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ignore scrote posts, do not reply to scrote posters
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No. 1135648

i honestly don’t feel sorry for kaya lili aka toxic tears. i hadn’t checked on the goth thread in a while and have just started catching up on her breakup with jake. if this were the other way around people would be celebrating her kicking her deadbeat, fat, musty, basically common law husband out of the house for no reason in the middle of a cold night to live in a warehouse with no heat or running water. kaya is lazy and entitled and even now that she’s on the verge of homelessness, all she does is get tattoos, stuff her face, run around in cemeteries, and moan about getting an apartment or house in belfast during a housing crisis while ignoring a million solutions to her problems because wah wah, muh friends. there’s one particular whiteknight in the goth threads who defends her like it’s the knights templar and constantly comes up with a myriad of justifications for her not doing things despite it being several months into her post breakup life with nothing to show for it. she won’t work despite being sick of youtube, won’t go to university or travel outside her irish bubble. she just rests on the fact that she’s tall and beautiful. and her friends enable her because she has money…if they really loved her and cared for her they would tell her to stop getting unnecessary tattoos, get a job or a degree or something, look for places to live, etc. she is going to be 30 something with no life and no future, still moaning and claiming depreshun whenever she has to act like an adult and be responsible for herself.

No. 1135653

>she just rests on the fact that she’s tall and beautiful.
sis what, she hasn't been beautiful for like a decade now and being tall is only good when you're thin. I don't say that to be nasty but her downgrade in appearance is the main reason I feel bad for her ngl. There's a million things she could do to improve herself and her situation, no denying that, but I can't help but sympathize. Must suck being as gorgeous as she was then gaining all that weight and being with a dude who is clearly no longer attracted to you…

No. 1135656

I don't feel bad for women in their 20s who date older men then get burned

No. 1135665

No. 1135671

No. 1135678

I hope every zoomer who calls 23 year olds fossils has an early onset midlife crisis. Fuck em

No. 1135682

Not an unpopular opinion among scrotes

No. 1135690

Agreed. I also don’t feel bad for young women who spend a lot of time on here and freak out because they’re ~aging~ at 24 because they internalize everything they read kek

No. 1135691

>zoomer calling 23 year olds fossils
I have a coworker who is like 18 and she hates old people and always calls them “coffin dodgers” kek.

No. 1135693

I saw someone on here the other day screeching about how she walks around with a parasol and that’s why she’s so young and beautiful, and it just made me really sad. I love sitting in the sun and soaking it up. I wear factor 50 or 70 which I don’t need but I like the extra protection bc I don’t want to get skin cancer.

No. 1135696

This. In much the same way, though, women in their mid to late 20s or older who do nothing but seethe about younger women are annoying and bitter

No. 1135709

>coffin dodgers
Women aren't seething about the girls, they're seething because the girls are blatantly getting tricked into relationships with shit men and the said girls rather take their man's words than any female friend/relative until the old guy inevitably gets bored and goes for another younger woman.
I hate disgusting old men and the women who try their best to nornalize age gap relationship are disgusting too, I'm 20 btw so this isn't jealousy or bitterness, I'm just tied old men think I'd be into them because they managed to trick a dumb younger girl into a relationship once.

No. 1135713

I'm not talking about that, nona. I agree with you on this subject. I'm talking about the women who spend way too much time sperging about zoomers and insisting all women (and specifically women, they somehow never mention men) younger than them are cancerous OnlyFans TikTokers who suck tranny cock. They think they're being real or something, but then they implode when anyone points out that women up to their 30s in the west fall under the exact same stereotypes. It's this weird fake "Get off my lawn" shit, they're cosplaying as boomers but they're just as cringe as the younger people. They're also just as afraid of getting old as the 18 year old counterparts and have meltdowns about it, insane skincare routines, vent posts about how their life is over, etc but they hide it under all these levels of mendacity, nastiness toward younger women and fake acceptance. Of course not all women in their mid to late 20s and up are like this, but it's a certain breed I find really annoying, and I never see them get called out. I have a feeling they were the exact same dd/lg age gap types we're complaining about back when they were younger, and now they're just trying too hard to show they're above it now

No. 1135715

It is pretty funny kek. Most of them deserve it. I work in a shop and the amount of old women I’ve seen have tantrums about the most minor things. I had one old woman March in with her chest all puffed out and her voice all stern, saying I had sold her a “faulty bag” because there was a loose thread. I literally just picked it up with my finger and thumb. It wasn’t even attached. Just a grain of fabric from another bag. She was so embarrassed kek. It makes their day to be able to scream at a young woman just doing their job, who can’t retaliate and call them a disgusting old fossil and tell them to hurry up and get in the grave, like anyone not currently working would.

No. 1135717

23 year olds are zoomers…

No. 1135719

I think it depends where you live.

No. 1135720

I hate when fat people say they’re hungry like u have enough fat to keep u alive for the next 6 months without any food stfu about ‘hunger’ you’re just bored and or greedy

No. 1135721

Even then, the age isn't the issue, but the attitude of entitlement. Why call out the age when you can just say that?

No. 1135722

NTA, but if we can talk about shitty young people, why not shitty older people too? Shows us what not to aspire to lmao

No. 1135723

Idc if fat people want to admit to being greedy gluttons. Nobody is perfect. What I hate is when they turn around and call thin or fit people “skelly” or “skinny bitches” because they’re desperate to redefine themselves as the new normal or beauty standard.

No. 1135725

Your saying they're shitty for their age, not their behaviour, that's why. Stop seething zooomer chan. No ones saying you can't call people asholes, just can't seethe over them being older.

No. 1135726

Because the age makes it even worse. They’ve had all this life experience and they’re still tantruming over inanimate objects like a child. They deserve it.

No. 1135727

Do you know what NTA means? I think you need to relax and stop projecting

No. 1135728

>rattle rattle
Who even says this? You must have been dumped for someone bigger than you. People are delusional thinking being fat is in. HAES isn't popular anywhere but online. Big tits and ass is in.

No. 1135729

>don’t insult people for their age!!
>zoomer chan!
Bitter old coffin dodger kek. YWN be young again.

No. 1135730

People are right about hating zoomers.

No. 1135732

Go back to the zoomer vs millenial thread kek.

No. 1135733

>t. "I-I'm not like other zoomers"

No. 1135734

mfw i’m actually average weight lol not everyone who is disgusted by entitled fatties are ana

No. 1135735

Did you mean to tag >>1135723
? Because it’s true. Fat women who sneer at fit and thin women are pathetic and trying to redefine themselves as normal when they’re not. You act like it’s all about scrotes, no it isn’t. Some people like being active and sports and that’s better than having fat sex with a mediocre scrote with a fat fetish.

No. 1135736

I like how your only defence is “stop talking about it! Stop saying it! Go away!”
Fuck off authoritatian-chan

No. 1135738

Thread ruined by underage posters. Again. Sigh.

No. 1135739

>You must have been dumped for someone bigger than you.
NTA, but how old are you? Asking for science

No. 1135740

I don't feel bad anymore now kek.

No. 1135741

I’m in my 20s and I have every right to call cunty old women coffin dodgers and tell them to get their disgusting decrepit ass into the grave. The whole reason they treat me and others like me like shit is because of my age. They deserve it.

No. 1135742

The real question is, how fat is she?

No. 1135746

Newfags learn to sage challenge.

No. 1135747

you sound unhinged

No. 1135748

>you’re all newfags!
>for not saging in /ot/

No. 1135749

Considering your seething you definitely deserve it and are retarded.

No. 1135750

But why is she wrong to be upset about age-related rudeness? It goes both ways

No. 1135751

You sound like you’re insecure about your age kek

No. 1135752

Infighting must be saged in ot retard.

No. 1135753

YWN be young again and I can’t wait to dance across your grave.

No. 1135767

It's fine, they will troon out to try and live as a teenage uwu anime boy when they begin to age.

No. 1135769

Not her but wrong

No. 1135795

Sage serves for not bumping cow threads when your post doesn't have new info, it doesn't apply to /ot/.

No. 1135796

go do your homework

No. 1135797

>I can’t wait to dance across your grave.
kek, who let tumblr out

No. 1135801

Oh I totally agree with you, then. There may be retarded chronically online zoomies but not all of them are like those ones anons always complain about.
This. I've had so many obese girls call me skelly even though I have a healthy bmi and tell me I was ugly for being thin, kek. Fatties are delusional.

No. 1135804

i don't mind the corporate art style, it's cute in itself

No. 1135840

Ghibli movies are boring, even Disney movies have more compelling storylines.

No. 1135844

Older women seethe infinitely more at younger women than vice versa. You’d know this if you ever worked in retail as 80% of the job is being seethed at and spoken down to by older women. Most of the age seething on this site comes from mid 20s - early 30s nonnas who have an enormous hateboner for girls 16 - 22 and sperg about them all day. This is especially pathetic, since if you’re in that age bracket, you’re also considered a young person but you’re acting like a boomer lite, despite the fact that a lot of boomer and old women will shit all over you AND the teenagers you constantly sneer at any chance they get because they share the same envy and contempt. >>1135713
Got it spot on.

Before you tell me to do my homework, I’m 27.

No. 1135850

I like some of their movies, but the ones that don't have a proper story and just show comfy shit happening are truly boring I agree. I recently watched Spirited Away for the first time in my life and liked it a lot but I will never get Totoro's popularity for example.

No. 1135853

Some pickmes are going to hate any woman younger or more beautiful than them and accuse the women of being stupid, shallow, etc. instead of realizing that men are the ones who make older women feel so guilty about aging.

No. 1135854

Maybe it's a blessing to be an ugly to average girl since my looks "fading" never worried me in the slightest. Like I'm really not sure what they're scared of losing, since very modelesque women like to talk about how it's just as much a curse as it is a blessing.

No. 1135862

Have you considered maybe older women seethe at you at work because you’re shit at your job

No. 1135865

for a lot of people, the appeal of ghibli films is the lack of a compelling storyline i guess. miyazaki generally dislikes the disney-esque use of a clear-cut hero and villain as that's not how real life works. which is funny to say since there also aren't magical spirits and witches and such in real life, but there is something unique about ghibli's way of incorporating these things with the mundanity of reality. the quietness of the films is also just pleasant. disney films are way more boring to me because they're so predictable in their morals and storylines. they're patronising to watch. and one could argue that they're made for kids so they're supposed to be obvious, but they're constantly propped up as being mature and smart enough for all ages. even though i grew up obsessively watching both disney and ghibli films, i always turned to disney for fun and ghibli for an emotional and beautiful experience. i would disagree with anyone saying ghibli films are exciting or something though, i don't think they're supposed to be

No. 1135866

I enjoy Ghibli movies because they have a timeless feel and even if they have plenty of merchandise, I can't see the marketing team behind the writing like in modern Disney. Disney's also trying to get too meta. Old Disney is still comfy.

No. 1135871

Ghibli movies arenmpre about the atmoshphere tho. Disney movies are soulless

No. 1135872

women who keep all their hair to one side would look a lot better if they just let it all fall to the back or even split it in half for each shoulder. it looks lopsided and ugly keeping it all on one side.

No. 1135873

No. 1135875

older disney movies aren't soulless

No. 1135876

>men are the ones who make older women feel so guilty about aging
This! Like focus on who's really causing the problem if you're going to be pissed about it. I get that it's frustrating to see young women, especially those in your life like a family member, ignore your advice and gloat about getting with some shitty guy you could see scroting up from a mile away. But sometimes there's nothing to be done and people just have to learn for themselves.

No. 1135880

A very large faction of the male population are non-exclusive pedophiles or hebephiles (meaning they have an attraction to children, but not only children). There are also far, far more bisexual men than most people realize. It's not commonly acknowledged, because literally the only men who are honest about defining their sexualities do so when it becomes a "problem" in their life and they literally can't function in normal society, or when certain things become mainstream. The rest may talk about it in confidence, but they'll expect you to just overlook it and keep calling them straight/normal/average/etc. Often, even when they do act on those attractions, they'll give you a laundry list of excuses, and no one calls them out. This is such a typical behavior we've been primed to accept that some feminists take it at face value
We've talked here about political lesbianism, but I think we need to take a look at men and their allegiance to "political heterosexuality". Shit honestly feels like mass gaslighting, especially when their attractions sometimes leak into normal life (re: women aging)

No. 1135883

I think you're just a schizo sis

No. 1135884

Regarding the bi thing. I am of the belief that most people (men and women) are bi and straight and gays are in the minority. Women can be bi more easily than men, like openly online at least but I assure you if bi men were as accepted (i know bi women are fetishized but you what i mean, if it wasnt seen as faggy kissing other guys) most men would be out bis. I can even coerce a "yeah i'd fuck a guy if he was girly/a bottom etc etc' from straight dudes.

No. 1135887

Being pro-choice and being pro-forced vaccination are incompatible opinions and anyone who is both lacks critical thinking.

No. 1135891

Why? Funny you call me "sis", I've noticed when I bring this up in any space with males present, they take on a very similar tone before getting mad. Some of them do admit it, but only one on one.
If you're a woman, can you explain why nearly every single one of us has some experience of being creeped on and/or catcalled either when our ages are in single digits, or starting from like 10 or 11? If we take scrotes and their claims of non-deviancy at face value, that shouldn't be so common, especially spanning across different cultures/countries, and yet…

>I can even coerce a "yeah i'd fuck a guy if he was girly/a bottom etc etc' from straight dudes.
This exactly. At this point, "straight" (for men) just seems like a social position. Actual straight men feel like a minority, and that may or may not have something to do with porn. Bisexual men are not in good social standing, and that's that

No. 1135892

yep. i find it funny that the moment traps/catboys/femboys became trendy and acceptable so many men are suddenly into fucking men out of nowhere. They still go through so many mental gymnastics though. Sayings like traps are not gay, it’s not gay if the dick is feminine etc

No. 1135894

I agree with you. It's transparent as hell, as I've said before, the only thing keeping men from not going after girls under 18 is literally the law. If the law said 15 is the legal age, they'd be after 15 yos. Sometimes though, not even the law can control them. I'm exposing myself but as a teen I lied to a guy about being 18, after about a month, I told him my actual age, which was 16, because I felt guilty for lying, and he was completely okay with it and still willing to fuck. Of coutse this is anecdotal but it's being willfully blind to not see how a lot of men are. I don't really like to dwell on this because it makes me too depressed.

No. 1135909

if you view sex as having a social function of promoting good will and friendship etc i think it makes total sense that there are actually a lot of bisexual people in society, way more than we realise. if we take the kinsey scale for example where 0 is completely heterosexual and 6 is completely homosexual, i would be willing to bet that a lot of people do not fall on either 0 or 6 and anything in between is something i consider bisexual. there are still probably way more straight people than gay people but i tend to think bisexual people are the majority, although many may not like to admit it or even properly realise that they are bisexual.

No. 1135911

i think that IVF is selfish and a waste of money. if you can’t get pregnant normally then either adopt or don’t have kids

No. 1135913

Agree and this is a really good way of explaining this point of view. Thanks.

No. 1135915

i agree. Oh so you and your partner are both kinda infertile. And you had a kid thru ivf now your kid is also infertile. Congrats on making your kid suffer the same fate as you selfish fucks

No. 1135918


No. 1135921

It gets even more blackpilling when they sexualize minors, then turn around and insist you're just old and bitter for calling a spade a spade (even if you're young)

No. 1135922

Yeah it's literally natural selection, but richfags will just buy their way around it or harvest poor women's wombs instead

No. 1135927

Some countries with free healthcare will fund couples getting ivf, think they give you 2 or 3 chances to do it. I find that fact annoying when you look at the numbers and see how much that costs.

No. 1135930

Whenever I see people crying about ivf I just kek. Why do you care so much about whether women choose to have children and whether it's their biological ones or adopted? The people who cry about IVF havers never adopt or even donate money to children charities either but they act all holier than thou.
It's selfish to have children, it's selfish to not have children because you want the time and money for yourself, it's selfish to adopt a kid just so you can force your culture and upbringing style to a random already traumatized kid especially if you're adopting because it's your last chance and don't actually want to mother some stranger's child.
IVF isn't related to other women's wombs. It's in vitro fertilization. They put the fetilized egg in the mother's womb, making another woman carry it would be abusive though, I agree.

No. 1135952

IVF will make those women high risk pregnancies. It will increase the risk of birth defects by at least 6 times. The risk of autism by 4. On average IVF babies have at least a 20 hit lower IQ. Those children are fucked because genetically they weren’t supposed to exist. Stop fucking nature up. The drugs necessary to make it work are ducking toxic.

No. 1135981

File: 1650029035407.jpg (99.92 KB, 540x329, bapy.jpg)

it's messed up to make kids live with men, older brothers, etc.
if people actually cared about csa, they would go to any length to prevent it. the typical household structure (whether it's a nuclear family or extended) makes it obvious that 90% of pedo hate is just for show.

No. 1135993

Hard agree. Here they're even publicly funded, which is just retarded. There was recently a program about infertility on the radio where a woman cried about not getting publicly funded ivf for her SECOND child, what a fucking idiot.

Having biological children is not a human right ffs. (And before anyone starts reeing about eugenics, let me clarify that I don't support forcibly sterilizing people, but I don't support medicalised fertility treatments, either.) I understand that infertility sucks if you wanted to have children, but too bad. You can't get everything you want sometimes.

No. 1135998

The amount of women and men I know that get tilted at the fact I would never date anybody with male children because it puts my young female loved ones at risk in my household is funny.

No. 1136007

I’m tired of people’s unwillingness to criticise to adoption industry in anyway, especially since it is largely run by people that only care about making as much money as possible, not about what is actually best for the children. There’s it’s tendency to prey on poor, single and teenage mothers, coercing them into giving up their children, by telling them that they have no other option if they want their children to be happy. And if those mothers end up regretting their decision and want their children back they will have little support in doing so. There’s also the rampant trafficking of children from poor countries, who oftentimes do have family that are both alive and want to raise them, but again will have next to no support in getting them back. I’m not saying that adoption is in and of itself a bad thing, it is a great thing for children that genuinely don’t have any family, but I wish that people would acknowledge the adoption industry’s shadier side.

No. 1136020

You're first mistake is thinking anons are against you because they are jealous due to the retarded pressure placed by moids on aging, and not because anons are reeing about hating old woman and dancing on graves. Not everyone is straight and 'jealous' for the attention of scrotes. It's such a narc assumption. How do you assume they are seething because they want to be you, and not that you are a shit worker and just think you're not?

No. 1136029

>On average IVF babies have at least a 20 hit lower IQ.
Funny how studies such as this one show that children born via IVF literally score higher in reading and mathematics. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7278026/

This. I have no idea why people get so pissed off about IVF, I guess people also shouldn't be given a c-section done either since that's unnatural and playing god, the mother and the baby should just die in birth. Having children is not a human right, I fully agree, but if there are options for people to help them conceive that aren't unethical (like surrogacy) then why shouldn't they take that opportunity? A lesbian couple can't have children "naturally" either, should they just give up artificial insemination as well? As for adoption, not everyone is the right family for that option. The screening process is very long and thorough and requires a lot of money (more than IVF) and even then the child is in increased risk of not bonding with the adoptive parents and having to switch homes being traumatized further and further.

No. 1136031

The IVF thing gets posted ad nauseam every few weeks and It's weird to me when they say "just adopt", because I don't think most of them would even adopt.
I guess my unpopular opinion is that it's not bad to not want to adopt, even if you can't have your own kids.

No. 1136039

>And if those mothers end up regretting their decision and want their children back they will have little support in doing so.

Honestly why should it be easy to get your child back after giving them up? Unless they signed them away under duress or coercion (trafficking, or domestic abuse which is hard to prove even on an individual basis) it should be a difficult process just on principle. Children don't deserve to be traded around like chattel and it can very much confuse and damage them. Are women with proper resources and support systems to have enabled their child to be raised in a healthy environment in the first place really the ones adopting out their kids anyway?
Like it's harsh but I have never seen poor single teenage moms have their children turn out for the better unless they came from wealthy families or just had a lot of support. Abortion would have been a better option for them, but failing that, their kids statistically had a better chance with an employed adult couple.
No one gives a shit about someone's "regrets" if the welfare of their kids would have suffered for them.

No. 1136043

Based. Adoption business is shady as fuck and there should be a worldwide, thorough investigation regarding it. A lot of the times the families aren't also told of the child's physical or mental problems so they get coupled with homes that can't properly accommodate them.

The hate against IVF sounds like some bitter poorfag condition due to the discussion inevitably going to the "it's for rich privileged bitches to create designer babies!!!!!" when plenty of countries offer state-funded IVF to normal women with fertility problems. Around 1 in 10 women have endometriosis which can cause infertility or problems with conceiving, that's a very large percentage to be told to "just adopt" or "deal with it" if they want to have children, especially when it's probably coming from people who can conceive naturally.

Sometimes it also sounds like it's bitter incels with womb envy mad that women can be helped to have children instead of becoming the dead egg shriveled womb harpie who deserved what she got for not having children at 21.

No. 1136044

>Here they're even publicly funded, which is just retarded. There was recently a program about infertility on the radio where a woman cried about not getting publicly funded ivf for her SECOND child
Seen and heard stories like this where I live too. Idc if someone pays for their own ivf, I see that as their own business but couples who want to milk the system dry having it paid for over and over again do annoy me. If you can't afford the ivf are you in a great position to pay for the kid itself once it gets here? Are we paying for the conception of a kid who will then spend it's life being supported by state benefits too? Half the time we are.

The main thing I've seen is people who used up their 3 funded rounds and still didn't get the baby so they rushed to newspapers to demand a change. ffs just throw up a gofundme page if you're so inclined to cry to the public about it. Thousands down the drain on these people.

No. 1136053

Ironically these girls are going to get pcos, dementia, and bone loss diseases when they get older because of the lack of vitamin D. And no a Vit D pill doesn't supplement it, dumbass American tier logic.

No. 1136056

i made the original ivf post and i guess i’m more against it being funded by the state. it just seems expensive and i truly just don’t understand the mindset of women who have had multiple unsuccessful rounds but want to keep going. it sucks but you just gotta accept you’re not having children and if you still want to then look at the adoption route.

No. 1136058

>plenty of countries offer state-funded IVF to normal women with fertility problems
One thing that sat funny with me for years is how I lived in a country where abortion did not exist, women would nearly kill themselves trying to get rid of babies in a panic and yet ivf was funded and the bill for that was obscene a few years ago. I just want for women who don't want kids, who want to ensure they're safe from that to get funded as readily as they'll do with ivf seekers. That's just my backward country though.

People would cry about abortion being unnatural but then happily tax fund ivf. It really picks and chooses when to allow women to feel supported. 'Kids good, childless woman bad' kind of thing.

No. 1136060

I don't feel bad for them in a mean way, I just think lessons personally learned are great teaching tools. Tbh had I not experienced scrote bullshit firsthand I might have spent a good chunk of my life not entirely believing what other women went through.

No. 1136061

Here we go again… sorry nona not everyone has access to fresh foods/not being poisoned with farm runoff estrogen/not having $ to buy food not loaded with tons of chemicals. I swear being fat is the new non-religious original sin. The father (calories in calories out), the son (just work out) and the holy spirit (quality of food doesn't matter shut up you poor shit who can't afford non gmo non sprayed to hell soil stripped food). Even if someones skinny in their early life that shit builds up and they end up fat by 50.

No. 1136062

Being left handed means you're inferior. Blessed are the righties for they will inherit the earth.

No. 1136066

I dont care if someone is fat. as long as they're happy and don't shame skinny or fit people. Women have to deal with enough bs to body shame each other.

No. 1136067

Being ambidextrous is the true based form though.

No. 1136069

I've been there and it ended in every form of abuse you can list. To this day my dad still sings his mans praises depsite me admitting it was abusive. I can see how I ended up there kek. I have to laugh about it now or I'll lose my mind thinking back.

No. 1136071

IVF is literal GMO'ing humans, if someones health is so damaged then they can't reproduce there's a reaosn for it. It's extremely shitty to make a kid who'll most likely have health issues and literally de-evolve the human genome by forcing life. Only scrote science could come up with something so fucked up and against nature.

No. 1136072

I would say that you're right, but what's the point of being able to use your left hand if you can use your right? The world is basically built for us with no regard for leftcels.

No. 1136075

Nta but I don't think infertility is natures protection from deformities. I've known enough people with perfect fertility who pop out a new disabled kid every couple of years. I wish nature had a built in saver like that sometimes but it isn't that black and white.

No. 1136076

I'm not talking about extreme deformities I'm talking about shit like autism, autoimmune issues, stunted growth, etc. No wonder IVF is so funded it guarantees a future medconsoomer.

No. 1136081

Are you retarded? Anon was talking about teens mothers. If a girl's gives birth at 13 and feels pressured to give her child away when she herself is literally a child, she should have the chance to take her child back or at least contact the child. You radicalized people really see everything in black and white, huh?
Don't you realize most adopted kids end up in shit families or dont even get adopted at all? If you care so much, adopt a child yourself but I know these adoption advertisers would rather die than adopt a child themselves.

No. 1136082

Im talking about that too. The perfectly fertile families I was talking about.. every second kid turns out to have severe autism or a muscle condition and yet their fertility is fine and they can keep going.

No. 1136083

Not to mention those women are never having another unassisted pregnancy. IVF babies only.

No. 1136084

Hunger is actually induced by hormones and/or blood sugar levels, which obesity is proven to exacerbate and throw out of balance thus making them feel "hungry" in spite of fat reserves. On the same token, obese individuals are often malnourished in part by the nutritionally devoid foods some consume, but also because excess adipose literally zaps the bioavailability of certain vitamins i.e. Vit D for their bodies to use and so their processes are technically doing the right thing to send signals for more food.

Is this a troll or are farmers regressing on established science in lieu of moralistic virtue signaling? "Greed" just because someone wants an extra meal lmao. Meanwhile, crickets for billionaires literally exploiting people and the planet.

No. 1136085

>Another unassisted pregnancy
IVF is for women who couldn't have them in the first place.

No. 1136087

No. 1136088

Infertility is caused by a large combination of factors. If it’s something as simple as diet and treatment for an actual health condition not being diagnosed and treated do you still think sterilizing and medicalizing those women is okay?

No. 1136089

>The hate against IVF sounds like some bitter poorfag condition
>Sometimes it also sounds like it's bitter incels with womb envy mad that women can be helped to have children instead of becoming the dead egg shriveled womb harpie who deserved what she got for not having children at 21.
This. I hate it when random retards try to dictate women's reproductive rights. They're acting like women are evil for wanting their children and not some other random child who, if the woman doesn't want to adopt, will never really be able to be comfortable with.
Why are women forced to adopt and raise random children but men don't get this shit? Men can divorce three wives just because they couldn't get pregnant but a woman will be called a selfish and disgusting for something much less extreme?
The IVF-haters parrot scrote propoganda and literally seethe so hard because a woman refused to mother random children who are most likely way mor mentally and physically ill than the children she'd have via IVF.

No. 1136090

I don't think it's that unpopular in people's minds, it's just that no one really dares to speak up against it since it'll usually only come up in context of actual people you know. "Having kids" isn't a right, you can adopt, but you can rejected even in that process because no one is owed a child.

No. 1136092

I hate IVF because I know women who got lied to and it fucked them. I hate IVF because those women are likely going to get cancer. I hate IVF because it’s a selfish unnecessary risk like smoking while pregnant.

No. 1136095

You're mentally ill. Forcing women to adopt isn't going to make infertile women feel any better. You're just using those women's pain as an argument which just proves my point that there's a personal reason why you're mad at this and trust me, if it was just you knowing a woman who got lied to - you'd rather try to find ways to educate people instead of shitting on any woman who refuses to take care of some random scrote's spawns because that's what you see women fit.

No. 1136096

Anon we have this same discussion every week on this exact thread. It always runs on for a lil too long when one side just resorts to parroting their opinion endlessly. Lets not beat a dead horse kek

No. 1136098

Haven't read any of this ivf convo but all the 3 women I've known to get it, have had cancer afterwards. I don't have a horse in this race, can't have kids, won't ever try to have them but I just found that curious!

No. 1136100

If you talk over people in a conversation (especially an argument) you're evil, and I hope you end up homeless without a dime to your name. This is unpopular because so many people do this.

No. 1136102

>don't have a horse in this race
>continues infighting
Maybe the Ivf hater is right, retards like you are infertile so you can't pass your genes.

