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File: 1652683968121.jpeg (101.32 KB, 640x369, 7201DE74-A381-4D95-A0E0-F75761…)

No. 1182903

Remember to ignore/report bait.
Ignore/report continuous derailing and tinfoiling.

Last thread >>1171747
Thread pic cropped from >>1176616

>>1171770 Azealia Banks is back
>>1171894 Elizabeth Olsen listens to Red Scare
>>1171977 Azealia says to Venmo her $100k so she drops music, also "$50 gets you a conch shell"
>>1172387 Kim K gets called out by Lili Reinhart for supposedly starving herself to fit in Marilyn Monroe's dress
>>1173612 Lea Michele reveals she once let Jonathan Groff, a gay man, see her vagina
>>1173673 Ncuti Gatwa is the new Doctor Who
>>1174125 Tweet saying Sky Ferreira declined date with Elon Musk, anons realize belatedly it's from a fake news account. Maye Musk and Muskrat himself respond though
>>1174344 Britney Spears and Sam Asghari reported to hash out a prenup agreement where he wants "substantial increases for every five years they are married should it end"
>>1174390 Anon shows an IG comment by Sam that supposedly denies this
>>1174398 Dolly Parton and Doja Cat will perform in a Taco Bell musical
>>1174492 Rob McElhenney, co-creator of It's Always Sunny apologizes via an IG video for writing and jokes used in the show
>>1174593 Lana Del Rey takes a photo in an outfit that suits her for once
>>1174600 WB considers replacing Ezra Miller with Dylan O'Brien to play the Flash
>>1174609 Azealia rants about Lady Gaga, mentions Lana
>>1174722 Versace and media keep trying to shill Chloe Cherry
>>1175754 Anons show that Sophie Turner is styled badly, with a picture of her with better styling >>1175769 closeup >>1176227 and retouched photos posted later in thread >>1176277 and >>1176294 while anons draw comparisons to Angelina Jolie and Florence Welch
>>1175791 and >>1175792 Headline saying Harry Styles reveals how Billie Eilish "helped him come to terms with ageing", turns out to be word salad
>>1176251 Young Thug and Gunna gets busted, drawing the attention of a (c)rapperchan variant
>>1176302 Hilary Duff poses nude for Women's Health (spoilered)
>>1176356 Young Thug tried to murder Lil Wayne
>>1176366 Anons start to come out of the woodwork either disliking or thirsting over Henry Cavill, first mentioned in >>1175866
>>1176372 Young Thug says he "can't be gay because he doesn't even have threesomes"
>>1176382 Anon shows article saying Henry is getting replaced as Superman, anons dispute the accuracy of the info in >>1176513 and >>1176617
>>1176421 Gunna's real name is Sergio Kitchens, featuring an image of him holding a dog
>>1176450 Photoshoot with Young Thug (?), work is praised by anons >>1176460
>>1176464 Chris Brown sued by woman who says she was sexually assaulted in his home
>>1176616 Anon points out Henry has tiny hands in comparison to his costars including Ezra, source of threadpic
>>1176779 Weird video of Henry building a PC with dramatic music
>>1176872 Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chili Peppers dating a girl much younger than him, with him holding the girl extremely awkwardly prompting discussion of his grossness seeping into their music, >>1177218 reveals the photo is several years old and they broke up in 2014
>>1176983 Arigato Grande's eyelid creases are gone, eyes look almost half the size
>>1177134 Nick Cave's son Jethro Lazenby has died at the age of 31
>>1177157 Flash replacement news allegedly debunked
>>1177163 Arigato stealing makeup packaging from Chinese beauty brands that appear to look much better than hers anyway, she never acknowledges this of course
>>1177356 Zara Larsson has based opinion on sex work
>>1177385 Gwyneth Paltrow's bullshit wellness company Goop promotes a shit idea of a diaper, "never had to think about the cost of diapers" she also says >>1177456
>>1177591 and >>1177602 and >>1177647 and >>1177675 and >>1178141 Honorary mention: an example of what not to do in these threads. Report and ignore bait.
>>1177692 Footage released from Ezra's March arrest where he rants, claims he's transgender and nonbinary
>>1177697 James Cromwell glues himself to Starbucks counter in PETA protest
>>1178150 Arigato wears inappropriate outfit to wedding, hair looks horrid and as if she is balding. Has a habit of dressing inappropriately at events like Aretha Franklin's funeral >>1179030
>>1178177 A Simple Favor sequel said to come out, among other new movie projects
>>1178415 Earlier anon revealed to have used random gay bodybuilder's photo to pretend he is her bf, ignore bait like it.
>>1178583 Ezra said to be dancing "like a sim" after his arrest
>>1178619 After much sperging between Henry stans and Ezrafags, someone posts Mike Tyson not getting charged for punching an airplane passenger
>>1178644 Blind item
>>1178671 Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Chastain allegedly in the running to portray Jean Grey
>>1178784 Kim about to pass out on red carpet
>>1178961 Aaron Carter milk update
>>1179014 Mia Khalifa said to be rebranding, temporarily gains respect before it is revealed she still has an OnlyFans
>>1179452 Arigato badly recreates Twiggy's makeup look
>>1179912 Kanye West told Kim her career is over and compared her to Marge Simpson when seeing an outfit he didn't style
>>1180003 Lana is happiest when eating pasta, turns out she's had the same diet even when skinny >>1181581
>>1180041 Heidi Klum's daughter as new nepo model
>>1180119 Ezra's troubled childhood described
>>1180320 Photos of Madison Beer making her look reminiscent of Arigato and Olivia Rodrigo
>>1180604 Nick Cannon impregnates 3 women at once
>>1180636 Madonna's weird NFT collection >>1180638 spoilered and looking weird
>>1180922 Neil Patrick Harris' meat platter depicting Amy Winehouse months after her death resurfaces, rightfully receives backlash
>>1181263 Kevin Samuels died during filming of Donald Glover's series Atlanta
>>1181335 Britney announces miscarriage
>>1181610 Unflattering photo of Billie Eilish
>>1181692 and >>1181914 More examples of Amy Winehouse being treated like shit by the media before and after death
>>1182045 Stranger Things cast on red carpet, Millie Bobby Brown looks unrecognizable
>>1182636 Marc Anthony engaged to a model, tends to go for younger women >>1182827
>>1182803 Megan shares an IG post where a fan crops out Cara Delevigne and leaves her with Doja Cat

No. 1182913

Thread pic terribly exaggerated comparison, if you’ve seen Ezra’s toes you would know that person is a velociraptor

No. 1182917

I just cropped it from the post that shared it, found it one of the funnier images from the last thread

No. 1182920

Not an actual criticism just commenting on the photo itself. If you’ve seen Ezra experiment 626 Millers feet you know how unforgettable they are.

No. 1182931

File: 1652685159817.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 244.58 KB, 1237x881, 18CC2BE9-578A-4ACE-959B-5D695B…)

Hate that I had to search this up but I was curious enough to try to validate this claim and now I'm weirded out

No. 1182935

I don't even want to remember this, it's early in the morning and I don't want to throw up my breakfast in the middle of the office, thank you very much.

No. 1182946

courage the cowardly dog type shit

No. 1182952

Can someone post the photo where they’re hobbled over on a chair like gollum with their big toe talon hanging off

No. 1182987

>toe talon
I'm going to have a stroke out of sheer disgust. Is this why he was wearing sandals in the snow while strangling that one woman? I guess Ezra needed to have an ugly body part to compensate for his very pretty face.

No. 1182990

> they’re
> their

No. 1183000

File: 1652688050907.gif (4.53 MB, 720x404, fybS.gif)

these trantards are taking over lc

No. 1183008

same thing happened to 4chan, I've actually seen reddit posts gloating about how they're 'fucking with the edgelords' by always posting gay porn and convincing anons of libfem behaviours. Its scary but they are there and try to implode normal systems with their pedarasity.

No. 1183014

we misgender trannies and themlets here ma'am

No. 1183046

Yes they did, imo the fans were super entitled to expect her to come out of the hotel

No. 1183048

Hope we don't become like crystal cafe

No. 1183084

File: 1652692970699.jpg (234.09 KB, 1080x1225, 20220516_112103.jpg)

anyway, having a horse face probably makes her look older anyway but she looks so much older than 18. her current styling feels like a costume.

No. 1183089

her features are just so sharp

No. 1183090

File: 1652693221352.jpg (228.59 KB, 1598x900, millie-bobby-brown-verraet-det…)

she's got that Russian prostitute look

No. 1183108

File: 1652694044045.jpg (216.88 KB, 1200x600, millie-bobby-brown-lc-tease-22…)

obviously horrible photoshop but I feel like a browlift would make her features a bit more balanced

No. 1183114

why did you make shitty fanart just to suggest plastic surgery to an 18 year old? she looks like wonky bella hadid, kek.

No. 1183121

>Doja Cat
>wrote nigger on her chest for laughs
??? Pics?

No. 1183123

She looks cute here and not really old either. Her current styling and the wired bangs ruin her charm.

No. 1183124

I really don't get this… Sharp where? Look at someone like Madison Beer with her angular jawline and sharp eyes, yet no one seems to think she looks older than her age. Sometimes I think it's because she doesn't have a tiny face with huge lips and giant eyes that people think she looks "old" for her age when in reality most of her contemporaries have just had procedures. Also not a millie stan lmfao but people saying this normal looking girl looks like a 40 year old is cringe

No. 1183125

That's way worse. I'm sure she'll naturally look better once she'll be older, I knew a horse faced girl like that and as soon as she lost her baby fat on her cheeks she looked way better. No need for plastic surgery.

No. 1183129

jesus i thought that's who it was meant to be at first glance too. also yikes at ayrt suggesting she get ps while she's still a teenager. not every celeb needs to look like a hadid

No. 1183131

not necessarily agreeing with her looking that age but that style with the bangs definitely ages her

No. 1183137

File: 1652694670398.jpg (836.71 KB, 1598x900, 1652693221352_mr1652694632841.…)

With a smaller face. Idk if she looks younger or just like scarjo

No. 1183140

same anon but forgot to add she looks much better in >>1183084 than in the recent photos where she has bangs. that look was even compared to kim cattrall in the last thread

No. 1183147

i think her features just don't suit the styling if she's trying to look her current age

No. 1183156

she looks 18 to me. i'm 26. sure she has heavy makeup on but you can clearly tell her young age… what with all the hag chasers in the thread? wish little girls looked as old as you do? she looks fine

No. 1183168

In that photo, yeah. But with this look >>1183090 and >>1182045 I can see how multiple anons in the last thread didn't even recognize her. We're not saying that her looking older makes her look bad, or some of us aren't. She simply looks older with that styling.

No. 1183170

>I'm a woman
>unironically uses hag-chasers

No. 1183176

a hag chaser is a woman that calls other woman or girls old/look older than their age when they don't, because everyone is a hag in their eyes. what is wrong with me using that term exactly?

No. 1183179

Implying that us saying she just looks older than she normally looks automatically somehow means we're calling her a hag

No. 1183181

Oh. I thought it was used like tranny chaser was, someone who went after older women because an anon in previous thread mocked people by calling them corpse chasers or something in a similar fashion. Sorry.

No. 1183182

oh give me a break and quit pretending to be offended. you know what you were doing when you called an 18 year old a russian prostitute.

No. 1183183

Ayrt, I wasn't the one who posted that photo and called her that. There are multiple people in this thread. I can't speak for other anons but I'm not trying to insult her here.

No. 1183187

I am confused because she looks 18 to me in this picture.

No. 1183194

oof. these are anonymous imageboards where a ton of people visit per hour, per day. unless it's so obviously the same person posting don't assume everyone who has a similar typing style is one person anon

t. someone who's been mistaken as other anons before

No. 1183195

Ayrt, I wasn't the one who posted that photo and called her that. There are multiple people in this thread. I can't speak for other anons but I'm not trying to insult her here.

Reposted because I replied to the wrong person

No. 1183199

It wasn't even the same typing style anon just assumed kek

No. 1183227

File: 1652699076568.jpeg (905.42 KB, 1125x1999, 39A09E54-6E0A-4AFD-94CC-E4E95F…)

yeah let's have this be a lesson to not assume, this is why anons usually say when they're the ayrt or samefag so we don't get mistaken for other anons acting up in thread

anyway why the fuck is megan fox like this

No. 1183235

>works on making Dr Luke rich
She was 17 when she signed a contract and has few albums left before she can regain freedom, but she will loose all her music in the process. Thats why I don't think her working for him is a gotcha of her being a bad person. Those sort of predatory scrotes are all over the industry and no one with real power ever opposes them. Music industry needs systematic change.

No. 1183242

>seething cavillfag can't comprehend nonnas liking schizo Ezra more than her insecure roided handlet

No. 1183245

That is not SJP, so not a horse face you insecure pugface.

No. 1183250

> he’s
> his


No. 1183251

No. 1183256

>Feeling the need to brag about snipping a crotch hole in a Party City looking bodysuit for sex by posting a screenshot of her messages
Ah, lovely.

No. 1183311

Henry and Ezra are both entertaining, but in very different ways. On one hand you have an awkward nerdy loser stuck in the body of a sexy chad (before the steroids at least), on the other you have a raging violent junkie with the reputation of a uwu soft bisexual enby feminist. I wish I could put them in a room for 24h and observe their interactions from afar.

No. 1183313

>idiot women warring over two misogynists
This gender will never make it out of the ghetto(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1183325

stop bashing the boy hes very talonted

No. 1183326

File: 1652706628518.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.94 KB, 640x401, EWatCoJUYAA3Goq.jpg)

i didn't know what i expected but not this lmao what the fuck is wrong with him

No. 1183329

All this money and he can't afford toe nail clippers???

No. 1183338

File: 1652707042306.gif (360.63 KB, 220x224, cover-eyes-taylor-swift (1).gi…)

Jesus thank you for spoilering that

No. 1183361

No way I'm clicking in this. I already know what to expect. You think he's like Robert Pattinson and looks good on camera but smells like shit because he never showers?

No. 1183379

File: 1652709498114.png (809.39 KB, 634x1024, 1652337895453.png)

off topic but I'd lick robpat from head to toe, I really would

No. 1183380

File: 1652709535655.gif (2.68 MB, 640x260, 1e6264a969ad41d3f62f2c02402bac…)

i actually can't stop being an ezrafag, no matter how many pics you share of his gross feet or antics. i just can't stop!!!! won't stop why must his face be so angular and handsome? why must he act like this? why must be a themby? did i sin in my last life? i can't help being an ezrafag(keep it in its designated thread then)

No. 1183383

you've got a /g/ thread

No. 1183395

I literally just said he barely showers and smells like shit… You know what? Nevermind.

No. 1183400

i know nonnie, normally i contain my sperging there but i was just replying here because there have been lots of replies about him the last couple of posts kek sorry

No. 1183419

>Look at someone like Madison Beer […] yet no one seems to think she looks older than her age
oh really? because 3 days ago in this very thread someone said madison beer looks old >>1180320

No. 1183441

File: 1652713582037.jpeg (819.17 KB, 769x1442, 89745D40-B4E1-42C7-A490-CC3EE5…)

From the Billboard Music Awards

No. 1183450

Everything I’ve learned about these people has been against my will.

Imagine being the person who has to put their hands on the fabric and fix the sex hole that MGK’s dick was rubbing against. I hate them so much

No. 1183453

File: 1652714222685.jpg (47.98 KB, 640x486, ezgif-5-8bfd7cfb47.jpg)

she has a beautiful body, the dress definitely emphasizes that, but she botched her face to hell and back. she has work done at an extremely young age afaik, she had her nose done around the age of ~15/16 and her lips (the first time) ~16/17

No. 1183456

Nah, she looks way better after the work, she looked like a live action Betty Boop without make up and with a wide nose.

No. 1183459

she doesn't look better, she looks worse in a way that's more socially acceptable because it's fashionable atm to have balloon lips lol. i don't think people should have unnecessary cosmetic surgery ever, but we all know she wouldn't have gotten as big as she is without it so…

No. 1183460

I have to agree partially with >>1183456 in the sense that I do think she was beautiful before but I wouldn't say that now she looks botched

No. 1183464

Yeah, seems like kind of a cope to say she looks worse or botched

No. 1183469

File: 1652714798340.jpg (101.54 KB, 940x529, 142424151353.jpg)

she's only 26, if she looks like that NOW then i can't imagine what she will look like in the future, it's fair to say she's botched given that you can draw comparisons between her original face and two more faces after that (pic related)
there's a plastic surgery thread on /g/ where i'm sure you'll feel welcome. you're very adamant about making things personal kek

No. 1183470

File: 1652714816476.webm (5.38 MB, 720x1280, Na-I3_1Q-N9pfndd.webm)

With the whole Cara being creepy towards Megan thing a video resurfaced of Cara making Azelia Banks uncomfortable.
Also i love how Azelia tried to look composed instead of slapping her.

No. 1183472

I don't support plastic surgery, I just don't see the reason to lie other than having your own personal reasons lol. She doesn't look "worse", sorry

No. 1183474

it's an opinion lol what are you smoking

No. 1183475

Cara seems like such a sex pest. She really tried to go in for a kiss, kek

No. 1183476

She literally looks mentally disabled here yikes

No. 1183477

>face features are the same
>face expression is different
>make up is different
>hair and even eyebrows are different color
Stop coping

No. 1183478

She's already had a nosejob at the first photo and the revision made it better imo. You're clueless, stop acting like the before image is all natural. It's definitely not.

No. 1183479

I suppose it is true that she will inevitably end up looking worse with time, especially if she continues to get work done, which she most likely will. At the moment though, I think she looks fine.

No. 1183480

And so's mine. Why are you so angry, kek?

No. 1183483

i'm aware it's your opinion which is why i didn't say you were "lying" like a psycho. are you sure you're not the angry one lol

No. 1183485

Cara was so fucking weird towards Megan the stallion during the bbmas, she kept on following her and licking her tongue. Gross, do you think she was on drugs or something

plastic surgery thread on g/ , you will like it there.

No. 1183486

You can literally tell that's a different nose are you blind???

No. 1183487

What the fuck, kek. Love that AB isn't even acknowledging her behavior, obviously because she's uncomfortable af.
She literally does

No. 1183488

Nta but stop infighting.

No. 1183489

It's not that serious nonners

No. 1183490

Jfc the drooping tip in the first pic and the scars around her nostrils in the second. How can anons say she isn't botched?

No. 1183492

Ill be posting some videos and pics of the Cara and Megan bbma situation.

No. 1183493

Ty nonnie

No. 1183494

Take your meds. You're starting to sound like you doomscroll through that PS thread. You can acknowledge that young girls shouldn't get surgery without insisting that all women are botched and look like goblins, it just makes you sound bitter and psychotic otherwise

No. 1183498

she looked like a goblin before ps and she looks like a botched goblin now

No. 1183499

You are the one unable to grasp how perspective with objects works in photos

No. 1183500

those face features just need short hair, it looks the best.

No. 1183501

Only ppl who are obsessed with ps can spot shit like that. Lay off the ps videos

No. 1183502

why did you tag me >>1183485 , you infighting derailing retard, i just told you and the other anon to take your conversation which other anons are bored of to the ps g/ thread.

No. 1183503

File: 1652715561305.jpeg (128.12 KB, 575x675, E0BBB819-07E0-4ADE-837A-461A32…)

No. 1183504

Get help.

No. 1183505

File: 1652715585145.gif (810.67 KB, 480x270, please.gif)

No. 1183507

I think Heidi looks great

No. 1183509

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA you are not seriously trying to convince people that's camerawork and not a different nose… Ok Dove

No. 1183511

you're actually unhinged lol why are you telling that anon to get help because she's telling your annoying ass to go to the plastic surgery thread?

No. 1183512

Anon you're making me uncomfortable.

No. 1183513

Then get off the internet and take your fat ass for a run. How is that my problem

No. 1183516

are you a newfag or just insane?

