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be bold, be brave, be stupid

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This is me

You still have time to delet your posts


No. 1121719

what's wrong with pokemon

No. 1121721

I'm using incognito and closed the window too many times already, you outta luck

No. 1121724

The fuck is going on in the mei thread

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File: 1648960797024.jpg (62.14 KB, 500x500, wario.jpg)

I cooked with garlic earlier and now I can't stop smelling it I have g a r l i c f i n g e r s

No. 1121730

Putting pronouns on a badge or dating app is dumb as shit. Oh what, you expect me to talk to you in 3rd person?

No. 1121733

File: 1648961350925.jpeg (122.19 KB, 696x421, 0941F8CD-2F0C-48CA-BE7F-D524B6…)

I was reading about the history of chocolate and I found a chocolate recipe book from the 1650s that I think I’m going to try. It was written first in Spanish but then translated to English. The English translator seems kind of obsessed because he wrote a long poem about how great chocolate is:

Doctors lay by your Irksome Books
And all ye Petty-Fogging Rookes
Leave Quacking; and Enucleate
The vertues of our Chocolate.

Let th’ Universall Medicine
(Made up of Dead-mens Bones and Skin,)
Be henceforth Illegitimate,
And yeild to Soveraigne-Chocolate.

Let Bawdy-Baths be us’d no more;
Nor Smoaky-Stoves but by the whore
Of Babilon: since Happy-Fate
Hath Blessed us with Chocolate.

Let old Punctæus Greaze his shooes
With his Mock-Balsome: and Abuse
No more the World: But Meditate
The Excellence of Chocolate.

Let Doctor Trigg (who so Excells)
No longer Trudge to Westwood-Wells:
For though that water Expurgate,
’Tis but the Dreggs of Chocolate.

Let all the Paracelsian Crew
Who can Extract Christian from Jew;
Or out of Monarchy, A State,
Breake àll their Stills for Chocolate.

Tell us no more of Weapon-Salve,
But rather Doome us to a Grave:
For sure our wounds will Ulcerate,
Unlesse they’re wash’d with Chocolate.

The Thriving Saint, who will not come
Within a Sack-Shop’s Bowzing-Roome
(His Spirit to Exhilerate)
Drinkes Bowles (at home) of Chocolate.

His Spouse when she (Brimfull of Sense)
Doth want her due Benevolence,
And Babes of Grace would Propagate,
Is alwayes Sipping Chocolate.

The Roaring-Crew of Gallant-Ones
Whose Marrow Rotts within their Bones:
Their Bodyes quickly Regulate,
If once but Sous’d in Chocolate.

Young Heires that have more Land then Wit,
When once they doe but Tast of it,
Will rather spend their whole Estate,
Then weaned be from Chocolate.

The Nut-Browne-Lasses of the Land
Whom Nature vayl’d in Face and Hand,
Are quickly Beauties of High-Rate,
By one small Draught of Chocolate.

Besides, it saves the Moneys lost
Each day in Patches, which did cost
Them deare, untill of Late
They found this Heavenly Chocolate.

Nor need the Women longer grieve
Who spend their Oyle, yet not conceive,
For ’tis a Helpe-Immediate,
If such but Lick of Chocolate.

Consumptions too (be well assur’d)
Are no lesse soone then soundly cur’d:
(Excepting such as doe Relate
Unto the Purse) by Chocolate.

Nay more: It’s vertue is so much,
That if a Lady get a Touch,
Her griefe it will Extenuate,
If she but smell of Chocolate.

The Feeble-Man, whom Nature Tyes
To doe his Mistresse’s Drudgeries;
O how it will his minde Elate,
If shee allow him Chocolate!

’Twill make Old women Young and Fresh;
Create New-Motions of the Flesh,
And cause them long for you know what,
If they but Tast of Chocolate.

There’s ne’re a Common Counsell-Man,
Whose Life would Reach unto a Span,
Should he not Well-Affect the State,
And First and Last Drinke Chocolate.

Nor e’re a Citizen’s Chast wife,
That ever shall prolong her Life,
(Whilst open stands Her Posterne-Gate)
Unlesse she drinke of Chocolate.

Nor dost the Levite any Harme,
It keepeth his Devotion warme,
And eke the Hayre upon his Pate,
So long as he drinkes Chocolate.

Both High and Low, both Rich and Poore
My Lord, my Lady, and his ——
With all the Folkes at Billingsgate,
Bow, Bow your Hamms to Chocolate.

No. 1121736

I think I'm going to overhydrate myself to death because I feel so motherfucking thirsty and drinking water isn't helping

No. 1121740

putting lemon there helps, unless you actually enjoy it ofc

No. 1121745

probably a wk trying to gt the thread locked/autosaged

No. 1121756

Drink some pedialyte instead?

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No. 1121768

I fucking hate this feeling of not being able to draw as well as I could 4 years ago. I've practiced so little that it actually made me regress instead of progress. It's so embarrassing that I don't want to draw anymore, and also I don't know how to improve or what to study.
And I have to draw a couple of gifts…

No. 1121771

File: 1648964194068.jpeg (144.27 KB, 750x744, 24D4E0C0-A248-4B2C-B04E-AD87A8…)

don’t scroll, retarded faggots are spamming gore again

No. 1121778

this image kek

No. 1121811

File: 1648964965038.jpg (61.24 KB, 1080x1209, up1p0gjj9v981.jpg)

idgaf i'm still scrolling lel

No. 1121814

File: 1648965007726.jpg (26.77 KB, 361x214, yg6g50054s531~2.jpg)

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File: 1648965053892.jpeg (57.14 KB, 800x533, 311D3AFE-2851-4174-AB8E-58676B…)

No. 1121820

File: 1648965102516.jpeg (97.41 KB, 750x733, 4B091956-D9DF-42D6-9A95-CFA3D0…)

Yawn even the gore they post is mild I saw worse shit on kik at 11

No. 1121825

I don't think it's boast to say you've seen worse, anon

No. 1121833

it’s not a boast just a fact

No. 1121843

File: 1648965482794.jpg (108.65 KB, 1080x1283, FHYPTeDWYAQgw-n.jpg)

Fair enough. Some posters say it like it's a badge of honor (it isn't). Anyway, I hate men

No. 1121861

Going through and bumping these threads reminds me of my GaiaOnline days kek.

No. 1121887

Kek I love weird ponies
Post moar

No. 1121888

My fishtank is glowing

No. 1121890

I never used GaiaOnline. What was it like and how does this remind you of it?

No. 1121891

Man not even trying to like be rude or anything but I am genuinely curious as to how sad and empty someone's life has to be in order to spend 1-2 hours multiple times a day for like a week straight just spamming shitty gore and porn on a small imageboard that's maybe browsed by like 50 people max at once. I'm a friendless full-time neet and even I could not find the time to do something as pointless as that, like seriously? It would be sad if I could feel any empathy towards scrotes tbh.

No. 1121894

>These roasties hate men????????
>Let me spam females killed by men, that'll show em
>Have to stop less than an hour in each time for the chronic masturbation schedule

Moid moment

No. 1121895

Are we that few? Damn

No. 1121897

Yep you've been replying to the same 5 bitches since 2018

No. 1121898

They literally prove our point on a daily basis and then will wonder why women say they despise men, fucking retards

No. 1121899

NTA but I played it sparingly from 2003-2010, I remember basic items having inflation rates that rival zimbabwe

No. 1121901

File: 1648967728153.jpg (160.01 KB, 1112x1114, 4067c7cf7852fa7f4d32f2fe1f4893…)

is it gone now? my images are removed

No. 1121936

I love thep threadpic. Reminds me of my childhood watching Pokemon and Yugioh with my sister after school.

No. 1121941

File: 1648972962350.jpeg (172.47 KB, 828x815, 4DB449D3-9016-47EA-BF27-5923A4…)

i feel like this is exactly how i look in every picture taken by someone other than myself

No. 1121943

How do you gain social skills?how do you learn conflict resolution? Where do people learn this stuff?

No. 1121951

what should I make out of the infant sized yams I acquired today?

No. 1121954

File: 1648973597236.png (169.84 KB, 400x673, Ingo.png)

love to see a fellow autist succeed

No. 1121967

Is that Grimes?

No. 1121973

Do any of you ever remember something from your childhood or at least something in the past that you still get upset about. I had a dog that broke his leg once apparently due to some boys I Believe and it seems like the boys might have been my age at that time and I always get so pissed I didn't find out who they were and beat their asses.

No. 1122003

Kein Mitleid Für Die Mehrheiittttt

No. 1122036

My mother used to call Jamiroquai "the guy with the hats" in the 90s and early 2000s. I finally told her what's the band's name so she can look up her songs for nostalgia's sake.

No. 1122055

Usually people get some of these skills from observing others but it can totally be learned as any other thing with resources available online, don't be ashamed to google the simplest things, a lot of people do that. There's a lot of obvious things there, or things hard to apply if you happen to be on the spectrum, but I guarantee you'll find something that may be of use to you.

No. 1122076

File: 1648991456959.png (37.34 KB, 861x470, Anona - Baby Name Meaning, Ori…)

No. 1122078

Iktf I've been wanting to paint and draw, but I'm just so out of practice it just causes anxiety.

No. 1122092

watched some tiktoks of this women who lovingly makes her husband lunch every day and honestly i can’t believe any scrote would be worth the amount of effort she puts in. in fact it’s a little embarrassing that he’s eating this lunch with the fruit all cut up, it’s like he’s a child. not to enforce toxic masculinity or whatever but he needs to go out and hunt or something, not be a pathetic beta male eating from a lunch box

No. 1122094

anon that makes no sense. i rather my disgusting hairy husband like little cubed fruit in his lunches than hunt innocent animals and rape women, come on now

No. 1122101

who said anything about rape? i’m just certain no man deserves the amount of care she puts into making his lunch everyday. in my opinion all men should have to live in the wilderness

No. 1122111

Dont be jelly nonna I’ll go cut you some apple sticks

No. 1122127

Depends on the rest of their dynamic. If he's a bread winner or really pulling his own weight then by all means cube his fruit in return.. but only under those conditions. I've seen women who work longer hours than their partner still do this and that's pathetic to me.

No. 1122131

Eh disagree, it's a weird elementary school boy and his mother-like dynamic.

No. 1122134

File: 1648996756618.jpg (72.46 KB, 1200x630, 26_0x79_1200x629_1200x630_scar…)

Ok I'm back from my driving lesson. My instructor has really good reviews but barely speaks any English at all so it's really hard for me to correct myself when he tells me I did something wrong. We practiced turns and a bit of parallel parking but my biggest issue is when he tells me to check my mirrors… I look but I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for. Cars and people I guess but it really isn't intuitive. He had me set my mirrors but I also don't really know how to set them because I don't know what I'm supposed to have them show me… I'm doing ok at parallel parking but I'm having a hard time telling when I'm close to the curb.

Driving is easier than I thought but I really have to practice turns and I'm gonna look up more video tutorials to fill in those "what the fuck am I supposed to be looking out for" gaps lol

No. 1122136

>barely speaks any English
Get a different instructor lol, you don't wanna waste money on this.

No. 1122138

>maybe browsed by like 50 people max
Nah, at the townhall there was over 100 people.

No. 1122139

I'm gonna see if they have anyone else available but their schedule is pretty packed and I can only drive on the weekends. Might have to push my road test back but if I can get better instruction… He would show me how to do things and I'd catch on but I still have questions like what I'm supposed to see or be looking for when I'm looking around rather than just doing the motions to look around…

No. 1122142

good luck! Hope you can get a better instructor. Are you one of the two anons who made a deal to call for lessons on the same day?

No. 1122143

Yes I'm that anon kek

No. 1122145

where are they now? feels like i'm posting with the same 5 people everyday

No. 1122146

ahaha I love that

No. 1122153

File: 1648998750644.jpg (115.4 KB, 640x853, Tumblr_l_115618981481519.jpg)

The most common thing ive ever looked for while driving is to see if any car is accelerating in the lane I wanna switch to, if so I let them pass and then get behind them, if they're steady speed with me I speed up or slow down and then get in front or behind them respectively.
Other than that you just keep an awareness of whose around you. Ive driven for over 12 years, enjoy driving, car maintenance and the mechanics of many thing and I still almost collided with someone last Monday because this big ass pickup truck didn't check their window or mirrors to see I was at their 5 so I had to make a split second decision to brake or swerve into the lane to my right. Because I was aware of who was around me, I swerved immediately into the empty right lane instead of slamming brakes because I didn't want the car following me to rear end me. The person in that truck was texting and eating.

You have to account for stupidity. I always avoid keeping pace with someone next to me because of these situations, I assume everyone is a dumbass who doesn't look out for me so I keep plenty of space.
Also, my absolutely most common pet peeves with driving is this: people entering a highway at low speeds. It's very disruptive, even when they're signaling you can't adjust speed that drastically (reduce to 40 mph when everyone's going 65). Then they finally speed up when they get on the highway. You should be accelerated by the end of your ramp, it's actually safer. The opposite is people who are going to exit in half a mile driving at reduced speed. This disrupts traffic on the highway near me a ton and actually causes massive slowdown in all lanes. One more peeve is when I am looking left and right and a much larger vehicle pulls up so far next to me that I can no longer see over their massive hood. If you drive a vehicle where your ass is higher than my head, you don't need to pull forward that much to see over me.
When you're turning and parking, you will have a "feel" for the size of the car you drive. Goes without saying I have an easier time driving a sedan, and I know someone who drove one for years, got an SUV, and crumpled the front corner of their car within a week turning around a gas station brick pillar. You will know where the curb is when you get used to the position of your head when you park it correctly. How much road you have to the right of your forward visual line when you sit straight. Park it next to a marked line and take a moment to memorize the feeling of being perfectly adjacent to it.
Other than that, scanning mirrors is a way to not be unaware. If there's no one there, that's still so much better than simply assuming there's no one there.

No. 1122163

I think right now my biggest obstacle is really learning how to take everything into account when I'm driving. My lessons are all in the very early weekend mornings so there's less cars, which is great for my anxiety since I'll only have to worry about parked cars and solid obstacles, but bad since I don't get more experience with driving while taking into consideration the actions of others around me. I'm debating if I should just pay for more lessons overall… Driving does feel easy, but I really have to learn how to take in the big picture when I'm driving. It's like making my brain learn how to multitask in a context that it's never done it before.

I wonder if should pay for more lessons overall… I mean it wouldn't hurt and I could technically afford it (not gonna ask my boss to cover the payment for more classes this time lol) but damn it's still a big chunk of money. Better that than a menace on the road I guess. I'm gonna watch more tutorials and videos of people driving in my city too to get used to it.

No. 1122167

I never learned with a driver, my relative was the instructor and I hated every minute of it and it just stressed me out more. They talk too much and don't focus on what matters. Have the instructors teach you the mechanics of operating a car and just practice early morning, if you live in an area that allows solo driving for permit drivers. I learned by driving aimlessly on the roads near my house and then progressing to highways (which are usually simple, that's why some fall asleep on them). I always remember when I stared out: if all else fails and you're freaking out about a complex intersection or something, just do whatever the person in front of you is doing.

No. 1122173

File: 1649000411657.jpeg (216.09 KB, 640x972, 0AE5B355-2D97-4FFA-B64E-715D47…)

I tried to find videos like you mentioned but they all look barf inducing seriously wtf

No. 1122174

Forgot to add, memorize how to blast air onto your windshield without looking. Can't count the number of times my windshield started fogging up in cold weather around spring and fall. Saw my sister drive like an anxious retard with fogged windshield and didn't realize this is one of the things some people don't know. She also blasted cold air when we went to a hot and humid state, and fogged up her windshield again in the opposite way faster than the wipers could remove it. Just look up how to deal with foggy windshield in your given climate. There are a lot of stupid situations you can prevent.

No. 1122178

Anyone who says that cottage cheese is good is fucking delusional.

No. 1122181

cottage cheese is good BUT you need to top it with cinnamon

No. 1122184

File: 1649001134402.gif (3.46 MB, 408x240, jinkx-jinkx-monsoon.gif)

No. 1122185

You got this. I am really bad at making wide turns so i gotta practice that.

No. 1122193

I only like one brand, and its topped with blueberries for me

No. 1122204

I hate seeing that tranny

No. 1122223

Nta but yeah these look so gross. I like Imamu room’s videos where she makes bentos for her husband. They look really yummy.

No. 1122236

File: 1649003954207.png (17.9 KB, 530x295, 247.png)

Does anybody have examples for picrel?

No. 1122242

Thank you nonnas, I do hope my future lessons will go better! Being behind the wheel is fun though, so once I get my brain more settled in, I think things will be a lot better. I think driving is fun already, even if a bit nerve wracking, so I hope I'll be able to become a person who enjoys driving and drives well!

No. 1122247

I hope so. I am looking at charisma on command but those alpha male types are delusional so I'm not sure if his advice is even good. Especially conflict wise.

No. 1122254

File: 1649005170264.gif (2.14 MB, 320x239, bye now.gif)

return of the retard moid

No. 1122272

File: 1649005791310.jpg (90.87 KB, 636x473, 1648421157823.jpg)

I'm so fucking blackpilled about my aunt who just tried to defend pornography consumption and my mother who discussed it and said that my opinion on porn is too extreme and that I never listen to her. Not gonna go into detail but yeah. Also my aunt's son who is 11 knows about a porn actress want what a "trapito" is.
I can feel it, I'm gonna be depressed and grossed out by my family for days over this.

I can't think of any Maybe Josh and Mindy from Drake and Josh?
Yes, I remember many such events from my childhood. But I don't want to remember them right now.
Based Ingofag

No. 1122278

File: 1649005985773.jpeg (44.97 KB, 640x640, C6E99671-277F-45D6-AE29-6E89D1…)

Bump for scrote behavior

No. 1122286

Thank for the image i want stuck in my head i laughed stupidly

No. 1122295

There's no way they know what current porn is like if they're saying that.. they must be envisioning porn from decades ago. Softcore stuff and not double anal fisting your stepmom as dad sleeps in the same room

No. 1122300

trying to watch shitty reality tv competition shows but this scrote is so ugly its making me angry. i hope he gets eliminated

No. 1122313

Are those brows..orlashes?

No. 1122334

Remember that even porn from decades ago was tied to rape and especially degenerate acts. See: the movie Deepthroat.

No. 1122358

I was watching something lately about the playboy mansion and it taking decades for people to start seeing those women were miserable and not winning at life. It also mentioned lovelace and people similarly thinking she was just an empowered sexual woman at the time.. I swear it takes alot of willful ignorance to believe that. People are trying real hard to imagine everything is A okay when it's clearly not.

Even when I was a teen when I stayed up late one night to watch a documentary about what porn is like behind the scenes.. the women had drug habits and they discussed it being needed to numb them from the job. It was a vicious cycle of needing money to get drugs to cope..and having to work more to earn more to cope more. Then they also escorted and would regularly get assaulted by their fans who hired them for the night. It was sickening.

No. 1122359

>want what a
* and what a

No. 1122370

File: 1649009169810.jpg (26.45 KB, 522x367, 71fpi3IRRvL._SX522_.jpg)

I bought fudge that has the same consistency as the cream from picrel. So good.

No. 1122382

No. 1122385

File: 1649010715625.png (366.77 KB, 600x803, wah.png)

It's SO easy creating pretty female Sims, so just what is it that makes it next to impossible to create bishies? I swear the only people capable of it were the creators of those Chinese websites like Peggy and similar. I'm getting closer to getting what I want, but I'm still not there yet. I just want Alucard and Sepiroth and Leon walking in my game…

No. 1122393

File: 1649011370826.png (Spoiler Image, 531.23 KB, 881x841, Eboby in blender.png)

You need to have the right custom skin and I think try not to make them look too anime with pointy chins and weird jawlines, just keep them looking like sims but pretty. I say that, but I am also unable to make them.
I figured out a way to export sims into blender and then into source filmmaker. I wanted to make a My Immortal animation… but man… that's a lot of work and I don't know how to animate, it would be pretty awesome though wouldn't it

No. 1122395

I think I saw my crush out today but I can't be sure because I was afraid to even turn my head in his direction. Good times

No. 1122398

Subject him to the female gaze. Be the one who gazes

No. 1122447

File: 1649016334738.png (114.95 KB, 1256x1338, 05703F3F-98BE-4BCF-AF34-7B329E…)

let's go to libfem philosophy class, nonnies

No. 1122451

kek my philosophy professor has Philosophy tube videos as part of the curriculum

No. 1122453

that would be gay tho

No. 1122459

How old are you? Don't you know him/her?

No. 1122462

File: 1649017234286.jpeg (63.03 KB, 1200x797, 701643B4-435C-4FCA-8BD1-7306FA…)

There’s no bread in the house so I made the mistake of putting granola on yogurt to try and make it a fuller breakfast, but now the ‘tism is jumping out and the textures are so awful I can barely eat it.

No. 1122463

File: 1649017248041.gif (575.33 KB, 498x478, 384A7AFC-EE0B-4E71-AFA5-10334A…)

Trying to watch male comedians on YouTube and I immediately leave when they mention their penis. I've been flying through them.

No. 1122489

Granola/muesli on yogurt is one of mg favorite breakfasts, you are wrong.

No. 1122517

Were you…eating yogurt with bread? Anyway, granola and yogurt is the best thing ever. I would have had it for breakfast today, but it was out at the grocery store.

No. 1122519

File: 1649020859193.jpeg (81.78 KB, 640x480, EC1F751D-1B2D-43E6-A38E-6542C3…)

I have weird feelings about a specific laugh I do. I have multiple types of laughs, but there’s one type of laugh I do that I want to talk about. It sounds like wheezing without the high pitched sounds- do kinda like me panting fast-paced? Idk how to describe it, but I remember one time when I was in my early teens and I was using a voice chat there was another girl my age and a groomer, and when I did my laugh both of them said I sounded like I was orgasming. I don’t personally hear how my laugh could be construed as orgasming but whatever.I still do that laugh sometimes, but whenever I do, I get conscious of how I sound and how I may be perceived and then stop myself early

No. 1122535

Looks like they're trying to change the text on the trans flag at r/place to spell transplague, kek. I like watching drama unfold in the name of pixels.

