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File: 1569436390758.png (798.16 KB, 473x671, hobbit.png)

No. 67368

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -
>now "officially" engaged since Kevin "proposed" at Anime Expo.
>the couple came into the thread themselves to take shots at anons, resulting in a ban
>all of Kevin's friends including the guys get verbally abused by Lori for coming near him
>jumped on the Patreon bandwagon to sell lewds and feet pics

Her Links:
Her Old FB - https://www.facebook.com/earthenserenity/

New New FB - https://www.facebook.com/usakou/

Her instagram -

Previous thread: >>54057

No. 67376

File: 1569447066168.jpg (254.29 KB, 473x671, 20190925_172410_138.jpg)

I saved Lori the effort of running this unfiltered pic of her through Snow for her. Maybe she can convince us it's how the image looked all along.

No. 67377

omg I never noticed they included her ass straps until now kek

No. 67405

Wow, they have amazing lighting in middle earth! Just like Lori's apartment! Hashtag no filters.

No. 67409

File: 1569467353045.jpeg (227.39 KB, 750x1192, 061A938D-9E2C-4CE3-8E39-F03BF5…)

She is really hoping on the foot fetish train

No. 67414

Anything for those patreon bux

No. 67451


K but could Lori actually smirk like 002 in her version of that pic or is that asking too much?

No. 67459

She won’t because her age lines will show and that means more shooping

No. 67469

File: 1569535820739.png (4.35 MB, 3240x1228, why.png)

No. 67470

File: 1569535852507.jpg (105.51 KB, 1280x770, IMG_20190926_150516_502.jpg)

No. 67497


Jfc you're right. She is so freakishly obsessed with age and weight. I wonder when she'llll realize, if ever, that we can see past the shoops?

No. 67513

File: 1569597447914.jpg (71.22 KB, 1135x1280, IMG_20190927_081555_122.jpg)

No. 67520

How embarrassing.
Homeboy‘s one Google search away from ten better Zero Two cosplayers on the first page alone and doesn’t realize it.

No. 67546

File: 1569634699713.jpeg (54.26 KB, 750x261, 0A66CBDE-ED38-4CC3-B70A-BFD0CE…)

Con is still 2.5 weeks away and dude is already giving up

No. 67555

Poor ol Kev is burnt out already from working full time to support Lori on top of making all of her cosplay props. Dude hardly has time for his own shit. Can't say I'm shocked.

No. 67571

kek if he ever saw her he wouldn't even recognize her from her pics

No. 67573

Thats what happens when you're a cuck who works 9 hour days then comes home and photographs and probably edits for your patron whore girlfriend. I mean fiancé. Save some time break up you'll be a new man in a week.

No. 67597


I feel a tiny bit sorry for Kev. But I also laugh because he clearly doesn't even want to cosplay Hiro anymore kek

Agreed. Kev, if you're still lurking, it's time to GTFO and cosplay the things you actually want to cosplay!

No. 67611

What's the point in trying to motivate this guy when he's just as much of a narc loser as Lori? If anything these guys deserve each other considering what a shitty, vapid personality Kevin has

No. 67758

File: 1569797345558.png (1.02 MB, 1078x1838, Screenshot_2019-09-29-18-45-43…)


Ah you're right. Don't know why I even bothered.

In other news. Lori out here wit no tiddies posting in a bunny suit.

No. 67792

The top part of that bunny suit is not flattering on her. It looks like she's binding her chest in red colored plastic wrap.
Also kek @ Lori trying to hard to look ""curvy""

No. 67798

Shocked she posted this as it shows how flat her ass actually is. There's no curve after that slight waist dip from pushing her hip out.

No. 67800

File: 1569806419800.jpeg (334.53 KB, 1224x1339, DD43B8F1-6B99-4A26-B8D5-5050B5…)

Kevin has time to make these costume pieces but not enough time to make his own. You know she didn’t do shit for this and is passing it off as her own Set to sell on her nudes website. Flat chested bunny pics are a disgrace. Poor Kevin……

No. 67811

Crap that room looks like a 12 year old lives in it.

No. 67912


The delusion is clearly strong with Lori on the attractiveness of this pose/pic.

No. 67918

File: 1569885792894.jpeg (168.77 KB, 1242x793, D5DD029D-CB8B-466C-B79F-65DF20…)

Does she not know how the flu works? You can still get the flu during summer or while bundled up.

No. 67920

She probably got the idea in her head from anime - I guess in Japan they think colds come from being cold? Or at least in anime specifically it's a trope for sure.
Either way, Lori is retarded (and not in the way she wants to be), what else is new.

No. 67933

File: 1569891665344.jpeg (128.19 KB, 1270x976, 20CA1842-C549-46C0-96E6-2722AA…)


No. 67934

File: 1569891715581.jpeg (588.38 KB, 1512x2015, 3BECB253-7CD0-4124-BD62-3DD739…)

No. 67942

Does anyone else think Kevin is thick? I wish i could make his ass clap.

No. 67944

they think you catch colds from being cold and wet usually. not an anime trope, i unironically have family and friends who believe this.

No. 67958

Kevin looks fine, but no.

No. 67975

he's a lil butterball I want to roll down a hill into my MOUTH

No. 67986

Wow. First of all the contacts make her eyes look bloodshot and uncanny.Second, come on girl no one's skin looks that fake without filters.

No. 67990

Oh good lord… Her eyes are already creepy af without the contacts.

No. 67993

File: 1569940269272.jpg (575.24 KB, 1080x1365, 20191001_092615.jpg)

Who the F is paying to see her flat chest, fat rolls and stretch Mark's? The outfit is trash too.

No. 67994

her stomach looks really weird here, like she's been pregnant before. it's got that weird puckered look. i know she's had a few abortions but i didn't think she carried any to term.

No. 67995


I can forgive the hip-fat knowing that she's anachan and therefore "skinnyfat"… But how in fucks name does she think the tits are worth others money? And I agree, who is paying to see them? It's just sad.

No. 68021

File: 1569956656734.png (1.67 MB, 1569x1280, zerotuesday.png)

No. 68058

File: 1569974958031.jpg (37.2 KB, 1280x652, IMG_20191001_170813_954.jpg)

Kevin isn't allowed to not cosplay Hiro

No. 68136

File: 1570032192986.png (2.73 MB, 2160x1350, moreofthis.png)

>I hope everyone liked their Patreon Tier Rewards ♡ Gonna crank out some extra juicy content this month~ link in bio.

No. 68143

Posting about her "flat chest" is just giving her what she wants, she has a normal small modest chest and wears tight things to bind it down or smoothes it out of her pictures and look younger. There are some pictures where its more obvious.

No. 68166


That's a good point. I didn't think about the smol, young looking aspect of the chest.

No. 68173

I hope everyone likes the same 5 pics of zero two over and over!

She won't ever make the same level as other patreon thots because there's no variety and she deflects people who are too thirsty by refusing them and mentioning her boyfriend everywhere.

Imagine that not only did your girlfriend sell nudes, but she sold them for less than she'd make at a part time minimum wage job. Some loser has her naked pics forever, for like 10 bucks a month. Honestly sad

No. 68194

I know this is supposed to be sexy but all I can think of is the training bra from Limited Too I had in sixth grade

No. 68264

File: 1570105135720.png (712.32 KB, 911x499, 1570032192986.png)

What even is going on here? This is not a flattering suit on Lori… from her flat chest to here. Yikes.

No. 68265

the costume just needs to be a bit wider, to go over her hips. she is bad at making costumes, or buys them premade so they look like shit.

No. 68308

Lori is skinny fat. She's only skinny because she's an anachan, but she's also kind of shapeless or even doughy because she gets little to no exercise because of her "broken spine".

Also, yeah, the suit is kind of just shit. kek. This is why she has Kevin make everything for her or buys online.

No. 68337

File: 1570162224239.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1951, 9FB7A9AA-0901-47D5-8D53-701478…)

I knew it was a matter of time before her “I’m the only perfect zero two” gets worse she had the nerve to talk shit about this other cosplayers “sagging handles” because the poster said the other cosplayers portrayal of zero two was perfection. Lori your fucking hair isn’t even like the characters you are not fucking perfect! (Part one I don’t know how to post two pics at same time.)

No. 68339

File: 1570162286657.jpeg (754.9 KB, 1242x2144, 198244AA-A2B8-407A-BA9F-F093A4…)

Part two the comments.

No. 68341

File: 1570163070879.png (973.42 KB, 701x605, nah.png)

She's straight up delusional. Her suit was bought premade online, her gear is all made by Kevin, whose handiwork is decent, but does not even come close to the quality of the gear this girl is wearing. Also Lori's 02 is wildly inaccurate between the makeup, the hair, and the footwear? Jealousy isn't a good look, Lori.

No. 68342

File: 1570163173512.jpeg (157.22 KB, 828x815, 1562535983993.jpeg)

Another example of the neck piece Kevin made. There's no comparison.

No. 68344

Well would you look at that. The real Lori’s face shows and looks nothing like the filtered version… that hair color it what’s making her look the most haggard. Her outfit doesn’t compare to the other girl at all her suit is way better!

No. 68345

Kek, imagine being this salty whenever you see a young, qt Zero Two cosplayer who's not only cosplaying the character better, but is getting more attention on her professional quality pics than Lori's shitty, oversaturated bedroom pictures. Lori, your comments don't make you look cute or confident, they only make you look insecure, no matter how much you deny it.

No. 68346

File: 1570166603934.png (256.64 KB, 924x724, yikes.png)

She's been spamming that group with video clips trying to get people to follow her on IG and patreon. kek.

No. 68348

to me it looks like the crotch has unfastened …

No. 68349

literally had no idea what i was looking at. this is what she's trying to market? I thought it was a robo catgirl with a giant cameltoe.

No. 68355

She's the definition of skinnyfat, shapeless with no muscle what soever. That's why she obsesses over every pound, if she gains even a little she becomes a doughy mess because she has no tone.

it's a shame because she actually does have good genes and is naturally quite pretty, but she's obsessed with this idea of not having to put in any effort to take care of herself and it only makes her look worse.

No. 68358


No. 68366

ngl i thought this was a dog costume.

No. 68375

I thought she had a broken back

No. 68378

File: 1570212849597.jpg (64.94 KB, 960x720, wtfkevinschin.jpg)

No. 68379

File: 1570212901898.png (1.06 MB, 1010x931, loridoesthemostbasichumanthing…)

No. 68380

God this is absolutely pathetic. He's one of those guys who gets off to the idea of other dudes jerking off to his useless middle aged gf.
Also Kevin since you're lurking how does it feel to share these super edited selfies knowing your abusive girlfriend has the face of a caveman when you go to kiss/fuck her?

No. 68381

I wonder how Kevin feels knowing his gf is so ashamed of how he looks, she edits his face in every pic she posts of him.

No. 68382

He looks like white trash

No. 68386

Giving him a pointy dorito chin really backfired on her because that edit makes it look like she has a stronger/more masculine jawline that he does by far lmao

No. 68392

Their naturals aren't that bad… but their edits sometimes make them look inbred.

No. 68394

They're ugly as sin, especially with how much they lie about their looks and are shallow themselves. Though I'm saying that knowing Lori's personality, and Kevin's too. If I had no idea about either of them in any way I'd say they look average. Either way, they're definitely not as hot as they think they are, I think the edits pay well to Lori's deep insecurities especially about aging.

No. 68396

File: 1570229841606.jpeg (262.2 KB, 750x1142, loriscookingkek.jpeg)

So let me get this straight. Kevin works all the time to the point he's too burnt out to do his own cosplay, or shave, or other basic human grooming. So that he can pay for Lori is sit at home and "fill in" cooking and cleaning when he can't, take lewd photos for the internet, and skinwalk a fictional character. Wow, couple goals!

Friendly reminder that this is what Lori's "cooking" looks like.

Honestly, I'm beginning to think she's just abusing asian beauty editors to the extreme and not bothering to pay attention to what they do to his face as she edits hers? She enlarges her eyes, which makes his bigger too, shrinks down her strong jaw, shrinking his to disturbing proportions, shrinks nose to half it's size, etc. I think she doesn't care as long as she thinks she looks good. Poor Kevin ends up looking ghoulish in every edit.

No. 68397

Yeah, not saying they are "good looking" by any means. I wouldn't pass either one of them in the streets and give them a second glance, but comparing their edits their naturals look better. I do agree, their personality and vanity makes them ugly inside and out. And just the fact that Lori has the audacity to call out other cosplayers… I still don't see how her loyal pets stay loyal. Everyone ages, Lori is going to have to accept that one way or another… even if she goes the route of plastics it'll catch up to her.

No. 68399

Guarantee she calls him fat and forced him on a super restrictive diet. He was on here going crazy calling everyone fat and saying everyone eats at McDonalds every day before he originally made that lettuce wrap post.

Projecting much Kev?

No. 68405

He's just hangry from being overweight and forced to follow Lori's ana diet. Then on top of it he has to be her cosplay lackey and money pig as well. Anyone that spineless would lash out at randoms on the internet, really.

No. 68408

The days of putting down other cosplayers is dead. You cannot compare the two people she is crossing a line. The second has a much better form fitted suit with layering and textured fabric. The back piece and handles look way better than loris. What’s with her shoes? It’s cringe watching her try to slam others and put them down she is 100% abusive. One of these days someone is going to get into her face about this shit in public.

No. 68409

lmao yeah this screams anachan to me. nice "cooking" lori. you know starvation causes aging, right?? no wonder they look so haggard, lack of nurtients really showing in her face. damn shame.
kevin needs to start smoking weed. he'll chill out and drop weight and hopefully see what a retard his missus is.

No. 68412

I thought that too but I bet shes stretched out from loosing and gaining weight. Does look postpartum though.

No. 68413

they do smoke weed. lori has a bunch of weed stuff if you scroll back to before she first watched DitF.

the weed doesn’t mellow these two out at all.

No. 68441

lmao explains a lot, seems like they have the opposite problem where the munchies never go away and they keep stacking it on.
can only hide behind snow and filters for so long dipshits, when you two rock up at any convention for the rest of your lives you're going to be considered catfish. nice legacy. the skinwalking is sad enough

No. 68450

Honestly I’m surprised Lori hasn’t been exposed and blacklisted by someone with a following in the cosplay world for bodyshaming and nasty comments towards other cosplayers. But then again she’s pretty much irrelevant in the cosplay circuit so why bother.

No. 68470

>she's pretty much irrelevant in the cosplay circuit
This is extra funny considering how when she was younger, she used to shit on people over 25 cosplaying and considered them weird and old.

Now no one cares about her shitty cosplay or bitchy behavior one way or the other because she's old and irrelevant.

No. 68473

wasn't she going to call out someone who was a "popular cosplayer" a few months ago and nothing came of it? she probably backed off of that because if she tried to go after someone with an actual following, they'd just end up here and then she would be actually blacklisted.

No. 68485

>because she's old and irrelevant
Yes well, it could be that but on the other hand she's simply not a nice person and she's anti-social as all hell. She could be liked among the older nerd crowd but she puts off this horrible attitude and treats other women like competition constantly.
She and her boyslave are fucking assholes.

No. 68499

File: 1570331890721.jpeg (346.36 KB, 1242x1286, BE8B1AEB-0FC2-48BF-BA0C-0C1DE9…)

The neck looks like goku powering up

No. 68500

File: 1570331947112.png (9.69 MB, 1242x2208, 21EEB949-326A-462E-B563-ADEE37…)

Nice rash Lori, wash your cosplay once in a while.

No. 68502

Would Lori be disordered enough to shoop her fingers thinner? Her digit sizes are inconsistent and they look strange.

No. 68506

If she uses Meitu it just came out with an update that slims every single body part. wouldn’t be surprised if she is manually editing her fingers though.

No. 68528

You can really see her age in her neck and hands yikes

No. 68567

File: 1570383416302.jpg (602.46 KB, 1066x1342, Screenshot_20191006-123514_Chr…)

Garuntee all the sudden followers are pervs and bots. I doubt there's any real fans at all. Yeah..re famous for cheap internet porn.

No. 68568

That's disgusting. Why would someone even post that.

No. 68579

File: 1570391857889.jpeg (179.86 KB, 749x1121, A17F3FAD-106E-420E-B4C1-F4FCE3…)

This caption made me want to barf

No. 68587

>loli body
Bitch you look like someone’s anorexic mom

No. 68592

>the loli body

Damn, she really is delusional

No. 68597

Not to mention how disgusting it is for any grown ass adult, much less a woman in her 30s, to call herself a "loli", putting aside the fact that this puta definitely looks her age beyond the meituificatio–sorry, I mean "bomb lighting uwu".

No. 68600

File: 1570400614270.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x1920, 19-10-06-15-23-13-811_deco.jpg)

reality vs delusion

No. 68606

I know we're a ways off, but I vote for this to be next thread picture. Holy hell

>"Loli body"
Ok Lori

No. 68608

That neck is horrifying. It looks like she’s straining to stick her neck out so she can have her scary ana-jawline.

No. 68610

File: 1570403691609.png (121.53 KB, 806x778, famousuwu.png)


wonder how much of kevin's money she spends on fake followers. we know she isn't feeding him so it's not going on food lmao

No. 68643

what's the point of this? buying followers isn't going to make people sub to her patreon. is it just for the number?

No. 68695

File: 1570486229109.jpg (100.53 KB, 837x1280, IMG_20191007_151019_956.jpg)

No. 68703

There is no dimension to her body, like she’s just flat (and not talking about her chest) from over shoop

No. 68706

File: 1570487827095.jpeg (165.27 KB, 1242x530, 76C03100-2527-47BB-B0E1-FAD94C…)

People sign up and realize she does the same photo/pose over and over again. Then ditch out? Who would have guessed? Does she realize there are way better cosplayers out there to sign up for lewds

No. 68707

Poor Kevin….

No. 68714

What do you mean "poor Kevin…."?? He likes this. All he ever has to say about her until recently was about how thin and pretty she is. This IS his body type. Don't poor Kevin-nothing.

No. 68725

LMAO!!! knew it

Fake clout for a fake person, she needs those numbers for her delusion.

Bots dont buy, proof is that many followers but no patrons

No. 68768

You guys are right. If you look at the people following her there are quite a few that are bots who have posted nothing, have no profile pic, yet they are following thousands of people. Those are sure signs that they are purchased followers in which it makes major sense of how her instagram went from 1.5k to climbing up at a rapid speed because she will hit 10k at no time. She does not enough idiots on her Patreon to bring in that kind of growth let alone friends. Her lewds are not even creative enough. Looks like Kevin has to spend his check on fake followers which is not going to boost her Patreon. Also that pic compared to her shopped version… YEEESH!

No. 68840

To be honest, she doesn't really look like zero two in any regard, especially in this photo.

No. 68874

File: 1570576857572.jpg (550.29 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20191008-181808_Chr…)

We have a full body edit…someone isnt happy we noticed their saggy stomach!

What the hell kinda shoop is this? Who has red shading on their stomach and back? Pathetic.

No. 68880

covering your throat because we pointed out you turtling to look skinny miss man-neck?

No. 68890

It's too funny to see her SEETHING over a cosplay of Zero Two that blows hers out of the water, so she desperately has to scrape for 'inaccuracies' because she is ThE rEaL zErO tWo. Last I checked not only is her suit inaccurate, plus hair makeup and personality to boot way off too, Zero Two doesnt wear grandma orthopedic grandma shoes for her back condition kek so accurate and perfect though.

No. 68893

Her editing literally hurts my eyes and I can't imagine I'm the only one. You can never make out her shape, everything is an over saturated, highly contrasted, blurry mess. It's no wonder she doesn't have many followers on patreon. I get it though, it's the only way she can hide all the evidence of her real age, but it's so difficult to look at.

No. 68901

I cant believe she's going after that cosplayer for no reason other than jealousy. this is such a trash way to act towards other women. Lori is gonna age so bad because she's a nasty bitch to everyone.

No. 68920

Hmmm while I can see she filtered everything, please enlighten me on the whole saggy stomach? She has never had kids and I just have seen her as just being overly thin, but not saggy…

No. 68935

It looks skinny fat and not toned.

No. 68936

Overly thin as you put it means loose skin which she us clearly trying to hide and edit out in some pics. You dont have to have a kid to get loose skin and it's a common symptom of ANA. She clearly edited her mid section in that last photo too as well as all the others on her Instagram, but that one pic she couldn't shop it out because if that thing around her waist. The way shes hunched over def shows saggy stomach skin

No. 68954

File: 1570636983536.png (103.96 KB, 565x165, belly.png)

They're talking about this pic >>67993

I cropped her stomach and circled it. The skin is weirdly textured and you can tell she tried to filter most of it but can't get too close to the underwear elastic because it would be too obvious.
The skin looks like the stomach of someone who has been pregnant or lost a lot of weight too fast.

No. 68961

File: 1570645289238.png (127.41 KB, 512x768, kevinwow.png)

No. 68971

this is just full of contradictions.

>huur duur stop saying not to give blizzard money

>blame the boss
>implying blizzard isn't the boss

No. 68972

Truly a himbo. No wonder he doesn't want to escape Lori's clutches.

No. 68975

I mean, WoW is probably the last thing he has for himself that he was able to spend money on instead of supporting Lori and buying her fake followers so I guess he doesn't want it to go to waste. It's probably his only escape.

Still an idiot though.

No. 69012

Nice, how did you get this?

No. 69018

I just capped it from this candid (assuming it's a candid) here >>68341

No. 69034

Didn't she play WoW for a long time? She used to skin walk her character by dying her hair blue and wearing elf ears all the time. If anything Kevin is probably paying for her to play it too, so I doubt that's even an escape for him. He's probably saying that because he knows she still wants to play it and he's got to foot the bill for that too.

No. 69072

File: 1570743121985.png (1.53 MB, 1555x1280, loristory.png)

No. 69075

She really does look like shes starving. Honnestly, she looks miserable and if shes not careful shes going to put herself in an early grave. I guess she doesnt care, but the way she looks I bet she'll have a heart attack or stroke by 45.

No. 69077


Anytime someone comments about how "starved" or "skeletal" she looks I assume it's her selfposting. She certainly tries to shoop herself super anachan but those arms/legs and posted candids just look 100% average for someone short/petite.

No. 69078

A shame she can't flex her ribcage and make the bones pop out the same way she can her neck. She's not even close to ana-chan. In her fuckin dreams. Lori doesn't have nearly enough self-control for her spooky scary skeleton to show.

No. 69079

I'm sure eating dry ground beef wrapped in romaine isn't exactly the most nutritious. That's only what Lori and Kev were willing to show us of their meals. Imagine how poor it is on the day to day, probably why when Kevin sperged out at lolcow a month or so ago he projected by saying everyone here only eats microwave meals. I bet they consider that indulgent eating.

No. 69084

File: 1570747094749.jpeg (429.25 KB, 1237x1579, A9B9EB02-FCF6-40D9-9C71-02F049…)

No. 69085

I might be the only one who thinks this, but even with filters I think Lori's age still shows through. She doesn't look like an old woman, but she certainly doesn't look 22, and wrinkles and bad skin aren't the only factor that makes a person look old. She has a very mature bone structure, with a structured jaw and a curved beak nose, and her tiny lips dont fit her face. The only thing that could really make her look more youthful isn't filters, it would be fillers and gaining a little weight. Sorry for sperging

No. 69087

Why did Kevin come ranting in here saying anons are the ones who eat fast food all the time when they’re the ones who are actually eating it? This isn’t the first time they’ve posted about quitting fast food either.

Looks like Lori has him on her “vegan” diet either way though. Oh no, m&ms! Maybe they went from the crappy chicken lettuce wrap to just the lettuce alone.

No. 69090

File: 1570752723580.jpeg (649.33 KB, 2880x3840, 20191010_201109.jpeg)

These shoops have to be a joke, right?

No. 69111

I agree. She needs to hydrate, eat healthy, and exercise to keep in shape, not starve herself. She has sharp, mature features that worked a lot better with when she was going for the fantasy look with the ex husband who was a "blacksmith" or whatever. The kawaii anime girl look ain't it and the filters/editing are just desperate and sad. How long does she plan to shoop herself more youthful?

Casual anachan bodycheck sorta shit. Keep sucking it all in Lori. Her calves are as thick as her thighs? kek.

No. 69319

File: 1570951396369.jpeg (955.33 KB, 1242x2556, 27394D0D-47C2-4451-B692-013BEE…)

Perhaps I’m late with this recognition, but is she literally copying 19 year old belle Delphine?!!!

