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File: 1646161520055.jpg (60.24 KB, 500x621, 1621020997089.jpg)

No. 1078108

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Recent Art Milk:
It's always the fucking same kek

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:

Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1039324

No. 1078123

Popular Arts & Crafts youtuber Schmox who has built an audience upon being resorceful and crafty just came out with two videos posted at 1:00am about joining the NFTs craze. The first video is a semi incoherent ramble excuse about him supporting NFTs even though he clearly knows they're bad for the enviorment and the second one is a tutorial on how to make an NFT. His fanbase isn't taking it very good, the comments say it all.

No. 1078130

here's the second one. He's replying to comments now.

No. 1078138

File: 1646161836279.png (91.64 KB, 802x780, cowcrossover.png)

also, cow crossover lmao

No. 1078147

I love his videos, sucks he has to go down this road. Disappointed tbh.

No. 1078150

both pro- and anti-NFT spergs are equally annoying if you ask me

No. 1078183

>just came out with two videos posted at 1:00am
Lol why are you being so specific anon

No. 1078189

File: 1646162595289.png (41.13 KB, 792x316, efbgefgefe.png)

Pixielocks really wants to self insert into this

No. 1079009

File: 1646197750914.png (5.54 MB, 828x1792, 5C32EB1E-B730-4290-AEED-92024F…)

This fanart makes her look like a porn star kek i’m tired…

No. 1079068

>Have 2020 through 2025 which is already defined by a seemingly random thing for the world
>Oh yeah, have this NFT trend that decided that this year in particular is when it should be a big talking point

No. 1079075

>Have 2020 through 2025 which is already defined by a seemingly random thing for the world
Anon what did you try to say? Are you not a native english speaker?

No. 1079579

File: 1646233635739.png (349.23 KB, 1250x494, image_2022-03-03_013650.png)

Thoughts on the recent pushback against flipping your artwork? It started primarily as pushback against the tweet on the left about the recent new starter Pokémon having a wonky eye. Although, I really don't understand why people are genuinely getting mad about it. It's always been a helpful tip when I do it.

No. 1079628

>it's not mandatory to fix every minor mistake
It is if you're doing commercial work and you're serious about your art. Obviously no one's going to be perfect but you should strive to improve. These people say shit like this because they don't actually work as an artist, they just doodle shit and demand everyone to like their works despite the mistakes.
Flipping the canvas works very well if you do it every once in a while to check if there are any wonky parts you're not seeing normally, but it becomes useless if you do it too much.

No. 1079673

Reminds me. How can I "flip" the canvas easy when I draw traditionally? Usually when I'm sketching out a rough idea, I just turn it backwards and place it against a window to flip it and correct mistakes like that, but what about the actual piece? Is holding it up to the mirror the only way?

No. 1079692

get a handheld mirror and face away from the piece

No. 1079709

Even without flipping the drawing it's obvious the cat looks cross-eyed, and not in a cute way. Horrible fakemon looking trash.

No. 1079719

The art looks mid as hell. Really low standards if we're pretending this looks anything more than some deviantart kid's fakemon doodle

No. 1079774

Can't you just take a picture and flip it?

No. 1079840

It is slightly cross eyed, but I have yet to see a fix that looks better than the original. All of the artists in the comments complaining about normies not knowing about this "basic tool" are hilarious too. People have been making art for literally thousands of years without flipping the canvas.

No. 1079881

I don't understand this aggressive response to such mild criticism, for art that isn't even yours

No. 1079915

Let them not take the advice they’re only hurting themselves

No. 1079945

What about this photo looks like porn?

No. 1080015

porn star not “porn” reading comprehension anon

No. 1080040

File: 1646245987002.jpeg (74.41 KB, 1024x576, 335B094E-77AA-4AF2-A26C-435775…)

Probably bcuz it doesn’t resemble the character (took me a good minute to realize this was Melina fan art)

No. 1080062

I don't mind the wonky eye. Moreover, all the edits to "fix" it make it look more retarded and soulless, like a DeviantArt adoptable. All the artists whinging about how they expect better and could do better are just mad that an artist drew wonky eye cat and said "good enough, looks cute" and maintains a steady job and gets their art featured as a part of a major gaming franchise, while they themselves nitpick the hell out of everything and still have to e-beg on twitter for a living because their personalities are so insufferable that no one wants to work with them.

No. 1080290

if a fully clothed woman with no cleavage makes her look like a porn star you're probably more pornsick than coomers that the cows inevitably complain about kek

No. 1080295



even though the cat is cross eyed it isn't… awful. It isn't like the face is sliding off.

given that a majority of people didn't notice until someone started a trend to nitpick, it really is a minor mistake. Though you should fix mistakes when you can, art is inevitably going to have imperfections so long as it is made by a person.

Even when it is edited, the change is so barely noticeable you take an L by saying it's better than the original.

No. 1080327

I’m talking about the face and the sultry look are you being retarded on purpose?

No. 1080351

I can't say that I agree. Simply having larger lips doesn't make someone look like a porn star, they are just slightly parted, there is nothing sexual about it. And it's beautifully rendered.

No. 1080352

>minor inaccuracies
lol, flipping your canvas helps spot so much more than just "minor mistakes".

kek this

I try to fix as many mistakes as possible in the sketch before moving on. Then for the final piece, if it's really necessary, I either use a mirror or take a pic and flip it.

No. 1080362

nta but I hardly get sultry/porn face from it either.

No. 1080563

It doesn't though. Get checked, anon.

No. 1080632

File: 1646265730930.png (2.58 MB, 2048x1703, gAUNOEz.png)

Yet another Dunning-Krueger shartist shouting their unwarranted opinion on Twitter. Yawn…

No. 1080799

File: 1646271517107.png (480.46 KB, 1809x1172, doesgroomingevenmeanwhatitused…)


Just saw the stupidest callout I have ever read. Before this Zephyr person deleted their bio they mentioned being 23 years old, which means the both of them are in their fucking 20's calling this shit grooming. You were both minors, literally 2 years apart, do you have any idea what the concept of grooming is??? Shit like this really kills the severity of what these words actually mean. Everyone wants to be a victim of something. Fucking Christ.

No. 1080840

File: 1646274693469.png (677.13 KB, 617x3269, like_clockwork.png)

lmao same with this guy
>I never flipped my work. Never have.
yeah and it shows, buddy

No. 1080856

I have an app called True Visage on my phone just for this purpose! I’ve also found that mistakes are easier to spot/prevent when I stop drawing with my face so close to the paper, lol.

No. 1080861

File: 1646277275676.jpeg (99.88 KB, 828x550, 481020EB-0C42-454D-8F8A-25BD7E…)

Kek i wonder how that conversation went this is too funny

No. 1080913

What? So now if a 13 years old dates a 14 years old it’s grooming too? From now on you can only date or talk to people who are exactly your age?

No. 1081470

File: 1646304279974.jpeg (284.14 KB, 828x920, 3587B10C-14A1-49FF-8A1F-454EEF…)

Bruh I dunno any of these people but what the fuck. Who does this? What’s wrong with these retards?

No. 1081492

god this shit is so fucking retarded lmao. don't even have to go to this girl's profile to know that there's a they in that bio somewhere

No. 1081632

Either this is fake and written to gain sympathy, or this person is literally retarded.

No. 1083692

File: 1646371158730.jpeg (174.47 KB, 750x1084, 51B77D3B-2976-4757-B447-30FD24…)

Haha holy fuck this all started because that zephyr guy called out starteas for following some youtuber and an animation studio

No. 1083697

File: 1646371575952.jpeg (39 KB, 600x600, FA294E98-D583-482B-B1EE-9893F0…)

Imagine thinking like this. These people are mentally absent. You have to either be underage or picrel in order to involve yourself in this debacle.

No. 1084235

Nonnies, I have three dumb questions about your experience with tablets.
>1.Do you feel like a big tablet is a must or is a small one fine for hobby purposes?
>2.If your tablet has no screen do you use the bluetooth mode often?
>3.Which do you like more: a screen tablet like a cintiq or a standalone device like an iPad?

No. 1084262

this seems like a nitpick to be honest. Like the cat looks fine and I doubt anyone noticed until they brought it up. But the people defending to an insane degree are annoying too. I like drama as much as the next person but I feel like this is something that someone could look at and just go "who gives a fuck?"

I feel like people the only people heavily involved in this are people who like shitting on Pokémon and people who are Nintendo dick riders

No. 1084304

I've been using tablets for a long time and have done a lot of research into it myself trying to decide what to buy, so I hope my responses will help you make a decision on what to buy:

>1.Do you feel like a big tablet is a must or is a small one fine for hobby purposes?

I'll always suggest at least a M sized intuos tablet or bigger, anything smaller and you're going to fuck up your wrists eventually. Bigger tablets are the way to go whether you're pro or just a hobbyist, they help you draw with your elbows and shoulders.

>2.If your tablet has no screen do you use the bluetooth mode often?

I have a cintiq now but I had an intuos for the longest time, honestly this isn't even a real factor for me since you're probably not going to be that far away from your pc whenever you're drawing anyway, and you gotta plug it in to charge. I will say that the battery (on the intuos 5 at least) lasts a really long time though, so if this is something you want, there's that. P.S. even on my cintiq I frequently switch to screenless mode and draw like that, in case this info is useful to someone out there.

>3.Which do you like more: a screen tablet like a cintiq or a standalone device like an iPad?

This is very much a personal preference thing, after getting my ipad I drew everyday on that thing, but immediately upon getting a screen tablet I neglected my ipad for 2 years since I prefer working on a computer, plus I don't like having to wait to draw after a couple of hours while the ipad is charging. You CAN draw while it's charging but it makes the touch screen and palm rejection all fucky on mine, and it gets pretty warm. It really depends on your needs, do you need a proper work space/efficiency? a tablet for your pc might be better. Are you looking to draw casually on the couch most of the time or do you want to do digital art outside? An ipad will serve you well. As for how to choose ipad sizes, pick one that's similar in size with the sketchbook size you're most comfortable with. I have a 10.5in ipad pro and it's nice because it's not too big to draw on the train and it's light enough to bring it around and draw at a cafe with friends.

Bonus information since this is already so long, if you're deciding between wacom or other brands like huion/xp-pen, the main BIG difference imo is the IAF (Initial activation force). The IAF on wacom feels much, MUCH nicer and you'll really notice a difference if you have a light hand. However, it doesn't mean xp-pens/huions are unusable, if you draw with a regular amount of force you probably won't even notice the difference, and even if you do, you can somewhat compensate it by messing with the pressure curves, this is a just so you know thing.

No. 1084313

Thanks a bunch for the detailed answer! I'll probably save up a bit more to get a medium sized intuos instead of a small one, just to get more out of it.

No. 1084330

If you're on a tight budget, look for a second hand intuos pro (old series). The new ones aren't built as well and the surface eats nibs like crazy, the old series intuoses are a fucking workhorse, I bought mine secondhand almost a decade ago and it still works perfectly. These things hold up! Good luck nona.

No. 1084342

this post is making me imagine some well-established person with a mentally taxing job involving themselves in retarded drama like this just for the keks and to wind down

No. 1084819

File: 1646420802399.jpg (64.19 KB, 890x312, rgb_cmyk.JPG)

Do any anons have experience with selling on Redbubble and could help me out? Specifically with color settings, their page is a little confusing in that regard. It seems like they want you to design in CMYK and then save as a png, which would turn the image into RGB because png doesn't support CMYK. But shouldn't that png also differ in color from the final print then? Or would that be a smaller difference than designing in RGB and then printing and that's why it's better? Or do you usually just design in RGB and then correct it later? Sorry, my understanding of this is kind of limited, I get why the colors would differ but I haven't made prints yet so I'm unsure of how it'd play out in practice or if I'm worrying to much about it.

No. 1084873

I don’t know if it helps clarify but RGB displays colors digitally and gives more range. Physical products print on a CYMK color range. So digitally your work would look best in RGB but the it’s going to be printed in CYMK. So designing physical print products in CYMK normally gives you closer matches to the print and better color quality provided your screen color balance is accurate.

No. 1084970

What I'm getting from this is that they spent all their time at work trying to force everyone to display their pronouns in all work communications, instead of just telling their coworkers their stupid pronouns when they communicate with them, and harassed a bunch of coworkers to sign a petition to direct resources to this non-issue, when they should have been doing actual work. What an idiot.

No. 1084997

>might make some people feel pressure to show their pronouns

what about all the closeted trans people at his work? he senselessly wants to out/pressure them to stay closeted. what a fucking transphobe

No. 1085015

I'm gonna flip a coin on whether this is sarcasm or not.

No. 1085233

NTA but it's obviously sarcasm. Dumbass.

No. 1085294

>14:00: "I'm born an AFAB person, I identify as "she/her" and so because of that I have AFAB parts.

Did this bitch really just say that because she iDeNtIfIeS as a female, that's why she has female parts and had her issues with her menstrual cycle? Get the fuck outta here. I really don't mean to sound spergy but I just cannot stand when these people talk like this. Call me a terf or whatever, I don't care. I just cannot with people like her who feel the need to say such bullshit. No TD, you have a period ad with it can sometimes come with problems because you are a woman regardless of whether you "identify" as one or not. Get over yourself.

Never mind the fact that she felt the need to subtly remind the watcher that she's in a poly relationship now.

Anyway spergrant done. Sorry kek

No. 1085324

Also her delusion about her health is stupendously amusing. She's blaming hack pain and kidney problems because of the car accident she was in back in 2019 as well as some previous job she had years ago (which I'm sure was just normal retail that required standing and bending, she didn't really say)

But she isn't even attempting to see that maybe, just maybe it's also because of her morbid obesity? We're seen her in her Ren faire video, she is more than overweight and she's getting older and having to carry a substantial amount of weight as you get older is bound to bring problems related to the back, knees, and overall joints.

I hope she eventually stops making excuses and really buckles down on her weight loss goals because she can only use the car accident thing for so much when it's not the only factor that's contributing to her physical pains.

No. 1085326

Edit: "She's blaming her back pain and kidney problems

Also sorry for the double post video

No. 1085351

>call me a terf or whatever
nonny we're all terves here kek

No. 1085402

File: 1646444745105.jpeg (384.68 KB, 1125x2221, C56BC3DA-7918-4149-8C69-5EFF9F…)

>Be a (former) 25K follower artist
>Retain several 100K follower artist mutuals after the rape accuser drama
>Draw a flavor of the month PokeGirl while her game is trending
What did Shunao mean by this?

No. 1085473

I have no idea who this is but i looked him up on Google and this is the first shit that pops up

Holy shit these are the most bottom feeder, bitter scrotes. Doesn't mode well for the artists' credibility that this is the audience he's cultivated.

No. 1085535

holy shit why are zoomers so anti-self improvement?? flipping the canvas is digital painting 101 and honestly a giant relief to know you have a quick way of seeing your mistakes always

No. 1085539

Shunao seems to be the artist. But imo you're still kind of right, this is the kind of audience she has cultivated.
It turns out she has a thread on here >>>/w/139288

No. 1085588

To these morons the mistakes are a feature. It's always a fun game going into their profiles to see how bad their art is.

No. 1085630

her art is terrible and she's still trying to grift and stream after all the drama lol
some people would rather do anything than get a real job

No. 1085631

File: 1646460942040.png (110.33 KB, 368x365, f.png)

>It's always a fun game going into their profiles to see how bad their art is.
I went into that guy's profile and watched one of his art streams on his Twitch just to see how he manages to draw with that attitude towards art advice.
He already had a sketch ready which was just badly copied from a photo (visibly uneven too, flipping would've helped here). But then he was forgetting to draw the goddamn forearm and had to be reminded by a chat member. Fucking kek, literally blind to his own obvious mistakes. This is the sort of person who throws a tantrum on Twitter telling you not to listen to the artists whose art is clearly better than theirs. Why do they feel so attacked though? I don't get it.

No. 1085695

If you want to draw porn for pedos, go to pedo's spaces and seek out other pedophiles like yourself. Easy.

No. 1085736

Can I at least interest you in a leapfrog so you can keep the spelling and grammar errors to a minimum?

No. 1085739

File: 1646468415153.jpg (38.45 KB, 1000x1000, 51cEOKIxicL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

Has anybody tried body kun/chan figmas? Are they actually helpful or just gimmicks? I've seen them trending around their release and not heard of them ever since

No. 1085740

I have a few of these and they can be helpful yeah but their mobility is limited, they’re still more fluid than 3d models though and easier to pose.

No. 1085748

I don't see people use them often anymore either. I think people moved on to apps like make a pose or magicposer to get a reference for a pose they want. Apps like that tend to be free too.

No. 1085764

cool as novelty but i don't see the point in the modern era. you can do everything you can do with these a hundred times over and with way more utility (proportions, props, lighting, perspective) using CSP models.

No. 1085797

I don't get it, I read that twitlonger thread but I don't understand what this whole thing is about. She had sex with a guy, she implied the guy sexually abused her, the guy went "no u" and started accusing her of sexual manipulation instead? I feel like I should know a ton of FGC lore to really see the picture here.

No. 1085800

I have one and I consider it a worthy purchase. I actually prefer my Body-kun to the 3D ones because it's much easier to pose and you get to see it from all the angles you want including lighting effects and depth when you have the physical copy in front of you. I feel it's much harder to figure them out based only on a 3D CGI model. Anons are right about it being stiff to pose though, you have to be careful not to break joints.

No. 1085807

I see! Thank you, that answered my question

No. 1086568

File: 1646505634202.jpeg (308.8 KB, 1981x1071, 8AE0523F-90F4-47CD-904F-501983…)

And if you thought that was bad wait till you see her vtuber alt Furuya Mari.
Thinks that voice changer acapella is anything resembling quality in a world where seemingly every vtuber sings.

No. 1086683

Jealousy and they’re not real artists, sorry… if you trace the most basic things and you can’t draw without it then you’re not an artist you’re a fake especially when the result is a generic anime girl with a shitty composition and they know that deep down so they get meltdowns at the smallest bits of advice a pro or a talented person on twitter might give they gaslight them and act as if they committed great offense when its the opposite and a lot of twitterfags who dwell in this thread will seethe but die mad

No. 1086790

this looks like a shitty budget version of ninomae inanis lol

No. 1086917

File: 1646521743422.jpg (111.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I keep seeing Turning Red clips on youtube and the art style and animation is completely repulsive I can't even watch the clips all the way through, it reminds me of that grubhub commercial. Luca had that ugly face animation too, but less obnoxious movements. Tf happened to Pixar??

Did Disney take Pixar's best animators and character designers for their Disney feature animations instead

No. 1087025

File: 1646528114252.jpg (108.96 KB, 1280x720, 20220305_165432.jpg)

Still going to take it more than the new Ice Age which looks like someone stopped it mid render.

No. 1087262

It's because this one was animated by a different team and with a smaller budget.

No. 1087762

Yet for people like you, going back to the pixar look literally derails the thread about how everyone hates the same face. If people are supposed to enjoy the shoddiness of Ice Age, why can't they still enjoy the unpleasant look of Red? I dint mind the look at all, but I also don't stick with mainstream animation movies and have seen worse designs by indies. Let's not turn this into another thread of nitpicking why x-animation is better than y-animation because it's all just subjective.

No. 1087925

Does anyone here know what coloring/rendering techniques rei_17 uses? I know they are infamous for being a narc piece of crap but their at is undeniably beautiful and I'd like to learn how to color the way they do.

No. 1088039

Would learning 3d sculpting help in drawing? I feel like I regressed so much in drawing the face structure and anatomy so as a last resort I'm trying to burn it in my brain by learning all these things in a 3d medium, if that makes any sense. I just hope that it works

No. 1088054

Not really. You have to have some grasp on anatomy to sculpt that anatomy in 3D. Not saying you shouldn't try it if it interests you, I went from 2d to 3d and enjoy doing both. There are some things you don't have to worry about in 3D, like perspective, that can cause headaches when learning to draw. But if anatomy frustrates you now then it's going to be even more frustrating trying to get it right in 3D because there's nowhere to hide. While sculpting in 3D will help you see your sculpture from multiple angles, it's still made by you, and even when working from great references made by others you may underestimate the challenge of putting it in 3D form. It doesn't really help you with any skills that could be transferred to drawing imo. The reverse is definitely true, being able to draw anatomy will help you sculpt it better. 3D also comes with a lot of terminology, technology (software if digital, tools if traditional) and techniques to learn that you will need to master to really get started making anything decent looking.

No. 1088088

File: 1646602474359.png (174.16 KB, 400x400, AmeMote.png)

>Smacktalking Shunao and her reincarnations
>When both of her accounts have popular friends on her side
>When lolcow and friends have accomplished virtually nothing with the secrets they have regarding her

No. 1088140

File: 1646604797489.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 4032x3024, 53C263C7-D455-4F02-ABC2-2000DE…)

Sorry if you want me to move this question to another thread.. but if I wanted to pay someone to draw sketches of my dumb dog who passed, how should I navigate it? Should I order on a site like etsy?
Heres the weirdo.
And also, what would be fair pricing for a few different goofy expressions and maybe a inside joke phrase. Could I also ask for a digital copy, so i could make lil gifts for my family? (Like if I had shirts made, as a xmas gift)
As long as i dont profit off of the image- is that ethical?

No. 1088155

gtfo /vt/ tranny, no one wants you here.

No. 1088161

There's many different sites nonnie, it all depends on the style you want. I'm going to assume realistic since that's most common, Etsy is usually good, Fiverr is also a common site or you can find an artist through social media and see if their commissions are open. The pricing depends on skill, talent, etc. so I think for something realistic $50 is on the lower end, but for multiple images you'd probably have to pay more. I think most artists are okay with personal use but ask beforehand. Communicating as much as possible with your artists is key and helpful for the both of you. I hope you find a great artist to commemorate your adorable dog!

No. 1088163

Pretty sure it's obvious she's a woman. Anyway, doesn't she have some step-by-steps on her pixiv?

No. 1088167

NTA but i've seen her step by step and it isn't really that helpful, the pic she used as an example is blurry and just not as polished as most of her pieces.

makes me wonder if she's one of those artists who don't like posting truthful step-by-steps in fear that people will 'copy her style' lol

No. 1088177

>makes me wonder if she's one of those artists who don't like posting truthful step-by-steps in fear that people will 'copy her style' lol
kek that's probably it
I'd tell that other anon to go check in the /ic/ archives because that question has probably been asked a lot there

No. 1088244

File: 1646611232242.jpg (817.17 KB, 1377x1896, EkcfxhHU0AERQ5U.jpg)


She has some step by steps but most of them are kind of old and don't really reflect her current art style anymore.

This is the newest one I found on her Twitter acc, there are some others but the rest are literally that "how to draw an owl" meme where there's a barely coherent sketch and the next step it's almost complete. This one is like >>1088167 said, kind of blurry and doesn't reflect her usual art style.

Didn't she bitch about some artist drawing too similarly to her in the past or am I mixing things up? Either way she does seem like the type to do that seeing how her "tutorials" are so unhelpful and she loves to think that her art is superior.

No. 1088672

Apparently she has, multiple times, the only reason it doesn’t spill over is because she really shit talks on weibo, in Chinese, it’s pretty much blocked aside from the international version, but even then with mo skills in reading Chinese it’s pretty much useless. This lets her say shit, and delete, so in short, in a two faced way she can keep her two accounts of Twitter and weibo without consequences. Apparently it has spilled over a few times, but nothings came off it since Rei’s a big artist, very weird she’s crazy about “copying,” considering her style is broadly a trendy style that I’ve seen many well skilled artists do, her art is undeniably pretty but her attitude isn’t.

No. 1088673

Tutorial wise, they can just type in Google, “Lolcow?@rei_17,” and it gives a lot of general tutorials of it, nothing super polished, like her current stuff but you can piece together how to get her style and a good starting point. They’d could try studying similar artists with the style too.

No. 1088683

I don't get why they're throwing this hissy fit. Having pronouns visible leads to discrimination against women, and forces closeted trans people to either lie or come out when they don't want/feel ready to. Obviously transness is bs, but it will still cause these mentally ill individuals stress when what they need is therapy and help.
Not to mention everyone knows this is an extremist woke leftist thing so you are either being forced to out your political believes, or being forced to go against them. It's kind of like if they encouraged everyone to wear a red cap with white text, sure it might not say "make america great again" explicitly but everyone still knows what political views it implies.
It's so fucking creepy how they want you to have a tag attached to you, which they defined and you had no say in, at all times. If you're that pressed about pronouns you can just add it to your own email signature or some shit.

No. 1089474

>everyone still knows what political views it implies
Which ones? It's just gender retardation because that's what's politically correct now and corporations want to look good and avoid controversy to increase profits, which does not mean that they're actually going to treat their workers decently (like always). There's nothing "extremely woke and leftist" about it.

No. 1089590

being forced to wear a nametag at work that said something other than your name and work position is invasive. 99% of the time gender is clocked accurately, it's in our biology to be able to do so. If a trans person wants to wear a pronoun tag, whatever, but for these people to pretend no one's gender is known without a nametag is laughable.

Imagine if gay people demanded everyone wear a tag stating their sexuality so they accidentally don't hit on a straight person and get their face beat. The entitlement from the genderspecials shows how not oppressed they are

No. 1090099

I hate the look of that movie as well, and I also massively avoided Luca bc of its fugly animation also. The overly simplified cartoony look that is popular in media nowadays is so horrible to look at. I know this is incredibly vapid to say, but that's how I feel. These works legitimately feel like work pandering to the common denominator. Like all style is starting to bleed into the same blobshit now and look the same.
I might end up watching Luca just bc it seems really cute when I actually payed attention to the trailers but idk about this one.

No. 1090101

If anything it's extremely neo-liberal, not actually leftist

No. 1090104

Anon, dont feel bad for wanting to make memorabilia of your dog to share with your friends and family. I say if an artist gets pissy that you want to do that he/she is a piece of shit. It might be their art, but its YOUR DOG that passed away. There's nothing wrong with wanting something to commemorate him.

No. 1090119

It looks like bimbofication fetish art, they even gave her mommy milkers kek. What good is rendering when you can only draw the same souless sex doll over and over again.

No. 1090126

Five days later and you're still wrong.

No. 1090159

Five days later and you’re still defending this moid tier shit

No. 1090215

You're not wrong, it's just usually referred to as leftist woke. And yeah I meant the gender bullshit. It's not just about "preferred pronouns uwu" like they pretend, it's "do you admit trans women are women and should be allowed to flash their dicks in women's changing rooms?". A TiM who sees a she/her tag knows this is a woman they can manipulate more easily for their own gains, and that the company will back them up if they just cry "transphobia" when a woman objects to him pulling his dick out in the women's toilets.

No. 1090899

You can try Etsy or Fiverr, but also you can see if there's an artist that has a good style and that takes commissions. Pretty sure someone would certainly be okay with letting you print the sketches on something for non-commercial reasons.
There are some excellent artists who draw animals in a non-furry way and take pet portrait commissions.

No. 1091517

I don't know how to word this without sounding racist. Has anyone else been noticing a lot of Russian artists becoming super popular online out of nowhere and most of them just tracing other peoples art and selling brushes? I know most people that bought an ipad last year "hustling" have also been tracing like crazy. I guess let me rephrase this, have people thought drawing or selling art as a new get rich quick scheme? Are there just a shit ton of scammers in the art community/scene now?

