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File: 1646264707040.jpg (378.16 KB, 1800x1013, thegreatfireoflc.jpg)

No. 30359

stop ignoring us challenge

No. 30361

first suggestion post: stop ignoring us

No. 30362

that cat looks weird

No. 30363

i give this a week until it gets pinned. admin and mods literally do not give a shit about this site and it’s really disappointing. i know oldmin is retiring so i’ll give her that but it feels like the person she trained (is training?) has left us to rot. sorry for venting, i was scared if i put this in vent thread i would get “move this to /meta/“‘d by the trigger happy jannies.
seriously. just say fucking anything and we’ll be happy to at least hear a sign from you. i’m sure running this site sucks but damn it takes 30 seconds to check in with us.

No. 30364

If you want the jannies to read your complaints just post in the Eurofag thread and eat your ban like a champ. They just want us to post complaints here so they can easily ignore it because they never open this board. I mean.. They will probably still ignore complaints either way. Useless fucks.

No. 30366

Please, for the love of God, ban the rape apologist scrote in the war thread. It's been going on for so long.

No. 30379

can we just lock the bella janke thread already? bumpfag is never going to stop and you guys clearly can’t figure out how to permaban him. we have cwc containment, that stupid bitch doesn’t need her own thread anymore.

No. 30380

Can we either heavily moderate or ban the Ukrainian war thread? It’s 90% racebait, infighting and trolling

No. 30381

that thread became a containment for all of those stuff if it was banned those people would just go to europe thread

No. 30382

New banners when
New banners when
New banners when
New banners when
New banners when

No. 30383

Nice pic!

No. 30385

Wait, so avatarfagging isn't an actual rule? I've seen bans handed out over certain pictures, even if they weren't used to self-identify in any way. Wtf have the jannies been doing, just banning pictures and memes they personally dislike?

No. 30386

No. 30389

Sooo farmhands…is thread pinning something that only Admin can do? We're not gonna be mad if you say you're unable to pin threads, I promise.

No. 30390

File: 1646353328066.png (40.7 KB, 841x432, rules.png)

I'm not in the argument either way, but I'm not sure where you got that page because
Use your browser and try to find the word "avatarfagging", it's not there. Pic related

No. 30391

File: 1646353672491.jpg (673.23 KB, 958x1846, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.j…)

KEK the audacity to be so confident and so incorrect, I have to laugh. I couldn't remember if I saw it on info page or the rules page but all I did was google avatarfagging + lolcow and it's the first thing on the results
>learn the rules before

As an added bonus, it says "Do not derail, don't engage with trolls, ignore and report". posting memes to interrupt the trolls doesn't sound like ignoring does it? im so sick of anons responding to males here and engaging with them a la edgelord style.

Maybe the rules are out of date and the page I found shouldn't be accessed via Google but I did my research before I would say something like that because I know for a fact I'd seen it before
I was busy during that time, and it was actually a while ago not necessarily "recently".

No. 30392

edited my reply because it felt harsh considering I double checked and it's not on the main rules page.

No. 30393

File: 1646372380461.png (38.23 KB, 1276x236, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 9.36…)

>26 week ban
uh what the fuck???????????? i'm not even a man but ok schizo mod

No. 30394

this is a hellsite with 0 interest in cultivating free discussion

No. 30395

Kek what post?

No. 30396


No. 30397

Can we have communication from admin/farmhands please? Why does this thread exist if we never hear anything? Is an update on /m/ too much to ask?

No. 30399

Then fuck off newfag

No. 30400

its from choachan kek

No. 30401

Since you can have more than one thread pinned, pls pin both the draw board thread and the new movie night thread. I don't wanna keep making posts about this but..

No. 30402

File: 1646413369467.jpg (28.73 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-947955924-612x612.…)

Admin did you accidently delete the old /m/ threads? Why the lack of updates?

No. 30403

Please do something about the infighting in the relationship advice thread /g/ AGAIN. Maybe that thread needs a lock temporarily?

No. 30405

Maybe you just need to stop shitting on nonnas asking for advice instead of.. you know.. giving them advice.

No. 30407

the politics and war discussions will be the death of lc. like the moids infesting the tinfoil and rona threads weren't enough.

No. 30408

>moids infesting the tinfoil and rona threads weren't enough
Are there moids in those threads? Is that why everyone was talking about jews?

No. 30409

Yup, it’s the death of every imageboard. What made 4chan a place where no discussion can be had, where anons are toxic and fight, where every thread has unhinged trolls? Simple, answer, /Pol/. Which is why the early admins of lc banned political discussions.

No. 30410

ayrt, I mostly lurk but even that wasn't the case that still doesn't justify the infighting.

No. 30411

Please just tell me if /m/ is gone forever :(

No. 30412

You can pin this thread but you can't pin the new movie night thread? Why are you fucking with us??

No. 30414

can you ban the russian/ukrainian threads? there literally is no reason for those threads to exist

No. 30415

How can you be calling others newfags when you space sentences like that? You are not writing massive paragraphs, nonnie, those are single sentences.

No. 30416

>complains about newfags
>reddit spacing

No. 30417

seriously, just fucking do it.

No. 30418

Maybe just locking it for a week or two. If anything really striking happens or if Ukranian/Russian nonnas have something to share, they can still do it in the Euro thread. But the seperate thread is currently just general political sperging that barely has anything to do with the conflict.

No. 30419

The discussion will just move back to the Eurofag thread. I doubt it's desirable to have that thread under high monitoring considering the shortage of farmhands. It's better left alone in it's containment thread imo.

No. 30421

this is the only place i get my news from to stay updated on the war. so please no.

No. 30423

Can a mod comb through this thread and confirm its all vendetta and old milk and lock it already while there are still less than 70 posts? One sperg keeps posting nitpicks and apparently lack of proof is enough to spiral into 6 threads just because"it fits her MO". We don't need another thread spammed with collages of what's already been nitpicked and talked about for 5 previous threads. Wtf so we need another long rant sperg about how anon is self diagnosing her with NPD or BPD for the 100th time? >>>/w/197693

No. 30424

Seriously, It’s just become /pol/ and Reddit tankie central. Shut it down I’m tired of all these moids here.
However, would should be the alternative for nonnies to discus the things going on in Ukraine? Can it go back to the eurofag thread mods just ban anyone who derails it into /pol/ talk?

No. 30425

Is there any way of doing a poll on if the Ukraine/Russia thread should stay?

No. 30426

The reason we wanted a separate thread for war was because regular european anons wanted to discuss europe gen and males from /pol/ would constantly spam about war, it was annoying.

There will be no solution so long as we discuss the war on this site so unfortunately we should keep it contained

No. 30427

>get proved wrong with proof
>"i-i'll just call her unhinged!!! that'll do it!!!"
kek alright, whatever helps you sleep at night nonny

No. 30428

I keep getting bans for posts I didn’t make and I don’t even use a VPN. One of them was a permanent ban for being “unfunny” which is so pathetic. Couldn’t even fix /m but can ban people for stupid fucking reasons like that kek.

No. 30429

File: 1646549753768.jpeg (300.48 KB, 640x1057, 7F25B8ED-5633-4FA0-A1A1-5B5D0E…)

I don’t even know who this post is talking about.

No. 30430

Are you on mobile? You can end up sharing the same ip address with different people so that might be why

No. 30431

I called her so because of the image files name and how she circled the texts. Both give crazy bitch energy, sorry. She's probably a newfag too since she didn't apply when the positions were open

No. 30432

this kek, the fucking rage multi red circles killed me

No. 30434

Just hide the thread if you don't like it

No. 30435


No. 30436


No. 30437

/snow/ is being overrun with newfags mods please get out your ban hammers.

No. 30438

literally says ban evasion in it. you deserve the hassle for being retarded

No. 30440

Euro thread is a mess again.

No. 30441

Unlock the positive cow makeover thread.

No. 30442

this sounds like a good idea

No. 30443

File: 1646587141129.png (106.12 KB, 480x360, D14046F9-E1D5-4B98-AE97-23CC75…)

No. 30444

I feel bad for saying this because I loved the Eurofag thread in its initial states, but I think you should close both the Eurofag and the War thread. They attract to many polfags, racists, and moids. I'm sorry that euro nonnies won't be able to talk about their personal lives in that thread but they might as well do it in the dumbass thread for example.

No. 30445

Is this your picture?

No. 30446

All of these basically

No. 30449

it's literally just romanianon shitting both threads up again, even the war thread went fine until then

No. 30450

Pls unlock this thread: >>>/ot/1086940

No. 30451


No. 30453

I mean there are definitely some shitty posters the war talk attracted who weren't her but I still get what you mean, as soon as she rants about her political/religious philosophies in a thread the whole thing derails. Between that and the "I will murder xyz" posts it's just too much

No. 30454

The lil bo weep thread is getting flooded with newfags because of her death

No. 30456

the ban says it was a duplicate thread anyway, there's already a cow photoshop thread. just because the name is "positive makeover" doesn't change anything, the other thread was a positive makeover thread too, just wasn't labeled as such. so nonnies! you have a thread you can do makeovers in, i have contributed to it too back when it was an active thread

No. 30457

idk what happened to taht link

No. 30458

Yeah but the makeover thread was also for stories.

No. 30460

when we gonna get /m/ back mods, please at least tell us your working on it

No. 30461

Nonny, the old threads are dead, but you can post in the new threads. It's been 21 days. Move on. They're never fixing it.

No. 30464

File: 1646675547943.jpg (11.98 KB, 209x241, ygtefzkt5ijy.jpg)

PIN THE FUCKING MOVIE AND DRAW THREADS! I'm not gonna keep asking nicely, jannies…

No. 30465

is /m/ going to be fixed? just tell us if it's completely fucked so we can recreate the lost threads.

No. 30468

you can still view the threads if you have the link, you just can't post in them. i didn't want to lose hope but it looks like we really will have to start over…

No. 30469

Fucking shitty ass administration, they only reopened /ot/ back because nonnies were polluting /g/ a lot and infighting way too much, otherwise this shit would still continue to this day. Sad times

No. 30470

can we plese lock the /ot/ war thread or at least ban the samefags and baitposters? it's a cesspit

No. 30471

Can mods do something about the blogposting in lilboweep’s thread?

No. 30472

seconding, just ban that thread the war isnt event a hot topic anymore

No. 30473

Can mods ban the male poster who admitted to being male in /ot/?

No. 30474

Can we lock the vtuber threads on /w/ again? Someone is trying to bring moids and newfags here with this shit again.

No. 30475

he’s been at it for hours too

No. 30476

Most people posting in lil no weep thread aren’t being disrespectful / I’ve followed all the threads for ages, why can’t we have a new one with stricter rules around blog posting and bans for anyone being disrespectful?

No. 30477

>make a new thread for a person who has died, meaning there will be no further milk about the cow other than milk about the people around said-cow or suspicions around their death, which doesn't matter because they died

No. 30478

please, for fuck's sake

No. 30479

It does matter though doesn’t it. Like as if people don’t want to know more about how things happened when someone dies, think about all the fucking documentaries/books/ you tube series about people who have died and the circumstances around that. It’s dumb to think that there isn’t more to add when people who knew her were (and would still be) posting on here. We don’t even know 100% what happened and her threads are just going to end with everyone saying that she deserved it/ it was inevitable

No. 30480

Exactly. Thank you.

No. 30481

>We don’t even know 100% what happened
We know that she's dead. We don't make threads for dead cows.
If you want the thread so badly, make it yourselves, you lazy newfags

No. 30482

If it matters so much to you, just make your own thread and see what happens, lazy newfag.

No. 30483

All the pol moids it has attracted… far too high. This is more annoying than when the kpop threads attracted all the twitterfags.

No. 30484

Just came here to say this as well. Do it!

No. 30485

Wasn't there even a rule about not making threads about dead cows back in the day? Can't find it anymore.

No. 30486

Ha. No where near a newfag but cute of you to assume that hun.

I’m asking here because a farmhand said no new thread and I’m asking permission or clarity in why. Could make a thread if I wanted to.

Sorry that attention from your shatnas/trans phone threads is suffering and you can’t respect what other anons want(absolute newfag)

No. 30487

You are v welcome anon!

No. 30488

No. 30489

Thank you for pinning the doodle and movie threads, you guys are real angels ♥

No. 30490

>10 days later
Anyway does this sign of life mean there's any hope for /m/?

No. 30491

No, probably not.

No. 30492

NTA, but can you actually wait for the staff to make a statement before doomposting?

No. 30493

Anon it's been 23 days.

No. 30494

And? They should 100% keep getting asked about it until they actually fix it or finally admit they can't or won't. It took them like 300 years to sticky the drawroom and movie threads, but they still did it

No. 30495

Can't help but feel like these defenders are jannies themselves.

No. 30497

I don't understand your problem. People should keep asking and being annoying as shit about it but let's be real, /m/ is going to stay down indefinitely because there isn't as big of a fight for it. The admin is going to do whatever she's doing and mods are going to dutifully ignore this thread. Sucks but it is what it is.

No. 30498

or… consider these are anons that don't want to lose all of the threads that we worked so hard to fill, thus don't want other people to doompost and give up on begging admin to respond just yet.

No. 30499

Admin will not suddenly yield to the pleading if she hasn't responded in 24 days. That's nearly a month of no response except "it's being worked on". You should start spamming /ot/ by avatarfagging and infighting so that maybe a mod will see it or something if you want immediate answers.

No. 30501

The defender literally lashed out on the person begging. Cope

No. 30503

Na but the point is that after 23 days of silence it's unlikely staff are going to make a statement at all.

No. 30504

"cope" kek, you're embarrassing.

No. 30505

I was permaban and given no reason. I have only ever posted twice ? So, no past history for the ban hammer and I've appeal it and no answers.

No. 30506

Fujo spamming pics of an underage 14 year old boy in a sexulized film to "own" me, cause I pointed out that the guy isn't comfortable with those pics being shared


No. 30507

You know I'm right.
Did you try emailing?

No. 30508

I don't think its a fujo. The same "fujo" has been sitting up threads shitting on yuri and lesbian women for hours a few hours ago. How hard he defended gays and hated on lesbians or any woman at that matter makes me think it's a degenerate male. How he spammed an underage boys pictures to own people is also a moid-move. It's probably a pedo faggot. Wish he'd get permabanned.

No. 30509

Yep, it has been a bit over a week, so idk if I should send another email yet or just be patient

No. 30511

Begging you to finally put the samefagging anti-fujo/yurisperg to rest, they have been manically shitting out the same bait into several /ot/ threads ever since the bunker threads.
I know fujos can be annoying too, but only banning the anons responding to the bait won't fix the issue.

No. 30513

A one year ban because mods didnt like my opinion on a 'discus what you hate' thread? Why the fuck would anyone just assume I'm a scrote, tell me to integrate and give me a 1 year ban for my opinion? I said what I said cause I meant it and maybe my feeling about feminism are as valid as anyone else's. I'm sick of being told I have to be empowered and blah blah blah. I'm perfectly happy letting some guy think hes in control while I sit home and spend his cash.
I've been on this site for fucking years. I guess now you just chuck people out because you didnt like what they said. I've filed a request for ban removal because in all fairness free speech doesnt deserve to be punished when you disagree with the speaker. With all the shit that's said on this site, what I said was tame in comparison.

No. 30514

post a screenshot with your ban message, I'm curious what got you banned as a scrote

No. 30515

It would be cool when banning IP addresses to cross check if those are IPs from an entire mobile network or someone’s personal isp. I can’t post off of Wi-Fi bc of some retard’s post from July 2021

No. 30517

Kek you must have been talking like a scrote to get banned for being one.

No. 30518

So now you’re ban evading?

No. 30519

Babe did you wait the whole year before posting this

No. 30520

Youre a scrote. You said you didn't want feminism because you wanted a rich husband who would let you stay at home with the kids so you wouldn't have to work a day. Feminism has nothing to do with that, you can still get a rich husband and do that, countless women do.

No. 30521

It's an actor that clarified he didn't want his pictures sexualized by pedo scrotes. How is being disgusted by someone posting sceenshots from a pedo film twitter worthy? Any normie would be disgusted, you have brainrot.

No. 30522

When will you scrotes realize that freedom of speech means nothing when it's a private entity and freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of consequences?

No. 30523

If this is about the blond hair kid, there was nothing in the documentary about that. Someone also tried to give that misinformation in the art thread in /ot/ and anons called them out pretty fast.

No. 30524

>you must have been talking like a scrote to get banned for being one

NTA but the scrote bans were handed out for nothing a few days ago. I got one for posting a light yagami meme and ironically chanting USA in the Ukraine thread, with a sage. If someone gets into their head that you are a raiding male they will absolutely believe it instead of thinking it's just a shitposting nonny having fun.

No. 30525

File: 1646893261871.jpeg (234.32 KB, 2000x1500, 350A81F3-705C-40A9-A7CF-9154EA…)

Seethe retard

No. 30526

>I got one for posting a light yagami meme and ironically chanting USA in the Ukraine thread
Will I go to hell for laughing at this

No. 30527

Ntayrt but you're obsessed please go outside

No. 30528

Did the MTF thread get linked somewhere offsite recently? What's with the huge influx of unintegrated posters making blogposts and even asking others to blogpost, as well as posting off topic feminist news? Thank you to the farmhands who have been working on cleaning it up, it seems so weird that it all came out of nowhere. There have been blogposting problems in those threads before but never to this extent. I hope these new anons are able to find 2X because all of that would fit perfectly there and would make the board less dead

No. 30530

deserved tbh

No. 30531

I like the radfem newfags more than the twitter "take your meds. NOW." newfags.

No. 30533

the radfems are more tolerable than the anti fujo anti yaoi spergs. Unless radfems are the ones doing the sperging

No. 30534

I'd rather have a ton of unintegrated radfem newfags sperging and blogging than one more unprovoked thread derailment from the anti fujo sperg, I swear she could just post random words between repeating "faghag" "pornsick" "pickme" and "internalized misogyny" and it would have the depth and comprehensibility of her regular rants.

No. 30535

File: 1646967902288.png (90.29 KB, 1222x598, disgusting.png)

Please, reveal the post history of this retarded whiteknight. And ban her.

No. 30536

it's the micky moon thread on /w/ btw.

No. 30537

why isn't /m/ fixed yet ?

