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Hellweek is currently active! Read the thread

File: 1688247289176.png (1.57 MB, 1122x1120, hellolcow.png)

No. 59152

Hellweek is now over.

LC moderation will revert to a more relaxed style. We appreciate all of the user feedback and wanted to address some hot topics here. Keep in mind moderation is often extremely subjective, although we conduct Hellweek to try and orient our moderation style around the most popular attitudes on LC. Let us know what you think about the following:

Multiple Hellweeks per year: Anons brought up potentially having December and summer Hellweeks. It will depend on when staff is available, and whether there seems to be a need come this December.

Reddit spacing rules: The image >>59256 attached needs line breaks, and those line breaks wouldn’t be considered Reddit spacing since the post is just so long. Shorter posts don’t require line breaks, although for mobile users these posts may look long like >>59260 says. >>59277 makes a good case against Reddit spacing. Line breaks for dramatic effect are a bit obnoxious, but if it’s funny or sarcastic it may be excused.

Line breaks after the post number you’re replying to is an identifiable typing style and will be temp banned. Minimodding about anything, including muh reddit spacing >>59320 should be reported and bans will be issued. Bullying new users into integrating is not minimodding. We would argue that it’s necessary.

Imageboard bans, attaching screenshots when linking outside websites or articles: When a link is posted with no screencap, the conversation often dies with that post. Whether that’s because the post failed to capture interest or anons didn’t click the link because they want a more cohesive scrolling experience or don’t trust links is ultimately irrelevant. We consider that a low quality post. So, when you post a link, attach a screenshot of what the link contains.

Male/troon accusations: Accusing other anons of being male/troon when it’s not immediately obvious often leads to witch hunts and infighting. Women have lots of different opinions. Women may hold misogynistic opinions. They are still women.

New redtext: sus, unalived, goated, and femcel will be added as new redtext!

Hellweek theme being usable after tomorrow: We will update the existing Hellweek theme to have the fire gif at the bottom.

Misuse of terminology, twitter/tiktok verbiage, “serving cunt” ban, “rapefugee” ban, other language:>>59342 brings up these points. Things like r*pe or sewerslide are always bannable. LC is free speech friendly and is in direct opposition to self-censoring speech. Things like “serving cunt” are up to mods discretion. It’s drag/twitter language that is better suited to other places online.

The term “rapefugee” sounds like its straight from /pol/ which is why those posts have resulted in temp bans. However, we understand that rape by refugees is suffered by women, so women here may feel that “rapefugee” is an accurate term that rapist refugees deserve to be called >>59479. Global Rule 7 states: Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting). Clearly, we’ve allowed race related discussion, but please keep it civil between users.

Incorrect terminology like “LC is a forum” or “/m/ is my favorite imageboard” would be better combated by bullying letting anon know that LC is an imageboard and /m/ is a board and that anon is a newfag. Remember some anons are ESL.

Our original announcement can be found below.

Hellweek will begin July 2 and will end July 9 (at midnight EST in both cases). Posts made during this week will receive extra scrutiny and moderation will increase. However, this is not applicable to posts made before or after hellweek. Please post any questions, suggestions, or concerns in this thread. General complaints stay in the general complaints thread.

What is Hellweek?

Hellweek is a period of time, typically a week, where moderation is strict. This hellweek, all boards will be participating and all bans will be redtexted in order to receive feedback from site users (use this thread for that feedback). Just because redtext is used does not mean a ban is permanent. Feel free to report posts, but if your reports are consistently frivolous or falsely accusing anons of being male, etc. expect a temporary ban for wasting time.

Why does Hellweek exist?

LC’s first ever Hellweek was held December of 2015 >>1904

>The purpose of this will be to gauge community reaction to moderation actions, and help determine if permanent policy changes should be made. The secondary purpose will be to hopefully encourage people to improve their quality of posts in the long term, without moderators having to step in.

Anons have stated that board culture has gone downhill since the coronavirus quarantine/lockdown of 2020. The drama forum Pretty Ugly Little Liars also closed in 2020. The farm has seen an influx of twitter and PULL refugees, as well as users immigrating from TikTok as LC has been mentioned on that platform. Users who violate the rules as outlined by lolcow.farm/rules and who do not conform to board culture will be the main targets of Hellweek’s heavy moderation, but the main goal is to integrate as many newfags as possible while improving the overall posting quality.

No. 59153

File: 1688248165802.jpeg (146.95 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_9976.jpeg)

How exciting.

No. 59160

So excited! Hopefully we get back some of our board culture. I miss the 2017-2018 era

No. 59165

File: 1688250772608.gif (952.27 KB, 499x374, 2f0.gif)

thank you based cerbmin

No. 59168

File: 1688254433250.jpg (8.06 KB, 194x260, images.jpeg-15.jpg)

Hell yes let's GO
May Mother Moo bless your efforts, cerbmin and farmhands.

No. 59169

File: 1688254753344.jpeg (467.69 KB, 828x823, 4EF3DE69-0231-476E-A3BE-31A235…)

Wow feels like Christmas in July….

No. 59170

Thank you mods we needed this

No. 59171

I’m scared

No. 59175

Me too nona, me too

No. 59176


No. 59182

hell yes thank you cerbmin and farmhands. I love the scary theme too

No. 59183

Can we keep the theme as an optional theme I actually like it lmao

Also so glad to see another hell week. Been a long ass time since we have had one. God speed jannies

No. 59186

It's been around for years you fucking newfag

No. 59188

Me too, it's like reverse Christmas

No. 59190

Hell yeah, much needed! Thank you!

No. 59191

File: 1688298978018.gif (3.96 MB, 540x224, tumblr_00164bf37210e526bb9ebc8…)

Hide your cows, hellweek is here
Kek i love the theme and read the rules rain

No. 59192

Kek at this gif and the read the rules rain.

No. 59193

Defenitely a good thing. Hopefully if moderation and the manpower allows it, we could have multiple hellweeks a year, but I doubt it's possible with the influx of newfags overall.

No. 59194

> manpower
I hate this scrotey term it smells like dick cheese and oppression

No. 59195

I think there could be 3 yearly. One at the beginning of the year, second in may/june, and the third in October/November

No. 59196

About time!

No. 59197

It's just a word, no need to get oppressed over it. All I meant is that the staff needs enough "staff" to actually keep everything in check. There might be an influx of new members coming, since the Farms are only accessible by using Tor.

No. 59199

Agreed, sometimes December and January are just as bad as the summertime

No. 59201

december especially, we always seem to consistently have a site wide issue around that time. it's very odd.

No. 59203

File: 1688313600532.gif (11.32 MB, 638x586, cow-wash-the-cow-wash.gif)

Just popped in to say I love how certain problem threads are dead the day hellweek starts kek
Although it IS Sunday…

No. 59205

Which are the problem threads we should keep an eye on? I imagine it could help if some of us anons keep an eye out to report any newfags that shit on the threads.

No. 59206

Kiwifarms is back up on the clearnet under a new domain FYI. So we'll probably see Kiwifags leaving (thank god)

No. 59207

File: 1688326689230.jpg (72.85 KB, 947x844, k43.jpg)

kek why am i excited for this

No. 59208


No. 59209

What is the new address?

No. 59218


No. 59234

This is so cringe

No. 59235

>t. newfag

No. 59237

I actually expect a bunch of redtexts in the Pixielocks thread. Pixie has a shitton of milk and never fails to bring more but the medfagging and blogging is out of control there.

No. 59239

Kek I noticed that too, and everyone in celebricows is suddenly on their best behavior

No. 59240

Or basically all of /w/. That board is a cesspit.

No. 59243

Nope, just too cool to take this dumb website so seriously

No. 59246

Anons refuse to integrate and think saging saves them kek

No. 59252

File: 1688416050902.jpeg (685.22 KB, 1179x1319, IMG_0086.jpeg)

Not debating this ban but wanted to ask is reddit spacing now a bannable offense? I like to line breaks sometimes but I can stop if it’s officially ruined by reddit for everyone. Is it more the combative smarmy nature of the post combined with line breaks that made it reddit spacing or just the literal spacing? The single sentences needlessly broken up? Pretty sure I’ve discussed this on /ot/ at some point but it remains unclear to me possibly because I don’t use reddit

No. 59253

Reddit spacing is just the space between the lines and has always been against the rules
Anons got away with it previously because there were few farmhands to dole out bans for things like that while the board's population kept growing in size. Hopefully it will encourage newfags to integrate

No. 59254

Yeah Reddit spacing gets you banned cause it’s a sign of being a newfag. Although writing simple paragraphs like the pic you attached doesn’t seem like Reddit spacing to me. Hopefully we can get a clarification on what Reddit spacing is according to lc, all I know is pic related from 4chan

No. 59256

File: 1688418574010.png (121.12 KB, 1296x451, paragraph.PNG)

I agree with the anon above, we need clarification on what reddit spacing is because some anons get banned for spacing while others don't seem to. Plus admins literally reddit space themselves, and it literally hurts me when an anon post a super long post with no fucking paragraph breaks (see pic for example, no offense to this anon).

No. 59258

Samefag, but before anyone is like "you can't see all bans!", I say that not all anons get banned for reddit spacing because I have reddit spaced multiple times and have yet to be banned for it.

No. 59259

Didn't the "read the rules" snow used to show up on every board and not just meta, or am I retarded?