No. 1091933

Im not sure what you mean, nonnie. a lot of the russian artists I follow have always been excellent in terms of skills and art. So, I follow many of them. I haven't notice a rise of popularity, though.

No. 1092038

Tbh you're only now noticing it. Russian artists and cosplayers produce a lot of good art usually, even if some of it is traced or photoshopped, you can almost pinpoint which ones they are every time they post. This is very on brand with those creators.

No. 1092126

I know what you mean, but they're nothing new. I've been seeing faux-artists who solely exist on Instagram just to sell fake usually stolen stamp "brushes" for Procreate and whose art is just noise-filter Pinterest girls with highlights, neon pinks, and the same low effort hyperrealistic fake painting equivalent to those cartoon filter apps.

a lot of them ride off of the back and aesthetic of similar russian thiefs like bluesssatan, angelganev,lil.milkyskin, caurlette, taozipie, acetaldigital, heymaryjean and ynalast.

i do wonder if there is some larger plot or get rich quick scheme school pumping these frauds out. worth a deeper look

No. 1092252

File: 1646858490144.jpg (216.57 KB, 828x1416, IMG-9454.jpg)

Do any nonnies know if there's any milk on Gutmouth and Binathewitch?
They used to sperg about their ocs together all the time but it seems like they had some kind of falling out.

No. 1092312

File: 1646861689554.jpg (369.06 KB, 1080x1963, IMG_20220309_213430.jpg)

Weird how following the nixeu/clamychan/whoever call out here a few months ago that "lil.milkyskin" account deleted all her old style artwork and started completely posting wlop style rip offs same as nixeu.
So I guess this is the same person?

No. 1092878

what will be the implications of russian artists disappearing from the internet? how do you think art of russia will evolve in general because of this?

No. 1093106

There's always ways to post

No. 1093227

This was posted by some other anon on the vent thread, but anyone have any idea how to hide your name while taking commissions? Especially if you're an eurofag like me. I know you can do a business account or even a private one with fake information, but I'm afraid of my account getting suspended. Does anyone have experience with having your account suspended for fake information or does that really not happen?

No. 1093299

Her rant about how artists are being shamed for going to art conventions this year, is this really a thing?? I just can't help but feel she's blowing smoke out her ass because at least in the west, we are transitioning back to pre-covid days and allowing travel again. I get that there might be some people who think that the west opened up too soon but we had to open eventually. But I just can't help but feel that once again Michie is being hyperbolic like she usually tend to be with her "Very researched" and "experienced" rhetoric.

That or she really is just talking and conversing with younger artists who are still in high school. I'm not on TikTok but I'm someone in my 30s and maybe someone can enlighten me. Is TikTok, specifically the art side of it mostly made up of teenagers to young adults in their early 20s? None of my older artist friends use the app.

I'll give her the criticism of how the US government handled the pandemic, it could've been done a lot better but that's the only platitude I'm willing to give her.

>Moaning about her difficulty getting a part time job.

Once again she stupidly feels the need to mention how she doesn't shame artists who get part time IRL jobs. Would you stfu woman, NO ONE does this, no one shames artists who get part time jobs to help support themselves so stop your unnecessary moral fagging, it's nauseating. Again, either she's just being a tone deaf moralfag or she really only associates with teenager artists who don't know how the real world works yet and if she's on TikTok as much as she says she is

And again, she complains about how it's just not worth the gas money to go to the jobs she's applying to and yet says she makes enough to support what she does with just her art. If this really is the case than why is bitching about how hard it s for her to get a part time job when she makes enough doing what she does now? Dt doesn't add up.

No. 1093300

Anyway sorry for the blog post. It's just this woman aggravates lol. I want to like her because we're close in age only I'm 3 years older and I think her content ca make for good background noise when driving and provided the topic isn't too annoying.

Does anyone know any other artists on YouTube who make videos like hers but tend to be older like at least in the very late 20s to 30s? I know that art commentary is a thing but most the people I come across tend to be teenagers still in high school or freshly out of high school (16-24) and I'd love to find some other art channels that do this kinda thing but happen t obe at least (28-35+). I just need someone new to tune into lol.

No. 1093319

I believe I've talked about this here before but yeah I'm from Europe and Paypal locked my business account after a few months of using it. They suddenly asked for information that proved I had an actual registered business, and of course I didn't have one so I had to suck it up and make a personal account with no way to hide my name. This seems very rare though, I think I just got unlucky but I don't want to risk it again and get permanently banned or something.

No. 1093424

the only one that comes to mind is emily artful

No. 1093463

Ah okay. Yeah I've watched a few of her videos and they're okay. Just wondered if there might be others who have flown under the radar

No. 1093803

File: 1646979277895.png (24.71 KB, 810x150, _Untitled.png)

Anons, does Pixiv have a system where underperforming enough times will gut your visibility?
Are the popular characters over there different from the ones on Twitter?

No. 1093868

try out james gurney or david bull

No. 1093945

File: 1646989522252.jpg (68.16 KB, 578x559, clopuds.JPG)

do you guys know any good art tutorial on how to draw clouds like this? i just continue to find anime-ish clouds and i want something that looks painterly art is by henrywongdraws on twitt

No. 1093949

seconding James Gurney, he's is literally one of my heroes. Dinotopia is so special.

No. 1094112

Clip Studio Paint is on 40% discount now if anyone's interested!

No. 1094145

lasso tool for those big sweeping clean edge areas for the bulk of the cloud, then brush out the edges with a cloudy blend brush or texture brush.

No. 1094284

File: 1647018258524.png (1.67 MB, 528x828, yueko.png)

kek she needs the practice

No. 1094301

Holy shit how do you miss the shape so much
Like cmon, the bottle looks like a fucking dress hahaha

No. 1094359

its not even the same shade of pink

No. 1094369

She said it took her 15 HOURS but I feel like she said that for ass pats for her dedication.

No. 1094419

when you're incapable of drawing anything other than anime waifus

No. 1094612

The bottle has such a delicate and fancy design and all she managed to do was the most boring looking pink anime maid

No. 1094666

Why does it always have to be maids, kek

No. 1094726

i don't know why but the typo in "practice" annoys me more than the fact that the design looks basic as fuck

No. 1094741

Has anyone seen Red Panda? It was so made for all the twittertards to a T.

No. 1094839

Do you mean Turning Red?

No. 1094855

This design doesn’t even make sense.

No. 1095219

File: 1647092930713.jpg (431.6 KB, 1080x1831, 20220312-14a.jpg)

Oh my god, I saw this the other day and had to laugh. What is that bottle even there for if your design doesn't reflect it at all, not even color-wise? Just feels as if she's trying to copy artists like @ksk535 that actually do it well

No. 1095274

The beginner looking hands…

No. 1095278

File: 1647096918522.jpg (191.77 KB, 1900x1800, 20220312_064927.jpg)

it seems that's exactly what shes trying to do. I checked out that artist and they don't completely miss with the design. Picrel is pretty cute.

No. 1095287

Genshin tier design

No. 1095289

Wrong, the character needs to show the armpits and back to be Genshin tier.

No. 1095305


The fact that the designs look generic and basic as fuck makes me laugh on top of them having nothing to do with the reference pictures. Yueko seems to have the same level of creativity as a crappy OC weeb artist on Twitter.

They seem like mid-tier waifu designs you'd see in the most basic chinese gacha. Also the Genshin Ganyu inspo in >>1095219 is way too obvious.

No. 1095325

File: 1647101397914.jpg (406.38 KB, 1826x2210, rino-park-.jpg)


There are so little references back to the thing she's trying to make a design off of. It's like she's afraid of using the material right in front of her, especially for the second one. So many missed opportunities for a really cool design. >>1095278 is still simple but the artist was still clever about how the design of the cup was integrated in the design.

On a side note, I love art like this. Character design is so cool and the process is really interesting.

No. 1095333

Have you thought about looking at square? You could send payable online invoices through them I think that would let you hide your name and use a “business name” to the customer.

No. 1095348

it's spelled with an s in certain countries, so it's not a typo.

No. 1095599

>Parental respect
>I say Ara Ara into a microphone so 10s of guys can wet their pants

No. 1095793

is there more context to the tweets? cause i dont see where she's saying she does anything to please them.

and in general abusive situations just tend to be complicated. you can escape an abusive household while still maintaining contact with your parents for different reasons because abuse and abusive situations tend to be emotionally complicated.

No. 1095806

File: 1647130848664.jpg (483.63 KB, 524x892, crabby.jpg)

No. 1095813

Yueko is like a MLM propaganda bot now

No. 1096287

Does anyone here get a bit annoyed when artists keep showing off amazing and super useful brushes that they make but then they never distribute the brush (either by selling it or giving it away for free)? I know I may be sounding like an entitled brat since it's their brush and they're the ones who decide what to do with it, but part of me can't help but feel a bit annoyed when I see a brush that seems extremely useful and that could truly help my art process only for the artist to keep showing it off and talk about how amazing it is and never sell or put it up for DL for others to try it.

No. 1096307

Unless they plan to sell it or something, don't just expect them showing off a brush they made to mean its going to eventually be available for others. Brush makers take pride in the fact that people see their brushes as useful, but a lot of them also keep their personal brushes as personal, but enjoy showing them off. Seems more elitist to me to just expect someone to give away their brushes because they show them off when you could very well learn how to make your own brush too.

No. 1096352



nta but how is that attitude elitist though? entitled yes, but i don't see how it's 'elitist' to expect a brush artist to give away or sell their brushes when it's such a common thing for them to do.

No. 1096388

Meant entitled. Head went blank for a second, but I see a lot of artists who don't. It depends on who you follow. I do think OP is a brat for expecting people who makes brushes to just eventually post them for purchase/free. It's unrealistic and kind of rude. Some brush makers spend weeks trying to figure out the perfect brush for the technique they want, still tweaking it or having it only work under certain perameters. I'm shocked when I see people who extremely detailed brushes just give them away for free. They should always charge imo.

No. 1096391

Just to add, brushes doesn't necessarily make you better. If you mean stamp brushes, maybe learn how to do it even a little bit before just downloading a brush for a cheat sheet.

No. 1096417

it definitely makes me sad when they aren't for purchase or download but with the right amount of time and energy you can do a solid copy of the brush in question, especially if they show the tip and settings. yeah its easier to download brushes but google is free and you can find great textures and shapes online to copt.

No. 1096465

I do sort of get annoyed when they excessively show it off in reels or tiktok videos, but on the other hand there are thousands of free brushes available and a lot of tutorials and guides that show you how to make your own. I have never seen an artist show off their brush if they don't have the intention to sell it.

No. 1096512


Lol no need to get to angry over this, nona. Besides the other nona is right, it's fairly common for brush artists to make their brushes available in one way or another so it's like, perfectly reasonable to expect them to release something to the public even more if they keep showing it off and going on about how great it is. It's as if a merch artist kept showing off their new enamel pins but never put them up for purchase even though they're known for doing it.

Also, not everyone knows how to make a brush that's actually good. Making a brush is easy, making one that can actually mimic oil paint blending with correct texturing without it seeming fucky or too blurry for example is a challenge even with youtube tutorials around.

No. 1096560

File: 1647205935002.png (410.12 KB, 720x1467, Screenshot_20220313-140446~2.p…)

I don't know what your opinion on this is, but I feel like kinsonas are just an excuse to rip off an already established character.

No. 1096577

People with 0 creativity love to make up excuses to continue copying designs and being unoriginal rather than actually try to put together an idea of their own

No. 1096588

isnt this just their weed smoking mlp oc? we all have one.

No. 1096610

I don't know what's happening but I need to draw some ponies

No. 1096639

File: 1647209674058.png (284.34 KB, 860x873, 643-6430052_rarity-rainbow-das…)

No. 1096651

I was confused since I thought that was cute art (and I don't even like ponies) but so… they did not draw it, they just "kinned" it??

No. 1096654

OMG NONNNIEEEEE I fucks with your vent, I fucking hate when they do that. What are they so paranoid about? People using their brushes to replicate their artwork and put them out of the limelight? Pleaseeee these are the same artists who say that brushes aren’t “all that important” even though their brushes can be incredibly helpful for people who use digital programs with shortcuts and shit. Not everyone who uses their brushes wants to be them, what an egotistical assumption towards something that can be a really good thing for a lot of artists, it’s sad.

No. 1096777

also, while I understand being proud of making a good brush, if you are basically making promos for it by saying look how amazing, versatile and easy this brush makes doing something, then why not release it for purchase or free? You basically made an ad for the brush.

I don't think nona is really entitled for being frustrated or annoyed with it. They basically watched an ad for a product that is unavailable. Most artists who make their own brushes and don't intend on selling them or making them available to the public don't show them off.

No. 1096810

There's a difference between showing off and getting upset and sad because you assumed they'd give it out. Even for your enamel pin example. Why doesn't anon put on big girl pants and just ask if there will be a published version instead of quietly waiting and fuming over it?

And learn how to make brushes. Don't coddle these people.

No. 1096813

Unless they mean how people on tiktok show off a brush because they couldn't find one themselves and are proud of the finished work they did. I see a lot of this. Making your own custom brushes doesn't mean you have to give them or. Anon might even be assuming it's an add and not just a show-off moment.

Would be nice if they provided an example.

No. 1096819

>And learn how to make brushes. Don't coddle these people.

ah yes because learning how to make a GOOD brush is sooooo easy. anon, there's a reason why brush artists make a living in the first place. making brushes that are actualy good and helpful is quite hard. sure, you can sit and make a little custom or a simple brush yourself, but it'll be nothing compared to a brush made by an artist who specializes in making them. MAINLY if you're an artist who hasn't mastered the textures that…you know…you want a brush for exactly so that you can learn how to make said texture. if anyone could just do a brush that perfectly mimics certain textures or effects then brush artists wouldn't exist or wouldn't make money like they do. why pay for a brush pack if i can make it myself for free?

honestly you sound like some angry brush artist that's pissed off that someone dared to feel upset that some brush artists love to show off brushes they know are good to the public and then never make them available.

No. 1096822

they drew it. a kinsona is just a redesign of an existing character (for example, a rainbow dash kinsona is just.. redesigning rainbow dash as a sona for yourself) I don't see why it's something anyone would care about though. Nobody is making kinsonas and claiming they designed rainbow dash and it's primarily teenagers doing it anyway

No. 1096934

File: 1647223480987.png (196.27 KB, 851x938, 06e82c50d81b8223fe3f6c1f84b742…)

No, it's a redesign of tree hugger from mlp that they claim to be an oc.

They call it an oc, even though there's nothing original about it, which is what bothers me.

No. 1096938

if it is so fucking easy then why don’t you make a tutorial then? exactly that’s the POINT that the other anon is trying to make there isn’t enough beginner-friendly resources to show you how to manipulate digital program tools and get the brushes that you want and need for your artwork. rubbing that into some amateur’s face is obviously going to make them annoyed, how dense could you be? do we need to spell it out for you you fucking retarded /ic/-fag? you keep ignoring the RIGHT ANSWERS and keep talking to the anon trying to prove some stupid point like fuck off KEK you are a dense as fuck

No. 1096955

Chill tf out, who are you even replying to?

No. 1096968

anon… she was being sarcastic

No. 1097046

Starting to question whether this mf is gay with the last 2-3 videos. This ugly son of a bitch should be glad someone married his hideous ass at all in the first place.

No. 1097064

um i think you replied to the wrong anon, also calm down

No. 1097068

Wrong thread.

No. 1097211

File: 1647252581649.png (761.03 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220314-030655.png)

Lol, didn't she throw a bitch fit over someone calling her out for being unoriginal

No. 1097379

This is giving the energy of early deviantart "my OC dO nOT sTEaL!!1!" and it's just a recolor of an anime character. Things never really change.

No. 1097853

File: 1647290122873.jpg (123.29 KB, 1139x1080, 1646676123099.jpg)

a question for all nonitas in art fields-specifically the animation/media industry: how many of you are also crypto terfs and dying on the inside? i feel like people are starting to notice that i grey rock all trans topics which are coming up more and more in the workplace. i dont want to stir up trouble but im also not a liar. i wish i was a normie accountant or lawyer so i didn't have to deal with this bullshit. pls tell me im not alone.

No. 1097886

My sister in Christ, going into the media field means expecting it to be used as a political agenda tool. And sadly enough, patriarchy control has now just shifted into feminine men

No. 1097929

never thought id agree with a person with a genshin impact pfp

No. 1097977

I'm practically a reactionary so I used to be on edge all the time. I've mellowed out over time so now I like to say I'm progressive on gender and leave it at that. Just avoid people who want to turn every little thing into a purity spiral. Their views aren't as toxic as their personality.

No. 1098008

My company is trying to push people to add their pronouns on slack, so far they're just kinda "testing the waters" and not being too aggressive about it so I'm staying silent and pretend I didn't hear anything but it's gonna suck if it's obligatory.

No. 1098027

is art school worth the money? i know a lot of the time its just a babysitting place for rich kids who dont want to learn or do any real work, so im not looking to go in and coast and waste a ton of money. i want good experience and good instruction from people who know what they're talking about - can i get that at an art college?

No. 1098038

You'll be much better off investing in courses from specific artists you want to learn from. The only place I keep consistently hearing about from people in the industry (gamedev / movies) is FZD School of Design, it's very expensive but if you manage to finish it, getting a job is pretty much guaranteed.

No. 1098097

get into a serious school like Art Center or RISD or Pratt, or take online courses. Lower end art schools are filled with people who treat being an artist as a lifestyle and aren't serious about working in the industry and their art sucks lol

basically surround yourself with serious people wherever you choose to get your education. you can learn art anywhere, but making art alongside people who are just as serious as you helps a ton.

No. 1098354

File: 1647325371623.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1920x1920, Untitled9 (1).png)

Omg, isn't this the same person who draws mlp porn.

I believe their nsfw Twitter is PapaYolky.


No. 1098392

depends where you go and what country you're in. if burger i wouldn't recommend, since i know so many people who got the skills because of it but are fucked constantly by even 200k of student debt and can't find a job to start paying it back. with resources you can pirate you can learn things yourself and find some irl groups, meetings and go to figure drawing classes or something. basically same in parts of europe where you have to pay.

if somewhere where it's free and you're in proximity of a big city it isn't a bad idea, but if you're from small city like 400km away it will kill you with living costs. almost went myself but with current inflation i wouldn't survive and guess it would be too much of pressure. studying stuff on my own pace and drawing what i want, keeping it a hobby i want to make into side gig is better than trying to make it in highly oversaturated market, because i'd feel like i'm making my hobby terrible and making it a chore instead. but honestly do what you're feeling you want

No. 1098510

i may be wrong, but i think these topics have also started popping up in normie jobs as well

not as much as animation, but still

godspeed nonnie

No. 1098517

I'm in the media field but "pronouns in bio" is not yet a thing in my country, despite us being very pc and pro trans in general. If it ever comes up I will refuse and loudly protest it. Luckily the people I work with aren't woke at all and I'm sure I could easily peak them if needed since they're all very reasonable people.

No. 1098571

Do you know how stupid you sound? Everyone uses pronouns. Like what are people supposed to call you or use when they talk to you? You’re protesting the use of something that you use… every day? Jesus christ.

No. 1098574

I work with a person who finished it, they don't go easy on you at all and everyone that made it there is really driven, I imagine intense learning with great teachers and in such motivated environment would really make anyone achieve a lot; if only I could take a year off work I'd love to go there too. Also imagine the networking opportunities…

No. 1098598

i'm with you anon, it is a pronoun, an essential part of language that has been used since languages inception to refer to oneself or others. pronouns have always been a thing, long before trans discourse became mainstream. this fake outrage over a company asking for people to address themselves via slack, an online communication channel, by the pronoun they want to go by is a childish inner battle to say the very least. I also use slack for work and our company also asks us to add our pronouns to our profile. why? not for woke gender garbage, but because we are a large team who work across the country and don't know each person on the team personally/dont want to assume the gender of someone based off of their name alone. it isn't that deep and there are way bigger battles to fight than the way one does or doesnt choose to refer to themselves

No. 1098637

File: 1647360891085.jpg (360.51 KB, 1500x2048, FMIX6PSaQAMq5k7.jpg)

I've been seeing putting light on the side of the nose that would normally be in shadow a lot more recently. I think this trend looks weird just like how the eyes bleeding into the lower eyelashes trend looks weird. Is it supposed to be some illusion I don't understand? Not a jab at this particular artist, just stumbled upon this pic on my dash that kinda shows what I mean.

No. 1098650

The light is coming from the right andight, even the one stand of hair on the right to of his head has a bright highlight. Its a style choice too when coloring is saturated like this.

No. 1098662

Is all fake outrage for sure because when you then ask people what they should refer to you as when talking to someone, they then get mad and grumpy and grumble "she" or "he". Some flip out and say "JUST USE MY NAME ONLY" which sounds way worse in normal convos and sounds like you're trying not to forget their name.

These people need to chill. It's not that serious. Especially because it's online, a lot of people don't like showing their cameras, some women who are femi but have unfortunate features get called "he" and vice versa. It's too not make someone feel bad but also courtesy. They get mad if they have to ask, so silently posting it isn't doing harm.

No. 1098709

pronouns in bio should be required if you don't have any photos of yourself or no webcam during online meetings. but if you're in an office setting face to face, being forced to wear pronoun badges is stupid. gender is clocked correctly 99% of the time

No. 1098774

This is the stupidest shit I've ever read and I'm pretty sure you're just the same anon as >>1098709 talking to yourself. You're not changing anyone's minds about preferred pronouns in the workplace. Go back to twitter.

No. 1098806

NTA. Calm the fuck down.

I wouldn't make it mandatory either fave to face, but if someone wants to wear a pin, they can. They shouldn't force it as standard for everyone else in the office because its norm for most people what their pronouns are based on standard looks for males and females. Someone who doesn't fit the norm should be the one wearing or telling the pronouns if there is an issue, even if they present as a cis gender.

No. 1098835

It really is all fake outrage between the cows and the farms. Really just two sets of tards going at each other while most normal people are somewhere inbetween.

even for trans people unless they are the terminally online "trans" that has no intention on transitioning or they are -very- early in their transition, most of the time they get clocked as the right gender.

No. 1098885

i'm the original anon and i really dont want to derail the thread, i was more referring to others questioning why i don't protest dave chapelle or childhood transition bans on twitter or irl. i just pretend im lazy when i don't put pronouns in email/slack. tbh i'm treated worse by males when pronouns are listed, but that's just me.

all in all i'm tired of my work and personal life being intertwined, like protesting and politics have never been so present in my day to day workplace and i just want to work with normies. i've had jkr brought up several times this week and i just smile and nod. i just want to be free of this cringe.

No. 1098921

anyone saw new buzzly drama? basically esl mexican devs make a poll to change policies to make them more community driven ones and people got butthurt over pretty much black and white, yes or no answers and some were mad that people can choose to not ban people over hurt feeling for an example.

No. 1098936

Men treat you worse because of it because they tend to be misogynistic assholes who think pronouns impeach on their masculinity.

No. 1098948

can’t offer anything but my thoughts and prayers, as a fellow crypto terf navigating the art world i salute you

No. 1098984

File: 1647379548239.jpeg (112.46 KB, 680x633, FH-zGtyWQAIGf2b.jpeg)

Get back to twitter.

No. 1098999

File: 1647380153463.jpg (278.99 KB, 1501x812, 1642598803670.jpg)

I hate when artists get mind-infected by the tranny/theythem woke retard plague. Demanding that people call you "it" is one thing, but their art always gets worse too. Like there is a legitimate sharp decline in art quality once the cringe kicks in. You can look at an artists timeline and pinpoint the exact moment. You'll see a unique interesting art style change into ugly amorphous low quality shit. I've seen this happen with like 7 artists so far and I'm sick of it.

No. 1099010

Can we not keep derailing with terf talk and pronouns? This is an art thread. No one cares that you hate pronouns. Wrong thread for that.

No. 1099040

File: 1647381960647.jpg (47.71 KB, 711x900, FN2zYqgagAEqrNG.jpg)

The lack of creativity is amazing. Generic anime girl with animal ears and lingerie and the stiff posing sends me

No. 1099043

nta but not every criticism of transgenderism is terf talk

No. 1099045

yue's character designs all make it seem like she was hired to design the most boring waifus for a gacha game. they're all the same boring, pale, stiff posed anime girl with big boobs, candy colored hair and the most basic "sexy" outfit. the lack of creativity (or coomer brainrot) is real.

No. 1099073

What is the thing in the corner? I love it so much

No. 1099116

these people would never survive a legitimate character design course

No. 1099130

This one’s face is extraordinarily fucked up. Usually Yueko is decent with drawing symmetrical faces but this one looks so fucked up. Plus her eyes are so far apart and literally on the edge of her head.

No. 1099173

These keep getting worse. She needs to take some character design tips from rinotuna

No. 1099206

That's exactly what their post is about.

No. 1099257

I was talking about the phenomena I've been noticing with artists skill declining once they join in on woke bullshit. This is an actual thing I've witnessed. But usually only on twitter. Twitter is a shithole but unfortunately its still one of the better places to post art if you want actual engagement.

No. 1099261

File: 1647398357514.png (8.76 MB, 3154x1948, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.2…)

holy shit anon. I looked up their work and it's gorgeous! Thanks for the tip, bc I'm definitely going to use it as a good reference point

No. 1099278

He's also made several how to draw korean art books, I can write down all the isbns if you're interested.

No. 1099281


Their males look really weird in an uncanny way, in the face. especially in profile.

No. 1099287

Yeah he kinda has sameface issues with male faces. Like almost all the adult men have the same jawline and eyes etc. but otherwise his stuff is amazing

No. 1099298

This person can't make expressions at all. They all look so pasted on.

No. 1099300

OH this guy! I really like how they render their work and follow them on twitch.

A little off topic, but I really miss the speed paint days of YouTube. Idk if anyone else had so much enjoyment of watching art process videos, but i wish there were more platforms like twitch where artists are able to show/explain their process in drawing without the payment

No. 1099535

All his books can be easily found on /ic if you search a bit.

No. 1099571

File: 1647426271325.jpg (612.89 KB, 1776x2048, 20220316_031243.jpg)

Shes "taking time away from selling nfts to improve". looking closer at her recent art I think shes actually getting worse at drawing in general kek.

shes been holed up in a airbnb/hotel in australia with her cintiq so you would think she would have improved even a little bit since she can't get home. Yes,she brought her whole ass cintiq etc to visit her bf who lives outside of NZ.

She's so tacky. Picrel is hers

No. 1099621

>the weeb desk
That IS tacky kek

No. 1099729

Honestly, her designs aren't bad. They aren't exactly copies or show how it's linked to objects, but the coloring, linework.. Everything else she does is really good.

No. 1099802

Her art is the same quality that you could find on pixiv, nothing special. It’s probably even worse since she has technical skill but can’t apply it to anything interesting.

No. 1099815

I like the inanimate object designs, i just wouldn't try to say they are based on them 1:1. To each their own. Ill take >>1099040 over >>1099261

No. 1099839

>same quality that you could find on pixiv
Sure but is it really the worst thing ever? Anons seem to to praise rinotuna, but their work also looks like from a random person on pixiv.