No. 1183518

stop derailing

No. 1183519

I'm so disappointed in you nona.

No. 1183520

I think Heidi Klum looks really nice in this outfit, thoughts nonnies?

No. 1183522

What the fuck is happening to this thread? Did it get invaded with belligerent Discord trannies? Shut the fuck up already, someone post the Cara/Megan Thee Stallion milk

No. 1183524

Mentally ill vendetta-fag. Take your pills and stop with your autistic obsession about tearing women's looks apart, this isn't /snow/.

No. 1183525

im waiting to convert all the videos to webm nonners, i will post it soon.

No. 1183526


No. 1183529

>tearing women's looks apart
where were you when people were calling mbb a russian hooker and saying she looks 40? shut up weirdo stop mini modding

No. 1183530

She doesn't need that contour on her face. This being said, although she has sharp features, her skin is beautiful and she has a look woman go under the knife to get smh.

No. 1183532

No, please, I don't want to have had her speak to me that way.

No. 1183533

Who is this?
I was calling her pretty and telling she looked her age, that it's just blonde hair aging her. Not everyone is unhinged like you. You obsession with women looks is so unhealthy, go to body dysmorphia thread like all retards who see women as monsters.

No. 1183534

oh yeah? link your posts.

No. 1183536

She changed races kek

No. 1183538

Nonnies please! Get over it!

No. 1183539

go back to LSA or twitter or proana or wherever the fuck.

No. 1183542

loooool can't link your posts? that's an unexpected shame

No. 1183543

oh so you are the one who accused everyone who said that millie looks old of being a jealous old woman..makes sense.
Either way Cameron stay looking pretty even after thousands of botched surgeries, cant say the same for you, cope and seethe my dear.

No. 1183545

no, that's not me. i simply called out the hypocrisy. link your posts defending mbb you lying freakazoid vendetta-chan

No. 1183546

>Cameron stay looking pretty even after thousands of botched surgeries
Girl NTA and you really need to go the PS surgery and stay there if you think that's true.

No. 1183551

File: 1652716862702.png (11.98 KB, 80x80, anxiouscat.png)

No. 1183552

Some have a coke pinkie, some have this.

No. 1183553

>i simply called out the hypocrisy.
By saying anons are old hags.
i didnt post anything about mbb, you dont understand that there are multiple anons here replying to you schizo, you are annoying and derailing.
Idgaf about cameron and i didnt start this, i just find that anons vendetta and newfaggines annoying.

No. 1183554

He is so pasty I thought it was Musk.

No. 1183555

i didn't call any anon an old hag are you mentally deranged? you're actually the schizo projecting and derailing. you can't keep your story straight and lied saying you defended mbb because your overtness in defending cameron's botched face was embarrassing.(take a break)

No. 1183556

i hope you get the help you need anon. I heard valium helps.

No. 1183557

Here >>1183123 and >>1182272 and
>>1182379 are a few of my posts. It took a while because they're from the other thread. Calm down

No. 1183563

Where did you find this site? LSA? Proana?

No. 1183567

She is embarrassing. AB should've yeeted her off stage.

No. 1183568

Note to self, don’t post Dove Cameron anymore kek

No. 1183569

No. 1183570

Go watch a Lorri Hill video about her. Gives you maybe a new "perspective".

No. 1183571

>noo you can't just make fun of celebrities in the celebricows thread! this is a safe space for women uwu
Anyone else get sick of this pretend moralfagging as soon as arguments go south? Shut the fuck up and post milk.

No. 1183574

ah the typical ''you are all the same person'' when anons disagree with a retard.
Its because you started lashing out at anons and derailing, it has nothing to do with making fun of celebs, also you got mad at anons saying mbb looks old, talk about being a hypocrite.

No. 1183575

File: 1652717539407.jpeg (316.22 KB, 743x1104, 95A6AE96-397D-4417-AABA-057BDD…)

Why nude gloves in the water Kim?

No. 1183578

That's not me…
You're literally doing the same thing you just said the other anon is doing (??)

No. 1183579

stop replying to her for fucks sake.

No. 1183581

We need you anon

No. 1183582

You're right, sorry.
Does anyone else think Kim's face looks weird here?

No. 1183583

kek what the fuck??

No. 1183584

No I think she looks beautiful just like Dove Cameron.

No. 1183585

One of her eyes is squinty and it makes it look smaller than the other one but that's all I'm noticing

No. 1183586

She looks Thai. First Ariana now her.

No. 1183587

File: 1652717786534.webm (8.77 MB, 720x1280, 9m3-SStIItC43gnK.webm)

Here my sweet nonners

No. 1183590

no she doesn't

No. 1183591

File: 1652717850361.webm (5.88 MB, 900x720, g_bH9iQghZFq7gEv.webm)

No. 1183593

I think she looks better than she usually does.

No. 1183594

Cara has always given off extremely weird vibes. She had an obsession with margot robbie for a while too, shes a creep

No. 1183595

File: 1652717990037.jpg (38.68 KB, 698x646, FS18KkUXEAIjvTw.jpg)

No. 1183596

What is she even saying? I can't understand her

No. 1183597

The social autistic girl in class vibes

No. 1183598

File: 1652718169472.webm (7.41 MB, 720x1280, L3U43gmAO-8d79Kn.webm)

No. 1183599

I think so too!

No. 1183601

Doja Cat rightfully called out her and retards like you.

No. 1183603

File: 1652718289138.webm (4.54 MB, 1280x720, _wx4CSmc8ySvROnE.webm)

that weird tongue thing she does ummm

No. 1183604

what a fucking disgusting face, seriously its so dumb and unnatural, I think Megan is pretty but her behavior makes me think she needs sterlization(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1183607

File: 1652718382463.jpg (325.66 KB, 2048x1463, FS2S1xqXoAEvUyD.jpg)

No. 1183608

File: 1652718434427.webm (859.56 KB, 320x500, gWWBM_5qLGzDKB55.webm)

I forgot about this, here's the video of Cara and Megan at the afterparty of the MET gala thank you to the anon who was posting webms above, you just reminded me that I wanted to post this kek

Megan makes her back up at the end

No. 1183609

she was just shocked at getting her reward, nitpicking at the dumbest shit. I think Caras tongue being out whenever she sees megan is more unnatural.

No. 1183611

File: 1652718488423.jpg (48.44 KB, 828x985, FS3951jWAAUgjrg.jpg)

No. 1183612

Wtf anon?

No. 1183613

File: 1652718503676.jpeg (182.03 KB, 750x939, C0BB47D3-1E96-43E7-80F4-F4DBF3…)

ma’am…you are 36 years old

No. 1183616

She is actually fucking creepy kek

No. 1183617

File: 1652718557132.webm (1.99 MB, 320x568, V5RnkmP8wy7y04Bn.webm)

And this is Cara being weird with Azealia Banks on stage (not the MET gala or BBMAS, I'm not sure when this was). Azealia looks super uncomfortable. I don't think Cara does this on purpose though, she just needs to lay off the drugs. All of this is old milk, just posting cause I think Cara is so interesting.

No. 1183619

>look of disgust on Megan's face when Cara starts speaking
God I love Megan so much

No. 1183620

File: 1652718678038.jpg (141.12 KB, 1170x1788, FS40zFPaMAY0Hk8.jpg)

No. 1183623

>yes bitch yes bitch
Cara is so fucking disgusting

No. 1183624

It's just crapchan.

No. 1183626

File: 1652718923660.jpg (106.79 KB, 947x2048, FS240VPVEAIfk32.jpg)

the look on the guys face

No. 1183628

did he do ballet or something? i thought he was a singer before he acted but those are ballerina feet

No. 1183629

she just doesn't need so much makeup. she has pretty dark skin for a white person and looks really good with a natural look. idk who's been fucking with her style but her natural hair colour and curls with no foundation or eye makeup and MAYBE a bit of cute lipstick is all she needs. any more ages her because it's too much extra crap.

No. 1183630

also her face is very defined, very little fat, and so she should not get ANY fat removal or sculpting done. they just need to leave her fucking natural jfc

No. 1183632

utterly disgusting and degenerate, I don't know the white woman is but she should be sterilized immediately(ban evasion)

No. 1183634

That’s what it is! Anytime she dyes her hair blonde it’s to distract people from the facial work until it settles.

No. 1183635

File: 1652719462269.jpg (43.1 KB, 762x429, FS2oJe5WAAEv5dF.jpg)

No. 1183636

literally all she needed to do was grow her eyebrows back. now she's going to melt as she gets older, who are these asshole surgeons doing this shit

No. 1183637

this is like…racist sexual harassment? it's really weird behaviour, very moidlike.

No. 1183638

File: 1652719560857.jpg (233.2 KB, 1512x850, FS2oJeoXEAA4Cj0.jpg)

No. 1183639

samefag, you can tell cara's never slept with a black woman, from this.

No. 1183640

Kek. She looks like a creepy guy who checking you out in a bar. She needs to cut off the drugs and get a gf/bf.

No. 1183641

File: 1652719630936.jpg (60.67 KB, 749x749, FS5F04qWUAI-UiR.jpg)

Megan's expression says it all.

No. 1183642

they are both tacky kek

No. 1183643

I never really got this meme. She looks 18 to me. The styling is a bit harsh as always but she doesn't look old to me in the slightest. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

No. 1183644

File: 1652719707016.jpg (401.2 KB, 1365x2048, FS5J9Q8XsAAQyKW.jpg)

Is there a drug in which the side effects are constantly shoving your tongue out.

No. 1183645

No. 1183646

hahahaa this is cocaine fueled randomness. she's trying to hide her giant pupils with the glasses except they're ORANGE cara you idiot.>>1183638

No. 1183648

Hunter S Thompson lookin ass

No. 1183649

File: 1652719904346.jpg (1.65 MB, 3708x2471, anitta.jpg)

This post in the middle of the infighting made me laugh lol. Anyway, if Heidi's look was in a photoshoot I may have liked it more. I think the color contrast was really nice. Maybe I'm just a basic bitch but I personally liked Kylie's dress more.
Here's more BBMAs looks. There weren't that many interesting celebrities there so I'll try to get the ugly ones

No. 1183650

Tbh yeah a lot of drugs make people stick their tongues out and shit

No. 1183651

File: 1652719998551.jpg (302.65 KB, 1364x2048, FS1ubCyXsAE7er9.jpg)

Speaking of Kylie, Travis Scott (and Stormi) also attended with her. He performed as well. Is this his first public appearance since Astroworld? I wonder if he's trying to sneak back while the whole thing with Young Thug and Gunna is happening.

No. 1183652

I thought there were watermarks on the photo but that's just the dress kek

No. 1183653

File: 1652720014762.jpg (25.64 KB, 408x550, serious_joker.jpg)

Every single person attending this is a subhuman, not worthy to be called human beings, acting less then dogs, the fact these subhuman are considered idols by people is nauseating to think about, I hope some radical jihadist or nazi or communist commits terror attacks against these lesser human beings, it would a betterment for the human race(edgelord)

No. 1183655

weak bait moid.

No. 1183657

Kylie's dress is very 90s futuristic music video

No. 1183658

File: 1652720095675.jpg (4.12 MB, 5255x3637, florence.jpg)

Florence Welsh. I actually loved this and think Florence always look great.

No. 1183660

Florence is just modern day Stevie Nicks.

No. 1183661

looking very ethereal

No. 1183662

She said "I fucking love you", to Doja Cat

No. 1183663

File: 1652720173254.jpg (428.38 KB, 1536x2048, FS1mncCWIAEUeTG.jpg)

Everyone's favorite couple (was posted at the end of the last thread so I'm reposting it). They were being lovey-dovey on the carpet.

No. 1183664

I love that

No. 1183666

She doesn't even look like herself, I couldn't recognize her for a moment

No. 1183668

File: 1652720255476.jpg (372.11 KB, 1365x2048, FS1fafBXEAE016O.jpg)

Kali Uchis. I think she looks great, but I haven't been able to look at her the same since those rumors of her defending her boyfriend in court for sexual assault.

No. 1183669

She should do biorevitalization on her neck, right now her face looks uncanny compared to her neck.

No. 1183670

God why are they like this

No. 1183672

i was just about so say that she's just coked out of her mind hahaahahaha

No. 1183673

Is it rumors or is it facts? I need to know for sure. She looks amazing here.

No. 1183674

File: 1652720364769.jpg (272.85 KB, 1307x2048, FS1gSk1X0AEI_p1.jpg)

Chloe Bailey. This is actually better than like the last 10 times she's been at an event.

No. 1183676

Are you coked out right now? Kek

No. 1183677

File: 1652720388054.png (89.1 KB, 237x410, cd.png)

No. 1183679

This is creepy af behavior, I don't know why she dares to do this. I checked Lchat. They think all butches are aggressive, predatory and gross, but because Cara femmes it up regularly, it doesn't matter how she acts, they believe Megan wanted it.

No. 1183680

File: 1652720456809.jpg (2.06 MB, 3668x2446, FS12rBvUYAAq4vl.jpg)

Elle King and Miranda Lambert on stage.
I don't know for sure. It's something that was floating around a long time ago and I haven't looked it up recently to fact check to be completely sure. I can try later if no one else does.

No. 1183681

I'm dying anon

No. 1183682

What's with PS spergs in this thread. Who tr cares about their neck what a nitpick

No. 1183685

no but i have experience from it and it can make you into hyperactive dumbass like that lmaoo

No. 1183687

I'm just pointing out what she should do to look less uncanny, she already got work done on her face so idk what are you seething about

No. 1183688

Those outfits are pretty unfortunate imo

No. 1183689

File: 1652720621199.jpg (1.14 MB, 2726x4096, FS1nsLEWUAM2LxT.jpg)

Teyana Taylor. I hate this because I've seen her wear better but I know it's just the BBMAs. Her hair seems Janet Jackson inspired.

No. 1183690

i just know you cry when you look at yourself in the mirror

No. 1183691

File: 1652720659704.jpg (455.97 KB, 1366x2048, FS1WzM6XsAMNiIy.jpg)

Giveon in a horrendous suit

No. 1183693

I think she looks bad ass, I actually love it

No. 1183694

File: 1652720685407.webm (1.94 MB, 640x800, 4f4OwDuiuD7veHd8.webm)

Cara Delavigne? More like Cocaine DelaWine.

No. 1183695

LMAO literally bus seat upholstery

No. 1183697

File: 1652720716305.jpeg (548.02 KB, 1466x2047, FS2Hcz4XoAE5o_C.jpeg)

It's gotta be embarrassing to be her children and have mom talking online like that

No. 1183698

She reminds me of a sim from the Urbz. I love the pants and shoes and her body is amazing, shame about the shirt though it seems a bit plain in comparison.

No. 1183699

File: 1652720745864.jpeg (592.14 KB, 960x1703, 80E64511-FD50-4999-8606-19010F…)

Me too. I love both of them and I’m glad Florence loves Stevie and will imitate her outfits.

No. 1183700

I believe there are no lesbians in Lchat and it's just straight men and women larping. That's why they defend an attractive woman even though she creeps on other women's.

No. 1183701

Delavigne literally means of the vine/wine kek

No. 1183703

Unpopular opinion, they're cringe but at least they seem to love each other and show it all the time (I I didn't miss something)

No. 1183704

I love the outfit and hair if it was symmetric, very video game character. Girl yo tit's out tho

Omg you are totatlly correct, Urbz vibes

No. 1183705

File: 1652720855384.jpg (559.98 KB, 2879x1799, rauw alejandro.jpg)

Rauw Alejandro. I don't know how to feel because he does have a handsome face (from what I can see).

No. 1183706

>megan has already work done on her face
>looks unnatural especially with neck that gives away her age
>i point out how she can look normal in her surgical era
>i get hate for it
Nonna, I wouldn't suggest her to get anything done to her face in the first place, even when she was younger and changed her nose, but she is an independent adult and she did what she wanted to do, I'm just pointing out what looks off currently and how to fix it. I don't give off this sort of suggestions to Madonna, because there is no way of making her look human ever again.(oh my god shut up)

No. 1183708

boring outfit

No. 1183709

File: 1652720935845.jpg (91.19 KB, 638x862, article-0-19A47093000005DC-961…)

Cara has always been a druggie (picrel), but this really is a new low. The tongue thing, not being able to read the room, creep behavior… She should definitely stop doing drugs before events that have cameras everywhere, kek.

No. 1183710

I'm sure she's gonna take your retarded suggestion anon.

No. 1183711

File: 1652720994529.jpeg (522.15 KB, 1294x2160, 2EF0FFE3-F298-4F44-AECA-6F1BF2…)

Reminds me of this text exchange.

No. 1183712

I've always thought cara looks like she stinks - idk what it is about her, but she looks musty like she would smell of fags and your nan's old furniture from the 80s.

No. 1183713

idk what’s about these top 3 photos specifically, not that she looked bad or anything, but she looks like his mum.
Which makes the bottom ones even more unsettling.

No. 1183714

NTA but please fucking stop ban evading you plastic surgery sperg

No. 1183715

No. 1183716

the hair makes her look older

No. 1183717

File: 1652721086851.jpg (805.98 KB, 2738x2048, latto.jpg)

Latto (in the black dress) and her sister. She's a rapper for anons who may not be aware.
I definitely see what you guys mean about the video game/Urbz vibes. I don't completely hate it.

No. 1183718

How is it retarded suggestion? She already got work done on her face, my suggestion is about her getting less uncanny overall look. Idk why are you triggered by my words, but work on your insecurities.

No. 1183719

how has cara not been cancelled for something yet, I'm sure she has at the very least said the n word online at some point kek

No. 1183720

Her sister looks fucking amazing

No. 1183721

In an alternate universe, she and Pete Davidson are dating, and they make goblin stoner children. They have a reality show, and it's milkier than KUWTK. Skater/emo/new grunge era comes into full swing. Popular music as a whole is still bad. Die Antwoord tries to sue them for "copying", it fails

No. 1183722

She does nothing for me. People gush over her beauty and her body os nice but her face doesn't do it for me. Not that it matters. I actually think she looks cute here though

No. 1183723

She smoothed her face too much and her neck is clashing with that.

No. 1183725

I'm not that anon. Why do you think you are better than men mocking women for getting work done, but in the same breath calling them ugly?

No. 1183726

File: 1652721387036.jpg (312.87 KB, 1433x2048, FS1QMf9WYAAbTXj.jpg)

Mari Copeny/"Little Miss Flint". She's an environmental activist for the Flint water crisis and won a Changemaker award at the BBMAs. I thought this was adorable.

No. 1183727

WTF now I want this to be real

No. 1183729

Yes, she is very cute

No. 1183730

Very cute

No. 1183733

File: 1652721587725.jpg (1.65 MB, 4883x2048, becky g.jpg)

Becky G

No. 1183735

I usually hate this sort of neon green, but it looks amazing on her

No. 1183738

File: 1652721693445.jpeg (321.56 KB, 1228x2048, FS5U5RvUAAADdpR.jpeg)

has this been posted yet? lmfao

No. 1183740

File: 1652721759834.jpeg (59.85 KB, 419x301, 1ADD3ADB-682D-4C50-A108-9560FE…)

Feel free to get pissed at me, but was Stormi’s dress too adult for a little girl to wear to an awards show?

No. 1183742

File: 1652721838720.jpg (1.65 MB, 2315x3473, FS1bEORUsAAMVHW.jpg)

Dixie Damelio. They just keep inviting social media influencers.

No. 1183743

File: 1652721892529.webm (1.89 MB, 576x1024, xsDwsTMbAUAmbTje.webm)

No. 1183745

File: 1652721942171.jpg (297.84 KB, 1079x1636, Screenshot_20220516-102356_Chr…)

I just looked up who Moria Casan is

No. 1183746

File: 1652721993828.jpeg (7.62 KB, 225x225, download (22).jpeg)

They're right. Why Megan? Why?

No. 1183747

Should i post that scary Cara video?

