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No. 1171747

Remember to ignore/report bait & trolls.
Ignore/report continuous derailing and tinfoiling.

Last thread >>1159269
Threadpic >>1160074

>>1159453 Trailer for the new movie ''dont worry darling'' that Harry Styles will be starring in.
>>1159573 , >>1160970 Lana del Taco.
>>1159698 , >>1160471 , >>1160489 , >>1160507 , >>1161078 , >>1164409 Kim K wears Marilyn Monroe's dress for the met gala and even receives a piece of her hair which many find creepy.
>>1162022 The MET made Rihanna a digital statue since she didn't attend.
>>1162078 Julia Fox dressing like a randomized sim.
>>1162473 The reason demi lovatoe doesn't attend the met gala anymore.
>>1163469 kris jenner fixing elon musks tie.
>>1163704 , >>1164965 , >>1164973 Dave Chappelle gets attacked by a man with a knife during one of his performances.
>>1164566 Kim and the Kardashians missed court against Black Chyna to attend met gala.
>>1165059 , >>1165060 Ray J messaged Kim about her making him look like a villain on the new Hulu show.
>>1165154 Post Malone and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.
>>1165701 Josh Peck shares that he used to be a drug addict.
>>1166138 , >>1166703 Ezra Miller's clout chasing ex-gf says he was abusive because he didn't call her by her preferred pronouns and because he got mad at flight staff once.
>>1166144 Cardi b and Billie clear up the rumors and say that they are in good terms.
>>1166766 Court trial between Fka Twigs and Shia Labeouf set next year.
>>1167038 , >>1167884 Kevin Samuels is dead lol.

Celebrity looks at the met gala, the theme was gilded age and none of the celebs (except for blake and that reporter) dressed up like the recommended theme : >>1159666 , >>1159275 , >>1159659 , >>1159673 , >>1159706 , >>1159713 , >>1159716 , >>1159732 , >>1159766 , >>1159767 , >>1159768 , >>1159773 , >>1159819 , >>1159829 , >>1159833 , >>1159838 , >>1159850 , >>1159871 , >>1159877 , >>1159881 , >>1159883 , >>1159888 , >>1159899 , >>1159906 , >>1159926 , >>1159935 , >>1159947 , >>1159950 , >>1159954 , >>1159978 , >>1159981 , >>1159986 , >>1159989 , >>1159996 , >>1160004 , >>1160006 , >>1160011 , >>1160019 , >>1160028 , >>1160034 , >>1160040 , >>1160059 , >>1160068 , >>1160074 , >>1160082 , >>1160083 , >>1160093 , >>1160095 , >>1160114 , >>1160120 , >>1160126 , >>1160161 , >>1160209 , >>1160294 , >>1160327 , >>1160453 , >>1160460 , >>1160474 , >>1160486 , >>1160554 , >>1160556 , >>1160603 , >>1160648 , >>1160649 , >>1160661 , >>1160663 , >>1160672 , >>1160722 , >>1160734 , >>1160843 , >>1161050 , >>1161136 , >>1161143 , >>1161586 , >>1161632 , >>1161718 , >>1161744 , >>1161752 , >>1161755 , >>1161759 , >>1161769 , >>1161774 , >>1161781 , >>1161786 , >>1161800 , >>1161802 , >>1161809 , >>1161814 , >>1161818 , >>1161832 , >>1161843 , >>1161857 , >>1161896 , >>1162014 , >>1162021 , >>1162044 , >>1162084 , >>1162206 , >>1162233 , >>1162247 , >>1162275 , >>1162277 , >>1162470 , >>1162478 , >>1162483 , >>1162488 , >>1162491 , >>1162493 , >>1162511 , >>1162527 , >>1163295 , >>1163306 , >>1163307 , >>1163318 , >>1163319 , >>1163322 , >>1163324 , >>1163882 , >>1163874 , >>1164011 , >>1164275 , >>1164520 , >>1164662 , >>1167148 , >>1167881 .

No. 1171755

File: 1652019318100.jpg (457.02 KB, 828x964, 0876375233w53.jpg)

Booked and Busy.(boyegafagging)

No. 1171756

girl do you have a life KEK, esp after your bragging that your barely here hmmmm.

No. 1171757

sewing pear shaped suits for him would be expensive

No. 1171759

you are mentally ill

No. 1171761

File: 1652019529338.jpg (725.67 KB, 1392x2000, Lauren-Harrier-Met-Gala-2022-R…)

>(except for blake and that reporter)
LOL no, Blake's dress was inspired by artdeco, she messed up theme as well. That reporter and Laura Harrier were on point.

No. 1171770

File: 1652020183351.png (54.32 KB, 904x440, azealia.PNG)

She's back.

No. 1171778

Thanks for the new thread Nonnie!
Of course, Boyega-stan had to post first. And that despise her stating multiple times on the last thread, that post n+1 would be her last one.
Still no life sign of Ezra, maybe they threw him into a volcano or he is hiding from his ex?

No. 1171784

>maybe they threw him into a volcano or he is hiding from his ex
he is probably doing crack right now in some alley in Hawaii and trying to find someone to let him couchsurf.

No. 1171786

I pray to the milk gods for new Ezra sightings. Seriously though, imagine if he has angered some ancient Hawaiian God who is exacting his revenge on him now. Or Ezra being possessed by some insane spirit and acting like an insane animal for that reason kek. The c-class horror movie is writing itself.

No. 1171794

The fabric of the dress and the jewellery look cheap as fuck despite probably not being it.

No. 1171888


I like her hair a lot

No. 1171894

File: 1652024583002.webm (895.52 KB, 720x720, redscare.webm)

Elizabeth Olsen reveals she listens to Red Scare

No. 1171902

It's from H&M iirc

No. 1171941

She was kind of bad in the new Doctor Strange movie. Red Scare will erode your brain and talents. Don't give in to their vocal fry and their anachan bone rattling because it could happen to you too.

No. 1171966

ot but i just watched the new doctor strange movie and wandas character plot was trash in it. Her whole character was being this crazy boymom who is killing people so she could have children. idk but it just rubs me the wrong way that the only two leading women characters in the movie was either someone obsessed with having children or a love interest of doctor strange.

No. 1171970

It's very much accurate version of Wanda from comics. Idk not like other girls like you have Captain Marvel and all the new roster of new female disney lead characters not needing no man and not pursing having a family. Let me have vibrator obsessed Wanda.

No. 1171971

Ayrt, totally agree. I was ready for a really off the walls insane crazy murderous Scarlet Witch and instead we just got… that. Kek. The fact that she gives up so easily at the end was such shit, she shoukd have doubled down since she's supposed to be so mentally ill and CRAZY. The entire story was weak. As. Fuck. Kinda disappointed but it was entertaining at the very least.

No. 1171976

File: 1652027628777.jpg (180.99 KB, 1080x1079, WKek.jpg)

cope and seethe, we are the stacys of lc and twitter, our mere existence makes twitter trannies and pop stans piss and shit themselves(lol wut)

No. 1171977

File: 1652027717376.png (162.74 KB, 635x830, 84748737.PNG)

Azealia Banks will release her new album if someone Venmos her $100k.

No. 1171978

Those fucking eyelashes kek

No. 1172134

i cant even tell if this is sarcasm.

No. 1172244

File: 1652036441649.jpg (265.65 KB, 500x626, tumblr_lve9caj24y1qa6czxo1_500…)


No. 1172387

File: 1652041609566.jpeg (638.65 KB, 3072x1728, D46EE656-D6C8-4460-A696-E38019…)

thought of posting this but other thread was already finished and didn't feel like making the new one

kim got called out by lili reinhart in her stories (pictured) and lili stands by what she said.


>just days on, the 25-year-old has taken to social media once more to stand by her comments. "I do not say the things that I say because I want to be relevant or get attention," she told her followers on Twitter. "I speak up because I don’t see enough people with large platforms calling out toxic behavior in our industry. Some people will never understand where I’m coming from and that’s okay."

No. 1172532

>men and women
Sage for nitpick but I hate it when women put men first, especially in this kinda context. What fucking man is starving himself to be like Kim K????

No. 1172539

I know it’s nitpicky as fuck but I thought the same thing as you anon kek

No. 1172603

Lili is just mad she didn't get invited back this year. Or if she did, her look was so mediocre it wasn't worth talking about.

No. 1172612

File: 1652061008228.jpg (43.84 KB, 375x600, your regular british gay coupl…)

Former One Direction fan nonas, how do you think Louis feels about Harry's gay baiting when there used to be so many conspiracy theories and rumours about them being together? And what do you think the other boys think about it?

No. 1172686

tbf i don't like either of them but i do think it's ridiculous how k starved to fit in an old dress and in the end couldn't even fit it properly.

No. 1172687

Honestly? I think fart

No. 1172688

kek i didn't even notice. good point anon - why put men first in this context?

No. 1172739

Louis is a flop. His music sucked ass he was from the worlds biggest band couldn’t have a single hit even the ugly as shit liam managed ti get a hit or two. Congrats to Harry on getting the bag girlies on tumblr still simp over him hard I don’t use tiktok but kweer youth over there is probably drooling over his bad manicure and ugly clothes

No. 1172818


No. 1172834

bump again

No. 1172836

he thinks wooow so it was gay after all even if our balls didn't touch

No. 1172894

File: 1652081763979.jpeg (56.08 KB, 378x457, 73AE8BDC-B874-4880-8474-724B48…)


No. 1173019

hary styles is very ugly and he can’t rely on twink power alone now that he’s aging like milk

No. 1173040

File: 1652083954520.jpg (38.45 KB, 720x960, 20220502_125054.jpg)


No. 1173065

File: 1652084272940.jpg (197.11 KB, 768x576, tumblr_13f9d45d967b71cee8af94f…)


No. 1173200

File: 1652087004873.jpg (12.73 KB, 275x155, 1631666475441.jpg)


No. 1173205

Which anime?

No. 1173212

>>1173205 Kageki Shoujo nonna

No. 1173227

this is living the DREAM

No. 1173234

Picked up

No. 1173284


No. 1173296

No. 1173309

No. 1173324

No. 1173612

File: 1652107377369.jpg (75.36 KB, 663x635, IMG_20220509_164012_747.jpg)


No. 1173615

>>1173612 not me literally rewatching glee rn

No. 1173621

Why would a gay moid need to know about vaginas? Celebrities are fucking retarded and should be treated like the retards they are.

No. 1173639

File: 1652109156223.jpeg (204.03 KB, 546x1063, 0E4A65F9-36B6-4E8A-B094-98E8AF…)

Tinfoil, Kim’s going for Elon next.

No. 1173644

true power couple

No. 1173645

um does she not know that he could have just, you know, Google it?

No. 1173673

File: 1652110881078.jpeg (662.59 KB, 1307x1071, DD360D08-6EF5-44A6-B353-F93110…)

Ncuti Gatwa is the new Doctor Who for anons that care or watch the show. I feel like they’ll make him bisexual and make that the actual focus instead of the storytelling.

No. 1173675

Someone mind explaining why Cletus is falling for Kisame's taunts. I thought posters were smart

No. 1173678

who tf is that?

No. 1173688

Oh if there was a possibility to educate yourself, for free… oh wait, I should google that…

No. 1173704

I think they should have hired someone older. He looks too young for the doctor role, especially with the 12th doctor.

No. 1173705

Some anon is fucking with Kisame in his containment thread, and he's losing his shit as usual. He posted that to seek some twisted validation for himself lol

No. 1173712

the next doctor will be trans or non binary. not that I am not ok with a black doctor, that is fine but I can’t help but think they have purposely done this to appeal and please this snowflake generation. At least he is British. No doctor will top David Tennant anyways.

No. 1173752

File: 1652114078171.jpg (62.23 KB, 615x923, 1623050950971.jpg)

My suggestion would be John, but I guess he is too expensive for BBC. Mods maybe you shouldn't ban me for mentioning one of the biggest young black celebrities in the world in the thread dedicated to celebrity discussion. I avoid responding to racebait and all the hate post.

No. 1173757

Boyega-chan I'm sorry but your man looks like he's 3ft tall in this picture kek

No. 1173770

File: 1652114674905.jpg (104.99 KB, 711x1066, 960x0.jpg)

he got da diaper on

No. 1173775

No. 1173785

I'm ready for a black doctor. Let's go!
(Doctor Who is usually really good about handling random homos, so i hope they dont make him bi and ruin it by being the main focus.)

No. 1173818

KEK bogeyachan we don’t need him as the doctor, we have already had a female doctor

No. 1173821

Why is this pic so hilarious? Why does he look so small?

No. 1173851

never stop, boyegachan, i love you

No. 1173856

File: 1652117476980.png (796.22 KB, 613x923, Untitled.png)

his feet are tiny also

No. 1173871

Why the fuck are they standing like Ken dolls. They look so stiff.
I would've preferred an older doctor again but oh well. Just hope the writing gets slightly less shit.

No. 1173874

File: 1652118353310.jpeg (43.58 KB, 590x350, 46F7D7FA-2158-442B-9A71-64B029…)

He’s very woke and activism focused in his personal life, so it makes me think it’ll seep into the show.

No. 1173895

Ugh. great. We finally got a female Doctor and now we're back to this shit.

No. 1173896

I haven't seen anything he's been in - can he actually act? I can't live through another Jodie Whittaker.
I agree, and it feels bleak. I bet his companion is gonna be a 6ft TIM that towers over him and makes him look even more of a manlet

No. 1173912

I think what she meant was that fans should stop asking her to put out new albums all the time because it takes time and money to create a good album even if it seems easy if you're not a musician. She sometimes talks about how the music industry works on instagram too, it's interesting.

This shit is still on-going? I'm impressed. How were the last seasons? I stopped in the middle of season 6 because the channel I used to watch the show decided to broadcast the first half of the 6th season, stopped right after a cliffhanger, and it took over 6 months to have the next episodes and by then I've seen too many spoilers to care anymore.

Isn't he American? Why the fuck would he ever play the Doctor in that case? kek

No. 1173916

File: 1652120143606.jpeg (263.41 KB, 590x396, 0D0E34E4-1948-4F86-9D49-3543F4…)

Sex Education On Netflix is what he’s known for but I’ve never seen it.

No. 1173921

Yeah, it's still limping along. You probably stopped at the perfect time, it's only been going downhill since then. The ratings have tanked and no-one really cares anymore.

No. 1173923

He’s in sex education and imo is really good at least in season 1, haven’t watched season 2. His character was very complex and I think his acting was good.

No. 1173933

I guess France 4 being absolutely retarded was a blessing in disguise then. Actually that's good to know if I ever want to rewatch the show someday.

No. 1173940

> makes me think it’ll seep into the show
I truly hope it doesnt, the show is so old and iconic.. it doesnt need evolving to please snowflakes

No. 1173942

Elon isn't going to date a 41 year old woman. He also isn't going to date someone who he can't use money to control. You have to remember that Elon ONLY dates women he can change with his weird bimbo satellite lasers ray machine (or whatever the fuck he keeps doing to his partners)

No. 1173946

> Isn't he American?

not bogeyachan but him and his big hips are british kek

No. 1173949

Not Boyegachan but he is british. They made him put on a american accent in star wars because a british one sounded too fancy for a stormtrooper.

No. 1173951

To be honest I stopped paying attention after Matt Smith left.

No. 1173954

Yeah, after Matt Smith I think it lost the charm.. but David Tennant is the only doctor I watched though, so I guess I can't say much

No. 1173957

Wasn't the doctor already bi when he became a woman? Because I'm pretty sure Jodie's dr had to have both female and male live interests

No. 1173958

Tbh nonnie the only reason they gave us a female doctor is because they wanted to pander to the woke crowd. The doctor absolutely can be played by a woman but they did it for the wrong reasons. First they pandered to girlboss #feminism because of their new ultra wokie soy fag nerd fanbase that grew from Tumblr, and now they're going to do a BLM doctor to pander to the exact same crowd. I wanted the doctor to be played by Idris Elba tbh so it's not an issue for me that the doctor is black, but I guarantee you they're going to centre the storyline around harassment from space police and queerbaiting

No. 1173960

nonna…have you watched the 13th doctor. its bad

No. 1173965

Wait, did she have a male love interest? I thought it was just Yaz

No. 1173968

The writing team were bragging that they never watched doctor who and never gave a shit about source material. Both Chinball and the actress were blaming the ratings downfall onto…sexism and talked shit about the fanbase complaining .They ruined canons and turned doctor who from a fun, deep and feelsy sci-fi franchise into some retarded circus that's not about sci-fi anymore. The actress also was screaming that she wont play the doctor unless her woketard actor friend would play the master, you bet same shit will happen with this guy.

No. 1173969

She's too "old" for him.

No. 1173971

Samefag, Jodie's doctor would be the first one in a canon same sex relationship but no one cared kek. No wonder they had to get someone with netflix hype.

No. 1173972

There is a Doctor Who thread in /m/ if anyone wants it >>>/m/191528

No. 1173985

My bad, I legit thought he was American.

>because a british one sounded too fancy for a stormtrooper

Not all British accents sound fancy and posh though, right? Come on, does anyone think Adele's accent sounds fancy when she speaks normally?

No. 1173994

File: 1652122353809.jpg (25.78 KB, 640x640, e6cdee7a7103ba15bb741ed04d0ab0…)

boyegafag please stop, we all get the joke here(well most of us do) john boyega is not an attractive man and your doing this to idk mock driver fags or something but please its getting annoying, I don't want to see his FTM looking ass every thread alright

No. 1174021

Idk but the director's logic was that his accent didn't work for the role. It's weird that they let daisy keep hers

No. 1174023

Idris Elba would have been my choice, too. He would have made a funny and good looking next doctor, would have started watching it then.

they should have let him take on a Geordie accent, no one would have ever understood what he was saying and it would have been way better and funnier than the last three Star Wars movies

No. 1174027

File: 1652123483917.jpg (167.12 KB, 1500x1000, John-Boyega1.jpg)

Your dumb joke is getting old.
He looks normal.
I know he is so talented that burgers got memed into believing he is American, but no, he is an English gentleman. He would have been perfect as Doctor but he even denied Disney+ by saying
>You Ain't Going To Disney+ Me
So I don't think he will ever hit rock bottom enough to work for BBC.
I already moved to IRL husbando thread, no I'm not joking when I say John is one of the best actors of his generation. Those rat simpning retards are owning themselves by doing it, they are as irrelevant as their ugly fave. Idk how to help you, but hitting a follow on John's instagram will get you into his world, his fun character, brave activism and all the projects he is working on.
>john boyega is not an attractive man
Says who? Some obese cat lady?

No. 1174038

File: 1652123690036.jpg (38.16 KB, 564x688, 295617d61d41e354ee96f2ccf4caf3…)

> He looks normal.
KEK bogeyachan you are absolutely hilarious, in a funny way and retarded way too. i love you

No. 1174039

Imagine a stormtrooper speaking chav, luv. Like Kelly from Misfits and no one understands a word.

No. 1174045

Oh come on. She and (c)rapper are kind of iconic now.
I knew a person that was into Leo (a bit over 20 years ago), she would unironically sperg over Leo like Boyega-chan does with hip-man.

No. 1174046

Have the TiF's claimed him yet?

No. 1174048

i'm going to need dankpods to drop $121 on this.

No. 1174052

What is so funny to me is that normally with variousfags/chans there are more than one sperging about it, like driver/dano/ezrafags but there is one singular bogeyachan

No. 1174056

Lol. Good observation. She could make herself a boyega thread like the driverfags but she would be the only one talking there.

No. 1174058

She is the boyegachad.

No. 1174067

What's worse, wanting to fuck Paul Dano and his doughy self and wanting to John Boyega and his wide hips?

No. 1174069

File: 1652124332459.jpg (281.82 KB, 1518x1572, 1622324443347.jpg)

Not my fault all of you are tasteless.
Hips joke was never funny. Get over it and move on.(boyegafag)

No. 1174071

Imagine how those wide hips slam though

No. 1174073

his hips don't lie bogeyachan and neither do we

No. 1174076

It’s not supposed to be funny. It’s just true.

No. 1174080

File: 1652124519903.png (29.14 KB, 754x309, 1616926440538.png)

Jealousy makes people ugly. Keep seething over his success, you will never reach his level anyway.