No. 1136103

I love how you posted this twice because you just had to add in 'you're evil'

Who'd you fight with? lol

No. 1136104

Nobody recently, just having flashbacks and remembered that talking over other people is my biggest pet peeve.

No. 1136105

I haven’t said anything about adoption. You’re confusing anons. Calm down.

No. 1136106

People brought up a lot of things against IVF that wasn't "just adopt". No one's forcing people to adopt either if they don't want to.
I've watched some talk show with like 3 minor celebrity guests that all went through IVF and brought their toddlers in and discussed how they developed brain tumors and chronic health problems.

No. 1136107

>If a girl's gives birth at 13 and feels pressured to give her child away
There is no way a 13 year old girl is emotionally or financially capable of raising a baby. It will be raised by someone else, whether that's by the adults within her family, or what the state will supplement.
Sorry not sorry, but you're acting like a retard. "Pressure" in this context is just doing the right thing. The actual flaw is not having granted the 13 year old an abortion, and before that brainwashing her into thinking responsible motherhood was possible and there would be no bodily risk at her age. A 13 year old is a child. She cannot consent to sex, she cannot comprehend the consequences of pregnancy and childbirth.
Those were the crimes, not doing what's best for the baby who didn't get a choice to be born.
It doesn't mean it isn't tragic, but that's literally for the best.
>she should have the chance to take her child back or at least contact the child
Which is it? Your argument was that she gets the right to take the child back any time she regrets it. Most adoptive parents don't actually have a problem with allowing their adoptive child contact with their birth parents.
The fact is, however, you don't get to take a child back when you're in a better place and it's convenient for you. The child has an attachment with the adoptive parents, and so do the adoptive parents with their child.
It would be unfair, and if birth parents could just waltz back and take their bio children on a whim then why would anyone bother with adoption if the children cannot be theirs at all? No one would cause that's bullshit.
>Don't you realize most adopted kids end up in shit families or dont even get adopted at all?
Most biological children are born into and stay in shit families, and the child protective services are often toothless to do anything about it. Adoptive parents have to endure way more screenings and accountability than biological parents.
>Or they don't get adopted at all?
Tell the truth: Those children either have behavioral or medical conditions that would have made their lots no better off had they stayed with their birth parents who weren't equipped to care for them in the first place. It's sad, but it's not on the individuals seeking adoption to handle them when even the biological parents weren't capable of that.
>If you care so much, adopt a child yourself
Reverse uno.

No. 1136109

I've known tens of people who were conceived by IVF but none had such issues? Why aren't you linking articles about how all kids conceived with IVF totally have brain tumors instead of binging up some weird talkshow? The more you go on the more I believe you're poor and most likely a bit dumb which is why you're so vehemently against something that's not even proven to be as harmful as stuff a normal person would eat on the daily.

No. 1136111

>If a girl's gives birth at 13 and feels pressured to give her child away when she herself is literally a child, she should have the chance to take her child back or at least contact the child.
Lmao so you want a 13 year old to raise a child just because the child mom may "regret" it? That's ridiculous. How traumatizing would it be for you to raise a child and then once your kid's birth mom is "old" enough or regrets giving her child up for adoption that your child is taken away from you for that reason? How might that fuck up the kid?

I feel like people who are obsessed with the idea that only bio parents are real parents are a bit crazy. Some of you act like a drug addict mom who claims she will love and care for her kids is somehow more fit to raise her children than a mom who has the resources and is determined to give her kids the best life. Both may want the best for their kid, but one scenario is far more likely to result in well balanced kids than the other. Just because your bio mom was great doesn't mean that's always the case.

No. 1136113

You really on focus on the anons that aren’t arguing facts don’t you? You stay in your bubble wrap bubble then.

No. 1136114

I'm not any of the people you think I am, schizo-chan. I meant the mothers developed brain tumors, that wasn't clear. Fertility treatments have a huge risk of them, you're also sitting in front of a computer so it's not hard to find that information.

No. 1136116

>According to Medical News Today, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men in the US will develop cancer within their lifetime. These figures highlight that cancer is, indeed, not rare and something a large part of the population faces at some point in their life.
It's hard to truly say what gave someone cancer when those are the rates we're all facing and a million things all combine to add to that risk.

No. 1136117

At this point I’m convinced they’re one of the negatively impacted IVF babies Noni

No. 1136118

So if a girl gives birth at 13, has her child forcibly taken away, she shouldn't ever have the rights to see her again? You also think the same child is better off suffering and not getting adopted rather than being returned to her mother once the said mother is actually an adult who can consent and make life choices herself?
You're thinking black and white again and while you're defending the adoption system, you're also saying the kids who can't find parents don't deserve to be taken care of as if they're damaged goods.
You sound like someone who doesn't have the ability to think emotionally or empathize with people because thinking it's totally ok for kids to grow up without a family or end up in a bad family and not have the resources to try and find their biological parents isn't normal.

No. 1136120

I'm not even conceived by IVF kek.

No. 1136121

This is the first time I ever posted about ivf here but ok anon!

No. 1136123

What of it? I've seen this view floating around a lot and I wanted to say something about it. A lot of people make arguments that aren't based on facts and they're meant to appeal to emotions, and that bothers me. It's ridiculous I have to qualify my statement by saying "yes, I believe that some adoptions result in poor scenarios". It's possible to believe that and to also be critical of people who act staunchly opposed to adoption.

No. 1136127

I'm a lesbian and having a baby with my partner of 13 years. we screened and tested for our IVF. i dont understand the hatred for IVF on this site. it feels very juvenile to hate women so much that choose IVF vs a natural birth. we cant all have that option and i dont want to adopt. I can afford to do it, so why not. i saved for it.

No. 1136128

File: 1650037209115.png (184.55 KB, 680x909, 1063_age_and_cancer_chart_v2_0…)

>over lifetime
Also if there's a statistically significant rate of women developing meningiomas right after fertility treatments, it's not a huge mystery.

No. 1136130

Love I know you’re slow but try to keep up. I’m mocking your emotional regulation and reading comprehension because you have the aptitude of a cabbage.

No. 1136131

Ignore them, anon. They're the same members of the childfree cult who will trash on mothers, especially for their bodily flaws, or women in general for making choices they disagree with and then turn around and say they're childfree because having a children is totally anti-feminist and they're super feminist. That one anon even used a friend habing IVF and getting cancer as an argument while saying jow ivf having women are evil, kek. They really don't care about women at all.

No. 1136133

Just don’t be the lesbians that switched eggs and took unnecessary risks for “romance”.

No. 1136134

Kek. I'm sure they're going to be way better parents than your parents were so don't worry.

No. 1136136

Is this unpopular anywhere but here? (And even that's reaching)

No. 1136138

I dont know about the egg switching but i am carrying our child because we've been together for so long and want a family with no men involved. I am happy where i am with my wife and we are both very big on science and did a lot of research before doing this. I screened a lot and did many tests and just want a healthy daughter with the woman i love.

No. 1136139

My mom was one of 4 girls (then one brother) and 3 of them women had died of female forms of cancer while still under 60. I wish I knew what that was about.

No. 1136142

I'm not against IVF, but why'd you choose it over insemination methods (like IUI or home insemination I guess)? Just out of curiosity.

No. 1136145

This is beautiful anon. I wish for the best for you.
Those are genetic cancers. You might be likely to develop it too if it runs in the family.

No. 1136147

>has her child forcibly taken away, she shouldn't ever have the rights to see her again?
Yes, unless the adoptive parents are informed of the situation and deem it appropriate as it's their call.
Sorry, but she's 13. What should have happened was an abortion. A 13 year old birthing a child is fucking repulsive and a tragedy and should be investigated as child abuse.
The failure is on her parents for not giving her access to birth control, abortion, or protecting her from the scrote who knocked her up. If you want someone to be angry at, be mad at the child's parents who allowed their daughter to be caught in a horrendous and traumatic situation.
It doesn't mean anyone's incapable of empathy to admit that a 13 year old is incapable of bringing any substance to child rearing or having a positive impact on the baby's upbringing.
No one is saying it doesn't suck or that it isn't sad.
>You also think the same child is better off suffering and not getting adopted
They are better off as a ward of the state as opposed to being given back to a birth parent who cannot provide, yes.
>once the said mother is actually an adult who can consent and make life choices herself?
Define "adult." Just because she turns 18 doesn't mean she's an adult suddenly capable of raising a kid. Maybe she should have to jump through the same tests and financial hoops that adoptive parents have to do to prove it.
That would actually be fair and ensure the welfare of the kid.
>You're thinking black and white again
No that seems to be you, considering you don't believe kids in the system are "taken care of" at any capacity and so we're better off doling them back out to any biological parent with regrets.
>you're also saying the kids who can't find parents don't deserve to be taken care of as if they're damaged goods
Literally did not say this, calm yourself and quit arguing from a place of emotion.

No. 1136150

I had cervical myself at 27. Late bloomer so I was getting my very first smear test done and there it was.

No. 1136151

You're so sweet. Thank you, nonnie.
And yes, everyone spewing cancer this and that bullshit needs to realize A LOT of cancer is genetic sadly. There are preventable methods, but most just happen because it runs in the family. I have high blood pressure from both sides, kek. I need to watch what i eat.

No. 1136152

Please keep in mind sex selection isn’t an exact and a lesbian couple right now is suing over having a son. You cannot guarantee a daughter.

No. 1136153

We already went through the embryo process and have sex selection with 10 daughters to choose from and only 3 male ones, so the sex selection process is done. Just gotta chose the best embryo now.

No. 1136155

No. 1136156

Her egg was better suited, but i am the better one for carrying the child to full term. We are both contributing to the process, so was the best choice for us.

No. 1136158

Biology is complicated and you should not be having a child if you aren’t potential willing to have a male child or have a plan in the case it happens what you will do.

No. 1136160

I see, thanks anon. I hope your future pregnancy goes well!

No. 1136161

>suing over having a son
Sorry but this is kinda hilarious about all the talk about how people just want a beautiful family but then REEE about the sex of the child and probably won't bond with poor kid

No. 1136164

I'm assuming you're unaware most of the kids in those facilities get raped or assaulted? You're thinking black and white. Staying in a facility where no one cares for the child's well-being and the caretakers are free to do whatever, there's a high chance the child will get abused either by other kids or adults.
Judging from your obsession, writing style and the effort to act like you're all facts and logic while other people are dumb because they have emotions, you're also probably autistic. I assume you're won't have children, you shouldn't,
. People like you having to children are much more likely to have autistic or mentally ill children than an average woman having IVF.
Yes, like most things cancer is genetic and don't let some weird people here trick you into thinking you'll definitely get cancer just because you made a choice about your reproductive health they disagree with. At this point they're trying so hard to control women's bodies and choices I could believe they're conservative men larping.

No. 1136165

Sounds good Noni. Good luck, My biggest gripe is informed consent and wanting those kids taken care of. The down playing of risks or not planning for the unwanted children is my hill. I hope everything goes well, thank you for the chat.

No. 1136166

>Biology is complicated and you should not be having a child if you aren’t potential willing to have a male child or have a plan in the case it happens what you will do.
So the IVF-fag was just a seething male after all? Why would a woman be angry another woman wants a daughter? Kek.

No. 1136167

Thank you. I'm very excited to have my first child. Wishing nothing but wellness to all nonnies here.

No. 1136168

I didn't know I had absolute power through words on the internet. Knowing the risks doesn't mean a 100% guarantee.

No. 1136169

No offense to you but this is a fucking creepy science/technology/timeline. We're heading towards a time the richest will be able to pick and choose to birth the best of the best only further securing their class and riches while the averages and poors will be left birthing to children of any strength, health, intelligence, beauty etc.

No. 1136172

>two lesbians having kids without a MAN is the start of A DYSTOPIA
Kys scrote.

No. 1136173

Yes because no women can want informed consent and a proper acknowledgment of risks when it comes to your health especially when medical money is on the table. You got us. We’re not real feminists arguing doctors should openly discuss risks, it’s you arguing to ignore studies and concerns and just go ahead guns a blazing because cancer is genetic. You have fun with your two remaining marbles there.

No. 1136175

I’m not angry. I’m pointing out she needs a plan if it’s a male embryo. She said she would abort. So would I. We Gucci. You seem mad I asked her plan, not her.

No. 1136176

Nta, but that post doesn't sound angry. Also, why did you greentext the entire post

No. 1136178

The first anons weren't arguing about the risks but rather how IVF is selfish and how evil it is that rich people get whatever they want.
I misunderstood, sorry anon.

No. 1136186

You’re good. I’m the one arguing risks as long as the risks are seen and acknowledged and women are getting to give informed consent and make a plan that’s all I care about. It’s your body I just don’t want some moid making your choices and deciding what is and isn’t relevant information when women are the one facing potential consequences. I’m not trying to take women's choices for IVF away just want the system to be honest and up front about concerns.

No. 1136188

>I'm assuming you're unaware most of the kids in those facilities get raped or assaulted?
Are you unaware that the majority of child abuse and child sexual assault happens when children are with their biological families? People are out there abusing and murdering their own biological kids, yet you'd have us believing there's a government facility someplace for vulnerable kids treating them like slaughterhouse animals.
You're the one thinking in black and white because it's beneficial for your argument to ignore the fact that biological families are just as abusive and a threat to children.
>Staying in a facility where no one cares for the child's well-being and the caretakers are free to do whatever
Do you seriously think you're not being irrational calling someone autistic and hoping they don't reproduce just cause they said a 13 year old can't raise a child and shouldn't be granted back automatic custody from the adoptive parents just because of "regrets"?????
You sound unhinged.

Btw I'm not participating in thw IVF argument and don't even have anything against that, so???(chill)

No. 1136190

File: 1650039091626.jpg (99.59 KB, 602x436, jxjwkwlwpwpalskxn.jpg)

>kinsey scale
this is who you are referring to lmao. what's next? quoting john money just like queershit already do?

No. 1136195

Tangent but cancer is not normal and I hate how it's been normalized (along with other diseases like diabetes and alzheimers). Our ancestors who weren't in poverty & didn't have the american deathcult world rarely had this shit. If someone's healthy and has healthy food they don't develop all this shit and don't spend their last years a drooling vegetable/hooked on drugs. Ultimate gaslighting by medical industry.

No. 1136199

The male and female forming sperm can be selected by weight (female forming are higher weight). It's usually just scrotes in the industry fucking up on purpose bc they think the world needs more males.

No. 1136205

Making the poors infertile and then ivf'ing their kid to be dumb/unhealthy is end goal.

No. 1136208

That can be the case yes. It’s still something to keep in mind that it can and does happen. medical providers are not always in your best interest. There’s been women I’ve known that they hid they’re kids birth defects at screenings so they wouldn’t abort. There’s also times that genuine human error come up or abnormal weights or changes. Not everything is cookie cutter. Once you have a kid they exist. You should just look at all the options first.

No. 1136209

>cancer is not normal and I hate how it's been normalized
Weird energy on here today lol

No. 1136216

I think in cases of cancer its when there's errors in genetic code. We've a fair few family trees away from our ancestors and I think over time we're more prone to errors in the code. Also it doesn't help all the different chemicals we're exposed to that have known carcinogens. Our only hope is decoding genomes and understanding genes imo to preserve the species in the long term. Perhaps this is natures way of recycling species. Dinosaurs spanned the earth for millenia it would be fascinating if we were able to study disease and their dna for illnesses at that time, but think we've missed the chance on that lol

No. 1136219

I'm sorry you're falling out of the gene pool because stacey picked chad over you

No. 1136220

Shit maybe we could study plants for illnesses, do plants get cancer? These are things i need to Google

No. 1136225

There are things that increase risks of cancers though like putting men on synthetic estrogen. Anything that causes rapid cell turnover increases the risk of a malignant cell (cancer) because you’re playing the odds on each one.

No. 1136226

They do. The last presentation I had to hold in high school was about Agrobacterium tumefaciens, which is plant cancer.

No. 1136227

>maybe we could study plants for illnesses
I feel like scientists have already or are already doing this.

No. 1136231

File: 1650040598371.gif (2.73 MB, 498x454, hannahhillam-almondmilk.gif)

Almond milk superiority.

No. 1136236

That's so interesting because we could then study species before certain eras and dates and compare and contrast with environmental and man made effects and longevity of a species.

Probably but let me have my eureka moment

No. 1136238

It's kinda watery if I'm remembering right

No. 1136245

You know you're talking to a crazy person when they think more of the problem will fix the problem. We don't need to GMO humans we need to clean up scrote made chemicals and fix the food and medical system. That'd solve 95% of problems.

No. 1136247

No. Animal milk is superior because it gives so many divine cheeses.

No. 1136250

I just googled 'nut cheese' thanks to you

No. 1136251

People get more cancer because we live to be older. The older your cells get the more risk there is for mutation and malignant cancer cells forming. It's not some big pharma conspiracy theory. Back when people died at 50 or 60 they didn't get the chance to develop cancer or they did die of it but were never diagnosed.

No. 1136253

You're right that animal milk cheese is better than non-dairy cheese, but this is about milk itself. Not what it can make.

No. 1136257

Remember when phones were supposed to cause cancer when used too frequently for calls? What happened to that?

No. 1136275

Reading dna code and being able to understand it isn't gmoing humans stfu

No. 1136276

There’s also medications, chemicals, and outside factors more present now and prescribed or pushed that encourage rapid cell growth do you think that has nothing to do with rising cancer levels?

No. 1136277

Phone give us small amount of radiation that is deemed “safe”. There are people that get more radiation from their basements because of soil in their basements. Don’t keep your phone in your bra though that seems like unnecessary risk.

No. 1136278

Obviously that anon isn't ignorant, but they are right that cancer becomes higher risk with age for genetic reasons outside of environmental factors

No. 1136281

I didn’t say they were. I’m just adding in. It’s multiple factors, not one thing.

No. 1136289

You’re the type of people to think that being called a Karen is misogynistic kek.

No. 1136292

File: 1650044305554.jpg (121.18 KB, 620x600, why_more_people_get_cancer.jpg)

Of course chemicals play a part with cancers like stomach cancer and lung cancer, that's been proven scientifically. But the overall biggest factor is definitely the population aging. The average age of a cancer patient is still 66 to 74.

No. 1136299

All plant milk is watery if you don't shake it beforehand tbf.

No. 1136315

Kinsey was just an honest scrote, honestly. This is who most of them really are, but they hide behind "I'm totally straight and normal and not pedophilic or otherwise degenerate at all babe, no strange predilections here haha"

No. 1136372

This. I’m sad because I’m chubby and I hate how I put on weight . I’m tall and top heavy. I look like my mom, and I saw her insulting her body throughout my childhood and now all I see is that.

No. 1136374

File: 1650048598578.jpg (95.85 KB, 546x913, 1909 deaths.jpg)

Maybe more people die of cancer now because they're less likely to die from tuberculosis and diarrhea?

No. 1136377

File: 1650048881966.jpg (273.98 KB, 1722x1142, hayao.jpg)

This "TOuch gRAsS" shit is absolute peak internet retardation. None of the people who say that unironically have indeed touched grass in their lifetime. The fact that they're embracing twitter slang, AKA paedophile slang, is beyond the cherry on top. You might as well call yourself underage for life because your brain development stopped right then and there when you uttered those words under your breath thinking you're about to "lE ePIc oWN!!" some random netbrain. Come live in my third world shithole country and see what hard-work and "toUChINg GraSS" really is about. Fatties, Uglies, all of you, gaddamn.

No. 1136378

I don’t understand how people would die from diarrhea. I’m assuming it’s because they dehydrate but would drinking more water not help? Or was the diarrhea caused from the water to begin with?

No. 1136381

How did I survive pneumonia 4 times per year every year for the first decade of my life? They didn't even give me antibiotics all that often.

No. 1136385

Preach anon, I can't stand any kind of shit twitter lingo for the life of me. It induces some kind of primal rage within me lol. I wholeheartedly believe that once a person starts talking like twitterfags they've automatically lost a large amount of brain cells

No. 1136391

I also hate "touch grass" and other smug redditor terms popularized by people who have no right to be so smug

No. 1136394

The people dying from diarrhea back then likely had it due to a virus or bacterial infection, not taco bell. Also yeah there were a lot of issues with contaminated water, that's usually where typhoid came from.

You had antibiotics, though. They didn't have those in 1908. Btw I'm not trying to cape for any medical/pharmaceutical/chemical industry here, if they wanted to stop cancer they would tell people to stop eating sugar and slathering their bodies in carcinogenic petrochemicals every day. But logically, once you remove all the infectious diseases people used to die from, you're going to get more people dying from cancer.

No. 1136402

Most abuse happens in biological families because most children are raised by those families. However the chances of a child getting hurt in any way is much higher if she's placed in a facility or given out for adoption. You're raging like an autist too, calm down and realize that you need to take a break. Writing in all caps and spamming stuff means you're losing your shit over a literal internet argument.

No. 1136419

When you're badly dehydrated, you need electrolytes. Kidneys can fail due to low fluid/low blood. You can also die from too much water. The infamous "Hold Your Wee For A Wii" radio contest back in '07 had a 28 year old mother die.

No. 1136431

I know "He's just on the sex offenders list because he pissed in public" is just a cop out most of the time, but even if it wasn't, landing there for something like that is deserved.

No. 1136434

Technically sanitation issues, hygiene issues, and of course unsafe water. So yes, water can be the cause. It can kill young children.

No. 1136438

Most sex offenders in my state are registered for child pornography or assault. Males gonna cape and cope.

No. 1136441

Samefag I got high and thought about this more. Do crocodiles get cancer reptiles are almost indestructible. Are rodents the most prehistoric mammals I do have a fondness for rodents, they walked so we could run

No. 1136442

What really sends me is that anyone who says touch grass or calls someone chronically online is by necessity chronically online. And I’m so sick of “tell me you’re __”. My favorite of all time is “tell me you’re a zoomer without telling me you’re a zoomer” said as some sort of disdainful gotcha kek

No. 1136443

File: 1650052365351.jpg (458.38 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220415_205245_com…)

Fuck me sideways

No. 1136449

run where to

No. 1136461

I wanna go to the moon

No. 1136462

Don't leave so soon (don't leave so soon)

No. 1136463

File: 1650053045806.png (51.24 KB, 540x430, 30842390._SX540_.png)

Dang, scalies win again

No. 1136464

File: 1650053048942.jpg (660.3 KB, 2000x978, Morganucodon.jpg)

This is the guy you're looking up to

No. 1136472

He's giving me cute vibes. I'd probably name him Alfred

No. 1136477

Our man Alfred has got those eyes that look like they’ve seen things.

No. 1136494


No. 1136499

File: 1650055113419.png (1.99 MB, 1249x791, litrature.png)

Shit you just reminded me of these books I saw. Tag yourself I'm "I Married a Lizardman"

No. 1136505

I like oatmilk more.

No. 1136518

File: 1650056499118.jpg (131.65 KB, 875x907, Screenshot_20220415-160127.jpg)

I'll take the orc, bonus if he has a himbo aura a la Kronk

No. 1136533

If you are not at home and you have a small child with you and the kid tells you they want to go home then you should try to get the kid home ASAP.

No. 1136543

I’m pretty sure everyone who is out doing stuff with that little snot is trying to get home asap

No. 1136544

Im actually kinda interested in those Naga books now, is it just another word for lamia

No. 1136547

Late teens and early 20s is for establishing yourself, working on your career and saving money. Mid 20s to 30s is for travel, partying, investing in hobbies and having fun. People who don't fall for the age ism meme understand this is the correct way to live.

No. 1136548

At mid 20s you barely got out of school lmao your career will not be established.

No. 1136553

File: 1650058882903.jpg (29.76 KB, 663x462, spiderman.jpg)

So I guess we should try to mix reptiles dna with humans so we can live forever cancer free and also get our missing limbs back, sounds like a good idea, we might be the reptilians we talk so much about, we just havent achieved our true form yet. Yet.

No. 1136555

If only that was my experience kek I still remember going shopping with my grandpa as a small girl and sometimes he would run into some other old man he knew and the two would just talk and talk and talk while I would get tired and bored and start pulling on grandpa's sleeve but they're still not done talking. One time I even walked away from him because I really wanted to go home and fortunately somehow I managed to get home safely by myself. I've seen my fair share of caretakers ignoring kids' pleas to go home because "they need to cultivate their patience" or outright calling the kids brats. Maybe it's cultural differences that it doesn't happen in your area?

No. 1136560

Hard to travel and invest in hobbies when you’re locked into a full time job with 2 vacation days. You don’t just “work on your career” for a few years and it’s done. You have to grind at a low level for a couple years, then seek better opportunities, then repeat for 10 years to attain the level comfort that will afford you a mortgage and cruise once a year. That’s the reality of the working class.

No. 1136562

ok boomer

No. 1136568

Anon does not understand life at all.

No. 1136576

>10 years
>afford a mortgage
Unless you’re privileged or incredibly lucky, you need 20 years and an inevitable divorce to buy a house lol

No. 1136579

Keeping fun things like travel, partying, and investing in hobbies to only your mid 20s to 30s is still falling for the ageism meme. no different from "30 is the new 20" cope.

The correct way to live is to have fun and invest in hobbies for your whole life, not just an arbitrary decade in your youth.

No. 1136580

Reptilians have figured out time travel and they observe us because there's a lot of times we nearly eradicate ourselves.

No. 1136581

File: 1650060281441.jpeg (72.63 KB, 1200x675, E6115C6A-678B-4A3F-80CA-608222…)

Parents shouldn’t be allowed to listen to music with swear words until their kids are at least 16 years old.
Some people at the pool are listening to some song about fucking and cheating with toddlers around, no wonder kids are so violent and nasty nowadays.
I don’t know if I’m “not cool” anymore or if im a prude, but parents should be listening to kidz bop tier music until they’re old enough to know that they shouldn’t repeat swear words.

No. 1136582

I don’t think swear words are as big concerns as the fucking and cheating.

No. 1136583

Isn't this the mainstream opinion? I haven't seen anyone who wasn't elderly say different

No. 1136584

This post is making me laugh kek

No. 1136585

Based and true

No. 1136586

File: 1650060638306.jpg (473.1 KB, 682x1024, baste.jpg)

No. 1136678

Ppl back in the day didn't die at 50/60, they died at ~80. Statistics are screwed into younger deaths bc they counter child mortality in them.
Swept into a dark corner bc it was too inconvenient. Still lots of stories of ppl getting aggressive cancers from living near cell tours, or breast/ovary/brain cancer from keeping phone close. Call me schizo but I get a warm tingly ear when I've been talking on the phone for a while.

No. 1136682

So what, just read the dna and… What? If not edit it then off the genetically poor ppl? Ppls obsession with analyzing dna is fucking creepy.

No. 1136684

You're worried about swear words when most music is talking about explicit sex acts, making women into objectified animals, and extreme violence?

No. 1136691

NTA but the two tend to go hand in hand lol

No. 1136698

I don't have empathy for schools shooters because of muh bullying and I hate how everyone sympathizes with those freaks. The problem with school shooters is not bullying, is the fact that they're entitled moids unable of crontrolling their emotions. Women go through so much worse stuff, and you don't see us dealing with them in a violent terrorist way. Also, thanks to the Pumped Up Kicks meme and irresponsible parents who let their kids all day on the internet without supervision, most school shooters do it because of some stupid reason, not because of bullying. Anyway, I don't care about moids and I wish they would deal with their frustrations by offing themselves without dragging other people in their mess.

No. 1136702

Not everyone needs to dive deep and explore and discover their ~true sexuality~. I think there is too much value placed into this. If someone thinks they're straight/gay but if they explored more they would be bi and they don't, who cares.

No. 1136714

>thanks to the Pumped Up Kicks meme and irresponsible parents who let their kids all day on the internet without supervision, most school shooters do it because of some stupid reason, not because of bullying
At this point I hope there's extreme internet and media censorship because of so many online cults (troonism, nazes, incels, porn, alt right and left, etc) literally grooming kids. But no if censorship ever does get worse it'll just be for shitty stuff like questioning pharma/gov or saying women deserve rights. Best scenario we run out of chips and tech goes back. Progress is impossible when there's scrotes running around and in charge fucking it up (bezos, bill gates, zuc, etc).

No. 1136720

Ew. Who the fuck thinks school shooters are bullied? They often are the bullies.

