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File: 1659021975995.png (542.77 KB, 2400x2070, 01_The-Most-Hated-Brands_World…)

No. 1281779

Inspired by >>>/m/221721

Companies or products you will not support and buy, for whatever reasons you may have. Bad actions and business practices, questionable ethics, shoddy quality or just bad personal experiences, anything goes. Please mention your reasons, and post sources if available.

No. 1281780

File: 1659022086519.png (298.56 KB, 596x843, mini_magick20190211-27588-14s7…)

Nestle is a pretty common one people boycott - they own over 8000 brands, so avoiding them requires quite the effort


No. 1281781

I wonder if anon has realized she posted this on the wrong board yet

No. 1281782

I did, I posted about it on the suggestion thread and reported my own post too but nothing yet. Now this is here to shame me forever!

No. 1282233

Nestle is partly responsible for all the wildfire in the states.
P and G is another one I personally boycott

No. 1282246

File: 1659119368224.jpg (561.23 KB, 1878x1878, 1653195603944.jpg)

Gender cult bullshit made me boycott Target. I know just about every big corporation is pushing that agenda but I just found Target's attempts way more offensive than most other corporations'. Starbucks is another one I refuse to support. I will only go there to get free water kek.

Pic related. A shirt Target was selling during Pride Month pushing a false narrative.

No. 1282251

wow that’s horrible lmfao. and here i thought the they/them shirt i saw at old navy was bad

No. 1282254

These smell SO disingenuous to me. Literally the marketing team has checked twitter to see the new Current Thing(tm) to slap on a shirt. Buy product you stupid faggot I mean proud queer folx uwu

No. 1282256

Everything under P&G, Nestle and L'oreal I try my best to avoid. There's more undoubtly but it has to remain in the realms of realistically possible. What I think works best though is a low-consumerism approach in general.

No. 1282258

Oh and I avoid brands that support tranny shit and I avoid hygiene products that put "people" or synonyms on their packaging instead of "women". I also try to avoid purchasing from male-owned fashion stores (which is like nearly everything on the high street), but I'm not 100% clean on that one.

No. 1282259

Old Navy is doing this shit too. They have "gender-neutral" clothing now. Lol wtf?

No. 1282260

i went into old navy last month and the gender neutral section was literally just plain mens tshirts

No. 1282356

I've only had Burger King like 3 times in my life, but after their tweet on International Women's Day a few years back I'm definitely never going again. I think most people forgot about it by now but not me.

No. 1282388

Damn, I love most of these food brands though…

No. 1282389

Repost it, remind us, anon.

No. 1282392

Fuck I did actually forget, their vegetarian burgers seduced me (they are so fucking good istg)

No. 1282401

Wow. this gross. spreading misinformation when Marsha said HIMSELF he wasnt a tranny is so wrong. Especially when there is evidence he wasnt even at stonewall.

No. 1282422

File: 1659128240271.jpg (59.44 KB, 616x616, ld_duo_alt.jpg)

Please don't take our water. Don't ship it across half the world to sell it there.

No. 1282423

let me guess. it says TWAW and some zoomer quip like 'and thats that' or 'its not debatable'

No. 1282425

A company is shipping cans of water from Europe to America? No wonder the environment is fucked.

No. 1282429

File: 1659128665789.jpg (125.32 KB, 775x1200, Ev-bMiHVkAArR6Y.jpg)

No. 1282431

Still think it's insane they ever thought that was a good idea.

No. 1282433

And there were tons of sexist replies and alt-right scrotes in the comments but they refused to delete it. Also I forgot this was only in 2021, it's been a long year.

No. 1282484

Cathedral City/Saputo Dairy.

They dumped a fuckton of toxic waste into rivers resulting in dead fish. The pollution made people ill.
They got a 1.5m fine - which is fuck all.
They make products I used to like; Vitalite + Sheese but fuck them.

No. 1283166

File: 1659183681273.jpg (103.23 KB, 675x900, FSFs0rAXoAA_M7s.jpg)

I was willing to ignore stuff like the cringe shirts in your picrel, but target selling the binders for girls to access was what tipped me over the edge with them (picrel is not mine, the stock photos of the items being modeled felt too weird to post so I am using this)

No. 1283242

Just now checked and Calvin Klein is doing this shit, too, calling it "gender inclusive". Oh and all their "gender inclusive" shit that's on sale? Women's underwear. FUCK THESE PEOPLE.

No. 1283246

Bleggghhh, anon get some better taste. All their chocolates taste like wax and chemicals.