No. 69351

Yes and yes

No. 69355

File: 1570991133706.jpg (138.36 KB, 1080x1350, 70493341_187603678949685_13809…)

Heh. She even has a tiny bikini like that one

No. 69405

File: 1571024371189.jpg (98.46 KB, 900x818, 2019-10-13-22-38-09.jpg)

Wtf is going on with her leg?

No. 69420

that's a severe photoshop injury

No. 69466

File: 1571097934543.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2034, Capture _2019-10-14-20-03-20.p…)

She's going to AnimeBanzai with Kev. Any other Anons in Utah going? Get us some super-kek candids PLEEEASSSE.

Also, what's the point of shopping when it's THIS obvious.

No. 69475

Kevin has lost a ton of weight, he bleached his hair and got a wig for Hiro instead. I heard him talking about not being able to afford clothes that fit. Maybe if they would stop spending it on stupid stuff and Lori would go full time then they could.

No. 69476

I will be going, last year they pretty much hid in a corner by themselves

No. 69477

….uh, Lori, those fangs are not where canine teeth are supposed to be, unless one of your canines is the missing tooth…

No. 69485

you know, if she was actually has a fucked up spine wouldn't she be able to benefit from some sort of disability?

No. 69487

File: 1571109057279.png (79.75 KB, 359x307, 1566265125860.png)

If you happen by them and snap some candids, then bless you anon.

It seems the canine could well be the missing one. Pic related.

No. 69495

2nd anon going to banzai. im not the pic type but i am excited to see the mess in person.

No. 69502

Her missing tooth is the one right behind her canine on that side. She probably moved the fangs up a tooth so she didn't have to open her mouth wider and possibly reveal the missing one? She seems super insecure about her smile these days. I wonder if it's gotten worse behind all the editing. She lost the one super young.

No. 69547

If she lost the bone density around that tooth from lack of biteforce stimulation, which is a common occurance with tooth loss, she runs the risk of losing more teeth either beside or directly below the missing tooth. How many years has it been since she lost it?

No. 69596

Finally a character that's perfect for her, she skin walks this shit behind that zerotwo crap everyday…ugly demonic succubus!

No. 69599

File: 1571188461479.jpeg (108.12 KB, 750x659, 1F20F0B7-852C-42D8-9C2A-578B7D…)

No. 69600

File: 1571188493291.jpeg (88.08 KB, 750x560, 7B89B517-0AF0-412D-8427-A149ED…)

No. 69609

lol 10k bought followers with your money kev. dumb cuck.

No. 69614

Kevin is so fuckin pathetic it makes me physically ill. Imagine being so much of a kicked puppy that you're bragging about your Gf/fiance/whatever posting her tits for the world to see and how many followers she bought.

No. 69615

The related pic is over a decade old. Assuming she hasn't replaced the tooth since that pic, it's been a minimum of….14-15 years.

She also likely lost the tooth well before that photo sooo it could've been TWO decades that her tooth has been gone.

No. 69646

File: 1571219211486.jpg (61.17 KB, 1280x1043, IMG_20191016_024630_745.jpg)

No. 69649

File: 1571221639324.jpg (223.76 KB, 817x1280, 1571221501617.jpg)

Kevin has proven to be quite the cow himself since he's been with Lori. Never forget the time he bragged about looking like a sexy anime guy and not showering often, in the same paragraph. I can't wait for the con pics

No. 69669

File: 1571243691124.jpeg (458.16 KB, 1242x1920, B54AB60F-86EC-4FDC-B9E2-77F15D…)

Dude save your money, I wouldn’t even pay 300 dollars let alone 500 considering her body looks prepubescent…

No. 69671

>green slimed
>you have great knees by the way
Scrotes are a weird bunch.

$300 for a non nude video though? She's never gonna make it with those prices. She sells her titty pics for a lot less.

No. 69688

File: 1571249931846.jpg (67.17 KB, 500x725, 1564699471974.jpg)

Sage for no new info but felt need to repost pic from previous thread.

Does she not realize that if she charged reasonable prices she'd get more patrons which would equal more money? Also, $100 now would be better than $300-$500 never…like if she'd said $100 dude prob could've afforded it. Now she has no money because she went too high.

No. 69690

kevin doesnt shower evey day of a con? there is no reason to look unwashed the last day unless you literally dont shower the whole weekend. holy neckbeards christ

No. 69716

Lori created the isolation. That’s why nobody reached out.

No. 69720

Another anon going to Banzai. I'm not the type to take photos during a con.. Besides, I doubt I'll be able to recognise her because she won't have all that editing on her.

No. 69723

Why would she post this private DM? the dude wasnt even being rude

No. 69735

File: 1571273693900.jpg (595.83 KB, 1079x1040, Screenshot_20191016-195406_Chr…)

I'm now calling you "Fat N'Flat" Lori…your shoops are pathetic.

No. 69737

ugh why wouldn't you shop out that gross tattoo

No. 69741

Agreed. That sad tat needs to go. Also why shoop out the belly button? It's comical, but also ridiculous.

Another thing, that saggy belly fat pouch needs to go. She's not good at anachan whatsoever with that poochie sticking out.

No. 69746

what is it even supposed to be?

No. 69757

looks like maybe a flower with a red and a blue rose?

no idea

No. 69759

File: 1571290561150.jpeg (606.67 KB, 1242x2013, 89E60E4C-1D60-4372-B599-DDBCD0…)

No worries for her she has idiot lackies who purchase her costumes for her. Two “friends” bought her newest blizzard character outfit with the black wig and racer looking suit for lewds. I think it’s more of men bought it to see her spread her beef curtains for them. That’s why she will never get a job because of pathetic fucks like that.

No. 69761

why do you keep autistically circling her stomach? a crease is normal when you squat like that

No. 69789

They're not circling for crease? Circling for super shoop no belly button?

No. 69828

File: 1571358265478.jpg (590.57 KB, 1079x1459, Screenshot_20191017-172223_Ins…)

The suit they bought for her. Of course it's the printed version that everyone gets. Easier for lewds I guess?

No. 69829

She couldn't even make her brows not pink and put the pink triangles on her face?

No. 69847

has she even fucking seen d.va before? this is so inaccurate it's hilarious, this is belle delphine tier laziness. she really is copying her lmao.
I love that you can still see her pooch/gut (fupa?) through the ill-fitted cheap suit. wig is styled like shit too.
i love when she proves what a dumbass she is. i hope she wears it like this to Banzai ahahahaha plz banzai anons try and slueth us some good milk/pics it's gonna be a sick trashfire

No. 69851

File: 1571371446522.jpeg (308.39 KB, 1108x1738, 5E4FC5D4-9E0A-4BF9-8059-4F8B2F…)

…is it cause she ain’t skinwalking?(cowtipping, selfpost)

No. 69856

Lori's super defensive "nice try sugar tits" response is so funny. I do t even think that girl was saying that to be a cunt? And it's fucking true, Lori harps about accuracy with zero two and sailor moon but is such a lazy piece of shit that she just throws on the wig and suit instead of waiting to put up proper pics? lmao

No. 69867

yeah that sugar tits response makes my skin crawl. she's always such a bitch to anyone who isn't praising her, even if they're being nice.
love how she acts like it takes more than a couple minutes to fix the makeup.

No. 69868

She gets bent off other cosplayers not being accurate. But wears the worst shoes possible exposing her feet. Bad fried hair wrong color. And now this cosplay bad wig and lame suit. At least make some effort here Lori. Hypocrite.

No. 69922

is that the real d.va headset from the blizzard store? that's kind of expensive. wonder if it was bought with Kevin's money, or her patreon funds.

No. 69939

No she posted the gun and headset on her Facebook and they are the ones sold at Halloween stores

No. 69951

File: 1571416980829.jpeg (293.09 KB, 750x2092, 5EB52AA1-C926-4296-A5EC-984693…)

She posted about you on FB. Saying she has never cared about accuracy but she’ll shit on other ZeRo two cosplayers for the smallest things

No. 69952

File: 1571417007341.jpeg (238.52 KB, 743x1079, 9A845251-97BC-4F2B-AA38-B30A26…)

No. 69953

When you filter/shop yourself into an alien but still have to have candids taken of you at cons

No. 69960

All eight of your facebook friends thought this was super duper horrible, Lori. Totally worth the post, what's it like being such a loser with nothing to do that a mention about accuracy warrants a meltdown?

No. 69961

Horrorgami for fucks sake STOP cow tipping!!!! They did this on the Kelly Eden thread as well. Fuck off!!!

No. 69963

is this the same horrogami who cowtipped on another lolcow thread, attacking Kelly Eden on one of her old videos for celebrating Easter? Lol horrogami, stop tipping, you worthless cunt.

No. 69979

File: 1571432648975.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1603, B1F78BBB-C529-4074-A405-A06A53…)

No. 69982

Big yikes on the 40yr old Rini/Chibiusa cosplay. Luckily Lori has posted more makeup/hair tests with the caption "someday" for more characters than we could ever count so prob nothing will happen here.

No. 69986

If she's actually serious then she needs to go for Black Lady and not ChibiUsa/Small Lady to even come close to pulling that off. That being said I look forward to the laughs when she says she looks young enough to portray a child.

No. 69995

Holy hell, can't wait to see that. Imagine going to a con and seeing wrinkly chibiusa.

If you ever come back to this thread just know you look like an asshat for cowtipping and including your real instagram. Cow worthy

No. 70010

Why doent she just do black/dark Lady version of Chibiusa? she's older and more elegant

No. 70011

Why does she keep painting her eyebrows pink though? It's so odd and out of place. She does look better with darker hair tho

No. 70014

Honestly I think that would be a really great cosplay for her, and I feel like it's something she could pull off so much better than other cosplayers, which would be great for her because she has a superiority complex.

No. 70030

File: 1571458002094.jpeg (997.86 KB, 1871x2048, 2906C81D-55D2-45D2-9FFB-3E2C7E…)

No. 70036

That half-assed pose.. she looks like she doesn’t even want to be wearing that cosplay. I’m surprised she isn’t wearing Zero Poo. Kevin’s cosplay looks pretty good.. better than what she’s wearing

No. 70072

Even if this is girl version, it's so bad. The character's hair should be spikey or spiked up. she looks like she hates it. I'm surprised she even did this considering she hates MUA

No. 70079

im more surprised Kevin got her to wear a wig

No. 70083

is she supposed to Kririshima or whatever cause I cannot tell?

No. 70087

Lol she tilted her face to make sure no one can see her wide ass chin! Keep them candids coming people!

No. 70095

That wasn't a candid, it was posted by kevin. Pretty sure that pic went through the proper editing and tweaking for both their approval lol

No. 70100

yeah this wasn't a selfpost, I'm a random instagram user with a hateboner.
cheers for the doxx tho, nice to be called a cunt for calling this tard out in my own time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70106

Imagine going to an anonymous imageboard and littering it with screencaps of your own cowtipping comments, without even bothering to censor the username. Not sure she understands the point of lolcow.

No. 70107

i don’t think it was a self post. the original screenshot has facebook reactions at the bottom, you can just barely see it. looks like anon screenshotted her fb post.

No. 70113

she has been dying her hair for so long. Are there actually any pics of her with her natural hair colour?

No. 70120

Pretty sure it's a selfpost since she did the same thing in Kelly Eden's thread a few days ago. She also made her account private now, that's what you get when you cowtip with your own Instagram, horrorgami you fucking retard

No. 70129

Lori doesn’t look pleased

No. 70130

File: 1571547936320.jpeg (367.13 KB, 1182x1442, CEAEEED0-D3D0-4003-B721-949182…)


No. 70131

So I caught glance of Lori at Anime Banzai.. She's very cringey irl. She enjoys talking a lot when other girls talk to Kevin (which doesn't look too bad in person) and she likes to be loud at very inappropriate times. She saw a cosplayer dressed up at Kermit (I think) and she decided to stop what she was doing just to yell in the hotel to lobby, "I'm going to kermit suicide." It seems like she likes to try and act younger than she actually is and it shows and it's awkward af.

No. 70134

File: 1571553992616.jpg (421.75 KB, 1080x1380, 1525426462173.jpg)


Maybe that's what she yells when she threatens to commit suicide if Kevin doesn't obey her? Like a true borderline, it's one of her favorite threats.

No. 70135

Please get candids of them! Yelling in a hotel lobby what an obnoxious hag

No. 70145

Can't believe I'm gonna say this but I am rooting for Momokun here.

No. 70149

it's not a selfpost jesus. same anon who is screenshotting me and posting it here has been dming me on instagram and clearly follows my youtube antics too. also have evidence they're using my photos to catfish.

screenshot anon, stop. also the mods on here are fucking useless if they're throwing out bans to randoms because of "selfposting" when I'm over here in a completely different continent.

No. 70152

File: 1571574853526.jpg (142.94 KB, 1079x1957, stop.jpg)

quit your shit.

No. 70183

Which con are they at?

No. 70184

Anime Banzai?

No. 70186

Went to Banzai but didn’t get any pictures myself of them. They seemed to only be at the con for a few hours on Friday and Saturday. I mostly saw them walking around a little or sitting. It didn’t seem like they went to any events really.

I did spot them in the courtyard sitting on a concrete wall and chatting with some people. When some attendees came and asked for their pictures, Kevin stood up and posed and Lori stayed on the wall and just did a double peace sign. Probably didn’t bother to get up because of her fabled spine injury, even though she was wearing huge ridiculous boots.

No. 70193

What a coincidence your shit would be in both the Kelly Eden thread and this thread. And if you have a problem with the mods, take it up in meta

No. 70207

File: 1571610566074.jpg (98.6 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20191020_115017_204.jpg)

I'm loling

No. 70210

Need some actual candids, damn.

No. 70212

They obviously hid because they knew people would be out for candids to post here. They aren’t stupid.

No. 70213

He looks like a cryptid straight up in these

No. 70219

File: 1571614612982.jpeg (750.86 KB, 2880x3840, 20191020_193543.jpeg)

Just a quick cut comparison of Kevs actual face because the editing in this pic on his face is legit hilarious

No. 70228

I’m asking because I’m gonna do my own search someone has to get some candids. Not these overly shopped photos that look fucking obvious.

No. 70246

I asked them to pose for me and took a picture but it was raining so the halls were full and some asshat shoved me so the picture is complete blur. They didn’t stick around at all and took off. I have to say I think Lori looked good in the my hero cosplay, she looks very different in person but not bad, kind of tired, I don’t understand why they want people to think they look like badly shooped aliens. She did glare at a friend of mine when they were resting in a close place. I guess a female being to close triggered her, they also were behaving sexually in the hotel lobby and did that dumb pose where it looks like kev is getting ready to doggy style her right there.

No. 70271

File: 1571638744545.jpg (102.56 KB, 851x1279, IMG_20191020_231916_861.jpg)

No. 70346

Who circled a crease? I see a bad thigh shop and fat flabby stomach.

And making fun of autistic people when your the one here ripping some girl apart for being a bitch, really hypocritical…just sayin'.

No. 70351

File: 1571687524751.png (2.17 MB, 1678x1630, LORIYOUFUCKEDUP.png)


on her FB page here it's the same exact screenshot! oh my god Lori you absolute fucking dumbass boomer piece of shit haha I KNEW it was you I was scrapping with.
Mods back me up on this one. >>69951
the battery percentage/time/date is even the same.
my fucking sides

not sage because this is milk, Lori shouldn't you be enjoying yourself at Banzai instead of lurking? so fucking funny

No. 70353

That’s… because the first screenshot was grabbed from her FB page originally. You can see the FB reactions clipped at the bottom. Nice try though? Woulda been funny.

No. 70354

did you even look at the time of the replies, cause I have a screenshot of the comment she left/when she left it and it's the same. it's her.
i'll get my reciepts hold on brb

No. 70358

File: 1571690223895.jpeg (387.37 KB, 1242x2135, A0CE4618-D33E-4958-9EFB-1BC8AD…)

Yeah she posted it to her FB on Thursday, someone screencapped it, cropped it, and posted it that day, then someone screencapped the whole FB post a day after. Not sure I’m following where you’re going with this but feel free to elaborate?

No. 70359

And this is the original image she capped from her instagram. Notice no FB reacts on the bottom… the image posted here was one someone else capped from her FB. Again, nice try tho.

No. 70360

File: 1571690395394.jpeg (256.48 KB, 996x2048, 5D0F0862-0FFB-4631-95E9-BD5AD6…)

No. 70365

chill horrorgami

No. 70376

File: 1571694141628.jpg (56.63 KB, 1280x768, IMG_20191021_143537_291.jpg)

Lori must be in a good mood. She almost complimented other women here

No. 70377

File: 1571694374060.png (455.04 KB, 1080x2034, Capture _2019-10-21-17-44-56.p…)

Can we seriously fucking not with the cowtipping already?!?

No. 70378

File: 1571695725664.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1836, 1F05FFC7-DD02-4934-90BF-21C106…)

Severe nausea huh? A cripple is it? These are her poor excuses for not working, but yet she can go to a con for a whole weekend and have no issues. She twist and arch her back with no pain while spreading her pussy lips. It’s all an excuse to sit at home and not play make believe this is the reason why she doesn’t claim disability because she knows she is full of shit.

No. 70387

Maybe I’m missing something but how is this cowtipping

No. 70398

File: 1571700556678.jpeg (143.43 KB, 720x960, 91B0BD1C-FA5B-4FFB-B91D-2D318E…)

No. 70399

File: 1571700894144.jpg (563.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20191022-003437_Chr…)

22 yr old uwu

No. 70400

wow those sunken beady eyes and laugh lines.

she doesn’t look BAD but she does look her age of 35 and definitely not the youthful loli she portrays online.

No. 70401

Wanted to pop in and say I didn’t get any candid photos of her but she did walk by me at one point and she is definitely not 5 foot even. Lori and I were wearing the same height of platform shoes and I’m 5 foot 5 out of them, so she’s definitely not uwu smol like she claims to be.

Also her voice is fucking grating.

No. 70405

Omg… LOL! This is why it’s a waste of time to hide behind a overly filtered photo. People will see you in the real world. She looks nothing like her photos she looks her age or even can pass for older. Kevin surprisingly looks almost like the shoop pictures naturally here unless because his face is tilted.

No. 70407

Kevin's gut and posture though

No. 70410

I think she is getting those electrolyte imbalance eye swellings that come with starvation or extreme dieting. That girl needs to eat better. At some point you have to choose if you want a very thin body or a youthful face, unless you are some kind of genius when it comes to your workouts.

No. 70411

File: 1571707535525.jpg (129.18 KB, 1080x1350, 75234581_257664348470964_56480…)

No. 70413

File: 1571708042210.jpeg (513.12 KB, 2048x2048, 48A968F5-6E87-43C4-A99A-51462A…)

Lol put the two together and such a huge difference!

No. 70414

I never noticed she shops her chin so pointy but she actually has a round chin and a square jaw irl. doesn’t she know that’s not actually what she looks like?

No. 70422

>can't lift more than 15lbs
>chronic nausea
All this on top of her "broken spine", funny that she isn't on disability. It's almost as if none of it's true.

I'm living for these candids, hilarious. Looks like Kev is back on the microwave meals if that gut and double chin is any sign. What happened to him following Lori's starvation diet of lettuce and meat scraps? kek.

In what world does a 22 look this rough? There's no way people are seriously mistaking her for being in her early 20s. Her face is absolutely sunken in and her laugh lines are out in full force even when her face is resting. I don't think she's ugly, but she definitely looks her age outside all the ridiculous shoop.

No. 70427

She could get jobs as a cashier of a desk job somewhere doing literally any task. Bending your back and walking in bad shoes for an entire weekend and not being phased but constantly begs for money. Hypocrite. Maybe if she wasn’t rude or mean to people they would help her ambitions.

Absolutely horrifying. If she wasn’t such a harsh heinous person, it wouldn’t matter. She’s insanely delusional and needs professional help. I feel pity for them.

No. 70428

SMILE FOR FUCCS SAKE. 002 is a bouncy hyperactive emotive character.

No. 70449

Adding UwU at the end of the comment unprompted, much like Horrorgami did in their post. It seems a little suspect so soon after Horrorgami.

It's not exactly cowtipping but pretty close to it since Lori knows we criticize her using those types of terms. It just keeps lolcow in the forefront of her brain unnecessarily.

She doesn't look the absolute worst here, but it's horrifying compared to her shoops. If she didn't shoop the shite out of every pic she posts, it wouldn't be such a Stark difference to candids and we'd really only have her gross personality to discuss.

No. 70455

Tbh she looks rough for 35. She needs to eat properly

No. 70471

I don't think it helps that Kevin has a fetish for anorexics. Lori should cosplay more ethereal characters I think.

No. 70472

“I don’t shop my photos” ok

No. 70475

Perspective can be deceiving but I know her in person and she’s barely 5’ even. Might even be a little shorter There’s one thing about her appearance she isn’t tweaking and that’s it she’s tiny.

No. 70481

she looks great for someone in their 40s

No. 70483

File: 1571758529573.png (1.01 MB, 2048x1346, Screenshot_20191022-102904.png)

What the fuck. This is a pretty psycho thing to say.

No. 70495

File: 1571771288178.jpeg (373.59 KB, 750x1424, A098C096-9117-474A-AE5A-5095FF…)

No. 70497

File: 1571771595419.jpeg (149.96 KB, 750x918, 0206A153-6656-4C89-BDFC-E6D3B8…)


No. 70499

File: 1571771684937.jpeg (138.23 KB, 750x888, 22099FA3-9758-48BC-9BA0-05251E…)

No. 70500

File: 1571771719365.jpeg (157.6 KB, 750x1027, BA9116CA-5FBF-45E7-B264-21AF40…)

No. 70501

"we don't bother reading it anymore"

then proceeds to talk about the exact things posted here that he'd have to read to even know about.

kevin stop. there is a reason people have been following lori's antics for literally 15+ years. you're just brainwashed and part of the problem. gtfo.

No. 70503

Kevin calling people cucks is -the- biggest projection, holy shit

No. 70504

"Lori is an innocent bean"
"If you hate me I hope your family dies >:3"

they truly are the cows that keep on giving milk, keep it up Lori and Kev

No. 70505

File: 1571773301040.jpg (1.64 MB, 2210x2560, 19-10-22-12-41-30-803_deco.jpg)

No. 70508

So here's what I think happens:

- Kevin/Lori publicly posts a troubling thing that happens in their relationship such as a really bad fight like the broken computer, lying to each other, Lori abuses him etc. These were all posted where anyone could see it before! Then his friends comment on his post concerned. Lori/Kevin resolve their argument somehow and Kevin brushes it off and says everyone is overreacting. His friends get confused.

- Kevin makes a post about the "hater" site lying about them, which makes his remaining friends curious. The remaining friends discover the site or get tired of Kevin/Lori constantly posting about it/their fights and call him out on it. He responds by blocking them for "not supporting them" when all they're trying to do is help him. They get deleted for not kissing Lori's ass.

- Kevin lurks lolcow when he says he doesn't and makes a post about the lies again and spergs out about how great Lori is and everyone else is a cuck until they have another argument and it circles around.

Who does he even have left at this rate?

No. 70515

"Forces me to be anorexic" Kev if that were true she wouldn't have to Photoshop you to hell and back lmao

No. 70520

>>70515 Right? No one things she forces him to be anorexic anymore. We think she wants him to be and chubby boy cries into his tv dinners at work before coming back to, what did he say before.. spend hours giving her massages or something?

No. 70523

She's truly delusional, it's like backwards BDD. She's convinced herself that she still looks like she did in her early twenties when it's just not true.

No. 70528

Yeah, two hour massage after working all day iirc.

No. 70532

I don't know if this in an unpopular opinion, but I think Kevin would have so much amazing potential if it weren't for Lori holding him back. Before he met her, he looked so healthy and was pretty attractive, and he looks like shit now because her garbage lifestyle rubbed off on him, as did her crappy attitude. He could become healthy again, make better friends, could probably start some small, actual career in cosplay at a prop maker, and find a beautiful, healthy, happy girlfriend who gives him all of her love and treats him like a human being. He seems like an asshole right now, but I think that's mainly due to Lori always hanging over his shoulder. Kev, wake up, you could be so much better than this.

