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File: 1657748430367.jpg (119.01 KB, 617x800, Borzoi (2).jpg)

No. 1261916

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

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No. 1261920

File: 1657748694677.jpg (31.34 KB, 554x554, ae4c6da012bd6f18d679df37f4ce5d…)

These unicorn cakes. I know they are for kids, but I'm so sick of seeing these and the fucking drip cakes. I know bakers have to be tired of them too.

No. 1261926

Women who are competitive with other women for no reason and are passive aggressive. Why?

No. 1261931

Because I fucking hate 80% of other women. They're vapid and retarded. You either prove to me you're worth regarding as an equal or I'm discounting you as another waste of resources looking to piggy back off someone else.

No. 1261933

I want an explanation too. I have met a handful of nice and "bubbly" women but there are always the ones that end up trying to throw their own insecurities onto you. Why some women end up randomly thinking that the other is competition and they try copycatting them to try seeming better? Its ridiculous because I am in this situation as we speak. I am 5 years younger than this woman and I would think that we all have our own things to do instead of having someone live rent-free in their head. It's devastating.

No. 1261935

Was going to say this yesterday cause I guess some girl at the local pool was looking at me and other women angry while she was with her date/bf. Women should care for themselves and other women instead of some low to middle tier scrote.
Take your meds and go outside.

No. 1261936

File: 1657749351370.jpeg (70.15 KB, 719x736, B10B35A4-7E0A-49D8-9150-4C3602…)

No. 1261940

File: 1657749666294.jpg (11.58 KB, 236x284, a560bdf4d2fc84455cc1aa82adfca9…)

No. 1261941

very edgy anon

No. 1261943

I don’t think you’re a scrote, honestly I think you’re one of those unhinged women who like to be a psychopathic boss babe and treat women not as fellow human beings or animals but like your underlings from hell. This kind of hatred is definitely from a fakeboi

No. 1261945

I hate the women being competitive meme. How the fuck do you know if some woman is looking at you for those specific reasons? I doubt every single one of you is conventionally attractive or like to dress up for scrotes. I’ve never been involved in any competition with women because I am glad whatever evil god that created this planet made me ugly and unstable that keeps men away

No. 1261949

> Was going to say this yesterday cause I guess some girl at the local pool was looking at me and other women angry while she was with her date/bf.
How do you know she was angry? she could have just as well been squinting against the sun or just has RBF.

Y'all always talk about sUpPoRtInG wOmEn then let your insecurities get in the way and cause you to make scrote tier assumptions lol.

No. 1261952

I had this phase when I was 12-15, it's time to grow up.

No. 1261955

I think your problem is that you have difficulties relating to others and probably lack empathy, or/and you're too much in your own head. Aspergers perhaps?

No. 1261963

Nta but about 80% of this userbase has some sort of neurodivergent disorder so that explains why they’re very nitpicky, overly organized for no fucking reason or making new threads when the old thread isn’t even fully yet, aggressive or depressed

No. 1261968

Caffeine making me feel sleepy instead of awake

No. 1261969


Where'd you get those stats from? also welcome to imageboards retard

No. 1261973

File: 1657751362293.png (752.28 KB, 536x766, 56363636.png)

I greatly dislike farmers that detest discussions about troons and topics it dives into, quickly accusing said conversation of sperging and dismissal of said opinion. In particular when themselves are on a site that is known for abhorring troons. Many farmers here has asked for advice regarding younger family members who fallen into trap that is troonism

No. 1261975

I think you should set farmers in "" quotes.

No. 1261988

File: 1657752046298.jpg (352.76 KB, 710x532, cam286_07.jpg)

I greatly dislike "farmers" that detest discussions about troons and topics it dives into, quickly accusing said conversation of sperging and dismissal of said opinion. In particular when themselves are on a site that is known for abhorring troons. Many farmers here has asked for advice regarding younger family members who fallen into the trap that is troonism

No. 1262001

It was Pakianon picking fights with the fujos??

No. 1262005

yes. she's absolutely insane with her fujo hatred

No. 1262007

Mashallah finally another anon who sees through Pakianon's lies. She keeps shitting on white women but loves white men so much she literally ended up defending jdepp because he was a white man.

No. 1262008

File: 1657753216421.jpg (35.03 KB, 468x718, 1431146870800.jpg)

/w/ is fucking insufferable and full of whiteknights
>open any thread
>she is just making money by pretending to be a little girl while dumping her 14 year old daughter on her mom, what's wrong with that?? kinda based tbh
>please don't insult the cousin's wedding dress uwu, it's supposed to be the happiest day of her life
>Belle is young and elvish looking, you are all just bitter

No. 1262009

I absolutely hate it whenever my brother opens his mouth. The most brain dead voice and retarded opinions, idc if he is only 18. I can’t even explain it in detail how much it makes me seethe. Maybe I just irrationally hate him huh

No. 1262010

Yes, check the end of this thread
and the fujo cringe thread

No. 1262012

This is a tranny who is angry because he has had to "work" for his faux-womanhood by buying estrogen and publicly humiliating himself daily. I'm sick of the fucking cock crusaders getting bold on here and insisting they're totally legit women
On the 3% chance it's not a tranny, but a woman-hating woman who still can't keep her ass off a woman's board for mysterious reasons, I still would not respect her. Anyone who takes issue with this can climb off a bridge

No. 1262015

File: 1657753414350.jpeg (603.63 KB, 1600x900, 9133DE0E-AD0A-4492-A8ED-9B0BBC…)

No. 1262018

Heh, now I agree nonna.

No. 1262021

Samefag link to her hand post

No. 1262022

File: 1657753575493.jpeg (643.9 KB, 740x1089, 546A9A7F-D407-4DCA-834D-B9F8FE…)

I’ve accidentally stumbled upon belle’s thread multiple times and I can’t believe anons would cope so hard and call her beautiful. She looks like picrel

No. 1262024

Can you post picture of her w her brother?

No. 1262025

File: 1657753771180.png (12.83 KB, 359x543, 676554466.png)

Thank you, I fixed it just for you ♥

No. 1262028

File: 1657753842722.png (78.56 KB, 784x171, 1656154717658.png)

No. 1262031

Rattle rattle
She looks like a goblin

No. 1262035

the skinny one is her brother

No. 1262037

Thank you.
Lmaoo not you thinking her hand is the male hand. Fucking lost it.

No. 1262040

Low of her to post her family on lolcow tbh. It’s just a hand I know but it’s still so low. She’s honorary scrote. Sorry I’m very family oriented.

No. 1262041

That hand has the longer nails so I assumed so from anon's cap, hers are totally stubby, oof

No. 1262047

Tbh she's an attention seeking liar who would do anything to get her way. She says she twists info about herself to not be found because she's atheist and that's illegal but has no problem admitting she's not a believer time and time again just as she posts personally identifiable pictures of herself and even family.
She's not that obese either, i have no idea why her hand looks so weird.

No. 1262049

I don't really follow lolcow autist drama much so I jumped to the conclusion that she posted that spoopy la creatura skinny hand kek
And that the comparison to the brother was related to that, trying to prove that it's normal

No. 1262055

When you buy a set of art supplies and it’s like 50 blues, 30 pinks, and 5 total other colors.

No. 1262194

File: 1657762970502.jpg (131.82 KB, 590x891, kys.jpg)

My friend recently downloaded whisper to check it out and troll it and she's been sending me a steady stream of horrible shit every day. I hate this app and the moids who use it

No. 1262214

Anon you're just autistic that is why no woman likes you. Moids also don't like you, but as long they think they can fuck you they will laid down. Good luck getting older, it would be very rough.

No. 1262236

She posted pics of her grandma here?? Wtf

No. 1262248

File: 1657770201736.png (342.58 KB, 699x953, killme.png)

I hate mouthbreathing coomers who make fake profiles pretending to be women like picrel (not troons) and the mouthbreathing coomers who follow them. This is the most fucking stupid and obviously fake profile in the world and yet "she" has over 100 moids following her.

No. 1262253

I don't expect this to be relatable, but I hate when I get clit rugburn.

No. 1262255


No. 1262257

Sometimes I masturbate with my underwear on, and the fabric creates a lot of friction. Only happens if I masturbate more than once though.

No. 1262259

legit sounds like a 50 year old reddit male's wet dream. eugh

No. 1262260

use silky panties it feels better

No. 1262261

don't insult christine baranski like this

No. 1262264

Weirdly I don't experience that anymore. I wonder if I'm really ruining my clit sensitivity or if I somehow masturbate less roughly than I used to.

No. 1262269

Is silk breathable and safe? I assumed you had to wear cotton panties or else you'd be a breeding ground for yeast and UTIs

No. 1262273

not real silk, the ones made of modal and such are breathable.

No. 1262286

I adore the threadpic, OP. Borzois shall forever rule ghis thread, amen

No. 1262288

When people ask me how my day went on a workday. Like I wanted to shoot myself from boredom then I remembered I'm getting a paycheck for this. Like literally what kind of an answer do they expect??

No. 1262295

they're usually asking in terms of if nothing went terribly horribly wrong, or if something amazing happened. is that hard to grasp?

No. 1262301

File: 1657780052462.jpg (44.53 KB, 546x728, borzoi.jpg)

I'm glad you like it! I know anons were trying to kill the borzoi pics, but I made it my personal mission to bring them back and restore this thread.

No. 1262318

File: 1657784511281.jpeg (2.4 MB, 1920x2560, 9822B475-732D-45BA-8FE2-E25EB9…)

These rooms
Not an ounce of originality and some of them aren’t even genuinely into what they collect. Seems like such a waste of money and effort just for some cheap likes and attention from random onlline

No. 1262319

Everyone is so judgemental and extremely critical of every little thing. Insane amount of fashion critiquing has lead us to sameism and bland ugly sweats being the norm. Extreme critiquing of media has lead us to bland TV, music, movies, etc. Everyone is too fixated on the past that it's impossible to reconnect with old friends because of that one time so and so did something that upset you and everyone is too scared to make new friends without fearing being seen as annoying or clingy. Living nowadays is its own form of isolation, it feels so lonely despite being surrounded by people. Everyone is too scared to socialize

No. 1262321

Jesus fuck I hate people who think they're special snowflakes for doing nothing but having sexual relationships with people and enjoying sex. Main character syndrome for doing something over 95% of the population does

No. 1262334

The fuck do you expect from fucking Fetlife

No. 1262336

so many dust collectors

No. 1262368

That's what bothers me most about those rooms. Yeah, they're unoriginal and ugly and their taste in anime is horrific, but I feel a bit sick at the thought of trying to dust a room that full of clutter.

No. 1262372

Any time a conversation about serious shit males are mostly responsible for turns into
>But women do this lesser thing so we need to all stop and acknowledge that too
And we do but then that lesser thing always magically becomes the main subject of the conversation. It's the most transparent shit but people walk into this trap where they don't want to be seen as being dismissive. You're not dismissing it, they're just changing the topic.

It's like when you have an argument with a partner and you say look this thing you've been doing drives me crazy.. and before they can even hear your words they're ready to drag up some tit for tat thing to hit you back with. Oh but you do this..

No. 1262376

File: 1657794811007.jpeg (120.35 KB, 640x930, 7D274653-D185-479A-8F31-C3581B…)

I hate this bitch literally

No. 1262378

what is going on here?

No. 1262380

Her mom should have aborted her

No. 1262386

Not really a helpful answer the the question

No. 1262390

samefag I found the photo and google translated german text, it's from a climate demonstration, one of participants glued herself to a street with fast-drying concrete; apparently it can cause pretty severe chemical burns. Dumb but why hate her and call her a bitch, idk.

No. 1262417

Hack writers who call their vampire characters Tepes, Bathory or any variation of Dracula.

No. 1262422

I didn't believe that you actually hated her til you said 'literally' at the end. Now I believe you.

No. 1262423

I hate video essays and the retards who make them so much it's unreal. It's always the same shit and someone trying to appear smart by using big words that have never left that persons lips prior to recording that video. My entire youtube is filled with them and I'm so tried of it. I go to youtube for fun entertainment, not to watch someone talk about capitalism and transwimmin for the millionth time.

No. 1262435

That's such a retarded thing to do but I kind of feel bad for her

No. 1262477

I hate when mundane, no shit things are described as sexy as if to appeal to some audience. You find this in pop journalism a lot, articles saying that consent is sexy, boundaries are sexy, self love is sexy. Like, why do we need to label these things as sexy to get people to respect or understand them? It feels gross and cringe to me

No. 1262491

I'd say people are really bad at complimenting things online without hyperboles, remember when people would say "food porn" everytime they saw pictures of delicious dishes?

No. 1262513

Oh yes true, and let's not forget foodgasm too kek

No. 1262522

File: 1657814471807.jpeg (69.62 KB, 596x424, D2869CD7-DC95-4384-A396-31640B…)

i hate puritan uwu drugs are bad!! you smoke weed? ur a junkie! idiots as much as the next normal person but hard drugs are disgusting, the effect they have on the person and their relationships is just a catastrophe…

No. 1262535

She already looked like a senior citizen at age 28. I sort of agree with your statement, but potheads tend to be a certain way I don't jive with, I think you can absolutely be psychologically addicted to weed where it's a legitimate problem.

No. 1262537

Kek this is dumb of her, but I also find her cute.

No. 1262539

Wtf happened in the two years between 32 - 34?

No. 1262541

No. 1262545

No. 1262566

is it the one in the babushka thread?

No. 1262574

I hate when the flavor of potato chips I want is only available in a giant bag. I live alone, I don't need 5lbs of potato chips.

No. 1262588

Just close the bag and save them for another day, or I could eat the rest for you. What flavor?

No. 1262654

Honey butter chips. They're so addictive.

No. 1262662

I hate conversations about J.K. Rowling. They're boring and tend to be derailing whatever topic is at hand. I don't care if you like her, dislike her, agree or disagree with her.

No. 1262707

BV, UTIs, yeast infections.

No. 1262716

I've never had BV. May that last.

No. 1262717

Pray you never do anon. I was scared to open my legs when I had it.

No. 1262718

I hate the anon who says mashallah in every post

No. 1262720

what is a bv

No. 1262721

Bacterial vaginosis.

No. 1262743

I hate how mk-ultra is used to blame for everything. A incel shooter kills people, gotta be mk-ultra'd. It takes away accountability and acts like no one is capable of unspeakable crimes on their own free will. It pisses me off so much.

No. 1262747

This is what annoys me about conspiracy theorists too. It's like they believe that if it weren't for higher powers or whatever, no one would ever do anything bad.

No. 1262773

It's easier for them to blame a boogeyman than recognize systemic issues.

No. 1262781

It's multiple anons, not one. Inshallah you learn how to have fun.

No. 1262802

>google this
>google what normal discharge looks like
>~pEoPlE wItH vAgInAs~
I hate this

No. 1262807

The main people I see saying this tend to be scrotes who are a lil socially off themselves. Men who were troubled teens and who settled into a hermit life later on… they see themselves in the shooter and it makes them so deeply uncomfortable that they go into defense mode and blame a boogeyman. Though I don't think they're even aware of their own motivations.

No. 1262830

Yep they're just blaming someone else, some mysterious cabal, for their own actions that are their own responsibility

No. 1262849

Same. Tf does it even mean? It sounds retarded. Just another lame buzzword that will deteriorate and be forgotten soon.

No. 1262872

Ayo, where do you live to find 5lb honey butter chips? I fucking love them. Link?

No. 1262889

I’m also a honey butter chip addict, if I open the bag I finish the bag. But tbh I still can’t help but associate it with 707 from mystic messenger lol

No. 1262891

I just googled honey butter chips expecting it to be pieces of butter flavored like honey.

No. 1262998

>But tbh I still can’t help but associate it with 707 from mystic messenger lol
kek same, that's actually how I found out those were a thing

No. 1263220

File: 1657870510444.png (1.39 MB, 850x1134, Screen-Shot-2022-06-02-at-6.38…)

The cult of personality around her is very odd given she's just a twenty-something that posts tiktoks from her toilet

No. 1263224

>tiktoks from her toilet
I don't know who this is please say sike

No. 1263228

My cousin had one of these cakes for her birthday once and i ate the horn part and i dont think i was supposed to because i got really really sick after

No. 1263229

I haven't seen her videos in a long while and I can't remember her name, but she doesn't seem bad

No. 1263234

What was it made out of? Chocolate? What did it taste like? (Please don’t tell me you ate cardboard or plastic…)

No. 1263236

No. 1263255

File: 1657875464842.jpg (414.8 KB, 900x600, 00400_900x.jpg)

it was probably cheap fondant or gum paste with too much edible spray paint on it. that's usually what those are. you can eat it, but it's only "technically" edible. i fucking hate western cakes because they use the nastiest shit to make them look pretty. especially when you can get stuff like pic related that's all just chocolate and cake and cream.

No. 1263282

I hate all the dipshits who ride up my ass when I'm on the highway. I'm already 10-15 over the speed limit just fuck off already. Just go around me. Shit.

No. 1263294

I hate super opinionated people. I have a friend who sadly became a tra and even before all of that I was always feeling uncomfortable around her, always walking on eggshells. I realized it’s because she talks to you in way that’s completely dismissive. I would say I enjoy something and she would just go off on me if she didn’t agree….Trivial shit not even important topics. She always talks as if her words are a matter of fact and she’s the only one with the valid opinion. It’s so irritating because at some point I didn’t feel like sharing anything with her anymore, whether it was something stupid like music taste or more serious stuff like politics. It’s quite common for scrotes to behave this way and I’d love to see her give this energy to them but she’s just hurting her female friends with this( or at least me). Her inability to be nuanced and listen to other people or just accept differences in taste and opinions is so off putting.

No. 1263296

One of my ex friends was like this. She’s excuse literally any behaviour from men (including 27 year olds making “jailbait”
Jokes about underage girls) yet berate and give the silent treatment to any woman’s opinion that didn’t mirror her own.

No. 1263297

tbh i don't see what more you could say to someone with a difference in taste/opinion than just "ok". and then the complain would turn into "my friend never engages in thoughtful conversation about this thing she disagrees with…"

No. 1263300

She sounds like an autist. Most of them act like this, just distance yourself and don't argue with her.

No. 1263310

My mother's like this and yeah, talking or being around her too much is so tiring. It's like everything she says is super duper important and genius but as soon as you talk about something that's boring to her or that she disagrees with she's dismissive, irritated and passive-aggressive. Also if you accidentally trigger her by talking about something she has an opinion about, be ready for two hour of rambling that no one gives a shit about and don't you dare interrupt her because she'll go off on you.
I also suspect it's autism. Just stay away from her.

No. 1263319

When I voice my opinion about something she doesn’t agree with she makes weird faces and then either “jokingly” insults me or makes fun of what I said or becomes extremely accusatory depending on the seriousness of the topic.
Sounds like her too. She’s so coy and spineless with moids despite being a self proclaimed man hater. They make offensive jokes around her all the time and she doesn’t give two fucks but she lashed out on me for saying there’s a difference between trannies and women.
Idk if you guys are using this as an insult but I unironically did have my suspicions about her being somewhere on the spectrum as she, this behavior aside, does engage in things autistic young people enjoy. But then again aside from this she’s not someone who isn’t self aware, emotionally lacking or socially awkward . I think she’s just a selfish narcissist and her becoming a handmaiden just elevated that.

No. 1263500

People on fucking reddit. I posted talking about some canadian immigrants I've met saying canada doesn't have a history and we don't have a culture, nothing bad about them just sharing stories and they came after me like a pack of rabid dogs. One even went through my profile and commented on my posts.
What the hell.

No. 1263512

Weird, someone had just brought up Canada not having a culture the other day and upon googling it, the consensus seemed to agree. What makes you use reddit? I've never stepped foot on that website because it seems hellish. It seems like trying to have a mature discussion through youtube comments or something, it just seems unlikely to be fruitful.

No. 1263551

The phrase "My point still stands"

I think it's just the most recent phrase that now reminds me of scrotes badly debating each other like
>Here is why you're wrong, in detail, indisputable facts laid out
> uh… My point still stands?

No. 1263561

I hate all the articles talking about the mental health crisis among young men. They usually devolve into talking about how we as a society need to reel in the “straight white men are the worst group of people” mentality. I’ve even seen it brought up a lot with all the recent school shootings. It’s just such a major eye roll.

No. 1263566

they are though.

No. 1263571

North American culture is so widespread that everyone is so used to it and don't regard it as a culture. 90% of the TV shows people watch in other countries are in English. Stfu ignorant chan.

No. 1263578

My country doesn't have guns/shootings but we had a handful of familicide cases in the last few years that resulted in some people crying more for the killers than the victims. Men who killed their wives and (weirdly enough their fully grown kids?) were being talked about as if they were helpless lil things in crisis. We have free healthcare. We have mental health charities. We have free meds. We have services aimed specifically at aging men like them and it didn't make a bit of difference. It's easier here to access free mental health help than it is to get your hands on any serious type of weapon to kill people.. and those men chose what they chose anyway and planned it out for months in some cases. They had options.

The help was there if they would've only engaged with it. People still cried out for more money to be thrown into mens mental health services to fix the issue? The same services none of them ever used.

No. 1263585

What? I didn't even say whether or not I agreed, just that I googled it and online seemed to align with the people in the anon's story I was replying to. Can you even read, Illiterate-chan? I was more asking her why she'd even use Reddit when it's like a shark tank

No. 1263598

worst behaved maybe. they have too much externalized violence and too few actual problems in their lives.

No. 1263602

i sent my friend this phrase just ten minutes before you posted this, anon, are you her

No. 1263609

exactly, that's what they typically mean. they are tremendously privileged and have no real problems to actually focus on so they dream up fake problems and have an obsession with creating violence and chaos. they are absolutely the worst precisely because they rarely experience hardship and have the means to extract horror and misery on others using their exact good fortune. it's very sick. (note: i don't mean they're literally sick in the head or pathological, i don't think that they are, i think they're just horrible people)

No. 1263702

The typical response I see from scrotes re: hardly experience hardship would be “well what about the straight white men who grow up in poverty where is their privilege??? ACtuALly most homeless people and drug addicts are men!” As if they care about women who grow up in poverty and don’t turn out even half as psycho as men do even though women growing up in poverty are much more likely to be victimized.

No. 1263747

No. 1263770

I hate people who don’t tie back their hair when they’re cooking. Like I’d rather not have your king ass hair in my food thanks.

No. 1263779

I work in a bakery and my boomer moid boss does tie his hair back, but it's so crumbly from decades of smoking he sheds on the food like crazy anyway

No. 1263786

File: 1657912656296.png (256.22 KB, 471x812, kg.png)

>king ass hair

No. 1263794

What the actual FUCK happened to /cgl/?

No. 1263808

i hate the fact that i started understanding native speakers at a language i was studying as a hobby, and they all say the dumbest/shittiest/most sexist stuff.
i'm learning korean and currently at an intermediate level. started watching "awesome world" and other youtube channels for listening exercise. the way they talk about non-asian women makes me wanna stop learning the language. this happened in some other street interview where people were like "oh western/non-asian women are fat and they are too loud etc men prefer asian women" like SHUT the FUCK up nobody cares, we get it asian women are superior. you can have all our hentai jerking men. it's annoying to see women do it because of racism/pick-meism. but it's actually infuriating when men do it idk why. maybe because they're men, maybe because korean men are known sexists. i'm not european but still white-passing (middle eastern), maybe that's why im salty. i cant even imagine a black woman learning korean and hearing that shit because of the added ultra-racism. i swear plastic kpop boys being popular gave these men too much confidence.

tldr: learning korean. turns out i can't stand the average persons racism/sexism and how normalized it is. literally considering throwing out all the effort i put in, because i cant enjoy any korean media.

No. 1263827

Wow that's just awful and gross. I mean, they themselves are Korean. They know not everyone walks around there like a dorito chinned waxed figure. Not everyone is infatuated with the average korean or Asian people in general, they're infatuated with the bone rattling women who've had 86 plastic surgeries to look like a sex doll (and that's still not everyone, that's the weird kpopies). What a weird collective cope.

No. 1263829

I feel like a lot of people dont really understand how terrible a lot of countries are with shitty incel men nor why feminists in those countries are so violent until you get past the language barrier. Korean men are so confident with openly talking like the worst cuckchan or Kevin Samuels scrotes because the entire society revolves around them and Confucian values. No one can really tell them otherwise when they wield power
Because of the halo of kpop and its carefully constructed PR bullshit plus the horde of insufferable sjw fags who treat these idol scrotes as gorgeous babies, people don't understand how awful these men are. Ilbe is a much bigger site with a further reach than cuckchan, scrotes mass post shit like 'rape women' on normie sites and their president basically ran on a 'women are out of control' platform (because one of the last female presidents was a psycho with a cult)

No. 1263834

This is also one reason why adult kpop stans are insufferable to me, especially when they pretend to be pro-women or whatever. It's like they have no brains in their heads

No. 1263836

it is so weird that sjw fags decided to support kpop men and it shows how performative their political correctness is. asian countries are much more okay with casual racism and sexism.
anyway, im just sad that i put so much energy into learning and now i hate it. kinda sucks a lot. this was the only thing i enjoyed lately.

No. 1263839

i also know korean, due to my heritage, and i totally get this. i also hate kpop.

No. 1263847

File: 1657916517101.jpeg (56.79 KB, 474x355, OIP.jpeg)

Ironically, the "touch grass" saying" It's annoying and invalidating. No offense. I prefer to say get out in nature, step away, talk to friends and family, ground yourself, go exercise, etc - something more helpful.

No. 1263859

You must be fun at parties.

