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No. 1207004

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No. 1207006

Arranged marriages, hormonal birth control, and ivf are literally devolving the human genome by over riding women's complex genetic sorting system. We can tell just by smell if someone has an immune system that will cover our own genetics weak spots. Not allowing women to be the final decision makers in reproduction, and going against nature, are going to result in 3 ft autistic mole rat humans who need a pod, down the line. And ps if you think this is ~eugenics~ get off, wanting to have healthy children is normal.

No. 1207033

I love this thread pic. I think we should keep the old lady theme going

No. 1207038

>3 ft autistic mole rat humans
Shinsekai Yori reference? Classy. Anyway I agree with you but then I’m antinatalist in general.

No. 1207049


Its amazing and so interesting how the body just knows if someone is genetically compatible or not. I also find it interesting that my ex smelled bad and nauseating to me when he just sat on his ass and ate sugary crap, but when he cut out that shit and started working out he started smelling intoxicating. Just shows how good the body is at picking up beneficial and non beneficial partners.

No. 1207064

Goddamn, the IVF shit has already been discussed in a previous thread, the dumbass shit thread and that crappy thread some anon made, and you guys still just won't let it go.

No. 1207210

My unpopular opinion: if you're unable to be in the unpopular opinion, confession, tinfoil, etc thread without throwing a sperg fit just because you disagree with someone then go to a safe space on the internet because this isn't the place for you. So fucking sick of anons coming to a place that is bound to have controversial posts just to rant about how we don't all share the same brain cell as they do and then have the nerve to attempt to control what anons discuss just because they don't like it or something. Also there's a lot of obvious same fagging lately

No. 1207212

This so much, I knew too many damn couples who insisted on reproducing knowing for fact they're putting their kids as risk just because. Nothing is more cruel than forcing a human into the world knowing damn well you have shit tier genetics and they'll be forced to suffer all because you wanted kids.

No. 1207265

I think moms who refuse to even attempt to breastfeed during a formula shortage are selfish. You can't put your own comfort or desires aside for a minute so your baby has a reliable source of nutrients instead of an unreliable and disappearing source? Don't have kids then. I also can't buy the fact the vast majority of women are now claiming to be unable to produce enough breast milk, this isn't normal. We are either dealing with a women's health crisis that needs to be addressed or some people are just lying to hide the fact they're scared of saggy boobs/too lazy to make attempts to breastfeed

No. 1207292

It's not a real shortage. They're fucking with women left and right, from abortion ban in the air, to milk shortage, to Amber Depp case being shoved down everyone's throat. None of it is real and it's just meant to get an emotional reaction in order to push an agenda or demoralize a group.

No. 1207295

I don't mind anyone disagreeing or having a different opinion from me. I'm just saying that the topic was beaten into the ground, mostly because it was also dragged into the Dumbass Shit thread. Also, take your own advice
>if you're unable to be in the unpopular opinion, confession, tinfoil, etc thread without throwing a sperg fit just because you disagree with someone then go to a safe space on the internet

No. 1207391

If anything, IVF is the exact kind of thing which is going to lead to GATTACA type of eugenics. It sounds all fine and dandy to be able to design your own healthy baby with no genetic flaws, but just like with everything else, it's going to first be only available to the rich and the poor will lag behind. So then not only will the rich be ahead due to centuries of inheritances, but also because they'll be able to create designer babies.

No. 1207496

I feel like it's painfully short sighted and kinda naive when women comfort other women after a break up by saying stuff like
> Don't worry I thought my whole life was over after a bad break up once and now I've been dating this amazing soulmate of a guy for the last 18 months and therefore life is good again. Happy endings do exist..
If you're declaring a man your saviour after only knowing him a couple of years you're not really any wiser than the newly single and near suicidal friend you're trying to help. It's not the message that they need to hear. Further feeding into the message of 'bfs make or break your life' ain't it.

I mean a relationship if it's healthy is a nice bonus but nobody is your saviour and people can change drastically over time. You have to be ok in yourself to get through the harsh reality of how many relationships fail and can get ugly in the end. Hope for best but don't throw all your common sense away. Can we get out of the trap of treating relatively new boyfriends like they're the light of our life? That's half the reason why women end up suicidal after a break up. That's why it bugs me so much.

No. 1207498

I agree. If your life is only about a man but his isn't, you're a loser. Most of those women put those men before their friends families and careers but Dontrelle get any of those by that man in return.

No. 1207499

Marriages alone fuck up natural selection but men think they're entitled to a wife so it'll always be a thing.

No. 1207504

I agree with you, but at the same time I understand why women say that kind of thing. It doesn't have to mean that boyfriends are everything in life, it's just to show that love doesn't end with that one dickhead. I 100% agree that it's important to gently remember the woman that she should prioritise herself and use the situation as an opportunity to do whatever the fuck she wants. Giving the message alone probably would be tone deaf when talking with a relationship-grieving woman. You need to be gentle. At least that's how I feel.

No. 1207526

>if you're unable to be in the unpopular opinion, confession, tinfoil, etc thread without throwing a sperg fit just because you disagree with someone
>So fucking sick of anons coming to a place that is bound to have controversial posts just to rant about how we don't all share the same brain cell as they do

Nta but can you fucking read? That wasn't what she was saying at all and she never even said she disagreed. It's that the same shit gets brought up every goddamn thread and the same points get made every time and the same conversations get rehashed over and over. I can't even remember how many times I've seen IVF and couples with fertility issues brought up here. Also stuff about casual sex/monogamy. You can only beat a dead horse so much after it's been turned into glue. Shit gets tiring.

No. 1207571

How did I act offended exactly? I've not once made multiple spergy posts all because people experience different things or have different views than me. It's just annoying when people go to these threads and get upset when they see exactly what the thread addressed

No. 1207664

I think social media should require a small fee each month for users being able to post instead of being free for all and collect users' data to sell that data to companies trying to brainwash the masses into becoming retarded consoomers. Kind of like for online newspapers. This way we will get rid of bots, retarded and vulnerable underage zoomers, e-begging barely functioning adults, maybe even less art and photography theft, etc. Being able to read people's posts should be free though.

No. 1207677

except you'd pay them and they'd still collect your data undisclosed

No. 1207692

With GDPR it's less likely to happen. Or at least, the biggest companies will be more likely severely punished if they collected the data of EU country citizens and residents.

No. 1207715

This is like the worst thing to say to a newly single, she's just going to believe it's never going to happen to her.

No. 1207743

any idea to govern or legislate the internet, or hide it behind paywalls or make it for a select few, is fucking retarded. any thinking on how the government or whoever is mandating the internet would try to implement that quickly reveals how utterly retarded the thought is. hell, you're making this retarded statement on an anonymous imageboard. thinking critically about that alone unravels any logic behind it.

its cute you think making the internet inaccessible to anyone who doesn't want to share their payment info, their identity/maintain theiry anonynimity, or who simply cannot afford to shill out whatever you deem a "small fee" is to whoever the internet overlords in this scenario is anything close to a good idea.

the majority of people who make dumb statements on the internet and steal art/content anyways are typically rich fucks with 0 respect for others. the majority of great, free, and widely accessible content able to be used on the internet is made for free and for public use and consumption. hiding that behind a paywall so only those who care to sell their data/anonymity/or can afford a fee is naive to say the least, purposefully harmful to the point of the internet and exploitative at worst.

No. 1207805

Some furry stuff can be hot. If multiple ancient religions and the people who want to fuck the red Zelda sharkman are wrong, then I don't want to be right.

No. 1207845

File: 1654184243549.png (765.65 KB, 640x800, 3F3F6D0A-CB5F-4C1C-AC52-7628CB…)

Adding to this half human half dogs are so hot and I would fuck an animu cutie demon with a tail and ears

No. 1207855

Based nonna, animal themed demons are the best!

No. 1207940

I said posting should be a paid thing, like a very small amount of money with a subscription like streaming services, I was thinking more about these payment or gift cards you can buy at any store that don't require giving any of you personal info. Maybe make it like Crunchyroll, you get the bare minimum and a shit ton of ads and your data is stolen away from you for free, or you pay and you have more options, no more ads and you can control what companies do with you data directly and efficiently.

And I'm ONLY talking about social media. Small forums, imageboards, actual blogs and personal websites aren't concerned, although I guess having to pay for your own server and domain kind of fits what I described already anyway.

No. 1208037

the relationship dynamic of zoomers and millennials make me so sad. it seems like everyone is either friends with benefits or those who are in a relationship it involves the woman being the biggest pickme towards her partner and the man is simping over every other girl.

Being a zoomer girl you're either the girl that guys in relationships creep over or you're the girl in the relationship with a guy who is constantly creeping on others. Neither girl wants to be either. I don't wanna live on this planet.

No. 1208044

There needs to be a club penguin type game that allows swearing, that would be funny as heck

No. 1208072

Inuyasha was my gateway drug into being a furry kek

I'm not actually a furry but Inuyasha and Sidon are still hot as fuck

No. 1208122

I think is Japanese society is just super fucked up and we shouldn't be consuming to much content from a people who think open pedophilia is alright, the world would be a lot better imo if Japan just didn't become culturally dominant as it is now, no lolicons, fujoism and waifu/husbando culture

No. 1208126

>Comparing pedos/lolIcons to husbando culture and fujos.

Braindead moment right there.

No. 1208131

Same thing for Americans but for some reason I barely see anyone complaining nearly as much about the USA's pop culture being shoved down everyone's throats despite it being full of bullshit like live action TV shows and movies full of teenage characters played by teenage or barely adult actors doing weird fetish shit on camera (Dan Schneider's shows for one), crazy age gaps, romance between high school girls and their teachers, sex scenes (to be fair I've seen some adults complain about it online because opinions are slowly changing), actual porn being all over the internet and even shit like Playboy being normalized at being seen as just a cutesy fashion accessory brand in the 2000s like it's not a company that forced women to fuck dogs or anything, etc.

No. 1208139

File: 1654195639037.png (287.74 KB, 1364x531, st.png)

I see, choosing to stand tall with your lolicon brothers

No. 1208141

Just ignore it nonnies. They're on their weekly fujo fishing trip

No. 1208153

Deserve to die
They're just cucks, nothing bad
>waifu/husbando culture
Just cringey, nothing bad

No. 1208154

but it would be better if they didn't exist even as a concept

No. 1208166

File: 1654196532659.gif (751.8 KB, 498x326, shugo-chara-ikuto.gif)

I'll never forgive trannies for co-opting cat boys.

No. 1208180

My unpopular opinion is some waifufags are not bad, I was watching this video and it was sweet I really feel like this guy loves Alyx. The ones that have anime girls as waifus should be steered clear from, though

No. 1208199

File: 1654197853898.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.28 KB, 1700x1190, 20210927_155735.jpg)

My spiciest take is that octopus boys are hot

No. 1208208

Tentacles inside yaoi ass? Tentacles inside yaoi ass.

No. 1208210

That's a woman, nonnie

No. 1208211

Not all fujos are like this at all, only the ones who like shotacon. There's a lot of fujos who are against this

No. 1208212

Maybe tentacles inside octopussi then???

No. 1208216

still it would be better if none of these people existed or had a sub-group to belong too

No. 1208226

You posted this shit so many times before, it's getting boring. You posted it while trying to say that women into husbandos are pedophiles (even though the video talks about males) and then you went on to sperg about children and how japanese anime characters look like white children and acshually we're all pedophiles yada yada.
Now get your fat ass hands off that computer and try to lose weight, while you're at it you can also tell your little brother you used to take pictures to stop posting shit on that absolutely rancid Twitter account. Go. Outside. And. Lose. Weight.

No. 1208227

Best take in this whole thread

No. 1208229

Why nonny?

No. 1208236

Anons calling their male partner "moid" are laughable. Any plausability vanished when you got romantically involved with him.

No. 1208242

I think they do it out of habit from being on LC, but I agree that it's cringy

No. 1208245

I think it should be fine for women (straight, lesbian and bi) to say faggot. If I go by the logic of SJW twitter about slurs only being offensive if the person saying it wields power. Since women don’t have more power than a gay scrote even if he is gay how can a woman calling a moid a faggot actually be offensive?

No. 1208246

I don't think the word is exclusive for use by the terminally single and unbothered dykes who have no skin in the game.

No. 1208247

If somebody calls me a bitch or cunt, I'll call them a faggot, dicklet etc.

No. 1208250

File: 1654199506135.jpg (60.7 KB, 526x477, 1930022.jpg)

call it the beauty of ignorance, imagine how better your life would be it you weren't exposed to the fucked up shit from the internet, weird ideologies, fetishes and their communities, clown world epiphanies and gazillion other things, Like I wish I could go back to a time I didn't even know what a furry or a brony even was, I remember how it seemed like the most fucked up thing in the world for me to discover and that was so long ago

No. 1208256

sage for ot but what imageboard is this?

No. 1208295

I agree. I don't consider myself a furry at all nor do I usually seek out that kind of content, but there have been instances where I've found some furry-adjacent stuff hot.
kek I found Inuyasha so hot when I was watching the anime back in high school. I definitely have a thing for characters who are half human and half other animal

No. 1208312

samefag nevermind I found it

No. 1208434

I will never see the issue of saying faggot. Them men is never gonna cape for you. “Ironic” homophobia is weird though.

No. 1209084

File: 1654250911859.png (177.66 KB, 815x608, 1653843804747.png)

Radical feminism is a meme ideology, by "meme ideology" I mean shit like anarcho-monarchism, its never ever gonna be a thing and neither is us ever gonna real world impact, its exists in books, articles, speeches and in the minds of the very "idealistic" people who choose to believe in it. literally every meme ideology has all this stuff btw
I think they should try to rethink their approach to somethin that actually works and brings about change rather then being idealistic morons who faff about mostly

No. 1209087

she looks so happy, good for them.

No. 1209089


No. 1209090

I always saw anarcho monarchism as just living like they do in Hobbiton with Aragorn as king, Arwen as queen, but they don't actually have any power and are just figureheads. While everyone is still just having a good old time in Hobbiton. (using that example because Tolkien called himself an anarcho monarchist)

No. 1209095

No, of course not. In fact, straight/bi women feel the heat more. It's just funny to see a farmer talk about the man who they are romantic with, remember his birthdays, give gifts, show affection to, whatever, come here to call him "my scrote" or "my moid" is really funny. It's like a man going "I gave my roastie an anniversary gift today and she's not as enthusiastic about it as I hoped, ugh I feel like I made a mistake" or something. Like, you clearly like the person enough to fuck them, so the posturing is cringe. Just say boyfriend kek, no one is gonna jump you.

No. 1209102

As a terminally single unbothered dyke I wholly support women in relationships with scrotes, calling them a scrote or having husbandos on the side.

No. 1209117

I see no problem with it, what I hate is "Nigel". Mostly because it makes me think of an ugly British guy and I find that rude of them to put in my head

No. 1209123

That's exactly the intended image imo, it's mocking when you talk about someone else's Nigel and self deprecating when you talk about your own. You can't do that by making the man sound like a Chad.

No. 1209133

It's dumb, it originally comes from that "not my Nigel!" term to mock women that said their man would never do a certain thing. So you are basically saying your scrote is like the rest, in a way it's meaner than calling him scrote or moid. Also making me think of ugly british men involuntarily is abusive

No. 1209139

socialism and anti-capitalism are cope for unemployed losers from western countries who want the state to be their mommy, capitalism has improved the living conditions of people in the third world and decreased the prevalence of extreme poverty. nothing more pathetic than grown adults crying about 'the rich'

No. 1209141

I'm a socialist but I believe you have a right to think like this, problem is 99% of socialists in the west are pretentious faggots who only care about theory and doing jack shit

No. 1209142

anti-capitalist anarchists have existed for ages before Marx was even born

No. 1209143

Elective plastic surgery is not normal and should not be normalized. “Doing it for myself” is a cope and a lie. They don’t want to do any self-reflection or question society so instead they contribute to the problem and try to make anyone with common sense the bad guy.

No. 1209164

Mean lmao? They aren't insulting their bfs, they're making fun of themselves. Anons know what the phrase implies, they also know this place is full of feminists who won't be impressed by their lame bfs. So they're acknowledging how they might come across by fawning over a guy on here. We literally have a whole thread for bragging about your Nigel on /g/.

No. 1209168

Hard agree

No. 1209171

Kek, agree. Do whatever you want but trying to frame it as anything other than what it is, is pathetic.

No. 1209183

This. Especially when the excuse is "I want to look good in clothes so I got a BBL/ Boob job"
Like… You mean to tell me you spent thousands with an excruciating recovery process, for the sake of wearing clothes when you could easily get padding instead?

No. 1209241

I had a breast reduction back in 2019, best decision I have ever made. I have body dysmorphia and many other mental health and self esteem issues. Having bigger boobs only made these worse. I don't regret my surgery and encourage anyone who feels the same as i did to have it too.

Idk if this is what you mean, but sometimes surgery like nose jobs etc are done due to girls loathing how they look and I don't think there is anything wrong with having procedures like mine and others.

No. 1209251

Breast reduction definitely has medical benefits though

No. 1209253

Yeah, I was experiencing back pain and I do have a smaller frame, also my nan had one when she was younger as all females on my mums side have bigger breasts. Mine was done mainly for self esteem issues though

No. 1209705

How is wanting female only spaces, investing in only other women financially emotionally & timewise, and de brainwashing yourself, a meme ideology? Go outside and stop reading terminally online retards manifestos & rich upper class women's whinings.

No. 1209709

>You can only beat a dead horse so much after it's been turned into glue
I know it's just a saying, but god this is a horrible image

No. 1209796

I always hated that saying. As a kid I would get sick to my stomach every time I heard "beating a dead horse," and especially if someone said "throwing the baby out with the bathwater." I would always imagine the poor baby getting thrown out into the stream and left behind and pretty sure when I was really young I even cried over it.

No. 1209820

I can only understand it if it's for medical reasons, for example if you don't have breasts because of cancer or on the other hand, of your have back pain and need a reduction.
Other than that, people that have cosmetic surgery while saying they loved their body as it was before are just lying to themselves.

No. 1209911

You are the anon that has kept sperging about this same topic in past threads and the secret board, right? You keep saying "meme ideology". Why do you have such a vendetta against radfems specifically? I'm not even a radfem but I don't understand you and your autism about this. You literally have a whole thread to yourself back there, why must you bring your shit here? Also IIRC libfems also started off as rich white women and feminism only got more intersectional later on. Good activism is dependent on freedom of speech, committment, amount of support and the cause being palatable enough. So naturally many activists will have significant privilege as they have the time and means to do so. Radical feminism is like the Malcolm X of feminism and libfems are like the MLK. One is more based and helps people take pride in their identity but more exclusive and aggressive and doesn't appeal to many of those it's supposed to help and the other has a diffused message but has a wider reach and more publicity. That's oversimplified but you get it. However feminism get hijacked by moids and pickmes a lot and the oppressions happen for different reasons so the race comparison isn't entirely apt. Do I think radical feminism is perfect and will change the world? No. Is it completely useless though? Not in my opinion. What should feminism look like then anon?

No. 1210049

Not every chronically ill woman or those who complain about mystery illnesses is a munchie. I honestly hate how this idea gets perpetuated so much here. Women statistically are more chronically ill than men. We already have to deal with moid doctors saying we have modern day hysteria or bpd. Why make it worse?

No. 1210080

Nothing was like this when Polyvore was still up. Just putting that out there

No. 1210087

I completely agree with this

No. 1210113


No. 1210114

Ah yes, because YOU personally have no desire to get elective surgeries means that it’s automatically a terrible thing that should be banned. Let me guess, you have your ears pierced, maybe even a tattoo? Did you cut yourself as a teenager? Have you lost or gained weight at any point? Gotten your teeth whitened or your hair colored?

Body modification is a vain and frivolous act that is perfectly fine and often harmless if done properly. Elective surgeries are body modifications that are a personal choice of those who own the body. We don’t need to ban them altogether, we need more skill, research, and education to prevent harm or regretted impulsivity. Who the fuck are you to say that it’s a personal failure to want to modify a fat and flesh covered cage of organs? So dumb and also boring.

No. 1210117

Autists and spergs should never be in authority positions in any fields of life. Especially not when they are in charge of several people, autistic/sperg women included.

No. 1210171

Also despise how if you have any standards or restrictions about what you eat/what meds/etc put in your body, ppl go crazy and try to shame make fun of and cross your boundaries. Women aren't allowed to have any boundaries and standards apparently. From assholes trying to put meat in vegetarians meals, shaming women for being dumb Karens for eating nongmo, to the whole literal witch hunt of women who don't feel comfortable with some medical practices for themselves & their children.

No. 1210178

maybe this isn't super controversial for this place, but..hentai is actually cool and sexy~ i'm strictly anti-porn so i do look for other ways to get off other than my imagination or erotica. my favs are the ones that are also cute (in the broader sense not in a kawaii way) and romantic. most of the time i don't even get off to them they're just visually pleasing. not even a weeb but i have to admit there's some tasteful hentai out there. note: i'm strictly talking about manga because i've tried watching hentai but the voice acting is too off putting.

No. 1210180

Yeah because wasting thousands of dollars getting fat siphoned out of your body and back injected into your ass with a high risk of complications due to sexist societal shame and pressure is the same as a dental procedure or basic earlobe piercing. Maybe look at who gets plastic surgery and why and you'll see who suffers from unfair expectations and needless complications. These procedures are not even at all on the same level as fucking hair dye kek

No. 1210195

Are you lost? Hentai can still induce porn sickness and escalating behavior, just like with people porn. Hentai still gives men fucked up views of sex and female anatomy. Not mentioning its role in troon delusions, in male and female.
Tasteful hentai is exceedingly rare, unless you're counting a handful of doujin of shoujo couples that are for women. Hentai made by women for women are nonexistent compared to male gaze coomer shit.

No. 1210200


>Elective surgeries are body modifications that are a personal choice of those who own the body

Ehhhhh I get your point anon but I think it's foolish to ignore the reasons WHY a lot of people make those choices. I just saw a news story the other day about an 18 year old girl who went and got a boob job shortly after graduating high school and ended up brain dead due to complications during the procedure. Her whole life ruined just because she wanted bigger tits. Not saying it's her fault and obviously stuff like that is rare but let's not pretend that main reason she mostly likely wanted the procedure is because she wanted to fit a certain image that society was shoving down her throat. Same with those women who die/getting health complications getting bbls because that's the trend. Like anon >>1210180
said, you really can't compare the two when elective surgeries are way more dangerous. I wouldn't say ban them but it's gonna take more than skill, research and education to address the real issue of way people go to extreme measures to "fix" their bodies.

No. 1210214

>I'm strictly anti porn
Please do not use words that you don't understand the meaning of. Thank you.

No. 1210218

Hentai is even more damaging imo since they feature bizarre, bodily impossible stuff and give men weird views on anatomy. I knew so many moids who legit thought a virgin woman would just magically cum and lactate and expected it during sex and porn sick women try to mimic hentai. Hentai culture is melting people's brains
>Inb4 well they're just stupid
Yeah you're right but we should try to contain the stupidity at least. Refusing to do anything about men becoming abusive towards women's appearance and ruining their brain when it comes to anatomy is pretty enabling

No. 1210224

I'm the one who should be fucking upset that moids can't fuck like hentai MC who will make me cum 50 times in 1 minute.

No. 1210225

Disgusting whale pedophile EDP agrees.

No. 1210228

then maybe i'm not educated enough on topic if it is in fact an offshoot of porn. i'm usually not into weebshit. like i said i'm more so into hentai that depicts couples in love, cute scenarios and such. not pornsick stuff, often times no frills sex between consensual adults. idk how that leads to pornsickness? i'm not reading hardcore or tentacle shit that depicts women with exaggerated proportions.

No. 1210229

I’m not ignoring them and again, those issues can be confronted with proper education and advancement. If someone wants to get a surgery that is not going to harm them, disfigure them, or disrupt their body’s ecosystem then why care? We are millions of worker ants. This is all a passing phase as surgical ability advances. The age of the bbl is coming to an end as well.

No. 1210230

File: 1654293932660.gif (1.16 MB, 640x358, simpsons-leaving.gif)

>I knew so many moids who legit thought a virgin woman would just magically cum and lactate

No. 1210234

No, they aren’t on the same level but there is a reoccurring pattern today of opinions that revolve around taking away someone’s ability to do what they choose with their bodies or that autonomy is retarded or unnecessary or something.

No. 1210235

>i'm not reading hardcore or tentacle shit that depicts women with exaggerated proportions
No one thought they'd be watching that when they first got into porn/hentai either.
Vanilla loving consensual stuff is already a small category in hentai. Even in those ones, it's always female bodies that are on displayed and sexualized. Even in those ones, men rarely perform oral sex but the girl always always suck dick. Just refer to your smut as erotica or doujin. When you just say "hentai is cool" it conveys very different message.

No. 1210236

There is a reoccurring pattern today of opinions that revolve around believing that people just wake up one day and pull "choices" out of their ass like they are immune to a lifetime of social conditioning.

No. 1210237

File: 1654294415142.jpeg (55.21 KB, 343x360, 1633023046159.jpeg)

>cute hentai
I thought that to…until I stopped kidding myself. I guess yaoi can be hot, but 99% of straight porn, including hentai, is male-gaze shit. I don't care if they 'act like a couple' it's coomer shit. Also using '~' gives faggot male vibes

No. 1210245

More moids believe womb penetration is a normal thing than you know. They also believe climaxes during rape is just like in hentai.

No. 1210248

Exactly. And it's always sexist ass expectations that people defend the most

No. 1210252

okay thanks anon. honestly i had no idea. i was being a little ironic calling it sexy and cool (because lbr nothing inherently cool about manga smut) but it was a wrong choice of words. i guess i never thought of it that way, because it didn't depict real people but it does have real world consequences. it's a shame because i do like to look at the ones where there's equal give and take between the man and woman and the ones that have a lot of non-sexual romantic bits in it, so i'll have to find ones that were written by women.

No. 1210295

I hate to admit this but I was very pornsick as a teen and watched a lot of hentai. I thought womb penetration was real too until my sister told me otherwise. Made me sick to think about after

No. 1210306

Kek and the fake reddit stories about how "her fetus grabbed my dick bro it was so weird but she came hard" like… It's one thing to believe it but making up a fake story to continue to pedal shit tier anatomy? What are they trying to accomplish?

No. 1210309


I know hentai is the less evil of porn since real women arent being hurt, but my god.. the porn sick brain is still the porn sick brain. Men claim to be obsessed with women but refuse to learn anything about basic human anatomy.

No. 1210310

Please direct me to this non-existent cute romantic hentai on your way back to twitter, faggot.

No. 1210316

Her… what? Grabbed his what? Are you for real? I didn't think even redditors were that retarded

No. 1210322

NTA but I think many modern radfems do nearly 0 praxis and act more like libfems. At best they push legislation (reforming within a liberal framework isn't very grabbing by the root, you know..), at worst whining online that nobody can do anything. Previous radfems set up shelters, ran soup kitchens, set up communes, sabotaged patriarchy, created zines, helped homeless women, created community gardens etc. Currently the height of praxis is constantly whining about troons, while twiddling thumbs waiting for others to lobby the government (or as Solanas calls it, "Big Daddy", reference to Big Brother). Yes the AGPs are annoying and a danger, but we can't just be paralyzed in fear permanently. It doesn't help that all the radfems from back then who are still alive are bottom of the barrel polilez, who now just hold talks and livestreams about choosing lesbianism and who weren't a part of the group of radfems who actually did shit.

No. 1210324

>If someone wants to get a surgery that is not going to harm them, disfigure them, or disrupt their body’s ecosystem then why care?
That's the thing though, they do harm and sometimes disfigure them and a lot of times disrupt their body's ecosystem.

No. 1210328

>Hentai is less evil
Can you guys stop falling for this shit? How are huge balloon titties bigger than a head and body proportions that real women cannot obtain ANY better? It is just as harmful but in a different form. This is how men get weird fucked up fetishes regarding womens bodies and seeing them as blow up doll objects.

No. 1210368

Reddit is a factory for fake ass stories about women's anatomy. Every single man on Reddit claims to drive women crazy with their dick game and claims that their real life waifus have impossible proportions

No. 1210373

File: 1654301042111.png (143.2 KB, 276x296, scooby.png)

The show Scooby Doo never appealed to me as a child. Meanwhile all the other kids considered it as one of their favs.

No. 1210376

>no radfem is doing volunteer work, all they do is polilezing out, unlike the libs
Ok so it’s bait. But we knew that.