No. 1099847

I prefer their soft shading over these ugly >>1099261 Kanacol or whatever they are called type designs. some of these look badly traced over, especially the male faces because they don't even look the same as the girls in style. They are completely different and not just because it's supposed to fit the character, I mean in the way it is drawn too in general.

No. 1099931

Are there any artist nonnies that have Paypal banned in their country? Are there any other services that you use for money transactions? I tried using payoneer but the cut they have for bank transactions is super high for my earnings.

No. 1099933

I've never ever heard of payoneer, are you from Turkey by chance? I know a few people who have had people come to them about commissions, but they only take Paypal, so they can't take these commissions because a lot of them are from places like that. I don't know what else they could use, maybe Venmo and stuff, but I don't know if I'd trust that.

No. 1099935

Just to add, maybe paying through itch.io or maybe buy a lump sum of ko-fi's from the commissioner's site ko-fi site?

No. 1099938

File: 1647451874033.jpeg (236.19 KB, 750x802, 2473ED03-8D97-4E6F-A5D1-C72D16…)

This artist is pissed because they lose followers everytime they post a selfie oh my god can you get over yourself. maybe people just came here for art and don’t care to see it. Yeah it’s your account and you can post what you want - but that also means people can unfollow whenever they want. Half the time when artists post selfies it’s to fish for compliments anyway .

No. 1100058

You're acting like she made a whole thread ranting about it, it's just two little tweets anon.

No. 1100086

File: 1647461219986.jpg (184.23 KB, 761x1050, DWWcNGDUQAAYKtS.jpg)

She can be a little annoying at times but its not that deep imo. I like her work so I just ignore her other tweets.

No. 1100215

File: 1647467611662.jpeg (1.71 MB, 3840x2880, CDC3888D-13E8-4EF7-ACA8-129A92…)

Imo yue peaked as an artist right before she started doing nfts because she actually had to rely on her technical skills to get work instead of just getting paid for pandering as an uwu crypto waifu. Her art post-nfts has somehow managed to become even flatter and stiffer than before.

No. 1100218

her art pre-nft at least had a nice painterly style, it was the right amount of detailed and looked quite visually impressive despite the dead expressions and stiffness.

now her art looks like any generic cute anime waifu art with obvious genshin influence imo

No. 1100231

even pre-nfts you could tell her commissions were soulless as fuck compared to her fanarts.

No. 1100238

I can't believe I used to look up to yueko, but with this NFT bullshit and degrading art quality, is this is what it feels like to get milkshake ducked

I thought this was gonna be someone with sub-10k followers or something but nah it's an established artist with 200k and losing maybe a few hundred you'd get back 10-fold the next day does seem really insecure. I mean, is the follow from some nobody who follows a thousand other people who drops you because you dared show your face really that important to you?

No. 1100248

File: 1647469595337.jpg (231.44 KB, 1500x964, E6mvD2JVUAAGOvF.jpg)

imagine paying for art like this when she puts 15+ hours into her own promo art kek

No. 1100281

Absolutely zero personality shown in any of those faces

No. 1101169

>eyes bleeding into the lower eyelashes trend
Seriously, what's up with that? I'm getting skin tag fang vibes from it.

No. 1101548

File: 1647566055017.jpg (250.01 KB, 1288x1201, gross.jpg)

I remember seeing this fad from KR artists and as usual westerners aped it with no regard on composition picrel

No. 1102097


that's what happens when you copy something without understanding why it works. typical zoomer westerners

No. 1102112

Sperg but I seriously fucking hate this trend it makes my teeth itch. It ruins a piece for me.

No. 1102631

File: 1647628230139.png (396.72 KB, 1590x666, artfol.png)

Artfol had a kickstarter and I just saw it fell pretty short of its goal. The devs have promised to keep working on it and implement the features listed in the campaign, but considering how much people's interest dropped in comparison to last year I kinda feel like it's a doomed project. Maybe it'll change once the web version is out, but I wonder if it'll actually make a lasting impact. Why do art platforms keep failing to take off despite people craving for a good one?

No. 1102649


It's because it's either run by scumbags from the jump, it was just someone's pastime hobby they 'didn't expect' would blow up/to pay for, or you get puritanical kids shrieking about the morality of nsfw.
The time to create a website like that and have it have a chance of lasting was 15 years ago. It probably won't happen again. Artists have a better shot at just building their own sites rather than signing up to something that's going to collapse within a few months.

No. 1102678


They were doomed the moment they developed for mobile only.

No. 1102772

Artfol is a proyect by twitterfags for twitterfags and I hope it fails. Talenthouse is already a thing, or just use Deviantart.

No. 1102810

why do we need another social media focused on likes, followers, numbers, popularity, like every other site.

how about an art site that hides all your numbers and just focuses on the art, that'd be something new.

No. 1102863

I mean, that's precisely what Artfol is trying to do, granted you can still see likes and followers if you want to check them but it requires extra taps. To be honest I wouldn't want to get rid of likes as they help me gauge how active a platform's userbase is. Tumblr was just fine without displaying people's follower count though so I do think that's unnecessary.

No. 1102988

>People can’t relay the message to Japanese people so they can hop on this new site
>Twitter’s tip sending function encourages staying on the platform for all the 100K people
>Small artists can be metagamers without a new website that erases the “bad karma” accumulated by consecutive flops
>Artfol’s devs would probably pick a side in the NFT “conversation”

No. 1103004

i feel like artstation sort of does that, but then again i dont use it much

No. 1103060

File: 1647650282349.jpeg (345.87 KB, 1125x1880, 78FB4B08-6536-429C-945A-D48E07…)

>The FGC superstar artist herself Shunao! t. Betadood

No. 1103334

Does anyone have a sort of playlist they can link to learn more about art. I've saved certain videos here and there but I'd like a more cohesive guide.

No. 1103943

So this is old but I recently heard about it. Anyone know wassup with Shadbase? Apparently he went to jail for assaulting his drug dealer? Is that true?

No. 1103949

I hate when artists don't make art only accounts and force their followers to see personal shit no one cares about

No. 1103998

How does one go about drawing a human? I understand the way you would study one, but how do you draw one? Do you start with the head and then body? The legs and then up? It seems confusing how people do it.

No. 1103999

Usually people start with the head then go down (i do it this way), but it really depends on what feels more comfortable for you.

No. 1104028

draw a rough sketch of the entire body before going into details. break it down into individual shapes. points on the body like elbows, knees, ankles, neck, ribcage, will help you separate the body parts at the right spots. memorize human proportions.

use a photo reference of a person in a bikini or tight fitting clothes so you see their shape accurately. do this a thousand times until you get good.

No. 1105139

I wouldn’t recommend starting with the head, some people end up making the body too small because they just focus on the face/head. I sketch the torso first because it’s what everything’s attached to (and where center of gravity is), so I can gauge/adjust proportions from there. Don’t go into too much detail on one part at first though, get the whole body sketched out so you can adjust any proportion/anatomy mistakes in the sketch phase.

No. 1105148

if I'm not doodling i will do a thumbnail of my pose first then plot out space for the whole character in the composition. then work general to specific. that way I know I'm not going to run out of space and everything is proportional.

No. 1105168

There are so many male artists that I know can’t stand me and other female artists that are more successful than them and I revel in it. I make a middle class living and don’t even have a large following but I’ve still managed to attract a few seething orbiters that watch my every move. You can smell the 4chan on them through the screen. Die mad, broke scrotes.

No. 1105170

I'm happy for you nona! Make those scrotes seethe!

No. 1105332

are there some good digital artists that do step by step/work process videos on youtube? (Preferably character portraits) I like Sakimichan's efficiency and skill, but her patreon is just too expensive to me.
Can also recommend affordable patreons.

No. 1105443

literally just unfollow

No. 1105738

How do you take commissions? So far I've been doing it first come - first serve but I've seen artists choosing from a bunch of orders too, but that sounds like too much work kek

No. 1105767

It's usually popular/big artists who can comfortably choose what to draw. In that setting, clients are usually after getting their requests drawn by said artist so that sets the demand. Some of them even need to go through an agent just to get a request accepted. I'm not saying smaller artists can't say no, that's why people write commission terms. Just my observation though.

No. 1105843

I used to do first come first serve, but I'm fortunate enough to usually get more requests than I can take (I open very few slots at a time) so now I go with google forms and then I choose. It is more work, but being able to pick designs I know I'm gonna enjoy drawing is nice. I still do first come first serve for small comms on occasion though.

No. 1106027

Gonna ask some dumb thing but do you reject them all after or do you only follow up with the ones you choose? I'm shit at saying no and I know there will be some offended people.

No. 1106094

Since they're filling in a form without knowing whether they'll get a spot or not I don't want to make them spend too much time on it, so normally I just ask for their username and references, which they can either link or upload. If I decide to take their request I'll get back to them and ask for details about their commission and PayPal address for the invoice.

Not a dumb question at all! I only contact the ones I picked and then I announce on my account when I've finished doing so, this way those who didn't get chosen will know not to keep waiting. I hate saying no too so this works for me without having to send out generic rejection emails or something of the sort. I'm not sure if people would prefer that though, personally I wouldn't but maybe others think it's cold not to contact everyone? Either way I make it clear on the form that this is how I do it.

No. 1106229

File: 1647906042251.jpeg (168.04 KB, 748x849, 65519FAA-2A5E-4092-89CF-791525…)

I like retweets as much as the next person but this whole thread reeks of entitlement

No. 1106316

File: 1647915332780.png (401.94 KB, 783x509, WowItsFuckingNothing.png)

Little did he know, there's such a thing as negative help where you get a notification and its from one of your regulars (whose RT provides no benefit) instead of the 1 specific person you wanted a like from.

No. 1106376


I think a lot of newer artists (and some veterans too, mind you) have issues with how internet spaces work for art in general.

People are being introduced to hundreds if not THOUSANDS of pieces of artwork a day. There is such an oversaturation of artwork online it's impossible to avoid. The competition to even get a crumb of engagement is fierce. Most people are only going to engage with art on a surface level basis because there's so much of it. They'll go, "cool pic" like and move on. Rarely do people share art themselves or even comment (but I know some of these people would complain regardless because they didn't do it the "right" way, but I digress).

You got to give people a reason to stay. Art isn't always "hashtag relatable" memes that people actively want to share. And because of that, some people are going to be turned off by it. It is what it is. Twitter favors bite-sized posts anyways so that you can quickly engage with content and move on. It's not really made for long-term interactions or deep analysis. If you want more of that, you're better off on a forum or DA as despite those platform's flaws.

No. 1106468

Im a struggling artist who barely gets engagement and this was horrifying to read

No. 1106494

Oh I see! And how do you handle the requests? Do you have a specific time frame where people can send them and then you say you've got enough or do they just keep sending requests? Do you keep the ones you rejected in mind for future rounds of commissions or would people have to re-send the request every time until they get accepted?

No. 1106546

i wonder if these small-time artists who keep complaining about not getting their work recognized ever think that maybe they aren't doing something right if it's always the same six morons who always likes and retweets their shit

No. 1106702

What do you draw, sfw or nsfw?

No. 1107281

This is very true, overstimulation has killed art consumption. To get engagement, you have to give people more than just a pretty picture.

Normies don't care that you rendered a hand perfectly, have perfect anatomy and color, or you have the bestest figure drawings in your class. You need to give them a story, this is why fanart will always work. Or give them something that is visually pleasant to look at, this is why girls/plants/pastels/cute work. Give them hashtag relatable. Give them furries or porn. If your art falls outside these categories you won't be popular online. This doesn't mean you'll never have any audience, you just need to work harder to find the audience interested in your work.

Numbers are not a direct correlation to money earned, so I don't understand artists who whine about numbers.

No. 1107501

The main issue with this thread is that realistically, not everything is going to be liked or tweeted because people are exposed to so much.

The thread has some good points but it ultimately comes off as entitled and guilt-trippy.

There's an overlooked point to be had in that the algorithm, even if you follow someone, even if you have notifications turned on, will just… not show you their content. If you don't interact (like, comment, etc.) then it isn't uncommon for the algorithm to just push them off your feed. The algorithm has made it to where it is hostile towards both artists and consumers considering the number of consumers who complain that the people they want on their feed are not there but they constantly get stuff they don't want to see shoved down their throat.

The algorithm strives for interaction. Sites like Instagram and Twitter are better than say Tumblr because likes actually mean something. On Tumblr, you have no choice but to reblog something because likes are not visible and YouTube is known for not showing you content from creators even if you are subbed and have notifications turned on. But that isn't the fault of consumers, it's the fault of the platform itself.

No. 1108704

I don't disagree with what you said, but the thing about art having to have a story to tell has always been present, just look at the greatest classic paintings, or cavemen drawings.
Most likely only the people interested in the process of painting (e.g. artists themselves) are gonna pay attention on the figure/portrait studies and rendering.

No. 1108976

File: 1648119170096.png (634.18 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220324-035055.png)

Here we go again

No. 1108983

File: 1648120772480.png (1.29 MB, 1483x896, kek.PNG)

That's a brave stance coming from someone draving shit like this

No. 1109016

this isn't worse than >>1108976 imo, at least you can argue it's cute and trying to emulate cutesy 90s anime art and there aren't ridiculous boobs in the way for coomers. I'm probably missing the context here though.

No. 1109017

How is he anti loli but rips off Alien9 artstyle.

No. 1109018

Honestly? Better than whatever the fuck is that orange thing

No. 1109026

You can't possibly be serious anons, IDK if that vanillapudingo person is some piece of trash we're supposed to automatically condemn but sentiment in the tweet is not wrong, saying "this looks like shit" in response being a shitty artist himself is cringy af

No. 1109033

You're making perfect sense to me nona

No. 1109035

Sfw. I don’t do commissions, I have an industry job.

No. 1109041

>Commissions open
Really? Is it true that anyone just gets commissions??

No. 1109046

this nillo dude had a tweet go viral, which in art twitter means some schizo is gonna check their tweets to find something problematic and he's been spammed with his callout thread for days now. Usual 'said offensive shit' stuff.

No. 1109128

what tweet is that nillo guy replying to?

No. 1109159

>draws like this
>commissions open

I wish I had this level of confidence in my art lol

No. 1109176

I am being serious. I don't know the nillo guy but his art IS trash just from that picture alone and you don't even have to be a good artist to see it (and also, what is with people thinking that a non-artist can't say a piece of art is shit? Do you need a degree in creative writing to say that a book isn't good? Do you need to be a singer to tell if a song sounds terrible?). And also, the other artist's art may not be good but it is objectively better than nillo's. Obvious stylization, 90s inspiration and the lines are good for a sketch that looks scribbled on a table. Or does it look bad to you because it's not shiny and digital? Maybe he's a piece of shit too but you can't possibly think that those two pictures are worse than the orange tit monster.

No. 1109179

that art style is copied 1:1 from another artist though. it's easy to improve when you're not developing your own style.

No. 1109180

Which in turn I think this looks good. I love overly cartoony, messy art. The RTer doesn't need to consume art with textures and designs they hate. Honestly get alittle Osmosis Jones from the design. Just less 3D modeling and oozie.

No. 1109205

There's no such thing as "objectively better" in art. In my opinion both are uninteresting but the pencil drawing guy is worse, you can think the opposite and it's cool; ultimately my main issue here is that the titty drawing dude's post is a good and positive take on creating and responding to it with "your art is shit" makes the other dude seem jealous and petty, especially when he doesn't have much to offer himself (even when you think he's better it's still not by much); so I'm confused why anons are defending him.

No. 1109207

the probable context is that someone decided to make a thread showing artists "the proper way" to draw a kimono and of course, it being Twitter, they used the most condescending wording possible that basically amounted to "don't draw like this, draw this" and citing the fact that that they're a kimono stylist even though a lot of japanese artists don't even bother drawing kimonos the proper way.

Yeah vanillapudingo drew coomer bait but the sentiment is still the same that the point of drawing is to be creative. i'd rather deal with coomer bait because i can just block/mute/ignore whatever i don't like as opposed to having to deal with assholes that have a stick up their ass because someone drew something "the incorrect way" and can't handle blocking/muting when they see shit they don't like.

don't have to but don't throw stones when you live in a glasshouse. Looking at Nillo guys art, it looks like they drew that specifically in response to the kimono discourse tweet. From a quick scroll on their Twitter like, 80% of their work is sfw

No. 1109239

File: 1648139415203.jpg (56.94 KB, 622x870, IMG.jpg)

No he's right that kimono does looks like shit.

For context, VanillaPuddingo's tweet was in response to picrel

No. 1109254

Isn't that ridiculous a bit to expect everything to be always drawn with 100% realistic accuracy? Should we go after people drawing sexy nuns next? ("this is not what religious habits look like!")

No. 1109347

I don't care about that I just find it funny to smugly rebel against a thread telling you not to draw sexy kimono with a drawing of a sexy kimono that looks like shit

No. 1109417

tbh when i first saw their art i thought "oh how cute" but then going on their page and seeing just them into dumb pro/anti ship discourse and hating on any random take (including this kimono discourse) lost any interest i had in them. scrolling it looks like they didn't even block this vanilla person until recently. i'll never understand why these twitter artists seemingly want to get into drama.

No. 1109472

>There's no such thing as "objectively better" in art.
Also known as "it's just my style!!"

No. 1109762

do they know Japanese artists in Japan also draw the boob curve? lol

This is so dumb.

No. 1109775

>but then going on their page and seeing just them into dumb pro/anti ship discourse and hating on any random take
>i'll never understand why these twitter artists seemingly want to get into drama.
Honestly, nothing drives me away more than this juvenile shit. That behavior is what separates the artists who are worth their shit from the immature socmed addicted attention whores.

No. 1109785

I mean this is the right way to draw a kimono, there is nothing wrong with this tweet. The fact that weebs took it personally is funny. Women from all cultures in all manner of dress are sexualized, from pantsuits to basketball shorts. Women can't escape sexualization no matter what they wear. Men are such sensitive pissbabies

No. 1109791

all these shitty artists always take these things personally. even advice as innocuous as flipping your canvas to see mistakes easier gets them frothing

No. 1109798

>even advice as innocuous as flipping your canvas to see mistakes easier gets them frothing
Why would they be triggered over that though? Such a weird thing to be angry about kek.

No. 1109807

I'm afraid of this happening to me if I ever make it tbh

No. 1109828

same but if you really pay attention nobody cancelled really goes away, so as long as you can prepare yourself to survive a couple weeks of onslaught you will be fine.

you shouldn't let fear keep you from success. you deserve to be successful.

No. 1109848

100% agree with this statement anon. it's a shame bc i really respect the artists on twitter who just post their work and focus on their skills rather than schizo post every 20 seconds.

there is SO MUCH bad art on twitter i see everyday on my tl that pisses me off but i have at least the social awareness to not just qrt someone's art w/ "lol this sucks". where do people get this kind of attitude? you're only gonna draw more negative attention to yourself and potentially drive away commissioners with such an attitude.

No. 1109850

nonnas what are the best copic marker dupes? i used to cop them from art stores but dont wanna risk it anymore lol

No. 1109857

Ohuhu markers are pretty good copic dupes

No. 1109925

living in fear of people with xenogenders is no way to live nona

No. 1109930

Seconding Ohuhu, they're especially good because they are so cheap for the amount of ink in them. I have filled almost an entire page with a single colour and it's not even a little bit dry. Their build quality is decent and the nibs feel juicier than Copics, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you're going for. However the ink quality and blendability is not as good as Copics and I think they smell worse. Also their pastel colour range is nowhere near as good as Copics. Ohuhu's are very saturated and have very few truly pastel, desaturated, or light colours (so there's not really any analogues to Copic 000 and 0000). This limitation is what led me to finally investing in Copics.

Vidrel is the closest I've seen any artist come to an output similar to Copics with Ohuhus. Most work made with Ohuhus tend to be too dark and saturated. Copics let you use more layers of ink to change saturation and value while Ohuhu's get you there in two layers. This can be a pro or con depending on what you want, for me I prefer Copic's more light handed feeling where Ohuhu's get too dark too fast.

No. 1109940

Same anon, forgot to mention in the long term, if you use markers a lot like for your work or every day Copics are by far the most affordable option, which works out since they're also the best quality. Refilling them and being able to buy a single colour, or nib replacement instead of a whole set for a single marker is huge. I'm glad I only bought one set of Ohuhu's before investing in copics. I think I'd have regretted it if I spent any more money on amazon brands, though I think they are ok for trying out the medium if you're new to it or a casual hobbyist.

Honestly though if I were to do it over again I'd just buy 6-12 copics to start with and not spent anything on dupes.

No. 1110102

File: 1648185120463.jpg (326.32 KB, 1297x960, ECgeAEFU0AAcJo7.jpg)

does any anon know how to get the soft but texturey effect that chinese artists do to mimic old paintings? i know there was a whole brush debate but i think it looks really nice

No. 1110174

I would also love to know this, bump

No. 1110177

you could use watercolor brushes, or draw with a soft airbrush and then add a layer with the desired texture (canvasish i guess?) or you could also add grain as well. Realistic paint studio would also be great for this watercolor effect since the brushes in it have the physics of real life watercolors.

No. 1110317

probably made with a variety of soft-edged and soft texture brushes, and added noise filter.

both drawings utilize a very thin lineart to indicate form and clothing folds. there's no strong light source, so no intense shadows. colors blend together like watercolor, so there isn't an area with a solid color fill. both characters seem to blend into their backgrounds, so matching the character's colors to the background colors seem key to achieving this look

No. 1110370

i see a range of watercolor techniques in these

No. 1110508

No. 1112878

I think this is the ugliest outfit dollightful has created yet. The doll it self is fine, but that shirt tho. Glad many people in the comments are atleast honest and say it looks bad kek.

No. 1112910

Yeah it barely looks like a red panda inspired doll at all, feels like she fucked up with the body then kinda gave up.

No. 1112928

File: 1648382722013.png (2.99 MB, 1626x910, stockbox.PNG)

Yeah she spend so much time trying to modify the body, she made some really strange choices. I don't understand why she made the thighs thicker it looks very goofy. Also she added a red bindi which symbolizes marriage but im pretty sure she wanted to make a child like character? The hood is cute however it's a separate piece of the doll, without it she doesn't look lke a red panda at all. All the other dolls seem to be actually part animal. Oh well it's not her worst doll ever, that one will always be the eart dragon for me.

No. 1113000

I actually like the shirt a lot! But yeah it doesn't really scream red panda to me. It looks like some kind of traditional/ceremonial outfit worn to represent some mythical creature or something. Or a ciscus outfit kek

No. 1113233

File: 1648402873076.png (7.09 MB, 3584x1996, Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 1.31…)

It seems like this one is a miss for a lot of people. I actually think this a really cute design- I'm a fan of baggy silhouettes and cuter characters with more almost kidcore(?) aesthetics in contrast with the sort of holographic unicorn generica Dollightful seems to fancy- but whyyyy give her a red bindi like she's a child bride?

I'm wondering if this will become another scandal like her Wendigo apology video or if most people will get over it. I think it's really odd for someone who seems committed to diverse doll customs to be so…clumsy with it?

No. 1113238

Meh i didnt hate it. Her worst doll is still the greek night godness. Would be cute if she keep it simple but i have a feeling that she lost control of her content years ago, in a way that she feels that if it doesnt have at least some body modifications isnt worth publishing it. I don't think she's having fun anymore and it's showing.

No. 1113292

On the topic of Dollightful, I hate her color choices. I think she's good at doll customizing- making new body parts, sewing clothes, and the faceups. Her digital art is extraordinarily good. But her colors kill me.
The moth: lavender, yellow, green. no.
Deer girl and unicorn girl are fine.
Jester panda: not touching this one
Mermaid: purple, teal, blue, green, silver, gold, so cluttered!
It really pains me to see this decline in quality because she's a skilled artist. Maybe she needs to take a break.

No. 1113326

File: 1648410074240.png (15.4 MB, 1710x2357, delicious.png)

Not sure if you nonnies have seen the drama surrounding Saruei_ (popular french vtuber/artist) But I find it fucking hilarious because it is definitely a case of an ego too large it's combusted.

No. 1113329

Her response to the drama

No. 1113360

i hate popular people with massive egos like this it costs zero dollars not to be an asshole. seeing fans grovel and remain polite when they're being talked to like shit is hard to read too

No. 1113366

Why anyone would continue talking to a person who can't even be bothered to read your qualifications and respond essentially with a tldr blows my mind.

No. 1113383

What if I just want to dunk on both of them.

No. 1113385

I hope this first, but sage just in case it doesn’t.
I’m really salty about how /ic/ is probably one of the best online art communities rn but the rampent coomer culture and “asian jeans” holds it back.

No. 1113578

Are you joking? What's even left if you remove the coomshit and racism? The same few memes those idiots keep repeating instead of drawing something wortwhile? Every few months when I check it out it's literally always the same shit, it never changes. It's good for finding artbooks but nothing else, what makes you think it could be a "community"?

No. 1113709

>Demanding frequent attendance from a video editor
>Ignoring the part where most adults have to work at no phone zones from 9 to 5
>Not just telling them the 4 jokes that get run into the ground by both chat and the streamer
Ok Saurei

No. 1113959

>one of the best online art communities
that's depressing.

No. 1114556

File: 1648475482059.jpg (70.99 KB, 564x752, 83651a707deaa20f39a8beaaf31725…)

>I think it's really odd for someone who seems committed to diverse doll customs to be so…clumsy with it?
Kek i was thinking the same thing. Not many people seem to be bothered abou the bindi, she can easily change it. I'm still kinda sad that the wendigo doll has been removed. It was made so well.

>Her worst doll is still the greek night godness
Do you mean pic related? I remember that this doll didn't go well and she ended up repainting it fully or something.

No. 1114577

File: 1648476340209.png (830.28 KB, 631x817, mintyDollightfull.PNG)

Also sorry to samefag but i really wanted to say that i like the face up she did for this doll but the hair really bothers me.

No. 1114597

>hair really bothers me
Same.. is the hair too short for it to lay down flat or something? I feel like it would have looked better if the hair wasn't sticking out and had loose curls at the ends

No. 1114600

It looks like there's wayyy too much hair for it to sit right. Also those pigtails on a Frankie doll look so bad, partly because of the doll's boxy hairline eugh it just looks off.

No. 1114637

This is the second drama around her in less than a year, it's pretty telling imo. She's always been extremely arrogant, it goes back to 10 years ago when she went by Tsuki-dono and used to draw shitty weaboo drawings and still acted like she was a Renaissance painter. This will happen again, at this point she is too big to cancel (the drama was fairly minor all things considered compared to other artists like Rei) but more fans will be disappointed when she'll be unpleasant with them for no reason.

No. 1114791

I know…. the intention was nice but execution, uhh not so much

No. 1114794

I think it's too much hair like you said, and the application is not good for a style like that. She also did not heat treat the hair at all, which is what you always do with synthetic hair

No. 1114808

Nta but I would like to know about her from 10 years. All I know is her IRL streams from the past 4 years. I was one of the viewers and she's always been acting like a terrible person, snapping at people left and right, but at least it felt more genuine than she is now. She was always surrounded by artfag drama and always praised Bahroo a lot for giving her a lot of money and work in his projects, she always liked Bunny to so that's pretty interesting. She would spend days arguing with people on twitter about liking lolicon and shotacon. I recall people on 4chan discovered her alt account after she started streaming as a vtuber, where she would spend her days writing praise tweets about herself and arguing with people. She is an odd woman. Can't believe she's gonna be 30 next year.

