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File: 1445921544715.png (679.74 KB, 1527x1653, 1445800850611.png)

No. 1469

The officially chosen lolcow-tan is >>2091

No. 1473

Milk maid/cow girl? That is adorbs.

No. 1475

her top half looks good but the skirt and pitchfork are a bit weird for some reason.
im not 100% on the colour scheme too

No. 1476

can you draw a farmer-tan at all? Can we have twin mascots?

No. 1477

Why do all the board maskots always need to be little girls?

No. 1478

can we have a farmer-tan milking cow-tans tits?

No. 1479

Doesn't seem like a little girl.. Seems like the average age of cows.

No. 1480

File: 1445929631482.png (393.17 KB, 892x988, s.png)

The worlds most kawaii farm girl loved milk with an unholy passion, but she still got the occasional craving for…beef. She treated her cows with love, gently milking them and remaining within the internet standards for cyber bullying to produce a steady steam of milk over a long period of time. But, when a cow runs dry of milk, farmer Elsie doesn't hesitate to slaughter it so she can feast on it's juicy insides. She sends the cows nudes to her parents, calls the cows school to tell of her internet shenanigans, and makes a brutal ED page that comes up whenever the cows name is searched. Meat is plentiful for all. But, alas, you can't have a cow and eat it too. The cow will then leave the internet with no fresh milk for the people to fest on. But sometimes it's just worth it for the sweet satisfaction of butchering a cow.

No. 1481

File: 1445929742168.png (357.38 KB, 1004x818, adminsama.png)

I thought simpler was better

No. 1482

I'm making it a habit to misread or mistype every time I post. Sorry.

No. 1483


Oh. Yes. I like this.

No. 1484

….im definitely not going to try and masturbate to this later

No. 1485



No. 1486

I'm flattered and aroused that Admin-chan decided to use my design as the OP for this thread.

No. 1487


No. 1488

Needs more weeb

No. 1489

I agree. I think she should have the cow-print shorts that the version that the other anon did. Or denim daisy dukes.



No. 1491

File: 1445954878469.jpg (1.71 MB, 3552x2000, WP_20151027_001.jpg)

Ignore how shitty this looks. I'm no artist, I'm just bored at work.

No. 1492

The lasso is supposed to be a tape measure btw kek

No. 1493

>I think she should have the cow-print shorts that the version that the other anon did. Or denim daisy dukes.

Agreed. I really like >>1462 's design

>implying admin eats oats and not Hot Pockets all day

No. 1494

Eagerly awaiting art of Admin-sama and "LC" having sex

No. 1495

that face is so awful. the rest is cute, though.

No. 1496

File: 1445971367520.jpg (381.84 KB, 1116x1579, im sorry adminsama.jpg)

shitty sketch is shitty, but I couldn't resist after seeing yours. I'm sorry.

>"Don't you worry, /pt/, I'll make sure to supply you with delicious milk…"

No. 1497



No. 1498

I also really love the design in >>1462 Especially with her alongside /cgl/-tan, haha.

also top lel @ all these cowboy pics.

No. 1499

Not feeling the boots, but the lasso tape was a good idea.

No. 1501

And she has no ass. perfect for ana-chan-rampant lolcow

No. 1502

>>1462 is my fav. it's so cute and "mega bitch" speaks to me.

No. 1503

That description is perfect.

No. 1504

File: 1446033065115.png (496.9 KB, 500x669, pedolesbianchan.png)

>height: 160 cm
>weight: 53 kg
>occupation: hikki

No. 1505


It's a cute design non but she doesn't really look anything like a hikki.

No. 1506

Well, she doesn't really look like she weighs 115 pounds either, does she?

It's a joke.

No. 1507

File: 1446049079935.png (209.4 KB, 753x1061, cowtan.png)

Eh, I'm pretty shitty but I gave it a bash. Terrible leg anatomy is intentional btw…other terrible anatomy isn't

No. 1508

i like it…her dress is really cute.

love that kawaii pigeon-toed weeb pose. this one is cute too.

No. 1509

>>when you see it

No. 1510


Not need to calm down I'm sorry your design doesn't meet expectations only I'm not.

No. 1511

Hate to put a downer on the party but why are so many people suddenly drawing the -tan as some selfie-obsessed, mini-skirt clad slut with lassos and shit?

She's supposed to be a psychotic, milk-guzzling FARMER, not a cow herself, fuck.

No. 1512

>160 cm
>53 kg
omg anon? she should be skinnier (78 lbs) like the majority of the beautiful and perfect (!) THINSPO queens that frequent this site

No. 1513


Agreed. I liked the first two designs the best (>>1469
and this one >>1427)

No. 1514

File: 1446056467130.gif (158.99 KB, 500x275, no need.gif)

I think people can draw the -tan however they want. We haven't decided on which one to go with. We're just throwing out ideas. Calm down.

No. 1515

Nah, I agree with you. I think >>1462 is the best, followed by OP's design.

No. 1516


Rule number 1 of art sweetcheeks, don't post your shit to a public forum is you're not willing and able to accept criticism.

No. 1517

File: 1446057706312.jpg (268.07 KB, 1920x1080, efaasd.jpg)


Aw thanks guys.
Have a preview for another I'm knocking together.

No. 1518

Not to make this a big thing, but I was really just speaking in the general "we." I like seeing other people's designs. I thought this was for discussion and ideas related to the -tan.

I agree that >>1462 is the best design as well, but it's kinda mini-skirt clad and selfie-obsessed, don't you think? She seems to me the most like a farmer.

I don't dislike the OP design but I hate the outfit and the face.

No. 1519

omfg i already love this. thank you based anon

No. 1520


I'm the one that posted >>1511 and this isn't applicable to >>1462, because although she's taking a selfie she's not pouting and preening like a snowflake as is with some of the other submissions; she actually looks legitimately evil.

No. 1521

Sorry farmer, life has got me a bit salty recently and I was being hyper-sensitive to your criticism. I really did only mean it as a joke, like how most the people on this site are kikishikkis.

I know my shitty drawing doesn't compare to the other art posted.

No. 1522

Alright, but there's no rule that has stated "the board-tan must be evil."

Even if we don't go with the other designs it's nice to see new stuff rather than the same shit as OP's design. Someone might draw something that people like, even if the rest of the design isn't quite right.

No. 1523


Okay now you stop that because now you're making me feel bad.

Also none of the drawings in here are bad so don't shit on yourself too hard, I just think it's appropriate that a -tan fit the overall theme of the board and most of us aren't lolitas and shit so stuff like lolita dresses don't make sense outside of /cgl/ any more.