No. 1174084

Is that all he does? I swear every time I hear about John Boyega is cause he's giving someone a sassy clapback on social media.

No. 1174085

nah because they're all pretty racist like a lot of anons on here I'm seeing and sorry ladies but cope harder that some people have good taste (mans got features, and personality, I mean what does adam driver have besides height and a boner for the american militar and eating rotisserie chickens? Certainly not that face kek) Not boyegachan also but I'm gonna give her props for doing her best to bring some actual good looking mans into here, rest of you will pray you all develop better taste and self love

No. 1174088

In all seriousness boyegachan, what is it about him that makes you like him so much? Tell us, perhaps we'll see the light too

No. 1174090

File: 1652124843200.png (497.98 KB, 1100x872, 034957349854y.png)

All of this. Thank you!

No. 1174091

> her best to bring some actual good looking mans into here
anon are you ok?

No. 1174092

>mans got features
This gave me a hearty kek. Everyone's got features! His are just ugly.

No. 1174096

> mans got features
do you mean his child bearing hips?

No. 1174097

That is quite the feature

No. 1174101

I'm not American and I'm ESL so it's easy for any actor to trick me into thinking they're from any English speaking country.

>he is an English

Ok now let's not get ahead of ourselves kek he doesn't have the prestance of a gentleman, he looks like a normal man. He could be my neighbor and I wouldn't notice. I wish I could find someone who lives me like Boyega-chan loves Boyega…

No. 1174102

File: 1652125363768.jpeg (102.72 KB, 750x763, FAA3E4C1-1334-425F-90C7-5D47BE…)

Nonnie, I…

No. 1174103

kek yes, he does not strike me as the english gentleman type

No. 1174105

Re: your spoilt part
No, you don't, it would be a stalker like Joe from You.

No. 1174109

File: 1652125630190.jpg (330.3 KB, 1042x1834, 1651505320673.jpg)

He is very much a gentleman, unlike Asap Shit shooting up other men over dick.
This is a meme and doesn't show the real stats. John has his own production company, a huge deal with Netflix, many fashion collabs. Driver's movies are bombing and no one sees them, in comparison for one of his latest works John won a Golden Globe.

No. 1174113

nta i agree that dano and driver are uggos and boyega is talented and decent looking facewise but his body is just tragic sorry!

No. 1174117

File: 1652125771219.jpg (10.83 KB, 400x267, f8ad0e986bec0037bc73d104b30e47…)

> his body is just tragic sorry!
ezra looms over all of them in terms of looks

No. 1174123

jannies ban boyegachan already IT IS ANNOYING AND NOT FUNNY

No. 1174125

File: 1652126021094.jpg (148.49 KB, 1124x1390, FSVxpuBWYAAjVQv.jpg)

No. 1174126

Ezra looks good in stills but in the videos posted on here, he looks weaselly. Don't get me wrong, I love a good weaselly man but it makes him look quite dorky but not in a lovable way.
That being said, Ezra, c'mon, do something, we need real milk not just the milk from Boyega's feminine curves.

No. 1174135

tru but he's also the most unhinged

No. 1174136

> we need real milk not just the milk from Boyega's feminine curves.
kek anon

No. 1174139

File: 1652126260325.jpeg (80.91 KB, 530x800, C3CE8800-311B-4064-B2E1-D921F6…)

based sky one more reason to love my underrated queen

No. 1174143

Guys, I think he may be a gentleman.

No. 1174146

>Keep seething over his success, you will never reach his level anyway.
Yeah I know I’ll never be in Star Wars or even tv adverts but he still has outrageously feminine curves.

No. 1174150

His beauty is proportionate to his rage, unfortunately.

No. 1174154

his child bearing, womanly hips would be perfect if he was mtf

No. 1174155

okay lets get this straight
>driverfags thirst after adam driver specifically cause he is a weird looking horseman and they are likely women who thirst after monster dudes from videogames
>danofags thirst after dano cause they project onto him the affection they had for their IRL boring crushes of bland guys who were nice to them in high school
>ezrafags thirst after ezra cause he was genuinely pretty in his youth

you might not agree with these men being attractive but there are genuine reasons why nonnas here and many women are attracted to them but these is no factor about boyega that would be considered attractive or desirable

No. 1174158

File: 1652126726115.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.19 KB, 564x564, 2981eb1a138702ea93967bdb193120…)

No. 1174163

His mother is creepy, even more than himself. To be honest, I would have taking the date offer, but I'm poor and I have no standards and I already have a creepy, annoying mother, so, how bad could it get? Isn't he old enough to die any time soon?

No. 1174164

Sorry to disappoint anon, but the tweet was just a stan fucking about

No. 1174165

carreyfags are just into tall, thin weird looking white dudes

No. 1174166

I'm not an Erzafag but if he held me like that I would melt

No. 1174169

I'm starting to think boyega is genuinely attractive now

No. 1174170

Not boyegachan
I think his hips are kinda nice and huggable, I'm bisexual tho

No. 1174171

Don't let that autistic nonny gaslight you. Boyega is disgusting.

No. 1174172

Oh nonnie, that is the cutest thing I heard/read today.

Omg, we are losing her.. stay with us…

No. 1174174

Same. I would hug him even harder too.

No. 1174182

I respect your post but
>driverfags thirst after adam driver specifically cause he is a weird looking horseman and they are likely women who thirst after monster dudes from videogames
What the fuck nona, have you browsed the driverfag threads? KEK That's absolutely not why I am into AD or how I see him, ew

No. 1174184

File: 1652127215961.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.26 KB, 564x705, 56a35686ac78a604a2f9ea31136c54…)

nonnies, i would love if he held me like that too!! it makes me want to cry thinking about it

No. 1174189

File: 1652127302244.jpg (6.41 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

Donald Glover > Boyega

No. 1174203

Y'all know what, I think Boyega-chan doesn't love or respect him really.
If she would, she would accept his flaws. But here she is going on in delusions, that he is the perfect man without flaws and then with the same breath being condescending to our boos, like Ezra and Adam.
How dare she.
Girl, your husbando has wide hips and is short, get over it. If Boyega knew what a hypocrite you are, his little heart in his voluptuous breast would break.

No. 1174206

Exactly, I've said the same thing and she just refuses to acknowledge any flaws. You just know Boyega wants a woman who will love his curves and Boyegachan never will.

No. 1174208

Exactly, Ezra has many, many flaws and we ezrafags acknowledge and do not condemn them. but bogeyas wide hips and voluptuous breasts are impossible to ignore

No. 1174210

The Doctor was bi at the very least before Jodie.

The Doctor was openly attracted to Rory, at some point in the past had created an AI "boyfriend," and repeatedly flirted with Jack Harkness. There are a few other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.

They're a species of being capable of changing gender/race/whatever and The Doctor has made comments suggesting that Time Lords have moved passed obsession with gender.

No. 1174216

No. 1174264

File: 1652129167464.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.39 KB, 461x307, 67fc20e77def9ac315347fb0f81b61…)

No. 1174268

Cute! I would still drag him to jail by the hair after hugging him though. This is what he deserves.

No. 1174271

I popped into this thread because of Kisame's bullshit earlier and forgot to close the tab, and holy shit the boyega stuff has my sides in fucking orbit. Top fucking kek

No. 1174273

Someone must be running a psychological experiment on this website

No. 1174275

the first post itt is boyegafag getting red texted which is hilarious

No. 1174279

Absolutely iconic and on brand.

No. 1174280

Ááááá I wanna huuug

No. 1174307

Kisame the Naruto guy?

No. 1174333

This guy is a total shit steerer, didn't he admit recently he was arguing over his batman movies with strangers thanks to anonymous social media accounts and on imageboards? He could even be here, lurking in the shadows and shit talking us in other threads.

No. 1174339

sorry i originally posted the rob pattinson post but deleted it because i only realized it was dated two months ago instead of being from may. don't know if i should repost it

No. 1174344

File: 1652131782257.jpeg (752.77 KB, 1125x1173, 5DFEF21B-6A75-471B-A8BA-48CED0…)

any thoughts on this nonnies? came across this link and not sure what to think of it. i suspect it validates the dislike towards him though


>"The talks have been taking longer than usual," confided an insider to the print issue of Us Weekly. "Sam wants substantial increases for every fives years they are married, should it end."

>Another source noted that while the process is being dragged out, the discussions are "respectable" in terms of making sure both Spears' fortune and Asghari himself are protected so the handsome hunk, 28, "doesn't end up penniless if they separate."

>Despite not having control of her estimated $60 million estate while in her near-14-year-long conservatorship, the source told the publication that the princess of pop, 40, has no interest in knowing any of the financial details, as she's only concentrated on planning their big day.

No. 1174347

he seems like a gold-digger, like most of her partners were.
Why does britney keep on attracting these type of men.

No. 1174362

idk, do as you like, but if it's 2 months old it's not really news anymore now is it?

No. 1174369

i don't think it was talked about in prior threads unless i missed it and saw it as a chance to shit talk rob/kanye/pete but yeah i only realized after posting that it was two months old. completely flew over my head for a sec that it was may already kek

No. 1174372

probably because of her father.

No. 1174373

I didn't notice either when I replied so I can't criticize you for that

No. 1174375

she's got some damage i guess but wish she would have taken some time to just be single. he was with her during the conservatorship mess so she probably doesn't know any better than to stick with someone who seemed loyal. don't know if he's trustworthy or not but him asking for increases every 5 years of marriage seems off to me. doesn't he have a job?

No. 1174390

File: 1652133659038.jpeg (985.87 KB, 1125x1897, E04629F6-8799-43F0-A0F4-FFB3F8…)

Don't think so

No. 1174398

File: 1652134085109.jpg (654.33 KB, 1080x1320, AmmrmpP.jpg)

Kek Doja Cat and Dolly Parton will be in a taco bell themed musical. Imagine Doja getting a tony award for taco bell

No. 1174402

ayrt i do think "insider sources" are pretty sus, wanted to get some takes from people here in case i missed anything or something wasn't checking out. thanks nonny

that being said i don't fully think he's trustworthy tbh.

No. 1174436

The absolute schizo who harrasses an entire fetish community and has been bumping his own dead thread for like 2 years now lol

No. 1174492

File: 1652136939581.jpeg (94.33 KB, 640x598, 3C919460-087D-4CB8-A6EF-72F117…)

>Co-creator of the popular hit TV show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Rob McElhenney has formally apologized for the writing and jokes used in earlier seasons of the show.

>On Friday, McElhenney took to his instagram and posted a video lambasting his earlier antics in the show deeming them as "violently unacceptable" and said "The racism found in the show's earlier seasons were absolutely terrible executions of jokes, and the words that the characters, including mine, have said and joked about, I officially rescind them. This is a formal apology to people of color and the cast and the crew are actively working with FX to scrub these jokes from earlier seasons of the show."


No. 1174525

Former comedian now just a coward.

No. 1174531

The Doctor needs to be charismatic and funny. That's the problem with Jodi Whittaker I think. They should have written her to be more like The Doctor (kinda silly), or perhaps cast a woman who is mor naturally bubbly like The Doctor. Idris Elba would be a fantastic choice to play him. I wonder if the BBC ever reached out to him about it

Boyegachad, at this point I am choosing to believe you. I have no idea what classical African features are but you're so strong in your beliefs that I am going to say John Boyega is the most handsome genre of African man

No. 1174536

File: 1652138532706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 732.93 KB, 739x1250, britney.jpg)


No. 1174538

literally don't give a fuck

No. 1174539

retard behavior, the racist jokes on always sunny have always been at the expense of racists it’s literally a show parodying awful people come on

No. 1174540

How embarrassing.

No. 1174544

I don’t trust him at all either

No. 1174554

I don't trust him. He seems like a scumbag and i dont even fully know why

No. 1174556

what the fuck, lol

No. 1174558

doja already has a taco bell commercial.

what's with all the fast food deals these days?

No. 1174561

Isnt he the bf of the white kid from Sex ED?

No. 1174577

File: 1652140720966.png (8.84 MB, 2208x1242, 07D38E74-A389-4E55-8905-A1F6EB…)

Is it just me or is Sophie Turner aging terribly?


No. 1174582

File: 1652141222073.jpg (74.18 KB, 1070x1314, 242.jpg)

No. 1174589

she looks normal, can joe jonas fans stop hating on their wifes for one second.

No. 1174593

File: 1652141937414.jpg (245.45 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20220510-013117_Ins…)

very cute and form fitting for once Lana

She looks very british

No. 1174595

it’s crazy to me that she used to date one of the members of the british teen band the vamps kek time is fake

No. 1174599

File: 1652142584823.jpeg (83.75 KB, 600x800, 62A145E6-37A8-4454-A0AC-8F8D6C…)

samefag but this feels like it’s from an alternate universe

No. 1174600

File: 1652142610971.jpg (116.2 KB, 744x555, ezra.jpg)

No. 1174601

File: 1652142704843.jpeg (80.67 KB, 1080x896, F33AC2F2-20C0-48B4-9166-CC6ABE…)

doja’s impact

No. 1174604

amazing interaction

No. 1174608

What a fucking loser. Way to pander to the woke for no reason. I don't get why he felt the need to apologize? the first few seasons were top notch. I love the episode where he dates a tranny and the gang mocks him for it. and Dee dates a retard is one of my favorites.

No. 1174609

File: 1652142994366.jpg (167.65 KB, 750x834, gagalana.jpg)

This is about Lady Gaga… and Lana.

No. 1174614

Bless. I', so glad she's back.

I dont like Erza, but that replacement looks bland af. Can't they get a hotter guy?

No. 1174616

I literally don’t give a shit about Joe Jonas. Just think she looks off here.

No. 1174618

File: 1652143369551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.73 KB, 435x653, MV5BMTk4MzgyNjE0Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I've listened to a few episodes of the always sunny podcast where they recap old episodes and honestly, this doesn't surprise me. Out of all the cast, rob is always the one to denounce the past jokes. Like the others will acknowlede that the content is offensive but rob will repeatedly emphasize how the jokes were "never funny" and should not have been done. It's really weird and uncomfortable to listen.

His insistance on scrubbing the past makes me think he has some weird gulit going on, or at least embarassment since his character did some of the worst stuff. He and his wife did spend most of an episode in blackface kek, so maybe he wants to clear his conscience. It comes across as pathetic though.

No. 1174625

I really think it's just the hair and the weird thin brows doing her a disservice, she's a blonde and the red is so harsh on her. Plus she's pregnant so naturally she has gained weight. Even with the unflattering style I think she looks great here.

No. 1174641

she looks so cute here

No. 1174662

>single mom with 4 black babies, a body count in the triple digits and famous for a sextape, who's only redeeming feature is the result of a bunch of plastic surgery

Sorry but Elon has no reason to go that low

No. 1174666

File: 1652146725682.jpeg (46.54 KB, 460x455, 4B4ECA23-CC08-4A94-83BC-CB8338…)

maybe i sound like an edgelord but anyone who gets offended by it’s always sunny is probably stupid. does that last part mean they’re going to edit the older episodes that are available on streaming services? if they are i’m glad i have the first two seasons on dvd. they had danny wearing latina cosplay in 2019 and iirc the other characters were also being racist in the episode. but the joke has always been that the gang is bigoted and dumb, not that black people or whoever are bad. i’m just confused as to why rob would say that when they’re still using the offensive humor, although the show has lost its edge. and wasn’t there a trans joke in the last season? he’ll have to make another apology in a few years for that one.

No. 1174669

I always thought those jokes were more making fun the the characters who were supposed to be ignorant assholes rather than black people, even if I feel like the jokes didn't land the best like when dee was pretending to be black comes to mind. For the record, I am a black woman. At the same time, if it was me, I don't think I would think it's worth dying on a cross to defend sub-par humour since those moments were never the most memorable and most quoted in the show in the first place.

No. 1174671

i lopve you anon

No. 1174693

all comedians are cowards. older ones are trying to act like they're politically correct when the bulk of them used to tell offensive jokes. they're the ones who acted offended over the oscars slap because one of their own was hit, but they'd defend to death chris rock if he were the one slapping smith. they're performative performance artists, chameleons, and of the highest order? clowns.

No. 1174700

He’s an autist who doesn’t raise his kids and spent eleventy billion dollars just so he could make people on Twitter stop being mean to him. I’d say they’re both on the same level of cow.

No. 1174709

Agreed, the characters are supposed to be contemptable, which is why it would make sense for them to be racially insensitive, but like you said, those jokes were not high points of the show by any means, and I think the vast majority of the audience wouldn't defend blackface, for good reason.

No. 1174722

File: 1652150684379.jpeg (79.92 KB, 720x1280, D4EF4FD0-9F9A-4424-8189-780E26…)

Why is media trying to shill this woman so hard? Her face is not unique enough to be model material and is not attractive either. She always looks high or sick in all the pictures I’ve seen of her.

No. 1174723

I love IASIP but the more I learn about Rob, the more insufferable I find him to be.

No. 1174724

Who the fuck is this ugly crackhead

No. 1174732

He needs to go buy another football team rather than become an embarrassing twitterman.

No. 1174733

I could get used to this aesthetic for Lana.

No. 1174737

i don't know why they're not using the guy who played the flash in the tv show. Grant Gustin is cute as hell.

No. 1174746

Wait a minute so Robert Pattinson goes in anonymous message boards and argues about his Batman movies?

No. 1174750

The episode where they get addicted to crack and go on welfare was funny in a satirical way to me. I know other people who thought some of the jokes were racist though so it’s nice of him to apologize.

No. 1174751

elon himself has a ton of sons from different moms

No. 1174753

File: 1652155029858.jpg (76.74 KB, 828x1259, w35c4x5q1k381.jpg)

can someone please explain to me what appeal red scare even has, I listened to 5 episodes and I didn't laugh even once, the vocal fry, the humor, the luke warm takes and pointless ramblings and I don't think even the fans like the podcast either, they just act like contrarians and calling people slurs

No. 1174754

She’s bloated, pregnant and not a fucking little girl anymore. God I hate how nitpicky anons in this thread are.

No. 1174756

Praying she dyes her hair dark and gets her fillers dissolved. Same with Julia Fox dissolving hers. Sausage face sausage lips gotta go sisters

No. 1174760

File: 1652155471276.png (1.98 MB, 1000x1500, 2019 met gala.png)

I don't mind how she looks, but I don't think you have to compare her to how she looked as a teenager to notice the difference. She even looks different from the last season of GOT, which was only 3 years ago.
Anyway, it really is just bad styling and pregnancy.

No. 1174761

Amerifatties think that it's posh.

No. 1174762

File: 1652155690853.png (1.45 MB, 1600x900, 8D3049F4-EA00-4A74-9E15-8F754A…)

Yeah he is.

No. 1174765

Is rpatz here among us?

No. 1174766

i hope he troons out kek

No. 1174768

File: 1652156066924.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1151x1315, 65CC4452-6653-4C35-B18A-2FCE58…)

Former pornstar turned actress Chloe Cherry. The creator of euphoria “discovered” her from a euphoria themed porn.

No. 1174777

Perhaps she will try, but she's too old for old musky

No. 1174778

Ugh tired of people shilling her so hard. She has no appeal whatsoever.

No. 1174779

I don't mind her, but her eyes are kinda weird to look at. They always look like they've been enlarged.

No. 1174784

The ATRICIOUS posture of that half rotten corpse looking skete is so fucking disgusting. I want to fold him in half completely and hear his pathetically weak spine snap.

No. 1174786

Only if he gets rid of that nasty beard and his dislike for black women.

No. 1174787

trannies cant help themselves but seethe over british women kek. dilate.

No. 1174793

this would be ok if it was a fucked up barbie parody or something but theyre actually trying to push this shit into the mainstream

No. 1174803

For all we know he could be in his own thread on /m/ posting about how he wants to fuck Robert Pattinson and how attractive he is just to shitpost as hard as possible kek

No. 1174854

I’m not even an Rpatfag but the idea of him writing horny posts about himself is really really hot

No. 1174866

>that replacement looks bland af.
He single handedly kept the Teen Wolf fandom alive and made the series somewhat watchable even standing next to one of the objectively hottest men in the industry (the guy playing Derek). He's got something appealing about him, I would actually watch it for him.

No. 1174892

That guy has the phenotype I dislike. Low brow bones, long philtrum, massive forehead and tiny face.