No. 1263862

It's wild how a language barrier can directly impact your vision of people, most kpop fans I know just guess how their favorite celebrities are just based on superficial things like interviews, concerts and paparazzi photos, then they just guess the rest. It's not a koreaboo only thing, I know a lot of people in my country who don't know shit about the US and will imagine crazy stuff about their favorite American actors. It's a fairly universal thing.

No. 1263863

File: 1657917368340.jpg (297.7 KB, 814x864, tumblr_f062e6ce6b0ca5a6c4e5686…)

How can you say this when BTS has shown enthusiastic support for radical feminism and even met with Ms. Dworkin herself?

No. 1263864

Samefagging, by interviews I mean fan translations of some specific interviews.

No. 1263872

The way they rabidly defend these random people they don't even know is mind-boggling to me, too. It's truly disgusting how mass media has popularized this sort of shit

No. 1263873

It's because we don't have the "immigrants'culture." Canada doesn't have a unified culture like other countries but each province and group has it's own culture. I seen it on my travels across country.

No. 1263876

2+ years of no board-centered jannies.

No. 1263920

I kind of hate how "YouTuber" has become a job. I'm happy if people get to do what they want and be creative, but every video is now flooded with ads because they obviously depend on the money. It's double or even triple youtube ads and then another 1-2 minute ad somewhere in the video because the youtuber got a sponsor. Some commentary youtubers I watch seemingly don't even post if they didn't get a sponsorship. I can probably recite the casetify, honey, scentbird, manscaped, hellofresh, raycon, nord vpn, express vpn etc. etc. stuff myself now because they always have the same few talking points. It's annoying as fuck. I already don't care for these random products, but the fact that they have so much money to spare on advertising to young impressionable people with enough time on their hands to watch youtube makes me think that they can't be good. If they were I would have heard about them in other ways. Everything is becoming more and more commercialized and I understand why, but I wonder where the breaking point is and what that will look like

No. 1263963

Please install the SponsorBlock extension on your browser so it will automatically skip these annoying sponsor posts for you. Get an adblocker as well. The difference is unbelievable. You can also get SponsorBlock on iOS (I have it on my sideloaded YouTube app, its IPA file is called “uYouPlus” if you’re wondering) and Android and it’s a fucking gamechanger. It also allows you to automatically skip interaction reminders (stuff like “don’t forget to like and subscribe”), intros and outros, and you can choose to skip to the essential part of the video so you don’t waste time listening to the YouTuber rambling about irrelevant things.

No. 1263976

NTA I already have AdBlock, but I installed SponsorBlock now and looked through a few videos. What a fucking difference it makes, thank you so much!

No. 1263988

as a green and brown lover I feel this

No. 1264010

File: 1657924848095.jpg (76.26 KB, 640x661, 9x64fhzxcqm71.jpg)

it's everywhere now and it makes me so mad. how can something so obviously cringe and a bad idea have become a trend it's taking over even in normie space

No. 1264013

Agree so much about this, I hate that fondant and gum paste are the only thing people use to make cakes pretty. It doesn't look that appetizing and I'd much rather have a delicious cream and chocolate decorated cake than a bulk of dry batter covered in a sheet of sugary cardboard.

No. 1264018

I just laugh to myself about it when they inevitably break up. Idk why they our themselves through so much stress. What a cope.

No. 1264020

Saw a girl from my uni post about her poly relationship. A few months go by and I go back to check out her profile and the post is gone kek. Some of my friends try to be like "y'know, that's valid" but I've become more confident in knowing that poly relationships are bullshit and manipulative and there is never ever ever three girls in a relationship, or a girl with two men. It is always a man with two women, and the man is always fat and nasty looking with a neckbeard! Valid my ass. It's gross and I'll continue to loudly shit on it.

No. 1264023

I see it all the time on dating apps. I can't believe we're in a society where scrotes will advertise to women that they're fucking other people and wants to fuck more. Even worse is the women who match and talk with them.
I've never looked at girls profiles so idk if they do it too. But for anyone, I can't believe they declare it so openly with face pictures.

No. 1264024

Reminds me of this gem.

No. 1264038

Thank you for this! I already have an adblock on all browsers for my devices, but when I'm doing the dishes or other chores I have videos play on my phone and can't skip because I'm occupied

No. 1264068

i get propositioned for threesomes all. the. time. whenever i have a dating profile, and sometimes in real life. i always put not to do it on my profile, but they still try and it's always some ugly girl and her bf that she needs to put back into the incel trash bin.

No. 1264072

File: 1657929191555.png (377.57 KB, 695x393, 1657909621283.png)

>So you agree?

This meme is so overused on here and always over the stupidest shit, I'm sick of it.

No. 1264083

You should've told her exactly that kek
Seriously we should normalize telling all women who date disgusting "poly" neckbeards to get some self-respect

No. 1264084

So you agree poo poo pee pee

No. 1264088

Omg poo poo pee pee nonna I love ur work!!!

No. 1264106

i do tell them that. you bet i always insult annoying women who do this. i hate that it's always the women who initiates the conversation to try to disarm you. i literally laughed at the girl who did it in person.

No. 1264107

File: 1657931365895.gif (291.27 KB, 500x364, 76433t6987766543322.gif)

I hate it when I'm late to infights and when I try responding to some spicy posts no one replies back because everyone involved either got banned or left.

No. 1264111

We should normalize saying that poly is for ugly people, because it's very true and unfortunately that's gonna offend them more than any appeal to their dignity

No. 1264152

Try being less retarded nonnie

No. 1264158

What the hell

No. 1264160

What? It's just a little poopoopeepee

No. 1264240

I was on the fence about deleting TikTok but this song made me decide to finally do it. Fuck this song. Fuck this guys voice. Fuck this unfunny quandale dingle bullshit. Words cannot even begin to describe the hatred I have for it

No. 1264437

The only three poly relationship dynamics I've witnessed:
>The narcissist who instead of dumping their current partner they get tired of they "open up" the relationship and invite in new and exciting people while the spineless first partner suffers in silence after being gaslit into believing it's "abusive" to be jealous of your partner cheating on you
>The bunch of degenerates who don't share any romantical feelings towards each other (or two of them do, the rest are their personal sex dispensers) but live in a commune of sex addicts
>The emotionally stunted, possibly autistic adults who can't differentiate between romantic and platonic feelings so they cook up an asexual polycule that basically equals to just a tight-knit group of friends

No. 1264587


Are they ever made with women's comfort in mind? I swear most of the time they're not. Too often I've come across fitting rooms with a curtain that doesn't properly close so I could spot people outside through the mirror on the opposite wall, making me nervous they could see me too. Or fitting rooms with a proper door but I can easily see over it, or worse, an ill closing curtain that's up to like my shoulders.

The one I came across today was the worst I've ever seen. One solid wall with curtains on the three open sides that all had to be individually closed (they were all open when I entered the store) and bordered on at least one side with another fitting room. I DON'T WANT JUST A CURTAIN BETWEEN ME AND ANOTHER WOMAN CHANGING CLOTHES. You know how it goes: those curtains never close properly so on every corner there was ANOTHER curtain to fill in the gaps. Which didn't work so I stood there for a solid 5 minutes tugging and pulling on like 5 curtains to get them until I gave up and put the clothes back on their racks.

No. 1264651


That last one was kind of cute and wholesome. Just a bunch of speeds hanging out, maybe playing video games and having taco Tuesday on Thursdays too. TFW no fellow socially awkward autists to form friendship polycule with

No. 1264784

every time the topic of using image generators for porn comes up, some braindead pedo moid always has to be there to say cg cp will be inevitable and at least it being computer generated means it will 'lower the demand' for the real thing, 'saturate the market so it will only be cg'. as if porn doesn't already fuel male entitlement and normalize rape. i literally hate waking up and seeing this shit.

No. 1264843

The first one seems to be the most common

No. 1264972

I don’t give a motherfuck about Romanianon Paki Chan I’m so tired of them derailing threads with their tripfagging and opinions about sex work or racism.

No. 1265097

They're not particularly welcomed here but they seem to have a degradation kink. Wish they'd just fuck off already.

No. 1265336

I also hate how so many fitting rooms don’t have some kind of bench/chair. What am I supposed to do with my clothes/purse? You’re lucky if you get a couple of hooks nowadays.

No. 1265360

Agreed and also the people who feed their bs by talking about them. I don't mean like your post, but people who treat them like they're e-celebs and enjoy their bs, even in a cow way, like >>1261919
Just stop talking about these literal whos. Stop giving them attention.

No. 1265395

I'm also really tired of anons replying to every slightly weird post with "OMG NOT AGAIN PAKIANON!!!" like no wonder they keep coming back, they get so much attention

No. 1265404

I hate how all the campus LGBT orgs are tra central. I'm pretty sure everyone knows me to be a terf, too. Which I'm mostly fine with but it makes my love life hard can't even be a bihet anymore because 99% of the scrotes in this town are repulsive At this point I'm thinking of starting a radical feminist book club just to finally meet likeminded girls. I don't care if half the school shuns me for it, I'm tired of biting my tongue and pretending to go along with this shit. The only thing I'm worried about is if anyone would join.

No. 1265412

Aww I think it's a fun idea and you never know until you try as far as getting other members. Maybe nobody will come or maybe just one or two at first then grow in size. Maybe there will be lots whom want to join right away. Anyways I know it's a risk and putting yourself out there but… Well if it does work out then it sounds like it would be really good both for you and for them. Up to you of course after all it's you doing all the work to set it up. Good luck with whatever you decide!

No. 1265432

I love weird horror stuff, but I hate how much of the genre is filled with violence towards women no matter what the medium is. I love the aesthetic and cheesiness of giallo films, but I can't deal with how the women are treated, what a waste.

No. 1265435

What sort of sub-horror types of movies do you enjoy. Depending on might be able to recommend a few to you that are less focused on violence against women as a theme. If you like of course?

No. 1265438

Thank you! It'll definitely be hard at first but if I can get just a small group of dedicated members, I'll be happy.

No. 1265440

I hate this too. It’s so gross looking for an older horror movie and the poster is some beautiful woman looking scared and about to be brutalized.

No. 1265442

Oh, I'd love that! I'll watch anything that's good, but particularly stuff with interesting aesthetics like Dario Argento's old movies (too bad he's a creep who also loves to show violence against women) or just anything that's a bit surreal, like Midsommar.

No. 1265470

File: 1658036942311.jpg (137.58 KB, 976x549, _125820175_gettyimages-1241357…)

I hate the new normie/tiktok internet slang, specifically the word GOAT (greatest of all time). It sounds so damn dumb.

No. 1265480

GOAT is really old slang, though…

No. 1265489

that was used way before tiktok was even created

No. 1265491

Sorry nonnies, I just keep seeing it being mention under any weeb/game-related tweet. People spam it like idiots.

No. 1265705

File: 1658068287582.gif (3.97 MB, 220x267, get down.gif)

This is why I don't support anything or anyone from outside of my own shitty country kek

No. 1266229

That's what I was thinking, too.

No. 1266308

When people repost fanart but the quality is so shit you can't even enjoy the drawing.

No. 1266332

Korean men are some of the most insecure in the world. They also have short doughy bodies, tiny cocks and tiny tiny balls.

No. 1266338

do they really all have peaballs?

No. 1266340

they're also genuinely stupid

No. 1266341

FUCKING KEK idk why but the tiny balls part sent me

No. 1266385

One account per IP restriction. If your game gives zero way of changing your initial choices then why allow only one account and one player? Who fucking cares if I run a script to farm for the most un-fun tedious part of the game? I really do not care about fairness in games because they are meant to be GAMES not my second job where I have to spend months to get to the fun part!

No. 1266404

File: 1658112775492.png (11.86 KB, 120x120, pinching-hand_1f90f (1).png)

cocks so small they feel attacked by an emoji

No. 1266411

they go apeshit if they even see a woman do a gesture similar to this, insanity

No. 1266421

ah yea the whole anti-feminist movement in korea is wild. It's a modern country with backwards ideas like 3rd world countries. Calling yourself a feminist or being accused of being one can be life/career ruining but people are fine mens-rights/incels. There was an idol who had a iphone case that said 'girls can do anything' and people freaked so she had to apologize, or some other idol with a 'feminist' book got caught in a "scandal" over it. So fucking weird people and korean mediea are obsessed with college girls talking shit online, so much so a reactionary "mens-rights" group formed. And anytime it's brought up in r/korea, people lose their shit fighting lmao

No. 1266458

Wait did Korean men mass sperg about this emoji? Wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1266462

No. 1266476

KEK scrotes are so stupid they can't see how revealing their anger is. hope their impotent little dicks go gangrenous

No. 1266746

Anons who wants to be spoonfed.
Anons who can't dicuss things properly but will instead make a topic about herself and what she likes/doesn't approve of.
Anons who are actually troons pretending to be lesbians.
Said moids not getting deleted.

No. 1266799


No. 1266856

Anons who lack reading comprehension
Anons who are overly confrontational, and try to start infights for retarded reasons or no reason at all
Anons who try to intentionally derail threads
Anons who reply to said bait allowing it to derail threads
Anons with black and white thinking
Male attention whores
Anons who reply to said male attention whores instead of reporting, ignoring and hiding their posts and threads

No. 1266876

You forgot to add an "n" to the end of that word.

No. 1266886

Holy shit how do kpopfags stan that?

No. 1266946

This but there seems to be a weird wave of anons attempting to infight just for the sake of being a contrarian. They'll say something completely out of wack then just disappear if you prove them wrong. Why even bother starting a fight if you know you're wrong?

No. 1266988

Same nonny. Im about to go to a horror convention coming up and Im bracing myself for the creeps and weirdo scrotes I will no doubt encounter.

No. 1267052

I hate when pregnant influencers eyefuck themselves in the viewfinder while they rub their bellies. And I hate all other anorexic individuals that switch to bodybuilding who think spending two+ hours in the gym seven days a week and obsessing over macros is ~totally recovered~ and can be a substitute for therapy. So basically I hate Abby Pollock.

No. 1267120

File: 1658164836998.jpeg (13.4 KB, 236x230, BB854939-679D-45B3-90C2-09E876…)

No. 1267215

damn I haven't heard about Abby Pollock in years

No. 1267286

Any time a woman doesn't have naturally bold brows or any brow make up on.
> OMG where are her eyebrows!!
I mean they're right there.

No. 1267291

Filled in brows look so retarded unless you have like no eyebrow hairs and you lightly fill it in OR you’re wearing a full face with bold eyeshadow

No. 1267323

File: 1658172048575.jpg (79.13 KB, 736x780, 3bdb2af9644d3b68c3e99dc70e29d4…)

Does that fucking word still means anything anymore?

No. 1267325

It’s a joke, autista

No. 1267328

I know. It's just the first picture I had.

No. 1267352

Try resetting your IP by unplugging your router. I always did it in an online game to cheat myself the currency needed ingame to do anything at all. Be careful to restart your router again before you switch accounts though, a bunch of people who did the same thing as me but didn't change IPs again got banned because they ended up with several accounts on the same IP iirc.

No. 1267363

I thought about posting her in personal cows. Apparently she didn’t know that she was 6 months pregnant until she went to the ER for bloating. Now she’s 8 months pregnant and hasn’t changed her workout regimen at all and there’s something deeply unsettling about watching a VERY pregnant woman doing HIIT on a treadmill. Maybe it’s just because the thought of a fall is terrifying.

No. 1267378

Not like kpop labels don't know how big their international audience consisting out of teen girls is, so of course they'd media train them to not say anything supportive about it at all. Though I never saw the posts myself, as all of this was happening when I was over them already and I'm too stupid to google for it, according to a friend, the group I used to stan hardcore apparently even made jokes about so many males being butthurt about it themselves, so if anything, I'd imagine some labels encouraging their groups to make fun of it.

No. 1267464

File: 1658178366738.jpeg (78.02 KB, 1080x729, 1422474A-98D6-4DF4-AD38-A23101…)

This shit. Guess we know why her takes are shit.

No. 1267924

People that quote movies, TVshows or I guess in the new age, viral videos all the time as trying to be funny. Especially when they also try to act it out in full. It's needless if someone knows what you're quoting and doesn't work for someone that lacks the context.
They're still not as annoying as the "I've a slightly decent voice but little to no training, and was praised a lot by family, so I'm gonna take every opportunity to sing" person.

No. 1267929

People who act like they're gym rats or athletic but have absolutely NO muscle definition, even after years of "training".

No. 1267944

When people upload things to the website Nitroflare. It requires buying premium to effectively download anything.

No. 1267957

NTA, but Koreans and their pop idols are both racist and sexist. There are way too many scandals like this. Kpop fans and koreaboos are either ridiculously ignorant, or maximum level pickmes and self-haters. I've even seen some chimp out and call others slurs for pointing out their favorite idols aren't good people, it's honestly pathetic

No. 1267960

Shane Dawson fucks animals apparently. I'm disgusted. Some anon posted a video of extremely sus behavior. >>>/pt/883943 What the fuck

No. 1267969

The voice clip of him talking about humping his cat and cumming on it fucking haunts me

No. 1267989

Wait was that real? I heard it was just a edgelord joke but I didn’t hear audio of what he actually said

No. 1268029

Yes, I typed out what he said but deleted it because it's vile. It's in the video

No. 1268106

File: 1658230021791.jpg (58.44 KB, 600x450, 294491549_2231956626958173_531…)

A local car park put up a fucking troon self-harm painting as decoration. WTAF?
This is in Sweden were there has already been a scandal regarding the troonification of children and how it fucks up their health.
The artist's pronouns are "it" btw

No. 1268108

It's shit but it's also a lot of anger about a boring mural in some parking lot lmao

No. 1268111

It's in the perfect location for men to pee on, and looks like it will never actually see the light of day. Kinda suitable for what it is. Plus troonism can only ever be summed as "harm" so it advertises its own group well, kek

No. 1268112

Of course I'm weirded out about seeing chop your tits off-propaganda in a random public place.
Kek maybe they hid the artwork there, the rest are painted on buildings around town

No. 1268114

>maybe they hid the artwork there
That's the vibe I get, they do the same in my city. Good murals get huge, public locations and the tranny trash got the pissy alleyways that nobody cuts through for safety reasons. Poetic.

No. 1268116

Can you paint a pink ribbon somewhere on it and write “breast cancer awareness (Venus symbol)” please nonnie I’ll love you forever

No. 1268120

As the original poster on >>1263808, when i listen korean music, i usually stay out of male musicians and try to find indie female creators as radfeminism is actually pretty spread amongst women there it seems. pop idols are mostly racist as shit and the men are most likely very sexist. There are some darker skinned korean women i'm ok with.
A-logging but unfortunately i have a huge crush on one boyband member but he has 3 older sisters so i'm gonna assume he's a secret feminist just to make my guilt about liking him dissappear lol (its hendery from wayv for kpop fags, he's chinese but still, same thing)

No. 1268122

Yesss great idea, I might do that.
A lot of normies will probably think of breast cancer when they look at the pic anyway.

No. 1268136

The box on the far right is bugging me. Why is that the only one that's not a body part

No. 1268160

> Are you ready to be hair free and care free this summer!
Fuck no. Ripping out all my body hair is not my idea of being carefree this summer.

No. 1268186

It is for me I’m a monkeh lol

No. 1268189

File: 1658239824086.jpeg (62.08 KB, 551x413, 20F14107-FECA-4CD6-AB39-60653C…)

I hate this

No. 1268191

i hate the heat and the sun and the muggy air and disgusting hot rays of sun i want to die

No. 1268213

Me too, nonna. I want grey skies, windy weather and maybe a bit of rain on days I can stay inside.

No. 1268218

I'm starting to see a lot more of the first one as of lately. One of my friends is in the second type, I'm just waiting for it fall apart.

No. 1268246

it’s raining tomorrow in the UK, i’m basically counting the hours

No. 1268252

When scrotes appropriate things that are meant for girls, like My Little Pony, magical girl anime and shoujo (the "not-lame" kind).

No. 1268259

For some reason super glue doesnt come with a handcream/balm to prevent fingers sticking, wtf

No. 1268371

this 'uwu men are victims too' shit

No. 1268393

I used to watch her videos when i was 14 and allowed to use YouTube because she was Sexy but actually she had wisdom and was not just Sexy. Sorry for swearing. But this is actually quite disappointing. I don’t get politics from YouTube anymore, all i need to know is revealed to me in a dream regardless.

No. 1268408

>she was Sexy but actually she had wisdom and was not just Sexy.
>Sorry for swearing.
>all i need to know is revealed to me in a dream regardless

No. 1268430

Anna Alana is Sexy and there’s no other way to put it. I just feel like Sexy is slightly inappropriate as a word choice but i can’t backtrack. My dreams have been enlightening recently, i know i don’t need the news.

No. 1268444

Always knew she was a massive pickme but others didnt see until now

No. 1268452

I watched a vid a while back where a bunch of transmen sat face to face with men who don't believe in the whole trans thing. There was a part where the ftms (the ones in the group who passed the best) talked about the social privileges they'd gained. Being listened to more. Being taken more seriously. Not being interrupted. People assuming they're knowledgable and capable. Being stealth at work and noticing women aren't treated as well. They men sitting across from them didn't want to hear it.

No. 1268478

It’s sad that women who try to opt out of womanhood are aware of how women are treated but don’t try to change things.

No. 1268483

I mean they were bringing it up and getting so quickly shot down by the actual men.. almost like the men were treating them like hysterical women. Was a weird one to watch. The men started asking them about their vaginas then.

No. 1268524

Is this in Stockholm? because if it is I'll straight up join and help you paint.

No. 1268633

When people post softcore manga porn on Facebook with their real name and face on their profile. and it's always shared from some group named something like "soft mommy domme posting"

No. 1268663

File: 1658263938275.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, 1620558792102.png)

>moids brush off actual explanations/concerns and move onto to sexual shit
I could not think of a more male moment

No. 1268730


They transitioned because they realize that men only care about the opinions of other men/issues that concern men. It would be like screaming at an old brick wall, demanding that it transform into something more useful, like a toilet.

No. 1268995

I hate the YouTube Shorts feature, and I hate vertical videos.
Actually, I hate smartphones. I hate what the internet has become thanks to corporations wanting to get everyone on here to sell them useless shit and kill their braincells with internet and phone addictions. I hate that kids are allowed to have a smartphone or tablet because it's an easy solution for a stressed and busy parent and that it has become so normalized.

No. 1269011

I hate when I make a new thread and I can't post the link in the old thread because someone got the last post before lock during a petty infight. Yes this is about you, Unpopular Opinions #70.

No. 1269074

Is it vidrel? this is painful to watch regardless

No. 1269146

File: 1658295258672.jpg (377.31 KB, 2673x979, 123.jpg)

Annoying WOC who complain about wypipo but have a white boyfriend/husband
It Happens Every. Single. Time

No. 1269147

I thought you could post in locked threads but they just wouldn’t get bumped, I swear I read that somewhere.

No. 1269161

even dumber when it's not really a "woc" but an obviously white (or white passing) Latina making such a huge deal out of dating white gringos.

No. 1269163

there is locking and then there is autosaging. what you're describing is the latter, threads getting to more than 1200 posts automatically get autosaged but not necessarily immediately locked.

No. 1269307

Yeah that's the one.

No. 1269404

why do they abbreviate white to yt when there is no 'y' in white and it's already used for youtube

No. 1269432

because y is pronounced as whi in white

No. 1269585

I hate it when non-native English speakers whose writing is clearly well past the beginner/intermediate stage invent their own words or use contractions like 'you're' incorrectly because they can't be arsed to look anything up while writing. Even worse is when they try to split hairs about the meaning of idioms or slang terms without accepting that they are not the authority on the English language and their interpretation is usually wildly incorrect. Yes, English is silly and inconsistent but so are most languages. Get over it and get used to using a dictionary.

No. 1269595

File: 1658327421230.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.26 KB, 686x1404, 1658240775942.jpg)

Idk why but aside from the shadow and what she's posted on her fansly her vag is straight up grey yet she says look at my pink little pussie like girl your pussy is grey and rotting..I just hate people that think their all that saged because she's from imvu

No. 1269603

yeah but saying yt sounds like why-tee not whyt. twitter causes brain damage

No. 1269608

Yt as in "whitey".

No. 1269632

My stupid fucking city fell for the "men have no support!" meme hard and now there's ONLY men's shelters, mens mental health groups, men's support, etc. There's barely anything exclusively for women

No. 1269633

It's obviously a shadow. Some of you have cows so much you pretend not to know how physics work just to bitch about how gross her vagina is because the outside is dark from a shadow

No. 1269636

This is dumb

No. 1269643

File: 1658331888937.png (3.72 MB, 2202x1434, ME WHEN I WHEN WHEN I WHEN.png)




No. 1269647

I hate all the retards that impulse bought pets during COVID and decided they couldn't be bothered taking care them over a year and just release it. We keep having people release animals like rabbits, rats, beardies, etc just in the streets and now all the shelters are full

No. 1269656

I think a lot of people don't realize domesticated pets can't just live in a wild (and vice versa).

No. 1269801

That is so fucking sad, evil, and selfish.

No. 1270429

Whoever wrote season 4 of killing eve

No. 1270989

people who are only interested in what is popular right now and don't really have any interests besides following trends and consooming whats 'in' annoy the fuck out of me but if i express the most toned down version of this opinion all i get is "don't be a judgemental snob let people like what they like cringe is dead" do you really enjoy it or do you have no interests and just consume whatever is mainstream right now?

also i hate the type of person who will read something be it online or irl, not understand it, and not bother to look it up. we have so much information on our fingertips and you choose to stay ignorant is it just laziness or retardation

No. 1271004

I know this is sacrilegious of me because I was born in the 90s, but I hate 90s pop music (with the exception of Depeche Mode), especially the rap/hip-hop though. 80s pop is far superior

No. 1271025

80s pop is the most universally crowd pleasing music I can think of, it's always played at weddings and in the office and my parents cars, anywhere there's a mix of young and old people. I didn't think 90s pop was held in particularly high esteem.

