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File: 1660263123880.jpg (64.21 KB, 495x640, 97ae8e9ebfdb5274b3b056d1709a82…)

No. 1298889

Lolcow's dumbass chatroom simulator

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No. 1298904

FIRST FATTIES, also I love red hair so much. Especially when it's curly, so pretty.

No. 1298921

I’m crying over the existence of dinosaurs right now why did they all have to die what great creatures

No. 1298924

lizard simp

No. 1298935

Hey anna-chan, what does your brain eating itself feel like?

No. 1298936

File: 1660265088424.png (1.36 MB, 834x1534, man is the slave.PNG)

I'm reposting this shockingly based take from 1913 because it got overshadowed by Ychromie spam the first time. Third wavers get wrecked

No. 1298947

File: 1660265395763.jpg (159.52 KB, 700x350, me and my girls (the boy not p…)

When I changed schools in fifth grade I wanted to become friends with this one girl. She always talked about dinosaurs with that one boy in our class, so I tried to get into the dinosaur fandom too, but I really couldn't, no matter how much I tried I couldn't even choose a favorite dinosaur breed. We still became best friends in the end though and am still up to this day, all thanks to larping Tokyo Mew Mew during breaks (the dinosaur boy played with us, too). She was Zakuro, I was Minto, the other girl we played with was Retasu and the boy was the monster of the week.

No. 1298950

I dreamed about a new CGI animated movie for children, a musical I think, and Chicken Little made a cameo in it. But he was voiced by my favorite singer. I then tried to convince the woman who was watching with me, a very hyperactive woman, of listening to my favorite album of his, and tried to explain why I loved it, but she just wouldn't listen

No. 1298954

File: 1660265793782.jpeg (156.96 KB, 350x472, 9478A716-E502-4DD0-A5A9-9F05A8…)

That’s so cute nonny. Reminds me of when I was little and I’d play cyborg 009 with my brother but he always wanted to be 009 and made me black ghost kek

No. 1298962

>dinosaur breed

No. 1298964

File: 1660266513136.png (416.85 KB, 424x600, side front 2.PNG)

I just love Daisy Mae's design so much, I want to cosplay her. I quit cosplay a few years ago and I haven't felt the urge to return, but ever since I saw Daisy Mae's design in the ACNH preview, I was absolutely enamored with her design. She is just so cute, I'm obsessed with the way her ears poke out but are squished down by her bandana. I want to cosplay her so bad but I don't really want to return to the hobby because I realize that it made me very uncomfortable.

No. 1298966

I’m op of the dinosaur post and my favorite dinosaur is ankylosaurus

No. 1298967

Thrice samefagging but this video made me cry about dinosaurs

No. 1298971

What about cosplaying made you uncomfortable? Did something happen at a con?

No. 1298979

No just a lot of deep seated body image issues that slowly were exacerbated over time (and coincided with other non-cosplay related factors). I still sew and enjoy it very much outside of cosplay, but cosplay itself is hard for me to return to. It's kind of weird to feel the urge to cosplay a character again, while simultaneously not wanting to participate in a lot of default activities that you do in cosplay ie photoshoots or taking casual selfies/hall photos or just being looked at/acknowledged.

I have a hard time explaining to my best friend (who does cosplay photography and always kindly insists on doing my photos) why I don't like the photos she takes of me. It has nothing to do with her skills as a photographer and editor (I think she's quite good at it!) and everything to do with how I just don't like how I look in photos, full stop. I stopped taking selfies too. I live perfectly fine just being vaguely in the background of friends photos now kek.


KEK I'm very glad it wasn't because of a scrote (directly at a con at least). I hope you'll still form that lynch mob though.

No. 1298982

related to threadpic unintentionally but how many names does your cat respond to?

No. 1298984

No. 1298985

File: 1660268356620.jpeg (118.91 KB, 1170x786, 4CA19E75-67C0-43F7-A5E1-CCDC90…)

Who tf

No. 1298986

No. 1298989

It's alright if you're more comfortable with not having any photos taken, but you could still enjoy cosplay in private for yourself. You don't have to show it to people if you don't wanna, it's totally fine. I hope you feel better about your body eventually too
>I hope you'll still form that lynch mob though.
Nonnie, I think you just replied to the troon (a male). He's been pretending like he's a woman, different from a scrote, and like he cares about protecting women and this site, LARPing about wanting to dox and kill moids who harass women (he's doing that on /meta/ and one of the /pol/fag threads so I'm pretty sure it's him)

No. 1299023

Thank you nonna ♥ I am doing better a lot with my body image (despite the occasional struggle here and there).

I think you're right too. I get so excited thinking about how to approach the pattern, picking the fabrics, finding the perfect igeta pattern fabric, making her ears, getting all the little bits of her hair sticking out just right… I've almost forgotten that I miss the craft so much, and more than the sewing, all the little craft challenges that make it so much fun. I might make her and maybe I'll wear her someday, or maybe I won't. I think she'll be a fun project, and I'll take it slow since there's no looming threat of con crunch kek. also thank you for the warning

No. 1299044

File: 1660272087066.gif (1.95 MB, 360x360, 1658082973305.gif)

Exactly, you can make cosplay for fun without wearing it! I'm glad you're doing better too, have a kitty

No. 1299111

I don’t understand how people can drink straight liquor like vodka or whiskey with no mixer. I like a nice fruity cocktail and all but straight liquor is so nasty.

No. 1299112

even with a chaser, it's just awful. i can only do it mixed. my friends try to push me into the chaser model and i hate it. the only time it's remotely ok is when it's a pickleback

No. 1299116

Sometimes when I'm sleeping I feel like I can't fucking breath

No. 1299122

I drank liquor with chasers as a teenager, could not imagine drinking that now. The thought of a shot makes me wanna gag.

No. 1299124

How's your tongue posture?

No. 1299125

File: 1660282624022.png (244.5 KB, 602x580, Screenshot 20.png)

I don't understand this thing with american wokies, where they seem to portray anyone that isn't 100% European as being basically as dark as possible, its so strange to me and in online comic discussions its so odd, cause you'll see white and black americans argue that a character who is forth arab should be portrayed with the skintone of a Bedouin and individuals some with partial gypsy ancestry like Dick Grayson and Wanda should be played by Indian POC's instead of white people

No. 1299130

I can’t do shots or shots with chasers either, the taste of straight liquor just makes me gag and even throw up a little. Wish I could do shots like the cool kids.

No. 1299132

File: 1660283823751.jpg (202.65 KB, 992x744, خانہ بدوش.jpg)

meanwhile "pure" gypsies in South Asia most of the time look like picrel(though some can be darker or lighter) and in Europe they are mixed heavily and many appear white >>1299125

No. 1299142

when the person hiring asks why you're interested and the real answer is "because i get to sit at a desk in ac"

No. 1299144

Yeah, it's kinda racist. Not that there's anything wrong with dark skin obviously, but if you dare say something like "hey this character's skin isn't that dark canonically" you'll probably be accused of being racist and not liking dark-skinned people. I also hate it when wokies call all non-white people "brown" as if it were so progressive, like lol what the fuck, that sounds racist as fuck. Us "brown" people have vastly different cultures and even skin tones, I hate how they lump us all together as if we were all the same in their eyes. I wonder how they haven't started calling Asian people "yellow" yet.

Don't worry, they didn't all die. We still have birds.

No. 1299146

Kek pissed off my bf's brother-in-law by joking "we're lucky they both decided to date down with us" since they come from a wealthy family and the two of us grew up really poor. I thought we could bond but he just got insecure and weird.

No. 1299151

I'm guilty of calling everyone brown because saying colored or non-white is ugly kek. Or worse, something like BIPOC

No. 1299152

Men don't know how to take jokes.

No. 1299161

File: 1660286436343.jpg (19.81 KB, 442x274, the ambassadors from side.jpg)

The Measure is English Heroic Verse without Rime, as that of Homer in Greek, and Virgil in Latin; Rhime being no necessary Adjunct or true Ornament of Poem or good Verse, in longer Works especially, but the Invention of a barbarous Age, to set off wretched matter and lame Meeter; grac't indeed since by the use of some famous modern Poets, carried away by Custom, but much to thir own vexation, hindrance, and constraint to express many things otherwise, and for the most part worse then else they would have exprest them. Not without cause therefore some both Italian, and Spanish Poets of prime note have rejected Rhime both in longer and shorter Works, as have also long since our best English Tragedies, as a thing of itself, to all judicious ears, triveal, and of no true musical delight; which consists onely in apt Numbers, fit quantity of Syllables, and the sense variously drawn out from one Verse into another, not in the jingling sound of like endings, a fault avoyded by the learned Ancients both in Poetry and all good Oratory. This neglect then of Rhime so little is to be taken for a defect, though it may seem so perhaps to vulgar Readers, that it rather is to be esteem'd an example set, the first in English, of ancient liberty recover'd to heroic Poem from the troublesom and modern bondage of Rimeing.

No. 1299172

You could say "(light) olive" or "tan", not to racecbait but weren't "white" and "black" originally about races, European/Caucasian and African, respectively? My problem is mainly with calling people with other skin colors "brown" as if they were all one single race because of this. I also wonder what Asian people with very fair skin are called according to those people because they seem to agree that they are not "white", implying those terms are in fact about race and not merely skin tone

No. 1299194

File: 1660293262150.jpg (3.79 MB, 4032x3024, 20220812_013358.jpg)

I can browse lolcow on my kindle kek

No. 1299195

You know what's better than going on 4chan and telling a moid to khs?
doing it in the vocaroo thread

No. 1299212

love it

No. 1299239

File: 1660299876571.png (48.07 KB, 611x379, uhoh.png)

AO3 nonnies… The interview with Tiffany G is a disaster.

No. 1299242

Passed by someone today and I couldn't tell whether they're an ftm or just a man with full on man titties. He was fat so.. hard to tell what you're looking at now.

No. 1299244

could you please spoonfed me nonnie, what's going on ?

No. 1299247

I remembered how when I was a kid I used to go see my family abroad by car and it was pure hell, we would cross half of France, the entire country of Spain and half of Morocco in several days in a car that was way too small for all of us and with no AC at all during heatwaves. You have to be mentally ill to do this to yourself on purpose.

No. 1299254

Tomorrow is the election for OTW Board members. One of the candidates, Tiffany G, wants to run a pro-censorship platform. She also plans to rework the ToS to have certain content removed. As in, she would remove at least all of the darkfics / dead dove fiction and all of the other 'weird' tags and genres, possibly LGB too (but i doubt). She will also remove lolicon / shotacon stuff (not that i care about it) too, if that's your thing.
She says she will remove everything that is considered to be illegal in her country, which is China.

If you donated more than 10$ to AO3 before June 30, you are free to vote.

No. 1299342

Didn't think front page Peter Steele would lead to the fakeboi thread but it did!

No. 1299346

Honestly she should. Fuck that site. The gross pedo fics and rape fics should come down.

No. 1299347

Samefag but anyone that reads dead dove deserves to be on a list.

No. 1299437

Honestly yeah I see nothing wrong with what she wants kek

No. 1299471

NTA but while I agree completely with banning pedo shit and things like moid-written lesbian conversion therapy trollfics, I'm afraid that it'd lead to more and more things being banned in the future because there's a lot of ambuguity sometimes.

No. 1299476

What the fuck?

No. 1299480

Agree. Also banning everything that's illegal in China? Wouldn't that include like 99% of AO3 anyway, at least based on how strict Chinese censorship is with movies and whatnot. As much as I hate the pedoshit, I'd never vote for someone who considers the standards of her authoritarian home country a good guideline.

No. 1299487

Why is CHINA even part of the conversation? Chinese fujo have their own extensive network of illegal BL black market.

No. 1299499

she clearly wants it to be ccp friendly

No. 1299507

Kek based chinese fujos already have their own system of sharing smut regardless, so I doubt our homegrown ones would be different.

No. 1299545

They’re doing some dystopian cyberpunk shit fr. Their p2p forums are always on heavy lockdown with multi steps verification and contribution system. These women are effectively spreading banned literature.

No. 1299573

Man, fuck China.

No. 1299580

File: 1660320128676.jpeg (75.13 KB, 512x524, 1659089481014.jpeg)

I almost feel like I'm outgrowing Lolcow, but I don't really want to leave

No. 1299602

Fujos are sick in the head. Imagine if they actually put that time into doing productive things. Honestly China is based lmao

No. 1299607

I don't care about loli/shots being removed (good, honestly) but I hope this doesn't end up being a thing where any sensitive content at all is being removed. I can't vote anyway and I don't know about any other candidates so I guess we'll see.

No. 1299611

I think that's what she is going to do since she will change the TOS.

No. 1299612

I feel the same way.

No. 1299614

look up a lost of what's actually illegal in china, it's insane.

No. 1299617

Like what? I just think China is based for being anti fujo

No. 1299618

This honestly might ruin any of the actual good fanfiction. Are stories just going to not have any depth or characters going through pain, and only allowed to be super happy all the time?

No. 1299621

Kek based China. Way better than tolerating pedoshit

No. 1299624

china has rules about depictions of effeminate men… not even a fujo, but there's so much shit that's considered vanilla that's illegal there.

No. 1299663

>reee muh fujos
Why do you care so much? You don't have to read it.

No. 1299685

Thank god my husbando is an adult and none of his self-insert fics are gonna be taken down

No. 1299695

File: 1660325154335.jpg (219.41 KB, 1170x500, ezgif-2-017bb789dd.jpg)

nta but it my country(which is ridiculously racially diverse) we use terms like ghora(meaning light skinned), kala(meaning dark skinned) and samla(which literally means wheatish and is used for brown people) but we attach different epithets to them to specify what type of white or brown you are, If you are a Ferngi Ghora(meaning European looking light skinned person) or a Pathan Ghora(which is more common among the mountain tribes in south asia) kacha samla(meaning light brown) or paka wala samla(meaning dark brown)

No. 1299702

File: 1660325257574.jpeg (23.18 KB, 211x244, 843A2266-36E7-488A-9E36-C6ABBF…)

Bump for scrote, don’t scroll

No. 1299704

File: 1660325318480.jpeg (78.27 KB, 500x750, E3E639E4-830D-44ED-8D55-00F57A…)

Scrote in the front page

No. 1299712

File: 1660325507382.jpg (39.79 KB, 500x490, tumblr_1b1e8c958fb9fa589a5eae9…)

I want to join the 70s tunesday but Im in full aggro mod and it would ruin my vibe.

No. 1299718

Ankylosaurus is best saurus.. period.

No. 1299719

No, I will continue to ignore you like other nonnas and wait for the next mass deletion of your posts. kys defected xy chromosomoid

No. 1299745

I will never forget my HS biology teacher (who was the wrong kind of progressive) holding aloft this AI generated image of what all US Citizens would like in fifty years or some BS. The image basically looked like AOC, bear in mind this was in 2010 or 2011. This white boomer proudly exclaims "Look! We're all going to be brown! Isn't that incredible and amazing?" To which I replied, "What do you mean?? We're all going to be homogenized and there won't be any diversity? No distinct cultures or anything? That sounds like something Hitler would want."

I got kicked out of class.

No. 1299750

You can't point out how Hitler wanted Israel to be a thing and uhhhhhh well uh…yeah.

No. 1299759

You're literally responding to him anon

No. 1299825

File: 1660329752139.jpg (73.79 KB, 900x500, c7334647518f40ae05588_a9046f77…)

scrotes stay mad and die mad

No. 1299839

this video is so compressed and shitty kek, simpler times

No. 1299851

It feels good to subtlety flex on troons by talking with other women about our reproductive health in front of them

No. 1299861

>I have to use condoms or put a bar in my arm that makes me fat to have sex without being in severe pain for 9 months and 18 years at the minimum.
What a flex!

No. 1299863

kek bravo, you got a seething response just by mentioning it

No. 1299864

Yeah because all women have horrible pain and need to be on BC? Also there are other forms of birth control, retard.
I still have a womb and ovaries, you never will, no matter what kind of frankenstein procedures thai doctors will perform on you. So keep seething.

No. 1299866

Not really

No. 1299873

File: 1660332890577.jpg (299.68 KB, 678x509, 587658.jpg)

Didn't buy it two years ago and regretted it immensely. But it's back now and I'm going to get one after work.

No. 1299877


No. 1299886

My cat replies to me going “babyyyy” in a really high squeaky voice. It makes him start purring and doing happy paws (kneading) like crazy

No. 1299890

File: 1660333808020.jpg (8.99 KB, 275x207, 1646953444422.jpg)

Randomly remembered I told this guy in middle school who had huge a crush on me that when I get home I peel off all my skin chill at home as a giant lizard… he wanted to ask me out after that. I'd do anything to have that retarded stacy energy from middle school again

No. 1299936

File: 1660335666565.jpeg (557.22 KB, 750x983, C2376C6B-EBD6-48F5-B48D-224902…)

they’re using heavy filters and makeup on a literal CHILD

No. 1299947

File: 1660336276694.jpg (13.55 KB, 460x452, 5461827ed5662b5d20da4ad0f9daa2…)

No. 1299960

No. 1299966

i am just as retarded on youtube as i am on here. even if i'm transphobic it's rare for my comments to get removed kek

No. 1299972

my breath and poop have been smelling like chocolate for the past two days. even though i brush and floss and use mouthwash i woke up with my breath smelling like a chocolate protein drink. i think it’s literally just because i’ve eaten a few cookies each day, wtf.

No. 1299979

this shit is so fucking gross i hate social media i hate social media

No. 1300033

Test yourself for diabetes, I'm not joking.

No. 1300058

that actually came to mind earlier to me, lol, but this has only been happening for the past few days and i feel like i’d know if i were diabetic by now in my early 20s. i’m in generally good shape and don’t have any kinds of health problems besides being underweight. should i get tested anyway?

No. 1300063

also i get my urine tested multiple times a year (anxiety about kidneys) and they’ve never said anything about glucose, i think i’m fine but maybe i should ask my gp anyway.

No. 1300088

poop and breath smell like what you eat. if you eat a ton of chocolate it makes sense your poop and breath might temporarily smell like chocolate. chocolate sticks around in your mucus a lot more than other things do. if you don’t experience any other sweet breath or poop i wouldn’t worry about it.

No. 1300180

like 90% are hinduists

No. 1300181

I'm going to ask for a keyboard on christmas or save up and buy one because i just want to learn how to play even basic piano songs before i die. i feel i would greatly regret it if i never even tried.

No. 1300224

Today I learned that Canada Post makes deliveries in the US. Mind. blown.

No. 1300235

Kek. I hate virtue signaling so much. My mom went off on the nick studios pedo stuff cause I mentioned Jennette's book. Bitch tells me if someone had said something she would have literally gone over there and killed Dan. Nonnies, she didn't give a flying fuck how bad my schools were treating me, dismissed anything I would say, treated me like shit, and often told me to suck it up. Also my ass she would have listen anyways. I hate my keyboard warrior mom so much.

No. 1300268

Boomers who don’t give two shits about their own kids but love to REEEEE about “save the children!!” Will never not be funny.

No. 1300287

I really hate having to call to make a doctor's appointment

No. 1300296

pretend you're your own personal assistant scheduling the appointment for you

No. 1300297

>talking to mom
>trannies come up in discussion
>mom calls hairy neovaginas barb wire traps
KEK I love my mom

No. 1300299

i say this not to defend or absolve your mom of blame at all, but the sad truth is that a lot of parents refuse to accept that their children are actually suffering. for some reason they immediately blame themselves which makes them want to pretend there’s no issue at all. cognitive dissonance kicks in and they just let you keep suffering. my mother was so fucking protective and kind to everyone except me, and i’ve realized it had a lot to do with her not wanting to register me as any kind of victim because she’d see it as a failing on her part. just weird narc shit. sorry your mother failed nonna, i hope you are doing ok. i’m also glad that book is so popular and i hope something can actually happen to dan but i’m doubtful at this point

No. 1300330

Thank you anon. I keep telling myself that I'll do it next week, but since it's Friday I'll definitely make sure to do this next week.