No. 70536

Completely agree but i dont know him personally so who knows. He comes across so childish and naive, like "this is the girl i want to marry and hang out with everyday!!!" Its a sweet sentiment but not one grounded in adult reality. Relationships can be so much more when you have someone who respects and pushes you to be the best/happiest you and vice versa. Not slaving away at his full-time job, giving massages and irl larping as hiro for lettuce wraps and filtered photoshopped pictures.

No. 70537

File: 1571794419537.png (120.85 KB, 836x212, Capture _2019-10-22-21-31-29~2…)

I've highlighted my fave passage. Fucking roflcopter. Thanks for sharing the milk.

Holy fuck yes so true!

No. 70549

This shit is legit sad. Pathetic. It really, really gets under their skin, huh? And they deserve it.
While it is true that con lighting often sucks, the fact of the matter is Lori especially edits the living shit out of herself, and more importantly, she blatantly LIES about it after the fact. If she were honest, no one would care, but let's be real if she were just an honest person overall she wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be here to ""hate"" on her and Kevin.

No. 70550

Their sperg outs are some of the best. Kev literally did the math on how many posts were on lolcow about them? But he "totally doesn't read here no more". kek.

It's totally just her amazing apartment lighting changing her entire face and body anon! Oh, and the hotel lighting, and the outdoor lighting, and any of the other lighting where she takes her own photos of course.

No. 70551

Yeah, I dont know him personally either. I just think that his childish, naive attitude is the result of him being with Lori, who's a huge bitch and no doubt abuses him to some degree. I mean, obviously abuse isn't just physical. It's emotional, manipulating, psychological, Lori just seems like a horrible person to have to spend your time with. Kevin deserves more in life. He's young and could have some really great things waiting for him in the future if it weren't for Lori holding him back.

No. 70553

Someone hasn't read the past threads lol

No. 70557

He's an asshole who fetishizes anachan chicks. They deserve each other.

No. 70560

I think Kevin had decent cosplay potential until he got with Lori. He had some decent armor builds before she came along. Other than his cosplay potential, he was a total trashbag clout-chaser. Now he's just a trashbag clout-chaser confined to two cosplays and one clout person who has all the wrong clout (and not much of it)

No. 70562

how was he a clout chaser? who was he chasing aside from Lori? his armor builds seemed impressive and he was hired by Riot as a guest cosplayer at a LoL event a few years back. seems like Lori would have latched onto him for clout and to make a "comeback" of sorts.

No. 70563


Countless others before Lori made him cut them all off

No. 70564

another cow and two nobodies doesn't make him a clout chaser. momo maybe but i've never heard of the other two.

he said lori was his "original senpai" that he looked up to the most but maybe he just said that to impress her.

No. 70565

Liliphae and Kohalu have been at official League of Legends events and have a decent reach within California. I wouldn't call them nobodies.

No. 70568

oh those are the other two who got engaged in front of a big crowd at AX. kevin probably got the big mads that he impulsively proposed next to the cosplay repair and nobody cared.

and moo is the one who "rescued" kev after the first break-up only for him to bring lori into his parents house and moo to break contact with him after. who'd have thought moo would have the most sense for once?

No. 70570

There is literally screen cap proof of her abusing behavior to not only Kevin himself but her past friends or lovers. Decades worth drama that she fuels. She needs to contribute to society. She is a degenerate.

No. 70571

Might i ask how they intend to “fight back” ?

No. 70572

i guess they intend to fight back by posting passive-aggressive posts about how they wish their haters families would die and casting spoooooopy witch spells.

No. 70603

File: 1571842499992.png (55.52 KB, 1056x313, Screenshot_2019-10-23-10-51-08…)

Sage for semiunrelated. I just saw this text meme on my FB feed and it reminded me of Lori when she gets compliments.

No. 70608

>irl larping as Hiro for lettuce wraps
I actually laughed out loud holy shit

No. 70620

File: 1571867212080.jpg (238.07 KB, 720x960, 73053597_685040658571891_24393…)

I don't think either of them look bad here. But they definitely don't look anything like Lori's photos kek

No. 70621

Oh my god I’m cackling she looks so old here HAHAHAHA Lori without filters and photoshop is harsh

No. 70622


Definitely looks Like Kevin and his mom cosplaying and not Kevin and his GF

No. 70623

Kevin looks great here! Definitely his best angle. Much better than the SNOW filters with huge eyes.

Lori looks like an angry hag.

No. 70624

I agree anon. They actually look pretty decent overall, esp Kevin.

It's just sad that when we compare a pic like this to Lori's overshooped Meitu feverdreams, this is so dramatically different. I feel like it makes me think they look worse in these normal pics than they really do because I'm so used to Lori's anime shoops.

No. 70627

maybe unpopular opinion here but if Lori really were honest about her edits I don't think anyone would go as hard for her appearance. I think how she acts makes her 20x uglier than she really is.
On a different note it's easy to tell she's doing everything she can to maintain some of her "genetics" like keeping her eyes as wide as humanly possible and never smiling.

No. 70628

Not gonna lie, Kevin actually looks handsome here minus that weird pose he’s doing. Lori… yikes.

No. 70633

she isn't as petite as she edits herself, her arms and legs are basically as big as Kevin's.

No. 70644

File: 1571880490073.jpeg (276.58 KB, 750x957, F284D3BF-2851-40C9-83E3-235B7C…)

Aaaaand the cycle begins again!

No. 70646

No. 70647

File: 1571881002741.jpg (471.77 KB, 1235x695, WEW.jpg)

No. 70648

Was gonna report it but it got deleted. Really concerning. Kevin was singing her praises earlier today. Next post will be they just had a small disagreement and he misunderstood. Kevin this relationship ain’t healthy bro. It’s okay to leave.

No. 70649


This post was right on the money with their relationship cycle. How awful.

No. 70650

Imagine screaming - SCREAMING - because your boyfriend expresses one concern even though he's overall being cucked by you.

Man I really wanna feel bad for Kevin because it's entirely possible he's like this because he really is being emotionally abused, extorted and manipulated by her. Or she threatens suicide any time she doesn't get her way or threatens to call him a rapist. At least the good news there is most people seeing this shit with them wouldn't believe her.

But we all know that won't happen. He's going to try to act like he never said this shit or that it's the haters™ on here who are wrong and he's fine….when he clearly isn't. I don't know how sorry I can feel for him when he refuses to get help, but if he is being abused then that's also rough.

No. 70651

i also wonder if this an attempt to weed out who is posting what on here.

No. 70652

Seems like a normal fight for these two so probably not. They know people are going to cap it since Kevin claims people are just “there for the tea” and he likely acted impulsively. Or because he was actually scared.

No. 70653

If he scared then he needs to be nicer to anons genuinely concerned for the guy

No. 70654

they live in an apt right? has anyone ever called the cops on then?

No. 70655

Even if she didn't meitu herself into an alien, her attitude about her appearance is the real reason why it's so fun to see candids of her. She's so up her own ass about her youthful genes and how every other girl is just jealous because she totally looks like she's still in her early twenties, and when you see her irl it's just like… oh… right…

No. 70657

Oof, that's not good. At least he stood up to her when it came to something that made him uncomfortable. Christ Lori, stop bring such a bitch and treat a relationship like a relationship

No. 70661

Holy shit Kev. Super oof. If he's telling the truth, then I legit feel bad for him in this instance. Clout chaser, anachan fetishizer, and whatever else aside; if you don't want your fiancee in a Lewds group that you can't be part of Then you have a right to that.

No. 70662

At the risk of sounding like an ass kissing white knight I really hope this starts to be the end of their relationship. As an ex-friend of Kevin’s I want him to be ok, and he has people who care about him even if he’s pushed them away. I know it’s unlikely but I hope this is the beginning of the end.

No. 70663

I don't think that sounds too asskissy or white knight-ish. It just sounds humane, to me. Especially if you're an ex friend of his.

No. 70664

File: 1571886451525.png (452.74 KB, 380x500, Screenshot7763572672.png)

nope sorry.

seems they made up, deleted the fight post, and are posting future cosplay plans.

he loves his shuvi, you know.

No. 70665

Knew it wouldn't be longer than a few hours until this shit. Pathetic.

At least with how devoid of expression that character looks, seems right up Lori's alley.

No. 70666

If this is legit, then I feel bad for him. But pleading on Facebook to HER friends? Why on Earth would he do that? Why not contact anyone he has left in his life who can actually get him help? Making a Facebook post pleading to the people that kiss her ass or are just on her page for the lolz makes no sense. He's just as dramatic and attention seeking as she is. Or maybe he really is that desperate. He's the boy who cried wolf.

No. 70667

for some reason most every time there's an argument with them, he will at first try to contact Lori's friends.

this happened previously with the post of how he was afraid Lori was cheating on him with her ex Rikki. I'm guessing he thinks HER friends will have a better chance to make her listen and stop screaming at him.

No. 70668

>Forces me to be anorexic
He clearly has reading comprehension issues or is still a drunk.

No. 70669

Aaannd they are back. Same old. So did he join the lewd group? how else is he suppose to get manic Lori to shut the fuck up.

No. 70670

Since he is the breadwinner, it's not like he's actually trapped there.

He probably likes this dynamic, keeps it interesting for him. He is not objecting to her making lewds, he's scared she'll pick up a new guy in the group and he won't be able to stop it.

No. 70671

I used to read this thread because I remember hearing about how crazy Lori was back in the day when she was Usagi Kou and the milk was entertaining, but knowing she's such an abusive cunt to this guy makes my stomach drop.

Kevin, if you're lurking, GET OUT. You can do it. It feels like you can't when you're in an abusive relationship but you need to kick this bitch out and start living your life again. You're a minor cow on this board but only because of your relationship with Lori. Get out of that relationship.

No. 70675

Why is she always trying to cosplay children , like girl you are 34 years old your not passing for a 10 year old.

No. 70679

He “supports” her content. Why wasn’t he allowed to join a lewd group? That seems really shady. Why won’t she be honest with Kevin?

No. 70682

File: 1571898861324.jpg (115.96 KB, 774x578, UsagiKou015.jpg)

lori has a looooooong history of cheating on every partner she has ever had. she already cheated on kevin with ricky in the past. lori is absolute trash - a known liar and impulsive attention whore. knowing her, I'd be shocked if she WASN'T currently cheating on him.
kevin is seriously retarded if he thinks he is exempt from lori's lies and manipulation - fucking around and cheating are lifelong patterns for her

kevin, you dumb cuck, you are not special to lori. some of us have known her for over a decade, seen her patterns play out time and time again. ALWAYS wrap your shit up and get yourself regularly tested if you're gonna keep sticking your dick in crazy. lori's reputation for being a cancer is well established so don't go crying to your former friends when your dick inevitably rots off (if she hasn't already castrated you)


No. 70687

christ with all the fucking she does how has this bitch not gotten knocked up yet

No. 70688

he said she's blackmailing him, so I guess he's been blackmailed into deleting the posts. I think we should stop assuming they made up or resolved it in any way, it's more plausible they're at rocks all the time and she forced him to do damage control.

in this, the biggest praise he choked out is "I like her, I think she's cute" lol he couldn't even bear to love bomb her properly.

I genuinely think they lowkey hate each other at this point. She must have something on Kevin that keeps him in the relationship, I wonder what that is.

No. 70689

Sex? If those old posts are anything to go by it’s that Lori is apparently crazy in bed and that’s enough to keep a lot of guys on a leash.

No. 70690

I wish they'd do the school uniform instead of these ugly ass suits.

No. 70694

Given the timing, I'm inclined to believe they are baiting.

No. 70695

Well he has a thing for anorexic girls plus he probably is lowkey into ddlg (guessing from their newest cosplay plans) so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just happy that he hit his sexual jackpot in her

No. 70703

She has been, but she's gotten abortions every time and thank christ for that. Last thing this world needs is yet another cosplay accessory baby for a psychotic narcissist mother.

No. 70705

i keep seeing posts saying he's into anorexic girls (which i believe) but lori appears to be at a more than healthy weight, arm chonk and all.

No. 70710


DDLG? As in dorky dipshit/lori grandma?

saged retarded joke

No. 70711

This is a blessed joke and should not have been saged <3

No. 70721

Really? Is there a source for that?

No. 70722

She probably has emotionally and mentally abused him so bad that she probably tells him he won’t find anyone else who would put up wish him. Plus she is known to threaten to destroy them on the internet she did that same thread to Scott which held him there for a minimal time. For someone like kevin who lives on the Internet he is afraid of loosing everyone and not being liked as well as ruined in the cosplay community. The thing kevin doesn’t realize is he actually has the upper hand. Lori is known to be a waste of space and a queen bitch so know one would believe her except for those idiots who follow her but that such a small portion. Kevin could tell the truth about everything including her overly shopped pictures he actually has real friends who would back him up and as before has proof to show if she does cry rape. If she is screaming like a banshee to get her way if I was Kevin I would have just left the house until she was done throwing a tantrum and told her to get the fuck out of my house considering his name is on the lease. Kevin has the house, the money, the job, and it’s his home state in which he has family in friends. If anything she should be sucking his dick and licking his toes daily for him allowing her to leach him to death. Kevin you have the power now use it!

No. 70724

She’s pretty public about it, and brought it up again when that shit went down with Sonified a bit ago. She for sure had one with her ex Josh that she talked about recently, I feel like during the pockybox drama saga she had one with Scott too?

No. 70725

Little does he know most people would take his word since she's batshit. Lori only has asslickers as friends and a bunch of nobodies really, plus plenty of people (some even here) think Kevin is okay looking, it's not like he wouldn't find someone. He seems at rock bottom though, I wonder what it will fucking take for him to leave her ass once and for all. He had crawled back after escaping her once.

No. 70727

yeah in all honesty the anons here have been pretty nice and supportive of his shitty situation. moreso than most of the threads here. lots of white-knighting but ya know. if the majority of them here are truly ex-friends lori has chased off they'd probably welcome him back and support him and get him help if he did finally leave her for good.

buut she has her claws in him pretty deep and anyone who isn't an asslicker is just a hater to him. i don't think he really even cares about friends anymore.

No. 70730

I'm surprised that I'm agreeing with the other anons, Kevin actually looks kind of cute here minus the ill fitting suit? Lori legit looks like his mom here though. She's not ugly for her age, but she's got deep laughlines and a very mature face.

Surprise, surprise.

She was literally cheating on him with her ex before they moved to another state. Even then there was talk about her texting/calling her ex behind Kevin's back. Kevin is a grade A cuck at this point. He's going to just keep cycling through and go straight back into the denial and lovebombing phase soon enough.

kek. And here we go. Right on schedule. What's with Lori trying to pick all these loli types lately? Has all the shoop and filters gone to her head?

Exactly this. She's a user, and it's exactly why she has such a huge fit anytime Kevin doesn't bend to her will. It's only going to keep getting worse for him really. She's not even properly working anymore now that she doesn't have his parents on her ass about it.

They did at one point and Kev looked absolutely ghastly. Hiro just isn't a flattering cosplay for him. The bakugo is better.

She recently was saying she was struggling with gaining some weight. She's healthy, just sorta skinny fat due to lack of exercise. Both her and Kevin have reee'd about "fatties" though.

No. 70753

Hes pretty skilled when it comes to crafting, hes not bad looking at all. Comes across dumb as dirt in text (have a peeve of constantly misspelling words and wrong grammar their/theyre/there etc while grandstanding) and really naive in his life choices.

Feel like he bit more off than he could chew with lori. Then again who knows. Don't know them, don't care enough to ingratiate myself into their social sphere.

No. 70754

It legit looks like an woman cosplaying with her son. Kevin gets a lot of shit but honestly I don't think he's bad looking, untalented, or deserving of the shit he gets sometimes. He says dumb shit, yeah, but you have to remember at times he's being controlled by a batshit insane old bitch. If he said anything different than "ur all jealous haterz we look like sexy young anime ppl!!!", do you not think she would go into a rampage?

No. 70845

File: 1572044797201.jpeg (1.49 MB, 541x4032, C1E1CA2C-08C0-45DC-970A-A06EC5…)

No. 70846

>solicits free advice
>shits on those kind enough to offer advice
>"share it or gtfo my friends list"
She's such an ungrateful cunt. Funny to see Kevin shilling her lewds after his last "Lori is abusing me!" post in regards to her… sharing lewds. What an absolute weak-willed, pathetic cuck. Grow a backbone kev.

No. 70848

you know Lori, maybe some people keep a sfw Twitter and don't want to share your deformed Jeff the killer non-sexy ""lewds""

Also I hope you have that same policy with helping your "friends" (aka lackeys) but we know you sure as shit don't

God Lori and Kevin both are so embarrassing. It's a wonder how anyone is left.

No. 70853

Imagine being this big of a cunt that people implying you should do what is essentially rt for rt and you telling them to gtfo.

I'm surprised people still bother being friended to her tbh. She's either insufferable or being a whore.

No. 70855

File: 1572050312770.jpg (407.95 KB, 960x965, MYXJ_20191025173708_save.jpg)

I like how even while she's making this attempt at "networking" with other ethots, she's RTing a lot of girls that are chubbier/what she probably seems as "uglier" than her/anyone who she feels Kevin wouldn't be drooling over

No. 71041

Seriously. The insecurity is strong with her it's funny.

No. 71046

It almost makes me feel bad for her. Almost

No. 71050

File: 1572067096560.jpeg (59.89 KB, 640x190, 55641710-CCC2-405D-A830-CA5D05…)

Jesus Christ they can’t be serious

No. 71052

I’m sure majority of her friends list is only there waiting foe the great crash and burn that is around the corner. We all know that she has about a good 3 years if that to continue doing what she is doing.

No. 71075

I fully agree. This can't and won't go on much longer, and 3 years seems a generous estimate. Kev has already been with her 2.5/3 years and it's clear based on a lot of his posts that he's pretty exhausted. Plus her Lewds seem pretty tame so I doubt that career will take off.

The crash, burn, and resulting milk is gonna be awesome I'm sure.

No. 71078

File: 1572115865966.jpeg (135.03 KB, 750x1110, 7D6D3DD2-AB76-42F0-888C-AE36D1…)

Lori has been non stop posting about being shadowbanned but doesn’t even know what it means. Also why is Lori such a cunt to anyone who asks a simple question? “Google is your friend” fuck you, you don’t even know the answer yourself.

No. 71079

File: 1572116060127.jpg (301.16 KB, 960x949, MYXJ_20191026115228_save.jpg)

I don't know what's funnier, the fact that a 30+ year old women
really tagged herself as loli or the fact that this literal drooling retard tagged this as fatestaynight when Ibaraki is from FGO and it takes 2 seconds to look that up

No. 71082

I think all ahegao looks terrible, but holy crap this one takes the cake. I looks like someone took a picture of her right before she sneezed

No. 71084

You beat me to it! I was just coming to say exactly what you said. Glad I'm not the only one who took her comments as both Cunty AND hypocritical.

No. 71102

File: 1572131668826.jpeg (970.83 KB, 828x1343, A709156C-EC15-4F8D-8C01-362F02…)

Always thought she was classier than doing porn. There’s a lot she and her broken back could do then………this

No. 71104

Pick one. She's been a whore for over a decade now. Her brand of whoring herself out had just modernized to what's current.

Also I like how she censored her ass to imply anything is beneath the censor. She's wearing those ugly ahegao panties that you can see above it, and it's so filtered to shit that if there were anything to see beneath, you wouldn't regardless.

No. 71106

What the hell is wrong with her pinky toe, it looks like a disconnected lump. I forgot about how she started pandering to foot fetish people, which is incredibly sad and weird on its own.

No. 71115

You can literally see what’s under the peach emoji since it’s seethrough. What are people even paying for?

No. 71116

What the heck is this editing and angle? Her legs/feet look weirdly lumpy and masculine here. Her face is edited so small it looks like she's got a missing chromosome. kek

She's so rude. I wonder if it's because it's a cute girl asking the question? Typical Lori.

No. 71117

File: 1572139891028.jpg (621.57 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191026_212912.jpg)

Anon, Lori has never been classy. Just slightly better at pretending not to be an actual prostitute.

Also. She deadass edited this pic to the SAME face as Kevin from that Area 51 meme parody they did and I am keking so hard.

No. 71138

>us smol beans
>'my' leak
Honestly, I don't know Kevin at all but this post doesn't even sound like it was written by him. Why if he's not doing lewds would he say it's 'his' leak? Tinfoiling again the idea that Lori has access to his account and messing up the POV of posts sometimes, this is not the first time a 'I/me/my' was used in place of a 'she/her.' It could explain the moments of clarity where he seeks help, perhaps he's getting access from a different device and Lori is coming behind him and deleting shit.

No. 71140

>that hair blending into her chin
and what the hell is going on with her collar and bikini strap? are her neck and hair blurred together?
>the red hand
is this after she castrated kevin? jesus christ

No. 71150

Honestly I have considered this as well. Lori is batshit and insecure so it wouldn’t surprise me if she demanded passwords and access to Kevin’s social media. She is toxic af in relationships (more so than she is in general) so it wouldn’t surprise me I’m the slightest.

No. 71153

Kevin had originally made this post with a more "lewd" picture. Which is why he called it his leak. I wouldn't doubt that Lori is making him post these and has access to his account though.

No. 71273

I have been following this story and can confirm she is in a lewd group on twitter and the girls in there do not know this stuff about her, most groups have rules about engagement… so no i doubt they are serious. I dont want people who have nothing to do with her to get bashed. Lol im just here for the ride i guess. Thought I'd add that. No men are allowed in the groups I am in so thats why Kevin isnt in them probably. Lori was added to one group im in like a week ago.

No. 71317

So Kevin is threatened by Lori being in an all female lewd group? Sounds like he's as much as a control freak as she is. Kinda understandable though given she's already cheated on him I guess. I wonder how Lori handles being around that many other women and not being awful to every single one.

No. 71325

Yes the group is absolutely all women and so far there have been no issues. I just want to make it clear these other girls arent knowingly associated with this mess, i doubt they know about it as most are relatively young and focused on their individual hustle. Groups like this have high turn over with new girls constantly coming in and leaving. I have no idea why Kevin would be threatened by it, when someone told me about that, i came here to look. I dont know her at all and i wont be telling the others of this forum. So far so good on her behavior towards the other girls… we will see.

No. 71326

I'm 100% sure she's being nice or just not being a cunt because because being a cunt to other SWers would be bad business. The whole point of those groups I imagine are to promo each other, not for "uplifting each other". Still really funny how obvious that she isn't promoing anyone who Kevin might be into, most of the girls aren't super skinny if at all and don't look entirely edited to hell and back for the most part like she is.

No. 71344

File: 1572360234007.jpeg (846.27 KB, 655x8192, 25A5B92E-2E02-4031-A214-FF58A7…)

No. 71345

File: 1572360278234.png (Spoiler Image, 3.24 MB, 549x8192, 24C39EF6-B807-4B95-9B30-077CBB…)

No. 71346

File: 1572361294935.jpeg (221.68 KB, 750x1456, 26ACC3E1-553F-462A-99A9-132D14…)

No. 71347

Actually, the poses are not that similar the hand and chin placement are different and the other girl's posture is better and gives a better body line.

She can't own a pose. I'm surprised she hasn't tried to "copyright" it. Lol

These people are right they are shaming this girl for no reason.

No. 71350

Poor Lori, so jealous of the young, cute and beautiful cosplayers who all pull off being Zero Two so much better than she could ever dream. I dont remember Zero Two having saggy jowls.

No. 71352

This says
“Looks like my photo”
“But something is missing”

No. 71353

File: 1572364614210.jpeg (116.94 KB, 734x856, 4C859251-10F1-4BD1-BCBB-3E920A…)

“This picture is PERFECT”
“I love her so much! 😭💕”
Lori: “You must see mine ♡”

No. 71354


No. 71356

I hope this cosplayer blocks Lori's ass. Holy shit, how tasteless of her to be self-promoting on another girl's beautiful cosplay

No. 71357

File: 1572365784747.png (630.16 KB, 1253x2048, 1755629312.png)

Kind of rich she's complaining about a pose, when also making fun of noflutter for having her art clearly stolen.

No. 71359


So Kevin admits he is officially Lori's "official" photographer.

As long suspected, Kevin is indeed the fool snapping shots of Lori's creepy deformed feet and micro-tiddies for foot fetishists and pedophiles.

So how soon until Kevin publicly admits his cuckolding fetish? Because that's the only semi-sane explanation for their dumpster fire of a "relationship." The only other explanation (and, honestly the most plausible) is that Kevin and Lori are both raging narcissists with low-to-average (at best) levels of functionality and intelligence.

