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No. 1177704

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Recent Art Milk:
It's always the fucking same kek

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


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No. 1178366

can we all collectively agree what lacryboy’s peepee is doesn’t matter and collectively move on as it’s not salt or drama?

No. 1178462

It was an interesting convo nevertheless

No. 1178667

Yeah, it's always entertaining to see analysis and tinfoils regarding the gender of an artist.

No. 1178834

I cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not but i agree

No. 1178838

nonny ur too cute….

No. 1179761

File: 1652454040960.jpeg (134.28 KB, 750x817, 0C3EE242-DE55-4D91-B4FD-EE7A6C…)

I was curious about the current top earning artists on patreon since I looked many years ago and of course it was Sakimichan and saw this thinking people were finally getting tired of her but no, she’s sitting at around 8,000 patrons but for some reason I don’t find her in many search results of top patreon artists unless I just use her username. Has anyone new been up and coming lately with more interesting art? Noticing that most of the popular artists from 2008 deviant art who broke away to instagram/twitter/tumblr seem to have better long term staying power than new artists from the last few years. Saw all the sakimichan clones through this thread but they don’t seem to be drawing the same appeal which is interesting to me.

No. 1179777

isn’t WLOP a sakimichan clone? their artwork is a boring clusterfuck of realism, I prefer loish honestly

No. 1179796

This but unironically

No. 1179827

File: 1652457286117.jpg (621.39 KB, 1149x1600, WLOP_HaiQin.jpg)

WLOP definitely isn't a Sakimichan clone but I agree his work tends to be beautiful but boring.

No. 1179859

It actually is an interesting discussion, at least for me, because sometimes it’s so obvious what the artist’s gender/ideology is, and other times it’s more ambiguous. I want to know why/how that kind of stuff affects people’s art process, or what someone could know about me just by looking at how I draw.

No. 1180094

File: 1652468237373.png (263.74 KB, 811x700, jjjjjjjj.PNG)

No. 1180126

File: 1652469406599.png (207.63 KB, 576x807, 09-01923.png)

a female artist who draws heterosexual romantic pairings has to quite literally explain to her porn addicted BL followers that she doesn't draw "bl and queer art " and so they should stop constancy asking her to make such content

No. 1180136

Straight fujos identifying as queer is funniest shit ever. They also hate any lesbian pairing so the issue definitely isn't them wanting a queer couple.

No. 1180138

why did she start sperging about radfems

No. 1180155

lmao, so basically "Hey queer-folk thanks and all for being fans of my work but I would really much prefer to have some cishet trad followers."

Oh boy, there are 80+ quote tweets but I can only see like 20 or so which means the other QTs are from accounts I've blocked. Not a good sign.

From the way I read it, she is trying to distance herself from possible TERF accusations. She's labeling anyone who is sperging at her about that thread as a radfem.

No. 1180167

This is such a non issue

No. 1180168

she doesn't want unhinged porn addicts following her, nothing wrong with that

No. 1180174

I draw hetero stuff only and I never got complaints that's I'm too hetero or whatever. If you draw in a cute style you will inevitably attract them. Your only concern should be to be wary of teens, who tend to be vicious, envious and annoying

No. 1180184

Is cartoon porn as popular as furry stuff?

No. 1180218

I guarantee that at least half of those "LGBTQ" followers are just regular "cis" straight people in denial

No. 1180252

File: 1652474044500.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1254x1202, 57EA9C4C-F19C-4F2B-B6FF-CA8084…)

How does shit like this pull in 80k followers on insta

No. 1180260

Since it’s Twitter probably more than half kek.

No. 1180262

Genshit (popular) + funny/quirky lulsorandom humor + decent cartoon drawing skills

No. 1180294

It’s funny to see people being wrong, so loudly, and refuse to admit that their assumptions are false.

No. 1180315

It's just the same long neck big eyes drawing over and over. At this point the artist probably just has a template

No. 1180334


Is it supposed to be a meme? Why do they have long necks?

No. 1180394

Yeah it's funny to see people deny so much the fact that some women can actually be pornsick just like all those female Japanese artists who unfortunately draw really scrotey hentai

No. 1180420

Doing a comic about it is a dumb idea and is just attracting negative attention. Idk what her situation is like but is it really that hard to cut off the weirdos and just keep doing her thing. Like this isn’t first time an artist needs to explain over something that is not at all bad it’s just sad.

No. 1180429

File: 1652481622834.jpeg (127.84 KB, 1153x347, AC78D6E2-41D4-43FE-812C-6CB235…)

She’s kind of right though, or maybe it’s just personally relatable to me. “Queer” people are depressing when they make everything about politics, but I can see why saying this (especially on Twitter) would piss people off lol. Maybe I missed the point but it seems she wants more non-fujoshi straight women to be into art / making comics so that she could have friends and followers with common interests, but in general they’re more into writing and stay in “normie” spaces.

No. 1180431

File: 1652481629661.png (637.68 KB, 846x938, Maariamph_1.PNG)

She really should have never made that thread because now Twitter is doing what it does best and started digging through her social media history to shit on her even harder.

No. 1180445

She sounds cool, it's a shame that she had to attract negative attention from twitter wokies who are now gonna witch hunt her. Can't help but feel bad for her, because she obviously has no bad intentions but seems too innocent to defend herself or stay away from that crowd.

No. 1180455

That tumblr post is pretty dumb tbf.

No. 1180508

More popular and common

No. 1180512

the only real change they made was giving Hanzo monolids, which most asians do have though iirc

No. 1180517

She needs to learn the magical rule of blocking any dickhead with pronouns in their bio.

No. 1180530

It’s weird because Hanzo’s eyes already read as thin double eyelids, they look pretty Asian already so why the edit, it’s probably even more off putting since I don’t think she’s Asian either so?

No. 1180537

She worded it poorly and was kinda dumb for posting it at all but I understand what she's saying. Honestly, LGBTQ just means fujoshi/coomer male/woman with internalized misogyny 70% of the time on online and that makes it incredibly hard to relate to people ime. It's like when you're trying to talk to a """gay fakeboi""" and you know that both of you are straight women but the fakeboi insists on calling herself kweer and unique and so different from cishets uwu, therefore creating a boundry between you two that really wouldn't exist in a sane society.

No. 1180545

That's what it is. there was nothing wrong with him so the edit wasnt necessary. On top of that, she isn't asian, so that makes it extra room for calling her out on twt.

No. 1180546

I'm glad she's getting shat on. What a stupid non-issue. "wah wah where the normies at i'm uncomfeyyy" go out and make some real friends and maybe you would care less about who gives you likes in fucking twitter.

No. 1180559

She changed the nose too.
And tbf she's a retard for assuming Japanese men can't look like Hanzo - he looks jomon af. There is literally "yayoi vs jomon" discourse in 5ch and which is "superior" among the Japanese.

No. 1180563

File: 1652491761652.jpg (38.48 KB, 380x355, 1652289872317.jpg)

>Some of you all really want fandom that is adult women's spaces rather than a queer space

I'd rather the adult women space because at least they know they're women and aren't trying to LARP as an anime yaoi boy

No. 1180565

I’m just wondering why she specified adult woman like are children part of the lgbtq umbrella now? kek

No. 1180568

because maybe fandom spaces with children lowkey suck because children are annoying as hell and entitled as fuck?

No. 1180569

Don't forget
>Some of you all really want fandom that is adult women's spaces rather than a queer space
>My body, my orgasms
what the fuck? Of course such a space should be for adults.

No. 1180649

File: 1652504763723.png (299.43 KB, 1031x580, CC88D749-1514-4BF2-B3F6-EE5BF8…)

Wow she’s quirky

No. 1180668

File: 1652507432287.jpg (40 KB, 564x559, 1639125810425.jpg)

is it bad that I can somewhat relate to this, I can't fit in with normies no matter how hard I try but with in art or fandom spaces I can't fit in either, cause their often terminally online degenerates

No. 1180687

tbh I can understand her wanting to find a balance. Fandom spaces have suffered a lot these past years because of terminally online adult children and brainwashed teens. It's a mess.

No. 1180713

If she's saying she's too nerdy for normied and too normie for terminally online nerds that makes sense and I'm sure many of us can relate too.

No. 1180718

God, not this insufferable cow. I see her whining about being oppressed for drawing heterosexual romances all the time on my TL and it's obviously all inside her head, she others gay people as if they weren't even human beings capable of enjoying anything but super kweer rep stories. Even when all these gay friends cheer her on and assure her in the replies that they support her work nevertheless she remains this ungrateful. She's done a ton of stupid shit too like changed her white side character into a black bisexual man retroactively for clout points and edited Hanzo from Overwatch to look "more Asian" because she felt the original model had features that were "too white" and got herself in hot water with Asians for that kek

No. 1180722

File: 1652517795726.jpg (131.78 KB, 1170x1460, tumblr_e4e79d5166978eb47f7a557…)

kek I have no idea who this person is but that second panel reminds me of picrel

No. 1180723

Gotta love how all the people ITT whiteknight her because she "stuck it to the pornsick coomer fujoshis" when she capes for trannies all the time and spergs about how radfems are literally killing people. She isn't your based antifeminist tradqueen, just a basic clueless, big mouthed libfem who's extremely bitter that people don't like her boring self-insert comic and blames it on her audience. That's the motivation behind this. Her cope here is that if only "straight normie chicks" or whatever she specified them as followed her they would reward her with love and gratitude for creating mundane work in a field that's already highly competitive.

No. 1180729

a grown adult who considers herself "too bohemian" or "too nerdy" to have ""normal friends"" is extremely fucking embarrassing though.

No. 1180733

>just a basic clueless, big mouthed libfem who's extremely bitter that people don't like her boring self-insert comic and blames it on her audience. That's the motivation behind this.
Well that would explain a lot. I just find amusing how ungrateful she came across and I don't really understand what she expected to gain, really. She seems clueless as shit.

No. 1180739

I don’t get why shes calling women —straight women— normies? Lol

No. 1180742

Oh, she's ungrateful allright. What she said in the thread was basically "stop following me you stupid gays and replace yourselves with NORMIES who love this NORMAL heterosexual content" which in itself sounds awful. But even besides that she has a sizable audience that has always been very supportive of her work and remained loyal for years yet she chooses to alienate them all in one twitter thread because nothing is enough for her. It's basic online content creator hubris, you turn against your audience when something you created doesn't receive the praise you think it should instead of reflecting on your own skills as a storyteller and an artist.