No. 1300333

RIP to the gay smut I would read of 1D.

No. 1300344

When I get too confident about my driving I watch accident videos (nothing graphic of course) to keep my ego in check

No. 1300347

nowadays one of the guys in fic would be a transmasc boypussy underage fakeboi while the other is an old fat rapist so not much of a loss

No. 1300348

I'm not even going to lie I have to remind myself too. Driving is so fucking scary. No reason to go so fast.

No. 1300350

You're right, lol.

No. 1300355

Do it, I love the piano

No. 1300362

File: 1660355184446.jpg (10.68 KB, 236x201, 33ffd7e7f6d6d17bb2125b67150b7b…)

I can't with this anymore. I'm okay with deleting loli/shota content, but I'm pretty sure that the censorship will also affect a huge part of the site if she is going for chinese censorship standars. I'm so tired nonnies…

No. 1300369

enrolled in school at the last minute lol. gonna be the first time ive been in school in like 7 years

No. 1300373

So basically every fic of every horror based media? Is she a 12 year old girl/68 year old boomer by any chance?

No. 1300382

I woke up to my neighbour blasting this incredible song and I was grooving so hard I hurriedly downloaded the shazam app while half-asleep just so I could find out what it was… thank you kind neighbour

No. 1300388

this website is a walking psa of why you should not go full anachan. i'm convinced on top of ruining their bodies and self esteem it causes brain damage because of how they post on here

No. 1300391

Now you need to tell us the song nonna

No. 1300398

whats wrong? did someone post food somewhere?

No. 1300400

Could it be me? Blasting music rn nona

No. 1300403

Sticky Fingers - How To Fly

No. 1300423

they were sperging in the celebricow threads about thighs

No. 1300426

Lol thigh sperging, fun stuff.

No. 1300461

I get nervous when the neighbor's cat comes round when I'm outside smoking because I don't like the idea of exposing the guy to it. Im always like, "No, little buddy, I can't pet you right now. Come back in 5 when I'm done with my stress smoke for the week." And then he moves like 6 feet away.

No. 1300539

Most of the discussion I'm seeing about this on social media has been obnoxious proship vs antiship shit, but I'm not really sure what else I was expecting. Anyway, I'm sure AO3 will be fine.

No. 1300564

It's whiplash.
The way you describe your mom and the psychology behind the behavior is how my mom is. Uncanny. Thank you and hope you are doing good too. Trying to see if I can score a copy off the library or a friend. I really want to read it and glad it is popular. I don't think he'll suffer either, but one can only hope.

No. 1300613

You could befriend your neighbor over this… I sure wish I had neighbors with cool music taste like that

No. 1300622

I'm trying to masturbate but I cant stop thinking about that video where Nikocado's husband says he has "Obese-CD".

No. 1300679

File: 1660368386610.gif (656.21 KB, 220x220, 0265A8B8-3D51-4BA0-916D-B8E9E7…)

I want to drink wine but I lost my ID so I’m stuck with coke and peanuts.

No. 1300729

So, my family shares an HBO account with my aunt and her two kids (that I haven't seen in years), so I decided to creep on their profiles (this isn't the first time), and I saw one of my cousins had Donnie Darko and American Psycho on his to-watch list as well as some animated shows. Nothing too shocking but I just thought it was kind of funny, and it was a huge wake up call to me that my family members are aware of the existence of the same media as I am into. I forget they're real since, like I said, I never see that side of the family at all.

No. 1300762

I going to a brunch with friends. Am I a Sex and the City character yet?

No. 1300786

Me too anon, are you my friends?

No. 1300804

I fucking love Lana so much she makes me feel less shameful for being a crazy bitch with unhealthy coping mechanisms

No. 1300805

Me too, her music truly got me through my absolute batshit phase

No. 1300806

I meant the character from Archer.

No. 1300807

Thinking about that anon who was screaming and crying like an absolute hangry vegan Karen because she was staying at an airbnb that happened to be on a farm. “Waaaah those poor animals! I want to complain but it might upset my boyfriend!” (Who’s probably not a vegan let’s face it)
I’ve never wanted to punch an anon so badly. She reminds me of a friend I used to have who would harp on about all this vegan crap and act disgusted at people eating meat in public: she was just an eating disordered tard who wanted to control everyone else. She felt constant shame around food and wanted to project that on to others.

Eat your meat ladies. It will stop you from getting osteoporosis.

No. 1300809

Stop shit stirring tonight lmfao

No. 1300824

Fuck off troon

No. 1300825

Maybe. If you're my irl friend I'd lose my shit, I think most of them are either pretending to be TRAs or a actual ones when the topic comes up (not very often) so that would be funny to see one of us on a "terf website". I wouldn't be surprised if my friends knew about lc on general tbh.

No. 1300836

File: 1660375700092.gif (320.3 KB, 336x230, 13DE1299-6092-4AE2-81E4-0875C6…)

Coward. It is 8 am where i live and I’m already on my bullshit, holding grudges for anonymous posters and projecting my own lame friendships on to them.

No. 1300838

Yeah I'm just warning ya why some ppl will be on edge enough to take the dumbass thread seriously so don't let them ruin your fun by surprise.

No. 1300843

File: 1660375907666.jpeg (75.97 KB, 680x680, AA4776DD-C949-4AAF-A7B6-2557C2…)

No. 1300845

You can't stop me from being a dumbass in this thread

No. 1300846

i like this stupid macaroni hair on him because it really reveals how unattractive he has always been

No. 1300850

anon even the most attractive men in the world cannot pull off that style

No. 1300852

i always thought bale was very unattractive though and i am tired of people pretending he was not always weird looking. the ugly hair reveals it to the hair-blinded helen kellers of the world

No. 1300854

I agree. Even the eyebrow looks sexy.

No. 1300861

What the fuck

No. 1300874

I just realised I’m a stupid fuck. I read this as “attractive” instead of unattractive.
I don’t agree.

No. 1300880

File: 1660380828213.jpeg (175.87 KB, 1169x1173, C587DA9F-9473-4278-8950-77521F…)

Everything going according to plan

No. 1300908

Watching an amberlynn reaction vid and she's talking about the side effects from some weight loss drug she just started
> I'm like suuper constipated. Like I go to the bathroom draaastically less now, like I go once a day now.
Jesus amber how much did you shit before

No. 1300911

>be in a group chat for years
>call out one of the retards in the gc for saying some disgusting shit about women after i got annoyed for the last time
>he decides to visit our other friends
>he spends the entire time he's here planning meetups with everyone but me and doing it publicly in the gc
this dude was also in love with me at some point so it's just hilarious more than anything

No. 1300927

bump mooodss

No. 1300972

I shit up to 3 times a day depending on what I eat what's with people who barely shit once a day? I'm going to assume they dont drink coffee or really dont eat fiber greens.

No. 1300981


No. 1300984

Are you part horse? 3 seems excessive. For me it's every other day

No. 1300985

File: 1660386159393.jpg (78.89 KB, 900x589, IMG_20220808_065216_883.jpg)

3 times??? Girl I do it like once every 2 days. Bump because kill all men

No. 1300989

I'm a retard who sages by instinct oops take my bump nonnies

No. 1301022

I would feel gross if I shat 3 times a day. I shit in the morning and then shower and that's it for the day.

No. 1301034

What the fuck, is that normal?

No. 1301050

No. This here is normal >>1301022

No. 1301053

File: 1660387849275.jpeg (27.01 KB, 750x409, EO-bTd5W4AAmW_0.jpeg)

my bf does that too, he literally poops out every meal

No. 1301055

I used to shit 3 times a day and I saw my doctor unsure of whether that's an issue or not.. I was tested, put on ibs meds like some antispasmodics and I had to eliminate foods and manage stress better. I'm now back to once a day without meds.

No. 1301120

Just pulled a hair out of my pizza. it was like baked under the cheese and everything.

No. 1301121

short or long? black, blonde, brown? DETAIL, ANON! DETAIL!

No. 1301122

like 15cm long and blond, kinda thin and wispy? And baked right under the cheese.

No. 1301124

I used to be so obsessed with bu-ling that I'd get mad at my friends at slumber parties for not being her and I'd just sit in the corner watching amvs of her.

No. 1301125

it happens, but maybe you should tell them and get a gift card or something depending where you ordered it from

No. 1301130

When I was 17 I had a coworker who wouldnt stop hitting on me so I just got more and more deranged until he stopped, I'd go on long tangents about mlp and shit

No. 1301147

File: 1660393998367.jpeg (183.93 KB, 1048x722, 66535B26-443C-4E64-ADA7-E328BB…)

An anon vented about missing out on having a close knit group of nerdy female friends and it reminded me of pic rel. lolcor can feel like a female eltingville club sometimes

No. 1301164

File: 1660395454251.png (324.47 KB, 538x715, tumblr_64bf22c415fbad73bc9d229…)

I wonder how the author feels about the fact that the characters he created to be an unlikable as possible and be the representation of everything he hated about nerd culture in the 90's now ending up mostly with a small but creative tumblr and ao3 fanbase, being shipped with each other and even have some self insert ships

No. 1301168

I've always struggled with slow bowel movements throughout my life. I can go through a week with only shitting once. On a good diet where I eat lots of fiber greens, fruits, and veggies I can shit every 2 or 3 days.

No. 1301171

This is giving me feelings. I miss being 12. I wanted cringy weeb friends so bad but it's probably for the best I never had them. I feel like I narrowly dodged being in a Homestuck spit bucket tier video kek.

No. 1301172

I still don't know why i read vigilante instead of eltingville
I was so confused

No. 1301176

if there was more josei anime I'd start watching anime again

No. 1301177

I entered an anime/geek club in my university and no one could communicate properly, there were constant fights and a lot of members were really misogyny or would start shitting and crying at the sight of poc/woc/women. The women I met outside the club fell into gendie tiktok but they’re at least more bearable.

No. 1301180

that pic is exactly what it'd be like if LC was an IRL friend group, kek

No. 1301187

One day I want to make a female eltingville equivalent webcomic or something. I have so much affection for horrible female nerds kek

No. 1301190

I only had one, but in sixth grade and then I had to move so I lost contact with her. She introduced me to Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, and Black Butler. How we started talking was kind of odd too, but I cherish it. It was the only time I'll ever have something like that.

No. 1301276

I have expensive jewelry from less than 5 years ago I no longer wear, I don't know how people can commit to tattoos.

No. 1301294

File: 1660404201959.jpg (35.68 KB, 540x486, sotired.jpg)

shcizo tranny is racebaiting again. don't scroll

No. 1301298

Looks like a more disturbing version of my middle school friends when we would discuss which sailor scouts each of us would be

No. 1301300

>Fruits Basket
>Black Butler

>Vampire Knight


No. 1301301

File: 1660404429182.jpg (23.16 KB, 300x250, photo_2022-08-04_13-57-37.jpg)

No. 1301306

anon, pls

No. 1301342

Hi grub! Also nice digits

No. 1301400

A guy was murdered outside of a hotel lastnight and it's one I've stayed at before so I'm having one of those 'omg I contributed to this via the butterfly effect' moments. Why am I like this.

No. 1301421

File: 1660409889729.jpeg (81.78 KB, 640x789, BAFE683B-8B52-468D-8803-D987AF…)

I’ve heard both people say that it’s usually men who go and ask out women but for me it’s been the opposite. I’ve always been the one to ask out guys. Though it might be because I refuse to interact with ugly men

No. 1301546

File: 1660414683351.jpg (302.42 KB, 980x735, 328140_original.jpg)

Bojangles biscuit are really good. Nice and buttery and soft and warm

No. 1301558

File: 1660415048400.jpg (18.66 KB, 400x296, unnamed.jpg)

Samefag, the blueberry biscuits are overhyped.

No. 1301568

File: 1660415403716.jpeg (358.92 KB, 1170x1356, 6B53086C-EFE5-4745-82B9-F289CE…)

Everything going according to plan

No. 1301573

Yesterday I saw good looking office chair sitting on top of a giant dumpster and idk if I should dive for it. It’s near the entry area of a local park, I’m guessing the building was cleaned out and I haven’t seen any employees parking in the area for a while

No. 1301596

File: 1660416355801.png (1.25 MB, 590x791, haning out.PNG)


No. 1301599

All of us merely pawns in their game.

No. 1301619

File: 1660417103610.png (1.9 MB, 1978x1234, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 2.57…)

this made me chuckle

No. 1301628

coffee fucks with my heart rate and fiber greens fuck with my stomach. can't handle either.

No. 1301643

I've known a lot of men who if they do want to ask you out (not just hitting on you if that make sense) will ask someone else to ask you because they're scared of rejection. Reminds me of a tiktok i saw where there was a group of women who created an dating event that pretty much allowed men to come up to you and hit on you, and only women showed up. A lot of the women in the comments said that men like to hit on you and ask you out when you're in a trapped situation, where they can control it to an extent. Of course whiny men in the comments were crying about "we just don't want to be rejected in front of people wehh". A lot of the female tiktokers who focus on male behaviors surprise me. They almost seem like they could browse here

No. 1301656

Tbh i really like pictures like this. 'woman dominance' but not in a sexual way, i wish there was a way to find more of these without stumbling upon porn.

No. 1301659

Do you keep in touch with your cousins as an adult?

No. 1301671

only one cousin and she's my only friend

No. 1301673

Something about the outfit is weird tho

No. 1301679

Yeah, anon, I took a look at it again and I agree with you. There are better non-staged photos that are similar to that with women not having to look sexualized for Instagram points.

No. 1301681

Just remembering boys in middle school would poke and pinch each other's nipples as a "game"

No. 1301688

They still do this in college.

No. 1301700

I quit a new job at a warehouse because everybody was doing this to each other regardless of gender and it weirded me out

No. 1301721

I found a korean girl's video on youtube where she does a mukbang and she eats delicious looking korean chicken. Then she eats the fucking cartilage. And then she eats an entire onion just by itself, uncooked. I'm speechless. Shrek is real and she's korean.

No. 1301724

the guys in my class would crush corn and sniff it like coke

No. 1301726

Not at all, don't even have their phone numbers. My family was never super close though, we'd only visit on birthdays so maybe that's why.

No. 1301736

I just saw a pillow I own in some ddlg age play sex worker photo and I want to kms. I hate how you can't like cute things without these degens ruining it somehow

No. 1301741

File: 1660423330507.png (477.38 KB, 348x531, tying-her-shoe-c1cr5zagya.png)

Here is one for you nonnie

No. 1301754

No. 1301772

File: 1660425806706.jpg (12.88 KB, 480x434, f2e9677fc8da216c02d0f8dcc0d396…)

Trying to justify me buying a galaxy tab s6 lite by pretending that'll do commissions with it when I know I won't.
But it's so cheap. I don't know if I should

No. 1301780

years ago this image caused so much rage and butthurt on 4chan esp r9k. The way they reacted to it made it seem like they'd be violently convulsing while typing, possibly shitting themselves. So naturally the best thing to do was post it over and over again.

No. 1301785

File: 1660426770468.jpeg (235.34 KB, 1017x1250, C3C80E40-E38D-468C-8814-5D146E…)

KEK it’s not even that bad of an image! Moids are so hysterical

No. 1301793

>A man helps woman to tie her shoe probably because bending in this dress doesn't sound like a good idea @ moids have a meltdown

No. 1301795

File: 1660427522628.jpeg (899.2 KB, 828x1465, 251D9902-3608-47DB-A72F-C017D3…)

This is a federal crime

No. 1301806

true, the one you posted is even better

No. 1301807

wtf is this

No. 1301812

backroom of chinese restaurant

No. 1301813

Maybe you shouldn’t buy dogs that are built to live outside in the cold

No. 1301814

do they seriously have 8 dogs?

No. 1301816

I hate huskyfags so much
Most owners don’t know how to take care of them and just use them for attention

No. 1301851

File: 1660430385704.gif (81.61 KB, 74x80, 1647248282928.gif)

I have started weaponizing the fact that I am a woman on the chans because I know that the more obvious any female presence is the more it annoys the moids there. The thing they hate the most is the the "pesky femoids" invading and ruining their safespace and I love deliberately typing baity things that is guaranteed to spike their blood pressure and remind them that yes, I am in fact here to invade and ruin their website and there's nothing they can say or do about it. tldr: I love putting moids in a sour mood with my provoking and annoying posts

No. 1301857

My sister baked a chocolate cake and it’s still cooling down I want more chocolate darn it

No. 1301863

You were just complaining about your poop smelling like chocolate yesterday, your obsession will give you diabetes.
joking, I don't actually think you're them

No. 1301864

I’m not that nonna but I do have diabetes funnily enough

No. 1301868

I'm a psychicologist, my jokes are more true than even I know.

No. 1301893

how do you feel about booksmart? I found it entertaining but I dislike hope a bit. Since I dislike the whole mean love interest who actually likes you trope. Love the main girl though, sad she didn't get with the girl she originally had a crush on.

No. 1301900

im ordering chinese what does everyone want

No. 1301901

No. 1301902

File: 1660432844427.jpg (45.04 KB, 581x435, 1657482792757.jpg)

tofu with black bean sauce please and thank you!!

No. 1301905

Lo mein and orange chicken, please!

No. 1301906

egg flower soup and a whole order of crab rangoon (for myself)

No. 1301909

chicken balls

No. 1301911

File: 1660433336084.jpeg (10.57 KB, 199x253, images.jpeg)

I smile because in 50 years I will be a happy hag living in the woods and the moids of this generation will be dead

No. 1301913


No. 1301915

File: 1660433739205.jpg (82.53 KB, 735x571, 3e3e2725727164d4bae576c7098a3b…)

I wanna be a happy hag

No. 1301928

bad news everyone… they only brought 2 orders of hunan beef and broccoli….

No. 1301934

Anon pls tell me you're joking…I've never felt a pain like this before

No. 1301936

holy shit, you should have spoiled this for cannibalism wtf anon

No. 1301957

File: 1660437486196.png (24.92 KB, 280x213, dog with eggs.png)

I found a pair of pants that had fallen behind my dresser, and I truly thought to myself for about 2 seconds, "better check them for mouse eggs"

No. 1301959

Cute logo aaahh

No. 1301972

Agreed to pick up my mom from the airport even though I've been very minimal contact for 5 years because I want to make sure my nephew has a good summer. I'm truly a dumbass and will regret this.

No. 1301974

Good luck nonner. Your nephew will remember it fondly, I promise.

No. 1301975

File: 1660439295952.png (85.48 KB, 276x282, 1659579351952361.png)

Some delivery scrote stole money from me, and then told the delivery app to charge me again claiming I didn't pay. I just reported him to the app's support team and explained the situation. They haven't gotten back to me yet, but I'm still pissed.
Would it be too petty to text him saying I reported him for being a fraudulent piece of shit, then block him before he can reply? I kind of want to do it, but only after the app sorts things out. Inshallah his worthless ballsack will be amputated, I can't stand a thieving moid

No. 1301979

Wouldn't text him letting him know it was you that reported him. He might have done it to multiple people and you know how bad moid-rage might be if he gets fired.

No. 1301985

Why does it feel like voice/delivery is what makes or breaks someone being likeable or not?

No. 1301992

i wonder if this is why some people irl dislike me when i haven't even done anything to them..

No. 1302085

Tonight, I told a woman she was super hot, because she was. She said she was 50 years old. Despite the age, she still had a rocking body and was still super hot. I hope when I am 50 I can still embody her energy and be as hot as her.

Sincerely, a woman who wishes she was a lesbian but isn't.
Men are trash

No. 1302087

So you're bi? You just flirted with an older lady so I don't understand where you get the whole not attracted to women thing you obviously got going on there.

No. 1302088

No idiot she's not a bicycle.

No. 1302089

Nta, telling a woman that she's hot isn't flirting

No. 1302090

I appreciate the female body but don't want to touch it so I don't consider myself bi.

No. 1302092

Do you know what bait means?

No. 1302101

Baiting a response. Did you?