No. 30538

File: 1646977371358.jpg (55.93 KB, 480x854, 64bb9e87d452202ff45de2905c5543…)

/m/ is dead they took it off life support

No. 30539

There was a male larping as a lesbian to derail and infight and he's been using yaoi as bait

No. 30540

File: 1646988183245.jpeg (261.39 KB, 588x534, 58B925BD-42E8-4CAB-8BAC-3687E2…)

I’m sick of that one retard who asks questions like “what made you peak?” And then dozens of idiots post their unsaged blogposts in response. Last thread got utterly taken over by it and now this next one is about to. They always drag it out for as long as possible and talk about what a blameless NLOG they where their entire lives.

No. 30541

Can someone please get the retards in the Alice Llani Bender thread to post screenshots instead of endless dead tiktok links? The same picture was posted literally 6 times because of all these newfag mommy bloggers

No. 30543

Right, exactly what I was talking about. It's not that their stories don't have value or that it's an issue to have new people find the site through that thread necessarily, but /snow/ is just very much not the board for constant blogposting. If /2X/ is really dead forever then maybe they should be allowed to have a personal troon stories thread on some other board so the thread doesn't get derailed every time

No. 30544

XX is not dead.

No. 30545

It's not technically dead, but extremely slow, and some anons outright refuse to try and find it as an alternative to this blogposting and are mad that it was suggested in the first place. Either way there needs to be an alternative to it all ending up in /snow/

No. 30548

I've seen those posts and it kind of sounds like the same person. Why do you think they're radfem?

No. 30549

I wonder if it's the same anon that has a meltdown when someone even mentions anything even vaguely related to gay men in a completely neutral context and starts yelling about homosexuals being pedo rapists and accusing anons of being "pickme faghags". Sometimes you don't even have to mention gay people to trigger her fits.

I think the anon was implying that it's the same mentally ill baiter posing as a "radfem".

No. 30550

Mods - do you not have any idea of what is going on with admin either? Is she keeping you in the dark too?

No. 30551

Can anyone just throw us a bone or something? Half of a bone? Is admin still working on /m/ or is it well and truly FUBAR?

No. 30553

File: 1647035308654.jpeg (116.72 KB, 828x837, 7D16833C-6ECE-45BA-BF63-438306…)

what is with this error

No. 30554

File: 1647057524892.png (18.61 KB, 445x148, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 10.5…)

getting this error when trying to attach photos to posts in /ot/?

No. 30555

probably because, like the error says, that photo is already in the thread

No. 30556

were you using a vpn?

No. 30557

I was on mobile

No. 30558

Scrote in relationship advice baiting and starting infighting. He's saying women commit more domestic abuse, get paid more, etc. stuff that paint women as abusers in general.

No. 30559

I got it as well for a while and am also on mobile.

No. 30560

Mods I think it's time to lock that thread temporarily, there's infighting and scrote baiting like clockwork.

No. 30561

Uhhh CP on /ot/ I guess

No. 30562

No. 30563

Is the CP gone?

No. 30564

No. 30565

It's still there

No. 30566

No it's not. Why lie about something like that?

No. 30567

Can a mod tell the people in the Taylor thread that they either need to put up some fucking proof or stfu about domestic helpers in general when its not even milky considering how they all keep repeating how common it is too. Its derailing as fuck and anons keep bringing up things from "old videos" without any source and just being vague to try to pass off their milk. Hearing dishes being done in the background isn't fucking proof. >>>/w/199602

No. 30568

They admit they have no proof, so until then, can a mod tell them all to stop derailing and actually post these videos or photos instead of tinfoiling out the ass? >>>/w/200801

No. 30570

Like I'm all for a thread for her, but most of these threads on /w/ lately are weak nitpicking, like driving while holding a phone or complaining about Vina's nose. It's like they don't care as long as they can gossip, but for the love of everything, have something to post to back up the tinfoil and not have it be conjecture and "well maybe!!" amd post these videos or images. But when you call anons out on it you get called a WK.

Might as well have no rules then and let them all post and run all the threads like the Paolo fag in the Jvlogger thread who won't get over the fact that anons do like Paolo, but dude has been going on about why everyone should hate him for 5 days now, without proof of why besides "he's a corporate shill".

That's NOT milk. The worse is when they read social media posts as more than face value and then that spirals into conspiracy territory. If it made sense, yes, but half the time is just what anons wish was happening.

No. 30572

Pretty sure it's mostly ex-PULLers who keep it going. There was hardly any activity in the Taylor threads before PULL shut down.

No. 30573

File: 1647204585834.jpeg (509.18 KB, 1280x1280, F6879864-580F-4E17-BB60-DFD61C…)

I’m almost certain kiki is still angrily tapping away in there. Taylor thread reeks of insaneposting ostrenga.

No. 30574

I like how no proof/maybes are considered real drama/milk. It needs to be redtexted.

No. 30575


Can confirm as ex-pulltard. She isn't milky since marrying tom and seems to have taken a lot of the criticism to improve her channel and followed suggestions that were given. the thread reeks of jealous HS-aged nonnies

No. 30577

Why does it take days to get bans on /pt/? Why is /pt/ even still a thing? Why have a board no one is allowed to make threads on? I get that they’re “legacy cows” or whatever but most of them make no sense as to why they should be there. It doesn’t seem to have active mods, newfags constantly make shit threads there that stay up for days, it’s kind of a wasteland.

No. 30578

/pt/ should never be closed down, it is after all one of the most important boards for lolcow historically. But I do think that we might need to upgrade some cows from /snow/ to legacy status and move them to /pt/. Just to breathe life to the place.

No. 30581

I hope you get banned for being a scrote.

No. 30582

What was their post?

No. 30583

Complaining that the site was aimed at women kek

No. 30584

We need a hell week so badly. So much derailing in the mtf thread (i know, nothing new)

No. 30585

What makes a legacy cow? And what makes a cow worthy of the spotlight?
Shay has over 100 threads and there are people that literally come here to watch her get more despicable by the day. It's also derailed with shit all the time and a lot of the posters are SW doing weird shit.
Lucinda is are unicorn, IDGAF queen, but is always blogposting uwu she's a horrorcow/she's a queen/get help and again a lot derailing.
Lillie, TND, and others at the start where cringe as fuck and deserved threads but now they are stale and outside of a few people nobody cares about them.
I feel like there is way too much blog posting and newfaggotry that derails mostly everything lately, that it's hard to weigh the pros vs cons for most of those with /pt/ pote tial or those who have lost it

No. 30586

I don’t want any of the cows I follow to end up on /pt/, there’s no moderation and it’s slow as fuck

No. 30587

the onision thread is basically just one unintegrated scrote replying to every post 5 times and bragging about ban evading. the rest is just infighting and the same regurgitated talking points as the past 300 threads. can it at least be put on auto sage if you cant actually ban him?

and why hasn't the person just unsaged bumping random super dead threads been actually dealt with?

i dont mean to make this sound so mean @ mods im just annoyed, ilu all keep up the good work ladies

No. 30588

controversial opinion: get rid of the pt/snow split now that PT is just a couple of slow threads and re-organize things more by content type or flavor of cow. i know there's been board divisions in the past and people had mixed opinions on it, but i agree with >>30586 entirely

No. 30590

Nta and idk who you are but you need to get a life.

No. 30592

Theres an incel constantly shitting up the relationships advice thread.

No. 30593

The mtf thread is experiencing retarded levels of derailing.

No. 30594

Hell week plus all of /m/ back please.

No. 30595

I love the scrote bait threads on m being gone

No. 30596

Which ones?
I don't love years and years of LC history being gone.

No. 30599

for some novelty you could try killing yourself

No. 30601

This is such a classic example for moid retardation lmao, he feels so smug while having no clue what he talks about.

No. 30602

kek I see the anti-fujo sperg still has not been put to pasture

No. 30603

Mods can you please ban/clean the Relationship Advice thread in /g? It's getting stressful reading all the infighting for days now and some of us really do just need advice but can't post due to the sperging.

No. 30604

Here’s some advice: dump the scrote and go touch ass

No. 30606

Pls mods, this.

No. 30607

No admin, maybe one active mod and a couple of jannies and you want a hellweek?

No. 30609

Why isn't the autist in relationship advice thread banned?

No. 30611

so why are there no mods on this site anymore what happened?

No. 30616

Wtf happened to this site? Snow threads are getting derailed, g and ot are full of retarded infighters but no one is getting banned.

No. 30622

Gore warning! Kinda think it's funny that Vaush is being attacked by two troons (his most favorite kind of "Woman") and suddenly some angry scrote comes in here spamming shit. I know it's not related but it's funny

No. 30623

SA, It's not "funny" but you know ironic, disgusting and I hate scrotes.

No. 30625

Can someone please post here when snow/the boards effected are safe? Thank you so much in advance.

No. 30626

It's all already gone

No. 30627

thank you so much Nonnie

No. 30628

God I know you're right but its just so sad seeing it in writing like that. RIP lolcow

No. 30629

Where's gore and why is it posted? Also don't enter relationship advice thread and if you do, don't engage with the scrote.

No. 30630

How do we archive threads?

No. 30631

I think the most recent gorespammer is the autist in the relationships advice thread who got extremely pissed and salty because anons suggested deadbeat dads get vasectomies. Started calling everyone evil witches and spamming “GENITAL MUTILATION IS WRONG”. Calling people “spastic cunts” when they pointed out the double standard, Then the bulk of the gore posts ended up there. They’re still in there today crying and screaming because people think they’re a scrote (who can blame them)

No. 30632

Troon in MTF thread.

No. 30634

Cp thread on /ot don’t scroll

No. 30635

File: 1647430046138.jpeg (77.18 KB, 480x480, 2DA305E2-0A79-457D-B5F0-F152DC…)

Cp thread

No. 30636

File: 1647430083650.jpeg (177.97 KB, 640x960, 5720B033-5866-45BB-81D0-252EEC…)

Bump for cp

No. 30637

File: 1647430105197.png (134.47 KB, 275x275, 378254C6-1D32-4260-A5F1-5AC170…)

Pump for CP also KAM

No. 30638

Mtf thread getting infected by neckbeard, as well as /ot/ csem policing needed jannesses

No. 30639

Thank you moderator, (aforementioned content castration has been enacted to any wondering nonnnaz)

No. 30640

This. The timing matches and the retard in ot is always active. He also got triggered when someone called him a tranny but didn't deny so could be the tranny at the one in mtf.

No. 30641

Just want to say that I appreciate anons getting a redtext for replying to obvious scrote bait. Thank you mods! I wonder if there can be a thread on /meta/ with a threadpic that says to not engage with scrote posters, bait, etc, like on crystal cafe? Just a thought.

No. 30642

And have it invite scrotes? No. That's not going to keep them at bay and will just end up as a bait thread that will bleed over.

No. 30643

Then leave out the scrote posters part. Problem solved.

No. 30644

I don't think you understand how our threads get overrun by them. A thread like that wouldn't help.

No. 30645

Okay, then the mods can make the thread when there are members of the mod team and lock it so nobody can reply (like on crystal cafe). How do you propose to stop anons replying to scrote bait? Just not telling them? Because they've been doing that but it hasn't been working.

No. 30646

They've always replied to scrote bait. That's the thing. You can't prevent that and it happens outside of that board too.

No. 30647

They can minimize the scrote bait replying by doing what I have suggested and handing out bans to anons replying to scrotes. I know that anons will still reply to scrotes, but that if they actually want to stay on this board without a ban then they'll follow the rules. If they don't follow the rules they get banned. Thus you have a good way to stop scrote replying. And if you're going to bring up "but they can just get a vpn, it will never ever ever work out ever" then I'm going to stop replying because you're being needlessly doomer in a thread for site suggestions.

No. 30648

Anons just ban evade the same way scrotes do. I get the idea anon, I really do, but mods even in thread have made posts calling this out too and have actively red texted people for either replying to scrote bait or derailing, but some boards are just worse than others and people don't care and will just keep at it when provoked. I never brought up VPNs, I'm being realistic and have been here to see the ways we've tried curbing the derailing brought on by replying to the bait. It happens and happens again, so unless you have actually new methods to suggest, don't bother.

No. 30649

you're being way too pessimistic. half of the anons that reply to moids come off as total newfags, so I don't suspect they'll even know how to switch to a VPN.
>don't bother
don't bother what?

No. 30650

I'm saying your suggestions have been tried. There's nothing to stop it besides just report the posts and hope mods do something about it. Also not all bans end up redtexted anyway, so if you see only one, that doesn't mean they haven't given out more.

No. 30651

Then why don't the mods just not ban anybody for anything if they can just ban evade? Anon you are not being realistic. I actually don't really care about completely stopping scrote bait and scrote bait replying. I just want some semblence of regulations regarding scrote posting, and I want newfags to know to not reply to scrotes. You make it sound like an entirely fruitless endeavor to even moderate this place at all.

No. 30652

I'm nta anyway, so there are two people in disagreement with you here.

No. 30653

Samefag, by "semblance of regulations" I mean (much) stricter regulations.

No. 30655

Like I said, not even all bans are redtexted. They tend to make an example out of one poster, like >>30605.
It's supposed to deter it. if it doesn't, a mod or admin come in and make a post about it and warning people. There are steps in place about it. Wanting everything redtexted, to make sure it's clear as day what the rules are, doesn't prevent it. There's not really a stricter way to do it.

No. 30657

They've already addressed that they don't do massive redtext bans in one thread right after the other. That's why it's repeated constantly that not all bans are redtexted. Why the hell would they focus that on one thread in /meta/ of all places? Not even /pt/ has that and that's our legacy board.

No. 30659

>not even all bans are redtexted
And that is up to the mods. My suggestion would be to redtext scrote bait replying so they'll know that it's against the rules, as well as any anon who sees it. I don't want every ban to get a redtext, just the bans related to the things I'm talking about (replying to scrotes).
Then they can redtext one scrote replying anon amd delete the rest of the scrote repliers so they don't have to keep redtexting. Problem solved.

No. 30660

they always pick sides with their bans kek. like when they redtext someone replying to an infighting sperg. you just know that they agree with it for whatever reason

No. 30661

Or others have bans too and you can't see it.

No. 30662

Why was the Schitzopost thread locked ? I get that some might find it a shitty concept but there was no reason to lock it

No. 30663

It doesn’t have a subject. Threads need titles in the subject bar

No. 30664

I did write it in the Subject, at least I think ?

No. 30665

Still perma banned and no replies from the email yet, what now?

No. 30666

Scrote in the employment/career thread, please kick his ass: >>1100043

No. 30667

>My suggestion would be to redtext scrote bait replying so they'll know that it's against the rules
This please. Anons replying to scrote bait with what they think are sassy comebacks have been rampant.

No. 30668

The last one to reply is the one who gets the ban from what I've seen.

No. 30670

Scrote in the MTF thread linking to Vaush livestream pls ban.

No. 30672

Can the newfags posting in the mei thread be banned for at least a week? >>>/snow/91973

So many posts are unsaged tweet reactions, emojis use, and casual doxxing of uninvolved parties.

No. 30674

Celebricows thread is getting derailed by retards. Why isn't this thread in /snow/, again?

No. 30675

Can someone mention in the Taylor thread on /w/ that nitpicking a newborn isn't milky?

No. 30683

Then they still pick sides with whose ban you see.
IDK, shouldn't the infight baiter get the ban? I've also seen someone "in the middle" get redtexted. Anyway IDK if jannies have changed, my observations are mostly from last year

No. 30684

>shouldn't the infight baiter get the ban?
they don't always redtext everyone, in my experience the last post I make will usually be the one that gets me the ban, not the first
>seen someone in the middle
probably because people get banned and then still continue to infight for another hour, ip hopping? nothing has stopped me from using a vpn to get the last word in

No. 30685

>nothing has stopped me from using a vpn to get the last word in
Retards like you are the reason infighting never stops.

No. 30687

and? cry about it. there will be infighting as long as this site exists, if you don't like it, leave and then find a nice bridge and do a backflip off of it.

No. 30688

How often do you get banned? Kek.

No. 30689

gore in /ot/

No. 30690

Some sick fuck posting dead cats in /ot/

No. 30691


No. 30692

Retarded racesperging in celebricows. Again.

No. 30693

Samefag but celebricows should be in /snow/. The posters in the celebricows thread would fit in better over there.

No. 30695

This. The retards ruin every thread because the moderation isn't strict in /ot/

No. 30696

Celebricows has been nothing but american and british racesperging, mods pls deliver bans.

No. 30700

There's a tranny femboy spamming /snow/ threads with 'ewwww' and 'gross'

No. 30701

Is he the one talking like a twitterfag in the mei thread?

No. 30702

Drag thread in Snow has racebait most likely from tranny spammer.

No. 30703

He's the retard bumping all the threads, I'm not sure if he was in the mei thread or not because I don't keep up with it.

No. 30705

you want to feel like you did something with this, kek that's cute.

No. 30706

An anon in the vent thread said she discovered a man/troon is in snow (she was looking through farmers who clicked a TikTok link kek). That's probably the same guy you're talking about

No. 30707

For the love of Christ, its been over a month, where the fuck is /m/
at least tell us what happened

No. 30709

I'm so tired of you whiny faggots always saying that the site is dying. You know you don't have to grandstand right? Get lost if it bothers you so much, literally no one cares if you guys leave.

No. 30710

gibe /m/ back pls

No. 30712

Are you the retard that can't integrate and keeps calling everyone cute like a meangirl larp while starting infights in every thread? God please leave, no one wants you here.

No. 30714

>If that happens lets temporarily regroup in cc and figure out next steps
I'm sort of surprised anons haven't already migrated to cc considering cc has an admin that communicates when needed and usually does so in a timely manner. Anyway I was willing to give admin (here) the benefit of the doubt initially but considering /m/ has been broken for a month now with no word from admin in weeks, I'd say it's safe to consider it a lost cause by now. I don't know what's so difficult about taking 5 minutes to write a post that goes "Fixing /m/ is taking more time than expected but I'm working on it" or something.

No. 30715

CC is dead and full of faggots and scrotes. I'd have migrated if nit for that.

No. 30716

Retarded satanic tinfoiling in celebricows

No. 30718

There's a tranny in the unpopular opinions thread posting retard xy bait like once an hour or so.

No. 30719

Samefag, I guess it's the Steven scrote.

No. 30721

Scrote baiting in /ot/ and please redtext the retards responding to the bait

No. 30722


No. 30723

File: 1647618797167.jpg (139 KB, 962x697, 4274121200000578-4707902-image…)

maybe you should stop being willfully ignorant anons. hollywood has literally factually connected with satanism since the 60's. sorry you're too retarded to consider the possibility of wealthy weirdos acting edgy and pedophilic, while feeling "exclusive" and special. That weird ass video posted in the celebricows thread is milky af.

