread, there is an infestation already

No. 64696

Please stop with the blatant samefagging/newfaggotry…
"egg-l" is not a thing, nobody but you uses that, people who don't like them just call them "egg/eggs".

It's more than obvious that you're one of our resident esl-chans who just can't integrate.

>go back to the mental hospital challenge

No. 64697

I'm gonna be very honest, I think this lost anon is someone from /mu/'s /kpg/ because there are many, many kyungsoo stans there who call the egg meme all the time

No. 64698

But the "official" nickname is just egg, not egg-l, and that anon got that wrong, so it kind of proves that it's always only the same person posting.

No. 64699

I hate it when blinks bring out the “skinny at predebut” card. In most of their predebut pics they’re literally children. Now they’re in their 20s and delusional blinks think it’s completely normal to be skinnier or the same weight at 23 than 13??

No. 64700

how would the country be distracted from one of the biggest scandals in the entertainment industry by another scandal related to the same company who the first scandal is tied to… lmao

No. 64701

File: 1574978462935.jpg (28.86 KB, 375x311, g5L1MNP (1).jpg)

It seems like eggies are close to having a mental breakdown on this thread and threatening people like they always do and have done which is why they were branded the craziest shithead fandom for a long time.

Calm down,take your xanax/valium and go back to jerking it off to chanbaek.

You just cant get it through your thick skull and understand that not everyone likes your troon group cant you?
Your idols are not some gods and im sure there are atleast over 4 anons right now who have said something bad about exo.
But you cant comprehend the fact that not everyone is going to like your idol so you all think we are the same person.
No i just wish you would take care of your mental health,because god knows eggies need it and they need it bad

No. 64702

>troon group
What? And why are you of all people telling anyone to calm down kek you've been sperging all day

No. 64703

i could say this rat may be mentally ill or perhaps may have an

No. 64704

Yes because you retards spamming about only two groups here is allowed but the moment someone focuses on exo they are ''obsessed''
what is wrong with you…oh right you are a egg.
Are you mad that kyungsoo hates you?

No. 64705

her waist is smaller than her head now

No. 64706

Its kind of funny seeing exofags accuse someone here of being the same person, because looking at the writing styles it seems to be the same two exofags here defending oppars.

You two exofags want to defend oppar?
Then go to the general thread or the spam thread.

Because this is the critical thread and we will shit on everybody here and yes even including exo.

No. 64707

i hate him as well, chances are he's a molkaman alongside pcy and therefore a john, a prostitution enabler or rapist
who knew these two would be the ones to destroy exo?

No. 64708

File: 1574979200643.jpg (64.7 KB, 675x1024, DSDCLBUUIAAeOgi.jpg)

why does the samefagging rat keep bringing up kyungsoo?

No. 64709

>defend oppar
you are literally unable to pinpoint an exo defense

No. 64710

she was left out and now she's angry

No. 64711


No. 64712

ok, seriously, what the FUCK is an egg

what the fuck is going on

No. 64713

Actually now i love exo-ls.
They are so psychotic that they have pushed their idols towards depression and made them cry or disgusted several times.
Keep going girlies im 100% in support of you.
Exo-l's the supreme amazing female incels.

No. 64714

File: 1574979583240.gif (4.94 MB, 600x600, 1c09f1226.gif)

Shaddup and go awaaay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 64715

I think, exo= eggso

No. 64716

get the popcorn anon, this thread has become a dumpster fire with all the tumblrinas invading. but even dumpster fires have more civil rights than the garbage anons polluting this place with their tiny sausage fingers and sewage blue dyed hair.

No. 64717

This bitch sounds like laur, i can't >>64704

No. 64718

>sausage finger
directly from kpg, insane

No. 64719


No. 64720

Topkek Exo-l's are amazing lol, they are even worse to exo than actual exo antis or haters.
Wow exols really exposing themselves like this. Like it wasnt even more obvious that this thread was a echo-chamber with exols who cant take a opinion.
Honestly i wonder if these people have matured past the age of 12.
I have said some really horrible shit about bts,blackpink,mamamoo etc, yet no one cares but the moment i mention exo then exofags lose their shit, tell me why exofags are so psychotic?

