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File: 1670545684338.jpg (165.81 KB, 1200x675, feral_cat_problem.jpg)

No. 1438031

A thread to discuss the disdain around cats, their owners and cat culture in general.

Cat lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/1323616

No. 1438037

What? You couldn’t dig the catalog for the dead cat hate thread? Kek

No. 1438047

I have a crazy cat lady as a neighbor who always has at least 6 free-roaming cats at one time. They come into our yard, shit in our garden, and kill birds at our feeders and baths. I have had to witness several poor little goldfinches get killed, and who knows how many when I'm not looking. My yard used to have nesting spotted towhees, and now they are gone ever since the cats have moved in. I try my best to scare the cats away and even spray them when I see them, but it's not enough. And it's a terrible situation for the cats as well. They only live a short while before inevitably being hit by cars, after which my neighbor just replaces them with new, expensive, purebred maine coons. I hate it.

No. 1438065

I have a good amount of female friends and they ALL love cats. I can't discuss any cat hate with them because they'd go ballistic on me, but I really cant stand cats. They are constantly making excuses for cats like 'oh, i can't have my tree up because my cat will knock it over and break stuff.'
Or when they are okay with their cat being on their kitchen counter with their dirty paws. It's like a cult. There has to be some sane people out who see cats as shit heads who go outside and kill wild birds and snakes.

No. 1438071

>being on their kitchen counter with their dirty paws
Oh my god this is the worst. I shit on dogs for a lot of things, but at least they don't (usually) do this. I don't understand how so many people think this is okay. I have witnessed my friend's cat go straight from the litter box to on her dining room table or kitchen counter. I wanted to gag.

No. 1438077

I refuse to eat at someone's house if they own cats. I am drifting apart from a friend of mine who now owns 5 cats. She is constantly online begging for money and she is always taking IG stories of her cats on her kitchen tables/counters. She calls herself a catmom and is posting about her precious 'furbabies.'

No. 1438080

There are plenty of normal people who see cats as the animals they are and don’t want them on the table or being destructive. It’s crazy when I go to peoples homes and I can tell they go a while without cleaning litter boxes when you should be cleaning it daily, only takes 2 minutes. My roommates rescued a cat and it would hunt in the backyard and sometimes bring birds into the house that weren’t dead so I’d walk out and there’s a bird flying around the living room I’m like what the fuck kek told them to invest in one of those jingle bell collars

No. 1438089

I hate people who let their cats out. I have a neighbor who moved in less than a year ago and he lets his cat roam during the warmer season. That cat has followed me to my apartment twice already and to my in laws car several times. They opened the back door to leave and it jumped in. I'm very allergic to cats, so handling it is a pain. I've brought the cat back to my neighbor before and even contacted the HOA, but they can't or won't do shit.
I'm not the only neighbor who has complained either.

No. 1438091

cats are gross but cute. I only like old cats who aren't frisky and don't try to get into trouble.

No. 1438092

I have a friend just like that. I love her, but damn, it's so uncomfortable being in her small apartment with several cats. Everything is covered in cat hair. I can't even find a dish in the cupboard that doesn't have cat hair somewhere on it (or even if I do, it will inevitably get hair on it from the ones floating around). She cleans the litterbox daily, but cats poop and pee more than once a day, so more often than not, it smells like cat piss and shit. I don't think cat owners can tell because they are used to it. Like we will be sitting together in her apartment, one of the cats comes and uses the litterbox, and now all I can smell is that, but it doesn't even register for her. And she shows me pics of them way too much. It's like when parents don't understand no one else is as interested in their kids as they are. They are cute but they aren't THAT cute. They look the same as the first time she showed me. I just have to grin and give fake "awww"s and hope the video of her cat doing nothing isn't too long.

No. 1438096

NTA but I had a friend I was close to before she moved who found a cat in a dumpster, so she saved it which was nice. she never trained the cat however, so I would come over to have coffee and the cat would attack my feet and try to bite me. Her entire arms and hands were covered in cat bites and scratches and she just accepted it instead of training the cat. Havent seen her in a year, but she good luck to her.