No. 30724

Some male isn’t killing himself right now, and you’re letting him shit the unpopular opinions’ thread. Make a change, give him a permaban so he can kill himself already.

No. 30725

Mods please, this is getting out of hand.

No. 30727

Your dumbassery? I agree.

No. 30728

Please reign in the retarded satanic tinfoiling in celebricows. Tinfoiling isn't milk.

No. 30729

Yeah we need to focus on only Kim and Pete for the next 75 posts!

No. 30730

The thing is that you talk about milk, you discuss milk, you don't derail the fucking thread with endless retarded "100% TRUE AND REAL" satanic panic bullshit when there's no milk. Go back to the conspiratard thread or wherever else you came from and stay there.

No. 30731

Since the video with Gaga was posted, ~11 posts are about trying to understand what's in the video, with some of those not even accepting the tinfoil and ~9 content-devoid posts complaining about it

No. 30732

That video was not even milk and it was bringing in obvious tard tinfoilers. Don't act like the celebricows thread isn't constantly retarded. It needs heavier moderation. The fucking racesperging leaked into other /ot/ threads yesterday and it went on for hours. As soon as one retard starts saying shit, the rest of them will follow.

No. 30733

File: 1647623771302.gif (274.38 KB, 200x100, FluidAgonizingCygnet-max-1mb.g…)

No. 30734

im pretty sure some of the tinfoilers (aka men from 4chan or boomers) are also the ones racebaiting on celebricows considering they've been racebaiting in their own tinfoil thread.

No. 30736

Yes. There are newfags full on racebaiting in every thread in /ot/ and they mock you if you point it out.

No. 30737

Please. They can use the hidden board for this stuff. We don’t have any real posts and half of it is just then parroting each other thinking their opinion is why we’re here and no actual milk. I just want to laugh. I don’t care you hate them that’s not funny.

No. 30740

the problem is they're too retarded to find XX. and XX has shit threads, it definitely needs some upkeep.

No. 30742

Moid loose in /ot/.

No. 30743

Has anything been said about /m/ in the discord? I’ve accepted that it’s all gone by now but I’d still like to know why

No. 30744

not sure if you know about this but at least it's not gone gone


No. 30746

The moid is back in unpopular opinions. Not saged and pretending to be a trad thot. Please ban before the nonnis take the bait.

No. 30747

There's apparently a scrote in the acc and commentary cows thread talking about getting kicked in the balls I guess.

No. 30748

/snow/ needs more modding.

No. 30749

Radio silent radio silent radio silent radio silent radio silent.

No. 30751

File: 1647726213177.gif (404.37 KB, 500x410, 1477786097325.gif)

Some sperg is posting webms of women being assaulted in the vent thread

No. 30753

Mods could you please unlock the schtizoposting thread


No. 30754

Can we get an update on /m/?

No. 30756

Just tell us that /m/ is gone and that the back-up didn’t work so that we can stop writing “temporary” on every thread subject.

No. 30757

cp in /ot/

No. 30758

its an eyesore, agreed

No. 30759

Is it gone?

No. 30760

It's gone

No. 30761

admin sucks and i hate her

No. 30762

Come out and defend yourself, admin.

No. 30764

i really hoped it would work, nonnie.

No. 30765

Can admins do something about the idiot constantly bumping the Ashleigh Coffin thread in /pt/

No. 30768

Mods should ban people for even addressing that faggot

No. 30772

File: 1647869930159.png (263.21 KB, 828x1792, F15EBF1D-B676-4D54-8989-34070E…)

Does anyone know why I keep getting banned for comments I didn’t make in threads and boards I don’t frequent? This one says it had expired already, the last one said it was a forever ban. Both times they’re comments I didn’t and wouldn’t write.

No. 30773

are you using a vpn?

No. 30774

No VPN, though if I keep getting banned for other peoples dumb comments I might need one

No. 30775

because you're on mobile and your ip cycles. this happens all the time on here and every time people complain as if it's a new thing and you're being personally targetted. lrn2internet already

No. 30776

Thanks for answering, that’s all I wanted to know. I’ve used the site for a long time and it’s never happened in previous years. I’m not as pressed by the issue as you are by me commenting asking a question.

No. 30777

nta (not that anon since you are clearly in the dark about anything to do with lolcow), but did you ever think, for just one second, to maybe try to find the answers? this is the complaints and suggestions thread anyway. Not the technical help thread. fuck off newfag.

No. 30778

Right? Literally if the anon had lurked more or just scrolled a little bit on this thread she would know this. I’m so sick of the newfags always being spoonfed.

Also, daily reminder to admin, please give an update about /m/ already

No. 30779

I stan you for triggering tards who think this is still anything to do with complaints and/or suggestions instead of shitposting for ghosts.

No. 30780

>stan you

No. 30781

Can we get an update on /m/?

No. 30782

Moid posting porn in /ot/.

No. 30783

fuck admin fuck farmhands (actual complaint)

No. 30784

Why won't mods lock >>>/w/165079 when Belle hasn't been active anywhere in almost a year and people use the thread just to shitpost and make fanarts and post old photos? They even repost fake accounts. Like come on. Kill off dead threads already or lock them.

No. 30785

Gimmie /m/ I want /m/ Where is my /m/ Please I need my /m/ I can't see without my /m/ I need my daily dose of /m/ I need my vitamin /m/ What's the word on /m/?

No. 30786

Some retard is in the MtF trying to derail. Jannies, please help.

No. 30789

Can jannies do something about the Romanianon infighting in the vent thread in /ot/

No. 30792

/m/ bro please so many threads I need to refer back to pleaseeee

No. 30793

where's the rest of /m/, give it back

No. 30794

Can we get an update on /m/?

No. 30797

Can we get an update on /m/ pretty please?

No. 30800

Please bring back /m/

No. 30802

Please tell us what's going on with /m/.

No. 30803

How many terf retards does it take to fix /m/?

No. 30804

If you just need the threads for reference, you can still visit old /m/ threads if you have the link, you just can't post in them. Look in your browser history, also there's an /m/ archive thread with links. I want /m/ back too but I don't think it's gonna happen, sadly

No. 30805

Can we get a word on /m/?

No. 30806

There's a Tumblr blog dedicated to posting screencaps of lolcow to capitalize off of peoplegettingreallymadatfood's Tumblr popularity so get ready for an influx of oversensitive newfag tumblrinas and thirsty tumblr moids

No. 30807

Can you tell the url? If not fine but I’m curious now.

No. 30808


No. 30809

Thanks nona

No. 30810

yeah most users already know this, what do you want to be done about it? tumblr is a completely different website

No. 30811

This is another nail in the coffin of this website, I hate it.

No. 30812

Oh, my blog. I hadn’t logged in for a while, when I was posting I got zero notes on everything. Anyway no need to panic, seems like the posts have only gotten picked up by radblr, probably because there are lots of farmers among them, the circulation is extremely small. I just made the blog because I think farmers are very funny and it’s a waste for posts to not make more people laugh. Shoot me.

No. 30813

I like your blog, nonnie. I get why people might reee about it but I don't think they understand how most tumblrinas don't reblog anything with less than a thousand notes kek so I think it's fine.

No. 30814

Either it gains traction and leads to an influx of butthurt newfags or it doesn't so what's the point then. I hope you kill it off.

No. 30815

Update us on /m/.

No. 30817

Is admin still alive?

No. 30818

>tfw ghosted by both admins
/m/ didn't deserve this

No. 30819

Tell us if /m/ is dead for real, what's the hold up?

No. 30820

Peoplegettingreallymadatfood doesn’t cause tumblr idiots to flock to 4chan en masse, I don’t see why any other cap blog would be different. You have a fundamental lack of understanding of tumblr users if you think they’d ever willingly set foot on an imageboard. Speaking as a former innocent tumblrina, chan cap blogs are treated like dangerous curiosities brought from a distant land, because everyone is deeply uncomfortable and scared of chan boards. Stop fearmongering.

No. 30821

Plus tumblrfags are timid and get confused when outside of their hugbox so they'll probably run off at the first mention of the word tranny that they see.

No. 30823

I haven’t seen a ban go out on /snow/ or /w/ in almost two days despite reporting a ton of retards including that fat sperg lady are farmhands all on spring break?

No. 30824

moid bait in /g/

No. 30827

Oh great Admin, can we pretty pretty please get a word on /m/

No. 30829

Moid in stupid questions thread.

No. 30831

Moid still posting in the twitch thread, jannies please ban.

No. 30833

Peoplegettingreallymadatfood absolutely brought tumblrites to /ck/. t. /ck/ regular

tumblr moids are literally reblogging the posts and talking about it. kill the blog.

No. 30834

I think farmers are very funny and it’s a waste for posts to not make more people laugh.
sorry but why would you think this was a good idea in the first place. Everyone knows there's crosspollination between radblr and lolcow. But tumblr isn't radblr. Just because farmers are funny and we have our own culture doesnt mean it needs to be shared? would you make a twitter that posts caps and basically advertises the site to twitter tards?

No. 30836

god can you guys just shut the fuck up. nobody cares about something on tumblr. that's not this website.

No. 30837

Please tell us what's happening with /m/

No. 30838

yes I failed at greentexting oh no! enjoy your 5 minutes in the sun I guess generic /ot/ retard.

No. 30841

NTA but what the duck is your problem? You're from /ot right?

No. 30842

Mods can you ask admin about /m/?

No. 30844

More like a retard slapfight lol

No. 30845

This is probably where pornsick Tumblr scrotes and mentally ill tunblrinas found lc from. You should deactivate your blog, imo.

No. 30846

Samefag. Newfag from tiktok is messing up vent thread.

No. 30847

Tiktok newfag is still going

No. 30850

nta, are you stupid? the amount of farmhands literally has nothing to do with the amount of people that come to the website. they never even implied the ones that aren't getting banned, just the scrotes and tumblrinas that are coming AT ALL. learn to read.

No. 30852

no. they said that more exposure to lolcow on tumblr means more people coming to the site. that quite literally has nothing to do with farmhands. How do jannies have any control over who comes to the site or how many? fucking retarded nonce.

No. 30853

Please give us an update on /m/…?? Its not hard to tell us what's going on with it

No. 30854

Different anon and dc about this slapfight but you're misusing the word 'nonce' here..

No. 30855

Seconded pls just tell us what is going on.

No. 30856

no I definitely meant what I said in the way that you know that I meant it

No. 30859

nonce is bri'ish slang for pedo

No. 30860

>I definitely meant what I said in the way that you know that I meant it

No. 30861

You attentionwhore tumblrina, stop posting about this website. Your the reason we've lately had a ton of sjws who hate women and trannies who post cp. I hope you kys.

No. 30862

calm down nonnie and take your meds.

No. 30863

Im sure the totally competent admin is just waiting for the right time to fix /m/.

No. 30865

4chan scrote posting in friend finder thread in /g/

No. 30866

lolcow has been on its last legs for a year, even the brand-new admin went MIA and /meta/ is complaining about a small tumblr blog. any day you could type in lolcow.farm and the only thing that comes up is "this site cant be reached," you should be happy someone's at least documenting it.

No. 30867

>you should be happy someone's at least documenting it.
Nta but webarchive serves that purpose. I don't think anyone should be happy about anon posting some mediocre screenshots to a tumblr blog but ok

No. 30869

go to the wayback machine and try to find specific posts and threads from niche forums and blogs that were deleted. you're lucky if you even find one.

No. 30870

Archiving entire threads is as fast if not faster than taking and uploading 1 screenshot of no more than a handfull of posts. Your reasoning for why we should want that blog to exists makes no sense.

No. 30871

This. Don't trust the friend requests or whatever you get now, it's probably from the scrote.
No one is happy some dumb attention whore is compiling the worst posts. No one that's not a mentally ill autist would mention lolcow outside of the side and you're only going to help us get more moids, like the one who's in friend finder now who obviously found the website just now, most likely from your retarded blog.

No. 30875

nope, that was actually me. You look like the fucking schizo right now kek

No. 30877

Please ban romanianon >>>/ot/1013176

No. 30879

You're mentally ill and I hope you kill yourself, tumblr attentionwhore.

No. 30880

??? What? You were literally calling an anon a different anon for disagreeing with you? little did you know your opinions are retarded and multiple people think they are shit. Take your meds if you think that multiple ppl disagreeing with you must be a "schizo", schizo.

No. 30881

This is the complaints and suggestions thread not the infight over retarded nonsense thread. My complaint: there are anons infighting itt. My suggestion: ban them.

No. 30882

Girl, calm down.

No. 30883

What part of my post seemed angry to you? It was a pretty good complaint and suggestion.

No. 30886

You're not wrong but it's not like mods and admin actually do anything with any complaints or suggestions here at all so it honestly doesn't matter.

No. 30887

Hello retard mods/jannys, can you stop giving bans to a week old post with a already expired ban, unless you have a hate-agenda, thanks.

No. 30888

Which post

No. 30889

Eh? Then why can’t they be made visible again? Even if the threads are broken, just lock them. It hurts me to see a board we try so hard to grow scrubbed like that.

No. 30890

Is a new Kpop Critical thread in /m out of the question? I hate the girlies on CC

No. 30893

Is this it now? Current /m/ is the new /m/? These "temporary" threads have basically gone back to before

No. 30894

/m/ has been fucked for this long, staff are on the missing persons list and anons are still asking? What is it going to take for you autists to accept that it's over.

No. 30895

Hey admin, what's the status on /m/?

No. 30896

hey admin, what's the status on my ass?

No. 30897

>girlies in cc
Anon… They're not girls…

No. 30898

NTA but that means the staff should say something, not that anons should just stop asking and accept getting nothing, not even a confirmation lol

No. 30899

When is /m/ coming back?

No. 30900

Infighting in the vent thread going on for hours.

No. 30902

Did you report it? If not do that because mods never read meta but they do check reports.

No. 30903

Some retard scrote, probably that troon, bumping various threads in snow for no reason. Probably wants to get the reads locked or something.

No. 30907

CP on the front page

No. 30908

CP thread in /ot/

No. 30909

cp gone

No. 30910

cp is gone, it's safe to come out. just letting you know in case you're camping meta and avoiding ot

No. 30911

thanks for the heads up

No. 30912

I think the farmhands should keep an eye out for the Alice thread in snow, it seems like a contender for pt

No. 30914


you can report them but i wouldn’t even bother, it’s been happening for a while and only one or two anons have even bothered to acknowledge it. literally no one on this forum gives a shit about a dumbass who thinks that causing a two second inconvenience for the mods is some kind of epic 4D chess move kek

No. 30915

File: 1648228456506.jpeg (230.79 KB, 750x490, B1D2F529-A1E7-4880-9A03-AAF5F5…)

Since when are Dropbox links to videos not allowed? It’s been used for a long time in threads and I’ve never seen someone get a ban for it. I like it a lot more then using webms so I can see them on mobile. Are farmhands just blind and saw a link so they hit ban?

No. 30916

Yeah that has to be a mistake

No. 30917

The retardation in the JC/Syd thread has to be one or both of them right? When does it become appropriate to mark their self posting? Kek

No. 30918

Shouldn't the sugar cravings thread be moved to /ot/?

No. 30919

I'm convinced bump-fag is the one pretending to be complaining about the bumps because no one seems to care and he's doing it for attention.

No. 30921

literally no one is "losing their shit" kek. maybe one person a week will ask what's going on, otherwise we are at the point where we don't care.

No. 30923

yeah, a simple "kys" is totally someone losing their shit. People have a-logged cows worse than that. "it gets deleted" no, only your messages do. And I haven't seen anything where someone has apparently lost their shit besides "kys moid". Anons react that way to any male on the site, not just some retard that thinks their bumps are really doing anything. and I'm pretty sure mods don't "lose their shit" either, they always write weird mods messages to people they ban, I've had a damn near essay written to me once.

Bro just face it, you're not special. Just persistent. And no one really cares about the bumping, just the fact that you're a sad smelly dicked male.

No. 30925

File: 1648245940664.jpeg (228.2 KB, 721x434, 8FD92E69-67FF-4B14-B70B-14A6FB…)


>ackshually i get told to kill myself all the time. my source? just trust me bro

>wahhh the mods leave mean messages on my bans when i epically post “bump” on inactive threads that continue to get ignored because no one cares

>b-but i’m totally still owning them! they can’t do anything about it! checkmate women!

you’re the only one on the entirety of this forum who’s losing their shit. going on constant bump sprees and then manically lurking in the complaints thread waiting to see if someone mentions it or doing it yourself so you can jump in, namefag, and hope that you’ll somehow become notorious for bumping threads no one reads

i’ll gladly take a ban because holy shit that’s hilarious(stop taking the bait)

No. 30926

that's what I'm saying. kek. I've been insulted worse in /ot/ on my lunch break. literally no one cares at this point besides newfags or probably some idiot cows that want their threads to be at the top of the catalog.

No. 30927

Stop giving attention to bumpfag and just ignore. He obviously does this so he can cry how women ABUSEDDD him.

No. 30928

>i-i get told to kill myself
Everyone on this site does. I literally can't get over him crying about that. That has made my night
But yeah, I'll stop, I just can't believe this faggot thinks mean mod bans and people telling him to khs makes him special.

No. 30930

Enough with the socially inept and autistic bumpfag. Admin, give us back /m/.

No. 30931


not just once is he being told to kill himself, it’s at LEAST once a week! this is probably the most attention he’s ever gotten in however long he’s being tard-raging. he seethes with every moment he’s not being acknowledged so it’s even funnier that literally no one gives a shit, including the mods

No. 30932

literally his comments are deleted and no one thinks twice about it

No. 30934

Stop replying to an attention hungry moid.
He'd have a better luck in kiwifarms while there are a ton of womenhating fags and selfhating pickmes that'd fall into his lap.

No. 30935

Romaniananon infighting in /ot/ again

No. 30937

I think Alice’s thread on Snow is bringing TikTok users who refuse to integrate or learn how to use sage correctly. Can we have a tighter moderation or something for a little bit to clean it up? Sorry mods.

No. 30938

Samefag but it reminds me of some of Shayna’s older threads that had to be auto saged.

No. 30939

Came here to say this

No. 30940

Romanianon starting to sperg out in the vent thread again

No. 30941

Really hoped the new admin with iron out the retardation of the jannies on here and how they ban for random shit, but it doesn't seem to happen. I just got a ban on one of my vpns for absolutely no reason, and the message was just an insult. I don't even read ban messages usually anymore because they're never helpful, just click back and change vpn

No. 30942

The ana/fat derailers are back at it on the vent thread. This is the second time today that the thread has been completely taken over.

