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File: 1445706956919.jpg (14.16 KB, 287x400, dassitmayne.jpg)

No. 1372

This thread discusses the current social fabric of lolcow; where it's going, where we want it to go and how to take it in that direction. Also how to improve our farming skills as a cohesive whole.

We propose fixing "social" issues here, especially in curing the cancer that is killing the farm.

No. 1373

File: 1445707194758.jpg (299.04 KB, 1218x1024, 405378520_o.jpg)

Thread was made because topic doesn't really fit >>1134

>If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

This isn't a suggestion for mods to change anything with the site or its content, or to ban a user. This is an ongoing discussion of board culture, not a "complaint" for mods to fix, or that they CAN fix. It's like a community-meet for the people by the people.

But since it's still "site discussion," /meta/ seems more fitting than /b/.

No. 1374

The cancer comes mainly from PULL stragglers. After PULL was baleted several times, they never recouped their numbers. Many users have come here and they're shitting up the place.

To remind you of PULL-faggotry, I'll recap the sort of things they do:

In an old Kiki thread a mass archive of screencaps was found on Kiki's site. It was "evidence" of online bullying, and she was planning on bringing it to court (LOL). Anons decided we should be quiet about it so she would keep posting, and we'd be secretly monitoring the new content that kept pouring in. Amin archived it, but there was more incoming.

And ONE pulltard ruined it by posting a link to the archive on PULL-chat. For asspats she posted it publicly, Kiki found out, and stopped posting new screencaps. In defense the retard said "it's ok to post because it was archived!!!" This is the kind of idiocy PULL-tards represent.

No. 1375


Recently in a Kiki thread, PULLtard retardation has surfaced again. Kiki's ex asian-trophy, by all means a victim who has suffered enough, was bombarded by links and useless info by emoticon-using weebs.

Demonstrates what was sent to Taku, and more was surely sent that we don't know about.

Anons went full retard asking about a Disney trip and telling him about Dakota (For what purpose?) Note this post in particular:

Notice the :3 and ending the sentence in a tilde ~. Weeb sighted.

We must learn to recognize PULL-tards and pressure them to GTFO. This isn't a hugbox or a personal blog. That's how chans survive: when you see a post that's stupid, anons must gang up on it until the person changes their ways, or leaves because their precious feelings are hurt and lolcow becomes a mean and scary place for them, where they're busy fending off attacks instead of having a good time with friends desu ^o^~~~

No. 1376

Mods can only do so much - they ban people who admit they're underage, but that's it. It's our job to be the chemo - to make an environment hostile to the uguu moe gurrls, the sensitive tumblr children, the heretic. Anons acting underage or PULLtarded need to be called out. If they remain here, they pull stunts like mass-spamming Taku until he leaves the internet, because LULZamirite? And then NO ONE is having fun. Except the PULL parasite.

This anon gets it:

Also, just as a reminder: We are not here to scare off the cows. Please do not try to goad Kaka or Taku into a reaction just because you're sperging from all the new information. The best trolling is done softly, and often in the shadows.

Basically, please try to keep your autism at a minimum and form a 'gameplan' with the other farmers before doing anything outlandish and stupid again.

No. 1377

File: 1445708053168.gif (578.73 KB, 268x268, No..gif)

There's a big problem emerging here on the farm that's the exact same problem that effectively led to 4chan's internal breakdown.

When lolcow first went up over a year ago now it consisted pretty much exclusively of seagulls.
At this point we all knew how to function as a single unit cohesively, what to do, when to execute action and when best to stay away.

As lolcow has grown in popularity and notoriety we've been slowly witnessing a silent invasion of PULLtards, SJW's and underb& tweens who don't understand our overall modus operandi and seem to believe that this site exists purely for antagonism and mayhem, i.e. the "HAHA YES LET'S GO RUIN TAKU'S BUSINESS BY POSTING KIKI'S STUFF ALL OVER HIS CAFE'S FB PAGE" poster.

I don't know who else has noticed, but in the last 2-3 months alone the rate of deliberately aggressive/aggravating/stupid posts has exploded and has caused an enormous upsurge of infighting and people bickering and effectively destroying numerous threads and it's something I've fallen for myself repeatedly.