No. 71360

Lori is beyond retarded. “Please continue being a volatile bully” BITCH the only ‘volatile bully’ we see is you you dumb fuck. Also lol at her ‘people I know irl know how I function’ yeah they do, which further proves the point that your post was a desperate attempt for validation and to be a royal cunt.

No. 71361

I suspect Kevin suffers from above-average low self esteem. It would explain why he is still with this woman and why he is eager to do things most men would never cater to. Unfortunately, his behavior not only feeds into Lori’s narcissism but also makes him the weaker (and perceived less intelligent) of the pair. Sad.

No. 71362

That and he isn’t realizing that he is destroying his reputation by entertaining her fucked up antics. No will want to deal with him in the cosplay community because they are literally trolls judging and making fun of innocent cosplayers who are just trying to have fun with their favorite character. This is why so many people don’t cosplay because of assholes like them and what’s worse.. HER ZERO TWO IS NOT ACCURATE to he sitting on high horse!!

No. 71363

Kevin: “The problem is not with the girl [Zero Two cosplayer who Lori has accused of copying her pose], I don’t like the photo, because it’s just too similar. I’m allowed to voice displeasure. But my problem is with people who NEVER like our stuff and only come out to comment stuff exactly like this. My issue is I’ve literally watched higher follower counts defend themselves and be praised. Why is Lori being pegged as the bad guy? This dude is attacking her for saying ‘meh’ basically. Not to mention a lot of people on my friends list are twofaced and cap my shit and post to hate websites. I’m fed up. You can only be in the right if you’re famous? Miss me with that. Your friends have done this too. Ive seen it,…and everyone sucks the ghost of their dick for it and agrees but for SOME reason it’s not okay for Lori and I to do it.”

Also Kevin: Could this possibly be because Lori is an infamous thundercunt who alienates herself through shitty behavior? …Nah, I'll just blame her self-induced social problems and drama-mongering on everyone else.

If cosplayers were places, Lori would be Chernobyl — some really big drama happened decades ago, but that bitch is still toxic as fuck and people only visit to gawk at the wreckage.

No. 71364

In all seriousness Lori is pretty “famous.”
But the things she is known for aren’t good ones. She’s been making a racket online for poor behavior for nearly twenty years. I don’t understand how he doesn’t realize that.

Lori isn’t some nobody. She’s been a seasoned cow since the early 2000s and a lot of people’s first intro to cosplay drama. If she wanted to truly reinvent herself she wouldn’t be acting the exact same way and turning people on to her antics.

Kevin, so-called “famous” people don’t get a pass. Your girl is famous! Just not in the way you want. Kek.

No. 71366

Infamous is the word you're looking for. People know of Lori because she's a massive bitch.

I can't fathom someone being this stupid. Kevin, people come after you guy because you're huge assholes who drag other innocent cosplayers into your bullshit because Lori is insecure and jealous. You and your elderly gf wouldn't be the butt of all the criticism if you weren't such garbage human beings.

No. 71367

Agreed. And there's a VERY good reason why Kevin refuses to acknowledge Lori's online infamy.

If Kevin admitted that Lori is 'internet famous,' he would have to justify her long, well-documented history of bullshit. Evidence shows that Lori was and is an abusive cunt. And, if the mountains of evidence are correct and Lori IS a terrible human being, then what does that say about Kevin? It indicates that he is an equally shitty human for remaining in a relationship with her. But his ego can't admit this.

So Kevin chooses to deflect criticism, rationalize Lori's bad behavior, blame others, feign ignorance of Lori's infamy — anything to psychologically distance himself from the truth that (1) Lori is deservedly "internet famous" for being an psycho cunt and (2) he is just as much of a piece of shit as Lori.

To be fair, I think both of them have borderline intellectual functioning. But Kevin's willful ignorance of Lori's past/present behavior serves a deeper purpose — it shields his ego from the "bad feelings" that would inevitably arise if he were to reflect on what kind of person he is.

TLDR — Kevin is subconsciously aware that he and Lori are terrible people. This truth makes him feel bad so he pretends it isn't true.

No. 71368

He must feel very proud of dropping out of college to work more than 40 hours a week to support a leech of a woman who belittles him, controls him, makes him her loyal watch dog and REEEEs whenever he has an original thought or opinion.

But hey, the loss of freedom and the failure to complete the next level of education was all for love. I'm sure you're very happy with your life choices, Kevin. Enjoy picking up the pieces and trying to go back to school full time in your mid-30s when you still have crippling debt you're paying off from bad choices you made in your 20s.

At least it was all for "love".

No. 71370

speaking of poor life choices, when are they actually getting married? I feel like the AX engagement was for show/attention and they’re not actually planning anything real

No. 71373

I'm sorry wasn't she the one that said "Nothing is original in the community" ?

No. 71374

Hypocrite who complains about hypocrites. Makes ones head spin.

No. 71375

"AX engagement was for show/attention and they’re not actually planning anything real"

so just like everything else in their life? sounds about right

No. 71376

She already had that ring long before the staged proposal so it's all fake.

No. 71380

Checked and it looks like Lori's comments aren't there anymore. Thank fuckin god, I only wished the cosplayer herself would tell her to cut the shit.

No. 71393

File: 1572387972790.png (675.34 KB, 750x1334, B633A615-9266-48DE-A010-0EEA80…)

From the other zero two’s ig story… someone translate? LMFAO explains why Lori deleted her comments.

No. 71395

look like shes saying (paraphrased)
1. bitch its just the default sexy female pose you dont own it
2. i don't know you
3. look for 'usagi kou' drama on google

No. 71396

Thank you anon! Finally someone calling out on her bs.

No. 71397

1st comment: you're forgetting something.
2nd comment: this looks like my photo.
3rd comment: you must have seen mine.

1. That pose is the go-to pose for any female character to be sexy.
2. I've never heard of you.
3. Search for Usagi Kou drama on Google.

No. 71398

Good on her for calling Lori Loon out on her shit. It’s a common pose, they just happen to both be cosplaying the same character. Lori, fuck OFF. This is why she will never make it. She digs her own grave with her asshole comments. She has always been this way and she will sadly be this way the rest of her life. Kevin is going to drag his own reputation through the mud by association. RIP to being respected in the cosplay community!

No. 71399

wonder what kevin's response to this will be. he can't call attention to it or post it because he doesn't want people finding lori's drama receipts/this page. lmao

No. 71401

File: 1572391286522.jpg (46.58 KB, 596x628, ed7.jpg)

Liecht is a goddess, kek. Lori keeps pushing it, trying to "call out" other cosplayers for "copying her" or just outright insulting them, and finally someone told her to fuck right off. We'll probably have an influx of random new people to the thread but at least they'll see Lori for who she is.

No. 71402

I think her behaviours/manners are so bad online because in 2002-2007ish it would have flown. Everyone loved jumping on drama and ripping random people apart based on any sort of following, there was hardly reserves on calling people retarded or hoping they get crippled or some dumb shit for copying someone. She hasn't grown mentally since then so it might explain it. Sage for opinion

No. 71403

You're right, lmao. In early 2000s everything violent and rude was acceptable and encouraged. It's why other drama whores like Jefree Star got so popular.

Lori is fucked for life - no matter what website she goes to she's going to think it's Myspace.

No. 71415

File: 1572400170800.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 4FDA1804-9B68-42EC-9918-BF5C02…)

I’m so glad this cosplayer called her out, can’t wait to see their response

No. 71416

Translation in google:
“I will expose even and if I need to expose more”

No. 71420


Actually it says "I'm gonna expose her, and if needed, I'll expose her even more"

Kind of a common brazilian slang when exposing liars. Polite sage

No. 71425

File: 1572417727162.png (8.75 MB, 1242x2208, FCE8B171-DBBA-46DB-A012-BB724D…)

Why does Lori look like a recovering burn victim?

No. 71426

File: 1572418103451.png (2.01 MB, 1612x1110, fame.png)

looks like Lori is also pushing the "I'm totally not cosplay famous (anymore)" narrative too.

does Kevin really believe that bullshit? or does he just play along to prevent her from throwing a shitfit? i'm guessing he has to walk on eggshells around her

No. 71427

because she is the human equivalent of a dumpster fire

No. 71431

>”the followers keep climbing! You’re so famous!”

>over half her followers are purchased bots

No. 71436

The same girl kissing her ass here is the one she was being rude to just a few days ago. >>71078 kek.

No. 71440

This somehow makes loris comment even worse. Who talks to their “friends” that way?

No. 71443

Pretty sure the people who keep Lori in their lives don't love themselves. Kevin included, who gets a lot of slack like he's some infantile, helpless little angel. Dudes a 25 year old + adult man and choosing to stand by racism, body shaming and unprovoked bullying. Fuck them both.

No. 71459

File: 1572473340599.jpg (28.12 KB, 497x336, 75375633_10217554503768903_749…)

>spot the difference

No. 71470

File: 1572484638472.jpeg (150.54 KB, 739x798, 53BC2088-64A9-4BF5-BE46-0D8FD3…)

I always knew Lori was the alpha in her relationship

No. 71472

Now kev can take it up the ass literally AND figuratively!

No. 71473

At this point, there’s no doubt she actually owns a strap on.

No. 71474

Someone gotta be the man

No. 71475

Naw she fucks her own ass, Kevin just watches and cries.

No. 71481

LMFAO!!! Omg I just spit soup out laughing! Hahahahahaha!

No. 71515

I wonder if Kev consented to her publicizing their fetishes.

No. 71517

He could protest all he wants and she would still do it. What do you think half their fights are about?

No. 71523

We all know Lori's the man in the relationship. If Kevin were to protest in the slightest, she'd throw a bitch fit of epic proportions and threaten to kill herself.

No. 71525

yeah. she's allowed to have a patreon, post nudes, post feet pics, post about her strap on, chat to guys

if kevin even tries to be friends with a girl or even looks at one she screams bloody murder and they get into massive fights. lol

kevin has the pussy here.

No. 71526

It’s Halloween and she still doing the same ass character. That’s why she will never have a high paying Patreon. She is doing the same character over and over again. If she was smart she would let higher tiers choose the character they want her to be lewd as, but of course she will blame that on not having money as if it’s their problem not hers.

No. 71538

Not totally,I watched people flee in person minutes after meeting her at multiple cons back in the day. Some of my friends refused to hang out with her and hardly knew her, just that her level of obnoxious was not worth a minute of their time.

No. 71548

File: 1572603125247.jpg (372.25 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20191101-210929__01…)

Aside from the usual shopping atrocities, did she also shop her nose up-turned? Because I swear it's more hooked in like every other photo kek

No. 71556

Holy shit she did lol
And here I always wondered why her nose shape was the one thing she never usually photoshopped. She always makes it smaller, but it's super downturned and droopy and she never seemed to change that.

No. 71558

Give it time as she will skin walk her next m

No. 71568

Has Lori ever played a game of Overwatch in her life?

No. 71571

I don’t think so. Didn’t “a fan” buy her the suit?

No. 71587

File: 1572640862872.png (313.26 KB, 1078x1689, Capture _2019-11-01-16-39-36.p…)

She claims to have played, but only on PlayStation and maybe not a lot.

No. 71588

File: 1572640968481.png (133.97 KB, 1079x706, Capture _2019-11-01-16-40-18.p…)

Samefag but I thought you guys would appreciate this from beneath that same d.va post she made on IG

No. 71589

Did you hear that guys? We should ignore the fact she's a fully grown 35 year old woman who shops herself into oblivion because she's actually "just a cute smol bean" fucking kek

No. 71601

File: 1572652496856.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2688, 46C68A24-941A-4F58-8C6D-3285D7…)

Apparently she is realizing that she isn’t a vampire like she thought.

No. 71602

File: 1572652525243.jpeg (743.29 KB, 1242x2111, A64AAFDE-7E99-4EF3-BC7F-083082…)

No. 71615

Holy fuck could she lurk the thread any harder?

"Gotta 'stay' plump" - whatever you reckon Loonie kek

No. 71617

File: 1572662752171.jpg (15.1 KB, 640x480, wrf.jpg)

>Does anyone else think Kevin is thick? I wish i could make his ass clap.

wtf does that even mean ?

No. 71642

the general consensus here is Kevin is hot. Sure he looks fine but his personality is disgusting.

This is just anons being retarded or maybe it’s kev himself posting again. Who knows

No. 71645

Agreed. I used to think Kevin was physically attractive but he’s turning into a mini Lori and it’s a huge turn off.

No. 71646

I was talking about the assclap part ? wtf does that mean

No. 71650

Sounds like perv-chan wants to peg him

No. 71654

maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't understand the appeal of putting a plastic dildo up a man's asshole,which also might cause prolapsing(necessaryspeed4)

No. 71664

File: 1572706406837.jpg (239.32 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20191102_105253.jpg)

O o f

No. 71665

GOD these are grown ass adults

No. 71668

These people spend every day angry and involved in some kind of drama. Kevin, how do you benefit from advertising how fundamentally unhappy you and Lori are constantly? Is it really worth the 10 laugh reacts?

No. 71670

At first I thought Lori wrote this since she said it was her photo. But damn Kevin you’re digging your own grave. It’s not that girls fault that people can look her up on Google as your darling had a reputation since the very beginning of early 2000’s. All she had to do is research her current name then BAM! She probably doesn’t even know her at first until others told her to look up her drama.

I’m just waiting for their friends response since this is just plain petty and something an insecure 15 year old would write. Not a 25 year old.

No. 71671

Is Lori just outright posting from Kevin's Facebook now because we suspected it earlier in the thread?

No. 71673

Not to mention Lori was the one who started all this shit in the first place By being a petty bitch who can’t stand others doing better than she is. If you didn’t post up her photos just to make fun of her then maybe she wouldn’t do anything. All you did was poke the gorilla at the zoo and now you got poo all over you.

No. 71674

It could be possible but honestly he’s a loss cause as he lets her walk all over him.

No. 71676

It switches from so many perspectives it's honestly jarring.

It's either Kev is actively losing IQ with Lori (possible) or she knows his password lmao

No. 71678

the male g spot is in the butthole
sage for … general faggotry I guess? lol

No. 71681

I have no desire to put anything up anyone's ass or have anyone put anything up mine. Anal hurts and I don't trust men who into that shit(pun not intended)

sage for off topic

No. 71682

Kevin made a long ass post shaming that other cosplayer with screen caps of this thread calling her a real piece of work etc, talking about how she clearly copied Lori because she knew about this thread. It was deleted within a second, I was only able to see a glance of it before it was gone

No. 71684

yeah, makes perfect sense a cosplayer in BRAZIL who speaks BRAZILIAN would know about this thread and come posting in here, no?

but ok kevin. bring more people here! show them the truth! all it takes is a simple google search of lori's instagram name to see her history on the internet. doesn't matter if she isn't going by usagi kou on ig anymore. the lolcow thread is second in the search results for any of her names.

i hope someone capped that post. i can't believe he's in his mid-20s acting like this.

No. 71685

I wouldn’t be surprised if he deleted it immediately since his friends are getting Fed up with his bullshit

No. 71686

they don't speak Brazilian…that's a nationality. It's Portuguese kek

I never understood how anons thought he was hot. He looks like an average pasty white boy who is into cosplay because there isn't jack shit to do in whatever bumfuck place they live.

No. 71687

Sage for non-contribution but people can be fluent in more languages than their mother tongue, anon. Brazilians are all over the English-speaking internet

No. 71695

And “Uh huh she tried” is a nice thing to say about a total stranger? How has Lori not been cancelled yet?

No. 71698

>>71684 you think everyone's murican here, dontcha

No. 71700

Someone who is fb friends with them and posts caps here probably linked the girl here. Lori and Kevin don’t have any real friends, they all post and link here lmao it’s not rocket science Kevin

No. 71705

Never thought he was hot, just not some fucking troglodyte. Think hes dumb as dirt but not so bad at crafting cosplay. His bakugo aint bad.

Bottom line his life his decisions to envelope himself in crazy.

No. 71709

I wonder if he knows Lori was just shitting all over NoFlutter because she was upset that TrashyLingerie or w/e sold Paris Hilton a costume that was clearly ripped from her design… Lori was saying that it was NBD and that "nothing on the internet is original." But yet, they wanna witch hunt a girl over a POSE!? jfc. idiots.

No. 71710

File: 1572787177572.png (1.98 MB, 1860x886, insecurities.png)

Kevin: "you somehow are pushing your own securities on others on social media, yikes!"

pot meet kettle

No. 71714

If another couple pops this dog squat in public, I can see Kevin having a point about copycats. Most people with basic dignity wouldnt be caught dead doing this in the con lobby. His tantrum about a common, rather innocuous pose just makes him look mentally stunted. If I recall, wasnt screaming about imagined copycats a Lori thing?

No. 71716

> wasnt screaming about imagined copycats a Lori thing?
Kevin is basically morphing into a mini Lori. He is her ultimate minion.

No. 71717

>If another couple pops this dog squat in public, I can see Kevin having a point about copycats.

But…isn't this a pose that the characters do in the show? I think it's a reach to say that would be copying.

No. 71719

File: 1572816126804.jpeg (71.86 KB, 1280x720, 66015AF0-CA40-4596-BDDC-D22192…)

It is a pose done in the show. If they tried to say others were copying them for that pose it would be absurd.

No. 71725

I really cannot believe there are people that are so into this. It looks so ridiculously stupid.

No. 71742



No. 71759

What can Lori do better?

No. 71761

File: 1572852125706.png (2.15 MB, 1860x1118, animueyes.png)

Reasonable Person: "your eyes are too big"

Kevin: "not that anime character eyes are 3x larger than a regular persons but ok small eyes"


No. 71762

Not be Lori?

No. 71767

That is a simple questions that would take a long ass time to answer lmfao where to even begin

No. 71771

File: 1572870494341.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.73 KB, 600x600, BDA10ABE-A91D-4875-AE63-898CD8…)

Uwu so kawaiiii

No. 71774

File: 1572871568778.png (2.8 MB, 2274x1222, 830a3bl3.png)

so this is Lori's Twitter banner

No. 71776

She must really suffer for her art with that broken spine.

No. 71783

She would go a long way with some self acceptance and filtering the petty, unnecessary comments. She's not a bad looking woman but her edits are jarring. She should drop whatever apps she's using to tweak her face and embrace the fact she's a good-looking woman in her mid 30's. People are all going to see her in person so the extreme face edits are just sort of funny and make her seem fake.

Secondly, it seems like the only things she talks about is either herself or comparing herself to others in a way that's exclusively insulting to the other person. It's like shes can't talk to other people without mocking undertones or straight up putting them down. She might see an uptick in genuine interest if she wasnt such an asshole. Her "But look at meeeeeee, I did it better!!!" comments are not endearing and fuel this page more than any real following. Literally all she has to do is not post anything mean. If she could give genuine compliments and have more to talk about than just herself, she might be able to build herself up within the community.

No. 71790

File: 1572894594446.jpeg (323.55 KB, 725x1731, 5A4F425E-B333-4420-84FA-2AC7A5…)

No post from Lori about the anniversary, but only two years and they’ve been engaged half that?

No. 71792

>okay small eyes
The fact he said this to an asian dude too. kek.

She just needs to come clean about her past drama, own up to being a shitty person in general, and do better? Stop being negative, stop attacking literally anyone over the smallest things, stop being a general shitbag to people in real life too? It'll never happen.

Dat lovebombing tho. I wonder if they got into another fight because they had "technical difficulties" so she stormed off to bed early. Weird how he says they've only been together for two years and that he hasn't had a relationship for even half that amount of time before. No wonder he was such an easy target for her.

No. 71795

Not a surprise this shallow troglodyte with the personality of a cockroach and the face of a pig hasn't been in a relationship longer than a year before until this parasite came along. Truly meant for each other.

No. 71796

Wow anon! Tell us how you REALLY feel.

No. 71798

These are nice suggestions, but they'll never happen.
To think that Lori will ever change (even with intensive long-term psych treatment) is naive and foolish.

People like her rarely, if ever, "get better." Lori has strong narcissistic, borderline, and histrionic traits. Because she very likely has a personality disorder(s), her shitty behavior is "ego syntonic" — this means that she has no internal motivation to change because abusing and manipulating people feels "right" to her. It also explains why she throws temper tantrums when people call out her bullshit.

tl;dr — Lori is a piece of shit person and a predator.

No. 71810

NTA but Kevin is a fat, pathetic, arrogant, desperate pos- whipped to boot who is more of a cuck king than Onision and has narc ruboff from Lori. Why are you even remotely surprised he gets this kind of feedback.

No. 71811

File: 1572916312496.jpg (74.83 KB, 1080x1350, 74441251_414484892839292_99163…)

No. 71812

File: 1572916406791.png (1.8 MB, 2160x1350, this.png)

No. 71813

These pictures are posted almost at the same time as her posting them on Instagram or twitter, just makes me think she's self posting

No. 71816

File: 1572919472391.jpg (1.47 MB, 1920x2560, 19-11-05-12-44-32-592_deco.jpg)

This is a nitpick but why is she capiable of drawing her shadow at a decent trajectory but her eyeliner is always squewed upwards like that atrocity in the back? Although I must admit her eyeliner does suit her personality kek.

No. 71817

I thought that too anon lmfao, Lori if you're reading this please stop doing your eyeliner at that angle. It's harsh and ages you. Signed muafag.

No. 71822

The eye liner has bothered me for years. It should be straight and sharp. Not curved and sitting at an odd position.

No. 71837

File: 1572937212087.jpg (408.9 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20191105-175336__01…)

Comparing the two different noses in those pics and her insta I've come to the conclusion a smol upturned nose is her current shop obsession. It's legit getting smaller and more upturned with every post lmao

>Here's an example of her nose a while back (keep in mind it's shopped too) but you can barely see her eye poking out from behind it

No. 71842

some people probably just have notifications turned on and enjoy contributing to the thread, imho

No. 71845

Why the fuck does she have the zerotwo horns AND the dva headset on at the same time? This looks so stupid.

No. 71852

She’s D.V.2! Didn’t you know that?

No. 71860

File: 1572972015746.jpeg (68.61 KB, 470x368, 6E8F94B8-58A3-4D82-9288-7050AE…)

“She tried”

No. 71867

That's the one thing about anons suggesting she abandon the shoop that won't work. Her makeup skills are atrocious and lack of heavy filters would only accentuate that.

No. 71884

Yeah with nearly 11k followers and only 200 likes. Posting for fake followers is insanity in its finest form

No. 71894

Still wearing those wonky fangs on the wrong tooth too. kek. God forbid she wears them right and reveals her missing tooth.

Has the skinwalking gone so far that she's skinwalking 02 cosplaying d.va now? Is that why her shit demon cosplay has the pink eyebrows too? she's demented.

No. 71899

File: 1573001361282.jpg (332.86 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20191106-114513__01…)

Her choice of table cloth annoys me it literally compliments none of her cosplays. I think at this point a white sheet would make a better background. Saged for nitpick

No. 71901

Tbh the whole home decor is really tacky. The blue room looks very polish granny and the pink bedroom looks like a 6 year olds who is in her peak "princess" phase.

No. 71902


I keep thinking she has a pink unibrow when I don't zoom in on these pictures.

No. 71908

Omg if that's the case (would explain her horribly inaccurate cosplays) she's evolved into a whole new tier of skinwalker. I can't believe I didn't realise sooner, she's so delusional her persona is just her masquerading as zero two that also happens to cosplay lol. What would you even call that aside from 'skinwalking inception'? It's gotta be some kind of record kek.

>Tldr; there is no Lori, only Zero Two

No. 71984

She's been taking cues from this thread to fix her hair color and the angle of her eyeliner, too bad there's nothing to be done for that dead-eyed, soulless stare

No. 71996

No it’s just good genes

No. 72024

File: 1573091798408.jpg (407.72 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20191107-125233__01…)

I love cows who 'subtly' use our advice to better themselves lol. I don't it's going too well if this picture is any indication.

She 'fixed' the angle of her nose but not her makeup kek

No. 72025

File: 1573091959582.jpg (362.7 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20191107-125830__01…)

Pretty sure these suits are meant to create the illusion of an ass…

No. 72041

File: 1573100338659.png (5.53 MB, 2160x2474, BluePaisleyZeroTwo.png)

She posted new pics to Instagram. Her face is the same in every pic

No. 72075

I've never seen someone have zero expression before. it's so creepy

No. 72088

It reminds me of her asinine claim that Sailor Moon never smiles and that is why she never smiled in pictures.

