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No. 4382

As announced here >>>/meta/4372

Relevant changes:
> Minors can be posted about as long as they're 16+ and their full legal name isn't mentioned. First names are okay.
> Doxxing is no longer allowed.
I know some people will disagree with this, but please consider that we never allowed or encouraged cowtipping anyway, so the information gives cows and unintegrated users ammo and invite vendettachans without being of much value to threads. Most of it can be found online anyway.
> Absolutely no more posting of family members by name or picture.

I have updated the rules and put together a usage guide for new posters. I'd like to thank the many farmers who contributed to this <3
I hope this update reflects the board and its issues.

See the new rules here and the usage guide here.

No. 4384


>Banned subjects

>Shay-Gnar / dumdolly

>Absolutely no more posting of family members by name or picture

was this because anons kept comparing her to her step-sister and posting pictures? Ever since her thread was deleted without warning, we never got any reason why and I figured that it had something to do about that.

No. 4385

>Shay gnar
Can we have an explanation? or was because the new family members rule? I'm sure the anon who posted the step-sister was a samefag all the time.

No. 4386

I can't comment on that for the time being.

No. 4387

File: 1498399778125.gif (279.08 KB, 300x159, 5531895 _0a381b7f68f38fc193ca0…)

all I have to say to this is:


No. 4388

>Newfriend Guide
Is it actually suppossed to say this?
Or was it meant to say 'Newfag Guide'?

No. 4389

"Page not found" lol
The links to the new rules aren't working here

No. 4390

Sorry, the links broke for one day. Please try now.

No. 4395

>No more posting of family members by name/picture

Can I assume that, in cases like Venus Angelic, where a parent has a huge hand in the drama, that this rule can be ignored?

I know Margo has her own thread it's just the quickest example I could think of where y'all would know what I meant right away.

No. 4396

As long as the person is willingly and publicly involved with the situation, that's fine. Margot is a cow in her own right for sure. This is more about digging up personal info of cow's friends and relatives who have nothing to do with it.

No. 4402

>Doesn't know newfriend meme

There's nothing quite as embarrassing as people incorrectly trying to correct memes or chanculture.

No. 4404

Thank you for the clarification

No. 4405

Can I get clarification for Jillian's thread? Her mother is mentioned in every other post because she's in jill's vlogs sometimes and they publicly interact on social media. That being said, she's not exactly a public figure or cow status.

I can't think of any other threads that i'm really concerned about, seeing as most cows keep their families separate from their online presence.

No. 4408

Jillian's mom is publicly and willingly involved, so that's fine.

No. 4409

Do the new rules also apply for older threads or just the new ones currently active/being made?

No. 4411

There are no sanctions for posts made before the rules change, if that's what you mean.

No. 4412

Quick question: is the saging posts hidden feature really good? People might start saging their posts less so then they're seen by the majority who do hide them, ultimately creating more bullshit. Saged for irony/I always sage

No. 4413

Clarification of the rules?

The rules don't fully explain what is okay and "on topic" so if for example a topic is on "Joe Bloggs" should the topic remain on that only? Some are technically going off topic by mentioning others and showing their social posts etc.

No. 4415


This would be a good clarification to make.

The Cryaotic thread, for example, had pretty much 100% focus on his ex girlfriend. Cry's personal milkiness was mostly in regards to letting his girlfriend walk all over him. But if we'd named the thread after his girlfriend, no one would have had a clue who she was.

There was also some focus on some inter-personal drama between the members of Cry's Weekend streaming group here and there. Not enough for their own threads through.

Obviously, this is a rare and unusual situation (especially now that the Cry thread's in 'retirement' since they finally broke up) but it is a situation that seems to be relevant.

No. 4416


I do feel a bit confused, I know it's not always possible to stay on topic. But the rules appear to clash with what us allowed. There's been some contradictions. Hopefully this will be cleared up.

No. 4452

What happened to the rule about not trying to gather armies to go after a cow? I know there's a rule against vendetta posting but the explanation for it is more about personal disputes and doesn't really seem to cover this.

