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No. 128657

I want to get to know some more people who are invested into learning the language.

When studying I like to keep my weeby stuff separate from my actual studies. I dislike feeling so lone as well, and would appreciate advice from those who have greater knowledge.

I'm the anon from the school and uni thread who uses Pop'n Music GIFs.

Some general questions?

>When did you start to learn Japanese?

>What got you into learning Japanese?
>What online resources do you use/recommend?
>Have you ever been to Japan?
>What studying methods have worked for you?
>Any stories to share?

No. 128658

Yeah, I have a question.

Why don't you learn some other language?

No. 128659

I didn't actively try to learn the language, but I lived in Japan for a while so I can hold a conversation and can watch Japanese TV without subtitles. My writing/reading is terrible though.

Japanese culture and language is interesting to a lot of people. You can hate on people and call them weebs but that doesn't make you any better than them, just makes you a salty cunt.

No. 128660

I'm doing the Memrise introduction course. Are there any free online resources I should know about?

I already speak two other foreign languages anon, the time has come to indulge my weeaboo tendencies.

No. 128661


OP here.
I have way before, but I'm taking it one language at a time or I'll overwhelm myself. I know a bit of German too, one day I'd want to get back into it.

Renshuu is pretty good as well. They have forums so there's interactivity as well. I also heard italki is good.

No. 128662


It says "if it's okay, please follow".

No. 128663

Best Japanese apps for iPhone:

>Tae Kim Grammar Guide (free but huge)

The classic Tae Kim Grammar guide in app form. Great resource.

>Imiwa? (free but huge)

Multi-language dictionary, kanji search by radical and translates lots of casual slang too.

>AnkiApp (free)

A knockoff of the ridiculously priced Anki app based off the PC program. Same exact premise, spaced repetition flash card learning and downloadable card packs, easy to use. Like Anki it also has the Genki decks.

>Wakaru (free/$6.99)

This is a cool app for practicing reading. You read articles/stories in Japanese and can save/search kanji or words you don't know to study later. Has a free version called Wakaru Lite.

>GENKI apps ($5.99 each)

There are 3 official GENKI study apps that go along with the textbooks, one for kanji, one for vocab and one for conjugation. They're a bit pricy but very well made, IMO they're a good investment if you chose to use the GENKI system.

>Pastel - Kana Quiz (free)

A simple hiragana/katakana flash card quiz app. Best for someone with some knowledge of kana because it only gives you like 3 seconds per character.

I don't officially start my studies until next month but I'm trying to get ahead since I already know kana/particles/a few kanji and basic grammar from my middle school weeb days. If I find more good apps I'll report back in.

No. 128664

Oh, one more but I can't personally vouch for it since it's the only app I've never been able to download (it just stays a gray square that says "waiting").

Japanese Grammar ~ Mirai (Free)
I looks like a good little grammar app, maybe comparable to the Tae Kim guide but withou taking up nearly as much space, and it even has a section specifically for particles whereas many other Japanese grammar guides kind of only touch on a few basic particles briefly and expect the learner to pick up more as they go. From the screen shots it even looks like it explains the difference in English between verbs/nouns/adverbs/pronouns, which I thought was neat. If anyone else downloads it I would love to hear more about it.

No. 128665

>I started learning in 8th grade.
>I began because my friend didn't know Japanese (her parents hadn't taught her growing up) and she wanted a language buddy. I looked through her Japanese the Manga Way (?) and from there she had me.
>I use Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese. I downloaded the PDF. Quizlet. Assorted sites and Twitters.
>Nope. I really like to look at the cuisine though.
>Rote memorization. Writing repeatedly and saying the word(s) as I write it out.
> My story is pretty much how I got into the language. I didn't think that Japan existed until she asked me to learn with her. Obviously I knew it existed, but America was all I knew so other countries didn't really register. The only reasons I want to go to Japan is for the food and the vending machines. But since I've got a plethora of food allergies, I'll more than likely die before eating all that I'd like. That's fine.

No. 128666

What kind of fluency do I need to get to to be able to read novels?

No. 128667


Depends on the kind of novels you're interested in. Do you mean light novels or like the equivalent of reading an assigned book for a university class?

No. 128668

started 2 years ago
got into because asia is cooler than america.
resources: jisho.org
yes been there 3 times
study methods: read everyday
no stories really. i've just been studying on my own. never taken a class

No. 128669

> What kind of fluency
i mean theres no good way to measure fluency, especially since the word means something different depending who you talk to.
but decent japanese starts at N2/N1

No. 128670

Does anyone know of any elementary level Japanese Ebooks available for download anywhere? I need to practice reading but I just started studying and everything I try to read now is clearly above my current level.

No. 128671

Well, I took the plunge and started learning Japanese. I'm learning with a private Japanese school, they're not as formal as I'd like but they teach in Japanese only which is nice.

I'm just wondering how many kanji I should be memorising a day, or how you anons went about it? My class hasn't covered kanji at all so I'm pretty clueless. I know it's important and that it's going to kick my ass later if I don't start now, so I want to get into it sooner than later.