No. 1524


Oh I still like looking at them, seeing other people's submissions are fun.

No. 1525


I can't tell you how much I love this.

No. 1526

I'm sorry man, I'm just trying to not be such a salty bitch all the time.

You're right though, and you've given me more ideas. I'll try to capture more of lolcow's essence on my next go.

I really like what >>1517 has going on.

No. 1528

I know it's supposed to be a milk bottle but it doesn't look right…it looks like she's holding a used condom…

You should definitely redo the hands on that.

No. 1529


Oh yeah I know, I drew it in really quickly and didn't pay any attention to the straightness of the lines. I'm gonna fix it in a bit.

No. 1530

No no no, don't hate on yourself anon. Us farmers just gotta stick together, you know? And I don't wanna be a bitch to other farmers just because I'm depressed.

Really, you have given me ideas, and I'm sorry for being a jerk. I do really like your art style and how… vicious? lolcow-tan looks. I'm inspired, so I'm gonna try to create something cool, and maybe I'll have the balls to post it in the thread.

Keep up the good work, everyone. I'm also really enjoying the depictions of admin-sama. Let us embrace each other with open arms and swollen udders.

No. 1531

I don't like the shirt. It's kinda lame.

No. 1532

File: 1446062209301.png (665.69 KB, 1785x2227, Untitled-1.png)


I deleted my post because I felt horrible.
I have control issues, I'm sorry.


What should I change it to?

No. 1533

I think even if it were just plain it would be better.

She should really be holding the milk bottle on the actual base of the bottle. It doesn't look good this way.

No. 1534

Too obvious I agree.
Why not just draw a taco wearing a cowbell on it?

No. 1535

You should put "lolcow.farm" on the shirt instead of the milk jug.

No. 1536


But it's the milk that is a product of lolcow.farm.

No. 1537


Completely disagree. I love the bald kiki head. 10/10 perfect. (Though I do enjoy the taco cowbell idea.)

No. 1538

This. The shirt is great.

No. 1539

her goal weight is 74 lbs anon >;)

>but really I lol'd

No. 1540

Idk man, if you're not happy you could always, you know, draw something yourself? Just a thought.

No. 1541


>implying I didn't draw the OP

>implying I didn't draw >>1532

Go on.

No. 1542

Why do you feel the need to police other people's work, anon? Just wondering.

No. 1543


If you'd actually bothered to read the thread instead of foaming at the mouth upon my initial "bitch" post and feverishly hamming out a reply at fast as possible you'd see that I've already said it's because I'm a controlling cunt.

Nice try and the whole "well u do sumfin better den!" though.

No. 1544

So you're OP artist getting butthurt that people are drawing their own versions of board-tan and criticizing the artists who are drawing something different than your original concept.

No. 1545


Nope, just being a controlling cunt, like I said.
Calm down friendo.

No. 1546

Same thing.

No. 1547


Calm down friendo.

No. 1548

please stop making her look so crazy. more kawaii would be nicer imo

No. 1549

I didn't realize I was the one foaming at the mouth, to be honest. I'm not sure that I'm "feverishly hamming out a reply at fast as possible" either? I think your anger is misdirected.

But hey, keep being a controlling cunt. Because as long as you admit that you're doing something shitty, you can keep doing it, right?

I'm sorry that other people's hard work isn't up to your standards.

No. 1550


Do you honestly believe that lolcow is more kawaii that it is crazy.


No. 1551


I never once said that the work wasn't upto a specified standard.
I'm no artist myself; everything I create is garbage.
You seem very intent with placing words in my mouth for some reason. Why is that Anon?

No. 1552

>>1511 is you complaining that people aren't drawing board-tan as you want them to. Not up to your standard, is what I took from it.

I think you need to back off being so hyper-critical and shit. You don't have to be control of everything, all the time. But hey, keep working on your designs, I'm a big enough person to admit that they are really great and I hope you keep it up.

No. 1553

I agree with this 100%. "Evil" ok, fine, but she looks fucking nuts and I hate it.

Sure you did
Confirmed to be you by the deleted comment referenced in >>1530 you posted earlier where you confirmed you were the artist of >>1517 and >>1532 as well as the anon that anon was talking to.

Yes, I'm an autist who has been in this thread all day.

No. 1554


Hm, that's a fair point, but then we are all allowed our own artistic input. I don't mind being criticised for what it iw I put out here though, so people shouldn't be upset when they receive criticism either.

>I'm a big enough person to admit that they are really great and I hope you keep it up.

They're not, at all, but I appreciate the kind comment.


>yes, I'm an autist who has been in this thread all day.

It's cool so have I.

No. 1555


>but she looks fucking nuts and I hate it.

Have you seen the way the entirety of lolcow chimps the fuck out when we get new milk? We are nuts kek

No. 1556


At any rate, forget it,
I'm being a crusty bitch because I'm travelling tomorrow and I really needed to do my washing tonight, specifically tonight, and the fucking machine in my accommodation ate my money so I've been in a foul mood all day.
Maybe I just wanted to take it out on somebody. Let's move on.

No. 1557

If you're going to criticize others then you need to learn to take criticism yourself instead of answering back with these sweeping statements that fit YOUR idea of what farmer-tan should be or what the population of lolcow is or isn't. Your original picture was nice, but all the ones after that where she's yandere or crazy haven't been as good.

I think for the most part we're just silently observing and pressing for drama and the most milk, honestly. This is another reason I prefer >>1462 over yandere!board-tan.

No. 1558


My friend did >>1462 so I have to agree :>

No. 1559

Uh, okay.

No. 1560


What? She IS better than me.

No. 1561

I didn't realize you were the anon I was replying to initially. Well, this "boo hoo I'm so bad at drawing BUT LOOK AT ALL MY ART AND DON'T CRITIQUE IT" is…hmm.

No. 1562


idk why you're taking that stance on it.
My art "is" bad, it's Tumblr-tier trash, but I know there are people on here who aren't as good with their hands so they're able to appreciate it.

Nobody ever likes their own stuff.

No. 1563


>she IS better than me
>I'm no artist myself; everything I create is garbage.
>They're not, at all, but I appreciate the kind comment.
>My art "is" bad, it's Tumblr-tier trash

But rejecting all real criticism and insinuating that the other designs aren't good compared to yours.

Fishing. This is just the vibe you're giving off.

No. 1564

people who arent as good with their hands?
wtf are you even trying to say here, that people should kiss your ass because youve put more practice into something?