No. 59260

this specifically is reddit spacing because unlike >>59256 it's not actually a wall of text, it just appears to be when typing the post. reddit spacing isn't just using spaces, it's using them to space out text that isn't a big chunk, mainly because it appears as a larger chunk of text to new anons who don't resize the commment box or are phone posting.

No. 59266

I remember it did

No. 59267

Might also have to do with the fact that >>59252 is clearly on mobile so the screen size makes the text horizontally condensed

No. 59269

yeah, i mentioned phone posting at the end of my post.

No. 59271

Eh. As a person who has been on ib’s since 00s I’d say mah board culture is overrated

No. 59272

1. thank god, lolcow has been needing a hellweek for ages now
2. I really love the theme and especially the little "read the rules" floating images and the fire at the bottom is so cool. I hope this is still available as a theme after hellweek is over

No. 59276

im so glad its crazy. the personalityfagging and blogging shit was becoming unbearable. the reddit types cannot integrate at all and contribute the most useless shit. oh youre a dementia nurse and pixielocks is faking? are you also retarded? shes one of the oldest cows in the site for fucks sake a blind person can tell shes faking.
i feel like my favorite threads are 10 times better now that its hellweek, its insane.

No. 59277

>Is it more the combative smarmy nature of the post combined with line breaks that made it reddit spacing

yes, at least that was how it was presented a few years back. there's really no need to do dramatic posting.

like this.

it just comes off as really pretentious and tryhard, which most redditors are. we don't necessarily need unbroken walls of text, just normal paragraphs. the point is to be as natural as possible and keep everything cohesive. a lot of times people do this, too, as a form of attention seeking. it's up the same alley as avatarfagging, emojifagging, people using retarded lingo and tripfagging so that they are easily identifiable. also moids have a tendency to do this for some reason.

No. 59282

File: 1688439950235.png (19.34 KB, 1667x141, twf.png)

Glad for Hellweek, but can you please curb mods banning people based only on their personal hangups/opinions in an argument?
This isn't my ban, but it comes off as ridiculous (twitterfag how?) and seems obviously biased, since the bait-y OP wasn't redtexted.

No. 59284

File: 1688440312329.png (20.45 KB, 1672x166, twf2.png)

This is the OP in question, for reference. There was also another ban in the thread where the redtext was just "reeee lesbians":
Even if you ignore that the anon outright said not all or even most lesbians make the weird seetheposts and bait about bisexual women, just a couple of anons here, sure, sperging about lesbians is bad, and it is also bad to sperg about bi women. Bans and redtexts should be sensible.

No. 59288

Yeah I agree that that is a weird ban. Maybe if you'd called yourself pansexual instead, but bisexuality isn't a twitterfag identity. Newfag mods need to be more discerning and learn when to swing the banhammer

No. 59292

Can we ban anons pointing fingers at anons and calling them mods? This is going to cause an issue with anons trusting mods to not be posters.

No. 59293

Users have reason not to trust the mods for some time now. They have broken the trust quite a bit in the past few years. Many deranged mods on a power trip lately.

No. 59295

Some of the mods do overstep though and are some of the worst anons, I know there's no other way around this but I still find it weird that some of the posters in a thread are really mods and when they get into infights they have a behind the scenes look at who's posting what. The now ex-farmhand in the pro ana scumbags thread was trash and a vendettachan, after she doxxed Niamh's IP address she got the boot but she was always so weird and aggressive so it was weird to me she was even allowed to mod in the first place

No. 59296

Exactly there was the cat posting saga as well. Mods post as anons and act very snarky and shitty towards the userbase. It's happened many times and is likely still happening with the atmosphere of the boards rn

No. 59297

The conspiracy that they are purposely posting to get anons to do stuff thats bannable is insane

No. 59300

It's insane that mods would act the way they have. Why should anyone trust snarky moderators of a gossip image board?

No. 59302

I don't trust anybody on this site, especially not the jannies

No. 59304

If you don't trust the admins and farmhands then don't use LC. Why would you continue to use a site when you don't trust the people that own and maintain it? LC is an image board and image board moderation always has and always will be bad due the difficulties caused by anonymity. I'd even go as far as to argue that the moderation on LC should be considered good when compared to other image boards.

No. 59306

They don't even adhere to things the admin have said in writing! There are some bizarre jannies on here and the anon who keeps posting about a conspiracy constantly says anons "think jannies are baiting them so they do stuff to get banned." Which isn't at all what anyone has said. There are smug anons who continuously post non-con shitposts, attacks, or outright lies with an arrogance that shows they know they won't get banned. Discord kitten shit, which is truly embarrassing and pathetic.

No. 59312

What is the twitterfag part of this post? Unless the farmhand knew something about the poster we don't, it's a strange and unfair ban.

No. 59314

You're right, most people left around Christmas and are continuing to leave as every month goes by. There are few who have been here longer than the teenage newfag mod team we have right now. These mods are high on authority like a tranny mod on a lesbian subreddit

No. 59317

Nta, but admin has addressed the bad moderation. The wholepoint of this week is to find the issues. It's not every mod, it's been less than a handful we know of that have been rogue. The site is massive. You probably think you're replying to >>59297 but you're not. Report the said shitposts, if they aren't banned, deal with it, but being mad that your replies get the redtext just shows who's not posting properly. All this week is just going to mostly be anons complaining about wanting to post in a gossip site. This isn't FB or TMZ. We have rules.

No. 59319

Gotta agree. Not sure what type of imageboard other anons are used to, this isn't a forum which I think they are confusing this site for but considering the complaints of having to post a photo, I think that might be 100% it. Anons using this site don't understand the difference.

No. 59320

Suggestion as part of hellweek: can you please try and kill of the cringe of muh reddit spacing? Basic readability shouldn't be an excuse for autists to derail. I don't think I ever saw it mentioned until we all got made shut-ins for covid. Then it became the hot new nitpick.

No. 59326

I'm taking a wild guess here but maybe it's the "delulu". I'm not sure honestly the term became very popular all over the internet all of a sudden. Don't think it's really right to ban for it.


Shut up rancefag, they were kind enough to delete all of your rancid displays of mental illness when you were having your little episode, trannies and men wouldn't do that. The farmhands do seem like newfags sometimes you're right though

No. 59327

"Delulu" was first said by the person being replied to >>59284, and the farmhand made a clear point of not redtexting them, though.

No. 59328

The only issue is that when anons have broken up long lines of sentences before, anons scream about the reddit spacing when it isn't, so it really is a case-by-case basis. Not every post needs 2617 spaces, but 3 paragraphs, based on what the discussion is, shouldn't be an issue. Most anons know how to separate the thoughts or continue on do the paragraph isn't crazy to read, there is a difference and IMO, mods have been good with understanding the difference.

This is definitely reddit space. The first two lines look like they could be two different posts, but anon added those in up top then just wrote whatever in the last two. The last 2 are acceptable, but the top half autism is what flagged it.

No. 59331

>You probably think you're replying to >>59297 but you're not.
I linked to the post I was replying to. I haven't been banned either, I report violations as usual.

No. 59333

>but being mad that your replies get the redtext just shows who's not posting properly
Nta but there's been tons of undeserved redtexts, just look at the post a few above you showing someone who got redtexted for twitterfaggotry when there was none, or the cancer patient who got redtexted in the vent thread

No. 59334

I'm not talking about posts like that. I'm talking about the ones that deserve bans, like not posting images on an imageboard when that's always been the point, but some anons are confusing how we operate vs a normal forum. You might not be following the conversation.

No. 59335

I get that. It just feels like nlog BS and I'm not sure why it sets people off so bad.

No. 59336

Aw shit my bad

No. 59337

hellweek is exciting! i had a lot in mind and i read this whole thread and i don't know if the strict moderation applies when it comes to feedback here? but i just wanted to say a few things like,
i have mixed feelings about moderation. i like the strictness of it a lot because it allows structure and can improve the quality of the board.
but sometimes it just feels a bit much, sometimes ridiculous, even. like the twitterfag one and the unclearness of "reddit-spacing" and what qualifies as it. i've seen people debate what qualifies in several threads.
i don't do it because everyone gets so upset over it, but it's always been so weird to me.
something space even being called reddit-spacing is just so weird and odd. Like we have never used microsoft word before. it existed before reddit. excuse my autism, i don't even know how it would indicate someone is a reddit user. it just feels like such an unclear and kind of bullshit thing.
it's actually hard for me to read walls of text that arent spaced out, it's overwhelming. i just never understood it and never will. typing like that doesn't mean you come from reddit, it just feels more considerate to space out large paragraphs for people who might have a harder time reading large dense walls. idk

No. 59338

I might be wrong, but I get the impression that long posts are fine if you aren't sperging about dumb shit. Paragraphs are fine. It's the spaces between 1-2 sentences that are considered against board culture. I have written some longer posts and only once (maybe 2 years ago) got a ban because of spacing, because I said "sorry if this is reddit spacing." (Now I know it wasn't even reddit spacing, kek, I just shouldn't have called any attention to it.) I'm sure admin can come up with a definition for this offense and it won't be an issue for most of us after that.

No. 59339

that makes sense to me, spacing after one or two sentences does feel off and unnecessary. thanks for clearing that part up.
>Now I know it wasn't even reddit spacing, kek,
kek indeed, yeah hopefully after this hellweek maybe there will be a much clearer definition. thank you!

No. 59340

note: (ayrt) I also might be biased because I like to read longer posts or analyses if they are interesting. Some people don't and might find it not imageboard culture.

