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File: 1575170524368.gif (786.14 KB, 275x275, EXOlizards.gif)

No. 65079

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Previous thread: >>62891

No. 65084

Damn Kai lost a lot of weight must be 60kg now

No. 65085

Thread picture reminds me of those bendy pencils I used to buy all the time from the Scholastic Book Fair.

He looks sick

No. 65086

Anon your description of lucas had me laughing my ass off. Please tell me you have more shit to say about him or anyone else

No. 65087

Wait…did bts really have 37 minutes to perform at MMA?Thats so annoying,all that time ccouldve been shared with other groups they couldve invited.

And TXT's performance was super lame.I thought I was watching a kidz bop concert.

No. 65088

plz spill more tea

No. 65089

File: 1575174181753.jpeg (698.81 KB, 2076x1557, 2D60D320-B813-4219-BAD1-D9C09E…)

Well people always talk about how the camera gives you a few pounds when it comes to female idols, and id say its the same for everyone. We were really close to baekhyun and his legs looked like toothpicks.. my best guess is that he can’t be more than 54kg, and looked about 5’6, contrary to his listed height
everyone else just looked shorter and much thinner in general, considering their tight pants.

Idk taemin came pretty close and his face is even more plastic irl
Also i couldn’t believe the amount of white koreaboos and fat tattooed ppl that gathered there

No. 65090

thanks anon

its always funny hearing how different idols look irl

No. 65091

no prob!

also mentioning that in the pic i took he doesn’t look that terrible but he seriously has a punchable face kek

No. 65092

kek not surprising considering his past

also are lucas and kai short too? tbh lucas doesn't look that much taller than baekhyun in that pic

No. 65107

god that thread pic is nightmare fuel, kai's skelly body and whoever the fuck satan is behind him

No. 65108

lol that's suho im pretty sure

why did kai lose weight? now he's an average kpop twink now

No. 65109

he probably lost weight from being overworked

No. 65112

shakira shakira

No. 65113

Either an exo member or a sperm member said their managers make them fast before concerts to prevent looking bloated and kai has done dozens of concerts in the past few months. He's been overworked too like that other anon said. Both him and lucas have lost a ton of weight and the latter had walking pneumonia during the whole tour, they all look unhealthy and gross right now.

No. 65114

lucas has pneumonia? wtf i'm so shocked. poor boy

No. 65115

That's the most blatant favoritism I've seen in a long time. Usually kpoppies already complain about the tiniest things supposedly being unfair but everything bts does is a-okay. Ratmys unironically still think they're underdogs and that everybody is working against them. They have long exceeded big 3 privilege.

I don't think that at this point of their career anybody could force them to starve. Exo have been touring for over half a year now, and Kai and Baekhun had to prepare for Sperm and go to the US too, they're simply extremely overworked. Kai even said he lost 10kg, that's quite a lot for somebody who wasn't even fat to begin with.

No. 65116

After all the other horror stories I've read in here about what managers make idols do (namely the ones that involve iv drips) I don't think it's unlikely even if they are seasoned idols. Especially if they're only doing it on the days they have concerts.

Yeah he was on the show godfrey gao just died filming and got that plus a minor ankle injury.

No. 65119

any tea on the weird fans? what was the worst part?

i still cant get over the iv thing. first they were doing non stop antibiotics for people coming into hospitals in china, now 'vitamins' is supposedly a thing? My doctor called this being a moron (in slightly nicer terms) and irresponsible.
Are there any other kind of IV drips they use?

No. 65120

>Idk taemin came pretty close and his face is even more plastic irl
Sighhh is this all you got now? And you started off so strong too…

No. 65121

second this.
dig deep, im sure you got more

No. 65122

third this
does taemin give off gay vibes

No. 65123

you realize that he is one of those idols thats got a rep for getting around quite a bit right? not with men.

No. 65124

>does taemin give off gay vibes
? you know all anon did was go to a fucking concert, right?

No. 65126

sorry got a bit carried away kek

No. 65127

File: 1575206660414.png (476.27 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20191009-000547.png)

Kai looks has aged terribly he looks like a 45 year old man.
He looks old and washed up.
He reminds me of post wall cringy super junior who dress like teen's but look like old men.
Rip to Kai stans LOL.

No. 65128

Well there were grown ass men trading nct photocards. Also one girl put a hexagon cutout on her face and painted it too so it looked like one of the lightsticks which was fucking weird. The cringy white or sea tweens who wear racy things for no frickin reason
The show honestly wasn’t bad, i was impressed by their dancing, but when it came part for them to talk, it was really forced and awkward

Yeah sorry i didnt go to a meet and greet haha
if you want to ask questions then maybe specific stuff about the concert

Anyway there were about 60% nct fans (lol i didnt know that many nctfags existed), 35% exo fans (which also i didnt think exo was popular outside of sk??), and the remaining brought shinee sticks which was weird bc i thought shinee was dead at least to ifans

No. 65129

still trying to understand why gay vibes would be milk when he is known to screw women on a grand scale.

No. 65130

Imao whyd he get a nose job his original one wasnt that bad

No. 65131

Ikr? Like what is so bad about flat noses? Looks much better than having an unnatural looking rod and bump up your nose

No. 65132

File: 1575207319032.jpeg (27.63 KB, 236x435, A1592DCA-40E4-4683-8AC0-C5275D…)

No. 65133

Who had the most normal looking face?

And who's performance impressed you the most?

No. 65134

File: 1575207897466.jpg (35.46 KB, 480x620, IMG_20191201_144424_071.jpg)

That picture is like 8 years old.
Your oppar looks like this now, a botched Haggard man.

Why do most sm idols look like crap after the age of 25?

No. 65135

Looking for bias validation, anon?

No. 65136

Because SM likes to run their idols into the ground. It takes a toll on their appearances.

No. 65137

Probably lucas, if i saw him on the street i wouldn’t have recognized him kek
Taeyong’s eyes are REALLY far apart, like even more than the pictures

Ten’s performance was really good, he definitely has skill, and i was surprised because he was the person in the group i knew least abt

No. 65138

File: 1575209034190.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.54 KB, 815x850, 1573861508641.jpg)

partly plastic surgery. The more you do the weirder it looks imo.

We have a critical bodyfat %, a lot of idols seem to go below that. it takes a toll on the face and its not always repairable.

Besides that its fillers wearing off

Could also be that most pics are edited and seeing an unedited all of a sudden comes as bit of a shock.
spoiler is unedited pic of Irene (?). imo doesnt look bad, just for once a 'real' pic of idol wearing makeup

No. 65139

is it just the shadows or did she mess with her nostrils that bad?

anyways, the only few sm idols that don't look bad after 25 were krystal seohyun and changbin off the top of my head. suprised that sm didn't decide to botch them like they did the others. do you guys think it's a tactic to make the idols not want to leave or what?

No. 65140

this picture of irene makes me feel a bit better abt myself, thanks (?)

No. 65141

File: 1575213900701.jpg (54.09 KB, 540x520, IMG_20191201_162407_469.jpg)

No, maybe with other idols it's plastic surgery but with Kai the main reason why he looks like crap lately is SKIN BLEACHING.

Kai was always known for having brown melanin skin (and other exo members being racist towards him because of his skin color)

And now the man suddenly shows up looking 5 shades lighter throughout his whole body.
Kai was able in the past to hide his facial imperfections he had behind his dark complexion, but now that he has bleached his skin now all his eye circles,aging and other unflattering things are easier to spot.

It goes like this: 40% plastic surgery and 60% bleaching.

No. 65142

That pic is extremely whitewashed, not proof of skin bleaching

No. 65143

File: 1575214840872.jpg (11.92 KB, 226x208, IMG_20191201_162300_082.jpg)

You can be as delusional as you want. This is not a fanphoto instead it's a paparazzi photo and these photos are NOT edited.

Almost everyone bleaches their skin in kpop so this is common but still sad.

No. 65144

>She thinks korean paparazzi don't whitewash their photos
Top fucking kek. Try one from American paparazzi, anon. Getty images or something.

No. 65145

we usually look best with our natural colours (skin and hair, tan or not). changing that can easily make us look sick-wrong hair colour shows up easily. changing skin colour can probablyy make originally hair colour seem off.
are these skin whitening treatments reversible?
anon, which one of them seemed the whitest?(not due to makeup)
and thanks for your input, its definitely made me laugh, especially card trading.
the racy clothing was probably in hopes of being selected out of the crowd.

No. 65146

File: 1575216376227.jpeg (85.5 KB, 960x541, 038EFF56-0105-4337-AAD3-DC2410…)

none of them are as pale as the pieces of paper the fans edit them as, but still pale nontheless. i’d probably say baekhyun, as he was wearing a t shirt and his arms were pretty white. Kai was actually tanner than i thought, and he took his shirt off in his dance solo so that made a stark difference between his face and rest of body lol

And yeah it is funny, the dude next to my sister was talking to us and he had a mark phone case and one of those little fuzzy bunny ear cover things on his lightstick kek

No. 65148

>racy clothing was probably in hopes of being selected out of the crowd
LOL yup. I even saw someone who went to an nct concert say she saw Mark staring down a girl's boobs

>the dude next to my sister was talking to us and he had a mark phone case and one of those little fuzzy bunny ear cover things on his lightstick
Ugh that is so fucking cringeee

No. 65149

>mark phone case and one of those little fuzzy bunny ear…..
you keep on giving, kek. thanks!


yeah, i meant being asked backstage later for…..,not the being stared at, kek

No. 65150

that ends this discussion

Anon, you're worth gold!

No. 65152

Anon did you feel catfished in some way…seeing as how they look different in real life and uglier?

No. 65154

i want to know if anon still stans them. i love it when people realize just how pathetic liking kpop is, like that anon who went to a bp concert and quit kpop for good kek

No. 65155

semi related but i went to a bts concert and there was a girl near me screaming daddy at namjoon as well as a middle aged white woman wearing a jumper that read this ahjumma loves bts on the back

No. 65156

Other than lucas which looks a chimpanzee in real life….which was the other most busted looking superm member?

No. 65157

why are you even surprised lol
lucas is a seamonkey(racebaiting)

No. 65158

>thinking idols are true performers
I like only one idol because I'm kind of in love because my life sucks hard. I imagine most fans are like this as well

No. 65159

be careful you will trigger the lucas stans in this thread.

No. 65160

>Yeah he was on the show godfrey gao just died filming and got that plus a minor ankle injury.
I read about that actor dying just yesterday and immediately had to think of idols who film those insane shows too. He was in his best years and looked so much stronger and fitter than your average kpop kid, so it's really a miracle that you don't read about this happening more often.
I know this is ot, but do you know more details? All I could find was that he had to film for 17 hours non-stop.

No. 65161

I feel really sorry for k-actors they have it much worse than kpop idols.
They have to work so much and the competition for hiring a actor for a role is even more hard now because talentless idols who have never acted are stealing roles from k-actors just because they are famous.

No. 65162

Acting is not that hard unless you're using the method

No. 65163

She literally said she was impressed by their dancing

No. 65164

>>brown melanin skin
just say brown and fuck back to your melanin twitter

No. 65165

File: 1575225241926.gif (6.08 MB, 480x480, download (2).gif)

>yay, the little kids leeching off my fame won thanks to my boss bribing people with the money I earned!
Rat and jhope can't even hide their bitterness

No. 65166

Not catfished, but i feel bad for the stans who worship them and actually believe they look like the shooped pics

kek taemin looks your forty year old aunt who pumps botox and plastic into her face to pass as a person in their late twenties

I was not impressed by their “vocals” tho
95% of the concert was full lipsync
there was a part where kai sang over his backing track and sounded like a wobbly sixth grade boy in chorus class

No. 65167

Here's a good thread about it https://twitter.com/shengrurenxin/status/1199558133389111296

tl;dr He went on an extremely sketchy, physically demanding chinese variety show. The show is ghetto as fuck and leaves all its guests, including even professional athletes, exhausted. People have almost suffocated on it before, some guests end up vomiting after completing challenges, etc. Using luke as an example since his experience actually got documented in english: he filmed for 12~ hrs out in the rain, had a bout of hypoxia after completing (or during? idk) a challenge, slipped and hurt his ankle, and had to get carried off by his fellow guests. There are some videos of it.

After filming for 17 hours straight, possibly with very few or no breaks, Godfrey went into sudden cardiac arrest while running during a challenge and fainted. The staff thought he was bullshitting for the cameras because injuries are so normal on that show so they just left him there for a while. By the time they realised something was seriously wrong, it was too late to save him and he died.

Then the company behind the show (iqiyi which is the biggest media company in china iirc) had it censored from weibo trends and later gave a half-assed apology. Dude was only like 35.

Godfrey was not a k-actor…

No. 65168

wow what were sm and cube thinking sending their idols on there? smh

No. 65169

Luke and yuqi have contracts with iqiyi for the other show they're on together. Who knows if their companies really got a say in it.

No. 65170

Thanks a lot for the info anon, that's really dark…

I thought Lucas and Yuqi are on the chinese version of Running Man, but this isn't that show, right? Isn't it weird to have them both cast together on such similar shows? Just because people ship them?

I give them the benefit of the doubt, afterall a hollywood actor also participated. Nobody probably would have thought just how unorganized and careless that show could be.

No. 65171

No, chase me isn't the same show. They went on chase me because of chinese bootleg running man though, other cast members from that show were there with them. Both shows are made by the same company.

No. 65173

File: 1575228955672.jpeg (191.64 KB, 1085x1255, 7A3C49EC-ECAE-4A97-822E-D81767…)

have yall seen this… is he starving himself? what the fuck

No. 65174

WTF he looks like an alien now, his head and facial structure looks better with some fat on it.

No. 65175

File: 1575229297859.jpg (297.08 KB, 1628x532, allsmall.jpg)

different camera and filming distance maybe?

No. 65176

he looks like james charles in the second pic, very unfortunate

No. 65177

Who is this? I want to snoop more pics of him for comparison. His whole jaw looks 2 inches narrower. No way that was just from weight loss. Maybe a jaw shave or just the camera lense. But if it was a jaw shave that’s just sad. I don’t understand Korea’s obsession with shaving their jaws. Not even Yoona’s jaw shave looks good and she’s considered nations visual.

No. 65178

All of this stuff is false, Gao was only running for a couple of minutes before he died. He died in his first run. While the filming had gone on for 5 (not 17) hours he was not there the whole time and only appeared on camera for a few minutes. Be very careful about news you read about China these days, it is mostly fake. Have some common sense, how does 17 hours of filming even logic?

No. 65179

Ok winnie the pooh

No. 65180

your propaganda is so weak and annoying, fuck off

No. 65181

I feel like companies are sitting back and letting bts do all the award shows so that the public and their fans will get tired of them.

People are already complaining about how theyre everywhere and how they win everything.

Award shows will probably be more diverse when they enlist.

And TXT is probably the worst idea bighit came up with.Theyre insanely boring,and i doubt armys are gonna support them if bts goes on a hiatus.

No. 65184

File: 1575231927661.webm (1.47 MB, 720x720, 1574295949742.webm)

and you keep giving! thanks!

which concert did you attend? any member getting considerably less applause for solo (or appearing) than others?.
im guessing nct members were most welcome by the audience?

far right guy looks as though he always looks exactly the same. ok, lots of makeup involved…but still.

No. 65185

That’s Shownu from Monsta X. He’s dropped a serious amount of weight since all the recent scandals. Even knetz are concerned.

No. 65188

and this is which top dermatologists, make up artists and stylists!
most people will have worse skin than pic.
dont compare yourself to celebs.

didnt notice until you pointed it out. not sure…depends if she had a nose job.i dunno

No. 65189

File: 1575233010837.jpg (874.09 KB, 900x1118, b451c200d7814b3d98a9bc90ecd52b…)

suzy for comparison

No. 65191


i went to the atlanta one, and youre spot on with nct imao
Taeyong and ten did baby dont stop and everyone was freaking out
I don’t specifically remember who got the least as overall all of the stans were fucking hyper the whole time

at one point they were dancing to this sperm song where they had to hump these gray carpet block things and they looked like literal children tripping over boulders

No. 65192

this one is heavily edited. try again

No. 65194

File: 1575234780658.gif (4.89 MB, 600x444, 14626813237796.gif)

how edited is this one?

No. 65195

(not original poster)
I zoomed in on the picture and could see pores,slight lines and even a scar in the middle of her brow area.

These are not edited, i know its hard to believe that not all idols need to be edited to hell like exo so they can look decent.

The girl was just born with good genes,thats why she is rich and famous despite not having any talent or charisma.

No. 65196

chill out. it's just a fact that all the reporting on this is wrong. actual fans know what's going on.

No. 65198

File: 1575235522241.jpeg (54.6 KB, 400x380, 95C09269-FCBD-44D8-A6DF-8C9EEC…)

why does irene's skin resemble that of a ~45 year old woman? idol life really must that bad (pic is yum jung ah; excuse the botched nose)
that gif is overexposed with the lighting, which hides imperfections. suzy does have good skin, but thoughtful surgery that enhanced her features + not being an idol did her wonders.

No. 65199

That was my very first thought after seeing that lol
He probably uses Wonho's departure to get some ps done, knowing people will excuse it with "He looks different because of weight loss, he's so stressed and heartbroken that he lost his appetite uwu"
Speaking of Wonho, does anybody know what he's doing now?

Imagine caping for the people who pushed a young person to their death…

Suzy completely lucked out with her skin, but that alone doesn't make a person attractive. Imo her features are immensely overhyped. Her eyes, her nose, her lips and the overall bone structure is all just average. I find some idols attractive who most non-koreans call 'plain', but I will never get the hype around her, especially not her debut look that caused her to get famous so quickly.
Also I do think that she's quite smart, so I find her naive act rather off-putting.

No. 65200

File: 1575237005960.jpg (108.1 KB, 350x474, bi-2.jpg)

I wonder what happened in kpop to cause this sudden obsession with pale skin.

If anyone has looked at earlier kdrama or kpop works they would see that the people were darker and had more korean-centric features…and then comes 2008 and then after that then there is this sudden obsession with looking white,pale,and having to wear color contacts all the time.

Rain was a superstar in korea in the early/mid 2000's and his skin was dark and he had ethnic features.
We all know he wouldnt be famous today if he debuted, but i want to know why korea was more accepting of dark skin in the past yet now all kpop idols are trying to look like casper the ghost.

No. 65201

Yeah, i second this. Im korean and my cousin is a twicefag and all the sudden shes telling me that my skin is too dark and she’s acting like she’s better than me bc she’s paler even tho her face is compare to a toe

No. 65202


No. 65203

>more accepting of dark skin in the past
less editing??? like, obviously, the technology wasn't as advanced as to edit every nugu's pics by yourself

No. 65206

I wouldn't say "what happened to kpop" but rather "kpop happened". Before there were some groups too, but around the time you mentioned the idol business skyrocketed with the debut of snsd, wonder girls and the likes.

No. 65208

they discovered sunscreen and became more aware of sun damage. this lead to paler skin and then it became the must have.

No. 65211

because back then you couldnt photoshop yourself to hell and back 10 times lighter. the whole light is better existed back then but as the years progressed idols became an extreme version of existing beauty standards. plus, sunscreen and glutathione became more widely available along with knowledge of sun damage. pale people in 2000s still got praise for their natural paleness since it wasn't as achievable.

No. 65212

Must've been all those shippers that call them gay kings lel

>at one point they were dancing to this sperm song where they had to hump these gray carpet block things and they looked like literal children tripping over boulders

pfftt…an anon posted a vid of that in the previous thread and I thought it looked so fucking dumb

No. 65213

>Im white and i know nothing about asian people and think they are all naturally pale,must be sunblock .
Oh really if thats the truth then why are skin bleaching/whitening products so popular in east asia? Then why do so many korean skincare have whitening effects? Why do whitening injections exist then in almost all beauty clinics in korea? Why do so many koreans use foundations that are 5 shades lighter than their actual skin tone?

This has everything to do with race and melanin than it has to do with sunblock.
Asians have light caramel to brown skin tone naturally.

Also sunblock really…lol they had brown skin for fucks sake its not like they were slightly tan so you can blame it on the sun,also you'd have to be 24/7 hours in the grueling sun non-stop to be able to achieve that skin tone.

No. 65214

File: 1575241807267.png (318.12 KB, 546x278, BeforeAfterskinwhitening.png)

Show her pictures of tan tzuyu and jihyo.

No. 65215

File: 1575241982913.png (2.17 MB, 1508x760, BeforeAfterskinwhiteningJIHYO.…)

No. 65216

Tzuyu is not fair at all, she has never done skin bleaching, that photo is whiteshopped to make her look pale. Even among Knetz Tzuyu is known for being a tan beauty or one of the tanned idols along with Seolhyun, Jennie, Kai etc. Tbh I find the ones that embrace a tan sexy look way hotter than the idols that wear foundation thats 3 shades too pale.

No. 65217

Rain would have made it as an idol in 2019, he was JYP's protege because his face is average like JYP to the point he wore sunglasses on stage, but he got hype for dance skills and Choco Abs (Knetz used to invent body part descriptors like S-line, V-line and Honey thighs for UEE's legs). Rain has tons of stage charisma compared to most male solos today.

No. 65218

No he wouldnt,as someone previously said this was the era before kpop ''really was considered kpop''.
Rain's music was to provocative and risk taking for it to ever be considered idol music.
Rain would be considered more of a celebrity in todays kpop world.

''Rainism'' which im guessing is his most legendary song(?) would be considered way too raunchy for 2019 kpop.

oh so thats why he worse sunglasses lol i had no idea, he looks a lot better (and hotter) now at 37, he looks amazing for his age.

No. 65221

File: 1575246688252.jpg (139.53 KB, 600x899, LUAB53s.jpg)

Rain is basically an edgier Kang Daniel (another "basic uggo" idol Inetz are confused why Koreans stan en masse) from another era, most solo artist are more provocative than idols. He's still a Kpop "idol", idk how else you classify popstars like Psy or Daniel.

Rain has a complex about his single eyelids (he said it before) but doesn't want plastic surgery so he wears sunglasses to look cool. SK public actually prefer non-plastic rough/manlier dudes with nice bodies like Rain than Botox/fillered-up idols who look fake, that's why Kactors like Kim Soo Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon, Yoo Ah In and D.O. are more popular actors than flowerboy idol actors like Lee Soohyuk, Cha Eunwoo or Jaejoong.

Btw Jang Dong Yoon like a prettier and manlier version of BTS Jin, if you watch him crossdress in female makeup in Nokdu (he's prettier than all the ladies) you'll understand why male Kpop idols look so appealing, it's ALL MAKEUP. JDY looks good without makeup but most idols look like crap and plasticky due to fillers.

No. 65222

What's so raunchy about Rainism? Lots of idols cover it and DBSK, EXO etc have similar concepts

No. 65223

Rain has a better body than male idols today, that vid is from 2016 and he's fitter than all of BTS, EXO, Wannaone, it's not even close. LMAO Jimincel & JK don't dare to perform topless and starve months to show 2 seconds of abs, Rain goes topless at all his concerts and flaunts his body 24/7 there's no idol who does that these days.

No. 65224

cause if they show off their skelly 'abs' for more than 30 seconds they'd freeze to death
that's cause tvxq and exo had those concepts before the flower boy trend. now you won't catch many of these male rookies doing that concept unless it's a cover

No. 65225

GOD i hate the flower boy trend, who would want to fantasize dating a middle school twink?

No. 65226

Blame jpop

No. 65228

File: 1575251315853.jpg (42.47 KB, 355x236, 4MQ7SjG.jpg)

>>65200 FILTERS.

I'm serious, camera filters. These days dramas, Kpop vids and photos are filmed with filtered lenses which alter skintones automatically. I doubt all Korean actors had skin bleaching even the old folks but everything looks fairer and brighter on Korean TV nowadays due to the abuse of camera filters. Compare Rain in >>65223 where he looks much whiter naked than >>65200.

I owned camera phones in the 2000s and none of them had filters so your skin tone would be sallow or dark in bad light, now all smartphone cameras have inbuilt beauty filters and glow-up apps, a lot of 2000-era Kdramas don't look as good as 2010-era Kdrama which have filters making everything look dreamytoned.

