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File: 1649628503660.jpeg (65.43 KB, 640x480, 2CC0657E-4BC8-409C-BD1D-B240FD…)

No. 1130557

be bold, be brave, be stupid

previous >>>/ot/1121704

No. 1130569

File: 1649629606027.jpg (59.06 KB, 735x653, b206c5d2a38988af93ed6b00973de1…)

I wonna be first FATTies

No. 1130572

Takuji is such a fucking great depiction of the average insane channer incel, self-righteous and a chronic masturbater. Complete autist with a neetcave and a even a tulpa.
Bravo, sca-ji.

No. 1130574

File: 1649630381562.jpeg (39.88 KB, 540x532, C7728C43-4C78-4D3D-95AD-8D8F30…)

No. 1130575

Cheesecake with banana slices is like banana pudding but 100x better.

No. 1130582

File: 1649631416629.jpeg (69.16 KB, 720x618, 1640535382209.jpeg)

I need eye bleach

No. 1130591

My type of humor is responding in complete seriousness to 14 year old YouTube comments. I don't know why, but whenever I do it, it cracks me up. I sometimes even get responses too, in some cases even just mere hours later.

No. 1130596

I do that too, it's especially funny when it's clearly some retarded jokey comment that got no likes or replies earlier.

No. 1130610

Money can't buy happiness?? Wtf is this

No. 1130622

can't express just how much i love this thread pic

No. 1130629

straight normie women can be so unbearable sometimes sorry to straight nonnies here but every single time there is a disgusting, rapist, murderer moid character you can guarantee there will be a comment like "but hes so hot sis sksksksks id let him rape me too"


No. 1130631

maybe shouldnt generalize all straight women but jesus christ i watched a tv show and ofc everyone is hating on the female murderer while worshipping the male murderer

No. 1130633

reminds me of griffithfags

No. 1130636

Who cares about people feeling attracted to fictional characters

No. 1130637

I thought you were going to say a real moid, in this case who cares?

No. 1130638

I can fix him

No. 1130639

File: 1649636246000.jpeg (49.6 KB, 720x539, 1647914719693.jpeg)

I've known the MtF and FtM threads were full of troons since the time people started posting about a (confirmed) 13 year old on TikTok getting top surgery, and some of the reactions were essentially "Omg stop posting so much about this, it's not that big a deal". Shit haunts me honestly, how many levels of brain rot do you have to be on to not be horrified by that?

No. 1130642

here we go again

No. 1130663

>not fantasizing about raping him

No. 1130672

File: 1649637787338.jpg (89.56 KB, 640x931, bd73c553a556106ce9bd0d6f49bafb…)

>Implying you wouldn't rape him back

No. 1130674

There will always be hordes of troons and their goons online vs less than a hundred of us, so it's bound to slowly devolve into ""sympathizing"" with the movement

No. 1130675

This looks like an episode on the more recent end of the show and older KOTH is better, so I will be hiding your post.

No. 1130677

In the ftm thread or one of ot's there was a post of "im not a terf like the rest of you i just believe men and women should wear whatever they want" or some shit like ok? Go back to twitter or facebook we dont want you here on our pea sized slice of the internet.

No. 1130678

File: 1649638236522.jpg (554.68 KB, 863x963, Eclipse1.jpg)

Shut up.
Look how cute he is, and I'd totally be able to get to him before he causes the Eclipse

No. 1130682

>falling into his trap

No. 1130684

Really? He set this trap? His trap was to get three anons to rape him? What a slut.

No. 1130694

My pussy is the trap and the canon ending to berserk is me and my fellow nonnies raping Griffith to death and then following him into hell to do it again

No. 1130700

File: 1649639079175.gif (1.02 MB, 244x224, same.gif)

No. 1130702

I love you, nonnie.

No. 1130709

There should be a space to bitch about old infights you've been in. I think that would be funny

No. 1130713

Someone should make a post infight thread kek

No. 1130716

I think this would just end up in more infights lmao

No. 1130717

Based. This is the only ending i'll accept now.

No. 1130721

File: 1649640287614.jpg (44.29 KB, 564x564, adorable.jpg)

Picrel is Griffith trying to dissuade us after we rip his clothes off.

No. 1130754

File: 1649642102932.jpg (58.4 KB, 800x450, sign.jpg)

picrel we cant read his subtitles

No. 1130760

I'm gonna start customizing the passwords on my posts. The one on this post is pretty easy.

No. 1130761

File: 1649642500990.jpeg (153.89 KB, 684x734, 573DC1D4-9CD1-4F9B-B75C-40B1ED…)

Kek seethe

No. 1130770

File: 1649643702972.jpg (22.16 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-540142930-612x612.…)


No. 1130773

Sometimes I wish they had a very specific list of suitable reactions to social situations y'know, like how to deal with aggression, how to approach someone and not act like a stuttering dumbass and give actual examples because saying just be confident does not help me understand anything,it'd be so helpful.

No. 1130776

File: 1649644285331.jpeg (137.08 KB, 749x932, 9306C50C-2A43-4395-949E-DDA2E0…)

drinks two high fructose corn syrup microplastic processed fluoride gay frog kfc drinks like a boss

No. 1130781

File: 1649644607210.jpeg (27.02 KB, 274x230, ACC2CF84-139E-428C-8099-EEFCE5…)

no one cal convince me that there is something wrong with the brains of those who reproduce. there is nothing natural about drooling over the abs of the bun you love

No. 1130784

Unironically act schitzo, turn every question into a monologue, keep piling words onto each other even if it's a jumbled mess, a congregation of words molded from the mind of someone ascended higher than social norms

No. 1130789

When I was younger I thought abs were these skin bricks that you could take off and behind it was blood and meat but it wouldn't hurt and it made me so scared of boys with abs. I thought they were absolutely disgusting.

No. 1130796

File: 1649645669574.jpeg (240.57 KB, 1242x1044, 1F060C20-6EB7-4EA1-8FFC-2E1BCB…)

No. 1130809

her teeth match her sweater

No. 1130815

kek, beautiful edit, anon

No. 1130824

What do you think about the Youtube channel Charisma On Command? They do give examples along with generalized stuff. Other than that it might help to observe how others around you handle it.

No. 1130827

Yeah I watch him. I'm just curious if his stuff is actually helpful though. I don't trust alot of those "alpha" gurus. Though he seems more lowkey.

No. 1130829

I hate yandere shit and I fail to understand how so many women can genuinely want to be raped/abused/stalked/whatever by a murderous guy, even if fictional, but these anons are right:

No. 1130832

>I'm just curious if his stuff is actually helpful though.
The only way to know is try it yourself right? From what I watched it's nothing too extreme. A lot of what he said was solid advice that seems to work for me. Not that I consciously applied it all yet but things he said that I already have been doing were true, they work.

No. 1130838

You're right! Thanks!

No. 1130850

File: 1649649088482.jpeg (62.87 KB, 1200x630, 9D5E1F51-09DE-4A1A-B359-A74E88…)

Best of luck nonacita and remember pic related, it's something I'm trying to internalize as well

No. 1130929

File: 1649655353264.png (496.56 KB, 564x1130, 5.png)

wtf happened to /m/

No. 1130930

you wanna be first babey lets talk about you and meat let's talk about all the good things and the fat things you can eat. let's talk about fats

No. 1130935

Micro French tips on long nails just looks so cool and sexy. I hope they never go out of trend because the nude nail with a small strip of color just looks so clean and nice.

No. 1131101

No. 1131122

someone was spamming that chick in the "misandrist memes" thread, no idea why. I think she is just some random person that someone hates and is trying to doxx her maybe?

No. 1131124

File: 1649667821430.jpg (34.7 KB, 564x564, 3b99a77ba1c390a91708150d2cb3c6…)

When i'm in bad mental state it's comforting to look at vent art like picrel and feel a bit less alone in all that mess, and almost always when I find sth good and relatable there are comments on it like "oh i'm 13 and i feel exactly like this!", and then I feel retarded because I'm 30.

No. 1131127

File: 1649668016279.gif (5.97 KB, 90x90, 1645296953048.gif)

I love nonnies, I love lolcow, I love nonnies, I love lolcow, I love nonnies, I love lolcow, I love nonnies, I love lolcow

No. 1131129

I think it's just a human way to feel, no matter what age

No. 1131132

File: 1649668134802.gif (34.31 KB, 1000x581, geekchartbig.gif)

Do you think this chart is accurate? Where would "people who take ships way too seriously" and "people who make unironic religions based on fictional characters" go?

I'm sure there are many 30 year olds who can relate, and they're just ashamed of being so open about it, nona.

No. 1131134

I thought the "zaddie" guy was Sal from Impractical Jokers lol

No. 1131151

this is the dumbest thing I can post
I want someone (anyone) to catfish my boyfriend so I have a good excuse to lord other him and ruin his life/leave him

i'd like a catfish that looks relatively real but still average enough to fly under the radar

No. 1131154

My bunny, bramble, has gone for dental surgery today to shave down some of his teeth as they are growing towards his tongue. He is six years old. I am very anxious nonnis

No. 1131160

Fuck you to the absolute degenerate who reported a shitpost of mine for "having emojis"

No. 1131161

Good luck to Bramble

No. 1131162

Couldnt you do this yourself? Just make a profile and talk to him on some platform. I dont see why you dont just break up with him without the extra work though.

No. 1131167

Was the reply about how you love your dad? I saw a reply that was redtexted even though it was wholesome. Mods need to get there priorities straight!! So much retarded sperging that doesn't get reported and banned

No. 1131170

No it wasn't that one but now I'm also pissed that she got red texted too. My post was literally from two days ago but I caught the ban today for a shit post >>1128931

No. 1131177

Thank you anons, makes me feel better that you think it's not as ridiculous as part of me insists it is

No. 1131182

File: 1649671157835.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.62 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpeg)

I ordered myself a couple of toys and they're coming today. I keep getting emails and texts with updates that

'your parcel from the sexy sex shop is coming today'

That's obvs not the name but it does have sex in the title and I'm weirded out that if all the updates have that name plastered across them.. will the guy scanning my parcel see the same name pop up? I fucking hope not.

No. 1131186

most companies offer discreet packaging and don't plaster the name on the front. wasn't that advertised on the site? that's usually something they advertise

No. 1131189

I'm not new to ordering this stuff but I just know alot of companies have a BS name that shows up on the parcels like 'fajhkjj limited' listed as the sender instead of the actual site name.

The tracking emails all having the site name plastered on them and not the 'bs incorperated' name is what has me wondering this time.

No. 1131190

Samefag, It's not a courier I use very often so I can live with it anyway lol

No. 1131196

i could yes but im not willing to pay for followers to make a good enough fake account or to do the required networking

i just wish i had hot friends willing to do the dirty work

and i dont just break up with him because its just too easy without an extended scheme to fuck with him

No. 1131198

If they offer discreet shipping, or have it somewhere on the site, and the name of the company ends up on the packaging regardless you can complain and (if you're lucky) get the sex toy for free, I had that happen once and it worked kek

No. 1131208

Need some femgaze keiichi art

No. 1131227

The gif reminds me of the dance the Brain did in the Jekyll Hyde song from Arthur.

No. 1131257

File: 1649676662863.png (66.09 KB, 1133x582, jojo fanlore.png)

I feel like the fanlore article on JoJo needs some work.
First of all, in the fandom history section they don't mention the small but dedicated fandom that existed in the west before the anime. I'm talking about the west's first exposure to JoJo which were mainly the Part 3 OVAs and the Heritage for the Future fighting game, from where a number of early Japanese and western memes came (WRYYY, Jotaro pose, etc). In archives of /a/ you can still find old pre-anime JoJo threads, and the old, shitty fan scanlations of the manga were important too. Early western fans of the manga kept up with new chapter releases. Also, isn't the pre-anime "kakyoin, did you lay this egg?" meme a western one? Why is it mentioned as an old Japanese meme?
Second, what is this shit about pro/anti ship discourse? Why so much emphasis on how some ships are considered pedo because one of the guys is 17 years old? Yes, this retardation exists within the western fandom (Twitter/Tumblr) but it's not nearly as important as other aspects of the fandom, although apparently it's the most important part to whoever wrote this article.
And third, I'm keking at the "racist" accusations. I left the fandom some years ago, but from what I can tell, the "racist" Part 5 fans is probably not portraying Mista as black or some shit like that, and the single Part 7 fic was probably a troll fic by a scrote. I seriously doubt the existence of more than a couple genuine racists on JoJo Twitter and Tumblr. Did a Twitter kid write this article?
Although they are right about the AvPol thing.

Is that the guy from Higurashi? If so, I'm sorry it'll never happen. Not enough interest.

No. 1131263

Fanlore seems to be way more focused on western fandoms so not surprising.

No. 1131275

Don't worry anon, delivery person will not give a damn, they deal with way too many packages every day to care about someones sex shop order.

No. 1131282

Just like me <3

No. 1131322

Why you nomnies remind me of Berserk?

No. 1131361

File: 1649683569083.jpg (40.87 KB, 640x663, could-you-excuse-me-screams-bK…)

My dog's mouth is swollen as if he ate a bee but my mother doesn't want to take him to an emergency vet and now we have to wait until the clinic next to our house opens in 2 hours. I want to scream.

No. 1131378

File: 1649685170684.jpg (129.7 KB, 1080x762, IMG_20220411_155125.jpg)

there's something so beautiful about realising you're speaking with another radfem after vague posting about TRAs

No. 1131396

I have so many boxes stored up because they’re too large for me to drag to the trash and I can’t be assed to cut them into more manageable pieces.

So I’m just going to make some cardboard furniture and get some super cheap material to cover it.

No. 1131425

File: 1649689057086.gif (2.98 MB, 480x498, FUCKINGLOSERS.gif)

i'm going to fucking rage. which fucking kid with a stick up it's ass bullied my shitty fanfic writer into deleting her stories from all sites. it was the funniest shit and always made my mood better. she was obviously just posting this shit for fun nobody makes mickey a bishie and writes this shit for serious. and even if they are then that's fucking based cuz this was the funniest nugget of unadulterated autism i've seen in a while and it was being updated consistently too for once. let people be retarded and have fun what does it matter to you. i can't stand to share the same corner of the internet with these fucking retards who cant detect and enjoy a fucking organic joke what the fuck happened there when i was gone ffs author-chan if you hear me please come back… or mail me your story so i can still enjoy it… love you, stay autistic ♥

I wish I had someone to rant about fanfic stuff to without being seen as a complete retard

No. 1131440

Is it open? Did you take it to the vet already?

No. 1131475

The vet was about to start a surgery so he couldn’t take him in. The swelling has gone down a lot anyway and he doesn’t have any other symptoms, so it’s not urgen enough to go to the other much, much more expensive clinic

No. 1131529

i'm going to talk about my body, and I suppose how it's not so bad? I think about my waistline, and how I don't have a cinched waist and flat stomach, and then I had this moment where I was like so??? I don't look like a freak when I put a tshirt on, unless it's skin tight and my bra is tight I don't have rolls, just a padding of fat. Like what's the fucking problem bitch? And then that line of thought wandered over to other parts of my body. I've got thick calves and thighs, and I hate that it squeezes my legs into sausage links when I try skinny jeans, but like they fucking walk don't they? About 20k steps daily in fact, they're working fantastically. My body is more or less healthy and fully functional when it comes to the ability of humans, but I'm so nitpicky about aesthetics? ESPECIALLY because it's not even…like I can still pick my aesthetic, I can choose what clothes I wear and what size, but I'm (or was) unhappy because I can't wear size 4 skinny jeans and look good, or I can't wear tube tops and look the same as when a woman with A cups wears them.

I feel so stupid because I guess this is what accepting yourself as you are really is, at 30. I suppose I always interpreted that as accept you're a fat ugly bitch and be done with it because you'll never be a model, but i'm not! I'm just average for fucks sake.

So to summarise I realise, for me at least, it's not about squeezing my E cups into a holographic tubetop and deluding myself into thinking I look great, but more that I accept my average body for what it is, wear fitting things I like the look of and just move the fuck on from this neurotic self obsessed bullshit.

No. 1131539

File: 1649698470690.jpg (41.28 KB, 587x265, image0.jpg)

No. 1131573

File: 1649699820319.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.71 KB, 800x800, same.jpeg)

A pic of some women in front of these bachelorette balloons keeps getting reposted on insta. It's those accounts who try to sell shit. The reason it keeps getting posted is because scrotes flock to it to bitch about women being whores.. flooding the comments every time.

That's sooooo not funnnny arrrrrhh you can't joke about that!

No. 1131596

I have developed an eye for gymbros that are into both anime and video games I like, which would be great for me if I actually trusted men enough so they could feel the same connection I do when I go on a date with them.

No. 1131615

This is based nonnie. I feel the same way and struggle frequently to wrestle myself out of weighing myself or looking over my body in the mirror. I want to exercise so I can take care of my body since it'll be the only one I get until I die, not so I can be an anachan and flaunt myself on social media for likes. Actually, I don't even post photos of myself on social media, so who cares! I'm painfully average, but what's wrong with being average?

No. 1131616

I want to post on the friend finder thread but I type like an annoying sperging autist when I'm actually chatting with friends and I'm afraid of befriending someone from here and them posting about me somewhere here to say "kek look at this insufferable retard"

Or I'll just have to pretend like I type like a normal person exactly like this with them for the rest of our friendship and I don't want to

No. 1131621

>having sex with the same penis makes you a whore

Fuck, what DOESN'T make us whores these days? If you say penis you're a whore? If you think about penis you're a whore? Men just really be telling us to not fuck them at all kek

No. 1131630

File: 1649702942565.png (224.86 KB, 465x382, 4512.png)

i know we weren't supposed to relate to her but HOLY based

No. 1131634

Just noticed it now but kekking at that ratio

No. 1131668

I like to keep my vagina hair short or completely bald, but bushes are so sexy wtf

No. 1131669

bushes are sexy but some people (like myself) have lots of very long, straight bush hair that becomes impractical. i would have kept all my bush hair if it wasn't so overwhelming, straight, and long. i don't mind it on other women but it's like functionally problematic for me when so thick and long and requires too much maintenance

No. 1131673

Ignore if it's TMI, but in what way impractical/functionally problematic?

No. 1131674

I know it can be impractical, I shave mine for health reasons. I just really like how they look.

No. 1131699

If you want a scrote to leave you alone ask him for money. This works 99% of the time. If you have a overly sexual flirty scrote crushing on you or harassing you at a bar etc just ask for cash and you'll never hear from them again.

No. 1131714

The weirdest thing happened to me. I ordered beers, but there was a issue with the ID (I signed up using a nickname and just like last name), I've done this plenty of times and had no issue. Sometimes I'd even just put a random name because I didn't think it mattered.
Usually the person scans and I get my stuff. This time the driver told me there was a issue cause I used my nickname instead of my real name which is just my real name shortened.
He said he'd call and went back to his car, but just left an few mintues later, I got my order cancelled and money refunded. So I just got free beer. I feel bad for the guy, I never had this happen before. Normally they don't give a fuck what my name on the account is, they just scan it and if it's a valid ID then it's fine.
I've did this a lot of times because i make new accounts to take advantage of a first time user discount
I wish I could tip the dude or something. Do they still get paid if they cancel it?

No. 1131731

Fighting about whether people are hot on the internet is especially retarded. I see Jacob Elordi being thirsted over and while I recognize he fits the standard "good looks" I only want to punch him in the face.

No. 1131737

people who take ships too seriously go below the self insert erotic star trek furry. Like at least those people go to fur cons and see other people even if they're heavily autistic about it.

the "did you lay this egg?" is a Japanese meme because it came from from a Clamp BL doujin. The translation was verbatim because IIRCC Kakyoin and Jotaro were in a relationship and Joseph wanted grand kids.

No. 1131738

ok 3rd date and this guy still hasn't kissed me literally what the fuck, if I wasn't completely inexperienced I'd make the first move but idfk how. today we hugged saying goodbye in the car and I'm worried he thought I didn't want to or that he tried and I pushed him away by mistake ahhh idk. but like if he wanted to he could have just put his hand on my cheek and I would have got the message right? ugh this is cringe, next time I see him I'm telling him that this is cringe

No. 1131753

Once I found out he was australian, my need to punch him just made sense, nona

No. 1131755

I genuinely can’t believe that “the struggles of dating for men” is like a thing that is considered a problem you should care about even in “””leftist spaces””” like women have consistently had to be bribed or forced throughout all of history to be with men and men complaining about how now they don’t have to be with them many women don’t want to is something they have the gall to sincerely complain about as if that is like a way they are being oppressed or something and expect sympathy from not even just each other but from women over

No. 1131768

File: 1649710927416.png (665.59 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20220411-170136.png)

No. 1131796

No. 1131809

I just find it so funny.

No. 1131812

File: 1649713522589.jpeg (361.17 KB, 824x209, 7E0A99A7-4BFF-4BD2-BEE6-7F90D3…)

Enty steals a lot of blinds so some of them may be fanfic, some might not be. Like all blind gossip take it with grains of salt. I just enjoy reading this shit. Some of the old ones from the 90s-00s are pretty funny

No. 1131813

File: 1649713720467.jpeg (482.93 KB, 828x458, C3B79640-A5BE-4FD7-9B7E-29DEEF…)

I wonder if this is the same girl who accused beibs of fathering her kid from years ago kek

No. 1131816

File: 1649713757814.jpeg (55.19 KB, 828x210, A4793429-FBC7-4900-B95A-421B97…)

No. 1131877

I remember when an anon posted that she really likes (I can't remember if she said it was a crush or not) Prince Phillip and that she would be sad when he dies a little while before his death. She deleted the post super quick but I saw it. Wonder how she's holding up.

No. 1131878

I'm guessing she's sad, anon

No. 1131879

>u didnt see anything

No. 1131906

File: 1649722606238.jpeg (213.97 KB, 750x1179, FBA4A67E-CCEB-4EDD-B724-91A6FD…)

some of you guys need lobotomies because what the actual hell

No. 1131909

File: 1649722850438.png (148.76 KB, 400x416, E824F237-26B2-4CE2-B2D3-4FB664…)

I don’t mind body hair in any part but the fucking little black hairs i get around my nipples make me want to kill somebody. I get so many ingrown ones too

No. 1131913

How can hairs annoy you that much?