No. 1136727

>You had antibiotics, though.
I just said they usually didn't give me antibiotics, because they didn't want to give me resistance to them. So I had to deal with it on my own. The pneumonia only stopped coming back when I moved to an area with cleaner air.

No. 1136730

File: 1650074247468.jpeg (71.77 KB, 1280x853, 3EAF1317-F953-4ECF-AFE2-44AE17…)

Would be useful if you ever lose function of your right hand or lose it in a accident. Would also be useful if you wanted to commit a crime and throw off the police by making them think the perp is a leftie
Almond milk is the worst non dairy milk imo . It’s too watery and the almond flavor overpowers whatever it’s in

My unpopular opinion is I love limp, kinda soggy fries. I don’t hate the crispier ones, but nothing gets me stoked like seeing picrel. That’s why McDonald’s is def in my top 3 for fries even people always crucify me for saying that

No. 1136761

That's not unpopular to me those are my favorite fries

I think Americanized Chinese food is pretty awful, it's so overloaded with sodium and sweetness it's unbearable to me. No disrespect to actual traditional Chinese food, I'm sure it's great, but the 'Chinese' food they have here and serve in buffets is gross to me imo. I just had some because someone brought me some leftovers and had to throw it out before I finished it, and I hate wasting food.

No. 1136763

Or they get groomed by the FBI by thinking they're talking to a woman when in actuality it's an agent on the other end.

No. 1136765

File: 1650078841560.jpg (46.82 KB, 640x640, Tumblr_l_120118045620323.jpg)

I counter-groomed my FBI agent

No. 1136772

…my point was that any amount of antibiotics is more than what you would have received in 1908.

No. 1136790

the meat in most chinese food places is pretty awful here. I find that japanese and korean places tend to one up on whatever rigid cheap meat chinese places use. it's worth paying the extra money to not have to chew like I'm chowing on shoe leather

No. 1136792

God I agree so hard it's painful. I hate censorship but since we're already going that direction at least get it right. So many people would be better off without the internet anyway.

No. 1136794

Good american chinese is pretty good but alot of places serve flavorless or poor quality slop

This is true. When I'm at the grocery and I buy prepackaged foods I stick to Korean or Japanese now too, Chinese stuff will sometimes just taste funny

No. 1136800

it's weird how my parents thought I was going to shoot up a school at 14 for writing all my violent thoughts down. most shooters are men, get it right

No. 1136819

School shooters are a uniquely American problem. It's such an unfathomably dark thing, kids murdering kids. Idk how every parent isn't up in arms (no pun intended) over this and how it isn't treated as a top national priority.

No. 1136821

File: 1650087797330.jpeg (44.9 KB, 490x625, 34115FBB-ED16-4AB4-8AD6-3C12E0…)

i know objectifying women is wrong but if it’s a lesbian singer/rapper doing it idc and it’s sexy

No. 1136903

I believe in China

No. 1136908

Pretty sure it's because gun laws are so lax in the US. Other places just have stabbing sprees.

No. 1136909

>Other places just have stabbing sprees.
No they fuckung don't wtf. There's no killing sprees in schools at all in the vast majority of places. It's unthinkable.

No. 1136912

Samefag, I'm shocked how normalized that is for you when you think everybody does it one way or another. It's not, it's deeply deeply disturbing and unusual.

No. 1136914

You can always make bombs too. All school shootings around the world have been inspired by Columbine and a pathetic attempt to recreate it. The others have been inspired by some other American faggots, but TBH I don't remember any. Those retards have zero originality and wouldn't come up with the idea of school shooting/stabbing/bombing on their own. We had the first attempt here 2 years ago, 15-17 years old moids who were in touch with another teen psycho who ended up murdering his mother in law. Anyway the wannabe school bombers were obsessed with Columbine, one of them even was larping as Eric Harris on Facebook.
School shootings are an American invention poisoning the world.

No. 1136936

>Other places just have stabbing sprees.
Do you unironically think countries that are actually safe to live in do not exist? God I feel borderline bad for Americans but then again you're doing your retarded gunlaws to yourself.

No. 1136952

school shootings have been around before columbine

No. 1137007

they have but they increased drastically after columbine. look at the frequency. school shooters and mass shooters (especially young men) literally tend to have an obsession with columbine. holmes, the virginia tech shooter, adam lanza, nikolas cruz, all of them idolized the columbine killers

No. 1137012

Pretty sure the kids getting murdered in schools aren’t voting anybody into office since…y’know…they’re not old enough to vote. Plus most of the red states are gerrymandered to all hell, along with the NRA funneling tons of money into lobbying (political corruption is not a uniquely American problem) for super lax gun laws. I’m not saying stupid Americans who vote against their own best interests don’t exist. We obviously know that isn’t true. But I’m so sick of people from other countries pretending to be so scandalized about mass shootings under a veil of concern, only to turn around and use them as a gotcha or a joke in arguments. If you were actually concerned and disturbed at the thought of these things happening, you wouldn’t be borderline bragging about it not happening to you. I’d love to know what country you live in, so I can ridicule you with whatever tragedies plague it and pretend that makes me morally superior somehow.
Reminds me of retarded libs (I’m saying this as someone who votes left, I’m not a conservatard) who crack jokes when a natural disaster happens in a red state or genuinely suggest not giving them aid because “they deserve it”. First of all, not everyone in a given area agrees with that area’s leadership. And second, that’s just a fucked up and sociopathic way to think about people.
Americans get so defensive when y’all bring up mass shootings because we can tell you don’t actually care and are just using it as another way to dunk on stupid fat Amerifags

No. 1137017

I think a lot of people are just baffled by Americans and their guns since they're suppose to be a free and democratic country yet you've got such heated debates about gun laws and there's a large amount of people that advocate for guns and sees that as a solution to stop fun violence. It's just baffling there's not more outrage from America it should be a number 1 issue

No. 1137029

I realize that. It honestly baffles many of us too. It’s just frustrating how so many people use it to mock us instead of attempting to understand. Gun violence, at least to such a severe extent, is a uniquely American problem - one that should bring a collective shame to our country. But I don’t see that as a reason to condemn 300+ million people who live here when every country has its own unique problems. Would it be right to say Mexicans deserve gang violence because they voted in corrupt leaders (willingly ignoring the corruption that allowed them to become leaders in the first place)? Or to condemn all Russians for the actions of Putin? I understand the anger and hatred many anons have for America. It isn’t unjustified. But at least acknowledge it for what it is - schadenfreude and vindictiveness. Don’t pretend it makes you morally superior as a whole to rub these problems in our faces because you could easily use that same logic for any country

No. 1137035

I don't, it's not real kek

No. 1137037

> it should be a number 1 issue
I hope that's a joke
>most "gun violence" statistics are suicides and accidents
>rest is overwhelmingly unlawful gun use anyway, usually gang-related, those aren't resolved by regulation since country is saturated with illegal guns already
>muh skool shutingz are a blip
to add to it: common school shootings only came about after mass media started wanking the little egomaniacs who perpetuated them. There were decades of 20th century where this didn't happen and kids had more access to guns than now.

I am so tired of this topic, that I know so much about w/o even being in the US is a mark of how publicized this nonsense really is. It's a meme issue, meanwhile real impactful things go unnoticed since they don't give viewership and politicians step around them.

No. 1137045

And? How does it apply to what I've said? It doesn't matter, due to numerous factors Columbine is THE iconic school shooting (I hate that I had to write those words). The phenomenon of mass attacks at schools AROUND THE WORLD began due to Columbine. If you look at the many Russian wannabe school shooters (or stabbers), Pekka-Eric Auvinen, the Polish faggots (thankfully caught before they could do any harm), the grisly gang of the failed Halifax school shooting… they have all been inspired by Columbine. The older (and even more recent) shootings don't have the hold over imagination like Columbine.
The one Russian Eric Harris especially comes to mind, he has done his best to look like Eric and even die in the same place I think (weirdly enough, his corpse ended up laying in a similar pose).
I'm vaguely interested in the phenomenon, and I cannot tell you the names of any of those wannabe Harrises and Klebolds (had to look up Auvinen). That tells you all you need to know.

No. 1137053

The columbine shooters were incredibly lame and incompetent, you'd think the wannabe school shooters who obsess over them would have noticed.

No. 1137063

Ludwig is such a faggy ass name for the Team Fortress 2 Medic. He deserves a sexy masc4masc name such as Günther.

No. 1137074

Was he named after the faggy streamer?

No. 1137077

No but it's still a faggy name.

No. 1137102

No that's scout

No. 1137116

>The columbine shooters were incredibly lame and incompetent
It always makes me chuckle that we think about Columbine as a tragic school shooting when it was supposed to be a school bombing (with shooting victims thrown in as an extra) of catastrophic proportions. I am not saying that what happened wasn't awful enough, it was meant to be so much worse, though. Most people are unaware, which makes the shooters look more competent than they actually were.
Of course the fanboys must have run into the information eventually, but it doesn't matter because the Columbine shooters were relatable uwu and wore Matrix outfits.
It gives me some comfort to know that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed themselves knowing that they are embarrassing failures and that their "glorious NBK" ended up being nothing like what they envisioned. I just wish the media didn't blow smoke up their asses so much.

No. 1137139

Jeremy is also a faggy name but that's why it fits the Scout.

No. 1137153

oh my god get over yourself. you admit this is an uniquely american problem but you feel personally offended when people point out that americans are genuinely doing this to themselves? the gun culture is obviously affected by lobbying, but americans are pretty stupid to have this level of violence and death normalized and not be able to reject the lobbying. they play right into their hands. americans are often stupid, sorry. i say this as a burger. why you're so offended that sane people globally recognize this, is bizarre.

No. 1137197

File: 1650126865895.jpg (118.81 KB, 1024x576, DiYr98eW4AAImaQ.jpg)

BLU lives don't matter.

No. 1137200

I think SOME trans people are actually kind and fun people, but they're victims of idiotic gender stereotypes. I genuinely wish that these people realized you don't have to call yourself a woman and get bolt-ons if you enjoy dresses and makeup and you don't have to cut off your tits and become a man if you don't like pink or being sexualized.

No. 1137207

Of course on an individual level they can be decent people, it's just like having a fun person around who believes in insane conspiracy theories. You could have a fun night but then they bring out how the toddler at the next people is one of the molepeople spying on you, and you realize they're not kidding, so your whole view of them shifts forever.

No. 1137218

Exactly. Despite being a mean terf I still have trans people as friends because they can be just like any other person but obviously you have to have deep inner demons to reach the levels of mental instability to mutilate your body and pretty much live a lie for the rest of your life. Once you internalize what they've done and witness the meltdown of regretting the whole procedure you can never look at them the same.

No. 1137220

I genuinely think most TIFs aren't that bad, they're just women that have been through a lot of trauma and in my experience they're pretty chill and harmless people.

No. 1137238

>>1137200 a whole point of the queer cult is that once they become members they lost their individualism, once funny and smart people becomes
Generic Troon #3123 with all the gender talk. I noticed that the younger they're the worse they get and if they have a personality disorder is game over. Sadly this goes to sexuality too, but is less common/they display their cultish traits differently t. lesbian if you have a troon that still behaves like a person keep them in your life but if they start with the /tttt/ degeneracy cut them.

No. 1137241

I think it’s shitty to let them get too deep in the cult, if you can help a tranny, specially if most of your common friends haven’t drink the gender Koolaid, it’s like letting a suicidal person kill themselves in fear of doing something wrong. At least you’re doing something to help them have a normal life again.

No. 1137254

I don't feel bad for women who get into relationships with scrotes, period

No. 1137271

>School shooters are a uniquely American problem
Nha, it's becoming a problem in my country too. Stupid kids are getting influenced by media. Fortunately it's illegal to have guns here, but still, there's been a lot of cases of people finding out students were planning to attack their schools.
>Who the fuck thinks school shooters are bullied?
Most people do. Have you never read a comment section about those cases?

No. 1137273

those are a small percentage though. Most tifs dont do it because of trauma, they do it because they are pickmes with a severe yaoi and kpop addiction.

No. 1137275

>Nha, it's becoming a problem in my country too. Stupid kids are getting influenced by media. Fortunately it's illegal to have guns here, but still, there's been a lot of cases of people finding out students were planning to attack their schools.
Can I ask for information about the cases you are talking about? I'm curious. I still think that USA is to blame or most if not all attacks on schools worldwide, specifically when they deliberately mirror Columbine. I'm open to changing my mind.

No. 1137284

i hope none of your type call themselves any sort of feminists

No. 1137286

>I think SOME trans people are actually kind and fun people
Duh, that's obvious. The world isn't black and white. There are good and bad people in all races and genders.

No. 1137289

I only don't feel bad for the ones who know their men are awful people and still decide to get into a relationship with them

No. 1137296

>I just wish the media didn't blow smoke up their asses so much.
Fucking this. I absolutely loathe the media. Foaming at the mouth for a story, especially a school shooting because you know it'll be talked about for months on end. Barely talk about the victims then they have to talk about the shooters and give in-depth details because "omg, we need to get in the minds of the killers". All the attention and notoriety, you know will get someone twisted interested. Perpetuating the cycle. Don't get me wrong, I know it wouldn't magically fix this problem. Just tired of the non-stop attention these twisted fuckers get and name dropped at any chance.

No. 1137301

School shooting isn't nearly as half of a problem here as it's in USA. It's way more common to see news about people being arrested for planning to attack schools than actually doing it. However, it is worrying how often this type of news is becoming. Although my country has a high crime rate, school massacres are not common.

No. 1137302

Some of them were bullied, some were bullies, a huge part both. There is no need to deny the truth.
It doesn't really matter even if they were harrassed daily, since as someone else noted women go through much worse shit and yet they don't murder people en masse. The only example of a murderous femcel is Olga Hepnarova, and even then she had more reasons to snap (living in a homophobic country, undiagnosed autism etc - not saying that murdering people with a truck was nowhere near justified).
The only good thing is that hardly anyone remembers the copycats… Though there are still faggots like Lanza or the McDonald's psycho that have gained some notoriety (I haven't been actively interested in the topic of school shootings for the last few years, so maybe I'm unaware of America's Next Schoolshooter)
The damage had already been done with the media exposure of Klebold and Harris, they are like gurus to all the moids with anger issues. I'm a hypocrite since I've found the case fascinating, but TBH I wouldn't even know about it had the American media not fucked up so badly.

No. 1137306

Nta but nobody knows the percentages. Not everyone wears their sexual trauma on their sleeve or announces it. Some of the dumbest most fickle seeming transmen that I've followed over the years had to go detrans before they came out and faced the underlying motivator… unresolved sexual trauma that they went into denial mode about. They were hypersexual as transmen but it was all a cope for a legit serious issue that was always going to catch up with them eventually.

No. 1137307

I think alt-right ideologies are a much bigger motivation for school shooters these days than bullying. It's irresponsible how media ignores this fact to portray criminals as poor misunderstood people. It influences other people to think they're justified in doing the same thing.

No. 1137327

I've seen several anons recently mention being suicidal and wanting to pander to moids for money before offing themselves. But it's in the vent thread I feel like kind of a bitch for replying so I'll just share my unpopular opinion here. If you're planning on offing yourself anyway there are so many other ways to get money besides pandering to scrotes. I really don't understand why women feel this is their last resort option. It's so much easier to pander to wokies and get money without any sex work, just run your pics through face app, call yourself a disabled autistic troon and have other troons donate to your ffs and leaving an aboosive tranny hating home. You could rob a bank just disguise yourself, pass the teller a note saying to give you x amount of money and that you have a gun and not to make a scene, they aren't going to be a hero they'll just call the cops and you can jet the fuck out of there before they arrive. If you aren't at the scene when cops get there you have plenty of time to go wherever the hell you want before you die. You could pretend you're selling some retarded collectables or some drugs, make sure it's worth however much money you want to get before you die, find a gullible buyer to bite, withdraw the cash and not send anything. If you can make art take commissions you will never fulfill, who cares how degenerate the requests are because you aren't going to do anything for them anyway. If you can't make art, impersonate another artist and take commissions you will never fulfill. If you get called out or whatever just pick a new target and make a new screen name etc. Of course you'll get caught eventually but who fucking cares, you already put an expiration date on your life and it takes a while for LE to catch up especially if you don't need millions to live out your last wishes. Realistically LE does not pursue petty thefts from fursuit fags or doll fags or vtuber fags who drop a few k upfront and you only need to trick a few retards to get one last good vacay in. Don't let moids get one last coom out of you. It's not the only way to get last ditch money.

No. 1137336

It was the perfect storm case. Supposedly misunderstood young males, fiction based media people could point the finger to, and the rise of technology. You are right about the damage has been done. The media got it's legacy. I think the real fuck up is the american media personales who saw this as a boost/legacy of their career. They want to be the one to have the scoop of a century. Sadly anniversary stories are a thing. I was reading into school shooting my junior and senior year in hs. I had a couple of classes that talked about them. Weirdly I was more into cults. I think because at the time I couldn't comprehend how people could get sucked in to them. I did a report on Heaven's Gate which my classmates kept mistaking parts of it for Jim Jones until I gave it.

No. 1137387

Go back to twitter

No. 1137408

Nta but what?

No. 1137409

Don’t you need to verify with go fund me ?
i tried

No. 1137418

I wanted to make art, sell it, and move out of state before I die, but I don't know if I can muster up the courage to do it. I'm definitely not ready to sell myself in any capacity before I move out, my dads threatened to kick me out if I do anything like that and I'm caught. Just kind of sucks being between a rock and a hard place. Wanting to commit die when you're surrounded by uncaring people, off your meds, etc. i keep expecting someone will reach out to me and pathetically begging for attention in subtle ways and nobody ever does. I'm dying inside and trying to rid myself of this paranoia. Shit is going to kill me before I kill myself. If there was an easy way to make money that didn't involve me whoring myself out, I would, but I'm disgusted with the state of my body and it's covered in recognizable self harm scars. that's why even non explicit stuff is a no no for me

No. 1137421

Nta but go back to Twitter for reasonable non-black and white thinking and common sense? kek

No. 1137435

There are other crowdfunding platforms besides GoFundMe and if you can roleplay a bit on Twitter you can take donations with cash app or Venmo. Furthermore if anyone questions the names matching up you can just say you needed a trusted friend to set up your GoFundMe because you are in le danger and don't have a bank account and no one will bat an eye. And it's a donation so you don't actually have to "deliver" on any sort of result. You can also take PayPal donations easily or cashapp or Venmo or whatever. Grifters do this shit all the time and get plenty of money they just have terrible spending habits hence they're always still begging. And if you're already going to off yourself who really cares if it gets traced back to you, you'll be gone by the time they catch up with you because you aren't a high priority criminal scamming fake commissions or collectables, it takes ages to pursue real plagiarism cases, and being part of the dollfag community despite knowing the name and address and hundreds of aliases of scammers they never get arrested or have to pay anything back for years and years even if they scam more than 50k and are terrible at covering their tracks, if you get a visit from LE just make up excuses to delay shit and jet the fuck out of there. Take out cash and if your PayPal gets overdrawn who cares you have the money in hand ready to spend, go and spend it, you can't bleed a turnip so once they catch you who cares what you'll owe for it because you dying anyway. Seriously remember you are not a high profile criminal if you scam weebs and toyfags and furries, cops will laugh in the face of scamming victims in these communities all the time and people continue to fall for obvious scams and fake accounts all the time. They won't even consider doing shit until you scammed 100k or more and frankly if you just trying to have a last hoorah that is way more money than you'll ever need to do whatever you want, you can travel the world, buy fancy things (maybe not a house or car, but you could rent a nice air bnb and rent a fancy car if you want) go camp out in beautiful nature and enjoy your last days to the fullest without ever being part of a man's spank bank.

No. 1137593

It's fine to ghost people and block them. Some people just are not worth the mental energy to even explain why. They will misinterpret it anyways. Just be yourself

No. 1137608

Ghosting men is simply self preservation. You tell a man why you no longer want to talk to/see him, he sees it as the start of a negotiation. It's an opportunity to manipulate, guilt trip, and demand explanations specifically so he can tell you why none of your reasons justify not letting him take up as much of your time and energy as you please.

Doing emotional labour for moids, not even once.

No. 1137623

the ghostbuster remake movie was a fun movie idc if it wasn't accurate

No. 1137627

If you have the time and energy to write a ten paragraph essay on how depressed and incapable of working and hygiene you are, you're not that sad, just a filthy neet

No. 1137675

Because writing takes the same amount of energy as actually getting your ass off the couch and doing something about your life

No. 1137687

File: 1650162667781.jpg (31.51 KB, 500x356, 00.jpg)

There's nothing wrong with women doing the right. In fact, it makes perfect sense because (many) women are beautiful, or socialized to make themselves attractive, meaning that their presence is likely to improve a photo. Men are typically unattractive, or negligible at best, so their presence can actually lower the quality of a photo.
Even men know this. They almost automatically like/pay more attention to a photo with a woman in it than one without (especially if she's attractive). They only seethe and make memes/drawings like this because it's another reminder that in spite of all they've done to subjugate us, they have lower overall value, even when it comes to the most superficial things.

No. 1137694

whoever did this have never been on youtube apparently. ugly asf dudes with pube like facial hair and male pattern baldness will put their faces everywhere

No. 1137717

when that meme started making the rounds at reddit like a decade ago some women made a sub in response called r/picsofmenwiththings for the purpose of documenting men taking pictures of themselves with things to disprove the meme. it was small but active for quite a while.

No. 1137743

So true. It actually pisses me off when men have the audacity to put their stupid ugly faces in youtube videos and thumbnails. No one cares.

No. 1137755

File: 1650167840080.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 478.11 KB, 643x712, 0AEA54CE-650E-4DA8-98DA-077273…)

I swear the new Batman movie has been a detriment to society. Not only are our eyes hurt by having to look at this spoilered ugly moid that even de/g/enerates like, but a handful of aiden/fujo fanart between the Riddler and Batman. I can’t handle this shit anymore, this man is so hideous open your fucking eyes for the good of humanity

No. 1137760

L + shit taste + ur ugly

No. 1137762

His makeup is so obvious and cakey

No. 1137770

gag at that makeup, good job spoilering
True but the algorithm prefers thumbnails with smiling soy faces. But fuck moidtubers that facecam themselves for no reason though. I just wanted a tutorial of Adobe Premiere ffs.

No. 1137771

File: 1650168661197.png (75.39 KB, 220x235, video2.png)

I feel like all these fashion articles like "the tumblr girl is coming back", "early 2000s fashion is coming back", "twee is coming back" are just people wishing these big trends would happen instead of them actually happening in any significant way.

No. 1137785

I always hated that girl's ultra plucked eyebrows, the 1920s ain't gonna happen and she has less protection from sweat/dirt for her eyes now kek

No. 1137787

His mouth is freakishly small

No. 1137798

This caused a massive infight last time it was mentioned but I wish people would just bump moid shit off the front page with a simple 'bump' or short post, instead of "bumping against seepee" because it's really jarring and unpleasant seeing it when scrolling through threads afterwards, and it kinda makes /ot/ look like a darkweb hellhole. I have no problem with bumping shit down the catalog but there's no need to use that specific abbreviation when doing it. Thanks.

No. 1137799

Am I the only one who thinks he looks kinda like Trump in that pic?

No. 1137803

I don't think two letters make the site look like a darkweb hellhole. I'd rather be warned on what to avoid than just leave it up in the air, thanks

No. 1137804

File: 1650172796624.jpeg (29.06 KB, 240x180, 07FFEB4F-4B3C-48A1-956B-D6542A…)

I believe long work hours and unstable work situations are the cause of epidemic levels of depression, anxiety, drug abuse etc in industrialised countries. Wageslavery like we have today is a crime against humanity and no amount of “mental health awareness” and further insisting the issue is individual will help. Quite the opposite yet workplaces put up all these posters about how to improve your self care etc and then terrorise their employees each day. Corporate drop kicking a box of cupcakes into our lunchroom for mental health day or whatever was the most depressing thing of all.

Can’t be bothered to elaborate since working so much has fried my brain also.

No. 1137811

File: 1650173469203.jpg (134.61 KB, 1280x843, tumblr_9368405dbc1c00cf9698b09…)

If that was true then NEETs should be happier, but they're not. And work was horrendous in the past, much more horrendous than now, with longer hours too.

The problem is that increasingly people don't have a life outside of work, so work becomes everything and the shitty job just feels that much more shitty. People are able to put up with shit jobs if they have kids to look after or a reason to do it.

No. 1137816

NTA but why are you comparing working to NEETS instead of retirees? Of course NEETs are unhappy, they're impoverished, lack structure/purpose and are failing to live a socially acceptable existence. Retired people, on the other hand, are living their best life.

Anon is right that long work hours kill your happiness. It's impossible to have a life outside of work if you're there 10+ hours a day and spending hours commuting on top of that, who the fuck is happy doing that just because they also have kids? Kids they can't see because they're busy at work? What a weird tradthot shilling attempt.

No. 1137829

File: 1650176813852.png (39.69 KB, 427x400, 33F5E2CF-D0CF-4387-B4B3-8E762B…)


No. 1137838

Fat women, yes. Fat men disgust me and should just not go out at all. I'm thin btw.

No. 1137839

He looks like he could be trumps son.

No. 1137945

Women dating ugly or fat men are retarded. Those men are always the most entitled and misogynistic types who think they're much hotter and end up disrespecting the woman who unfortunately decided to give him a chance.

No. 1137952

Can confirm from experience lol. You might as well aim for an attractive guy if the uggo ones are eventually going to out themselves as massive assholes. I mean they act all grateful for the first few months but that's it. They're worse in the long run.

No. 1137954

Agreed. Advice to date less attractive guys has always seemed like a cope to me, life isn't an RPG where a person's lack of beauty is made up for in personality. People don't actually min-max like that. Ugly people with ugly personalities are very common. I'd rather take my chances with a hot guy than someone I'm not attracted to, they are equally likely to have shitty personalities.

No. 1137956

I feel like women trapped with ugly men or ugly men give that advice. I've never seen a man get the advice to lower his standards even though all men have very high standards but women get that same advice over and over again, even when they have a bf someone deems too hot for them

No. 1137983

RE: celebrity TIM/drag/whatever children because I don't want to derail the celebricows thread
It's really suspicious how so many celebrity boys supposedly "just prefer" to dress up like that compared to average non-famous boys. I've always been less concerned about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt for example, most people have known a tomboyish little girl IRL, many of us here have been like that ourselves. The real problem would have been if Angie and Brad did troon her out instead of just allowing her to be a gender non-conforming girl. Fortunately Brangelina did do the latter.
>inb4 "double standards"
Yeah, but no. Putting a boy in dresses and make-up is not the same thing as allowing a girl not to wear them, conventional western gender socialization raises boys as children and girls as decorative things, which is why way more girls are tomboys than boys are (whatever the counterpart word is). It just makes sense for a girl to desire the same freedom boys are normally given, even more so if she has brothers. Maybe when more of these fame hungry freaks drown their boys in make-up and frills people will realize the disturbing reality of female socialization? Of course not, because sadly no one cares about girls. Misogyny is so normalized we can only see female socialization as the abuse it is when it's done to boys.

No. 1137991

File: 1650193292478.jpg (61.01 KB, 456x534, Tumblr_l_331268725319827.jpg)

I hate fat men so much, they are hideous to look at and I imagine they can fuck for about 30 seconds before heavy breathing, overheating and sweating like a pig. I wouldn't know because the only standards I've ever lowered in my life is not immediately dumping him for being into capeshit. Someone would have to wash sheets every day just from the overnight sweat. Men's bodies are literally programmed to be athletes so what is he doing retaining fat like an ancient fertility goddess?

No. 1138065

Being calculating isn't a bad thing.

No. 1138075

You hella wrong.

No. 1138080

the one I married gained a ton of weight, maybe 50kg, immediately and could literally no longer screw. There wasn't a way to get it in, not that I cared about sex with someone who had become so repulsive. I was an anachan (though no longer in any significant danger). It took way too long to leave him because he was emotionally abusive and threatening. My parents didn't support our marriage so he had separated me from them at age 20. He was rigidly religious and I had no support system.