No. 65229

and anime

No. 65234

File: 1575256671370.jpeg (453.36 KB, 750x1093, 9FA16E80-BD13-45D4-8E80-AD8BB6…)

Some Brazilian youtuber did a video about prostitution in Kpop and put Jisoo in the thumbnail. Blinks are harassing him… This is ridiculous

No. 65235

>>65223 Jungkook can't go topless because Bighit refuses to let him show his cringy arm tattoos. IDK what the point of getting tattoos is if he is dead set on covering it up.


No. 65236

Pffffff she looks like a clown in the second picture

No. 65237

jimincel is short but the rest of bts act like they’re 6’6/200cm compared to him kek

even suga bullies him about despite being slightly taller at best

No. 65238

The creep had a comeback

No. 65239

Wouldn’t let me delete my post to fix the link

No. 65241

Jihyo actually got a tan during that one summer comeback and everyone was stanning her and saying she's actually Latina and a melanin kweeen and shit, once the tan faded they all forgot about her again. It was pretty funny.

No. 65243

>>65241 Jihyo should embrace her exotic non-Korean features with bronzer or fake tan rather than look pale and boring. She would stand out as a hottie rather than meh in Twice.

Tan skin is more sexy, like Son Dambi, Hyori, Hyuna in Bubblepop. These days idols are too scared to run with sexy concepts because they get stereotyped as sloots and hated by Knetz.

No. 65245


Am i wrong to think idols who know Han Seohee probably do because she is their dealer and supplied then with drugs for a long time? If so, Kpop is full of druggie idols.

No. 65246

I think it's the grey dyed hair, it's a horrible colour and it rarely looks good on anyone. And it's no surprise he looks tired, he's a kpop idol after all, overworking , stress, starvation and extremely scary fans will do that to you

No. 65247

Sometimes I wonder if the people in this thread know about this. Camera angles can drastically change how your face looks

No. 65252

True, but on the other hand K-idols are some of the most likely to starve themselves and get extremely invasive facial surgeries as well

No. 65253

I don't remember this, does anyone know where I can find it? I tried looking it up, scanned through old threads with keywords, but I couldn't find anything. Someone pls help me out, BP is one of the milkiest groups in here tbh.

No. 65254

lmao thats just shadows below her right nostril. what made me confused is the blurred line on her nose bridge? tf is that? nose job scar (if getting scars on that area is possible) or just shadows as well?

I second this. Actors/actresses arent as tired as idols my friend has uber clear skin, not one zit in sight. Her whole family has clear skin too, so its possible to have w/o editing. sage for blogpost

No. 65255

this ratmonster the tallest one is only 3 inches/7cms taller

No. 65258

I remember it was around the time of their US concerts so like May or whatever, so look in those threads, the anon did not provide much info though just mentioned how they don't sing live iirc (I had been wishing for more details at the time myself.)

No. 65281

If they compare themselves over height and tan so much, I can't imagine how much they do that with their tiny weewees, phaha.

No. 65317

I also don't get it, to me they all look about the same. Especially Jungkook always does that and he's all insoles
But I guess you can't be a soft baby cow if you aren't sm0l kek

No. 65335

that baby cow shit was traumatized for me at first to see ngl

no way bts hasn’t seen that shit kek would pay to see reactions especially from jimin

but back on topic it’s kinda funny how much of a big deal they make it out to be

honestly they make it sound like jimincel is 4’1 when he’s average

No. 65337


No. 65353

He could still open his shirt though, plus he only now got the tattoos. I think it’s so we won’t see how he looks like

No. 65355

File: 1575285710561.jpeg (110.35 KB, 830x962, 188FBD6A-3202-4432-A85A-03B467…)

No. 65357

i swear some of you are thirsting over him no way you just randomly bring his boring ass up all the time.

No. 65359

Did jungkook gain weight? He looks 85 kg here

looks a lot healthier and muscular

No. 65361

His waist is still tiny and I think he’d always had abs? That being said he’s not ana

No. 65362

File: 1575287092774.png (374.42 KB, 542x600, Conan_KDrama.PNG)

When Conan was in that Korean drama and looked so offputting but the girl looked fine, thats when I realized how desensitized we are to seeing idols with these filters.

No. 65365

honestly no bts memeber seems ana right now even suga gained weight

No. 65367

I think Jimin is still small? Or am I not updated?

No. 65373

He went from mega twink to slightly less mega twink

No. 65375

it's called rebounding. as soon as the have a comeback they will be skelly again

No. 65376

eh they are known for contouring abs but i mean, they could be real because they arent preparing for a comback yet. thats when they start turning ana again and lose muscle.

No. 65377

>no bts memeber seems ana
This. All of them have normal bodies, some are more skinnyfat, some are more muscular, no big deal, there's nothing to discuss here.
How can anybody call jk skinny when female idols exist?

No. 65378

i second this but obviously jiminand suga became ana. jungkook as well (akaif thats when the wrist slashing happened). Most of the time, they're at a healthy weight or slightly underweight bcos lucky for male idols, they have the choice of bhilding up the muscles in their bodies compared to female idols, in which having muscle is seen as unattractive and not ~kawaii uguu~ for them.

No. 65379

lmao. they just figured out instant brightening treatments using laser/something else i forgot.

No. 65380

how can someone “look” exactly 85 kgs lol not even qualified dieticians can guess the exact weight of a person based on one blurry picture

No. 65381

What instant brightening treatments, is it not just Samsung or beauty face filter set to the highest level?

No. 65382

File: 1575293406902.jpg (87.49 KB, 720x720, EGZmFSSU8AEhDft.jpg)

Since some people asked how short sperm look irl, but didn't get an answer from all those not so secret fans who attented their concerts: just look how kai (who's one of the tallest idols) is not much bigger than your average middle aged/oldish lady. Now you can guess just how twinkish the rest must be…

No. 65383

Yeah and johnny from nct is only 180cm and he looks taller than most idols

No. 65384

glutathione injections and creams that leave an instant white cast (tone up)

No. 65385

I'm the OP. It's called white tanning. I just remembered.

No. 65389

File: 1575295888823.jpg (29.01 KB, 450x300, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

It's kinda blurry but I'd like to add this. The others were only slightly taller than ellen and keep in mind that they were using insoles so it's possible that they're the same height as ellen or even shorter.

No. 65390

Average? ellen is 5'7".

And since when is Kai one of the tallest idols? When I think of tall idol he definitely does not come to mind.

No. 65391


So it's clear now Mijoo didn't leak the photos for personal gain, A.K.A. JK and her were dating.

No. 65393

No one gives a shit.

No. 65396

So ratmys accused her of being a malicious attention whore for nothing…? And what about her collegue who got fired?

Fans are hard in denial kek
>there are plenty of (asian) girls/women out there who honestly don't mind PDA with the opposite gender friends
Because especially asians are known to be casually touchy feely, amirite? Manner hands say Hi.

>A korean reporter who saw the cctv said on youtube that jk actually hugged his whole group of friends aka 5 ppl including that girl…

Yup, totally believable that he backhugged all his friends one after another, especially seeing as the others were men lol

No. 65399

>he saying they didnt have a relationship with the girl just trust him. Even if hes lying or not its not our concern.
>He said not dating, even if they are who cares if he lied. His private life. End of story.
As a good little fangirl you even have to accept your oppar lying to you. Be glad you're allowed to pay for him.

No. 65400

File: 1575298468347.jpg (128.78 KB, 441x512, 20191202_115000.jpg)

I dont think kai bleached his skin. Maybe he looks paler in some pictures because of the makeup and the lighting.

No. 65401

i thought it was obvious? i mean jk even got a fucking tattoo of her initials on his hand (that delusional armys will deny is related to her in any way)

No. 65402

Cause they're thirsting. Bunch of resident jkfags who probably do those jk cute bunny or golden maknar compilation on youtube

His twink ass wishes he ever weighted above 75kg. He can't bulk for shit

It's been aleeady 2 days and ratmies continue with that tired victim narrative.
>eViL bIg 3 is BoYcOtTing our oppars
Well bitch maybe they didnt want to attend some flop and low level award show that wasnt even broadcasted on cable lol

No. 65403

No fans were complaining because the tattoo shop kept releasing pics of his tattoos and then whining about the negative attention they got. It was known that someone else leaked the cctv footage, I guess they caught the guy? I heard he was actually trying to impress a chick by showing her this but it leaked lol

No. 65405

>The thing is Han Seo Hee probably also knew about Seungri and co but she denied it because she 'wasn't interested' in Seungri. She is not 'exposing' idols out of the goodness of her heart, but out of grudges. I think comparing her to a good person like Hara who genuinely wanted to help is pointless (btw, i'm not calling HSH a bad person because she DIDN'T expose the molka, but because she's trasnphobe and ableist)
Koreans don't dare to shit on her for now because she was clearly very close to Hara, but ifans continue to hate her to death.
She's only 24 now and those scandals have been going on for years, so they really want to hold a young girl accountable for not speaking out? Seungri getting off free of punishment shows just what kind of powerful forces are behind all this, being scared would be just natural. Look at how the actress who spoke out in that old fake suicide case of another actress is treated like, Seohee being rich wouldn't have protected her at all if somebody decided to do something to her.
Plus, if everybody who knew something must speak out, then why are Gdragon-oppar and and all the other yg idols allowed to stay silent?

No. 65407

File: 1575303851622.jpg (282.5 KB, 1120x595, 3762466_13624410808da1aca701f5…)

>kai (who's one of the tallest idols
since when?

No. 65427

i mean, i agree with you but this is bit unfair, he's at max 19/20 years old here

No. 65434

File: 1575309757114.jpg (78.53 KB, 800x634, 1ecbaab12e9f5a00003b2736268402…)

He might be lying about being over 180cm, but when you on the other hand also have idols who are lying about being 170cm,then this does make him tall in comparison.
In the end the point still stands: most male idols are shorter than him but he's barely taller than Ellen who's not tall for a woman - and therefore in conclusion nearly all male idols are short.

If Johnny is 180cm, then what about him…

No. 65438

5'7 is tall for a woman outside of latvia

No. 65439

why is them being short a necessity to you?
what does short even mean to you? different part of the world different standard.
check average sk male height, most idols will not be much (more than 7cm) shorter than that.
pictures in which you cant see shoes are useless.
idols are not gonna add 10cm to their actual height.

i added a youtube vid of byg saying he is 179cm. you can use him as reference.

No. 65440

>therefore in conclusion nearly all male idols are short
You really needed all this research to find that out

No. 65446


This almost has 500k views why are people such retards

No. 65447

>different part of the world different standard
Of course but nevertheless it's something most of them are rather insecure about, so pointing that out hurts. Their egos are so big thanks to their fangirls coddling but height is not something any ps could fix.
>idols are not gonna add 10cm to their actual height
You greatly underestimate men lol

Why are newfags too retarded to put their youtube links into the box which has 'youtube' written next to it?

No. 65449

major sad noises

No. 65450

>>65449 TxT are so average and bland people only recognize Hueningkai for his mixed looks. I can't even tell the other members apart by name, the 2 small eyed ones look alike and the other 2 Beomgyu and Taehyun look similar too

No. 65452

I can always tell beomgyu and taehyun apart because taehyun is the one with hardcore crazy eyes

No. 65454

>i want to hurt their feefees
no male idol is ever going to read your rants

No. 65456

They same can be said when farmers make fun of their weight, skin, hair, ps, whatever. Why so defensive over height?

No. 65457

being short (by Western standards) isn't a choice

No. 65458

That's the thing about them you choose to feel sorry for? Quit moralfagging about something so minor.

No. 65459

you are basically calling the vast majority of humans too short, but whatever floats your boat…

No. 65460

File: 1575319619585.jpg (83.32 KB, 600x804, tumblr_inline_o0d14sDziP1t19ou…)

Ok so i just realized that Got7 Jinyoung looks like a boring plastic version of Rain.
I know when people talk about companies adding similiar looking idols purposely they mostly talk about sm but i think JYP purposely added Jinyoung because they thought he would be something in his group but he is irrelevant.

They even have a similar smile.

No. 65461

School pictures always touched up ya know; stop posting them itt

>he is irrelevant

Idk much about him but wasn't a main cast member in a recent kdrama?

No. 65463

Tbh, he's one of the few left in the kpop industry who doesn't seem plastic and similar to his predebut pics.

No. 65464

Jinyoung aint ugly imo but isnt he the most popular second to Jackson? I could be wrong but I think he got real popular after all the acting he did, and people really like him. Inb4 FucK oFf Jinyoungfag

No. 65465

V in his natural state. The fuck is wrong with him?

No. 65468

>Being cast in a kdrama means famous
Almost everyone in their mother in a kpop group has been cast in some kind of kdrama.
Even that one girl form that flop groups CLC was cast in a kdrama.
And when you are from a powerful company then its even more easier to get casted.

It looks like he had his eyes done and im suspecting he gets regular botox shots on his jaw when his jaw starts looking too big.

But other than that he does look natural compared to other idols who have over five plastic surgeries.

Im pretty sure Jackson,Yugeom and Mark are more relevant than him.

No. 65471

iirc he’s the one who’s the most popular in sk while the others have little to no presence there. but most of their fanbase is intl anyway so i’m not surprised if several other members are more popular than him in total.

No. 65472

His autism really comes out here

No. 65473

>never knows how to sage
>posts random pictures and videos of bts that only fans would watch
Totalllllllly nooooot a ratmy lmao.

No. 65474

File: 1575324165229.jpeg (608.65 KB, 750x926, 0285C220-FD71-4703-B93C-29E287…)

yeri must be delusional if she thinks anyone believes she looks like this

No. 65476

File: 1575324484642.jpg (46.07 KB, 550x334, e050f860-0f4e-4be1-aefb-782a36…)

So Yeonwoo and Taeha have left the group and Daisy is still under negotiation.
I guess this is the end of Momoland.


No. 65477

Her face looks really weird on her body because of the editing but whats wrong with the styling?

No. 65479

File: 1575324653810.jpeg (349.95 KB, 2048x1150, EKqNm_2U0AAoOpw.jpeg)

holy shit they look like something out of a junji ito manga

No. 65480

File: 1575324881444.jpeg (607.62 KB, 750x745, CEDA92B7-262D-48CA-A927-EE393F…)

The styling is fine, but her face just looks so off, especially if you look at her previous pictures on instagram, img attached

No. 65481

Why do all three look terrible in those pictures

No. 65482

File: 1575325421490.jpg (113.15 KB, 1080x1350, l7f4okj85u141.jpg)

Ok so these pictures disgust me.
Idk why but whenever JYP takes a picture with twice he always looks like their pimp and twice look like his prostitutes waiting to be sold for 300/hr.

No. 65483

File: 1575325629967.jpg (42.09 KB, 520x348, af2f8447aa3eaa422b5bb06f4f7549…)

Does anyone remember when Jyp did these sexualized ''weight loss' posters and add's with Twice which were targeted toward middle school and high school girls and included sexual remarks such as ''make the skirt tighter''.

No. 65485

Friends are different from acquaintances.

No. 65486

File: 1575326446557.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.52 KB, 720x720, e743b110d412fa87bfffe258d06faa…)

Nayeon has become the most over-sexualized member of twice, and she is always given the most skimpiest clothes or always the least amount of clothes.
It wasnt like this in the past so why is JYP over-sexualising this girl, is it because she is the oldest?

No. 65487

File: 1575326682089.jpg (140.12 KB, 1024x682, 1575324756052.jpg)

height pics just or you anon

No. 65488

File: 1575326741001.jpg (144.35 KB, 1024x682, 1575325226049.jpg)

hope that puts the adding 10cm to actual height to rest

No. 65489

Before we start exo (like all idols) are wearing insoles to appear 2-7 cm taller than they actually are.
Now that we got that over the way.
Ryan gosling is 1.84cm
Meanwhile it says that chanyeol is 1.85cm.
But looking at this picture you can tell that chanyeol is SHORTER than ryan gosling.

Sm really needs to stop lying about their idols height or not even let them come to america because then the truth comes out when they have to take pictures with actual tall people and not even their insoles can save them.

No. 65490

Ryan is leaning forward and hunched over a little too lmao. It's actually pretty humble of him to do ngl

No. 65491

Ryan is hunched over a little too lmao. That's actually pretty humble of him ngl

No. 65492

File: 1575327902285.jpeg (36.8 KB, 546x525, EKxyDfvX0AAmGqk.jpeg)

Reynolds is listed as 188cm though

No. 65493

File: 1575328070043.jpg (155.59 KB, 560x739, 1575320477755.jpg)

and insoles are not 7cm…thats rare. mostly just a few extra.

No. 65494

File: 1575328215661.jpg (72.49 KB, 626x1024, 1575321157223.jpg)

some neg comments regarding reynolds meeting with the guys.
lsm working well to get his boys name out there. good networking.

No. 65496

File: 1575328317846.jpg (7.28 KB, 169x168, IMG_mjoyb2.jpg)

Why is no one commenting on how fucked she looks? What's with the creases and cracks in her skin.

No. 65497

It’s because she’s fucking ugly

No. 65498

I came across a vid of that kid a few days ago and gasped. What kind of parents does he have?

No. 65500

she looks different in every picture

No. 65501

File: 1575329625736.jpg (84.38 KB, 717x960, f91b1e4bcf87b0f6cc76b382158338…)

Twf literally all exo are manlets except for kris but he left exo a long time ago so no one cares about him and chanyeol (but not as tall like sm lie but somewhere along 1.79cm. )

No. 65502

File: 1575329861621.jpg (47.19 KB, 640x437, tumblr_ptv0704MbN1riav2to1_640…)

That time when ivanka trump was taller than almost all the exo members.

No. 65503

File: 1575330151817.jpg (2.39 MB, 4634x3089, p.jpg)

Driver is listed as 189

No. 65504

Damn they must have wore alot of insoles that day considering they used to get rekt by 1.80cm people like >>65502

No. 65505

Ivanka is wearing heels and the pic is slightly tilted

No. 65506

Exofag BTFO
and your oppas are wearing insoles…soooooooo.
sage hoe

No. 65507

This is such a painfully autistic discussion oh my god I wish this board had the same rules as /pt/

No. 65508

The height conversation is getting boring.

No. 65509

Is this some ratmy feast over here when EXO aren't even the only ones with fake height profiles?

No. 65510

im pretty sure this thread is filled with armys hating on twice exo for petty shit like wearing insoles lmao

No. 65511

you cant just admit it that oppa is manlet can you awwwwww.
Chanyeol and kris(he isnt even in exo anymore lol) are the only tall ones.
And all the exo memebers (except for chanyeol) have looked smaller infront of alot of western.

funny how when we shit talk other groups and talk about them for hours it okay but the moment we mention exo then suddenly mentally challenged butthurt eggs cant handle it.

Can eggs also learn how to sage.

No. 65512

it is and always has been. armys are known to sperg about bp too.

No. 65513

Nta but kill yourself

No. 65514

Im pretty sure that ratmy's love bp and twice.
Are we not allowed here to talk about other groups because we might upset the stans or eggs and should talk about jungkooks tattoos 24/7.?

No. 65516

isn't it common knowledge that almost all of exo are short? this isn't anything new.

No. 65517

Funny how that's all you can shit on EXO when at least they have some decent singers in it while BTS sounds like screeching goats.
And yeah, height and weight are common lies to every group out there so this convo is pretty ridiculous.

No. 65519

File: 1575331176254.jpg (76.93 KB, 480x889, IMG_20191201_213012_268.jpg)

Baekhyun looks 27 going on 45..LMAO

No. 65523

they are shorter than tall white people, what are they supposed to do about it?

No. 65529

His face looks like you poured a gallon of grease on it lel, it seems like kpop idols have never heard of ''blotting paper''.
But sometimes a greasy face can be a side effect of too much Botox and fillers………

No. 65530

You have to be 18 to post here

No. 65532

Don’t blame them, I doubt kindergarteners know how to read.

No. 65533

im just trying to talk to exo-l's the way they can understand so sorry if i came off autistic since that is the only way exo-l's know how to speak

No. 65534

Jokes and autism aside, you still havent learned to sage despite being told over a thousand times…..are you really that stupid.(settle down)

No. 65535

File: 1575332289967.jpg (53.91 KB, 480x884, IMG_20191203_011715_678.jpg)


No. 65536

Ivanka i 5'11 (1m80) and she's wearing heels… Anyway who cares ? Asian men are short and EVERY CELEB LIES ABOUT THEIR HEIGHT

No. 65537

Man, just shut the fuck up, its tired.

No. 65538

File: 1575332737408.jpeg (185.43 KB, 800x1200, 8759C32F-228A-49D1-8329-A72CA1…)

“visual qUEEN”

No. 65539

the "egg" ratanon and all her samefagging is more autistic than any of the actual "eggs" in here. that was her second chimpout this week.

No. 65540

File: 1575332822348.jpg (31.21 KB, 480x252, zDLzcD2.jpg)


Can't compare actors to idols, there's a reason why popular actors are successful solo acts and idols get shoved in a group. Kim Woobin used to make EXO, BTS, Shinee etc look like midgets while hositng MNET MCountdown, in that pic only Kris Wu can match Kim Woobin's build (prob no other EXO member wanted to stand next to KWB) and he left EXO to be a film actor in China too. Kek

No. 65541

File: 1575332979203.png (723.5 KB, 611x935, GOLLUM.png)

her nose is truly horrifying… but she's only one in Twice with some personality

No. 65542

only tall men deserve to live, manlets need to hang themselves

No. 65543

File: 1575333163487.gif (2.54 MB, 245x250, 10D96648-E3C2-47E1-9267-EAB57A…)

No. 65544

Idols are supposed to impress asian girls and cougars and most of them don't want to stan lanky fuckers anyways, they're more into the cutesy manlet look.

No. 65545

well this is rather more what an average sk looks like when not pumped full with fillers to even out any folds and add height to the nose.
looks fine to me

No. 65546

No. 65548

Lmao so obvious that half of EXO are scared to death of standing next to tall dudes like Kim Woobin and Ryan Reynolds so Chanyeol is forced to act as the "divider" in photos.

Idols are often considered too ugly to become actors even by Knetz, you'll never see Jimin, Jungkook, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun in dramas or films because they don't look conventionally attractive for TV unlike Go Soo, Seo Kangjoon, Park Hyungsik Ji Changwook etc.

No. 65549

they only want tall handsome men like kyungsoo

No. 65550

V was in a drama though and he’s not tall. It’s not like he has studied either

No. 65551

No. 65552

yeah but he only got praise from ratmies/his stans. his acting was shit anyways

No. 65553


but,, kai has acted in dramas? although i can not imagine him doing that anytime in the future lol

No. 65554

Obviously but they took him anyway and I have no idea why, he’s not manly. Wasn’t Minho there with him too? But I do find him attractive

No. 65555

Really? I only remember seeing a film clip of him chasing after this old lady calling her noona..?

No. 65556

all this height shit is so retarded. gotta take out the dirty rats and spoiled eggs
yeah him and many other idols have acted in dramas. most successful dramas rarely have idols in it but that isn't a factor that even stops nugus from acting.

No. 65559

>>65549 Meh Kyungsoo got popular cameoing as a psychopath in some film and in a small role as a mental patient in Jo Insung's drama. D.O. is not good in non-Tsundere or non-psycho roles and can't do action roles, I think like Im Siwan he will age into character actor supporting roles rather than Conventional Leading Man territory like Park Hyungsik.

>>65550 Most idols are forgettable actors at best and cringe inducing at worst. BTS V was so bad in Hwarang. I watched Goblin and even though BTOB Sungjae was praised he really looked like an immature kid next to Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook who had tons of gravitas, better speech and expressions.

No. 65560


?? 100 Days my prince is a really popular drama isn't it? and that movie where he stared as a judo athlete?
I think those did better in getting him popular to gp

No. 65561

Yeah didn’t it recently hit some record in a sea country?