No. 59342

File: 1688506197300.png (144.59 KB, 1783x813, example.png)

picrel is what I call reddit spacing and the line break after you reply to an anon. in the current tinfoil thread you can see long posts without reddit spacing.
Will there be any bans for incorrect terminology or twitter/tiktok fags verbiage? for example
>lolcow.farm is a forum site
>/m is my fave imageboard
>Gonna kermit sewerslide
Can't remember all the examples and I don't want to get into a debate how sewerslide is ackchyually from an obscure emo culture or that as an southerner I can use yall folks or whatever.
Would it be possible to force those who got banned to use the read the rules hellweek style for a period of time or would that be too cruel and unusual punishment?

No. 59343

Just saying 3,5, and 6 I don't agree are reddit spacing.

No. 59344

cant blame you nonnie, i think posts like that are interesting too

thank you for picrel examples, i appreciate it! it does make things a lot more clearer for me now.

No. 59345

I'd wait on those examples until a mod or admin points out which ones count as 'reddit spacing'.

No. 59349

File: 1688509729557.png (11.38 KB, 1320x112, post.PNG)

I would also like to add an example.

No. 59350

Obviously bait because it's about admin, but those are two separate thoughts, they are supposed to be two lines.

No. 59351

It was really just a joke, but no that post is definitely reddit spacing.

No. 59352

ok so:
is not reddit spacing

is reddit spacing

No. 59353

You ever see the end of an email message or blog notice?

No. 59355

I think the point is if anons "type like the end of an email" their posts stand out when we're meant to be anonymous. Also, redditors are faggots and you see it a lot there hence the name.

No. 59357

can we please get some bans for the blogging, infighting, and derailing in the shayna thread

No. 59358

Please make the hellweek with fire gif at the bottom theme usable after this hellweek, the normal one you can use on all boards doesn't have the fire

No. 59362

this exactly.

No. 59376

It was from admin specifically. It's like a sign-off.

No. 59378

I assume it's best to put hellweek shit here?
baby comment was peak retard bait (which I reported too) but hi-cowing is OK during hellweek? A report should be enough. inb4 "you're kiki": I've posted in her thread in previous months, nothing remotely positive. She's absolutely batshit insane but also has shown zero interest in nitpicking babies, only in driving 4h to get crusty homeless STD dick.

In other threads, shouldn't "underrated post" and such be getting redtexted during hellweek even if they slip by normally? >>>/w/302599 It's against the rules and I've reported it.

No. 59380

Might want to post the instances of hi-cowing you are mentioning.

No. 59383

I guess this doesn't go against any rules, but the redditism of announcing who you are has crept in here. I don't mean namefagging, just "qualifying" the most mundane comments, e.g. " German nonna here, yes Berlin is the capital", or announcing how many mento ilnesses you have to talk about someone else's anxiety or whatever. It's pointless since discussions are anon, and it peeves me because it's eactly how people write their takes on reddit. Has anyone else noticed?

No. 59384

Yes, that and the incessant need to let everyone know they're op every time they make a post is a cancer in the same vein.

No. 59387

That's exactly what anons are sperging about but you're dismissing it because admin.
This is another example of how retarded the nitpicks are getting about 'board culture'. That shit has always been around but we used to just call it blogging. Especially if it was someone going on about muh bpd or something. Why are anons so obsessed with reddit the past couple of years? Did we get raided or something? It's confusing.

No. 59389

People have been leaving reddit for the past few weeks. Maybe some of them migrated here.

No. 59390

my bad, put wrong link >>>/w/302632

No. 59391

Is wanting this place to not be an anonymous reddit 2.0 so bad? Engaging in discussions without getting novels about someone's power level and list of alphabet soup medals is what I like about the boards, what's so retarded about it?

No. 59396

Because reddit culture is the antithesis of board culture. There's nothing nitpicky about disliking behaviour that encourages blogging/namefagging otherwise we might as well go the way of PULL.

No. 59397

This site isn't going to change for all these refugees. They need to stfu. If an imageboard, not reddit, not pull, not a normal forum.

No. 59399

I honestly think anons make up that people are coming in droves from different sites. Like "we have so many newfags from LSA/reddit/TikTok!". Have a couple anons came from those places? Sure but I doubt we're getting influxes of them. We did have a lot of anons migrating here during stuff like PULL shutting down, whatever has been happening with KF for like a year (two years? 3 years? Idk), the creepshow art drama, etc…

No. 59401

honestly, based on this thread alone it seems like no one can agree on it so i don't even see why it should exist as a rule
it feels way too specific and pointless

i second this

No. 59415

Probably case by case, but there are definitely anons who are purposely typing like that to see what they can get away with.

No. 59425

Anons are usually referring to instances when the board has been advertised on those sites. For instance the Creepshow art thread and Jill thread. The verbiage and shitty takes also make them stick out like a sore thumb eg. The gyaru thread.

No. 59426

File: 1688607448538.png (239.73 KB, 1152x1028, exampl2.png)

Samefag, I wanted to clarify that I don't mind spacing like in picrel as it doesn't have any unnecessary spacing à la reddit spacing.
LSAfags often come in cow threads, Tiktokfags come from retards boasting about being a cow or "reading page 46", redditfags are a mixed bag honestly. They often come here to whiteknight, blog or gossip about certain cows but never lowering themself like filthy mean spirited cunts that festers in this hellhole of "forum".
Will admit that I used to lurk PULL before it shut down but I eventually just stuck to this place well before that time and can attest that pullfags or pulltards as you will are were spotted blogging, nitpicking, seething in jvloggers threads such as Mikan's thread when it went down.

No. 59427

Why are the numbers written in blood

No. 59428

it's crayon red in paint.

No. 59430

File: 1688610307111.png (298.89 KB, 1794x992, Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 7.27.…)

lsafags are on /ot/ as well, they're the ones who start racebait by nitpicking over women being light skinned or having straight hair, things that most black anons here are not worried about. that's normie black culture stuff. the sperging over meghan markle from the covid era suspiciously coincided with the markle hate thread on lsa being taken down as well and a bunch of her most virulent haters being banned from lsa and twitter due to harassment. also, there was an influx of lsafags during the george flyod riots, though i am not entirely sure why that was. that was a weird time on the board and i don't miss it.

i feel like the hotep cringe thread in /snow/ has also attracted a lot of them, as there's a lot of tension in the black community between black nationalists and regular black people who are not interested in hearing about 'black' egypt, how jesus was actually nigerian, or how we all need to be living in polyamourous cults because apparently monogamous marriage is "white people stuff". there are a ton of hoteps on lsa who do not get on with black zoomers and think they've been brainwashed by "The Man" because they watch anime, dye their hair blue, and have piercings. so i can imagine many of them come to places like lolcow and kiwifarms to escape from all the fighting and bullying.




No. 59431

File: 1688614265942.png (149.1 KB, 921x351, possible faggot or edgy teengi…)

Should we moderate posts like this? The use of "cunt" is faggot/twitterbrainrot/misogyn lingo and the obsessive use of "bitch" that I've seen (without comedic purpose) is plain bad taste. I want the newfags to feel extremely alienated and chokeholded into integrating even if by petty means.

No. 59432

File: 1688617063203.png (5.77 KB, 457x146, tranny jannies.png)

why are the new jannies such newfags? since when do you have to sage in fucking /ot/? were they trying really hard to get a ''gotcha'' to be posted in the funny caps thread?

No. 59433

>unsaged infighting

No. 59434

Nta, hellweek is also to give feedback to the staff. And anons have been banned for not saging in /ot/ before this week.

No. 59435

how is that infighting? i just explained to that dumbass the other anon was talking about twitter, not lolcow. I wonder if i accidentally responded to a tranny janny because literally no one else who were also not saging, were actually ifighting, and have been at it for 10 hours have not received a single redtext. Why only me?

No. 59436

What in fresh American hell. This isn't even how you use "cunt". I expected a bad taste obnoxious rant from an Australian or britbong not an edgy libfem brainrotted retard. I didn't realize Americans also claimed "cunt" in a misognistic brain-dead zoomer way just as "banger" and all other faghag yass queen slayy caved in skull liberal feminist zoomer lingo terms.

I second this, please moderate this and ban this shit. Even in retard spheres like /ot/ this is too retarded on the same level as emoticons and Reddit spacing. It's retard speak and speaks to a total lack of integration, that's not to mention the actual retardation of that post in picrel in itself.

No. 59437

What did rancefag say?

No. 59438

Why was I slapped on the wrists for pointing out that Middle Eastern scrotes who came to Europe are, indeed, "rapefugees"? You guys read the news on France, right?

No. 59439

The term "rapefugees" is very 4chan moidy so perhaps that but more likely it's cause mods and some anons can't handle it when anyone points out the fact that middle eastern men commit rape at a higher rate than any other race or nationality of men, except maybe african men

No. 59445

Moderating the word cunt imo seems stupid. We use the term fag. Lolcow isn't twitter.

No. 59447

Yeah I use the word cunt here when talking about men I hate, it seems silly to ban the word entirely.

No. 59449

File: 1688631069521.png (150.76 KB, 740x343, 545445786.png)

NTA but she doesn't mean the word cunt itself, but the way drag queens and literal fags use it, ie "serving cunt", "giving cunt", specifically

No. 59451

Yeah I agree users who use it like that should get redtexted. My bad I think I misinterpreted the convo and thought we were considering banning the word cunt entirely.

No. 59454

There's been repeated discussion of migrants committing rape in Europe. There's old threads on /ot/, it's discussed in country specific threads and there's a thread on /2X/. It's not the discussion of the issue itself that's banned, infighting and racism are bannable offenses so any thread on the issue needs to be respectful and factual without devolving into racebait and insults.

