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No. 1094882

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1086351

No. 1095507

File: 1647111316346.jpg (444.33 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20220312-125437.jpg)

No. 1095528

>15 hours ago
>1 post
kek where did you all went? and don't say "gneugneu I have a life" you fucking liars

No. 1095542

and it’s starting
no one gives a shit about this anymore tbh, like with any event that has happened in the last 10 years that seems world shattering, it’s a pattern
>spend first few days of event freaking out
>slowly check on it less
>stop caring all together
>forget it’s even happening

No. 1095552

I’ve been thinking about it all day but it ultimately it’s frustrating because there’s nothing i can do . What should i do, go volunteer in poland? I cant speak a word of polish or ukrainian i wouldnt be of any help. Anyway, im sad. Idk.

No. 1095555

The male tourists all departed and the bait-sucking idiots who just wanted to argue went to go fight about something else

No. 1095557

yeah sadly that’s the conclusion most people reach, there’s not really much we could do even if we tried plus i’m sure you have obligations you can’t just drop out of nowhere, don’t beat yourself up nonny

No. 1095573

we need some time to chill because its depressing to read it all the time. Im glad there is a break.

No. 1095617

There's not much else to say that hasn't already been said. The result of the war is a foregone conclusion unless there's more NATO intervention. Speculation about the consequences gets posted to the tinfoil thread where it's more appropriate.

No. 1095817

Ah yes, the "civilized" males

No. 1096336

Makes you even more frustrating that once the war started there were people on twitter under any ukrainian war news going like "what?? have you people suddenly forgotten about Syrians/Palestinians/etc?? how curious" as if the coverage is any different than in other previous wars

On polish side things are not so bright either - volunteers are overworked, there is barely any help from the gov, many people sleep inside railway stations, volunteers buy basic stuff like food, meds, kettles with their own money.

Also, me and my friends are in good situation rn, but people are afraid it will be even harder to find a job nowadays (back in 2020 I've been applying for basic jobs like shop-assistant, Ikea, McDonald and nah) and it's a pain since Ukrainians are hardworking, but also they undervalue their work and will take a job with unfairly low salary. Ofc hope we will all make it.

Fun fact, he's free already

No. 1096351

>He's free already

Of course he is.

In the west, we have rapists getting out because BonD is UnfAiR or HIS BRIGHT FUTURE UWU.

In "civilized" eastern Europe, every male is either a rapist or a rapist sympathizer so he probably got a wink from the judge and walked out.

No. 1096440

Does anybody have the name of the French female journalist who spoke on French news about the crisis, its been wiped off youtube for all I know.

No. 1096538

File: 1647204720396.png (659.51 KB, 1018x1184, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 4.51…)

No. 1097244

File: 1647257108976.jpg (86.46 KB, 1200x675, 622e74b74e3fe11c60bb9264.jpg)

>McDonald's fan CHAINS himself to Russian outlet to stop it from closing down
>The angry Russian McDonald's fan said closing down the outlet was an act of hostility against him and his fellow citizens


Russian man with American soul.

No. 1097248

Attention-whoring to the max, he's got his own name written on the shirt in Latin script. He really wanted his plight to be broadcast to the world kek

No. 1097259

ot but I come across people like this one who are ridiculously attached to fast food chains and I just cannot wrap my head around their existence. Like they know the menus by heart and look down on you if you don't. It's just disturbing

No. 1097266

Thinking about all the anons here who whine how they wished they had passion for something, anything.
Show them this and ask "do you really, do you?"

No. 1097271

This man is trans-burger

No. 1097273

No. 1097494

File: 1647276999133.jpg (328.57 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20220314-115541.jpg)

Elon will save Ukraine

No. 1097497

>literally his telegram shortlink written on a hoodie.
Ah yes, I guess there's BigEd in every country! Can't wait to find out who is the Chinese Big Ed. (man from 90df, always shilling himself everywhere to a point where he got his merch logo as a tattoo)

No. 1097553

Putin would kill elon.

No. 1097556

Any romanians know about the drone that supposedly crashed there?

No. 1097558

Putin is gonna pull his hair plugs out

No. 1097560

Hey, it's a win-win as long as one of them dies

No. 1097693

Elon will bring pins so he can pop putin's fillers

No. 1097704

elon is gonna bring his flamethrower then putin can do nothing

No. 1097714

No no anon, it's Not-A-Flamethrower

No. 1097718

No. 1097812

File: 1647287935319.png (2.77 MB, 1920x1006, pervykanal.png)

First Channel is Russia's number 1 national channel that everyone watches and is tied to the govt a lot. One of their workers ran with a pic-related poster live on TV and got arrested by police, is currently being interrogated by the police rn.
Video: https://twitter.com/oldLentach/status/1503446592774361097

No. 1097813

''don't believe the propaganda, they are lying to you'' the poster says

No. 1097815

Whoa, she is very brave.

No. 1097834

File: 1647289015657.jpg (311.92 KB, 1280x960, FNvvY7yX0AMP-ye.jpg)

There is also a woman whose name is Elena Osipova. She is the survivor of the siege of St Petersburg. She got arrested for demonstrating against the war third time in a row now, and she always takes a lot of effort and time into painting her posters. The octogenarian is called the “conscience of Saint Petersburg”. I am worried for her because not only how much russia hates women (I have sent you the first audio-proof that the policemen are toruting and forcing women to twerk and strip down naked, while saying that it's nbd for them to kill 'these whores', after all 'Putin will increase their salary'. Fun fact - policemen always prefer capturing women (with children or not) and old people). Picrel is one of her recent apprearances (yesterday) the first poster says 'Putin is war' 'we don't want to go to heaven for Putin' (probably translates weirdly to english).
I have always been worried about only women, children, and old people in Russia. In Russia, before the current sanctions old people could earn only 110 eur a month, now it went down to 80, if not less. You can't pay 110eur per apartment for shit. Through the years, everyone kept asking for pension to get increased and it's been at least 20 years now and nothing happened. We had a lot of protests 2 years in a row after they added years to pension age. (It's 61 and a half for women now, and 65 for men. It keeps getting increased year by year) The only way you can get a pension early now, at age of is if you have at least 5 children as a woman. According to their plan, the pension age will keep getting increased by 67 minimum years in 2031.

No. 1097836

I also noticed that they arrest mostly women at the filmed protests I've seen. COWARDS.
I hope Elena will be safe.

No. 1097839

File: 1647289409778.jpg (128.58 KB, 453x604, FNt1eQVWUAEettC.jpg)

She is going to protests daily since the very first announcement. I like these posters.
The first one is dedicated to dead LGBT-activist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yelena_Grigoryeva

>Yelena 'Lena' Grigoryeva[1] (1977/1978 – July 21, 2019) was a human rights and LGBTQ rights activist. She also opposed the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.[2][3][4] She was murdered in St. Petersburg, Russia on 21 July 2019, when she was stabbed and strangled to death by unknown assailants, her body is found near her home.[4]

She also had protested publically in the Khachaturian sister's case, but it's another story you could probably google about yourself. However, if you do, please make sure the sources are from feminists. It's a tough story and tough case that the lawyer ditched because they got bored of it (the lawyer took it and went 'uguu we protest victims!!!' when feminism was a trending topic in Russia).
The other poster says 'Russia. We are getting used to the worst.'

No. 1097982

I came here to post this but I'm glad it's there already; I admire this woman's courage so much. Not only her entire life is ruined now, she must also know how awful things are awaiting her during the interrogation. So many people would rather stay quiet and safe, and she's chosen the truth above herself. Incredibly selfless.

No. 1098019

Cops quickly took her and they were hiding her from her own lawyer for 3 hours. Thankfully the lawyer found her but they don't let him in, the classic russian experience…

No. 1098129

File: 1647303610058.jpg (181.78 KB, 720x1127, FN13VFvXEA4zRdU.jpg)

A lot of voices on how it's faked, that russia had "no live tv for years", etc., it makes me feel exhausted. Era of fake news is so tiring. What can we believe anymore?
TBH I don't know what tier of 4D chess Russia would be playing arresting people for saying the word "war" but then staging an anti war protest on tv. Anything is possible I guess, but I don't get it. But maybe that's the point, to have everyone confused.
Different, related twitter thread

No. 1098328

Fucking Facebook people always think everything is built around conspiracy theory, it's so bizzare to me. Both of these people disgust me. I am sorry that English media never bothered doing anything past showing 'Russia stronk and Putin good' over the past 20 years because they never gave a shit about our voices, even when we've had rigged elections right in front of our faces with all of the proofs you need, thousands of people literally recording how they are destroying your voting paper in front of you, giving you pens that can be erased, down to even faking your own votes - oops, you voted already!
All of the shit you shown are from idiots that want to believe into whatever they want to believe. We have had Prvý Channel livestreams throughout this day along with other govt bought channels too. I am sorry you have to read all of this idiocy. I am so tired of being tied to conspiracies and being hated.

No. 1098478

File: 1647340547200.jpg (18.72 KB, 300x169, z.jpg)

There was a protest in support of Russia here in Serbia, this is the second one. It was organised by right-wing groups.
It was a protest drive, they were in vehicles. Apparently, the protest didn't get police approval so they went without police escort. I'm pretty sure last time they had it since the city centre was closed off by police then. I read that there was about 1000 people on this protest and about 4000 on the previous, but I never trust the numbers they put out and I haven't seen it for myself. There were calls for a counter-protest but that didn't happen.

No. 1098482

How fucking mentally retarded do you have to be to do this shit
Of course it’s on a lada, the crippled gas guzzling monstrosity

No. 1098506

Obviously I get why Serbs hate nato and I don’t even blame them for it but jfc how retarded do you have to be to publicly support Russia, as if the rest of the world didn’t already think Serbia was Russia’s bitch

No. 1098587

File: 1647355990381.jpeg (864.7 KB, 1370x1342, DFC6EE63-363B-4613-BAE6-56928E…)

I hope this is not true

No. 1098627

Black market adoptions are pretty lucrative, and even before all of this Ukraine was a major source country for human trafficking, so expect to see a lot of these stories in the coming weeks.

No. 1099161

>I hope this is not true
It's literally Ukraine. They are one of the world's major sources of human trafficking. Polish men are already kidnapping Ukrainian women and turning them into sex slaves. Badiucao is a huge anti-China shill though so he'll only focus on any of the aspects that involve China while not giving a shit about anything else.

No. 1099322

File: 1647403290362.jpg (27.27 KB, 1016x184, 23321312.JPG)

>burgers begging venezuela for oil

No. 1099682

Why the fuck are you posting a weird porn news image from motherless? Are you a scrote or a pornsick woman? Fuck did I have to see someone's spread asshole when I entered a thread about a war?

No. 1099685

Also the sexwork industry there isn't really consensual or trustworthy, these women could've been forced into it and you're using these images as some kind if propoganda. I hope what these women went through happens to you, only 10 times more intensely.

No. 1099687

Seriously? Oh, so now the corrupt politicians can keep their whole neighborhoods and business over there, nice.

No. 1099690

This feels like one of those images made by leftypol users who trigger /pol/tard

No. 1099691

Yeah its /pol/tier. The black cock obsession of a seemingly "straight" man, basing everything on porn, not caring about the women while doing propoganda, thinking interracial relationships are betrayal. Moid moment.

No. 1099692

Sorryyyy… Guess it doesn't belong here.
Mods can delete if they want.

>Are you a scrote or a pornsick woman?

Yes, but not pornsick, whatever that means?
I just hate these fake RW skanks.(cock-obsessed pornsick moid)

No. 1099694

I have been /pol/, its literally just a spamming battle between whites and "based" latinos and mostly Indians and self hating whites spammming porn and infographics
you can delete any self post, under 30 minutes

No. 1099698

So you're a scrote?
>I hate these rw skanks
Lmao what do you mean by rw? Whyy are you calling them skanks? Do you think putin cares if 2 women fuck men from other races? Even if you hate some women don't fucking post porn or posts obviously made by racist moids of them. I assume you're the type of chick the moids who made this image would mock and call racial slurs so you should know better than not fucking support these men or spread their ideologies.

No. 1099704

Ivanonnia, how are you holding up in Russia? How is the real political climate over there right now? Are you safe?

No. 1100658

File: 1647503261637.jpeg (305.82 KB, 1024x576, z.jpeg)

I'm worried more about Kyivanon though. She didn't seem to post in this/previous (not so sure about the previous thread since there was an Ukrainian anon, she just posted in Russian), but thank you for asking!
Now that it's sure that NATO/anyone else won't intervene, main thing I'm worried about is medication since there's zero insulin and thyroid hormones in drug stores and Russian analogues are trash. I have several aliments and some of them need daily overseas meds, some big pharmaceutic corporations took part in this big "cancelling" of Russia by companies and no longer ship or test their chems in Russia.
Sure we can live without McDonalds or some shit like that but the prices on everything are increasing due to shipment problems/etc, that means the public is more worried about their survival (especially now that the government wants to bring back death penalty).
The mask mandate is over in big cities like Moscow, some speculate it's to avert the public attention from bigger issues, or to easier recognize protesters' faces (and subsequently fine/jail them). There's not much big protests going on, seems like it's sadly settled down now after 2 weeks or so.
The quieter public either seems to support the invasion (even going as far as organizing public support actions, picrel - the letters "Z" and "V" are main symbols of support due to them being painted on Russian military vehicles invading Ukraine, "ZапацаноV" - "Vor the boyZ"???) or to just be silent because of big fines which many can't afford to pay.

No. 1100682

Same, she hasn't reported back in several days. I wonder where and how she is. I hope she is safe

No. 1100768

File: 1647512828825.jpeg (163.63 KB, 900x599, z2.jpeg)

"Z" symbol on Russian tanks in Ukraine.
Looks like the Wolfsangel without the middle part… that is ironically used by the Neo-Nazi Azov Ukrainian battalion. Or "Volodimir Zelenskiy" (current Ukrainian president).

No. 1100929

Did you manage to leave the country?
Did FSB leave you alone?

No. 1101018

File: 1647535334137.jpeg (96.18 KB, 1023x580, photo_2022-03-17 19.36.38.jpeg)

Sadly, no to both questions.
As of now I'm not really able to flee but today I went outside and have seen kind of less of their vehicles (although more of the Z-marked civil ones).
Picrel is Murmansk's, one of the lesser Russian cities' center. Notice the "ZаМир, ZаРоссию, ZаПрезидента" slogan which roughly translates to "For Peace (eh?), For Russia, For President". They don't even hide it anymore. I think they're just trolling us right now…

No. 1101030

If things get worse, tell us. I am in a non NATO (for now) nation you can access by train if shit goes down. I don't have much to offer but an extra room. Of course I am concerned about Ukrainians, but I do believe a lot of Russians are between a rock and a hard place.

No. 1101031

File: 1647536023864.jpeg (201.53 KB, 700x1318, avAep5Z_700b.jpeg)

for anyone else who loves stepan the cat, he and his owner were able to evacuate kharkiv. they are in france now


No. 1101035

Thank you nonny, his little videos always give me a lot of joy and I'm so relieved they're both safe

No. 1101039

Finn-chan, right? Thank you for the offer, but I have no knowledge of Finnish (although my friend and practice could help) and if I decided to leave I'd likely do it with my aunt since I live with her right now. Her boyfriend himself left Russia and is now in UAE (he knows Finnish though since he studied there).
Holy shit, that house… you'd think the picture is from WW2. I'm glad the kitty and his owner could evacuate.
Roscomnadzor also blocked Instagram in Russia "for protecting the mental health of our youths" (yes of course).

