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File: 1646305686493.jpg (451.38 KB, 1416x1476, foodstuffs.jpg)

No. 1081510

No Orange Mayo Zone

Previous Thread: >>1078038
Ruso-Ukranian War Thread: >>1080706

No. 1081516

File: 1646305951699.jpeg (101.39 KB, 640x692, 7A61F047-DD9B-4A95-81D4-E5B25E…)

>map shows nothing but alcohol cheese and cured meat
How to know a scrote made a map

No. 1081519

kek at iceland

No. 1081520

It's heartwarming that we're all united by a love for pancakes

No. 1081521

Women don't eat mezze in your country at all?

No. 1081526

where is slovak palacinka

No. 1081527

I will not stand for alcohol, meat and cheese slander how dare you. Also now i’m craving pancakes.

No. 1081533

Does this map still have yugoslavia on it lol

No. 1081536

I-I love my country's cheese tho

No. 1081539

this. the selection for italy is so bland

No. 1081541

let's do a map with pastries or desserts next

No. 1081542

Now I want to eat a whole wheel of cheese.

No. 1081551

Gorgonzola is my drug. I want to eat it drink it inhale it inject it

No. 1081567

File: 1646307900791.jpg (208.16 KB, 1200x1145, d96fb855b5f86e8b3e61a3538cf7e8…)

No. 1081578

>icelandic treat is just oatmeal
Guys i think they need humanitarian help

No. 1081579

The Spanish one looks like a sausage. I want to try šakotis, it looks trippy

No. 1081590

Nonnas what are the two most beautiful places in your country?

This, I wonder how to eat that.

No. 1081593

Me too, I even eat it on pasta and pizza. The smell and look are horrible when you cook it, but the taste is amazing.

No. 1081600


No. 1081613

There was a pizza place I regularly ordered from that made my favourite pizza ever - sour cream base, completely covered in gorgonzola, some ham slices, fresh tomato slices, and lots of diced roasted almonds. Mmmmmmmm

No. 1081672

>basically tiny pancakes
smh can't escape the pancakes

No. 1081679

I want to see a map like these ones but with fried dough

No. 1081686

File: 1646311041238.jpg (154.36 KB, 880x901, q91px0vclns71.jpg)

Couldn't find it, sorry

No. 1081699

No. 1081710

Never had it but Madarica looks delicious

No. 1081711

>no pikelets

No. 1081718

I love my cheese continent!

No. 1081750

torrone and nougat ooooooooof so sugary they make my teeth hurt but it's so good

No. 1081906

I used to make Victoria sponges for my grandad. He adored it, when he was dying I would make it for him and my mum would cut it up into small pieces and feed it too him. I haven’t made it since he died.

No. 1081978

File: 1646323303790.jpg (255.83 KB, 1151x1738, bijela-pita-kore-madarica-blag…)

It's very simple to make and delicious, I also recommend bijela pita

No. 1081990

The local currency is dropping at the speed of light and my mother told me to start buying products in batches in case they will be even more expensive in the future

No. 1081992

OK what kind of troll added "surströmming" of all things?

I'm sorry for your loss nona.
One of mmy best memories from England was eating Victoria cake.

No. 1082013

File: 1646324795912.jpeg (73.35 KB, 940x1074, 33fa5b7aa58cac826bc3.jpeg)

And boem kocke… invert color mađarica… mmmmm I'm hungry

No. 1082049


No. 1082058

Do you have a recipe you suggest following? I had never heard of it before but want to try it!

No. 1082067

This recipe seems pretty similar to what we do, everyone just adjust ingredients to their taste
(the first recipe has better pics and instructions but it applies to the second too)

No. 1082078

>every caption has the name of the product, of course
>second sardinian product just has "Sardegna"
Is it oil? Is it mirto or fil e ferru (but it looks too green for both)? Who knows…

No. 1082083

Thanks anon! I think I have everything so I'll give it a try this weekend.

No. 1082092

I want to eat them all.

No. 1082145


No. 1082186

Why is your valuta plummeting? Does it have to do with the Ukraine crisis?

No. 1082216

File: 1646331632769.jpeg (154.13 KB, 1388x539, F326B9EA-1B9B-4A2C-8052-600B07…)

wohohohoooooly fucking shit

No. 1082242

That graph is kinda misleading, it looks like a big drop but look at the numbers on the left. It went from 0.0028 to 0.0026

No. 1082255

nta but that's a drop of over 7%, pretty sure that's a lot in currency.

No. 1082266

File: 1646333417412.jpg (42.1 KB, 800x800, olio-sardo-dop.jpg)

yes it looks like this oil here. maybe whoever made the map thought Sardegna was the name of the oil kek

No. 1082282

This thread so slow now

No. 1082287

this map includes our Maltese nonas and that makes me happy

No. 1082296

Yeah and the war thread is absolute shit.. They're not even on topic there anymore.

No. 1082298

I do not believe there are any maltese lolcow users

No. 1082301

If it's slow then let's talk more about Euro stuff. (the first one is a shitty video intro, ignore it)

No. 1082305

Immediate flashbacks to primary school. Help.

No. 1082311

Sandstrom mainittu! TORILLE!

No. 1082313

Woke up, saw the new thread, scrolled,
closed it, will never check again kek

No. 1082314

The vibe in many of these songs get me sad and I don't understand why. It's not even nostalgia, I don't enjoy that sort of music really. Weird. What's wrong with me anons?

No. 1082322

File: 1646335028860.jpg (90.41 KB, 1276x1253, mr worldwide.jpg)


No. 1082325


No. 1082327

Another idea, let's share rare WTF music videos we know

No. 1082328

Kek, thanks anon for taking the time to search for it!

No. 1082330

devolved into white and black americans shitting on each other

No. 1082331

Not a music video, but I enjoyed it

No. 1082334

No. 1082336

>random gymnast
>filthy frank before filthy frank
>underwater diving ladies
>snake lady
And I lost it when he rides across the sky in his shoe.

No. 1082337

Do we have any anons from Andorra? Monaco? Cyprus? Liechtenstein? San Marino? VATICAN???!!

No. 1082345

Kekkk I'm french and when I was in Sweden they kept playing this shitty german song over and over again at the club.
An absolute cultural uniter

No. 1082347

I've never seen this episode of Star Trek

No. 1082350

What is up with helicopters?!

No. 1082354

Oh boy even I know that one.
Btw can any nonna help me remember which song this used as a base?

No. 1082357

Bless the nona who shared this with me

No. 1082360

I can't watch it because "this video was blocked in your country by the uploader" kek
What was the name of it nonna?

No. 1082362

I love this stupid video
Wow they have nice moves

No. 1082364

not rare but I want to share it with my french nonnies
unironically good and immaculate vibes, I love finns

No. 1082365

>Helikopter 117: Cultural uniter
>Was ist dein Lieblingsfach?: Cultural reseter
Thank you for your service, Germany

No. 1082370

Hot, Infinity 2008, STEREO LOVE these take me back to a much better time. But I can't be the only one who missed vidrel in that list right?

No. 1082372

Also this one, who can forget Nena?

No. 1082374

Prince Karma - Later Bitches
A recent popular club song

No. 1082376

Don't forget our Italian boys, Eiffel 65
Kek that was great

No. 1082378

That was my childhood song

No. 1082380

oh so this is where Albert Heijn gets their playlist from

No. 1082384

This was my edgy jam in middle school, kek

No. 1082385

Damn this is fucking bop

No. 1082388

I don't recognize this one but damnit I love the angsty emo 2008 animation

No. 1082393

KEK love u

No. 1082395

Kek reminded me of this, wew

No. 1082398

Indira was what every zoomer girl wants to be today, also holy crap she has cow print nails in this video. My queen

No. 1082400

What are your most funny misheard lyrics moments?
>me at 5 singing "sex bomb" as "sechs bomb" (6 bomb)
>a school friend told my mom the song chiquitita from ABBA was actually čika tito LMFAO

No. 1082408

I came across a different song of Anna Blue a while ago (Silent Scream) and I can't figure out who she is? Is she like an internet-only artist or something? My 13 year old self would've fucking loved those type of songs.

No. 1082416

Does anyone recognize this banger?

No. 1082426

>Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way
My retarded 8 yo non-englo ass thought it was "Ketchup" instead of "con job", so I called it the ketchup chili peppers song
She was some kind of crazy frog-esque entity created to appeal to emo tweens, it's German but the musics got translated in French and English. I remember finding out about her in a phone ringtone ad on tv

No. 1082431

The song you're in the army now, until I was like 13 I thought it said you're in the yummy now and I never thought about whether that makes sense
The anime pictures really make this video a historical piece of art.

No. 1082434

I remember singing along to She Wolf and my mom telling me to not sing that bad song again. 8 year old me only understood the "wolf" part and didn't understand why it was inappropriate for an 8 year old kek. Also songs like Bleeding Love, Please Don't Stop The Music, I wonder what my mom must've thought when I played songs like that and had absolutely no clue what they were about.

No. 1082437

I remember this being played on Toggo

No. 1082439

omg She Wolf, was obsessed with this song. Had the same exp as you but with Cassie Me & U, I didn't understand at the time how sexual it was

No. 1082445

I can't remember any specific misheard lyrics but I (and pretty much every child I think) used to sing to English songs just with gibberish. I wish I could go back to that sometimes, just not knowing English.

No. 1082451

Was forcing my mom to listen to it every morning in the car while driving to elementary school

No. 1082471

I am still obsessed with this song

No. 1082489

Oh my goodness I cringe so hard remembering how earnestly I sang songs with inappropriate themes, unknowingly. She Wolf is nonetheless a very addictive song.

No. 1082497

Vagina Pineapple

No. 1082503

the fucking yodeling lmfao

No. 1082506

what are your favourite uk cities/places outside of london? or places you would like to visit?

No. 1082507

Is it a song for the beach or for the mountains??

No. 1082512

I want to go to Scotland and fight a capercaillie

No. 1082517


No. 1082538

The Lake District & Bath

No. 1082546

File: 1646339639445.jpg (292.46 KB, 1280x1905, a0a014b3df32e90ed69f2095e1cb4e…)

Edinburgh because I'm a fucking normie

No. 1082556

File: 1646339829705.jpg (960.49 KB, 2500x1667, rye-east-sussex-1620901471.jpg)

Rye. It looks like something from a nursery rhyme or fairytale

No. 1082566

Guys I'm sorry the but D-D- ah frick im so sorr- DARK ah i can't hold it back DARK ACADEMIA HNGHNGH adds to my pinterest board

I love how Edinburgh is in view of this big serene mountain too, I really just want to go there at the end of summer, like whilst it's still warm but the trees are reddening.

No. 1082570

Pretty. Looks a bit like Alsace and Germany, I love timber framed houses

No. 1082604

The isle of man

No. 1082608

File: 1646341213853.jpg (9.96 KB, 425x255, 41 Yce6qHAL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Their flag makes me cackle so hard, wtf is thiiiis

No. 1082613

kek its a femur fibia fidget spinner duhhh

No. 1082621

File: 1646341523061.jpg (28.2 KB, 850x555, Bandiera-della-Regione-Sicilia…)

It wishes it could be this

No. 1082629

Radfem lolcow users on their way to carry out a drone strike on this place for the name alone.
NO WTF i love hate that so much. Sicily my beloved never change

No. 1082632

A very heavy boomerang

No. 1082646

This embarrassing thing

No. 1082676

I really love cheesy cyberpunky music videos

No. 1082680

Where are they going? Where are they running?

No. 1082713

I am physically cringing oh myyyyyy goood
Me too

No. 1082770

File: 1646346078211.jpg (132.36 KB, 1066x1070, 3b70f71c7286868a1d478a9143a885…)

I'm trying to sleep early but I can't. I'm pregnant with not one, but two kebabs right now.
And you know what I did after eating my two kebabs nonnies, huh?
I sauced the oil from the pan in which I cooked my meat with baguette bread.

No. 1082779

No. 1082791

Can we still post about russia and ukraine in here? The other thread reads almost 1:1 like a 4chan/pol thread, I doubt even half of it are actual farmers

No. 1082796

turned into a complete schizo AMERICANS REEEEE (??) shitfest, I don't know because at the same time I was happy to get the thread back wo the retards

No. 1082954

File: 1646350917639.jpeg (493.2 KB, 1200x1200, 14F6AFB6-FA30-4F82-96EC-0218DF…)

Dutch explain yourselves

No. 1082966

idk it seems nice and quiet on this thread right now. It was so rowdy before, it is good to separate the topic from here as there is too much infighting and sperging

No. 1082986

File: 1646351538864.jpg (25.05 KB, 564x499, 84b6084bd4a41bd5f5fd662f7a65b8…)

Poopy hands make great food

No. 1082997

I'm sorry, I didn't follow the thread, I just read poffertjes (my go to username everywhere, no, I'm not dutch) and saw Pfannkuchen placed in the middle of Germany (Pfannkuchen is also named Berliner and Krapfen, if you are German, you will understand my pain) and I saw everyone posting "funny" music and I had to think about music from my childhood. So, have the vengabus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zbi0XmGtMw

78% in Germany, kek, they had to teach people how to wash their hands as Covid arrived and now most people don't care anymore. Would say 40% wash their hands after using the toilet.

No. 1083040

>no data norway
>me continuing my life as an absolute germophobe, washing myself raw thinking abt how dirty people can be

Also no fucking way brits are that clean lmao

No. 1083063

That's the spice melange

No. 1083068

I can only speak for Spain but I think it’s more like 10% if it’s with soap. But most people just kind of run their hands under the faucet for a few seconds and call it a day kek

No. 1083132

after all they do more than most Germans do, as far as I could see it. In Germany it's mostly filling your water bottle and leaving the loo without your hands ever touching the water.

No. 1083396

Wtf are you from berlin or something

No. 1083408

no, another large city in Germany, Hamburg. It's just what I've encountered so far and be assured, I wash my hands every time, I didn't grew up in Hamburg, so I'm different, kek.

No. 1083460

kekkk me too nonna, now I'm really curious though, did you see this in public toilets, at work, school/uni etc? Our tab water tastes so bad too.

No. 1083707

>in the army now
I always heard you are miau misau kek

No. 1083713

Seid ihr beide aus Hamburg? Ja moin moin

No. 1083860

b-but I always see everyone washing their hands in public toilets?
Maybe it's at home?

No. 1083893

we said no burgers in this thread

No. 1083905

yes they wash at public probably because it's other people's dirt around and don't wash at home because my dirt no dirt

No. 1083951

Things that shattered my innocence in adulthood:
>This pic.
>That one thread on reddit where I realised people don't wash their feet

No. 1084006

I used to never wash my feet when I was a kid and one day my mom told me that if I didn’t, my toes would glue together and I’d have perma duck feet. Freaked me out so much

No. 1084042

Dutch scrotes don't wash their hands, notice how it's 50%?

No. 1084070

Dutch scrotes dont wash, period

No. 1084098

i was about to object, then I remembered most of my collegues aren't hamburg natives

No. 1084100

our water tastes quite good, so no problem there. The not washing your hands, I saw it everywhere, mostly "school" at the moment. But those people are all grown ups and we even have warm water, so no reason to avoid washing your hands, kek.


we are the tasty kind of burgers, lol.

it's very different, I've mostly seen it at public places that people didn't wash their hands. The first thing I do, when I come home, I wash my hands, but my boomer parents nearly never wash their hands. Maybe it has something to do with the time you grew up in or my parents are just lazy and stupid.

No. 1084125

File: 1646399389737.png (700.85 KB, 1103x741, 1.png)

>The first thing I do, when I come home, I wash my hands, but my boomer parents nearly never wash their hands.
Same, I hate it it's so annoying. My dad is always in the kitchen cooking and I never saw him washing his hands beforehand. Maybe that's why I never get stomach bugs kek, maybe my body is super used to nasty hand cooking.

Have some cringe maps, picrel is most attractive euro women according to r*ddit

No. 1084128

>Vatican: 0
You don't say

No. 1084131

File: 1646399620954.png (312.68 KB, 1280x635, mz7jysI4fj1rasnq9o1_1280.png)

and according to 4chin /int/, not eurocentric but you can tell the moids were all from America because of the way they bash their own women. Disgusting. Good to know burger women have decency and reject their nasty dicks

No. 1084134

Americans reallt are racist, misogynistic pigs.

No. 1084136

i am eng and feel sad looking at that

No. 1084137

Sometimes i miss int but really no, i dont

No. 1084139

I miss Krautchan's /int/. Specifically the city architecture threads or How I Learned To Love Brutalism

No. 1084140

File: 1646400052340.jpg (45.29 KB, 564x576, 2c8fbd2c06a017e05ede33415a9777…)

What Japan thinks of Europe

No. 1084141

File: 1646400062301.png (116.74 KB, 837x634, macron.png)

You'll always be pretty to me britbong chan. Who needs nasty scrote approval when you have mine

No. 1084143

File: 1646400101245.jpeg (383.96 KB, 2381x1695, 0268E0E9-42D3-4080-9B31-B9CCFB…)

>all of Europe is hot except for England
sobbing y-you’re just jealous because we have the Beatles!!!!

No. 1084144

No. 1084145

anon thank u, your opinion means more to me than a moids ever will

No. 1084146

File: 1646400228356.jpeg (28.77 KB, 236x320, 26D2D159-038F-4BD6-8FB1-F1F4F8…)

>the Spanish sleep on the floor
Don’t the Japanese sleep on the floor though? Not that there’s anything wrong with it. If it’s comfy and cost affective then whatever.

No. 1084147

>like Turkey
What did they mean with this?

No. 1084148

> Hungary: Slanty-Eyed
> Czech Republic: Slanted Eyes

No. 1084149

They like turkey

No. 1084150

>Finland is just "like Finland"

No. 1084151

French women are bowlegged?

No. 1084152

>bulgaria: children do not cry
>croatia: do not cry
kek japan wtf are you on

No. 1084155

considering 4chan i'm actually somehow a little surprised that Japanese and Korean women are only "tolerable" in their opinion

No. 1084157

probably they like turkey meat

No. 1084158

File: 1646400491364.jpeg (192.1 KB, 956x637, Europe-According-to-Russia1.jp…)

found this

No. 1084162

File: 1646400730658.jpg (132.04 KB, 800x600, w legs.jpg)

Yes and
>French women are bowlegged

No. 1084163

>Southern Russia
well that has a different meaning in march 2022

No. 1084164

>do not cry
But I cried so hard after watching The Good Place and Idolm@ster: Cinderella girls

No. 1084165

I'm crying
>earthquake prone
>live long
>slanted eyed
>eat with chopsticks
Why is it basically just a big projection of Japan lmfaoo

No. 1084168

>Romania: crazy
kek but I can confirm there's a lot of crazy idiots here

No. 1084169

No. 1084170

it is actually like they described themselves

No. 1084171


No. 1084173

well tbf they are their own point of reference right? Not a whole lot of non-Japanese blood or multicultures in Japan.

No. 1084177

Actually, pretty sure this is what countries think about japan

No. 1084178

I don't get the thin women part, like yeah Italian sizes are super slim and small but why is that the thing that stands out to you compared to everything else? Especially when Asia is full of ana chans.

No. 1084181

Sweden being "group sex" makes sense and I cannot even explain why

No. 1084184

It's a map of what those countries think when they hear Japan, not vice versa

I'm still giggling at that

No. 1084189

I like how that changes the perspective in racism, kek

No. 1084192

> Slanty-Eyed
> Slanted Eyes
kek definitely

No. 1084198

>make cars that rust
Poland has beef with Japan

No. 1084201

Omg I posted that, it makes so much more sense now. I am such an idiot kek

No. 1084202

File: 1646401704064.png (386.01 KB, 1421x1080, tabacco.png)

I didn't know Greeks were huge smokers

No. 1084203

File: 1646401735566.jpeg (106.82 KB, 800x645, 0426DB9F-3A1A-4405-8843-A8B6B2…)

Here nona

No. 1084204

File: 1646401754817.png (235.64 KB, 600x613, url(4).png)

I googled it and got this for what Japan thinks of Europe

No. 1084207

>Can't eat potatoes
Someone explain

No. 1084208

cracked me up

No. 1084209

>good at tennis
That just reminds me how recently people gave Novak Đoković the nickname No-Vax Joke-ovic

No. 1084211

This one is really making me kek

No. 1084212

Famine during soviet era probably

No. 1084215

Same, gotta love how blunt the Japanese are

No. 1084220

>financial collapse
okay bubble economy

No. 1084224

File: 1646402198476.png (389.44 KB, 1200x954, europe-obesity-2.png)

I did not know Turkey has a big amount of fat people?