I think in the next townhall chat we need to have a serious discussion about isolating undesirable elements and non-contributors from the board so that shit doesn't go down again like what went down with Taku last night because that was like, the biggest fuck up I've witnessed on this site to date and I am 100% confident that it was non executed by any of the older users here, by which I mean the ex-/seagulls/ who actually do understand to handle a delicate operation like this one.

I remember a while back when I first discovered Kirsten's hidden online stalking-cache and I posted it here and we managed to keep that a secret and allowing her to continue uploading files for like, what, 5 months? Dang I was so proud guys, that was some fine work.

Today that would not happen because some fucking idiot would be straight to her on some sock Twitter account Tweeting at her "HAHA KEEKS WE FOUND UR ONLINE CACHE HAHA WAT R U GONNA DO".

No. 1378

We need to be able to spot someone who is going to start a thread derailing, or be a led to stop people who insist on ruining the threads and everything else for all the other anons by letting them know how things really work here.

We have assholes spurging about waist sizes, cocks and trying to literally ruin innocent people's lives instead of lingering from the shadows with information they don't know how to handle

No. 1379

Have to agree with you. We are cannibalising ourselves from the inside.

When will these PULL tards learn to sit back, watch and laugh, rather than stick their grubby little fingers into everything?

Also, something I've noticed is flagrant antagonising. Over everything. The constant bickering is so annoying, I don't know how to deal with it anymore.

cue "It wasn't like this when lolcow first started" oldfag posting

No. 1380

I really think actually utilizing the chats would be good for deciding what to do with information rather than just posting it here for everyone to grab and do with it what they please.

No. 1381

Other topics:

Admin has offered to host any videos you have that you don't want DCMA'd.

Admin has even offered a wiki for us, but I have to agree with him - I don't think it would be maintained. It would be nice to have a place to catalog cow history: tweets, pics, videos and archive links, all dated and organized. This would be immensely helpful for newcomers to be on the same page, even if late to the party.

As it stands now sites like /cow/ and others take one look at a thread and think it's just jealousy.

Each OP thread should direct to a wiki or an updated ED article that proves a cow is a cow, a horrible person, a perpetual e-begging victim, a scam artist, killed her bf with cats, etc. Regulars in the thread know, but a case must be made.


Kiki's ED is ancient and useless atm. We can use ED or (maybe) have our own wiki. What do farmers think? Is anyone autistic enough to archive the lore?

No. 1382

I think that as long as we could get enough people on board to write the initial articles, keeping it maintained would not be so hard. The reason Kiki's ED article is so bad (as well as a few others) is because SO much has happened without it being maintained. We have no idea where to start without rewriting everything. I personally have attempted to sit down to redo it several times but just felt overwhelmed by the shear volume of material.

With that said, I think that a wiki is the absolute best way to keep all out our links, videos, and screenshots documented and organized.

But we need to get people to actually commit to writing the articles first and foremost.

I think if all the lolcow autists made their own chatrooms (sorry to keep plugging it, but it really is the most underappreciated feature of this site) for their favorite cows, we could all do it together with our collective screenshots and knowledge and it wouldn't be as overwhelming.

No. 1383

What is everybody else opinion on mandatory thread ID's on /pt/ Interchangeable between threads of course?

I don't know how good of an idea it would be but I'm having a difficult time considering how to deal with the situation.

What about the idea of trialling ID's and seeing how it progresses from there?

Also from now on, those of us who are seasoned posters and understand the function of this site need to make a pledge to not engage in infighting and to actively repel shitposting rogue elements coming in from places like Dumblr and PULL.
Our board is in danger of having it's very nature altered to suit an external bodies needs and we cannot allow this to happen.

No. 1384


>I personally have attempted to sit down to redo it several times but just felt overwhelmed by the shear volume of material

That and the fact that ED has been circling the drain for years now.

No. 1386

Of course, but we don't have anything better. So would it follow that if Admin were to make something better, we would be able to keep it up?

Terrible idea. We just need to ignore or shame derailers and obvious PULLtards.

The revolution is happening.

No. 1387

This is quite a problem

On one hand, a bit of bullying is good. We need to attack certain cancerous posts.

On the other hand, the edgelording goes too far, far beyond cancer posts, attacking everyone. If someone says something incorrect they'll get "OMFG are you a retard? Learn how to use google idiot." This of course prompts a defensive response from the person, which makes the edgelord respond, etc. Thread derailed.