No. 1101110

You know best what is good for you, but because you mentioned health issues, if anything flares up put a message here.

No. 1101117

My Russian insta-friend stopped reading my dms, I am sure she can use a vpn, I am worried for her. She works for an Indian company, you said you work for a foreign company and that's why FSB guys are into you, can you tell me if you work for a western company? Does it matter? Could my friend avoid using ig lest she catches their eye?

No. 1101144

Love you nonnie
I'll be visiting my psychiatrist on Sunday and see if any foreign-imported/made with foreign chems necessary medication will straight up disappear from every pharmacy.
No, I'm not that anon who works for a foreign company (I'm a NEET) but the FSB is still into me somehow for 5 fucking years now. (Do they target lolcow users specifically kek?)
>Could my friend avoid using ig lest she catches their eye?
As long as she doesn't post any "extremist" materials (could be as mundane as calling the "special military operation" a real war and posting #netvoine (no war)) she's fine. They don't care about VPN users as long as they're not in the "extremist" database.

No. 1102137

File: 1647605131784.jpg (147.74 KB, 1080x1717, 56745676347.jpg)

No. 1102501

these threads sure slowed down fast. guess everyone got bored

No. 1102528

Does that mean Russia invading Ukraine is a good thing since it's anti NATO?

No. 1102532

I haven't followed this thread since day 3 or so. Did anon who said she was in Kyiv ever post again?

No. 1102561

Unfortunately no

No. 1102606

I see, thanks.

No. 1102617

Murmansk is a literal shithole that's been dead for God knows how long, I am not surprised at all. Everyone I knew in Murmansk moved out of it 8 and more years ago. There is no one but literal people who are broke and too busy drowning in alcoholism. The STORIES I can tell you about this place are crazy. Putin groomed only people from rural areas at the start on purpose. I've been trying to find info about my father as I am worried that they might have sent him too but in the end I found a rabbit hole of defense and military generals writing an open signed letter towards Putin for scamming the shit out of them for their work (letter and posts about it from 10 years ago), Putin would have always promised to give apartments and a decent salary for everyone but of course it was all bullshit which I can wholeheartedly confirm. He didn't give shit, nothing but military food.

No. 1102775

Why aren't Russian women doing more to protest the war? Seems like the special military exercise has a lot of support in Russia.

No. 1102779

They are doing a lot. They are taking a big risk protesting. I read something about a news reporter the other day who protested live on tv. I cba to link the article I’ve had a long day I’m sorry.

No. 1102785

Why aren't you protesting anything right now?

No. 1102989

Russia is a dangerous place to protest anon. Also why are you singling out the women? Men are citizens of Russia too.

No. 1103000

File: 1647645050634.jpg (125.34 KB, 1047x750, lindemann.JPG)


Is Till Lindemann a trustworthy character? It seems really strange that he'll go to a train station with his manager and just help a random ukranian woman, if this story is even true. After hearing stories of ukranian women and children being targeted by predators and people with horrible motives, it's hard to think that a man as famous as Till would do this just out of the kindness of his heart. Might just be a media stunt for him, but still. Someone help calm my mind.

No. 1103003

He is a sex-obsessed scrote but being in the limelight might mean he behaves. Hopefully.

No. 1103054

They're not invading when nato were the first to proclaim to russia that they've moved in their bases almost in the russian border and when russia said back off multiple times they told ukraine to just begin bombing, hence russias retaliation. Usa very quietly slid out of there though and now all the normies think its just some casual war between russia and ukraine.

Theres a podcast of an aussie ex SAS guy who goes into why this whole war is bullshit and that the usa has had the cia involved in many 'projects' in ukraine for many decades now. If I find the link i'll post it here.

No. 1103055

I've been reading on political forums people saying
>Nato is really just another method of white people controlling the world
>Nato is a white alliance and contrarians here oppose it because they cant see it

Nato is fucked and it was formed by nazi runaways from germany to usa, during/after ww2. People are blind to the fact that nato is just repurposed nazi empire. Dramatic way of saying but its happening and its fucking scary what they're about to do to the world.

No. 1103059

No. 1103066

"""Nato""" has consistently sold the idea that 'white' countries are better than china, muslim nations, india, russia etc. If more western people understood that nato countries are racist asf people wouldn't fall so easily to watever bait is put forth in front of them.

No. 1103088

File: 1647654117467.jpg (49.67 KB, 680x420, 78456w7w7684.jpg)

No. 1103095

File: 1647654605544.jpg (142.89 KB, 1080x1071, 675475247.jpg)

No. 1103325

File: 1647675816968.jpg (56.49 KB, 400x813, comment_1647606288qTcZcMdBB4kd…)

>They're not invading when nato were the first to proclaim to russia that they've moved in their bases almost in the russian border

No. 1103348

yea no shit, russia wants to stop the expansion of an organization explicitly against them. just because countries willingly join the organization does not make it good.

No. 1103349

Maybe white countries are better.

No. 1103352

i wish the people who make retarded memes would just move to russia or other shitholes, since they obviously don't want to live in a country with a good economy

No. 1103370

They are. Ukraine has the same GDP as places like Iraq but still manage to be far more civilised with a decent democratic set up. I mean, comparing ukraine to other white countries, its a shithole. But Even the worst, most shithole of white shitholes are better than those in brown/yellow countries. Hmmm. I wonder why.

No. 1103372

No. 1103373

Most of his fanbase is from Russia even though they don't listen to any of his songs. I doubt whatever he said is true. I am disgusted at him ever since I saw him IRL in Petersburg going to an interview with a woman walking in a dog full of latex while having nothing but her mouth uncovered. It was disgusting. Everyone was confused too. (I was a passenger I didn't even know he had an autograph session). Fuck this weirdo.

No. 1103390

lmfao I posted that meme and I am from a ''''shithole''' country and I would never fucking want to live in america are you kidding me

No. 1103392

File: 1647679661364.jpg (19.83 KB, 306x306, 87588.jpg)

No. 1103397

Exactly anon

No. 1103400

Yes but you see the usa is ALLOWED to intimidate any country/nation it wants because its all about freedom and security with them. if the roles were reversed and another country even dared get near them the US and all the citizens would be fucking shitting themselves with anger

No. 1103412

why the fuck do you think people had to make an org against russia in the first place? historically they were always a pervarsive bully with imperialistic tendencies and world would be a better place if poland managed to destroy it back in 17th century.
>but muh nato imperialism
and european union is a 4th reich blah blah blah
this is why this thread is dead now. only retards left with no understanding of history and context while anons who care can access better places to talk in their own languages.

No. 1103421

I dont see russia trying to take over entire muslim nations, I dont see russia funding israel to support the war on palestine, I dont see russia creating civil war in african territories, I dont see russia funding mass immigration into the eu. You are dense to think russia actually gives a shit more than good ol' usa. Russia is nationalistic asf and will protect their own country and people like they have for decades. When gorbachev came along and started brown nosing the fuck out of the usa they loved that shit and even gave resources to the ussr. The moment yeltsin came in and put a stop to it, usa started their usual scare and retaliation tactics.

No. 1103469

They are doing all those things though. Russia has been deep into destabilising ME and african countries. Look at their part in Syria. They also have a brutal group of mercenaries in Africa commiting mass gang rapes and violence. Fuck Russia. They act like literal animals. truely the worst white people have to offer.

No. 1103472

Same fag but russiaboos are truely triggered their speshul aesthetic country is committing war crimes.

No. 1103477

They saved Syria from being ruled by Islamists, Syrian women would have been in the same condition as Afghan women without Russsia, as for the mercenaries in Africa well that's the fault of the utter weaknesses of African militaries
Without Russian aid, ISIS backed groups would have taken over regions of the congo

No. 1103487

Ничтожества вы уебищные, сами бы пожили сначала под управлением путинского режима. Искренне желаю такого такого же исхода всем тем, кто защищает действия российской власти на этой борде

No. 1103491

as a syrian I can attest to this post.

>Look at their part in Syria
they saved my fucking country from american armed isis groups you idiot

No. 1103500

Hes a creepy weirdo but doesnt give me pedo vibes, just a degenerate

No. 1103501

>Fuck Russia. They act like literal animals. truely the worst white people have to offer.

Nice spelling. Also lets see here.
>Usa: Promotes lgbt/troon culture (even in sport), gets you jailed/cancelled for hate speech against non agenda crowds (even though it claims to be a country of free speech), promotes gay/sex education in young children, declining reading comprehension in children each decade, increase of gang violence in each state per year, increase in crime skyrocketing in the past decade, decrease in college to workforce, promoting big pharma/big antidepressant to civilians and young adults, mental illness skyrocketing in the last 20 years, history erasure in schools, obesity rate still increasing while also still promoting fast food, promoting mass immigration and race mixing etc

>Russia: Has made marriage within a church law, if you own a holiday home in the country you must grow your own fruits and vegetables, lgbt and troonism propaganda is illegal and frowned upon, reading comprehension in schools still as high as china, rate of university to workforce still high, radical feminism not accepted by women in the country however traditional (terf) feminism is, religion and modesty is promoted and not shunned, still addressing people by first and middle name as a sign of formality, use of formal/informal pronouns still used in the russian language today to address older/younger people out of respect etc

keep believing what cnn tells you though, its where real journalism happens. why do you honestly think usa/eu/nato would love to just cancel russia from the rest of the world? this is exactly what happens when people dont follow the status quo. It was the muslims first, next the russians, then the chinese and indians etc.

No. 1103503

nice google translate bro but you've used incorrect words to say what you're trying to say.

No. 1103514

samefag but I should add that conscription for men is still legal in rus at age 18 while in america you can give boys hormone blockers and choose to have your penis chopped off at 18 lmfao

>but muh russia is so bad and evil and barbaric

No. 1103521

>In "civilized" eastern Europe, every male is either a rapist or a rapist sympathizer so he probably got a wink from the judge and walked out.
Serious question, are you Polish or
at least Eastern European? Because I disagree with that assessment about my country being "uncivilised"

No. 1103522

No. 1103523

Russian men aren't gonna fuck you pakichan

No. 1103525

Russia also legalized rape within marriage and treats women like cattle in general, but go off, comrades.

No. 1103526

europe will remilitarize and all you brown russophile faggots will be arrested and executed

No. 1103532

>lgbt and troonism propaganda is illegal and frowned upon
banning troons is based but lesbians dont deserve to be in the same spot
>feminism accepted
>religion and modesty is promoted and not shunned
relligion: your place is only to serve men and your womb is only for producing children.
modesty: if you show arms you are whore trying to seduce the poor boys
>still addressing people by first and middle name as a sign of formality, use of formal/informal pronouns still used in the russian language today to address older/younger people out of respect etc
western euro languages really do feel informal but unnecessary hierarchy is stiffling and leads to dumb boomers having too much power
go be a retarded tradhot somewhere else

No. 1103535

im from serbia and I have never heard of this law and even if it is real (none of my friends, serbian or russian have ever heard of rape stories in marriage, maybe like hillbillies in rural areas? i dont know), slavic men treat women with respect and I cant believe there is a rhetoric of the opposite. I work as a teacher and on womens day the other week I had all my students (including male) bring me lots of flowers. Its promoted and common to be respectful and giving to all women, wives, and mothers.

No. 1103537

serbia fag again, I think you are taking the religion part out of context, we do not serve men or provide womb for our children, as orthodox people we have to have the utmost respect for one another in a marriage and especially in 21st century we have very progressive gender roles. I earn more money than my husband as a teacher and he totally doesn't mind that! I am also allowed to wear anything I want? I have been to russia before and the women there love partying and can wear whatever they want im not sure where you got that from.
>unnecessary hierarchy is stiffling and leads to dumb boomers having too much power
this is not true, it provides us with a sense of respect for one another especially if we just met someone and we want to show them that we respect them. Once you get to know someone you can speak less formally to them and it helps make the friendship feel closer in my opinion humble.

No. 1103538

I'm not even in Europe but I'm glad if that were to happen, Arab paedophile worshipping scrotes deserve to be treated like trash, so I'm glad for that

No. 1103541

File: 1647695370745.jpeg (841.4 KB, 1867x535, 59863A9B-9943-44C8-BDF6-871705…)

Can i stop getting those ads on my animu

No. 1103545

Do you guys think russia will come back online? im from there but I live in NZ now and I really want to see my cousins/friends posts on instagram and stuff again.
I always thought the internet was a free right to all citizens of the world but I guess not.

No. 1103549

I think they will be stuck in the same situation as Iranians

No. 1103550

for fucks sake.

No. 1103553

File: 1647696215571.jpg (15.06 KB, 192x192, 112273.jpg)

you edgy poltards are so cringy

No. 1103556

dont post gore you fucking freak

No. 1103557

as if your "hur usa has feminism based trad russia" bullshit wasn't

No. 1103559

im not serbian. if you met people who dont mind what you wear then you didnt meet true orthodox people. just people who vaguely follow the rules.
in any society with hierarchy elders overuse the respect. Because they are elders, they can't be wrong and if you say they made a mistake you are being a rude brat. you have to listen no matter what. It's harder to make friends with people older than you because you must always keep in mind the social differences. you may be close, but because of the rules you will never be truly close. not to mention that in all hierarchical societies the women are always bellow.


based fins

poltards are pro-russian

No. 1103560

>slavic men treat women with respect
lmao how retarded are you? do you know how many russian women die yearly because of domestic violence? research how they pay their doctors btw and how it is connected with doctors being predominantly female there

No. 1103561

poltards are not pro russian you fucking idiot go check out the site and see for yourself

No. 1103562

????????????????? where the fuck are you idiots getting these generalisations from holy shit

No. 1103563

from russian women i know

No. 1103564

oh and men too since they have lot of stories their dads beating up their moms

No. 1103565

bullshit larp

No. 1103566

uhhh isnt this insanely common in america especially with all the blacks and every rural american area which is like, basically all of america? lmfao

No. 1103567

>source: trust me I know

No. 1103569

oh no russians don't act like in my russophile fantasies it cannot be real! women just lie about domestic abuse to ruin the reputations of good respectable slavic men

No. 1103570

>source: trust me I know you must believe me because I SAID SO

No. 1103571

and yet i am supposed to believe slavic scrotes are the special men who respect their women because some tradtard said so

No. 1103572

yes, their rate of partner violence/homicide has also increased a lot

No. 1103592

>poltards are pro-russian
/pol/tards worship the Azov and Aidar battalions because most of /pol/ are neo-nazis.

No. 1103599

Half of /pol/ is literally a bunch of Mexicans

No. 1103633

File: 1647701664307.jpg (31.85 KB, 558x504, Tumblr_l_3831696556706.jpg)

No. 1103671

No one cares, go back to pol

No. 1103675

That's not pakichan, just a confused scrote who doesn't know where he is.