No. 59455

Something about how all mods are actually trannies and men kek

No. 59462

I reported a post in /m/ that looked weird, but it was actually just the nonny bumping threads so no one would see the gross spam. Whoops.

No. 59472

Imo no. You can ridicule her that thread if you feel like doing so, but micromanaging every tiny little word we can use is retarded and takes the fun away from posting. Obviously racist shit etc should not be tolerated, but I think what is and isn't "twitter/reddit lingo" can be hard to define.

No. 59476

Anons who complain about "twitter/reddit/unintegrated etc lingo" but are ok with "kek" or "nonny" are massive hypocrites.

No. 59477


No. 59479

It's not racebait, though, it's fucking TRUE. That's the aggravating part about getting banned for it, when there have been numerous reports and studies over the years, ever since all this shit started with the migrant crisis.

No. 59480

File: 1688655592987.png (153.2 KB, 1806x356, mnbvcdrtyujmnb.png)

Damn Rancefag… you're a crazy bitch but you're growing on me with these random based takes

No. 59481

Ironic that this poster idolizes a violent rapeape herself and uses him to avatarfag.

No. 59482

I know nothing about anime but that does sound like something a crazy bitch like her would do

No. 59485

So in translation he's serving douchbag. Anon, if you think these terms are only used by gays, you need literal help. The term isn't scrotal or only queer coded.

No. 59486

Nta but I've seen women use phrases like that but it's usually zoomers or twitter fag panderers or the "bimbocore" aesthetic types. All of which don't belong on lc though kek

No. 59487

Nta but that's not what "serving cunt" is supposed to mean anon. This use of "cunt" is from ballroom and drag (? I think, not sure about drag) culture, it's not the same as how an Australian or British person might use it. It means something like feminine and it's meant to be positive. Cunt is even in Beyonce's new album which is literally about ballroom/house music if that proves anything kek. It's very hard to explain, you have to see it used to understand it but that application of "cunt" definitely is gay slang.

No. 59488

>plain bad taste
Yeah, we definitely need to moderate bad taste. Stop running to the jannies for every little thing ffs, this is an imageboard, just shit on it yourself until it becomes so frowned upon people stop doing it

No. 59490

the word is actually being used positively in this context, not as an insult. basically what >>59487 said

No. 59496

Ah, yes. Let’s also all just call each other and everything hole, that’s so hole, we all are just a hole, front hole even. Kek.
Are you retards seriously justifying using “cunt” as some sort of sooper positive term that’s empowering? Just because a celebrity uses “cunt” daily doesn’t make it right or less retarded. Also
>queer coded
What the fuck is this zoomer TikTok faggotry? Fuck off.
This is why 4chan moids and kiwifarm moids are always raiding us.

No. 59498

Im the second ayrt. Please can some of you learn how to fucking read? Anon said that the cunt isn't gay slang and that's it means douchebag, so I was clarifying that the way "serving cunt" and the post in question uses it is supposed to be positive and it is gay. I literally never said it is actually good or that we should but using it. I wasn't even trying to argue to be rude, it was just an explanation.
>Just because a celebrity uses “cunt” daily doesn’t make it right or less retarded.
I cannot stand you illiterate retards. LEARN TO FUCKING READ.

No. 59500

The way anons want this site to be a hivemind down to patterns of speech is annoying. It's an imageboard, different types of people use it, disagreements happen.

No. 59501

Samefag but I even said it's meant to be positive. Not that it is, that it is meant to be. I hate that everything needs to be over explained because farmers can't use context clues and need to argue about every little thing.
Literally the entire point was that the post about the school shooter was using it in a gay, positive, twitterfag way, not to mean "douchebag" like that anon thought. There's literally no one way saying that cunt should be allowed or that it's a good word.

No. 59502

>There's literally no one way saying that cunt should be allowed
Nta but I am, I like calling men cunts on here when I'm venting about the ones I know and this is an imageboard we should be free to say cunt if we want too

No. 59503

Yes I agree that that's fine, I just mean cunt like "serving cunt". It's just a matter of integration imo.

No. 59505

Oh I feel you, yeah twitterspeak and tiktok phrases should be redtexted

No. 59506

Then why have rules about integration and board culture then?

No. 59507

Any anon caught using "serving cunt" needs to be served a ban. I can't stand how it's the hot new buzzphrase parroted by the most vapid of twitterfags/tiktards. They're a scourge and not welcome here.

No. 59508

Yes, but some anons take it too far. "Board culture" is their autistic hyperfixation. According to users, "board culture" has been ruined in every imageboard since the inception of them.

No. 59509

I don't like her for the Rance shit either but she's got a point. If such discussion has to be contained to 2X, then so be it. I hate how fucking /pol/ allows for free speech, but on lolcow we're not allowed to call it like it is. Come to think of it, didn't Pakichan also complain about this shit, too?

No. 59510

Yeah then anons attack her for bringing up the hell that middle eastern women go through because of Islamic scrotes

No. 59511

The post that started this was in the dumbass shit thread which i think should be considered.
my two cents: DragRace popularized gay slang to the point it's now basically mainstream so I think some of the words are just going to be in the common vernacular now whether anynonny likes it or not. You can't control slang on imageboards with bans or redtext if history is any indication. I personally think "kek" should be bannable but that's a war that is long lost.

No. 59512

You can pry my keks from my cold dead hands

No. 59513

Gives me "anypony" vibes

No. 59514

It's only mainstream on twitter. Other types of retarded slang became bannable so I don't see why this couldn't.

No. 59515

I wish I could! lol

No. 59516

then why not "kek" or "nonny" too?

No. 59517

Because they're not used by twitter zoomers.

No. 59518

"kek" gained traction from world of warcraft and "nonny" from tumblr and both were hated at first and were considered signs of unintegrated newfaggotry. "nonny" is redtexted for a good reason, yet not banned.

No. 59519

Yes, exactly. you get it. the pushback to stupid slang is also natural. world turns. I can literally picture some future linguist writing her thesis on internet terminology whenever this shit comes up.
by the way I think word filters actually work because it shows who is a newfag when they're asking why soy filters to onions or whatever

No. 59520

Fine ban those too then. Though I'd personally find some Wow player less annoying.

No. 59521

Samefag I just really think it's not on the exact level as "yassss slay queen" shit, like they both attract two different crowds.

No. 59522

Also that's not what samefag means lmao

No. 59526

Lolcow has lesbian users anon. It's not hate speech, so why it should be moderated makes no sense. This isn't a right wing anti-everything imageboard.

No. 59527

what do lesbians or politics have to do with any of this wtf

No. 59532


No. 59533

I feel like this isn't even rancefag but a larper

No. 59534

God it speaks volumes that not wanting lc to turn into twitter is considered "right wing" now. Unironically ban anyone under 30, the zoomer stench is strong here.

No. 59536

File: 1688688649612.jpg (24.79 KB, 275x239, 1655207627264.jpg)

thirded, it'd be hilarious.

No. 59539

File: 1688700106528.png (28.34 KB, 1847x252, ihjlk.png)

Reddit spacing statement from a farmhand for those that don't check cow boards.
>DragRace popularized gay slang to the point it's now basically mainstream
For twitterfags it is. Why should we use twitter mainstream slang that is disparaging towards women instead of men? I've seen anons on here complain about using newfag, fag, moid and scrote because it's so degrading and dated while not minding the use of bitch, whore and now cunt apparently as it just means pussy power regardless of sex according to men who dresses up as a caricature of a woman and twitterfags
Honestly feel like discussion of Todokaras/Homunculus or whatever her name should be redirected to /snow/ as she's milky enough to have her own thread or just discussed in the transabled thread or TIF thread because anons are clearly interested enough to talk about her and ask to be spoonfed or qrd as it is in twitter lingo. She has been mentioned over the last year and anons at this point are just repeating the same conversation again and again.

No. 59543

I don't understand why anons insist that every interesting cow that anons like talking about get their own thread. Most of them die out anyway, and how often does the art thread even have discussions about people that interesting? Just keep it there, the discussion will probably die within the next few days anyway. The celebcow thread does this too. Like, we did not need a Doja Cat /snow/ thread.

No. 59544


No. 59549

They really don't need their own thread. Anons are saying to make a thread on Josh from Belle's crap which doesn't make sense and same for some idiot from Lori's thread. There's no point. If its all old milk just to make the thread, there's no fucking point.

No. 59556

As I said I'd rather she'd either get her own thread or get discussed in the transabled thread or TIF thread in /snow/, we need more traffic in there instead of /ot/
She was already mentioned for a short while in the transabled thread before all of it migrated to /ot/

No. 59560

And how do you plan to control that? Ban people for discussing her in /ot/? That’s not what’s done with other cows either.

No. 59561

Policing terms like this is ridiculous. Right up there with saying we can't use the word 'cunt' in different contexts. Some anons have such thin skin and try so hard to act like redditors.

No. 59562

The anon you linked to didn't say it should be banned tho, what are you complaining about? It's not "policing" to be annoyed by a word. Twitter terms should definitely be banned though (or at least tell those using it to integrate)

No. 59563

You're the one being dramatic, she is entitled to her opinion. Or do you want people banned each time they disagree about which word is the most suitable?

No. 59566

Is ban the same word as redirect? No.

No. 59575

>unironically complaining about a nothing post in /ot/

No. 59576

How do you plan to redirect the discussion?