No. 1174984

we have a comedian over here

No. 1174990

She truly is living her 2007 song and dreams I guess. Good for her

No. 1174998

File: 1652171968123.jpg (350.4 KB, 2048x1740, Efl3U4AXkAY8rwH.jpg)

Unpopular opinion but I kind of like her look, it's over the top and unique and personally I am sick of actresses/etc. that all look the same, picrel. She's definitely not beautiful, but interesting. And I'm also always glad when women leave the scrote pandering sex industry, no matter how. Sam Levinson is a perverted cunt but at least one woman could take advantage of his perversion to not degrade herself anymore

No. 1175001

she literally looks like all of them but pornified lips and even bigger eyes though.. in my opinion

No. 1175004

Honestly sue me but I’d like to see her in some surrealist barbie movie for adults that’s like a psychological horror and she murders Ken and does other deranged shit, maybe goes on a killing spree and kills like men who rejected her for movie and modelling deals, telling her to lose weight or something, kills a female rival, kills her pervy neighbour etc. It’s like Pink Flamingos or something. It will be like Barbie meets Excision meets May meets Joker. Really fucked up and quirky, cult classic and she will become like a female Divine with her weird ass lips and vacant eyes.

No. 1175009

File: 1652174387512.jpg (80.4 KB, 1280x704, star-wars-finn-999512-1280x0.j…)

Mod, I already moved to IRL husbando thread, just giving my final answers and attentions to local haters.
Exactly he is very much handsome and everyone shit talking his looks are kinda racist. You should stop obsessing over his body, his hips are normal. I don't know if all of you are infertile fat cat ladies with apple and inverted triangle shaped body and can't comprehend when someone has a normal body, so you projects child birthing hip allegations onto them.
>guy with mental illness and fungus feet
>in any way better than John
LOL no.
I'm somehow the problem and not the anon baiting me?
You sound like a broker record.
>i don't find someone attractive, no one else can!
I bet no one tolerates you and your egocentric self irl.
She will have to fight Julia Fox for that role first.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1175012

anon, i get it. stop making other anons sit rent-free in your head. thanks

No. 1175027

File: 1652175585936.jpg (156.55 KB, 746x1119, edd32f2eb018e61ffa0689ff30c4b2…)

go back to twitter faggot worshipper, seriously sterilize yourself you fucking subhuman for liking a pretentious films that only low IQ subhumans can even tolerate
As for you, WE GET THE FUCKING JOKE, NOW STOP IT, your like an annoying band kid who posts the same unfunny memes over and over and over and over again, get some new material you jabbed retard cause I can't stand looking at that subhuman face, john boyega is a genetic failure, every aspect about him is both inferior and revolting, not only should he be sterilized but every member of his family should be sterilized as well, cause his level of subhumanity doesn't deserve to be potentially connoted(report and move on)

No. 1175042

> guy with mental illness and fungus feet
> in any way better than John
yes he is cuter and more handsome

No. 1175050

File: 1652179129596.png (560.02 KB, 657x370, Valium-10mg-roche-Quelle-Steph…)

>go back to twitter faggot worshipper, seriously sterilize yourself you fucking subhuman for liking a pretentious films that only low IQ subhumans can even tolerate

No. 1175092

File: 1652182079024.jpg (47.98 KB, 306x651, he got da diaper awn.jpg)

he got da diaper awn

No. 1175278

I thought this was lil nas x

No. 1175305

this looks like a still from a horror movie. to answer your question, they're trying to legitimize pornography as a viable 'in' to the acting world in order to groom more young women into selling their bodies, chole cherry is their postergirl.

No. 1175455

I agree with you. Doing porn was always the cautionary horror story we were warned about, of what can happen to young women who move to LA if you don't make it as an actress and let people take advantage of you. Now we have 18-year-olds on OnlyFans, feeling justified in thinking they'll "totally make it" in their acting careers and the only people who benefit are the old fat scrotes in charge.

No. 1175464

Never ever trust a man who wants your money. Moids should leave with exactly what they brought: zero dollars and zero cents. He wants an allowance for every 5 years he stays with her? Being married to her is a chore with goals? She deserves so much better and the fact that men are actually owed alimony following divorce is the reason I'll never see men as our equals.
Idris Elba is the embodiment of charm. I wanna listen to him read yelp reviews lol
Luxury brands are officially for sw now. Can we finally stop acting like these brands are exclusive, prestigious, or high class? they use actuals prostitutes and filler monsters as models.

No. 1175470


I stopped watching a long time ago, in part because of how many times they kept doing the blackface/brownface/yellowface stuff. I didn't care the first few times, but after a while it got tiresome and the characters being 'terrible people' didn't change that for me.

All that said, Rob is full of shit. He's likely only apologizing because he has aspirations of being a more prominent actor like Charlie Day. He's already tried to apologize for it, he needs to move on and stop bringing it up.

Margo Robbie, Jaime Pressly, and Samara Weaving look like they could be sisters.

No. 1175474

I fucking hate it. She's just some pornstar the director selected from watching her porn. She needs to stop being shilled. With Onlyfans being "empowering" and advertised as a viable way for freshly turned 18 year old girls to make money, thrusting a dead-eyed pornstar to teenagers as a fucking fashion icon is just blatantly more propaganda to turn young girls towards objectification.

No. 1175498

I'm scared for her. Because of her value and traumatic experience she will attract psychopathic and narcissistic men looking to say whatever so that they can use her.
Hate to say it but the conservatorship in a weird sense deflected scrotes because they knew they couldn't tap into her money so long as her daddy parasite was in charge. Now that he's gone, they know what vulnerabilities they can exploit in order to get what they want from her. Sounds like assholes are dangling the carrot of marriage and kids in front of her while they try to bargain cushy lifestyles for themselves.
She needs to realize that SHE is the prize and if anything, men ought to be gauranteeing her the pay for every five years of marriage.
This guy is a whore, he's asking to be bought. And if it's a matter of money, surely there's other attractive male whores for sale out there with a better bargain if not for free? Pft.

No. 1175524

This is mean but… Britney is not very intelligent.

No. 1175535

Ayrt and I agree with all you said but I think comedians back in the day used to be subversive, and by back in the day I mean +100 years ago.

No. 1175549

File: 1652199969868.gif (8.05 MB, 362x640, crackney.gif)

Britney fried her brain with drugs. Both recreational and psychiatric drugs. She was never the smartest person but she managed to fry about 80% of her brain cells. She's a crackhead and amphetamine lover.

I say let her live in her twirly wirly sparkly emoji land while her himbo bf drains her wallet. No pity for this junkie.

No. 1175557

Versace was always tongue-in-cheek tacky, but also Gucci, Hermes and LV really went to shit once former reality tv stars, prostitutes, and people like Jeffree Star started wearing them everywhere. Tacky. I used to want a quilted Chanel bag, but now I consistently see Asian sex workers in LA carrying them around and I changed my mind.

No. 1175627

"luxury" brands like these aren't for rich people but for people who want to look rich. actual old money people wear something else with no brand names visible

No. 1175661

I am turkish and he looks like a basic manwhore in my country, nothing special. She deserves better.

No. 1175678

>no pity for this junkie
i hope a crackhead steals something from your house

No. 1175683

Hope it's Britney, that would be epic.

No. 1175730

Interviews from when she was younger showed how thoughtful she naturally was. Don't forget, she was fed lithium for at least 10 years…

No. 1175735

Anon hide your crack stash.

No. 1175754

File: 1652205677041.jpg (111.38 KB, 1200x833, 1651582904-sophieturnerjoejona…)

Her stylist hates her, I see no other explanation. She's not aging great that's true, but whoever styled her made her look 60, she's barely 26

No. 1175769

File: 1652206673168.jpg (33.81 KB, 457x612, gettyimages-513152376-612x612.…)

it's the combination of this ugly hair colour, hair style and that make-up. I'm very happy about the thinner eyebrows, as I hated those thick caterpillars on every woman so far, but she should go back to red-blond, think the colour in the picture looked best for her.

No. 1175784

File: 1652207505669.jpg (257.25 KB, 1080x1251, Screenshot_20220510-113043_Fac…)

60 is a bit over the top. She does objectively look much older though

No. 1175791

File: 1652208021929.jpg (393.61 KB, 1199x1198, 20220510_203100.jpg)

I'm posting this while I'm on the toilet.

No. 1175792

File: 1652208046406.jpg (340.33 KB, 1195x1496, 20220510_203115.jpg)

No. 1175797

She looks older styled this way, like in her white woman 30s, but I actually really like it. I'm les tho

No. 1175834

It weirds me out how Billie's age is made into a selling point, especially because she looks a bit older. I'm pretty sure Olivia Rodrigo's younger than her, but I remember way more articles going on about how young Billie is in the past years

No. 1175866

Don't get your hopes up, he's basically just a famous basement dweller and he used to smell horrible and not shower often enough until recently according to co-stars. Henry Cavill is the male equivalent of "i'm a gamer girl, don't hit on me silly boys uwu" and Robert Pattinson is the celebrity equivalent of these spergs on 4chan you'd hide from the rest of society if he were your son.

No. 1175878

Nta but how does liking those films make her a twitterfag

No. 1175885

What a tangent he went on lol

No. 1175894

Weird they frame this as Billie helping him come to terms with aging when it sounds more like him giving a warning to her.

No. 1175919

thank you, red blonde for sure. whatever stylist gave her ugly artificial full on red needs to go to hell, i seriously hate it. it looks like shit on 95% of people but especially naturally fair haired women like sophie.

No. 1175951

ayrt (unless you meant to reply to other anon) - no idea, would be hilarious if he was kek but what was originally posted was an article i found saying rob played kanye music at pete's club, thought it was some dumb celeb shit to jeer at but only realized afterwards that news was two months old

No. 1175968

nta and not siding with either anon but that concept sounds like something the cw would put out.

>"really fucked up and quirky, cult classic"
>saying "quirky" unironically
sorry anon that was funny kek

No. 1175998

the color wouldn't even be as bad as pictured in >>1175754 if it wasn't for the way her hair and makeup was done. i agree red blonde would look best because even if she was styled right with that darker red she would still look older, unless that's what she's going for

also brows that are much lighter in color compared to hair just look weird to me, either use a similar color or at least darken the brows just a little bit

No. 1176161

I'm very biased when it comes to brows as mine are very light and I don't like to colour them in, it just looks too harsh on my face, but I'm all in for that red blond hair, it suits her best with the skin colour and undertone she has

No. 1176191

All this post has done is literally reinforce what an annoying face this man has, he didn't bother me before you came here to sperg about him, now I can't stand the sight of him and it's not his fault, well done childbearinghipschan.

No. 1176221

Chloe Cherry is like a South Park episode where they try to shill and absurdly dead eyed whore as an actress and the people just blindly go along with it despite how horrific and weird it is. She is CRACKED tf out here with the same thousand yard stare as a Vietnam veteran in a field of fire crackers

No. 1176227

File: 1652227325436.png (2.62 MB, 1080x2256, Screenshot_20220510-200138_Chr…)

Her face looks a lot different

No. 1176229

File: 1652227405350.jpg (1.56 MB, 3018x2268, denverthelastdinosaur.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about the anon who said his face looks like a cartoon dinosaur and now I can't unsee it

No. 1176230

Why are her stylists doing her like this? She does look different but the styling is what's making it so jarring

No. 1176232

Did she get any work done? Or maybe she just lost weight in her face? It's crazy if it's just hair and makeup, she looks like a completely different person

No. 1176235

I know she doesn’t look like herself, but I find this older woman look insanely attractive

No. 1176236

Billie is like 20 and styles is like 28? That's "old?" are they okay

No. 1176244

what app/website is that?

No. 1176251

File: 1652229433683.jpeg (507.47 KB, 828x1083, 2564C4E0-81F4-464C-B080-87D2B6…)

kek young thug is zesty af and gunna is bottom heavy they’re done for…but anyways is anyone shocked that 2 men who name themselves “young thug” & “gunna” are getting locked up? these rappers must be mentally delayed, how do you make it to millionaire status and still fuck around in the streets

No. 1176255

>I guarantee you they're going to centre the storyline around harassment from space police
The Judoon are going to pull the Tardis over on the space highway kek

No. 1176257

ayrt, no worries anon each to their own. it's a personal preference but i will admit sometimes darkened brows do look harsh for some people, i think they can be okay just as long as it's not overboard like i've seen some people do. for that specific look though with the darker red hair i do think her brows being ever so slightly darker could help her a little there but it won't totally save the entire look because the hair and the rest of the makeup should've been fixed too. seems especially harsh in >>1176227

No. 1176262

Her forehead looks significantly bigger, maybe she got fillers there? I actually really like the change, if her hair wasn't so unflattering she'd look great

No. 1176267

File: 1652230478373.jpg (32.67 KB, 1014x246, Screenshot_20220510-175006_Goo…)

Look up "face age" in your app store and scroll down a bit, it's this one. It works very well

No. 1176270

doesn't billie fall kinda under gen z and styles more of a millennial? maybe 8 years isn't a very large age gap but 1d's peak popularity (where most of his fans probably come from) was during the 2010s while eilish is more 2020s and there's already quite a disparity between what was in then vs now. don't like him but i can get it if he feels old kek

No. 1176271

is it just me or does she look very vaguely angelina jolie like in that pic?

No. 1176274

as much as i think it's funny to poke fun at "gamer girls" isn't henry cavill just a shady creep hiding under an affable nice guy persona? i don't get why people thirst over him he's just a scrote who happens to have a decent looking face.

No. 1176277

File: 1652231506932.jpg (798.06 KB, 1500x1000, FaceApp_1652231378990.jpg)

I bet she goes even further with the bad styling

No. 1176287

File: 1652232753625.png (499.63 KB, 860x849, 146-1460258_barney-and-friends…)

Boyega's face and body type remind me of Baby Bop from Barney.

No. 1176294

File: 1652233441018.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1500x1000, 2EE8F54A-B924-412F-8859-CCF0DA…)

reverse trap card

No. 1176295

Why would you say that about her

No. 1176302

File: 1652234766799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.74 KB, 662x900, 1652230838320.jpg)

Hillary Duff poses nude cover of Women’s Health’s Body Reflections issue

No. 1176304

Even after she exploited Sharon Tate I’m somehow still disappointed

No. 1176307

I'm in 2004 with my preferred Hilary Duff

No. 1176327

what did you do to her face?

No. 1176329

The body issue with that comical shoop

No. 1176330

File: 1652237225453.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

HA, lock'em all up. This happening so soon after kitten heels being taken out by redbull is beautiful.

No. 1176336

I'm sorry I didn't spoiler, I didn't think about it since it was the cover of a magazine but yeah it should be spoilered, my bad

No. 1176356

File: 1652240771364.jpeg (208.87 KB, 782x1158, F7D08D39-79F3-463B-8163-E8AAAE…)

Fun fact young thug tried to murder lil Wayne in 2015 in a tour bus shooting and never got charged. Karma really is a bitch, because they’re adding that to his current charges.
>> In 2015, Lil Wayne's tour bus was shot up in Atlanta. Nobody was killed or seriously injured in the incident and Young Thug's former tour manager Jimmy Carlton Winfrey (aka PeeWee Roscoe) was arrested for the shooting. Later that year, he pled guilty and got a 20-year sentence. He has since been freed on a technicality and will be re-tried.
>>Since then there were various reports that Young Thug and/or Birdman – who was beefing with Wayne at the time of the shooting(because they were banging and Wayne got tired of birdaman)– were being investigated and could eventually be charged in the incident.
>>However, the tour bus shooting appears to be part of the 105 count RICO indictment against Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 others that was executed yesterday.

No. 1176359

i might be misremembering but didn't young thug come out as bisexual?

No. 1176360

Cavill is thirsted over by women for his stoic demeanor and looks but when you add in the fact that he's a nerd who denounced the metoo movement he becomes significantly less attractive. I don't get women drooling over him. But I also don't like stereotypically conventional gigachad dudes either

No. 1176363

because nonna, they are low subhumans, no matter how rich they get, they are still gonna be subhumans who aren't even worthy of being allowed to breathe the same air as us(racebait)

No. 1176366

File: 1652241627113.jpg (158.18 KB, 900x600, Henry-Cavi.jpg)

I used too be attracted too him but not anymore, also I don't think its that complicated to see why women are attracted to him, imo he has the perfect masculine body, anyone buffer then him usually ends up looking like an unnatural retarded steroid monkey

No. 1176372

File: 1652242120716.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1543x2034, 726BBD3B-6E4D-4A3D-80BA-E0E35C…)

I can’t find any interviews with him saying it explicitly. According to him he’s super straight. I think he’s a messy bisexual man who loves to troll but idk I thought the same about Kevin Samuel’s. Atlanta is an odd place. I just can’t imagine these hyper femme men doing gang shit kek.

No. 1176373

she looks like Florence Welch

No. 1176376

Fix them brows

No. 1176382

File: 1652242717657.jpeg (204.5 KB, 887x591, 8CDBD9ED-CB49-48DC-8BE4-0D43C0…)

Aw Henry is now too much of a conventional looking chad to play new woke Superman.
>>Henry Cavill has played Superman in the DC Comics film series for almost ten years at this point - but has only appeared in three films as the Kryptonian. He made his debut in 2013's Man of Steel before returning in 2016's Batman V Superman and 2017's Justice League.
>>Although the likes of Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa are returning as Wonder Woman and Aquaman respectively, rumours have hit that he will be getting replaced in the near future by a new actor taking on a brand new rendition of the iconic boy in blue.
>>Comic book movie leaker GeoPanda24 recently released a slew of details about the upcoming Superman reboot being written by Ta-Nehisi Coates on Twitter.
>>With that said, GeoPanda24 explained that, while the Superman reboot was previously reported to follow a Black version of Kal-L, that is not the intention.
>>Instead, the leaker revealed: "Rather it uses Superman's alien heritage as a parallel to racism. They are, however going through with colorblind casting."

No. 1176391

eww he looks ugly af here. thanks for curing me nona

No. 1176421

File: 1652246317326.png (1.93 MB, 958x1324, gunna.png)

Gunna's real name is Sergio Kitchens

No. 1176423

what a fucking subhuman

No. 1176428

File: 1652246673475.png (191.45 KB, 600x541, subhumans.png)

and the whole of twitter is crying because two low IQ subumans who aren't even worthy of cleaning toilets are being arrested for their own retard behavior


No. 1176431

genuinely thought this dog was a breaded cornish hen or large pretzel

No. 1176434

If you squint that dog looks really crispy

No. 1176437

File: 1652247603423.jpeg (25.82 KB, 474x474, 7D1942E0-0FB9-492B-AB7C-3F22E1…)

More and more I’m starting to realize the music industry is a cover for gang/illegal activity. Tyga is a sex trafficker/pimp and so is Chris Brown. The music is just to attract groupies who become their eventual victims. Pimp/sex trafficker in the sense that Chris Brown won’t let you leave his compound if he “likes” you. He forces girls to stay and have sex with him, his friends, and other random women. His friends pay him for this so to me it’s pimping and kidnapping at least. I’m keking at the 9/11 comment.

No. 1176440

File: 1652247846227.jpg (31.85 KB, 379x500, 7168c750d50fe9e974954dc897eb56…)

Taking your dog on a red carpet and stroking it like an evil mastermind with a pink diamond ring on your hand is so feminine. He might as well carry it in a little pink purse and make it wear matching outfits.

No. 1176448

that actually makes a lot of sense
most low IQ rappers are uber feminine, they act like petty bitches, and are infatuated with shoes and fashion, also why their obsessed with asses

No. 1176450

File: 1652248483221.jpg (53.61 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

I'm actually glad rappers like Young Thug are a little gay because I thought this photoshoot was cool.

No. 1176452

consider sterilizing yourself if you think is "cool" in anywya

No. 1176453

Did I offend you nonna?

No. 1176455

this was actually decently done

No. 1176460

File: 1652249104710.jpg (302.14 KB, 700x1050, Alessandro-Trincone-Annodami-1…)

Yes, for me it's the colors, the dress and hat, and his poses that make me like it. I'm not sure who the photographer was but they did a good job. Picrel is from the same designer of the dress. Anyway, sorry to be so ot.