No. 1103762

Dude don't even make me mention the Khachaturian sisters case

No. 1103770

that wasn't me, but I'd be willing to date a russian dude, depending if he was taller then 5'7 and could grow a beard, a real beard like the guy in the thread pic

No. 1103780

don't forget all the tropes about sensual slavic men in western media

No. 1103853

Дорогая анонка, тоже читаю их и ебать жопа горит так, что даже по английски не могу сформулировать, насколько они все не правы. Тупо горю и закрываю вкладку нах.
Сука, я думала, что только вата в каком-то манямирке живёт, а тут вон оно чё.

No. 1103855

Do any rusophiles here did as much as maybe idk, read wiki? Since they clearly refuse to do any deeper dive into the topic.
Domestic violence is so common in russia they went as far as decriminalizing it - because it's just so normal. Add that to rampant alcoholism, there's your romantic russian boyfriend.

No. 1103860

those are armenians, dumbass

No. 1103866

As a Russian woman living in Russia, I confirm 99% of that post.
I am reading what some of you "pro-Russian" anons post here and only god knows how I wish Putin was your president. I wonder how drastically your words would change
There was a post by anon from Syria. If Russia helped your country, I am glad, I am really happy for you (no jokes or sarcasm). I used to watch TV news but could not tell if they were lying about helping Syria.
Unfortunately, every time Russia helps some country, it does so at the cost of happiness of its citizens. If our government saved Syria, I want to know when we, regular Russians, are on the list because I can't take it anymore.

No. 1103874

I don’t pray but I’ll do it for you and all the other Russian and Ukrainian women, nonnie

No. 1103881

File: 1647717080923.jpg (145.12 KB, 762x412, 675756879997.jpg)

No. 1103904

indeed, the joke is that nobody stereotypes eastern european men as attractive or romantic.

No. 1104034

Russiaboos getting triggered over their based Slavic paradise doing war crimes are just like the weebs who lose their shit when you remind them of Japan’s WW2 crimes

No. 1104086

ты что за полную хрень нисешь дура?

No. 1104088

Ameriboos thinking their gosh darn country is the paradise of the world and not run by a bunch of ped0s destabilising every small nation in the world

No. 1104089

everyones memory holed it already because you're meant to pay attention to the boogey man, not whats actually going on underneath.

No. 1104090

fake larp

No. 1104092

File: 1647730905867.jpg (12.33 KB, 736x315, 86758678.jpg)

ok england chan

No. 1104093

Many Armenians, as well as other nationalities from ex Soviet countries, live in Russia

No. 1104136

File: 1647733819505.png (47.55 KB, 646x446, americaisgreatestnation.PNG)

No. 1104193

The Russians SAVED Syria from falling into the hands of Islamic terrorists. Holy shit all you "Russia hurt Syria!!" people are so fucking stupid. Always falling for US propaganda hook, line and sinker.

No. 1104196

Ukraine is a literal who shithole country so nobody really cares.

No. 1104208

File: 1647740302636.jpg (79.44 KB, 1280x488, FONaKyWWYAMkJ-_.jpg)

India ain't bowing to the demands. Western countries (plus Japan) need to stop hounding India over it.

No. 1104355

They neither have the carrot nor the stick to make such demands of India.

No. 1104420

Хуястый, сайтом ошибся, форчан двумя ссылками ниже

No. 1104434

что за хуйню прёшь а??

No. 1104435

nice use of male pronoun instead of female. I knew it was a larper.

No. 1104443

i'm addressing a moid, did you not notice "khuyasti" = "scrote"?
you will never be a native speaker

No. 1104461

>Look at their part in Syria.
Can you tell me exactly why Russia is the reason for "destabilising" Syria or are you just a retarded Westoid?

No. 1104499

I don’t understand why they do it, i thought they hated china

No. 1104514

Russia isn't China, and India is a poor country. Reminder that the Chinese are not friendly with Russia the way many European countries are with other, the Chinese are perfectly happy to see Russia reduced to a vassal state that is forced to sell raw materials to China for cents on the dollar because they can't trade with anyone who would pay more.

The West didn't stop buying Russian oil and gas either, they sent billions to Russia since the war started. It's simply not possible to just cut off a massive part of the energy supply that quickly. The EU plans to become independent from Russia "before 2030" with significant reductions of imports sometime this year.
New sources need to be found and contracts negotiated and infrastructure needs to be built to accommodate imports from new sources and redistribution from new import sites.

No. 1104553

ну что ты несёшь, блядь? каким боком те две анонки не правы?
в России не декриминализовывали домашнее насилие? В России не запредельный уровень алкоголизма?
А мб мужики в РФ все как один красавцы обходительные?
Протревзей, мудчинка, и съебись с лолкау.


кто тут дура?

you are simply retarded


No. 1104581

Your comment makes no sense. India has been a pro-Russia state for decades while it is suspicious of Ukraine since Ukraine used to sell weapons to Pakistan and support Pakistan at UN resolutions. China is significantly more wary of Russia and actually historically more friendly towards Ukraine since Russia annexed a lot of territory that formerly belonged to China, Russian soldiers raped many Chinese women, and Russia even almost nuked China during the Sino-Soviet split.

Trying to act like Russia and China are in cahoots together and India is retarded for not ditching Russia is all a bunch of Western projection and cope.

No. 1104583

>New sources need to be found
Yeah they're trying to get oil out of Venezuela and Iran now kek

No. 1104756

historically more friendly towards Ukraine
excuse me? Ukraine is too young to have any historically more friendly relations with China

>since Russia annexed a lot of territory that formerly belonged to China

excuse me? x2

No. 1104769

> excuse me? x2
Nonnie is talking about things that happened more than 100 years ago, somehow doesn't know anything that happened after the sino soviet split.

No. 1105251

NTA but the Sino-Soviet split wasn’t a hundred years ago you retard.

No. 1105409

File: 1647820796318.jpg (123.03 KB, 763x622, 3810982109.JPG)

I agree with these paragraphs. It's like when Iranians end up becoming more supportive of their government when they actually meet Americans for the first time and see how hateful they are. A lot of Iranians hate the US government but they genuinely do not hate the American people due to the influence of US soft power on the globe. This is unlike Americans who never distinguish the people from their government and hate them both even if they may claim to "love the Iranian people".

No. 1105413

Sanctions on entertainment and food are kind of pointless in rotten kleptocracies where people have zero ability to affect their government because nobody in charge cares at all about the people or country, but the economic sanctions are wrecking the ability of the Russian government to undermine and attack neighbouring countries. Maybe mass unemployment and shortages of everything will make oligarchs feel uncomfy, but that hasn't stopped North Korea from crawling on endlessly.

Impoverishing the Russian people does help people outside of Russia, and it doesn't really matter what Russians think because they can't do or decide anything either way.

Maybe things will change when Putin dies. Hopefully Russia will break apart and the great evil will be destroyed for good. If the sanctions don't end soon, Russia will return to a state similar to the 90s, except reviled by everyone and a vassal state of China.

I hope for Russia to become a normal country, but somehow it never happens. It's sad, I cry for my Russian friends who are stuck there.

No. 1105414

Sanctions are evil and ineffective. They always end up hurting the common people the most, especially the poor. The sanctions on North Korea have starved the North Korean people to the point where they are 8cm shorter than South Koreans (prior to the partitioning of Korea the North Koreans were taller).

Western nations should not expect Russians to side with the West and turn against the Russian government when the West spreads Russophobia, bans anything Russian, and discriminates against the Russian diaspora based solely on their ethnicity.

No. 1105415

Iran absolutely deserves its own nuclear arsenal to protect itself against the West. Western nations have done nothing but destroy Iran yet they still want to take the moral high ground.

No. 1105419

Most Russians are already supporting their government because they are getting irradiated by bullshit propaganda 24/7 for 20+ years now. Imagine if you turn on the news and all the news on all channels are nothing but lies, and half of them are saying different things, but all of them are wrong, and every couple weeks the message changes but nothing is ever mistaken. Your president is on TV and his speech is full of contradictions and obvious falsities and people pick and choose which lies they believe based on their preferences, but nobody believes that there even is a truth or if there is, that it matters, because truth has no impact on reality.
That's your world for all your life.

Remember when the Russians bombed out a maternity ward, except it was an Azov Nazi HQ, also it was a maternity ward, but it had been evacuated and the victims are paid actors. Also it was not bombed by Russians, it was Azov Nazis attacking a maternity ward to kill their own women and children to make Russia look bad. Pick whichever version appeals to you, Russian propaganda is generous that way.

Whether a couple retards in the west harass Russians is completely irrelevant, the Russian news will say whatever anyway.

No. 1105421

>Whether a couple retards in the west harass Russians is completely irrelevant
It's whole institutions and it does help build up the Kremlin narrative than the West is inherently hostile to Russia and the Russian people.

No. 1105422

It literally makes no difference.

No. 1105426

NATO's existence means that Russia being pitted against the USA and the rest of Europe was an inevitable outcome, and there would be some violence eventually. Imagine if something like BRICS was a military alliance instead of an economic one, it would trigger the fuck out of the Americans and tension would always be there.

No. 1105433

How come only Russia feels threatened by NATO? All their victims rushed to join them and those that couldn't ended up being attacked by Russia and turned into eternal shitholes with bogus breakaway "republics" like Ossetia, Donbabwe, Trannystria. Yet NATO did nothing, almost as if it's a defensive alliance and not a plot to destroy Russia. NATO has been bordering Russia for 18 years, and nothing has happened. No nuclear weapons have been moved to the border states. Instead Russia violates NATO air space every other week to no response.

Russia is a rogue state and sees targets banding together for self d3fense as an aggressive act. It is cold war tier paranoid derangement.

No. 1105434

NATO is more of a pro-Western imperialist bloc that would rather fuck up the Middle East than fight Russia.

No. 1105436

>Russia is a rogue state and sees targets banding together for self d3fense as an aggressive act.
So it's no fucking different from how the US is hellbent on crushing any government that won't defer to them as an authority.

No. 1105447

NATO didn't really do anything in the Middle East, unless you count Afghanistan. It was involved in Libya, and did some stuff on UN mandate in Yugoslavia.

Most people think any western military operation is a NATO operation, but that's not the case.

I'm not going to defend US imperialist and cold war bullshit, but it's incomparable to what Russia does. The Central and Eastern European countries wanted to join NATO in the first place due the experience of being occupied and colonized by Russian troops for half a century. And Russia never stopped. She has no soft power, so every problem is solved with brute force.

No. 1105448

Ok so imagine if China set up a military alliance with Mexico and put military bases all across Mexico. Of course the USA is going to be paranoid even though China hasn't been involved in any war for decades.

No. 1105454

China is an imperialist power that is in conflict with all her neighbours because of her efforts to expand her territory. NATO is a defensive alliance that countries apply to join and need to work to meet the standards of.

I'm not aware that the US government is threatening Mexico with invasion.

No. 1105455

China can do nothing and yanks will still be paranoid.

No. 1105458

Is it paranoia if they're really out to get you?

No. 1105459

>in conflict with all her neighbours because of her efforts to expand her territory
It's 4-5 countries out of 14 that have border disputes with China.

No. 1105463

Not literally all, that was hyperbole, but having border conflicts with six countries is still a lot. And that doesn't include Chinese imperialism in Australia and the Third World.

No. 1105464

>Not literally all, that was hyperbole
Just say you can't count.

No. 1105465

What kind of response is that? The point is that China is aggressively expansionist and extremely oppressive as well as corrupt. It's perfectly reasonable to be wary.

No. 1105469

That you made up a stupid argument trying to pass it off as a fact. Russia is rightfully paranoid of NATO. China hasn't been anywhere near as expansionist or militarily aggressive as the USA has been, so if people already fear China this much then it makes total sense to fear the USA.

No. 1105471

>usa fearing china makes sense!
>russia fearing the usa doesn't!!

No. 1105472

You're not addressing anything I say, so why do you respond to me? If you are unable or unwilling to have a discussion, why bother?

No. 1105473

Address what? You think Russia being threatened by NATO makes no sense when it absolutely does.

No. 1105474

How does it make sense?

No. 1105476

Holy fuck you are retarded.

No. 1105477

The USA is a settler colonialist imperialist power that has been involved in war for most of it existence, it coups other countries, it economically cripples other countries, etc.

No. 1105481

> it coups other countries, it economically cripples other countries
How are those things aided by NATO expansion?

No. 1105482

The USA is the largest imperialist power with a cultural, military, and economic reach unlike any other country in history. Its formation of a MILITARY alliance that stretches all the way to the countries that border Russia was always going to be perceived as a threat by Russia. Not to mention, NATO was formed with the primary purpose of antagonizing Russia.

No. 1105484

> antagonizing Russia
Aren't we forgetting that it was the Russians who conquered half of Europe, which prompted threatened European countries to seek American protection?
Like how the NATO expansion to Russia's borders was a response to Russian aggression against neighbours?

It seems you confuse cause and effect, this is literally DARVO tactics.

No. 1105485

>I'm not aware that the US government is threatening Mexico with invasion.
That's because they already annexed most of Mexico's land.

No. 1105488

So what about all the Latin American countries seeking Soviet protection because of US interventions? Didn't stop the USA going paranoid and trying to destabilize Latin America.

No. 1105502

>Didn't stop the USA going paranoid and trying to destabilize Latin America.
Yes, that was wrong.

But what does it have to do with Russian foreign policy in the present?
Russia has no enemy except for those that were created by Russian policies, and the desire of her enemies is to be left alone by Russia. To that end they joined a purely defensive military alliance that has done nothing to threaten or hurt Russia for as long as Russia existed in her current form. Even though Russia has returned to her imperialist ways. Did you know Russia is also a country that colonized and settled the lands of indigenous peoples and all but exterminated their culture in their home lands? She is knows as a Prison of Peoples for that reason.

Unlike Russia's neighbours who are always at risk of military attack by Russia, Russia has no fear of being militarily attacked by foreign countries due to her large nuclear deterrent. So a military alliance, even if it was not as strictly defensive as NATO, isn't terribly threatening.

For decades the policy of the EU and US was to neutralize Russia as a threat by incorporating the Russian economy into the wider western trade networks. They thought Russia is a normal country that will rather cooperate and prosper than rule over an army of serfs. Putin woke them up from that dream. He showed that he is a liar who will break promises and companionship as easily as he breathes. That's another part of why the response to this war is so harsh.

No. 1105511

You continuously miss the point that the other anons are making. The USA and Russia are imperialist powers who fear each other so they will do whatever it takes to neutralize what they perceive as threats. Incorporating Russia economically will render it dependent on the West/ China hasn't fired a single shot yet the US already gets antsy over China's strengthening economy. The two want to retain their supremacy over either their sphere of influence (Russia) or the whole world (USA).

No. 1105519

>For decades the policy of the EU and US was to neutralize Russia as a threat by incorporating the Russian economy into the wider western trade networks.

Yes they wanted to weaken Russia and no country wants to be weakened by others.

No. 1105524

>Incorporating Russia economically will render it dependent on the West

Which is why Russia has maintained (at least for the most part) economic self-sufficiency. An economic trade network would be exposing themselves to outside forces and would make them subservient to other countries. No country would willingly cede power or territory.