No. 64721

EXO's new concept is paid male gigolos.
SuperM follow the same route but at least aren't scantily dressed.

No. 64722

>btass posting on /kpg/ right now
rats confirmed

No. 64723

>>64719 read the fucking rules before posting, what the fuck is it with you retards today?

No. 64724

it's a raid

No. 64725

File: 1574980056145.gif (4.81 MB, 600x600, 1c09f1226(1).gif)


No. 64726

Its been gigolos for quite some time now, because that is the only thing they are good at.
Did you see ''lotto'' now that was some gigolo stuff to hide how horrible the song was,i thought my ears were bleeding the first time i listened to it.

No. 64727

Your telling that person to check the rules but you are not telling the sperg who is spamming kai gifs to check the rules?
Can you be even more obvious you worthless exofag.

No. 64728

nothing can top lotto, it's their worst song and the worst SM song

No. 64729

>>64727 am i a fucking mod? You all need to read the goddamn rules, what the fuck

No. 64730

Wolf's demo version is the even worse.

No. 64731

just ignore and report, it's a raid

No. 64732

i got shit on for making fun of jennie and was told to fuck off, so there's either a stan of every idol just waiting to nag, a really bored anon, or both.
exofaggots are just as bad as bts fag, including those that hate bts because it's they've been talked about enough as it is. probably had a mental breakdown over how bts is dominating in the east and west and not exo, considering at one point they both had equal popularity

No. 64733

Sure, remember to write a reason as well while doing so

No. 64734

they must have got bored of streaming the same decade old song no one cares about

No. 64735

God bless sm and all those audio tools they use to alter exo's voice so they sound decent.
Because they sound like dying goats.

No. 64736

New live-action Jojo movie? Looks very accurate to the manga.

No. 64737

If you realized, those that truly hate bts don't keep posting pics of them

bts stans keep posting retarded pics to seem like they 'hate' them but they are stans.

They have filled up threads of bts shit with 'hate' when it just became threads obsessed with them. Remember the time one of the 'haters' posted gay fujo shit? Why the fuck would you post and talk about them repeatingly about gay fanfics, ugly ass close ups and retarded tattoos? Only stans do that. The only time the bts and exo faggots should be talked about is when there's a scandal, not when there's 1 retarded retweet from twitter from a literally who fan

No. 64738

>oh no please don't HATE btass please they are so successful they DESERVE recognition
Jonghyun's passing and btshit killed fun for boygroups, it's all so stupidly annoying

No. 64739

Most of the people who spam about btshit are exofags who have a obsession with them or fujo's.
But most of us who arent one of those two things just critize their music or actions

Either way exofags need to calm down with their schizophrenic raging here.

No. 64740

i never posted a single picture of them, neither have i brought them up unless another anon has, thank you.

No. 64741

half of the autistic anons here should honestly be sent to a psych ward.

No. 64743

thanks, you understand exactly what I mean

Notice how I never brought up exofags? It has only been mentioned in the past 24 hours from you all. We have mad fun of exoshit but it has not been derailed like this. You have deflected because you are responsible.

It's a raid. Sage and report

No. 64744

Mods once exposed somebody pretending to be a shitposting radfem in an attempt to get the manhate thread banned, you know that they can also tell who of you are only pretending to be exofags or ratmys to make those fans look bad? Your acting is super obvious, way too over the top.

No. 64745

exo faggots with their loose tits flopping in the wind can't control their temper, must have gotten triggered that bts wasnt being shit on anymore. either that, or exo's new song, ironically called 'obsession'; got into their brain queefing heads. this image board is meant to shit on every group, not glorify exo, fucking fags.

No. 64747

thanks for assuming i'm a rat. i shit on bts and every damn group, thanks anon, even though i never directed my frustrations directly at you.

No. 64748

Mods can see what i posted and they will say i'm not an exofag. Whatever you say rat. I hate boy group stans regardless.

And I know you're a raiding newfag because you don't sage for shit

No. 64749


I only listened their top songs on YT bc I don't keep up w/ them like that and Love shot was the only pleasant one (aesthetic playing a big role). Give us a good one !