No. 1438102

>bring birds into the house that weren’t dead
That's awful considering that most of them will die a slow and painful death from their injuries and bacterial infection. Also, bell collars are ineffective. Cats learn to walk silently with them and birds rely more upon visual cues to avoid predation. Cats just can't be allowed to free-roam.

No. 1438107

Exactly. bell collars do nothing to protect the birds. Just dont let your shit cat outside.

No. 1438115

Wtf that's horrible. Cat bites and scratches are nasty. It makes me think of that old video where that cat attacked a babysitter because she accidentally knocked a glass off the table.

No. 1438285

Cats are the world's most invasive species. They kill every small animal they can get and they don't even do it for survival. What gets me is there are so many "environmentally conscious" people who have cats and do not understand how harmful hey are to the environment. Environmental types only care about doing what's performative and convenient for them.

Anyway, a cat hate story:
My grandfather's family had a rabbit farm with cats to control mice and when the cats killed the rabbit livestock his brothers and father went and killed the cats for destroying the farm. Thankfully they did recover, and they used dogs as herd protection after that and never had a problem.

No. 1438327

I love cats, but lord I sometimes realise there is not way I could ever live with one. They are best enjoyed from afar probably.

No. 1438371

Same, I don't dislike cats (mainly dislike bad owners) and usually enjoy interacting with them, but I don't think I could deal with the indoor litterbox and hair. My family had a cat and she would howl and howl for food in the mornings. It was just awful and made everyone pissed off at each other, so I don't want to recreate that.

No. 1438472

I feel the same. I love cats that had good personality ( no excessive mewing, not going on tables or attacking you, not eating everything like dogs ??? ) but retarded ones drive me mad. I do feel the same about dogs

No. 1439297

Yeah, cats as pest control is largely a meme.

No. 1439308

My campus had a supported feral cat colony that was taking over the school. The anthro department was the one doing it, while the bio department wanted them to stop. They would erect these wooden boxes everywhere and would put out huge piles of food that began to attract invasive rodents as well, like house mice, brown and black rats, nonnative squirrels, etc. The feral cats were everywhere and people started treating the school as somewhere where you could abandon unwanted cats. It was disgusting. Then, when COVID happened and all classes went online, coyotes moved onto campus and now all of the cats are gone. The invasive rodents are gone, and I have noticed a return of many ground-dwelling bird species and just way more birds in general. Nature is healing.

No. 1440767

i have a cat and i love her but when she dies i will never get another. i also hate all the outdoor cats! i have a yard now and the amount of cat shit when i moved in was disgusting. i left mothballs all around last summer (idc if it’s bad for the environment the cats are worse) and they finally fucked off for a while. when i get a dog i want to train it to chase cats off my property, ideally not hurt them but just keep them away. they’re just disgusting, even mine, but luckily she just sleeps in the window 90% of the day which is cute. i think that’s the best way to see cats. just laying in peoples windows. i dated a guy who had two gorgeous cats but he kept the open litter box in the bathroom and never cleaned it enough. it was a small apartment bathroom so you were just staring into the mess trying not to puke while you tinkled. if it weren’t for the piss, shit, and bird decimation i wouldn’t feel this way but the smell is sooo bad, humans were not meant to live with these creatures n close range.

No. 1440775

I feel the same way about cats. I loved my family cats minus this one asshole male my family refused to get rid of because he replaced a cat that ran away. Fucker peed on our clothes, shoes, carpet, it was disgusting. They aren't bad animals but I'm glad I dont personally own any and even if they're considered cleaner than dogs I cannot stand their whole litter box even with daily cleaning. It's a pain in the ass to clean right after long work. Cant believe so many people keep the litter box in their laundry rooms or bathrooms. You know what I dont want to walk on after cleaning myself? Shit piss cat litter and hair balls. Wouldnt want it near my clean laundry either. I feel an honest disinterest in cats or dogs no matter how cute I think they are. They stuff up my nose and their fur makes me itchy.