No. 1105531

>But what does it have to do with Russian foreign policy in the present?
If you don't see how these actions parallel each other then you're an idiot. A Latin America with strong ties to the USSR would present a security threat to the USA since the USSR was its chief rival, the US viewed Latin America as its "sphere of influence", and many Latin American nations were resentful of US imperialism.
Even if many of these Latin American countries did not border the US and had far inferior cultural, military, economic metrics to pose any realistic challenge - the US would continue to be paranoid about them and perceive them as potential threats regardless.

No. 1105537

oh right because women get beaten up elsewhere it stops being a problem in russia

No. 1105541

geez thank god russia has not 500 year history of that

No. 1105543

I support multipolar world for this reason. Having many regional powers really benefits smaller nations because they get to pick from these stronger powers and play them against each other.

No. 1105545

At least ethnic Russians are actually native to some parts of what is Russia today.

No. 1105547

The US uses a very light hand in Europe, only soft power, and consequently European countries routinely don't follow the US lead in military or political matters, but that doesn't substantially affect the long term association between the regions because cooperation serves both far better than competition, let alone subjugation.

The idea, that the only relationship between states is that between master and serf is a very Russian one that doesn't reflect reality, which is probably why Russia has been failing at every turn to accomplish her foreign policy goals.

> Incorporating Russia economically will render it dependent on the West

It became interdependent with the West, that's not the same.

> Russia has maintained (at least for the most part) economic self-sufficiency
It actually hasn't, Russia operates much like a third world country in that regard. A corrupt leadership extracts resources and exports them to economically dynamic countries, and in return imports machines and technology. Russia failed to develop her economy despite an almost uniquely advantageous position (highly educated workforce, long experience with advanced technology, competent administration, rule of law, close to European markets and European culture) in part because oligarchs can easily become rich through exploiting resources. Putin actively erodes everything that would threaten him, which includes economic development. An educated and wealthy populace would demand political participation, civil liberties, and a crack down on corruption. So Putin works to keep Russians poor and fighting for scraps, while feeding them propaganda about the evil of the West and the glory of Putin.

It will be interesting to see how Russia copes with the sanctions, because most of even the domestically produced technology is made with imported parts that are no longer available.

I can't comment on US policy in South America because I only have a vague idea about it, but I think the situation todays is substantially different.
The USSR was an actual threat to the US, while the US is not really a threat to Russia. Russia is a poor country with an economy the size of Brazil, with a similar structure, but with a very old and shrinking population. China has a higher GDP per capita than Russia, and unlike Russia China actually makes things.

You don't realize how pathetic and decrepit Russia actually is. The US simply has no need to be aggressive towards the country. Today the EU alone utterly dwarfs Russia by every metric.

No. 1105548

I just wish the other pole wasn't always an evil Empire that treats its citizens like serfs. Say what you want about the US sphere, the quality of life for people living under it is incomparably better than anything else.

No. 1105549

oh cool so that means they can go and fuck over others also you might wanna check out what they do to indigenous populations and language minorities lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

No. 1105552

People in this thread don't even care about indigenous peoples since they shit on Chechens all the time.

No. 1105553

Come on, nobody likes Muslim culture.

No. 1105554

>Say what you want about the US sphere, the quality of life for people living under it is incomparably better than anything else.
I'm Native American so I'm not even going to bother talking with you anymore.

No. 1105555

Chechens are very much indigenous. On the other hand, people often bring up Turkic and Mongolic people as indigenous to Siberia but honestly they aren't.

No. 1105556

Samefag but the same goes for Tungusic people. The true indigenous populations of Siberia are the Paleosiberians.

No. 1105559

If you think the US government is bad, why do you defend foreign governments that do the same or worse? All bad is bad.

No. 1105560

i bet you being native american really pleases all those language activists and language minority politicians who get threatened in russia and fired from their jobs to make room for russian speakers so that russian language can have more influence, i bet you being indigenous at other side of the world helps the school kids who aren't able to speak and learn their native languages, i bet all nenets, komi, mari, udmurts, sami etc people are saved by your nativeness alone and that russians will stop using their lands for gas and natural resources and leave them be

No. 1105562

Blah blah I despise the USA and I don't care about Russia.

No. 1105563

Kek NTA but "indigenous" literally used to only refer to indigenous Americans and then people from all over the world began to use the "indigenous" identity to refer to themselves. All indigenous activism today is also rooted in indigenous American politics.

No. 1105564

When did I defend foreign governments, anon? And you do know there are multiple people responding you, right?

No. 1105567

oh it is all about america again australian indinegous people's struggles be damned even if they were classified as fucking plants till the 70s they copied their shit from great americans if there were no native americans those pesky komi people wouldn't give a shit about their native language and it's future and sami people wouldn't give a damn if someone comes and ruins their hunting and farming lands with mines and gas pipes

No. 1105568

go take your meds

No. 1105569

now please tell me what exactly does this >>1105563 have to do with anything

No. 1105570

What the hell are you talking abut kek. Sami people literally gained inspiration from the indigenous American movement to fight for their own rights, and Aboriginal Australians were the same. Even Ainu people in Japan hold conferences with indigenous Americans to learn about indigenous sovereignty.

No. 1105572

and? so if they got inspired by them then what?

No. 1105573

Anon, can you post some historical sources for these claims? I didn't know about this and I think it's interesting

No. 1105575

If you didn't disagree with the statement that the US sucks in ways but is still far better than the competition then what were you trying to say?

> All indigenous activism today is also rooted in […] American politics.
Maybe >>1105519 is onto something after all.

No. 1105576

I'm convinced this thread is full of retards who think Native Americans never did anything.

No. 1105577

tbh they don't even have to look out for aboriginal Australians or Ainu people but they did anyway

No. 1105578

never said that but acting as if indigenous people's rights around the world is somehow less important than native americans's, or that you become an expert to every indigenous/language minority subject ever in the world or that russia can get a free pass because usa bad is idiotic

No. 1105580

Ainu and Tlingit people have cultural exchanges with each other. Quite a few Native American activists visit Hokkaido university to discuss indigenous rights.

No. 1105582

i mean there is lot of global indigenous people's conferences which are attented by indigenous activists all over the world too like for example wipce (world indigenous people's conference on education) which has operated decades

No. 1105583

what a stupid response

No. 1105584

how is her nativeness saving indigenous people and language minorities in russia or erasing their problems

No. 1105585

Indigenous American =/= indigenous to the USA. Latin America has the far greater proportion of indigenous Americans today.

No. 1105587

I didn't say that. You just brought that up after I responded to the comment "the quality of life for people living under it is incomparably better than anything else." in regards to the USA. I'm Native American so this was completely laughable to me. Yeah, living in the USA might be good if you're rich and white but it's a hellhole for Native Americans.

No. 1105588

and same can be said about russia too but i got caught in different unrelated anon conversations sure

No. 1105589

you're unhinged

No. 1105590

No. 1105591

And when did I ever indigenous people in Russia had an easy time? You need to lay off.

No. 1105592

it just annoys me when seemingly people wanna position russia as somehow better compared to usa when russia has done the exact same shit usa does for a very long time

No. 1105612

no you were accusing her of making statements she never did. i agree theyre both bad countries but usa apologism is far more common than russian apologism because the us is a much stronger country and favourable views toward it dominates the web space.

No. 1105613

so because usa apologism is so common we get to have little russia apologism as a treat

No. 1105615

also english as the worlds lingua franca really helps to transmit american ideas since there’s no language barrier. look at how something as retarded as transgenderism began in the usa but has now spread globally.

No. 1105616

so anons explaining why russia fears nato is russian apologism?

No. 1105619

actually yeah it is in this situation

No. 1105622

This is why everybody is being pressured to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine while the Israel and Palestine conflict will go on for fifty years with mixed responses.

No. 1105624


No. 1105626


No. 1105628

you could at least pretend to be more genuine in your discussions instead of making random accusations and assume bad faith in everyone.

No. 1105629

if this isn't the place to be reading comprehension lacking unhinged autistic sperg then what is? this is my containment zone and you're the zoo visitors jumping into my exhibit wondering why the chimps are flinging poo at you

No. 1105632

>but has now spread globally.
I’m shocked by how big the transgender movement has become globally, and how it was able to grow so large with no major criticism until more recently.

No. 1105634

people underestimate how strong yet subtle american influence is

No. 1105635

isn't it late in america, do you have jobs

No. 1105639

I’m not an American.

No. 1105642

i like how eurofags assume everyone is an american

No. 1105650

Im staying up late and calling in sick tomorrow just so I can here and shitpost all night

No. 1105676

No. 1105680

Aren't you busy being a chimp in zoo exhibit and eating your own shit?

No. 1105689

File: 1647842445830.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.59 MB, 640x640, 1647614486827.gif)

No. 1106917

File: 1647959874793.png (1.78 MB, 975x1280, ClipboardImage-1647897298.png)

Men in Russia have bought up women's pads and sell them at prices two to three times higher than the market price.

No. 1107168

Why isn’t Putin sending reinforcements to Ukraine? What’s his end game? I know nobody knows but I want to hear your opinions.

No. 1107175

ugh thats annoying, better make some blood pentagrams on their door!

No. 1107193

Probably because they don't have enough appropriate working equipment for them and most of the soldiers aren't exactly well trained, it would just be a waste of bodies.
He has sent in mercenaries recently though.

No. 1107261

kek, same, but it won't happen because the US controls all of those

No. 1107332

I once stuck a dirty period pad on something as an act of protest. What's worse is that someone made the effort to rip it off and didn't get rid of the sign itself. Gross

No. 1107841

Apparently Putinski is planning on attending the upcoming G20 summit in Indonesia. Could just be Russia talking big game as usual, but if he does come I hope the other leaders have plans on how to murder him or at least hired one sniper each.

No. 1107913

File: 1648050022924.webm (7.3 MB, 640x360, 1647911037554.webm)

This is an interesting look at what I assume to be a real woman fighting the Russians (as opposed to the propaganda nonsense they post to make horny moids sign up).

No. 1108582

Just killing Putin isn't going to end the war you know and it's possible someone even more crazy than him could take his place.

No. 1108693

>the sun

No. 1109103

Do you guys think Putin will stop at the border or will start war with other countries as well?

No. 1109110

I don't really think he has the manpower to do that, even with the belarussia and all. I am also biased because I share a border with that plastic cunt.

No. 1109113

I would have said no way will he attack the Baltics, but I also thought attacking Ukraine is pure insanity (I wasn't wrong). Putin is not living in the real world, so who can tell.

But whatever the will, the Russian military will not have the ability to do anything against the NATO armies currently in Europe. Ukraine showed that it never could to begin with, but now even that pathetic army is shambles.

Belarus is in a weird position. The people in the country virtually unanimously oppose war and reportedly the Belarusian military refused to participate when ordered to invade Ukraine. But the country is also enslaved by the Russian puppet government, so nobody can actually do anything about anything.

No. 1109450

>I don’t pray but I’ll do it for you and all the other Russian and Ukrainian women, nonnie
Thank you anon!

Russian government has been banning free VPN services.
I am about to stop posting on lolcow :(

No. 1109532

I used to share a VPN service with friends, we split the bill so it hardly cost anything. Maybe you can find one that allows like 10 devices and do the same.

No. 1109658

Nta but another Russian
Many decent not-free VPN services are not available for Russians since Visa and MasterCard suspended Russian operations.

No. 1109734

Some accept bitcoin as payment, but yeah, that narrows down the selection.

No. 1110379

File: 1648204440116.png (25.72 KB, 991x248, 3290823209.PNG)

Everybody is fighting for the Indiabowl now. When the invasion first started I did suspect that India would be the biggest winner out of all of this. Australia, Japan, Russia have all been throwing money at India. China is also talking about cooperation. USA has been careful at trying to pressure India but also not offend it through sanctions (but this would look hypocritical to other countries like Turkey).

No. 1110381

India ain't ever just flat out ditching Russia since it needs Russia more than Russia needs it. India should milk the US as much as possible for favorable deals because the US is probably stupid enough to fall for it.

No. 1111083

A genocidal tyrant tries to relate himself to J. K. Rowling of all people, and rather than mock his insanity and show support for the woman who wrote a whole series on fighting against dark lords, corruption and hatred, people demand that Rowling "self-reflect" on what it means that a man like Putin relates himself to her situation. Seriously, fuck people who try to use this as a way to discredit Rowling.

I realize this is mundane compared to the horrible shit that's currently going on, but the amount of "lol, Rowling and Putin are the same" that I've read after these news got on my nerves.

No. 1111237

lmao how can people not see he only brought her up to demoralize westerners and anyone who denigrated her over it played right into the propaganda trap?
Putin has evoked MLK too as an example of "how far the west has strayed" and nobody gave a fuck then.

No. 1111339

Well she literally genocided trannies by writing a book they like and then whispering vagina til they all seethed to death so yeah she’s exactly like Putin. Worse, even.

No. 1111366

Serbia has deployed troops to the borders of Kosovo, sorry for the reddit link but I don't have a better video source.


No. 1122069

File: 1648990786371.jpg (20.36 KB, 598x294, main-qimg-0ccb443c1f9d545e3247…)

russia should be nuked and all russians sterilized so their culture can die off. i dont care anymore about the poow wussian civiwwians
"but what about other countries doing evil shit?" i dont care

No. 1122082

Word, I mean realistically I don't believe it should be nuked but it should be forever locked out from interacting with the rest of the world and if they believe so much in their own supremacy, enjoy what great mother russia has to offer without any foreign input. Ofc "not all russians" but there are enough russians that are disgusting, rotten war supporters; russian troops are raping children and torturing civilians, maybe the only thing that could possibly teach them something would be getting what Germany got in '45

No. 1122099

*russian men

No. 1122110

Sigh the propaganda for peasants to fight eachother gets so tiring. I hope you're getting paid anon.

No. 1122119

File: 1648995362881.png (36.12 KB, 523x327, be797b223cd0e1.PNG)

Russians deserve to be fought, no need for propaganda to know it. Rotten country.

No. 1122120

*russian men

No. 1122133

tfw you're so angry at far right lunatics that you accidentally turn into far right lunatic yourself.

No. 1122141

Fight fire with fire, did allies win against nazis by being sweet, gentle and forgiving?

No. 1122160

Nazis in Germany got into power in the first place because the conditions for loosing WW1 were so bad that the average person was living miserably and poor, which made them easy to manipulate towards scapegoats and any glance of change.

No. 1122161

….The allies?

No. 1123536

I'm so upset rn, especially after reports about Bucha victims, all these poor people. And all this shit hits twice as hard since ukrainian suburbs looks just like polish ones I'm familiar with. I've had few Ukrainians in my uni group and one of them was from Mariupol, posted a photo of destroyed block where she has grown up, mentioned she has no contact with her grandparents. FFS just let people be angry in the thread without the whole 'holier than thou' bullshit

No. 1123680

You're right. Seeing the shit russians have done to civilians makes my blood boil. I keep thinking of my family, my friends and my 6 year old niece and I want to do everything I can to protect them, knowing my country might be next if Ukraine falls. I don't want to concern anyone and have nowhere to release my anger properly, but I'm so fucking mad that our world and future is getting fucked by the greed, stupidity and sheer cruelty of old and degenerate men. Anger is just about the only thing that keeps me going. I can't even imagine being from Mariupol and see your family home destroyed and not knowing what's currently going on.