No. 1183748

>normal systems
Lol wut

No. 1183749

File: 1652722111947.jpg (35.03 KB, 706x706, oh my god.jpg)

No. 1183750

File: 1652722155433.jpg (298.46 KB, 1365x2048, FS1g-_DWYAAwPAP.jpg)

Burna boy. I liked this.

No. 1183751

No. 1183753

File: 1652722199355.jpeg (121.49 KB, 700x525, 6E83CBF7-446F-4B14-A11E-B120C3…)

she looks like a second life avatar circa 2010

No. 1183754

File: 1652722227990.jpg (1.56 MB, 4095x2048, ugly ugly and ugly.jpg)

Lastly, these are just what I thought were the ugliest looks.
From left to right, Lainey Wilson, Ashley Yi and Alexa. I'll stop spamming the thread now kek

No. 1183755

I don't think I've ever seen a full body print like that before

No. 1183756

File: 1652722344141.webm (Spoiler Image, 198.27 KB, 638x358, YNVe3_gahrYod4Tj.webm)

Nsfl warning, its spoilered for a reason, dont unspoiler unless you want to bleach your eyes.

No. 1183759

i said it was a scary Cara video for a reason nonnies. Also i dont know the context.

No. 1183761

File: 1652722470052.gif (1.79 MB, 400x320, WOAH.gif)

No. 1183763

Not having context somehow makes it scarier

No. 1183764

Holy shit that is a really good impression, my only question is why

No. 1183765

I ship her with Ezra Miller in a fun night.
I mean, just IMAGINE.

No. 1183766

LMAO wtf

No. 1183768

File: 1652722623342.png (165.42 KB, 480x360, cara.png)

spaghett is that you

No. 1183770

My fucking sides

No. 1183772

>any girl who isn't a baby faced jailbait looking Dove Cameron/Madison Beer clone is haggard and horsefaced
I'm tired.

No. 1183773

Cara really out there harassing women. Fucking creep.

No. 1183774

i just looked it up and apparently she was doing a impression of gollum.

>the actress appears to be on the floor, naked, while doing an impression of The Lords of the Rings’ character, Gollum.

>She captioned the post, “#TBT I still don’t understand why I was single…#setlife #golum #beautiful.” Some of her fans still love her regardless, though.

still doesn't change the wtf factor thought.

No. 1183776

I think it's the drag queen makeup, orange foundation and dark lined lipstick. It doesn't look good on anyone. Her stylists didn't do her good.

No. 1183777

I really do not like Cara's dumb "quirky" act.

No. 1183780

File: 1652722899559.gif (6.82 MB, 498x280, stoned-cat.gif)

No. 1183781

Lol. This should become the new "lurking in the WhatsApp group chat" meme.

No. 1183785

Is she high? What the hell is she even doing on stage? To this day I don't even know what Cara is famous for actually, I just know she's a lesbian and has big eyebrows not even in a good way

No. 1183786

Yeah no shit it's Gollum but why

No. 1183788

i agree with you anon. i don't know why you wouldn't let your kid experiment with cool unique outfits when they're so young, instead dressing them up like it's your mini ho self.

No. 1183789

I bet she feels uncomfortable in it

No. 1183790

just avin a laff m8

No. 1183792

File: 1652723672482.jpeg (115.13 KB, 600x364, A3A6A9EF-7E77-4932-BEE8-CA6657…)

Samefag it reminds me of Fashion Nova kids. I like when Travis puts her in Jordan’s and random street wear stuff. It’s sort of to promote his own brand but she always looks so cute and comfy.

No. 1183794

Pretty sure Ezra is just an actor, but then again I'm not that familiar with him. Maybe Ezrafags could tell us more.

She looks like a retail worker about to bitch slap an aggressive customer during sales.

No. 1183795

i find this really disturbing and anyone who thinks this isn't sexualizing children is retarded

No. 1183797

jeez… that's terrible.

No. 1183798

This shit is weird

No. 1183799

She is born in the rich and elite family, was a model and tried acting.

No. 1183801

True, I laughed

No. 1183802

I think some of you anons are taking this too personally. We all agree she looks fine normally just not for the Stranger Things S4 premiere. They styled her badly. The bangs and bleached hair do age her up. She normally looks her age just not on that night. She looked much, much older then and we are commenting on it, not insulting her. If anything it's more about her stupid stylists. What were they thinking? They doubled her age with their bad choices. She looks fine in other photos anons posted. She should fire them and go for natural make up with dark hair and no bangs. They did her dirty.

No. 1183803

So she smells like a French person then? Isn't she French, technically?

No. 1183810

This looks like a deep fake.

No. 1183812

She's an actual nepo baby, but in a way that makes cockettes seethe kek

No. 1183816

I want a dance battle between these two. Everyone would die of embarrassment when seeing this.

Her family name starts with "de" and the rest of her family name is French words straight out of the dictionary so I'm not remotely surprised she's from a prestigious family and I know she tried to act because she was in that Valérien et Laureline movie which I will never, ever watch, thank god but I never heard of her as a model. How prolific was she as a model? I know the Hadid sisters are models from a rich, famous family but at least I saw them being models even without looking them up.

No. 1183817

Suggesting plastic surgery for a freshly 18 year old girl just because she played a telekinetic waffle addict in a Netflix show oh my fucking god kys

No. 1183818

File: 1652724521542.jpg (127.87 KB, 1080x1081, EnolaHolmes.jpg)

She looks cute and youthful as Enola Holmes imo digital Zoomer aesthetics like glitzy Bratz doll, goth e-girl, IG baddie will do this "not quite right" effect on Millie. She's better off embracing natural English rose aesthetic.

>>1183090 is giving Melania Trump

No. 1183819

Holy shit. The childhood of such kids must be exhausting. Constantly being dolled up and have to behave like a mini-me.

No. 1183820

I think she's most known for being a model

No. 1183821

why tf do they insist on putting insta thottie clothes on kids who still play roblox? honestly even if there are justified internet moral crusaders against this gross shit most people would not a bat a damn eye because they’re fucking retarded, but imagine if that was done with a male child, all hell would break lose. i expect even more child suicides since adults are very keen on adultifying the most innocent and non-corrupted phase of your entire life

No. 1183822

She was quite famous as a model, I guess she got bored fastly and tried acting instead. Got bored of it.. rinse and repeat.

No. 1183824

It was absolutely not that deep I don’t care about either of them, Henry Cavill is terrorizing teenagers dms and Ezra is terrorizing the residents of Hawaii

No. 1183825

She's so pretty in this styling.

No. 1183826

oh not this shit again, drink your laxative tea bitch.

No. 1183829

File: 1652724721894.jpeg (184.33 KB, 945x1648, 172CEE0F-FDF3-42AE-86E6-377135…)

Most comments agree thankfully.

No. 1183830

This is borderline cp wtf fashionnova

No. 1183834

If she's from a rich family and hanging out with rich celebrities she can afford quitting her various careers. She should look after herself and stop sexually harassing female celebrities or she'll get body slammed by one on camera one day.

>G baddie will do this "not quite right" effect on Millie.
It doesn't suit most girls and women too. I wish everyone would just be confident enough to have flattering styles for themselves instead of following trends that look like shit on them.

No. 1183836

File: 1652724907080.jpeg (476.13 KB, 2048x2048, 9D09A347-2F43-4D34-9501-9C4CF7…)

Definitely dark hair no bangs. She looks so much better just from pushing them to the side.

No. 1183837

… what?

No. 1183838

Holy shit, imagine being so fucking weird that you make Azealia Banks uncomfortable

No. 1183839

right, and everywhere I've seen the pictures from that event there have been tons of comments saying she looks way older than usual, it's not just a few anons here

No. 1183840

There is a home tour of her LA (?) place she shares with her sister. On there she was sperging about why she needs a huge bed. If r/ihavesex was a person.

No. 1183841

I shocked AB didn't push her off the stage, she was trying to subtly stay away from her instead.

No. 1183843

i agree with the rest of your post but
>she has pretty dark skin for a white person

No. 1183844

I think at the time she was the most famous nepo model who got shoehorned in every big brand and campaign.

No. 1183845

I'm so scared Henry and her will start dating at some point, like it's very much possible and it terrifies me.

No. 1183847

Don't summon them dipshit, you want another derail?

No. 1183848

I really need to look it up then because it was probably at a time when I wasn't aware of any celebrity drama besides really old stuff from the 90s and the 2000s

No. 1183849

>Henry Cavill is terrorizing teenagers dms
Any milk on this?

No. 1183852

She's 18, so too old for that pedo freak thankfully

No. 1183853

ezra is actually in a band, kek. and acting on screen since 14

No. 1183855

Two different anons, laxative tea does not make any sense in your 3p1c p@wn either

No. 1183857

I didn't read the post and honest to God thought that was Kim in the top right, then again in the middle left and only realized it was Megan when I spotted MGK. She kinda looks like herself in mid right but….the Kardashian colonialism…

No. 1183859

kek wtf, do you think it is real or one of those deep fake/edits

No. 1183863

She always looks like she stepped out of a pre-rafaelite painting, love her

No. 1183864

NTA but I feel like doja was wrong in that situation. Tbh I don't really get how pointing out surgery in itself is such a big deal.

No. 1183865

Lori Hill did nothing wrong, but she could have just been less rude to her about removing the video. You have to be incredibly out of touch to not understand why her videos exist when we live in an age of Jennifer lopez saying her "youthful" appearance was a result of olive oil and whatever products they are shilling and not surgery and shoop.

No. 1183866

She looks pretty bad, but I think it’s the makeup. It’s very 90s porn star and not in a good way. She’s very beautiful but there’s way too much going on and the orange tanner is caked into her neck. I think she’s having a crisis about trying to look young but it’s having the opposite effect of what she wants.

No. 1183868

Um it’s real and it’s been around for ages

No. 1183869

I liked her music but I always got pickme vibes from some of her lyrics, After The Storm I think?

No. 1183870

I thought people got plastic surgery to look youthful, not older…

No. 1183872

File: 1652726163476.webm (1.91 MB, 576x720, 262755937_700118504505778_6242…)

At least she knows she needs supervision

No. 1183874

Maybe because it's weaponized against women exclusively and they get bullied for getting work done or not getting it to fix their "ugly" looks. It's like women simply can't win, that lady is not helping anyone. Anyway, we live in a digital world, we get more realistic pap pics of celebs than some of the instagram models that shoop themselves into different person.

No. 1183877

File: 1652726455989.jpg (56.83 KB, 432x646, 4lJZGwk.jpg)

Chloe Sevigny had another wedding after the courthouse one

No. 1183878

I just really hope it's not an illusion that gets shattered when MGK inevitably displays scrote behavior like getting caught sexting underage girls.

No. 1183890

I disagree, I think any who believes women (and men) in the entertainment industry are natural are very naïve. Maintaining their looks is part of their job. there have been numerous celebrities who have been very honest about their surgeries like lady gaga and cardi b and I fail to see how it has affected their lives. The issue is that a lot of them shill shit like makeup, fitness programs and skincare and make it seem that is where their looks come from when that is not the case. It also means that a lot of celebrities who are celebrated for their beauty only really have their looks as a result of their excessive income and were not born with it. A lot of women and girls like to compare themselves with celebrities who have the financial means to "snap back" or look ageless and knowing this is all because the celebrities paid for it rather than something normal women are doing wrong does help them cope with their looks and learn to stop comparing themselves to them. The façade that celebrities have of these untouchable and perfect people has been falling apart rapidly in the age of social media so pretending to be a perfect goddess is likely going to stop being something that gets them jobs in the future.

No. 1183891

I would unironically love for her to get work based off this exclusively.

No. 1183892

Noonas, have you seen Cara's house? Spoiler: vagina tunnel….


No. 1183893

File: 1652726982487.jpg (86.88 KB, 681x383, GettyImages-1240311133-h-2022.…)

They've cast a tranny as Rose in Doctor Who (I know there's a DW thread in /m/ but it's dead). Kill me nonas

No. 1183895

>vagina tunnel
i support that, men get to be insane like that so seeing actual unhinged women is refreshing

No. 1183899

File: 1652727310942.gif (3.23 MB, 410x498, 1652286109911.gif)

Sage for possibly derailing. You ever think about how celebrities that are famous for being hot get married, have kids, these kids grow to be adults and to hear people their age sperg about how they find their mom or dad fuckable? This must be so awkward to witness. I suddenly thought about it because apparently Jude Law is going to be in a movie with his 25 years old son who's also an actor and I keep seeing men and women in their 20s and early 30s saying online that they want Jude Law to fuck them kek. I also wonder what it's like for these celebrities' kids to find out about their scandalous past way later online or in magazines, to still use the same example this guy must know his father is a slut and a serial cheater, right? I've learned some fucked up shit about some family members through completely weird and random series of events and nobody knows that I know, I can't imagine what it's like to have everyone on the planet know about it on top of that. Don't get me started on KimK's sex tape and how her kids are always exposed to the public.

No. 1183900

No fucking way noooo
DW is such a mess. Even the female doctor was obviously cast for the wrong reasons and it made me cringe but I'm dumbfounded that MRAs were actually right that it signaled end of the franchise. Now it's just virtue signalling representation contest.

No. 1183902

I don't think that many people believe celebs are all naturals, but whenever someone is disliked (mostly women celeb) their looks are always attacked, no matter if they are natural or had work done. It doesn't sit right with me how pick me women and men are using women that had plastic surgery as a laughing stock by using "harmless" nit picky youtubers.
>does help them cope with their looks and learn to stop comparing themselves to them.
I disagree, considering the comment section of that lady, people there just say now they know what sort of surgery they should go for.

No. 1183903

An anon predicted this.

No. 1183905

Considering how sex work and online prostitution is normalized, those kids will have a rougher life without money and resources celeb kids will have.

No. 1183907

What the actual fuck. David Tennant is back, did they really have to throw Billie Piper under the bus like that? I hate men.

No. 1183909

I'll repeat myself, but I'm glad I didn't get to watch Doctor Who past the 6th season.

No. 1183911

Suddenly I'm glad I never watched Doctor Who

No. 1183914

they make their agenda too obvious with this shit. the only people left watching DW in 2022 are wokies tho so i dont expect a ton of backlash

No. 1183915

i don't see how being quiet about it is effective for anything…? i swear some people are so out of touch, i don't mean to offend you but do you really think not talking about how often celebs get plastic surgery is a good thing? doja cat went in on that woman because people like her make it more obvious to the average person what someone like doja, who may appear to be natural, has had done. i don't care how much doja wants, or banks, on people to think she's all natural; she's not, and that's fact, and nothing will stop people from talking about it. it's not harassing to point out that you've had a fucking nose job lol, or a fake ass, or fat removal, or whatever. let's not pretend that people don't get plastic surgery for themselves, period. cosmetic surgery will ALWAYS be about how OTHERS perceive you, therefore you're doing it for them and giving them every right to point out that you've at least gotten in the first place. the goalpost keeps shifting and it's seriously gone from "don't make fun of peoples plastic surgery" to "DON'T EVEN POINT OUT they've had plastic surgery" and it's just not normal.

No. 1183918

me too nonna, idgaf what the haters, complainers and robbie-shamers say

No. 1183919

>David Tennant is back
For a special or something? Wasn't guy from sex education cast as a new doctor?

No. 1183921


We live in the Information Age where everything is stored online forever and just one click away. This is the first time in history where this type of trauma is even possible. There will be no discretion, no necessary secrets, no mercifull repression. Your mother and father's mistakes, idiocy and wanton sexuality will be on display for everyone to see incudling yourself. Now is the time of monsters.

No. 1183923

>t. stinky who will get cheated on

No. 1183924

Yeah, for the 60th anniversary special. Catherine Tate's coming back too.
Apparently it might not be Rose Tyler, but a different character called Rose (Donna's daughter or some shit)

No. 1183925

Damn, that's so uncomfortable!! Props to her for not shoving that crazy bitch away from her.

No. 1183926

Sorry anon, I didn't read your whole post but that gif is so funny for some reason. Anyway, yes it would feel weird to see people calling your sex-symbol parents hot.

No. 1183931

Why did this video warm me up to her? I hope she pinches my ass and drowns me in the ball pit one day.

No. 1183936

really creepy

No. 1183938

Yeah it's weird as fuck. As I said, I've heard some crazy shit and I'd say now it's way easier to hear and crazy shit about your relatives online but it's not like it was 100% impossible with traditional media as >>1183921 said because I learned that my father was pretty fucking disgusting and even more sexist than I thought because his politician childhood friend wrote an autobiography I was forced to read for middle school and shit talked him for it in it. Anyone who knows my father personally could guess it was him who was mentioned. And then I learned that I have an older half-brother somewhere. But yeah, it's some crazy shit, now it's exactly that but 10000% worse. Now I understand why some novelists or mangaka use pen names. I also understand why some actors take shitty roles in shitty movies just because they're family friendly and they can show said movies to their kids for once because they're finally not butt naked and pretending to fuck other actors in half of their scenes.

No. 1183939

Megan is so insanely beautiful. Cara looks like she's high and on drugs.

This reminds me of Lisa lefteye Lopez from TLC and i'm here for it.

No. 1183940

One thing is talking and another seeking profit out of it, instagram and youtube is filled with pages like that.
>she's not, and that's fact
Nether you nor me know for a fact, thats why I will not accuse a women of something I don't know. When someone is comfortable with the topic they will talk on their own. Obvious surgeries are not a secret, so I don't see a point in obsessing and seething over it, person choose to do it.
>"DON'T EVEN POINT OUT they've had plastic surgery" and it's just not normal.
Who are you pointing it out for? The celeb who did it, for some scrote that feels validated that attractive women felt like she needed to do something about her looks so is inferior, some insecure person who obsesses over celeb looks and feels better by putting them down, for some other random person who wants to look like that so they can take notes on what surgery to get.
You act as if POINTING OUT someone's surgery is some sort of activism that society needs.

No. 1183943

>You act as if POINTING OUT someone's surgery is some sort of activism that society needs.
in a way it is activism, and it is needed. with how "natural" some unnatural celebrities look, why shouldn't people be informed that they've had work done instead of thinking "they were blessed with godly genetics"? i simply don't see a problem with pointing it out, and i'm not even factoring in people who obsess over it or take notes, etc.

No. 1183944

nta but this is a gossip site anon, pointing out those things is kind of the point lol.

No. 1183946

Samefag, but actually maybe celebrity kids are used to it and don't even think much about it.

No. 1183949

Wow, this is gross and pandering bullshit. Will not be watching or supporting Doctor Who anymore. Glad i stopped caring about David and Matt smith's seasons.

No. 1183951

Activism for which category from the list I provided?
Yes, but we don't get our gossip monetized or let any moid into the discussion.

No. 1183953

Everyone with two eyes in their head can tell she has had bad work done. Not one to hi cow, but the insane dove defending in this thread lol.

No. 1183957

i don't care either way if it's monetised, it's probably better that it isn't

No. 1183959

No one is arguing that she had work done, people are pointing out that pics that anon provided was already post op with different styling.

No. 1183962

yeah but Doja didn't attack that youtuber for pushing plastic surgery she sperged out on her for having fucking eyes because Doja has a had a ton of obvious work

No. 1183965

That and the way she went after the youtuber's looks comes off as hypocritical.

No. 1183966

I hope so.

No. 1183972

I agree with the other anon, I think they love each other. Also goes to show how mentally underdeveloped some celebrities really are. This is genuinely "we're 15 but each others blood soulmates and will get married next year" tier shit, I would honestly have never expected anyone over the age of 19 to behave like this. The fact Megan's acting like such a fucking idiot shows to me how genuine her feelings are.