No. 72107

All her wrinkles will show

No. 72118

File: 1573170162639.jpg (436.81 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20191108-104153__01…)

Kek I think she listened to the thread because look a magical face change ~

No. 72119

Jesus christ. I normally don't post in this thread but her expression and editing make her look special needs

No. 72120

This still looks fucking creepy and awful. Still had the fangs on the teeth and has edited her skin so much she looks like Jeff the killer again. I don't know what advice she's taking because this looks like absolute dogshit, then again the outside matches the inside

No. 72130

The blurring is getting ridiculous now.

No. 72133

great work you nut job. next don't oversaturate it so much and turn down the snow app use so that it doesn't physically hurt to look at the pics without sunglasses. and stop blurring your shit

No. 72141

Why are her eyebrows still pink? Is she wearing stickers on her face?

No. 72169

She's been using stickers for face markings for both Ibaraki and D.Va, probably because she's shit at makeup and can't draw them herself

No. 72206

File: 1573272298805.png (7.13 MB, 2160x2160, ZeroTwovsLori.png)

She posted these today. She said it was her "cosplay makeup vs everyday gremlin" …

No. 72208

…so a contact lens change. How dIfFeReNt~~~

No. 72211

She keeps cattering to the thread with her posts but it isn't much of an improvement lol

>Do better Lori

No. 72262

File: 1573343031018.png (3.15 MB, 1080x2034, Capture _2019-11-09-11-14-25.p…)

Posted in Stories sometime in the last 24 hours.

In what universe does this old bag "work her butt off"?! Fucking roflcopter.

No. 72264

I was thinking the same thing when I saw that on her Insta.

Sage for samefag as above post.

No. 72284

By "work" she meant harassing Kevin and keeping her blood pressure high by being mad on the internet.

No. 72287

She should work her butt off- back to the bathroom to fix her previously magenta hair, which is now turning orange.

Like is she even going to nail the colour or is she going to continue harrassing cosplayers with more accurate wigs kek

No. 72296

She did that same shit in her Sailor Moon days; bagging on more accurate cosplays that included wigs or even, le gasp, handmade outfits way better than hers.

Ugh I should've known that was her hard work

No. 72297

Well, she has no butt, so maybe she did work it off?

No. 72320

File: 1573403180880.jpeg (178.11 KB, 750x1004, 32ADDF31-21FB-436A-AC6B-888995…)

No. 72321

File: 1573403231954.jpeg (241.54 KB, 750x1128, 0299CD71-2392-48F9-952D-D0B768…)

Their relationship is all about the likes to Kevin

No. 72324

Does Lori not realize this describes her to a fucking T? I don’t understand. Girl needs help lol

No. 72328

Narcissists always be victims.

No. 72345

This is the least self-aware thing I have ever seen, big yikes.

Lori is an old hag and Kevin refuses to grow the fuck up. God, neither of them have any social awareness whatsoever, it's so embarrasing

No. 72376

I was going to say the same thing Anon!

Tinfoil, but, the post is almost so lacking in self awareness that I almost wonder if Lori posted it just to troll everyone. Is Lori clever enough to do that?

No. 72396

I think she's almost certainly too dumb for that, unless your comment peaks her interest in the near future. My take on it is she's already swimming upstream through her own shit so these kinds of posts are to convince the %1 of her foot orbiters that the water's fine kek.

>She's happy to attempt to garner support at her own expense because it's honestly better than nothing at this point

No. 72397

File: 1573445068633.jpeg (140.25 KB, 750x1033, 6D66BD3F-ED66-43A7-A0CE-E663D9…)

No. 72398

File: 1573445253117.jpeg (323.98 KB, 750x1805, 332763CF-7AE3-4C87-B181-757200…)

No. 72399

File: 1573445716771.jpeg (338.34 KB, 750x2491, 38351518-7549-4B02-80F5-A5B695…)

Lmfaoooo she’s delusional, no you have no ass Lori

No. 72401

Lori when I posted this >>72025 I was saying you have a complete lack of an ass not the total opposite.

Looking at her behind is why I know what it looks like when a human's leg's connects directly to their torso with nothing in between. She's literally an internal point of reference for me when gaging how small someone's ass is kek.

No. 72402

File: 1573447748636.webm (976.9 KB, 640x800, wink.webm)

No. 72403

Lmfao I definitely meant gauging

No. 72404

Lori D.Va pilots a robot. She isn't one!

No. 72414

Man they get off on this shit, really pathetic

No. 72417

Are her… eyes ok?

No. 72419

It’s really not too difficult for Lori to google which app will gain followers. Some of them are free. Come on. You can’t be that dense Kevin. The fake follower calculator doesn’t lie <3

No. 72427

I love how Kevin blogs on Facebook about this thread on a regular basis. Keep those caps coming.

No. 72434

File: 1573489264581.png (5.3 MB, 2160x1350, dva.png)

No. 72436

look at all those wrinkles, another ill-fitting suit (as she would say)

No. 72440

Kevin's jealousy is so apparent. We already know he's only with Lori for "status" (you chose wrong btw, hers is only negative) and for her body but he is such an obvious social climber. So many of his posts are just him begging to be more popular. Seriously dude, it's not as subtle as you think.

I can't believe that I was defending this guy a couple threads ago, the more I learn about him the more it's 100% clear that they deserve each other.

For all Lori's talk about people copying her she sure seems to be okay with copying Belle Delphine.

No. 72462

Lori keeps trying to do ahegao but every time it’s off the mark. It looks like she’s having a stroke. You can’t just roll one eye into the back of your head and call it ahegao lol she tried

No. 72474

What a waste all the money spent on those fake followers will be when Instagram hides everyone's likes this week. What will they live for???

No. 72475

She does not look anything like D. VA.

No. 72480

File: 1573511851717.jpg (82.84 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20191112-093637__01…)

Kek at least she's being honest about it, I'm genuinely suprised

No. 72483

File: 1573512652246.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1445, Capture _2019-11-11-17-42-19~2…)

I'm shocked at her honesty. Glsd someone called her out on it, because it's pretty damn egregious. She even shoops her face and features to look like Belle.

No. 72484

It's weird seeing Lori call any other living breathing female a "cutie" but they both have that creepy/fake thing going for both of them plus blurring themselves to creepypasta level territory, so maybe it's not that surprising. Also surely she's kind of realized that playing nice will help her image and score more beta bucks? Lori, I hate to tell you this, but Belle will never notice/promo you kek

No. 72485

The mouth shape is unsettling. Pure nightmare fuel. It's okay to look like a human being, Lori/Belle.

No. 72492

My mouth is naturally shaped like that but in my defence I line my upper lip to correct the proportions lmao

I suspect they think it makes them look younger but it honestly looks eerily similar to Jeff the killer, possibly because it's all done on snow

No. 72498

In Lori's case it's definitely not natural. We've seen how her lips look in candids. It's so creepy that a mid 30s woman wants to now skinwalk someone a little over half her age (when she's not being ""real 002"" of course)

No. 72503

File: 1573522440183.jpeg (437.44 KB, 750x1405, 19165715-A7B0-40B1-AC20-945B87…)

No. 72506

They wouldn't apologize because they had nothing to apologize for, Kevin. Seriously, how lacking self awareness can someone be? Have you not seen the posts you've made when shits hit the fan? How Lori has said she'd say you're raping her? How YOU yourself have said she screams and throws a shit fit when she doesn't get her way or when you question her even though she's cheated before?

This is pathetic. They both deserve to be alone aside from one another. And if I tried to help a friend and they demanded an apology from me after when they were the one crying for help and assisting in making their s/o look like a lunatic or a monster, yeah I'd fucking leave too. Seems reasonable.

Kevin, we know you're lurking. You have no one but yourself to blame at this point.

No. 72509

… so he’s saying that because of the stuff HE POSTED, that now it’s our faults for thinking Lori is a monster?

Kevin YOU are the one who said she is abusing you several times and now you want your friends to apologize for thinking what you posted is true?!

No. 72512

Fuck he's such a typical narc. Idk if he's always been this way (only been lurking since the last thread) but wow they're made for each other. They both know full well they are responsible for the mess they're in but their narc pride won't let them accept it, thus the pile of shit we just read.

>I'm 100 friends fewer

I highly doubt all "100" of your friends are awful people. In fact posting with the assumption they're all in the wrong shows you for the narc you truely are Kevin. You'd honestly have to be deranged not to notice that. But the ships sinking, so who cares right? Gotta get them pity points before they run out.

No. 72514

Jesus fucking christ he is so delusional. His friends don't owe him jack shit, he really thinks they just are out for Lori's blood for what?? She's a fucking pathetic shit show and you're friends were only trying to help you, Kevin. He is too far gone at this point. Good to his friends for unfriending him for their own sanity.

No. 72516

It got to the point someone actually called the cops on them? Proof’s in your own pudding Kevin. You know how bad your situation is and you led all your remaining friends here anyway.

No. 72517

These are the Kevin posts I come here for. Thank you anon. This is amazing. What a delusional and hilarious post. I don't even know where to start. I fucking LOVE how he ended by saying that he wanted to be everybody's hero but he hopes that he's still Lori's hero because that's what is precious.


No. 72518

There's just something about this whole situation that is so telling of how mentally and emotionally immature these two are. There's Lori, mid 30s and living like an 18 year old shut in. Seriously, all these photos alone in their room camming for fap bucks. Does she talk to anyone offline besides Kevin?
And there's Howdy Doody. Jfc man have that left nut drop please. Firstly, if Lori was disabled, she'd be able to collect disability like the fatties out there. What, she can't collect?, then tell the bitch get a job. Second, and read this really carefully, your friends have one interest in you. Your happiness. They need you for nothing but companionship. You dig? Lori NEEDS you or she's homeless.
So who do you believe, those with nothing to lose but a friend, or someone who will lose everything if things go bad. Didn't your dad teach you about not sticking your dick in crazy?, because the past of Usagi Kou is batshit.

No. 72519

Holy fucking kekballs Batman. What a sad narc-lunatic.
>I've lost 100 friends
My dude, probably they weren't all "real ones" anyway because who has 100 close friends IRL? Also, could he BE any more obsessed with social status?
>I wanted to be everyone's hero but I hope I'm still hers because she's what's precious to me
Barf. Ultra barf. Kev isn't precious to her; Jesus she has him so frickin brainwashed.

No. 72520

It's insane. He's saying it's his fault for poisoning his friends against Lori because of his rants. Uh, it's not normal to break each other's shit during arguments. All the stuff he desperately posted to Facebook when him and Lori were fighting was really red flag, alarming shit. That's what his friends were worried about and didn't like. I'm not friends with either of them and don't have access to either of their facebooks but ffs…

I can't speak as a former friend of Kevin's but I could tell in the various screenshots that the friends expressing concern about these events were very confused and didn't know how to approach it when, one moment Kevin is pleading for anyone's help because Lori is missing/threatening suicide/threatening to harm pets/destroying possessions/etc, and then the next minute, sometimes within 15-20 minutes of one of these Kevin cry for help statuses he will delete that one and post a different status either a) ignoring that he made the cry for help post at all or b) some really awkward attempt at "smoothing out" the situation by explaining things down like "We all get angry in relationships. Lori and i are no different" when it's very clear to anyone reading his description of their fights, that it isn't normal relationship fighting and it's really toxic and crosses the line into abuse quite often.

So when Kevin makes one of these "smoothing out" posts, I've seen some of the friends from the earlier post acting rightfully concerned, confused, and I'm sure a lot of them have just distanced themselves.

No. 72522


What's really funny is that he's blocked most of those old friends from seeing his statuses. So the only way they'd know about this rant is by watching the thread he hates so much.

No. 72524


>They all say Lori isolated me from my friends. But really I did it to myself because I told them how shitty she was to me and they believed me like good friends do and tried to protect me. Now they won't apologize because I went back to the abusive relationship and suddenly expect them to start supporting it. It's their fault, they should apologize!

>Why does no one like me anymore????

No. 72525


She moved mountains to be with you? Selling her clothes and getting rid of her pet cat is "moving mountains"?

Dear, she just moved to you because you were completely okay with dropping out of college to work your ass off to support her. "Moved mountains" my ass – if that were the case she'd get a full time job and cover 50% of the utilities/rent, etc.

Your friends moved mountains to get you out of that abusive shitty relationship, and you decided to jump back into the hole they pulled you out of.

C'mon Kevin, you don't honestly believe that you deserve their friendship, do you? They deserve better friends than you.

No. 72529

Watching kevin try to constantly convince himself out loud (i.e. on fb posts) that he is happy in his relationship is lightyears ahead of pathetic.

He knows that the second they break up, he will have to eat his words all the way back to when they first started dating.

Poor fool doesn't know that writing schmoozy love bomb posts = instant spotlight that you are insecure in your relationship.

No. 72539

Pretty much now ex-friend of Kevin here. After seeing that post here, I checked to see his page only to see it heavily filtered now yet it still says we are friends. Guess I'm in the "awful" list now. Dude's definitely brainwashed af now.

No. 72541

Same. I can’t see his posts either. The real question is how many of his ex-friends found out the actual truth about Lori because he led them here himself with all his “hate site” posts? It was so easy to look up. Literally the second thing that comes up when look up Lori’s name.

I’m sure that’s the friends fault too! Why couldn’t we just have apologized for following the information he gave us?

No. 72554

I just find it funny that it's okay for her to blatantly and admittedly copy Belldelphine.. but another cosplayer gets hate for doing a pose that's widely used, but yet somehow that cosplayer oBvIoUsly copied Lori's? Interesting, mate.

"My friendship meant so little that not a single sorry was uttered besides a select few." Hmm. Why should your friends apologize for being concerned about your well being and disliking a person who has done proven emotional and physical damage to you? Damn son, I can't even feel sorry for Kevin anymore, kek. You two crazy kids deserve each other. How's that for support? "I couldn't convince you to give her a chance." kek… just stop venting about your little bitch fights? Just a suggestion.

And I'm still laughing at him saying he refuses to be walked on… unless it's by broke back lori, gotcha.

No. 72567

File: 1573577047154.png (5.32 MB, 1242x2688, D78FFB51-A6AA-4E2A-BD19-61CC80…)

I’m just gonna leave this here…. burger nipples= not sexy.

No. 72571

>100 people who know me think she's bad for me but I think she's good
That short sighted teenage 'us against the world' delusion

What does the burger underwear have to two with zero two? She probably showers and sleeps in those lame horns

No. 72573

File: 1573580080745.gif (859.47 KB, 244x200, tenor (1).gif)

>I want precious enough
>that's what is precious to me
He went full Gollum.
If someone could shoop those retarded Hiro horns onto this gif, that would be great.

10/10 milk. This is the type of shit I visit /w/ for.

No. 72603

The ultimate irony that he is gollum in the thread pic lol

No. 72608

File: 1573600926912.png (2.15 MB, 1077x1713, Capture _2019-11-10-19-43-10.p…)

Saged for nitpick but Lori's weird hip-fat situation really grosses me out. She needs to quit doing these types of pose.

No. 72612

Agreed, it’s not flattering.

No. 72623

the way her nostrils just pop out amidst the rest of her overfiltered face is making me cackle

No. 72631

This is astounding. If I were Kevin’s friends I would unfriend him as well and have nothing to do with him since he is emotionally exhausting to deal with as he constantly goes from asking for help to defending her even though it’s obvious that shes the abuser. Does he really think that people should apologize for not kissing her ass enough? What an ass. The remaining people who are still friends with him and support the relationship regardless are not his true friends as they’re enabling him to death. I can already imagine him being in a hospital bed and trying defend himself if she went as far as hurting him. Hell it already happened with his leg as he mutilate to prove his love for her. Enjoy your rock bottom buddy as it’s about to happen real soon.

No. 72644

Him hitting rock bottom would happen very soon after seeing her history of abuse.

Also before I ended up on his excluded list, I vaguely saw them tagged themselves on a post with pictures of a pink kitty girl and a black haired guy from FFXIV. If they are gonna try to get into FFXIV to skinwalk, they're gonna get roasted alive by that community. If they did do that, I predict that Lori will be wearing pink cat ears 24/7 instead of those dumb horns which both are tacky.

No. 72658

you are such an autist

No. 72659

kinda looks like she shooped her torso ontop of the lower half of a fat girl

No. 72660

So off topic but, does anyone know why Lori is still friends with dj ranmas?
This old fag remembers a scathing dossier written by that drama farmer where he fucking dragged her and a few other kous. And yet I see screen shots of that dude white knighting her fb page. Anyone close enough to them know how they resolved their “friendship”? I blocked that creepster years ago after he made up a make believe irelationship between my then bff and himself (which is a common theme for him) . Anyone have screen grabs of that dudes dossier?
Wish I saved my garbage folder on him from 2006 because that dude needs his own thread if he doesn’t have one already

No. 72661

>lori and kev getting into ffxiv

Yikes, on one hand I hope not. On the other it's very unlikely because:
- the game is expensive as fuck so they'd have to give up something to play it and stay subbed
- it's not beginner friendly and you need a fuckton of patience getting into it, I can't see Lori having that patience
- Lori will 100% become even more of an e-girl and get roped into the lewd/ERP side of FFXIV, idk if Kevin will be able to handle another layer of cuckolding
- God forbid they start frequenting /xivg/

No. 72662

Tinfoil but what if she keeps doing this poss because she hopes that her neckbeard a will mistake her hip fat for an ass? It’s really obvious to us but thirsty neckbeard are the dumbest creatures on the planet, so I could see them falling for it.

No. 72673

No. 72682

This is honestly hysterical because this further proves that Lori has not changed a single bit in 13 years and will be this way the rest of her life. Like it’s almost astounding how delusional and self absorbed she is. She has no self awareness. Kevin better get used to living as a paranoid android with a constant knot of anxiety in his gut if he plans on marrying this drama fueled hag.

No. 72686

>God forbid they start frequenting /xivg/
Why? Lori would do great there as a financial femdom! I mean, until they realize she's not actually a MtF…

No. 72688

They would eat her alive.

Might be interesting to see…

No. 72702

File: 1573667852286.jpeg (269 KB, 750x1570, DFEC5AE0-759F-492B-B51C-5C89B6…)

He edited his face to hell and back, doesn’t look anything like him but left all the bruises on his chest, that would take ten seconds to fix. Guess he wants everyone to see what the Lori has done?

No. 72703

THAT is NOT attractive (imho)

No. 72706

Sage but Lori did play WoW for a few years so I don't think she would be that clueless about this game.

No. 72716

So is Kev gonna try to get in on the lewd game too? Also yeah, why the hell didn't he edit out his stab-wounds and bruises? Subconscious cry for help sounds like a reasonable theory.

No. 72719

"Anons think Lori is forcing me to be anorexic! Little do they know it is I who am forcing myself to look like an alien in every photo!"

No. 72727

Woah I didn’t even see his hand there. I thought that was some creepy bones or something coming out of his neck. Wtf??

No. 72736

File: 1573698591696.jpg (90.36 KB, 1280x1247, IMG_20191113_192849_257.jpg)

Yes, Kevin is asking if anyone would be interested in seeing more shirtless pics of him lmao

No. 72737

Hm. I wonder where the scar came from.

No. 72738

Also you cant really get noticeable hair that high on the chest.

No. 72746

That’s a huge bruise on his collar bone. Is he trying to pass it off as hair? Lul

No. 72748

File: 1573707139907.jpg (44.72 KB, 567x960, KakaoTalk_20191114_175123925.j…)

she's gotta be kidding with this editing. You literally can't see her nose, it's all nostril lmao

No. 72752

Wow, he's really posting his bruised, cut chest on the internet.

Honestly I think he's legit a cuck and consents to whatever she does, remember cucks and paypigs are all fetishes.

No. 72754

The Belle delphine skin walking is getting real noticeable. Too bad Lori is way too old to reasonably pull it off.

No. 72755

Why she look like she sitting on a toilet pushing out a doodoo

No. 72767

File: 1573746981650.jpg (37.35 KB, 516x484, kevinscar.JPG)


The photo shared in >>72702 really does make it look worse, but when he claimed it was a scar I went and lookged back on his Instagram. It does appear to be a mole/scar or something… he's had it before he met Lori. It just looks really jacked in that photo…

I guess Kevin is hoping to get on that lewd money train though.

No. 72769

lol have you ever seen a grown man before? you absolutely can get hair that high.

No. 72770

lol have you ever seen a grown man before? you absolutely can get hair that high.

No. 72775

File: 1573760575287.jpeg (75.64 KB, 495x504, BB5B6C4D-A5FC-48E7-9519-CB09C1…)

The scar sure but this? Is this actually hair like he’s claiming?

I turned down the contrast and it looks like he got punched.

No. 72779

Kevin would likely do better in the industry as he doesnt have to blur or crank the contrast up to hide age lines. He could post high quality lewds and still look fine.

No. 72782

It's just the scar/hair tbh. You can see it better on a computer screen. The scar looks fucked up from his editing probably and the hair looks like a bruise because he tried to smooth it out of the photo.

Nah, dude is haggard in the candids too usually. He's not old, but thanks to Lori sucking the life out of him, he's been looking pretty busted tbh.

No. 72788

Yea looks like the patched tool on facetune got botchy so he tried to smooth it.
Tho my sympathy for him is quickly becoming no existant, i cant help but think he is just extremely gas lit and acting nuts.
Seems cyclical and its interesting when Lori calms down her partner gets looney. Also from a medical opinion it looks like a puncture wound because of the color and shape but its obviously edited to hell and back so no clue. Seems 1000% deliberate to post that, of course ppl would notice it.

No. 72795

Same here, I can't help but think this is a deliberate cry for help from Kevin. Granted it's the cuckiest way you could ask for help, but I wouldn't put it past him. We're all well aware of how psycho Looney really is.

>Looks like a puncture wound

That's what it looks like to me too anon. I imagined a screwdriver at first but I'm hoping it was just a pen or something. Not that that's realistically much better.

No. 72799

File: 1573777601173.jpeg (396.4 KB, 2048x2048, 6DAAEAED-74DA-41F2-BE70-758DDD…)

Anon is right. Kevin could be quite successful and popular in the cosplay community before he met Lori. The picture on the left is him before Lori no filter or nothing he actually looks quite attractive and favors Justin Bieber. Picture on the right is him with Lori he looks sick haggard and aged for him only being 25… I’m sure it’s due to stress and not eating a proper diet for his height. Just by the shit she cooks she feeds him as if he enjoys starving himself like she does…

No. 72803

Samefag as >>72795
I don't like his look in either but I must admit he does look a lot less unhinged. You can actually see the cry for help in his eyes when you compare with his older pics.

Also did Looney actually stab him in the mole? Because he seems to have it in older photos but it's lacking the deep red discolouration? I mean maybe he got it removed to be ~uwu perfect animu boy~ but it looks really aggrieved and definitely reminds me of a puncture wound

No. 72804

Well shit. He was sorta cute once. Good job Lori. Now his looks match the personality I guess?

No. 72806

Wow, he looks like 2013 Mikey Way on the left. He could have been more attractive before Lori. Too bad he's a dumb cuck

No. 72813

I would pay money to see Kevin’s lewds. A shot of his hips would probably make him get a lot of likes. Lori should understand that Kevin is hot. He deserves better.

No. 72815

You may say he deserve better, but don't forget he has a shitty attitude too.

No. 72824

Anyone and everyone deserves better than looney kek. It doesn't have anything to do with how perceivably hot they are either.

>I would pay money to see Kevin’s lewds

I can only assume this is an attempt at making Lori squirm, in which case I'm here for it kek

No. 72839

there's like 2 genuinely horny for him anons here that never miss a chance to mention how hot he is. Maybe it rustles Lori's jimmies but it's embarrassing nonetheles

No. 72844

Looks like an irritated mole to me as well, rather than a “scar”. Maybe he’s been picking at it.
Tinfoil version: it’s a carcinoma

No. 72860

Is it actual horny anons or just Kevin posting about himself? Every time I read about Kevin deserving better, it just makes me think of Kevin posting here, thinking that about himself. Despite the fact that he's pretending that he's happy with her on facebook.

No. 72861

File: 1573838747826.jpeg (458.04 KB, 2048x2048, 3B812706-694E-4C3C-BD9C-A1EB05…)

It’s not about being horny. It’s just showing proof that he wasn’t bad looking until he allowed looney to suck the actual life out of him. Now he has no choice but to heavily filter his photos because he looks drained and deficient in nutrients. These old pics are actually heart breaking he looked healthy and in control of his life.