No. 65562

>>65560 Are you EXOfags? 100 Days Prince isn't a good drama by any stretch and DO was ok in the Tsundere Prince bits but struggled to be more expressive otherwise. He's stiff in animated scenes. The lead actress is very experienced compared to DO and acted rings around him.

No. 65563

Ya. Although she’s no visual queen, I appreciate her not carbon copying her face. Some of it is def plastic but it least she looks original

No. 65564

When did I state that i like exo? I was just curious because i have this memory of seeing some article about it somewhere recently so i thought it was popular. Im gonna try to look for it

No. 65565

>>65562 aww its okay repressed gay, I mean the drama performed really well #5 in all dramas now in SK. doesn't matter if his acting is good (idk i never watched it) but if it brings in viewers than ultimately its succeeding. Pls use the space between your ears, its there for a reason.

No. 65566

Oh yeah this is what i saw
yikes it WASNT recently
sorry kek my memory’s warped these days

No. 65567

It was well rated for a cable drama and that was probably because EXO stans drove up ratings. Same as if V or Jin had a leading drama role, it'll prob have high ratings due to Ratmies even if their acting is cringe.

No. 65569

Nobody is saying V or Kai never acted in dramas, most idols dabble in acting once or twice and never again or continue despite getting flamed (Yoona LOL). Idols are shit actors because they are too concious of looking glam in pretty boy roles compared to serious actors.

Apink Eunji, Girls Day Bang Minah did OK in their dramas but the roles were specifically tailored for them or idol dramas/romcoms, it's hard for idols to crossover into acting full-time and be successful like Seo Hyunjin, Jung Ryeowon, Hwang Jungeum, UEE who do melodramas or serious historical roles that are not romcoms (100 Days Price and Hwarang are idol romcoms or fusion saeguks), e.g. UEE did a lot of romcom sidekick roles before she went anorexic and acted in melodramas as a dying cancer patient and a single mom athlete, that was when Kviewers and the Kdrama industry started to treat her as a serious actress in acting for the long haul rather than an idol dabbling in acting like P.O. in Hotel Del Luna or Naeun in that Cinderella drama. Suzy is still super cringe in any non-romcom role because she is too conscious of looking pretty in all her roles and can't immerse fully like UEE or Hwang Jungeum when they act as murderers or cancer patients. Most idols can't act in serious historical saeguks because their intonation and enunciation is shit, aka they mumble old Korean speech instead of speaking clearly and Korean viewers can't understand what they say without reading subtitles. Inetz often don't understand why Knetz complain about idols garbling their lines but imagine someone mumbling Shakespearean speech without enunciating properly.

No. 65570


Her nose looks like it's about to collapse, how is that ok ?

No. 65571

File: 1575337293213.jpeg (38.81 KB, 1000x500, D881AB42-F17A-4B42-9F61-C7B1D4…)

Was this really disproven?

No. 65572


A sourced list of idols/actors with good or bad diction according to viewers. Most idols have bad diction even the film major students, because successful actors are picked for their great diction at auditions while idols get roles for their fandom popularity.

It all comes down to how well Koreans can understand you without looking at subtitles, the best actors can speak very fast and also very clearly. My mother does her nails while watching historical dramas and gets annoyed when she cannot hear the lines clearly without looking at the screen.

No. 65575

Not saying it’s okay, I’m saying that at least I could pick her out if she were lined up with a bunch of other idols. She looks different.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she looks good. Whether her face is too far from that ‘perfect’ idol face to even try ps to get it that way is a possibility too.

No. 65576

Samefag but oh my god…h…how could this possibly be disproven? Let me guess.


No. 65577

Jesus, this shit was so autistic. Everyone already knows these idols are tiny, why are you making such a fuss? 90% of male idols are short, wear insoles, and lie about their height, you haven’t made any new or big discoveries.

No. 65579

Why are people talking about skin whitening like it's a real thing. AFAIK it's a meme/scam?

No. 65580

File: 1575341824308.jpg (61.77 KB, 900x559, iNKYk5W.jpg)

No. 65581

File: 1575342195667.jpg (64.25 KB, 640x640, 9mA7TcJ.jpg)

No. 65583

File: 1575342560924.jpg (74.78 KB, 516x760, Kj94cqb.jpg)

No. 65584

Uhh this just shows that chanyeol and sehun are actually tall tho

Google search glutathione, hydroquinone and benoquin. Also have u heard of michael jackson or do u think it was all vitiligo?

No. 65585

Saw this in my recommended. Thought you all would enjoy it. The confusion and annoyance in Wendy's voice kills me.

No. 65586

YIKES the iljin was about to come out. I would love to be a fly on the wall and understand Korean to witness the bitchiness that festers within girl groups.

No. 65587

i mean working 24/7, being tired and hungry all the time will make anyone a crazy bitch just saying. also in twice she has 8 other girls to compete with for attention on a daily basis. it's just not healthy.

No. 65588

Thought this was Tinashe

No. 65589

i thought nayeon was meant to be a discount version of suzy with her "bunny" features.

No. 65590

i wonder if she'll get a jaw shave…surely wendy has been enough reason to not get one

No. 65591

Ew no Nayeon has a super botched bareface compared to Suzy. Lots of idols look good in heavy stage makeup and botched without makeup..

No. 65592

File: 1575345694845.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.84 KB, 1020x576, xldrv4qo7o9sdwk7wdhszfaysz8kft…)

then explain lil kim

No. 65596

is egg a slang for ugly people or it's specifically calling out exo-ls? or is it that reddit thing about trannys in the closet?

No. 65597


No. 65598

not trying to be racist or anything but white woman always come out superior when faced with an idol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 65599

I second this

No. 65600

he always reminded me of a grandpa

No. 65601

East Asians are genetically predisposed to be shorter than Northern Europeans.

No. 65602

he looks like he just snorted all over the place

No. 65603

the same reason I think Irene was put in rv, despite being SO beautiful by sk standards

No. 65605

eh not really nowadays northern Chinese people are tall

when I went there the men where 6ft on average and I even saw some 6’4-6-6’ guys playing basketball a couple times

No. 65606

File: 1575354946302.jpg (260.38 KB, 671x1000, Minho_at_“HEAD_Skiwear_Project…)

minho has an old looking face idk what's so attractive about the dude

No. 65608

egg's biggest sin is his small shoulders, he was always so pissed of about that. he has always been the weirdest exo visual wise. i wonder if he did use steroids or plain plastic surgery for his shoulders

No. 65610

Winnie the pooh pls we all know you're some if the shortest in asia, gtfo don't you have muslims to rape and gas

No. 65612

I’m not asian

and plenty of people say the the same thing the northern chinese diet is has more wheat based food with more protein

No. 65613

File: 1575359918364.jpg (106.09 KB, 980x835, 5914391d86f60156b420d1a1127c7d…)

No. 65614

The Dutch used to be short too I think they were 5’2 on avg until they included more diary in their diet

now they’re the tallest kek

No. 65615

I would say northern chinese/ Koreans are taller than southern europeans honestly

No. 65623

File: 1575368775535.jpg (43.18 KB, 650x365, jimin_before_after.jpg)


No. 65625


why cant you jimincels learn to sage your irrelevant shit? Pic's been posted more than 50 times

No. 65628

This intro…so every group def be jumping on the bigshit woke train w/ a dash of personal struggle, mental health, fiNdiNg yOuRsELf & lOviNg yOuRsELf etc. Did they think no one would notice? It's so transparent

How many more groups are gonna sperg this emotional relatability/pseudo-woke concept until the message is so diluted it doesnt mean shit? kek not that it ever did, but now we're approaching wokeness fatigue, what w/ sperm pretending to give a shit about gorillas, stray kids milking their lives as one long extended therapy session, and Mina, and Halsey, and…

No. 65631

I guess screeching on stage while letting your fans (mostly int ones) know youre "totes struggling with mental health and I may be depresseu so Im gonna love and find muh tru self " is what sells. I dont think korean fans really care about those concepts and jyp's obviously using itzy to bring in the us cash and pander to woke tumblrina fans more.

No. 65633

ot but it’s so weird how self love and taking care of your mental health is non existent in sk lol

No. 65638

Just the fact that their once rival had a (not even very successful) comeback seems to trigger ratmys endlessly, and not just this troll here.
This article is about chart manipulation, one korean comment mentions not even exo being able to beat iu, but the main thing is about completely different singers. Nevertheless, cue ratmys flooding the comments with "exo are irrelevant, eggs are delulu".
I guess the only way they'd ever be content is if their boys would be the only group in existence. Talking about other groups is hate speech, all awards need to go to bts, otherwise it's unfair, rigged or racist.

No. 65639

Iirc Kai has been in a jdrama. Luckily for him he must've fit right in with their ugly, short, and terrible actors

No. 65640

this thread reads like /pol/

No. 65642

mate, are we really calling exols trannies? that's too low

No. 65643

Not an egg but Kyungsoo/Im Siwan are basically the Korean version of Elijah Wood/Daniel Radcliffe. Kinda hobbity. They may be great actors but it's hard for them to reach the level of Won Bin, Lee Minho, Kim Soohyun popularity due to their height.

No. 65646

Is this SNSD? I thought yoona/seohyun/sooyoung were models-tier tall

No. 65647

SNSD in flats maybe and Park Siyeon in heels

No. 65648

Ugh yeah I hate this too. They're such hypocrites. Meanwhile some idols actually committed suicide and they didn't give a single fuck to revolutionize the whole kpop industry. It's all just for a show, anyone falling for this is a retard.

No. 65656

Slightly off topic but the brass during the Icy chorus sounded like ass

No. 65657

i honestly think they both suck

No. 65658

File: 1575383174980.png (214.23 KB, 720x378, 5N4FN5l.png)

Kdrama actor, Cha In Ha found dead.


His agency ( Fantagio ) released the following statement:


This is Fantagio.

We feel devastated to deliver such heartbreaking and unfortunate news.

On December 3, actor Cha In Ha left our sides.

We are truly heartbroken to deliver sad news to everyone who has sent lots of love and support to Cha In Ha until now.

We are filled with grief at this news that is still hard to believe.

We earnestly ask for rumors to not be spread and for speculative reports to not be released in order for his family, who is experiencing greater sadness more than anyone due to the sudden sad news, to send him away peacefully.

As wished by his family, the funeral will be held privately.

We express deep mourning for his passing.

No. 65659

why did you format your post like a plebbit post.

this thread isnt really for posting about actors…

No. 65661

So, txt got 16 minutes in mma, while itzy got less than 10 despite having had actual hits, and mamamoo who are also very popular lately got 7 (4 if you exclude whasa's solo), while bts performed for nearly 40 minutes…?
Male and rich privilege at its finest, there's no way bighit didn't pay, but of course ratmys and the pedos who stan txt think they got such long and costly stages because they're simply sooo talented…
How can they say it's not their fault? How do they think that decision was made? They should have had some time cut, it's not like you can let everybody perform for an hour and have that event last all night long. And what's the excuse for giving one rookie so much more time than the other?
Mamamoo can be annoying with their fake badass shtick, but it's true that they were really mistreated in this case.

No. 65663

Where did you find the performance times?

No. 65666

No. 65669

are you fucking retarded, it's still news. Korean actors are just 1 step above idols, they still go to the same shady clubs and do shady shit

No. 65670

You can go and see the length of the videos of their performances on youtube yourself.

>Details: A video of Jung Joon Young and Victim “D” having sex, taken without consent.
>Received by: Group chatroom containing Seungri, Yoo In Suk, Burning Sun employee “Kim”, Choi Jonghoon, Kwon Hyuk Jun, “Park”, “Heo”.
There you have it. And the braindead cunts on allkpop are still crying about him being innocent because "he wasn't sentenced!!!

No. 65672

Nta, but this is neither the 'news' nor the 'people who go to shady clubs and do shady shit' thread. Somebody being korean doesn't mean he belongs in here, plus there is a kdrama thread

No. 65673

What about burning sun? many of the people involved are not only idols

No. 65674

To be honest receiving a molka video is not a crime. If someone shared a molka video with you on Whatsapp against your will, should you be charged? No. It depends if you forwarded it too. Also Seungri has worse crimes but he prob got away with a lot of shady dealings because other people took the rap.

No. 65675

No. 65676

>>65666 Jung Junyoung should become a porn actor after prison so he can share vids of himself having sex on Pornhub

No. 65677

i heard dalla dalla's lyrics are about loving yourself so maybe the intro was connected to that since they performed that song?

No. 65678

File: 1575392290002.png (133.01 KB, 1300x651, Screenshot (101).png)

What does it take for those fangirls to finally leave their oppars' side? Nothing would probably be ever enough to convince them.

No. 65694

File: 1575398983956.jpg (66.79 KB, 592x525, suga.JPG)

No. 65695

Tbh don’t see why you care so much. Kpop isn’t a meritocracy. Like all facets of the entertainment industry it runs on connections and money. Plus those award shows are super boring anyways.

No. 65696


RM shaking and crying rn

No. 65697

he should be glad he was saved of being made fun of for his inevitably cringe fake deep english lyrics

No. 65698

Hey sperm concert anon how was baekhyun's singing? Was he lip-syncing too?

No. 65699

Sugars song is the only chance of her album not being a flop.

No. 65700

Kys rat, you're delusional.

No. 65703

Why wouldn't he be? All popstars do

No. 65705

to be honest i agree with >>65699. this seems like a pretty bad move on halseys part because that interlude is almost guaranteed to do better than most of the actual songs on her album (unless her label does some trickery) purely based on rabid armys streaming it. they dont give a shit about her or her music outside of her bts collabs and anyone who isnt already her fan will not care about any of the other tracks enough to check them out, specially after the way she was publicly complaining about the fandom on twitter which made a lot of people start to dislike her. obvious clout chasing is obvious.

No. 65706

sperm concert anon here imao
well during the actual sperm songs, you couldnt hear ANYTHING from ANYONE but during his solo he sang over the track the whole time but i didnt really bother forming an opinion whether it was good or not

No. 65707

why would this be a bad move if it could possibly net her even a few additional listeners?

No. 65708

the way i see it, having an interlude which is like a 1-2 minute song outchart your title track and all other songs purely because of the featured producer whose fandom you angered isnt really a good look. armys are already plotting to only stream that song and shading her on twitter using '할시' to censor her name. its gonna earn her money i guess but shes making enemies of one of the only fandoms besides her own that still cares about her, seems like a bad idea in the long run to me.

No. 65709

that's actually kinda hillarious

No. 65710

i actually asked a friend about it and apparently shes notorious for looking up her own name and quote tweeting people to whine about how oppressed she is for being criticized so theyre doing this to prevent her specifically from seeing it, i found it kinda funny as well

No. 65712

File: 1575406159540.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.77 KB, 1080x986, 74798245_449107136034744_74249…)

That's what all the not so closeted ratmys on pull claim…

Is jk trooning out, adult man turned little anime girl? Is he himself so desperate to gain back the fans he lost because of his scandal or is bighit forcing him to act like a retarded toddler?

No. 65713

Are there idols other than Wonho(RIP) or Shownu who are confident enough to flaunt their pecs/abs/arms etc? I totally get that idols look fairer now because of filters but all of them are so skelly that Ratmies go crazy when Jimin or JK lift their shirt to show a sliver of "abs" which were probably drawn on with makeup kek(quit replying to your own post)

No. 65714

lol if junglebook really wanted to appeal to those fans again he would have turned back to the bowl cut/brown hair combo a long time ago
he’s just being a troony retard

No. 65716

File: 1575406998585.jpg (11.85 KB, 328x185, Sd2Lbrv.jpg)

>>65712 Ao3 fanservice at its finest

No. 65717

This just seems like a joke kek

No. 65718

File: 1575408274437.png (372.36 KB, 532x640, cocainanana.png)

Does someone even care about Halsey in the US?

No. 65720

File: 1575409181386.gif (1012.68 KB, 245x190, 222fd94277244e61f5d68f3d27016f…)

Last thread we were talking about the dynamic in SNSD.
I don't know if it's just me but Jessica always felt like the most 'idol' out of all of them despite not being the face of the group. I think she was probably my favorite member though I don't know their personalities very well (aside from Taeyeon lmao).
She has a super girly (nasal?) voice that suited SNSD songs the best out of all of the vocalists in SNSD imo. She has obvious plastic surgery which imo made her look a lot better for the idol gig. I know people say Jessica is botched now but her best look was between 2011-2013 for sure. She also looked a lot better with the idol styling than she does now without it (namely, the side bangs), while I don't know if I'd say the same for the other girls–especially Yoona who suits makeup ads like Nature Republic, despite being the most "beautiful" or w/e.
I never was a fan of SNSD but the group seems weird, like a bunch of mean girls. I've seen Sones admit it now, but back in 2014 you were attacked and vilified if you said anything that wasn't pro-OT8. I've also seen Sones recently in Youtube comments who are vocal about supporting OT9 only though I don't know how you can stan a group that has Jessica AND Taeyeon in it now that it's become obvious that they always had a lot of tension.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

No. 65721

Same anon– reading over this I sound like a Jessica stan (I'm so sorry ugh) but I was a fan of 2NE1 at that time and I guess I just like talking more about the 2nd gen milk.
The SNSD situation was very milky but I think there's limited info because rabid Sones at that time covered shit up. It's so weird how Sones flipped the switch in like one day from OT9 to OT8.

No. 65722

I always found Jessica really ugly and her voice annoying but her solo music kinda slaps so I took a hard long look at her (namely watched Jessica&Krystal a bit) and now I prefer her over the entire group lmao

No. 65723

I think that he's desperate. Dude refused to eat a single strawberry because of his diet lol
He's trying to get back those fans with his twink "abs

No. 65724

I had no idea jk was ana b4 joining this thread

No. 65726

>I had no idea jk was ana b4 joining this thread
Maybe because it's not true…?
Everybody would diet for a bit before a super important event if they were celebrities, him not wanting to eat past midnight is not proof that he's ana. He's probably one of the heaviest idols out there, why is everybody on lc always claiming he's starving? I really don't get it. Why be concerned for him when there are hundreds of idols who are skinnier and unhealthier?

No. 65727

>well during the actual sperm songs, you couldnt hear ANYTHING from ANYONE

sorry but this bit confused me. Do you mean that you couldn't hear anyone's voice distinctly, or that it was all lipsyncing so you never heard anyone's actual voice?

No. 65728

No like it was lipsyncing during the official sperm songs, while in then solos you could kinda hear them over the backing

No. 65729

#ApologizeToSeungri is trending not sure why tho.

No. 65730

I noticed that too, can someone post mighty caps

No. 65731

Am I the only one who thought Sunny was either the second or third best singer? People placed her below Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun, but I thought she was at least better than the latter two. Jessica was alright, but nasal. Tiffany is terrible imo. Seohyun is stable but mediocre. I'm not some singing aficionado, though, so what would I know?

No. 65732

yes and also Sunny was the only reason as to why stanning snsd should make any sense to anyone

No. 65734

Sunny was never my fav member, but I appreciate her more now. For someone who only got on b/c of nepotism, she wasn't lazy and she was a decent singer. She seemed the least fake out of all of them. And I thought she was the most witty and intelligent. They kept calling Seohyun intelligent, but the girl just reads a bunch of books. Doesn't make you smart.

No. 65735

nta seohyun was a batshit crazy autist with no personality traits other that being a whiny bitch when someone called her

also I was in love with Sunny for a loooong time, I considered her my ub but then she went to shit after lion heart era, she also stopped visiting dr kim as often and it showed oh god, she pretty much went from the hottest to the most botched member this quickly

No. 65736

File: 1575412966466.png (204.17 KB, 586x848, seungri1.png)

No. 65737

Jungkook is 150 pounds of pure muscle

No. 65738

File: 1575413063664.jpg (329.11 KB, 1080x1624, IMG_20191203_233957.jpg)

Lol why is allkpop releasing such a callout article?

Fangirls create multiple accounts, constantly upvote their favs, that's why Jimincel and Kang Daniel are always at the top of the searches, but the actual articles aren't viewed often because that korean site recognizes your id and therefore only counts it as you having clicked once, no matter how many accounts.
>Although Kang Daniel, Jimin, V and Jungkook's articles are the top commented, liked and upvoted articles, they are not even on the 'most viewed articles' list.
>Summary is that, general public don't care about idols at all but unfortunately, we're leaving in an era where you should stream a song 24/7 even if you don't listen to it, stream a MV 24/7 even if you don't watch it, buy many of the same album even in a digital era, tweet hundreds of times a day, so that your favorite group can be considered the top group.

Pic was followed by loads of people commenting shit like
>I'm a 40yo fan and my mother LOVES bts, that's proof that everybody likes them!

No. 65739

File: 1575413114669.png (226.47 KB, 585x797, seungri2.png)

No. 65740

>>65736 am I retarded or does this not explain the hashtag? He was in those chatrooms

No. 65741

Yoo is Yoo In Suk aka Park Hanbyul's husband and father of her kid, afaik he's involved in Burning Sun. Kwon is Kwon Hyukjun aka SNSD Kwon Yuri's brother, who was about to marry his fiancee before the molka scandal came out. Knetz are saying she is very lucky compared to Park Hanbyul because divorce is looked down upon in Korea even if your husband is a toerag.


No. 65745

9 times out of 10 these women know their husbands are degenerates. So I doubt she considers herself very "lucky" to be rid of him. There has been blind tea about Yuri's brother for years now. If randoms such as myself knew about his dirt, how could his fiancee not?

No. 65746

Not to wk that OP anon but kprofile says he was a member of the boy group SURPRISE U so he was technically a kpop idol. Plus the kdrama thread has been dead for 3 years. I've seen more discussions about k-actors here, where were you back then? Lol

No. 65747

>not to wk OP but ackshually
Yeah right…

No. 65750

He was allegedly only part of one chatroom, as you can see in picture 1.
In addition stated one of the shitholes, Seungri at that time told them to stop sharing such stuff.
Seungri got mixed up - allegedly on purpose by reporter Kang - with the other LEE Jonghyun.
So VIPs are going crazy on twitter.

No. 65751

Nta but how could you not get the big picture? It's not just about that particular intro. Their song is part of the muh mental health agenda too of course.

No. 65752

I got an error retard. Hide your power level better next time cause you sound retarded.

No. 65754

Dead for 3 years? Lmfao that thread wasn't even made 2 years ago, dumbass. And you're over here calling other anons retarded looool get over yourself

No. 65755

Before jennie I wouldn't have known that nepotism/connection could be so bad in kpop lol. I respect sunny for not being lazy even though she never turned out to be popular compared to the other girls.

No. 65756

Check for yourself idiot

Did you mean the anti kdrama thread? Yes it was made about a year ago but anon particularly said "kdrama" not "anti kdrama"
Obviously we know who the retard is here

No. 65757

Are you actually on the spectrum? The anti kdrama thread obviously was the thread anon was talking about. Just chill out, you fucking loser.

No. 65758

You know it would have been easier to read if you had turned off the blue light filter/night light before screenshoting

No. 65759

To announce someone's death? Yeah right… My point still stands. Both threads have been dead for a long time. Meanwhile anons discuss actors every now and then and no one bats an eye. Plus it's not my fault they referred to the general kdrama thread, I wasn't the one who said that.

No. 65760

OMG hes innocent then?!?! my poor babu seungri!!!!!! /s

No. 65761


Even if he is innocent, he’s ugly and needs to disappear anyways.

No. 65762

File: 1575417271168.png (554.78 KB, 1029x493, 1575416927643.png)

Nigger that isn't any weirder than announcing it in the kpop critical (fka anti kpop) thread. Jfc(racebaiting)

No. 65763

I'm not even that anon but the actor she mentioned was technically a kpop idol too. Learn to read. Anyways I'm outta here. It's just funny how some anons go through the roof after a death's announcement of some actor but they talk about actors (also how some actors are hOtTeR than oppars) and movies and no one says anything about that. On top of that they ask anon to post on a dead thread instead.

Ps. At least I don't go around posting retarded kpop memes, claiming to be anti kpop

No. 65764

sounds a bit hysterical

No. 65767


He was a member of Fantagio's "actor group" SURPRISE U, which is very similar sounding to Fantagio's other Kpop actor group 5urprise. They are not idols but Kpop actors put in a group to gain popularity afaik?