No. 1302104

I responded. You win life. I hope you die happy

No. 1302105

I honestly will, I hope you do too

No. 1302173

I'm listening to Blue Bannisters for the first time and when she said "There's a picture of me on the wall on the John Deere" I burst laughing because I thought she was saying she was on the john, why am I literally 12

No. 1302175

File: 1660456076940.jpeg (113.41 KB, 750x744, 3A55AEA2-DA9C-4B69-BA7B-462B74…)

I drank the tea
That valerian root is a okay
I get sleepier
nd watch LOTR AGAIN
wanna blow up friends to argue nerd shit
Because women dont get pressed over the ring duh we rock
But too sleepy to try
Goodnight nonnas
Good morning lil vamp nonnas

No. 1302176

Not the anon but its a pop shake that ass mommaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1302212

i'm still confused as to what this means. how is a john deere on the wall?

No. 1302216

She's saying there's a picture of her on the wall riding a John Deere tractor, I'd assume

No. 1302283

File: 1660465758038.png (203.55 KB, 1274x1027, poly.PNG)

Having fun looking at the classes at Fetishcon

No. 1302290

File: 1660466977206.jpeg (69.46 KB, 897x867, 3E566120-FCF9-4C8B-AC0C-5D2AED…)

Hates doomscrolling
Makes depressed
Continues to doomscroll
Not even anything interesting
Severely depressed
Still doomscrolling
Not a single thing consuming interesting
Doomscroll continues

No. 1302333

lmao I love doing this on /r9k/, making threads like "ask a femanon anything" or "comfy femanon general" or shit like that and watching the moidies pop a blood vessel

No. 1302340

borzoi with husky

No. 1302341

kek so those are yours.

No. 1302343

File: 1660473952379.jpg (83.54 KB, 864x816, Tumblr_l_363380543639296.jpg)

same girl, same

No. 1302357

File: 1660476083087.png (260.82 KB, 300x440, 300px-MindCrush-SBCB-EN-C-1E.p…)


No. 1302367

I listed a book for sale that has black on black shiny film on the cover that's meant to look like water drops. Someone contacts me asking me if I spilled something on the cover. I say no, it's just a shiny film. She responds by sending me a DIGITAL picture of the same cover accusing me of definitely having spilled something on that cover because there's nothing on the digital cover! Oh my god some people.

No. 1302381

i just found out the home address of the guy i was obsessed with a year ago. should i visit or nah

No. 1302396

Even if you did, what would you even say to him if he answered the door? That's a good way to get put in a restraining order.

No. 1302401

Wtf do I do, I'm bored out of my mind but it's too freaking and no one wants to go do anything.

No. 1302430

Having a boyfriend that lives 40 minutes away by car in this economy is a nightmare. I was saving so much when I was single. I can't wait for miserable autumn and winter weather so I can just hibernate and not have the desire to leave the house. Leaving the house is expensive wtf

No. 1302448

We're living in a Prisoner's dilemma

No. 1302459

I'm not high maintenence or anything but any relationship I've been in, I've ended up with more money in my savings at the end of it. I wouldn't stick around with a guy who lets the opposite happen.

No. 1302461

Unironically god bless old people who found the internet, some of them pass on great oldtimey knowledge for me to find on their youtube channels or blogs.

No. 1302464

File: 1660486406297.jpg (54.73 KB, 736x941, f54e0b5cc0b3d800d114b26dfdde08…)

I slept on a buying decision and now it's fucking gone. Not the worst thing ever, but I am a bit bitter about it

No. 1302465

I work in a used bookstore and whenever clients ask me for a suggestion I never know what to answer. I look like someone that knows jack shit about books. Everything we sell are donations and we do not curate the selection. We rarely receive things I've read and truly enjoyed and I mainly read sci-fi and fantasy and none of these customers care about these genres. I always suggest Süskind's The Perfume cause we always have a ton of copies (like all the other book that everyone reads in high school or college) but they obviously almost all read it too. Yesterday, some lady asked me about Kafka's The Metamorphosis and I tried to explain wtf the book was about and I could only stumble on my words and pretty much just said well some guy wakes up and notices he is transforming into some kind of insect and the book is about how he is dealing with it or something like that. I read that book more than 15 years ago, I just remember liking it not so much about the rest. I hope she enjoys it and what I said about it is accurate kek. Also it is so weird to me to see all these young and older people coming in droves asking if we have any mangas or D&D guide books. Makes me realize that it truly is mainstream now.

No. 1302467

File: 1660486428796.jpeg (62.36 KB, 622x675, 8A06CBF9-838B-433C-A388-DD5975…)

>I’ve been using lc on the work wifi

No. 1302495

I had a coffee lately with salted caramel syrup in it. You could really taste the salt and nothing sweet or caramel like.. it was weirdly good tho. Mmmm salt coffee.

No. 1302555

Just found out that some people eat mangos like apples

No. 1302560

Excuse me.

No. 1302573

Some people use salt on coffee to make it less bitter, so I guess salted caramel suryp works similarly!

No. 1302703

Me too and I've opened spoilered pics of troon axe wounds as well. I regret nothing.

No. 1302739

how? Skin and all? what about the juices???

No. 1302753

just found out some people eat apples like mangoes

No. 1302756

Don’t make my brain hurt

No. 1302789


No. 1302826

File: 1660507836108.jpg (190.44 KB, 900x1200, cat-drinking-water-1636733.jpg)

No. 1302829

File: 1660508088597.jpg (49.6 KB, 600x600, cat-loves-water-bath-28__605-6…)

No. 1302833

File: 1660508398997.gif (347.62 KB, 357x200, 200.gif)

summoning rain

No. 1302840

File: 1660508828899.jpg (4.86 KB, 229x220, 1654449222527.jpg)

It's so funny the porn moid is going on about muh jewz running the media while being a porn degerate. Porn is like the easiest fucking way to "brainwash" someone.

No. 1302841

me too, we need it! I can't take the heat any longer, they've been announcing rain for days and today I even saw a rainbow in the sky bc of the humidity, but not one single drop fell.

No. 1302848

File: 1660509078605.jpg (53.11 KB, 524x680, photo_2022-07-28_19-45-37.jpg)

No. 1302851

That's what I said when I read it.
Like an apple anon. They bite into it and eat the skin too, apparently.

No. 1302853

Not even porn, if their pack leader says one type of look or act is best, they'd follow that blindly. Simple creatures who would be happiest being slaves until their premature death.

No. 1302862

File: 1660509724708.jpg (6.24 KB, 64x64, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

tfw I love military fashion but don't want to look like a rightoid tard or a larper.

No. 1302873

Same here, anon.

No. 1302883

ugh i know your pain. i like the fancy, elaborate ceremonial military stuff the most

No. 1302885

File: 1660511630623.jpeg (98.22 KB, 720x1500, Woman's First World War Americ…)

dream outfit…

No. 1302891

You could probably get away with a lite-version by just wearing the coat (no patches) and the boots?

No. 1302912

Omfg I hate that picture. I used to get so scared seeing it online as a kid. Literally would be showering and close my eyes and see it kek

No. 1302913

I meet more ~sad~ creeps who ~just want to talk~ on my 9pm walks than I do on my 2am ones. Wonder why that is.

No. 1302914

That's the suggestion I got when I complained on here about not being able to peel mangoes in the mundane shit thread some half year ago.

No. 1302923

Same, and I incorporated a lot of military uniform elements to my looks in college, I was an edgy EDM fan so it made sense but definitely made people look at me weird too. I think a lot of things I wore at the time (it was very early 2010s) would get me cancelled heavily now due to nazi/soviet uniforms resemblance (some elements being straight up replicas), even though it was purely aesthetics and always a small part of an otherwise mixed outfit, not plain uniform.

No. 1302933

File: 1660515180834.jpeg (63 KB, 426x672, 5721FC2A-3E43-4402-9441-C691F3…)

Today’s act of self love I insist all nonnies tend to immediately: if you don’t own mace but some. If you own it but forget to bring it everywhere you go find a way to remedy that. Own multiple mace keychains if you have to!

No. 1302962

I can’t I’m British
I do appreciate the message though.

No. 1303029

Watching Mean Girls for the first time in years and the math teacher is hands down the best character, I love her.

This picture is so cute! What time is it from?

No. 1303049

File: 1660520995143.jpeg (63.96 KB, 306x442, 2BA6ACA2-D147-40C4-9103-B72D64…)

i put some sweet chili sauce on rice cakes just cause i wanted a lazy snak but i feel so fucking sick now, what the fuck.

No. 1303052

File: 1660521039254.jpg (585.38 KB, 1349x763, whining.jpg)

mods introduce new filter to blur nsfw results in image generations bot, exactly 5 minutes later scrotes start crying about every single thing they generate being blurred

No. 1303053

>day 103475380730876038570865
cat not yet trained

No. 1303054

>slutty blonde girl flashing

No. 1303058

My friend is no longer staying the night booooo i like sleepovers

No. 1303059

nta but why are you doing this. purposely misreading what the post says. you’re annoying.

No. 1303063

Moids are pathetic

No. 1303114

the monkeypox thread gif is so cute to me lol monke

No. 1303116

We need to go back in time and beg Hugo Boss not to make those Nazi uniforms so sexy so that in the future we can still wear armbands and shit.

No. 1303132

File: 1660527724653.jpg (42.85 KB, 460x467, me.jpg)

This dog looks like a snowman

No. 1303147

what is it with tumblr users acting like they have ownership over gifs and screencaps and care about reposts. like you didn't create those shows, didn't create those movies, you just took someone else's work and added an ugly filter over it lol

No. 1303148

File: 1660529864170.jpg (97.44 KB, 960x640, phm_transpo_stop_arm_camera_12…)

The little stop arm on buses is kind of cute

No. 1303164

They take their jobs as regurgitating archivists very very seriously and always have

No. 1303168

Me too

No. 1303171

Sometimes you
gotta squish

No. 1303173

Give em a good ol squish

No. 1303194

if I wanna go to jail for weapon possesion that's how I do it

No. 1303202

meat is such a joke here in price, about $5 for 8oz or less depending on meat type for already cooked sandwich meat. i just didnt want to buy a whole chicken or beef pack to prepcook for my other meals. considering skipping it all together and trying veggie only with eggs for cheap groceries.

No. 1303205

Where are you from?
Good lunch meat can be fucking 8.99 here it’s absolute horse shit.

No. 1303208

I love the texture of pasta that's been reheated in the microwave.

No. 1303210

west usa the beef rolls are $5 for a small one if i make shredded beef and a pack of chicken breast is $12-19 or $10-17 for thighs i think. at least with the large pack of chicken breast it lasts me and is white meat so healthier but i just wanted other meats like ham, turkey, salami

No. 1303219

I want to watch young men do those raunchy himbo dances on tiktok but I don't want to follow each one and contribute to their follower count.

No. 1303222

Far west burger here, what is a beef roll? I googled it and it looks like meat rolled around herbs and stuffing?

No. 1303223

File: 1660538931979.png (155.55 KB, 475x203, beef.png)

No. 1303232

Weird screenshots thread on a game forum, me thinking this will be fun, these usually make me laugh
It's 50% just someone posting their finished regular game. Go show your mommy Timmy, nobody else thinks that's interesting

No. 1303234

File: 1660540761071.jpg (88.24 KB, 648x680, FaEj-EoWAAA43bZ.jpg)

i love women so much…

No. 1303236

A hot guy who lives in my building was playing Genshin shirtless in the laundry room

No. 1303237

Lol I'm going to pretend that the Karen O who posted this is the one from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

No. 1303240

File: 1660541151189.jpg (239.4 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20220814-212016_Tik…)

The idol world is bleak. She's 15 btw

No. 1303243

whats unusual here? because hes old and disgusting? isn't that the main fanbase for these groups?

No. 1303248

She’s 18 but it’s still very creepy since there are minors (the youngest born in 2008) in that group. Their manager or something like that is also a creeper who has images of pedo films in her home and on her Instagram and their new song Cookie is full of sexual innuendos.

No. 1303249

File: 1660541851635.jpeg (301.35 KB, 3840x2160, 642DD89E-5751-47EA-BE5B-073B3B…)

No. 1303270

Just stumbled onto photos of a disgusting AGP moid who hanged himself unintentionally through autoerotic asphyxiation. My satisfaction is immeasurable and my day is saved

No. 1303273

File: 1660545036628.jpeg (210.82 KB, 828x797, B58AD58D-BBB7-4240-97E4-1E2AD8…)

Apparently NewJeans we’re all groomed into the group. So gross, that means the youngest was 14 or under when it started. Found this on cdan the other day

No. 1303280

I really hope this is bullshit, like many blind items are.

No. 1303303

File: 1660548035032.jpeg (46.75 KB, 459x352, 1639963612710.jpeg)

Scrotes, man.

No. 1303306

File: 1660548242174.jpeg (154.11 KB, 605x807, 54F94EE9-24A8-449D-9B96-CCB955…)


No. 1303307

Every time I dry myself after a shower I think about the nonny who wrote something like "I didn't know you were supposed to dry yourself from top to bottom, I always did it random limb at a time." Nonny, it's fine to dry yourself random limb at a time as long as you get dry. It's ok.

No. 1303314

In your opinion, is there a difference between e-relationships/online relationships and LDR relationships or not?

No. 1303320

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than driving near a body of water. I have lakes near my house and it always makes me nervous to drive by them. What if I ever have to pull over and I forget that I'm by a lake? What if I just decide to jerk my wheel over without thinking? What if my passenger grabs the wheel and steers off the road?

No. 1303331

drive off the road drive off the road into the water into the water

No. 1303361

If someone says they're in a LDR I tend to imagine that they've already met the person at least a couple times to confirm its a real thing with a real spark, I assume they have plans to close the gap eventually too.

If they've never met I class that as just an e-relationship and see it as less likely to amount to much.

No. 1303371

Absolutely foolish to think you're in a relationship with someone you never met. You never seen them irl and never smelled their pheromones. All that edaters do is larp and exchange nudes with a stranger. 0 intimacy or real feelings.

No. 1303386

File: 1660556344452.jpg (101.38 KB, 450x600, oldwomen2.jpg)

cute post, I agree!

No. 1303392

File: 1660557114232.jpeg (122 KB, 977x1266, 1A818103-8DE0-4596-9022-0AB70D…)

Cock is on my brain 24/7 I’m sorry

No. 1303393

nonny tell me who this is NOW

No. 1303394

reverse image search is free

No. 1303395

there's a board for that

No. 1303396

asking nonny who it is is also free but thank you for financial tips

No. 1303397

File: 1660557360081.jpeg (130.59 KB, 640x636, 51E337A2-EB31-455F-814C-C2DFAD…)

The internet has ruined men who were like pic rel

No. 1303398

On demand access to porn is a blight upon society

No. 1303400

Fatima, nooo!

No. 1303403

The internet will unfortunately call him gay. Will never forgive the idiots calling 15 year old Louis XVI gay because he didn't get 14 year old Marie pregnant at the time of their marriage.

No. 1303507

turns out I'm straight after all

No. 1303626

Oh god. There’s a clip from a poorly done show going around on TikTok right now talking about their early sex life (or lack there of) and most of the comment are calling him gay or asexual. Very few are accurately pointing out that they were kids who 1. Didn’t have sexual education and 2. Didn’t want children as children. It’s really backwards.

No. 1303746

File: 1660578818738.png (5.3 MB, 1500x1500, 41e329487b9a826cd4b763b111432b…)

My lip collection basically looks like this. Whenever I buy a new lip tint/lipstick/mousse/whatever the fuck new colored lip product, it's always in varying shades of red and I can't stop. I don't even really wear it that often, even moreso now because I don't want it smearing all over the inside of my mask, but aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I can't stop. On the bright side I only have <10 but at the same time more than 3 of what is basically the same color, only a shade or two off, seems excessive.

No. 1303754

I hate that board I will not go

No. 1303758

the mustache looks disgusting

No. 1303759

Well what is your theory? Was Louis so strict in his moral code that he would simply refuse to hurt women and girls while ruling a land where they had absolutely no rights or humanity?

No. 1303761

me when I'm attracted to mario

No. 1303763

I hate that man it's where he belongs.

No. 1303766

thought you meant the plumber for a sec, was gonna say I’m more of a Luigi gal myself…

No. 1303769

File: 1660579918551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.56 KB, 1280x907, Ahmed Al-Reyahi.jpg)

Ahmed Al-Reyahi

No. 1303770

Kek nonnie thats the joke I was making.

No. 1303776

why do you keep misusing that word

No. 1303777

Noooo nonnie not this again kek

No. 1303781

kek the lolcow thesaurus collective is merciless lately

No. 1303782

File: 1660580528446.jpg (35.59 KB, 545x428, 1654770867404.jpg)

you're a what

No. 1303783

This makes me laugh so hard. Poor nonna

No. 1303809

Thinking about that woman who would help women kill their abusive husbands with perfume

No. 1303833

File: 1660583012341.png (706.07 KB, 640x480, 4541370A-5240-43D2-8076-9D9150…)

feeling like pure shit i just want popheadscirclejerk back

No. 1303838

what website is that nonna

No. 1303843

god i relate to this

No. 1303845

Had a really vivid dream where I will decipher it using that dream meanings website and if I remember I'll put it in the dream thread

No. 1303850

File: 1660584118945.png (65.59 KB, 421x179, no.png)

I don't know what I have done on the internet to warrant this, but I'm getting online dating ads featuring stock image moids that aren't even my type.

No. 1303858

I'd like to hear a discussion about American Psycho and the female gaze(?) Not the right term but hopefully nonnas can understand what I mean. In like /m/ if we haven't had a thread about it already. The discussion in the tiktok thread interested me >>>/ot/1298803

No. 1303860

File: 1660584851921.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.82 KB, 1600x1067, Once a Cow.JPG)

Really missing efagz/ediotz, efanz, look@urlife. I want a place to discuss somewhat retired cows without «milk». Like right now, I wanna mindlessly discuss Daisy Lola (now Daisy Foxglove) and her business venture(s)/«career»

No. 1303866

Shut up, demon.

No. 1303867

I've probably ranted about this before, but I hate when I'm hovering over a toilet and my piss goes the complete wrong direction and ends up everywhere

No. 1303871

and when it goes down your thigh

No. 1303872

I often get ads for cars on websites where I forget to change the settings so they collect personal info and cookies, despite me not having a driver license and not wanting one. Don't expect too much from ads kek.

No. 1303882

Do you guys think I could cook fries in 20 minutes or less? I feel like if I microwave them to make them soft and pop them in the oven to just crisp them up a little it could work. I need to be out of here in a few.

No. 1303884

can't relate, my hovering aim is perfect

No. 1303914

File: 1660587748439.png (46.3 KB, 300x100, lolcor crimes.png)

hello gorls I made yet another two banners

No. 1303915

File: 1660587772539.png (75.2 KB, 300x100, yescute.png)

No. 1303921

I love this one so much, it's adorable!

No. 1303924

I don’t care what you hate he looks like a sexy glazed donut and you need to fix your posture

No. 1303927

Man the offended newfags really think we’re all the same person and then think they win when no one else will touch them. Catch them later in vent whinning no one talks to them. Yeah cause your aggressive tards who ree about people disagreeing with you. Hoping a solar flare causes them to die with lack of internet.

No. 1303950


No. 1303958

kek this one needs to be added

No. 1304006

thank you very much, please let admin on the banner thread know that you liked it so she can finally add some new ones and get rid of the bad ones kek

No. 1304020

I never want to have kids but sometimes I daydream about having (probably adopting) a daughter just so that I can give her the care that my parents didn’t give me. Like, being able to have someone you trust who you could talk to your problems about? Just being able to talk about how school went or a new friend without being mocked? She will have that. I won’t bully her for her appearance and then bully her for wanting to change her appearance. If she wants to try some cute haircut or experiment with her style I would happily oblige, and I would help her figure out skin care and hair care to make things more manageable. I would buy her the cute notebook that’s 50 cents more expensive. But seriously though I never want to have kids.

No. 1304031

At this point I assume every "guy" in online fandom spaces is an Aiden. Like I genuinely don't believe males are capable of writing fanfiction or running a stan twitter page.