No. 1440789

grown up with a single mom who insisted on getting 4+ cats. Was awful. All of our clothes smelled of cat, or had cat hair. I was always on edge when hearing a sound because they broke stuff constantly, and we could never have friends over. Living alone with no animals is such peace now

No. 1440952


“Lying in peoples windows” kek

And I was dating a guy over summer and he and his female roommate had two cats.
They kept one litter box in the KITCHEN and another on the top of the stairs. Litter was all over the stairs carpet and the kitchen always stunk. Smelled because his house was a general shit hole and the cat shit combined. Barf.

No. 1440995

I don't hate cats but I really don't fucking understand how it's fine for cat ownners to let their cats piss, shit and hunt in other people's property. They'll get really upset at off leash dogs (rightfully so) but then they expect everyone to be fine with their cats roaming around and if some accidents happen (like dogs biting cats that come into their yards, wild animals killing them or cars accidentally running them over at night) it's never their own fault of course. Eveyrone has to bend over backwards to let their cats have a stroll and play because they really can't be bothered to do it themselves.

>Thankfully they did recover, and they used dogs as herd protection after that and never had a problem.
This. People forget that cats are untrained (and untrainable in many cases) predators and will absolutely try to hunt small livestock like rabbits and chickens. Meanwhile there are dog breeds specifically bred and selected to guard livestock without killing, and they've been used successfully for hundreds of years. And my town's full of free-roaming cats but there are still a lot of rats around, so they don't even hunt pests that much. I've seen them hunt local birds a lot more.

>Her entire arms and hands were covered in cat bites and scratches and she just accepted it instead of training the cat.
An animal that can easily jump up to your face and on your furniture being clearly aggressive is fine, but oh my god that shaking chihuahua that can't jump or hunt is a literal baby killer!!

No. 1441001

It always annoys me when people justify feral cat colonies by saying that cats are good rat control. All they do is stink up the place and end up going after easier prey such as lizards and birds since rats are big and can fight back. Small hunting dogs will always be much better at pest control than cats.

No. 1441014

I hate their high prey drive, I hate how they shit and piss inside, I hate how if they piss in a room or on an item it's basically fucking ruined worse than second hand smoke, I hate their nasty infectious mouths, I hate their super sharp claws and how they have to scratch up fucking everything, I hate how their food smells, I hate their nasty tongues, I hate their creepy slit eyes, I hate their tiny freak teeth, I hate their annoying screams and yowls especially outside at night, I hate how catfags always have at least 2-3 and their home smells like fucking shit, I hate how cat owners just let outside cats roam then shrug when it gets flattened by a car and they just by another. Sociopath behavior.

No. 1441032

This makes me feel like my cat is based he is really chill and doesn’t do any of those things (he is very uninterested in climbing things like the counters but we supply him with things to walk on) and he also would catch the mice that would come into our house occasionally. We keep him indoors only. I think I got so lucky with him and his personality is really great. I don’t think I could live with a cat that climbs counters or retarded. I’m not much of animal person either so again I thank god he is super chill. Moving out of my parents house though, I wouldn’t own one again

No. 1441142

I hate the baby talk people do to cats. "Aww does the widdle fuzzy babu wanna play?"
>The mangy beast process to scratch the shit out of them with zero provocation.
"Ouchie, you don't hurt mommy remember?"
Ugh that shit is insufferable.

No. 1441210

File: 1670781448586.jpg (12.04 KB, 480x455, aaa77650e6d929a5491f593865d6d9…)

me reading this after i just called my cat a chungus bungus stinky winkie slinky binky fattie catty and made a song about him

No. 1441222

nta but that's so sweet don't ever let anyone shame you for that, honestly I don't hate either cats or dogs I just think both need a population control, as they are a plague of death for small animal species

No. 1441238

I don’t hate cats, but after growing up with cats and dogs and having them all my life, I’m kinda happy to be moved out and no longer own animals. Everyone acts like cats are soooo easy, they’re soooo clean, perfect apartment animals, etc., but they’re a lot of work and they damage your stuff. Cleaning litter boxes is gross and annoying, cat food smells awful, they will damage stuff with their claws even if they have scratching posts everywhere, it’s just the nature of them having such sharp claws. They will also find any little small space in your house and craw in and get stuck or mess it up. One of my old cats got stuck in this tiny space inside of our couch and peed inside of it, ruining the whole couch. I still don’t hate cats, but I hate people who act like they’re such easy animals to take care of, you need to do a lot of cleaning and cat-proofing before getting a cat.