No. 1183977

it's annoying how it has to be shoved into everyone's faces but i suppose that's the whole point of it…? i wish it wasn't such a gross dude that she was fawning over so hard though, but tbh machine gun kelly is a WAYYYYYYY bigger upgrade than her disgusting ex husband

No. 1183983

File: 1652730295085.jpeg (880 KB, 2000x1987, 44990A06-4F6B-4E4A-9B94-E3A9E0…)

samefag but her ex also knocked up a woman 12 years younger than him recently. the fact that people are calling megan fox a cougar, mommy, etc., when brian austin green knocked up a woman 13 years younger than him and then another one 12 years younger than him straight after divorcing the first one…

No. 1183997

Who tf is Lainy Wilson

No. 1183998

I get your point but I think bashing plastic surgery might hopefully discourage some people to decide not to get it. What we really need to stop doing is stop bashing natural aging

No. 1184001

Pointing out plastic surgery IS needed for society. Young girls develop all sorts of self esteem issues bc they can't possibly have some of the proportions plastic surgery gives some of the celebs

No. 1184003

>I wouldn't say that now she looks botched
What, she looks like shit in motion. You can see exactly where the filler deposits are, and when she talks it's like she's struggling to move her mouth.

No. 1184025

And they'll try to get the surgeries instead of using makeup or other stuff they used to use. Do you have any idea how common fillers have become?

No. 1184030

ayrt and no but i was last night!

No. 1184034

her natural skin tone is beige. some whites are white like a piece of paper. she would buy foundation from the middle of the shelf, not the far left.

No. 1184039

what the hell did she do MORE shit to her face??? just stop megan

No. 1184042

File: 1652733293454.jpg (176.81 KB, 1218x750, vaginatunnel.jpg)

She has a weird Hugh Hefner/Playboy mansion section in her house with a creepy vagina tunnel.

No. 1184047

File: 1652733419544.webm (11.07 MB, 1280x720, wFB4Ga9BWR8Sc7IA.webm)

One of the artists presenting an award at the BBMAs had a very unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. It's mostly her underwear but at some points you can see part of her crotch. Award shows have been such a mess this year. Her name is JT (from the City Girls group) if you're not familiar.

Sorry if this has already been posted.

No. 1184048

Honestly not as creepy as I was expecting, it's more like a door in the aesthetic of a vagina.

No. 1184050

instagram PS face only looks good in pictures, which is bewildering to me because she's an actress not an ig model. her upper lip is completely stiff, she's already giving me Big Ang vibes and she's only 26…

No. 1184059

File: 1652733654089.jpg (Spoiler Image, 374.25 KB, 1536x2048, FS1qpntXEAAfJnu.jpg)

Photo for those who don't want to or can't watch the vid. sorry for reposting, I made a typo and then forgot to spoiler twice

No. 1184061

If short women weren't wearing dresses made for tall women this wouldn't happen, they literally need to show their underwear to avoid looking like a hobbit in those sort of dresses.

No. 1184069

Even in our shit little city I've seen women with duck lip filler and I hardly go out or look at people when I am outside because I usually run errands and have no time.
The lip filler is always so obvious. I wish I would know to which butcher they go.

No. 1184076

Good thing most of them will never be able to afford full on surgery in the first place. Teens already understand the power of attractiveness and will strive for it no matter if people like lorry hill makes videos or not. I am open to the idea that her videos will make people want surgery, especially since she even talks about her own surgeries and how much they cost, but i personally am not anti-plastic surgery and i do agree teens should not be allowed to get it down for aesthetic purposes unless it's really serious, but i also don't think there is a lot that can be done since people are buying fillers on the internet nowadays which is already the worse case scenario.

No. 1184079

There needs to be more education about the dangers of fillers and surgeries. It always looks like absolute shit too when people get it over and over and hit 35/40ish

No. 1184083

It's strange because they'll pile makeup and products on top of the filler. It's so uncanny looking that things we used to achieve mostly with makeup, meant to be removed and wiped, have become actual body mods.

No. 1184124

File: 1652736309730.jpeg (488.52 KB, 1125x1377, CBE9A84E-C0E2-41CA-B113-A3B01E…)

No. 1184131

i thought she was weird and gross but now i want to hang out with her after watching that

No. 1184143

Jesus are you that same weird ass anon that accused me of calling MBB names? I know you didn't ask me but after your attacks on anons, hope being shown posts by the same people might help you better with your reading comprehension in future instead of assuming all of us on Celebricows are one person being mean to an 18 year old. Some of us don't resort to attacks like that.


No. 1184159

File: 1652737928906.webm (1.8 MB, 948x720, VID_20220516_175003_632.webm)

Lana at Gucci fashion show in Italy

No. 1184165

literally one person made the russian comment, and no one agreed with her. and a bunch of random anons saying a celeb looks older doesn't equal all of us saying that she looks like shit.

even if you're allegedly not the same anon as the one calling anons hag chasers for talking about millie, you both seem unhinged and should get help. it's only been hours since i last checked here wtf happened to this thread

No. 1184197

That's an old Twilight-era rumor, he showers now.

No. 1184213

shes…not…gay???? hate this for me

No. 1184226

She gained weight just to have boobies.

No. 1184227

I, for one, welcome the unapologetically Stacy era of Lana del Fat

No. 1184229

File: 1652751056157.png (671.41 KB, 579x1034, Screenshot_20220516-203019-020…)

No. 1184241

camera trickery? didnt she look way heavier in a pic just posted the other day?
she never stopped being an escort clearly

No. 1184246

wtf is wrong with her legs

No. 1184249

wdym? you can see part of her asscheek on one side due to the weird angle but they look like healthy normal legs

No. 1184284

I would take him either way

No. 1184287

She’s cool and it’s even cooler that people can’t stand her for retarded reasons.

No. 1184291

*Butt implants

No. 1184292

She's a junkie sex worker. Do you know how you people usually treat those on this website?

No. 1184294

As if black women weren't masculinized enough, they cast actual men as them. The existence of trans women will always harm real women. Btw, has Cara ever shamelessly acted like a sex pest to any woman who wasn't black? And I mean the touching, the clothes grabbing, the inappropriate gestures and invasion of spaces even during performances and pap shots. She's giving prematurely balding scrote with a porn addiction in every sense.

No. 1184319

it's weird how i've seen anons idolize her. she does all of this to stay in the spotlight.

No. 1184322

File: 1652759864398.jpeg (180.82 KB, 536x731, 03574E03-ACB9-47E7-BB2F-25B8D8…)

Dr.Who is about to be faggy as hell.

No. 1184327

Fuck me I thought the right one was a young Britney

No. 1184328

this plus sexualizing her own pregnancy

No. 1184329

Britney biopic with someone real lame and shitty cast as Justin Timberlake. MBB knows what it’s like to be treated like a show pony and be publicly humiliated by an ex. She might actually make a good Britney.

No. 1184330

Needs to be renamed from Doctor Who to Doctor Why.

No. 1184331

julia fox strikes me as the type of women who will hit on her sons friends when he grows up a little because she's insecure about being 'less hot' as a mom

No. 1184332

Doctor XY to be precise.

No. 1184336

cringe, he'll never do the same for you

No. 1184338

thats a fully grown man right der

No. 1184339

File: 1652761728063.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 697.08 KB, 1159x1390, 7B4F8397-E1F6-4B08-87F3-DE96EB…)

No. 1184348

ugh. yeah, i can see >>1184331 happening one day.

i didn't notice at first because i didn't pay too much attention to it but now that you say that i can see the resemblance. >>1184329 would be an interesting idea and i can definitely see where that anon's coming from, but i'm also concerned since even in britney's earlier years she was heavily sexualized. wouldn't it be too easy for some scrote director to sexualize the entire thing and be exploitative under the guise of a tell-all? if they're ever going to do a biopic i hope they're respectful to both britney and whoever gets signed on to portray her.

No. 1184364

File: 1652764493470.jpg (309.27 KB, 800x612, britney-spears-baby-one-more-t…)

You're right, Millie dressed in the school girl uniform is exactly what the people who sexualize her want to see. Sort of the same reason I don't want an Aaliyah biopic because it would be overshadowed by the R Kelly stuff. She was so much more than that. Britany was only 16 in this video.

No. 1184374

File: 1652766207805.jpeg (1.05 MB, 870x1423, F40CEFE4-1281-4C95-AD2C-F0ADC7…)

Their couples outfits are something…

No. 1184388

his candy wrapper outfit is so horrible it wraps back around to being good. Cut off his head, though.

No. 1184389

he's so hot. i wish he wasn't retarded.

No. 1184392

File: 1652768137815.png (180.85 KB, 460x558, 1449887087146.png)

>julia fox strikes me as the type of women who will hit on her sons friends when he grows up a little because she's insecure about being 'less hot' as a mom
wait what? is this a thing that some people really do

No. 1184396

nta but let us have our stinky or not stinky man

No. 1184397

I’m convinced they have been trying to sell mgk as a stand in for what they had planned for lil peep and it’s never going to work

No. 1184398

I actually like his outfit a lot, it's pretty, but it would look way better on a woman

No. 1184400

File: 1652768804467.png (1.3 MB, 692x918, 30498329084068.png)

It's funny how growing up with Britney I didn't see why so many adults were making a big deal of this, because of course "as teens we're allowed to be cute and sexy too"! Then I grew up and lost my innocence and realized the video was not just intended to appeal to teens, but she was pushed by adult men to appeal to other adult men, showing up on GQ an adult men's magazine when she was barely of age posed to look like she was undressing, and casually singing a pickme anthem (not denying it's an earworm but the lyrics are depressing). The tagline anons.
>Thank heaven for little girls!
Barf. Scrotes are always champing at the bit for the first opportunity to jump on vulnerable girls without being labeled pedos, and even then, only just.

No. 1184411

I remember loving her as a kid and thinking she was a young adult who was targeting an audience of fellow young adults and teenagers as well because I had no context whatsoever and only knew her for her songs (I didn't even understand the lyrics back then because I'm ESL) and music videos.

No. 1184415

esl always have based taste in music

No. 1184531

File: 1652778568588.webm (1010.67 KB, 320x480, VID_20220517_050628_141.webm)

Another Lana vid from the Gucci event, she looks good when she wears things that fit.

No. 1184534

i also thought she was considerably older than she was when i was growing up. the fact that she was only 18-19 at most when she was heavily exposed is so troubling, and even worse that she was only 16 when she did baby one more time.

No. 1184589

idc i love her

No. 1184620

Because I totally care that a random celebrity who will never know I exist doesn’t want to fuck me unshowered and ripe. For the love of god dial down the constant, seething hatred for two seconds.

But she isn’t a cow so now what?

No. 1184649

Cara and Ezra should get together, do all the drugs they want and harass each other as much as they want

No. 1184664

That would be celebrity death match of the century, genuinely

No. 1184685

why is the music so ominous?

No. 1184686

Don't like them but I actually love this. I like the subtle matching with different shades of pink and dig the suit.

No. 1184695

Ia, I see it. they look like they have loose skin like she's lost a lot of weight. I think it may just be a bad picture though.

lmao. no thanks. so glad I dropped dr who years ago.

No. 1184921

Holy shit, GQ needs to be called out on this

No. 1184950

File: 1652793369374.jpeg (568.64 KB, 828x1196, D9CE2C98-9852-4921-BC08-3CD18B…)

Kek Megan reposted an edit cropping Cara out

No. 1184979

File: 1652794187902.jpg (286.06 KB, 720x1070, 20220517_144243.jpg)

I hope this doesn't start a sperg war, but does anyone else think the way her makeup and hair is done looks horrible? Everyone is talking about how she looks like she is trying to do "Kardashification" but I just can't get over how bad it looks on her. She had the look of a 45+ year old who gets face work done, her bangs don't suit her, her eye makeup looks weird, just what exactly is happening here

No. 1184992

Someone faceapp their kid together

No. 1185014

File: 1652795386718.jpg (23.12 KB, 612x405, istockphoto-955676318-612x612.…)

'𝕿𝖜𝖆𝖘 𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓 𝖆 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖙𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝖕𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝕴 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝖆 𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖔𝖓 𝖎𝖓 𝕯𝖔𝖈𝖙𝖔𝖗 𝖂𝖍𝖔. 𝕴 𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖊𝖉 𝖒𝖞 𝖌𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖛𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖘 𝖎𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖙𝕱 𝖙𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉, 𝖙𝖔 𝖜𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖍 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖞 𝖑𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖉 𝖒𝖊 𝖆 𝖒𝖆𝖉 𝖜𝖔𝖒𝖆𝖓. 𝕬 𝖕𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖔𝖎𝖉 𝖒𝖊𝖘𝖘. 𝕸𝖞 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖗𝖉 𝖊𝖞𝖊 𝖍𝖆𝖘 𝖓𝖔 𝖇𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖉𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖘, 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖜𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝖎𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖜 𝖆 𝖈𝖊𝖗𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙𝖞 𝖎𝖘 𝖆 𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖔𝖓 𝖎𝖓 𝖒𝖞 𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖜. 𝖂𝖍𝖔 𝖎𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖒𝖆𝖉 𝖜𝖔𝖒𝖆𝖓 𝖓𝖔𝖜, 𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖘?

No. 1185040

Very unpopular opinion nowadays but I think she is ridiculously sexy

No. 1185046

They’re mad as hell she isn’t another Barbie doll for them to project on anymore and that in itself is enough for me

No. 1185050

she looks like a mix between cher and lea michele lol. yeah she looks like shit. i know she did this to herself, but i can’t help but feel bad for her.

No. 1185063

File: 1652797128081.png (483.51 KB, 722x769, Screenshot 2022-05-17 161549.p…)

lmao why does this old scrote thinks his opinion is relevant? Isn't he a fricking teacher? Then why is he sitting on Twitter, commenting on plus size models in swimsuits?? I fukcing can't

No. 1185069

she looks disgusting, don't really care if a moid says it or not.

No. 1185076

She has that melania trump face

No. 1185082

Never seen her talk, Lillee Jean mouth. Hrrrr

No. 1185083

Wtf does she expect wearing that? It’s sad bc If that skirt was just long enough to cover her pussy that outfit would be really cool and this wouldn’t of happened. It’s not fair.

No. 1185095

kek anon, i was thinking that but you were braver to post it

No. 1185114

File: 1652798482656.gif (1.89 MB, 320x240, C5521807-941E-4F46-8308-BF4410…)

imagine if he learns to kick like a cassowary.

No. 1185118

I swear Jordan Peterson is a ghoulish homosexual. This woman is not morbidly obese. She's overweight and has a beautiful face. Most men and lesbian women are attracted to her just based on those two.

Can he already just come out of the closet and skip all this teasing? He is washed up and could avoid years of rehab and drug addiction by just coming to terms with his lust for penis. Nothing says gay like randomly nitpicking a woman with a beautiful face just because she is chubby. Jordan is an old drug addict whoms greatest claim to fame is trying to convince his audience to wash their penises and clean after themselves. However, his audience is not eight year olds as you would guess by the above content lining, instead they're legally grown men with acquired brain damage. Seriously, he looks like a 70 year old ghoul. He is drug addicted, brain damaged and his daughter is known as a cock carousel connoisseur. The man looks like he has every std imaginable and a few ones they haven't even discovered yet. His dick doesn't work even with Viagra and ten hail Mary's. But here he is, in a drug addict alcoholic benzo sperg about his own repressed homosexuality on Twitter. Doesn't he have an overdose or three for todays schedule that he should attend to ASAP?

No. 1185120

File: 1652798617915.jpeg (27.62 KB, 344x340, E6B7A226-2142-4932-B5B6-0B7C44…)

She looks like Spiderus

No. 1185122

he quit teaching at university of toronto
this thread calls literal supermodels ugly all the time.

No. 1185123

File: 1652798758029.jpeg (96.15 KB, 900x750, tammy-roberts-2.jpeg)

>Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.

i could say the same thing about his wife

No. 1185129

Attack men, not their wives or female relatives. You're only being misogynistic.
Also that fattie is hotter than an average man, nevermind one as old as him.

No. 1185131

is this you, azelia

No. 1185133

his wife and daughter are equally as retarded as him

No. 1185139

No. 1185145

File: 1652799877554.jpeg (84.65 KB, 1104x901, FS9zDmQUAAAskEH.jpeg)

No. 1185147

Because men think that being entitled to an opinion means he should shout it out in public and they generally think that their opinion is a fact even when the topic only can have subjective answers.

No. 1185148

Is this an actual tweet of his??? And his first instinct was to whip out his phone and whine about it on Twitter, this man is a clown kek

No. 1185155

yeah when i was a kid in the 90s i thought she was like 25. i didn't know she was only 5 years older than me.

No. 1185157

i live in toronto and finding your lock filled with glue isn't anything out of the ordinary. all we have here is crazy people and cheap cocaine.

No. 1185161

File: 1652800898725.png (1.95 MB, 1200x1200, c.png)

I disagree with him on 99% of things but he's right, she's fat and ugly, even on a bad day with no photoshop and make up a woman like picrel will be always more attractive then that pig that learned to walk up right(rattle rattle)

No. 1185173

His wife would probably make fun of that woman on the magazine too.

No. 1185174

It literally doesn't matter if he or you finds her pretty or not. He's a psychology professor, not a fashion designer, not a photographer, or a magazine editor. His opinion literally is irrelevant but he feels the need to let it be known in this narcissistic, matter-of-fact manner as if he was God or something. This is what I find baffling

No. 1185212

File: 1652802747651.jpeg (775.79 KB, 1541x1349, AAE3D778-669B-40A3-9AD1-CC6D84…)

Yeah I personally wouldn’t want my body to look like that, but I’m sure someone finds her beautiful. Hate how the fat activists call you fat phobic if you don’t want to look like her. As long as I’m not out there harassing people about their bodies why does it matter if I don’t want to be fat.

No. 1185214

File: 1652802753290.jpg (76.79 KB, 748x966, FS920YeXoAUQndJ.jpg)

I'm here for the new confidence.

No. 1185228

>> His opinion literally is irrelevant but he feels the need to let it be known in this narcissistic, matter-of-fact manner as if he was God or something.
Narc men get SO butthurt when you don’t care about or respect their shitty opinions KEK

No. 1185257

File: 1652803870508.png (15.96 KB, 783x148, Screenshot 2022-05-17 181049.p…)

I mean he literally quit Twitter after the comments he received kek

No. 1185267

I think she still looks great, yup she'd be classed as overweight now but who cares really, she can still make good music and enjoy her life. I hope the anons who constantly nitpick her keep up the same energy for almost every 30+ moid in Hollywood who looks like a busted can of beans.

No. 1185271

"I hate him but I hate fat women more so him being a misogynist and inserting his opinions on womens body is fine by me" kill yourself anon you're weak and holding the rest of us back

No. 1185282

Do you have a dog husbando

No. 1185288

better vest-bomb her yourself piggy(infighting)

No. 1185291

Why are you so angry about fatties? Leaves more moids for you if anything

No. 1185295

Is this you, crap-chan? Or is this another ana-chan who blew her ass out from all the laxatives?

No. 1185296

Nvm this is definitely crapchan. The skinny smoking girl image of an ideal girl she wishes she was, shitting on women who don't fit the coquette aesthetic, etc.

No. 1185297

Why are you determined to uphold scrote opinions about women kek? It's so hard for anons like you to possibly conceive that women of any weight don't like men shit talking womens body and the women who support men doing it. >>1185271 is right, and consider killing yourself along with miss bone rattle up there, since you're also holding us back

No. 1185298

the difference between the way this rando Sports illustrated model is talked about vs lana del rey is hilarious

No. 1185304

She's not even worth replying. If this is the anon I think she is, she's a self hating black woman who wishes to be a russian ana-chan and despises any woman who doesn't try to fit the same beauty standard she's trying.
She'll never be russian. Never skinny. Never white. Never pretty in the same way the girls she posts yet she keeps bringing down unconventional or black women.

No. 1185305

you should all keep posting, I love it, it's definitely everyone else who is over-reacting

No. 1185308

>b- but men are the logical stoic sex don't you know? Women are the dragon of chaos, they are chaotic, they cannot control their emotions, they destroy everything. They need a logical man like me to lead them, to keep them stable. N- no I didn't just quit Twitter over people disagreeing with me.

