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File: 1580939489089.jpeg (342.26 KB, 1920x1080, DF8E06A3-02F4-49BD-B273-9BC15E…)

No. 74677

I know some vocafags are still out there, so let's have some nice, general vocaloid discussion here! There's a Western Vocaloid Community thread on /w/: >>71172 , but there isn't a thread for general vocaloid discussion as far as I'm aware so I hope this is okay.

>Who are your favourite composers?

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
>Any songs you'd like to share?

No. 74678

I'm a dumbass who doesn't know how to link correctly, Western Vocaloid Community thread here: >>>/w/74677

No. 74732

>Who are your favourite composers?
I always come back to Okame-P and Yuyoyuppe, I'm a sucker for angsty songs with vague but heartful lyrics that allude to tragedy. I used to like Utsu-P and I listen to a lot of other genres but things like Palette and Leia are my staple.

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?

I used to like the Kagamine twins back in the day, Rin especially because she tends to sound bright and sharp, but I was never one of those people who disliked Miku for being #1. Can't really say I remember any Vocaloid past 2012, there's just too many of them now and they didn't have enough of the same meme magic and intricate story PVs that made the previous characters memorable.

>Any songs you'd like to share?

"Existence" ft. LOLA by shu-t, found it while looking for proof LOLA and LEON could sound good. The GTA font and the fact LOLA's face looks like she came out of an Ace Attorney game makes me laugh.

No. 76127

>Who are your favourite composers?(+ songs)
takamatt(Tokio Funka, Fight for Pride)
Yunosuke(PaIII.Sensation, Scale Blaster(vid related)
emon(shake it!, Spinning & Turning)
nulut(Fixer, Proto Disco)
Harumaki Gohan(Melty Land Nightmare, This earth, for you)
>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
v_flower, Kagamine Rin, SeeU, Gumi, Meiko i'm a wholoid fucker i like all of them even the irrelevant ones
>Any songs you'd like to share?
see above

No. 76130

File: 1582224200005.jpg (8.09 KB, 231x242, aefed45b1359c9bf410eb7cb5652be…)

Why do I only see this word when people are talking about loids who are sort of popular, but just don't get good merch or concerts?
Not hating, it just throws me off when there are actual no-content loids like Chika and Unity-chan that people in certain circles would pretend to like to look cool.

No. 76137

>Who are your favourite composers?
I love Jin, ishifuro, otetsu, pinocchio-p, deco*27 most

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?

IA, One, Luka, and Gumi!

>Any songs you'd like to share?

so many

No. 76138

No. 76139

but I'll stop at 3

No. 76144

I haven't been into Vocaloid anymore for many years, but every once in a while I come back to this song. It's so beautiful, I love it.

No. 76151

I live for fully/mostly animated vocaloid song PVs. You guys know any?

No. 76152

No. 76153

I agree with you! I dont think loids like Gumi/Meiko/Rin/Flower are whos either like some fans lol. Thing is I do like those irrelevant contentless loids, I like Rana more than Unity though cuz they're basically the same voice. Chika and Kokone are too generic/Gumi-like for even a wholoid fucker like me
Even SeeU was liked for a little. I wish there were more Korean loids

No. 76154

favorite producers will always be hachi and pinocchioP (mushroom mother and common world domination are TOP TIER). miku always has the catchiest songs imo, but i like luka and gumi's voice banks best.

sage for blogpost but happy synthesizer weirdly makes me sad because it is basically the entirety of ninth grade for me. reminds me of when i used to cosplay as vocaloid characters at cons and do the dances, including this one which still have embedded in muscle memory. and this song makes me miss when the nnd dance videos would get uploaded to yt without being taken down! even though it was the same 5 or 6 dances i loved seeing everyone's outfits and the locations. apricot was my favorite uploader

No. 76156

oh my god, the 踊ってみた community brings back so many memories. i love apricot too, she always had the best fashion sense. i still watch every single one of miume's videos even if they're blogs that i don't understand because she's just so inspirational.

i miss being into learning the weeb dance covers because they were actually really good exercise!!

No. 76169

>Who are your favourite composers
>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
Kaito and Meiko, also dig Gakupo, Luka and the Kagamines guess I just like the adultloids in general lol
>Any songs you'd like to share?
This is probably my favourite use of Kaito ever

No. 76198

>Who are your favorite producers
Longtime fan of AVTechnO!, ATOLS, recently really started appreciating Pinocchio-P.
>Who are your favorite Vocaloids
IA, Luka, Gakupo's a big favorite but it's hard to find decent usage of him, especially lately.
>Any songs you'd like to share?
I rediscovered this song a while back. Something about the music video is captivating.

No. 76312

PinocchioP is by far my favorite. Even if I don't like the music I love his lyrics, it's always so…. I don't know how to explain it but it's a mix of nostalgia/sadness/hopefulness ? The lyrics for Zero are probably my fave. I love Mei Mei, Apple dot com, What's inside and Nobody Makes Sense.

Kikuo is really hit or miss but it's always an….. interesting song. Recently I really liked Batsu Neko.

Overall my favorite vocaloid song is Mozaik Role but it's the only Deco27 song I like with Ghost rule. I also usually like CrusherP and her remix of Ghost Rule is superior.

>Fav vocaloid

probably Gumi ? I don't really care to be fair it depends on the tuning. But Rin's voice is sometimes too high / shrilling for me.

>song recommendation

Trash and trash by Kurage P ! Really fun and upbeat song with that angsty vocaloid touch at the end. Not super popular and I really like Rin in this one.

No. 76320

>it's the only Deco27 song I like

No. 76322

No. 76390

anon I really tried ! I've listened to a lot of his songs but nothing really stood out.

Oh and I completely forgot to talk about something that's really interesting in the vocaloid community imo.
On youtube there are some songs you can only find if they are recommended to you since they don't have a title or anything. The songs are in the same style as Koronba (A Sardine Grows from the Soil for example) and I think it's for respect for him that the videos have no name or producer since he completely disappeared a few years ago.
Anyways, I really like this style, the song I linked is a little different because it has a producer with a channel and a twitter account but usually you really can't find who made the song.