No. 1271277

There's a "things you like" thread buried somewhere. or maybe I'm confusing it with the positivity thread idk.

No. 1271299

File: 1658421183455.png (508.08 KB, 599x560, shutup.PNG)

I hate maximalists and hoarders

No. 1271307

I hate selling things online. Makes me genuinely a nervous wreck. I can only get paid when rated by the buyer, but then the buyer never rates me, leaving me in anticipation for days thinking everything went horribly wrong.

No. 1271312

>start dressing masculine
>friends ask when youre going to chop your breasts off
every time

No. 1271313

I hope you tell your friends that they're sexist idiots.

No. 1271316

>be child
>people ask if you are a girl or boy to bully
>be adult
>people ask if you are woman, man or something else to be polite

No. 1271318

hard agree and big tech execs should be first against the wall

No. 1271337

Same exact experience. The pain is too real. I hate getting they/them'd out of polite wokeness. Just a backhanded insult

No. 1271348

the worst is when they act like i "don't even know im trans yet hehe!" or maybe i can wear comfortable clothes without feeling the need to bind my chest or fuck up my life with hormones. stop acting like you know more about my own goddamm life than i do.

No. 1271390

I used to be friends with a male that trooned out and when I expressed feeling a bit uncomfortable about being GNC and struggles with femininity, he said "here's the T, sis!" and was practically begging me to get on hormones. Disgusting behavior.

No. 1271429

It's like they want you to transition so they can be ~allies~ and brag about helping a real life tranny realize they want to destroy their bodies with hormones and mutilate their genitalia

No. 1271446

>noo you can't be comfortable in your body!
>you must be secretly insecure about your sex characteristics!
>you wear pants? b-but those are for BOYS! anon are you sure youre not a BOY?
>birthing bodies!
>here, take these hormones! my vagina front hole is rotting off but theyre safe i swear!
>twaw twaw twaw! anon say twaw.
>but do you feel like a woman? or do you feel like a person?
i really need radfem friends.

No. 1271681

There is one, it has a pug as the threadpic

No. 1271712

Get better friends.

No. 1271713

Are you in Canada?

No. 1271716

Plus, shipping seems like a hassle. Whenever I look on Amazon for a scale, I read the reviews and all I see are "It's inaccurate." or similar to that. I also don't want to deal with getting scammed and having to go through a whole process of going back and forth with support when they are more than likely going to take the buyer's side. Ugh.
Yeah, they're not being as progressive as they think they are.

No. 1271786

AYRT yes shipping is a huge pain in the ass. And you don't get paid as much for items anyway because you have to take into account selling fees plus shipping. Then too high a price will get no buyers.
I have friends who sell on ebay and the like fulltime and they tell me about scammers all the time. People breaking electronics and then claiming it's defective, replacing items with fake ones, etc. People be nuts. Thankfully I just sell knick knacks myself.

No. 1272689

I hate that every time you try to google something without context, like an animal or a thing, you get completely irrelevant results because Google tries to sell you shit all the time.
I just googled "seesaw" to know wtf that is or what it looks like and all the results (without additional search terms) were about a stupid app or something. Fucking nuke the internet please


No. 1272720

It is annoying and I hate how much of a cut sites get now (about 20% sale on top of figuring out shipping), but at the same time I just do it to get rid of stuff and make some money back. Completely understandable why people will dump off stuff at donation businesses because it takes a lot of time to photograph, list, calculate shipping etc. And sometimes you get stuck with your stuff for months.

No. 1272759

I seethe with rage when someone tries to trade me a quarter for my cart in the ALDI parking lot. I purposefully go slower or speed up when returning my cart to avoid people that do this

No. 1272767

I keep seeing more and more women around me with botched lip injections. Please stop.

No. 1272813

I fucking hate when women want to be pickmes/coolgirls and claim that they like hentai and that it's "art". I hate that women are expected to like things that aren't for them.

No. 1273041

Kek, why?

No. 1273107

the fact that any sites made for females have users that are always like 'but uuuummm we don't ban men and we don't want to' is so dumb. too bad giggle has a format worse than twitter and i can't understand how to use it

No. 1273109

Whoever came up with Green Goddess dressing, and whoever perpetuates its continued existence by purchasing it.

No. 1273132

What do you mean? Most of the time when I see the green goddess thing, it's people making it themselves

No. 1273135

File: 1658524840844.jpg (21.1 KB, 963x126, stdu.jpg)

Whatever this dumbass shit is. This was on a pregnancy announcement video.
Phobias are the new pronouns and gender identities. I've seen so many people announce theirs or invent new ones to sound special, not even in a trigger warning context. There was no need to comment this. Just click away from the video or say congrats and move on. Good job getting the attention you wanted!

No. 1273146

It's vile. Mayonnaise base, nastiness incarnate.

No. 1273165

This didn't answer my question anon kek. I don't think anyones selling that dressing, I think it's just something most people make at home

No. 1273174

It's one that's purchasable, done by a shit ton of brands. Someone is buying it or they wouldn't offer the salads anywhere, nor the 8 bazillion types of gross salad dressing variants in the store.

No. 1273195

It’s so obvious when someone has lip filler because it makes their mouth move different and you can just tell it’s not their natural lip fullness, especially when they overfill so it’s like numb ballon sausages smacking together. Or they look like the blue steel meme. People with full natural lips still usually have flat skin, not stretched smooth and pursed out.

No. 1273260

File: 1658527852094.png (13.6 KB, 200x200, 56666.png)

>a single anon makes dumb comment

something is weird

No. 1273264

if you're referring to the female sites thing, it's not only lolcow, its mods or creators of other sites

No. 1273270

I'm not talking about that derail specifically but it seems to happen around certain threads every now and then. Especially when there are newfags or moids present.

No. 1273698

File: 1658552903944.jpg (71.94 KB, 800x533, nerd-party-reunion_o_7035261.j…)

i hate it when a party host allows plus ones, and knows who/how many those plus ones will be, but fails to prepare enough seats. if it's only 2-3 people that will have to stand while the majority of people are sitting, that is so fucking awkward. especially for the plus ones who don't know anybody yet. if it is a big party and there are many people all over the house, that is fine, but to fucking sit down 6 people and have the rest standing is uncomfortable as fuck. even when i was a poorfag i could muster up some seats from the fucking second hand store over the course of weeks, so i would never have a friend without one.

No. 1273732

File: 1658555396007.jpeg (41.35 KB, 478x496, 443E75A9-32CD-470C-A6A6-20C3CF…)

Modern day hippies are the worst, not only are they leeches to everyone around them they’re also the most hypocritical people. They really make my blood boil and maybe it’s because I “dated” a hippy who made excuses to why he couldn’t be in a monogamous relationship and needed to be free to fuck anything with a pulse.

No. 1273738

File: 1658555899394.jpeg (178.48 KB, 828x1028, 55BDD8D0-B82D-4287-84C9-EF4149…)

ED Twitter/ communities
This shit is so ridiculous and is made even worse with the kpop and gender autism.

No. 1273739

File: 1658556116605.jpg (114.96 KB, 735x731, 5a35d9c549b4d07bec8da1d506d928…)

>leeches to everyone around them and they’re also the most hypocritical people
so true nonnie. they escape from any negative feelings into drugs and dissociation and call it spirituality. the biggest hippies i used to watch on youtube growing up, i finally see were nepotism babies and more often than not rich heiresses. they never really had to work for what they have or work hard for longer periods of time. they are irresponsible and call that freedom. dirty and call that natural. they are coping by saying they never wanted anything stable, or actually have huge commitment issues. if they stayed around somewhere with normal people around, they could not fit in, because some stability would be required from them. but instead of finding stable employment, they seek out drugs and new tattoos. there is one guy who leeches off some church and his parents, another does couch surfing when he isn't living in his car or seducing some hippie chicks with their own apartments. it is more dangerous for girls to be nomads so they actually tend to have more talents in arts and things like that at least, but they are usually very silly pickmes. they think their matted hair white dude is not-like-other-guys because he played them guitar once and doesn't mind them having armpit or leg hair. they let these stinky men date them for a while and then go travel the world, barely working a day. i stopped watching such youtube channels because i just can't take it seriously or find fun in anymore. they don't have vocabulary, or anything wise or new to say.

No. 1273743

The hippies of old are absolute shit too. If you’ve ever met a current boomer who was once a Woodstock attending love child, you know.

No. 1273744

you can do drugs and “contribute to society” which realistically no one in this world does, we are contributing to entities more rich and powerful than us and we die. original hippies were a bunch of american culture vulture thieves who were liberals using marxist aesthetics to get away with their underlying cowardice and hedonism, they’ve also turned real spirituality and self-discovery into an actual joke that people call “new age” bullshit instead of sitting down and going back to the sources of philosophy/ideology that new ageism rips off of. your average jock or sleaze scrote is the modern hippie who wants to smoke their days way into a comfy high-paying job that’s only a smokescreen to the rest of the world where we pretend we are “contributing” to anything, most don’t, men never do.

No. 1273751

yeah, sorry i meant it more in a way of them leeching off the people they meet. i myself don't hold much moral value in working a full-time job, just that as my abilities allow me to work, i wouldn't want to burden another person. i even like some sleazy hippie-ish people that are not so responsible, but as someone who went through poverty levels of bullshit and sickness, i just can't respect the selfishness and unobserved self of those hippies always staying at someone else's houses and smoking all their weed, kek.

No. 1273766

ohhhh noooo they stole the culture man…… by uhhhh wearing clothes and saying hare krishna dude…

No. 1273769

guarantee you are a greasy anon with shaky hands, haven’t eaten in days because you have an ED, your boyfriend dribbles piss in your mouth when you give him a bj, but you have the audacity to say that shit. get your vibrations and vagina acidity right, bitch

No. 1273773

No. 1273774

she couldn't handle the peace and love. relying on moid insults despite my celibacy having reached wizard levels. get your ummmmm acidity right!!!!!!!!! bitch!!!!

No. 1273816

File: 1658560172961.jpg (91.63 KB, 602x1083, main-qimg-0db1ffa3988e4438640d…)

As much as I hate being Muslim, I hate being south asian Muslim more then anything, cause every other Muslim group(arabs, iranian, turks) constantly make fun of us and the men of my race take it, south asian muslim men would literally give their own wives, daughters to arab Muslims, they fucking celebrate the day an arab army conquered their ancestors, I mean can you imagine an entire civlization of men being this utterly pathetic
picrel a missile in pakistan named after mahmud of ghazni, a half pagan turkish warlord who raided, raped and pillaged northern south asia, and they fucking honor him

No. 1274106

Vtuber shit is the most autistic shit I've seen in a long time.

No. 1274176

I have no idea what the topic is but you sound deranged.
Pakichan you can't change races or ethnicities. Everyone is embarrassed for the shit their ancestors did, Americans literally killed millions and invaded their country and enslaved millions of people afterwards. Europeans also fucked over smaller countries for hundreds of years. History is vile.

No. 1274205

Stop policing and let her vent

No. 1275572

I hate when news articles repeat the same details over and over. It's like they're automatically written by bots that glitch out, or they're designed for people with extreme memory issues. Maybe it's the authors trying to sneakily meet a word count. Either way, it's annoying

No. 1275589

Yeah or when they barely elaborate on the title.

No. 1275591

She’s right tho. You can’t control your race and that shouldn’t bother you because it shouldn’t matter. People all over the world have terrible things their ancestors did and you shouldn’t feel guilty or proud for something you didn’t accomplish

No. 1275602

I hate when articles about celebrities refer to them as "the (insert movie here) star" and keep doing that with different things they've been in. It's clunky and unreadable. Just say their fucking name.

No. 1275620

did you read my post, I'm complaining that my people right now are cucks who literally celebrate being conquered, they celebrate being invaded and having their women and men sold into slavery
Turks and Arabs make fun of Pakistani Muslims and Pakistani Muslims laugh along with them, that's 99% of pakistani muslim men

No. 1275774

End gay moids

No. 1275792

Beyoncé needs to sue this ugly fatass for this disrespect.

No. 1275801

When will this ass nonsense end? I can’t wait for all the retarded women and fags who bolted a big fake looking ass realize it’s ridiculous looking when the trend ends

No. 1275804

File: 1658697292389.jpg (71.94 KB, 826x770, ew.jpg)

Crazy isn't it? Notice how the lyrics actually talk about and admit to BBLs? And look at the background dancers too, their faces are swollen with filler.
Everyone's shooting up hormones and injecting their faces and asses without a second thought and it's really gonna catch up with them one of these days.

No. 1275805

I don't understand how there's people who like this kind of thing

No. 1275806

File: 1658697386790.jpg (59.49 KB, 1024x576, 1586771842520.jpg)

Speaking of American pop songs, I hate it so much when there's a good song and then suddenly BAM, a wild rapper with a shitty nasal voice appears! Like, fuck off already Jay-Z, I'm here for Beyoncé, not for your ugly serial cheater's voice.

No. 1275813

I warned you all, this is the end result of (c)rap ""music"", hope these subhumans suffer pain and anguish from their unnatural surgeries

No. 1275824

So true, crap-chan. So true.

No. 1275833

You say that but I bet there's even worse than that trashy music video. I don't even want to know if I'm correct.

No. 1275901

what I hate is how the beauty standards keep inching off the cliff of what is actually possible without surgery. all the pornsick moids have been utterly conditioned to require fake lips and asses now too, not just fake tits and hair anymore.

I miss the times when the beauty standard was pretty much:
1) Be thin
2) Have long hair

now it's like, you can't be thin you have to be sLiMm ThIcCcckkk and have fake lips and somehow still no body fat at all. it's become a grotesque caricature that no longer even resembles a natural human female. between the plastic surgery and the photo shop the supernormal stimuli train is totally off the tracks and at this point the species deserves to fucking collapse

I fear it may never disappear, society is too degenerated

No. 1275987

When parents brag their adult kids didn't get "brainwashed" in college/university but get mad when their adult kids still don't blindly agree with them.

No. 1276083

This entire video is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen

No. 1276255

File: 1658729361422.jpeg (107.56 KB, 750x635, B1EECCBD-D7D3-4834-ACC1-54B98B…)

>watch video about Japanese capsule hotel for women only
>first comment is talking about trans women All the comments are so thankful to see a women only space and talking about how much they desire more female spaces in other countries and how it would help them avoid creeps. But of course someone has to bring these horse piss mutants up.

No. 1276266

having period symptoms a week before period so you get to suffer a full two weeks

No. 1276267

seriously, it's so shit and it's all from the normalisation of pornography. you took the words right out of my head nonnie. they expect women to be stick thin yet have a curvy waist, huge butt, large lips, and enormous boobs. have no pores, wear extensions and wigs, fake lashes, fake nails, fake brows, and drag queen outfit to even be considered halfway attractive. anything else is plain and "she is not trying enough", and only acceptable if she already looks like the before mentioned body type naturally. yet the moids remained the same 0 creativity or craft, buzzcut, sneaker wearing, loose worn out sweater wearing, scraggly bearded hoes but now with long hair on occasion.

No. 1276290

When you said lips I wasn't sure if you were talking about the lips on your mouth or the labia. Because, sadly, it applies to both. Scrotoids now even think that natural adult female genitals look like a toddler's thanks to porn and hentai, and that only "loose" women can have "loose" labia when that's in fact its default appearance. Lots of women are getting labiaplasty nowadays.

No. 1276294

I’m seriously so fucking thankful I’m not in “the dating scene” right now. I keep seeing women going over the top to look flawless, while men put in literally zero effort and some scrawny, sewer rat, face tattoo-looking motherfucker is the most coveted dude in the socialite circles like what the fuck

No. 1276302

File: 1658735129214.png (188.88 KB, 540x908, Screenshot_2022-07-25-02-34-38…)

And on that note, I fucking loathe each and every plastic surgeon who profits off women's insecurities caused by societal pressure and retarded beauty standards. Those butcherers use the same rhetoric for average insecure women that TRAs and gender theory supporters use for trans teenagers: feeling insecure when you're perfectly healthy and natural is a "symptom" that your body is somehow wrong and can only be solved through surgery.
Yeah, nah, I hope they all go to hell.

No. 1276313

File: 1658736269000.jpg (41.51 KB, 600x375, 1655047087289.jpg)

"touch grass" is just new trendy reddit phrase to replace "who hurt you?", idk if it is supposed to be funny or they actually think its a sick comeback.

Hate pitbulls and their useless owners not adhering to the leash laws in city area. I don't want my dog to be forced to interract with dog bred to fight and kill other dogs. Especially when there has been 0 effort from anyone to breed their gameness traits out. I mean who even breeds these shits. It is always some limp dick pencil neck dude thinking he is tough while at the same time being too weak and scared to control his dog.
Also I have seen dog getting hit by a car and I'd rather never see that again.(>>>/dog hate thread/)

No. 1276344

labiaplasties are sick, once I hit 25 I got so much extra sensation there, the thought of women cutting them off is vile

No. 1276389

didn't that sentence get popular (again?) thanks to koreaboos, who use that? Like the kpop scence is using that sentenceso much (thanks to k-comments getting translated and them always using that sentence)
true. Imagine if that gets infected (and doesn't it grow anyway, when you get older? Maybe it will start looking weird when they are 50)
honestly, this is becoming the new "husband stich" and should be banned unless it is super anormal big
damn, I have it too. If i am really unlucky I get the pain almost two weeks before I get my period… It is the worst

No. 1276394

I hate women and men, who get cheated on and go back to their cheating partner and complain about how insecure or miserable they are. They should have never gone back and unless they were badly manipulated/gaslighted (for the whole relationship), do they even have a right to complain? They chose to go back to that

No. 1276454

So how do you know they were not manipulated and you're justified in hating them?

No. 1276455

>I fear it may never disappear, society is too degenerated
It will disappear once ass reduction surgery is calculated to be more profitable than ass enhancement surgery.

No. 1276550

I hate to say it but that's the only plastic surgery I've ever considered getting one day. I doubt I'd actually do it, but I've hated how I looked down there since I was a child with zero point of reference for what "normal" is. But then, a while back, I saw a project/study being done by some grad students iirc. I with I could find it. basically I realized anyone who expects one version of labia (what they saw in porn) is the person who should be embarrassed.

No. 1276581

I know it takes like 5-8 tries or something to leave an abusive relationship but God is it exhausting to be the abused woman's support. At a certain point it feels like a slap in the face when they side with him again for the umpteenth time and you know for a fact she will just be back crying to you again and repeat the cycle. I might sound cruel but it tore apart my family and I just can't deal with that and I hate it a lot.

No. 1276586

I feel like people who say this don't really understand how hard this can be for the person that was cheated on and that it can be a little more complex than "just leave".

No. 1276597

They always strike me as the type who would probably declare I’d never be cheated on, and then be wrecked when it finally happens.

No. 1276609

Ikr? i can only imagine how humiliating and de-moralizing being cheated on is, no wonder some go people can't really let go

No. 1276640

Women claiming to be witches just because they wear expensive alternative clothing and practise fake spells they found on instagram with fake crystals they bought in a store reeking of incense. I don't like to rag on women for enjoying pretty things, but it feels so artificial and out of touch with the history of women who, in the time they could be burned alive for merely being too pretty, too ugly or too smart, would do anything not to be considered a witch. They weren't cool, daunting women happily smashing the patriarchy, they were often children and victims of a horrible and dark times in history. I hate seeing someone claim they're a witch while having done nothing remotely brave or interesting in their life, not to mention all the transwomen jumping on the bandwagon and treating the entire thing like a fetish.

No. 1276718

yep same and to add insult to injury i recently had a friend say she wanted to troon out to be more like me because being butch is the same as being a man apparently.

No. 1276982

File: 1658779433657.jpg (Spoiler Image, 422.53 KB, 1200x1694, XX_AS04PSwGiMS_004.jpg)

FML, I am saving a large amount of artbooks for stylization inspo and I like some stuff by Hiroyuki Imaishi
Then I come across this shit, wtf
In this mini doujin Panty also gets fucked by a horse

I fucking hate how Gainax and Trigger had some great animators but then they make utter shit like kill la kill, darling in the franxx and just cooming over teenage girls

No. 1277008

File: 1658780520979.jpg (1.06 MB, 1000x3000, xx_notes.jpg)

Translation notes make it worse, also this was published in a magazine

No. 1277031

I don't like the youtube channel Company Man and similar channels. If they make a 12 minute video about why x company is successful or hated, they spend the first 7-8 minutes on the entire history of the company and the last 4-5 minutes on the actual topic of the video. Some history context on the company is needed but what these channels do is too much.

No. 1277062

i haven't seen his stuff in a while so excuse me if he's not the type i'm about to describe but the youtubers who take a 5 minute topic and stretch it into 12 minutes get on my liver so much, i prefer long form content when it's warranted but they do a perfect job of taking a topic and instead of doing enough research to justify a 10+ minute video they just fluff it up. either commit and do 20+ or just say what you need in 5 nobody gaf about your corny jokes or self promotion. again not shitting at company man but many people in the sphere (for example Real Life Lore before the ukranian war)

No. 1277073

>they're like ghosts
Didn't she literally fall in love with a farting ghost? I'm confused kek

No. 1277098

Tired of women with totally normal bodies being called "skinny-fat." As if there's something wrong with you if you're not going to the gym every single day and have a six pack and bulging biceps.

No. 1277115

i have never seen a 'skinny-fat' woman i thought this was reserved for bottom tier moids

No. 1277141

I saw a girl on TikTok say she got one and she literally couldn’t feel anything down there afterwards. Fuuuuuuck that. I’d rather have an “ugly” vagina than fit into some patriarchal pedophillic beauty standard for a short amount of time and for like thousands of dollars.

No. 1277168

NTA But this also makes me think of women who only do surface level aesthetics and dont even read the history books about women and how much we've been through. Salem witch trials was a mass femicide and you can't convince me otherwise.

No. 1277212

Skinny fat would be good for women no? Perfect mix of curvy and skinny isn't that ideal?

No. 1277215

File: 1658795505328.jpeg (36.07 KB, 720x405, featured-rach.jpeg)

Completely agree, it's a retarded description of a body like this on the left. At any other point in recent history this woman would just be described as average to slim, with a completely normal feminine bodyfat percentage. but with the new era of muscle-building influencers it is somehow a bad body that needs to be changed? Retarded and unattainable for most women not willing to spend large amounts of time working out. Quite honestly I don't even disparage moids who have just normal non-fat, non-muscular bodies. Not everybody wants to spend time bodybuilding, and if you're a normal person who eats fairly well and has a normal level or aerobic activity during the day, your body is much likelier to look like the left. If you're some kind of aesthete or athlete it's totally feasible to become a "fit chick" or whatever but your average woman should be totally fine with the body on the left. Looks healthy, feminine, and normal.

No. 1277229

File: 1658796340967.jpg (84.02 KB, 1000x820, carpet.jpg)

I fucking hate carpet. It's ugly, bad for the environment (made of plastic), needs a vacuum to "clean" it so now you need to own a vacuum and lug an entire vacuum out to clean every single crumb or speck of dirt, can never truly be cleaned properly, hard to keep clean and stain-free (drop a cup of wine? may as well set your house on fire), gives mold worries because can't dry it properly if water is spilled on it, looks tacky ALWAYS, can't put plants on it because water drips might cause a hidden mold outbreak (hence it's fucking useless to have in a house because I want to live in an indoor jungle), and if it's anything but spotlessly clean it's like walking on a used kitchen sponge. Fuck boomers for putting this hideous shit everywhere. If you go in some really trashy houses they have carpet in the BATHROOM, NOT KIDDING, FUCKING BARF. It probably kicks up little polyester particles and fibers into the air constantly so you inhale all that delicious microplastic coated in anti-inflammatory chemicals because god forbid americans have a house without making every single object in it carcinogenic.

My Misspent Youth has an entire essay on the author's hatred of carpet.

I'm searching for a new apartment and this is making me so fucking angry. If you want carpet so badly use a RUG so it can be REMOVED and properly CLEANED, UNLIKE CARPET. carpet is just a shitty rug that some dumb asshole stapled to the floor. Do you also want to staple your shoes to your feet? Why not glue your clothes on? Carpet is so mind-bogglingly stupid and people pay thousands of dollars to fill their home with this disgusting rotting retarded filth-sponge. And then? 95% of people with carpets get PETS. The only thing worse than carpet is carpet soaked in 2 decades of cat piss.

No. 1277246

Anon stop making so much sense you're fucking me up. Now I won't look at carpet the same.

No. 1277254

The one benefit to carpet is when it's on stairs, stops you from slipping down smooth wooden stairs and destroying your sacrum.

No. 1277255

Agreed. It's amazing that in the land of the people who wear their dirty shoes indoors, USA, every home has carpeting. The wealthier ones don't even keep it clean either, they walk all over it in shoes and pets piss on it then they just throw it out and pay for a new one around the holidays.

No. 1277257

File: 1658797814561.gif (693.26 KB, 200x200, 815f367c43e888f5d342b4a254ae8d…)

For all my skinny fat sisters. Let me recite some poetry.

With my little titties and my fat belly
My little titties and my fat belly
My little titties and my fat belly
My little titties and my fat belly

No. 1277270

I love you so much, anon

No. 1277327

The shoes indoors stuff drives me insane. You just walked down a sidewalk regularly covered in human feces and now you want to walk around my apartment? TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF. Americans are gross, Asians are right on this one.