No. 1131917

They are very noticeable, grow super fast and many of them are ingrows.

No. 1131923

holy shit nonny I thought I was the only one, I sometimes get long black hairs around my nipples and it’s not only annoying because they look bad but also because they’re hard to shave off since sensitive area. Ingrown hairs sound incredibly annoying though i’m sorry.

No. 1131926

Crunching and munching on uncooked ramen while trying to figure out something with actual nutrition to eat

No. 1131929

For the longest time I thought I had a hormonal imbalance but apparently it's more common than you'd think. I use tweezers, much easier than shaving and take a bit longer to grow back kek
They're so frustrating because I don't even really get ingrowns anywhere else, just there in my nipples. It's like a curse

No. 1131936

File: 1649726507485.jpg (33.89 KB, 645x475, it wont hurt a bit.jpg)

Got my second covid shot today and I can feel the nanomachines installing themselves in my being already. Everything hurts. Why it has to be like that

No. 1131937

You're like a year late why give in now

No. 1131939

Because my country started late cus the retarded president didnt want to buy it and I got a lot later because I got sick with the flu, also I'm certain I'm going to die of covid if my parents get it because I almost died of the flu years ago thanks to my dad drinking my goddamn tea right from the fucking bottle.

No. 1131955

I think the balloon is supposed to come off as lamenting, so scrotes would think that a woman even joking about being sad she can no longer fuck other men is whore behavior. Even though they'd probably laugh till their eyes bulge at a sign that said Same Pussy Forever.

No. 1131958

Isn't that balloon basically akin to guys telling their bros who are getting married that their lives are over, scrotes are always hypocrites.

No. 1131962

Wtf she looks exactly like me I had to do a double take

No. 1131969

I fucking love the term Nonna and other versions of it like Anonna and Annonita.

No. 1131977

me too nonnington

No. 1131980

Je t'aime Nonnina

No. 1131987

Please I want more details. Is there any way I can read this now? Who is Mickey? Mickey mouse? lmao

No. 1131989

I thought she looked like Aubrey Plaza kek

No. 1132003

nonnaquita banana

No. 1132009

Being a lazy-eyed girl with a weeb boyfriend sucks Bc you can’t do ahegao for your husbando -__-( -__-)

No. 1132022

Crack, perhaps cocaine?

No. 1132032

I can't over The Mr. Frog Show from Smiling Friends.

No. 1132035

File: 1649738365850.jpeg (70.65 KB, 700x442, D1670787-A493-4A2C-9B78-49AA5C…)

>don’t undermine my dick you fucking whore!!!!! That’s not funny waaaaaa!!!

No. 1132038

>Even though they'd probably laugh till their eyes bulge at a sign that said Same Pussy Forever.

No. 1132043

File: 1649738866087.jpeg (189.03 KB, 1242x276, 28000668-2041-4E5D-A461-CEDAEB…)

When you’re reading new posts in a cow’s thread and you see this at the bottom of your screen you know you’re in for something good

No. 1132064

Do any anons befriend men the way they stereotypically befriend us? I noticed that after my high school buddies I only befriend men who I find attractive. Even though I'll never fuck them it's nice to at least have dudes around who I enjoy looking at. I otherwise respect them as friends since I'm not totally despicable.
I just see no point in taking the moral high ground in this sense. Holding back on being a shallow, horny, and selfish bastard was never something I considered outside of basic decency and necessary situations like work. Maybe I'm just moid brained idk.

No. 1132076

give me the waaaand

No. 1132092

It's about drive, it's about power
We stay hungry, we devour
Put in the work, put in the hours and take what's ours (ahoo)
Black and Samoan in my veins
My culture bangin' with Strange
I change the game, so what's my motherfuckin' name (Rock)
(What they gonna get though?)
Desecration, defamation, if you wanna bring it to the masses
Face to face, now we escalatin', when I have to put boots to asses
Mean on ya, like a dream when I'm rumblin', you're gonna scream mama
So bring drama to the King Brahma (then what?)
Comin' at you with extreme mana

Scripted unironically eat this shit up

No. 1132096

so those stuff i was throwing away a few days ago because they had "done" written on it… the big boss is asking where they went because they still needed to look at them. welp it was nice having a job while it lasted lmaooo. kind of anxious about getting in trouble but also kind of feel like whatever, what is done is done.

No. 1132122

I love how you can tell that a random person online husbandos a character by the way she calls him. If she uses his first name, where most people call him by his last name, it's almost certain that she's a massive fan of that character.

No. 1132128

File: 1649748397117.jpg (427.6 KB, 2048x1538, 20220412_092641.jpg)

i love being a terf and i love my terf nonis

No. 1132132

Going to have a good nights rest knowing there's a population of deranged men angry over some pictures of women smiling and having fun.

No. 1132134

Same fucking thing happened to me anon. Never tried to kiss me, not even hold my hand, never even said I was pretty. I brought it up because it started feeling like he just wasn’t that into me. He accused me of being manipulative and pressuring him (I literally emphasized he doesn’t have to do anything he’s not comfortable with, but if he’s not feeling it I need to know now before we go any further with this) and he ghosted me right after. Never had that happen with a dude before. Maybe your dude is just super shy and inexperienced, but even if so it’s whack as fuck. It’d be hilarious if we were talking about the same guy tho

No. 1132139

I love how nice and unapologetic Rowling's twitter is now

No. 1132141

I remember that nona who would block anyone who didn't type her messages perfectly kek
I thought about adding her on Discord but we don't have many common interests, and I thought we'd have nothing to talk about and it'd get awkward

No. 1132149

LARP as a dominant woman, that might help to momentarily give you a confidence boost

>the "did you lay this egg?" is a Japanese meme because it came from from a Clamp BL doujin.
I know that it came from CLAMP, I meant that it became a meme in the western fandom and not in the Japanese one (now that I think about it, this could be wrong, though).
I also re-read the paragraph and it's not very clear, but it seems that I misinterpreted it. They might have meant that the Kakyoin egg meme is an older western fandom joke, but it's still kinda ambiguous.

Yeah but they're missing a lot of info about the western fandom. Instead, aside from basic information about the manga and anime, the article seems to focus entirely on much more recent Twitter discourse. They need more oldfags to write about the fandom's history. I wouldn't do it because I don't have sources

No. 1132166

File: 1649752752907.png (331.77 KB, 1000x873, squidbob canon.png)

are any of you so devoted to drawing a character that your artwork of them has become on model?

No. 1132168

File: 1649752889327.jpeg (128.39 KB, 640x853, 5A9553D5-894A-4239-A4E3-F103DA…)

yeah so true

No. 1132170

File: 1649753119572.jpg (274.42 KB, 1280x946, 1624682869.ikouzhy_squidbob_hu…)

i wish i had half the talent that these squidbob shippers do

No. 1132172

That's usually what I try to do from the first time I draw a new husbando. You guys don't do it?

No. 1132173

samefag, but ime it's especially important to draw characters as close to the source's style as possible when it's a cartoon

No. 1132179

File: 1649753727954.png (55.46 KB, 200x197, Tumblr_oggkcmM5Dw1ri5dwko1_640…)

Hm hm hm

No. 1132180

I cant believe you. I also had a crush on him as a kid.

No. 1132183

This rehabilitation center somehow seems sinister, even though it's supposed to make the participants feel like they have a (symbolic) mother and father. It almost gives Midsommar vibes. It might just be a cultural thing, but the people running it just seem weirdly cold.

No. 1132184

No. 1132185

File: 1649754279730.jpeg (201.38 KB, 735x1041, 62C31853-9849-4B11-BDDB-A443D9…)

it’s honestly insane

No. 1132186

Fanlore is written by underaged twitter fakebois and older tumblrinas and LJ users who won't move on from fandoms. It has interesting info but don't expect accuracy because it's a just a bunch of subjective texts when you think about it.

No. 1132188

File: 1649754434149.jpg (45.44 KB, 550x540, 85c36b1f950ac2acde9b03765d5e51…)

rpg skill points but it's for different kinds of autist art. i'm personally putting points into the self insert class.

No. 1132190

No. 1132193

Is this the guy who got posted in the husbandoposting thread?

No. 1132255

ur a qt

No. 1132261

I hate that!! I had a really good fiction writer I followed that wrote mainly mafia AUs and she deleted her account after harassment. Why can't people ignore shit they don't like?? It used to be easier to find stuff I liked pre 2015. Now it's nearly impossible without tranny propaganda.

No. 1132267

Linda from Bob’s Burgers voice sounds like a woman to me, not literally but I associate it so much with the character that it just sounds womanly. Does anyone else know what I mean? I used to get taken aback every time I remembered out Linda is voiced by a man.

No. 1132294

Me too, same thing with Tina in my language lol.

No. 1132309

>twf ywn experience them live
why even live

No. 1132315

In the last MTF thread a troon selfposted an Instagram selfie and you could see the “Boost Post” and “insights” button below the pic and when they were called out on it they disappeared, kek

No. 1132323

No. 1132326

Oh shit I remember you, good luck nonna

No. 1132338


i told my team lead and she was grimacing. she's probably gonna get yelled at by the boss and then i'm probably going to get yelled at. if i get fired then maybe i can get unemployment lol… my coworker was telling me that people have done worse things and didn't get fired but who knows they can fire anyone for any excuse they can come up with. time to sleep it off and see what happens later.

No. 1132344

nonnie, I wish you all the best. Have a good nap, I'm glad you're not letting it get to you

No. 1132371

File: 1649774955806.jpg (45.81 KB, 793x205, 059483827365850.jpg)

I like it when anons start saying stuff like this, I think weird nitpicks are funny in moderation.

No. 1132416

File: 1649777732297.jpg (69.58 KB, 569x712, 1649515687453.jpg)


No. 1132418

samefag sorry to the nonna I stole this pic from lol

No. 1132422

File: 1649778072227.jpg (40 KB, 650x650, 1609565260291.jpg)

>texting the guy I'm seeing
>super nervous because I'm inexperienced and retarded
>hit send and literally screech out loud like a pterodactyl
where are you pacing nonny I need to share this with you

No. 1132428

kek, i'm a re fan and anon isn't wrong

No. 1132435

Nonnerke, I'm about to search for some Patrick Bateman porn, American Psycho was a whatever movie, but that guy is too hot for my own good. Will update you in 10 minutes if i find something worthwhile.

No. 1132451

Update: it all sucks, but I found a Patrick Bateman - Sheldon Cooper crossover and that's kinda funny i guess.

No. 1132457

File: 1649780055636.jpg (73.98 KB, 564x653, 1649020558629.jpg)

Agreed, movie is meh but Bateman's body is just that good

No. 1132459

I have this too nonnie, not sure if you pluck them but stop if you do, it gave me ingrown nippel lashes all the time, I just trim them now

No. 1132462

File: 1649780552311.jpeg (93.12 KB, 640x955, FC45A117-8BDF-45C8-A9F8-AF4D75…)



No. 1132466

I do pluck them, is that why they become ingrowns? rip, I thought that was the best way to get rid of them

No. 1132485

In my experience plucking them always made them grow back as ingrowns, triming is a bit annoying since they tend to grow fast for me but preferable to always have ingrown nip hairs

No. 1132486

My roommate used to work in a gym, actually 3 gyms all of the same owner. One of them was 10 minutes away from our flat. Every day she would work in a different one. But for months they kept placing her in only the gyms at the other end of the city, an hour away, and she asked if she could be put to work in the gym close by. But some supervisor in a far away gym wanted her to be in his team, so he said she could either work all the time on his team in that gym, or quit, and gave her a week to think about it. And a week later he even texted her "I wonder what you're going to decide". And a thinking emoticon. Moron. She said she went to a meeting with him and he was all smug and she said actually, I'm going to quit, I'm going to look for work in Ireland. And he was shocked. Moral of my boring story is: you can always leave an awful employer even if it seems like you have no choice, my friend was lucky that she had friends moving to ireland as well but you don'nt have to go to another country outright, but actually I just wanted to tell the story of my friend btfoing a moid

No. 1132489

I finally looked up the Material Gworl meme. I thought it was a funny way of singing Material Girl by Madonna but it wasn't. I'm feeling really TikToky and young now. Yeah I know what's up. Material Gwooorrllll

No. 1132505

I picked up some fruits and vegetables at the store today who wants some (I forgot the zucchini though)

No. 1132530

Same. i feel old af because i saw the meme of the fish singing it, but then realized it wasnt a take on madonna a few seconds in. I hate being an old millennial sometimes rofl

No. 1132562

File: 1649789069448.jpg (56.2 KB, 239x306, o rlly.jpg)

Me I'd like some, one question though, are they organic?

No. 1132589

I went shopping today and tried/bought some tank tops (that I very rarely wear cause I feel like I'm gonna be cold). My boobs were so low that it made me lowkey depressed, but at the same time I thought I looked hot?

No. 1132597

Does anyone else not drink alcohol for not really a reason? I just never started drinking.

No. 1132598

Low set or saggy breast not being nice is scrote propaganda, I'm sure you know what's hot when you see it, nona!

No. 1132603

There's an avatarfag I hate on another place and I saved all of his images with the same filenames and I make random inflammatory or rude posts pretending to be him to ruin his reputation because that's how much namefags piss me off

No. 1132607

we should play skribbl together RIGHT NOW

No. 1132608

Fell down a rabbit hole of old ass drama regarding a journalist who was banned from covering the UN after pulling some stupid shit. It's old drama but I'm living for it

No. 1132611

File: 1649791356191.jpeg (139.87 KB, 1024x984, EVorSiaXYAI_Vvo.jpeg)

I miss her…

No. 1132613

I have low tits too because my tits are big and I know your feeling! I used to really hate wearing tank tops but now I don't care because boobs are boobs and regardless they're hot! Don't stress nona. Male propaganda has made you think your tits have to sit at your chin to be attractive but all boobs are amazing and should be cherished.
I used to want a boob reduction and lift because of it but now I've embraced my tatas as the gift they are and that they can feed babies and how amazing it is. Sounds cheesy but pls don't stress nonnie. Wear your tank tops proudly! I bet they look hot on you!!

No. 1132614

I can't I'm banned for calling someone names, sketchful.io however..

No. 1132615

File: 1649791524034.jpg (2.65 MB, 4608x2592, 20220412_115239.jpg)

I peeled a tomato and deliberately took a picture to show my fellow nonnies. Enjoy and appreciate bitches!

No. 1132616

File: 1649791557987.gif (2.24 MB, 640x360, giphy.gif)

Yes, I have drank in the past but it was never this fun exciting social experience for me, plus I always end up getting so tired from it before I get really drunk. Also not to sound anachan but alcohol no matter sweet or not always converts into sugars inside the body and I don't want to think about consuming that much sugars in one ses of drinking heavily.

No. 1132618

that's an apricot

No. 1132619

You did surgery on a tomato

No. 1132620

I thought this was a plum before reading it why is it so orange

No. 1132622

What the fuck.

No. 1132627

You did well.

No. 1132628

That can't be a tomato. Also, did you peel it on your bed?

No. 1132629

why would you disgrace god?

No. 1132631

It's a cloth she uses to cover the bodies

No. 1132632

This is why I keep coming back here

No. 1132646

I froze it and ran it under water nonnies, it's a thawed tomato
I like to eat them like this.

No. 1132649

every day we stray further away from god. holding above your bed is the biggest sin. i don't even know what to say or how to save you

No. 1132651

Well I can't drink because I get really sick from it, but ever since I started staying away from it years ago, I stopped seeing a point to it. I can have fun and socialize and enjoy a night out with my friends without alcohol. I can go to some place for dinner or a late night snack and still pour over their selection of interesting (non-alcoholic) drinks and spend time debating which one I'd like to try out. It makes me feel like a prude but when those around me are insistent that they have to have alcohol, I can't help but think "can you not have fun/enjoy this time without alcohol?"

I went out with a friend and she got mad that the restaurant I picked didn't have an extensive alcohol menu and grumbled loudly as she had to settle for wine. I was with someone at a convention once and we were heading down to the game room and she said "wait, wait can we stop by (our friend)'s room so I can get a drink?" Can you not enjoy the games we're about to go play unless you've got a buzz going on or something? Another friend did dry January and then said "I couldn't wait to start drinking again!!" and I felt a bit disappointed as I hoped she might learn in that month's time that you can go out and enjoy your social life without an alcoholic drink in your hand.

I know some people like having a drink to wind down and stuff, but I don't really like drinking culture and the emphasis and glorification of it. There is no benefit to drinking alcohol in my eyes. Why can't having an alcoholic drink to wind down be substituted with other things?

No. 1132653

Your hand looks similar to mine… Are we twins who have found one another through a peeled tomato?

No. 1132658

File: 1649793951567.png (94.19 KB, 399x658, Michael.png)

Fuck, nonna, exactly! I hate the current fanfic crowd, it can get sooo annoying. It really makes me miss the past fanfic culture where nobody really got outraged about asinine things in fiction. Now it's mostly depressing - is ff really a relaxing hobby for these people? If so then why do they choose to act so rabid whenever they engage with it…

Anon, sadly no way to read it anymore. I'll make sure to archive fics now, but I didn't expect this obvious shitpost to be targeted. Author purged the stories and deactivated one of her accounts. AO3 one is up, but it's empty - I think she made it just for that story. You can read one chapter on wattpad's preview if you google it but it doesn't have anything special in it, her chapters were very short and that one was pretty uneventful
It was a self-insert harem fic with every disney character possible used. Some more details:

>the entire fanfic was written in extreme reddit spacing, every line was its own paragraph

>stacy author casually criticizes disney tropes, like she didn't just write what she wrote
>she doesn't proofread, leaves all mistakes in
>includes random monsterfucking themes in the middle of the story (Ariel introduction), makes commenters freak out
>comments keep begging to include Elsa, author gets off on the power and teases Elsa's appearance for 4 updates
>the fanfic reads like a school play with how stiff the characters interact. It didn't help she kept adding family guy type cutaways all the time
>childishly horny scenes, edgy dialogue, edgy characters
>one of them is prince charming who's a redditor bdsm tryhard who only follows MC around to watch others try to get with her and be an incel about it
>author makes MC a himbo magnet
>establishes new rules, only for them to be broken before she even mentioned them, they are never enforced
>she'd foreshadow characters as a major threat or powerful entity only for them to fall for MC and act like a regular love interest
>one of them was bishie Mickey mouse
>author writes a live action casting list for all the characters, fame going to her head, she blacked out Mickey's actor like she was leaking a new smash bros roster
>genderbent fairy godmother is a hardcore fujo shipper who has pairings for every character and only helps MC because she was fucking with his OTP
>then he falls for her too
>bishie Ursula is a shit starter, tags along to watch the infighting, comment on it and break the 4th wall while eating seaweed like popcorn
>is the only character that didn't want to fuck MC, tinfoil - this is symbolism for the author milking the readers for laughs
I hope she had fun writing that fic, she earned it

No. 1132663

holy shit i wish this was archived.

No. 1132673

ESL here, what the fuck is that accent? I need to know, I'm so confused.

No. 1132675


No. 1132681

File: 1649795446013.gif (6.32 MB, 320x391, Tomagofarmer.gif)

No. 1132685


No. 1132686

Atlanta + homosexual

No. 1132687


No. 1132689

File: 1649795789584.png (29.38 KB, 996x449, cache.png)

If it isn't too long ago yet and you remember the FFs well enough to have them as actual search results on google, you could try getting them via cache. Upper picture is googling in my language, lower picture is googling in English, no idea why there's a difference.

No. 1132690

File: 1649795799384.jpeg (134.48 KB, 611x565, 1D4C57DF-C4C0-4CF8-A822-3049FB…)

I only drink alcohol if it’s to match the food and be like “omg it really washes the taste off my mouth!” Otherwise it’s honestly boring, just another drink that just numbs my tastebuds when I’m eating. I guess something that helps me not crave alcohol is that I get easily drunk, I hate that feeling and knowing I could become an inconvenience to everyone.
If I want to poison my body I just drink coffee or tea, maybe just eat something sweet, chew some bubblegum. At least I won’t get drunk on those things unless I do eat/drink them too often and that just doesn’t happen.

No. 1132691

Samefag I meant Miami, oops.

No. 1132693

wtf is with people who think tea is "poisoning" your body?

my ex would bitch and whine to me like tea is horrible for you and only meant to be had occasionally. where do you "tea is poison" people come from?

No. 1132694

Btw this doesn't seem to work with pages that are locked behind a login. That's how I lost some stories after one of my favorite author purged all of hers, and I still cry about it.

No. 1132696

I know it's probably good, but German chocolate cake looks so gross.

No. 1132698

It’s mostly because of the sugar, but it also makes my heart race worse than when I drink coffee too often, I actually had to go to the cardiologist because drinking sugarless green tea was fucking up my heartbeat, also drinking black tea too often is terrible to me, personally, particularly.

No. 1132699

File: 1649796438236.png (154 KB, 600x600, molecule.png)

I'm starting to see more and more Americans quitting drinking coffee because it's a drug and "bad for you" (untrue if 4 cups a day wo sugar, actually has more properties than cons but ok), knowing that caffeine and theine is the exact same molecule, maybe that's why?

No. 1132704

Nta but tea with caffeine in it makes me super dizzy and jittery unless i only have like 3 sips. but without caffeine its ok

No. 1132712

Never was a drinker to begin with. Mostly disinterested in it. Later got diagnosed with coeliac so the drinks I did like, I can't have.

No. 1132715

there was some story on my news years ago about a teen who died of a heart attack because he drank too much coffee everyday but i forgot the exact amount

No. 1132724

If he died from it it was probs way more than 4 cups and he most likely had some underlying issues to begin with. Nutrition is such a complicated matter because it varies depending on the person. For example, matcha is healthy and has a lot of benefits but if you drink it while being a heavy alcohol or meds user you will damage your liver with it

No. 1132726

I've been talking to an internet autist because he was at least kind of cute looking. He considers us to be a couple but also told me he received a happy ending from a shady massage place (that he agreed to). I can't believe I'm lonely and insecure enough to go out dating that I've been putting up with bad erotica and constant begging for nudes for so long, but this at least gave me the kick I needed.