No. 30943

literal shit pics in the shitty new pro-ana thread. the threads just get worse and worse with more medfagging and bullshit. can we lock this new one to get a better start?

No. 30944

what the actual fuck was that picture

No. 30945

SS of ban? I'm curious.

No. 30946

Now it's derailed again with stupid infighting about shaving body hair. That thread needs a dedicated tard wrangler today.

No. 30947

Something really needs to be done about the celebricow threads. It was always spergy, but they're becoming absolutely unreadable.

No. 30949

why do people always complain about this shit without ever posting screenshot. and WHENEVER'S someone asks for the screenshot, they never post it or follow up. I'm convinced it must be a joke like, I've seen people complain and someone asks for the screenshot and the anon complaining never ever comes back despite supposedly being a regular user.

No. 30950

There’s two fucking moids on /snow/ Jesus Christ.

No. 30951

Can mods please anyone who interacts with romanianon (I believe it’s Steven wanting to stir shit up)? They keep on derailing and ruining threads with their retardation and pointless arguments.

No. 30953

There’s a tranny chaser in the Robbie white thread.

No. 30954

Syd the cow is self posting and ban evading in the jc shitshow thread in snow

No. 30955

I stg they’re both in there. There’s obviously a scrote posting in there and it types like a goiter.

No. 30957

shouldn't the doodle room thread be moved to /m/? same for movie night.

No. 30958

No. 30959

No. 30960

moooooods they're fighting in the vent thread again

No. 30961

No, they would both die.

No. 30964

>>30959 NTA but we're just rebulding /m/ and is slower than ever now. Moving these two threads there would kill them, and they're the most active threads that aren't drama or vent threads. Also /m/ is more of an archive of things we like to sperg about, creativity threads were always an /ot/ thing.

No. 30965

>>30961 if you hate fun so much stick to /snow/

No. 30967

What? I'm literally saying to not move the threads because they would die. Also, learn how to post.

No. 30968

That's a really bad idea, /m/ gets far too little traffic.

No. 30969

Can mods just lock the Alice Llani thread if they aren't going to bother moderating? Lolcow is going to go to shit if all these tiktok and reddit users are allowed to shit up the threads with no consequences.

No. 30971

That thread is infested with newfag mommy blogger who don’t sage tinfoiling and medfagging about that baby and no one ever catches a ban. I thought it would be an interesting thread because Alice is a cow but I had to hide it

No. 30972

Scat porn in /ot/

No. 30973

Samefag, and gore.

No. 30974

Jannies there's gore and scat spam in /ot/

No. 30975

Moid spamming gore in ot

No. 30976

He’s fucking malding.

No. 30977

Retard moidy shitting up threads once again

No. 30980

There's an XY spamming gore and scat in /ot/

No. 30982


No. 30987

make me a janitor

No. 30988

Weird body odor infighting in confession thread.

No. 30989

Samefag, the anon obsessed with body odor to the point she described women as flowery fresh smelling and how she smells as vomit inducing is still not banned. Neither is the anon who fought about how men who physically abuse women actually are sexually attracted and want to fuck the women they hit/beat/etc. These are obviously both men but mods are still not banning them. Why???

No. 30990

You’re the one still arguing and crying about it hours later. Go outside.

No. 30991

I’m convinced the same people who start infights like >>30989
Come here to get their opponents banned when they lose because they can’t handle a single dissenting opinion. How dare anyone go against your utter derailing spergery. They simply must be scrotes! Just because someone calls you a retard doesn’t make them a scrote. Maybe you just are one.

No. 30992

There's no winning or losing in infights, it's just two autistic screaming, who should both get banned.

No. 30993

I don't think you're in the position to call anyone a sperg if the mentioned fetish posts are yours. Nothing about the post you quoted is infighting, they just criticized moderation.

No. 30995

File: 1648462218217.jpeg (22.05 KB, 300x300, 145AD717-2BE6-45BB-97F3-C9CDC2…)


No. 30996

This. I think it's either a male troll or romanianon from how obsessed with feminism and against it they seem to be.
Also this. The anon you replied to is probably the same anon trying to restart infighting and also made this >>30995 post.

No. 30999

>the mentioned fetish posts
Not everyone spends their entire life looking at scat furry inflation fetish art as a twisted attempt to feel superior. “Oh I might be useless human waste, but at least I’m not them! Hehe!” go outside and make some friends you fucking useless nobody.

No. 31001

Stop trying to force your meds fetish on me you larping scrote

No. 31002

So you admit those posts are made out of a fetish?

No. 31003

Moids posted literal scat a day ago. How are you going to excuse that one, huh?

No. 31004

Moids post all kinds of disgusting shit here on a regular basis. Including child porn and pictures of dead bodies. Your point is?

No. 31005

That the moid who spammed that shit is the one trolling rn.

No. 31006

He's posting again in the oscars liveblogging thread.

No. 31007

Mods aren't even banning whoever the trolls are while they red text other posts. I don't get it.

No. 31008

>mods aren't banning
and you know this how? Are you the troll?
>b-but they keep coming back!

No. 31009

Because I don't see redtext while other banned posts got redtexted? Before you ask me, an anon in confession thread admitted she was the one who got redtexted and banned even though she didn't participate in the infight while other person seemed to continue

No. 31010

Nta but bans ≠ redtext (and vice versa. You can get a redtext with no ban)

No. 31011

Jannies I beg; who is the weirdo that posts unsaged stuff in the jvlog thread? Is it all the same person? Are they using a vpn?
Can you confirm where they’re posting from? Is it a troll or someone selfposting? I just don’t understand why that thread gets any posts in it, they seem to bump it with Groundhog Day posts about everyone in the TC group but only seem to get banned when they post about Sharla and Chris.

No. 31012

Seriously. Tired of the Chris and Sharla fags. Now if you post reason that show why they aren't dating, it's "MOVE ON!!" Can a mod please go in and say that any topic about them dating, until they announce they are dating - IF they are, is bannable? It completely ruined last thread.

No. 31013

Some spergs are spamming alien shit all over

No. 31014

How do we know what to report if there’s no sign they’ve already been banned? That seems stupid

No. 31015


No. 31016

you realize people ban evade right? they get banned and then immediately get on a new vpn to keep infighting. they don't get redtexted, ban evade, continue, so it looks like they never got banned in the first place.

why don't people just think solidly for one moment

No. 31017

Because that anon admitted in the thread that she didn't get banned herself? If you believe she's evading, please do report ther posts.

No. 31018

Samefag but can you ban the moid in confessions thread? They've gone back to infighting once again.

No. 31019

Will we ever hear another another word from the new admin?

No. 31021


No. 31022

File: 1648554899976.gif (1.6 MB, 376x200, 1639073451253.gif)

I love this song!!

No. 31023

tranny in italian thread in /ot/, cherrypicking to prove tranny biology, obviously male, trying to start infighting

No. 31024

Idk baout that one but the same moid from yesterday is back in things we hate, it might be the same tranny tbh.

No. 31025

jesus fuck, you guys too? Lolcow should start asking facial recognition for posting smh

No. 31027

File: 1648560825115.jpeg (81.35 KB, 413x475, A3715115-533E-42FA-A6AA-48CA46…)

Bump for cp in ot

No. 31028

File: 1648560869546.jpeg (74.39 KB, 926x720, 6F05B585-7A0C-42A5-9387-972A13…)


No. 31030

Can anyone report the thread link the scrote posted to fbi or something? This tranny is very obviously a pedophile who is also threatening other anons with killing them in other threads. They can decipher vpn ips too. I can't report because of my coueso it'd be great if an anon could do it.

No. 31031

is it gone yet?

No. 31032

it wasn't actual cp, I don't think. regardless, it's gone!

No. 31033

admin please I know you're asleep but there are whispers MEN here, who are spreading their men agenda who consists in harassing farmers and posting CP in the pastapizza thread in ot

No. 31034

It was a teen, I think. They're from a pedophilic pokemon website that's been targeting us for 2 days. I think the scat was from them too.
There's also one on artsalt or whatever who's saying liking teens isn't being a pedo.

No. 31035

Un-redtext nonny

No. 31037

Yes please. It's a part of our culture now.

No. 31038

Good on it being dead and you didn't take the hint over a month ago? lol

No. 31039

I wrote about this in kibbe thread before but kiwifarms has a thread on this website and any picture of yourself you posted here has probably been posted there. Please be cautious and don't post nude/identifying pictures because they'll take them and post it there too.

No. 31040

The retards in the Alice Llani thread are shitting it up refusing to integrate again. Please lock it so these retards don't infect the rest of lolcow

No. 31041

How many times are you going to beg for them to lock the thread? you're starting to sound really desperate.

No. 31043

there is at least one other anon who has asked too. I really, really don't want to lose lolcow to becoming like tiktok, reddit, and gurugossiper but you're right. There's nothing I can do.

No. 31044

admit you failed, FAGmin

No. 31046

Why is there still alleged cp of hunter biden and his niece on tinfoil and why hasn't the anons defending cp by saying brooke shields was already posted or anyone who's annoyed is a moid aren't banned? Why are all anons in the thread supporting the posting of incest rape cp but didn't get banned for it?

No. 31047

Illegal content in /ot/, careful when scrolling.

No. 31048

Childporn on /ot/….. once again

No. 31049

File: 1648625649582.jpeg (854.18 KB, 2000x1500, 0F84AF17-D8CF-4648-982C-044843…)

Careful scrolling /ot

No. 31050

Is it still up?

No. 31051

File: 1648628481878.jpg (33.71 KB, 449x449, 6dbd1dc24241a5ad4d7960d5b7c7f4…)

Yes it's still there. Why did i have to check

No. 31052

Why is it still up? Did admin and jannies finally abandon us?

No. 31053

I’m the other anon and I agree I think it needs more moderation or to be locked. 80% of the thread is tinfoil and not milk.

No. 31055

And lock the Belle Delphine thread while we are at it. She's been milkless for 2 years and anons use it to shitpost and makeup tinfoils and threaten to doxx her constantly.

No. 31056

I think an entire thread for her tbh was a moid sperging about her vagina. So I can’t disagree lol.

No. 31057

I don't know why it's not locked up. People keep spam posting in it but saging so it doesn't go noticed.

No. 31058

I think I know where the influx of scrotes come from now. A link to /ot/ has also been posted on a german imageboard yesterday.

No. 31059

They're coming from /pol/
It's the first thread in the catalogue.

No. 31060

I just saw the thread and it disgusting. Bunch of fags saying that they wanna see her raped by black men or how she's gonna age(?). Gay men should've been institutionalized, their hatred and jealousy for women is off the charts.

No. 31067

I don't understand why farmhands keep banning and redtexting anons like >>>/snow/1487440 and >>>/snow/1487921 who merely state their critical opinion of the cow unsaged (something which half of the thread does and often not get banned for despite reports) but don't do anything against the relentless whiteknights in lucinda's thread who openly admit to being her twitter followers ( >>>/snow/1452426 and >>>/snow/1400837 for example). While the later particular whiteknight at least got redtexted once, they still shit up threads with deflections and accusing regular farmers of being from twitter/jealous/vendetta for saying anything slightly negative about lucinda to this day.

No. 31068

This. We need a post reveal asap.

No. 31069


No one cares about your opinion.

No. 31070

nta but
>saging in a pinned thread

No. 31072

for real

Why should I sage my complaint?

No. 31074

>often not get banned for despite reports
How do you know this? You don't think ban evasion exists?

No. 31075

when will you retards learn that no redtext =/= no ban

No. 31076

Referring to the thread anon was mad about, not meta. They wonder why unsages get redtext. There's your answer.

No. 31077

Rattle rattle

No. 31078

Anons telling OP not to break up with her pedophilic boyfriend who has admitted to exchanging pictures with and sex ting with 14 year old girl when he was 18 and dating OP. These are obviously moids but still not banned. I've reported them but it'd be good if other anons could too and jannies, please ban pedo defenders, these people are literally supporting clueless girls into getting into relationships with men who will fuck kids.

No. 31079

I feel like the posting of selfies (like in the kibbe thread) should be heavily discouraged if not outright banned. It's obvious at this point that it attracts a disproportionate amount of moid attention, especially from trannies and autists. LC's biggest asset against male incursion used to be the fact that men would come here and immediately get bored due to the lack of salacious content; the presence of half-dressed selfies greatly hampers this, since the average incel is happy to spend hours criticizing and jerking off to some anonymous woman's body.

No. 31080

Are you stupid? They are posting not only blogs but unsaged blogs. Both are against the rules. And also like the other anon said, some bans are not red texted

No. 31081

Because I remember reporting it in the previous threads when I saw it in combination with unintegrated twitterspeak, but they seemed to happily post on.

No I don't, I wonder why excessive whiteknighting, derailing over completely normal cow discussion and typing like a newfag fresh from twitter didn't get the same treatment.

Blogposting is when anons write about themselves, not just writing long posts.

No. 31082

>you don't think ban evasion exists?
answer the question?

No. 31083

>Blogposting is when anons write about themselves, not just writing long posts.
samefag, but why do you always avoid the second part of what someone says, are you retarded? any post that isn't milk, that goes unsaged, deserves to be banned. Plus, the first example is armchairing which is also against the rules. second one is an absolute spergfest anyway.

No. 31084

Yes, someone on kf made a compilation of all the selfies there, some of them literally naked, and posted it on their lolcow.farm thread. As obviously dumb as I think it is to post full body pics at all on an imageboard, I think we need something telling anons not to do it and warning them of what may happen to their pictures.

No. 31086

Pedophilia infight in relationship advice caused by someone defending adult men sleeping with teen girls. Why are they still not banned even though they're obviously using moid logic and saying it's the girl's fault and literally derailing the thread for tens of posts?

No. 31088

Doesn't this also apply to the friend-finder thread? It's pretty obvious moids have been using it to contact women.

No. 31089

There was a steven fiadca that some anons leaked but I'm sure there are many more males in there, even if they don't post but only add people from there. I'm sure most anons there are wary of this, though.

No. 31090

Remember when we used to do April Fools jokes here? Like when the url redirected to pull or when we had posts formatted with quasi profile pics and banners?
I know, newadmin blah blah, but we haven't done anything for april 1st for years. Meanwhile, KF does something every year.
Come on now, it's the most important holiday as it is dedicated to lolz and so are we. Don't disappoint me next year.(USER HAS BEEN PERMABANNED FOR EXPRESSING AN OPINION)

No. 31091

Is new admin alive?

No. 31093

Why arent pedo moid anons banned but us actual users are?

Is there a pedo moid mod again?

No. 31094

I got banned for 2 hours because I complained about the pedo moid yesterday. Kek.

No. 31095

Sounds like you mightve egged them on, furthering the derail.

No. 31097

maybe based on their posts is not actually a male?

No. 31098

Admins please ban this retard for a long time. She has been shitting up /ot all day and infighting with everyone for weeks.

No. 31099

File: 1648837959356.jpg (447.38 KB, 810x1902, 1617291285885.jpg)

not to restart the discord vs on site argument but last year admin did this (parody of a null post) which was pretty funny imo

No. 31100

I posted on another thread so janny would see, janny did and banned me instead with a ragefilled ban message. Anyways pedo is now banned only after all anons here and a few other anons in OT brought it up.

No. 31102

what was the ban message

No. 31103

There's a baiter in lesbian thread who already tried to start fights a few times. Can jannies check on that?

No. 31104

You realize this is lolcow, where people will start infights anyway just because they're bored, and since this place is anonymous they will have stupid opinions. That doesn't make them all moids. you expect every single woman on this site to think like you or else? fucking dumb and you know it. There are plenty of retarded women that still have internalized misogyny, that doesn't make them any less woman, and they are still allowed to have their opinion. I went to check out what you were talking about, I'm not even involved in that thread but I don't see anything that would constitute as moid baiting. Even that one person talking about why aren't lesbians more feminine are probably tired of the dating pool in their area. It doesn't make them a male.

No. 31105

bitch this is the first post Ive posted about this, go back to /r9k/ your pro pedo views are not accepted here

No. 31106

the anon you're replying to never called them a male?

No. 31107


No. 31109

liar, you've been calling everyone a pedophile defender or others have for literally nothing. i have no clue what went on in the /g/ thread but there's 1 or 2 dedicated retards who keep calling anything of being like "i'm not sure if they were necessarily a pedo because there's no actual evidence of that", "pedo defending". it's fucking dumb.

No. 31110

they did over in the lesbian thread. Several times users have said "this is moid bait, please don't respond" so fuck you, lazy bitch, for not going to check for yourself.

No. 31111

Well, you just look like a schizo going off when the ayrt didn't say moid. It's funny. Anyway, what's happening in the lesbian thread is definitely bait at this point.

No. 31112

Hmm… I guess you're missing a little critical thinking skills huh? If the anon posts over there that everything is moid bait, and then comes here and says there's a baiter… what does that make the post over here about then? That's right nonny! Male baiter. Very good. A+ for you!
Anyways, I said what I said.

No. 31113

NTA but what more evidence do they possibly need? It's pretty obviously an adult going after a kid.

No. 31114

You're funny anon, genuinely.

No. 31116

not talking about whatever was going on in /g/ with the 14 year old and 18 year old, that's obviously wrong but i didn't read that argument so i have no clue what's going on there, as i already had mentioned. talking about another discussion.

No. 31117

wow no wonder anons mistake you for moids with how rude and condescending you are for no reason

No. 31118

>replying to a post who didn't call you a moid to defens yourself not being moid for paragraphs.
Go outside. Also stop infighting with a group you'll never be a part of.
Are you the /ot/ schizo who accuses every anon that disagrees with her of being the same person? You're the one who needs to take a break.

No. 31119

goreposting in /ot/

No. 31120

It got removed as of now but they continued on by sending porn so be careful when scrolling through ot.

No. 31122

File: 1648846171171.jpeg (56.59 KB, 622x929, ddc (1).jpeg)

TIL women don't get to be rude and condescending because we must be good little eggs that do no wrong! oh la la. that doesn't sound a little misogynistic to you in itself? like all women are a monolith??
Like I said, I'm not a lesbian or bi and never made a single post in that thread, I'm just so tired of everyone being called moid for not agreeing or baiting. women can bait and act retarded too, see i'm doing it now. That doesn't make us moids.

No. 31123

You started malding at an anon over a word the anon you replied to didn't even use, you're not going to win anyone over because you were acting retarded right off the bat. You're picking fights for literally no reason. Go drink some water and calm down.