No. 1277329

File: 1658802771065.webm (3.07 MB, 480x852, i-could-never-be-a-celebrity-b…)

Videos like this piss me off. These medical predators are taking the images of young girls are photoshopping them into their sick standard of beauty. This shit is so predatory. They need to fuck off and stop trying to make women feel bad about themselves. I can’t imagine what this can do to a young impressionable girl.

No. 1277334

This is the perfect time for someone very educated to start revealing the truth about fillers, botox, silicone and all the other bullshit these people shill as "safe" that will just fuck you up and ruin your looks further

No. 1277335

She looks so much better on the left. She looks like a troon on the right

No. 1277342

File: 1658803925886.jpg (134.56 KB, 634x801, 364AE78500000578-0-image-a-1_1…)

picrel is similar to my body type. i am more pear shaped with smaller breasts and wider hips. and a short, bulging stomached, round faced moid with gangly teeth called my body type average. after i reassured him he is not ugly. lmao
i would think so too, but porn and social media rot people's brains. what they mean is everyone who is not lean and on the verge of dying from dehydration every day is an unfit couch potato.

No. 1277349

I have similar thighs and feel fat as hell because I get chub rub.

No. 1277352

nta and not a carpet lover but you're fucking annoying

No. 1277354

Already done

No. 1277356

I’ve only ever thought of skinnyfat as more of a lifestyle thing. Like a girl who’s average weight to skinny but she’s also totally sedentary: can’t jog a short period, can’t lift anything, etc. The idea being that a fat person is obviously unhealthy but just because someone isn’t fat doesn’t mean they’re living a healthy lifestyle. Thus, skinnyfat.

No. 1277359

This is me. I can't run for shit but I look decent in clothes. I find it hard to give a fuck tbh.

No. 1277379

These aren't small breasts imo they're actually large

No. 1277474

Saw that yesterday,why the fuck aren't women allowed to have a jaw bone anymore? And brow lifts in your 20s? Lip filters are pushed so hard by the media and you need to get them ever year, fucked up

No. 1277497

I absolutely agree but where do you live that there is regularly human feces on the street?!

No. 1277519

not the anon you're responding to but what's wrong with that post?

No. 1277523

Damn what did anon even do?

No. 1277528

Surgeons learn nothing about the nerves of the clitoris nor are they required to before chopping up womens genitalia. In contrast, they learn in detail about all the nerves of the penis.

No. 1277530

Never understood americans with their carpeting and indoor shoe wearing. Gross as hell.

No. 1277531

I have yet to witness a carpeted bathroom irl and I'm forced to believe it is a myth

No. 1277539

I grew up with one. The area outside the shower and around the toilet rotted.

No. 1277546

What the actual hell, the one on the left is considered "skinnyfat"? That's just skinny to average in my eyes. I agree with the other anon, she looks like an emancipated troon on the right and I have no idea how anyone would consider that an improvement. I usually see fitness influencers sperg about how this "skinnyfat" is totally the most dangerous body type to have and makes you susceptible to diabetes and heart disease because you have a soft belly just to peddle their stupid fitness programs, and if this is what they mean then god damn how bleak.

No. 1277574

File: 1658825038280.jpg (37.54 KB, 716x420, what is skinny fat.jpg)

Skinny fat isn't about how curvy you are, it describes someone who is of normal weight but has a a comparatively high body fat %. Probably out of shape, with a shit diet and no muscle. High cholesterol is a risk too, even diabetes in the worst of cases.

No. 1277575

I hate people with anger issues that act like there's nothing wrong with them or spin it into a quirky thing. It's even worse when they have some object with one of those dumb sayings or tongue in cheek jokes. No you have a problem and it's not cute. Go get help.

No. 1277582

I legitimately doubt your picrel would be at a noticeably elevated risk for high cholesterol and diabetes just for being "skinnyfat". You can be at risk for high cholesterol even if you're fit if your diet is crap, it's really telling how instead of focusing on the diet and generally eating better and getting more exercise like going out for a walk to become healthy the target is to become a super ripped fitness model surviving on protein powder and vegetables.

No. 1277590

Gotta agree with this. Women naturally carry more fat (but not a shit ton before Skelly's strawman me). Skinny fat should be more of a personality way to describe women

No. 1277603

I don't hate dogs but I find it really annoying how anytime someone bumps the dog hate thread or complains about dogs in another thread someone has to go bump the dog love thread

No. 1277628

I hate how in most comic books practically every other word is randomly empathised for no fucking reason. It makes them completely unreadable to me. Even if I’m interested in a franchise I’m not reading any of the material that’s only in comic book form. It’s not worth it. The art often sucks, too.

No. 1277737

File: 1658842778129.jpg (224.38 KB, 1242x1655, 9d1.jpg)

I hate iceberg explanation videos. Most of the time they don't explain it properly and/or don't even know about all of the items so they skip some.
The few decent ones I watched were made at the beginning or before these videos exploded in popularity, the rest don't do any fucking research and just guess for half the topics without even realizing it might mean something deeper than what they already know (that's why it's that deep on the list, you fucking dumbass, what you just said is only surface knowledge and we all know that already), it's obvious they were just jumping on the bandwagon for easy views.
I watched a hilariously bad one about lost media that skipped like half of the chart because it was in Spanish and referenced things that the youtuber's anglo ass hadn't heard of and had no interest in. Fuck you, maybe I really wanted to know about that lost El Chavo del 8 episode, that sounds infinitely more interesting than the same 15 pieces of lost media we've already heard about a thousand times in the last 7 years. These people are just as lost as their audience and leave me even more confused.

No. 1277743

dragged some old 1999/2000's cosmo mags out of the back of the closet to compare them with 2022 cosmo

old cosmo is like "wet your hair before sex for a spiky punkish look" and new cosmo is like "take testosterone to grow your clit so you can rub your erect clit on your husband's penis"

what the fuck happened, why do we live in a cronenberg future, who wanted this

one thing that's actually better was that old cosmo had a shit load of cigarette adds and new cosmo does not. also sorry for redditspacing.

No. 1277761

>"take testosterone to grow your clit so you can rub your erect clit on your husband's penis"
…W-what? Please tell me you're joking

No. 1277776

Wtf? Source?

No. 1277825

Social media has really fucked me up. I'm considered skinny fat and genetically, I'm just predisposed to carry most of my weight in my stomach and thighs. I could probably achieve a lean, muscular body, but to put in that amount of work for that type of body isn't sustainable for my lifestyle and I know myself well- it's a one way street into ED territory for me. And it isn't that I don't put in the work, I workout regularly and eat as healthy as I can, but I'd basically have to obsess over my food intake and spend all my free time and then some at the gym to get more lean.

I feel like I can't enjoy my workouts because my body isn't getting any leaner but I have to keep fighting with myself that I work out just for my health and not to achieve a body that will appeal to other people. It fucking sucks to have to keep fighting the intrusive thoughts. I don't even post on social media and I wear very loose, flowy, and modest clothing because it's the clothes that I like. It's like "you can just have a nice body for yourself" but isn't my body fine already? Actually it's even better because I can walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I'm dying anymore, and I don't have weird body pains that were 100% because of bad posture and weak muscles.

No. 1277827

File: 1658850899827.png (390.94 KB, 828x771, sc123423.png)

Its good advice, but I hate that if we did this, maybe a dozen males at most on this planet would even pass the criteria

No. 1277828

If you are working out, eating healthy and have an average bf% you clearly don't fit the definition of skinny fat.

No. 1277835

Was that video by jorge or wendigoon? But yeah same, I hate how they even get some of them wrong

No. 1277858

I exercise and eat an average healthy diet, my bloodwork was 100% normal and I'm overall very healthy yet I'm what most would consider "skinnyfat". Skinnyfat is just a marketable term made up by "fitness gurus" to peddle their get fit fast diets and programs and they're using scare tactics about heart disease and diabetes to get completely healthy people to buy their snake oil. "Skinnyfat" is more of an issue with men who have an otherwise skinny body but a beer gut filled with unhealthy visceral fat caused by a horrible diet of alcohol and fatty foods, not women who have natural love handles around their hips or a belly pouch.

No. 1277926

Doctors know nothing about female anatomy at all because they only see us as walking wombs and all is fine and good so long as we can shit out future taxpayers for the machine. Did you know periods are not medically necessary to have? All this time we could have just not had periods at all, but some moid thought the pill would be more accepted if women still had their period on it so the church could be pleased that women were still suffering as god intended, and that was that for 50 fucking years. when women go to doctors for help the doctor invalidates them, says they are making it up, shoves a bill in their face, and kicks them out the door. doctors won't even listen to us when we say we're not pregnant. you can be bleeding out on the floor and they'll make you take a pregnancy test and wait 3 hours for the result before they'll help you. women are second class citizens. unless the doctor is delivering a baby or making a profit they dont give a fuck about our health and wellness. it was only a few years ago anyone discovered the clitoris isn't just some tiny nub but has a large internal structure that wraps around the vagina. women's health research is in the caveman era. only men are important enough to research.

No. 1277962

I hate when retards are like “don’t stigmatize mental health!1!1 everyone is all about supporting mental health awareness till everyone shows signs of mental illness” which i get it for cases of ptsd, cptsd, depression. but they’re starting to say this about npd. Fucking NPD.
>you guise!! Hitler was just a narcissist. He couldn’t help it :’(

No. 1277977

I feel this in my own way. Even when I was much more in shape than I am now, I felt like I could never live up to certain standards. I had extremely muscular legs but could never lose my cellulite and the idea of anyone seeing it destroyed my self-confidence. Both my mother and grandmother had it really badly too so I harbored hatred for my mom for even having me and making me have ugly thighs. I was proud of my strength but felt disgusting over this. I am not even as fit as I was then and have tried to learn to be okay with it but it’s really hard. The thing is that I don’t even judge other women for it. I’m attracted to some women who have it because it is such a minor thing for me. But to myself I am my harshest critic.

No. 1277981

I'm not taking hormones to fuck my body up by not having periods. I don't trust that rhetoric either

No. 1278013

The skinny fat term cannot be applied towards women, women are quite literally designed to retain a bit of weight, its healthy and natural, men on the other hand are designed to be lean and fit
Its fucked up how far social media bodies are from the bodiee that are most ideal for us

No. 1278015

I hate how normalized the term "they" has become. I think that it's useful for conciseness if you're referring to a theoretical person and just say they instead of he or she. But I've seen people just use they to refer to people who already have an establish and known gender.
I got they'd a bunch the other day for no fucking reason even though I'm a woman, a girl, a SHE, and everyone in that group knows it. I've seen others refer to obvious cis people as they too. Clearly it's the hot new thing to do. Can't stand this shit.

No. 1278022

Based. I hate how women are expected to be perfect and have 0 fat, but yet have huge breasts and asses. Males can lose fat and gain muscle if they simply stop eating 5,000 calories a day and go outside for 5 minutes. They are literally built to not be fat, but women are built to retain it.

No. 1278023

It gets weird. I’m guilty of talking to my mom about a friend or something and just using “they” to vaguely refer to whoever it is but I never attribute that to being on the gender train. Now it makes me feel weird when I do it even though I’m just trying to tell a story about whatever person when their sex wasn’t relevant to it and the person I’m telling doesn’t know whoever it is. I feel like the term has become loaded.

No. 1278028

I felt that way for the longest time, but then I arrived at the following logic: the periods fuck up my body and quality of life more than birth control pills would.

No. 1278034

>Now it makes me feel weird when I do it even though I’m just trying to tell a story about whatever person when their sex wasn’t relevant to it
I feel this way too, it feels so loaded when it isn't necessary and used to just be a casual way of speaking

No. 1278035

AYRT, in that case it's really fine. I mostly meant like, say you're referring to someone that your mom does actually know who is a woman or man and saying they regardless. Or someone who is in the conversation in that moment and they'ing them. Unknown gender or irrelevant gender to story and they'ing them is perfectly normal.

No. 1278047

Honestly this is why I hate the overuse of the word twink on social media, especially when it gets apploed towards average bodied and fit men, saw someone refer to Christopher from the Sopranos as a twink, and that shaved 10 years off my life

No. 1278060

sage but try megababe thigh rescue! it's been my savior this summer

No. 1278078

File: 1658866822168.png (31.87 KB, 1193x408, cosmo.png)


you think this is a fucking game nonnies?!
and this wasn't some online-only shit, it wa literally printed in the may 2022 issue of the magazine

No. 1278175

You don't know that though. Not long term anyway. Besides, thousands of women died from birth control side effects like clots.

No. 1278181

None of you know how to read. Skinny fat does not apply to average, somewhat active women who eat healthy and have good bloodwork.

No. 1278182

Period pains suck but not as much as waddling with brittle bones like a piss drinking tranny

No. 1278195

if you're talking about osteoporosis, i've heard women get that from child bearing but have not heard that BC pills can cause it. I drink a ton of milk anyway and am childfree. Now, what periods do cause is anemia and an increased risk of uterine cancer. I don't exactly sell BC pills so you could always you know, tell me why you think they are harmful.

No. 1278215

Nta, but milk making bones stronger is a myth

No. 1278237

Birth control increases your risk of blood clots, gallbladder disease, heart attack, stroke, liver cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. And yes, BC has been linked to low bone density. Anon how have you never heard or investigated this? Fucking around with your hormones is serious, did your doctor not explain anything to you?

No. 1278251

This. My god, women really are kept in the dark about the risks of hormonal birth control to the point they're seriously saying that having periods is more damaging to your body than artificially toying with your hormonal levels. Almost every woman I've met in my life has had severe symptoms from birth control and the ones who haven't seem to be in the minority, even trannies are at elevated risk of breast cancer and blood clots due to downing horse piss pills. Back when people were sperging out about the covid vaccine causing blood clots they dismissed the fact that you were 100,000 times more likely to get a blood clot from using birth control and nobody fucking bats an eye at that.

No. 1278274

That one kind of weeb girl who
>Goes unbelievably crazy over the bottom of the barrel flavor of the week moepandering ecchi anime waifus like a coombrained moid because she has no taste
>Is incredibly defensive about her being a waifufag, considers fujos and yumes the bane of her existence because they don't give a shit about her big titted anime girlfriend
>Terminal NLOGism but thinks it's the other girls who are "NLOGs"
>Unironically thinks blatant and crass sexualization of women is empowering and either considers big coomer tits "validating" because she believes she has large breasts herself (usually either from being overweight, padded bras or just delusion) or capes for lolis because she's a "smol (5 foot 5) irl loli herself so she needs the representation"
>Believes she's lesbian/bisexual because she simps for fictional waifus and wants anime mommy milker dommies to "step on her"
>Spergs about how criticizing sexualized female characters created for the male gaze is erasing lesbians and other "WLW"s because of course it's appropriate "representation", acts as the official authority of LGB solutions but whines about how LGB issues are "too politicized for her"
>Possibly owns hentai body pillows and three cabinets full of sexy anime girl figurines
Someone should fucking write a comprehensive essay of these people, trying to understand the train of their thought seems like an impossible task. It's like they were given lobotomies as children.

No. 1278390

>And yes, BC has been linked to low bone density.
Oh god that absolutely scares me. My aunt takes BC by injection and that's the main side effect. She has back pain and pain in one of her wrists. I'm not sure why it's worth suffering through.

No. 1278416

File: 1658885802412.png (512.69 KB, 720x583, 916161.png)

Anons who like and post fat men.

No. 1278419

Science be like: BC prevents bone loss!
But then also: BC causes bone loss!

This is just like the "is eating eggs healthy" debate all over again. I can't trust anything these stupid assholes say. Maybe I get bone loss, maybe I don't. I'll take the zero periods and just lift weights and take a calcium sup or some shit. Gonna get my ass some nice silk sheets I will no longer actually bleed on and ruin. Thanks loves. Don't need this fearmongering.

Science is bullshit, here's some science on why science is full of shit:

No. 1278439

Oh nonononononono

No. 1278471

Honestly, everything has contradicting information in science/medicine/etc. At this point just enjoy what you want because we will ultimately die anyway and being in fear of everything will make life hell. I currently use birth control because my periods will last for weeks without it. If it kills me, at least I won't have bad anemia for my short lifespan kek.

No. 1278475

is it really fearmongering when many women have actually talked about their bad experiences with bc? and what about women who got worse periods from it?

No. 1278481

I rarely see this. On /g/?

No. 1278492

Yes (as usual kek)

No. 1278505

File: 1658893912712.jpg (127.15 KB, 801x830, Untitled.jpg)

white guilt

No. 1278507

I hate the everyone couldn’t see that Jenna Marbles was fucking right off the internet because her bestie Shane’s pedophilia was about to bite her in the ass

No. 1278509

>comparing an article from 1993 to one from 2011
This is so disingenuous of you. If you don't want periods so bad, fine do what you like. But to claim that they are "not medically necessary" and imply it won't cause issues is ludicrous.

No. 1278528

Yeah I know people like her and she seems generally unproblematic but she makes the lowest effort videos and decided to fuck off with her millions of dollars, she wasn’t a victim. People were so upset she was criticized for painting her face brown 15 years ago to be Nicki Minaj or some shit but Jesus who fucking cares, she’s been around forever and is doing just fine as a shutin in her mansion with her annoying husband. People treat her like she’s a little child, not a grown adult woman with a successful channel. It annoys me when content creators pity themselves and over apologize to get praise from their obsessed child fans.

No. 1278537

If anything love the one from pre-internet is more trustworthy because the 2011 might be purely designed for clickbait or written by a coombrain porn addict. Just a spicy take.

No. 1278603

>I can't trust these assholes, science is bullshit
>That's why I'll trust the pills they really want me to buy that do things to my body that I'm unclear on for short-term convenience
You do you, anon, but this all sounds kind of silly

No. 1278621

The fuck?

No. 1278668

Exactly kek I don't want to infight but some of you sound braindead. It is like the opposite of the conspiracy thread.

No. 1278702

Instead of looking at individual studies, find a recent review article or meta analysis of your subject, those papers evaluate the results of all the studies

No. 1278706

of course it is humilating to be cheated on (even if it should not be) but it is even more humilating to suck it up and stay with them. And I cannot describe it that well but there are some people, who are that insecure that they think they will met another "good" partner like them and think they will not get anyone better (and ignore that if they knew about the cheating part before they started a relationship, it would have been probably the main point for them to not get into a relationship with them). 5-8 tries includes those, who were heavily manipulated and groomed too and unless they were grooming you, threatening suicide, you are jobless, you have a child or were bit by bit making you feel swoly worthless, idk why so many put up with it for years. Like someone else said it is exhausting to tell them to not go back and that they will always go back to them again and again and again. If you are unhappy, they abuse you (and you do not fear for your life) and consistenly make you miserable and you know you have to break off with them, why do they go back again? I am a person, who has hard limits and I would break off with someone for less (and already did that) and can easily resent someone, so idk how you can chose to stay with a partner (unless again there are these above mentioned reasons) who has no respect for you, does not care about you or your feelings and continues to humilate you. Most relationships, where someone cheats are ruined forever (and end either in a break up or with one or both partners resenting each other for the lost trust). And where did I say that I will never be cheated on? I will rather be a wreck and break off (and resent him for years) than being miserable and stay with a cheater. As I said before, I easily resent/am disgusted by people, so I honestly do not understand how so many cheated on partners have no hate for their partner (even if they still ove them). I had to comfort so many women, who were cheated on and most decided to go back to their partner again and got cheated on several times more, before they called it quits. They all had either the "I can change him and he promised to not cheat anymore" or the "I will never find a partner like him" attitude, which is so exhausting. One of them was even only together with him for 1 week and meet him like 2 weeks before their relationship, so there was like no time to manipulate her. I blame the media, which shows women enduring it and the trying to change the bad boy thing, while men would almost never put up with it because they see cheating women as "used goods"

No. 1278784

Honestly at this point I don't care if people still want to wear a mask or not, I understand why they are sick of them and people moralfagging about them are obnoxious, but god I hate when people cough like maniacs while commuting and don't have the decency to wear a mask, they are almost smug to spread their bacterias in a public space.

No. 1278789

Ah ok, so you're confirming you've never been cheated on so you have no idea how it actually feels and are a judgemental person; just like other anons immediately guessed reading your first post

No. 1278806

Found a band I like but they disbanded and only made 2 albums, damn. I hate finding dead or disbanded artists.

No. 1278856

Thats the best, only the first two albums are ever good and then they won't make cringe like all bands do afterwards

No. 1278906

Male Doctors. I fucking hate whitecoats so much it's unreal. They have no interest in actually helping or healing people, especially women. The only thing they think about is money and they will gladly deny you healthcare if it's legal to do so.
I hate how the medical industry has nothing to offer to us except for nose jobs and boob implants with a side dish of malpractice.
If you're feeling a lump in your breast worried out of your mind thinking you have cancer, they wil inspect you with as little dignity as livestock, then put your breasts between two metal bars and clamp them as hard as possible. When you get black and blue bruises from armpit to armpit, they will be ecstatic to inform you that it's a normal part of the procedure that they subject countless women to, so stop whining cow. I swear to god they think they're starring in an 80's German ballbusting porno, you can see the shine of an ugly fat incel hearing how the girl who rejected him in highschool has been found dead in a ditch in his eyes when he finally gets to pull the medieval torture lever. If he decides to butcher your tits off, please remember you always have the option of getting triple D implants bolted in with a 10% risk of fatality. Little price to pay for a honkin' pair of mommy milkers! (Him and your boyfriend will love it, just sign this waiver to let the courts know he's not responsible for patient deaths.)
You probably think I'm exaggerating by now but I advise you hold onto your disbelief until you hear about the sheer number of serial killers among surgeons. Wikipedia has an entirely different page dealing with them because listing them on the "serial killers with highest victim count" page left absolutely no room for the names 'normies' come looking for. You had to scroll for minutes to even GET to a name that wasn't a whitecoat.
The woman reading this, you're 30% likelier to die with a male is operating on you. Whether you believe this statistic is the result of serial killers out for your blood or just how little regular men care about your livelihood is up to you.
The same men trying to make geriatric scrotes immortal will turn around and tell you just how mysterious and hard to treat your female-specific disease is. Have fun self-medicating your debilitating pain with yoghurt and prozac, he will be in his office trying to invent the newest boner pill that also reverses male pattern baldness. The 10 year old pregnant girl can go ahead and kill herself, saving lives doesn't pay his bills.
Did you know the chainsaw was invented by whitecoats to saw pregnant women open? But that doesn't really matter, you will be locked away for the rest of your life if you try to get justice. Only they have permission to cut you open and leave you to die on a table.

No. 1278910

This made me want to cry. I come back to lolcow because this is the only place I feel seen and heard. Men do not care for us.

No. 1278923

I don't trust male doctors either. I've been suspected of having breast cancer, and luckily it's not that, and my female doctors always treated me with respect, made sure I were at ease and informed on the medical exams and treatments, and when I told one of them that the microbiopsy hurt a lot more than I was told it would, and that it took me a long time for the bruise on my breast to stop hurting compared to what the previous doctor told me, she told me she was glad I gave her the information so she'll be able to explain things better to other patients. I've met dismissive female doctors but they were never as terrible as what you described.

No. 1278932

I'm pretty sure I was molested by my doctor. He would always ask about my asshole father and make remarks about him (I was in for mental health so he knew some of my issues). I was encouraged to get a physical by my dad for some reason, I forget why, so I did it and my doctor did a "full" physical exam including looking into my vagina and examining my breasts while commenting on the nice shape of my shoulders. I really don't think the vaginal exam was necessary because if it were truly a full physical he would have done blood tests and stuff, right? He also took a close up photo of my eye because he liked the color and did that sometimes with his patients. I'm not really sure if that was what I think it was but I stopped seeing him.
Another male doctor I saw, when I mentioned that I'm never having kids, said, "Oh because you're a lesbian right?" Nope doc, because I don't want kids and I'm on birth control. Never again.

No. 1278942

Holy shit, that is so awful anon. Men are sick fucks, they shouldn't have access to vulnerable people. I hope you never have to experience such a thing ever again.

No. 1278949

File: 1658924572350.jpg (41.65 KB, 328x499, 6107uAQfqaL._SX326_BO1,204,203…)

Thank you, you're totally right. Sick.

>The woman reading this, you're 30% likelier to die with a male is operating on you.
Jesus christ. Thank you for sharing; I'm going to look into this.
Let's not even get started (actually let's scream collectively about it) on the birthing industry/methods and how those came to be. "Twilight sleep" birthing method sounds like a fucking nightmare not even fit for a beast. Ugh. The very first form of doctor were females who would deal with childbirth and natural remedies. I think I read this in picrel. Many women who practiced medicine were burned at the stake for being "witches," conveniently making way for the male-dominated modern medical field.

No. 1279052

Fucking preach

No. 1279069

My male dr years ago dismissed my problems and fainting or seizure I had. He only took some bloodwork that didnt end up showing much. Fastfarward i go to a random female dr who listened to all my problems and wrote a slip for a scan. I got busy with life but later I went to ER then surgery for the issue that the scan would have caught. She was a lot better than him. Also had a neighbor with breast cancer get her breasts removed then large fake ones put on because her husband wanted them. When she started complaining about the back pain he got angry at her for possibly removing or reducing them. All I could think about is she's a god damn mother who has cancer and is trying to live not be his porno barbie.

No. 1279259

gay scrotes and trannies joking about having "pussies"

No. 1279370

I like this post. I was sexually assaulted by a male gynecologist. I'll never go to any gyno again for the rest of my life. Other doctors haven't been much better either and I've gotten better results self-treating at home. How the medical industry looks at female patients is exactly like cattle, cattle they can also sexualize. It's disgusting.

No. 1279588

Job offers without a salary rate.