No. 1180751

Your chances of getting into trouble/ cancelled go up to 100000% if your following identifies as ~queer~, she's a cow but I kinda understand her decision to distance herself from such a """community""" that tends to eat their own very often, most of those "gays" are probably trannies and fujos anyway, I thought we all knew that already

No. 1180753

File: 1652522148292.jpg (419.5 KB, 1080x1084, aging up a 3 year old for sexu…)

I know ripping on sakimi is low-hanging fruit but this takes is super fucking weird. For nonnies that don't know the character here is literally 3 years old but is "aged up" a la sakimifashion.

No. 1180758

She still wants to be seen as progressive though, so trying to distance yourself from a community that could easily cancel you by making a thread about how you wish you had more straight followers isn’t exactly the brightest idea.

She could have just posted the het art she wants to draw and faced much less drama than she has right now.

No. 1180763

It's not like she got "cancelled" over some petty misunderstanding, she had an unsolicited meltdown accusing her gay audience of not making her feel welcomed despite them never giving her anything but support on her ventures despite her focus on straight romances, called them abnormal and finished it off by calling the people telling her to calm down "radfems" which is the equal of branding someone as nazis in the twittersphere. She bit the hand that fed her, this isn't some ouroboros situation of kweers attacking each other but someone fucking up with her perpetual victim complex and letting her insecurities get the best of her.

No. 1180770

>accusing her gay audience
Nta but are you aware 98% of her so called "gay audience" are not actually gay but larping degenerates, right?

No. 1180775

>source: anon's ass
Your cope doesn't matter in this context anyway, the point is that she saw that according to a poll she has 2/3 LGBT audience, then threw a tantrum about it framing them as the reason why her comic project about a straight romance isn't doing so well. Whether they're really gay or spicy straights doesn't make a difference since the end result is her being uncomfortable by being followed by this presumed LGBT crowd and used them as a scapegoat for her own inability to create something that would interest her target audience.

No. 1180781

Why is imaging young characters who aren't even real as adults instead of you mainly draw 18+ characters? Would you rather she draw the kid? She's doing the right thing according to people who don't want lewds of kids, but now its an issue to age up when its not even showing signs of being sexual? Do what is wrong here?

No. 1180783

She told the truth. I just don't get why she posted this when she knows in her soul that her fandom is comprised mostly of adults and minors with personality disorders, and they all love to get in their feelings over the slightest thing. Normie chick who's a little weird wants to network with other normie chicks who are a little weird. What's the problem? Some just need to just accept that certain people are just in the middle, it's not either Facebook/Goodreads Becky or Twitter gigaqueer Kai (xey/xem) kek

No. 1180785

Tbh from the past “dramas” that surged up about her she seems like a person who can’t shut up lol like the type that keeps blabbering and saying whatever is on their mind and they get in trouble irl. Drawing herself cowering and calling people that are straight normies (gays can be normies too so it felt like shes calling them abnormal) Seems like a person that isn’t aware of social cues. This could have all been avoided had she just posted her straight art silently (which wouldve attracted straight nerds and artfags anyway) or used the right words

No. 1180786

Don't care about the "age up" debate, but
>when it's not even showing signs of being sexual
??? Anon are we looking at the same picture

No. 1180787

I think she means theres no sex or sexual acts in the picture

No. 1180792

>Not showing signs of being sexual
Nta but what else could she possibly mean?

No. 1180795

What you're saying actually makes sense

No. 1180803

Not a book but look up Ian Roberts on youtube.

No. 1180813

Ok, I get your point, she's incompetent and irresponsible, but why are you getting cranky at me for saying her following is most likely degenerates? It's Twitter, of course they are, that's a fact, that's one thing she got right. Are you one of her followers?

No. 1180834

No. 1180869

Who the fuck said she was a "based antifeminist tradqueen??

No. 1180913

File: 1652536910619.png (5.29 KB, 411x122, skebjp.png)

Skeb can only used by japanese artists? I've been looking for a way to handle commissions while staying anonymous, I don't even know if this website show or hide your real name.

No. 1180917

You need a Japanese bank account in order to receive commission payouts, so yes, unless you’re an artist living in Japan, you can’t use the site to sell commissions.

No. 1180921

Kinda sad the concept is super neat, but at the same time it's for the better. Does anyone know if there's a (safe lol) website with a similar idea?

No. 1180934

File: 1652538959143.png (592.8 KB, 1573x851, haru.png)

There's apparently a platform in the works that's popped up very recently

No. 1180939

oh man, I remember this controversy back on tumblr. The smugness of "yep, I know better" when she knew nothing was really funny. Shitty to bring it back though, it's been several years

No. 1180972

I just don't find controversy in wanting to draw sexy adults. Its not drawn as a child, so whys itmatter? If there was a flashforward scene with the 5 year old (anon is wrong anyway and she's psychic btw, another fictional point added) where she's an adult, then it would be fine? Id rather people draw sexy aged up versions (sexual or not) than canon 5 years olds being sexy. This is just retarded sjw at it again when the end result is 18+ on purpose. Also how can you even distinguish sexually charged art to what Sakimichi did here which is just reimagining what she look like a an adult. And the spy show has tons of fanservice from the mom, so who's to say the daughter wouldn't pick up on using sexuality to kill people too? Sakimichi isdrawing would could be canon 15+ years later. Its fake outrage and its embarrassing.

No. 1180974

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1180992

Looks like they really put a lot of thought into this, I hope it plays out as intended; The west definitely needs their own Skeb.

No. 1181001

oh she's burning in hell for this

No. 1181002

tbh it's relevant to the current discussion because she never learned her lesson and continued with shitty takes like that. She's just flown under the radar for a good while.

NTA but for me personally the aging up of a 3-year old little child to sexualize her is gross because it implies you see a completely nonsexual and in some ways "pure" female character and your thoughts immediately go to "you know what she needs? big ass tits half-bared and a cock in her face". While it's true it's an adult body in the aged up version it's still in poor taste to me.

No. 1181010

the character's personality comes from an existing child character, it's impossible to divorce that child character from the sexual adult art in our head. honestly not a big deal with teenage characters, it's disgusting to have this done to a character so young. maybe it's not legally wrong, but it's so degenerate and distasteful and sad that this is the content fans of this show want. not one female character, not even a child, is safe from drooling asshole men.

No. 1181013

they're probably still mad about that abbystea drama

No. 1181019

Interested in a centralized commission website that's not fiverr, hope it works out

No. 1181033

So having a personal headcanon of what an adult version would look like, sans sexual content, isn't okay now? Wtf The fact that she has boobs isn't sexual and that's where most of the outrage is coming from.

No. 1181043

she doesn't just "have boobs" anon don't be a dumbass, her nipples are out, the outfit and her expression are sexualized. this isn't just an adult imagining of her, which fanart of that already exists and isn't an issue with anyone.

saki is drawing this because men want to jerk off to Anya and this is the only way they can in the open

No. 1181064

This, at least teenage characters have an established personality besides of just being a cute child character for a family dynamic like Anya is.

lmao anon do you really look at sakimichan's obviously sexual coomer art profiting off of pornsick men and think "it's just an innocent reimagining of what she could look like as an adult"? I doubt you do so cut the crap.

No. 1181079


What I want to know is, aside from suppposed 0% fees (yeah we'll see about that), what is going to be the difference between this and any other aggregate commissions website that eventually crumbles into a hot mess of underpriced art and furry bullshit?

She could have picked literally any other female character. Sakimi literally just doesn't care, as long as it's popular and she thinks it can make her money.
As an aside, why does all of her art look like it's fucking plastic cling wrapped.

No. 1181105

What nipples? The full image hasn't even been released.

What's funny is that if she didn't say who it was, no one would care. Again, fake outrage.

No. 1181116

>sans sexual content
It's fucking Sakimichan

No. 1181137

Do you know Sakimichan? She does nsfw versions of most of not all of her pinups. I'm pretty sure she will release one with the aged up Anya too.

No. 1181156

Well at least she's aged up. Because she doesn't have a canon aged design and this is fanart of a hypothetical aged up version of an existing fictional character, all goes back to what was said about it not being an issue if she didn't say who the character was. Side Anya has to comparitive adult version, if she didnt say who it was, it would be random sexy pretty girl from creator. I don't know Sakimichi, I just don't care as long as its not a child drawn into it. Because it obviously looked 18+, why would it matter? No pedo is getting their rocks off to non-lolicon. They don't want this lol

No. 1181196

File: 1652553301723.png (3.42 MB, 1137x2001, k63nexfovf561.png)

>she never learned her lesson and continued with shitty takes like that
do you have any other example? There's only the hanzo and hetero one so far, and it's two upsies that are years apart.
This kind of looks made to stir up controversy tbh, the same show has a mum protagonist who's made for fanservice

No. 1181200

File: 1652553565503.jpg (667.37 KB, 566x1000, SakimiChanYor.jpg)

She already did Yor; it looks like she plans on doing the whole cast.

No. 1181201

Its just a 15+ year into the future version. I don't see where the idea of "over 18 but mentally 5" when thats not even the case. Its just a sexy pretty version of the daughter in the same style the mother has in the series.

No. 1181203

Coomers look at a cute innocent 5 years old little girl and imagine her as a sexy grown up/jack off material

Don't pretend you don't see how it's gross anon

wtf is wrong with her hips area

No. 1181207

Jesus christ her quality is tanking so hard it's baffling. That body literally looks like she traced the lower and upper parts from two different images and just ran with it, it's like an AI generated image.

No. 1181211

Chicken legs

No. 1181212

Anon, that didn't even make sense. If that's the case, they aren't thinking of the 5 year old, they are thinking of an adult version of her which is completely bypassing this pedo idea. Come on.

No. 1181221

this is such a non issue for anyone who can separate fiction from reality.

>age them up and do sexual content is pedo

>Keeping them the same age and doing sexual content is pedo

it's a zero win situation considering the other shit people call "pedo bait" other than only drawing them in a pure, innocent, non-sexual way because they were a kid in the show even though at some point children grow up and have sex and somehow people will still find a way to call a completely nonsexual image sexual because of a camera angle or something.

it is also completely different to wonder what a fictional character looks like as an adult and be attracted to them versus doing it to a real person. One of them is actually real

No. 1181230

This is ironic considering that 50% of wOkE redrawings are just racist stereotypes, but since she doesn't like the "queer" community that's a bad thing now.
Overall I believe her wording was really stupid because she came off as homophobic, but on the other hand I understand wanting to distance yourself from the queer community, I personally became inactive on my art twitter because I got tired of the type of audience I got.
Regardless, I think the art mob would have hated her no matter what she wrote, because there's no way of saying "the LBGT community is annoying" without twitter turning into a shitshow.