No. 1304034

File: 1660594955699.jpg (1000.68 KB, 3056x3056, 672ddc5ccb65526b818415dccf49b4…)

I do this exact same thing with berry colours. I actively have to stop myself from buying them.

No. 1304037

Hello I am olive skinned as well frau nonna

No. 1304039

I love these shades. What brand? And how is the formula if you tried them?

No. 1304043

Sometimes I’d like to write essay-length posts about things I’m interested in but I’d either get posted to the copypasta thread or called autistic (I’m not).

No. 1304044

Haven't tried them, sorry nonnie. Just a random pic I grabbed

No. 1304046

Anons complain about LC being understaffed and undermoderated (true) but how many of you would genuinely step up and apply for a janny position if admin opened applications this week? Like not "maybe" or "I'd consider it" who here would immediately apply?

No. 1304053

There should be a poll done out of curiosity. I’d like to be a janitor on my off time when I come on here.

No. 1304054

You've inspired me anon. There's a topic I've been thinking about lately and idk how in depth I'll go now cause I'm high and its bedtime for me but,,,

YouTubers in their 30s are my go to people now for style inspiration for my age group. I hate Hollywood media and the fashion houses these days with all the gaudy fake bodies and faces shit. I much prefer to watch real women age and adapt and find their way through a decade mass media doesn't really cater for. It's mostly about shielding the aging process. I might need to sleep on this to explain better but maybe people get the gist of what I'm getting at.

No. 1304060

I was crying but I just drove past some country guy with a beat up truck. I really liked that.

No. 1304063

Are you the anon that blushes while driving next to giant redneck trucks?

No. 1304069

File: 1660597272877.jpg (731 B, 16x16, 1625543711200.jpg)

My mom makes the most delicious egg salad but only for birthdays and I ate the last of it earlier today. I wish I had more right now aughhhhhh!!!

No. 1304070

No lol

No. 1304075

Ask her for the recipe and make it yourself goofus, maybe she would appreciate someone making her some egg salad for a change

No. 1304079

Of course! I was just craving it right now in the middle of the night lol

No. 1304080

t. mom

No. 1304083

I love egg salads, is it the classic egg + mayo + green onion or is there something else?

No. 1304091

It's more like a heavily modified Olivier salad. This time she included tuna and it it was so good. I'm definitely gonna make another batch tomorrow

No. 1304105

File: 1660598986089.gif (1.98 MB, 360x270, laZk8NL.gif)

Has anyone else here grown fat as a child/teen/early adult and now deeply resent your parents for it? To the point of hating them for making you into a fat monster

No. 1304107

Oh damn I love this one. There's so much prep I also rely on my mom making it but she's also only making it for special occasions only. I manifest strength for both of us to make it for ourselves

No. 1304110

he is so small

No. 1304112

is this the kind of spam we're going to get next? jesus.

No. 1304116

Yeah and now I have a restrictive ed trying to finally be skinny because I never got to be kek.

No. 1304118

Honestly it's better than some things we've had. Anorectal violence kun still reigns supreme tho

No. 1304119

Seriously wtf

No. 1304120

Could you use the cows you miss thread maybe? Reminiscing is so fun

No. 1304122

Question, do you have any contact with them? do you think they were neglectful or emotionally abusive?

No. 1304123

I hope this is just a nonny being silly and not a spambot

No. 1304127

I just tried a lime bubly and God it's not good why did people lie about these drinks
Also, are we really getting "text me I'm horny" bots now? What has lolcow come to?

No. 1304128

ikr? why would someone even bother spamming this, only tech illiterate moids fall for shit like 'text me for sexy time bby'

No. 1304129

Its a spam-bot i googled the number and only sites in chinese show up that sell these numbers.

No. 1304130

yeah they should spam this shit in 4chan and other male places instead.

No. 1304133

I can't stop thinking and laughing about that one anon who talked about leaving answering machine messages to herself moaning in an Ash Ketchum voice so that she could hump her pillow to it, kek I love this place

No. 1304134

This is weird, is lolcow suddenly too in radar to make "I'm horny xoxo" spambots appear?

No. 1304135

holy shit is there a screenshot? kekkkk

No. 1304137

File: 1660600333231.png (85.63 KB, 1839x347, 1659780337066.png)

Enjoy, it has me fucking yodeling with laughter

No. 1304138

lmaooooo reposting it in the screenshot thread now

No. 1304143

Where do you think that anon got this screenshot from?

No. 1304146

Looking in one of the hidden boards and seeing all the 'guy here how do i know girl likes me' threads. Wtf kek

No. 1304148

pigsty? verify? 2X? manure?

No. 1304152

manure kek

No. 1304213

File: 1660603692351.jpg (204.29 KB, 650x417, 1659982468267.jpg)

>find out about Tommy Lee's dick pic and google it for shits and giggles
>be reminded of how bleak things are for women in this world when I end up reading about what happened to his ex wife Pamela Anderson
>get depressed again

No. 1304240

What is /verify supposed to even be?

No. 1304258

File: 1660605062312.jpg (668.62 KB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_20220815-180945_Fir…)

There's a massive amount of butthurt old men in these comments kek

No. 1304259

hidden boards except 2x are kinda creepy.

No. 1304271

i've never seen a single youtuber at any age look fashionable

No. 1304276

wait so what does tbp mean anyways? i sound like a newfag but my brain is fried

No. 1304279

'The Black Problem'

No. 1304283

Why haven't all offices switched to schedule appointments or atleast request appointments online

No. 1304287

File: 1660606176003.jpg (35.82 KB, 564x368, ed50aaded1f4f2694b4cf9624cd045…)

You ever have something fairly niche you're into and you realize what you like a bunch of troons dislike? I've witnessed it before in fairly all female fandoms where the TIFs would always hate what I like. Now weirdly I see smatterings of trannies like actual diaper fetishist transgenders, all of them post anime girls and "me when I booba bouncing", who hate one thing I can have for myself it feels good.

No. 1304292

I dont understand your post, are you ESL?

No. 1304295

File: 1660606476772.gif (2.95 MB, 640x360, me at you.gif)

No. Now I am embarrassed. What I am trying to say is that I like things. The things I like are things that trannies somehow don't like, despite trannies tending towards every single hobby or interest you can think of. Always a tiny corner of a fandom or whatever that the trannies are warded from, for some reason or other.

No. 1304297

I’ve been following shayna for a couple of years. I’ve also been involved in the furry fandom (lol) and I’ve seen a lot of people shun this DottiPink person because of bestiality allegations, I ever got commissioned to draw her character foreeeeever ago.

Imagine my surprise when I’m like “let’s check out this “dawn saga”” and it’s the same furry. I’m losing my mind

No. 1304298

Nta but I understood your post anon, it was just worded weirdly.

No. 1304299

I understood your post. Lucky you, I can never have shit for myself because trannoids are into my same interest. I envy you

No. 1304302

>"me when I booba bouncing"
I laughed at this but no idea what your post meant to say

No. 1304305

>Always a tiny corner of a fandom or whatever that the trannies are warded from, for some reason or other.
Oh, like what? Genuinely curious

No. 1304307

I found an actual nexus of trannies based on just a few trannies that dislike my special thing, and even just the immediate spattering of troons are super-degens, posting openly about wearing diapers and "im not a pedo im not a pedo!" arguing with their actual face. So some of them have memes about boobs, anime characters sucking each other's tits, image of porn with "me when estrogen" etc

No. 1304308

What she said made sense imo

No. 1304309

I know what you're trying to do and you can't have it.

No. 1304310

Fuck this, I'm gonna go make a burger in the picrew thread.

No. 1304322

I’m sorry to inform you but the most pussy retarded embarrassingly terminally online stan twitter accounts that you see with cute young Asian women as the pfp are ran by balding homosexuals in their 20s

No. 1304323

What? Ok keep your secrets then

No. 1304324

File: 1660607391694.jpeg (56.47 KB, 428x541, AEFB54C3-9D95-4D68-844B-021501…)

No. 1304325

I see kek your gif is so funny with your posts. A lot of the media I like has been troonified and it's so annoying to see tit scars and trans flags everywhere in the fanart. I just barely got into Dorhedoro and it's been aiden/troonified I did get into a manga from here actually, and the art for it has been beautiful and rarely gets troonified. I don't doubt it will be in the future though, it's been getting popular

No. 1304326

Are you telling me these are the degenerates that society sees as women because they felt so?

No. 1304328

I'm not the spammer, I just wanted to know

No. 1304343

For me personally I'm not into any fandom and dont use social media so any interaction with the hobbies I have are just normal I guess. It's annoying to see trannies getting into shit I like but in the end, they can stay in their echo chamber while I enjoy things for myself or with friends.

No. 1304349

File: 1660608086842.jpeg (794.93 KB, 1170x1906, 01478071-7A9F-4F0E-B99E-FA5316…)

I’ve never been happier to see the tide turning against tumblr’s favourite man. He was always so smug I wish he were not Maori so it would be easier to hate him.

No. 1304366

It has been so amusing they always pick out these quirky men to love and then turn on them the pattern happens over and over. Yeah I've seen people say you're racist for criticizing him lmfao it's funny I never saw that energy for Lin Manuel Miranda.

No. 1304369

File: 1660608953101.jpeg (634.65 KB, 1170x1100, 1E9FCE8B-F6B8-4130-970A-009A54…)

Out of all the dumbass things the rebranded tumblr nymphets “coquettes” try to glamorize… the Manson Family is the worst. They truly watched that one Lana Del Rey music video and thought “yes this is exactly how extremely dirty druggie hippies looked in the 60’s”. Really trying to glamorize people who didn’t have all their teeth kek

No. 1304376

KEK the way you worded this you made me giggle nonna

No. 1304378

what's the second post saying? i don't get it

No. 1304379

Whenever they use the caption “Manson’s in the air” I have to fight myself to not comment “yeah because the family never showered.”

No. 1304381

the white post was saying that Taika Watiti is doing ~amazing things to take away toxic masculinity~ through his film work and the blue post is taking the piss out of what the white post said kek. "He didn't really do anything crazy / noteworthy."

No. 1304383

File: 1660609656651.jpg (381.7 KB, 1500x1500, 91UTKx2MUwS._SL1500_.jpg)

Who the fuck is Pearl Milling. Bring Aunt Jemima back!

No. 1304388

I bet Ms. Pearl Milling's a white woman too

No. 1304392

The place I'm living at never cleans out their fridge so there's a bottle of OG jemima from 2016 in there. Wonder how much it can go for on Ebay

No. 1304396

File: 1660610390681.jpg (33.62 KB, 415x631, 5cca7f411710352ba87a4fd2868335…)

I will suck that certified vintage Aunt Jemima syrup dry till the bottle forms such a strong vacuum it implodes onto itself.

No. 1304415

I'll mail it to you nonnie but don't call me if you get a tummy ache

No. 1304448

I won't mourn you

No. 1304465

File: 1660613421828.jpg (83.41 KB, 1125x1094, 1656815636358.jpg)

Kek remember that tinfoil going around during the /ot/ containment thread days where anons thought that some L337 HAX0R was cataloging every IP address of every anon posting and was going to dox us because fucking uhhhhhh…. well I don't remember why but those were some fun times looking back.

No. 1304468


Bunker threads were so fun. We're so autistic. I love my nonnies.

No. 1304474

File: 1660613906700.jpg (47.34 KB, 650x1040, 10031926575_716x.progressive.j…)

It is me. The l337 haxor. I've got you IP, credit card number, and most importantly your BMI.

No. 1304475

Kek and we were all bitching and moaning about it too. Kek I think I was banned at one point and wrote a really unhinged message back to the jannies. Ritalin and the bunker threads were a really crazy combination. Sorry jannies. But same I love all my autismo bunker sisters ♥

No. 1304476

>>>/ot/1304461 This post reminds me of why I like to come on lolcor because of the whole 'dead internet theory' Aka everything being bots or commercialized. Things have an artifical 'pay attention to this! buy this! Stan this celebrity! Pandery wokey meme!' feel to them and people eat it up all the time. I like to have my unfiltered discussions with women on here, even if it's dumb shit.

No. 1304477

samefag, but most importantly, talking about my 2d husbando with fellow autist nonnas

No. 1304484

I'm definitely going to gain weight trying to eat a bunch of my perishable food in my fridge but I tell myself that it's going to be ok since I'm going on vacation in a few days where I will undernourish myself (to save money) and be walking everywhere for many distances. Right, anons? It's ok right??

No. 1304494

Nonnette, that might be the thread I need. Thank you! I didn’t know it existed. I hope you have a lovely week.

No. 1304496


No. 1304503

the strong hatred some anons have for actresses or female celebs in general just for not looking attractive, not even doing anything bad, offensive, or harmful, just existing, makes me wonder how they feel about seeing regular everyday women. and i wonder if they would hate me too for having similar features. this is one of the reasons why i never want to meet another farmer irl tbh

No. 1304515


No. 1304532

Celebrity thread has been getting worse and worse. It was the last thread I felt was like snow with actual milk but those days are long gone. You have a 28 inch waist? You're a fucking whale that sweats grease and deserves to be berated by scrotes and women alike. You wanna talk about this celebrity that has a history of being a schizoid and is super milky? NO! Only weightsperging allowed, no milk.

No. 1304538

nta but people have been saying it multiple times that the cow threads are so dead. Everything is so dead. Lc is like a big chat room now. for better or for worse

No. 1304544

Yea they're right. Been trying to cope with the fact for a while by constantly waiting for new cows but they never come. RIP, but I still like talking about various topics with other anons

No. 1304553

Same tbh. If lc can just be a female only imageboard just to chat and be chill I don’t mind that at all. Was looking at old threads recently, not even just cow threads, and they were so autistic kek.

No. 1304563

it's for the better. anons don't want to admit it but the biggest draw of scrotes, twitterfags and spergs are actually the cow threads. for whatever reason though anons want to pretend like there isn't a difference between anons who use LC as a chatboard and salty sex worker anons who hawk sex worker threads or haven't integrated at all and use the boards to make retarded edits and cry about a stray pimple as if the cow who has it is a gangrenous freak or something.

No. 1304574

Someone in my family bought this new cleaner so I tried it, and it literally smells like shit. Maybe it's just my nose but fucking blegh.

No. 1304578

I have to agree. I started out using lc as a /snow/ poster but a couple of years have passed and looking through threads now is just really weird and off. The nitpicking and watching a cow closely isn’t really for me personally anymore. It’s something I used to enjoy when I was younger and first started browsing lc. I’m not a meet by any means, I do like to be an autist on here, but with my own personal life changing I don’t see the appeal of cow threads other than a good chuckle or horror story here and there. I enjoy posting on the other boards here. Admin is just kinda letting anything go at this point and I don’t care as long as it reminds female-only.

No. 1304579

I need to share a strange looking penis so you all can laugh at it with me. Where do I post it.

No. 1304597

Was going to make a post here about my dog licking his dick and looking at me like I’m weird but the first words I typed were “my scrote dog” and I burst out laughing at my own autism. Save me nonnies

No. 1304600

Kek I bet the mods post in the celebricows thread

No. 1304602

File: 1660625583789.jpeg (32.62 KB, 236x351, AD314FC2-F9DD-4A3B-A728-0AFEB5…)

Is this kota or am I losing my mind

No. 1304604

File: 1660625648022.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 777.28 KB, 828x1446, A671501D-E1F2-4E08-BAAE-549517…)

Okay you took to long. Trigger warning for penis. Please look at it why does it look like the butler’s hand in Scary Movie. Looks like an amputees stump. Shaped like a bonsai.

No. 1304606

You know damn well that’s Leighton Meester you raggedy bitch

No. 1304608

Kotex rose? She wishes ong

No. 1304609

I like his giant kissy face inflated lips in the bg

No. 1304611

Straight up giving us Blue Steel while jerking his 90 degree angle cock

No. 1304614

I don’t know who that is but get some help anon ♥

No. 1304615

This doesn’t even look human and neither does the penis

No. 1304618

Are you 17 years old

No. 1304622

Right why is it shaped like a sapling I’m obsessed

No. 1304625

File: 1660626080103.jpeg (945.44 KB, 1800x2700, 83F749C2-4FAC-4077-AF9E-0BB9DB…)

Ringo Starr be looking good these days. Love that for him.

No. 1304627

Are you? Insulting random over some random woman. Get ur head checked

No. 1304629

What are you talking about, I just told you it’s Leighton Meester. Which it is. Check your carbon monoxide detector please.

No. 1304632

Pls no fighting the weird dick is going to hear you..

No. 1304633

I don’t care who it is
You’re still gay

No. 1304634

And you still
Reddit space
Like it’s a haiku

No. 1304635

File: 1660626612976.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 623.6 KB, 828x1242, A0D891FD-DE59-4794-8F28-80B9C9…)

Looking like it’s gonna reach out and grab you

No. 1304637

File: 1660626840528.jpg (25.18 KB, 655x720, upset cat frowning in disgust.…)

>see a video of a cat drinking milk from a cow's udder
>udder is literally pouring milk
>"Why is it doing that?"
>tfw learn that farmers will cut the cow's udder with fire if they have a blocked milk duct
Ok I admittedly don't know if I got that completely correct, but people are so brutal to animals

No. 1304640

File: 1660627226953.jpeg (91.87 KB, 1170x1162, 5B4FABEF-C210-4BF5-970B-93D9E1…)

That’s not Reddit spacing lmao, but I’ll cut you some slack. Here are f o u r (4) doubloons spend them however u please

No. 1304641

They don’t cut it. The flame just singes the hair off. They don’t feel anything.

No. 1304642

>They don’t feel anything

No. 1304644


No. 1304645

built like a bendy straw

No. 1304651

They don’t lol humans don’t feel it when it happens to them. There are many videos online of it being done; the cows don’t even flinch lol

No. 1304652

File: 1660628312743.jpeg (433.19 KB, 828x728, DA99D3ED-A581-46B6-893B-A7E2BB…)

Mhm very much so

No. 1304655

Yeah, we totally wouldn't feel someone putting a fire right next to our nipples

No. 1304663

Anon it doesn’t touch their skin. You do not feel when hair is singed. It’s also a less than a second process.

No. 1304665

People who have never been on a farm, let alone work one, always think everything is harmful and abusive for some reason when it’s really mundane (at least in the US)

No. 1304667

That's mean towards the woman with no hand, it's not like she chose that.

No. 1304674

We wouldn’t actually. Relax.

No. 1304675

It was funny and I guarantee she has a better sense of humor about it than you evidently do

No. 1304676

I'm not even upset so I'm not sure why you're saying this, I just don't know why anons are acting like we wouldn't be able to feel fire right next to our tits.

No. 1304680

You’re so whiny. You literally don’t feel pain from it, try it if you’re so hard-pressed about it. Singe your nipple hairs off, you won’t feel that shit.

No. 1304681

rip lolcow I knew there well

No. 1304682

File: 1660631006544.webm (1.64 MB, 576x1024, cats drinking milk.webm)

>They don’t cut it
If you say so anon, but I don't think it's udder is supposed to look like that.

No. 1304683

Anon you are just reading emotion that isn't there. Also, I don't have hairy nipples.

No. 1304685

Do it to your arms then, you’re just being combative for the sake of it.

No. 1304686

Kek nta but that’s not why that is

No. 1304687

What’s wrong with you

No. 1304690

File: 1660631448525.png (36.65 KB, 593x324, no more men.png)

No. 1304692

the boymom that covered for this piece of shit belongs in prison as well. he comes home with bloodied clothes and this asshole knew he did something and covered for it all and cleaned his clothes etc. there's indoor camera surveillance footage from their house that the police took from her of all of her covering

No. 1304696

Clearly I’m not the one with the issue here

No. 1304698

File: 1660632144100.jpeg (61.36 KB, 568x493, 578993F9-12E1-4BF5-9838-42F14F…)

Anita Mann

No. 1304702

Trannies look like they smell like balls

No. 1304705

I'm so tired because of my cat. I can't stand it anymore. I'll turn on my company's laptop at home and do nothing, fuck it.