No. 1176461

File: 1652249113640.jpg (113.28 KB, 866x1390, gunna-departs-the-mark-hotel-f…)

well he did wear a dog purse to the met gala, so maybe that will be his reform image after jail lol

No. 1176462

Reposted here >>1176440. This is making me giggle kek. It's a cute purse.

No. 1176464

File: 1652249236856.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1363x2029, 533AD154-AB4F-4294-85C9-7B7E1B…)

Samefag this sounds like a horror story.

No. 1176472

Low IQ induced stroke?

No. 1176475

Makes sense, the entertainment industry as a whole seems to be run by degenerates rich enough to do anything they want

No. 1176476

i mean maybe it's not, but you'd think after him constantly sticking his foot in his mouth about women's issues and questionable dating choices that more of us women would be wary of him instead of just simply thirsting after him because he's hot. he's a scrote who was lucky enough to have an okay face

oof. didn't batman, suicide squad and the joker also get rebooted or something, i don't really follow it but the dc cinematic universe seems like a mess at this point

No. 1176477

actually i like this

No. 1176480

hate this. was there a verdict?

No. 1176485

I can’t find any information on it only the initial report from 2018.

No. 1176513

All of that information was faked. I don't think Cavil is returning but all of the extra info is complete bullshit. It's like how all of the news reports would report on fake article screen caps about Julia Fox and the whole "Goblin Mode" debacle. Journalism is dead.

No. 1176547

File: 1652255818275.jpg (114.37 KB, 600x767, 161833.jpg)

I'm not gonna argue with older cavill, but I dare you to tell me young henry didn't have a perfect body

No. 1176569

No. 1176594

Isn't he already on roids? I think his body is too much. It's nice/impressive visually but not attractive.

No. 1176600

nona I promise I do not mean to offend but these images are disgusting

No. 1176602

i thought the face looked like sam claflin's at first tbh. but honestly i agree with >>1176594. abs can be interesting to look in the sense that it'd be good for a figure drawing session but that body definition doesn't really do anything for me. personal preference though

No. 1176603

Did she remove her buccal fat or got jaw implants/fillers?

No. 1176616

File: 1652261149324.jpg (994.59 KB, 1646x1498, 1610184618191.jpg)

You forgot to mention his tiny hands, even Ezra and Gal mog him.
In my opinion Cavill is a textbook insecure nerd who thought looksmaxing and bodybulding could give him confidence, yet he still comes off as awkward and out of place. It's like he can't fully embody his own body, like in the movie Agents of UNCLE, that blond cannibal played an autistic Russian spy and yet somehow he still came off way more charismatic than Henry. I guess when people say you may looksmax but you will never defeat your inner becky is true for this guy.

No. 1176617

He is demanding more money and WB isn't giving in because that moron sold rights to his face to Netflix, so WB will have to not only pay Cavill but Netflix as well, which they don't want to do.

No. 1176628

File: 1652262059060.jpg (201.54 KB, 1920x960, Henry-Cavill-as-Geralt-and-Joe…)

Hmm yeah for someone who looks like that, he lacks BDE. It's a charisma thing, like
>be physically flawless huge hunk of a man
>comic relief bard is still more fuckable

No. 1176637

okay and… I really don't care that he has slightly small hands, especially from an image that likely came from 4chan
I think both dudes are hot but I like cavill more cause I'm into depressed big dudes

No. 1176642

He's literally rich but can't even bother to get his shirts tailored and get the sleeves shortened jfc

No. 1176644

As if 4chan isn't simping him as their nerdy, video games loving pedo mascot.

No. 1176647

look up Henry cavill on 4chan archives on /tv/ and /fit/ they constantly make fun of him and call him a redditor

No. 1176650

jesus, when you put him next to ezra the hands thing is really obvious.

but yeah he's just an awkward dude in a chad body. he doesn't even seem awkward in an endearing way. this is the same guy who thought flirting would lead to him being called a rapist and that women should be wooed and chased

No. 1176652

File: 1652263437136.jpg (625.21 KB, 1509x2000, 1626912277190.jpg)

This is exactly why we need boyegachan, she was making fun of this exact behavior among IRL husbandofags, the weird defensiveness regarding their husbando and his shitty behavior, posting pics of them whenever someone insults their appearance and acting like its a personal insult towards them to not be attracted to them, she was doing it in a tounge and cheek way and while it could be a little grating at times she was mimicked the behavior of IRL husbandofags perfectly

No. 1176655

File: 1652263502139.png (145.63 KB, 1321x472, 14.03.45.png)

I did and clearly majority of 4chan is simping their
>literally me but buffed

No. 1176656

Who's the dude in the right? He's so cute hh

No. 1176658

the banter between boyegachan and other anons i admit was pretty funny at one point but i think she was serious about boyega too.

No. 1176660

You're expecting too much from a guy who would probably rather stay home in his pajamas and play vidya all day long than bother about fashion.

No. 1176666

she was clearly shitposting, I mean she intentionally picks awkward photos of him

No. 1176668

I don't see a comment like that in your screenshot, look up yourself

most either have him as their bodygoals and the others are making fun of him

No. 1176670

Hod do you think nonawkward photo of Boyega looks like?

No. 1176726

Joey Batey iirc

No. 1176737

I know what to read if I'm bored this afternoon at the office kek, thanks. I brought him up because of the video where he "sexily" builds a pc but I never watched any movie or tv show where he has a role. I'm curious now.

No. 1176747

>the video where he "sexily" builds a pc
lmao wait what? i can't imagine how that could even be made sexy apart from gratuitous shirtless shots

No. 1176753

I can't link it because I'm on my phone at my job but he's in a tanktop and uses the camera angles to show his biceps, that kind of stuff. Normie women were in love with that video for some reason.

No. 1176773

File: 1652275604857.jpg (8.41 KB, 275x270, 1648334775267.jpg)

the fact that he has smaller hands than ezra is making me laugh so hard. ezrafags stay winning

No. 1176779

she's talking about this vid

No. 1176784

Ezra needs bigger hands to be able to bitch slap Hawaiians. Henry needs small, precise hands to build PCs and play World of Warcraft 24/7. Two different flavors of sperg.

No. 1176794

jfc I can't with the dramatic music, he's building a pc, not resuscitating dying people

No. 1176795

No. 1176797

Kek you’ve killed me.

No. 1176798

File: 1652277127721.jpg (210.1 KB, 936x526, 1614871158408.jpg)

In another life cavill plays vidya on twitch and makes ill informed political takes, he's associated with the dirtbag left and has guest appearance on cumtown

No. 1176801

I feel like he would be more from the skeptic community and into cryptocurrency, idk

No. 1176807

I think he'd be more like Tyler1

No. 1176809

He's not normie and extraverted enough to be famous on switch without his career in acting in the first place. He'd be a total speef with a sizeable female audience (only if he showed is face on camera) but I feel like he'd talk too much about nerd shit to talk that much about politics.

No. 1176832

for me it's the fact that his face and body looks weird after all the steroid usage post Superman films. he's objectively good looking but he's almost too good looking and the sperg attitude deter me from liking him.

No. 1176837

he literally looks like an ape here

No. 1176872

File: 1652283112472.jpg (97.94 KB, 600x900, FScasL0UcAAbyfV.jpg)

Anthony Kiedis (age:59, Red Hot Chili Peppers) is dating a very young looking girl.

No. 1176877

File: 1652283287724.gif (55.62 KB, 220x160, var-mancityveteran.gif)

i actually feel sick looking at this. he looks like a crackhead sexually harassing a girl outside a gas station.

No. 1176878

No. 1176883

She's 20 and I hate him forever.

No. 1176887

File: 1652283609114.jpg (59.5 KB, 829x131, nonce.jpg)

No. 1176896

I can't even begin to contemplate the daddy issues she has to fuck an almost 60 year old I don't give a fuck if he's the front man of a band, that shit is weird.

No. 1176898

Why the fuck is he holding her like that

No. 1176905

>looking like an unnatural retarded steroid monkey
Just when Boyega-chan got pastured. He looks exactly like that description in the pic you posted. All due respect, everyone has their weird fantasy but you literally complained about guys looking like monkeys, and here you post that pic.

That U.N.C.L.E. movie was so bad, I could only survive it by focussing hard on "Russian spy". Sad he spoilt that for me, I don't wanna get eaten.

No. 1176910

That guy is such a dramatic bitch.

No. 1176912

Why is this the first I'm hearing about this? What is it with rock music scrotes and happily being creeps without any complaints?

No. 1176919

They can just get away with it easier than other people I guess. It's been normalized for music scrotes to have "groupies"

No. 1176920

File: 1652284963281.jpg (152.97 KB, 1375x840, 516fed4ed103281d9497b19efb18d7…)

No. 1176924

Imagine Ezra packing you with those huge ass hands after dancing awkwardly and then talking psychotic gibberish in your ear…

No. 1176938

I really wanted to believe you were mistaken and that was his child, but omg i hope he burns in nonce hell. I
am so sick of rock stars getting away with being nasty creeps.

I think maybe it has something to do with them having a predominately male fanbase. Men would likely not care about him being gross in this way and are probably cheering him on.

No. 1176940


No. 1176942

True. Every fucking song of theirs sounds the same.
And I am with the Nonna asking why he holds her so awkwardly. What geriatric asshole holds their grandchi…ehrm girlfriend by the tits?
I love her tiny bag, tho. Ya know who pays, at least that.

No. 1176943

Imagine Ezra packing you (specifically) with those huge ass hands and folding you into a lawnchair.

No. 1176950

I had a discussion with both a colleague and the (Canadian) English teacher during the English lesson about Leo dC beeing creepy for dating young women barely 20 years old for all his life. Man, I really regretted starting that. It's a lost cause with them (scrotes) you better shut yourself up and gulp that revolting feeling.

No. 1176951

She looks like his annoyed daughter who he gets to see every other weekend. Kek

No. 1176955

His son Jethro just died.

No. 1176957

he bragged about "dating" (raping) a "hot" 14 year old when he was like 23-24. she inspired their song "catholic girls rule" i think

No. 1176958

Since (c)rap-chan won't say it, I will: They are low IQ subhumans worth less than trash

No. 1176960

>rapes a catholic girl
>catholic girls rule!
So anyway does this moid have any musical talent or is he one of those posers that got lucky
He is white though

No. 1176961

Yeah, that's why I said "since (c)rap-chan won't say it". Degeneracy is only bad to her when the scrote is black kek

No. 1176963

She probably doesn't feel personally affected by the degeneracy of white scrotes and being half-white she should care a lot more or at least understand the only reason why black scrotes are degenerate at higher levels is because of rampant pick-meism and religion.

No. 1176966

sorry, i believe it's "catholic school girls rule" or something like that, even worse. and no he isn't talented. the other members of his band have been but not him. he hasn't really done anything for their band but be the voice/frontman

No. 1176983

File: 1652287842074.jpg (36.42 KB, 640x634, unnamed (1).jpg)

Her skin around her eyes look so tight that her eyes look half the size they used to be but nooo, surely she never had surgery

No. 1176990

she literally doesn't have eyelid folds or whatever you call them anymore

No. 1176992

You can just tell she'd rather be anywhere but in his grubby geriatric arms. Leave him sis, the money isn't worth it.
I heard a rumor that leo is actually closeted, and is using these women as beards, and also boosting their fame as each model gets more money in the modelling industry during her stint as his gf. Also, some of them report never spending much time with him anyway and that he'd sometimes cry and throw mantrums abt how "nobody loves me" "nobody accepts me".

No. 1176995

It literally looks like he's holding her hostage

No. 1176996

I will never forget that old vhs docu tape about Leo mentioning how kids used to call him Leonardo Retardio

No. 1176997

great parenting right here, probably the second child he lost to drugs? if he didn't kill himself, cause of death is still withheld

No. 1176998

File: 1652288602070.jpg (241.7 KB, 634x665, 20220505_190011.jpg)

KEK, those children are based as fuck.

No. 1177020

okay THANK you. My boyfriend and I disagree on this, he doesn't understand that I don't think Henry Cavill is very "hot", since he's a conventionally good-looking guy with muscles. But something about his vibe is just off to me. Like he's insecure or has no sexual energy and just doesn't seem like he'd be fun. Bard guy though, I'd have drinks with him.

No. 1177025

>or has no sexual energy
I remembered how he suddenly got a girlfriend and went all official on social media once Kate Winslet mentioned that she knows at least 5 hollywood actors in the closet and how she finds it heartbreaking that they have to hide and pretend to be straight.

No. 1177031

People underestimate how behavior and personality influence whether someone has charisma or not. He's my type, I would like to date an attractive nerd someday, too bad he's a weirdo with way younger gfs.

No. 1177037

Ezra is the embodiment of everyone's skinny, psychotic ex-boyfriend that was an absolute toxic mess during the relationship, but you secretly can't stop thinking about the sex 5 years later

No. 1177044

File: 1652291124662.png (518.94 KB, 550x829, sophie marceau2.png)

she looks like sophie marceau in la boum who was 14 at the time of its release

No. 1177051

her teeth are so distinctly mediterranean kek you will never be any other race or ethnicity ariana

No. 1177052

File: 1652291395474.png (348.16 KB, 750x750, leonardo dicaprio girlfriend c…)

oh god not the "x celeb is totes actually gay, cause some dumb forum said so" discourse, seriously he's more likely a pedophile then gay, he's had relationships with 19 year old girls are has been caught eye-ing his then 16 year old co-star, I have even seen a lot fags argue that leo is gay and just in the closet when he's likely just a creep

No. 1177056

Why would a closeted man use younger women specifically though and not women his age?

No. 1177059

>not women his age
>Hugh Jackman entered the chat

No. 1177060

Nothing new, unfortunately…

No. 1177065

Tbh she is the perfect rep for the absolute clownwear that is Versace

No. 1177069

cause it helps them justify liking their problematic faves without acknowledging their pedo behavior, "see leo's not an actual creep guys, he's a closeted gay man whose forced to hide his real sexuality by the industry" its basically cope

No. 1177070

File: 1652291918799.jpeg (394.8 KB, 667x1000, 9AB5BDE2-B27C-4450-8FB3-20BEAA…)

>>The guy playing Derrick
He would make a good Superman in the films. I’ve heard he’s good in the Superman & Lois show. Then he and Maze runner can reunite in a new Justice League movie. Ezra can be the Joker now instead of flash. He can just claim method acting like Leto when he does erratic shit.

No. 1177075

Those rumors definitely sound like wish fulfilment from gay scrotes. Tho nothing will convince me those model gfs aren't pr relationships.
Probably to come across as a "chad" to impress scrotes and make them jealous? Also nothing in common between them so the relationship can never be serious. I personally don't buy the gay theory either, just think it makes sense with the models at least. Since one of them went on howard stern's and said he's impotent.

No. 1177088

What?! You can sell the rights to your face? Creepy I’m tinfoiling about clones now. Reminds me of a young singer from the early 2000’s saying she had to quit for a few years because she no longer owned her own voice. Or Ray J owning his wife’s name so she can’t divorce him and do promo without a hassle.

No. 1177091

maybe because closeted rich scrotes are still scrotes who see women as decorative objects meant to compliment their looks and boost their status?

No. 1177098

This reminds me of faggots on datalounge talking about male celebrities by saying they're all gay and all the female celebrities are beards. No exceptions. Some are more believable than others obviously but that's the exception on that website.

No. 1177103

What the fuck. Of course the men are garbage and this should not be acceptable, but why do these fucking pick me ass bitches keep doing this??

No. 1177105

File: 1652293408085.jpeg (253.6 KB, 1335x572, 9D813AA8-75A6-41C2-811A-05E467…)

I’ll take it to the Hollywood child abuse thread, and I’m not excusing Leo’s creep behavior, but I’ve started to think Leo was touched on as a child. Brian Peck is the dialogue coach pedo from The Amanda Show who I think assaulted Drake Bell.

No. 1177107

Idk why do openly gay designers only want to work with skinny young women? Aren't they supposed to sell their products to women with all types of bodies?

No. 1177108

Wait, another son?? His first one died at like 16 or something because of a bad drug trip. I heard he took LSD and fell off a cliff in cali. Sad, but what the hell

No. 1177110

gay men insinuating that hugh jackman can't be straight cause no real straight man could ever possibly be attracted and still love an older woman proves the mentality of gay scrotes have, they can't truly feel love, only lust and fetishes, faggots have no concept of true love, I honestly feel bad for them in a way but I have less sympathy for the faggot worshipping faghags who internalize these views are pathetic, imagine taking the opinions of men who have shit covered feces sex
see point above

No. 1177112

>thinking high fashion catwalks ever actually consider actual market
These are all just art pieces and concepts

No. 1177114

>Decorators. They got to do something. But we don't have to glorify it. You know one of the reasons fashions have made women look so terrible is because the goddamed designers hate women. Designers taking it out on the women. Now they're trying to get some more sexy things coming on again.

No. 1177119

I hate myself for finding this so attractive. I’d hose Robpatz down like a dog everyday he doesn’t shower, then listen to him ramble about Batman too.

No. 1177122

I started finding Robpatz hot only after the batman, other than that he is a well-known druggie and a cheater. There was a lot of milk during Twilight days, his PR team had to keep trying to get rid of everything lol

No. 1177123

>Aren't they supposed to sell their products to women with all types of bodies?
Oh, anon, you sweet child…

No. 1177124

Because 1) they find it attractive for the women to look like young males and 2) they have a weird mix of envy and rage toward women and their bodies. It makes them happy to know they're starving young women in exchange for a sliver of fame/money, and that a large amount of the women watching from the audience are incurring brain worms that make them want to do the same. It's pretty much the ultimate revenge fantasy for an effeminate gay scrote who grew up idolizing female figures and wishing he could date straight men

No. 1177128

>faghags who internalize these views are pathetic
Not to derail but from what I've seen faghags are faghags to begin with because they project their own habits and feelings on gays and legit think gay men care about love and emotions beyond sex. Some gay men can fall in love and have actual feelings though, even if they might not be the majority.

No. 1177129

No. 1177130

or just hear me out, they are are al likely straight or fuck whatever and your looking way too deep into this, like their old pervs who fuck women in their late teens, its not that complicated

No. 1177132

Isn't it different with lesbians? I was really surprised with how open and sex oriented many gay couples are.

No. 1177134

File: 1652294616543.jpg (196.98 KB, 1352x918, nick.jpg)

No. 1177135

I know right, why are people surprised that famous moids use their fame to get with young women

No. 1177137

File: 1652294748411.jpeg (515.02 KB, 1058x1110, 9F1042D1-387E-4CD4-8A19-02B684…)

No. 1177140

I'm talking about gay moids who want models as boyish and skeletal as possible lol, not your Weinsteins (though those are their clients sometimes). Don't complain that people look into things too deeply, just increase your IQ anon kek

No. 1177143

wow you are not letting this are you, well guess Ted Bundy was gay well cause he liked skinny thin girls

No. 1177145

I hate to be this anon, but Jethro had just gotten out of jail for violently assaulting his mother, and he had previously beat his girlfriend multiple times and threatened to kill her. He was an actual POS. I feel bad for Nick but also good riddance to another violent scrote

No. 1177146

File: 1652295153998.jpg (558.13 KB, 828x1472, 1601585760118.jpg)

thinks men being attracted to the most ideal female form are now, cope seething fattie

No. 1177147

Letting what go? But yeah, I'm sure Ted Bundy's girls were hand-picked to be very low weights at very tall heights, and he saw one whose waist increased an inch because of puberty and said "You're fat, lose weight". It's like you don't know how the industry works and you like not knowing. That's fine, but don't be mad that other people aren't like that

No. 1177151

Except I'm literally skinny, just not delusional or interested in pandering to moids. Your pick me-ass coquette LARPs are sad. Go chug another diet coke, binge on something, idolize more fat old scrotes in their 40s and then post whisper edits on Twitter while crying or something, this isn't your thread

No. 1177152

File: 1652295478835.png (7.25 KB, 225x225, D909CB98-B140-47D8-AC13-29E04A…)

All of this is reminding me of Coco Chanel’s sentiments towards the gays as far as fashion. Still a nasi sympathizer, but she had a good point here.

