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No. 1211428

Anything goes.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1198591

No. 1211438

Anything goes

No. 1211442

No. 1211456

googling the names so I can understand his sick burns

No. 1211463

Oh that chateaux reminded me of the gateau from the chateau

No. 1211501

File: 1654380092853.jpg (67.25 KB, 616x616, 1632097620822.jpg)

I don't get why nonnies use the true crime cows thread to mainly bitch about stephanie harlowe when the moid true crime fags are worse
I guess because they don't use social media as much

No. 1211536

File: 1654381227127.jpeg (155.65 KB, 1438x1396, C33AE19E-0E5C-4B21-9CEE-B84C72…)

I love this dog and the memes she stars in.

No. 1211540

Because women can do the exact same shit men do except they will get called annoying for it.

No. 1211542

i love the versions where all the homophobic jokes are replaced with transphobic jokes because suddenly the troons don't find that funny anymore.

No. 1211547

Post 'em

No. 1211558

File: 1654382370326.png (143.72 KB, 236x278, 744.png)

No. 1211564

I wish Sword and Scale dude didn't yeet all his social media, he's such a huge cow and I would be posting all his shit there if he hadn't gotten scared and ran away from his two shittalking twitter accounts. I can't stand to listen to his free episodes for milk anymore because he's so creepy and violently misogynistic.

No. 1211571

the moth dude and his wife are huge cows, I wonder why more nonnies don't speak about him but those two are almost worthy of their own thread

No. 1211606

I think women in general don’t keep up with too many male lolcows. Seeing retarded men on social media just makes me fucking angry and want to block them, and not in a fun lulzy way. Kf featuring a lot more males since the moids there can stomach it.

No. 1211657

File: 1654389867389.jpg (263.05 KB, 1439x1439, FUUsI-7XEAQnRao.jpg)

picrel approaches you and calls you fat, what do you do ?

No. 1211663

eat them

No. 1211664

I got recommended a video of a guy taking a walk in the forest analyzing leaves with four views and zero likes total after watching a teacher singing an acapella cover of dangerous woman because he lost a bet to his students. I don't understand.

No. 1211666

File: 1654390149498.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x275, 1591142012645.jpg)

I blush and say sorry.

No. 1211669

Laugh because I’m skinnier

No. 1211671

please be joking, that seems dangerous

No. 1211674

Oh no here comes schizo body check ana chan coming to shit up /ot/ with her tablecloth selfies

No. 1211678

Sit on and suffocate them.

No. 1211706

Call them cracked out whores

No. 1211715

Call them trannies

No. 1211718

you all see to be taking this personally

No. 1211719

Uh, how else am I supposed to take it if they approached me, and called me fat?

No. 1211724

nonnies my bf is autistic and often out of the loop and he doesnt talk to anyone except me and his brother and he didnt even know what among us is when i mentioned it the other day. like i showed him a picture and he said he never seen it in his life. this man is in his early 30s but hes a huge gamer so it kinda blew my mind

how did he avoid ever seeing it i want to know???? its incredible i think. god i wish that were me he doesnt even understand 90% of internet slang despite using the internet forever i love it

No. 1211736

File: 1654396994030.png (265.61 KB, 679x374, im in danger.png)

>lifesavers gummy candy was apparently just recalled in my country for being contaminated with some weird shit
>ate an entire bag from the recalled batch today

pray for me nonnies

No. 1211759

I love this doggie. She looks comfy.

No. 1211760

I'm watching the Tinder Swindler documentary right now, and while I feel really bad for these women, I just don't get it. The dude isn't very charming and literally had the voice of a tech support scammer. I mean, meeting his baby mama on the first date? Taking out a loan for him? Come on…
I can't believe these young women got scammed like that. Love will make you do crazy things.

No. 1211765

Did they actually make a whole documentary about that scrote? I can't imagine there's anything remotely interesting enough about him to warrant that

No. 1211774

I want to make a joke about how it would be ironic if you died because the candy is called lifesaver but I'm too stoned so I guess I'll just hope you're okay

No. 1211780

File: 1654400528695.jpg (49.66 KB, 432x576, 2874aa952f19d99d774c4bdf8a2e20…)

Sometimes, I just want to let loose my inner rage. I want to break mirrors with my golf clubs, scream so loud it sounds like bloody murder, set fire to couches, punch walls, and ram my car into things. It's slowly eating me alive and the madness is irritating.

No. 1211811

then do it anon, risk it all just let the aggression fly

No. 1211812

i’m watching last years season of rupauls drag race and i cannot stand the tranny shit with the trans man drag queen. mainly because they’re shoving all this virtue signaling into the show but you know none of the other cast can speak freely about it because they would have been cancelled online. it just rings as completely hollow

No. 1211817

It is hollow and I suppose it would be different if the cast saw the drag king as equal to them but it was obvious they were walking on egg shells

No. 1211820

Youtube has been doing this lately, i’ve had some zero views videos recommended too. They were all kinda wholesome though, one was a podcast about bees and the other was a housewife cooking vlog

No. 1211830

I would tell the one on the right to stop photoshopping herself into a bug

No. 1211835

I love this about Youtube. It's pretty much the only major platform where you can still stumble across weird undiscovered rabbit holes like back in the good old days of the internet instead of the only things you see being from major advertisers that have paid millions to shove their bullshit down your throat.

No. 1211848

File: 1654406156065.jpg (26.09 KB, 500x284, tumblr_c9129e7b4ea1e15c0bd1d65…)


No. 1211856

>the only things you see being from major advertisers that have paid millions to shove their bullshit down your throat.
but this is the only thing i see on youtube in recent years

No. 1211865

File: 1654407334461.jpeg (444.63 KB, 1170x599, 3CFA5EF1-74C4-4915-85A0-C58447…)

He looked hot tonight. Hottest he’s looked in a long while.

No. 1211869

Thank you for posting screenshots with Richard Ayoade in them, I appreciate it a lot

No. 1211873

File: 1654408085854.jpeg (96.15 KB, 1170x598, 1654407334461.jpeg)

No. 1211880

Kek I ugly laughed

No. 1211881

It’s sad that a quick drawing makes it look better kek he needs to hit up whoever did Elon Musk’s transplant.

No. 1211882

File: 1654408905055.jpg (62 KB, 409x512, FaceApp_1654408914926.jpg)

No. 1211886

See the potential is still there. Use that family money before it dries up princey.

No. 1211890

He has the look of a secretly homo slightly insecure masculine bottom low key scanning the audience for another masculine freaky down low homo to get butt naked and freaky behind closed palace doors

No. 1211892

I could excuse the balding if he actually looked like this

No. 1211894

File: 1654409546033.jpeg (946.79 KB, 1083x1354, 354D082E-D127-468E-9117-A190EC…)

Which hairstyle we going with?

No. 1211897

Kek this really puts into perspective how hairstyles can really change the way you look. I’m going for the Trudeau Jr. in bottom left personally.

No. 1211902

Ronan Farrow

No. 1211909

I'd probably get suicide by cop if I did everything. It wouldn't be pretty.
Kek, no problem. Love ya nona ♥

No. 1211933

File: 1654412188383.jpeg (32.66 KB, 306x300, 89DE721F-D104-4410-8706-9DDC41…)

Jeff Bezos’ sexts live rent free in my head

No. 1211934

>my eyes

No. 1211941

Alive girl… the fuck dies that mean?

No. 1211942

No. 1211951

File: 1654413992003.gif (646.74 KB, 275x207, 1649347769271.gif)

Nonnies I really like you. Might be pathetic but when I'm lonely, lolcow is such a good place to feel community. I don't mind infights and shit like that, it's entertaining and some people here are pretty nice too. I'm glad it's anonymous, I always felt too shy and not motivated enough to participate in proper fandoms or normal forums. I don't mind newfags and don't think lolcow is getting worse, I'm just happy female space like this exists.

No. 1211953

File: 1654414296867.png (135.71 KB, 367x247, DUX.png)

I love you too, nonny! Sorry for all the times I called you retarded

No. 1211957

love you nonnie i agree

No. 1211958

Thread pic is perfect for this rant of mine: I want to quit my perfectly good job that I enjoy just so that I can NEET for a bit. I’d rather kill myself than go in today and work for the next 6 days. I am so unbelievably tired all the time I can’t function.

No. 1211962

Can you take a vacation? Even if it's an unpaid one

No. 1211963

No because wErE uNdErStAfFeD and they will guilt trip me endlessly about it.

No. 1211974

The way anons communicate on this site is very hilarious, I don't know how to explain it but I'm always laughing my ass off while lurking

No. 1211978

I don't understand people who fall for guilt tripping

No. 1211995

Midwives have both really traumatic and really funny stories to tell about deliveries.
One funny experience I had was at a home delivery and the head was coming and I was telling the mom to push more. The husband was trying to comfort her and I think he said "it's only a little pain" or something like that and I guess something snapped in her at the height of a contraction and she grabbed him and screamed that it was his fault she was in pain and she was going to kill him for it. He managed to get away and I was stifling my laughter the entire time.
Fast forward to the end of it all and she's holding her baby and I guess she's just then aware the husband is there and is like "honey come look at the baby" and he's apprehensive and she's like "what?" And he says "you don't remember?" And she says "remember what?"
I don't know if she was just playing dumb or if she truly didn't remember but that's one of the funniest moments in my career.

No. 1212012

I've decided I'm going to enjoy this summer! I'm going to float down the rhein, maybe barbecue with people, go hiking. I think a good balance for my weekends is one BIG weekend per month, 2 smaller day trip weekends then one weekend I just stay inside to recoup. I just hate the heat, the people and the noise but I'm really going to give it a go this year!

No. 1212018

why do i always feel emo on saturdays

No. 1212307

File: 1654430453779.png (13.88 KB, 348x227, 8bf42a2d-e04b-401a-886f-ed53d0…)

All the trannieshit this month is so exhausting.

No. 1212343

File: 1654432587428.jpg (76.55 KB, 1000x500, sonic-card.jpg)

SOnic is based let's all be like him

No. 1212384

Eat a cookie in front of them

No. 1212386

File: 1654434602064.png (1.77 MB, 2048x1534, lardfat.png)

No. 1212388

Tell them to stop listening to Red Scare

No. 1212396

Regurgitate a skinnier girl to intimidate them

No. 1212401

>dating a dependent autistic man

No. 1212402

Make fun of their fat bfs.

No. 1212438

>ana tipz plz

No. 1212470

Seriously kek did tuna post it

No. 1212534

Show them photos of old anorexics

No. 1212537

File: 1654440101063.png (918.93 KB, 851x900, 1646953295530.png)

Ana-chan pls eat a burgir I worry for you

No. 1212539

I'm curious

No. 1212541

I have a vague feeling that I dreamed of talking to my husbando today but I can't remember a thing, dammit

No. 1212547

What is his haircolor? I'm stalking you, anon

No. 1212550

File: 1654440558082.jpg (22.57 KB, 600x600, images.jpg)

Hmmmm if you were stalking me, wouldn't you know his hair color already? It's brown

No. 1212571

I don't have any it's just they don't age very well.

No. 1212575

I wish I was joking.

No. 1212579

I hope you're not the vampire chick from twitter that looks like a man and self-posts on here

No. 1212586

Luckily not. I forgot she’s a known farmer.

No. 1212594

Pick them up, overhead press them, then throw them in the dumpster.

No. 1212617

are there any anorexics that survive a long time though? Anorexia has a high kill rate and can easily result in long term health problems, like osteoporosis and heart problems

No. 1212619

I'm watching a video on creepshow and the person was like, "I do want to say that Jem identifies as non-binary, but I don't think the lolcow admin knew this at the time of making this post"
Kek. I'm drying laughing rigth now

No. 1212621

SA- The person in the video was reading the post Admin made outting Shannon and thats why she said that. The idea of someone trying to defend Admin from being "transphobic" is hilarous to me.

No. 1212622

nta but who are you referring to?


No. 1212626

My allergies are so bad but I gotta enjoy this beautiful weather as long as it’s here

No. 1212628

This girl's video she seems sweet though. It happens at like 31:25 or around the 31 mark

No. 1212635

God I hope these videos are not being anymore soon and guiding people here

No. 1212637

I still find it crazy that Lolcow caused 20,9999 videos to be made. Like the story literally "broke" here and is STILL being talked about.
Is this the first time that has happened?

No. 1212638

I just got a violet neck dove and whenever she sings, my entire house erupts in Heavenly Bliss. Oh my god, I woke up this morning to the most beautiful natural alarm clock. She is stunning and so calm.

No. 1212647

File: 1654445392698.png (444.46 KB, 572x624, firefox_YWglxrJH1m.png)

This cow and her FtM sister who both post on 4chan /trash/

No. 1212652

Why are people still making videos about this?

No. 1212659

honestly my biggest fear is that a mid-level youtuber is lurking and taking/notes and screenshots of us and is eventually going to create a video 'dissecting' lolcow. They'd probably title the video something like 'femcels gone too far: A deep-dive into lolcow.farm' or something with pixyteri in the thumbnail. They probably frame the raids as being 'lolcow users regularly post gore' .It would be worse if this video was published when/if lolcow gets nuked, but if it were to get posted when lolcow is still up, this place will be filled with newfags, resulting in the site being shut down for a few weeks

No. 1212665

There's that british pick-me "internet investigator" that jumped on the true crime/mystery youtuber bandwagon and tries to grab any topic to get some attention, she obviously got info from lolcow on that chick that picked her legs until they had to be amputated and she made a video whining about FDS being every man's worst nightmare, kek.

No. 1212678

Ashley Isaacs is immortal

No. 1212680

Are you talking about Cecil Mcfly? I watched some of her videos and she didn't give me pickme vibes

No. 1212684

File: 1654446930072.png (185.94 KB, 683x433, firefox_crxIAOe18M.png)

This chick

No. 1212691

No one cares about you

No. 1212719

I can imagine her smell from the thumbnails alone, icky

No. 1212733

It's a Netflix documentary and mostly just the women he scammed talking about their experiences. I didn't watch the full thing because it was honestly a little boring.

No. 1212748

Can't stop crying watching baby videos, I keep tearing up and sniffling.

No. 1212769

I don't get why goths are so elitist about having to like goth music to wear the goth style, its just boring shitty mom synth pop, mainstream as fuck and not even slightly unconventional

No. 1212772

File: 1654450834900.png (207.7 KB, 394x258, reggie.png)

I don't believe in luck but I tried to put on 3 different necklaces and all of them broke. So I just wore a bracelet today. What if my guardian angel was saving me from a freak accident that would've caught my necklace and killed me

No. 1212774

Isn't it because goth started with the music? If I were a goth I'd probably not appreceite goth becoming the aesthetic of the month for tiktok posing either.

No. 1212778

Yeah but those goths are like 50-70 years old now and its not them complaining, its younger people who started wearing the clothes first and then started listening the music to be "real goffs" to look down on people just wearing the style.

No. 1212782

Fair. Although I can get behind the idea that goth wearers should at least try the music to acknowledge the history of the fashion.

No. 1212784

goth is just a derivative of punk. it's debated whether the fashion or music came first and that was almost 50 years ago. goth now refers to many different things and is extremely separated from it's roots. not to mention most "goth" music now is just dark edm.

No. 1212828

Going to goth night at clubs used to be fun as fuck, many memories having a ball watching people in floor length dusters and 9 inch moon boots fighting invisible robots on the dance floor while Skinny Puppy blares. Simpler times.

No. 1212830

File: 1654452529159.png (58.62 KB, 594x503, firefox_6FfVVlJbTT.png)

>account gets popular for being about some media
>starts RTing e-beggers and shit
Every time

No. 1212832

File: 1654452698033.png (42.73 KB, 593x353, firefox_XZUjubjg05.png)

Also lol at the drama when half the series they post do this shit, Enstars is ok and they straight up insulted Ainu people and had to get that update taken down
Sorry for posting this here but idoltwt drama isn't worth having its own thread

No. 1212914

I will fight you
>What if my guardian angel was saving me from a freak accident that would've caught my necklace and killed me
You sound like my level of crazy. Every time I almost fall or hurt myself I imagine there’s an alternate universe where I did actually get hurt and die.

No. 1212926

File: 1654455534966.jpg (29.37 KB, 564x542, ebff871cb21efe5c208b7f1ed74416…)

I've always dreamed of going to a goth club, but i don't think it would be fun without friends to hold my hand.

No. 1212942

Putting on a face mask of any kind genuinely makes me want to claw my skin off. I don't know how people do it, even moisturizer on my face before it dries down is a tiny bit uncomfortable for me.

No. 1212947

I can't be arsed to download the video and convert to webm so I'll just link it

No. 1212952

Sorry for deleting anon, I thought it was a stupid question. Thanks for the link.

No. 1212969

fuck I played the song and it immediately maxxed out the volume on my headphones. Blasted my ears

No. 1212973

File: 1654457514705.png (965.89 KB, 1260x810, 1621772406846.png)

I've always wondered why the purple vagina on this thread pic has an illuminati triangle. I used to think it was her clit, but it's too high up so it must be triangle shaped pubes.

No. 1212975

Nevermind, that's not the illuminati. I never actually looked at it up close.

No. 1212979

The cliterati

No. 1212981

this guy i used to know was super into goth clubs and he'd take photos of everyone and post them in giant albums, hundreds of pics, on facebook. they were so fun to look at, everyone was always having a great time. he sadly died from cancer really young. i still think about him often even though we were never close or even friends. rip. at least he was out there living his life while he had one.

No. 1212993

I always hated these, looks decayed

No. 1212994

Kek what is this about

No. 1213050

I know there's many different countries in Africa, but I love African accents. I feel like it makes everything either funny or intriguing. Accents in general are cool as fuck, forever salty that I have a standard American one.

No. 1213072

File: 1654461704500.gif (1.46 MB, 245x168, 7456924243.gif)

i drink a lot of water i piss a lot of pee the dreams in which im dying are the best ill ever see

No. 1213118

Smell recall is wild. I smelled something that teleported me right back to being in diaper getting force fed goopy baby food. I barely developed consciousness but I can still remember what that stuff tasted like.

No. 1213129

I love you

No. 1213130

today i went to my nieces bday party and i had a great conversation with my sister-in-law’s father. he’s an older man, from jamaica and works in the government there. very professional and smart and great with talking to people. he was basically giving me life advice and he knows im basically a shut in and whatever but… he was suggesting i should introduce myself to anyone at the party i didnt know. since it was mostly family members the only person at the party i never seen before was some guy my brother is friends with i guess that LITERALLY looked like gino from 90 day fiance. im not even joking it could have been him if it werent for the voice. im an alt girl and in my early 20s i was not about to introduce myself to a guy that looks like textbook definition coomer. like it was all going so well up until that point i had to hide i was about to have a meltdown and just said i knew everyone lol

No. 1213131

I love the way Nigerians talk english, it's so distinct. You can even tell by the way they type if they are Nigerian or not.

No. 1213134

File: 1654463398621.jpeg (62.94 KB, 448x816, D47CF999-5F5B-47FF-9B08-F324A3…)

I haven’t smelled desitin diaper cream in decades but sometimes I’ll catch a whiff of something similar and it send me back. Then usually I end up thinking about the time my sister had me lay down like she was gonna change my diaper but instead she stuck her chewed gum up my bum.