No. 1304708

File: 1660633581070.png (1.42 MB, 960x960, BTS X White House.png)


No. 1304710

File: 1660633822400.png (152.47 KB, 600x600, TAOGI.png)

I wish I liked bananas. I'll eat banana bread but not a banana by itself. I really want to make banana milk but I'm afraid I'll hate it. Why am I like this.

No. 1304711

All of them look like they’re missing chromosomes

No. 1304715

just buy the bananamilk, it's very subtle like bananabread and the original mooala flavor has a hint of cinnamon. it's very nice

No. 1304719

You mean extra?

No. 1304721

File: 1660634612230.jpg (162.26 KB, 634x1015, article-2565884-1BBF7794000005…)

they all look like they're wearing those fetishistic silicone facemasks that weirdo men wear

No. 1304726

Ok. It does sound nice. Thanks, nona!

No. 1304742

trying again

No. 1304744

i should've numbered the flags 8 and 9 so pretend you got that instead kek

No. 1304746

No. 1304747

If you give me Biden I’m breaking your wrists

No. 1304748

KEK it's okay, anon.

No. 1304762

File: 1660638447041.jpg (1.45 MB, 2527x1266, 95278490_p0.jpg)

I wish I didn't live in such a boring and dangerous country, there is nothing to do. I really wanna go camping/fishing…

No. 1304768

Why the fuck does hair removal cream say "do not use on breast nipples". Where else would a nipple be?

No. 1304772

Where was the cream made? Sounds like a translation issue

No. 1304782

looks like I can't retail therapy my way out of this one anons

No. 1304783

What's wrong, nona?

No. 1304785

my wisdom teeth have hurt for 3 days straight and I haven't slept for more than 4 hours for 3 days. My 'emergency' dentist appointment is on Saturday and painkillers aren't working im just having a bad time but at least i have some cute clothes coming

No. 1304787

I've seen it on regular common burger brands like Veet and Nair. I assume it's domestic at least?

No. 1304793

I'm sorry. Wisdom teeth pain is no joke. I was so happy to have them out. Glad you have an appointment. Cute clothes are always fun and good thing to focus on. Sending out good vibes for you and that your appointment runs smoothly. Then wear your super cute clothes and let no one bring you down.

No. 1304810

File: 1660642996486.jpg (197.38 KB, 1000x667, meirl.jpg)

sorry nonnita, that warning's for me

No. 1304821

File: 1660645456883.png (144.77 KB, 275x274, GEFIVba.png)

I didn't get banned for posting racebait but I got banned for posting a kpop idol gif. The absolute state of mod

No. 1304823

Racebaiting and kpop, what a combo of shit

No. 1304826

File: 1660646336539.png (221.35 KB, 600x337, Rb84mfC.png)

I was off my meds

No. 1304827

File: 1660646348610.jpg (109.47 KB, 633x840, 1920x.jpg)

One of the first nice memories I have of middle school is bonding with my then mid-60s year old teacher about Malice Mizer because I was an obvious weeb and her daughter was a bangya.

No. 1304858

kek ly nonna

No. 1304874

File: 1660651494748.png (20.18 KB, 549x377, twt.PNG)

Received picrel in regards to some recent twitter data breach and I wonder if there's any secret cow sideblog that could be found thanks to this, if their email is known

No. 1304875

wtf is this typeface

No. 1304883

I know it's messed up, no other mail looks like this so I'm just as confused. I digged in source code and can't find a reasonable result (fonts listed there are definitely not… it)

No. 1305100

Anon, that is adorable

No. 1305132

File: 1660670332994.jpg (156.93 KB, 2048x2048, h78nceksgha61.jpg)

Anyone else make your pets have little personalities with their own voices & have conversations with them and call them crazy and evil? Just me? Ok…

No. 1305134

File: 1660670431851.gif (1.02 MB, 275x226, 1658908608818.gif)

I hate men with bpd so much.

No. 1305135

What are they like?

No. 1305136

Skete Davidson

No. 1305137

all hampter are evil

No. 1305146

reminder that "skeet" means jizz in the hood and kanye most likely credits himself a linguistic genius for that one.

No. 1305159

It's always interesting that women open to dating older men look at you like you're insane if you ask them would they date younger. It's like their tiny little pea brains can't make the connection as to why they are hypocrites. I have a friend who feels weird dating a man who is 21 and she's 26 but she was dating 40 year olds at his age….their logic makes no sense. They think women doing it is creepy but not their scrotes. How you going to call me creepy for finding a 20 year old celebrity cute but a man can date/marry women that young?

No. 1305202

I use a nasally nerdy voice for my dog. His fake personality is like a neet that wants tendies

No. 1305217

My dog is a chihuahua and I like to think he is a grumpy old man.

No. 1305221

Chihuahuas are hilarious

No. 1305224

YES! I also hate when they get a big head about dating getiatric motherfuckers too. I have a coworker that will always brag to me about her trists with old guys like… okay? And she keeps telling me to find some old scrote to date too like girl why are you proselytizing about elderly moids? They have to be a little brain damaged (with a sprinkle of internalized misogyny) to think women crushing on moids not even five years younger are weird. Insanity tbh.

No. 1305251

Maybe seeing boyish looking younger men reminds them that they look like a little girl compared to their old man bfs. And that is exactly what the scrote is attracted to as well.

No. 1305264

My grandmother still works and it genuinely makes me sick. Old people and pregnant women should not have to work.

No. 1305271

I mean it’s not that crazy. Men are peabrains who emotionally and intellectually mature slower than women. A 21-year-old man is mentally equivalent to a 17- or 18-year-old woman. Would it be weird for a 26-year-old man to date a 17-year-old woman? I can’t even imagine wanting to date a 21-year-old man, might as well start a babysitting business cuz then I’d actually get paid for it.

No. 1305273

you're under the assumption that men mentally age. they do not. they remain retarded 14 year olds forever, they just get uglier.

No. 1305280

I'm sure you didn't mean it but comparing an of-age woman dating a slightly younger of-age male to a grown male dating a 17 year old girl is weird.

No. 1305292

>muh women mature faster

If a man was really mentally mature he would say no to dating someone younger just like you would

No. 1305293

Fair point.

No. 1305296

I bought a great value cookie dough ice cream, and there's like no cookie dough in this bitch

No. 1305297

what the hell is this, sounds like something a scrote or a retarded 50 year old pickme from some curch would say.
Whats going on with lc.

No. 1305299

>Would it be weird for a 26-year-old man to date a 17-year-old woman?
Yes it would be, scrote.

No. 1305301

Isn't it funny that men can become scientists, doctors, run entire countries and become ceos at a young age but suddenly when I comes to relationships they are just babies who need to date younger to match their maturity

No. 1305302

I love how you say a 21 year old man is equivalent to a 17 year old girl (which is already dumb by itself) but then jump to a 26 year old man and a 17 year old girl

No. 1305304

Daily reminder that jannies fucking suck

No. 1305308

File: 1660678974605.png (36.7 KB, 749x485, LhXTV8PFpA.png)

is it common for band scrotes to be down this bad, or only the unsuccessful ones? when i used to be on social media, i would see the band members looking for places to sleep on tour or asking people to crowdfund albums, selling their worn clothes, merch, whatever. the begging is pretty intense

No. 1305311

exactly the logic that braindead pickmes and scrotes use makes no sense.
>oh women are retarded children when it comes to jobs so thats why men deserve to have all the high paying or power positions in the world and women deserve to be payed less but when it comes to dating then grown men deserve to date children or teenagers because men have the minds of children.

Like these people change on who is the child-minded based on if it benefits men or not.

No. 1305364

I bought a box of rice pilaf, and the package says "sides" on it. Perhaps it's just the vegetarian in me speaking, but rice isn't a side right? It's like a part of the main dish. Maybe it just depends on what you're eating and how much rice there is.

No. 1305373

Pilaf I've always considered a main dish. Like paella or risotto. But plain rice is a side.

No. 1305402

I've been trying to get myself in the mood for like an hour and it's just not working. I'm just not feeling it.

No. 1305424

Just saw a court scene in a show and I couldn't stop staring at how they kept getting up and immediately buttoning their suit jackets, but then they apparently unbutton them when sitting down? Only to button them up again the next time they stand up? It's weirdly funny

No. 1305428

File: 1660687789438.jpeg (314.03 KB, 1197x998, 7FEBA42C-F633-4BB8-90B1-EB5E98…)

I edited this moid image a bit because I just think she’s cute and I’m happy for her

No. 1305433

delete nlog, twitter and instagram then i'll be happy for her too

No. 1305455

Idk why but I love the gap between fanfic authors having a writing style like Dostoyevsky in their stories and then you look at their profile or into their written reviews and they type like some 13 year old omg lul so randum XDDD spork :3 kiddie.

No. 1305469

I used to watch his tv show and had this video recommended to me, immediately thought he was either drunk or high, googled and found out he is a former addict. Idk, I lived over 20 years with an addict, he seems like he is on something

No. 1305476

He might be really stoned, a lot of addicts are into the “California sober” thing now

No. 1305505

Planning a wedding/elopement on Pinterest makes me feel alive

No. 1305508

File: 1660693734628.gif (4.27 MB, 480x360, evOlS3zjNW-CRGSnHNcJJfGzkfB7Hd…)

I wish I could just go insane. I'm tired of how I'm treated and it's been uncanny for years. It feels like a joke so why not lose my mind and fuck shit up? Be better than crying all the time.

No. 1305547

I honestly don't think baths are very relaxing, and it's more time consuming since you have to shower afterwards anyway. Let me just get in the shower, wash my ass, and get out.

No. 1305548

That might be it, the eyed are all glossed over and he sounds so fucking slow but he doesn't have that booze or pill slurring

No. 1305563

the way i woke up crying yesterday makes me think i'll have my period in a week

No. 1305574

File: 1660698729103.jpg (124.67 KB, 826x871, 1654149161446.jpg)

>hit up guy because he's cute
>ask him what music he listens to
>god please please please be something I can work with please god
>sends me his current spotify playlist
>it's all normie twitterfag shit

No. 1305583

Kekk just went on a date with a guy who loved Lady Gaga, but then the guy I went on a date with before him said his favorite artists were Elliott Smith and Carly Rae Jepsen and that Elvis was ‘underrated’ so tbh I almost preferred the turbonormie shit

No. 1305587

File: 1660700264844.jpg (29.07 KB, 421x500, s-l500.jpg)

EOS lip balms were so bad. They did not moisturize at all, this is the most overhyped beauty product in history.

No. 1305589

Funny thing I learned about CRJ is that her work outside of Call Me Maybe is way different and she's really big in electronic scenes. I have a friend who has more underground tastes in music and she's a huge fan of her, which is how I found out. Also I think that second guy might have been gay because they love her too.

No. 1305594

Reminds me of when I hung out at a guy's house and he asked me what kind of music I liked, so I put on a DEVO song. He scrunched up his face and told me no one could really listen to them genuinely. I asked him what kind of music he liked & he put on Cardigan by Taylor Swift. We didn't hang out again kek.

No. 1305596

Girls in school putting these stupid pastel balls next to their sharpened number two pencils

No. 1305598

Mold him into the perfect good taste bf. You shouldn’t let men develop their own opinions.

No. 1305614

She’s hot but her Night Shift is on 24/7 at 50% brightness

No. 1305615

these were so shit that when me and my friend VERY obviously shoplifted from a fancy makeup store the workers didn't bat an eye
and then a week later my strawberry balm's white ball turned absolutely yellow and i do not know how wtfff

No. 1305617

File: 1660702861597.jpeg (81.69 KB, 828x818, teletubbycat.jpeg)

Anti shoplifter curse?

No. 1305618

Glad you ditched him lol. Fucking hate that shit. Even if I'm not super into someone's music taste I'd still let them share songs with me if it was something they genuinely cared about. Even though I had that kneejerk judgmental reaction when my dates told me who their favorite artists were, I didn't actually say anything about it and tried to sound interested and ask them what their favorite songs were and all that stuff because I'd feel bad if I told someone about my favorite musicians and they were judgmental about it. Meanwhile men have to turn everything into a pissing contest I swear. Also Devo is based so idk what the fuck he was talking about.

No. 1305631

File: 1660704076154.jpg (37.86 KB, 492x480, 1497736027958.jpg)

I confessed to a moid that I liked him a few months ago and I regret it so much because I know now that I was depressed and feeling lonely. We had chemistry but he's religious and he hinted that he'd want kids. He was nice but I ignored his edgy scrote-tier humor when I knew it was such a fucking red flag. I was literally watching what I would say around him because I was scared of saying something to offend him or scare him away. I've already lived so much of my life by other people standards and I was about to throw away the rest of my self for this turbo normie faggot just because I have a hard time coping with loneliness and my shitty life. I feel sober now, I need to get my pathetic life together for my own sake. Fortunately I don't think he liked me that much because neither of us has initiated texting for a few weeks. Hopefully I never run into him again because I'm so fucking embarrassed.

All the time I was pining for him I kept thinking in the back of my mind that he would never approve of my life and career decisions, he'd get offended at my jokes, and he would hate it if I ever fulfilled my dream of sewing a life-size plushie of my husbando like I always wanted.

I'm a fucking freak and I can't live life any other way.

No. 1305638

based fellow king of the hill husbandofag

No. 1305646

I was just playing online pictionary and someone drew a hyper realistic yoshi and this girl was like "idk what that is". We are like, uh from mario. She is like idk I work a lot. Fucking liar. How can you not know? Does she "work" under a rock? I'm infuriated

No. 1305648

I saw an anime profile pic ask what Cardcaptor Sakura is

No. 1305649

File: 1660705194182.jpg (67.14 KB, 640x975, 8e454f28e37737901c7a78a5e9260f…)

This happens to me half the time I show a male music.

>male asks what I listen to not out of interest but a weak attempt to neg or something

>I list musicians in my native language
>play some of it
>tell them this singers music has been part of my life since I was a child and her songs both ease my sadness and make me dance
>moid immediately Googles her
>"THIS MUSIC MAKES ME SLEEPY"(proceeds to put on The Weeknd)
>Moid will listen to 10 seconds of one of my songs but expect me to listen to the entirety of 5 of his
>""Critiques"" every song within seconds

No. 1305650

Oh nonnie Dale isn't my husbando, but I love him anyways

No. 1305651

thank god for conditioner. i cant stop petting my hair i feel so soft

No. 1305655

Wow I want to murder this moid. He was probably negging you in hopes you'd fuck him, or some sort of PIA shit. I love foreign music and I bet your country's is beautiful nonnie

No. 1305657

Nonny, how exactly do you get stuck in such horrible situations?

No. 1305658

Is this a red flag or something? Aasking for a friend.

No. 1305660

who and what is this referring to

No. 1305668

I hate that it's popular to hate him or that he's the worst member. I always liked him and thought he was the cutest in his younger years.

No. 1305672

What particularly annoys me is when they miss the point of the stuff I show them and just comment on whether the woman who made it is attractive or not. It just reminds me how low functioning their thought process is.

No. 1305673

I'm glad I found another nonnie that despises bananas as much as I do. Okay maybe not as much as me bc I literally will gag when I smell them.

No. 1305681

Idk how people go on drives to clear their head, every time I drive I'm incredibly focused. Sometimes I can't even talk because I feels like it makes me lose focus.

No. 1305686

I can see how focusing on the act of driving takes your mind off of whatever that is upsetting. I get stressed out when I’m unfamiliar with the streets but when in an area that I know very well it’s automated and relaxing, especially if I need to blast music or cry.

No. 1305693

who else having a /liquid period shits/ marathon. /lps/ general

No. 1305738

Kek I just got through taking a 3 hour stress drive.

No. 1305743

I resent people who nap because I don't know how

No. 1305744

I'm sorry nonnie, I wish you future naps.

No. 1305746

File: 1660711796194.jpeg (593.95 KB, 2833x881, DHOcWefW0AI3QBr.jpeg)

Every time I scroll through the Luna Slater thread, this scene from mitm plays on repeat. Apologies on the tiny screenshot, the only one I could find with this scene.

No. 1305756

Is it wrong that I revel in the possibility of them being forced out of their airbnb squat and moai statue head is tackled to the ground while tuna screeches?

No. 1305759

that would be the best outcome. Especially if the footage ended up somewhere like Worldstar kek

No. 1305764

File: 1660713405162.jpeg (164.31 KB, 1284x1252, 04E904BA-0B17-4ABB-9609-7E0990…)

I want Bad Bunny so bad

No. 1305770

File: 1660714036371.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1514x1883, B169FBDA-BDEB-46E2-BE9E-961A60…)

Kek disgusting

No. 1305778

I don’t care. I want to smell it.

No. 1305783

Okay nonnies, which movie should I watch? Thinking either Cats Don't Dance or Girl Interrupted? Open to suggestions too. In a cranky mood if that helps with recommendations.

No. 1305792

The newer Suspiria

No. 1305798

Love my man hating women! Love my gaslighting women!

No. 1305800

Cats don't dance. It's so cute and always makes me feel like i'm staying home sick from school.

No. 1305824

please don't hate your parents nonny

No. 1305827

That cutie honey threadpic thread was made by a scrote? Imagine my shock. Is the troon loose again?

No. 1305828

They didn't get me fat but most food in my household was locked up (I was a scrawny active kid) so when I eventually moved out I went nuts and gained so much weight. I was definitely messed up about food until I realized how much weight I gained.

No. 1305830

I haven't thought about banana milk in years, and now this is the third time in a single day I'm confronted with it. I'll take this as a sign and make banana milk today.

No. 1305841

File: 1660719164212.png (756.32 KB, 1036x492, ew.png)

they're apparently selling these as toys for children?

No. 1305844

according to who? facebook boomers?

No. 1305860

File: 1660721598591.png (168.81 KB, 500x573, unknown.png)


No. 1305868

File: 1660722246725.jpeg (152.51 KB, 1200x1200, 0019884B-C4FE-4F71-A46C-94EBFB…)

If you’re into scented candles don’t get this one. I literally just threw it in the bin the smell was so disgusting. It’s like most Yankee candles don’t smell potent enough, but when they do have a really strong smelling one it’s DISGUSTING. Even when it wasn’t lit it stank my room out. I loved the mango one and the lime and vanilla but the smell wasn’t strong at all.

No. 1305869

He looks like the men I see on tinder trying to claim they’re 25

No. 1305881

was heavily pregnant in my dream just now AND back in high school, my heart is still racing

No. 1305905

File: 1660727211879.jpg (12.34 KB, 167x350, yankee-candle-home-sweet-home-…)

Nonna, can you recommend some good candles? I want to get candles as a Xmas gift for a lady who loves them.
I was looking at Yankee candles but they barely have any smell description.
I thought of even getting Bath and Body works ones but they seem pretty pricey, so idk about the quality.

No. 1305909

My brother bought the largest size of this candle and burned it non-stop

i am vomit

No. 1305913

File: 1660728632832.jpeg (208.1 KB, 640x598, E03563A9-9EC7-4818-A6C9-6D74EC…)

I haven’t been into candles that long, but I would recommend either getting a gift set (this one I found for £7 so it doesn’t have to be expensive) https://www.cardfactory.co.uk/yankee-candle-home-inspiration-votive-gift-set-of-4/67530.html
Or subtly asking her favourite scents and candles and searching those, or just going to a store and sniffing around to see what smells good.
Also on the Yankee candle website they have better descriptions, but you don’t have to buy from there because it’s more expensive.
They also have reviews which can be helpful.

No. 1305914

File: 1660728673655.jpeg (131.98 KB, 640x776, F4A2E747-33BF-4F8B-B6BF-33FA38…)

Samefag, I think this one looks cool and I kind of want to get it even though the reviews are bad.

No. 1305916

Samefag again it doesn’t have to be Yankee, there’s loads of great scented candles out there. Some people even sell homemade ones on Etsy.

No. 1305917

Yeah it’s supposed to be a manly smell. That must be why it smells like musty ballsacks.