No. 1122550

I would kill myself then drop the course

No. 1122566

File: 1649023787656.jpg (188.38 KB, 2000x1333, banjo-2000.jpg)

That sounds adorable anon. They prolly only said it sounds like an orgasm because they were watching pornstars obnoxiously faking it. I have multiple laughs too, most of the time I sound like a zebra but my most embarrassing laugh is usually when I see something unexpected while scrolling on some site and I let out a loud 'Ga-HAH' like fucking Banjo Kazooie

No. 1122594

Also been told this by disgusting scrote, who cares. It’s not even a bad thing really and if anything kind of makes sense bc a laugh and an orgasm are both sort of euphoric. It’s gross and weird that people mention it but it’s nothing to feel shame about.

No. 1122688

File: 1649027755010.jpeg (65.14 KB, 411x640, 74096590-AC85-4962-A746-71412D…)

seeing posts using “us females” and my scrote radar is going off but I don’t want to call it out because then i’d look insane

No. 1122699

File: 1649027919917.jpg (72.7 KB, 564x902, alittlefatmammy.jpg)

KEK that shit set off alarms to me as well

No. 1122727

File: 1649028462352.jpeg (145.12 KB, 564x885, 651E14A0-6886-44D1-ADA8-F5E66B…)

Glad i’m not the only one, also I love fat mammy

No. 1122781

NTA but I also want to learn how to use Blender, it's so hard for me to do things in 3D lmao
Too bad I doubt my PC could even handle the program

No. 1122784

Romanianon I’m trying Romanian food for the first time ever and I’m thinking of you. Hope you’re doing alright and hope I didn’t summon a crazy rant kek

No. 1122842

Why are you so obsessed with her

No. 1122876

Every time I do anything I commentate out loud like “The mental patient is leaving the bed” “the mental patient is slumbering” “the mental patient is brushing its teeth”

No. 1122877

This made me kek, I love you

No. 1122878

NTA but romaniananon sounds hot

No. 1122883

File: 1649034499746.jpg (62.61 KB, 933x816, EuaVMDYUYAE96Ot.jpg)

No. 1122887

Are you jealous?

No. 1122895

Would that get you off, weirdo?

No. 1122898

File: 1649035344464.png (143.11 KB, 500x276, 1648393762131.png)

No. 1122908

No. 1122910

was anyone else terrified of fat people when you were young? my older brother had a fat friend when i was young and i would cry if he came over because i was afraid of him. he didnt do anything wrong or anything i just thought fat people were scary.
i also accused him of stealing our butter on multiple occasions

No. 1122911

this is so wholesome in such a retarded way.

No. 1122914

Fat people are just naturally terrifying, especially when you're small and you know you could die if they forget you're nearby and smother you to death with their body
>I also accused him of stealing our butter on multiple occasions
well did he?

No. 1122917

File: 1649036127802.jpg (126.72 KB, 1440x1440, Tumblr_l_237036911369055.jpg)

I'm not afraid of fat men I just hate them

How can you be the sex that brags about your natural predisposition to gain strenth and muscles but allow yourself to be lard?

No. 1122924

Don't know what this conversation's about but thank you for cleansing my eyes. God she's pretty

No. 1122926

i think he did as a joke once after i said it a few times, idk i just really liked butter and thought since he was fat he cant be trusted to not take it. i would keep an eye on the fridge when he was at our house
i was also like 5 probably

No. 1122928

File: 1649036684561.jpeg (93.85 KB, 736x552, 35D52888-A27F-4C9C-A583-BE1C28…)


No. 1122930

based and also wow she is literally a goddess

No. 1122941

Not exactly afraid of fat people, but when I was in kindergarten I was so afraid of this quiet fat boy that spent a lot of time alone, that one day when I tried to go to my usual spot to be alone for a while during recess (behind a classroom), he was there, I got scared and then quietly said "I-I'm not gonna do anything to you" and when he approached me, I might have fainted, I don't remember exactly what happened here but he might've hit me. The next thing I remember is waking up a few meters from there, in the playground, and my mom being there to take me home.
Maybe this trauma is what made me like chubby guys, I've just realized this, so thanks I guess

No. 1122971

File: 1649040301705.jpeg (907.92 KB, 2448x1136, 10203304-0212-4097-B4FB-F21773…)

Sturgeons look like something you reel in on a fantasy RPG.

No. 1123023

Been thinking about this post all day. Anon I love you

also bump because gore

No. 1123025

I take this back, sorry nonnies

No. 1123042

KEK, also don’t scroll

No. 1123046

File: 1649047336051.jpg (228.58 KB, 1280x1731, 498_500_tepig_evolution_by_tor…)

male moment

No. 1123047

I passed by a display of sample birthday cakes in a store today. There were 3 cakes, a paw patrol cake, a plain cake with piped writing on it… and then one that just had a fucking massive tik tok logo on it. Choices.

No. 1123051

File: 1649048256898.jpg (66.18 KB, 720x714, 515526607d9f8bd62855f861bfa142…)

Get a custom cake for your 30th birthday

No. 1123056

>tfw you don’t have a friend to get you this cake

No. 1123060

i hate to kpop sperg, but i kind of get now why bts is so popular after watching the black swan video. i was really feeling those lyrics.

No. 1123061

i’ll get it for you nonna

No. 1123062

You’re too kind, dear nonnie

No. 1123064

File: 1649048997983.jpg (53.2 KB, 500x500, 383947382838.jpg)

You get it for yourself. And when you go to pick it up and they ask who its for you tell them its for ME, KRISTY

No. 1123094

>objectively attractive black woman is complimented
not just about anokposting on lolcow, i've seen this mentality in so many places perpetuated by people of different races, yes, even some black women. the idea that black women are inherently ugly has been internalized by so many people it's really sad. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and a hot woman is just a hot woman.

No. 1123097

this site has been repopulated with way more racists, right wingers, and hyperbolic black-and-white thinkers than it ever, ever has been. it's really sad and a shame

No. 1123099

File: 1649053602790.jpeg (55.27 KB, 663x680, EE9E723B-E305-4F1A-93EC-520204…)

There’s a shit ton of more schizos too, not to mention undercover moids being increasingly obvious. We need another purge soon ffs

No. 1123103

NTA but I’m happy I’m not the only one that have noticed the increased amount of shizos, been questioning whether I was imagining it or not. Seen a rise in homophobia as well in some topics.

No. 1123106

File: 1649055477560.jpeg (12.47 KB, 320x276, 9E5A88F4-D760-4E37-B992-B09F4F…)

Every time I eat peanuts my butthole has to reap the consequences

No. 1123107

File: 1649055479828.jpg (66.15 KB, 757x457, Conspiracy LC.JPG)

I'm in a super schizo mood. Please share with me music you listen to when you are in super schizo mode. The winner will get a super rare elsie drawing from before /m/ died.

No. 1123112

Agreed, there is a level of actual rage ruining the vibe right now.

No. 1123113

death grips

No. 1123114

too tranny moidish NEXT

No. 1123115

no seriously, and i don't even think it's all maleposting. i legitimately think all of the oldfags completely left because (in part) this new userbase and old site issues ran them off. even the ones that seem female seem really bizarre, rage-fuelled for the wrong reasons, and dramatic. you can't have a discussion about anything anymore without obnoxious spiteposting either or running to dramatic conclusions without any restraint

No. 1123117

File: 1649056416512.jpg (65.29 KB, 422x341, 1533105692000.jpg)

We gotta purge before this becomes CC 2.0

No. 1123118

Deus Ex: UNATCO Conversation Theme. Hand over the elsie

No. 1123120

I got accused of being white for saying she was pretty, kek. Who are the accusers anyways? Racists? Black women who have been negged by men? Racist men?

No. 1123121

File: 1649056611855.png (100.59 KB, 750x299, 1645955598043.png)

A fucking classic. I'll email you the rare elsie asap nonny.

No. 1123125

It's probably a racist man upset women aren't tearing each other and contesting for male approval. I've seen a lot of male posters who were clearly trying to start infights between women. Or I'm a schizo idk.

No. 1123126

those that are female on cc are literally more tolerable than what's on here now. and that's saying… a lot.
idk how that logic works, i guess they're saying you're white and overcome with guilt while at the same time larping as a black woman potentially? there are so many racists here now that it's insane. for fuck's sake, you can't even post about covid without being accused of being a "pharma shill" in less than 3 seconds.

No. 1123132

Actual tinfoil, the tinfoil thread is full of schizoid men. They never take stuff that concern women, children or serious stuff like sex trafficking seriously but covid stuff and vaccines giving men health problems is being talked about with so much rigor I'd expect from a moid.

They've also posted images they suspected were CP and a group of schizo-chans defended the poster saying it was ok since it was proof. There's also classic /pol/jewhater rhetoric that gets repeated countless times without any of proof asides from jews supporting each other more than they support randos… As if that's not what any person from any religion would do… I wish tinfoil thread was more moderated.

No. 1123143

i think the tinfoil thread is at least partially populated by men but the racism is leaking everywhere, and there is very little even remotely left leaning thought anymore either. even on explicitly feminist topics relating to feminism, poor male behaviors, or female issues, there's a ton of "I lean to the right" stuff posted, non stop whinging about exclusively left leaning men, and it seems to come from an angle that seriously is not male. honestly my tinfoil is that the the mass exodus with the start of the closing of pp/mh threads and 2X drama like almost 3 yrs ago caused much of this.

there's also a really weird emphasis on "the sjws" and the writing style doesn't seem to be male. it's really not the most pressing problem in the world. even plenty of the people whining about vaccines seem female, though yeah, a lot seem male. i honestly think the site in recent years has just attracted a lot of very unhinged men and women and repelled any nuance or sanity.

No. 1123144

No. 1123145

I'm free this wednesday and have several appointments, I wonder if I should take this as an opportunity to do other errands I forgot about. I'll get my nails done, I'll get my legs, armpits and bikini waxed, and I'll go get an official diagnosis from the dermatologist for my scalp. I also have to go get a yearly subscription for public transport but I always forget that. I should try to go shopping for clothes maybe, I need more trousers.

No. 1123147

I wish i made cold tea as good as someone i know. I dont know if its the kind i buy or how long i steep. I use black or white tea then steep at the correct temperature for 3-5 minutes then let it cool down.

No. 1123148

Hear hear! Very well put nonnielein. The focus on community is being eclipsed by people who are dead set to take everything personally. It sucks.

No. 1123159

File: 1649059843337.jpg (63.73 KB, 610x602, 1510519896297.jpg)

First we had
Now you grace us with
I love you nonnies so much is unreal

No. 1123168

when AI developers talk about robots taking over the world and destroying humanity, they fail to suppress just how giddy that makes them

No. 1123174

That's some Jurassic Park shit. I don't get why they think it'd be cool when AIs tend to be retarded unless they're constantly filled with more data from humans anyway.

No. 1123189

File: 1649061730773.png (108.49 KB, 1280x1082, tumblr_de7718f0e8762f19d00fc30…)

Sweet words for my sweeties. I am trying to invent new cute varieties so every lady feels as special as the first time she was my nonniechen, my nonnielein and now my nonnieling.

No. 1123204

I feel so confident when i wear a wig. Lost my hair due to eating disorder.

No. 1123207

Oldfag here (been on lolcow since 2015) and theres a lot more infighting and obsession with politics now.
Now theres no room for any nuance. Its either liberal vs right wing, libfem vs radfem, etc
Back then it wasnt like that. Nonnies werent obsessed with making a political movement their entire personality

No. 1123208

The celebricow thread attracts outsiders and twitterfags

No. 1123209

That’s just temporary

No. 1123216

File: 1649064147079.jpeg (92.42 KB, 750x737, D0BB434E-9BE9-4D43-AFBB-616668…)

>get into an argument with an annoying schizo on here
>realize their typing style screams male
>accuse them of being male
>anons saying “haha you’re just mad you lost the argument”
>schizo starts shitting up another thread with same argument
>admits to being male
>mfw when

No. 1123221

this post gave me a nosebleed, literally and in all seriousness

No. 1123222

>i don't even think it's all maleposting
They have been non-stop raiding and shitting up threads for the whole week and to a lesser extend the past month.

> i legitimately think all of the oldfags completely left because (in part) this new userbase and old site issues ran them off

I keep hearing that but everytime someone posts it, a bunch of oldfags (me included) respond. Nevermind we had a good amount of 4chan scrotes on old lolcow so it's good those at least don't feel as comfortable here anymore.

No. 1123223

Good then it’s doing it’s job

No. 1123224

i'm not talking as far back as when the r9k threads were around. that's pretty obvious.

No. 1123225

>more infighting and obsession with politics now
Because /pol/ scrotes were camping in the Ukranian-Russian and Euro threads and are unfortunately attracted to some moid /snow/ threads, nevermind kiwi scrotes who also swamped here since winter last year. Where do you see "liberal vs right wing" discussions outside of the mentioned containment threads, because as far as I've seen, everytime some of these retards posts there are at least 3 anons telling them to stfu.

No. 1123232

it was absolutely better a few years ago. absolutely. not like 7 though.

you literally cannot have a discussion now without being accused of being a scrote. people used to say this 3 years ago when this behavior was emerging, but it emerged for good reason and the farmers were different before. the accusations were not out of hand. they tended to be warranted and the posters were more measured in their thinking and detection skills. now it's just non-stop scrote accusations about literally anything that don't even make any sense. these persistent raids have been terrible though and there are definitely certain threads they populate though. and there are definitely more /pol/ scrotes (maybe even /pol/ women?) here now.

No. 1123237

I mean more as in libfem vs radfem debates everywhere where they dont have to happen. A nonny said she likes shaving her body and it sparked a debate days ago. You either get called a scrote or a pick me. Even saying you like skirts can get you called a pick me kek

No. 1123239

Same old from 2015 here and I truly believe this place had gotten worse because cows arent milky anymore.
Back then we had kanadajin (white girl saying shes japanese), venus threads (with actual milk aka when she was underage making those retarded videos forced by her mom), the whole onision autism, PULL fags coming here because pull got deleted or some shit, there was a thread about a cow being an actual killer but i forgot her name, etc. All the funny weeb cows (think gyaru and lolita drama when they used to be popular) They would provide milk non stop but now since drama channels became mainstream everything changed. Half of anons here who go on /snow/ are weird vendettafags even going as far as thinking cows posting tweets about hating men is milky. Combine that with younger zoomerfags from twitter joining here because they got rejected from twitter or reddit + moids and kiwifags infiltrating even more its just a mess.
I still visit here but mainly for /ot/. Saged for autism

No. 1123242

they really don’t make cows like they used to

No. 1123243

True. I stopped caring about cows long ago because they became boring at some point. I just stick to /ot/ and /m/ and the MFT threads which has actual milk.

No. 1123244

Male Fungible Tokens

No. 1123245

Don’t worry you fleshy little thing! I’m sure they’ll keep a lil spot for you! Hehe

No. 1123246

>see someone after losing 40lbs
>first thing they say before hello is "it was probably easy for you because you only work part-time and are a vegetarian"

if you say so

No. 1123247

I wonder if the actual milky cows hide in plain sight now that everyone publishes their lives on social media or if they simply don't exist anymore. Cows are nothing like the 00's-early 10's era anymore. Every influencer who's said something dumb has a thread on /snow/ now. Honestly I think those threads should be curated far more.

No. 1123248

That’s so patronising! I bet they are just jealous anon! Congrats on weight loss nonnie! I am a vegetarian and trying to loose weight and being a vegetarian doesn’t make it easier at all!!!!

No. 1123250

I wonder if there are cows here that just blend in and talk on threads, not wking themselves on there own threads, just chatting on /ot/ and stuff

No. 1123252

A few years ago we were full of pullfags instead who were just as bad at derailing and infighting so I wouldn't necessarily say it's better. Though I agree that infighting got a bit worse but we also have an influx of twitterfags from /snow/ and various actual scrotes who aren't always the obvious spamming-gore type but try to spread their shitty opinions in a manipulative and sometimes falseflagging way (which also includes trying to distract from themselves by calling random nonnas scrotes). Corona also made seemingly everyone slightly more deranged kek. There are more accusations, but then again there are also more scrotes and accusations are easy to ignore but actual scrotes getting too comfortable here are not.

The shaving derail is a really bad example because it was mostly one sperg (a certain farmer and/or smell-fetish XY retard because they posted similar stuff in other threads in the same timeframe) who dragged it on for days, responding to day-old posts, derailing to other threads and even other boards. Though I agree some pickme accusations are really retarded.

No. 1123257

kek, even worse than NFTs.

No. 1123260

Just wanna say I love you to the level-headed veteran nonnies that have been posting itt last few hours, it’s breathe of fresh air among all the schizos polluting most threads

No. 1123268

I love you too nonny. Its so nice to see other nonnies who have been on lolcow for years. Its been a wild trip since 2015 but this website just makes me nostalgic.

No. 1123270

Youre right nonny. Kek i remember all the pullfags coming here

No. 1123277

Does it bother anyone else on this weird, existential level that living is basically just reacting to things happening (they don't even need to happen directly to you) and that you're nothing but the chemicals in your brain? Because it's been bothering me for a stupid amount of time now

No. 1123285

Really enjoying Lizzy the Lezzy’s downward spiral into insanity

No. 1123287

no, it was far better before the mh/pp threads were nuked and 2X closed (yes, i know it's open now). the pullfags were not that common on the offtopic boards and they were way less malignant than these anons. honestly i will take a million stupid simplykenna obsessed pullfags over whatever this is where anons cannot even have a normal discussion without the other being extremely intellectually dishonest and then others dogpiling. we're seeing way, way, way, way more racism, way more conspiratorial thinking, way more hyperbolic, rage-fuelled posts and purposefully deceptive and dishonest framing of other farmers arguments. plenty of (not all) farmers now have completely incoherent allegedly "feminist" thought that has circled around to being completely moronic and almost exactly on par with liberal feminism. users had way more coherent ideas and takes on things than they do now. i should be clear that i'm considerably more on the side of more radical feminist thought than they are, and i'm not even that radical. at the same time they whinge about libfems but they are literally what i'd describe as spicy libfems at best.

my issue is not that anons are too radical. my issue is that they want believe they're more radical when they're just not. the guise of feminism or an alleged distaste for men is used as a nonsensical gotcha against actual radical thought. and it wouldn't be an issue if others called it out, but it seems like other anons just dogpile after the first dumb accusation of anything that kind of doesn't logically follow. not just moid accusations, but anything that doesn't really gel. for whatever reason it has been especially bad over the past few weeks.
not sure if you meant me too but thank you, anon. love you. i really hope farmers come back that were cool because the offtopic boards were actually fun and made sense. i'm just not seeing a lot of sense around these parts anymore.

No. 1123292

No. 1123295

Cool, chill nonas, please don't ever leave me.

No. 1123297

File: 1649076273529.jpeg (244.06 KB, 750x740, AE45614D-4329-4CAA-B43B-58BA5C…)

Some anons here have such an obvious typing style/sentence structure and distinct vocabulary buzz words they use and it’s always so easy to pick them out kek

No. 1123299

Good. It’s not like we have usernames or anything so why the fuck would it matter?

No. 1123302

Just because nonnas vent their dislike for men here (you know, the one only place left to do that) doesn't mean they claim to be feminist or radfems. How many more times does this have to be repeated?

No. 1123304

I used to be a pullfag (migrated here before it went kaput) and I feel so bad when anons shit talk pullfags kek. I'm one of the good ones I promise
Why do people think vegetarian/vegan = health? You can still eat nothing but junk food on both diets. Anyway, congrats nonna!

No. 1123308

I guess because people shilled veganism as a way to lose weight a lot and people see these fit influencers on vegan diets which then automatically means healthy in a lot of people's minds.

No. 1123311

I think nonny meant not everything has to be a feminist debate.

No. 1123312

Its okay nonny im sure youre a chill pullfag.
I lurked PULL sometimes for the dakota rose thread but the nonnies were too jealous/unhinged so i just stuck with lolcow kek

No. 1123314

I always wonder if I'm guilty of this. I talk/type like a friggin goof ball but I try not to use any of the silly words or phrases that I usually giggle at while I'm here, but idk I probably slip up a lot.

No. 1123315

the issue really isn't even with feminism, radical feminism, or who is the most feminist. the issue is that they will say x is moidy or anti-feminist as a way to shut down discussion when plenty of the time it isn't even a moidy thing said or an anti-feminist thing? like some things really truly are, but others are just not. and it goes far beyond any of the feminism stuff. the feminism stuff is kind of barely the biggest problem at this point, really.

No. 1123316

Imo this place isn’t political at all, it’s main motive is to stalk and make fun of people, and some people who happen to be the subject of their stalking campaigns usually align on an obvious political spectrum. There’s a universal imageboard hatred of trannies (except maybe for 4chan where they embrace scrote depravity) or woke politics, a consequence of the skeptic/anti-SJW era where everyone decided to be insufferable and generate an annoying culture war for profit and ego. Most anons here are not against trannies or sex work because they claim to be ‘marxist feminists’ or whatever, they are against those things because it would shift the paradigm of their own value. They don’t care about women, because instead they wouldn’t try to critique indigenous culture or religions (besides judaism and christianity) instead of the men inside of those cultures who do awful things, it’s simply because now that they are experiencing the full force of violent misogyny and patriarchy but only through the lawful comfort of the west, it’s now an issue to them. They don’t care that FGM is happening to african girls, MENA girls and women are practically gifted plastic surgery to change their ethnic noses, women in other countries are shunned for their period and regarded as dirty, missing black women and the effect of misogynoir, etc. Anons are simply scared that they will lose their status as the least oppressed but still oppressed group and they can no longer shield themselves from it anymore. You will understand what group I’m talking about but I’m not trying to get banned kek for talking shit about wire women

No. 1123317

Youre right nonny but i feel like thats people in general. No one cares about shit happening to others.

No. 1123321

Do you?