Harmless posts shouldn't get such an inflammatory response. Maybe some chiding, but for the sake of not derailing, less shitposting.

No mercy for kawaii-desu posters, though. They need to be attacked til they get off the site.

I kinda wish individual posts could be moved, not just threads themselves. When two anons derail by insulting each other back and forth, their posts could be moved to a WWE thread where they can continue to duke it out.

No. 1388


>their posts could be moved to a WWE thread where they can continue to duke it out

Oh my god yes.
Can you imagine? Code that allows users to initiate a thread-wide vote where, if enough votes are received, the bickering users are automatically locked into an invisible thread and are not allowed to post anywhere on the rest of the site until 2 hours have passed.

No. 1389

File: 1445712628698.png (290.81 KB, 800x1126, mootykins.png)

I'm wondering if we have enough content to merit a whole wiki. Do we have enough real cows? /snow/ probably won't count.

Kiwi's admin apparently offered our Admin wiki space or an alliance and our glorious leader said no. I like that he would make one just for us, no sharing. If it's made we have to do him proud, anons.

Another thing. This is a chan board. Shouldn't we have an avatar created by us, that represents the site or admin? We can take this issue to the drawfags if the people want their golden calf idol.

No. 1390



No. 1391

File: 1445716944729.png (283.98 KB, 1407x1607, Video and SS addons.png)

Some tips to help in archiving.

I've noticed a complete lack of saving videos or even proper screenshots. I understand poor screenshots when on a phone, but for computer users people still use the SS key several times to save a whole site. There are add-ons that can help, you can save a whole page or determine a specific selection to capture.

Just look up firefox add-ons and search what I've typed in the images (I've circled my favorites.) I'd download more than one of these. Notice the screenshot icon in my toolbar: you can right-click on the page for your screen shot, but make sure to have the icon on your bar too. Some sites (especially tumblr) have code to prevent right-clicking. This circumvents that.

With fireshot you can automatically get the day it was saved in the filename.

Fireshot>Preferences>Editor (tab)>Editor Settings>Capturing

You can customize your filename, but I use:

#%n - '%t' - %m-%d -%y

Make use of reverse search and internet archive. A lot of deleted cow stuff is on archive but no one ever checks.

To save text/code just right click+SavePageAs. I used this for offline reading when I don't care about the images. Good for saving chan threads imo.

Reverse search is good to find other profiles of cows, or the source of an image, which some people still don't do.

^(click camera)

The links we post on lolcow are automatically archived. But I've yet to see anons making use of these saved urls. Better than a screenshot, which can be accused of being tampered with, archive saves a page as it is/was. Save sites by pasting urls here:

This works for tweets but some people prefer this for twitter:

Catalog the links for easy access. On chans this is mostly done through docs on pastebin:

A short description and link is all you need. Then you can link the doc to people and they just highlight the text url, open link, and can see the deleted shit. No one can argue if it's real in this case.

If you find something big, you should screencap/archive everything before posting. No excuses. I've seen channers find gold on someone, post it, only for that person to catch wind and delete it in minutes, too fast for digging.

If you have questions or tips/corrections, pls share.

No. 1392

File: 1445718742295.png (207.09 KB, 900x1094, poster_for_revolution.png)

For throw-away emails:



"Recommended Alternatives" for private searches:


I use this to view IG accounts because I hate the current scroll down wait-n-load format:

It's easier to get the full pic.

But another way is Right-click+ViewPageInfo, media tab, and scroll until you find the image you want. Sites that prevent right-clicking make this method mandatory.

If a tumblr page doesn't have an obvious older/newer button, type this into the url


And keep adding numbers, 3, 4…

Also for a quick tag just type:

Here I've searched the tag "submission" and can search pages 1, 2, 3…until there's no more under the tag.

You can make a bait site of some kind and track IPs of people who go there:


I believe this was once used to prove that Cathy left a nasty comment on someone's tumblr.

I like this for uploading files:

And I don't think I need to include this but just in case:


Most basic video player. Plays webms too.

If you haven't yet get Greasemonkey and download tons of scripts:

I have too many so I'll let you decide which you want.

An example:


When enabled this makes big red buttons with "Older/Newer" which do what I showed you above: take you forward or back even when the shit design doesn't let you.