No. 1210381

Uh yeah of course hentai is less evil than actual porn. Unrealistic body standards vs actual real, living women being abused and violated, doesn't seem comparable??

No woman should subject herself to hentai but it's still better than some poor woman getting a prolapsed asshole on film

No. 1210427

>sees prolapse in hentai
>wants to see it real
>perpetuates market for prolapse porn
Net loss

No. 1210428

Hentai addicts are horribly abusive towards women, porn addicts are also horribly abusive towards women. While the actual process of making porn is a lot worse than hentai what anons mean is that the effects it has on people's minds are on par with each other

No. 1210444

> should be banned
> ban them altogether
Didn't say it should be banned. I said elective plastic surgery shouldn't be normalized.
> Who the fuck are you to say that it’s a personal failure to want to modify
I didn't say that.

Sounds like there is a lot of projection here and a chord was obviously struck. Go ahead and cut yourself and get a BBL if that's what you want. The fact that the entire elective cosmetic surgery industry is built upon misogyny and sexism against women is still going to stand. To reiterate what other anons have said: you are not immune to a lifetime of social conditioning and it's always sexist ass expectations that people defend the most.

No. 1210448

Same. I never had a desire or any positive feelings towards it. I don't get the hype.

No. 1210454

The show was made around the obnoxious laugh track. They're animated characters that literally pause conversations for laughter. It's bizarre and very unappealing.

No. 1210481

What year were you born? Because no one really enjoys this unless they were an 80s kid.
am 80s kid

No. 1210484

I really dislike a lot of the transphobia/racism on this site. I wish I could be pissy and gossip about shit with other people and not constantly see that shit.

inb4 rain of shit but i was born a woman and still am one(integrate)

No. 1210490

You do realize the reason 'twanphobia' exist here is because you cant say your real opinion about men pretending to be women anywhere else online, right? Think about that.

No. 1210493

fuck oreos

No. 1210494

fuck cookies period

No. 1210496

You want to gossip and nitpick and talk shit but pointing out that trans women are men is off limits? You're funny, nonnie.

No. 1210502

lol relate but tbh just gloss over it you don't need to discount the whole site over it

No. 1210510

you’re sick in the head

No. 1210514

samefag but i felt the same way when i started browsing lc, at least about the transphobia. it was so persistent that eventually i stopped getting instinctively angry over it and started actually listening to what anons had to say… i peaked almost immediately after that lol. not trying to change your mind but maybe spend a little time in the mtf thread on /snow/ it’s eye opening for sure.
the racism is a whole separate issue. but racebait posts are against the rules so you can report them at least.

No. 1210516

I personally came to be more critical of my own mindless defense of anyone gross who obviously uses trans label (a guy who emotionally abused me and other women suddenly came out as non-binary and apologized to me just as my scene was going cancel crazy) as a shield from criticism, but didn't change my feelings about my trans acquaintances or their experiences of issues. I just roll my eyes when I see gender stuff and move on, considering men who do physical violence arent going to be here reading it and feeling invigorated/inspired or something. It's not like Reddit's encouragement of misogyny. It's kind of a secret place for people to vent their opinions, mostly centered on people who reinforce it, because they know they're not welcome any other places that aren't overrun with vile men.

No. 1210519

I wonder how you define racism. I think here people are free to be more real about race/culture which can lead to discomfort if you're only ever used to the "ypipo bad poc good" kind of racial discussions that are all that's allowed on most of the mainstream internet. I mean even here I feel like discussions tend to only be marked racebait when it's something poc may not like

At the same time some of the race stuff here is downright spergy and annoying to read (celebricows thread)

No. 1210520

Anon I have the perfect place for you… it’s called Twitter.
Report the Racebait it’s against the rules and happy peaking jokes aside.

No. 1210528

I find all these anons complaining of transphobia lately very odd. Yeah, they're new and all but places like this tend to be anti mainstream. Why take anything here personally? It's like seeing some black women here racebaiting and white women responding with a curt "nigger" to make them shut up. It's something you can find annoying but why whine about it almost every day on this site? Oh no, mentally ill men are being insulted on the website where mentally ill people are made fun of all the time!

No. 1210533

It's just twitfags and trannies, they're invading everywhere on /ot/ because they found a place that hasn't yet been invaded by their specific brand of brainworms. Froth at the mouth newfags.

No. 1210540

I think people who are fat have disordered eating (not necessarily an eating disorder though) and I see them the same way I see someone who is anorexic.
I know some people might see this and say, "well obviously fat people have disordered eating" but I don't think they're treated as if they do. Of course fat people can be assholes, but I still feel really bad for them.

No. 1210542

I don't think anons hating trannies is the same as anons being racist. Both of the anons in this scenario
>It's like seeing some black women here racebaiting and white women responding with a curt "nigger"
Would be racebaiting and rightfully banned and told off by other anons. It's not acceptable behavior on this site like other imageboards.

No. 1210546

Probably from Kaitlyn's article and from screenshots of this place spreading around on Tumblr.

No. 1210548

File: 1654312306809.jpeg (273.38 KB, 750x739, 4F7AFF9B-8083-44F4-B9FD-6C0E06…)

Right? Like why can’t you be a catty bitch on twitter? Fucking retards loveeee the aesthetic of using an imageboard, makes them feel cool and alt or something. But like every vapid faggot obsessed with the appearance, the aesthetic, the varnish, they don’t care about the authenticity of anything. Anonymous imageboards are counterculture spaces. Suddenly real women having real conversations are too real for their algorithm curated brains.

No. 1210556

leave shortbread out of this you bitch

No. 1210620

"transphobia" …yes, grown fetishist coomers in dresses getting euphoria from invading women's and girls spaces is fucking terrifying. you might enjoy instagram.com more

No. 1210629

Peak or leave, handmaiden.

No. 1210674

Overachievers are often staged af and just have the right connections. I knew so many broke kids who were geniuses and talented but never got recognition because mommy and daddy worked all the time and weren't buddies with mayor/university owner/whatever

No. 1210706

True. I've studied with people who has worse grades than me but who were better prepared for work because their rich, upper middle class parents or family friends gave them advice and helped them get their first jobs, internships or apprenticeships and they won't stop bragging about it, but I saw them either slacking off and barely learning despite having more opportunities than me or working hard and still failing. Meanwhile I had to deal with my own physical health issues that gave me some mild memory loss issues and made me tired all the time and I had a much bettee work ethic than any of them despite studying on ly own but I had less job opportunities because I was too poor to move anywhere and no advice and help whatsoever, my parents didn't even set foot in high school and my mother is too disabled to work so she barely knows anyone. I work in recruitment now and I can spot these candidates from a miles away too, if I meet them for a short interview they'll brag for doing the bare minimum and they think they'll get a prestigious apprenticeship at their mommy and daddy's huge company just because they're working there kek.

No. 1210722

Troons have no problem saying the vilest shit about us in their own spaces.

No. 1210740

I didn't say unlike the libs, they do jackshit either. The problem is that radfems nowadays act like the libs. Volunteering and donating to charity is also more on the lib side. Nobody is actually interested in starting new things, new shelters, new ways to help women. Whenever I tried to convince any to actually do something, they would say "but muh AGPs" and use that as an excuse to never do anything. Volunteering at an existing shelter is nice, but nobody is interested in starting new ones together, more beds are needed. Nobody is interested in permablitzing, or helping with self defense classes. People just want to donate to lobby groups, whine about troons and that is that. Rote Zora hangs around radfem meetings, I wonder what they think of the lack of praxis. Terfy anarcha feminists have been way more interested in doing praxis and actually DOING something and creating something new. Instead of libby radfems who just want to donate to organizations which lobby the government and cooperate with conservatives, then pat themselves on the back. Maybe have volunteered at a shelter once or twice, but will balk at the idea of starting a new one and whine about what happened to the one in Canada and want to be paralyzed in fear of doing anything.

No. 1210748

You weren't here the last time trannies raided and posted gore of women being killed and child porn, were you? See you when you've peaked and had enough of fucking over womens rights.

No. 1210766

And the fucking summerfag posting begins. Sigh.

No. 1210847

the mtf threads and this website made me transphobic and i have never looked back

No. 1210850

The average transphobic post on here is practically polite when you put it next to the average misogynistic comment from a troon. I don't think I've ever seen an anon on here (seriously) threaten to physically attack a troon, but troons will explode if they don't vent their violent fantasies every 24 hours and they're so detailed and personal that you know this goes beyond edgy humour.

No. 1210853

Why do you put transphobia before racism, kek? Even in this complaint, you center men's feelings above everything and just tacked on "racism" because you want to ride the coattails of something that really exists and harms actual women.

No. 1210857

I prefer the word enlightened but same kek

No. 1210881

Women calling other women misogynistic slurs is cringe even if you dislike the other woman

No. 1211006

Leggings are a perfectly acceptable choice of attire when casual clothing is acceptable. Like running errands, restaurants, hanging out with friends, bars, etc.

No. 1211035

File: 1654352403516.png (24.67 KB, 192x201, 8ju.png)

The Weeknd's music is extremely mediocre and boring. It sounds like something you'd hear in the background at a mall. I swear you need to be brainwashed/MK Ultra'd to think it's anything interesting or unique
Musicians who make very bland work (but have insanely devoted fans) honestly make me wonder if all the things about celebrities selling their souls to Satan for instant fame are true. Like, this shit has to be botted somehow. There's no fucking way people are worshiping that man and calling him a genius organically
Pic related, average fan of The Weeknd

No. 1211041

no like I started realizing this, his songs all sound the same. it made me realize that women now have to be multifaceted (ex. like doja) to be given a reward but a man can be stale and non-experimental and have one niche and get praise

No. 1211067

To add to this, judging one piece of attire rather than the full outfit is dumb. That's what people without style do, get hung up on one piece. It's about the image.

No. 1211084

agreed, i wear leggings every day to work and have been doing so for years. if it makes men seethe that they have to see my thunder thighs and I'm not hiding my body under a giant tent to keep their boners intact, good.

No. 1211090

I think it looks lewd. When I wear leggings you can see everything. I was semi-tricked by that long sweater/leggings fashion psyop like a decade ago but even then it felt strange and revealing

No. 1211092

File: 1654355868661.jpg (59.86 KB, 800x800, aosheng-women-cotton-leggings-…)

croptop aside, what's lewd about this? are you that male identified? if you're wearing extremely tight, paper thin leggings, maybe, but thicker leggings that aren't pressed up against your vagina aren't "lewd"

No. 1211099

Wearing leggings is on the same level as running errands in your pyjama's.

No. 1211102

Nta but that looks ok because you only see the front, your ass is very out there from the back like idk how to say it but it looks like so bad and cheap unless that person wore them for appropriate reasons like going to a yoga class. It's just that during daily tasks, I wouldn't want my butt to be that visible from behind. Skinny jeans and stuff are fine but there's a reason leggings are inappropriate compared to other tight pants.

No. 1211104

What're you talking about? Most men like it when women wear leggings unless the woman in question is morbidly obese. They even have legging fetish stuff and I've heard a lot of guys try to get their gfs to wear them cause they like how sexualized it looks.
Trust me if what you're doing is getting a man hard, he doesn't hate it. It's not a gotcha.

No. 1211105

and just as comfortable, another reason to wear leggings!

and another reason, since i'm also fat, yet i keep wearing leggings wherever i go.

No. 1211106

Yes, absolute agree

No. 1211113

File: 1654357653289.gif (2.63 MB, 498x401, mean-girls-no.gif)

Anon, most people wear it to lounge around at home. As the other anon said, they are like pyjamas

No. 1211120

eh, a lot of men hate when fat women wear sexy things. i personally don't think leggings are so sexy unless maybe you have a really "thicc" body and tight tight leggings

No. 1211134

After reading the hentai discussion above, I'm convinced men are literally just retarded. There is no way for 99% of them to not be dumb and incompetent when it comes to sex and the female body, because they just don't care (unless it's a woman they're literally head over heels with or something). If you only give them written or audio erotica and wipe visual pornography from their brains, they'll still be dumbfounded and/or unable to handle the actual sight of women or sex because up until that point, they would've spent all that time reading and imagining their own weird shit like nipples looking like pointed needles, or clits being the size of their big toe or pinky finger. Medieval men probably 100% believed in vagina dentata and other things like that
I don't care anymore about men being idiotic. I can't, it'll just never end. What fucks with me is actual women being exploited in IRL pornography. I just don't understand why women should suffer

No. 1211136

I think it depends on what type on leggings, but I agree. Stretchy pants are always comfy.

No. 1211137

I don't mind running errands in my pyjamas depending on where I'm going. The people in Walgreens won't give a fuck about what I'm wearing. I'll even wear my bonnet, fuck it.

No. 1211138

As a skinnyfat woman with literally no ass and living in a creepy neighbourhood, I feel like leggings look too revealing to me to. At least when I'm wearing them. Just wear jogging bottoms instead

No. 1211143

File: 1654359045755.png (749.98 KB, 949x1287, IMG_20190402_172632.png)

This is how I imagine you going shopping anon.

No. 1211147

File: 1654359246853.jpg (192.18 KB, 900x518, reclining-turkish-woman-emile-…)

That's exactly what I look like.

No. 1211215

90% of "culture shock" videos are just people too dumb to watch a 10 minute youtube video telling you what not to do in X country.

And not to sound like a wokee or anything, but after watching enough of these videos, you'll realize they pretty much all are just rich people humble bragging how much more cultured they are than poor people

No. 1211236

i love coleslaw
but i dont like deviled eggs

No. 1211248


I agree. But I'm a sweatpants everywhere bum so what do I know

No. 1211260

To be fair they're using algorithms to create the most addictive and pleasing beats, it's not too far off.

No. 1211294

Kind of related to what you said, I hate when people act like traveling means your cultured and tolerant. It's incredible easy to travel to many countries and experience a tourist friendly environment that doesn't put you in touch with the real culture and locals much at all. Then again I guess traveling is a way for the well off to virtue signal at eachother so wherever they travel to is a means to an end, they dont care about it except to signal that they too, have seen the Eiffel Tower

No. 1211319

Hibrystophilia is inherently linked with strong narcissistic tendencies. Nothing else can explain away the weapons-grade delusion it takes to believe you're special enough to change a violent criminal.

No. 1211323

I think ageing is almost 100% genetic and maybe very slightly stress. I don’t think things like diet or lifestyle really affect it much in fact if anything I think a lot of the time very “clean living, all plant based” types can often look very gaunt and aged and literal drug addicts often look way better

No. 1211332

No. 1211337

If you don't think diet affects aging, then why do you think plant-based people age worse?

No. 1211338

Diet and lifestyle def play a part. The gaunt “clean living, all plant based” types tend to be anachans who may or may not participate in drug use but they for sure don't look worse than junkies. You can keep convincing yourself that your bad habits won't have any effects tho.

No. 1211343

There's actually nothing wrong with listening to an audiobook instead of reading a book

No. 1211350

No. 1211372

super late but I agree with you anon, the shortages are definitely intentional and I've been saying from the beginning the court case is pure theater.

No. 1211377

>the vast majority of women are now claiming to be unable to produce enough breast milk, this isn't normal.
That's what formula does, and it's a big reason why they are dependent on it. Formula was always a meme. Never, ever use it if you have kids, fuck the "muh saggy tiddies"/"muh it's just not convenient" propaganda, all a bunch of bullshit

No. 1211400

Genetics play a huge part. My mom has been using meth for a decade and eating nothing but junk and she looks 10 years younger than she actually is. It’s weird I don’t know if I can count on those genes because I have a bald wrinkly dad who never drank or smoked and eats well but still looks really old

No. 1211402

Lifestyle plays a huge part, are you kidding? If you work out of doors all day long and never wear sunscreen, your skin will age prematurely.

No. 1211411

Putting “I love you nonnie” in replies to random posts is weird and juvenile and very tumblr 2.0

No. 1211418

I love you nonnie

No. 1211419

Yeah breastfeeding is literally the best thing ever.
>helps you bond with baby emotionally
>boosts their immune system (all the germs you encounter, you get antibodies and they pass through your breast milk.)
>helps mom heal
>helps with (some) weight loss
Do I have saggy boobs now? Mildly but it’s a small price to pay for a healthy kid in one of the most fragile parts of their life. Besides my biggest upset isn’t my boobs it’s mostly my tummy it looks like an oatmeal cream pie I kinda miss having a smooth flat tummy. I’ve always had big knockers with big ass pepperoni nipples that point to the floor. Not much of a loss there

No. 1211421

Tangled is such a retarded title, I hate this movie and half of the reason is just because of its name.

No. 1211425

0/10 not triggering as I was saying lovebombing strangers is bizarre. Please say “kys retard” like everybody else and move on.

No. 1211448

Nta but I love you nonnie and I agree.

No. 1211450

You can get your stomach back though right? with diet and exercise?

No. 1211455

To elaborate, I don’t mean this kind of thing makes me seethe, it’s just really juvenile and doesn’t mean anything at all to see someone make a big post or something in the vent thread that’s very bleak and the generic response is “I love you nonnie I wish I could hug you” or something. If you can’t think of anything to say that’s actually constructive, you’re just being disingenuous and it’s so copy/paste here now. Like someone expressing being in a dark place does not give a fuck that you “love” her, it’s just weird.

No. 1211492

Fuck you, if I just spent 9 months growing a baby and have many more months recovering hormonally and physically then yes I'm going to be "selfish" and formula feed to save my sanity lmao. Formula bashing is scrote behavior

No. 1211498

Isn’t it? Are the women even saying that mothers?

No. 1211521

Yes? I'm the anon she's replying to and I'm a mom who EBF. Why would I depend on something there's a literal shortage of?
What are you trying to prove? You're willing to rely on an extremely unreliable source, putting your baby at risk of starvation, when you could easily have a more reliable and healthier source just because…? Sorry I'm heavily judging you

No. 1211532

+ Being able to breastfeed and refusing to just because "I'm the mama I can do what I want" is also taking away formula from women who actually do need formula, making you even more selfish. This doesn't apply to women who don't have formula shortages in their country/who are actually unable to breastfeed. Being pregnant and becoming a mom isn't a free pass to be a cunt, and if you think it is then you should see a therapist

No. 1211577

Agree. Women raise their babies differently. and some women try to breast feed but can't. Bashing a woman for how she raises her kid is scrote-tier indeed.

No. 1211578

You mean the purposeful formula shortage that conveniently happened at a time where they’re trying to ban abortions?

No. 1211581

For real. it's like they are targeting only women. it's obvious control of women's bodies and choices.

No. 1211586

Ignore that. Tradfags will say breastmilk will make babies smarter but the countries where most women don't breastfeed have a higher average iq, because iq is genetic before anything and more education means a woman is less likely to have enough freetime to beastfeed until the baby moves onto other foods.

No. 1211590

Every single woman ikr I know who uses this excuse has gotten CPS called on her multiple times kek. If you make shit decisions when raising your kids you deserve to be judged
Why take away formula from people who need it? I know moms who are legitimately scared that they may not be able to find formula to feed their kids next week all so someone else can have formula "just because it's my decision" when they're perfectly capable of breastfeeding. You're making shit decisions for your own child and putting other women's children at risk. It has nothing to do with "formula shaming" if we didn't have a fucking crisis, it has to do with the fact their selfishness is putting their own child and others at risk. Do you understand that?

No. 1211594

Literally no one is a tradfag… I even repeated that this didn't apply to women who didn't live in a country with a formula shortage. I swear some of you will foam at the mouth if you do anything other than telling moms they can just do fuck whatever to their kids regardless of how potentially harmful it may be

No. 1211596

>only tradfags think breastmilk is better
Doctors, parenting experts, midwives, etc have been promoting breastmilk over formula shortage for years. You mean to tell me they're all tradthots too?

No. 1211618

Not op, it doesn't make them smarter it makes them healthier in general (no allergies, good immune system, strong bones, etc). Not going to argue but it's fucked up how drs just go buy this shit!! Instead of there being designated breastfeeding rooms, teaching women massages/supplements/foods to make more milk and make the process less painful. Ultimate capitalist hellhole where everything is priced.

No. 1211625

Especially when compared to the corn syrup filled sugary nonsense being sold in America, the country with the formula shortage. I swear some anons will just disagree and rant against something for no reason other than just to go against "tradthots" or whatever

No. 1211635

File: 1654388554201.jpg (79.22 KB, 560x560, 8595db9ff80f6adcca01f069adb2a3…)

>quit mom shaming me
>Only moids judge how other women raise their kids

No. 1211638


No. 1211650

This. Can't wait until saying you shouldn't smoke while pregnant for your sanity makes you a tradthot. Formula is garbage, simple fucking as. You're better off getting another woman's breast milk if you seriously can't breastfeed. Anyone who defends it because of its "convenience" at the literal expense of the child's health shouldn't be forcing themselves to have a child. They're not ready for something that big, and there's a non-zero chance they'll grossly neglect or fail the child in other ways

No. 1211654

why has everyone suddenly forgot that they make tiddy pumps to get the milk out of your breasts to put in a bottle

why are people so easily herded into 2 opposite extremes. are any of you people even real

No. 1211668

They'll insist breast pumps are too uncomfortable and take too much time lol (even if they've never used them)
I'm definitely approaching schizo mode these days, but I'm convinced North Americans are part of the largest brainwashing operation known to mankind to date. The things they believe wholeheartedly, the mindless aggression toward anyone who doesn't suck their shitty corporations' dicks, the devotion to the blandest shit known to man. It's all too much. Their companies and governments don't even need automated bots anymore, the citizens function almost like a hivemind constantly shilling the same things that harm them, and making you into the problem if you suggest anything better

No. 1211684

>why are people so easily herded into 2 opposite extremes. are any of you people even real
No. Newfags may not know this, but this thread is basically just a bunch of bots. They're programmed to have a list of topics that they rotate through and argue about over and over. For regular farmers this is kind of like a court and the bots are little jesters, and you can even make little inflammatory comments to egg the bots on. It's kept pretty hush hush to keep the entertainment going, but it was basically our last admins contribution to this site before she left.

No. 1211691

It's literally the truth though

No. 1211696

Anons even brought up that taking formula you don't need is taking formula away from someone who needs it and anons flipped because "breastfeeding is inconvenient, don't judge my choices". Imagine putting another woman's baby at risk because you don't feel like breastfeeding and then convincing people you're entitled to being selfish because you got pregnant kek. I fucking hate the mom culture days, you're supposed to live, learn and everyone is supposed to share advice to help with motherhood, now everyone is too scared to point out which should be brain-numbingly obvious because of "mom shaming". Explains why kids are acting like little shits nowadays too

No. 1211700

Samefag, but to clarify
>basically just a bunch of bots
Not those kind of bots, but beep boop robots. That's why this thread is always active, bots don't sleep and they don't adhere to timezones. In fact, you might be a robot and the AI is just getting so good that I didn't realize.
Anyway fools, please keep going or we will have to feed you to a pit of snakes or throw tomatoes at you (or however jesters were punished in medieval times).

No. 1211712

There are no bots nonna, just you, me and your x personalities.

No. 1211777

File: 1654399401514.jpg (47.56 KB, 612x456, happy-geeky-nerd-computer-scie…)

university isn't for learning, it's for proving what you already know before going to university. this is why sat and tests like that are a thing in the united states. it is to show your level of intelligence beyond the expected courses, and also to weed out regular and poor people.
i went straight from high school into computer science. i knew 0 coding before going. most of my classmates have already done programming courses in community college, or another university before coming here.
not only were the students and professors stuck up, refusing to clarify things, they were downright disgusted that i went in clueless, expecting to learn in college. i ended up dropping out because they expected me to already build my own programs perfectly for the assignments, while just starting to learn the codes. then when i did build my first projects they accused me of plagiarism for following tutorials. whereas before that, they turned me away from getting advice from the teachers themselves, telling me the course is self study. i swear some of them had a sadistic pleasure from seeing me fail. i hate scrotes, and academia.

No. 1211782

what shit school did you go to in the US? Disgusting they judged you for not having the same opportunities and experience. I went to a school where CS is a popular major and the role of introductory courses is to bring everyone at a similar level and teach them good theory and practice. Even if students (we know mostly men due to gendered nature of programming as a hobby) came in with knowledge, ultimately the program should bring everyone to a state they can succeed on their own and build a career. If the TAs are treating you like shit or sexist pigs learn how to issue complaints and track shit, also get to know and talk with other female students.

No. 1211787

Holy shit this literally happened to me. They were all from private schools or were rich moids from foreign countries. I didn't have a lot of experience coding and was scared I'd lose my scholarships, so I switched to a different major that I'm doing pretty good in, but it's a lot less respected and lucrative. They want you to fail and stay longer so they get more money. It's honestly evil how college is portrayed as a place to learn, it's just for the rich to get richer. Those same classes even said they were for people with no experience, but they were lying and didn't want to help anyone. I'm from the US btw, idk if this is an international a problem but it made me suicidal because of how shitty I felt coming from a broke school. It's a big sore spot for me because I was genuinely interested but couldn't afford to learn everything and fail. It feels like everything is gatekept.

No. 1211794

i went in the netherlands and the university enrolled people based on a lottery selection so my previous schooling did not affect it like it would have in other universities, or for example in the united states. i thought that is why this school would be feminist in values. it was also international and i came from a worse, european country. thing is, in the netherlands i could not get student loans without working. so i ended up working exploitative minimum wage jobs to be allowed for the loan, and with all of that shit i was not able to keep up with the courses. i was also bi-in-denial so i was afraid of talking with other girls, and did not have support from my male "friends" of course. i wish i knew i was supposed to take a gap year or another course before this because as another nonnie said, i still wasted a couple of extra years trying to catch up. the most vile thing is, they did not let me keep my credits after dropping out, so if i wanted to take the course again, i would have had to go through all 4 years without having any credits previously counted.
it sucks so much and with the sexism gives us so much shame and stress. some scrotes were already flexing bachelors and industry jobs, and would still gatekeep and refuse to explain their code in group projects.
people love parroting how everyone can graduate college with enough hard work, but they don't talk about how shitty you are treated as a woman if you are not autistically obsessed with the major and gender nonconforming at the same time.

No. 1211795

File: 1654402394173.jpeg (52.94 KB, 665x791, BFF18C1A-8A0F-450F-A377-4F505F…)

I can (did) but it has stretch marks and looks like an oatmeal cream pie cookie on the literal skin I am so sad desu saving for some coolsculpting

No. 1211796

File: 1654402640705.jpg (25.55 KB, 435x444, b1ea724aea9124990a04d9680eaf1d…)

looking even slightly feminine to start with has likely ruined my chances of any basic sympathy from many of these cs incels. if my parents did not have pushed me to go right after graduating high school, i could have larped as a glasses and hoodies nerd, while having accumulated basic knowledge and some savings. lesson learned to not listen to my boomer parents about major life decisions. saged for ranting

No. 1211803

You got this! I'm sure you're beautiful no matter what. Be careful with cool sculpting since it does seem to have harmful long term effects.

No. 1211805

This is how women are bullied out of these fields. I am so sorry this happened to you. Men are cowards.

No. 1211862

Why are women who have sons so batshit insane? I swear to God if you meet a boy mom she will be a complete psychopath most of the time, moms who mostly or only have girls tend to be a lot more relaxed and sane

No. 1211899

Boymoms are just narcmoms. The youths changed it to boymom, but there’s plenty evidence of narcmoms

No. 1211900

IDK I'm a mom too and usually around other moms, I also notice insane MIL stories are about the husbands mom most of the time too

No. 1211903

File: 1654410087261.jpg (44.15 KB, 680x492, FMten0NVEAIRAig.jpg)

I feel like boymoms is a thing I keep on hearing about on the Internet, like people talk about as their a common occurrence but I have never actually seen one IRL, Its like this fucking meme, its a nebulas idea that internet made up, sure there are women who favor their sons over daughters, they definitely exist but I like they have been corelated with other cringy mom stuff, like soccer moms and karens

No. 1211913

I had a similar issue when studying law in France for my first year, I changed my major the next year because me being poor and never having help for anything during my whole life at schools, worrying about losing my scholarship, worrying about my declining health (unrelated to all of this), worrying about how isolates I was from the rest of the students because they were all rich, white and spoiled by their parents who payed them tutors who were passive aggressive to me all the time, etc. was too much to handle. It's supposedly specific to the university I went to, I've been told, because the teachers gave us fake info all the time, like telling us that we didn't need to learn penal and civil codes by heart and we'd get open books tests because we'd be tested on our reasoning yet the exact reverse happened each time. One guy would, during each of his 2h long classes, talk about football and his lovely wife for 30min, shit talk another city for 10min (because football rot his brain), and he'd leave like 15min early to catch his train.