No. 31124

Stop ban evading. No one thought you were male until you had a ragefit trying to to prove how you definitely wasn't one while shitting up any thread based on women's sexuality.

No. 31125

I haven't posted on this site in quite some time, take your meds skitzo-chan

No. 31126

Ignore her. She's accusing every anon of being the same anon in every thread.

No. 31127

no, i'm really not. i've said it once or twice.

No. 31128

You need to take a break, you can either tell anons from their writing style which means you spend too much time here or you're so obsessed you assume they must be the same vandetta-anon who lives in your head rentfree.

No. 31129

Samefag but romanianon infighting on /ot/.

No. 31130

no anon, which is precisely why i said it is happening multiple times unwarranted but that i was not sure if it was one or two (or even potentially more) people. regardless, if it's unwarranted and is said just because people are speaking with nuance, it's an issue regardless of how many exact people it is.

No. 31131

It's not really much of an infight, it looks like they're just discussing tinfoils.

No. 31132

I wasn't actually picking a fight, just trying to get that anon to see that not everyone that they disagree with or that baits is a moid. I barely insulted them too, I just said that them thinking that every women on this site that doesn't agree with them is a moid is just dumb. Nothing else I said would constitute as infighting. it wasn't until morons decided to say that I was wrong, when I knew exactly what bait they were referring to and that it was being called moid bait. Now people are acting like they weren't the ones throwing the first fist when they were responding to me when I didn't even do anything wrong.

you're mentally ill and need to calm down. literally not everyone you are upset with is a moid. jesus christ.

No. 31133

of course you get to. It just makes you sound male and you should be aware of that

No. 31134

File: 1648847848502.jpeg (5.49 KB, 145x145, graphics_08a3e8e2210bd2428dd04…)

No. 31135

There's gore in snow? At first I thought it was a woman in a weird red top. Anons please be aware. Smh, can someone inform when it's gone please? Thank you

No. 31136

No one called you a moid before you outed yourself as one. Stop posting about women's sexuality if it enrages you this much.

No. 31138

Leave me alone and stop replying to me if you think I'm a moid you fucking freak. It's against site rules to not engage with moids and here you are engaging with me because you think I'm one. If I were one, I would have been banned, but obviously the jannies know the difference between an actual moid and when anons are pointing their fingers screaming WITCH because we don't agree.

No. 31139

Can someone tell me when the yucky shot is gone from /ot/ and snow please? I'll forever be grateful

No. 31140

> against site rules to not engage with moids
Since it's against the rules to not engage with moidlets, that's why I'm engaging with you, I guess. Anyways that aside, I don't think you're a moid but a severely mentally ill woman because your writing style and obsession with lesbians is super weird. Are you even a lesbian? You've also been accused of being a moid in /ot/, right? Are you ban evading for the nth time?

No. 31142

File: 1648849729808.jpg (67.96 KB, 720x708, cesa7xnhmct51.jpg)

I've never posted in the lesbian thread and idk why you think I've been accused of being a moid in /ot/ but I will say one thing:
Back when anons said that users that accuse other anons with "oh you must be xyz anon" should get banned, I agreed. And still agree. I hope admin releases new rules soon because this shit is so annoying. Acting like it's a "gotcha" moment like you're Sherlock Holmes or some retarded shit. No I'm not any anon from anywhere that you know of. I already said I wasn't a lesbian you fucking retard. Stop acting like you know me and my post history.

Why does it feel like I'm arguing with a moid now… If you are a moid congrats, cause you honestly got me to fall for the bait. topkek

No. 31143

You said here that you got mad because of this post >>31110 on lesbian thread. >>31104 also this is you skitzoposting about how you're not a male after an anon complained about the baiter, not even accusing it of being a man, in the lesbian thread.

Why would you have gotten so triggered and feel the need to type parahraphs filled with rage if this didn't concern you at the slightest and you didn't see what happened in lesbian thread, which you admitted to seeing above?

No. 31144

Is there gore still on /ot/?

No. 31145

Are you actually retarded though? I said:
>I've never posted in the lesbian thread
Not I've never been there.

No. 31146

It comes and goes

No. 31147

You posted and got banned, then came here to rage. If you hadn't, you wouldn't have cried about totes not being a moid because you would've never been accused of being one, although you admitted above you have been. Get help.

No. 31149

You're still arguing with me 2 hours later, sounds like you need to help you pickle headed bitch. Maybe you're bored or just retarded but I don't want to deal with you for the rest of my evening. So with that being said neck yourself and fuck off, have a great evening.

No. 31150

shit I meant *the help goddamn it i hate when i make an error when infighting it's so embarrassing

No. 31151

I replied in 2 hours because I have a life and you replied in 5 minutes but you still think I'm the one who needs to log off? Kek. Anyways you still couldn't explain why you raged so goddamn hard if you really didn't make the weird lesbian infigther posts.

No. 31152

you still have time to edit your post, nonny. also can you guys shut the fuck up?

anyways, how are we supposed to tell anons about 2x? i really feel like the trannies wouldnt harass us as much if mtf got cleaned up and the hideous selfies/anons venting and blogging was contained in 2x, which is why it's there in the first place. Anons are clearly retarded because we tell them to go to 2x every thread and they whine about not being able to get to it.

No. 31153

Moid in the kabukihoes thread in /w/

No. 31154

>pickle headed bitch
I absolutely love this insult.
Anyway, you two both need to stop shitting up the thread please so people can actually get info on where to watch out for gore etc. neither of you is going to 'win' so just drop it.

No. 31156

nta but it's pretty clear you've been also infighting this whole time

both of you should shut the fuck up! this is not an infighting thread it's a complaints thread

No. 31157

Can a farmhand please stop the spastics and twitterfags in the Mei thread responding to the obvious troll? It's all you can read for the past day, kek.

No. 31159

Good job mods have yet to lock the Belle Delphine thread. So not only is someone 3rd party posting photos of her off of her friends profiles when it isn't milk or an update and is literally just trying to bypass 'necro' levels to avoid those bans, NOW you have this anon not only having tried doxxing her and stalking profiles of her friends so they can spam derailing photos of Belle, but NOW they are posting photos of when she was underage. I don't care if she is an adult now, why are they even posting and have photos of when she was in high school?

But yeah, keep the thread unlocked because it's productive even though the cow has not been active in almost 2 years now. At what point do you look at the thread and think "Maybe this is a spam thread at this point", but yeah. Lets keep the doxxing, stalking fags who are obsessive enough to now start posting underage photos of her because those friend's photos aren't good enough anymore.

What milk do you think comes from posting photos of the cows underage and bragging about it being "The youngest photo of her out there". Gross, mods.

>>>/w/204744 Lock it.

No. 31160

Why are bellafaha so mentally ill and obsessed? Just like venusfags?

No. 31161

>you pickle-headed bitch
lmao i love you. please don't leave because we're facing this influx of tards that can't tell their asses from a hole in the ground re: moid identification. we need you.

No. 31162

Like I'm not even a fan of her, but jesus, it's creepy levels that they are stalking anyone they can, even going as far to to hunt down her mom's facebook and stuff. Like lock the thread. It's clear it's just there for anons to use to try and doxx her and her family.

No. 31164

File: 1648880438667.png (131.47 KB, 347x299, 6ce4e324e33c2597ed8d140ebc268c…)

report for their pitiful spamming and be careful anons

No. 31167

File: 1648880579880.jpg (136.36 KB, 1024x768, 1546645085564.jpg)

bumping for my girls

No. 31170

File: 1648880789236.jpeg (88.78 KB, 600x906, E3764604-9FB4-4966-AB9B-27F972…)

i hate males so much

No. 31171

File: 1648880801691.jpeg (90.37 KB, 319x340, 6689BF78-42BD-467D-9684-793855…)

>you pickle headed bitch
Kek wtf is this insult? I love it. Although I think it’s her brain that has been pickled.

No. 31172

men should do the world a favor and kill themselves

No. 31175

i liek pickles

No. 31176

File: 1648880993588.jpeg (54.02 KB, 750x671, 0BACF220-E372-468B-A525-2A86F6…)

my complaint is that h

No. 31178

File: 1648881260574.jpeg (68.68 KB, 529x529, 1642366642426.jpeg)

nah, she's right. that one is genuinely pickle-headed. chiming in additionally to further push it up too.

No. 31179

he said something along the lines of how we couldn’t “get them out of our minds” but they’re the ones who feel so ignored by the act of women wanting their own spaces that they waste their time seeking our gore of dead women and then posting it here, seethe, cope, kill yourself you defective male, I hope your life is miserable and empty you pathetic loser i know you’re still here

No. 31180

>I hope your life is miserable and empty
Anon you already know it is kek. People who are happy and fulfilled don’t do this sort of shit.

No. 31182

Posting gore and abuse is actually really predictable behavior.

No. 31183



Imagine how they will look back on this themselves 50 years from now and think "Man.. That time I got those bitches, good times." when really it's cringey as hell knowing they are storing CP, animal and human gore, and being as pathetic as possible. I'm so glad I wasn't born a scrote.

No. 31184

I'm almost certain it's the retard that was spamming the Mei thread.

No. 31185

thank you farmhand for what you do i appreciate you guys ♥
>If I was a male I'd probably kill myself. Their existence seems too sad.
Kek based same, putting myself out of my misery and doing the world a favor god bless

No. 31187

File: 1648882429493.gif (1.43 MB, 614x640, 698DDF7B-D1D6-4A58-A10A-1C8400…)

KEK even the farmhands are unimpressed
A moment of silence for all the malding moids

No. 31189

Wish they’d all skip to step five immediately

No. 31191

Scat porn on /snow/

No. 31192

Chimping scrote in ot real opinion of cows thread.

No. 31193

In /ot/ too, it just got posted. These weirdos waste their time on spamming…

No. 31194

Why is a scrote cosplaying as Romania? I honestly feel bad for her at this point, she's not the nicest but she's gone through a lot and now some incel is mocking her behavior to get attention because they're probably jealous of the attention she usually gets.

No. 31196

Why doesn't admin do a post reveal for lucinda? At least half of the posts being posted are made by her and some anon even proved lucinda was the one bringing "milk" aka sending pictures of her Twitter feuds herself here >>>/snow/1489393
Can't we get a post reveal since it's literally been proven she's selfposting?

No. 31197

Admin hasn't said anything on /m/ in over a month, she's not going to do a post reveal.

No. 31198

Nudity in /g/ diet accountability thread

No. 31199

gore in /ot/

No. 31200

Gore in /ot/, mods its almost been 15 minutes

No. 31201

Ty ♥

No. 31202

can there be a way to report hidden threads? when i see a warning that there’s gore down the page i slowly scroll until the very top of the offending post is visible so i can minimize and avoid seeing anything nasty. i don’t want to report because that would involve opening it back up again.

No. 31203

If people are warning I'd honestly just assume they've reported it

No. 31204

it's the ukraine camwhore posting gore 100% she's a sociopath and talks about how she jacks off to CP she gets talked about in the camwhores thread and gore starts appearing. I also blame her for the romania sperging, she's 100 times worse than romania.

No. 31205

I agree with this anon.

No. 31208

can we put the mei yan thread on autosage? the moid is still spamming unsaged psots constantly

No. 31209

Mei's thread is getting spammed by a whiteknight "troll"

No. 31210

Scat porn in /ot/ again

No. 31211

and…now that moid is posting scat.

No. 31212

Whats going on???
In the past we would have trolls/raids twice every week but now we have it daily.

No. 31213

The mods are too absent now with how daily the spam is. Is there a way for janny application to be put again?

No. 31215

scat porn on front page, again

No. 31218

Scat and gore still in /ot/

kek the redtext

No. 31219

I think it's a moid from the retarded autistic pokemon website that's stayed until now. They used tk be obsessed with cp and scat just like the spammer is and he larping as romanianon probably because he saw how much attention her posts got.

No. 31221

I think it's romanianon herself, since the scat happened everytime to the same time she had a schizo meltdown in other threads (today it's the cow thread on /ot/ and the camwhore thread in /snow/) and then she blamed it on other people (first farmers, then steven, then the camgirl she vendettaposts about and now some independent moid raiders from a pokemon chat).

No. 31222

Based. It's also a site made for distributing cp or scat so the fact that is overlaps with Pokémon just further proves male autismos are a public menace and should've just been killed by other men like they used to be in good old times. Sigh.

No. 31223

Samefag but I don't think so because the writing style sounds more like someone pretending to be her and we had anons like that last week too, using her words and stuff while the pedo french moids were raiding. I think it's definitely not her, btw, mainly because the gore is centered around women and not that bad while the scat porn is obviously something the raider moid is getting off to. If it was romanianon, it'd have been way edgier gore.

No. 31224

Why why why are male autismos so degenerate? Not even female autismos ever get this bad.

No. 31225

Female autists tend to be less sexual and less deviant than even average women while male autists tend to have more paraphilias, the scat and cp stuff, while being more hypersexual which means they're more likely to be rapists.

No. 31226

I haven’t been on here for ages what’s the story with the pedo frog moids

No. 31227

Moids who are posting porn and stuff are also larping as romanianon here >>>/ot/1013176 while making weird stuff up. Can romanianon be a banned topic? It's only used to bait and namefags are against the rules either way.

No. 31228

More autistic moid spam in /ot/

No. 31229

Why are moids raiding us so often recently?

(Tbh I think it's trannies. Most of them were degen edgy 4chan types who looked at gore for fun and unironically heiled Hitler.)

No. 31230

please add a rule about accusing anons of being other anons. I have been accused of being anons from threads I don’t even post in numerous times and romanianon as well. please god shut the fuck up with your tinfoiling to try to extend the infighting. this is an anonymous imageboard, you cannot see post history, leave it at that

No. 31231

Can't we whores just let men post? They literally built the imageboard software that lolcow runs upon…(scrote)

No. 31232

no but you can kill yourself

No. 31233

How do you know it's "definitely not her"? She attempts to change up her writing often but ends up still sounding autistic (recently it's the overuse of "sociopathic" and her stupid samefagging).

Also, regarding the french moid pokemon site/chat(?), can someone find the original post about it again? How did the anon who originally posted it even got access to that site/chat? I doubt nonnas are looking at random pokemon websites to see if there could be moids who raid lolcow?

While this is an anonymous website, anons can recognize posting styles if they are OTT autistic like the one you named.

No. 31234

come on, you guys

No. 31235

I'm one of the anons that got on the website and I think it's them again because while the pedos were raiding, they were using the same minor pictures while asking why we aren't cute like the teen girls they like and mocking us.

I'm not going to go through threads to find it but one retarded moid sent the website link(which is now deleted) and a few anons along me went in, they posted sceenshots in a thread in /ot/(probably still there) too but the moids were pretty much orchestrating a raid. Also I Googled the website name first and when you google the website name, shit emojis and girl emojis pop up so they're scat fetishists too.

I can't remember the name and won't post it but you might find it if you search up in the site.

No. 31236

today I witnessed the gore spam start in the camwhores thread after Olena was discussed then it extended. She also mentioned lolcow to 400 simps and said her porn is being leaked on here.

No. 31238

It's pretty clear that the radfem retards are the ones attracting the moid spam, perhaps it is time to ban them?(goreposter)

No. 31239

Shut the fuck up.

No. 31241

Think that was bait, nonnies. There's been periodic bait posts itt and they're probably getting angry that no one's responding.

No. 31242

animal gore in /ot/

No. 31245

Yep. They're so hungry for attention it's sad - it's also sad how he's so very clearly obsessed with women and probably cry himself to sleep because none of the girls he posted or likes irl would even look at him in the eye. It's sad, honestly, thankfully it'll end for him once he kills himself.

No. 31246

zoinks scoob if i were a hairy 3d scrote wasting my saturday on an imageboard for "foids" i'd simply kill myself

No. 31247

There's a male in /g/ friend finder who's trying to trick lesbians into adding him or joining his discord server for lescels.

No. 31248

wtf is going on for in Mei Yan's thread?

No. 31249

either a troll/bot or a weird stalker it's been happening all day

No. 31251

It's a troll. They keep samefagging and complaining about themselves, saying "go back to twitter" and basically having conversations with themselves. They probably WANT the thread locked or autosaged

No. 31252

Admin can you please open admin applications? You’re killing the site with your absence, please give it to a neet. This is genuinely not meant as hate, it’s just obvious that you didn’t fit the role as admin for lc

No. 31254

This is how to make sure she definitely won't open them lmao

No. 31255


No. 31257

what happened to the personal cow thread. i thought it was in /ot/ but i cant find it. did it get nuked when /ot/ went down?

No. 31258

Some faggot posting gore on /ot/

No. 31259

Gore spam in /ot/, probably going to leak onto other boards soon

No. 31261

some threads for whatever reason are not showing up in the catalogue but if you search them on google or duck duck go they come up. weird.

i wish admin-sama would consider adding captchas because the constant gore and see pea spamming is ridiculous. unless the tinfoil anons are right and the site is now an fbi honeypot kek.

No. 31264

>>31263 shanya has done WAY worse things that what the autistic trannies try to show there. If you lurk in her thread at this point you're numb to that.

No. 31266

Im here all the time and not bothered by scat or gore at all. Where did the janny application form go, they always spam when I'm here so I'm fine with cleaning it up

No. 31267

lmao scat is childs play this fag is just retarded and annoying at best

No. 31268

kek same here nonna

No. 31269

gore in /m/

No. 31270

Scat on the homepage and gore on /g/

No. 31271

so i know this has been brought up before and perhaps with the current state of site management it might not be possible but could there maybe be a temporary lock on new threads being automatically posted? i think if new threads had to be submitted for approval first it might prevent some of this from happening

No. 31272

That'd be nice. I imagine there'll be a lot of complaints about "why hasn't so-and-so thread been made" but a small price to pay imo

No. 31273

This I think everyone would agree with. Though coding that and getting it implemented is a longshot…

Also pls give janny application

No. 31274

yeah i wish i knew anything about coding ..

No. 31276

yes this sounds like a good idea. at least being able to auto-hide all thread pics would be a good idea (afaik you can do it on choachan, no idea about other ibs)

No. 31277

It has always been in /snow/

No. 31278

I agree with this

No. 31279

That'd be great. I've been using my adblocker to block all images during raids but this would be so much handier. Don't see it getting implemented with current admin tho.

No. 31280

There's scat in Lucinda's thread, heads up

No. 31282

i've always had a feeling that some of these gore spamming moids must be finnish, there is just that certain type of finnish moid incel vibe some of them give off

No. 31283

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some cow thinking she’s owning the farms.