No. 1279593

Samefag, but also the asshats who file their offer under "without work experience" and then write in the fucking offer they want "first work experience" in the field. Despite the job being brainlet manual work, I can't stop seething FUCK EMPLOYERS

No. 1279614

That my cat still wants to sit on my lap in 35C weather. Love ya bud.

No. 1279637

For some reason it’s 2022 and there are so many illya kushinov copycats, why is that stupid style still so popular

No. 1279638

My state passed a law that employers must disclose the pay rate. Spoiler: They still don't.

No. 1279657

Doctor's offices that don't have an option to make an appointment online

No. 1279768

Didn't even know illya kushinov, but I knew exactly the kind of style you were talking about before I googled the name, kek. I'm so tired of seeing it everywhere.

No. 1279943

When YouTubers sit so close to the camera.

No. 1279963

File: 1658965703893.png (550.18 KB, 720x703, Screenshot_20220727-184607.png)

They literally photoshopped her ass for clickbait for a damn shooting. I literally can't with the amount of photoshopping and using scantly clad women/photoshopped proportions for clickbait. Now there's self proclaimed army girls using 5 different filters on their face and a shit ton of makeup to clickbait coomers such as gun waifu on YouTube.

Although it is kinda relieving to see moids call out obvious fakeness and attention whoring behavior

No. 1280101

"gun waifu" has got to be one of the most pickme-ish names I've ever heard, holy shit.

No. 1280113

Yeah I think it was by Jorge. It surprised me that he'd make such a mediocre video about that stuff (iirc), since he's one of the most well-known lost media youtubers and has covered foreign lost media and creepy incidents before.

No. 1280262

B complex vitamins because they taste disgusting and the taste lingers too

No. 1280387

Iron supplements are like that too, it takes forever for the bloody taste to leave your mouth and I hate it

No. 1280469

File: 1659021265207.jpeg (149.72 KB, 640x895, 6547C0BF-ECA3-4C06-93B3-5A6E5E…)

>mobile first!!1
> wistful sigh … web design has come so far, early 2000s sites were so ugly

No. 1280483

File: 1659022143104.gif (3.91 KB, 60x84, B462F43B-616E-49F2-A587-829B22…)

hate on pinterest when i like the ‘find more ideas’ pins so i press on it but then the pictures i was shown aren’t even there.
hate the thread pic.
and i hate this too. letterboxd has become borderline unusable for me with the fucking ads, it’s not just little banners anymore they’re so invasive and then they just freeze my fucking browser.

No. 1280554

letterboxd ads really do suck. if you’re on desktop install ublock origin. if you’re on mobile download the letterboxd app, it has significantly less ads and none of the pop ups

No. 1280560

Male sex toys disgust me. My friend felt the need to tell me she found a fleshlight at her boyfriends house along with another fleshlight type toy but it looked like a dismembered pelvis basically it has a fake vagina and ass. I told her in a half serious way to dump him because he is probably a porn addict or sex pest and she got defensive and asked how it’s any different from women who have dildos.

No. 1280563

Men who are only attractive because of their bodies. They’re always the loudest and most critical about women’s looks. Like shut the fuck up butterface if you gained 20 pounds people would think you’re a Picasso.

No. 1280583

couldn’t agree more. had some moids i used to be friends with react like i was insane for expressing this. it’s like seeing a dismembered woman, it’s the worst imaginable type of objectification and in the most literal sense. it really is their dream. meanwhile women just want something to be able to penetrate them for more than 5 min and don’t want a whole goddamn severed torso under their bed

No. 1280588

File: 1659027410772.jpg (249.96 KB, 1037x619, 0A5-16-0E5-29C7.jpg)

Men with hairstyles like this and men with straight bangs in general.

No. 1280607

If you dismember a penis to make a creepy dildo, the man can still live. If you dismember the pelvis to make a creepy flashlight, the woman won't survive.
Idk why I wrote this

No. 1280712

I hate on mobile when I am scrolling trying to find a thread which I know is active and I just saw it but now I can’t find it and think I am blind and I am too lazy to use the catalog as it sucks on mobile. But I hate using a browser incase my family walks past just as I open it and sees my screen and it is the homepage and some moid has literally posted cp and it is visible on recent images

No. 1282153

Non-turnoffable two factor authentification (is this what you call the "We sent you a code to xxx@yyy.com!" things?). These are my niconicodouga and discord accounts, not my bank account, if I get hacked I'll just make another one, so pls fuck off asking that every single time I login when being offline for more than like a WEEK, I won't care if it gets lost, I swear.

No. 1282195


It's the fact that he had enough shame to hide them, but not enough shame to not purchase them for me. Male sex toys are gross and weird and most men just use their hands to get off because it's easier. And most dildos come dick shaped but that's it. They're not a a flesh colored dick+ torso attached… It's weirder.

No. 1282201

Scary how brainwashed she must be to think it’s normal to have a dismembered torso toy under your bed. I’m sure he’s an awful guy, just wait and see.

No. 1282224

I hate those smug types of posts that are like
>"Sorry, everyone in this game is gay and if there is a het couple they're t4t"
>"This character hates women, he's gay lmao"
It's so infuriating my God.

No. 1282272

File: 1659121104762.jpg (55.4 KB, 564x685, 1d52a8021ae7dde25133afc3dd0448…)

I hate them too and memes that are similar, thats why I edit them to say "your fave hates trannies/is homophobic"

No. 1282275

I miss Azumanga Daiou. Is Yotsuba& similar humor wise?

No. 1282278

nta— yes, but less zany than azumanga. both super good.

No. 1282288

skip both & watch bongazellig

No. 1282292

My shein buying coworker scolding me for using a years old lightweight plastic lunch box instead of heaving around some glass one. At least tell me to use a stainless steel one, retard.

No. 1282303

does she dislike those collapsible plastic lightweight ones too? or it has to be a heavy glass diorama with a handle for it to be adequate?

No. 1282342

What's wrong with glass tupperware vs stainless steel?

No. 1282393

when people (especially on here) say they hate anime because it's all just fanservice for moids. it's like saying that you hate all movies because megan fox showed her boob in transformers 665. bonus points if said nonnas are being judgemental of anyone who likes anime.

No. 1282396

Movies is a way bigger category that also encompasses anime so it’s not the same and yes I do hate movies in general because they’re mostly scrote shit. Why are you so mad that people don’t like objectification and pedophilia?

No. 1282403

File: 1659127476946.jpeg (109.11 KB, 821x986, AC38A2CD-9D59-456F-BAEA-C1398B…)

Indeed my old crush came into work and his head is shaped funny now cause he’s so fat, he always drinks and gained a shit ton of weight I’m like what dafuq even happened to you kek

No. 1282405

Samefag I can’t even describe it so I just drew this

No. 1282406

File: 1659127614397.jpg (293.22 KB, 600x800, 1449960869673.jpg)

>yes I do hate movies in general because they’re mostly scrote shit
Anon, give me a break. Go watch some old movies and don't be so dumb.

No. 1282409

it's just normalfags being retarded

No. 1282410

>"This character hates women, he's gay lmao"
I blame Tumblr for starting this shit, FUCK THEM

No. 1282413

It will never be the same as a dildo my ex bf ordered a fake ass and vagina off of wish because I wouldn’t do anything with him

No. 1282415

because anime is such a broad genre that it makes no sense to generalize. just like with regular films where degenerate-pandering blockbusters with lots of sex scenes get way more popular, it doesn't mean that the entire category is just one type of product. i can understand not liking the overall anime art style, even though at this point it's also pretty diverse and anime isn't just made in japane anymore, but to say that's it's all the same is oblivious at best. like it's not based to be this ignorant about something that's become a considerate part of mainstream culture?

No. 1282419

A lot of the autistic anti-anime anons here who yell pedoshit at everything tend to be girls who were groomed by pedo male weebs and are now lashing out at the entire media genre because they have a chip on their shoulders. It's understandable, but it's still annoying when some sperg starts a whole ass war about using an anime image or liking anime (or appreciating Japan as a country in any way to begin with) in general.

No. 1282421

>>1277215 I have a naturally angular body and I would look like a gross sniwey guy if I did the shredded look. It fits some women but personally I would so anything to have a curvy body type. A lot of bodybuilders have some form of fucked body issues though no different than anachans or bulimia chans.

No. 1282426

I’m so sorry that your misogyny detector is broken but old movies do also have a lot of misogynistic bullshit and sexualization >>1282415
It is very based to recognize that media has issues with women and girls

No. 1282436

My ex looks almost exactly like your drawing now too and it's making me lose my mind

No. 1282438

Fat women with lip fillers

No. 1282461

old movies are almost worse in some ways

No. 1282462

People who speed up when you're trying to speed up to get in their lane or go around them because a turn is coming, they're slow you have to go to work, or some other reason like their lights are blinding. It's almost always moids in large cars too.

No. 1282467

Are we all the one person because same, lol

No. 1282505

There is a hair dresser I follow in Canada who is obese with obvious lip fillers. She's so talented, but her fillers are so distracting!

No. 1282539

I dislike anyone with excessive lip filler

No. 1282825

File: 1659146353267.jpg (77.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anons who misuse the word pickme and think sprinkling it in a sentence will make them integrate better

No. 1282838

I fucking hate that female youtubers apologize when they don't wear makeup in a video. These male youtubers look like ass but no it's the women who apologize.

No. 1282839

Cant watch so many movies because there's porn in it. Like holy shit I despise men because I know it is for them and I want to skin them all alive for making so many things DISGUSTING. Why must everything be so godamn tainted with male fantasies? Can something not be about sex for 2 hours? Even movies meant for for women have some kind of forced nudity or sex scene for no reason. Like WHY. I don't want to see that shit and I don't care how hot they are. If I wanted to watch people undress and fuck, I would go watch that. If I wanted to watch a story about aliens hunting humans for sport, then why the hell is there two humans having sex without any of them dying? All male directors, writers, producers, artists, costume designers, makeup artists, EVERYTHING, please die. There is nothing males can offer to this world other than hubris! Incapable of making art without needing to jerk off. I am not even upset anymore, simply so so so disappointed.

No. 1282843

Yeah, as a horror fan it sucks.

No. 1282844

i literally have this same problem anon it’s made me vet every movie before i watch it and i never watch movies that might have sex scenes with men around me. because i’ve had men straight up admit to me they got arousedfrom even the most retarded gross comical sex scenes. porn is in everything even music. i went to therapy to help with this among other things and it did help a little with processing it and learning to accept it while still opposing it. idk what i can even say other than ily and i feel your pain. i’m sorry

No. 1282846

samefag but even in the art world (blech) it’s such a problem. and like i said in music. from lyrics to even the album covers. when men talk about their favorite album covers guess what? they all have women plastered on them. it’s porn to them. we are objects. even art is just as worth as much to them as it can titillate them. sorry i’m ranting i’ve had a bit to drink kek i haven’t went off about this in a while

No. 1282852

I've seen so many people complain that movies these days have too little sex in it and it just baffles me.

No. 1282866

I hate when people act all badass about hypotheticals/situations they’ve never been in. I told someone about how a guy tried to snatch my purse several years ago and he’s all “that’d never happen to me, I’d punch the guy so fast” and blah blah, like he has some insane reflexes to immediately deal with any danger. Nobody is expecting to get robbed, it takes time to even process wtf is happening. It’s so annoying and victim blame-y.

No. 1282873

Hire someone to rob them and see if they’re being fr

No. 1282889

It's actually very difficult to find a movie to watch with family for me that isn't straight up meant for children. I wouldn't pretend it was normal and not embarrassing and cringe to watch people fuck irl with my parents or family, I don't want to deal with sudden, 1-3 minute long porn scenes when I'm sitting next to them in the living room and I put on a random show. Its like these movies and series are only thought through by someone who couldnt imagine anything other than it would be watched alone in a dark room with cock in hand.

No. 1282932

I feel you anon, I’ve mentioned this before to other people and they always act like I’m being a prude. It’s just so uncomfortable to watch a long, gratuitous sex scene with your family during an otherwise good show/movie. There was some horror movie I almost watched with family a while back, all I knew was it had a twist and was very underrated so I went in knowing nothing. Turned out to have this ridiculously gratuitous scene of a man watching a woman undress and get assaulted, barely relevant to the plot of course. It’s like every movie for adults has to have a few minutes of straight up porn.

No. 1283021

It's fucking awful anon. I hate watching sex scenes with my parents it's so uncomfortable. It's been happening in every thing lately, especially with shows like Game of Thrones becoming popular where they have just started shoving in as much sex as possible because scrotes think sex = deep and makes the show more 'adult', therefore they aren't watching some nerdy fantasy show and it's totally different.
>Not enough sex in movies/tv
Fucking lunacy. Of course coomers think there's not enough when it's everywhere and unnecessary.

No. 1283574

PREACH, nonna. i don't understand how people can be so sperm brained that they can't survive 2 hours without being reminded about sex. and more and more defend this degeneracy with the fact that "it's a totally normal part of life". bonus points if they use europe's based attitude towards nudity as a crutch. even shows with teens as target audience have so much sex in them, and people act like that's a positive change under guise of sex ed. fuck, if y'all are so horny all the time, go watch literal porn. you don't even have to pay for it, unlike the trip to the movie theater. lowkey me and my parents only go out to watch animated movies for children these days.

No. 1283576

I'm running an illegal operation and it made me realize how fucking hard it would be to run an actual worldwide conspiracy without someone squeaking. A lot of people are complete dumbasses you need to keep a close eye on or else they'll blow everyone's cover

No. 1283633

When it comes to indie/artsy films it gets even worse. It's like an excuse to film the director's most depraved and violent fantasies without anyone calling him out for being a gross, psychopathic degenerate.

>It's actually very difficult to find a movie to watch with family for me that isn't straight up meant for children.
Not that I watch it with my family, but this applies especially to anime too. Anime that focuses on female characters and with zero sexualization of women or any suspicious shit (butt shots, coomer designs, weird boobs, pervert male characters, etc.) is so rare that most of it is literal series for children.
And even some old anime for children (I don't know about new anime) had sexual harassment of the girl characters.

No. 1283716

File: 1659219252573.jpg (8.88 KB, 300x168, fdfd.jpg)

i hate this genre of twitter art, its lazy and boring as fuck..

No. 1283717

File: 1659219301762.png (251.36 KB, 680x557, FYzyXl-aAAANNwZ.png)

No. 1283765

I hate it when ASMR artists make videos so that the camera is literally in their face. It's genuinely disturbing, I wouldn't want anyone's face 2 inches from mine in real life, why would I want it from a video meant for relaxing sounds and speech? Step back.

No. 1283769

she looks like a snapping turtle

No. 1283781

Yeah tbh, they're getting on the same level as that generic-anime-floating-boba-tea Instagram style.

No. 1283802

File: 1659225658928.png (475 KB, 510x640, E1DD42BC-2B85-4D8A-82C7-09E12B…)

Fat men. The calories necessary to become and stay overweight as a male is incomprehensible to us, they’re locusts upon this world. The half of the population who is supposed to die of starvation first to supply the rest with their meat have all become deathfats. They say they love kids but what they eat in a single day could feed 3-5 starving African children, they would squirt mayonnaise on holy communion and ask christ to turn wine into gatorade yet they claim to love god.
They’re literally starving the world with their greed, milking our resources dry with their unquenchable thirst for grease. I’m starting to think the only way is to pour boiling motor oil down their throats until it starts leaking out of their breathing-holes & shitters.

No. 1283812

File: 1659226306005.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x1971, E9C0CB92-EAE7-4401-96E1-76E401…)

I don’t shame anyone and have no reason to but what would have to be going on with someone to think it’s reasonable to fill an avocado seed center with honey? I doubt she actually ate this but I don’t doubt there’s some sped who would actually consume it

No. 1283817

I'd try it out of curiousity if given the opportunity (at no cost)

No. 1283825

demonic and none of you can tell me otherwise. this is the work of the devil. the salt and pepper absolutely proves it

No. 1283835

Holy shit, imagine the texture.

No. 1283865

OP but I’d actually probably fill a seed pit with raw egg yolk. The sugar content from that much honey just for breakfast seems overwhelming

No. 1283868

I hate fat scrotes fat scrotes get no love I see a group of fat scrotes I call them diabeetus thugs

No. 1283873

Vegetarian here, no. Avocados not good with that much sweetness and honey is so, so disgustingly sweet when it's not mixed with anything. I've never even seen anyone eat something like this.
With that being said, I would 100% try this if it were just salt, pepper and a light drizzle of honey.

No. 1283879

Period cramps and period shits I want to fucking scream from the pain

No. 1283881

I hate parodies where they just make the crudest and most shockingly violent/sexual/vulgar jokes possible. I swear most moids are incapable of humour and subtlety.

No. 1283902

>for breakfast
this is an alcoholic anachan I bet
reminds me of that anorexic British girl who showed the food on her windowsill

No. 1283906

i remember a year ago 3 different tv series i tried to watch ended up having a rape scene or 2-3 and all i could think was "this didnt need to be shown for the moid to get off on or seeing the horror women already know of" it was gross. im also sick of adult centered shows suddenly going from a kiss to grinding and pulling up clothes. i hate the mouth noises and it is so damn awkward if anyone is sitting next to you since it wasnt expected.

No. 1283911

>When it comes to indie/artsy films it gets even worse. It's like an excuse to film the director's most depraved and violent fantasies without anyone calling him out for being a gross, psychopathic degenerate.
99.999% of horror movies and I hate it. All of these directors just have a gross fetish and then spin a wheel to find a random justification for it. "Let's film a simulated child rape scene as ummmm…a metaphor for Serbian political correctness! I am very deep!".

No. 1283920

Contrary to popular belief your uterus doing it’s thing shouldn’t be so painful that it disrupts your ability to function normally. I’d recommend some ginger (womb warmer), raspberry leaf, or dandelion root! Also make sure you’re getting the adequate amount of carbohydrates daily. Not too much or too little, this is crucial for mistrial function.

No. 1283923

Not mistrial, menstrual*

No. 1283930

I think I need to see a doctor because my periods have been getting worse every year. My weight is normal for my height and even today I went hiking because exercise is supposed to help. I was alright all day but in the last hour I went to the bathroom 6-7 times to poop, it’s never felt this bad until now.

No. 1283935

Some of you with abnormally painful symptoms may have endometriosis

No. 1283936

Hoping it’s nothing serious nonita, could it have been something you ate? Also, heavy exercise like hiking is actually something you may wanna avoid in the future during the week of your period. It’s not commonly recommended to use your menses as a period of time to rest, but it definitely is the time to take a load off. and the follicular phase is considered to be the best time for heavy exercise like running, hiking, biking, and cardio. Positive prayers being sent your way!

No. 1283941

when I told my doctor this and suggested endo as one of the causes she kept telling me it was normal, dismissed endo as a possibility without even trying tests and to keep taking painkillers. now i have permanent ear-ringing from the painkillers in question. feels like even the so-called professionals don't care.

No. 1283950

>It’s not commonly recommended to use your menses as a period of time to rest, but it definitely is the time to take a load off. and the follicular phase is considered to be the best time for heavy exercise like running, hiking, biking, and cardio.
Ntayrt, but can you elaborate more on this?

No. 1283954

The amount of shit that scrotes get away with under the pretense of "freedom of speech", "artistic expression", "satire", "social commentary", "critique", etc.

No. 1283976

That's typical. Most doctors are very ignorant of it even specialists. They don't want to order the tests as the only real test involves surgery. You have to keep a journal of your symptoms and make it clear to them that it's abnormal and reoccurring pain.

No. 1284207

File: 1659258301464.jpg (18.03 KB, 236x469, bea070b7ef08fcee1e1b129b259533…)

Every artist who goes viral for drawing meme anthropomorphizations. How many iterations do we really need to see of internet browsers being made into anime girls or wojaks being drawn as actual cartoons? It's such a bottom of the barrel, unoriginal, cheapest attempt at crowd pandering and it works every fucking time, shit like picrel will net you at least 300 thousand likes, at least four news headlines from online publications and a printed book filled with your sellout comics about them.

No. 1284252

>yes man skips leg day
What a faggot.

No. 1284294

what the fuck, the doomer wojack obviously has no hair, that's part of why he's a dumbass doomer. he obviously has ED and no hair. what the fuck is this curtain banged eboy bullshit?

No. 1284301

The picrel isnt even true to the original. That’s not a tradthot and some bear gay looking dude isn’t really “chad”

No. 1284303

Exactly what I'd expect from him

No. 1284316

File: 1659270858507.jpg (229.46 KB, 2048x2048, AnyConv.com__EpvFKiJXIAYabtS.j…)

You're still thinking of wojaks from the imageboard contenxt, on twitter and Instagram these memes just exist as reaction images or as stock characters to use for comics like picrel

No. 1284328

these wojacks literally come from those imageboard lmao, now normies using those wojacks doesn't change the fact that it was created by autist incels and mostlly used by them.

No. 1284343

well there's a reason for that, I use twitter semi-frequency and most "twitter memes" die with in a couple of weeks(at best) nothing new can ever be created on twitter, but somehow even the most autistic creation on 4chan(and even reddit) enters twitter and can last for a whole year, there's something rather ironic about the fact that over a million twitter users have less creativity and originality then a handful of autists on 4chan

vidrel are the memes from "stan twitter"

No. 1284369

ASMR in general is pretty fucking creepy

No. 1284413

I hate stan twitter and these autistic memes they make, being obsessed with celebrities is a disease

No. 1284437

People not saging their comments on cow boards. Has been happening a LOT lately.

No. 1284446

I’d recommend doing some research independently, but one quote I remember from school is “You have a lower level of hormones during the first phase of your menstrual cycle, so your body is primed to maximize hard training efforts”, meaning the follicular phase is the most productive time to get heavier exercise because that’s when your body will be most prepared and energized, thus leading you to more desirable results!

No. 1284447

I thought you didn’t have to sage on boards that weren’t snow

No. 1284450

I think she meant on snow. I’ve noticed it too

No. 1284452

man fuck that. the follicular phase is women are most exhausted and stressed due to the sudden drop in estrogen that occurs. it’s literally the pms stage of the cycle kek

No. 1284455

wait samefag i’m retarded. i meant the luteal phase. i just woke up i’m so sorry lmao

No. 1284458

It’s ok nonnie kek, lower impact exercises that are recommended during the luteal phase usually include mild strength training, yoga, and walking in case anyone is interested!

No. 1284502

The fact my father put the uncooked chicken on the highest shelf in the refrigerador FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1284650

File: 1659294913176.jpg (70.8 KB, 800x538, midsommar2.jpg)

I absolutely hate when scrotes talk about midsommar, they cannot and will never be able to get it.

No. 1284657

I never saw the movie because it looked like a gorefest and I'm not a fan of those, what's the deeper meaning in it?

No. 1284686

It's true. The boyfriend in the film deserved everything he got.

No. 1284690

It's actually really good. The MC goes through a horrible tragedy of her entire family being killed in the first act and the act to follow her trying to cope with their deaths. Her boyfriend is a selfish, insufferable cunt and i dont wanna spoiler the rest, but it's worth a watch. It's not gorey per say, but there are scenes I had to turn away from.

No. 1284691

dumbass men missed the point of fight club and dumbass women miss the point of midsommar, yes the nordic supremacist who will use Dani as a brooding mare are the very obvious bad guys
it has some bloody scenes but its more of psychological horror, its the story of a cult brainwashing and manipulating a traumatized young woman into joining them, for some reason low IQ people started thinking it was based and pinkpilled, cause the cult also kills her shitty boyfriend as well and gets her to celebrate his death, and her boyfriend is shitty but he gets drugged, raped and killed
again you very clearly misses the whole point, literally everyone focuses on the shitty boyfriend and now the cult that will use her as a broodmare for the foreseeable future and likely kill her when she's old and useless(like they did with the old man)

No. 1284693

I like to see it as a dark fairy tale / revenge movie

Scrote brain

No. 1284694

Who cares if they’re going to kill her when she’s fucking 70? It’s a beautiful town with beautiful people. Buying a house in that area would cost so fucking much. She used to live in a shithole apartment, remember? She made an investment for the next 50 years.

No. 1284696

listen you can celebrate the death of her shitty boyfriend, but like you are literally making shit up if you think that her ending up with the cult is a good thing
its a cult that will use her as a baby factory,

No. 1284698

Nta but the people within the town are basically nazis..not really worth it

No. 1284701

They never talk about making her have babies thought

No. 1284702

Ntayrt but yeah the gender roles are reversed where the woman has the power and the men are being subjected to sexual violence and assault. Even when the man in the movie is getting raped on screen, it's disappointing but not unexpected that male viewers don't consider it as such. Men are so terminally braindead, lol. They don't recognize rape even if it happens to them.

No. 1284705

I don't get it either, it was clearly shown as being traumatic to him

No. 1284709

>raped on screen
I don’t remember any gay sex happening? Are you sure we watched the same movie?

No. 1284713

Samefagging this post, but I was surprised to find out that the director is a male. It felt to me like a revenge fantasy film written/directed by a woman.


Yeah, just take a look at the reddit post discussing the "sex scene". So many scrotes laughing at the guy and thinking it was "funny". Moids are so fucking stupid.