No. 1177153

The industry is filled with degenerates who will fuck whatever suits them, women, girls and boys and so why is it so out of the question that most of these cunts rape young barely legal women
he was 100% right

No. 1177154

kek, based Coco

No. 1177155

Jethro beat the fuck out of his mom and gf so I say good riddance.
Statistics say most pedos are fags. They go thro like 200 partners a year. In comparion to most lesbians having around 3 or 4 partners a lifetime. I heard two fags in spain literally invented an std.
Nona we're talking about literal skeletons not your average model. Marc jacobs or Tom Ford? literally called Cara Delevingne fat. Also who gives a fuck what relic pedo moids are into? Have fun being discarded at the ripe old age of 25.

No. 1177157

File: 1652295728944.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1523, 0B16EDB9-C59C-4110-8319-E4D77D…)

ezrafags rejoice!! he isn't getting replaced!! Based!!

No. 1177159

I didn't say they didn't, but the gay ones hate women/girls and just want them to suffer. Why is this mutually exclusive to you? Kek

No. 1177161

The Red Scare pickmes are in for a rude awakening once they hit 30. They'll find out soon enough.

No. 1177163

File: 1652296014748.jpeg (325.99 KB, 750x986, 6B4A54EF-7F76-4706-8C2F-573095…)

Wow Arigato is really trying to be an EA woman. I could have sworn that there was a very small controversy of her stealing and plagiarizing packaging and design from other chinese beauty brands and of course never responded to these allegations kek. A lot of these celebrities are notorious for being scammers and plagiarists

No. 1177167

>yet chinese packaging still looks cuter
Her team is lazy

No. 1177169

Gross. just proves men can go around beating women and throwing chairs at them and still have a career. Erza is trash.

No. 1177170

Queen Coco.
now please release good products. the last few seasons have been bad

No. 1177173

She looks like a caricature now

No. 1177174

Yikes. I didnt know all that, nonnies. I'm glad he's dead then. I guess you really cant raise a good scrote.

No. 1177175

Are Chinese makeup brands even good or safe?

No. 1177176

True queen

No. 1177182

He kinda looks like elliot roger in that pic. Acts like him too. Biopic when?

No. 1177183

kek I literally stole that pic from a reddit thread where redditors said the chinese packaging looks infinitely better
i didn’t know if they were until I searched it up just now and they’re likely to have unchecked contaminates and chemicals in it so probably not

No. 1177184

i agree, i just wish they'd all come out and leave women alone.

No. 1177185

>domestic abuser of women and physical assaulter of people in hawaii isn’t getting replaced!!!! <3

you people are on the same level of romanianon. i hope you get curb-stomped knowing the kind of scrote you support

No. 1177186

File: 1652296915092.png (1.44 MB, 800x1000, F7FE5DFC-6C46-45DA-8C6D-6472AE…)

Aw that sucks, this Chinese fan pallet is so pretty.

No. 1177187

> you people are on the same level of romanianon
very dramatic anon

No. 1177190

The worst I heard was that he became an alcoholic in those days after Kristen Stewart cheated on him, but apparently he got better

No. 1177191

kys nonners

No. 1177193

>after Kristen Stewart cheated on him
She doesn't know…

No. 1177196

damn, that's a pretty palette design!

No. 1177201

Noona, he was cheating on her before she did. There even used to be pictures of him in sauna with two women, his PR team are good at sweeping things off the rug and there are his birthday videos from 2018 or 2019 where he was high as fuck, along with many other pictures.

No. 1177205

men who date young girls never self-actualize. they never feel real love or have it returned, everything they get in life is conditional, and they all eventually fail to meet these conditions. no matter how much they scream about two consenting adults they always become the relative no one wants around their kids. many men deserve this fate.

No. 1177213

And then call the young women gold diggers when the scrotes KNOW money is all they have to offer. They know their personalities are trash and have no desire to improve. Why would anyone want them? Why would family members not be embarrassed of them?

No. 1177216

Is romanianon someone here who defends Roman Polanski?

No. 1177218

Not that it makes it any less creepy, but this picture is at least 8 years old, they broke up in 2014.

No. 1177222

i didnt read the text at first and thought this was just a wholesome picture of a dad with his daughter…

No. 1177223

oh, why is anon posting old milk.

No. 1177229

Are you stupid? She’s romanian

No. 1177252

But isn’t Dasha like 30 herself? And they still idolize her. Why is it whenever skinny girls are brought up everyone starts sperging out about scrotes and eating disorders and shit? Why is it so difficult for some of you to grasp women can be skinny and feel proud of their bodies without it being because of an eating disorder? And that men can find them attractive for reasons other than being gay or pedos or attracted to starvation or whatever the fuck you guys are trying to say. It reeks of jealousy and femceldom.

No. 1177255

File: 1652299992923.jpeg (180.64 KB, 410x575, country-road-live-with-us-hele…)

She's 28 now and a mother of 2, engaged (or married now) to a pro surfer in his 40s

No. 1177257

You are so delusional and insecure, holy fuck kek. I hope you're like 14 and not an actual adult

No. 1177262

>wholesome dad/daughter pic

Anon, his arms are wrapped around her boobs. Even if he was her dad, there is nothing wholesome about that pose.

No. 1177264

No one is jealous that you only eat to throw up or nibble on rabbit food. EDfags are narcissists and attention whores who indulge in their vanity and self-obsession, they will never understand that they will never be perfect individuals and they go on a whole self-destructive journey just to find that out when it’s too late sometimes kekk and often they bring down other girls and women in the process. No one gives a fuck that if I sat on you, you would break and fold like a pencil, it’s the cutest thing that you think anyone criticizing harmful eating disorder culture makes us femcels

No. 1177267

I'm skinny too and I don't understand why you're so offended. Overly thin girls do attract pedos, have you never heard of ana-coaches turning out to be pedos or pedo men specifically targeting ana-chans??

No. 1177271

File: 1652301210469.jpeg (904.9 KB, 1170x1134, 1650808960009.jpeg)

I wonder why scarethots never post recent photos of their idols. Lana's obese and dasha's old and haggard, the angelic ballerina waif schtick is just a marketing tactic you were stupid enough to fall for.

No. 1177275

the scarepod women aren't even celebrity level, they have their own thread so stop posting shit that has nothing to do with this thread.

No. 1177301

File: 1652302657597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 357.88 KB, 1170x1456, sn0.jpg)

Literally this exactly. It's not even about being skinny in itself. It's about how moids (or at least the ones who aren't just pedos) of all sexualities try to force women into shit they don't actually care about just to keep us on our toes, to watch us sweat. Take one look at the porn they cooooooom to, the fact that we will always be punished with images of horrific surgery, how they fetishize literally everything about the female form (including miscarriages, disease, suffering) and tell me it's truly about some airy fairy nymphet "ideal form" shit. Keep fucking dreaming, coping and swallowing Wellbutrin, lmao.
Most of them would absolutely date a hideous 400lb scrote in his 50s with a shit personality to feel "tiny", too. It just makes them really mad to be reminded that real life isn't their Twitter feed, and most people would find their mindless trend-following off-putting, to say the least. They live in a limited world where you can be one of two things as a woman: a "successful" pick-me, or a failed one (aka a "jealous femcel"). It's such a depressing, ugly outlook.
Also, I hope someone will try the "T-The moids in the fashion industry aren't gay freaks!! They just love skinny women, it's innocent!! Stop it!!!" after kindly explaining this ad to me. I'd love to find out about the heterosexuality behind its essence

No. 1177313

oh my god, i don't know what i was expecting but it sure wasn't that lol

No. 1177315

damn i thought that was a pic of ellen page

No. 1177321

>Most of them would absolutely date a hideous 400lb scrote in his 50s with a shit personality to feel "tiny", too
There was an anon on /g/ in the old relationship advice thread that basically said this was the reason she preferred fat men kek, that it makes her feel more "dainty" or some shit.

No. 1177322

File: 1652303209885.gif (1.96 MB, 320x180, bdg-brian.gif)


No. 1177325

I was…not ready for that pic kek

No. 1177326

That pic shaved a year off my lifespan

No. 1177356

File: 1652307657576.jpg (349.11 KB, 1078x2096, zara.jpg)

she is one of us

No. 1177358

Zara has always been based i hate how scrotes cancelled her carrer because she said something about men once.
I remember watching a video by gay angry scrote a year or more ago being angry at her for saying something about men.

No. 1177364

She looks gorgeous here, and her defined eyebrows have always complemented her so well. I feel like the stylist was trying to imply her naturally lighter brows and contrasting them super harshly with the dyed hair for a more artistic look, but the fuck you harsh bright red lipstick pushes it way too far. I think she’s absolutely beautiful though, love her bone structure, and appreciate her taking a risk that is edgy and not designed for the male gaze. Emilia Clarke had brain trauma because of the stress of GOT so I can’t imagine what she probably experienced either, hard not to respect her.

No. 1177367

File: 1652308838369.jpg (3 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220512_002500009.jpg)

Lisa pictured hanging out with Austin Butler.

No. 1177368


No. 1177371

Queen! Posting a bop of hers

No. 1177373

you're replying to an edited image though, idk if you were intending to refer to this one or the actual photos further up the thread

No. 1177376

oh based

No. 1177385

File: 1652309848682.jpeg (167.86 KB, 885x1291, FSgOH95UcAAi7NY.jpeg)

I want to see Azealia roast Gwynet Peltrow and goop at some point

No. 1177390

i get (most of) her point and honestly i do agree. but what confuses me is her wording, she says she isn't criminalizing selling but buying should be illegal. without buying it can't be sold.

i'm of the opinion that we shouldn't be just giving men what they want because in most cases they're pornsick and only see women as pieces of meat that they dream of screwing. sex sells but the increasing amount of women falling into sex work willingly now only exacerbates it.

if she's suggesting not supporting or straight up somehow dismantling the entire industry i'm for that, but doesn't what she's saying go against her point of not criminalizing selling?

please don't come at me anons i'm just confused.

No. 1177394

honestly i'm down for this, i'm sick of gwyneth paltrow being praised and shilled when her methods aren't even safe. why is she still touted as some respectable figure in wellness and lifestyle?

No. 1177395

what she's saying is that if a prostitute gets caught she doesn't get jailed, but the man who is exploiting her does. Nordic model basically, punish the rapist and not the victim.

No. 1177397

I don't understand your problem? Of course she's not advocating for criminalization of selling, that's the premise of the nordic model and the default stance of anyone who is anti prostitution. Why the actual fuck would you punish impoverished women for being victims of the sex trade?

No. 1177401

ayrt, ah that makes a bit more sense and i can get behind it. but shouldn't it already be a thing? men getting punished for soliciting from a woman? i thought it was already in place in some locations but maybe people don't actually care that much anymore. thanks nonny

i don't have a problem? i said i was confused with her wording. i apologize for not understanding right away

No. 1177403

who's this?

No. 1177414

sorry meant to write *exploiting not soliciting. pimps should absolutely be punished. the men who use these services too. victims of the sex trade shouldn't be.

No. 1177419

The nordic model has been implemented in a couple of countries only, unfortunately most countries either don't give a shit, or it's legalised, or the ones getting punished are the victims.

No. 1177427

that's absolutely messed up. i don't think privileged women willingly getting into and promoting how great sex work is, is helping things either. i don't understand willing to be a participant of an industry that's already exploiting victimized women, just because they want to make some money and they already know sex can be a selling point simply because men just want to fuck.

zara larsson

No. 1177430

Who and who

No. 1177434

It's just kpopfags again. I'm not sure why they keep trying to make this a thing.

No. 1177445

i know >>1177218 said this was old milk but this is fucking disgusting. scrotes should not be allowed to have so much power. what is it with dudes being in rock bands doing this shit

she's definitely had some work done. i don't know why i see fans out there that deny it, she's not a perfect smol uwu queen kek, arigato and her ps are becoming a joke.

he gives me the vibes of an awkward incel who somehow made it in hollywood and was blessed with a pretty face. probably why those commenters shown in >>1176655 relate. he's what they aspire to be.

i don't think she ever, if rarely, acknowledges anything that paints her in a bad light. it allows her stans to keep thinking she's unproblematic. her makeup also seems like a joke anyway.

No. 1177447

The diaper is just a dumb publicity stunt, it's supposed to "raise awareness" about the taxes on diapers in some states, but it's so close enough to their usual M.O. of overpriced gimmicky products to be believable.

No. 1177456


(sameanon as >>1177447), this is hilarious too:

>"The idea is apparently to point out that in 33 states, diapers are taxed at the same high rate as luxury products, something Paltrow also recently discussed on CBS Sunday Morning.

>“I never had to think about the cost of diapers, never once, until recently when my team at Goop brought it up,” Paltrow wrote. She surely didn’t.

Instead of pointing out that it's a problem, she's so far up her own ass she has to point out that she "NeVeR hAd tO wOrRy" about diaper prices before. I can't roll my eyes hard enough.

No. 1177472

typical rich people thing to say "i never had to think about the price of so and so". this is from the same woman that promoted coffee enemas and yoni eggs that i don't know how she gets people to buy into her goop shit kek.

if it's meant to be satire or be a criticism of something it never comes off that way from her. i really don't understand how she keeps getting shilled. sperg but an example, instagram pages i used to follow such as commentsbycelebs try to pass her off as some relatable woman who's funny enough to give attention to. but they also post comments by olivia munn and other celebrities with negative reputations right now so i guess their standards are low

No. 1177477

lol I was just laughing the other day about the last Olivia Munn/John Mulaney post on CommentsByCelebs (the one with their baby in Fendi pajamas), all of the comments dragged them both and it was hilarious

No. 1177488

ayrt when i was still following them they'd posted a photo of olivia's post with john and their baby with a stuffed toy i think. i don't know why they thought that was worthy of posting but that one got dragged too (towards the parents, not the kid though i feel sorry for him being born to these two). with the backlash i would've hoped they wouldn't give those two any attention anymore but i guess they're fine with notoriety, must gain them more engagement or something.

i went and checked out that post you mentioned. was it the one where she says "a single occupancy public bathroom that locks… a luxury for parents". what a lame caption. what is she trying to imply? that public toilets (which i'm sure are typically single occupancy) don't usually have locks?

No. 1177496

>I mean, it's one diaper. What could it cost, $10?

No. 1177503

I hope nobody actually puts this on a child because it looks like it would cause so much chaffing.

No. 1177505

love her.

No. 1177509

Why would someone wear a diaper for emotional healing? If someone is wearing a diaper it's being they can't control themselves. The crafter in me is kinda hurt that a fancy wool would be used for something that will get shit in.

No. 1177511

Samefag, ok I just saw that this is a publicity stunt but it definitely doesn't look that way because, well, it's Goop.

No. 1177515

this is the same bitch who had the audacity to tout herself as an expert on vaginal health but didn't know that the outside part of your genitals is called the vulva.

No. 1177516

No. 1177519

right? she's insufferable and it's so weird there are people out there that buy into her shit. she's no wellness expert, she's just an actress.

No. 1177569

Worst actor, worst character, whoever didn’t see this coming since he gave himself an entire self-congratulatory dance sequence in the 13th season is fucking blind.

No. 1177591

File: 1652325278926.jpg (51.53 KB, 736x720, couple_3.jpg)

nta but kek are you serious, your seething so hard about this, also you admitted to being fat, anyway's I'm not scared of you, I can rip tree bark off with my bare hands so some fattie whose obsessed with her own ass doesn't intimidate me, though I hope one day you can learn to live your life without judging others. simply cause they are better and more desired then you

No. 1177593

t. bone rattler that stinks like cancer sticks

No. 1177595

again you judge and make assumption about others for no reason, did a skinny girl steal your bf or something

No. 1177598

Nayrt but god this is the most cringiest, most underage sounding post ITT.

No. 1177599

no one would judge you if you wouldn’t desperately shove your pitiful disease in everyone’s face that ultimately no one cares about. learn2integrate or GTFO, twitterfag

No. 1177600

this thread is full of minors and twitter migrants anon, we knew this since the beginning lmao

No. 1177602

File: 1652326154227.jpg (60.22 KB, 560x560, couple_5.jpg)

been here since 2018, not a twitterfag, you couldn't even pay me to use twitter
I think you all's resentment of us is driven by the fact that men of higher caliber are more attracted to us then you, yes there are occasionally creeps but at least 1/4 men is guaranteed to be a creep, but generally speaking men who are attracted to our bodytypes are better then the losers you likely end up with(infighting)

No. 1177604

File: 1652326320009.jpg (84.3 KB, 500x500, artworks-000432884544-4py20d-t…)

>men of higher caliber are more attracted to us then you

No. 1177605

>using men as a source of worth and validation

you already lost me there

No. 1177607

i can't believe there are people out there in the world dumb enough to be legitimate scarethots. so gullible with no taste kek

No. 1177609

File: 1652326873737.jpeg (196.79 KB, 720x1000, AF1FDF42-6514-48B5-90EE-B9BEDE…)

stop being stuck in the supermodel 90s bone rattlerchan, even back then women with bodies bigger than twigs existed

No. 1177615

and they dated losers and wierdos

No. 1177616

as opposed to who? kate moss who has dated a string of veritable winners? kek please anon

No. 1177621

I think the first post is just a shitpost but the thought of Henry Cavill raping some 4chan incel behind a GameStop is amusing to me for some reason. Not to make light of rape but It’s just so absurd.

No. 1177623

File: 1652328063595.jpeg (1019.01 KB, 1000x1500, 2F691A61-72FC-46BA-BB9A-55BFC7…)

there's more to life than dating overly perfect boring statues like henry cavill nona, no accounting for rose dating manson but her other bf's have not been terrible looking

+1 on this
also attractive looking men are as likely to be as evil as uggos, unconventional men, or average men, they're all scrotes.

scrotes will fuck anything, they're not going to treat you any better because you're a starving frail anachan.

No. 1177628

yup, it doesn't matter how pretty or skinny you are. men are incapable of loving women the way women love men

No. 1177643

File: 1652330196676.jpeg (145.84 KB, 625x836, DD301F43-B6AA-4296-8591-DA115B…)

This is what you anachans have to do when you’re dating “high calibre men”. Have fun!

No. 1177645

>basing your entire self worth on men finding you attractive
oh honey, are you in for a world of hurt. kek

No. 1177647

File: 1652330888413.jpg (27.44 KB, 348x348, Iihf8Sz1_400x400.jpg)

you just admitted to the fact that hot men avoid you, kek
I'm 24 and already married dumbass

No. 1177654

married to rodrick?

No. 1177655

Girl you are annoying! Take a chill pill. And as the other annons said, stop searching validation if men find you moar attractive than others. No one cares.

No. 1177656

Only 24 and already married? Girl, no. Love yourself more

No. 1177660

File: 1652331542404.jpg (168.66 KB, 1296x730, vg.jpg)

reminder this is the high caliber man you posted here >>1177591 fucking dude looks like a cross between the uni-bomber and rasputin,

No. 1177665

skinny mode is better than being fat but yall look like shit compared to women who lift, enjoy fasting and smoking cigs though i'll be here enjoying my 3k calories a day

No. 1177667

>naive woman hasn't found out that men fuck anybody derailing
Kek, embarassing. She'll be posting on reddit while ripping her hair out when her high value scrote porks a fattie when she isn't looking–btw nonnie, it's nothing to do with how fat you'll get or what you will do for future reference, it's because men wanna fuck anyone who agrees and caters to their niche fantasies before they dispose and move on to a new body to experience.

Once you actually begin to understand how men operate, the lookism shit don't matter. They pick anyone. Women are the pickers when it comes to judging males to fuck and we should utilize this more often.

No. 1177675

File: 1652333291787.jpeg (182.04 KB, 853x1024, 1619075420011.jpeg)

projecting much aren't you, I am a aware of the limits of my Nigel, he has his flaws and I have mine but neither of us would cheat on each other, plus he quite literally worships my body and loves it, he loves the way I look, smell and talk, men are animals but some men can be trained and have enough restraint

No. 1177678

>neither of us would cheat on each other
Famous words. You're in your 20s, give it a decade.