I'm only now getting back on my feet but I doubt I'll ever be in a relationship with a man again. I really don't want to be intimate with anyone. I'm just trying to make some XX friends. It's harder when you're no longer in college, though

No. 1138082

double post but I blame the "nice guy" persona he had and the fact that I was exploring other churches. He has/had good qualities (e.g., intelligence, organization, cleanliness) but these masked the negative ones. The controlling, belittling, misogynistic qualities came out after we married. And I think if one partner is careful about their appearance, it is so disrespectful to just transform into a fat blob and expect everything to be normal.

No. 1138087

File: 1650206849690.jpg (52.93 KB, 698x960, IMG_20201128_191153.jpg)

It seems to be an unpopular opinion whenever I've said it so:

"Men should be taught not to abuse women, but women should also ALWAYS be allowed to have weapons in self defense against men."

The alternative is that dumb "stop telling us to fight back and use self defense and start teaching men to not hurt us!!" bs that I see all over social media. Yes moids should be educated on misogyny and treat women as equal, but if you expect men to suddenly give up their woman-hating ways after sexually harassing them on the street you're dead wrong.
So many people gloss over the importance of giving women tools and resources to defend themselves - for example I live in the UK and we aren't even allowed to carry mace or pepper spray or anything like that here, so if a moid were to assault me I would have absolutely no legal means to defend myself and it's fucked up.
No one seems to want to talk about how the world has almost always been misogynistic, they act as if we can just snap our fingers and suddenly men will become educated and peaceful. No they fucking won't, and I can't believe it's considered controversial and unpopular or a "right wing talking point" to say that women should be allowed to have handguns (after training ofc) and other weapons or tools to be used solely in self defense.

I think part of it comes down to this era of tacky Instagram infographics and girlboss shit like "I can take a man on any time if he were to attack me! Try me!" Chances are, no you can't lmao. And that's nothing to be ashamed of, women are smaller and weaker than moids on average and that's even more reason why we should have a right to self defense. I'm fucking tired of people acting like it's fanfiction out here where we just raise our hand to the neighbourhood serial rapist and say, "Stop. You just did a hecking misogyny. That's toxic." Bitch this isn't Riverdale give me some fucking pepper spray so I can actually walk to the gym safely at 6am knowing that I at least have a CHANCE to defend myself.

This is why I envy America, not even for guns necessarily but the fact that women are allowed to have stuff like pepper spray or useful self defense shit, we all know that a huge percentage of men don't give a single fuck about being educated so why the fuck can't I carry something to defend myself? The funny thing is I can obtain it illegally but if I were to use it it would be ME that got charged and the moid would probably get a slap on the wrist. This whole "we can educate the poor misinformed men" mostly comes from such a fucking privileged outlook on life where you assume the average trash male will even want to listen to your lectures. Let me tell you: they don't fucking care, and they never will.

No. 1138089

>stop telling us to fight back and use self defense and start teaching men to not hurt us
I don't think anyone who says this is expecting men to suddenly stop assaulting women. They're just saying that they shouldn't have to carry self defense and that no one actually focuses on the root issue. We all know that when something happens to a woman, the first thing people say is what she should've done. Basically it's "stop victim-blaming".

No. 1138098

>The alternative is that dumb "stop telling us to fight back and use self defense and start teaching men to not hurt us!!" bs that I see all over social media. Yes moids should be educated on misogyny and treat women as equal, but if you expect men to suddenly give up their woman-hating ways after sexually harassing them on the street you're dead wrong.

Okay but to explain why women are touchy about this is because your point is never prefaced by this reasoning, and why? Because it's VERY unpopular to admit in public spaces that men are animals who by and large are incapable of change. So yes, unless you're admitting publicly that men are trash then it does come off as victim blaming.

No. 1138100

No you're correct nonna and I agree with you about the victim-blaming, but there's also a lot of people who just won't even address or support self-defense either and that's what I'm talking about.

>"Men should be taught not to abuse women, but women should also ALWAYS be allowed to have weapons in self defense against men."

People have argued with me about this statement and compared it to American school shootings or some shit when I say that women should have a right to undergo lengthy self-defense training with things like guns. I'm obviously not talking about huge rifles, but small handguns with strict regulations and training. They assume that we can just "talk and educate" our way out of misogyny when that has never ever been the case and they think it's fair to compare women at risk of violence vs weird incel gun-toting moids who shoot up schools. It's ridiculous.

No. 1138102

I publicly admit that men are trash and I always preface this argument by saying that men are the fault of this and it's never ever a woman's fault if she faces violence or harassment. I do understand that a lot of people use that point to victim-blame btw like I said to the other anon, but even when I've explained that this comes from a point of defending women and pointing out how overall disgusting men are, they don't want to acknowledge that stuff like strict gun control and self defense would be extremely useful in the hands of women, because again they think we can just negotiate peacefully out of systemic misogyny. Hope that makes sense.

No. 1138105

Based. Women should be allowed to defend themselves. I've been assaulted myself and I'm not saying women who got harassed are guilty and they should've defended themselves but we should be allowed to carry the equipment needed to do so.

If men knew women could carry pepper spray and utilize other self defense methods, they'd be wayyy less likely to harass a random woman. Telling them it's misogynistic or some retarded shit isn't nearly as effective as scaring them in this way.

No. 1138106

I see what you mean then and whoever says that is stupid. I don't disagree with your post, I have my own self defense items I'm not supportive of guns, but that's because of my own personal trauma and I do think it's unfortunately necessary.

No. 1138131

AYRT, Yup I agree - I obviously understand if women don't defend themselves and I'm not going to blame anything on them, but damn I can only imagine the amount of things I'd be able to do if I even was allowed to have some pepper spray in my bag or pocket. Like I said, I could walk to the gym at 5/6am, I could take taxis in the evening or early morning by myself, I could go out on a peaceful walk at night if I needed to clear my head knowing that I at least have something to help keep me safe if the worst were to happen.
It's funny how people expect us to let moids know it's misogynistic - uh, yeah, they already know lmao, they just don't give a fuck. A can of pepper spray or a handgun (with sufficient training and knowing how to use one) will deter them more than any sort of speech on misogyny ever could, I don't know why people try and argue that.

No. 1138135

> I'm fucking tired of people acting like it's fanfiction out here where we just raise our hand to the neighbourhood serial rapist and say, "Stop. You just did a hecking misogyny. That's toxic." Bitch this isn't Riverdale give me some fucking pepper spray so I can actually walk to the gym safely

I cackled, love you so much. From the UK as well and it's so retarded last time I had to defend myself with a piece of bloody RUBBLE. Now the only people who get to carry weapons are the scallies who aren't supposed to have them in the first place, it's peak.

No. 1138137

I'm starting to think "treat woman as equal" just led to "bitch do it yourself."
Like men can't be arsed to protect women from other men if they aren't also thinking women are lesser and in need of protection like children. They even can't be trusted to be educated not to rape on their own.
It would be nice if they just didn't assault women because they'd be punished for it instead of having to be ego stroked into not acting like an animal.

No. 1138155

Keir Starmer not defining what a woman is terrible. I don't care if if is a Tory distraction technique, it makes the left look bad and misogynistic. And I hate how dumb-dumbs crawl out of the woodwork to say "trans people know their identity" or "the definition of woman is nuanced". No. A woman is an adult human female and that shouldn't be up for debate.

No. 1138157

>It's funny how people expect us to let moids know it's misogynistic - uh, yeah, they already know lmao, they just don't give a fuck.
This is exactly why I think all the preaching is dumb too. Obviously they know it's wrong to rape and murder women, it's not because they have le trauma or bad role models, it's like you said - they literally just don't care.
Like, murderers know murder is wrong, but that's why we have all these systems in place to protect people from being murdered, because they don't give a fuck. Rapists aren't punished nearly enough and the onus is always on the woman to report it and defend her own damn self, that's precisely why we need to carry guns. It's not victim blaming, it's common sense.

No. 1138167

This is such a minor but persistent annoyance of mine. I like media analysis and for the longest time I found the squash-and-stretch drawn avatar puppeteering cringey as fuck, but now I much prefer it to seeing the actual faces of these dudes. It's so bad to watch a video and then they suddenly cut to their red face with ugly patchy facial hair, no one wants to see that. Just keep using your cringey anime avatar instead.

No. 1138187

unfortunately i'm not surprised given that Cuck Starmer has absolutely no backbone and is barely even left-wing as it is. Also just as unfortunate, many leftist spaces are now insanely misogynistic thanks to men in dresses thinking they can dilute the definition of a woman.

No. 1138209

Yeah it’s so stupid. Even in America, in some cities it’s illegal to carry pepper spray or brass knuckles. NYC is one of those cities, which is especially dumb because I’ve never been catcalled and harassed by men on the street more than I was in that city. You seriously cannot go anywhere on the street without some scrote having something to say about it. Something about that city makes them very bold over there and they need to have a major wake up call for it to stop. Laws that like only serve to fuck over women. If a man is going to attack someone, those are unlikely to be his weapons of choice. And even if they are, the law certainly won’t stop him from obtaining them. So women are punished if they decide to fight back using these. In a perfect world where I make all the laws, I’d make it illegal for men to have guns.
Women are much more diligent with actually adhering to gun safety protocols anyway. I’m from the south and can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of somebody getting hurt or even killed because some dumbass moid was swinging a gun around like a toy or leaving it out somewhere where a small child could find it.

No. 1138262

The anon interested in school shooters here, I'm still obsessed with Heaven's Gate too (discovering Drab Majesty's brilliant album has rekindled the flame) - especially the feud between the last active members alive (Sawyer, Crlody and the so-called TELAH foundation). Shit is absolutely insane with how they are still squabblíng about who has the right idea about Do and Ti's teachings and legacy, while everyone has been dead for 25 years.

No. 1138317

There's very few attractive men out there, and most of them become ugly when they're not even that old, so it's not like women have a choice. And it's not like handsome men are any different from uggos when it comes to shit personalities. I do think straight/bi women have very low standards, though.

No. 1138447

File: 1650233884737.png (341.12 KB, 768x438, 1650233862592.png)

a lot anons here have never had real friends and so pretend common goofy friend shit is gay in order to feel better about themselves

No. 1138450

Which anons are pretending normal friend stuff is gay? I feel like lolcow is one of those places on the internet where there isn't a push to call two random moids or women in close proximity to one another gay.

No. 1138453

Wait, samefag, I just remembered the celebricows thread exists kek nevermind.

No. 1138468

Piggybacking this to drop my own unpopular opinion.
It's not an unconditional "improvement" for a gender-nonconforming woman to pick up a more feminine look just because she became gender conforming. I hate it when people treat gender-nonconformity as a phase to overcome because often when these women "grow out of it" it's just them becoming tired of being dehumanized for not following the gender stereotype and choosing to make their lives easier by conforming to the expectations set for how women should look. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt could've been a great female icon choosing to dress up in masculine clothes without trans shit being pushed on her yet people are celebrating the sight of her dolled up in a dress not because she didn't troon out but because "she grew up and is finally accepting her role as a woman".

No. 1138479

I think its cause of hollywood's very obvious history with sexulization of children and rape, sometimes the writing is on the walls and you can see something fucked up is happening

No. 1138521

There's also research that shows that when women are able to defend themselves they heal and deal with the trauma much better even if the assault is fully played out. The pros would most likely outweigh the cons if they would just let us carry self defense weapons. They're just constantly working against us and I fucking hate it. In other news my friend's aunt has a shit ton of tazers and she's bringing me one. Super happy to have something helpful on hand now that I'm in college, fuck their weapon rules.

No. 1138567

I understand nepo kids. If my parents were rich and famous I would use their influence to get a bullshit overpaying job as well

No. 1138575

File: 1650245397397.jpg (59.29 KB, 654x960, HB-Squat-Bar.jpg)

Today's generations of new fathers shouldn't be allowed to witness their children's births. Picrel is why, look at this useless fat fuck just standing there. I have a feeling that even in primordial times, it was only women there. This shit just pisses me off, today's men are just gonna go bald, fat, and pasty within 5 years.

No. 1138577

The left was ALWAYS misogynistic, it just took you guys a while to notice

No. 1138580

This is why every woman here, even if you never plan on owning one, oughta take a gun handling course. Or just go to a gun range and rent a handgun.

No. 1138587

File: 1650246006712.jpg (223.5 KB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_20220417-203927.jpg)

Pic related happens more often than you can imagine

No. 1138588

No. 1138589

File: 1650246129703.jpg (218.52 KB, 896x1281, Screenshot_20220417-204148.jpg)

No. 1138590

My dad played a lot of jazz and classical records when I was little, but he was really big into stereo equipment and record-collecting. But it's cool, we bond over it and he's always introducing me to old jazz musicians and, more recently, funk and RnB musicians.

No. 1138591

Left wing. Right wing. Doesn't matter, the whole bird hates women.

No. 1138592

Men today are probably the most useless they've ever been.

No. 1138593

>School shooters are a uniquely American problem.
Tell that to the psychopath Japanese kids who stab and decapitated their fellow students

No. 1138594

Could not agree more

No. 1138598

Why aren't they comforting their wives, and their own baby? Have Men really fallen

No. 1138599

The shooting part is what they mean, not the violence part. Stabbing a lot of people is harder than shooting them since guns allow for ranged combat.

No. 1138600

Go to London

No. 1138602

Tell that to the finnish moids who shot up schools, inspired so many fake bomb threats in my school

No. 1138604

God these faggots. How did they ever get in a relationship when they're such fucking manchildren?

No. 1138606

No. 1138607

Right!? I'm watching old episodes of a TV show that documents neonatal units and hospitals from the late 80's and early 90's, and ALL the dads are there right by the mom's side. No matter what they look like, if they're rich or poor, the dads were there the whole time. There was even one segment where a newborn had a chest infection and the father (first-time dad) never left his son's side.

No. 1138643

Pickmes get picked, unfortunately.

No. 1138657

This is what you get for reproducing with a LVM

No. 1138742

Not to race-bait, but this is the black love that hopteps keep trying to bully black women into accepting and too many of them fall for it. She probably felt like she has to stay with him because at least he is not a criminal.

In my opinion pickmeism has gotten worse. Women allow men to get away with way too much and break their backs to not hurt their feelings. Nobody should care about male feelings, particularly since they don't care about the feelings of their fellow peers and most of them are misogynistic pieces of shit who would laugh at you if you were on fire then even piss on you. I do have my disagreements with fds on the premise that i think that those women should consider dialling down their moid addiction or think of abstinence and single life as a valid choice rather than trying to force moids to bend to their will, but these are the kind of men that warrant their existence and they deserve to be taken seriously by all women.

But i guess my unpopular opinion is that abstinence is amazing and it needs to be peddled to women and girls everywhere. No woman should ever have casual sex because men don't deserve your bodies and wombs are sacred and should be protected. Glory be the all the perma-virgins!

No. 1138764

Whoever is shilling women can fuck whenever they want needs to shut up: no we can't, men are too dangerous and untrustworthy

No. 1138765

Men are doing this. I've had "feminist" men tell me I was oppressed for not having fuckbuddies and being a free escort for men, they never seem to care about the sexual harassment or actual discriminating women face.

No. 1138770

Women are so used to be wary and shield themselves from violence, is not as easy as just going outside and fucking any random, that could actually get you killed, men say living as a woman is eAsY mOde but I don't think they understand how many risks we have to keep in mind while just walking down the street, let alone fucking men, who are statistically very fucking dangerous, is a deathly Russian roulette

No. 1138798

File: 1650268896434.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1726, 3B6D3DF4-66A3-4C24-9194-F92A50…)

He’s wearing a BYU shirt, confirmed Mormon. Mormon scrotes are some of the fucking worst.

No. 1138805

File: 1650269501853.jpeg (86.8 KB, 666x225, 1646370038541.jpeg)

Abstinence is amazing for women especially post-breakup or post-trauma, or just practicing it in general until you 100% feel mentally emotionally and physically ready to pursue safe sex with a man you actually trust.
The only negative is that it usually comes with religious or very misogynist connotations aka don't have sex because your vagina will be ruined for your husband…y'know how it is, which is disgusting obviously.

The way casual sex is pushed so hard now in literally any movie or tv show makes my skin itch and makes me feel sick - yes some people enjoy it, but it's not for everyone and it's especially unsafe for women - not only in terms of being far less likely to get sexual satisfaction but you're also literally hooking up with random moids who at any point could attack, rape or kill you. Not saying that doesn't happen in relationships of course, men are vile across the board, but it's still messed up.

Also yeah, pickmeism has gotten much much worse. I'm not going to act like society of the past was any better towards women but at least men were required to have jobs, money and overall provide something to a woman - if you were a man and failed to do this, in most cases you were considered a societal failure. Nowadays women are expected to bend backwards and provide for men who #MensMentalHealth their way through being unemployed for 2 years, addicted to porn and eating a diet of microwave burgers, and no one bats a fucking eye because women are expected to be relationship mechanics who will tweak and fix any fault in a moid even when he can't be arsed to fix it himself. Even I was guilty of this and it honestly just felt like I had lost a chunk of myself in the process, like a fragment of my personality was lost.

No. 1138806

Ah yes, this single picture proves something significant about every single moid father-to-be. Ffs why can't we have a single good unpopular opinion thread without braindead overgeneralizations. I can't

No. 1138809

casual sex is shit

No. 1138810

nta but I think the picture was just an example, not the entire basis of an argument

No. 1138811

The generalization is right. Avoid moids.

No. 1138812

File: 1650270054137.jpg (379.84 KB, 1043x660, faggot.jpg)

it's not braindead when most fathers-to-be are emotionally absent, if not completely absent from the delivery room. look at the amount of pictures and videos of moids taking naps or fainting on the delivery room floor because its so "exhausting" while their wives are pushing out babies in extreme pain for hours on end. even in a woman's most painful, vulnerable state men will still find a way to show their weakness and make everything about them.

No. 1138819

I hope you die of prostate cancer and your asshole rots from the inside out. Disgusting moid. Fuck outta here

No. 1138820

What the fuck is that Nurse doing comforting him? There’s not even vomit in that bowl. Let him piss and moan in a corner alone. What a worthless fucking drama queen.

No. 1138823

File: 1650271425489.gif (709.13 KB, 220x220, 259F8B36-0ACA-4385-AFEA-C76704…)

Samefag but I’m truly in shock and disgust at how worthless this specimen is. 20 years ago a man would not allow himself to be seen like this. He would either be a real man and comfort his wife in order to ensure a healthy delivery of his child, or stay the fuck out of the room. What is this melt doing with his pseudofainting and his pretend “I’m going to vomit?” This would be grounds for a fucking divorce for me. If he won’t stay out of the child’s life after I will fucking murder him. Especially if it’s a son because I don’t want any child of mine thinking this is an acceptable way for a man to behave. Or ANYONE for that matter. I bet he uses Reddit. I bet he is disgusted at the sight of pubic hair. What a worthless fucking subhuman good for nothing. Men like this should be on a list like a sex offender so that nobody is ever stupid enough to breed with him again. We tell men they can have feelings for their own well-being and this is what we get? This is how they repay us? Send them all down a mine shaft and seal the entrance. If this is the norm now I hope either we can reproduce independently of men, or let our entire species mercifully die out.

No. 1138825

File: 1650271615061.jpeg (262.46 KB, 640x603, B77BA231-8A91-4F5A-8F93-51D2D4…)

Samefag again and I promise i will go touch grass after this but just look at it. I could honestly kill it and feel like I had done a good deed. Just smash it to death like the worthless insect it is.

No. 1138829

It looks like drake too

No. 1138835

Compared to the 00s and 10s I think pickmeism is actually slowly decreasing.

No. 1138843

File: 1650274332958.jpg (49.15 KB, 700x875, histrionic.jpg)

it should be protocol to ignore fathers in the delivery room. Make them sign some shit that has an agreement written in fine print about the medical staff not providing any sort of medical care to them under any circumstances. If he wants to fall over and act all dainty he can vomit himself to death in the corner kek
ALL the medical attention should always be on the woman in labour. These men are already sabotaging lives and safety of their families. Can't imagine how it'll go down the road

No. 1138848

I like how in both images there is at least one female nurse trying to contain her laughter.

No. 1138851

>that screenshot
Holy shit I've never seen something so accurate, a take beyond based. Every moid I see whining about men having ~feewings~ too use it as an abuse tactic to suicide bait and beg for constant attention like a fucking baby.

On a related note toxic masculinity should be called out so that men wouldn't be so emotionally constipated but that responsibility always falls on women instead of their own fucking gender, preferably by being a complete doormat doing endless amounts of emotional labor like a mother to a child. Men constantly blame women for "wanting machos" and upholding the harmful expectations yet call a stable, safe, emotionally mature male popular with women "a faggot" and refuse to follow his example due to their own retarded male pride.

No. 1138856

maybe the generalization is find yourself a moid who is desensitized to gore because they watch cartel videos

No. 1138867

Tails deserved to get trolled for being such a pussy ass bitch.

No. 1138874

File: 1650278999261.jpg (23.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

No. 1138875


No. 1138876

There's absolutely nothing wrong with testing your partner in the early stage of a relationship, weeds out the trash earlier that way.

No. 1138932

Nature is way wiser than we think and has its way to deal with man-made plagues. Why do you think there's so many infertility issues nowadays? Because nature knows we're way too many and it needs to weed us a bit so we don't ruin it. Stop crying and shilling big bux because you can't shit some scrote's span.

No. 1138943

The whole "teens are bored and only acting out because there's not enough services for them" argument is an overused excuse.

I grew up in a rough area where everything would be destroyed, vandalised, covered in graffiti, stolen if you didn't nail it down etc. If you planted new trees in a park they'd be ripped up the next day just for the hell of it. People always said 'it's because the youth have no services and nothing to do' but it was a built up area, we had multiple parks, playgrounds, we had the biggest shopping centre in our entire country, we had stores and fast food places aimed at lower incomes, we had free community centres, we had youth centres, we had free services. We had an art centre that wes entirely free to take classes in. We had an amazing library with free events. An awful lot looking back. All within in walking distance. Tbh I kick myself for not availing of more of it. There was so much and yet I never stopped hearing people claim otherwise.

As an adult I up and moved to a rural area to get away from the roughness. Now there's legit very little to do in my new area… but kids here are nice and we don't have that same shit happening.

No. 1139011

>>1138932 where r u getting this that infertility is a problem? Lots of people ik are still having kids easily.

I think Maybe cuz now women are having kids older n old3r, it is harder to get pregnant when you're 35+.

No. 1139013

I don't give a fuck about being infertile due to endo, no one needs to have more offspring but i do be hating the fucking pains.

No. 1139019

File: 1650290694784.jpg (16.39 KB, 499x296, tumblr_7edec239167d13d11963fe4…)

>>1139013 I'm sorry ur going thru that

No. 1139036

Thanks babes, could be way worse

No. 1139064

I grew up in a very rough and poor area too but there was still a community centre, two parks and lots of woods/forest areas for kids to explore. I think sometimes it is relevant if there's nothing for kids to do but most of the time it's shitty parenting and overall trash untamed children thinking they can go around smashing public property up, because even in that poor little rural town there was still the centre where kids could go play sports, play on computers or read books etc.

I'm in a rough small city now and it's the exact same shit you described - if you build benches for the parks so people can sit down they're covered in graffiti a week later. If you host activities for kids no one wants to fucking go anymore because, pardon me sounding like a boomer, but they're either stuck indoors glued to phones at the age of 8 or they're just out getting drunk. It definitely goes both ways, but from what I've seen parents absolutely do not discipline their kids enough especially nowadays. Even in my rural village, when certain activities got shut down I didn't go out and smash things up or cause chaos, because I was taught that you would get in trouble for that.

No. 1139065

Thank god someone finally said it. I grew up in a sheltered, middle-class suburb and truly believed the "inner city teens are acting out/stealing/hurting each other because they're bored, oppressed and they don't have any services or opportunities!"

Then I moved to "the city" in a rough area and got a rude fucking awakening. Same thing as you experienced: free services, free library events, free/low cost medical centers, free entertainment, job fairs everywhere. Still, everyone just complained that "THE KIDS GET IN TROUBLE BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO HELP" and yes, they fucking did. It was always parents who took no accountability for their kids' shitty behavior making the excuses.

No. 1139077

100 percent agree!! People act like women cant be both masc and feminine. They act like if you start wearing dresses, you're a real woman again. it's dehumanizing.

Women need standards. what the fuck is this?

No. 1139126

>Women need standards. what the fuck is this?
This is why I wish more normie women would use lolcow. To expose them to this and show them their husband is a useless piece of shit.

No. 1139136

Baby Fern isn't cute. I still feel bad for him though.

No. 1139186

File: 1650301593626.jpg (220.15 KB, 1600x1200, wp2191517.jpg)

Tyra Banks was never really that great of a model when it came to photoshoots. She was a great runway model and had a completely different vibe on stage, but most of her photoshoots outside of that were weak or kinda tacky. She's often too dramatic in her photos and lacks variety when it comes to expressions. It's like soulless stare, looks to the left, or crazy eyes.

No. 1139225

Even after having an ex be a rude bastard about my small handful of tits I love them. I love my b cups. I have never felt impaired by my breasts and if I want to dress them up with a nice bra I can. Shit, they still sit alright for a smoker in her 30s. Rock on.

No. 1139234

She also treated all the women on her show like absolute shit and i can't forget that. Especially darker skin black women. There's a photographer on youtube who analyzes old ANTM shoots and you see how badly the models were treated.

No. 1139258

I fucked whoever I wanted and whenever I wanted it and came out unscathed, but I agree, most women shouldn't partake because the majority of men don't have good intentions and certain cultures are very unforgiving towards women who fuck.
I enjoy male seethe that I got what I wanted sexually and didn't turn out to be a worthless old spinster who no one wanted. Men love to see women scared so when we're confident and successful despite the shit they put us through it makes them big mad.
They need to be reminded that they are shit but ultimately are powerless to keep women as a whole from thriving. Love to see it!

No. 1139270

Samefagging, Tyra is known to be a mean girl. She imagined an entire feud with Naomi and then pressured her to apologize for things Tyra believed happened. Tyra simply needs to be the center of attention because otherwise she will die. She'a a professional victim and now holds pyramid schemes to "empower" women to get by. Naturally, she is a pickme and hates women a little too much. I do believe at some point Tyra did want to help diversify the modeling industry by pushing plus size models and more non-white women into the spotlight when it came to ANTM, but it was not up to her who won. Like as a person she is objectively not a good one, but I would not hold her as somebody worse than most male celebrities who often times are child molesters and such. I think her mother fueled her ego to the extremes and wanted her daughter to succeed no matter what. So she grew up thinking everybody is out to get her because she is the underdog while being also the best.

No. 1139282

File: 1650306069851.jpg (113.35 KB, 1920x1080, you-painted-a-naked-woman-beca…)

I agree. These are also the same men who will say shit like, "I wish I was a woman so I could just show my boobs and make thousands of dollars." They both acknowledge that we are beautiful and that they would use that power if they were in our shoes, while simultaneously calling us vain and slutty. Kind of OT but it reminds me of how for centuries women are painted by men: depicted lounging sensually, with little clothes on or gazing into a mirror, yet when a woman takes back that power by posting a selfie it's suddenly vain.

No. 1139301

Exactly, she's a selfish bitch and a typical grifter but so what?
We've got male celebs in hollyweird literally abusing people and being violent wrecks and yet the world keeps licking their feet and making excuses. If more men acted like Tyras we'd have less problems.

No. 1139351

Simple as men cant get pregnant but women can. Stds affect women on a much higher level than men. It's all bullshit. The balance will never be the same. Women fucking 100 men vs Men fucking 100 women will never be viewed as the same.

No. 1139428

+ Their semen literally has chemicals that literally narcotasize you, make you loyal to him, and make you want to get fucked again. And if anything happens no one gives a fuck and he can get away scott free literally giving you brain damage from choking, a perforated colon from "accidental" anal, etc up to including death. Women literally sleeping with the enemy.

No. 1139434

When a man has ugly hands, even if his face is beautiful, it kinda ruins him for me

No. 1139443

Agreed. And if he has the gall to paint his hideous ogre nails then he becomes ugly all over IMO.

No. 1139451

Not a footfag but I can't stand men with ugly feet. If he takes off his socks and he's got those fat shapeless feet or weird big toe I'm out

No. 1139452

Agreed. Although Naomi Campbell does has some sort of weird connection to Epstein. That’s much worse than just being an unhinged bitch like Tyra.