No. 1084225

We have a saying in Serbia when someone smokes a lot, they "smoke like a Turk". The saying has been outdated for several years now as we surpassed Turks in smoking habits but people still use it.
Smoking is still allowed in restaurants, clubs etc. here. Cigs are not as expensive as they should be to dissuade people from consuming.
I wish we had stronger anti-smoking campaigns.
t. Ex-smoker from Serbia

No. 1084230

KEK wtf they keep putting us in anime and shit i thought they liked us more

No. 1084240

File: 1646402646380.jpg (91.75 KB, 640x640, cailler.jpg)

Damn skinny swiss despite all of the good chocolate

No. 1084243

Tbh obesity is a bit weird in this day and age. Did you see reports how fast food is making people in poorer countries more obese? I saw a docu on that in Africa, if both parents are working it's cheaper to buy junk food than cook something proper. That aside, there's definitely less pressure to be skinny in eastern europe and turkey and there's a LOT of meat dishes.

No. 1084245

Hey dude, the mafia is badass

No. 1084246

yeah but everything is super expensive kek

No. 1084249

Yeah the poorest countries usually have the highest obesity rates and it's so sad. It's so much cheaper for them to buy soda, chips and junk food meals to feed their families. The companies prey on them. It's disgusting.

No. 1084251

File: 1646403078701.jpg (59.69 KB, 600x326, obesity.jpg)

Oh wow

No. 1084253

It's sad that nearly all of Europe has a fifth to a third of it's citizens obese. That's a lot.

No. 1084261

Yakuza ♥ Italy

No. 1084264

File: 1646403356553.jpeg (153.93 KB, 1500x1199, CipaAq6UgAASXfp.jpeg)

Europe according to the Chinese

> Likes to fight

No. 1084267

I think it depends on height as well. My grandfather was 185cm and 115kg, he didn't look fat but he had obese BMI.

No. 1084268

File: 1646403416547.jpg (2.97 MB, 2399x1467, Cornelis_de_Vos_-_Triumph_of_B…)

Yes and I expect it's going to get worse in the future. Damn, destined to be fatties

No. 1084271

I think China has literally only a positive stereotype about the UK and Ukraine

No. 1084272

It's yoghurt-induced, not milk-induced
Get it right

No. 1084273

> france
> so many black people

No. 1084282

File: 1646403921431.jpg (124.13 KB, 836x960, 6s11flUXwa1L6Mo7Vd_GZ_jSQ4q3cY…)

Since there are so many Finnish Anons. Do you agree with this map?

No. 1084283

ok china actually based
t polanon(moid)

No. 1084290

Youre telling me finns arent hairy

No. 1084292

>random poor countries
don't the Baltics have like the highest welfare amongst the ex-soviet countries? I thought things were reasonable there.

No. 1084293


No. 1084297

Which country do you think has the most autism in the population? I’d say Iceland. Even the way they speak they all sound like they have a severe case of the ‘tism. Also a lot of them are completely dead eyed even when they laugh.

No. 1084300

Sounds cute

No. 1084303

nice bait

No. 1084306

Lack of vitamin D and severe inbreeding innit

No. 1084308

Whichever country has the most professional MMO players

No. 1084316

Hard to pick one, we all have a bit of tism inside us

No. 1084321

File: 1646404932743.jpeg (598.52 KB, 1200x1600, CA903999-CCBC-4122-8DD1-7DC19F…)

Finland just because of this doc.

No. 1084328

The Netherlands

No. 1084339

sweden solely because of armada

No. 1084340

I wanna watch this.

No. 1084343

Frankenstein was austrian but ok

No. 1084349

I’d recommend it! It was wholesome and cringey. It didn’t feel too much like a “look at these freaks” mockery.

No. 1084362

who else in light beige yas skinny legends

No. 1084366


No. 1084370

that makes me wonder.. what is knack? it looks like soup in a coffee filter

No. 1084382

am not, what did you do? Did you guys often sat with your legs spread in a W pattern as children or something? I don't even know what causes it in the first place

No. 1084389

Finland and Germany. Finland are the fun kind of autists who would probably have threads on kiwifarms if they were personified. Germans are high functioning autist who fly under the radar but they’re also pretty boring and socially awkward. Also I will mention am britoid so feel free to shit on me back.

No. 1084408

As a germanfag i can confirm but I’d nominate norway because of the social awkwardness

No. 1084410

File: 1646407183163.webm (994.3 KB, 512x480, VID-20220303-WA0000.webm)

Accurate t. Finland

Kinda, change Latvia to "cheaper alcohol" and Lithuania to "even cheaper alcohol". And self image would be a mix of best and/or the worst place in the world

No. 1084414

File: 1646407284340.jpeg (38.23 KB, 457x448, 11AEC4A9-4B0A-47B4-93FA-805BC6…)

I’m happy the euro thread is back to eurosperging i missed you nonnas i hope you have a nice weekend

No. 1084422

No. 1084424

same, it seems like all the amerifags have flocked to the ukraine/russia thread and all the infighting and sperging has stopped

No. 1084425

im gonna make hamburgers anons do I still qualify as an european?

No. 1084427

I wonder if that dog is okay.

No. 1084428

I feel like that thread had a massive influx of scrotes, not necerssarily regular American lc users

No. 1084430

I think this is what Europe thinks of Japan, anon…

No. 1084436

File: 1646407898280.jpeg (160.02 KB, 828x715, 2C7EB9D4-6B25-4FB7-904F-704744…)

No. 1084439

File: 1646407960862.jpg (3.76 MB, 2880x4318, GettyImages-1368837303.jpg)

kek I'm happy for us but at the same time italy's culture can be too anachan. the singer in picrel was recently in the news because some faggot journalist said she was too fat to wear fishnets

No. 1084440

Are the people of Hamburg called Hamburger/Hamburgerinen?

No. 1084445

I think a monument should be erected in honour of Otto Kuase. Earl of Sandwich should have monuments too.

No. 1084454


No. 1084463

I can go jiggle my disgusting gut and thunder thighs in fishnets in his face, maybe he will change his mind about the singer?

If your fat ain't pushing out of of the holes of the fishnets like a ham roll you ain't too fat for them

No. 1084480

They should not exist, they caused mcdonalds

No. 1084484

A better question would be which country isn't.
Though I agree that Finland and Germany are defat the top.

No. 1084487

Ngl I think the slavs and the Irish are extreme normalfags.

No. 1084491

Yes they are

No. 1084513

File: 1646410232841.png (164.59 KB, 996x832, 469.png)

KEK 100% accurate t. finn

No. 1084520

Wtf is siwa

No. 1084527

It was a chain store. Kinda like lidl but smaller. They got robbed a LOT. They're all gone now. Rip.

No. 1084530

Ireland is the only normal country on earth, we still know we're shit though

No. 1084576

No. 1084579

I remember these ads. They're not even that old, or time just fucking flies. When did Siwa die anyway? Also kek at häikäisevä henkilökunta. Such a beauty.

No. 1084581

Half of these names just look like someone threw scrabble tiles at the wall

No. 1084586

I mean to me English sounds like total gibberish, who comes up with a written language that doesn't perfectly mirror the way you pronounce words and isn't consistent?

No. 1084588

have you heard this fake english song

No. 1084592

This bangs!

No. 1084627

lol I'm the anon you're responding to and I'm Italian too. I feel like if you're fat as a young person you might as well be considered dead to everyone but the older you get (and old people stay relevant cause we're an old country) the more nobody gives a fuck, maybe cause you're not sexualized anymore.
I did not know this happened to Emma but I'm not surprised. Just look at how everyone was marveling about Noemi's weight loss.

No. 1084652

File: 1646414520209.jpg (12.84 KB, 540x360, 360_F_453071140_3s874aC2ovJXUV…)

I didn't even know Italy was skinny legend.
I remember watching a video of Marzia cutiepie back in the days where she explained that she was bullied for "looking anorexic" at school. I thought it was odd considering she was far from looking ana (just thin-normal weight) so I've always assumed Italy was a country of seething fatties but turns out it's the contrary kek

No. 1084674

What is it with italian sizing though? Are you really that tiny?

No. 1084693

File: 1646416688846.jpg (143.47 KB, 1200x800, Rza4VcB.jpg)

Yes, Italians on the right

No. 1084701

Polskie nonki co teraz zrobimy? mam nadzieję, że któraś z was to czyta

No. 1084716

kek disgusting

No. 1084736

polskie nonki oni nie wiedzą, że my jesteśmy z lc? może zróbmy szybko tego discorda bo tam już chyba nie wrócimy

No. 1084739

File: 1646418329085.png (362.06 KB, 1600x817, World_Female.png)

I'm calling bullshit on Austria's women being tall, but otherwise seems to check out

No. 1084740

File: 1646418354857.png (142.6 KB, 800x581, Male_body_height.png)

And here's the map for men in europe

No. 1084741

oh i love this. i'm a huge sucker for nightcore, it's so cheesy and objectively bad but i love it. played too much osu as a preteen i guess.

No. 1084744

idk all European women seem huge to me, like I'm sure there a couple inches differences but most are taller then most men around the world

No. 1084747


No. 1084757

Właśnie dlatego planowałam zrobić tego discorda bo czułam że tak się stanie, ale myślałam że zajmie im to dobry miesiąc zanim nas znajdą. I właśnie też dlatego nie chciałam żeby lc był tam wspomniany.

No. 1084759

File: 1646418800939.jpeg (107.25 KB, 768x1024, $_86.jpeg)

Is that why Italy is often seperately listed on size labels? Like if I buy a size 36 it's probably a size 38 or 40 in Italy

No. 1084763

trzeba coś szybko ogarnąć zanim się zorientują moim zdaniem, tamten thread i tak jest usunięty już

No. 1084765

Are they really that tall in Bosnia, how are they the exception in that region?

No. 1084768

Sizes often depend on the industry, so kinda yeah. Bra sizes are the biggest scam btw, in my country I am like B-C but in British and Polish sizes I am 36 G??? Then again I am tall.

No. 1084770

>1.68-1.70 being the upperlimit
I feel short at that, no way, other women tower over me all the time.

No. 1084772

The people from the Dinaric alps are really tall, it's more about that region. Nowadays Bosnia is a mix between Serbians, Croats and Bosnians who are mostly islamic so you have a mix in the country itself.

No. 1084775

Man, shopping in italy would make me feel really bad. Luckily there's usually EU sizes on everything.

No. 1084776

Myślę że jest już za późno anonka, właśnie dlatego chciałam zrobić go jak najszybciej.
W sumie to osoba która by zrobiła tego disca i tu go zapostowała prawdopodobnie zostanie zbanowana.
Plus boję się że te incele domyślą się o istnieniu tej strony i nas zaleją na discku.
Nie wiem nonka, ja bym na razie postowała w tym temacie.

No. 1084777

Same, I am around 173cm and there were always 3 girls taller than me in my classes and I knew some girls at uni who were like 178-180cm.

No. 1084779

I'm 1,75m and I'm never ever the tallest woman in the room. I'm pretty sure the female average goes nearer my height but the average is probably lowered by counting women from foreign descent.

No. 1084780

I'm 165 and I feel tall. It's the average in my country, and many women are taller than me. I'm just blind to my height somehow I guess. Height dysmorphia, kek

No. 1084784

szkoda, że go wcześniej nie zrobiłyśmy. Możemy tu postować, ale też nas znajdą jedyny plus, że no farmerki są gorsze od nich wię cjak im powiem co to zawsze coś. Ja bym zaryzykowała z tym discordem ewentualniee bo jak nas tutaj znajdą to już będzie za późno na cokolwiek

No. 1084786

aw this reminds me of when I was in Greece with another italian friend and she was all happy that she found jeans that fit her 2 sizes smaller that her usual size, I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was the same size in eu sizing

No. 1084788

dobrze, że tu jesteście nony
myślę, że zinfiltrują na 100% i nw czy warto ryzykować tbh

No. 1084789

wow you guys are giants, the average man in my country is 152 cm

No. 1084791

zawsze można podać tego discorda szybko n grupowym lc i potem usunąć

No. 1084796

samefag to explain for anons who were asking
italian sizing is 2 sizes up from eu sizing (eu 38 = it 42 etc) i dont think were especially skinny it's just a different system. like how UK sizes are bigger than the corresponding us sizes (us 6 = UK 8 iirc)
who is on the right? I need to move there

No. 1084800

>I'm pretty sure the female average goes nearer my height but the average is probably lowered by counting women from foreign descent.
AYRT and yeah that has to be it.
I wish I was actually giant

No. 1084801

Apparently this pic is from a training camp in the mediterranean and it was some collaboration between Croatia and Italy.

No. 1084806

oh wow I thought it had to be the Netherlands or something. that's embarassing (for us)

No. 1084808

I mean compared to most of the world you are giants

No. 1084814

what country is that? 152 sounds crazy for a man

No. 1084824

most of south east asia, like yeah we're midgets here

No. 1084829

File: 1646421331897.jpg (142.21 KB, 980x835, Asia-height.jpg)

still nowhere close to 152. maybe anon meant to say the average woman

No. 1084832

yeah that's what I meant, but men are still around like 5'2 here as well

No. 1084865

Teraz kiedy polski temat został usunięty na cc, czy ktoś założy discorda? Ja nie ogarniam tematu

No. 1084876

było mi z wami bardzo miło, niestety cała sytuacja tak mnie zniechęciła, że chyba się nie przyłączę, jeśli ktoś zrobi serwer (tutaj wstaw smutną emotkę)
mam nadzieję, że jeszcze kiedyś na was gdzieś wpadnę!
(sage, żeby znowu skrotoidy się nie rzuciły na nas lol)

No. 1084906

Fajnie było nona, szkoda że nas znaleźli.
Ale możemy nadal postować w tym temacie, najwyraźniej nas nie banują za pisanie po polsku więc czemu nie pisać tutaj.

No. 1084960

czy któraś z was byłaby w stanie wyjaśnić czemu usunięto ten temat z cc? Patrząc na katalog tam przecież jest postowany most random shit, wiec czemu nagle ten temat znowu był off limits? Chodzi o pisanie po polsku?

No. 1084973

reposting for the second time to add something + I forgot to sage, I'm sorry mods
miałyśmy raid moidów, więc adminka(?) usunęła thread i zadecydowała, że nitki narodowościowe będą zakazane, bo generują infighting + moidy się zlatują + nie da się moderować, bo jannies nie rozumieją, co piszemy
to ma sens niestety, bo z początku nie wszystkie posty z raidu były usuwane, bo jannies nie wiediały, które to sperging, a które nie

No. 1084976

and I STILL forgot to sage…
wybaczcie mi.

No. 1084978

adminka napisała w /meta/
>These threads always devolve into politics sperging and raids, I prefer not to have them. Additionally, all posts must be in English so we can properly moderate. I'm gonna update the rules asap to reflect all of this.
Nie wiem, dyskusja tutaj jest według mnie słaba, bo nasze posty są wymieszane z globalnymi po angielsku. No, ale jeśli większość z nas nie jest za discordem, to niech tak zostanie. Chyba że jest jeszcze jakaś opcja, o której nie wiem.

No. 1084995

>dyskusja tutaj jest według mnie słaba, bo nasze posty są wymieszane z globalnymi po angielsku
Ale to może nawet lepiej? Większa jest szansa że nas incele nie znajdą. Będziemy mogły ze sobą rozmawiać a oni nas tu nie znajdą
>Chyba że jest jeszcze jakaś opcja, o której nie wiem.
Tutaj na lc jest ukryta /int/ deska, jakby zgodziły się na niej otworzyć temat to by było super. int jest ukryty więc nas nie znajdą a mogłybyśmy tam sobie gadać.
>ale jeśli większość z nas nie jest za discordem, to niech tak zostanie.
teoretycznie discord mógłby być ale stworzenie grupy i jej moderacja to dużo roboty.

No. 1085013

Polish anons isn't a thread on /int/ an option considering it's only hidden but otherwise open for posting?

No. 1085019

why are there so many hidden boards…

No. 1085021

We are not sure if we can make a thread there.

No. 1085024

Euros, do you know any European converts to Islam? I’m curious.

No. 1085061

File: 1646431283475.jpg (516.09 KB, 1833x2048, 5ec3c21fe9c6ea91d47ffa541d8cb5…)


No. 1085069

>Romani farmers: haha romani-chan, am I right?

No. 1085070

what am I missing here?

No. 1085071

so many balkan states are still together in this map

No. 1085075

that's how you irritate the balkans

No. 1085103

mmh the Italian one doesn't hit that hard, try "french food is better than italian food"

No. 1085110

Sage 4 sperg but zwarte Piet isn't racist. The origins aren't even racist and the fact that woke trannies and blacks with victim complexes want to take away the little bit of culture and tradition we have pisses me off. It's a kids' tradition too, they don't notice that shit. I never noticed that they were black, I didn't care anyway because they gave me candy and I was scared of Sinterklaas lol. I get that it seems very strange from the outside, but blackface wasn't really a thing here. Only brainwashed Americanized woketards care about it, no one else. I'm not saying racism isn't a thing but I think people should focus on things that are actually important instead of nonsense like this. It makes your cause look like a joke.

No. 1085119

Yeah some Irish women left to go to ISIS then the Irish state wouldn't let them back when they had kids, this has happened several times, not sure how the situations developed, I'm sure men do it too but I've only heard of woman, even Sinead O'Connor. I don't know what's in the water here.

No. 1085122

Samefag Sinead just converted, didn't go to ISIS

No. 1085130

Yeah a friend of mine. She fell in love with a muslim guy and at the same time became best friends with a muslim girl. I'm fairly certain she just converted to be part of their community because she was enstranged from her family.

No. 1085136

Agreed. It's very annoying when Americans try to apply their blackface to us like no, that's not how it works stfu.

No. 1085150

americans think everything involves them, it's what makes them so arrogant

No. 1085176

File: 1646435976606.jpeg (237.64 KB, 1000x1080, 07C659D8-3F11-43A9-9B01-F24838…)

No. 1085178

countryhumans are so autistic but in a good way, they would have been right up my alley as a teenage. same thing with hetalia

No. 1085198

File: 1646437418608.jpeg (37.6 KB, 576x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

So much UK x France 'countryhuman' art kek

No. 1085202

wait, don't tell me you also like that one shitty hetalia rip-off that got an animated webisode recently

No. 1085211

File: 1646438068246.jpg (21.23 KB, 490x400, fc6oxqj222lq.jpg)

i don't know if this is weirdly sweet or simply retarded

No. 1085214

File: 1646438345788.jpg (41.48 KB, 640x640, 74340392_2685788048180440_8375…)

wtf anons, why have I been browsing autistic countryhuman art for the past 15 minutes

No. 1085226

File: 1646438742197.jpg (83.93 KB, 736x736, 46061d8e0c3671cb52fab09e32b2d5…)

I don't understand why zoomers can't just like hetalia like normal cringy teens, what the fuck is this shit

No. 1085234

in your opinion, which is the best and worst accent from the uk? or which do you like/hate

No. 1085238

no sorry I didn't word that well, I've never watched hetalia, I meant that both hetalia and countryhumans would have been up my alley as a teenager had i known about them

No. 1085300

Whatever you find in deepest, darkest Wales
Anywhere in the s*uth

No. 1085321

File: 1646441019944.jpg (205.75 KB, 1600x1200, 204_am.jpg)

whatever these guys were doing
idk, maybe thick Scottish accents, there's nothing wrong with them i just don't understand a word in them kek. love Scotland tho

No. 1085327

File: 1646441209613.jpg (80.86 KB, 564x1129, 92ba9437d0ee3286234caaae789108…)

fuck i hate it, literally picrel 2.0

No. 1085334

Northern Irish.
Practically all of them, especially Brummy.

No. 1085383

nonnies what is your countryhuman otp
i love enemies to lovers germany x france kek

No. 1085386

File: 1646443344617.jpeg (257.75 KB, 1024x1449, 870E70D3-7D15-48FA-A961-A87C42…)

I’m losing it wtf

No. 1085387

Received pronunciation. Not overly posh. Like Emma Watsons.
And light Irish accents

No. 1085403

My favorite is whatever accent Adele has. I'm not a stan or anything but I love the way she speaks.