No. 1124076

File: 1649148866626.jpg (85.21 KB, 578x400, 232135fg.jpg)

based anti-imperialist russia denazifying 10-year-old girls's pussies and asses with their penises!

No. 1124077

File: 1649149099400.jpg (132.68 KB, 590x881, 298721847.jpg)

this 9-year-old was such a nazi they needed 11 adult men to dig the nazi out of her by ripping her guts out based russia destroying degenerates

No. 1124078

You're a disgusting person for talking about the violent sexual abuse of a literal child in such a weird satirical and sexual way. I hate it when women and girls get their rapes and murderings used as a gotcha in disrespectful ways like this. Imagine being the child who's probably going to suffer from lifetime injuries while a retard is laughing and writing about how it's so hilarious russia ruined you with their "dicks". Ffs.

No. 1124079

It's a common scrote tactic, they only talk about this shit to jack off on it or use it for some agenda.

No. 1124080

where did i say it was hilarious though? you can call me disrespectful you are correct about that but all the russia asslickers here supported this exact shit

No. 1124085

and before any of the idiots try to justify themselves: when you support an invasion you support the rapist soldiers attacking the children and women, you got to be fucking brain damaged if you actually believe no women or kids are gonna suffer from rapes during a war. you all shitheads wanted this and wanted ukrainians to surrender themselves for this treatment

No. 1124088

Dont reply to scrotes

No. 1124089

I thought it was a mentally ill woman at first, you're right.

No. 1124090

it's only you who thinks that sentence is supposed to be hilarious

No. 1124094

So disgusting. I hope there will come a day where those same soldiers will get their open skulls fucked by other mans' dicks.

No. 1124117

War rape also targets men but retarded scrotes brush it under the rug because it'd threaten their authority and delusion that they're the ones protecting their women from getting raped.

No. 1124136

No one here gives a fuck about men, you should try reddit for that.

No. 1124175

But does it target men as much as women? Do boys get regularly and violently raped by soldiers more than little girls, teenagers and adult women? Men just get killed by men in a war created by other retarded men.

No. 1124178

yeah some men get raped during war, but we also need men to defend us, I'm sorry we don't live in nations that has the privellge of peace but that's a reality for many women in the world, we need comparatively good men to protect us and I know some first world radfem will claim all men are equally bad so it shouldn't matter, but she has never had the existential crisis of an enemy hoard at your border

No. 1124242

You don't need moids to protect you. Pick up a gun and protect yourself, you are not a child.

No. 1124284

File: 1649164329862.jpeg (130.21 KB, 1280x720, afghan-women070521-1280x720.jp…)

I can use a gun to defend against individual men but no matter how many women I arm and train, a male force will win out in the end, look at afghan women, many armed themselves, many trained cause they knew if they didn't win, they'd be treated as subhumans in the new Taliban society and you know what happened, they lost and got reduced to subhumans
This is a reality, this is why I hate western radical feminists, you live in the west and never have to even comprehend something like this, you instead pre-occupy yourselves with fantasies and the works of fat-ass who never knew the real world

No. 1124290

Hey now, not all radfems were fat.

> but no matter how many women I arm and train, a male force will win out in the end

No? Women can fuck men up badly in modern warfare, this isn't the Medieval times of hand to hand combat.

No. 1124292

So just obey men. Got it. You're dumb.

No. 1124305

What about us who live in countries where we're not allowed to have guns? Only reason I'm able to get a gun here is if I join a sports' team for shooting ranges, and even then we're not allowed to take the gun we bought home with us. I'm all for protecting myself and put up a good fight, but even pepper spray is banned as a means of self-defence here.

And you're insensitive.

No. 1124306

Male cope. I've always beaten men up with bare hands. And if you can't do that, just hit him in the balls and then use a sharp or heavy object to aim at his head/eyes, he'll be over. We also don't need men to protect us because they literally don't. Most rapes are committed by men the woman is closest to, a father raping his daughter or a husband killing his wife is far more likely than a stranger to do so. You're a male and it's showing, I wish you'd try to act up to an actual woman irl so you'd end up getting your ass beaten by other women around her. Kek.

No. 1124307

You do not know true hardship or you be unable to post on image boards. Are you going to sperg about the jews next? Men abuse us no matter what we believe.

No. 1124309

Women are too kind and have too much empathy for men. A man is nothing in front of a gun.

And no, you don't have to submit to men. Males are stronger so they can protect women, beat up other males and be cannon fodder. If a male fails to do that by harming a woman, it has absolutely no reason to live. It's defective, unnatural and it should be killed.

No. 1124310

We're not talking about your average scrote or family member, we're talking about soldiers coming to your town with tanks, guns and mines and the full intention to cause as much pain and devastation in your society as possible. Are you saying the 9 year old girl who was raped by 11 russian soldiers should have just kicked them all in the balls? Or that even a grown woman can take on 11 soldiers easily?

No. 1124311

>Reee, why isn’t everyone agreeing with me!
Anons right, you must be male.
>Calling anon insensitive.
>Reeing some woman is wrong because she is fat.
Lmao, no brain.

No. 1124312

To be fair anon, I was talking about fighting in a war, since that was the original example, not day to day gun possession. I said that women can fuck up anyone invading their country just as well as the men can (other that some special forces shit, which do indeed require the best of the best physically, which are admittedly men). But for general soldier shit, women are perfectly capable.

No. 1124313

Maybe we will once again get a chubby greek hand pic to prove they are not male kek.

No. 1124314

Okay. Please go to Ukraine, we need women like you who can take on the russian soldiers and protect the towns and villages that are currently being massacred there.

No. 1124315

Expecting men to protect you is retarded (because 99% of them won't do it) and one of the main excuses they use to oppress us. This protector shit needs to vanish from our lexicon. We can protect ourselves, we are not children.

No. 1124316

NTA but I am pretty sure she meant that the average young woman can join the army and kill russians same as any young man. Not that random civilians are going to go all rambo. And she is right.

No. 1124317

Greekanon was against male only conscription though. This poster is all for "protector" males.

No. 1124319

Well in that case, you're right. It seemed for a moment anons here implied any woman just going about her day should be able to take on a bunch of soldiers no problem.

No. 1124321

Send handpic, faggot.

No. 1124323

No thank you, I like being alive.

No. 1124327

Yeah that's just stupid. Even 1 on 1 men have a really big advantage. Guns are the great equalizer though, he could be the biggest meanest guy around, but one shot and he goes down. And he is a bigger target than me too, so I actually have a better chance against him.

No. 1124328

But I do agree? Of course we should and are fully able to protect ourselves, but it's not always as easy as picking up a gun if you don't have a gun easily available. I'm not >>1124284 if that's what you're thinking, but I can understand her frustration.

No. 1124329

Bringing up an abuse of a girl to win arguments is so low, so low it further proves you're an autistic male. Also women do actually save other women or girls from being sexually assaulted in daily lives. I'm sure you've heard of violent men getting attacked by other women when they attempt to harass a girl, no man ever defends the women or girls but fellow women do, even though you think we're innately "weaker", we aren't. I've beat plenty of men who tried to hurt girls, men my age, and I've also had a woman help me when I was in a similar situation as a child.

No. 1124331

Of course we can, but by nature males are there to hover around us and serve us. We just have allowed retarded defective men to be in control and breed other defective males. Defective males should be taken out by other men and women of course.

Why should a woman fight in a war made by old men?

No. 1124332

by god, how do you not understand what I'm trying to say, when you live in a shithole country, you need men to protect you
I live next to Afghanistan, In my own nation I have seen the Talibs try to encroach here as well, as awful I find my nation, the only reason we are safe thus far is cause of the army, it sucks but in the real world we have to face the reality of the situation
okay your right then, just gladly switch places with me, I'm sure for you its just as bad as your western nation, men can and will slap if you if they think your being modest
alright so the women of Afghanistan and Syria just weren't trying hard enough were they in your enlightened western opinion

No. 1124338

>but by nature males are there to hover around us and serve us
Anon, please, this isn't the femdom thread. Men don't have a natural function of serving and protecting women.

No. 1124341

>Why should a woman fight in a war made by old men?
What does Putin's age and junk have to do with anything?

No. 1124342

kek i knew it was pakianon

No. 1124343

>alright so the women of Afghanistan and Syria just weren't trying hard enough were they in your enlightened western opinion
I am talking about the 1st world anon, the women of the middle east have all my sympathy and I really don't see anything that they could have done.

No. 1124345

Why is this thread always going downhill? I can find better discussions about the war on Reddit of all places, and that says a lot.

No. 1124348

then stay on reddit

No. 1124355

Well then maybe go back to reddit.

No. 1124356

Radicalized people love politics and having hot takes.
Namefags need to be banned. If you spent as much time you spend here searching for a way to leave your country, you could. I'm in a Muslim country too but crying and saying you need men isn't the answer, education and building a careerpath for yourself is.

No. 1124357

They do, because a woman wouldn't be as retarded as him.

No. 1124360

nta, I don't think she's saying men have a natural desire to protect us, rather they have a responsibly to protect us from other men

No. 1124362

the same men who “protect” you will turn around and do awful things to you in an instant

No. 1124364

How many times have I had to tell you all, that I have already planned, just need to get my papers set and my cousin to arrange it, you have no Idea how much I'm sacrificing to go to the west and save myself, I know for a fact that I'm going to be a live in servant and laborer for my cousin's family and yet I'm still dying to leave

No. 1124365

I mean, I am all for more women politicians, but again how is that relevant to her fighting to protect her country and her people?

That's just the male gender role. I don't like gender roles, why would I support that? Sounds like trad nonsense about protectors and providers.

No. 1124366

Where are you going pakianon?

No. 1124384

California, to live with my cousin and her family, I have no delusional about what's likely going to be my fate
basically a live in housekeeper, nanny and whatever but I don't care, I'll be able to go the beach without fear of being gang raped, I can walk outside without need of a male and I can finally be free to be myself and not be afraid that I'll be hanged or mob attacked for being a non-Muslim

No. 1124391

They don't now, but men should have the natural function to serve and appease us so we can allow them to pass on their genes. The reason they're phisically strong is only because they can beat up other men and weed out the genetically inferior ones, so that the ones we can pick (if we want to) are the best ones. Women are literally the ones that are meant to pick which males to keep around. That's why a man harming a woman is unnatural. Men's only purpose is to provide us with quality genetic material for future generations and protection, so a man who wants to hurt and kill the only reason he's even alive is quite literally retarded.
I'm not trying to say that women also have roles, because women are superior and can have many purposes beside reproduction.

And that's because many retarded men were and are still allowed to reproduce. A sane man would never harm a woman.

No. 1124393

Im glad you’re getting out pakianon I hope everything will turn out alright for you, best wishes.

No. 1124395

Good luck anon I wish you the best

No. 1124398

We've talked before, I think. I the turkish anon and I've known a woman travel abroad like you did as a nanny and after learning stuff, she became a wealthy business woman, I mean not super wealthy but enough to love comfortably. I hope things turn out the same way for you. Don't trust men, though.

No. 1124404

housekeeping and nannying isn't too horrible considering, at least you won't be stuck in super draining and exploitative situation with an employer that seeks to take advantage of your situation right out the jump, and it should (if your family is sane, i pray) give you some time to re-adjust and see what it is you want to do while integrating and adjusting to a fully new place, hopefully. really glad to hear you're getting out! california is really beautiful and one of the nicest places in the US, so that's good too.

No. 1124409

Its my cousin so I don't expect the worst but a lot of her family looks down on me, cause of my heritage
I'm prepared for it, cause it has the same climate and fauna as sindh(where I live), I have always wanted to swim in the sea nonnas, but I was only ever allowed the shallow end where only my feet could teach, while the men could swim further

No. 1124417

that sounds like it shouldn't be too horrible then. i hope your cousin's family doesn't cause you any issues. if you've had a real desire for the sea, you'll just happen to be in one of the best places for that. the beaches in california are so incredibly beautiful and varied, so that is a very good stroke of luck for you that your family settled there! you should have a very nice time there so long as your family doesn't cause you any problems.

No. 1124418

What's wrong with your heritage? Aren't they Pakistani too?

No. 1124420

File: 1649169776536.png (419.48 KB, 700x400, 1649169762755.png)

>the beaches in california are so incredibly beautiful and varied
again the beaches of Sindh are just as beautiful as well, but I'm sure the California beaches will be the next thing

No. 1124421

Why don't you swim there anon?

No. 1124424

File: 1649169996792.jpg (484.16 KB, 1444x1600, ormwh41eag001.jpg)

my paternal family are Jatt, mostly farmers from northern Punjab, while my maternal family are Sardars who are also mostly farmers but their often richer so they think their better then Jatts
cause men will gang rape me anon, you can't just go outside in certain areas without your male family relatives and even infront of male family members you have to cover yourself

No. 1124428

oh no doubt, i'm sure they are gorgeous and they look truly gorgeous. i'm just saying, it's so much better than you happening to be stuck in kentucky, or florida (people claim the beaches are so beautiful there but they're just not) or something out of crappier luck in comparison, you know? i'm not saying anywhere else doesn't have nice beaches, i'm just saying as far as the US goes, it's a great place for that, especially considering your specific desire for wanting to be near the sea and be able to enjoy swimming in it.

No. 1124433

>my paternal family are Jatt, mostly farmers from northern Punjab, while my maternal family are Sardars who are also mostly farmers but their often richer so they think their better then Jatts
That sounds so retarded.

>cause men will gang rape me anon, you can't just go outside in certain areas without your male family relatives and even infront of male family members you have to cover yourself

Are your men literally monkeys? Even your family?

No. 1124437

I mean my family members won't rape me but they will consider it indecent If I'm not fully covered
>That sounds so retarded.
that's tribalism in a nutshell, this is what actual tribal ends up like, people who are racially, linguistically identical hate your cause your from one tribe over and so your some subhuman rapebaby and or collaborator with some foreign hoard, the stenotype of my people is that we worked with British, which is true but so did a lot of other ethnic group

No. 1124441

Yeah I was talking about the other men. Although your family members having an issue with you being uncovered is still fucking insane to me. I go around the house with my dad and brother with only underwear on and no bra and they don't bat an eye.

No. 1124448

she's from pakistan though, it's not surprising…

No. 1124455

>I go around the house with my dad and brother with only underwear on and no bra
Nta but
What?! Do you mean like with pajamas on or?..

No. 1124461

I know, but expected is not the same as acceptable.

I usually wear a shirt, but if it's really warm, like in summer, I don't. Worst thing I got was my brother punching me in the breasts when I drunk his chocolate milk lel. Having your family police your dressing and your body is fucked up and I am happy I don't suffer from that.

No. 1124491

Ok I'm gonna reply here from now on.
Hehe anons you are really sweet, it's funny but I feel a little embarrassed by this attention since I'm really safe and lucky in contrast to people from other cities and localities. But, again, it's so nice of you to worry about me :)

Well, as for mayor, I guess it's true, as for everything else I know for a fact that it's true. My friend's and mom's acquantainces live there and they confirm, and my friend's colleague (she's a psychotherapist) is working with children that suffered from violence in Bucha (I don't know the details) now. Surely I'm just an anon and it's only words, but it's all I can offer besides anything that's available in other sources.