No. 31284

File: 1649005181859.jpg (28.49 KB, 600x450, 1648432350706.jpeg.jpg)


No. 31285

What do you mean by finnish moid vibe?

No. 31286

Gore on /m/. Looks especially fake but alas. This site truly radicalized me against male autismos.

No. 31287

it's like a gaydar but it's finndar. sometimes you just KNOW the anonymous person behind the screen is also finnish. there just is that vibe, that something, you just know it. and most of the time my finndar is correct.

one of these returning moid spammers is a finnish scrote, i just know it i can sense his rat kela lifestyle through the screen and smell the weeks old junkie stew in his sink

No. 31288

Couple gore posts in /ot/ as well.

No. 31290

Would it be possible to auto-hide threads or posts that get mass reported (by different people) until a farmhand checks it?
I know this is cancerous on normal social media, but in this case it might actually help.

No. 31291

Gore raid

No. 31292

/pt/ is affected now too. Why tf don't we have an auto thread pic hide function?

No. 31293

File: 1649005882543.jpg (3.34 KB, 209x18, 343242352.jpg)

ylilauta scrote revealed, i knew it

No. 31294

gore in /m/

No. 31295

What does this mean?

No. 31296

He really types in 4chan wordfilters lmao what a fucking looser.

No. 31297

finnish imageboard populated by fat incels, trannies and underage boys

No. 31298

What does desu mean
He's probably underage or an autistic manchild sad

No. 31299

tbh gets turned into desu on /cgl/

No. 31301

it's japanese basically a polite way to end a sentence

No. 31302

It's a wordfilter for "tbh" on all of 4chan, at least last time I checked.

No. 31303

gore on /w/ - not graphic but some people may find it upsetting

No. 31304

Thank you anons. I think moid is chronically online to the point he's using that vocab irl and on other websites. I've met people like that irl and they're all very mentally ill, I hope he gets better or removes himself.

No. 31305

Admin disable image sharing for the time being. UNFORTUNATELY WE HAVE AN ABSENT FUCKING ADMIN

No. 31306

I hope when they come back they ban you too

No. 31307

NTA but why?

No. 31308

Wtf is happening to this website? Why is there no admin intervention or any word about the constant spam? It's been a month and the threads on /m/ still aren't back. Admin at least say something.

No. 31310

>I hope he gets better

and by hoping he gets better you mean he should off himself? I agree

No. 31311

The creature in Mei's thread creeps me tf out.

No. 31312

So has oldmin or newmin been posting in discord at all, or are they completely MIA?

No. 31313

Samefag, I just went ahead and checked myself. Current admin's last post was April 1st, and before that it was March 20th. No word on the site. So I guess she's around but just ignoring us.

No. 31314

I'm having issues with responses loading in the MTF thread.

No. 31317

You probably accidentally hid saged posts it should be an option at the top of the page

No. 31318

Samefag poster is ban evading again and immediately derails about whiteknights. >>>/w/205165 Just ban them again.

No. 31319

You both need to stop stroking your ego by infighting in a dead costhot thread.
>Nicolefag stfu already

No. 31320

New admin posted in the mtf thread today, so she's still around at least

No. 31322

File: 1649039309713.png (9.23 KB, 1296x81, admin.PNG)

Oh I didn't see that, thanks. Here the post for anyone else that didn't see. I hope this means that we will get some word on the status of the site (not just /m/, but everything else as well) soon then. Despite all of the disappointment we've been through these past few months, I'm choosing to remain optimistic and I hope that when we get a new admin, new site, and hopefully more jannies the site will turn around a little. It does feel like we've just been left in the dust.

No. 31323

Samefag, but the context of that post is the ex-janny who exposed Manifesto-chan's post history, in case it wasn't obvious.

No. 31326

File: 1649044104574.jpg (97.98 KB, 1080x342, Screenshot_20220403-202607_Fir…)

No. 31327

ya i couldn't take it and responded to her in the mtf thread. she needs to step up and address this shit.

No. 31328

Gore in in ot wtf

No. 31329

They spammed gore threads in ot

No. 31330

File: 1649046255376.jpeg (46.98 KB, 680x643, 499F2E74-BA93-4E0D-A195-32CAE8…)

Gore pics on ot

No. 31331

Can someone post when it's gone?

No. 31332

Gore is in the stupid questions thread so hide that one for now.

No. 31333

It's in the relationship advice thread in /g/ too now

No. 31334

gore spam in /pt/ as well

No. 31335

They also posted scat in /g/

No. 31337

Again with their shit fetish spam in /ot/

No. 31339

this is actually a very principled take and i appreciate the fact that admin is so principled on her commitment to privacy. i think ex-janny meant no harm but i totally understand why it's so important to not expose post histories. either oldmin has a different stance or new admin is just very smart because our last admin was really lax and was deliberately exposing/trying to connect post histories when she felt attacked (and she was wrong btw).
(new?)admin is not doing a bad job at all. if anything i have some moderation concerns but i think that's down to janny issues. yes she's a little non-communicative but she's likely living her life or busy or taking a backseat to just running the site. i've yet to see anything yet that would suggest she's doing a poor job at all. not only does someone who wants to run this site need to take on the financial, emotional/situational burden, but also have coding competence in a very specific field and you're further narrowing down the pool to someone who has imageboard related experience that is also female, that also has principles and an interest in the board topics/overall site.

No. 31340

Is it safe? >>31331

No. 31341

this might be annoying but do you guys think implementing a captcha before posting might curb some of this gore spamming?

No. 31342

You already called out the issues while saying that there are no issues, lol. She's non-communicative with us and doesn't do anything about the raids. Don't forget how /m/ is still fucked and she does nothingness about the cows self posting and fucking threads up.

No. 31346

being a little non-communicative is preferable to what we had before honestly and it doesn't mean, all things considered, that she's doing a "poor" job at all, much less a job worth crying for a new admin about. are the issues not being resolved? they are, just in the bg. and, again, the pool for finding another admin for this site in particular is very, very, very, very small. weigh your pros and cons carefully and don't be foolish. i'd rather have someone who takes care of issues but sits back on communication and doesn't stir drama or reveal post histories unnecessarily than many other alternatives. don't be dramatic. how is she not doing anything about the raids? they get cleaned up. if she wants to implement a captcha, ok, but give the girl some time, like, holy shit, people have lives. who even knows what her coding capabilities are so how likely she is to implement a captcha asap without issue? you guys don't understand how difficult it is to run an imageboard. again, the coding experience is so specific and most women who can code don't to take on this burden. i'm shocked you guys are so hard on someone who is literally like just learning the ropes and only took on this site a month ago or some shit.
being realistic and pragmatic about the extremely limited potential pool, short amount of time that you guys have even given her as admin, and considering the pros and cons isn't "writing a love letter". you're being too shortsighted to appreciate any positives so far or just haven't been here for long or something. until i see privacy concerns, a complete disregard for the users and userbase, dramastirring and risk taking, i don't see the issue with being a little non-communicative. all other issues aside i can totally see myself personally not wanting to interact much with people and take on a large burden that also places you in a position of scrutiny and makes your online presence a semi-known person, but just work and try to get shit done to the best of your ability.

No. 31347

i think so

No. 31348

Ngl you sound like the admin defending herself. She fucked up /m/ and it's still not fixed. Still hasn't implemented anything against raids and is deliberately not contacting us so she can get away with doing a shitjob. Why are you defending her so hard if you really aren't her? Do you love incompetence as a whole and adore absent authority figures because they remind you of that father of yours that left?

No. 31352

you guys sound really ridiculous.
yeah i have no insider info i just can understand potential burnout if the realities are not considered by the userbase and the fact that, again, the type of woman needed to take this on needs to be willing to take on so much shit. personally i would end up burntout if people gave me very little time to take on such a big site and i was anxious or something about entering this role already and people were shitting on me. i already explained my concerns about the last admin, though it's great that she was knowledgeable. imo they were serious issues but she was knowledgeable, and that's fabulous, but there are other issues and requirements than that for this type of site. legitimately i have to question how long you guys have been around if you've not seen it. not being around is fixing things but just not posting much to the users? again, i'm not sure how knowledgeable she is about specifically imageboard coding so i can't fault someone for not wanting to screw anything up or being concerned with further tinkering that can result in worse issues or something. that would personally be one of my concerns.

it's not like we're in a position like male boards, this is such a fringe site and such a fringe type of site that also requires a female admin, ideally, so the pool is going to be so tremendously small already and this is not a small site with very little to manage or few users to handle, either. you're also not considering the financial burden and emotional burden. i'm just saying, so far i appreciate the post history principles and the fact that she's even trying considering how daunting this would be to me.

No. 31355

Saying one short sentence in two months and not doing bare minimum doesn't mean sacrificing shit. I'm sure you're her or someone she knows and it'd honestly be good if she just came and explained herself like a normal person instead of acting like a retard.

No. 31357

refresh the page, anon…jesus. it's called deleting and reposting to expound further. you sound extremely new if you think deleting and reposting is doubleposting. and if you're this new there's no point in chiming in becuase you wouldn't be aware of the former issues. and last admin literally didn't even want the role anymore so what's the point of trying to compare them as if she's an option? i still think someone with (potentially, i've yet to fully see as it has only been like a month or two, but so far seems legit), that is trying, that has limited capability, than someone with questionable principles and actions, but more experience, is preferable.
how isn't it sacrificing shit? the cost alone is a deterrent. then where are the tons of female coders begging to take this site on? most female coders don't even want to be associated with this site, as noted before. much of what necessarily would make a good admin would disqualify you from the role, in a sense. just my opinion. i'm no one she knows, stop. just consider that people have different opinions and ways of considering situations than you.

No. 31361

i don't know her. by "we", i meant all of us as a community of users. farmers are not in the position that any run of the mill male board user is.

No. 31363

i've only said it twice because (notably) an anon is claiming deleting to edit is "doubleposting" (and i always deleted before reposting my edit), anyways, and they seemingly haven't experienced the admins changing hands and they refuse to acknowledge former issues. did you not even see how difficult it was to even get someone even remotely qualifiable on board the past, like year and a half of oldmin's trying to get the fuck rid of the site? if it's so easy to find a perfect female admin that will know how to perfectly run a site like this in 1-2 mos, where are they?
literally a habit of mine always tbh and not a function of emotion

No. 31365

You're the newfag who's typing with so much rage she has to delete and repost her posts for them to make sense. Your obviously personally offended, no one would delete and repost over something they don't care about. I still believe you're the admin and you've realized you shat yourself so this is your attempt to… Idk shut the critics down? What you're doing isn't doing anything beneficial but only creating more doubt for the admin.

No. 31368

Just so you whores know; i would cum on both new and old admin’s faces <3(scrote)

No. 31370

> parents arguing about finances
Lmao poorfag

No. 31371

>announcing he shat his pants
Kek. I love you anon.

No. 31372

Nta, but I think some anons (you guys? idk) are a little confused? I don't think newmin is actually admin yet. If you check the discord, oldmin is still the one being addressed as admin and she still has the admin role.

No. 31373

>check discord
Not the point of your post but it's prety annoying we have to go to discord to get that sort of info in the first place. I'd love to know if there's a good reason for old admin and/or replacement admin to be so lacking in communication because I don't see a direct reason why a short post with updates and current stand of bussiness wouldn't be reasonably possible.

No. 31374

File: 1649081345100.jpg (230.93 KB, 1026x589, SmartSelect_20220404-100727_Ch…)

Well maybe if you idiots actually checked /meta/ threads this wouldn't be an issue now would it? New admin literally said already that she wasn't in charge yet and would let us know when she was.

No. 31375

fucking newfags man, I swear. They cry about not receiving updates and then literally don't do the footwork to at least check if there were any updates they might have missed.

No. 31376

But you don't have to check discord to know that. Newmin herself said that she wasn't admin yet. I thought everyone already saw that post which is why I mentioned the discord, but you guys really do need to read the few Admin updates that get posted here.

No. 31377

new admin is better cuz old one banned my favourite man hate thread, that was the most fun thread on the site (just required weeding out obvious race trolls which all somehow disappeared the moment she banned it). as long as this admin doesn't remove threads left and right cause she doesn't agree with the "ideology" then i'm all for her.

No. 31378

>deliberately exposing/trying to connect post histories when she felt attacked (and she was wrong btw)

Ot but I'm just curious whether anyone else ever got banned for "being Elaine" kek

No. 31379

Stay in discord. No one fucking actually uses it besides scrotes larping.

No. 31381

I don't use it either, retarded dumbass. I'm the anon who was asking if there were any discord updates from admin but just decided to check myself instead of waiting for someone to spoonfeed me.

No. 31383

>until a few weeks from now
>tfw it's been months

No. 31384

It's only been a month nonna. I still gotta hold out hope, but if another month goes by with no word then I'm rioting.

No. 31385

I could've sworn her post was made in January or February…

No. 31387

No. 31389

The way it was back to back and seemed like scrote posting, I wasn't sure if it might've been an oncoming raid or something. Then I checked other threads and no one autistic posts were put anywhere.

No. 31390

Stop defending this retard. You're only making her sound even more unreliable and schizo by making posts that sound like her selfposting.

No. 31391

you didn't take 2 seconds to read that is says "1 month ago"??

No. 31392

elaine is that you

No. 31393

If you go to the post directly and look at the date, the post was made on February 8th.

No. 31394

File: 1649092290428.png (2.51 KB, 364x36, 677f8e59-e6e4-4869-8151-0fd12a…)

Samefagging I was right. February was 2 months ago.

No. 31395

To be completely honest with you though, that's not the point. The point is, they did give us an update and not only that, the update explains that new admin isn't in charge yet, which was the fuckin point of me pointing that out, because idiots complained about a new admin that isn't even in charge yet. what a warm welcome.

No. 31396

i can't report the unsaged sperging in the gyaru thread fast enough.

No. 31398

Mods ban for personal reasons (husbandofags). Something should be done with it.

No. 31399

kek, you look like the schizo. "you keep saying that" as if you know who is posting. weirdo

No. 31400

… where? I look at /meta/ like every other day and haven't seen the updates.

No. 31401

Who's Elaine and why are you obsessed with her, girl? Btw Nta but you're seriously fucking schizo and keep derailing the thread.

No. 31403

whatever the fuck is going on in here

No. 31404

This is the first time I mentioned her here, but I take this as a yes.

No. 31405

NTA and take your pills. Who tf is even elaine? Why do you keep mentioning this bitch in every god damn thread?

No. 31406

Lol they are ban evading again as if it isn't ovoid with how autistic their collages are constantly and sanefag replying to themselves kek >>>/w/205334

No. 31407

"This thread is being brigaded with overly aggressive posts and misinformation. We do not allow interfering with drama in any way (including contacting sponsors or relatives), posting revenge porn or wishing bodily harm. Ignore trolls and bait, report and move on. "

not trying to be a conspiracy theorist or something, but it does look like mei or her friends are trying to get the thread taken down by shitposting

No. 31409

Because there's a lot of milk surrounding her right now nonna

No. 31410

It's getting bumped repeatedly anyway, might as well

No. 31411

If you're going to newfag, do it less obviously, retard

No. 31413

"Farmhands don't pin threads because they're getting milky" are you stupid or just a newfag? When a thread is getting enough attention and traffic as Mei's is getting, farmhands absolutely pin threads. It's to prevent the retardism from spilling into other threads on the site, because the thread is the first thing they see. Elaine's thread and Isabella's threads were both pinned, when we were getting a lot of traffic to the site. But I guess you wouldn't remember that if you're new to the site.

No. 31416

Do you not even know how to greentext?

No. 31418

Nice, you're talking to two different anons, retard.
"she doesn't know how to greentext"
kek. whatever. I'm on mobile and accidentally used quotes the one time, kiss my ass. Regardless, asking who Elaine is is a newfag move and if anyone had anything to say differently, they're a newfag.
nice hopping onto another anon's tits when you had no stake in the argument. while you're at it, neck yourself.

Anyways, nice attacking the syntax I used rather than what I said because you retards both know that you're incorrect. ♥

No. 31419

>you're elaine!
>you're newfag!
>you're schizo!!
Some people only use /g/ or /ot/. First we're a cow, then schizos because we don't fit your narrative then newfags? Why are you trying so hard to start infights? Get a life.

No. 31421

I don't get the person who is constantly singling out anons in the nicoleeeveedavis thread to ban for no good reason, minutes after they post legitimate milk.

Short OG version:

I have no idea wtf is going on with you or the farmhand, who keep handing out bans, red text and accusations with absolutely no legitimate reason. I swear some people here are Nicole herself or just live religiously in her butthole. Those posts are clearly milk if you know the threads and understand the concept of context and proof against Nicole's statements. It takes out any fun to post here anymore whatsoever the way how it is handled lately. Besides that: 1. No, as hard as it is to believe nonnie, that was not all posted by me and 2. I never evade, unlike you some people have a life outside bancow. Just come to terms already that this is a Nicole thread with multiple individuals sharing the same opinion. The relentless whiteknighting and blocking in this thread is becoming insufferable, they kick their own main contributors and let unhinged stans fly, yeah right.

There were seven messages of complaining before mine, but of course, mine was the only one redtexted. Again. The whiteknight mass-banner can rampage free and nobody in the thread can normally post anymore without farmhand banning every second post. Somebody please explain so this makes sense to me. Nobody here can alter behavior to the better, if they don't understand. To me it looks like random banning and didn't violate rules with the posts.

No. 31422

Can everyone who has posted in this thread the last 48 hours get temp banned? It's literally like 4 people infighting mostly

No. 31423

If I get banned in thread for posting milk that farmhand does for whatever the fuck reason not comprehend as such, then told i have to take my valid complaint to meta, just to be banned therefore again, I'll flip. Wtf is this site becoming? Who monitors this?

No. 31424

Me, me! I got banned for being Elaine. It was at the height of her thread activity, but I never even posted in it. I wasn't even following the cow but I somehow got banned for being her

No. 31425

i've gotten banned for being other people. not elaine but other minor cows before the elaine stuff and i've seen a lot of other anons complaining about the same thing (happened a few times during the erin painter sagas, iirc).

No. 31426

This person gets ridiculously mad over mentioning Elaine vaguely and trying to hide their samefagging with "nta"s, so go figure kek.

No. 31427

Tinfoil the elaine schizo in this thread is old admin/old jannie.