No. 1132753

I enjoy the 24th Lucky Star ending way more than I should, and I really shouldn't, considering it's been 13 years.

No. 1132761

File: 1649799610038.jpg (20.3 KB, 500x282, the piss reader.jpg)

My pee is dijon mustard colored with tuscan sun accents. I predict a bad month, nonnas

No. 1132762

File: 1649799844701.png (38.46 KB, 272x301, 2day.png)

>bpd meltdown
>just in time to visit family, oops
>cope by wearing lolita for the first time in 5 years because insane
>grandma's thrilled I'm wearing Easter dresses again
>calls her friends
>tea party and grandma's
>her friends are cool
>tea party turns into wine party turns into whiskey party
>getting tons of compliments on my Christmas dress
>partying with women who burned their bras for my rights
>set up grandma's Roku
>"fix" three of her friends' phones (just restarted and updated)
>visit your widowed grandmas and spinster aunts, everyone
never imagined this whole being an attention-demon thing would benefit anyone, especially not other people

No. 1132765

Why you acting like it's 2012 just drink some water

No. 1132769

Uhh you should probably see a doctor or if you can't afford at least test your piss with urine test strips incase you have jaundice/kidney issues/an infection
(I used to work in a renal clinic and seen/tested a lot of fucked up piss)

No. 1132770

you might should visit your doctor

No. 1132773

Where I'm from abortion is a punishable offense. So seeing all these articles about Rowe v wade being in danger and the barbaric laws some states are passing makes me weep for burger nonnies. I really don't want to see you become like us. I'm a mandated reporter for suspected cases but I never do if I can get away with it because I don't want women in jail for doing something they should have the right to do. Good luck US anons.

No. 1132774

File: 1649800450932.png (210.73 KB, 445x445, the piss reader.png)

Do not interfere with gods’ will, the piss spoke, it’s over

No. 1132775

Thats my favorite part. Myemyighhhh

No. 1132776

you are based and will be rewarded in valhalla

No. 1132786

It's wild that a first world country would go back on abortion rights when you can get one in my pretty traditionalist shithole of a country.

No. 1132789

Thank you anon, I live in Texas and it's terrifying how far backwards everything is going. Bless you.

No. 1132803

File: 1649802976186.jpeg (92.17 KB, 500x500, 1C3652DC-152B-49A3-8A3D-0D492E…)

Silvermist is absolutely in love with Tinkerbell.

No. 1132822

File: 1649804611126.jpg (41.76 KB, 640x480, celluloid-1616548_640.jpg)

I've tried analog photography but now I gotta get the film developed and while I knew it will have to happen I thought it wont bother me; but now that it's time I suddenly dread the idea that a stranger will be looking at the pics I took. And there's nothing weird there even, just basic pics from the places I travelled to, me, my bf and his family, things like that. It used to be so normal to do it in the 90s and 00s, idk why I'm so weird about this

No. 1132853

That's a fucking gonad, not a tomato

No. 1132860

nta but mine is thick and constantly shedding and i'm tired of cleaning it off the bathroom floor everytime i take off bottoms. also, shit pulls and hurts

No. 1132863

nonnita <3

No. 1132957

What's with the tranny sperg in /snow/ doxxing himself?

No. 1132959

was just about to ask

No. 1133052

be honest with me nons: is this a BOP or a FLOP?

No. 1133055

Any of you ever cry out of frustration? I remember I got slapped in the back of my neck when I was in high school pretty hard and I was so angry I was imagining myself beating the girl up against the wall next to me but I tried to hold it in and in that process I just ended up crying and it was so embarrassing kek.

No. 1133058

My intestines are growling like crazy and I'm lying in bed rn just praying I don't shit myself in my sleep

No. 1133077

Read that as "my intestines are growing like crazy" at first
So your colon isn't lengthening, good good

No. 1133142

File: 1649843671105.jpg (61.45 KB, 640x480, PPG bluff.jpg)

These three managed to commit crimes pretending to be the Powerpuff Girls and did not get caught until the end of the episode. How were Townsville residents so retarded? Maybe that's where trannies should relocate so they stop being clocked.

No. 1133145

I'm very pleased by myself when I follow someone for unreleated interests and then find out they're radfem. Ah yes, my terven senses. I don't think this would have been doable in the second half of the 10s.

No. 1133159

File: 1649845513059.jpeg (91.18 KB, 600x533, 95EB0BA1-B595-4317-94FF-F4178E…)

Constantly. Sometimes I picture myself throwing things too, especially things like my phone or laptop if they’re giving me grief. I feel like picrel half the time kek

No. 1133173

Lengthening is better than shortening and would be pretty cool tho.

No. 1133211

File: 1649850880359.gif (517.05 KB, 400x300, axolotl-keyboard.gif)

thinking about fishermen getting their dicks snipped by lobsters.

always remember: it's not schadenfreude if the person in pain is a moid

No. 1133247

This is just a PSA that you can absolutely get detoxicated from coom-chan culture. I have started to find retarded edgy content no big deal and since 4chan was always spammed full of porn, even that didn't elicit any reaction from me anymore. I've even started to talk to a guy from there. Now I haven't been there since a year but still talk to the same guy on and off and whenever he sends some really coomercore memes I cringe and ask him what's wrong with him. I have become The Normie.

No. 1133290

File: 1649859130674.jpeg (18.21 KB, 589x96, 718160DB-3E73-4A79-9424-063849…)

New email for the nonnie that collects them.

No. 1133302

A while ago my country seemed to be having an increase in men murdering their wives and gfs (their kids too) and I was like… that's lockdown I guess. Now there's a cluster of straight men attacking or killing gay men for the hell of it. Either doing it as the men leave gay bars or meeting them online. Can't even link it to anything. God men just love any excuse to kill someone who isn't exactly like them. Although maybe the fag attackers are secretly a lil gay themselves.

No. 1133306

What country nonna?

No. 1133309

Ireland. We had a few families wiped out by husbands. A couple of them were farmers so they're some of the very few people here to have access to guns to pull it off so easily. It was blamed on 'not enough mental health help for men' each time. Now that they're killing gays (gay men) I don't see people making those same 'mens poor mental health' excuses. We only cry for men who kill their wives and kids.

No. 1133342

How do you find them? Do you just hover over every single saged post? Is it just the suspicious ones? Good luck? (I had a lucky guess once, too)

No. 1133345

This reminds me of the time where me and the neighbors kids got in trouble, I can’t remember what for but we were being scolded by someone’s mom, she was like “explain yourself” and I said “I-“ and started crying unintelligibly. I should have just said nothing. That mom looked uncomfortable. I hate the association of crying with manipulation. I don’t want to it just comes out, very easily

No. 1133353

File: 1649864269729.png (205.9 KB, 531x279, Becca-Swanson.png)

Just carried a 20kg bag of dog food

No. 1133356

File: 1649864784379.gif (116.72 KB, 220x145, fanself.gif)

dang nona

No. 1133377

I know, I know… Who could resist such a strong woman?

No. 1133474

World cup this year I'm sure we gonna lose again, I think we should offer pelé as a sacrifice maybe so we can finally win again and have an actual reason to be so smug about it.

No. 1133478

I don't know shit about weights. I made a conscious decision when I was like 15 to stop weighing myself and counting calories. I only see my weight when a doctor weighs me. I have no concept of how heavy a thing is or should be. I had to carry 10kg of stuff in work and I asked how heavy that would be. I do not know pounds stones or anything. Its embarrassing because I have a career in science lol. I should probably learn. I have to look up conversion charts all the time I have no clue

No. 1133485

File: 1649872317372.jpeg (15.2 KB, 204x512, freshpig.jpeg)

Strawberry flavoured peppa pig toothpaste.. started using it lately (dont ask) and it's legit the best toothpaste.

No. 1133496

you're an inspiration, anon.

No. 1133554

I just swiped what I thought was clear brow gel on my eyebrows. It was mascara. My brows are now pitch black (I am a sandy blonde). Kind of tempted to keep them this way to shame myself.

No. 1133645

I feel like I'm growing out of LC. I've already not visited the cowboards in years but now even /ot/ starts to feel tiresome.

No. 1133648

>>1133485 kid's toothpaste is genuinely so much better it doesn't leave that nasty residue on the lips. I use this my little pony blue tutti fruitti one I picked up at the drug store a month ago and my mouth feels so much fresher afterwards. I only use ones with fluorine in them though because I'm a sheeple cuck

No. 1133657

Literally why does toothpaste have to be boring? I'm elated that strawberry toothpaste exists. Maybe we can even have vodka toothpaste soon, that would be fresh af

No. 1133708

I still love you anyway nona

No. 1133731

File: 1649883502247.jpg (12.7 KB, 236x257, 4e9cdf95105dc6328549c8c83e45e2…)

>be me
>be poor
>cba to buy conditioner
>wash hair twice a week and condition with olive oil/water solution

This is a pretty ingenious idea isn't it?

No. 1133734

Only one way to find out.

No. 1133743

Same here anon, I don't think I will ever be able to fully leave though. This is the last place on the internet that even remotely feels like the old net.

No. 1133754

conditioner is cheaper than olive oil. please don't become a breadstick.

No. 1133757

Honestly maybe even oil your head just once a week but otherwise this sounds like a pretty good idea, don't know if it is cost efficient though.

No. 1133776

File: 1649886003555.png (160.36 KB, 450x443, 789457A7-4C59-4550-BBC5-458882…)

Yesss keep adding those patreon-exclusive videos in your public playlists kind strangers!!!!

No. 1133814

I know I must not be the only one but has anyone else had their rent be raised at such extreme fucking levels? Holy shit nonnies how are some of us not homeless

No. 1133816

If you have aldi or lidl where you live they do some of the cheapest conditioner.

No. 1133875

Did anyone else not really use conditioner until they were an adult? I never used it for most of my life so far and I have pretty long hair but it didn't seem gross or anything. I have been using it for several years by now but don't feel like my hair changed hugely by introducing it?

No. 1133896

I pronounce borzoi like bor-zwa in my head. Kind of like bourgeoisie.

No. 1133900

I'm watching Bad Vegan and lemme tell ya, I would've sent that scrote neovag photos and blocked his ass real quick

No. 1133904

Burgerfag don’t live in a major city. Rent keeps going up at least 200 usd a year.

No. 1133909

30 mins before a shower dampen your hair and then run olive oil through it and comb it through. Put hair up let sit. Rinse out with shampoo in shower. Focusing on scrubbing mostly your scalp with your finger pads.
You can also reuse coffee grounds and make coffee rinses if you’re not a blonde.

No. 1133915

File: 1649894653093.jpg (20.45 KB, 480x360, download (24).jpg)

>makes my third fallout2 character
Let's try again…
Yet to finish on Fallout1, realize it'll be a grind to not immediately die from super mutants but I don't think recreating a character is necessary.
Also fuck helping that weird family in New Reno that nobody likes whose son's overdose you have to investigate (though that quest is fun), they are so boring and ugly.

No. 1133929

I wonder what scene and emo kids parents thought of their children and fashion choices? I hope every single family member makes fun of them for it now kek kek kek.
I wanted to be a scene kid so bad and I'm so glad I never tried. Plus I was too fat.

No. 1133931

File: 1649895492437.png (529.6 KB, 1169x906, 91W076R.png)

you ever take a nap and end up feeling more tired
you ever just

No. 1133938

File: 1649896081430.gif (1.95 MB, 475x356, tumblr_nn2p65Lqqm1slwatso1_500…)

Today the weather is perfect, there's a light breeze and I have plans to go rollarskating by the beach while the sun sets. Often life is cruel, but today is not. I truly hope all of you get to experience a perfect day this week.

No. 1133946

former emo kid and current emo adult, whenever we talk about it my mom claims she thought it was cute kek. she could be making fun of me when i'm not around to see it, but she was a grunge/punk kid back in the day so part of me thinks she was genuinely excited that i ended up being into an alternative music/fashion scene of my own

No. 1133952

Literally me now nona, bleh

No. 1133965

Sometimes I feel like the anons here are only slightly less degenerate (in many ways) than the people on other sites similar to this one.

No. 1133966

Even the nona who made that lockdown dildo?

No. 1133967

No no, not her. She's lovely.

No. 1133969

the what

No. 1133976

File: 1649899251873.jpeg (418.96 KB, 828x999, B70DD9E9-9D96-469D-8C57-260339…)

Reading the Allthefallen thread on kf a few days back and I can’t stop being angry over this one retard who said there were equal amounts of female and male pedos, and that actually “women were way more likely to be pedos” but just hid it better, all the while reading posts from a pedo forum full of male posters kys kys kys kys kys kys kys

No. 1133977

File: 1649899286244.jpg (59.42 KB, 827x821, EQOPtmhXsAAjunk.jpg)

>she doesn't know
Hehe look here >>595360 >>595399 her posts even got a gold star lol

No. 1134010

Their source is the old "Just trust me bro, there are totes more female pedos, male victims are just like scared of coming out because no one will believe them" all the while the same posters will say women make up their attack/harassment claims. They're happy to attribute their degenerateness to us, but not their humanity or potential for greatness. They're all about the statistics until the statistics say they are violent retards responsible for most crimes.

No. 1134013

No. 1134015

Funniest thing is it will make the ones who ree at the statistics of violence seethe since they probably hate BLM.

No. 1134069

File: 1649909386232.gif (3.28 MB, 498x498, 7F6F692F-9849-4A11-8DF7-B628CE…)

I want to share something from my childhood. This boy made up the dumbest ever parody to that underground railroad song from social studies and it's still my earworm
>the underground taco, the underground taco, everybody take a bite
>so come on children, we're bound to eat it
>we'll make it by the help of the cheese
The fact of how bad it was and that he had no malicious intent, just a product of pure childish silliness, to this day it still gets stuck in my head. He made up other songs also

No. 1134108

Just found out about the Xolani thread in /snow/. She's such a cow. I'm kind of sad that her thread is locked, but it's probably for the best since she would enjoy the attention. She openly posts about wanting to find the "white mass murderer boy" of her dreams and wanting to kill people while also humblebragging about going to Harvard kek

No. 1134115

File: 1649912149747.jpeg (36.2 KB, 479x568, 9280F20D-75B8-4E32-B59A-8C76F3…)

>be me
>listening to my discovery weekly playlist
>super groovy song comes on
>jam out
>decide to open phone to add it to main playlist
>it’s fucking Weezer

No. 1134135

Which song anonina? They have been popping up a lot lately for me, driving me crazy because they don't belong in the set list I'm listening to. I hate it so much.

No. 1134136

Is there a government psyop to push Weezer onto everyone now? Suspicious. The song was pink triangle

No. 1134138

I used to use the discovery playlists but somewhere in my mind I became suspicious it really is a psyop so I can only tread carefully. I mean, really though how do I know they aren't promoting some of those artists for $$ or otherwise? So much is from bands I never hear of

No. 1134150

Anon, why would you use a discover playlist to find bands you already listen to?

No. 1134154

no it's more like, half of it is from literal whos. which I don't mind discovering all the same but it's started to get sus. I know it's good to find lesser known, niche bands but the songs aren't that good either so it's weird to me.

No. 1134188

File: 1649917948866.png (237.33 KB, 766x1152, 1.png)

No. 1134192

File: 1649918111810.png (238.77 KB, 766x1152, 2.png)

No. 1134196

File: 1649918298118.png (191.65 KB, 766x1152, 3.png)

No. 1134203

File: 1649918415238.png (190.81 KB, 766x1152, 4.png)

No. 1134209

Maybe the y2k revival brought them back? Only consolation is that it's an earlier album song. Raditude especially sucked.

No. 1134211

File: 1649918761777.jpeg (53.18 KB, 500x385, 1636258837340.jpeg)

>be chronic daydreamer
>make up elaborate fantasy scenario about having a girlfriend
>love and cherish her
>my internal fears take over
>she leaves me for a moid
>now I'm crying real tears
why am I like this?

No. 1134213

Duh!! Just imagine you shot the male with a shotgun because he was revealed to be a molester

No. 1134222

Your imaginary gf is retarded

No. 1134227

Easy, be the knight in shining armor that takes a joust and rams it into the moid. Dismount your noble steed (female ofc) and waltz up to your beloved, get down on one knee, take her hand and give it a kiss, then ride together into the sunset. She shouldn't be manipulated by a moid.

No. 1134231

I-I want that..

No. 1134255

I need BTS to do military service or else they'll have to give up the ARMY name.

No. 1134257

For you, sweet nonina, I will.

No. 1134268

BTS army vs North Korean army who wins?

No. 1134271

North Korea unironically. Reason being is none of them like the clothes, keep breaking into song while trying to hide, chip nails on artillery, and can't get their fillers done on time. This all happens before North Korea even points a gun in their general direction.

No. 1134272

BTS ARMY refers to the fans, not BTS themselves though.

No. 1134276

WRONG ! BTS army would doxx kim jong un and make a google doc callout about him and then north korea would collapse instantly

No. 1134278

Ok, I'll rework it. Still North Korea. Well fans are notoriously obnoxious, I think they'd run fast the moment a gun or tank would point in their general direction. Or they'd get found out because of the gps location device on their phones. Better hope no redditors are among them.

No. 1134279

File: 1649924817462.jpg (161.17 KB, 1200x871, DonrFKxUcAYSg8t.jpg)

Damn those blasted callouts!

No. 1134280

Redditors among the fans or the North Koreans?

No. 1134283

Fans, obviously. You think North Korea would allow redditors?

No. 1134285

At least there is one based thing about North Koreans.

No. 1134288

File: 1649925317031.jpeg (45.47 KB, 702x702, B2C677F9-DFB8-4EF3-8412-071266…)

Sometimes I like to randomly stop for a sec and think about the chaos that would happen if microcelebs/cosplayers tweeted out ywnbaw one by one and it makes me smile.

No. 1134290

Same, and at this point I can't be assed to even pretend to be interested in using it.

No. 1134315

File: 1649927537532.png (508.47 KB, 675x810, unknown.png)

rip to the nonnie who admitted she had a crush on him some months ago

No. 1134318

I never use it no matter how long my hair is, but I have type 1a hair which is very easy to deal with. I think conditioner helps with more unruly hair types.

No. 1134332

File: 1649928273747.png (292.56 KB, 350x393, unknown.png)

I want Elsie to canonically be 1m90/6ft+

No. 1134339

Who isn't afraid to wear heels to crush the moids who dare stand in her way.

No. 1134346

Do you ever just feel like eating, vomiting, shitting, pissing, fainting and sleeping at the same time? That's me rn

No. 1134353

No I used it all throughout my life until as an adult I realized I kept spending money on trying different conditioners that made no difference for my hair so I stopped paying for it. My hair is straw with and without it.

No. 1134359

Are these the stages of grief??

No. 1134384

Nobody feels sorry for you or wants to hear about your diarrea, get a personality that's not just moping

No. 1134387

File: 1649931391332.png (214.51 KB, 636x671, Screenshot 2022-04-14 121513.p…)

um wtf

No. 1134389

Shut up and leave her alone, get a personality that's not just being a bitch

No. 1134397

What a fucking mood

No. 1134398

Sometimes I hack and cough like a cat but instead of a hairball tonsil stones come out

No. 1134400

this is literally the dumbass SHIT thread. stfu and let diarrheafag sperg

No. 1134401

This is the most horrifying thing i’ve read all week!

No. 1134402

She is one of the discord cows that have been visiting every lc-related server bitching for a week about her mild covid and milking sympathy from dozens of people. People are tired of sympathizing her when she ignores everyone else’s problems just to change the subject about herself. I recognize her writing style and I just want to tell her it’s starting to get boring

No. 1134403

That's disgusting. Anyway, I once had a salivary gland stone. It was scary as shit, made my cheek freakily balloon up

No. 1134404

Dude just let me shit and die in peace

No. 1134405

So you're on the lolcord? That seems like a personal problem.

No. 1134413

Every time a non hyper masculine, nerdy man gets popular the fakebois project on him like crazy… but then he ages like an obvious man and I wonded how they feel. Do they realize they will never look like that? They should be glad imo.

No. 1134414

Is it me or are more and more women getting visibly fed up with the trans movement? Anyone that speaks up gets silenced quickly or pressured to change any made statement, but it feels like there is a slight change in standing towards troons from women. Idk maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

No. 1134418

File: 1649935616005.png (1.33 MB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20220414-082422.png)

The final moments of Club Penguin Rewritten are happening now, as three brave souls stay holed up in the mines, waiting for the end. They've been in there since before the announcement, other users dropped off one by one. These last three users have been leaving their computers on, holding off the inevitable. One of them is streaming it, but they're just sitting there in silence, probably asleep. God bless them.

No. 1134426

Not sure which one is worse, fakebois claiming them or "lesbian" larpers claiming any literal male as a "honorary lesbian"

No. 1134432

I want this one

No. 1134442

For a nona who is 5’8” what would be the ideal weight (or weight range) to look good? I don’t think I’m fat but I don’t think I’m that thin either. I just want to know objectively what would be a good weight range for my height since people I ask irl just say ‘nona you’re perfect how you are and should work on accepting your body.’ But I found out some scrotes who are taller than me weigh less than me so I know that’s not true…

No. 1134445

sorry nonnies we will experience nuclear war in any moment from now it will be max 20 years until nuclear war actually happens something very bad is happening in the world right now and I am being serious, something is happening politically and I am posting this in the dumbshit thread because I write as a schizo

No. 1134447

nonny this is very cryptic are you saying nuclear war will happen in 20 years? or it could happen between now and 20 years? also i’m in your walls and biden called and said you cant come to the 1% illuminati underground nuclear bunker party.

No. 1134464

Even if that were to happen, what can we do about it? What’s the use in worrying? Dying of a nuclear war is just as out of our control as being hit by a car, and the latter is far more likely to happen.