No. 59578

You've never browsed one of the cow boards have you.
What I could do would be posting a link to the thread relevant to the cow, if further discussion of said cow in the wrong thread, I report it and move on. Farmhands have also redirected anons to the appropriate thread by posting in said thread themselves.
Ultimately it's on the anons that keep discussing about said cow to move to the appropriate thread or find the closest equivalent on /snow/ or /w/ as /ot/ is generally a off topic board with the exception of celebricows which I feel like should be moved back to /snow/ but that's been discussed multiple times before and other cows that are generally just not milky.

No. 59580

>newfags itt arguing about banning words when the obvious answer is to filter them

No. 59584

but then why do farmhands ban "___ in minecraft"? apparently they like this technique.

No. 59591

Pretty sure that’s because it’s an attempt to avoid being banned for a-logging, nona.

No. 59592

some of those posts were barely a-logs imo, like this
feels like a PG-rated idea of what's a-logging

No. 59593

Veiled a-logging still gets banned as such. Anons trying to bypass rules wth this stupidity need to be banned. This website isn't for kids.

No. 59594

Is there a single thread here that you enjoy reading or participating in, anon?

No. 59595

Imo, it's hilarious. I love the snarky mods.

No. 59596

There sure is and I'm not a-logging.

No. 59597

File: 1688789648551.jpeg (420.01 KB, 727x758, IMG_9130.jpeg)

You couldn't be any more triggered. At the end of the day both groups are demoralized mentally ill spergs with severe fetish problems. Troons are just
610 KB JPG the extreme depths of the fetish behavior. You're all a bunch of spergamons evolving into the end stage version that cuts it's body parts off before it kills itself.
This behavior used to be corrected by you bunch of faggots getting severe beatings in school until you became a semblance of a human being but now you're fully supported by hug box social media where it's tolerated and encouraged. The chans were never a bastion of speech they have always been sperg hideouts.
All of you neurodivergent filth needs to be gassed.(smile and nod, we're witnessing mental illness)

No. 59599

Who the fuck keeps saying lc is used by troons? All these male spammers from their other shit sites come spamming here thinking we are troons wtf.

No. 59600

Whoever does that have no idea where they are since we are famously anti-troon.

No. 59601

Newfags love to assume everyone they dislike is a troon. Also mentally ill posters like rancefag are notorious for accusing jannies or being troons.

No. 59602

Rancefag seemed like a troon herself until she posted body pics kek

No. 59603

It's usually projection or bitter retards who were excommunicated long ago

No. 59605

File: 1688833600521.png (335.28 KB, 636x599, ranceypoo.png)

If you think i am a troon you are a RETARD. Literally how i act is so feminine even on lc you can tell i'm a bio woman. What about me is tranny? That's right, absolutely nothing. You see a woman who acts a little unorthodox and assume it must be a tranny because your brain is hardwired to be frightened of anything remotely unfamiliar. Find a SINGLE male or tim that acts like me, i'm waiting. Next i'm gonna be accused of being a tranny because i have small boobs at this rate because of the unhinged misogyny of many users of the site.

This was ghostwritten by a janny btw, no one actually thinks this.

LC would be nothing without a-logging, you sound like a really boring person. Why are male imageboards allowed to be autistic and unhinged but lc isn't?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 59611

one of the admins is a troon

No. 59616

You mean getting them redtexted like oof, toxic, victim and etc? Or text replacement like cytube? Would be funny if it was the latter.

No. 59617

>If you think i am a troon you are a RETARD. Literally how i act is so feminine even on lc you can tell i'm a bio woman. What about me is tranny? That's right, absolutely nothing. You see a woman who acts a little unorthodox and assume it must be a tranny because your brain is hardwired to be frightened of anything remotely unfamiliar. Find a SINGLE male or tim that acts like me, i'm waiting. Next i'm gonna be accused of being a tranny because i have small boobs at this rate because of the unhinged misogyny of many users of the site.
Girl I thought you were a tranny because you said you wanted Rance or whoever the fuck to rape your asshole. That's not "unorthodox" that's unhinged kek, but we're cool I know you're not a tranny now. And you are growing on me with some of your based takes, and you don't show porn to your therapist like Kirbyanon so that's another win for you.

No. 59618

at least kirbyanon was nice and didn't constantly infight with other husbandofags

No. 59619

True but most users aren't nice, and imo the porn that Kirbyanon makes and masturbates too is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse than anything Rancefag has said or done. It literally looks like a deformed baby getting fucked or doing the fucking with a giant cock, it's fucked up and brain rotted and she showed her unsuspecting therapist that shit kek, girl needs a lobotomy.

No. 59620

Most of the husbandofags are nice, I can't think of any that intentionally cause problems like Rancefag does.

No. 59621

Samefag poster as this but tbh I genuinely think some of these male spammers genuinely don’t think women would go on IBs unless to show their boobs or are actually trannies or something. Men are dumb

No. 59624

Hellweek is now over, see edit to OP >>59152. Discussion of Hellweek is welcome to continue in this thread.

No. 59626

Sending their unattractive body on imageboards although no one wanted to see it is typical troon behavior but whatever u say.

No. 59627

None of the admins are troons and if you or your splinters can provide proof we would be amused

No. 59629

>Line breaks after the post number you’re replying to is an identifiable typing style
But it looks so cluttered.

To my half-blind ass anyway. This way of quoting people is ugly.
What if you're quoting more than two anons?
See how everything just becomes one hard to see blob? Surely it's not just me.

I think line breaks are also often used to cleanly signify a new idea.
I guess I could just do this, but it still looks bad and hard to read to me…mods pls

No. 59630

>femcel will be added as a redtext
Love that.

No. 59631

Thanks for the update and clarification on some things! None of the linked in the update work though - I get a 404 when I click. In general, I would welcome more visible bans for minimodding and non-contributing posts designed to provoke infighting (no1currs, touch grass, take your meds - these might have been relevant during some points in LC history, but they are usually just attempts to minimod now).

No. 59632

Agreed. It's just good etiquette and proper protocol to have line breaks when replying to multiple anons. There's no need to be so ridiculously strict about it. Some anons do it, some don't, so it's not super specific or clockable.

No. 59633

File: 1688893469853.jpeg (223.22 KB, 750x855, F263005D-7B29-4417-93E3-653CD7…)

Is there anything that can be done to help stop the disgusting CP spam?

No. 59634

a site update.

No. 59636


I think they meant replying to anons like this. I can't be the only one who notices that one anon in every thread with a completely clockable post history because of a useless line break.

No. 59638

Sometimes mobile does that. Anons need to stop thinking only one person does this and it's all nefarious.

No. 59639

Replying like this

Is also not proper formatting

And makes you stick out though. Also reddit spacing rules still should be added to the actual rules or info page and so should saging in the celebcow thread imo. Don't expect anons to magically know this.

No. 59647

The obsession with so-called

reddit spacing

is fucking retarded.
It's just a particular flavour of nitpicking that is for some reason becoming canon. And the so-called "strong arguments" presented sound a lot more like certain use-cases than a blanket reason. And it leads to autism like >>59636 where some anons become obsessed with trying to pick out others from the crowd. You know, like an analogue to the everyone I don't like is a tranny / moid /whatever bullshit.
Of all the shit mods could be worrying about, this is considered an important discussion. Unreal.

No. 59649

>It's just a particular flavour of nitpicking that is for some reason becoming canon.
Exactly kek

No. 59650

Thank you for modifying the Hellweek theme to include the fire gif, it's beautiful

No. 59651

>admin edits OP instead of making a new thread
>admin censors words
>anons thinking new admins aren't dogshit zoomers and trannies

No. 59654

>being too retarded to realize the post used censored words as an example
>literally the next sentence says that self-censoring is not tolerated
You're either deliberately shit stirring or have the reading comprehension of a highschool drop out

No. 59655

All of the new decisions make sense and are what most of this site has been operating by already for a long time.
>admin edits OP instead of making a new thread
Why would they make a new thread when the topic is still about hellweek? The initial OP even discussed how changes would be made according to what happened this hellweek. Weird thing to shit your pants about.
>admin censors words
We have had red words for years. Like “triggered” etc. They have now been updated to reflect modern changes in normie linguistic patterns, as has been sorely needed.
>anons thinking new admins aren't dogshit zoomers and trannies
Kek what? The only people I’ve seen be unhappy with cerbmin’s decisions are unintegrated newfags who don’t like the rules they don’t understand.

No. 59657

Why the hell would they make a new thread just to update on hellweek? It makes the most sense to just edit the OP on all the changes where it's front and center and you don't have to scroll through the thread to find it.

No. 59659

>With regards to personalityfagging can we report anons that have used a distinct word? E.g. faggette is a word I've seen pop up recently and I'm certain that the word is used by the same person. Another example would be when anon began signing off her posts with allah something, suprisingly it caught on by other anons before it got dropped because of pakichan.
I think this would just be too strict. Not everything needs to be a bannable offense. There's integration and then there's just banning everything you don't like. Also, during the whole "allah" thing I saw multiple anons say they were using it as a joke.
Also, sometimes words just catch on and become widely used. It happened with "nonny/nonnie". I understand the site is anonymous and we should blend in with each other, but trying to be so strict just results in a site that's unpleasant to use because you can get banned for every little thing.