No. 1285738

So, a gnc girl? Wtf

No. 1285808

I am so angry this is my generation's fashion fad. I wanna be an emo or goth not a titless freak. I hate it so, so much. Zoomers were totally robbed of an identity.

No. 1285810

I'm pretty feminine but I wear binders and flattening sports bras because I like the appearance of smaller breasts

No. 1285811

All these fast food profiles can go die, ever since Wendy's went viral among shit for brains coomers, they all want to be edgy memesters, but at the same time play the role of a socially councious and progressive company, pandering to both sides of the same terminally online coin.

No. 1285812

It's always obnoxious Kyle tier scrotes drinking this shit too

No. 1285816

Not surprising with a name like “liquid death” but the only place I ever see people drinking these is metal or hardcore shows, and that’s partly because the venue isn’t selling water bottles and the water fountain tastes like warm sewage. $4-$4.50 a can.

No. 1285879

File: 1659384908843.jpg (100.68 KB, 1744x1862, 9579666.jpg)

Anon isn't completely wrong though. The "TomboyX" brand is geared towards trannies and enbies and Target was promoting them heavily as such during Pride Month. They even sold TomboyX "packing underwear".

No. 1285924

I hate seeing this shilled as “it helps alcoholics in recovery uwu”.

No. 1292000

Fucking how, isn’t it literally just water? The only commercial I’ve seen is a bunch of kids drinking it and acting wild. That’s a bit bonkers and confusing if they’re also side promoting that way?

No. 1292786

Majority of celebrity makeup brands. It's so overdone and saturates the market. They also look pretty crap.

No. 1292791

This stresses me out as well as thinking about how much water goes to waste every day when they make sugary drinks like soda.

No. 1292792

Went there with a friend and the section also had socks that said QUEER we were snorting

No. 1292841

I stopped buying anything from Body Shop ever since they shit talked JKR for her blog post and told her they would like to send her a book about trans rights and issues written by a male.

No. 1292854

Nestle, Amazon (never bought from them and they don't exist in my country but some consoomers still order from Swedish Amazon anyway), Tesla (biggest EV brand here but I don't want to line Muskrat's gross coomer pockets with money), LVMH or luxury products in general.

I also try to avoid plastic food and cosmetic packaging but it's hard where I live, since it's a cold shithole where nothing grows and a lot of food is imported. I try to buy local fish but our fisheries are also quite unethical, and the terrain is mountainous so people rely on flying to get anywhere. Fuck me for trying anyway I guess.

No. 1292892

Obviously Hobby Lobby because of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. which set the precedent for mega corps having the same rights as people in regards to religious beliefs. They just didn't want to cover birth control under their health insurance.

No. 1292904

Milk and derivatives

No. 1292922

File: 1659878918623.png (1.29 MB, 1200x800, nestlé.png)

avoiding Nestlé and Amazon is quite impressive. nestlé pretty much owns everything

No. 1293004

Blue Buffalo, because of my shitty experienced with it and the thousands of other people that have too. They've killed pets with their awful foods and theirs caused my cat to have really bad auto immune flair ups that required me to go to the vet like every month until I switched to a different brand. If you aren't going to make pet food that they can actually consume then kindly fuck off. Most people love their pets and are just trying to give them the best they can afford. I'm glad people have won lawsuits against them.

No. 1293037

i hate that they pretend they're soooo much better than the big brand pet food and end up conning so many people

No. 1293040

ben and jerry's, like shut up and make ice cream and not politics. Their ice cream isn't as good as some people say as well imo.

No. 1293088

Don't support anything Amish made or affiliated, as they are notorious animal abusers yet nobody cares at all.

No. 1293119

Huh really? I find Nestle among the more do-able to avoid. To my knowdlege, but correct me if I'm wrong, they mostly do junkfood/sodas, some expensive clothing, petfood and cosmetics/beauty. All items that are either easy not to purchase or with plenty/easy alternatives available.

I find companies like Unilever and P&G that deal in more neccesary food, health and hygiene-related brands more difficult to avoid.

No. 1293402

Red pill about them. What brand of cat foods do you recommend?

No. 1293436

You forgot baby food and formula. Sometimes Nestlé formula is the only one available, especially if it something specific like with an special vitamin. It's so evil that they hold the patents.
I think the hardest thing is avoiding brands when working with clients or professionals. I don't know a pediatrician that doesn't work with Nido or a MUA that doesn't use L'Oréal, for example. so if you are a client for them or a professional yourself avoiding it is almost imposible.

No. 1293445

Purina intoxicated my cat and made her dependent of their other special food. Is the only thing she can eat, and now that she's 11 yrs old she can barely digest it now. Once she dies i'm not going to buy a Purina product again. It infuriates me because even her frist veterinary recommended us Purina, we were frist time owners and didn't know better. Please don't feed that shit to your cats.