No. 1134468

File: 1649941708842.jpg (32.42 KB, 397x612, ihatemen.jpg)

To have a healthy BMI at 5'8" the weight range is 55.4kg to 74.8kg. I'm also 5'8 but I have a big ribcage and look shapeless when I gain weight, so I personally find I look best at the lower end, but lower than that I just look unhealthy. If you have a curvier body type higher weights can look better. Men have higher metabolisms, don't store fat in the same way as women, and have higher testosterone, meaning its waaaaaay easier for them to lose fat and build muscle. For a MAN to have no muscle they have to be lazy as fuck. I can already tell that those scrotes that weigh less than you probably have the twink-phenotype. No muscle tone, scrawny, lanky, and tall. Just wait for their metabolism to slow down.

No. 1134472

Bitch that has to do with your actual proportions and overall looks, are you underaged? I'm sorry to be a bitch but who fucking cares if a scrote weighs less, they have less of fucking organs than you, less need for fat than you. Not that you should be a fattie but at the same time, jesus christ nonnie.

No. 1134476

NTA but happy to see someone else in the wide rib cage crew itt

No. 1134477

I also live in your walls

No. 1134479

Me too, anon. Wide ribcage + small hips coupled with a pear-shaped fat distribution and small breasts makes my body look really wonky imo. With clothes on I have no curves whatsoever, but when I'm naked I just look weird bc my upper body seems way skinnier than my legs. Kinda sucks but what can you do.

No. 1134485

Opinions are subjective, just go off BMI: 125-160 lbs is healthy weight for you.

No. 1134487

blessed are the wide ribcage women. our heightened lung capacity and powerful intercostal muscles will inherit the Earth.

No. 1134492

Kek sorry I swear I’m not underaged, just have body dysmorphia I guess. Growing up my friends were all way smaller than me so I’ve
internalized being huge.

Thanks nonnies. I’m around 68 kg so I guess I’m in the middle on the higher end. I know that I fall in healthy range but whenever I see pictures of myself I always think I look huge. I guess part of it is body dysmorphia but I could also stand to exercise more. Thanks for answering! I know it reeks of insecurity but I just had to know lol.

No. 1134509

Amazon charged another card on my account since the giftcard didn't go through and for some fucking reason it changed the address to deliver to to my house instead of my office. I bought a lumbar pillow for my office chair, now I have to bring that shit from home instead of just having it come straight here UGHHHHH

No. 1134510

My friends had a cow themed party night where everyone dressed in cow print or wore cow related stuff. I wish I could do that with you nonnies kek

No. 1134518

I just noticed that a good chunk of r/AskLesbians has me blocked because I asked a question while still questioning if I'm gay kek

No. 1134521

What'd you ask? It's weird that almost the whole subreddit would have you blocked kek, I didn't know that was possible

No. 1134537

If you spoke another language at home than that of the country you live in, were you taught proper grammar, spelling and writing too? I wasn't, and I'm curious what it's like for others lol.

No. 1134538

No. 1134539

I wasn't, but my family speaks Cantonese and only my mother knows how to read and write it (my dad can only speak) and it seems difficult to teach at home, especially since my mom didn't complete her education. My parents didn't want to send me to Chinese school kek. I have friends from middle school who were Korean and Japanese and both of them knew proper grammar, spelling, writing, and reading, but the korean girl learned at home while the japanese girl was sent to japanese school for it.

No. 1134541

It is if you’re actually a lesbian and not a man kek

No. 1134546

Nonnie what question did you ask that angered so many troons that half of the userbase for r/AskLesbians has you blocked?

No. 1134569

File: 1649948480850.jpg (20.32 KB, 276x272, piggy.JPG)

Finally made the appointment I have been avoiding to make but while I finally made the phone call I had a complete blackout and had a hard time explaining the lady on the phone why I'm even calling. She prob forgot about this already but jesus this was embarrassing.

No. 1134583

a scrote i know confessed that he doesn't watch anime where the number of male characters are equal to the number of female character or maybe even more. he said he feels like he's competing against them.

No. 1134585

i think boyegafag is a troll. there is no way kek. no fucking way.

No. 1134586

I don't either, but that's because my favorite genres are sports and magical girl

No. 1134591

Lmao tell him he’s right, he would absolutely get cucked. Most shounen feature a whole boat of strong sexy males so this faggot exclusive watches harem isekais.

No. 1134593

but nonny he is the perfect wide hipped prince for riri, don't you get it

No. 1134604

I've only been speaking russian until I was taken to daycare where I picked up the local language. My mother taught me to write and read, but my skills have been degrading over the years since I'm almost never exposed or have to rely on it. But I know others in similiar situation who weren't even taught to speak the language.

No. 1134615

I asked the classic "could I be gay" question, since back then I still though I was bisexual with a strong preference for women. They kind of dislike anyone bi posting anything there

No. 1134618

But it's r/asklesbians, do they expect only lesbians to be posting there? Weird, and also funny considering that it's probably overrun with troons like all the other lesbian subreddits.

No. 1134620

It seems to be the case in many online lesbian communities, which is fair.

No. 1134646

NTA I personally don't even think he's ugly facially, it's his body that turns me off.

No. 1134676

how am I 3% finnish

No. 1134681

I had a long day so I of course had a joint but I need to go outside and top up my electric and every time I build myself up to do it someone else goes outside and I cba doing pleasantries plus the mask I wore at work all day gave me a massive pimple and I look like rudolf

No. 1134714

File: 1649955708119.jpg (144.97 KB, 800x571, 6a010535647bf3970b01b8d21836fa…)

I want a baby tapir so bad it's not even funny anymore. Why haven't we domesticated them.

No. 1134720

File: 1649955926331.png (947.45 KB, 751x490, warthog.PNG)

Samefag, baby warthogs too

No. 1134721

File: 1649955941020.gif (996.22 KB, 624x438, confused-thinking.gif)

My period, which usually comes either several days earlier or days later than when it's supposed to, came just in time today. So weirded out by this. Like what did I do right this time I didn't do before

No. 1134723

File: 1649956196047.jpg (148.82 KB, 1023x681, 16633062037_a604fb861f_b.jpg)

I think I remember reading tapirs can be dangerous and attacked people in the jungles in Asia. Sorry nona best just to see them in zoos


No. 1134730

Insta keeps showing me accounts where people have pet otters of all things, my impression is that otters are not exactly happy/content or probably even stimulated/socialized enough when kept as pets. idk who decides what pets should be legal but there's some weird choices.

No. 1134734

nta but I didn't know they could be dangerous, kek, I remember when I first read about tapirs as a kid and thought they were the cutest animals in the world.
Also, that tapir pic is brilliant, it's like me when I'm supposed to be smiling on pictures

No. 1134745

I wish catboys were real and Mads Mikkelsen was one. The only things that would make him even hotter could be cat ears and a cat tail.

No. 1134746

File: 1649956865592.jpg (54.36 KB, 625x781, silly little guy.jpg)

Baby tapirs wouldn't even think of hurting me, nice try though.

No. 1134755

File: 1649957375592.jpg (3.67 MB, 2048x2048, RDT_20220414_19291458106634692…)

that "I hate the antichrist" meme but the UN guys are makeup companies and influencers trying to sell me foundation and I'm in the corner going I HATE COMPLEXION PRODUCTS

No. 1134757

It's like any animal can be dangerous, but people I guess don't expect prey animals to be violent even though they are actually more aggressive than predators when provoked because they are in constant danger of being attacked. Prey animals can also do massive damage with horns, tusk, teeth, hooves, etc.

No. 1134760

This wouldn't have been a problem if we'd have domesticated them, though. At least probably not so much that it'd be worrying.

No. 1134763

We should've got to work on this hundreds if not thousands of years ago, I want lil mini tapirs that are bred to be lap pets.. and I want it now.

No. 1134766

File: 1649957777441.jpg (64.92 KB, 720x960, kaya_1604237139896.jpg)

Kek tapir pics are like a goldmine of potential memes. Look at this silly face

No. 1134769

I'm assuming we haven't domesticated them because they are mostly solitary and wouldn't do well with being kept together in groups. Most of the time when we domesticated animals it was for food and being able to contain a social species would provide more animals with less need to house them. Anyway here was an interesting short vid about why some animals are domesticated and some are not

No. 1134770

File: 1649957903579.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2958x2377, 00007f19.jpeg)

he don't care

No. 1134776

File: 1649958044331.png (259.31 KB, 500x411, tumblr_f174915fb26df4b7821960a…)

he happy

No. 1134777

Are tapirs the new seals?

No. 1134778

File: 1649958136076.jpg (337.94 KB, 1600x1066, tapppirsssw.jpg)

I decided that tapirs are the missing links between borzois and anteaters

No. 1134782


No. 1134785

The new seals, confirmed.

No. 1134788

File: 1649958548291.jpg (33.7 KB, 412x325, TSG-FB-Page-4000-LIKES-3-1.jpg)

hehe I don't care

No. 1134791

so cute i hope they are friendly

No. 1134792

File: 1649958694638.jpg (176.04 KB, 1600x1137, riding-zebras-photographs (7).…)

European colonialists did attempt to domesticate zebras and even used some as cart horses in European cities.

No. 1134801

Watch this, there are no screaming tapirs in it (guaranteed)

No. 1134803

This makeup looks worse than her natural look

No. 1134866

File: 1649961515178.gif (2.62 MB, 498x280, rubbing-hands-excited.gif)

Keep spreading the tapir agenda

No. 1134906

During my pre-sleep thought racing the kpop dog boy entered my half dreams

No. 1134914

Such a pointless animal.

No. 1134931

I hope a tapir finds you and sniffs you so hard that you get sucked up by it's distinguished snout.

No. 1134936

why did they stop

No. 1134947

File: 1649963563539.gif (187.83 KB, 400x237, yeahhhhh.gif)

dis-tinguished? more like dis-gusting!

No. 1134953

File: 1649963757328.png (108.84 KB, 2000x1548, BRUH.png)

Any lolcow Club Penguin nonnies in the certain CPR discord where someone linked a way to access the game? I have the link, it seems safe… it leads to a login screen but I am too wary to enter my login information. Anyone else at least curious?

No. 1135017

File: 1649965457815.jpg (2.93 MB, 3464x2948, Picsart_22-04-14_21-39-54-849.…)

samefag here this is what I meant

No. 1135025

File: 1649965717148.jpg (62.48 KB, 500x335, 5091660.jpg)

I think I killed a group chat I'm in when I responded to my friend complaining about his cat bothering him when he's doing taxes with "you should let her, I heard she's great at meowthematics" because no one has responded since

No. 1135032

kek, I would have sent you more than one funny cat gif for that.

No. 1135041

Who here didn’t fall for stuffing your face with crackers and saying apple as a kid?

No. 1135057

I was thinking about throwing away my most tattered and used pieces of underwear, then I realized that I have only like 3 pairs that don't have holes in them kek

No. 1135061

saw a borzoi painting at the museum that made me think of lc

No. 1135069

File: 1649967656780.jpg (31.68 KB, 496x500, image-670073b.jpg)

I hate being completely inexperienced at 21, how do I get this guy to understand i want to have sex without being forward in any way or telling him (because idfk how) and acting in a way that comes accross as guarded and distant and the exact opposite of how I want to come accross

No. 1135072

File: 1649967797082.jpeg (323.31 KB, 828x530, 06AB8A69-0827-4736-9C31-BD8AAA…)

You reminded me I drew him as a Flavia bean themed cat girl ten years ago and I am cringe

No. 1135093

Just watched the Fantastic Beasts movie and it was amazing. I want to marry Mads Mikkelsen. There were a lot of people there and I can only recommend you to go too and watch the movie.

No. 1135125

can't wait for /m/ to be restored so certain old man likers get their containment thread back

No. 1135169

Damn I forgot /m/ is still broken

No. 1135172

File: 1649970468235.jpg (9.27 KB, 201x144, tumblr_d73311f128397389c2c267e…)

need to make out with someone so bad but i'm so averse to physical contact that just brushing hands with someone freaks me out. fml.

No. 1135193

I miss all the hot old man boards

No. 1135216

File: 1649971725363.gif (57.83 KB, 200x200, kisses-for-you-glitter.gif)

Ily nonnie I can makeout with you virtually through the screen

No. 1135221


No. 1135237

Don't you remember /hom/ ??? Newfag

No. 1135310

do any of you ukfags remember the tv show snog marry avoid?

No. 1135355

There's like less than 300 female inmates in my country and the ones that we have tend to be very violent yet my dumb ass always wonders if and when I finally snap, could I do well in prison? I think I could, I think it might even better me to be completely honest.

No. 1135356


No. 1135368

One of the cows in the goth thread on /snow/ was on it years ago afaik

No. 1135386

That show sucked me in and I hated every second at the same time.

No. 1135399

not an uk fag but i used to watch every single episode of that I could find, good times the makeovers were always so fucking hideous

No. 1135410

File: 1649979124603.png (30.51 KB, 1372x871, infightt.png)

No. 1135411

If someone went through my sketchbook I would get canceled for drawing cartoon nazi bugs

No. 1135412

Who’s the one with blond and black hair? Is it a BPD Elsie?

No. 1135414

One time a moid on the street told me to smile and I started screaming curses at him in my native language, can't wait to travel again

No. 1135416


No. 1135417

kek yes, I was having a laugh reading the vent thread

No. 1135418

anon I love you

No. 1135421

beautiful and apt

No. 1135427

Omg, I love this so much!

No. 1135429

I’ve been sent to orbit kek

No. 1135436

I love this

No. 1135568

I did this with a friend once, the group of men thought it was hot. There is no escape.

No. 1135593

Anyone remember reading Harrison Bergeron? It's a dystopian short story of America. The story about everyone being equal, handicaps put in place for making people equal, and the agents enforcing the policies. Been thinking about it lately.

No. 1135627

I'm not complaining but I do wonder why the Kisame thread has been allowed to exist for so long

No. 1135634

I've realised I don't dislike dogs, I dislike dog people.

No. 1135642


No. 1135687

I should reread it, it's been so long I barely remember anything about it.

No. 1135757

File: 1650011252437.jpeg (21.93 KB, 788x436, 1647511364842.jpeg)

of course discord starts flagging my messages as spam and then locks me out asking for my phone number.

No. 1135829

Plz send help I trapped a spider under a cup but I'm too scared to do anything else. I am already surprised I could trap it.

No. 1135831

take a piece of paper or so and move the cup with the spider over and it bring it out.

No. 1135832

slip a piece of paper underneath the cup and put it outside

No. 1135834

Just the thought of doing that gives me a heart attack.
I can't even look at a photo of a spider without being scared. When I see one in my apartment, I go cry under the blankets in my bed.
I know I'm dumb.
My friend is coming over soon and will deal with it. Thank god I'm babysitting her kid today.

No. 1135842

This is why I just bash them with a long handled broom. I remember when I lived with bfs (2 different guys, exact same thing) they'd try to do the 'catch and release' and nearly always fuck it up and let it escape. I'd lose my mind watching them just fail horribly.

No. 1135849

In my paranoid mind catch and release is a bad idea cause the spider will come back to kill me or something. I always ask people to flush it down the toilet twice. I often believe that they pretended to kill it cause they're somehow in the same team as the spider.
I know this is all impossible and very dumb, but in my mind it is real when it's happening.

No. 1135864

Tip for nonnas scared of spiders
If you hate large house spiders but are ok with smaller spiders you can encourage two other types of spider to live with you and these will eat the house spiders. These two spiders are false widows and cellar spiders (might be called something else in your country such as daddy long longs, vibrating spider etc. They are the small translucent spiders with long legs).

No. 1135874

Even if I wasn't against killing little creatures because I don't think nature's in a position to be losing any more, I'd still not kill it because who wants to deal with a gross spider corpse yuck. Trap and release with a cup is easy, your exes sound clumsy.

No. 1135877

File: 1650023198251.jpg (43.45 KB, 500x355, 11987009.jpg)

I'm physically disabled and not able to get up on chairs and angle glasses and all that messing. My broom serves me well and I even sweep them up with it afterwards.

No. 1135881

File: 1650024021248.jpg (308.17 KB, 1112x2048, Cv2zSvwWEAAan-q.jpg)

I don't believe in "resting bitch face" since that was just made up to trash on women who don't put on a fake smile constantly, but I think some people just LOOK mean/unfriendly. And it's not about being ugly, I'm talking about some random guy who constantly has the expression like he just smelled shit, or a young girl who talks normally, dresses normally, but for some reason has really bitter expressions.

No. 1135897

I haven't kept up much the the whole jk rowling situation, I never really did but today youtube recommended me a vid about how 'you can't etically consume harry potter' 'you can't sperate the art from the artist' etc and I had no idea she was being accused of being 101 different types of nazi. I thought it was the one thing.

Top comment
>My family and I went to the Harry Potter land in Florida years ago and the shops were, as you said, insanely small. My sister was really little when we went but her wheelchair still couldn’t fit in most of the shops. Our trip was a gift from the Make a Wish foundation, but imagine paying thousands of dollars to go to this place and not being able to actually go there! JK is fucking ridiculous!!!!
Omg jk rowling personally despises little kids in wheelchairs. Spread the word kek

No. 1135898

The amount of times random men and some women have told me to smile when I have fucking nerve damage in my face is revolting. Not that you should tell that shit to anyone but ok scrote, tell me how to do that in a way that pleases you then

No. 1135900

I hate being told to smile by moids (and only ever moids) and not even making sarcastic smiles or ignoring them shuts them up.

No. 1135908

I actually posted yesterday about screaming at a moid who did that to me and that was because he touched my fucking face after saying it, wtf is wrong with moids.

No. 1135910

File: 1650026226640.jpg (29.78 KB, 720x897, 0ede432465f8802fb67fa1bc7c388e…)

My usual response is "I had a miscarriage yesterday" so they will feel awful and think twice about getting into anyones business. It's extra effective because people adore fetuses more than they care about any random woman.

No. 1135914

If it's a total stranger doing it I'm prepared to make up some horrible shit that just happend to me that day. >>1135910 snap, same here. My mom is dead ten years now but I'll pretend it happened today when someone does this.

No. 1135923

i had a dollar tree cashier telling me to smile once. i was on my period. bro stfu and bag my pain killers and chocolate

No. 1135965

Downloaded some pizza making game a few nights ago to calm down and I am way too invested

No. 1135992

I was just thinking this at the park recently. I like dogs, most breeds are cute and friendly, but most people who own dogs don't put any effort into training them to act properly and it's a mess. My relative has a dog she takes amazing care of and trained well and you can literally tell interacting with him how much of a difference it makes, he is the sweetest and most well behaved dog I have ever met.

No. 1136002

For the longest time I thought my problem is that my lips are dry (they often hurt), but I'm wondering if I actually chew them in my sleep because they are always the most painful after waking up

No. 1136010

do you use a vpn?

No. 1136013

tell name

No. 1136016

Just saw on tumblr a popular post saying white women have gentrified the term "female gaze" kek they always gotta find a way to pin everything on the imaginary white karen in their heads. They even managed to bring up how these white women are oppressing the poor gay and bi men kek.

No. 1136017

>boot up decade old laptop I haven't used in nearly a decade
>work like a boss screensaver
I don't remember this being me

No. 1136030

>these white women are oppressing the poor gay and bi men
Sometimes I'll see gay guys bitching about how friendships between women and gay men are sinister and they (the men) are being 'used like fashion accessories' and I can't wrap my head around someone being so desperate to turn a friendship into something dark. Years ago the vast majority of straight men wanted nothing to do with a gay guy as a friend… the more camp the less they wanted to know them. So women befriended the gays. Them turning that around now is so weird to me.

No. 1136042

Just found out that there's a max number of videos you can have on a YouTube playlist

No. 1136046

>they (the men) are being 'used like fashion accessories'
They think too high of themselves tbh, imagine thinking having a gay man pet is any useful when they’re so catty and full of annoying complexes that they never want to fix for themselves, also since they always act like a Hollywood stereotypical character and not like a real person.
Gay men are just going full pickme, they want the attention of other men because they want males to fuck them, not friendships.

No. 1136050

Is it 5k? I noticed my account automatically made a new favorites playlist and I was wondering if that's why

No. 1136052

That's what I thought too. Then I removed abuot 800 videos of my 1000+ video long favorites list, still couldn't add anything and found out that all of this was completely unneccessary because it was YouTube that spazzed out, which means I've just lost those 800 videos all for nothing.

No. 1136054

Yeah, it's 5k. I hit it on my watch later playlist but it didn't make a new one. Guess I have to finally get to watching those videos.

No. 1136059

File: 1650033889628.jpg (193.88 KB, 850x734, goblin fucker.jpg)

No. 1136068

Would you call Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants a himbo?

No. 1136073

I thought you had to have a good looking body to be a himbo. Isn't Patrick just fat?

No. 1136074

File: 1650034685821.png (232.38 KB, 262x407, Phuccup.png)

This fat to you?

No. 1136086

File: 1650035412460.png (19.83 KB, 435x168, Screenshot from 2022-04-15 11-…)

The fucking contrast of checking out the blog posted in the OP of the ebegging thread and finding this post, and then going on youtube and being recommended and watching a tribute video to Josh Neuman where it shows clips of him saying to push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow as a person.

No. 1136204

File: 1650039673303.jpg (32.03 KB, 520x408, poodle.jpg)

my boyfriend's mom raises show poodles and honestly, I wish I was her
I never had any interest in poodles, it's just that she knows exactly who she is and she's fulfilled in life, and like, damn, how many people go to bed sleeping soundly because they're fully self-actualized; I'm jealous
she raises one poodle at a time, there's a room in her house where the walls have a portrait of each poodle framed with their awards and certificates, the rescue poodles tend to have less trophies and be fatter, but all of them look happy in their photos
Her life has purpose, and her dogs lives' have purpose, just, I don't know, I am in awe of this woman

No. 1136232

I hate that we have to pee so many times in a day. Why can't we pee once a day like how we shit once a day and then it's done

No. 1136233

I agree. But, I do feel like this would have consequences if you get something like a UTI.

No. 1136240

File: 1650040951676.gif (901.83 KB, 498x498, octo.gif)

Nonnas, I am thinking of unapologeticaly putting my fandoms profile picture and start being an open fangirl. (picunrelated) But I am afraid people from IRL, including added partner's family members would be confused onto why all of the sudden I have a profile picture of a man from a tv show.