No. 1441242

File: 1670783668781.jpg (299.73 KB, 2048x1396, Tumblr_l_16236546186505.jpg)

I love my psychotic elusive antisocial baby. I will coo at her until she dies or I die, those just the facts

No. 1441244

Aww don't listen to the haters nonna that's cute

I am full on toxoplasmosis cat lover #1 but you are right. I fucking hate people who let their cat out to hunt small animals or hurt themselves. And how people see them as disposable, and let them out after they get bored. And they of course don't neuter the cats and they multiply like crazy. I feel awful for all the cats let out especially now when it's really cold outside and tons of snow where I live.

No. 1441247

My cat HATES being kept inside though, she is her whole self when she's allowed outside. I won't take that away from her. Also my cat is spayed thank you

No. 1441253

Please, there is a cat love thread. I don't think people here care about how you baby talk your pet or refuse to keep it inside despite it being harmful to other animals.

No. 1441254

For some reason cat scratches and bites hurt more than dog bites, at least for me. Most cats look menacing, cold and unapproachable, the cute ones just look too young or retarded. Cat lovers always say that cats are harder to handle because they're cooler, complex and more akin to humans, but I don't get it: It's a mascot, you're supposed to chill and have fun with it, if I wanted a "complex" relationship I would just get a friend

No. 1441258

Not saying mascots cannot be our friends, what I mean is that mascots should be easier to handle than humans as friends, humans are already very hard to understand I don't see the point of getting a mascot that you basically have to decipher their every move so it doesn't scratch you

No. 1441259

I'm not going to let her rot inside. I'm torn over this, but I can't kill her life, i dont think its natural. Plus there really aren't a whole lot of birds in the area aside from grackles and sparrows. Mice meh not concerned about either

No. 1441262

It's bizarre you refer to them as mascots. As if people keep pets as household mascots …. what ??

No. 1441265

ever wonder why that might be, that there isn't lot of birds in the area. get a leash for her.

No. 1441267

> I still don’t hate cats, but I hate people who act like they’re such easy animals to take care of, you need to do a lot of cleaning and cat-proofing before getting a cat.
Same. I enjoy volunteering at shelters, but I'm not planning on adopting any animals any time soon. Including cats, even though I love them a lot. They take way more effort than people want to admit, if you want to prevent behavioral problems and keep them safe. Btw wood cat pellets are the easiest to clean and reduce smell, you can just dump all the contents (you only need a small layer on the bottom) into the bin everyday and easily clean the litter box without it sticking to the sides. I do judge people who use generic cat litter and only scoop it, rarely fully cleaning the litterbox, when their cat isn't particularly picky and they haven't even tried wood pellets. I also judge people who think it's funny that their cat attacks them, instead of identifying how they are annoying or overstimulating their cat.
If you learn cat logic, they're more logical, simple and predictable than humans, but few people care to actually learn it. Instead projecting human emotions on them ("the cat is peeing on this to get back at me!" instead of realizing their cat has a UTI, kidney issues, hates the litter, think the litter box is too high, doesn't like the lid), misinterpreting cat body language as if it's a dog (thinking showing belly means wanting a belly rub instead of being a universal cat sign of "I feel comfortable enough to show you where my vulnerable organs are")
Spaying isn't going to save your cat from their own version of aids

No. 1441278

>i want her to rot outside instead!
pets are animals, children also want to run outside alone and guess what? it's not safe. part of having a pet is taking care of them. maybe don't own a pet if you're not interested in keeping it safe

No. 1441280

So you got a cat but you refused to properly train her to stay inside like any other pet.
>she is her whole self when she is allowed outside
So is literally any other pet, but I bet you would be pissed at a dog roaming free and shitting in front of your house. You are irresponsible, you are putting your own cat and local small fauna at risk because you don't want to train it to stay inside or you don't want to get a leash and use that.