No. 1181253

Exactly. Its just invisible grandstanding to stir up controversay and its not even on Sakimichi's fault. Its people trying to non-fictionalize the feelings of something fictional because "but they used to be/are a kid!!" But no, not in this instance they aren't. I just don't see or understand how its still a 5 year old body and mentally. Its not and clearly wasn't intended to allude to the 5 year old version in Sakimichi's version. If thats the case, every cosplayer that exists should never dress anything under "18" because of this same garbage logic.

No. 1181317

She's creatively bankrupt, nothing new. Wish twitter would realize their screeching is always gonna give her more clout/"stick it to the sjws!" money

No. 1181439

So tired of finding fem art but 99% of the time people claim their art isn’t genderbend but they are trans uwu

No. 1181443


same.. you'll have better luck looking at japanese/kr/ch artists though. never seen that there.

No. 1181514

>Its not and clearly wasn't intended to allude to the 5 year old version in Sakimichi's version
What? It's the same character anon.

No. 1181518

Obviously it's the same character but if you're looking at an obviously adult version and still thinking of a 5 year old, get help. No lolicon is looking at aged up photos of Anya, they will go to Rule34 and look for 5 year old versions already. It's an argument that doesn't work and there's nothing even 5 year old like involving this version she made of the character.

No. 1181524

It's literally meant to look like Anya. I'm so confused at what you're trying to say. Why wouldn't someone be reminded of the character it's based off of?

No. 1181537

File: 1652574843417.png (246.87 KB, 445x838, retarded anons.png)

Keep being this retarded when it's not based on the 5 year old. Fucking hell. Do any research other than blindly calling out artists.

No. 1181538

Imo the issue doesn't lie in the aged up version being pedobait or whatever, but in seeing a clearly toddler aged girl and only being able to think about what she'd look like older when you can legally fuck her. Other anons have said this before, I don't get why you can't understand how this is weird

No. 1181539

Mind you this involves design, not a 1:1 of the character. There's already a design by the same author that's older too, so being mad that it looks like Anya in Sakimichi is dumb when there is a design by the artist that looks like her too to begin with.

I honestly do wonder what characters will look like older. People did that with Naruto like crazy until Shippuden came out. This isn't a new concept and it's being targeted only towards Sakimichi which is what isn't sitting right with me.

No. 1181546

This is lolcow, no one is trying to call anyone out. I haven't watched the series but the tweet said Anya instead of Ashe.

No. 1181556

There's always one anon caping so hard at underage characters being drawn sexually as adults. I have an inkling of what might be saved on their computer.

No. 1181558

You can't compare Naruto to a child like that and it's not just about the aged up part but the intent to sexualize it, why do you keep missing the point here? And why does it matter that "only" Sakimi is getting shit for it? She's a popular artist drawing something that would be repulsive to most people, of course there would be backlash

No. 1181561

Sakimichan is definitely not the only person to get bashed for this.

No. 1181569

File: 1652577178531.png (446.98 KB, 720x1121, Screenshot_20220513-183108-351…)

So apparently m0thik's ex has been copying them.

Angelbunnyy_ (the ex) is a dollieguts orbiter, btw.

No. 1181606

The problem is that this kind of artist draws child characters that are popular right now on a sexualized way. Why are they even doing that? It's one thing to wonder what the character would look like older, it's another when the first thing they think every time they see a child character is "I gotta draw this little girl as an adult woman with her tits out". Why do they do it is the question.

No. 1181611

>why they do it is the question
coomer money. Next topic please, sakimichan is a dead fucking horse, it's boring.

No. 1181616

artists draw characters sexualized all the time. A character is an arbitary being. It isn't like someone looking at an actual child and thinking "wow they're gunna be hot when they get older" it's people thinking what this abstract, designed character would look like older and probably imprinting on the character, use them as some sort of self-insert, fantasize fanfiction or whatever fucking else.

maybe they draw the "little girl" as an adult woman because they want to draw a sexualized adult instead of a sexualized child. Characters are abstract concepts, they can be whatever the fuck you want them to be. They do it because they're characters. They aren't real. You can explore whatever concept you want with them.

this topic pops up every time a popular character comes up. these characters will be the same canon age while you are turning into dust in a casket and yet people acting as if this is the same as if someone made sexual comments about a minor in real life.

No. 1181620

>furry 'cutesy' bug-eyed coomer garbage with toddler proportions

No. 1181631

Bitch has got the legs of a preying mantis

No. 1181673

The same reason why people draw only adult versions that are flowery and pretty, some people like drawing sexy versions. Literally the only thing posted so far is 2 clips of the final image and it doesn't look sexual just because she has tits. You guys are seething for no reason when yes, it WAS a 5 year old version at one point, but Sakimichi isn't doing a magic wand, suddenly adult but still mind ofa child. It's a literal future idea version. Everyone can have their own idea of what an adult version of a character might look like. Let people have fun. It's not all because of wanting to be a gross scrote. yes she makes works that men like, but you have to be insane to dismiss that she does have a female fanbase. Her rendering, specifically, is very romantic and that's already directed towards women because it's created by a woman. Not everything drawn in a sexual way is only intended for men and that's such a stupid one way train of thought.

No. 1181681


It's like she couldn't make up her mind whether she should draw her standing or sitting.

No. 1181695

>it doesn't look sexual
It's Sakimichan and I'm almost certain that the final product will have something that's meant to be sexual or a nsfw version.

No. 1181707

Then why should it matter as long as it's an adult version? It's clearly not a 5 year old in an adult body. That's some reach people are getting to and no one is looking at the adult version and thinking of the child version, there is already lolicon works on rule34 for that gross shit. So what exactly do you want because nothing morally wrong is being done here.

No. 1181709

I don't even understand why anons keep arguing that nothing in Sakimichans version alludes to Anya and that it doesn't remind anyone of the original character. It does, because that's who the art is of and who it's supposed to look like.

No. 1181721

It doesn't look like her aside from parts of her outfit and the hair. What part of her version looks like it aside from cosmetic? Please tell me which part still looks like a child, anon? Characters like Daria have canon adult and child version, but drawing her as an adult doesn't make people imagine the child version only. No one fucking does that except people purposely looking for an issue in art. >>1181616 is right in regards to it literally only being an issue because you want it to be an issue when on the surface level, most people will see it as "Cool, adult version/take of Anya" and instead of making it some pretty thing only as an adult, and wholesome, they wanted a sexy version and most likely because the mother character, who ISNT even her real mother, is sexual in how she presents herself. It's fictional. It's all fiction. No matter what, someone is going to jack off to the work and I'd rather them think of an adult version when doing it rather than going to rule34 and paying artists commissions of child versions. Jfc.

No. 1181724

Whatever you say anon, I can't stop you from being a wk. I just don't get the point of trying to deny that the drawing alludes to Anya, or making it seem like other people are weird for thinking it looks like the character who Sakimichan intended it to be.

No. 1181745

Its obviously supposed to be her, but no one is looking at an adult version over a child version just to think of the child version. It's a reimagining as an adult. It's as basic as that.

No. 1181782

It is based on the child, did you read the description? I don't understand why anons are wking sakimi so hard, even if this was objectively ethical the people that are consuming and defending this content all have weird little anime girl icons posting stupid memes where they make toddler looking characters parroting "It is fiction!". I don't understand why anons can't understand the issue, aka sakimi producing content for these lolicon degenerates, and it being fucking weird looking at an obvious child (who looks, acts and talks like a baby) and going "what if she was fuckable?" The true disgusting part is sakimi's degen pandering stooping this low.

No. 1181786

Because lolicons aren't looking at adult versions.

No. 1181794

Every time some coomer artist is criticized for sexualizing little girls the own the libz /ic/ scrotes come out to defend them and play obtuse in the fashion of "h-how are breasts sexual in any way?!?!" and "T-there's nothing degenerate in seeing a toddler behaving like a baby and immediately reimagining her as a pornified adult version!". It's like clockwork.

No. 1181847

Anyone know of a good mirroring software to stream from your ipad? I want to do drawing livestreams but I’m an ipadfag(ette)

No. 1181853

Oh you can criticize the artist for aging up a kid to sexualize them all you want. But it’s pretty useless, like what’s the point?
>its lolicon pandering
The character is aged up, lolicons want anya nsfw as she is in the show not the grown woman version.
>sakimi is a pedocoomer artist
Spy x family is popular, anya is the face of the show (and frankly has the cutest design pink hair and whatnot), she wants weeb dollars and its always been her schtick to make lewd art of current popular animes. And aging up kid characters that are funny and popular in fandoms have always been a thing It’s really not that outrageous, why are you so angry? Too much twitter nonna

No. 1181855

File: 1652610521866.jpg (393.13 KB, 684x855, sakimii.jpg)

More of Sakimichan's amazing recent art.
(Does anyone else feel like the better she becomes at rendering, the worse her anatomy gets?)

No. 1181876

I wonder if she ever draws anything for her own amusement that isn't lewd pinups or porn anymore. If she does, I'd like to know what that art looks like.

>she wants weeb dollars and its always been her schtick to make lewd art of current popular animes
NTA but you think we don't know that? We can still talk about it from time to time about how creepy it is

No. 1181922

Surely it can't be that hard to understand that some of us are sick of porn obsession and do find it outrageous that absolutely everything, even toddler characters, has to be turned into coom material one way or another. And just because it's been happening since forever doesn't make it stop being disgusting pornsick behavior, so we will keep feeling negatively about it. What does twitter have to do with this?
>what's the point of criticizing an artist for something they do
This is the art salt thread

No. 1181947

I hate how she renders the skin.

No. 1181991

I would be genuinely embarassed to post something this sloppy looking in public. It's like an ai put together a picture. She's one step away from shading with the burn/dodge tools kek

No. 1181996

mixed feelings about this one. I hate it when people bully het artists, but >>1180723 is right, this artist isn't based. I 100 % agree with her hatred for people who only write/consume BL because "women are badly written" instead of you know, fucking writing something/supporting things with good female characters, but some of her other takes are very weird. She's calling out the people following her saying they don't like her content but like…why would they have chosen to follow her in the first place if they hate her art? It's pretty stupid.