No. 76798

Holy shit why has cosmo@busou P's stuff been so garbage lately? It sounds like mid 2000s incomprehensible noise.

No. 76910

>anything other than 2000s incomprensible noise since ever
that's literally his style anon. but yeah i don't literally understand how he has got a following imo his music is really hard to listen to.

No. 76912

he made one good song in like 2010, and the rest is history.
definitely not the worst shit i've ever heard, but it feels like his skill with vocaloid hasn't improved much despite being in the business for a while.

No. 76980

I thought his Halloween song was pretty alright. Not something I'd listen to a lot, but it at least had some kind of structure.

It's almost embarrassing how stagnate he is. Especially considering he seems to take this pretty seriously. At least other artists improve their sound, not just their budget.

No. 77090

Speaking of noise, does anyone actually LIKE Omoi? This tuning is more grating on my ears than anything Ryo ever made… And it's half as charming. Don't get me started on the song he made for Magical Mirai.

No. 77099

I kind of like Show me your Everything! but that song's tuning is even worse, lol(especially Gumi)

No. 77236

Fucking yikes, IA and Gumi do not benefit at all from singing at that register. They all sound like they're about to pass out.

No. 77261

>pass out
i hate faggots like you.

No. 77310

Care to explain, baby man, or are you upset that somebody doesn't like these screechy-voiced anime girls?

No. 77339

Do you have any advice on what to do if the English subtitles on an artist's videos are wrong/full of mistakes? They've already been submitted and accepted, but the artist doesn't seem to know English very well.

Should I contact them and offer to redo them? Or should I just post my translation in the comments?

(I'm not looking for any kind of clout or recognition. I just want to help their work be appreciated for the actual lyrics they intended.)

No. 77458

>Who are your favourite composers?
>Any songs you'd like to share?
Inaba Kumori has a really strong first album, and their latest song "Secret Elementary School Student" is probably one of my favorites of all time. Would recommend to anyone.

Agreed, that song is a nightmare

Maybe contact Damesukekun? He usually has jurisdiction on that sort of stuff https://vocaloid.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Damesukekun/Song_Translating_and_Mistranslating

No. 77460

>site is for women
no it's just particularly cringy when people act like voice banks are people.

No. 77483

Wow, so cringy to compare the quality and tuning of a synthesized human voice to an actual human voice. It's not like one is designed to be the substitute for the other.
What a bizarrely specific thing to get so fucking uptight about. I can assure you nobody here is so retarded as you as to think we're talking about real people and not a program.

No. 77493

Taking things way too literally is a sign of autism

No. 77516

damesukekun left the fandom last year so no dice. just try messaging the producer and see what they say >>77339

No. 77554


Thank you! I'll message the producer on twitter and see if they want to do anything about it or just leave it as is.

No. 97398

randomly thought about this song on my way home from work the other day for whatever reason. weeb yt thread reminded me to look it up. peak vocaloid for me

No. 97399

No. 97416

Any fans of sasakure.UK? I was into vocaloid as a kid, age 9-13 or so, but I fell off that wagon a long time ago. However, I still do keep up with sasakure.UK once in a while, I like his style of electronic!

No. 97430

>Who are your favorite composers?
Mikito P, Rerulili, and nulut.

>Who are your favorite vocaloids?

Fukase, Len, (specifically his Cold and Serious voicebanks), Meiko, KAITO, Otomachi Una, Vy2, ZOLA project, Piko, Kaai Yuki, vflower and Iroha.

>Any songs you'd like to share?

Covers: Near (Fukase cover), No logic (vflower cover), Satisfaction (Len cover), Higurashi moratorium (Piko cover), Housenka (kaai yuki cover), The snow white princess is (Meiko cover), Melt (Otomachi una cover), Kamisama nejimaki (Piko cover) and 7/8 (Len cover) All of these are from kyaami/cillia since i rlly like the way she tunes. I also like Donut hole (Kyo from zola project cover), Doll and left eye (Fukase cover) and Carnival (Vy2 cover). These ones are from MioDioDaVinci, I also like his tuning. I'm a sucker for covers since some of them sound better than the original.

Original songs:
Soushuu renbo, Fight for pride, I hate sailor uniforms, Your highness my princess, Inochi bakkari, Cherry Blossoms Falling (VanaN'Ice), Q-kyoku theory of evolution, Wifi bosou boy, ALICE, Dancer in the dark, lili., Crescent Moon, Melody Line, and a classic, Butterfly on your right shoulder.

What I really like about Vocaloid songs is once you search deep enough, There are a lots to listen to that you may adore. It started from watching their concerts cause I found them weird, then listening to the popular and earwormy kawaii~ songs and then searching about different Vocaloids because I was that obsessed. Good times. I guess I reaped the fruits of my labor because I found a lot of favorite songs lmao.

Too bad that all I see from the fandom nowadays are just cringy tumblrinas who screech how vflower is trans!!! or any other vocaloid is "insert gender role here" smh

No. 97447

I’m not super into vocaloid besides playing the rhythm games but I did go to one of the Miku Expo concerts and loved it. I just wished they played Shake It! because it’s my favorite and I love the energy the song radiates

No. 97510

Absolutely! Have you seen the small live concert he gave on his channel?
I also can't pick favorites between any of his albums, I wish I knew what his more OC storylines where about.

No. 99000

>Who are your favourite composers?
Typical edgelord favorites, NashimotoUi, UtsuP, Kikuo
>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
Nekomura, Gumi, Mikoto
>Any songs you'd like to share?
I found this crazy one the other day while browsing recent entries on vocadb called "USSR". The producer's getup in the music video is… something. Apparently that's his signature look. Idk I dig the weirdness of it all. I kind of want to know what the lyrics mean since he's so quick to distance himself from them in the description of the video.

No. 100608

>Who are your favourite composers?
Masa probably. Dasu makes some good songs even if I couldnt care less about the shitty lore she wants her songs to have
>Favourite vocaloids?
Dont really have a preference. Ive always been in it for the music
>Song you'd like to share?
Dondurma is one of favourite Masa songs even tho its kinda different from his usual style

No. 101282

Does anyone know any other places to discuss vocaloid outside of discord kids and the pedophiles on 4chan?