No. 72862

File: 1573839555699.jpg (574.14 KB, 1080x1350, itsfeetagain.jpg)

No. 72864

File: 1573839717005.jpg (70.26 KB, 918x1280, IMG_20191115_104223_702.jpg)

No. 72865

her face here makes it look like kevin is holding her hostage instead of the other way round kek

No. 72868

more like this is her "hurry the fuck up and take the pic before i bet you" face.

No. 72869

I thought her back was broken

No. 72871

Huh, turns out he isn’t actually bad looking. It’s just that this ~*~sugoii anime boy~*~ aesthetic with the black hair does nothing for him.

No. 72879

File: 1573850163149.jpg (145.54 KB, 936x1280, IMG_20191115_133410_713.jpg)

Kevin used to be an actual person, with hobbies and goals. Have we ever heard him talk about skateboarding since getting with Lori? It seems to have been a pretty big part of his life up until recentlyish.

No. 72885

Just for fun, not at all because we all know Kevin lurks here, here are some signs of abuse from ncadv.org

>Extreme jealousy

>A bad temper
>Verbal abuse
>Extremely controlling behaviour
>Blaming the victim for anything bad that happens
>Control of what the victim wears and how they act
>Demeaning the victim either privately or publicly
>Embarrassment or humiliation of the victim in front of others

Man, I wonder who that reminds me of?

No. 72892

File: 1573867484945.jpeg (123.81 KB, 828x1261, 38A0D5A2-D927-48E2-9578-5E5E71…)

Can’t even bother to have a decent pedicure… this is so ratchet

No. 72902


kind of agree with these anons, the before and after kind of reminds me of onision/his victims. same dead eyes.

No. 72903

Typos everywhere. It hurts.

I would pay to see Kevin’s lewds just saying.

No. 72904

Did looneys toe nail fall off?

No. 72917

Ausfag here and I can say with much certainty he just looks just our average bogan kek. He reminds me of a guy from Qld chugging xxx gold in his garage on a weekday while his wife looks after the 3 kids.

I hoped that was the case anon, but alas some farmers have fallen in love with a cow. Looney better watch out kek

No. 72926

fucken lmao so well put, he looks like a tradie on break taking selfies in the portaloo after a dank pie and a mocha breaka.
at least now anyway, he looked like he could have pulled a sweet job at maccas with the blonde.
I wouldn't be suprised personally if Lori was on here dropping bait because 1. she's unemployed and bored 2. she'd love farmers frothing over her ~perfect anime boi
like I swear they're balls deep in this thread, I can't see that many anons genuinely wanting his dick
mind you some of you have some sad taste, love yourselves please ladies.

No. 72931

It's not a question if looked better or not before Lori. You can plainly see he looks better then he does now. It's the obsessive people talking about how "hot" he is and wanting pay to see his nudes (like here >>72903). Even in his before photos he's some mediocre looking dude. Literally even in his old photos he still has kind of shitty hair, he just doesn't look as tired as he does now.

With how much he checks the thread he seriously must be self posting to some degree.

No. 72932

It's not a question if looked better or not before Lori. You can plainly see he looks better then he does now. It's the obsessive people talking about how "hot" he is and wanting pay to see his nudes (like here >>72903). Even in his before photos he's some mediocre looking dude. Literally even in his old photos he still has kind of shitty hair, he just doesn't look as tired as he does now.

With how much he checks the thread he seriously must be self posting to some degree.

No. 72933

It's not a question if looked better or not before Lori. You can plainly see he looks better then he does now. It's the obsessive people talking about how "hot" he is and wanting pay to see his nudes (like here >>72903). Even in his before photos he's some mediocre looking dude. Literally even in his old photos he still has kind of shitty hair, he just doesn't look as tired as he does now.

With how much he checks the thread he seriously must be self posting to some degree.

No. 72937

File: 1573928863994.jpeg (196.43 KB, 750x830, AA70138C-272E-4FFA-9E90-7BC38C…)

No. 72938

File: 1573928947809.jpeg (172.32 KB, 750x1176, 75AD0181-D70A-4D62-8658-48FE9F…)

No. 72939

>posts about how he’s taking out the trash and less posts are being posted here

>gets posted here

Sure Jan. Pretty sure everyone you have left is laughing at you.

No. 72940

File: 1573932056127.jpg (1.13 MB, 2319x2560, 19-11-16-11-21-14-416_deco.jpg)

>"Old married couple spats"

No. 72941

in all seriousness how many of these fights has he posted himself on his social media?

He’s let the world in on his relationship troubles but is acting like everyone else just happened to stumble in and it’s their fault for taking them seriously. It’s bizarre.

No. 72947

Oh Kev, look at you! He's posting pics for us now. He listened to the anons about his hair and he is looking less tired in that pic. Good improvement. Any other requests from Kevin? Thanks for the pic, Kev!

No. 72948

I mean at this point, he deserves what he lives with. Remember how much shit you talk next time you want to cry to FB about the "abuse", Kevin. You earned it.

No. 72952

He tried, but he still looks better before because his face is sunken in and he just looks unhealthy, but at least he didn’t shoop the dickins out of it. I’m sure Looney can’t even post any pic without some form of shooping of her Johnny bravo chin, more prominent nose, smaller eyes, and face lines. Kevin please go get your hair professionally blonded instead of letting your girlfriend color it. It literally looks like piss yellow.

No. 72961

use some toner, Kev

No. 72963

File: 1574031818862.jpeg (27.29 KB, 275x245, 1556643100917.jpeg)

Seriously. Does he forget he posted shit like this himself??

No. 72968

nah anon it’s everyone else’s fault for reading too deeply into it!! they’re actually healthy and happy!!! /s

No. 72974

Sad he has to do this Donald Trump combover because his hairs falling out from their Ana diet. He actually was hot before. Now he looks like a crack head.

Reminds me of Onision forcing his victims to look ugly so they have no chance to attract anyone else.

No. 72979

Wait did he really dye his hair cause Anons on here said he looked better in those old pics?

No. 72981

"Johnny bravo chin" accurate. Looney copies Belle openly meanwhile she is angry about another more accurate cosplayer "stealing" her unoriginal pose still gets me

Good job "Rising above" it all kevin.

No. 72984

rofl is this recent?? Now he needs to stop with the 2006 hair and get a better cut. he's lurking so hard

No. 72985

I think it's impossible for Kevin to have a thought and NOT post it on facebook. Seriously, it's nonstop at this point. Kevin, you are allowed to have a thought and not share it. Replying to lolcow in a public setting every damn day will not help you feel better. Please go to therapy.

No. 72986

>Could have pulled a sweet job at maccas with that blonde.
Fuck that made me cackle, thank you anon

No. 72987

I wish he'd stop posting for the horny anon's that are most likely himself. This photo encapsulates the dangers of abnormally high estrogen in males kek.

No. 72988

File: 1574046469360.jpg (248.04 KB, 1080x1086, Screenshot_20191118-140515__01…)

Also, can we talk about how Lori doesn't even remotely resemble herself in her newest photo? The ~animu loli waifu~ shop is even further out of hand than when it started…

No. 73002

Why do I feel like I’m looking at two backs. Looks as if she forgot to shoop her chin.

No. 73003

File: 1574063746868.jpeg (60.76 KB, 279x287, E5EEB80B-943D-4183-B757-035EE9…)

this eye…

No. 73006

If she's going to shoop herself to where she looks like a whole new person, "fine" I guess.. But I'm tired of the brightness being turned up so bright that her nose looks like two holes in her face.

Also that pose.. I thought she broke her back? Or her back always hurts? It also makes it look like she has a fucking short torso.

No. 73051

File: 1574121242981.jpg (907.29 KB, 1080x1350, nostrilswithoutanose.jpg)

New pic. Still disappearing her nose

No. 73054

I think her editing got purposely more obnoxious for the anon lolz

No. 73056

I want her or Kevin (preferably Kevin) to hold up a sign that says lolcow.farm and take a pic.

No. 73058

How old is Lori? 30s right?? That makes her alien shooping so much worse than all the other 18-21 year olds photoshopping themselves into pedo bait and trying to be ~legal lolis~

Get a real job, Lori. You're an adult. While you're at it maybe stare in a mirror for a while to remind yourself what you actually look like, because these selfies ain't it.

No. 73065

She's desperately trying to convince us her hair isn't bright orange under all of those filters kek

No. 73074

File: 1574143372289.jpg (229.36 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20191119-165453__01…)

Why edit yourself like this if with the click or a button your followers are confronted with this?

Personally I think she looks better naturally, but her neckbeards aren't likely to be as sane lmao

No. 73080

Okay this one is actually scary looking. Talk about yikes. Is she trolling now? Because this can't be serious. She can't possibly think anyone would believe she actually looks like this, right?

No. 73081

She actually looks good in this pic. I don't know why she tweaks her features so much. Her nose fits her face. She looks cute here

No. 73082

okay I see now, they feed off this shit. I guarantee they sit on this thread together and try to come up with snide things to say. the worst part is they carry through with the advice but manage to be cunty about it.

I agree with anons above Kev, tone that shit. it isn't 2007.

No. 73088

Hmm with all these no-nose shoops maybe she should look into skin walking Orochimaru… tho the makeup might be too difficult for her…

No. 73099

File: 1574185476675.jpg (144.99 KB, 400x686, MTXX_20190820145949_mh15673764…)

Looking at her patron pics and this one just looks outright hilarious. I know she's trying to be "accurate" with those contacts, but all they do is make her bug eyes look way worse.

No. 73101

The way she photoshops her chest out is just bizarre, it doesnt give the loli effect shes going for

No. 73102

File: 1574186842152.jpg (24.1 KB, 640x480, 10494873_542816785845596_32368…)

Accidentally stumbled across her cosplay fb and it's smothered in old (kek) looking pics. All of the sailor moon ones she's posted look so different. Sage for old news but it's just more to compare to her whack ass dino girl snow selfies.

No. 73104

02 doesnt even have blue eyes though, her eyes are green
it always amuses me how she tries to be the mostest zero two cosplayer out there but 02 has a really nice figure with rather big boobs

No. 73106

File: 1574190893965.png (226.43 KB, 509x487, LoriKitty.png)

No. 73108

File: 1574191575272.jpg (54.03 KB, 720x960, kitty.jpg)

I looked up this Kitty person out of curiosity.

>same hair color + style

>same red eyeliner
>same vacant stare + facetune

Is it possible Lori is actually skinwalking this "abusive" person and NOT Zero Two?

No. 73111

I do wonder the context of this "abuse" she suffered from Kitty. Seems to be something that happened when she still lived in Seattle, possibly an ex friend? Or ex girlfriend?
This is Lori we are talking about here. It's entirely possible the abuse claimed to have happened was simply this girl not putting up with her shit.

No. 73113

this person has a lot of mutuals with the LA cosplay community. it might be another scheme to isolate Kevin further, since he can’t be friends with anyone who is still friends with someone who abused his darling!

No. 73118

File: 1574201245541.jpg (138.28 KB, 1131x1280, IMG_20191119_150654_104.jpg)

Is this the same Rikki as Lori's ex?

No. 73119

Really trying to place why they seem familiar. Do they have any Instagram or Twitter handles?

No. 73121

that looks like the same rikki. there was a photo of him posted in the first thread.

No. 73124

Her Twitter and Instagram is misskittymoxie
Haven't looked for his yet.

No. 73130

Yep, same Rikki

No. 73135

No. 73137

Her other Facebook is here:


No. 73140

Isn’t this a Lori thread, not a Rikki and kitty thread?

No. 73142

File: 1574217385338.jpg (757.79 KB, 1080x1350, red.jpg)

You're right. I was just trying to poke around and find Lori gossip and figured other anons wanted to do the same.

Here's a new picture of Lori

No. 73143

She must really hate herself with the amount of editing she puts into her photos.

No. 73145

Kitty/Bloo is the chick Rikki cheated on Lori with, who was married to another guy at the time

No. 73146

I'm in a few groups/similar circles with Kitty, she's a bit of an attention whore especially when it comes to predominantly male circles like rhythm game community etc. Doubt she's anywhere near as "abusive" as Lori is though, and if Lori considers her as much bexHse of cheating, that really is the pot calling the kettle black.
Kind of hard to say who is skin walking who though.

No. 73150

Is this in a previous thread?

No. 73152

This is the chick Rikki cheated on her with who was married to another guy. Lori found out because instead of him taking her on a date in Valentine’s Day he took kitty on a date and took pics with her in which Lori found in his pocket. Lori then got ahold of her husband and showed him the proof. Rikki was a narcissist like Lori at one point before kittie he brought a girl in the house fucked her in the living room while Lori had to stay in her room and be quite. Lori also said this guy has a anaconda dick as well which would make since why she continued to take this guy back constantly.

No. 73155

Kinda funny that Lori let herself be the cuck in a way, I guess I should have guessed the guy was hung because the dude is ugly as fuck otherwise. Even makes Kevin look hot by comparison.

No. 73158

And Lori cheated on Kevin with Rikki when they lived in Washington.

No. 73159

I wonder if this is why Lori is the way she is

No. 73174

No, she's been the way she is for decades now. She's never really cared how shitty someone was if they gave her dick, attention, or money. Especially all three, which Rikki did.

No. 73176

This is milkier than Lori shooping her pics with snow for the millionth time, just sayin’.

No. 73254

Lori was this way before Rikki she did this shit to Scott except Scott was her same age so he didn’t put up with her shit he had goals. Hence why all of her majority of the men she dates besides Steven is younger than her. Rikki too was younger not as young as Kevin I believe he was 2 or three years older than Kevin, but that guy basically gave Lori a taste of her medicine with stretching her walls out and buying her a few things here or there. This is why she was sprung off of him he didn’t take her shit and he didn’t allow her to tell him what to do . When he left Lori was at her skinniest 89 lbs then he came back fucked her again and she announced she is dating him again then that’s when she found out later in that kitty chick was involved they broke up and she unfortunately met Kevin and ruined his life. Kevin was the only dumbass that is allowing her to ruin him and does everything she says that’s why she treats him like shit.

No. 73256

But they looooooove each other! It doesn’t matter if he gets treated poorly so long as they love each other uwu

No. 73258

So from the sounds of it, Kitty is in fact not an abuser as Lori claims, she’s just a girl her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with. And if Lori considers that “abusive” what does that make her? Lmao. Get it together Lori.

No. 73259

Idk anon I’d bang Rikki over Kevin if it was solely based on appearances. Not even a question.

No. 73267

Let’s not give Scott too much credit here, he also turned out to be a fucking loser and is going nowhere fast

No. 73368

Why post this now. What did kitty do. Somebody should link kitty to this thread to defend herself.(cowtipping)

No. 73386


Lori will say, accuse, and blame anyone / anything to deflect from taking responsibility for herself.

Lori's lifelong narrative is that she is a poor, helpless victim. She is incapable of feeling empathy for the people she abused over the years and will never take responsibility for her actions.

Therefore, any perceived or real criticism of Lori triggers her personality-disordered rage that demands someone / something else be blamed instead of her.

My guess is that some of the recent comments here directly threatened her victim narrative. She's already tried unsuccessfully deflecting to self-diagnosed autism. Lori is a predator who uses her false narrative as camoflague.

No. 73402

No one is even attacking Kitty here. No cowtipping newfag.

She's slowly morphing into a blob in a wig with a face. Shits so smoothed and overly saturated it's getting hard to make out shapes. kek.

No. 73416


It had to have been for the money.

For such a vapid loon to have sex with a guy so fugly… only his money could possibly be attractive (for someone desperate).

No. 73431


What do you have on Scott? Details on his loser status plox if you have them

No. 73486

Trust me money is not the only thing that keeps a woman wanting more even though the relationship is toxic. I’m sure Kevin is for the money because he allows her to frolic around while he busts his ass. Rikki would get her things, but not like how the others did. The guy has fat king dick that kept Looney in check he obviously is good in bed with that thing because he managed to have a girl break up her marriage for him only to he cast aside because he started fucking Lori again behind her back and she found out. So the short answer is it’s his dick and most likely sense of humor that keeps girls coming.

No. 73487

Did Scott get rid of his Facebook he used to be friends with Looney? Also yes spill on Scott being pathetic last I had seen of him he was obsessed with cosplaying Jedi’s

No. 73495


His Facebook is under his name Scott Lind. He has is on lockdown for the most part.

He used to be a scumbag. I bet he still is.

No. 73496

File: 1574376010823.jpeg (197.38 KB, 750x1144, 5B215BBD-E60F-4694-A7AD-73A57C…)

The irony.

No. 73498

The over amount of shopping and contrast makes her look like a weird red and flesh coloured shape/blob. But hey, at least there some shape of a nose there.

No. 73523

>sexy or not close at all

But if you choose to publically cosplay a character inaccurately, people can judge your costume, Kevin

No. 73532

I'm one of the deleted ones. I got deleted (I think) a few months after he asked me if a status I had made about people pathetically fishing for compliments was about him… it was not. But seeing all these posts now I understand why he thought it was, because he's so desperate for attention.
I remember when he started dating Lori I was kinda like "eh…?" Because I had read all about her drama on the internet, but I kind of gave her the benefit of the doubt because I was like "well she's older now, and Kevin can't be THAT dumb to date someone THAT crazy, so maybe she's grown up." Oh boy oh boy, was I wrong.
I wonder if he deleted me because he got butthurt about my status that wasn't directed at him, or if Lori deleted me herself because she went back in our convos and saw him hitting on me drunkenly (before they were dating, but I'm sure that would still piss her off).
But yeah, I didn't notice I was deleted until I saw him tagged in something and it showed we weren't friends anymore. So I decided to google his batshit gf to see if there was any drama even though I had given her the benefit of the doubt, and woooweeee I was not disappointed.

No. 73564

Welcome to the club. If only all of us apologized to him and believed him!

Honestly I thought she outgrew her antics when I first heard about her again, but looks like she didn't. They honestly deserve each other since they're both vapid af.

No. 73570

I think she was doing good for a while. After her divorce she kind of went downhill again.

No. 73603

Exactly Steven kept her sane and normal she was being herself and not skin walking anyone. She is naturally a gothic type of girl she usually doesn’t where a bunch of pink and reds her favorite color changes by the character she skinwalks. It’s really sad because how can you get to know her when she is basically playing a role daily. She all of a sudden had an obsession with honey because 02 when before than she doesn’t eat sweets because she was worried about her weight.

No. 73657

File: 1574522086380.jpg (635.89 KB, 960x960, lmao.jpg)

What are all the turquoise colored S shapes on Kevin's chest?

No. 73658

File: 1574522471340.jpeg (150.64 KB, 2560x1440, B45473BE-2E6C-4BA1-B220-E655A1…)

I think it’s supposed to be from this part of the anime…his face though. Yikes.

No. 73659

I thought he tried to draw chest hair lmao

No. 73662

god this looks terrible. it feels like she intentionally tries to make him look like shit, like there can't be any other reason why you would edit your own boyfriend like this

No. 73664

Imma be honest. Kev, this ain’t a masculine pic of you bro

No. 73666

This is some cringe weebshit lmao. It looks like Lori ground Kevin's face through an overfiltered purikura machine.
Those blue streaks look like tit veins.
Oh my!

No. 73679

This face shoop makes him look like a teen girl cosplaying as a male, it's really bad. Especially considering he looks like a dried out crackhead irl >>72938

No. 73688

File: 1574550559617.jpg (75.29 KB, 1280x1075, IMG_20191123_160809_241.jpg)

No. 73689

File: 1574550741690.jpg (81.12 KB, 960x960, IMG_20191123_161039_639.jpg)

No. 73693


This is some creepy pasta uncanny valley scary shit. This will haunt my dreams.


I wonder how Kevin feels about this.

No. 73695

She's trying to photoshop him into a type of guy she's into lol

No. 73696

Kevin's already getting too old for her, he has face and chest hair. Have fun earing money to keep her, then getting thrown into the trash like all her other fiancees/husbands!

No. 73698

This post praising this rando's huge dick reads like a selfpost to me
>so good in bed
>huge dick

k. Just sounds like a rumour a guy would spread about himself.

No. 73699

Reading it again, it's impossible that this isn't a selfpost. Who would write this about someone else?

>The guy has fat king dick that kept Looney in check he obviously is good in bed

No. 73706

she's gonna just shoop her own face onto him next huh

No. 73709

I mean, her face is longer and more masculine than what she's been shopping his face into lately. kek.

No wonder Kev got so insecure about his chest hair in >>72702 that he tried to blur it out.

No. 73710

I'd feel a little bad if my gf photoshopped me into something I blatantly don't look like.
Maybe Kevin ought to adopt some healthy insecurity over the issue, cause it's proof he has an expiry label when he can no longer be so easily shooped >>73688. Or if Lori manages to find a younger weeb to provide her rent and cosplay props.
Does he think he's special and not like her others? Bless his heart.

No. 73712

This is just bizarre to me. As another woman who doesn't like "hairy macho beasts" this seems… weird she's dating Kevin. He'd look much better as a "hairy macho beast" because he's NOT feminine in the slightest IMO, I've seen him in person several times. She's trying to force an aesthetic on him because it's what she likes, even though it doesn't suit his appearance. She's just making him look worse, and trying to feminize him just makes him look like an old masculine man pretending to be a girl, not the pretty boi aesthetic she claims to like. She's getting too old to score an actual feminine looking "pretty boy", so she has to resort to feminizing a relatively masculine man.

No. 73716

did she shoop herself to be entirely smaller? the scale seems really freaky here, like either kevin is too big or lori is too small

she also smoothed away his entire face lmao

No. 73719

Poor due like fuck. He's made his bed, but to willingly be with someone who basically says a natural feature, very common in men AND women [mostly darker and thicker on men] is digusting and you hate it and you say is publicly? What a mother fucking ugly bitch. Kevin. Get away from this person and get a fucking life.

No. 73724

File: 1574584176250.jpeg (463.78 KB, 750x850, 4AFFE2B1-6F12-467E-B96D-9A5598…)

He would cosplay some pretty boy characters in the past but he doesn’t have the femme soft features she’s shopping him to have. Here’s a photo of Kevin from a couple years ago from the pre-Lori days on his IG.

No. 73727

imagine being so obsessed with being weeb pedobait you force your boyfriend to look ~*bishie~* and call him disgusting for having body hair

No. 73755

Girl legit sounds like a pedophile sometimes. The fact that she calls herself loli isn’t helping with that

No. 73769

All this photo establishes is that he was a beta male before Lori and continues to be one despite her? Soz anons but this pic does nothing for me (sure, he looks less tired) but his crop top makes him look like it's disabled kids first cosplay time

No. 73770

I think it was posted not to show he’s attractive but that he’s a masculine looking guy with body hair. Compare this photo to how Lori has been editing him.

No. 73772

I think the definition of masculinity has changed because that ain't it lol. Sure he's got body hair, and Lori likes making him look like baby's first shounen, but judging by the pose/hair/personality that's something he was striving for long before Lori. The PS is just showing us how his ~kawaii~ insides are now matching his outside uwu

No. 73794

File: 1574670293344.jpg (28.23 KB, 656x369, bertmc.jpg)

Not that anon, but he's fairly "masculine" by weeb standards. He's very scruffy, has a lot of body hair, etc. He's not macho by any definition, but also not very feminine either. He just looks like one of those scuzzy emo band dudes tbh. Lori seems to have some sort of unsettling shota fetish now? I suppose that's why tall, hairy, strung out looking Kevin needs so much of that sweet, sweet photoshop.

No. 73805

File: 1574697526220.jpg (70.52 KB, 1280x999, IMG_20191125_085604_233.jpg)

So Lori took Kevin out of her Instagram bio. It used to say "I take a lot of selfies and cosplay with my fiance @krookedkev" but now it just says this. Kevin's bio still has Lori mentioned. I wonder if they had a fight or if Lori is trying to make herself look available to her audience

No. 73819

She hid being engaged on fb too

No. 73820

Could be shes trying to be more marketable with her patreons by appearing unattached.

No. 73823

I wonder if Kevin is cool with that

No. 73824

god I hope for kevin's sake they broke up

No. 73835

File: 1574708457212.jpeg (104.92 KB, 750x388, 27A2B69E-68D0-416D-BCE8-557D8A…)

Kevin’s IG still says fiancé.