No. 1393

I think on this hypothetical wiki, even some /snow/ people would get a page, like Aly or Berry. It's basically just a means of documenting all of the happenings for the subject of a thread. If there's enough material (I guess it's subjective what "material" means) then sure, why not? I don't think it needs to be a vast wiki. It can be a small one.

No. 1394

I like the idea of a small wiki. We can also add pages for other terms with the hard truths as definitions. Like weeaboo, tumblr, trans, etc.

kiwi wiki does a good job with some cows. This is how it would be.


What should he be? A brolita, a dandy, a farmer boy in overalls? For this /b/ should have a thread, more people there.

No. 1395

I think it should be a girl, not a boy at all. A farmer girl with cow print clothes.

There was a thread many many months ago about making a board -tan.

No. 1396

Bery cute, I like it. Old chan would made mascots based on moot and snacks, then people started making some to represent boards or sites.

If we make one for admin he'd be a boy…or would he? Maybe he wants to be the little girl.

Anyway I'd like an admin one made so I can shoop him on communist propaganda. We are farmers after all.

No. 1397

File: 1445720860963.jpg (251.03 KB, 1920x1080, dsad.jpg)


idk if anybody likes this kind of design but I started playing around with a design.

I was trying to think of a name and I thought lolcow…. LC… Elsie. Kind of like what we used to do back on /cgl/, /seagulls/?

Apologies for the wobbly lines; I don't own a tablet so I draw only with my mouse and it's fucking hard keeping a steady hand with long lines.

No. 1398

I like it a lot.

No. 1399

I didn't know it was possible to draw anything but jagged pixels w/o a tablet. Amazing, you should be a surgeon with those hands. I really like the fangs/pitchfork additions.

I've bumped the Art thread on /b/ with a link to your post btw.

No. 1400

A few thoughts:

1. It is definitely a fundamental principle of chan culture that people call out other posters and self-police. Don't be afraid to insult or ridicule other users.

2. The people posting about Taku on social media are retarded, but keep in mind this is a public website. There's nothing stopping people from doing things like that. Many may be people who have never made a single post here.

Certain people who have posted about things they've done here may be subject to bans, though. As are people who call for others to do things like that.

3. >>1375 The poster you're referring to was already banned yesterday for filing a frivolous report, complaining about people calling her under 18. It's not against the rules to simply be annoying or obnoxious, but I will take a look at their other posts. I don't think contacting Taku is necessarily worthy of a ban by itself, depending on what is said.

Let's discuss this more in https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta

No. 1401

File: 1445722156512.png (580.71 KB, 1527x1653, Elsie.png)


th-thanks s-senapi.
Everybody always says that to me when I tell them I have to draw with a mouse but it's nothing special really, it's just brute forcing myself to learn because I have no other choice. Anybody can do it.

Aaaaanyway, farmers have braids right?
What colour hair should she have?

No. 1402

The meta chat is so bad, it doesn't even work on mobile (I have no idea where else to report this). I can type the text but there is no way to send it

No. 1403

Anon, this looks great. The pink looks nice, but every time I see hair like this, I think sjw. I'm probably in the minority though. Can't wait to see the finished result!

No. 1404

Sorry, the chat doesn't always work properly on mobile devices, though it has worked on all the ones I own.

No. 1405


Ah, well it can be changed with very little ease so I'll fiddle with the colours once I've got the lines down. Thanks for your feedback.

No. 1406

I've held off on digital art because no tablet. Now that I know it's possible though I'm giving it a shot. So thanks for the brute force approach.

I like the braids. There's a lot of /cgl/ here and anime fans, so it should be girly. I think the clothes should be cute but dirty 'cause we're working so hard on those cows. A fake color makes it more "representative of all," I think. (Not to get too tumblr about it.)

No. 1407

This is something to keep in mind. We can't control everything. Leaks and stupid behavior will happen, even from people who aren't really affiliated with the site. Very sensitive info should be handled with more care. Or not, you can just post it, but we shouldn't act surprised when someone pokes the cows.

This happens on all chan boards too.

No. 1408

I'm proposing this largely because I want to see other user's opinions of it:

Can we ban people from having an 'identity' on lolcow? Ie. Avoid name/trip/avatarfags, unless it is a momentary necessity and on topic? Ie. If a cow graces us, they might trip within their own thread (an example of when it might be appropriate to use). Or if someone has juicy insider info, they might trip/name to tell that info in the moment to avoid temporary confusion.