No. 1114889

did all the most pompous online weeb artists from the 2000s turn into vtubers lol

No. 1114906

Been wondering, anyone find it weird when non-teen artist draws exclusively/near exclusively teen characters? I don't mean this in a moralizing way, but doesn't it get boring? Teens have the excuse of being that demographic and tending to self-insert, but why are adults drawing only teen characters?

No. 1114943

I don’t draw fanart but most of the fun characters I can think of are teens, so maybe it’s that simple

No. 1114954

You're the one making it weird lol

No. 1114959

Who? You’re probably following a very specific set of people who draw fanart lol

No. 1115011

I'm still bothered about the centaurs front legs, really wish she'd repose them since she acknowledged the comments about it

No. 1115189

If you're a fan of anime, most of the stories center around teens, but they're still cool stories? When you watch these stories you don't picture irl bratty teens. idk, there's a disconnect there that happens when it's an animation. Same for novels like harry potter, hunger games, etc. and videogames which feature teens.

Though I get suspicious of grown people drawing tons of fanart for shows aimed at little girls like my little pony

No. 1115260

Nah, I specifically try to follow artists that draw either a variety of character ages or adults.
Not trying to, it just sucks where you happen across a cool piece of art. Then you check out the artist's body of works and its either boring Genshin stuff or schoolgirls only. Just sucks to see good skills used to draw the same thing.

No. 1115482

I think you're thinking too deep about it. When I was a teen(and still now) I would make and draw characters in their mid to late 20's because that demographic is more common in the media I'm interested in. The inverse is super common, lots of media focuses on young people and teens. Also you can totally self insert with characters younger and older than you lol!

No. 1115483

It's because they're a bunch of adult-children. Especially when you realize how pedo anime in general is. Sperg all you want nonnas I agree with anon.

No. 1115491

I sorta agree with you, the older I get the less I want to read stories with younger characters, I can't get into modern shounen mangas especially if they are happening at school. I wouldn't say it's automatically suspicious but it just feels like arrested development for some people. It's completely different if you're publishing a series for teenages of course.

No. 1115494

most 'adult' characters tend to be the same personality in western media and in anime, almost the same thing unless it's a show focused around them which there aren't many. You realize that most of these characters are created by adults too, right? If you're talking about creating porn, I wouldn't call it self insert either. Some people just like drawing porn without the extra context of being a pedo. That's like the cookie run people pointing fingers when it's literal cookies. Teen or young adult looking characters have bigger personalities and that usually transfers into how they interact with stuff like dynamic posing. it plays off better. Unless they are going for somehting very Batman-esque, dark anime styles like this only work for Junji Ito like manga. otherwise, bright colors and stuff usually lean towards YA.

No. 1115497

She never got into big dramas back then but she's apparently a BPD fag which explains a lot about her current behavior. She was a shitty weeb artist and after graduating high school she started a formation to become a tattoo artist while repurposing herself as a normie and drawing shit like suicide girls and LoL characters. She had a mental breakdown around this time and posted her life name and address because she felt sad and alone and wanted people to send her shit. She also had a weird phase where she was really into Undertale and would ship herself with Sans. She later transitioned back to weeb artist around five years ago and here we are now. I don't think she's a cow, she's by her own admission a very lonely person and having horny fans as your only source of social interaction doesn't help, but she really needs to tone down the unpleasantness even if it's part of the Vtuber act.

No. 1115875

Pedo =/= teens(moid)

No. 1116077

>adult sans shipper
I did not expect that.

No. 1116190

That's just bad writing. It's the easiest way for like setting up a pressure cooker of drama. They're still reliant on their surroundings, usually have little to no autonomy. They are forced to go to school and interact with other characters all day that they normally wouldn't (like if it was a job they could quit/leave). They can't leave (normally don't have a car or can't drive). It's easy to make them a forgivable bad character because they're naive and young. It's just lazy writing.

Most of these adults writing for teenagers are immature adults. I rewatched Sabrina the Teenager Witch a couples years ago and she is so insufferable but I totally related to her character as a teenager. Same when reading YA novels now as a late 20 year old I just can't.

No. 1116252

Then maybe find an artist who doesn't focus on teen characters? There's a simple solution to this.

No. 1116571

>it's bad writing
Or maybe they just wanna do what gives them more money. I agree with the anon who called it stunted development rather than "being suspicious". I see why adults would enjoy some shonen manga, but as a bored cynical adult, most shonen manga tires me the fuck out now.

No. 1116659


If you can relate to a character that is meant for your age range I'm pretty sure that's a sign of good writing

No. 1116852

or stunted development.

No. 1116854

Adults were teens at one point and a lot of their works involve scenarios or events in school they wish they could experience. Just sounds like gatekeeping. No one is hiring actual children.

No. 1116943

You're one person. You dont speak for everyone else. If its stunted development, then you can make that bs argument for every adult who has ever written any story ever. Adults like action, and the usual shit just as much as anyone else. Dont doeget those same adults also grew up with reading and watching those same shonen.

No. 1117115

File: 1648634536670.jpg (125.21 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20220308-150748_Sna…)

Bumping this cause there's cp right under this thread

No. 1117258

Why did you assume I meant porn? I literally prefaced it by saying I don't mean in a moralistic sense. I'm literally talking from an art perspective, doesn't it get boring to keep drawing the same types of characters all the time? From a story perspective, I also just find HS settings kinda boring. Anime will be set in a post-apocolyptic, horror setting and still find a way to shoe-horn in a sailor uniform for no reason.

No. 1117262

Not either of those anons, but people just have comfort zones (I'm not talking about animes, just individual creators and illustrators). Some just stay in their zones way more than others, that's why you see people who draw a lot but never improve because they just draw the same thing over and over. I'm sure you have your own comfort zones. It's not that deep.
>doesn't it get boring to keep drawing the same types of characters all the time
The same type of characters as in teenagers? You're asking if it gets boring drawing people of the same age group all the time? kek

No. 1117286

How do you get creative? I see people do fun techniques with mediums I would never have thought of or pick weird colors that just work. My art looks good in technique but all I can do is copy life or other people. I tried not using other people as inspo and just experimenting but nothing came of it, is there some secret to progressing in creativity that I’m missing?

No. 1117312

Do you ever have a really good idea for an illustration but someone has the exact same subject and composition you had envisioned? And they post it before you even get to finish? Like they were reading your mind but you don't even know or follow this person. I just had that happen to me so I feel kinda shitty. I just want to delete it now because I think I'll be accused of copying.

No. 1117320

Then why should it matter? Most teen art that is marketable is made by adults. I don't know what else you're looking for. No one is hiring kids to write batman comics about the early days of Damian or to write Rugrats. Everything you consume, as teen, is most likely written by adults or drawn by adults. Just because you grow up doesn't mean you can't also still participate in the type of art medium and design you always have, especially if you're able to market it.

What exactly do you want people to say?

No. 1117400

tell me you don't know what stunted development means without saying you don't know what stunted development means. Adults do not just "skip" teenage years and it is still possible to relate to a teenage character because you may have had those same feelings or thought processes when you were the same age.

Basically. Have you seen the writing of actual children? It is atrocious 90% of the time. Adults make things for kids all the time because children can't do it themselves.

It sounds more like you're just bored of high school settings/characters and turning it into an art issue. On a meta-perspective, there is a reason why a lot of stories feature teenage characters and it is primarily the room for growth. Yes, you can make the argument that adult characters can grow too but it isn't the same nor does it carry the same tone. In reference to anime, in particular, the reason why a lot of anime features teens or younger characters is that adult life is very "strict". There isn't a lot of room for wacky, fun, immature adventures.

Take Aggretsuko (despite the more down-to-earth setting) versus something like Toradora.

As an adult, running away to be with your crush because they're moving away is less acceptable than teenagers doing it. Similarly, Ami (blue-haired girl) would be pretty more of a gossipy bitch if she was 25 versus 15 if you kept her same personality and actions. It's a lot harder to "justify" adults getting into fights and behaving like… well teenagers versus teenagers behaving like teenagers.

As a teenager, a character probably isn't going to be thinking of marriage as a way of getting out of work because they're tired of being abused by their boss. Teenagers probably also will not consider breaking off a relationship just because they want to be married even though their partner doesn't and stand their ground when their partner says marriage isn't necessary.

And even adult characters tend to fall into the same archetypes as teenage characters. So really I don't know what response you want to "Isn't it boring to draw teenagers all the time?" because change teenagers to adults and you have just about the same issue.

TLDR: This.

No. 1117463

You lack risk taking. Do something you wouldn't normally do. Draw monsters made out of inanimate objects or like draw something ugly with pretty colors. Stop caring about staying conservative with your technique. People who are usually creative see things that jump out to them and add their own interpretation. Since you aren't creative, you must force it at first until it clicks.

No. 1117591

A man drawing exclusively teens (especially girls) is a red flag, I don’t care what everyone here says

No. 1117595

Yes this has happened to me. Post it anyway anon, there's bound to be some overlap in concepts. Some people might even like your version better.

No. 1117596


say that to literally almost all major artists in history then.

you smell like those woke karens who throw a fit and yell 'pedophile kidnapper' when they see a single dad walking around with their baby/young daughter

No. 1117605

>you smell like those woke karens who throw a fit and yell 'pedophile kidnapper' when they see a single dad walking around with their baby/young daughter
NTA, but has this ever actually happened? I've only seen men from Reddit and 4chan insist on it lol

No. 1117609

Weren’t a lot of famous male artists pedos

No. 1117611

>you smell like those woke karens who throw a fit and yell 'pedophile kidnapper' when they see a single dad walking around with their baby/young daughter
topkek this literally has never happened outside of the overactive imagination of male redditors who will never get a woman to reproduce with them anyway. You're either one of them or underage or profoundly retarded to believe something like this

No. 1117614

anon she said exclusive, just become some big time male artist happened to do one project where they drew teenagers doesn’t count. she’s talking about the perverts and degens in the industry that exclusively focus on young female sexuality and girlhood, it’s always tainted with bad intentions

No. 1117616

It might be the retarded pornsick male that posted in the confessions a few minutes ago

No. 1117619

kek I thought that was a pasta

No. 1117625

File: 1648671814906.jpg (24.36 KB, 448x427, 1597023981801.jpg)

oh also
>say that to literally almost all major artists in history then
you're an ignorant retard lmao in what universe do you live in where almost all major artists in history drew EXCLUSIVELY, or even mostly teen girls?? your hentai collection isn't "history" dumbass

No. 1117626


anon lol no… that’s probably an aiden who thinks she’s a “femboy”

No. 1117651


>say that to literally almost all major artists in history then.

Ah yes, I totally remember how Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Van Gogh and etc would draw nothing but young girls.

You need history classes asap.

No. 1117829

File: 1648683223794.jpeg (181.67 KB, 1251x2048, 17717FE5-8DAE-44A1-BD87-DE8D19…)

Puppychan got called out again. I’m not defending her but using this out of context convo out as proof of her being a “groomer” is insane. [1/2]

No. 1117830

File: 1648683230600.jpg (52.38 KB, 1024x1276, P-1999-003_CCF_自選集_©_350-1024x…)

There was this disappointing exhibit at a museum that featured this male Japanese artist who exclusively made paintings and sculptures of these young girls. He says they're all self-portraits too. Creeped me out.

No. 1117835

File: 1648683423256.jpeg (93.09 KB, 1242x689, 6A494CFA-1F93-4632-A421-D7AF68…)

Suicide baiting as always. [2/2]
>Supposedly groomed into a diaper fetish

No. 1117952

who is this and why should i care about them?

No. 1117960

What the hell I thought a woman drew these, I was shown them in a list of female artists on tumblr. Now your telling me drawings of cute chubby faced little girls are supposed to be some pedonese males self-portraits?

No. 1117962

File: 1648696610391.jpeg (276.7 KB, 2048x1478, 91BF3DF7-8E1E-40D8-B52D-D7F0F8…)

nta but yep

No. 1117979

She has a 600 pages long kiwi farm thread

No. 1117986

Then go talk about her there

No. 1118009

This strengthens the belief i have that mental illness and creepiness is just a natural part of being an artist kek…so if youre a male artist its not surprising

No. 1118029

shes a cow but its just maddening they got this trending to cancel her when there are actual pedos out there doing much worse in the open

No. 1118073

You went from 0 to 60 without an explanation. Wtf?

No. 1118105

kek if i havent seen it happen then it doesnt happen behavior.

terminally online redditors, 4channers and farmers

No. 1118326

it literally doesn't anon ask any actual father, usually it's the exact opposite. My dad took my twin sister and I to the mall literally once and to this day 20 years later he still brags about how all the women fawned over him

No. 1118333

No one said "If I haven't seen it, it doesn't happen", but it's funny that it's literally only terminally online men who swear this totally happens. Has your dad ever told you that he experienced that? Your brother? Your uncle? Has any male public figure at all talked about this? Any "Karen" videos where this happens? No, because it's one of many incel fantasies lol

No. 1118422

>you smell like those woke karens who throw a fit and yell 'pedophile kidnapper' when they see a single dad walking around with their baby/young daughter
You smell like 2 inch dick. Anyways, only men who check out or look at other women's kids in sexual ways, aka redditor and 4channers, get this treatment and when that happens, the Karen is based for defending her children from a pedophile.

No. 1118432

I see people selling adoptables for $600 and I feel like a failure kek. Like I'm here working on my $20 commission all day and they just get half of a paycheck with one piece. Sigh.

No. 1118437

You have to slowly increase your prices and adoptables are hard to sell unless you have over 10k people usually or your art is outstanding. Don't waste your time on it otherwise.

No. 1118438

Make furry adoptables. Furries spend a lot of money on art for some weird reason. Any anon who knows how furries tend to be so rich or that mentally ill to pour thousands into animal drawings, please enlighten me.

No. 1118443

File: 1648739991525.png (4.29 MB, 3151x1522, Womans.png)

>say that to literally almost all major artists in history then.
Kek, woman was a popular subject in the academic back then but it's mostly adult and legal aged woman.

No. 1118463

OT but god woman on the left has such a goal bod

No. 1118494

are you a mentally ill artist anon? this is a stupid generalization, there are plenty of pockets of the broad scope that is the art industry that are pretty normie. males being degenerate is not correlated to them being artists

No. 1118525

Only go into furry if you’re committed to it. They aren’t as rich as you think they are and they’ll ask you to draw all sorts of degen shit. It’s not a way to instantly make money, you gotta hustle to build a following still.
t. Furry artist

No. 1118766

Nta, but you have to admit that wanting to spend so much time alone to make something you can't do much but look at is something only a person with strange interests would do. If you don't draw for money or to vent then it's because there's something wrong with you. Even those instagram artists draw portraits and eyes because they want money or attention and because they can't get it otherwise

No. 1118925

>If you don't draw for money or to vent then it's because there's something wrong with you.

tell me you have zero hobbies without telling me anon. drawing is a more productive use of your free time than watching tv. or does everyone who enjoys spending time alone completing a task mentally ill. weird mindset you've got.

No. 1119006

Sorry, I guess I was mostly thinking about online artists and anyone who puts hours into acquiring technical skills and completely forgot about everyone who doodles a bit whenever they don't feel like watching tv. My mistake

No. 1119077

File: 1648781115531.png (490.32 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220331-041157.png)

Something about those necks bothers me

No. 1119084

Nah, I agree the more and more artist I follow online even ones that don't draw anime the more I come up with the conclusion that most artists are batshit. Living a little in fantasyland, but I guess you have to to be able to come up with ideas and be creative.

No. 1119088

File: 1648782483791.png (409.61 KB, 2263x1743, semi_Chibi_tutorial.png)


To pinpoint what may be bothering you, this is an issue many younger artists make. Their proportions will be all over the place because they're still trying to figure out how to stylize certain elements. Most of them tend to grow out of this with learning experience, but it's a common issue with beginner work.

Anime art styles, even cutesy ones, benefit from simplifying details. These include the eyes, nose, mouth, and even neck. The main issue here is that the neck is too long and thin for the head shape being used. If the head had less detail and the head was rounder, you could totally make it work, but it sticks out so much because everything else has more "details" to say the least. The coloring may be cute and easy on the eyes, but it won't really hide those mistakes. In fact, it makes them stand out even more. Which is why you immediately notice the neck first.

Now, this is far from the worst mistake I've seen artists make when starting out, but I figured I'd point it out. I'll leave an example of better stylization here:

No. 1119272

Every single person I’ve seen online who uses these as an avatar has been either a troon or a sex pest (and the two basically overlap)

No. 1119333

What a weird take… I draw because I want to turn ideas I get into visuals. Also because of a strong drive to improve my skills. I'm good enough at it, it makes me happy, and makes other people happy when I show them. I don't want to make money off of it for now because that would add pressure, and I rarely make vent art because when I'm down I don't tend to draw at all. People who view art as only good for money-making, or worse the types on /ic/ who try to learn just for fame and money, they weird me the hell out. I mean, good luck to those people but I can't imagine drawing if you lack a more fulfilling motive

No. 1119558

So at a young age you wanted to monetize your art asap? You sound so dumb to only equate those who make art to doing so for money. You salty a about people not liking your art or not wanting to pay for it? Art is art. People must also sing only for money, right?

No. 1119752

Sometimes I try to draw coom art so I could feel how it is to draw as a man but I just can't get it right. What is the appeal in it other than it appeals to other coomers? Then I see women artists that do coomer art and I'm so confused. Guess I should just stay in my lane and seethe privately. Why add to the problem?

No. 1119774

I don't understand your dilemma. The appeal is that it makes people horny. I guess for you that isn't the case, which is fine. It's not for everybody.

No. 1119863

I'm envious of the attention coomer art gets and how I can't hack at it myself, but you're right, it's not for everybody.

No. 1119872

If you want to draw coom I'd honestly reccomend just drawing what would appeal to yourself as a woman rather than trying to appeal to men. It's a lot more fun and fulfilling that way, and will appeal to more people than you'd first think.

No. 1120051

>whats the appeal other than it appeals to other coomers

it sounds like you already have the wrong mindset going into it because you just want the attention but the reality is that coom art still does need a niche, market, appeal, etc. sure you have your noticeable artists who have dogshit anatomy and are still popular but realistically that isn't going to be the cast for the other 80% of people who do it and even for someone who is dogshit to be popular, they had to hit the algorithm or could market and network to hell and back.

the only real difference between coomer art and not-coomer art is just whether it is that or it isn't. Everything else is pretty much the same. you got a real case of "the grass is greener on the other side"

No. 1120287

Even if you drew NSFW at like scrotes, that doesn't mean you'd even be popular like them and there are people who do and they are women like Sakimichi [even though I'm tired of her art at this point, it's so sameface, same body type.. It's boring at this point] and that's the only name I can think of right now.

Why don't you try something else if you want to appeal for money, but don't want to actually do the work. USE their work. Look into maybe voice acting scrote animations. That way you are taking advantage of existing people's platform, offering services [VA for NSFW is popular and those girls have over 50K lowest I keep seeing for the popular ones] that they otherwise would just rip from a PornHub video.

stop trying to make art specifically for them. Scrote art is disgusting, a lot of it especially involving lolicon/shotacon because it just does. If you don't want to be involved in drawing stuff like that, trying furry art is the only other thing I can think it because at least anthro isn't as in your face, IMO, as humans.

No. 1120303

Is there tea on @kohquette? At first I followed her because I like her art, but apparently she mass blocks people for vague reasons?

No. 1120336

File: 1648880203109.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, BUMP DON'T SCROLL.png)


No. 1120357

File: 1648880636523.jpeg (109.2 KB, 1024x903, E18B43DB-E13F-4C2B-8641-D8262B…)

No. 1120718

Update for this, it seems she was pregnant and just delivered. So that checks out why she got so lazy and bad with this doll

No. 1121139

File: 1648924014992.jpg (61.23 KB, 1280x897, d1a657dd76660ab067402b2ecca34e…)


No. 1121147


No. 1121357

The only drama I’m aware of is just some old shit from 2018-19, like people calling her out for “something something racist against black people” and “reblogged proship thread about holocaust victims fantasizing about sex with nazis”

Outside of that I just remember finding her annoying because of the amount of times she got into arguments. I wouldn’t be surprised if she used blockchains for like right-wing or problematic people.

No. 1121423

Independently of the person being talked, I gotta ask: why is getting blocked such a cause of turmoil for some people. I'm sorry but if someone's first reaction to getting blocked for whatever reason is obsessing over the person doing the block then that someone is a retard.

No. 1121477

Right? I see this message thrown often on twitter that you don’t owe anybody an explanation for blocking them and you curate your own online space, and yet people will still post a screenshot of someone blocking them like they won or something.

No. 1121479

Yeah i saw the video, i didnt know that she was pregnant at all and it does explain why her latest doll was so rushed. I hope the best for her and not gonna lie I'm probably gonna miss her videos knowing she will take a long break to take care of her baby

No. 1121549

File: 1648942426742.png (4.87 KB, 552x94, there is hope for me.png)

Remember: if scrotes can get commissioned to draw this shit at a below-average skill level, you can succeed too. We're all gonna make it nonas

whoever made this pic forgot "have sex"

No. 1121561

Yeah, that dichotomy is annoying but totally expected from these spaces. Twitterinas talking about how 'liberating' and 'helpful' it is to block people freely are more often than not these same people who sperg and bitch over someone blocking them for no reason, gossiping among their clique and trying to bring up dirt from the other person because they're too narcissistic to accept that people can dislike them.

No. 1121594

>“reblogged proship thread about holocaust victims fantasizing about sex with nazis”

No. 1121633

>Then I see women artists that do coomer art and I'm so confused
Not every woman is a pure virgin nun

No. 1121755

drawing erotic art is fun, it doesn't have to be degenerate or coomer. sex is normal and nothing to be ashamed of or turn into something weird.

i think more women should draw sexy art and post it to drown out the men who don't know how to

No. 1121759

I think she meant moid coomer art specifically
There's a shocking amount of arguably straight women who draw nothing more than porn for moids, if they're actually straight I feel bad for them

No. 1121950


the word in a sentence. ay u heard about keisha?
person two: naaaaa i dont wanna hear about it ima moid out on her.
you know the rules! moid!(shitpost)

No. 1121972

Even straight women are naturally more aroused by female bodies, it's been scientifically proven. You must an entitled fag seething that women do not make shit for you.

No. 1121988

File: 1648976082407.jpg (52.06 KB, 671x372, 1646601237693.jpg)

No. 1121989

Acussing anon of being a fag because she doesn't understand women liking generic coomer huge tits and ass art it's retarded
specially because the twitter art community it's FILLED with pickme's

No. 1122044

Any tips for getting good in digital coloration? I try to follow tutorials of artists with a nice coloring style, but I fail every time.

No. 1122059

File: 1648988391429.jpg (61.58 KB, 1193x670, f7a08db35aebe797b223cd0e1fb663…)

Get really, really familiar with the tools of the program you use, if it's photoshop, ctrl+paint has excellent videos with exercises to give you a good grasp. Do a lot of studies, accept failing even if it's multiple times in a row. Watch artists streams so you see exactly how it's done, not just in cropped, simplified tutorials. Ask for advice on art related discords, try your best to pinpoint specific problem or technique you want to learn, not just general "this aesthetic" since there may be a lot of elements combined to create it, and it may dilute your attention making it harder to learn. Simplify what you're trying to learn, don't go straight, for example, to painting entire scene with a character in it but try to apply it on the simple form like picrel first, or study just a tiny part of what you like the artist is doing, so you don't have to worry about too many things

No. 1122205

Shit, I accidentally replied to a male. I had a feeling tbh

>especially because the twitter art community it's FILLED with pickme's
This, I fucking hate this "genre" of Twitter artist I swear to god.
They're like "yeah, I'm straight and super attracted to this particular type of men and I enjoy drawing them a lot, as you can tell on the rare occasion I draw one, but I'll keep putting a lot more effort into generic cartoon girls with unrealistically gigantic tits and asses that distract you from the hot guys, because I can't stop pandering to my male audience and/or I'm addicted to porn for males and have internalized male gaze, so I can't imagine drawing something that caters to my true tastes"
I know it's overly specific but it's so fucking common it hurts, it gets even more ridiculous when women with a fetish for ugly cartoon men do it because at that point they're the same as a male coomer artist
I wonder if they're just afraid of telling the scrotes to fuck off and let them draw what they really want, they're such massive pickmes it's hard to watch when they reply nicely to the gross males in their replies. Can't believe some of them are married too (actually that would make a lot of sense as it would explain why they won't draw anything that their husbands don't like)
I wonder if they even realize they're doing it, because many people use the excuse of "oh she just really likes drawing female bodies, she finds it easier to identify as the girls if they're the entire visual focus, this is obviously what she wants" even though the truth is much more obvious

No. 1122207


Take baby steps and then proceed as needed. Try not to immediately rush into a complex lighting technique your favorite artists are doing. You'll just end up disappointed because you haven't progressed to that point. It can take years to fully grasp certain concepts or techniques in art.

A lot of tutorials that you see online for digital art tend to be oversimplified. Not that there aren't any good tutorials out there, but you need to take things one step at a time.

As another anon stated, try focusing on problem solving first and foremost. Figure out what you struggle with the most and find a method to help improve your work. It's always best to start out small and then move onto bigger studies and exercises. That way, you aren't feeling overwhelmed. Think of the smaller studies you do as practice for the digital illustrations you create.

Don't expect to draw the

No. 1122209

*Don't expect to draw everything perfectly.

No. 1122262

Bump gore warning love yall

No. 1122280

File: 1649006054880.jpeg (2.04 MB, 4032x3024, 7C3DA6C2-0CF3-40B7-ADEC-6D8E5A…)

>tweet bump

No. 1122466

I truly think some women have so much internalized misogyny that they feel sexy and worthy only when they receive male approval. Drawing things that turn her on or other women on isn't as appealing as having other men kiss her ass and praise her.

Male approval is the most fickle type of feedback, so she'll always have to perform for these men. Sad cycle for an artist especially.

No. 1122897

What is it about watercolor and colored pencil fags that makes them so susceptible to hoarding?

No. 1123140

File: 1649057929614.jpg (214.65 KB, 664x513, Froppy.jpg)

Has anyone ever gotten leak info about Twitter's algorithm?
Is there such a thing as negative points that gut a person's visibility? Does the algorithm have any affect on a hashtag's latest tab? I'm looking for answers.

No. 1123275

What platforms do coomer artists mostly use to advertise their work?

No. 1123280


No. 1123281

Last thing I remember was is that if you use too many hashtags in a tweet you get shadowbanned, but I don't know if it's true or not.