No. 1294093

Oh right, I forgot about baby formula. I'll admit I was mostly looking at it from my personal perspective (have no kids or pets, barely use make-up etc)

No. 1294102

Amazon. Admittedly it's not really out of ethical concerns, though I have no love for Bezos or the company at all, I just fucking hate using it. I'm not American and trying to find stuff that actually ships to me is difficult, the website is weird and annoying to browse, it's the only account of mine that's ever been compromised (someone bought digital games on my account), and I just get turned off by the general cheap consoomerist vibe of it. I've got some decent stuff before but I think I'm better off not getting into the habit of shopping there anyway.

No. 1298558

Any feminine brand that panders to trannies, I'm tired of them being focused on when they have no use for pads and tampons. Like if some brand wanted to pander to them using a lotion then it would be annoying but even then there would be an actual use. No moid should be thought of when brands are selling anything dealing with feminine hygiene and menstruation, It's not like them using the products is even going to raise the quality.

Also this maybe nitpicky of me but why even pretend that they are in need of "divine feminine" crap. I don't believe in that junk but it ticks me off that women can't even have one thing to themselves while those tards were making fun of women for using crystals and making their own yoni tea years ago.

No. 1298637

Companies exist to make money anon. Ones who deal with female hygiene are limited to only half the population by definition, increasing the size of their customers is a dream come true. Come to think of it, trannyism is an incredible well of consoomerism considering so many of them want to have the "girlhood they missed out on"

No. 1298664

They aren't doing it because of the 5-something trannies who love shoving tampons in their asses, they do it because investors love virtue signaling garbage.

No. 1298675

I know why they do it, but it's frustrating because it's a huge waste to pander to trannies or "woke" people who could just make themselves cloth pads and not waste material.

No. 1298681

Yep and then you not only have a waste of materials but you have males feeling even more entitled to women's bodies because of this. Letting trannies be focused on lets them feel bold enough to talk over us when it comes to our own biological issues (periods). They even pretend that they have periods now and call off from work when women have to stay and suffer or else we be questioned.

No. 1298692

I've noticed in the last lil while that sanitary towel packaging is getting less pink and flowery and I was starting to wonder if tifs and nbs might be a factor. Idc too much about that. I prefer the more neutral look anyway but.. if we're trying to appeal to TIMs now too then how the fuck does that work? They want a feminine experience but wait.. I thought periods aren't just for women anymore! The contradiction of trying to appeal to all.

No. 1298736

Products I won't support:
- anything from the grocery store with canola/sunflower/vegetable/grapeseed oil. these are industrial byproducts made to be odorless and tasteless used often as filler in many pre-packaged foods. stuff is super nasty and super bad for our bodies
- any period products. these companies are straight up conning women and girls, you do not need to constantly purchase new period products with nasty chemicals in them no less. re-usable pads are the amazing and super easy to clean, just throw them in with the rest of your laundry. cups are good too but i prefer reusable pads. partyinmypants is my go to brand for pads, although i bought maybe 10 a few years ago and have never needed to restock
- that flea treatment for cats that applies directly on the skin of their neck. was horrified to see that the last time i used that stuff it had burned a bald patch onto my poor cats neck, right where i had applied. my poor girl yelped as soon as i put it on her, the whole thing was terrible plus upon research i found out that cats lifespans are reduced by at least 5 years with frequent flea treatment applications. miss me and my baby w all of that.
- that's it thank you for coming to my ted talk

No. 1298772

Report and ignore.
He’s here for attention, not for discussion.
He only keeps going because you reply.

No. 1302418

Any company that pushes for "body positivity" when they used to make a brand out of making women feel bad for their bodies. It feels so fake when companies who just recently had owners that hate fat people or unattractive women change into pandering to those who would have been laughed out of the stores a couple of years ago. I just feel like if your going to be exclusive then say it with your chest and let your company go down like it should have, It's like they have short term amnesia or they're absolutely spineless cowards who forgot that they needed to make money. Even when they revamp the clothes they somehow manage to look more ugly or plain with a few exceptions such as abercrombie but a majority of them don't seem to think fat people want cuter clothes in the original style although a majority of americans are fat. I think it really pissed me off because I've always been skinny but my friends who were fat were sneered at when they picked up anything in the store so i'm just bitter at how "fake" they are, I realize that companies exist to make money but I just hate the hypocrisy.

No. 1310089

>uber is the most hated company in jersey
thats odd because uber doesnt have a presence here?

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