No. 1123332

it's not political, no, wasn't meant to be, but it's cooler when people are on the same page so they can have regular discussions about all kinds of topics and certain threads don't seem like full on extensions of conspiratorial /pol/ threads. it's very obviously not a hub for any sort of activism, but i at least would like to see ideological consistency or even just intellectual consistency around if you happen to be talking about something that you're claiming is a certain way? the covid thread is unbearable, as are others. i completely get what you're saying though and completely agree. as an example, i will point out that seal girl who initially seems maybe a little cool but then… nazi flags? how do you even hate men but you're on the side of nazis? obviously we know how and why but it just is so extreme and odd. it just feels like there are a lot of… weird and untenable thought patterns going on here. and this goes for all sorts of topics now, all kinds.

No. 1123333

Random but this reminds me of celestia from tumblr, she was infamous for being a "nazi radfem", sort of. I wonder what she's doing now.

No. 1123335

I'm always hearing about radfem tumblr cows, and I wish our radfem anons would stop being stingy and share the milk in /snow/! I think I've heard of this Celestia woman a couple times here.

No. 1123355

Sometimes I wear this cologne because I really like how it smells, but I also feel like it's fucked up that I even have a bottle of it because I only discovered it from my first fwb who fucked me over majorly both mentally and emotionally. I don't tie it to him, I just really like how it smells and it's a popular scent anyway, but sometimes my brain just thinks "this is X's cologne."

No. 1123372

I've had some extra time to fuck around online lately so I've been looking up the names of youtubers I stopped watching yeears ago. 2 of them are transguys who were documenting their journey or whatever. Both are really far into transition these days. They actually look the part now… both have recently come out as 'not identifying as male anymore'

After all that effort. They could've just done the whole low effort NB thing right from the start if they coulda seen that coming. It's almost like having a ton of therapy first is a good thing and not just evil gatekeeping.

No. 1123380

Theres a radfem cow thread

No. 1123384

yeah radblr nonis should spill the milk there

No. 1123393

Elon musk has the power to put the greatest car husbandos on the road but he still hasn’t done it

No. 1123423

Yes I know, but I don't think there are many tumblr cows being discussed there.

No. 1123431

I’m so progressive that i hate both women and trannies

T. liberal(scrote)

No. 1123438

Sometimes I forget what my face looks like

No. 1123440

File: 1649088524801.gif (1.04 MB, 275x155, 5ED63B53-9B69-4CFA-8578-873991…)

Nonnies please post your funniest animal gifs, I need to build my collection

No. 1123445

File: 1649088901622.gif (1.97 MB, 438x498, 7CAA8420-2B32-4476-A8E3-91CE1D…)

No. 1123451

File: 1649089310321.gif (1005.23 KB, 300x300, tumblr_inline_mj1vnqmUV01qlg46…)

No. 1123453

File: 1649089495722.gif (494.98 KB, 239x170, tumblr_inline_mm9bpb0DhO1qz4rg…)

No. 1123455

File: 1649089876962.gif (412.16 KB, 320x240, tumblr_m66hrxkaHb1qzvc2yo1_400…)

No. 1123461

You should try downloading it anyway, you have nothing to lose but some time because it's free. There's so much tools and shortcuts and options though, it's impossible to learn on your own (I tried) so look up a tutorial, there is one for how to make a donut model that teaches most important things

No. 1123462

Holy fuck my friend just posted a picture of his mum mid-laugh and she is SO cute. It was her 60th birthday and she's laughing, her eyes are smiling. My god, she looks like something an oil painter would want to capture. I seriously hope that I look that joyful when I feel it, and people can visually absorb that I am happy. The emotion on her face is pure beauty. Women who are happy at heart always age so gracefully, their wrinkles sort of outline how many years they've spent in total smiling or laughing. I'm just feeling a certain way when I see people in sheer joy and this photo is SO perfectly capturing it, like the split-second when the glee portion of the brain ignites. LOVE IT.

No. 1123472

File: 1649091253676.jpg (129.49 KB, 897x964, FO4ZA31XwAMKXfN.jpg)

OK which /g/ anon did this?

No. 1123476

File: 1649091676333.jpg (21.13 KB, 414x303, The-Pickup-Artist-S01.jpg)

Yesterday I witnessed a man trying to use a womans dog as like an 'in' to maybe exchange details. It was awkward as hell. He kept talking about how great dogs are and when she asked if he had one he said no. She asked if he ever had one, he said no. The convo naturally died out and she was stood outside this store waiting on a friend so she was stuck there and he just would not take the hint that it was obviously his cue to leave her be. Painful to witness.

It reminded me of how I rarely wear anything that gives away that I'm fairly tatted. On occasions where I have I'll get approached more and when men want to chat tattoos endlessly and they have zero tattoos themselves and zero plans to get any it starts to feel creepy and like a forced 'in' to work with. Why do men do this? It's different if you can both compare a shared experience but stop forcing it and for the love of good stop lingering on afterwards when it fails.

No. 1123478

File: 1649091793395.jpg (25.93 KB, 552x528, fa9.jpg)

Don't respond

No. 1123482

lmao this is hilarious

No. 1123485

the venn diagram of g and ot posters is a circle

No. 1123486

>Mrs. Johnson, we just realized we’re missing a column story for page 6!
>Don’t worry, we’ll just have our new AI generate one

No. 1123488

i want his hat

No. 1123497

Stop saying this shit it’s just incorrect!!!

No. 1123500

File: 1649093340679.jpg (98.82 KB, 800x647, ae3545a64d065b50353e4900967fdf…)

don't forget nönnchen

No. 1123501

Swedish version: nonnis, nonnisen

No. 1123505

This nun looks like François Hollande.

No. 1123526

I hope Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is having a great day today

No. 1123530

File: 1649096216585.jpg (77.23 KB, 564x557, d0da3039acbbf6239e62b12787ba27…)

Portuguese: Noninhas. (pronounced like no-nee-nyahs)
Means "little nonnies" in an endearing way!

No. 1123541


No. 1123544

No. 1123547

OK I'm high right now so if it doesn't make sense sorry. I remembered this site just when daydreaming and I kind of imagined us in a sort of physical cyberspace thing in like lolcow town, and it was the colour scheme of the default lolcow background with white buildings (from the text boxes), you know? Is the background white by the way? I always saw it as a very pale pink.

And yeah I don't know, I was happy to be there and so happy that it was all only women, like SO happy, compared to every other shitty website (except the pirate bay and wikipedia and I forget the third one), every other big site I visualised I was like eugh there's the seedy part, or I was surrounded totally by loud moids. But here it was just like all women united against men.

I suppose i'm thanking the website and honestly all anons for contributing to the really nice site.

No. 1123552

Nigerian feminist writer, also critical of trans activism.

No. 1123560

File: 1649097705271.jpg (106.22 KB, 1200x955, terracotta cow my beloved.jpg)

Greek: Nonoules (Νονούλες)

No. 1123588

File: 1649099145849.jpeg (87.15 KB, 629x550, 1575873634335.jpeg)

would it be troonish of me to say "nonninyans"?

No. 1123593

Haha dude im so high dude haha im so high. Dude!

No. 1123636

Shut. The fuck up!!!

No. 1123658

no but it does sound weebish

No. 1123661

File: 1649102550674.jpeg (202.78 KB, 1500x1500, E4E96AC4-D1EC-4F53-952C-E554A5…)

I’m embracing the lazy fatass side of my burger heritage today with this bad boy

No. 1123666

anons please tell me to stop being a fucking retard and go out with this guy! I actually like him but I'm very anxious because he'll be my first everything. I blew him off the last two times he asked me out so i have to accept now, and I WANT to accept like I've been hoping he'd text me for the past week and now that he just did I'm suddenly scared

No. 1123678

Can you identify any posters in this thread? I always say people here say that they can tell who's who, but I never see any proof of it.

No. 1123689

Never am i gonna encourage a woman to go out with a man, feel better soon!!

No. 1123690

you should check /snow/ and /w/ very distinct typing styles and the idea of integrate into board properly is the farthest thing in mind for them

No. 1123691

I think it's ok to tell him you like him but your nerves stop you from knowing how to act. If you feel like he's right for you take it slow and be honest. If you're really right for each other it can be simple. Good luck on your love quest queen.

No. 1123692

Stop being retarded and block his ass! The only first he’ll be is first in ruining your life! kek

No. 1123705

Bet none of yall are virgins

No. 1123706

I feel so proud when I see that no one has replied to a scrote post

No. 1123709

Oh I thought she meant in the off-topic boards

No. 1123716

kek nonnies ily
thanks for the advice! I'm very very bad at being honest and serious about my feelings, and I think we're both the type to turn everything into a joke.. it might be a problem lol

No. 1123724

File: 1649106745604.jpeg (82.81 KB, 600x600, 4CAAB584-37EB-485B-BC58-798845…)

my lower back hurts and i cant get comfortable in any position

No. 1123742

File: 1649108470401.jpg (16.54 KB, 380x400, s-l400.jpg)

my neck, my back, it hurts yeah hurts like heck

No. 1123746

File: 1649108720418.jpg (3.45 MB, 4032x3024, foul_fagus.jpg)

I never noticed that there is a hobo named Foul Fagus in Oblivion.

No. 1123750

i always find hot water bottles help when i have a back ache

No. 1123782

Found some spanish gay x men music vid in my youtube history. Twink mutant wasted delicious ice cream during his coming of age mutant fit of rage because of the straights and it was so strong it made spanish phoenix have an out of body experience. Like, her spirit popped out of her body and started convulsing in a stormy background. Prof x also passed out in the middle of the song for some reason. Guess the straight kiss was too powerful.

No. 1123785

I've been tossing and turning so much lately with the same problem. Idk maybe a mattress topper would help

No. 1123787

File: 1649112773772.jpg (76.46 KB, 720x555, 1648874885964__01.jpg)

My car is my husbando, does more for me than any man can, gives me that warm embrace with heated seats and steering wheel

No. 1123790

why does he look like every single twitter tranny ever

No. 1123791

why does he look like forbidden man

No. 1123797

Society screwed up by allowing men to feel comfortable going outside without a suit and tie.

No. 1123803

At the Charli XCX concert she shook her ass and my immediate thought was about (c)rapper-chan

No. 1123804

No. 1123805

elaborate, I don't have facebook anymore

No. 1123807

File: 1649115005950.jpg (29.8 KB, 480x480, 1611003038982.jpg)

Based and true

No. 1123812

My favorite personal cow decided to get on steam today for the first time in years and posted a screenshot. Reverse imaged searched that and found his new twitter and reddit. Bless.

No. 1123813

Society also screwed up by allowing men to think they don't need a good hygiene routine and that body spray counts.

No. 1123814

post it pls

No. 1123822

>Society also screwed up by allowing men to think
fixed it for u

No. 1123832

No. 1123844

every year i keep forgetting i have a birthday until someone reminds me

No. 1123855

why u calling us out like that?

No. 1123862

this is why i never tell my mom anything. she can't keep her mouth shut. always gossiping and telling everyone.

No. 1123866

your just jealous i had a hot demon sex dream

No. 1123870

I want that for me… how did you managed that??

No. 1123873

File: 1649123248976.jpeg (143.76 KB, 800x1435, FPgV0DAaMAIqtw2.jpeg)

I hope I overlap in fandoms with this fanartist (mumumu_my) in the future. Love her stuff but Tokyo Revengers is dogshit. Look at this delicious pic.

No. 1123874

Saw that Jerma and xqc were both streaming fortnite and prayed for a crossover. Turns out Jerma is just making small talk with two other streamers in the lobby… And this is the one time in ages I actually have time to tune into a stream

sorry for jermafagging, but containment thread is gone

No. 1123877

Jerma and xQc combining would be enough to shatter the earth beneath them, but that would of course mean fucking up their gamer setups so it can't happen

No. 1123899

I was gonna tell you guys something but I forgot what it was.

No. 1123930

Gambling addiction has to be the scariest type of addiction for me.

No. 1123943

i bet it's not

No. 1123944

My boyfriend and I are so backwards. He just wants to cuddle and I want to fuck. I'm so horny nonas help me

No. 1123945

Well hey this post is in the right thread

No. 1123954

Maybe you're just stupid
Ever think about that, Nonny?

No. 1123966

People back then fucking loved poems

No. 1123976

if i get chips i can't stop myself from eating them all in the span of 3 seconds like party size or not i have no self control and keep gaining weight becuz of it, whos the cow? me!!

No. 1123977

honesly? cuddling is boring and uncomfortable. fucking men often is too but cuddling is kind of awful. you get sweaty, you feel uncomfortable, you have to get comfortable while also trying to affectionately hold or be held… idk cuddling kind of sucks. i kind of would rather do many other things than cuddle unless i'm somehow sedated.

No. 1123981

this is serious, i think i would like to fuck my dad (i'm not shayna)

No. 1123982

legitimately disgusting

No. 1123985

marry, kill or kiss with jeffrey epstein, nikocado avocado and joe biden. choose

No. 1123986

Kiss Nikocado Avocado
Marry Jeffrey Epstein
Kill Joe Biden

No. 1123990

im conflicted i want epstein dead even though he already is, but at the same time biden doesnt seem to do shit so what would be the loss? at least with epstein dead you get some of his 500mil and there's a chance to do good with it.

No. 1124004

my sister knows so many people with cow potential, I kind of wanna just talk about them here but don't want to accidentally doxx myself or have them find out

No. 1124033

I can't stop watching drunk foodie beauty stream. She's going back to Canada tomorrow so I hope she drinks a lot of water, she's stressing me out. So much slurring lol.

No. 1124034

You can talk about them freely, I don't think they care or would dox you. I'm curious now!

No. 1124036

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp NONNIES I don't wanna do shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1124037

marry biden
kiss nikocado
kill epstein

No. 1124038


No. 1124054

File: 1649145811627.png (Spoiler Image, 751.22 KB, 937x3530, screencapture-amazon-it-gp-cus…)

I'm certain those people who write ridiculously long and unnnecessarily anal reviews on amazon are insufferable irl. picrel is in italian but you get the idea. It's about a kindle. No one has that much useful information to share about a kindle not even amazon

No. 1124107

File: 1649151722654.jpg (56.28 KB, 910x605, frog-sweet.jpg)

Every time I get scolded by mods and feel annoyed I remember I wouldn't want their responsibilities even if I was paid handsomely for it, this one is for you mods, thank you for trying your best and staying sane! (i hope)

No. 1124121

Marry and kill all of them, then donate all of their wealth to those who they hurt.

No. 1124129

I'll start writing about one of them, but there's more of them

>guy my sister is friends with

>his whole personality is being an edgy 4chan poster
>was in love with trump, had 3 facebook accounts that he'd rotate between because all of them would get suspended periodically, but one time all 3 got suspended at once after how much shitposting he did
>was always telling racist and sexist jokes, got so bad my sister had to cut him off
>he worked at tarjay (doesn't anymore) my sister was visiting him at work one time, she made a comment about "oh you're racist right haha", he gets really upset like "SSSHHHHHHH DONT SAY THAT HERE"
>I went to an anime convention and he was there, dressed as bernie sanders, was there with a girl who was a fulltime sugarbaby and she legit scared me, was saying stuff about how she wanted to smash bottles on people's heads or something like that
>his mom was really paranoid apparently, when my sister would go over his mom would make him wait outside the bathroom when my sister was using it, pat her down to make sure she didn't steal anything
>one time his friend was filming some kind of short movie/skit that required him (my sister's friend) to go out in public with his waifu pillow
>went to a restaurant with it, they didn't ask the staff and the staff just ignored him
>then he had to walk on the street with his waifu pillow, got honked at by people driving by and actually felt embarrassed (I can't express to you how embarrassing something has to be for this man to feel a twinge of embarrassment)
>I tell my now ex bf about him, he knows who he is. "oh yeah, is his name ___?"
>yes that's him
>bf pulls up picture of him that went viral on 4chan holding up a sign

I swear there was more about him, but I can't remember it now

No. 1124148

Maybe you're just stupid
Ever think about that, Nonny?

No. 1124154

File: 1649155117112.jpeg (112.38 KB, 700x808, D2D459F0-2BB9-415E-B041-C50EAC…)

So, I adopted a much older cat from the shelter that had been there a while and I will never understand why she was even there in the first place. She’s such a sweet cat with an amazing temperament. I feel so lucky to have her now! She may not be the most beautiful cat in the world, but she’s got a lovely little spirit. I hope she feels at peace in my home for however long she has left!

No. 1124161

she has such an interesting coat. I have legit never seen a cat who looks like this

No. 1124162

She's beautiful!! Her coat is very unique

No. 1124164

Is picrel her? That coat!

No. 1124165

Looks lovely. Maybe the owners moved and couldn't take her with them, or she was owned by someone older who died and wasn't taken by another family member?

No. 1124223

File: 1649160994507.jpeg (49.66 KB, 828x424, A68F1CDC-314E-403F-A4FB-37D54A…)

Me on fridays when i go sleep inside my boyfriend

No. 1124226

File: 1649161200045.jpg (44.7 KB, 400x330, IMG_20190901_103401.jpg)

boyfriend shaved his mustache and i'm about to call it quits

No. 1124228

File: 1649161442096.jpg (111.13 KB, 500x403, QQgO2Lg.jpg)

I met a really cool nonny and we became best friends. Talked every day on discord and it was amazing. I was so happy and fufilled…then I heard my stupid alarm go off. It was time to wake up and get ready for work kek. I'm now sad that my nonny doesn't exist…I'm retarded

No. 1124229

im right here

No. 1124231

File: 1649161787796.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2224x1155, 1B7A6933-2D95-45C8-B56A-1132E0…)

Happy when nonnies give me the opportunity to practice my reverse search. It is a form of brain exercise.

No. 1124260

I bought a vibe off amazon while horny, masturbated, felt guilty about wasting money so I tried to cancel the order at the last second, but the vibe is already being shipped and I have no idea if I’ll get a refund or if I’ll have to wait for it to get here and send it back. I feel like the dumbest of asses

No. 1124272

File: 1649163867585.jpg (384.88 KB, 1080x1202, beboo.jpg)


No. 1124276

you may not be able to return because of the nature of the item, depends on the seller. sometimes though they will just let you keep it + your money if you request a return because they often don't want your used sex toy back but sometimes they will just refuse any money back too

No. 1124358

File: 1649167156995.jpg (79.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1647614691597.jpg)

What the fuck I just found a twitter artist who draws comics about fucking her own dad and I don't think she's larping
https://twitter.com/deadspacedog sorry I know it's an imageboard and all but I don't want to save this shit on any of my devices kek

No. 1124371

File: 1649167456256.gif (1.16 MB, 400x224, LjgvfC.gif)

I saw some nonnies talk about cowchop on the H3H3 thread and it made me so nostalgic. I used to watch everyone single one of their videos religiously pretty much until James officially left the channel, then it just kinda starter dying and you could tell the energy and vibes were off, plus I couldn't stand half of the employees. I get so sad thinking about their demise because I really loved this channel from the start, such a shame it ended the way it did, their videos from the Colorado house still hold a special place in my heart kek
I check on James from time to time because he was always my favourite from the creatures days, but every time I see he's live he's roleplaying on GTA V and it couldn't be more boring, glad he found his niche, but…

No. 1124372

This was mentioned a few threads back lol. Anyway, she's larping. You will not be able to find anything about a comic (her dads comic) about demons that allegedly had a huge Tumblr fanbase. Her AO3 account basically confirms that it is made up. Her followers go along with it (like pretending that they read her dad's comic and pretending that they met her and her father) as some kind of ARG roleplay thing. You also will not be able to find any signs of previous online presence despite her saying that she deleted her old accounts and started over.

No. 1124378

Too much of a forced LARP, anon. It was proven to be false somewhere in the thread before too.

No. 1124380

File: 1649167636796.gif (1.59 MB, 360x260, 1626264282179.gif)

Thank you anons I guess I'm just retarded and in shock kek. This is bizarre.

No. 1124397

File: 1649168400007.png (34.45 KB, 1819x227, laika14.png)

It's fine, anon.
https://archive.ph/eugNT She made-up a fanfiction under the guise of it being "pasted from a news article someone wrote about her" which has now been "deleted". There isn't and wasn't ever a comic called Devil's Gambit. It had no fandom on Tumblr too. She kept trying to lie but fucked up by a lot, there are more lies that were proven to never exist but I CBA explaining more. You can always find yourself, I am sure.

No. 1124407

>There isn't and wasn't ever a comic called Devil's Gambit
Well tbf, she says that the name is made up to "protect her identity". It's not really that there's no comic called Devil's Gambit, it's that there is no comic that has all of the details that she shared about it, like character names and appearances, with a Tumblr fandom who harassed the daughter of the author for fucking her dad.

No. 1124411

File: 1649168912750.png (1.47 MB, 1885x1332, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 4.21…)

The ''deleted article that magically found its way on AO3'' is using a picture of a Twitch streamer.
They also mentioned that ''her and her dad'' would always go to cons and cosplay their own characters, and how the fans would take pictures of them and ship them, stuff like 'people took a picture of me accidentally drinking my dad's soda', etc. She lied a lot.

No. 1124425

File: 1649170005039.jpg (58.72 KB, 366x480, c08c2e2ccc98858ee423acac8cafec…)

I'm on a big clean out and spring declutter, nothing's stopping me from having an organized clean space now!!

No. 1124426

how tf do you get sweaty from cuddling, do you live on a tropical island?

No. 1124430

well, a hot place but not a tropical island exactly. it has to be quite cold inside for me to not get sweaty while cuddling. it's also just kind of uncomfortable and overrated imo.

No. 1124483

File: 1649172685272.gif (138.22 KB, 220x154, 1647892956511.gif)

I am the dumbest person alive istg I got inscribed in a driving academy back in December but got unmotivated last month because it was too much theory and I kept falling the exams. Well, I just learnt the enrollment was only valid for 6 months or I'd have to pay the fee again, and I just logged into my account and was deactivated.
mfw I just wasted 150€ and will have to pay them again because I can't fucking read. I want to cry.