No. 1565

yeah…it's a little condescending.

No. 1566


Where did I reject criticism of my shit.

No. 1567


You seem exceptionally salty so lemme spell it out for you slowly.
When I said "not as good with their hands", what I actually meant is that some people can't draw. They can't draw. Their drawing is trash, shit, garbage, worse than mine, and they will never be good at drawing. Fact. of. life. Deal with it.
Some people aren't skilled nor talented in specific areas of life, but more often than not find that their own talents reside within other areas.
When I was a kid I thought mine was art, I got older, I realised it wasn't. I moved on.

Was that easier for you to understand? Sorry I damaged your fwagile widdle feelin's there buttercup. Now get the fuck over it.


Bish if you can't draw you can't fucking draw.
I'm in my mid 20's and I still can't read an analog clock, how many hours do you think I spend crying over it every night?

>the answer is 2

No. 1568

Where do you think you are.

No. 1569

File: 1446076085293.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, -_-.jpg)

No. 1570

File: 1446076107089.jpg (69.34 KB, 625x475, chill.jpg)

Seriously. Y'all need to chill the fuck out. It's a fucking drawing of a fucking mascot, it's not that important. Drop the collective saltiness and do something worthwhile, like submitting more shit.

No. 1571


Pepe looks how I feel right now, but to be fair I did kind of start it.

Dump more submissions peep-peeps.

No. 1573

File: 1446077223501.png (1.02 MB, 1656x2227, Untitled-1.png)

Oh, for the person that wanted more Taco in the action.

No. 1574

it's the "udderly ridiculous" thing that's throwing it off for me. just bald kiki would be fine.

No. 1575

>this faggotry knows no bounds
>it is without limits, eternal
>a never-ending expanse of pure samefag

I've given up.

No. 1576

yes please

No. 1577

File: 1446093684732.png (326.81 KB, 806x927, elsi.png)

No. 1578

most accurate so far.

No. 1579

her shirt should say "dont cry over spilt milk"

No. 1580

File: 1446095973204.jpg (32.08 KB, 500x423, 1363404290001.jpg)

No. 1581

It's too accurate.

No. 1582

Why not go with a shota version of that guy from the walking dead, the one with the crossbow?
Everyone says he's hot and I'm pretty sure at least a third of this site is into little boys.
It doesn't have to be female and probably would be more fitting to have a male mascot since more male centric boards always have loli mascots anyway.

No. 1583


Nah, shota is fucking disgusting, and I'm pretty sure sexual depictions of kids are banned on here too.

No. 1584

Shota doesn't inherently mean sexual. It just means little boy.

No. 1585


Everybody and their dog knows what the word shota/shotaro implies, the same way everybody understands immediately what the word lolita implies.

Getting into the semantivssemantics of it is redundant, we're discussing present day meanings, so yes, sexual depictions of little boys is absolutely fucking disgusting.

No. 1586

>sexual depictions of little boys is absolutely fucking disgusting

What's so disgusting about it? I think we should bring back the shota, but ban loli.(derailing)

No. 1587

/r9k/ shill, get out.

No. 1588

It's not as if that anon was suggesting we have shota board-tan fucking his kawaii uguu asshole with a milk bottle. I don't think they were implying we have a sexual depiction of a little boy as a mascot. Just a cute little boy.

I think that would be cute, actually. I'm not really feeling the idea of board-tan as a girl. Or maybe we can have twin mascots, a boy and a girl, since people are drawing these drawings of Admin-sama as well. That would be cute, too. They don't have to be little kids.

Why would you assume that? We've had countless discussions about loli and shota on this board ever since it opened, and plenty of farmers have admitted to being shotacons.

No. 1589


One of the bigger aspects of lolcow is the fact that statistically it's an almost exclusively female populated board.

Having a male -tan would be a total slap in the face of everything we've built up here imo.

No. 1590


No we haven't and loli/shota threads are completely banned in lolcow.

No. 1591


plus, if you want to draw a cute boy, just draw admin-sama. he basically admitted to being shinji anyway.

enough of this bickering! contribute or get out. stop being so critical and whining and make something yourself.

No. 1592

I actually like the spikey teeth psycho eye tan. I feel like she's a perfect example of how catty we can be. Also kind of a cute "fuck you we are catty bitches and proud" to /cow/.

I also add my vote to make >>1481 the official admin-sama

No. 1593

is she naked? i think the tan should be half dressed or in a tee and undies, because thats what im in the majority of my browsing time

No. 1594


No. 1595

>One of the bigger aspects of lolcow is the fact that statistically it's an almost exclusively female populated board.

Well, chans with a majority male userbase like 4chan have female board-tans.

No. 1596

I always liked how cgl's mascot is a salty, catty bitch but also is drawn as a massive weeaboo. Let's not fall into the trap of trying to make our person look cool, it's important to acknowledge the inherent retard in us all. Also I think she should be wearing something that references PT.

No. 1597

File: 1446177038666.png (680.39 KB, 1260x1060, Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 03.4…)

Gonna preface this with the fact that I have never really practiced drawing before and this is my first attempt at drawing on a tablet. Cobbled together using a number of references without real understanding of anatomy lel

But just wanna pay tribute to cow-tan.

No. 1598

Agree, replace the Kiki references with PT I think. She is our queen, after all.
I love this.

No. 1599

This is pretty. Are you confident in your ability to draw a full body? This is exceptionally well for someone who's never practiced drawing especially on a tablet.

No. 1600

File: 1446199304981.jpg (386.9 KB, 1500x1080, boobitches.jpg)

I'm no good but shes really cute and I imagine her to be like this

No. 1601


No, it's perfect! :D

No. 1602


How many times do I have to say this…

No. 1603

File: 1446231651806.png (618.19 KB, 1080x965, pt.png)

I don't really draw anime stuff, but I try.
This is adorbs and that's a cute butt

No. 1605

This is tottally how I imagine the front of my drawing. Perfect.

No. 1606


No. 1607

I know that everyone wants a kawaii loli but this version is just perf. We need to get banners of psycho lolcow-tan

No. 1608

perfect. she is faceless like all us anons

fuck all the other designs, you win

No. 1609

this also wins

it would be cool if you could wave your mouse over >>1600 and her head turns and you can see her real face is like>>1603

No. 1610

That's exactly what I wanted to go for but I'm terrible at faces. Someone super talented to should re-draw this!

No. 1611

i agree with this.

No. 1612

lol did you use Misaki to make this?