No. 1305937

File: 1660731589804.png (568.62 KB, 592x584, twttr.PNG)

NTA but i was curious and this is the only source I could find;
TBH I wouldnt be surprised if it was some failed product; factory which made it also made children toys and just tried other ways to make some profit with some other client

No. 1305941

why does this work so well

No. 1305954

File: 1660733393730.jpg (27.36 KB, 733x733, H94a7e854c3974d378e0f12e98be4c…)

those fidget toys are too soft for ''sexual'' purposes, wish adults would stop sexualizing everything, it's creepy.

No. 1305956

Just finished watching my comfort show and i got nothing else to watch, any rec nonnies?

No. 1305958

you can watch Nathan for you and/or The Rehearsal if you haven't yet!

No. 1305965

Don't know what the OP of that tweet was trying to achieve. The unopened toys don't look like anything on the right, unless they somehow did come from that same packaging

No. 1305970

File: 1660735461821.jpeg (225.42 KB, 640x599, 8DFA4049-7DBA-442F-8428-18E8DA…)

Samefag okay ignore that, I just googled the name of those toys and apparently they really did look like that. Wtf

No. 1305972

>wish adults would stop sexualizing everything
Nayrt, fully agree with that though I think it's weird that's the design they went with in the first place

No. 1305973

Why do they make it look like a sextoy then

No. 1305976

If I’m stressed or angry a way to calm me down is watching videos of cat eating. Their cute chewing and purring makes me mellow out so fast

No. 1305995

As a non believer from a muslim county one of the most infuriating things has to be privileged Middle Eastern young women on social media speaking for us. Imagine being able to live in a European country and wearing a fucking hijab or burqa voluntarily and then ALSO stating how it’s actually feminist. The funny thing is that these girls are secretly the biggest pick mes. I see them on tiktok all the time making thirst traps and wearing a face full of makeup and wearing high heels but that’s all ok apparently-we draw the line at hair only. From personal experience I know some of these girls use the hijab to, by default, be seen as saints no matter what or to fuel orientalist fantasies both from Muslim and non Muslim men.

No. 1305998

File: 1660738617507.jpg (80.58 KB, 1000x1000, extrusion-pea-beans-creative-s…)

just because you see a cylindrical shape and immediately think ''i want to put this in my asshole'' doesn't mean everyone else is as degenerate as you, especially not children. Bananas and peas in a pod are just popular shapes for fidget toys

No. 1305999

File: 1660738734883.jpeg (21.51 KB, 347x286, FD3683AD-B1AA-4E9B-8325-DD9CC4…)

I wish it were Tommy Lee Jones' dickpic that leaked
I usually hate geriatric moids, don't shame me for this one exception

No. 1306010

No no no I want to know more about this Tommy Lee Jones crush; specifically why? Not judging!

No. 1306039

I just like his face and aura. It helps that he was really hot when he was young: you can tell imo (similar to bryan cranston)

No. 1306053

Am I the only one who has noticed that farmers have a tendency to tinfoil that any celebrity woman they like is gay?

No. 1306068

They also tinfoil that every male celebrity is gay except the ones they like kek.

No. 1306108

I'm the first anon you replied to. All I said was it was a weird design and you took it to mean that I somehow want to fuck myself with it? Nonna. I just think they look fucking weird. A bright yellow banana or plain green pea pod like in your pic would've been fine. That's literally it. Not everyone uses sex toys.

No. 1306148

they could’ve very well been innocent toys for all we know, but i think it’s weird and stupid that amongst all the color there are clearly some that are shown to be plainly flesh colored >>1305937 >>1305970 when there’s no reason it ALL couldn’t be brightly colored, brighter colors are more beneficial and appeal more to kids anyway.

doesn’t mean anons are degenerates or want to be fucked in the asshole for expressing concern about having a kid play with that, even if the kids might not know what it is. wouldn’t you do a double take if you stumbled across a kid playing with a flesh colored suspiciously shaped toy that could easily be mistaken for something else?

No. 1306177

File: 1660749229804.jpg (19.64 KB, 500x375, BiaOlGmIYAAYl0u.jpg)

Blush is easily one of the best parts of makeup to me. Sometimes I'll pat a little bit on even if I'm not wearing makeup that day but I'm sleep deprived or just look dead in general.

No. 1306184

Let’s put it this way MATTEL recalled the vibrating hairy potter broom for children for a reason. (Yes that was a real product).

No. 1306209

ayrt, honestly i think i remember that now that you mention it. idk why anons discussing this are getting the brunt when we should be blaming these companies for designing toys with minimal thought. no not everything should be sexualized but if it seems incredibly inappropriate and multiple people are obviously concerned, i don’t get how that makes us perverts for not wanting children to play with things of the sort

No. 1306214

I looked through my fitbit data and found old weight logs. I've gained around 20 lbs over the past 6 years but still pretty much look the same, and I'm not sure if that's supposed to make me feel better or worse about myself. I was considered underweight at my past weight, but I look the same as my current self at a normal weight.

I wasn't a full blown anachan but I was definitely weird as fuck about food and exercise at the time. I'm doing better now, but some days I still feel bad. I look at the number on the scale and feel bad.

No. 1306220

Don't feel bad nonnie! You probably carry your weight gain well if you've only noticed it when stepping on the scale. Toss that damn thing away. There's no reason for you to have it in the first place, since I assume that you're in a healthy weight range.

No. 1306226

muscle weighs more than fat. if you've been excercising and look similar, that must be part of it.

No. 1306231

File: 1660753215634.jpg (151.38 KB, 1024x615, otter.jpg)

I watched this youtuber before who talks about manifestation and is just this eccentric seeming guy. Lastnight I was falling asleep with youtube on as background noise and it autoplayed one of his weird vids. It was to do with spirit animals. Picturing an animal that you like or connect with and using that as part of your manifestation thing. If you're looking to attract love then picture two of that animal together. Good stuff lol. In my sleepy state I just let it play and I fell asleep picturing 2 otters doing that cutesy thing where they hold hands and float.

Today I was in the same park that I've visited thousands of times over the years and what did I see for the very first time in the river. I was so excited about seeing it that it was probably ten mins later that I rememebered lastnight. First wild otter spotting in all of my life. I know they're there but you never see them.

No. 1306246

Why do troons and TRAs still use the flag with the pedophile colors? It's a fucking eyesore tbh

No. 1306260

File: 1660755152797.jpg (50.22 KB, 559x900, yes.jpg)

I have a pinterest album specifically for photos and illustrations of nuns with guns and it's awesome.

No. 1306266

Thank you nonnas. I have a high bf% so I still look skinnyfat even though I definitely feel stronger kek. Yeah, I'll put the scale away/take out its batteries for something else (don't want to throw it out since it seems like a waste of money for a nice scale).

No. 1306291

File: 1660756755125.jpg (51.61 KB, 474x618, bloodportrait.jpg)

Menstruation is the most METAL thing there is. Like, bleeding and shedding tissue from your pussy because a potential life never happened. Bye bye useless egg SEE YOU IN HELL FUCKER!

No. 1306297

That’s so cute nonnie. I feel like seeing an otter could make any day 10000 times better.

No. 1306303

I just remembered how much joy those videos of people squeezing deodorant and hair clogged armpit pores brought me. I'm about to go watch one right now.

No. 1306306

File: 1660757137863.png (3.74 MB, 1125x1287, unknown.png)

Hey look at this

No. 1306310


No. 1306320

File: 1660757551410.png (171.87 KB, 330x421, 330px-Randy_Stair_2.png)

When I was younger a lot of incel/future murderer types were so cute to me but they'd never give me the time of day or if they did they'd pump and dump me due to how i look. These same people go off to murder women or make pod casts because "women dont like me", it just shows that the issue isn't they can't get women but their standards are too high. They can't understand that they are too weird and or poor for korean idol types or blonde stacys.

No. 1306322

File: 1660757630207.jpg (47.57 KB, 500x254, tumblr_oqiplz0e5Y1r5z4bho1_500…)

/g/ be like

No. 1306326

If I'd known muh manifestion was going to work I would've asked for an elephant just for maximum proof, but the otter was pretty sweet

No. 1306328

No. 1306331

Thought this was fake til I saw the phone.. seems legit

No. 1306341

File: 1660758364011.jpeg (827.32 KB, 924x1061, 53B4E2FD-9A63-4D0D-AA60-D9038B…)

No. 1306427

File: 1660762140434.jpg (29.32 KB, 750x563, lwordmain.jpg)

I'm not a lesbian so I've never seen The L Word, but I've been thinking about watching just for picrel.

No. 1306436

I have to tell you something nona…

No. 1306438

Don't scare me anon. What? Does she die in the show or something? It's ok if she dies in the show.

No. 1306441

Same for me but with highlighter/bronzer.

No. 1306446

I’m watching better call saul, late fourth/fifth season spoilers and while I dislike Howard Hamlin, I don’t think he deserves to be fucked with to the extent that Jimmy and Kimmy are fucking with him. It sure is funny but I can’t help but feel sorry for him. He’s just a misguided douchebag is all. I think they’re not doing it to be morally righteous but just for a laugh which makes me feel even worse for him. I wonder if other people feel the same? Are they based or are they unhinged? Also the part where Kim owns the kettlemans and calls them out for tax fraud in the carrot and stick episode, was he impressed? Jealous? Pissed off? At the end? He seemed not happy with her even though she did something based. She ruined his plan, or something. Anyways im loving this show.

No. 1306456

File: 1660763540908.jpeg (288.22 KB, 723x1024, AB5907CB-995E-4405-A585-E6B18F…)

my fiancé looks exactly like two (2) of my 2D husbandos I win ladies

No. 1306458


No. 1306460

I laughed but he’s Asian so no, thank god

No. 1306464

File: 1660764371330.jpg (449.79 KB, 800x600, 1478277193247.jpg)

I'm watching videos about pokemon game development and lore, how much of a loser am I?

No. 1306467

those boys are very handsome

No. 1306517

American cheese on grilled cheese and burgers and sandwiches is so good

No. 1306519

yes and

No. 1306556

Why does my room smell like a chicken coop??!

No. 1306565

>playing catch with that good boy
>throw the ball
>he doesn't move, just stretches his neck like a giraffe to get it

No. 1306614

either she was going to tell you you're probably bi for thinking about a woman sexually, or that picrel ends up with a mtf tranny

No. 1306621

File: 1660775370679.gif (1.02 MB, 638x640, the-boys-homelander.gif)

I just finished watching The Boys and I finally understand the "my pathetic little meow meow" feeling because I feel that way towards s3 Homelander.

So pathetic. So sociopathic. I can fix him. I can do it.

No. 1306623

Saw that I missed a call from my dad and immediately dialed him back. When he answered I said I was sorry I missed his call. It turns out it was just a pocket dial. But then he started asking me how I'm doing, what I've been up to, etc. It just felt so good to hear his voice, and he told me it is so lovely to hear mine. Before we hung up, he said "enjoy your night, have a good dinner, and get good rest. I love you lots" after the call ended I just clutched my chest and cried. My parents mean so much to me, and being an adult is fucking hard sometimes. The call just happened to be right after I was venting to my fiancé about our house and the work we're doing on it.

No. 1306626

Actually this is an extreme level of pathetic because you’re simping for a rapist, woman beater, woman murderer etc

No. 1306627

Wash that stank pussy

No. 1306630

If it was twitter you and your friends would be already cancelling OP, thankfully it's LC and most understand that we're talking about a fictional character here lmao

No. 1306632

Eh doesn’t the twittercult love the boys? Like no I’m not pearl clutching but I cannot imagine having the kind of self esteem where I see a character that has raped women, murdered the woman he claimed to love, etc and be like “he’s so baby I can fix him owo” so yes I’m going to judge you for that

No. 1306636

I'm not OP, to be honest I didn't see what's the tone of The Boys discussion on twitter; but it is notoriously twitter behavior to mix up real life with fictional characters, the "if you draw a 16year old anime character you're a pedo" discourse and so on. A lot of anons husbandos here in husbandos thread are some deranged males but I don't think anons themselves are excusing their behavior just by liking them? Can one even "simp" for a fictional character anyway?
IDK, either way I think this kind of policing is spoiling everyone's fun, even if you think she's cringe; as long as she's not being all UwU about real evil people (like columbiners for example) it's harmless really

No. 1306637

(I'm assuming these were both the same anon) tbf, not really anyone in the show is "good" and it's like >>1306630 said, he's a fictional character. At least I don't simp for serial killers.

No. 1306652

And I repeat I’m not pearl clutching or trying to hashtag cancel you but I’m judging the hell out of your self esteem

No. 1306657

Did you not see what happens to Stormfront?

No. 1306661

Women with abysmal boundaries will see a man getting jerked off by a burned up amputee and say “I can fix him”

No. 1306700

I wanted to use carsharing today but didn't realize the car I booked is automatic (I've only ever driven manual); tried starting it up and steering out of the parking but then I panicked and decided to just leave. It all happened in front of a store so I'm sure people saw my pathetic struggle lmao
Anyway never again

No. 1306721

i am being kalm and trying my best not to send out angry replies for the past few weeks. i think i do get less angry and less anxious now, but it's hard to hold back in this server i'm in. the conversations are dominated by moids and get perverted easily despite advertising as a sfw server. i want to say mean things…

No. 1306746

Those 4chan yotsuba 404 art are so cute. We don’t delete threads here so there isn’t much of a point but it’d be nice to see moar board tan art

No. 1306747

>We don’t delete threads here
? plenty of threads get deleted wdym

No. 1306752

Gore, CP, Porn, Spam and very few threads that are by the same person get deleted, otherwise it just gets locked. First admin was like that anyway.

No. 1306755

Nope. Made a Dita Von Teese thread after multiple discussions on both /ot/ and /snow/ and it got nuked for no reason after maybe two hours. OP wasn’t shit and there was interest. It’s not always unhinged shit that gets deleted.

No. 1306761

Lisa Glamour on YouTube is of course pretty but if I saw someone move like her in real life I would think she was a turbo autist. I wonder how many trannies sign up for her femininity camp kek.

No. 1306769

Meanwhile racebait threads stay up here and are just locked

No. 1306772

No I meant as in the way threads “expire” after a while like on 4chan. Old threads stay on here permanently. No one clicks on shitty scrote threads so 404 pic wouldn’t even be needed.

No. 1306789

I can't believe how much time I had been wasting watching youtube. I finally realised that nothing I was watching was productive or entertaining and that I was just visiting the site and putting on a video out of habit. Now I've been rotting my brain on imageboards instead and searching through other sites for hobby inspirations and I feel a lot happier and less stagnant. Just need to tailor yt to recommending me cool music now

No. 1306797

File: 1660788821011.jpg (3.1 MB, 4000x3000, 20220817_162808.jpg)

It's my gecko's 5th birthday today! I made cupcakes that look like her. They're lemon with vanilla icing (I forgot food colouring for the icing this year). She can't eat them but she did get a worm, she appreciated it. I know she doesn't know wtf a birthday even is but YES I did tell her happy birthday and yes I am insane

No. 1306808

I love this

No. 1306810

she looks very delicious

No. 1306811

marry me nonnie

No. 1306812

That's adorable, anon

No. 1306824

This is so cute kek. Tell your gecko I said happy birthday!

No. 1306832

File: 1660791305862.jpeg (12.41 KB, 529x400, pupplio.jpeg)


No. 1306895

Happy birthday lil gecko friend. Salivating at your cupcakes.

No. 1306910

I just realized I ate a mayo based sauce that sat out for hours. Jeez La fucking ouise

No. 1306914

Hopefully you have it better then I did the one time I did that.

No. 1306921

>me watching small time jp streamer to practice japanese
>a fucking scrote with anime pfp in chat started bashing her gameplay and negging her appearance in english, making the 5 other viewers uncomfortable
>reported him and told him to kill himself
Moids are so mentally ill and embarrassing. Was he really expecting a random woman to respond to foreign messages? I hope I don’t get banned for saying that though.

No. 1306942

If you've never had a pimple or blackhead around your mouth don't say you know what pain is

No. 1306945

Can't log in to an account that is very sentimental/important to me and I dont remember changing the password nor the email I used to create the account omfg I can't remember the last time I had anxiety this poignant

No. 1306975

try the inside of your nose and come talk to me again. side of your mouth is a walk in the park compared to an intranasal pimple

No. 1306997

I posted something in the celebricow thread when half asleep yesterday at night and when to sleep and now apparently some anons think I had sex with Thimotee Chalamet despite never seeing him on screen or irl. I'm stunned.

No. 1306998

Stop snacking Stop smoking Stop snacking Stop smoking Stop snacking Stop smoking Stop snacking Stop smoking Stop snacking Stop smoking Stop snacking Stop smoking

I really need to stop snacking so much, and I really need to stop smoking cigarettes. I recently quit a massive 15-year marijuana habit only to pick up smoking cigs again.

Stop snacking Stop smoking

No. 1307003

I promise it’s not “some” it’s just that one deranged tard

No. 1307006

Oh ok. I feel a bit better about my mistake then.

No. 1307007

Oops I bumped a necro'd thread this is what I get for using Google instead of the catalog rip to me

No. 1307008

Nobody else thinks that, you’re good. Most people know the joke, that anon must have skipped her meds.

No. 1307009

i posted itt about this and that anon just has actual issues with social cues/interaction

No. 1307010

sometimes i feel upset that i've been losing my vocabulary since i stopped reading fanfic regularly as a teenager. i'll know that a word feels right to use but i can't think of it specifically when i need it and its frustrating. i've become even more retarded

No. 1307012

I feel this. I don't read fanfic kek but I stopped smoking weed for this very reason. It freaked me out

No. 1307014

File: 1660807448592.png (327.24 KB, 482x573, unknown (1).png)

how much must you hate yourself

No. 1307016

Me when I work from hone. Every time

No. 1307018

unironically more of a femcel than any based celibate woman. I don't think there's therapy good enough to fix someone who admits to sucking channer/discord dick multiple times

No. 1307020

No. 1307032

why would she admit this

No. 1307034

She’s lying kek at most they’re tinder hookups who admit to using normalfag boards

No. 1307040

Anyone man who uses 4chan at all is bad honestly, regardless of the board.

No. 1307046

all women who use 4chan, and those that are speaking to men from there, especially, are just engaging in self harm

No. 1307052

/cgl/ is cool though

No. 1307053

I don’t understand how you could be exposed to all the cp, obsession, incest, violence, and just absolute disregard for women on there and continue to visit.

No. 1307056

/cgl/ doesn't have that, it's primarily a female space in 4chan, or well it was until recently

No. 1307057

It isn’t really anymore

No. 1307058

sad shit

No. 1307062

That’s true but the normiefication of 4ch is so real. I fucking laugh when newfaggots think they’re so edgy and different cuz they went on the most popular chan in the world. There are literal subreddits more obscure and unhinged than blue boards.

No. 1307066

Sorry but they still have cp removed regularly and post creepshot threads and nudes based on location. That isn’t normie.

No. 1307067

I agree with you, now every normie is trying to pretend to be hip and cool by mentioning the 4chan. 4chan is full of nothing but gross trolls or redditors. I am not saying that the normies are browsing b or pol which are the worst boards, they would look at /a/ or /fit/ and pretend to know-it-all.

No. 1307068

normies are worse than you think

No. 1307077

File: 1660811436172.jpg (1.02 MB, 2979x2376, gecko_cake.jpg)

Oh my god nonnie, I remember you, you posted picrel a long time ago ( I saved it to show it to my family because I though it was so cute kek ! ). The cakes looks even better than last time and I'm really glad to know that your gecko is doing fine!

No. 1307082

The “normies” go to get that kind of content cuz they can’t get it from more commercialized websites. An everyday average male is a sex pest with pedophilic feelings, some admit it more than others.

No. 1307087

I want to eat this mf

No. 1307096

I love this little gecky, I hope you and her are having the loveliest day. It's so nice and thoughtful!!

No. 1307101

I also remember you from last time gecko-nonnie, so cute! You levelled up your cake game.

No. 1307108

I was so tired the first time I saw this I didn't even realize the gecko was in the photo kek. What's her name?
Oh my gosh, it's the same nonna! This is so cute. I hope we get another next year.