No. 1124484

File: 1649172687897.jpg (193.45 KB, 1280x652, bigpussi.jpg)

rip, every now and then I go back and rewatch the old vids. whoever snitched to the landlord sucks ass

No. 1124487

Email them nonna, at least see if they can be forgiving

No. 1124493

I never said pic related was my cat, I’m not dumb enough to post an actual picture. I’m paranoid that people I know browse here and I don’t want them to know I do also. Kek

No. 1124500

I'll go talk to them in person tomorrow, but I doubt it. I read some reviews from people with the same issue and the academy told them nothing could be done because we signed a contract blah blah blah
Serves me right tbh, maybe I'll learn my lesson now that I've wanted that much money

No. 1124525

There was a nonnie that was asking for a toyhouse code back in the bunker days…nonnie where are you? I can give you a code ♥

No. 1124533

File: 1649174795112.jpg (51.33 KB, 361x361, tumblr_b60948be6f541b29cc95ed0…)

I just started, today, to take some prescribed medicine for the first time. One of them will supposedly help with some metabolic issues and will help me lose weight, but it's infamous for it's side effects. I'll start with a low dosage of course, but I am still equal parts excited and equal parts scared. Hopefully it will just go smoothly for me and it'll help improve my quality of life

No. 1124536

What is it nonna? vyvanse?
Rooting for you!!! Friendly reminder theres great support threads in /g/ for health and binge eating if you wanna join the convo there ♥

No. 1124538

File: 1649175054971.gif (2.67 MB, 500x281, animesher.com_gif-anime-girl-i…)

Anons, do you have a fictional character (cartoon/movie/book, doesnt matter) that inspired you to improve yourself? Being a better person, working-out, picking up a hobby, etc.

No. 1124542

Is it ozempic lol good luck b, hope it's gonna be soft on you!

No. 1124548

Thank you, anon! I googled that one and apparently that one isn't even allowed to be sold here in my country lol
The one I'll be taking has been, funnily enough, withdrawn from american shelves. And the EU. And Australia. lmao now I am even more worried. It's called sibutramine. (there's also some other stuff but that's the scariest one)
Thank you, btw! I'll probably join the accountability thread at some point.

Also googled this one and it's also not that, but that is interesting because I have insulin resistance due to my pcos (and also now because I am a fatty again, pcos sucks), I wonder how a diabetes med would work on me. I actually tried metformin for that, but it gave me awful hives after a week so I had to stop.

No. 1124550

How do I know if I'm on the spectrum or I'm just isolated to the point that I suck at socializing?

No. 1124558

File: 1649176530244.jpeg (75.07 KB, 640x362, BE734018-40F0-4EFE-B4DD-64E30A…)


No. 1124559

I wish someone could tell me whether or not to go to the ER. I've had abdominal pains with no gastric side effects for about two weeks now. Position affects it but it doesn't feel like muscular pain, and isn't correlating to my period. I'm on a Mirena IUD for the second time in my life and never had any side effects from it before, plus I can feel the wires so it isn't that, I don't think. The pain is about an inch below my belly button which can really only mean intestines or reproductive unit. It's not bad enough to not eat or drink and despite being someone who constantly vomits, that hasn't happened. It isn't pancreatitis this time, either. So I'm putting it off yet again.

No. 1124562

Maybe you have overlapping traits, but you can most likely rule out if you have autism if you experience sensory issues, atypical fixations, problems picking up on others emotions, and other developmental issues associated with autism. Look up the symptoms to see if it applies to you.

No. 1124593

File: 1649178650723.jpeg (112.87 KB, 716x1200, 98B6DE9A-178E-4597-ABCB-F98968…)

Man does it feel good to wake up as a woman and not needing to inject horsepiss into myself to look like a greasy cross dressing gollum

No. 1124599

Trannies make me feel much better about myself because no matter how I look I will always be what they cannot achieve. Also I'll never have prostate cancer. Life is good.

No. 1124601

>greasy cross dressing gollum
I've been thinking that maybe deep down, every sane person has the same opinion. Sane people who aren't "TERFs" or transphobes definitely have to trick themselves into seeing trannies as normal, because they know it's not normal. Or if it's not that, it's about how "they" are all mentally ill porn addicts who want to become women to be treated like sex objects because deep down they are just hyper misogynistic men with a particular paraphilia.

No. 1124603

I want to get weed local to me and not have to drive to a major urban area to get some and I've been told who is a stoner in work and two potential contacts but omg as a pretty woman trying to be taking seriously I somehow think I shouldn't go up to these guys and ask how to get some drugs but I really really do want some drugs and my contacts are dry atm. So annoying. Tried to get someone else to do it for me but they don't smoke weed and they don't get the urgency of my request. Like I need weed 5 minutes ok not next week

No. 1124604

lmao why did some scrote post a tranny flag, so low effort

No. 1124607

I’ve worked with trans “people” before and my coworkers were all respectful to their faces used the right pronouns most of the time etc. but as soon as the creature was out of the room we were all laughing at them or talking about how weird they were and how creepy it was that they got access to certain locker rooms etc., and mind you these were just normies not “terfs” or “radfems”, normie everyday people, so yeah no one actually buys into their delusions they are just being polite to what they view as retards because that’s what you do with obviously mentally i’ll people, you’re polite.

No. 1124608

Lol nonna id smoke you out. Considering asking to smoke with someone and then lean into the “is your connect open for new contacts”. That way you smoke and make a lil friendship, and its not so sketch.

No. 1124611

File: 1649179982519.png (56.93 KB, 591x502, done.png)

>like I need weed 5 minutes ok
You're addicted I'm taking you to rehab

No. 1124622

File: 1649180823487.png (136.17 KB, 672x392, smoking that good gush.png)

I'd share my weed with you

No. 1124625

It was another guy coworker telling me who smokes and I don't know the others one enough and I worry about like my work reputation lol. I got high with old work mates but we were all mates for a while first then we could all trust each other like the way this guy coworker said who smokes so openly it's like oh, hope no one talks about me lol

No. 1124628

God bless u
At this point getting arrested might get me smoke quicker fs

No. 1124639

The men in work always watch fucking ancient aliens at break and today they were talking about this ancient Indian text about atoms and the universe and omg I was gripping my chair so hard refraining so hard to interject about verdic astrology and cycles and doing everyone's birth chart right there and fucking then. Why am I like this

No. 1124669

File: 1649182671343.jpg (274.18 KB, 1235x1235, Grimes.jpg)

terf bangs are real. I started trimming my bangs over my eyebrows and I started peaking not long after. Clearly it wasn't a coincidence

No. 1124672

Clearly they aren't that real since Grimes is dating a troony

No. 1124673

How can you manage to keep them decent? Do you have a mini straightener?! But i cant rock it; i have wavey hair and a cowlick preventing any straight bang. Loving through u

No. 1124684

You could try ordering off the darknet, I have gotten weed in new cities that way before.
Another way is by using your local areas reddit lol that worked for me in a scottish city and one in canada.
Honestly coworkers are usually pretty chill about getting weed off of if you get to know them on a work friendly basis at first.

No. 1124686

before that stupid meme those bangs used to be associated with libfems and themlets

No. 1124692

grimes has always been a poser
I'm the worst person to ask this because my bangs only look good 1/3 of the time and then I let them do their thing kek I have a cowlick right in the middle of them, so I always cut that part slightly longer so when it shrinks (?), they look even. I just blow dry them and use regular straighners, then wash over the sink every other day.
I have wavy hair too and even though wavy hair + bangs isn't the cutest look I really don't care because I hate the way I look without my bangs, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to take lol

No. 1124704

Ntayrt but I have had bangs most of my life (both very short and very long) and I have like 2b hair which likes to curl and frizz when exposed to moisture which is most of time as I live in UK.
Things I have used to tame the bangs
-obviously straightners
-Blow dry using a hairdryer with a flat nozzle and you can use a round brush or a flat brush depending on how much a curl you want in it.
-Use a comb to brush it whilst its drying to comb it straight
-Use dry shampoo bangs on non wash days, have also applied dry shampoo to bangs before sleeping cause it seems to mess them up less
-Use a tiny amount of hairspray when you need to keep them straight for a long day or when you expect to be in a very humid environment.
-I also typically sleep with them either clipped back or with a silk hair covering

No. 1124711

Why did it started being called TERF bangs anyway? They were simply known as "baby bangs" before and most people I saw with them before they got renamed TERF bangs were libfems and they/thems.. whats up with that

No. 1124714

I had bangs above my eyebrows because of the twins in Skins and Katy Perry.

No. 1124716

some tumblr funnyman they/them "transfemme" faggot got in an online slapfight with a terf and he dug up her selfies, one of which had her with really short bangs. he reposted it and captioned it something like "if you have bangs like these i don't want to hear your opinions" and it became a meme. funny enough she isn't even a terf anymore, she went full white nationalist. not that she really was a serious radfem, she was a former mra anti-sjw and all she did on radblr was getting into slapfights with everyone until she left the community to become a nazi. iirc she even had a polilez phase.

No. 1124720

Men don't like it when women have a thing

No. 1124722

Terri Strange?

No. 1124723

nope, radblr infamous celestia. has terri strange ever even had a tumblr?

No. 1124729

I too was inspired by those, I haven't really had my fringe that short since that era.

No. 1124735

Katy Perry baby bangs was such a look. Hayley Williams also gets a shout out. Emily Fitch was the beginning. She had cool angled bangs that started babyish then went into the standard side bang. She was the moment.

No. 1124752

File: 1649187572130.jpeg (19.85 KB, 500x500, 3B809CAF-47C2-4BD4-8676-067690…)

I started drinking this lactose free skim milk and now regular skim milk tastes too milky.

No. 1124753

If I see one more pregnant Deku fanart on my timeline, I'm gonna kill someone

No. 1124754

File: 1649187813010.png (55.62 KB, 220x220, Limburger_foiled.png)

Witnessing the members of a discord server I am in troon out one by one

No. 1124756

Kek my condolences

No. 1124764

Whenever I take a walk or go to the park with my cats, a lot of people take pictures of us. It's so weird. It's just a cat in a park.

No. 1124772

Love how weebs refer to anime like fashion collections……..2019 spring season was LEGENDARY the 2021 fall/winter was packed………spring/summer 2000? Shit was unbelievable

No. 1124793

Hair twins! I also have wavy hair with a giant cowlick right along my hairline. Right now my bangs are kind of like curtain bangs, but they're cut to split where my cowlick is and have some shorter pieces between the two main parts of the bang so that I can style them as wispy bangs if I really want to. It's working really well for me.

I think it's because when all of the woman-hating gamergate-believing moids trooned out, they just took whatever stereotypes they had of 'feminazis' and transplanted them onto 'TERFs' instead.

No. 1124817

Why is everyone now pretending Dev Patel is conventionally attractive? No shame in finding him hot, but I don't know if he can be considered an heartthrob

No. 1124823

do you have your cats on leashes?

No. 1124841

god anon idk but i know exaclty what you're talking about and it drives me crazy, like I'm in the empire's new clothes or something

No. 1124861

He's no sayid from lost

No. 1124867

i unironically found him attractive on skins when i was in middle school
idk why

No. 1124877

I will make pogs, I just need to figure out how to give them that sweet texture they had.

No. 1124878

Right? I think he just looks more normal than most Hollywood actors. It doesn't mean he's ugly, just that his features aren't that striking. Probably would be the hottest guy at your office kind, no? But after all it's all subjective.
He was really good in it. Come to think of it, he's in a lot of stuff I like. I do think he's a good actor.

No. 1124912

I was gonna say I only found him hot in hereditary, but I've just realised he wasn't the actor in that movie?? All this time and I've just learnt Dev Patel and Alex Wolff are two different people

No. 1124916

It depends, if I bring them to the park, they're on a leash. If it's for a walk one of them likes to be in my arms (it would take forever just to walk a meter if not) and the other one is on a leash. I want to get a cat basket for my bike so I can bring them with me whenever I go for a ride.

No. 1124954

Does anyone here work with kids? How bad is it? I'm volunteering and I am usually good with kids but I'm kind of worried

No. 1124962

Depends on the age of the kids in question

No. 1124967

You have to like being around kids already and be really patient. I worked with ages 2-6 in an academic daycare and with kids who had special needs. I did it for 1 year full-time but the pay wasn't well. If you can get paid though, do it. They always need workers (get your responsible adult) and unless you're 15 with NO experience at all, it's just free labour and everyone knows it. You can also babysit

No. 1124978

It honestly depends on the kids themselves. I used to work at a daycare which was honestly just volunteering work because the pay was absolutely shit. The kids were really easy to deal with, there was one kid who would throw tantrums and get really mad but he honestly got along with me so it wasn’t that bad.
But now I’m working at this school with kids around 7 to 8 years old and there are two insufferable kids that makes me want to kill myself. I’m not exactly the person with the most patience in the world, I’m autistic as fuck so I gradually get tired of the noise, but these kids are the worst, one of them will beat you up if he feels like it and the other will throw his pencils and pencil sharpener if you take his drawings away.
So, I think you should check out the group of kids you would be working with first before going for it, if the group is too difficult and you don’t have the patience to deal with it, don’t go for it.
I particularly just tend to scold them when they get on my nerves, or I just go find someone with more power since I’m a newbie. If you tend to lash out just don’t even try.

No. 1124994

Maybe I should get into poetry tbh

No. 1125021

instead of replying to a post i clicked the box to report/delete posts and typed my reply in there. i think i need sleep

No. 1125025

The term "mtf/male-to-female" is very nonsensical.

No. 1125029

File: 1649208461803.png (4.25 MB, 1892x3721, ddt00wm-13dc76c3-bb0c-4dc3-b74…)

>blocks your path

No. 1125048

guess it's time to seduce him

No. 1125067

Does it bother anyone else when they're watching a movie or show and one character has the same name as you? I know it's autistic but I can't stand it and hearing other characters say their/my name.

No. 1125070

My parents were hippies and I've never heard my name in anything besides horticultural tutorials

No. 1125072

File: 1649215045758.jpg (39.33 KB, 275x261, FaceApp_1649214998315.jpg)

I tried to use this pic >>1119461 in faceapp and wtf happened to Jesus-sama

No. 1125119

File: 1649222253297.jpeg (72.67 KB, 820x809, FF972283-9B02-47FF-A05E-CF6987…)

HMMMMMMM put the pussy in a smarcophagus

No. 1125173

File: 1649234042736.jpg (52.3 KB, 564x752, ed93c6e5db18f97cfc12401ffcadc6…)

Whenever I see edgy /b/tards whining about how ~this is an imageboard, we don't moralfag here, it's the imageboard culture~ I immediately know they're pampered, entitled newfags from the mid 2010's. As someone who's been lurking imageboards for close to 20 years young people have no idea how socially conscious anons on 4chan were in the 00's, they were constantly hunting down people abusing people and animals because they wanted to stand up for those that have been wronged. Even if they did drop racist slurs it wasn't out of malice but a certain kind of naivety to the how negative of a connotation something like "nigger" carries. It was all just banter done in good spirits, not the legitimately bigoted hate speech as it is now. Never did I experience the amount of misogyny in 2004 as I do now in the era of violent incel manbabies and sociopathic trannies, both subcultures cultivated by the post-Trump and Gamergate online culture.

No. 1125175

File: 1649234166786.jpeg (25.36 KB, 300x300, product-md.jpeg)

There is nothing that makes me cringe more than high school class rings. FUCKING WHY?

No. 1125176

they look so stupid. honestly if they were given out for free i still wouldn't wear this shit but it shocked me that anyone would pay for it, kek. $160 to advertise when i graduated with a fugly Sopranos style ring? no thank you.

No. 1125178

kek this looks like those tacky rings you could get as a prize from a cereal box or something

No. 1125179

Why so Americans obsess over high school even decades after graduating?

No. 1125184

Huh my high school just gave us a glass mug

No. 1125186

Because a lot of them peak there. The life expectancy of a burger is 43 years old because they can't afford to cure their diseases. pour one out.

No. 1125189

wtf is a high school ring?

I keep seeing people ask why Japanese people are obsessed with high school because of anime, even though live action movies and TV series from the US are equally about high school kids doing stupid shit. So that's a good question.

No. 1125191

at least a mug is actually useful.

No. 1125193

burger here. i don't know, it's so weird. many are stuck in the past and emphasize its importance despite it being objectively dogshit in terms of actual value because america is behind globally, anyways. so bizarre. i guess they just idealize their development and experiences during it?
kek, yes, it's true for many. doesn't help that we have 100000 shows and movies about high school that are actually developed by and for adults. it's so weird.
it's a trash ring you can buy commemorating like, the school mascot/logo and the year you graduated or something. shit is so ugly it's unreal. it's not even cheap or anything, either. they should give you the option of something that's like $10-20, not well over $100 and looks like biker gear though. even a knitted scarf or hoodie would be better, christ.

No. 1125200

An animal mascot for a high school? I thought it was just some dumb shit High School Musical came up with kek. I actually thought hoodies were a staple, since I keep seeing that in movies or shows about American high schools and universities. My French uni even tried to copy that by selling their own hoodies recently and the mascot is just the city's animal mascot/emblem, but no way I'd spend 40€ on an oversized hoodie made by ameriboo students who just created their shitty startups a few days ago.

No. 1125207

most high schools have animals but the mascots/themes can also be objects (mine was an object). it's extremely retarded. and yes, they do actually pay for them to dress up in these mascots at school games and highly emphasize these mascots around campus. it's so fucking dumb but some kids are super into it.

No. 1125214

This could be fun for a primary school but beyond that it's so retarded. I'm shocked that High School Musical was actually kinda realistic. Are American high schools as big and well-equiped as in teen movies too? I went to one of the oldest high school of my country downtown so it's very small and there's a very tiny courtyard and we didn't even have enough space to practice sports, we had to take the bus or tramway to several other high schools, parks and stadiums for that instead.

No. 1125217

depends on where you live and how heavily funded the school is. mine had its own football field, theater, small stadium, etc. also depends on whether or not you go to a private school. rich private schools have all of this shit and to the nth degree, but i went to public and still it was pretty well funded enough to have all of this, plus macbooks we could take home for 2 days at a time, etc. still, i'd say the curriculum and educational quality itself is probably behind compared to most other nations, even at a relatively highly regarded hs like mine.

No. 1125222

I see. All of this seems very convenient, I would have loved to have a laptop back then because I have three sisters and we were all fighting to use the desktop for research for assignments. But you're right, if the program and lessons are shit it's not really worth it. My high school is public but it always had an excellent reputation and honestly I can see it now that I'm nearly 30 and talk about it with friends sometimes. Parents do all sorts of trickery to send their kids there, for example I was selected to study a "rare" foreign language there and a bunch of kids were forced by their parents to select that optional subject to increase their chances (because it's the only high school in the entire region to teach it) and then a bunch of kids drop it as soon as they start classes.

No. 1125224

I dreamed that I had ticks all over my stomach turns out that I got my period

No. 1125225

Hi Geranium

No. 1125234

the perks were nice, i can't lie. i can't say for sure how the curriculum compares at mine in particular because i went to a selective public school but i would be willing to wager that it is still behind compared to most countries just because education is so fucked up in america given the stats typically shown. the laptop thing in particular was kind of rare in public schools at the time, but i'm not sure if the highly funded schools now are all doing this regularly or if they've ceased to continue that type of program (i wouldn't be surprised if they stopped it because kids are irresponsible). what was the language your school had that was rare that parents wanted, anon? we had something similar at some of our schools and so many kids (weebs) who opted for 'eh' tier public magnet schools instead of the more highly regarded ones because those 'eh' ones specifically specialized in japanese - only for them to drop it like immediately once they realized japanese wasn't anywhere near as easy as they'd assumed, kek.

No. 1125240

It’s quite retarded but I also get why someone would get them, since not everyone goes to college because it’s expensive or they just don’t want to get a higher education, but they still want to have the satisfaction of getting a ring celebrating their success I guess. Makes getting a graduation ring kind of redundant or less of a novelty though.

No. 1125247

shinji ikari

No. 1125251

so you don't end up like him, right?

No. 1125252

I have only ever seen bus-drivers wear them

No. 1125254

Not anymore, but as a young teen I loved Honoka from Precure so much that I wanted to be like her, so I studied harder (often while listening to the soundtrack CD kek) and actually wound up as top of the class in many subjects for a while. Never underestimate the power of autism.

No. 1125255

Random men approaching you in public feels like walking through grass in pokemon.

No. 1125265

Kek nonna, accurate. The eye-contact thing too.

No. 1125279

That’s so cute and I can’t exactly say why. Good on you nonners.

No. 1125299

File: 1649248663485.jpeg (8.86 KB, 225x225, 816BAAF1-93BB-4E8B-9E24-563A50…)

The only ones I’ve seen that are passable is picrel but I see those mostly for colleges which makes a little more sense I guess

No. 1125303

Thought that was a phone on a period pad. Need new glasses asap

No. 1125308

I saw an old /jp/ thread from like 2009 about eroge and the filthy otaku were more outraged at a anon who was homophobic than at the fucked up 0verflow universe family tree kek

No. 1125310

I found the wedding website of this girl I knew in college because I googled her phone number after realizing I had her number when I found an old text message in my inbox. She's never done anything to me directly but she, and a couple of other people, were pretty terrible friends to my best friend so I cut off contact when they and my best friend decided to stop being friends. I wasn't really that close with any of them anyway since I was away a lot during college. I found that she invited all of those shitty people to her wedding lol. Well, I think I've grown up a lot since graduating college so I hope she and all those other people did too.

No. 1125311

My old laptop that unfortunately died had hundreds of screenshots of old 4chan, 2007 to 2010. I think a lot of today's lurkers heads would explode at 1. how "Im a girl AMA" on r9k was pretty civil and most of the incels were like "please sit on my face" and not "die roastie", and 2. how pre-/pol/ /b/tards werent conservative, maybe libertarian if anything, until ron paul happened

No. 1125334

It was Japanese for me too kek. It was very selective and the teacher was kinda crazy so she was always angry at students who dropped out of her course after one or two lessons. I was surrounded by rich weebs and a few rich normies who were automatically enrolled because they lived downtown, and I was poor and trying and failing to hide how much of a weeb I was kek

No. 1125335

File: 1649252353247.jpeg (111.08 KB, 600x577, F58179F1-9292-4955-B202-240083…)

that very well could contain mystical powers. we all should know what Chris chan's class ring did to him. we all should know lest history should repeat itself.