No. 101287

by yourself, alone in your room. That's where I do it, anyway.

No. 101339

Sad but true.

No. 105690

Unfortunately no.
I hate the vocaloid general on /JP/ and the annoying fags on twitter, but since vocaloid is still a relatively niche hobby there really is nowhere else to go.
The vocaloid discord is ok but too active for me.

No. 105692

I just scrolled past this thread and wanted to share an obscure favorite.

What are the most popular Vocaloids nowadays? I haven't paid attention to Vocaloid in yeaaaars but this thread resparked interest!

No. 105693

Also this one. Miku sings German here. No clue if it's any good but it sounds really cool to me.

No. 105729

That's a favorite of mine.
Anyway, the most popular vocaloid right now other than Miku is vFlower by a long shot. She has seen abrupt but strong popularity within the last couple of years, with maybe even a majority of the biggest hits being songs that use her. This song is one example– it's a serious earworm.

No. 105742

EZFG is iconic af. i love how much effort they put in every MV, even in the shitpost-ish ones like this. the lyrics literally translate to "rice rice rice rice rice". also they way they tune VY2 and VY1 is amazing.

No. 106426

Are vsingers allowed and has anybody checked them out? Most of the songs in their concerts sound more up to date compared to vocaloid concert songs which usually sound dated. still like them because they're nostalgic tho.

Here's an example from their 2020 online concert. Excuse my taste, i like these types of songs.

No. 106633

Popular vocaloids outside of the main 6 rn seem to be VFlower and Una. This Kaai Yuki song got popular on Tiktok so maybe we'll see more of her too! I love her voice, shame her design panders to Lolicons.

No. 106634

Oh, and Fukase is quite popular too. Always forget about him, oops.

No. 108434

Translation for one of Nashimoto's new songs just came out. Is it just me or does anyone else really feel like he's gonna an hero one of these days? I know he's considered "edgy" but he does seem genuinely mentally ill and has the whole "im gonna be a virgin forever buhhhhh" attitude which is weird considering he's 32.

No. 108572

>Who are your favourite composers?
Dennoko-P is my all time favorite, they're extremely underrated imo. MitchieM, Neru, KairikiBear, Kurage-P and Pinocchio-P are composers are I always go back to. I enjoy some of Giga-P's older work as well.

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?

Gakupo, Sf-a2 Miki, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Aoki Lapis and Len Kagamine. But if I'll be honest all the vocaloids are charming to me in their own way lol.

>Any songs you'd like to share?

See embed. 2nd song I listened to by Dennoko-P and basically ended up making them my favorite producer.

No. 108604

I really wouldn't be surprised if he did.

No. 115370

File: 1605552938093.png (1.32 MB, 1136x640, 48ED8CAC-459A-41BB-954F-D9CC16…)

Have any of you been playing the new Miku (and friends) mobile rhythm game? I’ve been having fun with it so far. I wasn’t expecting to care about the new original characters, but a lot of them are really cute! It’s also interesting to have an idol game with a mixed gender cast.
If anyone’s interested in checking it out, it’s called Project Sekai Colorful Stage but it’s only in Japanese

No. 115372

Do you speak Japanese, anon? Is it still playable if you only speak English?

No. 115378

File: 1605557837109.jpeg (713.89 KB, 2048x1261, 676C967B-0174-4561-8350-31A364…)

The game is super easy to navigate without knowing Japanese. Personally I can read a little, but it’s not really necessary besides the stories. Since the eng fanbase is very active, all stories are translated before long anyway.
The card art is really cute. The MVs feel a little lacking compared to similar games so far, but I think they’ll improve over time

No. 115395

I'm playing it, anon!! Very casually though. Is it my impression or is it a bit easy?? Like, I feel like it's really hard to get perfect combos in the game but that the game is also somehow more forgiving than other games like it.
Its really pretty and runs like butter on my phone too, I'm constantly amazed with how fast it runs for a game that seems to be quite heavy. I also really like that they put in 'cover' songs too.
My fav band rn is vivid bad squad, I absolutely love their whole aesthetic.

No. 115402

NTA but yeah, i find puroseka to be way more forgiving than bandori. and it's definitely not as harsh as llsif!

No. 115405

what is this called?

No. 115412

File: 1605582988083.png (1.26 MB, 1136x640, 20BC639C-C395-42A6-9495-CECD40…)

Project Sekai: Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku / プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat.初音ミク

My favorites so far are MORE MORE JUMP! and Leo/need. It’s cute how the virtual singers get different personalities and looks depending on the needs of the different groups. There’s definitely a group to appeal to everyone’s different tastes.
I also really appreciate how easy it is to unlock cute outfits! The costume shop is an awesome feature

No. 115414

I love love LOVE no more jump theyre all just so cute. Love vivid too.
Hate seeing idiot 13 year olds saying everyone in niji is trans and shit like that but hey. I ignore it and am having a blast. Reached rank 100 way too early lol. I miss my 50 jewels every time I rank up orz

No. 115452

File: 1605625744347.jpeg (121.46 KB, 900x508, B7187668-B663-4C7E-827B-6FEC06…)

Thankfully they’ll be increasing the rank cap to 200 in today’s update.
Nice to see another person that likes MMJ! I thought they’d be popular because cute idols, but from what I’ve seen it seems like people are more interested in groups with boys

>idiot 13 year olds saying everyone in niji is trans

This ruined Mizuki for me

No. 115567

Ngl I’m a slut for touya. Want to pet his head nonstop if I could.

And same.
Bruh that baritone voice.
Come on now.

Come on.

But it’s super fun. And it looks like nmj is finally having an event! Yay! (I say finally like it’s been years ) I’m just happy

No. 115812

Agree. So far I've enjoyed all of his songs , but this classic is my favourite

No. 115815

samefag, not sure if it fits here but does anyone know what happened to Celbie CH? I loved her covers, it's a bit of a shame I can't find them anymore.

