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No. 3059

So, time for another announcement.

This may be long so I'll make a list of the points I will be addressing and you can decide what concerns you.
-Banned cows still being a concern
-New Farmhands and the application
-"Sperg-chan" (our resident Taylor-obsessed spammer) and other invaders, like from /r9k/ etc
-Dramu with old admin (or lack thereof??)
-What you as Farmers can do about the current problems
-Brief summary of some changes being made

>Banned cows

Not the 8chan board, though they are also part of the reason for this announcement being made in the first place.
I know that there was a lot of backlash when former admin took down some of the threads and I am 100% behind that decision. However, I also think there's a way we can effectively give everyone a place to post about them without allowing them on main boards. This would be done by creating a few new boards where the banned cows can be discussed, along with a separate set of staff members that would be able to police these offshoots of the community. (Example; a board such as /sh/ for Shuddercows could include all the ana posts that aren't allowed currently. Someone from that part of the community could run the board and appoint staff members appropriately, as long as the main rules of the site are respected)

>Our new staff members

I have appointed a few new staff members since the admin change. One of the janitors from the previous administration was made a mod right from the start and I brought in someone I trust from off-site as a mod to deal with reports from the get go, and some janitors were appointed via the application I created. Some of the new Farmhands started as janitors and were later promoted to mod.
I have a few more applications to read over, and potentially recruit more members. If you plan to apply and would like to come onboard to specifically moderate a certain board, feel free to mention that in your application. The Farmhand application can be found in this thread >>2823
Right now we have a lot of moderation being done by people following the basic schedule of daylight hours in the US. We need more people who are available during the daytime in the UK and EU (which corresponds to night hours in the US)

>Spammers and other evil forces at work

It's pretty clear by now that our site has been invaded recently. Part of this is due to the URL being posted elsewhere. And the reason for the URL being shared, partly was due in part I suspect to Spoony's being banned. I very much would find it believable that she's behind a lot of the /banned cow/ threads on 8chan. In the past she was responsible for the initial /r9k/ incursion. Now we have some other anons who are annoyed by the admin change and have been further making lolcow's presence known to the rest of the Internut.
There aren't a lot of options for combatting this, since robots are plentiful and have too much time on their hands. So we have been issuing bans and deletions. It's not hard to proxy, though, and we are dealing with a plethora of IPs which leaves little to be utilised by our home team.
A few other possibilities are adding a captcha, which has only the >potential< to be effective; a prolonged hellweek; and overall encouragement for more users to make reports

>admin "drama"

It may not be a good idea to engage any trolls further, but there has been some talk of thirst for milk from the former lolcow staff. The fact is that there is no involvement in the site from the former staff any longer, so whatever speculation is being made has no real chance of being confirmed. I can also testify to the vast level of samefagging being done by the involved parties. Imho any dramu being brought up is the invention of a very minuscule number of people and they are literally milking themselves at this point.
I have also un-stickied former-admin's farewell announcement, as it was making some people salty over the attention he was supposedly recieving from it.

>ways you guys can help improve the site

Ultimately this website doesn't belong to me or any one individual. We are a community and the best way to make changes is for everyone to do their part. Making reports is a big deal. Staff can't constantly monitor every single thread. The more detailed reports will make for better judgement calls.
Also, I am asking for ideas anyone has on how to benefit the site. I've taken into consideration the posts that have already been made. Some of the ideas are met with dissent and it ends up being a matter of trial and error to see what works best. Hellweek and captcha have been brought up a lot and that's the next thing that's going to be implemented. Just keep making suggestions; this thread would be the best place right now. Anywhere in /meta/ is appropriate but suggestions and complaints made on cow threads have the potential to be overlooked.

>stuff in the works

As mentioned in other points within this announcement, I would like to add a few more boards that would accommodate certain people's interest in some of our banned cows (see the banned cows segment I wrote for more details). Some other boards I would like to add are an oekaki board or just a general art board. It would be cool to see some comics drawn of our board-tan as well as potentially some of the cows and/or resident village idiots. It would be cool to get some more drawings done by some of the artists in the tan thread. I want to do a summer-theme for our homepage so if we can get drawings that correlate to that theme we can add them in random circulation at the homepage.
Other "changes" include the concept of creating different styles. I have always used the classic chan style myself, but if there are users who have preferred styles then you can specify which ones you like. I think it would be fun to make some more involved ones that have backgrounds and such, or otherwise different buttons and/or fonts. A kawaii theme and gothic Lolita would be the obvious choices. This idea might be seen as useless to a lot of people but if it interests anyone then I will work on it.