Using a name/trip/avatar as a username, wouldn't be allowed. People like Spoony who constantly self identify in posts to talk about themselves also wouldn't be allowed. (Obviously they can post, just not self identify - forcing anonymous).

Maybe this has been discussed before and I'm just not up to date. I admit I've only seen it here n there but I feel like it's one of those things that ends up mucking up culture.

No. 1409

This already is enforced to some degree. People who tripfag or self-post excessively are often banned from every board except /b/.

Spoony is a bit of a different situation, since recently she typically self-identifies only when raging at someone else who mentions her. I haven't seen her self-post apropos of nothing in a while. If she continues to do it too much, I might tell her to stop, again.

No. 1410


This is a bad idea because a lot of good drama is cultivated on ACCOUNT of the namefagging, like that time lolcow had a few visitors from Tumblr and those dumbasses didn't know that putting your email in the email field wasn't mandatory, and they all got signed up to spam mailing lists.
And with spoony in her defence I never actually see her self identify directly, she'll make a post and it's always somebody else that will go "HMMM IS DAT SUM SPOONY" and then that's it, thread derailed.
If anything it's other posters that need to be told to stop pointing her out when it's totally irrelevant to a thread.

At any rate part of what I enjoy on lolcow specifically is the freedom to make that decision yourself, unlike places like PULL and Kiwi where you're forced to have an account and a username even if you want to remain simply as Anonymous.

No. 1411

It's nice to know it's kept to a minimum. Thank you.

I understand what you mean when you say it creates some milk. I might just be over protective because it's one of the things I've seen derailing chans and wrecking culture (especially when people 'post just to post' or to gain recognition with their handle).

No. 1412

File: 1445725960290.png (1.01 MB, 2878x1652, Elsie.png)

What's a better colour scheme?

No. 1414

I like the red hair/green eyes because it makes her look more demonic.

No. 1415


Usually those people get their shit chewed out though.
I've never actually seen anybody tolerate it here before.

No. 1416

I like the brown/blonde a lot more but I do feel like the green/pink might seem more 'mascoty'?

No. 1417

I feel like her dress should say lol

No. 1418

File: 1445733831207.jpg (31.96 KB, 350x420, mega.jpg)

lol or something with milk.

A farmer's tan would fit (pale in the sleeve area)

No. 1419

Regarding the Kiki situation:

Please see https://lolcow.farm/rules, under "Exceptions to the above".

Don't post sensitive information about someone who is not directly and collaboratively involved with the subject at hand. Dakota could be considered directly involved with Kiki and her past, but Taku isn't. Posting Taku's name and (some) profiles is ok. Posting Kiki's name, profiles, and employer is ok. Posting Taku's employer or information about his family is not ok.

All posts with information about his brother or employer that I could find have had the information removed. Please report any other posts you think have gone too far with the amount of information posted.

Also, >>>/pt/196202 has been permanently banned. They've been banned many times in the past for similar offenses.

No. 1420

File: 1445736261785.png (1015.39 KB, 2916x1652, Elsie4.png)


So you think she looks better with a tan or without?

btw I'm not sure if you guys noticed but her dress actually sports the Taurus sign.
Do you think "Mega Milk" or "Lolcow" would be better than?

No. 1421

Mega Milk or Lolcow would be better than the Taurus sign.

Try with both.

No. 1422

Who drew this? The hand is pretty funny.

No. 1423

I prefer the blonde mostly because the pink hair comes off like a derivative of /cgl/-tan, esp. with the red eyes in >>1420

No. 1424


>tfw my friend designed the /cgl/-tan and drew all the comics

>tfw she got dibs with the colour scheme before I did

I'll fix it in the morning.

No. 1426

What about a sticky that details what you can and cannot do with the cows?

No. 1427

File: 1445769119388.png (207.53 KB, 683x771, ptpt.png)

I did a quick pass using some ideas from anons and the other draw friend working on ideas

No. 1428

>I did a quick pass using some ideas from anons and the other draw friend working on ideas

I cannot proofread a single sentence apparently. Sorry. Polite sage.

No. 1429

Hahaha love it!