No. 1136260

I've had a pain near my right hip all day and I think it's my ovary. How high or low are ovaries? … I'm never quite sure of that. Feel like I should know by my age.

No. 1136263

i have my kpop man as my pfp on whatsapp where I have my coworkers and colleagues added as well, he is also my phones wallpaper and my work laptops wallpaper. i think you should do it

No. 1136268

Don't constrict your harmless fun with others opinions. Live your life

No. 1136271

Never be scared of spending money.

No. 1136274

Anon can I borrow some money

No. 1136279

Anon can I also borrow some money

No. 1136286

you wanna buy some monkee? It's only 999999999,99 e-dollaros

No. 1136301

I saw that kinder chocolate products were recalled after some kids got salmonella. I'm kinda already freaked out when it comes to food prep safety so the thought of a fucking chocolate bar making you shit yourself for up to 10 days is terrifying to me.

No. 1136307

File: 1650045220432.jpg (25.9 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-962776596-612x612.…)

I wish I could, but I would rather use my money to buy things I don't need. Like this,
Yes. Hand over monkee pls.

No. 1136312

File: 1650045448012.jpg (112.95 KB, 1280x720, the-walking-dead-bald-shane1.j…)

I want to beat this retard with a crowbar. Don't know why people like him and I don't know why I'm surprised that he seems to be a fan favorite. He's been a piece of shit since the first scene.

No. 1136329

had my first kiss (I'm 21) and felt absolutely nothing lmao great. I think I'm just not that attracted to him which sucks because I was at first, idk what happened

No. 1136335

Ayo so many famous people come to my city. I just walked past Maisie Williams and her boyfriend.
Let me tell you something rubs head punches man.

No. 1136342

>be me
>get the rare moment of horniness
>spend some time trying to find a guy
>by the time i manage to find an ok guy my horniness is gone and i don't want to have sex
>don't even find one most of the times
>rinse and repeat
it's been 3 years of this, i could get an fwb but i would want him to completely disappear from my life until i wanted to fuck again

No. 1136343

This son of a dick. His face alone sets of my rage. Let’s handmaidens circle kick him.

No. 1136344

Good luck Noni. Men are clingy.

No. 1136345

Fucking hate this douche with a passion. Scrotes probably like him because he's a violent idiot with a short fuse who can't control himself. Make him spew some stupid survival of the fittest bullshit every now and then and scrotes will consider him a true leader. Glad we didn't have to see his face for long.

No. 1136348

thanks nonatella

No. 1136351

Why not just get a nice dildo or toy?

No. 1136354

Samefag, fuck Merle too. He gave off asshole vibes even before he said anything racist. T-dog should have left the door to the roof open.

No. 1136358

that is what i've been doing past 3 years

No. 1136360

Hanging out in the fetal position telling myself this pain definitely isn't a medical emergency. I'm far from any hospitals, have no transport, no family, crazy hermit type anxiety. Therefore this can't possibly be an emergency. I refuse to acknowledge it as such. Sorted.

No. 1136362

What kind of pain?

No. 1136364

What kind of pain are you having and where Noni?

No. 1136392

File: 1650049956247.jpg (54.12 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

No. 1136398

Me too. I'm just waiting to faint on the street and have someone call the ambulante for me, but until then I absolutely have no problem. Nothing at all. It's just stress.

No. 1136405

Wow so rude anon. This pic was clearly taken while he was carboloading for the Fry Cook Games. He started cutting again immediately after

No. 1136408

Don't this man and teddy bear look kind of alike

No. 1136426

File: 1650051589528.jpg (33.84 KB, 736x527, C2H2agwUQAQT6b2.jpg)

After all the overtime he put in at work?

No. 1136446

File: 1650052513370.jpeg (143.63 KB, 900x1200, FHTEtN0aIAAeDDH.jpeg)

Takaya Kuroda's (known as Kazuma Kiryu's voice actor among many others) twitter shoops are sending me

No. 1136447

File: 1650052544544.jpeg (99.73 KB, 900x675, FCN4r83VgAI-mwe.jpeg)

No. 1136521

File: 1650056752115.jpeg (38.83 KB, 480x360, BB757E30-E10F-4F76-AF5A-A496D6…)

Can you really blame the man for wanting some downtime and donuts? Especially with that nagging shrew of a husband always giving him crap and an annoying clam baby who never stops crying? He’s doing his best he can with his limited intelligence and seasonal depression. Besides, Spongebob isn’t exactly in the best shape of his life anymore either. If he can have some periods of non-himbodom in between himbo periods, then why can’t Patrick?

No. 1136532

No. 1136534

File: 1650058016841.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 9.48 KB, 221x228, download (1).jpeg)

What a hill to die on. You obviously are sleeping on the true himbo. Gary is obviously the correct choice. Spongebob and Patrick are too vindictive and rude to be true himbos. Both are swingers too! They can't stay faithful! Spongbob is always lusting after Squidward while Patrick makes goo goo eyes at King Trident's daughter (how old is she again?). How distasteful. Side note: I only spoilered this beautiful himbo because too many nonnies would get the vapors for him and faint.

No. 1136536

Although I stupidly used to do it, I now realize ordering based on appearance at a restaurant is pointless. Caring about what someone else thinks of your food, so long as you are paying for it yourself or in some fairly arranged way, is totally pointless. If you are already spending the money to eat out you should get whatever you want. It's not like it's an everyday thing.

No. 1136541

Those nipples are grotesque, sorry.

No. 1136546

File: 1650058467810.png (369.96 KB, 478x356, Capture-2.png)

I would agree with you were it not for the fact that Gary by definition cannot be a himbo because he's too smart. He's well read and loves poetry

No. 1136551

File: 1650058860846.jpg (357.4 KB, 1600x1200, i may have made mistakes.jpg)

Hypothetically, how many pancakes (think crêpes, but not quite) would one have to have eaten to have you think That's Too Much, Fatass?

No. 1136557

Oh dream Gary. Than who is the one true himbo on Spongebob?

No. 1136558

I feel like milk could come out of his snailboobs at any second

No. 1136564

File: 1650059448174.jpg (32.16 KB, 474x474, lobster.jpg)

is it not obvious?

No. 1136567

I'm full with 3 crepes personally

No. 1136569

File: 1650059780652.jpeg (144.74 KB, 1242x648, 080F1706-64EB-4069-BAA7-58F442…)

Depends, did you eat anything else throughout the day? Maybe 4 pancakes is “That’s Too Much, Fatass” if I’ve had breakfast and lunch, considering the pancakes a snack. If it’s a full meal, 6 would be “That’s Too Much, Fatass” if they don’t have protein powder and you’re eating them with just some spread/syrup.
Now I want to have a “That’s Too Much, Fatass” tower of pancakes.

No. 1136573

File: 1650060033114.png (1.33 MB, 1280x960, 4FDA2430-18E5-47A2-8E4D-9B3A9A…)

I didn’t notice, I’m retarded, I thought it was warm water during a quest, not that it was some alcoholic drink. These ghetto bitches drinking straight up agua ardiente and trying to pretend they’re fancy schmansy.

No. 1136574

I hate that I recognise the characters in the thread pic, from Tsui no Sora a denpa vn from the 90s, remade into Subarashiki Hibi later on which is considered by vn autists to be a kamige. It's all schizo psued kind of shit but a fun romp through a mentally unhinged scrote and his journey to start a death cult. Wouldn't particularly recommend it to the average nonna but if you like mindfuck, psychological horror it might be worth a read. Gr8 soundtrack though. I read too many shitty vns, man.

No. 1136578

It feels strange that seeing CGs drawn in that early 2000s style make me nostalgic nowadays, especially considering a lot of them came from eroge

No. 1136587

I love that style too. There used to be a time where I rejected the huge head moe style but I’ve come to embrace it.

No. 1136589

Man i loved those drawings as a kid because they looked so amazing. I used to think why cant i make something like this?? took me a while to realise those were made by professionals for anime rpg or eroge. The background artists for these games still amaze me though.

No. 1136593

I learned to draw because I loved copying these CGs I found on people's signatures on forums and like gaia online and wanted to make my own original ones kek

No. 1136594

I don't have to set my alarm for tomorrow. I hope everyone sleeps as well as I will

No. 1136785

File: 1650081343325.gif (37.74 KB, 112x112, 6DED685D-30FE-4000-A31C-335B85…)


No. 1136796

File: 1650083771777.jpeg (5.51 KB, 299x168, images.jpeg)

In Ronnie Kray's voice: You wanna laugh behind my back? I’m gonna make you laugh forever!

No. 1136802

your dog looks retarded and smells like acetone you flippin idiot DO NOT AGAIN

No. 1136811

every day i spent an hour and a half at work in the bathroom playing gacha games and i get paid for it

No. 1136869

kek has anyone caught on yet?

No. 1136874

fuck I got this stuck in my head

No. 1136892

I tend to get 'they told me not to go there…to that foresaken website… [in-ter-net site]' stuck in my head while browsing LC

No. 1136911

I strike up conversations with most people in work if they're passing and idk if it sometimes looks like attention seeking behaviour but I get paid by the hour and can make a shift last from 9 to 13 hours, yeah I'm going to establish friends at work and get paid to talk to them.

No. 1136915

I hate that the only way I can date women is through apps, I want to meet a potential partner organically.

No. 1136930

Kek my friend is at sakuracon and says it's swarmed with AGP hairline cross dressing troons

No. 1136959

File: 1650106312652.jpg (304.67 KB, 1000x667, question.jpg)

So are we going to talk about how none of you nonnies have taken the opportunity to become rich by making a cute cow/Elsie Vtuber model and making qt videos on da tubes dot com? Would that be too cringe? I'd silently support.

No. 1136962

dammit why didn’t you post this when I was still in my vtuber model making era?

No. 1136964

File: 1650106630765.jpeg (61.63 KB, 660x710, aahgng.jpeg)

I'm s ooo sorrjhmyh

No. 1136967

it’s okay ily

No. 1136978

I’d love that. Although from experience, I think people with cowish traits tend to gravitate towards such projects and end up letting greed and desire for clout tarnish the spirit. Altruistic contributors to anonymous non-profit creative projects seem to be a thing of bygone internet era…

No. 1136979

No. 1136985

File: 1650110162469.jpg (55.26 KB, 800x450, pokemon-masters-ex-meme.jpg)

Lures in pokemon go.. they last 90 mins now but hardly anything appears compared to before? Like I might be a loser playing a mobile game but time is money…stop wasting mine. Just throw em at me in 30.

No. 1136986

my brother takes photos of a coworker and emails it to his phone… all on the work tablet. like what the fuck. he deletes the photos off the gallery and recently deleted folder but i guess he forgot to delete the email in the sent folder. dont really want to say anything but im so fucken bothered by it because hes freaken married and thats so fucken creepy.

No. 1136991

>married brother creeping on other women
Ew. I feel bad for you but don't have any advice to give.

No. 1136992

cc to his fucking wife lul

No. 1136994

I once caught an (autist) male friend doing this with me, taking candid pics and saving them to a huge folder. When confronted he screamed that taking pics in a public space is perfectly legal. All he cared about was whether it was legal or not. I'm biased but.. out the creepy fucker.

No. 1136996

What the fuck?? I hope it keeps him up at night and he eventually literally dies of cringe. Men deserve the humiliation of getting outed.

No. 1137001

Does his wife (or husband ig) know?

No. 1137022

Honestly glad I only have one day off this easter so I don't have to see my family. I'm seeing a friend today then going grocery shopping and going to bed early. I could not be bothered feeling stuck for the weekend at my parents.

No. 1137028

File: 1650113405481.jpeg (63.93 KB, 278x400, 0A41EF13-04E8-4E79-A85B-530BDE…)

Drawing is my hobby from a young age. I'm not very good at it despite enjoying it for years and I don't mind. I just have fun! I wonder if I can try learning from a book like this even if it's "cringe" ? Idk, I've seen many jokes about this kind of book before but that only makes me more intrigued. I love shoujo manga art style so I want to draw pretty hot anime guys and cute girls
(ESL, sorry)

No. 1137032

A lot of shojo manga authors don't draw that well, get another book with better references.

No. 1137082

File: 1650118995991.jpeg (426.25 KB, 1242x1550, A08E66CC-7A77-475D-9E65-822232…)

We can be vampires and kill moids.

No. 1137083

How does that even happen

No. 1137091

it's blatant bullshit for dimwits, there's no "nerve system" that circulates blood other than the coronary one. Maybe hoe had a septic mouth, but that's about it

No. 1137094

it's just word salad for fb dumdums and probably to try and scare teenagers from giving each other hickeys.

No. 1137096

What age is the cut off point for walking around with hickeys?

No. 1137100

never, geriatrics have the best turkey necks for hickies. You can take in a whole mouthful.

No. 1137101

Eh it can still happen from time to time as an adult, but usually you’re not going that hard to leave such a dark and noticeable mark. I think the immaturity factor comes a lot more from being proud of them and making no attempt to cover it up. Seems very teenage to basically declare “ooh look everyone…I’m getting some!” It’s just kind of tacky and shows inexperience

No. 1137104

File: 1650120397491.jpg (30.78 KB, 1000x562, I like my moids two ways.jpg)

love me a vampire appreciating nonna

No. 1137106

I like getting them because my neck is sensitive but it depends on the environment if I’d cover them up or not. Going to a school or work? Cover it up. Anywhere else I don’t care. I tend to wear high necklines and turtle necks anyway and I have long hair.

No. 1137109

File: 1650121766165.jpg (89.77 KB, 507x648, Tumblr_l_86318647810294.jpg)

I'm wondering if we have enough trekkie nonas to create a Star Trek general on /m/.

No. 1137110

I will contribute but I know fuck all about the animated series. You want to talk Shatner era stuff I’m in.

No. 1137114

Did you listen to his album, nonny?

No. 1137119

File: 1650122334266.jpg (75.58 KB, 219x210, Tumblr_l_38328614704856.jpg)

using the shinigami eyes extension to find terfy blogs to follow

No. 1137120

I love going to my province's radfem association facebook page to see troon seethe at their posts. I am surprised this organisation is still allowed to exist. If I was rich, I'd give them big $$$ donations cause it's the only feminist org that actually cares about women and call out troons, surrogacy, misogynistic practice of islam and prostitution for what it is.

No. 1137121

File: 1650122651813.jpg (48.25 KB, 640x479, d55c11f6e064b816d2778e2a542d3b…)

I love ST but I haven't watched anything after Enterprise, though. I recently rewatched all of TOS and I am rewatching TNG, but the rest I don't remember so well since it's been a while lol

No. 1137235

File: 1650129112813.png (311.71 KB, 1008x621, Screenshot 2022-04-10 231503.p…)

I want to build a reaction img folder from only photos of my dear XQC.

No. 1137243

I used to shit three times a day. I don't know why, it was the beginning of the pandemic and I chalked it up to a change in routine(I was no longer working so my body compensated by pooping more)

No. 1137247

It was tried before and there wasn't enough of us. Thread was made and died out.

No. 1137257

File: 1650130818731.jpg (15.45 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pjy15gjpFD1ssakl1_400.j…)

Based, I do the same with characters/people I like. I can help you.

No. 1137266

File: 1650131719097.gif (3.6 MB, 428x320, xqc-kiss.gif)

Thank you Nonna! Saved into my smol folder. Mmmuah!

No. 1137270

File: 1650132180927.gif (2.76 MB, 499x378, xqc heartattack.gif)

I am positive you have this one but just in case
>has a fucking heart-attack from his cuteness

No. 1137272

File: 1650132210785.jpg (12 KB, 332x212, EU67pcxUUAE_l7G.jpg)

Nonnie make sure to save some of sad VR xqcs too, they're so cute

No. 1137276

“what is ‘COPIUM’ ?”
god i loved that episode

No. 1137291

I've been using election leaflets for roaches in my joints.

No. 1137299

Ily nonnie, putting them to real use

No. 1137303

Absolutely dumb observation on my part, I can't believe anyone takes these qanon channels seriously. They shill their own merchandise besides other crap they get affiliate codes/discount codes for and ebegging. This must be the boomer version of twitch streamers. It's funny in a sad way.

No. 1137322

File: 1650135571628.gif (899 KB, 112x112, Tumblr_l_67555596888968.gif)

I've been stocking them up lately too, he's so cute

No. 1137331

File: 1650135913985.gif (138.22 KB, 220x154, SLAM.gif)


Ilu nonas. I am glad you get it. I want him to slam me like his table.

No. 1137339

please take him away from adept i beg

No. 1137344

File: 1650136339161.gif (325.79 KB, 220x164, Overwatch enjoyer.gif)

Ye I wish. He is exactly my type. Insane weirdo with a heart of gold.

No. 1137353

im manifesting x leaving that michael jackson lookalike and falling for you instead nonnie

No. 1137363

File: 1650137161901.gif (1008.04 KB, 220x166, 1508340777956491264.gif)

Allow me to share a few.
I love him so much

No. 1137364

I'm sad and tempted to order a couple of plushies to distract me from the pain. Why can't I be normal for my age and just drink too much instead.

No. 1137368

File: 1650137393552.gif (11.06 MB, 350x270, 1508207352654270476.gif)

I want to kiss him

No. 1137369

File: 1650137541256.gif (139.07 KB, 220x164, Cummies.gif)

Pls do. Thank you for contributing to my folder.

Me too.

No. 1137373

Every customer get out, get out!! I'm trying to finish this masterpiece of me smooching my husbando!!! Reeeeeeee

No. 1137374

File: 1650137619191.gif (924.93 KB, 112x112, 1508207281254584328.gif)

Here's one more for now
Till we cross paths again

No. 1137379

File: 1650137842356.gif (5.31 MB, 480x270, 1502919261190193156.gif)

Ok one more because everyone needs a slow clap

No. 1137383

i wanna break xqc’s pelvis in two with my ass
i want HIM walking funny after

No. 1137388

File: 1650138090021.gif (284.53 KB, 220x164, HHAHAHAHAAH.gif)

aahahhaahahahahahah i love it.

No. 1137389

Nasty shit

No. 1137391

File: 1650138266944.jpg (101.16 KB, 750x752, 20220416_142739.jpg)

Why can't I have him

No. 1137394

File: 1650138368857.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, 1537392241704.jpg)

Get this nasty boy outta here

No. 1137395

File: 1650138406683.jpg (42.89 KB, 944x944, 20220416_141555.jpg)


No. 1137396


No. 1137400

File: 1650138581407.jpeg (49.94 KB, 480x482, 1649130223417.jpeg)

I saved a lot of those images of our cute boy xqc, can't wait for us to all see an influx of xqc reaction images across all boards

No. 1137401

Is one of you the nonnie that was thirsting in the Twitch thread?
It's sad- he was only single for one week earlier this year. I knew the breakup wouldn't last

No. 1137406

Idk maybe. I sperg about him now and then, here and there.

I don't have anything against Adept (don't know shit about her, for all I know she is alright) but I just realised she looks like Momo kun lmao. Eh X seems happy with her so good for him. Still… Wish it was meeee.

No. 1137410

File: 1650138959009.jpg (97.37 KB, 851x1135, Tumblr_l_72799763660613.jpg)

hm sweaty he's a woman???

No. 1137413

i’m neither of those nonas but that was me heh..

No. 1137414

I would and I would.

No. 1137419

It's for the best that he has a girlfriend to keep him in check. It is a shame that one of us isn't his girlfriend though. I've had dreams about hanging out with him, gaming, cuddling… no fair.

No. 1137420

File: 1650139276996.jpg (13.31 KB, 236x314, die.jpg)

Samefag, picrel.

No. 1137422

Oh fuck I’ve got a similar dress, I want to burn it now, fucking men

No. 1137424

File: 1650139395299.jpg (30.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it's not his fault, it was adept, she dressed him up for some stupid twitch thing. I wish xqc would stop talking to other twitch streamers, they are poisoning him!

No. 1137425

She was a bit milky at the beginning. I remember in the OW days there were leaked convos with Bamfxo (the girl he was seeing before), where Adept basically admitted she wanted to see if being with him would help her Twitch channel. But that was six years ago and it seems genuine now

No. 1137428

File: 1650139725172.jpg (8.43 KB, 328x280, angry mom.jpg)

Take off your sisters clothes and go clean your room george

No. 1137429

That picture of him looks like he was drugged and human trafficked, and only one of those things is correct.

No. 1137436

Sorry for hijacking your XQC bonding session, Nonitas. But on the subject of Twitch, how the fuck can I cute-ify myself like Emiru did? She completely changed personas!!

No. 1137439

I'm a bit shook that it's theoretically possible for me to bond with a woman and go on long adventures with her and experience the world. Why has all the travelling I've done only been with bfs or a group of girlfriends i'm not close with and it's more of a cost cutting thing?

Where's my female BFF? Where is she?? I want to fuck off to Peru for a month with this theoretical woman.

I'm not sure if i'm even expressing it right, I want a deep life changing experience with a woman who understands me like I understand her, and we'd make each other better. More positive, more open and more kind. No stress, no random moods or pettiness like I've had with sunburnt exes. Just going through the highs and lows together. Where would I even find her?

No. 1137440

File: 1650140526756.jpg (4.25 KB, 284x177, images (1).jpg)

stop posting this retarded ass moid or I'm gonna beat him to death

No. 1137441

>Buy pink plastic shit
>dress yourself in pink hooker shit
>imitate the shittiest anime voice actresses
>pretend you give a fuck about men

No. 1137442

File: 1650140792358.gif (959.52 KB, 410x308, Heart jk FUCK YOU.gif)

This is why I joined the discord but idk how to integrate there, as ppl seem to know each other already lol.

Joke's on you, I think that's hot.

No. 1137465

File: 1650142354761.gif (10.54 MB, 606x270, 1513771298379423750.gif)

Sorry but I feel like he would be the one breaking you're pelvis. Imagine the ENERGY he would bring while having sex

No. 1137479

You still alive?

No. 1137491

Hnnnng please beat xqc I want to hear him whimper

No. 1137504

Tfw you're horny but relationships drain you emotionally so you're not interested in one but you're not interested in casual stuff either. I like my toys but I just want to make out from time to time. Bleh.