Fantagio seems to be debuting actor groups left and right wtf, hope they know what they are doing instead of messing up prospects. Cha Eunwoo, Ong Seongwu, Seo Kangjoon and maybe Kang Taeoh are promising star level actors under the company but the rest are kinda meh.

No. 65769

Yep that's why I said "technically" since that group also released music so it's not too far fetched to post about him on this thread. I only knew about them tho, not a secret stan wking my favourite group.

Not sure if you should add the second paragraph however, that'll make some anons reeee cause they can't comprehend what actor groups mean and direct you to a dead thread instead.

No. 65771

An "actor group" is a gimmick concept by Fantagio because they debuted actors who were the top 5 contestants after a reality TV contest like Produce 101, they are not idols but they prob released a song just to drum up popularity after the contest and then promote separately as solo actors in their own dramas/films. That is also why 5urprise and SURPRISE U groupnames sound alike, just like how WannaOne, X1, I.O.I etc all revolve around the same P101 theme symbolically.

No. 65772

All I'm saying is that anons shouldn't react so harshly to a post about someone's death. If it was a more popular actor I'm sure they wouldn't mind kek.

No. 65773

It's especially ridiculous that in the intro the Itzy members say

"I realized all my pains and emotional sufferings came from trying to be someone else"

when it's your job to play a character on and offstage as an idol.

You could argue 'itzy is just taking on the role of a character for the intro/some of their songs' but I think JYP knows many teenagers will think Itzy really does feel the way they say they feel in the skit so they're still selling the idea that those are Itzy member's real thoughts.

No. 65775

Lol cha eunwoo? he only has his face

No. 65776

They say that while being sexually exploited by the creepy uncle jyp. Of course those thoughts are legit lol.

No. 65777

And thats all you need to become a successful idol

No. 65778

yeh obviously but the op said he was going to be a star tier actor when people are already noticing how untalented he is

No. 65781

I mean it's really all you need to be an actor too. I haven't seen that drama he's in so I don't know how his acting is but even if he does suck I'm sure he'll get better as he gets more experience.

No. 65783

File: 1575423750241.gif (2.47 MB, 500x208, Nokdu.gif)

Daily reminder that actors >>>>>> idols

No. 65784

He’s supposed to be attractive ?

No. 65786

Can you fuck off with this shit already? Go thirst over lame k-actors somewhere else

No. 65788

no racebait but half of em look the same…

No. 65789

Cha Eunwoo should probably go into acting/CFs fulltime, IDK how Astro's earnings are split but I can't imagine he wants to split his wages 6 ways since he has the most ad gigs. He could prob do advertisements only like Wonbin and act once in a while but still be very popular, Wonbin is not a good actor imo so he rarely takes on film projects and mostly does ads.

No. 65791

https://www.kpopmap.com/actor-jang-dongyoon-past-heroism-intrigues-koreans/ Not a fan but this actor is average looking outside of his character's getup, he's popular in SK for catching a robber pre-debut (no kidding) and having a typical Korean good guy look.

No. 65794

I’m goona repost cuz of a spelling error kek

No racebait

But I feel like koreans want to look white… pale skin, v shaped jaws, big eyes, colored eyes and hair… features that white people have and Koreans don’t most of the time

the “visuals” look less asian than the “normal/ugly” ones

No. 65795

You talk about their shit skin under the BB cream when you don't even clean your greasy skin.
You talk about their extensions, fried hair and weird hair colors, when you could fry a freaking egg using all that grease from your hair because you don't wash it for days. Also don't forget about the split ends.
You talk about their ana bodies and laugh when they almost faint on stage from weakness, but you're fat and can't even use the stairs instead of the elevator because you get out of breath like the useless fatty you are.
You talk about how they're controlled by their companies, but you don't have control over your life either, since you're here everyday even when there's no milk to discuss.
If you come to this thread everyday only to shit on idols and nitpick their appearance, you're just a pathetic human being, no better than the average ratmy or blonk from twitter. Maybe you're all stans on disguise, because you're not here to discuss about this fucked up industry, you just want to shit on the groups you dislike. This thread is the worst in this entire website(b8)

No. 65796

okay boomer

No. 65797

Technically, nitpicking is allowed. Is it relevant, though? Debatable.

No. 65798

That was during the group trip they made so he was probably intoxicated, i doubt he knows some sick fans will actually like it

No. 65801

It’s fucking true, I have attended 3 events already where bts were as well and they have the oldest fans compared to other groups, in Korea at least. So many older women with obvious wrinkles wearing their merchandise and the bt21 items and carrying their lighting stick. I don’t know about the west though cause I live in Europe but it’s only teenage girls here that I see with their stuff

No. 65802

>the “visuals” look less asian than the “normal/ugly” ones

Colored contacts and dyed hair are limited to idols, non-idols in Kpop never try to look Western and keep to dark Asian hair and natural eyes. Ideal visuals in SK like Song Hyekyo, Han Jimin all sport a modest chaste Asian girl concept that means they can't do sexy/dyed hair/colored contacts etc, ideal male visuals are a lot of single eyelid dudes like Ha Jung Woo, Jung Woosung etc but Kim Go Eun is getting popular for being pretty despite having small eyes thank goodness. She's the best actress in her generation imo.

Idol visuals like Irene, Tzuyu, Seolhyun, Suzy, IU, Jungkook, Sehun, Eunwoo, Krystal, Jennie etc etc don't look white. Tzuyu Seolhyun Jennie Krystal are tanned, IU Irene Sehun are anorexic looking. Jin has single eyelids. In Kpop it's well-known if you are visual tier, the stylists won't mess too much with your Asian features, it's usually the uggo members who have to be experimental (see RM/JooE/Jhope/Jimincel sporting weird blond or neon hair and contacts)

No. 65803

File: 1575427744110.gif (5.73 MB, 500x447, Jimincel.gif)

Most Asians are acutely aware that blue contact lens and blond hair look gross AF and unnatural, except Jimincel who is now addicted to styling himself White to cover up his insecurity for being ugly, seeing how his popularity exploded after the Blood Sweat Tears MV. He's going to be the cringey orange-haired ajussi with green contacts at age 40 LMAO

No. 65804

>>65803 seeing this fucking worn out image in action really made me gag what the fuck

No. 65809

Why? Go back to twitter

Is one anon attending a sperm concert really the thing waking up this thread? When you're all closet kpop stans who have likely been to at least one show before? Pathetic, just be honest with yourselves fucking rats

As if one INTERLUDE would be the thing keeping an entire album from flopping? lmao besides the general delusion & widespread autism, one of the most annoying things about kpop fans is their lack of knowledge about music and the music industry bc kpop isn't really about music, it operates in its own weird little bubble where up is down & left is right, it's literally a bubble of delusion disconnected from reality

Kpops bizarre customs has so many of you believing in the dumbest shit

Halsey has been a problem since long before her association with bts. The fact that rats will support her garbage album based on an INTERLUDE (how low effort can you get?), ignoring everything else wrong with her esp the general attention whoring, clout chasing, pretending to know anything about the state of affairs in the u.s. …just bc she appears friendly with your oppars FOR THE CAMERAS for the sake of clout? A new low. I guess ultimately y'all are just spending your own parents' money tho & it's their fault for not pursuing treatment to keep your mental illness in check lmao

No. 65810

>>65803 The amount of neon hair dye/color contacts an idol uses is often inversely proportional to how good-looking they are naturally:

SNSD: Yoona vs Hyoyeon
Momoland: Yeonwoo vs JooE
BTS: Jin/Jungkook vs Jimin/RM/Suga
Got7: Jinyoung/Jackson vs Bambam
Twice: Tzuyu vs Dahyun
2NE1: Dara vs CL


No. 65811

is this a new copy pasta

No. 65812

i don't remember cl ever having neon colored hair and dara was the one with the crazy hairstyles and colors even if she was the prettiest

No. 65813

But jin is uglier than both jimin and suga

No. 65814

CL's hair color is usually blonde, aka she looks too basic/ugly in black hair like Jimin.

Another example is BP's naturally pretty visuals Jisoo/Jennie usually styled with dark hair and eyes while Rose/Lisa the "ugly" members who did PS get neon hair.

No. 65815

Please. Jin is a troll with zero personality but suga is squinty eyed anachan, and jimin is just.. no.

No. 65816

I'm right, you just spend too much time itt

No. 65817

No need for that slur. Racist.

No. 65818

I’m gonna get shit on for saying this. Ex-ratmy here (we mostly are, don’t lie) I’ve seen BTS super up close twice and sort of up close once. I always thought Jin’s looks were severely overrated, that his face was too asymmetrical and his nose was kind of blobby looking.. but he is honestly the most attractive person I’ve ever seen in real life. I was shocked. J-hope is also way better looking in person but I wouldn’t consider him stunning or anything.

Go ahead and make fun of me.

No. 65819

>he is honestly the most attractive person I’ve ever seen in real life
how binch? do you live in jersey or something?

No. 65820

how tall is he

No. 65821

>Ex-ratmy here
>but he is honestly the most attractive person I’ve ever seen in real life.
lmao this convinced me you guys are falseflagging and still raiding everything single kpop space you can find. Amazing you still use staples like
>Army here

No. 65822

File: 1575432524813.jpg (161.21 KB, 1200x800, trYazyp.jpg)

Astro fleshing out the Kpop golden rule of dark hair = visual member, dyed hair = basic/uggos

See also Gidle Soyeon.

No. 65824

I live somewhere worse so that’s probably saying a lot. >>65820
I didn’t get a level view of him and I wasn’t paying attention so I couldn’t tell you. I was next to suga level view though and I remember him being my height but I’m 5’5 and was wearing slightly chunky sneakers. He has the body of an 11 year old girl. was shocked at how little his frame was. I distinctly remember thinking how skinny suga, Jin and V were.

No. 65825

>>65814 Wonder if Rose dyes her hair fire engine red willingly or if she's contractually obligated to do what BP stylists say while Jisoo and Jennie don't need to get clown hair lul

No. 65827

Honestly I was happy about Jessica leaving the group solely because I found her voice so grating and annoying to listen to

No. 65828

Ot8, ot9, why does it matter? It's over. Do you have a time machine? None of this matters but fans discuss it with such reverence, why can't you just admit you're in a cult? Boomers reminiscing about woodstock are at least talking about a real tangible event they attended. Kpop fans discuss minor rivalries or little scuffles within groups that literally don't exist or are just speculation, & weirdly there are always new fans coming along to hook their wagons onto this train of repetitive obsessive thought, thinking its normal

Ironic how we throw the word "autism" around so loosely here, when perseverative thinking is an actual trait of autism

She went from being your uLtiMaTe BiAs to the garbage bin because she stopped cutting into her face? Daaaaamn I knew some of you folks were cold but that took some balls to admit lmao

Isn't that just her name in korean characters roughly? Why do you think she won't figure this out on her own esp when you're admitting it here in plain English? Or maybe her bEsT fRiEnD rAtmOnnnnsTeR will translate, I mean they're like BEST FRIENDS U GUYZ.

No. 65830

I genuinely never understood Jessica's appeal.
>Voice was awful yet she was part of the ~vocal line~
>Couldnt/wouldnt dance or at least refused to put in effort half the time
>As much of a bitch as Taeyeon most of the time and even had fans calling her ~ice princess~ as if being an asshole is a term of endearment(same goes for her sister tbh)
>Was genuinely one of the prettiest members but destroyed her face and denied having anything done though it had completely changed the symmetry of her face and made one of her eyes wonky

I dont think she should have been kicked out tho.

No. 65831

Props for trying but none of this spergy word vomit is valid when it is literally a celebrity's job to maintain their appearance, esp k idols

Whoa I guess hell has frozen over bc I'm about to lowkey cape for jimincel kek I highly doubt all his styling/fashion mishaps are on him, it's the stylists. For reference, see every kpop group that's ever existed, ever. Are you new? They don't choose this shit, why else would suga have neon pink hair or those horrible crimped waves for fakeu lubbeu? Why would jihyo or wendy be such hair disasters going on two yrs now? Why won't they hem sowons clothes properly, why does soojin look 40, why is aoa jimin literally my personal sleep paralysis monster? Why wouldn't they let jihyo keep her dtna look? (she looks worlds better w/ long hair & a tan just like hyolyn) if idols were allowed to make these decisions this type of thread might not even exist bc there wouldn't be so much milky shit to spew literally every single day as kpop stylists continue their bizarre quest to be the most controversial as they purposely fuck with their charges' appearances just for clicks or attention.

Also virtually everyone agrees jimin looks best w/ black hair & he hasn't had a consistently dark haired era in a long minute

I always want to bring up RV ice cream cake when the discussion heads into this territory, but I feel like I'll get banned just for making one statement, booooo

No. 65833

File: 1575437405143.jpg (55.92 KB, 495x619, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Idk they all look so haggard to me. Soojin is often seen with dark hair but I don't think she's visual.

No. 65834

Jesus yuqi looks insane here. Did they… photoshop her head bigger? Or has it always been like that

No. 65835

>>Also virtually everyone agrees jimin looks best w/ black hair

Are you a Jimincel stan? Wtf no one thinks he looks good naturally, not even Koreans or his plasticfag British twin who has blonde hair kek.

**The Kpop general rule is, stylists will force "ugly" members to dye their hair or wear contacts the most often because they look too basic .

Example 1: CL, Soyeon, Ratmon, Jimin, Dahyun and JooE are usually the member of their group who dyes their hair the most. The less naturally beautiful they are by Korean standards, the more they are forced to experiment with dyed hair and contact lenses to look passable. JooE & Dahyun are non-visuals who signed up to get their hair fried 99% of the time in exchange for being in a Kpop group.

Conversely, top visuals like Eunwoo, Yeonwoo, Jungkook, Jackson almost never have dyed hair, Google it.

Example 2: Google any picture of Blackpink, you'll notice Jennie & Jisoo the 2 girls who are Korean beauty standard always get dark hair while BP stylists make the other 2 lesser visuals (sorry Thaifags) get colorful hair, because they are less appealing in dark hair. Amazing how consistent BP styling is, as if their stylists maintain a visual hierarchy within the group.

No. 65836

This looks like the intro of some gay porn.

No. 65838

>>65833 Shuhua is the visual by Asian standards, it's why she is allowed to keep her natural hair color and go makeup free despite being bland AF. Soyeon and Yuqi are the lesser visuals by SK beauty standards, due to head size, eyes etc

No. 65839

Seungri most definitely was a pimp of some sort at least even if he wasn't doing the raping/filming himself. YGE shredded a lot of documents before Yang Hyun Suk was taken into custody and I'm guessing those documents had proof of his direct involvement. I'm 99% sure Seungri and YG settled with the police and they're burning JJY and the others at the stake instead.

The official "visuals" don't go crazy with their hair because they need a uniform look for CFs and such. Jisoo hasn't had crazy dyed hair since AIIYL, Irene last dyed her hair in Rookie era 2 years ago, Yoona also stopped around IGAB era I think.

They're so busted holy shit. Even their "visual queen" Shuhua is OK-looking at best. CLC has some cute girls and Cube isn't a small company, is this really the best they could do?

No. 65840

File: 1575439132033.jpg (48.68 KB, 453x677, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

Makes you wonder why though

No. 65847

>top visuals
>Jungkook, Jackson
top kek

No. 65848

File: 1575440159314.gif (Spoiler Image,812.5 KB, 498x390, Hyebin.gif)

Yeonwoo has left Momoland, Nancy is now the visual but I agree, Momoland Hyebin who looks like Jungkook's gf Mijoo is always sporting weirdass hair colors

No. 65849

lmao this is the best thing ive read in this thread, seeing the reaction of a triggered ratmy after visiting lolcow for the first time is priceless

No. 65850

She’s cuter than nancy tho or at least not overweight like her

No. 65851

you gotta admit if those two get freaky clown hair they'll look shittier than before. they look ""manlier"" than the usual twinky idol appearance and imo their "manlier" faces are one of the more appealing ones out there, hence the reason either dont suit wild colored hair

No. 65853

Nancy reminds me of an anteater with those beady little eyes and long narrow nose of hers. But hey, she’s white and that’s all it takes to be a visual in kpop apparently.

Right? Jungkook isn’t even a top visual in bts.

No. 65857

soyeon is the only pretty member of (g)i-dle the rest are just ugly/weird looking.

No. 65858

His tats are cringe as hell but JK is the most conventionally "hot" BTS member worldwide, he is their centre on stage, in BTS visual he stands out the most because Jin is so awkward in motion IRL and V's demeanor is increasingly aloof.

No. 65865

jungkook is not hot lmao maybe you're just a stan

No. 65867

shes that ratmy that keeps promoting them here and still hasn't learnt how to sage

No. 65872

Most Conventionally hot? No. Internationally it’s always Jin, V and Jimin who stand out. Haven’t you seen those thousands of “who’s the one on the left? Who’s the one in the middle? Etc.” tweets? They’re never about Jungkook. Most teeny bopper appeal? Yes. Like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. I think everyone agrees that Zayn was miles above Harry in looks but Harry had that safe boy band appeal to him. Jungkooks face is very neutral. Round face, big eyes, medium nose. He’s the plainest looking of all the members so he’s the safest to center in the group. I think most people would collectively agree that it goes Jin, V and then Jungkook in looks. But for some reason Jimin has convinced most of Ratmy that he’s somehow better looking than Jungkook. Which I will never understand. I hate that maggot.

No. 65874

If you hadn't said this was an actor, I would've assumed it was cha eunwoo again.

No. 65875

>>65865 "hot" among BTS aka the visual member which isnt that hard to be kek, unless you wanna suggest who in BTS you think is hotter kek

No. 65878

File: 1575448116215.png (1.17 MB, 1269x723, Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 08.28…)

wtf is this styling

No. 65879

Those tweets are by ratmy posing as "locals" to hype up their biases, no one actually gives a shit about any of them.

No. 65880

so much going on here… whatever is on jin's hat, v looking like he came out of an early 2000s red carpet and the stylist straight up hating rm

No. 65881

Are you mad you didn't get into UHSN anon?

>inb4 anons wking kayla because she didn't deserve getting hated for her weight
Please be consistent

No. 65887

Edward Avila is that you? Sorry, that your ana body wouldn't make it instead of all those fat little halfu girls.
Obvious jealousy is obvious…

No. 65889

Edward looks like a skinny giraffe

No. 65890

no1curr but googled jin's bday. explains why hes wearing the weird hat (bday hat). still no excuse for the uncoordinated styling tho

No. 65895

I skipped thru & im glad i caught jimincel @ 1:20, he looks either super bored or like "aw man, i wanted to be the hot main center guy on this one" idk, i can't explain it but i kek'd

Good call on this vid, it's a good example of what youre trying to say. To the autists above me, stating who you think is objectively handsome, tall, a good center or whatever else is not evidence of being a secret stan. Any reasonably mature person with a brain can make observations without sperging "EVERYONE IN EVERY KPOP GROUP IS THE UGLIEST TROLL TO EVER LIVE" Nayeon & Dahyun are two of the ugliest uggos in kpop history, for me, but i accept there are folks in here who disagree. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

No. 65906

As much as I don’t care about the guy, you gotta admit he’s pretty much more successful than Kyla will ever be considering her only achievement to date is surviving a school shooting

No. 65909

Visual terrorism

No. 65910

jackson's reaction was priceless omf

No. 65911

kpop aware of its own clownery is a good thing

No. 65913

what is with her joker esque styling omg… well at least it's a more interesting combination than anything at mma. also no one can convince me that this man is not a total creep

No. 65914


just imagine your (tone deaf) dad performing 90s songs in a pvc suit and hip thrusting while on live television

No. 65915

the best performance of the night

No. 65917

I really like Mamamoo but can Hwasa STOP trying to copy Instagram baddie looks and stick with what works for her oh my fucking god. I’m rooting for her but for every good look she has, we get shit like this. She looked so pretty when they were promoting Starry Night. As for Korea’s OG ameriboo, I’m sure Twice is thanking Mamamoo for taking the bullet for them and performing with JYP.

No. 65918

Wasn't Taehyung the one who said something about hating shipping lol? Why keep the fanservice


No. 65919

Can we talk about this concert within a concert within an awards show? Have you ever seen anything this self-indulgent? RM starts us off in some post-apocalyptic fantasy classroom set, telling us for the 58364947th time that the BaNgTaN BoYz don't like teachers or parents or homework (guys, we get it, y'all are well into your 20s now) .. it's nauseating, all this navel gazing over a medley of old songs. Only bigshit would force fans to feel nostalgia over songs less than 5 yrs old lmao.

I guess separate solo mini stages for each member wasn't enough tho cuz they still had to milk that encore in some kind of Greek myth aesthetic w/ handmaidens, live horses & a bunch of dudes dressed like The Man In The Yellow Hat.

RM did something major to his face, & the real crime is they thought they could distract us from it by giving him the tragic yellow blonde kpop hair.

No. 65920

It's really funny when slaves like them to a grueling system like kpop telling you to "fight the SySTeM".
And what's funnier, those fans don't realize that BTS are fighting against the "evil system" that is the one giving them a working place and giving ratmies the content they can't live without.
The result is an even more dumbed down generation. Not to mention some of the ratmies will procreate. That's when we'll hit rock bottom.

No. 65921

the reason for the nostalgia is prob bc it's one of the last awards show performances they'll have as seven for a while… so there's that at least

No. 65922

It’s strange to me bc BTS has been snatching daesangs left and right, but for what exactly? Sucking some American dick. Award shows are all rigged.

They aren’t “fighting the system” anymore, they’re shaking hands with it.

No. 65923

did ratmon shave off some more of his nonexistent chin. dude needs a fucking implant not a jaw shave.

No. 65924

File: 1575473690309.jpg (263.41 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20191204_163224.jpg)

jin calling out chart manipulation in his acceptance speech? interesting.

No. 65925

Why, is it confirmed that Jin is enlisting in 2020?

No. 65926

Seventeen was nominated for daesangs but mama took away the nominations. Maybe it was Jin's way of speaking out.

No. 65927

don't you have to enlist before turning 28? he just had his birthday so he turns 28 this time next year so he'd have to enlist shortly before this time next year, right?>>65924
preaching about making good music while having released mikrokosmos earlier this year omg. i guess it's bc the court case

No. 65928

to me their clean sweeps and long performances at both mma and mama definitely felt like a final send-off. i think they have another album coming early 2020 but i doubt they'll be attending the year-end award shows, at least not as a full group.

No. 65929

wouldnt be surprised if more than just jin enlist.
the one thing they have that other groups cant emulate easily is the close bond. if they enlist separately…it would be weird.
woudlnt be surprised if they split and do a 3 and then 4 people enlistement with a cb inbetween.

No. 65930

File: 1575474290808.jpg (67.69 KB, 561x981, hNBbF14.jpg)

No. 65931


Lmao Dispatch prob felt guilty for being partly the cause of Kang Daniel's depressive episode by revealing his relationship with Jihyo

No. 65932

When you let bts style themselves for the first time

No. 65934

File: 1575474996918.gif (9.65 MB, 800x636, 005OXGwFgy1g9l3nljt0jg30m80hon…)

lizard boy needs to put his tongue away ew

No. 65935

>>65878 Visual line = dark hair, Uggos = Blonde. I gotta agree with lolfags, Ratmon looked botched AF at MMA and today, like he pumped his face full of filler.

No. 65936

After seeing a video of them after a long time at MAMA today, they all fucked with their faces.
The one with the least work is propably V, who looked pissed the whole damn time and Jungkook, but he still looks weird right now to me, but I can't point out why.
Suga is barely recognizable to me, Ratmons face seems like it will explode soon, same goes for Jimin and Jhope.
And Jin also looks bloated.
All in all, scary what they've become.

Must be funny for them to get allkills left and right with the most shit album and song of all of their discography. Especially since some of them wanted always be seen as real musicians.

No. 65937

That crossed my mind too but then again I believe it could also have to do with the absence of other big names this year. Why else would people tune in if not for bts? The awards want viewers.