No. 1284717

I think he who shall not be named is among this thread. Be wise nonas, ignore, do not respond

No. 1284732

File: 1659297698472.jpg (71.17 KB, 1920x960, midsommar-2019-258-15536.jpg)

Ari Aster has stated that the movie was inspired by the rise of white supremacy in nordic countries, and you could literally a frame it as a white supremacist movie(which I think was the point)
a lost western white woman is unfulfilled with her beta zogged boyfriend who gaslights her, on her trip to Europe her boyfriend and his multiethnic group friend are all murdered by righteous nordic pagans and in the end she gleefully joins the cult, finds purpose and will spend the rest of giving birth to white babies, there are probably are some white supremacists who watch this film and use it as a propaganda piece

No. 1284739

Begone scrote

No. 1284742

>just take a look at the reddit post discussing the "sex scene". So many scrotes laughing at the guy and thinking it was "funny". Moids are so fucking stupid.
And then the very same "people" will complain that men's suffering and male victims of rape aren't taken seriously: "N-no, see, it's not men who are violent rapists by nature, women can rape and men can be rape victims too! But everyone sees female-on-male rape as something the man should be proud of or else you're called a pussy! We suffer just as much as you" lmao

No. 1284743

I'm not the bill cypher scrote, my point was the film was about a white supremacist cult manipulating dani
You think you're funny don't you, you are a sad pathetic subhuman and I feel pity for your parents more then anyone

No. 1284750

you are a subhuman, you are a failure and an insult to the human race and I hope to god you sterilize yourself

No. 1284753

I HATE longer summer days
jfc I want to lose weight so I go on long walks in the evening (I am too grotesque to be seen in the daytime), but the sun only sets fully by the time it's like 9pm here
miss the comfy fall and winter nights that start at like 4pm

No. 1284811

I hate MLP it’s so creepy

No. 1284834

File: 1659302884941.jpg (132.73 KB, 1000x1000, Funko-G1-Pop-Announcement-1.jp…)

You're wrong, but I guess they can be creepy.

No. 1284837

Nah even the animated shows, they’re so ugly and creepy to me.

No. 1284853

File: 1659304256065.jpeg (193.44 KB, 1400x1050, FF2F7D3D-E5DF-40F0-BD6F-6F8442…)

I don’f know, something about anthropomorphic ponies is disgusting to me. I guess i’m used to cartoon animals standing on two feet? they look so weird to me
I guess being exposed to brony fanart as a child had something to do with it. I just look at them and they look fetishistic to me now. Like picrel for example, look at these bug eyed freaks, what a pathetic attempt at cuteness.

No. 1284855

I love Lauren Faust and im happy i never looked at mlp fandom. Sorry for you nonnie.

No. 1284964

They look traumatised by something.

No. 1285059

You’re based idk why everyone is criticizing you
Yasss queen kill that bf he ain’t shit

No. 1285171

File: 1659324599172.jpg (33.4 KB, 488x681, D85nnnzXkAEXerN.jpg)

Nudists, their stupid culture and the Google algorithm is fucking retarded. Porn has infected EVERYTHING. I was searching for "happy bottoms"(type of diaper here) boom. Fucking gay porn everywhere. Was researched European style swimming pools and got bombarded with nude beach porn, which is one thing but as I got deeper there were pictures of children naked posing as nudist community sites like wtf? What "non pedo" person would happily post children naked online for every creep to see? I hate how the internet is forcing porn sickness on people now. I hate pedophilia being everywhere and I hate that I can't escape from it since 90% of jobs and schooling requires the internet

No. 1285181

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaints about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 1285193

she made mlp for bronies in the later seasons though, you can blame her for enabling them.

No. 1285401

She never liked them (at least the 4chan ones) in a first place, which was shown. Also she left the show right after season 1, season 2 was based off her story concept and scripts. After that shes been working on nothing but cartoons for girls that weren't too popular.

No. 1285459

For some reason I absolutely hate the misspelling "lense". I usually don't mind bad spelling but for some reason that one looks so fucking retarded I can't stand it.

No. 1285671

Yeah she claims that now, but back then she was so "encompassing" and "accepting" which made their behavior worse

No. 1286031

File: 1659394012944.png (20.58 KB, 137x157, 929A8D7E-09D8-4B0B-9AEB-773C6D…)

I hate women who defend and support trannies. I almost feel bad for them for drinking so much of the damn kool aid and even worse for women who become their targets. It’s almost like an excuse to be cruel to other women under the guise of tranny rights. Disgusting .

No. 1286033

I think the actual producers and cast of the show were against the more depraed part of bronydom but corporate definitely saw it as a way to sell merch to manchildren, probably forcing the cast etc. to participate more in Brony shit than they wanted'

No. 1286034

timestamp didn't take , 29 minutes in, you have probably seen it already if you watch cringe comps

No. 1286035

It makes me angry how I keep hearing "people with vaginas" or "people with uteruses" or "pregnant people." I don't know why but it feels really dehumanizing, like they are trying to erase women completely.

No. 1286045

It’s because it is dehumanizing. They are breaking us down to body parts and ignoring us as whole people. Imagine if a female politician stood up and said, “We know this is an issue that affects all individuals with prostate glands which is why the monkey pox vaccine is available to penis having prostate owners who have relations with other penis having prostate owners.” Imagine a man goes to the doctor and gets asked if he’s a woman or a penis having prostate haver or better yet the sperm ejaculator ?

No. 1286047

i hate dealing with people i love singing like a dying animal. like, yes i love you but that doesnt mean im going to love how you sing…

No. 1286053

Kek, sperm ejaculator. I hope this catches on.

No. 1286056

You don't see the same dehumanizing language used on men so I wish some crypto terf politician would actually do this, just to see the public backlash that would reveal the hypocrisy and absurdity of it all. Society will only care about issues that affects men.

No. 1286057

Kek, I love that this is a reoccurring issue in your life

No. 1286072

File: 1659396349597.jpg (28.36 KB, 563x448, sub-buzz-14920-1526507183-3.jp…)

These people always act like everyone who is uncomfortable with nudity hates nature and freedom. Like, no. I just don't want to see your nasty saggy balls

Thing I hate is people that feel the need to insert the word "fucking" onto their political protest signs regardless of beliefs. Example, people that write "Black Lives FUCKING Matter" instead of the normal slogan like a normal person. Just makes you look like a kid trying to be edgy and spite your parents

No. 1286080

yes, unfortunately i know it all too well. send prayers and good luck nonnie

No. 1286087

I hate when "woke" media makes the world according to their ideals because it feels so weird and unnatural in a way that doesn't work. I'm reading a high fantasy CYOA style story and I understand it's FANTASY but it's jarring when they're writing a world based on the reality they wish they could live in, but it just doesn't work… Characters announcing their pronouns is weird and clunky, and the writer still couldn't keep from writing characters embarrassed or awkward about brothels ("pleasure houses" that also provide arts and non-sexual entertainment) because in reality it would be embarrassing and weird to discuss or be seen there and we all know that so can we stop pretending it's on the same level as a theatre. And no one can truly imagine a world that is like this. Because it's fucking weird and it sucks. Why don't you try imagining a world where gender identity isn't a concept and sex is not a product to be bought and sold?! That'd actually be original and interesting

It's really annoying to be around people like this in person too. They don't live in the same reality as the rest of us and they're trying so hard to pretend it's real, like they heard fake it till you make it and are spinning their wheels in place hoping that if they insist hard enough that sex work is work and twaw it'll be true one day and we'll finally be in an anarcoqueer solarpunk utopia

No. 1286151

It’s so vile how rape is something like high art to them. ‘Ah, the pleasures of life.. painting, listening to music and torturing impoverished women!’

No. 1286254

File: 1659413963416.jpg (221.84 KB, 720x1461, 1659366560577.jpg)

Nonnas who posted foaming at the mouth for the days and hours leading up to Luna's eviction ruined the potential milk. I understand being excited but some of those anons were acting like they were expecting a new episode of a TV show that would air at 10am on the dot. It was kind of embarrassing and since we know Tuna lurks LC it would have been wise to play it cool and not act like insatiable retards leading up to the potential milk today.

No. 1286265

I hate how Twitter people use the word "soft"

I feel guilty for admitting it but me too.

No. 1286276

That seems to be most of /snow/ honestly though. Especially with cowtipping issues

No. 1286322

I do agree that a lot of nonnies were expecting too much, but personally I think Luna and Lurch have yet to be formally evicted and it will happen in the next day or two. I think the milk will still be there, it’s just a bit delayed. You’re absolutely right about people treating it like a tv show episode though kek

No. 1286484

Ari Aster, Jordan Peele & Taika Waititi. The unholy trinity of annoying scrotes that make bland, shitty, overrated movies and tv shows.

No. 1286488

taika waititi is insufferable, but ari aster did make hereditary and jordan peele made get out, which i find absolutely brilliant… then their other movies are so boring and badly executed, idk why they're hailed as the new kings of horror

No. 1286585

french is worse, it sounds like someone hacking up a cough every 5 seconds

No. 1286598

i'm not even a terf but this is some shit i'd pull if ever elected. if you can't beat them, join them with over-compliance.
this must be my absurdist era.

No. 1286616

File: 1659450896679.jpg (140.5 KB, 1024x1280, Straykidschayanne.jpg)

I hate Stray Kids. I know a lot of nonnies on here hate kpop anyway, but I like it to an extent and have a few artists I listen to, but I truly loathe Stray Kids. It's not like when I hated EXO or how I hate BTS because both groups gained so much popularity suddenly and are shoved down my throat at every moment. At least EXO and BTS have some good, catchy, guilty pleasure songs. Stray Kids? Bad. Bad, bad, bad. Awful. I actually wanted to like them, but I went through their discography and everything just… sucked. Nothing is good. I'm not some musician or anything, I have pretty low standards, yet I still can't find a single song I like.

Imagine the sheer disappointment I felt when I watched the Maniac trailer and heard the chorus and fell in love with just those few seconds, but then I heard the full song from the beginning, and it was… terrible. All my friends are suddenly obsessed with them and it's like EXO and BTS being shoved down my throat all over again but even worse because I truly think all their songs fucking suck. Also they look like weird, uncanny aliens wearing human skin, but that's neither here nor there.

No. 1286624

I agree but my problem with stray kids is not their music but their behavior/scandals and their fans.
I like noise/party music so i like some of their songs but the members have some scandals that are so hard to over look, they are all hideous except for felix and the members have no chemistry with each other and everything looks forced.
I also understand korean and there are more details on hyunjins bullying scandal that weren't mentioned by any of the international sites (i guess they were payed by jyp to protect him).

No. 1286633

Kek this video and his channel. Any man whining about his exes accusing him of all of that must be hiding something. If people were berating Amber Heard for coming out and now there is plenty of evidence showing how much of a shithead and likely abusive that man was, I have no reason to believe what these male youtubers say. I can already feel someone is going to dig deeper and figure out the full story. I believe all women for their rights and wrongs now kek

No. 1286636

I already hate men, but I saw something that made me hate them more that I didn’t know about. It’s related to animal cruelty so don’t read further if you don’t want. This orangutan was chained, shaved, and forced to work as a sex slave for men. She was finally rescued and rehabilitated and was terrified of males because of how she was abused by them. Why the fuck do men have no shame or empathy for any living creature? What is wrong with them??

No. 1286642

this was already posted here i believe i dont remember what thread though

No. 1286645

I am disgusted and horrified beyond belief but not even surprised. Men are a mistake and we need to figure out how to round them up into work camps and kill the rest. I’m so tired, Nonna. I wish I could give you a hug.

No. 1286648

Oh my bad, didn’t know though I figured it might have been mentioned before. It’s so upsetting.
Thanks anon. I would give the hug back. I’m just so tired of seeing how violent they can be.

No. 1286654

it's ok, keep posting it (with warnings obviously). it peaks people.

No. 1286672

>peaks people
Can you retards take your activism in appropriate threads. This is what I mean when newfags are ruining ot by only posting politics, their nigels, man-hate, tinfoils all over ot (and dont get me started on how they love to infight).

No. 1286679

Minimodders who are derailing because their feelings are butthurt

No. 1286685

it’s the tranny.

No. 1286686

Or people who are just tired of you newfags that came here from radblr ,twitter and other imageboards.

No. 1286689

I posted the original orangutan thing. I’ve been here for at least six years now. I wasn’t trying to get political, just vent my frustrations about something I hate (men) in a things we hate thread.

No. 1286693

That’s fair. Looks like it with the screeches of radblr and newfags

No. 1286701

>screeches of radblr
you're embarrassing

No. 1286704

Yeah tbh I feel like this site has opened my eyes to a lot of male depravity. Maybe I should have posted on 2x but the board is so slow sometimes it feels pointless being over there.

No. 1286756

I hate cheating- and "wife bad" type of jokes, why tf people do that? I'm definitely overly sensitive given I was cheated on but still, shouldn't everyone consider these inappropriate?
I was just taking an elevator with my bike and a young couple with a baby in the stroller joined. When I was letting them out on a floor that was earlier than mine, before I managed to re-enter the elevator it left, so I was stuck there waiting. Dude joked I should come over for coffee while I'm waiting and added "maybe when wife is away" and I just fucking stood there smiling awkwardly but all i wanted was to vanish into thin air here and then. Of course it was a joke but in what universe was it funny and not at the very least unpleasant to hear for his wife?

No. 1286761

I was a bartender and I’d piss dudes off telling them I’d tell their wife they said that. Like the fuck you think I was going to do fuckhead?

No. 1286764

I'd literally rather kill myself than ever have to listen to an autistic person's opinion on literally anything. Like why are you allowed to engage in nuanced discourse when you can barely even read social cues??

No. 1286767

autism is fake, most people (men) can hardly read social cues anyway

No. 1286768

This. There are too many people with alleged autism diagnosis too, even if they truly all had the tism, I don't want to hear their opinions. They think they're so special with their "neurodivergent" shit when most of the time they're just losers with an anxiety disorder

No. 1286772

Perfect response, I admire asservite people like you, anon. I guess having to deal with dudes like that a lot teaches you how to not give a fuck

No. 1286773

But anon you're on lolcow, you've probably seen hundreds of autistic people's opinions and didn't even know it

No. 1286774

aw nonnie did a sperg have the audacity to have a different opinion from you? kek why do you care so much, you wouldn’t be so mad if that same autist had used their “nuance” to agree with you instead.

No. 1286779

That would bother me too, I can't believe there are men who have the audacity to do that shit in front of their wives/gfs/etc. Imagine what shit they do and say to them behind closed doors.

No. 1286800

>complaining about autists
>on lc of all places

No. 1286803

autism is definitely not fake. the issue is actual autists want it to only encompass social cues so they can claim they're fine and everyone else is the problem, when in reality it's much much worse. they claim they're logical but their more emotional than anything and just can't tell the difference. they act like children and throw literal tantrums but harshly judge others for being stressed. they can't function properly when others do something they slightly dislike but then complain when you point out something they do that you dislike. and then bitch and moan that they "can't help it" as if anyone not autistic is some kind of adept robot.

No. 1286812

>Like why are you allowed to engage in nuanced discourse
Nonnie I can't understand all those big words you're using.

No. 1286828

I work at a convenience store and I hate seeing incomprehensible drunks with dirty shirts and paying for shooters and half pints with change. I think they’re annoying but I get really sad. Like some of them have kids, or grandkids and they’re just doing that now. It really shows that alcoholism is a disease. The fact that they look really ugly too, the red nose and puffy eyes. It’s very distinguishable.

No. 1286831

YT shorts is the worst thing to ever happen to YT outside of elsagate. Can't stand the amount of pickmes, obviously fake controversial relationship content, so many couples trying to show off how trad and rich they are or "reaction" ones, retarded fake facts ones, etc.

No. 1286837

i am so tired of getting parenting/pregancy/family/baby content shoved in my face on YT shorts when i watch literally none of it.

No. 1286841

I hate the amount of Reddit stories, my bf watches that and I’m like “that shit is 100% fake and gay” redditors just lie to get updoots

No. 1286843

its even worse if you decide to use youtube without a account or in private window because then all the yt shorts are just women objectifying themselves.

No. 1286857

literally all i use youtube for is old films and music, and yet the youtube shorts they shove onto my home feed are ALWAYS creepy upskirts, “workout” coomer bait (close ups of squatting while half naked), breastfeeding videos, etc. like what the fuck. they all have millions of views too.

this reminded me, before i deleted tiktok i was randomly getting videos of teenagers detailing their bdsm fantasies, more videos of women breast feeding, anorexic girls doing bodychecks. the weird thing about the tiktok vids is that they always had under 10 likes, often 0. it always happened randomly and in bursts of a few, one after another, then they’d go away again. i can’t believe that even without searching that stuff, interacting with it, or discussing it off the app it was still appearing in my feed.

No. 1286858

All ultra-short-format, algorithmically-fed online media is incredibly detrimental to people’s brains. None of it is worth what it’s doing to you, why do you still watch??

No. 1286861

i don’t think that anon watches them. they appear as recs on youtube no matter what you do.

No. 1286868

File: 1659464072450.png (2.02 MB, 1422x1066, untitled.png)

i hate modern cameras in smartphones, why is it normal for people to capture an image of their face with the resolution of 5 computer screens put together? i don't want to see every single pore on their skin and be able to read the cracks on their lips
maybe i'm being an idiot because i'm astigmatic and my vision is slightly blurry but this is the same reason why i don't like to wear glasses, i prefer to see life in 720p

No. 1286870

I don't think I ever saw any youtube shorts in my entire life. Are they the equivalent of tiktok videos and instagram's reels? I was so made that instagram added reels and that my explore page was full of shitty tiktok videos unrelated to my browsing history despite me using it to look for art and photos and to post photos that I deleted my account.

No. 1286874

I get none of this. I'm wondering if iy depends on your location?

No. 1286875

I see them on my YouTube too but I don’t click on them, I could never tell you that they contain:
> pickmes, obviously fake controversial relationship content, so many couples trying to show off how trad and rich they are or "reaction" ones, retarded fake facts

No. 1286880

i hate them too. i miss my old phones camera. i realized recently that the reason new phone cameras are so disgusting looking is because they use built-in sharpening + HDR + contrast filters you can’t turn off (this is what makes skin look so gross), AI that stitches together different parts of multiple photos taken at once, and face recognition that results in your features being altered ever so slightly. it makes skin look so gross and washed out, weirdly flushed, changes colors really hard. i truly hate it. people have been complaining about this on the apple and samsung and google forums for phone support and nobody cares that everyone hates it. i don’t know if they’ll ever rectify this. i have an iphone 13 and thought switching to android would fix it but all the new androids have the same software you can’t disable now too.

there are a few things you can do to help it a little but there’s no way to fully shut it off. you can disable HDR and certain parts of the AI stuff in most phone settings but not all of it. you can use a RAW camera app to circumvent this but that’s insanely annoying to do every time you wanna take a picture, and the best ones cost money. it also requires post processing in a separate editing app or ps because raw photos tend to be really grainy and low contrast. ive started to just take vids to screenshot instead of taking selfies now lol



No. 1286887

(i know the articles are about iphones but the google pixel and many other phones have adopted the same tech, and more will follow)
>A staff member explained that, when a user takes a photograph with the newest iPhones, the camera creates as many as nine frames with different levels of exposure. Then a “Deep Fusion” feature, which has existed in some form since 2019, merges the clearest parts of all those frames together, pixel by pixel, forming a single composite image. This process is an extreme version of high-dynamic range, or H.D.R.
>On the 12 Pro, by contrast, the digital manipulations are aggressive and unsolicited. One expects a person’s face in front of a sunlit window to appear darkened, for instance, since a traditional camera lens, like the human eye, can only let light in through a single aperture size in a given instant. But on my iPhone 12 Pro even a backlit face appears strangely illuminated. The editing might make for a theoretically improved photo—it’s nice to see faces—yet the effect is creepy. When I press the shutter button to take a picture, the image in the frame often appears for an instant as it did to my naked eye. Then it clarifies and brightens into something unrecognizable, and there’s no way of reversing the process.
>The iPhone camera also analyzes each image semantically, with the help of a graphics-processing unit, which picks out specific elements of a frame—faces, landscapes, skies—and exposes each one differently. On both the 12 Pro and 13 Pro, I’ve found that the image processing makes clouds and contrails stand out with more clarity than the human eye can perceive, creating skies that resemble the supersaturated horizons of an anime film or a video game. Andy Adams, a longtime photo blogger, told me, “H.D.R. is a technique that, like salt, should be applied very judiciously.” Now every photo we take on our iPhones has had the salt applied generously, whether it is needed or not.

No. 1286910

damn, anon, this is insane
i admit that i never researched it because i was sure it was just me being picky but even the examples are so jarring!
i'm a person that prefers to keep things simple and i guess this whole process cameras have is also an excuse to make smartphones more expensive, along with so many unnecessary stuff

No. 1286915

i also thought it was just me being picky at first, but i realized that when i’d hit the button to capture an image, the result that would pop up a second later was completely different in subtle ways, sometimes a normal pic will pop up and then immediately be processed by the software and get butchered. wound up googling it and felt so relieved it wasn’t just me being crazy.

No. 1286942

That’s why I look human in the mirror but like a monster in pics

No. 1286950

I remember my very first phone, a simple feature phone released in 2010 or 2011 I think, that looked like a Blackberry. The camera really wasn't all that bad, now that I think about it and look at old photos I took and stored on my laptop. I wish I kept it instead of lending it to my very young sister at the time who broke it on purpose to convince my mother to get her and iphone. I'm seriously considering getting a good old flip phone or azerty keyboard phone someday once I'll stop needing the GPS.

No. 1287294

I hate when I post something genuine and people ask if it's a copypasta

No. 1287304

no, the flashing box captures your true image

No. 1287332

No. 1287337

File: 1659487702316.png (330.03 KB, 2691x475, dgd.PNG)

This you?

No. 1287417

Lmao how many times has this happened to you?

No. 1287549


slight tinfoil, but I bet they do this on purpose to make people feel ugly, necessitate downloading more stupid apps, and consoom moar and moar product to fix yourself

No. 1287568

File: 1659509543929.jpg (271.06 KB, 1001x1001, He43f2781277e414789786aac196e2…)

These shitty alliexpress elf ears everyone seems to be wearing lately. And not just by the e-girls. Suddenly these existed and now they're everywhere.
Is there really no one bothered by how ugly and fake these look? If you're gonna do so much trouble to make a cool elven/fairy costume or wanna act like some quirky pixie girl, the least you can do is invest in some decent elven ears.

No. 1287569

They’re just having fun

No. 1287575

that sounds like romanianon kek

No. 1287577

Excuse me. This is the hate thread, not the tolerance and understanding thread.

No. 1287578

aesthetically displeasing fun

No. 1287607

I swear it was popular in 2011…why are people wearing them now? Tiktok consoom?

No. 1287613

Yeah, it's like cat ears. They're obviously fake, but fun to wear.

No. 1287618

I'm not her though

No. 1287626

Sorry the cheap ugly ears you bought got called out

No. 1287634

>I'm definitely overly sensitive
>Of course it was a joke
Stop gaslighting yourself, please

No. 1287640

Sorry a three word reply I made in passing about something I don’t give a shit about made you create a fictitious person in your head and decide I’m them

No. 1287655

I've never bought elf ears, but they look funny and fun to wear. So thanks for giving me the idea of buying some.

No. 1287679

Touch screen keyboards are inferior. Autocorrect was created as a cope for how shitty touch screen keyboards are.

No. 1287697

I hate any songs that aren't in English but have a few random unnecessary English words thrown in, especially if it's badly pronounced. It doesn't totally ruin songs for me but I wish it wasn't so common

No. 1287723

This. Hate how women always feel the need to put themselves down because some scrote made an unfunny sexist coomer joke. You don’t need to! He was in the wrong, they’re always just trying to make you uncomfortable with that shit!

No. 1287725

File: 1659533266687.jpeg (217.42 KB, 1053x828, 020EC6B2-7491-4B05-AD91-2B3E4C…)

I agree plus I miss the clicky sound of my fingers upon the phone keyboard. I had one of those phones with the horizontal keyboard you could slide down and that thing was probably my favorite one of all time.

No. 1287750

I like them better than physical keyboards for phones because with touch screens it's easier to find accents you want to type like é or à, and I can just use the japanese keyboard with one fingertip. I don't get how some of my classmates in uni could type during lectures with their iPads and no physical keyboard though, I would have lost my mind.

No. 1287763

People who don’t understand there are no women with intersex 46. Only defective XY. They are men. Kek. Just like the runner. You fool Facebook dumbasses. Not educated women.

No. 1287787

I'm from Europe studying in the states and I really enjoy everything there but those Evangelical societies/clubs seem so dodgey. They're called intervarsity and they make members pay extortionate fees plus they host mission trips where they "teach English abroad". There is a big issue with these programs in Europe because they usually pay off corrupt officials via an agency in order to go over there. The guy who leads the club at my university has recently bought a house. His and his wife's only source of income is through the events they organise for this club.

There was also a big case where they had their club terminated at a university for bullying a homosexual student into stepping down.

No. 1287874

File: 1659538251385.jpg (296.83 KB, 2198x1648, 02e99926220ae1b67b3eb306b80bf3…)

sidekick 2 supremacy crew where you at

No. 1288046

You have to sign a "basis of faith" condemning abortion, same sex marriage and so on. That's how they get around enforcing beliefs a lot of colleges disagree with because they won't confront you about it, but if you show support for something like abortion they can then attack and kick you out because you've agreed to support them. A huge portion of students that they target are also those with lower grades or from low income families.

No. 1288330

Two times here and three on 4chan

No. 1288358

I tried to Google this to know if there really are no intersex women but holy shit, every single result is about gender shit only ("intersex people can be any gender!!!") or users really vague tranny language like "some doctors perform surgery when genitals don't seem to fit into binary ideas of gender…" Holy fucking shit I forgot how bad this shit is outside of lolcow, you can't even make a simple biology question and get an answer about genes and genitalia as it should be when you ask "can an intersex person be female"

No. 1288371

File: 1659567402043.jpg (17 KB, 400x400, mikey-way-sidekick.jpg)

I wanted one of these so bad as a teenager. They truly seem superior. Autocorrect sucks and so do most touch screens. They eventually stop responding and the OS feels sluggish.