No. 73836

File: 1574708766991.jpeg (147.42 KB, 750x527, D9DB8BA2-4D1D-4AFB-B9BE-94A056…)


Her bio is back to how it was before. If they had a fight it was resolved quick!

No. 73842

Love to see a 30-something woman doing the “change my relationship status on social media” game like a 14-year-old

No. 73897

Another obvious way you can tell she bought followers. She has been stalled at 11.2k but she was gaining 2k a day before than until it capped out. I won’t be surprised if she ends up buying another 10k soon. I don’t know what person would pay for nudes of the same character….

No. 73921

Is she actually from N.Y.? I don't remember that being on her ED page or if it was ever brought up where she was from.

No. 73922

Isn't she from Maryland? Or am I remembering her origin story wrong?

No. 73923

i thought she was from new jersey originally but i have no idea. her ED page is absolute shite anyway and needs a complete current rehaul.

No. 73925

AYRT it says NJ I believe and yeah that page ain't that great and misses the good shit from way back apparently cuz I had to sift thru lots of old LiveJournal for that dry milk of yester year. And it harps on her being Mexican which is not milk and who cares when she's got so much cuntery to her name.

No. 73942

Someone update ED. I’m lazy.

No. 73944

She was probably raised in Jersey City or somewhere even less relevant in NJ and is too embarrassed to admit it.
If that's the case then she grew up in an abject shithole too.

No. 73963

File: 1574823771602.jpeg (125.46 KB, 720x960, B09E3055-196F-4A68-AB9A-648765…)

lol and the shopping gets worse. He is unrecognizable…

No. 73967

File: 1574825490359.jpg (72.15 KB, 951x1054, n3Lzmlg.jpg)

Why is this mans neck almost as thick as his whole head? He looks like a thumb with a face. His lil double chin, tiny face, and absolute lack of a jawline are all beautiful though.

I guess "krookedkev" is an accurate descriptor to how she shoops him. Dude always looks like something out of one of those shitty "how to draw anime" books.

No. 73986

Is Kevin wearing a dress with no pants? Is that why there's a triangle in the bottom corner? So we don't see more of his bare legs? Wait that's Lori's leg. what a bizarre picture.

No. 73987

File: 1574833543594.jpg (140.15 KB, 970x1279, IMG_20191126_224056_265.jpg)

Kevin's description of that photo lol

No. 73988

If the top of his wig is meant to be the top of his head, this makes him look like a Martian. The horn headband is at the actual top of his head so what's the extra 6 inches supposed to be?

No. 73989

File: 1574836625675.jpg (200.64 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20191127-172838__01…)

Why is Kev with Lori for clout when any 'clout' he's getting for his ~bishie~ couples cosplays is being destroyed by Lori obsessively prowling his comments? Like your relationship is announced for all to see in both of your bios, please calm the fuck down. Also had a lurk of the commenter, she's a big step up from looney and she's younger too. As if it wasn't already obvious why she is so defensive here kek

No. 74007

"God you're absolutely amazing" is quite the dick-chugging comment though. That's one of the more mature replies I've seen from Lori, and honestly I'd be uncomfortable too if someone was commenting that on my boyfriend's account (especially when what he posts is clearly not amazing)

No. 74021

Lori posts lewds and nudes for her orbiters though, thats what makes this kind of response to him getting positive attention in a picture she's literally in so pathetic

No. 74023

Was just about to say the same thing. You don’t see Kevin patrolling her accounts like that.

No. 74034


That is Lori's leg. She's straddling his leg.

No. 74041

File: 1574885504718.jpeg (95.03 KB, 750x357, E338F6F7-0568-498F-A1BC-A0FDC6…)

No. 74048

File: 1574887315799.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1536x2046, 7735FEBA-7F48-4135-84A2-17D305…)

No. 74049

Kevin is a bigger cow than Lori, Lori has the smarts not to acknowledge the forms

No. 74054

was gonna say this. Lori has stayed quiet about this. she hasn't acknowledged the site at all. she has been posting her lewds and selfies and mostly minded her own business.

kevin is the bigger cow fosho because he can't ever keep his mouth shut and is constantly bringing his "smaller circle" over to this page and accusing anons of being fat and unhappy. the fact his posts keep getting leaked means more people are aware of what's going on here and are laughing at his ridiculousness. why's he so obsessed with getting likes?

kevin, go take a long break from the internet.

No. 74062

File: 1574890094633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.65 KB, 540x960, 1525417476280.jpg)

kevin plz if someone you're dating literally doesn't let you have any friends that's abuse

or did you forget about the time she made you gouge into your own leg to prove you didn't like a girl you were friends with?

some people are actually worried about you but yah sure, they're ~fake friends~ because they don't support your crazy toxic relationship or like your fb posts. the longer you spend with her the more like her you become and she's fucking insane

No. 74071

I bet she post some of those status on his account. She's too controlling not to.

No. 74075

Wait wtf? Did he post this himself or someone leaked it? Because this is exactly the kind of shit that makes people not support their relationship or like their photos. What the hell?

No. 74077

It was leaked here by a concerned anon

No. 74078

Does anyone know how long they were dating for when this happened? He should have left after this happened.

No. 74079

File: 1574897381079.png (40.05 KB, 155x275, 1525464808945.png)

Was also posted in the facebook comments on the post he made about him and Lori getting back together.

The texts of Lori threatening to accuse him of rape were first leaked here though I think. It was either here or reddit.

Not sure but they did break up at one point. Police were involved, as were Kevin's parents since he's about 10 years younger than Lori. The picture in >>74062 was posted in response to them getting back together. Lots of concerned friends telling Kevin to gtfo rather than get back together with her. More details are in the first lori thread since that's when it happened but obviously he didn't listen to them.

No. 74080

Yeah, but the comment is coming from a literal teenager on a photo of both of them in cosplay together? Still seems a little extreme unless Kev was spamming hearts back or something. Lori comes off super insecure, which by all accounts we've seen, she is.

Classic manipulation tactic from Lori tbh, separating him from friends and family. Making it seem like it's "us against the world". He's romanticizing his own abuse.

Kek. It's an anonymous board Kev. Imagine being so dense that you blindly accuse a bunch of faceless anons of being "frozen dinner eating fatties" when you've outed yourself in the past for being exactly that. Whose really projecting here?

I used to feel for the dude, but I think he's too far gone at this point. He's going to desperately orbit Lori and play parrot until she leaves him for someone else just like the others.

No. 74092

rofl Kev is honestly my favorite cow right now. His lurking makes my day.

No. 74113

Seriously the more Kevin posts the less empathy I feel for him. He just sounds so immature, conceited, and honestly not very smart. How does he not realize this isn't helping anything, why does he completely lack any inhibition? The shit he posts on facebook is so embarrassing. Also like… you know we can see the pictures, right? They're not subtly altered, they're uncanny valley inhuman. It's scary that you don't see that.

Kevin, what is your plan? Do you want to be doing all this same crap for the rest of your life? Be Hiro forever instead of cosplaying the characters you like? Support Lori because we all know she'll never work full time? Be a 40-year-old still begging for facebook likes? I know you're deep in the sunk cost fallacy but please think. Go back to college, learn some new things, experience life. Grow up. Respect yourself cause this ain't it.

No. 74134

Actually I have read very few comments from anyone saying they were overweight, pretty sure a good percentage of lolcow users are slim and happy (including me)

Following amusing people online =/= having anything wrong with our lives. Aren't the stereotypical bitches hot girls (see: Mean Girls, cheerleader trope etc)

Anyway Kevin is actually a huge cow in his own right and we love to see it. Imagine liking one of his photos and then getting a DM to remind you to like a photo with Lori in it too. We are all dying from thirst over here, Kev, thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow.

No. 74136

This is the most deranged thing I've seen on this board, and that's saying a lot. What even is the logic here? Self harm to prove you don't like someone? Whe?

No. 74137

Well it's Lori so I'm assuming the logic was something like
>You can't be friends with a girl!! You must be cheating on me with her!
>I can't believe you just saying that you're only friends, prove it to me!!
>If you really love me and only me you'll prove it by hurting yourself!! No, not like that, deeper!

No. 74174

File: 1574971097509.jpeg (144.98 KB, 1241x460, 284ED6A8-B77B-4419-BA1A-F42F6D…)

What about that ice comment towards sonya?

No. 74181

Okay Lori, you best hop to it and free those children! Seriously this is so pathetic, I'll bet anything she's just bitter because Kevin's family probably hates her so Thanksgiving sucks for her. Also being anachan hinders celebrating a holiday where food is involved too I'm sure.
Just because there's constant things going on in the world doesn't mean families should feel bad spending time together and being grateful for the blessings they have. I know you wouldn't understand, Lori, since you've never been grateful for a single the three and a half decades you've been alive.

No. 74184

Bitter and sad woman seething on her computer alone while Kevin is in another room avoiding her and sneaking food.

No. 74189

File: 1574979627562.jpg (74.91 KB, 965x1280, IMG_20191128_151313_951.jpg)

So Lori has a patreon tier where she offers custom nudes upon request, along with a pair of Kevin crafted Zero Two horns. I wonder how Kevin feels about having to hand craft these horns for Lori's patrons. Maybe he has a humiliation fetish. Why would she even offer those? I can't imagine any of the dudes who are paying are going to wear these horns? Maybe she puts them in her butt first?

No. 74195

He's so retarded, when he has tons of unshooped pics on social media >>73724 how does he really expect people to think he looks like an uwu anime femmeboi like in >>73689 ??

It's not like cosplay makeup changes your entire facial structure. He literally looks like a different person but sounds like he has reverse BDD claiming he looks like an irl animu boy.

No. 74205

Kevin is the biggest cuck. I just imagine him crafting these horns for her neckbeards, while Lori sits on the bed, posing and taking selfies.

No. 74219


Kevin isn't even friends with his mom on Facebook. He's friends with his brother, who is friends with their mom. Lori has cost him much.

No. 74237

Literally not how IG works at all. Followers come in waves, even if you aren't buying followers. it's in no way steady.

No. 74243

Even if that were true, there’s proof Lori bought her followers so this is null and void regardless.

No. 74246

File: 1575057025299.jpeg (928.98 KB, 1242x1227, 619F199E-FC35-48EE-A097-97054E…)


No. 74247

File: 1575057115366.jpeg (217.15 KB, 750x739, A75A240C-C1E7-4572-96EC-9E4EDC…)

No. 74249

No one would care if she didn't claim she is completely natural in her photos, Kev.

No. 74251

>minor fixes

Ok Kevin, because Lori shaving down her man jaw, straightening her beak nose and enlarging her mole rat eyes to the size of saucers in every photo is just "minor editing"

No. 74252

Yes people have the freedom to edit their own images however they see fit. There is a difference between editing out blemishes, or enhancing colors especially with makeup to make it look true to resembling it in person. Editing yourself to not even resemble your own features and selling pictures online while also crying how inaccurate other cosplayers are is a blatant lie. You’re literally lying to your patrons and fans. It also borders along body dismorphia.

No. 74254

Kevin when you whole facial structure has been pretty much changed from your actual self that’s not called editing, it’s called complete manipulation. If I were to see both of you in real life I wouldn’t even recognize you because you both have Johnny bravo chins smaller eyes and your nose isn’t two holes. It has nothing to do with seeing people in the worst it’s called being authentic in a world full of fakes like both of you. We all have seen Looneys age lines no one would care if she would stop manipulating people into thinking she is fucking Loli bate. Get the hell over yourselves.

No. 74256

File: 1575068564195.png (55.35 KB, 320x251, iu.png)

>we got lights
Aha Anon I just saw saw this when I opened the thread. Great minds.

No. 74258

God, he is so insufferable. He deserves being treated like absolute garbage.

No. 74263

>It's not your photo
>This is MY photography!

Kevin is such a loser

No. 74264

File: 1575076153554.jpg (127.39 KB, 1043x1043, IMG_20191129_180856_529.jpg)

No. 74268

Agree. Kevin's stupid responses are honestly my favorite thing. he keeps lurking but never gets better at cosplay or being a regular human being.

No. 74270


Hey Kevin –

When you rant about haters being jealous of your natural kawaiiness to deflect from your shitty personality and bad life choices, does Lori screech "omg stop copying meeee"?

jfc stop boohooing about superficial shit like shoop accusations, you vapid twat. take ownership of your choices – to drop out of college and be a full-time cuck for an infamously abusive psychocunt.

No. 74274

Unshooped kinda looks like a malnutritioned gillian jacobs, furthest thing from lolibait.

No. 74286

File: 1575120946592.png (5.62 MB, 828x1792, 1D3804BC-9758-4C20-B015-148A16…)

>minor fixes

No. 74287

File: 1575121687682.jpeg (374.42 KB, 1125x1245, 3F506911-3692-4704-A3D7-303629…)

I haven’t given this thread a second thought since I blocked Lori for being a racist, body shaming piece of garbage towards me but her weirdo boyfriend messaged me out of the blue this morning at 8:00 AM (5 or 6 AM his time???) talking about some shit ya’ll are talking about on here. Ya’ll got him so shook that he’s thinking about this place so early in the morning.

Kevin, uncanny valley is not an exclusive term that I’ve only used, it’s extremely common and it applies to the weirdo ass filters used on you to make you look strange and unnatural. Ima block your goofy ass too.(rule 5.3)

No. 74290


That drama miner DJ Ranmas made that horrible ICE comment, not Lori.
Lori wrote horrible, petty things on that thread but nothing to the tune of “ICE should be called on her family” kind of hateful shit.

No. 74291

Lmaoooo I'm one of the other anons who said their pictures were in the uncanny valley (really the fact that so many anons are seeing this should maybe tell them something?). I have absolutely no connection to Kevin or Lori or cosplay in general in real life, I just follow this thread because the milk is so good. Big yikes that someone would assume this is a phrase that only one person would use, it's a pretty well-known idea for most adults.

Kevin, in the last few days you've claimed no editing and then ranted about how you DO edit but no one should judge you for it. You're lashing out at random people who it looks like were once supportive. You're driving everyone away from you and coming off as more crazy than Lori lately, which is saying something. Maybe close lolcow and facebook for a few days?

No. 74292


I actually never cared about this dude and his poor life choices until this post. The hour in which he sent it and whom he sent it to is worrisome. He’s becoming unhinged. I now feel really bad for him. He must feel trapped.
If he breaks up with Lori, he’s going to get hit with 1000 “I told you so’s” from his fake internet friends. So he’s doubling down on his bad bet. He sees no way out of this relationship. His depression and low self esteem are encouraging him to ride this shit out to the bitter, most likely catastrophic end.

No. 74295

Kevin sympathizers are more pathetic than he is. I'm glad there aren't as many of them shitting up the thread as there used to be but there are still a few.

No. 74306

Kevin's getting agitated, wonder if Lori's cheating on him again.

No. 74311

File: 1575135490651.jpg (50.06 KB, 1280x833, IMG_20191130_103733_090.jpg)


No. 74316

So? Let him meet his fate. He is absolutely unwilling to work on himself or listen to the people who only want the best for him. He bodyshames them, lashes out at them because that’s what he learned to do from his garbage girlfriend. He KNOWS he’s being abused, but he’s too lazy and emotionally retarded to do anything about it. So he’s enjoying his life as a doormat which can and will be easily replaced.

No. 74323

Honestly, with all the help and resources he's been offered (which is much more than most in domestic violence), Kevin's a lost cause until HE gets his own head out of his ass. He'll be lucky if he realizes it when he has literally nothing left and Lori's left him for the next boytoy willing to buy her love.

No. 74342

It’s so sad that a grown man’s go-to insult for anonymous strangers is “you’re fat.”

No. 74348

because lori's an anachan and forced him to lose weight as well it's probably the most devastating insult he can think of

No. 74349

That is if still has ANY friends left.

No. 74359

Hilarious! Sorry we can change the words all we want but "Lewd" are porn. They use to call it soft core. Sorry but you do PORN.

No. 74360

She is, shes from Port Washington Long Island, I grew up in a neighboring town around the same time as her

No. 74374

It's obvious he's insecure that he used to be pudge or he wouldn't jump right to screeching "fatty" at anyone who doesn't like him or who he interprets as criticizing him.

No. 74392

File: 1575215514600.jpg (122.7 KB, 1042x1279, IMG_20191201_085023_196.jpg)

Again, why would her neckbeards want this? She could be offering used panties or socks/stockings to the foot dweebs. I don't get it

No. 74399

Good god anon don't give her any ideas. She's already content pandering to foot fetishists on instagram, which I still don't understand. Yes, she's gross and pretty much the lowest of the low, but really? Foot fetishists, Lori?

No. 74401

She thinks she has female buyers, wtf is a man going to do with a flower crown unless she wipes her pussy with it.

No. 74411

I’m shocked she isn’t doing lewd vids and sellin bath water yet

No. 74424

File: 1575279141787.jpg (530.05 KB, 1080x1350, wheresnose.jpg)

Nice nose shoop

No. 74432

File: 1575300699467.jpg (110.52 KB, 1085x1280, IMG_20191202_083058_878.jpg)

No. 74434

She trollin us right

No. 74436

footfags wont buy pics of your toes when your polish is chipped and grown out, Lori. she's so lazy

No. 74448

She has no job and can't take the time to fix her polish or change her makeup when changing costumes. Those pink eyebrows look horrendous and her eyeliner is shit as per usual, not even Snow can fix it.

No. 74453

File: 1575322383595.jpg (640.93 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_20191202_122517.jpg)

Dropped my pic

No. 74461

Can't bother with more appropriate makeup.
That fucking dead eyed stare
The clearly untrimmed bangs

She really thinks she has any right to comment on anyone elses cosplay??

No. 74463

I'm starting to get really tired of the same makeup she uses for every character.

Lazy cunt.

No. 74478

Footfags won't buy pics of your toes when your pics are so blurry and over saturated that they can hardly make out how many toes you even got. kek.

Also, I know it's been said before, but damn her feet are absolutely massive.

No. 74491

What is she doing with her arm? Nobody just sits like that. Her attempts at looking ethereal haven't changed in fifteen years.

No. 74498

File: 1575351409935.jpeg (131.2 KB, 1242x1072, B3A03720-EC2F-443D-8CD8-178527…)

I wonder if Lori inspired this with her post about kitty.

No. 74515

File: 1575377077394.jpg (116.9 KB, 1229x1280, IMG_20191203_053943_052.jpg)

She's speaking to the anon who pointed out the untrimmed bangs.

No. 74528

She wants to be Belle delphine so oooooo bad lmao.

No. 74529

Her ahegao is so bad if that’s what she’s going for in that second pic. I can’t tell.

Also bold of us to assume she would actually cut and style her wigs herself considering she can’t even polish her toes for feet pics and has never made her own cosplays to begin with lmao

No. 74530

Her ahegao is so bad if that’s what she’s going for in that second pic. I can’t tell.

Also bold of us to assume she would actually cut and style her wigs herself considering she can’t even polish her toes for feet pics and has never made her own cosplays to begin with lmao

No. 74538

Are any ahegaos ever "good" though? It looks stupid whenever anybody does it.

No. 74541

File: 1575402691019.jpg (116.94 KB, 1280x814, IMG_20191203_125000_986.jpg)

>works with emotions of mine that have clashed with almost everyone

Loool he writes like a hostage

No. 74543

And she never posts anything like this about him. Tragic lol

No. 74546

I feel like she forces him to post these lol

No. 74547

More blurry, low-quality pics. This shit is boring.

No. 74548

Lmao his upside down egg head shop. Jesus Christ

She totally forces him to write these.

No. 74552

the one on the left, my sides.
cracks me up she shoops her nose into non-existence and has 0 nasolabial folds. Lori doesn't even a boomer could spot that photoshop. keep up with the times, maybe check out some tutorials if you're going to insist on editing this heavily. at least learn what you're attempting to do.
also some makeup tutorials would go a long way because the sad 2005 crusty wings you're doing are hilariously bad.

No. 74555

W-where’s their noses?!!!!!!

No. 74560

He quite literally just called her an enabler… if you have qualities that clash with people often, those qualities are most likely toxic. If she has no problem with it, she’s just enabling you to continue being toxic. Those relationships destroy people. Have fun in your misery together. Cheers!

No. 74573

Who is this even supposed to be? Her "cosplays" are so low tier. Pink eyebrows, ill fitting bathing suits and all.

Blink twice if you need help Kev. Wish he'd retire the Hiro cosplay already, it's so obnoxiously unflattering on him.

Irl anime girls and boys don't have noses anon! You're just jealous! It's the lighting!

No. 74580

You got a mishaped head, my dude.

She's shooped it into the shape of Dr. Finkelstein's head from Nightmare Before Christmas.

No. 74600


"I'd rather be uncanny valley you keep mentioning than a fat piece of garbage fermenting on a hate feed for the rest of your life. Get a grip and grow up." - Kevin

The uncanny valley is a relatively famous theory, Kevin.
It's a good thing you dropped out of college because you're legitimately dumb as shit – a higher education would be a wasted on you.

I hope you and Lori are both sterile because your collective genes are utter trash. Fortunately, you seem to be entirely lacking in testosterone as Lori's pet cuck so maybe she's already done the world a favor and properly castrated you.

No. 74603

Lori, to give her credit for the first time ever, has done the right thing by staying pretty quiet and not paying much attention to the “hate site.” She still reads it, no doubt, but she’s not actively sperging.

Kevin though truly is a prime cow with his constant ragey outbursts and his inability to not comment on every single thing posted here. Who knew an old seasoned cow would make way for possibly an even bigger one?

If this is the side of Kevin we’re seeing now, what was he like before? Since his “emotions have always clashed with everyone” I’m going to assume he was always a spergy beta and now he’s just got an excuse to openly rant and rave more often.

No. 74606

File: 1575452012494.jpg (71.31 KB, 640x708, 72214182_558013534999084_51122…)

The wig has been styled.

No. 74607

I disagree. It's not porn unless actual "private" parts are showing. But since she sells her nudes, yes she does porn. Unless you feel like you are watching porn when you go to the beach?

No. 74609

File: 1575454598417.jpg (59.94 KB, 1000x1000, wigref.jpg)

sage for nitpicking but that's not what a styled wig for that character looks like. And why even bother when she's just going to shove the zero two horns and makeup on anyway?

No. 74610

File: 1575455535365.jpg (61.5 KB, 640x708, 73011460_460798851483964_26472…)

Hmm yeah I guess the bangs are supposed to be longer and less blunt at the sides. I also can't tell if she has those two strips of medium length hair at the sides before it goes long. I'd say it's a nitpick buuuuut she is always criticizing other's cosplay for not being completely accurate so I think it's fair to point out when Lori's isn't.

No. 74611

ayrt, I mostly meant the braid that's meant to go over the top. seems like a pretty basic detail to leave out

No. 74612

File: 1575455765113.png (1014.1 KB, 1280x708, Emilia.png)

Here's the other two pics she posted. It doesn't seem like She has those two medium length pieces right next to the bangs. Maybe she'll fix the wig. I like when Lori tries to fix things that we complain about lol.

No. 74613

Oh I see. I thought that would be a separate piece attached to the flower. (I know nothing about cosplay or wigs)

No. 74618

if she would get a black wig I think she could pull off an exceptional Momo chan especially with how she shoops her nose into non-existence.

No. 74627

Wrong cause you guys are all young (or younger than I am), it's called "soft core porn" yes its porn, privates not being shown means nothing in this category. Changing it to "Lewds" is just a new gen way of distracting from the fact that the internet has given people a license to act like crap and rebrand it. If you put pics like this up say 30 years ago you would be stated as doing porn. Words mean something and this is still porn.

Not to mention she has done full nudes with privates over the years and is now selling them in her higher tears to Patrons.

So, yeah Lori does porn.

No. 74636

The only reason Lori is not sperging is because this forum for her age group of mid to low 30 year olds will ruin her. Imagine the cosplay community all finding this out that she abuses people and literally made her boy toy gash his knee to prove his love and threaten rape if he doesn’t do what she says. Not to mention there are photos up here that are not photoshopped and shows how much of fraud she is. Newbies would know she is a 34 year old masking around as a 20 year old loli.It will do more damage then good and Because Lori is selling her asshole she can’t afford to loose the money from her neck beards since she has imaginary broke back mountain she is arching up for her boy photographer.

No. 74641

File: 1575479577232.jpg (63.7 KB, 1280x879, IMG_20191204_101204_219.jpg)

Wow what a deal

No. 74642

I’ve said this in a previous thread but I’ll say it again… I’m surprised a bigger name hasn’t called her out for being so problematic. People have been blacklisted from the cosplay community for doing half the shit Lori has. Idk how she gets away without being called out publicly.