No. 1211914

File: 1654411062770.png (29.77 KB, 160x160, 1647005350280.png)

I feel like this website has gotten worse with regards to the incidence of incel tier posts about men. The most braindead takes that offer no insight and aren't based on anything but seething. It's gotten to the point where behaviour that is overwhelmingly displayed by women is pointed out as something that only a man would ever do. Scores of posts that read like the poster has never talked to a woman or been around women ever.

When I was young I spent time around r9k incels and these posts read the exact same way. I can only assume the people behind it are the same. I'm actually pretty sure some of them are literally men who come here to yell at women using deranged man hate as a shield. Many of the posts about male dating preferences seem to be sourced straight from that incel wiki website.

If I had to boil the essence of these posts down, I would say they embody these words: Dumb, hateful, empty.
I can't imagine the people posting them are actual human beings. They don't seem to have hobbies, interests or friendship. They know nothing, are incapable of normal social interaction even on a website such as this.

I'm interested in radical feminism, but the threads about it are just mindless seething and yass queen cringe larping. Is that really what that community is on lolcow? These people are nothing like the well spoken feminists that get banned off social media for speaking truth to power, they're just speds.

And I hate how it affects this site. Posters get horrendous advice, completely ass backwards and wrong explanations, and more and more I've seen people apologize for not having a psychotic hatred of men, prefacing completely fine posts with disclaimers. Don't apologize for your opinion! That's toxic feminity! The speds are big fans of it, but they're bad people.

This is poorly written, but I'm tired and I'll get shit for it no matter how I phrase it, so here I go.

No. 1211916

Tired of seeing this type of posts so fucking often. I wish farmhand started red texting all the spergs who complain about muh lolcow. It devolves into annoying and retarded infights each time. It also happens in every fucking thread.

No. 1211917

AYRT, retarded infights are another thing that pisses me off. Hundreds of posts of retards yelling at each other, about absolutely nothing, completely made up argument but it never ends and is 99% namecalling for hours. But I don't think that's an unpopular opinion (yet?).

No. 1211923

>incel tier
Visit a real male incel site and you'll change your tune about too much 'misandry' and women being meanies on an imageboard. Also, reddit spacing kek.

No. 1211926

When I was 13-15 or so I spent a lot of time on r9k and incel sites, I know these people better than they know themselves.

>reddit spacing

I can't tell whether this is a troll, do you never write posts with more than one sentence?

No. 1211931

You are a retard if you think women posting about hating men online as opposed to the men who post about hating women and actually shoot up places and kill women is any way comparable.

No. 1211935

>comparing farmers posting to rk9

No. 1211936

You are a retard if you can't tell it is the mindset and the way of thinking that unites both types of posters. The men have violent and rape fantasies thrown in, as is their wont, but the underlying attitude is a perfect mirror.

If your way of life is seething with hatred while being utterly ignorant of the thing you hate and basically every other thing in the world too, you need to check yourself and cease reinforcing your dysfunctional thought patterns by spending your days yelling at people on the internet and being a big nuisance.

No. 1211939

>come to lolcow last 7 years to avoid constant objectification of women
>”moo is sexy”
>can’t be in a thread about a woman without someone saying they are hot and want to date them
>”it’s different because I’m a woman”
>the comments are exactly the same as scrotes only more fleshed out
Seeing an anon objectify Mariah Mallad was my breaking point maybe

No. 1211947

I thought CC was a nice escape for a while until they all just festered in their bizarre breast hypertrophy fetish

No. 1211952

>come to lolcow last 7 years to avoid constant objectification of women

Oh but the incessant nitpicking is perfectly fine

No. 1211955

Some women just wanna attract better (in their eyes) men so they enhance themselves. I'd prefer attracting one that wouldn't requite me to change my appearance but I get it. Someone just wants to have a better shot at life and more handsome partners by looking better and surgery helps (we live in a society and shit but tbf it's not that deep). In regards to other women it's selfish because it normalises unrealistic goals though.

No. 1211959

>I feel like this website has gotten worse
I feel like these types of posts are made every year. I don't see a difference.

No. 1211960

Samefag but no it's definitely not a meme, I'm late twenties so I'm around fresh boymoms and they're so sexist. They imagine every abuser and spoiled asshole as their own boy and apologise his actions. I can't count how many times I've heard they're glad they didn't have daughters because those are too much drama.

No. 1211966

Are you asexual or something

No. 1211969

>No women can't hate the men who hate them. Nooooo.

No. 1211970

Accept men actually have power and do resort to violence. Be a pickme somewhere else. Sorry someone said yes even your nigel.

No. 1211971

Anons can be scrote tier when it comes to nitpicking and sexualizing women. Amber heard sexualizers make me cringe

No. 1211972

I feel it's newfags who want to shitpost and nitpick anonymously but not let anyone talk about the shit that they like and trying to brow beat women with the 'Just Be Kind' shit.

No. 1211975

>Well they post about hating women and women post about hating them so it's like the same!
Accept women have a justified reason beyond "stupid whores fuck chad and not me, no mommybangmaid ree". While women post hate about sexist bias in society, men committing majority of violence against them, being prevented from having freedom and rights taken because a womens freedom means they'll avoid shit men.

No. 1211979

>The men have violent and rape fantasies thrown in, as is their wont
nullifies this
>but the underlying attitude is a perfect mirror
because no Nonnie, those who complain about experiencing oppression are not the same to people who complain about not being able to oppress others more.
if you think that anons posting on the internet is "a big nuisance", maybe you should log off or don't come to lc?

No. 1212002

That’s literally what the site is for. Saying “I’m a lesbian it’s not the same” when you make scrote-tier annoying comments that would get moids banned is retarded.

Absolutely not but the “I am telling you all repeatedly that I am sexualizing the same women we come here to criticize but it is okay because I do so respectfully” is dumb asf. Like please go be a pariah somewhere else.

No. 1212021

Men get banned because men aren't allowed here. I'm not that anon but why are some of you newfags hating on lesbians and pretending they're same as scrotes? The only reason men are banned is because men aren't allowed anyways so eben if they didn't post weird shit, they always do, admitting to being male would get them banned. Stop pretending some horny lesbo is as bad as the usual scrote posters that spam gore and illegal content on the daily.

No. 1212032

Yes talking about whether you’d bang the cows or not isn’t weird or obnoxious at all

No. 1212033

>When I was young I spent time around r9k incels
Kek you've seen shit incels say but still act surprised when women here vent about men? Opinion discarded, go back to twitter/4chan.

No. 1212035

Did you even read what I wrote? And also didn't they do it in the right thread instead of whiteknighting in the og thread? Why are you so upset because some lesbo is into a fat chick but see nothing wrong with incels and think we should welcome them and not hate on them? Why don't you just go back to whichever male dominated site you came from?

No. 1212041

I’m an entirely different anon go kick rocks

No. 1212050

>having an autistic breakdown because a cow got called sexy
What are the chances you just dislike anything positive being said or simply feel jealous? You were in a thread about a cam whore which has a ton of her nudes yet you're pretending you totally wasn't objectifying her by going there and tearing her looks or body apart yet the lesbian user who claled her hot once was? You're hypocritical.

No. 1212051

I've only seen those comments about cows in the "real opinions on cows" thread, where people post mainly unpopular opinions, not in their own threads. It's not normal to be bothered by something this harmless, you sound jealous.

No. 1212053

There used to be one annoying lesbo thirstposting in the gimpgirl thread, I was complaining about her at the time >>730665
It's definitely annoying. I find Momokun sexually attractive, but I'd never go into her thread to thirstpost, thirstposting is not milk and is limited to the off-topic boards.

No. 1212056

>Jealous that scrotey-ass comments are popping up again like flies on shit
Yeah that’s definitely what it is. I want them to sexualize me instead, on a basket-weaving forum for Tibetan priests.

No. 1212057

She's probably jealous. She admitted to hanging around r9k circles and only women who do that are very insecure ugly pickmes who hate other women getting more attention. She also admitted to visiting camgirl threads and probably nitpicked and mocked the women's naked bodies but she's pretending she's upset because the other anon objectified a woman, as if visiting camgirl threads and staring at her nudes to nitpick isn't objectification.

No. 1212058

If you were here the last 7 years, you'd notice that women have always been objectified, largely in negative ways. There was some truly unhinged shit said about women's looks, and you'd get banned for whiteknighting if you told people to calm the fuck down (not even defending them, just saying not to sperg about their looks to the point where it looks like you have mental issues). I'm sick of the fucking LARPing

No. 1212059

Nta but the thirstposter posted in honest opinions about cows thread, not the original thread. That's why anon getting mad is pointless.

No. 1212061

Yeah. I think most anons who pretend to be oldfags to complain are new users who are trying to make shit up because some post offended them and that totally means the whole site needs to go back to the times where incels were allowed and manhate was banned.

No. 1212063

Oh, that's different. That's literally what the thread is for kek, for saying things not allowed in the main cow thread.

No. 1212064

That anon is not me. I had nothing to do with that conversation whatsoever and want nothing to do with it. The only posts that are mine are

No. 1212067

Also see >>1211939 and >>1212002 where she says how being a lesbian is same as being a male. It's a bit weird and I'd have agreed if it was in the original thread but some random anon shitposting in the honest opinions thread really isn't worth the fuss.
Sorry I thought it was the same because of the replies. Though why are you ok with participating in camwhore threads but think it's only objectification when some anon says one of the cows is attractive? Even if you think they're ugly and mock them, that's still objectifying them like >>1212058 said.

No. 1212069

Right kek? "If I disregard everything that makes it different, then it's totally the same." Pure retardation.

No. 1212073

No. 1212077

It’s just an accumulation of multiple posts I’ve been seeing across threads for the past couple months. The moo thing was just a recent example and wasn’t meant to be deep or anything. The accusation that I must be jealous about retarded scrote-lvl drivel about women just because it’s prefaced with I’m a girl btw is lame though and very male, ironically.

It’s fine, I didn’t see that anons opinion or read it until after I got a confusing reply. I think r9k is repulsive and I do not agree with anything they were saying at all.

Also yeah, nitpicking and objectifying is the name of the game here and I luckily don’t dehumanize a lot of these women the way some anons do but sharing your sexual attraction to them is creepy and always will be. We get enough of that from moids. It wasn’t specifically the moo comment, just an accumulation of a few odd behaviors I’ve been picking up on lately that are a bit hypocritical. That said lolcow is inherently hypocritical, I’m very aware. I did make the post in unpopular opinions. I’ve seen several similar comments over the span of months and I was momentarily annoyed, nothing more.

No. 1212111

"Momentarily annoyed" doesn't mean making a bunch of posts where you seethe in jealousy and repeat one thing like an autist.

No. 1212125

A lesbian saying a cow is hot isn't the same as men objectifying and harassing women. I'm sure a camwhore won't care if a lesbian thinks she's cute or whatever, stop making this into a fehmunist issue when you clearly dislike lesbians only and think they're equal to scrotes therefore shouldn't be allowed to post their feelings.
I also dislike weird posts in cow threads but as long as it's done in the right thread, you shouldn't complain about it to this extent. You clearly have some homophobia and you can choose to work on it or just learn to ignore lesbians. There is a weird wave of lesbophobia lately which is why I overreacted to your posts. I'm sorry for that but please don't compare lesbians to actual straight men who do much worse.

No. 1212141

I had made five posts on the matter. Just five; and this is the sixth technically, and they were replies so that’s not really “a bunch.” None of them were long, never have I brought it up before. None of them were seething either, you just decided to read them that way?
So painfully male to say kek. I literally just thought it was gross, just how I think it’s gross when men do it. Very simple concept.

I agree straight men do way worse. I wasn’t expressing through the lense of irl and just thinking in terms of lolcow. Had I seen the other post ranting about r9k and other bullshit I wouldn’t have posted at all likely. Any scrote-tier comment makes me gag however, dunno why that would ever be interpreted as jealousy. I absolutely do not want to be desired by the demographic of this board and I’d say most anons don’t either because that’s not even what it’s for? It’s not r/rateme.

No. 1212347

You are an idiot. The average man definitely does not hate women as a whole. Stop hanging out in incel (including female incel) spaces and go talk to actual real life people.

No. 1212351

They’re made everywhere because as they said this website keeps getting worse and nothing changes. Don’t be mad because you’re eager to eat the bare minimum pig schlop excuses the mods and barely existent admin gives you kek, bootlicker

No. 1212360

>unironically talking about female incels
First, femcels don't exist. Second, misandrist women are usually those who were abused and rant to cope. You can't quiet those women in a female site. Third misandrist women are not nearly as bad as misogynistic men as we don't hurt, rape or kill men but men do all of these, even towards underage girls. 1/3 women get sexually assaulted by men before they're 18. You can't blame them for being suspicious of all men when so many men are willing to hurt minor girls.

No. 1212361

>Not all men reee.
Fuck of newfag/moid. Go simp for rk9 fags.

No. 1212362

Even incels do not think femcels excist kek.

No. 1212363

Literally go and bitch on rk9 about how the average woman doesn't hate men and see what they do. They will call you a roastie. You are retarded. Women are angry at injustice, men are angry at not getting their dick sucked. Fuck off.

No. 1212364

Her r9k incel bf dumped her so now she reeees to us, kek.

No. 1212367

>Not all men
Do any of those 'right' men speak up when incels rage about women? You want to talk about average moid, well the average moid has shown to walk away when confronted with facing an incel gunmen and is totally willing to not potentially endanger himself to protect women from being killed for simply being female as we have seen with that American university shooting case where female students were specifically targeted for sexist reasons.

No. 1212369

*white women are angry at injustice

Corrected your statement.(racebait)

No. 1212370

Chad rejecting you for Stacy is not injustice, retard. Maybe you and the r9k incels should all date each other to open each other's eyes that the opposite sex is not inherently bad.

No. 1212372

File: 1654433673103.png (178.02 KB, 275x275, acceptthetruth.png)

Fuck off scrote, drag your limp dick elsewhere.

No. 1212373

Non-white women think white Chad rejecting them for white Stacy is injustice.

No. 1212374

>rk9: women shouldn't have the right to vote
>farmers: I hate men because they hate use
Kek, XY retard detected.

No. 1212375

>literal /pol/-tier meme but in a cutesy format
Yeah, you're totally the sane one here.

No. 1212376

Too bad it's a fact sheet kek.
>Nooo, you can't say the statistics of male violence is why you hate men. Nooooo(dont take the bait)

No. 1212377

The scrote has outed himself. Remember not to reply to it and report its posts. It feeds on attention so ignoring and continuing on a different conversation is the best
Please don't reply to it.

No. 1212378

Stop replying to the male poster.

No. 1212380

>fact sheet
Just like African-American crime statistics, right? Just a completely innocuous fact sheet, right.(male)

No. 1212381

File: 1654434141737.png (8.15 KB, 525x311, C42CA650-BFE7-44ED-9A76-21C745…)

Remember to not reply to the scrote. Just ignore his low-effort posts

No. 1212383

What's with the racebait? You think non-white women don't get murdered, raped, abused, etc by scrotes globally? I'm tired of the pick-mes/tradthots and undercover incel scrotes coming here

No. 1212398

It already got redtexted as scrote. It doesn't believe what it writes but only said those stuff to get attention. I also don't think most women of color really want white men as much as white men trick themselves.

No. 1212403

>First, femcels don't exist.
Yeah they do. Some of us are (butch) lesbians in shitty areas.

No. 1212417

Anyone who uses the terms "neurodivergent" and "neurotypical" is probably faking all of their diagnoses. If they complain about neurotypicals being confusing or alien, it's 100% guaranteed that the only thing wrong with them is HPD.

No. 1212421

File: 1654436093982.jpeg (219.27 KB, 900x633, 6768F8B2-A4A1-4C13-BA97-6C5E97…)

I feel like anons should put more effort into ‘just ignoring and reporting’ racebaiters and male posters. It sucks that we have to deal with them shit-stirring but we can’t just let them derail threads. This is especially because they constantly repeat the same arguments/tactics to cause infighting, like the ‘Lolcow is a bunch of femcels and your misandrist is just as bad as /r9k/‘ ,which is something no woman here believes

No. 1212425

It was men who set their own unrealistic expectations when it comes to appearances, careers, etc. They bashed women who were attracted to men like Robert Pattinson because he wasn't buff enough/too feminine looking, twice since they did it in his twilight days and now they're mad again that women are thirsting over him in Batman. They're probably online screaming their damn heads off about how "women ONLY want 6 figures, 6 foot, 6 inch dicked buff millionaires and won't accept anything less!!", But like, it was them who wanted to enforce that sort of attraction on women when women just wanted realistically attractive men with average bodies, it was men who wanted women to like tall, buff and rich guys and then they get mad at the idea even of it even though they made it all up themselves

It's so weird to think about since you'd never see women bash men for liking realistic looking women like Jennifer Lawrence when men thirsted after her in hunger games, or else they'd immediately get marked as bitter and ugly, and women sure as fuck wouldn run around screaming how women like Kim k "actually looked like women" and men should thirst after her instead of celebrities with normal bodies, just to complain about standards

No. 1212442

>most women of color really want white men as much as white men trick themselves.
They really don't. I knew a guy irl who had an Asian gf who would rave about how "Asian women would do anything for white men". Until he found out she was cheating on him with buff Latino dudes kek. Where does this stereotype even come from? It's usually white men thirsting after WOC and very rarely WOC thirsting after them

No. 1212451

men often confused their interest in women with the woman being interested in them. just look at how many men are up and ready to leave their gfs for other women despite the other woman showing negative interest all because they're convinced if he likes her then she must like her back kek. ive had this happen to me to, a coworker broke up with his gf and expected me to date him when I showed zero interest and rejected him multiple times before they broke up. why are moids like this?

No. 1212463

Korean French bakeries are infinitely better than actual French bakeries. And usually cleaner too.

No. 1212464

Influencers who "prank/troll" by presenting a realistic situation (pregnancy, trooning out, incestuous/extreme age gap relationships, etc) are really underestimating the amount of damage it's doing to the internet generation. It's even worse when they their fans pull the whole "LOL I can't believe people think THIS is real!!". They're paying back for it though, Trish is practically losing her career and no one even genuinely think she's pregnant all because she lied so damn much anyway but it's sad that people feel the need to lie about bizarre scenarios for clout. This also goes for Tiktokers too

No. 1212484

This is based and 100 percent true. Same with Japanese french bakeries. Ok, I'm going to one right now.

No. 1212509

File: 1654439297428.png (374.51 KB, 1280x1005, _ Photo (1).png)

Sanrio official art isn't cute. It can only induce a response of pure apathy in me. I guess purin, my melody and kuromi are kind of cute, but only fan art that goes a little off-model really makes them cute

No. 1212524

I wish social credits were real in some ways.
we need to ostracize bad persons.

No. 1212544

I agree but the world has a way of fucking up good ideas terribly

No. 1212574

Go eat your noodles Chao

No. 1212595

official sanrio art looks a little soulless. this is full of energy

No. 1212623

I'm not autistic enough to read everything that you wrote and everything else the anons after you responded with but I wanted to highlight this part of your post
>radical feminism
I honestly don't believe most people on this website are radfem. From what I read on the farms, it's pretty obvious that most anons have never read a single piece of feminist literature a day in their lives. They believe in a caricatured version of radical feminism that rests solely on the principles of transphobia and misandry. Not to say that these concepts don't play a large role in the ideology, but it's a lot more complicated/nuanced than
However, I don't expect users on any non-academic website to be particularly well-read or intellectual (no offense, but there isn't much incentive to be so on a site where people regularly call each other faggots and retards kek), so I don't really bother with/care for people who espouse these beliefs. Anyway, older farmers tend to be more neutral about these things while newer ones are a mixed bag. I have the suspicion that some anons don't actually believe in what they say and are only pretending to be 'radfems' for the purpose of integrating on the farms.

No. 1212634

I think that anon is one of those retards who get upset when this site doesn't let dudes roam freelancer as it used to or cuddle men like other online spaces do. Also most users aren't feminists, this is a website that started off as a a gossipsite about women. Though anon is definitely much more offended that we don't coddle man than how users act hypothetical time to time.
I'm sorry for lashing out I agree with your points. You posting after the r9k pickme made the situation worse.

No. 1212644

nearly none of the women who claim to be bisexual really are, but a huge chunk of women who claim to be straight actually do fit the definition of "bisexual" if not lesbian.

No. 1212649

Yeah, I'd think most users are not true feminists. I don't often visit /ot/ so I can't speak for the culture here, but as for the gossip boards, I find that users on /snow/ are more vehemently anti-male/troon in the name of 'radical feminism' than anywhere else, even to the point of derailing entire threads accusing other anons of being moids because they hold an opinion that they disagree with (though I'll admit that this happens everywhere on lolcow, but it happens more often in /snow/). I guess this observation lends to the fact that there are more users in general on /snow/ than the other gossip boards. Assuming all women share the same experiences is generally antithetical to feminism, of course. I find /pt/ to be more tolerable in this sense, probably because the proportion of oldfags is higher there than the rest of the site, but also because of the smaller userbase.

No. 1212654

I agree. I've had so many straight girls who tell me they got turned on by women or literally checked women out like how Cara did to Meghan, kek. I've also read on a female forum that most women agreed that seeing another woman's cleavage turned them on.
I'm not saying all of those women are bi but I think a lot of straight women sexualize their own bodies so much they learn to get turned on by seeing sexualized female bodies, as that's all that's expected in a straight relationship. An average ungroomed man and a super hot woman who always dresses up to appeal to the male gaze, after a certain point their gaze literally becomes the male gaze.

No. 1212658

There are fewer straight people than most people realize. "Superstraight" would actually be a completely valid term at this point, even outside the troon shit. The only problem is that (functionally) straight bisexuals in denial will inevitably co-opt it for their reputation, so it won't be much different from "regular" straight anyway

No. 1212660

Gonna samefag here, but even on Ovarit I get the sense that many users are not actually radfem but only visit for the transphobic discourse that is banned on other platforms. The amount of people who think that feminists should start aligning themselves with Republicans/right-wingers simply because they are against the inclusion of troons in women's sports is frankly startling. They see it as a single-issue website and it's pretty obvious that Ovarit is slowly being taken over by users with ideologies that are otherwise hostile to the goals of radical feminism (such as those of tradthots). I just wish there were another website where women could discuss feminism/female separatism without these influences (and maybe a bit more intersectional), but sadly I feel like this isn't possible.
I agree

No. 1212667

this only proves that "bisexual" is only a word used by attention seekers with victim complexes. a lot of straight-identifying women fit the definition for it and they don't go around talking about how "oppressed" they are for it, nor do they try to shove themselves in the gay community even though materially they are more "bisexual" than self-identifying "bisexuals"

No. 1212673

I think this is where you're going wrong: Assuming anons identify as TERF because they vent about men/trannies on a website that generally allows TERF ideology, just like twittards who accuse someone of being a TERF because they dare not hate JK Rowling. But I've seen very few anons actually actively claim to be TERF. We get a disproportionate amount of venting about men and trannies because it's not allowed nearly anywhere else on the (mainstream) web anymore. But those things in itself doesn't make a woman a TERF and I don't think most anons here claim to be a TERF in the first place.

But that's just my two cents on what I've experienced on /ot/.

No. 1212676

Kinda bad take. Sometimes bisexuals just use the word bisexual because they're attracted to both sexes. Not that deep nona

No. 1212681

Here we go with the "bisexuals aren't real" shit again.

No. 1212682

people who are actually, genuinely attracted to both sexes just keep it to themselves and pass as heterosexual in peace because they know homophobia is not worth it.

No. 1212690

You make a good point. Sometimes I do see some anons (usually the most vocal/aggressive ones) claim to be radfems so I guess it's just an instinct to apply that claim onto anyone else who holds those same opinions, especially since we're on an anonymous website.
Pretty sad knowing how true this is.

No. 1212698

Tayrt and I'm bi, although I don't date men and haven't done anything serious with one I could if I wanted to but relationships with men just don't feel fulfilling.
I don't really talk about my sexuality to anyone as I don't think its a useful information or a part of your personality. I think this is true especially if you already have a partner, I've always felt iffy about women and men who say they're bi when they already have partners, though I think the non-chronically online bi people know it's weird as fuck to broadcast who you wanna fuck when you're not actively searching for a partner, you can see a lot of those types online. Hope it makes sense.

I also do try to hide stuff when I'm around straight women as I've found most will have no issue acting gay themselves when it's just for fun, like how dudes do between themselves, but they still majorly view lesbian relationships as wrong. Some also think all lesbians/bi women wanna fuck or oppress them which is super weird.

No. 1212701

This is really cute, is this from the drawing room? Also, as a kid I remember feeling so sad for hello kitty and her friends because they always looked so perpetually apathetic and upset, kek.

No. 1212704

you're literally just a lesbian, this is not about you.

No. 1212716

>I've always felt iffy about women and men who say they're bi when they already have partners, though I think the non-chronically online bi people know it's weird as fuck to broadcast who you wanna fuck when you're not actively searching
I've never ever understand this line of thinking. You're still bisexual regardless of who you're with, and saying you're bisexual doesn't mean you want to fuck other people. I think the problem is that people have this idea that bi women are just these sex-crazed individuals, and so you see "I'm bisexual" as something that it's not and maybe there's also the expectation for bisexuals to eventually "pick a side", but that's a whole different thing. I understand why people may choose to say they are something else if they're in a relationship, but I don't think it's a problem for bi women in relationships to still publicly be bisexual.

No. 1212764

It is sad that every discussion on this website eventually leads to talking about scrotes

No. 1212786

Most bi women are have just internalised the male gaze, without that I doubt there would even be a fraction of the ammount of bi women

No. 1212820

It's weird that you feel the need to state who you're attracted to when you already have a partner. You're the type I was talking about and your behavior will always be a redflag no matter what.
I also think this is worse for men. A bi woman will only say she's bi because she sees it as a part of her identity but bi men going around parading isn't a good look when you take into consideration that most men cheat, that might just be him signaling to men.

No. 1212822

Not everyone is in a place where they'd experience a lot of homophobia. No, all bisexuals don't hide it wtf kek

No. 1212824

See what I wrote here >>1212654 I agree with you. A lot of women have internilazed male gaze to the point they've become bisexuals - only until it actually gets to dating or being intimate with a woman and they get disgusted.

No. 1212831

NTA but it's still relevant even if they have a partner? She'd be lying if someone asked her her sexuality and she said she's straight. So you think if people aren't lying but openly state they're bi they have to actually be lying and if they're lying as saying they're straight they're bi? What the actual fuck is this brainrot

No. 1212834

NTA but exactly. Also, just because of supply and demand it is natural that a bi person will more often than not be hetpartnered at any given point in time and that doesn't diminish the fact that they are still bi. I feel like bisexuals get so much animosity because of what you said earlier, people are just pissy that bis won't "pick a side". Or they want to gatekeep what is "bi enough"

No. 1212836

You don't know anything about me, dumbass. Again, stating your sexuality doesn't mean you're looking for a partner. If it did, then straight women who say they are straight while they're in a relationship must be looking for someone else, right? You can even publicly declare your sexuality and not be interested in any kind of relationship at all. You don't have to hide your sexuality for anyone or anything.

No. 1212868

Where's the connection between
>complain about neurotypicals being confusing or alien
and HPD? Genuinely curious, it just seems like someone being confused/having no social skills to me.

No. 1212880


>become bisexuals

you’re either born same sex attracted or you’re not. Are you retarded or just young?

No. 1212883

I really don't like Choclate ice cream. The taste is too extreme and it's not good. I'd never eat Choclate ice cream alone and paired with peanut butter I hate it. Vanilla ice cream is better and I love Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter.
Also Popcorn smells better then it tastes.

No. 1212885

Chocolate ice cream is gross, but I've heard from anyone here that dark chocolate and sea salt ice cream is great.

No. 1212888

Samefag, I can't delete but I mean *anons.
Also, I completely agree about the popcorn. I don't even get popcorn at theaters, and if I want that popcorn smell then I just make butter.

No. 1212890

Finally, someone who agrees with me. I always preferred vanilla over chocolate and never understood why people use the word vanilla to mean something boring. I also dislike popcorn funny enough.
Kek true

No. 1212892

Yes, and I never want popcorn when I smell it. I'm like, "mmm it smells good but i know It won't match up"

No. 1212894

Straight or lesbian woman with a partner doesn't need to state her sexuality because everyone can see. Bi people who talk about their sexuality when they already have partners are redflags and how mad you are just further proves it. Sexuality only matters when you're looking to date, why would you want to announce that you also want to fuck women? Or why would a bi man announce he also likes to get fucked by dudes when he has a gf?
No, you're right I worded it wrong. They're not bi but think they are because they're so used to looking at women in a sexual light that they confuse that as attraction to women. That's why those women can't have relationships or sex with women without getting uncomfortable. There are bi and lesbian women and then there are confused straight girls. I was with one that's how I know.