Look out in the near future for another session of Hellweek, because that could begin at any time. Also know that a captcha and possible flood detection filter might be added soon but will most likely be temporary until the influx of idiots is curbed.

No. 3060

>a board such as /sh/ for Shuddercows could include all the ana posts that aren't allowed currently.

No. Don't allow the fucking ana chans back. Please.

No. 3061

oekaki is a really good idea

No. 3062

second that. you'll just end up nuking it.

No. 3063

Agreed. That shit is pure cancer.

No. 3064

I will back up this Anon

No. 3065

This, tbh. I'm pretty sure they were behind all the shittier posts on this site.

No. 3066

I agree!

No. 3068

Another board for banned cows might be a good idea, BUT then people from that board would sometimes visit other boards on the site, which might not be a good thing.
I came here from russian lolcow site/forum and there is a …board? there for discussing a certain type of people. You can always tell that someone is a frequent user of just that one board, they stick out like a sore thumb with their retardness when they decide to visit other boards, and their visits are very disturbing for the general population of the site. It will be the same with ana chans and people like that crazy Taylor fan.

No. 3069

Seconding! I'd love an art board. Either for inspiration / posting work. And hopefully more encouraging and better than /ic/.

No. 3070

Just coming back to the site after a couple months break, is there a thread with a more detailed explaination of what went down with the former staff? Is there any chance that chat will be brought back as well, in some capacity or another?

No. 3071

Ban all ana-chans and people who can't fucking sage properly. Ban identity politics and expose samefaggers. Ban fools who try and be moral aloggers. This site is awful now, I really think admin should've just nuked it

No. 3073

former admin lock a bunch of (genuinely shitty) threads. after a day or so of complaints, admin finally acknowledged what many knew - that his heart wasn't in it - and that he'd handed over the site to a new admin. admin's goodbye announcement is at >>>/pt/283531

It's also worth mentioning that Pull is closing shortly (10 days away or something).

No. 3074

^locked a bunch of

No. 3075


You know you can delete your posts to post a fixed version, right? Just don't forget to copy them.

No. 3076

this! yes! that would be awesome

No. 3077

I don't care if you allow any of the other banned threads. But that one should stay banned.

No. 3078

Personally i don't care about the banned cows. I don't even understand why they are auch a big deal? Like…let people discuss them, no one forces you to tyke part in this.

I don't care about them so i don't read the boards. Easy peasy.

Except for the ana chans damn they are the worst.

I wish samefaggers would be exposed in a way… That shit is annoying

And i love the idea of an Oekaki board!

No. 3079

I agree. Plus if it gets out of control, the users can be banned. This isn't really a difficult problem to fix.

No. 3080

This. I don't really want to encourage the manifestation of a board just to discuss "banned cows" because it might not only encourage overflow into other boards but might allow people to think discussion of minors (under 18 or whatever legal limit) is appropriate still. Also making a board just for ana-chans? Hell no. Seems kind of ridic considering that it's so popular. I think condensing it to threads and not a actual board would be better.

Please enforce a new "spammer tagging" system for regulars who still want to participate, haven't broken any rules per se but are like Sperg-chan who are too obsessed about one subject. Like the baiters/self posters and repeat offenders like Spoony or whomever it'll let both the staff and posters know who it is so we can choose to engage or not. Another poster suggested this in the Sperg-chan thread and I think it's a excellent idea.

No. 3081

>I wish samefaggers would be exposed in a way
But then people start REEEing about how samefagging isn't against the rules and then muh anonymity, you've seen it happen

No. 3083

That is very much true that it's not breaking any rules but it's gotten unacceptable at this point. Too much of it equals spam like what spergchan has got going. The rules for samefagging need rewritten or something.

No. 3084

I think a separate board for banned cows might not be the best because it would allow for the obsessive/spergchan types to make really cancerous threads and it be essentially ok? It's essentially a containment board.