No. 1441289

Anon might be ESL because mascotas is spanish for pets

No. 1441312

Either way dogs are infinitely worse than cats. My cat adores being outside, and becomes a listless zombie inside whether I play with her or not. (She haaaates playing with toys)

Kids used to roam outside all day long you realize this??? Until molesters became a national horror. Anyhow my cat gets Along very well outside. Either way not keeping her cooped inside to become depressed because I have to live with that daily.

No. 1441317

File: 1670786755548.png (930.62 KB, 1080x1080, FIV.png)

You're bad at playing, you're not providing enough enrichment inside and you're unnecessarily exposing your cat to danger.

No. 1441318

Climate change is annihilating insects, which annihilated and starves birds yes.

My cat NEVER brings birds back. Only rodents and tree rats. But even then it's super rare

No. 1441321


No. 1441323

People expose themselves to danger everyday, it doesn't stop them from going outside.

I know I'm not because I've had cats who adore playing. She's too smart for it she gets bored.

Either way cry me a river I'm not going to stop letting her live her life kek

No. 1441326

File: 1670787071229.png (351.77 KB, 1065x776, FIV phases.png)

Not every cat is the same. Some are bush dwellers, some are tree dwellers. Some prefer if you use the toy to emulate a bird, others prefer if you use the toy to emulate a mouse. There are different techniques. People don't expose themselves to HIV everyday, most people don't get into fights regularly or have unprotected sex with complete strangers.

No. 1441328

you again? didn't you get banned. your cat doesn't have a "life" it's a fucking pet.

No. 1441332

It is absolutely freakish imagining a creature spending its entire life in 1000-2500 Sq feet. Get the Feral population down yeah, neuter your cats yeah but it sounds like keeping your child indoors all your life because you're afraid of getting hurt or what they do. It's crazy and irrational and cruel honestly. Especially these people who keep cats in apartments yikes.

A window isn't a TV, you just treat your cat like a stuffed toy you can do with what you want.

No. 1441333

You can walk a cat just like a dog.

No. 1441335

Pets don't have life? what are you in cognitive decline ?

No. 1441341

I walk my cat as well in addition to letting her outside and playing with her. But cats evolved for thousands of years on farms, not in apartments without mice, vermin of all kinds. They're not dogs. Evolutionarily they're still wild animals unlike dogs.

No. 1441344

none of this is correct.

No. 1441348

That still wouldn't make it worth it to subject the local bird population to them, or risk FIV and other illnesses, injuries from fights, being poisoned by malicious humans or hit by a car (or tractor). Farms aren't exactly the safest place either. Shout out to Smelly the cat who was run over by a farmer and broke her hip while pregnant, but managed to survive and recover, the kittens didn't survive (the farmer never came back to pick her up either).

No. 1441351

if anon is stupid enough to think cats are as intelligent as independent human children then there's no use talking to her. she has no brain.

No. 1441356

That they didn't evolve on and near farms? Where did they evolve then Ina damn lake ?

No. 1441358

Outdoor cat fanatics are as delusional as climate change deniers. It's pointless to argue, just ignore them.

No. 1441364

I'm not a farmer I just let my cat outside to live her life some of the time shes an indoor/ outdoor cat.

I'm aware there are risks. If she wAnts to stay inside she can but, I know how crazy she gets when she doesn't. Same as how crazy I'd get if someone forced me to live inside. I can't turn off the guilt it would consume me either way. I go outside and expose myself to everything that's out there, it's exactly the same. Someone could come shoot me at my job, or rob me or God knows what. So? I still fucking go outside

No. 1441366

this. they're also pretty much brainless. anon itt speaks like her parents were 1st cousins.

No. 1441372

You act like cats evolved for thousands of years alongside cars

No. 1441374

Says the person trying to argue that cats didn't evolve on farms and aren't living/ sentient.

So what are they to you damn livestock to keep rotting on your couch ?