We were just discussing it here >>>/snow/353221 because we've recently had an issue with this happening in the Joy Sparkle thread along with the same person namefagging and self-promoting. I realize I should just report the posts when that happens but I was just wondering about the change in rules so I know if I can also report them for trying to recruit attack dogs if/when they do it again.

No. 4454

For example, this was just posted >>>/snow/353809
expecting farmers to report the cow for tax fraud…even though there isn't any indication she has broken the law or even plans to.

No. 4460

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is indeed a call for a personal army and is not allowed. The poster has been dealt with.

No. 4470

As the newly appointed assistant to the new admin then I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of some new changes that were recently announced.

Currently, the new admin has decided that any disparaging comments about lolcows appearance will be reported to their ISPs for cyberbullying, I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the new rules that are going to be put in place so there's no confusion.

If you have any questions about the new changes then you can feel free to send me a PM or ask on discord and I'll make sure the new admin receives them, he may or may not be able to or be willing to answer or comment, but I'll make sure that they're received.

Have a great day everyone!

No. 4471

Is this real? How come you aren't posting as a Farmhand?

No. 4472


It was just recently announced, I don't think he has had the chance to upgrade me to a farmhand. Another farmhand or the admin can post and confirm it if they're available.

No. 4473


Forgot to use the tripcode, so you'll know it's me.

No. 4474

File: 1500739590597.png (97.65 KB, 996x536, NTjnOVc.png)


Here's the confirmation from the new admin.

No. 4475

Is doxxing actually also allowed now, or was Dynastia just kidding?

No. 4476

File: 1500740568204.png (47.84 KB, 1039x238, vCyNDPV.png)


Per the new admin then doxxing is now currently allowed for full names and addresses. I advise users here to be careful with information that can be traced back to them.(no tripfagging)

No. 4478

We do have a new Admin, but it's not Dynastia (and for the record, Wildchild isn't involved either). The new Admin has been introduced to staff and she and I will co-admin for a bit while she adjusts, and then I'll abscond for good. (Yes, I'll post an update when I'm leaving so you'll know exactly when lolcow is out of my hands entirely)

I'm absolutely certain that she'll do an amazing job and staff is working on a wishlist for future improvements.

No. 4479

nice try Dyn

No. 4480


I'm sure the new admin will be awesome and I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job and I'll try my best to make her feel welcome to the community.

No. 4481

the verbal abuse Daddynastia subjects me to reminds me of my father, as it was the only kind of attention I ever received from him. I wish he'd poz my neghole.

No. 4483

Wait but isn't this entire site basically here for "bullying/unkindness"? (I'm not being snarky, this is a legitimate question, I swear)
If comments aren't allowed about the appearance of some of these cows …. that's pretty much half of these threads gone. And if on top of that, any comments that can be interpreted as "cyberbullying" aren't allowed, I'm just wondering where that line is drawn. Please clarify, I'm a newfag and pretty confused.

No. 4484

See >>4478 before you panic.

No. 4485

So there's even shitposting in the official rules threads where we come to read and get updated on the rules?

Oh, welcome to lolcow, I guess. /kek/

No. 4490

How come admins don't want to stay on here? It gives me teh sadz.
Also can we not have shitposting in official rules threads? That would be helpful.

No. 4492

>teh sadz

Why would you want Regina to stay? There's multiple reasons why she's leaving, you know. She's VERY unfit to be admin here and shady.

No. 4493

Is thread 10 of the sparkles bs up yet?

No. 4497


Regina is nice and a cool person and I hope she'll stay around on discord once she leaves, or stop by and visit once in a while.

No. 4499

Why are the admins always leaving? I love the cool stuff we're always getting and I can't believe everything's in shambles while we're constantly upgrading.

No. 5819

I have no idea how to use lol cow but can anyone tell me where to find the deleted Lettie video about mina

No. 5891

Didn't someone already tell you to read the thread? >>531690

No. 6545

Can the admins share the news that screenshots on insta aren't visible by the poster? This helps keep the milk flowing. Snapchat still definitely does.

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