I think a better option is that maybe you or another mod create the threads on the more spammy or currently banned cows and it be more regulated than other threads? And after a while if the posters can actually have normal posting and conversation it be continued without the heavy monitoring? Or maybe have those threads start in /manure/ and if the posters show they can be rational after a while move it back to /snow/?

I love the idea of an oekaki board! I'm not very good at drawing but it would still be fun!

No. 3085


Yes, I'd love this.

No. 3086

I'd support a board for banned cows if it was more heavily paid attention to so it doesn't get sperged up.

No. 3087

Stop fucking splitting the site up. We do not have enough users to warrant more than four boards max. We do not have the traffic to keep them busy or interesting.

And if something is banned, then it is banned. You can't have an entire board dedicated to a topic that's supposed to be completely banned. It makes zero sense. You're clearly not behind admin's original decision if you're thinking of a way to get around it.

No. 3088

This is a nice idea. Pretty sure the only person saying not to give spoony attention is spoony at this point. It clearly doesn't make any difference how much attention you give her 'cause she was posting here all day every day.

The problem here is that you guys don't seem to actually understand what samefagging is. It's not making multiple replies in one thread - everyone does that in any thread they read regularly. it's replying to yourself whilst pretending to be someone else to cause an "Argument"

Spamming =/= samefagging.

No. 3089

Then why are there so many people complaining about intense samefagging being part of the problem? I get that samefagging isn't necessarily spam. I think once the samefagging gets to a certain point like in that cancerous dakota thread then it needs to be called spam tho or else it will just clog up the thread. They might think it's ok to pull that kinda crap in some of the still usable threads.

No. 3090

Agreed with this once again.

Fucking anachans.

No. 3091

Nothing to add, but thank you new admin-sama for all of your hard work.

No. 3092

I think don't understand just how much samefagging is happening with Sperg-chan alone (and apparently in the old ana-chan thread). People go into threads and see the obvious samefagging and think its different users doing it in different threads, but chances are its just one or two people. Most of it being Sperg-chan.

No. 3093

Why do people want an oekaki board on lolcow? There are thousands of oekaki sites, and oekaki has literally nothing to do with what this board is about.

No. 3094

File: 1468521625246.jpg (101.54 KB, 1280x720, gallery_cbb_frenchy.jpg)

um i would like to build a community of forced memes and sketches of pixyteri thanks

No. 3095

do not let the ana-chans back. i don't really get why the other cows were banned, but the ana threads need to stay gone.

an art board is a neat idea, but i think >>3087 and >>3093
make valid points. maybe more art threads should just be encouraged in /b/ first, and if there is an overwhelming response to those, then a separate art board can be considered.

i think new banners should supersede new styles in terms of priority.

also, as for stuff in the works, i think /pt/ and /snow/ need to be re-evaluated. i think all new cows should be posted in /snow/ but once a lolcow reaches /pt/ tier, the thread stays there. some of the classic /pt/ lolcows need to be moved back to /pt/. it just doesn't make sense for them to be with the minor drama-cows of /snow/.

No. 3096

Admin, I feel like you need to be the admin you want to be and not the admin ~admin~ wanted you to be. I know you're trying to respect his rule changes while trying to unfuck what he did but you don't need to. There's no need to make a new board, just undo the bans, extend hell week, and make the mods and janitors do their jobs by banning spammers and samefagging or moving threads that go off topic to manure. This board is dying because too many rules and regulations defeat the entire purpose of this board. Give it a fresh start and THEN impose whatever you feel is appropriate from the point of view of admin.

No. 3097

Listen to this anon, for this anon is wise.

No. 3098

why the fuck are you making so many damn boards when the ones here are in shambles?

No. 3099


This. Please admin read.

No. 3100

Can we try what this anon recommends? Clean it up first, change later. Splitting the site up sounds alright but the messes we have now gotta be fixed first before we do anything else.

No. 3101

100% agree.

No. 3102

Damn, I'm gonna miss him. Gotta respect his willingness to step down in such a reasoned fashion when he realized running the site wasnt really what he wanted to do anymore.

No. 3103

I agree 100 percent
This too, while an oekaki board is neat and all lolcow isn't about that and there's sooo many other sites you can use for it.

Not to mention, there's going to be a huge influx of PULLtards here since it's shutting down and it's already starting to show…

No. 3104

pull said they weren't shutting down after all.