No. 1085443

Best: scottish and whatever they speak in Newcastle area are the best, both so funny, I can't understand it most of the time but I enjoy how it sounds like.
Worst: Posh London accent

No. 1085593

Idk if any nonnies here remember, but there was a chick from serbia on deviantart drawing a hetalia parody called yugotalia and even did yaoi fanart, really weird considering she was alive during the wars. Later she nuked her website and everything, but it had some prime cringe kek

No. 1085598

FUckin hell why am I feeling bad for those drawn midgets. They have no right to be so cute fuck.

No. 1085602

That's a bottle with a gun and a shark with a top hat with a gun. How did the shark end up in the bottle?

No. 1085609

what porn sickness does to a mfer

No. 1085749

Can you give me an example of the Welsh accent? I don't think I've ever heard it.

No. 1085768

good luck

No. 1085984

Adele has a Cockney accent (North London)

No. 1086435

I leave for one (1) day and yall are posting countryhuman. I swear to god

No. 1086450

Spain’s Pact of Forgetting they put into effect after Franco died pisses me off so fucking much. The fact that Spain only started to really reckon with all the awful shit they did during the civil war and during Franco’s regime in the 2000s - after most of the victims of the atrocities were extremely elderly or deceased is completely unforgivable. My great grandma had a older brother who was captured by the Franco regime after the war and she has no idea what happened to him. She never knew if he was in a mass grave somewhere or if he was taken somewhere and tortured. After Franco died and she tried to find out what could have happened to him the local jurisdiction told her there’s no real way of finding out and no one in Madrid is going to bother helping her so she should just get over it. She was traumatized about her brother for her entire life and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

No. 1086460

Thanks nonny! It seems like it's thought of as kind of a trashy accent? To me it just sounds very friendly and cute (especially on women), I like it a lot more than the stereotypical "posh" accents

No. 1086466

I like it too, sounds friendly and "down to earth" to my non engo ears as well

No. 1086474

Yeah I feel like if I met a British person irl who speaks with that perfect posh queen's english I'd think that they were fucking with me lmfao

No. 1086532

It also depends how strong the accent is, like really strong cockney accents use rhyming slang. Like up the apples and pears. Literally it is hard to understand even if you’re from england. It is mainly like middle to lower working class too. The Kray twins were cockneys. Examples like the artful dodger from the film Oliver!

No. 1086540

I would say Essex accent is known as kinda trashy. Literally you can travel like 20 mins in the car and someone has a different accent

No. 1086542

Why did you leave anon?? You could have stopped this!

No. 1086723

File: 1646512251666.jpeg (66.18 KB, 664x1024, FC845059-9E45-4D2E-B9EF-F01E5E…)

Finland being a troon kek checks out

No. 1086737


No. 1086754

hide this from the suomis, they don't deserve to see this.

No. 1086775

File: 1646513312585.jpeg (260.81 KB, 828x963, DC9E62ED-0B53-4B78-BBC4-C807A2…)

Sweden? WTF?

No. 1086784

I like how Slovakia's not Czech and Slovenia's Slovakia

No. 1086853

Probably to do with the high reported rape statistics due to what is considered rape and reporting every rape committed by the same person as an individual case. Rightfags then tied this to the high number of refugees and immigrants which have nothing to do with it.

No. 1086894

I guess ‘queen’ is a more favourable search word than some of the others on here kek

No. 1086911

File: 1646521415119.jpg (23.16 KB, 640x414, 86c68f869d96fa492f013997871ffb…)

>which have nothing to do with it

No. 1086926

Pretty sure France and UK has more immigrants than Sweden but still lower reported rape cases.

No. 1086930

UK anon here. The rape rate keeps increasing. Haven't you ever heard of Rotherham or Telford?

No. 1086938

Where can I find 2020 to 2022 rape statistics? Im only getting for 2015 at the latest

No. 1086980

they literally changed the definition of rape the same year these right wing spergs started using it to "prove" immigrants were raping women at a huge degree. They changed it so any forced sexual contact = rape for both males and females, not just penetration. At least educate yourself a tiny amount before dropping your stale ass meme and acting like a retard. I have 0 issues with people pointing out immigrants can have a lower opinion of women which leads to sexual violence, but at the very least do it in a way that doesn't make you look like a racist moron.

No. 1086985

>they literally changed the definition of rape the same year these right wing spergs started using it to "prove" immigrants were raping women at a huge degree

No. 1086997

Nta but what do you mean? Forced sexual contact should be counted as rape anyways but the reason they changed it means they could change it back whenever it benefited them to do so which isn't based at all

No. 1087222

>if you’re going to state facts, at least do it in a way that doesn’t hurt my precious feelings!!!!

No. 1087283

File: 1646558485876.png (477.7 KB, 720x636, yle1.png)

hyi vittu. Accurate though, because girls are trooning out en masse over here.

No. 1087287

Voi vittu

No. 1087309

It's happening all over the west, do you think it's more common in Finland and if so why?

No. 1087358

Finland has a tiny population its definitely worse

No. 1087363

This is why Russian needs to win, the west and the world need to be saved

No. 1087376

Ah yes, like Iran where gays are killed but you can live by trooning out

No. 1087380

they would kill troons too, if it weren't one fucking tranny annoying a 82 year old senile oldman who really understand what was going on

No. 1087383

wait is this real?

No. 1087426

kinda sorta, basically one specific tranny bugged Khomeini until he let him transition and he approved of it in one conversation, as stated he was in his 80's during this and likely senile, but since Khomeini still has a cult of personality (some people believe that he never died and is actually the Messiah) they can't change those rulings

>Maryam Khatoon Molkara was born in the suburbs of Tehran as Fereydoon. She was tortured and bullied for her feminine behavior as a boy in the early days of her life. The harshest form of retaliation towards her identity came from her own mother. She moved to Tehran and started working in a saloon. Those were the days when Iran was ruled by the Shah.

>Maryam wanted a religious solution to her gender issue. In 1975 she started writing letters to Ayatollah Khomeini, who was living in exile in Iraq. She knew she was a woman, she knew she was living in the wrong body and she knew she could fix this. She went to Paris in 1978 to meet Ayatollah Khomeini in person (who was visiting France) as she couldn’t travel to Iraq because of the travel ban for Iranians at the time. She wanted to make him aware of the concept of transgenderism and have his verdict on sex reassignment within Islam. But the journey was not fruitful as she couldn’t meet him.

>Maryam was working in television as a man when Islamic revolution took place in Iran. She was immediately fired by authorities and was arrested for being feminine. While in police custody, she was forcibly injected with male hormones, as prescribed by a prison doctor. Maryam shouted, but no one listened to her. Maryam had links with religious clerics in Iran and a well-known cleric, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, came to bail her out as soon as he learned of what she was going through in prison. This incident made her stronger and convinced of her decision. Maryam wanted to undergo sex reassignment surgery, but she knew that it was by now no longer possible as Islamic revolution didn’t contemplate this possibility. But she had hope, as the country was under Islamic Sharia and Imam Khomeini was now in Iran and he was the head of state.

>One fine morning, she crossed all barriers at Khomeini’s residence in Tehran and reached inside his house. Holding the Quran in her hands, she shouted “I AM A WOMAN, I AM A WOMAN.” Security officials got confused by the band wrapped around her chest, which they thought was an explosive belt. She removed it to reveal her female breasts underneath. The female security staff in the house rushed towards her to cover her with a veil as soon as they saw her female chest exposed.

>She told her entire story to everyone in the room, all of her years of struggle. Ahmad, son of Ayatollah Khomeini, who was in the room listening to all this, was moved to tears. He took her to meet the Ayatollah in his compound. Ayatollah knew of Maryam as she had been trying to approach him for years. A team of government doctors was summoned and the issue was immediately discussed by experts. The discussion included the difference between hermaphrodites and transsexuals. Khomeini hadn’t heard much about the various gender conditions until then.

>Maryam left Khomeini’s house victoriously. She had a letter in her hand addressed to the Chief Prosecutor and the head of Medical Ethics giving a fatwa (a religious authorization) for her and for all those like her to have their gender surgically reassigned. That one daring step by Maryam changed the dynamics and made history in Shia Islam. The fatwa is available in Imam Khomeini’s Tahrir al-Wasilah (Volume 4), a book written as a commentary on a traditional theological text, and as a guide for Muslims.

and this is why Iran allows gay men(and women) to transition

No. 1087437

Trooning out isnt a thing in russia and although people are homophobic there are so man gay bars and gay men. It's the opposite of iran if anything.
Also although it's real, it's not rooted in Islam since its haram for a man to even SMELL like a woman or wear female jewelry so the way they think trooning out fags is a loophole makes no sense.

No. 1087452

Based Serbian Eurovision entry

No. 1087454

is she asking why does meghan markle have such good hair? lmao what

No. 1087457

this it peak Eurovision weird shit that you watch it for

No. 1087462

File: 1646571482418.jpg (417.73 KB, 1080x1695, IMG_20220306_135556.jpg)

Saw this in the comment section. It's a bit long but it explains the song, quite interesting!

No. 1087523

You can… Just pay for health insurance maybe like the rest of us in the balkans do???

No. 1087526

Nice message but Seka Aleksić tier singing lmao

No. 1087530

Im Serb and I don't get it why do people like this

No. 1087531


Mens infirma in corpore sano
Animus tristis in corpore sano
Mens desperata in corpore sano
Mens conterrita in corpore sano
I šta ćemo sad?

No. 1087547

Esp. girls trooning is afaik very common in Finland. I'd say it's because Finland is so digitalized. Children are being given smartphones with unlimited internet at age 6, and people are dumb enough to think it's good for them bc hurr durr muh digital natives. Also Ameriburger degeneracy spreading bc Finns have a huge inferiority complex and would do anything to be seen as Western.

No. 1087559

> Finns have a huge inferiority complex and would do anything to be seen as Western.
As in not Nordic? Why?

No. 1087560

Are you the nonnie who keeps begging for Putin to nuke everything? Where are you going with this?
To answer your question: no because almost all non-western countries are even worse shitholes lol.

No. 1087563

File: 1646579596987.png (74.55 KB, 1599x826, rEGdFja.png)

samefag, shit, i meant >>1087550
Nordic equals western in Finland. Basically anything but East. Also a huge inferiority complex towards Swedes.

No. 1087568

This is why the western world order has to end, to save you guys otherwise you will be culturally ruined

No. 1087570

What's up with Finns being portrayed like some caricature of asians, no one in Scandinavia think Finns are like asians.

No. 1087580

Holy shut this thread should be locked. I know all of you are just racist scrotes

No. 1087585

Report and ignore the obvious troll, nonnies.

No. 1087591

If you know it's a scrotum that's racebaiting don't reply. Not replying is the best thing since all they want it attention

No. 1087592

Call me racist all you want but being labeled as non-white and considered lesser humans in the past has been a huge reason why Finns do any of the stupid shit we do.

> oppressing Saami people

So that we would show everyone they're the real mongoloids, not us.

> hating Swedes

They're richer and oppressed us.

> trying to emulate America

So that we'd prove how western we are.

No. 1087596

File: 1646581034259.png (29.97 KB, 180x262, 1365457680816.png)

In case you are not baiting that image is 99% sure made by a Finn themselves kek. I laughed t. 100% PURE PROUD INBRED FINN

No. 1087598

File: 1646581115031.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.52 KB, 561x517, Partisan_attack_-_women_killed…)

yeah so the russians can instead be the menace to women and girls pic related what russians did to finns

No. 1087603

Could you at least spoiler pics of victims of war crimes?

No. 1087606

As a West-Euro Finland has always been Nordic/Western in my mind. Didn't know it was common to perceive Finnish as Eastern even roughly knowing the country's history.

No. 1087608

oh no not the reality of what kind of beasts russians are but hey let them save the world from the homos

No. 1087609

Spoiler that shit fucking hell

No. 1087612

Show me a culture where moids are not absolute degenerate rapists or stfu.

No. 1087614

>the western world order has to end
And all the women's rights reversal that comes with it, right? The West isn't perfect but it's the least worse women have, none of us would be better off with the fall of the Western world.

No. 1087618

yeah but how many countries have legal domestic violence? russia is one of them the russian men are some of the worst moids on this planet but please let's let them take over because teenage girls wearing stupid hair cuts pisses you off

No. 1087623

Wtf are you talking about, just spoiler it.

No. 1087624

we are talking about civilization anon
better then arab worshippers and neo-liberals

No. 1087627

women getting beaten up and killed is nt a bg deal to you? i suspect that testicles are involved here

No. 1087628

I'm not even the anon who said that. I just agreed with the other anons who asked you to spoiler a picture of rape and murder victims ffs.

No. 1087634

arab worshipper scrotes will rape all non-muslim women and consider it a form of holy war
the only type of people that can really deal with the followers of the arab pedophile and put them in their place are Russians, If it weren't for the US, then half a billion women in the world wouldn't have to suffer Islamic patriarchy

No. 1087635

you all can handle some reality check with your political brain rot idioticy

No. 1087637

yeah but having other kind of set of wife beaters and rapists doesn't help

please execute yourself you have already fried your brain with the idiotic culture war bullshit

No. 1087639

It's not any more common than in other first world countries, don't listen to the schizoposter who keeps tinfoiling about all Finns being troons. She's probably coping with the trauma of being involved with the local genderspecial bubble.

It's a self-ironic meme born from Finns literally not being considered white during WW2 and Sweden being obsessed with ethnostate eugenics back then.

No. 1087640

File: 1646582178723.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.01 KB, 330x480, Partisaanien-nuori-uhri-Lokka-…)

russians can handle killing kids too but oh no not the neo liberals my funny online trad larp memez

No. 1087645

File: 1646582369404.jpg (49.38 KB, 1079x1089, 59b43590d48ea43b.jpg)

>Finns literally not being considered white during WW2

FUCK YEAAH I can say whatever I fucking want on twitter now, I only need to put she/they and minor (age regression DID) to my bio

No. 1087648

Me too nona, I heard that Slavs were proclaimed as honorary POC, kek.

No. 1087649

based honestly with what I've seen come out of America, Russia might save the world. The sickest things in society in the past 100 years result from American culture. Muslims going insane, them promoting muslim culture under the disguise of progressivity, wokeism, sjws, complete insanity. They are a curse to the world. At this point I am convinced that Russia-China is better than the West after I have seen the monsters the west has created. Truly dystopian future we will have as a humanity if we continue in the parameters of modern western thining, economy and society. The American government is using the leftist movement to manipulate masses, if you don't accept rapist muslim scrotoids that have turned even more insane than they were supposed to be because America has been invading their home countries for years to suck out petrol and resources, you will be called islamophobic. But shouldn't it be leftists that are the ones opposing such opressive and insane and mysoginistic religion as islam? They all hate Christianity when Islam has proven to be so much more oppressive in modern society.

They are obsessed with these phobias towards nationalities and cultures, but yet they promote hatred and even genocide towards the Russians, but Russians are not at fault for their government. Why should I persecute, hate, want to kill the average Russian just because they were born there? They keep on tweeting hatred of Russians and spreading it on the internet.

No. 1087653

Oh shit poc gang, fuck whitey

No. 1087654

they all hate Christianity and persecute you if you are Christian but islam is more opressive in modern society and radical than Christianity*

this is what I wanted to say, sorry

No. 1087655

US is the reason middle eastern men are like this. It's haram to have sexual intercourse with a woman you're not married to, much less with a non-muslim one so they're committing sins and not doing this because of their religion but rather the degenerate culture which sees women as objects

No. 1087657

well you don't have to live in a Muslim country so you don't have to know whats it like, but I assure its a type of hell you don't wanna witness and America has literally done nothing but allow these Mullahs to take power in our nations
neo-liberal democracy becomes a competition into allow who can be more Muslim to appeal to the masses, while also selling out our nation

No. 1087664

are you an Idiot, There is a religious obligation that allows Muslim men to "take" kafir women as a form of holy war
Muhammad did this shit himself when fighting the Quraish tribe or when fighting the arab jews tribe, he literally killed a woman's husband and took her as his wife

Muslim raiding kafir lands for sex slaves has been an aspect in various Islamic societies, the Tartars did this with Eastern European women, the Moros with Filipino women, the Turks with Indian women, the omanis with African women
that's why you so have so many grooming gang cases and entire communities defending the muslim scrotes, cause for them taking non-muslim women isn't a big deal, its a holy act in its self and so they don't even see it as morally wrong but instead a righteous victory for Islam

No. 1087665

> oppressing Saami people
Sami people in Finland have special rights in their areas to use the nature as they please despite excessive reindeer herding severely hurting the local environment. A lot of the ethnic cleansing performed within their people such as banning the language and converting them to Christianity was committed by the Swedish who treated everyone not ethnically Swedish as equally subhuman, such as all the Sami children being sent to Sweden to be saved from being killed by the German troops invading Lapland and they then returned completely westernized. A lot of the history has been muddied by the current disconnected activists who have no idea what they're talking about and it's not helping the Sami at all.

Fuck off putinbot

No. 1087669

Marrying a kafir woman whose husband died at war to protect her from getting killed isn't the same as raping, retard. Every nation did that shit back then and took women of the opposing site as wives but rape is literally haram.

No. 1087670

I think it's a bit too monotone.

No. 1087679

>It wasn't rape!!! She CONSENTED to being married to an enemy!!

No. 1087680

I am actually curious, are any of you religious or are people in your country religious?
I feel like a lot of young people here (Croatia) are just Catholic to fit in and because of family habits, but most don't practice religion at all. I was raised Catholic and really integrated those morals, but became an agnostic after I saw how all mainstream religions treat women as lesser.

No. 1087689

theres rights in the east

No. 1087692

File: 1646584304593.jpg (162.13 KB, 720x540, DecisionMaking-2.jpg)

NTA, but Rojava looks pretty good and that's east.

No. 1087698

>Marrying a kafir woman whose husband died at war to protect her from getting killed isn't the same as raping, retard
it literally is rape unless the women are willingly marrying the foreign enemies who killed their husband, which is extremely fucking unlikely
>rape is haram
that's because women are considered property of other men not because their consent is taken into consideration. is marital rape haram?

No. 1087702

Don't pretend western civilizations didn't marry women this way back in the day either.

No. 1087706


No. 1087711

they will say its just bc of religion but that practice didn't live beyond the early middle ages lmao

No. 1087713

Its been great for women in the west but what about the rest of us, in Africa, South Asia and the Middle east
we have less freedoms then we did in the 1960's, how do you account for that

No. 1087723

do you realize what you just wrote? You're saying it's not men's fault that they're rapists. American "degenerate culture which sees women as objects" is forcing them to rape women? really? This is literally the same argument as "rape is women's fault for being whores" but in different words
i never did. Men in my country did it too, I'm not going to defend it or say it's not rape just because of that though

No. 1087730

Yes, certain cultural norms enable people to act out on a desire or grow a desire that shouldn't be enabled. I thought this was common sense?

No. 1087751

oh please enlighten me which degenerate western cultural customs are ENABLING poor uwu Muslim men to rape us. That women don't cover every inch of their body? that we're allowed to have premarital sex? that we go out unaccompanied? I have a strong desire that I would like to act out on of shooting rapists in the head, however I am able to control myself because I am a person and not an animal. Actually did you know animals hardly ever rape? I don't see why a society should cater to men who are literally below animals instead of just getting rid of them

No. 1087757

Why are you so bothered at the fact that if a culture raises men to believe hurting a woman for being a "whore" is good, they're more likely to act out in this way? This is why no one takes you western neolib shitters seriously

No. 1087758

careful not to cut yourself on that edge

No. 1087764

This thread absolutely stinks of smegma
>Putin will bring the fall of western civilisation and make the whole world a utopia!
>western society enables Muslim men to rape! It’s not their fault!
>oh you want to shoot rapists in the head? Don’t be so edgy HueHueHue!

No. 1087765

Westerners not get overly emotional as soon as they see something slightly disagreeable (even if your overall point agrees with theirs) and try to paint that side as a subhuman bigot challenge

No. 1087766

That's an obvious /pol/faggot blaming literally everything but male entitlement for "muh western degeneracy". Aryan white western men would rape a woman if they knew they wouldn't be caught because that's how males are regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

No. 1087768

So we both agree modern muslim culture makes their men more likely to act on their rape because of the toxic misogyny of their culture? What are you getting mad at you knob-head?

No. 1087771

oh you're subhuman-chan, figures

No. 1087772

I didn't say that shit, all I said was cultural norms can enable bad behaviors in people which they can.

No. 1087773


No. 1087777

>REEEing about westerners in the yuro thread
there's an option to hide threads you know

No. 1087781

ohhh nvm then I though you were like that other poster whos obsessed with American degeneracy and onlyfans. my b

No. 1087799

I really fucking hate western radfems do this shit, you can't ever admit that you are more privellged then us and don't have to suffer the literal hell we do, seriously what would you lose just admitting that certain cultures are worse

No. 1087804

Why can't we ever have a nice thread.