No. 1212898

then why don't they just leave? stuff like infighting has always been around anyway from the start, it's not new

No. 1212899

>Macaroni and cheese is not a full meal. It's a side.

>If you don't add Chedder or real cheese to your boxxed Macorni you are gross and dumb. Your eating cheese paste.

>Spagetti without ground beef is gross

No. 1212901

>dark chocolate and sea salt ice cream
That sounds absolutely delicious, I don't like really sweet desserts so anything with sea salt added is great

No. 1212907

>how mad you are just further proves it
Me disagreeing with you doesn't mean I was mad. I honestly just think you have your own problems with your sexuality.

No. 1212915

are you testing if you are unbanned nonnie?

No. 1212917

Whenever I think of a bi woman constantly announcing she's bi while dating a man, I don't really think of her wanting to date someone else, at most wanting to find a third who is more for her husband than her. I'm more suspicious of her trying to speak over people in the lgb community who didn't choose the hetlife, trying to drag her husband to lesbian bars, trying to gain oppression points and seem less boring since being lgb(t) is trendy and it's safe to do so from the comfort of a het relationship. Seeing women who are disgusted by the idea of eating pussy, are afraid of boobs, now scream and screech online about how they're soooo bi and how they looooove women, even though they're the types to say they could never date a woman.
>There are bi and lesbian women and then there are confused straight girls. I was with one that's how I know.
I sort of hooked up with one, it was super awkward, I stopped it because I noticed she was awkward and uncomfortable. Not long after her new boyfriend messaged me and asked if I wanted a threesome, she obviously talked about our "hookup" with him in fantastical terms and gave him the idea. She still screeches how super uber bi she is. No, she's just into making random men horny with shit she saw in porn once.

No. 1212920

File: 1654455339500.jpg (245.24 KB, 720x1348, Screenshot_20220605-072043_Ins…)

Yeah the most underrepresented of them all. kek
For real, I have nothing against bi women but bi hets suck when they announced uwu, i'm bi and coming out years after dating or marrying a dude. They're always still with them too like they're somehow special.

No. 1212922

You called me dumbass and had a little meltdown because I disagreed. You can disagree with me but the moment you insulted me, you made it clear you were personally offended. Also why would someone in a straight or gay relationship even have someone question their orientation? I've never heard of a guy with a gf whose friends asked if he was sorta gay or the other way around. Most people just assume you're straight which shouldn't be triggering you this much since you chose to get in a straight relationship. Being a bi isn't a personality trait and you need to stop trying to make it into one. It just means you can end up with either a man or woman. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 1212923

Nothing will invalidate you being bi, but most women love to announce they're bi or coming out in June during pride month when they are dating or married to a man. It's embarrassing.

No. 1212931

I didn't have a meltdown, I called you a dumbass because you keep saying shit like "you're a red flag!" and generally making personal assumptions about me just because I disagreed with you which I admittedly did too in my last post. There are bi women who make being "queer" a personality trait, but openly being bisexual doesn't mean you're making it a personality trait.

No. 1212943

>the real me UwU
>face filtered into oblivion
yeah ok sure

No. 1212953


Sorry for asking if you’re retarded then nona I understand what you were getting at now. I think “bicurious” used to cover confused women/men, but I don’t hear that term used anymore. Now shit is twisted with people trying to claim they are bisexual while ignoring the core sexuality element of it. I’ve been led on by straight women like this too and it blows my mind how they’re okay with being courted up until I want to move past kissing and then they vanish.

No. 1212968

Katy Perry "I kissed a girl" and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

No. 1212982

women who get lip fillers are traitors and pick mes

No. 1212986

>trying to speak over people in the lgb community
Absolutely my biggest problem with straight-leaning bisexuals which, let's be real here, is the majority of them as according to statistics 90% of bisexual-identified people are in a heterosexual relationship. I fly into a fit of uncontrollable tard rage when I see some shuwu tier bihet kick off the "As a bisexual I feel LGB blah blah" spiel, particularly now during pride month when they suggest we don't need representation or visibility at all since we "have equal rights now" just because some "queer" activists made them cringe. It's like a man claiming that feminism isn't needed since we can vote and leave the kitchen.

No. 1212990

Depends on the woman. If she has no lips and only gets a tiny bit so it looks average, it's ok. The porn look is just really weird though. I don't care about them being pickmes or traitors but it just gives off a vibe that most people would only see them sexually. Maybe I'm biased because it's very popular among prostitutes here.

No. 1212991

Might be a weird take, but I don't like men that are really into cooking as a hobby, especially when they start treating it like a personality trait. Being self-sufficient is great, but men being men become insufferable, spending insane money on courses, ingredients and equipments, become elitist and the result is still usually something that loses to a 5-minute comfort meal.

No. 1212999

You just described my foodie male acquaintances to a T, anon. If I ask on opinions on what kind of a crockpot I should get for regular cooking they start selling me high end devices and all sorts of peripherals I don't need, just because they're obsessed with larping as a Haute cuisine chef.

No. 1213003

Yeah I agree. I also feel like people in straight relationships should just realise they're not in the lgb. People in straight relationships trying to desperately collect oppression pointing because they're a woman who dated a woman ten years ago or a man who sucked a dick once is so funny. They're seen as people who had a phase and got over it, which is partially true as most bi women admit women are better partners but still for some reason end up settling down with men.

No. 1213006

I agree completely every woman I know with lip fillers is an insufferable pickme

No. 1213008

I would honestly feel blessed to be with someone who can cook. I like cooking and baking, but I'm not good at it.

No. 1213014

I understand bi women who end up with men out of convenience since it doesn't come with the baggage of homophobia or in case you want children the expensive IVF treatment or adoption, but they really need to learn their place and understand that they can't speak from the position of someone who faces homophobia in their everyday lives. I really can't be sympathetic towards a bisexual complaining about not being seen as "gay enough" when I have to be extremely careful not to refer to my girlfriend with that word when I'm in the company of people I don't know yet. It just feels petty to be so whiny about not getting a pass in the cool rainbow kids club.

No. 1213015

it's not from here. I saw it on Pinterest that had this link https://waru00.tumblr.com/image/168390112443
.Either the artist was marypippi and she deactivated her account or the OG artist wasn't linked

No. 1213019

>because they're a woman who dated a woman ten years ago
I honestly don't even trust those stories, because it has happened several times that I found out she would be telling fantastical stories to scrotes about our time together. When really it was just a couple weeks of "dating" and when it came down to it, her looking terrified and not wanting to do anything. The story others heard was apparently a passionate loving relationship and we totally had lots of hot sex.

No. 1213029

Men can't cook it's a universal truth. They just try to 1. Throw money at it instead of effort, 2. Refuse to do the grueling day to day practice, 3. Refuse to take any constructive criticism and expect people to fawn over their cooking like it's baby's first fried egg. Especially pisses me off how all these "high level" chefs outright steal their grandma/mothers recipes/get trained by them. Yet they never get monetary compensation or even recognized by name. Women need to stop having sons.

No. 1213053

File: 1654460934345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.29 KB, 349x349, Jp2_LEBL.jpg)

But what about…him

No. 1213054

especially him

No. 1213056

It's possible to be attracted to both males and females. In fact, it's quite limiting to only be attracted to one

No. 1213059

Yes, so limiting to not feel the need to experiment with your sexuality.

No. 1213060

Not that I agree with "it's limiting", but thats not what that anon said at all.

No. 1213065

File: 1654461422017.jpg (42.83 KB, 680x507, FPqqUFUXwAETnCp.jpg)

Same vibe

No. 1213073

Baty is retarded because Donkey literally fucked Dragon, I know for a fact this is referencing Shrek. They had half donkey have dragon babies. There was coitus involved. Fuck Baty

No. 1213079

Let people not be bi retard

Let people be bi retard

No. 1213084

Bisexuality isn’t real

No. 1213089

File: 1654462127100.jpeg (366.81 KB, 2136x2764, k_archive_a6ef52da377199f3966c…)

No. 1213091

Yeah it's possible, but you don't choose your sexual orientation. It's like saying an extreme allergy is limiting, what do you want people to do exactly? Harm themselves?

No. 1213093

They're allowed. Some anons earlier were insisting bisexuality just isn't real, and I disagree. I actually think it makes sense to be bisexual. Being monosexual seems more peculiar even though it's more common (at least in practice/function)
Case in point, the angry baiter who posted just as I was typing lmao

No. 1213098

Well, of course you don't choose. If someone says having an allergy is limiting, that's not saying people should force themselves to be around things they're allergic to. It's just…saying it's limiting. I can't really tell where you got the "harm themselves" part from. It gets especially weird if someone who has the allergy insists everyone else must have the same allergy and are just lying that they don't, too

No. 1213113

>That's literally what the site is for

First of all, no it's not, the site is for drama. Second of all, even if it was, why would you be totally okay with nitpicking women into oblivion but not okay with sexualizing them? Saying "I won't use x site because they sexualize women and it's misogynistic, but I'll use a site that revolves around tearing women's looks apart piece by piece, that's a-okay with me!" doesn't make much sense.

No. 1213115

I think you don't seem to be aware that memeing people into thinking they're bi is a tactic used in "reparative therapy" (rebrand of conversion therapy). So it's not going to be appreciated if you insinuate, even accidentally, something like that. Or you are aware and doing it on purpose. So what is your point by saying "it's limiting". You're in the unpopular opinions thread, not "stating the obvious" thread. You're obviously getting at something.

No. 1213122

Not what I was saying at all, and not really on me if a stranger got reminded of something unrelated. I don't care about memeing anonymous posters into anything, this isn't tranny farm. Bisexuality is just real, and it makes sense IMO, it's ridiculous to say it isn't (and others have been claiming it isn't, but you're somehow only bothered about my post, odd). I said what I said, and explained it right there nona

No. 1213146

It's not just this one time and it's not just me noticing it. Why do bi women regularly try to sound like conversion therapists in a way to own lesbians as a comeback? You want to be taken seriously and be part of the community, but it's pretty obvious a lot of you have no fucking clue what you sound like and why saying shit like "sexuality is fluid" or "homosexuality is limiting" is kinda fucked up. No it's not just innocent and you can't pretend it is. You didn't just say "bisexuality exists", you had to add "homosexuality is limiting" in there, what is your true point? Exactly, this isn't tranny farm, so why are you even implying that lesbians should try dick?

No. 1213157

More shit I didn't say, I don't care about being taken seriously when I don't even know you. I'm really tired of the semantics arguments in general. Misinterpeting random people's statements, and then trying to make it into their fault because you were triggered when they don't know you, and weren't even talking to you is just dumb. "That's conversion therapy rhetoric!!!", but denying an entire sexuality's existence isn't? You remind me of someone who just got done saying "That's TERF rhetoric and essentialism!! You're supposed to call yourself a menstruator!!!" because you saw someone talk about having a period as a woman or something (right after ignoring a tranny unironically calling himself being bad at math a "female trait"), but I'm not going to insinuate that you're a tranny or TRA for it.
Your triggers aren't random people's responsibilities, and you're not committing some act of justice by browbeating people out of your own misaimed rage. You're just being kind of annoying. Go post on your blog, I have nothing to apologize for and I'm not in any monolith or hivemind just because you might be. Another thing: The unity of the LGBT as a "club" is a total myth to me and IDGAF about it, I'm a literal third worlder raised by religious extremists, conversion therapy is an actual threat to me in my part of the world if anyone ever finds out and no one has helped me, but somehow I'm not chimping out at people over muh sexuality like you are. Get therapy, at least it's probably actually available in your country

No. 1213162

You literally just randomly threw your post into the thread without responding to anyone. So no, I never denied your sexuality. The only one who implied that there's something wrong with a sexuality, was you, with your "limiting" comment. Funny how you think I sound like a TRA for being upset at you insinuating that homosexuals should "free" themselves and not "limit" themselves so much. That sounds more like a TRA than I do.
>conversion therapy is an actual threat to me in my part of the world if anyone ever finds out and no one has helped me, but somehow I'm not chimping out at people over muh sexuality like you are. Get therapy, at least it's probably actually available in your country
I went through conversion therapy and I don't have the option of living an acceptable het life thanks to my oh so "limiting" sexuality.

No. 1213165

Was I talking to you? Did I talk about dick even once? Yes or no? The answer to both questions is no, you're just dumping your shit on me because you think these are fucking teams or something. I don't need to give you context when I've already said twice who and what I was talking about, learn to scroll up or just be quiet instead of assuming shit and posting insane rants. I didn't insinuate shit about "freedom", and I really don't care.
>muh acceptable het life
Pathetic lol, goodbye

No. 1213174

I'm bi but you saying it makes more sense than other sexualities is the thing not making sense. You're bi or not. Straight or not. That's just how you're born and it doesn't have to make sense. I'm one of rhe anons above and we didn't say bisexuality doesn't exist, we said bi women or men in het relationships aren't a part of the lgb as they're in heteronormative relationships and don't face discrimination.

No. 1213179

>I don't need to give you context when I've already said twice who and what I was talking about
You could've just tagged them instead of present it as a stand-alone unrelated opinion and it still doesn't explain why you HAD to include the "limiting" bit. That still doesn't make sense with any of the context. Just admit you meant it as a dig. You also ranted more than me by now and if you are who I think you are (because you always bring up the third worlder thing as a gotcha and assume everyone else is privileged), you also were extremely lesbophobic the other day. So I'm inclined to believe that I'm indeed right about the "limiting" thing being an actual dig and not innocent.

No. 1213182

Who's we?
Because >>1213084
are right there. To me, personally, it makes sense to find both sexes attractive. Unlike others, I don't think that means monosexuality is fake, that's just my opinion. Once again, any "community discussion" means absolutely nothing to me because I'm not a westerner enjoying legal gay clubs and pride parades or whatever, I'm trying to survive and that's it. The denial of bisexuality because the person speaking personally can't relate to it or wrap their heads around it does mean something, though, and that's what I'm reacting to

No. 1213186

You misunderstood the post. Please you all just let it go already.

No. 1213200

Why are you so persistent in continuing to argue that bisexuality is the sexuality that makes most sense? As I said, I'm bi too but you sound so stupid, let people feel comfortable with their sexualities without thinking if it makes sense or not, lol.

No. 1213203

>why you had to include
Because I didn't expect some unhinged sperg to come at me with their unresolved issues about other people they argued with?
And the other day? Are you a schizo? This is the first time I've even shared my thoughts on bisexuality and lesbians on LC, or even related to where I'm from in the world. Or what, do you think I'm Pakichan and she's the only third worlder on Lolcow?
The versions of other people you create in your own mind are not their responsibility. Seriously, seek help

No. 1213205

Nta but which anon are you talking about? I've made posts saying I'm a third worlder in certain threads quite a few months ago, although I never talked about others struggles and only wrote about how I was scared of homophobia id face if I openly dated a woman and asked ways to meet women that wouldn't out me.

No. 1213208

What am I not letting people do, exactly? By posting my own opinion without @ing anybody or even denying their existence (a basic respect they refuse to even pay me), I'm blocking people from living their life? News to me, kek.
If a single unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread impedes your comfort in life around your own sexuality, you don't know actual struggle lmao

No. 1213235

I’m >>1213084 and was obviously trolling and I am absolutely not reading any of the tangents that follow

No. 1213237

No. 1213257

Using obvious sarcasm about bisexuality not existing as a strawman to rant about why you’re being oppressed as a bisexual person <<<<

No. 1213260

Don't need to strawman when people were actually saying it, and I linked to them.
Anyway, strawmanning about dick and conversion therapy to a complete stranger because you're too cowardly to talk to the people you're actually mad at <<<<<

No. 1213273

File: 1654470129701.png (242.22 KB, 506x340, FA80980E-9A53-4D64-AB87-B8EC4F…)

No. 1213287

File: 1654471653829.gif (470.13 KB, 336x218, lady-gaga-ahs.gif)

I don't usually think Lady Gaga is attractive, but she was really cute in this particular scene for some reason. Just nonchalantly eating cereal

No. 1213294

Not AHS though, it's from vidrel

No. 1213391

She was great in that video. And that's stupid song is catchy too. I like how we cant have satire like anymore sadly. (You know someone will be offended)

No. 1213395

Why do all bi women married to men look like this?

No. 1213400

Agree with all of this. This is something bisexual women in a straight relationship will never understand. I have to refer to my wife as my spouse or significant other because I can never be too sure the person I am just meeting for a casual work thing is a homophobe or not. I live in a state where I can be fired for being gay. Bi women married to or dating men cannot understand how horrible it is to still walk on eggshells because I am a lesbian, married to a woman.

No. 1213433

Literally nonstop, all fuckin day. I don't know how they do it

No. 1213508

I don't care about Eugenia Cooney anymore. She's had so many chances.

No. 1213511

>I like how we cant have satire like anymore sadly.
I think you're being a bit dramatic, nobody is bothered by Lonely Island's style of dumb parody music. It's inoffensive af because it punches down and makes fun of homophobia all the time.

No. 1213515

> because no Nonnie, those who complain about experiencing oppression are not the same to people who complain about not being able to oppress others more.
It's not that, it's "I hate men", "Men are so stupid", "All men are evil", dumb shit over and over, insane takes like that men are jealous of pregnancy, just really bad advice that suckers inexperienced awkward women into joining online cults lead by malignant narcissists, the same shit you see on the incel site. It's a self defeating toxic mindset that breeds neurosis. There's nothing intellectual about it, no discussion, it's just vomited over the site and posters are expected to bow to these people who contribute nothing.

No. 1213520

It's been 21 hours anon

No. 1213551

Sorry, I had to leave for work.

No. 1213564

Anon, it's male. They started sperging about race too.

No. 1213610

Genetics is 100% important but lots of lifestyle interventions help. Being at a healthy weight looks younger than being overweight, smoking, tanning and frequent drinking are demonstrably bad for your looks and can be compared in twin studies. The other biggie is whether or not you go on HRT when you are older, which is also a lifestyle intervention. I don't think people can look more than maybe a decade younger than their real age.

No. 1213628

That isn't unusual at all, our ancestral environments meant co-nursing was very common (a woman's milk doesn't come in right away). Wet nursing is an ancient profession and 'baby-bottles' are a somewhat common ancient relic.

The shortage is due to the FDA only approving two facilities to produce it (and only one currently being operational) and because importing formula from other countries (often with stricter standards) is illegal.

No. 1213635

Depends on the field there's a lot of just pushing people into school with no real pathway to what they want. I got pushed into uni straight out of highschool had no idea what I wanted to actually do, hated my degree and dropped out and started working in fields that didn't require degrees but got specifically certified in this fields through work schemes. I went back to uni at 25 to open a door into biological fields. I found uni was just a further extension of highschool. Just to prove your dedication and that you can make reports and assignments by deadlines etc. Personally I think most places should just do apprenticeships and people should get trained on the job while working. Every job gives you transferable skills whereas degrees can lock you in to specifics.

No. 1213637

>Everyone I disagree with is the same person and I must start arguments about that.
Another type of post that lowers the quality of conversation on the site.

No. 1213646

Honestly agreed, it's insane that most universities revolve around this methodology yet you need a degree to get a job. It's especially prevalent in computer science which is why female programmers have such a hard time getting into it, they haven't been involved in open source and hobby projects like male students have since as a woman you're not exactly invited or influenced to get into the field. I prevailed and got my degree and am working professionally now but CS truly felt like a boys' club just to reaffirm how talented they are.

No. 1213664

A lot of tradfags love acting like co-nursing didn't happen and that women used to nurse their baby for ages long in the old times, which is wrong. Like ok, we get it you'll nurse when you have your child, which most of them won't because they're chronically online weirdos imagining they'll somehow get a cute rich Christian husband, but forcing other women is so stupid. A lot of women have issues producing enough milk and although tradfags are saying formula causes starvation, a child only feeding on milk when the mother can't produce enough is actual starvation.

No. 1213665

Nta but the scrote who argued using the the same points literally got red texted so its only normal for anon to be suspicious. The site will always have people asking if you're that anon from this thread, etc. because it's anonymous. If you don't like that, go back to twitter.

No. 1213678

Thinking formula is anywhere close to being as good as breast milk is self induced delusion to portect ones ego. Its supposed to be a last resort so the baby doesn't starve to death, not an equally good and there is not difference uwuw product

No. 1213684

Have you had a child or seen a woman nurse a baby? It takes a lot of time and some women can't produce enough milk, it's better to use formula instead of letting the baby starve like the autist hila klein did. Some of you people are so separated from reality it's weird. What else should a woman do? Steal another woman's milk or purchase milk from another untrustworthy source? Formula is the best choice if mothers milk on its own isn't enough for the baby's development.

No. 1213694

50 bucks say half of the derailing on here and the vent thread is caused by the hand posting tranny, judging by word and topic choices.

No. 1213702

File: 1654512871002.jpg (80.78 KB, 800x450, monkey.jpg)

I'm kind of enjoying the derailing. It's funny watching people fight about stuff you don't care about (and without the board being spammed with CP for once) feels like picrel

No. 1213708

Kek, I'll match your 50. That ghoul claw will haunt me for the rest of my days. Think of those, spindly, bone-piercing fingers typing creakily on the keyboard, claw-like nails dulling as it stairs on in the dark gloom of a basement, eyes glowing like a miners lantern in the darkness. It haunts us all.

No. 1213710

Breast feeding does not appear to have any long term impacts, neither does formula, if it is any consolation.

We should simply legalize and regulate wetnursing tbh. There must be some way to ensure the milk is safe.Some women produce a lot. I get why it is currently regulated the way it is but it could be better.

No. 1213715

>"it's better to use formula instead of letting the baby starve"

Bitch you can't read and if its any consolation your baby will be retarded regardless due to your genes

>"Its supposed to be a last resort so the baby doesn't starve to death"

No. 1213717

Breast milk naturally adjusts to the needs of the baby as well as giving the baby antibodies when mom and baby are sick. What studies are you reading that claim there's no benefits of breastfeeding? Every single study I've seen constantly praises breastfeeding and with a formula shortage it should be a no-brainer to breastfeed unless you legitimately can't. Not just for the sake of your baby so you keep producing and don't need to drive thousands of miles for formula every week but so other women who actually can't produce can have the formula. I'm honestly disgusted by women wiping out shelves who can breastfeed but just don't because "it's my choice". During a time when babies lives are being put on the line, being a mom isn't a free pass to hog resources you don't even need

No. 1213718

Literally not a single person disagreed with you. Try actually reading the original post instead of the response if you think any of us at all are in favor of starving babies out of being a "tradfag"

No. 1213728

The thing you seem to be ignoring is that formula is not a replacement for human milk. It's not the same as co-nursing (which is actually good, and if profit wasn't considered more important than human lives, it would still be common). Nutritionally, it's terrible and the American stuff is pumped with sugar and other bullshit. It's something that should only be resorted to in a literal emergency, a last resort when there are absolutely no other options for a mother and her child
So many people are addicted to raising kids with the absolute least amount of care and effort, then wonder why there are problems down the line

No. 1213732


Formula is usually last resort in other cultures that aren't bombarded by propaganda, I know there's a lot of barriers to breastfeeding in America (maternity leave, lack of support, etc) but moms who are in positions to breastfeed, can produce enough milk but don't even make attempts are ridiculous and deserve to be judged for it. Pregnancy isn't entitlement to be a shit mom. The formula shortage (conspiracies aside) should have been a wakeup call to stop relying on the governments shitty sugar syrup to give to your baby when you produce something much healthier naturally. I've been seeing parents talk about how they drive thousands of miles just to find formula a week and it blows my mind to think there are parents who could easily help chip in with the rationing, give their kids a healthier and reliable source, etc but simply don't just "because it's my choice". Why would anyone mentally stable at all think running around town every week in hopes your child won't starve is somehow a better decision than to breastfeed? I swear people need licenses to have kids, I can't respect these retarded decisions regardless of "anti mom shaming" shit

No. 1213734

smoking weed is loser behavior. saying this as someone who used to smoke every day

No. 1213736

Agreed, also used to smoke every day. I hate stoner culture now.

No. 1213744

I said 'long term impacts'. It can have good short term benefits that are worthwhile but a woman that can't produce shouldn't worry that her kid will now be retarded and perpetually sickly as adults. You can't differentiate between who was and wasn't breastfed (looking at adults).

I highly doubt most of the people buying formula are abundant with milk. Much more likely it is women who cant produce enough or are on medication that won't perfmit breastfeeding.

No. 1213752

>I said 'long term impacts'
There are studies that claim breast fed children have a higher IQ and it has other impacts in neurological developement. The difference is slight but it's still there.

>Results: The breastfed group showed a greater number of above-average IQ test scores (35 vs. 23%; P = 0.479) and better SI [social intelligence] scores (78 vs. 55%; P = 0.066) compared with the bottle-fed group. The number of girls with normal BMIs was significantly higher in the breastfed group than in the bottle-fed (68 vs. 41%; P = 0.045) or mixed-fed groups.

>Conclusion: Exclusively breastfed girls had higher IQ and SI results compared with bottle-fed girls. However, unlike the BMI differences, these results were not statistically significant. This study provides fundamental observational data and can be further modified for use on a larger national-scale level.

>Results: 43% women were exclusively breastfeeding at 1 month and an additional 16.8% were engaged in mixed or partial breastfeeding. Both exclusive breastfeeding (B = 2.19; SD = 0.36, p =.00) and mixed feeding (B = 1.59; SD= 0.52; p=.00) were positively associated with IQ at 8 years of age, after adjusting for covariates. Exclusive breastfeeding was negatively associated with hyperactivity/attention deficit at 4 years (B = −.30, SD = .05; p < .01); mixed feeding was related to hyperactivity/attention deficit at age 9 (B = .20; SD = .08; p = .03) after adjustments. There was no association between breastfeeding and emotional or conduct problems. Breastfeeding did not moderate the association between prenatal depression and anxiety and children’s neurodevelopment.

>Conclusions: The selective association between breastfeeding and neurodevelopmental measures suggests a nutritional rather than broader beneficial psychological effect on child neurodevelopment. Breastfeeding did not moderate the associations between prenatal depression and anxiety and child neurodevelopment, suggesting separate mechanisms of action.>>1213744

Reposted because I fucked up the formatting

No. 1213754

File: 1654516933537.jpeg (150.95 KB, 343x510, CF5F3329-5D85-420E-B89A-F724A2…)

If you have blue eyes you are a projecting cave-dwelling freak who thinks that balance on the face which is having a darker eye pigment like brown eyes means that you’re a dirty individual who should be lumped up in the brown-eyed masses. Where does this rhetoric seem familiar? Enjoy your rare, too beautiful to look at~ eyes that are more likely to get damaged by the sun. Also unrelated but picrel looks like a blueprint for a white kpop male

No. 1213755

File: 1654517039821.png (518.51 KB, 680x676, B2D73BCB-56F9-4357-A113-EFAE39…)

really anon.. shitting up the thread because you’re that much of a holistic tradwife?

No. 1213757

File: 1654517099380.gif (1.16 MB, 320x222, giphy.gif)

No. 1213758

Looks exactly like Chloe Grace Moretz

No. 1213759

Thats probably one of the reasons I'm retarded. Cool

No. 1213772

What do you think of people with green eyes, also I'm not sure why your surprised he looks like a botched kpop guy, the aesthetic of kpop defiently tries to appropriate western pop groups, including the actual racial characteristic, so you have 30 year old Korean men trying to look like 15 year old white teenagers

No. 1213782

Anon didn't shit up the thread

No. 1213790

I think these giant iris lenses look incredibly ugly and make people look horrifying. I've never seen one that looks like a natural iris. They're wastelands of dull plastic where a beautiful, expressive window to the soul should be.

I'm generally extremely put off my caked on make up, plastic surgery and photo filters. Social media has become a place where you do not see human faces anymore. Nobody knows what influences actually look like, they could probably walk down a street and nobody would recognize them.

>Oh she looks gorgeous!

All I see is a low resolution AI generated blob. Whatever makes me think of something as a human face doesn't turn on. It's uncanny.

It's such a dystopian concept to never show your face to other people anymore. They see plastic shields instead of eyes, layers of chemicals instead of skin, mutilated bones and skin instead of natural facial structures. Paralyzed. Misshaped.

Is this autism? I'm serious, I'm pretty sure I'm on the spectrum.