No. 65938

Jungkook is not hot but he’s the only perfectly normal looking idol. Even his facial expressions seem genuine, he’s like the nice guy next door, so people see him as relatable.

No. 65939

>>65878 V looks like a grumpy NIMBY old man since 2016. If you are Korean you'll understand he comes from the most rural city where the men are very chauvinistic and speak gruff dialect, and he lived with his farmer grandparents, so among BTS he has the most obvious tradcon mindset. Hence why he tells Ratmies to cover up and says he won't cook or do chores in interviews.

No. 65940

V is so fucking full of himself and it’s pretty damn obvious. He can’t even pretend to give a shit when they’re getting awards or giving speeches. He’s getting more apathetic, he’s like a robot tbh. like his batteries are running out and he’s about to shut down.

Everyone thinks he’s cutesy and socially awkward or on the spectrum (somehow in a good way according to fans?) but he’s just celebrity who is full of himself. He knows he’s the top visual. He’s apart of the vocal and dance line. he got to rap ddaeng which Ratmys pissed themselves over and is considered a fashion king even though he dresses like a color blind, tired grandpa. He thinks he’s the best member and is amazing at everything.

No. 65941

I think he just knows that whatever he does he will never beat Jimin in popularity so he barely bothers anymore. I can’t blame him, if I looked this way and Jimin was considered hotter than me, I’d be done too.

No. 65942

>says he won't cook or do chores in interviews.
kek did he really? he sounds like a nightmare

No. 65943

>>65942 http://forums.eslcafe.com/korea/viewtopic.php?t=180554

V grew up with grandparents in Geochang which is a small rural town, when Inetz accuse him of saying chauvinistic shit, well it's like he came from the Korean equivalent of rural Southern US culturally. These days he just looks tired of the whole idol fakery and wants to go solo and have more privacy

No. 65944

Hope you get to suck his dick dear, you seem pretty desperate

No. 65945

like most men you mean?

No. 65946

you're still calling farmers "lolfags" in attempt to blend in? sad

No. 65947

Not sure how calling V a Gucci-packaged rural hillybilly hick means I am sucking him off tbh

No. 65949

File: 1575478051458.jpg (35.32 KB, 500x667, d1231cbaf63ceba25ba7c3a0761250…)

Suga's jaw shave and other surgeries made him look fucking awful. He used to be cute (pic rel) but now he just looks bloated and botched.

No. 65951

weird that dua lipa was at mama and mma and performed at mama with hwasa instead of doing any performance with blackpink, who she actually collabed with. i know they would have never gone to mama anyway but it just seems odd to me

No. 65952

Call me a faggot if you want but I’m saying it. His jaw is fucking hot in this picture. I have no idea how many braincells bigshit is missing to think it needs to be shaved off. he actually looked fairly manly and now he looks like a 12 year old girl. He looks a blobby mess that could break every single bone at any given moment. I’m pissed.

No. 65955

why can't you all sperg about a faggot's chin in the idol boy spam thread. IT WAS MADE FOR YOU ALL.

No. 65956

>>65952 Suga's jaw was not fucking hot, it was normal. now he just looks like a troon psfag.

No. 65957

there are other idols who are from the countryside and don't act like that, hwasa for example.
v is just an asshole

No. 65958

File: 1575479755084.jpg (79.48 KB, 682x1024, 6309f9e1c0e01a731bd06bea7dc5fb…)

Filler and jaw shave completely ruined him. He still looks fine in some staged, edited pics in certain angles, but it' still a big downgrade. He looks like old woman in his candids.

No. 65959

But he also gained a lot of weight, that’s a factor

No. 65960

Hwasa is. A a girl, growing up in those areas means you were made to do chores and cook for your male family members while they played outside.

>>65958 Unmanly is the word. Suga lost his manliness by jawshaving ironically men usually want chiseled jaws.

No. 65961


No. 65962

Suga never had an ounce of manliness to begin with. You're crazy.

No. 65963

File: 1575480423343.jpg (266.03 KB, 1364x2048, jbP2uPm.jpg)

Kek "Hyebin is cuter

No. 65964

File: 1575480712356.jpg (59.1 KB, 682x1024, i5V889i.jpg)

It's as if Momoland stylists hate her

No. 65965

Second this.

Besides that, I really get tired of the permanent excuses for assholes. At some point you grow up and if you lucky enough, like for example V, and got much exposure of a more developed standard of society (not only with moving to the capital, which still is misogynist in case of Seoul), but also have influence of western societys and values, you decide for yourself if you want to stay ignorant and an ass or not.

Offtopic but I stand with my point. Vs behaviour today at MAMA was painful to watch.

No. 65966

>His jaw is fucking hot in this picture
do you even have eyes? once a rat always a rat

No. 65968

File: 1575482664575.gif (2.88 MB, 498x280, 068E652B-7005-480A-9B7D-D85B63…)

Suga was so hot before his jaw shave. Hnnng.

No. 65969

He looks like he spent lunch in the computer lab playing Dota and was afraid to talk to any non-Asian in high school

No. 65970

No. 65971

File: 1575483348481.jpeg (136.99 KB, 355x766, D6EDDBF2-8F64-46FE-BCA0-B9A66F…)

i knew that he’s ugly but i’m honestly shook at how old johnny looks

No. 65972

I didn’t say he was hot before, just in that picture . He was extremely average before the shaving. And I’ll be honest he looks pretty gross in that gif

This will likely not sway you but I was actually never a rat, never even heard of them until faku lovu (I was a Loona fag….unfortunately……….sigh) anyway people can have opinions on appearances and not be stans/ex stans

No. 65973

Same fag. I didn’t even say he was hot in it, just his jaw…… that’s all he had going for him in that pic…

No. 65975

>Korean beauty standard
i thought she got shit on for looking sea?

No. 65979

he looks like a Native American lesbian.

No. 65980


https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/korean-plastic-surgeon-reveals-top-3-female-idols-trendiest-faces/ top 3 faces requested at Korean plastic surgery clinics are Irene Yoona Jennie

No. 65981

File: 1575485090422.gif (3.28 MB, 498x281, tenor.gif)

omg anon

No. 65984

>>65980 Jennie is the only natural one (to my eyes?), Irene and Yoona are major psfags

No. 65985

I know you're probably a stan looking for excuses to jiminpost but that was actually weirdly lizardlike, I'm uncomfortable.

No. 65986

File: 1575485675877.jpg (25.79 KB, 550x333, pPeDPHG.jpg)

>>65984 #1 female Kpop visual

No. 65987

the only two things he has is height and self-awareness

No. 65988

Self-awareness? Do explain anon because I really don't see it. I find him pretentious tbh

No. 65990

> pretentious
i see it like he knows he and nct suck and are unpopular so he tries to overcompensate and ends up as unnatural
all ncts know this, some are really sad about it (yuta and haechan)

No. 65991

>some are really sad about it (yuta and haechan)
Lol really? How?

No. 65992

>>65822 Who is the leftmost dude, why are his eyes like that?

I feel bad for Astro, if Cha Eunwoo ever leaves the group they're practically finished.

No. 65993

Will never ever get her hype. Yoona is actual butterface. Jessica always had a more celebrity face and even her haughty cold shtick was more celeb-like. Maybe that's why she got kicked out from the idol gig where you're expected to act like emotional fleshlights for money. Idols are such bottom rung of the clout hierarchy. Fucking ig models and costhots have it better kek

No. 65994

the only reason why yoona (and the rest of the visual line) have hype is because they are skinny, have a small jaw from surgery/filler, wear makeup that's way too light, and have deer in headlight eyes. plus they got popular in a time where there wasn't too many established token visuals outside of actors.

super tinfoil but to this day i still think jessica was kicked out because of a vote between the members. sm idols wear her brand's clothes from time to time and some fx members even attended a flag ship store opening i believe. sm wouldn't do that if they kicked her out because of something she did. i'm p sure if the members of, at the time, the biggest asian gg refused to attend events cause of one member they'd get rid of them asap.

No. 65995

a stan jumped out

No. 65996

I think we should all give it up to Jimin for the effort, hard work pays off in the end

No. 65997

Sugar never had any manliness to him anyway, nothing of value was lost

No. 65998

hmm, from what i remember…wasnt it said at first tae tried to get loona kicked, jessica sided with loona and then tae turned on jessica.

No. 65999


jaw shave? where? i dont see it. maybe i dont have an eye for it. really trying to get it.

No. 66000

The way nct is this whole unlimited thing so they just let every basic uggo in, it’s kinda sad when you look back on other SM groups, they were known as the company for visuals

No. 66001

Jfc this country is retarded if that’s true

No. 66002

maybe trying to expand target audience to lesbians? or thought with increasing lgbt it would work…

No. 66003

Yeah, elaborate anon, don’t leave us hanging

No. 66004

File: 1575493722691.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3072x3072, 67917203-5B5B-4C4F-98C7-DD1948…)

Never understood Yoonas hype either. She’s got an off putting smile and deranged eyes.

No. 66005

nothing new.

vid related: admits to idols and trainees getting jaw/chin done (apparently also surgery).
talks as though its normal and desirable. if medical i get it….but cutting bone, having an invasive surgery just for some current set standard? nuts.

No. 66006

Jessica was always ugly in that iconic ways sk likes its plastimons

No. 66007

File: 1575493851504.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.55 KB, 576x1024, hiphop-god.jpg)

>short, ana, fat bloated face, bad proportions, thinks being pale is a personality trait, tiny af eyes, pig nose, what is an upper lip?, the same bowl cut since a decade, rbf + acts rude 24/7
But of course all those young boy loving domme farmers flock to him…

Not even his fans know how to properly shield him acting like an ass, they either claim he's "so savage" or "actually a shy cinnamon roll". At least Jimincel does fanservice and acts all smiley to make up for his mess of a face, but Suga can't even arsed to pretend to not hate his fans.
He didn't even bother with wishing his fellow group members a happy birthday, despite just being next door, what does that say about someone's personality? There are zero reason to like him.

And now everybody is kissing their ass even more…

No. 66008

This is clearly BTS's worst year music wise, but they won the most awards because Korea is complete sucker for american validation.

No. 66009

i think its all just hype.
records sell well due to good marketing.
peoples 'visuals' sell well due to marketing as well.

No. 66010

it's how it just looks like one curved line instead of the jaw being defined

No. 66011


this one: >>65949
and the earlier one: >>65968

look the same to me. he got skinnier but jawline stayed same.
distance from ear to back jawline is same. nothing was cut off. at least i dont see it,

No. 66012

File: 1575494412813.jpeg (140.42 KB, 970x1457, F0E57E89-6B44-414D-BB1A-6CE483…)

No. 66013

Yoona is so fucking wide, it makes her starving herself not worth it at all

No. 66014

i think they are both pre shave, op just used it as an example of suga being ugly

No. 66015

it's not that deep. nobody acknowledges anything because that's the SM way. but yuta is always saying "i need to work harder", doing cringe shit and has become less bubbly over the years. it's hard to watch anything with him nowadays bc of this defeated vibe. haechan knows he's ugly and hesitates way more, it's clear he's into internet stuff like the zoomer he is and reads k-netz comments. all very subtle, but they all know they suck

No. 66016

She looks like a relative of baekhyun.

No. 66017

File: 1575495670652.png (310.41 KB, 286x684, 1568259464365.png)

i had a hard time finding it too. But i started agreeing with anons the moment he looked off. Shaved down his jaw and cheekbones, then pumped with fillers. its a sad year for sugafags and for me

No. 66018

>i need to work harder

i never understood that. do they truly believe the 'american dream style' works? you didnt succeed or were companies favorite because you didnt work hard enough

No. 66019

ok, now i see it. tx

No. 66020

jackson is a people pleaser, very fake everytime

No. 66021

It’s really sad how it doesn’t even matter how hard you work, if you’re not company’s favorite, you’ll never achieve anything anyway

No. 66022

It's actually funny because back during smrookies he said something on abnormal summit like "it doesn't matter how hard you work or how much you qualify", suggesting that everything is based on favoritism

No. 66023

He's prob referring to the fact that iljin bully Taeyong is the fave no matter his past scandals. No matter how hard he works he cant replace LSM's bumboy kek

No. 66024

So frustrating, I just want him fucking GONE ALREADY

No. 66026


I mean no matter how hard Yuta works, people only notice his horrific jaw shave and talk about how he's a case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Taeyong is SM's favorite in NCT but Yuta needs to get a jaw surgery revision if he wants to get popular in Kpop.

No. 66027

it's not his jaw nowadays, it's his nose

No. 66028

File: 1575498092309.jpeg (132.95 KB, 750x491, 0FFF856D-FA22-4291-928F-180601…)

ah yes it had nothing to do with the burning sun scandal or sm basically eating itself by promoting scamct and neglecting their popular artists, it’s all bts’ godly impact crushing the big meanie big3

No. 66029

Who are you kidding, it’s the fact he’s Japanese

No. 66030

it's all those things and maybe more

No. 66031

Economic landscape changes, who would’ve thought

No. 66032

i think SM is making plenty money.
They are following whatever their business stats are telling them to do. Fans hate it but seeing as how they have continued with this model it must be working for them.

No. 66033

File: 1575498537148.gif (755.81 KB, 320x233, NctYuta.gif)

Yuta's jaw and nose looks sharp enough to cut glass

No. 66034

His face/jaw looks like a heptagon.

No. 66035

Lmfao he’s so pointy he looks like a poorly rendered 2002 video game character irl

No. 66036

Fuck off and learn how to sage retard

No. 66037

File: 1575499840497.jpg (243.88 KB, 540x330, XA0VTs7.jpg)

No. 66038

File: 1575500032619.jpg (137.98 KB, 1241x820, IMG_20191204_145217.jpg)

What's with their eyes?? They look so creepy. Has Dahyun gotten work done?

No. 66039

File: 1575500039456.jpg (233.01 KB, 1200x901, n6bzJCJ.jpg)

You know it's bad when the most distracting dyejob/haircut SM gave him can't hide the pointyness

No. 66040

I don't think he's ever gotten a nose job though. There doesn't seem to be a difference in it from old pics to now

No. 66041

Also if there's a big 3 it's by definition not a monopoly, morons.

No. 66042

Didnt he remove most of his chin implant? Now he looks decent

No. 66043

File: 1575500559328.jpeg (68.66 KB, 544x714, 32138886-5277-4F50-98D6-791D9D…)

Ngl I think Yuta was kinda cute (by regular guy standards) in 2016

No. 66045

File: 1575500680265.jpg (277.92 KB, 640x1136, adc1013f-b810-42bf-b2c2-4b8888…)

fake or real its an eyesore

No. 66046

He looks like a suju member at best.

Are Jin and Jimin ugly or is he cute, /kpc/unts? You can't have both; they're all roughly looksmatches.

No. 66047

Lol but tbh I'll always find it sus how sm fucked him over like that for his debut. As if that hair wasn't enough they pumped his chin with fillers just a couple days before 127's debut after the mv was already filmed. If he really wanted a pointy-ass chin he would've done it long before and let it have time to settle, not go out looking like that


No. 66048

File: 1575501213522.png (197.02 KB, 1381x2243, 7BA30A53-9FC4-434C-AC78-7DE687…)

No way. No fucking way. He looks like the crimson chin in the second pic…

No. 66052

Maybe Yuta is that much of a skinny legend bc he can’t chew solids for over half the time

No. 66056

Yuta does look ana.

No. 66057

Bruh.. dahyuns nose

No. 66062

File: 1575504214331.jpg (54.18 KB, 764x401, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

What? It's not the first time they look hideous

No. 66063

>hmm, from what i remember…wasnt it said at first tae tried to get loona kicked, jessica sided with loona and then tae turned on jessica.
Go home you're drunk loonafag

No. 66064

File: 1575505287188.jpg (1.02 MB, 992x773, bLjZeIV.jpg)

2019 is the worse I've seen them because they look like geezers now. Bangtan Ajusshis.

No. 66066

File: 1575505369110.jpg (27.58 KB, 720x420, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

I know almost everyone in snsd has botched their faces at this point but jessica's is something else. All those fillers and ps make them look older than they actually are. Early 30s is not even old but their faces

No. 66067

Idk their style looks somewhat coherent (but still ugly af) in that pic except for jimin who always wants to sTaNd oUt by wearing a dress shirt and nothing casual with it while everyone else looking like grandpas

No. 66069

jin looks like a sassy gay boy looking for a dom masc daddy

No. 66071

I don't think so. Taeyong is more talented and undeniably better looking than him. He wouldn't have stood a chance against him, favoritism or not.

No. 66072

koreans are so stylish, seoul is the fashion capitol kek

No. 66074

File: 1575508853964.jpg (104.8 KB, 799x1200, dmVXRI9.jpg)

>>Crimson Chin

No. 66075

File: 1575508910902.jpg (395.08 KB, 500x767, HiDMnLq.jpg)

No. 66076

File: 1575509032355.jpg (404.91 KB, 1333x2000, AxoQJZX.jpg)

>>66075 It's not his fault but Yuta's claim to fame among Knetz is his weird chin and that rep is hard to shake off

No. 66077

they all look so dumb lmao

No. 66078

SK men are the worst dressers. Idg their obsession with ankle length pants.

No. 66079

yo wtf. i didnt think he got the dumb ass jaw shave. what is wrong with these stupid idols. No one ever looks half way decent after these botched surgeries.

No. 66080

Can you share any links because I've hardly seen any knetz posts about it? I thought he was known for his time on abnormal summit since they did end up liking him on there (after getting a lot of hate in the beginning)

No. 66081

is the top one supposed to be better?

No. 66082

>V is the visual


No. 66083

genuine question: why so many ratmys have this weird trans fetish they keep insisting on those men? it doesn't make any sense

No. 66091

JPN/NY/LA is the kings for the street wear aesthetic if anyone’s wondering

No. 66096

No. 66097

File: 1575512686768.jpeg (30.02 KB, 749x779, ECxuEAPVUAAXBbU.jpeg)

Ok weeb. As if jfashion hasn't morphed into kfashion 2 in the past 5 years. Every guy in nipland wears those same ankle(ish) length pants.

No. 66099

At least the Japanese have diversity in their fashion

Koreans strive to all look the same

No. 66106


You’re the reason I smile, anon

No. 66107

Who hired her stylist?

No. 66109

It's the "Gay or European" of streetwear

No. 66110

File: 1575518582373.jpg (83.8 KB, 573x1018, blackpin.jpg)

Are they looking for sponsors ?

No. 66111

Wait, blackpink are doing another dome tour? Are their fans not tired of hearing the same 7 songs over and over again?

No. 66112

For more sponsors you mean kek

No. 66115

Is this jungyeon?

No. 66116

File: 1575523105969.jpg (159.39 KB, 785x1200, EK-8E-9VAAA8wKj.jpg)

I just searched for a recent pic out of curiosity and yeah he looks so much better lately.
Lol I have more hope for botched idols now because I didn't think it was possible to recover from shit like this>>66076

No. 66117

File: 1575523222458.png (940.5 KB, 644x618, nct.PNG)


No it's yuta

No. 66119

I feel like many idols are bowlegged but no one ever talks about it

Stuff like bad styling is dumb to sperg over bc it's the stylists, not them, & I think they run out of ideas so the styling just gets weirder over time? They're all trying to be original or stand out…& in six weeks they'll have a diff look anyway
I wonder if jimincel demands his pants always be tapered tho, that happens too often to be coincidence

& I'll never understand how idols skulls don't just burn off from the constant stripping, bleaching, dyeing. Hyoyeon must have the strongest scalp in the industry

Hilarious cuz fans wont make this kind of thing for other idols, they know it'll shine light on the ps they fight so hard to deny
The fact there are still fans who deny BTS ps is simply unacceptable, these people need to be euthanized

Might be uppers

No. 66120

Samefag, sorry – >>66067 see above, you might be right, maybe that's why his styling often slightly bothers me? It's not always on theme. What a fucking diva

P.s. I am actually clinically retarded, why is jimincel called the lizard & not V? I think this is the third time I've asked this, sorry, I don't understand so I keep forgetting.
V is the one always sticking his tongue out for literally no reason

No. 66122

File: 1575531930323.jpg (359.53 KB, 560x780, 006ACrRQgy1g9lvtfvfxnj30fk0low…)

well it seems like jimin likes to dress like a grandpa when he gets to choose his clothes

No. 66123

why would you assume that

No. 66124

when you randomize your sim's outfits

No. 66125

No. 66126

No. 66127

File: 1575536110881.jpeg (66.25 KB, 540x810, 877D9B19-E755-40C6-98F5-5DE92B…)

Hey anons is it just me or are hairstyles like this look annoying to deal with…

I imagine V gets hair in his eyes and constantly has to brush it away from blocking his sight

No. 66128

ew. sugarfags have even worse taste that i thought if you actually find that thing attractive. he went from a 4 to a 4.5

No. 66129

Who cares if he has hair in his face, wth is this, a fan invasion?

No. 66130

Naw I’m just wondering cause that shit looks uncomfortable to dance with

I know it’s hiding his fivehead

No. 66134

obviously adding the comment to justify the fact that you're posting a cute pic of oppar. please go away.

No. 66135

File: 1575539526498.jpeg (33.3 KB, 400x400, EAD93DAD-B8AC-4DD4-8988-80DF3B…)

we cool now?

No. 66136

lmao @ you saying sugarfags have terrible taste when u actually think his botched ps job (in which most anons think it looks like shit) was the upgrade.

No. 66137

Nta get out, rat.

No. 66138

That ugly fucker needed some PS, he never had a chance to be naturally good-looking. You do have terrible taste and you probably still want to fuck him in both.

No. 66140

Kek ur the only one saying he needs it btfo spergchan
had a blast arguing w you

No. 66142

Don't forget to stan The Boyz after you're done blowing off steam about Booga, friends

They have a homophobe, a sexist, and a gay dude all in one. It's great.

No. 66143

File: 1575542130320.png (144.45 KB, 286x340, 1575495670652__01.png)

Delusional sugarfags like you are the only ones insisting he doesn't and it ruined him. You're pretty much the only ones who keep bringing this up at all. Whats the point in trying to convince yourself that his "real" mug was (/more) attractive? He's not your husband, please love yourself.

No. 66145

(obligatory "the state of this thread" comment)

who linked lolcow on twitter? please go away im literally begging.

No. 66146

it's been like this for the past couple of threads. It's not even interesting anymore because the people with interesting shit to say have been ignored /drowned out by gay pics. They are supposed to go to the gay boy idol thread.

No. 66147

Lmao calling him "sugar" is so subtly demeaning…much less on the nose than "jimincel," good job anons im legit chuckling

Serious q, why do kpopfags post pics of idols wherever for no reason & w/ no context? Just to get us to look at them or…? Idg what this accomplishes, you're only further alienating whoever you're trying to indoctrinate. Also I know how to use google images sooo…

No. 66149

I know it's from a long time ago but I haven't seen anyone mention it and I was surprised given how the whole BP dynamic has been discussed multiple times. I have never gotten such bitch vibes from someone until I saw Jennie in this video. Thoughts?

No. 66150

Don't you mean two sexists? Considering there were two of them who called women their "ideal pets."
I hope they lost a lot of fans after that, but honestly, considering oppalogist culture, I wouldn't be surprised if the fans just forgot and/or glossed over it afterwards.

No. 66151

File: 1575546422283.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.22 KB, 505x513, 97653FA9-AAA9-446F-825D-D85B6A…)

Thirst away my loves

No. 66153

Do you really expect anyone to watch 18 minutes of nothing anon?