No. 1177679

File: 1652333802628.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 1649361836032.png)

our coquette here reminds me a lot of alice bender, she presents herself as a based and pinkpilled radfem who judges men, while being an anacham SAHW who dressed like a sexulized teenage girl

No. 1177680

girl I think the other people responding to you are femcels but stop giving them such easy bait
> plus he quite literally worships my body and loves it, he loves the way I look, smell and talk, men are animals but some men can be trained and have enough restraint
this doesn't mean shit

No. 1177685

Is he even attractive

No. 1177692

File: 1652335308797.jpeg (138.26 KB, 1667x925, 1652329244792.jpeg)

For the Ezrafags, footage was released from his march arrest kek

>One of Ezra's alleged victims tells cops Ezra attacked him, spitting in his face and going nuts … and when cops question Ezra, he claims he got assaulted and started filming because, "I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art."


No. 1177697

File: 1652335621530.jpg (442.18 KB, 1080x1452, q9Ovaaf.jpg)

Kek so he was just playing himself in succession?
Boyega-chan's out but crapper chan can blogpost

No. 1177698

File: 1652335662021.jpg (571.16 KB, 1080x1691, O9OLLqY.jpg)

No. 1177699

nonna i know you want to defend your man but this is an anonymous imageboard where we frequently call out men for bullshit, why are you so desperate to be validated?

also this is a celebricows thread.

No. 1177701

i doubt that's (c)rapperchan, she would find some way to insert some racebaiting bs somewhere. just a pick me

No. 1177702

He's repeating the same sentences over and over again like a robot, is he high?

No. 1177705

james cromwell has been doing civil rights activism and animal activism for a long long time, like 60 years now. i think he's pretty cool actually and especially for an 82 yo

No. 1177708

civil rights and activism is great but isn't peta kinda iffy?

No. 1177711

a better question is, when is he not high


No. 1177724

Sage but god do I hate bright red lipstick
it did Chloe sevigny dirty in the last thread too
it's the opposite of universally flattering and I'll sperg about this forever

No. 1177726

It wasnt really cheating because they were in a PR relationship. He used to hook up with…the girl who plays Rosalie (forgot her name) but then after the second? movie their PR team saw there was more $$ to be made if the two main protagonists were a couple IRL so thats how they got together.

No. 1177728

totally agree. most people cannot and will never be able to pull off bright red lipstick and that's FINE. it's a universally unflattering color choice despite it being memed and shilled. it's horrible

No. 1177751

>I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art

He's very obviously on something. Has that fried raspy coke voice. I think drugs triggered schizophrenia or something for him

No. 1177757

File: 1652338726891.jpg (46.85 KB, 338x580, Chloe.jpg)

I know most will disagree with me and maybe I should take this to the unpopular opinions thread, but some women just look better masc. I think Chloe is one of them.

No. 1177765

What the fuck is this as? Is it meant to be satire?

No. 1177771

I just noticed the post I was gonna reply to was deleted but just wanted to point out funnily enough out of the two of you you seem more catty.

No. 1177780

damn, she looks so good like this.

No. 1177791

This is the mangey squirrel you all are obsessed over. Just a reminder to reevaluate and stop lusting over the barely teenage version of this squirrelly man.

No. 1177793

Weird duo lol

No. 1177795

being gay = being pedophiliac = being into ana girls (that have a body of a little boy thanks to starving. It's literally all the same fucking gross moid coin.

No. 1177851

Anorexic adult women look literally nothing like little boys, children or men though, even in extreme versions they look like starved adult women and not kids. Not posting pictures but if you've ever seen a very thin woman naked you'd have to be literally retarded to think she looks even remotely close to a man or child.

I feel like anorexic women are the target for pedos not because of their bodies but because their mental illness signals that they're more vulnerable to abuse, which is also why pedos who groom teen girls online often seek out ones with abusive parents and other family issues

No. 1177911

This is kind of a cope. I've seen thinspo blogs that included pictures of literal children mixed in with very thin women

No. 1177916

They don't. You're correct but it doesn't stop men from taking advantage of anorexic girls because they're small and their minds are dumb just like the children those men want. I've had an irl experience with a guy who turned out to be a pedo, turns out he liked me because I was small too. I also knew an anorexic gay dude whose boyfriend got caught with illegal content on his pc.
I think the gay men thing is because designers don't want the models to look sexual and anorexic women don't really have curves or look as womanly as average women.

No. 1177925

who and what is going on in this pic nonas please. is she washing his anus ?

No. 1177946

I'm so happy Adam Driver stole career from this gross pedo supporting momma's boy

No. 1177951

Adrien Brody and Lara Lieto. It's a pretty old pic and they've long since broken up. I think she was 20 when she was dating him. He probably shat himself kek. He supports pedo rapist polanski btw.

No. 1177961

What film is this from?

No. 1177962

>i'm transgender/non-binary i don't want to be searched by a man!

No. 1177971

Oh my god, I didn't know she was so based. I need to read up more about her life.

No. 1177976

NTA It's from the second short in If These Walls Could Talk 2 where she plays a butch lesbian in the 70s. You can find it on youtube

No. 1178017

Every time I see this pic I literally can’t tell if it’s Joaquin phoenix, Vincent gallo, or Charles Manson.

No. 1178047

holy shit he sounds just like Number 15 Burger King Foot Lettuce

No. 1178078

based queen. and she looks like she could be J.K. Rowling's daughter

No. 1178093

I'm 100 percent certain now that it's a Joaquin Phoenix I'm Still Here type thing, and he's not really pulling it off. Fake and gay.

No. 1178141

File: 1652372091435.jpg (279.79 KB, 1440x1440, 20171231_180310.jpg)

>Is he even attractive
see for yourself, he's also smart and compassionate and keep his mouth shut, unlike the retard redditors you probably wind up dating(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1178146

I don't use the celbricows thread but I just want all you derailing bitches to know that you all sound pathetic as fuck and should kill yourselves.

No. 1178149

NTA, but have we reached new levels of retardation? After voiceposting and handposting, we have Nigelposting?

No. 1178150

File: 1652372397191.jpeg (37.23 KB, 666x727, FSfmsrqXMAQUTlV.jpeg)

Arigato Grande

No. 1178152

this isn’t milk anon…

No. 1178153

File: 1652372569226.jpg (18.8 KB, 600x315, bruh.jpg)

holy shit, i'm fucking losing it

No. 1178159

yes it is, silly

No. 1178162

ntayrt but is it milkier if i tell you she wore that to a wedding

No. 1178163

her pony is so tight she looks bald kek

No. 1178164

post a picture of your face next retardina

I would marry Devon Bostick tbh

No. 1178170

I know but I wanted to bring the thread back on topic

No. 1178177

File: 1652373438749.jpeg (503.8 KB, 828x854, 71146ABF-ED7C-44BA-B848-B7A4FF…)



Couple new movie projects according to deadline

I'm surprised Lily James is getting so much work. Is she actually that good or does she just sleep with the right people? I'm happy to see JGL in more stuff, he lied low for awhile.

>Lily James, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Himesh Patel are set to star in Providence, a comedy from Dylan Sellers and Chris Parker’s Limelight and David Boies and Zack Schiller’s Boies Schiller Entertainment.

>The story follows the eclectic residents of a small, picturesque island town who must navigate a sensational murder and the discovery of a million dollars as a series of increasingly bad decisions upends the once-peaceful community

>Michael Vukadinovich penned the script.

>Vukadinovich is behind the celebrated Black List script The Secret Ingredients Of Rocket Cola and The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto. Currently, he is also writing Viewmaster for Mattel and Paramount Pictures with James Wan attached to direct

Jim Carrey coming back to acting now that the NFT market is failing? a cursory google says this project has been in the works since 2016.

>Aliester Arcane for New Republic Pictures with Jim Carrey starring and attached to produce

A sequel to A Simple Favor is also coming out. I wonder what direction it will be taken in after the conclusion of the first one, which was surprisingly good

>After the original’s box office success and critical acclaim, Lionsgate and Amazon Studios are getting the gang back together for a sequel to A Simple Favor. Sources tell Deadline the studios will partner on the sequel with stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively set to reprise their roles and Paul Feig returning to direct as well as produce with Laura Fischer. Jessica Sharzer is writing the screenplay.

No. 1178178

File: 1652373438777.jpeg (239.22 KB, 1280x1280, 405DFA93-8224-4652-82B5-B06D56…)

No. 1178180

>Lily James
Probably sleeps with right people in between sleeping with married men.

No. 1178183

>end the vegan upcharge
Are these idiots for real

No. 1178184

No. 1178190

Disgusting roided out moid, yuck!

No. 1178200

His forearms are tiny despite him obviously roiding (see traps, high androgen receptors). How bad is his bacne and roid rage? I think you already can see some acne on his face too, which you didn't censor properly. His facial hair is shitty and spotty, his hairline is giving up on him already, maybe he needs some Minoxidil? He seems weirdly widehipped and a bit of a framelet. He does mewing, doesn't he? Look at him straining to have a jawline. His insertions are also pretty shit, he's never going to make it. Either he'll go the way of Zyzz and the Pianoman or he'll neck himself like in >>1178178

No. 1178202

File: 1652374115577.jpeg (66.72 KB, 554x554, 8CC2565E-28D2-47E9-9661-4A68AF…)

Looks like a chicken. Tell him to lose the gay 80s dancer top and cover his tits

No. 1178204

>gay shirt
>gay bodybuilding
>anachan gf
Sure as hell he will not cheat, he will just come out from the closet at some point.

No. 1178218

No. 1178221

His proportions look weird because gymbros are usually manlets with body dysmophoria and add unnecessary muscle and weight to their already uneven proportions. Men are not and will never be aesthetic race kek

No. 1178243

You are fucking retarted and this manlet is gross with a tiny dick.
Go smell his whey protein farts.

No. 1178250

the ones who aren't gay tend to have a secret fat fetish kek

No. 1178251

i literally see more men thirsting over him than women, he is one of those types of mediocre men who only closeted men like yourself find hot. Now gtfo off here scrote.

No. 1178252


No. 1178256

kek anon

No. 1178259

His boobs are bigger than mine. And why would you post your bf here? Do you secretly hate him? Can't he have a little bit of privacy? Censoring his face is meaningless imo.

No. 1178267

>too bad he's a weirdo with way younger gfs
I was surprised when I found out he was dating someone over 30, considering he dated an 18 year old not too long ago.

No. 1178268

i love how he is off his rocker on drugs but still conscious enough to act entitled, lowkey iconic.
The part where he said that officer touched his penis was so fucking funny.

No. 1178270

File: 1652375956397.jpg (185.18 KB, 857x1134, 1492592070045.jpg)

opinions of a retard who was so incompetent she failed to kill a man who 3 feet in front of her and would likely be a troon ally if she was alive today, even dasha and anna are more intelligent then her
I don't workout that much but he's happy with his body and has actually slimmed down in the last few months
I'm actually not that 100% attracted to his body and wished he'd slim down(which he has a little)

also for all the femcels making fun of me, can any of say you have a thoughtful husband let alone bf who takes care of you, doesn't watch porn, agrees with your opinions but will also stand up to himself when he needs too, my bf was beaten by his father and started lifting to protect himself and his mother and kicked his ass, he'll never raise his hands against a woman and will tries to protect those who are weak

No. 1178274

i still dont understand how he got away with his obvious flirty behavior with his then 16 yo coworker.
If a female celeb did that you just know the twitter mob would cancel her career.
shut the fuck up scrote we know thats you in the pic you ugly fuck, mad that we dont find you attractive? Now fuck off and stop larping as a dainty waifu.

No. 1178277

Supreme leader decided to take Covid for realz this time. Look! He’s even wearing a mask to prove how serious the contagion is!


No. 1178281

Nobody cares, maybe worry about your moid and his roid rage before preaching to women on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 1178287

File: 1652376291356.jpg (142.1 KB, 1487x762, your_boyfriend.jpg)

>but he's happy with his body and has actually slimmed down in the last few months
Recently slimmed down? Is this your boyfriend?

No. 1178289

post on twitter instead
kek anon that is hilariously disgusting

No. 1178297

the N in Nigel stands for No Neck

No. 1178299

Lmao not the angry scrote now spamming his fap folder on ot/, gymbros really are faggots huh.

No. 1178302

the moid in that picture looks infinitely way better looking than you and the man doesn’t even exist. neck yourself already scrote

No. 1178303

Seriously I think it's a man larping

No. 1178304

Bitch, why did you post about your bf in celebricows? Are you dating a celebrity?

No. 1178310

WAIT! isn't the scrote itt the same ine that's posting dick pics in catalog???

No. 1178311

kek i bet that anon took that pic from one of those scrote body building forums

No. 1178318

does lord farquad who got a frat boy haircut look like a celebrity to you anon?

No. 1178321

File: 1652376967695.gif (531.29 KB, 245x283, 9A35B35C-F521-44AA-9847-3EB709…)

ezra miller would slap his ass into next week

No. 1178324

you just had to post it again with a picture you stinky jaba the hutt nonny

No. 1178326

kek did you see!!! i made a spelling error

No. 1178328

Starting to resemble michael jackson.

Don't forget he'd spit on him.

No. 1178331

File: 1652377360052.gif (1.16 MB, 250x250, 1415040750161.gif)

Honestly I believe that as well, like thats not a photo someone would have of their boyfriend/husband, they likely went to some bodybuilding forum and stole the pic and are now pretending its her/his bf

No. 1178342

god this gif always kills me, he dances so retardedly kek

No. 1178345

you sound like my cousin, same type of man too

No. 1178347

It's gone now but someone posted a thread a few mins ago of some muscley fag with his dick out. Wanting our opinions kek

No. 1178353

No. 1178356

can't be her, she admitted she was chubby after her pregnancy, something most coquettes would never dream of

No. 1178357

>dating a roided out, acne-ridden, small-writed, jaw clenching manlet

Not even once.

No. 1178363

tbh this could have been a mutual fight between ezra and that guy, i believe that he assaulted those women but this one seems like a mutual brawl between him and the guy, the way that guy talks also sound like a meathead.

No. 1178368

The typing style and reaction images are too 1:1 for me, honestly. She's also been posting coquette shit for a while with the red scare addiction, cigarette obsession, going on about being skinny/tall and hating fat people, and claiming that she and her husband are genetically superior to most of humankind

No. 1178377

are you talking about a discord cow

No. 1178378

she seemed to have stopped using her reddit account about six months ago, so she probably uses another moniker

No. 1178380

what the fuck. why is she a scarethot? she was occasionally right on things, now she really does seem like a sped. whether or not this is her i'm disappointed she has fallen into this weird circle and seems to have gotten more retarded

No. 1178397

File: 1652379355551.png (141.45 KB, 1041x605, Screenshot 5.png)

she started using r/redscare as her own personal blog to vent about her issues and give her dumbass takes that were deleted off r/GC, I remember one comment where she said she only started listening to the podcast during her pregnancy

No. 1178411

Necessaryspeed4? No, she's a Redditor who's been coming here on and off for years. Not sure what's up with her, but it's like she enjoys the attention she gets from behaving in an autistic way. If it turns out she's been her own "husband" all this time, I won't be that surprised

No. 1178413

Necessaryspeed more like necessarysped

No. 1178415

File: 1652380024348.png (534.23 KB, 1339x689, Screenshot 9.png)

did some intense image search-fu and yep its not even her "bf", its literally some gay redditor bodybuilder, kek

No. 1178417

Girl, or bro, or whatever.. who has a toilet selfie of their husband instead of proper pics. Like in real rooms, like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or outside while doing couple things?
Do you think we are dumb.. you have to be a guy.. this is the Celebricow thread not the idiot who posts random guys they found on the internet thread.

No. 1178422

With his big hands. And then stomp him with his fungus feet.

No. 1178429

this random motherfucker got flamed on here and doesn't even know it

No. 1178430

Of course he is. I now understand why the face was blanked out. Why are those moustaches coming back. I am still traumatized from the last time they were a thing.

No. 1178431

>pretends to be radfem
>posts "this is what no dick does to a girl" meme
Classic necessarysped

No. 1178432

He'd look 1000000000000 times better just by shaving that mustache.

No. 1178433

shit, I feel bad for making fun of him now

No. 1178437

Young Thug is 100% a type, Atlanta is FULL of hyperfeminine "super straight" men and half of them suck dick on the DL. I like it because I'm into pretty black guys with flashy style, but I'm not down with all the STDs they spread among women.

No. 1178440

>imo he has the perfect masculine body, anyone buffer then him usually ends up looking like an unnatural retarded steroid monkey

Nonna you picked a really bad picture to convince anyone he doesn't look like an "unnatural retarded steroid monkey"

No. 1178446

I'm sorry, but it's very hard to feel sympathy for anyone who is a groupie for Chris fucking Brown of all people in 2022. Getting pimped, trafficked and treated like dogshit is practically written into the job description.

No. 1178447

I'm not retracting any of my statements, how are his forearms so small when he's lower class? Roadworkers and construction workers have bigger forearms than that without lifting.

No. 1178448

idk who he is but I'm sure he deserves it

No. 1178472

KEK I hope the anon who posted him sees this

No. 1178474

I checked his account and he seems to have normal sized forearms in the other pics he posted, so maybe its just the angle

No. 1178475

Since he confessed of doing that, has he ever been arrested?

No. 1178490

you will never be boyegasperg

No. 1178491

I think Cavill gets cast to appeal more to male viewers. He has the look straight moids think is hot - square jawed, roided out, goofy caveman looks etc. A lot of women find those guys too generic and douchey looking and prefer more quirky, non-threatening "boyfriend material" type men like Ezra, Dano and Boyega (love u ladies but there's no need to fight, your faves are all weird looking)

No. 1178495

Its literally not her bf though >>1178415 just some dude on reddit

No. 1178496

File: 1652382159083.jpg (38.36 KB, 356x402, tomatohead.jpg)

>other pics
You mean the one where he looks dyel and the video where he has horrible deadlift form? You shouldn't hyperextend like that, not a good thing. He also looked like he had a cat back in the beginning.
Roasting gymbros is my hobby.
Isn't that the case with most action movie heroes since the 80's? Just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger.

No. 1178499

File: 1652382224960.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 280x540, a3e91e93d660ae7acc6cb5f032c075…)

thanks for the mention nona

No. 1178500

Coquettes are all fat femcels, they idolize being thin and larp as skinny waif stacies online but they're nearly all overcompensating uggos

No. 1178501

Honestly a little disdainful of nonnies that needed to be told that this wasn't actually a real pic of nigel-chan's totally real bf

No. 1178509


No. 1178510

I mean she was clearly larping, I'm surprised no was suspicious and weren't calling out her out
tbf he's lifting 500 pounds here, that is impressive

No. 1178511

The shorter hair is so much better.
I never cared that much about him, but being on this thread changed something. I still think he should be held accountable for bad behaviour.

Also, I really miss boyega-chan. At least she posted a celeb and not some rando. Boyega-chan, if you can read this: we miss you!

No. 1178514

File: 1652382861214.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.97 KB, 564x469, 82c87277c0b6e645783e8e88fe49a4…)

No. 1178515

I don't know what you are trying to say? Can you repeat?
Yeah, we get your message. He is just another POS, I guess it's because the milk is so dry atm and we are bored. You are right.

No. 1178516

I think he's physically attractive, and usually the guys fitting the description you just made don't appeal to me all that much. Except maybe Chris Evans but I don't like it all that much when he looks super muscular and dehydrated for action movies, he was cute in Knives Out for example.


>all weird looking
I personally think he doesn't look weird. Maybe even not weird enough. He doesn't stand out or anything, he's very average and plain. At least Ezra and Dano are easy to recognize.

You mean he's dating her right now? I heard he was dating a much older woman when he was 18 years old or something, hopefully he's just a clueless guy who has been "groomed" to date anyone above 18 who's mature and independent. I wouldn't want any of his late teen ex-gfs to have had problems because of him. This reminds me of Jude Law dating a way older woman when he was like 18 or 20 years old, now he's in his 50s and married to a woman in her 30s and has 6 kids from 4 different women, and in his case he's "just" a huge slag and serial cheater.

No. 1178518

No. 1178522

He can beat me anytime

No. 1178525

The only time I found Cavill hot was when he was Geralt cause long, blonde, almost white colored hair is my weakness. Orlando Bloom did it better tho
Stop, I thought I was above you nonas but I'm slowly becoming an ezrafag
dw nona we're just being sarcastic
or not?

No. 1178527

and henry cavill is a creep that was perving on his 16 yo coworker, what point are you trying to make other than simping for a mediocre men.