No. 1213799

Do you not read the amount of moms chipping in saying stuff like "don't judge me for using formula even though I don't need it, it's my choice"? It's funny how we call people out for wasting limited resources until it comes to formula and potentially taking it away from people who actually need it, then all of the sudden everyone needs to shut up and mind their business. We did a better job at calling out people for wasting masks and toilet paper ffs

No. 1213802

You're right

No. 1213803

Almonds aren't really that good

No. 1213806

Thank you, I should really pursue a formal diagnosis, though I heard that's difficult for adults.

No. 1213807

No, I meant that I think your points are correct, not that you're autistic

No. 1213809

Thank you…

No. 1213810

You're not autistic for being freaked out at retardly fake faces

No. 1213814

Almond milk is my life and soul

No. 1213838

I just live in europe and I wish laws were stricter nonna I'm tired of people getting jail discounts because they've been good boys in jail like no shit sherlock, how can you fuck shit up in a forced cubicle

No. 1213839

You’re not autistic because you find people butchering and siliconing their faces grotesque. Autism is a mental and physical disability that can emotional, mentally, and socially impair you for fuck sake.

No. 1213859

This shit should only be possible for prisoners who are in prison for victimless crimes. I don't even get how you get out of jail just because you pretended to be nice in you cell. I was shocked when I watched Wild Wild Country and the Indian old lady says in front of the camera she was supposed to be in jail for like 20 years and was free just a few months or years later in reality because of her good behavior. Of course she behaved well, she couldn't have poisoned 700 people in fucking prison.

No. 1213919

He really does. I thought this was a face app for a moment.

No. 1214034

Men who have waifus while in relationships with women are shit-tier cringe coomers. Women who have husbandos while in relationships with men are based.

No. 1214040

the Scott Pilgrim franchise sucks and aged so poorly

No. 1214048

Probably not an unpopular opinion but I distrust every single moid who likes or relates to Scott Pilgrim.

No. 1214052

Most people agree on this. This isnt unpopular. Both Scott and Ramona are horrible people. Scott groomed a highschool girl who was in love with him. He was literally dating a minor. When that movie came out, it was fun but now that I'm older, everyone I speak to hates it. Only zoomer girls and thots like it for 'aesthetics.'

No. 1214053


No. 1214054

I just love Brie Larson in the movie

No. 1214058

She was the only good thing about that movie. She was so cute here.

No. 1214121

Remind me of that shitty post-ironic whatever song "Scott Pilgrim ruined a whole generation of women".
Honestly I've never really got the impression that women were inspired by Ramona Flowers, I don't even think the stereotypical "e-girl" look is inspired by her. I think any imitations of Ramona by women was mainly because men WANTED "ramona 'too cool for school' gfs", not because girls actually connected to the character at all.

No. 1214150

Even when that movie came out and I was a child I fucking hated it. I barely remember it but I remember thinking that the guy was fugly and the whole thing felt like retarded ultra coombrain point of view before I even really knew that coomerism was a problem. I hated that anyone liked it I felt like I lost IQ watching.

No. 1214187

Brandy Melville = Abercrombie and Fitch
Euphoria = Skins
Questioning gender = Bicuriosity
Mastectomy for cosmetic/gender affirmation purposes = Cutting
Billie Eilish = Avril Lavigne
The more things change, the more they stay the same

No. 1214189

What's todays MCR?

No. 1214198

You’re right and you should say it

No. 1214202

End of history itself, it's all just reruns

No. 1214207

21 pilots sucks but might be the closest thing

No. 1214210

That's not how cutting works, and cutting is still very much a thing

No. 1214211

Despite me whining a lot about how annoying the bicuriosity shit was, it was great for my ego as a gnc emo (at that time). Now all I get is being asked for pronouns, questions about identity and nobody even pretends I'm hot.

No. 1214212

>Billie Eilish = Avril Lavigne

How though? If anything, I'd say it's more Olivia Rodrigo = Avril Lavigne. Avril never did the whispery voice thing that Billie does nor is their music even remotely similar.

No. 1214222

Not OP but I think it's less of a literal comparison, and more of what they represent, what role they play in youth culture. Like how another anon said cutting is still around, and isn't comparable to aesthetic-fueled mastectomies on a literal level, but they can both be seen as the extreme expression of discontent with society and a scream for help/attention.
But not like any parent ever encouraged the former while there are parents supporting the latter, so obviously they're not equal.

No. 1214231

The social contagion aspect and the fact that it represents a visceral response to the world around a person (and their own physical being) makes it comparable to cutting IMO. SH is definitely still a thing, but not nearly as glamorized as it was in the past

No. 1214241

Not to mention FtMs show off their disturbing scars proudly just as cutters did to social media

No. 1214253

I honestly don’t think those two things are comparable at all.

No. 1214271

No, I meant anons MCR = MCR.

No. 1214287

I think that refers to MCR literally making a comeback recently?

No. 1214599

Nobody born before 2000 should be considered a zoomer. 2000 is a nice, round number and makes more sense than 1997. Also I don't want to share a generation with people like Shayna and pixielocks. 1997-99'er geriatrics are cuspers anyway and need to stay in their own lane.

No. 1214601

You're too young to use this site

No. 1214603

Doesn't realize people born between 2000-2004 (nearly half of the 2000s decade) are now 18+ It's not 2011 anymore kek

No. 1214607

Cutting was usually seen a negative, while ftm surgery scars have this sickening aura of beneficial medial treatment, so I don't think they're entirely equivalent. I don't think people would pose with a big grin on their face while showing off cutting scars to cheering society at any point.

I think the two are similar to each other wrt to social contagion too though. I'd lump anorexia into that too. I wonder whether we'll continue to circle trough not just cutting and starving, but also mutilating breasts from now on.

Binding is nefarious in that it causes breasts to become hideously malformed. The first time I saw the pictures I didn't know what I was looking at, a 20 something yr old with breasts that were stretched and flattened down her belly, almost like those of an 80 yr old mother of many children, but still young. They didn't look like normal sagging breasts, it was disturbing to look at and wonder WTF happened to this body.
The permanent disfigurement of breasts into these obviously mutilated forms is something I see talked about very little. Maybe the cope "I will have them cut off anyway" doesn't sell as much to people who aren't sure they want to do that. I can imagine realizing you will look like this from now on will give you breast dysphoria even if you didn't have it before.

No. 1214611

unpopular opinion here but asexuals are overly hated. not sure why, not asking either, merely stating an unpopular opinion.

No. 1214612

Don't get too bratty. We're all heading in the same direction anyway.

No. 1214617

Just because you're a legal adult now doesn't mean you aren't still annoying.

No. 1214618

Binding too tight or with improper use can also lead to malformed rib cages and difficultly breathing long term.

No. 1214620

It’s because you constantly bring yourselves up in unrelated conversations and spaces. Just exist and don’t care. Stop wanting validation from everyone. You’re the same as the demis-pans-spicy straights.

No. 1214623

So no one is going to question this ominous ass post?

No. 1214624

Stay mad.

No. 1214638

Point proven

You're gonna be a "geriatric" woman soon yourself, kek, I love it when girls who look down on olded women realise they will also age and it always hits then faster than expected

No. 1214647

File: 1654561102629.jpg (224.11 KB, 968x1024, C5pjAg7.jpg)

You need to chill out, grandma. I was being sarcastic calling 97-99'ers geriatric. How can you be so sensitive when you're literally on a gossip website/imageboard???

No. 1214648

Because you're not oppressed, numbnuts.

No. 1214654

Anthill boobies>

This is coming from me DD cups, I am so jealous of women with small boobs, you look so feminine and not like a chicken, I also get horny

No. 1214657

All boobies >

No. 1214670

Truth, small chested women have it so good. No sag, endless fashion options, don't even have to wear a bra 90% of the time. I wish reduction gave more aesthetically pleasing results.

No. 1214680

File: 1654563418285.png (15.21 KB, 1108x278, Capture.PNG)

I saw this exchange and I think Nonnies were being kinda…nitpicky

No. 1214683

This tbh. I was watching the Witcher and felt so envious of Agnes boobs and I'm an I cup. Definitely fueled my want for a breast reduction and I feel like while big boobs are the standards you're also expected to have a shape that's unattainable to most women with natural large breasts

No. 1214687

I honestly think the "we're not people, we're women" post was the nitpicky one. I don't agree with what they responded to, but it's really retarded to try and call out someone for saying people instead of women.

No. 1214690

Og anon-I agree with you, I just knew what nonnie meant and I felt it was all kinda doing too much

No. 1214697

the whole exchange has amused me. i love all you retards and hope we get along xx

No. 1214716

I would probably enjoy having small boobs if there wasn't the constant "little boy body" comments, people suggesting breast augmentation, and if I had a proportional body shape but I'm extremely pear shaped with a prominent belly. Ugh.

No. 1214726

>Pear shaped
>"Little boy body"
Are people around you retarded? Little boys aren't pear shaped kek

No. 1214728

File: 1654567597054.png (605.46 KB, 975x720, AJ_soprano.png)

I'm an AJ apologist. AMA

No. 1214729

I am a burgerfag but I’m kind of sick of the British jokes. I’m not talking about goofy binley mega chippy shit, royal haters or even just really basic jokes but the people who make their whole life just shitting on ingerland. If you’re not a burger idk how widespread it was but there was a similar trend of jokes about Italian Americans that were kind of sopranos inspired for a while where people made their whole personality being casually racist towards Italian Americans. the British jokes have gained more popularity and Brits have become the new trendy national identity to hate. I think some British people are clapped or whatever and their food is not very good, but it’s not actually about British people. What really annoys me about this and other similar “trends” is that it’s just people picking a white group to hate on and you can just tell all of these people would happily be hating black people or Asians if it was socially acceptable. It’s retarded that a lot of people have this weird pathological need to be racist and it’s almost like, more pathetic that they can’t even just own it and be racist. Not that I’d like them or respect them more, but at least they would be honest with themselves

No. 1214731

>people made their whole personality being casually racist towards Italian Americans
thank you!

No. 1214732

Are you referring to an IRL trend you are observing, or the online memes about Britain?

No. 1214734

Men who have hateboners for single moms, women of a certain race, young/older women, 9/10 times has skeletons in their own closet and should be avoided

No. 1214741

is that young Ben Shapiro

No. 1214750

I mean people hate on anything and everything online, but the cringe bri’ish jokes have picked up irl a lot. again, I’m not crying zomgggg antianglo raycism!!! I’m just saying how much are you, a burger, affected by brits that has caused you to make cringe bri’ish jokes constantly. Omg brits are ugly as fuck… so creative… never heard that before… how tf is this lazy crap “peak comedy” for my generation. I just feel like it’s people reaching blindly out into the world to find an ethnic group that they can hate on without getting cancelled and usually for zero “actual” reason, like the aforementioned Italian American meme that ended up also just feeling like sublimated race hate towards an acceptable demographic

No. 1214755

It's just a response to the jokes non-Americans make about America, like the school shooting ones. As another American, I honestly can't really see the point of getting this upset over people just making fun of British food or their accents. It's pretty harmless.

No. 1214759

yeah, I do know that and maybe I just am overreacting. I’m just sick of comedy nowadays being so snide and hateful. I called out the British jokes because they come across so stupid irl, but in reality so much of burger comedy for the past 15-odd years is just lazy, bitter hate towards “the out group”. Who that is changes with political tide, of course.
I guess I’m just seething myself because I am a leftist and I’m sick of seeing other supposed leftists sublimate their hatred towards everything and anything besides the shitty system that traps them in these false equivalencies. The brits might make fun of us for school shootings but no one is less patriotic than a typical liberal to left burger, so why would they care? britfags are only saying exactly what we say about America every day lol… The American left is deader than a doornail though, so I guess hating amerikkka and spending your day ruining your mind agonizing over whether or not the CIA is behind ron desantis, then adopting nationalistic thinking to own the ebil britfags is par for the course

No. 1214764

anorexia is the most privileged mental disorder. if your biggest fear is gaining weight or your coffee being made with sugar instead of a sweetener, you're either 14 or horribly spoiled and boring, or both. i acknowledge that eating disorders are a gateway to other problems but people with anorexia are another breed of selfish, annoying and narcissistic, especially the ones raised online

No. 1214766

>no one is less patriotic than a typical liberal to left burger, so why would they care?
What? Why wouldn't they care about shootings, especially when it's said that some of the shooters were targeting people of certain races and it's so tied to the gun problem in this country? Everyone is going to care about people being killed senselessly, regardless of how "patriotic" they are. Like I said, most of the jokes towards British people seem to be harmless and mostly lighthearted. If someone poking fun at their accents and teeth is more hateful to you and bothers you more than joking about school shootings, idk what to say.

No. 1214773

I think the brit hate jokes stem somewhat from the meme where an American makes a mild joke about the British (like wonky teeth or bad food) and then a British person responds with a disproportionately angry comment about school shootings or something. Idk I'm a britbong who now lives in NA and the jokes don't bother me at all, countries reveling in lazy stereotypes about other countries for comedy is common all over the world and has been for most of human history. I get what you're saying about humor that is basically just 'out-group bad lol' being lazy but that's definitely not exclusive to burgers.

No. 1214781

sort of OT but when people talk shit about bongs/burgers does it apply to everyone raised there or the white majority population.

No. 1214783

Anorexia is a form of self harm. It's slow suicide. It has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, 25%. It's not all about "fear of being fat", it's about control and compulsions and self destruction.

No. 1214789

i couldn't find the 25% figure anywhere but i know it's more lethal than other mental disorders. people who self-impose rules of eating disorders on themselves just seem like they lack self awareness or deeper thought processes, maybe due to malnutrition. i know this sounds extreme but it's the common denominator i've noticed. i'm pretty sure there's also way more people with eds nowadays than the statistical numbers and people with lower BMIs are favored by psychiatrists and inpatient treatments when diagnosing with anorexia, so the chance of them dying is higher.

No. 1214809

Using privileged as an insult makes your opinion invalid.

No. 1214810

i'm not sure this is an unpopular opinion, anorexia is terminally misunderstood, is there a certain reason you feel this way? unfortunately it's severity has been particularly undermined by pop culture, so i am interested in why these emotions towards it may arise.

No. 1214837

Most anorexic women are often victims of sexual and relationship abuse.

No. 1214841

I think a big part of them have also been sexually abused as minors. I always find it uncomfortable when women dunk on genuine ana-chans, like yeah the fatties who larp as them while eating everything are annoying but the actual ones who are miserable… How can a woman mock them? I think those who mock them are fat pickmes.

No. 1214850

well, to be honest those same fatty pick me's can swindle an atypical anorexia diagnosis from medical professionals and receive the same treatments and interventions (ie. ngtubes) used on those quite clearly physically on their deathbeds. i dont know what the fuck is going on in the world of eating disorders atm, but there seems to be a lot of pandering/swaddling and there's all these new grey areas to navigate, so i don't think anon should be blamed for her outlook, blame that bitch tess holliday

No. 1214851

I've been replacing my sugar intake from 2 cookies or some chocolate to better quality fruit. I'm amazed at how sweet fruit yogurts are but still get eaten for breakfast. They're like a dessert.

No. 1214860

i never really experienced any bad situation personally with someone anorexic but i can see how they act in social circles and on the internet. i understand that their issues feel severe to them even if they happen to be trivial but it just sounds so out of place compared to mental disorders that are entirely out of people's control. i've been close with people who had eds and i don't think less of them because of it though.

No. 1214862

I feel like the "anorexics are all just rich white girls" stereotype is from anons who are retarded enough to think movies are real life and never actually met actual anorexic women. Just because a woman's entire business and trauma isn't being shoved in your face doesn't mean she's just privileged and wants attention. It's unfair that anorexic women need to air out their dirty laundry to "justify" their mental illness

No. 1214874

yes, all i can deduce from this is that eating disorders have been glamourised to the extent that its validity as a mental illness has become completely trivial in the eyes of non sufferers.

No. 1214876

ata >>1214874
side note, i fucking LOATHE attention seekers, an eating disorder is a great scapegoat for these people, i think it's because the mortality rate is so high, i swear it makes them feel superior because they can larp as if their life is on the line.

No. 1214900

Thanks for the clarification, yeah that's definitely weird and annoying. It's like those people who see a Russian and ask DO YOU DRINK VODKA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so mindless and annoying.

No. 1214953

I'm not white but whenever I see someone complain about privileged white girls I ignore their views. Most of the time the only privilege they think those white women hold is their attractiveness and ability to get abf easily. It's posts made by jealous women who blame their races for their lack of likeableness.

No. 1214966

not everyone with an eating disorder posts about it online for content and attention. and truly do suffer. i hate that people now generalise people with an ED as attention seekers because of girls that their whole social media prrescense is just them documenting their eating disorder

No. 1214971

I don't believe in autism as a diagnosis since it's so fucking vague.
What is an autistic? A socially awkward person or a dysfunctional adult who can't speak?
Because I see both ends, they go from apparently super intelligence-just-shy-xD to very mentally retarded.
What the fuck is up with that.

No. 1214973

It's probably not the case for everyone, I don't follow these circles closely but in general it's upsetting to see people who blog about their struggles called attention seekers; their suffering is real and they just want to be heard and seen. Nothing evil about that, it's very human. As long as the attention is not enabling them and making them spiral more, they shouldn't be shamed for just wanting to speak about what they're going through.

No. 1215054

The eating disorder community is probably one of the most diverse communities I've ever been in tbh. I've learned way more about other religions and cultures than I ever did anywhere else as weird as it sounds. If you actually get out you realize there's no certain "type" that has an eating disorder

No. 1215068

Anon, you should try cotton candy grapes if you can find some. They're one of the best sweet dessert fruits imo aside from mango and watermelon

No. 1215071

and most parents with autistic/other forms of mental disability kids use it as an excuse to let their brat run rampant and then just blame everyone else for not ignoring them. It almost makes you think if there's actually something wrong with the kid or it's just their shit tier parenting skills

No. 1215099

It always strikes me as weird that parents of autistic or adhd/behavioural problem kids choose to ignore the fact that the people most likely to be driven insane by their kids public screaming… are people living with conditions too, ones that you also can't see but that we all know aren't that rare. For every child you see in a store with a clear behavioural problem there's also someone walking around struggling with their nerves, dealing with misophonia or just dying to get the hell home already because being out is overwhelming. People are dealing with their own shit everywhere you go. I've never understood the thought process of assuming your kid is the only person in the store, on the train etc who has a condition.

No. 1215185

Most autistic/ADHD kids are born due to parents own degeneracy when it came to the breeding process (getting pregnant with an old fat man twice their age, acting careless while pregnant, taking the easy way out such as getting an elective c section two weeks before the due date, not breastfeeding despite being capable to, etc)

It makes sense that the same people act like retards when it comes to breeding, have a retarded kid, and choose to be too retarded to actually raise and care for them so it becomes the rest of the worlds burden all because they wanted a kid

No. 1215196

I partially agree. Choosing to have kids with shitty old and most likely autistic(aka antisocial) man and then neglacting kids causes autism. I knew autistics and their fathers were the same as them. I wish women wouldn't have kids with autists because those men are the first to leave when they learn their child is autistic since they have no empathy, ironic.

No. 1215229

Yep. I knew an autistic girl who's dad was like a decade older than her mother and very cold/lacking of sympathy. Only knew like 2 other autistic moids and one had a narc mom who got pregnant with a guy she barely knew and chose every possible medical/outside intervention she could and then just refused to discipline him unless it was over table manners. Another had okay parents but dad was weirdly cold and mom was a complete handmaiden (refused to discipline, financially supported them so her husband can run a failing mechanic business while she was a lawyer, etc)

No. 1215244

i think there are more desperate women having children with old men (40-60) than ever before.

In the past age gaps also used to exist and were gross but the men were not old or middle aged having children.

There are studies showing that the older the father the higher chance of a baby being born with autism and other disorders yet these coquette women still breed with these men despite the fact that their child may be born with health issues, disabilities or autism.

No. 1215246

When things are noisy without consequence, I just join in. Dog barking? Bet I can be louder. Child screaming? It's on.

No. 1215261

Most coquettes are like lana, they keep talking about old men but they're only into early twenties Russian dudes, lol. I think nee generation girls(girls because they're mostly 18- rn) will be less likely to go for older guys since women are becoming more prominent in workspaces and those who used to marry old dudes only did so because they wanted someone with a good career.

No. 1215349

I don't think she means actual coquettes but it feels like as porn gets more "normal", young women are starting to believe dating much older men is actually normal as well. Most white trash relationships are always with some fat 18 yr old and a trashy, unemployed 28 yr old stoner. A lot of relationships you see on relationship advice subs are young women who got involved with extremely older men when they were as young as legally possible, and then by the time they're 22 they're married with 3 kids wondering why they can't keep their husband off of teen discords

No. 1215358

File: 1654625210769.jpg (119.96 KB, 694x1024, FIsAqgUX0AgSyuL.jpg)

Jiraikei and ryousangata are ugly weeb styles. It's tacky as fuck. Looks like something a person obsessed with anime without any sense of style would buy very cheap from aliexpress. Mismatched and not in a fashionable way. I know ryousangata is meant to be about fast basic fashion in a way but it just looks so tacky. It also seems to me, which I admit is subjective, kinda pedo-pandering in a way lolita isn't.

No. 1215359

File: 1654625244509.jpg (57.47 KB, 648x1080, _____________japanese_new_shir…)

No. 1215363

Haven't you posted this already?

No. 1215367

OH you're right at that. I thought she meant the literal coquettes. A lot of women are tricked into being with older men, especially ones that don't have female friends to stop them from associating with men who only like them for their age. It's sad.

No. 1215384

Ikr Men are excused with murder with a "he had mental troubles uwu" yet women are supposed to spill their deepest weaknesses and issues in order to justify thier behavior (justify, not excuse, bc women are never excused like men are).

No. 1215412

Parents with autistic kids are usually the worst and don't even try to train their little shits. I have never seen a parent handle an autisic kid well in public.


No. 1215415

No. 1215460

Anyone who gives a shit about a dog's "pedigree" is fucking deranged.

No. 1215462

Agree. Pure bred dogs in general suck. bred and inbred and inbred again. Dog shows as well should be banned for animal abuse.

No. 1215465

Women don't murder the same way. It's usually for self defense or actual extreme mental distress like post partum depression or the man repeatedly abused and cheated on her.
Men murder innocents when a woman rejects him or he's feeling 'sad'

No. 1215467

Literal eugenics for dogs, and it's not even about creating fitter (unless they're among those dog-fighting freaks but even then it's very debatable if those dogs are indeed fit), smarter or more sociable dogs, but about conforming to some arbitrary "beauty" standards that often aren't even cute because the dogs obviously look unhealthy.

No. 1215480

If I find a hair in my food I pick it out and continue eating it. People overreact way too much over others' hair being unhygenic. They act like it's a fucking pube, but it's just out of your head. It's not going to ruin your entire meal, calm down.

No. 1215511

Bad grammer, I didn't mean women murder. I mean people get on women's cases just for being withdrawn and sullen and expect to be entertained with her whole tragic back story. People don't leave women alone you're expected to be a happy clown that takes all the woes in yourself and others and buries it so society can continue its facade. Meanwhile men are coddled so much they're excused for murder because he was bullied in elementary school or something.

No. 1215516

Kek people who make a complaint are usually more concerned with getting a free meal than hygiene standards.

No. 1215517

Lots of parents get a diagnosis for ADHD/autism just so they don't have to parent the kid and pretend being an insane ape is "muh biology".

No. 1215522

I hear you anon but I have seen people act super disgusted about hair outside of restaurant settings too. I remember my friend in high school threw out an entire grilled cheese because there was a really tiny hair in it. Once when I cooked for my bf and I accidentally shed and he acted like I took a dump in his meal.
I've also seen people do the same about sharing hats. Just the assumption other people have lice or that hair is unhygienic.

No. 1215536

Everyone who talks about their "invisible disability" and "spoons" online is actually just lazy or a munchie and they should be put in labor camps

No. 1215553

Some people really have invincible disabilities like liver failure or other organ failures that make them hard to go day by they but the wokies who took the label are literally only a bit anxious and think it excuses every action of theirs.

No. 1215555

My tinfoil is if autism were as much of a problem as people say it is then big pharma would have been rushing to profit off it by now. most "high functioning" autism traits just scream ADHD to me. Maladaptivity to social cues is so common, the more addicted to our phones we are, the higher likelihood were going to be antisocial, struggle with eye contact. There are no pills for autism, and there have been seldom attempts to market off it with drugs? isn't that a bit suspicious?

No. 1215556

Me posting about my cancer and endo gets me a ticket to a labor camp? Cool I guess

No. 1215559

Anon is probably talking about twitter neets who act like social anxiety means they're disabled.

No. 1215564

This. I think they also mean romanianon who's somehow capable of posting constantly and streaming but can't work

No. 1215577

That may be it, sorry to be snippy

No. 1215583

I don't associate either 'spoons' or 'invisible illness' with cancer.. that's mostly fibro or chronic fatigue language.

No. 1215589

It was a misunderstanding, don't mind it. Pretending to be disabled is popular now so that's probably why anon brought it up, she probably thought only made up stuff were called invincible disabilities because cancer and other health issues are objective while mental health problems causing disabilities or not can be subjective and harder to detect, if that makes sense. I wish you a good recovery.

No. 1215606

NTA but why is there so much fibro and CFS hate? They're debilitating conditions that mostly affect women and you have to spend years of not being believed by doctors before you get a diagnosis, if you're lucky. Nobody wants to live like that, trust me.

No. 1215614

I only know one woman irl who claims to be a cfs/fibro haver.. and she's absolutely just bullshitting people on fb all day while she's a partier and even a swinger irl. Pretends to count spoons all day on fb (she has 4 kids, 2 are autistic) but then she fucks off for a weekend of heavy drinking and swinging as soon as anyone will take the kids for a few days. Doesn't rest in that time. She has a more active social/reacreational/travel life than any other adult I know, including younger childless people. People like her are why.

No. 1215619

Sucks. My friend's life was ruined by fibro and breaks down from the pain from things even like temperature changes, has to stay inside most of the time. I hate that they've made invisible disabilities such a meme

No. 1215694

There's profits and then there's an agenda. If they worked purely off profit then pcos and endo would have pills and be curable. But they hate women more than they want to profit off us. Same with autism.

No. 1215737

There's a supposed "spectrum" that everyone can technically be on but I honestly just feel like it's just become an attempt for families to blame "nature" rather than shitty parenting being the norm

We have the daycare generation and a lot of kids that go to daycare often come from messed up families and will get abused or molested by other kids there, the people who run daycares often have no clue that it even goes on because they have like 6 other infants to take care of due to shit maternity leave. A lot of parents are choosing to only have one child that they often spoil due to infertility issues and just laziness, these children often have shit tier socialization skills and are obsessed with making up stories since their daily lives are often boring and miserable, which is why it seems like so many kids nowadays never grow out of their "I'm a vampire who talks to demons" phase until they're literally in their 20s. Nobody knows how to socialize anymore because in regular families people would easily get called out for lying, pretending to be shy, etc but now they have no one but neglectful parents that just throw them whatever bing bing wahoo thing they want. Every parenting skill is criticized, sexism among parents is becoming increasingly common especially since they grew out of it decades ago (parents being disappointed if their child is a girl as if this was China or something). I also notice among my own people that a lot of parents simply don't question doctors enough and doctors push a lot of unnecessary medical procedures/items, my own husband even had his tonsils removed as a child without having any sort of illness to "prevent tonsillitis" that he didn't even have and now he gets like 5 throat colds a year and has bad allergies. Kids are also surrounded by pervs and fed weird TV content that melts their minds. I can only imagine how bad it is now for parents who didn't reject the 2000s ways of parenting

No. 1215739

Women with these get put on birth control which is essentially a bandaid, some doctors don't even bother going into detail about other solutions

No. 1215751

The truth is people don't have empathy for social or mental differences unless our modern gods (doctors/the government) give it a name.

Social anxiety as an example. Society does not have patience for a very shy and anxious persons behavior unless the government gives it a name and tells the public "they have a mental disease, they can't help it". Same with autism. Society will not have patience for someone highly sensitive, who needs a lot of quiet, who is easily overwhelmed. So the government tells them this person has a disorder of the mind. We're definitely being trained to believe that any abnormal, awkward people (most autistics) have "wrong" brains. Anyone socially anxious. Anyone who gets hung up on little details or is a mega perfectionist. Anyone who is very emotional and experiences strong moods.

Apologies for bad explanation but I'll try to sum it up clearly: Any behavior that steers too far away from the perfect work drone have "mental diseases".