No. 115839

File: 1605906753622.jpeg (165.88 KB, 800x675, 7B402171-ECB9-4DAC-BAA2-A93B35…)

Snow Miku 2021 is so cute

No. 115840

oh wow I really like this one! Adorable

No. 115881

Her outfit is just toooooo adorable

No. 115902

File: 1605974547986.png (78.09 KB, 500x333, 20112009.png)

i love her so much anons

No. 115926

I love her, I need her.

No. 115957

File: 1606027196388.jpg (27.62 KB, 640x480, 2549809382_793836093b_z.jpg)

I miss the 2008-2013 vocaloid fandom so much. It's hard keeping track of the newer vocaloids released after IA. I tried joining some vocaloid discords but it wasn't the same. These newage fans are built different and half of them don't even know the classic songs. And if they do they throw a bitch fit about spice and cantarella being too problematic.

No. 115958

>These newage fans are built different
You mean autistic

No. 115992

I can relate anon, I've seen people being accused of being a pedo for liking Magnet and/or MikuxLuka. This "stan twitter" shit is weird. Makes me terrified to interact with the community. That and also the fandom still hates piracy.
I also hate MitchieM's generic poppy normie-bait music.

No. 115999

ntayrt but glad to find someone else hating MitchieM's generic songs. I think Ohedo Julia-Night is good, but that's the only song I can listen to. His other songs are just too story-driven and makes the music sound strange, or, they're just generic idol-pop music and that's never been the genre for me.

No. 116073

I don't know what it is about MitchieM's music that I hate, I just never enjoyed any of it. I also hate how many songs of his are on Project Diva for the switch. Just utterly bland uninspired dogshite

No. 116077

I liked his older songs a lot but his newer ones are mostly shit. What even was that weird pro-capitalism one from like a year ago? SUPER weird and uncomfortable.

vidrelated is my favorite from him by a longshot. I like funk, what can I say.

No. 116162

>What even was that weird pro-capitalism one from like a year ago? SUPER weird and uncomfortable.

Right? So many of the vocaloid fanbase, especially Mitchie M fans, are quite young. Its not hard to imagine a child listening to that song and then wanting to buy things. It's kind of worrying. He makes such happy, cute songs like Viva Viva Happy but I guess he mustn't be that great of a person or as 'wholesome' as he tries to be. Literal definition of a sellout.

No. 116181

File: 1606231713019.jpeg (47.8 KB, 505x607, images (83).jpeg)

Speaking of Snow Mikus. What is your favorite past Snow Miku?
2013 and 2018 are my favorites

No. 116183

File: 1606234043855.jpeg (366.14 KB, 828x588, 774AE96A-3FBE-40D7-9DED-75F38A…)

Tanchou > Fukurou > Fuwako > Twinkle > Princess > Muku > everything else

No. 116195

>I guess he mustn't be that great of a person or as 'wholesome' as he tries to be.
I don't like that song either, but I really don't think it's that deep. I think he was just commissioned to make that song.

No. 117055

Vocaloid fans were always autistic but the type of autism they have now is different. Before vocafags were rabid character/shipperfags who hated vocaloids solely based off their fanmade personalities. Kaimikufags were notorious for this. They were all like
Or they were 12 year old len fangirls who wrote horny posts like

Now the vocaloid fanbase is made up of troons who worship fukase and v flower (then again there's a lot of troons in different fanbases). They're less focused on characters and more on producers which is a double edged sword since rabid characterfags aren't really a thing anymore but producer wank is on a whole nother level. Len fangirls still exist but now they think he's non binary and ship him with oliver because kailen is pedophilic. Rinlen is also a big nono since that's incest even though they're canonically not siblings.

Overall the fanbase has dwindled somewhat but I suspect that's because a lot of them jumped ship to kpop.

No. 117068

File: 1606986194954.jpg (78.43 KB, 600x600, f9927db1a01f73c78a7870ae77c6fb…)

Oh god, you are so right!! I remember being a GumixLen secret shipper (I self-inserted as Gumi) and feeling kind of ashamed because everyone shipped him with Rin and bashed fans who didn't. When songs paired him with other Vocaloid girls, people didn't like it at all and even ignored the songs completely. Man…


kek anon. I wish this was an exaggeration but it really was like that. Ah, I feel nostalgic.

Fans were more invested in the characters than in the producers, but they also payed a lot of attention to the songs and liked to create theories about them. I remember going to the wikis to read the lyric's interpretation and being super grossed out by some of them.
I think this generation of fans peaked when KagePro released its "final" song. I still listen to Vocaloid songs, old and new, but I think most of us grew up and lost interest over time. K-pop/J-pop and Vocaloid fandoms were always related, I remember I got introduced to Miss A and 2NE1 in a Vocaloid forum.

No. 117163

File: 1607051967755.jpg (207.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

these girls were always my favorite, i kinda hate how theyve both dissapeared from the fandom over the past few years i dunno why but i really related to neru super hard and i was a MASSIVE NeruxLen shipper. still my otp.

No. 117180

Good taste anon. I also really liked that ship back then. MikuxLen was another ship I remember being popular as well.

And yes I totally forgot about song theories too. I remember people anxiously waiting for the final part of synchronicity and crying when everyone died at the end. Seven deadly sins was a another big song series and iirc it's going on even to this day.
I also got exposed to kpop with vocaloid. It was around the time 2nd gen groups were still active. There were a lot of MMD dance videos to gee and bo beep and I started discovering more songs on my own. You're probably right about a lot of us outgrowing vocaloid once we got older though. The older gen fans are now in their 20s and 30s so it makes sense that we're not really into vocaloid like that anymore.

No. 117809

Why does no one like Gakupo anymore? It makes me sad :(

No. 117823

maybe bad association with his VP? but that could just be me lol

No. 117947

You mean gackt? Yeah he is kinda weird. But I remember when he was one of the most popular vocaloids now he barely gets nothing.

No. 117982

Any recc's for someone interested in vocaloid? Not really trying to get into the fandom or whatever (mainly because it seems really cringe and full of 12 y/o's) but, wouldn't mind checking out some of the music.