No. 1307126

Does anyone kinda miss that era of youtuber where it was those girls who would just make like basic “back to school ouftits” or “diy eos lip balm “ and whatever. Where it was just really really basic but also it wasn’t a thing to be a sassy bitch like a lot of TikTok wants to be nowadays. I know the era I’m talking about was also the time of Glitterforever17 kek but I just miss those normie YouTubers who got a ton of views for pandering to young girls but in a harmless way. (I know not all of them were harmless obviously, stupid ‘life hack’ videos and such)

No. 1307128

Yes omfg, simpler times. Graveyardgirl comes to mind

No. 1307130

I know what you mean.
Her, Bethany Mota, and Sienna Mirabella were my favorites back then.

No. 1307143

/cgl/ hasn't been good in a long time, it's just trannies and coomers now

No. 1307146

I agree. Back then people weren't pretentious and extremely fake online, everything was so simple and down to earth unlike now.

No. 1307157

I miss old youtube so much, i think the older youtuber i watch nowadays is 25, younger youtubers are so obnoxious

No. 1307161

I don't miss that at all, those videos were always stupid and/or boring.

No. 1307192

No. 1307200

I think it's because back then it was mostly for the hobby, nowadays everyone is hoping to monetize it so they make themselves into a brand / product

No. 1307230

Anons keep using "missing a chromosome" as an insult. Do they not realize that being a downy means you have extra chromosomes or…?

No. 1307234

I didn’t mean to imply he had downs because he doesn’t look like he has it. I intentionally chose to say “missing a chromosome” to imply an unnamed, vague abnormality being present.

No. 1307235

I can't say I miss that in particular because I didn't watch them, but you reminded me now how blogging has been replaced by videos. At the time I liked reading blogs because they were interesting and often informative, and you could actually start conversations with the authors in the comments. Now people just do monologues on camera and you don't interact with them at all.

No. 1307241

File: 1660827534545.jpg (3.53 MB, 4000x3000, 20220817_162842.jpg)

I really wasn't sure anyone would remember me, this is super touching! I hope your family liked the pics.
Her name is Alex, she just turned 5! well she's more like 6 since she got her when she just barely had her adult colours. But we got her from a pet store 5 years ago.
The gecko is NOT for eating, but yes I agree she does look tasty, one time my brother had her on the counter while making a peanut butter and jam sandwich and she stepped in a glob of peanut butter and she smelled like peanut butter for a week.
Picrel is a better picture of said gecko, I really wanted to show off the cupcakes this year because I thought they looked good! But she was pretty for this year's photoshoot. She just shed her skin the night before.

No. 1307249

Not just you anon, I've seen it used by anons trying to call someone else retarded

No. 1307252

Samefag nevermind I just learned there are a lot of retardation disorders where chromosomes are missing, not extra like downs. Perhaps I'm missing one too

No. 1307262

Back when videos didn't have an obnoxious "but first, let's talk about today's sponsor" in the middle of them…

No. 1307266

Take a drink everytime someone mentions nord vpn.

No. 1307268

Didn't that company get exposed for being shit too? kek

No. 1307269

I at least appreciate it when they do something fun and make the ad read something entertaining in its own right. One of my favorite channels, Jolly, frequently gets sponsored by them and Ollie (the one singing) always does some stupid ridiculous shit and it actually keeps me watching the ad read instead of just skipping through. I wish there was a complication video but here's one with the ad read just cut out on its own lol.

One of their recent ones had Ollie simply reading out an ad read full of cheese puns, while Josh (the other guy) had to take a bite of cheese corresponding to the cheese in the cheese pun. Stupid but still funny in its own way. The video was cheese related kek.

No. 1307272


No. 1307287

No. 1307289

>google your name
>first result is lolcow.farm

No. 1307293

File: 1660832833109.webm (3.01 MB, 480x600, Ms6gBtdTQ7HVxAhG.webm)

anyone else this this is weirdly kinda hot

No. 1307303

The troon is loose

No. 1307343

Been seeing too many ads that have yassified faggots pole dancing lately. It's a trend that will sadly just grow worse

No. 1307348

I can't believe he did an ad. This just ruined Marc Rebillet for me.

No. 1307358

remembering that my ex broke up with me because I vented about him on lc and he saw it while opening my phone.
good riddance

No. 1307380

Aww she as a little smile, nice pic nonna! Also seconding this anon >>1307108, I hope we can get a photoshot every year as a tradition

No. 1307388

god thats cringe

No. 1307396

What did you post about him?

No. 1307410

This is geeky as fuck I found a bunch of old (60's-80's) coins while helping my mom declutter the house, it has so many interesting and cool ones! Some are even from 1950, crazy.

No. 1307415

Any quarters older than 1964 are made of silver

No. 1307496

Really? I'm a eurofag but I'll have to look into it, that's pretty cool! The quarters I have all look a bit too shiny to be old silver but maybe it's because they were kept in a case, I'm not sure.

No. 1307508

Smug. I finally turned myself in after committing 100 heinous acts against male kind.

No. 1307513

I don't care. I don't have family, work for myself privately without social media or public image. It would amuse me more than anything to be tied to this site officially since I already spend too much time here.

No. 1307516

Link the post nonny nonny nonny

No. 1307527

File: 1660844474027.jpeg (97.22 KB, 720x706, DD69B1A7-E1F5-4538-96BB-AE8DDD…)

Been trying to organise my fashion Pinterest board. So far I’ve made 2 boards- the 1st of for outfits that I sort of like but not totally. The 2nd was the outfits I really like. For the 2nd one, I separated them into 3 different categories but idk how to find common ground between them. It’s not like they’re completely different but still

No. 1307531

Seeing pictures of gore doesn’t have a huge impact on me, but for some reason I could absolutely never watch a video of it, and times when I’ve accidentally seen a brief clip will play on my mind for years when still images showing similarly gruesome situations do not

No. 1307533

File: 1660844682620.jpeg (136.52 KB, 640x878, 182E5BB3-F798-4DC1-A536-B0BE2F…)

If I had to see this, so do you.

No. 1307537

File: 1660844750999.png (79.96 KB, 915x356, chrome_Q2c3kPmFZb.png)

apparently there's a walking dead graphic novel based on clementine that i had no idea existed and read a summary. i hope this was written by someone with bad english and leaving out details because wtf

No. 1307542

There's a bad tattoos thread on /m/

No. 1307548

File: 1660845449635.jpeg (919.39 KB, 1456x1092, 4FDAF0D3-8850-4F14-AD89-A1659D…)

Which of the scooby doo characters would you consider the best? For me it’s Shaggy because
>Daphne is usually just a plot device to fall into traps
>Velma can be cool, but usually is a mean-spirited ass
>Fred is Fred
>scrappy is overheated but he isn’t amazing
>scooby is a worse version of Shaggy

No. 1307554

My mother just got fucking arrested. I don't have the best relationship with her but I'm heartbroken right now. I'm not sure what will happen. I just needed to tell someone so I'm telling you all.

No. 1307568

What happened?

No. 1307572

Agree. Shaggy is like the ideal male archetype to me.

No. 1307611

It's been over 3 years, and I cannot remember the post. He was going through some stupid hippy phase shit and replaced the couch with a tatami + futon.

No. 1307616

I don't think it would be right of me to say and I also wouldn't feel comfortable going into details.

No. 1307617

Sat at the beach, mellow night air, serenity and then Spotify shuffle fucked me and played pon pon pon

No. 1307619

nta hope it wasn't drugs

No. 1307624

I need to listen now

No. 1307631

No, it wasn't.

No. 1307641

i got the flu, it's cold as fuck and the only thing left to eat is 5 boiled eggs I can't even fucking warm or otherwise, they will explode

No. 1307648

I feel like shaggy would be my ideal one night stand or weekend marathon sex… but we'd definitely be doing it at my place because I'm assuming his bedsheets and house are gross. mfer can make a sandwich in like seconds???

No. 1307676

Shaggy could bring movies and smoke supplies tbh. Have it be the coolest Netflix and chill.

No. 1307751

I feel like he'd be nice and eager to please too, if dim-witted

No. 1307779

I feel bad for saying this because it's a me problem and my autism, but I found a youtuber who does true crime, Hailey Elizbeth, I like her style (besides the ads) and I think she's really cute and through.
But her lips…are always crusty and noticeably so. I'm the type of artist that has to stop herself from staring at peoples mouths when they speak. I wish I could stop this.

No. 1307791

Shaggy is a gay furry. Fred was right there. What is wrong with you.

No. 1307844

Awful gaydar. Fred is practically openly gay and could not be more obviously homosexual, Shaggy is possibly the straightest man to ever appear in media

No. 1307859

He is in a relationship with his talking dog

No. 1307875

?? because he’s literally neurodivergent and that’s his emotional support animal.. meanwhile Fred wears a gay little silk scarf 24/7 and studied circus arts

No. 1307904

Did you talk about being worried him seeing it? If so, I think I remember you lol

No. 1307929

Samefag she got out so things will be fine, at least for a moment. I wish she would just stay out of trouble.

No. 1307943

At least with Fred it’s msm not msd.

No. 1307977

No, I know he doesn't know of lolcow, however because I had web browser + my post up as soon as you opened my phone, he saw it. Some anon called him a jerk or whatever and he assumed that was me lol.

No. 1307994

yesterday my girlfriend woke up early to get ready for work and i woke up too and kind of lay there sort of out of it watching her walk around andget ready (we live in a studio apartment). it was so soothing just watching her go about her business. unfortunately in my semi-asleep state i didn’t realise that she could see me too and she got the shock of her life when she saw me staring at her. sorry baby ..

No. 1308010

I'm in love with all of them.

No. 1308029

Nevermind. I don't know about your silly european coins, unless they are pre-euro, then they are cool

No. 1308036

Was hanging out with my aunt and cousin and they just kept going on and on about how hot Harry Styles was and it wasn't even a joke

No. 1308046

Velma doesn't seem mean she's just more of a straight-man when shaggy and scooby act goofy. She's still nice and gives them scooby snacks. Though they did her real dirty in that one new cartoon, but it was even weirder that scooby was jealous of her and shaggy dating. I second the furry relationship accusations that is down bad

No. 1308054

File: 1660867437194.gif (18.71 MB, 498x498, 1660473061738.gif)

Hoping to get this for myself within the next few years. It feels so serene and magical waking up with the whole house before/while the sun comes up but I haven't done it in years. I bet with a girlfriend/wife I'd never forget those moments too.

No. 1308069

that's so wholesome. I get up at 5:30 every morning for work and it feels nice to start the day off so early.

No. 1308115

How’s this as an e-begging concept: I need YOU to give ME MONEY because I am addicted to 15 dollar Frappuccino’s and cocaine. Here’s my cash app/venmo
(Should I claim to be a tranny? I think I can pass as a tranny if I push my jaw out.)

No. 1308116

Hehe he doesn’t know he’s an orange

No. 1308117

I've never understood the mentality behind brake checking. I know that if someone else hits you they are at fault but still, why.

No. 1308119

You don't have to be a tranny, just pretend to be a genderfluid (aka straight) disabled (aka fat) indigenous person (aka 85% white with 1 native ancestor)

No. 1308120


No. 1308122

File: 1660873549122.png (361.47 KB, 521x680, A6F735EC-7E34-4767-BEBD-A71808…)

You don’t need to say it twice. No one responded to your original post because no one is interested in brake checking. Make another post about something cooler, like “oh I love sun bathing in my Beverly Hills mansion” or talk about your houseboy’s (clean shaved) armpits. Your economic situation makes your daily life unbearably dull. Have you tried your luck with lottery? I have a third cousin that won the greatest sum of money in European/German lotto and it’s going okay for him. You don’t need to go insane like every other winner. It’s all about mindset y’know? You can buy a brakeless car with the money instead of complaining about being the saddest victim in the world.

No. 1308123

Being brutally honest!

No. 1308125

you might have more luck if you're a transwoman thats literally dying from dysphoria and needs srs about to check yourself in for suicide watch etc

No. 1308127

Anon, I just reposted it and deleted the original post.

No. 1308128

What can a teenage (above 18 obviously) girl do to resemble a New Jersey male aged 45? I can’t do the accent and I don’t want to overcompensate with the clothes/overall drip.

No. 1308129

I still think you should buy a lottery ticket.

No. 1308130

I don't even know what you're talking about.

No. 1308142


No. 1308148

I think she's telling your fortune.

No. 1308173

are you catfishing

No. 1308176


No. 1308187

File: 1660879100538.jpeg (124.37 KB, 768x960, F53B7E78-5A86-47BB-A6C7-669A09…)

I love when men tell me they can “write” because it’s like… no you can’t. You can’t do anything besides shake with autistic rage and a-log people in videogames.

No. 1308211

pls I need more songs with the theme of going batshit like Avril Levign What the Hell

No. 1308212

My pubes are like a brillo pad. You could wash dishes with my vagina

No. 1308219

File: 1660881266104.jpeg (175.26 KB, 1024x1016, 5F61A709-6F74-45D8-B9E0-3ADC5F…)

I wonder what his feet smell like

No. 1308227

this is a de/g/enerate post… certainly not dignified enough for this exalted thread of dumbass shit.

No. 1308229

I don’t care. Accept me as I am.

No. 1308239

He looks dead inside, even the moid is disappointed in you. But nice coffee table.

No. 1308245

man anons always like using these threads as a dumping ground to post unwashed moids kek. this is like the 3rd one this week.

No. 1308247

Excuse you he’s washed he just looks homeless.

No. 1308253

Disgrossting and illegal

No. 1308256

File: 1660883315090.jpg (258.45 KB, 1500x1500, 91 Of2cTH9L._SL1500_.jpg)

Which flavor should I make

No. 1308257

Peppermint with a squeeze of lemon ofc

No. 1308262

Red raspberry, maybe have a banana or an apple with it.

No. 1308276

No. 1308279

File: 1660884973579.jpeg (426.07 KB, 902x801, 040D41B4-66EC-478C-BCF5-DAF079…)

Revisiting true blood for the first time in years and am once again confronted with how annoying it is that this stupid looking old fuck was the love interest REEEEEE

No. 1308293

Is this guy famous or something?

No. 1308303

Logan Lerman

No. 1308307

I guess we're all familiar with those reddit reading youtube videos, but I also found out just now that 2ch and 4chan ones exist, too. I'm dreading the day some youtuber decides to do a non-cow related lolcow reading because we're getting touted as some femcel site or something.

No. 1308315

yikes sis this ain't the bishie i used to know

No. 1308317

I made peppermint tea but I put a tiny bit too much sugar in it. Oh well.

No. 1308320

File: 1660888731060.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 321.65 KB, 1125x2000, FEEF641D-AC0B-4564-A185-5F7BBB…)

Fuck you he’s sexier than ever

No. 1308321

This photo of him is nice, but that other one was repulsive

No. 1308325

I genuinely wonder what it's like to not have anxiety. To have a clear mind. To not have unwanted thoughts forcing it's way into your head. Of course there was a time where my anxiety was nowhere near as full-blown as it is now, but it's still hard for me to imagine.

No. 1308337

File: 1660890610166.jpeg (437.13 KB, 1170x639, 35950A14-6567-4364-80FC-54DF5B…)

Why does this actor always look like he has too much of too light foundation and concealer on?

No. 1308338

File: 1660890783599.png (282.2 KB, 600x600, 9BAE71F6-EE14-4DC7-A64B-F437F7…)

nona he’s just really white

No. 1308343

I’m a pale redhead and my face does not look like a flesh mask like his does lol

No. 1308346

And I want him

No. 1308347

It probably does, that’s ok, embrace it

No. 1308349

Eh the freckles stop that from happening I guess lol

No. 1308351

File: 1660891545958.jpeg (54.33 KB, 718x1080, 52E19A3C-5236-45E5-9A61-6C0365…)

I know he is nothing like his highly curated public image but that grossly overdone image makes him comes across sexless; just a smooth area down there like a Ken doll.

No. 1308355

For once I go to the office for work instead of working from home and it's raining hard, I'm so mad.

If they're from before 2000 they literally cannot be euro coins, that currency is more recent than you think. So she'll have to check this out herself because each country had its own currency.

No. 1308356

does this mean they should have cast him as ken instead of ryan gosling with his kind eyes?

No. 1308361

If they wanted an obnoxious Ken, yeah. I think RyRy will be fine. He kind of has the same thing going on.

No. 1308363

Nonnie, what is your period comfort food…i can barely cook under this heat

No. 1308367

Black bean burger with a slab of american cheese and ketchup/salsa. If I microwave the patty I'm eating in like 3 minutes. If it's not hot though I love curries and soups.

No. 1308394

never had any because every food during my period gives me diarrhea and makes my cramps worse, even if it's healthy. i can only tolerate maybe plain bread at most.

No. 1308395

Just got home at 3 am bc i spent so long hanging out w this beautiful girl after our friends went home at the bar. honestly, the convos aren't that good lol but we kissed for a while and it was nice

No. 1308402

I like to order a huge šiš ćevap (sort of like a long burger)
Red meat is definitely what makes me feel best when I'm on my period

No. 1308421

Jokes aside I think I gravitate towards food that aren’t too greasy or heavy because I have weak stomach and it’s worse during period

No. 1308502

The weather is so hot I'm thinking of dressing as a highschooler when I go out

No. 1308513

used to think baley sarien was trans but her new angles etc make me think she's pregnant, is it just me

No. 1308529

No euro's in it lol, it was mostly West-German Marcs, Francs, Dutch guldens(?) and somehow an American coin from 1950. Happy I found them.

No. 1308531

File: 1660910011668.png (1.78 MB, 1264x656, firefox_uGt0iwYrBV.png)

You ever just wanna slightly trashtalk people on here just because it's fun?
I don't think every creator needs tragic milk or we need 100 threads of Shayna posting the same porn over and over, sometimes it's fun to just comment on some internet rando who is slightly obnoxious

No. 1308533

>šiš ćevap
>long burger
Nije li to prije slightly cursed spicy hot dog?
Good taste tho

No. 1308556

that's why I generally prefer the broad group cow threads over, it allowed more diversity in finding weird people to insult and never gets stale

No. 1308560

Yup I'm 30 and I can officially say I'm getting old. I'm noticing that we are going into the direction of house or vogue music being popular and I think it sounds like shit.

No. 1308564

tell me what you think of her now anon, I like her videos but I hate how she cant keep her politics to herself

No. 1308579

Pretty much the same
Good: voice and pronounciation
Bad: TERFS BAD, maybe this tomboy character was discovering she is trans!

No. 1308586

It's a shame, she's the only female YouTuber I watch and enjoy but every video she makes gets more and more obnoxious, it's only a matter of time before she becomes FtM.

No. 1308631

I think im a big fan of house music and i can say this sounds boring as shit

No. 1308710

File: 1660925088520.jpg (125.5 KB, 1600x1067, Buying-an-Apartment-to-Rent-Ou…)

I really want to buy an apartment. I live with my parents now and I'll probably move out eventually, but I would rather not rent and would rather just buy a place if I can. Sometimes I look around and the monthly payments (mortgage AND hoa/maintenance fees) are about the same as to rent, minus having to come up with a down payment of course, so why the hell not buy? I've been saving for the hell of it anyway so it might as well become my down payment savings. Homeownership comes with responsibilities and all that, I get it, but what's the difference with fighting with a landlord to get stuff fixed and fighting with building management/contractors on my own to get shit fixed?

No. 1308720

A bit cheesy but I love the visuals they suit her very well

No. 1308729

Nice that's cool, you should keep them in a little collection

No. 1308730

File: 1660926367904.jpeg (50.66 KB, 480x468, 2A702A7C-E49B-4D1C-B326-B056CC…)

If you have the means to, I’d say buy. It’s also a good time to buy right now, house prices are on the down swing so you’ll find better offerings. I honestly don’t mind either, apartments are nice because someone fixes the shit for you (sometimes). If I’m buying a house I kind of want to make sure it’s THE one because I don’t want to do it again.