No. 1087807

Is this Romanianon or Paki-chan?

No. 1087814

Romania anon never complains about Muslims; her seething is based on the first world being rich and her country being poor. Religion doesn't come up in her posts.

No. 1087815

why are you coming to the euro thread if you hate westerners, you're only hurting yourself at this point.
dunno why radfems came up but ok

true. scrotes from muslim countries are unquestionably horrid but regular old white europeans rape and murder all the time too

No. 1087816

way to dismiss. lol. and probably pakichan since she lives in a muslim state.

No. 1087818

NTA but I feel like you're going in circles and misunderstanding each other. The tl;dr I'm getting is being of a certain race or culture doesn't make one inherently better as western christian men can be pedo rapists, but it is true that western culture has resulted in better life quality for women.

No. 1087824

File: 1646588344282.jpeg (287.47 KB, 735x499, 5ADDB807-4F92-4C99-9797-552CBE…)

pakistani anon. she is the one that usually screeches about "western radfems"specifically while also hating on muslims.
she sometimes make goodnpoint but she's unhinged

why the fuck is marzipan in the middle of all the wines, meats and cheeses

No. 1087833

File: 1646588662969.gif (3.97 MB, 498x276, reface-2022-02-26-01-43-08.gif)

because we don't have enough staff to permaban moids before they derail.

No. 1087834

that's what I'm saying, that is what I've always said
I have no delusions that men of other cultures are better but I know that Muslim men are always going to be the worst, cause their religion will always revert to 7th century arabia and the fact is that only people who want to destroy this backward culture and put it in its place are Russians, Communists and authoritarians, In liberal-democratic systems these people always end up taking power in Muslim majority nations

I ask any western woman here, other then force what would be the solution for women suffering in the Muslim world ? how would you fundamentally change the self reliant belief systems of Islamic societies

No. 1087837

I really hope Putin sees this gif, idk why

No. 1087844

I'm literally posting about my love of Orthodox religion, retard. I hate muslim scrotes too. Muslim anonny is based.

islamic religion has become worse after westerners have gotten involved, much more aggressive towards women.

No. 1087853

jesus christ are you really gonna shit up every thread with this retardation? we get it you love nuns fuck off

No. 1087857

suck jesus's dick in the privacy of your room, and get a job.

No. 1087870

not just aggressive but its precise, it will always revert to 7th century arabia in regards to how to treat women

No. 1087871

fucking stop

No. 1087874

you're more based than most of the seething atheist braincels here tbh

No. 1087884

I will post this without context because I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT

No. 1087945

please go get honor killed already and ,make internet better by not participating(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1087971


No. 1088076

dumb bitch proving her point

No. 1088712

god fucking damnit what is even the point of the EU? Human rights treaties? If all they do is warn? They're using Russia invading Ukraine as an excuse to pass laws allowing government and secret services to bypass any safeguards and allow them to do mass spying. They say servers and routers were used by the Russians to do cyber attacks and now it's being used as an excuse to go spy on everyone. This on top of all the other authoritarian laws which the government is still getting fined for daily, just no. Worst thing is that people will probably be retarded enough to support this and people outside of the country are retarded enough to think it's still a progressive wholesome country not being run by a basement dwelling incel dictator nobody wants but somehow keeps getting reelected. This after marking random single mothers for fraud and financially ruining them. This after fining people systematically outside of the criminal law system, which causes people to have fewer legal protections. This after passing laws to make it possible to lose your job for ever coming in contact with the police, even if you are never fined or convicted for anything, so good luck protesting. I'm still privileged af probably even while being considered a poorfag here, but this is starting to feel like a gilded cage.

No. 1088841

Blessed mods, thank you

No. 1088843

File: 1646657424369.jpg (41.44 KB, 500x400, how to piss of everyone in eur…)

Uh oh I forgot to sage

Well here is a map for everyone, now discuss

No. 1088846

>low effort /pol/ shitposter map
>doesn't even cover half the countries properly

No. 1088847

Lmao at Hungary

No. 1088853

File: 1646658051427.jpg (91.33 KB, 698x720, C4mjwwCWEAACYjI.jpg)

Well it got you to post, so it did it's job!

I am here to bless you with this map, it's even worse

No. 1088863

ngl the outfit is wonderful

No. 1088893

so fucking stupid and yet it made me laugh kek

No. 1088947

If someone from outside Europe was planning to visit what 3 cities would be a must to come and see?

No. 1088949

File: 1646665281014.jpg (32.57 KB, 735x435, 0f56bd4c5fa4e611fa4a84802572eb…)

Come to serbia

No. 1088951

Berlin, London and Paris, but those are also some of the most colonized, so make sure you are armed and never alone, also be home at night.

No. 1088956

Dubrovnik and Braşov and nothing else

No. 1088959

/pol/fag begone

No. 1088960

London sucks. it’s just a huge downgrade from Paris with less shit to look at and worse food.

No. 1088962

London has great museums and churches, it's definitely worth a visit.

No. 1088964

I want to visit London this year, what would you recommend I do and visit?

No. 1088981

>make sure you are harmed and never alone
>be home at night
you retard lmao do you think major European cities become war zones after 8 pm? or that we have to walk around armed? what the fuck is American media saying about us kek

No. 1088986

Rome, Prague… Dubrovnik is a good idea actually very nice

No. 1088994

Vienna, come check out the nice architecture, pedestrian friendly city, corruption and the famously unfriendly people.
Personally I wouldn't do all big cities through, in my experience it does get monotonous even if the cities are pretty different. I'd throw in something like Innsbruck or a Swiss city so you can do some outdoor stuff too.

No. 1089017

Seville, Belgrade and Edinburgh

No. 1089031

And the fucking Teewurst omg

No. 1089241

What was more popular in Germany, Rammstein or Tokio Hotel? I remember my classmates in middle school arguing all the time over which band was the best back hen we had German classes I should have picked Spanish and now I'm super curious. Is Tokio Hotel even a thing anymore, actually?

No. 1089242

No. 1089246

Vienna, Amsterdam and Dubrovnik are great choices because they're less crowded than London and Paris and calmer.

No. 1089249

rammstein because it's still going strong and it had more of an "all ages" fanbase; TH was mostly popular with teenage girls and only for a few years. they still release music, but it's more modern and dancey now (vidrel is one of my favorite summer songs, they also used it on germany's next top model) one of the twins, tom, is married to heidi klum (who also hosts gntm every year) now. weirdly enough she always hangs out with both tom and bill so it always seems like they have some weird threeway thing going on, kek.

No. 1089254

London and Paris are full of world history though. Both cities are filled with monuments and artefacts related to events of worldwide impact. London has the British Museum filled with looted history from all continents, and Paris has beautiful ancient regime and imperial art and architecture. The German Historical Museum in Berlin has a pretty good collection too, and Berlin is an interesting city if you're into cold war/ depressing war stuff.

I mean it depends on what kind of stuff you're interested in.

St Petersburg is actually pretty great too, better than Moscow for this stuff, but now isn't the time to visit it.

No. 1089256

I'm not against visiting London or Paris, but I feel like I'd have to carefully plan in which season I go, I personally dislike being overwhelmed by crowds because I'm from a small village.

No. 1089258

Oh yeah, definitely.

No. 1089260

I never would've thought that Tom would someday marry Heidi Klum.

No. 1089265

I still love THs old music ngl kek. They screwed themselves over when they moved to LA.

No. 1089270

File: 1646679313055.gif (1.67 MB, 245x238, giphy.gif)

He married WHO? I don't even know what to say kek.

No. 1089287

Visit Paris in summer it’s a ghost town

No. 1089292

File: 1646680946174.jpg (289.61 KB, 1200x1800, 1200px-NatalieHorler_Feb2011_4…)

WAIT WHAT THOPSE ARE TOM AND BILL?? For some fucking reason I thought those were rammstein members ayyyy lmao

Oh my god I was in L O V E with Bill when I was 12, I printed out a hundred pictures of him and plastered everything with them. Oh my god. I was going to their concert, but then he got the throat AIDS and it never happened, and grew out of their music before they had the concert later.

And now I hear Heidi Klum is their dommy mommy, oh my god I'M CRYING and laughing holy shit

Picrel is another German I love

No. 1089301

File: 1646681400873.png (841 KB, 873x819, 8687025020071965.png)

kek sorry nonnies, i thought this was international knowledge or something since it involves heidi klum. but yeah, they got married 2 years ago, i think!

No. 1089302

File: 1646681432306.jpg (348.63 KB, 1440x2160, bill-tom-kaulitz-heidi-klum.jp…)

samefag, this is what it usually looks like when it's all three of them. super awkward.

No. 1089303

File: 1646681458861.jpg (1.05 MB, 2712x2424, heidi-klum-tom-kaulitz-bill-ka…)

and another, for good measure.

No. 1089315

Anon, two years ago I legit forgot that Tokio Hotel ever existed.

No. 1089321

File: 1646682116339.jpg (199.79 KB, 1440x810, bill-tom-kaulitz.jpg)

Seeing at these pictures makes me feel something, like if my parents told me I was adopted or something

GOD they look so greasy now

I am happy for Heidi though, please keep them in a tight leash

No. 1089330

The twin on the right is serving Klaus from umbrella academy vibes

No. 1089410

That TH post drove me into a music rabbit hole I used to listen as a teen

I know t.A.T.u. was just a big scam for western buxx but god if did not Awaken things in me

No. 1089457

honestly? i think tom looks better than bill. i thought i'd never say that. i always figured bill would age better

No. 1089506

File: 1646688123760.png (1.33 MB, 3186x3673, Greg_-_Young.png)

yeah tom looks like a young greg universe in 3D, but bill is tragic.

No. 1089511

I didn't think someone else knew her. Good Eurodance memories

No. 1089516

Bill (? right, the one with green hair) looks plastic and gay. Tom would look good if he weren't so chubby in most of those pics. Could stand to wash his hair too.

No. 1089529

Are we talking about Eurodance? My favourite Eurodance artist is Gala. She's Italian and I've always had a crush on her.

No. 1089530

I know right… i was obsessed with them. I used to open many many tabs of the same song on youtube to listen to it over and over lol.
vidrel is the only one i still put on once in a while

No. 1089537

No way Bill looks like this now… This is making me so sad nonnies, pretty men are truly endangered species, how tragic

No. 1089539

What? They were super popular at one point right?

God listening to eurodance makes me wanna go clubbing so bad, I wish I had friends lol


No. 1089550

Fucking based

No. 1089703

Oh my fuck eww!

17-year old me is cringing so hard

No. 1089710

Here’s some eurometal

No. 1090166

I want to write a love letter to my irish & scottish nonnaighs.
I have been a fan of the interceltic festival since small and I always went. Despite a certain percentage of weirdos in attendance it is always a fun and learning experience, especially if you love celtic music like me.
I feel very close to other celtic people. I miss the festival. Let’s hope to seeing each other this year.

No. 1090189

sounds nice, i'm always looking for good insrumental music to draw to. Good music creates nice scenes.

No. 1090193

File: 1646732295030.jpg (116.42 KB, 579x579, ibbd94xab9m71.jpg)

all french and german men should be chemically castrated methinks

No. 1090198

so true

No. 1090205

>all french and german men should be chemically castrated methinks
Truer words were never spoken

No. 1090228

French Arabic sounds nice though

No. 1090327

My little brother’s alright so spare him

No. 1090343

I fucking love this meme

No. 1090544

File: 1646750661574.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2560x2560, 1477701434790.jpeg)

I'm officially moving to the UK! If you encounter a loud American sharing confidently wrong takes about europe in London, it's me irl

No. 1090560

i'll be on the lookout anon!
we need our own 'i like your shoelaces' smh. we all wear something subtly cowprint & then have a code to say or something.

No. 1091026

File: 1646772562610.jpeg (239.96 KB, 828x887, 5C605FC0-6B02-4FED-87F8-346519…)

Reminded me of this thread and random burgers visiting kek

No. 1091667

File: 1646825106097.png (750.37 KB, 1301x721, 7ir0cekl5hpCKzBds.png)

International Women's Day, Hungarian edition: in a state sponsored TV channel they called in 5 scrotes to discuss women's equality in the XXI. century. You couldn't make this shit up

No. 1091859

Why is Hungary so sparsely populated? It’s not that small a country

No. 1091911

What is popcorn chicken then? Popcorn with chicken taste? Please don't let it be that

No. 1091916

>Be burger
>Be visiting europe
>Open menu in fancy restaurant
>No chicken and waffles? No hamburgers? No deep fried butter?
>Only some pealea shit and some fish
>Fuck this shit, they MUST have some real food here
"Uuuh I'll have someuuh popecorne chickene. Comprende? (louder) Popcorn chicken!"
>Waiter looks confused as hell, maybe I should have ordered tacos instead
>After over 5 minutes of waiting (unacceptable), he brings this shit
What's wrong with eurofags?

No. 1091923

Burger here. It's fried chicken that's cooked in little pieces, looks like popcorn

No. 1091939


No. 1091950

In all seriousness, American, Asian, African, caribbean, and just about any food is better than European, except spanish

No. 1091959

File: 1646843313772.jpeg (82.58 KB, 1920x1278, DBE01D11-82A9-4408-BE13-2C85C6…)

Take that back or

No. 1091961

No. 1091962

Everytime i try some african food i'm dissapointed though. It was always too bland and boring

No. 1091970

Sorry Eurofags, I don't like to post itt, but I have to ask what the hell that is. Which country is this from? Is the pink stuff that Polish beet dish?

No. 1091971

Oh so chicken nuggets but smaller.

No. 1091975

You've probably only ever tried dishes from the big, popular kitchens.

No. 1091983

world keeps nerfing the uralics because if there were too many of us we would change this game

No. 1091991

File: 1646844919145.jpg (78.56 KB, 600x600, nhgfbgfg.jpg)

oh yeah do you have culinary wonders like this

No. 1092000

File: 1646845587879.jpeg (471.84 KB, 2448x3264, 9stbp2dcocxz.jpeg)

Clearly, you've never tried Jellied Eels.

No. 1092002

in germany it's called labskaus and some kind of nordish thing, i have no idea what the pink stuff is either and it could also have multiple origins/variations from different countries

No. 1092006

File: 1646845908040.jpg (82.06 KB, 700x525, t5465.jpg)

i know everyone talks shit about my country's food but i don't give a damn i enjoy eating like a medieval peasant.
they just hate how little we need to be happy!

No. 1092008

File: 1646845996079.jpeg (112.52 KB, 864x657, Screenshot_20220309-181144~2.j…)

The fuck is it? Escargot?

I guess you fucking hate pizza and pasta then. And look at this beauty.

In my country we eat eel with vinegar and it's delicious.

No. 1092011

it is mämmi

No. 1092014

I like every food from every country but if it has snails or frogs in it I won't eat it I'm sorry but I just can't do that

No. 1092017

Fried frogs are actually pretty tasty, I used to eat them as a child.

It looks a bit weird but it doesn't sound like it would taste bad!

No. 1092019

File: 1646846535640.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, dance.gif)

Kek I didn't expect this to be such a bop, I'm dancing alone in my room now

No. 1092024

Snails are delicious, I’m always hoping to get some again.

No. 1092032

the first time i saw cooked frogs was at the chinese restaurant and i audibly gagged

No. 1092034

File: 1646847346367.jpg (84.63 KB, 416x626, frying-pan-with-roasted-tasty-…)

Pelmeni are my fave food ever, thank you Eastern Yurop

No. 1092036

Man the chinese will eat ANYTHING. My chinese ex roommate always made the weirdest shit, like pig feet or the worst, chicken feet with the nails still intact… I respect them a fuckton for utilizing the whole animal and making do with what you got, but jesus the chicken toe nails were TOO MUCH

No. 1092048

File: 1646848418520.jpg (468.88 KB, 1920x892, 20200525_100109_3.jpg)


No. 1092052

OT but you reminded me that the hungarians deadass eat bell peppers for breakfast and think its normal to slather them with cream cheese

No. 1092055

Not only is it normal to eat cream cheese with pepper but it's the best way

No. 1092064

Raw bell peppers? Just like that?? That’s disgusting. I would accept it if it was with goat’s cheese though.

No. 1092069

Sound great i think i'm gonna try it next time i get Peppers.
You don't eat raw peppers? But they are so fresh and fun

No. 1092074

SouthAmfag here, put some rice in this and I would eat it every day. Looks delish.

No. 1092077

Pink stuff looks like raw groud meat, which when seasoned is very yummy.

No. 1092081

It's not just the chinese anon, I'm from northern Italy and some of our old traditional (and poor) dishes include pig and chicken feet, sausages made from pig snout (I regularly eat those), chicken hearts and underdeveloped eggs, chicken and goat brains, cow stomach soup, pigeons, frogs, snails, pig blood cake and much more. Europeans kinda eat shit kek

No. 1092082

File: 1646850729175.jpeg (56.17 KB, 550x309, ADF28113-AD17-4023-9B7B-17D932…)

First google result for hungarian breakfast

No. 1092086

You're wrong.

No. 1092087

I think the pink stuff might be some grains dyed with beets

No. 1092090

It already has potatoes. You're gonna be dead after that carbload.

No. 1092091

Not for breakfast with cream cheese. A good breakfast with raw bell peppers sounds better if they have goat’s cheese and crackers.

No. 1092093

You all eat these wild or delicious dishes meanwhile where I am we (traditionally) just eat boiled or mashed vegetables, potatoes and meat for dinner and that's about it.

This looks really good btw. Boiled eggs, tomatoes, some meat and stick bread for breakfast? Hell yeah

No. 1092095

File: 1646851502305.jpg (9.72 KB, 318x159, stažený soubor (1).jpg)

these look so good

No. 1092098

What's in the bowls?

No. 1092101

File: 1646851713856.jpg (129.78 KB, 940x500, kleftiko.jpg)

fake and gay

No. 1092219

just read that america is coming out with their own eurovision, lame.

No. 1092240

Leave latvia

No. 1092255

twerking and trannies incoming

No. 1092267

It's not an EBU production nor can Eurovision be replicated in the US so it's essentially just another televized song/singing competition in the US that honestly has next to nothing to do with Eurovision. How no one in the US thought to have states battle it out in a music competition before is beyond me.

No. 1092290

snoop dogg is gonna host it though

No. 1092294

snoop dog.. haven't heard that name in many years. He's still relevant?

No. 1092329

isn't he a predator?

No. 1092356

“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin good forces have invented or made”

No. 1092357

File: 1646864372557.jpg (65.46 KB, 1024x682, pigeon.jpg)

Wood pigeon is delicious in a pot roast

No. 1092365

he's not a predator, just a serial adulterer.

No. 1092369

I panicked bc i thought i posted in a cooking thread accidentally and deleted my snoop post sorry!

No. 1092487

File: 1646872651398.png (316.67 KB, 640x480, waaaah.png)

>Fine dining and fancy technique cuisine
>Almost chemistry tier approach to gastronomy
>Also cooks random stuff like frogs, pigeons, brains, tripes and snails, just because
>Tricks the elite into thinking it's hot shit
>Keeps the dope regional meals away from foreigners
>French cuisine inscribed on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list
>Pasta-steak-avocado-toasts-everyday bros in shambles over it
>Cries about overrated fwench cooeesine over their mac & cheese
>Meanwhile French gastronomy and tourism generates 70 billion euros per year
Liberté égalité fraternité, gatekeep gaslight girlboss

No. 1092520

"there is nothing new under the sun"

No. 1092871

i audibly gasped at the fact that snoop dogg is married, i never knew

No. 1093140

NGL I could eat mämmi every day for the rest of my life. Spicy exotic food is overrated.

No. 1093161

Everything about him is so cringe

No. 1093829

File: 1646981436486.jpg (129.6 KB, 814x1112, FNVYnzsWQAMAMNE.jpg)

he's crying

No. 1093830

No. 1093834

Late but körözött (curd cheese mixed with onion and spices)& tepertő (deep fried pork rinds). Also raw ball pepper is delicious kek i love the crunch

No. 1093838

Any other euro who calls bell peppers paprika? I’m sure no european language calls them bell peppers

No. 1093852

Hunganon here, yes we call them paprika

No. 1093859

Dutch, it's Paprika here too.

No. 1093860

File: 1646984208912.jpg (72.57 KB, 900x600, omnomnom.jpg)

Yeah, it's all paprika

Anyway, pickled bell peppers stuffed with sour cream is an awesome salad. The pickled pepper's spiciness and crunchiness are perfectly balanced by the sour cream's freshness and creaminess.