No. 1431

File: 1445786796272.png (895.54 KB, 1527x1653, Elsie.png)


omg this is so cute, I love that you added stats.

>it's also a whole less static than mine

I need to learn to use a tablet.
And draw that fucking right hand in.

No. 1432


What if we have it so board-tan often changes hair color/wears wigs? Or contact lenses. That way draw friends can have some more artistic liberty with her color scheme depiction? It also gives some homage to how lots of users seem to have flocked from cgl.

No. 1433

I'm a big fan of this one. A+

No. 1435


>RIP my self esteem.

But yeah I like it too. More…. goblin-y.

No. 1436

Then it wouldn't really be a mascot.

No. 1437


I see what you're saying, but /cgl/tan changed her appearance a lot.

No. 1438

I figure though there's still the basic characteristics/outfit styles, farmers tan etc that it still would be recognizable as our board-tan.

No. 1439

I like the idea of ID's.

Even if we call out PULLtards or ignore derailing etc, no guarantee that they won't samefag and shit up threads.
ID's help sort a lot of things.

Nice one!

No. 1440

File: 1445793287015.png (832.71 KB, 1527x1653, Elsie.png)


I could just make my one blonde.

No. 1442

I think she looked a lot better pale. We're farmers who sit in front of our computers all day. It looks like someone just threw random shit on her. I think the one on the left >>1420 with the gradient hair looks awesome.

No. 1443

I'm a fan of >>1427. I think it would be neat if she had a measuring tape lasso and/or those turboslut heart-shaped pupils.

I was the anon who posted the board-tan thread on /b/ a while ago. I'm so excited this is finally happening.

No. 1445

File: 1445800850611.png (679.74 KB, 1527x1653, Elsie.png)



No. 1446

>Have a board-tan
>It's a skinny white, blonde cis girl


Just kidding please don't kill me ;_;

No. 1447


Also, what would lolcow-tan's personality be like?

No. 1448

File: 1445803070494.png (285.4 KB, 1024x576, Untitled-1.png)


A mischievous yandere who has a simultaneous hate/love obsession over the myriads of people she stalks and fantasises about.

>Oh my, what heresy

>PT will always be my Queen

>forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

No. 1449

I'm in love. Add in a complex about her lack of tits and ass and it's perfect.

No. 1450

Yes please

No. 1451

Kawaii as fuck.

No. 1452

File: 1445804345359.png (541.1 KB, 1920x1080, Elsie.png)


Oh cool, I'll polish this off tomorrow then.
Thanks for your feedback guys x

No. 1453

>What about a sticky that details what you can and cannot do with the cows?

I think everything is laid out pretty clearly in the rules. If anyone finds something that isn't covered there, please tell me.

>No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world. Just use common sense. Even if what you are doing may be technically legal, please don't plot a year-long "psychological warfare operation" against someone "for the lulz". This site is not for ruining people's lives. (Though in specific or extreme cases, actions which some may find "life-ruining" are not necessarily forbidden, either.)

>Staff reserve the right to remove or censor personal information if we believe it to be false, part of an ulterior motive or agenda, or otherwise not fully representative of a certain situation. Personal information of adults will not be deleted otherwise.

>Personal army requests are forbidden. Do not make posts calling to harass or "go after" after a certain person due only to a personal grudge or dispute you have. Those attempting to mobilize a personal army may be banned, and waive all rights and privileges.

>Do not assume posted personal information is necessarily accurate. As a reader, you should take all claims with a grain of salt.

>Harsher action may be taken against those who intentionally post false claims involving personal information, or who post claims without sufficient evidence. This means no misleading personal army attempts accompanied with personal information.

>Don't post personal information of people who may be related to a certain person but aren't directly involved. For example, if you are posting the info of someone who you feel has done something wrong, do not post info about their uninvolved family and friends.

I'm still iffy about IDs.

And even if I do add them, they're not that reliable. People who use mobile devices or switch between devices may have their IDs change pretty regularly. It'd be annoying to force people to list all their previous IDs each time it changes, and even more annoying for staff to attempt to do it manually.

No. 1454

I do not want IDs. Part of the fun of this site is the samefagging. I'm sorry, but it is.

No. 1455

A lot of others have the same view.