No. 1215773

>getting pregnant with an old fat man twice their age, acting careless while pregnant, taking the easy way out such as getting an elective c section two weeks before the due date, not breastfeeding despite being capable to, etc
This explains everything…

No. 1215805

It's literally brain damaging the child since they're born. The avg IQ is going to go down in gen z.

No. 1215806

Ah yes, masking the symptoms and getting fun new diseases like Alzheimer's, Autoimmune, brittle bones, infertility, etc from the pills over time.

No. 1215810

We look back on lobotomies like they're a barbaric practice, yet at the same time they're giving depressed ppl pills that deaden their emotions and make them stupider (tons of fluoride in those pills, has been shown to reduce IQ and make ppl complacent, Nozis experimented with it first). Same shit different method. FGM is seen as barbaric third world women oppressing, yet media & pron convinces women our vulvu is disgusting and must be chopped off with surgery to be pretty.

No. 1215811

what a fucking joke, you really think someone who looks down on mentally ill people or weird people is going to stop if they are diagnosed or have a name for it, you are really sheltered.

No. 1215812

In tribal times schizos who heard voices were seen as shamen who spoke to the gods. Autismos and highly sensitive people were also seen as spiritually blessed since they're more sensitive & seem wise bc they don't understand social things and can cut through bullshit. Mentally different ppl are rare and that rarity makes normal ppl put extra import on them, be it negative (Nozi style offing anyone who's different, trying to medicate it away) or positive (favor of gods, spiritual gifts, wisdom).

No. 1215813

Anon must be underage. Try going up to your coworker and saying you have anxiety/depression/schizo. Get ostracized and fired. Can't even act distant or cold nowadays without someone getting on your case about "being a team member" and "being professional". What a joke.

No. 1215814

>our vulvu is disgusting and must be chopped off with surgery
Sorry anon, but what do you mean? Maybe it's different where you are, but I rarely see labiaplasty being promoted like how other cosmetic surgeries are, I've always thought it was one of the less popular surgeries. Sure porn makes women (and men) think vaginas should look a certain way, but I don't think labiaplasty is really being touted as the fix.

No. 1215822

considering how unreasonable autists can be, I don't think their temper tantrums would have made them considered "spiritually blessed."

No. 1215824

I mean high functioning autists, as low functioning would have just died without modern medicine

No. 1215825

It's not openly advertised bc vagina ewie culture. But tons of young women feel like they need to do something about it bc young men are all pron addicted.

No. 1215849

Modern daycares are so shit. An acquaintance told me she pulled her son out of the daycare because they required her the kid to have it’s own tablet and the kids would do nothing all day except sleep and play with the tablet. What a scam. When I have a child, I will try my best to teach him or her without the use of technology or at least keep the technology to under an hour.

No. 1215852

Women are made to feel like they're physically deformed if they don't look like porn stars. Having small breasts or saggy breasts is now a medical issue, which is even more messed considering western people call any boobs that aren't big, small. Women are taught if they have body hair they need to do extensive hormonal testing even if they aren't that hairy, just not naturally hairless, not being pear shaped is a sign of like 20 different diseases, I remember my doctor tried to convince me to get tested for PCOS because I had teenage acne and no other signs kek. No wonder western women are easily manipulated into dealing with men leagues below them because their self esteem is in the shitter and most of them think they have deformities

No. 1215898

Any "learning facility" that requires laptops, tablets, etc is shit. Especially schools, I remember being in class and teachers would spend most of the lesson trying to get websites/smart boards/ computers to work than actually teaching

No. 1215901

this isn't unpopular here probably as lolcow seems to be the last bastion of sanity but it is unpopular among degen normies apparently. anyone who thinks "non offending" pedophiles can/should be fixed or cured and shouldn't be shunned/killed is a closet pedophile. no sane person believes wasting resources on fixing a kiddy diddler just because he didn't do anything yet is useful. it makes me incredibly angry someone would rather protect a potential child rapist over children. muh childfree fuck your crotch goblin amirite though.

No. 1215904

earth just reached 8 billion of the population due to human over-breeding recently, but please keep on breeding with some dead-beat males because thats what we need.

No. 1215905

File: 1654659231105.jpeg (48.94 KB, 582x582, E4974AE2-2BB4-4216-A194-B36155…)

I love the Joker movie and am excited a sequel was just announced. I wish more Bonnie’s likes it but for some reason they hate seeing themselves on the big screen

No. 1215906

tbh there was a very disturbing study (i will post it if i ever found it) which found that 50% of men were attracted to kIds and 80% to teenagers.

No. 1215921

Men are predator by nature. And not the noble lion kind, more like oppurtunistic hyenas.

No. 1215985

Please do post the study, Im curious to read it but honestly I know that it’s true from anecdotal experience. I saw a YouTube comment earlier today on a video about a Twitter clique that had multiple pedos in it, and one of the top comments was amazed how that can statistically be possible. I wish I could go back to being as naive as that person kek when I interact with males now I always have to keep my guard up knowing their potential.

No. 1215996

>Having small breasts or saggy breasts is now a medical issue, which is even more messed considering western people call any boobs that aren't big, small. Women are taught if they have body hair they need to do extensive hormonal testing even if they aren't that hairy, just not naturally hairless
Lmao anon, you’re on the money. I remember thinking I must have a hormonal issue when I was a teenager because I have body hair. I remember googling it and finding a bunch of articles saying it’s hirsutism or that my hormones were messed up, I was so convinced I needed estrogen or something kek. My friend also thought she had some kind of medical condition because her breasts weren’t super perky without a bra. Another one of my friends thought there was something wrong with her because she was doing squats and still didn’t have a big butt. It’s kind of insane looking back now how many of us thought that not having a certain body type = medical condition/deformity.

No. 1216016

People have been telling me I'm maybe intersex since I started puberty, because my armpits got hairy fast, I'm an inverted triangle and got small boobs. Technically I'm not even really flat, but by western standards I've got "no boobs". I got my testosterone tested at some point. Guess what? Normal af, smack dab in the middle of what is normal, it can't get more normal than that. I do feel deformed, because I don't see any women online or irl who look like me. Just soviet propaganda posters, renaissance paintings and some Greek statues are relatable. But people insist men stood model for them, because "women could never have muscle!" "they look too burly, women are pretty and dainty" and I'm back at square one. Even though logically I know women were probably stronger and healthier looking back then because of physical activity. Meanwhile many women today were kept sedentary from childhood, which probably did affect skeletal development.
Nonna I liked it too!

No. 1216067

i like miku but i think mikus default outfit is ugly as shit

No. 1216071

I'm like you. Inverted triangle to the point I've had men tell me they were jealous of my wide shoulders or ask me if I was a swimmer even though I'm just a basic thin girl who doesn't work out. I'm also very very hairy and shave even my arms, even though I'm blonde and everyone around me believes I'm hairless because they never see it.
You're a woman and like you I've had all these masculine features, also a big nose and big forehead, but I never got mistaken for a man, intersex or tranny. If anyone told you that they just did it out of spite. Don't take them seriously.

No. 1216073

I’m an inverted triangle too but with large breasts and my grandma always told me that I had a swimmer’s body, which was nice because I liked swimming and would spend all day doing it. But I always hated how wide my shoulders were and how big my ribcage was. I still do. I had a male friend years ago ask me if I was a transwoman and insisted that if I was, it was “totally ok.” He’s not my friend anymore lmao.

No. 1216079

>but I never got mistaken for a man, intersex or tranny. If anyone told you that they just did it out of spite. Don't take them seriously.
I sadly enough don't think it's out of spite with how often it has happened. In my culture it's normal to say whatever retarded thing pops into your head. I think it's because I do look so different from other women in my country and because everyone is so obsessed with conformity and normality, it stands out more. I'm either asked whether I'm intersex or whether I'm foreign, even though afaik I have no foreign blood in me. I think they also mention intersex and tranny shit faster, because of how common they are in the capital. I haven't had these issues in other countries. When I wore women's clothes and tried to be feminine they would ask whether I'm intersex or a tranny. When I'm gnc people either mistake me for a man (anything is better than being mistaken for a TiM) or accurately see I'm female. I think the contrast of broad frame, masculine features and feminine clothes and hair just makes thing worse and makes the masculine stuff stand out.
>But I always hated how wide my shoulders were and how big my ribcage was.
Same, though I'm happier since I've leaned into it and just decided to gain as much muscle as possible. It actually started balancing things out and a big frame was basically made for it. It actually made my ribcage stand out less.
>I had a male friend years ago ask me if I was a transwoman and insisted that if I was, it was “totally ok.” He’s not my friend anymore lmao.
Oof, people thinking they can "clock" someone when really they're just being misogynistic and harassing actual females is the bane of my existence. Meanwhile if they saw an Asian TiM with drag make up, they wouldn't be able to tell.

No. 1216104

File: 1654682669887.jpg (71.8 KB, 671x680, 349.jpg)

Gay moids are insufferable and even worse than straight moids.
Gay moids are terminally online as no one irl stands them and can scream "homophobia" when someone points out their shitty behaviour.
They're misogynistic as fuck and yet want to wear our skin and their whole personality is dick.
I feel more comfortable around my straight friends than gay moids.

No. 1216109

this shit again?

No. 1216121

nta but gay men are REALLY shitty to women, and I realized a big part of it is probably because they’re bitter that straight men wanna fuck us and not them. I had no idea it was such a huge thing for gay men to lust after straight guys, n honestly gay men are some of the biggest degenerates, it’s no wonder AIDS took so many of them out, they fuck indiscriminately and it’s disgusting.

No. 1216123

As long as gay moid exist, yes

No. 1216126

>Gay moids are insufferable and even worse than straight moids.
I don't know anon gay men at worst call a vagina ugly and smelly because they're jealous but straight men murder and rape you. It's not really a contest.

No. 1216127

The difference between a gay male and a ‘straight’ male is that the straight guy will rape you himself and a gay one will wait for you to get blackout drunk at a party so he can phone his straight buddies and they can come rape you.

No. 1216128

How widespread is this "gay wingman pimp who drugs women for his straight friends to come rape you" phenomenon? I feel like I have a bigger chance at a heterosexual pickme human trafficking me.

No. 1216131

Homeschooling parents all have this weird superiority complex about how they are not sending their kids to school, some kind of Not Like Other Parents mentality.

No. 1216134

Straight and gay men are both bad. Gay men are known to marry women and have kids while fucking men on the side, so many women get stds or even aids this way. Also gay men do have sex with women, a lot of them will share those experiences online so they both trick women and give them stds. I've even heard a girl who had anal with a fag and got aids from it though I can't confirm, there are confirmed cases of gay men passing aids to their unknowing wives.

No. 1216137

Of course it’s not common, but at the end of the day they hate you and want to see you hurt just as much as their straight brethren. It’s a grave mistake to let your guard down around them.

No. 1216141

Your friend was most likely a fag that was into trannies and fantasized about you being one. A lot of men like imagining women with dicks for some reason and they wrongly think a tranny is a tall woman with a dick, although none of the trannies look the way they see online.
Yeah dressing overly feminine makes women look more masculine unless it fits their aesthetic which is rare. People around you sound so weird though, I've been called a lesbian and stuff but I've never seen anyone accuse a woman of being a tranny, they're very common in my country too.

No. 1216151

>Gay men have sex with women
They're not gay then, they're bisexual. You would laugh at a woman having sex with men and calling herself a lesbian.

No. 1216155

I wouldn't? There are lesbian women who get forced to marry and have sex with men in several strict countries. Do you think a lesbian in muslim country won't be given away to marry a random man unless she's rich enough to live on her own?
Those gay men are worse though because they're not forced into those relationships, they only trick women because it's convenient and helps them pass as straight.

No. 1216159

Third time is the charm
>Yeah dressing overly feminine makes women look more masculine unless it fits their aesthetic which is rare.
I've found that any traditional femininity just makes me look weird. I can't wear any make-up either and have to keep my hair short. The more feminine stuff I do, the more I look like a man to me. Most people have a femininity fetish and don't even notice what actually looks good, because they think femininity = goodness. So they will try to shill femininity to everyone when they claim that they look (naturally) masculine. A hot pink men's poloshirt is fine, but a women's poloshirt in any color would be a disaster and would tear at the seams around my ribcage and shoulders while I'm swimming in fabric at the waist.
>I've been called a lesbian and stuff but I've never seen anyone accuse a woman of being a tranny, they're very common in my country too.
It only happened when I dressed in women's clothes and had long hair. They just fit me so oddly, because the industry assumes everyone is pearshaped with a lot of boobage. Inverted triangles don't exist in their book. I have a longish face and strong features, my hair when long was AGP stringy straw tier, but people insist that long hair is always so beautiful and feminine uwu. Meanwhile when I cut my hair short, first comment I got was that I look like a model. I also don't move or act very ladylike and I looked very unnatural and uncomfortable in anything feminine. I could probably look okay in an OTT costume or something, because I have the frame for it, but even muted femininity looks alien on me. Kinda like with Tilda Swinton, she looks best with shortish hair and no make-up, even adding lipstick throws things off. Though she can look good in some of the weird fashion stuff. Now I get mistaken for a boy in conservative areas and a TiF in progressive areas, because people don't really know of masculine lesbians anymore, kinda an extinct species. I used to be called the equivalent of dyke when I was a teenager, but that kinda stopped when trans stuff got more popular I guess.

No. 1216172

Ah we're so similar it's weirdd, though I don't think short hair suits me because of my longer face, what's your hairstyle at the moment?
I've also always thought I looked like a woman in a greek painting/sculpture and my hair's similar too although I want a little bit of a change and that's why I'm asking how you style your hair.
By the way are you straight or?

No. 1216178

>There are lesbian women who get forced to marry and have sex with men in several strict countries
nta but those are obviously not the women anon is talking about

No. 1216183

Most women in third world countries get married without having any sexual experience, even if they weren't forced and thought they wete straight they could've gotten stuck in a straight marriage. People can sleep with others who they're sexually not attracted to and gay men do it. That's my point. It used to be much more common in the old times too where homosexuality was less acceptable. Gay men always use women in one eay or another.

No. 1216185

>when I was a teenager because I have body hair. I remember googling it and finding a bunch of articles saying it’s hirsutism or that my hormones were messed up, I was so convinced I needed estrogen or something kek
Wow, exactly the same here anon. I can remember crying over my body hair because it existed at all and being frustrated that I would never have the money to "take care of it" but now I realize the hair is hardly even noticeable and is very normal.

No. 1216186

babes you need to stop with your gay men sperging just because a bisexual moid cheated on you.

No. 1216187

>what's your hairstyle at the moment?
90's curtain bangs eboy Rick O' Connell, but I've also had a side part haircut with fade, slicked back kinda quiff like and also crew cut at some point. If anything I think my face looked longer when my hair was long too, it dragged everything down.
Nope, life probably would've been easier if I were. Despite looking and dressing the way I do, I get way more attention from men than from women

No. 1216189

Men are literally de-evolving humans by forcing women to have kids with them. Bypassing women's reproductive selection process has severe consequences. Especially since scrotes always end up marrying their cousins/marrying a 2nd wife teenage when they're 50, in very patriarchal societies.

No. 1216195

They suffer from the smurfette syndrome around women. Only because there are no killings by gay men doesn't mean we have to like them, it's just a different level of illness I wish upon them

No. 1216216

Does anyone else feel annoyed that there seems to be a kind of pressure to engage in this kind of male hostility there is on 4chan and other male spaces? I mean we don’t have to all hold hands and be friends but nonnies like this that seem to really not like us showing affection and niceness to each other, why?
I don’t see those comments as disingenuous, even though they’re just simple statements of support, us randos on lolcow might be the only people they hear those words from.

No. 1216222

i think its the newfags doing it because lolcow was so much less hostile 4 years ago (but that because infighting was taken seriously back then)

No. 1216225

because im a vicious bitch mwahaha

No. 1216227

Pretty sure it's legitimately men and newfags basing their entire identity around being edgy who bitch about nonnies being too "nice" and not "adhering to the imageboard culture". Like actually complaining about anons taking offense to someone dropping racial slurs because muh imageboard culture!!!!! like they were 16.

No. 1216233

dunno I feel the opposite, 4 years ago you didn't get anons saying Nonatella and newfriend.

No. 1216241

the environment used to be so much better but thats because back then the mods and admin used to be active and infighting was banable .
Now its just continuous derailing and infighting in every thread that lasts until the janny wakes up.

No. 1216249

>>1216186 Now carefully unlatch from that cock and gently put it down. Repeat after me “being a faghag will not make me one of the boys.”

No. 1216252

you have issues.

No. 1216259

File: 1654694029498.png (112.4 KB, 275x270, 1651598950429.png)

Yes. I actually like being nice to nonnas and posting cute pictures at them. There's enough sadness and hostility in the world, sometimes nonnas are adorable or really awesome and I want them to know that!

No. 1216264

File: 1654694451007.jpg (76.11 KB, 938x1278, 2022-06-07_08-58-20.jpg)

> tons of fluoride in those pills, has been shown to reduce IQ and make ppl complacent, Nozis experimented with it first
Why did nobody comment on this???

No. 1216274

I got issues, yeah bitch, I got issues, W, Vogue, Cosmo, I got issues

No. 1216276

thought i was the only one. i thought i must have hirsutism and pcos because my nipples were puffy and i had "too much body hair for a white girl". porn made me insecure about my labia and when i looked anything up, it said some scrote ranting about how sex makes them stretch out. i was like 12 years old thinking i must have gotten raped in my sleep for them to become that shape. fuck this gay earth.

No. 1216279

Yeah fuck this hirsutism shit, it’s a condition if a woman is “too hairy” well what’s the name for when a man isn’t hairy enough? Why isn’t that a medical condition huh? HUH??!?

No. 1216281

I am completely disgusted by testicles that sag like tits. Your balls are NOT supposed to be longer than your dick, if it is, you’re too old to try mingling with women. Go play with your grandkids filthy old hog.

No. 1216282

iconic and true.

No. 1216289

When I hit puberty and my vagina fully formed I thought I was growing balls because I didn’t know other women had labias. I lived with my dad so I just never asked

No. 1216290

truth, every comment on this topic in this thread. the parents neglect causing a general rise in social awkwardness, that antisociality driving kids into the palms of online groomers and growing up online with fabricated filth of algorithms and the sewers of the internet.

No. 1216293

Some women have a "perfect" body that hasnt been touched by a surgeon or obtained even by working out. Sure most women have a really average to downright "ugly" body, but to say that only those are real bodies is a stupid cope. Its pushed that women in general tend to have more drastic shapes than men, but I really think most women are rectangular shaped. I feel like that makes women feel less feminine not having a cinched waist and whatever.

No. 1216300

File: 1654696110306.jpg (40.68 KB, 700x838, aL9WQD0R_700w_0 (1).jpg)

>"too much body hair for a white girl"
Damn I heard that one too. I knew several girls who would shave their arms. I never really got properly into shaving, I just felt bad and people gave me shit for it, but I did very little about it. I don't know why I didn't, maybe because I also had a family medicine book from the 70's with pictures of hairy women in it? So that book was good for something other than just extreme lesbophobia kek. Now I actually like being hairy. Others maybe don't, but I like the look of it.
>porn made me insecure about my labia and when i looked anything up
I'm glad I was scared off by porn, every time I came across it, it was something really fucking weird. The one time I looked it up voluntarily was "lesbian" and I freaked out at the sight of long nails and closed the laptop in a panic kek. It did make me think I couldn't be a lesbian.
I tried to ignore my vulva/vagina/etc until I turned 16

No. 1216303

File: 1654696199383.gif (2.07 MB, 640x640, 8458205B-EFB9-4D32-BE5A-78B324…)

>Your balls are NOT supposed to be longer than your dick
oh my god does this really happen? i’m scared

No. 1216305

File: 1654696383778.jpeg (60.65 KB, 633x135, 4D633253-4A4D-4F8E-916F-8418E8…)

No. 1216312

I think the same, that it's tiktok coquettes who saw lolcow mentioned in their "femcel aesthetic" shit and think the point of using any imageboard is to be as edgy as possible. There have always been instances of anons getting along in /ot/

No. 1216317

This. I wonder why no one has connected that 'autism' has gotten worse since the mainstream blow up of social media. Everyone is glued to their tablets or phones and kids rarely go outside to socialize. A video popped up on my youtube and this kid was at least 20 years old but didnt know simple words and had to look them up (which is fine btw. Learning is always good) but it shocked me when he didn't understand simple terms normally. People are easily distracted now, and don't understand social behavior like hanging out with people or going 'offline.' It's honestly an epidemic that should be noted, but instead lazy doctors use autism as an excuse and lazier parents accept it.

No. 1216326

I think it’s a mix because you’ll always get edgelords and hyper hostile nonnies but now we have a lot of people that won’t even use “fag”. I just don’t engage. I think a lot of MTFs post because they’re so self loathing so they try to blend in but their maleness shines through.
Honestly the vent thread has always been so nice and supportive

No. 1216339

Kek I’m glad I’m not alone. I remember seeing a female body hair chart when I was like 13 and being horrified that I had more body hair than the picture, seriously thought I was some kind of bearded woman circus freak because I have light body hair lmao.

I knew someone who genuinely thought she was intersex simply because she was tall and “had a masculine body” even though she looked totally normal, like not having a natural hourglass means you must be a dude. I seriously hate female beauty standards. We think we’re deformed if we don’t look like shooped magazine covers kek.

No. 1216343

File: 1654699343270.jpg (174.37 KB, 828x1030, 20220320_094135.jpg)

I actually have trouble telling the sex of some anorexic asian men crossdressing and of some fat people

No. 1216345

that's why ball lifts exist nonnie

No. 1216348

You hit the nail on the head anon. Things we did back in the 1930s-60s are outlawed today in practice, but did we actually outlaw it or just rebrand? It's crazy that hormones and trans stuff is trying to become the norm when hormones can and will destroy your mind and body. Boob and nose jobs are getting more regular amongst young women too. It's the same insanity, just renamed.

No. 1216353

Because it's bullshit

No. 1216369

Doesn't that make perfect sense tho, their hormones are messed up after all

No. 1216373

"rape is not about sex it's only about power" it's both actually. maybe not sex as in intercourse and/or orgasm but sex as in reproductive organs is very relevant to it.

No. 1216375

I don't understand what you're trying to say.

No. 1216397

Don't know how unpopular this is on LC, but every single adult who has told an underage girl that she's "Mature for her age" deserves a lifetime of zero friends and support.

No. 1216404

i've seen the phrase "rape is not about sex but all about power" used to explain that rapists do not rape necessarily just because they're horny (which is true), but i've also seen the word "sex" in it to refer to biological sex as in "rape is just another kind of abuse of power, there are no sex patterns related to it" (can be also phrased as "rape is not a gendered crime") which is obviously incorrect and blatantly misogynistic.

No. 1216411


No. 1216416

I really dislike Lily Collins for some reason. Looking at her face gives me the ick. It is as if someone just glued a mismatched pair of eyebrows to her face. She is also a shitty actress.

No. 1216440

I feel like those people should be on a list.

No. 1216493

Anchovies are tasty and I love them on pizza. Incredible salty goodness. I also like pineapple on pizza, but not with anchovies.

No. 1216495

Bitch I love you.
I hate fags and I hate faghags. Die mad.

No. 1216496

No. 1216499

is this bait?

No. 1216505

blatantly, report and move on. Why even ask and give him attention.

No. 1216506

No its def bait. Don't pay attention and just report.

No. 1216514

I'll start this off with saying I'm European, so my prudishness is not caused by Murican puritanism or something like that. However, I don't think I could be comfortable being nude or topless around other women. I've thought about it before and a post in the fakeboi thread about wishing for a women's only gym where you could go topless sparked it for me again. I've heard some radfems say they wish there was a nudist women's only commune and stuff like that. I haven't even been able to share a changing room with others since primary school, so the idea of being nude around other nude women in a casual context scares me a lot. I don't feel like it would be liberating for me.

No. 1216517

I'd be fine sharing a communal bath or shower with other women but
>post in the fakeboi thread about wishing for a women's only gym where you could go topless
What the fuck? That would be terrible if you have anything other than A cup boobs, there's a reason why compression bras exist.

No. 1216522

>I'd be fine sharing a communal bath or shower with other women but
I think I'd have a panic attack

No. 1216561

I'd be comfortable, I've been to hammam (real ones, not high end spas) in Morocco many times with my family when visiting them and you're supposed to be nude in them and wash yourself efficiently. Since women of all ages go there and none of them give a fuck I never, ever had issues with my own body except for things directly caused by health issues. I saw some anons today on some /ot/ thread saying they thought they were intersex because they had hairy legs or large shoulders but I never thought about any of this because when you're all naked in the same room and most of the women are average, normal people, old or have a bunch of kids and have very saggy breasts and hairy legs and armpits you just see it as normal.

No. 1216578

>I saw some anons today on some /ot/ thread saying they thought they were intersex because they had hairy legs or large shoulders but I never thought about any of this because when you're all naked in the same room and most of the women are average, normal people, old or have a bunch of kids and have very saggy breasts and hairy legs and armpits you just see it as normal.
AYRT I'm one of those anons, but I haven't been able to even be in changingrooms with others since primary school because I'm not straight and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or subject them to my body either. I would change in the bathroom or have my gym clothes or bathingsuit on underneath my regular clothes already.

No. 1216591

honestly i'm tired of "ethnic humor" full stop. if you went to a particularly multicultural school or college ethnic/racial jokes were/are common place and actually help integration but online they're mostly dumb and if you're older than 14 and still think "muh school shootings muh loicense jokes" are funny you need to mature up or at least get some new material.

No. 1216609

I get where you're coming from but keep in min that changing rooms are supposed to just be convenient. It's not like you're gonna lock eyes with fully naked women, most women just get inside, get dressed, gather their stuff or put their stuff aside in a locker and leave. It's not the same in a public bath house, hammam, sauna, onsen, etc. though, obviously.

No. 1216615

>I saw some anons today on some /ot/ thread saying they thought they were intersex because they had hairy legs or large shoulders but I never thought about any of this because when you're all naked in the same room and most of the women are average, normal people, old or have a bunch of kids and have very saggy breasts and hairy legs and armpits you just see it as normal.
IKR? I always feel relaxed when I go out and touch some grass. It's not even about nudity, seeing women just living their normal lives and working makes me feel comfortable in this internet era and I don't want everyone to become crazy because of photoshop and surgeries. Some anons definitely suffer from it because I see them nitpick average women, and every ass is apparently a hank hill ass unless you're posing and/or had a BBL.

No. 1216678

I just remember girls saying that lesbians shouldn't change with the rest. Obviously there are women uncomfortable with it so I've decided back then to just never change with others.

No. 1216709

She's extremely boring for some reason. i dunno what it is about her.

No. 1216717

the fuck is your problem? just because you're a lesbian doesnt mean you're a predator? what kind of scrote relgiious thinking is that. damn, love yourself.

No. 1216757

If women would be uncomfortable with me being there, the fairest thing to do is to just not be there. I'm not willing to take the risk of making other women feel unsafe. I don't see how that is scrote thinking, they would gladly invade women's spaces, see AGP's.

No. 1216802

File: 1654719589551.jpg (194.15 KB, 720x960, 1654717264922.jpg)

This post is misguided, but noble in nature and intent. This person is trying to protect fellow fujoshi from being abused by the woke mob through playing along with their games
The same way she shields herself through assimilation, she shields her sisters, that they may all relax once the pronoun storm is over. I may not agree with these tactics, but I understand the driving force behind them

No. 1216805

Her avatar is from twisted wonderland, didn't wokies cancel yana toboso for writing a shota rape scene?

No. 1216824

Helena isn't woke, she is detrans and probably was a tumblr fujo herself.

No. 1216984

Autistic, mentally ill, or emotionally repressed men should not be able to have children, all they do is terrorize and brow beat the child and they always turn out fucked up no matter what the mother/rest of the family is like.

No. 1217057

I used to think this was an "end justifies the means" sort of deal and let these gender brainrot people do the legwork to let me enjoy my gay shit in peace but one anon brought up the fact that all the "ackshually all fujos are potential transmasc eggs" gaslighting really prevents people from realistically analyzing BL, slash fiction and other related female gaze genres and how the psychology behind them and their attraction to women work in order to advance the tropes and make the pandering to women more mainstream. It made a lot of sense and since then these takes just make me even more depressed than they used to, even if they're fighting for my right to make anime boys kiss without some schizo breathing down my neck about ~ fetishization ~.