No. 1125339

The old /r9k/ I remember was even worse in it's female hating, unless you are talking about it even older, pre-deletion, pre-/soc/ where it was a tripfag/namefag clubhouse and they would literally have rate threads and daily posters that all knew each other. It was cancer I think you are looking at things with rose colored glasses sorry

No. 1125378

Yeah, the few times I went on r9k, it was violently misogynistic. But that was ages ago.

No. 1125411

NTA but /r9k/ was more of an exception to the rule, every mentally ill incel was told to fuck off there and the whole board was even removed at one point for cultivating cancerous posters. Now every board is ridden with /pol/-infected bullshit, you go to /tv/ and it's filled with altright rhetoric, pedophilia, racism and misogyny. I personally saw the first shift in the culture after /soc/ was opened and every sociopath was invited to whore for attention as they pleased, and things just got worse from there. I used to post on old 4chan (00's) a ton and never got shit for being a woman besides the obvious "tits or gtfo lol there are no girls on the internet!!!" remark that wasn't nearly as offensive as the current climate of men replying something along the lines of "shut up roastie whore kill yourself". Look at something like Project Chanology protest videos, there are a ton of women and nobody gave a shit.

No. 1125419

I really hate the internet sometimes but being able to look up tutorials and learn new skills and have an unlimited number of resources to learn something is so fucking cool. I can learn basically anything I want nowadays, and usually for free! What a time to be alive.

No. 1125428

What do you even say when someone you care about keeps getting shitty impulsive tattoos and showing you and it's all awful but you don't want to hurt her feelings?

No. 1125430

anon why do i feel like this is about me….

No. 1125439

sometimes I wanna make a Kiwifarms account. I'm just scared. IDK, I've lurked for a lonnng time, but i'm scared. Of what? I don't know. I don't think i'd be a idiot or retarded enough to become a "cow" myself or get Halal'd.
I'd just feel shame for being on such a site. Even though I do like a lot of the threads. I also enjoy Null's podcast, well 90% of it.
I think i'll just stick to lurking.

No. 1125440

Finally found out my work crush surname so hopefully I can stalk him and find out if he's single because I am in lust with this man. He's my perfect type and he's very nice to me and I've started to make sure I always take my breaks at the same time and we've been sitting together a lot and even when he just calls my name across the factory it's like, let me run towards this man. Please lord do not let him be wifed up

No. 1125474

My mother just casually suggested that I should look in to dating a Swiss man to get the citizenship

No. 1125485

You ever throw something up and never want to eat it again? The food didn't make you throw up, like you had a flu or something?
This happened to me with Vienna sausages, for years I would'nt eat them because I threw them up and it was so fucking chunky, like just chunky dry slow vomit I can eat them now though.
The other day I got drunk and threw up, a whole tube of sour cream and onion pringles, A bolnga sandwitch with a Maya and WHITE cheese. The color of the barf just haunts me. Looks like something from Kanye's fashion collection or something.
Thats what really got me. So I think i'm done with those foods.

No. 1125513

I know that feel, my family often wants me to date some random foreigners to get a citizenship. It’s those types of “JK but kinda seriously” kind of jokes.

No. 1125527

File: 1649266620291.png (217.45 KB, 1366x657, 7b1.png)

did this site really compare me to hitler

No. 1125532

Cusps are FAKE

No. 1125556

File: 1649268666770.gif (281.04 KB, 200x134, 200w.gif)

phone calls give me so much anxiety

No. 1125558


No. 1125564

same. i hate calling my boss especially or any work related shit

No. 1125565

what's the url, I wanna try too

No. 1125571

No. 1125576

File: 1649269971176.jpg (276.77 KB, 1080x1449, IMG_20220406_203219.jpg)

haha nice

No. 1125579

It's up to you noni.

No. 1125582

Why haven't you saved us yet, you fucking lazy ass loser

No. 1125589

File: 1649270457548.jpg (104.25 KB, 1080x378, IMG_20220406_204005.jpg)

you can't pressure me, that's totally uncool and unhealthy
I'll have to save humanity from hitler-anon

No. 1125597

The only two attractive men at my work turned out to be gay (they're not dating each other). Why. Why. Why. Is this some sick joke?

No. 1125641

I finally made a tiktok account(on pc with a fake email though) cause a troon from my country used a comment made to him where someone used the argument that women are the ones who can have children and used it against him/her as if he was calling sterile women "not women". I had to go read the comments to see what people say and at least not all people are "yasss queeen"-ing him but many others are yas queen-ing him and tell him to live how he likes.ugh

No. 1125647

I remember that time in high school I had a crush on a nerdy-looking guy who wore glasses (my type), he gave Japanese lessons for free. But he would try his best to humiliate me in front of the other students and in general treated me like trash. And then he confronted me about some fucking sketch I drew for (supposedly) his boyfriend several months before, I had completely forgot about it and that guy because normies would approach me all the time when they saw me drawing alone and ask for a sketch. He said that the notebook I drew that thing in was supposed to be shared between the two of them and that their relationship was secret or something like that. Motherfucker made me cry because he accused me of trying to steal his boyfriend from him just because I drew some stupid shit for some random guy one day, I didn't know what to say and I couldn't stop crying and he immediately felt guilty kek what a piece of shit retard couldn't even tell I had a crush on him and didn't even remember his boyfriend (if that was even true idk)

No. 1125657

I’m cosy and eating tomatoes watching a horror movie right now

No. 1125679

Yeah since tiktok linked everything back to your phone and contacts I've stopped using it. I can't be fucked getting judged for leaving a comment on some twats tiktok telling them why they're cringe etc. What's the actual point of that app, I will never feel the need to do a fucking weird static dance or pretend I am the opposite gender and act like them. Like why the fuck are there so many men imitating their mothers as peak comedy? Or specifically as a middle class white woman what is the obsession with women leave us alone

No. 1125682

That sounds lovely anon, enjoy yourself

No. 1125686

An acquaintance of mine trooned out about a year ago and I'm convinced he has a degenerate secret side online but no luck. Any anons good at internet stalking have any tips for me? The only thing I tried was Google his new and dead names

No. 1125716

What's wrong with being a prude anyway, I'd rather be a prude than let men defile me any way they please, yes the retard xy on /g/ boiled my blood. The only thing you get from letting men desecrate you is that they think you're a harlot and get worse ideas

No. 1125718

I chopped my matted disgusting hair like a year and a half ago, now it's grown and finally seems healthy! As a black girl whose had years of fucked up hair situational (from myself and from childhood) it feels good.
It's not 100% but its 70% and its growing. Im happy

No. 1125722

That's so exciting anon! I also had a big chop just a while ago and it's the best feeling ever.

No. 1125729

I never downloaded the app on my phone for the security concerns. I still think that maybe something will be traced back to me since I use it on one of my google chrome accounts(not my main one but still) but the itch to read comments and be able to have better access to it got to me kek.
Regarding the appeal: it's just the easier,seconds long format that makes it digestible(even thought this format already fucks up with people's attention span). There have been some good/funny stuff there but not enough to justify me being more than a casual user/lurker. And the only reason I made it in the first place is because for some reason EVERYONE seems to have one. It's akin to Instagram nowadays and people feel the need to overshare their life and stupidity. And I'll be simply there to make fun of them kek

No. 1125733

If in anyway you could find an alias he uses online it would be helpful. Many people just make accounts with the same username and use it everywhere. Or you could search up his email if you happen to find it. I remember there was also a tool where you could put an email and it would show the sites this email has accounts on but I don't think it was always accurate. There's also a snooping/online stalking thread here on /ot/ maybe you could look there.

No. 1125744

>feel kind of lonely
>open up twitter
>see the worst takes imaginable
>feel happy i don't have to be around idiots like that irl
>no longer lonely
life is literally easy

No. 1125765

I'm happy for you!!

No. 1125766

Based. The people who live on twt really never leave their houses. It's insane

No. 1125777

I got a keratin treatment today and I'm so excited. My hair is so shiny and it reaches my hips! Between this and the revelation from some hairdresser anon in the Katherine McMahon that my level 7 hair is technically blonde, I feel so conventionally attractive ngl.

The app shows you more of whatever you spend the longest looking at, nona. If you were getting weird skits with men imitating their moms that's on you. I only get cute cat videos and fashion content.

No. 1125779

How are you pushing 30 and your biggest enemy is a 18 year old weird bitch
You are not scenecore or animecore or whatever you call yourself get a job!!!
Not posting this in vent thread because its too dumb for there

No. 1125781

to add onto this How the fuck are you still an on and off troon at 29

No. 1125783

I was trying to find soft-spoken to practice Mandarin before sleep, I am now listening to boyfriend experience audio porn. There are worst ways to spend an evening, I guess.

No. 1125786

Im banned on depop because I doxxed someone at 15 smh

No. 1125790

Men should be banned from going outside after 23.00 so I can walk my dog in peace.
I'm glad my baby is intimidating and barks at any man he doesn't trust.

No. 1125794

Men should be banned from going outside in general

No. 1125795

File: 1649283788621.gif (2.41 MB, 498x278, why would you say something so…)

No. 1125799

I read the second sentence first and was so confused kek

No. 1125800

I can’t believe my white history professor ironically used “massa” when describing the slave/owner relationship, I wonder if he watched Buck Breaking…?

No. 1125802

But why are you taking a white history class in the first place

No. 1125805

dang this bitch dumb

No. 1125825

File: 1649286683853.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

LMAO anon i just got the joke

No. 1125832

Why are the most blatantly bpd people the ones who make fun of it the most?
They refuse to admit they're bpd too despite crossing off all the checkmarks

No. 1125842

elon musk trooned out??

No. 1125843

Projection. When I see someone randomly accuse people of having BPD in the middle of an argument, especially in Lolcow infights, I just know they have it lol

No. 1125845

no, she's dating bradley manning

No. 1125846

they should be kept in camps from birth until the individual proves he's not a detriment to society

No. 1125847

No. 1125859

File: 1649289601227.jpg (52.65 KB, 500x589, FPmCdyEXIAox1v5.jpg)

everyone massively underappreciates b spears despite her having undergone one of the most harrowing and almost always inescapable processes in the american court system and even after years of literal state-condoned abuse and trafficking, she remains extremely sweethearted, hilarious, and iconic

No. 1125880

File: 1649290909581.jpg (516.89 KB, 2048x1536, nwdn_file_temp_1614298594968.j…)

I will never get over the fact that Gerard Way has legit beef with deceased president John F. Kennedy

No. 1125884

You can’t post shit like this and not elaborate

No. 1125888

are you the one who made the idkhow and joe biden post on tumblr? please elaborate

No. 1125892

File: 1649291659557.png (2.23 MB, 616x4688, Gerard x JFK.png)

Like, he is obsessed, I swear he has written fanfic of himself saving Jackie from JFK loveless marriage.

No. 1125894

File: 1649291990609.png (48.95 KB, 556x1184, Gerard x JFK 2.png)

I swear it isn't a coincidence, he WANTS jackie

No. 1125896

He is an actual autist wow, thank you for this nonnie, i am actually so fascinated by this

No. 1125901

My nice normie neighbor asked if I wanted to come hang out with a couple of her friends and idk I think I might. I've been doing shit for once so I have something to talk about lol

No. 1125930

File: 1649296855370.gif (865.61 KB, 500x375, 1558325586130.gif)

my last day of class tomorrow, I'll be pulling an all nighter to get shit done, but first, to take a rest and eat candy because my stomach hurts. pray for my retarted ass nonas

No. 1125933

File: 1649297002907.png (836.48 KB, 572x566, mj.png)


No. 1125944

File: 1649297678554.jpeg (444.42 KB, 1242x1242, 0BDF1E82-9724-41FA-A4E5-ECEAE0…)

No. 1125960

Damn… Shes got that yoga level 100

No. 1125965

File: 1649300085402.png (67.86 KB, 380x234, 9875965865376537.PNG)

My narc bio mother texted me out of the blue after not talking to each other for a few years and she thought she texted my sister these messages. I can't stop laughing so I'll post the messages here.

No. 1125966

You have to be a pretty crazy bitch to alienate your own daughter in my experience

No. 1125968

File: 1649300355217.jpg (233.92 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20220406-215641.jpg)

>POV: your ex who refused to give up loli porn or get a full time job posts this

No. 1125976

File: 1649301802168.jpg (268.38 KB, 1079x1340, FPR11Y2VIAEjsAW.jpg)


No. 1125985

Idk how people can watch My 500 lb Life. I'm trying to watch one of the episodes right now, but the lady is so sweet and it makes my heart hurt to see what she is going through, even if it's self-inflicted. It hurts more when they have a really traumatic backstory (and I say that as someone who loves Hoarders)

No. 1125992

File: 1649303110275.jpeg (177.9 KB, 1200x1200, beau-biden_500x500_gettyimages…)

Why'd they have to take Beau instead of swiss cheese dick Hunter?

No. 1126011

LMFAO he posted this to a fucking public account??

No. 1126016

File: 1649305684822.jpg (70.15 KB, 736x621, 31a35b2f1e24c5ed73a9d99bc7ce71…)

Cherish shitting. It means you're alive and functioning (somewhat). Be nice to your bowels. Eat some oats, drink water, exercise and avoid alcohol.

No. 1126114

File: 1649314922737.jpeg (202.59 KB, 792x1200, 2346D9E2-4DCF-45B2-B744-7BA43C…)

I want to drink while watching a movie but all my friends are busy, is solo drinking automatically degenerate or is it fine once in a while

No. 1126116

I want baby bangs but I know I'll look extremely stupid with them. I have thick long hair. I look better without bangs but my reptile brain keeps on thinking about bangs. I hate my thought process, kek.

No. 1126123

I prefer drinking alone and if you're not making a habit out of it sall good

No. 1126159

besties ive started watching Brooklyn 99 and now my personality is becoming more like Gina. I read everything in her voice and am starting to speak like her too. autism

No. 1126165

Get clip on bangs to see how they look

No. 1126182

For what it's worth she's cool af

No. 1126207

i hated her so much lol but everyone loved her so good for you i guess

No. 1126238

When we were 12 my friend told me about this joke comic she wanted to draw. In the first panel there would be a guy saying "u jelly?" And in the second there would be a pudding saying "No, I'm pudding." I think that's too funny I think about it a lot

No. 1126276

ending a period of long distance with my girlfriend and wondering what to do with my pubic hair. i haven’t really been shaving my body at all but since i know she prefers a lack of body hair (and she’s naturally someone with very sparse body hair whereas mine is very thick) once i see her again i’m going to shave my legs and armpits. my pubic hair is another story. i think i look weird with a hairless pussy, i really don’t like it and it makes me feel itchy so i’ve already experimented with trimming it which i think looks okay, the only problem is i’m kind of pedantic about things and i want to remove it all anyway. i can’t stand things being half done and have a tendency to pull out hairs anyway. hmm. well i think if i can resist this urge it should be okay. i used to shave my entire pubic area including my butt hole but i’ve vowed to myself to not do that anymore

No. 1126376

my friend is an air hostess and she is currently travelling with a kidney and a pair of eyes in transit

No. 1126423

File: 1649342351177.jpg (116.21 KB, 800x450, cat.jpg)

Someone tell me not to text this man because he's a literal petty criminal who made me miserable to be around half the time.
I'm feeling weak after seeing him. Vulnerability created by being friendless again.

No. 1126427

File: 1649342522444.jpeg (112.14 KB, 533x533, 9FBEC99D-5F28-439B-982C-0CF033…)

God I wish that were me.

No. 1126428

Don't fucking do it, hanging around with criminals eventually makes you normalize their behavior and activities, AKA you start getting used to them being a cunt and stealing your shit.

No. 1126429

who, my friend or the pair of eyes and kidney?

No. 1126431

Please get a better show I am on my knees begging you please

No. 1126434

Stay strong. You deserve a man who has integrity and treats you right.

No. 1126447

no need for online stalking, it's probably the case. unless he's one of the autist or less masculine guys affected more by the social contagion than AGP. what kind of politics does he have, think about if he seems like a twitter or 4chan scrote.

No. 1126448

I think he just likes the symbolism of an american symbol being shot in the head and the conspiracy theories around it. Also he's into "historical" dates. MCR was supposed to play live shows in 2020 to reference the Smashing Pumpkins, who went on hiatus for 8 years, but covid hit so they're doing the reunion concerts later this year.

No. 1126466

Unrelated but is that gif from a Persona game?

No. 1126468

This flu is so fucking annoying it's been a week already. Covid was better what the fuck is this bullshit

No. 1126471

I’m watching fresh!! It’s fucked up!! kek

No. 1126478

Thanks, anons. I miss our friendship and him so much but the costs always outweigh my enjoyment. I deserve better for sure.

No. 1126594

A year or so ago an anon posted a video on /g/ about how to properly file nails and I think about them everytime I do my manicure. I owe that nonnie my life.

No. 1126607

File: 1649350802509.jpeg (109.78 KB, 900x900, 4567b040-b061-47e4-abed-647d29…)

This boomer tier comic actually made me laugh. Fuck why does it look like family guy reaction faces

No. 1126614

People who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom are so fucking nasty and I hate that they're just lurking everywhere in our society, touching everything with their nasty hands. How can you feel the toilet paper get wet with PISS when you wipe and think you don't have to wash your hands?

No. 1126619

File: 1649351349666.gif (6.98 MB, 640x414, patbateman.gif)

I live in the American Gardens building on West 81st street. My name is Patrick Bateman. I'm 27 years old. I believe in taking care of myself, and a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub. Then apply an herb mint facial mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion. There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me. Only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our life styles are probably comparable, I simply am not there.

No. 1126621

One time I was staying in a cabin with my dad and he walked out the bathroom and didn't wash his hands, I had to tell him, my father, a grown ass man to get back in the bathroom and wash his hands. I bet that's how corona leaked too

No. 1126624

confession: i emulate him sometimes.

No. 1126626

I imagine this music while reading it

No. 1126627

File: 1649351694577.jpg (76.96 KB, 540x516, tumblr_be80f2fc3415b319ded0fe8…)

No. 1126628

reminds me of that one cobain drawing kek

No. 1126633

Same, I repeat this monologue to myself in the morning sometimes

No. 1126634

idk if this monologue is supposed to be funny or I'm just autistic but it makes me laugh every time

No. 1126675

I love how whenever I express a wish or dream or something regarding my boyfriend, it comes true, especially after writing it here.

No. 1126716

kek at the opening of nocturnal animals. What the fuck!!!!

No. 1126732

There's not much you can say sadly. I feel like tattoos are both a form of attention and self harm. I had an ex coworker who both trooned out and would get a shitty tattoo every few weeks. she's a transman, so i dunno if this is a correlation, but it feels so.

No. 1126744

Holyshit i never noticed all this madness. he is fucking insane. Umbrella Academy sucks too

No. 1126749

Sounds toxic! I'm glad you escaped.
Do it. bangs grow really fast if you hate them.

No. 1126750

I'm sorry but any woman who makes you shave isn't a good person.

No. 1126804

>Look at something like Project Chanology protest videos, there are a ton of women and nobody gave a shit.
Or look at the board-tan cosplayers.

But do you actually use thsoe tutorials?

No. 1126807

File: 1649358748911.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2350x3983, FEA8668D-BFC7-46F7-B008-2CA3B1…)

I hope these nonas know that I think about these posts every day. God bless.

No. 1126812

The Stacy Trinity

No. 1126815

I didn't get why so many girls found motivation from watching 'that girl' videos on tiktok until I realised that those 'that girls' are their version of recreating patrick bateman's morning routine

No. 1126820

She just has a preference. The real question is why anon stayed with her if theyre not compatible

No. 1126821

The rest of the book is pretty much like this, in case anyone doesn't wanna bother reading it lol

No. 1126822

Youre insecure and should seek help. Just break up with her already anon. Doesnt sound like youre happy

No. 1126824

“That girl” routines are just productive self care routines basically i find them relaxing to watch

No. 1126827

I wish I could sing. I used to be able to sing pretty well, then I stopped practicing and it sounds really bad now. I think I've gone kind of tone deaf. I sing every single evening just for fun but I just wish I was actually good at it lol. Can't have everything I guess, at least I'm having fun on my own!

This is so true. She should accept you as you are, hairy or not. Don't shave nonatella! Just don't, it's not worth your time and all your hard earned money goes to sexist Gillette scrotes.

Fucking topkek, this is why I come on this site.

No. 1126834

File: 1649360209628.png (98.44 KB, 250x207, brobroly.png)

I dreamed I was horny shipping Trunks and Broly because of the Princess Trunks video

No. 1126841

File: 1649360555424.jpeg (76.31 KB, 723x408, 1639198354114.jpeg)

Samefag but looking for some sources and archives online I found this article, it's kind of interesting but I can't stomach the classic imageboard misogyny anymore.
>'Getting by’ on 4chan: Feminine self-presentation and capital-claiming in antifeminist Web space

Related: I fucking hate the word """femanon""", I hate it so fucking much.

No. 1126881

i've seen that term (femanon) used on fucking crystal cafe of all places and i think that says a lot

No. 1126884

File: 1649362285683.jpg (93.68 KB, 768x612, pitbull_03032017_0237.jpg)

The only Pitbull that is not a shitbull! #dale

No. 1126889

Well, it's not like they can say nonny or nona (I think) because it gets filtered. They should filter femanon too tbh

kek, is he a nice person in real life or what?

No. 1126891

Shit I never noticed he's kind of hot, like Joe Rogan now but kinda sexy

No. 1126898

Never heard anything bad about him, people who have met him said he was really nice and friendly.

No. 1126905

My cousin's wife recently had their second baby, they've had both kids late 30s/early 40s completely naturally and the baby is so freaking cute. He looks like the quintessential cute baby and he's so fucking chubby and happy. Please let my genes hold out, I'm 31 and single but I still dream about having a family lol

No. 1126908

Aww happy for them!

No. 1126931

If you ever cringe at yourself just remember I had my very first date at 26, I pissed myself during it and I could smell it and I bailed out because I was afraid the guy could smell it to

No. 1126932

Why did you piss yourself?

No. 1126945

i guess but it’s more that i just want to look attractive to her which is something most women do for their partners, no?

No. 1126951

I love Jamaican accents so much even though I can't understand them well.