No. 1093873

its papryka in Poland

No. 1093882

Ew what the fuck…

No. 1093912

My first thought was also ew what the fuck but the more I thought about I bet that would taste delicious

No. 1093982

This would be delicious with a little bit of seasoning

No. 1094295

I have to share this somewhere but since /m/ is closed it'll go here. Remember The Rasmus from the 2000s? They're going to Eurovision and god the lead singer is one particularly ugly creature

No. 1094296

it's "poivron" in french

No. 1094315

/m/ is not closed it's just that the old threads are gone, you could start a new Eurovision thread.

No. 1094322

>/m/ is not closed it's just that the old threads are gone
I know I just worded it wrong
>you could start a new Eurovision thread.
I've thought about it but knowing my luck the second I do that /m/ gets restored

No. 1094330

late but I'm ukfag and we call them bell peppers or just peppers

No. 1094345

Seasoning would be too much, the paprika is pickled and it's taste is very strong, the cream serves to milden it.

No. 1095115

File: 1647078777565.jpg (87.29 KB, 614x815, antoine-de-st-exupery-le-petit…)

French fairy tales used to be hardcore
>The Little Prince
Most popular french classic where a child commits suicide at the end
Princess tries to escape coomer incest pedo father, wears dead donkey skin
>Blue beard
Woman ends up marrying a rich serial killer moid, discovers the corpses of his ex-wives, moids gets killed by her brothers just in time, woman inherites all of his money
>Little Red Riding Hood
Girl goes all alone in the forest, meets a wolf who's an obvious metaphor for a pedo moid. Little girl is dumdum and naive, gets eaten and so does her grandma
What creepy/based tales do you have in your countries nonnas?

No. 1095119

damn holy fuck

No. 1095130

>Most popular french classic where a child commits suicide at the end
I read it for the first time just about 3 years ago and I don't remember this lol, but I loved Donkeyskin movie.

No. 1095132

It's implied, dumbass let the snake bit him

No. 1095145

Not a baguette but we had to read The Little Prince in elementary school and it fucking broke me. Like I remember just sobbing uncontrollably when I finished it. Why do they torture kids with this

No. 1095149

I read this at the very beginning of middle school but I don't remember how it ends, I just remember I felt bad for the stranded pilot because I thought he was going to die in the desert.

No. 1095165

he politely asked the snake to do that, because he wants to go home and is tired. wonder if they kept it in the movie based on it? I imagine if they did, they somehow tied it with a death of the grandpa of old age and totally downplayed the suicide kek
the fact that this and Andersen's the little mermaid were my favourite stories in childhood is telling

No. 1095169

it's peperone (pepe=pepper)

No. 1095194

Not a fairy tale but a short children's song I really loved as a kid and kept bugging my mom to sing to me, even though I always cried at the end. It goes something like this: Once there was a little star who wanted to see what's out there in the universe. She went and traveled the worlds, at first everything was fine and she shone with pride, but slowly her head got heavy and she burst into flames. In the end the little star fell on our planet and got buried alive into cold earth. The last verse is literally a recap that leaves no place for doubt "she got seduced by milky way and died, the end".
This message aimed at kids growing up in a Soviet era couldn't be more telling. Don't even dare to look beyond the border, the other world won't accept you, you'll end up buried and dead.

No. 1095195

File: 1647090335917.jpg (146.02 KB, 1080x1002, 1647089754311.jpg)

>The more third world tier a country is, the higher their % is
Sorry finns

No. 1095198

the dictatorship must have killed spanish spirits inside

No. 1095205

Greece needs a kick in the ass

No. 1095211

>italy 47%
I'm surprised tbh, thought it would be higher

No. 1095213

This. They're shitting on both westerners and easterners while pretending their stolen culture and gay child rape makes them superior.

No. 1095214

why? (not greek just curious)

No. 1095223

Why is Sweden significantly lower than the rest of the Scandis/Nordics?

No. 1095229

I'm not sure, but I think our past could partly explain it. In the 1800s the average Swede was a poor starving farmer and the culture was very much keep your head down and work hard. Many people immigrated to the US in the hope of living a better life. I think we still feel that countries like the US are superior, we import all their pop culture etc.

No. 1095231

Adding that it could also be a mentality of not wanting to say you're better than others.

No. 1095248

Ahh I see, thanks!

No. 1095360

File: 1647103353193.jpg (157.92 KB, 717x1024, 5d4fdd1a53532a76a266d96740f06b…)

Reminds me of how I used to bawl my eyes out when my mom would read A Little Match Girl to me

No. 1095429

Im done with seeing dutch girls everywhere reeeeeeeee giving me a total inferiority complex over my height come the fuck down you don’t need to be 185cm

No. 1095433

I have a book of Grimms fairytales and I adore the originals with the somewhat gloomy endings and gruesome parts. Like in Cinderella where one of the ugly stepsisters cuts off part of her heel to fit in the slipper.

No. 1095454

File: 1647109309370.jpeg (114.76 KB, 1440x1440, 107492532_3393282724065935_867…)


People here constantly complain and whine how shit our country is (true) and how everything is falling apart (true) and people are being fed shit (also true) but then they go MUH SEA MUH SEA THEY DO NOT HAVE OUR BEAUTIFUL SEA and start thumping their chests when national football team wins lol.

But when it comes to dumb nationalism tied to religion, I kind of like how Mary is sometimes celebrated more than Jesus himself.

No. 1095590

but i really wish i had that sea tho

No. 1095640

File: 1647118524059.jpeg (251.57 KB, 655x587, 7F650821-95FC-4BFB-A9DA-C39008…)

OT here is a map i made categorizing countries by their national animal.

No. 1095646

What are the national animals?

No. 1095659

Nta but a fuckton of us who live there can't afford to visit it due to work, shit pay and the high prices. Haven't seen the sea in 10 years

No. 1095671

Romania: bat
Scotland: fish and chips
Sweden: Treponema pallidum

No. 1095901

No. 1095934

File: 1647145869083.jpg (127.02 KB, 1080x659, Gross.jpg)

Honestly, I didn't think Sweden of all places would have a problem with STIs, but holy fuck.

No. 1096040

I heard syphilis came back and was really surprised. But the reason was because of gay scrote tourists and troons in Stockholm fuck around too much without protection. I hope it doesn't spread to women.

No. 1096247

File: 1647184768047.png (283.86 KB, 460x372, mxa098a8fwm81.png)

First I accidentally posted these in the Celebricow thread, but anyway. Have some low quality memes

No. 1096249

File: 1647184831945.png (637.66 KB, 640x754, Screenshot 2022-03-13 160451.p…)

No. 1096254

File: 1647185061488.jpg (101.88 KB, 1024x769, 6b014ed7b601f5d4f46dca716016de…)

Actual national animal map, apparantly.

No. 1096258

the baltics have good taste

No. 1096266

based switzerland

No. 1096323

It should be purple though

No. 1096409

In what way was mine not "actual" ? Hurtful

No. 1096458

File: 1647200093616.png (729.73 KB, 720x720, coincidence.png)

>Coq Gaulois
>Avoir la gaule means being hard

No. 1097277

Anyone following Eurovision? The fandom is terrible but I can’t help but pick and choose my favorite songs and have opinions on them

No. 1097290

I love how countries like England choose a lion despite not having any lions because they're cool, but Switzerland just goes fuck it and chooses a cow.

No. 1097292

I love Eurovision, it's just so much fun, and meta jokes are great; can't wait for it to happen every year. There was an eurovision thread in /m/ but it's gone now along with everything else sadly

No. 1097294

dolphin? heheh….
>in4 turkish swimming jokes

No. 1097303

File: 1647262322793.jpg (277.87 KB, 1837x800, greece_crete_dolphin_fresco1-e…)

What's funny about dolphins?

No. 1097304

nta but they’re serial rapists

No. 1097305

That's not funny though.

No. 1097306


No. 1097309

File: 1647262622556.jpg (67.57 KB, 633x900, minoan-snake-goddess-photo-res…)

I would never spoiler Minoan art, they were the most based of Greek cultures, possibly matriarchal goddess worshippers.

No. 1097310

File: 1647262678934.png (1.52 MB, 1074x1240, d8q10hz-2cb5fde5-e588-46a9-bdb…)

No. 1097314

I rode a dolphin once in a pool. It was fast and slippery so it was scary.

No. 1097323

File: 1647263927815.png (94.72 KB, 620x459, dolphin.png)

No. 1097347

File: 1647267103550.jpeg (158.22 KB, 736x981, main-qimg-59c9a53821a7cfe98b29…)

it reinforces the idea of greeks knowing how to swim well due to genocides and persecutions by turks kek

No. 1097360

Chad turk vs incel greek

No. 1097378

File: 1647269077104.jpg (133.72 KB, 1169x1425, 1647268362830.jpg)

Finland, look! We're flirting

No. 1097381

she’s too pretty for that ugly french fuck, run!!!!

No. 1097383

WRONG; Being within 2 feet of Macron will give a woman mind-shattering orgasms

No. 1097386

actually they will have their souls sucked into one of the gaps between his teeth, rendering them defenseless

No. 1097388

File: 1647269576377.jpeg (587.59 KB, 771x1052, 4AAB6B87-4C61-436A-A400-BF075C…)

This man? He looks the yassified corpse of Prince Philip

No. 1097391

File: 1647269661466.jpg (31.59 KB, 480x480, galo roman slut.jpg)

Nonna! His gallo-roman™ nose is built for pussy licking, enlightened Sanna knows it, that's why she's looking at him like this

No. 1097392

My god, spoiler this shit at once.

No. 1097395

please love yourself that thing is hideous

No. 1097403

File: 1647270297468.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1600x1066, FNAF.png)

Keep that thought for the next Fr*nch president

No. 1097405

french “people” are beastly, the whole lot of them

No. 1097406

Ugh, why did I click on that…

No. 1097409

I'll change your mind

No. 1097414

File: 1647270979884.jpeg (23.17 KB, 366x319, 2DA1C2BC-83B4-47D9-9CB3-5CBE69…)


No. 1097420

Porte nous pas la poisse comme ça, connasse.

No. 1097449

File: 1647274897734.jpeg (157.52 KB, 922x1024, 2944578C-CC9A-4340-B651-F92084…)

Spain wtf

No. 1097452

Civil war does that to people

No. 1097453

Not even surprised by the French overseas territories, given how they're treated by metropolitan France and the government.

No. 1097454

Bretagne chilling

No. 1097466

Having high trust in people makes people insufferably naïve. Imagine having to explain to someone upper middle class that homeless people definitely do exist and no not just because they are stupid, mentally ill or drug addicts. The same kind of people who then complain next week that they were scammed out of a couple thousand euros. They live in some fairy tale land and view everything through rose colored glasses, while they don't notice everything going to shit. Probably is nice and good for your blood pressure.

No. 1097474

that explains a lot about my family actually

No. 1097499

Flanders and Wallonia should just split up already

Notice how most green countries are reasonably rich countries. It's almost as if they have reason to trust one another when you live in a relatively safe, prosperous environment.

No. 1097504

True, apart from The Republic of Ireland I guess.

No. 1097506

I cant comprehend this at all. I live in Germany and when I visited both Croatia and Catalunya in the past, I was welcomed so nicely to my airbnb and could make friends so easily and have never felt able to do such when in Germany. Is this surely meaning in-between local people and neighbours instead of like, the government and agencies?

No. 1097513

You did get the touristic view from Croatia though, not daily life as the locals experience it.

No. 1097515

Yeah, pretty much. We have a strong culture about pampering guests and sharing food with everyone, but no one trusts or wants to rely on anyone when it comes to money, especially people tied to politics are known for stealing.

No. 1097538

File: 1647279216453.jpg (217.89 KB, 783x893, 8934curq9834tuq0938rtu.jpg)

Can't trust the numbers for the Netherlands, in 2019 highest wealth inequality in the world.
I just noticed that the map colored a lake in as a province?

No. 1097545

File: 1647279565295.png (297.48 KB, 1601x1440, europe-robbery-rate.png)

>Notice how most green countries are reasonably rich countries. It's almost as if they have reason to trust one another when you live in a relatively safe, prosperous environment.
That's a misconception, kek.

No. 1097554

Damn poor spaniards

No. 1097555

how does trusting people mean that you don't know homeless people exist what retarded take is that

No. 1097561

sorry for you all living in shit cultures where lying is the rule. in place like japan they trust people and yet they have little crime problems with stealing because being able to trust others mean you also act like a person others can trust. be scum and live with scum.

No. 1097563

oh glorious nippon! so true nothing bad ever happens there! we should all strive to have a culture of repressed pedophile molesters, because it builds mutual trust!

No. 1097566

Legit had to check because your post made me think I was still browsing /int/ because of your yellow fever, don't get me started one why th ecrime rate is so fucking low because I'm wasted and don't feel like debating, but spoiler alert: it has to do with corruption and the police sucking ass

No. 1097567

Robberies are pretty traumatic. My elderly aunt and uncle got robbed by a group of six or seven young women who trashed the place and terrorized them for an entire day

No. 1097568

Can't have shit in Belgium

No. 1097569

That Japan where some trains have separate carts for women to avoid groping? That Japan where the police system is incredibly corrupt? That Japan where a young idol girl reported her stalker to the police, got brushed off, and he got a weak sentence after he stabbed her in public to near death and cut up her face and she lost her lawsuit against the tokyo metropolitan police? That Japan where it's considered embarassing to report crime? That Japan where a guy ate a girl and became a celebrity while avoiding prison?

No. 1097574

File: 1647280600669.png (1.54 MB, 4096x1547, GridArt_20220314_185636275.png)


No. 1097575

Sucks, so sorry nonna. If I saw one single stranger in my house I'd shit myself and have nightmares for days, can't imagine what they had to go through

No. 1097580

Looks fine? Most of europe seems to have a balanced diet

No. 1097593

How the fuck do you even conduct such a study, have people weigh food for a year

No. 1097599

Do you have any idea whether potatoes were counted as vegetables on this map? I'm going to assume they weren't since most people don't consider potatoes a vegetable food-wise, but I feel like the map would look very different if they were included.

No. 1097604

I'm Croatian and all I eat is cigarettes and plum brandy

No. 1097606

The same way boomers who have never worked a day in retail yell at cashiers because they think they should just get a proper job if they want basic respect.

Many people from high-trust countries love to flex that they live in a perfect utopia on the internet but are insufferably racist and think people who live in shithole countries do so just because they're born crooked and stupid, as if years upon years of war, corruption and dictatorships had nothing to do with it.

Robberies don't account for insane levels of corruption and organized crime that a lot of Eastern Euro countries have to deal with. I wouldn't want to walk alone at night in the UK or France, but if you vote for the wrong political party in a small town in the Balkans good luck ever getting a job.

No. 1097610

> The same way boomers who have never worked a day in retail yell at cashiers because they think they should just get a proper job if they want basic respect.
That doesn't make any sense to me, those are completely separate things.

No. 1097615

My grill, french x croatian lesbo fanfic lessgo

No. 1097628

>lowest Netherlands
how. Our kitchen is basically boiled or mashed vegetables and potatoes

No. 1097630

I'm really sorry for your condition! I'll try one more time:
>People who have never seen or experienced certain bad things don't know how bad those things can really be just from stories online and news articles.
>When you don't know some bad things exist, you think the world is much nicer than it really is and trust people more.
>People who live in rich countries trust people more because they are sheltered, but also have less sympathy because they never had to experience bad things themselves.
>Just like people who never had to work hard don't have compassion for people who do.
Hope that clears it up!

No. 1097634

Belgium has a weirdly high crime rate compared to surrounding countries, not just robberies but just from memory they have very high rates of rape, assault, murder and suicide as well.
I'm going to take a guess and assume the shithole that is Brussels is at least partially responsible for negatively skewing the crime rates of Belgium as a whole.

No. 1097641

There's literally a whole video game series inspired by how shit the justice system is in Japan and how corrupt or ineffective the authorities are, calm down. I felt way safer in Japan than in my country to be fair and could go to a nearby conbini in my pajamas at 3am without any issue but almost every country has their own issues with stupid laws, and Japan is known to almost only prosecute people for crimes when it's like 100% sure they'll be convicted just to have a low percentage of crimes committed. By the way, it's been suspected at the beginning of the current pandemic that they also lied on the number of COVID patients by telling sick people to stay home and only call hospitals a second time once they're about to fucking die, and that exactly what happened to me when I was sick. Japanese people don't give a fuck and believe everything they see in the news by the way so if they're told on TV that everything's fine and that there's a low number of crimes in their country they'll believe and forget about that entirely.

No. 1097703

I love you

No. 1097705

Sorry you grew up in a terrible society and can't imagine justifiably trusting the average person on the street to help you when needed and not mess with you or your stuff.

No. 1097715


No. 1097746

It's not that simple though, there's a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy aspect to it as well. eg, if you don't trust the people around you due to bad experiences you're less likely to help a stranger in need, thus in turn adding to their bad experiences and perpetuating the cycle.

No. 1097747

>trusting the average person on the street not mess with you or your stuff
nta but in what country does this happen?

No. 1097761

Ntayrt either but in my experience it's a difference between certain areas rather than entire countries. I grew up in a small town where you could park your bike somewhere without locking it and leave it for days without anyone touching it. It wasn't unusual for my parents to leave their car or back door unlocked overnight and we wouldn't worry about it at all.
Nowadays I live in a bigger city and I wouldn't even leave my bag on my seat at a coffee shop to go to the bathroom for 5 minutes. Even parking my fully locked bike on the street for more than a couple hours makes me nervous now. It's more about the scale of the community than anything else imo.

No. 1097767

Idk, I certainly don't trust the average person not to scam me but if someone is hurt I'd still help them because I'm not a monster.
I don't think those two are related, especially since I live in a high-trust country where it's not customary to offer help to someone who looks lost, scared or hurt unless they ask. I travelled to Southern Europe a lot and people were much more ready to help there when I got lost, here they'll just look at you and mind their business until you stop them and ask.

No. 1097776

>I live in a high-trust country where it's not customary to offer help to someone who looks lost, scared or hurt unless they ask
That's fair, but even if people won't interfere spontaneously, could it be that it's a sign of a high-trust country that people feel like they can safely ask strangers for help? In a low-trust country chances are that people won't feel like outright asking for help is a viable option in the first place.

No. 1097844

No corruption > no yakuza > no yakuza games > no majima
It was worth it tbh

No. 1097851

File: 1647290085705.jpg (153.64 KB, 1091x1197, 1485211328428007429-E7PYDzAVgA…)

I was talking about Ace Attorney but I guess that works too.

No. 1097958

That seems more down to cultural differences. Where I live people will not initiate conversation with you for any reason, but if you ask someone for help they will go to great lengths to help you.

I prefer living around people who DNI, seems to help massively with sexual harassment in the streets too. I've seen that happen maybe twice in my life, while people from not autistic cultures say they have that happen twice within 5 minutes of leaving their apartment.

No. 1097998

oooh lmfao u right tho i dont want to live in a world without gumshoes blessed tits

No. 1098030

>I prefer living around people who DNI, seems to help massively with sexual harassment in the streets too
I live in a very social culture and people still don't catcall or sexually harass women here. It's not like sexism doesn't exist, it very much does, but sexual harassment and catcalling isn't common at all. It's not really exclusive to autistic Northern Europeans.

No. 1098096

which one of the shitty red countries do you live in

No. 1098174

Hhhhh Gumshoe

No. 1098450

File: 1647337015709.jpg (115.46 KB, 750x744, FNu_sPzWYAEWgWf.jpg)

No. 1098451

a country with better social rights
Again? They're unstoppable

No. 1098453

now i realize why nato wants finland to join they expect finns to do all the work

No. 1098954

Are you guys enjoying the sahara wind

No. 1098976

Is that why the weather was so strange today? At least it makes it feel more cozy when inside the house

No. 1098998

When I was in Japan for a year abroad I got stalked 2 times and some disgusting idiot tried to grope me in the middle of the street around 10 PM.
Never happened in my own country and I am from the Balkans.

No. 1099008

tobacco is a veggie and plum is a fruit so

No. 1099504

When I made the same joke in the food cravings thread, I was called an anachan and told I wasn't funny.

No. 1099837

I fucking hate it. It's so warm, it feels like summer already.