No. 66166

have you read the title of this thread?
>Kpop Critical
this isn't a place for fangirling, shithead

No. 66168

Ya i aint clicking either, you can tell what it's going to be anyway.
Jennie's popularity is baffling as kpop is marketed on the premise idols have great social skills, appear close to their group mates, sell the gf/bf fantasy, treat fans like gold…esp in fan signs, the most effective idols have that uncanny Bill Clinton charisma that makes you feel like the only one in the room

Supposedly SK has a major school bullying prob & high suicide rates, so I'm fascinated that anyone would idolize someone who is so clearly an entitled bully type. Even if she's not actually a bully, the fact she seems like one should be enough to turn off fans

The worst is the obvious power struggle + divide in bp. She can't even pretend to be a team player, even for cameras? I think this is a reason they aren't bigger tbh. Y'all hate BTS & stray kids for being tOtAl uNtALeNtEd uGgOs but the group bond is what really pulls fans. Jyp is right when he says personality is the most important factor when he's auditioning…w/o the right attitude & ppl skills your group will fail.

No. 66169

I know, I was being sarcastic cause this thread is full of thirsty JK stans

No. 66170

Careful tho, there's been bans for using emojis or twitter slang ironically or sarcastically or when quoting something
Also learn to sage so your dumb ass posts don't draw so much attention

No. 66172

Isn’t it obvious tho?? She’s the most promoted, and people probably dismiss her bitchiness and terrible personality because she’s a “badass rapper”

No. 66173

>ideal pets

that's so disgusting. idols can say whatever they want and still have 99 percent women fans. i hate that bullshit.

No. 66174

Wait so about haechan: who finds him ugly though? Is it just knetz? Because intl fans seem obsessed with him and treat him like a visual

No. 66175

Intl fans do that to fucking rat monster, what do they know. Haechan is Wooseoks clapped little bro.

No. 66176

Haechan is ugly but it’s his lame personality and nasal voice that sells

No. 66177

looking at this makes me realise just how low the standards of kpop stans are

his body looks like that of a 14 yr old and his fans are acting like he’s some kind of sex god

No. 66179

>Stray Kids
They just lost a member and the other boys are already acting like he never existed, that illusion is dead and gone

No. 66180

look at that #apologizetopieceofshit hashtag.

people whine about economic and ecological situation but dont seem to understand that the first step for an improvement is stop being fooled. That applies to everything. Kpop shows humanities worst traits.

No. 66181

File: 1575555943069.jpeg (320.79 KB, 1367x2048, 1574289938613.jpeg)

Yeah haechan is pretty ugly and his fake savage personality that so many idols have is so tired. They talk useless shit in safe situations or make snarky remarks to fellow members on camera, but when things get real they become huge passive chickens. Totally savage /s

No. 66182

what are they supposed to do in your opinion to upkeep the illusion? cry a river every time they have an appearance?
Its a work relationship. something happens, you get on with it.
idiots will still see it a magical little get together. some people just dont have a grasp on reality, their bias can do no wrong

No. 66183

is that nct? the group whos lives have been interrupted by managers cause they were going in a direction management didnt like!
its obviously all fake.

No. 66184

>the first step for an improvement is stop being fooled
easier said than done, 'being fooled' in this era is synonym with coping and escapism

No. 66185

File: 1575556661914.jpg (20.08 KB, 580x348, n.jpg)

i'm sorry but sometimes they do kinda remind bugs, the curvature of his face has a ladybug vibe

No. 66186

File: 1575557076030.png (48.36 KB, 810x516, isthisreallife.PNG)

I'm aware. So up until like a month ago, then. No need to split hairs, my point still stands

Losing him will actually reinforce the bond thing imo for fans who are treating it as a death in the family, also the remaining 8 will milk it for sympathy for as long as they can. Pic related

No. 66187

PR at its finest

No. 66191

why does getty images supply people with ugly nct pics

No. 66194

File: 1575558050346.png (377.96 KB, 400x539, 1574897464047.png)

connections, pic related

No. 66198

File: 1575560642474.jpg (103.89 KB, 610x849, b39ARZ5.jpg)


No. 66199

I actually like this look? it's comfy and realistic

No. 66200

Sideshow Bob in the flesh

No. 66201

How hasn't this been posted yet?

>Entire Lineups Of X1 And IZ*ONE Reportedly Decided Before Finale Voting; Ranking Of A Wanna One Member Also Manipulated


No. 66202

I thought it was an open secret

No. 66203

So any reason for posting this? News? Anything? No? Ok.

No. 66205

I guess anon wanted y'all to drag his personal style and crappy proportions

No. 66206

just diband them geez it's not that difficult

No. 66207

Idk this guy or this group but I thought this was a misunderstanding from a mis translation
This kind of thing happens more than we think but there aren't enough bilingual fans dedicated to clarifying (I don't blame them) I think same thing happened w/ somi's dad's fucked up comments but the news cycle moved on so quickly, it was largely forgotten

Please report & move on w/o replying or drawing attention to it, we don't want to lose the thread

It has been, many times, just maybe not this particular article

No. 66209

the pd drama is so fucking stale and this point like WE GET IT, it was rigged, just like any survival tv show


No. 66211

this is what ratmys loose their shit over???

No. 66212

I feel sorry for the dumbasses who paid to vote; they should have known that these things are rigged. It's an open secret in my country (and most countries tbh) how fake these "reality" shows are which is why show producers keep voting free - no money spent, no lasting outrage at rigged results

No. 66213

if you're a 14yo, sexually desperate girl, then yes, it's very believable to lose your shit over this

No. 66214

>no lasting outrage at rigged results
let's see how the gp reacts to their cb first, afaik they've already been butthurt by the japanese being part of izone

No. 66215

I was talking about my country in particular anon, reality show voting here is free of all charges

Anyway, the GP seem to be more mad at Mnet for the time being since there's no evidence that the trainees were personally in on this, but X1 and Izone will be tainted by association regardless. Izone can still try pulling a KARA and promoting in Japan for the rest of their contracts but X1 seems well and truly fucked

No. 66216

Anyone wanna guess who was rigged into W1? I'm guessing Jisung was swapped for JR/Jonghyun instead

No. 66217

No wonder, it seemed rigged because it's very hard to believe Izone had so many Japanese members who were voted in by SK people during the bilateral trade dispute and comfort women debacle.

No. 66218

My thing about Yoona is that shes just boring. She wasnt particularly pretty before the surgery, but she had a very strong Korean phenotype and Im not gonna bash her for that. Post surgery, she was actually super pretty to me but just so…fucking….plain. In music videos she looked prettier than most of the other girls in the group, but in real life she never really looked like that? And in dramas she was so drab that I just couldnt understand why she was heralded as being an ~ideal~ mate for male idols. All her characters were the same in almost every drama and she cant act. She should have just been a model and that honestly goes for most idols tbh.

No. 66219

Dahyun looks like Hyoyeon in this picture. Same plastic surgeon probably.

No. 66220

File: 1575568438815.jpg (73.29 KB, 640x426, BLnFUYaCYAEfpPU.jpg)

Remember when T-ara broke into two groups after the scandal? 3 of them went to Japan to promote as ~pure angels~ and the others went to America and met up randomly with a bunch of American rappers, got publicly shamed and destroyed on a stage by Chris Brown, started meeting with literal pimps and known drug pushers in weird situations that made no sense for no reason. Thats what this photo reminds me of.

No. 66221

Basically this. He'll never have a chance no matter what, and he's a retard for going to SK

No. 66222

They still havent answered about if any of the girls that "performed sexual favors" is in the group. To me thats a bigger deal than simple sajaegi.

No. 66223

jisung was waayyy to big of a loser for even mnet to get bribed into puting him

No. 66224

THIS I really want for it to be true, that would destroy kpop for good

No. 66225

Eh I dont think it would. Simply because what happened with G.Na and GLAM didnt. Its already known that sponsorship and sexual favors for advancement in the industry are a thing and some idols have definitely done it. But it will be a start at least to addressing the issue.

No. 66226

anything to use "kpop whores" as an argument please

No. 66227

File: 1575570054389.png (36.3 KB, 993x160, 11.png)

where did you hear that members performed sexual favors?
the biggest surprise for me was that only one member was rigged into wanna one.

No. 66228

Not sure what you mean. The issue is very clearly the system thats in place in which grown men utilize sexual services in the first place, not the females trying to gain footing in a country where actual talent gets you nowhere and everything is based on your looks and sexuality or lack thereof.

No. 66229

solicting sexual favors from [underage] idols would actually land some of the ceos fat asses in jail and make kpop unpopular in the west again and I just can't wait for it to happen

No. 66230

Wdym? I. e. #metoo didn't destroy or even change western pop/hollywood shit so why would that destroy kpop?

Burning sun didn't do that and it was a much bigger deal

No. 66231

“The west” has been sexually exploiting girls and young women in the music industry since its conception, nobody would give a shit. Sure there would be an uproar but it certainly wouldn’t make Americans stop listening to kpop altogether. If that’s how it worked pop and rock would’ve already ceased to exist.

No. 66232

Samefag but all johnny kitagawa's kiddie diddling didn't change jpop either, he didn't even go to jail iirc.

No. 66233

stop bursting my bubble anons

No. 66234

then stop being a retard?

No. 66235

There are conflicting translations about the sexual bribery and what it entails, but most of what I could find is actually stating that these companies bribed him to place their idols and clients in the groups by taking him to "adult entertainment" establishments and providing him with sexual services. Such as massages, porn showings, sex clubs etc. Im hoping thats all they did though thats bad enough.

No. 66236

No. 66237

I don't get how soliciting prostitutes is "worse" than bribling him with money he'd spend on prostitutes anyway lmao

No. 66238

I guess its a moral issue depending on your stance on sex work in the first place. Considering most female prostitutes in Asia are borderline underaged and nothing is done about it. Especially in Japan. Idk about Korea. Then you add that to the fact that the entire show was rigged yet people spent their time voting and investing in the show and in certain contestants that were never going to have a chance at all, simply so he and whoever else could get off. It actually seems more pathetic than anything to me. It shows how desperate men are just to have orgasms that they'll rig entire shows in favor of it kek. Money bribery is certainly bad, but ofc its gonna be a bigger deal when a guy risks jail time and public shame just to have sex. Prostitution is actually considered normal in korea though still technically illegal I believe. When money is involved is when the government starts reeeing over it and making arrests. They dont care about the actual sex. Also, the PD is basically a fall guy right now. Its like the Burning Sun scandal sort of, just maybe on a smaller scale.

No. 66239

File: 1575571951256.jpg (53.23 KB, 610x928, pd1.jpg)

The only good thing about Netizenbuzz is you get to see both netizen comments and ifan comments on one article. Kfans are so sassy.

No. 66240

I don't see anything wrong with prostitution and rigging a show that only the dubest of the dumb vote for, as far as morals go

No. 66242

Because I never saw them pose like that… I watched some vids of their last concert and they act more and more rauchy. Jennie flashing her inexistant ass and taking off her jacket like a strip tease. Lisa rubbing her ana body on a chair. Rosé singing barefoot for the pleasure to fetichists

No. 66246

>I don't see anything wrong with prostitution

No. 66247

they're trying to make the show more interesting on yg's [now] limited budget

No. 66248

it goes down to the morals of the females providing the favors, who are you to tell them they can't have sex for money

No. 66252

"providing the favors"
be more obvious please. you're either a penis haver or yet another brainwashed libfem who thinks sex is ~*empowering*~

No. 66253

it's not that deep, if you're a lazy bitch who hates work and just happens to be attractive, why not whore yourself out

asking a real question here

No. 66254

Nta but you're really shitty at trolling.

No. 66255


No. 66256

not trolling, trying to have an honest conversation

No. 66257

File: 1575577380167.jpg (24.96 KB, 390x509, jesshyo.jpg)

kill it with fire

No. 66258

IF thats true, you're trying to have an "honest" conversation based on your opinions on sex work. Which is an unpopular opinion both here and pretty much anywhere where women have basic rights. Its only loosely related to the topic and comes across as bait.

No. 66259

you're right this was a long and unnecessary back and forward on topic that's really not related at all

No. 66260

File: 1575578082449.jpg (52.56 KB, 500x314, 478127.jpg)

jessica was genuinely pretty despite the jaw/chin area not being ~conventionally western~ so her botched surgeries hurt more than the other members

No. 66261

Everyone dogging on Hyoyeon's looks at debut was a mystery to me because I always found her better looking than Sunny, Seohyun and Jessica. How Seohyun's autist face was ever considered attractive is a mystery to me

No. 66262

File: 1575578554454.jpg (24.49 KB, 644x395, w644.jpg)

Seohyun has always looked like a dictator kek. Like shes going to kill somebody from day one.

No. 66263

Sex trafficking is a BIG problem in Korea, and most of them underage. There are even some streets in seoul where you can easily buy out a literal child for the night.

No. 66264

Thought the left was sinb before her creepy nose job at first

No. 66265

Exactly. So its not exactly shocking that people are upset that a guy who is dealing with a show that is quite obviously sexualizing young girls(didnt he or one of the other people on one of these shows refer to it as "healthy porn"?), also happens to be a big consumer of prostitution(that was actually GIFTED to him by companies that wanted those underaged girls to be in the finals on his show). This would be pretty upsetting to anyone I would think. The money issue adds another layer ofc.

No. 66266

>I always found her better looking than Sunny, Seohyun and Jessica
>at her debut
excuse me but are you blind? she looked like someone hit her face with a frying pan

No. 66267

Agreed. He does*have muscles, but, it somehow doesn't look good? His body looks a bit feminine in a weird way?

So, somebody decided from day one that little Wonyoung is gonna win. I don't even want to know why they made that decision…

No. 66269

Why is it so shocking that not everyone in sk associates any random japanese person with the government?

No. 66270

Anyone else think Itzy makes clown music? I do not get the appeal at all and none of them are cute. They’re all weird looking besides ryunjin but she looks like an uglier rosé.

No. 66272

Irrelevant to the current convo but I just listened to Monsta x for the first time. How do they have a fan base. Their music sounds like banging on pots and pans.

No. 66273

File: 1575585406088.png (532.47 KB, 718x622, Nightmare fuel.png)

Ok their music sucks but NO ONE in the group is uglier than Rose…

No. 66274

Merzbow has a fanbase, too

No. 66275

rose isn't that ugly to me. she needs to get rid of that blonde hair though.

No. 66276

these sponsorships are not always sexual. apparently these chinese rich kids will spend money to meet up for coffee with an idol. the pop chinese sm artists (exos) are known for this, allegedly.
yeah, this is how its been working. it is improving though. im sure the more is exposed the better. i doubt much of it will ever come to light though.
remember the actress that supposedly named 31 high profile names in a note before killing herself? of course non of these men were instigated.
>are borderline underaged
if anything then this will provoke outrage in the west, to not import this massive pedophilia from asia.
it definitely shows people how naive they are. not sure it will bring them back to the real world though.

No. 66277

Unpopular opinion but I think he actually looks better now

No. 66278

agreed, besides the 2 collab songs with western artists. those are not bad and very radio friendly.
most idols are plain and bland. they need to stop this 1 aesthetic for all concept. it makes them seem like clones.

No. 66279

imo she’s one of the prettier bp members but her styling is always shit.

No. 66280

File: 1575587316426.jpeg (429.7 KB, 1535x2048, AA521532-312E-4E74-B062-7010AC…)

are you kidding me?? rose and lia are on the same level of FUGLY

No. 66281

most of these girls are underaged anon… for crying out loud one of the izone members was born in like 2005
same. she looks plain but not butt ugly and is way better with darker hair. if she got rid of the indie voice she'd probably have an okayish solo career.

No. 66282

File: 1575588217081.jpeg (178.6 KB, 750x1125, joker.jpeg)

Lia is cute and has a normal body. Rose is just scary tf

No. 66283

Ok but you purposely used a bad pic, come on we're smarter than that kek
I feel genuinely bad for rose bc her head is huge & there's no ps for that. You can only shave your jaw so many times

Army trolls, i don't use twitter so you're welcome to make a meme of the mma bts dancers dressed like the man in the yellow hat, also for mama jhorse is literally wearing megs hat from family guy
Kpop fashion kills me pretty regularly but especially the hats, how did korea even decide they liked berets and bucket hats?

No. 66285

A lot of anons itt use bad pictures of idols to prove that they're ugly…like come on everybody has bad pictures, and even the most conventionally gorgeous people look ugly sometimes. Just choose a more neutral pic and if they're actually ugly it'll show
Also the beret trend is one of the dumbest looking things right now

>mama jhorse

my sides anon

No. 66287

File: 1575590323887.jpg (1.36 MB, 1500x2250, IMG_4707.JPG)

To me, Seohyun is the biggest butterface. Her body is great and she's a health nut and all, but something happened after I got a boy promotions that her face started sagging like crazy
And Yuri did some shit to her legs now they look weird as fuck

No. 66288

yuri makes legs are like that cause she kept yoyo dieting and i'm pretty sure seohyun looks like that cause she got a shit ton of filler between igab and jessica's departure and just kept up with it. she should've stayed natural since she didn't look that bad.

No. 66289

Eh he would look better if he gained some weight, I feel like that's a big part of what makes him look weird..

No. 66290

File: 1575590938680.jpg (27.59 KB, 560x448, A9Uwu9xCEAIGKlK.jpg)

>and even the most conventionally gorgeous people look ugly sometimes

No. 66291

what are you talking about?

No. 66292


> her head is huge & there's no ps for that

You basically confirm that she's not pretty

No. 66294

File: 1575593669678.jpg (129.06 KB, 660x413, pk8RYYI.jpg)

>>66290 That's not a photo of Adriana Lima looking "ugly sometimes", it's her bare face aka what she looks like without 1kg of makeup

Rose is the least classically pretty member by Korean standards, that's why she's always has to dye hair outlandish shades.and why YG hasn't given her a solo. She got PS to fix her eyes but her chin is very long, there's no real fix for it.

Jennie and Jisoo know they are the naturally pretty ones in BP (they know Lisa and Rose's presurgery faces) and it shows in the way they behave towards other members esp Jennie.

No. 66298

I hate jyp with every bone in my body. He makes me so angry.

No. 66299

>That's not a photo of Adriana Lima looking "ugly sometimes", it's her bare face aka what she looks like without 1kg of makeup
No, it's just the awkward facial expression

No. 66300

File: 1575599510277.jpeg (83.96 KB, 480x640, CE47E79B-A6DE-480B-A8D4-467FBF…)

Let’s not pretend Adriana Lima is ugly.

No. 66303

Fags I don't mean Adriana Lima is ugly, she looks fine and cute in that makeup free photo IMO. The point is, saying a makeup-free woman is ugly is major shade on girls.

Most white women have skin like that irl, even the prettiest models look washed out. It's not ugly.

No. 66305

Stop talking about Adriana Lima, it's irrelevant & has nothing to do with kpop, take that shit to literally any other thread

I know, the way I wrote my post was confusing, I agree she's the least pretty but it's also disingenuous of anons to purposely post unflattering pics…so i meant both things

No. 66306

File: 1575601988098.jpg (72.09 KB, 555x589, jyp.JPG)

JYP feminist icon

No. 66307

jesus christ they even got the mamamoo member wrong kek

No. 66309

These 13 years old SJW faggots need to stfu. Mass streaming the same 2-3 MV really fried their brains.

No. 66311

File: 1575605501336.png (289.95 KB, 868x486, k-Poomer.PNG)

Lol something I found

No. 66313

What power? The power of choreographing a performance? Just like every other kpop performance that's ever been choreographed since the 90s?

It's not just the dance itself, EVERY move & word onstage is scripted or at least somewhat preplanned. A group like bts, that has good chemistry that's been touring nonstop, can probably pull shit out on the fly pretty often, but still everything they do is calculated. Notice how they'll tailor fan service based on what fanfics or tweets have been trending. It's so brilliant, & still the fans don't see how they're being manipulated ahhhh it's so crazy!

Because that's what it is, fan service…read above
(aww they deleted their tweet, that was a good example of the pandering tho kek)

No. 66318

>Notice how they'll tailor fan service based on what fanfics or tweets have been trending.

do you have any examples of this? im really interested in it but havent personally noticed it because i dont keep up with "trending" fanfiction.

No. 66319

Moomoos were always annoying but they've been especially insufferable lately jesus. They're a shitty version of the Brown Eyed Girls and get hailed to high heavens for doing what so many women (Lee Hyori, Hyolyn, Jessi, even Hyuna) have done before

No. 66320

Do you think other members of produce groups knew about rigged votes? I feel like some, like Starship girls from Izone, must knew from the start. And how do the official news impacts groups dynamics?

No. 66321

Wait they basically just did the same fucking thing for MAMA? Two award shows back to back, using up like 30 mins of stage time w/ the same exact songs & these dramatic, pretentious intros recited in questionable English? How is this not just trolling by this point…?

Jincel, jimincel, ratmon, jhorse, sugar, junglebook…who am i missing

No. 66323

lol of course most idols are completely aware of the shit happening behind the scenes. most probably support it anyway as long as their group gets as much profit from it as possible. which is why i don’t understand why so many fans defend the idols as if they’re innocent babies who were literally forced into auditioning and aren’t aware of the shady stuff their company’s been doing

No. 66326

File: 1575616781794.jpg (27.09 KB, 400x600, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

She used to look like a troon before ps

No. 66327

No. 66328

So YGX (under seungri's mgmt) just debuted a Billie eilish' wannabe that sounds like rosé lol. Not that I care but they really don't give rosé a chance, not even after fans demanded them to and after the lazy jennie thing.

No. 66329

I was bracing for another CNS trainwreck but it's not bad? It's honestly better than anything on Persona. It helps that it's so short, too, if it was longer it would probably get grating/boring. Idk, Suga is the only member whose solo stuff is bearable to me, is that an unpopular opinion?

No. 66330

I agree, I don’t mind his stuff at all. I think he got into bts for the music, didn’t expect to become famous

No. 66331

File: 1575621928345.jpg (32.13 KB, 798x169, exo.JPG)

No. 66332

as someone who can't stand ellen, i find this amusing

No. 66333


Suprise. Who would imagine someone gets bored in a Talkshow in a country you aren´t able to communicate.

Look at the faces of Idols in most foreign interviews, they all are bored as hell, if they don't speak the language.
And I hate to WK, but we all would, too.

No. 66335

File: 1575631111743.jpeg (29.14 KB, 370x362, 8DD5B913-3EE0-410F-8251-9CD3F6…)

can anons itt stop licking jennies ass and acting like she’s hot shit when she looks like a cross between a monkey and a frog

No. 66337

that actually was solar, anon

No. 66339

File: 1575636037487.jpg (59.61 KB, 644x455, ratpink.jpg)

Re. the designated "crazy hair color" members in every group, idk if it's the ugliest members like some of you are saying? V often has neon hair while ratmon & jhorse have more natural colors. Itzy visual members have unnatural hair, the uggos have dark hair. Also mijoo red hair lately, solar blonde lately, I mean we don't need to hash out every exception but you get the idea

Is it more about personality? (wacky "4d" taehyung, yuqi, dahyun vs. boring-as-cardboard tzuyu, seohyun, eunha, miyeon) Or it's about whichever member theyre promoting atm?

Hyoyeon was considered least pretty in snsd but she also legitimately looks best blonde & has stayed blonde for like 10 yrs

I think Rose has been forced into blonde or red simply to be diff from the others (it was smart how they went black, brown, blonde, red for coachella .. ditto for RV, red flavor era) also I saw a comment somewhere saying blonde or red fits the soft/cute image they want for her. i agree she's the least pretty in her group but that doesnt seem to fully explain it

No. 66340

Seohyun is boring, leading a very quiet live (I don't even think she sings anymore?), she never did anything shady, so what's with the sudden random hate? How does a baby look like a dictator who wants to kill?

>[+22, -2] But fans of other foreign artists translate the lyrics themselves too
>[+20, -2] I support Big Hit on this. Whenever I watch videos of foreign artists, there are never any Korean subtitles. The Korean fans have to voluntarily do it themselves, right? So why should we offer subtitles for free? I think foreign celebrities purposely do it since fans will naturally take an interest in their culture and language as well.
>[+17, -0] When have we ever seen a foreign artist provide translation services? This is Korean content, and translations should be a choice, not a necessity.
>[+12, -4] Have you ever seen English speaking celebrities provide translation services? This is such a ridiculous request..
>[+11, -2] As if Hollywood or other foreign pop artists provide Korean translations for us. Why should we do it for them? If you like them so much, translate it yourself

Topkek knets showing iratmys some love. This reads like how to be a nationalist 101
I really hope that at least some of them will demand refunds, even if that hurts their oppars' pockets.