No. 1123298

I just want to see how possible it is to exploit protected accs

No. 1123366

Looking for recommendations, i have been off social media for a few years now and I want to get back on as an artist but I have no idea which platforms are worth it nowadays. Seen conflicting info on if insta or Twitter is better for artists and now it sounds like Tumblr is making a comeback. If I were to pick only one social media to use as a creative I’m not sure which one to go for

No. 1123418

I've been drawing for years but I still don't know how to render anything. Everything looks bad, amateurish and unfinished. I've tried watching tutorials, speedpaints by pro artists and doing studies, and while "copied" stuff looks good, when I have to draw completely on my own everything looks bad. I've been in this slump for so long and I actually don't know what to do anymore. The pieces I like from artists I admire look so effortlessly beautiful, but I can't reproduce that no matter what I do. Any advice?

No. 1123466

>colored pencil
This one's obvious

No. 1123489

Tumblr is a good starting point if you're drawing fanart because it's the only somewhat popular social media with a tag system that works, so your stuff will actually be seen by people looking for the subject you're drawing. Instagram and Twitter are okay, but getting noticed is up to luck if there's no popular hashtag or something going around. I'd personally go with Tumblr because it's relaxed and won't cause cropping issues or destroy your images with compression. If you do a lot of original art then the other two might be better options since tumblr users have been sharing artwork less and less and there's not really an explore function like on Instagram for example.

Aimlessly copying won't teach you much, you need to try understanding what you're doing wrong. Look at your drawings and figure out which parts you dislike and compare with other artists to see how they do it and try to replicate that. But you also can't tell a lot by yourself because your eyes will be used to your own works, do you have any artist friends that could give you critique? Maybe it only looks amateurish from your point of view?

No. 1123499

Instagram maybe. Tumblr may be a good option but keep in mind that reblogs there don't disappear. Anything but twitter is a better option.

No. 1123507

File: 1649094080787.png (1.08 MB, 960x559, unknown-7.png)


Sage for a-logging

As a former NSFW artist I can just say that. People following my account didn't know I was a woman, however there was rumors around it and I began to cash in the money with moid's need to coom on porn drawn by a woman.some of them even expected me to ERP with them or do phone sex alongside my art and would act surprised when I'd just block them after they say that they're good with my work and paid me.

I stopped drawing NSFW openly and now I just sometimes do draw request on yaoi/yumejoshi communities. I used to draw furry macro and other edgy stuff for degenerate moids. Honestly, as much as I want to say that I regret it, I did rake in so much money to pay back some of my medical bills.

Recently I've been trying to work on my own studies on STEM alongside art, i don't want to draw as a job and I'd rather focus on something more stable, so i keep drawing as a hobby. But if anything, women don't enjoy drawing porn just like porn actresses actually don't enjoy it in the studio lol. And to any aspiring nonna artist, NSFW is the easy mode to get quick clout. You can mod it by adding your pronouns in bio. Even if they think you're a tranny, moids will buy. They're just hopeless.

No. 1123558

There is no “right” platform given that westerns have no qualms with overcrowding both Pixiv and Danbooru.
That being said, pick Twitter so you can fish for someone to carry you.

No. 1123684

>But if anything, women don't enjoy drawing porn just like porn actresses actually don't enjoy it in the studio lol.
That's only true if they're drawing it for a male audience and not for themselves

No. 1123737

yeah, porn is fun to draw when you're focused solely on your own wants. drawing it for degenerate scrotes sounds mentally draining so happy you cashed in and got out nona!

No. 1123739

Go with tumblr, the tagging system is the best and fandoms are still huge on there.

Twitter is great if you're somewhat established.

Instagram is impossible to grow from the bottom up as a 2d artist in current year, at least from my experience.

No. 1123754

File: 1649109600714.png (345.1 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220402-044530.png)

What a down grade in design

No. 1123755

nice pfp

No. 1123758

How much money approximately and how long did you do it?

No. 1123774

Hi Julia A

No. 1123828

Kek I been thinking about drawing NSFW for myself and for any other female fans of the niche I'm in. Not for money though. Not even for clout. Just good, ol' fashioned fan for fan content

No. 1123915

File: 1649128545221.jpeg (400.04 KB, 750x702, 92AC35AB-8F1C-4924-AC52-754780…)

No. 1123960

how hard it is to crop a fucking screenshot, kek. Learn to stay anonymous you dumbfucks.

No. 1124002

>Upload art and apply tags
>Check the recent tab of a tag like any not so sane person would
>The art is magically not there
Why to people believe in this site…

No. 1124070

People seem to forget this super annoying part that if you create a fresh new account tumblr won’t recognize you as an actual user unless you like and follow certain amount of post/blogs. I think it’s because the site doesn’t want bots to clog up the tags.

No. 1124194

Nta but I honestly didn't know that, is that considered general knowledge? I thought tumblr's tagging system was known to be crappy overall.

No. 1124224

>following a furry account
Lol anon what the fuck. At least go on incognito or something before you screenshot.

No. 1124282

The tag system has some issues, for a while it wouldn't show my art if I put too many tags on it and right now it shows my posts only after a few minutes. But once it appears it stays, which is more than twitter or instagram can offer

No. 1124374

You have to pinpoint what exactly looks off in your drawings and consciously praftice that. Is it the perspective? Is it the proportions? Is it the shading? Figure it out and work on it

No. 1124442

File: 1649171090491.png (1.04 MB, 501x3811, 1.png)

imagine being so "uwu depressed" cause someone reposted your art and forget to give credit

No. 1124454

File: 1649171487587.png (1.15 MB, 501x3471, 2.png)

No. 1124475

reposting on a platform based on reblogging is pretty pointless tho

No. 1124543

You sound like you repost without credit a lot

No. 1124545

This. There's no need to repost someone else's original content on Tumblr or Twitter, and it implies that you're trying to take credit for someone else's work (alternatively, you downloaded it but forgot the source)
If it's something like an imageboard, it should be fine to repost even without credit, although giving credit in some way or including the source link is convenient for the people who want to see more by the same artist, for the person who posted it, and for the artist.

No. 1124549

are you seriously retarded enough to think that reposting art without permission isn't a dick thing to do

No. 1124560

I think people do it to get seen in the tags in hopes of getting followers because reblogged content doesn't show up there, at least for tumblr idk about twitter.

No. 1124565

AYRT sorry, I guess I shouldn't "hate" that kind of artist, after all it's not their fault that males are degenerates and splurge much more on porn than women. It's just frustrating to see it happen.
Honestly I'm not even sure you fit the description in my other post, it sounds like you drew all those things as requests/commissions, which is understandable, and didn't draw "thicc" cartoon girl OCs regularly on your own, or stuff like that. And I guess those artists I was talking about also might have reasons other than money or legit male coombrain, like finding women easier to draw.

No. 1124606

Come on nona. Just don't repost, lol.

No. 1124858

Reposting art without giving credit is annoying and shitty. Sometimes reposts will gain way more attention than the original post, in some cases even if it's properly credited and of course that's discouraging to any artist. What I don't like about this comic is the use of "Content" and "Thing", artists shouldn't be using that kind of language to refer to their work. Social media getting faster and faster has made it hard to see artwork as more than content to be mindlessly consumed

No. 1124887

have any artfags here taken online classes on schoolism, warrior artcamp, brainstorm, concept acad, etc? any reviews or recs?

No. 1124944


NYART, I honestly just want to post more male pin-ups since drawing big boob chicks for validation just feels tiring after awhile. I'm probably not even straight, i just wanna get out of my comfort zone and draw new things.

No. 1125026

Male pin ups are fun, as long as it doesn't drift into shitty balloon chest dopey faced bara pinup. I like drawing male nsfw a lot more, mostly ocs. Idc that it's not popular, it's just for fun, so I get you, nona.

No. 1125346

File: 1649253429443.jpg (395.46 KB, 1268x1600, bard1.jpg)

I'm on my phone right now so I can't really quote everyone. But I'm happy of everyone's thoughts and questions. This one took my attention. I'd make on average 200Euros a month but at most 500. I did that for about 4-5 months to pay for my medical bills when I was a bit on a monetary stretch. However it didn't feel good. It low-key felt like prostitution. I found myself relating to some of cow's issues lol, so then I took a part time job that made me earn as much as my best months and I'll take back uni soon enough to pursue long studies so I can get a good job.

Also i do agree on the nonna that said that porn can be enjoyed drawing for our own pleasure and I do agree that drawing yaoi shit and fempov porn is way more fulfilling than whatever scrotes are into. I wouldn't draw big balloon girl tits however people would comm me to draw degen stuff.

Since then I deleted my nsfw alt (which even if it was a totally different name and not just @myname_nsfw) and asked most boorus people would archive my art on to either orphan my posts (so remove credits) or delete it if they wanted to.

/repost because I forgot to sage

No. 1125548

Possible unpopular opinion, but I'm not really a fan of when artists heavily reference some popular paintings. I'm talking about stuff like Leyendecker's more popular pieces, the Reluctant Bride, Fallen Angel, Klimt's The Kiss etc. I'm not calling it theft, I just find it so boring when I see the same rereading of the same popular painting with different characters again and again, just this week I've seen at least five renditions of the Fallen Angel with nothing changed and no twists except for the character. It just feels so boring to look at.

No. 1125628

File: 1649271666377.jpg (6.75 KB, 250x234, 1535083048559s.jpg)

Do people really…? I do studies of paintings i like with my own characters because I want to apply stylisation to old master's knowledge but I wouldn't dare to post them online to hope to get clout.. That's just lazy..

No. 1125748

i agree, it's like that sailor moon meme drawing, getting sick of seeing the same thing over again. social media kills art

No. 1125946

Hey guys I’m stupid, what’s /ic/?

No. 1125954

yeah, people do stuff like this a lot. rather than draw inspiration and ideas from an art piece, they just flat out draw a copy of it just replacing the characters. just search for 'fallen angel fanart' on twitter and you'll find nothing but people drawing exact copies of it and just replacing the main figure with their oc or one of their favs. no changes, no twists, nothing. it's so boring and most of the time the results just feel soulless.

No. 1125967

Sperg incoming:
There's been this trend lately of artists recreating historical pieces for the sake of clout rather than just studying them to better themselves. Everyone has to see every single thing. All it boils down to is seeking attention and calling it a 'master study'. Things like that just can't be for the sake of doing them, it's always with the intention of whether or not some strangers on the internet will give it enough likes.

I've admittedly been on a leyendecker kick but I've seen his work trending. All people wanna do is copy for clout, not because they think it'll genuinely make them a better artist. Everything's a fucking spectacle now. Artists need to relearn how to sit with their own work for one damn second without begging for validation.

No. 1126069

Go to it.

No. 1126070

Most of these artists are digital, so I have no idea how you expect someone to not just meme an old painting when they can't even pay homage to it for the fact that most people aren't even using the medium. This just sounds elitist and nitpicky because those types of works get traction and are popular.

No. 1126125


Some of you get so irrationally upset that people are doing the things necessary to help them have a career

No. 1126135

You're right, it always annoys me when I see someone make a bunch of Leyendecker "studies" which are just exact copies of his work with different heads that get a bunch of attention, but then the artist making those doesn't incorporate any part of that into their own art. They aren't for studying or learning, these people just see a pretty picture and want to do the same without any thought behind it.

There are many artists that manage to get a similar look in their own art after doing these studies, even if digital, so what the fuck are you even talking about? Yes it's annoying that those get popular, they are not popular due to the artist's own skills but the skills of the one they are copying from. But that's fine since the original artist is dead anyway, right?

Cranky because you've got a few thousand likes with a fallen angel copy and it hasn't helped you at all?

No. 1126137

Copying a form is not the same as copying someone's artwork. you can have 2873 people doing art of the same pose and composition and each will be different each time. You're reaching for reasons for artists not to take inspiration and put their own twists on things. Even the Sailor Moon screencaps, each version was different because each artist gives their own version of how they draw. None of you are even posting examples.

No. 1126175

File: 1649323345228.png (3.41 MB, 1700x2000, why.png)

Okay, these are just random examples I found by googling. How is this creative or taking inspiration or anything. The sailor moon meme was at least showcasing different art styles

No. 1126232

NTA but the point is to mimic the original style and portray the character in that way, a reverse challenge of the Sailor Moon meme. I think it's an interesting way of testing your skills of perception, especially if your own style is distinct from the original painting. Not everything is supposed to be a big school assignment, some challenges are just for fun.

To be perfectly honest I feel like the people getting their panties in a knot over this are just either salty that it's always half naked beautiful men for once or because they can't pull off the photorealistic academic painting style themselves.

No. 1126302

I love this trend

No. 1126315

Sorry I'm salty about something? In the art salt thread? I don't like it out of principle, doesn't have anything to do with the actual subject depicted.

>You're just jealous

Kek ok then

No. 1126488

you know what I'm salty about. Basic artists copying that "making a cup of coffee or tea in their videos/ tiktoks" that artfluencers do but in their dirty crowded kitchen. I don't want to see that shit.

No. 1126548

Yes. the idea that they still have to render everything to match original art bothers you for some reason? They're still having to go through lengths to try and make it look like it fits in. I don't know how some you look at this shit and think it was just busted out in like an hour. This is some detailed rendering in a lot of these.

No. 1126550

No. 1126593

The fallen angel trend is corny as fuck why is everyone mad. The third one's skull shape is horrific.

No. 1126661

I'm not salty that people are doing this, it's just fucking boring. If I want to experience this painting I look at the original, not an amateur recreation. It would've been mildly more interesting if these people drew this painting in their own styles, but it's just ugly painting after ugly painting because the original artist is so much better in comparison lol

No. 1126880

Artwork/critique, it’s a board on 4chan
I noticed that nowadays it’s really common for people to just copy whatever is trending, it started with tiktok when people would do the popular dance or use the popular sound track and you end up with hundreds of videos where people are just copying each other. It’s become the number one way to get noticed on social media so it’s not a surprise to see artists copying each other or using popular sound tracks to get attention. Personally the sailor moon and fallen angel trend doesn’t bother me because in some instances it is clever (I really like the Eren Yeager version) and for some people they’re stepping out of their comfort zone but I do understand the frustration especially when you realise that a bunch of artists are copying something not because they care about it (eg: I don’t think a lot of the artists that participated in the sailor moon trend are actually fans) but because it’s just trending and it’s a way to get noticed since normally what happens is that if you liked one rendition of the fallen angel then you’re bound to look for more which means an artist will most likely get noticed. It’s also something that you’re flat out told to do in online marketing workshops

No. 1126883

I have no idea what you’re talking about and for that I am grateful

No. 1127012


so you're bitching that amateur artists aren't able to recreate a renowned master's artwork with stunning accuracy? lol

i mean you can be salty about whatever you want and live in someone's closet while you try to survive off principles, but the reality is that this is the kind of shit that most people have to do to have a career even if they have genuine talent.

do you think these artists want to do this shit? probably not.

No. 1127014


>do you think these artists want to do this shit? probably not.

nta but i'm more inclined that they do. all of these, or at least the great majority, are amateurs that live off clout and likes and trends. if this is the next trendy artist thing to do then you bet your ass they'll want to do it. besides, as other nonas said before, the thing being criticized here isn't the rendering but the fact that these artists just don't add anything new to the table. it's fallen angel with dio or naruto or goku or eren or random current popular angsty anime boy instead of lucifer and that's it, nothing more. not even the light source or the minimal background is modified. they all look like copies of each other in the blandest way possible. it's boring as fuck.

at this point it sounds like you're just misreading other nonas for the sake of conflict lol.

No. 1127031


i'm not misreading; i'm just being pragmatic. not all art needs or even can be transformative, important, or meaningful; it's called capitalism and most of us have to make money to live. if you want to make a career as an artist online and don't have connections, that means chasing clout.

how many people here have mentioned how exhausting it is to sell your soul just to get an inch in the rat race? how many people here have talked about the ephemeral nature of art on social media?

i don't participate in art trends like these and i still draw things i like from time to time, but i'm not ignorant to the fact that my followers come from my art of pretty girls and that's what gets me commissions, so as long as i want money that's what i have to keep making.

someone can spend 3 days attempting a masterpiece and get 0 followers or someone can do low-brow art for the masses and gain 100 or more. you can wring your hands at "clout chasers" but saying they all WANT to draw this stupid shit is just dumb.

No. 1127032

I think you're reading waaaaay too much into this anon. This is just salt about a bland art trend, nobody's here trying to uncover the truths behind evil twitter art capitalism. take a chill pill.

No. 1127042


sorry in the future i'll make sure to become hysterical instead that the art on my web 2.0 feed is commodified instead of transformative and life-changing

No. 1127058

File: 1649374401118.jpeg (667.09 KB, 711x1113, AD294CE3-8C4F-494D-BE73-BE3BB0…)

(sage for autistic ranting) i love goran gligovic’s art but i wish he kept his performative political sperging and moid shit to a separate account. i just wanna see his work without having to read about him rallying trannies and hornyposting about midcentury italian actresses (some of which were underaged at the time)

No. 1127090

Then why the hell are you lurking around anime meme people who recreate these with OCs and shit? You are putting yourself in a spot to be triggered about how boring these are to you. Look for people who don't. That's your own problem.

No. 1127096

NTA but maybe because it's almost impossible to avoid some things once they become trends? It's just like the Sailor Moon Screenshot meme. Even if you wanted to stay away from it, it was in the end nearly impossible to fully avoid it.

And I find it amusing how so many of you think these artists who redraw pieces such as Fallen Angel are just stupid young poor anime fans trying to battle evil capitalism.

No. 1127100

File: 1649378560126.jpg (30.66 KB, 318x455, 60436161._SX318_.jpg)

Is her neck super long, or is it just the pose?

No. 1127102

…seems way too long to me. humans can look funky and long necked when stretching out but this one is a bit too much, sheesh.

No. 1127103

What i'm saying is that anon needs to stop following people who focus on using fanart. There was plenty of classical style artists who don't do these memes. No one is going to recreate the old artwork and make it new unless they are doing some abstract thing. There's tons of artists who have even edited the whole background, but that's 'not new', so what exactly is anon looking for aside from just being mad that they are following the wrong people, clearly.

No. 1127104

It's because it's emphasis on the neck. it's exaggerated because it's about vampires. Same way someone tall has weird arm and leg length, but their torso is the same when some people draw tall people. The rest of the image looks normal.

No. 1127164


She has a retractable neck and he has what looks like a skin tag fang. Situation is compromised overall.

No. 1127267

File: 1649393359842.jpeg (41.64 KB, 287x318, 9990E966-7954-4C25-99AD-14DEC7…)

Yeah looks off to me too. More obvious when you turn your head a bit

No. 1127714

File: 1649432926554.jpg (916.93 KB, 587x770, 20220408_084836.jpg)

What about the reverse? Like insert meme, but keep art?

No. 1127843

there are people with freakishly long necks, when you notice it for the first time you'll always look out for it lol

the neck focus here is because of vampires, and she's leaning her head back so that elongates her neck more. her art looks a bit funky at times in general, but comics are read more for story than art.

No. 1127852

>but the reality is that this is the kind of shit that most people have to do to have a career even if they have genuine talent. do you think these artists want to do this shit? probably not.

you can absolutely have an art career without doing lame social media art trends kek

it's a true sign of an amateur artist if you think social media clout = sustainable art career. few want to work to build up skills or a unique style or brand, they just want instant likes on social media. these young artists are investing their time in the wrong place if they want a real career in the art industry. but most don't, they just want social media attention, nothing wrong with that.

No. 1128117

These are just parodies

No. 1128122

>And I find it amusing how so many of you think these artists who redraw pieces such as Fallen Angel are just stupid young poor anime fans trying to battle evil capitalism.
NTA but no one said that. That other anon said that this is a natural result of capitalism and getting mad at the artists for following what the system naturally drives them to do (chasing clout with shitty repetitive trends) is pointless. I honestly think she's right. I mean you can still find that trend boring or whatever and complain occasionally about how boring and samey these art fads are. But it's better to just accept it as a natural consequence of the system we live in and ignore it completely if it bothers you so much.

No. 1128146

So complaining about sameface instagram model art is okay but complaining about sameface Fallen Angel art isnt? lol

No. 1128152

It does look disturbingly long, even for manga art standards. You don't have to draw a giraffe in order to give emphasis to the neck. Great artists make proportions work regardless of position and style of drawing.

No. 1128233

File: 1649462356070.jpg (8.14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)


No. 1128241

What part of "it's a parody" do you not understand? Sameface instagram girl art isn't the same as an art meme based on drawing parodies of one painting

No. 1128324

So what are some genuine good websites to get art critique? Really need it, I don’t know anybody irl to do it.

No. 1128328


No. 1128344

join art discords with semi-professional artists and make sure there aren’t any minors, white kweers, twitterfags or sycophants and then ask for critiques on your work. usually they have channels that are meant for that exact thing and even have resources in the discord

No. 1128346

anon I agree with this, I actually think the type of art you’re going for requires STEM level intelligence of knowing how to apply shadows and lighting it’s alll so tiresome. I thought hobbies were supposed to be fun?

No. 1128378

this and the Klimt kiss art is like. yeah yeah now copy something you didn't find off of twitter

No. 1128415


So do you have any recommendations for good Discords?

No. 1129027

It's still an awful sameface imo. The Sailor Moon meme was also a parody of sorts but people at least tried doing it in their own style and giving it little twists to differ from the original and make theirs unique, but these Fallen Angel repeats are just carbon copies of each other except for character hair and skin color, they might as well just be Photoshop manipulations of the original. They don't even bother to redraw the body in their own style, they try to copy the anatomy and painting style to a T. It's literally the reverse from the Sailor Moon meme, where one tries to be unique in parodying the original the other might as well be the fanart equivalent of fast food. Some find this remarkable, I find it boring as all hell because I know the artist's getting nothing from this. They're not doing this to learn how to render realistically or better themselves, they're doing it for clout and to pretend they have a skill they don't.

TL;DR: The Fallen Angel thing being a parody doesn't excuse it from being bland and lazy as fuck. It's just amateur artists trying to get clout and attention with the least amount of effort.

No. 1129028

someone posted this on /ot/ and I instantly could tell that the artist was from eastern europe based on the art style, why do so many eastern european artists have "this" art-style ? its so common place and I have seen russian, serbian, hungarian and polish artists all have this art-style for some reason

No. 1129056

File: 1649523990556.png (1.44 MB, 1433x592, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

maybe it has to do with the old soviet cartoons eastern euros where exposed to.it's not an answer tbh,

No. 1129101

Probably because they all have the same media influences and instructional styles taught to them in school, if you look at any art by country or region it’s easy to see what artists do similarly

No. 1129132

its been over 30 years since the eastern block fell, these artists wouldn't have been ever born at that time and would have been quite westernized

No. 1129136

Read the entire post again.

No. 1129140

This looks really cool, what's it from?

No. 1129155

i think its the russian snow queen film

No. 1129157

File: 1649527385288.jpg (155.12 KB, 1300x1003, 3743e778ee6b706f05e46bb1dacd50…)

The Snow Queen, a soviet animated musical from 1957

No. 1129165

it looks amazing

No. 1129197

File: 1649529641223.gif (1.96 MB, 500x355, 9baefa09fa2f9ce8b97a8d56faf5db…)

Old soviet cartoons before the late 80's had a really style/animation to it that i really like! it's a joy to look at.
pic rel is from the little mermaid

No. 1129226

File: 1649531996271.jpg (179.65 KB, 1000x854, bloodstain.jpg)

okay but none of these artstyles look like the modern eastern european artstyle that I see everywhere

No. 1129236

Lol is she reading yaoi?

No. 1129251

File: 1649533078219.jpg (19.86 KB, 308x475, 58117557._SY475_.jpg)

no, mostly corny romantic stories and she has this romance with this with dark, tall mad scientist who suffers from a condition that causes him to bleed a lot, Its called blood stain by Linda Sejic

No. 1129275

Is it a good read?

No. 1129279

Her work looks more like her husband's than most other eastern european artists that I've personally seen… I may be wrong though, would genuinely like to see more art like Stjepan's

No. 1129295

File: 1649535209203.jpeg (108.89 KB, 601x711, E42DBD7A-D904-4E68-9397-0FDE81…)

I know nothing about the topic but I saw this on the front page of /ot and why is the title font a literal copy paste of Blade and Soul lol

No. 1129299

It's a pretty cringy read, but the artwork is alright.

No. 1129884

I've seen both their art styles so much and I hate the way they draw female faces. They all have crazy eyes and thin lips, it looks so off and unsexy to me.

No. 1130021

File: 1649592364076.png (1.58 MB, 1071x1080, ilikethisdeisgn.png)

noonies, how do I create a good character design?
I get bored of everything I design so fast, idk why.

And I'm sick of those overwhelming deviantart adopt tier designs
with to much going on.

No. 1130214

File: 1649607365198.jpg (199.08 KB, 1000x722, Ben-Mauro-line-up.jpg)

Well first off it would depend on what you're designing the character for and having an end goal in mind for said design. For example, a character for a comic or animation that you're going to be drawing over and over every page shouldn't have too much detail. Compared to something that's going to be made into a 3D model or single illustration.

Since you mentioned that you get bored of your designs try making a collection of designs that you do enjoy like the pic you included and study them. Figure out what aspects you like about them and how the artists implemented them

Then when you're ready to design a character I would recommend starting with a silhouette. A good character design can be distinguished by its silhouette alone, no matter how simple it may be. Try taking a concept artist's approach to it by making several silos as quickly as possible and choosing/combining the ones that either interest you or best represent the goal for going for your character.

No. 1130377

File: 1649616111972.png (10.29 KB, 413x129, fuck off.png)

i liked this artist until she had to go and say that's she's enby and all her ocs are actually enby. typical twitter bullshit. why is every lesbian creator like this? why do they hate themselves? makes me sad.

No. 1130383

If she doesn't have a shit ton of trans woman OCs and is just thembifying her female OCs I think there's hope that she'll ditch the themby shit sooner or later.

No. 1130497

i hope so…

No. 1130635


'ladies' 'theyre not women' pick one ffs

No. 1131210

Interesting, I wonder if they took some inspo from japanese art.

No. 1131502

Don’t know about that, but vice versa - I know Miyazaki likes Snow Queen

No. 1131511

File: 1649696682215.jpg (42.37 KB, 637x613, 8e4.jpg)

I can concentrate and draw something pretty good only after eating pot cookies, and it's starting to really bug me. Also the fact that it's 10 times more pleasurable too
Please someone tell me i'm not the only one

No. 1131543

Huion Kamvas 13 or Wacom One 13?
Anyone have one of these? How's your expierience with it?

No. 1131557

Wancom, they are notable, but that is their budget series. Huion however is good, but only hear very few of their products are actually good.

No. 1131602

File: 1649701418479.jpg (538.93 KB, 1058x1331, ivan_bilibin_vasilisa.jpg)

Hmm I thought they were inspired by illustration art but it just looks like older western comic book influence seeping in

No. 1131604

I have good experience with wacom and their products, but considered Huion because it is cheaper. I have no experience with LCD tablets and I don't want to buy anything expensive. I don't know if I will like to draw on an LCD tablet. That's why I thought about Huion, because it's cheaper.

No. 1131642

I'd go with the Huion, it's cheaper and has better specs (especially the laminated screen). I bought a Kamvas a year ago and I haven't had any issues with it, I really like it.

No. 1131704

I recommend getting at least a 16 inch tablet. 13 isnt enough considering the softwares UIs and such. Also Huion. They're good and have a perfect price point. I got my 21 inch for less than 250 during sales

No. 1131835

Yeah, I think I will buy Huion
>I recommend getting at least a 16 inch tablet
I don't have enough space on my desk for a big tablet unfortunately, but honestly, I don't think I need big one.