No. 1139796

the semen thing seems like presumptuous male cope. cheese has opioid like casomorphins that are probably far more potent considering the fact that cheese is actually delicious and addicting and having cum inside you does 0 to you mentally or emotionally/psychologically. i'd consider any of the allegedly addictive compounds in food to be more potent than whatever is supposed to be so addictive about dick

No. 1139986

Not sure if this is popular or unpopular. Aggregate/thematic threads on cows are almost always more fun to read than threads about one profilic cow because those threads inevitebly fill up with users that are minor cows themselves and obviously have some personal vendetta or inner demons they try to punch out there and the milk is sour.

No. 1140060

honestly it’s kind of crazy watching videos about chris chan and the intense trolling that was done to him. i’m glad that lolcow discourages that sort of behavior

No. 1140087

Farmers do discourage "A-logging" but from what I've seen cows posted on lolcow come here to try and "defend themselves"

No. 1140096

Lil while ago I tried to read up on the whole backstory with Chris, watched that long ass series of vids about him by that one Youtuber. One thing I noticed in youtube comments and on kf too was how men could fuck with him in gross ways without being exactly condemned for it but as soon as either a rare female troller entered the mix or was used by scrotes as a prop to dangle in front of Chris.. she's 'evil' for getting poor chans hopes up. Like at least be consistent.

No. 1140101

>semen is magical
you got it off of that one site didn't you? you all give too much power to men's dicks. having sex does release bonding chemicals but that's not from the semen. if you're blackpilled actually learn about biology at least.

No. 1140102

Some nonnies here sound like my religious family the way they go on about women who have sex with dudes, someone got into a long infight calling these women low value and some of you say women who sleep with men deserve whatever happens and you don't feel bad for them. Just like my muslim mom, kek. These are exactly the things she'd say to me if she found out I'm not a virgin. Only needs some words like degraded whore and used goods and we are set.

No. 1140110

I think no one should sage on the ot boards. Then you'd actually see which threads were active and you wouldn't need to dig in the catalogue to see if people replied to you. Sageing on cow boards makes sense but doing it here is handmaiden "uwu my contribution isn't important enough to bump the thread, don't perceive me" shit

No. 1140112

>having cum inside you does 0 to you mentally or emotionally/psychologically

No. 1140114

It's bizarre. Apparently a woman's pleasure can't be for herself if she's sleeping with a man, it's only every interpreted by some anons as only being in service of the man under any circumstances and its retarded. Having sex as a man and a woman is literally what nature intended, most women are attracted to male bodies. Implying that a woman automatically loses because she choses to sleep with a man isn't helping any woman anywhere. Why are some anons shaming women's sexuality? A woman's desires and pleasure aren't outweighed by a man's, the man's wants don't automatically take over and make the woman's desires meaningless. If that's how you interpret things, that's too damn bad, you have no right to be shaming another woman.

No. 1140127

I'll never understand the mentality of
> I dont feel bad for abused women because what else do you expect from a scrote? You did that to yourself by dating one
I had to have some pretty awful experiences with a man before I really learnt anything useful about scrotes. If I had any younger female relatives that I could pass my lessons down to then I would but I was not prepped to deal with the reality of scrotes and the shit they pull. Some women just learn about men the hard way.

No. 1140129

Nonnie we wouldn't be having this convo of men actually wore condoms and made women cum. You're delusional if you think it's equal grounds in society rn.

No. 1140130

I think XY women should transition. They're still moids.(low quality bait)

No. 1140134

>it's only every interpreted by some anons as only being in service of the man under any circumstances and its retarded
This so much. I'm not saying fucking around with every crackhead is totally safe and chill but the way some here shame women who dare have casual sex with men on their own terms is weird. I know the reasoning behind it is sound for the most part but like when they cannot comprehend how having sex with a man isn't just him 'using your body' (a term I see a lot here). Maybe it is just because of my religious upbringing where this was the exact wording used… I get it comes with a lot of cons, and the reasoning anons use isn't the same that say, my mom would use. But many things that people enjoy, come with cons. I don't want to feel ashamed for being sexual on here, I already feel that a lot irl kek. Not every farmer is like this obviously, I've been told sweet words and good advice by nonnies who didn't do this whole thing. But I really feel this whole post.

No. 1140136

Idk if it's about learning a lesson, some women get into abusive relationships and defend dudes until she dies. Only thing that protects you from it is working through your past abuse/complexes.

No. 1140139

I have to remind myself not every woman knows how much men as a whole suck. Things that seem logical or so obvious to me may be things another girl may have never thought about and I can't judge her for falling into traps and not being on the same ground as me.

No. 1140141

Having a shitty sexual encounter isn't the woman's fault though? We're talking about shaming women for having sex with men. You, personally, having a selfish sexual partner has nothing to do with women shaming other women for wanting sex with males.

No. 1140146

File: 1650381097520.png (155.83 KB, 500x647, you-may-ignore-me-now-but-reme…)

Shaming isn't good, but also, I genuinely don't see how getting lots of dick helps women as a group. I'm not seeing the empowerment. Power to what? Take dick? They've been trying to get it in since the beginning of time. Accepting and enjoying it doesn't really change anything. People fuck, this isn't news, but why are we being told all this shit about how it's so cool and strong to fuck men? Especially when we know that promiscuity is often linked to existing trauma, and other issues scrotes like to take advantage of? Idk, it just seems suspicious to me. If it's just about orgasms, it's ridiculously easy these days to get sexual gratification and pleasure without having to bother with men (in meatspace or even at all). What's the big fucking deal?

No. 1140149

There's a Dolly Parton quote that says "I know there's bad men in the world, but I've known more good men than bad ones." That's just some women's experience and it doesn't make them idiots. We just form our worldview around what we experience.
Yes the woman who is wary of men will be safer, but she might also limit her life based on those judgements. And the more naive woman might be more open to giving men a chance and finding good ones, but is more likely to be hurt in the process.

No. 1140152

I can't focus on audio books. So many people recommend me an audio book and I've either already read the book or will read the book. I can listen to music and read I do not get having a book read to me as background noise while I do something else it's like. Music at least can add atmosphere but like idk. Maybe I'm retarded I cannot focus on audio books

No. 1140153

I just think some of us obviously have mothers who grew up in a different time and weirdly held onto naive views of men. So when you're raised by women who honestly believe shit like 'most men have good hearts' they don't bother to teach you so much about boundaries, safety or red flags. Those lessons are important before you ever start.

Ime my parents would typically meet my new bf and instead of looking him over to see if he's alright.. they'd instantly think the sun shines out of their ass. For no reason. Fast forward a few years and the guy who abused me.. my dad knows this information and still tells me he liked him and he misses him? My family loves scrotes more than they love me lol

No. 1140155

I agree. It's an act. Not an empowering act, not a degrading act. And I also understand how someone who is not from a strict religious community where it's highest sin a woman could commit, but rather from a place where women are groomed and encouraged into accepting dangerous sexual situations might think this way.

No. 1140158

I'm not talking about promiscuity, though. I'm talking about the anons who shame women in general for having sex with men, in a relationship or out of a relationship. The anons who make other women feel bad for having any sort of sexual contact with men whatsoever. Also, who brought up empowerment? Having sex isn't empowerment, it's just having sex. If a woman wants to have sex it doesn't have to be some grand statement for all of woman-kind, maybe she just wants to have sex. I don't know why this is conflated to "you must mean being slutty" instead of just what I said "a woman's pleasure and desires are valid and she is entitled to that"

No. 1140160

I have a similar experience my family still talk favourably about my ex fiance and to the point that I've had drunken arguments with them being like can you stop bring up him he's actually a bastard let me list the ways then they're like you always talk about him get over it and it's like ?????? My mum only taught me about men by witnessing all the mental bastards she would bring him throughout my teens some even moving in. Then she does surprised pikachu face when I sometimes date questionable men. I hate bringing people I'm dating to meet her she became a obnoxious and flirts and depends how far into the relationship we are and if they know my trauma with her but my blood boils but I never say anything and then when I break up with them my mum either talks them up or shouts at me for even liking them and she tells me why they're so horrible. Usually the ones I I had a soft spot for.

No. 1140176

>Also, who brought up empowerment?
Lots of people. It's literally everywhere when you try to discuss women's sexuality. The "sex positivity" movement derailed the entire topic to be about how best to pleasure scrotes, and ultimately ended up doing nothing but shilling porn culture, dd/lg, OF bullshit, and yes, promiscuity. I think anons who discourage casual sex are just pushing back against that, even if they get overzealous at times

No. 1140181

That shameing is just older women trying to warn younger women against men without inciting a rage from scrotes.

No. 1140188

I get you, but I wasn't talking about some broader conversation, I'm talking about right here right now on LC. I'm not looking for some societal debate, I'm talking about our small corner of the internet and the interaction I've seen between nonnies. Women are allowed to have and enjoy sex, that's the bottom line of what I'm saying.

No. 1140258

Nonnies have seen through the hookup culture brainwashing and you need to accept that

No. 1140264

Centrists don't.

No. 1140313

You have never seen or heard of a centrist man who wasn’t a big big misogynist. Americans centrists are global conservatives.

No. 1140354

>People fuck, this isn't news, but why are we being told all this shit about how it's so cool and strong to fuck men?
Because it's in reaction to a long-held cultural sentiment that women who fucked were not only uncool, but non-humans who deserved to be treated like shit and kicked out of employment, social circles, and other opportunities all for the sake of virtue signaling that no man was ever held to standard for.
I understand listening to women talking about sex can be annoying but I'd take current culture over the lack of protections we had in the past. If you travel to certain religious cultures today we can see the consequences of what happens when people use sex as a tool to dominate women and police their private behavior.

No. 1140442

Men are not capable of being in a relationship with a woman who genuinely wants them. They need to be with someone who kind of said no a lot at first and then settled or they need to be with women using them for money. A woman actually finding them attractive/lovable us a turn off for them.

No. 1140450

Ime this is mostly true. Any time I’ve acted disinterested or even cold with a dude, he was more eager to “chase” me, whereas being eager and open with a guy only seemed to turn him off. Men like bitches. Kek.

No. 1140452

I don't think men like bitch but think it's because most men have low self esteem they think something must be wrong with any woman who likes them or she's desperate

No. 1140460

haunting of hill house is better than haunting of bly manor

No. 1140463

Yeah, general threads for entire groups of cows are a lot of fun because there's always something going on. It's why leftcows has gone on for so long, I think.

No. 1140473


No. 1140524

All of this

No. 1140527

The nice thing about being a darker skin woman is that when people don't find me attractive I can just write it off as them being racist/colorist and that is usually a correct assumption. But with white women when they are unattractive despite being white it means they must are genuinely unattractive which makes being called ugly worse. Being called ugly as a white person just seems more like a personal attack.(racebait)

No. 1140532

Low effort racebait

No. 1140536

If you think it's racebait it's only because you're white

No. 1140548

I'm a fan of the original James story and I was just like… they could have done everything they did in "Bly manor" but not shitty like that

No. 1140576

File: 1650401465199.jpg (381.18 KB, 1074x648, Screenshot_20220419-162132_Chr…)

I don't feel bad for anyone living in a first world country that hates where they live. Literally could just move somewhere else easily. Maybe slightly more difficult for Australians and Kiwis, but for almost everyone else, a new country is a bike ride away.

No. 1140580

>for almost everyone else, a new country is a bike ride away
this is not true

No. 1140581

Toxic masculinity is an autistic term made to victimize moidd. Idgaf if moids feel oppressed, they arent. When will women stop using this term already? MAKE IT STOP.

No. 1140585

And nonnies need to accept theres nothing wrong with woman having sex. Just because casual sex isnt for you doesnt mean other women cant enjoy it. Sex feels good so why shame? Youre acting like a scrote

No. 1140588

File: 1650402079606.jpeg (383.96 KB, 2381x1695, 9AF7C98A-CA7C-4150-B675-C0A2FB…)

It was before breggshit

No. 1140591

Many nonnies here are misogynistic tradthots but hide under the guise of bashing libfems or women in general hence why their views on sex tend go agree with batshit crazy conservatives and incels. Its all a contest to appear pure to moids.

No. 1140619

i could get behind this but the difference in color for sage vs non sage makes it easier to see when a post is original vs. a reply to someone else.

No. 1140620

You are so self-centered it's unreal. The anons upthread discouraging casual sex/hookup culture was not a personal attack on you.

No. 1140690

Tell me you don't live in America without telling me you don't live in America

No. 1140747

What if those nonas just hate men and don't trust them, and think women should not put herself at risk? None are worried about seeming "pure" to males.

No. 1140751

Ikr thirdies can cry all they want but 80% muricans are 1 missed paycheck away from homelessness. Don't get deceived by the glamour in media it's just a third world without the super gangs & garbage dumps.

No. 1140766

I don’t feel bad for the middle class or rich 1st worlders, there’s no way they can’t find a way to better their conditions of living, just save some money and that’s about it. And if you think about it, ever the born and raised poor first worlders can still just save money unlike third worlders that usually have to start from zero at other countries.
Sure, the USA is pretty shit, but their passports are accepted literally anywhere, so any middle class or rich American can easily say they want to move out and literally do so on a whim, just do your little test on any embassy of any other first world country you want to live at, pack your shit, and be welcomed with open arms because you’re an American citizen and everyone sucks their dicks.

No. 1140783

Hook up culture only works for rich white women. For anyone else it's going to be a gross and dangerous situation.

No. 1140795

Jetskiing is also definitely just for rich, white women imo.

No. 1140799

I think hookup culture mostly only works for men.

No. 1140801

I mean…that still happens lol. Try having a previous job as a porn star and trying to get a normal job. All that's happened is that now women are coping hard by leaning further in

No. 1140803

If you're a het woman not married in your 30s you should be content to be single for the rest of your life. There's zero chance you will meet a decent guy by then…

No. 1140809

How old are you, anon?

No. 1140811

Nigahiga on youtube wasn't funny

No. 1140813

very true

No. 1140817

If you're in your 30s, all the decent men are taken. There's only guys with a ton of baggage and fixed mindsets.

No. 1140819

Well, moids over 25 do hit the wall quite horribly, so I guess it makes sense, and since most moids under 25 tend to be as retarded as the over 25 moids, there really isn’t any good option.

No. 1140820

That's…not answering the question kek. Are you speaking from experience?

No. 1140837

Every time someone posts this I feel like it's a moid trying to scare women into marrying quick. But what do I know.

No. 1140848

And anons can discuss casual sex without being judged. Im tired of retards like you acting like women have to be asexual human beings or else theyre somehow evil for wanting sex.

No. 1140852

It works for women who simply want sex. The problem is many think having sex with a man will keep them OR they catch feelings. If you view moids as objects and just care about your pleasure and be safe about it then i dont see the issue.

No. 1140858

File: 1650419267263.jpg (192.17 KB, 1170x1887, FQqMwnQX0AI3FYX.jpg)

Men shouldn't be allowed to watch anime that has young girls into it in peace. They need to be shamed into obscurity. In no sane society can someone post shit like this straight-faced

No. 1140866

I hope he is fucking shot. Men shouldn’t be allowed to consume any media at all, it seems they can only watch it with their dicks and men being in a fandom only means being exposed to ugly coomer art and bad opinions. I wish all men would be blinded or just disappeared they are seriously brain dead retard subhumans.

No. 1140871

Okay, I usually get annoyed at some blackwashing when it’s made to do mindless pandering and seem woquè, but this looks like it was probably just a cute, silly idea.
The moid needs to get castrated and I hope he never approaches children irl, imagine being so disconnected from real life that when you look at a silly edit you think of prostitution, the anime girl literally looks like a toddler but with anime hair.

No. 1140877

Then why are people always migrating (or at least trying) to the US? Sure, it isn't always nice and glamourous like the media depicts but I'm pretty sure some central american would feel better living in the US than in their homeland.

No. 1140917

>your pleasure
What are the odds a random scrote you met that night a) knows how to give you an orgasm and b) cares enough to do it to a stranger
Really fucking low that's what

No. 1140926

amber heard didn’t abuse johnny but i kinda wish she did

No. 1140929

Me too.

No. 1140933

Bc immigrants get more opportunities than your run of the mill American, sorry. Lots come to work for a few months, and get free housing and food by staying at a relatives/same nationality place. Then bring back the strong American $ they earned with them to their 3rd world country and get great conversion rate.
As for the ones that stay, it's bc they already have a same nationality community they can integrate into and get opportunities from the richer members.
Thirdies love to cry but they have community and strong identity, something that Americans have had ripped from them. Those things are more important than ppl think.

No. 1140959

Kek nonnie, is even worse when they have powerfull passports and (not trying to racebait, is just the truth) they're white. Overall everything is reduced to lack of effort, they don't want to get better in their own countries with little to no problems because they're benefited by war & imperialism, and when they actually emigrate they're mad at locals for boy kissing their feet (see: the jvlogger thread lmao)

No. 1140963

Or because even poor americans have better life conditions that poor people in other parts of the word. USA and all its population (maybe not actual indigenous people, i mean those who lives in reservations not the cherokee princesses because they're kinda not seen as actual citizens) benefit from the misery of the rest of the world. Being poor in usa > being poor elsewhere.

No. 1141020

Hookup culture doesnt have to be random moids you dont know about.
Many women who have casual sex are actualy confident and explicitly say what they like and they have orgasms. Just ebcause you have shitty sex doesnt mean it applies to all of us. Whats so hard to understand about this?

No. 1141023

I dont see sex as an emotional thing. I only see it as something that feels good kek
Women shouldnt be shamed for it.
You seem to think women are unable to enjoy sex.

No. 1141028

It's either fuck everyone and don't care about the consequences, you go gurl, or never fuck outside of marriage unless you're a low value hoe kek.

No. 1141076

Those women are liars or crazy

No. 1141124

I'm past my casual sex years but ime I remember thinking that I was having mutually pleasing sex.. and then years later I woke up to how low I had set the bar for myself. I'd been sexually active for years and was about 25 when I had a legit decent fuck buddy who was doing everything a guy should be doing. I stopped having fwbs after him because it opened my eyes to how few of my sexual experiences had been genuinely good before him. I'd been fooling myself or accepting less and tbh I'm still processing how I convinced myself that shit was good. I still don't fully understand it and think alot of personal and social elements combined to put me in that mindframe. And age too.

So based on that I know I tend to worry about women in a young age bracket who partake in it. I don't think it's unusual to think you have it all figured out at like 20 and then later you look back on it as a mediocre to poor sexual experience (with inconsiderate behaviours sprinkled in) that you somehow hyped up as something it never was. Older women I'd have way less concerns for but then I feel like older women often drop out of that lifestyle because it rarely truly pleases and they know that. Not making a black or white judgement of casual being good or bad, just saying what I've reflected on for a while. I think men who can be fwbs and genuinely meet the minimum requirements of good treatment and pleasing you are relatively rare. I look back fondly on memories of one single guy.. out of, well too many lol. And thing is they have no idea because my younger self didn't know or say it. I helped pad the egos of these bad lays because the bar was on the floor back then.

No. 1141125

Same, I even installed a mod in Sims called "sexy feet". Not because I'm a footfag, but because the low poly default feet bothered me. My Sims need to be hot from tip to toe.

No. 1141131

I think this is probably relatable to a lot of farmers. Women really let a lot of things go when they shouldn't have, including not putting your pleasure first among many things. But my qualm isn't about that, it's about shaming women who are sexual, which I have seen here as well. Not the pros and cons of casual sex. I and a few other women literally got called degraded retards with no dignity by a self-proclaimed blackpilled woman when there was normal sex talk going on, just replace the word retard with whore and it's what women have been called forever for being sexual. I wouldn't advocate for ONS myself because it's too much risk for too little gain, but I wouldn't shame a woman for it.

No. 1141133

nonfic books are super boring.

No. 1141134

>it opened my eyes to how few of my sexual experiences had been genuinely good
Same. I really thought mediocre was as good as it gets.

No. 1141200

People who are angry with sia are funny. The autistic community is upset with sia you know. Lol so hating her means you’re likely autistic.

No. 1141207

Sia is a self important creep who inserts her ugly face into drama and shit not about her and is grossly obsessed with a 12 year old.

No. 1141217

Exactly. Anons here act like moids when they find out anons are sexual and have sex. They think its edgy and probably think theyre being misandrist but all theyre doing is being misogynistic. I just wanna talk about enjoying sex. It doesnt have to be a miserable shitty experience. Saying i have no self respect for having casual sex is legit what retarded conservatives think of women. Its so backwards. I dont want a relationship with moids at all but I am straight (sadly) so i have sex with them. Not sure how thats harmful as i do NOT catch feelings and im always safe and i take precautions too. No, im not a sex addict or whatever either. I just get horny.
You know who else thinks this way? Moids.
Your concerns are right anon. Many women have casual sex and end up realizing they didnt feel good at all. I used to believe “giving up your body” to moids was retarded until i realized sex can be enjoyable for women and that I’m not losing away self respect just for doing something natural. I come from a religious background where my parents think love is only for married people who want to create children so i just stayed away from that mindset. The moids i dealt with so far have NEVER done anything i dont want. No anal sex, no choking (id kick their dick if any moid tried that shit with me) or anything like that so maybe I am lucky in that regard. Im very explicit about my boundaries and always carry pepper spray no matter what. I get the bad reputation casual sex gets but for those of us who dont want to date moids and are safe about it and get what they want, I think its fine. In no way is it a solution to win a moid or any retarded bullshit thats parroted online kek some women can do it and some cant thats fine too. Just wish we could discuss all of this without being called whores. Just really reminds me of the whole madonna/whore complex moids have. Im sorry about your situation nonny and I really understand where you are coming from.

No. 1141218

I don't get fashion bloggers who try to make it woke like it's not woke and it never will be the whole of the industry based is classism and buying unnecessary items every season/trend cycle. Just admit you like pretty clothes regardless of politics or find a different interest if politics mean that much to you.

No. 1141220

*sex (instead of love)

No. 1141224

Right. The modelling and fashion industry are so unethical. I dont get pretending to be woke. People use inclusivity as a way to sell now and i cant believe people actually believe they (brands) genuinely give a shit about values and morals kek

No. 1141248

I personally think having frequent casual sex is an unsafe thing to do and kind of retarded, but I feel that way about the concept itself and not other women who choose to do it. At the end of the day the best case scenario is just that women get what they want from these encounters and are able to get out of them safely

No. 1141256

Now and then there's a story of a Downs girl or something who dreams of being a model and walked her first runway bc a designer wanted publicity, and it makes me want to scream.
Fucked up beauty standards aside, did nobody realize modeling is basically trafficking?

No. 1141258

It's true all fashion brands use diversity solely for publicity, not because they actually want it there, but how is that trafficking?

No. 1141261

genuinely hate this culture of trying to wokeify everything. like, you can enjoy ~problematic~ things without trying to justify it imo.

No. 1141268

Big modeling agencies sign young naive girls and then ship them to big cities away from their families, and everything from rent to portfolio shoots is added to the girl's "bill" to the agency. Before they get a single gig they usually owe the agency thousands of dollars. When they get a job the agency gets paid, not them, and they will get a tiny stipend to live on until their debt is paid. Oh and let's not forget free work for exposure and being encouraged to let men in the industry abuse you for opportunities.
Most models end their careers in huge debt to their agencies, that's why many turn to sugaring and escorting.

No. 1141280

>women confidently asks for orgasms

You're forgetting that a lot of moids get angry when they are told how to get you off and take offense to it. Hooking up only works if the guy really likes the girl but she doesn't want a relationship but in any other situation prepare to be abused and degraded.

No. 1141294

Your situation is rare. The reality is most men who engage in casual sex try to make it uncomfortable because they get off on testing boundaries and they think a woman wanting to be treated like a human means she wants a relationship and they can just call her a crazy bitch if she asks to not be teeated like a cum rag. Men use casual sex as a free pass to treat women like trash or try out their porn fetishes on women they don't know because there's no consequences for it. The only people who can thrive in hook up culture are narcissists and mentally ill people. Also the "men don't have any emotions in sex like women do" is bullshit, the moment he senses you are using him for his body and he's not the one treating you like disposable trash then he's going to get butt hurt and it happens everytime. Men who engage in casual sex hate feeling like they aren't getting over on someone.

No. 1141306

I think it’s funny that you think you’re safe and protected because you “set boundaries” and carry pepper spray. Which goes where, exactly, when you’re nude and fucking?

No. 1141307

The casual sex girlies live in delusion.

No. 1141312

The point isn't that casual sex is cool and every girl should do it, it's how a lot of anons here shame women who are sexual with men and use the same words misogynists use. Getting used, mentally ill, no dignity, etc etc.

No. 1141315

Men who engage in casual sex are mentally ill too. I have never met a sane man on tinder or someone I just met trying to raw dog me within the first 40 minutes of knowing me.

No. 1141316

Samefag and a lot of hypersexual men are actually closeted homosexuals

No. 1141353

Eh. If you heard the stuff men said about the women they pump and dumped, you would know the stuff anons say here aren't nearly as vile. Most will say they're ugly, pick their looks and bodies apart abd them boast about the things they did to the women as if they're objects they used.
As long as you're safe, I'm not going to shame you and some anons do overdo it but I'm sure most are speaking from their experiences and want to warn other anons about the harsh realities of sleeping around. Trusting a random stranger, being vulnerable with him and allowing him full access to you even to the point he can easily hurt and overpower you is scary for most women.

No. 1141359

Its crazy how these men will talk about how ugly, weird or annoying the women they are hooking up with and I'm like why not just block her lol

No. 1141365

File: 1650462480707.jpg (65.69 KB, 564x415, b110abc725c6164ce5f05f14c6b1ad…)

They know. At this point, everyone knows the fashion industry is a bunch of disgusting old scrotes exploiting women and young girls, as well as batshit insane pick-mes selling out other young girls/women. When it's not that, it's disgusting old gay or bisexual scrotes exploiting young boys. They know all of it, they know a successful Downs syndrome model (not just a one-off for diversity points) equates to some old man having a boner for a woman with a disability, and they don't care.
The truth is, 50% of all women want male validation more than anything else. It's extremely important to them, human rights and decency be damned. It's just not cool to say it anymore, so they present all these meaningless veneers of (fake) feminism and wokeism. They're wounded when men call them unfuckable, they feel pity for other women when men won't fuck them, and some of them (even here) will try to lord fuckability politics over other anonymous posters (try bringing up something as simple as hair color, or hip to waist ratio, and see the deluded posters start competing). Only a small minority of women seem different. I don't think it's escapable, life just sucks and it'll be this way until we have parthenogenesis or something.

No. 1141367

It always comes down to "moids do way worse shit!" which isn't wrong at all, and I mean I can get mean when telling someone to not send nudes and that she's a tard if she's thinking of doing it knowing how moids are but telling someone they're a low value, no dignity whore and how the men she's been with fucking hate her, she's got no worth is any good and will help her. This is not all farmers though, I think most nonnas here are nice when helping others deal with this sort of stuff, it's just the weird minority.
>Trusting a random stranger, being vulnerable with him and allowing him full access to you even to the point he can easily hurt and overpower you is scary for most women.
Totally. I think women would be more okay with it if men were not… what they are right now.

No. 1141369

we need to make domestic violence a trend against men. also male suicide rates need to increase

No. 1141372

If it's ok for random men to ask for sex it should be ok for women to ask for money

No. 1141373

File: 1650462949582.jpg (470.1 KB, 2048x1463, 1639737875575.jpg)

>Anons here act like moids when they find out anons are sexual and have sex.
>Saying i have no self respect for having casual sex
There was one (1) anon here who did that a few days ago (who was likely a larping moid anyway) and they got like 20 replies telling them they're retarded.

No. 1141374

I believe deep down most women are male supremacists. It's only a minority who genuinely believe in equality.

No. 1141375

>Its crazy how these men will talk about how ugly, weird or annoying the women they are hooking up with and I'm like why not just block her lol
I know rightt? They're so retarded and lie to the girls in order to get them to sleep with them but still act entitled to "better" women so trash the women who let the scrote have his way
Oh I didn't mean the mentally ill scrotes and pickmes who come here and tell women they're low value or something for not being submissive dumb virgin housewives men want women to become. Those are either men or pickmes, I'm sure no anon really thinks that way.