No. 59660

Cerbmin, would you be willing to update the info page with this new posting etiquette and maybe make it a bit clearer on the /rules/ page where you can find it? Since there is admittedly a lot of anons that don't bother checking /meta/ or the info page unless slapped with a newfag ban.
With regards to personalityfagging can we report anons that have used a distinct word? E.g. faggette is a word I've seen pop up recently and I'm certain that the word is used by the same person. Another example would be when anon began signing off her posts with allah something, suprisingly it caught on by other anons before it got dropped because of pakichan.
Phoneposting doesn't add an automatic paragraph break after you clicked on a post number. If you were to reply/quote an anon in middle of a text like this >>59638
It will add a line break move the text underneath the postnumber, however if I were to link and delete like this
, it will leave a gap unless I fix it myself. Another thing I've noticed regarding this if I were to add a paragraph break myself before a text I've written as a reply then it "adds a line break automatically" as you can see below
Nicely worded. I had the text cursor in front of the text, line break

Nicely worded. I had the text cursor on the paragraph break that I made

No. 59661

Samefag but also I think some anons just happen to use certain words repeatedly because it's in their natural vocab. Doesn't mean they're trying to personalityfag.

No. 59663

>certain words repeatedly because it's in their natural vocab
distinct words like faggette?

No. 59665

I was speaking in general and the post I was replying to also used non-distinct words like "allah" as an example. But anyway, imo even "faggette" doesn't need to be banned. Make fun of that anon (if it is one anon) if you want but like I said, not everything needs to be a bannable offense. If I saw that I would think it was just an anon trying to do some silly spelling like we sometimes do with other words.

No. 59666

TAYRT both time as I deleted my post to fix it, What I meant with the allah thing was that it was a specific phrase instead of just allah like when a person e.g. uses god, my god, holy batman. The phrase had a meaning to it but I don't remember what it was and I had noted that anons had started to use it too. Also the person that uses faggette has been banned here before but her post got removed and you can often recognise which post is hers apart from the word faggette.
Also with the nonny/nona that was a bit different in regards with faggette

No. 59668

I think you mean Mashallah (praise god) or Inshallah (god willing) which are Arabic phrases used by those of Muslim faith, but I agree that it's annoying to see them used here because it reeks of pakichan. I don't want it to be a thing that catches on, it's really dumb tbh. There's not even ironic value in it if anons are parroting it without knowing the meaning.

No. 59675

Those have been used as a meme around the internet, that’s why non-muslim people sometimes use them online

No. 59676

You really can’t know if an anon using a certain word is always the same one unless you are a farmhand. I think banning certain words (unless racist etc) is just silly and takes fun away from posting.

No. 59677

You know anon it's usually their verbiage and lack of integration coupled with the useless space between the post number that gives them away. No one is obsessed with picking anons out from the crowd when they stick out on their own. I agree that it sometimes gets taken too far, but when "Reddit-spaced" posts stop reading like something written by zoomers from twitter there won't be an issue from either side of the fence.

No. 59679

From my experience most of the time they're used ironically and people do know what they mean. The joke is that a feminist woman is thanking allah when we're all in on the fact that islam is a pedo, moid pandering, woman hating religion. Pakichan never really used those terms from what I remember kek

No. 59682

How does admin feel about non-contributory posts like this? >>>/ot/1629851

This is basically chatroom talk and grammar correcting is right up the same alley. I don't give a fuck about troons. If anons want to be femcels, they can go do it in the appropriate thread.

No. 59683

I mean, good luck. I agree with you but retarded pointless non-con posts on cow boards virtually never result in a ban (I report them if their only purpose is provoking infighting or shitting up a thread), and I doubt you'll get anyone banned in ot for that if the cow boards are overrun with it.

No. 59684

>correcting troons delusion pronouns makes you a femcel
Wat. But in any case, hey hey! First redtexted “”femcel”” since the new rules! Cheers everyone!

No. 59685

It literally has nothing to do with the post. if anons want to harp on pronouns they can go to the correct thread, again. By just replying like that, it does nothing but shit up the thread. Especially because the anons posting most likely won't change how they are referencing to the cow. They/Them is also just a neutral term when typing. Anons need to get the stick out of their asses over tranny shit.

No. 59686

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing but I still don’t understand how the term femcel applies to that behavior kek

No. 59688

It sure looks pretty though now that its added

No. 59690

Ah, I see Gene survived hellweek fine:
(Look at the bottom 50 posts, i mean god damn)
Thats just awesome, what an absolute shit show

No. 59691

Who the hell cares if some /ot/ post is ”noncontributing chatroom talk”

No. 59692

>By just replying like that, it does nothing but shit up the thread.
But it doesn’t shit up the thread. It’s one post. If anons start replying, infighting, taking the bait, etc. THAT shits up the thread. If the “just replying” anon replies again and again, that shits up the thread. It’s an imageboard, it should be fun and mods shouldn’t have to ban any little thing that might turn into an infight or a shit fest. Report, don’t reply, and move on. Simple as.

No. 59693

>complaining about chatroom talk
kek might as well ban the entire board

No. 59731

A lot of newfags and twitter kids were attracted to that thread and the /snow/ thread recently. When you keep calling a person that we all know is female "they" and worse, "he", it could mean that you're one of those newfags. It would normally not be a big deal if it's your personal preference to keep calling her a they, but given what happened recently it makes you suspicious. So telling you to call her a she is a quick reminder for you to integrate. I'm not the only one who has told others to call that particular artist she, either. You can ignore it and keep using whatever pronouns you want, but don't be surprised if other anons remind you again that she's a woman.
That was my reasoning for making that post anyway.
Another thing that might indicate you're a newfag is you throwing the word "femcel" around as an insult when people simply ask you to not indulge tranny nonsense. Last year no one here did that but you wouldn't know that because you're new and probably came from TikTok or something.
>They/Them is also just a neutral term when typing.
That's true. You can use it to refer to people like her in general. At first, it might seem like that post I was replying to was referring solely to those kinds of people, but then I realized it shifted its focus to the female artist, but they/them was still being used. When you do that, you make it extra confusing to read your post because it's difficult to tell when you stopped talking about people in general and when you started to talk solely about one person. This is another reason why someone may not stand indiscriminate use of they pronouns, because it's annoying to read on top of potentially being tranny nonsense.

No. 59735

Sorry for being retarded but can I get clarification on this?
>identifiable typing style
There’s 11 examples of it in this thread alone and I really don’t think they’re all the same anon? Unless you mean

Like this like other anon said.

No. 59737

The femcel redtext is paying off already

No. 59743

That's not non-contribution, she is informing the other poster that the person is female. But maybe you have a personal problem with that?

No. 59745

Correcting grammar and pronouns is such moid behavior when it doesn't contribute at all. Sounds more like anon is an angry TERF. They did this same thing in the actual artists thread too. Anons are going to refer to cows however they like, but using they/them and immediately sperging that its a trans reason and not just proper grammar, is never contributiory. Anons need to be 18 to post here.

No. 59746

Got a problem with terfs huh? Then this site isn't for you.

No. 59747

Yeah, because only men can speak proper English. Totally.
You're so stupid.

No. 59749

>angry TERF
That's our favourite kind of terf

No. 59906

terfs ruined lc. Things were much better when you weirdoes had containment threads to sperg out in.

No. 59907

This. Now we have these idiots in threads taking up space just correcting what anons type out if its something they don't like, like pronouns

No. 59908

No. 59909

agreed, i don't care about trans hate but all radfem threads including the mtf and ftm threads in /snow/ should be moved to /2x/, and arguably all troon discussion or negative opinions on it as well. it's not to cape for troons, but it's because the 2x girls shit up threads every time anything tq+ or male neutral is mentioned that isn't explicitly violent. that being said, the admins and farmhands are all radfems who hate trannies so tranny hate shouldn't be banned and coddling trannies/"respecting pronouns" should still be treated as WKing, so in the end you're off the mark

No. 59910

It's bled to a lot of the site and it's made posting in some threads just annoying. Not everyone on this site is a terf, but terfs, just like moids, completely fuck up certain threads and add no contribution when just posting to argue with your take. And they know this. They do this for fun.

No. 59911

ayrt and agreed that rudefems are fucking annoying and clearly get off to arguing with neutral parties or anyone who isn't a rudefem. rudefems are essentially just the woman equivalent of r/atheist scrotes

No. 59920

No I know you agreed. I'm upthread too and honestly the way they derail should be modded a little more, like the whole

That anons reply to other anons with, no other context, just because they didn't like the pronoun you used to talk about a cow. Non contributory posts I thought were always banned. Is this not the case in /ot/ regardless of it just shitting up threads? Figured this fell under rule 2 if anything. It's just bait.

No. 59931

Kek keep crying. 90% of the population hates troons, being twabsphobic does not a radfem make. Newfags gtfo you will not change our culture, stop eating your time.

No. 59936


No. 59937

Anon, if you're going to give stats, at least don't give retarded ones. The troon hunting obsession and mini-modding isn't an oldfag or newfag thing. It ruins the quality of threads because anons just love spamming their obsession over it. If you can't control your autism, don't post here.

No. 59938

Nta but the anon in the art thread didn't even derail. Feels like some of you just want to ban anything you personally don't agree with or don't understand the point of /ot/

No. 59939

This isn't just in the art thread, anon. They do it in /snow/ too. >>>/snow/1862873 This shit is annoying. These aren't even my posts, but scrolling by and just seeing the thread get a tick because of this shit is a little infuriating. Now add that to other threads and other boards. Anons can calm down for just one second without screeching over something as dumb as a pronoun. Anons are right, terfs are annoying as hell and need to go back to their containments. If mods are fine with just random grammar-correcting posts, I guess anons can keep doing it, but it's not going to make anons change what they use in reference to cows anyway, so why the fuck bother to shitpost?