No. 1614

File: 1446259249635.png (148.44 KB, 816x861, Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 9.37…)

more admin-sama sexy cowboy fanart.
here is my contribution.

No. 1615


I think I now have a fangirl crush on Admin-sama

Thanks, anon

No. 1616

his body looks wayyy too masculine for the face

No. 1617

it's partially because someone requested a merge of sexy cowboy & rio satomi from the prev. thread. just wanted to oblige. although it's worth saying that I've thickened up his brows/jawline since this screenshot.

No. 1618

File: 1446267593655.jpg (18.73 KB, 463x403, 1446065502755.jpg)

I was the one who requested. T-thank you, Anon. It's better than I fantasized.

No. 1619

A-admin… nosebleed

No. 1621

File: 1446328267318.jpg (3.24 MB, 5312x2988, Skketch.jpg)

I don't draw much but I was very inspired. You're all talented and lovely, I was thinking it would be cute is she could hold and admin doll or vice versa. Also what if her horns grow based on how triggered she is feeling? And if her hands morphed into hooves at will or if she wanna run around or pound the keyboard haha .

No. 1622

Thats so cute. You're cute. I love the horn idea.

No. 1623

Your style in art is rather extravagant. It radiates how good looking you must be :x

No. 1624

Maybe she should be stepping on Indians or some Egyptians or some shit

No. 1629

File: 1446346021752.jpg (267.39 KB, 850x1137, cowtan.jpg)

I got inspired looking at all the cute drawings in this thread… Please accept my humble offering.

No. 1630

I like hikkie farmer-tan the best. /cgl/ is a weeaboo, I think crazy hikki would be a cute quirk for ours. It's also sort of funny because of that troll who went to /r9k/ claiming this was a female wizardchan.

No. 1631

She looks demonic, but somehow it works and is fitting

No. 1632

Nah I like it.
Drawing anon, I didn't wanna write anything, but it really seems that people that like it are thinking the same thing and don't bother to write about it. Only people with beef have enough motive to write out a reply. But don't be discouraged, the one's that like it are just idling around like me.

No. 1633


No. 1634

second that

No. 1638

I'm not a big fan of board-tans but let me give my .02 anyway: you guys are getting away from the point and trying to cram way too much board culture into this character. It should really be merely a symbol rather than an entire personification of this website. These drawings are nice, but they're way too elaborate and way too anal about accurate representation.

No. 1639

I vote admin-sama be our board tan. Another anon made a good point; board tans are usually female on male dominated boards, so it makes sense that a girl dominated board have a male tan instead.

No. 1640

I would love Admin-sama as our board tan but I also kind of want the crazed cowgirls involved as well. Maybe Admin-sama can wrangle them?

No. 1641

The /cow/girls can be sent as mininons of Admin-sama . So they can go forth being crazy and picky as all hell about certain cows or posters and Admin-sama can wrangle them in. Maybe with some tight rope knots? Maybe by forcing them to milk?

No. 1643

This is a fucking gay as shit idea. The sheer stupidity of what you just said makes me cringe, I'll kill myself before I see a gay faggot cowboy board tan.
(Unless he was a shota. Male boards often have loli board tans, so ours should be a shota.)

No. 1644

>wants to be opposite of male boards

Then ours should really be a grandpa.

No. 1645

File: 1446444611035.png (332.15 KB, 720x720, fat.png)

This is the only acceptable male design imho. He's a bloated belly shota who guzzles down milk in his little heels.

No. 1646

I think it goes against the idea of an anonymous board to promote one of its users as a symbol of it.

No. 1647


This is an A+ post.

No. 1648


Also, this ^

No. 1649



Wouldn't you be on a rehabilitation programme somewhere.

No. 1651

File: 1446497057617.gif (980.59 KB, 200x200, tRbwa39.gif)

Fucking nasty.

No. 1652

Throwing in my vote for hikki farmer-tan.

I like this horn idea! She should hold an Admin doll to illustrate how much everyone here loves Admin.

These are both very good.

In general I think the less crazy designs are a lot nicer. I do agree with >>1638 this sentiment. We've already kind of decided on a design I guess.

No. 1653

If we have a hiki-tan, can there be chicken tenders and an anime guy body pillow involved

No. 1655

Admin-sama dakimakura.

No. 1656

I approve of this

No. 1659

I don't get why this site's mascot has to be a COW that DRINKS MILK…. shouldn't it be a farmer? We MILK lolcows, that's the main thing going on. We are farmers milking the cows

No. 1660

It's just a cute mascot. It's not really supposed to represent all of us or anything.

No. 1661

in some sense it's more accurate that way. a cow-human hybrid drinking milk and holding a pitchfork, insecure and projecting over the traits she shares with the cows she farms.

but also >>1660

No. 1662

Hmm, I'm not a huge fan of the psycho mascot. The "evil" look like in OP seems like a closer representation of farmers. Or the hikki at her computer.

No. 1664

File: 1446699975653.png (244.47 KB, 666x757, Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.0…)

coloring in process.
I kind of always thought our board-tan would be a dark-haired, snarky little bitch kind of gal.

No. 1665

I love this. You have really nice line art. Can I follow you somewhere like a fb page or something? lol

No. 1666

ok this one is perfect. im done with this thread

No. 1667


You've totally upstaged me again and I love it omg

No. 1668

My favorite so far, please post more!

No. 1669

i love this. i also think dark hair would look nice.

No. 1670

best design, no other designs necessary.

No. 1672

This is the best one.

No. 1673

I'm so okay with this.

No. 1674

You are seriously talented. I love this. Especially the overalls and boots.

No. 1677

Perfect. The expression is great.

No. 1678

I like the idea of the hair being white because I think it stays simple and makes the design flow well.

But regardless, best design A++ this.

No. 1679

File: 1446834097883.png (425.88 KB, 1052x689, Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.1…)

aw, thanks! I appreciate that.
I have a tumblr, but it's kind of empty at the moment because I'm really bad at 'completing' work.
anyways, being anon is kind of the fun part, right?

finally finished the coloring, sorry about the wait. after all that high praise, I'm nervous about disappointing y'all.

I ended up making a couple different versions of the hair. blonde seems to have already been established as canon, but hey, it's nice to have variety. my coloring isn't that great, but if anyone else wants to take a stab at it, I don't mind throwing a higher-res version of the lineart up somewhere.

No. 1680

I like the dark hair.

No. 1682

are we still doing this :O ?

No. 1683

Sorry to cause more indecision, but I think white hair would look the best.

No. 1684

> :O

Get out.