No. 1185309

File: 1652807198671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.15 KB, 1015x1390, an-emaciated-slave-laborer-at-…)

>kill me yourself
Nonnie, the organ failure will get you faster than any person could

No. 1185311


Nonna that's a bit tasteless

No. 1185315

Crap chan you will never be a coquette trad waif and none of the weird slavic men you want will ever want you because anorexia can't get you to a weight where you turn blonde with blue eyes kek

No. 1185317

That girl is Jaimie King, when she was a model and on heroin. That's her ideal.

No. 1185319

Thinking Jordan Peterson is correct in calling a woman disgusting is also tasteless

No. 1185321

i agree with you on everything but
>This woman is not morbidly obese
maybe not technically, she's not slaton-level, but saying she's overweight makes it seem like she's just chibby or something. she's dangerously overweight. it's alarming to have a body this huge. i feel like even non-fat activist spaces on the internet normalize extreme obesity now.

No. 1185323

…..she literally is not morbidly obese wtf you've been smoking

No. 1185327

Someone should tell Crap-chan how racist slavic men are.

No. 1185335

File: 1652807976488.jpg (149.71 KB, 676x850, fWVJHbm.jpg)

Miley and Tisch Cyrus supporting Pamela Anderson at her Broadway debut
you can shit talk a c list models and rap girls but god forbid anyone says anything about lana kek

No. 1185336

File: 1652808015443.jpg (157.55 KB, 571x855, 4HpARu0.jpg)

since when can pamela anderson sing?

No. 1185338

I'll ask again - is your husbando a dog

No. 1185340

Crap chan identified. We know you're a coquettard, we know exactly what level of spastic you are, you're black, you're not a pale waif 90s red scare blah blah blah, sperging about weight + rap will never get you what you truly want. Go to therapy or the only 90s waif you'll look like is a starving child from those TV advertisements about donating to Africa (where your dad is from)

No. 1185341

File: 1652808187968.jpg (245.53 KB, 1127x1201, 1504298813425.jpg)

okay I only posted >>1185161 and nothing else, I have never once desired to be russian or slavic(I don't know where your getting that from) also I hate fat women and rap-girls regardless of race
good to know, thankfully I have never dated a slavic men, I have only been in 2 relationships my entire life, my ex and my current bf who I plan to settle down with
I routinely make fun of her as well and I hate her music
no, more of a cat person actually(Irrelevant derailing attention whoring.)

No. 1185343

Ew, why couldnt they just got a woman? A man will always look like a man. This faggot is disgusting

No. 1185344

I KNEW YOU WERE CRAP-CHAN kek. Does your boyfriend also wish you were a skinny pale blonde girl like the coquettes you're so obsessed with?

No. 1185345

Ironic choice of a picture considering you spend time seething about fat women

No. 1185351

>But she isn’t a cow so now what?
Yes she is, have you not read the previous threads? Stinky.

No. 1185354

they should just do the 60th annversary episode with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. And then cancel the show. I knew it would eventually only carry on to serve woke audiences, a black gay man and a black trans man is literally a snowflakes wet dream. i hope the ratings stoop so low that they literally have to cancel out of sheer embarassment

No. 1185367

It's sad how quickly Doctor Who tanked. I blame Tumblr, honestly, because it was one of the first shows that snowflakes latched onto. Doctor Who was actually very progressive for years (did you know they had the first on air lesbian kissing scene decades ago?) and was totally fine until 10 years ago when the superwholock genderspecials decided sticking to the tried-and-tested formula of choosing charismatic actors wasn't good enough anymore. I still believe Idris Elba would have been the better choice for a black doctor but they would never choose him because he's straight

No. 1185370

This. I specifically remember watching season 9 back in 2010 and it was pretty progressive. there were gay people and lesbians involved but nothing was pushed or overshadowed. it was a lot of fun. now things are just really awful. I was hoping for a female doctor for years but it was so bland when we finally got one. Now it's just so bad…

No. 1185375

yeah doctor who used to be such a big thing here in the uk, i think that it began to go down after matt smith or even the old guy after that, people would watch the christmas or new years special etc. now it is another piece of media trying to keep its head above water by lowering itself in order to fit the ever growing woke mindsets

No. 1185378

a tranny in doctor who, what???

No. 1185380

File: 1652809753484.jpg (49.1 KB, 616x699, 1615218207540.jpg)

Yeah it seems like a fanfic written by tumblrinas circa 2012 who severely lack serlf-awareness, the ones who were shit talking the gay and officially married to a man writer for Sherlock BBC for not making Johnlock canon. All this talk makes me want to rewatch season 1 to 6, then the season with pic related, and then I'll drop the series like a hot potato. And the reason why I didn't watch these seasons was because everyone was spamming spoilers online so they really ruined it for me anyway.

No. 1185382

No. 1185386

It’s creepy how normalized obesity is. People are saying she’s just a little chubby and she’s almost 250 lbs and 5’11. She is about 70 pounds over the recommended healthy weight range for her height. That is medically obese…
I think she is attractive, but come on. She is more than just a little chubby. Can’t wait to be called a bone rattling anorexic for this

No. 1185387

>Go to therapy or the only 90s waif you'll look like is a starving child from those TV advertisements about donating to Africa (where your dad is from)

No. 1185395

exactly, she is literally fat. and i have even seen some anons here celebrate that by saying 'look how happy she looks' i hate how fat women are treated as queens by twitter.
> Can’t wait to be called a bone rattling anorexic for this
rather that than be a fatty

No. 1185401

I want everyone to wait for the first season with the new guy to be complete, and then when it's done I want people to compare how fun and charming the writing for the 10th and 11th doctors were compared to the new season. I was the anon in the MtF thread who predicted a tranny like 2 weeks ago. And as I said there, this season will have absolutely 0 fun and will be too focused on politics to have any room for charm. This is the death of a great sci fi show

Would it be wrong of me to think that it comes off as self insert-ish? The companion is supposed to be the lense through which we experience the Doctor character. they're the audience, and I feel like making the companion as specific as a black troon comes off as more of a single person writing their own fantasy of the doctor as opposed to someone more blank like Amy Pond who was sort of vague enough for a wide audience of people to project themselves on

No. 1185402

all of them look busted af.

No. 1185405

on topic of the doctor who mess, why is the tranny called rose? poor billie piper

No. 1185407

all you nonas cringing out at megan and MGK's relationship and yeah it's a little cringe to post 'WE JUST HAD SEX!!1' but I can't help but feel happy for her. She was married so young to a way older dude and had kids so fast. She's just living her best life now and at least they're in love (for now). I'm glad they're happy and posting their cringe ass shit.

No. 1185411

File: 1652810759591.jpeg (145.84 KB, 625x836, 1652330196676.jpeg)

>For the love of god dial down the constant, seething hatred for two seconds.
there's literally nothing wrong with hating smelly moids and the retards who defend them

No. 1185418

what is happening on this picture

No. 1185422

NTAYRT but yes she is. You are probably American if you think otherwise but I won't blame you for your skewed perception coming from such a place. That being said, she's still clearly very pretty in the face. Any anon denying that is just mad a fatty is prettier than them kek

No. 1185424

Adrian Brody is having his bum hole washed by some poor girl

No. 1185425

It's not just that they're cringe but also that MGK is a pedo and just gross and obnoxious in general, he's the one the ruins the whole thing.

No. 1185434

*that ruins

No. 1185439

> I feel like making the companion as specific as a black troon comes off as more of a single person writing their own fantasy of the doctor
Now that you say it, I can see that happening behind the scene. I was thinking more about entitled fangirls sperging that they can write better than the "cis white straight males" who create the characters and storylines nearly from scratch and trying to prove it by writing lazy fix fics

No. 1185440

Did you ever think a guy is amazing and you're living your best life with him, obsessed… and like a year or two later your brain engages again and you can't believe you ever went near him? I feel like that's what's coming for her tbh.

No. 1185447

File: 1652811829743.jpg (143.7 KB, 1080x952, 20220517_202323.jpg)

Found picrelated

No. 1185449

Ayrt. just throwing this out there, but theres a reason why the animation industry has become overrun with styles that were seen on Tumblr a decade ago. It's because everyone whi is now working in that industry got their start by running a Tumblr art blog. Its exact same for writers. The reason why recent sci fi or otherwise dorky shows have suddenly become Ultra kweer. All the superwholock girlies have grown up, taken all the passion and experience from their fanfics, and have now found jobs writing for shows for big networks. BBC knew they could cash in by hiring fans of Doctor Who to write it, because who better to pander to the fanbase than people who ARE the fanbase?

No. 1185467

Well, at least they went with the most stereotypical troon name ever lol

No. 1185494

The character will still be rose, they just change the names so people who audition don't know where they are going to star

No. 1185502


Wow, we really have fallen.

No. 1185509

File: 1652813625029.jpg (217.35 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-190917123837-634x1…)


I think she had a beautiful face when she was younger, she should have left it as it is. Who cares about few wrinkles or loss of some baby fat, these overblown pillow faces do not suit anyone.

No. 1185519

She looks like Kris Jenner kek

No. 1185525

Yikes, she really does. She should have left her face alone. She looks older than her actual age is as well.

No. 1185528

The thing is though that it's Russel T Davies who chose to have the troon there, not superwholock tards. He managed not to shoehorn in too much gayshit when he was showrunner before (although I suppose it was the mid-2000s so there probably wasn't much scope from the BBC to explore that shit anyway), but now it's fashionable to be ~queer~ he wants to prove he's the queerest of the lot. Can't wait for them to turn on him though, he's only got being gay to separate him from the evil white cis men.

No. 1185543

Ohhh. Is it supposed to be the kid of Rose and Mickey? (hence the flower name)

No. 1185546

File: 1652814708120.jpg (195.42 KB, 1229x1279, 1603582185272.jpg)

Yes I already noticed that because the artists I followed on tumblr a decade ago started to turn into turbo SJWs, their art regressed and they started working professionally not that long ago as opposed to selling fanart in anime cons and doing commissions from time to time. I'm not even suprised any of this is happening, it's just frustrating that the fans that are taking over these massive franchises are the worst kind of fans as opposed to competent actors and writers who like these shows for what they are. I'm thinking that's one of the many reason why JKR is getting shit for the Fantastic Beasts movies. Sure, the new movie is gay but it's not gay the right way, because it's not a slash Marauders don't like don't read prequel fic. It's the same shit with that one South Park fanfic turned into a novel where the main characters are gay and trans and poc kek. It's like these fans are fans of the fandoms, not of the actual series. Sage because it's a bit off-topic

No. 1185554

MGK likes much younger girls though. Hence why Megan Fox is chopping up her face faster than Joyce Wildstein so her fuckboi will continue to find her attractive. Bad news though is once the novelty wears off for him that he's boning the poster girl he jacked off to he'll dump Megan for a 19 year old version of her. I feel bad for Megan

No. 1185560

There are rumours that it's Donna and her husband's kid (which means calling the character Rose makes zero sense)

No. 1185562

She had a perfect face many would kill for. I agree, I'd rather see her real face with some wrinkles. She'd still be lovely

No. 1185615

File: 1652816429815.png (73.9 KB, 455x551, 343245235.png)

True. looking back all the moral guardians and so called squares were right about the degeneration of society, it didn't help that the media demonized these people as being up-tight old people who were senile and out of touch, I remember the media tried to gaslight this woman whose child was killed by a pedophile, claiming that she was over reacting and shifting the blame to something "completely unrelated" like Christ save us

No. 1185625

File: 1652816738803.jpg (68.22 KB, 648x578, 90824fcb0bc0bfff90a4b6314de276…)

Yes, she looked beautiful. But don't forget she had already work done (nose, lip lift, breasts probably), this was never her natural self.

No. 1185630

Why do I have to see shit over and over again, at least spoiler it next time.

No. 1185637

Even her surgery looked nice here imo. I also think that this new makeup style she is pursuing is not doing her any favours. Imo instagram makeup seems to only suit women with unfortunate features as the whole point of it is to reconstruct the face. I hope she doesn't have dysmorphia or anything.

No. 1185648

File: 1652817807657.png (195.57 KB, 1350x641, bobothecokehead.png)

On Insta there are so many naives that think Cara was just a good friend that wanted to be there and help Megan. A lot also said it was coke and then of course, some said true fans of her know she doesn't do drugs, this is here quirky self.
Sorry for the shit edit, used paint3d, it was a mistake.

No. 1185650

I tried "IG baddie" makeup on myself once and I looked like a fucking troon. Never again.

No. 1185659

This thing is supposed to portray a 15-year-old??

No. 1185669

File: 1652818678468.jpg (68.15 KB, 609x597, qL0wiGB.jpg)

The guy behind Shawn Mendes' creative direction:
>And though Mendes stepped onto the Met carpet solo this year, he wasn’t entirely alone. On this night, as on most nights, Mendes was trailed closely by Connor Brashier, the singer’s friend-cum-confidante-turned-creative director. If Mendes’ Met Gala look saw him crowned as fashion royalty, consider the camera-toting Brashier his charming courtier.

No. 1185672

future troon and/or rapist, calling it now. he gots dahmer eyes

No. 1185673

how is that tiktok guy fatphobic when he's still fat

No. 1185676

it's not new, she's always had the confidence of someone rich enough to be ugly

No. 1185678

Me too tbh, she seems fun.

No. 1185681

File: 1652818959906.jpg (223.19 KB, 817x1222, shawn-mendes-met-gala-2022-04.…)

What creative direction? He looks as boring as ever. All he did was steal Robbie Rotten's color palette for this look.

No. 1185682

miley's annoying as fuck but i 100% blame her clearly insane parents.

No. 1185685

what is "superwholock"?

No. 1185687

On tumblr I used to see these retards throw around the phrase “smallfat privilege” kek

No. 1185690

she was literally born perfect. even before her first nose job, there was nothing she needed to change. look how fast her career never even got started after she destroyed her face right after transformers.

No. 1185692

Fandom name for Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock kek

No. 1185694

it's pure cokehead behaviour. in the gif she's checking her pocket to make sure her stash is still there, while pretending to be present in the moment by fake dancing. the lol random xd bothering strangers and not realizing they're annoyed is coke too.

No. 1185695

oh so are we dressing like it's 2010 again? that was fast.

No. 1185697

wow i'm glad i'm just ugly because fat culture seems really complicated

No. 1185700

File: 1652819544299.gif (3.1 MB, 320x218, EC10eS.gif)

I'm just so shocked that people find that behaviour "supportive", "cute", or normal around a crush or some shit.
She behaved like Pepe LePew and mostly smelled like it, too.

No. 1185705

I think he can’t use his wife as an object to “compete with” (socially fuck) other men so he picks apart other women and pretends his relationship must be perfect when it’s the opposite. There is literally no reason for a man to nitpick women like this, “stoic men” don’t do that it’s deeply embarrassing to him and his wife who we can all obviously see.

No. 1185706

File: 1652819731387.jpg (78.59 KB, 345x343, 1400197666133.jpg)

He is handsome as FUCK though, I would not say no to him if I was a swooning victorian lady and he came to me on a white horse. Picrel my face imagining this awful romance novel shit lol

No. 1185714

Grow a spine

No. 1185716

File: 1652819980673.jpeg (84.35 KB, 652x652, 5A14E518-7F86-4CA3-AA4D-8297F8…)

This man has to be pretend to be stoic because otherwise he looks goofy as hell.

No. 1185719

I like this look and I'll die on this hill. Gimme those military coats again

No. 1185727

Fuck offff, if the danofags can thirst over a sack of potatoes I can have a bit of thirst over an actually handsome man as a treat once in a while!

No. 1185730

He looks nice, it's just boring as fuck. I guess being clean cut and plain is better than all the male celebrities trying to beat gender norms though.

No. 1185738

I can't believe he has the fucking gall to talk about how anyone looks kek. Archaic males always have so much to say, like they believe looking down on others will aid them in running from the grave.

No. 1185742

Girl I'm with you

No. 1185745

File: 1652820991523.jpg (92.65 KB, 753x697, kk.JPG)

No. 1185768

Remember that wokies are the most braindead. Someone trying to lose weight for their own health is a fatphobe

No. 1185799

Not a celebrity but ever since I've seen people worrying about one of the guys from le joueur du grenier youtube channel losing weigth I gave up on humanity. Even after he said he went on a diet to literally not die from being morbidly obese people thought him finally looking like a normal person was a bad thing.

No. 1185812

WHOA this dude is younger than my parents. don't do drugs

No. 1185815

you're right tho. if a man or woman behaved that way towards me i'd assume they were either on cocaine or about to rape me

No. 1185817

right? the description that nonny replied to is pretty much the description of many cows on this website. it's like she ignored >>1184328 and >>1184339

this was already posted in the other thread but anon cropped out the watermark and implied it was megan herself who did it kek

as someone who was there on tumblr during the superwholock days i recommend you stay unaware anon, it's a dumb mess

the whole "ig baddie" trope is overrated anyway, i don't get why it's a thing

No. 1185823

Lame. Idris is so versatile. He's the reason I started watching British dramas because I liked Luther so much. I'm surprised they haven't made a trans woke version of Sherlock Holmes yet. Full on gay Sherlock and Watson. Watson is now a trans man with a frog voice(Elliot Page).

No. 1185825

I love The Thick of It so much

No. 1185827

see this is what i hate, i don't mind the size of other people, it's their choice and doesn't affect me so it's whatever but it's when they try to say it's fatphobic to lose weight. my decisions with my own body and wanting to maintain the size and weight i want to be at aren't harming anyone else, why should they care

No. 1185829

the duality of woman

No. 1185836

i can see why she would want that and honestly i kinda agree with the idea but i don't know if there's any way to fully eradicate porn from the internet at this point, it's so saturated with it.

No. 1185842

no, that coat is hideous and i'll die on this hill

No. 1185929

It's so funny when they get hired to do cheap americanized "anime" kek they steal character designs straight from known shows.

No. 1185932

File: 1652830502006.jpeg (102.77 KB, 738x859, nerwerw.jpeg)

Speaking of,Kris was cute in her little 70's modeling pics.

No. 1185933

File: 1652830526535.png (898.87 KB, 925x848, Screenshot_20220517-182413-758…)

No. 1185936

It's not. The fat positivity is just people seething. They are jealous that small fats don't get the same scrutiny they get and have easier lives and can lose weight in a year if they put their minds to it.

No. 1185940

This is a 36 year old woman. Sad.

No. 1185942

He's right. Kim looked awful in it, she should have just gotten a replica so it could match her skin color.

No. 1185944

She did wear a replica

No. 1185945

Is that his boyfriend?

No. 1185947

File: 1652831148867.jpeg (78.63 KB, 600x764, 45ab521039ee4704c47d003228a9b8…)

The excessive surgery has gone full circle and now she's back to resembling her awkward pre-teen self in a weird way kek

No. 1185948

I loved this look so much. I'm not even attracted to him but it looked so fucking good

No. 1185949

she made it look cheap and couldn't even zip up the back, so yeah.

i'd like to believe it's a replica but the museum that kept the original dress was reportedly in on it. apart from kim probably paying a buttload of money that they probably couldn't resist, i don't see how they ever thought it was a good idea kek

No. 1185950

They said she wore a replica at the beginning though before they realized they'd get more attention saying she wore the real thing lol she did try on the original but wore a replica to the event. like you said, it couldn't even zip up her fake ass.

No. 1185951

File: 1652831385789.webm (4.85 MB, 720x1280, megan and cara.webm)

Please let me know if this has already been posted, but I just saw this video. I don't know how to feel about Cara and Megan honestly kek, this is the only video I've seen where Megan didn't seem completely annoyed with her.

No. 1185952

Melania Fox

No. 1185961

Aliexpress coat

No. 1185962

File: 1652832324278.jpeg (374.13 KB, 1175x1763, loveafterlockup.jpeg)

If I had no idea who these people were I'd assume it was a still from this

No. 1185965

just something i noticed, when one tries to google "marilyn monroe dress" you'd usually expect to see marilyn wearing the dress or even any other dress she wore during her time (i like the styles tbh) right? but now after the whole debacle google results have just been photo after photo featuring kim in the dress instead more than marilyn monroe herself in anything she wore.

but at the moment what's prominent is the flood of article headlines of the designer criticizing the decision to let kim wear it kek

No. 1185966

Kim K did so much damage to the female image with her fake personality and fake plastic self.