No. 118002

idk what your music taste is but here are some that I like (including vid related)

TOKIO FUNKA- takamatt ft. gumi

Hit You 8759632145 Times With This Piano- slavevvr ft. iroha

Rumor- police piccadilly ft. gumi

This is a lovesong- Utsup ft. gumi

電脳REBEL- bop ft. miku

Industrial grasshopper- llliiillliiilll ft. miku

If you give me some music genres you like i can give you more specific recommendations

No. 118266

I dunno I feel like there were more places to discuss vocaloid back then. Not to mention the fanfic scene is a graveyard.

No. 118267

File: 1607851867973.jpg (102.01 KB, 1024x585, bc6e596cef83c0ab9d288985473779…)

Did you guys ever have any headcanons about the vocaloids?

No. 118943

File: 1608375207591.jpeg (650.39 KB, 764x988, CDFF2360-137C-421F-81FD-187087…)

Rin is such an important character to me. I'll treasure her forever.

No. 119261

Most of my headcanons are about their personalities, like how Gumi is your average Genki girl, or Meiko being the mom friend (and her not being an alcoholic).

Also for some reason I like to think that the vocaloids from Internet Co Ltd are just a really big family (like, siblings and cousins, probably).

No. 119262

vflower kinda sucks

No. 119277

Hotter take: Vflower sucks in high ranges but fucks in low ranges

No. 120703

File: 1609408511486.png (282.62 KB, 546x432, 1478924040644.png)

Lately I've been seeing a lot of comments from people saying they got back into vocaloid after a long hiatus. Is a comeback happening?

No. 147119

Is anyone watching/has anyone watched that MikuExpo 2021 online concert?

No. 147462

I keep remembering these old songs I used to listen to when I was a teen, I can’t believe it has been 11 years since this video was released.

No. 149315

I don't really listen to vocaloids these days but this song came up after checking out some utaite covers of deco's vampire. the self cover is good too.

No. 149316

>tfw no existential sheep bf
this song is shit btw. as someone whose been listening to his music since around 2013 he is overrated as fuck and I'm tired of pretending he's not.

No. 149317

you're not wrong… traffic jam is still a top contender for best vocaloid song ever made

No. 149334

He IS overrated!

No. 149365

He used to be one of my favorite producers but his music has definitely become a lot worse on the past few years, it's really a shame.

No. 149366

his only great song is common world domination to me, then there are a handful of listenable ones like「ボカロはダサい」and the rest are trash just like every other vocaloid prod ever. cool lyrics and concepts and his usage of miku is excellent but the music just don't hit.

No. 149367


may i introduce you shama:

No. 149370

nice cover ! i like vloid versions more most of the time but flower songs are exceptions, that sounds much better. she did the really popular wozwald one too right?

No. 149376

and shout out to all faggy emo boys from vocaloid mvs. what a great breed of boy!

No. 150748

Never liked his music. I’m not a fan of producers who mix their Vocaloids that way, they don’t sound remotely natural. It’s like they wanted the breathiest Billie Eilish tone yet did zero work to make it less choppy. Some engine noise can sound charming but this is so…whatever. These lyrics kind of suck by the way, it’s so boring hearing yet another Japanese person belt ‘I WANNA DIE I LIVE IN A SOCIETY’ literally with awkward clinical English subtitles.

No. 150765

>I’m not a fan of producers who mix their Vocaloids that way, they don’t sound remotely natural
Hyper realistically tuned vocaloid is a fun novelty but if you're looking for natural vocals, just listen to human vocalists. Vocaloids are artificial and they sound like it, better to roll with it then try to avoid the unavoidable imo.

No. 154901

This is really catchy

No. 154954

I really love キノシタ/kinoshita's music, it's always super cute and peppy bangers. I love them so much, they recently released a new song called "friend step" and it's such a banger and the PV is really nice.

No. 154967

Luka is a queen and I love her voice. That's the post.

A lot of his songs sound the same both in composition, thematic and visuals now, but I think he is just looking to pay his rent at this point anyway. And/or is probaby severely burned out after more than a decade.
The first, slow part of this one is nice though.

No. 155123

File: 1628327439544.png (2.96 MB, 2932x1344, characters.png)

I base their headcanon "personalities" from their appearances and vibe. Miku's the typical popular girl. Len is the arrogant 14 year old who has a lot of fangirls. Rin is cute but sassy and fierce. Luka is sexy, elegant and intelligent. Meiko is sexy, witty and badass. And Kaito is her submissive, silly and very sweet boyfriend. Lastly Kaito, Meiko and Luka are the adult figures so they care for everyone in the group.

No. 170507

I love Mew, too bad she doesn't get any attention. This song fits her..

No. 170770

But that's the thing. I actually like UTAU (CV ones are charming af) more than Vocaloid. I'm not looking for realism, I think they try to fight the engine too hard. Synths struggle to get that breathy indie girl vocal and the tuning is so try hard (imagine having the talent of the best singer in the world but you're doing it through a kazoo), I'd rather listen to V2 Vocaloid and CV UTAU.

No. 170799

I reall y like sasakure. uk and pinocchioP but recently 23.exe shot up into being my favorite of all time. Their songs are so catchy

I don't have many but I always that that while Rin is more talented with her voice than Len, Len is actually really good at picking up any instrument and learning how to play it in like a day

No. 180640

Discussion in /ot/ had me unlock memories about Vocaloid I forgot I had. Vid was one of my all-time favourites. The talk about Vocaloid made me look it up and I'm glad it hasn't disappeared of the internet (I think it's an obscure song) so I wanted to share it here.