No. 1100750

File: 1647509857668.png (71.51 KB, 540x656, 20220317_103147.png)

Never miss a good opportunity to squabble with Bulgarians

No. 1100782

>0 points
oof. yikes, even

No. 1100796

File: 1647515272142.jpg (168.62 KB, 1080x967, Screenshot_20220317_120720.jpg)

nta it's funny, some people are just sensitive

No. 1100805

Some subreddits have that as the default iirc

No. 1100809

As a Hunganon I'm feeling anxious about the upcoming elections. I feel like they are going to be hacked (again)

No. 1100823

why don't we have the esc thread anymore I need to talk about my winners. I saw this like 10 minutes ago and I'm stanning. Good job Norway you brought some genuine weird in eurovision this year(ok there are some more entries like that but this was my favorite)

No. 1100831

snoozefest as always, no wonder us greeks are known for being late to gatherings

No. 1100839

Idk why we keep sending shit like this. Where are the glorious days of stereotypically greek entries? Who tf are those literal who's and where the fuck do we find them. I do believe it will do with normies though if it doesn't get drowned with the rest of the slow/ballad songs this year

>no wonder us greeks are known for being late to gatherings

but we ARE kek

κάτι που βρήκα αστείο με αυτό το τραγούδι ήταν ότι σε κάποιο άρθρο το βρήκαν προμπλεματικ επειδή το συσχέτησαν με τις γυναικοκτονίες

No. 1100914

Very overdramatic lyrics, but still not as boring as Polish one.

No. 1100916

I love the sassy hands!

No. 1100959

I can make a new Eurovision thread? Since almost all songs are out now I think it'd be fun to talk about some

No. 1100962

I love the demon summoning girls France is sending this year

No. 1100964

you could I'm just bummed about the threads in /m/ in general.

I love this one too it's one of my favourites. I hope it does well.

No. 1101135

Didn't know if this or the other thread is more appropriate for this, but since we're talking about Eurovision, it's so strange and heartbreaking to see a clip like this from last year and realize how unfair the situation must be for them both right now. I loved both Ukraine and Russia's songs last year.

No. 1101136

File: 1647541595301.jpg (257.38 KB, 800x500, Gwenn-ha-Du-drapeau-breton-bre…)

Corsica is being retarded again nonnies.
If they get independence then BR*TTANY should get independence too. We'll annex France and the Republic of Ireland after that. We'll become Europa Celtic Nation (ECN) and celt pagan pill all of you asses

No. 1101175

Do you think you can take Italy too? I want out of this bullshit.

No. 1101254

Speaking of europoor independist movements. Are they all a ground for autists and tards like my country?
Here in Spain you have the famous Kekalonians, Basques and then the absolutely retarded ones like the Canarian independist.
Sure they are retarded, but the central government somehow goes beyond tardery.
Is it the same in other countries?

No. 1101275

My favourite retarded independent movement in spain is the asturleones one because no one can make up their minds as to what actually asturleones means. Is it just asturias? asturias and leon? go all down to salamanca? it's an state of mind and i think it's beautiful

No. 1101347

The mezzogiorno is beyond saving

No. 1101367

File: 1647553440377.jpeg (193.17 KB, 1200x800, D8A01E11-2A52-4620-9856-082B12…)

I wanna travel somewhere this spring break nonnies. Tickets to Austria are cheap, around 60 euro. Any small town in Austria that’s pretty and you recommend? And preferably has relatively cheap hotels kek

No. 1101372

You're right, it's heartbreaking. Also damn Russia ended with a good note with Russian Woman. Who would've thought Russia's final participation would be with a feminist song.

No. 1101373

Is Spain considered eurpoor?

No. 1101396

I would say it truly depends what part you’re from but overall I wouldn’t say it is.

No. 1101398

I’m probably bias speaking as a half Catalan but to me the Catalunya independence movement and maybe the Scottish one are the most legit of all the movements. All the other ones are just not going to happen but I don’t want to completely dismiss them and be a hypocrite.

No. 1101444

why must america celebrate and make such a big deal out of st patricks day? why can't they let the irish celebrate alone? why must they be involved in everything? i dont care if your great grandmothers uncle was from ireland either. you are american.

No. 1101470

Salzburg, like shown in the picture, was nice. We've been there for one day but there is more to explore, a week would be good. You could make a daytrip to the Königssee in Germany from there, haven't been there, but it seems to be a very nice place.
Also, if you haven't been to Vienna and if you don't need a small town, go there, The food is amazing, they have nature all around and you can find cheap hotels.
You could search for something around the Vienna Woods and take day trips from there.
After all you can always search for a hotel a little bit outside of the city, public transport is good in Austria and especially in Vienna very cheap.

No. 1102079

Kek. Also there is a Castillian one and I wouldn't be surprised if a Madrid independist movement happens in a few years.

No. 1102140

Then the upper Italy at least PLEASE

No. 1102376

File: 1647616509111.png (41.97 KB, 732x441, 1537880216809.png)

How did Britain fool the world into thinking they use the metric system?

No. 1102397

Blimey, fish n chip is so expensive at 5 shillings 3 farthings sixpence and 1/7th of a pound, innit luv

No. 1102470

I have a british friend who knows how to use both but I thought the standard was metric.

Also how is kilo "abstract" compared to pound?

No. 1102479

He's joking anon

No. 1102498

British children are taught both systems in school.

No. 1102508

File: 1647622289037.jpg (91.8 KB, 912x551, hu.jpg)

He's not sadly, Lindybeige actually believes that the metric system is illogical and that the imperial system is better

he's kind of meme on /his/
>is a profensslal dance teacher and "academic"
>thinks Napoleon was worse then Mao, Stalin and Hitler
>buys an arsenal of t-shirts and dyes them all beige because IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING
>no cellphone because it ruins the adventure
>refuses sunglasses because they ruin his perception of the world
>got kicked out of newcastle university because he joked all vegetarians be force fed lard

>Before long complaints were made to the university authorities and after much debate over the issue of freedom of speech, Mr Lloyd and his opinions were effectively banned.

>A professional dance teacher, Mr Lloyd was not a paid member of staff at the university but worked there part-time as an 'evolutionary psychologist.'
>He carried out research, published material on his own site accessed via the official university server and even gave a number of seminars based on a video he had made relating to the evolution of man.
>But after upsetting the vegetarian community Mr Lloyd has had his internet access withdrawn, his essay has been removed and he has lost the voluntary research position he has held for six years.
>Mr Lloyd, a bachelor with a degree in archaeology, said he was astonished by the reaction as he published his 'own opinions' on a variety of topics and they were intended to be 'as entertaining as possible.'
>He said he was more concerned about freedom of speech being stifled by the academic establishment.
>'I think the university has made a bad decision both in principle and in practical terms. They have been ridiculed on the web for doing this and the end result is that there are now 40 copies of my essay on the web which are getting thousands of hits.
>'This was an utterly obscure website but because of what has happened it has been read by about 500,000 people. I stand by my beliefs of course, I don't think vegetarianism is the best and healthiest lifestyle choice and that is really what I was saying in the essay.'
>Mr Lloyd said the protests started from the lonely hearts website with people using sign-on names such as 'Teddy Bear' and 'Sensitive Guy' competing to 'see who could be the most outraged.'
>Among the most provocative excerpts in his essay were:'The people who claim that they don’t like meat just happen to be predominantly of certain predictable sorts: females, trendies, liberals, politically confused, collectors of allergies, urbanites, dungaree-wearers, etcetera.'
>He continues: 'The unfortunate offspring of middle-class parents quite commonly suffer from something which has been dubbed "muesli-belt malnutrition."
>These children are fed on low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt diets by their health-faddish parents, and therefore not unnaturally end up with sometimes quite serious malnutrition.
>'Skimmed milk is not for giving to growing kids, who need fat to grow. It is dreary grey water which might possibly suit over-weight adults.'
>A university spokesman said:'Mr Lloyd wasn't a member of staff, we extended a privilege to him and we felt he abused that privilege so the site was withdrawn after we got complaints.
>'We don't regard it as censorship he is perfectly entitled to set up his own website and if he has lots of hits then good luck to him.

No. 1102521

No. 1102740

i'm on board with the beige idea though tbh. he sounds like an asshole and a loser though

No. 1102812

Idk, I don’t weigh or measure anything. It’s either a fuck ton or fuck all.

No. 1102838

it's real
>Most vegetarians are women. In Britain, a person is doubly likely to suffer from vegetarianism if he is female. Part of the reason for this is that women like the taste of meat less than men. This stems from the fact that women have inherited the instincts of gatherers and men those of hunters. In all hunter-gatherer societies today, however, women prize meat. They love meat, just not quite as much as men do. The greater reason, I believe, is that women use vegetarianism to test men. By requiring men to deny themselves pleasure, they test the resolve of the men, and their loyalty. It is a very effective test of loyalty. The proof of this is that the VAST majority of men who succumb to vegetarianism (I’m afraid I have lost the figures, which weren’t 100% reliable anyway, because the accurate comprehensive study of this has not be done - it would cost a fortune, and no one needs to know that much) either have vegetarian sexual partners, or are trying to get some. Just as tellingly, when men split up from their veggie girlfriends, they near invariably start enjoying meat again. This goes to prove amongst other things that men really will do ANYTHING for sex.

I can't stop laughing reading this, this man he has no idea what he is talking about but he has 100% faith that he is right

No. 1102859

>I’m afraid I have lost the figures, which weren’t 100% reliable anyway
What an academic, wow, lmao. And I kekked at the conclusion, OF COURSE it is sex, what else would it be?

No. 1102910

File: 1647642607516.gif (1.36 MB, 300x204, 1559098955178.gif)

>mfw half of the characters in the Great Ace Attorney actually talk like this but I'm ESL

No. 1102967

File: 1647644073863.jpg (118.22 KB, 1047x709, C5N2x0UUMAAoNP1.jpg)

he's not even an academic
>A professional dance teacher, Mr Lloyd was not a paid member of staff at the university but worked there part-time as an 'evolutionary psychologist.'
>A university spokesman said:'Mr Lloyd wasn't a member of staff, we extended a privilege to him and we felt he abused that privilege so the site was withdrawn after we got complaints.

No. 1103378

He's not joking, he is the joke

No. 1104508

File: 1647768971289.png (510.28 KB, 1246x1005, B21FB14B-8017-4A41-8BC7-05EA22…)

Good morning, dear swedes

No. 1104515

Well i hate to say but he aint wrong, men lack the capacity to care about the suffering of any life but their own

No. 1104546

Seems accurate.
I hate these kind of pics though, I hate being reminded by moid degeneracy.

No. 1105233

What's wrong with Italy?

No. 1105245

The government, men and normie culture fucking suck. Only the food and landscape are nice.

No. 1105500

Where would you like to move if you had the chance?

No. 1105736

Maybe Switzerland, Ireland or the Canarias. If I'm looking for big job opportunities I'd move to the US close to some of the big cities.

No. 1105789

Do you guys think there's a chance for Boris to back out of Brexit?

No. 1105865

Am not from the UK so I could be wrong but isn't the Brexit 100% finalized and a done deal now?

No. 1105880

I realized I used the wrong expression, I meant reverse instead of back out

No. 1105881

For days there has been a long queue of cars waiting in line for the car wash across me. It's starting to shorten a bit today. The wind made car wash profits soar so I'm happy for them at least

No. 1106016

Graz is really cute.

No. 1111082

How safe is the public transit in your country? I know in some parts there is problems with pick pocketing but in terms of men harassing women how is it? Also what is the protocol if someone is causing a commotion (do the cops come, is there security on the transit? Would someone just be a kind samaritan and intervene or is there not even a problem with people schozoing out randomly)
Also what country is it if you don’t mind sharing. I just want to compare as a burgerfag

No. 1111415

Netherlands, I've used public transit a lot as a student and haven't had bad/unsafe experiences personally. I'm not sure what the protocol is in case something happens, I guess staff would interfere and they'll call the police if needed. On the train or at the train station you can whatsapp/text the control room and ask for assistance in case of unsafe situations but I've never heard of anyone actually needing to do that.

No. 1111425

France, depends where you live. Pickpocket related but I remember taking the tram in Montpellier with friends and seeing Romani teens scouting the tram (with 2 adults shepherding them) and sitting really close to people. Otherwise never had issues yet with men harassing women personally, but my sister saw a guy masturbating in the train car she was in when she was a minor

No. 1111460

My sister thinks Canada is in Europe too. And Portugal is a city.

No. 1111465

File: 1648284870960.jpg (21.23 KB, 553x456, 593.jpg)

No. 1111467

Sorry I'm a dumbass, I didn't notice which thread the question was in, my brain just assumed it was the stupid questions thread.

No. 1111474

In my city it is safe, but smelly.

Props to the driver who did not want to start driving the bus until some of the assholes gave up their seat to a pregnant woman.

No. 1111483

>seeing Romani teens scouting the tram (with 2 adults shepherding them) and sitting really close to people.
They do that shit in Lyon too and I wouldn't be surprised if that were the same everywhere anyway. As for Lyon, it depends on a lot of things, the tramways are the least safe ime, everytime I've heard of friends getting their phones stolen it was in the tram. I was going to get my phone stolen a few years ago while exiting a big subway station and caught the guy by the wrist and told him to fuck off, the bitch had the audacity of doing this when I was very sick, very tired, and while I was carrying a lot of grocery bags. The bus can really suck depending on where you are in Lyon in the evening or at night, the ones I usually take are always either way too late or arrive and leave the bus stops in advance which means the safest way of going back home is by walking, rather than wait 40min outside in the dark surrounded by drunkards and druggies.

And people won't do shit if you need help. My friend nearly had her phone stolen by two guys who almost escaped, she managed to follow them to the subway and block the door and yell at them to give her back her phone and bystanders were telling her to fuck off at first because they legit thought it was banter between two trashy bf/gf. I once passed out while exiting the subway on my way to uni and when I woke up on the floor after having obviously fallen from passing out people were staring at me in complete disgust while walking like I was some kind of cockroach. And the company that owns public transport in Lyon won't stop raising the prices for monthly subscriptions, fuck them. The only positive thing is that it's way better than other cities like Paris for disabled people, I have a family member who always take the elevator to go to the subway, meanwhile she had to be hospitalized after a week of vacations in Paris because there are only stairs there.

No. 1111565

It depends on the region. Where I live in the UK is rural and public transport is very safe. Buses are usually full of pensioners using their free passes to go on days out to different towns and villages. The downside is that travelling anywhere by bus takes hours, it's infrequent and it's unreliable.

No. 1111568

Spain, full of pedophiles molesting you, following you or trying to chat you up as a teen. As an adult, you have to watch out for pick pocketers but not much else. Depends on the city though, that's just my experience.

No. 1111791

You ever been to a Scottish house and you compliment an ornament and then they’re like ‘och aye yer like that?’ And just put it in your bag. And if you say you like the hostess’s earrings she just GIVES them to you? And then you leave the house with food, ornaments, jewellery, a pair of slippers all in your bag?

No. 1111843

Serbia, capital. It's otherwise unpleasant (not enough vehicles so always crowded, old people not giving a fuck about personal hygiene and eating smelly food on the bus) but it's normally very safe. The connections used to be good but the current government is running all public services into the ground, including public transportation.
If anything bad happens the driver and passengers protest and step in as needed, the exception being football hooligans that everyone avoids on game nights. People tend to stay at home then, if they can.

No. 1111987

File: 1648307594692.png (637.06 KB, 1884x595, Screenshot 2022-03-26 161128.p…)

Lmao I hate the rich
>It is a life for which he may not be prepared. “Will l be allowed to have a cleaner, or a driver? I don’t drive a car . . . maybe my stepdaughter will drive. We don’t understand how to survive,” he says, speaking at a table laden with fruit and snacks in his London flat, with its double-height dining room.

No. 1112093

If he usually lives in London he can just take public transport like everyone else and shut his mouth.

No. 1112095

Rich people will never understand just how much we love to see them suffer.

No. 1112098

This is behind a paywall, will someone do something. I want to kek and I’m helpless.

No. 1112101

If you let it sink in for a moment you realize how fucking bizarre it is that we live in a world where there's people so fucking rich they don't know how to clean or drive themselves and talk about not knowing how to survive while having access to an abundance of food and there's also people dying from starvation and preventable diseases. At the same time. Disgusting, I hate the elite. It's absolutely mind boggling how much they live in a truly, utterly different world from the average person.

No. 1112134

I've seen rich kids who were 15 years old and older and never washed and styled their own hair in their life (she went to a salon to do it)

No. 1112211

Czech and Slovak nonnies I have a question..
I know that Czechoslovakia was a Soviet satellite state but would it be incorrect for someone to count it as part of the USSR? I know it was never formally a part of the USSR but if someone said “when Czechoslovakia was under USSR control” would that be incorrect or stretching the truth?

No. 1112822

Nonnies, whats a beautiful and lesser known tourist attraction in your country?

No. 1112829

Anyone can become rich, or at least middle class, by studying, going to college and overally focusing on their career rather than having fun. I hate it when retarded poorfags try to bring everyone down rather than build themselves up.

No. 1112830

You can't become oligarch rich by studying and doing your best retard. We're not talking (upper) middle class levels of rich here.

No. 1112831

found the person with a rich family

No. 1112834

File: 1648370185478.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png)

No. 1112836

Please don't tell me I can possibly become a billionaire and lose the ability to do basic housework just thanks to my master's degree despite my father working in a factory his whole life and my mother being too disabled to work once she turned 30 and receiving 400€ of monthly disability aid ever since because it's just bullshit.

No. 1112841

Croatia. It's generally safe and I haven't had too many terrible experiences. Back in high school I commuted from one small town to another and the bus drivers were based, sometimes they'd stop in the middle of the road and yell at the high schoolers that were behaving like retards kek.
My worst experience was in the train where a scary looking drunk man sat next to me and started touching himself. I could have made a commotion but I was too panicked so I just ran away and nobody noticed.
And also football hooligans in Zagreb smoking in the bus, I only saw that once though.
I used buses, trains and trams extensively through the past decade and I only had a handful bad experiences so overall I'd say it's pretty good. People usually intervene if someone is being a nuisance unless they're an ignorable nuisance like a drunk or a schizo rambling, it's best to leave them alone.

No. 1112852

I meant upper middle class. I'm in med school and most people are very broke in my school but they'll be upper middleclass when they graduate. I still hate it when poor people want to bring everyone down and wish everyone to be in the same bracket while most rich or upper middleclass people had to work for their titles.

No. 1112855

oh shut up, some people don’t even have the means to study in a lot of countries

No. 1112858

>anon starts talking about an oligarch who's most likely a billionaire and has employed a bunch of people to do the most basic of tasks and housework for him
>"I meant upper middle class."
Anon, no offense but are you really smart enough for med school?

No. 1112862

To be fair I only saw that after I made my post, I thought anon was one of the basic commies who complain about people having different living conditions.

No. 1112863

Samefagging, my college is completely free and you can get scholarships in most countries if you're successful and poor.

No. 1112872

Fair enough I guess.

If it were so simple that would be great, but you also have to take into account individual circumstances. I'm French and from a big city, but I was always poor. I got a scholarship and it was enough for me as long as I was staying at my parents' place but it wouldn't have been enough for me to leave my city so I couldn't really choose what to study. On top of that my university gave me shitty schedules so I'd almost always finish classes at 8pm and I'd have classes on Saturdays once every two weeks, but it was random so I couldn't have a schedule that was stable enough to have a part-time job on the side until my very last year. I was also too poor to go on an exchange program that would have helped me a lot and I was too poor to leave my city for an underpaid internship, which means I had to redo my last year of masters JUST for that internship and I graduated a year late. Now I have a stable office job that pays a little bit over minimum wage but it's basically a miracle. Basically being poor didn't stop me from improving my situation, but it nearly did many times, and I've had other classmates in similar situations that still can't get a job because they graduated in 2020 and it fucked them over long term because they're perpetually stuck in that "no experience > no job > no experience" cycle and nobody wants to give them a chance.

tldr; you're not wrong, but you're not entirely correct either.

No. 1112900

are you from finland? se että on köyhä opiskelija-aikana ei ole oikeaa köyhyyttä vitun idiootti, lisäksi suomen tilanne ei koske muita maita urpo

No. 1112902

also if you are finnish even in finland most peple who go to upper education schools come from families where their parents also did, so basically being upper class makes you more likely to go to university. some class movement does happen but the gap is getting bigger and it happens in finland too that poverty and class is inherited.

you are typical naive person coping and hollering because you don't want to admit you are one bad accident or bad family circumstances away from dropping to lower classes. it is easier for your brain to blame less fortunate for their own situation because actually thinking about all the social issues that affect people is too much for you.

anyway finnfag thinking your situation is the same as wverywhere else is also very damn hilarious, try and apply that shit to UK or something and see how it works

No. 1112905

I'll never be rich, no matter how hard I work and I will never be a billionaire. The story that it's your own fault that you aren't rich and that you aren't working hard enough is a nice one for rich people. I've seen so many hard working people only making minimum wage and then there a those people, from families with background, not working at all, just distributing the task that should be done to other people.