No. 1185967

She really was.

No. 1185973

We already talked about this in a previous thread. She wore the real dress for the red carpet, for like less than 20 minutes or something, then wore a replica for the rest of the gala.

No. 1185979

File: 1652834023176.png (233.63 KB, 800x2000, fategories-1.png)


No. 1185980

wtf is this retarded shit KEKKKKK

No. 1185986

File: 1652834557279.jpg (371.6 KB, 1051x2166, ykujx6bp4c661.jpg)

No. 1185988

just about the whole family reeks of that, i'm still surprised these are the celebrities most people seem to fawn over. i don't really understand. i assume if it wasn't for the sex tape, money, the plastic surgeries, and kris pushing so hard for all of them to be notorious, the best they'd get is viral fame.

No. 1185990

File: 1652834942810.png (321.36 KB, 531x374, 367E5240-19D3-460B-B475-C52F19…)

I know it’s for a role but I’m absolutely dying of laughter. Couldn’t he have just gotten a bald cap or something?
His wife should put him on a leash.

No. 1185992

had no idea. was she just as much of a celebricow back then? she just looks like a regular person here.

No. 1185993

who is he?

No. 1185997

I have no idea who this is but that’s totally much ado about nothing. A guy can shave and regrow normal-looking hair within a couple months, it’s not a big deal.

No. 1185999

There was a death fat cow thread in /snow/ but it's kind of dead. But might be better suited for more conversation about megafatties, if you guys are interested

No. 1186002

fucking hell thats gotta be glenn howerton from always sunny

No. 1186003

Literally who?

No. 1186004

She didn't wear it on the red carpet

No. 1186006

nta but i thought i read she wore the real dress while going up the stairs. i could be wrong but it's even more of a dumb idea if true, she couldn't even close the zipper. could've torn a hole in the thing.

No. 1186008

She did, that's why she had the fur coat. Not just to mimic what Marilyn had but she literally says in a video with the Ripley's team that the coat would be used to cover the unzipped part. It was posted last thread, I think.

No. 1186009

That’s what I remember too and that she wore the rug to hide the zipper

No. 1186016

There's a video where she puts it down and it's zipped up all the way. Kris can pay whatever tabloid to say she wore the real dress outside of Ripley's but she didn't.

No. 1186017

Wasn’t meant to be a big deal? Just found it hilarious and thought other people would too?

No. 1186018

When, though? While she was still on the stairs or after? Allegedly it was on for the stairs then switched to the replica. If it was all the way zipped while on the stairs, that's damning evidence she really didn't wear it and I'd love to know definitively.

No. 1186020

On the stairs and again with Nicki Minaj at the top of the stairs. Might take a second but it was on tiktok… I'll link when I find it.

No. 1186022

I saw it too. I think popsugar posted it on tt.

No. 1186028

File: 1652839022677.jpg (227.64 KB, 800x1449, kris-and-bruce-jenner-14222729…)

Yeah she was. Kris always wanted to be a model or anything fame adjacent. After she cheated on Robert Kardashian he left her with not much. She and Bruce did Olympic themed work out infomercials to build up their money once they got married.

No. 1186042

> "You're only being misogynistic."
> Proceeds to call a woman "that fattie"

No. 1186072

Looking that much better than a woman half her age?
absolute Queen shit

No. 1186073

>leaning so he doesn't tower over the other guy

No. 1186078

who is that though? none of us know who you're talking about

No. 1186079

reminds me of Lindsay Lohan in her drugged out phase

No. 1186096

File: 1652845321364.jpeg (646.21 KB, 2048x2048, 2C9B802F-05F5-4EEE-A60D-EA70C7…)

Now anons, I have no concrete proof but in some random gossip video I heard Meg thee stallion’s boyfriend is jealous and upset about her flings with other women(another female rapper+ her ex best friend allegedly). He’s really starting to think Meg and Cara are sleeping together.

No. 1186100

I'm not a fan personally but she carries it well. Kylie just looks atrocious though, and her dress looks very wish.com-y

No. 1186101

File: 1652845610572.jpeg (474.24 KB, 828x1070, 0A61ED1F-3EEE-467A-8AF6-F946F1…)

No. 1186104

He's sorry only because he wants to save his ass

No. 1186106

>It was regrettable then
yet he didn't say fuck all then

No. 1186108

File: 1652845900547.jpeg (49.49 KB, 641x241, 41FA9E65-8C07-4F50-B8C6-EF43A5…)

So they can have a dance off in the cage.

No. 1186115

You'll note that he had the surrogate give him and his partner children a mere couple of years after this. Pretty sure it was a fast track to making sure his image was seen as more wholesome.

No. 1186117

This wouldn't surprise me at all. Cara has slept with any female celeb who leans even slightly bi.

No. 1186120

He's actually cute

No. 1186135

File: 1652848176919.jpeg (363.1 KB, 763x2304, 6C1A0277-F09A-4AAC-A635-430569…)

No. 1186137

File: 1652848732201.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1620x1512, 636A77FB-A263-4078-9ABB-33CC8D…)

Trout faced ass.
>> The biggest bombshell delivered by Rich & Shameless: Girls Gone Wild Exposed comes from a Chicago native named Jannel, who as a self-described 18-year-old “party girl” visited a favorite nightclub that was also playing host to Francis and his colleagues.
>>Charmed by the celebrity businessman into downing drinks, Jannel soon found herself agreeing to return to his bus, where in the back room she drunkenly signed a waiver and then was pressured into pleasuring herself on-camera with sex toys. >>According to Jannel, what followed was a nightmare: “I didn’t give my consent that night and he totally raped me. And then he got off of me like I was garbage.”
>>Jannel’s accusation was supposedly brushed off by police at the time, and Francis later denied having behaved improperly with her.
>>Nonetheless, Rich & Shameless: Girls Gone Wild Exposed casts this attack as merely one of many examples of Francis’ horridness.
>>Director Newman opens her two-hour investigation with an Aug. 1, 2020, audio recording made by Francis’ current girlfriend (and mother of his two daughters) Abbey Wilson, during which he screams, “Fuck you, you selfish cunt!” and “I hope you fucking die!” while she cries out “You’re hurting me, Joe… You’re killing me!” and “You stepped on my fucking head, you stepped on my neck, you fucking choked me!”
>>In light of such material, Entertainment Weekly journalist Joel Stein’s subsequent remark about Francis—“His attitude toward women is complicated”—reeks of laughable understatement.

No. 1186140

File: 1652849331348.jpeg (215.67 KB, 1124x1118, 5C4B865F-B291-4FC8-9D3D-1E9AA5…)

kek what is he going for? bald neo?

No. 1186141

File: 1652849339481.jpeg (817.79 KB, 2048x2048, FA6F95E1-DF43-42E1-9193-72D345…)

Ew Kourtney why. I knew Scott & Kourtney we’re buddies with Joe Francis but I didn’t know she dated him.

No. 1186149

this. he didn't say shit back then, there should have been something in the thought process of getting someone to create that meat platter that should have told him it was a trashy move that would stop most sane people but he still continued. a meat platter based off of a dead person and making her look like roadkill? yeah, sure, nph, you're just saying that to save face now.

No. 1186150

if there was a celeb hunger games they'd be the final two to last in the arena, snarling and all

No. 1186152

apparently that stuff on her body is some gold glittery shit, i'm not educated on tattoos but can someone tell me why whoever covered her in it sloppily avoided the tattoos?

No. 1186154

File: 1652850475497.jpeg (385.9 KB, 2048x2048, A9F9BC5B-395E-4341-9781-36E2B4…)

No. 1186161

They could've covered them no problem. If she didn't want them covered, they could have at least tried to do a better job kek how embarrassing

No. 1186164

why did the carpet at the met look so dirty and worn down? can't they afford to get the carpet replaced? every pic and outfit looks cheapened by the fact the carpet is threadbare and covered in shit
yeah it looks terrible, from the back you can see where they purposefully didn't cover her psoriasis but leaving the tattoos is weird - maybe it looked worse trying to cover them and made her just look dirty?

No. 1186170

File: 1652852441719.jpg (8.73 KB, 288x288, FR3mKG5acAAJQdR.jpg)

I actually wanna these two engage in pure animal sex with each other, bet it would be like seeing two wild dogs mating

No. 1186187

File: 1652854499250.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 749x748, 682C01AA-A754-4BC8-A2E2-3FABBE…)

I know I’m late but this made me laugh and I just wanted to drop this pic of Jordan Peterhon

No. 1186189

File: 1652854729461.gif (3.19 MB, 426x426, 62E969EA-D6F9-4BCA-81A5-D4ABE5…)

No. 1186191

According to JBP red lipstick is used exclusively to signal you want to get fucked by men. Sounds like he was projecting.

No. 1186200

File: 1652855758260.jpeg (650.25 KB, 1412x1185, 767BDDDB-B6B5-4A1A-A70F-A226D2…)

>>Peacock’s ‘They/Them’ Introduces Kevin Bacon and the Cast of the Conversion Camp Slasher
>>”They/Them(They Slash Them) has been germinating within me my whole life. I've loved horror movies as long as I can remember, I think because monsters represent 'the other' and as gay kid I felt a powerful sense of kinship with those characters who were different, outlawed, or forbidden,”
>>Director John Logan said in a statement. “I wanted to make a movie that celebrates queerness, with characters that I never saw when I was growing up.
>>”When people walk away from the movie, I hope they're going to remember the incredible love that these kids have for each other and how that love needs to be protected and celebrated.”
This reads like a fan fiction kek

No. 1186205

idk if they wanted to avoid the tattoos for the look and thought they looked worse covered, one would think they'd be paying attention to detail and outline them better, not make some haphazard smudges around them. it looks obvious when you look at high res photos of her.

plus tbh she already looks dirty before you enlarge the image kek. i was wondering wtf it was before finding out.

No. 1186212

Fucking kek anon

No. 1186216

Now I know you know the origin of this you dirty bitch

No. 1186217

All entertainment is currently written like fan fiction.

No. 1186227

Divorce when?
I find it hilarious that celebs still do this

No. 1186238

File: 1652861913477.gif (1.11 MB, 640x608, A87F95A2-D234-49E0-BC1D-325A08…)

I actually didn’t know where it originally came from until now…oh my

No. 1186242

honestly i think some celebs are just dummies looking for love too kek. if you take away their fame they'd be like any other person with poor decision making in relationships

No. 1186248

i’m confused what’s the origin

No. 1186252

Porn. I’m too tired to try to find it for you.

No. 1186267

Late reply since I just got back but this. This was what some of us anons were trying to say

No. 1186272

File: 1652865102867.jpeg (75.85 KB, 640x640, 4A73E8CA-1EB9-44A1-A04F-CB0241…)

Thanks I hate it

No. 1186294

I hate marriage so I'm definitely biased but that's another can of worms..it's funny to see some celebs get married then divorced repeatedly. It's funny that they even try, statistically celeb marriages must have like a 5% success rate

No. 1186298

File: 1652868745619.jpg (86.85 KB, 562x837, t5U0KwQ.jpg)

Some Cannes movie festival looks if any nonnies are interested:
Julianne Moore

No. 1186299

File: 1652868788072.jpg (119.21 KB, 1261x820, pFYKAAk.jpg)

Rebecca Hall

No. 1186300

File: 1652868817577.jpg (91.31 KB, 559x832, 6NsbJU4.jpg)

Lori Harvey

No. 1186302

File: 1652868872109.jpg (141.17 KB, 562x841, HwSUGee.jpg)

Deepika Padukone

No. 1186304

File: 1652868942808.jpg (80.18 KB, 562x840, hXjg0XO.jpg)

Eva Longoria

No. 1186308

File: 1652869072829.jpg (112 KB, 540x849, 84u8SUF.jpg)

Eye Haidara

No. 1186309

File: 1652869260166.jpg (87.13 KB, 562x844, pBnaCts.jpg)

Amandine Petit/Miss France

No. 1186311

File: 1652869304719.jpg (88.62 KB, 562x846, KXrXCtf.jpg)

Urvashi Rautela

No. 1186312

wow she looks great

No. 1186313

I just googled her out of curiosity and fucking hell she's 47?

No. 1186314

File: 1652869387333.jpg (96.73 KB, 562x844, 0IoZO6X.jpg)

Caroline Daur

No. 1186315

Is she perhaps doing some black magic rituals to stay so ethereal at almost 50??

No. 1186316

File: 1652869464920.jpg (99.18 KB, 565x844, ADeGCUz.jpg)

Lashana Lynch

No. 1186319

File: 1652869633983.jpg (96.93 KB, 562x844, 6LtQ9YP.jpg)

Didi Stone

No. 1186320

File: 1652869662633.jpg (94.81 KB, 553x847, us6dq7g.jpg)

Deepika and Noomi Rapace

No. 1186344

She is giving me Celine Dion here. Get this woman some help, she is dying before peoples eyes

No. 1186361

what I don;'t get is why he isn't commenting on actual fatties men don't want to fuck, like Tess Holliday. he wouldn't get any pushback on that

No. 1186378

>has kids literally years later
anon you're fried

No. 1186381

Nta but that's not edgy enough anymore I guess. Most people are aware that someone the size of Tess is unattractive, even if they're not bold enough to admit it publicly. Going after mildly fat (and even just chubby) women instead of literal landwhales is where the money is at nowadays.

No. 1186419

>has kids
Except he didn't have kids, he bought them from a woman who had them.

No. 1186433

File: 1652877842261.jpg (115.32 KB, 885x757, abrsepk.jpg)

Sydney Sweeney got sued

No. 1186437

>"mildy fat"

Tell me you're american without telling me you're american

No. 1186446

That model isn't "mildly fat" that's very overweight if not downright obese. If you think it's not your perception is skewed by a low percentage of healthy weight people in your environment.

No. 1186454

Are actors/actresses normally allowed to pick their own clothing for shows?

No. 1186456

>midly fat
topkek, Americans are truly a lost cause. Bless you, anon.

No. 1186458

americans are so fucking fat. my partner is american and i've been thoroughly told how in reality there really are so many fat and downright obese people over there.

No. 1186487

I think some farmers have similar body type and feel shitty when people call that obese. No hate, I get how shitty it feels to see your body type shamed but seriously, that is obese, not mild fat.

No. 1186508

nonnies, while the sports illustrated model IS fat, she is also clearly an apple, so she'd never have had a small waist in the 1st place

No. 1186530

we really are all fat as fuck.
after going out into public after the pandemic it was crazy to see how huge everyone is.
that being said i'm hungry.

No. 1186558

Stop being such naive babies this was planned

No. 1186573

That's a non-apology. He is sorry for the hurt that the "image" caused, so is now the person who made the image and posted it to blame? And for whom is it regrettable and why?
Can't even apologize properly because he still doesn't care.

No. 1186613

Yeah, it's literally just "uuhhh sorry I got caught teehee", not an apology.

No. 1186652

i kno it happens a lot on euphoria, thats why every character dresses like a 25-yr-old tik tok thotty and not like actual teens who have to attend a public high school

No. 1186655

File: 1652890170420.jpeg (125.36 KB, 640x968, D94FA780-812A-4CD0-9382-F52747…)

Not that anon, but no one shits on burgerland like anons on lolcow kek.

No. 1186666

File: 1652890382330.jpeg (567.48 KB, 636x1031, FFA1F823-2CC7-4928-8E62-74223A…)

Danial Radcliffe is playing Weird Al in a biopic. Evan Rachel Wood will play Madonna.

No. 1186670

File: 1652890506780.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1161x1549, DCF8AD6C-71AF-410E-A83C-87BC41…)

No. 1186673

Who the fuck asked for a biopic on weird al

No. 1186690

File: 1652891692838.jpg (684.01 KB, 1121x1430, Portrait_of_Tom_Lehrer_in_c._1…)

okay but weird al isn't even dead or old, also most people know that wierd al is a tall thin hippy looking guy, which Radcliffe isn't, he actually looks closer to Tom Lehrer who was actually one of the main inspirations for weird al, that guy deserves to have a biopic made about him

>graduated Harvard at the age of 19 in the filed of mathematics

>was an NSA officer
>was a talented pianist
>made a song about gay three ways, beastly and incestous rape in the 60's
>was the professor of mathematics at santa cruz

No. 1186691

The tall girl on left looks gorgeous damn, can't believe it's the same one as >>1186302 hopefully she fired that stylist and makeup artist.

No. 1186693

isn't weird al the one who used to make parodies of famous songs on youtube? and had that one song about a drive thru? in like 2008

No. 1186694

She looks great!

No. 1186699

idk i wouldn't look at that pic and say she is playing madonna.

No. 1186700

> isn't weird al the one who used to make parodies of famous songs on youtube
…don’t make me Weird Al sperg rn…. comments like these are exactly why we need a biopic, clearly.

No. 1186703

ngl I'm here for it

No. 1186710

DR doesn’t really look like Weird Al

No. 1186716

Youre too young to use this site

No. 1186727

Her career never got started because she was blacklisted by Michael Bay nonnie

No. 1186734

agreed, weird al is an american treasure.
me and 1186700 asked for it. don't hate on al.
weird al fact: he bought his parents a house after he made it big and they died from carbon monoxide poisoning in it.

No. 1186754

anon how are you responding to a 4 year old post in a different thread

No. 1186760

The "bara tiddy" people and weirdos from Tik Tok who've never touched a muscular man's body get really pissed when anyone points this out
Pecs do not feel like tits, they're not squishy lol

No. 1186764

> weird al fact: he bought his parents a house after he made it big and they died from carbon monoxide poisoning in it.
that's how Walt Disney's mother died, carbon monoxide poising in the house he bought

No. 1186766

File: 1652894612837.jpg (60.91 KB, 650x489, Al and family.jpg)

I'm not sure what in his life story would be good for a biopic, he was raised by nice and supportive parents, he started writing song parodies, got popular, started asking permission from artists as to not offend them and has been consistently popular, funny, and non-controversial since. he's also been married for 20 years and has a daughter who sometimes wears GNC clothing but she's not some wokie enby either

No. 1186777

Finally, they might finally be able to create a movie that doesn't make me cry

No. 1186778

oh thank you for this fact exchange.
nonnies: make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your house, next to the floor not the ceiling bc the gas is heavier than air.

No. 1186779

how is this true? The make up artist and costume designer released an entire booklet about the characters, their costumes, and the reasoning for every single choice they made per episodes analysis. There's no way Sydney could pick what she wanted to wear unless she bullied the costume designer on set for a specific swim suit.

No. 1186786

sorry anon, spoilers his parents die >>1186734

No. 1186854

no1curr bout ur boner

No. 1186856

i'm 25 anon kek, why does what i replied make me seem like i am underaged

No. 1186858

I honestly think its hilarious that Radcliffe looks nothing like the real weird Al, they put a wig and glasses and called it a day, awkward parody of the man who commands awkward parodies, anyway here's the actual trailer for the film

No. 1186859

that woman's not my type but it's clear the problem with that photo is the shitty ass ugly swimsuit. she's no doubt considered hot in real life, unlike horrible narc monsters like tess holliday. shit, by his stupid rules jameela jamil is ugly because of her makeup and "attitude"

No. 1186862

this is the correct take. younger gay moids i've met seem to be okay with adoption, but weirded out by surrogacy because it (rightfully) seems "creepy" to them.

No. 1186863

why would she wear a one piece when she has such a great stomach? i wish i could wear some of the crazy crap she could get away with

No. 1186866

>I think some farmers have similar body type
they should learn that "obese" is a medical term, and you can be obese without being "ugly". if you are as big as that woman and it's not muscle, then you are obese.

No. 1186867

yeah looks more like annie potts

No. 1186869

he also invented the jello shot, and is hot as hell and i want to go back in time and fuck him.