No. 1687

nah :O

No. 1688

Fuck off

No. 1689

Holy shit, the pms is so strong. No need to spout your period blood all over me. I literally just asked a question, and it pisses you/someone off that ":O" is in there? Kind of over the top and grabbing straws at anything you can whine about.

No. 1690

Same here anon, same here.

No. 1691


I like faces :^)

No. 1692

The expression is priceless.

Judgmental, hateful, and tired. Sounds like farmers.

Farm theme is perfectly done. Looks like them boots are properly wadding through feces to milk our prosperous cows.

No. 1693

Emoticons are generally frowned upon on image boards. Go back to tumblr or pull for that.

No. 1694

Nope, sorry. You're still a faggot. Go back to ponyland or robotland or whatever stupid shit place you came from.

No. 1695

:O ok

No. 1696

hands down the best one, totally perfect, 10/10

No. 1698



So are we deciding on >>1664 as a mascot, but also having Admin-sama? I wanna see some banners!

No. 1699

>I don't mind throwing a higher-res version of the lineart up somewhere.

Please do. It seems like most people agree this is the best in the thread.

No. 1701


This smells like a selfpost and you're in the wrong thread.

No. 1702

- I didn't realize that I was writing on the wrong thread, and second of all; no, I just never hear about smaller snowflakes rather then bigger ones like Abipop… the list goes on..

No. 1704


No. 1705

Moved this to /snow/.

No. 1708

But all of us are cows in our own way for being so invested in loser's lives.

No. 1709

deep sigh
Ok, so full disclosure: I'm an idiot and apparently accidentally merged the lineart with the white background sometime during the coloring process. So I ended up making a rasterized version of the lineart. Some of the detail has been a little lost as a result, but it's available here for anyone who wants to print it out and making a coloring book or something. http://i.cubeupload.com/mOVLgv.png

…there's also the admin-sama lineart for anyone who's less lazy than I am about this coloring business:

…and my own attempt w/ the dark hair if nobody ends up taking a stab at it.

No. 1710


>apparently accidentally merged the lineart with the white background sometime during the coloring process

Oh man Anon, we've all been there…. we've all been there….


No. 1711

File: 1447299659600.png (635.65 KB, 1200x730, colors.png)

do you guys like any of these

No. 1712

I like the one right in the middle. The hair color is warm but not too dark. I know blond seems to be canon but the brunette doesn't wash her out as much. I like it better than the black hair too.

No. 1713

I really like the upper left one but the middle one is nice as well.

No. 1714

Have you tried a dark, dirty blonde? Maybe something like Kooter has.

No. 1715

me too.

No. 1716

wow, you're all really talented! seriously, kudos to all the artists on here.

No. 1717

I kind of thought washed out suited her better. I wanted her to look hikkikomori-style unhealthy, thus the reason behind using purple shadows for her skintone instead of pink or orange-hued shadows. I could do a tanner version in an hour or so when I get home?

No. 1718

I gotcha. The pale hikki makes sense to me but I just think the contrast of the warm brunette and the pale skin is more pleasing.

No. 1719

File: 1447378804442.png (281.7 KB, 633x715, Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.35…)

something like this?

No. 1721

Cute, I like it!

No. 1723

File: 1447444331601.png (159.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-13-19-50-27…)

Yeah that "stripping" you totes did at age 17 and how you have demonstrated one gif of clinging on for dear life as at spins itself around.

No. 1724

wrong thread newfag.

No. 1725

Bottom left is my favourite.

No. 1733

Lolcow is the only board I've ever been to that hair color for the mascot has been this discussed.
So far we have

>white blonde

>dark brown

Please respond/specify if you have strong feelings about the hair tone, otherwise I can't see this thread going anywhere and would default to the artist's choice.
maybe we should just default to white and allow further contributions to decide which suits their palette as long as they conform to the twin braid established style? idk.

No. 1734

I'm diggin dark brown, myself.

No. 1735


Maybe at the next townhall, we can have a poll/strawpoll. That way we can kind of make a final, democratic decision about it and get it over with.

No. 1737

I liked this blonde best

No. 1738

This please.

No. 1742

I think she should be blonde because blonde hair pisses off sjw's most.

Also, is her height and weight the meme height and weight? Because that would be funny.

No. 1743

for maximum sjw piss-off:
>blonde hair, in fact the lighter the better
>blue or green eyes
>super pale skin
>perfect hourglass body
>measurements are something like 36/24/37
>weight is under 110 lbs

No. 1745

this needs to happen

No. 1749

I like this one the most, the muted color of her hair goes well together with the rest of the colors since they're also muted.

On a side note, this thread is one of the most hilarious ones I've read in a while, gg farmers, you are the cows.

No. 1752

this is really shit

No. 1753

i vote it for worst in the thread

No. 1755

Nono. Milk guzzling shotas, remember?

No. 1756

those arms?
Bottom left is my fave

No. 1757

Why is she naked?

No. 1758

I actually think the best way to piss of SJWs is by making the board mascot the embodiment of "jealous fatty", not a blonde blue eyed skinny girl. It's not going to offend people if the dramathirsty mascot of a board dedicated to bashing people is an aryan goddess. They see us as a bunch of jealous losers with nothing better to do than make fun of people on the internet all day, so by making the mascot fat implies only fat jealous people do such a thing, so it would anger them more.

No. 1759

Since when are we trying to piss off the sjws with this?

No. 1760

Lolcow hates Tumblrinas, why does this shock you?

No. 1761

File: 1447964123864.png (257.8 KB, 529x710, Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.11…)

hey guys, sorry for the sloppy scribble.
i just figured that while we're still being indecisive, I might as well throw one more idea into the mix. when I was doing my initial sketches, I was kind of thinking about the possibility of having multiple 'characters' for lolcow in the same way that 4chan has multiple board mascots like /fa/-kun and cgl-chan and shit like that…so I came up with a couple different designs. I was thinking we could have a female farmhand like the one I posted above, a male 'sexy rancher' type representing admin-sama or /meta/, and then one more representing the untamed hordes of /pt/, pic related…which sort of came out as a cross between a little faceless devilish imp, complete with pitchfork & cloven hooves, & a hikikomori type in a cow kigurumi.
this way, we still have the idea of 'anonymity' in the same way that 4chan users are sometimes represented as just a guy in a green zentai suit, plus we could play around the idea in art like if we wanted to show the mascot pulling off their hood and turning into a kawaii blonde perfect ana-chan imouto, any of the above drawings ITT, or something more like >>1758 suggested.
idk if this will appeal to anyone else, just a suggestion. I like the idea of having a scary/cute board mascot because, let's face it, some of the arguments that happen here are downright deranged and some of them (like in /b/ or /g/) are pretty heartwarming. we're kinda bipolar like that. we're also really quick to turn on our own so I can kind of imagine a horde of these little guys going REEEEEEE and turning an organized meeting into a killing frenzy in a matter of seconds.
still lazy about coloring, but if anybody else thinks this would make a good compromise I'll work on refining this sketch later.