No. 1131919

What do you guys think about the etsy strike? I see a lot of artists participating in it but then I went on etsy reddit and everyone's calling it stupid on there.

No. 1132033

I appreciate the sentiment but nothing is going to come of it. Etsy won't budge because as long as their shareholders are happy, that's all that matters even if the artists are the ones who make them the money. I'm a tiny business myself and I'm looking into a second platform but nothing is like the Etsy marketplace. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I'm not sure where to go from here. I already had to hike up my prices a month ago.

No. 1132221

File: 1649757313194.jpg (104.47 KB, 770x1027, 81cZIyjPIZL-e1620675686909-770…)

I am an art noob and just bought Loomis' figure drawing book. How do I practice the material? Do I read it first then copy the drawings and then study Loomis' drawings again and correct mine based on what I think was wrong? Can/Should I use tracing paper, would that help with improvement?

No. 1132248

Nta but do you do Etsy on the side while having a dayjob, or is it your main source of income?

No. 1132266

stupid because it won't change anything and the strikers will just lose sales because of it, but understandable because etsy is exploiting its sellers in a really gross manner

that's why they do it unfortunately. there really is no direct competition for etsy, at least not one that has the kind of reach that etsy can give an artist if they play the seo game well enough. something I see some artists do is make their own storefront with shopify or big cartel simultaneously and then stick a promo code for their non-etsy storefront in every etsy order. that way they can get more attention to their shops without violating policy

No. 1132279

You should copy and do all the exercices, but tracing isnt something that can help, imo.

No. 1132281

Just curious, what exactly is going on with Etsy then? Why are they mad?

No. 1132333

Etsy raised it's transaction fees from 5% to 6.5% yesterday.

No. 1132368

on the side, it's extra income much needed though. i'd like to make my online sales my main source of income eventually though.

this is what i'm going to have to do, thanks anon. i don't like having to pay for a plan right off the bat but i know i already pay more than that in etsy fees.

No. 1132452

I doubt it’s artists who make them the most money anymore, it’s resellers.

No. 1132463

Don't trace, read the material, copy drawings, make notes and try to apply them when doing figure drawing by yourself (not using the book) and then look over them and try to figure out what went wrong and what went right.

No. 1132470

This is true but it was artists who got then off the ground in the first place

No. 1132623

Kinda off topic but does anyone else here go to an art/design school or program? Am I going crazy or are teachers really softening up with their criticisms nowadays? There’s several students in my classes that look to be on the verge of tears at the most gentle of critiques

No. 1132746

for sure, people in my design program completely shit themselves when professors critique them even when the critiques are worded in a very coddling way

No. 1132794


just like >>1132746 said, teachers go real soft nowadays bc students just can't handle any type of criticism anymore. it's awful. i'm a design major and the amount of times i've seen fellow classmates start whining like babies when they get a SLIGHTLY harsher critique from a teacher is just sad

No. 1132943

when i was in art school 5 years ago i remember my professors telling me how brutal critiques used to be and how easy we were getting it as students. lots of older students said most critiques would be a lot of yelling and crying. i had a few old school teachers who were definitely rough on critiques. i can imagine art school critiques are getting even more coddled as gen z begins to go to college.

No. 1132953

I did an online class recently and I preferred having the instructor go over each assignment, and being able to watch how they fix it instead of a bunch of classmates telling everyone that everything looks great

No. 1133157

Nothing wrong about softening critiques. Art schools / colleges etc used to pride themselves in being unnecessarily cruel to students, like what >>1132943 mentioned; but I'm working in art industry for 7 years now and I have yet to hear a critique that would be even half as harsh as what I got in the college. And it's done nothing but ruined my self esteem at the time. No need to miss the "good old times" here.

No. 1133308

I’m not really pining for the good old days but I am wondering how this will affect people actually improving their art like when I want to get a critique I want to be told an honest truth because I don’t want to live in my own delusion bubble I want to IMPROVE. I think you can give honest truths without beratement and bullying but just sitting in a fully silent room and receiving meek “I like how you did X Y Z” comments here and there is not constructive. I’ve def had issues with old art teachers making me cry and don’t wish for that ever again but god… just give me SOMETHING I can work with.

No. 1133414

Yeah, for sure. I wonder what exactly were the critiques >>1132623 mentioned like. Even the worst piece of art can be feedbacked in the way that shouldn't come off as cruel. If anon's classmates cried because professors said something like "I think you should focus on improving X and Y and next time try doing it in Y way" then definitely something is wrong, but if the professor said something alike "This is worse than anon's work, you'll never make it" (still a vanilla version of what i know from the past) then I would still consider it unnecessarily harsh and unhelpful.
But I agree coddling only is NOT the way to go too. There's a good middle ground though

No. 1133540

as much as everyone likes to think the world is overrun with snowflakes because its what goes viral/is talked about most often, a vast majority of people are relatively normal.

of course, you have people who are overly sensitive where anything less than absolute praise brings them to tears but assuming a majority of people in their class are normal, if a critique leaves someone at the verge of tears it is probably not as "gentle" as OP thinks it is.

in both art classses I took critiques were relatively well-rounded with people voicing their opinions on stuff. I've only gotten one harsh critique where a classmate said they felt like my self-portrait was a cop-out because of the style it was in as opposed to being realistic and the professor pushed the conversation away from that since there were no criteria that the portraits had to be realistic and the critique itself offered nothing really helpful.

No. 1133930

I’m kind of jealous. I don’t think it should be common for more than half of the students and to end up in tears in their first design course.

No. 1133992

Her neck fucked up

No. 1134022

as a former design student all my art professors have been really nice, I suck at the traditional aspects of art and my drawing professors weren't heavy handed with the criticisms the semester I was having a really bad time mentally. is it normal for art professors to go off on their students? I've never had it happen at all and I've been in both traditional and digital art courses before I switched majors

No. 1134042

I haven't been in school in a few years but it can't be that bad already. I used to hate it when we'd do crit on each other in class and it feels like people don't really take your insight to heart because nothing in their next iteration of work changes…

It might be teachers are shit at giving critiques that are actually helpful, constructive, and not coddling. I was always "really good" or I guess hard to critique that I'm paranoid I'm just fragile and won't be able to handle actual negative criticism.

No. 1134112

Maybe I’m just being impatient but when I’m drawing for fun, like, when I’m not practicing the fundies, my art is still shit. I don’t know…I understand art takes a long time to get good at, I see the errors and I try to fix them but maybe this is a sign that art isn’t for me. Even though I can see potential maybe that doesn’t matter and I should let it go.

No. 1134217

the fastest way to improve is to do still lives

No. 1134258


yelling at students is fucked up and unprofessional. it's just art. not even pre-med is that harsh.

No. 1134396

File: 1649932051852.png (36.85 KB, 860x385, 223-2232395_skill-vs-confidenc…)

For some people this kind of thing takes longer than for others, just continue trying! If you're already at the stage of seeing errors it means you are on the good way, picrel applies to that well; means you're in this bottom stage but it's a steady (even if slow) way up from there

No. 1134584

Is it delusional to escape NEEtdom by pursuing career as online artist? Are there a lot of new artists making it these days or?

No. 1134607

I’m only speaking from personal experience, but I think it’s doable. It worked for me. I read the “1000 true fans” essay and it inspired me. You just need to find your niche and cultivate it.

No. 1134640

What’s that? Can I see?

No. 1134671

Nta, but can't you google it

No. 1134715

Unless you're really good, no. Even then, there are people like the Pokemon guy who didn't skyrocket to more popularity until Pokemon picked him up to work on the live-action Pokemon. The same with Tyson Hesse. While other people knew him from Boxer Hockey and he was known for Sonic Boom comic covers and stuff, he wasn't super well known until he stepped in as creative for the Sonic movies and fixed Sonic. The new design is HIS design. lol

No. 1135086

Yes but I was inviting her share more of her thoughts about said thing. It’s called making conversation.

No. 1135258

File: 1649972872416.jpeg (453.91 KB, 1170x785, B31F221F-E71A-4559-99A9-5C384F…)

Anon that is very sweet of you!
I’ll elaborate then, the 1000 true fans thing is based on this essay: https://kk.org/thetechnium/1000-true-fans/ the gist of it is that to live off your work you don’t need millions of followers, but only a thousand loyal fans who love your work and will buy whatever you’re creating, and come back every year for more.
A thousand loyal fans is a manageable number too, and with time you could pretty much learn the names of all your fans.
In my experience, choosing a niche that you really enjoy and cultivating loyal fans is more satisfying than trying to follow trends and gather lots of followers who aren’t too involved in what you make (because they can get the same thing from dozen different artists, and never have to pay a dime) I’m still working on this goal myself but I can already support myself, although of course I live in a cheap place and share an apartment. But it’s a start, it’s more than others have, and it’s nice to have a concrete goal!

No. 1135340

1000 people is A LOT. I've been following the youtuber Baylee Jay through her shop updates, and only recently has she broken 1000 sales on her recent item drop, and she has over a million subscribers and have been on yt for over 10 years.

not saying this to discourage, but when you start selling you'll notice how few people want to spend money on art, getting 100 people to spend $20 is tough. that's why so many artists go into fandom merch.

i think over a lifetime it's very possible to have 1000 loyal fans though

No. 1135351

wtf i've been supporting mira for years because she was a lesbian creator. west coast liberal homophobia is one hell of a drug, it's so sad to see. wonder what peer pressure she has to deal with, maybe her partner identifies as enby or some shit so she can't call herself a lesbian smh

No. 1135383

Yeah well, as I said, you can support yourself on a much lower number. I have probably around 130 loyal fans myself. I could make more money waiting tables, but this is more fun for me. And it’s more than 1/10th of the way there.

Also kek Baylee. I miss her threads, she was fun to follow.

No. 1135967


Yeah. If you're selective about where you're going to for art school/classes and what you want to do, you'll find that critiques are relatively mixed in terms of reception.

A lot of people seem to think zoomers freaking out on social media after being given the slightest art critique is the norm, but in real life, most people tend to be rather chill unless they really have something going on.

You have extremely sensitive people who can't take a critique, but in my experience those tend to be few and far between. The critiques I received were relatively well-rounded. Of course, this depends on your professor, development of your artwork and curriculum, but I digress. The only relatively harsh critique I've gotten was when I was lazy with a project and the teach saw right through my bs. lol

No. 1136170

I apologize for being a fuckin noob but I never found out why all those threads got wiped where can I find out what happened?

No. 1136294

File: 1650044313514.jpg (198.66 KB, 1200x1148, 20220415_193502.jpg)

No. 1136451

I'm not a big fan fo people trying to copyright their own likeness, it's kind of weird

No. 1136519

>I'd rather be hate crimed.
Uh what?
Seems like she's just really upset she didn't get some of that cash. Don't artists regularly photobash? Funny how she uses all the words that will trigger twittertards to freak out for her. "hate crime" "consent" "eight-TEEN" "nude" etc

No. 1136575

still wrong, its nice to see a artists finally be called out for drawing nude teens.

No. 1136672

sage because old but
i just logged into buzzly again to see they allowed feral porn wich is honestly fucking disgusting but i had no idea there was discourse/drama again
i think i'll delete my account

No. 1136699

Artist probably just got the picture off pinterest and used it as reference

No. 1136824

File: 1650088134263.png (909.22 KB, 521x798, fugly.png)

How do you learn color theory? It's so hard for me to actually apply.

No. 1136866

Basically you have to start thinking about how colors affect each other and how a color may look different from what it actually is. For example how a neutral tone will look warmer if its next to a cool tone and things like that. Theres also the important aspect of saturation which can have a great influence on the look of the value. I suck at explaining things but this video is pretty helpful.

No. 1136904

her face is literally traced in the nude painting and recognizable, I think Duan is 100% correct to call out that "artist" since the ex producer also provided receipts. Its even weirder she would do nudes of a random girl without a second thought. What if she was a minor? People should absolutely care about how their likeness is used.

No. 1136924

While that statement alone makes sense, this isn't like a celebrity like Kim K trying to stop people from profiting off of her face. This was a random asian girl having a photo of her as a teen turned into an "exotic nude asian teen" image for rich white people to gawk at without her consent. Not to mention the painting was copied/traced and the artist got praised for her creativity and skill and lied about having copied the photo even though it's a near 1:1 match. I'd be fucking uncomfortable too in her situation.

No. 1137115

Adobe also has a nice color wheel with common color harmony rules built in for you start with.


No. 1137145

it looks like the original photo was a non-nude headshot and the painting copied her face exactly and imposed it on a bare breasted torso. that's fucked up. not much different than shooping fake nudes of someone as far as the way it must make the model feel. I think there was no intent to cause harm the way that fake nudes are intended to, and I doubt the artist ever thought the model would see it or that it would cause harm. but when it did cause harm, the artist doubled down. she should have apologized and realized she should hire an actual model or buy a reference photo where the model knows and is okay with what it's going to be used for next time. this shouldn't have anything to do with copyright, but that is probably the only way the model can think to pursue this. I don't think the painting is porn and yet this reminds me of involuntary porn more than anything.

No. 1137615

File: 1650156924490.png (838.58 KB, 1004x824, 1526748195852.png)

i was back-reading the other thread and the bit about plagiarism got me. very scared to post my stuff online in fear of a larger artist copying my ideas, if not out-right stealing them and claiming them to be "theirs". to make matter worse i like drawing a lot of problematic stuff – i ship the dmc brothers, i ship mentor/student ships from shonen anime (where one half of the ship is like 15 and the other is 30, think goyuu), i like feminizing dudes, etc. just makes me think i'd be a prime target for larger uwu-type artists to steal from and justify it on the basis of me being "scum" or whatever. this is dumb but i can't stop thinking about.

i've actually seen it happen before with an artist called "lirthel". scary stuff kek

No. 1137624

>i've actually seen it happen before with an artist called "lirthel".

What happened to them, anon?

No. 1137632

You probably won't get your ships stolen since there's nothing to steal from you drawing other peoples characters anyways.

No. 1137646

What the fuck is going on with Muriel "Kinuko"?

No. 1137661

people kept swiping her art to use in icons/edits without crediting for a week or so (to like, "own" her). it didn't last long but it still made me sweat

this only happened because she drew slightly nsfw art of the fe3h characters (pre-timeskip)

No. 1137693

I remember there was a tweet where she said she tends to favor ships with age gaps or something about age but I can't remember what it said exactly but people got into a fuss about that too.

But for what it's worth, she seems to still be doing fine. She still interacts with other artists and has supporters

No. 1137705

File: 1650163832517.jpg (235.83 KB, 1169x2109, _jw96mqer6vt81.jpg)

Anime Expo's Twitter got hacked to be (of course) an NFT account.
Will people ever reach a tipping point with Twitter after seeing how bad the security is?

No. 1137713

No. 1137725

As someone who wants to be an animator and wanted to pitch my own show to a network, it's really weird to just have that goal disappear over these last few months. Everything you hear about studios are just god awful.

I'm thinking of just taking the worthikids and vivziepop approach and start making my own. I know it's a lot of work and it won't be super popular, but it'll most likely be a lot more fulfilling than seeing the multiple ways a studio can massacre your work.

No. 1137779

You really have to have a cult of personality to make it, which is why a lot of animation showrunners are cowish. I really wish I could tell you to just draw and post stuff.

No. 1137786

I actually did this years ago before the great wokening happened and the industry was fucked forever. The studio I pitched to liked my stuff and asked me to send a copy of the pitch after I'd finished, but I never heard back.

No. 1137903

she has been called out by twitteretes a number of times in the past, got sent anon hate and all that stuff that comes with being a "target", but she doesn't pay much attention to it and just keeps doing her thing. Mobs can't do much when the target doesn't crumble like they expect.

No. 1138042

you sound whiny
In this day and age, I don't know why artists wouldn't go indie and share online. Once you show proof of concept you could crowdfund.

No. 1138293

File: 1650224120095.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 1926x1132, kms.png)

called it from the second I saw their mod team was made entirely of furries. i'm glad i never signed up, from the looks of the "most recent" artwork page it seems to be going the way of deviantart anyways.

No. 1138741

Nothing? Unless you mean her husband recently saving the sonic movie franchise. Are you trying to create drama nonnie lmao

No. 1139418

Who were the two artists that one threw under the bus for making racist jokes, but deleted their own Discord messages one by one? The one who was ~exposed~ was a furry and their fursona was a fox. I cannot remember their users.

No. 1139435

File: 1650319201489.png (37.34 KB, 895x206, Buzzly indemnify.PNG)

Looks like Buzzly just recently added this section to their TOS last week. I haven't been near that site since after it's first week of existence. I thought the site would fail but not like this.

No. 1139441

Never mind I found them, lol.

No. 1139464

kind of slow when it comes to legalspeak but this is saying that if they sue you, or if you break their rules and they get sued by a third party for it, you pay their legal costs? am i missing something

No. 1139754

is it normal for students enrolled in an art school to have a beginner-like art, like drawings you would think middle schoolers would draw? or they're only a minority? I've seen people who are currently studying in an art school who are in that level but i always thought you have to send like a portfolio in order to get accepted by the college or school.

No. 1139760

Depends where you live and what the art school is like

No. 1139772

See this is the shit that makes me not want to bother trying to make friends in the online art scene. It feels like every one of these artists on Twitter is some troon/enby who hates themselves and delude themselves into sthinking they are not women (or men, sometimes) and I just don't have th patience to validate these delusional people.

I have to admit that I do feel lonely because I miss having fellow artists to talk with. I'm a little older as I'm in my early 30s but I remember back when I was in high school, it felt so easy to converse and talk with other artists on DeviantART and you never saw this gender obsession bullshit. Granted this was back during the weeaboo days but I'd take these people over these gender idiots any day.

Can anyone else relate? Is it possible to find other artists online who aren't gender-obsessed cultists?

No. 1139819

File: 1650353484076.jpeg (54.18 KB, 750x464, 34F143A2-D920-4597-9FA3-A37545…)

Thoughts on makeship? I’ve been seeing twitter popular artists with over 40k, 50k, 60k followers getting into it but when I check their campaigns way past deadline, the results are always like this

No. 1139828

>Can anyone else relate?
I definitely do. Here's my experience:
>Befriending DeviantArt/Twitter tier artists
NOT worth it, avoid like the plague. Even if they don't like gendershit, they will be dramatic or plain weird. Avoid.
>Befriending liberal arts students/graduates in any art circle
Also not worth it. I'm not talking about the people who draw anime commissions but people who treat art """seriously""" (you know the stereotype). They often loooove parading their totally woke views they saw on Instagram as if they were universal truth. They will be hypocrital. They will try to one up you.
>Befriending anyone who draws fandom stuff
This is akin to shooting yourself on the foot and then wondering why you got cancelled for not using the right pronouns for Aiden
>Befriending people who are professionals in an art related field (animators, graphic designers, illustrators)
Hit and miss. Best if they don't really have an online presence or use social media much. They will often say they "have heard" about x or y subject and will tend to be more normie.
>Befriending the animecore early web weirdcore art people
Most of them are unhinged and schizo tier or have BPD. Abort.
>Befriending Crafty Etsy people
Hit or miss, a lot of them have to keep appareances for their costumers. The ones who aren't into the big TikTok Instagram Reels grindset are better.
>Street art ish artists and tattoo artists
Depends on how big they are, the bigger the more snobby and elusive. Some of them can be cool but pickme-ish and scrotal.

I could go on

No. 1139847

>>1139772 Artist are just like the beautiful peices they create. Best looked at, and only admired from afar. Aside from anout 1 or 2 people, I dont bother to even care for making friends with people in this industry. Too much mental illness, fakery, and backstabbing behavior. This insufferable behavior only becomes more magnified the higher the follower count.Though I notice this moreso with women than men. I dont entertain the woke, gender bullshit myself, so thats another reason my circle is small. Id rather make friends with those in pther industries, and other normies in real life.

No. 1139854

Seems like they're mostly trying to cash in coomerbux based on how the biggest artists they're partnering with draw NSFW/are NSFW adjacent. With how often I see the campaigns RT'd on my timeline I assumed everyone and their mom had one. I give it a couple more months till the novelty wears off and fizzles out, they'd be better off collaborating to sell t-shirts

No. 1139905

We exist, we're just silenced from even suggesting people with dicks shouldn't be in women's changing rooms, so we keep our heads down.
Avoid people with pronouns in bios, at best those people are weak minded "allies" who deny biology to keep their suicidal troon friends from having a meltdown.
Check their recent likes/replies to see if there's any bs woke stuff they interact with.
Avoid people who repost/tweet a lot of "social justice" content even if it's not trans stuff, they don't think for themselves and parrot any lie they hear.
Make sure the people they interact with aren't genderspecials either.
Most genderspecials are loud and obnoxious about it so at least they're usually easy to spot.

We know times are dark when we long for weebs to come back lol

No. 1139999

I can relate. I'm soon 30 and feel kind of lonely with my art. I used to have a lot of online friends back in the old DeviantArt days. It was fun because we worked together on projects and interacted in a way that I just don't see anymore nowadays. I don't want popularity or money, I just want people to have fun with.

Recently someone in a Discord I'm part of told me that it was suspicious that I didn't have a Twitter account because "all artists have one" and the only ones who didn't were usually terfs or other bad people who were afraid of being called out. This was a person I only had decent conversations with until I made the mistake of showing her one of my drawings which prompted her to ask for a link to my Twitter. This new online culture is weird as fuck.

No. 1140018

You peaked my interest anon, what art did you show her that made her think you were sus?

If they genuinely think every artist is on twitter they're very young or immature. Plenty of artist don't use twitter, it's not even a platform used for art/pictures like for example instagram is.
If they press you on it you can always say that kind of social media is bad for your mental health, twitter is known for being a cesspool.

No. 1140028

The art was just a bunch of characters from a story I wrote years ago. Nothing special about it, but the person said she really liked my style and asked for my Twitter so she could see more of it, so it was nothing about my art and literally just my lack of a Twitter account that was suspicious, apparently. I told her I just don't like how Twitter compresses image quality, and the conversation kind of died after that. The mental health stuff is a good reason, though, I'll make sure to remember that if this shit is brought up again.

No. 1140275

I feel this so hard as I'm in my late 20s and draw as a hobby. I remember just finding random users on dA as a teen and talking to other beginner artists and having fun just with the process of creating stuff. Interacting w/ people on twitter sometimes feels like walking on eggshells because I'm not sure what could possible offend someone and frankly I'd rather spend that energy focusing on making art I like. It does feel lonesome though but I'm wondering if it's worth all that effort trying to make friends as the drama I see on these threads that deal with ex friends are insane.

No. 1140294

This sounds obsessive too lol. I’m doing fine on twitter without monitoring artists’ likes/replies or who they interact with.

No. 1140464

Thanks for the tips haha

Well see, it's not like I want to have a ton of friends, I'd just like to meet at least 1 or 2 to converse with you know? Back in my DeviantART days, I only associated with 3 people and it was awesome but we eventually drifted apart and one of them trooned out and cut ties with me when I shared a support tweet for JK Rowling.

I just miss bouncing art ideas and nerding out over things we both enjoyed in fandom and not walking on eggshells. I'm a hobbyist at the end of the day so I'm not trying to get into the industry so that's why I'm not worried about getting "cancelled" tbh and all I'm looking for is at least 1-2 people I can build a bond with just like I did back in the early 2000s lol.

>Avoid people with pronouns in bio

Oh for sure. I caught on to this fairly early when I joined Twitter back in 2019, I noticed that people who felt the need to put pronouns in their bios were the very people who are myopic gender weirdo or supporters.

thanks for the advice though.

>We know times are dark when we long for weebs to come back

FR, I never thought I'd see the day of me admitting something like that but it really wasn't as bad as where we are now kek.

No. 1140470

>It was fun because we worked together on projects and interacted in a way that I just don't see anymore nowadays

EXACTLY. That's what I miss the most as well. The early days of art social media felt so carefree and people were excited to finally meet other artists who they shared interest(s) with. But things are so oversaturated now and people are engrossing themselves wokenes and gender nonsense and finding everything "pRoBlEmAtIc" tm. It's just depressing.

>Recently someone in a Discord I'm part of told me that it was suspicious that I didn't have a Twitter account because "all artists have one" and the only ones who didn't were usually terfs or other bad people who were afraid of being called out. This was a person I only had decent conversations with until I made the mistake of showing her one of my drawings which prompted her to ask for a link to my Twitter. This new online culture is weird as fuck.

Geez I'm sorry that happened.

>I remember just finding random users on da as a teen and talking to other beginner artists and having fun just wit hthe process of creating stuff

Same! I remember I would use the "browse" section and if I came across fan art that I liked, I would go to the artist's profile and engage with them and made a few friends this way. And right, I don't feel the same comfort vibes on Twitter's art scene like I did with DeviantART mainly because atmosphere of cancel-culture that it centers around.

>It does feel lonesome though but I'm wondering if it's worth all that effort trying to make friends as the drama I see on these threads that deal with ex friends are insane.

I think if you can find at least 1 or 2 people you get on with who aren't engrossed in the current toxic culture we're in at this time, it can be worth it. But I get what you mean, it just sucks because some of us do miss that camaraderie.

No. 1140788

>>1140720 Lol I remember breifly seeing both of those incidents go down. The second was perpetrated by that idiot, drama cunt Tajmerk. To avoud drama or veing dragged,Just follow artist who mainly tweet their work, and preferably those from southeast Asia. Less bullshit. I stay away from the black Twitter/poc sphere. Most in that sphere are shit artist, and atr only interested in endless virtue signaling, and looking for problematic bullshit.

No. 1140833

>Recently someone in a Discord I'm part of told me that it was suspicious that I didn't have a Twitter account because "all artists have one" and the only ones who didn't were usually terfs or other bad people who were afraid of being called out. This was a person I only had decent conversations with until I made the mistake of showing her one of my drawings which prompted her to ask for a link to my Twitter. This new online culture is weird as fuck.

That is so fucking bonkers I don't know whether to laugh or get pissed. God fucking damn lol. I bet my fucking liver that people who think like that are the same chimps who yell "GO TOUCH GRASS LOG OFF" when fighting strangers on twitter over stupid shitty twitter discourse. Just fucking amazing.

No. 1140850

I'm with you nonnas, I'm also in my early 30s and just a hobby artist who feels like an orphan wandering around the internet. I have a lot of trouble meeting people my age that just have art as a hobby, too. I hate discord but at this point I'd take a 25+ server for hobbyists that just want to have fun, I miss doing dumb shit like genderbending or doing gijinkas.

No. 1140976

>I didn't have a Twitter account because "all artists have one"
Most professional artists who work as illustrators or with galleries don't have twitter.
It's only shit artists who do.

Quit that discord server.

No. 1140978

I'm sorry for saying this, but I feel so bad for all the art nonnies here who are terminally online and their only approach to art is shitty online communities. Especially the fandom only ones. I promise you that there's a whole 'nother art world out there with people who aren't as obnoxious as twitter faggots are.

