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No. 4559

Hello everyone, I'm your new admin!

Regina has been showing me the ropes for the past few weeks and finished transferring everything to me.

I've made a new discord, anyone who wants to join can do so at https://discord.gg/J6zJuXV. You don't need a discord account to join, and there is no longer any verification process.

If you are interested in being a janitor or moderator for the site/discord, please apply here: https://lolcow.typeform.com/to/zD7ZD8

I plan on issuing a survey in the next couple of days to see what direction we want for the site. I want to generally have stricter moderation to cut down on nitpicking of snowflakes and off-topic posts. This will remain a place for free speech, however I'd like to improve the general quality of posts, if possible.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

No. 4561

what up nigga. u better be more chill than regina. dont be a shitterrrr

No. 4562

File: 1503088617548.jpg (141.8 KB, 1024x808, dbL2gk5.jpg)

Regina here, I'd just like to wish our new Admin best of luck and I hope farmers will like her and the way she will run the site. Thanks for the good times!

No. 4576


No. 4580

hi welcome and thanks for being here!

super excited on the stern mentality, the board is becoming shit tier with all of the newfriends.

looking forward to increased moderation in terms of nitpicking, derailing and infighting :)

No. 4606

I just wanna say you're doing a great job as our new admin, just when the site came in to maintence you kept your cool and you did everything you could in your hands to make everything work well for us. You seem like a very professional person and I am sure you will bring lolcow to it's former glory.

All Praise the new admin sama!

No. 4607

I agree with this, the new admin seems to be a much nicer and calmer person than the old one. I remember once I messaged regina(old admin) asking her about some things about the site and she only responded with a "no" and ignored everything else, I was shocked to say the least. So I appreciate the new admin she did all she could to keep everything in check while the site was down.

No. 4708

Hi admin.
Obsessive witch hunting and extreme nitpicking continues in Dakota’s thread.

No. 4709

Apparently you are an Ostrenga if you defend Dakota or something. This has been an issue for ages.

No. 4711

a lot of downtime recently and now you're looking for a new provider.

I have several idle dedicated servers located in LA (QuadraNet) I would be willing to donate if admin wants to consider it. would transfer monthly cost - lowest config is dual X5650, 64GB ram / 4 x 6TB raid1 on gigabit unmetered with a /29 for maybe 50$ USD. can work out smaller discount, I have budget shit all the way down to Atom tier

No. 4712

You should probably email your offer

No. 4762

That's how the thread has been for the past 3 years or so. People just nitpicking like crazy or trying to play her off as a fatty or bringing up drama from 2010. The people obsessing over her have become cows themselves.

No. 4763

Can you do something about /ot/, there are three different threads that have all been drowned under 'women should just kill themselves' because 'literally every man would rape them without remorse', and that you're cucked if you even have 1% of a varying experience

Freedom of speech is one thing, but it's relentless and they refuse to make a separate thread for their ranting. Ban me too for being baited into arguing with their parroting, but please get some order restored

No. 4770

Could the banner of Logan be removed from the rotation? Since Raven has separated from him he is no longer part of the drama. Thanks!

No. 4771

Hellweek plz

No. 4772

No we really don't need hellMONTH with spergy farmhands again. Bad enough as it is.

No. 4774

reminder the discord is girl only

No. 4775

Does the current administration support this shit? There's posts flat out encouraging suicide with no visible response, but a single post of a guy talking about his issues with sexual abuse gets a fucking visible ban, with none of the responses telling him to kill himself addressed at all?

The entire thread related to obsessions with teenagers was overrun with people spamming the same shit and derailing, insulting other users and refusing to discuss anything who very clearly were not banned for ages, with no action taken at all.

If it's just the "male here" thing, can we at least have the general sort of discussion I'm mentioning contained to a couple threads? It ruins any that it touches otherwise, same as race shit does.

No. 4779

Absolutely not. Please report these posts when you see them, I have zero tolerance for this kind of thing but it's hard to comb the site for it if it's not reported.

No. 4780

File: 1513203358009.jpeg (145.11 KB, 682x1024, 0BF2D5C5-5CA0-4B56-96AD-D0DF57…)

I was replying to a admin post on tempcow concerning asking if http://original.lolcow.farm was running okay. just now when the site when back up and I could no longer respond so imma replying hur.


I ran a ping test. It’s doing fine, the sites responding fast and the threads are loading fine. The only problem I had was during certain cities ping testing off your site the response code showed a connection error, more specifically in the US. But the vast majority had ok response codes. But the site itself is loading properly along with the front recent posts page plus threads being fully loaded with all posts. There just is a bit of issue with connection errors, leverage browser caching, and serve static content from a cookieless domain. Which I’m assuming is due to hosting issues. Pic related is shitty low quality collage
Gracias, and as well as many anons have offered to help with hosting/server space/financially funding this site, I as well, please consider it dearest beautiful admin-sama bc hosting is tweaking hard which detracts from running the site and enforcing rules. Thank you for your tireless work, tbh you are the real MVP.

No. 4786

Would be great if the moderation team could get off heir lazy asses and deal with the swarm of incel fags flooding the boards. It’s funny how when there’s actually someone slinging shit and raiding lolcow there are no repercussions, but forgetting to sage a post gets you a 10 day ban.

The complaints thread has reached its maximum reply limit so I had to post here.

No. 4787

I know this is technically ban evasion but I've just been banned forever and had my latest posts deleted, but given no reason, so hopefully you can look past that and give me some answers. Please can you explain why this happened?

I don't understand at all, my last posts were just
>fairly making fun of an anon for being underaged (that user was then banned for being underaged, similar posts from other users are not deleted or reprimanded)
>saying that the site has had a fembot influx and I wish everyone could just get along

What gives? I'd like to behave by the rules, but I don't know what rule I've broken

No. 4788

File: 1513416568028.gif (695.54 KB, 410x310, 436e42a4-cf39-42ce-872f-2af873…)

This is going to sound weird, but could one of you please permaban me? I've made my life relatively more productive lately, lurk a lot less and work better.
After 2 years I just want some help here to avoid getting sucked back into the void, but I don't wanna shit post for that. Just knowing that I wouldn't be able to post would help immensely.

Thanks and happy holidays to all farmers and staff!(sure bb, good luck out there)

No. 4789

We'll look into it, it's likely you might have gotten banned on accident if it was yesterday due to the robots raiding the board.

No. 4842


The banner of Logan is still in rotation. Anons in the Raven thread have made several reports and requests to have it removed.

No. 4843

I don't see why the banner should be removed just because the relationship is in the past. It's still part of lolcow history and we don't prune content. It's not necessary, but it's not a case of something that should be removed because it's against our rules.

No. 4868

Speaking of banners, where do we submit new ones? I thought there was a thread but I couldn't find it here.

No. 4870

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