No. 59940

You're right but everyone's going to deny it, I hate troons too but I'm tired of getting bitched at for random nonsense like calling a fat celebrity fat or using the word cunt. I like terfs and I support them, we need more women not letting troons get too comfy and overstepping but the micromanaging on an imageboard is just so fucking gay and annoying. And they have to interject into every convo with their radfem stances on things, it's annoying.

No. 59941

soyjack party moids trying to bait

No. 59942

>incels raid the site, troons spam cp
>idiots in /meta/: wah wah the terves are ruining the site with correct pronouns

No. 59943

Anon, you can be annoyed by two things. Thoughts aren't linear, even though a lot of terfy women would like it to be. A lot of anons probably really don't give a fuck and from the sounds of this thread, multiple are annoyed by the overly tryhard heavy-handed terf behavior. Like other anons said, I don't care about troons either, don't want them here, but going into random threads and telling anons they need to use the right pronouns or arguing that you aren't being angry enough is fucking stupid. Not crazy to compare it to the incel raids except these anons never go away and are everywhere and not just the usual spam threads that the moids post cp in.

No. 59946

>Not crazy to compare it to the incel raids except these anons never go away and are everywhere and not just the usual spam threads that the moids post cp in
holy shit are you seriously more bothered about women correcting people for coddling demented trannies than you are about incels spamming photos of child rape? genuinely foul and vile.

No. 59947

The fact that you're so against the possibility of mods taking into consideration limiting the sperging says a lot. Touch grass. You're taking the analogy so literally.

No. 59948

can you point out in my post where I mentioned anything about being for or against the sperging? I'm just disgusted some weirdo thinks child porn spam is at all comparable to easily ignorable pronoun spergs.

No. 59949

Saying both are annoying isn't comparing it directly to being on the same level of gross. Now you're just being argumentative for the sake of it.

No. 59951

>terfs are annoying as hell and need to go back to their containments
>495 posts complaining about le “””terfs”””
What in summerfag hell is going on in here. Integrate.

No. 60001

Anons aren't wrong though. They derail and nitpick most posts, don't add much contribution as a whole in regards to what anons are complaining about like just greentexting to be a minimod, not terfs as a whole. Also there's like 20 posts ITT.

No. 60002

Ignore them. It's always a vocal minority complaining about the majority of the site like how 30-40 shotafags kept spamming as if they were the majority when shota got banned.

No. 60005

>30-40 shotafags
They were probably 3-4 at maximum.
There is occassionally a lot of whining about terves/radfems/manhaters in /meta/ by people who are clearly personally offended by them. I remember how one was outed as a troon. So they definitely shold be ignored by the farmhands.

No. 60006

I don't even see what the problem is here. Infighting and low quality posts are against site rules, so just report for infighting/shitting up the thread when you see it. Cry in /meta/ if nothing is being done. There are anons who admit to baiting and infighting for fun all over the site, they just use radfem rhetoric bc you all get filtered by the lowest tier bait
TRA summerfags go back and cry about troon hate on 4chan already. Grown men wearing dresses and toddler makeup in their posts to lesbian subreddits will always be milky, why would it be hidden on 2X
Can you please shut the fuck up about this shit already you deranged shota obsessed faggots

No. 60007

How am I obsessed if I simply write that there must be few of them on the site? Why the aggro reaction?

No. 60013

I think they are scared about mods possibly cracking down just because other anons are discussing it being irritating. Anons are being way over the top about the idea of this behavior actually being liked by every user on the site. Anons do report it,but the idea thats even happening is triggering apparently. Don't shitpost and anons dont have to worry about reports. We're allowed to discuss being annoyed by it. Anons screeching over the discussion need to touch grass.

No. 60021

The mods have already banned shota and loli on the site. I haven't seen any posts by shotafags after that so have no idea if they're being annoying somewhere and shitting up threads.

No. 60022

Not talking about shotafags..

No. 60023

You replied to me who was talking about that.

No. 60024

You replied to two things, 3 different posts specifically.

No. 60025

No, I'm just tired of constant derailing happening because anons want to moralfag over how disgusting nasty shotashit is and then call anybody a pedo when they get annoyed with the nonstop sperging. Like >>60021 said, the mods already banned shota/loli, there's no "cracking down" happening because it's not allowed.
There was no shotafag troon, it was Blaine baiting by pretending to be against shota and arguing with anons in the thread. Anybody can read past /meta/ threads and see the redtext. This thread is already derailed to shit because nonas can't help themselves

No. 60027

Then can whoever wrote the post clarify what the fuck they're talking about. Because it isn't clear. They responded to somebody who was annoyed about being called obsessed about shota.

No. 60028

There's multiple discussions going on ITT. If they post isn't replying to you directly, don't reply back thinking it's about your topic.

No. 60029

Is this thread infested with summerfags who don't understand what a reply chain is? Shut the fuck up

No. 60030

And yet anons are mistaking certain posts to be about other posts.

No. 60039

I agree that the tranny threads in snow should be moved to the containment board, mainly because general threads are prone to nitpicking but in this instance they're prone to blogging and low quality posts about anything trans related. There are dedicated threads for cows like Dylan or Jessica Yaniv.

No. 60044

>pls move the tranny threads to the secret board where no one will see them mods plsplsplsplspls i have no ulterior motives i totally hate troons too i swear it's just that it's ummmmm annoying. Yes.

No. 60049

its not to cape for troons, it's because female politics should be on the female politics board. unless it's a cow who happens to be a tranny, it should go in /2x/. like how celebricows went from /snow/ to /ot/. cows who happen to be trannies should stay on /snow/ so long as /2x/ anons happen to not nitpick or shit them up, like the constant bullshit in the mtf and ftm threads. nobody cares if a troon is ugly, post actual milk. oh wait, it's few and far between because most truly milky troons get their own threads! thus tranny hate threads should go in /2x/, but the ftm and mtf threads should maintain saging as a requirement, like celebricows. if it gets enough pushback we should have a trooncow containment board like /w/ is a weeb containment board

No. 60050

Ok kek, well that’s not going to happen. But keep sperging I guess. The rest of us will continue laughing at ugly men in diapers pretending to be women.

No. 60060

moving the mtf thread to /2X/ would defeat the entire point of /2X/ being hidden imo. also
>making fun of troons being inherently political
don't think so

No. 60062

Nta. Those threads were banned for many years because they just bring trouble. Both the most unhinged and obsessive anons and moids or trannies from elsewhere. Moving them to 2x would stop a lot of raiding and other faggotry. And you could still have your hugbox to obsess over troons 24/7 while the rest of us go back to ignoring them. Even better, just ban that shit. Anons can do a crystal cafe 2 troon boogaloo.
And sorry to remind you that the "everybody I don't like is a tranny" shit doesn't work anymore.

No. 60063

I think that would be a good idea. The hidden access isn't going to kill anyone.

No. 60064

it's not a female politics thread. it's a thread for laughing at cows that are trannies, and cringing at horrorcow troons. cow threads don't belong on 2X.
it doesn't bring more moids/raiders than any other thread does. ironmouse thread on /w/ constantly attracts scrotes, so do most camgirl cow threads, so does the tradthot thread and crimmy thread and whiteglove thread on /snow/, it's not some issue uniquely caused by the tranny cow threads. you can ignore the threads without them having to be moved to a board they don't belong on, simply just don't click on the thread.

No. 60065

this is seriously eerie how obsessed you guys are with this topic. unironically saying
>even better, just ban that shit
about tranny gawking threads on lolcow is such an insane sentence that I would call it bait if it weren't for the fact I know we are currently swimming in summerfags from tiktok and twitter. If you don't like it here you can leave or hide the eviw terf thweads but board culture of 6+ years will not change for your feelings.

No. 60066

Its not that big of a deal to discuss not wanting anons to derail about their tranny hating shit in threads where it doesn't belong or minimodding other anons if they use the pronouns you don't want to read. It does bleed out and it sucks.

No. 60067

The ironmouse thread gets a post maybe once a month. That's a terrible example.

No. 60068

That is not the argument. Anons are now arguing that the trans topic threads be banned or moved to a hidden board. If you see someone derailing about troon shit in an unrelated thread report them and they will be banned as all derails are. But I sense you all are sperging so hard because that's not actually what you're upset about.

No. 60069

It's unfortunate but it's been proven time and time again that any feminist or GC discussion attracts newfags like flies to shit. The original Pink Pill and GC threads on /ot/ were banned because newfags refused to keep the discussion in the appropriate threads. /ot/ was becoming unusable because every thread was constant infighting. This is what caused burritomin to create /2X/. She then closed it because newfags wouldn't stop accusing her of being a troon and she had enough of trying to accommodate them. /2X/ was opened again before the hand over to Shaymin who then made the board unhidden before she left. The new admins then made /2X/ a hidden board again because it attracted newfags that spread across the site.

It's sad because we should be able to discuss political issues related to women without having to either moderate the threads to death or hide the discussion. However, it is what it is. Newfags don't seem to able to grasp the concept that while LC hosts feminist discussion, the site in it's entirety is not sperg box where it's acceptable to attack other anons for not agreeing with them. I really do wish we could just have normal threads for GC and feminism.