As for genocide… Putin & Co want to make it seem like identifying as a Ukrainian culturally and ethnically is extremist and closely tied with russophobia (not just "fuck you, moskal'" level of russophobia but oppression and persecution of Russian-speaking people etc.). For the last 8 years they were trying to make it seem like it's already present in Ukraine: "nazis" torture and kill Russian-speaking people, other people tolerate it and probably think it's ok. So now it gives them the right to kill the "nazis" and "re-educate" others that's got too "ukrainified". And it's not taking someone's culture away, because they've already made it clear that Ukrainian culture is non-existent and was simply made-up not that long ago. Also I don't know if it's true but our media was telling about cases of Russian soldiers burning certain Ukrainian books, historical and written by some authors that lived long ago. I wouldn't be surprised. It sounds completely mad, but I guess Putin sees it as a way to put Ukraine under control and make it like Belarus. I don't know if he fantasizes about empire necessarrily, but he definitely wants some land and a meek neighbor that won't give people of Russia any ideas (about democracy etc.). It's all absurdly similar to the way it was done in the USSR and Russian Empire: persecution and repression of pro-Ukrainian activists and cultural figures of Ukraine and Belarus, elimination of art and literature, at some point - Holodomor. All to make everyone nice and russified enough and quiet.

I knew that Russia would start denying everything and thought they'd start putting the blame on Azov, as they had done before, but I didn't think they'd be saying something about it being staged… I don't even know how to comment on it anymore. It's absolutely crazy that people even outside of Russia believe this propaganda, simply out of being anti-Western (while living in the West…) and having this idealistic image of Mother Russia I suppose. Although it's hard to comprehend why these people can't associate themselves with something else Russian, why they have to consider its politics(?) to be a part of their identity necessarrily? It's crazy there're young educated people in Russia that genuinely want the resurgence of Imperial Russia and despise everything Ukrainian. Surely they're a minority, and the majority of people just think that Ukraine's being liberated from nazis, which isn't much better because they still justify the war and live in a fantasy world. Some people that's always been against Putin also partially believe propaganda… they know it's a war, not "special operation", but they still think some horrible pieces of news coming from Ukraine or western countries are fake, because, I suspect, they're in deep denial, yet they think they're "staying objective".
Of course I don't want to generalize, I know there're Russians who don't believe this shit and I don't hate all Russians or something. I just couldn't imagine these levels of propaganda would be possible in modern world, but here we are. It's devastating to see how people are being raped, tortured and murdered and the whole cities like Mariupol and Kharkiv - destroyed, this generation of children traumatized for life. How these monsters kill even farm animals and stray dogs, and the zoo animals suffer and die because of bombing and humanitarian crisis. While Russia blatantly lies and gaslights the whole world. While "the whole world" punishes Russia by taking nice things away little by little and waits for the next more horrible thing to happen. What the fuck is even happening?

No. 1124494

so you walk around topless around your male family members? that's not normal

No. 1124498

I am so devastated to read what you write anon, these poor people, the russian soldiers are animals. I hope your people hold strong and survive this, I am really happy to see the West support you as much as we can without triggering WW3.

It's pretty normal for me I guess. I have other friends that are the same. My brother can go around bare chested, why not me?

No. 1124499

This is definitely a moid. Which woman would wander around with her tits out around her brother and father and joke about her brother touching her weirdly? Ew.

No. 1124501

Where the fuck do you live where this is normal/common or are you fucking 5 years old or something?

No. 1124503

nudity is not as big a deal in some places.

No. 1124506

Aye but having your brother touch your naked breasts? like come on if you are an adult female that is weird.

No. 1124507

I said he punched me wtf. It was not some creepy thing. Sorry your family is shit anon, nothing I can do to help.

I said it's normal in my family and some friends, not like, society wide. I am British, from Brighton.

Thank you, I thought I was crazy.

No. 1124508

I don't think its a woman. I feel like there's been a lot of men on this board the last week or so.

No. 1124509

Reading about and seeing pictures of what happened in Bucha breaks my heart. I am so sorry for what you're going through and that so many politicians are just stuck in their indecision when it comes to helping Ukraine. Thank you for keeping us updated.

No. 1124514

As a brit myself I have never heard of adult women doing this in their family home and it doesn't even get that hot that often here, what the hell buy a fan ffs.

No. 1124515

It's probably a voyeuristic scrote.

No. 1124518

>it's weird to be naked around your male family and get punched by them
>sorry YOUR family is shit

No. 1124522

We move to Italy for the summer, we have our holiday house here.

No. 1124524

Your family policing your body and dress because of your sex is shit yes. It's also sexist af.

No. 1124528

I wouldn't want to see my family members without shirts or pants on, regardless their gender. A shirtless male family member would make me uncomfortable too

No. 1124530

Ehm, fair enough then I guess, at least it's equal treatment. I don't have that reaction. Men go shirtless here all the time, especially during the summer in Italy so I guess it's different.

No. 1124552

"policing your body" only you and your tree hugging family see it this way, most people have an innate sense of modesty around members of the opposite sex

No. 1124555

Does it not have air conditioning? Surely if you guys are rich and tory enough to move to Italy for a season every year you have a place that has air conditioning?

No. 1124557

Lmao. Prudes are really funny when they resort to the naturalist argument to argue against the most natural state of the human body. There is nothing natural about disliking nudity.

Sure, but it's still warm. And I prefer having open windows when inside and hanging around the pool anyway. My parents usually keep the A/C on in the living room.

No. 1124572

pakianon, so what do you think about those child rapes you supported you manipulative attention seeking cunt? were the western libs finally owned?

No. 1124579

Does anyone have a charity organisation they trust when it comes to supporting Ukraine?

No. 1124586

Here is the one I donated to. It was suggested by a few anons on /k/ (yes yes I know) and it seems to be legit.


No. 1124591

Anon, tons of Russian women support Russia's imperialism. I read that old babushkas are some of Putin's biggest supporters.

Is this from tumblr? I don't doubt Russias treat their ethnic minorities shittily but this has nothing to do with the Ukrainian war and shame on this person for trying to downplay the war.

No. 1124592

Thank you! I'll have a look at it.

No. 1124594

what? I said Russian intervention would ultimately be a good thing in the long term for the Muslim world

No. 1124629

What is Russian intervention supposed to help with exactly?

No. 1124638

Syrians, Congolese and people around the world who suffer from the religion of the arab pedophile, the fact is that American interventionism only helps Islamists grow and gain power, cause "muh democracy" which basically always leads to an Islamist taking power, the russians understand that shit doesn't fly, Muslim men are like dogs and they need a firm hand to beat them into submission

No. 1124642

That's racist pakichan. Muslim men are just like every other man.

No. 1124649

what the hell, Muslim men believe that its a form of holy warfare to rape non-muslim women, they believe that they have the god given right to have multiple wives and the ideal way to treat women is by the standards of 7th century arabia

No. 1124651

the fuck is happening itt

No. 1124652

I think you are generalizing now, there are moderate muslims.

No. 1124657

Russians are having a hard time taking over Ukraine. Good luck with them intervening anywhere else in the world. lmao

No. 1124663


The extremist communities don't view moderate Muslims as Muslim. Kinda like how the christian church's that accept gays aren't viewed as Christians to conservative Christians.

No. 1124665

Russians are winning, they are just taking longer than expected.

No. 1124683

Beats me, it took a weird turn for sure.

No. 1124688

How are they winning, and how long do you think it will take for them to take over Ukraine?

No. 1124695

They are concentrating in the East and I think they will take most of the east and south in a couple of months, maybe until August at the latest. They will not go for the rest of Ukraine I think, they can't really hold it.

No. 1124705

They won in Syria and Congo though, If it weren't american they'd have won in Afghanistan, the current subhuman status of afghan women is directly the fault of americans and NATO

No. 1124713

I mean syria and congo are seriously fucked and didn't exactly have a developed military to defend themselves with to begin with, Russia is meant to be one of the most powerful countries in the world in comparison.

No. 1124759

Isn't Russia supposed to have the world's second strongest army? Also how did Russia improve things in Syria and Congo?

No. 1124763

Think USA out powers them and possibly china due to sheer manpower.
And yeah that's my point they just fucked up things more in syria and congo.

No. 1124780

how are we winning?
Russia is not winning at all

No. 1124781

not when you are a completely corrupted state

No. 1124784

How are you not winning? You control the east and your army at the north is holding hostage all the soldiers needed to defend Kiev. And now you have 150k new troops conscripted and ready to "have contract signed" for them and sent to relieve the more elite parts of the army in the east. I don't know how you think you are not winning. This war turned into a war of attrition and Ukraine has less men and less guns, they don't even have an airforce. You will absolutely win if this just goes on as it has.

No. 1124788

where do you get this from?
I am Russian and sometimes I am exposed to our propaganda and even they are less optimistic than you

No. 1124789

Where do I get which part? I said a bunch of different things.

No. 1124799

>>now you have 150k new troops conscripted and ready to "have contract signed"
There are numerous reports that hundreds of Russian regular soldiers handed in papers that they are refusing to go to Ukraine
In addition to that there are continuous reports that Russia has lost more high profile commanders within one month of this war than during years of the chechen campaigns

>your army at the north is holding hostage all the soldiers needed to defend Kiev

don't even know how to comment on that one

>Ukraine has less men and less guns

and what&
they have real motivation and a clear idea what they are fighting for. 18-19-20 year olds from Russia who are fighting in Ukraine have no fucking idea what they are doing there why they were sent there. Add poor logistics and provision supply. Numbers don't matter when you are an unskilled idiot without clear motivation

No. 1124800

Ntayrt but even if russia has conscripted more, the majority of these men are not experienced in combat, it takes a lot of time and resources to train effective soldiers.
Most of russias equipment i.e. arms and planes/tanks etc. are old and outdated, most of the people operating them are not well trained on the shitty equipment they have to use.
Some of their airforce doesn't even have working GPS so they have to use portable ones to be able to actually fly their planes.
Wars are not won by sheer numbers of people and numbers of bullets, you need to be able to use them effectively.

No. 1124803

I aggressively second that

No. 1124808

>There are numerous reports that hundreds of Russian regular soldiers handed in papers that they are refusing to go to Ukraine. In addition to that there are continuous reports that Russia has lost more high profile commanders within one month of this war than during years of the chechen campaigns
I was talking about your conscription

>don't even know how to comment on that one

Not sure what you are confused by. Your army that retreated in Belarus means that Ukrainians can not move their main army from Kiev region to help in the East and you don't even have to do anything. They have to keep the main army there to protect the city.

>they have real motivation and a clear idea what they are fighting for. 18-19-20 year olds from Russia who are fighting in Ukraine have no fucking idea what they are doing there why they were sent there. Add poor logistics and provision supply. Numbers don't matter when you are an unskilled idiot without clear motivation

Numbers are very important. These 18-19-20 year olds are useful as frontline troops to keep the Ukrainians busy while the professionals do the real killing. Ukrainians do not have the numbers to keep up with attrition, you do. Your population is 3 times theirs.

Their experience doesn't matter, they are just there as front line troops, their use is to keep the Ukrainians shooting at them while the professionals do the real killing. Experience doesn't help against artillery, which is what they will mostly face. As for equipment, Ukraine is running out of soldiers that know how to use it, they are also suffering attrition, even if western media does not talk about it.

No. 1124815

Yes these inexperienced troops are basically cannon fodder for the Ukrainians, easily wiped out due to their shit training and equipment and poor knowledge of the areas they are attempting to infiltrate.
Ukraine is getting a lot of arms from other countries, they also have artillery and the soldiers fighting on their side know they are not just cannon fodder, they are actually fighting for a cause.
And yes russia is attempting to slowly siege cities in Ukraine, that's basically what attrition is and is being widely discussed, not sure why you think that's a secret, that's how russia has fought most of its recent wars (e.g. syria).
Western countries will continue to supply Ukraine with the resources they need and ultimately that is more resources than what Russia has.
It seems this will be a drawn out conflict because that's the only way russia has a chance of NATO not getting involved, they are betting on the fact their soldiers won't starve or be killed before all the Ukrainian soldiers are but Ukraine is continuing to get soldiers and resources from all over the world. Russia is not.

No. 1124820

>I was talking about your conscription
Putin's words don't matter.
And I was talking about those who are already in the service. Many of them refuse to fight in Ukraine.

>Not sure what you are confused by. Your army that retreated in Belarus means that Ukrainians can not move their main army from Kiev region to help in the East and you don't even have to do anything. They have to keep the main army there to protect the city

They wouldn't have moved their forces to help the east anyway. Retreating means to let the Ukrainians take a break.

>Numbers are very important. These 18-19-20 year olds are useful as frontline troops to keep the Ukrainians busy while the professionals do the real killing.

You are saying that they are basically almost meaningless soon-to-be-minced-meat, and as a Russian, even though I don't support any of this and I don't have any warm feelings towards those who willingly went to kill Ukrainins, this is not about winning. Sending your people to die is not winning. Especially when these people finished school one or two summers ago.

>Your population is 3 times theirs.

You's going to restore the economy? who's gonna work?
Pushing 145 million of people to live in a medieval-like state whilst sending to jail or killing all those who disagree is not winning
Russia would have wone if we hadn't started the war. This is how you win wars, you just don't start them

No. 1124830

Ukrainian soldiers are just as much cannon fodder as Russian ones, both countries have conscript armies with a strong small core of professionals. I never said it's a secret btw, I was just mentioning it. My estimation is that Russia can deal with a war of attrition better than Ukraine, West can send all the weapons they want, if you level their main cities like you did Mariupol, then they can't do anything about it other than get buried in the rubble. Morale doesn't matter when you are in pieces. They just don't have the numbers.

>Putin's words don't matter.And I was talking about those who are already in the service. Many of them refuse to fight in Ukraine.
When did I say Putin's words matter? Also refusing to fight while in the army means you get shot. After a few get executed the rest will obey, it's what has always happened.

>They wouldn't have moved their forces to help the east anyway. Retreating means to let the Ukrainians to take a break.

A break sure, but their army can't offer relief, which is what's important.

>You are saying that they are basically almost meaningless soon-to-be-minced-meat, and as a Russian, even though I don't support any of this and I don't have any warm feelings towards those who willingly went to kill Ukrainins, this is not about winning. Sending your people to die is not winning. Especially when these people finished school one or two summers ago.

I mean, yeah they are basically sent to their (gruesome and torturous) deaths. That's what war is like, especially for conscripted infantry, they are slaves for Christ's sake. I don't know what you expected to happen to them? It doesn't matter if they are young, that's in fact even better for the government because they won't have to pay money to some widow. And yeah, sending your young men to die can very much be winning. That's how you won WW2, by throwing your young men and boys to the meat grinder. Look at the statistics of how many boys born like 15 years before the war survived it to find out what your government is willing to do. Doesn't matter if it's aggressive of defensive warfare, all they care about is winning.