No. 31430

Yes they do anon, stop being an idiot. Pinning milky threads is something that has happened multiple times before. Just because I didn't give you an answer that you like doesn't mean that I didn't answer your question

No. 31431

Do you guys use VPNs? if so then that's probably why. elaine is famous for selfposting with multiple ips

No. 31432

Hm, no, but I have a dynamic IP (it periodically and automatically changes itself)

No. 31433

File: 1649157635389.jpg (50.47 KB, 612x612, d90fb4e8f765d32c.jpg)

I find it ridiculous fucking smileys, emojis and saging is enforced with the power of pover 9000 autistic nazis, newfags are arbitaly permabanned just for newfagginess (at least give a "warning ban" first or shit?), while there is no communication over complaints, the situation with /m/ etc.

I don't know why the smiley shit triggers me the most, I don't ever even use them (unless in quotation of someone etc). It's just so painfully autistic, other image boards very rarely have them despite no such rules. It comes off to me as "we are the COOL girls here, we don't use smileys since we are nlog!!". There is no mention of them in the rules either. I don't know, using smileys in a fucking image board is cringe but this autistic unwritten rule about them is even more so.

Yes, yes, I'll most likely be (perma)banned for this post.

No. 31434


No. 31435

It's under number 5

No. 31436

Ah, I see, I missed that. Well then, that point is moot then - however, board culture like that should be enforced by public shaming by other anons, not bans. Well, that's just my opinion of course.

The main point I had still stands, however. The silence in communication while redtexting very actively is quite annoying.

No. 31437

> waaaah why can't smileys be used waaah
> i don't use them tho
> they are cringe

Are you bipolar?

No. 31438

nope, no vpn, just like the other anon. just a dynamic IP.

No. 31439

why are you getting mad at this website over an anon just suggesting you idiots get banned? lol?
I've never seen someone get so mad over the mere mentioning of Elaine and then act like they don't know who that is kek

>I'll be permabanned over a complaint in the complaint thread also I was wrong about everything I said
I'm confused, and not trying to call you a newfag or anything, but why would you assume that you'd be banned over some silly shit like this? Also the absolute retardism that would follow if emojis/emotes were allow I think would exceed all bounds. Plus the bans for them are at most 1 hour long.

No. 31440

Since when is typing like an adult "nlog" shit kek

No. 31441

I don't use emojis. I'm NLOG. idiot. /s

No. 31443

first people were schizo's, now they're narcs. lol. did you just pass your Psychology 101 class?

No. 31444

I’m new to Nicole’s drama and just invested in reading all of her previous threads. There is definitely something weird going on with anons in these threads. I will admit that her threads started out milky af but then seem to have dried up and some anons are trying to force milk in order to revive the threads. It does seem like there is a majorly autistic wk on the defense however. It would be so easy to hide the thread and yet they are here crying about every stale milk post. It really makes it look like Nicole herself is in here complaining. Otherwise the thread would probably just die off. I hope that if Nicole is wk-ing herself, admin or farmhands are able to prove it and eventually out her and show which posts are hers. That would be the only thing that would revive her milk I think because it seems she is lazy with her content.

No. 31447

We know youre the same fag in thread. What was spam posted isn't even milk. No one was WKing either by calling anons out for making up tinfoils to pass as milk from people she hasn't even interacted with in over a year. Do we really need to hear about Des wearing her sweater or beanie again for the 4th thread and how after over a year they are apparently playing subconscious "IM WEARING YOUR HAT" games? Or posting about Connors birthday and making shit up that Nicole didn't say anything because "SHE HATES HIM NOW". The only thing close to milk was about her hair color and that wasn't worth 7 paragraphs of bringing up 7 year old posts and shoehorning in other made up shit like complaining about the video game she is playing or a glitched video when we know she photoshops.

Do you see how unmilky and just retarded these collages anon keeps making are? None of this is milk. It's nitpicking to fill a thread. You guys are a bad as the Belle Delphine scrotes and its obsessive.

But keep posting those non-milk posts for more red text though. Also nice multi-thread samefag bans in the Nicole thread too kek. Lol

No. 31448

Lmao ok elaine. Should've known your seething doesn't stop at oldmin.

No. 31449

I can smell the testosterone in this ragepost. Either obvious scrote or untreated PCOS, get help.

No. 31452

My god, here she goes again.

No. 31453

Im the Mei anon, I didn’t want to greentext a whole block of text, shit becomes hard to read. Calm down nonnie

No. 31454

they'll do absolutely anything but actually address posts.

No. 31455

congratulations anon, this is the forth time you accused two different people of being one, and yet again, nope, only 31421 is from me, the other isn't. When will your fried autistic nutbrain understand that the only person really having major retarded issues with the Nicole thread, is you?

"We know its the samefag!1!" Nope, you are the only one throwing a fit every post that is created in Nicole's thread, while everyone else tries to have a good time discussing apart from your relentless infighting.

>Nicole finally admits in writing she lied about her natural haircolor

>Three threads full of Nicole demanding public support from Connor and then doing jack shit when he has birthday, band tour or literally anything else giving him more attention than her
>Cassie proving to still skinwalk
>Destery manipulating his girlfriend into dressing up in Nicole's clothes, then she posts breakup lyric posts while he vanishes into a "mental health break"

BuT iS nO mIlK, it's the samefag tinfoiling!

Seriously, at this point I'm certain you are either Nicole herself, being at her irrelevant fatso lowpoint and therefore going apeshit here or some unhinged scrote off his meds with way too much time on their hand and should finally fucking hide her thread. What you gonna post anyways besides banning everyone else and create infighting novels?

No. 31456

Lolcow is a bad website for terrible people

No. 31457

what do you mean? Not every aspect of the site and not every single user is bad.

there are people in the nicole threads that have been consistently posting for over two years and the majority stopped because of repetitive shit wk/complaint like this. i wonder what is to gain from sperging about every post, instead of just to stfu or hide thread.

No. 31458

I hope you keep getting banned because you sound miserable lol

No. 31459

nothing new

No. 31460

just saw i got a ban (now expired) from a post i made OVER a week ago.. good job mods yall really holding the fort down

No. 31461

I bring this up again
Any new threads need approval before going live
Pls new admin. Everytime newfags make a thread, they post 2 and they are pure bullshit threads.

Also why we are at it, why don't we implement duplicate images, can't post across all boards. Idk shit about coding but might stop some of the spam

I pray for you new admin, it was bad before your arrival but there is a lot more garbage in the last few weeks

No. 31463

Nta but
>untreated pcos
Stop projecting and shave.

No. 31464

I asked the same with the last admin. Not trying to press matters but suggest ways to alleviate problems

No. 31465

>implying the new admin is a woman (moid)

No. 31466

>implying the new admin exists

No. 31467

No. 31468

ban that cringe man in the vent thread.

No. 31470

Moid in /ot mental illness thread trying to derail posts

No. 31471

moid in the relationships thread in /g/. He ,like most moids who get revealed, might raid us with gore

No. 31472

honestly sick of hearing about relationship thread in meta non stop you guys are all fucking retarded in that thread and I dont even think its moids at all I think you anons can never find common ground and always come running here for mods to save you. Fuck off and go touch grass.

No. 31473

infighting in unpopular opinions in /ot/

No. 31474

>I dont even think its moids
I don't know nona, it's remarkable that infighing in /g/ is nearly always in the one thread that males actually have a dog in the fight in. It's nearly always paints them in a negative light after all. You don't see that kind of infighting in the fashion thread or period talk etc. kind of threads males don't care for.

No. 31475

NTA but I think moids sometimes start infights or post baits and make two sides fight as they watch.

No. 31476

Please clean up the celebrity drama thread on /ot/ It's 35% of race-baiting and ruins what could be a great thread.

No. 31477

I agree it's dumb to run here for "help" anytime there's infighting, but in certain cases it's pretty obvious it's a scrote. Like when they get mad for anons saying scrote/moid, using "femcel" as an insult…

No. 31479

I think anons need to get it through their head that not all women think the same and having debates about topics is normal and you shouldn't start panicking about moids the instant someone said an opinion you didnt like.

No. 31480

Jesus fucking christ bring back /m/ or at least update us on it??

No. 31481

Some posters have been obvious moids, idk about now but one poster was saying a 14 year old anon who had relations with an adult couldn't have gotten raped because she knew sex would be involved when she entered the relationship and was therefore responsible for the adult man's actions.

No. 31483

so? Women have fucked up takes too doesnt mean every single poster who is fucked is a moid get that through yourselves already

No. 31484

That poster literally got banned for being a scrote. Drop it. Just because you got called a scrote doesn't mean you need to defend weird scrote agenda as stuff that's totally written by real women.

No. 31486


We can get banned for using emoji on /ot/ now? The moderation here is shitter than the chans like half the website is down for weeks but y'all are handing out emoji bans in /ot/. Yeah, that's how the fuck to run a website.

No. 31487

Emojis has always been bannable. Retard. Just because you didn't read the rules doesn't mean jannies are retarded. Though they sometimes don't ban spergs while banning people for small reasons like they did to you so you do have a point.

No. 31488

Mods should verify posters’ feeties. Ugly feet posters must be banned!

No. 31489

The spamming retard is back, just fyi

No. 31490

you're an idiot and a newfag if you didn't know using emojis was a bannable offense. if you don't like the rules then leave

No. 31492

Can admin please do something about the blogposting in the LJ thread? It always gets bad when the milk dries up but their shit is constantly unsaged and now they’re cowtipping. It’s pretty obvious it’s the same two nonnies having full ass conversations.

No. 31493

just a heads up. sainte who posted in the lolita thread is a notorious attention whore tranny(male).

No. 31494

can someone for the love of god please ban the junkie sperg(s) infighting in tunas thread?

No. 31495

Retarded anons nitpicking and infighting in the Taylor thread because not all anons are grossed out by female diapers and breast pumps. >>>/w/205793

No. 31498

I love watching you lose your shit because people don't agree with you, Taytard. Seethe harder.

No. 31500

Nah uh

No. 31501

File: 1649359284740.jpeg (1.77 MB, 2940x3460, F89628D0-CAAA-4C56-BF58-4720BC…)

Can we ban the anon that’s been using the TND thread like it’s her personal burn book. Bitch been writing whole ass essays on Taylor like she has word minimum she has to hit and I’m sick of scrolling past them.

No. 31502

This, please. It went on for hours.

No. 31503

Celebricows is getting derailed and there’s racebait again. Can we lock the thread for awhile or move it to /snow/ and do some heavy moderation in it

No. 31504

can mods delete the proof i posted of cowtipping in moos thread? anons are bitching and it's derailing the thread.

No. 31505

And maybe tell everyone what the rules are so they can all stop arguing about it.

No. 31506

honestly, reporting moo's account isn't even cowtipping to begin with. and we know thots like krissy lurk the thread, the anon who reported it could have been anyone. it should be up for archival purposes anyway.

No. 31507

Peridot avatarfagging happening on /snow/

No. 31508

They’re starting up again lmao

No. 31509

scrote in /ot/

No. 31510

File: 1649405322117.jpg (45.68 KB, 474x315, cashcowww.jpg)

I'm here once again to BEG YOU to fucking accept Basic Attention Tokens. Plese. Become a verified creator, let us giveyou our poor girl's BAT. ITS FREE MONEY WHY DONT YOU WANT IT

No. 31512

kek i agree. i dont use brave but i would if admin took BAT

No. 31513

Please, an update on /m/?

No. 31514

thanks for cleaning up in the russo-ukranian thread

No. 31515

It's such a mess in there, but thank you mods

No. 31516


No. 31517

Why would you want to repost old posts? Just wait for new drama to happen.

No. 31518

This is just painful, anon.

No. 31519

>new drama
Pretty sure anon is talking about /m/

No. 31520

Why does every post take like 30 seconds to make?

No. 31521

cp in /ot/

No. 31522

gone now

No. 31523


No. 31524

You know lolcow is run by a woman, right? The only thing you can expect is a bunch of dicks to be sucked.

/m/ is never getting fixed.

No. 31525

Moid seething about women in ot/ Dumbass Shit Thread. At least the dumbass shit moid is in the right place kek.

No. 31526

Moids are literally all gay and suck more dick than women lmao. Why do you think trannies are so prevalent now? They are coping about being gay. Stay losing XY chimp.

No. 31527

Testerical moid posting porn in ot/

No. 31528

moids are genuinely so retarded and butthurt about this site. their attempts at trolling and upsetting us are pitiful

No. 31529

It's probably the bot again. It always posts with a link to every imageboard. Either advertiser or honeypot.

No. 31530

CP on /ot/

No. 31531

yeah i wasn’t sure given that there was an obvious moid in the dumbass shit thread. i don’t think the bot posted actual cp but i tried not to look at it too hard when i reported the post

No. 31532

porn in ot

No. 31533

Moid in /ot/

No. 31534

Tranny in snow/ making seethe threads for TERF Karen Davies. We have detrans and radfem threads and they aren't bringing milk just seething that her beliefs on trannies are all lies.

No. 31535

Moid spamming in /pt/

No. 31536

nikocado's blown out ass in /ot/

No. 31537

Would it be possible to come up with a consensus on how to handle CP etc being spammed, or rather how anons should handle it? Because every time Someone posts a pic, or posts and says CP below, or does nothing there's always a slew of infighting on how it should be tackled and honestly it shits up a lot of threads. I'm in camp report the picture and say nothing, but I can understand every perspective. Could a "correct" way be established by mods?

No. 31538

I agree a corrected way would be good. I think bumping threads without mentioning it and acting like you're making normal replies is the ideal way but scrolling nonad will still see the image then so idk.

No. 31540

It's the internet on a public forum that doesn't even need registry. There's no good way to combat it and admin has said before they let the FBI know when it happens and on our part, avoid it and report. I'm on the side of err when it comes to bumping because some anons get really annoying with their bump parts when it happens, but its better than cp on the front page.

No. 31541

Can we talk about the random eugenics tangents in OT?

No. 31542

name fagging / twitterspergs in the onion thread bumping and shitting it up

No. 31543

I can't be the only one whose browser almost crashes whenever I load the catalog on any board since the amount of threads is so great. I have no idea about how this site truly works kek but would implementing a click through pages feature, like in the standard view, ever be possible?

No. 31544

What post is this about kek

No. 31547

someone keeps bumping the bullshit ashleigh coffin thread in /pt/ and then deleting their bump post. can we have the thread moved or something? its been dead for a long time

No. 31548

if you get banned under the reason 'moid' does that mean admins dont listen to your appeals? I made a stupid joke in a shitpost thread where I called someone a lesbian karen and I was banned for being a moid/scrote. I've been appealing my ban with the admins for over 5 months now and not one reply from them to my emails. Im typing on the libraries pc if you're wondering how im posting

No. 31549

moid get a life. top kek

No. 31550

how??? this is what I don't understand, I was thinking of sending in my ID but I'm too scared to do it. I didn't even think my joke was that bad to warrant the ban I was just being stupid. Can sending in a timestamped picture of myself to the admin help?

No. 31551

samefag but maybe videocalling the admins would work? im not sure as i've not been banned permanently like this before I was banned once for not saging in /pt and that was only for a week or something

No. 31552

I use this site for cope

No. 31553

There's a moid who's been nonstop derailing threads on /g/ especially the ideal type thread, can we get rid of him for good? He's obsessed

No. 31554

the resident evil retard in the stefany thread needs a ban/permaban because they've already blogposted, derailed,sperged out and armchaired in a single post.

No. 31555

Bumping threads may also make it more difficult for the farmhands to find and delete.

No. 31556

uh, I don't think that's how that works. that may be the case if it didn't get reported but I think if it gets reported the post gets sent to them and they delete it. I don't think they have to swim through the catalogue every time they have to delete a thread.

of course, I don't know jack shit about running a website so I could be wrong, but it would seem really inefficient to do it that way.

No. 31557

In the mtf thread in /snow/ some newly peaked newfags got the permaban redtext for being a newfag. I just care for peaked women having a space to come to, they can be shamed to adapt to the culture. Of course the farmhands could see something in the post history I do not

No. 31558

i hope you're trolling
and if you're not you're too stupid to be on the internet

No. 31560

wtf is a permaban redtext?

No. 31561

Redtexts don't mean they got permabanned kekkk

No. 31562

File: 1649691059845.jpg (28.86 KB, 629x438, 77g.jpg)

There's no way you're this dumb

No. 31563

some troon in /snow/ is trying to start a thread on some web artist "Bonniex345" that apparently pissed him off for being a terf. you can see his failed attempt at a personal army at KF here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/bonniex345-madelyn-emma-browns-heavry-hate-for-trans-women-and-kiwifarmss-two-face.111406/

No. 31564

"User was sent to pasture" doesn't mean a permaban?

No. 31566

Hehe you retard. No, it's just the default ban redtext

No. 31567

ok so i guess that solves the question of who was the newfag that got "permaban redtext for being a newfag" that you mentioned here >>31557
It was you. and you're an idiot

No. 31568

Moid in vent thread.

No. 31569

where though

No. 31570

Jannies already cleaned it up.

No. 31571

could the link color please be changed to something lighter maybe more saturated in the "luna" theme ? its illegible for me, not sure if anybody else uses it. this is my main problem, but i also suggest the highlighted posts be changed to a different color as well because it is the same one as the default LC theme.
thank you in advance

No. 31572

ashleigh coffin thread still being bumped daily in /pt/. Been over a month or two now.

No. 31573

samefag but saw two posts saying bump over the course of a few hours and now they've deleted their posts. they do this every day.

No. 31576

can you please pin the new doodle room thread? >>>/ot/1132888 thank you

No. 31578

wtf a pedo in the confessions thread

No. 31579

So who’s more incompetent? Admin or atlassian?

No. 31580

I'm pretty sure >>1501104 is possibly about someone under 18.
And I'm pretty sure this one
>>1491990 is just 3 people infighting

Regardless evwn if im wrong, they are both shit threads, with vendetta involved and a bunch (maybe 5 people) nefags who keep posting.

Not interesting at all, why weren't they deleted when I reported them both within 20 minutes of being made?

And these are just 2 examples in recent memory, this keeps happening.

No. 31581

Girl, you need to link to the actual board it's on, when you tag posts with just >> it tags the board you're currently on. You need to tag the actual board. Ex: >>>/ot/1134288

No. 31582

Hey mods, this sperg is literally just posting to argue in thread. Can you ban them or something? It's derailing and you can tell they've just been trying to do this to multiple anons and claim everyone who isn't getting some non-exisitant joke is autistic.