No. 1181999

I wish i didn't relate to this lmao.

No. 1182005

Seriously. Whats the issue when its an adult version. Anons act like they'd prefer child versions that actual cater to pedos. Like damn.

No. 1182007

I like her art for rendering and I'm not a scrote. Get over yourself.

No. 1182036

Her art has gotten so bad, Jesus.

No. 1182047

>what's the point of criticizing an artist for something they do
>This is the art salt thread
I didn’t say that tho, i said what’s the point of getting mad over this specific sakimaki ordeal… it’s a 2d character design, you take it to where you want to age it up make it lewd make it modest and cool for coins or shits and giggles it’s not a real child people like you take the fun out of artfagging i swear

No. 1182059

kek the arms and neck…

No. 1182087

File: 1652628047558.jpg (Spoiler Image, 443.75 KB, 850x1275, sample_16bac83286d70d66f202d2a…)

What the fuck are you even talking about, it's clear that most people would prefer it if none of the characters were sexualized. Stop repeating the same shit arguments, it's degen and that's it.

All her art looks photobashed and hastily put together, I don't understand how anyone even cares about her anymore. I was just looking through R34 to get some examples because I remember she made hilariously bad artworks of Zhongli and Childe where they looked like two white men with badly photoshopped wigs and saw that she drew Nezuko from Demon Slayer, another character that's supposed to be a child. I'm pretty sure she got backlash for this too

No. 1182112

Apparently she is known to mix-match pieces of IRL photos to make a body shape.

No. 1182114

This debate is retarded

No. 1182120

God shut the fuck up about sakimichan already, the bitch is a slave to coomer money and has no creativity, we all know that already, who cares if she draws for herself or not when her art is garbage either way

No. 1182127

omg the anatomy actually is horrendous. i hate this overproduced in photoshop artificial aesthetic, looks like something that belongs in VR and not a piece of art that deserves to be valued with money

No. 1182151

he has weird tiny teeth

No. 1182153

His ear is literally in his jaw.
This board is so fujo as long as it's a male character people eat it up but when it's a female character it's coom, I'm not het enough to relate kek.

No. 1182167

it's curved in and then up. The top of gates like these tend to have intricate tops like that IRL.


This is arguably for coomer women though.


It's because it's fictional fantasy

No. 1182168

There is a difference between her male and female art though, the pictures of female characters look like disjointed porn angles with panting mouths while the men pose in stiff boring poses. Neither is appealing.
Male art isn't only for fujos, btw.

No. 1182180

File: 1652635259263.jpg (123.46 KB, 980x980, 2398kqcn6n351.jpg)

>as a man
Fuck off forever(don’t reply to scrotes)

No. 1182181

File: 1652635299155.jpg (587.59 KB, 684x1000, dcrrjj8-626a4eee-5def-47a6-a35…)

It's still het brain, or gay lurking scrote brain apparently. Her coomer moid art is just as horrifying

No. 1182183

File: 1652635444771.jpg (394.17 KB, 667x1000, IMG_20220515_191317.jpg)

sage because this was an obvious one but kek

No. 1182185

>It's still het brain, or gay lurking scrote brain apparently.
What does that mean, we have an actual scrote in the thread.
And yeah her male art is ugly. They all have that "ooh I'm so cool and tough" look too, annoying.

No. 1182186

Homie got his wrist broken
>As a man
Begone scrote(don't reply to scrotes)

No. 1182187

Its a double standard to be mad that she's making content to appeal to coomers when she's doing the same thing with teen boy characters and aging them up. It literally comes down to the fact she just liked making 18+ sexy adult content. I think anons read way too much in to who it's for specifically when it's also just a medium and style she likes to create too.(don't engage with moids)

No. 1182196

These threads always attract scrotes, troons and theybies lol. Garbage

No. 1182199

It looks like she's sitting down and standing at the same time. And she has Megamind head. This is awful.

No. 1182208

Before clicking on the picrel, I thought whatever-this-character-is had no hands…

No. 1182209

File: 1652636435691.jpg (71.52 KB, 739x666, rBVaSltlRvGAfCiYAAMNIrLRqGc104…)

>as a man(ignore scrotes ffs)

No. 1182216

File: 1652637031551.png (42.34 KB, 300x250, 264EDCF4-216D-4128-A168-74EB9B…)

The anime face with the hyper realistic yet wonky (anatomy wise) rendered body will never be a good look. All i see is picrel

No. 1182218

Honestly as a fujo I see nothing attractive about this and can't figure out who it's made for, do even regular straight women like this? It just looks silly.

This. Compared to the coomer art she makes of female characters the male pinups are laughably tame and inoffensive. It's just a bit of pecs and shirtless abs that could pass for a male self insert power fantasy while the female characters have ridiculous fetish cow tits, a dump truck ass and cock sucking lips.

No. 1182219

Kek I love this pic

No. 1182256

File: 1652639547642.jpeg (27.07 KB, 600x600, A599CCE1-548A-482F-98B6-32A725…)

This particular drawing sucks because his face looks like he has too many chromosomes, like pic related, he’s covered completely and there’s not even some bulge or something like that. I also hate it because it’s a baby animal turned into an anime guy, animal crossing porn should be considered as disgusting as Pokémon or Digimon porn.

No. 1182281

ntayrt but why are you even defending it? it's still gross and reeks of pedo cope
>a-a-akshually, this sexy pinup is not a child anymore!! it's totally a grownup!! it's n-not like i was fantasizing about this particular child character in a sexual way before….

No. 1182296

She's starting to paint like her own inferior clones lmao
That face is horrifying, same as her female faces. Kek at the right hand.
I'm not even gonna open this shit because it's really embarrassing to look at, but he looks so faggy in a bad 3D moid way, in the thumbnail at least. This shit is not attractive.
I don't know why they so insist so much on defending that shit. OK it's not a child anymore, and lolicons don't like grown women or whatever, but it is coomer brainrot and borderline pedo to "age up" ASAP every new child character that gets popular for the sole purpose of sexualizing them. It will never not be creepy. And yes, it's obviously done for the money, but it's still gross.

No. 1182351

lolicon degenerates are not looking at an adult anya.

No. 1182354

Can we make a rule of not having these kind of discussions? It’s been done to death in these threads.

No. 1182371

Im guilty for getting pulled into it but you’re right that shit is boring fuck the twitterfag anon that posted it

No. 1182375

It is pretty boring, I think it only continued because of whiteknighting.

No. 1182470

It is a grown up version. Like seriously, grasping at straws over a fictional character. Just say you'd rather people sexualize a child. So embarrassing

No. 1182471

How is a pedo going to be attracted to a grown up. Please explain. No pedo is using an adult drawing to cope. They will go look at rule34 child versions. Are you anons retarded or something? You keep contradicting yourself about this.

No. 1182485

NTA but do you know what a non-exclusive pedophile is, kek?

No. 1182490

And even with the "aged up version" it's always just barely above the legal age. It's never "an established underage character with a real personality reimagined at 25" but shit like "the quintessential cute toddler at 15". At least when Sakimichan lewded that Demon Slayer girl she actually had a canonical older version that was referenced and she was drawn like an adult in the pinup, but this Anya that she drew looks way too youthful even if she's given balloon anime tits.

The bottom line here is that it's disturbing and depressing that you can never have a cute female child character without people finding loopholes to coom over her, when SpyxFamily came out I predicted this shit immediately but was hoping that I'd be wrong for once. Nope, pornsickness is a terminal disease.

No. 1182521

>this sexy pinup is not a child anymore
And it really isn't, retard. The drawing depicts an adult, it's not pedophilia to be attracted to it.

No. 1182538

From one rabbit hole to another lol it must be so tiring to be you

No. 1182542

Uh..I didn't know that Googling (or really, just guessing) a basic term is a rabbit hole. Not tiring for me, you be easy tho

No. 1182576

Kek did she make her twitter private over these posts?

No. 1182610

No. 1182659

And you know her version is barely legal how?

No. 1182661

Keep reaching. It's legal NSFW. You sound stupid as fuck.

No. 1182662

NTA but why are you so intent on defending porn brainrot? It's not something worth defending at all

No. 1182713

I think it’s the juxtaposition of a very sexless ethereal face with a hard ripped body it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like when wonho edits his selfies to have a really small face

No. 1182715

Because it's not porn lol

No. 1182719

File: 1652671301196.jpg (501.46 KB, 667x1000, 20220515_202115.jpg)

Literally covered. Not nude. Adult version. Everyone shut up already. This looks nothing like the cold version and doesn't look like achild either. Shes got big ass tits.

No. 1182725

Anime sameface is all I see nbd she’s titted up

No. 1182737

The second pic looks really stiff. Does she just paint over 3D models? That’s disappointing. I stopped following her shortly after her Patreon started because it was too coombrained. I’m not surprised to see she’s also aging up a child for clicks.

No. 1182753

There are so many of age characters to pornify I don’t see any non suspicious reason as to why these types of artists always pick the underage one. She already has an aged up design, why take the hairstyle and identifying features of the 3 year old version? Cumbrains need to be inoculated with bleach.

No. 1182754

There will be a porn version, as noted by her patreon. Now pls stop with the argument.
Also, that entire lower half is terrible, wow. I guess she doesn't put much effort into her art aside from rendering since coomers will pay for whatever she puts out. Is it true that she has other artists doing some of the work for her? I've been seeing people say that about her, but with no proof.

No. 1182773

I haven’t seen evidence either but it’s more like an open secret. There’s no way she can turn these out so fast without photobashing, reusing her old work, painting over 3D models, or having a team to help. Pick your favorite theory.

No. 1182790

She looks honestly mentally retarded here
The whole piece gives coquette/DDLG vibes

No. 1182817

How is it suspicious when they want an adult version not a child? Wut? The older design still has those things, its not just for the child version and stop calling her 3, she's canonically 5.

No. 1182834

you're dumb to not notice what's wrong with this.

No. 1182835

>How is it suspicious when they want an adult version not a child?
Will you answer this first? >>1182662

No. 1182836

Tinfoil that it's Sakimichan defending herself.

No. 1182851

I’m just going to accept that you’re retarted and move on with my life

No. 1182857

Is semi realism style called anime nowadays?