No. 64750

>implying we care

No. 64752

I actually like the 'RnB' (?) melody in the chorus of Obsession but everything else that's, uh, happening ruins the song. The album also sucks aside from like 2 b-sides, which is really rare for Exo. I've never been a fan but SM has always given them good b-sides that I appreciate.
I might be outnumbered but I think that Exodus was their best album.

No. 64753

File: 1574983158150.jpg (11.11 KB, 210x242, 1574981210751.jpg)


No. 64754

File: 1574983158788.jpg (113 KB, 530x795, gh1.jpg)

Wow. After years of mostly enjoying the gossip/news posts in this thread along with discussion and debate that has been able to happen without major repercussions to the speaker NOWHERE else, I can agree with the other anons that say this thread should be shut down. All the SHIT that has gone down in 2019, and Hara dying LESS THAN A WEEK AGO, and there's a million autists here attacking each other over shit NO ONE CARES ABOUT not even related to the actual drama or even kpop itself. You egotistical fuckers ruined it beyond repair cuz post quality and effort is expected to be next to 0. Literally 80% of the posts in the threads for the past year are shit that should never move beyond thought form in their fucking heads, and each of you should be moderating that yourselves, not the fucking farmhands. Thanks faggots for driving us further into fascism even over the topic of kpop of all fucking things.

Hara, Sulli, Jonghyun and the others are judging your asses from heaven for contributing to the future deaths of other kpoppies because you've made free speech a GODDAMNED JOKE.

No. 64756

If we talk further about it it will inevitably lead to radfem and anti-korean sentiment. That's why I didn't say anything else other than 'how sad' or 'how can this happen?'
I don't want to get the threads locked.

And I suspect that those that want the thread lock do it on purpose to derail so we don't take shit about their oppars, whoever the fuck it is.

No. 64757

it's always 'dont talk shit about our oppars' and the female idols can get shit on is all up for grabs. the one-sidedness makes it all icky.

No. 64758

File: 1574983860608.gif (Spoiler Image,4.4 MB, 600x600, 88.gif)

No. 64759

Not again…
One of ratmys favourite pasttimes has to be: "In which poll could we vote for them today?

No. 64760

instead of bettering ourselves with all that's happened this year, exofags come here to talk shit, should be fucking ashamed.

No. 64761

No. 64762

No. 64763

So you want the censoring of all opinion as long as they aren't positive? I don't agree at all with this. We have the right to express our opinions.
This is like the only place where you can freely criticize kpop. The other place was the bashing thread on Allkpop which is already censored. And it's not like the members of kpop groups will come over here reading those threads. Not to mention most of them aren't even English speakers so the negative comments they read are from Koreans themselves.

No. 64764

don't put words into the anon's mouth. it was about all the scandels this year and how anons are fighting amongst themselves instead of talking shit about all that's been going on, from spergging to trying to censoring and the unnecessary raiding going on here.

No. 64766

That anon wants it shut down, I don't care what's the reason. I want my place of free speech which can only be found here apparently.

No. 64768

while i dont agree with it, the amount of anons here not respecting each other is getting boring. this forum feels like it exists just for the sake of it now, it's kind of gotten far off track from what it was originally intended for.

No. 64769

first of all, sage, and second, then you and whoever else needs to post quality posts and not cancer pics. At least the nitpicking in the older threads had substance.
This is an imageboard.

No. 64770

it's slowly becoming /kpg/ except without the scrotes. I can't stand it.

No. 64771

What happened to Sulli&Hara isn't really about Kpop though. It's about SKorea's extremely patriarchal culture. Kpop is just a propaganda tool. But yeah these fandom wars are tiring

No. 64772

all the female hate is just nitpicking and jealousy. i always notice some freak posting about a female idol's forehead or nose when we're shitting on bgs. actually now that i think about it its probably the same spergs who want to detract from anons shitting on their oppars

No. 64773

considering the korean government funds kpop companies, and sends their idols out to politicians for 'sponsors'…the money has to come from somewhere, and it's no doubt being funded by pedos with all the idols being grabbed from the streets when they're minors.

No. 64774

it's the incels, male and female who polluted this place for should be banned. they don't contribute at all.