No. 1213135

Drinking water is also my favorite sport but I hate having to pee so much

No. 1213144

File: 1654463638352.png (366.27 KB, 912x1200, FS4GIaMXEAYYqew.png)

super fucking late reply lol sorry but right back at you!! I had a great time, and gerard was a sweetheart, I love that greasy 45 year old man so much it's unreal

No. 1213153

File: 1654463934852.jpg (10.97 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

jesseposting to cope with the announcment of an animated sequel

No. 1213156

prequel* excuse mua

No. 1213158

This pic is so nostalgic, I love it

No. 1213164

>the world is an endless abyss of suffering and horror
meme energy

No. 1213264

and the ''SO DEEP!'' on top of it, i'm cackling. no way that's real.

No. 1213271


No. 1213272

It's not real. It's a graphic for one of their new t-shirts.

No. 1213274

I need that shirt kek

No. 1213284

I wanted to see them, but I refused to pay those reseller ticket prices. What was their set list?

No. 1213291

As always bob is paid dust

No. 1213298

Why would you have a meltdown over that

No. 1213311

im a little autistic and i dont talk to people especially strangers and imagine being tasked to introduce yourself to a guy that looks like a coomer. like face just like gino and balding with a baseball cap and basketball shorts and sandals. especially knowing men would probably assume its some sort of way of me showing interest in them. also i was groomed online as a kid so im immediately uncomfortable with coomers or anyone that looks like one. i literally could never do it, it has to be literally any other person. but the whole situation was very comical and my bf even said he looked like gino before i did and was relieved i lied cause he had the same fear

No. 1213321

File: 1654474569313.gif (10.22 KB, 70x84, 1358150537292.gif)

Hehehe hohoho gonna take a break from what I've been doing all day and get high and read cringy fanfiction yippee!!

No. 1213332

Finally watched american psycho and idk what alternative universe I was living in before, but going into the movie I was SURE there's some "iconic" scene of Bateman having a meltdown in the office and some dramatic monologue, I'd swear I saw it referenced countless of times; now surely there was nothing like this in the movie and now I cannot find anything online, what's even going on? Am I mixing it with something else, is there any other movie where psycho white man is having a mental breakdown in the open office space? So confusing anons

No. 1213357

File: 1654477369167.jpg (71.2 KB, 583x428, tokiko.jpg)

idoltwt drama is so funny, but it's a reminder why i only retweet art and refuse to talk to anyone there off anon. i think there's a few nonnies that post on /@/ and other idol generals that also post here, though.

No. 1213379

File: 1654479099730.jpg (49.79 KB, 500x462, 1648861236094.jpg)

All hail

No. 1213390

I love reading cringy fanfiction. Wish I had a friend who liked reading them too. I'd read the fanfiction out loud in both dramatic and silly voices including crappy sound effects.

No. 1213406

File: 1654480948454.jpg (44.79 KB, 474x715, FT7PKc1X0AILnXj.jpg)

Apparently one of my fav video game couples was written to meet at 12 and 19, and "pine longingly after each other for years" until she turned 18. In a game with a relatively progressive society where female characters are unashamedly single with lovers in their 30s. Where in the sequel the 25 year old empress is still unmarried and having fun with her lover. They already retconned lore years ago to fix their self-admitted lore fumbles, I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that shit and continue believing they both met as teens.

No. 1213422

fight club? or there is literally a movie called office space

No. 1213431

No hairtie buns are my favorite, but goodness the tension it puts on my scalp makes me miserable.

No. 1213442

I see, I'm sorry for asking that
What game?
NTA, Office Space is comedy tho, it's probably Fight Club that she's talking about

No. 1213458

File: 1654485076840.jpg (73.66 KB, 1020x765, sleepies.jpg)

i can't believe some people can talk at lightning fast speed about nothing for nearly 2 hours holy shit. don't they ever get tired?

No. 1213470

Oopos sorry I just noticed I replied to the wrong person
I was asking about >>1212947

No. 1213472

My personal tumblr cow reblogged a post about lesbians that had a tranny bisexual replying to it going "what about the other members of the lgbt" and she told him to shut the fuck up and she called him a cunt kekkkkkkk she's so close. She's still my personal cow but I'm rooting for her peakening.

No. 1213473

First person to respond to this post dies mercifully.

No. 1213475

me me me me

No. 1213476

No. 1213477

I wish my phone gave a 3% warning. I get a 15% warning and shrug it off, then an hour later my phone is on 1% and my dumbass is scrambling for my charger.

No. 1213479

Brothers fiance is a farmer. When she found out I use lolcow sometimes, she would use so much lolcow references towards me. She doesn't have many friends and she's really annoying lol. I feel terrible because I'm not an active user, but she keeps bringing up threads I've never read before.

No. 1213493

>letting anyone find out you use lolcow

No. 1213501

Downed a triple shot coffee monster. I feel so alive.

No. 1213516

Olfactory memory is the strongest memory

No. 1213535

customer came in today and his last name was "kuck". I have never had to hold in laughter like that at work and I'm not sure how I did it

No. 1213550

Really hope she sees this you coward

No. 1213552

She was asking about a cow during hangout, and I commented it's probably on lolcow or something. Then her eyes lit up so fast, lol.

She's mentally unhinged, I'm sure every post she sees, she thinks it's about her.

No. 1213558

Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this

No. 1213561

No it’s American Psycho. It’s an internal monologue about business cards.

No. 1213563

That scene was hilarious

No. 1213567

But there is a scene like that towards the end when he's at the phone and confessing?

No. 1213570

Yes. It’s the end scene. He’s bawling and raging on a phone about how he’s fucked up and killed people.

No. 1213578

Anon this is eery because I was also recommended this video recently and thought about posting it here. I'm creeped out

No. 1213580

I mean tbh the video itself is cute, he's a real artist

No. 1213591

My toatster oven is my best friend

No. 1213599

is it covid or is it allergies nobodies knowwwwsssssss i just know i hate whatever im feeling

No. 1213612

take a zyrtec. If it goes away it's allergies

No. 1213620

File: 1654502446964.jpg (550.16 KB, 1440x1440, Collage_20220606_095215.jpg)

kek i don't think he was that oily at the start of the show actually
picrel was the setlist at my show, I've looked at other ones and they do vary so i encourage you to look some of them up (extremely jealous of people in england who got for headfirst for halos btw). the songs they play every time are the ones with the like in picrel (they do thank you for the venom, give em hell kid and boy division like 99% of the time tho. summertime is in most setlists too)
it's their merch, you can buy at their show if you are a consoooomer of tour merch like me

No. 1213624

File: 1654502766704.jpg (99.12 KB, 608x596, mao.jpg)

Foweles in the frith,
The fisses in the flod,
And I mon waxe wod.
Sulch sorw I walke with
For beste of bon and blod.

No. 1213676

Headfirst was amazing live, I went batshit when they played it. I'm jelaous you got prison, that must have been so good.

No. 1213683

>holiday but companies decide whether they operate or not because of some faggot prime minister from the 2000s
>went to the office today because I needed to do something short but important today and only today
>most clients aren't working
>did what I had to do in a few hours
>almost nobody is at the office, isolated myself to have some peace
>manager said a few days ago that we could leave an hour or two earlier than planned because fuck it
>on my phone, slacking off because I'm too lazy to actually work rn
I love my life right now.

No. 1213685

Poor dog seems so lonely

No. 1213695

ayrt omg I'm happy for you! hoping to see it live next time ie in a million years when they remember my europoor country again lmao

No. 1213948

I have been walking around with a huge coffee stain on my white tshirt all morning. I feel so ashamed. How does Luna do it?

No. 1213980

I kind of want to move to the south of America and live the gutterpunk lifestyle: listen to music, drive around, drink all day and sleep wherever

No. 1214080

I actually like the little gay rainbow. The colors on it are pretty nice. I haven't seen a rainbow in a long time.

No. 1214097

File: 1654538183766.jpeg (206.78 KB, 2048x1152, F4AD7F97-8D27-485E-89A9-909078…)

I can’t believe how ugly these men are it seriously makes me angry. British people do not deserve to live. They just get to walk around like this? Looking like this isn’t illegal? What the absolute fuck.

No. 1214107

gallagher fangirls are always the biggest pickmes. I swear that the women who stan them just do it to show off how "totally into ugly guys" they are. gross.

No. 1214136

Wait these moids are famous? Well shoot me in the toe

No. 1214185

File: 1654540441941.jpg (55.35 KB, 640x649, vv8hy3vuf6o31.jpg)

men will never know what it's like to throw your hair in a messy bun and then get told that your step mom sold you to one direction

No. 1214209

File: 1654541292967.jpeg (58.58 KB, 1023x896, FE09FC3F-C0A5-4221-85DB-F6823D…)

that’s it you stupid fucking ants i have HAD IT. FUCKING HATE SUMMER GAHHH.

No. 1214217

They were both in Oasis. They fought a lot. Kek. Best was Liam heckling Noel at the MTV unplugged event.

No. 1214224

The embodiment of oas*s
i love hearing these blokes fight

No. 1214236

It wasn't so much about Blur vs Oasis but rather Gallagher vs Gallagher. A great quote from Noel about Liam: "He's the angriest man you'll ever meet. He's like a man with a fork in a world of soup".

No. 1214264

I've been growing out my natural hair color from a short bob to tailbone length and I love it but for the past 2 days I've been fighting the urge to hack it all off and get a bright red bob arghh, any wig in that color would look so fake and I can't braid in hair because I want it short and all red, nonnies help lmao

No. 1214290

Why do you think it would look fake? There are some really good wigs out there as long as you know how to style them and they're not hard to find.
If your hair is light enough maybe you can do hair wax.

No. 1214296

File: 1654544023175.jpg (41.26 KB, 563x569, 6fa33c77d7830c029ee19a79c18c10…)

I wish it was acceptable to have colorful and bright hair as an adult in professional settings. I work in an office and my boss would kill me if I walked in with something like picrel kek. Also sucks how most will also think you're a SJW genderspecial if you sport hair like this or that you have some sort of other issues. I always found haircolors and styles the most fun to play with appearence-wise.

No. 1214316

The boy who harassed me and my best friend in middle school went bald at the age of 18 and transitioned at 20. I feel like divine retribution has occurred every time I look at his wispy fried pink hair on social media. He keeps trying to talk to me but I haven’t acknowledged him for the past few years and it’s really something to see him continue to try.

No. 1214324

That's the problem, the haircut I have in mind is a blunt bob with blunt bangs so unless I get a nice natural hair wig and dye it myself it will look really stupid. Don't have enough wig knowledge to make a synthetic one look good either. Whatever, sucks I guess. I have naturally black hair so if I still want it in a week or two I'll just dye a streak in my bangs, see how much I enjoy it and maybe go from there lol.

No. 1214326

That makes sense. I hope it goes well anon, streaks of color always look really cool.

No. 1214345

Why not just wear wigs for selfies and/or your off days, nona?

No. 1214354

what is the color of the front hairs called?

No. 1214367

Why do fat girls who cosplay always insist on cosplaying super skinny loli characters? Not trying to sound like an anachan I've just been looking at love live cosplay groups and am astounded

No. 1214374

Lavender or maybe periwinkle.

No. 1214385

Hell yea, I love Cole Porter

No. 1214438

File: 1654549426014.jpg (210.74 KB, 708x1786, Screenshot_20220606-230225_Chr…)

Dear lolcor, sould I wear picrel for a concert next week or ripped jean shorts help I can't decide

No. 1214444

those are really cool, but if you're going to be waiting in line during the day think about the tan lines

No. 1214517

The way driverfags suddenly disappeared from this site despite being the majority of husbandofags here is a unexplained mystery.

No. 1214519

File: 1654552844427.jpg (69.17 KB, 697x1023, A74ea3732c429297be22600b1e5059…)

Erza reminds me of Sai

No. 1214525

probably a result of the /m/assacre

No. 1214526

I think it must have happened during the Bunker times. I remember looking at the Driverfag thread there and being like "what the fuck, it's so slow". Kind of like how COVID fucked a lot of things up in the real world, the /ot/ shutdown messed up the whole ecosystem of the off-topic boards. They were also being shunned by a lot of anons and the jannies on the rest of the site. They were killed off but I always supported them.

Danofags deserve the shame and hate Driverfags got, but maybe it's the same group of anons. Maybe the Driverfags just moved on to a new flavor-of-the-month famous ugly man.

No. 1214534

The danofags usually stay in their own thread, did they do something wrong? (besides having weird taste lol)

No. 1214541

File: 1654553783358.jpg (85.33 KB, 960x960, d8a6cae054312f59dbf032a57bab79…)

They didn't do anything wrong, I just don't like him. The difference to me is, AD was at least something interesting to look at. Dano is just a fugly average guy.

No. 1214562

it definitely did happen during the bunker times because after the whole ot and m shutdown and after ot came back (m only came half back like a zombie) the driverfag threads and posters became slower until they completely disappeared.
Im guessing driverfags got sick of the poor way the admin and the mods were managing this site in the beginning of 2022 and left, they were not the only ones because alot of other anons who use ot/ and m/ also left during the bunker times, i feel like we lost atleast 1/4 of the good anons here after that.

No. 1214589

NTA but ok now we are friends

No. 1214596

File: 1654558002728.jpg (176.19 KB, 551x852, da13qtk-62434911-f0bf-49ba-8d7…)

Forbiddenmanfag here and I stopped posting a lot on his thread after the death of /m/, yeah. It was a mix of frustration with the death of /m/, lack of time from real life to go hunting for new stuff (news, gifs, videos, pics, etc), with also being a bit ashamed of bumping the thread since it was always a bit slower the usual. I was also dedicating my free time to a series that I got kinda obsessed over so I had little time to go back to his thread. Still my favorite actor though, and I don't mind the Dano takeover.
Driverfags walked so Danofags could run

No. 1214616

My bf hasn't cut his hair besides a trim here and there in a few years so it's pretty long (but it's thick and curly so I don't mind) and today when he walked out of the room his mom leaned in and was like "don't you think it makes him look a little faggy?" omg lol

No. 1214625

File: 1654560149096.jpg (57.01 KB, 600x699, 07c[1].jpg)

I kinda wish we could see the Discord screenshots (If they haven't been leaked already) because I don't like to believe word of mouth, but I still can't believe that Parappa anon is a /pol/fag, I mean, I found out through the Pride thread and now it seems like everyone knows about it, it's genuine making me curious.

No. 1214651

idk about parappanon but it turned out that seal-chan was a nazifag so anything's possible
never trust posters who always make it obvious who they are. they always turn out to be terminally autistic attention whores

No. 1214655

Parappachan is a polfag?
I didn't even realize she was that notorious, I only saw her once in the Kaitlyn Tiffany thread

No. 1214664

Parappa anon is a polfag??

No. 1214672

Same. I also found out in the same thread as you. That was probably the first time someone talked about it.
Someone in the husbando game thread that's on /m/ right now said that she's probably doing it as a joke. But I regret to inform you (or rather, that anon) that I don't think it's a joke, since Parappafag has also posted on fujochan's /yu/, where she surprisingly found another Parappa husbandofag.
Just a fun fact, it's not very important.

Someone in the Pride 2022 thread said that she used to be in a Discord server with her, where Parappa anon would rant about the jews and said "name the problem" or something like that referencing Jewish people.
>I didn't even realize she was that notorious
She used to post on /m/ husbando threads before the purge, I think.

No. 1214673

there are two autists that want to marry this stupid cartoon dog? damn, one was bad enough already

she's a borderline avatarfag

No. 1214678

File: 1654563307788.png (196.75 KB, 1218x376, parappachan.png)

digging some stuff on her at the moment

No. 1214681

File: 1654563492400.png (47.47 KB, 1264x214, parappachan.png)

She is for sure an /a/ poster
>After the last tribute I did to my husbando, I promised myself to step up my game for next time and make an even bigger and better photo showing my love for him. And here we are. It took me about an hour and ten minutes to complete this picture, from the earliest shots to the final touches.

>I love you PaRappa, you really are truly my one and only Valentine.

>Hope your Valentines' Day goes great for all of you fellow anons.

also, I unironically found this picture on a hentai website. And it's featured in a bunch of dumb articles about "lonely otaku on the internet".

No. 1214684

Maybe im just too retardes but It always shocks me how people can connect the dots and identify specific anons. Though sometimes people have been like “are you the same anon that did X or said Y?” And they’re always wrong lol

No. 1214685

How the fuck did it take her an hour to do that

No. 1214686

Phones usually do give 5% warnings.

No. 1214692

Well in Parappachan's case it's pretty easy because she's an avatarfag kek
but in other cases that are less obvious, you just learn to identify writing style, tone, choice of words, etc. if you are obsessed or autistic enough

No. 1214694


No. 1214698

NTA but some examples include
>low iq subhuman
>being from pakistan, I[…]
But these are very egregious

No. 1214700

some anons like niche things and tend to post them in unrelated threads where it's okay to post anything, so some are easy to pick up on for those types of posts i am guilty of this, sorry for the autism

No. 1214701

lol me

No. 1214706

>She is for sure an /a/ poster
I can't really say for sure, but the reason she posted in that board was probably to submit her photo for the Valentine's Day waifu collage that /a/ does every year, waifufags from other boards come to post in that thread on that day. It doesn't necessarily mean that she posts on /a/ frequently.
I do remember she spends a lot of time on /g/, though. She posted her desktop in the Kaytlin Tiffany thread.

No. 1214707

I'm guilty of this too, on multiple subjects

No. 1214722

This is why I'm super paranoid and want to kms

No. 1214723

I know right? It's very low effort

No. 1214727

NTA but as long as you're not a nazi or something like that I doubt anyone would care especially if you make an effort to stay anonymous and not behave like an attention whore

No. 1214730

Since getting in zoloft I noticed I really don't care about being around other people. Before I'd used to get fomo about having no bf or friends but now I'm OK with doing everything alone or just sitting in my room. Anyone else experience that?

No. 1214735

I have autism though

No. 1214737

Before and after zoloft I prefer isolation.

No. 1214744

Nonatella, where do you think you are?

No. 1214758

Tbh I sometimes am scared of being too autistic and I hate myself for the posts I've made.

No. 1214765

I mean as long as you post relevant stuff in threads and aren't sperg derailing, you should be fine? Like what >>1214727 said about not acting like a nazi attention whore.
but also I'm pretty sure a lot of us are autistic at least i am

No. 1214769

As long as you don't derail topics and act like an attention whore you shiuld be fan. The really annoying ones like pakianon, sealanon, parappanon etc. usually derail convos to go on autistic tangents and deliberately identify themselves (which defeats the whole point of an anon imageboard)

No. 1214772

Dumb question, but is there a way to participate in topics without identifying yourself? Like if an anon has niche husbandos and posts about them but no one else posts about those characters does it run into avatarfagging? Asking for a friend.

No. 1214787

>Like if an anon has niche husbandos and posts about them but no one else posts about those characters does it run into avatarfagging?
Not really, there are many anons with niche-ish or just very personal husbandos and they are okay under the farm's rules, as long as it stays in the husbando threads and not on random unrelated posts, then you'll be fine. Just don't attach very specific characterictics to posts that don't require it, like typing quirks ((C)rapper anon) or one specific reaction image (Luminesquizo)

No. 1214793

I keep getting scared to post more than once about faves in the husbando threads, but if it's okay to stay niche on those threads then I'll try to post more often. Thanks for the advice!
Sorry, full of questions today, how do you post husbando stuff outside of relevant threads? I'm not sure I'd know how to make it fit with the threads

No. 1214796

tbh I just post some of the less incredibly obscure husbandos and play it safe? For the most part you should be okay as long as it isn't something nemu-nemu tier. lmao

No. 1214797

>how do you post husbando stuff outside of relevant threads? I'm not sure I'd know how to make it fit with the threads
Nta but probably reaction images. I have plenty of mine but still won't post them kek.