No. 1217086

File: 1654729928443.jpg (684.06 KB, 1560x720, 1626467876031.jpg)

Not gonna lie, I find it kinda depressing so many women would rather look at gay porn than hetero porn (and we are talking about the idealized scenario here, not scroteshit). I think it says a lot about how women avoid their own sexuality, the idea of being pleased is so foreign to many and they expect sex to inherently be painful or insulting. So it's much more enjoyable to watch a man get penetrated and humiliated by another man.

inb4 someone replies with "unga bunga it's just hotter with more guys", fair enuff, but you have to notice how porn for men is completely centered on the man being the protagonist and his pleasure, while women in our own porn are often objects or spectators

No. 1217099

While I get what you're implying, I have to ask. Why is it ultimately depressing that women enjoy it? What I find more depressing is that it's being scrutinized and seen as a tragedy that so many women enjoy exploring sexuality via these fictional paper dolls that are so far detached from their own being that they feel safe to play around with. Why does the endgame need to be that women should ditch their anime men altogether and just enjoy good christian hetero porn that might be female gaze but unavoidably palatable to men? If anything I'd rather have the stigma from it removed entirely and become mainstream along with other female-centric options. I don't want to self insert and I don't consider these men in any way comparable to real life moids, I have absolutely zero interest in straight dynamics even if it was made for women. Men get to like their bullshit fantasy lesbian comics and porn all they want, I don't understand why women doing it is something that needs to be remedied instead of being allowed as an alternative form of self-expression especially seeing how women are much less likely to be influenced to commit sexual crimes than men.

No. 1217145

I think those conversations can still happen, just in private until all this shit is over. It can even be dressed up in flowery language so the wokies don't start screeching too loud. I think even they can accept that mainstream/hetero porn is very alienating and often male gaze-oriented/degrading, and that can lead into them noticing how society often alienates women (or, in their world, "AFABs") into opting out of the whole gender normative thing

No. 1217157

The reason women see it as a concerning outlet is because like men that jerk off to primarily yuri, it stilts their worldview. Instead of desiring pleasuring a woman, men that engage in that material and men adopt fantasizes of becoming a schoolgirl that gropes other women in public, and the same can be said for women that shape the women that shape their worldview around yaoi. It is nice that women have a sexual outlet in a certain genre, but that outlet being the primary outlet for women is concerning- for women to be entirely removed from interest in heterosexual media entirely is a sign of both a lack of media and desire for dissociative escapism. It is not a question of if these women are hurting people through their fetish for boys love (they are not and this point is irrelevant) but instead a question of are these women harming their sexual outlook and worldview by centering their sexuality on androphilia with no depictions of women at all, only power dynamics and sexual fanfiction tropes between men.

No. 1217324

Bonsai trees are kind of ugly.
I was jealous pewdiepie got one but then why should I care?
They look like gangly little shrubs.
Other potted plants are so much fuller and more beautiful and bushy and fluffy looking

No. 1217326

Cannot believe I’m bearing witness to a #cope over a #bonsaitree

No. 1217327


No. 1217331

kek I just finished watching it. I like the one he got for his shelf.

No. 1217344

Are his videos even any good? I tried sitting through his most recent ones and skipped through the whole thing. Nothing happens.

No. 1217364

nah, the vlogs are pretty boring so far.

No. 1217366

Tbh everyone thinks this but they're too scared to say it out loud because even the most retarded men feel they're entitled to have kids with a woman who will accept all his shit.

No. 1217389

I really don't like how so many opinions and the things anons say here just seem like a reaction to scrotes, or trying to prove something by doing what they do. When I see someone saying stuff like "I do x because it's ok for men to do x" I get it and understand why they say that but I always just think, "why not just do it because you want to? why do you need to compare yourself to them?". Like I said, I completely understand it and how it has to do with certain things being deemed unacceptable when women do it but we're our own people and I guess I also hate that most discussions here just go back to MEN MEN MEN and it can never just be us.

I'm sorry this sounds so vague. I'm not targeting any anons in particular and I don't want to make it seem like I am talking about one particular subject so I will hold off on specific examples.

No. 1217402


No. 1217408

Please explain how I'm a pickme? If you think I'm saying it's not ok for anons to talk shit about men, that's not what I'm saying and not the point of my post.
I'm also not interested in men and purposefully don't date them so yeah, not a pickme.

No. 1217411

Complaining about anons not using sage is retarded, period. Goes without saying on the non-cow boards but even on the cow boards you can just report and move on, no need to shit up the thread even further and waste replies with "OMG WHY DIDN'T YOU SAGE?!?!?" That's the jannies' job anyway.

No. 1217412

It's a newfags gotcha
I see more posts complaining about about anons talking about men negatively than I see anons hating men and that's something because every anon hates men.

No. 1217415

I honestly fail to see how this is a real concern. Fujos are a laughably small, niche audience and they rely more on the community experience of developing stories, scenarios and characters together and sharing them with other likeminded women instead of just brainlessly cooming to porn in a coomcircle like male yurifags do, the fact that they're focused on men is because of the exoticism allowing you to experiment more with ideas that allow you to suspend your disbelief. Like the meme self-lubricating anuses or tropes going even further like omegaverse, if that was done with female characters it would be silly at best and genuinely disturbing at worst. Acting like it's some mainstream thing to only be interested in gay shipping is acting in bad faith anyway, the overwhelming majority of even weeb women are more into husbandofagging and hetshipping and normies most likely think that slash fiction is degenerate and disgusting.

No. 1217418

I don't have any problem with anons talking about men negatively, again that wasn't the point.

No. 1217478

I've yet to see tiktoks mentioning LC but then again I don't use the app. Not to beg to be spoonfed but do you have any examples?

No. 1217480

File: 1654760446980.png (178.66 KB, 1024x585, the_emo_punk_girls__the_goth_p…)

befriending the shy, autistic, awkward, quiet, weird girls could help prevent them from dating ugly, stupid, sexist scrotes. too many girls i see from my highschool marrying older obese men, balding mouthbreathers and dating serial cheaters. i wonder if we were to band together like a herd, could we have avoided such tragedies? while some girls are insufferable
>tradwomen, pickmes, bpd nlogs, munchies
i was the anxious autistic kid, and ended up dating sex obsessed scrotes in highschool. from my point of view and thinking back then, if i wasn't lonely, if i had girl friends, i would not have put up with those scrotoids. the media brainwashes us from a young age that other girls are mean, and so i was afraid of disappointing them.

No. 1217482

because I'm a horrible disgusting degenerate dyke in comparison to perfect feminine uwu het women and I compare myself to men in a "but at least I'm not like THAT" way. If I don't make the comparison first, to show how far removed it actually is from men, then I'll just be called scroteish either way and have to defend myself afterwards.

No. 1217488

I feel this hard nonnie. I was weird and autistic as a teenager and was preyed on by older scrotes and instead of the girls in my school befriending me and offering support I was written off as a whore for being groomed into adult relationships. As an adult I have female friends and find I'm in a much healthier spot and don't feel the need to run to awful moids for closeness.

No. 1217496

Don’t really think it makes her a pickme to point out that it gets really annoying that there can’t be a single discussion of what women do without it somehow relating back to men

No. 1217498

You are completely twisting what I said and making references to crimes, what the fuck. I said it's sad because fujos don't put the focus on the pleasure of their own body.

No. 1217500

Luckily it’s a non-issue and an extremely small minority of women not worth fixating on, especially since they’re harming no one

No. 1217501

File: 1654761580161.jpg (65.59 KB, 848x474, Flat is justice_91087c_5966929…)

i am sorry that happened. so degenerate of the scrotes and so sad from the girls. i was warned by a coworker once that an older boyfriend is not going to turn out right. and my 2 friends in middle school thought it was weird that i was talking with teenagers and adults. but i liked the attention from older, "wiser" people and i believed my peers were just immature, and the girl warning me was jealous. all because i was online so much with no social interaction in real life to balance it out. i believed all the toxic misogynist shit about how i am perceived, from magazines and smelly neets.

i am happy we befriended women in the end. and, i want to help the misguided girls. hopefully they can learn some good influence before falling for onlyfans and pickme crap.

No. 1217502

God, the fujo copers are insane. No one is saying fujos are bad for "muh poor fetishizing of gay men", you want to be a victim so bad. No one wants to correct you, anons are just saying how it's sad female focused porn in anime circles is almost never focused on a woman being pleased.

No. 1217507

Sorry for not scrolling up and reading I just get so damn tired of the sheer amount of fujo-centric conversations in /ot/ when they’re like nobody

No. 1217509

Then ignore and don't reply? My original post literally says
>I said it's sad because fujos don't put the focus on the pleasure of their own body
I keep seeing those
>wah wah they think we fujos are as bad as men
fake victim posts.

No. 1217512

I literally said sorry. It’s an annoying topic that recycles over and over here like can you think of anything else to care about besides an extremely obscure community that no one outside of said community or who doesn’t associate with said community gives a single fuck about. Unclench.

No. 1217532

I agree. I also had a fujo friend who so badly wished she was a gay man. It's like they sadly think the only chance for them to be comfortable and not shamed for being sexual is if they become a man. There should be more female oriented media that's not just light romantic stuff.

No. 1217543


Seeing fujoshi and yaoi going from a niche thing in shipping that started off as "oh these women/girls are just horny" to people (mostly women obviously) writing essays to "actually it's more progressive than shipping m/f you hettie" and then tearing it apart because "it fetishizes gay men" to it's current form of "it helped me figure out my sexuality (how the fuck?) and gender" has been a wild ride that I want off of. Everyone into yaoi now pretends there's some higher purpose ever since fandoms got politicized. I accepted the argument of "women in media are badly written which is why I ship m/m" despite the biggest and most popular ships centering around men with little to no chemistry.

A few days ago on a discord server I'm on this argument about yaoi and ftms was brought up and even lesbians went "oh well you see it's because f/m relationships have power imbalances, m/m is just more interesting because it's made by women for women" well why do you keep writing m/m stories? I'm not saying that you have to enjoy romantic stories that fit your sexual orientation I just find it really weird how everyone defends yaoi as some form of activism and refuses to try and writer better f/m stories. I ran into an old thread about yaoi and fujoshis most of the responses from fujoshis were basically saying "2 men = hot", no one would ever say that nowadays their reasoning has to be wrapped around in as many arguments as possible in order to appear morally superior.

It's obviously exclusively online as well or it's just a western thing, my friends that are into yaoi haven't shown anything remotely similar to that mentality it's always just been "they're cute/hot together". I hope it stays that way. I'm just somewhat concerned that lonely fangirls getting into fandom will be bullied relentlessly and have their minds spun around to make sense of this shit. I'm also so tired of how politicized fandom is nowadays in every space and you're offered two extremes, either crying because there's a black woman or tumblr's progressivism.

Sorry for the rant I just keep seeing yaoi discourse the past few days.

No. 1217567

>I said it's sad because fujos don't put the focus on the pleasure of their own body.
And that was addressed here though? Fujos are fujos because they don't want to self insert and there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. I don't see why the """healthy""" way to experience romantic or erotic material is through projection, I'd rather have normal IRL sex and save the unattainable and unrealistic fantasies for fiction. Plenty of fujos have girlfriends and boyfriends they have a regular relationship with.

No. 1217591

Ezrafags should be banned on sight, there're several recordings of him assaulting people and they still "I wish I was the one getting choked uwu", they are worse than Deppfags.

No. 1217601

Sounds like you're all just part of shitty big fandoms with lots of genderspecials and mentally ills lol. In all the media I follow fujos are just unapologetically horny for the two male characters they ship without shitting on hetpairings or whatever.

No. 1217612

Her wig was kinda bad

No. 1217613

Most of the time nonnas just sperg about sages if they don't like the post or are otherwise upset by it.

No. 1217644

That's just idiotic. If the post is indeed against the rules then just report it. Whining about sage won't do shit.

No. 1217680

File: 1654779143500.jpg (11.99 KB, 256x400, 280894010-256-k583337.jpg)

>Sounds like you're all just part of shitty big fandoms with lots of genderspecials and mentally ills lol

Always happens, I hate it.

No. 1217682

Nonnas here call women pick me's over the smallest shit, and the word has lost all it's meaning. Pick me involves putting down other women to make yourself look better (so the men will pick her). If a woman does something you will not personally like it does not automatically mean she is a pick me. Stupid maybe, but not a pick me.

No. 1217690

it's weird for adults to watch tv series with children protagonists, like stranger things. it is concerning for directors to make movies with children as protagonists. i miss when movies and tv series would have adults play teenagers and teenagers play kids.

No. 1217716

No, it's even weirder to have grown ass adults play teens, it sets up this weird expectation that teens should look and act like adults when they aren't there yet. There's nothing strange about watching a show with kid characters as long as they aren't sexualized (like Euphoria)

No. 1217722

I haven't seen them on actual tiktok because I don't go to coquettetok but there's a screencap that's been posted several times on /ot/ and /snow/, found an example here >>>/snow/1488158

No. 1217723

Isn't it also meaning that a woman caters to the lowest denominator of men in order to get picked?

No. 1217724

I don't think it's weird but I can't stand watching shows with kid protagonists mostly because I don't relate to them.

No. 1217739

>adults who watch stranger things
YES, i even met one of those creepy adults, one of them was a lesbian who wanted to become a man and she was in love with Millie (this was when millie was 16) and that woman was almost 40……

No. 1217749

This is such a weird opinion (but I know what thread we're in so it's fitting). Should people only consume content where protagonists are the same age as them?

No. 1217751

I think the problem i have with shows like stranger things is that if the show revolved around Joyce or Steve or people obviously 18+, that would be okay. Literal kids in an adult themed and dark show is odd to me . Especially knowing how pedowood works. Kids shouldnt be involved in something like stranger things. I miss when they got adults to play younger characters too.

No. 1217755

nta no, but certain fandoms do tend to sexualize their underage characters, i personally dont care if they are animated. But when its a actual real life character who is also underage in real life too and you see grown men and women thirsting over them then thats a problem, do you get it.

No. 1217764

I agree. I, and everyone else, was once a child. It feels nostalgic in a way. I do not condone pedo shit in any shape or form but this opinion seems adjacent to the "ANY adult should not EVER talk to ANY child periodT!!!1" posts you see from the opposite end lmao. Actually thirsting after the kids is fucked up though and they can all kys. The predatory Hollywood scene is a fair point, but "anyone watching Stranger Things is a weirdo" is a bit of a reach. Plus the kid plot lines are like 30-50% of the whole show iirc? It does not seem very sexualized show either, EXCEPT that one kiss scene when the kids were a bit older, it was uncomfy as fuck.

Adults playing teens has HUGE issues too, I think it was this video that explained some of them (like giving unrealistic expectations to teens). I am glad not actual teen actors have to go through some Euphoria shit, but the characters are still supposed to be underage which is fucked too.

No. 1217765

>I miss when they got adults to play younger characters too.
Then you get issues this nonna talked about >>1217716

No. 1217775

grown men were making illegal deepfakes from Millie wehn she was underaged, but NOO its way worse to have young adults play teenager's then having child actors be sexualized by their fans the industry just because you feel called out. Fuck off.

No. 1217783

I get it but what if the media is not sexualized at all? Should we ban everything because inevitably there will be a deranged scrote masturbating to it? Can moids really control everything like that?

No. 1217790

its way more unethical or worse to be a child actor who is sexualized and has remarks about their growing body and has to be on their ''right'' behavior all the time because if they dare act like a normal rowdy teenager or wear something short then people will say that they deserve to be sexualized.

Having young adults (18-22) play underage characters is way better and it wards of pedos from being interested in the show.

No. 1218055

Maybe this makes me an asshole, but I refuse to make friends with women who complain about their partners and talk about social media. My reasoning is that I'm at the point where I have no energy to deal with people who can't identify that their relationship is not working/that their man is trash and I dislike dealing with people who are not plugged in to the outside world.

No. 1218132

Yes, this exactly. There's always someone trying to justify something about themselves by comparing themselves to men, and in general there are so many discussions here centered around men every single day. This is a womans-only imageboard so I wish there could be more conversations that exclude them.

No. 1218473

Maybe more offensive than unpopular, which is why it can be risky to bring up, but most people into "kinky play" look horrible and are rerouting their sexuality into weird rituals and roleplay so they can disregard they're not attracted to their ugly partner and/or want to remove themselves completely from the scenario mentally.
People who are actually attracted to their conventionally or non-conventionally attractive partners don't really go balls deep into kinks.

No. 1218476

You're right, and that's also the truth for polyamory bullshit, only ugly and obese people do this.

No. 1218482

Agreed, the human body is sexy enough on it's own and if you need to do weird shit to enhance it then you're either severely pornsick or, as you said, ugly and coping.

No. 1218491

Women's prison shouldn't exist, women shouldn't go to prison. Instead they should receive help for whatever would make them end up in prison.

No. 1218494

kek, so some woman comes and murders you and those you love, and you would be happy to see her 'get help' and return to society? are you retarded?

No. 1218499

Most women who are in prison for murder, didn't murder a random woman. They murdered a scrote who abused them. So your hypothetical is useless.

No. 1218506

ok nonnie

No. 1218507

File: 1654803371824.png (1.83 MB, 1280x888, E1F5CE11-9AEB-4164-85D9-591CBC…)

Not an unpopular opinion here, but among “normies.”
Males should be put on offender lists for visiting “strip clubs.” It drives me insane how normal it is to treat us like cows… I wouldn’t feel an ounce of empathy if some folk hero shot up a hooters after the women left. Males will do anything to make our lives hell.

No. 1218522

I've seen that picture before, and I really don't get it. So this shit literally gets so emotionally taxing that some strippers end up crying, and in this case, it got so bad that the place had to put up a sign about it, but instead of being fucked up, all of this is "just quirky stripper gworl things haha xdd"? Or are they making faces and smirking because it's about a particular stripper they hate?

No. 1218530

I don’t know about the women themselves, but I heard multiple “clubs” have similar signs. It’s about the emotional toll.

No. 1218534

100% agree. That's the core of all fetishes, it's a fixation that takes the place of normal attraction for various reasons. Usually they are based around some sort of insecurity in the person, or are reinforced by some insecurity if it wasn't entirely due to one.

No. 1218550

What? That thing you described is horrific, I had no idea about that. But adults playing teens still have issues too, even if they might not be so severe. Nothing is black and white.

No. 1218558

i hate kitkats

No. 1218617

What the actual fuck, there are really signs like that inside of strip clubs? And yet we're supposed to believe that that "sex work is work", sex work is empowering, etc. Jfc. Anyway I agree with you, and places like strip clubs, Hooters (and any other "breastaurants"), as well as brothels shouldn't even exist. The fact that strip clubs are so normalized is disgusting. Men who go there deserve to be castrated.

No. 1218631

You should be.

No. 1218649

It's funny how my little job at an HVAC place doesn't have signs like this on the bathroom mirror. I don't feel empowered but I've never encountered a customer that made me want to cry. Sex work is so progressive though..

No. 1219222

Going off of this, is it pedo-y if you find any of the characters in the show hot if the actors playing them are actually your age?
Steve big hair guy is 29 irl but maybe 19 in the show? and I think hes kinda hot

No. 1219226

One of my bffs was autistic and she really was manipulated and objectified to hell and back.
We really tried to tell her all of her bfs were gross and weird through the years (as light heartedly as possible to not be mean) but that just taught her not to talk about her relationships to us anymore, sadly
We probably weren’t as effective in talking her out of It and we didn’t know how to get through to her, and she was really brainwashed by a disgusting coomer dad and all her coomer boyfriends and coom media

No. 1219242

Bullying gets way worse after you graduate school, fuck ppl who say it's just a dumb school kid thing. If you show any hint of being abused or mentally ill you get pounced on and exploited and ruined. It's not just your emotions and reputation at risk it's your whole livelihood that bullies go after. Even if they're not bullies they're normies who ostrasize gossip and cold shoulder you out of opportunities promotions and hirings.

No. 1219247

I hate monkeys

No. 1219251

I dont think it's weird, considering it's a bit of a meme that teenagers in shows usually look like the fully grown adults who play them

No. 1219254

Honestly I used to hate monkeys but after learning about monkey hate/torture vids it made me really sad. I still dislike them, I think they’re to freaky because some of them are vaguely human looking. Don’t like that.

No. 1219255

You're wrong, this isn't a board about women, or at least it isn't anymore. It's been raided and infested by FDS spergs that only post in ot to whine about the moids they're dating/want to date and trash trannies. And I agree moids and trannies are trash, but I don't spend all day talking about them because I don't want to center all my conversations around them and everytime you bring up something you might disagree with about a woman's actions you get "BUT AT LEAST WE'RE NOT AS BAD AS SCROTES!" like we know that, you don't have to keep saying it jfc it's so annoying.

No. 1219260

Be the change you wish to see.

No. 1219262

File: 1654833260885.jpeg (138.38 KB, 800x605, 88DB62CC-6D9F-464C-A849-C0DB4B…)

No. 1219267

This is cursed all monkeys except the hotspring ones and Bonobos need to die out

No. 1219274

File: 1654833779035.jpeg (243.54 KB, 1024x768, C473619C-3A76-4540-9B1D-0DC480…)

Bonobos are degenerate ugly mini gorillas. Pygmy marmosets are better

No. 1219280

you heard the meme about swedish people not feeding their guests, now hear me out on dutch people being severely unhygenic.
they have sinks in their bathrooms but no soap or towel in them. they don't have hand soap in the shower bathroom either, and they never wash their hands after coming home or before eating, even though they were fondling bike chains, holding bike handles and pressing street crossing buttons all day. they might have handsoap in the kitchen, but i never seen anybody use that either who had it. it seemed to be used for decoration more than anything because it was always full and the same type.

No. 1219287

File: 1654834160006.jpg (32.84 KB, 500x334, 3567448953t7.jpg)

Only the moid monkeys of this species have that freakish nose. The females have a comparatively cuter upturned penelope nose

No. 1219293

Nta but bonobos are based, they live in matriarchal societies and resolve all their problems by having lesbian sex. Best apes

No. 1219296

File: 1654834688343.jpeg (51.72 KB, 512x290, C33A9962-F8B0-46CA-8C1F-872EE6…)

That's a myth. They're matrilineal but not matriarchal, the moids of the species are pedophilic violent little shits and the older female monkeys abuse the younger female ones. There was even a book debunking this myth https://skepticink.com/incredulous/2017/10/09/bonobo-myth-demolished/

No. 1219298

lol ntayrt but those are the only ones I like. I like orangutans too, whenever I see them in a show they’re always chill but I’m sure they chimp out sometimes. >>1219296 okay I guess I don’t like bonobos anymore.

No. 1219318

kek I'm not a part of this discussion but I like that the bonobo myth is not just being debunked here but DEMOLISHED

No. 1219321

ew that's fucking gross. I've seen ppl say swedes are stingy bc lack of resources, but what is the dutch excuse?

No. 1219327

Kek the way this review is written comes across as unintentionally funny to me because it sounds like it's trying to cancel bonobos for being problematic. It reminds me of a story from a teacher of mine about a group of researchers who got viciously attacked by bonobos, but they only targeted the male researchers. Hopefully that one wasn't a myth because I want to believe

No. 1219341

Probably bc they were being loud and smelled bad. Human/monke female solidarity, I want a movie about a girl and her Bonobo pet taking revenge on some dude.

No. 1219353

I hate monkeys and apes. I honestly can't think of an animal that scares me more than a chimpanzee. When I was a kid I heard that news story of the woman who got her face torn off by her elderly friend's pet chimp and because that thing was filthy and had god knows what under its fingernails she got MANY infections which resulted in her having to get her eyes removed. Ever since then Chimps have been my most feared animal kek

No. 1219362

File: 1654837887057.png (1.78 MB, 1600x1200, travis-ty.png)

Don't worry he's in hell now

No. 1219380

dutch think that builds better immunity

No. 1219384

How is eating with feces hands building better immunity… Fucking gross. I'd like to see std stats on the Dutch.

No. 1219386

Can confirm, I had a Dutch exchange student and she showered like once in two weeks. Can't remember if she ever brushed her teeth

No. 1219392

File: 1654839608341.jpeg (477.92 KB, 1200x1200, 4111.jpeg)

Checks out. What the fuck is wrong with those people?

No. 1219396

There's no soap at all in most Japanese public restrooms, and everytime I went to restrooms with soap nobody but me and my friend used it. I went to a cutesy café once, went to pee and wash my hands, and the girl in the stall next to mine took the biggest shit ever and only rinced her fingertips before going back to eat.

No. 1219397

I read about typhoid Mary in middle school and STILL fucking think of her almost every time I was my hands after I’ve used the toilet, wtf is wrong with these people.

No. 1219398

samefag, wanted to add that when I talked to other students in the exchang program, they confirmed that their Dutchies didn't shower either, so it wasn't just mine. I was horrified. They also ate weird stuff for breakfast like buttered slices of bread with sugar sprinkled on top

No. 1219399

>They also ate weird stuff like buttered bread with sugar on top
Hey…not a dutchie but an Amerifag and that was my poor person treat

No. 1219401

heh sorry

No. 1219403

What the fuck, were there at least those fancy Japanese toilets where you press some button and a water jet rinses your ass? I'm always so pissed when public bathrooms do not have soap at sinks, I never feel actually clean washing without any soap. Good thing my country is >80% on the map above, even with all our faults this is a great relief.

No. 1219406

Yes, they had fancy high-tech toilets with music to hide your shitting and farting noises to other people, but the only restrooms with soap where in restaurants, shops and some train stations. Sometimes. I'm not talking about empty soap dispensers, I'm talking about no soap dispensers AT ALL. And I was there when the pandemic barely started so I had to use the few little sanitizing gel I had left from before the global shortage of masks and gels, I was pissed off.

No. 1219410

File: 1654840437805.png (896.15 KB, 669x784, Capture.PNG)

In regards with the hygiene talk, this should be made mandatory for every men's bathroom all over the globe

No. 1219422

It would never stop ringing lol

No. 1219431

It confuses me how women feel like pedos when they date younger but they don't feel the older men they date are pedos

No. 1219432

Misogyny, youth is overvalued in women on a societal level.

No. 1219434

No wonder the Japanese "cold" is so prevalent

No. 1219437

Hate to break it to you but women in most countries don't wash their hands either

No. 1219438

Because women are the ones who care about pedophilia, men don't give a shit

No. 1219443

Yeah but if women care about pedophilia why date pedophiles. I have met so many women who will date men 10 years+ older than them but say they won't date men their age or younger because they are "babies". The logic is flawed.

No. 1219444

File: 1654842924612.jpg (351.57 KB, 2000x1479, handwashmaxx.jpg)

op here i lived in the netherlands for 5 years and the shower thing is also true. they say if you didn't get sweaty, and not going to have sex later, it is a waste of water. i sort of agree, unless the person pooped that day, because having those particles in there is going to fess up and that's disgusting. maybe the dutch don't poop much because they don't eat much? i don't know.
teeth brushing though, people do that everyday. still the hand washing pisses me off the most, because i shared food with friends who didn't wash. fingerfood, and stuff they prepared. the only people that had soap there lived in big fancy houses, were half immigrant, or had many children and pets. i was like what, soap is so cheap and is sold in every grocery store like everywhere else. after realizing this common habit i started carrying hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes everywhere.

No. 1219447

Because older men on average make more money than younger men and from what I've observed girls care less about pedophilia when they're the victims of it and/or are conveniently oblivious to its effects/harms when it's centered on them and care more about it when other girls are victims of it instead

No. 1219449

Australians have fairy bread which sounds similar to that and is a decent kids party snack.

No. 1219452

But by dating pedophiles just because they have money they are contributing to the problem

No. 1219456

Yeah, but when has everyone cared if they're contributing to a problem? If they like older men better they're gonna go for them, no one's gonna change that and the older men like it so everyone wins. It's like the political lesbians that keep telling straight women to just give up dick, yeah it would make some things easier but at the end of the day if you want it you're gonna get it.

No. 1219458

I was gonna reply to that anon but they deleted - Older men are also better in bed too, less pornsick etc. which I've also heard from many girls. They're just more mature than younger men who generally have less experience and are more pathetic and usually have less money and are more demanding financially and emotionally

No. 1219459

That's fine but at the same time those women are hypocrites because they'd be the first to shame an older woman for dating a younger man. For example when I was 28 and dating a 22 year old all my friends made it a big deal meanwhile they are with 50 year olds…

No. 1219461

Fuck it, don't let them judge you. Get that youthful dick suga mama queen

No. 1219462

If they were indeed that mature they would be dating women closer to their own age.

No. 1219464

This is why I prefer to be friends with (half) immigrant people. I don't enjoy getting shamed and gaslit for things which are normal everywhere else in the world, but will get you called spoiled here by (upper) middleclass people, while I'm literally a poorfag. And no, showering regularly and washing my hands isn't standing in between me and being rich, neither is me not wanting to reuse teabags.