No. 3105


These boards aren't even active on 8chan, imo there's no reason to bring them back when people aren't even that interested

No. 3106

It's not that they aren't interested. It's the fact they feel they shouldn't have to go to an entirely different site to discuss them. The other reason is that not everyone who were active in these threads when they were allowed here knows where to go to post. Not everyone checks /meta/ threads. Honestly, there was only one thread out of all the banned threads that actually should have been banned. Too bad the former admin didn't actually take the time to read the threads before making his decision and it seems like the current admin did the same. We need someone who actually takes the time to look these things over. We don't need a separate board for shuddercows or banned cows, nor do we need a drawing board. Don't even worry about a mascot. We don't need that many boards. This isn't 4chan. You want 4chan shit, then go to 4chan. We need is proper moderation and hellweek. We need cows taken out of /snow/ and put back in /pt/. Things need to be put back in order, fix this sinking ship before you try putting fancy bells and whistles on it.

No. 3107

Too many boards will fragment the community. Shuddercows as a containment board would become cancer central anyway. I don't care for any of the banned cows or find them interesting. But if the only alternative is to make a shuddercow board then you might as well unban the banned cows and let people make threads again.

I'm not too keen on the ana chans though. Aly maybe. But they DO NOT deserve a containment board. I think an ana chan central thread is fine.

We need more hell week and increased moderation to keep the cancer out.The problem wasn't the subjects of those threads. It was some of the people posting in them.

No. 3108


Admin, I am generally against new board creation at this point in time. It just dilutes the current audience.

I second the farmer who suggested we try to support drawing threads on /b/ before creating an entire board for it. If /b/ becomes entirely overwhelmed with active, diverse draw threads to the point that other conversations are being drowned out I think that's the time a discussion about a new board would be beneficial.

I also don't see the point in adding a new board to discuss banned cows. Please consider reviewing the bans; if you think there is a good audience for these cows on the site, please unban them and move discussion of them to /pt/ or /snow/. If you don't think discussion of them is good enough for those boards, then they are not worth being discussed on lolcow at all. Containment boards are not the answer when we have such a small population of users.

I strongly support indefinite hellweek and while I dislike captchas I understand their use.

Thank you for your openness, Admin.

No. 3109

There's no link to this post in the sticky on /b/. Just thought you may want to know since there is a link in /g/'s sticky.

No. 3110

>you might as well unban the banned cows and let people make threads again.

All admin has to do is unlock the threads, since most of them didn't even hit bump limit yet. Like I said before, only one of those banned threads need to stay banned. The others were fine. I feel like the admins and mods are just trying to cut corners. Like, if you can't handle these threads being active again, what makes you think you can handle adding extra, unnecessary boards?

>We need more hell week and increased moderation to keep the cancer out.The problem wasn't the subjects of those threads. It was some of the people posting in them.


No. 3111

100% agree with your opinion anon. Thank you for wording it better then I ever could.

No. 3112

I think an oekaki board would be a great idea tbh

No. 3113


No. 3117

you can't deny your love for me

the way you delete my posts says it all

star-crossed web admins torturing retards together. that could be us


No. 3123

I agree, but not yet. I think the new admin, staff and users need some adjustment time. I was part of an image board once, and when it changed its admin, it was natural for everyone to try to suggest several improvements, but they rushed everything and they failed to keep the ib in order, and succumbed to very simple raids on their first month. Then they got their shit together.

Agreed. Every single word

No. 3124

Please don't let anachans back in (even the Aly thread was pure autism). You can't give them their own board either (/pol started off as a containment board and just grew bigger and stronger and invaded most of the other boards on 4chan).

I've actually noticed the lack of them around. It's nice.

No. 3125

PULL is no longer closing. That place can remain a containment site.

No. 3126

I agree that /pt and /snow should be remodeled. I think that threads shouldn't be able to be created in /pt, just moved there if they've reached that status

No. 3127

I like that idea

No. 3128

I also support this idea.

No. 3129

I always thought that was the point to begin with, but I guess not.

No. 3130

Completely agree. They think they win when they get what they want and then shit up the whole board and refuse to assimilate.
God knows I'm sick of these faggots that can't sage, use emojis on an image board, and run around typing "lol" & "lmao" in every one of their posts.
For fucks sake, the Anas have MPA for them to sperg at.
Well then those that can't be assed to read the rules and announcements on meta most likely are not assimilated, newfags that can fuck right off with their demands. Why should we bend to their ignorance and stupidity?