No. 1214808

My dog growled at me when I pet him for NO REASON and I'm seething about it I hate him he lets my dad pet him too and my dad always yells at him

No. 1214813

hope you meant ex-dog, you know what to do sis

No. 1214830

You have to assert dominance and command respect

No. 1214832

NTA but lol I love my husbando's reaction images but I also gotta repress the urge because I've posted about him in the husbando thrads already and that would make me recognizable instantly. If nobody knew there was an autist here who likes him or his source, it'd probably be safe to post them every now and then.

No. 1214847

IDK why but Kpop stans calling 1.74 men(5'8) tall will forever be funny to me, now I'm not obesseded with height or anything, my bf is 5'9 but I just think I think its peak comedy seeing kpop stans go
>'omg look haechan IS tall all the other neos are just giants' and then there's a picture of him standing next to a girl whose 5'2

No. 1214852

Koreans are very short on average and no one cares about your nigel hth

No. 1214854

Sometimes I yearn for a little romance in my life and wish I could feel the excitement of falling in love again … but then I come to my senses and remember that moids cheat and that they can ruin your life.

No. 1214915

reading some of the posts in the relationship advice thread makes me want to stay a kissless, dateless, virgin forever. even so-called 'normal/healthy' relationships sound like hell from what they're describing. having to force yourself to enjoy sex…

No. 1215013

It's the year 2022 and we still dont have a mouthwash we could swoosh around to get all plaque off then spit out. Nope, have to stand at a sink for 2 minutes scrubbing twice a day or more for the rest of your life.

No. 1215047

Americans love trotting around the Internet saying shit like "I am German, as a german-" then you reply to them in German and boom, they're just some fucking guy from milwaukee or something idk American shit

No. 1215049

they also love saying they are irish because their second uncles dog came from ireland

No. 1215050

File: 1654608068060.png (620.18 KB, 983x858, Schermafbeelding 2022-06-07 om…)

She's my favorite. I love how she's the more dominant one, hardworking and a feminist. I like her more than Daria, Jane or any other character. She's the best.

Thank you ♥

No. 1215062

someone italian sneezed on their great grandpa in the 80s and now they're 'talian!

No. 1215063

File: 1654608896898.gif (3.14 MB, 498x373, american.gif)

>Americans love trotting around the Internet

No. 1215075

File: 1654609769610.png (69.59 KB, 500x549, carter-william-carterwpalek-al…)

As an American, this is due to the fact the heritage obsession is also pushed by others around them, including Europeans. I've had multiple Europeans obsessed with "what KIND of white are you?? You look Italian/ French/Russian/ whatever" as if it matters? Unless you're families line is close to being first, second or third generation Americans then the German/Irish kid is most likely raised in the exact same culture as a full blooded Russian or Italian. It's like you're expected to know your entire heritage so you can list it off to tards for weird purposes but if you do bother getting to know your heritage then you get mocked

No. 1215082

Kek yeah, or they'll reply with a shitty google translation.

No. 1215093

Sure if your parents are from The Old Country, sure similar upbringing but no way in hell are they gonna be exact same culture just due to the country alone. it's okay to be just American with some ancestry you're not sure about, just stop saying you're something when you haven't visited, learned the language, and basically know nothing. the troons of heritage kek.

No. 1215104

I agree but you're missing the point, it's other people who enforce the heritage obsession in America. I promise you the American kid bragging about being German isn't trying to claim they're fluent in German and knowing everything about the culture inside out

No. 1215113

True, but it's still cringe to see and I will bully the faux-nationalities on sight. It does make sense to feel rootless and kinda pressured.

No. 1215115

I think you're just taking it out of context tbh. Americans discussing their heritage aren't out to larp as those specific nationalities, it's just that in America people refer to heritage more rather than nationality

No. 1215119

my dog is cute

No. 1215149

Today I became the bitch that stores dry pasta in a glass jar and I'm so proud of myself

No. 1215192


No. 1215195

I wish I had a husbando/waifu to obsess over, sure those people are cringe but I’m a bit jealous they love something so much and have something to devote their lives to.

No. 1215209

so true

No. 1215257

File: 1654617543795.jpg (22.76 KB, 560x563, 1550533479800.jpg)

wtf happened to /meta/. all this weeb drama is absolute gibberish might as well be reading another language

No. 1215264

the cutest ♥

No. 1215267

tfw your Mafia Boyfriend has anger issues and your the Only one who can help him

No. 1215268

mrs morgondorffer! 100% agree w u

No. 1215271


No. 1215274

when you incorrectly try to correct someone's correct use of your.

No. 1215275

File: 1654618722778.jpg (94.43 KB, 870x1110, U-jackets-148.jpg)

i love Paddington bear, he reminds me of my mum.

No. 1215280

the second part was incorrect
*you're the only one

No. 1215282

That's sweet, your mum sounds cute

No. 1215287

I'm going to bite the bullet and talk to my crush god I'm so nervous, wish me luck nonnas

No. 1215288

good luck nonna!

No. 1215289

Sometimes i want to be a paddington bear in a paddington style world. Just be cute and carefree and free of human obligations. Climb trees and explore a rose tinted London and eat marmalade sandwiches

No. 1215290

she has a vinyl record of stories and used to have a big teddy version when she was young.
he always keeps a marmalade sandwich under his hat for emergencies and it is so cute. i wish i was in that world too

No. 1215296

File: 1654619774304.jpg (86.38 KB, 1080x1080, 2235952467726.jpg)

>feeling the best I've felt in a long while maybe one-two weeks ago
>nonnies on lolcow are also having a good time it seems
>fast forward to now
>feeling aimless and stressed out and depressed
>see that a lot of nonnies are feeling the same way
Am I just making baseless schizo connections or are farmers actually mentally in sync. Maybe astrologyfags were right all along and pluto is in venus right now or whatever the fuck.

No. 1215298

> eat marmalade sandwiches
I'm not down for marmalade but I'd happily be garfield and eat lasagne every day.

No. 1215304

File: 1654620496114.jpeg (60.97 KB, 1080x649, _ (10).jpeg)

Oh god I finally created a secret furaffinity account and opened up commissions there. SFW only for now but lord know how long it will take before I sell my soul…

No. 1215309

Holy shit you might be onto something. My life was pretty good past few weeks but im having he worst time of this year so far. Is astrology real fr?

No. 1215314

She's wrong, my life has been shit the past few weeks and the weeks before that, and the weeks before, etc.

No. 1215317

I noticed that too, especially in the past week!

No. 1215339

No. 1215353

I hope you make big money so it'll be worth it

No. 1215355

This literally happened to me wtf, two weeks ago life was perfect but everything went to shit, I feel confused and depressed out of nowhere

No. 1215369

"I'm pro-life but only for myself, I would never get an abortion but I don't care if others do" so literally pro-choice, I don't get why some women are so averse to that label.

No. 1215378

For the period of time where face masks had to be worn inside stores I was in this new habit of heading to the store with a take away coffee in my hand and having to stop outside for a few mins to finish my coffee before masking up and entering.

During this I noticed a pattern of men being weird and just staring for no real reason.. as scrotes do. But I would assume they're just weirdos and then ..their partner would come out of the store and they'd walk off together. Why are guys who are capable of getting gfs being the same weirdos who stare at you for just existing in public? If you're a loner with no life that's fair enough but whats their excuse.

No. 1215382

File: 1654626324406.jpeg (136.41 KB, 635x820, 522766D7-E8BF-4F59-AAC1-36B246…)

Fuck gen alpha isn’t going to know what FNAF is. Hell, they’re not going to even know what glomping or lemon is

No. 1215387

Um, I'm pretty sure they won't stop selling the yellow sour fruit anytime soon, anon.

No. 1215394

Are they still making a FNAF movie or nah?

No. 1215395

please tell me you're joking anon

No. 1215396

Oh god it's already begun

No. 1215400

i need a non-neurotic jake as my nigel tbh

No. 1215406

haechan is a manlet but he’s hot with long legs and i love him

No. 1215428

File: 1654628432928.gif (2.39 MB, 268x170, 21swkuqr_540.gif)

Whenever I post here, I always put a "nonnie" in my messages because I think it sounds more friedly. You know that I'm truly full of rage and anger at someone when I just reply with "anon"

No. 1215435

Same. Gotta use a pet name to clarify that I'm not mad.

No. 1215437

Haechan is cute. I like his skin tone,voice and attitude

No. 1215438

That moid is so funny, he seems like a caricature of people online who love feeling superior with their knowledge and get into debates over the most trivial things

No. 1215439

It’s like using someone’s full legal name kek

No. 1215445

wouldn't that be anonymous? Anonymous get out of your room this instant!

No. 1215448

kek, I know right, he is from this random debate. I put it in my pic because that's exactly what I look like when I reply to someone who insults hummus or something

No. 1215475

I was watching a vid about the gus johnson and sabrina situation, it's been a few months since I last caught up on it. There was one guy in the comments who just spammed alot but every one of his comments included the phrases
> Men need to push back
> It's time for men to fight back
What a brave battle to take on. Yeah you fight that woman who lost a baby and nearly died herself.

No. 1215493

Isn't it horrid to think that behind the scenes at a fast food or restaurant in general the chefs could do anything to our food? Like.. we could be eating Burger King foot lettuce and we would never know

No. 1215497

It's best not to think about what you eat at all. Otherwise everyone would be a vegan.

No. 1215505

Remember a few years ago it came out that some of the 'beef' we were eating was actually horsemeat?

No. 1215507

Men really do think cancel culture is a thing when in reality, Gus is back on track with creating videos and people cheering him on as if nothing ever happened.

No. 1215509

I cook at home problem solved

No. 1215518

File: 1654634567390.jpeg (199.08 KB, 1100x1100, 47A90D09-48A2-4671-91FB-94C50B…)

True, but have you looked up what’s up with figs

No. 1215521

nta but what's up with figs kek ?

No. 1215525

Spoonfeed us the fig milk nona pls.

No. 1215528

tell us what's up with figs, i can't be bothered to open a new tab

No. 1215531

we want answers !

No. 1215533

googled and weird related questions came up
> do figs have dead wasps in them
> do all figs have bugs in them
> do figs have genders

No. 1215545

currently watching under the banner of heaven. 'religion' cults like mormons/LDS and overly religious people are so scary to me

No. 1215554

Its pronouns are fig/figself

No. 1215628

File: 1654639377183.webm (3.61 MB, 480x270, 1644593870156.webm)

Where is the carreyfag ? I've saved this shitpost for her kek !

No. 1215645

>do figs have gender
This world

No. 1215647


fig world now bitch we just live in it

No. 1215650

File: 1654640463669.jpg (229.42 KB, 1300x1235, fig_wasp.jpg)

if we live in a fig world then the fig wasp are the true one percent

No. 1215651

Kek this is too high quality to be a shitpost
Is there more like this? How do I find them

No. 1215652

That's what I feel whenever co-workers talk about their good-for-nothing useless husbands or boyfriends. Oh, he'd starve if I didn't cook for him, legitimately doesn't seem know how to operate a washing machine, can't be arsed to put away the groceries while I'm wrangling our kids, is too much of a pussy to write his own complaints to our neighbours so I have to do that for him, bemoans me when there's no clean dishes even though I came home at 7pm while he was playing vidya for the past two hours and I also can't talk to him whenever his favorite sports team is playing because he'll throw a temper tantrum. But that's just how men are haha! I of course love him despite of that uwu. Only saving grace is that, while these are all actual things my co-workers told me, it's not all the same one. Or maybe this makes it just sadder, because it's such a big sample size and it's still so bleak.

No. 1215654

>Is there more like this? How do I find them
I found it in the amv thread of /wsg on 4chan (I know), I have more terrible crossover webm if you want but it's the only one with carrey that I have unfortunately

No. 1215664

Yes, do post them, please

No. 1215665

File: 1654641322537.webm (2.58 MB, 568x320, sonicxariel.webm)

alright, here is Ariel x Sonic kek

No. 1215667

So I've been eating wasp coom biscuits all these years

No. 1215669

Glad I made nonnies as upset as I was when I first heard about it

No. 1215676

Figs kinda taste like a wasp coomed inside of them before even knowing all that.

No. 1215677

Am I the only one who thinks the way they reproduce is really stupid?

No. 1215679

Male sexuality is a meme that can easily be altered. They didn't see womens faces for a while so they fetishized them , they desire only whats forbidden and not shown

No. 1215681

fuck, I use to have more but I can't find them, sorry nonna

No. 1215684

I love you nonnies but sometimes you make me wanna put my own head through a wall

No. 1215685

more and more women are platonic marrying/ raising kids togeather. Some millenial and gen z girls aren't having it.

No. 1215686

why kek ?

No. 1215687

Nature is just "if it works, it works"

No. 1215688

I was basically told to learn how to read and it annoyed me to high heavens kek

No. 1215698

Tbf a lot of nonnerinas truly can't read and misinterpret the strangest stuff, even adding in shit that wasn't in the post they replied to

No. 1215702

Can confirm

No. 1215710

File: 1654642903794.jpeg (67.15 KB, 564x556, 75925A9F-2C1B-45E2-8BA6-E30D37…)

I know but not me, nona, not me

No. 1215746

>4chan webms can now be viewed on iphone safari
>the first one I opened turned out to be the tunamelt dance video

No. 1215786

why do I always end up drawing male on male smut when I'm ovulating? I seek salvation.

No. 1215865

It really bothers me how most men are pedos and on top of it try to use fertility as an excuse. As if a 10-14 year old is fertile

No. 1215870

Samefag and I'd honestly just respect them more if they would just admit they like kids because they get off on the taboo or they want someone they can mold/control instead of trying to make it about science

No. 1215895

10-14 that olds' bodies are definitely not developed enough to carry a goddamn baby.

No. 1215907

I wonder what the pizza cook guy thought when he saw that I order a large thin crust with anchovies and pineapple. I know he knows that I’m not ordering to share kek

No. 1215916

To the anon from sanic thread who told me I'll get trampled if I go to the concert: I almost did wtf kind of prophetic bitches do ee have here

No. 1215992

Damn i used to post here daily couple months ago but then i completely stopped

No. 1216018

am i a narc if i'm only attracted to men with the same features as me

No. 1216033

I for the life of me cannot remember this one movie. Its got a little girl as the main character & its a fantasy type movie from the 80s (think Mio in the land of faraway/Labyrinth). The only other thing I remember was the Dad character and he wasnt drawn with eyes & when he sees the little girl hes like "Hannah!! (Anna/Ann?) I'm blind!" And that part freaked me out as a kid lol. It could have been a made for TV movie. But damn I'm so mad I can't remember anything more, I want to re watch it

No. 1216034

My car barfed and stepped in her barf and left little barf paw prints

No. 1216036

i dedicate this song to all the nonnies in the vent threads. oldie but a goldie

No. 1216038

Poor BABYYY omg the paw prints

No. 1216105

I implore you to repent. It is never too late for salvation.

No. 1216108

I'm annoyed that it took months to find a guy thru an app to meet. I don't even think I'm that picky. So it didn't work out with him and while seeing him I didn't check the apps because I don't like talking to more than one person plus theres hardly any viable guys.

Literally so many ugly men or bald men or over weight men or men who just straight up vent about women in their bios and expect you to want to talk to them. I want to scream!!!

No. 1216211

If anyone is in a server called Moo her posts should still be up, I have a vague memory of some mild jew sperg but I might be wrong

No. 1216219

File: 1654691216547.jpg (150.09 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20220608_132604.jpg)

I got unmatched over a joke

No. 1216220

lmao what an autist

No. 1216224

My wife is a huge Sims fan and she used to show me cringe Sims blogs on tumblr for us to laugh at and this one girl posted pretty much exclusively about her gay male sims and literally all the storylines involve HIV at some point. Technically these sims are bi but it's very clear she only uses their flings with women to produce babies for them and ~drama~ in her awful storylines that are a grammatical shitshow. Her blog was dead for a while but now she's back posting TS4 content and it's the same gay guys with HIV being whores content and we're both hooked kek. Not sure if she's a crazed fujo, a homophobe with internalised misogyny who thinks women aren't interesting enough to be main characters, or both.

No. 1216229

Nonna you cannot just post something like that without a link!

Also based wife. Say hello to her, I used to be a content creator on simblr but left because all the people are insufferable crazed queerios

No. 1216231

There's going to be a workshop online at my job this month about tranny and enby inclusion at work, I almost want to see that just to have a good laugh.

No. 1216235


No. 1216238

Oops, sorry. It's: https://klauseconfessions.tumblr.com/ she posts a lot but if you've got an afternoon free and you're bored it's a good laugh.

I will say hello to my very based wife for you. I actually used to play The Sims myself but honestly my imagination has gone to shit the older I get so I just love watching her play nowadays.

No. 1216243

no, it really is. what happens without figs? they fucking die? the whole thing of awkwardly crawling inside a seedy flesh looking thing to put your eggs in, and then needing those fleshy papules to fucking hold your eggs up is so unsustainable. in every other fruit there would just be rot around it? it sounds like a horror film. the females get impregnated while still in the womb. shudders. their whole life is about eating and fucking, and then going up into another plumbus fruit to make more fuckers.

No. 1216253

All the best to very based nonna and her very based wife

No. 1216254

File: 1654693868761.png (167.61 KB, 400x386, 81044d46-a58c-4a6b-91be-087a91…)

A nonnie accurately described me in that "guess the anon, husbando addition" game in /m/ and I've been too scared to go back kek

No. 1216257

This reminds me of the first time I watched the film Alien, I was wondering how they came up with some of the ideas around how xenomorphs reproduce.. real insects were the inspiration behind it.

Insects are fucked

No. 1216260

Well, that is the result of obsessive avatar posting nonna

My bf has insects to feed his geckos, the bug world is absolutely fucked. Nearly all insects are cannibals, and we have seen half eaten still alive insects way too often

No. 1216261


No. 1216266

Nona I'm not an avatarfag and I barely post him as is. She wouldn't have known all of that based on the anime guy I posted which is why I'm scared to go back KEK she should get a job as a medium or something it was uncanny.

No. 1216271

OH, well then. That us very unsettling lmao

No. 1216273

There is some incel rhetoric that women only like traveling so they can fuck foreign guys and eat food. What the hell even is this.
When I traveled it was to explore a different country and appreciate the culture. And of course I'm going to eat the food there. These same types sit in basements but probably are jealous that they can't go to Germany for muh ancestors or some /pol/ nationalist crap.

No. 1216278

Well of course! Women do everything for men, we only eat hot chip fuck and lie.