No. 1137512

You just made me realise I've got exactly this. I wanted a purely casual sex relationship, but now we go walks and hold hands, don't see other people, cook together, support each other when needed, sit and hug and make out without escalation. All the benefits of a bf with the knowledge we'll end things before the year is out and no more emotional commitment than a pleasant friend. I honestly want this and change to a new partner each year. I think this is what my romantic life should be.

I believe you can find this nona, I really do.

No. 1137513

Only TNG and some of DS9 are worth it. Based nonnie

No. 1137516

Good for you, nonna! I sure hope so. I've been sorta there once, but then the guy wanted something more serious and ever since then men always either wanted a ONS or a relationship waaay too soon.

No. 1137523

I feel like there are some songs and albums that can only be listened to in the middle of the night while sitting in complete darkness.

No. 1137529

Just sitting ease dropping on my brother and his chaser friend, trying to convince him that fucking Nikita Dragun is straight and my brother is just like, "Lol you gay, thats a man"
What's with Chasers always trying to convince people they are straight? It's like they want to get actual straight men to admit they like troons, or try to recruit them into their creepy gay cult or something. I seen interactions online where chasers are like, "No dude you don't get it, seriously, look at this transwoman? Isn't she hot? She looks like a woman, nothing gay about having sex with her"
Transwomen and trans chasing men always need validation and always trying to get new members.

No. 1137532

did lc just go down for anyone else?

I had written a wall of text on /m/, I tried to post and got an error, and it deleted all my text. I don't know if I feel like rewriting it.

anyway I'm glad we can post now, I was afraid it was going to be another february situation.

No. 1137536

Yes and it was frightening. So glad to be back with you, nonnie.

No. 1137541

Every time someone runs a hyperspecific blog that's super helpful, detailed, chill, drama free it always turns out it's a non specified older married woman. I'm always shocked, but also happy that their interests don't get thrown in the bin (or that they still feel free to thirst over celebrities, god bless.)

No. 1137544

File: 1650151295802.jpg (6.27 KB, 213x236, scream-cat.jpg)

That was so scary nonnies, never leave me

No. 1137555

File: 1650152141134.gif (1005.7 KB, 362x270, 1464222127515594753.gif)

Welcome back nonnies

No. 1137560

i love when im in the car posting and i get random peoples ban messages from a year+ ago, not even being snarky i thinks its so funny. when i moved into my new house i got one too.

No. 1137565

File: 1650152898993.jpg (28.79 KB, 450x358, a4119545d78aba16655d0f3f2a334a…)

Tired of seeing this ugly faggot

No. 1137572

File: 1650153032753.png (162.05 KB, 434x360, noears.png)

Frog is zoomer containment

No. 1137575

File: 1650153062869.png (129.35 KB, 357x253, nons.png)

I thought we were going to get another bunker week.

No. 1137576

File: 1650153130546.jpg (72.9 KB, 1280x720, download (30).jpg)

Cringe. he is cute, his name is Felix

No. 1137584

>Gets email from academia.edu
>are you the person cited in
some fucking language i don't know
>yes or no
S-Should I???

No. 1137586

File: 1650154275401.jpeg (98.17 KB, 960x762, 33286472-9724-460C-B32C-680729…)

can anyone save me from myself or do i have to be the one to do it

No. 1137603

I need someone else to listen to this song and tell me if you hear the lyric “poop my pants”, I know that’s probably not it but I need someone else to hear it, I need to know I’m not going insane

No. 1137609

File: 1650156436565.jpg (90 KB, 1080x1323, 20220416_171941.jpg)

Rude he is handsome!!

Anyone ill be done for now, hoping you got a few new ones to save to your reaction folder, fellow X-anon!

No. 1137612

on the main page i thought this was kevvyboy from loris thread

No. 1137619

I hear toot my pants, nona

No. 1137622

thank you queen

No. 1137643

The actual lyrics are almost impossible to make out, so it could sound like anything imo
it's "hitman scope, my man"

No. 1137730

My cat was neutered last month and I think my other cat is pregnant about 1 month??? Like, I'm sure I saw her with the motherfucker so he definitely impregnated her. We fucked up big time, I didn't even know this was possible. Had other males going all fun and games with the females in heat after they were neutered but this is the first time something like this happens. Damn. She looks like a fucking barrel.

No. 1137733

Male are still fertile some time after castration (I'm surprised the vet didn't tell you). Hope the litter is not too big and you can find them a good home easily if she really is pregnant.

No. 1137815

File: 1650173895450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.75 KB, 1024x786, 1649043326690.jpg)

I usually hate these types of memes but I find this one amusing

Spoiler because ugly ass wojack

No. 1137821

Nonas will be posting in the relationship advice thread going "so there's this guy on discord" and proceed to describe the most sociopathic male possible, that or the anon is the one that's a freak. Any time you see the word "discord" in a personal post, it's like a dogwhistle for mentally disturbed.

No. 1137823

Is wojackchan single

No. 1137831

Checking up on a cow who doesn't have a thread on here but has one on kf. They're fighting about how some posts are about side characters and therefore aren't on topic enough.. I go back a page to get away from the bickering. Some guy is reeeing about feeemales all having self diagnosed bpd to excuse our bad behaviour. Then he edits in a whinge about how dumb feeemales are down rating his post. Someone agrees that bpd is the new pms? a get out if jail card for womens..

Two pages in and I'm still waiting to read about what the cow has been up to.

No. 1137832

Kiwicels aren't worth your time. Some have been doxxed and they're all fat and ugly and no one fucks them so they're mad.

No. 1137842

File: 1650178053808.jpg (94.06 KB, 750x721, IMG-20201106-WA0024.jpg)

Yes, pretty long too, my longest so far has been 4cm long. I think is because of my moroccan oil shampoo.

No. 1137844


No. 1137858

You gotta at least buy me a coffee before I tell you that

No. 1137859

I DO and I only just noticed it more since turning 30, I hate this

No. 1137872

Love these kids on pinterest always asking "app?" in the comments

No. 1137888

who would like to slow dance with me to this song?

No. 1137913

I basically have a little satyr tail kek. Like, on the top part of the asscrack. I never know if i should leave it or shave it off in case it could give me a pilonidal cyst or something

No. 1137932

I started drawing as a young kid but eventually got discouraged as a teen by lack of guidance and self-esteem and quit. I really wonder what I would've been like now if I had proper guidance and better self-esteem and hadn't quit drawinf as a consequence.

No. 1137937

Without yeast, we wouldn't have bread, coffee, chocolate, marmite, beer, wine, or many of the other best things in life. I love fermentation, and I love yeast.

No. 1137940

Marmite is one of the best things in life?

No. 1137942

Yes. Marmite on buttered toast is one of the most perfect foods on Earth. I love the delicious taste of vitamin B12.

No. 1137943

File: 1650188604549.png (564.05 KB, 480x960, yumejofujosolidarity.png)

Who else refreshing 5 different imageboards every two minutes while procrastinating on her laundry at 4 AM?

No. 1137944

File: 1650188849902.png (253.6 KB, 547x492, moehobo.png)

I've been camping out on lc for like 4 days now and I don't know how to stop

No. 1137947

is this Shane?

No. 1137948

Yes nonnie

No. 1137951

hehe cute

No. 1137966

File: 1650191403993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.27 KB, 296x354, whatthefuck.JPG)

Hey friends, I was browsing hot yaois on the hot yaoi website today and came across this gem. Should I read it?

No. 1137972

Just found this. Eating an avocado a day is linked to skin elasticity/firmness in women.
Avocado stacies stay winning

No. 1137974

File: 1650191979284.jpg (282.47 KB, 1024x1024, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)


No. 1137978

I'm neither a furry or a fujo, but tbh that ship is cute. Daffy is totally tsundere for Bugs

No. 1137979

File: 1650192394070.png (1.08 MB, 1100x739, bugs bunny valkyrie.png)

Ehm, how do you do fellow women?

No. 1137985

What website nona? Asking for a friend

No. 1137992

NTA but it’s myreadingmanga, I saw that doujin too kek

No. 1138005

File: 1650194166626.gif (1.19 MB, 220x220, 1610327994257.gif)

Everyday I'm glad I'm an ex-muslim.

No. 1138010

This looney tunes episode is the peak of western animation, comedy, and dare I say civilization

No. 1138014

wish I could make peoples heads explode

No. 1138017

File: 1650196133138.jpg (73.96 KB, 1379x690, crush.jpg)

No. 1138029

File: 1650197511512.gif (1.25 MB, 356x200, 200-1.gif)

Cheers to us

No. 1138032

File: 1650197670925.gif (1.64 MB, 363x360, tumblr_5b6277e6669034247ad614b…)

fuck it.

No. 1138035

I’m happy for you too!

No. 1138037

Are these robots

No. 1138047

File: 1650199766501.jpg (56.2 KB, 627x319, trust.jpg)

Cheers. I hope you're not forced to fast for ramadan this shitty month.

Thanks, I love you anon!

No. 1138048

File: 1650200129762.jpeg (55.84 KB, 400x398, 722C1375-6E24-4D3B-A85C-6D7AEA…)


No. 1138055

it's only palm sunday stop being catholic

No. 1138061

File: 1650201603347.png (1.16 MB, 1169x1012, happy easter.png)

happy easter nonnie

No. 1138062

File: 1650202086994.gif (501.43 KB, 500x363, 16542209875.gif)

>not having 50 lc tabs open 24/7 until the computer crashes
step it up

No. 1138063

I love Easter. I think it is cute. The uk has the best chocolate.

No. 1138074

>50 lc tabs
Nah. I have 1500+ tabs on Firefox though. But of course they're not all loaded.
Yes, I do I need help.

No. 1138078

No. 1138083

File: 1650206203608.jpg (33.42 KB, 600x808, 111310_alien_abduction_lamp_1.…)

sometimes i wish i was from the us cause of all the dumbass sshit you guys can buy

No. 1138084

Like what? Most online places ship to us but other than that I don't see what's so special here.

No. 1138112

what if GabeN went TERF and renamed the company Vulva Software

No. 1138134

my daddys got a gun my daddys got a gun my daddys got a gun you better run my dadys got a gun my daddys got a gun my daddys got a

No. 1138142

File: 1650212391142.gif (1.58 MB, 498x490, download (27).gif)

I hate holidays I don't like celebrating anything I don't like the pressure of having to find who to celebrate with, I don't like the pressure of having to act happy and talk to people when really I rather be alone for the rest of my life. Holidays are too loud and I don't find excitement in them anymore. I wouldn't even know it's Easter today if I had the pleasure of living by myself.

No. 1138145

No. 1138147

File: 1650213973907.png (614.21 KB, 996x541, hold up.PNG)

Why nobody aint tell me about this?

No. 1138148

File: 1650214063907.png (56.28 KB, 202x234, wait....PNG)

No. 1138149

I want to sign up on a dating app to meet women but I'm feeling kind of stupid about it. Like, I'd cringe at myself. I'm also not sure if I even want to date or not. I've never been in a relationship before, despite being in my early 20s, so I've no idea what to expect.

No. 1138153

This isn't real is it?

No. 1138158

apperently he showed it by mistake? He got a BBL or something?

No. 1138160

No. 1138161

His butthole gaping and leaking from all that gay sex

No. 1138176

He just said a few years ago that his anal virginity was intact and he'd only given bjs and stuff. It's probably the bbl fucking his ass up.

No. 1138182

I don't believe that, James is getting a BBL to appeal to chasers aka "Straight" men that he has a fetish for. I would'nt be surpised if he's gearing up for his Non-Binary and then MTF final form.
Janice Charles coming to female toliets near you.

No. 1138183

Yeah right no way was James Charles not getting his asshole blown out by men left and right. If he was honest though a lot can change in a few years when it comes to gay men and their insatiable butt appetite. James may have been playing the bussy roulette. Got an addiction to being buggered so bad his asshole fell out.

No. 1138186

I always found his claims about his virginity and his sexless sleepovers to be a bit sus

No. 1138190

Maybe James is just a top and he doesn't want to let people know that, so he talks about his booty hold virginity.

No. 1138195

What if the diapers were for his multitudes of gay bottoms whose assholes he has irrevocably destroyed. James Charles is a fucking menace.

No. 1138198

hmm you may be on to something…

No. 1138199

Maybe he's into abdl..

No. 1138208

He does seem like the type of moid who wants to act like a big dumb baby all the time.

No. 1138210

I believe he's lost it since then, in late 2020/ early 2021 he was on a lot of minecraft youtubers' streams (god i hate that i know this) and could not stop referencing anal sex, it very much gave "i just had sex and want everyone to know" vibes

No. 1138223

Serious question, where would James even get fat for his BBL? He's very skinny, or did he get some weird shit injected? Didn't a few trans youtubers get illegal ass shots?

No. 1138224

Probably ass shots or implants

No. 1138241

What is it with women that study sexology that turns them into pornsick handmaiden?

No. 1138248

Because sexology isn't real

No. 1138250

skip to 1:37

No. 1138265

Are those diapers?

No. 1138274

Yes I think because he got a BBL.

No. 1138275

Why though would a BBL lead to needing diapers? Does lifting your butt make your asshole gape or something?

No. 1138281

File: 1650223016538.jpeg (352.11 KB, 696x464, 6B5764FF-4169-4B79-8512-A6F540…)

Seeing all the creative ways men style their hair to hide their big foreheads/receding hairlines always gives me a hearty kek

No. 1138305

This reminded me. Paul Dano is definitely receding and may even be experiencing the beginning of male pattern alopecia. Get ready for the Bald Dano reveal in a couple years, Danofags.

No. 1138314

After care of a bbl is you can't sit on your ass, there's stories of one of the women tyga got a bbl for shitting standing in the shower during her recovery period

No. 1138323

To add to this, the recovery period is typically like a month long

No. 1138333

File: 1650227270357.jpeg (456.43 KB, 1169x1799, E6B7AD39-E7F4-4539-9DB1-364191…)


No. 1138334

File: 1650227402501.jpg (191.43 KB, 780x870, bikini bottom mobster au.jpg)

so anons what's their story?

No. 1138339

where my fanfic nonnies at? your time has come

No. 1138342

we could have lived in a world where pop-music is like this, instead of the subhuman shit we have today
It pains me so much, so much that you can't even understand, I'm not even a burgerfag but its almost like I have to perform burgerland black culture all the freaking time, I have to be a gay fashion icon or a hoe so my own community can ever accept me. SJWs go on and on about “respectability politics”, but the truth is that non-black people absolutely love it when black people are disgusting and trashy. It feeds their superiority complex. they want us to be the designated clown race,
Look at reality TV, TikTok and the popularity of disgusting "humans" like Peaches. Look at ghetto burger culture in general with the rampant misogyny and violence. If the horrendous freakshows we see in the media are allowed to exist in the public eye with gross white kids and businessmen promoting them everywhere

No. 1138349

fellow avpdfag here, hi

No. 1138353

Fujos who coom to shota yaoi doujins are just as bad as lolicon

No. 1138358

Hello fellow sad sack, how do you feel about your prognosis because I am not feeling good about it. This shit is going to be with me forever

No. 1138359

Y'know I've been diagnosed with avpd for yeears and I've never really read up on it. I had agoraphobia and then they added on the avpd diagnosis without telling me. I found it in my medical files when I needed to present them for something.

I'm sitting here with no friends, no hobbies, I cut off my existing family members (pretty much my dad) because I have convinced myself he doesn't love me. Every now and then I'll somehow stumble into a relatiosnhip with a scrote but that's it. Ghosttown here, maladaptive daydreaming is a hell of a drug though.

No. 1138363

I just want to tell you I appreciate your art nonna. WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED

No. 1138366

Not a fan of mafia au's or the genderbent Squidward (I like Spongeward and this just ruins it), though with this the potential of Patbob seems good, as well as Krabs x Puff (Kruff) I also like Plankter White over there.

No. 1138371

So, my idea of their story is that Mr.Krabs wanted some money desperately, why? This time it wasn’t just because of his never ending greed, it was because pearly had lots of issues at school, she started becoming more and more rebellious because her dad was a huge cheapskate, so instead of sharing his fortune, he just started getting more money.
Someone knew of his desperate need for money, and sent him a letter with all that he needed to do in order to become rich, it was all made in a very unassuming manner, with doodles made with crayons on a piece of dirty napkin of the krusty krab.
He didn’t know the amazing creator of this master plan, but he knew he needed to do this or Pearly would do something reckless.
And this is how he became the biggest mobster of the seven seas, with the help of SpongeBob and Squidward, who found himself becoming SpongeBob’s sweetheart, Squidwardie, in order to hide his identity as the best poker player in the seven seas, now he struggles to fight against what his heart desires, for he doesn’t know if he’s actually in love with SpongeBob or if he’s just really good at acting, even while they make love, he wonders and ponders as they orgasm in unison, both minds joining as their bodies do, all they care about is the love that fills both of them, surrounded by all the cash money and weapons that they collect.
Plankton and Ms.Puffs are both gangsters, they have their own separate gangs, being Ms.Puffs’ the gang she formed while in jail and Plankton’s just himself because his wife Karen left him, taking his money because she was sick of his homoerotic relationship with Mr.Krabs.
And I bet you’re still wondering about who was the creator of this whole new world, better than whatever Ariel wanted to explore, well, that was Patrick, the mastermind who is capable of destroying any corporation that tries to go against him, the actual only royal of the star family, he always knew what to do, he waited for the right time, he knew how to cheer up SpongeBob when Sandy ran away to the surface after the sea got too dangerous, how to convince Squidward in changing his identity, and how to keep Gary busy with new books so he couldn’t advice SpongeBob into dropping the gangster life, now making Gary find himself in a huge depression because he failed his best friend.

No. 1138374

Why does the underwater pet cat have to get depressed? I don't like that.

No. 1138378

let me be your stupid american shit dealer nonna. ill send you all the insta add products and infomercial gadgets money can buy

No. 1138424

>hmm wonder what the nonnies on /g/ are talking about today
>clicks on /g/
>they're talking about gay men shitting in condoms and freezing the condom shit and using it as a dildo over and over again
>goes back to /ot/

No. 1138429

File: 1650232537043.jpg (67.03 KB, 474x474, f4f7b2195203e711cb039caaff4c97…)

Calm down nonnie as a black girl who's been alt all my life I never really had a problem with black people of my generation. It's the older ones who called me an Oreo when I was younger and side eye me now, but beyond that no one really cares if your personality is cool or down to earth. You end up attracting more like minded people.

Pic unrelated I just think tigers are cool, I wish the menalinated tiger was in here but it's super rare

No. 1138454

File: 1650234224851.jpeg (191.13 KB, 2048x1867, 62D54C0B-8EA5-4829-A3EE-B0EF72…)

>Joins the PULL discord out of curiosity
>Looks at the Chris Chan channel
>”remember Christine uses she/her pronouns!!!!uwu”
Yep I’m out of here

No. 1138458

Internet horror stories be like:
>was doing something normal
>home alone
>knock on the window/sliding door
>spooky thing/person
>call someone/911
>maybe it was a hallucination
>sleep paralysis

No. 1138460

Lmao cringe.

No. 1138461

File: 1650234382007.gif (13.33 KB, 56x56, Weeeeee.gif)

And it gets me every time. Let me have my crappy formulaic reddit horror stories dammit!

No. 1138462

Was PULL always like that?

No. 1138463

Why the fuck did you spread that here. Day ruined.
Wow that still up and running? Less can be said about this darn site lol

No. 1138466

File: 1650234557399.jpg (126.29 KB, 750x750, 1581978023893.jpg)

oh I enjoy them too nonny, I enjoy them too.

No. 1138467

File: 1650234603722.jpg (78.04 KB, 850x400, 1642956644065.jpg)

Its the opposite in my case, my dispora community has nothing to do with black burger "culture" and yet 90% of young people try to act "hood" or something, its utterly pathetic cause the men of my community have been fucked over and beaten by every race of men on the planet and instead of improvising themselves, they try to emulate another group of conquered men

No. 1138471

No. 1138480

>watches some elden ring build guides
>yt now recommends me 100 video essays of men sperging about video games
Bitch I don’t give a fuuuck

No. 1138482

File: 1650236557308.jpg (151.83 KB, 333x500, 1597488372113.jpg)

I'm collecting 366 dresses but it's okay because most of them are pre-owned

No. 1138484

What type of dresses?

No. 1138486

File: 1650237343654.jpg (34.73 KB, 749x727, Tumblr_l_47426888645552.jpg)

had too much for dinner and I'm so bloated

No. 1138488

Nice what should i eat for dinner

No. 1138492

I had pan fried tofu with terayaki sauce

No. 1138494

Hmm that's complicated do you have a simpler meal to suggest

No. 1138495

File: 1650237695875.jpg (74.29 KB, 500x707, d20bdcc2e4a113b2e44a1d46362030…)

lolita, 80s-cocktail, and 50s (as far as I know) normal dresses that I stole from my grandma with her permission
I say "stole" because I'm not gonna give them back, but she's cool with it

No. 1138496

Nta, but damn anon you can't really think fried tofu is hard

No. 1138500

but what if there's no tofu on hand?
nta, also hungry

No. 1138503

What do you have anon? Seasoned rice (like rice pilaf or something) and a fried/boiled egg is my go to when I'm hungry and need something quick (and oatmeal).

No. 1138507

oh man, fried egg on rice actually sounds really good, ty

No. 1138510

File: 1650238562745.jpeg (29.57 KB, 600x400, A9D3DC4C-BA8F-4B91-927E-4E03B7…)

Just grab some smoked fish you got laying around and make yourself a delicious smoked fish sandwich with onion, tomato, a bit of olive oil, a pinch of pepper and boiled eggs.

No. 1138526

thank you american shit dealer nonna, i am forever in your debt. do you accept kisses as payment for your services? oh and i don't want the lame shit from instagram, we get some of that stuff too. no, i want the good shit, from the amazon can that be arranged? thanks.