No. 66343

oh sorry i didn’t bother watching the video and saw the thumbnail haha

No. 66344

rose looks cute here. the fried hair on her and jennie isn’t a good look though.

they sound like men. she always got shit on for being emotionless “seobot” or whatever but she’s never had any real scandals or done anything to indicate she’s a shit person unlike ty.

No. 66345

File: 1575637401153.gif (1.06 MB, 380x212, ezgif-3-69cddfa49514.gif)

This stupid pandering needs to stop lmao. Now it's some show on Netflix.

No. 66346

What the fuck

No. 66347

peak cringe, holy shit

No. 66348

Why do they have a little boy act like a 'sassy' fag who's thirsting after Jungkook…? ew

No. 66349

Grand autismo

No. 66350

What show is this even?

No. 66351

i know this is late but can i ask where the op gif is from/what group it is? stomach-flashing dude reminds me of ten from nct and wayv

No. 66352

Are you kidding? Ten actually has the body of a child,it's gross. That looks nothing like him. Op gif is exo/kai (suho and chanyeol in the background)

No. 66353

File: 1575640459883.gif (4.38 MB, 440x440, frog.gif)

Despite her gummy smile and negative ass, she is hot and she knows it. She's the type men want to fuck. The fact that she behaves like a spoiled little girl somehow adds to her charm.

No. 66354

As much as I hate ellen, shitting on job opportunities you were given is also rude imo. Especially since they mentioned korean shows being sooo much better like 3 times. It's just patriotic asskissery.
Plus, the interview was only 3 days after sperm debuted, what kind of deep question did kai expect? Should have asked them how much they starve and if he plans to get his skin lightened lol
People always say that this annoying kboo girl who somehow gets to interview all kpop groups is so much better than all other american interviewers, but exo were also making fun of her, so you can safely guess that they'd never regard any non-korean as good enough.

I don't get it either, but I've also heard normie guys say they find her super hot… Appearantly not just male kpoppies like girls who are super young and skinny looking.

No. 66356


they'll thirst over any asian girl who puts on a bad bitch persona

No. 66357

She has to be smoll and naive deep down tho. I think it's her catty eyes that people like, same for yeji who is all over kpopfap and other creepy threads

No. 66360

can this gross male jennie fan from the last few threads kindly fuck off? no one cares about her “come fuck me eyes” as you called them or how badly you wish she’d fuck you. shoo.

No. 66364

>It's just patriotic asskissery
I totally agree. It's just more of their nationalistic bullshit. "Oh we were in America making money and trying to get on their music charts and we also want to to perform at the super bowl but don't worry guys! Their food is gross and their shows are so boring! SK is superior in every way!"
It's seriously rude and unprofessional. Like how hard is it to show some respect to the places you go and the people you meet?

No. 66365

Exo spoke about how badly sm treats them in a recent interview, it's really crazy how older idols lived in comparison to idols nowdadays who mostly were born rich and got super nice dorms + brand clothes right from the the beginning, e.g. they said they only got some rice and didn't have phones for 2 years, they only shoot mvs in korea instead of overseas because of 'minimalism' and have to share hotel rooms when on tour.
Baekhyun also said he told lsm his opinion about sperm and in return got 'lectured' (whatever that means) for 3,5 hours, so they really had no choice.
There's no way they won't disband after their contracts end.

No. 66366

Samefag but forogt to add they also specifically mentioned that nct had phones and ate expensive stuff like ox soup right after debut. Jealousy?

No. 66367

Yeah, but bts still wants a Grammy. They can’t hold a note and hate America but want a Grammy. Lol

No. 66369

gtfo, this is the rant and nitpick thread. for thirsting head to general.

the worst part is, the ifans dont get it. They are too delusional to see that.

>baekhyun also said he told lsm his opinion about sperm and in return got 'lectured' (whatever that means) for 3,5 hours
lord i wish we could get that convo. would be best milk of the year. if the guys actually disliked the whole sperm thing and just did it to stay within the graces of lsm, props to them for pulling it off.
i just wonder what will happen with it. did they sign new contracts for sperm? for how many years?

No. 66372

i never see anything but hate for jennie in here? other than >>66353 which is obvious retarded bait

No. 66373

File: 1575645962265.jpg (78.72 KB, 720x652, ELAy_06UYAAhL_j.jpg)

He tried to play it off as funny, but then you remember that he's a nearly 30yo man who's still not allowed to even slightly talk back at his boss…especially since he was asked for his opinion

No. 66374

They have contracts with Capitol for sperm now I think. Since sperm did end up being successful I'm sure Capitol will want them to promote more. They already teased a comeback for next spring.

No. 66375

I legit can't understand how would Rose be ugly for Korean standards, at first I thought that she was the "visual" one. Doesn't she tick all their boxes? I thought that they liked pointy chins. Her head/face is kinda long, but Yoona is the same and she's considered a top visual. I don't get it

No. 66377

Koreans don’t find her ugly she is just the least popular member in Korea because Jennie and Jisoo have Korea while Lisa is the most popular international (SEA)

No. 66378

i find rosé really pretty despite the horrendous jaw shave but her big bobblehead throws everything off. her being the ana queen of kpop also doesn't help, it makes her entire appearance even more disproportionate.

No. 66381

rose could’ve easily been more popular if she were a yg favorite just like jennie but they never focus on her and don’t promote her solo activities much and that’s the reason the public doesn’t give a shit abt her

No. 66382

I agree to this as well. I’ve got a friend who’s an ex-army who says Suga is the only one who she’d follow for the sole fact he can actually produce music. It’s so funny seeing her constantly shit on them after stanning them since debut and spending $600 to see them live at their WINGS concert.

No. 66384

File: 1575655644396.jpg (36.67 KB, 480x480, zSy32Hd.jpg)

Presurgery Rose looked like Dahyun, YG prob made her get eyelid PS in Korea to be BP's vocal member, whereas Jennie is the pretty kid groomed to be the visual (she's not a rapper kek) since she entered YG, that's why they are treated different.

Rose is pretty but her face is big and fierce-looking which Koreans dislike. Intl audiences will like it more. In Korea Jisoo is prettiest because she looks kind and sweet, the way to figure out which idol group member is the ideal SK visual >>66339 other than to see which member keeps their natural Asian hair/eye color the most, which means stylists think they are classically attractive and perfect as is, is to see if they look like a typical Kdrama hero or heroine. Like a damsel in distress. In Blackpink only Jisoo has the TV actress look, Rose/Jennie/Lisa don't.

No. 66386

File: 1575656107119.gif (1.16 MB, 500x248, E676F670-A8EA-4B31-8819-A235DB…)

How Jisoo is considered a top visual in Korea I will never understand. She only looks good from one angle when she’s making a straight face. I find her kind of ugly in motion and when she’s emoting.

No. 66387

>It's honestly better than anything on Persona
>Suga is the only member whose solo stuff is bearable to me
>I don’t mind his stuff at all
>I’ve got a friend who’s an ex-army who says Suga is the only one who she’d follow for the sole fact he can actually produce music
Your 'friend' is an 'ex'-army? Anon, please…
Sugafags, I really don't understand you.

No. 66389

she's not considered a top visual. she's just popular because of her inkigayo gig. anons only talk about her being the ~true visual because they hate jennie so much lmao

No. 66390

File: 1575657949701.png (99.36 KB, 710x612, thespergisreal.PNG)

Kpop reddit is fucking insufferable, change my mind. "I find it comical when…" oh my god get off your high horse, no one cares about your STILL VERY NICHE boy band
When fans start reciting this shit I just nope out. Notice people don't copy/paste a grand List Of Achievements when they mention Taylor Swift or Drake, it's bc they don't have to lmao

No. 66391

File: 1575658097639.png (105.57 KB, 739x539, thespergisrealpt2.PNG)

Samefag, we joke about autism in here a lot but imagine actually publishing an essay about american late-night hosts in an attempt to defend your very immature, very entitled Sperm cells
If they're such sEaSoNeD pRoFeSsiOnALs they'd know that such comments are in bad taste…but fans apparently love hearing these groups trash their american activities bc bts do this too.

Youre not alone anon, the cringe was overwhelming on that one

No. 66394

File: 1575659339059.gif (748.7 KB, 320x180, JennisLisasocks.gif)

Koreans think Jennie is pretty but has star disease, she made Lisa take off her socks and made her manager cook gopchang for her while she waited inside her illegally parked car like a spoiled princess (normal folks BBQ it themselves and eat it straight). She is like Han Ye Seul Teddy's ex gf, there were even rumors Jennie dated Teddy because her vibe is similar to HYS, hot but bitchy. Jisoo is the bland damsel which SK loves.

No. 66395

someone needs to let them know that having a lot of fans =/= being mainstream

No. 66396

I see that Rosé is pitied by many fags here while shitting on everyone who doesn't criticize Jennie… Underdog effect.

Rosé is by far the ugliest BP member and has the personality of a stale bread. There is reasons why nobody like her.

No. 66397

Yeah my friend’s an ex-army lmao when dna came she started spazzing out and unstanned them after fake love bc she knew they were going in a direction of pandering to america. But whatever rocks your boat anon…I couldn’t be a suga fag even if he all of the sudden became less twinky.

No. 66398

It wasn't that the car was illegally parked, it was that the restaurant (owned by a radio host) asked them to move their car but Jennie's manager said they would pay the fine.

No. 66400

people have different tastes, dumbass. i think jennie looks like a toe but i’m not shaming everyone who disagrees. it’s the same with rose, some people may just find her cute.

No. 66403

Get out with that "different tastes" bullshit, Rosé is ranked as the ugliest generally and is the least popular. That's how it is.

No. 66404

I've seen ifans complain that they learned english to get into kpop. Real 180iq move.

No. 66405

Objectively speaking she's not an ugly girl, come on anon. It doesn't take a stan to have working eyes.

No. 66409

File: 1575664183285.jpg (34.35 KB, 585x288, tox.JPG)


No. 66410

I've been reading the BP thread on PULL and they noticed how Lisa never thanks her fans after concerts and such

No. 66411

I don't see the problem with this argument. Koreans act as if wishing for english sub is unreasonable and entitled because western artists don't provide korean subs either.
But it's not like ratmys are asking for polish subs or whatever their native language is, they only ask for english. Many of them are very young kids, so maybe being a stan served as motivation for trying to improve their english skills.
I'm with them on this, bighit and bts act like absolute asses.

>the ackshual messages
Such as women being like gonorrhea?

No. 66412

now what did she supposedly do

No. 66413

If you really think subjective opinions don't exist you are actually on the autism spectrum, please take care of yourself anon

It's not white/euro nationalism to accept english has the widest reach internationally esp in media. Acting like every potential English speaking fan should learn Korean instead of the other way around is so laughable it goes without saying. Pretty sure kpop cos want to make money.

For some reason that doesn't surprise me, are her stans claiming "there's a lAnGuAgE bArRiEr" or some other weak cope?

No. 66415

File: 1575665481532.jpeg (284.97 KB, 500x500, 6CEEBB2D-DA2F-4896-8FD1-3548CF…)

yeah same, and one user brought up this

similarly to irene, i think lisa’s much more cunning than she lets on

No. 66417

Would be interesting if the naive, mistreated, sunshine girl is the actual bully and not the other girls who most regard as bitches. Imo it's rather unfair anyway to shit on the female idols for having a rbf.

Not sure about Irene, it's not like she pretends to not be quiet/cold, but Sunny always gave me major scary snake vibes.

No. 66418

Kpop SJW are retardes and thry ro find something woke or feminist in every little thing.

No. 66419

you're so obtuse oml
of course the bully/bitch of the group would act sweet and nice and naive on camera. fans would eat it up and it would hide their real self. i feel like jennie and lisa are faux mean girls who act mean behind scenes in korea and sea because of their clout (which is fading by the days; and in jennies case she acts mean on camera too bc she's the main 'rapper') but get scared and timid when they go to europe or america where they are nobodies and people won't be afraid to clap back or expose them.

definitely agree with sunny being two faced. she'd always have quick jabs and rude things to say to other members for no literally no reason. i also remember that another member mentioned that she would talk back to staff but wouldn't get in trouble because of nepotism (isn't she related to lsm? haven't stanned in years so i could be wrong)

No. 66420

Irene isn't a bully or bitch, she just has a reputation for being assertive to dudes, add to that she said she read a Korean feminist novel and got hated by Ilbe bugs and male fans so her stans hail her as a woke queen.

No. 66422

idk what you mean by generally and I don't know who is the least or most popular in BP, but in Korea Rose is considered the prettiest after Jisoo


>1. [+768, -76] YG should've promoted Rose instead of Jennie, she's a great singer and way prettier

>2. [+606, -24] Rose is pretty just the way she is, and a good singer too~!!
>3. [+555, -42] Rose and Jisoo are the prettiest in Black Pink


>1. [+236, -8] Look at Rose's proportions…..

>2. [+205, -7] I only noticed Jennie and Lisa at first but now Jisoo and Rose are so pretty to me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
>3. [+141, -11] Wow.. Rose looks like a female lead in an American teen drama

No. 66423

Found this comment as well
> [+16, -9] Girls on Nate love praising her and calling her pretty but she has the least presence in the group;; Her chin kind of juts out a bit so she's not that pretty and reality is that even men don't care that much for her…

No. 66424

700+ vs 16 upvotes anon

No. 66425

I just found it funny because it's similar to what some anons here have been saying

No. 66426


I don't question subjectivity, I am simply stating facts. Same as if I said Irene is the prettiest RV and some faggot said but Wendy is pretty too dUmBaSs DifFerent tAste. Common !

>Rose is considered the prettiest after Jisoo
So she is the third, just in front of Lisa. What a shocker considering Lisa is SEA !

I'm not saying Rose is hideous but WK are defending her only because of the underdog effect.

No. 66427

idc lol

No. 66429

File: 1575672345342.jpeg (56.16 KB, 749x668, ELAHumeVUAEvBWi.jpeg)

Seems like all the other kpop fandoms are slowly turning their back on bts, and tbh as much as nct or loonafags are annoying too, I'm for everything that hurts bts and their braindead minions lol

Mama seemed to have been even more of a shitshow than mma. Exofans are upset because they mocked (although they didn't even attend), got7's performance video was deleted, monsta x and chungha had to perform before rookies and so on. Many already boycott it and the ones who attended only got to perform shortened versions of 1 or 2 songs.

Meanwhile bts performed a whopping 45 minutes, got 7 awards and the camera constantly panned to them to show their reaction.
Everybody knows the show is completely rigged, but despite being so rich already, bts shamelessly won't let go of a single chance to get even more money, praise and attention.
The past few years it was also mostly obvious who's gonna win but at least other artists also got the chance to promote themselves, now it's only a bts/bighit concert (and ratmys are so proud that they're bragging about this…)
If ratmys acknowledged that it's unfair, they might have gotten away with it, but instead they only retort with bullshit like "Well, they deserve it?! Bts were also treated badly in the past, where were you back then?!

No. 66432

> So she is the third, just in front of Lisa.
jisoo is considered the prettiest member by far, she’s the literal visual, which would make rosé the second prettiest if anon is correct.

just because yg keeps shoving jennie down everyone’s throats doesn’t mean people find her prettier than the literal visual.

>inb4 waaah stating facts means i’m a jisoo fag

No. 66435

Taehyung definitely abuses shoe lifts, like I think he usually wears 2-3 lifts at once to look Jin's height. V's shorter than 5'10 for sure.

No. 66436

We talk about this literally every three days

No. 66437

jesus fuck please not another height discussion

No. 66439

>>66429 why was got7 video deleted? and why should mnet apologize to exo?

No. 66440

The "newfags, read the threads & learn to integrate" anons are never around when we actually need them, ugh

No. 66441

File: 1575676343980.jpg (26.99 KB, 800x450, 1.jpg)


Iirc the GP thought Jennie was too ugly to be an idol when GD featured her in his "Black" performance on Inkigayo.

Also,I'm pretty sure she also had some sort of ps done. None of BP are completely natural,no matter what they say.MAYBE Jisoo,maybe.

No. 66444

File: 1575677933358.jpg (71.74 KB, 720x690, 3QWZSwW.jpg)

>>66135 IDK why Taehyung gets hyped as the top male idol visual. He's not even as good-looking as idols like Taecyeon, Cha Eunwoo or TOP despite being shorter. His looks are mostly thanks to stage makeup, Bigshit uses whitening BB cream to lighten his tan, plus color contacts and a bowl cut to hide his huge forehead. He can't act in a Kdrama lead role that requires the character to show his forehead LMAO

His eyelids are asymmetrical and he looks really disinterested nowadays. He WAS great on stage from 2013-2016 when his dance expressions poppes, after that he sorta matured and lost his beagle enthusiasm.

No. 66445

The asymmetrical eyelids aren't a big deal (I actually find little imperfections like that charming) but OOF that hairline… I bet he's going to hit the wall hard, too.

No. 66446

File: 1575679245106.jpg (28.22 KB, 363x502, PXMSOLC.jpg)

No. 66447

Next thread banner nomination.

No. 66448

…and we talk about V and his forehead at least once a week, with these exact photos attached
but hey they really don't lighten up his skin much, it's one of bigshit's claims to fame tbh

I'm more interested in his super off, aloof attitude during this mma/mama extravaganza, is he just tired af or is he now replacing jimincel as the group's resident smug diva?

No. 66450

everything but a BTS pic for fucks sake

No. 66451

Come on wtf is this? Have they EVER sung a song live straight thru? They aren't touring nonstop or pumping out new albums every 3 mos & they weren't reported ill or injured afaik. They had literally one job here, perform ONE song at mama 2019. One song. What is the fucking issue?

Jeongyeon & tzuyu are so checked out, & nayeon's hair is an actual crime. This flesh color washed them right out too

No. This pic is posted so often it's literally a meme at this point. Be original

No. 66452

File: 1575681016979.gif (6.89 MB, 600x338, 0D4FD172-719C-48A8-9940-029892…)

Thread banner nomination?

No. 66453

If it's another gross dancing gif, i am gonna spazz out

No. 66454

File: 1575681386048.jpg (243.42 KB, 780x1019, SWbCw.jpg)

Ratmy super interested in Taehyung shocker. He should try a chonmage hairstyle.

No. 66456

File: 1575685075153.jpg (161.64 KB, 1080x810, fh.jpg)

Speaking of foreheads, who thought it was a good idea to style jin's hair like this?

No. 66458

File: 1575685845880.jpg (49.29 KB, 577x405, forehead.jpg)

Ratmys find this attractive

No. 66459

Kpop stans go crazy over all idols foreheads. I don’t know why the kpop industry doesn’t get the hint that not even their fans like bowl cuts.

No. 66460

Holy shit he even looks ugly sandwiched between Jimin and J-hope… How was he ever considered attractive enough to be as untalented as he is?

No. 66464

File: 1575690025245.jpg (23.24 KB, 575x216, jb.JPG)

Ratmys are spiteful assholes and they wonder why people hate them.

No. 66465

"Team kaylie

No. 66466

File: 1575693978818.jpg (37.1 KB, 591x235, jingle.JPG)

No. 66467

weren’t boybands supposed to be attractive?

No. 66468

File: 1575694554091.jpeg (Spoiler Image,380.46 KB, 2048x1366, ELJ7bpNXsAApiW2.jpeg)

No. 66469

I know it's BTS but this is thread pic worthy kek. The non visual line members look horrid.

No. 66471

File: 1575696018218.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1490, 0AC4B7FB-72C1-497F-8B52-FCD0B7…)

Being disgusting as always

No. 66472

These people are either whatever the equivalent of trailer trash is in their country, or actually on the spectrum. Nothing else can explain this level of rude, or lack of reasonable social behavior, it's just incomprehensible
Whether it's the grammys or a childrens piano recital you hang & you applaud even if the song sucks. And if this girl is so unhappy why is she even there? So many questions

Also why the fuck do ppl watch concerts thru their phone screen, like oh my god there will be literally dozens of fancams on youtube tomorrow, you are literally choosing to have shitty life experiences lmao

No. 66473

This is only thread pic worthy if someone cropped out jimin and photoshoped him to a close up of his ugly ghost ass cross-eyed contact fucking face. Otherwise, I'm sick of bts banner threads.

No. 66474

So many "i feel like" there it's hilarious

No. 66475

File: 1575698009593.jpeg (74.66 KB, 1122x631, 0452EF41-8E0D-4EFF-AA70-B665C5…)

No. 66476

Jihyo gives off this massive matron vibe no matter how she dresses or acts. Maybe that's why she's one of the least popular members despite having big tits and dating Kang Daniel

I always maintain that no Kpop idol is truly ugly but Hwasa might be the exception to the rule. She's the Lena Dunham of Kpop (because she insists on showing off her ugly face and doughy body despite nobody wanting to see it)

No. 66477

Tbh she was so hideous before that her after-ps look came out natural kek

No. 66478

File: 1575698380127.png (907.6 KB, 1181x612, Screenshot 2019-12-07 at 05.58…)

kek at jimincel sitting on the floor

No. 66479

Although some are funny, you guys can chill on the bts pics… there’s plenty of other groups prime for the shitting on. It just seems like we always circle back to bts no matter what. It’s just so repetitive

No. 66480

I know you’re just a ratmy trying to force us to look at your ‘uwu so sexy jimin baby’ but I must admit that this pic legit made me laugh. Silly ass lookin mf

No. 66481

Nothing funny about this though? Just another attention-seeking behavior of his, and you ratmy, fell into the trap

No. 66482

File: 1575699699308.jpg (274.07 KB, 1365x2048, 006x4a7gly1g9o4d6t2x1j311x1kw1…)

sage for more jimincel but what did he see lol? he looks disturbed

No. 66483

File: 1575700271181.jpeg (273.51 KB, 1156x1477, 40ABADA6-DF56-4AF1-A1DA-E446A1…)

This is what IU sees in the corner of her room at night when she’s having sleep paralysis.

No. 66485

>She's the type men want to fuck
This comment is so fucking stupid, I can't get over it, lmao I mean well over 90% of the world's male population would fuck any of the four of them, and likely every other female idol group too
(Idk why y'all keep posting this shit gif btw, the dance move is retarded & Jennie's body is almost as featureless as ratmon's egg face)

The only jennie comment more cringe is the "come fuck me" eyes thing >>66360 that was so cringe it hurt
I actually nominate that as banner pic if someone makes a good meme out of it

No. 66486

Do any of you anons have any information on the bighit and mnet deal? I tried looking on stan twt but it’s just a bunch of armys calling it a conspiracy. It would make sense as to why there was barely anyone was at MAMA this year and why BTS got every single award as well as TXT getting an award.

Do any of you think BigHit is trying to become a monopoly instead of breaking the supposed Big 3 “monopoly”?

No. 66487

Jimincel is so fucking ugly, & unlike many idols it's not bc his personality is shit or bc he has negative talent. He just is that ugly, he looks like an actual furby. And his and Jins DSL are so off putting, how could anyone kiss that…im shuddering

Being ugly in itself is fine, look at jhope he does ok…the problem is fans buy into jimin's sob story. There is nothing worse than an attention whore with actual narcissistic personality disorder.

There's nothing funny here, stop baiting
The only time he made anyone laugh unironically was unintentional when he was brushing his teeth in that fight vid. Literally everything else he's ever done has been 100% calculated, watch him, he doesn't do anything spontaneously, not even making it look that way, + his fan service is so obviously forced it's actually distracting

thank you, jihyo always looks 40 regardless of hair style, idgi

No. 66488

Hide Lia, I think we have ourselves a new mr bean

No. 66489

I agree. We should make stupid comments as pic banners at some point kek.

No. 66490

How is twice supposedly “the top gg” if there’s never any milk to discuss about them

No. 66491

File: 1575705301327.jpg (96.54 KB, 986x1599, hfccl5a.jpg)

>>65460 2pm Taecyeon was the Rain after Rain not Jinyoung, 3rd gen idols are are flowerboy sissies.

