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This is a double announcement. You can discuss it at >>>/meta/2548.

The first part is that three heavy posters are now permanently banned.

They are:

1. Spoony. She has over 10,000 posts and has been here since day 1, and is by far the most frequent poster on the website. Any time you've seen a post and wondered if it was Spoony, it probably was. Spoony is also partly responsible for bringing this site to /r9k/'s attention. moot was right.
2. Racist-chan (the original). She has over 7,000 posts. A large portion are about white supremacy, murdering people, and various illicit obsessions. Not all were facetious.
3. Another heavy poster who is very similar to racist-chan.

Second announcement:

It is probably not difficult to see that I no longer have an interest in running the site. I considered just shutting it down, but I know that would be a disservice to people who use this site every day and get some enjoyment out of it.

For some time, I've been looking for a suitable person to give control of the site to. I recently offered it to a long-time poster who I think could do a good job, and she accepted. Her Admin capcode will look like mine, but in a different color.

The site has been moved to a new hosting provider and is now out of my control. The new owner has also been given the lolcow.farm@gmail.com email. This is my last post, and I will no longer be involved with the site in any way.

She will control the direction of the site and may make any changes she wants. I did speak with her and requested that she retains the bans on those three posters, and keeps all recently-banned threads banned. I also requested that she reveal past posts if any of those three people try to evade their bans. However, that is beyond my control now, and she can make whatever decision she likes.

I blanked out the IP addresses of every post made before now. So, the new owner can't see the IP of any posts you've previously made. But from this post onward, she will be able to see them.

Thank you for the entertaining past two years. Enjoy tending to your cows.

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