No. 1138529

Not black not american, but I can somehow relate. My community likes to emulate African American pop culture for some reason because it's relatable in general compared to the godawful representation we get in our own pop culture but that's another topic and have similar negative stereotypes assigned to us, I've been treated like a weirdo for not being a good, innocent muslima and for not being a trashy rap obsessed ghetto bitch. My sisters think I'm trying to be white for liking rock music and manga kek. You know what your post reminded me of suddenly? It reminded me of how Beyonce was praised for her Lemonade album and its amazing lyricism but apparently it's a bunch of different white guys who wrote the lyrics for most songs.

No. 1138533

why did i get into hockey!!! fuck moid sports

No. 1138534

File: 1650240376583.gif (59.98 KB, 753x184, 155.gif)

i have so many song ideas but no instruments and nowhere to place instruments anyway, what do. i don't want to forget my songs

No. 1138540

digital music? there are many websites like that one, i remember one for drums too… oh i should post this to favorite websites on /m/ too… not now though, maybe you can do it, or i will tomorrow okay good night

No. 1138543

What about a music making program? Im sure an anon could help you get a download if you cant find one yourself

No. 1138544

How is it possible that cars and busses take the same amount of width on the streets but in cars you have three seats with no space to spare while a bus is two seats, an aisle and another two seats no problem

No. 1138548

File: 1650241776338.png (154.88 KB, 390x390, 1543542875882.png)

I recovered from covid but now coffee tastes like shit to me

No. 1138549

same difference

No. 1138550

I'm a majorly recovered avpd, might blogpost about it sometime, problem is it's never fully cured and "relapsing" will collapse all the progress you built

No. 1138551

Good. It's horrible anyways.

No. 1138553

That sucks anon. I'm sure your taste will go back to normal eventually though, something about taste bud regeneration.

No. 1138562

reeee I've been drinking two cups a day for a decade anons

No. 1138585

wonder how napoleon-anon is doing

No. 1138623

ntayrts but I would like any one of you to blogpost about avpd because I want to understand what it's really like so I know if I might have it or I'm overstating my situation. how intense it and what are you capable or not capable of, daily life, work

No. 1138624

they're not the same width. picture a bus pulling into a parking spot at the grocery store.

No. 1138628

Why am I only attracted to skinny men with long faces and either long hair or shaved heads? They're always the worst irl.

No. 1138636

File: 1650249547374.jpg (23.91 KB, 828x335, a4d8fdfa-129c-4748-b9d6-f18ae3…)

Because you are the bearer of the curse.

No. 1138640

there was more than one

No. 1138673

No flipping flopping way

No. 1138699

File: 1650258062530.jpg (8.29 KB, 228x286, 31vvrPjQM8L._AC_.jpg)

Aileen, Aileen, Aileen, Aileeeen
I'm begging of you please DO take my man ♫

No. 1138701

No. 1138796

I dreamed I had been at a convention and somehow lost my bag as I was crossing the street and didn't realize it until I was home, and needed to rush out and find it and in this dream I didn't only live in the same building as Jill/Pixielocks but we had apparently been friends for years even though I was thoroughly done with her bullshit at that point but she came with me to look for my bag. As we were looking for it Jill kept making it related to her "DID" in different, illogical ways and I finally snapped and told her to shut the fuck up about her fake illness and that no one cares about her narcissistic takes which shut her up. Then we ran into a guy that used to be a part of a friend group I was in during my late teens/early adulthood and irl absolutely hated me but in the dream he was fine with me and we talked crap about one of the girls in the old group that recently turned into a psychotic troon. In the end we found my bag and Jill again chimed in on how this quest had traumatized her and all her alters before she finally fucked off. And somewhere in the dream someone told me they didn't like how I did my eyebrows and violently rubbed them off with their elbows.

No. 1138807

File: 1650269577393.png (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1300x667, 027beta.png)

This one type of online tranny never fails to confuse the shit out of me, pic related. They don't have any problems with saying retard, being a pedo, the whole nine yards. Sometimes I even see them idolize serial killers, school shooters and other edgy shit. But then they have the gall to put "swerfs, terfs DNI".
What will a terf do to you? You already pose enough danger to society, how could a terf bother you at this point kek

No. 1138827

> normal dresses that I stole from my grandma with her permission
This just made me smile, nona. Thank you for answering and enjoy your dresses!

No. 1138828

>blatant kinkshit
>kink blogs dni

No. 1138840

366 dresses as in 366 individual pieces?

No. 1138892

Posts like these >>>/ot/1138882 make me wonder if I'm straight because I find none of these bodies "aesthetic and pleasing to look at" despite being fit. Maybe if they didn't have that gross chest hair and ribs showing I would like them. Fuck chest hair grosses me out of much.

No. 1138918

File: 1650283875206.jpg (454.52 KB, 1181x1192, yCXteP0.jpg)

I enjoy watching the pendulum swinging back on tumblr and it’s amusing to see it correlating with the popularity of the TQ+ movement. An opinion like picrel would have been torn to shreds in 2016 on tumblr despite it being a common idea held by reddit bros and the anti-sjw crowd.

No. 1138926

ATTENTION! CALLING ALL MAGIC AND MAGIC ADJACENT ANONS!!! I want to get railed by my coworker! I haven't had sex in 3 years,please I think I'm gonna die



No. 1138927

That's all I've ever wanted to hear, thank you Nona ♡

yup, all OPs and JSKs

No. 1138939

I'll eat a candy bar. Let me know if that helps!

No. 1138955

Thank you nona every little bit helps

No. 1139099

I know young children having phones isn't anything unusual at all nowadays, but spending time around eight year olds for the first time in probably a decade and seeing them pulling out their phones to share memes and tiktoks was still jarring to see.

No. 1139104

File: 1650295932498.jpeg (38.25 KB, 464x270, 1573864809670.jpeg)

I'm pulling all my karmic energy for you right now anon. May you get railed in the near future.

No. 1139132

Please let this nona get laid and let it be amazing and without consequences, amen.

No. 1139168

I have an interview in an hour and I have to leave in 10 min but I'm having the stress poop and I'm afraid that if I go to the bathroom I'm gonna be late.

No. 1139184

Can someone wish this for me but with a different guy, not my coworker? I've not had sex for 2.5

No. 1139196

I'm coming up on 4 years and I'm crushing on everyone lately.. add me into the 'getting laid' spell please. There's like 3 potential guys I wouldn't mind it being. Surprise me kek

No. 1139204

The only person who has ever told me they were romantically interested in me is a coomer moid with yellow fever who enjoys loli and other borderline pedo shit. That makes me deeply ashamed. I'm only desirable to that kind of person and my self-esteem is inexistent because of that. I hate myself.

No. 1139214

In times like these I like to reflect on how I haven't once shit or pissed the bed in my sleep and that's multiple hours.

No. 1139232

My experience was similar until mid twenties when I lost my baby fat in my face. I was very thin and flat back then so I guess it was easy for pedos to project their fantasies onto my body. But then around 24 all the pedos left me alone and I was able to date normal people, maybe because I looked more adult to everyone? Wishing the same for you nona.

No. 1139245

It kinda sucks that a man can look at a woman and judging by her figure he already knows what he needs to know before going to bed with her. But when looking at men you don't know if he has a one inch pencil dick til you're already getting down to it

No. 1139246

I might return to twitter for humanity's sake and hopefully influence people to stop being obnoxious and pretentious

No. 1139250

but what if it's only because you wake up every 1 hour mark to pee

No. 1139254

Thank you anon, that's very sweet, but somehow I forgot to say that he was interested but he never actually saw me. It was an online thing. The only person falling for me was a borderline pedo guy who had never even seen me and that's evwn more pathetic. People irl aren't sweet to me because I'm very, very ugly.

No. 1139255

Because i don't do u

No. 1139267

I'm at the point of my blunt and on my period that I start considering making a flirty fb status and seeing who slides into my dms but what to post?! "who wants to fuck?" ???????

No. 1139268

it's not worth it you will be corrupted yourself

No. 1139275

I'll think about it, it does make me angry

No. 1139279

File: 1650305869425.jpg (21.75 KB, 480x480, 1567576126578.jpg)

All I want is a tall man with a deep voice and raw sexual energy that is intelligent enough to have a decent career and nerdy enough to be easy for me to hang out with, is that too much to ask for?
Most of the men I go out a date with only manage two of these demands, and if they manage to fill at least 3 I don't feel the spark I'm looking for.

No. 1139281

It is too much to ask for nowadays. Men are porn addicts and troon out.

No. 1139284

It always feels so unreal swiping through tinder and see how many men there look like they're one euphoric moment away from trooning out. And if they're not they're either single dads or non-monogamous in some shape or form. Worst part is that I have explicitly written in my profile that I don't like children and that I only date monogamously, and those kind of men are the ones I get the most likes from. Fucking egoists that think their dicks are gonna be the magic exception or something, I wish them the worst.

No. 1139291

not the OP who started the whole discussion but yes i do

No. 1139294

I'm wishing Nona. May he sex you respectfully.

No. 1139308

I was having pelvic pain the last few days, like day after day, I'm at a point in my cycle where it didn't line up with either ovulation or my period. Then I played with a dildo lastnight and was worried it'd make it worse…but got into it and went kinda nuts with it in the end. I'm fine since. I swear that's what got it to stop. Was I just painfully sexually frustrated? God I feel dumb even typing this.

In summary, ovarian blue balls.

No. 1139314

its honestly a miracle that tumblr is still alive

No. 1139316

blue walls

No. 1139340

File: 1650310730269.gif (35.15 KB, 200x200, 1632690196240.gif)

Your vagina was looking out for you. She wanted you to relax and gave you a way to get it risk-free. Have you thanked your vagina today?

No. 1139362

dont try to befriend known cows its not worth it nonnies run while you can

No. 1139364

I never though I would say it but tumblr is one of the only bearable social media sites these days. There’s no obligation to share your face or anything about yourself and your feed of content is 100% curated by you and is actually in chronological order. Like, sure they give you the option to see suggested posts and whatever but it’s just that: an option.

No. 1139365

Spill the beans nonnie. Who did you try to befriend and why was it a bad idea?

No. 1139372

not saying who because the bitch is insane and probably lurks every thread for mentions of her but, she messaged me first complimenting my art and i was like whatever yeah, ill entertain her sure.
nonstop messages, trying to plan trips with me, spamming when i dont reply etc etc
stressing me the fuck out KEK had only intended to talk to her on my work break and feel bad blocking her

No. 1139378

but nona i can fix her…

No. 1139383

I feel like I know who you're talking about, I'm sorry you had to go through that anon.

No. 1139409

I just love my fellow husbandofags so much

No. 1139424

Fuck I'm not sure and now I will never stop being curious. Any hint?

No. 1139437

i tried manifesting the correct way and all it did was delay my package i ordered even further fuck this shit i hyped myself up for nothing

No. 1139456

File: 1650320695034.jpg (139.62 KB, 638x640, good.jpg)

Posting in dumbass shit because it's not really a vent as I'm not that upset
Finally ended things off with my former best friend, she became an NLOG otaku-larper and started to bail on me for discord incels KEK
Funny wasting all her time and resources on buying coomer lolicon merch from games she's never played to impress random incels
Remember to keep your steam private and myanimelist locked so they don't see your insanely low play/watch-time and call you a fake roastie whore
pic not related lmfao it looks like I'm bitching the cat out

No. 1139458

She sounds like she would make a great post in the personal cows thread. I'm glad you cut her off, she seems really mentally exhausting.

No. 1139462

The fact that I can't see the back of my head makes me want to sob. I hate it. I want to rip my throat out.

No. 1139471

I live walking distance to the gym so I don't really see a point in driving there. I was walking back (my hair was wet, and I have long hair). as I was walking along my street some school bus was driving past me and some teenage boys started yelling out the window calling me ratchet and saying I looked like a greasy ass motherfucker. weird because I just showered, I guess my wet hair looked greasy to them or something.

honestly I'm just annoyed that they were being cowardly little faggots and yelling from the safety of their schoolbus. you know they'd never have the balls to say it to my face.

No. 1139474

You can’t see the front of your head either.

No. 1139481

I keep randomly thinking about that highly filtered lurch pic. It's still funny.

No. 1139485

She's right. You can never see the front or back of your head. You can only see a reflection of your head. No matter how long you live the true sight of your head will always elude you. You have only flawed visual aids such as mirrors, glass, water and cameras from which you can see some semblance of what your head looks like, but it will never be accurate to life. This is an experience shared by all humans regardless of age, ancestry, sex, or social class.

No. 1139497

Yeah yeah yeah whatever. It's a lot easier to see the front of your head with a mirror. Trying to see the back of your head with a mirror is a little harder and requires more maneuvering. I just wanna do my hair with no struggles.

No. 1139502

In that case I have a solution for you. Use two or more mirrors.

No. 1139557

i'm mad and want to drink, but drinking soju alone on a monday does not sound fun

No. 1139612

I watched the 8 hour victorious video i'm a new person now.

No. 1139615

something enrages me about an 8 hour video of victorious existing. so much mental health awareness but not enough of taking the freedom from that fatfuck quentin so he can get off the internet

No. 1139638

I a-log Quinton reviews, he's lucky we live in different countries

No. 1139641

He seems like the typical fat soy autist leftist tuber but why does he evoke such ire?

No. 1139650

I can't stand his whiney bitch attitude, he's genuinely fucking bad at what he does, and he won't leave women and girls alone. Not only does he send pathetic unwanted messages to female content creators and beg for sympathy from his discord, but he has to insert himself into girls spaces by making videos about iCarly, Barbie and Victorious. He's a fucking fat, disgusting creep who thinks his fake obsession with Garfield is a personality trait. He's one of the most pathetic pieces of shit I've ever witnessed, how he always acknowledges how worthless and void of personality he is, thinking that pointing it out is haha so funny and going to make everyone suddenly like him because he can "laugh at himself" when it's clear from his little side tangents about his sad existence that he genuinely hates himself. Quinton Reviews has never had an original thought in his life, everything about him is what he thinks people want from him, because he's so desperate for validation or any form of human connection that he is wiling to talk about little girls tv programs for 8 hours straight. And even in all that time, he still somehow manages to say absolutely nothing of value.

No. 1139653

My standards for men are so low I'm just like "at least it's scat porn and not cp"

No. 1139666

taking a shit at work hits different

No. 1139671

File: 1650341245112.jpeg (156.95 KB, 1200x630, 1C46063F-5BA2-4E5B-BD8C-B57806…)

No. 1139674

File: 1650342151599.jpg (42.21 KB, 466x475, 714888oaAZL._SX466_.jpg)

I like BIlly Idol's "Adam in Chains" but why the FUCK does it have that 3 minute opening ramble with the voice changer? Makes it impossible to share the song with anyone.

tbf the guy also had horrible bleach blonde dreads back then, don't think he was in his best state of mind.

No. 1139678

Rip cute goth guys, the biggest victims in the online gender culture was. May your long black locks find peace away from this clown world we live in.

No. 1139679

thanks for informing me nonny this man is a piece of shit. sad i gave him my time now nor realize he specifically went for media targeted towards girls here, thought victorious and icarly were more popular with both girls and boys but barbie makes it clear.

No. 1139695

The Lego commercial for ramadan is weird. I'm in Canada, why am I getting this? Why no Easter commercial?

No. 1139717

Anonnie, anonnie nonnie nonnie. Hm hmmmm.

No. 1139719

File: 1650347361200.jpeg (168.2 KB, 1909x2048, 7443C247-5017-4ADC-AA75-22ABFB…)

Guyana would be a pretty name for a girl

No. 1139723

My pronouns are le/them

No. 1139740

File: 1650349193246.jpg (6.39 KB, 220x158, downloadfile-1.jpg)

FARMHAND (farmhand)
FARMHAND (farmhand)
FARMHAND (farmhand)
FARMHAND (farmhand)

Farmhand into your hands I commend my spirit
Farmhand, into your hands
Why have you forsaken me?
In your eyes forsaken me
In your thoughts forsaken me
In your heart forsaken me, oh

No. 1139746

im laughing so hard

No. 1139750

File: 1650349809285.jpeg (18.26 KB, 549x100, 9E2DC914-9298-472C-B0D4-054D1E…)

I can’t believe the thread pic reminded me that I needed to play Subahibi so I downloaded the game and here I am starting the third route..
I’m streaming the game to my boyfriend and we’re both confused as shit for the moment but it seems interesting so we’ll see

No. 1139752


No. 1139766

still can't get over how this guy's number one hit, or one of them, was about fucking teens and no one batted an eye

No. 1139768

right? i looked up that video a short while back… the comments are extremely depressing, mostly from 50+ men talking about how great it is to be able to dream about and fuck jailbait basically

No. 1139781

I just remembered that years ago I'd listen to a few songs by this Welsh comedy rap group. One of their songs was called 'your mothers got a penis'

I would pay to sit in a room full of trans women and trans allies and see them react to it.

No. 1139805

when I talked about politics and vented about trannies in the things I hate thread someone told me leftist liberals are not actually liberals but they are liberals. Now they are referred to as liberals.

No. 1139832

I don't understand, they all are liberals aren't they? Please explain to me

No. 1139855

Liberal ≠ libertarian, it doesn't mean the same thing, except to burgers and people who follow burger politics too much. You cannot be a left liberal, because (neo)liberalism is a right wing ideology and it's in the blue square, since you love the political compass so much. It's like saying 'right wing commie'. The ideology which is the left wing version at the same amount of authoritarianism is social democracy, not 'left liberalism' and it's in the red square. Liberalism was liberal in the 16th and 17th century in comparison to traditional conservatism with aristocrats, but was still a staunchly right wing ideology. Neoliberalism is still not left wing and is related to Milton Friedman, Margaret Thatcher, Pinochet, the Clintons, Biden etc. and it's still in the same square with the neoconservatives, paeloconservatives or other right wing goonies. The cooptation of some 'progressive' values doesn't change the core economic ideological system, but is just a cheap way to garner votes. People are falling for it by considering 'left liberalism' or 'social liberalism' to be an actual thing, it's not. It's just a neoliberal goon who decided to legalize samesex marriage so they can sell even more shit to people, but they don't actually care about doing anything against lesbophobia. In Germany the concept was created in cooperation with literal fascists to try to pull people away from socialism (see national-social association). It's a farce and not a coherent ideology which can be marked as left wing in any way shape or form, it's the right wing wolf trying to wear a sheep mask through cooptation. Just look at what liberal feminism is and how it only monetizes women further with onlyfans and how it contrasts with marxist and radical feminism, you should understand by now that liberalism is very well capable of coopting and pretending to be progressive.

No. 1139861

one of your good posts. agreed.

No. 1139872

File: 1650356423182.png (283.32 KB, 1919x921, tumblr dot com.PNG)

Is this the end?

No. 1139881

nvm it works again

No. 1139885

Idk who you think I am, but thanks

No. 1139886

oh, i thought you were romania given the same time posting and similar things she speaks on, but yeah, great post regardless.

No. 1139891

i keep making mistakes at work. using the wrong file. putting data into the wrong form and mixing them up. fucken hell. i think i need a break.

No. 1139895

Nah I'm just a random autistic anon who made this her hill to die on or something, it's a personal pet peeve of mine

No. 1139900

>You cannot be a left liberal
Ok, NTA, but you can be a "left-leaning" liberal and not a true leftist, so that much is true. Also, there are right-wing, left-wing, and centrists. The liberals (as opposed to conservatives) are usually in the "center" (center-left to center-right), with the conservatives ranging from center-right to right-wing (other groups are found in the extreme right). Usually, it's the center, the liberals, who are the most popular among the population, and the ones who currently hold the most power.
Also, thanks to US politics, the concept of left and right wing has been twisted massively. Mainstream US politics consists of the Democrats (centrists, liberals) and the Republicans (centrists and right-wingers, conservatives). Of course, we're all aware that there is little difference between these two parties. But Americans and those who think in terms of mainstream American politics thanks to the internet, still think these two are "radical leftists" and "the extreme right", or "communists" and "fascists". This is pretty useful to the ruling class, because then they can maintain the illusion that people are voting for change if they vote for either party, when in reality, roughly the same kind of people are going to be in charge, and alternative parties or more radical ideologies are ignored by most citizens. From here comes the habit of conflating liberalism with leftism, plus there are many liberals who truly believe they're radical when they're actually supporting the liberal system (again, useful to the ruling class) and the same thing happens among right-wingers who think they're rebelling against liberalism/capitalism but keep supporting it. None of them truly understand what any of those things mean.

Also, the concept of "right wing" and "left wing" has changed over the years. Centuries ago, when it was a "new" ideology, liberals used to be the left wing, because, at the time, they were more radical compared to the ruling right wing than they are now. When more radically leftist ideologies appeared (for instance, communism), liberalism stopped being "the" left wing. I might be remembering this wrong but I'm pretty sure this is how it was, if I'm wrong please correct me.

No. 1139925

>Yet, in practice it is the American right wingers that fight against corporatism and capitalism
um… no. that is most definitely not true. not even close to being true.