>You's going to restore the economy? who's gonna work? Pushing 145 million of people to live in a medieval-like state whilst sending to jail or killing all those who disagree is not winning. Russia would have wone if we hadn't started the war. This is how you win wars, you just don't start them

Well you are very correct, but Putin doesn't care. He wins the war by occupying parts of Ukraine and the level of living of the Russian people is pretty irrelevant. Your economy is dead anyway from the sanctions. At this point he is basically solving the unemployment issue by throwing young uneducated men to the Ukrainian artillery.

No. 1124843

>That's how you won WW2, by throwing your young men and boys to the meat grinder.
Excuse me but in WW2 Russia had to defend itself, you fight or you die. man, woman, child - doesn't matter, if they didn't fight, they died. The compariosn is inappropriate.

>Doesn't matter if it's aggressive of defensive warfare, all they care about is winning.

Not true. When a country defends itself the stakes are its existance. If a country attacks the stakes are its governers' existance. And nobody's going to fight for Putin's sake as they would fight for their motherland.

>Also refusing to fight while in the army means you get shot.

This is НКВД mentality that doesn't work anymore, since the chechen campaigns for sure. Many will just flee and give in to Ukrainians like they are doing now.

No. 1124844

>He wins the war by occupying parts of Ukraine and the level of living of the Russian people is pretty irrelevant. Your economy is dead anyway from the sanctions. At this point he is basically solving the unemployment issue by throwing young uneducated men to the Ukrainian artillery.
could you explain what is "winning" or "victory" for you?

No. 1124848

The Ukrainian soldiers have a purpose to their fight, so even though they may get killed they are not fighting just to be killed, they are fighting to save their people and country.
The russian conscripts don't even necessarily know why they are fighting, they are being used as human shields to an extent.
So even though frontline soldiers on both sides are at great risk I wouldn't class the Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder as the majority of them have a reason to fight and have an emotional connection to this war, they are not just there to shield the rest of the army, they are there to actually fight for their country.
International fighters will continue to flock to Ukraine but additionally numbers don't mean everything, look at the Vietnam war for example.

No. 1124852

I aggressively second that too

No. 1124859

As I said, the government doesn't care. They have their goals and they care about achieving them. The rest is just smoke for the people to gaze at. As for actually thinking that soldiers can just get up and surrender.


They have literal Chechens serving as commissars.

For me? It doesn't matter. For Putin? Achieving his objectives in Ukraine.

>The Ukrainian soldiers have a purpose to their fight, so even though they may get killed they are not fighting just to be killed, they are fighting to save their people and country.
>The russian conscripts don't even necessarily know why they are fighting, they are being used as human shields to an extent.
>So even though frontline soldiers on both sides are at great risk I wouldn't class the Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder as the majority of them have a reason to fight and have an emotional connection to this war, they are not just there to shield the rest of the army, they are there to actually fight for their country.
Cannon fodder simply means you are expendable mincemeat. You can believe w/e you want, doesn't change what you are.

As for Vietnam war, you know Americans were winning right? Like, insanely so. They lost because of politics not military. If they were allowed to go on with it the North would absolutely lose the war. Numbers matter, especially when the technology between the two adversaries is comparable.

No. 1124865

I don't know cannon fodder is when they are treated more like objects than people, as purely expendable resources of war and I don't think the Ukrainians are treating their soldiers that way.
The point is that the more powerful and numerous army lost and that army is more powerful than russias army and Vietnam had less resources than Ukraine.

No. 1124866

>It doesn't matter. For Putin? Achieving his objectives in Ukraine.
ok. I will get back to this conversation tomorrow morning, you just wait kek

No. 1124870

As I said above anon, Americans did not really lose. They changed politics and decided that they don't want to support the war anymore. They were overwhelmingly more successful in killing the Vietcong than the alternative. Also regarding cannon fodder, they Ukrainians absolutely treat (some) of their soldiers like this, especially the fresh conscripts who are not specialized. Conscripts are slaves that the army will sacrifice to protect themselves, themselves being the professionals that actually make up the army.

Well I will be here anon. I wonder what you think will change tomorrow.

No. 1124895

Personally I think they changed their politics because they knew they were gonna lose or have to suffer a insanely large loss in order to win, which the public wouldn't find acceptable so I really wouldn't class that as winning but I think that's obviously personal opinions we both have rather than an objective fact, but in the history books they didn't win, we can speculate why they didn't win (whether it was an actual choice to lose or their hand was forced due to circumstances) but it doesn't really matter, the big guy lost officially in that case.

I do think treating their soldiers like cannon fodder is happening on a much larger scale in regards to the russian troops and if I was a russian I would be outraged that so many young men are being pointlessly sacrificed. I don't think there's that same attitude in Ukraine because they didn't choose this war, they were forced to defend themselves.

I'm also gonna wind down for the night but will be back tomorrow if you have further points to discuss.

No. 1124899

Fair points anon. regarding your second paragraph, I would say the difference is more how acceptable throwing men at the meatgrinder is rather than whether or not they are doing it. Ukrainians just find it more acceptable because they are on the defensive. I still don't think they will win, since Russia is not a democracy and the Russians can be as angry as they want, it won't change anything. Putin doesn't care what they thin, they don't vote (not really). I will be around too, have a nice night.

No. 1125577

What do you think a Russian victory will look like? You knew that America threw tons of money into places like Vietnam and Iraq but they didn't win right?

No. 1125585

I think a Russian victory would be cutting off Ukraine from the sea and conquering the east and south. And unlike Americans, the russians don't care at all about how many Ukrainians they kill and more importantly, how many russians die.

No. 1125607

Russians didn't care in Afghanistan and they still lost.

No. 1125612

Russians absolutely cared in Afghanistan, well the soviet politicians did. The Soviet Union was relatively soft then, they were also afraid of people becoming rebellious. Putin doesn't care, today's russians are more sheep than the soviets back then.

No. 1125614

Yeah sure the Soviets cared more. lmao. You know there aren't that many guys in conscription age in Russia right? Because the population has been declining.

No. 1125618

File: 1649271212669.png (49.72 KB, 575x581, download.png)

This is what I'm talking about

No. 1125621

Gorbachev absolutely cared. He was not Stalin, he was a reformist.

Anon, when countries run out of 18-20 year old boys to conscript the just up the age limit. Russia will just conscript 20-25 and then 25-30. It's what has always happened.

No. 1125632

File: 1649271827632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.51 KB, 700x1631, RDT_20220406_21021852006703377…)

Jfc, animals

No. 1125640

They really are, probably Chechens.

No. 1125730

What does a swatiska even hwve to do with this whole situation? I think this is just a way to create propoganda and ruin Ukraine psychologically by airing out terrible abuse like this. I also don't think stuff like this should get on news without victim's consent, which 10 year old child or their parent wants their rape on news to haunt them forever just because it'll be some propoganda? That's ill.

No. 1125854

>What does a swatiska even hwve to do with this whole situation?
Are you even aware of what’s going on

No. 1126219

That's why I knew chenchens joining the war would be one of the worst things. They got a terrible reputation in my home-country and especially homecity. chenchens are unhinged to the core just like ISIS moids, but they will beat a woman up and get into a random fight even without war going on, they are extremely aggressive people who lust over violence.

No. 1126480

They talk about it in general though, not showing individual victims. I think it's important to talk about it, because it's true. There are children of both sexes that were raped, women raped in front of their children, teen girls that's been raped for 1-2 weeks: some got pregnant. As for who exactly did it, those were from different parts of Russia, I saw Pskov, Ryazan, Ulan-Ude… (there's a list of units that were in Kyiv oblast) They say, there were lots of yakuts and buryats particularly in Bucha.

So far it seems like some Chechens and Russians see this war as an opportunity to kill one another despite fighting on one side. There were talks about Chechens not giving Russians a chance to desert, threatening their life, and something about mutual killings or using Chechens as cannon fodder implied by Chechen captive.

Chechens on Russian side love to make laughable tiktoks where they heroically fire guns at windows, empty houses and the traffic light. Ramzan Kadyrov pretended to be in Ukraine a few times only to shamefully expose himself with the treacherous little details like geolocation or Rosneft gas station in the background.
There are also two Chechen volunteer battalions fighting on Ukrainian side named after Sheikh Mansur and Dzhokhar Dudayev. They hate being under Russia's control and both Putin and Kadyrov - his father is considered a traitor since he switched sides in Second Chechen War. Chechnya was also heavily shelled by Russia, like Mariupol now.

By the way, regarding Putin, Russians and Islamists (I see it was discussed in the context of Syrian war): it seems like Putin doesn't really care about Islam in Chechnya. I mean, it got more islamized under Ramzan Kadyrov: he made women cover their heads, first in state institutions, then on television and in the universities/school, then, I guess, everywhere outside. He supports Sharia law (although not its pure form) and "honor killing". I also remember this story: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/18/chechen-teenager-forced-marriage-russia
Especially this part:
>Russia’s children’s rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov caused a scandal last week by coming out in favour of the right of older men to marry teen brides.
>“Emancipation and sexual maturity come earlier in the Caucasus, let’s not be hypocritical,” he told Russian News Service radio on Thursday, adding: “There are places where women are already shriveled by the age of 27, and look about 50 to us.”

No. 1126487

Why is it always girls and women that suffer in war? I wish men would just kill each other and be done with it. fuck

No. 1126540

Are you aware they're doing this shit for propaganda? Rapes and stuff like this shouldn't be aired out into news because it only scares and motivates the rapists further, they do this to get it on news as a fearmongering tactic. You're stupid.

No. 1126543

>Are you aware they're doing this shit for propaganda?
No fucking shit, everyone has known this since day one.

No. 1126751

If they're trying to cause fear it's already worthless because people already know this is a common thing to happen in war and it's not like people aren't already scared. It's making other countries even angrier and causing them to send more weapons and aid to Ukraine, more sanctions towards Russia and generally making it more difficult for them to win the war. Russia is also doing everything they can to spread lies and cover up their war crimes, so they don't want these news or pictures to be spread.

No. 1127044

Why do you think so many older Russian women support Putin and the war? Or is this false? I thought women would be against the war.


No. 1127048

File: 1649373510456.gif (506.1 KB, 220x124, CBDF1B5E-53E4-4B8D-BE9D-E01F26…)

>have an ageing population with very few young men and boys
>start a ground war with your neighbour and get most of them killed
How the hell was anyone convinced that Putin was some master strategist before this?

No. 1127051

File: 1649373702806.png (728.37 KB, 1218x1080, ru.png)

Dehumanization of Ukrainians and the concept of Great Russia that was robbed of territories that it should rightfully have has been a thing for decades; people are not immune to propaganda regardless of gender. When you watch these videos of regular Russians being approached in the streets and they speak in support of the war you'll see most of the time women have gentler way of perceiving this and don't speak of murder but of "unity under Russian flag" and "helping these people"; like many people I'm sure many of them seeing gruesome war crimes committed by the soldiers just believe the lies of their government that Ukrainians did it to themselves to bait west into giving them more weapons or so. If you really want to not believe something you'll always find the way.
Video where picrel is from is here:

No. 1127055

Any update on Kyivanon?

No. 1127064

I think only Putin was convinced by all the corrupt billionaires patting him on the back

No. 1127070

Is posting about UN related things in this thread ok?

Anyway, Russia was suspended from the human rights council following a vote on a draft resolution about it and then basically went on to say "you can't fire me because I quit" fucking kek. They sent a letter to HRC an hour after the vote got adopted.

No. 1127071

This video was really hard to watch. Fuck Russia and i'm glad people are throwing their shit away to tank their economy. This is insane.

No. 1127101

they get the war loot

No. 1127311

Yes, she checked in the other day in the Eurofag thread I think? She's fine

No. 1127324

Not sure if this was posted here before but apparently Russian soldiers were commanded to dig trenches in Chernobyl and were later hospitals or fled in terror when they noticed the signs of radiation sickness on themselves.


No. 1127338

Here are her posts from the other thread:

No. 1127363

>of course media chose to post shitty videos of zombified people who live in rural areas of russia to make sure everyone thinks that all russians are terribad people

No. 1127371

File: 1649402923843.png (502.63 KB, 860x772, fuckgeneralisingretards.png)

samefag, on top of that, over the past 7 years people would be sent to jail for liking or reposting a meme that shows the govt and Putin's polparty in a negative light, same goes w religion. People would either have to pay 1k USD fine (which is a luxury for the most russians unless you are a Moscow rat) becuz 'u hurt their feelsies and bad propaganda. Last year, a single mother with 2 kids who also works 2 jobs has to choose between 1k fine or years in jail over commenting 'govt bad' under one of the news articles. It goes as deep as they would make sure to stalk you for years and make up any fucking excuse possible to set u to jail, for example, here's a story of a child (his friends got sent to jail too) that is facing years in jail for playing Minecraft. You know nothing about what it's like to live in Russia.
A lot of people are now terrified of speaking out because the 'no to war' or even the WAR word itself is banned for a month now, they catch everyone they can at protests and give them firstly a fine, then years of jail time even if you just stood somewhere in the corner with an empty paper. Idgaf I am replying to all of the baits in the world, but even what I am saying is the tip of iceberg.

No. 1127407

I wanted to post about it because I've lost my shit at this quote from the Russian galaxy brain who said
>the vote on suspending Russia from the Human Rights Council "is an attempt by the United States to maintain its dominant position and total control to continue its attempt at human rights colonialism in international relations."
Human rights colonialism LMFAO, an unprecedented sequence of words. I see that Kuzmin has mastered the twitterfag tactic of throwing in amerifat outrage buzzwords so nobody will question you. Too bad the world isn't Twitter.
Also love how he didn't mind Russia being a part of "human rights colonialism in international relations" until it got kicked out.
>"Today is not the time nor the place for theatrics, or these kinds of extremely theatrical performances like the one presented by Ukraine. In fact the draft resolution we are considering today has no relationship to the actual human rights situation on the ground," Kuzmin said.
Another good one, literally an elementary school bully thinking he can DARVO his ass out of getting called out.
If a fictional villain was so stupid and moustache-twirling smug, people wouldn't buy it.

No. 1127424

But are you aware that if these people were indeed against war they would just chose to not to speak on camera? In the full version of the vid there was a couple who said they're "apolitical" which, in the light of russian government is, makes it seem clear that they're against, so that's also a choice to make; yet these people decided to support. Russia is not China so they're not getting any social points for that, and not saying anything wouldn't put them in any danger as it would just not be seen by anyone. Yeah, the situation is nuanced but it would be REALLY naive to assume that poor uwu russians just all pretend to like it while deep in their hearts they're sorry and hate what their government is doing. Society's hatred towards Ukrainians preceeds war by many years.

No. 1127505

The overwhelming casualties, even if we exclude military ones, of Ukrainians are men. Get a grip of reality. We get shafted in plenty of ways, but this is not one of them.

No. 1127657

I want to make a political shit post account and make shitty video edits of the exchanges/speeches by the Ukr and Rus amb because the shit that goes down is so fucking stupid and funny. Every time Russia speaks, I'm absolutely flabbergasted.