No. 60073

You want women to stop talking about trannies in a visible space so we stop being raided? Do you realize how retarded that sounds kek. Maybe we should move the whole imageboard away from the clearnet, maybe then less people will raid?
Get over yourself, we're going to get raided by seething men no matter what, because this is one of the rare female imageboards. We shouldn't cater to them, and we shouldn't adapt our content to them in order to please them and not incite male rage. Ridiculous.

No. 60078

Big agree. I'm all for that kind of discussion as long as it isn't derailing cow threads, or giving women an excuse to chastise each other for not thinking the exact same way. Newfags don't seem to grasp that concept unfortunately.

No. 60079

moving it to /2X/ would just reveal the board to anyone who follows a link to the thread… a controversial thread that's almost certainly going to be linked to by unhinged people who will follow it wherever it goes. but that's what you want, isn't it?

No. 60080

Agree. I agree with many radfem talking points and I’m not fond of troons, but it’s frustrating discussing anything on this site - so many posters get attacked for not being feminist enough rreee. The topics also ironically revolve around males and trannies a lot which gets tiring.

No. 60082

>how do you do, fellow radfems?
Very interesting "report infighting and derailing" is suddenly much too difficult for the longtime anons who definitely have been using the board for years

No. 60086

Nta, but we are discussing it, didn't mean we don't report it. Two things can be true, anon.

No. 60094

Agreed. They constantly derail unrelated threads when they have several threads dedicated to feminism and moid hate, they also an entire board, the tinfoil thread fx. always got derailed, havent lurked it in a long time because it went to shit.

No. 60097

I didn’t say I was a radfem or that I don’t report it

No. 60099

My god newfags are lame as fuck.
>M-mods please ban feminists!!! I don’t like it
Report if it’s derailing. I don’t understand why there is such a shitfit happening itt lately about things that are normal here. People are going to have opinions you don’t agree with, there may even be evil Feminists on here, but as long as they abide by rules you’re shit out of luck which is probably why you’re all crying itt about it trying to change site rules.

No. 60100

That's not what the issue is.

No. 60101

Then what, pray tell, is?

No. 60102

The discussion is has the MTF thread on /snow/ become too political to be considered a cow thread? Is it causing issues on the rest of the board? If so, would the thread be better suited to /2X/?

For added context, the current reoccurring MTF threads on /snow/ were started by Burritomin after she banned the GC threads from /ot/ so farmers would still have a thread for laughing at trannies.

No. 60105

Oh, ok. Well that's even more retarded than I thought. Understanding trannies are not women is not a political stance, it's reality. Cope more, we aren't going to ban the threads.

No. 60113

t. retard who can't read

No. 60120

Kek the infestation of summerfags too retarded to follow basic flow of conversation on an imageboard pulling out the "retard" so we won't think they're newfags
This "discussion" alone makes it obvious you are all terminally online twitterfags who can't stand not being able to cancel someone for wrongthink. You're caping for troons on a site where "autism" is a bannable offense. Learn how to hide threads and suck it up when mods don't redtext meanie terfs, or go back

No. 60121

>capping for troons
You are not reading anything.

No. 60122

NTA but we are reading everything just fine. Hating troons is not a feminazi political opinion and laughing at unhinged internet troons is as milky as it gets, hence why both threads are two of the most active in this entire site. Give it up, it looks like you’ve been at this for days now.

No. 60124

We are talking about how it's been bled excessively all over the site.

No. 60125

Right, and anons have repeatedly told you that if you feel that is happening you can report for derail. When this is pointed out, you claim “that’s not the problem actually can’t you read” and circle back to your first point of the troon threads being “too political.” When it’s pointed out how that too is retarded, you again whine “but it’s bleeding all over the site!” To which anons say, ok, then report for detail. To which you circle back to your first point— need I continue?

No. 60126

I never made the point it was political. I don't think you realize more than one anon is ITT complaining about the same derailing it bleeds into other threads. We are bringing up the issue here for a reason. You don't have to like that others want to bring this complaint forward, but arguing about anons takes suggesting a tighter moderation and ignoring it, isn't going to kill you. It's not retarded, anons did say they report it. This is /meta/. People bring issues here for a reason and this is just a hellweek thread. No one is stopping you from derailing about troons anon, have at it.

No. 60140

>we just want more moderation!
>"ok so report those posts"
>that's not good enough! we need to remove the anti-troon threads!
>"not happening, the tim/tif threads are sperg containment and very popular"
>not every anon is the same! I, the least summerfag of all anons, have very good reasons for saying gc threads are bad! they are ruining this site in ways that aren't problems for anybody except for me and the other anons definitely itt! in fact, we just want more moderation…
I can hear the circus music, nonas

No. 60146

You're all over the place. This is bait at this point.

No. 60147

Nta but she’s literally just describing what you’ve been saying? You keep telling anons that they “aren’t listening, that’s not what I’m saying” and then when asked for clarification, repeat the same thing again. If anyone’s baiting, it’s you and we’re retarded for entertaining it this long.

No. 60150


Because they are responding to one of the anons. I only said one that it needs better moderation because these anons bring their troon sperging into other threads. Idk what anon wants to me follow up with because I didn't even make any other points. I never said remove them? This is the type of derailing they do. Can't even bring up moderating their sperging without them sperging.

Maybe anons really do have a point. Anyway, admin or mods already saw our concerns, so these anons can stay pressed about it. Now that the idea is out there, maybe more moderation will come from it.

No. 60156

>Understanding trannies are not women is not a political stance, it's reality.
It might be reality but we live in a clown world asylum where the insane are in charge. A balding fat man with a beard in a dress is now a woman and he must be allowed inside the woman's changing room to look at women and children while he has a raging erection and if you disagree you are fucking bigot, a nazi and a TERF.

>Cope more, we aren't going to ban the threads.

I didn't post an opinion of the issue so I'm not sure why I deserve the hostility or what I'm supposed to cope with. I answered a question regarding what the thread was discussing. This is exactly what the other anons were talking about, unwarranted hostility and anger towards anyone that isn't openly supportive of certain talking points becoming a target.

No. 60158

NTA, I'm >>60150 but I absolutely agree. It's coming off as very tryhard.

No. 60161

Can all of you retards shut the fuck up? Tranny threads are not going to be banned/moved and if you’re seeing problems with off topic tranny sperging then report it like a normal person. There’s nothing to discuss here.

No. 60162

No. 60168

Looking at the current state of /snow/ I think there does need to be a discussion on if political cows need to be moved to their own board or if anything political needs to banned from /snow/ entirely. Laughing at cows is not political, yet some anons can't leave their opinions in appropriate threads and proceed to derail cow threads.

No. 60179

Take your pills.

No. 60181

very normal response and not at all insane sounding

No. 60229

Generals tend to be low-quality threads overall tbh. Anyone actually interesting enough gets their own thread, the rest (especially MtF/FtM) is a lot of five year old reposts from ovarit or obvious rage-bait from Reddit. The overall culture of them is more like a Facebook group which is pretty gay and spills over to affect the rest of /snow/. Can’t really win in the way of “just report for derailing” when god knows the “tranny janny!!!!” shitstorm that’ll be spun up the moment some assmad bint gets a ban warning/30 minute temp ban because they blackout from rage every time they’re forced to read the word “they”

No. 60235

Which threads are you seeing the derailing sperging? I'm all over /pt/, /snow/, and /ot/ (occasionally /w/ to catch up when things are slow), and I honestly don't see the terf meltdowns being talked about. I've seen two instances of an anon saying "just say 'her'" lately, but the thread moved on.
Do you mean the tradthot and shayna threads? Because if we're being honest with ourselves, those are a completely different animal, raiding aside. There should be a dedicated mod for those.
>MtF/FtM is a lot of five year old reposts from ovarit or obvious rage-bait from Reddit
Nonnies posting old milk is cringe and annoying, but
is stupid. Anons who post obvious bodychecking and retardation from cows in the ana-chan or tradthot threads aren't accused of posting rage-bait. We are here to look at milk. I don't want to see the "normie" troons, recovering anorexics, and humble modest cosplayers. I am here to gawk at degenerates and laugh at male retardation.
>Can’t really win in the way of “just report for derailing” when god knows the “tranny janny!!!!” shitstorm that’ll be spun up
I've literally only seen "tranny janny" accusations in the mtf thread and maybe once more in celebricows, and they get banned half the time anyways. I think it's funny. Maybe you should try staying out of troon threads

No. 60236

>is a lot of five year old reposts from ovarit or obvious rage-bait from Reddit
This is why I stopped regularly browsing the troon threads. It's extremely repetitive.

>and I honestly don't see the terf meltdowns being talked about
In >>60168 I wasn't talking about terf posting specifically. I looked through the tradthot thread and it mostly antinatalists arguing with other anons. The recent issue in the Shay thread was caused by arguing if teenagers should be allowed to have surgery to alter their bodies when an anon mentioned that she had a breast reduction in a post while discussing Shayna's surgery. The mtf thread has always been political because it essentially functions as a replacement for the GC threads on /ot/. The hotep thread also gets political sperging. All of it is off topic and has nothing to do with cows.

There is an entire board for female politics and it's dead because the subject matter gets posted all over the site to threads where it doesn't belong. I suspect because it's newfags that are too dumb to know how to access a hidden board.

No. 60238

>The hotep thread also gets political sperging.
You could argue hotep/Afrocentrism is it's own brand of autistic politics. They're essentially supremists and conspiracy theorists wrapped into one much like white supremacists. I haven't checked the thread but given the topic being intrinsically linked with politics I'd say it's relevant to an extent.

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