No. 1126952

Well I have neurogenic bladder it's an in-born thing, normally I have to pee every 30 minutes, but sometimes I have to go to the bathroom like every 5 minutes, especially if it's cold or I just drank something on eat a specific food (like an apple, idk why but I pee like crazy after eating an apple), I was too ashamed to leave him every 5 minutes and I tried to hold it and well, I failed and pissed myself. This thing unironically ruins my life, I can't go to trips, people are really annoyed because of me because who would like to stop the car every 30 minutes because you need to pee? It's a nightmare honestly, I always had problems at school because of that, kids making fun of me etc.

No. 1126960

NTA and don't know if this is of any help but did you try diapers? My friends wore diapers when taking important exams and stuff like that and it seemed to work, though it might be hard in the longterm.

No. 1126962

yes mr. worldwide

No. 1126968

Great idea nonnie. Thank you!

No. 1126969

But I only pee myself if I intentionally hold it for too long and then try to move, if I walk it will leak on its own, but only a small amount. It won't work if I sir. If I had to sit in, for example, a car, I wouldn't be able too pee no matter what, my abdomen would just hurt so bad it would make me cry, my muscles down there just cringe so much. But I wouldn't be able to pee myself while sitting down. During my date I peed myself while standing kek

No. 1126977

AYRT seconding adult diapers, that's literally what they're for. I mean, obviously I've never used them, but I imagine they would help a lot in your situation. You could only wear them when you go out.

No. 1126986

Then I don't know how to help, unfortunately. Though I'm sure he either didn't notice or think much of it. This is the kind of thing only kids and retards would judge you for. Have you seen health professionals for your problems?

No. 1126991

i guess i am insecure but it’s just that the whole time we were together she never saw me covered in body hair so it might be a bit of a shock if she suddenly sees it all. plus i don’t really feel sexy with body hair but since we’ve been long distance during covid i haven’t felt the need to impress anyone in my day to day life so i haven’t shaved.

as for pubic hair it’s not that she has a preference to be completely hairless and she isn’t hairless either but it’s just compulsions that made me remove it all last time despite it making me uncomfortable after. i have trouble leaving my appearance alone when i do things to it which causes me to obsessively pull hair, squeeze on pores and pimples, bite my nails and also remove cuticle skin. it’s not good i know so that’s why i try to leave my appearance alone as much as possible because once i start i can’t stop

anyway this all probably reeks of insecurity which i recognise but most women i know shave/wax for their boyfriends and i hardly see how this is different

No. 1127013

File: 1649370524708.png (9.09 KB, 498x106, offtopic.PNG)

Totally off topic thought after reading this post in the Rachel thread, but it's funny to me when I am reminded that most other late millennials/early zoomer aged people don't have a boomer parent or boomer parents

No. 1127017

Well my mom took me to a doctor when I was still a kid and he said there's nothing they can do about it. It was years ago, I read that although you can't cure neurogenic bledder you can somewhat manage the symptoms through medication. I've been so disappointed with the medical world for other reasons, I really hestitate to consult this problem. Maybe I will idk

No. 1127028

im a late millenial with boomer parents (both 40s when I was born) and my life is stereotypical boomer hell

No. 1127037

ayrt and yes, I understand you

No. 1127045

my folks are technically boomers but from countries with a different history than the us so the generational mindset is not necessarily the same

No. 1127049

Ew, stop posting

No. 1127060

Late millennial as well, my parents are boomers. Both are at the tail end of the generation. Kek.

No. 1127062

My friend is an only child with similar parents to yours. I visited her parents house for the first time this year, spending about a week there, and it was fascinating. Her parents lived and acted more like my grandparents than my parents (who are late boomers). It was a little suffocating haha.

No. 1127063

File: 1649374940497.gif (990.92 KB, 320x240, 1642736304643.gif)

If by some chance any of the anons here were the women pissing off scrotes on /int/'s replymaxed incel seethe thread, nice work.

No. 1127066

File: 1649375666064.jpeg (702.99 KB, 2048x1536, 09923F5D-12D2-4398-8BCD-2A3CC7…)

When the Spider-Man meme comes to life

No. 1127067

I'm a zoomer with boomer parents and that's why I have autism

No. 1127068

any highlights? Screencaps?

No. 1127069

File: 1649376068219.jpg (34.33 KB, 612x408, stop mom.jpg)

I can't really understand what makes older parents so bad. My parents were 19/20 when they had me and I always thought if they were older and more experienced in life I would've grown up better. When I got older they felt more like older siblings than parents.

No. 1127080

My mom was 39 when she had me and still acts like my immature codependent older sister. I think it's about where a person is in life rather than just age

No. 1127082

File: 1649377265262.gif (2.61 MB, 350x267, 254E0B88-CB7F-48DC-B295-BD0959…)

it is 01:19am right now. Why am I still lurking? I must leave now. Night nonas.

No. 1127093

19 is so young. That's how old my dad was and he is garbage. I think it stems from the sexist meme that women need to hurry marry and have kids before 25. Parents should be closer to their 30s or in their 30s before having kids most of the time. I was not financially stable 10 years ago in my 20s.

No. 1127121

Goodnight my sweet nonnette. May you have lovely dreams.

No. 1127127

My mom was 29 when she had me. She's beyond immature and emotional abuses me.

No. 1127137

They’re not technically wrong…
>born in early-90’s
>mom was 16
>bio-dad was 17 or 18

My parents (mom and stepdad) were either older siblings mixed with boomer tendencies when it was convenient; like not allowing me to listen to heavy metal when I was younger because it was ~Satanic~.

No. 1127150

nothing at all. it's ideal in comparison to having a child young. people just want to shame and blame women and act like their wombs are unhabitable at like 30. ffs, in other threads anons were posting tweets by men acting like we're barren at 23. the whole egg quantity thing is beyond retarded anyways because by the time we even reach menses most of our eggs are gone but you don't need 20000000000000000000000000 eggs to get pregnant. like, not even close, so when these scientists in the fertility field with a specific goal of scaring women into seeing a fertility dr say things about percentages they're including the fact that we lose eggs while we're fucking 2 months old and shit so the stats look more dramatic, percentage wise. older parents are far more ideal. i'd say nearing 40 is probably the best time.
it's individual but generally a better bet is going to be having children when you're older. you don't have as much financial stability at 19 as opposed to 29 (unless your parents come from a wealthy family), you already have developed some portion of your personality at 29 compared to 19, etc etc. my mom was 29 too but she's awesome and has always been super mature and super cool. very financially independent and strong for even 29 (and 29 is still young). so it depends on the type of person but i'd say it's better to have a child after your core personality is developed and after you've actually had time to create real life experience so you know what you want and do not want for your child. it just makes common sense. people are just always trying to force women to believe they can't get pregnant past 30, which is NOT AT ALL TRUE.

No. 1127152

my girlfriend lowkey has a white woman fetish ..

No. 1127179

File: 1649385429681.gif (3.15 MB, 640x478, 44DBD03D-7CEC-4B5C-A2CE-9BEE91…)

Boyfriend’s laying in bed next to me watching some YAMATEEE KUDASAI squeak voice scrote anime shit, God why do you make me suffer so

No. 1127181

i'd rather saw off my toes with a dull turnip than date a weeb. why did you choose this life

No. 1127183

I’m an ex-weeb myself and there’s still some I tolerate. To be fair the one he’s watching isn’t like a hentai or anything but god those voices are ear piercing. I feel so bad for my boomer mother now, she used to hate all the anime music I’d put on in the car and now I see why. Perhaps god is punishing me for my former sins.

No. 1127196

Here, put neko sugar girls on full blast next to him.

No. 1127205

Oh my gosh this brought me back, thank you queen

No. 1127223

in your opinion, who is the cutest streamer (male)?

No. 1127228

I hate that I think xQc is cute. He reminds me of a feral raccoon

No. 1127229

i dont like streamers but i guess xqc, he looks alt 2000s band cute and i like that he's emptyheaded. if he wasn't constantly online and unplugged he'd probably be moldable if kept isolated because there's like nothing but wind whistling between his ears and he seems nice enough. i don't know that much about him though so maybe im wrong. all streamers are kind of repulsive to me

No. 1127231

none of them

No. 1127233

jerma is a genuinely handsome man and he's like the opposite of my type but its undeniable he's super cute

No. 1127235

it's very deniable. he looks weird as hell. next you guys are going to say asmongold is an objective hottie. jerma might be funny or whatever (never seen him) but he is… not cute

No. 1127236

some photos of vinny vinesauce are very charming, but i think i like jerma better. asking me this is like putting a gun to my head, and yet i am doing it willingly.

No. 1127243

No. 1127275

File: 1649395020933.jpg (35.25 KB, 391x478, DzueQ9WVsAADw_o.jpg)


No. 1127280

Do it queen.

No. 1127288

His teeth freak me out

No. 1127292

File: 1649395959387.jpeg (125.83 KB, 1065x1065, 7c4.jpeg)

Go for it. Become ungovernable. Be free.

No. 1127332


No. 1127355

Kek I never watched Euphoria but this is exactly what I imagined it to be

No. 1127376

File: 1649403310180.jpeg (40.27 KB, 540x302, 0082ED1B-6EE0-4270-BC00-175460…)

QUIT replying to the scrote nonnies. I'm very disappointed in you. The whole point of them coming here if for our attention, the best we can do is not give it to them. I'm only acknowledging it myself to let you know.

No. 1127381


No. 1127382

This. You're giving him what he wants. Your attention.

No. 1127384

It's supposed to just be common sense on this accursed website

No. 1127385

i only watched euphoria through reaction videos and this seems about right

No. 1127389

I tried watching but the sexual scenes were so weird. I liked the girls and their outfits but it's weirdly trying to appeal to coomer men with the whole storyline unfortunately.

No. 1127390

these attention-starved idiots can't seem to help it.

No. 1127403

damn i think i fucked up at work. lmao i came in and started throwing stuff we received away because that's usually what we do when we're done but i think someone was sorting through every single bag because 'done' was written on some of them. yesterday i already threw a small box of them away and no one said anything… things could had changed overnight but nobody said anything and there's no email about it sooooo

No. 1127405

just lay low. If noone has seen it, it didn't happen

No. 1127406

that's a large reason why I watched it through youtuber reacts. they can't show the sex scenes and hit the drama highlights.

No. 1127411

As a marina fan i have to say i enjoy this spam way more than the gore, although i have seen more cbt pics in the last hour than i’d like

No. 1127412

They're spoilered why did u click on them

No. 1127436

File: 1649409776462.png (1.16 MB, 750x999, PH179286-crop001.png)

Dude I love this room I found on ikea, except it's too white and beige and I would not have a TV or a stupid useless coffee table like that one and why does the TV show only one player but there are two players playing the game

No. 1127437

I don't really watch streamers. Out of the youtube moids, manlybadass hero is cute in a hairy hobbity way. Chris Broad has got really pretty eyes and a nice smile, plus he wears his chonk well. Would feed/10.

No. 1127439

because I'm a dumbass!!

No. 1127449

jschlatt, ludwig and (ew) hasan are the most conventionally attractive ones I'm aware of. I personally like xqc too (physically) and georgenotfound is cute but he's a manlet and that haircut makes him look 15

No. 1127451

Man I had an .edu google account from a course I did in the past and I wanted to login since I had some other accounts there to check them out an I just saw I have every password I used during the course aside from THIS one. I was pretty fucking sure I had it since I have all my passwords saved and I can't even change it unless I contact the place I went to study since they issued it for me. I can't remember what I used for the life of me. Truly dumbass.

No. 1127452

Hasan looks disgusting, I don't understand how people can simp for him. XcQ is a rat.

No. 1127455

i don't get it. he literally looks like an ogre with an impossibly tiny head. it's actually incredible how tiny his head is

No. 1127457

idk he's just conventionally attractive. tall, broad, has all his hair, handsome face etc

No. 1127460

pfffffffft he's already losing it. he started losing it a few years ago, thankfully he's on propecia now. he talks about it on stream but you can't see that he's losing it off the sides. this is why the state needs to mandate propecia to 18 year old men forever.

No. 1127465

He has conventionally attractive features that are wasted on him. He looks like a meathead though, and every time he opens his mouth to express a comment it knocks him right back into 2/10 wouldn't even hatefuck territory. Some people should be genuinely only seen and not heard.

No. 1127468

kek, true. he'd honestly look good if he lost all the muscle and fat. just get skinny, dude. he's like 6'4 and he'd look so good (comparatively, he's still not my type) if he just made his head proportional by getting thin or like ottermode at most

No. 1127469

He looks like the kind of guy men think of as handsome

No. 1127471

they do, that's why he has so many guys fucking obsessed with him. it has to be largely appearance based because he is so damn boring and stupid. like they're just drooling over the guy they wish they could be

No. 1127474

File: 1649413926977.jpg (99.87 KB, 1500x1000, LM_thumbs_comp.jpg)

Everytime I see him he reminds me of this thing from Spy Kids, just with smaller 'head'

No. 1127475

File: 1649414008439.jpg (44.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

aamonsanimations was not playing w his depiction of him, kek

No. 1127476

File: 1649414237086.jpg (114.29 KB, 1200x675, popular-streamer-hasanabi-dona…)

No. 1127478

I wish my period would start already, I can feel it stewing!!!

No. 1127487

I HATE gender neutral reader fics. Remove all the flavour; if I wanted to read a male character fucking a man I'd read slash. I know it's for the enbies.

No. 1127491

I agree so much. It's so tasteless in reader fics.

No. 1127495

He would probably still be a vile human being with stupid hot takes and a troon apologist. I don't know, but I don't want the stress of someone built like a great ape throwing a fucking fit over internet shit. Even play wrestling with him would fucking suck because you'd be seconds away from being put through a wall if he used just the smallest amount of too much strength.

No. 1127498

It's so funny when the writers say it's for "better integration and inclusivity" as if any actual moid would read your Kylo Ren x reader smut. Even funnier when it's smut and reader-chan is so obviously female yet her/your genitals are still called a nondescript "hole" and other euphemisms because god forbid some themlet gets triggered over the words "pussy" and "clit".

No. 1127503

no i agree. he'd still be shit regardless but i'm just saying, if we were to hypothetically improve his appearance, that'd be the way to do it. i'd never have any interest in hasan romantically or sexually, he is not a quality person

No. 1127514

For me, he could shrink another 6 inches and just be fit. Nona, I'm going to be truthful with you here. My ex was 6'5", and washing his big ass tall people clothes was a pain in the ass. I'm tangenting at this point, but all the hype tall men get is not deserved. They can can reach the cabinets over the fridge, but the benefits sort of pitter out there outside of maybe them being an imposing amulet against other scrotes.

No. 1127516

fair, but i'm not washing anyone's clothes unless they're giving me a lot in exchange. i don't even like to do my own laundry, i'm not doing anyone else's. he can do it himself. but i'm short so realistically i agree with you, i don't care about the height but i do prefer a naturally lanky build with longer limbs, even if not actually very tall, which tall men tend to have more often

No. 1127528

i used to remember 'emo boys' on wattpad where they usually share one account, sometimes not, and make an introduction book about themselves and shit. there's always that two gay dudes that are dating in the friend group and are the most popular because of it. they publish books about their daily lives with the rest of the group commenting in the comment section.

once emo became less trendy it's usually a 'gay asian couple', most often japanese, that began to pop up and publish a journal on their love story, others are more open with smut. i remember an entry from a couple that had sex in the train while the only person, who is a man, began fapping from it.

of course it's in english, mostly perfect while others try to make it less obvious with shitty grammar and spelling.

the most popular was from a dude in hongkong, who is legit since he links his facebook account and i managed to send him a message on his birthday or smth. he, i should call him bam, has other pictures of his family in the philippines too, since he's half. however, his 'ex-lover', was something i thought was imaginary.

the ex also published his own journal about their story in his pov and said that the first night they went on a date. bam raped him, because bam was angry after failing to get dates before and had experienced a terrible break-up, and somehow bam was forgiven when every day afterwards the ex receive his favorite pie or dessert because it's what he told bam on their first date.

they began living together in bam's apartment afterward. the ex was still in college and bam was working.

the last journal entry from the ex was that his family found out he was dating a man and forced him to break up with bam. bam was heartbroken about it and have been mostly absent in wattpad afterwards.

people were devastated. beyond teen girls, bam has other types of fans considering he writes eroticas. usually gay and straight ones.

bam wasn't afraid to use his face as a profile picture. the ex was supposed to use his own as well. but the ex was said to be hiding his sexuality though.

anyways, i feel nostalgic about all of these.

No. 1127533

>washing his big ass tall people clothes was a pain in the ass
Which you shouldn't have been doing unless you were his mommy so that's hardly an argument against dating tall men lol

No. 1127536

Omg same I’m due today. We’re synched

No. 1127554

me too nonitas!

No. 1127597

I had a zoomer coworker who wore a playboy jacket and i had to explain to her all about this. the glamourization of porn is so awful, especially when young women wear products of oppression.

No. 1127606

rofl i love you both

No. 1127607

I'm dying to revamp my tiny room. This is such a cute and simple set up. I love that cozy couch

No. 1127613

I've never seen Euphoria but this is fucking hilarious.

No. 1127616

Agree. 35-40 means you've had time to enjoy your life, meet someone and be more financially stable. Women who have kids before 20-25 usually hate their kids and regret not spending more time doing young women things. Not saying this is true for all, but i had first kid at 38 and my sister had a kid at 18 and she acts like she's fine but she's come to me before with the I WANT TO PARTY AND HANG OUT. She basically wasted her youth raising a kid while i got to enjoy my 20s and 30s with my life long partner. I also am more mature now than i was at 25.

No. 1127619

I remember the Sheena/Monty thing. Whatever happened to her? I remember her living in Cali, doing shitty streams and e-begging for bills/money.

No. 1127625

I just checked her twitter and it looks like she's still doing the same old cosplay shit. Some recent photos look pretty mediocre and some are reminiscent of her "paint myself a whole new face" shit that people used to post back when her thread was active too.

No. 1127723

I really want to make WhatsApp stickers of my husbandos but I don't want to have to download the Sticker maker app on my phone. I have too little space left to install apps. My phone is very old and shitty but it still works and I'm too poor.

No. 1127728

File: 1649433552081.jpg (21.41 KB, 460x345, v4-460px-Fix-Popsockets-Step-4…)

Popsockets only last about 3ish years.

Source: me who has had a popsocket for 3ish years and the bit that springs out has literal cracks all around it (on the pink part of picrel) and a big hole from where a chunk of that shit fell out.

Mine is so old it's not even the ones where this bit is replacable, only the top over of mine is removable kek. My phone is old as shit though so I don't want to buy a brand new popsocket to only have to switch phones soon (I already bought a really cute one for my future new phone lol)

No. 1127729

File: 1649433638830.gif (797.29 KB, 583x328, 1440477108922.gif)

>I would never get a tattoo related to any pop culture, so many interests are too temporary to get something permanent
>Best friend of 16 years: "hey anon, wanna get matching NGE tattoos since it's kinda been "our" thing since we met?"
>Hot diggity dang tell me when and where and I'll be there

I was born and will die as a hypocrite and I regret nothing

No. 1127732

You’ve been into nge for 16 years, it was “your thing” i’d let it slide this time tbh

No. 1127734

Vinny is the only one I watch occasionally, and I think he's pretty cute, although he still has that edgy 4chanoid humor that resurfaces sometimes.

No. 1127737

File: 1649433952897.jpg (62.01 KB, 540x540, tumblr_f15ea10cd661fdd900d7975…)

I have such a long snout, if I were famous I'd have a containment thread on here, too.

No. 1127744

File: 1649434106540.jpg (52.32 KB, 1079x1062, 277850710_388157523190620_1528…)

Honestly we kinda are looking to get some smaller, kinda subtle NGE tattoo too so it will be a "if you know, you'll know. But if you don't know it'll just look like a cool symbol". Sorta like working the SEELE logo into something like this. So it wouldn't stand out or feel quite as much as your typical pop culture reference either, I hope lol

No. 1127747

File: 1649434280709.png (914.53 KB, 1013x712, dan.PNG)

RTGame. He's not physically attractive by any means, but after watching his streams for so long I actually do have a crush on him and think he's cute because I like his personality on his streams. Inner beauty and whatever.

if we go strictly by physically cute, I think DisguisedToast has been looking good recently kek. Yes I have shit taste, I'm well aware

No. 1127748

NAYRT, but I also think Vinny is cute. I know he's apparently an opportunistic douche irl, but I have a thing for plain or scruffy looking men that makes me chuckle.

No. 1127751

nta but I love the look of these types of tattoos but I'm hesitant to get them since the lines are so thin and I've read that they'll blur out after a while and look medicore.

No. 1127765

Honestly as much as I want to get something similar, I definitely think this is a very valid concern. I'm mostly worried about how washed out the flower/s would end up looking in 10 years.

No. 1127768

Kevin is way better

No. 1127771

it won't get blurry that quickly, just go get one! once it finally gets blurry (if it does), you can always cover it up

No. 1127778

People always tell me about Kevin but I just never really got into watching his content. I should give him another go though.

No. 1127781

NTA but I recommend watching his LA Noire VR gameplays and the Harry Potter RP ones, that is how my friend got me into watching him.

No. 1127784

File: 1649435152018.gif (796.02 KB, 245x240, giphy.gif)

I know it's dumb, but it makes me sad to see how harsh and ruthless anons can be on this site for no reason. I'm watching a show about strippers, and it just made me remember when anons got mad at someone who said that she was dancing to pay for her family's medical bills a while back.
I think my cycle is turning me into picrel. I need a fucking nap.

No. 1127786

that's 100% not how that went down. she started the exchange by bragging about making tons and tons of money and how it's wonderful. then when people ragged on her for promoting it, she trotted out the medical bills for her sister thing. it's not like she prefaced the entire thing with trying to pay for her sister's medical bills, or even in the middle. it was well after anons were ragging on her with limited info

No. 1127789

I feel the same way nona. I always try my best to write nice replies to nonnas, especially in the vent thread, and try to hold my tongue back if someone posts something absolutely batshit retarded because I don't like being mean even on an anon imageboard lol

No. 1127791

his LA Noire and HP RP videos are so good! Also his comedy night ones

No. 1127794

File: 1649435527171.png (3.23 MB, 1020x1810, healed.png)

I always see ones similar to the top of picrel, I think it's a huge trend among on ig right now and they look so good but damn I went looking for photos of aged fineline tattoos and these really heal terribly. I saw some other ones of finelines with just black ink and they just look faded and lighter, which I think can look nice (definitely better than picrel).