No. 1186871

Why? Isn't that what he is known for?

No. 1186872

haha WRONG. his parents died of a carbon monoxide leak and he walked in the house and found their bodies.

No. 1186875

samefag I just realized he's not even trying to sound like weird al, its just Radcliffe's genetic american accent

No. 1186881

anons he's been world-famous since the 1980's. no, he is not known for doing youtube parodies kek

No. 1186883

KEK seriously? i had no idea!!!! i literally thought he was just a youtuber and i was confused how they have enough to make a movie about his life!!!

No. 1186885

the children are not our future

No. 1186888

anon kek, i am 25 and i am truly sorry for not being aware of an american man known for making humourous songs!! i am simply not educated enough

No. 1186889

File: 1652899942561.jpeg (316.69 KB, 733x1100, F1EAAB9E-70EF-4865-98E4-E60AF4…)

No. 1186890

you can make amends by eating two mcdonald's combo meals while listening to weird al's "fat"

No. 1186901

These are gorgeous. Might have been the only event this year where the celebs actually looked nice

No. 1186934

NTA but nonnie, I am only one year older than you and I have memories of watching his music videos on VH1 and MTV as a small child. Well before YouTube. That's kind of embarrassing for you, I assumed you were a teen zoomer, as well kek

I am definitely going to watch this. I love Weird Al, he's uncontroversial and seems genuinely fun and nice. I wonder what they'll make the climax of the movie, though, he doesn't have any intense drama in his life.

No. 1186945

i don't feel embarrassed not to know him even more so after googling him for a few mins. so no offense if you are a big fan or anything kek

No. 1186974

barbie ferreira also had a ton of her own clothes in her character wardrobe too. and how can the costumers have a reasoning for every single choice they made on set when the writers of the show let their actors make character decisions that literally change planned character arcs?

No. 1187003

File: 1652905039717.png (94.91 KB, 662x249, Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 1.14…)

The head of the costume department is the one that had it picked out. It wasn't the first choice but it was always lined up. The original post is now deleted but found an article quoting it.

No. 1187008

It's a comedy mock-biopic produced by weird al, it's not meant to be earth shattering or anything. The choice of actors should have given that away.

No. 1187010

I'm confused why the brand above is suing her then because the bathing suits she wore in the show were Frankie's Bikinis. If they worried about designs being stolen, sue that company and not the actress??

No. 1187015

girl what? I'm saying she needs help, not that she looks good. She is obviously sick

No. 1187027

>TIL that Weird Al is married and has a kid

Good for him.

No. 1187032

This. As a 30+ anon who loved Britney in the late 90s, it’s so obvious how creepy the entire thing was at the time. Yet I never questioned it back then. I thought it was completely normal. Sage for blogposting.

No. 1187033

Any female celeb would be dragged and he should be too. piece of garbage. No sane person would do this.

No. 1187034

>thank heaven for little girls
Kill it with fire

And will anybody watch it?

No. 1187037

Reading this is exhausting
>they them
>tranny but also non binary

No. 1187042

and kathy griffin got canceled for the trump thing? jesus christ

No. 1187049

Nta I'm one year older than you and I remember finding Weird Al through YouTube around 2008 like the other anon so chill. Not everyone grew up with cable

No. 1187052

She's so cute! It's insane how she still looks the same as Desperate house wives era

No. 1187057

I also thought he was a youtuber because despite being nearly 28 I'm not American, not from an English speaking country and never had cable.

No. 1187064

File: 1652907557414.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.56 KB, 960x408, Er4UlKWXcAMJAKA.jpg)

>5ft 4 Daial
>as 6ft Weird Al
I refuse to believe this is not an intentional joke

No. 1187065

You know he thought he was being extra edgy and catty and hilarious at the time

No. 1187068

Yeah, I always loved that he asked permission before making parodies. And most artists felt an honor to be made a parody by Weird Al, so that was fun. I'll never forgetting watching his stuff on VH1 and MTV. I'm glad to hear he's married with a kid.

No. 1187077

Same, I miss when aesthetics were a thing kek, now it's just a competition on who can be the sloppiest looking fatty.

No. 1187079

giving mob wife realness here queen

No. 1187080

love to see some random forbidden man in the wild

No. 1187084

He is useful in different metrics

No. 1187086

Why exactly did they choose Radcliffe out of literally anyone else?

No. 1187089

idk maybe because he is good at being wierd?

No. 1187107

Was bruce transitioning here?

No. 1187121

Out of all people in hollywood cara delevingne probably had the most girlfriends

No. 1187123

Scrote energy from cara, yucm

No. 1187139

it's funny because i've been rewatching desperate housewives recently and her recent photos does seem like she's barely changed in appearance since those days.

No. 1187144

100% something sharpay would wear

No. 1187160

Is this getting a theatrical release?

No. 1187163

The company suing are literal nobodies, they don't even have more than 100 followers, seems like a ploy to get attention

No. 1187177

what the fuck I didn't even recognize him lol

No. 1187185

I almost forgot what Kim used to look like. She really erased all of her Armenian features

No. 1187201

I’m glad Bob Mackie spoke up about this, his dresses are incredible

No. 1187441

File: 1652939313936.jpg (77.9 KB, 720x720, IMG_20220519_072719_043.jpg)

still funny

No. 1187442

File: 1652939437239.jpg (31.09 KB, 750x250, 31f679be067ccf1f1921f7e83_1d3b…)

She's the living embodiment of pic related (excluding the white part idk if she is)

No. 1187443

I think she’s annoying and cringeworthy but goddamn has she been through a lot that puts it in perspective. Being an addict, overdosing, and having an eating disorder/depression since being a Disney child star is a life I couldn’t wish on anyone.

No. 1187445

She’s more than just annoying and cringeworthy. She thinks it’s ok to bully working class teenagers working in a frozen yogurt shop just because she’s offended at the word “diet”. I’m glad she’s miserable.

No. 1187446

Why does she keep sticking her tongue out like that? She’s acting so fucking weird.

No. 1187453

No. 1187456

Reminds me of Ariana donut shop bitchfit, think she was a Nickelodeon star though. Child actors are really fucked up for life and I want to pity them but they don't put in the work to better themselves

No. 1187489

Her fit was insane also she grew up in Disney which is notorious for csa, and she’s on record talking about literal brain injuries and overdoses. Honestly anyone that carries a cross over the cookie thing is looking for a strange way to down her, she’s pretty much actually special needs and it’s been obvious for a long time even if the words “brain injury” and “Disney child star” somehow mean nothing to you. Kind of hard to want to throw rocks at someone who doesn’t have the brain capacity to understand gravity or form. It’s also obvious her weight gain is from medication, she’s been direct about being bipolar. If Demi had the ability to perceive herself I doubt she would be ok with herself either, but then she would have to process the sexual abuse as a child in a worldwide capacity. If you had the choice between being a froyo worker or Demi, big fucking doubt you would want to be a child star who has to live with that kind of abuse and a brain that can’t function.

No. 1187495

honestly i agree with this. many need help but a portion of those refuse to acknowledge that they do, and while some obviously need much better support systems and not just enablers, there should be some amount of effort from those people themselves that needs to be put in to improve. many are now adults and we can't keep coddling them, people can encourage them to get help but it is ultimately up to them.

but nick, disney, same shit from either company, they're both notorious for fucking up many of their child actors.

No. 1187502

File: 1652947859437.jpg (189.18 KB, 1080x1350, hHd5dJB.jpg)

Dove Cameron shared about her struggles with dysphoria and identity. Not surprised considering how much surgery she has had.

No. 1187503

File: 1652947898180.jpg (182.46 KB, 1080x1350, ohFXmD0.jpg)

No. 1187504

File: 1652947949561.jpg (145.68 KB, 1080x1350, jHFN2wP.jpg)

and she shared photos of herself crying.

No. 1187518

Did this bitch confuse dysmorphia with dysphoria or do we have a trooning out in our hands?

No. 1187523

why do people take photos of themselves crying? they can sadpost all they want but crying selfies just feels weird and fake

No. 1187524

I though that too but she also mentions gender norms so I'm confused

No. 1187526

Agreed, and she started very young

No. 1187527

Damn did she really have to post that one. The text alone would have been enough
What I’ve noticed with everbody throwing those big words around is that the meaning of both Dysphoria and Dysmorphia has just turned to “I don’t like how I look”

No. 1187531

She probably has bdd considering how much plastic surgery she got.

No. 1187540

>implying it's not the exact same thing and people don't use these words to say they wish thet looked a bit prettier

No. 1187548

Dysmorphia is an actual diagnosis though, you can also lessen it by not being a fucking dumbass and working on it

No. 1187556

she did bring up perfomative gender norms bothering her.

No. 1187573

Didn't she lesbian-bait too? Do anons here actually think she's bi or les? I think she's just a straight girl appealing to the cottagecore lesbians, aka straight girls.

No. 1187578

The only reason why they're different diagnosis is because doctors can prescribe normal, kind of efficient therapy to patients with dysmorphia and make patients with dysphoria get expensive sex change surgery, hormone doses, plastic surgery, etc.

No. 1187581

File: 1652956040993.jpeg (45.76 KB, 600x596, A_AhCzdCQAASllA.jpeg)

I really hate to say this but it's not shocking she has extreme body and self image issues given she was textbook "Hollywood blonde lolita child star". The plastic surgery she got done and the photo editing all falls in line with that image. She's not old by any means but 26 is about the age where they snap out of it and realize they can't chase that image anymore and how damaging it truly is to women and girls. Saw this coming when she dyed her hair jet black. Hopefully she gets the help she needs.

No. 1187584

Oh most definitely

No. 1187595

File: 1652957652912.jpeg (354.16 KB, 750x1036, 254AD2B0-55EB-4135-B814-1FF1DC…)

Emrata just posted a video of her dancing in her underwear in front of her son…apparently this is her “morning routine” but evidently the nanny was out of shot to deal with the actual childcare routine

No. 1187655

File: 1652959722400.jpeg (45.15 KB, 640x320, B478C1D9-4266-4D69-9817-FBBC45…)

some of the comments on it are gross. do they have no shame?

No. 1187692

all her exes are guys kek.
> I think she's just a straight girl appealing to the cottagecore lesbians, aka straight girls.
is she trying to appeal to them or is she part of the same subculture as them? because if this post was made by her, it looks like something an edgy lana/marina fan would post on tumblr. it belongs in the coquette thread in snow >>1187581

No. 1187699

File: 1652960674876.png (432.48 KB, 592x588, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 4.44…)

Yeah she posted it on twitter during the original nymphet tumblr years lol

No. 1187732

The point was to pick someone who looks and sounds nothing like Weird Al because it's funny. Like Aaron Paul played him in the original biopic joke video.

No. 1187742

Oh my god
What is with Wird Al and Madonna? I didn't know she was integral part of his story

No. 1187795

Madonna is a Weird Al stan.
>Although Yankovic generally did not use parody ideas from other musicians, Madonna was partly involved during the writing process of the track. An acquaintance of the singer suggested the idea while with Madonna, noting that it would not take long for Weird Al to satirize her 1984 hit single "Like a Virgin". The acquaintance was a mutual friend of Jay Levey, Yankovic's manager, and brought the idea up to him following the encounter.[3] This is the only known time that Yankovic has obtained an idea directly from the original artist, as he "openly discourages people from giving him parody ideas".[3] It was recorded alongside other singles in February 1985: "I Want a New Duck" and "Hooked on Polkas", and album track "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch".[4]

No. 1187807

i love this 09 hairstyle on miley it looks so good

No. 1187818

What’s with the Lolita/fujo to trans man pipeline? The weight of gender norms is too much and they go nonbinary?

No. 1187825

Are these synonymous?

No. 1187829

Not at all, no idea what anon is smoking.

No. 1187837

File: 1652968482427.gif (215.6 KB, 498x276, 68484846546.gif)

>that massive skull, hands and comically long arms
No money can fix this lmfaooo they chose the most man-faced hon possible, did he troon out at 30 or what

No. 1187887

I've known her since 2015 and it saddens me how much surgery she keeps getting despite basically winning the genetic lottery, no wonder her self-perception is fucked

No. 1187959

i love the flowy skirt on this and i love her but this pancake cleavage is weird and the dress fits her weird

No. 1187966

File: 1652974894972.jpeg (379.59 KB, 750x705, EBBE51C2-5121-454A-8CA7-A9DF64…)

was this posted before me? this is so camp tbh kek

No. 1187968

if i had to guess, i’d say it’s because they’re kinda social outcasts lol. i’d imagine lolitas and fujos probably have a hard time connecting with their peers, due to their interests, and of course transgenderism relies on gender stereotypes (both in presentation and behavior) so they feel that not being like “normie” girls or women = im not a girl/woman. and in general subcultures have been taken over by these types of people because, well, subcultures don’t really exist anymore. everything is an “aesthetic” or -core nowadays. hence why so many are they/thems– being nonbinary is entirely a performance. i imagine their attitude towards their gender performance (like how they talk about “masc” and “femme” clothing styles) is similar to their attitude towards lolita or emo or whatever style they wear, in that it’s just a fun aesthetic. if any of that makes sense. also im basing all this on what i know about trannies, not fujos or lolitas, because im not fujo or lolita. so yeah i’m just guessing.

No. 1188080

whoa so she was never hot, huh.

No. 1188084

idk that donut shop video was hilarious, it made me kind of like her

No. 1188087

how is getting your disgusting saliva all over food and putting it back for someone else to eat hilarious? are you a 12 year old scrote?

No. 1188123

File: 1652981010654.jpg (101.61 KB, 589x712, o7i4TZ7.jpg)

TMZ broke the news, Rihanna and Asap welcomed their baby boy

No. 1188126

i can’t wait to hear the inevitable tacky name it will have

No. 1188127

i hope some retard licks the food you buy then

No. 1188134

Damn the promo picture they chose for the troon to announce his role in Doctor Who isn't just very flattering, it's straight up false advertisment and borderline illegal A picture is just a picture, he'll be even more laughable in motion.

No. 1188140

File: 1652981889762.jpg (93.57 KB, 564x843, Cg2hIZW.jpg)

More Cannes red carpet looks: Elle Fanning

No. 1188141

File: 1652981924588.jpg (83.48 KB, 559x846, WFSdPun.jpg)

Anne Hathaway

No. 1188142

File: 1652981950505.jpg (77.18 KB, 561x841, 9M2Qqej.jpg)

Julia Roberts

No. 1188143

her dress is beautiful, she looks very ethereal as always!

No. 1188146

File: 1652982081515.jpg (88.51 KB, 558x841, m0vA9Jy.jpg)

Adriana Lima

No. 1188147

File: 1652982121789.jpg (90.79 KB, 562x841, yII3F8m.jpg)

Cindy Bruna

No. 1188148

File: 1652982163812.jpg (91.66 KB, 559x844, Uk0XZNl.jpg)

Grace Elizabeth

No. 1188149

toilet paper dress

No. 1188150

Effortlessly beautiful and stylish

No. 1188151

File: 1652982231824.jpg (92.95 KB, 562x838, vKlo36n.jpg)

Katherine Langford

No. 1188152

Rihanna should have taken notes from Lima. There's a way to do pregnancy fashion without fetishizing it, it can be elegant like this

No. 1188155


she looks as young and cute as ever

why are the cannes looks so much better than anything they ever do in the us? seems like celebs just do elegant here and some weird avantgarde shit while there

No. 1188156

File: 1652982415840.jpg (102.42 KB, 559x840, Gs3nBXk.jpg)

Sheila Atim and some scrote
did you see her elle brazil shoot?

No. 1188157

File: 1652982449012.jpg (80.84 KB, 559x844, QLCdzzj.jpg)

Kat Graham

No. 1188158

Great. now she can disappear for a while.

Hope it wont be a ghetto name.

No. 1188159

File: 1652982557786.jpg (96.01 KB, 559x849, hdmW3Sz.jpg)

Lisa Koshy

No. 1188160

Why is her face so asymetrical?

No. 1188164

Julia always looks amazing. Hope she triggered Ellen Ikari with that beautiful pants suit look.

Don't like the texture of the fabric, but the dress isn't bad. Anne looks good here.

Love this look! Especially the hair.

No. 1188166

File: 1652982777738.jpg (92.93 KB, 564x841, NQlFs0m.jpg)

Viola Davis

No. 1188168

File: 1652982832418.jpg (98.15 KB, 559x846, fGXiCBn.jpg)

Jasmine Tookes

No. 1188169

I don't like the top of the dress, but that color is pretty on her. I also like her hair and accessory for this.

Beautiful color of that dress.

No. 1188171

That Michelle Obama performance really ruined her for me

No. 1188172

File: 1652982871611.jpg (133.51 KB, 561x840, i8PaS8T.jpg)

Nidhi Sinul

No. 1188173

Shit, what happened?

No. 1188177

Guarantee her nanny is foreign and has her own children as well but had to leave them with relatives in her home country so that she could look after emratas baby while she flashes her spooky long crotch and butchered disgusting belly button while dancing around like a stripper. She has to get him ready for Instagram photo shoots and then hand them to emrata, who will then hand him back once he shits his nappy. Disgusting ostrich looking bitch.

No. 1188180

File: 1652983052893.jpeg (349.37 KB, 2048x2048, FQ9fYU_UcAADDmS.jpeg)

She was very experimental with that performance

No. 1188181

File: 1652983057991.jpg (170.55 KB, 1267x841, UFviRdo.jpg)

Leonie Hanne
i doubt it, richer people get nannies who are trained for that and can speak 4 different languages kek.

No. 1188183

File: 1652983130251.jpg (117.19 KB, 562x844, 8o7sTN6.jpg)

Jennifer Connelly

No. 1188186

File: 1652983193183.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, 5CA72E1C-2B2A-4229-8915-BE8EDA…)

Most retarded take I’ve ever seen in my life. Wish I could turn back time and not read it.

No. 1188188

File: 1652983250645.jpg (113.79 KB, 559x838, basXRAC.jpg)

Berenice Bojo

No. 1188190

File: 1652983383374.jpeg (78.16 KB, 680x452, 167808766564.jpeg)

Clearly no one beats Marion's awful Chanel fit from last year

No. 1188191

He looks like Kamala Harris' stepdaughter

No. 1188194

Adam Driver dressed like a culchie at a wedding

No. 1188220

File: 1652984649636.jpeg (67.59 KB, 646x942, FNkxNkmWYAIj5fW.jpeg)

You may leave Mishawaka but Mishawaka never leaves you. Him having no sense of fashion makes this pic even funnier

No. 1188230

disappointing that its a mini scrote and not a girl

No. 1188243

I hate her bellybutton. I can’t help myself but find these outward types gross.

No. 1188249

It's not like she had a say at cutting the cord

No. 1188263

so beautiful

No. 1188272

I know. It’s nothing personal. I just can’t help myself being grossed out by it.

No. 1188295

File: 1652987183936.jpg (69.97 KB, 385x829, T4NS59c.jpg)

From Muni Long's twitter, it amazes me how some songwriters can give other artists hits while struggling to blow up on their own. Some songs she wrote:
Timber - Pitbull
California King Bed - Rihanna
Who Says - Selena Gomez
Meanwhile she only blew up with Hrs & Hrs. Charli XCX is the same she wrote Same Old Love for Selena and Senorita for Shawn Mendes and Camila

No. 1188296

same nona, it looks absolutely disgusting. outies can look normal but not on borderline anachans. innie bellybutton supremacy

No. 1188326

This reminds OF Kandi Burress, except she actually had a decent career in a girl's group. Xscape. She wrote "Bills- Destiny Child" and No scrubs by TLC, along with writing for Whitney Houston. I always find it funny people who can write but don't make it on their own but also people who can write but don't last long. I can't think of his name but there's a produxer/writer who wrote a lot of hits but only had two or three himself. He used to be fat and has a baby by Christina Milian.

No. 1188328

File: 1652989563667.jpeg (895.13 KB, 2048x2048, A83F128E-0A4D-4AC7-B48D-1EB367…)

She was cute in her early Disney days.