If I were to add them, I think it'd only be here in /meta/. I don't plan on adding them to any of the other currently extant boards.

No. 1456

File: 1445854292479.jpg (14.43 KB, 385x151, 1438377707120~2.jpg)

They have IDs in /cow/ and they are pretty neat stopping shitposting so please reconsider implementing ID's admin sama!

Also, samefagging might be funny but in the long end it just shits the board

No. 1457

Exposing samefag self posters on snow has been some of the best milk we've had.

I don't want IDs. Why don't you Anons who keep referencing cow's IDs just, you know, use cow?

I don't think samefagging causes too much shit posting if people are already following the rules.

It adds content. If you look back at old threads that made sites like 4chan good, it was often thanks to samefagging. I think the only time IDs are a good option are when mods/user enforced culture can't keep up with getting rid of shit mongers. I fully believe we can do fine as things are now.

No. 1458

>Why don't you Anons who keep referencing cow's IDs just, you know, use cow?
I agree with this. I know it's because lolcow has a certain type of cow than /cow/ but still.

IDs are a bad idea. We really have no need for them. I think most of the shit needs to just be dealt with via self-policing.

No. 1459

File: 1445871205820.gif (656.85 KB, 500x648, 1436270472191.gif)

Countless selfpost threads about wannarexic nobodies doesn't qualify as content to me idk. Exposing their comments its hella fun and all but it seems a lot of girls see lolcow as a way to promote themselves through drama and keep shiting the board with crappy threads, IDs can prevent that.
(English is not my main language so please ignore the terrible grammar)

No. 1460

I just want to clarify samefagging content isn't limited to the self promo things, in my opinion. But I understand your point.

At the same time I think we have to consider that though IDs could help disable some shit posting, I think we will lose more than we gain. If we look at our main cows in /pt/ there hasn't really been a good, consistent flow lately.

If we disable content on the site fueled by samefags, how much will be left? I'm not saying the site is afloat thanks to samefagging, i just think it adds an interesting dynamic or "flavor" we shouldn't be so quick to disregard. I really think it's part of what made old-chans culture more fun, and easier to enforce. (You want to chase off a tumblr fag attention whore? Samefag them away).

I mean, it's not like any of us (save maybe Admin) really understand what extent of posts are or are not samefags. Personally I have a dynamic IP and IDs won't make a difference for me. I would still like to avoid them.

No. 1462

File: 1445885670515.png (414 KB, 1089x1354, cowtanselfie.png)

No. 1463

Hear, hear!

No. 1464

>Mega Bitch

Perfect. Please let this be our mascot.

No. 1465

File: 1445902628272.png (Spoiler Image,36.59 KB, 480x640, lcandcglselfie.png)

shouldn't have gotten me started. now the cancer is terminal.

No. 1467


Should have had her beating and cannibalising /cgl/-tan since we hate that place now.

No. 1468

that'd be off-camera, anon

No. 1470

Please keep all board-tan discussion in >>1469. Let's use this thread for the original purpose laid out in the OP.

No. 1471

There are many different kinds of samefagging. I will only reveal posts if someone breaks a global rule, which usually means they either posted a thread about themselves (PD, Eboni), tried to trick me into deleting things (Annie, Ember), or posted an incredibly ridiculous personal army request.

So far I have not yet had to do anything about personal army requests; in most cases I just move the thread to /snow/ and label them as terrible. The request would have to be really bad for me to out their posts for it, like "call this person's parents and report their profiles" when it's clearly someone they know IRL and have a vendetta against. I have not seen that happen yet.

Typical samefagging, self-posting, self-complimenting, self-hating, etc. are all still allowed if the person did not post a new thread about themselves. Of course, people are allowed and encouraged to call out such posts if they think they've found them.

So, keep that in mind when discussing IDs.

No. 1472

Milk maid/cow girl? That is adorbs.

(Moved to >>1469.)

No. 1490

I think IDs should be implemented on /b/ and /g/ but not /pt/ or /snow/.

No. 1613



No. 1620

Actually like this idea.

No. 1654

I think it would be exciting if we could take all the pedophile themed thread derailing posts and put them in their own thread, devoid of context just like a trashbin for the bickering.

No. 1777

holy shit I posted this seriously but I know it's dumb, next thing I know 4cham has /trash/, beautiful, I'm glad someone out there understands me

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