Yesterday I saw unironic "women who fuck a lot of men are biologically incabable of feelin love because of lingering semen" posting, moids are so fucking braindead is2g

No. 1216285

Isn't it (ironically) more of a men thing to travel with the sole purpose of hooking up? In my (fairly touristic) city old town area, foreign males (mostly british) trying to pick up women are a real plague.
>women who fuck a lot of men are biologically incabable of feelin love because of lingering semen
imma vomit

No. 1216291

Seriously everything men say is cope and projection, I’m not even kidding.
>women only like traveling so they can fuck foreign guys and eat food
Even though males engage in sexual tourism and this is so well known that men are made fun of for going to Thailand n shit? Projection.
>women who fuck a lot of men are biologically incabable of feelin love because of lingering semen
Women who fuck around are sad fucked up pickmes, do they think men who sleep around and have lots of sex love all their partners? Those types of men can’t be reformed, even if they try to stay with one woman they would undoubtedly cheat bc they’re sex pests.

No. 1216292

i keep typing lo or l for lolcow.farm autonomously whenever i open a new tab. what is wrong with me!! curse this website!!

No. 1216306

The siren call of the farm, it’s saying “come shit post nonnie, revel in the autism”

No. 1216315

Kek I saw a similar thing about lingering semen and how babies that come from a promiscuous woman have bits of DNA from every guy who has cum in her. Did these idiots fail Bio 101 or what?

No. 1216367

despite being basically a terf I feel like I have more in common with your average terminally online fakeboi than with normies.. I wish I knew how to peak them lol

No. 1216368

Men are projecting, they tend to use tinder and grindr while traveling and sex tourism is all about male "customers" so they think we're the same because they're narrow-minded.

No. 1216376

Make a new vent thread or I’m making one with an ugly ass thread pic

No. 1216377

If a new thread is not made in 15 minutes I will make one with a Sonic thread pic.

No. 1216380

File: 1654701135433.jpeg (65.39 KB, 684x538, FF08B48C-209C-4E7A-B622-84FBDB…)

Try us, bitches

No. 1216382

File: 1654701234712.jpg (84.87 KB, 1026x1200, 6a1.jpg)

It's true. My mother was a loose woman in her youth and all the combined knowledge from the men she slept with has made me a genius (and also a schizophrenic).

No. 1216386

Vote this as the next Unpopular Opinions thread pic

No. 1216389

No it must be a wojack to trigger the nonnies

No. 1216396

File: 1654701964966.jpeg (34.73 KB, 365x353, F73EA716-C446-4002-9DCC-5D7171…)

She really said trans rights no ban pls kek

No. 1216402

This pleased me.

No. 1216421

>There is some incel rhetoric that women only like traveling so they can fuck foreign guys and eat food.
You don't need to justify yourself for liking to travel because we all know it's just projection. Scrotes are the ones who travel mainly to fuck foreign women and underage prostitutes.
I don't know what's wrong with wanting to eat foreign food kek just more proof that those retarded incels are insane

No. 1216424

Fuck you nonnie I wouldn't have seen it as the troon flag colors if you hadn't pointed it out

No. 1216539

You guys ever been babystalked? Like when somebody with a kid parents VERY loudly next to you like they want you to look over and smile or make conversation. Some guy was cooing at his kid in the grocery store next to me really obnoxiously and when I switched directions to avoid them with my cart he literally went "NO, IT'S OK! YOU CAN COME THIS WAY!" and tried to beckon me to come past him and his child. Like not to be mean or anything but I am avoiding you on purpose

No. 1216562

File: 1654710376116.jpeg (74.68 KB, 600x742, FABF4AA6-C188-4B48-8D97-694B76…)

Would anons like pic rel as the OP pic for the confessions thread? Idk if it’s been an OP pic for that thread before and I feel like it’s fitting

No. 1216565

I'd be ok with it. It won't make me like Dangan Ronpa 2 though, fuck that game. The first game was so much better.

No. 1216573

Is that Komaeda? Why does he have long red nails?

No. 1216576

based, first game is best

No. 1216586

It’s related to the plot of the second game

No. 1216589

Thanks, I watched a gameplay of the first game but didn't finish the second one.

No. 1216594

Wtf you and your wife are so cute aaa

No. 1216598

No. 1216604

I am repulsed by husbandofags but I guess it's better than like uhhh some sexy nun halloween costume pic

No. 1216612

I'd rather have some cute old nun pic but I guess

No. 1216637

In the middle of reading this fic I'm obsessed with. I stopped right before they fug because it's only 7pm and I want to save that for later tonight but I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. It's been so long since I found a good fic…

No. 1216638

Distance makes the heart grow fonder nona, I bet it'll be even better if you wait it out!

No. 1216650

That's what you think and then you get hit with some untagged slapping or choking, losing all positive feelings you've once had for this fic.

No. 1216667

Semi unrelated but you just reminded me when I was reading a really good long fic about my husbando, I was hooked and even reading chapters during the day which I never do, but halfway through the writer started falling for a second main guy with an important role so she switched him to being the love interest and friendzoned my husband. I could not believe it. I was absolutely SEETHING that I was WITNESSING my husbando get cucked in front of my own eyes… IN MY OWN HOME.

No. 1216688

File: 1654716169683.jpeg (100.72 KB, 750x832, 1FB1DDE4-FF5B-4684-966A-C35706…)

bruh wtf is going on in meta there’s only one cow that I check in on and I’ll maybe skim the mtf fakeboi threads, but theses farmers are LOSING IT.

No. 1216711

what's happening, we losing snow?

No. 1216718

there’s just a lot of fighting over trannies and weeaboos or something, I don’t really know

No. 1216719

File: 1654717121478.jpg (314.45 KB, 972x2261, Screenshot_20220608-223741_Tum…)

5k noteS PLEASE

No. 1216724

WAIT IS THIS REALLY ON TUMBLR?? That was a funny interaction but that thread is 95% cancer

No. 1216726

What the absolute fuck, it's not even that funny at that

No. 1216727

Something boring about a KF troon shitting up a thread or something. Boring stuff.

No. 1216728

Some dumbass anon has a tumblr of screenshots because she’s desperate for internet validation. She bragged in a thread somewhere. It’s probably from that.

No. 1216736

stupid bitch is probably part of the reason we have no many new and underaged fags. fucking hell

No. 1216749

i've been spending so much time writing super OOC kind of self insert fanfics for various characters. it's embarrassing. i'll never post them cuz i can't write for shit and i refuse to edit them but i'm just in an autistic trance with these fantasies.
i think it's mostly because i can't stand most fics and looking through porn full of ugly people just to find a couple of pictures or videos i like wears me down. so i gotta do it by my own damn self!!!

No. 1216784

>She bragged in a thread somewhere
in /meta/ a few months ago

No. 1216822

I fell into the rabbithole of looking up how to make monster suits on the internet again. All I want in my life is to make a monster suit one day. I already have it all planned out I just have no time (or money) right now. I can't wait until I can do it. It will be glorious. I wish I could have been one of those people that make props for movies

No. 1216837

The real subhumans of this world are people who don't eat pizza crust.

No. 1216839

You can have mine if it bothers you so much

No. 1216841

I love every kind of bread so much, I even love the end pieces of bread and think the people who throw it out are babies

No. 1216844

I love when a piece of pizza has chewy crust and some extra tomato sauce close to it. Gonna try manifesting good pizza this week

No. 1216846

Samefag, but don't like pizza folders either. It just feels so unnatural, if you want to fold it just eat a sandwich or something.

No. 1216861

Thank you, nonas. ♥

Jesus Christ, I just checked it out and you weren't kidding. /meta/ posters are built different and I mean that as an insult.

No. 1216867

File: 1654721892986.jpg (83.44 KB, 1067x600, 66466057_1080081452380228_5125…)

The fact that it's getting harder to tell the difference between summer-anons and the regular retards is proof global warming is real

No. 1216871

It's because admin left and we still haven't got a new one so we have a bunch of issues and a small janny team. This site is going fucking downhill and it makes me sad because there's nowhere else like it

No. 1216873

I thought old admin was still around training a new one?

No. 1216874

Manifesting a new sheriff in town that won't be afraid of taking out the trash. Low-key hoping for that chick on tumblr that dumped her boyfriend when he washed off his cock after sex using her limited edition sailor moon towel.

No. 1216875

OK how about the cone of an ice cream? i know some people won't eat that either because it's "dry"

No. 1216880

>that chick on tumblr that dumped her boyfriend when he washed off his cock after sex using her limited edition sailor moon towel.
KEK based

No. 1216883

Old admin is still the admin as far as we know, but what I meant was that she hasn't said a single word since February. Admin-in-training posted in a mtf thread like 2 months ago to tell off a ex-mod but that's it.
Caps right now!

No. 1216886

The cone is literally the best part, especially if it's a waffle cone. Can't understand why you wouldn't want to eat it.

No. 1216889

>Admin-in-training posted in a mtf thread like 2 months ago to tell off a ex-mod but that's it.
Wow I hate that. Not that the new admin went to tell off an ex-mod but get your priorities straight plz. I don't know how/why an ex-mod can justify a few minutes of her time but updating the entire userbase doesn't.

No. 1216892

More info she was mad specifically over the dropping manifesto Chans post history

No. 1216905

Wow. Admin has shit priorities. Who cares about dropping manifestochan's posting history when current admin doesn't even give a fuck about the site anyway kek.

No. 1216906

File: 1654723170039.png (523.35 KB, 525x902, queen.png)

Had to look it up and I can't believe I actually found the post this fast. she was probably memeing but I want to believe

No. 1216920

File: 1654723810018.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.17 KB, 275x205, 0FC1A7EF-0B72-4700-908A-596D1D…)

He used her towel?!

No. 1216922

is there something wrong with manifesto-can or something? anons seem to like her pedantic posts kek

No. 1216924

No. 1216925

No, they were doing it so anons could see all of her manifestos. The janny didn't have anything against manifesto-chan, but exposing user post histories just defeats the purpose of being anon and it was just kinda inappropriate. The post was deleted.

No. 1216938

wtf so? it’s not like that ex-janny was being malicious and it’s not dozing or revealing manifesto-chan’s identity. can’t believe i’m saying this but i prefer the old admin over the new one who hasn’t said a word in a few months

No. 1216943

but it IS dry, get rid of those air quotes
because it's dry and too crunchy when I'm in the mood for something soft and wet

No. 1216945

I guess it’s more a principle thing. She should have just made a collage and leave out the part about being ex janny or whatever.

No. 1216954

I think that was the issue. They were mad they violated anons trust as a janny for us to be anonymous.

No. 1216959

Yep, anyone can go through threads and find posts, but exposing post history is a different thing. I think we would all be upset if that happened to us.
So just don't get the cone. Plus, if you wait to eat the cone after you're finished with the ice cream, then it'll probably be a little soft. Waffle cone supremacy.

No. 1217007

swell entretainment mentioned lolcow in her most recent video
timestamp is 24:33

No. 1217014

KEK ETHEL CAIN IS A FUCKING TRANNY? All this time I thought he was just a very unfortunate looking woman. Thank god I now have a reason to not listen to his music!

No. 1217019

I knew she was a farmer. A lot of youtubers give me farmer vibes (like Jenny Nicholson)

No. 1217024

doesn't jenny support troons tho (one of them being her brother)

No. 1217088

I think she could be a crypto, albeit unlikely, but I don't think being a TRA would deter anyone from using this site aside from extreme twitter users or minors. Lolcow was the peaking place for a lot of farmers, so that means they were using it while being TRAs for a while.

No. 1217112

I hope she’s crypto too. Can’t blame women for hiding when they have a lot of eyes on them and have to work closely with troons. Not everyone can be far enough away like JKR. But I do wish more would just come out and say it, I know us invisible women would show them our support.

No. 1217118

I genuinely wish divine punishment on bitches blabbing about lolcow reeee

No. 1217124

i've never even considered that lolcow is supposed to be pronounced like that, I say "lol" letter by letter (in my head) kek

No. 1217127

File: 1654731905039.jpg (77.79 KB, 904x864, yvx9i65l75g41-2159101453.jpg)

yeah I've seen some anons on here bitch about the troonphobia here (though I usually assume it's some newfag from twitter/TikTok, and more recently that Kaitlyn Tiffany article) so I wouldn't be surprised about any TRAs using the site
SAME. It's bad enough that retards on Twitter and Tiktok namedrop lolcow to seem edgy but Swell Entertainment (who has hundreds of thousands of subscibers) is namedropping it too..jfc.

No. 1217129

I don’t think it should be pronounced like that. Why is she saying LAWL cow and not LOL.

No. 1217130

>Swell Entertainment (who has hundreds of thousands of subscibers) is namedropping it too..jfc.
Well now I know why to never watch her videos. Retard

No. 1217131

My tech company's HR is organizing LGBTQ+ history webinar, been working there for years, it never happened before, there's no problem with tolerance so it's not an intervention; I'm just so confused, who thought it's a fitting idea for a tech company of all places? (I mean, HR obviously, but why?)

No. 1217132

That’s why we should never hold back from bullying them

No. 1217134

>tech company
I bet Bruce trooned out and made complaint that his colleagues aren’t treating him like the woman he is

No. 1217138

Swell, I know you're here. Why would you do this.

No. 1217142

Schizo tinfoil: to direct a bunch of TRAs and genderspecials here to fight in the great Troon Lolcow War we must be resilient and transphobic above all else!

No. 1217147

isn't lol and lawl pronounced the same, kind of like lul/lulz which is never said letter by letter so neither would lol

No. 1217148

File: 1654732818669.jpeg (225.06 KB, 1478x1109, the holy sign.jpeg)

ily, nonnie. I agree.

No. 1217150

ntayrt but lol is an acronym while lul/lulz is a derivative of lol right? so it makes some sense to pronounce it letter by letter

No. 1217156

yes but only waffle cones, the McDonald’s style ones suck

chewy delicious garlic bread style crust, absolutely. sometimes the crust tastes like cardboard but the rest of the pizza is good. c’est la vie

No. 1217178

I think pronouncing it as it's spelled (lohl) is the best way. Who the fuck has time to say "el oh el cow dot farm"?

No. 1217186

to be fair i've never said lolcow.farm out loud, ever

No. 1217187

lol is an initialism, yes, but just like LASER/laser, people pronounce it like a normal word. That's why "lul(z)" even exists, because it comes from the pronunciation of "lol".

No. 1217190

Anon you remind me

No. 1217194

Me neither, but I'm not saying el oh el in my head.

No. 1217200

Kek the last part always gets me

No. 1217222

Hearing women talk about "catering" to a man is so funny lol
>"As soon as he gets home from work, you need to take his coat and shoes, rub his feet and massage his back. Make sure you have a 10 course meal ready for him and bow at his feet until he is finished eating."
Are you his girlfriend or a fucking indentured servant? Do you wipe his ass too?

No. 1217228

That's some 1950s propaganda. that shit is gross

No. 1217230

i was born on the release date of titanic but never seen it despite having seen more movies than the average person
planning to maybe watch it this year for both of our 25th bdays

No. 1217260

I want the next piece of media that shows female puberty to have a character who has nothing but fictional crushes. I had no interest in IRL moids at that age and I want to feel represented. Yumes of the world unite

No. 1217267

I also want her to create her OC husbando like I did at that age

No. 1217273

The checkout section of Trader Joes is always so confusing for me

No. 1217303

File: 1654745236650.jpg (202.78 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20200901_105244_1080x.jpg)

I go stand vaguely near some cashiers with cow eyes. one will nicely shepherd me in position. at some point a cashier at another register loudly clangs a bell. this is deeply alarming. no idea what it signifies. always hope my cashier doesn't clang her bell. she compliments my taste in groceries so nicely I believe she wants to be my friend. at the end I have to make a customer at the verso register move in order for me to be able to move my cart. it can't be done any other way.

No. 1217304

Would like to have your entire post history exposed, no matter the reason? Extremely fucking inappropriate behaviour from the ex mod. I hate the current admin but on that they were right

No. 1217307

Fun fact: the cups of daffodils at the register are there for employees to give to people who are having breakdowns because they can’t figure out what wooden surface to put their groceries on.

No. 1217312

File: 1654747055856.jpg (30.03 KB, 640x379, tumblr_4809e4d6edc685f8ec2ce10…)

I have acquired a hunger for Pyramid Head's buns.

No. 1217316

Samefag, but I also hate that I can't help the cashier with the groceries. The fact that they have to take them out of the cart themselves just makes me feel so rude, but I guess it's less steps and saves more time than putting them on a conveyor belt.

No. 1217332

Cutting your hair is actually really amazing and relieving when you realize how good it is for your hair and retaining length. I had a knot and I just cut it right out.

No. 1217341

How can she flip

No. 1217365

People who think everyone is jealous of them are annoying

No. 1217369

It’s the easiest way to absolve themselves of any accountability or guilt

No. 1217377

Samefag but people who believe that others think everyone is jealous of them because of their own insecurity and projection are just as annoying

No. 1217404

I want to cut my hair for that reason, my split ends are terrible and make me look like Hagrid. But I'd need to cit a lot and medium and short hair look like shit on me.

No. 1217420

nta but how is that different from >>1217365 idgi

No. 1217433

Not to brag or anything, but I'm so strong that I can look at the "vagina" pictures in the mtf thread while eating. In fact, I just saw one and I'm about to go make a choco cake.

No. 1217452

>guy asks me to dinner
>i make sure not to eat anything before
>arrive at restaurant with him
>get nervous to the point i lose my appetite
>force myself to eat the appetizer and don't even finish my very small meal
>get back home, stomach starts to immediately rumble and i suddenly feel extremely hungry

Wtf nonnies. Nothing makes me feel more retarded than having to eat right after leaving a dinner date. This happens a lot; any time I feel a strong emotion I can't eat, even if I'm starving. Especially if I'm stressed. I'm annoyed, why does my body not want me to enjoy food at the appropriate time!

No. 1217461

That post was so fucking funny I shared it to my bf who also shared it to his friends rip, I feel guilty now asffdasf

No. 1217471

File: 1654759498776.png (175.35 KB, 540x540, 16h652907.png)

>I shared it to my bf who also shared it to his friends

No. 1217511

Why do you people do this.

No. 1217516

Go back

No. 1217519

Kill yourself.

No. 1217522

I thought the newfags came here because they thought this was a femcel site, wtf girl.

No. 1217524

So you're the perp, you're the reason males and newfags have been invading us. Do you realize the damage you've done?

No. 1217527

Tell your boyfriend and his friends to kill themselves, that'll make them laugh

No. 1217529

KEK i love you nonita i hope you enjoyed your choco shake

No. 1217553

Things humans should be able to do if we didn't have design faults:
- close out ears like we can close our eyes
- turn horny on and off at will

No. 1217563

File: 1654769515879.jpeg (69.24 KB, 678x500, 2DE95A5C-8F6B-4A7C-9D26-5EF3AB…)

I hate these kind of men, the hyper masculine types seriously have single digit iq. Anyways if you have a bf, fuck him in Amazon position to assert your dominance.

No. 1217564

File: 1654769583227.jpeg (87.48 KB, 750x783, E8BE2A28-6A24-45BB-938D-2B9501…)

Samefag, the pic I was looking for

No. 1217568

File: 1654770358293.jpg (39.53 KB, 473x354, 1fb9f953486606606db0dfe4b069f4…)

Amazon position is fucking hot!
Make sure to sit on and crush his face too properly.

No. 1217569

kek I love that post so much, sometimes I think I can recognize the style of this anon and she makes me laugh every time. I hate that it is on tumblr though but she should have a twitter where she could make some form of income by making jokes like that, I think there is a public for this type of humour

No. 1217575

File: 1654771710660.jpeg (35.8 KB, 990x531, 6E7085D1-50F9-4B76-8024-59C55A…)

And if he dies, he dies!