No. 1188361

love her, hate him, hope he dies

No. 1188365

i wish more american black people would do the dumb dynasty thing their whites do, where all the oldest sons/daughters get the same first name. it would be nice to have a Robyn Fenty IV someday

No. 1188367

ayrt, me too. wish me luck

No. 1188371

i love her little marshmallow pug face, she's the cutest.

No. 1188373

ugh i hate her. she hates other women, it's gross

No. 1188377

File: 1652991439414.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1350x1466, 65C5EA03-A207-4E3B-A815-F9547A…)

No. 1188378

YES. striking and untouchable. this outfit wields beauty as authority, rather than offering it up to men in the form of sex appeal.

No. 1188379

Any milk on this?

No. 1188380

why do black and asian women get the ugliest white boyfriends. indian women at least have standards in their white scrotes

No. 1188384

She kinda looks like Samuel L Jackson herself

No. 1188389

i hate that her disgusting husband messaged johnny depp about murdering amber heard and burning the corpse. jennifer deserves better.

No. 1188391

Isn't she obnoxious type of
>do you know who i am?!

No. 1188394

File: 1652991815759.jpeg (640.7 KB, 2048x2048, A58451E8-8AD0-4FAE-A6BE-DFCC9D…)

KEK I saw a couple like this yesterday and thought the same. Doja Cat is notorious for this.

No. 1188404

Will and Jada named their kids Willow and Jaden and look how that turned out.

No. 1188407

Man. Male. XY haver.

No. 1188410

she is very much playing in her league

No. 1188411

nta but the vera shirt is the classic story. she's apparently got the personality of a leathery skinned old anachan former prom queen from a hick town.

No. 1188413

her face is in "Stands out" territory rather than ugly, and her body is great. nothing like the hairy blancmange she willingly has sex with somehow

No. 1188416

i'm an ugly girl so to me that behaviour seems justified in movie stars kek

No. 1188419

kek. I wonder if they'll do some post-production trickery like they obviously did with Indya Moore in Pose

No. 1188438

This retard should have stayed a cute twink instead of trooning out

No. 1188441


No. 1188451

Most people have asymmetrical faces, wdym
kek why does he look so terrified and scared to touch her

No. 1188463

Tennant looks fucking pissed kek

No. 1188465

>pancake cleavage
what. i barely see any cleavage

No. 1188538

Hers is way more asymmetrical than average, don't play dumb. The only person I knew irl whose face was that asymmetrical had major health issues that caused it. So I'm very curious.

No. 1188584

File: 1652997942244.jpeg (109.48 KB, 1920x1080, 2_20331154411-Decker_301.jpeg)

No. 1188604

File: 1652998367805.png (47 KB, 601x428, Screenshot.png)

Honestly I low key respect over this, she panders to colorist black moids by shaking her ass and doing the bare minimum as a light skinned black girl, she panders to wokies and saphics with faux bisexuality with other faux bisexual idols, meanwhile she's only ever gonna date white dudes and likely going to have regular and stable relationships, like yeah the guy's she dates might be on the ugly side but compared to the usual peanut gallery rapgirls often date, marry and have kids with, the guys doja dates are better then all of them combined, I dare you to show me one rapgirl whose married or has been in a relationship with a decent man
plus I love seeing black moids seethe about this so openly

No. 1188615

Doja will have to try really, really hard to find white guy as ugly as Jay Z.
Imagine being Beyonce and you curse your kids with his genes.

No. 1188624

She looks so beautiful and elegant.

No. 1188633

>the actress
>replacing Rose with a whole ass man
Billie did nothing to deserve this.

No. 1188642

Why are all these Cannes pics such shitty quality

No. 1188669

>>spooky long crotch


No. 1188689

>I've known her since 2015
Elaborate? Or is this just a larp

No. 1188693

File: 1653001620637.png (505.91 KB, 1349x682, 1652906694220.png)

The MCU is going to milk stan lee for at least 20 more years more.

>In a unique deal, Stan Lee, who died in 2018, is returning to Marvel Studios.

>Marvel has signed a 20-year deal with Stan Lee Universe, a venture between Genius Brands International and POW! Entertainment, to license the name and likeness of Lee for use in future feature films and television productions, as well as Disney theme parks, various “experiences” and merchandising.
>“It really ensures that Stan, through digital technology and archival footage and other forms, will live in the most important venue, the Marvel movies, and Disney theme parks,” said Andy Heyward, chairman and CEO of Genius Brands. “It’s a broad deal.”

>The deal does give Marvel permission to use Lee’s name, voice, likeness and signature in movies and television projects, as well as to use images, existing footage and existing audio recordings featuring him. The rights to use Lee’s name, voice, likeness and signature exclusively in theme parks, cruise lines and in-park merchandise were also included in the deal. Audiences and parkgoers could see Lee turn up as figures and toys, and on apparel and stationery.

>Genius Brand, a global kids media company, created the joint venture with POW!, a media company co-founded by Lee along with Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman, in July 2020. Heyward — who called Lee a mentor and is the former chairman of DIC Entertainment, the home of Inspector Gadget — said he spearheaded the venture because, in the aftermath of Lee’s death and the revelations of conflicts in Lee’s final years, “there needed to be a steward of his legacy.” The company is now sifting through Lee’s files and dealing with offers, all through a protective lens.
>“The audience revered Stan, and if it’s done with taste and class, and respectful of who he was, [uses of his likeness] will be welcomed,” said Heyward. “He is a beloved personality, and long after you and I are gone, he will remain the essence of Marvel.”

They turned Stan Lee into a fucking NFT[

No. 1188712

priyanka chopra would like a word

No. 1188716

I honestly think that this is what’s gonna start happening to all big celebrities (particularly voice actors) when they die. Use recordings of their voice/face plus a hefty dose of deepfake and force them to speak from beyond the grave for decades to come.

No. 1188719

File: 1653003190966.gif (56.78 KB, 300x184, 1542312447375.gif)

I 100% agree, tbh i want to see more rap girls with plain white guys or even Asian men, I want to see blood in the shaderoom comments. It's not even just that, but it sets a very good example for mixed race girls and black girls to stay the fuck away from the thuggish degens these ladies normally go for.

No. 1188727

Their kids aren't even that bad now, in fact compared to other crazy famous kids they came out quite well. Willow is doing her own thing with music. Jaden smith is Jaden smithing. I see no issue with them. They aren't they/thems because they always had enough "personality" to not need to do that.
In fact, i'd say they were "they/theming" before it was popular. Hopefully I don't speak the gender fairy onto them

No. 1188730

it wouldn't be to far from regular life, cause in my experience most mixed girls(with mostly black dads who aren't all that great) usually go for white or just any non-black guy, I don't know a single mixed race woman with a black father who even entertained the idea of going out with a black man, doja cat comes from the same mold

No. 1188733

I never got why they were mad at Doja, she's literally dates her own people, she's biracial. I guess they do feel ownership of biracial black girls. Now that i think about almost all the rap girls date black. Biracial or not.
Saweetie and Quavo, Megan got licked by a white man but dates a black guy, Cardi is..whatever she is and dates Offset, Nicki and her rapist husband, Rihanna and her dusty millionaire boyfriend, Beyonce & Jay Z, Jt from the city girls dates Lil Uzi, the city girl "Dates" Diddy etc. etc.
Doja honestly stands out for that.

No. 1188737

Oh so they did something to that scrote? I always thought he had a not so cute face and didn't pass as much as people claimed he did. He's like the non-white hunter to me. I never get it when people say they "really can't tell".

No. 1188739

What do you think of Ciara and Russell Wilson? I've always loved Ciara for actually making music about leveling up and moving past shitty relationships. It seems like she actually achieved that in her own life but I'm leery of football players or really any athlete being cheaters

No. 1188746

I think they seem to be a really good fit. Men resent Ciara because she had a baby by Future and drama, but she moved passed that. Now Russell not only treats her with respect but ALSO takes care of the son Future abandoned.
Ciara is a slap in the face to disgusting scrotes and scrote identified/woman hating women, who think once a woman makes ONE mistake they can't move onto better.
That no man will ever want them. Russell Wilson seems like a great guy and family oriented.
I do think there's a small corner of athletes who just want to have a family, love their wives, kids and enjoy their wealth. It doesn't seem like a brand with Russell. At least I hope.
But otherwise, I think athletes are slightly better then rappers as partners. Though women in general should avoid football players because I seen a lot in the news for beating their wives and being unstable.
Basketball players seem like cheating sexual deviants.

No. 1188747

File: 1653004459732.png (171.1 KB, 601x690, w223.png)

I think its difficult for non-black people to fully grasp, but black men have this sense of ownership over light skinned black women(cause they are often their ideal preference) and find it egregious if their dating a non-black person, considering it a form of cultural and racial betrayal, this is incredibly normalized in all black communities, cause for them, a white or an arab men in a relationship with an african woman is just a continuation of the oppression their ancestors suffered at the hands of arabs and whites for centuries

No. 1188751

Oh really? In my experienced almost every mixed girl with a black father seems to exclusively date black men and they always get burned the worst from it. Maybe it's because nowadays people are waking up about the problematic behaviour black men exhibit.

Black men are always claiming biracial women so they can bully them into dating them and they also use them as the standard of beauty black women should emulate. They are often liked by black men when they fail at being able to get with white women so the are second best because of their proximity to whiteness. Notice how black men are incredibly hostile to biracial men. A lot of this is because white women find them far more palatable than full black men and they have first dibs on biracial women. They also hate it when black women lust over them and are generally jealous of them.

You are right, but I also think that they hate to see somebody who acts like a "simp" have the success in relationships they don't want to admit that treating women like humans actually gets you far romantically and being a deviant is not attractive. I also feel like they don't see themselves in him, they probably just see him as a corny white man with dark skin.

No. 1188756

I'm basing my experiences are mostly in east london and Uni, where are you from ?

No. 1188757

True, it is a very common thing. I think because a lot of mixed girls grown up with bad/absent black dads they end up with negative feelings towards relationships with them. Not racebait I'm mixed and I felt this way plus all my sisters seem to as well.

No. 1188761

I'm the one they call crapchan and this was more or less my life story as well, but its just incredible how common it is, like what is it with african men being shitty fathers everywhere

No. 1188766

why do you attack black female rappers constantly tho then

No. 1188768

Now they go, "Russell Wilson was corny to yall until he got with Ciara, yall don't really want corny guys-"
And it's like, Ciara was being called a man/tranny by men for years. Every rapper Ciara dated before Russell was black and Future dogged her out. They liked Ciara better when she was being treated like shit by a black rapper who thinks it's "Cool" to treat women badly.
Serena Williams is another one. People called her ugly and mascline all her life, so I'm not surpised she may have gotten work done. People however, will try to say because she married white she's trying to "change" how she looks for that community.Nah, yall picked at her for her god given black features and dark skin. Even if she was on some Micheal Jackson shit could you blame her?
Lowkey wish we could have a thread on this, maybe something in /g/.

No. 1188773

only like a handful of us so its not really worth it
cause I hate rap music and I hate seeing BW debase themselves in rap

No. 1188779

if you need a rapper or pop star to inform your dating choices then you're already a trainwreck.
they all date older unattractive scrotes.

No. 1188784

File: 1653006579825.jpg (73.86 KB, 609x574, BgGlSZI.jpg)

No. 1188792

This is ridiculous. The man is dead and can't give consent. How can they use his likeness, voice, etc?? Wow.. disgusting. First Marilyn and now Lee. It's better to avoid fame forever if this is how you end up.

No. 1188793

Oh fuck. Here we go again with men paying off women to keep their silence. Horrible. I hope he dies soon and in a very horrid way.

No. 1188794

Same, I'd be so embarrassed if it were mine.

No. 1188799

The-Dream! He wrote Single Ladies, Umbrella and Britney/Madonna's "Me Against the Music" and a bunch of others. It's wild to think about.

No. 1188801

Billie Piper was a fan favorite. Women really can't have anything, can we

No. 1188802

And Carrie Fisher

No. 1188825

No offense, but get over yourself. It's just a belly button and it's normal for women post-partum.

No. 1188828

okay, outie-chan

No. 1188832

File: 1653011083740.jpeg (430.81 KB, 1059x2240, 8991EE52-E93A-4F14-8BEE-1B0ED2…)

More than a few male black actors are gay or bi(Will Smith, Michael B Jordan,etc) so if you’re ok with a lavender marriage for looks and money that’s always an option. Lori Harvey chose Michael over Future and I can’t be mad at her.
Nicki Minaj should have kept dating British race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

No. 1188835

Nicki is so pretty, I hate that she chose the scrote that she did.

No. 1188867

File: 1653015366013.png (335.56 KB, 547x574, Screenshot (32).png)

No. 1188876

okay, there is a fucked up factor that henry golding, a hapa with noticeably more causation features getting cast over other east asia actors of actual full Chinese descent, but that said Simu does not the have the face for a leading man in a romcom in any country, he would work well in a 2000's era sex comedy but not something meant for a female audience, he is just an ugly man

No. 1188893

Can someone assassinate Muskrat that would be funny

No. 1188904

emrata has always had a weird looking belly button even when she wasn't pregnant. i get that people can't choose how their bellybuttons look but outies do look strange and people have been nitpicked for pettier things on here.

No. 1188947

Get ready for the cringefest nonnas
Ellen has frog voice in UA S3

No. 1188949

"that thing" known as "being handsome"

No. 1188957

I hate that he looks like Edward furlong on estradiol

No. 1188959

Elon paying off random women more than he's ever spent on grimes kek

No. 1188960

Wanted to get the same reception as bella hadid

No. 1188967

>spooky long crotch
I'm crying kek

No. 1188972

File: 1653026139300.gif (419.87 KB, 500x229, 87b5e269a7c68c742fbb6999eb809a…)

They were right though

No. 1188986

Paying off women you’ve sexually harassed, assaulted or exploited is a rich mans life blood.

No. 1188994

I am ready. So far her voice sounds comical. I am excited to hear her voice during the emotional scenes.

No. 1188995

Yeahhhh Simu just…doesn’t do anything for me tbh

No. 1188997

Is this the one where Ellen's character got changed to a dude? She still sounds very female

No. 1189000

I never watched this but I wonder if they address the sex change in any way?

No. 1189001

So, what's up between Cara and Azealia? I can post screenshots here because I'm on my phone but Azealia posted about Cara on twitter just now and is defending her like her life depends on it. Are they friends or dating or what? I guess that's why Azealia didn't push her away in that video where she sings and Cara is high and gropes her leg and shit, she must really like her.

No. 1189005

He's ugly af and lucky he gets work at all tbh.

It honestly pisses me off that asian countries have such ridiculously handsome actors, their standards for looks are so high (sometimes to their detriment because it leads to excess PS) but only mediocre looking ones are cast in the west. idk if the people involved genuinely just don't know what attractive asian men look like, or if they avoid even remotely "effeminate" (ie good skin, youthful, slim) asian men because they worry about their appeal to women/pissing off western moids who hate pretty boys.

No. 1189021

it feels like most of the good looking asian guys in western productions are in fact the mixed ones which just adds a whole new layer of mess to the discourse

No. 1189023

I meant within the plot

No. 1189054

kek she almost looks more like weird al than radcliffe

No. 1189080

Good. He's a weirdo anyway.

No. 1189089

I will forever blame marvel for dragging this incel out of his pedo supporting reddit dwelling.
Have you ever seen actual Asian media? Chinese in particular itself goes for attractive men and would rather give career to someone like Henry Golding rather than ugly stocky manlet with incel energy like Simu.

No. 1189091

Being laughed at?

No. 1189134

File: 1653042678698.png (51.08 KB, 1898x166, Capture.PNG)

I was rewatching some H2O episodes out of nostalgia and after some Googling I found this blind item which ruined it for me. It might not be true but it's just scary to think of how many kids and teenagers might have suffered in TV shows that you used to love as a kid. Men really poison everything huh

No. 1189212

Just let normal Asians be represented in Western media for god's sake. I'm Southeast Asian and most of the representation we get is by way of half white folks with Eurocentric features. Y'all are cool with fatties and other ugly whites being famous, so why the fuck can't you leave normal ass Asians alone lmfao

No. 1189215

Keep enjoying Simu Liu and Akwafina, I will keep calling them ugly uwu

No. 1189220

honestly he's a very beautiful man, If he was casted as eye candy I wouldn't mind but its depressing seeing good looking guys troonout, I mean he's probably gay but still, its sad seeing something beautiful be wasted in this world

No. 1189221

nta but their shit cause of their awful personalities and behavior, not their looks

No. 1189232

Sasha is that u

No. 1189241

maybe you should look internally in your own country first at the massive amount of white worship and how most celebrities i've seen out of SEA are whitewashed/eurocentric as hell lol. how common is skin bleaching in your country

No. 1189276

nta but I'd say its a bit mixed, for women euro-centric features aren't as emphasized as much as being light skinned, for women being pale is emphasized more then anything, there are some celebs that go even beyond that but those are rare anomalies, and so 90% of women in media are almost ridiculously lighter skinned compared to the average, with men its a little different, light skin isn't that big of a concern for them(its give or take cause some have bleached skin but many don't) but men in media are pushed to have more facial euro-centric facial features
thin narrow noses, prominent browridges and sharper jawlines, but there is still some dichotomy, cause local male action stars try to model themselves after western actions stars while for media aimed at women(romance and drama) the male stars try to look like literal white boys, as in underage 13 year old white kids despite these men being in their late 20's at times, vidrel the guy Enrique Gil is a very popular male star in the philippines

No. 1189328

WHy did they allow her to look so ill and unwashed? Fakeboy AND anachan phase at 30. whew.

No. 1189354

on god, can (c)rap-chan just hurry up and die from her malnourishment from anorexia already! retard britsh bitch!
wish you black nonas would stop giving her the benefit of doubt when she obviously hates black women for the audacity of existing too while defending the most degenerate of white scrotes, multiple times!

No. 1189358

>Y'all are cool with fatties and other ugly whites being famous
That's wrong too. Hollywood is a bad place

No. 1189435

File: 1653059155066.png (727.32 KB, 925x699, Capture.PNG)

From Travis Barker's home tour video. He is literally dressed like a prisoner

No. 1189444

File: 1653059355619.png (654.99 KB, 1247x651, Capture.PNG)

He looks like an escaped inmate wandering around in IKEA or something kek. Also his house is one of those typical, elegant celebrity houses, not edgy or punkrock at all

No. 1189476

Why are bald men covered in tattoos so hideous? This looks like he walked into a cheap showroom for furniture.

No. 1189482

She's older than 30, which is even more embarrassing.

No. 1189581

okay twitterfag

No. 1189596

This is so retarded. She's an actress, couldn't she just play a woman just like a lot of male actors play trans characters?

No. 1189683

nona I laughed so hard at this I scared my cat

No. 1189724

File: 1653068088312.jpg (132.08 KB, 358x847, Nz2snXQ.jpg)

First look at Rachel "theater kid" Zegler as Snow White. The more I think about the more I realize she is a less annoying version of Lea Michele(rachel on glee kek)

No. 1189744

>snow white
>tan skin

The dress looks cheap, party city rack

No. 1189746

This dress looks like a cheap costume but maybe it's just a bad photo. I guess Snow White's dress doesn't translate well irl

No. 1189753

The skirt isn't pooofy enough so it looks weird compared to the top, imo. Maybe she'll wear an underskirt and it'll look better than?

No. 1189758

Her skin being white as snow is literally a key plot point of the story. Hollywood is having so much fun making all white characters brown and black for wokie-points. Imagine if a white woman played pocahontas or mulan. It's just so tiresome.

No. 1189763

The skirt should be made of velvet or some other heavy, opaque fabric. And the color choice for the bodice makes it look childish.

No. 1189767

? She's white anon

No. 1189768

She’s polish

No. 1189769

Why does this thread attract so much race sperging

No. 1189773