And I'm sorry, in my country, if you come from a poor background, you will likely stay poor forever. If you ask people studying medicine, nearly everyone of them will have parents that are already doctors or scientist in that field. So tell me again, that a poor person has all the options only if they work hard enough, most of them don't even have a chance to get a higher degree, because their life has many other things to worry about and they can't even pay the books they need for school.
Only few people can get scholarships in my country, as a poor person you also don't know anything about it, because no one will tell you, college isn't completely free and housing is so damn expensive in most cities with a university that you would have to take at least one part time job to get by, if you have time for that. So you have to work way harder as someone whose parents have a wealthy background. The way down is easier then the way up, because really rich people want to stay among each other, the don't want someone from a lower class between them. When I went to university I was the only one in my huge course that didn't have parents with an academical background and in the end that ruined it for me. And today the situation didn't change a bit.

No. 1113068

This just isn't true, sorry. Maybe in your country and circumstances but not for most of the world so it's pointless making a general assumption like that. There are of course people that do make it out of poverty or poor families but most people who are born poor or working class will remain so, thanks to lack of opportunities, education or simple circumstances out of their control such as living in a poor rural area or simply not having the money nor job opportunities to pick up and move to a city or seek better education.
You seem to fall under the same belief that most rich people think and it's that escaping poverty is achieved solely through "hard work", when it's far more complicated than that. Also, poor people generally don't want to bring others down, they just wish to expose the reality of being poor or being working class and the lies rich society tells everyone.
A good consistent work ethic and discipline is a great trait for everyone, but that doesn't mean it's guaranteed to elevate you above the environment and circumstances you were born into.

I was denied an opportunity to show my hard work in a university-ran career event because I simply lived "too far" from inner London (I'm in rural northern England) and they simply expected working class and poor students to pay for travel and hotel fees whereas the richer students living in London managed to attend fine, because again, they had more money and simply lived in an environment that allowed more opportunities without them going completely broke. There was no arrangement, lending plans or even any empathy for struggling students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and thus we were denied an opportunity despite our work ethic and skill of work being good enough for the event anyway.
I'm sure it's way easier to call people retarded poorfags instead of addressing the inflated costs of living, stagnant wages and lack of opportunities/education for poor people in most countries, though. Whatever helps you sleep at night nonnie.

No. 1113149

wow I just love German guys so much, they make my pussy sooo wet. And they have such huge cocks too, hmmmm(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1113174


No. 1113226

most of them are unhygienic and autistic

No. 1113235

that's a moid retard

No. 1113241

yes but i wanted to let him know what we actually think about him

No. 1113250

taking the bait isn't a gotcha moment.

No. 1113258

Where is better to live Denmark or the Netherlands? Why?

No. 1113263

tor because vpn

No. 1113266

File: 1648406341078.jpeg (256.65 KB, 828x517, 1639EA7C-5D36-4375-BE4A-DD8123…)

Not really an attraction but the Devils bridge close to the polish border

No. 1113277

Why? Are you considering moving?

No. 1113298

I’m just wistful thinking about moving kek I’m a southernpoor so it won’t happen

No. 1120439

Good luck to all Hungarians and Serbs on elections tommorrow!

No. 1120491

Thanks nonna! Also, this video never fails to crack me up lmao, the cringe is unmatched

No. 1120961

Bump bc porn

No. 1121002

No. 1121228

File: 1648925800375.jpg (76.2 KB, 612x408, 950314955463dce100c4e99ee64e69…)

not really beautiful but fun, a stone called "kummakivi" literally a "weird stone" because it is this huge balancing boulder in finland

No. 1121229

File: 1648925831242.jpg (133.63 KB, 1050x700, DatE98WUMAE7m9X.jpg)

another pic

No. 1121232

File: 1648926035093.jpg (278.5 KB, 900x600, X1A9207.jpg)

there is another lesser known kummakivi/weird stone too

No. 1121277

File: 1648927542832.jpg (196.88 KB, 1254x836, 604437-910880-1287x836.jpg)

Late af cos I didn't know we had a Eurofag thread but šakotis is fucking great. It's just a mix of eggs, sugar, cream, and flour, then you add layers of the batter over a rotating stick over a fire. Never tried making one but I get a premade one for my birthday every year.

No. 1121944

The French presidential election is finally closing in next week, this was the most boring campaign of all time

No. 1121949

I couldn't thank you yesterday as i got banned for a few hours for spam trying to bump out the moid raids scat edition, so thanks. Just got back from voting, it went pretty smoothly. Ofc I don't think anything will change but I'll rest easier knowing I went. And thanks for that vid it gave me a hearty kek I didn't see it before. This wasn't his first waving incident either. Clip in vidrel starts at 6:51: the interviewer asks ''who are you waving to?'' he answers ''to the people waving, some want to wave some don't want to wave, what can you do.''
I thought that was some meat stuff and got excited. Still looks really cool, reminds me of the drip sand castles you make by just letting wet sand fall. Or music visualisations, half expecting the points to dance to the beat.

No. 1121964

Just came back from voting, hopefully we'll get rid of the corrupt fat pig. I'm praying

No. 1121991

>as i got banned for a few hours for spam trying to bump out the moid raids
They're banning for that now? Sigh.

Who wants to visit Finland with me, I wanna see some cool nature!

No. 1121999

I got banned for that too. Supposedly I posted a pic twice in the same thread when I literally just posted it once in my life kek.

No. 1122025

Yes let's go to Finland and look at nature and eat cinnamon pulla!

No. 1122033

Just say korvapuusti, cinnamon pulla sounds gross

No. 1122038

That's what I said, kurwa pastie

No. 1122085

File: 1648992423924.jpg (41.79 KB, 600x450, 03572eba73e14746aa0f9ecd8d0b87…)

Mmmm sękacz, i love it. Always trying to peel the layers apart

No. 1122100

File: 1648994087999.jpeg (419.07 KB, 1000x562, 9ED0165F-7576-42F6-9BAE-BFE613…)

That’s cool nonna, there’s similar one near where i used to live (France)

No. 1122104

File: 1648994306732.jpeg (248.98 KB, 1570x575, 68B4167A-B462-48C5-8668-F8458B…)

Beautiful! I read recently that "spit cakes" as the English call them are a pan european thing, here’s an article
Anyone want to go on a road trip to try them all?

No. 1122144

New mods need to learn to integrate..

No. 1122159

I went on a trip to the Czech Republic and they sold trdlo everywhere, damn I wish I tried it I want it so bad right now

No. 1122402

File: 1649012234123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.88 KB, 800x527, Orban-ugly2.jpg)

Forecasts say Fatpig will win. Someone please fucking shoot me

No. 1122468

Another rigged election?

No. 1122505

That looks crazy. Do the prickles make it hard to eat?

No. 1122539

They just payed off everyone they could to vote for them. Since they already bought almost all of the media outlets, elderly people from a low socioeconomic background (who make up like…90% of their voters) only have access to the propaganda generated by the government (Orbán will save us from the evil migrants, liberals want to legalize gender assignment surgery for kids, etc) and they drink it all up. Orbán's people also provided meat and potatoes and in other cases money in certain poor regions in the countryside in exchange for votes. Vidrel is satire, but it accurately portrays how they built out their empire of brainwashing and corruption (the English translation is passable)

No. 1122551

Brussels does want to inundate countries with refugees, and have kids transition though? You can't call it propaganda if it is true lol

No. 1123050

Could you post a source for the EU wanting to make sex surgery available for minors without parental approval? I can't seem to find it. Orbán also takes up the money from the EU and gives it to friends and family without consequences. But I mean if you think a dictatorship is better than a democracy, I can't help you

No. 1123068

Ooh the chimney cakes, yes, they're all over central Europe. They're all rather big for a dessert. Too big for me.

No. 1123259

File: 1649071384606.png (122.25 KB, 642x556, Screenshot_15.png)

Some went even further and made chimney cake-ice creams a thing. I cannot even imagine the sugar content of these

No. 1123282

I read articles about the Russians executing people and leaving the bodies on the streets of Bucha and immediately thought of Kyiv-anon. I hope you are safe, wherever you are

No. 1123310

worth push-ups for

No. 1123326

war thread is over here >>1094882

No. 1123353

File: 1649080748596.png (1.85 MB, 1476x2498, image (33).png)

I know there's a place to discuss russo-ukrainian war but I think this is something that should be seen in a better place than that scrote-infested thread.
Full translation and more links here, really chilling publication.
https://twitter.com/sumlenny/status/1510910740261134338(wrong thread )

No. 1123358

That post obviously wasn't meant to discuss the war. Redirecting her for one off-hand post is kind off dumb.

No. 1123414


>In the autumn of 2018, the Social Democrat-led government, under pressure from the gay, lesbian and transgender group RFSL, proposed a new law which would reduce the minimum age for sex reassignment medical care from 18 to 15, remove all need for parental consent, and allow children as young as 12 to change their legal gender


>The Higher Regional Court Tribunal of the Land Brandenburg (Germany) ruled in a landmark decision that minor trans applicants from age seven can use the same legal gender recognition procedure as their adult peers (case number AZ 10 WF 80/16 of the OLG Brandenburg, decided on 24 January 2017). They will no longer have to involve the Family Court and the Youth Welfare Office in addition to the regular court proceeding. The rule is also valid for other areas in Germany, ending a practice of unnecessary stress and delay.

Here are some EU countries proposing legislation pertaining to children sex reassignment surgery and its retrograde to age. I also liked how you ignored the topic of refugees insinuating you know he is correct. Orban does engage in venality, but so does everybody else. Europe is going to face another refugee crisis due to famine in the Middle East and North Africa. At least with Orban, Hungary won't be completely fucked in the next couple of years.

No. 1123458

Thanks for your concern, anon! I'm ok, it's mostly safe in Kyiv. I'm saying "mostly" because of a little chance of airstrike but there were none in my district and near, and there hasn't been any for some time now anywhere in the city.

No. 1123459

>insinuating you know he is correct
Wrong, I do not agree with him.

>At least with Orban, Hungary won't be completely fucked in the next couple of years

You literally know nothing about what's going on, do you? He's not commited to right-wing politics at all, he just uses their narrative as a way to scare his gullible followers (who are mostly elderly people from rural areas living in poverty) into following him like a herd of sheep and keeps bending toward any direction he sees money coming in. The young generations are already leaving the country and what will be left of the population in 10 years will be a country of elderly, poor people with no individual thought. Healthcare is in ruins, same with education, teachers are switching professions because cleaners earn more than they do, intellectuals are moving abroad, gays and childless people are demonized, women are told their one goal in life should be to give birth and I foresee abortions being banned in the future, but yeeaaahh, we have it so great, don't we??? Christ, try living in Hungary for some time before you form any kind of conclusion


I saw pictures of Bucha recently where they massacred everyone and left the bodies just rotting on the streets. Fucking animals. And the Russian ambassador said that the murders are false claims and the Russian troops actually went there to deliver 452 tonnes of humanitarian aid for civilians (https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/hunt-butchers-bucha-after-women-26627280). There are no words.

No. 1123490

How is your family doing?

No. 1123494

Thank God!! Are you and your family going to stay there or are you guys going to another city/country?

No. 1123524

Oh and btw you're the actual Kyiv anon? You're not some random anon lying to seem funny or some shit, right?

No. 1123525

My family is fine too! A couple of distant relatives lives in the area where active battles used to be (near Kyiv), but their locality wasn't occupied and territorial defense helped them with food and all that. They didn't have electricity since the very start of the war, and the connection was very poor, but it's all going to be repaired now and their kids will go for them and bring them to the city once the area's demined anyway.
My parents won't go anywhere because of our grandma, she's too weak to travel, and I don't want to leave unless it's really dangerous to stay. Seems like it won't be, with russian troops having retreated from Kyiv Oblast.

No. 1123538

Nah I'm real, I think I even mentioned this thing with my grandma before, so it's the only proof I can offer, hehe

No. 1123614

File: 1649099975273.gif (2.13 MB, 720x720, 1528800110463.gif)

Yeah I remember your grandma not being able to leave Kyiv. Glad to know you're doing ok, tbh I kept thinking about you whenever I was watching the news, this was super depressing.

No. 1124017

File: 1649142277179.jpg (486.67 KB, 1440x1152, Korcula-Croatia-1440x1152.jpg)

Any plans for summer anons?

I'm thinking if maybe biting the bullet and going down to the coast, somewhere, for 1-2 days and stay at a hotel or something. Haven't seen the see in 10 years because of how expensive everything became

No. 1124023

No. 1124025

I want to visit London, I just don't know when exactly. I'll try to go in either June or August because in July I would like to visit nearby French cities during weekends since everything is deserted in August, especially Lyon where I live. I'll plan a 10 days long trip for London I think. If I can get 2 weeks of holiday in a row maybe I'll try to visit my friend in Dublin right after that.

No. 1124028

Was thinking the same a couple days ago, I really want to go to the beach but i hate crowds and the average beachgoer

No. 1124035

Cro anon here too, I am already on the sea (although the northern part) and I wanted to go visit an island like Vis but I know it is going to cost me as if I paid myself a trip to Paris.

No. 1124101

Nah I always work full time throughout the summer vacation, I need the money towards tuition and rent unfortunately. I may go on a couple of daytrips to the North Sea beach since I live like an hour-hour and a half by car, if petrol prices haven't gone up further by time it's summer.

No. 1124116

File: 1649152409079.jpg (290.08 KB, 1000x664, 6145030010_0ab83b0b1c_b.jpg)

If you can, I really recommend northwest France, like Bretagne or Normandy in summer, plenty of beautiful beaches with different type of crowds than you'd find in the most popular seaside locations. I was especially charmed with Groix island (picrel), it's cheap to get there with a ferry and most of the people that go there are staying only for the day, so the usual crowd is mostly casual hikers and cyclists - not loud and lazy beachgoers. A lot of isolated, hidden beaches too!

No. 1124142

How common is it to have roommates in your country if you're not a student?

Croanon here and it seems incredibly rare here. All the people I know live with their parents or with their SO.

Would love to move out and I know having roommates can suck but it's hard to find anyone that's not a student.

No. 1124146

Anon is it true that the Russians killed the mayor of Bucha because she wouldn't gather the men of the town and then went house to house killing all men above 18 years old? My Ukrainian friend sent me some pics but I didn't have the heart to open them. This sounds like a genocide, that's what the Turks did, killing all the men and expelling all the women. Are they trying to genocide you?

No. 1124147

Very common in Germany. Uncommon in France.

No. 1124150

>mfw no LOLCOR nonny roomie

No. 1124179

Why do you ask an anon on imageboard for confirmation, do you doubt all the reports and what your ukrainian friend tells you?

No. 1124184

I am doubting everything anon, this is a war. Propaganda and misinformation are the rule. I have not heard something like that since Srebrenica. It seems insane to me that literally everyone is not losing their shit about this. So I am asking someone that is closer to the actual event. She has a better chance of knowing the truth that I do.

No. 1124190

In Zagreb I know quite a lot of people that live with roommates but they're all in their 20s/early 30s, mostly living with their friends from uni after graduation. My sister was living with her friend until she moved in with her SO.
In my hometown though, I don't know anyone that has roommates, but I also don't hang out with people my age there anymore.

No. 1124196

Anon I am Russian and I follow many independant Russian journalists who've been to warzones before and they're trying to cover the war, including massacre in Bucha and one more smaller town near Kiev. It seems it's true.

No. 1124204

Anonymous person on imageboard who can literally larp as anything they want, and be impersonated by anyone cannot be trusted. I understand being careful about any news delivered nowadays, there's a lot of fake information, but out of all sources this one should be trusted the least.

No. 1124207

Jesus Christ anon, I can't believe this. How is this possible? How could your army do such a thing? I thought it was mostly conscripts, aren't they supposed to be just normal boys and not bloodthirsty mercenaries like the Chechens? I can't comprehend how they could be capable of something like this.

You are of course right anon, but I don't know. I try to get information from wherever I can. I am sure the truth will come out after a few days, but right now I don't mind even listening to anons on lolcow.

No. 1124219

nta, but we're talking about men during wartime led by a Botoxed madman who's out of touch with reality. They are capable of unbelievable shit

No. 1124220

Please use the appropriate thread for war talk

No. 1124222

I mean yeah I know, I have read history, but this is Europe in the year 2022. I can not fathom how boys raised by a normal modern society, with access to the Internet could obey such orders, wartime or no wartime.

Hey anon, I just asked the Ukrainian anon in this thread because she revealed herself here.

No. 1124225

I wish I knew how but the Chechens are now part of the army so no surprises here. + Russian siloviki have been in touch with Chechen and I guess exchanged experience.
You can watch the video related for more information, it doesn't have gore footage. The video is 3 months old and the ending seems extremely creepy now.
Every Russian silovik and any other army\police related man has been acting like they are above all others in Russia since 2014 (?) Thousands of Russians have been tortured to death in Russia on a fucking whim since 2008\2014. No surprise they act like animals during wartime.
There are rumours that Putin has formed some special batalions from men of Buryatia and Bashkortostan (Asian part of Russia), to be sure they will not hesitate to kill Ukrainians but I have seen investigations proving ethnic Russians have done similar sheer evil.

How am I supposed to post there when I all I read in that thread is that all Russians must be nuked now or sterilized, etc?

No. 1124232

Thanks for the info anon, I am watching that video right now. I had no idea things in Russia were that bad, thousands of Russians tortured to death? This is insane to me, you poor people. And I think the asian soldier part is right, I have seen so many asians in the russian army pics, both dead and alive.

No. 1124236

NTA You can always find a big chunk of information about how bad it is in Russia for over 20 years now in russia.ukraine war thread, which was listed above. English media never gave a shit about Russia (only when Navalny got poisoned, but that's about it) and they still don't. >>>/ot/1094882 please use this thread instead as anon mentioned.

No. 1124239

Ok anon, cheers.

No. 1124563

What is yurope cooking for diner

No. 1124575

I already had dinner but it was fish and vegetables trok the oven

No. 1124576

from* l

No. 1124597

some pasta bc you can never rly go wrong with pasta

No. 1124598

nice. I'm having salad because I'm fat and alcoholic

No. 1124664

Nothing I feel sick if I have to eat something I Iwill puke. But I had macaroni with meat and vegetables for lunch

No. 1124771

i had a really basic baked pasta. itanons, do i get your approval? the sauce is made with onions, garlic, basil, tomato puree, mascarpone and pasta water. seasoned with some sugar to caramelize the onions, some balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. smother the pasta in the sauce and let it finish cooking in the oven with some (actually lots of) mozzarella on top. it's so simple yet delicious. as a german of course i add maggi all over the pasta at the end

No. 1124854

stir fried pak choi
warum sind die deutschen

No. 1126310

File: 1649336008356.jpg (49.37 KB, 1200x788, media.media.be6c7fa8-a41c-4b9d…)

French elections soon, who's gonna be your president fr*nce? I've heard that most of you were disappointed with Macron. Are you going to vote for Le Pen? Is Le Pen a centrist disguised as a far right politician? Would you be happy if she became your first woman president?

No. 1126311

stop this scrote roleplay

No. 1126312

No. 1126333

"Centrist disguised as far right" the fuck are you on? fuck back off to /pol/

No. 1126336

Taking an interest in politics and voting for a female candidate has now been deemed "scrote behaviour"

No. 1126343

no nonna, I read it in the papers. People are saying she went towards a centrist approach to appeal to a larger audience what the actual fuck happened here? I don't browse for 5 months and when I come back all of you seem to have developed moid paranoia?

No. 1126375

late to the game but kek at adding sakhalin island to japan because geography is hard. or do they assume people on a russian island are asiatic? braindead type behaviour

No. 1126393

"voting for a female candidate uwu" she's not the only woman in the running, and pretending she's just like any other politician and not a far-right racist is disingenuous

No. 1126401

>she's not the only woman in the running
Isn't she? Since the others statistically have near zero chance to make it to second round? I don't know her or what she stands for, I only know her father

No. 1126406

> I don't know her or what she stands for
then why the fuck are you commenting on french politics you abbsolute mong

No. 1126412

I'm not commenting, I asked questions >>1126310

No. 1126430

Lmao, she used to be the horrible far right boogeyman we all had to "vote against", but this year's elections are such a freak show that she isn't even scary anymore.