At the moment I'm doing about 20/day on Anki, pulling kanji from each chapter's vocabulary list. I also have some JLPT 5/4 flashcards in the mail which I hope will help?

No. 128672

Bumping this thread with this question. Do you know which books I could get for a beginners level? I have passed both genki 1 & genki 2 textbooks several times and understand around 500 kanjis which is ridiculously little I know. I'm tired going through memrise for practicing kanjis. Plus, I don't like mangas or anime, I just want to read jap literature at some point in my life.

No. 128673

Maybe you could pick up some light novels or watch some j-dramas? If you've finished Genki 2 you should be at a N3~4 level which I'd say is more intermediate than beginner imo.

No. 128674

Have you looked into bilingual versions of books? The Introduction to Japanese Literature series is pretty good, if you like your modern classics (Akutagawa, Mishima, etc.)

No. 128675

> Maybe you could pick up some light novels or watch some j-dramas?

That would be great. I'll search for some but do you have any particular to recommend?

> If you've finished Genki 2 you should be at a N3~4 level which I'd say is more intermediate than beginner imo.

Perhaps in theory, but it doesn't feel that way. I also think I'll start reading news, should be somewhat easyish to understand.

> The Introduction to Japanese Literature series is pretty good, if you like your modern classics (Akutagawa, Mishima, etc.)

Awesome! This is just what I was looking for. Thank you!

No. 535298

File: 1585804183165.jpeg (159.21 KB, 1280x989, 26A8FC1A-667F-452A-975E-B620DF…)

>reading manga
>the goddamn kanji

Besides photo translation apps (which don’t work that well?), what’s the easiest way to look up unknown kanji when reading? Can’t copy and paste into a dictionary since it’s an image. I’ve resorted to looking up each kanji by radical but it’s so incredibly tedious.

No. 535299

Jisho or Mazii which let you draw the kanji, I love how nuanced each entry is

No. 535300

Google translate's handwriting function is pretty quick and accurate even if your drawing is dodgy.

No. 535311

Thanks for the recommendations! Serves me right for jumping right into the weeb stuff lol. I’d go through real kanji lessons/grade level by grade level but that got boring pretty quickly. Plus, not having context for the kanji you learn makes it harder.

No. 568110

I’d say yes. Hiragana and katakana is so damn easy, you’ll learn to write and read it in one week.

No. 568114

It's a must and it's super easy. Do it.

No. 568118

can people stop trying to cheat japanese. you have to know hiragana, katakana and kanji. yes all of them. hiragana is probably the one you need to know the most when starting out.

No. 568122

I hate understanding what I read or hear but not knowing how to reply, it's so embarrassing. People usually understand what I mean but still. I'm trying to stay positive and see it as some sort of improvement but it makes me sound like a toddler when I have average conversations. When learning English at school and started reading and listening to English online on a daily basis I only had this "problem" temporarily because it's much closer to my first language. It's so frustrating.

No. 568128

>Do I need to know how to write letters?

No. 568134

Kekkk nope you don't need to know how to read and write

No. 568167

dude same. i keep comparing my progress with english (starting as a literal kid) and japanese (starting as a lazy teenaged weeb)…but the fact of the matter is that japanese has almost nothing in common with english and (insert native romance language here)…of course that shit isn't sticking as fast as idk spanish or english would despite years of efforts.
don't worry someday our speaking will catch up kek.

No. 568203

I’ve got a giant pile of unused flash cards I could use to try learning a language, but is it pointless to try without attending classes to interact with other people?

No. 568231

not pointless. many languages, including japanese, have tons of resources online, esp for beginners. there's also whole textbooks that are fairly easy to find as pdfs.
don't put too much pressure on yourself. knowing even just 3 basic sentence structures in a language is more rewarding than never starting at all! you got this.

No. 568571

Anon it’s definitely not pointless! The first year of learning Japanese I just spoke to myself. You’ll feel like a maniac but it works so well! Just have a long ass imaginary conversation with yourself. When you’ve learned some basic stuff join hello talk or some shit where you can talk with natives.

No. 568636

Can't we make a general language learning thread? to be a little more inclusive?

No. 568784

make it then.

No. 568830

The dominance in this made my pussy tingle

No. 571175

File: 1592327064544.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1288, im tired.png)

I spent almost a year learning the language because like the way japanese looks and sounds, but later on I reaised that I despise the culture and most of the written media they produce.
It kind of feels like I've lost the drive to learn anything new because of it

No. 571644

Why don't you try learning Korean? The culture is similar but 10000 times better. Hangul looks really cool too.

No. 571646

No. 571651

except they said they like japanese because of how it looks and sounds. korean is nothing like japanese lmao.

No. 571653

kboo begone

No. 571659

I want to translate "You're going to carry that weight" into Japanese and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if these translations I found are any good?


You're going to carry -that- weight

You're going to carry -this- weight


No. 571661

Well in that case she should try learning Chinese

Weeb begone

No. 571665

Korean sounds awful actually. Just look at their names compared to japanese ones

No. 571739

neither one of these gives the correct context, you'll want to either translate it literally or use a japanese specific phrase.

No. 571765

Every fucking time. Stop

No. 572194


thanks nonny

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