No. 1139943

>Nowadays this is how society refers to leftists
Yes, because it's convenient for the ruling class. They accuse liberals of being commies, and liberals gladly accept the "socialist" label if it gets them more support. Liberal politicians pretend to be left-wing, which gets them followers and at the same time distracts people from the actual left-wing movements, which are against these liberal politicians (sometimes the liberals will slander the actual leftists and call them things like "fascists" etc.). It's that simple. The less people are aware of the real meaning of these words, the better (for the ruling class).
>ah we are so scared of communism bla bla but they are fighting against capitalism.
They want to replace liberal capitalism with their own brand of capitalism that makes them privileged and excludes anyone they don't like. Tell me, do you have any idea what system do /pol/fags plan to replace the current world order with?
>American government is ran by huge corporations that they are trying to take all over the world and control us, make us their slaves. That's so fucking communist.
That's literally how capitalism works you massive retard. Corporations = capitalism.
>Leftists are directly supporting capitalistic opression.
Can you name at least one example of this supposed "capitalistic oppresion" by communists? Better yet, can you define capitalism and communism?
>They are the rebels, the anarchists nowadays just like the left were the anarchists in the past.
Anarchists are and have always been left-wing. Anarchism is also one of the several communist ideologies there are. More proof that you have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 1139946

Depends on what you mean with "left-leaning", maybe culturally left-leaning, but not economically left-leaning. The culture bit is just aesthetics anyway, the real meat is in the economics. So it's still cooptation. Political parties like D66 are called centrist or left-leaning, but they are practically identical to the VVD (a true liberal party), D66 just has more a focus on legalizing euthanasia and tranny rights. Economically speaking, D66 is conservative, just like VOLT, the supposed progressive values are just window dressing. It's inconsequential and it doesn't matter that they pretend to be progressive, when 99/100 times they agree with VVD. The actual center-left parties are the labor party or GreenLeft in the Netherlands, the actual left wing parties are the Socialist Party and BIJ1 (which are still not ideal, BIJ1 still does tranny pandering, SP started flirting with fascists etc.). D66 rarely agrees with the actual center-left parties, even though right wingers like to pretend it's all the same. The fascist parties PVV and FvD also have a lot of members who used to be a member of the VVD, which just goes to show that 'liberal' really is a right wing concept.
Yes it was maybe to the left of literal aristocrats and monarchists, but even centuries ago you had anarchists (generally a left wing philosophy) before you had communists. So I don't agree that it was properly left wing. There always were people with better and more radical ideas, meanwhile liberalism specifically includes the belief that social cooperation will always fail and is full of scrotes talking about how hierarchy is super important (remember how patriarchy is a hierarchy?).
I'm trying really hard to have my anarchist autistic ass not be put in the same box as centrist retards and here you go. Christian anarchists are cool in my book, like the based catholic women who disarmed a warplane or destroyed a pipeline, but personally I'm not actively religious. Science can be used for good and evil, thinking it's always against truth is retarded.

No. 1139951

NTA, but I'm pretty sure that contrapoints has made several videos complaining about radicals (commies and anarchists) and that he's a proud liberal, because he knows that he won't get his tranny pandering other wise.

No. 1139954

>Depends on what you mean with "left-leaning", maybe culturally left-leaning, but not economically left-leaning
Well, I meant like adopting some socialist policies without going fully against the capitalist system (obviously), not cultural shit.
Anyway, I'm logging out, I don't wanna argue with a dense retard about politics. "She" seems to spend a lot of time on /pol/ too so there's no way you can actually make "her" understand. Good luck anwyay, nona.


>This is the modern COMMUNIST a fucking capitalist.
If you can't even define capitalism and communism, and if you lack reading comprehension, don't bother replying.

No. 1139955

Where did he call himself a communist? I'm pretty sure he considers himself a social democrat, he made a lot of videos about it. His whole "Envy" video is partially against communists and anarchists. Also you can rant whatever you want, but actual anarchists still exist, not just whatever centrist caricature you have in your head. Radfem anarchists are still a thing, on the commie side the RAF is still around and shows up to radfem events.

No. 1139956

File: 1650365239418.jpg (85.59 KB, 1080x797, 366611a248b134ac04a8c100bee919…)

Understandable, have a nice day

No. 1139960

File: 1650365708504.png (47.71 KB, 1050x340, right-left wings origin.png)

By the way, this is what I was talking about, sorry for the confusion. Of course this definition is now obsolete, but initially, "left wing" really did refer to liberals only (supporters of the French revolution). Obviously, by today's definition that doesn't necessarily relate to being physically to the right or left, liberals are right-wing.

No. 1139961

Social democrat is in the red square and you keep screeching about the green square. There are retards on both the left and the right, what's your point? The left isn't synonymous with communism, almost none of the people in that pic identifies as a communist. I don't even know why you're so angry at me or saying I'm coping, but siding with right wingers doesn't make you much of a leftist and definitely not an anarchist. Please eat a Snickers.
ah thank you

No. 1139963

Romania, meds, now!

No. 1139964

How many fucking times do we have to tell you that left and right politics isn't about woke cultural shit. It's about economics.

No. 1139977

Are you an alcoholic by any chance?

No. 1139979

so are left wingers

No. 1139980

which "left wingers" are you talking about? we don't even need to get on the topic of the left when you're so hysterically misled regarding the right. that, alone, needs to be corrected. the right are not rebels taking the place of actual leftists or even slightly left leaning groups. the "left" in america is extremely right wing anyways - something we've all acknowledged in this thread - so what's your point, exactly?

No. 1139983

so, basically, you think the right, in america, which supports corporations having literal personhood, is against capitalism and corporatism when none of their promoted legislation fights against corporatism or capitalism? they aren't fighting against pharmaceutical companies, they aren't asking for the state to engage in monopsodic bargaining with pharmaceutical companies for necessary pharmaceuticals, the ONLY, and i do mean ONLY, thing they are complaining about with regard to the pharmaceutical companies, are about vaccines. you do not have your finger on the pulse of anything in america. right wingers in america are completely in love with unfettered capitalism and corporatist rule.

No. 1139984

shut up about the political compass it's extemely reddit and autistic
you're retarded and only know politics from the internet

No. 1139985

yes they are. If you dare to bring up an unpopular point you will be labeled as right wing even if you are not and nowadays the rhetoric of right wingers is literally opposing the the ESTABLISHMENT and guess what is this so called "establishment" the capitalistic government which is trying to take complete control of the average population. Capitalism in America and corporatism in now sided with the left. Right wingers are fighting the establishment but what is the modern establishment constructed around? Is formed around religion? No, it isn't, modern ESTABLISHMENT is formed around capitalism and the IDEOLOGY OF SCIENCE. IN MODERNITY YOUR OPRESSOR IS THE CAPITALIST STATE WHICH USES SCIENCE AS A FORM OF IDEOLOGICAL CONTROL LIKE RELIGION WAS SED IN THE PAST. In practice and rethoric, even maybe if the politicians take different approaches and the theory is different, this is what is to be observed that left wingers in America are siding with the capitalist and opressive and ideological state. THE REAL CAPITALISTS ARE THE COMMUNISTS. They promote everything and support everything capitalism supports.(infighting)

No. 1139988

for someone who complains about everything being americanized or america being brought into everything you have an extremely americanized view of communism, also shut up.

No. 1139991

this is legit the most retarded post you have ever made. today you've been completely off. unplug and take a bath. the right is not fighting against "the establishment". science is also not the enemy. i understand there's a lot of bad science but that doesn't make science the enemy. that means it needs to be more rigorous and that people need to have a better understanding of science, the fact that evo-psych and still tons of presumptuous "neuroscience" is bullshit, for example, needs to be understood. but that doesn't make science the enemy. i know you have a particular issue with this because of the poor understanding people have with the inherent biases present in science or bad methodology or stupid studies in general meant specifically to confirm misogynistic biases, for example. how does bringing up an unpopular point and being wrongfully called a right winger mean that the right is fighting against the establishment? they're not fighting against capitalism. the "left" in america isn't much either, but they're at least attempting to enact some legislation meant to regulate it. the right wants 0 REGULATION. 0. you really don't know what's going on in america if you think right wingers in america are fighting against any establishment or corporatism or capitalism.(infighting)

No. 1139995

>the right is against the current government which is capitalist therefore they're anticapitalist
you're literally wrong and don't understand economics, the US and its two main parties are and always had been economically liberal (ie capitalist).
>the ideology of science
anon oh my god I hope you're not old enough to vote…

No. 1139997

Are there really that many anons here who take breadtube shit seriously? I don't see how she was wrong at all in that those are the popular culture's version of the "left" these days, after the idea of what communism is has become memefied, and that they are all completely hung up in making personal profit contrary to their supposed views. There are whole threads on this website discussing the same phenomena. She even explained how they are bad actors and why, what is the point in being so intentionally obtuse.

No. 1140000

Right wing populists coopt anarchist rhetoric and you have fallen for it hook line and sinker, they're not being genuine, look at who is funding them. Right wing populists also have 'science worshippers', just look at Sam Harris, JBP and all the atheist 'skeptics' which were popular before the 2016 elections in burgerland. The problem isn't science, the problem is using iffy studies with bad methodology, iffy funding and bad faith to influence politics or claim that this is the way the world is. Just look at how much the right loves to use evopsych to say that women are supposed to be barefoot and pregnant and that everything we do is to attract a scrote. Or that social cooperation is impossible and that hierarchy is better, they just want pure social darwinism. That's really what right wing and left wing boils down to, whether you subscribe more to social darwinism or whether you believe social cooperation is how humanity or whatever concept you prefer moves forward. Just because the right loves to coopt shit like V for Vendetta, Bioshock, anarchist rhetoric and the like, doesn't mean that they are genuinely anti-establishment. Mussolini was once left wing and knew exactly what to coopt to get people on his side, right wingers nowadays are no different.

No. 1140002

no one is taking breadtube shit seriously, that's the point. she's taking it too seriously. yes, it's a problem that these communities dilute the actual meanings of these terms, but we all know that's an issue. none of us take breadtube seriously and that's precisely the point. none of us are under the impression that breadtubers are not capitalists or capitalist grifters. we all know these terms are being misused and that it's an issue but the insistence that the right in america is anti-capitalist is delusional.

No. 1140013

I don't care about breadtube but saying that the right is anti capitalist because it's anti establishment is a ridiculously ignorant terminally online take. there is more to politics and "the establishment" than whether it's capitalist or not.

i agree that breadtube is capitalist, because no mainstream mediatic phenomenon under capitalism is ever anticapitalist. Because what drives ideas into the mainstream is who is willing to broadcast them through mass media, and those will be advertisers and companies who can profit from them. this is also why liberal/queer feminism is mainstream and radical feminism isn't, or why the media is always pushing new "sustainable" "ethical" versions of luxury items rather than what's actually best for the environment ie not consooming shit you don't need

No. 1140043

Regina George would hate troons and I take delight in knowing that

No. 1140056

Based and true

No. 1140073

I was in a grocery store lately, looking at a shelf and a woman was right next to me looking at the same stuff. Then a man walks up and just stands there looking at her. I interpreted this as them being together so I moved over a lil. Turns out they weren't together. He started asking her about her height. She was tall for a woman but he was really forcing a conversation to happen all about her height. It was awkward as hell.

I'm sorry tall stranger, I would've stayed put if I'd known he was just one of those guys.

No. 1140077

My country finally lifted the mask mandate and I'm bathing in delicious covilovers tears.
>inb4 masks do anything
They didn't prevent 6 fucking waves, we're barely discovering the corruption behing the politicians who mandated them, staple all the nappies you want to your face but let me be free.

No. 1140079

Bitch i have allergies, you go ahead though

No. 1140080

No one is forcing anyone to stop wearing masks, but covilovers are bawling all over social media because they can't force everyone to wear them anymore.

No. 1140083

I have rosecea so I'm riding out the mask wearing as long as I can. Perfectly covers it during a flare up.

No. 1140085

I don't have allergies, but I like wearing mine too. Feel naked without it sometimes.

No. 1140098

No. 1140104

File: 1650379452955.png (493.17 KB, 640x571, 1639736867379.png)

The masks don't even work unless you have the super duper Nintendo 64 ones which nobody even wears so honestly good riddance

No. 1140106


Dude you've gotta come up with a better term than covilovers

No. 1140109

same, i feel less conscious when i feel gross and ugly

No. 1140119

File: 1650380195311.jpg (34.59 KB, 976x549, p03dtlbm.jpg)

that's it nonnies I'm doing it I'm integrating back into society

No. 1140124

File: 1650380372261.jpg (157.16 KB, 660x375, baby-pygmy-hippo-in-bali-safar…)

I love hippos. When we domesticate baby tapirs and warthogs, let's domesticate baby hippos too.

No. 1140170

Ok,good for you then like it's so cringe whenever i see posts boasting about not wearing them anymore, like!!! Okay!! Have fun bitch the fuck

No. 1140174

You know you’re just proving her point right

No. 1140197

I’ll join your efforts, Nonnetta!

No. 1140201

I love people who sperg about dumb unimportant shit but I hate people who sperg about serious shit

No. 1140229

Good news. With the death of Club Penguin Rewritten, Club Penguin Vanilla has become more popular with the old users of CPR migrating. Also you can type numbers and enter the codes for any items you like. Club Penguin Vanilla is also currently in 2006-era Club Penguin which is very cozy. No puffles yet though.

No. 1140231

Look up Columbian drug hippos. Also at one point they considered domesticating hippos in the US to eat invasive water plants and as a food source, did not go well…

No. 1140245

No. 1140312

When you walk outside and a lot of people stare at you and you don't know if it's because you're well dress/look nice or you look dumb and you don't know it.

No. 1140329

I never notice people looking at me because I just don't give a fuck about others. "Did you see that woman's __?" No I sure didn't, there was a lady there?

No. 1140339

File: 1650387260159.png (623.71 KB, 600x984, 853.png)

"you can't expect different results when you keep doing the same thing" they say but what if I don't feel like doing anything new and barely manage to do the things I already do?

No. 1140436

Is this the new type of humor that's 'in' right now? I don't get it, it's like random clips with loud ass sounds, it's supposed to be funny? Am I fucking old now?

No. 1140449

I don't know what's worst, the video or the comments. The internet truly was a mistake.

No. 1140454

File: 1650391893335.jpg (78.88 KB, 937x1171, noisenouses.jpg)

I've gotten a bunch of these in my recommends. I really enjoy absurd humor and I love memes but they are literally all bad. Reminds me of this meme in picrel, actually

No. 1140509

File: 1650396750971.jpg (105.87 KB, 1080x1076, fe409b99aa2d5cc34099e694ae39be…)

i remember a few years ago i ran into some blog run by this girl that would post about rei ayanami and evangelion and she would also constantly post about calling for a genocide on all asian americans for some reason? she got an anon asking her why and all she said was something like "have you not spent more than 5 seconds looking at my blog" there were other people agreeing with her and she said that she herself was asian so it wasn't racist… i found her blog through a post with her celebrating a "terf" getting fired from a university and i'm still perplexed like is there a genuine community online of asians that support troons and want asian americans dead or was it just a bunch of schizos agreeing with each other kek

No. 1140675

Ricecel to tranny shit. The general idea is that asian americans are whitewashed, worship white dicks and abandon trad asian values for individualistic ones.
Probably just another weeb nazi trooning out.

No. 1140682

who else remembers youtube poops

No. 1140686

File: 1650406425257.jpg (37.71 KB, 671x396, 6d4ses.jpg)

You inspire me

No. 1140687

they should invent indoor gloves, my hands are freezing for most of the year and I would kill for some comfy gloves that are warm but not impractical to wear 24/7

No. 1140695

Reminds me when it was really cold in school so I was wearing my winter gloves (it was also winter outside) and this girl just looked at me and was like "is that for like, fashion, or"
I told her I was cold but she still acted weirded out. God forbid I wear gloves indoors, the horror.

No. 1140696

Next time say you have raynauds syndrome, if people think you have a medical condition they will be all "oh sorry"

No. 1140697

This was years ago but okay, next time I will try that

No. 1140702

nta but I have this and thought it was normal to be freezing every winter and having painful, deformed fingers/hands because we were forbidden from keeping our coats on in the classrooms. Fun times…

No. 1140704

wow I'm sorry you went through that nonnies, I wore my gloves in class all the time and I if anyone noticed they didn't care

No. 1140713

We were never allowed to wear outerwear in class in school. Even in winter when it was below freezing outside and we were in the part of the school which was like over 100 years old, with shit old windows and the roof leaking.
Apparently outerwear isn't part of the uniform so you have to take it off inside? Wish I could have worn gloves in class.

No. 1140714

He once told I looked beautiful that one night… maybe if I lost weight, he’d probably fuck me

No. 1140738

Troons trying to emulate what they think women are supposed to look like is just the current equivalent of obese neckbeard dudes thinking fedoras trenchcoats and katanas make them look like badass anime protagonists

No. 1140745

File: 1650410909312.jpeg (183.76 KB, 720x1259, 0B9C0BF8-A06B-4435-900E-F3344E…)

Getting my nips pierced tomorrow pls pray for me x

No. 1140753

File: 1650411318860.jpg (104.95 KB, 1043x369, whatdoesitallmean.jpg)

What did the Passion Pit guy mean by this? He sings this part like it's one part so it sounds like he's singing about fucking his mom. How am I supposed to read it? Did he do a song writing whoopsie? Every time I listen to this song I can't get over how it sounds like he's going to make love to his mother.

No. 1140754

Relax nona, it'll go well. Love ya mwah.

No. 1140757

Samefag holy shit the Passion Pit guy is gay.

No. 1140791

I kind of want to watch that one oscar wilde movie from the 90s just to see the unnecessary gay sex scenes with Jude Law, but I don't want to see Stephen Fry's ugly face.

No. 1140835

Ugh yes, I tried watching but I just couldn't do it. The disparity in looks should be considered a crime.

No. 1140839

What movie

No. 1140841

No. 1140846

File: 1650418677768.jpeg (76.48 KB, 500x500, CAB21BA1-DB5B-4570-8ED8-2B9338…)

Anyone else notice how there are days where you're naturally better-looking than others? I heard that it happens near your period. This holds up for me I think. Mine is about to start, and the other day I noticed I looked better despite having a few pimples. Then today I was at the store and the guy bagging was smiling at me like I was cuter than I truly am. Feels nice nonas

No. 1140847

File: 1650418811351.jpeg (216.21 KB, 1000x550, 8F293563-5A4C-4E8F-99B1-4AC65C…)

Sounds accurate.
>The disparity in looks should be considered a crime.
The irony of you saying this…

No. 1140853

File: 1650419076605.jpg (10.73 KB, 158x215, 1650418811351.jpeg.jpg)

Such palpable emotion.

No. 1140860

mfw gays idolize Oscar Wilde, who pursued teen boys

No. 1140863

mommy fetish?

No. 1140865

File: 1650419678752.jpg (107.63 KB, 611x648, Tumblr_l_521311411748686.jpg)

Can't relate, I look good all the time

No. 1140869

File: 1650419921262.jpeg (28.56 KB, 395x309, EDA28AEF-2A21-4BD5-AC36-752AE2…)

Are you saying I'm ugly?

No. 1140874

Most male “gay icons” throughout history had relations with men much younger than them, some even with little boys.

No. 1140878

Kill yourself you retarded scrote.

No. 1140880

File: 1650420907857.jpeg (32.13 KB, 421x421, 81BD036B-2918-4F5F-897E-294A36…)

>bumping the thread while giving a scrote attention

No. 1140881

File: 1650420912740.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.23 KB, 598x1055, 807EF96A-13A3-4306-9868-FC03F7…)

Follow this funny comic and post the pictures in your meme page.

No. 1140883

File: 1650420992170.jpeg (150.61 KB, 750x739, C00A8A27-5F14-463D-A9DE-E4E68A…)

I am absolutely done having any single ounce of sanity in my body starting today I am going to be batshit crazy, I hate men so much I will make any man who crosses my path extremely miserable this is my mission in life
I hope you drown imagine still using iFunny, negative fucking IQ detected.

No. 1140889

my favorite thing about my bf leaving for work is i can act like a high retarded and lip sync to music very dramatically. i just dont want anyone seeing me do this shit but its so fun

No. 1140899

File: 1650422580903.jpeg (70.7 KB, 500x360, A68A527B-C77D-4E1D-AE9D-5D8375…)

Lip syncing is fun, nonnie, specially while showering so you can do the special effects by water bending.

No. 1140909

File: 1650423290524.jpg (72.84 KB, 667x359, LDX1Qsc.jpg)

please enjoy this retardation from the lolcow drawboard

No. 1140913

I support you

No. 1140914

holy fuck

No. 1140947

File: 1650425003841.jpeg (667.37 KB, 750x1110, 8A2C5C9F-47B9-4193-9CD5-51C80A…)

She is my driving inspo. I am obsessed with YuruCamp and have been for years, and I have been thinking about how I’d like to be like Sakura too. I want to go on trips by myself, just me and my car. I know I can just learn to get myself from A to B, but I truly want to enjoy the very action of driving.

My road test is soon, I will try my best. If I fail I will just try again! But I won’t give up because I want to drive out to random places for fun, I want to expand the places I can take myself for a mini solotrip.

Aspiring to make my life become a real life version of Yurucamp has made me a better person in many ways. I am cringe but I am free.

No. 1141054

Don't worry anon, he went to jail and paid for his crimes of being ugly as fuck.

>if only you knew how bad things were.jpg

No. 1141078

my roommates aren't home so that means i can use my loud ass vibrator on higher speeds!!!

No. 1141082

Why aren’t we friends reeee

No. 1141093

File: 1650437354072.jpg (14.7 KB, 474x344, downloadfile-1.jpg)

I am so retarded I joined a cool server but I am so retarded that I just think I am retarded now

No. 1141100

File: 1650438189881.png (779.59 KB, 673x675, FWOOSH.png)

anons help this image is funny to me

No. 1141103

File: 1650438258195.jpg (51.11 KB, 650x430, BONK.jpg)

hes so serious about his wine swoosh unlike this guy

No. 1141138

enjoying the shayna thread, eating some cheesecake. life is good.

No. 1141139

Love cheesecake, particularly with raspberries on top. Remember not to click any spoilered images until you're done!

No. 1141145

I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because that’s a lot of dairy lol

No. 1141147

File: 1650443585689.gif (979.19 KB, 250x250, giphy-1.gif)

No. 1141182

that's part of it. Gays are the biggest hebes and pedos and whatever else there are.

No. 1141228

File: 1650452586004.png (138.33 KB, 864x705, jee.png)

shoe's thread is dead and I'm not sure if it's worth making the new one considering that everyone's apparently got bored with her already, but OOF

No. 1141253

Not the dew fairies

No. 1141267

Apparently people stare at my hairy legs and it makes others around me feel ashamed, but I don't notice it.

No. 1141284

God it reminded me how my mom and brother lectured me about my hairy armpits that I didn't even show in public lol. They were very worried I wouldn't be able to find a boyfriend. It was ridiculous to actually have a discussion about it.

No. 1141337

I was watching a video about a missing persons case and this scrote was really hung up on the fact that the missing woman didn't bring her make up bag with her… a 50 something year old woman.

At first I thought he was just being dumb but he explained both his wife and daughter refuse to ever be seen in public without make up on. What a way to live.