No. 1141377

>Shame women for being sexual
Nice willful manipulation of words to insinuate an expectation of asexual purity. No one gives a damn that you have the horni for moids. Most people on this site are straight.
You have to be retarded to think most anons here shame casual sex women the same way men shame them. Men and right wing pickmes think you’re an immoral hole, that’s as far as their criticism goes. Women think you’re stupid for putting yourself in compromising situations for statistical low returns, and encouraging young girls to do the same. Are you denying the observable fact that women who have casual sex has large overlap with being mentally ill, yassified, and libshit-pilled?
The semen is leaking into your brain. I can at least respect the bitches who say yes, I’m mentally ill and sexual attention gives me the illusion of power and control. At least they don’t have some sort of girlboss delusion about how much they are PWNing men by confidently throwing it back.

No. 1141378

>They're wounded when men call them unfuckable, they feel pity for other women when men won't fuck them, and some of them (even here) will try to lord fuckability politics over other anonymous posters (try bringing up something as simple as hair color, or hip to waist ratio, and see the deluded posters start competing)
I feel like this is mostly true for young girls, and older women kind of get disillusioned with men and all they entail. That has been my experience.

No. 1141380

you don't have to be mentally ill to have multiple sexual partners in your life lmao

No. 1141384

>The truth is, 50% of all women want male validation more than anything else.
That's because girls are taught to believe having a retarded moid fall in love with you will bring you the biggest happiness. From childhood, you're always taught to wait for your prince to come and save you as if a random guy could actually change a woman's living conditions for the better just by dating her.
I don't blame women like this because it's not their fault and most had bad family situations so they seek out happiness from men's approval but I've been screwed over so may times by the same women, because I trust women, so I learnt to distance myself from them. No good will come out of their company anyway.

No. 1141385

Nta you don't have to be but that's usually the case. I don't even understand what the point of fucking multiple men is if you have one fwb who is good at sex and you can consistently fuck him.

No. 1141386

NTA but having one fuckbuddy or ten fuckbuddies isn't that different, you could even say having one fuckbuddy is worse because you're exclusive to him when most men who have those sort of relationships have at least a few women around.

No. 1141388

What exactly is the point of having 10 fucking buddies though?what is 10 scrotes doing that one cant?

No. 1141393

Because they all have lifes and you can't meet them whenever you like? Why would anon be exclusive to a guy who's seeing at least 3-5 girls? You sound like a scrote.

No. 1141395

>most men who have those sort of relationships have at least a few women around
Why would a woman need to compete with a man at being promiscuous. If the sex with a FWB is sooo good then one is as good as ten. If you need a different one for every day of the week then it’s actually sex addiction.

No. 1141399

So a man can have 4 fuckbuddies but those fuckbuddies should be exclusive to him? Kek. You sound like a redpill incel. I'm not someone who has casual relationships but having one or a few fuckbuddies isn't that different and being exclusive to a guy for no reason is stupid unless you're dating.

No. 1141401

How the fuck does she sound like a scrote? You clearly have to fuck multiple men to maintain the pretense in your mind that you are using men just as much as they use you. You obviously have hangups about a man fucking other women unless you’re also fucking other men “so it’s fair”. In other words, copium.

No. 1141403

I just think it's weird how that anon is forcing women to be exclusive to men they're not even dating. If a girl wants one fuckbuddy thats fine but acting like her having two of them magically makes her evil or a sex addict is stupid. That's stuff incels or men say, they want to have multiple women in casual relationships with them but don't want the women to see anyone else, which would be fine if the women were ok with it but why would they feel loyalty towards a guy they're not dating? It's stupid.

No. 1141406

She wasn’t forcing anything retard. She asked what the fuck is the point of TEN not two, don’t misrepresent what was said. And that “because the men are doing it” isn’t a good argument regarding having multiple fuck buddies. The risk of std is tremendous when everyone involved is fucking ten other people, why do I even have to explain this.

No. 1141408

>The semen is leaking into your brain.
Calm down. I've only been with two men in my life. I know it's probably wildly different place to place and in a lot of places women are shamed for not wanting to hop on every dick willy nilly and are called prudes and stuckup bitches for wanting a connection, just as there are places where women are shunned and mistreated for having sex outside of marriage, which is where I live.

No. 1141410

There are sexual infections that condoms don't fully protect against and then alot of people partake in oral and foreplay without a barrier in place so.. ten fuck buddies at once is pretty bad in just that sense. I'm not above casual sex, I've done it but there's some very real issues there even with morality removed. Just health wise that's a crazy amount of risk for something to spread and for you not to know even the source of it.

I know you can't tell whether the guy is sleeping around but I used to try not to have 'overlapping' guys for that reason.

No. 1141415

If all you're doing is fucking him and he's just an object why do these thoughts even enter your mind?

That would be like saying have one dildo means you're exclusive to the dildo. Obviously you care about these men and you have to fuck several to keep from getting attached.

No. 1141416

I don't think that's what she's implying. She's saying women should be more selective about finding a quality fwb who will completely satisfy her and also be safe with her to sleep with. Sleeping with multiple men is more dangerous and less satisfying than it is for men sleeping with women, let's not pretend it's the same thing
Men have multiple fwbs because they have no self-worth, don't give a shit about how diseased their dick gets, they get instant gratification and they don't have to worry about being murdered

No. 1141421

I agree. Just seems like a hassle juggling more than one guy.

No. 1141426

post a dividing, controversial opinion. quick! i hate caramelized onions a lot, they fucking suck.

No. 1141428

All onions suck, find me a good onion, you can't

No. 1141429

You have tastebuds of a child

No. 1141435

File: 1650466537681.jpg (16.51 KB, 183x275, images.jpeg-6.jpg)

i can eat everything else, olives, pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms but these cooked onions do it for me, i can't enjoy french onion soup.
raw onion is good though.

No. 1141436

You say you hate onions yet I guarantee if you encounter the smell of frying onions you will say “wow what’s cooking? That smells delicious! I’m suddenly hungry!”

No. 1141438

I don't feel bad for Johnny Depp. Whatever abuse he got should be expected dating someone 20 years younger.

No. 1141442

Everyone who hates onions deserves to be beat up.

No. 1141443

He also sent texts to people about his fantasies about killing amber so it's all deserved imo.

No. 1141444

Fodmap diet cope

No. 1141474

File: 1650468730745.gif (2.16 MB, 320x240, giphy (1) (3).gif)

Onions are trash, and I guess that's why you eat them, because you are what you eat
>guitar solo

No. 1141505

I hate Kum Kartrashian.

It’s unpopular here because everyone kisses her ass.

No. 1141507

How is this unpopular here?

No. 1141510

bad bait, cringe nicknames, i give this post a 2/10 try harder

No. 1141511

Because of whiteknights like >>1141510
>cringe nicknames
She’s just not hated here, period.

No. 1141516

Everyone hates her already. Men do because she got famous from nothing and didn't get shamed for the stuff they think she should've been shamed for. Women hate her because she's plastic all over and literally carried beauty standards to a point other women can't reach them naturally.

No. 1141520

I've been going thru a difficult transition regarding Kim kardashian. Hi I'm anon, and I've had kuwtk as my comfort show for nearly 10 years, I'm also a big Kanye West fan. Yes it's been difficult thanks for asking. Kim is really bothering me lately. Even before this. The show has been dull af because Kim isn't personable anymore. The last 3 or 4 seasons was Kim bitching at Kourtney for not carrying the plot lines with Scott, yet Kim hid Kanye not even living with her for seasons in the new house. Kanye's album Donda has filled in the fucking gaps the show left out and she had to start addressing it cryptically on the show. Like the show is so obviously a pr machine only now. We don't see the events anymore just the cover ups and vague at it. I haven't watched the new episodes but I'm going to.

No. 1141525

File: 1650471633245.png (70.72 KB, 473x354, 9c144e5af1877d26fdeb237db3713d…)

I find it extremely difficult to have empathy for rich people when they talk about more minor personal issues like mental health and breakups and I think it's stupid. Probably biased because I was born into a family of poorfags but like I just don't care about a rich person crying about something they can easily fix because they usually have far more time and money/resources available to them (I'm talking mental health issues, work/school issues and relationship problems, not stuff like people close to them dying)
Money doesn't fix everything, of course, but recently this gay moid in a friend circle I am slowly distancing myself from never stops crying on about the fact he has to study or his relationship problems. Like, you could literally just drop out of university and have your parents provide for you for years, what the fuck are you crying about? He lives in a literal countryside mansion, spends money on anything he desires without a second thought and he could afford to make several life mistakes and not have it impact his wealth or reputation at all compared to the average working-class, or even middle-class person.
He chose to enter a ridiculous LDR with some other moid after only knowing him a few weeks, he chose to study in university, if he were to fuck up his life for a while he would still have the money there to recover fully compared to a poor person making one minor mistake and ending up homeless. Another rich moid in that same group recently heard me talking about the energy crisis and how many people have had their bills instantly doubled and are struggling to afford it, he replied "Yeah it sucks it's so expensive for me" like he doesn't spend £600 a month on shitty art commissions for his edgelord game characters. It's like they're completely detached from reality.

That's not me saying that rich people are immune to these issues, but I just have absolutely no reaction towards it anymore. I can see right through their whining attitudes and I just find it irritating especially as they are always so open and loud about it compared to other poor people I know irl who can't even speak up about nearly being homeless because someone calls them a benefit scrounger(even if they're not on benefits???) because they dare to have a smartphone.

No. 1141533

they are cringe nonny sorry

No. 1141537

It’s normal to call her that, sorry if it makes you kringe coz you like her. Doesn’t make my post any less true, y’all like her here and that’s ok but disliking her is thus an unpopular opinion.

No. 1141561

Nta I don’t like her either but calling a woman “Kum” is gross and by extension cringe. Slapping porn shit everywhere is unpleasant, so it’s not necessarily a personal defence of her.

No. 1141583


This is sadly true, they only want what they can't have.

I've lost out on relationships because I was too autistic not to learn this sooner in life, and was honest with them about how much I cared for and loved them.

Literally never tell a man you love him, ever. You have to pretend you're disgusted by his existence otherwise he gets bored and devalues you immediately. Even ugly men do this.

No. 1141585

I must have confused my ex cause my go to insult was calling him ugly because people kept telling me he was lol

No. 1141588

just let it go

No. 1141592

Maybe I'm retarded, but how would this apply in a long term relationship? Genuinely asking. Like, would you always keep him at an edge? Even after say, a decade?

No. 1141595

>Any time I’ve acted disinterested or even cold with a dude, he was more eager to “chase” me, whereas being eager and open with a guy only seemed to turn him off.
This is so true. Men love having ti chase women otherwise they'll think you're "easy" and lose interest. That's why pickmes never get picked.

No. 1141599

AYRT You have to keep them on their toes. They'll get lazy, take you for granted, and cheat otherwise.
Ask any woman who has been in long term relationships.

Stay hot and take care of yourself, don't give up your own hobbies that he's not involved in.

No. 1141602

This. Once you devote yourself to him, he'll thunk of you as his mommy and go after other women.

No. 1141604

Not just pick-mes but like, you can't even have a real emotional relationship with males. They devalue you for it. ALL my relationships have crumbled as soon as I let my guard down and developed feelings. Whether that took 6 weeks or 6 months or a year.

Never tell a man you love him.

No. 1141605

No. 1141612

Thanks, this is a good answer.

No. 1141632

Y’all shit on chloe cherry call her all kinds of names but for some reason miss kim has beyonce status and you can’t even slutshame her even though she’s as much of a sex worker as chloe cherry.

No. 1141648

Please fucking integrate or else return to twitter

No. 1141652

We’re not a hivemind and I’m in the right thread

No. 1141659

Kim isn't on Beyonce status and Chloe Cherry isn't on Kim's status either.
Kim and Beyonce are on different lanes, Beyonce is respected Kim is tolerated and without Kanye she wouldn't even be that.
Chloe is just starting out.

No. 1141666

Lifting weights is so boring. I feel like in fitness spaces it's common for people to say cardio is boring and weightlifting is fun. I feel the opposite.

No. 1141672

Once I discovered weighlifting, I couldn't go back to cardio with the intensity I once did it. For me, there's something so grounding about lifting weights for some reps for some amount of sets while engaging your whole body and muscles for the mind-muscle connection. I really dislike cardio but I can understand why people love it and hate weightlifting.

No. 1141674

It's not about your opinions but the typing style, check the rules, I'm sorry to have been rude though

No. 1141718

If you're bored you're not lifting heavy enough.or you're a small blue hedgehog

No. 1141749

>The semen is leaking into your brain
You ain't slick, kill yourself you worthless moid

No. 1141771

Pineapplebrat is a shooper for sure but claiming her body is average is a huge stretch, no average woman has hard abs and a ripped back

No. 1141773

Never talk to your friends or bf about your issues they will eventually start to look down on you. Go to a therapist or vent to randoms online.

No. 1141775

Yeah in great America where the poors get experimented on/doused with chemicals.

No. 1141779

Same. He's milking this hard

No. 1141790

Drawn feet can be hot and I'm tired of pretending they're not

No. 1141796

Poor stuck in rich culture are completely fucked. Car dependency forcing poor people to get cars and have never ending expenses relating to them, people being bullied into getting an apartment and moving out before you even turn 22, never ending medical expenses from the fact cheap food is loaded with chemicals, sugar and salt and cheap housing where the air will kill you before anything else does, you're forced to get a smartphone since most jobs nowadays require you have an app for work and the previous generation/schools always give shit tier advice for finances like "oo go to a super expensive school at soon as you graduate with none of the previous finances figured out", get preyed on by MLMs or sales jobs or any other job requiring you to literally pay hundreds before you even start or the millions of other ways americas poor get scammed, you can't even research coupons without being bombarded with a million spam sites that will send you 100+ emails a day disguised as important emails, overdraft fees and so on

America is literally the most expensive place to be poor

No. 1141801

what have you been reading? textbooks?

No. 1141802

I feel zero sympathy for retarded moids who wanna sleep around and end up getting with a crazy and getting hurt. This includes men who get involved with women half their age or men who get murdered after cheating. You'd think with how much they complain about crazy, evil women they'd stop fucking around and grooming, cheating and etc but apparently fucking not. Natural selection at this point

No. 1141824

Yeah if the paper is on fire

No. 1141830

Same 100%, they had it coming.

No. 1141897

good post. very true, anon.

No. 1142270

I love Sonic 06.

No. 1142285

File: 1650549591605.jpeg (126.7 KB, 720x905, 3645937F-A47E-4248-9F9F-EA1278…)

No. 1142288

Based. You can't expect to use and throw women away freely. You're bound to come across someone mentally unstable enough to ruin their life to get revenge.

No. 1142293

You know it's bad to project your traits on others?

No. 1142303

Nta but anon is right if you live in a place where misogyny is the norm. I've known women who treated their sons way better and shit on their daughters just because they wanted boys more. That's very common and if not for that, some women put the guys they like before their genuine friends and are willing to cut off their female friends for random men who aren't even interested in them most of the time.
I'm sure this stuff isn't as common in western countries but in shitty countries where you "have to" have a husband to be respected and have a son to "continue the bloodline", women are practically shamed into putting men before themselves and other women.

No. 1142435

Literally. For the moids who always rant about how "bitches be crazy" they sure don't fucking act like bitches be crazy and like there's zero consequences for their actions. Surely if you're surrounded by people who you claim are psychos you would try your best not to set them off and get yourself murdered? They're either incredibly stupid/spoilt or should step up and admit they think women are a lot more subservient/forgiving than what they write us out as. Literally poking the bear

No. 1142460

You're right. Men believe they'll be forgiven for cheating, abusing and even beating their gf/wives. An onlyfans girl killed her boyfriend who was beating her on the daily and people still blamed her even though she probably did it to defend herself.

No. 1142466

They're either picking women with issues intending to take advantage of them or half the time the woman isn't crazy.. she's just real reactive to be treated a certain way.

I met a guy last year. I posted about it here att. I rarely feel full on attraction for a man but with him it was instant. Our first convo was him giving me a run down of his mental health, ups and downs over the years. Telling me every bad decision he ever made. I appreciate the honesty but I also suspect his lack of filter is him having no boundaries with women. I looked at this gorgeous man and knew he was not going to be worth it. I could envision him becoming obsessive and it killed me to be an adult and be like… okay well bye and to then detach myself from the flutters he gave me. But it was the right thing to do. My last relationship was hellish and I didn't see that coming but this time I could predict so it was my responsibility to say no to a world of drama. He was ready to dive in like a mad man but..nope.

No. 1142474

Men's office wear should include losing weight.

No. 1142497

men who get fat should legally be shot

No. 1142505

File: 1650566438666.png (10.31 KB, 225x225, 1629295196945.png)

Don't scroll

No. 1142513

This just reminds me of how many examples I've seen lately of men who have 20/30/40 pounds of pure excess fat sitting on them… and they don't class that as being fat yet. A woman can't get away with a 5 pound gain without being classified as bigger and yet men never shut up about how terms like 'curvy' annoy them for lightening the blow when women gain weight.. I mean which is worse? Total denial mode or having a nicer word for it. You don't get to complain about terms while you're in a world of cope yourself.

No. 1142523

>They're either picking women with issues intending to take advantage of them or half the time the woman isn't crazy.. she's just real reactive to be treated a certain way.
men always romanticize women being crazy and possessive like "crazy girls fuck better" "there's no female who could be this hot and not be crazy" and stuff like that. A lot of men who prey on much younger women often choose younger women with obvious issues knowing they're easier to manipulate and will be more willing to put up with cheating and abuse, they use retarded PUA "techniques" to prey on these women which are just watered down emotional abuse but are too fucking stupid to know that manipulating a young girl for a large portion of her life isn't stable long term and she's bound to go crazy and fire back. I can't feel bad for him or other men who get hurt by women they likely manipulated and used

No. 1142530

No. 1142613

why is he fat

No. 1142741

Needs higher waisted pants and that shirt either needs to be smaller or needs to be tucked in further. It does look sloppy. If a woman wore this exact outfit she'd get shit talked. Men should be forced to wear tight fitting suits tbh.

No. 1142763

Why the fuck do men like loose fitting shirts? It looks so sloppy and childish and makes them look short

No. 1142771

Seriously I hate men with fat tits, it makes me uncomfortable

No. 1142806

File: 1650585956572.jpg (113.26 KB, 660x620, shorts15.jpg)

It's a fucking travesty that men's short shorts went out of style, more men should be wearing them and showing off their legs instead of wearing those ugly baggy shorts that only show their calves and knees.

No. 1142815

they wear baggy long shorts so they can skip leg day

No. 1142816

The Batman was fucking terrible. What is the appeal of any of it. Boring, way too long, cringe writing

No. 1142817

Fucking true. Men's baggy shorts never sat right with me, even in elementary school I thought all the boys looked so ugly wearing the same cargo or basketball shorts everyday. Then the same in middle school, then high-school, then sometimes men just do that forever. Fucking lazy and disgusting.

No. 1142824

no, male legs are hideous and should be hidden from the world

No. 1142834

I haven't been able to stop thinking about men in shorts since one anon brought up men's basket shorts. They appeal to my cavewoman brain.

No. 1142845

No. 1142927

anything she did was just retaliation to his bullshit anyway, I hate the "perfect dainty victim" narrative. sometimes you have to learn to hit back out of fear for your life, and if she did, I don't blame her, he's a violent druggie psycho

No. 1142931

based, but i always always the wrong type of victim and was constantly blamed. if you're nothing but the dainty cowering victim, your abuse isn't real in this society. shit's fucked. i do think she's an insecure BPDchan or something, something of the sort, but he's definitely got his issues and you can tell both of them were mutually abusive though he probably triggered her behavior and it started a chain reaction. when you're in a serious relationship, especially mariage, it's your duty to actually, you know, tend to your spouse's emotions to some degree. it's particularly difficult for women because we feel so expendable and are made so expendable, so i can easily see depp not doing any emotional labor or investing much emotionally or dismissing her fears and it setting her off, then him getting violent, or her, or both, and her needing to retaliate.

No. 1142942

i witnessed my parents develop a mutually aggressive relationship prior to their divorce and this case pours salt in an old wound. they weren't substance abusers and it was already bad enough, now factor in substances when amber and johnny are both known to indulge in coke and booze. it must be hell. but people by far act like she wasn't the lesser known celebrity who was half his age and now treat her as this big, bad evil monster, versus the guy who chopped off his own finger and wrote poems on a wall in blood

No. 1142964

the super wealthy have to die if the rest of us want to live.

No. 1142978

People don't change, we just want to believe they do and that society can work and become perfect, while the people we want to change simply hide their behaviour to avoid consequence, or find it to difficult to continue doing, not that they no longer believe/want to do it. Good people like to believe there is a solution without violence/one that satisfies every one, so they believe, not because people can change.

No. 1142980

>amber heard didn’t abuse johnny but i kinda wish she did
Based. At least her life wouldn't have gotten ruined for nothing.

No. 1143002

File: 1650606077608.png (446.76 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20220422-002401~2.p…)

This is why I'm skeptical of men who claim their female partners are abusive. Even if they technically are, it's never truly mutual abuse or a genuine threat to him because women don't create the same environment of constant fear and control. I don't think female on male abuse is worth discussing as some sort of serious societal issue. I only feel bad for male children or disabled men who are abused at the hands of women. Picrel is from Why Does He Do That? and Lundy Bancroft actually works with abused women and abusive men so he has plenty of experience to comment unlike dumb Johnny stans who view him as a poor victim

No. 1143003

Too bad they'll run into their island bunkers to hide out from a bloody revolution. Or use their drones to kill the poor folks first. Sigh.

No. 1143030

I agree with you about the anachans who engage in meanspo or create any other kind of proana content because they're directly engaging in behavior that hurts others (particularly young ppl) and tend to be really awful, mean spirited people. However, I don't think they make up a majority of anorexics in general. There are many different motivations for developing an eating disorder beyond trying to fit a patriarchal beauty standard. A lot of times it's a direct response to sexual trauma and a misguided attempt at desexualizing their bodies to protect themselves

No. 1143038

saging for off topic and late but it shits me how much scrotes online are milking this. Pointing their fingers at her as a poster example of "look!!!! Men are abused too!! Look how sick and twisted women can be!"
All the memes about her being scum of the Earth make me seethe. Even if she did, which I don't know given I haven't read up on it much, men still account for the majority of domestic abuse. There's no way around it. You'll never see moids call a male abuser a horrible disgusting piece of shit, sounds like to me this is just an excuse to be a misogynist.

No. 1143070

Their staff and security won't protect them forever, money isn't worth much during the revolution or when everything goes to shit anyway.

No. 1143082

File: 1650613660161.jpg (178.73 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20220422_084227.jpg)

I've had depression and anxiety since I was 8 or so and I can understand the low feelings but men really are fucking annoying when it comes to prioritising their health. No harm to anyone but if you've got depression or anxiety and you do fuck all all day to mwkr yourself feel better, be that talking to someone, going outside or burning off adrenaline or stress by doing a high energy activity. Like what do people reasonably expect a doctor to be able to do. I've known men that have killed themselves and personally, they died at their own hands but their own means. No one was making them deal with the consequences of outside actions. I grew up being beaten, a lot of men grow up expecting more attention and cry depression when shit isn't easy for them. Of course a doctor is going to suggest exercise and going outside. Really pisses me off how people don't want to help themselves. I had a doctor that just put me on medication and gave me. Horrible side effects for 2 plus years. I've had a therapist be a bitch and turn very high school on me and gossip about my personal issues socially outside of work. If I was a an I'd probably have killed myself by now but even somehow being the weaker sex and picked on by others I feel mentally stronger than the faggots that hurt me these days. Men are weak and I hate them and how coddled they are.

No. 1143083

>I've had a therapist be a bitch and turn very high school on me and gossip about my personal issues socially outside of work

wtf, please tell me you reported them

No. 1143084

I used to be an ana-chan because I hated how much male attention having boobs got me. Not every ana-chan is the same and I don't think you can blame most of them because they're the ones who got sexually abused and got anorexic afterwards to avoid male attention and possibly further abuse. You can look up statistics if you don't believe me. Though the ones who act like dainty princesses and trash on other women are definitely not the same league and I do feel angry about them too.

No. 1143085

Pic, I dont know why he'd rush to think it must be a 'who cares about men' thing. Women hear the same shit except replace the word soccer with a different sport or class. Yoga, cardio. I used to do kick boxing because I'd all this nervous energy I needed to get rid of but yeah most of the time that advice lands flat given your motivation has obviously left the building in a case of depression. That's not unique to men. Feeling brushed off by services is unfortunately almost the norm no matter what you are.

No. 1143086

He makes it a gendered issue because he's a self entitled male and probably doesn't think women could manage the brain function to be be depressed.

No. 1143087

>cock fondling cancer is having some problems with depression
Just weighed down by the immensity of his own degeneracy, I bet.

No. 1143089

This. Men think male depression is more serious even though the reasons men get depressed are usually hilarious. It's either because he's not super rich, doesn't have a 10/10 bangmaid or something similar yet women get told to suck it up and smile when they're actually depressed.

No. 1143092

True. I've had a family member kill himself even tho the entire family pandered to him about his own choices and were forgiving. I've know men that use prostitutes and drugs that have killed themselves because nothing "good" happened to them but I bet they never gave a fuck about the woman they were paying to sex or what her circumstances were. God forbid they were born a woman in a country outside of western Europe. They'd have no one to punch down on. God love them cuz I don't!

No. 1143095

I really don't know why people argue about whether men or women have it "easier" with depression and mental illness, it basically follows the same path regardless of gender. If you follow the normie forums for depression and mental illness, like sanctioned suicide, you see that both genders have similar experiences and both experience the same sort of slow alienation.

No. 1143099

File: 1650615946904.png (405.7 KB, 500x488, C225ECF6-A667-44CF-89D5-4074BB…)

Men literally think any problem is more serious when they experience it. Tbh it’s no surprise so many are depressed when they are this cut off from the experiences of others. Never seeing the light of day bc head rammed so far up own ass. They’re so fucking self centred they never get any perspective whatsoever into their own privilege and if they did maybe they’d be fucking grateful for what they have. Men will even claim that they’re depressed because their lives are too convenient and easy, and think they’re a victim because of that, instead of acknowledging that it is 100% their own fault for being a selfish hedonist pig.

No. 1143101

>normie forums
>sanctioned suicide
I get what you mean but wouldn't call it normie lmfao

No. 1143109

This could be applicable in terms of suffering with mental illness regardless of the environment you live in. But in regards to men suffering because they are in particular circumstances that make them depressed, they absolutely have more resources and "pull" to get them out of their situation vs women who are often burdened with things like childcare, unpaid labour and misogyny in areas like the workplace. Idk, I just don't think it can be entirely equal when we live in a world that still divides and discriminates based on sex.
Whenever I've encountered women with genuine mental illness it's been from childhood abuse or sexual abuse, overall misogyny theyve faced since a young age, constantly being at a financial disadvantage compared to their partners or having to do truck loads of unpaid labour on top of working and/or looking after kids. Women are naturally taught to be more introspective and diminish their own feelings so it just bubbles up until they get emotional outbursts too.
I have only encountered one man who was depressed for things out of his control like discrimination or being unable to reach a comfortable spot no matter how hard he tried.

Apart from him, every single man I've met who cried about being depressed or mentally ill also simultaneously consumed porn, was purposely in and out of employment or just didn't care to be employed at all, did the absolute not even bare minimum in regards to looking after his children or house, smoked weed or drank a lot while also complaining he had no money, and he was almost always babied and coddled by his parents. Every single one of these men could have put on some clean clothes, acted like themselves, and could have easily got a job interview or offer with no problem. But they didn't, because it's far easier to beg for attention about Muh Mens Mental Health on social media than ever really assess what you're doing wrong and how you can improve as a person.

Let me end this by saying that if men had to go through what the average woman has to experience throughout her lifetime, they wouldn't last a second.

No. 1143112

Women's mental health is more important and our issues are more serious. It's because women have it harder in any given field. Women have to work much more to be respected and earn as much as men in the same career. Women have to do most housework and labor in marriage, women are expected to be hot even after giving birth several times, women are expected to care about their children when men can just leave at any given time, women are expected to forgive when their husbands inevitably cheat or try to cheat on them, pass them std, etc.

Men aren't expected to do nearly as much as women are, and yet women are seen as therapists and prostitutes by men all around the world, even in Western countries men still only care about whether a woman will fuck him or do stuff for him, none of them care about domestic abuse, rape and other inequalities most women face in their lifetimes. Then they turn around and expect women to care about them and how oppressed poor men are.