No. 1140982

>Implying most people in this thread aren't obnoxious twitterfags themselves

No. 1140994

I read this post and got curious about what happened to conceptart.org. It seems that other artists looking for sane and helpful art communities and good critique recommend Facebook groups for artists.
Honestly, I really wish I would've gotten into digital art sooner, and joined that community when it still existed. Most things I heard about it were good things. Maybe I wouldn't feel so lost as an artist now.

>Recently someone in a Discord I'm part of told me that it was suspicious that I didn't have a Twitter account because "all artists have one" and the only ones who didn't were usually terfs or other bad people who were afraid of being called out.
Wrong, like >>1140976 said, all professional artists have their own websites as portfolios.

No. 1140999

Imagine being so obsessive that you have to check an artist likes in order to not find anything "problematic". This world is gay bonkers now

No. 1141006

No offense anon, but I can't imagine investigating someone's account this much. You can still follow people who you don't agree with and it's not a big deal as long as they actually make good art and aren't retweeting a bunch of content you don't want to see on your timeline. Also,
>Make sure the people they interact with aren't genderspecials either.
I feel like this doesn't mean anything since so many people online are genderspecials.

No. 1141009

Facebook strikes me as a place for older people so of course it would be better if you actually want some critique.
There's also a few good discord servers with people from all ages who just want to learn art that are pretty good. Check out Art Prof on YouTube, she has a good art community because she literally is an art professor and her goal is to teach. I know there's more discord groups like that but I can't remember their names at the moment.

Discord is not that bad of a social media tool, it's pretty good if you know where to look and what to avoid. Normie discord exists. I think it's similar to how Facebook was in its prime, only more private. The shitty meme groups are stupid just like in any platform, but when you know where to look, it becomes a helpful place full of resources.

Honestly it's zoomers/late millennials with an narcissist ego and wokeness who ruin online communities. Avoid them.

No. 1141016

Everybody is a potential pariah on Twitter, its always "let me look at your profile to see what information I can use against you later in a 12 page google doc if you like or post something I don't agree with." Or "oh, no Twitter that's sus, guess you're a terf". Like what kind of logic concludes that? None.

Twitter art fags and bottom of the barrel fanartists are always trying to get the jump on someone for clout that doesn't even mean anything after a week. I keep all my personal info off my profile. I hate having to take precautions, it feels like paranoia sometimes but it's better than giving mentally ill/terminally online people any ammo.

No. 1141024

9 times outta 10 it's just plain crabs in a bucket jealousy over there. Twitter's art scene is an embarrassment and it's actually astonishing that anyone willingly navigates that cesspool with any varying degree of success.

No. 1141025

>You can still follow people who you don't agree with and it's not a big deal as long as they actually make good art and aren't retweeting a bunch of content you don't want to see on your timeline.
I would had agree with this in the past but you have to remember that for these people if you don't agree with woke shit you are literally the devil. Plus, even if they retweet minimal woke shit, the woke shit they do post is gonna wear you out eventually, like a cup that eventually fills with water.
I think after all these years knowing I can simply disagree with people and not tell them, I've also come to a breaking point because these things feel like an annoying person constantly poking you in the arm. And it doesn't stop. They want you to react. When I went to school I would simply ignore their views and befriend people like this anyways because differences in view points enrich our lives don't they? They become interesting conversations in a mature environment. Only thing is no one is ever mature anymore, and there's no "agreeing to disagreeing" in private, it has to become public discourse somehow.

Nowadays I think I value having the same viewpoints in private as I do in public, and don't state my opinion on anything even if I'm asked. I like being congruent, or else I feel hypocrital and insane. I've purged people out of my life who are slowly becoming more extremist on both sides of the coin. It's self preservation. This is why I would also avoid people with pronouns in bio with woke content.

No. 1141032

I don't really care what someone may think of me. My point of view is probably different because I don't post my art online anymore, but it simply doesn't matter to me because I'm not regularly speaking to these people. I do understand your (and the anon that I replied to) point since it seems like you two want to actually have a connection with other artists, but I still think that doing all of that for every single account you follow is a little over the top. If someone retweets something that I don't agree with but I like their account otherwise, I just scroll past it. It's really no big deal to me because it's the internet and I just want to look at art.
Anyway, you're allowed to do whatever you want and I'm not saying you have to follow people you don't want to. It's just my opinion on the topic I guess.

No. 1141035

Samefag, the other channel with a discord server I was thinking of is called New Masters Academy

No. 1141043

> I miss doing dumb shit like genderbending or doing gijinkas

god nona, me too. now genderbends are considered ""transphobic"" and you'll get told to kys if your gijinka has the wrong skin color. Back in 2010 the girlies were openly sharing south park yaoi lmao now you'd be burned at the stake for liking problematic art (of course the wokes never go after scrotes drawing their degeneracy)

No. 1141045

Ayrt, I don't think you're wrong either. And it's not that I care about what people think about me either (I am actively saying I cut people out of my life for this purpose, I am an hermit.)
But here's the deal, I am a professional artist, not a hobbyist. It's not that I want to connect to other artists and their shit woke opinions (kek), making friendships is the least of my concerns. I have social media because I need money, and I only have Instagram and my portfolio. I still avoid the gendershits like the plague though, they're simply annoying to me, and it's a matter of having my conciousness clear anyways. I do it for me, to not feel insane.

No. 1141047

Moids fear being seen as pedophiles because they are indeed pedophiles. Nice projection. Kys moid

No. 1141050

>I keep all my personal info off my profile. I hate having to take precautions, it feels like paranoia sometimes but it's better than giving mentally ill/terminally online people any ammo.

Same, I don't even know if I should let them know my ethnicity anymore

No. 1141060

Funny enough, I'm actually black myself and even I can't stand the constant virtue signaling that a lot of POC artists can do so I understand what you mean.


Ew that sounds so fucking stupid. Thankfully I'm not really chronically on Twitter, the site is boring tbh and as I mentioned, it has this uncomfortable vibe to it where the people there are just waiting for you to say something problematic and pounce on you. So I only am on Twitter for short bursts.

>Discord with 25+ age range

Honestly anon, I feel the same way. I have Discord but I rarely use it but if there was a server that was for artists 25+, I would join it because I feel like people around our age (30s) are not as hung up and obsessed with SJW/Gender bullshit. I mean some are but most of the ones I've seen are in their teens to early 20s.

>Gininkas & Genbderbends

Honestly fuck these people anon, you go and continue drawing these characters, they are so fun to do when in the right mood.

I feel like it's because art sites are not as big and prominent as they used to be. It all started with Tumblr where commenting and interacting was kinda a hassle there unlike places like Elfwood and DeviantART. And then Twitter became the next place that many artists sailed ship to where communicating is even more of a hassle.

Like I told the other anon, fuck those people. If you like drawing genderbends and gijinkas, just do them and not care if it makes gender idiots upset, that's their problem, not yours.

No. 1141071

>Facebook strikes me as a place for older people so of course it would be better if you actually want some critique.
I'm not really sure but it looks like the conceptart.org people run a Facebook group for art critique called "Level Up!" (the name of their old workshop). I saw it mentioned on two different sites but I haven't seen it myself.

No. 1141158

I mean it was specifically to help avoid toxic twitter people lol
It's not actually that much work to check, just go on their profile and there's tabs for their replies and likes that you can take a quick peek at. You can spot a genderspecial in 0.5 seconds, they WILL let you know how special they are. If you don't feel like checking and follow someone anyway you'll quickly see it all on your timeline and will know from there.

Exactly this. I ignored the woke artists I followed for so long but they really do keep retweeting/liking harmful shit and you can't call them out at all. If you even insinuate they're maybe possibly a little bit wrong they'll have you scalped, start a cancel campaign, and try to contact your work to have you fired. And if you're mutuals and they notice you never like or repost their woke shit, you're still bad and a secret terf who deserves the same treatment.

It eventually got very mentally taxing to constantly see them like/tweet sexist and homophobic bs belittling women in the name of trans rights, and seeing them deny basic biology, and praising kink shit as woke. I felt on edge at all times, until I started unfollowing those people. Suddenly my twitter is fun again.

No. 1141299

The woke community on twitter is the stuff of nightmares. Wasn't there this one gay Iraqi artist that drew or said something that pissed of western twitter fans and they proceeded to out him to his fucking family.
I've been considering taking the "unfollow all Americans/pronouns in bio and only follow non-english users" approach lately but it seems like artists from my country are just as bad as Western artists.

No. 1141311

If he said something sexist then he deserves it kek gay men are insufferable

No. 1141325

There are a few good discord servers if you want to improve your art. I noticed that some people don't like mentioning which servers they're on for justifiable reasons especially if it's a small server.

YMMV but I found these ones to be helpful and useful:

Draw A Box's https://discord.com/invite/FtSS4hhqSu
Ethan Becker's https://discord.com/invite/ethanbecker (has links to other servers)
New Master's Academy https://discord.com/invite/WSskk6Qm8X
RadioRunner/Alex Huneycutt https://discord.gg/4KKbrbd2C4
Spacedad https://discord.gg/aFc5c3U6G7 (has links to other servers)
The Art Tavern/telthona https://discord.gg/D5zumSGSqF (this was mentioned by someone here)
Indie Tales/ AdamCYounis https://discord.gg/9WkRG7s

Discord really is all about what servers you join. Ethan's server is hit or miss because of his fanbase I was reluctant to include it but it's huge and has a bunch of resources.

No. 1141327

It was over shipping.

No. 1141338

Anon, in another circumstance I would had agreed with you but he literally got outed in an homophobic violent society
Woke people again proving they hate homosexuals, outing him to his family wasn't okay

No. 1141342

Ayrt here's a video from Art Prof, I wasn't sure if linking her discord would have been against the rules but her discord link is in the description if anyone wants to check it out

No. 1141413

Totally get what you mean anon. I'm approaching my 30's and I too miss the earlier times where we could just draw what we wanted without worrying about mentally ill creatures coming for us. I've actually tried making a strict womens only discord but it failed so I've kind of given up seeking out that stuff. I've just been trying to enjoy my hobbies in silence

No. 1141473

aren't women more prone to be wokeshits tho? maybe you should just look for older people with chill vibes

No. 1141691

What >>1141473 said. My experience has been that a lot of women in the social art scene tend to be the ones who buy into this gender woke bullcrap. Like she mentioned, you're better off looking for people who are older and don't take things seriously.

No. 1141704

Agree with this.

Most normal people aren't going to have the time to vet through every single person they follow. At most, they'll see some eye-catching art they like, some posts from said artist off again and on again, and then move on. You don't have to agree with everything people say. You just need to determine how tolerable they are. I can deal with a cringy post from some artist once in while, just not ALL the time.

If you really REALLY want to vet people, go ahead, but I don't think it's worth the time to put every account under scrutiny. To me, actions speak louder than words. Even if you do the whole "woke" thing, as long as you aren't obnoxious, I'm not going to complain. Usually the most annoying people can be filtered out after the next big, "woke" thing to support cycles through.

No. 1141885

You’re thinking about Columbo who is not a man but a fakeboy.

No. 1142066

Why do you think it failed, exactly? I've been thinking on doing the same, but having there be an age limit and voice verify. Maybe overkill, but I wouldn't know how else to make a safer space for artists that are kind of terfy or just want to chill in general.

No. 1142073

I think so too. I think it's the fault of female socialization. They expect us to conform, be nice, etc. It's weird the more you think about it

No. 1142075

I kinda wish anons here made a discord like that but I know it will only result in drama, doxxing and cancelling down the road

No. 1142097

They did. It died due to lack of activity.

No. 1142125

I can see how that happened, no one would want to post for fear of getting farmed.

No. 1142231

Well it failed because of inactivity and also I required a selfie with timestamp through pm for verification which of course resulted in very few people joining in the first place. It was a pretty dumb idea but I just really wanted a discord free from trannies and at the time I couldn't think of any other way to verify. It was funny when I posted the discord and requirements to get in though, it made all the mentally ill troons seethe

No. 1142234

File: 1650546124603.png (370.19 KB, 800x900, eda_log.png)

Every now and again I think about the drama with eda_log and I start fucking malding because they were one of my favorite artists and some asshole decided to call them racist because they were mainly inspired by aztec art and culture and mainly drew art reflecting at that. People grasping at straws to call the art a racist caricature.

The fucking kicker was that the artist was so nice and apologetic and actually did love the culture and art and asked everyone not to attack or call countries stupid for attempting to call them out.

Sorry for bringing up old drama, but it's still so sad and frustrating to think about. An artist who was earnest about their love for this culture's art practically driven off the platform by someone who was probably more jealous of them than offended by their art.

No. 1142235

I remember this! I never understood why she was called racist.
Jealously is a bitch

No. 1142255

I actually think the same. 99% of people that attacked EDA were jealous bitches that can't draw anything close to what eda creates.
Also some native americans did came to defend them but were shunned by the twittards because they were men, and if they were women they were shunned because they weren't queer, if queer because they were "colonized" etc… I hate oppression olympics from a bunch of jealous terminally online harrassers. But the art community (at least on a few big platforms) is just that rn i feel
Still happy that eda came back to twitter tho

No. 1142276

Also ironic how good chunk of them are weebs who indulge in Japanese pop culture. It's always these people.

No. 1142319

Wouldn't voice verification and a photo of something like a hand or whatnot be enough? If someone wants so badly to get in even a selfie could be faked honestly.
I once checked a discord server that was posted in one of art salt threads few months ago and even though it was relatively active, for me main problem was most of the people were in their early twenties, so idk if >>1141413 would appreciate it despite it being a farmer discord.

No. 1142481

>Also some native americans did came to defend them but were shunned by the twittards because they were men, and if they were women they were shunned because they weren't queer, if queer because they were "colonized" etc…
This is something I don't get. For people who parade around the fact that they're "inclusive" they seem to exclude people and their opinions a lot. Fuck their hypocrisy.
>Also ironic how good chunk of them are weebs who indulge in Japanese pop culture. It's always these people.

No. 1142512

This is what I thought too, kek. Weebs and Koreaboos "appropriate" asian culture so hardly but they act like anyone daring to be interested in a culture is evil for doing the same.

No. 1142766

Perhaps if I thought of that at the time it might have turned out better yea. I didn't take age into consideration at the time but if I could go back in time I would definitely make being over the age of 24 a requirement as well

No. 1142836

if they're willing to out gay men in violently homophobic countries wtf makes you think being a woman means you're safe from them? lmao

No. 1142841

One thing I don't really get is why artists cave in to baseless bait. Like someone calls you racist grasping at straws, why are you the one to go AWOL? I'm thinking of the Tyler the Creator cyberbully tweet.

No. 1142867

I think they just don't know better then get really scared it will take off and ruin their reputation. It takes experience and observation to learn how to handle it, most people's first instinct is to freak out

No. 1142948

The first callouter was a mentally ill cowish weirdo addicted to twitter drama who had quite the pedigree of terminally online behaviour on twitter.

Says a lot about the type of people who does that kind of shit. It's always them.

No. 1142962

the first time it happens your first instinct is to defend yourself, always. i got dogpilled on twitter once, and "fighting back" just made it worse. learned my lesson.

twitter doesn't phase me at all now, getting canceled means nothing if you continue posting after it happens.

No. 1142965

How do you think one should react to a cancel campaign at first?

No. 1143014

Not reacting at all. Easier said than done yes but whatever you say it won't matter. You won't change anyone's minds by tweeting shit.

No. 1143024

Has anyone read this artist’s stories and know if they’re good? They seem pretty popular but something about the style just turns me off

No. 1143159


No. 1143231

I think nonnie meant the stories.

No. 1143243

kek you are seriously obsessed. Like other anon said, I was referring to the stories

No. 1143302

Don't acknowledge and block spammers. It's really that simple.

No. 1143304

>reading comprehension

No. 1143310

Just go on by your day, the crowd will get bored. Pretend that nothing has happened.

No. 1143644

I agree, the people who seem to come out of it okay are the ones who don’t take it too seriously or draw attention to it and continue on as time and the short term attention of the internet moves on

No. 1143829

Makes me so happy that artfags are about to be BTFO


No. 1143855

I honestly don’t get the “robot replaces dumb human” fetish. It will never happen, humans are too retarded to let the machines do their own thing, even if machines managed to know how to draw clown cum-inflation furry fetish art with fart sounds, big tits and color picked tomato colored lip nipples, people would find something retarded about it and get a human to do it because the lip nipples aren’t the right size that the degenerate wanted.

No. 1143861

Sure but imagine how much autism will be unleashed when you can generate a 1000 sonic r34s for a $1.

No. 1143870

Not gonna happen, loser. AI art still can't compare to human art.

No. 1143876

these AI literally need to be fed human-made art so they'll be able to do art themselves. being afraid of these things is just so stupid.

No. 1143940

>Siri make me a pregnant furry tiger bondage giantess crushing

No. 1144070

random but i realize now this guys titties is so dam plump!

No. 1144119

These AI genrated things can't actually make porn now because they aren't allowed to be trained on the pictures. Same with avoiding them making hate art or real life deepfakes.
It won't be until the tech goes beyond research projects that need to keep their funding before that becomes a reality.

No. 1144177

Its really amazing just how shortsighted some of you are. This AI cant create without humans feeding it art YET… The technology will evolve, and companies will beging to implement AI to replace humans, and get art that is close to what they want, for half the price. This aint a conspiracy, and Im jusy talkikg facts.

No. 1144205


what do you want them to do about it? cry? i'm not really sure what you're expecting out of people here

No. 1144416

AI can only create art based on existing images (each stock image would require a fee to use) and creating a piece of AI art isn't free. So you'd think a company would rather spend money rolling the dice on a random image generator than pay an artist once to create exactly what they want? lol it's not like they're busting wallets to pay artists anyway, artists are already the least expensive part of a project.

No. 1144571

And this is when the whole "it's just a picture" "it's just fake" "it's just fantasy" shit will become worse with l0li porn

No. 1144574

Yeah ok I feel like only retarded artists who do art with no vision and only to sell might be replaced. Others are ok

No. 1144660

Cool, but that just means the industry will be able to mass produce shit that the ignorant retards will buy.
But commissions will still exist, parasocial relationships with artists will still happen, people will still want to draw the shit they think about.
Again, I don’t get the fetish that people have of technology replacing them, it will never happen because humans are too retarded to keep that going on, the moment the creator dies, and then the two or three people with have an idea of how to keep the code going on properly, the program will stop working or the results won’t be as how they were when the program started working.

No. 1144688

The industry already mass produces art but instead of AI it’s people in other countries pumping out cheap consumer art stolen or original. Even if AI art is a thing in the future who really cares? What’s the point of panicking about it anyway?

No. 1144735

These stupid techbros are acting like this same debacle didn't happen a century ago with the invention of photography and then again when art made on a computer happened. Remember when NFT bros said they would change the way the art market is percieved? Yep, nothing happened with that at all.

It will for sure revolutionise the art stock world, but the real real art world has nothing to worry about it. Things are more nuanced, a lot of money is involved. Imagine thinking collectionists will in any shape or form want to lose money just because an AI can produce lifelike pictures. AI or human content farm slave, it doesn't matter. Real art will survive. Chill.

No. 1144747

I agree. A lot of shit is already generated by AIs. Music for example is generated in the most commercial stupid way possible, but that doesn't stop people from wanting to go to concerts where human error can be percieved in the form of bands playing live. Same with art.

Also, shit from aliexpress factories exist, but people still buy handmade stuff

No. 1144770

>muh art market
>muh industry
>muh AI
Sometimes I wonder if people still exist that make art because they enjoy doing it

No. 1144840

They do of course we don’t hear about them because they are too busy to be loud online

No. 1144857

You won't see them or twitter, or this thread, for that matter

No. 1144884

It’s almost as if this thread was for the posters to be salty.

No. 1144898

You will be surprised it can be both

No. 1144922

Saltiness aside I go to figure drawing on the weekend and everyone there except for myself is above retirement age. I wish younger artists could see these people enjoying themselves and stop acting like their artistic lives will end when the first digit of their age turns into a 3.

No. 1145142

File: 1650751223210.jpeg (352.06 KB, 600x654, D613E77C-8CB1-4078-8F5A-B789C6…)

I followed this account named aelaart because I enjoyed their art. But come to find they mostly posted large text tweets in Korean and the extremely rare art post. I ignored it for a while until I saw multiple pictures of the artist cutting herself. I went to check out more of her profile, and whenever I translated the tweet it was always her venting about her suicidal tendencies, anorexia, and cutting. I unfollowed because of how much it disturbed me that this account was public and anyone could access it. It reminds me of the whole dollieguts situation with the cutting a bit, but this is much worse because 90% of her tweets are about either self harm or anorexia. The people in her replies are extremely concerned and she just doesn’t respond most of the time. I feel kind of worried for her.

No. 1145205

Isn't that just standard Twitter shit you described

No. 1145231

let her vent.

No. 1145369

Not sure if venting such heavy stuff online is the right thing to do but I hope she gets the professional help she desperately needs.

No. 1145404

File: 1650766424221.jpg (414.07 KB, 843x708, Eyes.jpg)

Alright nonnie, how would AI art avoid the copyright police if it tried to climb the social ladder?
It needs Disney to know what western animation looks like and the anime crowd on Twitter gets offended at "style theft" even though symmetry runs rampant there.

No. 1145409

Waifu generator already exists

No. 1145457

Climb up how? The very moment you start trying to do commissions the lie unravels apart. Unless you have a way to profit off of twitter likes and ko-fi donations alone?

No. 1145479

I agree. It’s really concerning how much of it she’s willing to share. I don’t think she has anyone else but twitter to vent to.

No. 1145480

The goal of the robot is to laugh at humanity by drawing Yor, Marin, or whichever vtubers and getting to 10K followers within a month or 2 because it has infinite stamina to fill out 30/30 days with art. It wouldn't exactly need OC commissions to accomplish that.

No. 1145521

>The very moment you start trying to do commissions the lie unravels apart. Unless you have a way to profit off of twitter likes and ko-fi donations alone?

Is everyone on this thread a twitterfag? I don't think this is how it works for every single artist out there

No. 1145736

Is making vtuber/live2d rigs still worth a shot or is the market already saturated? I have a pretty good knowledge of live2d and drawing rigs is easy af sooo

No. 1145751

I get the feeling that most thread regulars are lazy, pessimistic and not very good at drawing, hence the constant seething and coping kek

No. 1145759

Honestly, it depends. L2D keeps evolving itself, and if you are ready to rig over 1000 layers, good luck.

No. 1146060

Nonas, how do you get over fear of having fun?
I've been in art servers full of people who tear apart any personal illustrations/doodles by saying I should be focusing on studying the masters and reading art books instead of just doodling what I feel all the time.
I'd understand if they were trying to help me improve, but when I ask which parts specifically need improvement, all the responses I get are that I lack dedication, and that I'm ngmi unless I start "studying more".
Even though I'm just a hobbyist, I've been made to feel like I can't draw anything unless it's constant anatomy studies or Loomis figures.
I wish I could just draw for fun.

No. 1146298

You need to unironically stop hanging out on /ic/ and its discord servers, kek. Especially since you're a hobbyist! This is SUPPOSED to be fun for you, even if you're a serious hobbyist and want to git gud. Of course studying is good, but studying constantly without applying anything you've learn in personal works would just impede your learning anyway, so the server people were just giving you shitty advice. Try doing 50/50 or 60/40 of studies to personal work and be mindful about what you're actually studying.

No. 1147154

Is it worth going into creating Clipart/SVG files and monetize them on different platforms like Etsy/DesignBundles, etc? Or is it too saturated to get into?

No. 1147194

I hate this idea so much to be honest. This thread constantly makes it clear to me how different artists' perspectives can be.
Yeah. I accept that we're all different but it's borderline depressing to hear the way some people think.

No. 1147275

File: 1650892743576.png (131.02 KB, 715x943, Art_Graph.png)


I think you should seriously question anon what direction you want to take your artwork in. If you're just doing it as a hobby and aren't interested in improving much at all (just wanting to have some fun) you may be better off in a casual art discord server/forum. That way there's a bit less pressure on yourself to constantly feel the need git gud.

If you are a hobbyist that wants to improve marginally, take the information you get from these servers and apply them marginally to your artwork. Take baby steps. If you go all in trying some complex art technique you've barely mastered, of course you're going to feel like shit afterwards when it doesn't work out. You need to build up to that experience. Studying more will only help if you learn to gradually apply what you've learned. That takes time and patience.

Lastly, If you're hellbent on being a professional, keep in mind that even professionals have personal art they enjoy, too. Not everything needs to be a study. Sometimes you have work that's just for fun and it's okay. Art is definitely what you make of it! I argue it's supposed to be fun to some degree like other anons mentioned. It's easy to get burned out when it's not.

No. 1147300

Nta and nothing directed at you anon but I hate this graph and the absolutist way it talks. The ‘time’ bar really messes it up, presenting it as some universal journey. Should’ve just had the abilities on each axis and plotted the scenarios individually.

No. 1147710

>I've been in art servers full of people who tear apart any personal illustrations/doodles by saying I should be focusing on studying the masters and reading art books instead of just doodling what I feel all the time.

This was the first mistake. Simply don't do it ever again. These people don't want to help or see you grow, they want to smell their own farts and circle jerk while feeling superior to each other.

No. 1147716

The thing is, we're on the internet so of course we would be full of internet people. But you all need to remember that art is a huuuuuuge area, it encompases many bubbles and little niches. It's the same as engeniering.

No. 1147904

already seen so many artists talking about leaving twitter because the muskrat bought it up, fucking hell. how many new sites need to be made and abandoned.

No. 1148030

>artists abandoning twitter
I fail to see the issue.

No. 1148033

I don't think it's gonna cause an exodus like tumblr, best case scenario the most annoying people leave twitter.

No. 1148171

/ic/fags never improve, or at least they feel like they never improve, because all they do is studies, and sucking the fun out of drawing for people with genuine enthusiasm. That's why they're all crabs

No. 1148195

Lol I hope they do leave, the platform then may get a chance to be good again. Twittertard artists are the worst.

No. 1148210

File: 1650932648843.png (413.5 KB, 529x821, pc1.png)

speaking of twitter artists: puppychan makes a new twitter account hoping to hide from the grooming allegations, attempts to asianfish by speaking in broken engrish and putting "kung-fu" in her username, does not attempt to change her artstyle whatsoever and is found out within five minutes. a classic.

No. 1148213

File: 1650932711717.png (935.07 KB, 1659x760, pc3.png)


No. 1148214

File: 1650932862657.png (41.69 KB, 593x418, pc4.png)

3/3 her response to the immediate callouts

No. 1148221

can't believe she tried to claim that this is how she speaks IRL as if that somehow makes it better

No. 1148222

>putting "kung-fu" in her username
This bitch can't be serious kekkk
Anyway, how could she be dumb enough to think that people wouldn't recognize her art style? And if she really wanted to get away she wouldn't be announcing that she was gonna pop up on a new account. Dumb as a bag of rocks.

No. 1148374

File: 1650943961950.jpeg (88.64 KB, 790x898, A468F649-0611-4327-8174-D9DE03…)

I mainly follow artists on Twitter, but most seem to not know whether to leave or stay because of Elon. I don't know if any of you are here, but wherever you guys go I'll follow.