No. 1182862

I pick all of the above!

No. 1182865

File: 1652681159872.jpg (132.02 KB, 684x1000, witcher_pinup_by_sakimichan_dd…)

My tummy hurt from laughing when I first saw her Geralt

No. 1182867


No. 1182868

why does everything look so off

No. 1182875

the tiny copy paste tier face/head is sending me

No. 1182876

NTA but from my perspective it’s very fucking weird to watch a show and see a child character and immediately want to “age” them to make porn of them, like that’s genuinely concerning. It just seems to me also like they would gladly draw or get off to the regular child version if it was more socially acceptable. It’s gross and sick.

No. 1182887

>b-but she looks like a fully developed adult

No. 1182888

Are you retards gonna have a meltdown everytime sakimishit posts new garbage, stfu already she's such low hanging fruit

No. 1182895

Jealous she makes megabux to churn out filth for scwotes

No. 1182902

this is the art salt thread, if you don’t like the current topic look away, also this thread has been borderline dead for months i’ll take whatever fucking discussion at this point if it means we get to talk about popular artists so fuck off

No. 1182924

I hate good amazing artist they make me feel bad about my drawings waaah I’m a loser forever

No. 1182928

sakimichan patreon cuck spotted

No. 1182930

>good amazing artist

No. 1182937

>>good amazing artist

No. 1182940

that's clearly an anime girl anon

No. 1182943

How is sakimichan good kek

No. 1182945

What do you mean? Please explain.

No. 1182948

anime hair, anime eyes, clear anime stylization, I would explain more but you're clearly trolling here. So no thanks.

No. 1182949

I’m going to have to abandon you ladies on this one sorry she has made bank and you’re discussing her on a Hungarian sewing circle forum

No. 1182954

>I’m going to have to abandon you ladies
good riddance no1curr

No. 1182958

I wasn’t even talking about sacoomichan

No. 1182967

It smells like coomer scrote in here

No. 1182968

No the cognitive dissonance is just embarrassing

No. 1182970

Losing my shit at this. It looks like he's got a bad wig. The tiny face features, the giant hand, good lord

No. 1182974

Ok good for her but I can still objectively call her art shit just because something sells doesn’t mean it’s good

No. 1182981

Don't forget the weird ass lighting on his shitty abs
There's so much wrong in there

No. 1182984

Wdym dead it has been getting constantly filled and active and sakimi always gets mentioned

No. 1182997

what is that weird line on his hip? on left. it looks like a loose hair

No. 1183029

No, it's just one of those porn marinated /ic/ scrotes who lose their minds over coomer artists and their morality being criticized in any way. You can even see it in the twitter replies, it's only male 4channers repeating the same talking points this sperg here does and one already outed himself as a moid like the retarded XY he was.

No. 1183052

Why are his hands tiny? Why does his face look like a 12 yo anime boy but he has a body of a faggy bodybuilder? So many questions…

No. 1183082

Yes and apparently the /pol/fag community found out about this and joined the party to defend her kek. I hope she enjoys her newfound audience of conservatoids since she wanted to get rid of the gays anyway.

No. 1183097

File: 1652693511041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.04 KB, 850x1275, BLiCjfP.jpg)

Anons forget about one of the greatest horror images she made when Beastars was a thing.
Warning: NSFL Yiff (furry) BL

No. 1183103

Her legs look deformed. Why are coomer /ic/scrotes still defending this shitty art?

No. 1183115

ewwww fuck gross

No. 1183128

No. 1183141

>>pointing out non-exclusive pedophilia exists
I don't even care about the drawing one way or another, I wasn't part of the fight. I'm sorry about your low IQ, but maybe don't try to talk about pedophilia if you don't even know how it works kek. Some real pathetic, defensive coomers in this thread

No. 1183173

Why are they doing it on clouds. This is disturbing yet hilarious

No. 1183413

this is the unsexiest furry porn i have ever seen lol i don't envy saki i know drawing exclusively for coomers has taken years off her life

No. 1183496

nonnas im having a rough time in art school, pretty much the same issue that was talked about previously with not fitting in. I’m one of the oldest people and I pretty much only talk to the teachers and sometimes people will come up to me when I’m studying. I’ve never projected anything negative and I know that I do good work especially since I’ve had to repeat art school so I’m also ahead of a lot of people in the class and I don’t want to be up my own ass but I’m wondering if people don’t talk to me much because of that? I don’t know just feeling like an alien in a class full of aliens

No. 1183576

I am sure that your work is lovely but it is likely more that people are self concerned. With their own lives, their own studies, their own art. You being older may have something to do with it, but if you would like to speak with others it's probably best to approach those that interest you. Neutrally speaking, people are even further in their own spheres in this day and age.

I would try to stray away from thinking that it is due to your skill. People are thinking about themselves. Until you have reason to think that, it is self alienating.

No. 1183606

>not sucking the dick of "queer" Twitter wokies means you deserve a /pol/fag audience
How is that a good thing? She was just kinda dumb but she's far from being a conservatard. I hate that not wanting anything to do with 15 year old genderspecials is associated with being a right-wing incel.

No. 1183736

Thank you I honestly needed to be brought back down to earth a bit, without environment feedback my brain will think of all kinds of answers to the negative questions I ask myself but I really just need to put my work first and let people come to me if they want

No. 1183934

ffs just make a sakimichan thread and stop using the "its the art salt thread" excuse to bring up an excuse that has been brought up to hell and back

No. 1183961

Create a thread for her just to post her art once in a while? The ''excuse'' is brought up to hell and back because people like you can't stop crying about it.

No. 1183964

That discussion has been dead for hours, just let it end if it upsets you so much.

No. 1183967

At least sakimichan can get discussion in this thread going back up from its regular crawl

No. 1184081

shut the fuck up with your constant whining

No. 1184095

No you

No. 1184180

There’s some software you can use that uses Bluetooth. I don’t know if that would help. Look up APowerMirror. It also works with twitch and YouTube.

Her backgrounds are hilarious. They look like filtered photos for babby’s first ren.ai game.

I think she only got popular because she used some secret hacks back in the early days of DA and claimed she painted it. Maybe she used to have skill but anymore it’s an amateur collage of body parts with filters and dodge and burn.

No. 1184205

Nonie I think those are supposed to be…sheets??? Though I can see your confusion, I am also confused. The texturing is so lackluster it's hilarious

No. 1184408

>constant whining
every time her art gets brought up it's the same thing over and over again. At the rate discussions go on, she may as well have her own thread where no one will tell you to stfu about a dead horse.

No. 1184662

Did you write the same thing 2 times? Noone is going a make a thread about her, move on.

No. 1185482

laughing about saki is fun, it's not like every post is about her. there are definitely some saki asslickers on here and they're free to contribute coherent counter arguments or gtfo

No. 1185632

File: 1652817133523.png (247.57 KB, 651x419, Screenshot 2022-05-17 214635.p…)

Art noob with no sense of perspective. I'm trying to do constructional drawings of simple objects like vases and I'm having a hard time. How do you know how wide the diameter of the ellipses should be? I feel like whenever I'm drawing them as part of a simple form (like a cylinder or a funnel) they look completely random. Picrel is not me, just an example

No. 1185660

Have you ever scaled a drawing before nonni? Genuine question so I know how to help you.

No. 1185683

I'm not sure what that means, so probably not kek. Do you mean like resizing an image?

No. 1185834

File: 1652825284452.jpg (56.39 KB, 636x560, 7b9ed9740143fe87b17b4d7f6207e8…)

Have you been working with a grid? It's a great help when you're a beginner; in art class we were recommended to make a simple grid out of cardboard frame with strings, so if you're not working digitally, you can try this too

No. 1185922

What knowledge you need has nothing to do with perspective, but proportions instead. If you're drawing without reference, then they can be as wide as you like, depends on your preference. If you are using reference, like a real vase in front of you, couple of meters away, then you can use the old school method of measuring with a pencil. Extend your hand fully in front of you, hold your pencil horizontally, and move your thumb so that the width of the elipse is 'recorded' on the pencil. Then, while still holding your arm extended, with the thumb at the same spot, rotate your pencil vertically and measure how many times is the elipse repeat in the height. That's how you get accurate proportions. Grid is useful to understand composition on the canvas while this practice helps you understand proportions in relation to themselves and other objects.

No. 1185969

File: 1652833070128.jpg (326.79 KB, 1200x610, 14june01_delamontaigne_steps03…)

another way that i have used is described pretty well here https://citizensketcher.com/2014/07/23/step-by-step-drawing-example-davis-house-dot-plot/ it takes a little practice but you basically use dots and marks to mask out the overall shape of your subject before you draw any lines. the grid method like nonnas have shown above is handy but it can be a bit of work to set it up, this dot map combined with some basic eye measuring techniques is really useful.

No. 1185981


No. 1185983

Probably mole, symbol mol. You posted this in the wrong thread though.

No. 1186148

File: 1652850016725.png (242.75 KB, 594x602, 1652809413869.png)

>girl complains about feeling queer fandom is hostile to straight girls and womanhood
<queer fandom proves her 100% correct

No. 1186156

It's kinda sad but that what she gets for associating with twitter kweers in the first place. Can't complain about a snake biting you when you jump in it's nest

No. 1186293

File: 1652868000818.png (331.43 KB, 2063x1386, drawabox.PNG)

You can also try funnels exercise from drawabox, and reading up more about elipses in perspective in general there, it may help you better understand perception of this shape in 3D space

No. 1186296

she was literally calling gay people not normal what do you expect

No. 1186442

She made a post complaining that most of her followers are gay and that she hates it. What did she expect? Applause?

No. 1186465

File: 1652879525683.png (4.65 MB, 1792x2428, anyangdeng.png)

So I'm an artist studying different skintones because I don't know much about how lighting works for them. I wasn't sure where to ask this because of all the arguments surrounding the topic.

Top row is how this woman's photos usually look (taken in a bathroom). The bottom row photos are both her under bright sunlight, so why do those two look like different skin shades? Just looking to know the technical reason behind this.

No. 1186477

Cold, blue-ish light in the bathroom; warm, orange-ish, strong light of the sun, as simple as that. Bottom left is done in a cold-colored environment, looks more like a photoshoot than just a candid with a phone in a warm colored environment, like bottom right.
It's not unlikely bathroom ones have a bit adjusting going on with contrast.