No. 1127796

I'll check those out, thanks for the rec nonnas!

No. 1127801

>she started the exchange by bragging about making tons and tons of money and how it's wonderful.
This isn't true, but I'm not here to argue about something that happened so long ago. It was just something that I remembered and there are more instances of unnecessary cruelness here, especially in the vent thread.

No. 1127803

Kevin is best.

No. 1127808


He really is, I love his videos and watch it all the time

No. 1127809

Just realized I had made (light) fun of a forbidden man before and now I'm thirsting, and there's a saying in my language that is so fitting it's incredible but stupid english does not have it!

No. 1127812

File: 1649436101085.jpg (43.97 KB, 735x533, 285190b4a788283bcf4b0a148713bd…)

No. 1127814

File: 1649436166568.jpg (37.53 KB, 500x500, nice.jpg)

No. 1127835

The farmer caps blog has a post with 3,000 notes getting reblogged by troons and popular users kek

No. 1127869

which post

No. 1127876

Was it not lolcowfarmercaps? Looks like tumblr terminated that one. They've really been cracking down on "transphobes" lately.

No. 1127881



No. 1127883

Oh, it's still there. My bad.

No. 1127889

File: 1649439515867.jpg (92.29 KB, 521x960, tumblr_da8eab9ca8598d8deac6862…)

nta but this one has 3k+ notes. It's not even that funny.

No. 1127892

It's funny imo but it has so many notes (relative to tumblr) because they love stupid "fuck america, fuck canada, fuck the british" jokes although like 80% of them are firsties living in those countries. Kinda tarded.

No. 1127893

File: 1649439648432.jpeg (146.98 KB, 750x482, 5E06898B-5C8F-465A-BA01-0981AA…)

No. 1127896

it is pretty funny

No. 1127902

All Anti-Anglosphere jokes are only funny when made by people who are not from the Anglosphere.

No. 1127904

not really, everyone but OP was mostly bitching about how portland and whatever equiv city is too "woke" so it's kind of funny

No. 1127905

So are you… y'know?

No. 1127911

File: 1649440574415.jpg (74.41 KB, 888x666, tumblr_ac405cb602d7f8949014c19…)

This one now has 10k notes on tumblr. I made it lol

No. 1127913

congrats nonnie, share the tumblr post?

No. 1127914

I politely disagree but good for you if you had a laugh

No. 1127916

It's from the same farmercaps blog but further back. Seems that both of these posts blew up in the last few days despite not being that recent.

No. 1127925

No. 1127932

File: 1649441865385.jpeg (109.72 KB, 750x738, 9C6575F2-38FD-46F8-8F63-245129…)

cool swag dog will always crack me up for no reason

No. 1127957

I always found it funny how this oftentimes is presented as him being obsessive, and weird and too much while this is the everyday for a lot of women (except for the thousand crunches, but maybe that's just me) lol

No. 1127963

It's called self-deprecating humor and even if it's not self-deprecating, you have the right to call your own city shit

No. 1127965

The tumblrinas do not think the "fuck the anglosphere" jokes are funny because they think their cities suck, it's definitely about the virtue signaling. Anyway, regular people can make fun of their shitty cities all they want but the context is clearly different with tumblrfags.

No. 1127969

I sent an anon to a relatively popular funnyman tumblr "enby" telling them (idk and idc what their real sex is so whatever) that that "fuck Vancouver/Halifax/Quebec" cap came from a TERF website and the retard quietly deleted their reblog LMAOOOOO

No. 1127971

Who was the blog, nonnie? I love hatefollowing popular tumblr blogs, I wish there was a /snow/ thread or something to shit talk them.

No. 1127972

Samefag, meant >>1127969

No. 1127973

at least the 2000s had 'stacy's mom' where the tween boy had a massive crush on the like early 40s mom. now all we have is straight up pedophilic music and pedophilic media. don't see men idealizing moms in music anymore, granted it is fetishy, obviously, but no one wants to admit older women are attractive

No. 1127977

most of the people reblogging their posts probably think they're 4chan screencaps kek

No. 1127985

File: 1649445713532.jpg (133.61 KB, 1079x839, 2022040894885938.jpg)

Sorry for milking the farmercaps post but look at the fucking notes kek.
They're so retarded.

No. 1127987

this is offensive kek

No. 1127995

kek it's better that they think these are 4chan screencaps tho, that way they don't come lurking in here and shit the place up even more than the recent newfags

No. 1128005

they all literally think it is 4chan in the replies too

No. 1128017

I made a front-page post on reddit some years ago with a throwaway and tried to log into the account, but couldn't get in. When I tried to look up my account, it said I deleted it, which I definitely didn't, and now I'm weirdly sad about it. I guess it's my own fault for making the password abcdef though lol.

No. 1128024

it brings me the ultimate pleasure that a movie so revered amongst bad men is directed by a woman.

No. 1128027

I think you and I are thinking of different jokes, and in either case I don't give a fuck. It's just jokes.

No. 1128029

You're the one who replied to me, I'm just explaining shit. Damn.

No. 1128031

there's a couple of people saying to not reblog the post because op is a terk kekkk i fucking love tumblr

No. 1128036

File: 1649448725215.jpg (50.21 KB, 577x549, bd7.jpg)

ok, ok

No. 1128040

Can't be the only one who thinks a lesbian Gokushufudou AU would be so cute. Tatsu as a woman would be so hot, not that he actually isn't as a man, at least in my bisexual opinion. Too bad the closest thing I could find to that was some shitfic in which Tatsu comes out as a transbian. Gross.

No. 1128045

there was some Romanian looking girl watching me sleep on the train last night. every time i opened my eyes she was looking at me, i was just napping
(it wasn't even uncomfortable, just a little out the ordinary but maybe she thought i was a tramp lol)

No. 1128058

that was me. i don't look romanian though but i am.

No. 1128070

fuck, this is my favorite one.

No. 1128079

File: 1649451470894.jpg (38.56 KB, 617x617, 2e7175697eab40b392acf06d020020…)

>taking to a guy irl
>he's very online too so we end up talking about internet stuff
>every website we mention (reddit, 4chan, discord, Twitter, tumblr) i tell him i don't use or stopped using years ago
>which is true (except for tumblr which I only use for terf stuff, he wouldn't understand)
>"so anon if you don't use any of those where does your internet culture come from now?"
>"uhhhhhhhhh it's hard to explain haha"
>immediately change subject

No. 1128100

I live in fear of lolcow being discovered, it is a precious secret

No. 1128114

if he asks again say youtube

No. 1128128

My girlfriend who only knows how misogynistic and racist 4chan is saw me browsing LC and she was immediately appalled at me browsing imageboards. Trying to explain that it's "an imageboard for girls where men get banned" without really telling what it's about was like dodging mines on a field.

No. 1128247

ahhh I'm craving chocolate so bad! I have to go to bed so tomorrow comes quicker and I can go out on a long walk and treat myself to some chocolate.

No. 1128253

moderatos fear the cool swag dog

No. 1128255

If he asks again say RuneScape global chat

No. 1128256

File: 1649464360707.jpg (136.63 KB, 1080x1080, Enlight561_1080x.jpg)

No. 1128261

File: 1649464726383.png (30.04 KB, 1376x396, Brain.png)

My mmind be like

No. 1128263

Which one you want, you have to pick one

No. 1128298

KEK this fucking video

No. 1128315

I'd go with ponytail boy with the chain on his pants

No. 1128317

File: 1649471352106.jpg (73.33 KB, 500x669, 1649278578935.jpg)

I'm enraged, homicidal, and want to break shit. Can some nona tell me a dumb story or something funny/dumb that happened, please?

No. 1128321

When I was living at home during covid my mom went through and cleaned out my bathroom closet without telling me. She found the saucepan I use to boil my menstrual cup between periods and not knowing what it was she donated it to Goodwill. As soon as I heard I ran to the store to buy it back but it was already gone.

No. 1128327

Ooof, I'm sorry nona. Did you ever tell her or decide not to? Hope you found another one.

No. 1128330

I told her, it wasn’t the loss of the saucepan that was a bad thing (I actually bought it at goodwill) but the thought that somebody had bought a pan covered in menstrual cooties to use for food.

No. 1128333

File: 1649472987631.jpeg (160.78 KB, 828x904, 757EB35E-280F-4F35-AE39-92004C…)

nonnies i just took a fat shit and it clogged my toilet and i keep using the plunger and it won’t fully go down. hopefully the bleach concotion in one of those cleaning sprays helps it go down i’m so tired and feel anemic and tired from my period and taking a hot shower earlier ugh

No. 1128334

this gave me flashbacks of the colour wheel war

No. 1128335

Nonni I will tell you one of my absolute bangers of a social failure for distraction. So be me go over to first long term relationship as an adult’s house. Awkward and autistic but attractive so I’m stealth and people laugh it off.
Don’t want to sleep with them on first night over so what do I do? Talk to them? No. Wait for them to be half way through taking their shoes off and me lying on their bed and hit them with, “It’s not a Netflix and chill kind of night. It’s an abstinence and chill kind of night.” They freeze. Stare at me a solid 30 seconds then without saying anything continued taking their shoes off while I laughed.

No. 1128338

Didn't give that a thought. Wasn't intentional so I hope it doesn't haunt you.
I love you nona, you sound great. I hyena laughed.

No. 1128350


one time I found an unused bottle rocket on the ground outside and I tried to gift it to a woman I liked because I am too stupid to live, too autistic to die

No. 1128352

i like to yank out my pubic hairs while I read or browse the internet. I've managed to basically get rid of all the hair on sides except the mon pubis area and near my asshole, i cant get a good grip near that part but for the most part i love it. i recc to my other nonnies in here

No. 1128354

Been reading some tweets from the fakeboi/genderspecial/wokie cartoonfucker side of Twitter, and it's pretty fucking sad how girls (they're usually underage) can be mad at shit like racial fetishism coming from moids, but don't call them out for the male behavior, and in their next tweet they'll post about their "transition goals" represented in a drawing where they have massive mastectomy scars.

No. 1128355

Kek me too, I like to roll them between my fingers until there's a knot and yank it out.

No. 1128357

doing it rn, hope you get some good ones

No. 1128363

get a coat hanger, untwist it so it's long and straight, then use it to break the shit apart

No. 1128364

Sounds like a rad gift.

No. 1128366

lol me three, you know its a keeper when the plucked pube is long enough to be used as floss for teeth.

No. 1128368

>they'll post about their "transition goals" represented in a drawing where they have massive mastectomy scars

It's cause of shit like this that I can't not believe transitioning isn't at least partially motivated by self harm for most tifs

No. 1128369

samefag, a wire coat hanger specifically, might not work with other kinds. hell, maybe even an actual stick would do

No. 1128372

File: 1649477370222.gif (977.25 KB, 400x209, tumblr_83a2a15f912ef9dcba571f3…)

No. 1128377

oh man, this is so much fun! i like this. Wish i had a cringe compilation from when i was a teenager.

No. 1128382

Thanks, I have so many fucking tics and BFRBs it's not funny. Hopefully this one replaces them.

Use a sufficiently long but reasonably short stick, to be able to unclog the toilet but also throw it in the trashcan. That's what I usually do. Although you might not have access to that.

No. 1128392

Kek this is brilliant, loved it

No. 1128394

Both "pro" and "anti" shippers are so insane and delusional. It's crazy when you stumble upon someone's account and it's just them arguing about ship shit

No. 1128397

Agree. Both sides are nuts. The entire debacle could be solved by stepping away from the computer and going outside.

No. 1128406

Antis are either mentally ill kids or their "fandom parent" adults who want to groom them for their personal validation but within proshippers you can find unhinged people who cape for degenerate shit like loli porn just because they're ignoring social nuances and conflating a bunch of adult women shipping fictional teenage characters as the same as creepy moids wanting to see 10-year old anime girls be abused. It's an "all or nothing" deal for both sides and it's tiring as fuck.

No. 1128411

I watched "The Lost Daughter" with Olivia Coleman and was shocked to see just how like me she was. Everything she did, every reaction to every situation, how she shut down any conversation and was fucking awkward when she tried. Building up resentment towards strangers to then act like a cow when she had to interact with them - all me! The film itself was about How she hated being a mother and left her kids for some years and loved ievery minute, which is something I feel I would also do.

Anyway, I finish the film and get onto the reviews, and they're all going on about how she's a strange, selfish, anxious, petty, very dislikeable protagonist. And it's like shiiiit I know i'm not the warmest person but this made me think about whether i'm actually objectively pretty bad.

It's a good film though, I would recommend.

No. 1128416

I like rainy weather. It means I don't have to feel guilty for not going out

No. 1128419

File: 1649485144198.jpg (74.26 KB, 650x922, 1596352149110.jpg)

Nothing better than a comfy day in while it's raining outside. Just sucks when you have to go to work regardless.

No. 1128461

File: 1649489372981.png (307.45 KB, 475x657, why are you like this.png)

I got tickets to see my favorite band (epica) later this year. I was telling my physical therapist this because she was making conversation with me and the subject turned to travelling. then I went to put on my jacket (which coincidentally is an epica jacket, it's just the right warmth for this weather) and then she asked "oh yeah, I forgot to ask what band is it you're going to see?" I was just like "uhm.. uhh.. they're just a metal band" Idk why but I always feel kind of embarrassed saying their name to people outloud. I also feel like there's just something really autistic about wearing your merch of your favorite band everywhere. but I feel like not answering her question was kind of rude.

god I sound so fucking autistic

No. 1128490

File: 1649491751993.png (843.67 KB, 499x869, uigsd.png)

Wtf we are the same

No. 1128492

eh I omit info like that sometimes, like if someone asks where I got something I say it was a gift when I bought it myself. sometimes i just don't really feel like getting into it with the follow up questions.

No. 1128497

Racist (especially unironic) is closer to Chad than crypto tbh. About your poopies problem, you might have luck by putting this drain declogger powder along inside the bowl, while somehow breaking it into smaller bits.

No. 1128528

I kind of want to vent about something but I'm scared of getting banned for racebaiting lmao. It's such an online discourse too.

No. 1128536

is it wrong that I think the mixed messages is kinda hot, I mean he's a toxic fuckboy but I don't know he's kinda endearing in a way

No. 1128556

ah fuck it I'm gonna order food instead of cooking

No. 1128564

Am I right in thinking this is sort of the catch-all thread? Like the thread for your thoughts that aren't angry and you're not really asking naything, you're just…saying? Or is it specifically just for goofy shit?

Anyway, I think I'm lazy. I mean, I do suspect I've got ADHD or autism or some shit, but yesterday I had a 2 hour span before I had to leave again. I intended to shower, eat, and I had the energy in my body and the actual desire to be productive and clean but I was thinking I didn't want to commit to anything time intensive because the weather was beautiful outside and I thought if I started I'd miss the chance to go out. Instead I sat down, watched short youtube vids and had a wank then it was 2 hours and I needed to go. So I went out as a stinky, messy goblin and saw one of my crushes at the train station and avoided him. It's not just about a moid though, I'm kind of mad at myself because I made that conscious choice to self serve in the stupidest way to then feel bad about going in public. I talk a lot about how I have trouble with executive function and have general mental issues, but I'm also just making poor choices that do nothing to help.

I don't know, it's just that I think this is the kind of thing that nobody could tell me in a way I'd be receptive, it was just seeing the results of my choices that made me realise.

No. 1128565

kek i love that music video and song, it's so catchy and fun. the dad's dick bit is so fucking retarded and hilarious. but i mean he was deisgned to be that way, the animation i mean. if a dude was lovebombing then ghosting you irl i think you'd be sick of his shit real quick

No. 1128577

I think their both supposed to be toxic people, an insurable douchebag people

No. 1128582

Glad I'm not the only one, his design is hot and the video/song makes me laugh so much I rewatch it all the time

No. 1128590

whenever mads mikkelsen plays a gay or otherwise homoerotically inclined character i feel the universe righting itself and a brief moment of peace in this world, everything going to plan

No. 1128591

I can't believe Elden Ring is so good and so beautiful and came out only 3 years after Sekiro but we'll be waiting on Bethesda to make Elder Scrolls six for 30 years. From Software treats us so good.

No. 1128592

No. 1128595

t. future aydens

No. 1128596

fucking hilarious that men made the term femoid to degrade women, but being the retards that they are, made the “male” part of the word into the pejorative

No. 1128598

No. 1128603

KEK yes

No. 1128604

I just want men to kiss each other, maybe go on a picnic, what's the big dealio?

No. 1128605

They know the truth deep down.

No. 1128608

there is no big deal nonny this place is just autistic

No. 1128609

porn bump

No. 1128610

File: 1649505507866.png (191.06 KB, 480x535, 1648159919923.png)


No. 1128611

File: 1649505538979.png (830.9 KB, 824x695, howtobe.png)

I can't get over this article


No. 1128631

you think just cause two scrotes in a relationship are somehow superior to a male/female relationship, you will eventually consume enough porn to believe that the only way to love a man is to be a man yourself cause you start to your femaleness, the truth is that male homosexuality can never be even 1/100000 close to the beauty of actual romance between men and women, but if you wanna think about penises covered in fecal matter, go ahead and watch gay porn

No. 1128632

I hate fujos too if they're unhinged but you're the one who's unhinged this time.

No. 1128633

nonny I think you've given gay porn more thought than most of us casual slash enjoyers

No. 1128634

omg calm down. for the record f/f are the best relationships, heterosexual relationships can’t compare

No. 1128635

Nonnie, why are you putting words in my mouth? Where did anyone say anything about male/male relationships being better? I don't watch porn. I'm literally in a male/female relationship. You are out of your mind nona.

No. 1128636

ew homophobia

No. 1128637

Samefag but I'm just blown away by you equating smooches and a picnic with ass fucking

No. 1128639

I just like when people like each other, if two people have good chemistry and are cute, I'm into it

No. 1128643

when i read about the degenerate shit moids pressure their girlfriends into doing, including anal, or that one reddit relationships post written by a woman whose boyfriend peed inside her without her consent it’s funny that that anon singled out male homosexuality as being particularly gross. i think it’s just men regardless of sexuality

No. 1128644

if anal sex is wrong for men -why do they have a g spot up their ass?

No. 1128645

Any relationship that has even one man in it is fucked for life. All men would do these retarded shit if they got with girls who didn't have standards and boundaries.

No. 1128647

how else would two men have intercourse if not one having a peepee up their bum?

No. 1128650

i’m not talking about two men just men in general. it’s like they were designed to be anally penetrated

No. 1128652

Why are you talking about men butt? Ew.

No. 1128654

I did not say I was aroused by it, weirdo. Stop making assumptions and putting words in my mouth. I have never watched porn in my life. You're such a freak.

No. 1128655

do you think women even 50 years ago thought the same way as you, you think two mids being together is hot cause of porn and yaoi
anal prolapse, various forms of STDs and AIDs all came from men fucking each other in the ass in the 80's, to pretend its not unnatural is delusional, while it may be pleasurable to degenerate scrotes, it is unatural and unsafe for both sexes

No. 1128657

grow up

No. 1128659

No. 1128662

what does that have to do with the fact, that anal sex in all forms is unsafe and spread diseases through contact with fecal matter and blood n

No. 1128663

and currently globally the majority of HIV sufferers are black heterosexual women in the global south. having multiple sexual partners and not wearing protection causes stds - it’s not something particular to any sexuality.

No. 1128665

I never said anything about anal sex or gay fucking or anything at all about sex

No. 1128667

Do you even know who you're replying to for which post anymore?? Pay fucking attention.

No. 1128668

anal sex is more risky yes but with the right preparation and wearing condoms it’s less risky. i don’t get what you’re trying to say. first of all not all gay men even have anal sex and secondly i feel confident in saying they’re better prepped for it unlike straight moids who try to get their girlfriends to do anal sex unprepared because they think real life is like porn

No. 1128673

File: 1649507786756.png (173.52 KB, 1200x630, cdc-hiv-men-diagnoses-transmis…)

and its a disease bisexual men gave to black hetorsexual women, they rape babies over there cause they think it cures them of their AIDS, not the best example
I thought you were the other faggot worshipping anon, even though you claim to like gay sex, gay sexuality in inferior in every aspect to normal sexulity

No. 1128677

right so in your mind heterosexual people are incapable of spreading HIV amongst themselves. got it. you’re fucking retarded

No. 1128678

I never said I liked gay like, I said I liked the idea of two cute men having a picnic and sharing a kiss, you blew that up into that I must love it when they fuck each other in the ass, assuming I even take it that far in my own mind when I don't. You're so extreme, you're not going to change anyone's mind being an extremist faggot hating screeching weirdo.

No. 1128679

actually in my opinion lesbian sex is the best type of sex and the superior type of relationship.

No. 1128681

gay sex*

No. 1128683

I agree with her

No. 1128684

people who are so overly homophobic are tiring to listen to. i think we can all agree that all moids are degenerate and straight men will get away with so much unless women continue to put their foot down

No. 1128686

File: 1649508102090.jpeg (342.77 KB, 1601x1601, 63f419cc-bd47-410e-aa8b-40ae4c…)

Yee haw

No. 1128687

I never claimed it wasn't, the current ranking is
lesbian relationships>>>hetorsexual relationships>>>>bisexual relationships(doesn't matter the gender, both are degenerates)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>gay male relationships

No. 1128688

File: 1649508153331.jpg (100.64 KB, 887x1024, istockphoto-688851752-1024x102…)

What in tarnation??!

No. 1128690

are you ESL?

No. 1128691

File: 1649508227703.jpg (95.87 KB, 1024x974, istockphoto-1213569052-1024x10…)

I love guns and I love shootin guns

No. 1128693

Not wanting to talk about gay sex on a woman's only website doesn't mean I need to grow up.