No. 66492

File: 1575706126747.jpg (18.18 KB, 497x314, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Nah I disagree. It's 2pm's junho, not him.

No. 66493

Jimincel looks the faggiest but is always the touchiest when it comes to women.

There are plenty of korean youtubers, models, actors, etc who are very tall, muscular and manly, so claiming that shitting on bts or other male idols' looks is "racist against asian men" is absolute horseshit. Nobody else is nowhere near as girly as them, normal korean men don't look like gangnam aunties with little girl bodies.

No. 66495

>>66476 Kids with extremely sharp features (most child actors/talents) always look older than their age when they grow up because they have the opposite of a babyface. Example: Jihyo, Macaulay Culkin, Chloe Moretz, some Korean kid actors like Kim Sae Ron.

No. 66496

Yeah those retards won't even find normal asian men with no makeup and flowerboy qualities attractive

No. 66497

File: 1575706962331.jpg (21.79 KB, 202x145, 20191207_152057.jpg)

Ratmon's face tho

No. 66498

No. 66499

Ugh, why do pedos exist? Poor kid, I hope she has a good support system because she'll need it

No. 66500

>Do any of you think BigHit is trying to become a monopoly instead of breaking the supposed Big 3 “monopoly”?
Absolutely. And they're succeeding rather well already.

But there's no use arguing with their stupid fans, every single conversation goes like this:
>all other kpoppies: award shows are rigged
>ratmy: bts deserved their gazilliom awards and hours of screentime!
>others: nobody even mentioned bts…?
>ratmys: why are you so disrepectful, bts is kpop, they're literally the biggest artist in the world, we are the biggest fandom in the world,…
>others: in a couple years mnet will also turn their back on them
>ratmys: we already know how it feels to be disrepected, bts never won anything until last year, blah blah…

No. 66502

>>66500 I am not a Ratmy but it's dumb AF to think Bigshit are anywhere near making KPop a monopoly when CJ Entertainment are the biggest competitor. SM, YG are publicly traded companies, JYP a long record of making hit groups like Wondergirls, Itzy, Twice, 2pm. Bigshit doesn't even own their own HQ, they rent and unless they can secure outside investment or produce another hit group once BTS go to the army, they won't be able to build their own building.

Bigshit only succeeded at making BTS huge so far, TxT and Gfriend are nowhere as successful so Bang PD has to prove he can be a serial hit group maker like Lee Soo Man (BoA, TVXQ, SuJu, EXO, SNSD etc) or JYP, it won't be easy to convince investors to invest in BTS when the company's income relies disproportionately on 7 dudes who are about to enlist.

If anything CJ Ent, Mnet's parent company, is slowing trying to form a monopoly by rigging shows like Produce 101 and buying up small idol firms left and right.

No. 66503

>plenty of models and actors
You'll also find "plenty" of Koreans with coloured eyes if you look hard enough.

No. 66504

File: 1575709287258.jpeg (309.69 KB, 1125x1777, 7FE07C68-E6BB-48A5-8BC5-979451…)

Ratmys are having an autistic meltdown, as per usual, because apparently Katy Perry made a joke about bedtimes, and they’re really trying to convince themselves they didn’t “start it”. Kek. This is why everyone despised rats more than almost any other fandom. Absolute childish trash bags.

No. 66506

What? I thought bts was too good for kpop kek

No. 66507

God why are men so fucking desperate to fuck anything that walks it’s so fucking pathetic

No. 66508

They’re mad that she joked it was past their bedtime, basically calling them children, so they’re gonna turn around and throw temper tantrums like actual children and try to cancel her on Twitter? Lmao. No rational thinking adult would behave this way. They’re just cranky because it actual was past their bedtime.

No. 66509

Shows just once again Ratmy seriously need a timeout. It's not even that deep to begin with. Was there no other chance to play victim as they usually do that they have to turn against this singer? Or simply they lame excuse, why they left, what they have planed anyways.

No. 66511

she always says that to her fans after every performance of hers. why do armys constantly think the world is revolving around them and their uggo oppars ffs

No. 66512

eww she’s so ugly and looks so gross, how did yg turn this around? and why did he get obsessed with someone this underwhelming and on top of that unfortunate-looking?

No. 66516

File: 1575719470355.jpeg (239.74 KB, 750x703, A85C446A-BE66-4577-B7B7-790AA4…)

rats are shitting themselves in rage in the comments

No. 66518

? Like naturally colored eyes?

No. 66519

plastic surgery and she was probably the only member willing to commit sexual favors

No. 66520

she looks absolutely the same, it's a matter of face and lip coloring and eyebrows

No. 66521

>>66520 I think she lost weight in her face and maybe they lightened her skin a bit.. or maybe they just use a lighter foundation now.

No. 66522

>eww she’s so ugly and looks so gross
you're basically saying that every asian girl without make-up is "ugly" and "so gross

No. 66523

we don't care

No. 66524

I hate you faggot ratmies. Stop posting these faggots and go to the boy spam threads.
They are truly sociopaths. They act like the Cult of Scientology. Deny and Deflect.

No. 66525

So BTS flew all the way to America, had to meet a bunch of people who surely acted like idiots only to perform 3 songs? And they performed first too? What a joke!

No. 66526

#amber is trending on twitter but it was originally about video game stuff and stans took over like ‘heehee what did she do this time inserts Loona fancam stan yves lesbian queen!

No. 66527

not every asian girl looks the same you absolute retard. it’s perfectly fine to find jennie ugly, it has nothing to do with anyone but her.

you sound like the stans who cry racism the second someone doesn’t like your oppars

No. 66528

Samefag, found this stupid ass tweet.
Why would someone even use this clip? Is this produce? This sounds like absolute ass. If you’re trying to make your fave look good, you didn’t

Sorry. I didn’t care about any of the other tweets besides this one cause it’s so bad?!

No. 66529

>>66528 thats felix from stray kids. he got posted here a few times due to his ugly jaw shave

No. 66530

Thanks, I know exactly who to never listen to now.

No. 66533

>V looks dead inside
>Namjoon and Jimin are full of fillers

No. 66534


Imagine being a 51 year old sad bitch with no life who tweets a popstar about loving her ickle baby boys much n pwetty pwease don't box us into being screamy teenyboppers.ratmy are the plague

No. 66536

File: 1575739085278.jpeg (76.67 KB, 1125x534, C188F892-7E9D-4041-A655-10418E…)

Very relevant

No. 66537

hey uhh quick heads up for all the apparent newbies infesting the thread - this is an image board, so post screenshots instead of (or alongside) the asinine tweets you want us to discuss. also please stop posting pictures of bts unless theres actually something going on with them, literally nobody cares about jungkooks pigtails. also sage and integration are your friends. this has been a PSA.

No. 66539

seriously. this thread is getting worse than allkpop forums

No. 66540

the only thing wrong with her face is the lack of fertile coloring that make-up imitates and that asian people don't have it in an obvious manner because of the tanned skin
you're a racist scumbag, accept it

No. 66542

File: 1575748934468.jpeg (22.34 KB, 225x225, 70D1A803-74B3-444E-AAB8-9B9B15…)

I’m wondering if the mods don’t care about /m/ and /w/. There’s a shitload more moderation on the other boards, especially /ot/, but obvious newfags can congregate and bring their friends here and shit up the thread. I came here to be critical of Kpop, not speg about idols that certain fandoms hate. I also don’t come here to read obvious fangirls trying not to appear excited about pictures only stans would like or care about.

No. 66545

>all asian girls look the same!!
>waaah a rando doesn’t like my unnie, raycis!!
why are jennie stans the ratmies of gg stans

it’s her facial features that are ugly, not her complexion.

No. 66547

what's wrong with her facial features?

No. 66548

The thread has been full of nitpicking and sperging about idols that specific fandoms hate since day one. Infighting, racebait, derailing, etc. gets you a ban, what more is there to do? There aren't many rules on /m/. /ot/ only gets extra moderation because of the dumb radfems that shit up the whole site. Kpopfags rarely leave the kpop threads so it isn't necessary to be so hard on them.

No. 66550

They do though, the weird "all girls I don't like are sex workers!~ uwu she wore a short skirt what a WHORE uwu, all girls are ugly uwu, how DARE she post a selfie on HER INSTAGRAM uwu" nonsense that the people in this thread do has bleed into other threads. The kpop twitter-esque nitpicking, the tinfoiling , the Twitter lingo, I've seen it pop up in other threads increasingly since someone posted this thread to kpop Twitter a few threads ago. I don't really understand why the farmhands haven't banned people for alogging , tinfoiling and nitpicking in this thread because the very old threads we're about the industry , not calling Jennie a whore x15000 because they Stan Lisa or Rose or ree'ing and derailing about who isn't and is pretty in twice , or laugh at the concept of those kids in Izone being sold off to old men.

No. 66551

It’s gotten worse, there’s a difference between someone giving legit criticism and some obvious Ratmy or NCT idiot flinging shit on each other and protecting oppa at all costs. It’s clear they go on Twitter or allkpop, and most of all, they DONT integrate in board culture. It’s fucking up the thread and the quality is shit now. Someone probably posted this thread on Twitter, telling everyone that it’s a space where they can be catty about kpop idols without getting hated by stans.

No. 66553

That’s why I always found “yellow fever” a weird term to describe kboos, obviously they only thirst about their plastic underweight blond oppas, not actual Asian guys idk

No. 66556

she probably just stop tanning, iirc she lived in australia/nz before? so that's probably why she seems whiter but is still pretty dark naturally and there's no changing that (outside of ps ways)

No. 66557

You must be a stan if you want people to explain what they find ugly about Jennie. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder so if you don’t think she’s ugly then that’s fine but assuming that people are racist or jealous because they don’t find her attractive and demanding a reasoning behind why people find her ugly is weird. I’m not the person you replied to but I’ll answer anyway since you asked.
I find her ugly because she has a weird baby face but not in a cute way. Lower half of her face is doughy. She looks like a bitch. Something about her face looks incredibly worn out all the time like she just woke up and probably smells like morning breath. Creepy smile with too much gums. Ugly flat side profile. Kind of looks like a parakeet.

No. 66558

so why is amber trending again?

No. 66559

File: 1575756869568.jpg (127.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Imagine making a video on the differences between South and North Korea and then thinking natural attractiveness is somehow a well-evidenced difference between the two countries.

No. 66560

>dumb radfems that shit up the whole site
ah yes, you're one of those helicopter-gender people(back to your containment thread)

No. 66563

you're getting mad abt this thread going to shit as if it was your last safe space on earth, get some help for gods sake

No. 66564

File: 1575757162038.png (15.2 KB, 200x202, bait.png)

Again a rat wanting us to talk about BTS's visuals

It's the talko, what did you fucking except ?!

No. 66565

File: 1575757526010.jpg (80.02 KB, 870x582, n-koreans-a-20180613-870x582.j…)

>i don't like her face because
>it's 'chubby'
>her eyes are sleepy
lmao you too are an aloof racist shithead, you think she's ugly because of her asian features, bet you think the only beautiful koreans are those with their eyes cut and their jaws shaved

No. 66567

File: 1575758192469.gif (814.51 KB, 224x280, candy.gif)

imagine implying that a girl is too ugly to be harassed by an old disgusting man

Jennie is no goddess but she has something that turns head and attracts attention. Deal with it and stop obsessing over her when there is no milk

No. 66568

Nah, I just think she’s ugly. You asked what about her features were ugly. She’s Asian so all of her features no matter what they look like are going to be Asian. Doesn’t mean I find all Asian people ugly. You’re either a weird Asian fetishist, a stan who wants to fuck her or Jennie herself. Sorry I find her “come fuck me eyes” dead and lifeless.

No. 66569

>She’s Asian so all of her features no matter what they look like are going to be Asian.
>i'm a woman therefore i have a feminine penis and a xy feminine biology
it's literally the same argument
i don't find her charming but you racists are just detestable as much as you are oblivious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66570

she really looks like chloe bridges whenever she's smiling and I'm scared of that bitch

No. 66571

File: 1575759150142.jpeg (196.97 KB, 1125x1052, D2F71FA8-62F8-44EA-94E6-2BFEDC…)

Sorry for the tw screenshot since the thread is filling up with them but ratmys are at it again. Persona wasn’t even good, they’re just psychos so dedicated to streaming that they don’t shower

No. 66572

you can shower AND listen to music yknow, actually that's what most people do

No. 66573

Uh. Ok.

No. 66574

why is it that girls like rosé and dahyun get torn to shreds for their appearance on here on the daily and no one cares but as soon as someone dares say they find jennie unattractive a lunatic comes along and declares everyone involved a racist? this isn’t the first time

No. 66575

File: 1575759360863.webm (1.42 MB, 640x1138, jennifer.webm)

Are you all mentally disabled? Yes she is the type men want to fuck, it's a way of saying she has sex appeal. Do you know what sex appeal is ? Now stfu fake woke retard

No. 66576

to this thread's credit a lot of replies stood up for rosie this time

No. 66577

>posts webm
just get off to 4ch where the sexually deprived reside already

No. 66578

next stop for the indifferent racist white? calling the cops on the black kid passing by your street

No. 66579

>>66574 Personally, I mostly lurk.. so I don't say much even when something bothers me. But you're right.
The women-hating anons are getting out of hand. Some of the girls getting called ugly aren't even plastic monsters and are objectively pretty.
Please stop the misogyny and love yourselves and other women anons.

No. 66580

are there pretty flat faces or are all flat faces ugly?

No. 66581

The truth is none of these girls are ugly, like at all.

No. 66582

File: 1575759827871.jpg (7.44 KB, 225x225, XtraChromosome.jpg)

because they're both actually ugly as sin, dahyun looks like she has down syndrom seriously

No. 66583

rosé isn’t ugly at all. she has an unfortunate jaw shave and needs to gain weight but that’s it. like another anon said, most girls nitpicked here are objectively pretty and she’s one of them.

No. 66584

>>66582 ok, scrote

No. 66585

IU’s face is flat and her side profile is gorgeous.

No. 66587

File: 1575760424792.jpg (917.17 KB, 1000x1500, auschwitzdeportee.jpg)

> isn't ugly
> but

Alright… Rosé at the present moment is fugly. Better ?

No. 66588

whatever you say scrote

No. 66589

>>66560 wait why was that anon banned??

No. 66590

Radfem shit is only for the mhthrrad/gender critical (the containment thread)

No. 66592

trying to start a derail/infight about troons like the rfs always do

No. 66594

This. The undiagnosed female autism itt is not just a meme insult, it's real.

No. 66595

>>66590 saying "helicopter gender people" is to be contained but saying "dumb radfems that shit up the site" is not? ok, got it

No. 66596

You obviously did not hear about how ratmys were so committed to beating ktl in streams that they got on each other’s asses for showering instead of streaming the mv

No. 66597

Back in april

No. 66598

What’s up with all of the ratmys brigading the thread. It’s the Kpop critical thread if you want to gush about your ugly idols go somewhere else.

No. 66599

hard non sequitur, disabled much?
and i agree, rats should fuck off back to their locked twitter accounts as they can't follow the fucking thread

No. 66600

the mod is a troon
the only people who badmouth radfems are not women
the evidence will grow filthy faggot(ban evasion)

No. 66601

How is replying ok racist?

No. 66602


No. 66603

you dont understand anon, EVERYTHING is racist if you find yourself being in the wrong but still trying to win the arguement

No. 66604

you are agree with that you dislike her face for her asian features
how am I in the wrong? you can't explain

No. 66607

File: 1575766291842.jpeg (221.6 KB, 1125x833, 991BFDB3-8113-4814-A84D-588245…)

Everyone shits on dahyun but she looks like a natural sk woman (obv I know she’s had plastic surgery), she just looks very average.

No. 66608

Everybody talking about how Lisa and Rose are anorexic but that made me remember Kan Min Yeon which the most skelly female I've see aside that one girl from Bvndit.
I really wonder how they have any power to perform with so much weight.

No. 66609

File: 1575766582894.jpeg (196.75 KB, 776x698, 5A405A83-59A2-4CB4-9395-E427E6…)

This anon wins. Her figure legit disgusts me and I’m very concerned for her

No. 66610

I was trying to sarcastically point out that some people start to throw around words like "racist/ableist/whateverist" when they feel like they want to attack you but don't actually have an arguement.

No. 66611

>>66610 samefag, but wait i fucking misread that part of the thread ignore my autistic ass lmao

No. 66612

I always wondered how SNSD Sooyoung managed to perform at all those concerts in Japan and SK without fainting on stage being as thin and sleep deprived as she was.

No. 66613

Can anyone explain the katy perry thing w/ accurate quotes + context? Ratmy scum can't be trusted to give the real story
And why was that girl complaining ratmys were staying @ the venue after bts performed, when she herself was doing the same?

You so completely missed my point, it's embarrassing. That line is one of the stupidest things I've ever read in here. It's like the lc banner that says "if you have countless nudes of her naked then where are they?" It's so redundant & meaningless I actually thought we were being trolled.
The fact you are defending this person tells me you're almost as dumb as the op, & that means this threads in a very sorry state indeed…RIP

No. 66614

File: 1575770289042.jpeg (617.5 KB, 1242x831, 6F4A4105-FCB9-42E5-A2E9-E50974…)

The rats are so mad that Katy Perry joked about their bedtime that they’re digging up problematic things about her to try and cancel her. Lmao. I wonder if BTS has said or done anything racist in their past that could possibly be used against them? Hmmm.

No. 66619


the only reason why she turns heads is because she's Kpop's mean girl and can't stop causing controversies to save her life.Has she ever been praised (aside from rabid blinks)for doing something nice?

She looks bland as hell without YG's stylists and has the side profile of an old lady.

No. 66620

File: 1575772241422.jpg (53.01 KB, 500x750, unnamed.jpg)

both jeongyeon and chaeyoung look more like that than she does though? like its not even a matter of ugliness they both exhibit physical traits of someone with retardation or a syndrome

No. 66624

agree. also, why are they pretending like "attracting attention" is hard in kpop? we talk about how many idols that look like toes get similar treatment and it doesn't mean its proof of how good looking they r??

No. 66625

I feel you but it's way less deep than you think. The reason is either this thread is full of (not so subtle) jennie stans, and/or way more ppl know who jennie is just by default so when her name comes up more people give a shit & are more likely to chime in

I'm a loud & proud dahyun hater in here, there are lots of us. A huge part of the reason is her stans, they are EVERYWHERE & they genuinely, unironically believe she is one of the most beautiful idols of all time. Reasonable humans resent being forced to believe something that is so blatantly untrue. It's like that anon who doesn't understand objective vs subjective opinion ("rose is ugly there's no argument that's just the way it is hurrr durrr")

In twice, the same thing happens w/ chaeyoung, jihyo, jeongyeon & nayeon, just not quite as bad as w/ dahyun. It's not the girls faults, it's just their stupid insane fans, but most of you can admit it's hard to separate the two, esp when you're being spammed with it all over the goddamn internet

It's totally fine if they like twice. My issue is they can't recognize they find these girls pretty mostly due to their personalities or whatever else about them. And they get pissed when you show anything less than total blind agreement. Just like ratmy delusion, it's ACTUAL mental illness. I'm fine w/ ppl having opinions or liking their fave idols. I'm not fine w/ forcing opinions on others as facts & clogging up online kpop spaces with borderline aggressive spam

No. 66626

File: 1575772995241.gif (117.13 KB, 220x220, eyeroll.gif)

The word man in its definition =/= someone who wants to fuck everything Shakespeare, so now go push your "men are dicks" narrative on twitter

No. 66627

it's called sex appeal, you pathetic femcel

No. 66628


go stan somewhere else

No. 66629

do you really think guys have standards for what they consider sex appeal? i am convinced you could send most a photo of dahyun. catfish them into thinking its you, and they will say "you" are gorgeous and the most beautiful if that means they might have a chance at anything

No. 66630

it's so funny how femcels in here are in complete denial of the attractiveness of female idols but they'll go on about how nana and sooyoung are goddesses who defy beauty standards.
femcels would rather die than admit a sexy woman is attractive regardless of nasolabial folds or some other arbitrary shit that makes lonely women feel better about themselves
why do you care so much faggot
go do something with your hair and go outside and meet a boy instead of reeing about women who have better lives than you

No. 66631

File: 1575773676166.jpeg (132.44 KB, 750x733, ELOFOAqWoAEUkCR.jpeg)

femcels have a lot in common with lookism incel guys
you both autistically pick apart people's faces and bodies of the same sex
>how can women like him??? his eyes are too feminine!!! he has subhuman bones!!
>how can men like her??? she has jowls and a gummy smile!!

No. 66632

Not the anons your replying to but Im confused. Firstly, because no one has really spammed Sooyoung being a goddess here at all that I've seen, and secondly, if they had, why is it bad to feel one female is more attractive than another? How is that sexist? We have eyes and opinions…Nana and Sooyoung arent men they are females too. So because a female finds one female more attractive over another, they're a femcel? Explain because that makes no sense. A femcel would do nothing but hate on all other females, especially the ones that are conventionally attractive and well liked visually such as Nana.

No. 66634

Stfu about sex appeal already. No one gives a fuck about who men want to fuck. Men will fuck anyone. Men fuck couches.

No. 66635

File: 1575773898784.jpg (38.48 KB, 680x680, 1572062654238.jpg)

is it all because you're not asian and you still have asian girl envy from 10 years of kpop and anime?
stay safe(racebait)

No. 66637

Oh good lord lmao I'm not a femcel, i don't hate men & Im not even much of a feminist by lolcow standards. If you can't see why it's fucking stupid to say "men want to fuck an attractive female" or "it's because she has sex appeal" you either don't have much of a grasp of the English language or you aren't getting the nuance due to age, lack of life experience or both. I can't help you there

Re the twice fans, I'll add that with dahyun & chaeyoung its a combination of their insanely rabid stans/WKs, their below average looks & their lack of talent. You'll notice this issue doesn't come up w/ the Chae sisters, bc they are actually talented & benefit their groups. Most of twice are popular bc of their personalities (im assuming) but fans refuse to recognize that's why they like them, they force everyone to agree it's bc they're pretty and talented. But they're not (and theyre the worst rappers in kpop hands down) so that's why I resent being told what to think or feel when it's so clearly delusional at best, straight up untrue at worst

No. 66638

This. Men are obsessed with sex. Hence the huge scandal involving Produce 101. The thought of sex literally consumes them so much that they genuinely cant think straight or separate whats morally right from wrong. The majority of men would have sex with an underaged female if they thought they wouldnt get caught. And even girls they wouldnt normally find attractive wouldnt get turned down if they offered sex to them. Look at the average American sex worker. Especially street prostitutes. Men PAY hideous women just to cum. It makes sense that men with fetishes for Asian women would fuck any kpop idol they could get. Especially the ones who are overtly sexualized, like Jennie.

No. 66639

go back to the radfem thread. stop recruiting and scouting, loser.
lol @ going online and trying to indoctrinate women into your nihilistic cult. go brush your teeth.

No. 66640

she's not wrong about anything she said tho

No. 66641

Stop trying to make "femcel" happen. It's not gonna happen.

No. 66642

Im not even a feminist. I dont understand why youre sperging and shitting up a thread for no reason. Dont reply to me because you want to argue and bait and Im not interested.

No. 66643

File: 1575774840645.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.62 KB, 600x637, 547773c27227f06ce2906e33e6c7b9…)

i mean, i replied once while it looks like you are the jennie spergchan from a few post above. but sure, i am the one who cares, totally not you. learn to integrate, this is the critical thread and nitpicking about appearances is allowed. learn to sage while you are at it too

No. 66644

File: 1575774946009.jpg (140.56 KB, 932x1024, ELOyKnLXkAAYZLs.jpg)

Male idols will always look so much worse than female idols ngl.

And no, I'm not an nctzen in disguise trying to find a way to post my faves. I genuinely find this hideous

No. 66645

but she’s right. are u sure u aren’t a smelly rat from stan twt?

No. 66646

File: 1575775126916.jpg (66.88 KB, 673x964, b9a06321ad9c92b6a468b290205b53…)