No. 1288381

Do you want a TLDR on the registered and known intersex conditions. I hate the gender shit and find actual sex characteristics interesting anon.

No. 1288386

Not unless it fits their narrative of all intersex people are men KEK

No. 1288392

File: 1659568335597.jpg (30.69 KB, 750x350, happy-face-smile-laugh-750x350…)

Overly fake positive/cheerful people. It's OK to acknowledge painful emotions and situations, it won't kill you. Not only is it annoying, it's honestly cowardly in my eyes.

No. 1288415

Kek, the tranny from meta was in the mtf thread yesterday trying to claim there was a 3rd sex. Totally ignores certain intersex conditions only manifest in a certain sex, like only women ever having Y intersex condition. Men really be coping about being coomers is totally biological and not them being pornsick and fetishising lesbians to the point of cutting off their own dick and trying to larp as the girl that rejected them in high school.

No. 1288418

Samefag, men are autist and think anime is real is what currentyear has taught me.

No. 1288422

It’s a common troon tactic and it’s stupid

No. 1288444

Sorry I don't read trap manga autist incel. Why don't you read a biology text book?

No. 1288454

Kill yourself tranny, intersexism is a fucking medical condition

No. 1288456

Why are you, a man, trying to bring intersex people in your crusade?

No. 1288464

To the retard tranny reading this; intersex people are still either male or female, hermaphrodites don't actually exist, and you will never be a woman

No. 1288465

Because men need to cope and try and make recognising reality illegal for cooms sake. Intersex people hate trannies using them for their agenda. Imagine using a medical condition to larp that a man is a woman because he can't control his porn addiction. Remember anons, reason #49957753 to never have a son, or never let your sons use the internet.

No. 1288467

The tranny actually thinks they’re a woman holy shit anon kek

No. 1288472

He’s been screeching but his claim is 46. 46 is a male intersex condition and a famous Olympian with it fathered kids so kek

No. 1288473

Don’t think a blatant misogynist and pedophile would hate other misogynists and pedophiles.

No. 1288477

Why are you being so manic right now lmao? Take a chill pill, go outside and eat a banana, maybe stop being an alcoholic and work on yourself so you can actually get some bitches this website was not made for you, not even the sexists at kiwifarms would want to accommodate you because they also hate trannies, so stop. You’ve been doing this for days and to no avail it has been no benefit to you in every single case so far. Even elaine knows when to stop, but why am I even surprised elaine was born a woman and women know what the word self-control is unlike scrotes.

No. 1288479

He’s also trying so hard to pretend to be me too, this is so pathetic kek, why aren’t the shayna followers moving away from their dead cow and move on to laugh at this scrotey idiot that fails at everything?

No. 1288487

I always remembered it as Unhinged Hermaphrodite

No. 1288491

Moids who never shut up. Just wasting air. Carry a houseplant you waste of space.

No. 1288501

Yep. Banning actual women and being troons and moids, keeping obvious troons and moids around because "not everyone who disagrees is a man". Which I agree that not everyone who disagrees with our general culture is a man but some of it will be stupid troon larping and no one will do anything

No. 1288506

Thanks, I would like that, but maybe in a more appropriate thread where/when the tranny isn't trying to derail.

No. 1288522

Why the fuck do posts get deleted so rapidly? It's frustrating

No. 1288524

Im really hating the autist tranny who keeps manic posting here like this website is the only real place where he can interact with the actual female sex

No. 1288526

i hate the utter retards who keep responding to him and trying to "upset" him. he will not stop coming back.

No. 1288533

File: 1659576153683.jpg (69.06 KB, 474x317, understanding.jpg)

No. 1288535

NTA but yeah. Like even if you try to insult him, your post will just end up looking like one of his insane schizo samefags, kek. And then we won't know if we're accidentally reporting a normal user. The correct thing to do is just stop posting, and report every post that looks like it's from him.

No. 1288545

exactly this. i wish he would die, but interacting with him makes anons look deranged.

No. 1288550


No. 1288604

more like endless summerfags. it's been bad since covid and getting worse.

No. 1288711

they look SO bad. they really should get a pair that actually look decent if they're going to wear them. i see nothing wrong with wearing them and think they could be super cute but they're always fugly, oversized, never match the skintone/undertone

No. 1288713

I hate zoomer twitterspeak lingo. Partially i feel bad because i know most of it is just poorly used aave, but i've reached a point that i can distinguish actual aave from it (i'm esl) it's like aave has a natural flow that twitterspeak lacks? It's so bizarre to me that girls want to sound like gay males who want to sound like a caricature of "ghetto" black woman. Especially in fandom spaces, there should be nothing less "ghetto/badass" that a fucking fandom.

No. 1288714

i don't disagree but which phrases or terms really bother you, out of curiosity?

No. 1288715

File: 1659596632538.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.23 KB, 1538x2048, ok.jpg)

Speaking of… kek

No. 1288720

they're so fucking big. like when i think "ethereal beauty or sexy elf" i don't think of literally dobby with a skin condition. she may as well get a pair of purple ones, these are so mismatched

No. 1288723

I just recently learned what an oomfie is. I agree with you. I need a fucking dictionary every time I interact with anyone under 26 on the internet

No. 1288725

Zelda's ears are long, but what would be the point of wearing small elf ears? Might as well go all out, imo.

No. 1288732

File: 1659597882181.jpg (45.98 KB, 479x359, istockphoto-588979728-170667a.…)

They're just like those kid's vampire teeth - oversized, cheap plastic shit. Is this the next trend? Will we have vampires after elves

No. 1288733

Sorry for the wojak but specifically whatever that kpop stans use for their clapbacks and stan fights. Again, i can't think of anything less "ghetto" than kpop. The difference between actual black stans and the rest using them is abysmal too (and even they feel a little tryhard sometimes. Sometimes I read other twits by normie black people of the same age and they don't use aave like that either. It's like they overcompensate in a way) It's even worse now that kpop retardation expanded and isn't just kpop anymore but anything that people under -25 like. All fandom content nowdays is that or unfunny preddit humor that is the same since 2015.
The worst part is that is not natural. I know lingo is normal and most subcultures have one, but twitter zoomers just steal their words from other places and that is why is so unreadable. It lacks coherence.

No. 1288737

File: 1659598308523.jpg (70.83 KB, 564x846, 252aab9d80411111c9e7d6c6cc9f88…)

for a cute, more natural look. i feel like the smaller, less stuck out more natural looking ones look way cuter

No. 1288743

See, this doesn't look like a cheap kid's Halloween toy, it looks good

No. 1288747

The ones in your pic look shooped but it could be the quality.

No. 1288748

elf ears look disgusting.

No. 1288760

I think they're cute if they're small. One of my childhood friends had a birth defect that gave her semi elf ears and I always thought it was the coolest thing. The long yoda-like ones though I can agree look like absolute shit

No. 1288765

File: 1659601308644.jpg (83.24 KB, 1067x756, key21.jpg)

I will never get over the loss of my beloved Blackberry Key2. My shitty cell phone provider phased them out in favor of 5g.

No. 1288789

how can elf ears ever look "natural", it's a fantasy creature kek. it will never look natural.

No. 1288792

File: 1659603354455.jpg (10.78 KB, 236x404, d9w93o8-34359cc2-ecac-4202-815…)

Vulcan ears > Elf ears

No. 1288793

You know what she means you fucking autist

No. 1288794


No. 1288797

Nta but anon is right lol. Sure they can look a little bit realistic, but who actually expects elf ears to look natural. Even the ones in the pic she replied to don't really look natural, because they're elf ears. also weird to get so upset over that post

No. 1288798

no i truly don't. it still looks weird regardless of size.

No. 1288956

File: 1659618289224.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.17 KB, 724x1280, 8CA05322-8842-4EFF-8E35-5B4A54…)

This is not targeted to anyone in particular, but I hate when people try to make up for being mediocre at art by copying other artists’ work. And then something like this happens where they suddenly have 4-5 art styles that look “off” because they’re all so different.

No. 1288999

I hate it when scrotes (and pickmes too, sadly) make shitty jokes and facebook-tier memes about the stereotypically masculine things I like, where they compare those things (chad, based, manly, good) to girly things such as… "pop music!! ewww only LAME girls like that!!!" (lame, cringe, feminine, bad)
Like stfu scrote can you stop bashing women for what they like for like 1 minute or are you so insecure that you have to make this type of entertainment you enjoy your whole fucking personality as a way to feel like a man? retards

No. 1289028

File: 1659624925803.jpg (121.25 KB, 828x1792, FZNW9SmXEAAYSXw.jpg)


No. 1289032

that's a crime where I'm from, a couple just got their kids taken into custody because of this shit

No. 1289034

I don’t even understand how you could be in the mood for sex while breastfeeding, that has to be for the scrote bc it’s fucking weird. I hope I never find out if my parents did that.

No. 1289035

alicia silverstone be like

No. 1289049

I was thinking Bekah Martinez. Still can’t believe the shit she said and did.

No. 1289053

wait, did she really

No. 1289058

She had sex while breastfeeding, let her daughter teeth on a sex toy (it was clean though!!!) and apparently has pedophile OCD.

No. 1289074

a lot of women breastfeed for up to 3 to 4 years because the hormones produced act as birth control, it’s horrific. imagine being breast fed until you’re 4 and having memories of it, all so your dad could coom more

No. 1289076

No it doesn’t act as birth control you absolute moron.

No. 1289083

does continued breastfeeding not delay ovulation due to the hormones required to lactate? this is what i’ve always read

No. 1289087

When people decide to call you a name/nickname that's not your actual name because "I already know a [insert your name]". It happens to me often. They don't even shorten the nickname I already go by, they'll just start calling me names that aren't my nickname or full name. Imagine calling a Helen not my real name obvs Helene or Helena or Elaine/Ellen or something, that's what people tend to do with me. Also, semi-related but I fucking hate how my name has become one of the many popular enby/fakeboi names. When people ask me my name they'll usually ask me my pronouns afterwards too. Women just can't have unisex names anymore without it being some retarded political thing. Like I'd never call someone named Bobby Bubba or some retarded shit just because I know another Bobby. Why are people so retarded jfc.

No. 1289090

kek, reminds me of my country where everyone is only ever referred to by their nicknames, I'm from a Muslim country where the people don't speak Arabic, so everyone misprocess everybody's else names and those mispronunciations because your name after a while

No. 1289099

The fuck, I'd just ignore them and play dumb about it.

No. 1289103

File: 1659630599198.jpg (362.05 KB, 1079x810, Theywilldancetheywillsing.jpg)

Theatre kids at Dennys come the crack of dawn

No. 1289105

Almost as bad as being a pedophile, is Mohammed making his name the most popular and thus the popularity of nicknames.

No. 1289107

It doesn’t always work, my sister was conceived a like 6 months after I was born because my stupid mom believed this nonsense

No. 1289116

A lot of people mispronounce my name on purpose to seem quirky, but I personally cannot stand it when someone who I do not know and I am not friends with has the audacity to give me a nickname or call me a shorter version of my name. Maybe I am salty but in my country, that's rude asf and makes you seem stupid.

No. 1289117

No, it doesn’t. One of the oldest tricks in the book males use to trick women into back-to-back pregnancies.

No. 1289121

terrifying. welp, thanks for clearing it up for me nonnitas, i hate men.

No. 1289156

there are no safe days, say it with me nonas!!

No. 1289159

Also you are a high risk pregnancy with an elevated risk of dying with two pregnancies in under 18 months.

No. 1289163

Imagining this woman breastfeeding her newborn while her scrote fucks her from behind so just she can please him… Ewwww. Women, please have more self-respect for yourself and for your baby.

No. 1289179

Even though enby shit isn’t real, I used to be okay with they/them pronouns because it’s not so bad in writing aka online. Oh man it’s so fucking CRINGE when people say it irl. I am now anti they/them, unless it’s used to slight trannies.

No. 1289188

Sometimes it's confusing in online writing too, when referring to a singular person and multiple people at the same time. It becomes outright infuriating though when concealing the sex of an obvious male criminal/predator/etc.

No. 1289192

Theater kids are the worst of the cliques

No. 1289196

I stopped going by a gender neutral nickname because I was annoyed by enbies using it kek

No. 1289235

All men suck but at least white trash, black men and Mexicans make themselves useful by taking up manual labor jobs where as all other moids think they're too good for anything outside of a comfy A/C office job and still think they're too good for that

No. 1289236

Finally a funny bait.

No. 1289238

File: 1659638618018.jpg (70.16 KB, 720x541, 20220804_153526.jpg)

I don't want to necro the YouTube hate thread but oh god i can feel already the casual misogyny on this. How you can defend about a female-oriented hobbie that is censored and bellited because it's female-oriented and yet refuse to speak about it? The Mary Sue vídeo by izzzty was the same. Instead of talking how internet tried to censor self-inserting and control the sexuality of young women, the approach was "cringe is good". For fucks sake it was never about cringe it was always about punish young girls you're a grown ass woman and should know that already. But they can't mention the w-word because the gendies would get trigged oh my fucking god why are female creators so fucking spineless.

No. 1289252

Haiku really isn't your forte.

No. 1289253

Izzyzzz and Sarah Z are both ~nonbinawies~ so of course they have some intense internalized misogyny

No. 1289277


No. 1289280

are you fucking retarded?

No. 1289281

as a Paki I agree to an extent, Muhajirs are USP's(urdu speaking punjais) are disgusting and ugly, almost all of them are skinny fat, they have a disdain towards any sort of manual labor, no sense of pride and basically they all act like clowns for Arabs and Turks, that said my father's race are a lot of different, in fact my father who told me that the muhajirs and USP's were basically half eunuchs', though I am from an ethnic minority group that makes up only 1% of the population of Pakistan

No. 1289287

I only have Pakistan for context so I can't really comment on the other ethnic groups, but its a lot more complicated then just being forward or not, more a result of differences in culture and what people value,
I'm not a Punjabi though, I am a pothwar khokhar(on my father's side) sindhi on my mother

No. 1289309

File: 1659644073547.jpg (164.82 KB, 900x550, 3434.jpg)

No, I still live in Pakistan, planning to escape to the US
funny think about Ghawaza e Hind types is the majority of those guys who post those memes are just the Muslim versions of hindu pajeets, my father's people want nothing to do with India or to be part of them

No. 1289322

File: 1659644806707.png (804.88 KB, 746x921, gX0HD7d.png)

I don't know about that, I don't care frankly, but In terms of looks I usually prefer traditional(looking though not culturally) men from northern Punjab/kashmir and white guys mostly

No. 1289576

Not Varg tho

No. 1290425

I hate how even if it's obvious as fuck that the person you're talking about is a man or a woman, people will still call them "they". I particularly hate that it happens with women because we were, and still are, often assumed to be male because male is the default. Fuck that shit. I'll use feminine pronouns when I think someone is a woman, and masculine pronouns when I think a degenerate is a male (which is often).

No. 1290732

Chrome (and other Chrome based browsers) auto-refreshing the tabs when switching back to them

No. 1290742

I don’t think that’s a browser problem I think it’s the memory on your computer/phone nonnie

No. 1290746

Chrome used to have an option to turn this off but they removed it in a later update for no good reason.

No. 1290872

No. 1290878

what about mobile though

No. 1290988

File: 1659727599518.jpeg (164.61 KB, 1242x451, C659614F-0615-4F3A-B0E3-8921BA…)

Whenever I see something on Facebook about a man doing some fucked shit like DMing girls about how they’re jerking off and want them to send nudes while they have a family picture up and their kids in their profile picture and there’s always a man in the comments saying “well women do it too.” Where? They can’t even provide examples. It never happens

No. 1291416

High heels. Not because ugly or anything, but the exact opposite, being pretty while being back- and feet destroying. I want to wear them so bad, but I value my back more.

No. 1291460

I don’t wanna wear high heels because I am already takl

No. 1291461

>have short tendons
>high heels are more comfortable
>also have extremely long legs already
sorry anon

No. 1291644

I hate having to use the bathroom. It's so stupid. I'll be on a roll in the middle of a drawing, then I have to stop to fucking pee and then it takes forever to get back in the perfect drawing position I was just in. We need to focus our tech on eliminating the need to use the bathroom.

No. 1291646

Destroyed my center of balance with years of ballet now heels feel more comfortable to me than normal shoes. I even took mma classes in heels (at my own house) because it was easier for me to balance

No. 1291648

File: 1659770470325.jpg (39.82 KB, 465x607, highheel5sfsfsdfsdfs_465_607_i…)

No. 1291656

I was just thinking earlier how I wish chairs could just be complex toilets and we wouldn't have to move but I realize how unrealistic and disgusting that is kek

No. 1291662

I too have occasionally had such gamer thoughts

No. 1291675

File: 1659773964473.jpg (28.17 KB, 567x421, D3kA7QzXsAAE2Tt.jpg)

Men with bellies, especially jiggly ones. It's a sign of lack of self-care for me and i HATE lazy men in every aspect. My best friend, her bf and I went swimming a couple of days ago and I was so disgusted by his tubby, pale, jiggly-bellied physique.

No. 1291677

Men literally don't have to do shit to stay skinny since their bodies are not physically made for storing fat unlike women yet they still choose to look like bloated slobs. Eating like a normal person and exercising a few times a week would be enough for them to stay looking good but no, that's too much effort.

No. 1291682

Jiggly is almost better than that hard beer belly some men get, you can just sense the visceral fat strangling their organs

No. 1291684

Paki-anon ?

No. 1291687

No ffs. Stop with your paranoia.

No. 1291709

>anyone who uses cat reaction images
>is ESL
>and complains about men's stomachs
gets accused of being paki-anon

No. 1291715

I swear, I've seen at least four nonnies get accused of being paki-chan over mundane shit today. Is this the new "moid/troon spotted!!!!" ?

No. 1291751

People who let their children run into you or bump into you and don’t correct them.

No. 1291762

Any video that goes "[…] being […] for […] minutes straight". They're so fucking obnoxious to me. Especially when the creator adds their own annoying unfunny captions and references every 2 seconds

No. 1291767

I block those accounts immediately because they are faggots who offer no quality content ever

No. 1291771

Parents who give their babies and toddlers their phones and ipads in shops/grocery stores/cafes/ect.
I don’t want to hear your excuses. I’m suuure you’re mother of the year 99% of the time and I just happened to see the super rare time you shut your child up with a phone/ipad. It totally doesn’t happen every time your child shows the first signs of fuss and you’re totally not going to go home and give your addict baby even more screen time. I totally believe you mama.

No. 1291774

Tinfoil but I think those are actually bot accounts

No. 1291777

I don't think I've ever seen any parent show things to their kids on an ipad or smartphone in a constructive or educative way, now that I think about it. It's always just the kid doing whatever they want while the parents don't even look at them.

No. 1291778

I’d rather not hear babies crying in public space so if there’s a time for an ipad it’s such times

No. 1291787

File: 1659787575689.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 235.78 KB, 768x1024, 114A91E9-8656-44A2-8802-EDC393…)

And they never will because they don’t want to look after them at that moment.They get fed up and sick of the kid’s fussing in public so they cave and give the kid a screen to shut it up so they can ignore them for a bit and be in their own world. Meanwhile the kid is watching Elsa get impregnated by a Minion while Dr Moana looks at her feet, and the next video lined up is Peppa Pig crying because a Zombie bit her titty off and cut off her mum’s ear while Micky and Minnie Mouse cut off lady’s bikinis at the beach. And the parents are none the wiser because “wheels on the bus” and coco melon is playing as the audio over these videos so they think “well that doesn’t sound too bad, I’ll just keep doing my thing as long as my baby is quiet”

It infuriates me. I work in a clothing store and I see it every single day multiple times a day and I just want to bang my head against a wall

No. 1291795

Thank god my parents never did that with my youngest sister and I and my other sisters always made sure she wasn't doing weird shit online. She's a well adjusted normie now thanks to that. When she was given an ipad it was at home and we were watching things with her and teaching her internet safety and kicked her ass when she made a fb account at 8 years old.

No. 1291804

Normies love to talk about tinfoilfags for thinking the government/companies is trying to brainwash children and turn their brain’s into melted sludge but that picture solidifies that conspiracy more than anything. I don’t even think this planet is worth saving for the “future” because the future is going to have the brain activity of a microwaved vegetable. The last group of people on this earth who gets full protection are children.

No. 1291984

Fucking exactly. Jesus, do you know how much shit that child can find on that phone? Every time I see a little kid on a phone at the mall/grocery shops/etc I just want to bang my head against the wall. How about you let your kid experience life, let their creativity run wild (if it wasn't destroyed yet by all the bullshit "kids friendly" content on youtube and social media) and do other kids stuff??

No. 1292235

This reminds me how my friend got an apparently child friendly ipad for her son, but it's just a reglar ipad with access to tons of apps like Youtube Kids and such. I noticed that he watched some video which at first glance looked like a regular 5 minute crafts video, but it had two of the same actresses with heavy makeup play "pranks" on each other which involved things like forcibly making the other one eat a banana, with closeups of the women's cross-eyed faces as they were choking or making those horrible porn expressions while having water squirted in their face. My friend got mad at me for asking her if she was aware of what he was looking at because "the ipad is programmed to be safe for kids".

No. 1292323

When you go to a cafe and order a sandwich and it’s always dry as fuck. Then you begrudgingly wait to eat until you get home so you can put some tomatoes and mayo on that shit.

No. 1292361

God damn yes why is this! For years I thought I didn’t like sandwiches because they’re always so fucking dry (and my parents made them super dry too), I never saw the appeal of tons of dry bread. I figured out way too late that I could make my own sandwiches with less bread and use condiments to make it more flavorful and less dry

No. 1292421

Sarah Z's writer is a tranny, so, unwatchable.

No. 1292646

Drunk drivers can't vacate the planet fast enough.

No. 1292655

I once read that in Bulgaria, drunk driving is punishable by death. It should be like that everywhere. In Wisconsin, USA it takes like 8 DUIs before anything actually happens to you

No. 1292801

When I'm on Tumblr and a user's SCM music player won't work. I want to listen to your playlist damnit. I think I've ran into one blog where their player actually works. I assume it's because of certain themes not cooperating with it?

No. 1292818

This just reminded me of my old Tumblr with its SCM player lmao thank you nonna. It probably doesn't work anymore kek but I'm not going back.

No. 1292868

People starting conversations in the checkout line. Commenting on shit in my cart, complaining about the length of the line, whatever. It's rude. They know I am trapped just like them. They are using me as a time waster and distraction and they know for a fact there is no easy way to get out of it.

No. 1292871

This didn't happen to me but I've met quite a few people whose parents moved countries for work and then they were forced to go to a high school in a language they didn't understand. Why would you do this unless you were a completely shit parent who didn't give a fuck about their child's education

No. 1293240

File: 1659898073444.png (80.54 KB, 972x827, poopoo.png)

this bullshit

No. 1293364

So i just finnished the Handmaid's tale season 4 and i wanted to watch some video essays about it and the second vieo in search is a fucking troon mansplaining what the terfs misunderstand about handmaid's tale. I can't watch that shit but thanks i hate it

No. 1293369

I hate people who always have to have the last word in a conversation to stroke their ego and get a sense of superiority. Sometimes I just don't reply anything when I feel like that the conversation is just going to turn into a fight and hope that the person got it, but then they'll respond with an even bigger wall of text or some smug shit like "kek are you mad because I think/said xyz??" like??? fuck off? It's not that deep.

No. 1293371

the only one that makes sense is dd/mm/yyyy, change my mind

No. 1293481

yyyymmdd allows you to sort files chronologically by name

No. 1293678

I always keep in mind that a debate is to convince an audience, not the person you're arguing with. So if you've said everything you needed to say, and couldn't have possibly been more clear, then there's no need for you to keep replying if the other person is too retarded or lacks too much reading comprehension to get it. People reading might see where you're coming from and realize what the other person is doing (arguing on bad faith, using logical fallacies, misinterpreting your posts, trolling). So in short it's better to let the other person make a fool of themselves and to not keep wasting your time on trying to change their mind immediately (that person might even change their mind later).

Year-month-day should be universal.

No. 1293681

mm/dd/yyyy superiority.

No. 1293698

Yes, I enjoy dd/mm/yyyy in my daily life as I'm not an Americal but if I'm ever naming files I go with yymmdd. I learned that from kpop since they use it in Korea lmao.

No. 1293785

I hate being at the fucking airport. I am currently waiting for the plane and there is a young couple, the fat girlfriend sits next to me and reeks of period/pads and won’t stop standing up and sitting her enormous ass down really hard all the time. It Sounds like they’re speaking french but I’m not sure but i absolutely hate them.

No. 1294058

People who brag about being healthy, like saying they don't drink soda or eat fast food, but then will be borderline alcoholics or smoke cigs

No. 1294081

File: 1659950647420.jpeg (78.4 KB, 656x643, _ (1).jpeg)

I hate when I spend hours on a drawing only for instagrams algorithm to fuck me over and not show it to anyone. But what I also hate more are people who publicly complain about said algorithm to their followers and guilt them into liking and sharing out of pity.

No. 1294159

If it’s for work I almost understand. Definitely hard on the kid though. I guess they assume they’ll just pick up the language without thinking about how overwhelming it will be.
Reminds me of my dad’s bright idea. I was raised in a fundie lite/evangelical Baptist type family. My parents thought they were gonna be missionaries. In Russia. I’d be more than halfway through highschool at the time but my siblings and I were all homeschooled anyway. My dad tried to tell me I should try going to a university there once I was done with 12th grade because it would “look good on applications”. Yeah, sure dad. Sure. I speak as much Russian now as I did then. Judging by that it would take a while to get up to par. It’s easier to learn a language when you’re immersed in it, but I can’t imagine what a disaster that would be in a university setting. And having been homeschooled for 12 years, too. My first semester in the U.S. was like a crash and burn trial run.