No. 64775

Sadly the entertainment industry is filled with pedos and it's not just in Korea… Former hollywood child star already talked about that. Sex is a way of showing your power.

But Sulli&Hara died because they were publicly slut-shamed while being victims. Classic victim blaming.

No. 64776

Whats Han Ye Seuls story? I remember her being rumored to have a relationship with Yuri from SNSD long ago, and that she was apparently institutionalized at some point? No idea how much of those stories are true but I had also never heard about the hit and run.

No. 64777

don't know much about hara, but sulli was in a pedo film. instead of focusing on she has a slave contract, and was picked off the streets when she was a minor, unable to see her parents, etc. i'm sure the person who filmed it has countless other victims who are being slut-shamed too.

No. 64778

Rumors have mentioned how both Sulli's and Hara's parents were abusive and reports are coming out that neither parents where present at their funeral. That's fucking crazy.

No. 64779

Kpop is nothing more that a glorified prostitution club. Both sides are in the wrong - kpop idols for knowing what kpop actually is(and no, even if they were young, they got the idea of becoming idols from watching their seniors; even as a kid you realize no one is going to give you those flashy clothes and accessories for nothing in exchange) as well as the sponsors. Just look at what happens with female idols - once they pass 24-5, they are considered already old so they sell themselves because they're used to relying only on their bodies. And instead of them trying to get money working a normal job they choose the easier one. Same for male groups but they can survive way longer in the business.

No. 64780

wasn't it reported that hara contacted a reporter on what she can do to help expose 'Burning Sun'? and sulli was a hardcore feminist, a bit tinfoil, but is it really suicide? we dont even know the cause of death.
like the pussycat girls, the entire industry is just a giant 'Burning Sun' nightclub.

No. 64781

Im pretty sure the people sperging are mega fans of multiple groups(they all put the blame on eachother) and they're upset that their favorite artists get attacked here so they want the thread shut down. They do it everywhere. Almost any forum or website with threads about kpop end up shutting down those threads or moving them to other servers because it always ends up full of retards arguing and sperging like this. Just report it and move on if you dont want the threads to go. Otherwise you're just contributing by complaining about them yourself!

No. 64783

Both Sulli and Hara had the same family background: parents divorce, start new families, no longer care about them, Sulli sent to live alone and work at age 10 and Hara to live with her grandma. Sulli debuted at 15, Hara at 17. I also remember seeing a video of Hara crying because she wasn't allowed to see her grandmother in over a year. And this was at the height of her fame.
Sulli's brother rejected her inheritence, meanwhile her parents are fighting over it. For Hara it also seemed to be mostly her brother who cared about her.
Asians love to boast about taking care of their elderly themselves instead of putting them into retirement homes, but I guess basically abandoning your own child because it's in the way of you finding new love is a-okay. Also, what is child labour laws…

No. 64784

I had heard that about Hara but not Sulli. Thats incredibly sad. How did they end up in the industry if not for their parents though? I know Sulli was mega young when she started acting.

No. 64785

just like justin bieber and scooter braun, signing a slave contract is revoking your rights as a parent, onto the company.
sulli and hara had the unfortunate case of being too kind, while on top of having neglectful stage parents.

No. 64786

Kek. You have to be kidding me. Most of her hate comments came from korean women. Great that its idiotic people like you that give other women a bad name by calling the blame on "MUH MISOGYNY" whenever stuff like this happens to a female idol. Just shut the fuck up and learn to take responsibility for once, godammit.

No. 64787

you literally are searching for drama, that comment was 5 fucking days ago. Fuck off unsaging retard, it was proven in an article that most of her hate comments came from men.

No. 64788

As far as im concerned, justin bieber was sold to the industry, and more or less Usher by his own mom.
This is definitely something that happens everywhere, but I think unfortunately in Korean(and most Asian cultures sorry) the predatory behavior is practically normalized rather than shamed. Its less of a big deal when a child is groomed and preyed on that it is when a female actually fully consents to sex willingly. Hence why Hara was literally shamed for being attacked and raped simply because she had the reputation of being "promiscuous". Thats why its fucked up beyond most of which happens in the Western fame industries. Unless you believe in all the way outlandish conspiracies.

No. 64789

Women can be misogynistic