No. 1186478

she's a clueless retard for wasting time making a big ass thread about innocuous shit on her main twitter of all places and expecting asskisses for it.

No. 1186490

File: 1652882357472.jpg (36.81 KB, 607x305, S.Sudan-minister.jpg)

She has cool undertones so this affects how her skin in general will reflect under different lights. Top two are in dim poor bathroom light that is coming from above her, but theyre also edited. Bottom left is under natural light causing her darks to appear darker while casting shadows. Instead of a golden brown you can see her blues under the light. On the bottom right shes in front of the harsh lighting from the sun during golden hour. This creates shadows if you arent facing straight on. Think of lighting like a filter in terms of contrast. The suns lighting causes her shade of skin to appear lighter while retaining her blue undertones. Picrel is unedited similar skin tone and same undertones. Left is under sunny light but facing towards it. Right is not facing towards the direct light but rather under it, making his darks darker with shadows. Its really all about where the light source is coming from while also taking into considering the undertone of the skin. The shade can always change, but not the undertone. Hope this helps in some way.

No. 1186601

Thank you anons, much appreciated.

No. 1186723

Drawing queer characters and then lashing out at the queer community. Makes sense.

No. 1186728


No. 1186731

File: 1652893039898.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x1039, 2D05C91E-88EA-4477-A387-460268…)

This artist’s (Cyarine) work just gets worse over time. She’s drawing more and more ‘diverse’ people but somehow they all either have the exact same face or she makes them ugly as fuck. I went to check on her instagram since she’s one of the guests at the MCM con, but my god she should not be advising people how to draw. Her facial anatomy is so off and she’s been pumping out the same shit for years.

Also heard she’s hated in her own country, but if anyone had details about that I’d appreciate it. Couldn’t find much in the other threads.

No. 1186809

holy shit I know her art has been plateauing/stagnating for awhile now ever since shes been able to sit atop her pile of patreon bucks and hasn't had pressure to improve or actually create good work anymore, but jesus fucking christ this is such poor quality compared to what she used to pump out. the noise filter and color pencil/crayon brush she used make this look like a highschoolers attempt to skinwalk cyarine.

i used to really like her art for the hands, but even her hands (esp in pic related) lately have been resembling more of those thumbcramps/whimsipop sausage fingers than actual hands

from what i remember from cyarines prime posting time on here, she used to get talked about alot mostly due to her being an abusive and spergy POS towards her ex-gf, vio, which caused most of her local art community to dislike her.
shes also time and time again dogpiled her fanbase on smaller instagram accounts and literal 14 year olds on social media before for creating art that resembles her fish-eye autist face "style".

this reminds me, i recently stumbled upon a cyarine skinwalker on instagram who upon first glance I thought actually was cyarine due to how closely resembled the art looked to her old viral style. but even that cyarine skinwalker at this point is making better art than cyarine herself.

guess livestreaming videogames on twitch all day doesn't make someones art better. who wouldve thought. its almost as if every autist ever who decides to start streaming on twitch only does it so they can find an easier way to get money for sitting on their ass doing nothing. happy to see her art has suffered because of it.

No. 1186827

Why don't you Finnish nonnies talk more about her here? For example, if I hadn't read your posts in the Finnish thread with Google Translate, I would've never known that she had been drawing a middle-aged man dominating and bullying a teenage Asian girl (or something like that) for years, or that she has always been hinting that she doesn't like the gays, or that she shat on "normie" straight women for liking stuff like 50 Shades of Gray. Had I known that before, I would've never felt bad for her.

Also, does she have no sense of self-preservation? How does she obsess so much over "too many kweer people" liking her hetero stuff that she couldn't shut up about it, but not think about how much the Twitter crowd loves to blow shit out of proportion and cancel people for homo/transphobia all the time?

No. 1186832

Its stylized, maybe that's why you hate it? It's not supposed to be a one for one. It's curvy the same way character artists makes curves or sketches. She does produce a lot of these and it's looks like cleaned up sketches with color added.

No. 1186907

File: 1652900569659.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x1282, A8E3F9BA-21B9-4ADC-AF38-1F97DF…)

I don’t mind the stylisation, I understand she isn’t going for a 1:1 ratio drawing. That was just the example chosen. But if you look at her work from a few years ago compared to now, it stagnated and dropped in quality. She’ll post a drawing saying she’s practicing drawing diverse faces and then they all have the same face. Or in this, from one of her million drawings of herself. The anatomy of both the face and pose is completely off. It’s like she’s broken her arm and her face is melting off. The idea of her going to a convention and talking about her art, when all she has is drama from her past partnership with Wacom that fell through due to her being a POS to them publicly, is laughable.

No. 1186918

artists with followers think they’re on a pedestal because all their tweets get likes and replies from people desperate for attention. she clearly hadn’t been outside her social circle for a long time

No. 1186922

File: 1652901110253.jpg (20.93 KB, 500x323, 157611262627.jpg)

>Drawing queer characters
wait what, did she draw gay characters as straight or something, what queer characters was she drawing

No. 1186923

Can I post a nsfw wip here for some feedback?

No. 1186926

Damn, really? I don't feel bad for her at all then kek

No. 1186928

There's a thread in /m/ for that.

No. 1186932

Don't know what anon's referring to since all her content is undeniably straight but she did spontaneously turn her white straight side character in her comic into a bisexual black guy just for woke points kek.

No. Go back to /ic/

No. 1186949

she recently made a comic blaming all this abuse and her shitty attitude towards fans at cons on her being autistic, probably preemptively in case anyone (vio) ever tries to call her out. AFAIK vio was also autistic, so not sure how they’ll figure that one out.

No. 1186987

Post in the bad art thread

No. 1186991

If its gay post on fujo

No. 1186994

File: 1652904269039.jpeg (589.49 KB, 2013x1543, 45DDA778-CBD1-4583-8E5E-CF4CCC…)

>I would've never known that she had been drawing a middle-aged man dominating and bullying a teenage Asian girl (or something like that) for years
Wew, I never read her webcomic but here I assumed they were your typical mentor/student relationship. Is she really a teen?

Though if she gained a majority lgbt following while posting stuff like this, makes her thread even dumber because now she’s brought way more critical eyes on her.

No. 1187044

Sorry, I got that info from the Finnish thread (and badly machine translated). I haven't read her webcomic either.
But just looking at this you can tell she's got an age gap fetish kek
>makes her thread even dumber because now she’s brought way more critical eyes on her.
Although tbh I doubt most of that "LGBT" audience is gay, most of them are probably "genderqueer" but actually straight people. So it's no wonder that this type of content attracted that kind of audience.

No. 1187059

>Why don't you Finnish nonnies talk more about her here?
Because I don't want to deal with the scrotes ITT whining about le wokies ruining the internet again.

Anyway, I'm someone who has been following her work for years as she's been a big name for a while. She's always been known for drawing self-insert comics, it's obvious that the petite Asian girl is supposed to be her avatar and the big middle-aged guy is her fictional dominant dream boyfriend. She's always been very defensive about liking this dynamic and seemingly developed a guilty conscience over it because having surrounded herself with feminist discourse that talks about misogynist tropes, yet she wasn't able to compartmentalize and enjoy her kink while acknowledging that these people are worried about the real life occurrence of older men abusing younger women.

>she shat on "normie" straight women for liking stuff like 50 Shades of Gray.

No, she said that she wants her audience to be "normie straight girls who like 50 shades of gray". She posed this as a juxtaposition to the "weird queers she can't bond with" so in her mind she has a problem with these gay or bi people enjoying her work because she actually thinks they "can't get it" as if "older character domming over an innocent young sub" was something outlandishly deep and unpopular. Realizing this you can probably see how douchey she sounds, especially because she brought this up A LOT even before that particular thread blew up. Note that she's always drawn het content yet still been popular so it's just her not being satisfied with the numbers she's reaching and not being able to detach herself from the discourse that she herself continuously brought up. Nobody ever shamed her for her kinks or preferences besides she herself.

Another thing that pissed people off was her implying that "gay people hate their female side" or "aren't in touch with their femaleness" and that's "something she can't relate to" as according to her being a same-sex attracted woman means you can't like, relate to or appreciate femininity or femaleness. To top it all off, years ago she used to hover around this well-known LGBT circle and mooched off their reputation to grow her own following.

I'd dig up some receipts if she hadn't gone private and I hadn't unfollowed her, and I don't really care enough either. I mostly pity her for letting her insecurities take the wheel and tell 2/3 of her audience that she doesn't want them following her. But in the end she fully deserved to be lambasted and brought it upon herself, especially when after being confronted about it, in quite a reasonable manner I might add, she started accusing everyone questioning her of being evil terfs to shut them up. It's more about her not respecting her audience, refusing to understand them and being an egoist than legitimately homophobic (which she also seems to be to a slight degree).

>Also, does she have no sense of self-preservation?

Like >>1186918 said I just think she had grown a big head and became blind to her own surroundings, she's gotten away with the "woe is me, for I'm an oppressed hettie" posts before and then stepped over the line to the point people couldn't excuse her anymore. She's been coddled by her fans a lot and got used to being able to say ignorant things, even during this drama she tried to use the "I spoke with my bi and ace friends and they said I was right" defense so that shows you her nonexistent humbleness.

No. 1187075

Samefagging to add:
>She posed this as a juxtaposition to the "weird queers she can't bond with" so in her mind she has a problem with these gay or bi people enjoying her work because she actually thinks they "can't get it" as if "older character domming over an innocent young sub" was something outlandishly deep and unpopular.
I want to clarify this point. It's not at all hard to find other women who like this dynamic, it's like the most popular one of them all and it doesn't take much effort to find other artists that enjoy it. So it falls on her just lashing out at her audience and blaming them of her own insecurities that are supposedly keeping her from connecting with people with similar interests. How I see it and having read enough of her insecure rants while I was still following her, she probably gets jealous of the attention artists similar to her get so she doesn't really want to "be their friends" or anything, she just wants them to praise her work unconditionally.

No. 1187130

The more I learn about this woman the more cringe she seems. What a loser. Should have not poked the 'muh LGBT' hornet nest. Wtf was she thinking kek

No. 1187191

I understand exactly what she's trying to say, she just said it in the worst way. Being a dorky, awkward, plain jane woman isolates you from a lot of groups no matter your sexuality.