No. 1308745

File: 1660927888009.png (1.5 MB, 768x1024, 1651260241505.png)

That's it. Once I get surgery to remove the huge fibroadenoma I have in November I'll actively look for a bf and an flat that would be close to my workplace and to public transport. I'm fucking ready. And before anyone starts the whole "men are trash" thing, I know that's the case for 99.999999% of men but I'm so picky I never got a bf despite being 28 so don't worry, I won't date the first guy I'll find that will hit on me.

No. 1308755

Anon I wish you luck! You've got this and I believe in you to get yourself a nice place to live and a cute bf. I've been alone my whole life because men are trash so why bother, but at this point I think I might as well try to look for what I want and fail than sit back and do nothing. It sounds like you know what you want, so I wish you nothing but good luck.

No. 1308774

A lot of my friends and I are terminally online, and I'm the only terf in my friend group (but I'm quiet about it). When I meet friends who I haven't seen in a while, it's so jarring to me that I'll say something and they'll need me to explain it because they have a life outside of the internet and twitter hasn't rotted their brains.

It's like a breath of fresh air and just reminds me that I have to get off the fucking internet and half the shit twitter has rotted my brain about really isn't that big of a fucking problem.

No. 1308778

File: 1660930700850.jpg (31.76 KB, 564x564, 1650683060079.jpg)

>anon, did you know our mutual friend who has always been straight just got a gf? they're a lesbian now, just like you!
>immediately get suspicious
>check her private twitter
>it's a discord troon from abroad who just moved in the building next to her
just like me, anons

No. 1308786

Reminds me of this

No. 1308798

File: 1660932240548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.19 KB, 700x700, 5.jpg)

Bet those bitches wouldn't come NEAR my shit again if this was my handbag

No. 1308799

when i wake up really early (4-6 AM ish) i feel gassy. like it activates my bowels faster.

No. 1308801

holy shit ethan is boring. brittany broski is naturally funny but he has such a slow, mumbling energy that he manages to bring her down with him. i'm sure everyone here has realized this but i thought he was at least decent at "interviews" given how popular his podcast is.

No. 1308812

Thanks! Good luck to you too anon, there's no reason to worry since we both don't want to settle for less.

No. 1308816

My lesbian supervisor told me out of the blue that our manager said he would be cool with us dating. She really wants to meet up for a drink together on Sunday before a team training session, and she wants to meet my dog… She sent me a few sappy texts before but I don’t know if that’s her just being nice because I’m an obvious mess. Last night I got a “u up?” text from her but she might have just wanted to chat because her mum passed away recently (I was asleep though). There have been other small things but do you think she likes me? Or does she just want a friend?
I like her, so maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my end.

No. 1308820

>I don’t know if that’s her just being nice
>she might have just wanted to chat
Anon, stop being silly. She literally said she wants to meet your dog. That woman wants you bad.

No. 1308829

very fucking much this, no I am not someone who let's a (probably) smelly foreign discord moid move near me, she better take that back or I will do a terfism

No. 1308867

I would like to start reading comics but I honestly wouldn't even know where to start.

No. 1308875

I'm so sorry anon. I would hate being compared to that degeneracy as well.

No. 1308882

File: 1660936406069.jpg (322.1 KB, 1200x1800, bagels.jpg)

I have a pack of bagels in my room and found what I believe to be a pantry beetle this morning. I ate one of those bagels last night which means I ate something that that carried bugs.
The problem is though, when I inspect the bagels I can't see any bugs on it. So what the fuck is going on.

No. 1308885

File: 1660936608428.jpeg (60.46 KB, 720x633, C633F41F-D96D-48B1-A47C-1CDCCB…)


No. 1308887

>My lesbian supervisor told me out of the blue that our manager said he would be cool with us dating
This is hilarious anon, she literally checked if she can date you and you think it might be wishful thinking on your end! you must go for it!
usually first page, hope that helps, probably predictable but hey it is what it is

No. 1308888

File: 1660936814536.jpeg (47.61 KB, 700x746, FCF37C03-F936-4267-BA83-A1EFCA…)

No. 1308889

ireland 100%

No. 1308895

It's that time where the celebcow thread is full and we get a few days of peace before someone makes a new one

No. 1308898

i want to make it but idk what thread name to give it since there was barely any celeb milk last thread.

No. 1308910

Name it Taylor Lautner is gay

No. 1308914

lmao i dont want to give it a troll name.

No. 1308926

a huuuuge art account just reshared my favourite piece of art I've ever done to their audience, I hope people see my art! holy shit

No. 1308929

Going from an old high-school friend group full of terminally online handmaidens and enbies to starting in a new class of normal people is so relieving. Everyone finally seems sane and rational, especially when we got on to the topic of homosexuality. On the other hand, one of the moids said to me that having a lesbian friend is nice because we're "not like the other girls". kek

No. 1308931

did you get proper credit? Be careful to not fall for the exposure meme and getting ripped off

No. 1308940

yesterday i was the only one on this board who didn't see nikocado's asshole

No. 1308949

I didn't see it either, I didn't even know it was posted

No. 1308951

File: 1660940882128.gif (1 MB, 450x230, pagan-girls-pagan.gif)


No. 1308952

Ask in the comics thread, nonnas there would be glad to help

No. 1308955

Oh yeah, it was over instagram stories so clicking it links back to my account and broadly displays my name under it! She followed me out of nowhere, so I gave her a follow back. It was just a pleasant surprise! No meme involved luckily

No. 1308988

Can't believe someone can insult me but if I tell them to end their life I'm somehow in the wrong

No. 1308991

Finally, sisters! It was too hot for pagan rituals around the fire before.

No. 1309020

File: 1660944201226.jpg (129.21 KB, 700x376, 228097_n.jpg)

Anyone who has used iscribble in the past, do you remember these pixel boards?

No. 1309054

File: 1660946326636.png (2.87 KB, 638x25, celebcow.PNG)

No. 1309076

File: 1660947309947.jpg (735.92 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-08-19-19-02-21…)

I have thought about this post way too many times in the last 4 years. I hope anon got help or locked away from children

No. 1309101

I remember hearing my great-grandma tell my grandma to just let my grandfather drink himself to death, and (jokingly) that she hides whenever he comes visit because she doesn't want to be bothered with him. Harsh but I understand it.

No. 1309125

This reads like a LARP cuz they read one too many /ss/ hentai

No. 1309143

Watching ParaNorman and decided to make my ringtone the 8 bit Halloween theme like Norman. Kek

No. 1309147

I feel like those vagina steams could really be something if you use peppermint to steam.

No. 1309150

This is definitely a moid who jacks off to shota hentai.

No. 1309153


Someone please tell me what camera app and filters this girl uses she's already nice without but her filter game is strong(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1309155

as a graphic designer & retoucher my rule of thumb is that if it looks too nice to be a filter, it’s probably actually skillful photoshop/facetune

No. 1309156


I imagined you've seen loads of these, her videos don't have the tiktok logo so I'm trying to work out where she's getting such sharp filters from in those…

No. 1309160

Why was a cute baby staring at me

No. 1309163

It was seeing your soul

No. 1309170

She said hi and waved to me!!

No. 1309219

File: 1660958933496.jpeg (101.59 KB, 1080x1188, ED11ED9F-5321-4EB0-AEDB-CCC8F5…)

>when you take the wrong keychain before hitting the club and don’t realise you forgot the key to the apartment complex until you’re outside at 2:30am and the code won’t start working until either 5 or 6am

I’m too old for dumb mistakes like this

No. 1309223

Sounds so cute nonna, I love when babies smile at me.

No. 1309224

Be safe nonna! Please let us know when you get home xx

No. 1309228

Please be safe Nona and call a friend or maybe try to stay in a hotel lobby until you can find something- if you explain to the concierge they should be understanding. Just say you'll provide ID on asking!!

No. 1309249

Stay safe and I hope it's not too cold outside yet

No. 1309278

File: 1660964763337.jpeg (325.11 KB, 1200x1200, 18EA7F5D-B88A-4B44-9968-A60EE5…)


No. 1309281

File: 1660964909483.png (594.75 KB, 1335x803, fight fight fight.png)

People infighting about sanrio stuff is just really funny to me.

No. 1309286

File: 1660965350431.jpg (46.41 KB, 484x531, gbfdhfgh.jpg)

>mfw one person accuses me of posting about them on lolcow when I genuinely haven't because I have decided not to share any kind of info about them here even though ppl posting here would want to hear it and I think I know who is the person who has posted about them on here but I don't want to snitch on them either to the person who accused me because my solidarity reaches to them too that I will never spill my guts about people I know to anyone, anywhere when it comes to lolcow and I am just here to play with Saul Goodman dress up games

No. 1309288

File: 1660965814867.gif (1.13 MB, 280x498, milk demon.gif)

It's 5am and I'm finally inside! Took only almost 3 hours of waiting.
Sadly there is no lobby or anywhere to go at that time of night when I realized I was locked out but luckily it's pretty hot outside still and I live in a very safe suburban area with a lot of families so I didn't feel very concerned, even if I DID consider jumping into the bushes whenever a car passed by just to be on the safer side. By the last hour I got so desperate for something to do I decided to check out Helluva Boss since I've seen lolcow dunking on it for months and idk if it was that or the jäger I had earlier tonight that gave me the shits at the end.

No. 1309290

Sad that I got rejected from a job I really wanted today but I'm currently jamming to this song on loop and having a hell of a time. I am no longer sad.

No. 1309293

kek I know a few people who would make great cows but same, it's too risky to post about them. For now, my irl friends and I are forced to keep our personal cows to ourselves.

No. 1309310

>open thread
>read it
>leave the tab open to wait for new replies
>move to other open tabs
>after a while, no replies to thread tab but i just randomly click it out of boredom
>one second later a new reply appears
This has happened to me so many times I wonder if I have a power to summon posts

No. 1309349

Everyone hates you

No. 1309362

She's naturally cute, but I wish she'd tone down the makeup sometimes, or had more cohesive outfits. Like that hat is an okay color, it compliments her eyes, but it clashes with the style of everything else she's wearing.

No. 1309366

File: 1660970905542.jpeg (317.98 KB, 1650x1089, 2C530345-F0CA-4DD4-A4DE-FAEC28…)


No. 1309370

I do not like when my ass eats underwear. Having to pull it out makes me fucking cringe at myself

No. 1309371

It was funny the one time I saw someone on here call her makeup shtick dumb and people were like reee at least it's not typical slave paint that appeals to the male gaze you are probably a scrote for disliking it!!1

No. 1309374

Gonna try making no churn ice cream tomorrow nonnies. Give me ice cream flavor suggestions. So far I've been thinking:


With cocoa powder and maybe melting down some chocolate and pouring it in for some chocolatey ribbons, or maybe making some brownies to mix in.
>lemon cookies and cream
I have stale lemon oreos lol
Mixing in yuzu jam
>earl grey
Steeping the cream with earl grey

No. 1309375

I have a hard time believing more than one or two anons reacted this way because she looks stupid

No. 1309376

You may need to size up.

No. 1309377

Genuine question- are you french?

No. 1309381

i remember that post, it was more because of how the OP worded it I think, not just simply disliking it. but tbf there's nothing wrong with using makeup for fun either. it's kind of hypocritical when people call it an 'art form' but never do anything artsy with it.

No. 1309392

A jpop idol group I followed awhile back blocked me and I'm so confused
my twitter is private with a few followers what could I have even done to upset them? Kek

No. 1309394

Nta but what is the correlation between the french and wedgies..not french but also have the same problem

No. 1309395

I swear my underwear is the right size.
No, why?

No. 1309399

I had a french roommate a few years ago who, upon asking me what a wedgie was when I said the term and then me explaining it to her, said "ohhhhh in french what we say translates to 'my ass is eating my underwear'" and I've never heard the phrase said like that except for that one time kek

No. 1309404

Honestly I think her makeup is pretty cool. Sure it's not conventional, but after all makeup is just paint for your face kek.

No. 1309405

File: 1660972821477.jpeg (19.57 KB, 688x445, 9815F8D8-2F07-440B-B474-1368BE…)

I think the whole “that girl” “clean girl” shit sounds stupid but then I remember that I’m not a teenager, haven’t been a teenager in a decade, and have absolutely zero reason to be in teenagers business and having an actually affected opinion on something that trivial would be embarrassing and an obvious indication of being terminally online

No. 1309410

Ohh lol. No I'm not French at all, I'm American. It's not the most common phrase but some people do use it.

No. 1309430

Fuck you got me there. I feel old now, too.

No. 1309431

All of them sound freaking amazing, how can I chose hmmmmmmm
Ok hear me out, combine yuzu + lemon cookies + earl gray. They all have a similar citric flavor so this will turn godlike. Post an update tomorrow pls.

No. 1309467

Lots of women into that lifestyle or aesthetic are in their twenties though. I think people actually associate it with being a high-earning working woman. Especially "clean girl" ("that girl" is a little more juvenile I'd say)

No. 1309469

aww I used to send my ex a million dumb pics of my cat and I thought I was annoying until I checked discord and saw he was using a really funny one as his pfp lol. that kind of thing is cute.

No. 1309472

I accidentally deleted the Marina post! This is also very cute

No. 1309478

This crap is trying to profit off you. Here's a good video from a great channel.

No. 1309484

Really, I’ve only ever seen teens do it. Luckily I’m not that involved.

No. 1309498

You don't know fear until someone who is clearly no stranger to drugs is pacing around near your car

No. 1309500

>wake up, make coffee, open lolcow
>reply to something
>shit that's not at all what the post was about
Every morning. I should be banned from posting until I finish my coffee and my brain has finished booting up

No. 1309516

Got 2 triple shot monster javas. Going to have one once I wake up/get up. Wish they still had the swiss chocolate one. Haven't tried the salted caramel one but skeptical.

No. 1309519

Missed my connecting flight due to my departing flight being delayed and security checkin at Europe. GRRRR

No. 1309523

eh, these girls are really good at research and presenting information, but most of the time their insight is banal and shallow. some videos are better than that though, i remember thinking they'd succeeded at pinpointing what was behind the dark academia autism.
i think they're kinda smart girls looking to blow the minds of a not-so-smart audience with analysis and succeeding

No. 1309525

Lock your doors and drive away. Tf

No. 1309551

Why would you let an LDR move in next to you. Did they meet irl before?

No. 1309563

This video is very repetitive, shallow, and is all about how sexist and ableist this trend is as opposed to giving insight on how marketing can be used to brainwash young girls and women into creating needs to sell their craps, or how society expect them to appear perfect all the time.

No. 1309565

Yeah I watched it thinking it was going to be some sort of gotcha but it dragged without saying much of anything at all.

No. 1309585

Why does my dumbass body always wake up at 6am, the same time I wake up on the weekdays for work, even if I stayed up late the night before. Please, I just want 10 hours of sleep

No. 1309614

try some melatonin?

No. 1309615

Teens can be "that girl", I'll be that weird hag in the woods

No. 1309621

Most people doing this are not teens though lol

No. 1309635

File: 1661001081407.jpg (140.93 KB, 1170x1308, 20220820_151156.jpg)

Good, he can eat my shit

No. 1309638

this doesnt do anything considering his main fame comes from tiktok and other people keep on posting about him which further makes him relevant. Just stop talking about the bald scrote whether good or bad.

No. 1309639

Don't care, it's a step in the right direction

No. 1309640

File: 1661001418278.jpg (63.15 KB, 600x828, Glowy Makeup Look.jpg)

It just think it's sad to see teenagers putting so much pressure on themselves to look perfect 24/7, it sucks the joy out of life.

No. 1309642

File: 1661001488708.jpg (48.67 KB, 736x739, 1653799791165.jpg)


nonna your post and filename made my day

No. 1309658

Yeah I wish people would just stop giving him attention. It makes ugly incels think their opinions matter.

No. 1309662

File: 1661003159327.jpg (68.51 KB, 720x710, 1645302201724.jpg)

My wig comes todayyyyy oooooh I can't wait nonnies. It's gonna be so fun hehehe. LET'S GO BALDFAGS WEE HEE!!!

No. 1309676

File: 1661003658009.jpeg (39.13 KB, 600x321, 6B17559D-1C0A-401D-8E02-C9876F…)

Hey nonnies what’s your favourite historical period? Mine is when I was in college and hadn’t outgrown my friends and was madly in love with my bf at the time and believed he and I would get married someday, but the Viking era is a close second

No. 1309692

I like ancient civilizations and also the middle ages

No. 1309703

File: 1661005411028.png (871.45 KB, 695x588, 53C7B697-6BBB-4688-A856-48F33C…)

your image produced a profound effect from within me. perhaps viking era is high on my list, but ancient Egypt is so cool. their art and adornments are so beautiful

No. 1309709

the future

No. 1309719

Anon that’s a bop

No. 1309727

File: 1661007027661.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1640x1224, 019114B0-C1D8-4B9D-9BDE-51478D…)

The game Dino Island made me love troodon. Small and very smart. Also plesiosaur was cool as shit

No. 1309728

>what’s your favourite historical period

the gothic period where a beautiful yandere white haired vampire prince falls in love with me and forces me to live with him in his castle.

No. 1309732

Suggestions for songs I should learn to play on the bass? I'm not good by any means, but I've exhausted the '5 easy bass riffs' category on Youtube. Might be fun to learn songs that remind me of my farmers kek

No. 1309734

He has the kind of face that makes me picture chasing him through the woods with a machete while he makes squealing noises. Idk why he just looks like a prey animal to me

No. 1309736

maybe this one

No. 1309737

No. 1309739

RIP Ozzy sad face emoji, red balloon emoji

No. 1309749

My boyfriend accidentally stabbed himself in the arm with a box cutter yesterday while cutting drywall. He was bleeding, a lot, so I called 911. The paramedics were so nice to us, complimented us and said we “did a great job,” and cleaned up some of the blood on the floor for us. He declined the ambulance since all of his vitals were fine and they even locked up the house for me so I could leave straight away to take him to the ER for stitches. BUT the ER doctors definitely were giving vibes like they thought I was the one who stabbed him because the wound was in a “weird” location. I wasn’t like hysterical or anything, wasn’t covered in spurting arterial blood aside from what was on my hands to put pressure on the wound, wasn’t apologetic or even really upset since we’d already been told he was fine. So unless they also thought I was a straight up no feeing no regret psychopath? It’s weird and I kind of hate that strangers are tinfoiling I’m a boyfriend-stabber.

No. 1309752

nonnies always have great taste. i'll get to it! the black sabbath bass line sounds like it'll be a little difficult for my skill level, but i'll give it a shot. i'd feel like such a stacy if i was able to play a bunch of black sabbath songs on a whim lol

No. 1309765

Nonna you are a fucking GENIUS. Going out to get some heavy whipping cream now! Unfortunately because I have to let the earl grey steep it'll be a little while til I can make it but will post results later!

No. 1309772

kek that's hilarious. need more female abuser representation

No. 1309776

I'm a fucking retard who can't stop body checking and weighing myself, but I looked in the mirror this morning and stared and did all my angles and I… was comfortable with what I saw. I liked what I saw! I stepped on the scale too and it was within the same range it always is but it didn't really bother me. Is my brain finally making some progress??? kek

No. 1309801

File: 1661018237647.png (112.72 KB, 224x225, work.png)

What's your job nonnie? i make art commissions

No. 1309802

Retail and art commissions as well

No. 1309803

Mental health counselor lol

No. 1309805

NEET for now but I resell shit, I got screeched at in another thread for this but it's so fucking easy. I can get a childrens sanrio bag from japan for $15 total (shipping included) and then sell it on depop or mercari for $150. I'm honestly surprised more people don't do this.

No. 1309819

I don't know if I'd trust a therapist who uses LC, at least the drama boards. Good to know you won't be forcing trannyism onto people but…

No. 1309822

I would trust her she seems better than 50% of therapists

No. 1309823

I want to have sex so bad my pussy aches for dat feel

No. 1309827

File: 1661019575692.jpg (264.26 KB, 943x944, FCDF2C34-AA35-4E84-A19C-AF717F…)

Someone posted the picture about how blobfish are actually dead when they look this way, it makes these comics suck more.
They do have a few cute comics