(If anyone has a translation of this song or knows Japanese, I'd love to know the lyrics)

No. 180653

kazukazu no negai kagakushatachi ga kanaeru
korekara kimi no idenshikairo wo miru
anata no uchuu hairikonde
randamu ni akusesushitemiru
anata wa yasashii kokoro no mochinushi
kono kuukan ni tekigou suru
anata no uchuu hairikonde
randamu ni akusesushitemiru
anata wa yasashii kokoro no mochinushi
kono kuukan ni tekigou suru
hateshinaku koujigen no
hate ni aru sekai wo sagutte
mou anata to au koto wa nai kedo
kono kuukan de shinku suru

The scientists are granting wishes again and again
from now on they'll watch your genetic circuit
They'll enter your universe
and try to access it at random
You're the bearer of a gentle heart
adapting to this place [space? english isn't my native language either and i'm not sure if you could use space this way, but this translation is closer]
They'll enter your universe
and try to access it at random
You're the bearer of a gentle heart
adapting to this place
Looking for the world with a limit
in this limitless higher dimension
I won't see [as in, meet] you anymore
but in this place I'll synch

very good taste with miki, nona, very good taste

No. 180763

Thanks you SO much! I searched high and low for the translation when I was younger, I can't believe I finally know the meaning of the song after all these years! Genuinely thank you for your time and effort!

No. 181454

You're welcome! I've had the problem of not finding translations of obscure songs countless times too, when I was younger, so I'm glad I could lift this mystery for you lol.

No. 181456

Iyowa is pretty much my fave composer so far, love their vibe and art they use in music videos. I'm happy to see them grow more and more over time

No. 181470

iyowa is a moid, btw. I was hoping it might be a woman from the general vibe but nope. That's actually why I stopped listening to vocaloid music around last year. I realized "where are all the women in this scene?" and there aren't really any, save a few examples. not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but the one "woman" producer ppl point to (OSTER project) is almost certainlyt a troon. I saw an IRL panel with them on it, they were decked out in lolita gear, tall, wide shouldered, and had a deep voice. Not to mention their original -P name was literally "futanari(dickgirl)-P" additionally, if you browse japanese imageboards, you can see most people there think he's a tranny too (example: https://anago.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/streaming/1339869329). Yurrycanon is also sometimes listed as a female producer but is a confirmed tranny btw
anyway, this is a good vocaloid song by a woman

No. 181927

can you suggest me some good synthv songs/producers? I'm impressed by the AI voicebanks but tired of covers and scrolling through "songs" made by autists with no knowledge of music theory whatsoever

No. 181943

>Who are your favourite composers?
Maretu, Kikuo, Ryo, Iroha
>>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
I'm casualfag, so I only know the most popular ones. I like the Kagamines, Miku and Gumi.
>>Any songs you'd like to share?
I recommend checking the song " Sigh ". It's by the same composer of Meltdown.

No. 185985

File: 1644630214054.jpeg (649.15 KB, 871x1200, FCkMJ5dVkAIstn9.jpeg)

Just search for Kaito-focused producers, there's a 90% chance they are women because he's such good husbando material.
I also highly doubt Oster is a tranny (just chubby lmao), judging from more normie pictures, from her music and from the bits of personal info she tends to tweet about.
Also kek at that 5ch link, that reminds me too much of 4chan moids who think everything and everyone is a tranny while they themselves are full of trannies. Scrotedom is universal.

No. 186023

I usually roll my eyes at tranny tinfoiling but oster is def a man. So he went by futanari-p until all the way up until he announced he was "actually a woman"? very likely story. Voca producers don't have to show themselves, especially when starting out, so "she" could have easily just larped as a normal dude in the beginning, no problem. What motivation would a woman have for crafting a persona around being a "dickgirl"? Also, in japan, lolita trannies are a very common type of tranny (so common it's even a trope), and oster is always seen in layers of lolita clothing, so…

anyway, here's a song by an actual woman

No. 283917

I got this weird song on a Youtube add some years ago. I liked it a lot, so I'm sharing it here just in case someone wants to give it a listen.
Seems like I wasn't the only one that got the add, here is a reddit thread that delves a little on what the song is about: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vocaloid/comments/i20kh3/weird_song_that_leads_to_an_unknown_game/
Seems like the person that made this wanted to make an ARG, but I don't really know. He or she is probably already dead. RIP.

No. 295178

the best of all time. the classic.

No. 295283

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
I always liked Meiko and thought she was underrated. I went on a long hiatus and discovered her cover of Snow-White Princess last year. I'm 10000% convinced she can be at least as mainstream as Rin and Len, especially since the Vocaloid fanbase is getting older and more attracted to more mature characters. Her older sister/cool aunt vibes are unmatched.
I also like Gumi and get worried that I'm relating to her songs more now than when I was a little teen. The themes of identity, existentialism, and giving way too much… girl get help.
>Any songs you'd like to share?

No. 295292

This is a year old but I love Moimi. My favorite song is Erika's lament.

No. 295293

she is literally me

No. 295313

utau (now synth v) but teto got a new vb and she sounds amazing.

crazy that there hasn't been a single good cover of meltdown

No. 295387

no one uses her because she's notoriously disgusting to tune, like working with a drunk vocaloid. that amount of effort for a voice that isn't anything special = she was destined to flop. burn it burn it was good though.

>there hasn't been a single good cover of meltdown
gumi does everything better.

No. 295787

>favourite composers
Utsu-P. Call me edgy, I don't care.
>favourite vocaloids
Gumi, Miku when tuned well. I love the Hagane line of designs.
>songs you'd like to share
An Alien's I Love You is probably my favourite Vocaloid song of all time.
He's awful to tune imo.

No. 295865

>Who are your favourite composers?
Seiko-P, Early day Utsu-P, Kaoling
>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
SF-A2 Miki, Yuzuki Yukari, Lumi, Avanna, Zola project, VY1 and VY2.
>Any songs you'd like to share?
See above. One of my favourite Miki song.

No. 295866

Samefag,Seiko-P/SeiPeridot's songs have a soft spot in my heart. Her songs are chill and fantasy-esque, the lyrics are often sung in conslang. She mainly used Megurine Luka, Gumi, and VY1 (she sometimes sing along in the harmony). Each song is accompanied with cute art she drew herself. Nowadays she focuses on making royalty-free BGM musics under the name Peri-Tune.