No. 31583

lmao that's me, stop being autistic and pay attention. people were making fun of how shit moo's house is despite her claim of designing it herself. and some salty cunt is acting like it's not possible that she designed it. are you moo? you seem like you're trying really hard to defend her.

No. 31584

No one has defended her at all regarding her house.

Your initial post already sounds like you think she actually designed it, so if you're going to get mad that multiple anons called out the post and corrected it and now you're calling anyone who said anything 'autstic', maybe reevaluate your posts as to why you're getting so much pushback, but thanks for 'hi cow'ing.

No. 31585

who gives a shit? what a stupid thing to fight over

No. 31586

sorry but you actually sound autistic.

No. 31587

this. it was clearly meant to be sarcasm, anon is just retarded. either way you read it, it's making fun of her for lying or having shit design sense. i guess we need to /s or quotes around everything.

No. 31588

also i don't even care if i do get a ban, it's pathetic that you came here to continue infighting to simply skirt around doing it in the thread because you take things too literally and need to jump on everyone for pointing out moo claimed to design her shit house.

No. 31589

Mods are they really samefagging?

No. 31590

Elaine’s making vendetta threads about kiwifarm scrotes again in /pt/

No. 31591

File: 1649969432666.png (1.75 MB, 1024x1024, 7FED058D-CA94-4BB1-808A-A66822…)

Some disgusting things posted to some weird pt thread

No. 31592

File: 1649969485861.png (376 KB, 560x500, CE580744-2B16-4191-9D02-F5EE83…)


No. 31593

Got deleted very fast. Thx.

No. 31594

no i wasn't, you're just retarded.

No. 31596

What a nice cake, thank you, anon

No. 31597

File: 1649989578551.jpg (15.23 KB, 320x524, file.jpg)

Can a mod do something about the John Beluga stan in celeb thread? Fucking bitch is nuts. I reported her sperging like 10 hours ago but she's still going. Please someone step in and help this obsessed woman who is in love with woke Grimace

No. 31598

Namefagging is getting pretty annoying especially on /ot/. I think saying "hi namechan" should have the same treatment as the schizos saying "hi cow" in /snow/ threads.

No. 31599

…That's not what namefagging is, first of all. Second, pointing out that an anon is, as an example, (c)rap chan, is not breaking any rules on /ot/. The reason "hi cow" gets banned on cow boards is because it doesn't contribute to the milk and starts infights which shit up the thread that is meant for milk. /ot/ doesn't have the same rules as cow boards. Namefagging is when you put an actual name into the "name" field of your post.

No. 31601

Is that you, autist-chan?

No. 31602

I mean if someone calls you "___ anon" just call them a schizo and move on.

No. 31603

tranny baiter in vent, seems like he's got what he wanted after his third attempt

No. 31605

Did we get linked somewhere new for there to be so much bait since last night?

No. 31609

Could we make a new Marilyn Manson thread after the HBO doc?

No. 31610

The infighting in the Jonny and syd thread is getting crazy, they’re just ripping on each other. Can we please ban the people who continuously engage in off topic petty infighting.

No. 31611

Update on the /m/ situation please admin

No. 31612

can something be done about the constant faggotry in that rachel leeds whoever the fuck thread in /snow/? can it be autosaged or something? there’s constant hi cowing, cowtipping, infighting, samefagging, and unsaged mental illness, and there’s only so much reporting can do (evidently). the subject isn’t even that milky beyond being a massive autist

No. 31613

Please do something about the boyegafag:

No. 31614

Can the mods spend a sec to clean up the hidden board for old stickies and closed threads?

No. 31615

Fuck it. While we’re on the topic why do we have sty and manure. Can we sort that too?

No. 31616

It pisses me off kek

No. 31617

Cp in /ot/

No. 31618

Two of the same pic, the first has been up over 30 mins. Literally I see anons get red texted for such retarded things yet cp has been up unnoticed for ages

No. 31619

cp on /ot/page 2

No. 31620

Sort out what about it? What's wrong with those boards?

No. 31621

No one can say anything in the Syd/Jonny thread without some nonnie claiming we want to sleep with him. It’s getting annoying and bordering on psycho Syd behavior.

No. 31622

Pls This. I’m begging mods to moderate the syd and jc thread, it’s completely off the rails.

No. 31623

Already reported but troon sighting in >>>/ot/1136011
At any second the creature could throw a fit by posting CP and/or gore. Just warning.

No. 31624

Please do something about the retard derailing the Harry Potter with sperging about porn addiction.

No. 31625

Can you please add a rule that makes unspoilered pictures of hairy styles a bannable offence?

No. 31626

File: 1650209405727.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3000x1500, who? me?.jpeg)

No. 31627

kek, i was expecting that ugly pic where he is wearing pink trousers braces and no top and a fedora thing

No. 31628

Kill yourself.

No. 31629

Can an admin clear up the Syd and Jonny thread? You can't even see the Syd posts because the same person is writing paragraphs and digging up stuff about a random girl Jonny used to date.

No. 31630

Seriously what drugs is paragraph-chan on? I didn’t even bother skimming. That thread is a mess.

No. 31631

Would it be a good idea to put a guide for embedding videos somewhere? I've noticed a lot of nonnies asking for other people to post videos because they don't know how. Maybe we should pop it on the same page as the rules? Thanks jannies, happy Easter by the way! Hope you got lots of chocolate eggs

No. 31632

moid in /ot/s doodle room thread and probably some others

No. 31633

There's some low effort scrote bait in the lolcow doodle room thread.

No. 31634

File: 1650234986669.jpeg (81.54 KB, 828x524, 2A65DC7C-81CE-4535-8F8B-3B3F58…)

Why is there porn as s banner

No. 31635

that's kiki, newfag

No. 31636

That's not porn, that's Kiki Kannibal's movie.

No. 31637

Ok great you see nothing wrong with it but it’s just a sex scene idk how that’s suddenly ok

No. 31639

A few banners have been discussed to remove since they’re not obviously cow related and borderline porny, for example the ‘daddys little porkchop’ one. I guess you like that one as well?

No. 31640


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 31641

It is obviously cow related if you have lurked long enough to recognize Kiki, I don't think that's the banner's fault

No. 31642

There's someone in /ot/ spamming unrelated things in a lot of threads.

No. 31646

it's actually Mystery, not Kiki.

No. 31648

Retard posting scat porn and talking about le ddosing

No. 31649

they mean the one OP anon is complaining about, not the daddy's lil pork chop.

No. 31651

Can a mod please do something about the sperm derailing and constant nitpicking about Taylor's husband being old and how apparently it's not good for people his and her age to be having kids because health-wise blah blah blah. It's not milky and involves tons of factors that we literally have no proof of and now it's morphing into arguments about why she didn't marry a white guy. >>>/w/199602

No. 31652

no one mentioned "why she didn't marry a white guy." Sorry you're sensitive about Tom's sperm quality

No. 31653

It's derailing and a lot of it just being anons personal opinions on what they think about his age and sperm and why him and Taylor are together which is shit that was in threads years ago. There's no reason to bring it back up and post 50 replies about when it's not drama. It's nitpicking at best.

No. 31654

stop replying to every comment about his dried up spunk and maybe it wouldn't derail the thread.

No. 31655

I haven't replied to a single thing in thread regarding it. Wtf is your damage?

No. 31657

And they are shitting up the Moo thread. They keep trying to infight with people and it's cross threads now. They need to calm down. >>>/pt/874356

No. 31658

god you're retarded.

No. 31659

unironically please get rid of /w/

No. 31661

Can we please have some kind of admin update, we know you guys see us since newmin literally posted in /snow/ a couple weeks ago. Where are you guys? When is new admin taking over? When are we moving so we don't get error pages anymore? Where are the new themes?

No. 31662

File: 1650406359465.gif (338.13 KB, 275x242, kim get your ass up.gif)

2 months no real update.

No. 31663

Can you just tell us you're not working on getting /m/ back. This is getting a little embarrassing.

No. 31664

someone keeps making new threads to shitpost in /m/ and /ot/

No. 31665

File: 1650429884560.gif (971.85 KB, 220x220, zzzzzzz.gif)

admin… admin, wake up… wake up, admin…

No. 31666

I bet you whores have uglee feet

No. 31667

maybe it’s mean but i kinda wanna know if vivi from the shayna thread has a post history since she mentioned lurking on a few threads…

No. 31669

Scrote loose and sperging about tradwives in /ot/

No. 31670

so is "infighting" when saged acceptable or not on offtopic boards? because that was what we were told over and over yet bans are issued for "infighting" (debatable as to whether or not it's actually infighting tbh or just discussion), but it has been rule that saged "infighting" is allowed yet all of a sudden, without warning, it's being enforced that any infighting with sage warrants a ban. what's up?

No. 31671

I'm so glad someone else has noticed these issues creeping in! The other day, I opened a thread and saw a pic of someone's bare ankle. I thought I might have accidentally gone on the pornhub site or something, it was so disturbing. Please clean up all this filth, mods.

No. 31672

>still on about /m/ every day
>calls absentmin a little embarrassing for not fixing that of all things

you /m/ fags are a trip

No. 31674

Can you tell us what happened to /m/ and if it's fixable or not?

No. 31675

File: 1650528551390.png (303.65 KB, 1246x565, everydamnday.PNG)

this person has continued to write 'bump' posts almost every day for the past 2 or so months. No one gives a shit about this dead thread can admins please just lock or move the thread and stop letting it shit up /pt?

No. 31676

Anon it's the lack of transparency and the abandonment of this website what we dislike. Honestly, cows like omocat have been cancelled for the same reasons, not giving updates when everyone is putting their hopes and expectations on them. This website was supposed to get updated in december last year, with a server/imageboard code migration, and old admin said the shaynadmin would introduce herself "soon". She never did. No updates. Nothing. Remember this website also is being kept afloat with the donations of some anons here. It feels like someone ran away with the money, not saying they did, but that it feels like that. Like what omocat and other failed kickstarter cows, the lack of news is what is getting on our nerves.
A simple "hey it's ok I'm working on it" would be enough! We just want an update!

Also, a lot of anons are giving suggestions on how to fix things but shaynadmin hasn't said anything. I feel like at this point we should get more than one admin then, we need more people that need to code in this website instead of giving a ton of work to just one person. Being an admin of an imageboard must be very very exhausting so this is why I'm like "ok she can take her time, there's no one else that can do it like her". But it takes 10 minutes max to post something for us, a small update on what's going on behind the scenes you know? Or an introduction. Or just "Hey gals I'm still alive". Idk.

No. 31677

Like, we definetely don't hate admin. We just want her to come here and say something to us.

No. 31679

Moid loose in /ot/ lamenting about reeeee foids sucking dicks that aren't his reeeee.

No. 31681

May the sperg that keeps shitting up the Shayna thread and not saging please be banned? They keep coming back, seems to be the same person since they're incapable of saging their retard takes.

No. 31682

CP in /ot/ and /m/

No. 31683

there's still cp there

No. 31684

Ban the kaliacc faggot posting scrotes in the egirl thread. They refuse to keep it to egirls in kaliacc and have been told to go make a separate thread for the moids in the cult. They're basically just shitting up the thread and pissing and moaning about anons being Miya because they're telling them to stop.

No. 31685

Are mods dead? This male is just hanging around posting low effort bait

No. 31686

Some troon is tranny sperging in Jill's thread.

No. 31687

the eating disorder thread in /g/ is predictably devolving into purging tips

No. 31688

Jesus, it's bad. We should be telling them to gb2 mpa, not having them form a purging base here.

No. 31689

Lock the eating disorder thread, this isn't the place for that.

No. 31690

i honestly think it’s just a one person show now and i have a feeling one of the old admins from way back in the day is running things on their own. my suspicion is shaynadmin either fell through or backed out at the last minute, taking the new server with her, if she even existed at all. it’s obvious something weird happened behind the scenes, and i wouldn’t be all too surprised if it was done deliberately. plus the board has been so slow since ot and m were screwed up that there’s likely no reason to have a big mod team anyway. anons who don’t care just don’t want to admit they like the lax moderating rules; we’re getting away with a lot of things that we couldn’t do and say before so of course people are going to run with it. i used to hate hell week and some of the meaner farmhands, but now i miss them because they did force people to contribute to threads and put in some modicum of effort. this is really the worst i have ever seen this place. whoever is running the site now probably checks in every 2 days at the most, unless cp or gore gets posted, and at this point i don’t even know what to say anymore as it’s likely some assmad farmer spamming because of m being muerte. on a good day it feels like we have literally 5 people posting at any given time on any of the boards, on a bad day, it is like you’re the only one here. it’s really hard for me watching lolcow die off like this as i started lurking during the staminarose days. i remember when threads moved like lightning and how much fun we used to have talking shit with each other. i hope the secret godmin behind the board just one day closes the site for good. like just put up a page with a cow staring off into the sunset with a redtext saying “board has been put out to pasture” and archive everything. it’s really time to say goodbye and move on to greener pastures. the good old days are never coming back.

No. 31691

Sorry, but the last part of this post is retarded. If you really think the site is dead, then just leave.

No. 31692

Tinfoil - that's the new admin and why she is too busy for anything else kek

No. 31693

lolcow is a shell of its former self. the days of hellweeks and involved moderation are long gone, leaving lolcow with the same hands off dynamic as post-moot 4chan that made it an even more fetid cesspit then before. Old users taper off from the exhaustion of being falsely banned, enduring cp, infighting and moidposting (that used to be so religiously flagged that we rarely spoke to males) to the point most old users leave and then not even user based moderation and culture is left. All that remains is an unmanned fuckfest gossip forum of autistics, zoomers and bpd women desperately clinging onto lc's corpse to not feel lonely

No. 31694

Can admins please clean /pt up from all the shit new threads being made?

No. 31696

Kill the trannies in the Pixielocks thread
Kill the trannies in the Pixielocks thread
Kill the trannies in the Pixielocks thread
Kill the trannies in the Pixielocks thread
Kill the trannies in the Pixielocks thread

No. 31697

>All that remains is an unmanned fuckfest gossip forum of autistics, zoomers and bpd women desperately clinging onto lc's corpse to not feel lonely
I feel this on an emotional level

No. 31698

>>All that remains is an unmanned fuckfest gossip forum of autistics, zoomers and bpd women desperately clinging onto lc's corpse to not feel lonely


No. 31699

>All that remains is an unmanned fuckfest gossip forum of autistics, zoomers, bpd women, and trannies* desperately clinging onto lc's corpse to not feel lonely

No. 31701

That optimism.
Also no. For some reason oldmin was deadset against deleting that shit.

No. 31702

Then leave. No one needs your bitching to further stink up the atmosphere. If you hate it here, then go.

No. 31703

An autistic zoomer bpd woman spotted. It's an oldfag's right to complain about the state of the board.

No. 31704

NTA but thats a hell lot of buzzwords…

No. 31705

I've been here since the start too, now what?
Since it's so bad to you, you should have no problem to leave.

No. 31706

>It's an oldfag's right to complain about the state of the board.
Agreed anon

No. 31707

raid in /ot/

No. 31715

There's a larping moid that won't stop posting tranny soyjacks in the fujo /m/ thread

No. 31717

File: 1650747743696.png (9.94 KB, 578x152, rifurehhr.png)

could you please redtext this derailing projecting tranny in the jillian thread? thank you

No. 31718

File: 1650748180446.png (1.9 MB, 2560x1440, imagen_2022-04-23_160850694.pn…)

Honestly, we need to move Jillian to /snow/. A lot of anons agree she doesn't even fit /w/ anymore and she's milky enough to be moved. If you agree, reply to this post so mods and jannies can see.

No. 31719

Samefag, not to mention that a lot of cows in /snow/ like anime with the same intensity Jillian does (aka in a very superficial way). Jillian is more of a DID alt girl autism munchie larper now, her lolita era is long gone and it's not like she ever really dressed in jfashion.

No. 31720

makes sense tranny sperging would happen in /w/ since it's like PULL diaspora.

No. 31724

the skellys in the pro-ed thread are rattling

No. 31725

Raid incoming.

No. 31726

scrote in /ot/: >>>/ot/1145744

No. 31727

How do you know that?

No. 31728

Nah uh

No. 31729

scrote and muslim sperging in coquette thread

No. 31730

permission to just make the next jillian vessey thread on /snow/

No. 31731

Why? She belongs in /w/. She's a fucking weeb.

No. 31732

Saw male posts being posted back to back last night.

No. 31733

can mods not say shit like "don't touch the poop" ffs this isn't twitter.

No. 31734

I seriously just got a 24 hour ban from all boards for discussing the amber/johnny case in the containment thread for "white knighting a cow"?!? How does that make sense? I didnt even say anything positive about either of them? So we can only discuss then negatively?

No. 31735

What does that have to do Twitter? Do you understand what it means?

No. 31736

if anything she belongs in /pt/ at this point

No. 31737

it means cowtipping, we already have a word for it here.

No. 31738

can anons please stop replying to moids in celebricows and adjacent threads? we're better than that, report and ignore them

No. 31739

You contacted Moo, stfu

No. 31740

I think it’s cp in ot

No. 31741

CP on /m/

No. 31742

CP in /ot/ up for 16 mins

No. 31743

Ban evading moid in the Johnny and amber thread

No. 31744

I’m not a moid you piece of crazy shit. Hopefully you get banned when you sperg in celebricow.

No. 31745

Also Amber will NEVER fuck you.

No. 31746

Stay banned

No. 31747

Hopefully your lies will catch up to you irl. Lying is a sin, hoe.

No. 31748


No. 31749

Proof mods and anons like you are semi-scrotes, y’all want based women gone but don’t worry about bigger problems like the cp posts.

No. 31750


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 31752

Agreed anon, sometimes I feel as though all these 'LOOK A MOID' posters are just trannies themselves larping extra hard.

No. 31753

Cp in /ot/

No. 31754

New thread here: >>>/meta/31751

No. 31759

nta but it's possible to dislike two things at once. also i can't tell who's supposed to be the based one in that shitflinging, just see some reeeeing about 'whores' or something

No. 31760

File: 1650902920321.png (157.7 KB, 1289x336, 4-C21-B31-D-6-E2850238956.png)

You think posts like these are made by women?

No. 31761

NTA but some anons in that thread were defending depp and calling amber whore or prostitute, I called those anons ugly and jealous. They then went onto other threads to cry about how I was a man when in reality they were the ones defending the abuser and laughing about his misogynistic texts and how Amber got hurt.
I definitely think that's a moid though, there are a lot of moids in that thread alone.

No. 34894

okay no one on here is actually a woman though(thanks for outing yourself, makes the job easier)

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