No. 1217578

That's the spirit my nona.

No. 1217599

I save my crusts for last because they're my favourite and I am simple

No. 1217618

I hate you Kaitlynn Tiffany bitches almost as much as I hate the federal government of the United States of America research COINTELPRO fellow patriots we WILL feed the orchards of liberty with the blood of pickmes

No. 1217629

The pic does not even mention lolcow though?

No. 1217636

File: 1654776043447.jpeg (139.35 KB, 593x600, 6E4A833A-AD12-4F5E-90EE-375C59…)

kek a disgusting moid on the front page of /ot/ made a “debate me bro!” thread. any alarms of decreasing fertility and birth rate is only male neuroticism projected on to women who do not give the slightest fuck if this world goes extinct, men just need more unhappy workers, laborers, and women to exploit and that is why they need more babies. just spam the thread with hot guys

No. 1217639

there are anons who will put their piss-dribbling boyfriend over the wellbeing of this website it’s straight up nasty

No. 1217641

no, do not spam the thread. Report, collapse, ignore. do not give attention or bring the debate question into this thread.

No. 1217656

I love that the new insult men have for women is “no eggs” when sperm count is at an all time low and fucking teenagers are getting erectile dysfunction now. Keep projecting you useless scrotums!

No. 1217660

anon stop mini modding and learn to have some fun
kek I can’t wait until their Y-chromosome phases it already is at a pretty moderate rate!

No. 1217669

How? The screenshotted post did not mention lc at all

No. 1217671

I'm not minimodding, I'm giving my opinion on what should be done, same as you did. spamming the thread gives them attention, which is what they came here to get. responding to their question in another thread is letting them not only have their bait spread elsewhere by proxy, but diverting the course of another thread that women are posting their own content in. 4chan men don't care if the attention you're giving them is positive or negative, as long as you engage with them and assist them in smearing their shit everywhere.

No. 1217677

“give him access to your pussy if you want to dominate him.” You’re not the brightest tool in the shed, are you?

No. 1217679

I hope your boyfriend gets locked up in a doggy cage and burned alive(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1217681

Are you a polilez retard? Because you sound like a polilez retard.

No. 1217683

you give way too much credit and intelligence to 4chan moids. most of them don’t even know how this site works, oh wow he made a thread on an inflammatory subject that’s always going to get attention!! his brain works like a hamster running on a wheel nonna, the wheel under him will always be there there’s nothing unpredictable about how they work

No. 1217684

No. 1217686

you have a stomach of steel anon, i see one and i can't eat for 3 hours as it plagues my mind

No. 1217687

I was replying to the anon who said she shows posts of LC to her bf. It’s sickening

No. 1217688

how is JLC known as activia lady when she is the most iconic final girl in history

No. 1217689

Yes, I sent him the screenshot. The screenshot has no mention of lc, it's like one of those "le funny greentext" pics that gets posted on leddit.

No. 1217694

just because the person you're dealing with isn't intelligent doesn't mean doesn't mean they aren't pursuing an outcome. just because the person you're dealing with isn't giving that much thought to their actions doesn't mean you shouldn't give thought to your actions.

No. 1217698

File: 1654780191435.jpg (78.78 KB, 829x620, the master.jpg)

oh i am surly

No. 1217703

>>1217681 well you sound like you logged on to get the steam off after a heckin’ awesomesauce anal session (it’s a 9th wave feminist act of reclaiming your right to be a fleshlight) with your boyfriend you met r/polyamory. Don’t forget to apply your haemorrhoid cream twice a day nonita, you don’t want to end up with a perma-gape.

No. 1217709

Okay so you are a retard. Wether you like it or not, straight women are going to have sex with men. Even nonnies here complain about wanting a boyfriend but hating men. Stop seething so much.

No. 1217714

File: 1654781131588.jpg (30.47 KB, 500x375, 1371327709136.jpg)

No. 1217718

>>1217709 does your man allow you to be on the computer this late?

No. 1217727

I’m sorry for the straight woman who rejected you to make you this way. It’s time to log off. Maybe drink some tea nona.

No. 1217728

Guess who said it: a MRA or an anon on lolcow.farm

No. 1217737

Nta for any of this but I've seen a lot of retarded sperging lately:

>Reee polilez
Not everyone has to have sex with men, nor is it an either or, never heard of celibacy or having standards?
Are you from Birmingham kek? Don't bitch about being made fun of if you reee at someone else. This is an imageboard.

No. 1217742

If you honest to god defend that poster you have brain rot

No. 1217758

The year is 2004. I am listening to American Idiot by Green Day on repeat of Limewire. I am playing the Neopets game where you munch the colored ice blocks. I am being cyberbullied on livejournal by my classmates. Life…is ok.

No. 1217760

>not everyone has to have sex with men, never heard of celibacy?
duh no fucking shit, but the women who choose that so often ree at women who DO choose to continue having relationships with men. >>1217677
Sorry not everyone is a super radfem separatist like you.

No. 1217763

>You can't bully on an imageboard!

No. 1217770

File: 1654784473288.jpg (38.31 KB, 628x741, 1645812271538.jpg)

Sure. But I can also tell you you're a retard right back.

No. 1217776

You were being a pickme.

No. 1217779

If saying >>1217703 is a fucking retard who should take their meds makes me a pick me, then sign me up baby. I'd rather be a pick me than whatever that is.

No. 1217781

Britoid kek. Sorry anons don't coddle you. Post in the hidden board more and release your rage due to lack of interaction.

No. 1217784

File: 1654785226917.jpg (10.73 KB, 269x275, 1606488998587.jpg)

The projection of some nonnas is so hard they hide it behind "it's imageboard culture uwu"

No. 1217792

Did you reply to the right post?

LMAO, right?

No. 1217798

Maybe it is the one who made the “ree why women no want have kids” thread today due to being triggered at the slightest thing mocking sex-empowerment?

No. 1217799

i never thought that i would be the type of person who liked avocado toast but we are living in a post covid world the apocolypse has come and gone and here i am liking avocado toast

No. 1217802

ntayrt but that would most likely be a scrote, right? They were mad at women who have sex with men so I really do think it’s just an angry lesbian

No. 1217809

I personally would not blame lesbians, maybe a self-hating bi/straight woman. The hatred people have for traits of themselves is very powerful.

No. 1217810

I didn't read any but
>it's totes not scrote but angry lesbian
Uh… No. There literally is a scrote onsite and you know how much men hate it when women talk about fucking anyone but that specific man.

No. 1217812

I mean the one reeing about political celibacy, as in being mad some women choosing to forgo men due to mistreatment/politics being evil.

No. 1217815

“I know I act like a reckless, aggressive 4chan scrote but it’s imageboard culture!” Yeah but maybe not here, maybe not for LC honey lol

No. 1217821

stop being mean to lesbians like they have a point, straight women no matter how much they hate men will always want to fuck them and that’s the most major L in history. you want to fuck a hairy, emotionally deficient, idiotic brute and you know that’s what comes with the package yet you still want it? sick nonnies

No. 1217822

I guess it being a scrote didn’t seem plausible because once they get in a fight they just call us whores

No. 1217823

Celibacy is not evil, it's based and smart, and shows strong character. However, acting like a psychotic moid when women choose not to do that is very low iq.

No. 1217824

What are you talking about? Which anon?
Please go out for once. I know a lot of pickmes you saw online got you angry but you're only hurting yourself in the end. Let the bitches marry whichever man they like and cry when he ends up being shitty, it's not your issue it's theirs.

No. 1217825

File: 1654786837212.png (824.74 KB, 945x756, Summer-Types-2944468917.png)

i found out this is my colour palette and i am so disappointed. they look so boring and faded.. i only like the type true winter or dark autumn because i love bright colours.

No. 1217827

They're seething and calling other violent anons, which are prob males, lesbians because they hate the fact that they're straight and keep falling after rape-apes unlike lesbians who don't constantly find themselves lusting after shitty men. See >>1217802

No. 1217837

I rather trust a lesbian over the ezrafag despite knowing he assaulted a woman and likely feels no guilt for it who keeps posting his face everywhere

No. 1217841

Nta but my favorite thing that she does is say something like "OMFG I HOPE HE ASSAULTS/KIDNAPS ME!!!" to get attention. Sometimes people don't respond and I can imagine that that stings kek.

No. 1217847

I'm a bit hungrier than expected and I wanted to buy something extra for lunch (on top of the small lunch I packed that's usually enough for me) but $10 for a salad bowl from Chipotle UGHHHHH

No. 1217848

this has nothing to do with ezrafags, the weird retard anon >>1217837 just randomly brought them up because she is losing a argument and everyone is telling her to stfu.

She literally got mad because a anon said she likes to have missionary sex and thats how this derailing started.

No. 1217851

Everyone involved in this argument needs to go out.
I also call anons whores sometimes if I'm mad, kek. Sorry about that. Though I think giving vivid descriptions of gaping anal sex is much more likely to be a scrote sign than a misogynistic insult.

No. 1217854

Imagine getting so bothered by a woman having missionary sex and not wanting women to talk about being *gasp straight.
This isnt your tumblr echochamber shithole where you ree if someone is not a lesbo polilez so how about you fuck off there.

Also i just got reminded of that anon who got mad at anons saying smthng about lesbians in the ana scumbag thread where they make fun of mentally ill women but apparently saying something about someone who is a lesbian is off limits, i just love how the anons there roasted that retard.

No. 1217856

File: 1654788597665.jpeg (196.69 KB, 1600x1800, B6025B35-A0A6-4069-9DB5-436B73…)

soft summer has a good selection of colors though.

No. 1217859

File: 1654788638773.jpg (133.13 KB, 828x944, 3eb4dc81-9dfc-4797-9d56-d9b30b…)

Oo ee oo ah ah, ting tang walla walla bing bang

No. 1217864

Why do you hate lesbians so much? That was either a manhating straightie or a man. You're projecting so hard you need to go outside.

No. 1217866

Based, but
>This isnt your tumblr echochamber shithole
Ironically I think radblr is less obsessed with polilez shit than lc. An user spewing weird anal gape posts like that would be roasted out of the site so fucking fast. (Also I agree with >>1217864 and polilezzies are not actual lesbians.)

No. 1217870

It's probably the dyke-hater that's been shitting up threads screeching about how every anon that disagrees with her is totally an evil lesbo. There have been multiple instances where anons losing the argument went onto accuse others of being lesbians just because they supported a dv victim or even didn't find their nigel hot. I can't tell if this is a bunch of newfags who all hate lesbians or one mentally ill chronically online anon.

No. 1217874

Please dont project onto others, accusing straight women of being whores who have ''gaping anal sex'' and do polyamory..is hate and not me telling you to go back. And i see multiple unhinged anons like this so dont try to say that its only a scrote.
maybe its changed since i haven't visited tumblr in a long time but i remember back in 2018 it used to be like that. Its good if it changed because that wasn't productive at all to the community and just made a divide.
you make no sense, are you saying that the ''dyke-hater'' is also a lesbian who spergs out at straight women?

No. 1217875

>why do you hate lesbians so much??
>straight women are the biggest fucking losers for being attracted to men

No. 1217877

>you make no sense, are you saying that the ''dyke-hater'' is also a lesbian who spergs out at straight women?
Nta but where did you get that from? Anon is saying she thinks there's one specific dyke-hater that lambasts lesbians when she loses arguments.

No. 1217878

Girl I'm not the unhinged anon. You're arguing with multiple people that think your hatred about lesbians is very telling. Anyways, no wonder the lesbo-phobic weirdo ends up being an ana-chan. Kek.

No. 1217882

Imagine being attracted to men lmao. I'm sorry that's an L and you can never undo that. Straight women have it so bad they have to cope with fictional men because irl men are so shit, like what are you even attracted to at that point

No. 1217884

stop trying to turn the tables on other anons after everyone called you out for being a misogynist who has a weird pornsick view of straight women.

What are you going to say next, that women have lose vagina? you are polilez trash.

No. 1217885

No. 1217888

> Straight women have it so bad they have to cope with fictional men because irl men are so shit

now you know you should be the last person saying that…

No. 1217889

File: 1654789798766.png (367.77 KB, 539x514, 1649970053272.png)

No. 1217890

Yeah either that or a group of newfags who happen to think being a lesbian is an insult. They were most rampant during jd ah case and have been here since. A lot of them are also tradthots and ana-chans, which again proved true this one might be one of them when she brought up ana thread.
Anyways, they should hating themselves. No sane person lurks the ana thread and no sane person starves themselves.

No. 1217891

File: 1654789842988.png (256.48 KB, 500x533, 1398177738631.png)

I think more normie women joining radblr made it more tolerable tbh

I love how every time I call out the fucking twisted misogyny some nonnas here have I get screetched at, but then they turn around and post about whore anal gape straighties lul

No. 1217892

Why do you assume someone is "polilez" for admitting to not being attracted to men and not just being honest? As far as I can tell most women aren't attracted to men and I think that's obvious. Only self-identifying lesbians are honest about it, straight women think they're "straight" because they coom to unattainable celebrities or male fictional characters but never irl men.

No. 1217893

I'm not that anon, I'm just someone's who stumbled upon your ragefit, kek. Calm down. I'm not even a lesbian.

No. 1217894

File: 1654789905955.jpeg (87.35 KB, 743x676, 1849EED4-4970-41ED-99E2-25985C…)

I love when anons argue sometimes like I don’t even think we know what we’re arguing about kek

No. 1217896

If they're cooming to famous men, and getting off on the thought of his male body, how is that not attraction to men?

No. 1217897

ah yes if you lurk at a certain thread then that totes makes you a ana-chan. But by your logic the lesbian newfag in that thread is alss a ana-chan.

I also support amber so whats your point, your more mad at anons telling that weirdo to shut up than the misogynistic shit she was spewing about women having gaping sex??

No. 1217898

that's still straight though, it just means irl men are ugly

No. 1217900

>all women are not attracted to men, lesbians are just honest about it.
girl this is literally polilez shit that you just wrote, the jokes really write themselves huh.

No. 1217901

I literally told that anon to go outside myself here >>1217824 I'm not that anon. I only pointed out your weird hatred for lesbians and how you keep assuming every anon is a polilez for telling you it's a weird assumption. Anyways, gou should go outside too.

No. 1217902

Now THIS seems like some weird copium, a-all wamen actually want to lick my vagooter achually

Someone disagreeing with you one celebrity drama doesn't make them a newfag/pickme/tradthot/whore with a gaping asshole (like calling out Amber beating her sister and spitting out on her assistants face, those anons got called all kinds of vile shit)

No. 1217903

File: 1654790143954.jpg (28.72 KB, 636x474, 1647573717439.jpeg.jpg)


No. 1217904

It's an unattainable fantasy, not a sexuality lmao. "Straight women" are literally fantasy-sexual at this point, like no that's not how real sexuality works, it's who you feel attracted to in real life.

No. 1217906

File: 1654790195615.jpg (289.75 KB, 1213x1217, 1649991685965.jpg)

No. 1217909

File: 1654790283368.jpg (39.02 KB, 800x533, husband-wife-happy-together-87…)

I wish you were telling the truth, but most straight women (or at least the loudest ones) genuinely do find IRL men attractive. I don't know why, but they do.
In this picture, there's a very pretty woman next to a haggard-looking…thing, they're meant to be husband and wife, and this is so normal to society that it's an acceptable stock image

No. 1217910

Girl why aren't you a serving to my replies and saying why you hate lesbians??
You're a lesbian. Not everyone thinks this way. As disgusting as it is most straight women fuck and like fucking even ugly men. You should accept you're a lesbian and realize that a majority of women will always be attracted to shitty men. It's just how life works.

No. 1217911

Okay but how can you say that and not take into account that what straight/bi women lust after in famous men is also what they lust after in irl men? They'd get off to, say, Christian Bale because they like his facial bone structure, his body, etc. If they saw a man that looked similarly to Christian Bale irl, they'd probably be attracted to him as well. Most men are fugly. You take what you can get a lot of the times, which happens to be unattainable men sometimes.

No. 1217913

polilez and actual lesbians arent even the same thing atleast know that, fucking retard ffs.
The majority of lesbians hate polilez trash (like the ones in this thread) because they are straight women pretending to be lesbians and send very harmful messages to the community about how sexuality can be changed anytime that any women can become a lesbian if she wants to.

No. 1217914

This. Straight women actually find men attractive. If you don't, you might be bi or lesbian. Just accept it and consider yourself lucky you won't have to spend your lifetime fucking a goblin who will drain all your energy and probably fuck you over.

No. 1217917

>I'm attracted to men
>All irl men are ugly
Choose one

No. 1217919

Straight women even feel attracted to ugly men. See the threads in /g/ if you don't belive me.

No. 1217920

Well this is a completely different argument. Why did you not say so from the start? Also, most nonnas probably keep their mouths shut about liking actual men, knowing the culture. Plus some amount of the "I only like 2D men" sounds a bit like not wanting to be like the icky straighties that get shat on. And some are lesbians in denial probably.

No. 1217921

Lesbians aren't attracted to any form of men. If you like anime dudes or yaoi, you're pornsick and bi/straight. Not a lesbian.

No. 1217922

Believe me, I've seen them. I don't understand attraction to men whatsoever. I kinda get the anime boy thing because I can pretend it's a masculine girl or something. But when I see a irl moid, no matter how softened and fluffed up he's been, I cringe.

No. 1217926

File: 1654790800490.jpeg (23.24 KB, 640x332, 6D729023-E90C-4919-B82A-FCA243…)

damn can’t believe I finally started my first fight on lolcow.farm at this point I think it’s just too messy and anons are replying to the wrong people, one of the things that suck about being anonymous. Sorry I said the p word.

No. 1217927

I think it depends

No. 1217928

Can this endless infight be taken to /2X/ or sth

No. 1217929

Both are true

No. 1217930

polilez trash are the same as that straight couple who calls themselves queer, polilez need to find ways to be the victims and feel oppressed points.
polilez also behave cult-like and aggressive just like trannies and love accusing anyone who gives them criticism of ''being a evil lesbian hater'' meanwhile actual lesbians hate polilez and want nothing to do with them.

No. 1217933

Seriously. Getting mad at straight/bi women for being attracted to ugly men, getting mad at straight/bi women for having high standards… like damn isn't that tiring? Don't they get exhausted?

No. 1217935

Ah yes the "high standards" cope. Your standards are so high you've never been attracted to a man irl and barely any celebrities but coom to anime boys. I know your type

No. 1217936

You're proof /snow/flakes shouldn't go out of their boards. You literally caused a whole ass infight because you couldn't keep yourself back from replying to a schizo-chan.

No. 1217937

Lesbians are evil, have no reason to hate men whatsoever or else they're "polilez," and "straight women" are victims forever x10000

No. 1217938

I’m Cringing while thinking about my actions yesterday. I wanna die of embarrassment.

No. 1217940

I'm attracted to some irl men and I'm attracted to some celebrity men. I've outgrown anime. I'm also bisexual. Why do you feel the need to police someone's sexuality (a biological reality). Give it up girl.

No. 1217941

What did you do

No. 1217942

>you must be this anon
what are you talking about the whole infight was going on way before that with that schizo-chan sperging out and multiple anons replying to them.
hating men is based and great, but taking out your anger out on straight women is bad…does your pea-sized brain understand that?