No. 1128694

Hell yes

No. 1128697

File: 1649508287118.gif (4.97 MB, 640x360, A2DF4824-3430-4551-8FFB-8D195F…)

I just opened this thread. Why is there so much infighting and sperging about mens butts and gay sex?

No. 1128698

Those men don't pick up HIV from fucking other women on the side. They get it from other men

No. 1128699

File: 1649508361203.jpg (30.21 KB, 466x617, 51VmmRDO1EL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

Meowdy, ma'am

No. 1128701

Trying to keep our minds off of the cp spam

No. 1128702

>blaming black women who got aids mostly because of rape
Racebaiting and shitting on black women while acting like the bi and gay men aren't the one who carried this illness to women… Disgusting.

No. 1128704

>doesn't matter the gender, both are degenerates
This is how I know you are trolling. Bisexual men aren't even in the same league as bisexual women. Bisexual men will cheat on the side and give you AIDS and demand weird shit like pegging. A bisexual woman is just a normal human being

No. 1128706

right and you know this because ~?

No. 1128708

File: 1649508552836.jpg (9.86 KB, 225x225, 4645dbaac0feaca4426f2f1d20a1ee…)

Ya'll gonna rouse the Sherif you keep this ruckus up

No. 1128710

File: 1649508600053.jpg (187.27 KB, 1600x1559, beige-cat-policeman-wearing-bl…)

Oh shit it's too late, he's here and he's dead serious

No. 1128712

File: 1649508657448.jpeg (38.73 KB, 552x556, 97C49360-83D6-4592-AE2C-D9C977…)

let’s get back on topic. thank you mads mikkelsen for your contributions to homoerotic cinema and television

No. 1128716

true. I wonder why faggotry gets such a pass. Gays for most of their history, for all intents and purposes, were pedophiliac aristocrats who were abusing children and even excessively abused in some cases yet homosexuality as unnatural as it is is viewed as more acceptable as straight, interracial couples. lol

No. 1128717

Why do fujos want to force their preferences onto other people and always cause infights? Just accept your disagreements and stop adding fuel to the fire.

No. 1128719

File: 1649508769141.gif (4.16 MB, 640x640, C798E302-4117-4578-A4FC-40635C…)

No. 1128720

bro have you seen hannibal?

No. 1128721

unlike straight men who haven’t been pedophiles or rapists. oh wait

No. 1128722

I don't think lesbian relationships are unhealthy or unnatural but agree on the gay part. I especially despise bisexual men because they're much more likely to get married and pass off stds to their wives.

No. 1128723

Did you even see how this started, or read any of it? The "fujos" didn't do anything.

No. 1128727

I can't stop watching this gif

No. 1128728

it all started from a lighthearted post appreciating mads mikkelsen. homophobe-chan shitted up the whole thread with esl posts

No. 1128729

true bisexual women aren't the level of degenerates but they are the most annoying women humanely possible
99% of example of homosexuality in history were always men raping young boys, lesbians literally had to convince gay men to stop advocating for gay men to stop with the pedo pandering during the 60's

No. 1128730

File: 1649508989257.jpg (109.38 KB, 957x1024, istockphoto-896260646-1024x102…)

Who wants to hop on my steed and ride off into the sunset with me?

No. 1128731

Reading your posts are like having a mini stroke

No. 1128732

They're now infighting and even saying aids is totally not this common because of fags but rather black women. You'd need to be mentally ill to blame black women in parts of the world where almost half of the women get raped and think the STDs are common because those same women are whores who don't use protection when in reality they're been raped, even as young as kids.

No. 1128733

File: 1649509119914.jpg (56.83 KB, 1200x1200, Encounter the buffcat big6buff…)

Today's there's a small fair in my town, which is pretty obnoxious and loud. I was walking past a group of people and there was a 40-50 year old elvis impersonator singing some elvis song, except he wasn't dressed as elvis. I stood very close to him, like 2 meters before him. He looked at me and I put my headphones on while looking him in the eyes. Then I walked away.

No. 1128735

and 99% percent of women and girls suffering is caused by straight men being unable to stop raping us. this insistence at labeling gay men the most degenerate has got to stop. the prophet muhammad literally founded a whole religion but also had a 9 year old sex slave. it’s really embarrassing what you’re posting

No. 1128736

You and I are not on the same level in this conversation sweet pea, I don't know what the heck you're on about

No. 1128737

No. 1128739

>sweet pea

No. 1128741

File: 1649509296124.jpg (62.17 KB, 800x533, cowboy-cat-15535665.jpg)

I tell you it is not easy bein' this rootin' tootin'

No. 1128742

The best kind of peas

No. 1128744

faggot hater here, I love your posts nonna and I appreciate them, I didn't want to start this discussion but a bunch of self hating women who worship anything involving gay moids decided to fuck it up
funny how you mention Islam, Islamic societies along with ancient china and ancient greece were rife with homosexuality and pedantry, often the societies filled with the most misogyny have homosexual cultures

No. 1128745

File: 1649509413799.jpeg (31.04 KB, 226x223, 4A55164F-1346-4487-A58F-030B51…)

i think we all need to calm down and look at this

No. 1128746

See >>1128663 where anon is blaming black women for aids instead of her poor gay beans.

No. 1128747

I don't think you actually read any of this

No. 1128749

embarrassing how you’re caping for straight men

No. 1128750

No, no, you misunderstand. I mean I'm literally not talking about any of that. I am not any of those anons and haven't said anything about ass fucking or disease.

No. 1128751

NTA but embarrassing how you're caping for any, especially aids ridden men.

No. 1128752

The biggest flex

No. 1128754

no she’s saying hiv ≠ gay men. anyone can get it including straight women who have promiscuous cheating husbands who can get it from fucking women

No. 1128756

they get it from fucking other men, Its a male originated disease dumbass

No. 1128757

I do understand, anon but that post was what made me angry. I've seen fujos secretly hate women and blame women like that anon did. She's literally blaming women for being raped and getting aids instead of the men who are actually responsible.

No. 1128758

when did I do that

No. 1128760

i think all men are degenerate but singling out gay men is retarded. just being on this site and reading a couple of posts about some people’s relationships affirms my belief that all men are fucked. what you’re saying is that misogyny is the product of gay men not your poor precious straight moids. sad!

No. 1128764

Men can't get it from women, it's such a low chance like a hundred times less likely. Those men who pass it to their wives get it from getting thwir asses fucked torn so it can enter the bloodstream. You need the virus to enter your bloodstream so unless he has a huge wound on his dick and she has blood in her vagina, a man can't get it from a woman. If you don't believe me look up the statistics.

No. 1128766

where was it blaming women? in my opinion no one should be blamed for getting an std unless you’re someone who purposely and knowingly gives it to someone else. they’re just a part of life and current hiv medication means it’s no longer a death sentence. people who think stds are a morally bad thing are immature

No. 1128767

File: 1649509832306.jpg (13.76 KB, 436x413, 663.jpg)

All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
Running through my head
(Running through my head)

All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
(Running through my head)
This is not enough

No. 1128768

Yeah I'm having a hard time connecting that to picnics, sorry.

No. 1128769

with the current moid obsession with anal sex i’m sure it’s becoming a lot more common. especially because moids think real life is like porn and want to slip it into their girlfriends ass without prep

No. 1128770

I already told you I'm not the same anon. All men are shit so you should stop defending the gay ones who pass aids and screw over women, just like the straight ones do in other ways.

No. 1128772

fujos hate women by default, they will of course hate woc
no one is saying that straight men good, but you faggot worshippers praise and worship men who are just as awful
its simple, those men are faggots

No. 1128773

i’m just evening out the playing field here so self righteous homophobic schizos don’t feel too comfortable . again this all started bc we were talking about cute gay picnics

No. 1128774

You're literally saying black women have it because they're "promiscuous" and "don't use protection". You're a racist faghag who's pretending women who get raped into getting stds are the ones who get it from making bad choices. Women in thosr parts of the world are raped so often and most men have aids, they knowingly don't get it tested and get on meds so they pass it to more women.

No. 1128775

>man wants to have sex with a woman

sure that makes a lot of sense

No. 1128776

there's nothing cute about two moids together, its inherently lesser

No. 1128777

no their partners are promiscuous. learn to read retard

No. 1128778

I'm not homophobic. I have no issues with lesbians, retard. Gay mens are the reason aids pandemic happened and they have always been trying to normalize pedohpilia while lesbian and bi women have literally never done anything even remotely harmful to society as fags have.

No. 1128779

File: 1649510168534.jpg (55.32 KB, 778x782, 09eee01fdab3388cb1d4de0a05a109…)

All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
Running through my head
All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
All the things she said
All the things she said

This is not enough
[Russian:] Я сошла с ума, -ма
This is not enough
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said, she said
All the things she said
All the things she said

No. 1128780

don't bother, they'll tell you about their one token black fujo friend they know, which makes it all okay, even though 99% of black girls aren't into m/m ships, faghahs always do this, so there's no point to even argue with them

No. 1128781

File: 1649510198143.jpeg (62.04 KB, 558x550, C96A2586-A3E1-416B-9605-A55820…)

it’s cute just like any relationship

No. 1128782

>thinking it's totally normal and straight for men to want anal
Nta but kek.

No. 1128783

No. 1128784

These posts are like a moment of respite

No. 1128785

if anything men should be wanting to be penetrated seeing as they have a g spot up there

No. 1128786

Learn not to be a racist male worshipper. Imagine defending anal as totally not being gay while blaming women who get aids on them not using protection and being promiscuous.

No. 1128787

when did i ever say that

No. 1128788

File: 1649510361320.jpg (82.68 KB, 1152x581, 20220403_082716.jpg)


No. 1128789

>it's totally normal and straight for men to get their asses fucked
Is this what… What yaoi pornsickness looks like..?

No. 1128790

No. 1128791

yaoi for life

No. 1128792

i want to be free!!

No. 1128793

it’s simple anatomy

No. 1128797

You're right. They're just proving you right by acting like the racist womanhater stereotype at this point by blaming women for a pandemic spread by literal men.

No. 1128799

File: 1649510617301.jpg (8.21 KB, 217x201, ahhhhhhhh.jpg)


No. 1128802

when did anyone ever do that?

No. 1128803

actually its porn addiction and as stated throughout this thread its not natural, it literally created diseases and physically causes prolapses

No. 1128804

Yulia is so based. She said she supports lesbians but not gay men.

No. 1128805

>porn created the prostate
okie dokie

No. 1128807

no you want to see men fucking each other in the ass and are convinced its as normal as PIV cause of porn addiction

No. 1128809

See >>1128772 where anon blames aids on black women.
You should go to 4chan, I'm usre your anal fetish would be more accepted there.

No. 1128810

File: 1649511018897.png (395.75 KB, 611x610, 1425236183-screen_shot_2015-03…)

look at these cats, they aren't arguing over stupid topics. why should you?

No. 1128814

File: 1649511104673.jpg (14.97 KB, 480x480, 6A793C221C1266123220701138944_…)

All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
This is not enough
This is not enough

All the things she said
All the things she said

No. 1128815

File: 1649511109110.jpeg (59.23 KB, 466x658, 46897995-4B59-4589-8CEF-F40244…)

i wish yaoi was real

No. 1128817

Why do you want to make it worse? Post cats in hats, you goof ball!

No. 1128818

I wonder how many STDs are shared between the two

No. 1128819

Oh come on, 2d husbandos are fine. The anons above are arguing about real faggots, it's different.

No. 1128820

File: 1649511295239.jpeg (27.01 KB, 361x373, 39145ACD-9CAE-4AE9-AB02-644828…)

yes unfortunately it isn’t possible for men to kiss in real life.. sad

No. 1128821

they are drawings

No. 1128822

I doubt they'll take it that way nonnerino

No. 1128824

No. 1128826

people who get so offended over gay moids including fictional gay moids are funny and so easy to upset

No. 1128827

Well it's their problem if they're retarded

No. 1128828

File: 1649511441455.jpeg (58.57 KB, 622x790, 480C33B5-6A32-424C-AF77-4AC56F…)

No. 1128830

You can make yaoi become a reality.. Future ayydennn

No. 1128831

File: 1649511493189.jpg (46.2 KB, 1080x936, r8m1yv2gz7f61.jpg)

No. 1128833

File: 1649511513055.jpeg (338 KB, 828x710, E84AF3C8-230A-45BE-B6AF-AE9051…)

No. 1128834

File: 1649511513495.jpg (695.63 KB, 2048x2000, 286aa58f95047351c93d50b9adc978…)


No. 1128835

File: 1649511515035.jpeg (56.23 KB, 739x415, D7FE85A8-7A03-4B88-93D3-8AAC45…)

if these two don’t make out before the show ends i’m killing everyone and then myself

No. 1128836

I love this dog's face

No. 1128838

What's the show?

No. 1128839

no it’s not possible. boys can only be with girls in real life. but in drawings anything is possible

No. 1128840

Killing Eve

No. 1128841

File: 1649511606070.jpeg (111.49 KB, 933x701, 11F2FFBA-F953-4A28-B847-4DF670…)

No. 1128842


“make out”?? those bitches deserve to have the hottest sex ever shown on television

No. 1128843

File: 1649511726728.jpg (209.54 KB, 1280x1280, D1uCheFW0AQxYpX.jpg)

Even my grandma loved the first season so much that she wanted to watch more (too bad it was during the time when S2 didn't come out). I can't wait to one day be able to travel to meet her again and show her more of the show. Maybe I could somehow remotely control their TV… If only. Maybe I will figure it out sometime throughout the weekend / next week.
i recommend watching 'why women kill', its a nice short tv show you might enjoy!

No. 1128844

is there one episode left?

No. 1128845

I don't mind fictional gay moids, but irl gay moids are completely insufferable 9 out of 10 times. Especially if they are in groups for fictional gay moids and shit them up because they think it's a free space to completely go all out with their moid horniness and degeneracy within the first fucking week to the point you already know all their fetishes because they just publically spammed the chat with it.

No. 1128846

still mad that villanelle wasn’t a lesbian. nothing wrong with being bisexual but i just don’t believe her as a character likes men

No. 1128847

unfortunately. not sure how they’re going to tie up all the plot points in 1 minute after the 39 minute intro of them passionately making love

No. 1128848

well yes. i can see how that would be annoying. personally i know many normie gay dudes who i generally like hanging out with and they’re useful when i’ve gone clubbing because they’re good at keeping dudes away from me (i am a lesbian) still i prefer hanging out with women

No. 1128849

Is that girl taking instagram pictures with an analog camera?

No. 1128851

File: 1649512084828.jpeg (71.02 KB, 480x360, 97D1A16D-636D-433F-9AA7-498BB9…)

kawaii sugoi yaoi

No. 1128852

don't worry faggot worshipper, you'll one day troon out and can LARP as a superior aids ridden gay moid

No. 1128854

the actresses married to a man IRL, whose also a trump supporter

No. 1128857

nta sorry but are you (c)rap-chan?

No. 1128859

could have done without knowing that kek she plays gay pretty well at least

No. 1128860

i wish yaoi was real for the betterment of society. one day in a brighter future it will be possible but i will probably be long dead

No. 1128864

i just had a thought of that chicken drumstick girl on tiktok and started crying

No. 1128867

Anon your wish came true. See >>1128851

No. 1128871

yaoi involves humans. not weird blobs

No. 1128874

File: 1649513012466.jpeg (15.67 KB, 275x270, 2242D7D5-D919-46E5-84A1-EB5A8D…)

i’ve come to the realisation that i may be whatever the female equivalent to a twink is. anons help me

No. 1128875

thinking back to the start of the pandemic when i watched evangelion for the first time and got really hung up on the lore and the plot and got stressed when i couldn’t understand it. only to get online and most people are just in it for the vibes

No. 1128876

No. 1128878

whilst i appreciated going to an all girls high school, my lack of socialization with boys was a steep learning curve when i got out into the real world and realised being my normal friendly self with moids would make them think i was into them

No. 1128880

but that's what your pwecious uwu gay men are IRL

No. 1128882

cool story

No. 1128884

File: 1649513442396.jpeg (48.99 KB, 481x637, 7C417868-2000-42DB-9D0E-F9E474…)

real yaoi men look like this

No. 1128886

Believe it or don’t nonni, but it was fear pressed into us as little girls in the community to worry about bisexual men because they legit hurt us. I can be part of it the lgb and tell you to stay away from most of that community. They suffer the same sexist problems as everyone else with less sexual boundaries.

No. 1128887

File: 1649513538957.jpg (16.83 KB, 500x374, 1310239913001.jpg)

Those hands

No. 1128888

File: 1649513599321.gif (7.58 KB, 96x96, 272505ing4q6ygsa.gif)

Ladies please it's been two hours this was supposed to be about picnics

No. 1128889

this is what peak male performance looks like

No. 1128893

i think getting rid of homophobia will help everyone.

No. 1128894

File: 1649513763611.jpg (77.17 KB, 922x2048, E7PmlXhWQAQKVaf.jpg)

this is him, james burke

No. 1128895

File: 1649513801278.jpeg (184.08 KB, 700x994, 625CE741-7E9C-40D1-8A89-1F7127…)

shut up about fags and look at this

No. 1128896

this is so sad

No. 1128898

You’re not wrong I brought it up in the relationship advice thread once but I knew a black couple and the man gave the women hiv. She found from his note he left after blowing his brains out in her bedroom. He was fucking dudes and trannies on backpage. The stigma is there for a reason.

Fixed my typos for ease of reading.

No. 1128899

More like Lames Jerk

No. 1128900

What was the post about

No. 1128902

thanks we really needed that

No. 1128903

File: 1649513941075.gif (69.91 KB, 250x291, g6Crhsv.gif)

One lump or two?

No. 1128904

>caping this hard for homos who ruin womens lives

No. 1128907

File: 1649514041363.gif (48.91 KB, 400x250, giphy_s.gif)

Did someone say fags?

No. 1128908

yep if more women’s lives were ruined that would be a net positive. i love men

No. 1128909

Go back to 4chan faggot-chan.

No. 1128910

No. 1128911

File: 1649514165046.jpg (13.58 KB, 400x347, a49Emn9r_700w_0.jpg)

All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
Running through my head
All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
Running through my head
All the things she said
This is not enough
This is not enough
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said
All the things she said

No. 1128912

i’m not gay so why would i care about women. lmao

No. 1128913

File: 1649514208215.jpeg (74.35 KB, 605x692, 49A6F418-9F61-4E93-8F74-EDFFC8…)

No. 1128914

telling a straight woman to kill herself for not being a dyke and caring about women? the heterophobia in this thread is off the charts

No. 1128915

File: 1649514305363.jpeg (123.94 KB, 745x1200, BAEF3BB1-2927-4F40-A29B-AF9514…)

No. 1128916

I love your posts nonna, I'm sorry these faggot worshippers wish to continue this discussion and can't let their hatred of womankind go for one moment, to appreciate your cute pics

No. 1128918

Tinfoil the "faghag" is an actual fag. He's acting like a male and keeps attacking women for the sake of them being women.

No. 1128919

File: 1649514469320.gif (1.52 MB, 220x381, cat-high.gif)

Nonnies don't respond to such obvious bait

No. 1128920

God DAMN this is ugly

No. 1128921

File: 1649514564792.jpeg (33.45 KB, 557x550, 1B503178-4534-4E59-8D83-BEDAC7…)

location: under these bitches skins

No. 1128922

File: 1649514603160.jpg (54.89 KB, 1200x1200, 12947-bbk-sportiva-donna-skech…)

my sketchers are so fucking comfy and I love wearing them with not-quite-casual-enough-for-sketchers outfits, I own vans and normal adidas tennis shoes but they just don't compare. the fashion industry wants you to sacrifice comfyness for their stupid made up trends, do not fall for it

No. 1128923

File: 1649514606868.jpg (236.69 KB, 1050x582, 1638681122769.jpg)

What is the fecal matter with all of you???

No. 1128925

File: 1649514754649.jpg (122.9 KB, 680x647, 41f5a5589bbcda2bdca751607870af…)

wow, is this real

No. 1128929

File: 1649514827599.jpeg (59.45 KB, 725x645, 6CAA30BA-391E-48CE-84D2-983824…)

The one thing i wish were real is emos

No. 1128930

big ole freak is megan thee stallion’s best song

No. 1128931

File: 1649514959070.jpg (5.59 KB, 127x146, 265915lk1tx2cky4.jpg)


No. 1128933

File: 1649515012440.jpeg (59.16 KB, 720x687, D4526845-D790-4071-A5B5-136905…)

i made u a cookie but i eated it

No. 1128935

File: 1649515046847.jpg (52.54 KB, 582x588, catfromdeadpool2.jpg)

Thank you nonnie, I am just too tired of people baiting each other onto fighting

No. 1128936

Don't you take credit for my cowboys, you posted one kitty

No. 1128938

File: 1649515542838.jpg (34.18 KB, 400x534, 4a4ec9169ca659132deb30a1c1a6f5…)

Yes, I did, sorry tatu-chan. have a good day. I thought the cowboy-tatu anon replied by now.

No. 1128939

File: 1649515644715.jpg (33.3 KB, 375x591, go_back.jpg)

This was the peak of human culture and aesthetic

No. 1128940

File: 1649515687453.jpg (69.58 KB, 569x712, original (2).jpg)

I didn't reply because I'm a mysterious vigilante who doesn't do it for the accolades, always in the shadows, waiting.

No. 1128944

*getting rid of men

No. 1128955

I hate seeing stories about people who split up but got back together 10 or 20 years later. Don't encourage me to imagine my ex from 8 years ago just walking back into my life and boom.. happily ever after

No. 1128965

I've spent the last three days listening to a parody song from that dumb sherlock holmes with will ferrell, though I was wondering a nonna that can actually speak english(I'm ETL) could sing it, cause the song is supposed to be from the perspective of a woman

No. 1128987

Since fashion trends usually are reiterations of trends from previous eras, I wonder if someone could make an algorythm that could predict the fashion trends of the future

No. 1129003

File: 1649521404296.gif (3.23 MB, 498x278, banana-cat.gif)

I have sexual trauma and haven't touched another human being in yeeears, I suspect I might never be able to. But within 2 or 3 posts on here I can always depend on someone to imply that I'm a man stealing whore or some similar type of shit lol

No. 1129006</