Anyway sorry for the whole blog but to get back on topic and tie the two together so: I hate that I wasn’t allowed to go trick-or-treating as a kid. I begged to. I wanted to be like my neighbor and dress up like a pretty pretty princess. But noooooo that would be evil. I was allowed to hand out candy though. What great fun it is to hand out candy to other little kids and facilitate their joyous time.
TLDR: I’m 23 and still fucking pissed that I never was allowed to trick-or-treat.

No. 1294170

>not allowed to dress up and ask for candy because that’s evil
>but allowed to do the Devil’s work and hand out candy, further facilitating sin
I don’t understand Christians at all.

No. 1294184

Ayrt, there’s a LOT of differences between denominations and even within denominations. And I think the candy had a Bible verse and invitation to church taped to each piece one year. But that was only once.
Lots of Christians let their kids trick-or-treat, at least where I live, almost every kid at church did. Some where even gasp allowed to read Harry Potter. The only other kids I knew who weren’t allowed to do those things were also homeschooled. Lol my mom cried when I asked if I could read Harry Potter at age 15. I thought it might be fine since I was older and it couldn’t be any more “evil” than the Percy Jackson series. Tbh I hate that too. Missing out of a huge thing for my generation. Also the time my mom literally cried when I asked for permission to read fucking Harry Potter. I hate that but it’s almost funny l

No. 1294201

That’s rough as hell. So does your mom believe witches are…real or something? Idk I was raised atheist so I only have a very general idea of what people. Like what harm did she think was going to happen to you?

No. 1294204

Reminds of the vegan youtuber (idr the name) who said meat caused cancer but was exposed for doing meth

No. 1294210

lmao, reminds me of my aunt who didn’t have a microwave in her house because “the radiation causes cancer!!” but smoked cigarettes daily

No. 1294233

there are Christians who legitimately believe magic is real. I habe a cousin who’s parents are very religious and she was also banned from reading Harry Potter (that didn’t stop her from reading them in the school library, and then we would discuss the books at family gatherings while hiding in the bathroom lol) because her grandmother and father believed that the magic in hp is real and would corrupt her and that she would go to hell after reading them.

I also had an extremely religious teacher at my school, and one time we were pretending to cast spells like the ones we saw in Harry Potter with “wands” that were actually just twigs we found on the playground. She happened to see us, and put us into detention for the rest of the lunch break while screaming at us for “worshipping the devil” lmao.

No. 1294247

Oh yeah she definitely believes they’re real and working with demons. For a while I had what was probably a bad case of what some people call “religious OCD”. Like OCD with a fixation on morality and fear of offending God. I thought I was summoning demons and trying to talk to dead people with my intrusive thoughts. Thought I was a danger to society and needed to be locked in a deep dark cell so that I wouldn’t hurt anyone or ask a demon to posses my younger brother.
But that’s a part of life I’ve never been open about except for when I’m with my schizophrenic friend who thought he was Jesus or something once.

No. 1294266

Damn, my parents are moderate Muslims so they think that witchcraft exists and is evil and bad but they never, ever actually did anything about it besides fasting during ramadan and not eating pork so this seems so extreme to me. I was a huge Harry Potter fan as a kid and my extremely superstitious mother never gave a fuck and was glad I was reading long books. I was always surrounded by Christians who were always way less strict than my parents on pretty much anything. I never did anything for Halloween though but that's more because my parents thought we'd all get kidnapped by pedos. Did your parents also prevent you from playing video games like Pokemon? I remember reading a long time ago that some Christians and Muslims were very against it because "muh theory of evolution" and "muh witchcraft" just like with HP.

No. 1294268

I hate waiting 4 months to get a driving test appointment. I've been trying to refresh the page to get a date that's closer but no luck. If I fail this one, it's another 4 months of waiting. Fuck this, I just want to get a license and move on with my life already. I'm goddamn 25 already…

No. 1294281

My family was literally rapture cult joining crazies. They exist and do things like
>>join rapture cults
>>cover up family abuse
>>cover up church abuse
>>burn literally books even green cleaning with vinegar because witchcraft
>>no Halloween.
>>no harrypotter
>>13 bibles by 11
>>threatening to beat anyone I touched with a stick till I’m married at 36
>>coloring books shaming the princess into not kissing till her wedding day.
What else you want? There’s more.

No. 1294283

God, same. It pisses me off too that the algorithm shows what I post to maybe one tenth of my followers tops but bitching about it and guilt tripping your followers into liking and sharing is simply embarrassing behavior. It's manipulative and alienating, like treating the people who follow you as your personal slaves. I think it's appropriate to raise awareness about the importance of engagement and encourage people to share the content they like but low to mid-tier artists crying about their work going "unappreciated" and then again artists that already get 20+k likes per piece whining about muh algorithm rustles my jimmies to autistic degrees.

No. 1294284

ayrt, most people from Muslim families I've met were less extreme than mine to my knowledge. which was surprising in a way. then again I was too nervous to ask many questions. Religions fascinate me though.
Pokemon was allowed in my family, iirc. Digimon were preferred though. lol.

No. 1294287

13 Bibles by 11? Sorry, what? I'm the other anon from a hyper religious family ITT but can you explain? did you have to have 13 Bibles by age 11? my family of nine probably had 13 in total.

No. 1294291

Yes I individually had 13 bibles. A pocket one that was pink with just the New Testament. A variety of children bibles with different illustrations, etc, oh and the bad girls guide to the Bible where they detail every way women have sinned and destroyed mankind. No I’m not joking

No. 1294295

Samefag my siblings all had their own too and we had family bibles. Every Christmas we got a new one from my grandmother, each of us. We also had a cake for Jesus birthday

No. 1294299

I'm not surprised if you're in the US, Muslims there seem to be more open minded than average. My family is too, but instead of being super religious they're super old fashioned and superstitious so it's a bit different. For example, when anon >>1294281 said ">>threatening to beat anyone I touched with a stick till I’m married at 36", I know my parents would do the exact reverse and would beat me up instead of someone else. That actually happened when I was in primary school despite me just talking to male classmates normally. They'd kill me though if I ever decided to wear the hijab because "only old women should wear it" or "it's sexist!" so they often contradict themselves.

>Pokemon was allowed in my family, iirc. Digimon were preferred though.

Ok that's pretty funny, what do they think of these sexy angel digimons?

No. 1294306

I should clarify that was for men. If there had been women I was going to be electrocuted and sent to a pray the gay away camp to fix me. My grandmother dealt out the punishments. No meals. Pinching, pulling by your arms to leave bruises, locking you in closets, feeding you things you couldn’t eat so you’d be forced sick so you could suffer to make up for your sin. You weren’t allowed to take showers alone as a teen at home or use the restroom in public. Your body was gods and the families. Not downplaying but there was physical abuse in this situation to. I just don’t voice it often.

No. 1294309

I'm honestly not surprised by anything you're saying. I hope you're far away from your family now at least.

No. 1294313

regarding the digimon, my parents never had a very coherent idea of what was deemed acceptable. that's why shit got so confusing. but my older sister preferred it (and is still the golden child) because the animals weren't kept in a little balls. "Pokemasters are animal abusers".
but yeah, correct on the U.S. part. your experience sounds incredibly frustrating though. I wasn't allowed to date either but had a secret boyfriend for a couple years.

No. 1294318

this stupid troll who is shitting up the boards with poor attempts at race-baiting is seriously annoying. no one responds to the threads. he’s clearly failing so why does he keep posting

No. 1294321

I am. Thank you. It’s much better without them.

No. 1294329

Good for you on the secret bf. I never, ever dated anyone and I'm 28 now because I was always too worried about getting caught. But my little sister had a bf for a long time and only my parents like 5 or 6 years into her relationship because that way it would have been too late for my parents to protest. Now my parents have entered the infamous "you're about to be 30 and you're still not married with kids, go get yourself a bf right now" kek, because they've realized that they were far too strict with us.

No. 1294332

>”Farmers Market”
>only 2 stalls selling produce
>the other stalls are selling bath stuff, random aliexpress shit, resin tumblers, and doubtfully “handmade” leather or wooden trinkets
>there are also some food stalls like a hotdog truck and some guy selling kettle corn
>man I’m hungry
>see a booth boasting home cooked items
>they have empanadas for $4
>shit I love empanadas
>goodbye $4
>2 min later get handed the empanada
>immediately recognize it as a Jamaican beef patty you can buy at our grocery store for $1
>snoop around back
>there’s a microwave

I remember going to farmers and traders markets as a preteen and there were genuine traders of all sorts. The world really devolved that fast huh.

No. 1294336

Well you're not out there selling them either

No. 1294340

Do you an upper income area anon? The only decent market is there near me and yet not crazy expensive? Just more people willing to go out I guess

No. 1294374

I think mine are realizing they were too strict as well. at least my dad. I don't speak with the mother though. long story. long story but happy to share if anyone's interested in my insane mother. point is, they'll likely both be dead by the time grandchildren are produced. all three of their biological children (the oldest ones, myself included) have never wanted children as we have spent enough time raising the younger ones. then my adopted 'lil sister from another mister (only 7 months apart in age and look like we're twins) doesn't really want kids either. she's #4 out of 7 kids and the only one married thus far. I keep my romantic interests a secret from my dad at the very least because when my younger sister started dating, my dad went through her trash to make sure she was still menstruating on a regular basis. I had already ran off to college and he told me that over the phone. Obviously I said that was over the line crazy behavior but idk if that ever sunk in for him.

No. 1295844

File: 1660065788546.png (2.53 MB, 2400x2400, plebzuip.png)

This. It's gross, way too sweet and expensive.

God we have this too, mostly wholesale sellers with some vegetables and fish stalls.

No. 1295863

Tumblr blogs who use a twitter theme. i will fucking kill you

No. 1295866

Kek I kind of like how corny it is. It was like the myspace and windows 98 themes back in the day. Really gaudy and dumb. Pure tumblr.

No. 1295867

This reminds me of how there are street food festivals where I live that are supposed to be focused on a specific world cuisine, but they all end up having the same generic food trucks and stalls as any other event. These markets and festival events are a waste of time now.

No. 1295868

Video very related, the problem is that many countries barely have regulations for them anymore or if they do, they don't get enforced enough.

No. 1295931

nta but thank you for the vid! very interesting watch

No. 1296100

It's even funnier when they are on those weight loss diets, like if they were actually healthy then they wouldn't need to pay extra to stop eating like a toddler.

No. 1296238

Men who cook. It's not that their cooking is bad, per se, but that they've had the privelige to not have to cook for survival purposes and do it solely as a hobby, which leads them to tell "strange how its women who cook at home but men are the chefs" jokes. Plus all the unnecessary terms and tools, buying 10 expensive ingredients to make a meticulously made ceviche or something and then having absolutely no food for the rest of the week, and calling THAT "good cooking". Cooking is about looking at the food that you have and being able to add or swap or manipulate food into tasting good with what you have. Fucking /ck/ is 70% filled with "what wendys burger is best"-caliber threads.
Fuck it, any not-even-mediocre male in a female-saturated hobby should be late-stage aborted. Literally men have just gaslit women into forgetting that cooking was supposed to be in their brain's source code or something for MILLENIA, a few poor schmucks in like the 1700s got rich and respected off of doing a ""womans job"", got the ball rolling and it all snowballed into celeb-chef culture portraying men as the culinary geniuses of the world while the cooking module in the factory settings on women can only go so far. My highschool stepdad owns 2 japanese knives and can only cook greasy unspiced butter chicken. You see what I'm saying?

No. 1296264

worst response.

No. 1296265

I feel you. Also every other guy on tinder is trying to be all 'I love cooking' and then you find out they either just do the absolute minimum of dishes that every average student can cook or that they'll only try to cook you overcomplicated dumb dish with like 40 ingredients that doesn't even taste good because it's so overcombined. Honestly I know some women who do the latter too. But I don't know any women who brag about their cooking skills when actuallh terribly mediocre like guys in general do.

No. 1296282

I agree with this, and honestly this also goes for males in any woman dominated hobby. Maybe it's the fact that males are generally pretty shit at those things so when they do the bare minimum of being decent they get praise for it. Or maybe it's because they expect asspats for anything they do, especially their hobbies. Of course, one does not exclude the other. One example that pissed me off was when I noticed that when a male actually has good handwriting and can do some calligraphy it's so remarkable that he get's called a "penman".

No. 1296289

No. 1296307

I was about to say something about the Dunning-Krueger effect but kinda forgot how it worked kek, prime example.
Ooh thanks anon! I sort of knew there used to be more female trekkies (just because the term Mary Sue originated from a Star Trek fanfic lol) but I had no idea that it used to be a "housewife" show. Also, beer? you've set me off on a wikibinge thanks

No. 1296308

The word 'kiddos'
What's wrong with saying kids? Kiddos makes you sound like a creepy moid who likes kids but doesn't have any of his own.

No. 1296497

I hate the "search image with google" thing got replaced with google lens. Now if I want to reverse search an image I have to fucking download it

No. 1296535

File: 1660107587877.jpeg (63.99 KB, 313x475, 1656390406313.jpeg)

Recently read The Rape of the Masters and I was surprised to learn wokeoid shit was happening in academia even back then(the book was released in 2003) the book details how well established and influential academics, who are adding "meaning" to notable works of art, these include professor David Lubin's adding Freudian castration fantasies and transgender expression within Sargeant's "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit", and Svetlana Alpers' trying to imply Marxist commodification rhetoric and implications of gender-confusion in Ruben's "Drunken Silenus."
and I was left wondering, what's the end goal for these people, is this all some elaborate joke or do they really believe the shit they spout

No. 1296538

a lot of artists, art critics, and art professionals are very left-adjacent, this has been a thing forever for some reason. It's rare to see people with real common sense nowadays. I'm not even touching on twitterfags here.

No. 1296546

File: 1660108206135.jpg (1014.12 KB, 2002x2004, The_Daughters_of_Edward_Darley…)

I get being a delusional left winger, but I don't understanding something picrel and believing this is some sort of commentary on female oppression and castration anxiety

No. 1296548

Not even a lefty thing, people always over analyze stupid shit and make things up. I blame Freud

No. 1296549

I hate the ‘naur’ meme. It doesn’t make any sense as we don’t even pronounce the ‘r’ on the end of words.

No. 1296550

Yea you do

No. 1296552

shit posted this in the wrong thread

No. 1296561

The first time I read naur was entirely out of context on its own and I still read it in you fuckers voice kek it’s completely spot on.

No. 1296571

Hahaha I get it, I hate it too because it's one of those times when you suddenly hear what we sound like to everyone else and it's fucking devastating.

Blame the British, they're the ones who thought it'd be funny to stick Cockneys and Irish together in an 8-month long boat ride.

No. 1296705

Let’s not forget “famous chefs” who get popular off their grandma’s secret recipe.

No. 1296707

>nice, someone left a comment on my drawing
>"so gender!!!"
It's happened multiple times. What did I do to attract these people?

No. 1296709

I hate when all the cool people I follow online gradually start trooning out. Especially the artists who go from posting wonderful art to fixating on gender shit.

No. 1296725

The way everything people want women to do is basically control of some sort. You have to control your boobs from moving too much when walking or running, if not for your own comfort, then just to keep it down lest some scrote sees. Gotta control period flow, gotta take birth control, gotta control your temper even when a scrote is way out of line. Fucking control panties, control shorts, control this and fucking that. inb4 somenonny saying how we don't need to do any of that, you know exactly wtf I mean, no I don't do all this shit either but we're kinda expected to

No. 1296732

hate twitterfags who think every artist needs to draw coomer art, fat, tranny, disabled, swapped race characters.

No. 1296734

i feel your pain. almost all of my artist friends and mutuals online are a bunch of aidens who post stupid "so trans so gender omg!!!" it's a disease that never seems to stop spreading

No. 1296740

i feel this. we need to exist as inoffensively as possible and are still scrutinized.

No. 1296750

It’s all control. We don’t have pockets because carrying coins and herbs and keys you know money, house keys, and dried flowers to not smell like shit like a man makes a women a witch and they’d hang or burn us. But oh you complain about lack of pockets now? Shut up women. It’s fucking shit

No. 1296752

Samefag but we fought from the Romans till 1950’s in the first world countries. The uk and states had female lavatory commitments that advocated for same sex bathrooms. We fought for years to get off the urinary lease and the good “progressives” are putting women back on it? Taking away are safe places in public so we are forced home again while the conservative retards take our body control away. Men are control freaks because they can’t control themselves

No. 1296760

File: 1660138155993.png (686.55 KB, 887x746, The_Dangers_of_Crinoline,_1858…)

not to mention that basically all of womens fashion throughout history consists of corsets, crinolines and other garments designed to reshape and restrict women in various ways.

No. 1296767

What he says: I love to cook!
What he means: I will drain your bank account to buy a 1000 dollar butchery set and when I’m done preparing my 12 hour creme brûlée your kitchen will resemble a barn. I will not clean it and will throw a fit when you tell me my food tastes like shit because I think spending too much time on a dish makes it taste good automatically.

No. 1296787

or it tastes like shit because it's 20% food and 80% chilli peppers. Seriously moids and their chilli. I like my food spicier than most, but bloody hell moids take that shit as a competition every time and then pretend they can taste the falovrs. No they don't, they just want to seem tuff and it makes them look the exact opposite. Money wasted on expensive food made unedible.

No. 1296788

im getting ptsd flashbacks from this

No. 1296832

If most women were in tune with their bodies and emotions then men would become extinct. Their existence depends on keeping women dissociated numb and weak. Truly parasites.

No. 1296835

i like most women who make history videos but i hate the way all of the seem to be corsetpilled what do they gain from shilling them so much

No. 1296842

They gain viewers, obviously.

No. 1296845

you get viewers doing anything what is it about corsets and for example all of them lost their shit when emma watson said in an interview that corsets were bad

No. 1296861

File: 1660145331505.jpg (317.11 KB, 1080x1203, Yeast yeti.jpg)

I hate kiwifags so much get to the fucking point already nobody cares about your personal anecdote. It's the same 10 unemployed posters who think their two cents add any value to the topic when really all they do is shit the board up and easily out their own identity. Lolcow at least has the ability to hide saged sperging but kiwi has no moderation or quality filter. Sucks considering the cow I like to follow is only posted there but it's so frustrating wading through the ged level opinion piece of these users.

No. 1296865


hard agree. KF is full of people who have nothing to say

No. 1296866

Men on tinder say they love cooking so they can cook for you at their house and won't have to take you on a datr and spend money

No. 1296901

It wouldn't bother me as much if it wasn't back to back posts adding nothing to the discussion. Behold, the bastions of intellect

No. 1296905

Scrotes camping here be like Andrea Dwarkin wasn’t based. She was a j e w ….

No. 1296911

Yes you do kek

No. 1296921

is Michelle McDaniel a scrote then

No. 1296966

File: 1660152366348.jpg (11.39 KB, 250x250, bfc3df824f5b42dd8ba75839019864…)

This, plus they want you in their house so they can hump you as soon as you sit down. Don't go to a mans house unless he's committed as fuck. Girls really showing up to men's houses with a slight hope to be swooned with a candlelit dinner, instead get overbaked popcorn chicken on a Craigslist couch, going home orgasmless and coping by telling themselves and other women "that's just how dating is nowadays".

No. 1296972

meddlers who get huffy when their meddling isn't appreciated. please stop.

No. 1296973

Wow all you nonas had such good additions to my carpark vent, it all just flooded into my head as I had to kinda hold my boobs as I tried to cross a road to get into my car, idk I thought no one would say nothing, I feel heard kek

No. 1297007

My fave is when they post in actual cow threads and bore everyone with details of some romp they had 20 years ago. Her pussy smelled or she starfished or was a bitch. Oh so vaguely related to whatever is being discussed and probably the last time they had sex.

No. 1297067

They get upset when they learn that their consentless need to insert themselves where they don’t belong is unwelcome and wrong

No. 1297362

I hate how much people romanticize Japan and the Japanese yes I am bitter no I do not care

No. 1297387

File: 1660174280481.jpg (44.07 KB, 588x608, b84.jpg)

watching people pathetically defend Shinzo Abe online was annoying as hell

No. 1297392

I think it’s so sad that non-aussies are born without the ability to hear.

No. 1297401

That bottom pasta always made me kek, I wonder if it actually works.

No. 1297537

Don't you mean saur

No. 1297555

NAYRT, it doesn't work, afaik (or maybe it worked a couple of times at first, not sure). Iirc it was made up by an ultranationalistic and anti-Chinese Japanese scrote and westerners, especially Americans, eat whatever anti-China propaganda they hear even if it's complete bs.

No. 1297642

Japan is only suu great if you’re a tourist. Outside of the cleanliness and politeness it’s an extremely disgusting country built upon extremely disgusting violence. The pedophilia is easily accessible, not covert, and almost entirely without consequence. Western men who move to Japan are a special kind of pathetic because it’s always some sniveling youtube panderer who only speaks English and wants to have sex with Japanese women. The suicide rate is out of control and invest is normalized more than it is in Alabama. Reeeeeeeee

No. 1297653

No. 1297654

>incest is normalized more than in Alabama
Not that I don’t believe you but source? I know a lot of anime has creepy incest themes, does that really carry over to IRL over there?

No. 1297655

Yes. Genuinely. Siblings experiment with each other.

No. 1297658

…..you’re not shitting me? How do you know this?

No. 1297660

it's not just anime it's all media.

the west has Game of Thrones though. degenerates the world over from sunrise to sunset.

No. 1297663

I used to work in a company that had a lot of Japanese expats and my team befriended one guy in particular and during one of their little “boyzchatz” while I was working he casually mentioned that he lost his virginity to his sister and when everyone was losing their minds he didn’t understand why. Said it happens all the time. Weirdly normal and well-adjusted regular guy too btw. Never was a pervert or anything. Did I let this experience with one person dictate my entire opinion on this? Yes because it makes perfect sense especially for the land of kiddie prons and absolute stifled perversion.

No. 1297688

Fair, crazy that he wouldn’t realize why people would think that’s a big deal.

No. 1297710

It doesn't, Japanese people are as grossed out by sibling and cousin romances as you and me are, that anon is shitting you kek.

No. 1297716

i truly hate japan

No. 1297717

i don't believe that. japanese men in particular are paraphilic as fuck.

No. 1297718

I'm currently reading Jane Eyre. I looked at the wikipedia page of another book, which I assumed had nothing to do with Jane Eyre. The book is The Madwoman in the Attic. It apparently refers to a characte in Jane Eyre and I got spoilered. I don't know how plot relevant it is, but I'd like to think very. I hate wikipedia. Same thing happened with 1984, but I wasn't mad about that one because the book was shit, anyways.

No. 1297723

You are wrong but I’ll let you be wrong because that shit is freaking nasty

No. 1297729

I’m being serious too, this was years ago, like seven or so I believe. He really was a good guy too, and wasn’t Americanized. He didn’t have frequent coomer conversations, it was the most genuinely shocking thing I’ve heard someone say super earnestly and casually like that at the time. Our other team member was saying he thought that was just in porn, he told him no.

No. 1297776

File: 1660200685254.jpeg (89.03 KB, 640x854, 2D2D0758-2127-46CC-ACED-04755C…)

Septum piercings. Yes I know picrel is an extreme example but even the “cute” dainty ones are just so ugly to me. I feel like even the smallest or most perfect nose doesn’t benefit from a piercing like this that adds visual “weight” to that area, and most people do not come close to having perfect noses. I also can never mentally uncouple septum rings from the types of nose rings you see used in animal agriculture. They will forever be anti-aesthetic to me.

No. 1297794

File: 1660201289960.jpg (9.28 KB, 235x230, aca5d66a0414250bff42684fa5be5f…)

i feel like it can look cute

No. 1297801

It looks hideous on Caucasians but I think it looks especially pretty on a lot of black women I see with it. I think it just looks harsh on projected noses.

No. 1297810

File: 1660201989897.jpg (12.03 KB, 236x314, 8231f3fc5e90bde73e0d0d18003ee9…)

nta but totally agree. i think the only thing i tend to not like about most wearers of them in general regardless of race is when the piercing is clearly placed too low, which seems to happen a lot, adding to it looking too bulky or too weighted. they definitely look worse in general on a lot of white people though

No. 1297813

I hate them, they gross me out and I think of them as snot catchers, same with beards and food/spit.

No. 1297817

OP, while I've been to two men's houses because I've been serious about them and we were dating for like a month (and their cooking was in both cases some pasta with terrible alcohol-infused sauce they ruined by adding like 40 ingredients)… you don't have to go to guy's house to see his cooking.
Tinder guys would often legit send me photos of the things they cooked. And it was always so freaking basic. Like legit one guy kept sending me yoghurts with fruit and the other one kept sending me cold meals he's packed to work in boxes that looked disgusting. Why? Not sure if dickpicks aren't better than this kek

No. 1297825

Nose rings always look really good on black women, Asian women often as well too. They have sleeker noses and I think it compliments them really well. A lot of black women I’ve known and seen online who have nose rings look really good imo, suits them. Gold-toned jewelry makes it look ethereal.

No. 1298119

Mr beast thumbnails

No. 1298187

I can’t even go on YouTube without being signed in or else I’m inundated with the most rage inducing punchable soy ape faces with the open mouth overdramatic expressions ugh it makes me want to beat them with my fists.

No. 1298189

Truly they look like they need a good curb stomp in the teeth

No. 1298196

File: 1660236624992.jpeg (89.51 KB, 768x929, 73176AF8-F2B2-4856-B664-A373B2…)