No. 1217944

I love polilez even if they hated me for being bi and I will stand by their side

No. 1217945

Straight women ally themselves with men often against lesbian causes in hopes that one day a decent moid will pick her (which never happens as decent moids don't exist), this is why a lot of lesbians dislike straight women. Anyway have fun being a straight women who isn't attracted to men

No. 1217946

W-why? Aren't all polilez straight/bi by definition

No. 1217947

And tragically they will be sucking on some ugly crusty moids pp and not your clit. Seethe.

No. 1217948

You're not going convert any straight/bi women into lesbianism. Go eat some pussy and chill out.

No. 1217950

Hey why don't you just tell us how you really feel and go all out, atleast that other sperg was brave enough.

No. 1217951

I wasn't trying to, I'm NTA. Go suck some cock and chill out.

No. 1217953

I'm not even mad, but you're clearly worked up over something. I hope you get a girlfriend soon! You sound lonely. Sorry nona.

No. 1217954

Idk what polilez even means but I love lesbians even the grumpy ones

No. 1217956

Oh baby nonna me too, but polilez, or political lesbianism is not actual lesbianism. It's straight/bi women pretending to be lesbians for political reasons.

No. 1217957

I have one, thanks! Have fun playing mommy for whatever moid you're currently paying the bills for!

No. 1217958

We can re educate them straights

No. 1217959

Suck on my girlclit you pickme!

No. 1217960

The way straight women assume every woman is straight by default when they themselves admit they aren't even attracted to irl men and know that this is common is literally the most schizo logic I've ever seen

No. 1217961

Kek then why are you so bitter then? Go eat some pussy and chill out, bitter lesbichan.

No. 1217962

No. 1217965

I'm not bitter against lesbians, I just hate moids and straight women lmao. And it's lolcow, everyone here is mentally ill. Go suck some cheese coated cock you condescending bitch.

No. 1217966


No. 1217967

>women say they are not attracted to irl men.
Have you met every women for you to pull that out of your ass, and you dare to call others schizo kek.

No. 1217968

That makes no sense you silly

No. 1217969

I'm not even straight. Why are you so angry? Over literally nothing at all?

No. 1217970

Polinesian Lezbian

No. 1217971

But some straight women are cool, you can't just hate everyone imo

No. 1217972

You sound really aggressive, just like a moid.

I'm guessing you were kicked of radblr for being too much a polilez weirdo so you come here but trust me no one wants your kind here either.

No. 1217973

File: 1654792444513.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.7 KB, 602x850, 2F1FB8D3-7EAE-4358-9A66-820F76…)

? nonna

No. 1217974


It was my veri funi twist on the "suck my girlcock you bigot"

No. 1217977


No. 1217978

Tbh I don't agree with hating women period so even if she has weird or uncommon takes I think the best thing to do is just ignore her. She will figure out the straight anons can be nice to her too and maybe think differently, hopefully

No. 1217979

She's beautiful

No. 1217980

File: 1654792550866.gif (296.95 KB, 130x150, 51-09.gif)

I love my lesbo and bisexy sisters I'M BEING CRINGE ON PURPOSE!!!! SHUT UP!!!

No. 1217981

the only reasonable way you can hate women as a woman yourself is if they place men above your friendship/relationship, everything else is debatable

No. 1217982

As long as no one calls pregnant women "breeders" I'm fine

No. 1217984

Lol polilez is bassically a straight/bi woman who pretends to be a lesbian for political or man-hate reasons, alot of these women are aggressive towards both straight women and actual lesbians.

Polilez also believe that sexuality is a choice, that all women can be lesbians or change their sexualitys if they want to, they also believe that straight women are all sluts who engage in porn type of sex and should be eradicated to stop the patriarchy. You can even see some example of polilez here.

No. 1217985

The only polilez that matters.

No. 1217986

That's annoying but not a reason to hate women imo

No. 1217989

Compulsory heterosexuality is definitely a giant meme in most places in the west. I blame the lesbian master doc.

No. 1217991

File: 1654792851091.jpg (44.01 KB, 540x368, index.jpg)

No. 1217993

Straight women are worthless cocksucker breeders , they are also the first ones to throw other women under the bus.(chill)

No. 1217996

Obvious bait.

No. 1217997

File: 1654793228024.gif (184.3 KB, 340x285, 7978D8D6-D7C9-42F6-8AA5-A541A9…)


No. 1217998

File: 1654793272348.gif (14.14 KB, 160x150, 33A3856E-62C8-4803-B39F-2B2833…)

No. 1217999

File: 1654793301353.gif (94.87 KB, 130x150, Tumblr_l_2773006240242.gif)

No. 1218000

File: 1654793311555.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1652416529225.jpg)

You anons have been at it for ages, it's time to just report and ignore bait and derails.

No. 1218001

File: 1654793315821.gif (2.13 MB, 300x300, AFF8E832-DCAB-48C1-9A8E-3AE28F…)

No. 1218003

Oh he rockin wit it

No. 1218005

Was true for me at least. I'm bi, but for a short while I believed it was just muh compulsory heterosexuality. I just wanted to be Cool and Valid like the lesbians

No. 1218007

how about you go and clean your mentally stunted moids room. I didnt want to say anything but its okay for you to shit on lesbians and not for me to say anything back.

You bitches literally starve yourselves for moids and have threads dedicated to hating on random camgirls.

No. 1218008

And… you are right here on lolcow posting with them. So what now?

No. 1218009

I love my lesbians, polilezbians, bisexual women and str8 women. The only people I hate are men, mysogynists, lesbophobes, bisexualphobes, people who kill-rape-deceive, groomers, cult leaders, and narcissistic parents

No. 1218011

I think you must be very coddled to think women are at fault when men do worse shit than you can even imagine

No. 1218012

Lemme guess, you're bi because you're attracted to "like, every woman and fictional men"?

No. 1218013

i don't post in those threads otherwise i wouldn't be criticizing them you retarded cocksucker

No. 1218016

Yes, you get it. I don’t think there’s anything a woman could do that would make me hate her as much as a man. It’s time to stop nonnies.

No. 1218017

If you're not gonna eat pussy and calm down, go smoke a bowl.

No. 1218018

>They are the first ones to throw women under a bus
Unironically you are the one who is throwing them under a bus first, calling them the same names a mysogynistic moid would, maybe go hang out with women irl and you'll see it's not as bad and good straight women who support lesbians are more common than you think

No. 1218019

File: 1654793836598.png (576.71 KB, 618x527, kd.png)

No. 1218021

File: 1654793870926.png (58.73 KB, 220x220, Poison_Chihuahua_Angry.png)

The receptionists at my dog's vet seething in rage when I show up physically to their office to schedule an appointment instead of waiting 20 minutes on hold. Can't "forget" me on hold if I'm staring you down can you huh? Huh?

No. 1218022

Stop saying that word jeez

No. 1218024

File: 1654793911396.jpeg (617.57 KB, 2560x2375, 3590FF3F-572D-4C38-921D-CFA069…)

They need mommy to come collect them since they can’t regulate their own feelings. Putting the dumb in dumb shit.

No. 1218025

Why do you expect women to be nice to you when you insult them like this? Ur a dummy

No. 1218026

What's wrong with sucking cock? It's not an insult some people are just attracted to men anon duh

No. 1218027

Kek make em seethe nonni!!

No. 1218028

But the word cocksucker is literally used in porn to degrade women

No. 1218030

Eww gross boobs she's so over sexualized where are my Yaoi boys

No. 1218031

File: 1654794066858.jpeg (83.1 KB, 500x500, A9FAE80C-D035-4165-A46E-6EA98C…)

Because lollipops are better.

No. 1218032

The point is that sucking cock is degrading in itself

No. 1218033

I suck dick. I commit crimes against lesbian women both online and at the workplace. I throw random women on traintracks and say loud and clear, "men are awesome", as the train approaches.

No. 1218035

The "straight women are cocksuckers" "lesbian" anon is definitely a bored moid trying to turn anons against each other.

No. 1218037

Cool pic too.

No. 1218038

Based cocksucker lesbian hater anon

No. 1218039

But how many licks does it take to get to the center of it?

No. 1218041

Nooo I love Lady D I feel things towards her

No. 1218042

File: 1654794347352.jpg (393.14 KB, 1450x2048, 1654349654531.jpg)

This, won't let them win. Even if we might get angry, at the end of the day, I love my lesbian and bisexual sisters
No moid will change anything

No. 1218045

I am then beaten up by a mob of angry lesbian women whom I had wronged. But it's okay, nothing a little dicksucking can't heal.

No. 1218046

Hell yes and based pic

No. 1218047

File: 1654794460946.jpeg (115.69 KB, 1200x835, 0064B7FC-1998-4E06-B6B9-9B9F47…)

No. 1218048

Me every afternoon

No. 1218050

So because men do worse then that means we should never call out other women and their behavior. do you even fucking hear yourself.

Me calling straight women worthless breeders is not sexism and barely has any effect in the real world , what is sexism is straight women who keep on dating and fucking men who are rapists, pedos and abusers and throwing other women under the bus for a crumb of dick, roe v wade is being overturned and womens rights are slowly being taken away yet women still keep on dating men and fucking them when its a time when women should do abstinence due to the actual seriousness in the laws thats going on right now..

i only gave my opinion after seeing the ana-chan sperg about lesbians. Go back to snow.

No. 1218052

Eeeeeeee I'm flustered!!!!!!

No. 1218053

I agree, just came to post my tinfoil

No. 1218054

I swear I'm so over anime now. All these moving deep or edgy artwork does nothing to me as long as it is in an 'anime' artstyle. Just very juvenile but definitely something 13 yo me would've gone crazy over.

No. 1218056

File: 1654794596680.jpg (13.04 KB, 376x369, c1p3u.jpg)

>Me calling straight women worthless breeders is not sexism

No. 1218057

>Me calling straight women worthless breeders is not sexism and barely has any effect in the real world
But you wish it had, right

No. 1218059

Just give it up. Nothing is worth giving up dick to these actual cockwhores tbh and they deserve everything they get

No. 1218061

File: 1654794664445.jpg (173.36 KB, 815x1222, amy-adams-jeremy-renner-debut-…)

I think Jeremy Renner is one of the UGLIEST men in hollywood. He viscerally disgusts me.

No. 1218062

ntayrt but calling straight women names definitely isn’t going to make them like you or want to listen to you, it just makes you seem schizo.

No. 1218063

File: 1654794677132.jpg (138.1 KB, 827x1300, a5410c4e2f5710d774e2b63ab86d28…)

Should I keep reading this? (Fire Punch) The troon shit makes me want to drop it, but idk

No. 1218065

No can do. Sorry. See, my brain is too full of cum, you know what they say, a cumdumpster, was it? Yeap. You all great women fight the good fight though, both irl and on lc. I'll just be in the corner sucking on some dick.

No. 1218066

The way your "parody" is actually what most women do in real life is the sad thing lmao

No. 1218067

Samefag but mostly I don't want to get yelled at by people in the fandom for not calling this character "he"

No. 1218068

Can you fucking retards shut the fuck up.

No. 1218069

You can't tell me this ain't a man hopping in the conversation kek

No. 1218070

File: 1654794870883.jpeg (148.8 KB, 750x943, 092309F1-73C8-4B2C-8866-24E8F3…)

He is an uggo, here’s another one. I saw this thumbnail the other day and I wanted to vomit.

No. 1218071

Nah lesbians are just done with your bullshit but you all compare us to moids enough as it is what's one more time

No. 1218072

It is no parody, in fact I'm at a bathroom stall sucking some gourmet prime dick as I type this. He's said, "Can you put your phone down?" But I need to get these words out. It's urgent and I just can't take this dick out of my mouth either. You know us, cocksucking breeder whores, please forgive!

No. 1218073

Girls please go back to Lchat. You'll love it there im being genuine. The ana-chan is mentally ill and she'll keep starving herself for men, just ignore her and go to Lchat.

No. 1218075

Some women have jobs and hobbies anon, what kind of moid mentality is that kek

No. 1218076

Jobs and hobbies… yet they still suck dick and hate lesbians lmao. Y'all aren't different

No. 1218077

You're disappointing me.

No. 1218079


No. 1218080

But I'm a jobless neet and love lesbians

No. 1218081

His Amazon store unironically makes me kek to the moon. Please tell me you’ve seen it anon?

No. 1218082

I didn't deny most women here are neets, that anon said most women have jobs and hobbies

No. 1218083

I'm starting to think you just want to be the center of attention of every single woman you encounter including the ones on lolcow

No. 1218084

>women are breeders
Youre the same trannsvestigation faggot who kept calling women breeders and saying trannies can pass perfectly, right? You were active in tinfoil thread while you were baiting here.


No. 1218085

This woman is very beautiful

No. 1218087

Lesbians are predatory and evil and just like moids didn't ya know

No. 1218088

ugh, that dude. he's always like ''misoginy, guys, haha, amirite?"

No. 1218089

I feel like more people should have been forced to listen to this song.

No. 1218090

This is so dumb it's not even a real conversation, why are anons even doing anything beyond shitposting?? I'm losing confidence in this place, and I'm here like 25/8.

No. 1218091

I took a 2 hour nap and this shit is still going

No. 1218092

Holy shit you're right anon. That schitzo definitely has some y chromosomes


I liked Kurtis at first but watching a bit of one podcast edisode made me feel uneasy about him. Without all the le funny editing he just seems aggressive and dangerous

No. 1218093

When you're an A+ cocksucking whore who deserves everything she gets, as said by some poster, you start multitasking. I even make time for a cocksucking session at work. It's pretty awesome, being able to maintain my lifestyle while also being able to sustain myself with cum, which I CANNOT live without, as you know. Oh, of course, while also being passive aggressive to my lesbian coworker just trying to do her job.

No. 1218094

No one said that

No. 1218095

It is the dumbass shit thread

No. 1218096

ayrt, YES!!! HE'S SO UGLY!!! UGH. He also has a fucked up receding hairline which is why he always has an ugly ass fringe KEK

No. 1218097

No. 1218098

Anons here engaging with a man and calling him lesbian even though it probably makes him happy are retarded. Fucking report and ignore. The same man uses the word breeders and posts about trannies in tinfoil thread, hes a regular.

No. 1218100

>not bothering to read past the first sentence.
Keep on awarding moids with sex while you lose basic human freedom, more attacks on women are happening and laws are being overturned.
your right im done replying.

No. 1218101

His random going off on JKR and supporting trannies sent up my creep flag real fast.

No. 1218103

File: 1654795384354.jpg (46.17 KB, 677x677, 1643915904431.jpg)

No. 1218104

this is an anonymous imageboard, if some guy comes here and says women are breeders and cocksuckers etc I'm going to assume that's a male. Lesbianity has nothing to do with it

No. 1218105

I want to hear about how a nonnie accidentally put salt in her coffee instead of sugar, not this shit.

No. 1218106

The impenetrable autism makes them not understand it, anon.

No. 1218107

are you new to imageboards, not everyone is the same person.
There are multiple anons who have agreed with me.

No. 1218108

It's the usual "you're all whores" moid.

No. 1218109

I don't even have sex, idk why you go on and on about this and infighting, do you have no self awareness?

No. 1218111

I wonder if making JKR le tranphobé jokes are mandatory in every video foe left-wing(ish) youtubers now, you see then SO MUCH

No. 1218112

I have an IUD so I rarely bleed during my periods but of course I start bleeding today! The day I'm wearing a cream colored dress! Blessed be the gods that my period is light and I wear pantiliners everyday but I don't have a pad on me because I gave it to someone else a while ago and just never thought to put another one in my bag UGH. Yeah I can buy one from the office bathroom for 25c but I'm 1) cheap, 2) hate having to spend money on pads when I have so fucking many at home from when I bought a whole bunch back when I used to bleed regularly!!!! Which just fuels my cheapness even more!!!

No. 1218113

>im done replying
After causing a shitfest? lmaoooooo bitch you're not the bigger person here
>There are multiple anons who have agreed with me.
and some of those are probably males. Women with brains and common sense don't call each other breeders and cocksuckers. Also weren't you "not going to reply anymore"? lmao

No. 1218114

It's to stop the tranny militia from cancelling them I bet kek

No. 1218115

you have autism, go it

No. 1218117

File: 1654795689474.png (316.26 KB, 468x468, 6A36ECAA-6F09-44F8-9CAB-0AAF4D…)

And I block and remove every creator that comes up that does. It’s so stupid. Moids professing their hatred of women and stupidity in the middle of an unrelated subject while thinking they are important or funny. Truly the defective short Y in action

No. 1218120

>And I block and remove every creator that comes up that does. It’s so stupid.

No. 1218121

I feel your pain but you picked a bad time for choosing to say you have an IUD nonna lmao

No. 1218123

Imagine blaming women for what men do, rule #1 of mysoginy
Imagine hating women more than men lmao

No. 1218124

How the fuck are celebrity men not real life men? They're literally real and half of them look like ordinary guys so finding someone who looks similar to one wouldn't be that unattainable

No. 1218125

i agree that breeders and cocksuckers are a nasty thing to call someone but that anon is a lesbian or a polilez.

I lurk on rudefem, bpf and separatist communities and they do talk about straight women like this , they make some good points and i love their extreme man-hate but they do shit on straight women alot and some of them say extremist shit like >the patriarchy will continue to exist as long as there is straight and bisexual women.
Women like this do exist and their views are weird but they are not men because i lurk their communities.

No. 1218126

Oh god is it infighting?? I was vaguely aware of a bunch of infighting happening on some threads I opened but I've just chosen to ignore it all kek

No. 1218127

Imagine getting a pole painfully shoved up your cervix to failingly plug it up just so a mediocre man can shove his mediocre penis inside of you and ejaculate inside. This is why I'll always be celibate

No. 1218128

Good for u

No. 1218130

It's defonitely a moid.

No. 1218131

Are ya pregnant son?

No. 1218133

mpreg lover?

No. 1218135

Kek as you can see below you

No. 1218136

Sup nonas
Just waiting for my vibe to recharge

No. 1218137

File: 1654796096541.jpeg (57.06 KB, 1242x846, 5A081793-1958-4FE3-9E2F-CA08D2…)

No. 1218138

File: 1654796098743.jpg (78.3 KB, 800x546, tea-grandma-smiling-granddaugh…)

That's lovely

No. 1218139

Vampire or fairy, anon?

No. 1218140

I will never get how someone just hates women at the same level as men, it's ridiculous to me

No. 1218141

These girls are not gonna make a single difference, they can say whatever but it's just that, internet shitflinging that means nothing. Fortunately or unfortunately. Good on them for having some place to let it out at least.

No. 1218142

No. 1218143

Don't worry I'm gonna find a man one day who's as hot as Christian Bale and other celebrities and then get bred, I'll just be celibate until then.

No. 1218144

The whole situation reminds me of the blowout that happened a few months ago on radfem twitter, when a bunch of people there kept calling women something like "cockwarmers".

No. 1218145

That doesn't make it any more funny, and I already knew the meme.

No. 1218146

Idk what that means. It's an outie vibrator if that's what you're asking?