No. 1762

It's not shocking, it's just not the first thing I think of.

Hahaha, I think this is cute.

No. 1763

File: 1447993194223.png (44.82 KB, 235x226, taokaka.png)

>which sort of came out as a cross between a little faceless devilish imp, complete with pitchfork & cloven hooves, & a hikikomori type in a cow kigurumi.
More like a taokaka rehash. The kigurumi is cute but that face is super unoriginal. I do like the concept of what you were going for, however.

No. 1764

I actually had Professor Tomoe in mind haha. Didn't play Blazblue enough to remember about her, my b. The idea is for it to be generic enough that it can be interpreted as an 'everyman' kind of face that artists can play around with in comics or other content when/if the hood comes off, but the pointy teeth seemed to be a common denominator amongst other contributions ITT.

No. 1765

This should be the mascot.
It's perfect.

No. 1773

File: 1448065065434.jpg (215.88 KB, 734x987, Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.52…)

here's digital version.
the shiny cow udders might gross some people out, please excuse me for amusing myself.

No. 1775

oh my god I looove it

No. 1782


This is very cute.

No. 1788

so spooky I love it

No. 1800

I think >>1719 is the best overall concept.

>>1773 would be cute for a banner or halloween theme or something.

I thought it would also be cute to have two board tans. One is /pt/, the more grumpy and fujoshit looking one. And then one looking more like >>1469, very thin and cutesy representing /snow/ where she herself personifies what she makes fun of.

No. 1802


No. 1803

So when are we going start casting votes?

No. 1812

Can't decide. Farmer girl seems like as tired and bitter as the oldfags and the cow looks more like the ravenous newfags.

Both are 10/10. Cannot choose.

No. 1818

I prefer the farmgirl too

No. 1819

File: 1449347517778.png (628.65 KB, 588x748, blj7zew.png)

I'm kind of tired of just waiting so here's a strawpoll:

Pic related, just choose the ones you like best & vote for their letters.

No. 1825

Shouldn't we combine Q and R and then vote on hair color if it wins?

No. 1826

I was kinda taking it like two separate options:
>Farmgirl with blonde hair
>Farmgirl with brown hair

Just because we had kind of a debate about it earlier in the thread. I think if either wins we can kind of decide specifically which shade of brown or blonde we prefer.

No. 1827

I like how my drawing is K because my name starts with a K ;u;

Thank you for organizing this ~

No. 1828

They're all p cute though

No. 1835

Yeah, that was kind of what I was thinking, too. Since most anons seemed to like that one but we couldn't decide on hair color, I decided I'd just throw in the option of light or dark hair from the get-go and people could vote for their preference.

No problem~ it seemed as though the thread's activity had died down for long enough at this point, so hopefully everyone who wanted to contribute suggestions/entries had their chance to.
Your entry is really cute, by the way. I love your drawing style.

I figured we could let the poll make our decision & then come to Admin-sama in about a week or so with the conclusion. not sure how long to wait, exactly, since everyone ought to have a chance to vote but idk if other browsers visit /meta/ very often.

No. 1848

has everyone voted?

No. 1887

Q/R are the clear winners. Should we do another poll just for the hair color? Some other alternatives are here: >>1711

No. 1995

Nah let's just go with Q and be done with it

No. 2091

File: 1453076671046.jpg (282.86 KB, 768x867, Untitled-2.jpg)

Let's just go with the blonde. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

No. 2092

This is now the official lolcow-tan.

No. 2093


Now the question remains - are we actually going to do anything with her?

No. 2094

File: 1453092434759.jpg (85.71 KB, 500x521, tumblr_m3t9ivBym61qfig0ho1_500…)


Are you the same artist?

No. 2175

They look like the ostrengas

No. 2176


No. 2181

Fuck, usually i find these tumblr minimalstic doodles meaningless but this drawing is quite…artsy tbh. Makes me secretly like the ostrengas.

No. 2467

i'd be willing to draw some board-tan comics but my sense of humor is complete shit, I can't come up with comedy material at all. any suggestions?

No. 2469

become funny

No. 2471

File: 1462546706943.gif (968.63 KB, 500x346, satan.gif)

you're a clever one, alright.

No. 2703

I came from the new Admin thread just to look at this.

No. 2723

So for our mascot's are we ever gonna use them anywhere? Also some new banners people made need to be seen!

No. 2744

It's a shame that it's been half a year and nothing was done with the mascot while old admin just leaves.

I'd still like to see >>2091 incorporated somewhere.

No. 2755

>>1600 this is the only true -tan. RIP

No. 2757

Yeah, it would be fun to see her popping up in some threads or banners. Maybe the original artist could do some more drawings her doing other things or saying stuff?

No. 2818

i'm the original artist but I'm also >>2467 whoops haha
I'll try to make some one-liner reaction pics or something this week though if y'all would like

No. 2822

I want to incorporate our lolcow-tan into the site a lot. That was one of the big design elements I wanted to change. I want to have an oekaki board too. I love our lolcow-tan.

No. 2872

I always thought our mascot would fit nicely as the Madotsuki / vomit-chan reaction images, especially since they both have braids. (The soda can one can be milk) They'd be easily identifiable reaction images with an lolcow twist to get the ball going.


No. 2916

Seconding this
Do you think maybe you could do a sticky of announcement or something to bring more people in here to bring this discussion up again?
I think that'll be a good place to start

No. 2962

Do it!

No. 2963

Yes please! I will happily make a new subfolder in my reaction images folder just for board-tan.

No. 2964

No thanks sara

No. 2971

File: 1467998748873.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, vomit.jpg)

something like this, maybe?
it's kind of a slapdash redraw but I'll try to make some more over the weekend.

not sure who that is, but I'm the same person who drew >>1679 & >>1773
if that helps to clarify things.

No. 2972

Yes!! This is amazing! It's exactly what I imagined. Even down to the overall strap falling off the shoulder! Thank you anon! Now I'm excited to see something repulsive so I can use your image.

No. 2985

This is perfection!