No. 1178530

funny, I would date Cavill without a blink, but I also would date Schwarzenegger, I just like nerdy, tall, muscular and a little stupid appearing men.
But you are probably right with the male viewers theory. I once went to watch Conan the Barbarian (the one with Schwarzenegger) in the cinema, there were 4 women, including me and 2 were with their boyfriend, and the rest were all men and every seat was booked.

No. 1178531

File: 1652383145562.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.07 KB, 564x752, 07921bd7e21399503901ead092fa18…)

No. 1178532

Made a containment thread for the ezrafags pls leave and go there thank you >>>/m/205575

No. 1178533

I wish he'd just see a hairdresser someday.

No. 1178535

File: 1652383229626.jpeg (402.1 KB, 1918x1280, FAB910B5-08CC-4254-AC3B-29BF64…)

this reminds me of the time someone held up how hugh jackman looked on a mens magazine cover versus a woman's magazine.

No. 1178538

Someone else tried to make a containment thread just a few days ago and it got locked very soon after, don't waste your energy on that next time.

No. 1178540

but nooo irl all femalez totally only want bad boy chads

No. 1178541

Lee Pace also did it better, idk why that guy doesn't have a big career right now

No. 1178542

File: 1652383322759.gif (2.87 MB, 228x498, E9C3668A-8997-4B1D-8DF3-9A355F…)

Mm ezra is so dreamy… literally strangling a poor woman in the middle of a random department store surely making our pantries wet! I will a-log ezrafags to all hell I don’t care, ezrafags are either trolls or moids I said what I said

No. 1178552

it looks like a joyful experience?

No. 1178554

Why does he smile at her before choke slamming her he is so weird and scary. The video where he's arrested is also scary, he has a very scary angry yell

No. 1178556

that’s his mating call for the ezrafags

No. 1178557

I'd throw myself on the floor too if he grabbed me like that, if you know what I mean;)(;))

No. 1178559

eww when tf was this? I remember my mom, she doesn't know who he is btw, just took one look at him and said "he looks so evil" and ngl he really does. especially his eyes and creepy smile. Hope he gets his shit kicked in soon.

No. 1178560

Ezrafags that actually want to be assaulted are so embarrassing, please seek help

No. 1178562

File: 1652383697773.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 500x281, f728466b5fab58c44a15b4c2365db3…)

I wish he would put his hands around my neck

No. 1178564

File: 1652383745070.jpeg (44.7 KB, 480x360, 9BEB62E4-C43B-4007-86EF-C5E435…)

calmes da fuck down

what men find attractive what women find attractive and what most people find and perceive as attractive differs not only incredibly across gender lines, but in general. it's so retarded that people think there's a universal definition for good looking and that definition is roided gigachad

again this is what the irl husbando thread exists for, and why do nonnies keep trying to bait ezrafags.

No. 1178565

Why has this thread suddenly become the irl husbando thread? Literally none of this is milk. Get back to your stations, maggots.

No. 1178566

he isn't chokeslamming her tho, if it wasn't for him holding her jacket with his other hand she would have fallen way faster and harden
definitely shouldn't have done that, but this didn't hurt her (physically)

No. 1178567

mentall illness is a disease, get help nonnie

No. 1178568

give it a fucking rest, your mad because people said that your pedo fave Henry was mediocre looking and now you are sperging out (at first you pretended to be a anachan and a gymbro) and now your accusing us of being ezrafags, i HATE ezra and i also find your almost bald moid Henry Cavill ugly so KISS MY ASS YOU SCROTE FAGGOT.

No. 1178571

He talks like a movie character in that arrest video. Like his tone of voice and intonation is so fucking fake.

No. 1178572

File: 1652383896242.png (90.79 KB, 580x1856, barfight.png)

Yeah she only had a sore throat afterwards cuz he's faggy and weak

No. 1178573

there was a cavillchan here awhile back, I wonder if it's the same anon

No. 1178576

Yeah because he's insane and fucked up, at least in that video.

No. 1178577

get rid of your addiction already, he will never fuck you he’s more likely to fuck henry cavill over you considering they were in the same movie a few years ago

No. 1178578

Who was that? I said several time I find him physically attractive but that's it, you better not call me a cavillchan or fangirl.

No. 1178580

>she's tiny
no she wasn't
and this isn't even her just some rando screenshots of some friend messaging someone…?

No. 1178581

>posting random twitter convos.
Why are you chimping out so much just because we said pedo Henry Cavill is mediocre, are you a gay scrote or something.

No. 1178583

ANONS please look at this video I’m absolutely dying rn, he’s dancing like a sim after his arrest

No. 1178584

File: 1652384197771.gif (Spoiler Image, 492.16 KB, 245x283, 5tQ7.gif)

kek at how this thread has derailed

No. 1178585

This was around 2019-2020, she's probably not here anymore

No. 1178586

that is hilarious i wish I could have witnessed that in real life

No. 1178587

This is a month old.

No. 1178590

Already posted in the previous thread iirc and yeah, he looks ridiculous. If I were in the room I'd uncontrollably laugh so hard he would throw chairs at me in a fit of rage.

No. 1178591

File: 1652384329044.jpg (100.59 KB, 838x547, gay.jpg)

>tbf he's lifting 500 pounds here, that is impressive
At his weight and size? Not really. I've seen lighter women deadlift the same amount with better form.
Male gaze vs female gaze. Bruce Willis already had a shitty hairline in Die Hard, but scrotes still simp over him. Steven Seagal always looked cringe. Jason Statham is what baldlets cling onto to cope. Vin Diesel is a creepy weirdo who looks like a baby. Yet men think it's weird when women aren't attracted to them.

No. 1178592


No. 1178593

you're so embarrassing

No. 1178594

i love him

No. 1178595

File: 1652384390574.jpg (43.9 KB, 550x550, ccb089ccbf02d5c6632566d2ca165f…)

Its so funny how that(male) anon who is larping as a ana-chan and posted a fake picture is a Henry cavill fan considering he is fat, flabby and takes roids.

No. 1178596

Not with that pro-troon line

No. 1178597

>takes roids.
Hollyweird was a mistake.

No. 1178598

File: 1652384534415.gif (28.45 KB, 611x67, C8E7818C-05C1-4EBC-8CBE-77BB01…)

No. 1178600

File: 1652384607879.jpg (114.13 KB, 1080x1349, b2aa408ac73373b4268fb65e8375b6…)

ezra would slap that moustache right off his face fight me cavillchan

No. 1178601

What was it?

No. 1178602

I love how hugh jackman appeals to both with a shave of his beard. But he also used to do theatre and has non masculine interests. It's a shocker gym bros and toxically masculine moids don't go after him more

No. 1178603

The month-old video of Ezra dancing like a fag

No. 1178604

How did the tread go from Henry Cavill to coquette spergs to the gay gymbro scrote to Ezrafags unironically thirsting over and trying to defend an abusive drug addict back to Henry Cavill again? Wtf is happening?

No. 1178605

File: 1652384710969.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1640021007449.gif)

I jokingly brought up Henry Cavill just to say he's the male equivalent of the "i'm a gamer girl, don't hit on me silly boys" cliche, I never thought this would go this far.

No. 1178607

File: 1652384722586.gif (52.57 KB, 851x42, fR2W.gif)

No. 1178609

File: 1652384742095.jpeg (97.2 KB, 640x640, 8A8B23E0-E11C-44CE-BB26-B7A761…)

cavill wants him more than you do. how will you deal with that?

No. 1178610

Are you ok? Everyone knows he's a POS, take a nap.

No. 1178611

File: 1652384774255.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 250x250, 8f4d93c55a970d72e1c9ae523f8800…)

창녀 입 다물어

No. 1178612

kek the fear in his eyes he looks like he's abt to bite his face off

No. 1178615

File: 1652384928196.gif (43.5 KB, 1025x30, fR2X.gif)

No. 1178616

They are literally trolling you anon, everyone knows he's a lunatic. I'm guessing Ezrafags are just attracted to his earlier softboi looks and effeminate personality before his crackhead antics were known.

No. 1178617

The face Ezra Miller makes before he beats your skull in with an ironing board.

No. 1178618


No. 1178619

File: 1652385005544.png (252.17 KB, 828x752, 4-FFE84-E1-05-D4-4-F5-C-B13-A.…)

looks like i've entered celebrity deathmatch: fangirl edition. anyway is this milk? idk maybe it'll shut everyone up

No. 1178620

it's like deppfags 2.0, it's unbearable

No. 1178621

File: 1652385041428.gif (51.14 KB, 220x220, 78C968CF-3BF5-4A93-B30B-D32428…)

now can down there anorectal-chan.. daddy’s angry and you don’t like when daddy’s angry

No. 1178622


No. 1178623


No. 1178624

I never thought a photo of a woman beating maniac & a mustachioed pedo would make me kek so hard. Hollyweird is truly a deranged place with the type of mediocre scumbags it makes rich and famous.

No. 1178625

I am the nona who said she wants to be hit by ezra lol. Yes, I am trolling you. I don't even care about ezra. I just think ppl like you are cringe for clutching their pearls on a degen website like this.

"Ezra beats women bohoooo!!!" stfu.(admitting to bait)

No. 1178626

File: 1652385218673.gif (27.64 KB, 827x67, 752AFD57-24C5-47BC-95EA-3CCD22…)

No. 1178627

Kek at the translation

No. 1178628

What do you mean boohoo
Oh hell nah now we're dragging those two bozos in here. That's it. Someone post the 'he wearin da diaper' image.

No. 1178630

Basically the scarepod weight sperg got mad that anons said Henry is ugly so they started sperging and posted a fake picture of someone pretending thats their boyfriend, then anons realized that picture is fake and then the sperg started accusing us all of being ezrafags for not liking henry and wont stop sperging and even made a thread in m/.

Im just waiting for the jannys to give them a permaban.

No. 1178632

paul dano is just the white boyega: sweet, soft, very lumpy

No. 1178634

Is Paul Dano wearin da diaper thou

No. 1178636

Paul Dano is fucking ugly, now FIGHT me danofags.

No. 1178641

Nta but what's "cringe" about disliking a woman beater?

No. 1178642

That's part of his charm. It's the gap moe.

No. 1178644

File: 1652385585184.jpeg (470.37 KB, 828x1315, AF2576DF-E8C6-417B-9012-087807…)

rich people shit

No. 1178646

Omg Boyegachan I missed you, please regulate on these deranged anons

No. 1178647

Nothing is cringe about disliking a woman beater. What is cringe is posting about it on lolcow, of all places.

As if your posting that 100 times a day will change that other nonas mind about thinking he is hot? Come on…

No. 1178651

Celebrities are all notoriously mentally unstable, they'll eat each other alive down there. I'd rather take my chances with the roving zombie gangs on the surface and get beaten to death for free rather than paying $100k for Ezra Miller to do it.

No. 1178652

But posting about wanting to fuck a woman beater in the celibrow thread isn't cringe? I don't care if it's "trolling" you're just kind of gay.

No. 1178654

No. 1178655

gay for ezra, ya

No. 1178657

I hope one of you is the anon that had a sex dream where you could "feel him in your ass"

No. 1178660

not that non but whats cringe is completely derailing this thread and posting fake pictures of your imaginary boyfriend just because someone called Henry Cavill ugly and then randomly sperging about ezra and going ''what anout him'' even though he had nothing to do with the conversation.
Thats some weird unhinged stan behaviour. Are you one of those gay scrotes who fantasize about henry being gay and fucking you in the booty.

No. 1178663

I hope that is me, too.

No. 1178671

File: 1652386430377.jpeg (884.49 KB, 960x1538, C334CBF7-BA80-4740-B53F-81988F…)

There’s rumours that Lindsay is gonna be cast as Jean Grey.

No. 1178673

This could be interesting. Is she still a diva on sets or has her behavior improved? linds has been seeking a redemption arc for awhile now

No. 1178675

File: 1652386625302.gif (53.04 KB, 710x67, z627d69c3b60a4.gif)

No. 1178677

Why must you hate.

No. 1178689

The scarepod ana-chan henrycavill sperg (i didnt include their scarepod posts from yesterday, they also made a post here that they thread in m/ bitching about ezra)


No. 1178691

File: 1652387132435.jpeg (25.47 KB, 240x234, 1652337873844.jpeg)

can we ban boyega and erza sperging ITT aside from actual milk/news?

No. 1178692

can you stop bundling me up with the derailing anachan lmao, anon you’re so fucking retarded and wrong

No. 1178694

File: 1652387229550.jpg (81.71 KB, 660x825, Ek0XqAYXgAgcjZ6.jpg)

are you the one who just deleted one of the tagged posts kek.

No. 1178698

Guys with small hands and feet have small penises. There I said it.

No. 1178704

sounds like shit

No. 1178705

Stop posting this shit

No. 1178707

File: 1652387792718.jpeg (39.99 KB, 400x255, C185157B-6DA6-412C-90FB-5EA2CB…)

Potential CP bump

No. 1178714

I’m going to beat the CP poster to death

No. 1178725

File: 1652388163993.jpeg (66.14 KB, 564x752, 5AD2A62D-4FCD-4DC5-983D-FC755A…)

CP bump again

No. 1178731

Cavillfag realized he lost and proceeded to post CP?

No. 1178733

ngl its catchy.

No. 1178736

probably around the sometime gymbro bf was revelaed to be fake someone posted dick in ot/

No. 1178738

i bet you didnt even listen to it.

No. 1178741

Aren't mods able to permablock posters like that or are they switching their IP?

No. 1178742

File: 1652388415836.gif (3.24 MB, 343x498, FF3D6C74-AA59-42BD-BD0A-ADD5DE…)

Can you link the post? I didn’t see it. Also here’s a cat to purify the board

No. 1178745

Retarded and edgy. Another underagefag in this thread (I hope) kek
>wah wah why don't u like my woman-beating husbando isn't this lolcow?!
Cry harder. Inshallah that ugly bitch Ezra gets fucked in the ass by Boyegaclones in jail and you cry bitch tears

No. 1178749

that anon isnt banned yet for some reason.
here >>1178415
get help.

No. 1178753

oh i love it, ballet kings.

No. 1178754

>get help.
For what? Not being kind about some violent celebrity scrote? Go make an "ironic" husbando thread in /m/ or fuck off to Livejournal or something. This attempt at a forced "Ezra my husbando" meme is honestly pathetic, and anyone who subscribes to it should be forced to read offensive posts about this man until they leave

No. 1178755

>boyegachan gets banned
>thread goes to shit
coincidence? I don't think so.

No. 1178756

im not ezrafag, you need help for being this obsessed and stop derailing, you sperged enough.

No. 1178758

I can't believe his hands really are that small

No. 1178760

the chorus is now stuck in my head ''good boy gone bad'' wuwuwuwu

No. 1178761

This >>1178745 and >>1178618 are the only posts I made about the subject. You're the obsessed ones, and you've been derailing this thread for ages with this ugly moid. Both him and Cavill are nasty, deal with it

No. 1178762

why did you have to mention this now I can't not see it wtf

No. 1178769

ive never posted ezra or fangirled over him you schizo, but i cant say the same for you and two posts my ass.

No. 1178771

the song is good and theyre all cute/

No. 1178772

I thought Kpop was banned?

Sure, Jan. Stop shitting up these threads, stop projecting your obsession whenever people rightfully get annoyed.

No. 1178779

thats literally what you are doing no one was even talking about ezra until someone brought him up >>1178509 because they were mad at anons finding cavill ugly.
So you might want to take up your annoyance with them, dumbass.

No. 1178783

You're still talking about him even now and dragging it on, retard. They're both ugly-ass scrotes, move on already

No. 1178784

File: 1652389685241.webm (1.48 MB, 640x360, 1651777757435.webm)

Sorry this is days old, I'm just catching up but Kim was legit about to pass out in the red carpet. This was posted last thread but look at how weak and hungry and foggy-minded she seems here. It really is retarded.

No. 1178786

well she was doing a rigorous diet so she could lose 16lb (7.25kg) in a short time so she could fint into that dress.

No. 1178787

She worked so hard to fit into this dress, only for it to look so plain. Is it just a vanity thing that she could wear Marilyn's dress?

No. 1178792

File: 1652390044955.jpg (30.99 KB, 353x480, 8b6753fe0538b17d8c6e99db65e177…)

Don't visit the vent or safe thread nonnies

No. 1178795

oh no the ped0 posted that in the safe thread?

No. 1178799

this has been going on for almost a day, im close to leaving this site any minute now so i dont have to look at illegal shit that a mentally disturbed, worthless to society and his parents , male spams.

No. 1178810

and somehow still couldn't fit into it kek

No. 1178864

Be careful scrolling, nonnies.

(Also I fancy Henry Cavill I'm sorry he is my 1950s big Hollywood star sees me ((lana del rey)) singing on stage and we have an affair imaginary boyfriend)

No. 1178866

and again I find the Jackman appealing to male more attractive than the one for the females. I also really like bald guys (Mark Strong, for example) and think Statham is too short, but somehow cute. And yes, I'm 100% female and don't feel like a man, I guess I just take pity in them and I am drawn to the mentally strange and ill, kek.

No. 1178868

File: 1652393859986.jpeg (824.67 KB, 1125x1106, 06D8FE81-6725-46E4-9EFC-8E32B4…)

Same, I'm honestly afraid I will see CP here. I don't give a fuck about mayochup or flipped penis dilated holes, but this is something I NEVER want to see in my life. I want to talk shit about cows, not hiding everything and avoiding the front page and most of /ot

No. 1178870

File: 1652393922917.jpeg (166.37 KB, 720x411, 43A0C284-4822-476D-97BC-037FD2…)


No. 1178871

File: 1652394018861.jpeg (44.16 KB, 398x498, 470CA2FA-634A-4B95-A577-6903A5…)


No. 1178872


No. 1178874

File: 1652394113126.jpeg (101.09 KB, 977x537, A5AD8AAA-20B9-4D96-A4DC-264C2E…)


No. 1178900


nonna, I already have an affair with him, except you resurrect Gregory Peck, then you can have Cavill, kek.

No. 1178902

Gregory Peck is MINE!

No. 1178906

I wish these scrotes would stop, I just want to read if I got any responses on a post, now i'm scared to scroll down, thank you everyone for making sure that it doesn't show up that easily in here. Lord. I'm thankful I havent' seem much during these raids. Sorry to the anons who have. And even more sorry for the poor children being revictimized by this shit being posted as "revenge" or whatever.
Weird thought but I always felt like Kim's breath smells. Like I feel like her breath smells like "Hungry breath" you know, when someone is hungry, hasn't ate shit they feel so weak and their breath has that stanky smell?

No. 1178910

No because then I wouldn't be singing the body electric now would I

No. 1178912

She looks horrible. Disrespectful to Marilyn.

No. 1178913

curse you. that chorus is stuck in my head

No. 1178931

that one black and white photo of the little girl in a white dress holding a cigarette

No. 1178957

File: 1652399317186.png (1017.92 KB, 1290x952, Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 4.48…)

What the actual fuck is in the air today, this entire thread is so derailed I can't stop laughing

No. 1178959

I know what you mean, it's the ketosis breath

No. 1178961

File: 1652399554042.jpeg (261.18 KB, 828x1439, 5483C0F8-8774-4B90-87CE-984A07…)

An update from the Aaron Carter milk from last thread

No. 1178976

Has he had leg lengthening surgery or something? His arms are sp disproportionately short

No. 1178979

>leg lengthening surgery
That's real?

No. 1178983

I'm sorry, then manlets aren't even allowed anymore, no more excuses.

No. 1178985

It is! A surgeon goes in and cuts the bone and then adds a device that slowly moves the pieces apart so that new bone grows to fill the gap. Yikes!

No. 1178987

The demons haunting this thread clearly demand a blood sacrifice to leave us in peace. I think Boyegachan, Cavillchan and Ezrafag should all fight to the death for their husbandos' honour

No. 1179003

File: 1652404274251.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, FE7E0D6B-8613-4E15-9FAF-D5E7C0…)

Ugh so pretty yet so masculine. It might honestly be because he’s bisexual. How many openly bi male actors get big leading man roles? I honestly can’t think of any.

No. 1179008

idk what it is but I love this look and I think this is my favorite look for Lee Pace. Long hair is so hit or miss for me on men, but something about big, dark eyebrows with light blonde hair and a masculine jaw really does it for me.