No. 1218147

So youre either lying, autistic or yaoibrained then, cause there's no other reason you'd bring up mpreg

No. 1218148

fucking KEK

No. 1218149

File: 1654796265043.jpg (25.78 KB, 640x640, 1652815756741.jpg)

It's absolutely incredible people like this call themselves feminists

I made a thread about this exact thing on 2X and got called a moid for it lol

No. 1218150

samefag, sorry I just understood what you meant lmao

No. 1218151

Yeah but then why come here and disturb the peace with their shit takes. Infighitng is so fucking annoying and anyone who infights always doubles down on their retardation because they want to be so right even if everyone is done and tired with it

No. 1218152

I actually do think if you use an IUD you are a pickme. I'm not debasing myself and going through pain so my scrote can creampie me

No. 1218153

It's a joke you spegy nonnie

No. 1218156

you just want to infight to infight huh

No. 1218157

File: 1654796331535.jpg (178.07 KB, 640x896, stock-photo-coffee-tea-woman-h…)

Good luck! Nothing bad about saving yourself!

No. 1218158

Yeah everyone knows if you don't suck straight womens pussies 24/7 (eww gross pussy) you can't be feminist

No. 1218159

Creampies feel good tho

No. 1218160


No. 1218162

Yeah I agree. It gets no where.

No. 1218163

Yes this is exactly what I said nonna, excellent reading skills

No. 1218164

Anon I posted the IUD/period post above and I am a lesbian kek

No. 1218165

No one said that, I think you really need therapy

No. 1218167


No. 1218169

Sorry, *anon. I do not believe this is a woman

No. 1218170

give it up autismochan

No. 1218171

Why the fuck would you get an IUD if you're a lesbian

No. 1218172

This, IUDs can have multiple functions. Also nothing wrong with contraception to protect your own womb
Google it dumbass

No. 1218173

This is why anons should stop jumping to conclusions

No. 1218174

Come on, there's nothing wrong with having high standards

No. 1218176

Moids gtfo

No. 1218178

I am sorry but us cocksucking whores can't live without cum, we need it. You keep on living the good life, in any case.

No. 1218179

Why are you still doing this unfunny shit

No. 1218181

>nooooooooo the evil straights dont give me attention
>noooooooo im gonna call them ugly mysoginystic names
See it's not the fact you are a lesbian that makes you look like a scrotette, but the words you use against other women and how much you hate them. Only males hate and degrade women this much. Women don't like being called degrading shit, simple as

No. 1218183

Don't forget that women are kind, submissive and meek. Women who have opinions are masculine and moid like. Also being attracted to women is moid behavior

No. 1218184

I got an IUD for free after being raped. Consolation prize I guess. Thanks govurnment

No. 1218185

File: 1654796698395.jpeg (110.18 KB, 1500x1089, 496D8B77-6363-4199-8C41-CF6FA1…)

Assuming everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a cock hungry straightie is retarded. I’m febfem and have NEVER had sex with a man. Do I get a bit sad when I find out a radfem or whoever has a boyfriend? Sure, but the drive for companionship, love and sex is strong and it’s fucked up that you think all straight women should be denied a chance at that. Go away now.

No. 1218186

I know this is bait but if there are really anons out there who are unaware - my hormonal IUD lightened and shortened my periods, alleviated my cramps, and evened out my worst PMS symptoms. It's 5 minutes of insertion pain for ~7 years of easy periods! For people who do indulge in scrotes, yes it is also effective contraception.

No. 1218187

File: 1654796732051.jpg (25.5 KB, 564x564, dry ass stale looking chocolat…)

I'm gonna make a chocolate cake today, but I'm mostly excited because I'm gonna try to make whipped frosting and make a cute piping design with it. I've never made whipped frosting before though and I barely have any piping experience. If it fails, I will just smooth it all out. It's gonna have dark chocolate in and on top of it, so I know it's going to be delicious.

No. 1218189

He's schizophrenic

No. 1218190

No one was saying that retard. Having weird porn tier fantasies about womens gaping assholes is, and talking about them the way you do.

No. 1218191

I hope your cake turns out delicious and you have a fun time making it nona

No. 1218192

File: 1654796799124.gif (535.77 KB, 498x498, BC8F5D2D-13AA-44DA-BD3A-788129…)

>So I get a little bit sad? Yeah… so what?
>I'm NOT MAD that straight women contribute to the patriarchy!!

No. 1218194

Scrote gtfo

No. 1218195

That is clearly a straight woman being sarcastic you autist

No. 1218196

Nah its a moid, no straight woman would call herself a "cocksucker" even in jest

No. 1218197

Work is slow… and I also don't have any di- sorry, I'll stop.

No. 1218198

File: 1654796994297.png (129.35 KB, 344x342, 1654185570813.png)

She was joking good lord women are not a hivemind

No. 1218199

>every interaction a woman has with a man where she isn’t killing him is strengthening the patriarchy
u a stupid

No. 1218200

>Also being attracted to women is moid behavior
Didn't say that in my post
>Women who have opinions are masculine and moid like.
Didn't say that either
>Don't forget that women are kind, submissive and meek.
Also didn't say that

You have 0 reading comprehension, are putting words in my mouth just because you want to infight and be right about calling women ridiculous names. I love strong women, and calling another woman "cocksucker" makes you look insecure, weak, and pathetic. Nothing to be proud of.

No. 1218205

Do you understand sarcasm you fucking autist. God you sound like a redditor screaming about "reading comprehension"

No. 1218206

I agree with you

No. 1218208

Kill moids

No. 1218210

Nothing in your writing said "sarcasm". Get better at writing shitty posts pls.

No. 1218211

>blowout on radfem twitter, when a bunch of people there kept calling women something like "cockwarmers".

I would always be afraid to call out those women because if you say something about how the way they refer to straight/ bi women is dehumanizing and sexist then your notification get filled with them and their friends saying that you hate lesbians. It was such a shitty echo-chamber and there was a point where i became a polilez just so i could fit in with them.

No. 1218212

Tinfoiling but straight women also definitely control the Big Pharma. I'd wager a guess that they were behind the coronavirus hoax too. Fucking whores!

No. 1218213

Not that anon but it was definitely sarcasm

No. 1218214

Sorry I should've put an /s for your retarded ass

No. 1218216

Samefag but if you bitches are still fighting by time I'm done with my cake, I'm gonna do something really really bad
Thank you nonna

No. 1218217

>if you say something about how the way they refer to straight/ bi women is dehumanizing and sexist then your notification get filled with them and their friends saying that you hate lesbians.
Exactly what happened here too

No. 1218218

File: 1654797196587.jpg (158.76 KB, 690x690, yo.jpg)


No. 1218219

>>1217945 I’m the og anon that (genuinely unintentionally) started this big fight, and I’m straight lol. They claimed I’m a lesbian for being “too hateful” about other straight women (it’s their lesbophobia speaking) and I didn’t even bother to correct them. The lifeblood of males is access to women and you will never become the “based gigastacy” you think you are unless you stop feeding the beast. It’s normal that they get extremely defensive and upset over the fact because they know what they’re doing is practically self-harm and seeing another woman just like them grow up and learn to love herself makes them seethe about their own lost potential. I’m like that about non-drinkers so I get it.
Anyway, can’t believe you people kept fighting over this for hours. Move on.

No. 1218220

That's not even needed, you just don't know how to write shit.

No. 1218221

Ikr, lesbians are so mean and lesbianism is a cult, I love that we are uninhibited to be our true straight selves here

No. 1218222

I think I'm gonna start dating. I want to ghost moids after they buy me lunch.

No. 1218223

I love lesbians, febfems, celibates, political lesbians and everyone who doesn't fuck men.

No. 1218226

I love everyone except men

No. 1218227

you keep trying at this kek, where did she say that

No. 1218228

So, straight men too? Kek

No. 1218230

Too bad straight women don't feel the same way

No. 1218231

File: 1654797371172.jpg (27.28 KB, 567x455, flat,800x800,075,f.u3.jpg)


No. 1218232

You know I meant women kek, ik you're autistic but not that autistic

No. 1218233

Then say women retard.

No. 1218234

Yeah, that's pretty much what happened there iirc. Some radfems said it was really misogynistic, the other radfems said they were lesbophobic. Even though I was just a lurker, I got so sick of the fights and nasty shit being said about women. I only go there to check on certain accounts now. It did make me realize that the infighting here isn't just because this is lolcow, but at least I expect mean stuff here.

No. 1218235

what is she supposed to do about that?

No. 1218238

>I'm gonna do something really really bad
like what

No. 1218239

I assume "everyone" on this site is a woman dickbreath. Moids gtfo.

No. 1218240

Men might be horrid creatures but some of them do have really nice cocks.

No. 1218243

Not fuck men? It's kinda easy.

No. 1218245

You don't love women, you just like to feel superior to those damn whore bitches that made fun of you in high school. I know many women like you. It's alright, I love you just the same.

No. 1218246

Cocks good enough to suck!

No. 1218248

File: 1654797596426.jpg (38.3 KB, 697x393, Columbiamudvolcano2.jpg)

She's just getting a spa treatment. Mudbaths are really good for your skin, don't you know?

No. 1218249

You don't love women, you love men. Major L

No. 1218252

Yes, real wonder why women would get defensive over getting called whores with blown out asses

No. 1218253

File: 1654797647855.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.06 KB, 933x948, 35A6F8D5-941B-4F5B-B581-7B9761…)

Mmmmm(spoiler dicks, lunatic)

No. 1218254

There are some nice dicks but very few, sadly and they almost always belong to weirdos and very annoying men. In my experience.

No. 1218256

kek right its so transparent

No. 1218257

I love women, which is why seeing other women call them bitches and whores and cocksuckers makes me upset. You realize you will never, ever eradicate straight women? OR men? Ever. It'll never happen. I'm sorry radfem nona. I wish men could all go die too but I'm not delusional.

No. 1218258

Maybe if they didn't fuck men they wouldn't get called that lmao. Obviously if they're so defensive they know it's partly true and they feel guilty about it. No woman wants to be known as a whore, but women who have the choice to be celibate and don't take it are vile. Stop giving up pussy to men.

No. 1218259

I love you nonna, even if you are mean and misguided in your anger

No. 1218263

>or men
>I wish men could all go die too
No you don't. Stop with the performative activism/straight guilt. You're a basic het bitch who secretly loves men and is ashamed about it. If you're a straight woman and fuck men, you love men and don't give a fuck about women. Period lmao

No. 1218265

>Stop being meeeannn to me!
I hate straight bitches. This is why y'all are hated by lesbians. You're so used to being the victim in your life and prying sympathy for men who love your victim complex bc it fuels their rape fantasies it literally shocks you when lesbians don't treat you the same

No. 1218266

It's always this with some of you, 'awarding men with wex', 'giving your pussy', it makes the woman a commodity, a passive body, a receptacle, not an active participant. I don't know how to word it properly, sorry about that. It reminds me of my muslim mom.

No. 1218270

wow im so scared lesbians hate me what will i do im shaking in my boots

No. 1218271

Yeah alright, go have fun hookup empowering polycule sex then, see who's crying at the end of it

No. 1218273

I'm bisexual. You're incredibly delusional to have this black and white thinking. It's like you think straight women are all retarded babies who must need a man to guide them and if they say that they don't you go ape shit. How dare women do this or that or this or that!!! Go to /2X/ and complain there. Lolcow is always going to have basic het "bitches" (nice gendered slur there nonnie) and there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 1218275

Sounds like moid logic,if you truly want to fuck then you aren't giving something up.

No. 1218276

I dont believe you, post feeties

No. 1218279

File: 1654798064913.png (37.32 KB, 1246x500, 314234.png)

you can't tell me this isn't the same anon speging for hours even though they said they wouldn't reply anymore lmao. Stop baiting please

No. 1218280

Straight women rely on lesbians for everything. When all you've got is your men and they beat the shit out of you you come running like we're a bad rebound. You deserve moids lmao

No. 1218281

No. 1218283

You've been going at it for hours give it a rest, do you even have a life or are you one of those terminally online polilez neets because that makes alot of sense.

No. 1218284

Take your fucking meds schizochan this is embarrassing.

No. 1218286

this is the only acceptable way someone can say "go to 2X"

No. 1218288

You know this isn't true anon. Pls let it go.

No. 1218289

I don't know that many lesbians IRL to begin with

No. 1218291

File: 1654798219122.jpg (40.08 KB, 400x400, calm.jpg)

What makes someone special?
I suppose it all depends
It's what's unique in each of us
That we all share as friends

The difference is our differences
Maybe smaller great
Variety add spice to life
So we should celebrate

In harmony
You're you, I'm me
Together we
Can live in harmony
If there was only one note
How boring life would be
I'm glad there are so many notes
In many different keys

I hear each voice singing
With a special quality
And when we sing together we
Bring music to the sea

In harmony
You're you, I'm me
Together we
Can live in harmony

In harmony
You're you, I'm me
Together we
Can live in harmony

No. 1218292

Ah yes "bisexual" meaning 3somes with your boyfriend and you kissed a girl once. Again, stop with the straight guilt, even you labeling yourself bisexual after that entire conversation when it's obvious you're caping for moids to compensate for your attraction to them is embarassing.

No. 1218293

No one here wants that lmao Idk what world you live in

No. 1218295

File: 1654798289738.jpeg (104.72 KB, 750x480, E1FD4B0F-8C71-43FB-99AF-28508C…)

If a man is attractive and has a beautiful penis then I want to suck it. It’s as simple as that. I won’t have anything to do with a man who’s penis I do not want to suck. I don’t care how rich he is, or how kind and considerate, if he does not have a phallus worthy of fellating then I will not even breathe in his direction. Beautiful thick penises are splendid creations gifted to womankind by the goddesses for our pleasure and there is absolutely no shame in enjoying every inch of them in whatever manner we see fit.

No. 1218296

And this is why other lesbians hate you lmao

No. 1218299

i was temporarily banned from posting because some scrote on the genshin thread was using the same ip i was using. it's funny how i was thinking this scrote was being dumb again and our fates collided in such way kek

No. 1218300

This, loving sex can happen between a man and a woman too.

No. 1218301

You have to be a troll. Why do you keep conjuring up imaginary scenarios in your head and projecting them onto anonymous women you don't know? This is not healthy behavior. I get that being a lesbian sucks but this is honestly unhinged and embarrassing. Take a walk or something. Drink some water. Eat a salad.

No. 1218302

This person hates women so much I'm even questioning her attraction to women at all

No. 1218303

This site is such a huge cope hub it's sad

No. 1218304

That's not what I said at all.

No. 1218305

Word salad

No. 1218307

Lets not go that far

No. 1218308

啊,是的“双性恋”,意思是和你的男朋友 3somes,你吻了一个女孩一次。再一次,停止直接的内疚,即使你在整个谈话之后给自己贴上双性恋的标签,当很明显你正在为你对他们的吸引力做准备时,这很尴尬。

No. 1218309

Aren’t most lesbians into hardcore bdsm anyway?

No. 1218313

too funny

No. 1218314

No. 1218315

Seeing this whole thread gang up on lesbians is giving me little hope for humanity

No. 1218316

>gang up on lesbians
you got it backwards

No. 1218317

keep trying.

No. 1218318

yeah because we're the ones calling lesbians "cocksuckers" of course

No. 1218323

When Kaitlin Tiffany came here, we should've all just said "No, this is a website for lesbians"

No. 1218324

What..? There is unhinged anons calling women cocksuckers, breeders, where's etc etc just because we are telling them to stop doesnt mean we are ganging up on lesbians.

No. 1218326

Nona I'm a lesbian too but it's very clearly the other way around. Some lesbians deserve to be ganged up on if they're this misogynistic.

No. 1218327

I mean rich people used to shoot morphine anon. They don’t have great sense.

No. 1218331

what the hell is going on itt, it is exhausting to read kek

No. 1218333

my spellchecker says both u and o spellings are correct tho

No. 1218334

File: 1654798809581.jpeg (27.14 KB, 300x300, 51D6E7C7-9399-4CB1-99EF-41613C…)

Everyone infighting looks like this. Convince me otherwise kek.

No. 1218335

Lesbians just need a good dicking to straighten them out(males need a good castration)

No. 1218338

Lesbians deserve to be ganged up on tbh. Cock sucker gang forever (even tho that's a slur against straight women)

No. 1218342

This whole spergfest here is reminding when I used to be a part of rudefem separatist communities where atleast half of their discussion were things like
>women are encoded to be dominated by men.
>bi and straight women need to be eradicated too for oppression to stop.
>Straight and bi women are cocksuckers.

Yeahhh it was a interesting time.

No. 1218345

Is there such a term as a "social alcoholic""? If not, I'm coining it now. I know social drinking is a thing, but for me it's more like going from 0 to 100 really fast in company. I don't even drink alone, but if I'm with a group I down my first two drinks way too fast to loosen up and then I don't want to stop until I black out.

No. 1218347

>Straight and bi women are cocksuckers.
But they literally are?

No. 1218348

lmao me on the left

No. 1218352

Same, anon. If I'm with friends and we're all drinking, I just keep on. Maybe I delude myself into thinking the more I drink, the more fun I'll have

No. 1218353

ntayrt but they act like it’s literally all we think about and all we do.

No. 1218354

No thats a gross dehumanizing descriptor

No. 1218357

>women are encoded to be dominated by men
Tbh I think this comes from the argument that someone is "born" straight or gay, and ofc most women identify as straight, so lesbians are seen as a mannish mutant of womanhood and straight women as born natural

No. 1218358

dont be dumb

No. 1218359

When I was on tumblr I ended up in radfem groups on discord, they sucked but I stayed for the drama. I had one lesbian supremacist one and one straight supremacist one that I'd go back and forth trying to start arguments in, kek.

There's different variations of the term, but yes. I work with AA and now lockdowns are over more and more people are coming forward who can go without booze at home but go hard on it when out with friends. I think lockdown has played a part in the rise of it, but it's been a thing for years AFAIK.

No. 1218360

File: 1654799305014.jpg (18.27 KB, 480x360, justlikeyou.jpg)

Clitsuckers and Cocksuckers
Smegmaslurpers and Semensippers
Pussypuckerers and Penispuffers

No. 1218361

File: 1654799312327.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, 9682A62A-BF38-4307-AE21-2FAF31…)


No. 1218362

File: 1654799332610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.07 KB, 1200x1200, lemon-pepper-wings-12.jpg)


What's your favorite wing flavor? I'm a vegetarian, so this question is open to plant based anons as well. Tell me what you like on your cauliflower and tofu wings
I personally think blue cheese dressing and buffalo wings are a little overrated but that's just me

No. 1218363

>straight supremacist
I've never heard of a group being both at the same time. Is that even possible?

No. 1218364

I'm more of a pegging cock n ball torture gal myself

No. 1218365

Haven't smoked in like 4 months. But I'm gonna go for a smoke rn. Wish me luck nonas. Hope I won't get instantly addicted kek.

No. 1218366

lemon pepper

No. 1218367

Penis envy gang

No. 1218369

File: 1654799422361.jpeg (68.14 KB, 720x720, 145692E8-6788-4D79-8889-B6274C…)

No. 1218372

You won't believe me but I have sampled many, many chicken wings and the Walmart hot deli case has the best chicken wings, ranch dry rub flavor, they are juicy and succulent.

No. 1218374

No. 1218376

I mean they didn't actually call themselves straight supremacists but they did believe being straight was the natural way for women to be and that lesbianism stems from trauma and/or rebelling. They don't usually advertise their views though and they even allow lesbians in their servers because they think adding "not homophobic though!" at the end of their spergouts makes it ok. Radfem groups are fucking crazy which is why I now stay the hell away from them and don't label myself as such. Half of them are libfems who just hate troons and the other half is fucking bonkers.