No. 1219467

Not true. Everyone values youth as beauty, males and females. It's just that with men you have to factor in maturity and income as well because the packages moids come in don't have all the instructions to a pussy and mostly older men have figured it out, bonus is they can take you on a ride in the car they own and take you back to the house they own etc. Compare that to a youthful but depressed moid who doesn't know his way around a pussy, calls you bitch constantly, treats you like his mom, doesn't own anything of his own, AND is broke on top of that.

No. 1219472

If those older moids are so mature why aren't they dating women their own age?

No. 1219473

This is the real answer

No. 1219474

I just explained why. Same reason some women choose to date younger men, because youth is seen as beautiful by both sexes, but for some women the tradeoff isn't worth it for youthful moids who are broke/immature.

No. 1219478

Most of these men do not "just happen to fall for" a (much) younger woman, they actively refuse to even consider age-appropriate partners.

No. 1219479

Actually mature older people don't pick people based on youth/looks and actually want to have shit in common with people they fuck

No. 1219480

Yeah, so? Youth is beautiful to both sexes. Some older women even date younger men. Are you mad because you're getting in that age bracket where older moids don't want you or something? Just date a younger man then, they're desperate for pussy. Trust me.

No. 1219481

Ah yes having things in common, so hot, gets me wet every time

No. 1219483

If a man is dating a woman only because she's young and hot he's no different from a 19 year old moid

No. 1219484

There are far more older men who actively seek younger women than older women who actively seek younger men. I'd say there even are more younger men who actively seek older women than older women who actively seek younger men.

No. 1219485

The difference is he's actually gonna know how to make her cum and is gonna shower her with expensive gifts, the young moid would huff and puff and cum inside her, leaving her unsatisfied, then roll over and kick her out or at most take her to Taco Bell

No. 1219486

Ok, I'm just saying it's an option

No. 1219487

Love orangutans, and I especially love that their name means "Forest Person" in Malay

No. 1219488

Yeah just because he can make you cum and buy you gifts doesn't make him mature. He could do that for a woman in his age group too but he doesn't for childish reasons.

No. 1219491

>for childish reasons
Men usually don't (nor should they) look to a woman's income or "maturity" when looking for one of us because we already make them cum and women usually aren't the breadwinners. Therefore that leaves beauty as the only desirable metric worth vetting for. As I said before, beauty is youth according to both sexes. It really feels like you're trying to cope by making older men out to be vain because they find youth beautiful, but literally everyone, including women, does. The full package would be a youthful moid who had all the traits of the older man I described because youth is more beautiful. But youthful moids like that don't exist, so, like I said, it's a tradeoff.

No. 1219493

On the other hand, there are also virgins who do put in effort to make up for their lack of experience and end up doing a great job, as well as "experienced" men who are completely useless because they mistake quantity for quality and think having a high body count means they must be a good lay, but they don't even notice or care when their partners fake it.

No. 1219496

There are plenty of men who prefer women their own age because they can actually understand each other and come from the same generation. Meanwhile a man with a childish brain is still trying to have thr hottest car and girlfriend to show off to his buddies or trying to relive a poor highschool experience.

No. 1219497

lol based. I had a boyfriend once who was the male version of me and it was FUCKING AWFUL. I wasn't expecting my worst qualities mirrored back in moid form, no fucking thank you. Give me a cheerful dumb hot himbo instead, please and thanks

No. 1219498

>Therefore that leaves beauty as the only desirable metric worth vetting for.
They don't even need that considering that women are often expected to have literally no standards other than "he's 'nice' (which actually just means not a complete monster) to me"

No. 1219500

>virgins who do put in effort to make up for their lack of experience and end up doing a great job
This really isn't common if it's your experience lol. It's not just me, it's pretty much a consensus from my friend group that older men are better in bed than younger moids. But everyone is different ig

No. 1219501

>tfw my bf is youthful and pretty with the maturity of a 30+ year old. he just wants to work and budget our money. fuck i am lucky.

No. 1219505

By "maturity" I more meant ability to make a woman cum, and "qualities of an older moid" I meant money and willingness to give gifts. Not necessarily workaholic, but someone with their head on their shoulders. So if you're boyfriends all those things, you got yourself a keeper.

No. 1219508

older women are better in bed

I'm 30 and men in my age group are just as porn sick and bad in bed. Younger millennials were raised on the internet/porn as well but I guess men in my age group are less violent in bed. Still horrible at it though.

No. 1219509

>older men are better in bed*

No. 1219511

Gen Z men are psychopath turbo virgins who don't understand anything and hate women with a passion, I much prefer 30+ men because at least they've had some sexual experience, kinda respect women and aren't completely deranged. I know the whole "kink" thing is common with the 30+ crowd, but the men I've been with simply ignore that and just act normal.

No. 1219513

Men in their 30s don't respect women either lol the only difference is they aren't dumb enough to make it obvious. They do talk shit about women behind their back unlike younger men who will just say toxic shit upfront.

No. 1219514

Oh well, the difference is they respect me when they see me and when I'm around them and that's all that matters, I don't appreciate toxic emotional abuse no matter how "real" it is.

No. 1219515

And that's why they are fucking someone younger because they know you're dumb enough to believe the act

No. 1219516

Seethe and swipe

No. 1219517

Men who date younger know with a girl their age they'd have to do more than buy a purse or a meal at Applebee's to impress her

No. 1219519

I don't really get the point of judging other people for being in age gap relationships whether it's an older man and a younger woman or an older woman and a younger man. Some are creepy and predatory, but if both people are grown adults (of course not like a 18 and 35 year old, you get what I mean) then I just don't see the problem. I don't really get this whole conversation honestly.

No. 1219521

Can you stop coping? If men your age are so bad/misogynist why do you want them so bad, and are you in this thread sperging out at me because you're jealous they don't want you? Just stop. I'm sure there are plenty of men on Tinder who want you, don't be mad because you found out the guy you liked in hs married a younger girl on fb.

No. 1219525

It sounds like you are just being groomed by your old bf and you're triggered by the poor mistake you're making lol

No. 1219528

Better time would be spent on Tinder instead of wishing young girls were getting "groomed" so you could justify swiping in and dating their "groomers," hypocrite-chan. Anyway I'm gonna go fuck your high school crush now and there's nothing you can do about it

No. 1219530

>I'm going to fuck your high school crush

Go right ahead lol He's 32 with a beer belly now. You're the only one who thinks old scrotes are a prize.

No. 1219531

>beer belly
Oop mine doesn't, he's very fit.
>You're the only one who thinks old scrotes are a prize.
Except you since you're the one who wants them so bad you're reaching to try to convince me I'm getting "groomed" and also probably every other girl in a 5+ year age gap relationship bc you're jealous. Like go be a creepy tryhard social engineer somewhere else, maybe one day after enough moralizing you'll convince a guy your age to fuck you

No. 1219532

You're the one who has to settle for old men because the top tier men in your age don't want you. You have to settle for youth diggers because you can't get the young guys with education and money lol

No. 1219533

Cope and swipe 4life

No. 1219534

Ignoring the obvious issues about power dynamics and manipulative old creeps who like young women for their naivete, women who date older men are fucking other women and their future selves over. What do you think will happen if men are constantly reassured that they can and should have access to young women at all ages? You wanna be 35 and all the men your age are fully convinced they deserve 20 year olds and you're too old for them? We can't stop them wanting women as young as possible, all we can do is prevent them from getting what they want. And if that's done via shaming and judging so be it, women need to understand how short sighted and self sabotaging it is to be with old men. Most are memed into it by sexist societal bs, many are groomed into it.

ofc none of this applies to older woman/younger man since that's rare and stigmatized while older man/younger woman is encouraged and culturally enforced.

No. 1219535

Cope and swipe because you had to date older because the men in your age group could find prettier and more successful girls

No. 1219541

The anti shein propaganda is just the western fashion industry trying to keep people shopping at places like forever 21 despite the fact they get their clothes from the same places

No. 1219552

I knew some older men who do the sugaring thing and most of them don't have normal relationships with these women. They go on "trips" or have sex in hotel rooms and then just leave them and find another. Many of them despite being 50+ are in fact addicted to porn sometimes just as badly as a gen z men. If you can actually form a connection and organic relationship with an older man I wont stop you but you're going to feel really cheap when you realize you were used for sex and he thinks you're a dumbass

No. 1219554

Guess what, you're going to be old one day too and you're still going to want to have sex and relationships and feel appreciated and beautiful. How would you feel if you were married to a man both in your old age and he were cheating on you with a much younger woman. Many of these older men are married, the commitment means nothing to them.

No. 1219555

I read this as anti sheen propaganda and thought of the character from jimmy neutron

No. 1219558

I don't get it. I don't own anything from Forever21, so I can’t say anything about the quality there. I've owned several things from Shein, and it's about the same as something from Target. Maybe slightly less durable.

No. 1219560

No. 1219562

This is a pretty general statement tbh. Not every older woman who dates younger men is going to feel that older men who date younger women are pedos. Imo the ones I've seen who do are generally more lenient with that

No. 1219567

shit take. Shein is the most destructive fashion company on the planet. Not to mention the amount of non FDA approved materials that go into their clothing. I think being anti-shein is the base level of morality you can be when it comes to ethical shopping. Even boohoo isn't as bad.
t. exclusive thrifter

No. 1219569

>non-FDA approved materials
Nonnie there's plenty of FDA approved things that probably do more damage. All of those places exploit workers and have damaging practices. Even high end "luxury clothing" places.

No. 1219573

So? They're all bad too. I'm just saying Shein has been shown to be the worst you can get when it comes to fashion production and ethics. It's like if you told someone who exclusively eats humans they could eat animals for meat and they still choose to eat humans.

No. 1219574


Oh boy, you must be underage. I refuse to believe anyone over 18 is this naive.

>"omg he thinks im so mature and respects me, older men are so much better than boys my age!!"


No. 1219633

Postpartum depression 8/10 times is just women having shitty husbands and boyfriends

No. 1219637

Yeah but it's more recovering from the chemical high of birth + having a 24/7 crying machine around that wasn't around before. I had postpartum depression and it was partly because giving birth changed my life and pregnancy altered my body forever, not just physically but mentally, partly because I was constantly tired and annoyed and pumping and feeding.

No. 1219650

Is this legit? I'm sitting here shocked and disgusted.

Re: immigrant friends - locals in (insert northern european country) laughed at me when I told them I used a mini bidet after shitting, the only ones who got it were muslim immigrants and that's when i realized some things.

No. 1219653

>10 times more bacteria on phones than on toilet seats
I noticed, I see how filthy and greasy people's phones are, I never accept it when they hand it to me to show me something. I don't care if that makes me rude, what's ruder is your petri-dish screens. I have a habit of regularly cleaning my phone, why don't you?

No. 1219659

Keyboards are also just as disgusting so I developed the habit of having hand gel in my bags way before the pandemic started when I was in uni, and I went from being mocked for it a little to being called smart for using hand gel before eating during lunch breaks kek

No. 1219667

Have you given birth nonna?

No. 1219693

I think that shitty partners make PPD much more difficult for women to go through, don't get me wrong, but it's an actual condition that can happen to any woman who gives birth. I knew a woman who got it after her first baby was born and while her partner wasn't a great guy, it was such an obvious change in her entire person and ability to function. Even a shitty partner can't change someone's entire will to live and view of their own child almost overnight.

No. 1219704

When I read skinwalking complaints it's always shit like "she got a similar piercing to me" "she started listening to the same bands" "she bought a similar necklace to me" Like is it just me or are these not even? You didn't invent that shit you saw it from somebody else yourself. People are so possessive about the weirdest shit. Chances are if you complained about skinwalking before you 100% overreacted and think way too highly of yourself

No. 1219749

Kek you're joking right, no men care to learn how to give women orgasms, and hell expect you to cook him breakfast. Enough with the tumblarina coquette fantasy it's so cringe.

No. 1219751

>older women are better in bed
That's the only part of your tantrum that's true. Anyways, gen Z dudes don't have trouble getting it up or have saggy bitchtits like old men do so they'll always have an easier time with the women their age. I've never known a mentally stable woman who willingly dated older men, they either do it for the benefits or out of desperation.

No. 1219752

Agree. There are actual weirdos out there but in many many cases you just had something they liked or introduced them to a new band etc. Maybe some autist thinks getting into same things as you will mske you like them more. I would say that in 99% of cases the reason are not sinister.

No. 1219753

It's not a coquette, it's probably a troll or male. Coquettes only fantasize about dudes in their twenties and they all look like jacked up slav soldiers, not a typical old dude who creeps on young girls.

No. 1219756

I don't agree with the mummy dick chaser but some moids do at least try to learn what you like. Even if the reasons are inherently selfish for doing so. At least my little scroatee did, and a previous male partner as well.

No. 1219787

Everyone who thinks things like that are skinwalking needs to take some time to read the Emmalee thread on /w/

No. 1219903

I don't really understand the fight. I think we'd all rather date young, beautiful men (and being gen Z doesn't make a man terrible anymore than being older does; generally, men are all shit, but it's not impossible for you to find a good one). All the stuff about older men being superior seems like a LARP, or a way to reckon with some sort of painful complex about aging or desirability. I've seen some straight women argue that they don't want a handsome man because they want to be "the beauty" in the relationship, and I think that's insane. Dating an ogre for personal validation. I personally don't understand how the gold diggers can make the trade-off, but even they make more sense

No. 1219921

This legit just reminded me of when this girl I used to be friends with was always complaining of her bf's ex "skinwalking" her when it was just they were fans of big popculture things, like come on they were both geeky tumblr girls who were into marvel and dr who, like that's not skinwalking that's just being a sterotype!
But she did piss me off because I did have a legit skinwalker (copying my exact hair dye job (dark blue to light blue ombre,) my exact tattoo, and hell even copying the special embroidery I had stitched onto my backpack in uni, like she was 5 years old then me so it was creepy af, but when I brought it up I was just told to sit down and be "flattered." Obviously we're not friends anymore now kek

No. 1219925

Desperate and ugly lol

No. 1219930

I agree you should've just been flattered. Oh no somebody did the same backpack embroidery

No. 1219931

Ime dating a confident pretty boy is annoying because of the attention he gives and receives from other women. Also I'm just over dating "pretty boys". I don't mind a naturally handsome man, but I don't like these metrosexual types. I'm in my 30s for reference. Currently idk why people freak out about their 30s I get more attention now from men but like appropriate interaction, like I'm treated as a person and men in their 20s to death still chat me up etc. So I'm not stuck on having to date older because I think that mantra only seems cool when you're like a teenager or early 20s and you want to date a man, but when your 30 everyone is a man because I don't entertain the thought of under 28.

No. 1220139

It was my own name in my own language that she copied, like how am I supposed to feel flattered about that?

No. 1220146

No. 1220154

It's so fucking weird how young girls (7-11) dress like adults nowadays. Like in crop tops, wide leg pants, or bralette tops and ripped pants. Do their mothers not think it's weird they're buying mini-versions of adult clothing for them? Like don't they stop and go, "Hey, there's something visually wrong with my kid, who's dressed like a TikTok Aliexpress influencer? Like she she came out of Euphoria?" I know this is probably to do with the disappearance of that age as a market demographic, but still. It's so weird.

No. 1220160

My sister literally lets my niece who is 13 dress like this since she was 10 and doesn't think it's weird and she just thinks it's "following the trends" and if anyone said anything about it she'd scream "why are you SEXUALIZING my DAUGHTER" to our other family members and people on Facebook so we just learned not to argue with her about it, plus other girls my niece's age are dressing this way too so she's kind of just trying to fit in

No. 1220164

I want to vomit when I see skimpy pleather mini skirts for 5-10 year olds at H&M

No. 1220172

was just thinking this too. my cousin is 11 wearing thigh highs and pleated skirts, not skorts which gives me so much anxiety. one time i told my auntie that i could see her underwear and it was inappropriate as we were at a park playground, she said i shouldnt look then and i was shocked. i explained i was worried about creepy men and she did the whole "its trendy and she cant wear her favorite outfits at school" like wow i wonder why! i worry for girls constantly. they are so sexualized and everyone just shrugs like its just normal. call me prude but a kid shouldnt be wearing literal thigh highs and mini skirts. some things i see border on club wear sized down for kids ie. shein kids

No. 1220185

It's the whole logic that putting clothes on girls is "victim-blaming" because "men are gonna be creepy anyway so why restrict girls bodies/not let them wear the clothes they want" and that covering them up is "sexualizing" them because it normalizes girls as targets for men at a young age. Basically it's a correction from the old logic of "what were you wearing?" and these people have decided that what they're wearing doesn't matter at all

No. 1220208

Being obsessed with Japan is cringe and it's a gross homogenous ugly country

No. 1220210

The internet grooms people into having personality disorders, or performing them.

No. 1220213

True. I really think the internet created my ADHD and most people with "autism" aren't actually autistic/are just socially awkward

No. 1220221

My ex got mad at me one time because I told him that I don't see Japan the way he does and gave him reasons why.

No. 1220223

>being obsessed with Japan especially because of anime and manga is cringe and it's a gross homogenous ugly country
fixed that for you

No. 1220249

I get homogenous and gross, but how is it ugly? It's a very clean country and some beautiful landscapes exist outside of the consoom Akiba hell

No. 1220261

My ex got mad at me one time because I told him that I don't see Japan the way he does and gave him reasons why.

No. 1220280

>zoomers and late millennials grow up in a society that increasingly encourages isolation
>parents too scared of axe murderers to let you run around town on your own as a kid
>too scared to ever let you be alone outside the house, really
>live in a society built around cars, things are too far away for a kid to get there on foot anyway
>decay of community social constructs means you’re not close with neighbor families
>essentially your house is a social and physical island in the middle of the sea. You want to explore but there’s no way to do that and no one to do it with
>luckily the family has a computer, there’s lots of things to do and people to talk to on there!
>grow up with the computer as your main source of entertainment, main way to satiate the need to explore that’s buried so deep in your nature that maybe you don’t even realize you have it
>keyboard is your main source of socialization
>grow up locked away at home and school, you don’t get enough opportunities to develop self-confidence by dealing with increasing hard challenges on your own
>next thing you know you’re hitting adulthood, you realize there’s all sorts of nuances to in-person human interaction that you don’t understand.
>you haven’t had enough experience with socialization to understand those nuances, but maybe you don’t realize that.
>boss wants you to dedicate your life to sitting in front of a little glowing box under fluorescent lights, even though this is antithetical to human nature you think it’s an acceptable request because it’s all you’ve ever been told modern humans should do.
>you also suddenly go from doing nothing yourself to doing everything yourself. Commutes, bills, relationships. The world suddenly explodes in size, you can’t handle it.
>go to doctor, get diagnosed with trifecta of autism, anxiety, depression
>don’t worry, we’ll put you on a cocktail of pills and you can add it to your Twitter handle for extra attention online. That’s what you want right?

No. 1220283

I think anon is referring to how horrible their entire system is and not it’s looks.

No. 1220286


No. 1220298

There are so many new and complicated, ridiculous ways you’re forced to perform thanks to fake job scarcity and social media that it’s considered autistic to not be able to switch from so many different social disguises at once. Not wanting to use retarded corporate filler language or OTT shit-eating service job groveling means you’re apparently autistic now. People are on the spectrum for not wanting to go to shit jobs that treat them like ants and don’t even pay enough to allow them to enjoy life, apparently. Very convenient for their to be something wrong with all of us instead of the actual issue.

No. 1220306

Being obsessed with South Korea is even worse.

No. 1220316

100% those freaks are on a whole other level

No. 1220430

If that sort of clothing was popular when I was a kid I would've he/they/them'ed myself so fast you wouldn't even have time to see me getting a mullet and wearing men's tshirts. So uncomfortable.

No. 1220433

I went to SK once and I liked the transportation system but the people were rude as fuck. It's a bizarre country and the area I went to was also dirty and gross. The fact that there are hoards of people worshiping this country and videos of white girls glomping bowlcut men because omg he looks like Jimin, makes me want to hurl. Get your head out of the damn kpop clouds.

No. 1220447

All screens will induce ADHD basically, especially the younger you are when you are exposed. TV, computer, phone, all these things are preventing children's brains from developing properly.

No. 1220449

it's probably ugly to people who like maximalism and gaudy european design

No. 1220458

ADHD is worsened by screens and you cause development damage to people with it if you give them more than three hours of screen time under three. If you want the medical side.

No. 1220486

cinnamon toothpaste is better than mint toothpaste

No. 1220489

Based and cinnamonpilled

No. 1220496

Does anyone know any children who AREN'T ipad kids? How are they compared to their screen loving counterparts?
Also, is there a difference between todays ipad kids and the millennial raised on tv kids?

No. 1220501

Such a thing exists? I had a strawberry or cherry flavored toothpaste as a kid and it was gross, I prefer non flavored toothpaste now,

No. 1220510

File: 1654903730235.jpeg (694.96 KB, 3000x3000, 4b60978c-e2c8-43d7-9604-3dd7de…)

Sure does nonners

No. 1220514

Wow I want this

No. 1220517

Triggered weeb detected

No. 1220519

My bf bought us watermelon toothpaste and it's fucking nasty, runny, and bright green tastes like medicine
I miss when I had lemon crest toothpaste as a kid but nobody sells it anymore. That was truly the supreme flavor sorry.

No. 1220522

File: 1654904763788.jpg (118.86 KB, 640x519, f45afe6ec3287b6c005c32d14ab19f…)

This is the only toothpaste that has ever mattered

No. 1220541

Wtf lemon toothpaste I missed out

No. 1220547

Lemon??? I want that!!

No. 1220559

Never seen a cinnamon one here but strawberry flavoured Peppa pig toothpaste is my secret fave.

No. 1220591

My dad used to get orange flavor and that was the cats pajamas

No. 1220592

god the lemon flavor was the best… I miss it

No. 1220616

Love is real and I am deserving of it

- unpopular opinion in my personal life according to everyone who hates me.

No. 1220713

Sims 2 is the best looking Sims game

No. 1220776

No but I remember using the internet in 2010, when I was like 9 and me and my siblings were on YouTube and sims and random games like Disney and movie star planet and the internet was really slow back then, compared to now. We would eventually get bored of the computer and eventually just go outside or find something else. These days I feel like people can just sit there all day online even kids.

No. 1220784

MCR is boring

No. 1220787

I dislike how online 'foodie' culture rags on convenience ingredients, particularly stuff like store bought tortillas. If you're a single white guy who has Mexican food every now and then making them probably isn't a big deal. But when I would go to visit the Mexican half of my family and they were using hand made tortillas it was extremely evident how the cook didn't get to participate in the regular dining experience. My family members would eat 4 tortilla apiece, and there were multiple of us at some of these function. So the woman (it was always a woman) who was making the tortillas didn't get to eat with the rest of the family. They were making the tortillas fresh and serving people through their meal, and maybe halfway through they'd actually get to sit down and eat, or maybe they'd end up eating last. I observed this so much growing up. Homemade tortillas are delicious but I don't begrudge any woman that would rather eat with her family.

I don't think this is a really unpopular opinion when you think about it or know the context but tons of people just blindly hate on any and all sorts of convenience ingredients. You can make perfectly healthy and delicious meals with frozen, pre-cut veggies or a store rotisserie chicken you've shredded and not all bottle sauces are bad. Why insist on making everything complicated?

No. 1220792

Store bought tortillas are actually nasty though. The raw ones are fine, but the cooked ones? Blehh.

No. 1220796

Some convenience stuff is fine and I use it too regularly, but it still tastes different and with some stuff I just can't find good convenience versions near me. Like hummus and that's easy to make at home. In my culture you get shat on if you put in more effort than slapping a slice of cheese in between two slices of bread, many people in their 20's here don't know how to cook at all. They just rely on parents, delivery services or the aforementioned perma cheese sandwich diet. They call me spoiled for actually cooking (which is odd because everywhere else they'd be called spoiled for never cooking for themselves), sometimes making things myself and actually caring about flavor profiles. Using more than just salt and pepper? "ew your kitchen smells like a foreigner" Somewhere in the middle between making everything yourself and 100% convenience is probably most sane.

No. 1220797

Where are you from?

No. 1220799

I don't want to summon them, because they're really proud about all the retarded aspects of the culture or don't realize how retarded it looks to everyone else.

No. 1220803

Both can be fine, it depends on the recipe. Recipes get adapted for the pre-made cooked tortillas since they have a different flavor, texture and thickness. IME different meals would mean using different sorts of tortillas for them.

Store bought hummus is not very good. But as it turned out the delicious, authentic hummus I was used to eating that tasted soooo much better than the store bought stuff . . . was also made with convenience items. We had very friendly Armenian neighbors, sometimes they gave us hummus. It tasted just like the stuff from various restaurants too. I finally asked for the recipe, wondering how it came out so much better than my attempts to follow recipes I had found online. Turns out they used canned chickpea puree, it was cheap and easy to find at the specialty stores they did their grocery shopping from. I'm not going to bother cooking the chickpeas myself again unless I have a pressure cooker. This was a lot easier and very tasty.

I will agree there is a definitely a middle ground, but lots of convenience stuff is just fine especially when you incorporate your own cooking into it. I love my frozen veggies.

No. 1220804

Kek are you dutch

No. 1220806

You actually reminded me of something that was on my mind recently. Most "convenient" diet choices that people shit on – frozen vegetables, store-bought bread/tortillas, ready-made jam and tomato sauce – are diet choices that housewives/homemakers have to make due to how labor-intensive cooking is. But people would rather die than see household labor as actual labor. No, you have to find some time to squeeze in between cleaning, constantly taking care of children, a job (?), and somehow finding the time to cook a big meal everyday. Do you know how surprised I was when I found out that some SAHMs don't eat leftovers for lunch and actually cook everyday? How does anyone expect them to do that with 1000000% fresh homemade ingredients? Anyone who thinks that should try making a whole pot of stuffed cabbage rolls. Just rolling those things will induce a psychotic episode.

No. 1220812

File: 1654936294107.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.04 KB, 480x480, ierthjnoisdjfadsfjs.jpg)

What have you done? They're now going to come in here saying "that never happens", will call me spoiled for not thinking a cheese sandwich is acceptable for every meal, will tell me to go back to my own country even though I've probably got more ancestry than them here and they're probably going to start complaining about foreigners in general
Your hummus story does sound like a good mix between homemade and convenience, I do something similar for mine. The frozen veggie selection is kinda sad and small here, except if you go to Makro or something and get the stuff they use in restaurants. Way more options there.

No. 1220813

>But people would rather die than see household labor as actual labor
>Anyone who thinks that should try making a whole pot of stuffed cabbage rolls
Truer words have never been spoken

No. 1220822

Yep, its the sexism that gets to me. And most people (well, men) don't realize it. Modern online cooking culture/entertainment is biased towards spectacle, most people won't actually make the thing they're watching on youtube or whatever or they will make it now and again. If you're a person that is actually cooking every day, multiple times a day, especially for other people, it stops being fun and you will start to regard it as more of a job or chore that you will want to simplify. You will be biased towards stuff that is easy to find in grocery stores, that can cook fast without dirtying too many dishes and with ingredients that can be reused into another meal for another day. So when people throw shade at convenience items or convenience foods they are disrespecting housewives. Some mommybloggers do make crappy stuff, but often times the food they share online is just fine and slots well into a busy mom's lifestyle. Between the cooking she needs time to clean up and take care of the kids and all this other stuff, she's better off getting recipes from another mom than someone like Kenji or Alton Brown (who make good food but it can be very time consuming). The tortilla example really gets me riled up because these childless men living on their own have never made multiple tortillas for multiple people multiple times a day, day after day after day. For 4 people eating 4 each, one at every meal, having 3 meals a day, (common on a weekend, for example) that is 48 tortillas you need to make a day, and each meal you won't get to eat with your family because you're attending to them. You eat last and eat alone. You will get tired of it at some point.

Every time modern science does something to make a housewife's endless job a little bit easier standards shift to make sure she never gets any peace.

No. 1220825

cabbage rolls sound really good but I've always heard of how notoriously time consuming they are. I would make a cabbage roll casserole, I hear it still tastes pretty good even if it doesn't look as nice.

No. 1220840

I just love watching videos like these. Sometimes the pro chefs do something which is very easy and no big deal to add, or a simple different technique, but can really elevate a meal. I don't expect mothers cooking for families to cook like me, but it's weird when single people in their 20's who still eat at their parent's or just eat sandwiches for every meal, or get take-out constantly act like they're the exact same as a busy mum.

No. 1220844