No. 1143119

My country is trying to put together mens clubs in every town with an emphasis on treating male isolation and giving men spaces to talk about their issues in the company of exclusively other men. There's ads encouraging them to go there and to talk. Rural areas in particular. There's still this one guy on my road who is an exact match for one of these places.. never married, early retirement, doing nothing with his life. Every time I bump into him I get landed with talk of his depression. Unwanted updates on his moods and poor sleeping habits. I won't go into detail but my own life circumstances are kind of bleak. I've bigger issues than this man. They want women to listen. Services know not to make the genders mix in these anti isolation clubs because they know men land women with their shit and its one sided.

Government gives men their own lil free spaces to go talk the ears off each other.. they're not using it. And yet we've to hear how neglected men are by society. Violent crimes lately are being blamed on a lack of male services? They have the same services as anyone here and then their clubs on top of that. I'd kill for a female equivalent right now but oh well.

No. 1143126

Isn't it disgusting how a female equivalent of that support club would probably just be overrun by men anyway? Men would either complain that women have support groups or they'd just troon out and try to infiltrate it instead. We literally cannot win, every time women get a slice of cake men complain about not having any, yet when THEY are awarded a slice they don't fucking want it anyway. It shows it's really not about oppression or "men's struggles" at all, it's just another way to compete with and one-up women.

No. 1143127

This. To be so sick in order to become an actual skelly tier there's something more severe than wanting to just "conform to a beauty standard" at play, such as the mentioned desexualization of their body in response to sexual trauma, self-harm or wanting to gain control over something in their lives such as their eating. I feel like the meanspo ana-chans (such as the ones on lolcow) are usually just non-ana girls larping and making up for their shit self-esteem by imposing impossible and unreachable standards on other girls.

No. 1143311

I'm working at a school and some of the boys are absolutely wrecks. Women should absolutely deserve to hit boys in school if they are misbehaving.

No. 1143318

If a woman is socially isolated it's 100% because she is a pickme. I've never seen otherwise. Good women have no problems finding friendships.

No. 1143321


No. 1143322

Yeah I guess extreme mental/physical illness is another thing. But a lot of agoraphobic women manage to find friends online.

No. 1143325

You are a Moron

No. 1143326

Maybe they're autistic.

No. 1143327

some of us are autistic and too smart for this world………

No. 1143332

All the autistic women I know have friends. Otherwise they are stuck up like >>1143327 anon. Those tend to be huge pickmes though.

No. 1143333

nah im just an awkward retard

No. 1143335

Yeah sometimes women have problems that don't involve men (or their feelings on men) in the slightest. Crazy I know.

No. 1143341

>all the autistic women I know have friends
Therefore… it's impossible for autism to affect socialization and making friendships? Lol okay.

No. 1143343

pick mes are friends with other pick mes tho. so idk

No. 1143347

NTA but I'm an autistic lesbian, extremely hostile to scrotes and I'm quite isolated. I do have a friend, who is also autistic, but she lives in another country and we can't visit each other often. I have trouble getting along with straight neurotypical women, because I have very little in common with them and they are kinda the majority of women I come across.

No. 1143353

Your detail about being extremely hostile to scrotes reminded me that a lot of women don't agree with manhate. So if you've got opinions on the nature of males, keep it to yourself or else the girl you're trying to hang with will call you a terf/swerf/etc.

No. 1143359

Wtf this is not true I’m not even kys

No. 1143362

Nta but
This is why you don't have friends.

No. 1143365

You think autist anon is stuck up and you think all isolated women are pickmes… maybe you just hate women and jump to find flaws in them to then blame them for any problems they're having in their life. A bit like.. pickmes do kek

No. 1143368

This sounds like projection? Very pickme to judge women like that. I've had trouble making close friends but it's because 90% of my time goes to working 50+ hours a week and taking care of my toddler. Stop blaming women. I get along with every women I meet, I'm adored by the ladies at work because I'm "quiet, nice, helpful". And I'm a TERF so fuck men and fuck pick mes. But there's just no time or energy left for me to get close to other women. It's not womens fault. The only close friends I have are online, no where near me. A lot of normies prefer in person friendship and if you don't have the time for that, it never goes anywhere.

No. 1143373

File: 1650645662406.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1242x2040, 98D1B557-DB8C-40D4-9221-7D13AC…)

Even though I obviously agree that eurocentric beauty standards exist and that it can have an extremely bad effect on your self image, for some reason I can’t help but find this kind of thing extremely pathetic instead of sympathetic. I feel like at some point it’s not you talking about your experiences with racist attitudes towards beauty but becomes more of like a misery porn thing where they just get off on pitying themselves. Also without fail literally every single girl who does this kind of thing exclusively pursues white people themselves.

No. 1143382

true but as a black woman i know that if it were between me and a racial ambiguous/lighter skinned woman, black moids are 9 times out of 10 are gonna go for her and not me. i personally don't give a shit, but i understand the stuggle of dark skinned women that do care.

No. 1143387

Nta but you should kys if you’re going to get stroppy about people saying kys on an imageboard. Are you a newfag?

No. 1143395

This smells like it was written by a scrote who thinks women are incapable of actually struggling in life or not having friends kek

No. 1143398

Anon was someone who didn't have friends but they were also very quick to scream "kys" to anyone they disagreed with, which is probably why they can't make friends. I don't think pickmeism has to do anything with friendships because I know pickmes with a lot of female friends but being a weirdo who can't resolve disagreements without insulting the other person… That's way more likely to leave you friendless
She's such a beautiful woman too so I can't imagine how hard ir must be for actually unconventional looking women. I'm brown myself but have light skin and blonde hair, I do get more attention because I look eurocentric but I don't think it's always the case. There are bound to be men who prefer women with darker hair, eye and complexion.

No. 1143399

I understand how seeing the image of "pretty" often looking a certain way/race can affect your self image. But part of me thinks really buying into that is just childish. Pretty women are pretty even if they don't fit into a mold. Maybe some moids are close minded about what "pretty" looks like but others are not. Like that girl is pretty idk why she's acting that way

Also "Muh eurocentric beauty standards" is often just cope posted by ugly women…

Then again maybe I'm just an autist weirdo. I don't think everyone is attractive but I've been attracted to all different kinds of people so idk

No. 1143407

Nta but we're on lc.. you're reading into 'kys' way too much. Every other word I use on here is scrote, autist or retard… which doesn't carry over to my real life convos with potential friends. It's not comparable.

No. 1143414

You’re thinking of one or two specific women that you know and you’re projecting that onto women as a whole. You sound like a scrote.

No. 1143416

Anon clearly has no friends bc she can’t understand a fucking joke.

No. 1143417

I feel like women who do this only worsen the overall image of their race(s). Like, what do you gain from this "boohoo pity me" thing? Where is it supposed to lead? It's just cringy. White girls on TikTok will like/comment with fake sympathy (but deep down, they'll feel a sense of relief because they know they can rest on eurocentric beauty standards even if they're personally not very attractive, and any existing, unwarranted superiority complex they feel around other races of women will just be bolstered), opportunistic white boys will either prey on your low self-esteem to get pussy and/or a girlfriend they can abuse, or they'll just mock you if they're feeling particularly misogynistic/racist, and every group of men will think they're losers if they pick you, even if they find you pretty. The worst part, though, is that you're encouraging other impressionable girls and women who aren't white to feel bad about themselves over their race, and that obviously leads to self-doubt, emotional baggage and self-fulfilling prophecies
Maybe I'm just schizo, but I genuinely don't see any positives to acting this way.

No. 1143426

No I agree with you, this kind of post always feels way more targeted towards trying to pander to white people than a genuine expression of insecurity or whatever. Idk maybe it sounds mean but I think even though she’s talking about an actual thing that does exist and it is reasonable to have some insecurity over, at some point it’s just like, have some self respect.

No. 1143431

She’s just fishing for compliments. She knows she’s gorgeous and I’m sure the white boys and all other races are falling over themselves. This is probably directed at one particular white boy that didn’t like her back for whatever reason and she projects it on to all of them. Also I love how she says
>I can’t help but hate her!!
Well we hate you too bitch, if you’re gonna be like that. Damn. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1143434

Or they’re adults whose friends are adults who can’t always get together because of responsibilities and conflicting schedules?

No. 1143440

If you don't want to be isolated, maybe you shouldn't have had a child…with a man? I hate when women claim to hate men yet have children with them. kek

No. 1143444

If you were a normal woman, you shouldn't have problem making friends with other women. The proof that you can't is a sign that you are a pickme

Women who dislike neurotypical women are usually incredibly stuck up

No. 1143445

Sorry why would autism make it hard to be friends with other women? NTA but the only autistic women who don't have friends tend to be hostile and look down "normie" women. I find that autists both male and female tend to be incredibly stuck up so it's no wonder they can't make friends

No. 1143449

This feels like bait. Not every woman who is bad at making and keeping friends is a pick me. Women can have difficulties making friends without male attention being the culprit.

No. 1143451

Yeah yeah we get it, everyone except you is stuck up. It's well known that autism can lead to social and communication problems and that neurotypical people generally have trouble dealing with autists and assume the worst. Not looking someone in the eye is interpreted as deceitful behavior etc. As if it's not stuck up of neurotypical women to assume autistic women are deceitful or stuck up bitches for being born different.

No. 1143453

Yep. Also, isolating the victim is a hallmark of abuse. I'm sure OP would argue it's because a woman "allowed" it to happen since she's such a pickme, but someone who is getting verbally harassed and/or physically threatened every time they try to spend time with friends and family may find it difficult to safely resist.

No. 1143454

You can have friends and still feel isolated, either because work or kids or whatever keeps you from seeing them. Or because you don’t feel comfortable letting your friends know when you’re struggling. Not everyone dumps on their friends every day about every little thing that goes wrong.

No. 1143455

I don't care about a lack of eye contact. It's shit like saying that people who make small talk or partake in social niceties are shallow. Autists also tend to think of themselves as more intelligent than NTs.

No. 1143456

Avoiding social isolation is a great way to have kids. If I was a het woman, I would never have kids with a scrote lmao.

No. 1143458

Don't start this shit again autism-chan

No. 1143460

You do realize gay and lesbian couples can have kids too right?

No. 1143461

Well yeah, one of the symptoms of being a sperg literally is having above average intelligence. After being bullied and/or shunned your entire life by NT's, it's not weird to have some harsh feelings towards NT's. For being supposedly so adaptable, NT's cannot handle people who are different from them for the life of them and have a lot of difficulty empathizing, even though they have no excuse.

No. 1143463

What irks me the most is that she's not talking about beauty standards in general, no she's talking about how much it sucked that a scrote didn't pick her. You simp for male validation, the most abundant and useless resource in the universe, we get it. And everyone knows a good chunk of those 1k comments are going to be men trying to get in her pants by saying how beautiful she is. Congrats to her for outing her desperation, I guess.

No. 1143468

uuh no it's not lmao. you're thinking diagnostic criteria for literal toddlers. the only thing autists may have over nt is they can more easily absorb information relating to their special interests, but they are essentially disabled when trying to do literally anything else. (i have adhd btw so not nt before you assume anything i just hate spergs)

No. 1143479

what's the difference between nts and nds anyways if both are unempathetic, can't adapt etc, the above average intelligence and uh, heightened sensory issues?

No. 1143493

anon is an autist so she thinks "being able to adapt" means dealing with her childish, retarded bullshit. when in reality it means they can deal with the slightest change without having a sperg meltdown.

No. 1143503

You're just being obtuse on purpose, because the difference between Asperger's and autism is mainly intelligence and you know that. Scrotes with Asperger's might be able to afford to only fixate on their special interests and act disabled, but women actually are forced to mask and you know that.
With being able to adapt I mean not chimping out because someone is quiet and doesn't want to look them in the eye. Most of the symptoms women with Asperger's show are easily confused for just being shy or being an arrogant stuck up bitch who thinks she's better than everyone else, instead of people understanding that you're worried you're going to say something stupid or come across as awkward, so you'd rather not talk to people at all and it's tiring to constantly have to overthink about everything you say.

No. 1143509

Teaching men about mental health issues was a mistake because they've only learned to use it as leverage instead of seeking treatment(and actually putting in the effort to get better)

No. 1143511

OT, but I don't understand why so many autists are convinced that they don't have a disability. Like things change and plans change all of the time because that's the world is. Not being able to adapt to that is indeed a probablem.

No. 1143513

>she thinks aspergers and autism are different.
also no, autists like you are insufferable because you expect others to deal with your lack of social skills because you're "just like that" and "can't help it" as if everyone else is automatically nt and has no issues whatsoever and need to control they're responses to how you make them feel. pathetic.

No. 1143519

it was a joke you fucking retard kek go take a walk in the park and feed the ducks

No. 1143520

This. In my case I've only ever dated men who are in denial about their own mental issues but some of the eternally unmotivated depressed suicide baiting bfs that I've read about on here are the stuff of nightmares. Mainly because the gf will feel like she owes him a lifetime of loyalty just in case he ever does something stupid after she leaves. It's abuse. It's always this description of emotional abuse… but he's depwessed.

No. 1143521

>for men
I swear to god they think everything is about them, women complain about the exact same shitty mental health services every single day and no one cares, don't even get me started on the amount of men who go into psychology to creep on unstable young women but nooo it's all about men because one man had a dry therapist

No. 1143523

same here, my thought process was that if I downplay my womanly features I would be able to live in my childhood longer since it felt like I missed out. However this was when DDLG kicked up so I ended up getting more attention from pedo men who got off to my trauma. I hate moids

No. 1143530

Saying this in a value neutral way with no further implication like politically or whatever, but I’ve always felt that part of the reason men kill themselves more is because they are less likely to have caring responsibilities and don’t feel obligated to dependants in the same way women do. I also feel like this is why it’s higher in white men than men of other races who are more likely to come from a less individualistic culture.

No. 1143533

because they are extremely arrogant(and sometimes taught to be). my cousin is fairly autistic and had to be taught how to change his clothes faster after gym because it took him over an hour. he's not from a western country so he doesn't have the same kind of arrogant attitude that people from, especially, the USA get about the reality of it. he is book smart about certain things but dropped out of uni because he can't remember formulas, and in most other aspects is essentially a child. he gets mentally overloaded and throws violent tantrums, freaks out over basically nothing, and on the flip side he can't understand urgency unless he directly is experiencing feeling(due to lack of empathy) he can't cook and constantly forgets how to use the dishwasher, despite referencing written directions. he will refuse to eat anything but the specific food he wants for weeks on end. and this guy has a full time job.

No. 1143545

File: 1650653523319.jpg (15.48 KB, 275x275, 1602531455026.jpg)

>there's just no time or energy left for me to get close to other women.
I've noticed this, in westernized countries women don't really have community or real friends. Too busy with work or taking care of a household. Even having to move with hubby when he gets a better job and losing a whole community.
This specific type of colonization (severing bonds to eachother, pitting people against eachother) is so insidious I hate it.

No. 1143546

You could always choose not to get married. This is why I suggest het women should never get married

No. 1143551

I'm not married and it's like this too in my western country, married or not you're expected to juggle a full time job, maybe too, along with housework and possibly school, hobbies, etc. Being married lessens the load for sure but doesn't erase the fact most women only have a couple of hours a week to themselves unless you're rich and don't need to work a lot

No. 1143553

Will you shut up with this “het women” bullshit? Gay people also get married and get busy with work and home life. It’s not straight thing, it’s a culture thing.

No. 1143555

Neither Amber Heard or Johnny Depp are innocent angels in this shitshow. If you've ever met people like them, or even specifically know a couple like them, then you know that they are both absolutely abusing the shit out of eachother because Johnny is a substance abuser scrote who got abused by his mom and Amber Heard is a BPD nutcase who got abused by her dad and admits that she reacts by throwing the first punch. This was a perfect storm of victim complex annoying man meets mentally ill whore woman, and the what should have happened is someone intervening years before any of this because neither are competent to deal with any of this themself

No. 1143558

File: 1650654214628.jpg (79.62 KB, 516x612, dc57182.jpg)

I'm not planning to, but lots of women still do get married and drop literally everything for her baby/hubby. The remaining women are either handmaidens waiting to get shacked up, druggies having their free fun times, or some other flavor of male aligned/falls for some dumb shit like trooning out. It's very hard to find long term friends. I had the most in common to lesbians but nowadays it's hard to find ones who haven't been brainwashed into insanity.

No. 1143560

I’m not married or in a relationship and I’m pretty lonely and friendless tbh

No. 1143561

Nonna have you tried at all to make friends with women in your area? It's pretty easy if you put in the effort.

No. 1143581

nta I was in an emotionally abusive relationship form 15-20 with a guy who backfooted me anytime I went out so I have a tendency to isolate myself and I'm trying my best to get over it and my current husband encourages me to go out and make friends, I think for a lot of women also experience similar

also westerners romanticize and encourage shyness/introvertedness in women and like to claim women who go out and shop, party, go to bars, etc are trashy and basic, which has definitely contributed to women isolating themselves from others a lot more

No. 1143588

> The remaining women are either handmaidens waiting to get shacked up, druggies having their free fun times, or some other flavor of male aligned

Could be that you have a hard time making long term friends because you’re a judgmental cunt.

No. 1143593

anon probably villianizes women for getting into relationships with zero other context. I noticed this with my female friends when I went from casually dating to getting into a serious relationship, even when I put in effort to hang out and talk and stuff I would just get blown off, it's more of a weird stigma that women in relationships are just boring and don't want to do anything than it is about women dedicating their lives to their husband

No. 1143604

I'll never get this whole "a faghag is someone who wants to have a gay best friend to use him as her fashion accessory" bullshit because let's be real, irl and not in white gays' imagination it's the reverse that's true. Women with gay close friends will just treat them like normal people and maybe have more things in common and will have dumb inside jokes about gay stereotypes and being girly. Gay men who actively seek female friends tend to be super fucking annoying about it, will give unsolicited advice, will try to skinwalk them especially when they're white gays with black or brown "sassy" female friends speaking from experience kind of, and will talk over women all the time.

No. 1143607

>one of the symptoms of being a sperg literally is having above average intelligence.
NTA but fucking kek. I've known a few autists and they were all very below average both academically abd socially.

No. 1143610

The issue isn't always marriage or children. I have more friends now that I'm married with children and I have more time to socialise. When I was single I was loner with full time job.

No. 1143628

exactly, it's just a cope. intelligence refers to IQ anyway, which is a load of trash.

No. 1143634

The only people I’ve seen complain about faghags and treating gay men as accessories are aiden tumblrtards. Do gay men actually feel like they’re being made an accessory? I know gay men mostly hate us re: reeeeeeing about women at gay bars.

No. 1143638

I use the term faghag for people who cape for faggots. I don't think gay men can be used as accessories because they often use their female friends instead, as you've said.

No. 1143652

faghag sperges are the worst since gay men always whine about how no one accepts them and everyone hates them but nooo women wanna be their friends is the worst thing ever kek. Imagine thinking you're a victim because women want to be your friend

No. 1143653

When I was growing gay men used to call the women that hung around them “fruit flies”.

No. 1143858

File: 1650669349987.jpeg (710.66 KB, 1170x1713, 9A1CEF23-1790-450A-97FE-1000ED…)

These shoes are cute and I may buy them.

No. 1143860

They're cute, buy them.
If I see a girl irl walking around in these boots I will wink at you and maybe lick my lips.

No. 1143865

I like them, everything Shayna touches may turn to crust and dust, but that doesn't mean all of it ugly.
These are cute and remind me of boots I had as a kid, when my mom would make me wear snowsuits.

No. 1143898

I can't empathize with men who date teenage girls or even just women significantly younger than them and then go on to complain about immaturity, tantrums, jealousy, etc (although these usually aren't the best men so they are probably acting this way out of the abuse these men give). I work with a guy who dated a 16 yr old at 19 and claimed she was physically abusive to him like… Maybe not date someone who's still developing? You're a boyfriend if they needed a babysitter they would hire a baby sitter, date someone your age

No. 1143908

>I will wink at you and maybe lick my lips.
nta but I would take that as a threat.

No. 1143914

You must stay vigilant and protect yourself from vampire lesbians

No. 1143934

File: 1650673862285.jpg (76.54 KB, 720x1280, D7rxDpJWsAEaoUp.jpg)

>She approaches you one night
>"Come, join me in death!"
Do you accept?

No. 1143939

File: 1650674294548.gif (3.87 MB, 542x436, dance-ariel.gif)

Mermaid girl > Din Don Dan

No. 1143941

No. 1143944

no because I don't want to suck disgusting filthy blood from people's disgusting filthy bodies

No. 1143986

Is it bad if I don't feel like it would be that gross assuming vampires are already immune to all the diseases carried by human blood anyway, being (un)dead? There are worse tasting things out there

No. 1144005

Sad reality most women are male focused and I don't care for a friendship where I get treated like a temporary companion.

No. 1144007

I remember that game 10 year old me was so thirsty for the vampire lady I traced a pic and hung it beside my bed…

No. 1144013

Adding to that I think men's legs are really sexy if they're toned/slightly thick thighs/peachy ass. I could just nibble on a good thigh like I could a woman's.

No. 1144018

File: 1650681450060.jpg (115.53 KB, 800x774, 9da99c3b460e517ff6bd6a8a30e182…)

>I've known a few autists and they were all very below average both academically abd socially.
Are you genuinely retarded or just being obtuse? Again, the difference between autism and Asperger's is intelligence. Yes, classical autism is associated with low intelligence, but Asperger's is associated with high intelligence, it's why the two were always separated until the entire diagnosis "Asperger's" got cancelled, because it's the name of a nazi doctor. Most autists or spergs you know will also be scrotes and they are automatically all retarded. You're being intellectually dishonest anyway by comparing some disgusting Chris-Chan tier scrote to female spergs who generally fly under the radar, have above average intelligence, mask and camouflage. Barbara McClintock was a Noble Award-Winning Scientist and probably was a sperg, Susan Boyle was diagnosed with Asperger's, Heather Kuzmich is a model with Asperger's, Alex Wineman was diagnosed and won the "America's Choice" award at the Miss America 2013 pageant, Temple Grandin, etc. This site literally is female sperg central, so what the fuck are you even doing here if you have such deep intense hatred for female spergs?

No. 1144077

People shouldn't have to dedicate their lives to you to be your friend, you don't want a friend you want a pet

No. 1144080

Most female friends in the past would completely forget I existed once they got a bf, except for venting about him. Then they'd eventually break up and she comes crying, and then repeat. Wanting consistency doesn't mean I want a pet JFC.

No. 1144109

I genuinely wish troons actually were victims of their own made up hate crime statistics and unrealistically high murder/suicide rates. Not just the degenerates like MTF rapists and pornsick fujoshits, but even the ones we’re supposed to feel sorry for like autistic she/theys and self-hating gays. I’m just so tired of this shit my empathy has dried up for any of them. I think they’re all pathetic and contemptible; it’s more mental weakness than mental illness.

IMHO they also deserve it for appropriating the actual suffering of other groups when they don’t experience much if any of the same in reality. Maybe if being trans actually was a struggle and not an attention whore’s wet dream we wouldn’t have so many retarded narcissistic parents chemically castrating their 6 year olds.

No. 1144112

Totally agree. Fear of the sun aging you is so stupid. Just don’t get burnt and you’ll avoid fucking up your skin or getting cancer. Why is having more melanin (aka a natural tan) suddenly going to make you an ugly hag now? I thought all the melanated kweenz out there claim that’s what makes you ageless kek

Sounds like a lie peddled by big skincare to me.

No. 1144113

>Why is having more melanin (aka a natural tan)
Girl what are you talking about, tanning doesn't give you melanin. Melanin is what allows you to tan in the first place, and people who lack it absolutely have a chance of turning into ugly hags if they don't protect themselves from the sun.

Like yeah obviously you don't need to hide in a dark room and cover every inch of skin when you go outside, but skin damage from sun exposure is real and scientifically valid. Sunscreen isn't some evil big pharma conspiracy, it's an easy and generally cheap way to prevent cancer and premature aging.

No. 1144114

I would say don’t laugh because one day you’ll be our age, but your generation is probably going to die an early, painful, and miserable death thanks to global warming or ww3 and tbh it couldn’t have cut off a better gene pool

No. 1144117

>Sunscreen isn't some evil big pharma conspiracy
Nayrt but if there's one tinfoil I'll hold on to until I die from skin cancer it's this one.
Hail Helios! Praise Ra!

No. 1144118

NTA but don't you know people irl that aged because of sun damage? I do.
>suddenly going to make you an ugly hag now? I thought all the melanated kweenz out there claim that’s what makes you ageless kek
What do you mean by melanated queens? If you mean darker skinned women, then yeah. They age better because less sun damage.

No. 1144121

No I don't know anyone like that.
Look, I'm already over 40, and I'm very glad I didn't live my life in fear of normal everyday stuff like the Sun or growing old. I don't intend to start fearing now.

No. 1144122

If you're already 40 and have good skin, you don't need to worry I guess. I'm very pale and burn often so I use sunscreen.

No. 1144123

File: 1650694940665.jpg (71.16 KB, 783x627, 89345vun9384u05.jpg)

Even eye damage is in large parts caused by the sun in white people. If skin cancer isn't scary enough, imagine eye cancer. My grandma had multiple melanomas removed and eye surgery several times, she was a big fan of sunbathing, never wore sunscreen, even used sunbeds. It also aged her like a decade, but that only really started ramping up when she reached 50.

No. 1144125

lbr you're just retroactively justifying your choices because, even though scientists have been screaming about it for decades, people are finally starting to see the importance of mitigating sun exposure. I'm pretty sure my parents were past 40 when they started getting skin cancers, so maybe you should reconsider.

No. 1144127

I think straight up dysgenics explains why a lot of zoomers are the way they are and not Tiktok or social media. We're three generations deep since the start of the welfare state, and have in that time had a large population of barely literate criminals, that barely function, having 6-12 kids each. Those kids don't grow up to be confident criminals typically because they grow up in shitty single mother households, but grow up to be tiktok obsessed computer addicts that live on junk food and do nothing in life. Take away the tiktok and they'd just be watching informercials and daytime TV.

No. 1144130

How come a lot of them are rich/privileged kids?

No. 1144131

you think teenagers were watching daytime TV before tiktok?

No. 1144133

idk before I had regular access to the internet I really liked Maury and Steve Wilkos

No. 1144149

Yeah it's more like "above average intelligence for an autist", spergs usually have average intelligence, which is extraordinary for an autist lel

No. 1144153

Aspergers is associated with lack of retardation (that's the reason why it was differentiated from autism in the first place - due to the lack of functional retardation that is present in autistic people), not super high IQ, you complete degenerate. I get that you are socially crippled and shit but can your special brain stop deluding itself with fantasies of omnipotence already?

No. 1144159

I used to love a bit of TLC. Hoarders, 600lb life, extreme cheapskates, all the lunatics that went on “wife swap”. It’s where I got my taste for lolcow watching. I spent all of my down days watching retarded Americans sperging out on tv and I wouldn’t change a thing.

No. 1144160

>are you retarded for saying special breeds of retards are literally not gifted and special and super smart?
Kek. If you really were smart, you wouldn't have fallen for people that told you you were special and smart because they felt bad you got diagnosed. You're just like other autists who think they're above everyone but in reality they're much below average in anything they do.

No. 1144167

I don't understand this sperging (heh) about autism and intelligence when the answer is a already well known. IQ tests barely show a bell curve with autistic people, they're thrown across all across the standard deviations and you have a hugely disproportionate amount of genius spergs and a hugely disproportionate amount of retard spergs.

No. 1144185

My trust in IQ as a measure of anything useful completely disintegrated when I saw that Nick Bate has an above average IQ of 129. His psych evaluation was posted and seemed legit.
I just couldn't believe it. We all know exactly what's in that guy's mind, he wrote about it extensively. All thoughts that ever go through his head are "poop poop poop butt poop poop children's butt poop poop butthole poop children's butthole pooooop".

No. 1144195

I had no idea who he was before you mentioned it and oh god, you're right. Most autists who defend iq scales and act like they're geniuses ironically can't hold normal jobs and at most work at an office job for minimum wage, which is great and all but if you're working in a shitty job with average people, you don't get to scream and shout about how spegs are superior to NTs who are always more successful in life than spergs.