No. 295890

>fav composers
I gotta give it to wowaka. When I learned the news of his passing I was exteremely overwhelmed with emotion. This man's music got me through really rough patches back when I was at school, and his music will always remind me of that time. I have seriously considered having the cover art of the Unhappy Refrain album tattooed. I also really like DECO*27, Hachi and Utsuu-P (I am aware I'm an edgelord)
>fav vocaloids
Mine has to be Yuzuki Yukari, while I don't like most of her originals, her voice is very sweet and not very typical for the kind of voice they go for. Otherwise, I of course enjoy listening to Miku, as she has more originals that I like and the cutesy schtick for vocaloids started from her.
>any songs you'd like to share?
Very different from the stuff I used to listen to, but lately I've been finding my self to be listening to this a lot.

No. 299100

What are the hardest to sing vocaloid songs in your opinion? I always hear it's yumemiru kotori and maybe meltdown, but I wanna know if you know some more.

No. 299233

File: 1685265917404.jpg (60.84 KB, 590x640, 6078.jpg)

I don't sing but i have heard singers complain about Two Faced Lovers because its so fast

No. 299921

Anything by CosmoP (Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu/Gekishou), because he always adds those ultra fast sections. EZFG also has very fast songs (Cyber Thunder Cider, Totemo Itai Itagaritai).
In terms of impossible to hit notes, Meltdown was brought up earlier, and there's also Nakano 4 (Sky High, Koori Mizuiro). Unfortunately Nakano 4 hasn't made a lot of songs to my knowledge, but I really like his/her style.

No. 306672

File: 1688526734342.jpg (316.86 KB, 1043x914, snowmiku.jpg)

The final entries for Snow Miku this year are so boring.

No. 306678

Idk shit about vocaloid, but I like the bottom center and upper right
corner designs. They do kinda look generic, though, so I get what you're saying.

No. 306704

File: 1688551482119.png (411.84 KB, 740x411, n41snqgdmy6bp1d4_2023022619040…)

>>306672 picrel reminds me of Elsie but I agree, many of the entries look flat and incredibly cluttered at the same time. The state of modern character design

No. 307066

Their update is unexpected but I have no complaints

No. 307183

They barely fit the theme (meal). There were a lot of cool concepts, it's a shame that people don't seem to like different and ambitious designs for Snow Miku.
This design is super cute.

No. 307203

i bought project diva during the steam sale and i'v been completely obsessed with it, i love a lot of the outfits and how outrageous and cheesey some of the choreography is i almost teared up playing luka luka night fever because it was such a nostalgia trip and an integral part of my childhood lol

No. 307207

There were rumors that the reason goodsmile company picks such simple designs because they know they'll have to make a figure for it (they always make the snow miku design of the year into a figure, for those who don't know). And Basically if it was a complex design, it would take a lot more work and cost a lot more money to produce. That's why the designs they picked were so simple.
IDK. I do wish they picked nicer designs anyways.

No. 307322

It's not just the speed- it's the high notes as well. I would say wowaka made some really hard songs to sing. I think this one is also a pretty obvious choice.

No. 307393

Ancient post but thank you oh my god I wish I had seen this way before, Oster always struck me as very fucking weird. It would explain a lot. Never liked his shit anyway I'm a hitoshizukuP girl all the way (who btw is a based troon hater who got shit by Twitter trannies for saying publicly she doesn't want a Japanese self ID bill being passed)

No. 307456

>hitoshizukuP is a based troon hater
Really? I always liked hitoshizuku before, but now I think I really like her, kek.

No. 307550

Yeah she got a ton of shit recently at Twitter for saying she was against obvious predators getting inside women's bathrooms. First the western tranny scum took advantage of the language barrier since she was just tweeting about it to her Japanese followers to say she was being "homophobic", she had to make a long post in English trying to explain she was worried about women's safety and ofc these twats jumped at her throat calling her a homophobic terf and had to delete her post.

I'm lazy to look for the screenshots but if you dig a little you'll probably find some of it easily, as it was pretty decent drama. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the Japanese fanbase at this point just doesn't wanna have anything to do with this bunch of overdramatic sociopath wokies the western fanbase is made of. They are not as exposed to this garbage as we are and I know I would be becoming really westernphobic in their place if every little contact I have with English speakers turns out like this lmao.

No. 307874

I recently started listening to a band and their style stuck out to me as very unique and unusual (despite usually being grouped with vkei bands, I just don't see the resemblance). I found out their previous composer/guitarist (Yuzuhiko) is a vocaP and now I'm wondering if there's anything similar to this style of music, whether that's voca or j-rock. Could any nonas weigh in? I haven't listened to voca music (outside of games) in almost a decade but I really want to get back into it, most stuff just isn't in the style that I like.
They also have their own covers of two Yuzuhiko songs: Jinsei Game (link in embed) and Moumoku Poem (which is sadly only available on streaming services from what I see).

No. 310801

This new gakupo/kaito song by hxy is everything. I need art of them as overworked salarymen

No. 311163

Best vocaloid song no one has heard of. I wish more producers tried this style

No. 311200

sounds a little like royalty free youtube video music

No. 311347

>fav composer
i wouldn't say i'm much acquainted with vocaloid music scene but the one composer that stood out to me was kiichi/nantoka-p. vocaloids sound so good in alternative electro songs.
here's a calmer piece by him
>fav vocaloids
gumi, rin and technically not a vocaloid but teto.

No. 311352

>favorite composer
Bucchigiri-P (vid is my favorite song of his)
>Favorite vocaloids
Rin/Len and Kaito
>some songs
Noroi no Megane ~ stray girl in her lenses feat. Rin & Gackpoid - https://youtu.be/PS-UsEL3Knk
Byakkoya no Musume feat. Kaito - https://youtu.be/eTTgGIfHaLg
Ghost feat. Rin/Len - https://youtu.be/NbCUXXRbpEg
Torabotic World feat. Rin/Len & Miku - https://youtu.be/TtWR1rdUVrs
LiluLila feat. Rin/Len - https://youtu.be/WFRdlUEYiC4
Palette feat. Luka - https://youtu.be/eDgRSxkxHz0
Last Night, Good Night feat. Miku - https://youtu.be/6hlADpxjj0s

No. 313620

I hate when certain producers switch exclusively to singing, and they're bad at singing/their voice doesn't fit the songs they make. I know not every producer should stick with voclaoids or AI voices forever, but so many producers who switch to singing use their own voice and I swear they can't sing for shit. And there are a lot of good singers out there, and their tuning of vocaloids will be god tier, but some of them still try to sing themselves. Okay rant over. I had to get this off my chest.