No. 3131


I always thought this as well

No. 3132

File: 1468683525000.png (393.62 KB, 437x457, 1449606659843.png)

Am I the only one experiencing year old threads with year old posts suddenly getting bumped to first page on /pt/?
I'm not sure what's happening, I thought the grand exodus was happening at last
Or is there something else going on?

No. 3133

No. Some dude decided to be an ass and bump old threads up.

No. 3134

emojis and lmao aren't actually against the rules though, although I hate them too.

>>3132 combination of >>3133 and also I suspect PULL users given some of the inane shitposting

No. 3135

the lol and lmao's seem ironic a lot of the time tbh fam

No. 3136

You're trying way too hard to fit in. Reel it back a bit.

No. 3137

Oh okay, weird. Because it was all sage posted and year old posts

No. 3139

Because the spam posts on them were deleted by the farmhands, keep up.

No. 3142

THIS, THIS, THIS. Finally someone fucking said it! TY wise anon!

No. 3143


She never will because shes too busy crawling up his ass. But this is honestly what needs to happen or this entire site will inevitably end up as cancer.

No. 3144

So far, I think the mods/farmhands are responding to reports of hellweek and that's a good thing.

I just hope they just read through the problems reported and come to their own decisions.

No. 3145

So, based on feedback it seems like the majority is against bringing back any banned threads so I'm going to stick with that decision. Also it doesn't seem like people are on-board with the oekaki idea. And it does make sense to just make an art thread here and there for the people who like to draw.
The hellweek decision was based on an attempt to curb the abundance of troll and spam posts which seems to be working so that's a good thing.
I still notice people complaining about some of the moderation though so I'm going to try to be more strict with what we do in terms of cohesion. The Kiki thread was moved to /snow/ which I personally disagree with and I think there need to be more rules within the staff system.
Apologies to anyone who feels like they were treated unfairly, but I have monitored the Farmhands' logs and pretty much agree with most of what they've been doing. Hoping we can let Hellweek come to a close, though, and just work toward solid and consistent moderation.

No. 3146

Thank you again for soliciting our feedback and then actually making decisions based on it. I really appreciate it.

No. 3147

hi admin, I really appreciate the flood detection and know why it's there but it seems a bit heavily applied at the moment… to the point where it's hard to converse at times. will it be lightened a touch after hellweek?

No. 3148

I'm having the same problem, I get it's there for the board's safety… but is there by any chance a way for anons to edit their posts (due to misspelling something or missing out words) that can be implemented in some way?

I think that's the main problem for me (maybe for other anons too), especially when spellcheck kicks in and fucks my posts up at times… so I end up deleting them and trying again, but the flood protection won't let me amend them anymore.

No worries if it's a difficult option that can't be resolved, I just thought I'd mention it.

No. 3149

Allowing people to edit is probably a bad move, since half of the fun of anonymous boards is catching people selfposting etc.
Hopefully the flood detection can be turned down a notch after things calm down with the PULLtards etc, I've had similar problems

No. 3150

Yeah agree: no editing please. If you want to change a post, delete it (you have 30min to do so) and repost. Or just add a correction.

No. 3153

I don't know if this is the place to ask about it, but Admin, is it possible to have someone go through the Venus thread and see if a lot of the posts mentioning that v*xxed retard are from the same poster? I have a feeling that he's been in there self posting / advertising.

No. 3154

thanks admin! it's much better now. if it has to tighten up in future due to spergchan I understand.

No. 3157

Thank you to all who keep reporting. Remember to put the reason why so better judgement calls cam be made. We just took care of a real bot in /g/.

No. 3158

Admin, did you by any chance hire a new janitor a few days ago? Were they by any chance from tumblr?
Someone is being a bit weird, nothing serious but still noticeable.

No. 3159

I asked a farmhand this in a thread not that long ago, but it robot crossposting actually against the rules, or at least just when they're being fucking obnoxious? The rules seemed to say that shitposting and baiting was okay, so I wasn't sure if simply being a robot is valid reason to report someone.

No. 3160

Weird how so?