No. 1187251

woe is you

No. 1187260

It only isolates you from twitter degens
Nta just shut up already, nobody gives a damn if you're le gay or if that artist is ~homophobic!! Pfft

No. 1187295

i dont care about either i care about the person crying their heart out about being a “plain jane” as if its 1732 kek

No. 1188135

>crying their heart out

no one's doing that. the only ones sperging are the twitter genderspecials calling this artist homophobic when she's clearly not

No. 1188316

It's cringey and cowlike behavior even if you don't see how it's homophobic. Literally nobody was giving her shit for her daddy issues exhibition but she decided to commit career suicide all on her own with a whiny Twitter thread about an imaginary threat she made up inside her head and turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No. 1188777

i wouldn’t even say her “call out”/“cancellation” was super based on accusing her of homophobia or whatever cards people want to play. she literally acknowledged that her follower base was filled with a certain kind of person, then purposefully lashed out at said people for preconceived notions of how they saw her. doesn’t really matter that they’re queer, it was just an idiotic thing to do since no one would enjoy that.

No. 1188932

Is right but
Is also right that it's cringey to complain about your fanbase.

This is a thing in Finnish drawing/con/fandom circles bc radical queer is strong and there is very toxic atmosfere to basic straight/bi white girls. Also to lesbians but differently bc lesbians are romanticised as long they accept girldick and hate if not accept. Basic straight/bi white girls get kind of bullied by special gender (straight/bi white girls) and treated idk how to describe it. Like: you cant sit with us, youre not cool enough, you don't deserve your audience and you have to agree with me you b** or you get canceled. Its like girl mobbning, rolling eyes and talk bad behind your back specially if you are pretty basic girl.

No. 1188936

>This is a thing in Finnish drawing/con/fandom circles bc radical queer is strong and there is very toxic atmosfere to basic straight/bi white girls.
kek it really isn't. she (and others like her) just chose to run with the LGBT circles and pay lip service to them for clout and now bitches about how she's being oppressed for being straight and can't relate to her "queer" friends. She could've gone to any other faction that focuses on comics and art in the weeb/nerdy circles but to be popular and successful there you actually need to be talented and an interesting persona, not just an asshole posting pandering identity politics all day long.

No. 1189623

1) this was comically hard to read 2) go outside. the queer people weren’t bullying “white girls”. she lashed out at people she admitted she’d been sucking up to for clout, and they struck back. that’s really all that happened.

wouldn’t be surprised if this was the artist or one of her lackeys kek

No. 1190000

File: 1653073989438.jpg (265.46 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20220520-121055.jpg)

No. 1190001

She's right, she shouldn't make fun of her. It's just a silly dumb drawing.

No. 1190013

File: 1653074341756.png (172.98 KB, 579x462, art.PNG)

Perhaps I have too much of a bleeding heart, but I bad for that person and it is pretty fucked up that they made fun of her. It does just seem like a little retarded drawing thing that she did for fun. There are artists on twitter drawing stuff that's way worse.
Also I just saw this (the "dogboylover" person is the one who replied to the tweet), which is kind of funny.

No. 1190027

File: 1653074720694.png (11.62 KB, 536x263, retard.PNG)

lul the dogboylover is a mess

No. 1190030

I don't have a dog in this fight, personally think both sides are acting like degens and should stop watching/reading porn, I do think their is a hypocrisy with the "kweers" and fujos calling her out, I mean its on par with the usual fujo degeneracy except she's more opnely admitting she wants a strong guy to dominate her rather then making a male character into pseduo-female uke, which I know the faggot worshippers get offended by when you point that

No. 1190047

They're mad about a completely non-offensive drawing, enough to publicly insult and block the artist. The artist is right to be upset, the person was acting like a cow. "Utterly humiliated" sounds a little bit extreme, but I can understand there a whole level of extram impact added when it's done to you in a public forum and from a person you respected as an artist.

If this is the person who left the comment I would assume they thought the drawing was "twansphobic" lol

No. 1190066

Honestly what's the point of making fun of other artist that did nothing wrong just draw something silly on the public forum? And then block them like a little bitch? Just send it to your friends or something if you want to laugh at it so hard. If this happened to me I would feel equally disappointed.

No. 1190240

File: 1653079125882.png (67.33 KB, 492x702, huj.png)

The OP deleted and apologized because the person who attacked them started crying about getting "transphobic and lesbophobic comments" kek

No. 1190246

No. 1190257

File: 1653079374890.png (20.65 KB, 576x167, artist.PNG)

Chouxli is a lot better than me, I would have sat back and watched the hate. The other person should not have been an asshole.

No. 1190314

She's getting blamed for starting a witch hunt, this is stupid. So someone that you liked QRTs your art to mock it and blocks you after you politely ask them not to call you a bitch, and you can't even talk about it?

No. 1190327

fucking idiot shouldn’t have publicly qrted her to insult her

No. 1190338

It's obvious she only apologized out of peer pressure and perhaps to have a chance to play victim herself. She doesn't sound like she gives a shit.

No. 1190354

am i wrong or is that edit not racist at all? Her edit DOES make him look more japanese, why is that racist?

No. 1190406

The edit wasn’t needed imo- he already looks Japanese and Japanese people have a variety of features beyond the typical image people have of them. Plus she’s not asian so it just came across like unnecessary virtue signalling.

No. 1190498

From dumb kids probably

No. 1190500

But the edit doesn't even look Asian…? I just can't see the issue here at all, this must be some anglo race wars brainrot

No. 1190719

i get that it can be considered cringe but what is with this unnecessarily vitriolic hate towards people for completely inoffensive drawings?

on one hand, it can be "considered" playful rudeness to call someone a bitch, qrt their stuff and say that you fucking hate them or make fun of them but that "playful rudeness" is only fun or playful when it is your friends.

No. 1191001

File: 1653126069816.jpeg (352.99 KB, 750x928, F25A3A39-1D3C-4646-A7F6-C4BBDB…)

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Veronica Gallardo (artist on Helluva Boss) is dating LS Mark who is like… 18? She’s 27… I can’t find anyone else talking abt this and it squicks me out fr…

No. 1191043


10x more men are the same age or older out there fucking teenagers and society at large doesn't give a single shit about it, so i'm not going to get my panties in a wad about what some woman is doing with a legal adult.

No. 1191046

This and an older woman dating a younger man is less problematic by default than the reverse situation anyway because women don't tend to prey on weakness, naivity, inexperience and power imbalance like men do.

No. 1191155

The people saying that sounded so delusional, before this the original artist had less than half of the followers she does now. Who could have expected that it would blow up like this and she didn't call that person out or anything. She just posted about it which she was right to do and it somehow left her immediate circle and people started hating on her for making it so public? Make it make sense

No. 1191285

What's the issue? He's an adult man. Men are the ones who take advantage of the age gaps, not women.

No. 1191289

I honestly don't care about ages as long as it's legal. My grandparents were 15 years apart, died together. There isn't a one reason fits all for age gap couples. It just stems from this hyper worry society has about grooming. Unless you see other red flags, move on.

No. 1191291

completely agree, there was a 10 year age gap between my grandparents.

No. 1191299

When people freak out about it, I remind them that at one point they were 5 years old when their GF/BF was 0. Or something like that. At some point one of you is older or younger, usually, one legal and one illegal when there is a gap [even if you don't meet during that time], so it's not that big of a deal. When you see them controlling, or actual grooming happening, then maybe get worried, but even 19 year olds dating 16 year olds, I'm not 100% freaked over because a lot of people are still in highschool or just graduated and literally still live in that mental state of being a teen. There's a limit and a reason to worry, but when it makes sense, like living in the same town or growing up together and things like that, there isn't a reason to freak. Especially when it's an 18+ dating another 18+. >>1191001 This just seems like a stir the pot Twitter SJW issue.

No. 1191399

when did veronica and chris o'neill break up?

No. 1191403

>nonbinary lesbian

not surprised it was a self-hating lesbian (most likely bi) getting her panties in a twist over a silly genderbent drawing

No. 1191405

using both the words he/lesbian i don’t understand!!

No. 1191418

The only other place I found talking about this was a thread on /co/ and it doesn't even have proof that they're dating

No. 1191692

because they're not, she was just rubbing herself on lsmark and another male youtuber I forgot the name of
veronica is just a youtube groupie

No. 1191776

agreed. anyone can take an advantage of a significant age gap. the idea women never pray on nativity or weakness is how many girls end up getting groomed by other women.

if there are other red flags sure say something but these are both adults where likely no one on the internet knows them personally so it is very parasocial to assume shit

No. 1191978

I agree except if it's two young people. 60 and 70 yr olds are fine but a 15 yr old and 25 yr old 10/10 times never has good intentions. Also there's a lot of risks to the health if they decide to have kids, kids born to parents with a large age gap are at risk for a lot of behavioral disorders

No. 1191983

I dont really find it that disturbing but maybe that's bc the man in question is still a legal adult. I cant really talk on age gaps being icky when I have family members that married with such a large age gap.
But women can most certainly take advantage of minors just as men can, it's just that it tends to happen far less than men bc women commonly aren't such sexual deviants.
My mom told me about a female teacher she had that would pick a specific boy out of the class and give him "special treatment". She did this for years, and each one of my aunts except the youngest ended up getting her as a teacher as well and confirmed this.

No. 1191995

>My mom told me about a female teacher she had that would pick a specific boy out of the class and give him "special treatment". She did this for years
Nasty. Did she ever get reported or anything?

No. 1191996

>10/10 never has good intentions
No shit kek it’s literally a 15 year old kid and an adult. Its nothing but bad intentions. I agree with >>1191285 though because i’ve never seen an 18-19 year old dude get manipulated or groomed lol i could go on about why but this is the art salt thread not for terfposting

No. 1192022

I mean, sure anyone can because there are always exceptions, but let's not ignore the fact that it's nearly always men who SEEK out 18 year olds specifically so they can manipulate, trap and groom them.
Most women who date younger guys don't have ill intentions, surely not as often (which is always) as men do.

No. 1192367

File: 1653231936557.png (1.57 MB, 1062x1040, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 1.01…)

They never announced an official date of their breakup except that they broke up in 2021 however, my personal tinfoil is May 2021.. half based on this tweet which made me lol, and half based on May being when Veronica's Chris related RTs stop. But who knows

No. 1192721

File: 1653250794627.jpeg (92.99 KB, 480x360, 440EF578-A590-4BE1-BFA6-B7337C…)

Any good, preferably non-coomer accounts to follow for that 80’s cartoon/comicy style of art?