No. 313626

You’re right and you should say it. Some people just don’t have good singing voices, even though they have a great or at least decent understanding of how singing and music works. I would just make money to hire people to sing for me tbh.

No. 313922

Pinocchio-P sounds so fucking bad, I got the biggest whiplash when I heard him rapping(?) at a live concert for the first time.

No. 313930

all male vocaloid artists have the exact same voice and it's a sucky one, it's so weird.

the worst is when the you're looking for a vocaloid song on spotify but the only version available is the one sung by the producer.

No. 314209

SpectacleP is another female producer. She's most well known for "The Beast" but she got some attention earlier on when one of her songs, Lambency, was used for a Hetalia music video by a fanartist that was popular with Hetalian fans on nicovideo. Her tuning can be a little rough. However, her piano is really beautiful and very different from a lot of other vocaloid songs. I really like her songs. Attached her piano selection here.

No. 317858

File: 1693046188351.jpg (113.13 KB, 600x600, Project SEKAI UNIT IMAGE ALBUM…)

Have any of you listened to the new Sekai no Oto album? What are your thoughts?

No. 322022

Controversial take desu: I do not care for hachi's solo stuff and I really hope he goes back to producing someday. Does not help that I can't stand moid seasonal slop like chainsaw man

No. 322033

>Does not help that I can't stand moid seasonal slop like chainsaw man
Holy shit, I agree. And I hate how every single utaite was covering that one oshi no ko song. Like idol and kickback are okay songs but they are not that good and not everyone needs to cover them. Some utaite definitely only cover those songs because they are popular, not because they are good or fit the voice.

No. 322047

his voice fits his current music style much more than vocaloids now. his one foray back into vocaloids, Suna no Wakusei/Dune, is easily my least favorite vocaloid hachi song.

No. 322055

File: 1695002651010.jpeg (675.7 KB, 1000x1414, F51JxUZbgAAhJIb.jpeg)

I'm so glad Miku Expo is finally returning nonnies.

No. 322057

I’ve always wanted to go. Do tickets tend to sell out immediately?

No. 322058

You definitely should! And if I remember correctly, on their Europe tour, normal tickets only sold out several weeks in. But not sure about the US, the ticket website they use us weird to navigate. I really hope they didn't double the price of the tickets and it's just a glitch.

No. 322059

File: 1695006826991.jpg (157.23 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_4585.JPG)

I just realized there's no LA show

No. 322155

File: 1695068155350.png (1.47 MB, 1170x863, 1662156836128.png)

Same feels nonny, I'm triggered about there being no NYC show either… Y u do this to me meeku? Y u do this to me?

No. 322339

Just bought my tickets!!! Would be cool to see some nonnas at the concert. None of my friends care about vocaloid lol

No. 322680

vy1 and vy2 got new designs. they've been deyassified….. WHERE'S THE PINK HAIR

No. 361139

Even though my seat is shit I'm really excited to go to the concert. With the large gap between their north america visits I hope we get more frills and community work like you'd see in japan and not just a merch booth. Not too likely though.

No. 361184

Have fun and let us know how it goes. I know next to nothing about vocaloid concerts and expos, despite listening to a lot of the newer vocaloid music.

No. 368299

If anyone of you brought tickets for the NA expo, I'm so fucking sorry

No. 368307

File: 1712389284703.jpg (9.29 KB, 200x250, 20240406_094058.jpg)

I'm so sorry nonna. You paid up the ass to watch TV

No. 368325

Honestly the fucking audacity of them to do this + the merch situation + the mid setlist after fans have been waiting for so long.

No. 368360

because of coachella taking the "hologram" screen, it's honestly so unfortunate that they managed to host expo during the same month

No. 368439

File: 1712430973674.gif (174.85 KB, 220x259, hatsune-miku-beta64.gif)

I'm praying that they only did this for the first show since it's recorded. I'm lucky I only paid ~$50 for my ticket, can't imagine seeing this if you're someone who bought tickets for 10x that.

No. 368547

File: 1712453437510.jpeg (324.86 KB, 2048x1536, GKhl2TGbcAEibR6.jpeg)

They now did it for Portland too. Imagine the people who flew across states or countries for it. I'd file a change back for false advertising.

No. 368553

According to hearsay, staff members said there would be a glass hologram screen. I wouldn't put lying past those swine. Let's hope the coachella rumors are true.

No. 368666

Ayrt, had a minor conniption at this. It's bad enough to dull the experience and they backlight it to show me their failure in full. If the borrowed real screen rumor is true may the rotten soul of crunchyroll salt the earth. I should've went to see kikuo instead.

I'll have fun with my friends at least and hope you experience some cool things with vocaloid yourself!

No. 368673

god i really hope they wont do this in europe, but the chance is slim

wtf are those boring ass designs

No. 368704

I saw Kikuo a little while ago and it was great minus a mishap with merch, definitely take the chance if you can again.

No. 368716

rabbit hole broke the vocaloid side of the net for a while. what do anons think of it?

No. 368722

>decided to not buy tickets for my city in europe after seeing that tv
>it sells out anyway
why even bother with a hologram if consoomers don't care anyway

No. 370071

Miku at Coachella
she better be a hologram

No. 370083

File: 1712986903336.jpg (122.81 KB, 1080x1458, 1000022812.jpg)

This sucks i bought tickets for eu tour before the na tour started. Adds for the eu tour showed the glass hologram not an led screen. I'm going to see if i can refund the tickets. So sad that i missed my chance on actually seeing a cool vocaloid concert with hologram

No. 370210

File: 1713026778100.jpg (532.9 KB, 1200x900, miku04 (1).jpg)

Is it the new standard everywhere? Seems dumb to not appeal to tradition after the long break in worldwide shows.

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