No. 3161

I was banned a few times for 'being a disgusting male' by essentially calling a girl hot (I'm a girl, gay and was joking). I get banning people for shitting up threads with their self-pity and muh feeemales shitposting but surely there's a better way to go about this?

No. 3162

I've seen similar happen, someone mentions their gender in a thread where it's absolutely relevant to do so and gets hit with a ban for being a guy. Seems strange to ban all men when original admin was a guy.

People should be banned for acting like this is /r9k/, but if they're just normal posters it seems kind of unclear why they're banned.

No. 3163

>So, based on feedback it seems like the majority is against bringing back any banned threads so I'm going to stick with that decision.

Um, no, it seems like most people are against making a completely different board for them when you could just unban them (with the exception of the ana thread). I think a lot of the bans were a bit unnecessary, as well as moving a lot of actual cows to /snow/, but if you want to stick with this decision, then that's your prerogative.

No. 3166

I will discuss with the admin and other mods on when to ban bots. I personally believe that if the bot is totally shitting up the thread that they should be banned. But yes, do report bots IF you feel the need to and we will discuss on whether or not it deserves a ban. Not all of them should in my opinion though.

I'm assuming this has been happening in the friendship finder thread in /g/. I will look into it and notify Admin about this and see about unbanning them.

Since the subject of banning robots and reporting them has come up, what do you all feel calls for a ban when a bot has made themselves present(besides posting in /g/ in threads where they obviously don't belong)?

No. 3167

Yeah, I agree that bots who are acting obnoxiously should be banned, but I wasn't sure if it was the bot opinions alone that were the issue there or being obnoxious. I was talking about the friend finder thread too, yeah.

Personally I just think robots should be banned when they're posting the whole "Women are evil and terrible whores" shit, or turning inappropriate threads into pity parties, it's the posts themselves that are the issue rather than where the poster themselves is from. When they act like this is /r9k/.

Simply being a guy shouldn't be grounds for a ban otherwise as far as I see it.

No. 3169

So there are a lot of amendments to the general rules page that you can find if you click the thread links in the Rules section. One of these is as follows:
"7. Reminder: Men shouldn't post in /g/ at all unless they have something very valuable and relevant to contribute. And in all boards, men who make posts like "male here" or "I'm a man btw" apropos of nothing will also be banned. There are contexts where it's okay to preface or conclude a post with your gender, but as a rule of thumb: if you have to ask or think about it, it probably isn't okay.

Just make your post; no one gives a shit about your gender or other attributes. Men who use this website and randomly announce they're male are the same as women who use /r9k/ and randomly announce they're female. They just want attention."

I've interpreted this pretty strictly but I think that at this point there are enough genuine posters who happen to be male that it only seems fair to leave a little leeway.
I'm going to look into some of the ban appeals.

Also I'm going to be editing the Rules page very slightly in order to include some of the additional contingencies that were added.

No. 3170

Those definitely make sense, but it's not really obvious to someone looking at the rules page that those are there, especially when you have to follow a few links to get there.

There's no way there could just be an amendments section added to the rules page?

No. 3171

Like…slightly autistic/unable to see when anons are clearly joking/getting triggered at jokes? Can't find that post though.

No. 3172

I like the idea of having board-tan illustration(s) on the home page, seems like a nice way to add more of her to the site.
I also think you should try asking for illustrations for the 404 page and hellweek post.
Also, I would like to see the home page revamped to have a complete board listing. The nav bar is kinda weird to me right now - rules is on it, but not info (so the only way to get to info is to go home -> info.( When you go to rules, it's replaced with info on the nav for some reason - no other option does this and it seems strange.
Also while you can just click on the banner I guess, if you add a home option to the nav bar it'd be nice for when you've gotten to the bottom of a page. Especially if home becomes a little nicer.

No. 3173

You ruined this fucking site. It was already becoming shit, but your complete lack of good management, and your autistic ideas of a FUCKING OEKAKI BOARD are -to put it simply- ridiculous. You fat cunt, we all know you were one of those attention whores who licked admins ass on the chats. I tried to adapt to the changes, but dammit, you are the reason why I hate women as admins on imageboards, and I say that as a woman myself. You are immature, and weak. You're unable to even maintain the last changes former admin made a few weeks ago. For fuck's sake, you can't even control an spammer! You go to threads and post your opinion, because of course it's fucking okay to go to a thread on your own fucking website and say you dislike it! It's not as if all of the asslicker snowflakes here won't go shit up the thread. You fucking incompetent cunt, I hope you nuke this site, because you as a manager is worse than the black plague. Now go eat some doritos as you pretend to be good at this shitfest, you useless whale.