No. 1127661

>Society's hatred towards Ukrainians preceeds war by many years.
Excuse me? Do you know that every fourth Russian has family in Ukraine? Doesn't mean they were pro-Ukrainian but there has never been any hatred towards Ukraine in Russia at a large scale. Ofc there are always some small groups of retarded people, that happens everywhere, but you seem to be completely not knowledgebale about things in Russia when you say things like above.
I can post dozens of videos where Russians speak on camera they are against war and that wouldn't mean anything to you whilst it takes a lot of courage to say stuff like that even without being recorded on camera. I don't say there aren't people in Russia who support Putin's war, quite a lot, but not the majority.
You know nothing how Russia has lived last 10-15 years, and yet you talk about hatred towards Ukraine. I can't even donate to anybody or anything connected to Ukraine because hello prison sentences for 10-15 years.

ok anon, I am >>1124866 back
>It doesn't matter. For Putin? Achieving his objectives in Ukraine.
The thing is nobody understands what his objectives are. I don't understand what should happen for the war to stop. I heard Zelensky said they were ready to become a neutral state that wouldn't join any military union. I thought that would be enough because that basically exludes NATO presence on the territories of Ukraine but it seems it's not enough.
There are rumours Putin wants to cut Ukraine off the sea but that's delusional. Joining Lugansk and Donetsk to the lands of Russia is not better and I don't believe it can come true. It's impossible, just impossible. The war has no clear achievable objectives.

Every Russian official is retarded. All I want to know is of they are really that much brainless and believe what they are saying or it's hypocrisy at a godlike level.

No. 1127667

girl, do it, I beg you. I need to tune into Russia's bs more often just to cheer myself up in those horrid times.
>Every Russian official is retarded. All I want to know is of they are really that much brainless and believe what they are saying or it's hypocrisy at a godlike level.
I think they are used to brainwashing their people by throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, like >>1105419 explained

No. 1127690

No. 1127697

I wish this thread was shut down. It only appeals to the scrotes and there's this disgusting one crying about how men suffer more while literal children are tortured, other scrote who posts violent torture done on women and girls to prove his point, etc. These are the kind of men who'd run away first if something similar happened in their country but they're literally shitting on random women on the internet for not going to Ukraine and fighting for them. Fuck.

No. 1127699

Meds and bbc immediately what are you talking about

No. 1127704

Men are literally the primary victims of this war, stop acting like Hilary Clinton.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127710

See >>1127704
Also men are literally created to fight for their women and children, that's the oml purpose men serve in nature. If you're a man but can't even fight in a war, you're better of killing yourself.

No. 1127717

You are obviously not well anon. Gender roles are fucked up and so are you.

No. 1127720

Women and children are getting raped but the soldiers who are also killing and raping women are the victims in your eye? Both sides are attacking civillians and killing them, the soldiers are the one killing random people they literally can't be the victims.

No. 1127726

very low iq /pol/-esk take. 1 black person kills someone therefor we need to ship all niggers to africa one soldier commits warcrimes therefor all men are evil rapist demons who can’t suffer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127731

Men are responsible for 90% of crimes. Almost all rapists are men.

No. 1127736

Both men and women suffer in wars. Everyone. Men get killed, women and children are raped and then killed

No. 1127739

Stop consuming russian propaganda you retard. Ukrainian soldiers are heroes.

No. 1127741

There is an issue of degree that seems to fly by. Over 90% of ukrainian civilian casualties are men and we should actually be including soldier casualties to this since they have a conscript army. You are basically saying that police shoots both black and white people so why do you say black lives matter.

No. 1127742

The problem with that logic is that most people in general don’t commit crimes so who cares

No. 1127743

Did you check the link? It's an article by a pro-Putin pseudo-journalist, it's not Russia

No. 1127753

Guess who has an 80% approval rate in russia… yeah i think state media represents the state

No. 1127756

>Guess who has an 80% approval
not even gonna talk about it. 80% is what they draw in statistics in state news agencies. you've gotta be kidding me

No. 1127758

Russians are super brainwashed, I have seen more old innocent grandmas that I would like to admit calling for the slaughter of Ukrainian soldiers.

No. 1127762

Not 90%. From the UN's site (https://www.ohchr.org/en/news/2022/04/ukraine-civilian-casualty-update-5-april-2022):

>From 4 a.m. on 24 February 2022, when the Russian Federation’s armed attack against Ukraine started, to 24:00 midnight on 4 April 2022 (local time), the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recorded 3,675 civilian casualties in the country: 1,480 killed and 2,195 injured. This included:

>a total of 1,480 killed (331 men, 211 women, 22 girls, and 40 boys, as well as 61 children and 815 adults whose sex is yet unknown)

No. 1127767

My bad. I was thinking of Buchsa where I heard they killed men older than 16 from every house they went in. I retract the statement. I still think it's fucked up that anons here think it's ok for men to die because they are men.

No. 1127779

My friend who's Ukrainian grandmother has lived in our country for 40 years refuses to watch anything but Russian state tv, and she believes everything Putin says. Poot could pretty much tell her the sky is green and she would 100% believe it, it's scary. Worst part is that she is the only one that has been able to stay in touch with his extended family in Donbas, so everything his family hears from them is through her brainwashed state of mind so they are just going by the "no news is good news" mindset now.

No. 1127780

>people hate men on a femcel website
Color me surprised that’s like going to r9k and wondering why they want to behead and rape the corpses of all women

No. 1127782

It's so depressing.

lolcow isn't a femcel site. Most of us here have boyfriends or husbands.

No. 1127821

>Retard believes russian statistic
>Doesn't even know that russians were always trying to helplessly vote against Putin when during the fucking voting the workers would give people a literal erasable pen, or they would destroy the paper in front of your eyes, or people would come and find out someone else votes for them. There are so many proofs even on TikTok and russian VK over the years especially the last one when people kept trying to put Putin down

No. 1127849

nta, but if you go by what you see on the TV, sure, all of them say that they support the war because that's what they are supposed to say. If they criticized Putin, they would be incarcerated in the blink of an eye

No. 1127854

No. 1127858

Even calling it a war will risk you getting thrown in jail, so yeah I would also claim I support it at face value because idk when a cop might come up and ask to look through my phone.

No. 1127862

File: 1649438241686.jpg (204.47 KB, 1200x1200, 2b7c5172614853b9a31874396e531c…)

Sure, a lot of young moids who are terminally online fall for the 'masculine' image that Putin's PR team is projecting but if they were actually in Russia and were required to join the war, they would change their minds in a heartbeat

No. 1127870

You are one of those retards who would believe only everything they want to believe, thinking only in black and white logic.

No. 1127929

Stop relying on American propoganda. Both soldiers are murderers and both would rape and kill civilians when possible because that's how wars are. Retard.

No. 1128125

speaking of propaganda

No. 1131010

The retarded moids from the covid general migrated to this thread because they're vultures chasing muh happenings. They have to do it on lolcow as they get off on the idea that they're mansplaining shit to women and /pol/ is too intimidating for a pathetic incel like them with its high posting speed and aggressive male atmosphere. Kind of a "big fish in a small pond" sort of a situation for them.

No. 1132034

Surprised to see so many people care about Ukraine. It's failed state worse than Sri Lanka.

No. 1139038

Who do u think will win?

No. 1139123

Hopefully Russia, I don't want the senile man thinking we are all his playground, and he's closer to me than the other pig.

No. 1140547

Hopefully Ukraine. I don't want the resurgence of Russian Empire/USSR and my country to become russian republic or the second Belarus. Also I worry about normal Russians and I want them to have decent life, too.

Although not sure what exactly would winning mean. I mean, it's probably too fairytailish if Russia gets rid of Putin and substitutes him with someone who doesn't have any imperial ambitions. Otherwise I think there'll still be a threat of another invasion, sooner or later. Unless there'll be some kind of alliance that would make it too risky for Russia, idk.

And another question is… again, what does winning mean in this case? Russian side always names different goals of this so-called operation. They have already failed with Kyiv (even though now they say it wasn't really their goal, yet they did want to overthrow the "Kyiv regime", so…); they're not really succeeding in "demilitarizing" Ukraine and it won't happen anyways, especially if they keep giving away their own machines hehe, and I doubt that Ukraine will comply and willingly demilitarize itself because it means suicide; "denazifying" is some vague shit that means nothing, they can easily tell Russians they've achieved it and vatniks will believe them just like that so I guess that's a pretty convenient "goal". The worst case scenario is if they manage to occupy at least Eastern Ukraine (or Eastern and Southern Ukraine) but as far as I know Ukrainian forces are still capable of fighting (and they're currently counterattacking in some directions) and no one's going to give up those territories. Although Russian forces have just focused on Donbass and it's getting really tough there. It's their last chance to win something and have their Victory Parade on the 9th of May. Hope they won't get it. Also recently Russian propagandists and politicians started saying that they fight with NATO, not Ukraine (after Ukrainian missiles hit cruiser Moskva), so not sure how they plan to win, looks more like an attempt to save face if they have to retreat or something: surely they could easily beat up "dumb Ukrainians" but those are helped by the big meanie, so they did everything they could or something like that. Or they'll show a few ruined buildings (they have lots of options in this regard) and say they were NATO laboratories that aren't a threat anymore or something.

No. 1140555

US, since it already got what it wanted - ie. to send weapons and military aid to Ukraine for a perpetual meat grinder. Dirt club moids will cheer on some other country's nationalisms "because they can't at home." It fills me with dread.

No. 1140563

If Russia wins I don't see him stopping at Ukraine so I hope Russia stops.

No. 1140584

Russia will win the conflict on the ground in Ukraine, it's basically a forgone conclusion. Ukraine is a smaller country armed with old Soviet era weaponry, nothing the west is giving Ukraine is going to change that, it's just going to prolong the conflict and kill more people.

Long term it's probably going become a larger war that avoids direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO. More proxy wars will happen and the main conflict will be an economic war of attrition. I expect living standards and quality of life in the west to deteriorate. As the misery index rises so will the far right.

No. 1140612

>As the misery index rises so will the far right.
Which has been in the pocket of Putin for quite some time, since he has been courting all the far right (European) politicians for over a decade now.

No. 1140732

I hope no one wins

No. 1140830

What do you mean by this

No. 1140961

Nta but I think she doesn’t want Putin (who is “crazy”) thinking the neighbouring nations are his playground (for him to “take” perhaps?). Ultimately, she’s more concerned about Putin than Zelenskyy.

No. 1141183

At this point nobody wins, but I sure hope Russia goes down in flames and every soldier, politician and individual who support the atrocities they have done to Ukrainian civilians burns the slowest and most agonizing death possible.

No. 1141236

She said she wanted Russia to win though. I think she meant Biden by senile man. Don't know what it has to do with him though, surprisingly not everything revolves around USA…

No. 1141251

Ayrt, I took it to mean she wants Putin to win so all of this stops and doesn’t evolve into something else? But you could also be right! (And I agree)

No. 1150361

File: 1651063844771.png (30.85 KB, 586x375, 309284903.PNG)

The Ukraine government social media just loves being as terrible as possible. First with the glorification of Ukrainians who collaborated with Nazis that ended up offending Poles, and now removing Emperor Hirohito from their video about fascism in WWII (but they kept Hitler and Mussolini in it) because it angered Japanese nationalists.

No. 1150366

Imagine if Germans suddenly got retarded and brave enough to stand up for Hitler like the Japs constantly do with their own fascist leaders.

No. 1150379

File: 1651064561524.jpg (161.48 KB, 1857x1069, FRStT0aXIAA0ujW.jpg)

>Stepan Bandera
>Roman Shukhevych


No. 1152924

it's crazy how the panic and attention over ukraine stopped once the media moved onto the next story. even this thread is moving slower.

No. 1153607

File: 1651160243172.jpg (262.9 KB, 1030x1351, Screenshot_20220428-173610_Gal…)

Okay I'm starting to get worried. They are getting more and more vocal day by day

No. 1153609

We moved on to the next story too - the Depp v Heard thread is it now.

No. 1153654

and today germany decided to send heavy weapons to ukraine, how will russia react to that? i'm starting to get scared too…

No. 1153672

Damn you burgers are obnoxious. Of course it's just a story to you.
I'm Euro and close to the war too but you don't see me MoVinG OnTo the next story. Panic and attention will always die down because it was a shocking thing that happened and then you get used to it, it's no longer news and you carry on living your fucking life. Who cares about a washed up druggie and a priviliged mentally ill woman. Only a privileged American would come to this thread and comment on how it's ''no longer a relevant hot piece''. Why even come here to say that? Grinds my gears.

No. 1153743

This 100%. It was a really out of touch comment, I live in a country next to Ukraine, so it's more than just a story for me to gossip about

No. 1153914

why do you assume everyone is american? the war in ukraine is terrible but the media pushed it to the point of being a near apocalyptic threat with the ww3 fear mongering when it was just another proxy war like syria. a lot of countries still report about it but most attention is with internal problems like the uk rwanda controversy or the french elections. the only thing keeping this thread going is tinfoiling and tankies.

No. 1154303

File: 1651198093493.jpg (123.34 KB, 838x720, G1ueDYF.jpg)

No. 1154938

File: 1651235207985.png (796.59 KB, 983x821, Screenshot 2022-04-29 141932.p…)

This made me fucking furious. Seriously?? 'Poor men, they are forced by their circumstances to commit rape!! They were just under pressure because of the war'. Tell this to the fucking 9 year old whose body was dumped into a pile of corpses after hse was raped you fat fuck

No. 1155540

Lol that pic

No. 1156269

File: 1651339048929.jpg (68.51 KB, 635x628, Screenshot_20220430-121624.jpg)

This is so easy to read between the lines. The Russian military has been badly exposed in this conflict and the mystique of Russian military power has been undone. Russia was already a middling economy with a smaller GDP than Italy. Putin has been surprised by the collective response of the international community and it has done generational damage to the Russian economy. Putin had delusions of Russia still being a great power but in the space of 2 months, he has weakened Russia immeasurably and emboldened its enemies. They are now desperate to save face, so want to project an image of an unpredictable and dangerous power but the reality is the Russian people and more importantly, its elites, have no appetite for this war, let alone a nuclear one. He's looking for a way out and he's hoping these threats will lead to negotiations that confer concessions that he can use to claim some sort of victory. This "special military operation" will be remembered as a colossal strategic blunder.

No. 1158689

File: 1651472047141.jpg (413.6 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20220502-081111_Sam…)

Not sure how legit it is because not many new sites wrote about this but it would make sense given there are footahes of him where he looks ill. God, please let the surgeon's scalpel slip

No. 1158707

God this is the perfect chance to get rid of him and blame it on an accident

No. 1160791

You could say this about literally any war-torn country.

No. 1166758

File: 1651788341407.png (36.01 KB, 1010x206, kek.PNG)

Russia requested a meeting at the UN tomorrow to tell their side of the story kek.

No. 1166869

The audacity of these bitches…

No. 1166872

I still think this war is fake as hell and all a part of their agenda

No. 1166953

Go back to your schizo containment thread.

No. 1176633

File: 1652262405477.jpg (670.43 KB, 1080x1639, ZD9l0Kz.jpg)

No. 1176755

This better also include AT LEAST 80 million to Israel!

No. 1177318

>This better also include AT LEAST 80 million to Israel!
Are you one of those people who believe in the "ZOG" myth?

No. 1177381

ugh bestie so true. israel has been snatching america's weave since before aipac. people have spilled the tea on israel and got cancelled big time oof

(im not anti semitic bc scarlett johanson is hot to me so shut it)

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