No. 1179011

she wore that to a wedding? tacky.

No. 1179012

Oh yiiikes

No. 1179014

File: 1652404706330.jpeg (2.36 MB, 1620x1951, 86F1BFCD-ED2D-4AB8-9D1C-CCDE36…)

>> Six years ago, she left Miami and swore she’d never come back. It’s the city where she started her career — and where, for a time, her career started to ruin her life.
>>In 2014, 21 and fresh out of college, Khalifa moved to Miami because her then-partner took a job there. Khalifa got a job too, at Fuddruckers, but her priority was getting implants. Considerable weight loss in her late teens left her self-conscious about her breasts, so she saved up and strategized for an augmentation throughout college.
>>One afternoon, about a month post-op, she was approached by a man on the street about nude modeling and, after a few weeks of considering the offer, went for it. >>Her stage name came from that of her dog at the time, Mia, and the rapper Wiz Khalifa. (She liked his music, and also, it “felt Arabic.”) In what may be one of the worst showbiz predictions of all time, she was told to pick something else “because it — and I quote — ‘sounds slutty and people won't be able to spell it.’” (Millions, if not billions, of Internet searches suggest that’s not a problem.)
>>The production company she worked for, Bang Bros, had fewer qualms about leveraging her proximity to the Middle East when it proposed she wear a hijab for one of her scenes. Presented with the idea, Khalifa — who was raised Catholic — told them, “You motherfuckers are going to get me killed.”

No. 1179018

Will Smith?

No. 1179019

Lily James and Haley Bennett have both very publicly had affairs with married men that were in the industry. James just knows who to fuck.

No. 1179022

thank you. we all have different tastes i don't get why some anons seem to be trying to say so and so is the ideal male form for most if not all women.

that being said we should also take into consideration when said men are acting like assholes regardless of how physically attractive they look

No. 1179023

i don't think he's ever been open about it

No. 1179028

i can't believe people still stan and praise her. she's on about the same or similar narc cow level as the kardashians/jenners

No. 1179030

File: 1652405380788.jpeg (793.88 KB, 2048x2048, 4DC913C8-0808-43B8-9B22-61B128…)

Never forget she wore this to Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Never forget men in the church will grope you in front of the congregation.

No. 1179034

kek i don't get what's happening either, disliking cavill and ezra is not mutally exclusive, not seeing why they're attacking each other lmao

No. 1179038

same anon, who i was replying to reposted so meant as a response to >>1179030

No. 1179040

haley bennett? didn't she play the second girl that scummy guy had an affair with in the girl on the train?

No. 1179042

Yes and in real life at that time she was messing around very publicly with a married director who then left his wife for her

No. 1179053

File: 1652407429150.jpeg (594.05 KB, 2000x1334, 0388EC16-ECE6-498D-B4D6-07BFBB…)

Yuck, 16 year age difference…

No. 1179054

File: 1652407433764.jpeg (130.73 KB, 720x1281, 3AD67FD4-83E0-4C8D-A1DE-FE1EE9…)


No. 1179059

yikes. something really rubbed me the wrong way about her when i saw the film. didn't think she was like that in real life.

read an article that said apparently she had his baby too not long after. and interestingly he was also previously linked to the woman who played amy dunne in gone girl, though that was early 2000s iirc.

No. 1179061

kek should this even be considered a blind? i'm sure we can tell who it is by now

No. 1179062

File: 1652407911128.gif (732.38 KB, 480x269, arigatosgaybro.gif)

tbf, she wore it fucking Frankie Grande's wedding. This man… He probably said yaaaaas.

No. 1179064

File: 1652407999833.png (53.67 KB, 182x279, 92a5.png)

The way pete cranes his neck gets on my nerves.

No. 1179068

why are they doing this with her hair? i'm not even mad at the outfi or egregious unnecessary surgeries but this hair…
i have to wonder if ariana misses the idea of pete now that the media is deeming him some kind of sensitive, mentally ill, high in demand don juan. he doesn't stop coming up in the stupid news for everyone and you can't escape hearing about this dude

No. 1179071

it's all bad kek. i can't imagine wearing that to a wedding like anons above said she did

No. 1179077

Opinions are like assholes. Men are assholes. Arguing excessively over moid opinions is double asshole

No. 1179083

who the fuck gets a cat in the hat tattoo??

No. 1179085

ayrt confused if you're calling me a double asshole kek. i'm not even trying to argue, i just think the arguing over henry/ezra and siding with either is weird

No. 1179086

I want her to be redeemed so bad.

No. 1179088

honestly i'd be more interested to see what lindsay would bring to the role.

No. 1179103

no way if chastain is being considered that it'd go to lindsay. and when will the capeshit ever end?

No. 1179105

Never super-easy money

No. 1179106

A crackhead

No. 1179155

Agreed anon, it's extremely fake & tacky imho

No. 1179193

No I agree, it's true. I've always felt this way about her too, she just suits it.

No. 1179371

oh no she searched for an even gayer nick mullen clone as her ideal bf

No. 1179374

Both of them are too old. X-men should start with O-5 and grow slowly. I don't want another wolverine and the x-men shit.

No. 1179375

Chastain is a joke of an actress, her Oscar wasn't deserved, plus she is a womnlet. Jean Gray deserves better.

No. 1179452

File: 1652433972788.jpg (194.78 KB, 1076x475, Untitled-1.jpg)

Ariana attempted to recreate a Twiggy look for Vogue:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJX0_v8nLpM&ab_channel=Vogue

It just looks unfinished I think? Also it looks weird because the black line on Twiggy's pic is right in her crease but Ariana erased her eye crease with surgery, and so on her the line looks randomly placed

No. 1179456

Ariana's liner is too harsh too.

No. 1179459

Yeah, Twiggy's wasn't black, it was purple, so it looks softer

No. 1179461

and failed miserably

No. 1179473

File: 1652435263176.jpg (114.54 KB, 1007x304, Untitled-1.jpg)

also I still cannot get over the decision to fill in her temples. In theory, I get it, it's supposed to make your face shape look rounder = younger, but it just looks weird

No. 1179477

that doesn't look anywhere close. the application looks horrid too and risking nitpicking here but it looks like she's really trying to emphasize her collarbones in that shot. that does not look comfortable.

you're not wrong kek

No. 1179478

It's crazy how uncanny valley she looks now, especially since she got the ponytail lift. She really doesn't seem to have people around who tell her when it's time to stop.

No. 1179479

i thought the same thing but curious to see where they'd take this one.

for some reason i find chastain boring, don't know if lindsay would be the best choice either but it would at least be interesting i guess. there are probably better choices out there though to be honest.

No. 1179481

i feel like just about everyone enables her including her stans who really seem to see no fault in her for some reason. she needs to be called out more.

No. 1179486

I watched an interview with her once, she's pretty outspoken about how bad porn industry is, her regret about ever getting into it and she warns young women against ever pursuing that route. Pretty based if you ask me.

No. 1179489

Who is this about?

No. 1179544

Tinfoil she's doing it bc Pete likes super skinny petite girls like ari

No. 1179600

Wasn't there something posted here a while ago about Ezra telling a musician to their face that he could steal their music and nobody would believe them if they complained?
A mess.

No. 1179629

is ezra trolling, on drugs, psychosis because of drugs, or just psychosis? it got me in the keks
when he said he is transexual and wants a female cop to search him

No. 1179651

I think sometimes he is trolling like apparently he said "I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art" kek.. but I think it is psychosis.. idk there is definitely something wrong and he needs help

No. 1179655

this seems more like he is having some kind of psychotic episode. I wish someone will help him(imageboard)

No. 1179669

Put him in fucking prison already.

No. 1179670

She apparently regrets doing porn so much she still goes by her porn name to cling to whatever relevance it gave her kek, fuck that pickme whore

No. 1179672

We Need To Talk About Ezra coming to cinemas May 2022.

No. 1179673

You are a bit harsh. She is a good citizen that picks up her dogs poop to keep the streets clean.

No. 1179681

I fear he doesn't want help. It seems he already has psychosis. I think there is no hope for him, he won't become the 2nd Robert Downey jr. I can't remember if RDJ was ever that unhinged.
For real.

No. 1179702

File: 1652451615113.png (1.4 MB, 1730x809, 652451482816~2.png)

The temple filler was such a mistake. She reminds me of an opossum now

No. 1179704

I don't see how it's a problem? Currently so many people are glorifying sex work and making porn industry look appealing to young women (like that girl that got casted in Euphoria); having one of the biggest names of the porn industry come up in google immediately with a results about how much she's speaking against is is a great warning to have out there. She took something bad and it's turning it to something good.

No. 1179722

File: 1652452605166.jpg (190.58 KB, 1800x1424, -Born-This-Way-photoshoot-by-N…)

the opossum is much cuter. The ari screenshot reminds me of Gaga's born this way make up.

No. 1179724

absolutely this, Mia Khalifa saying porn industry is shit is more powerful than whatever other name she could use. Besides, the world would never let her forget that she is Mia Khalifa

No. 1179727

RDJ was sucking drug dealer dicks to get his daily doses, got addicted when he barely started elementary school, got kicked out of on-going projects for being a liability, and went to jail because he broke into his neighbor's house thinking it was his house and was found naked and sleeping in a small child's bed in that house because he was so high he thought he was in his own room and own bed. I'd say Ezra is fucked up enough to ruin his career if he keeps doing that shit, but it's not too late for him to redeem himself if he gets his shit together very soon. Either that or he'll end up dead from an overdose and people will make fun of him for that and forget him slowly but surely like Amy Winehouse.

No. 1179745

ezrafags stop trying to redeem violent abusers impossible challenge go!

No. 1179748

that looks atrocious. it’s always funny watching celebrities attempt to do their makeup even though it’s almost always done by other people, such incompetent retards lol

No. 1179788

>she was approached by a man on the street about nude modeling and, after a few weeks of considering the offer, went for it
Fucking what? Lmao

No. 1179802

I'm not an ezrafag. I'm just morbidly curious because of these past few threads and want to know whether he'll fuck up his career or not.

No. 1179813

Hollywood has such a boner for strong-faced blondes, she looks identical to JLaw and like 5 other actresses

No. 1179818

Did Kim K get jaw & chin implants recently, or has she had them for awhile and her weight loss is making them stand out more? Because I've never seen her face look this Roblox-like before.

No. 1179821

There were guys who would walk around my college town handing out sketchy "nude modeling site" business cards. I didn't realize girls actually took them up on it.

No. 1179835

Kim really ruined herself she was genuinely beautiful before turning into a sex doll, now she looks like an MTF agp sex doll, bleak.

No. 1179841

Hollywood has a weird ferish for desicrating and humiliating everything that poor woman went through even in death.

No. 1179858

His face is repulsive in this picture the definition of butterface, he looks good in some pics but always had a feeling his looks wouldn't translate well in the real world and he aged like warm milk.

No. 1179860


No. 1179872

It's fake, it's a random dude from Reddit lol

No. 1179912

File: 1652460844875.png (306.56 KB, 876x1615, Screenshot_20220513-115305-848…)

I never want to become this dependent on another person honestly.

No. 1179915

I know, reading about scrotes like Hugh Hefner who bought grave plots around hers made me so sad. It feels like her spirit can never rest in peace with all these Hollywood vampires feeding off her image.

No. 1179928

He’s objectively handsome, but I find his roided out GI Joe body kind of gross (he looks 10x better slimmer) and his face looks rugged and way older than his actual age. I’m aware this is nitpicking, but I hate how Hollywood pressures women to look flawlessly youthful into their 70s and the bar is sooo much lower for moids.

No. 1179945

File: 1652462287510.jpeg (34.4 KB, 424x565, erzette.jpeg)

Have you guys noticed that Ezra have a fake voice in interviews and talking to fans?
In that video he was caught up by the police he spoke much more "manly" while in interviews he does the gay voice.
(Not mentioning the grasp in his voice, but simply that his fagotty mannerism disappeared in the video)
Its obviously queerbaiting.

No. 1179953

LMAOOOOOOOO who cares.

No. 1179960

Is it that strange? I guess the difference is bigger than usual but we all have a "customer service" voice that we use without even noticing in specific situation.

No. 1179984

lmao that filename

No. 1179996

that just makes her retarded in my opinion, no sympathy here

No. 1180003

File: 1652464995734.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, 1652429395601.png)

New Lana pic. She looks happy here.

No. 1180007

File: 1652465121107.jpeg (314.07 KB, 1000x667, 31BF6187-E1FC-494B-9EC2-031B7B…)

Some women laugh with salad. Lana laughs with pasta.

No. 1180009

I mean who can blame her, I'm happy too when I'm stuffing my face with delicious pasta

No. 1180010


No. 1180020

she looks a little like Adele before she lost weight

No. 1180021

kek!! I thought this was miranda Cosgrove for a second

No. 1180024

Thanks for posting this, was quite an interesting read.

No. 1180036

File: 1652466114508.png (522.63 KB, 756x624, snacktalia.png)

Why does she look like an anorexic version of Temptalia

No. 1180041

File: 1652466316275.jpg (390.12 KB, 1999x1999, 36799644,pd=5,f=sdata11.jpg)

anons, what's your opinion on heidi klum's daughter as new nepo model?

heidi is such a hypocrite, she says she always accompanies her daughter to jobs, so that she doesn't get mistreated - meanwhile 16yo girls on her modelling show are forced to do nude shoots…

No. 1180045

She’s beautiful and I feel like she could be a model on her own merit but idk.

No. 1180050

I think she's pretty

No. 1180053

I'm honestly enjoying her fat era. She seems much happier.

No. 1180056

Lana is the new Adele.

No. 1180059

Adele: the ugly, unwashed edition.

No. 1180065

She disgusts me

No. 1180070

she’s finally taking her psych meds that’s why she’s fat. anachans need to stop saying she’s getting naturally fat, antipsychs are known to be overdiagnosed towards women and increases your appetite and hunger extremely

No. 1180074

She has really pretty features and gorgeous hair. I don't know anything about her but I hope she goes far if she hasn't already with her mother's help.

No. 1180076

Did she say she was taking meds?
Anyway, she can choose to eat less, it's not like the meds forced her to eat like a pig.

No. 1180098

Medication side effects only cause you to gain 15-20 lbs Lana gained at least 50

No. 1180114

She does look happier and it’s because she’s off drugs finally. Which is also a reason she gained weight. Rather have her off drugs and bigger than dead due to an overdose.

No. 1180119

File: 1652469121660.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1584x2984, 4EE261AD-D19A-41A3-B89F-915FE0…)

How has he not fully trooned out yet?

No. 1180129

about the last part, younger brothers tend to get dressed up by older sisters, like my older girl cousin would put her younger brother in her Disney costumes. don't think he will Troon out, he is doing it for attention and is obviously having a mental breakdown currently

No. 1180130

Ooh he sounds very troubled. He's probably too into being a man more beautiful than woman to troob out, tho.

No. 1180135

Some men are comfortable with their feminine traits. It's funny, he may be insane but he isn't insane in the troon way I guess. We'll wait and see though.

No. 1180142

File: 1652469837732.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.72 KB, 564x845, a32089a9bc9b52d8b4802599ef67c6…)

he actually does seem really troubled, since he was young. kids do experiment, and it seems like he was exposed to all kind of stuff really young.. he is beautiful and can express this both in a masculine and feminine way. I do hope he gets the help he needs.

No. 1180148

Well the severe mommy issues explains, not excuses, why he abuses women publicly. Definitely was SAed too because none of that is normal for someone under 14. He was exactly the type of child Hollywood wants and god only knows what abuse he received and dished out behind closed doors there.

No. 1180149

her face looks round and soft to me

No. 1180176

So what, he's a bisexual, kind of feminine guy whose parents weren't strict and careful enough with him so now he's a drug addict? He seems to me like he's "genderqueer nb" just to signal he's bi and not a Hollywood roid beefcake.

No. 1180192

The CSA is glowing and retarded anons just gloss over it because he’s ~feminine~.

No. 1180200

It's obvious if you remember how many child actors are fucked in the head from having to interact with pedos for their careers and/or having neglectful parents but at the same time I expect women to claim they're nb than men when that sort of things happen, like when Ellen Page transitioned. And he hasn't trooned out yet but he uses his nb excuse to make himself look better while he hits women, which is similar to what we see from AGPs in the MTF thread. Let's be real, it's not like Ezra Miller will mention being a victim of child abuse any time soon unless he somehow decides to go to rehab, get his shit together and explain it in several years to explain his current behavior. Comparing him to RDJ makes perfect sense imo.

No. 1180248

So much sympathy for this woman beater because some of you nonnies want to fuck him.

No. 1180249

strong? is anything that's not the stupid copy and paste alien kpop face considered strong to you?

No. 1180261

sorry but
>he played dress up with his sisters
>an older sibling told him about sex
>he jerked of to dirty magazines as a teen
>is likely gay because he made out with boys who thought he's a girl
how can you be so sure that he was abused? nothing about that is abnormal. sure 14 is young to have sex but not that uncommon. and many kids smoke at an even younger age

No. 1180266

Go to the thread and join us against the pickmes, nona.

No. 1180271

Damn, just read the words on this image instead of just glancing at it and he just sounds like a weird gay kid. How do Ezrafags cope knowing their oneitis is a gayoid?

No. 1180282

If he were a woman you wouldn't say that.

No. 1180287

i have friends who had sex at 13 and smoked at 11. puberty simply hit them hard, they tried to be as edgy as possible, but they eventually grew out of it. it's also normal that kids with older siblings learn about sex and all that at a younger age. most/all teenboys watch porn and wearing clothes of the other gender as a child? you're being ridiculous.

No. 1180288

NTA but yeah, he isn't a woman. Your point?

No. 1180291

also lets not forget that ezra loves being a sexually open wokey. of course he also paints his past as more wild and special than it was.

No. 1180320

File: 1652476453258.jpg (130 KB, 1080x1349, 255384084_1483568145375453_313…)

Madison beer looks like a 30 year old women playing dressup in her concert outfits.

No. 1180329

she looks like a teen/like olivia rodrigo

No. 1180332

File: 1652476907154.jpg (152.85 KB, 1080x1349, 254437311_1157667665053994_330…)

Her body does but her face just doesn't seem to match

No. 1180340

File: 1652477463497.png (1.03 MB, 678x846, Screen-Shot-1400-11-20-at-18.3…)

no she doesnt, but she does look botched, she has way too many fillers around her cheeks and cheekbones.
She needs to dissolve those fillers asap.

No. 1180342

If those are unedited candids (are they?) then she's super cute and youthful. She doesn't look like a 30 y/o at all.

No. 1180344

She's pretty but you're right, the fillers need to go.

No. 1180347

She looks weirder than Ariana-Chan at this point. That face shape just screams filler abuse. I like her outfits though.

No. 1180348

i can barely see her face in these anon

No. 1180349

File: 1652477959842.jpeg (199.32 KB, 1591x860, E7E04675-C43C-4E5F-A49B-A4CE09…)

Damn she does.

No. 1180351

there is nothing wrong with looking 30 either, its not a ancient age or something.
all of these celebs who have this cheek + temple filler combo end up looking like they have balloon heads and they make their heads looks bigger than they actually.

No. 1180352

Med weight gain is mostly hormonal and water weight, not really related to diet. But her weight gain is more than usual for meds.

No. 1180354

I didn't mean to say 30s, I guess more like just an adult wearing kids clothes, with her strong/sharp bone structure I guess it just looks off to me?

No. 1180355

At least she’s a child of an actual model unlike the Jobs and Ramsay kids. This one doesn’t bother me as much

No. 1180361

>sTrOnG fAcE
is that anon blind they got moon faces

No. 1180368

I never understood the hype around Jennifer Lawrence and her tiny eyes

No. 1180373

I always got the vibe that he was molested as a kid in hollywood

No. 1180379

i think he has actually mentioned abuse during his childhood

No. 1180392

they both look about the same level of weird, arigato probably even more so, especially looking at >>1179702

you're right about how the opossum looks much cuter kek

No. 1180400

not the anon from >>1179813 but yeah i wouldn't say strong faced either. they seem to have a pretty specific combination of facial features that make them look so similar and kind of distinct compared to some other same faced celeb women. giving anon the benefit of the doubt and thinking she meant that instead.