No. 1148408

Is puppychan a confirmed real women? Their art is so overwhelminingly scrotish, I'll be shocked if it's not a transbian behind the account

No. 1148415

i'm staying, i couldn't care less about elon musk's shenanigans and the mute, blacklist and block features are freely available for liberal use. i personally find these artists who are throwing a fit pretty damn stupid.

No. 1148504

Only the roachiest of ""artists"" would jump ship just because muskrat is buying twitter. twitter is a plague infested with mentally ill cockroaches that freak out and disperse over the minimal of provocations. I hope they all crawl away from an already toxic waste of a website and go make their own micro niches and then die off. These people are the ones who are ruining the world with their stupid gender shit and cancel culture muk. I hope they get exterminated.

No. 1148510

ot but the way they interact with this dude is fucking cringeworthy

No. 1148543

>it's destroying the medium
Why is he so stupid

No. 1148637

I cant believe so many people worship this moron.
Ultimately thought, he will not policy every single thing on tumblr and it's not like people will stop crediting because he says so. Maybe I would consider going back to tumblr since there's nowhere else to go really, but most likely, just as most people probably, will stick to twitter still. I don't think enough people would move to one specific platform for it to be reasonable to abandon twitter altogether.

No. 1148663

File: 1650965258435.jpg (833.16 KB, 1067x1464, 20220426_022048.jpg)

Tiri's made comments about style and pose replication before, but getting pissed that someone's using the same medium is a whole new level. Why are you posting art if not to inspire people? That aside, any idea which mutual she could be talking about?

No. 1148736

File: 1650969525300.jpg (331.19 KB, 1006x1920, LasQkgi.jpg)

I don't hate abstract art, sometimes it can be really cool but I've come to really hate abstract art driven by politics or abstract art that acts deeper than it actually is, I don't know if there's a term for that type of art but it's common among moids trying to be artistic. There's almost no skill put into it but people will flock towards it because it's trying to be political and for some reason it's almost popular with leftists or post-modernists types of people. It looks like a child drew it but because a moid slaps some deep commentary on it gets attention.

Picrel is similar to what I'm talking about but it's still leaps and bounds better.

No. 1148747

Like everyone else said, just ditch them. You'll draw more if you think it's fun, and you'll improve more by drawing more.

I was told to study ye old realism masters, but I stopped when I realized I have 0 interest in producing that kind of art. I'm now a professional artist who uses my "doodling" skills far more. None of my clients want a photo realistic drawing, they'd just use a camera and take a photo if that's what they wanted.

Every art area is a skill on its own, and you get good at what you practice. Did you ever see those professional good artists try to draw "manga" when it first got popular in the west? It all looked like shit, despite them being good artists. It's ok to hyperfocus on drawing in a single style or thing if that's what you enjoy. I know some landscape painters who do breathtaking artworks but they still can't draw a human at all. Doesn't affect them at all because they get hired purely to do landscapes.

No. 1148766

>I’m just a hobbyist
Honestly I feel you. I blame the disappearance of spaces for hobbyist online. Everyone that starts to draw wants to monetise their work or wants to become a professional one day.
Honestly I think you should dump all those discord servers since they don’t seem geared towards hobbyists anyway. I’m tempted to say dump social media art as well because they all have that same “i need to start making commissions!!” mentality even if they’re a hobbyist.
You’re drawing for you, it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing.
Drawabox has this thing called the 50/50 rule, look it up i think it provides a great balance between learning and having fun.

No. 1148971

I'll forever believe that the only people who complain about "style/pose theft" are people who are aware that their art is actually pretty boring and the style is the only thing that makes it somewhat interesting.

The second someone pops up with a similar style but better composition and subject matter, the complainers know they're fucked.

No. 1149071

100% agree w/ u anon. i really wish there was a space for hobbyists nowadays. the "start opening commissions" mentality really fucked with me and my relationship with my art for years.

i think a lot of people who have creative hobbies go through with this kind of mentality. constantly being fed that we need to side hustle our hobbies makes me sick. if it works for you then by all means keep going but personally, at the end of my 9-5 i really just want to draw something for me. any other anons feel this?

No. 1149132

I'm part of a small art discord and this one lady will not stfu about commissions. She keeps panicking about it and not taking everyone's advice to just practice and have fun now.

No. 1149174

Just checked her IG and I'm gonna assume she's talking about Posca markers. And if that the case, she's just searching something to be mad about because it's a super common art medium lmao, literally the first thing i see when going to my local art supplies store.

>>1148971 often true

No. 1150082

I think It might be gdbee, her story was right after tiri's one for me. She had also done a portrait with posca markers and they're mutuals.
It's a dumb thing to complain about and gdbee's art is much more appealing anyways

No. 1150339

No. 1150533

I would honestly just go for it. You can whip some up really quick and once you post them it's basically passive income until you take them down. Even if you don't sell a lot you'll still get a few extra bucks for something that most people do just for fun.

No. 1150537

>It's a dumb thing to complain about and gdbee's art is much more appealing anyways

lol, like I said >>1148971

No. 1150788

File: 1651079204285.png (245.04 KB, 720x720, 1651012413805.png)

I made a new Instagram for art but now it appears it's recommending it to my old contacts. How do I stop it?

No. 1150877

STEM lord cope

No. 1150885

She is a woman (There are pics of her in her kf thread).
Her twitter mutual circle were a lot of MtF coomers, so I think that explains why her art gives the vibes that it was made by a male.

No. 1150897

Go into the settings and turn off location, don't link accounts to your phone number, use a new email account.

No. 1151111

My location is off, I have a new email and I don't have my phone number linked but this still happens

No. 1151168

I feel kind of bad for her, she strikes me as a very stunted shut in with a serious twitter addiction. She is talented but her addiction to likes and retweets makes her draw these weird scrotey shit.

No. 1151187

why are popular artists so insecure and annoying. I am a small artist and I've had people rip off my style but who gives a fuck. It's like these artists don't understand that the value of their own art is not lowered because of copycats (if that's what's even going on and not this artist sperging) the copycat will always be compared to the original

No. 1151364

I have yet to see an artist who would have "orginal" artstyle. Everyone is "ripping off" each other because there are only a few styles that people draw all the time (yes, including me)

No. 1151756

When I made my new account I kept it private for a while and blocked every person I knew irl I could find. Turned off Contact syncing in the app and anything similar and just went ahead with posting once some time had passed and I was sure I could do it safely. If you don't put in anything they could recognize you by they likely won't know it's you anyway and will just ignore anyway

No. 1152100

File: 1651100180460.jpeg (513.09 KB, 2048x1634, FHaHbCNWYAAw5Or.jpeg)

I've been following this cow (pansybeast) for years now and their shitty autistic art never ceases to amaze.

No. 1152267

what is going on here

No. 1152281

the artist is an ultra lib fujo transman with a bunch of poorly made self-insert navel gazey art that i just think is fucking cringe. and the fact her work is considered fine art is laughable to me.

No. 1152287

File: 1651101713058.png (861.86 KB, 995x702, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 3.57…)

No. 1152379

no one cares but i love being an art account on ig and not posting any art whatsoever. i just spam my story w random shit and call it a day

No. 1152850

i like this person's ceramics honestly
she's pretty textbook failure to launch and it's been quite sad to watch

No. 1152984

No one posted the ceramics though

No. 1153031

Honestly same. It's even sadder when you consider how she used to complain about her mom trying to limit her internet access and take away her "safe space". Yeah that sure went well.

No. 1153159


I thought it might be her, but she has old posca art from before Tiri started using them. My other theory is that it's Meggles.art because she posted a story about trying out poscas right before Tiri complained.

No. 1153228

Same. But sometimes I can't help but feel bad about posting art once a month, like, I'm an art account not stand-up show.

No. 1153286

File: 1651142254199.jpg (816.89 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_12t.jpg)

I don't know any of these artists, but how do you get 80k followers with what seems to be a shitty smudgy mix of jacquelin deleon and loish? Her colors look disgusting in most of her posts and her anatomy is terrible, do normies really not realize?

No. 1153355

File: 1651144423103.jpg (199.57 KB, 850x639, Painting woman 1900.JPG)

Wasn't sure if I should ask it here or the jobs thread, but where do illustrators apply for jobs? On regular job sites? Or do employees contact them based on their portfolios? Or is there like a collective job page for creative positions?

No. 1153387

ugly as fuck empty art only made for views

No. 1153393

If I had the brainpower right now I would exactly explain everything to you, because I'm knowledgeable in this. But I'm not feeling super good so please bear with me. I think it's a mix of both people contacting you and you contacting them. There are also collective job pages indeed. I know one called artjobs and there's other places here and there. If you really want to skip and just email the art directors and scouters directly there's a website called agencyaccess but you'll have to pay (it's worth it, just copy paste all the emails you need). Some people do contact you via social media but that's likely not gonna happen enough so be sure to have a nice portfolio page that you can send alongside an artist statement. If I think of more tips I can come back and reply more stuff to you (although maybe another nonnie might be better explaining than me). I wish you luck

No. 1153421

Yeah, but why is it getting views? What's the difference between this and a beginner that gets no likes on their equally shitty art? It all looks bad, but do Instagram users just see a bunch of colors and perceived details and hit follow? She gets around 800$ on her patreon and seemingly only provides sketches, "tutorials" and discounts for her shop as well as prints and similar stuff, but I can't tell what the appeal in that would be. Happy for her that she managed to make an income out of this, but I just don't understand

No. 1153447

who cares, it's the algorithm probably. It's all shitty no matter how much money they think they're entlitled to and I beg you to not care so much.

No. 1153695

You don't have to like the style, but I personally do. It's not 100% consistent, but it has coloring consistencies and I love the noise filter over digital as well. I would say they should stick to drawing girls for sure because that demon below looks dumb AF [design as well], but I wouldn't call this type of art bad. I find JJBA art to not be my thing, but it is for a lot of people which is why it's popular.

No. 1153964

The only good drawing there is the redhead with turquoise skin and horns, and I've seen million iterations of that drawing before. Everything else looks wonky.

No. 1154023

It's "pretty girl" art. What the hell else is there to understand.

No. 1154074

Nonnies please help, if you're buying finer art prints do you like the option or prefer them to be matted? Thank you!

No. 1154292

File: 1651197475569.png (63.97 KB, 720x621, Perspective_.png)


I mean, you could say that for anything really. Why do crappy celebrities still get attention? Why do trashy reality TV shows still air? It's because regardless of what other people may think there IS an audience for everything (for better or worse). What is appealing to one person may not be appealing to another. Most people can tell if they like something and want to support it. I think it's just a matter of perspective.

Some anons seem to just focus on the "pretty" aspect of the pretty instagram girls and wonder why these artists get views. It's definitely not as much "pretty" as it is, "generally appealing to some niche/audience". The art itself may not be perfect by any means, but it falls into the latter category. The coloring, "wonky" lineart, shading, and overall presentation are consistent. Many people will gravitate towards art regardless if it's the best in the world BECAUSE of that.

Yes, people can tell if art is poorly made, even with little experience. However, as long as there's a clear effort, most won't be super picky. It doesn't mean you shouldn't make an effort, but the general populace is not going to look at all art the same way or enjoy it for the same purpose.

Sure we could believe in a world in which only the most well-rendered, genuinely awe-inspiring art is what gets the most attention, but sometimes it isn't always like that. Especially with something as unpredictable as social media.

No. 1154319

>It's definitely not as much "pretty" as it is, "generally appealing to some niche/audience". The art itself may not be perfect by any means, but it falls into the latter category. The coloring, "wonky" lineart, shading, and overall presentation are consistent.

True but I also believe anyone who likes this shit probably wears ahegao hoodies, listens to the top songs on Spotify, and watches The Animeman on YouTube. It's a popular style and this artist poorly replicates it, but I guess they are good enough for these people to like it. It looks effortlessly "cool" and doesn't say much or make you think. Easy to consume. I disagree with the concept of shit having to be beautifully rendered all the time as well, but that's because I think doodles can have more meaning than anything these Instagram creators could make. Their art is literally made to sell to that niche. Regardless of style you can tell when someone panders super hard to the social media grind game. It's the same thing with all the flavors of instahoes out there that get money regardless of how good their content is. Sometimes it's just luck and grind.

No. 1154544

I like exaggerated features. The top left wasn't even the one I liked the most.

No. 1155417

Idk where else to ask but I am looking for a paint that's opaque but shows virtually 0 brush strokes whatsoever. Acryla-gouache or poster colors maybe? Any brand reccs?

No. 1155557

File: 1651269116501.jpg (159.42 KB, 1414x1000, FRQzZ6bVkAAZri0.jpg)

What's a good learning resource for backgrounds and lighting? I want to make the most out of the photos laying around in Pinterest.

No. 1155833

Rae demonstrates her lack of knowledge about art supplies once again. She claims she's doing this video to help people know what's worth buying but most of her reviews have nothing to do with teh actual quality of the supplies.

No. 1155955

You might be able to get that with acrylic paints or oil paints that are really high in pigment & using a fluid medium? I guess gouache works too. Just has to have enough pigment that you can thin it out quite a bit

No. 1155957

doublepost but maybe liquitex soft body or golden fluid(?) acrylics if you dont want to mess around with mediums

No. 1155995

What are some artists on Instagram/Youtube whom you like and who don't draw/paint in an anime or a Calarts or cartoony kind of style?

No. 1156004

I fucking hate when artists on twitter cry about “muh style theft” saw one artist on the timeline shitting their self over it and the “perpetrator” was apologizing under their post. Went to their page, sure the art has similar line art style but totally different subjects, and their own unique touch to it. I wouldn’t mistake the two even. Dare i say, they were inspired and created even better pieces lol. I always find it embarrassing and a red flag of huge self importance in the person…

No. 1156013

For artists struggling to become relevant on social media, reminder that art exists outside the internet too. If you are truly passionate you will find your way even if you don't get a ton of likes. Also I love this channel, I already recommended her but seriously I love art prof, what a beautiful and kind GNC woman!

No. 1156579

File: 1651351172281.jpg (76.22 KB, 605x816, d335c2fc951215b37f2ac099b49d0b…)

Nonnas… How much should I charge for a character reference sheet?
Picrelated is an example.
I know I would like to bonus charge for added emotions or possible chibi. My coloring is basic anime, but I am good at anatomy at least.

No. 1156581

This is amazing! You honestly deserve $100+ but I know the market is tough out there

No. 1156696

File: 1651356791344.jpg (79.71 KB, 750x712, 20220501_001207.jpg)

it's this meme but done in the most unappealing way possible

No. 1156702

lmao nona I don't think that anon drew that

No. 1156837


I hate this, too. I've seen people try to claim that no one is allowed to get inspired by their art because it makes them """uncomfortable""" as if they didn't put themselves on a public platform to begin with.

If you don't want your art to be put under public scrutiny, you shouldn't post at all to begin with. It's impossible to filter every single person who interacts with your art. Obsessing over that will just make you go crazy, but some people are up to the challenge I guess.

I find it ironic that these types of people will try to gatekeep their own style as being unique because that only leads to these people getting less attention. In my opinion, as an artist you just have to come to terms with the fact that people will be receptive to your art in different ways. Like, who doesn't want people to be inspired by what to create? That's a sign that your art is reaching some sort of audience. These people just squander those opportunities for growth and wonder why others find them insufferable for art policing.

No. 1156841


Go for it, anon! As other anons stated you can easily charge more for ref sheets. Especially with anime characters. People are much more willing to shell out more for their waifu being in a turnaround. lol

The market is tough, but test the waters and experiment at bit. Start at $100 USD, keep the extra charges for emotions or chibis as you stated, make some samples to show, and see what bites. You can always adjust as needed later on.

No. 1156872

Ref sheets are a lot of work, if your style looks anything like your picrel then don't dip under the triple digits. Good luck anon!

No. 1156946

It’s always the ones with the most boring meaningless pretty girl art

No. 1156966

File: 1651372203802.jpeg (229.28 KB, 1242x797, FF06B92A-15FB-41C6-8974-9782BA…)

This is getting extremely concerning now. I literally don’t know what to say other than why would someone make something like this public.

No. 1157187

Shes just being an edgy girlboss anon what do you know

No. 1157192


This video of Rae's irritated me much more than her videos usually do. The metric in which she judged things was so inconsistent. I mean, she was pissed about the Bob Ross line of products to the point that she put it at the lowest ranking, but she didn't flip out about Amazon Basics and Hobby Lobby generics to the same extent, when I think you can rationally say that they're probablyly just as bad on a moral level–but then again, why is she bringing in morals with those products and nothing else is judged in the same way. And it's so fucking dumb that she lumped all of the art stuff found at Dollar Tree as one brand, when that inventory is of several brands, many not exclusive to Dollar Tree. Anything of theirs that mentions Chesapeake, Virginia on their labeling would be fair game, as most of their exclusive products are distributed from there. And Crayola being top-tier? What a fucking joke. I hate it how so many people are blinded by nostalgia.

No. 1157847

Everything that's happening in the animation industry feels so bleak. Some animators are trying to say it's not all that bad as the news is making it seem but it's starting to get really hard to believe them.

No. 1157864

What exactly do you mean? Elaborate

No. 1157870

She's japanese? Even japanese side of twitter is full of snowflakes huh.

No. 1157891

I believe anon is referring to how Netflix is canceling a ton of their animated shows and laying off tons of their animation employees.

No. 1157954

Bump, don't scroll

No. 1157956

Do you have a link to some new site that talks about it? I would like to share it with a friend who is an animator

No. 1157992

Why would it be surprising? Just because the person is a different race and you can’t understand their language doesn’t mean only westerners can be weird, unhinge, or whatever.

No. 1157994

I mostly see that "trend" in english/american twitter, not that much in other languages.

No. 1157996

It is. These pros are full of shit honestly, and they know it. Animation is truly an industry that solely thrives, propped up, by exploiting the dreams of kids. Im ever thankful I put my dream of pursuing a career in animation aside, years ago. I was hearing dismal news and info then. Its all smoke and mirrors, cause if they told the real truth, theydbe blacklisted, and these art schools enrollment would drop off in a heartbeat.

No. 1157999

No soy esa nonny pero hay un chingo de lolcows en español, ese pedo está muy loco porque no existe así como tal un lugar donde se les cancele o critique por decir pendejadas, como aquí

No. 1158001

there's plenty of korean cows as well

No. 1158002

File: 1651431694298.png (Spoiler Image, 309.65 KB, 596x462, pepfj.png)

Ew anon this is fucking wild (spoiler for self harm from aelaart)

No. 1158013

Not either of those anons but coincidentally I found out about it yesterday when I read about Lauren Faust's new cartoon for Netflix being cancelled before even being announced (vid related).
I wonder why they (Netflix) can't continue producing their own animation in their own studio. Was it not as profitable as they had hoped?

There are lolcows everywhere. Celebrity gossip is common in every country, why wouldn't there be plenty lolcows there too in the current year?

No. 1158018

Not sure of what’s the topic of discussion right now but I think that witch looks adorable.

No. 1158023

That’s probably because english/american twitter is what you expose yourself most to, so of course you’d see more of the loonies there. Unless you’re somehow out there sifting through and translating thousands of tweets from each non-english community

No. 1158024

Netflix was expecting to have an additional million people sign up for Netflix accounts last quarter and instead what they got was a 200K loss of subscribers. Their projections were way off the mark. People are getting cut left and right. Their animations probably aren't bringing in nearly as many viewers as their live action content so they get cut first.

No. 1158028

File: 1651432861424.jpeg (407.91 KB, 750x1041, 17847F4E-0E72-4DB8-8CDB-9F2755…)


No. 1158035

File: 1651433079708.jpg (143.19 KB, 700x627, Image.jpg)

>I think that witch looks adorable.
Me too nona. I saw the leaked concept art and it looked like it had so much potential and the protagonist has such an AMAZINGLY cute design. Not to mention it's a female protagonist written by a woman so that's a BIG plus. I'm fucking seething at the fact that this cartoon was cancelled. This other Lauren Faust project looks extra cute, too, as far as I know she has been trying to make it a TV show for years. It's called Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls.

I see, thanks for explaining that. I also had a feeling that live-action does better than animation and that it had to do with the animation department shutting down.

No. 1158052

I remember seeing concept art of them on Lauren Faust's website, I loved them. I want to watch their adventures

No. 1158055

I don't know what the hell you're talking about, the style is much more 2000s-cartoon-influenced than most modern cartoons on TV.


Why'd you delete the post? Thanks for the info, though

No. 1158073

reminds me of the "portraying capitalist as fat money hungry monsters is fatphobic" tweet that was posted a couple threads ago, from a wokies POV this isn't even an out there take tbh, portraying healthy and happy families is literal fascism is a take they usually have, I once saw some wokies argue that black women wanting to be portrayed as normal healthy human beings without any sort of trauma was supporting white supremacy

No. 1158227

this is against twitter TOS, you're not allowed to post self harm. report this tweet

No. 1158229

ah, i too remember when hitler used wholesome art to become dictator of germany

No. 1158277

Romanticizing self harm by teenage girls and young women transcends language barriers

No. 1158279

I think the demon you're referring to is from Genshin Impact

No. 1158296

No. 1158366

this girl needs help asap, and the teenagers commenting praises under the post cuz pRettY AesThEtic or sum shit…. lol disgustang

No. 1158507

TBF they did do that with propaganda posters, but you could support anything with artistic depictions of wholesome families in any country

No. 1158654

It’s really sad. In the last post she made like that there were people trying to talk her out of it in the comments. All she really does is ignore it. Not sure if that’s because of the language barrier, but there’s a feature to automatically translate tweets on twitter.

No. 1158730

I feel bad for her and hope she gets better, but what is she supposed to do? Clearly there are issues she can't deal with in a healthy way, how are comments from strangers going to get her out of it?

No. 1158733

Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. I just think an account like this should clearly be private. It’s obvious that most of it are people who followed for the art, only to find these pics of aela cutting herself. I’m not asking for trigger warnings or anything, just for something like this to be less public

No. 1159249

I don't think the comments are the problem, she should seek help instead of posting things like those

No. 1159471

File: 1651516916191.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 185 KB, 850x598, 1651374994641.jpeg)

How can I find reference photos for poses like this? Sort of erotic and casual if that makes sense, but not full on porn.

No. 1159483

why did I feel something looking at this

No. 1159485

What do you feel

No. 1159494

You're horny

No. 1159517

They look like a fakeboi that's LARPing as Gerard Way and a special needs guy

No. 1159536

Oh, I didn't even think about it like that. Maybe to her it's her personal account and the art is just part of what she posts, not something she needs a dedicated account for. It could also be that she has no one to reach out to, so it'd make sense to share on a public account where she already has followers that would react to it. You can't really do anything about it either way without directly talking to her I guess

No. 1159551

No sorry, I hadn't really checked out her account and it even has "art" in the name. Googling her it's obvious that something must have happened, the shift in her art now compared to before is really big. It seems like at this point she might just be too far gone to care about what she puts on her public account anymore

No. 1159678

Fitting since the artist is an MCR fan girl and has incestous ocs based off Gerard and Mikey

No. 1159693

Not really, I see this autism only in eng twitter and I don't count people who learned english.

No. 1159707


I would watch both of these ugh, why do good cartoons get cancelled

No. 1159792

i only assume it wasn't to the same extent because she has more lovetowards Bob Ross and since he still has living family who doesn't see that money compared to amazon basics or hobby lobby where it is legitimately their own store brand as opposed to a brand they (allegedly) tricked someone into signing the right over the rights and going against their wishes.

that said if it is true I hope his son is able to win or buy the rights back even if it is a high shot to heaven. I do agree crayola being top tier is a joke but so is Rae's art considering how much she does it with. She made her entire brand off of cheap art supplies looking professional but not actually teaching people how to get that same look.

No. 1159887

>I just think an account like this should clearly be private
Or you could just block her. Why are you obsessed with that woman? There are thousands of people like her on the internet.

No. 1159922

Requesting this too. I don't want to look at porn for this sort of stuff kek

No. 1160084

Jesus I used to like this artist's fanart like two years ago but stopped checking of her work. Her compositions used to be interesting and sometimes she drew the occasional pastel gore, but now it's the same self-harm overly saturated boy again and again with deteriorating anatomy. I don't even want to assume all gore artists are fucked in the head but so far all the ones I've seen are to some extent. It's sad and scary because she seems genuinely unwell and not doing any of this for attention.
Also almost 100% sure she's korean but can speak japanese too.

No. 1160091

File: 1651540792811.png (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 780x1169, 748932704893820.png)

Erotic photo collections.

No. 1160112

File: 1651541562463.png (850.09 KB, 606x702, 654904382948534.png)

That one is from Hunt Magazine, you can get an idea for other photobooks like it here just be aware some are more explicit than others.

No. 1160639

ohhhhhh NTA but thanks nona this is helpful

No. 1160687

Tbh, a lot of couple boudoir should be in Google.

No. 1160980

Yeah, if anything it is depressingly easy to find porn and erotic photos on the internet. Tumblr blogs run by gay men usually have a lot too

No. 1161020

No. 1161030

File: 1651582816702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 617.64 KB, 720x1010, 1651582574445.jpg)

Is this art considered scrotal or not? It was drawn by a famous yami kawaii japanese model (kuua oyasumi)

No. 1161033

You can tell by the yaoi hands that a woman drew it.

No. 1161049

looks bad

No. 1161069

Hmmm have you considered its because you don't speak the language and therefore have less exposure? We have some really intelligent people here, don't we?

No. 1161144

The boobs aren’t gigantic theres focus on detail like cute colors and patterns so id say its not scrotal

No. 1161150

You're better off forming an opinion on your own. People here think anything with tits and anime artstyle is scrotal.

No. 1161248

How do you cultivate a different audience for your art? All my fans are either gross coomer trannies or they/themlets and it’s really ruining my drive to post art. I have less than 500 followers, would starting over be a good idea or would it be even worse?

No. 1161250

Start over for sure

No. 1161280

Start over, block those accounts, and only follow people who are serious about art and have no pronouns in bio.

No. 1161284

NTA but how do you start over? Wouldn't they eventually find you again and start a cancel campaign? Sorry, it makes me really paranoid

No. 1161285

500 followers is not a big amount so you're not losing much, specially if more than 20% of your followers are gross coomer trannies

No. 1161298

Why would they cancel you for simply remaking your account? I am a paranoid bitch too but I don't think simply remaking would make someone get cancelled. If in the rare case someone says anything simply ignore them.

Also, Instagram has many ways to protect yourself. In my case I only let people whom I follow comment on my posts, I have a "you must be over 23 to view this profile" age restriction to filter dumb teens and people whose brain is not completely developed (I would put it at 25 but I'm being generous) and only people who have followed me for a month can message me (mutuals can do it whenever). Also, I turn my location off and use a new email everytime.

No. 1161301

I mean…it looks like a child

No. 1161305

Are you making specifically anti-tranny art?

No. 1161316

The weird amount of detail on the nipples and vaguely pedophilic face, as well as the head-to-body ratio make it look scrotey.

No. 1161317

Anon, I've been hiding out in a new account after nuking my other one [not from controversy, just wanting to start over] and not even the few thousand from my other account have found me. It's a whole new audience and it's nice. Just don't do anything you used to do, especially if you were planning on moving to a different type of style or coloring or something that already doesn't look like your old profile is posting.

No. 1161323