No. 1144198

File: 1650702827366.jpg (294.73 KB, 1447x632, ioqqweoirvwevr.jpg)

Not true, average to above average intelligence in general, not just compared to people with classical autism. Above average also isn't the same as saying super high IQ, so again you're being obtuse and putting words in my mouth, because you have some sort of vendetta against spergs. Nobody told me I'm special and smart and I was only diagnosed in my teens, because I reported my alcoholic father for neglect; they were looking for something to blame me. If someone can go to gymnasium or technasium, they're not exactly retarded.
The retard spergs are considered to have classical autism. That's the whole difference between Aperger's and autism, before the woke brigade decided to cancel a whole ass diagnosis.
Yeah IQ isn't the best measure of intelligence and scrotes are retarded. It's unfair to compare female spergs who are generally quiet and keep to themselves, to horrorcow scrotes with disgusting fetishes.

No. 1144202

>If someone can go to gymnasium or technasium, they're not exactly retarded.
Holt shit you really are retarded. I have a mentally disabled relative and he literally had a shop so earnt money and kept his business, lived his life, had kids and took care of them. People don't have to be mouth drooling katathonic messes, you can still be mentally deficient and do daily tasks, albeit less successfully.
Also autism is the broader term for aspergers. That doctor had to choose which children would be allowed to live and he of course chose the ones with less severe autism and called them aspergers so the children could live, you're still autistic and like most mental illnesses, it's a spectrums. Not all schizophrenics have the same intensity of different delusions, it's similar in autism where some are a bit retarded and others are so retarded they can't function.

No. 1144222

File: 1650704872436.jpg (248.5 KB, 1660x520, 834u5v8934u5.jpg)

How is going to gymnasium or technasium performing daily tasks, albeit less successfully? Please explain. Did you think I just mean the gym?
>Also autism is the broader term for aspergers
Sure, but you cannot use the two interchangeably. It's like how every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square. Saying that people with Aspergers are intellectually retarded, when that is literally impossible, makes very little sense. You can call me out for being pedantic and annoying, but I don't think you're doing an amazing callout, when it's the truth that spergs have average to above average intelligence, thus they can be more intelligent than NT's. I don't know why that is so controversial. You can say you care more about emotional intelligence or that IQ is bullshit, which I will agree with you on, IQ is bullshit.

No. 1144251

I really can’t believe how much most anons are scared shitless of sexuality.
I am absolutely baffled on the amount of shaming on women who are not afraid of their own vaginas and have a good, fulfilling sexual life. I wonder if it’s all american puritan brainwashing or americans being retarded on everything and that’s it. Still, it is unhealthy and I loathe how much misogynistic cope is pushed against healthy women who know how to have orgasms.
I’ll thank everyday of being european and being able to enjoy my clit both alone and with other totally decent people.

No. 1144257

Nta but I would actually want to know if there are actual "geniuses" who are autistic or have Asperger because all the intelligent people I know of are neurotypicals. As a possibly autistic/aspie girl myself, I think most autistic people have normal or below average intelligence, they're not "street smart" because they can't properly read social cues and they even struggle academically because most of them also have adhd. They can't function without meds.

No. 1144262

Yeah I know a faghag and her gay friends are terrible. I got to know so much of our city's gay community and it genuinely peaked me. They'll also tell her (and me) they'd like to use us as a surrogate so their children will have our features and her best friend would even tell her he wants to conceive it via PIV, not in vitro insemination (because he's insecure about his manliness I guess??). Like fuck no, I'm not a fucking broodnmare you sexist asshole.
They'd shit on women coupled with men they deem attractive, saying how ugly and fat they are and the men can do better, be openly sexist, ditch us in foreign city to go fuck gays from grindr or to have an orgy in sauna like that's a normal thing to do and so on.
There's only one gay I know who isn't woman-hating dramatic asshole and that guys is not even fully gay (overwhelmingly men-liking bisexual).
Faghags are definitely not using poor gay men, it's the opposite.

No. 1144265

I don't see the religious aspect, only the risky behavior and subsequential lack of respect aspect involved in casual sex. Risky behavior can lead to not only emotional distress, but disease. You can put whatever stamp on the judgement that you want, but I know that at the end of the day I won't have to question whether my decisions might lead to cervical cancer causing strains of HPV.

No. 1144267

Yes, ever heard of savants? So yes, it is possible. Usually it doesn't mean they are a genius at everything though, but just their field. There are many lists online with famous geniuses with Aspergers or autism. Personally I had an easy time in university, I chose something I'm good at and studied only with other women. I'm not on any meds, I only got 30 minutes extra on exams, which I never used, but it was nice to know I have the option so I don't panic when there's only 15 minutes left. I'm still not great with social cues, but with my study we had to actually practice on actors to deal with real clients in the future. We also had to watch documentaries and series on picking up social cues, so I still passed my mediation exams, despite being a sperg. I wasn't the best, but everyone is allowed to be good in other things, right? Other women gladly worked with me on projects, because despite being awkward, I do deliver good work and fast. I just usually let them handle the intake with the client, which they didn't mind, because they thought that was the easy part. We actually made a great team. I miss uni.

No. 1144269

Nobody is shitting on women who like to have sex, we're shitting on pickmes who love to put out to worthless scrotes lmao

No. 1144274

File: 1650710226691.png (239.98 KB, 2016x592, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 5.33…)

I think autism is definitely a disability. Some people on here act like it's only a problem with males but women like this can have it to. I guess you gotta do what you need to do for yourself, but it's unreasonable to have to adjust to all of these hiccups in your life with so much time and then be so confused when no one wants to stick around and wait for you.

No. 1144278

Savants are uncommon, most autistic people are just annoying and retarded.

No. 1144281

Sure, it can be a real disability, but aspergers specifically generally indicates high functioning. Women with aspergers go under the radar for decades generally, or you have to end up at a therapist's office for unrelated reasons. In contrast with scrote autists, where you can't possibly say someone like Chris-chan is actually high functioning. I already isolate myself outside of work and activism, so I don't understand what the big deal is. I already try to not burden the precious NT's with my existence, besides kms.
I didn't say it was common, did I? No, someone asked if it was possible and I said yes it is. That doesn't mean it's common.

No. 1144282

I want to add that I understand many autistics don't care about friendship or are satisfied with their social circle. But since we were talking about autism and social isolation, I think that a lot of people don't want to hang out with others who are flakey/inconsistent.

No. 1144285

Anon said they believed most autistic were average or below, you brought up savants as if they're a common phenomenon. They're not. Even then, they're not geniuses because a savant can only do one very specific thing.
Autists want friends but they don't want to be other people's friends. They'll cry about how life is hard for them and how normies don't care about their struggles but you never see them making the effort to help a normie in the same way they expect every stranger to help them. Most also believe they're smartest and deserve better than they actually do which only makes them more insufferable.

No. 1144286

File: 1650710978520.png (301.17 KB, 1830x1086, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 5.46…)

I just don't get how someone could complain about the most trivial things and then feel shocked when someone considers you disabled. Like no one wakes up wanting to go to the office. People do it because that's their job.

I never said they were the same. I said autism causes serious issues for both men and women. Like whatever has caused you to feel that you need to isolate yourself. Isn't that a problem?

No. 1144287

File: 1650711099773.png (134.78 KB, 2036x434, Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 5.50…)

Autists complain that 99% of the population are doing something wrong and they must be doing things right. Okay.

No. 1144292

This, I'm a virgin and non American and I don't see sex as this "gross act that corrupts you and lowers your value" but just something basic and normal in life, unless you're cheating or some shit nobody cares about your sexual business here. Some anons take it waay too personal and is obvious there are deep feelings involved but they wouldn't admit and then disguise their weird judgements under fake concern and "feminism", they wouldn't check a moid's sexuality this much

No. 1144293

Speds and bpdfags have many parallels. Negative stereotypes, allegedly hard to deal with, tantrums, meltdowns, people not 'getting you', both autism and bpd has been in fashion with people claiming the diagnoses for aesthetic etc etc. Autistics and bpds should be each others friends.

No. 1144296

>many autistics don't care about friendship or are satisfied with their social circle
All of these 'common facts' about autists generally only apply to scrotes. There are many female autists who become skilled in camouflaging, following the latest fashions, mimicking peers in order to fit in. Look up Tony Attwood lectures. I don't do that anymore, I come across as gnc. I care very much about my spergy female friend and we talk every day and visit each other regularly with care packages. We both would like to have more friends, but it's complicated when you're a sperg on top of being wlw and childfree.
>Like no one wakes up wanting to go to the office.
I do when I have a female only team. At my previous job we bullied scrotes together and went skating after work. I caused myself to isolate because NT's get easily offended at my silence and lack of eye contact. I'm fine with masking at work, but afterwards I want to relax. Other than that I'm sure you've heard of the state of the alphabet community and how they prey on gnc spergs. I'm sick and tired of people thinking they're being 'helpful' by suggesting I could be trans. I also don't want to bother or burden others.
Pls no, I know bpdfags can't help it but I was a FP of one once and she cut herself because I didn't pick up the phone in the middle of the night, so she thought something was wrong with me. BPDfags after DBT are okay tho

No. 1144298

That's interesting. I think a big difference is that autists are very blunt/excessively honest but BPDs love to lie to get you to like them better. I wonder what happens when someone has both though.

No. 1144299

>speds and bpdfags should be friends
Kek. Based.

No. 1144300

>All of these 'common facts' about autists generally only apply to scrotes.
Are you saying there's no/almost no female autists who aren't social or satisfied with their social circles?
>I do when I have a female only team. At my previous job we bullied scrotes together and went skating after work. I caused myself to isolate because NT's get easily offended at my silence and lack of eye contact.
You were soooo good friends with these women and now you're somehow isolated. wow

No. 1144301

>wlw and childree
You said you're not even dating and how is not having children limiting your friend choice anyways? Unless you keep bringing it up and say it's selfish to have kids and stuff or be argumentative about it, it's not much of an issue.
Have you had a gf before? How do you know you're a lesbian? You come off as a straight girl who hates men.

No. 1144305

Can you stop? She's gonna blogpost every single aspect of her life atp.

No. 1144310

I'm saying that I notice anons stating those things as if they are facts, when they are generally more common with scrotes. It reminds me of when I was diagnosed and the scrote psych was assuming all these things based on what scrotes are like. Also everything changed with the pandemic and working from home, they were all 10-20 years older, married and have kids. We never saw each other at the office anymore and weren't even allowed to meet up due to our "essential function", so we couldn't afford all getting covid at once. Then we got a scrote manager who didn't renew my contract and I found a new job.
Yes I had a gf before and slept with several women. It's difficult to relate to conversations about dating men or dealing with kids, so I'm often quiet bc I have little to add.

No. 1144346

Extreme ideologies will never be the answer, they're often too idealistic and offer no functional, practical answers to regular people and society at large, they also tend to attract very unajusted individuals who function on black-white thinking which makes things worse, this applies to several groups so please don't take this as bait

No. 1144349

This is partly true until mennconsider feminism as extreme as men's right activists wishing women to quit workforce and become slaves to men.

No. 1144359

I agree with you, anon

No. 1144361

it feels like extremism is getting more popular though?

No. 1144377

I agree with this, feminism has solved multiple issues and helped women around the world for decades, its existence has been proven useful and vital for society at large, but most ideologies nowadays don't share these traits and only serve as "clubs" for troubled individuals who don't know or care to know how to help others

No. 1144386

File: 1650718823166.gif (3.28 MB, 375x498, 34B5B056-953E-4344-9684-E86B48…)

Bump raid. I’m on phone so I can’t see webm

No. 1144388

It's just a WebM of some guys face, I don't think it needs to be bumped nonna

No. 1144390

File: 1650719402127.jpg (45.27 KB, 720x658, d803ba6ad280f486d435a6c0468c48…)

Lies, nonnies do not open that WebM under any circumstances

No. 1144392

I'm not lying anon, I only saw the thumbnail and it is a man's face. Sorry if the actual video is bad.

No. 1144394

Were you dumb enough to play it and it's cp or some shit? Or is this just a warning?

No. 1144396

nta but I played it and it's just a man mouthing the words to a song. Harmless although he is one ugly mf

No. 1144398

It's nothing, no need to be alarmed. This is why that one anon who thought giving actual warnings was making this site seem like a "darknet hellhole" was being dumb. Now anons are going to be scared of literally everything and bump for no reason

No. 1144519

The suicide sperg going on in every thread needs to kys already, or write it in their bpd journal

No. 1144522

Who's this? Also dragging topics to other threads is against the rules.

No. 1144536

Some sperg has been posting variations of I wanna kms in /ot/ these past few days and it's getting irritating

No. 1144539

Well ok now I want to know what it is

No. 1144540

Oh I think I know who you mean, you're right to drag it out in this case because they're super annoying in my opinion too. I wish they'd get proper help but that's harder than spamming online for pity so they most likely won't do that until people stop replying.

No. 1144598

File: 1650733531036.gif (983.96 KB, 498x278, jodi-arias.gif)

Yes Jodi was a pickme but not only did she killed the scrote, she made everyone in that courtroom listen to his paedophile ass cum over her wearing little boy's underwear. She's an icon, unconventional, but an icon nonetheless.

No. 1144602

>little boy's underwear
Wtf?? Anymore info on this?

No. 1144607

No. 1144642

I still have a draft of a lolcow post compilation letter to Josie I need to put through the jails e-letter system

No. 1144646

I remember you! I'm glad it's still happening!

No. 1144667

aw that's so sweet

No. 1144668

omg!! I had forgotten about that, when are you sending the letter nonny? can I still make a postcard for her?

No. 1144676

She brought down a cheating mormon pedophile who used her as a bank and fleshlight. Absolute queen, should have hidden the evidence better.

No. 1144750

I have a kid, I didn't say I gave birth, retard. Some of you are so narrow minded wtf. And even if I had given birth, some women just want to be mothers. And that's fine.

Exactly, there's little to no time in peace. Even when I was in college, I found myself less social as I prioritized classes, homework, and a full time job.

No. 1144787

Having a miscarriage =/= Loosing a child you actually have given birth to

Both are awful. But I was reading this Huffington Post (yeah, I know) article where this woman was pregnant with twins but she lost one in the womb. A traumatic thing to go through definitely but she was talking about planning a funeral service for the child she lost and all I can think of is “Why? You didn’t even birth to it. It was never an actual person.”

Like I’m glad people are more open to talk about miscarriage these days but I find it so obnoxious when parents who miscarry act like they’re on the same level as women who lose their child to SIDS or pediatric cancer.

No. 1144793

I don't see how a woman having a funeral for a child she lost is comparing her situation to women who have lost children they've already given birth to. And it was an actual person. This is such an asshole-ish post.

No. 1144798

Avatarfagging shouldn’t be ban-worthy. You’re technically still anonymous, stop ruining the fun for boyegachan trying to lift up the spirits of this bitchy website

No. 1144805

>actual person

Whatever you say, fundie chan

No. 1144811

How does that make me a fundie? I'm pretty sure pregnant women see their own children as people, even if they haven't been born yet. Sorry I think it's dumb that OP is criticizing how women choose to mourn their miscarried babies.

No. 1144813

If the woman was going to carry the fetus to full term she's going to be upset when she miscarries because she was intending to give birth to and raise the baby. What a retarded post. How dare she act heartbroken and upset!

No. 1144815

A woman copping wkth her sadness that she lost her child is bothering you but that anon is fundie? Kek. Let women be and stop acting like everything about women's reproduction should be heavily monitored to the point a woman whose baby died shouldn't be allowed to mourn the loss the way she wants. I'm all for abortion because it's needed to ensure best situation for both the mother and the baby but you can't deny it is a baby, it's not a huge groups of cells only. That definition is literally made to police the time where abortion is "ok" for the woman when there shouldn't be a time limit.

No. 1144821

Samefag but if this is about abortion, I 100% support abortion but I do also think that babies/fetuses are people. If it's a human being then it's a person.

No. 1144827

OP here. All I said is that loosing a fetus isn’t the same as losing a child you given birth to. Both are tragic, yes but one obviously has more emotional stakes and trauma than the other. That’s it. Wasn’t mocking women who lost who had miscarriages. Jesus Christ. This site overacts to fucking everything.

Also a fetus isn’t a person.

No. 1144832

>All I said is that loosing a fetus isn’t the same as losing a child you given birth to
But who said that it was? You said that you read an article about a woman who wants to hold a funeral for her miscarried child. What does that have to do with women who lost children they gave birth to? Why are you even comparing that woman's situation to another? None of this makes any sense.

No. 1144836

A fetus isn't a person but losing a pregnancy can take a massive toll on you. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and if I lost it my life would be completely turned around due to the sheer amount of preparing it takes to have a child, even at 25 weeks if I lost my baby then it would've taken a massive toll since I spent so much time and money on preparing nursery, sewing clothes, taking parenting classes, etc. not to mention telling the family about losing your kid. It makes sense that there's a lot of emotional distress when losing the pregnancy

No. 1144839

File: 1650741851616.png (423.37 KB, 1242x2208, 046BEA7C-206C-46EE-8780-5B3E4D…)

She can do what she wants but I just thought that it was somewhat excessive. This is the article I was referring to btw. I honestly thought she lost her child at birth when really she miscarried (albeit, rather late)

No. 1144842

I agree. Never said having a miscarriage wasn’t traumatic on its own.

No. 1144852

It's still a dead baby no matter how hard you try. Women who want to keep their pregnancy will think of their child as their baby from the first few days, don't say "feetus not peersonn" while you're invalidating a grieving mother.

No. 1144856

This still has nothing to do with women who lose their baby after birth. Very dumb of you to even try to compare them when you hear about a mother who miscarried.

No. 1144877

>saying her son died when she really miscarried

Whatever. Let’s just agree to disagree. There’s a reason why this is the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 1144881

The baby did die. Wtf do you think a miscarriage is?

No. 1144885

Are we really having prolifers here

No. 1144887

Ok I give up. Nta, I've been seeing WAY too many posts that go against terf/radfem ideas recently, wanting to pass as just "common sense" and it seriously sounds like the russian agents or glowies found this site. The fuck is going on?

No. 1144888

A fetus dying.

No. 1144890

It sounds like the fetus died in a war or something. It didn't get to live so whatever.

No. 1144892

I support abortion but if a mother sees her unborn child as a baby and wants to mourn for her, you don't get to scream "pro lifeeer". Pro choice is meant to support women and women's choice, you don't get a say how women cope with their sadness.
>women thinking it's ok for another woman to mourn for her dead baby are totally russian glowies
You're schizoid.
>didn't get to live so whatever
How can yiu guys type this stuff when a woman's suffering because of something so devastating? Are you autistic or just trying to be edgy?

No. 1144893

She's allowed to be seriously upset, tf are you the grieving police kek.

No. 1144896

>russian agents or glowies found this site.
You are one of these men larping as radfems aren't you, please go back to 4chan where you belong and shove that glowie up your ass.

No. 1144906

Uh when a fetus stops developing in the womb due to complications. Dies, sure. But again, a fetus is not a baby.

No. 1144925

Did you even read the conversation??

No. 1145010

Freud was so wrong about women but so right about men. Takes one to know one I guess.

No. 1145059

Kek. This is probably true. Either that or it's a schizophrenic. >>1144925
Anon is acting like it's prolife to let women grieve when god knows prolifers put women's needs last.

No. 1145123

>everything I disagree with is a scrote
not this again please

No. 1145148

If you want to say something to her I'm gonna just take the text from your post and add it to a compilation. I don't know if I can send images but I know I can send text. I'm planning to do it when I get less busy at work, so in about a month.

No. 1145333

i understand why women are homophobic when they get cheated on by a closeted or bisexual moids, or they hear of this happening, but the only way to stop this from happening is for society to be less homophobic. idk if this would stop bisexual men from cheating but it would reduce the amount of gay men getting into sham relationships with women and will leave them to cheat on their male partners instead and stop bothering women. also it’s a bit of a cope when women on here act like bisexual or gay dudes are more degenerate than straight men. simply put all men are degenerate but at least gay men usually don’t inflict it upon women

No. 1145340

I have an alternative solution, we simply genocide the male sex.

No. 1145343

If u were running for office I'd vote for u just for that.

No. 1145458

I want to tell her:
"thank you for inspiring a whole new generation of girlbosses". ♥

No. 1145519

File: 1650779697449.jpg (67.57 KB, 600x680, FL-T_6EVUAMjX0J.jpg)

I like double standards that negatively affect men. It makes sense for them, as a group, to suffer, and I think it should continue.
If a moid brings up "What about men!!" to me in any context, I will do my best to think of ways to increase male misery

No. 1145523

No. 1145531

Same. I told my mom one time "feminism is for females only" and she was like "but what about men, they suffer violence too" and I was like "they can go die".

No. 1145539

I think I love you.

No. 1145563

Kek why would feminism have to defend men anyways? No man will ever defend rape victims or murdered women but we're expected to cape for rich white men who got "emotionally abused" by their gf who said their dick wasn't that big or that they were short??

No. 1145581

>but what about men, they suffer violence too"

That's when you say "at the hands of other men"

No. 1145695

It's not wrong to go through someone's phone if you are concerned for them. Sometimes you can find really helpful information that confirms your suspicions.

No. 1145757

…And this is why I lock my shit with a password, hell nah

No. 1145760

If a scrote doesn't let his gf look through his phone, he is clearly hiding something

No. 1145762

I'm a woman, men should drop dead for all I care

No. 1145777

Moid bait is pretty satisfying knowing this userbase pisses them off so much they'll waste their free sunday on a website they hate, refreshing the page waiting for someone to take the bait. It makes me laugh every time I see it. If anything I hate anons taking the bait, you KNOW they keep checking back thirsty for your response so why are you giving it to them? Your sassy response isn't the gotcha comeback you think it is.

No. 1145786

>I hate anons taking the bait, you KNOW they keep checking back thirsty for your response so why are you giving it to them?
They're flirting

No. 1145793

It's nice to be able to insult men without getting rape threats, dick pics, doxxing attempts, seething male mods letting the scrotes go unpunished but banning women who dare to respond, etc

No. 1145799

It's just bleak how they cling to their shitty bait, it's transparent that it's the only time they get to interact with women. These men just verbally shit themselves in a thread here and it's the best part of their day while most (but not enough I guess) of us are just scrolling past the retardation

No. 1145805

this, girls who reply just want incel moid attention, reminds them of their older days

No. 1146037

>reminds them of their older days
Do you mean their younger days or?

No. 1147088

Every time someone is bragging about baiting like they were some epic troll masterminds it's just cringe. You literally wasted your time for hours arguing with people on the internet "ironically", that's just as retarded as being serious about it. Just admit you want attention and someone to talk to you.

Honestly this is the only reason why people reply to scrotes, not to actually argue with them

No. 1147247

everyone in the amber vs johnny thread is unhinged.
Im convinced that the majority of anons there are males roleplaying as both amber defenders and johnny defenders considering the amber defenders sound just as much like moids as the depp ones do.

No. 1147294

The majority of v tubers (especially English ones) have the charisma of a wet puddle.

No. 1147304

maybe i did.

No. 1147312

But holy shit memes!!! She said peko she's so precious! Meme queen

No. 1147313

I was thinking this anon, I’m a little shocked at what I’m reading in there but I also wanna talk about it. Gonna keep my mouth shut though I think.

No. 1147315

I haven't looked at it since yesterday, the fact that the anon screaming 'whore' all the time just randomly admitted to having a borderline retarded iq.. as if we couldn't already tell lol

No. 1147348

NTA but I called depp defenders ugly and fat and they cried about me in multiple threads calling me moid when they're the ones calling amber prostitute or laughing at the misogynistic texts depp sent to women. One of them being how he wants to slap an ugly cunt around before he let her(amber) in. They're screaming scrote tier insults at everyone such as whore, dyke, etc. but will tell you you're the moid because you suggested they might be jealous of Amber and that's why they think she "deserved" the abuse.

No. 1147350

File: 1650897076296.jpeg (205.73 KB, 1000x1000, 1587353732981.jpeg)

Husbandofags are sad and weird and they need to stay in their containment thread. Like I'm sorry things haven't worked out for you but your incel cope is not cute and inserting your imaginary boyfriend in every thread is troon levels of obsessive behavior.

No. 1147367

You’re just seething because you have no imagination

No. 1147379

and you're just seething because she's right

No. 1147387

Imagination is one thing, I also used to fantasize about fictional characters at 13-16, but then I started having sex and relationships with real people

No. 1147402

Where has husbandoism leaked to other threads?

No. 1147407

This. Husbandofags are pathetic.

No. 1147415

I find your shrek image more annoying than very single one of them Noni. Not everything revolves around you.

No. 1147419

Dating an abusive boyfriend is more an annoyance for environment than for the victim. If you have roommates, don’t date abusive boyfriends. I left my abusive family’s home and didn’t sign up to be in another violent environment. I called the police on her boyfriend but she threw a fit and is destroying my stuff and now I’ll call the police on my roommate.

No. 1147423

Not everyone wants to have sex or relationships with ugly balding moids in real life kek, what moidtier logic.

No. 1147430

No. 1147434

that sounds so stressful nonnie, good luck

No. 1147439

Nowhere did she mention "ugly, balding moids" you sound shut-in amd unsocialized. I support you and your husbando but taking it seriously is retarded, you're obsessed with a fictional character. May as well have some good humor with it because it's objectively embarrassing.

No. 1147442

what do you think of fantasizing about historical figures?

No. 1147445

Pics reminds me so much of foodie beauty.

No. 1147460

it's Napoleon isn't it.

No. 1147462

Nah, it's Catherine the Great for me

No. 1147465

Based choice nona.

No. 1147471

I basically want want this anon wrote, but then I want to be the stablewoman to Catherine the Great >>>/g/66358

No. 1147476

I'm not reading that again, I will get too horny.

No. 1147477

No. 1147488

All moids are ugly and balding and i’m not a husbandofag

No. 1147493

I'm not a husbando poster but I've dated and fucked men for 15 years.. I'm going into dating retirement now and I'll be relying on fantasy from here on out lol

No. 1147500

I hate husbandofags but love how they make scrotes seethe. Keep going after fictional men, girls, nothing enrages a scrote like being ignored and nothing makes me happier than seeing scrotes rage.

No. 1147521

You still sound like a shut-in by saying it's moidtier logic to just tell someone to "go outside and talk to real people". Inb4 you call me a moid.

No. 1147541

File: 1650904197233.gif (3.8 MB, 498x280, foolishness-dante.gif)

omw to buy that daki

No. 1147559

women trying to be highschool bullies on lolcow will never make me laugh. you are on lolcow. you have probably spent many hours seething and crying over women more successful and happy than you could ever hope to be. this being said, paul dano fags need serious help. serious help. he looks like the pillsbury dough boy. sisters, you could do better. you could do so much better.

No. 1147564

Check the thread name anon…

No. 1147578

This is not the flex you think it was, i'd rather hug a daki than risk fucking men, who could abuse me at best and kill me at worst, hell no

No. 1147588

Jesus the way some of you seethe and obsess over "ugly balding disgusting" men is wild. If they're so pathetic why they in your head 24/7?
I dare everyone reading this to not post manhate for 24 hours. Bet you fucking can't.
And no I'm not a scrote nor do I cape for them. But it's annoying when every thread is paragraphs of manhate because you think meds are a moid conspiracy

No. 1147601

>because you think meds are a moid conspiracy
Nta, wtf are you talking about? What do husbandos have to do with medicine.
Anyway, I dare everyone reading this to post whatever they want.

No. 1147608

I can hate men and also have many thoughts about husbandos and such. Those of us who hate men aren’t thinking about them 24/7 quite the contrary, you absolute pickme. Maybe women feel free to express their manhate here because you literally can’t do so elsewhere without scrotes and white knights like you jumping down our throats about “what if the roles were reversed” and other dumb shit. Cope seethe and enjoy your disgusting ugly balding scrote.

No. 1147612

There is literally no bigger self own than admitting you let unworthy men use you for sex.

No. 1147613

What's with the weird spacing.

No. 1147640

Bitch I barely wrote a sentence and you're full on seething. You sound like a moid and you know it, kek.

No. 1147657

>noooo dont manhate haha men are nice haha
shut the fuck up and leave if you hate it so fucking much, retard.

No. 1147659

She literally said she doesn't do that and rather hug a pillow, can't you read?

No. 1147660

no man is worthy nona.

No. 1147663

Husbandofags are cooler farmers than whatever the fuck is going on with you.