No. 2986

File: 1468032910396.jpg (379.02 KB, 700x800, milk.jpg)

hopefully you'll have a chance to use this one before the other haha

No. 2990

Anon, I am in love with your art style. i want to see more of it. the board-tan is adorable, I love it!!

No. 3003

Love these! Board-tan is so cute.

No. 3497

File: 1478219720750.jpg (56.73 KB, 334x443, nice can of milk.jpg)

No. 3810

File: 1483426152213.png (202.93 KB, 631x711, milku.png)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, farmers!

No. 3811


No. 3815

Super cute anon

No. 3834

File: 1483863122392.png (27.61 KB, 659x542, lolcowtan.png)

Here's my my little gimp doodle. please forgive me if my flat art is too flat lmao.

No. 3848


I love seeing our board-tan. <3

No. 6350

tfw no one draws board-tan anymore

No. 6873

Why is she so skinny?

No. 6901

Who’d want a fat board tan? She’s not meant to be a cow.

No. 6952

Everyone here has an eating disorder or at least body dysmorphia. Why wouldn't she be thin?

No. 7393

I think it'd be cute if she was a little chubby tbh.

No. 7478

let her better looking sister be the chubby one

No. 7792

Why are you guys so insecure lol

No. 9104

File: 1551415311455.png (453.89 KB, 979x971, lc-tan1.png)

Hope to see this thread active again!

No. 9108

10/10 anon

No. 9170

Love her!

No. 9232

File: 1552248951470.png (93.42 KB, 318x435, boardtan.PNG)

quick one

No. 9269

awesome work

No. 9278

File: 1552354514317.png (347.86 KB, 804x808, moo moo bitch.png)

wanted to make a contribution to board-tan

No. 9280

TIL we have some talented artanons

No. 10045

File: 1556235217065.jpeg (30.99 KB, 570x675, honorary t-shirt.jpeg)

Beautiful! Bless you anons for your contributions.

No. 10310

File: 1559501164036.png (1.04 MB, 800x897, boardtan2.png)

Offered up in Thread Requests for a new Complaint Thread image, but posting here just in case it can serve some other purpose.

(art sauce: >>9232 )

No. 10755

File: 1564396277395.jpg (2.24 MB, 3264x1836, cowtan.jpg)


No. 10892

You shouldn't have posted this, anon. Someone put it in the bad art thread.

No. 10976

it belongs there tbf.

No. 12150

File: 1573354668096.png (486.83 KB, 850x898, gbFU36RT7.png)

No. 12151

File: 1573354822180.png (488.95 KB, 850x898, wu7t5q3g8o.png)

sage anon you dumb bitch

No. 12154

I like them anon, good job!

No. 12168

I love this so much. I really wanna draw board-tan but I'm someone whose terrible at finishing art - it would also pale in comparison to some of the gems here like this tbh. I just love her cold, threatening stare!

No. 13422

File: 1580521166903.png (130.11 KB, 414x561, Crossover_episode.PNG)

Not sure what I was going for, but wanted to contribute!

No. 13424

that's really cute

No. 13425

This is so cute and nice! Good job anon

No. 13426

is that a little kiwi? lmao

No. 13468

wait why is the kiwi there, we dont have a good relationship w them…

No. 13479

File: 1580999389931.png (205.67 KB, 754x548, Chick_magnet.PNG)

I appreciate the nice comments! And yes I threw in the kiwi in there just for fun.
Here's one last pic for the road!

No. 13480

anon your art is so cute! i'm in love

No. 13482

this is adorable and i love the kiwi crossover

No. 13483

This is cute and you should be proud, anon.

No. 13484

thank you for your amazing contribution. i love the kiwis

No. 13920

cuteeee even if kiwifags are ew and not cute

No. 14298

File: 1585269988831.png (321.82 KB, 600x600, download20200304181449.png)

Just wanna dump some board-tan picrew

No. 14299

File: 1585270072157.png (562.32 KB, 600x600, download20200305200454.png)

No. 14300

File: 1585270190875.png (189.98 KB, 600x600, download20200304175917.png)

No. 14301

File: 1585270282701.png (288.96 KB, 600x600, download20200304194234.png)

No. 14302

File: 1585270414115.png (219.34 KB, 600x600, download20200304184316.png)

No. 14392

File: 1586014424780.jpg (759.57 KB, 1500x1500, 20200404_233224.jpg)

In my mind /ic/ and lolcow-tan have a love hate relationship.

No. 14397

um… ok

No. 14400

this is awkward

No. 14403

Pfft they wish he looked like that.
Art is cute tho

No. 14416

Not my lolcow-tan

No. 14424

Seems like /ic/'s fantasy. He should be way smaller and fatter.

No. 16971

File: 1603237838778.png (17.22 KB, 424x440, 1603129834105.png)

From the MS Paint thread on /m/

No. 16976

File: 1603238168736.png (113.07 KB, 1092x801, 1602058577082.png)

I'm not the artists btw

No. 16977

File: 1603238191081.png (65.02 KB, 622x718, 1595390861280.png)

No. 16980

File: 1603238435568.png (57.05 KB, 663x577, 1595358442903.png)

No. 16981

File: 1603238577139.png (23.37 KB, 429x451, 1595316033348.png)

No. 16983

File: 1603238747179.png (21.58 KB, 544x487, 1595053452677.png)

No. 16985

File: 1603238922512.png (393.75 KB, 1142x816, 1595002608350.png)

No. 16986

File: 1603239046489.png (Spoiler Image,148.71 KB, 779x877, 1594691830798.png)

No. 16988

File: 1603239161191.png (79.37 KB, 589x683, 1594508066009.png)

No. 16992

File: 1603239527963.png (21.65 KB, 484x424, 1594440685947.png)

No. 16995

File: 1603239988425.png (63.64 KB, 542x664, 1594438226575.png)

No. 17000

File: 1603241828276.png (11.87 KB, 359x543, 1594372747851.png)

No. 17069

No. 17100

File: 1603299599842.png (48.91 KB, 877x630, lolcowtan.png)

since an anon brought back my long lost love for ms paint I wanted to contribute some art and was inspired by this post!

also all the recent art is super fucking cute, good job anons!

No. 17149

File: 1603304579268.png (387.81 KB, 924x896, announcement.png)


No. 17187

Ooo I love this one


No. 17188


No. 17215

Dangerously based

No. 17235

File: 1603323448017.jpg (127.25 KB, 700x800, pulltard.jpg)

No. 17237

My favorite so far!