No. 74644

Because Lori was "cancelled" a decade ago and is by and large a nobody now. Not to mention these days the community is all about being (fake) nice and not hurting (fake) fee fees so people are too chicken shit even if they care.

Moomoo finally got put on blast after years of her toxic bullshit and some people STILL give that oinker a pass because ~positive vibes~.

No. 74645

File: 1575484610566.jpg (74.58 KB, 640x800, newcouch.jpg)

No. 74646

Her literally decades long rap sheet found just by looking up her name is probably enough. I don’t think anyone would want to bother putting in the effort for a new callout post when it’s already so readily available. She even refers to herself as “infamous” and that her name used to “strike fear” into people.

Most of Kevin’s friends know about Lori’s antics but figure since he’s too brainwashed he’s not worth saving, since he chose to get involved with Lori despite knowing her reputation.

No. 74652

File: 1575492218654.png (354.43 KB, 1440x2248, Screenshot_20191204-130125~2.p…)

Looks like Lori is back to bullying others on Twitter.

No. 74653

File: 1575493168745.jpg (110.57 KB, 1153x1280, IMG_20191204_135815_884.jpg)

Dunno who started it lol

No. 74655

File: 1575493713145.jpeg (76.51 KB, 945x2048, EK86V_AWwAAl4TT.jpeg)

Lori said this to her, and other stuff about her being fat

No. 74660

If it was the girl commenting that started it, I just….the fuck did you expect when you put it like that? Lori already gets easily defensive over less confrontational posts. Lori's a cunt but it's hard to feel bad for someone who is all too eager to beat the hornet's nest in this way.

No. 74661

I think the girl started it? She tweeted this:

>"she did nothing wrong so you had it coming" bitch came into my dms calling me a fucking pig based on old photos of me after i asked her why her eyebrows are pink that's not on the same fucking level

Didn't screenshot because she seems to be upset about being posted on here

No. 74662

Kevin coming to her defense in 3…2…1…

No. 74663

File: 1575495864897.jpg (369.03 KB, 960x958, MYXJ_20191204133830745_save.jp…)

As much as I think Lori is a piece of shit, this girl is obviously drama thirsty. You can't act like your comment was harmless when you were very clearly trying to provoke Lori, and now you're acting like this because…it worked?

No. 74664

Lol same minds! I was just thinking how I can't wait for the Kevin posts about this. Kevin Facebook anons be on the lookout.

No. 74665

Seeing the language/way she uses I wouldn't be surprised if she was lurking and that's what started it. Also seemed to notice being posted rather quickly so it's kind of hard to feel sympathy if she is upset about being posted.

No. 74666

Yeah a few minutes ago she tweeted "WHO THE FUCK POSTED ME TO THE FARMS?!" and then locked her account.

No. 74670

Why does she have to wear the Zero Two horns with totally unrelated cosplay? It ruins it, might aswell just use her own hair too and make it a Zero Two vesion

No. 74673

I've noticed that random internet users get screenshotted and posted here a lot, probably because Lori/Kevin think that anyone who starts shit with them is either a farmer or knows about the faggotry they pull. I'm honestly convinced it's them doing it. Lori isn't sperging like anon earlier said, it's cause she's posting instead.
saged for obvious tinfoil but idk I think it's true. she enjoys publicly "shaming" anyone who goes against her, especially on their FBs.
then the farmers here take the bait and shit on whoever is calling Lori out, even though 1. they're right 2. it's the same shit people say about her here.
I like seeing people call her out. she deserves it. and people proke lori because there's always guarenteed an instant catty reply. it's the internet, people are going to poke the bear.

No. 74674

File: 1575499832768.jpg (133.66 KB, 817x1279, IMG_20191204_154827_886.jpg)

Aww. We're thankful for you, Kevin.

>Lori has helped boost my confidence so much these past two years.

If you say so.

No. 74675

I'm the anon who posted >>74663 and you can think I'm Lori just as much as I could think you're that Twitter user who made a provoking tweet at her. And again, Lori is a massive piece of shit who deserves to be called out, absolutely. But since it needs to be reiterated, it is really, really hard to feel bad for someone who very clearly is trying to start shit and very clearly knows about lori's history and wants to keep making posts about here then suddenly being upset at the caps here. No one is calling the girl ugly, no one is trashing on her.

It's really simple - if you can't take the heat then stay out of the kitchen, or if you knowingly stick your hand into an open fire, maybe don't cry when you get a blister.

No. 74676

yeah fair enough. hate to agree, because I hate seeming farmer vs. farmer but fair is fair I guess.

just want to shoutout whoever the covert FB anon is, the Kevinposts are genuinely the most entertaining part of all of this. the skinwalking belle is popular with e-thots of late but how many of their boyfriends are this fucking milky.
Kev you're a creamy boy keep it rollin.

No. 74677

>ok boomer
I laughed

No. 74678

File: 1575500656486.jpg (465.69 KB, 1006x1060, confidence.jpg)

No. 74679

Not thankful for friends, Kev?

Oh wait, you don't have any.

No. 74681

File: 1575501005638.jpeg (215.76 KB, 828x1518, E3A05C32-428B-4421-8304-9C2525…)

No. 74682

File: 1575501650438.jpg (1.07 MB, 1657x1711, MYXJ_20191204152035413_save.jp…)

I didn't know genetics make you look like you're Voldemort about to evaporate
I was on the side of anzumajo being attention seeking but now I just want to see her and her friends burn Lori to the ground

Which btw Lori, friendly reminder this is what your "doll genetics" make you actually look like

No. 74683

File: 1575502039043.jpeg (57.77 KB, 1080x607, EK86WftWsAE7DgV.jpeg)

Here's the screenshot anzu posted. I saved it before she locked her account. It seems like Lori's go-to insult is calling people fat and that's it.

No. 74685

since she is obsessed with being "smol" and is vain about her appearance, she literally has no other insult to use except fat. she doesn't bother getting to know people so she always goes for the most superficial insult even if the person in question is not fat.

No. 74686

Everything she does is lazy, even her insults. At least Kev accuses us of being frozen dinner fed fatties

No. 74687

Pictures in bikinis 30 years ago were considered porn?
Sure, Jan.

No. 74688

How does Lori not have a KiwiFarms thread yet?? This needs to happen

No. 74690

she has been mentioned in some threads on KF but doesn't have one of her own.

No. 74691

File: 1575505860672.jpg (82.3 KB, 602x1280, IMG_20191204_172928_707.jpg)

Haha she used to do this with her Mamorus all the time

No. 74692

File: 1575506698688.jpg (49.35 KB, 640x800, O_____O.jpg)

No. 74693

File: 1575506976418.png (2.41 MB, 828x1792, 070A6D8C-D413-422E-A9A1-320F96…)

The wish for a call out post came true

No. 74694

Those eyebrows seriously do look like shit with that Emilia cosplay. She could have just done Ram or something.

No. 74697

File: 1575507955160.jpg (309.17 KB, 2048x1536, momo.jpg)

every time I scroll past these shooped pics of kevin I think it's fucking momo

No. 74698

Plus she's only cosplaying Emilia so she can do more ~lewds~ right? Would make way more sense to do a more popular sexualized character like Rem/Ram.

No. 74699


I can't believe it: someone stupider than fucking Chris-Chan.

No. 74700

Even if the other person did start this shit Lori looks more pathetic as we’re dealing with a 34 year old who acts half her age and instead of you know ignore/block a person she had to have the last word and stoop down to her level. We have a female Chris Chan over here.

No. 74701

Is there any proof of her transphobic comments?

No. 74702

A friend of anzumajo, a transman, dmed Lori and cussed her out and Lori replied "Calm down little girl" I saw it on anzu's Twitter earlier before she locked up.

No. 74704

Damn she REALLY needs a reality check,who the hell cosplays the same character over and over plus this "Zero" character is another generic cookie cutter anime bimbo who looks like Sakura from Naruto

No. 74705

>The internet has given people a license to act like crap and rebrand it.

Agree. Really makes you long for the past before the influx of Gen Z kids naively rebranding everything because they made a Tumblr before their critical thinking skills kicked in. Don't get me wrong all generations have their problems, but I can't help but notice the progressive worsening of society. I feel like the internet has really sped up the process in which the the newer generations spew their crap onto those who came before. Only benefit I see is we'll inevitably end up with greater variation and quantities of lolcows. Sage for no1curr

No. 74706

Kek. >>71894 called it. She's literally skinwalking zero two cosplaying as other characters at this point. Stay crazy Lori.

Surprised she hasn't got hit with a warning or ban on IG for bullying yet tbh. She goes rabid over the dumbest shit. Imagine having no life to the point where some rando on the internet ruins your entire day just because they judged your eyebrow color. She may look her age, but she sure doesn't act it.

No. 74712

Your inability to listen to logic is slightly suspicious, although you're clearly not Lori. Her kind of boomer is unavailable to communicate in Facebook meme despite what the evidence would suggest kek

No. 74715

The fact that you think people in bikinis is softcore porn is questionable.
Softcore porn is… NUDES with no penetration, or portrayal of sexual acts and this has been the definition since literally the 70s. Hardcore porn is… FUCKING and penetration, and it always has been. You can literally google this shit. If you wanna make up your own terms on what "porn" is you can, but you look like a boomer. You'd have to be young before the 70s for you to actually think this is the definition of softcore porn.
That being said, I already conceded that Lori does porn because she does NUDES. Lewds are not porn if there's no nip/ass/vagina showing, or any sexual act being performed. Bikini models are not soft core pornstars as much as you'd like them to be.

Saging for idiotic discussion

No. 74717

I'm not even the same anon who started this discussion, but it's fucking hilarious how heated you're getting about my offhand comment on an anonymous image board. Don't ever change anon.

No. 74718

Can you autists bring it to OT and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 74724

I kek'd out loud at these, I forgot about them
Please, never let these candids die. Lori is haggard as fuck

No. 74730

File: 1575518930366.bmp (1.24 MB, 444x974, Untitled (Recovered).bmp)

Recent convert here! Long time lurker, first time posting caps because w.t.h.

This isn't even cosplay related and she still couldn't keep her shit attitude in check, laugh-reacting at someone's father dying of the flu, resorting to personal attacks against someone she doesn't know. What a disgusting bitch.

No. 74731

File: 1575519103493.png (12.86 KB, 422x148, Untitled.png)

and because I failed and didn't expand the "see more"

No. 74733

Bitch really needs her own thread. She would throw a nuclear temper tantrum.

No. 74734

What a nasty ass bitch. How does Kevin not see how horrendous she is? He can’t possibly look at this and think it’s normal behavior.

No. 74735

Damn. Lori comes across as a literal sociopath in this.

No. 74740


^ found link from Reddit of old pocky site with links.

No. 74742

Wow. Just wow. How can she have friends after that? She has no redeeming quality when it comes to being a decent person and to go as far as laughing at someone’s misfortune that includes death. And no Lori you’re the ugly one inside and out.

No. 74743

^ 10+ years of fb and lj "friendship" and standing up for my friend who's father fucking DIED is what gets me unfriended.


Should have trusted the internet, I guess -shrugs-

No. 74745

Well at least we know that she’s losing friends one by one with her cunty attitude. You’re better off without her anyway since she doesn’t deserve to have any friends. Now we could only hope that karma will be biting her ass hard.

No. 74747

I wonder how much of Lori’s makeup is also tested on animals

No. 74752

Lori is a fucking retard. I’m sure if that tragedy happened to someone she loved she’d be singing a different tune (if Lori is even capable of caring about anyone besides herself). As someone with a low white blood cell count because of medication I rely on my family to get vaccinated. It’s not as simple as just staying home. She truly is ignorant and can’t see past herself. It’s her world and we’re all just living in it.

No. 74753

I bet none of her clothing is vegan. Is she even a vegetarian?

No. 74755

At first I thought he was just naive. After some of the things posted here, I think he's just as rotten on the inside as she is.

No. 74757

No shit anon. He's been this way for a least a year and a half. Kevin infantilizers are fucking nauseating. Yes, he's just as rotten on the inside as Lori. Congratulations on your comprehension.

No. 74763

Her sad blt lettuce wraps say she isn’t

No. 74765

Is she kidding with the warping around his face in that pic?

No. 74766

Nope, and they both insist that's their real faces with only minimum shoop. Even though we've all seen what they really look like.

No. 74767

File: 1575570610328.jpeg (258.33 KB, 1191x1191, 901A9431-45D1-477F-9E78-D44A54…)

Has anyone ever seen this candid before? Christ her eyes are beady.

No. 74770

this bitch doesnt know how to pose

No. 74775

She doesn’t look so ‘smol’ for someone who like to throw out comments about other peoples weight lol

No. 74783

She doesn't look half bad here but damn, is her hair thin without extensions. Jesus

No. 74784

File: 1575583509193.jpeg (704.42 KB, 1242x1650, C7C86212-FCE7-4E60-ADE0-AB0021…)

Just a reminder of previous thread post.

No. 74785

"For fucks sake my fiance thought I was 22 when he met me."

Yea and we've already established how much of a fucking idiot he is, so that's not really a good back up.

You're delusional and need to be committed if you think you actually look like you do post-edits. And the sad thing is, you're actually pretty, Lori. But all of that is ruined the moment your fingers touch a keyboard or you open your fucking trash mouth

No. 74789

That "candid" does still look touched up even if not compared to her own hand.

No. 74791

Plus didn't someone mention when Kevin first came up in these threads that he was into Lori because he loves anachans or something? If they were just exaggerating him having a preference for skinny girls then it's whatever, but if he actually has some kind of eating disorder fetish then he's always been just as broken and mentally ill as Lori. Either way, he's a shallow asshole who only cares about looks even though he looks like fucking Onision and used to be a fatty himself.

No. 74793

Lori, I dare you to post a photo without filters if you are as “genetically blessed” as you claim. But you won’t because you’re not and deep down you know it.

No. 74796

The funniest (or saddest part depending on how you look at it) is that it's not just filters that she abuses, but outright tweaking the size of her chin/nose/eyes among other things. "Great lighting" doesn't turn you into something far different from your candids.

I'm sure she knows, she probably says things like this on purpose because she thinks it's a form of "le epic trollzing" lolcow, even though if anything it just makes her look pathetic.

No. 74797

This Kevin thinking she was 22 is a lie anyway, he knew about her cosplays before he met her and looked up to her. He said this before, called her senpai and other weeb shit

No. 74798

goddamn, Lori is trashy and delusional lol. she uses Kevin as a public shield to keep her narc bullshit under the radar —- alllllllll his whiteknighting while she stays (relatively) quiet. notice how she never comes to his rescue. how's that one-sided relationship working for you, Kevin? you are Lori's narcissistic supply, not fiance

she uses human shields and proxies like Kevin to avoid being held accountable for her shitty, predatory behavior. a dedicated public thread about Lori somewhere like KiwiFarms would reveal her true nature to new & bigger audiences and bring on a Cluster B apocalypse

No. 74800

File: 1575590395927.jpeg (45.05 KB, 500x500, 5F09D2B9-354C-4218-8B00-4719C4…)

No. 74802

Sheeeeeiiiiiiiit look at that beak! No wonder she shops the shit out of it.(nitpicking about usagi kou's nose)

No. 74803

Holy shit anon what is this from?!

No. 74804

File: 1575592360526.png (520.7 KB, 1618x541, smallnoses.png)

No. 74805

File: 1575594048027.jpg (67.67 KB, 1033x1280, IMG_20191205_175931_525.jpg)

Nevermind it's from the "proposal" video. This is a hilarious rediscovery.

No. 74808

Not sure if kiwifarms would be interested in her nonsense. She really is a boring nobody. Most of her allure is for us oldfags who were privy to her antics however long ago and then she resurfaced to skinwalk a new character with a much younger moron.

No. 74809

She's the grandmother of cosplay drama

No. 74811

She looks evil.

No. 74815

lol nice tooth gap there lori

No. 74817

>"For fucks sake my fiance thought I was 22 when he met me."

It's because you act that way.

No. 74819

File: 1575603163912.png (1.62 MB, 1762x1280, expectationvsreality.png)

No. 74825

All you have to do is to make a new account and post away. I'm sure they would love to hear about this womanchild.

No. 74826

File: 1575611536468.jpg (600.01 KB, 900x1402, lori.jpg)

a helpful infograph with updated candids.

No. 74832

Goddamn she looks like a friggin Hanya picture in the unphotoshopped version.

The crazy part is a hanya is a jealous ass spirit, so she’s literally one too.

Sage for weaboo autism

No. 74834

Why is she concerned with ferrets all of a sudden when she probaby left hers on the side of the road somewhere.
They just dissapeared…
…where they in the blts :0 that meat was pretty small( :0)

No. 74835

I totally forgot that she has ferrets. Has she posted about them in the last few months? I don’t think anyone has even seen them since she began doing lewds.

No. 74836

Last time they were seen was when she moved into or out of his parents house. She was using them on the gofundme page to ask for money.

No. 74837

She has had many animals over the years that all just suddenly and randomly vanish.
I wonder if she is well known throughout the animal community. Like they see her come in at a pet store and they all scream and hide because their animal mothers have told them horror stories of the ones who were never seen again.

No. 74838

It is disgusting that Lori goes for this "animal empath" facade given her history of neglecting and dumping inconvenient pets. She got rid of her "beloved" cat Luna and god knows how many other pets in the past. Just like humans, animals are decorations to her. The moment a pet becomes "inconvenient," she abandons it.

Lori only has the capacity to think about one living creature in the world: herself. It's awful how she treats animals.

No. 74855


She has hooded eyelids. Her choice of eyeliner wing is horrible because it ends up making her eyes look smaller and weirdly shaped. You can have a big wing with hooded eyes, you just have to draw it on well.

All she does is raise her eyebrows a little to get rid of the hooded eye, and then filter the rest away.

No. 74864

They post them on Facebook all the time, just not milky so it doesn’t get posted here

No. 74870

File: 1575655251241.jpeg (291.71 KB, 1536x2048, waxfigure.jpeg)

No. 74871

File: 1575655328769.jpeg (148.06 KB, 750x1099, A6B6C683-E2AD-4D85-B041-0A20C3…)

“Uglier and lesser females” Jesus Christ

No. 74872

File: 1575655381813.jpeg (60.51 KB, 750x258, F02FE193-654F-4718-A7F7-F432C9…)

>well groomed
>admits to only showering once a week

No. 74879

Why is EVERYTHING about appearance with these people??? I can’t even imagine them having a normal conversation that doesn’t revolve around their looks (or making fun of someone else’s)

No. 74885

So she thinks all females who aren't her are "lesser?"

After seeing this, WHO are the friends she has left on her FB? I'm convinced the only ones there are people who stay to watch the antics because if my "friend" was saying things like this I'd be out.

No. 74886


Can confirm, only friends with her for the front row ticket to the shitshow.

No. 74888

I mean they might not care but I sure do wonder how the other girls in the "lewds network" she's in would feel if they saw that this is actually how she feels about then too, even when she retweets and promos their content

No. 74890

It’s funny because she acts completely different on her porn twitter than she does on her other social media. She constantly retweets girls with bigger bodies in attempt to fake some kind of body positivity bs but the second anyone says something that displeases her the fat insults and “oink oink”s come flooding out. She’s so fake and it’s only a matter of time before her attitude bites her in the ass.

No. 74897

I think it would be perfect if one of the people In the loot community would do a call out post for Lori’s hypocrisy. Then she would be out cast from the only place that would accept her

No. 74900

>lesser females
She skipped the pickme posting and went straight to incel territory.

Is it just me, or is Lori sounding a bit more hostile and aggressive towards other women recently? Specifically adversarial? More than usual? I sense some tension in the bedroom.

No. 74908

This is hilarious and nostalgic as fuck just because nobody even talks like this anymore. This is top tier cow behavior, and brings me back to the scene days even, because nobody is as messy and such an indiscreet bitch in this day and age as fucking Lori. This shit just isn't acceptable over the internet anymore and she must be stuck in the times when back then everyone was underage and immature and didn't know any better.

No. 74920

Called it. Your hair is officially Cheeto dust orange Lori. Normally I wouldn't comment, but since you're the one and only irl zero two I think you'll find a quick google search will reveal she actually has pink hair kek

No. 74928

She looks better here than her shopped pictures, in my opinion, but also nothing like how she photoshops herself to be all "smoll" and "loli".

If she embraced looking mature and having defined features she wouldn't need the bizarre shoop, but it's not what she wants evidently

No. 74929

The girls in the twitter groups are clueless about her behavior.
Sorta wana make an insta and post her candids. The way she talks about other women disgusts me.
Its not a power move to treat people that way Lori, it weakness in yourself that makes you lash out.

No. 74931

I honestly hope she never changes

No. 74933

do it. it's not cowtipping IMO
I've been considering doing it too. just for some justice for the "lesser women" copping shit off her.

No. 74934

File: 1575693077486.png (2.54 MB, 2074x1106, waitwat.png)

sage because these are obviously old but wtf, this is Lori right?? her real face is SO easy to find, if so.
shame because she can look very good, just has such a cow personality it's moot.

No. 74938

She would’ve been fine if she dresses up maturely and actually her age but nope she had to go through mid life crisis and be a teenaged anime character as if her days of skin walking sailor moon wasn’t enough. Did anyone know why she divorced her last husband?

No. 74939

From what I understand, he left her for someone else

No. 74942

Before she was with Kevin she used to post pics like this of her real face all the time. I wonder if theres some mutual abuse and Kevin is shitting on her age/looks and that's why she poorly edits her face all the time now.

No. 74943

Dont understand why she is constantly body shaming girls and putting everyone else down.
She needs to work on herself a little more tbh. She has no tone at all to her and she is shaped like a bowling pin.

No. 74954

what an ugly bitch, inside and out!! She's seriously laughing at someone saying their father died?? also, is she antivaxx? get your flu shot, you ugly bitch

No. 74966

Has she been spotted going aggro on any cosplayers or egirls leagues above her in followers and fame? It seems like she's self-aware enough to not seek drama among anyone who will drag her thoroughly.

No. 74996

Well she tried to go aggro at whoever knew about the abuse that Kevin received.

No. 75014

File: 1575779835833.jpg (139.2 KB, 1280x925, IMG_20191207_213409_668.jpg)

>the things i do for my boy

Hahahaha she's only dressed up ONCE for him/the anime he likes. They probably had fights about it. How many times has he had to play Hiro to her Zero Two?

No. 75016

That caption lol. She sounds thrilled.

No. 75018

More old shit I found from the setsunakou cosplay website she used to shop at. This was her back in the day. Still not smiling.


No. 75029

>”but I never bought from setsunakou! I made my own costumes! Wuts a serger XD”

No. 75062

“Avril Lavigne is my first cousin.”


No. 75066

lol what was this in response to? It seems they have deleted.

No. 75069

It was a link to this Gaia profile.


But is this actually Lori’s ? After looking through, the comments call this person Rachel and there’s a ton of weird things that don’t sound like Lori but who knows .

Possible it was deleted by the OP for not actually being Lori.

No. 75074

File: 1575847981825.jpg (49.71 KB, 654x503, n503476899_2262290_2640-1.jpg)

Was Lori ever big into Naruto?

No. 75075

That ain’t her. Someone was impersonating her way back.

No. 75076

File: 1575848728220.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.96 KB, 640x483, 524134.jpg)

Not really, she tried for a little while to get into that cosplay community after her big falling out with the other Kous but not even the Narutards would take her. Saged for lack of sauce.

No. 75103

OP here, I deleted it because although it was cringe enough to be Lori, some things seemed far fetched even for her. Like claiming she met gackt and the Avril thing. But then some of it seemed like it really could be her, especially the autistic typing and photos of her last husband.

No. 75116

File: 1575907680747.jpeg (348.31 KB, 750x1081, F964FC19-214D-4350-A9E2-A49A65…)

Nothing from Lori on the matter

No. 75127

>boohoo we abandoned our cat to other people when we knew it was dying please feel sorry for me
what a narc.

No. 75128

I DO wonder why Lori couldn’t bring Isis AND the ferrets with her. Sounds odd.

No. 75134

Sounds like he was lurking and saw where it was mentioned Lori's a shitty pet owner.

No. 75138

Posting that just proves even more that they are both shitty pet owners. Kevin is a trash human being.