My friends keep spamming pro-Mélenchon shit all over their social media, I think I need new friends. (how come the people who complain about capitalism the most are also the biggest consoomers ?)

No. 1126437

Si tu votes pour cette connasse je vais te retrouver et te casser la gueule.

No. 1126442

File: 1649343382209.webm (4.97 MB, 720x1280, yMtz-4eNKFbAM3Dy.webm)

héhoho, tu te calmes là ?
>vidrel is real
cringe and based

No. 1126450

Bientôt une connasse va nous sortir que Zemmour est un excellent candidat, vraiment un thread de merde…

No. 1126455

stfu and sage your french tinfoil, fucking hell. No one is saying that she's a good candidate

No. 1126481

Anyone saying that any the Le Pen family members are more centrist than far right politicians is delusional and clinically retarded, you're (general you I mean) still implying Marine Le Pen is less retarded than she truly is. She just less explicit than her father when it comes to being a bigot on top of being incompetent. And nobody needs to sage anything on /ot/ as far as I know, unless it very recently changed.

No. 1126494

ça m'énerve de voir des gogols qui n'y comprennent rien faire l'article des fachos si ça te dérange va bien te faire foutre


No. 1126497

File: 1649345400734.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, 1621995354637.png)

bumping the thread with posts overusing the word "connasse" and crying about the whole thread being shit at the mere mention of euro pol is annoying, even on /ot/
I agree with you on Le Pen and no I won't be happy if she becomes the first french fem prez

No. 1126941

Travel tips for this summer? I’m tired of cities and have been to London and Paris quite recently, so somewhere more beachy would be preferable!

This looks lovely!

No. 1126965

go sctolan d

No. 1134350

File: 1649929417237.jpeg (5.26 MB, 3751x3000, 5C30E0E5-B728-4A13-934E-0165EB…)

Finnanons, how do we feel about mämmi?
i think it’s alright, i wouldn’t buy it myself or go out of my way to eat it but if someone offered it to me i would

No. 1134383

Ew, milk

No. 1134386

do you like it without milk?

No. 1134390

Croatia is incredible in the summer

No. 1134391

Not a finn and never tried it so idk. I just fucking haet milk

No. 1134395

I looked at the pic without reading the post and thought this was a large scoop of vegemite/marmite in a bowl of milk ew

No. 1134408

I always buy a few of the mini ones and have it with vanilla sauce because I'm a fatass

No. 1134939

I had to look that one up and I think it sounds delicious and now I want to visit Finnland and eat it.
Biggest dream is to travel the world and eat through every countries traditional dishes, but I'm poor, so I have to look at pictures on the internet, kek.

No. 1135980

What do other Scottish nonas think of Scotland?

I thought it was nice, then emigrated to Central Europe and every time I go back to visit everyone it's just such a shithole,it brings me down. Everyone dresses like shit and they're often fat as fuck, the aesthetic of anywhere that isn't a tiny village is shit, "parks" are mainly barren squares of grass, public transport is awful, I've seen plenty of bus stops with no information, physically or online. The only nice places are way up north, away from people,but to say the only nice part of the country is the part where theres not much interference isn't saying much. Now I'm seeing this "Scottish family party" coming up and it's just dire. If I want to go a walk chances are it'll just be next to a busy road the whole time, it's starting to feel like America lite.
Now whenever I go back it's just like a checklist. Cheap drugs, primark, the charity shops, fish and chips, irn bru and red kola and go back.

The people are very friendly though. I miss that.

No. 1135996

That's cream you dumbass. Nobody eats mämmi with milk.
Mämmi is my life, I could eat it every day.

No. 1136302

File: 1650044675977.png (170.19 KB, 500x627, its-shite-being-scottish-were-…)

No. 1136359

I think I will be moving to Scotland, can't be worth than here, kek

No. 1137878

File: 1650180418542.gif (1.5 MB, 760x400, tumblr_8e19b6171faf3d1dc2d1a43…)

Happy Easter euro anons!

No. 1138232

File: 1650218612928.jpeg (170.27 KB, 765x1079, EC9A6F07-6748-467B-8D40-38B48F…)

Anyone from Cornwall, England? Ever been there? I am curious.

No. 1138438

No but went a few times when I was younger, I see it as a sea-side place for holiday in caravans etc.

No. 1138863

File: 1650277533330.jpg (39.69 KB, 500x613, severementalertardation.jpg)

>560 per month rent (with bills)
>80 per month for food (dw i know how to make food go far)
>5 per month for data
>5 per month for anything i fancy
>my life costs 650 per month
>have a part time job, entry level, 20 hours a week minimum
>earn at least 170 per week from part time job, after paying tax i'm not supposed to pay yet
>which comes to 684 per month earnings
>so my budget for the month, rent, bills, food, data included is 650, and any extra money is wiggle room

Can I make it on 650 per month in the UK with a part time job whilst I study independently?

No. 1138864

>560 per month rent (with bills)
lmao, do you really want to live in a mold-infested rat cage?

No. 1138869

Not a bong but I'd assume you need more than that. I think it also depends which city you're planning to live in

No. 1138880

the location is actually nice. a lot of my childhood was spent in the most shite flat you have ever seen, and there were rats anyway. this place is clean, the only drawback is that the bed collapses sometimes and i occasionally skip a meal but that's just the spice of life you know? i love it here and i'm safer than in my old town. plus, i'm living on a part time job…i feel like that's so blessed. i don't think many people my age get to enjoy as much independence as i do right now, i feel so free and happy.

No. 1138887

The cost of living is only going up, and £34 a month 'wiggle room' is nothing when people are suddenly paying £100pm more than they used to on energy. Tell you what's blessed, fixed-rate energy and paying the appropriate amount in taxes. Why haven't you rang HMRC about that? They'll backdate the rebate.

No. 1138898

I will ring the HMRC about giving me my money back. I just feel so intimidated by it to be honest. I'm doing my last year of sixth form (no mods im not underage keep your knickers on) but wanted this freedom and it's just a lot to handle, I've been learning to do a lot of stuff myself.

Also, about the bills, my housemate pays for them and she's already established and stuff, I contribute a fixed amount and it doesn't change. I think having me contributing some makes paying the bills more comfortable, but she can pretty much handle it. Plus, as it's getting warmer we don't really need heating, I cook in bulk, so we're saving well. But you are right, I should try to get my taxes back and the price of energy is kind of ridiculous.

No. 1138912

I’m sorry if I was too harsh. It seemed like you were romanticising living close to poverty and it struck a nerve. I also left home in my second year of sixth form! And also had a friend taking care of a lot of bills, with me contributing what I could.
I don’t know if you’re considering university, but if so – try and go into private accommodation. All the freshers who are getting their first taste of freedom will drive you mad, as you’ve already been looking after yourself for a while.
HMRC are very friendly and helpful. Not what you'd expect. Try and have a pay-slip to hand, or logging into your gov.uk tax portal to swot up on your tax code before calling.
Best of luck with everything x

No. 1138916

I don't romanticise it, I take the piss out of bad situations and it makes me feel better. The skipping meals thing is temporary as I'm getting better at budgeting, it really is just inexperience on my part.
It is definitely cool to be independent before university. I do plan to go in September, and if I'm being honest I think being with other freshers who are hyper and excited sounds like so much fun. I will consider private accommodation though. Also thank you for the advice on the HMRC malarkey, that was actually really helpful x

No. 1139002

File: 1650289576890.jpg (4.67 MB, 2799x1863, url.jpg)

I live not too far from Cornwall and I have visited the county a few times. It's a beautiful place with lots of old architecture and history. The surrounding coastline is stunning to look at on an unsettled day. Local people are for the most part very friendly and welcoming, they still celebrate old their festivals and enjoy seeing visitors join in. There's a lot of rural poverty and some of the larger towns, including Plymouth (which is on the border of Devon and Cornwall) are decrepit shitholes.

Also do not start a discussion with a Cornish local about pasties or cream tea, unless you want a lecture about Devonshire people being subhuman animals that put carrots in a pasty.

It might be possible if you were to get a council or housing association property as rent for a one bedroom apartment is around £100 a week. You should check on gov.uk if you're entitled to universal credit as someone on a low income, it won't be much but an extra £20-30 a week would make things easier.

No. 1139016

Turks are whiter than Greeks.

No. 1139133

"Turks" are a pseudo-race nonna, According to the latest genetic test of Anatolian region, the modern anatolian people are closest related to Greeks, Balkan, Kurdish and Caucasus populations, they only have a minor link to central asia, its only cause of linguistic that they consider themselves turks

No. 1139237

I wish Sweden got better at integrating immigrants, or deporting them. It hurts my heart to see beautiful cities mindlessly destreoyed by rioters. Fuck.

No. 1139241

I wish all violent muslim scrotes got deported, they don't even like this country, they are against our values, they just want to leech off money.

No. 1139248

Same. I work with decent immigrants (my "work husband" is an ex muslim) so I know there are "good ones", too. And I don't mind them at all. It's the shit-for-brains violent assholes who commit crimes I want out of this country.

Why can't the government grow some balls and fucking do something about them? It's been decades.

No. 1139673

Because Europe deserves what they're getting lmao.

No. 1139676

Why just Muslim? Why can't we just send all violent scrotes, no matter their skin color or religion, permanently to an island? Now that would be progress.

No. 1139683

Make Australia a prison colony again

No. 1139686

not Australia, we should take an island with a volcano or one that will be flooded sooner or later. Also, it's best to divide them, too many idiots in one place cause too many stupid ideas. If we get the numbers right, they will only harm each other and won't leave their island.

No. 1139753

Colonizers are whining about foreigners overwhelming their country. Poetic really.

No. 1139757

Male arabs are the worst colonisers and they should all be flung into a volcano as a sacrifice to the goddess

No. 1139788

And I also, in Sweden and France.

No. 1139878

Because they're starting shit right now and they don't even have a good reason for being here.
But obviously all violent scrotes should ideally be dealt with severely like being dropped into volcanoes.

No. 1139894

Ok then, let's import foreigners to Japan, Mongolia, Italy, the former Mali Empire, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and China. Or maybe we could realise that colonisation is a thing humans do because we all start wars, and stop laying the blame on people who had nothing to do with it just because of their ethnicity.

No. 1139922

>>1139894 boohoo eat shit crybaby. Sweden and Italy both have a ton of immigrants living in their country. Stop asking why China, Japan + Saudi don't allow immigrants and start asking why you're so cucked n whiny.

Actually you should be glad foreigners all coming to civilized your unwashed Ass. You heathen.

No. 1139926

It's not about blame at all, it's that actions have consequences. Some actions have long-term consequences that future generation will feel. Actions like colonization or ruining the environment for example.

No. 1139933

We always get suspicious posts about euro women deserving muslim moids in the euro thread at the same time as moids are trolling elsewhere on the site, hmm I wonder why.

No. 1139935

I bet you're an american, if so, your country was built on the blood of slaughtered natives. shut the fuck up with this holier than thou comments and go back to your own thread and stop shitting up this one

No. 1139939

anons throw around the word colonizer as an insult, i bet they are all twitterfags

No. 1140068

nayrt and not american but each and every country that's ever existed was built on the blood of people native to the country. native americans were just really, really shit out of luck to have invaders come in with boats, guns, horses, and booze. land has always been fought over and we're lucky that there are parts of the world where we don't do that anymore.

No. 1140137

Actions have consequences but it doesn't mean that they're deserved, especially being received by people who had no part in it.
Yeah, it is suspicious. I would engage in discussion about colonialism if the parties involved were actually making points, but the shit flinging name calling replies are definitely scrotey. Not even pressed, just not going to waste my time with it.

No. 1140375

File: 1650388842214.jpg (101.92 KB, 500x686, c79c88d070031bacc0ded28e2890fb…)

dzień 23 bez polskich nonek gdzie się podziały czasu naszego threada…

how are you coping with inflation nonnas? personally i want to kms

No. 1140421

You’re spot on. It’s like
>I’m sick of our country not deporting rapist immigrants
>haha! Colonisers you deserve this!
As if they think they’re being fucking woke. If this is you KYS. You’re genuinely suggesting we deserve to be raped because of our ancestors and you sound like a moid.

No. 1140468

I don't, I'm just starting to become masochistic. It's like watching my hopes dreams for the future slowly being crushed by a steamroller and admiring the destruction.

No. 1140488

OT, but that one user who said that he hit the wall when he turned 16 was right, I mean he's still a good looking guy but he doesn't have that angelic beauty he used to have, he looks like an uncomfortable teenage boy in a sailor suit and apparently his fame took a nose dive when he hit puberty fully

No. 1140554

Can someone tell me what's going on in Sweden at the moment? I've read different things online about it and I know that German media sucks to get things right sometimes and there isn't much coverage about stuff happening in Northern Europe most of the time. So, someone living there maybe tell me what is happening?

life has been bad before, life still is bad, I'm disappointed, but I didn't expect anything else.

No. 1140572

Sure. I live in Stockholm.

Background: sweden has a lot of immigrants who refuse to assimilate. Partly it is their own fault, partly it is the fault of Swedish politicians taking in a bunch of immigrants without any plan of how to make them integrate.

Last week, a Danish right-wing politician announced he will burn Koran. In response, a bunch of muslims started monkeying out. They are rioting, setting cars on fire, destroying property, etc.

The police is not taking any action (they are just letting it happen and waiting for the rioters to get tired) because the people in power (Chiefs of police, etc) are telling their people not to do anything. There are many videos online of rioters jumping on police cars, throwing rocks into windows, etc.

The politician who started this whole shit did not even burn the Koran. It was enough that he said he will do it. He announced he will do it at another time, in another city.

TLDR: Politician says he will burn the Koran to prove a point: Muslims do not belong here because their values do not line up with ours. Violent muslims prove him right. He did not even burn the book. Innocent Swedes have their protperty destroyed. Rioters do not get arrested. My tax money goes into replacing expensive police equipment rather than improving education, or helping our incredibly cucked health system.

But at least we are culturally enriched.

No. 1140577

Literally why i'm forcing myself to vote fucking Lepen this sunday. In a way ik it's not reeeally gonna change things if she's elected but it'll send a message to any possible violent goat fucker scrote refugee and their burka death eater underage wife

No. 1140583

I'm sorry nonna, arab worshipping muslim moids are the worst, It sucks that the liberals and left-wing in europe refuses to acknowledge that, funny thing is almost every muslim majority country non-muslims are treated like subhumans
The religion of the arab pedophile deserves to be persecuted and superseded, the fact they don't even make an attempt to assimilate them is the most ridiculous

No. 1140602

I love how he was a dane and not even a swede. Did the police shoot people, that’s the only thing I’ve read where I’m from

No. 1140607

File: 1650402850181.jpg (114.94 KB, 1024x367, EF7CrzaWoAECgG8.jpg)

a lot of this can be blamed on post-colonial theory taking hold, thinkers Frantz Fanon and Edward Said who were super salty about the fact that they were colonized and argued that their "cultures" which treated women like subhumans and never made significant progress in most fields was equal or better then european cultures, the whole thing was their sense of racial insecurity cause they were conquered men, Edward Said literally praised the Islamic revolution in Iran and claimed it was eastern cultures removing the yolk of the west
this mentality made up of so called anti-colonialist thinkers whose theories are now common place in the western academia, Fanon was a blackcel as well, who got pissy that white women weren't interested in him, even though I doubt he ever paid attention to black women

unpopular opinion but not all cultures are equal, any culture that mutilates the genitals of little girls or thinks slavery should be allowed doesn't deserve to allowed to exist

No. 1140608

File: 1650402941559.jpg (347.99 KB, 708x1407, 1650402066678.jpg)

Did anyone know we have a secret /int/ board?

No. 1140611

i would love to set fire to these violent muslim moids alongside their koran

No. 1140618

I hate that most european countries are cucks who refuse to force assimilation. And also it's so fucking funny to me that 90% of the time (in my experience) it's muslims that refuse to assimilate or fucking learn the language. Literally all of the non muslim immigrants i know IRL either knew the language before coming or were almost fluents in less than a year.
And then the left wonders why there's extremists, ISIS cults forming everywhere and native europeans have to endure terror attacks because of their religions, race or way of life.
I'm a pessimist cunt, but i literally think it's over and we're going to have violent foreigners killing europeans for years on end because old ass shitty book about a pedo told them so.

No. 1140636

not really, the religion of the arab pedophile has a need to cause conflict and war, they will try to wage and war and they will lose, I live in a Muslim country despite all the so pretend machismo of muslim scrotes, they suck at fighting and war, no arab state has ever beaten Israel in even a single battle, my muslim country has been beaten by the Indians for over 70 years, we've been handed humiliating military defeat after humiliating military defeat
only European morality is the reason their asses aren't colonized, most geopolitical thinkers have already figured out that nationalist leaders will be elected in europe due to increased immigration, what will happen next is up for debate

No. 1140648

It’s weird how all the immigrants I’ve known through school related shit have been anywhere from ages 16-60 and all the women had picked up the language and filled in with english if needed. The men would just play stupid and use their native language or english, which was fucking stupid because one of the classes was especially only in the language they were supposed to be learning, i was there assisting and the actual teacher would have to leave the room many times as these mostly old men would just shout in their language, not even trying. It was a trade school at that, like yeah maybe you think this was a waste of time if you already know this shit but the fucking way a room full of me would throw loud tantrums in unison when all they had to do was listen to two women in charge was almost scary. Never again assisting scrote classes like that.

No. 1140701

Ugh, I hate foreign moids talking loudly/shouting in their language. I often have to endure arab/turkish scrotes talking loudly on the phone or to each others and if i was 20cm taller and a bit buff i would totally punch their fucking dicks. Never happened to me with a native dude (except high schoolers ig).

On another note i really pity ex-muslim women (and even men to a certain point) in muslim countries or communities. Must be hell. Should be the ones we welcome.

No. 1140718

Who do you guys think is going to win the elections in France?

No. 1140723

wanna hear what arabs did in africa

all these braindeads whine about colonization but never wanna check what's the history of arab and muslim world

No. 1141033

I think Macron

No. 1141243

So I read everywhere that Sweden (along with Finland) is planning to join NATO but a family friend who lives in Örebro and reads the news regularly told me that this is fakenews and there are no plans for it?
Any Swede-chans here? What's the truth?

No. 1141260

I'm really not looking for,ard to this. Better have Macron than Le Pen though.

No. 1141277

Do food deliveries take super long in your countries? I'm in Germany and waiting up to an hour (even longer) is not uncommon… What are you charging me 2/3/3.50 euros for if I have to tip on top of that and my food gets here cold?

No. 1141285

Minimum 1h here too, big city of Poland, but rarely ever the food comes less than hot, do they not pack it well in Germany? Or maybe you leave in some really hard to reach place?

No. 1141286

At least here in Finland everyone is cooming in their pants over NATO and it's not socially acceptable to be against membership, but few high profile politicians say out loud that we're gonna apply. That's just how the political culture is here.

No. 1141290

It takes from ~30 min (usually Dominos) to 1h+ in Ukraine but the food is never cold. I'd also think it might do something with package like the Polish anon said, although I'd be surprised if that's the case.

No. 1141291

It's extremely random in the Netherlands, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes more than an hour. It's rarely cold tho

No. 1141302

We want to work together on defence with Finland so if Finland joins Nato we likely will too.

No. 1141308

Swede here, a few of my coworkers literally said today that they believe we could take Russia on if they decided to attempt conquering Gotland, we would never need NATO. I honestly felt like how psyduck looks when I heard that.

No. 1141317

That's some…confidence

No. 1141332

You're in Ukraine right now nona? How are you doing?

No. 1141530

Thank you, nonna. Funny that they wrote in German newspapers that he did burn the koran. Hope you are save and things will change for the better in Sweden in the future.

Germany, too, between 30 minutes and 1 hour, never been cold, but I live in a very "underdeveloped" part in my city and there are maybe 4 things to choose from, kek.

No. 1141559

Yep. I'm okay! I mean, news are dreadful and I'm reading them constantly, but I've been lucky and safe, and so are my family and friends. It's been pretty quiet for a while, even no air-raid warnings for the last two days, and I don't like that I've got used to it so fast. Feels like it might suddenly change and it'll make me just as nervous as on the first day. Kyiv is coming alive though, many returned home, more shops are working, more cars and public transport riding, etc.
Thanks for asking, nonna!