No. 1192730

I remember she was answering questions on IG last summer and deflected pretty hard when someone asked about her relationship status. She went to what seemed like a lot of significant family events without him as well. I’m also not surprised Chris would act like Dani’s boyfriend kek.

I promise I don’t care about her or Chris that much I just have an autistically good memory

No. 1192811

Having so much trouble trying to draw for fun and when I’m doing figures drawings i get bored like I’ll finish it but I don’t think I produce it to the best of my capacity. I think my plan is to dedicate today drawing the things that I like so I can have better focus when I do practice. My mind is in circles of what I should do and I can feel my soul leaving…I can’t be stuck like this forever

No. 1192838

Check wapchan i know you wanted an account specifically but it’s an imageboard for retro anime

No. 1192840

I don't have a solution but chipping in to say I think I have a similar problem. Bouncing between art practice and art for fun. When I do it for fun, it becomes not fun because of my shit skills. When I practice, I feel like I'm not improving because I'm not applying it to anything. So then I draw for fun again, and it looks bad. Cycle repeats. Maybe it's the way I'm going about learning or maybe I should just give up art. Not been feeling it for years now. But at the same nothing else interests me. Do nonas have advice

No. 1192866

I feel exactly the same way as you right now and i’ve been in this cycle for months now. Now i understand why “learning” used to discourage me when i was younger.. Don’t place so much importance and mightiness on art, it’s just lines. Remember why you want to do it in the first place and never give up nonna! Forget the studies if they’re making you stressed and do it for fun. When you get stuck or something looks off check things like anatomy and perspective references simultaneously while doodling or working on a personal piece. You will combine both fun and self indulgence and learning together. Godspeed noni

No. 1192897

File: 1653264708876.jpeg (448.29 KB, 1242x1156, 9C8757D7-D455-40EB-B22F-39EFF3…)

Does anyone have a screenie of the tutorial she was attacked over? Dying to know what it was

No. 1192903

File: 1653265075945.jpg (269.6 KB, 1904x2048, IMG_5950.JPG)

Here you go. The controversy is absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1192905

23 and crying about being misgendered. Should've been an abortion.

No. 1192907

15 yearold twitter artists are ridiculous

No. 1192908

Thank you so much nonna!

No. 1192910

coming back, this is crazy, how the fuck do you receive death threats for this shit? this is word for word that art schools tell you to use. specifically the language used here.

No. 1192923

Edgy tweens will send death threats on twitter for the mildest shit, but I don't see anything even a woke twitturd could cry about here? If they'll send death threats over even this then it follows they should be harassing every art teacher they've ever interacted with. Oh wait that's right, they'd stutter if they tried to say it irl, which is the exact reason they're desperate to be tough online.

Ayrt, thanks for the advice. Yeah it is just lines, though I put importance in the lines because I'm trying to make a career out of it. Might fail but I want to attempt.
>You will combine both fun and self indulgence and learning together. Godspeed noni
Will try, good luck to you too

No. 1192925

My mom said she eventually got reported, but this was in the 70s/80s and she had tenure (however you spell it) so she just got moved to a different school.

No. 1192931


literally what is wrong with this? what were twitterspergs mad about this time, seriously..???

No. 1192942

getting death threats is stupid but the example isn't great. the second has the light coming way more from the side than first, even if first doesn't have as clearly defined angle for the light.

No. 1192946

because it uses the "x" and "O" to show that one is right or wrong when there is "no right way to do art", people have said that it's two different lighting sources (even though if you look at the shadow on the feet it is literally the same one), accusing the artist of saying cell shading and front lighting doesn't exist, people trying to overcorrect it, people saying that she didn't include enough information (one person linked Marc Burnet's ambient occlusion tutorial) and said she didn't know/teach enough + being a genshin artist.

This is really why artists don't provide criticism or feedback on art anymore and tutorials are becoming harder to find that aren't paywalled. If you don't include a disclaimer that says "but there's no wrong way to do art", provide no sense that either side is right/wrong or don't/do, etc. you open yourself up to getting harassed and criticized for god forbid trying to provide a tip on how they do things because these people cannot comprehend that not everything is meant for them.

No. 1193027

Not sure if its a twitter thing because this is what i see in instagram all the time. Like legit any time i get one of those art reposting accounts on my explore feed with the "x" and "o" sign the comments will 100% always be filled with b-but what if its not My style?!!! Like as if the tutorial is holding them at chokehold lmao. People just get really triggered over it for some reason. I personally think the tutorial isnt all that helpful (and some other artists QRTed politely about this) because it's a completely different lighting setup for different purposes, but again, it should have just led to a discussion, not a bunch of 15 year old artists feeling opressed over a red X sign

No. 1193196

File: 1653287933016.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.68 KB, 574x274, 72B73CA8-8B92-430F-9A5A-D86F9F…)

Recently I found an artist on Twitter whose “ocs” are just two of the columbine high school shooters.
The artist gets praised by their followers for the characters and how “unique” and edgy they are.
Here’s a picture of their “oc” fucking their mother which is just Dylan Klebold and his mother. The artist also draws the two boys shipped together all the time and has drawn them recreating the deaths of the shooters yet no one has commented on the similarities.

No. 1193473


thats cool. i want to die now.

No. 1193616

How does someone get to this point?

No. 1193631

I'm pretty sure some their followers know they're thinly-veiled placeholders for the Columbine shooters. Look at their following and mutuals, they're just part of the TCC.

It did not take me long to find the serial killer and shooter stans and fanart through who they were following and associate with.

No. 1193748

Please tell me TCC isn't "The Columbine Club", I want to be wrong.

No. 1193781

No. 1193899

I believe it stands for the True Crime Community; or at least I hope so.

No. 1193921

Yeah it stands for True Crime Community, should have explained that better. There was subgroup of people on Tumblr a couple years back who would draw art for murderers like they were characters in some tv show. You can still find remnants of the art you would find there on pinterest or searching "tcc art tumblr".

The worst thing about those artists was they'd say shit like "I don't condone" but then draw like Dahmer fanart.

No. 1194034

het women like bad boys I guess

No. 1194615

That's literally how I see big artists do shadowwork. Like wtf.. Especially when working in same hues or grey

No. 1195191

Do you happen to know the @ of the artist? I wanna see this hellfire.

No. 1195704

Nta but Its in lacryboys circle but i forgot the @ of this specific artist. They all make columbiner art together

No. 1195762

File: 1653454818269.jpeg (614.98 KB, 828x1413, 32FC4421-F65E-4E18-8861-1762FA…)

We can never have nice things

No. 1195809


No. 1195924

The hate and dogpiling artists get for whitewashing is unreasonable since it's just a drawing on the internet at the end of the day, but it's also not that hard to adjust the colors properly. This is obviously lighter than even his in-game skintone and it doesn't look good on him. Something like that should have been noticed and corrected while doing the colors

No. 1196029

This might sound like a minor thing when you consider how many levels of fucked up the whole thing is, but I find it fucking gross that the mom is drawn like a teenage girl.

No. 1196061

OP here and I agree that Kaeya’s skin is a little too light. I just really hate how retarded the art community is right now and the people bitching about it can’t draw for shit.

No. 1196227

I don't know who this character us (looking it up, it's from genshit), and it looks fine. But I guess twitturd hasn't moved on from things like bullying someone to suicide for drawing Steven universe's mother thinner.

No. 1196258

File: 1653493533446.png (179.34 KB, 720x1061, 91738485858.png)

Go outside you retards who the fuck cares

No. 1196283

File: 1653494562574.jpg (279.14 KB, 1080x1920, Character_Kaeya_Card.jpg)

It's Kaeya to be specific, and the skin tones are drastically different. I can imagine the original artist eyeballed it and picked a tone that was too light and then continued to up the saturation and luminosity because there's no other way in my mind to get it this wrong.

They are kind of right though, just because an artist doesn't speak english doesn't mean you need to treat them like an idiot or baby. It's already bad enough, there's no need to spam them with even more english

No. 1196297

The character still looks like a POC, especially against other characters. Twitterfags are insane.

No. 1196299

They made it less yellow toned, is that the issue? Because this looks like s POC from whatever IP, but pink undertones.

No. 1196302

God what a fucking nitpick. The hue is slightly pinker, that's it. It's not whitewashing and it is not racist. What a stupid non-issue to make a fuss over one color ""slip"" on one fanart out of thousands that this shitty scrawny anime boy gets daily. I'm sick of twittards overreacting over this and it's always about this shitty genshit character lmao

No. 1196311

>They are kind of right though, just because an artist doesn't speak english doesn't mean you need to treat them like an idiot or baby.
People openly disagreeing with this being deemed as 'whitewashing' doesn't immediately mean they're "babying" the artist. No one is baby-talking them. Go back to twitter.

No. 1196319

Both of these commentators are black. It's always the POC community who freaks out about this shit when it's literally not even a black character to begin with, it's a tanned as fuck asian dude [yellow tone, not pink tone].

No. 1196370

with the amount of whitewashing drama that always pops up around this guy i thought he would be darker

No. 1196374

Crying for a skintone that, even if is drastically paler, still doesn't look white is ridiculous.
I agree than that the artist shouldn't be coddled tho, it's dumb she apologized, but that's her choice

No. 1196557

Would anyone have any tips on rebranding yourself social-media wise for art? I've spent most of my time online making simple sfw work, and I'm just kind of tired of it and want to try getting a little more adventurous, but I want to make sure that I don't expose teenagers to anything more risque. Do I nuke everything or just make separate accounts?

No. 1196669

>See cool OC or niche fandom art
>Click on artist's page
>Generic Genshin meme/shipping art
What is it about Genshin character design that makes an artist's gallery so boring to go through?

No. 1197036

File: 1653536803571.png (236.87 KB, 477x349, B6A74378-80CF-46C5-81FE-C444C8…)

This reference was made 20+ years ago, and it continues to be relevant- especially when it comes to Twitter art discourse

No. 1197053

This shit is why I’m scared to post fanart. I don’t colour pick, so normally my colours are off by a little. So how can I make sure I don’t get a mob when I can’t even colour my own characters “correctly”

No. 1197068

Don't acknowledge the mob in any way shape or form. It's your art and you can make whatever you want.

No. 1197074

Am I blind? I can't see a difference, it looks pretty much spot on other than pink undertone instead of yellow, but the character isn't any lighter.

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