No. 3174

File: 1469811243970.jpeg (92.34 KB, 749x441, image.jpeg)

Woah there buddy, relax will you? Why didn't you make a calm post stating your issues with the site with sound arguments and suggestions instead? I get that you are upset, but a gossipy chan board should not get you this riled up.

No. 3175

You're mad because they suggested something and then didn't implement it when the fans said not to?

There's not really been any major changes except hellweek being brought in to deal with the robots spamming.

Are you really this mad a shitty thread full of robots or two got locked after admin said their opinion on it?

Did you just forget to put your points in because of all the insults or what? Chill.

No. 3176


have you not noticed the autistic mods that the admin can't even control or…

No. 3177

have you not noticed the giant hellweek banner that the admin put up or…

No. 3178

Mods have been pretty chill for hellweek I've noticed, I've seen maybe one unfair ban.

No. 3180

Mods are issuing warnings without ID-ing themselves as staff. That never used to happen, and I find it a bit weird for random anon commenters to be issuing warnings in a thread. It could be anybody.

Admin, can we have Farmhands ID-ing themselves whenever the message is a moderation one?

No. 3181

Where? I've only seen it once, and they explained they were just issuing a warning from their phone. That doesn't seem like a big issue.

No. 3182

File: 1469883557178.png (356.11 KB, 550x413, 309425.png)

You need to chill lil buddy.
This is just an Imageboard, not your lifework

No. 3183

Not that anon but taken how mods have been found not just once but several times posting without IDs, how do we know that they aren't posting around here whiteknighting themselves…?

Do you guys now get what are you doing when you do this shit? How irresponsible you look in front of the userbase? Your users are going to distrust you at every chance they get now. It's so fucking obvious that I don't get how didn't you even think it twice before showing such and immature behaviour for a mod.

No. 3184


exactly. They think that because they mod a chanboard, they can just do whatever.

if you're going to issue warnings, log in to your account, don't just post as anon because no one's going to fucking believe you.

hell, some of them don't even understand chan culture, it's so obvious that this is at least one mod's first time on the Internet.

>inb4 y u salty xD

I'm honestly just wanting a good female oriented chan to sit on. and that used to be lolcow. I respected the old admin because up until he locked up those threads, he seemed to respect his users. He understood how to run a website and most users trusted him.

the way the new admin came in was problematic enough, but now that there have been multiple cases of mods issuing warnings wit out logging in, mods not understanding chan culture or accusing people who are obviously being facetious of racebaiting, and the overall clusterfuck in /b/, people are going to be upset. Especially if they've been around for the /cgl/ and stamrose drama.

No. 3185

I can get what you're saying if they're repeatedly not logging into their accounts, that is kind of annoying, but it's hellweek, the whole point of that is that the assumption isn't you're just joking and harmless, especially with the amount of robots we've had shitposting recently.

Just take a deep breath and wait until the thing specifically designed for the mods to be able to ban first and ask later is over before you complain the moderation acts too quickly.

No. 3186

I don't know if you mean the same thing but I noticed at least one mod giving out cringey-sounding red ban messages.

One of them also posted "I hate this thread" using a capcode which was completely unnecessary.

No. 3187

There were two separate instances of one of the mods warning someone without the capcode. She didn't know how to use the capcode at the time. I agree that it was a bad call. I feel partly responsible because I didn't give a better orientation.
If there have been any other concerns with moderation, feel free to mention it here. I've dealt with a few issues and watch the log but if there's something I've missed then I'd like to know.
A lot of people had issue with one mod using red text in a post to warn the namefags in the Marina Joyce thread. It didn't seem like that big of a deal to me, honestly.

No. 3193

@Admin, thank you for being responsive today when a mod got a little carried away with the banhammer (Permabanned, yeesh! my blood ran cold..)
Much appreciated.

No. 3194

>(Permabanned, yeesh! my blood ran cold..)
lmfao are you some sort of fucking loser or something(DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS)

No. 3197

So did you just hire any retard who filled out an application or what?

No. 3202


no she hired her friends or something

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