No. 17240

so cute!

No. 17242

No. 17286

This is actually cute, the "/pull/" is a nice touch.

No. 17328

amazing, I love your artstyle

Extremely based. not filling the wineglass with milk is kind of a wasted opportunity though

I don't get it

No. 17344

Of course you don't, newfag. Keep up.

No. 17346

I've been here since the start but sorry for never visiting pull I guess.

No. 17370

It's not about visiting pull. If you don't at least know what a pullfag is and why it'd be there, then you haven't been around long enough. I've been here in a shorter time than you if you've "been here since the beginning" and know exactly why its there.

No. 17417

File: 1603384716577.png (383.42 KB, 924x896, announcement2.png)

I considered putting milk in the wineglass, but I was weirdly paranoid of it being read as semen. I was listening to a pretty weird album while drawing this.
Regardless, here's a milk version.

No. 17465

Not to critique or give unwanted advice but I think maybe adding one of those red and white striped straws often seen with drinking milk will help make it seem more like milk!

No. 17477

by god, you're a genius

No. 17486

Seems good to me! I'll do it tomorrow because I don't want to spam the thread though. If anyone wants to just edit it in though, I won't complain.

No. 17487

I love this, thank you anon

No. 17547

this is adorable

No. 17867

File: 1604608720043.png (29.69 KB, 650x720, lolcow tan.png)

No. 17879

Dat expression. What did she just see? Nicocado Avocado's OnlyFans? N2F's breakfast? So many possibilities…

No. 17962

I thought board-tan had brown eyes (does it matter?)?

No. 23807

File: 1622952542238.png (3.36 KB, 63x84, 30A25F2F-CD92-49E4-A5EC-1219CB…)

I made a pixel of her! Had to give her a tan so her hair didn’t get washed out.

No. 23812

Even in pixel form she looks like she's judging you harshly

No. 23817

Omg that’s so cuuute. Wish this thread would get moved to /m/ so more people use it

No. 23823

Maybe we could create a board-tan thread on /m/? i always make her in picrews and such but never post it here.

No. 23824

Na maybe just put it suggestion with admin. I don't wanna lose the good lore itt.

No. 23831

but having a thread on /m/ for board tan pics and such wouldn't delete this one, though

No. 23836

Yeah I know but I think it's better to just move the thread? Then people get to see the origins of lolcow-tan.

No. 23837

There isn't an issue with a thread in /m/ since people already made boardtan art in the mspaint thread. Just keep serious submissions on meta and feel free to crosspost.

No. 23892

Why does she ~need~ visibility? I’m not really for LC having an ~omnipresent~ mascot. Have a thread and post away, she’s cute, I just hope she doesn’t become an overbearingfag and attract unwanted types of creeps.

No. 23906


No. 23943

Kek come on anon, her farmer's overalls and vibe is cute. Instead of the usual retarded cutesy coomer shit.

No. 24064

File: 1623470821218.png (560.35 KB, 1500x1125, legen-dairy sage.png)

Offering for my kween, S-class kunoichi who will protect us from summer faggotry

No. 24065



Kek anon. Beautiful work, you're very talented!

No. 24302

anon this is fantastic!

No. 24551


No. 24557

posting here cos the complaints thread is full but CP posted on /meta/. just reported and it was just posted 8 mins ago

No. 24562

Hopefully the farm hands clean it up fast.

No. 24564

looks like its being spammed. wonder if admins can try to dox the spammer? i know its hopeless cause hes almost certainly using a proxy but what can i say its my dream that cp posters are all doxxed and murdered brutally

No. 24568

Cp in ot

No. 24569

And in /w/

No. 24729

weird selfposter in /w/

No. 24780

File: 1625992694408.jpg (68.72 KB, 494x370, 1625991972503.jpg)

Made by a lovely, based anon in /ot/

No. 25153

No one saw this and it's a shame cuz I LOVE THIS, I'm gonna use it

No. 25220

Everyone saw it they just didn't need to shout about it

No. 25669

File: 1629417054974.png (250.15 KB, 561x581, pinkman (2).png)

Throwing this one in too

No. 27387

File: 1634018182788.png (382.58 KB, 1200x700, farm.png)

One more before LC is kill

No. 27514

I will make this into a banner anon, check it out later pls

No. 28158

File: 1637094993686.png (1.91 MB, 2048x2732, 594AA1C6-E38D-4A23-906E-47082C…)

Not as good as what most anons draw but I’m so excited for this year’s lolcow awards!

No. 28166

Awww!! nonny I love this!

No. 28178

Aww thank you nonnie that means a lot!

No. 28399

Just saw these so cute!

No. 28863

File: 1641683204228.png (26.8 KB, 518x784, lc-b-tan-nt.png)

i offer you a laughing elsie directly inspired by the new shayna thread pic. when i tell you i kek'd

No. 29974

File: 1645507018264.jpeg (40.5 KB, 393x1024, C3E0CD88-EF29-44D7-BEC3-3ED5BF…)

I made this little doodle in my notes app. hope you don’t like it. she’s as big as a bottle of milk

No. 30015

She is cute, nona, she has powerpuff hands.

No. 30192

>hope you don’t like it.
Kek I can't tell if this was a typo or a joke, but I love it. I like that she's as big as a bottle of milk, this is wholesome

No. 30532

Is there an agreed upon design for /2x/-tan?

No. 30580

Fuck, nonnie, this is great and deserved to be praised shayhead supremacy

No. 31096

whole(some) milk

No. 31775

File: 1650964817920.png (255.24 KB, 700x700, lctan-01.png)

finally contributing

No. 31776

File: 1650964891603.png (244.5 KB, 700x700, lctan-02.png)

textless version

No. 31777


No. 31785

what i love about this is that it looks anime influenced but more like an actual cartoon, so not waifu-tier or anything. very cute.

No. 31887

THIS IS SO CUTE! I'll make sure to use it!

No. 31969

No. 32238

Why are her tits so small? Her shirt should read “mega disappointment”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 32631

File: 1652105813632.jpg (5.93 KB, 111x80, 1647537962817.jpg)

Too much work to delete the post, jannies?

No. 36047


No. 42664

File: 1660791477316.png (237.17 KB, 1271x1288, Untitled_Artwork 2.png)

hi nonas, enjoy my slightly drunk drawing. cow-tan 4ever

No. 42665

I love thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

No. 42666

Please submit this to this thread too!!! maybe add some text?: >>>/meta/41695
love your art anon

No. 43553

That’s a man, baby

No. 43565

you're a man.

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