No. 1218380


No. 1218381

Sounds like this site tbh

No. 1218382

File: 1654799649327.jpeg (72.45 KB, 480x549, D1BB60F5-1404-4702-A980-687E7D…)

What’s your opinion on feral water Noni?

No. 1218384

You're not wrong, kek.

No. 1218385

File: 1654799733822.gif (3.88 MB, 444x250, 321.gif)

Take your medication, nonna
Take a short vacation, nonna, you'll be okaaaaaaaayyyy
You need to know your station, nonna
Some alterations on your clothes and your braaaaaain
Take a little break, little break from your shitposting
There's so much you can take, you can take
I know how bad you need a lolcor holiday
lolcor holiday, a lolcor holidaaaaaaAaaaaay

No. 1218388

I have never been a Lana fan as I don’t really keep up with modern music, but I like fat Lana. Also celebricows is cancer, make fun of Lana for being fat, make fun of Ariana for being anachan, wow she looks so old, she should get this fixed, oh wow she got plastic surgery? Lol plastic monster, fridge bod, fatty, the nitpicking in those threads is insufferable but sometimes there are funny little moments in between.

No. 1218394

File: 1654799956265.gif (793.36 KB, 500x375, 78ryfguguguikh.gif)

I feel like more and more TIFs are using this website

No. 1218395

>make fun of Lana for being fat,
But stan based incel Queen Doja uwu

No. 1218397

File: 1654800017729.jpeg (47.36 KB, 735x590, 9BD8BBBE-11B0-42C9-B022-9A3F9F…)

Maybe I can reality check them back into the real world if that’s true

No. 1218399

NTA but I like fat Lana too. Never listened to her music but that pic of her happily eating spaghetti is a mood and it makes me smile.

They've always been here. Check the very first fakeboi thread. It was tru trans mocking "fake" ones, thus the name. They're mostly stealth but will make themselves known every now and then. Odd little creatures but I wish them a very happy detrans or 41%.

No. 1218400

File: 1654800061467.webm (1.26 MB, 576x1024, 3c79fd240c69c334db3acb098269d6…)



No. 1218405

How you still going at this especially after your autistic sperging about the bad cocksucker straights.

No. 1218408

can't go near a kpop moid with a lighter or a cig, the plastic will melt and the dick small

No. 1218411

Why do you think she said cockwarmer for all of them, their penises are so small she can fit the whole team inside

No. 1218413

Because people keep giving the thing attention. Stop and it will crawl back to it’s pathetic little hole.

No. 1218415

File: 1654800492916.jpg (66.3 KB, 490x350, 4E310BB5-E4D8-49AB-8D39-DCDC92…)

EVERYONE CALM DOWN AND TAKE A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1218417

I'm not smoking that grinch baby shit

No. 1218418

File: 1654800559455.webm (3.78 MB, 576x1024, 9e63ced1dc34cd30fd1821de2f6c98…)

My favorite hobby are being a coockwarmer and breeding, I also like throwing women under the bus. /s

I eat hot chip, lie and be bisexual and like autistic edits.

Dick size really isn't all that and how do you know, it seems like you are slowly revealing yourself to be a moid, im waiting for your incoming racebait.

No. 1218419

File: 1654800560047.jpeg (60.1 KB, 692x565, 8EF41F89-3579-48A6-9291-BE62BE…)

Keep calm and don’t choke a robot

No. 1218420

this man needs some fucking colour in his face he looks like a corpse

No. 1218423

I actually think it's a male now why else would a lesbian care about moid dick sizes, and their imagination about what kind of sex straight women and bisexual women have is something that only a male that watches too much porn would say, so I think its confirmed that some of these "lesbian" anons are men and should go and join their fellow incela in hell.

No. 1218426

ok fair

No. 1218428


No. 1218430

s/ because a anon was previously joking about something and they later had to say it was sarcasm. Keep up before you try "go back" me sis.

No. 1218432

Return to thy own domain

No. 1218435

I'm cackling anon

No. 1218436

Turn around
There is nothing for you here

No. 1218438

Back go

No. 1218442

Funny thing is most kpopfags have been here since 2017 so they are more old-fags than the newfags telling them to go back.

Not a kpopfag but I find them more tolerable and better than the other spergs.

No. 1218443

God just two more weeks and a half at work until we reach that one deadline that will free us from our retarded clients, I'm so sick of them. I don't know how to celebrate this once we reach July, you have any idea?

No. 1218444

File: 1654801124859.jpeg (91.02 KB, 750x467, 715B5486-1F00-4BB2-809D-F24853…)

please stop

No. 1218445


No. 1218458

That is oldfag if you compare it to alot of the users here who have joined recently. We already had enough oldfag anons leave after the m and ot shutdown fiasco so I don't know why some anons (who are probably newfags) keep on telling them to leave while at the same time racebaiting.

The non-gossip boards ever since the start of 2022 have been a mess filled with more moid raids than ever, trolls, newfags who can't integrate, derailing, infighting etc etc. Yet certain anons can't help but be hot and bothered at the slight mention of a kpopfag who are the least spergy for now.

No. 1218460

The moidschizos in every thread are even more annoying than the people they're calling moids

No. 1218461

File: 1654801747536.jpg (575.95 KB, 4128x2322, Yangnyeom-chikin_bhcChicken_1.…)

Unrelated to the kpop above me but I like yangnyeom wings!

Maangchi has a recipe here for yangnyeom wings and I'm sure you can just make the sauce to put on cauliflower bites and they'd be just as delicious.


No. 1218463

THAT LOOSK SOS FUCKING DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

No. 1218464

I'm an oldfag and I hate the scrotes, trolls, infighters and kpopfags. They're the same cancer.

No. 1218465

File: 1654801809758.jpeg (25.41 KB, 275x275, BF5DEF8F-6961-4B3D-847F-0B8E16…)

damn this is still going on?

No. 1218466

I've never had wings like these, not actually that many wings in general but they just look soggy and wet?

No. 1218468

Nah but you know damn well the kpopfags are no where near comparable.
Kpopfags are more comparable to the anons who post at the celebricow thread.
Considering the kpc thread here was the kpop version of celebricows.

Either way you might want to focus on the anons bragging about sharing this site to their scrotes.

No. 1218469

If you live near a korean fried chicken place then I highly recommend!!! The sauce is lightly sweet and spicy, but also a bit thick and sticky. The wings themselves usually still have a good hearty crunchy to them, even when I order it for take out! Somehow I don't think I've ever ordered any kind of korean fried chicken and ever had it not be crunch heaven.

No. 1218471

What about listening to Kpop means they're not doing the last thing you mentioned? Kek

No. 1218472

just don't call women cocksuckers or whores then

No. 1218474

Maybe it's just lesbians doing that

No. 1218483

There's an EXTREMELY lesbophobic anon going around. So don't believe the psyop.

No. 1218484

File: 1654802476316.jpg (13.31 KB, 236x314, die.jpg)

No. 1218485

There's a ton actually if this thread is anything to be gleaned from

No. 1218487

Bird looking ass

No. 1218488

what about ezrafags?

No. 1218492

They're annoying and gross, especially with how they've tried to defend him ever since the grooming allegations came out

No. 1218500

>lesbophobic anon
It’s a male. Just say that.
Or, alternately, you really want attention and are doing it yourself to make it seem like there’s some evil anti-lesbian entity that just randomly decided to pop up today.

No. 1218502

But he's the only human being on earth with an angular face, nonnie what the fuck

No. 1218508

Only men hate lesbians of course, not ever straight women no nope

No. 1218510

You're them, aren't you?

No. 1218516

File: 1654803612389.jpg (496.96 KB, 1280x1280, tinfoilhatday-3.jpg)

Tinfoil but I think the sperg earlier was a tranny trying to make women hate lesbians. He hates because they don't accept his dainty gorlcock

No. 1218518

My personal tinfoil is that its a tif

No. 1218520

I think every poster in this thread is the same person talking to themselves

No. 1218528

Oh no, the jig is up!

No. 1218536

i'm the tinfoil hat, sitting on top of one of you right now

No. 1218543

File: 1654804669268.png (307 KB, 364x439, tuykdftyuk.PNG)

No. 1218544

It was so OTT and bizarre that it actually reminded me more of when someone sends themselves hate for sympathy. Interesting.

No. 1218546

There has never been concentrated, specific, oddly aggressive behavior towards lesbians to that degree on lolcow until conveniently right now, conveniently right after lesbian anons were discussing lesbohobia on lolcow. Normally I would think it was a moid but the timing and outright ridiculousness of it all made it seem so deliberate. Maybe some anons need to pick up more hours at their job.

No. 1218553

takes a tinfoiley shit on your head

No. 1218554

There were like 2 actually lesbophobic comments, the majority of that shit storm was shitting on straight women who don’t choose celibacy, don’t know what the fuck you’re on about.

No. 1218557

The anon who was calling women dicksuckers definitely was not a lesbian though, giving me tif vibes though. Maybe a self-hating aiden who is attracted to men but because she's a "boi" she takes it out on le boring straights, but that's far-fetched maybe it was just a run-of-the-mill retard

No. 1218559

I can understand your compulsion to call this the working of a moid, but sometimes it's just women being shitty to each other. This conversation has happened a million times over between lesbian feminists and straight feminists and it'll happen again. Lesbians get accused of being political lesbians and straight feminists get called cocksuckers. Ad infinitum.

No. 1218561

There's an anon in another thread screeching "repent" at lesbians

No. 1218562

Nah it reads like someone sending themselves hatemail on curiouscat

No. 1218569

Some weird tradanons are starting shit in multiple threads. The "it's just one anon talking to themselves and they must be a lesbian" bullshit doesn't hold up. This has been happening ever since a certain thread was made and attracted trad anons.

No. 1218574

File: 1654805848732.jpeg (177.57 KB, 900x1200, 372F1466-7520-4BBD-8E9A-FA88A4…)

Everyone needs to stop engaging them and come chill with Cat Nun.

No. 1218576

This is the most beautiful and fearsome nun I've ever seen.

No. 1218581

Oh nonny, are you calling everyone not 100% supporting AH a tradthot again?

No. 1218583

i would go to sunday school for cat nun

No. 1218586

Might be slightly unrelated to your post but I've noticed there's been an uptick of "muh jews" posting too.

No. 1218588

I love her aura, I would do anything and follow her anywhere

No. 1218589

File: 1654806243746.jpg (29.54 KB, 500x750, 86ba7ea0443ce43c4405da671a9e51…)

I'm a latam thirdie and I wonder how is the US considered a developed country? I guess because it controls and produces a lot of media and has a strong currency, but I don't think I'd be safer living there than in my current country. No free health care, not even a shitty one; violent police; mass shootings everyday (any moid can have a gun, wtf); most cities being completely car-centric and you can't be able to not drive or else you won't be able to do mundane tasks; Bizarre racists and white supremacists; insane wealth in the hands of few, which would be the same everywhere, but I feel like they are more dangerous and dystopic than in my country since they control the world media. I think the only positive that the US has to my own country is that they have legal abortions in some places. Not saying that the US is worse than middle eastern or ultra-islamic third world countries though, before someone comes at me. Women definitely have it better in the US than like Palestine or Afghanistan, but I think I'd rather keep living in the LATAM than going to the US - Maybe Argentina (before the crisis, at least), Chile, Uruguay or even Cuba. And given a real choice, I'd go to some western euro country.

No. 1218592

>muh jews
Okay there have to be stealth mode scrotes here then, those fuckers always race sperg

No. 1218593

Nah it's 100% related

No. 1218596

Yeah it's usually moids except all the times you post black/asian guys and get shot down or screamed at by anons who only want aryan moids in the attractions threads

No. 1218598

One of them was in celebricows and another in the movie thread on /m/

No. 1218599

First world and third world countries are divided by the WW. Anyone that stayed out of them was labeled a third world if I remember correctly. I looked into over Ireland. Kek

No. 1218600

NTA, but casual racism and hyperfocus on European beauty standards isn't the same as blatant antisemitism, lesbophobia and full on racism.
Also in the pride thread and they're trying to do the same they did in this thread, saying it's all done by lesbians.

No. 1218603

Ah yeah that too, I didn’t write that scrotes seem to really hate Jewish people though.

No. 1218604

File: 1654806704580.jpeg (288.34 KB, 1242x1520, 441B3517-8D61-42EB-8F68-903281…)

They can keep trying but remember pic rel farmers.

No. 1218605

I've recently started eating dark chocolate, and it's so good. Yes it's strong, but I just eat little pieces of it with some sweetened almond milk

No. 1218608

The /pol/ psyop is not done by women, YWNBAW

No. 1218610

Samefag, but it's funny that I've started enjoying dark chocolate, because I hate that Hershey's is so bitter (no it doesn't taste like vomit, weirdos. It's just bitter)

No. 1218612

I mean I don't agree. This is just as mindless as the trannies saying "even rapists don't deserve to be misgendered because if one person deserves to be misgendered we all do." It's cult mentality.

No. 1218614

Nta, but why do you think the women on this site can't be bigots? Of course there are men posting that shit too, but I don't believe it's only them.

No. 1218618

You miss the point, but I will still never leave you in a dark parking lot if we were coworkers Noni. It doesn’t mean you have to be friends with women you don’t like.

No. 1218626

ntayrt, assuming the crazy nonnies itt were actually women, just because they’re crazy doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have rights? “You don’t agree with all other women so now you can’t vote or drive” wtf, I don’t think it’s comparable to trans shit

No. 1218627

Because women don't do things like evil racism anon, women are soft uwu babies incapable of hurting anyone

No. 1218629

Not what I'm saying. This is an obviously coordinated effort which popped up after a certain thread got made. You want to accuse lesbians of talking to themselves? You're literally doing it yourself right now. YWNBAW

No. 1218637

I didn't say they don't deserve rights, I'm saying that the ingroup mentality is harmful. Women deserve to be protected yes. But you're telling me if a woman was a rapist or a pedo or a murderer you would be willing to help her because her rights are your rights? It creates an environment rife for abuse. It is comparable to the tranny shit because they support the same cult mentality, "it makes us look bad so let's either support them or sweep them under the rug." Which is why I, and many other anons here, left feminism, or at least radical feminism.

No. 1218639

The fact that she thinks we’re all the same person, it’s so funny when a nonnie thinks she got a checkmate but couldn’t be more wrong.

No. 1218641

Tinfoil-chans always accuse that, it makes me forget what I was talking about because it's so funny

No. 1218642

I said it's a coordinated effort, I know there are more than one of you.

No. 1218645

You couldn't be more wrong lmao

No. 1218646

So just you, schizo retard?

No. 1218648

That's interesting, anon! I will look more into it. TBH I do prefer the "developed" "developing" "underdeveloped" terms, but I use third world/etc to be more succinct, especially cause some people still use it so it's easier to explain. Still, the US shouldn't be considered developed imho, it's just the case cause they have the influence.

No. 1218650

Yep just me, you got it

No. 1218651

What thread are you talking about? I've always seen anons here with unsavory opinions and mentalities since I started browsing here.
>You want to accuse lesbians of talking to themselves? You're literally doing it yourself right now.
I'm honestly not even sure what you're trying to say here. Are you just trying to continue the lesbian infight from earlier?

No. 1218652

Probably just them. Love how they keep trying to push
>b-but women can be just as bad as men

No. 1218654

File: 1654807638958.png (144.96 KB, 836x387, World_trade_map.PNG)

NTA, you can also use world-systems theory.

No. 1218655

File: 1654807711934.jpeg (84.29 KB, 494x351, 6D2798D6-2A09-4A6F-83D4-13F2C6…)

Nta and I agree. It was very, very obvious. Like really embarrassingly so. If you’re going to bait or attempt some sort of sympathy-garnering psyop to prove that women are just as mean to you as men are, at least wait awhile after complaining about it. They must be very new to imageboards.

No. 1218656

Ayrt this post >>1218604 you disagreed with, and to me that image represents women who put down or hold women back, but apparently you took it as women who commit heinous crimes >>1218637 you brought up the extreme of women being violent sexual criminals out of no where when we’re talking about lesbophobia and pick me tradthots.

No. 1218657

AYRT, I'm still not sure what the fuck you guys are talking about. To clarify, I didn't say women are as bad as men, I just said that I believe there are some genuinely bigoted farmers and that it's not just male trolls.

No. 1218658

Here you get an example >>1218655 they did the exact same thing in the other thread. They start lesbophobic shit then when someone responds, they will spam that it are just lesbians talking to themselves and victimizing themselves. They're the same anon(s) who have been encouraging hostility and getting upset when anons are nice, always going "REEEE you're not adhering to imageboard culture!".

No. 1218659

>the most vicious woman
So I brought up the most vicious things a woman can do, literally the most vicious women, to make a point. Make sense?

No. 1218660

With how some of the craziest aidens act, it feels like an aiden who knows she isn't a real man drinking cope about how she too can be a violent rapist serial killer as transition goalz

No. 1218661

Hershey's is way too sweet if anything, never tasted a bitter kind

No. 1218664

The tradthots we have here are the exact opposite of an ideal Christian wife. None of them have jobs, none of them go out, all are mentally ill skellies and one even tried to post pictures of a gay man from reddit to larp as her fiance, kek. I hope they get better.

No. 1218665

This must be trannys or moids fault somehow guys

No. 1218666

maybe they're from /tttt/?

No. 1218668

Yeah but I wouldn't want to ever speak to her she sounds annoying as shit

No. 1218669

Holy fuck it is blatantly obvious that entire “argument” and the insistence that it was a woman instead of a moid just solidifies that it was one anon trying to prove a point about the lesbophobia on lolcow by samefagging. That’s so pathetic.

No. 1218670

File: 1654808231704.jpeg (31.75 KB, 820x559, 30696E45-4B13-4AD2-9D49-0B383F…)

But would you support her?

No. 1218671

Does it make sense to you that I was only talking about the crazies in this thread calling other women whores and shit? Was literally only talking about the shit happening in this specific thread and you brought up the anomaly of women being pedophiles. Not what I was talking about.

No. 1218672

>and the insistence that it was a woman instead of a moid just solidifies that it was one anon trying to prove a point about the lesbophobia on lolcow by samefagging.
You're the one insisting it's a woman and spreading the lesbophobia and then saying it are lesbians doing it. Fuck off with your psyop.

No. 1218673

File: 1654808307981.jpg (137.62 KB, 1080x1080, e8cbce98-040d-4e86-bbaf-96444a…)

I finished baking the chocolate cake, it was very delicious and I am happy. It's so good by itself that I might just go no frosting I also may have fucked I'm the frosting by over whipping it. It's also pretty dense which I don't like, but it was to be expected considering how much liquid is in the cake (like a cup of milk, a cup of water, half a cup of butter, etc…)

No. 1218675

>casual racism isnt as bad as full racism.
Do you even know what you wrote, the terminally online illness is vey apparent in you.

Let me guess you are one of those anons who think white polilez women living in the suburbz are the most oppressed and that evil brown/black/asian women try to steal your men?
And before anyone starts ive seen hate-posts about poc women multiple times.

No. 1218676

>lesbians are doing it to themselves

No. 1218677

Nice try, any anon with half a