No. 1441375

A better thread couldn't have popped up for me right now. I've had tp live with a cat since the start of the year. She's old and throws up multiple times a day and vets can't do anything about that apparently?? In a tiny ass apartment and the litter box doesn't get scooped enough and since she isn't mine I don't want to clean it. Just stinks all the time. Grew up really disliking cats but after living with one for the first time I truly hate them. Shit tier pet.

No. 1441382

this sounds more like you hate the cat's owner.

No. 1441393

File: 1670789423095.jpg (50.67 KB, 499x500, 51 7tdNdVnL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Cats still didn't evolve for thousands of years alongside cars and tractors. Nor is the FIV and other illnesses worth it. No-kill cat sanctuaries exist, you can catify your house and provide enough enrichment, build a catio, you can walk your cat, follow the natural play/hunt-feed-sleep schedule, you can actually learn how to properly play with your cat instead of lying that they don't like playing etc. All you're doing is revealing how you're a massive retard who doesn't provide enough enrichment to their cat, doesn't take in account that cats have different personalities and playstyles, so you think the only thing a cat can do is rot on your couch and that the only other alternative is exposing them to FIV and potentially being run over.

No. 1441406

Yeah I'm esl, I didn't knew there was a difference between mascot and pet kek

No. 1441414

File: 1670790119824.jpg (31.33 KB, 566x1000, 61OBV40u8DL._AC_UY1000_.jpg)

nta I was imagining this the whole time

No. 1441421

anon literally thinks cats are capable of risk assessment on a human level. please stop talking to her, her stupidity may be contagious

No. 1441424

It's not the same. No matter how one cat proofs their house my cat can tell the difference. I know for certain I play with them fine because other cats love playing with me.

Some cats just do NOT do well inside

Evolved alongside cars?? What difference does it make? Im not going to stop going outside just because i can get robbed or get in car accident. That's ludicrous. It's completely unnatural to keep a cat indoors all the time, it deprives them of stimulation and happiness. But no my cats happiness doesn't matter.

God people will do anything to squeeze the joy out of every miniscule thing around them though. Take the most assbackwards approaches to what's honestly let's face it their man-made problems nested in manmade problems inside manmade problems.

Either way people are more revolting than both cats and dogs. Ok save for like 3 people i know. How the fuck can you be human and criticize cats for being their bare minimum natural selves? How the fuck is that? Like look in the mirror

People are so predictably tedious, suffocating and outrageous looking for the most freakish solutions to their apocalyptic problems. Oh but here's a long list of reasons cats suck so… let's look for ways to grind the spirit out of them too! same way we do for our creepy fucking species

Let's shift attention away from our towering human consumption and focus on cats though

Without people cats wouldn't be a threat to anything(integrate)

No. 1441425

Cry me a riveeeer

No. 1441431

no one was talking to you, child

No. 1441441

You've responded to me like 15 times now kek

No. 1441452

I think cats look cute, but could never own one because of a similar experience. My ex owned an old male cat and whenever I would visit his house, there was cat litter everywhere on the floor. The cat had to eat special food and even then, would still barf a lot. The cat was neutered, but he still would pee on walls and poop in shoes if he was "in a bad mood" (that's how my ex put it). Cat pee smells awful and not to mention, you can't be near a cat's litter box while you're pregnant. The cat would also do biscuits on stuff and cause holes, try to sleep on my face, and other really annoying stuff.
Maybe this was an owner issue as well, but this experience ruined the thought of owning cats for me. Some cats are very calm and I've met a few of those, but others are very spastic and chaotic. And no matter what, I just don't want a pet that pees and poops in a box in the house.

No. 1441512

You are the worst kind of person. "My poor kitty wants to stay outside and kill all the birds. WHo am I to stop them?"
You can build outside doors for your cat with netting and such so they wont harm wildlife. I will never in my life understand cat owners who just cant keep their cat inside.

No. 1441517

shut the fuck up and go to the cat love thread and if you love your predator cats.

No. 1441728

I'm so glad this thread exists because cat lovers can get on my nerves and I have heard anons here talking about how anyone who doesn't like cats is a terrible person. A lot of my negative feelings for cats stem from how irresponsible some cat owners are and how they callously and needlessly disregard the well-being of small animals. Too many times, I've seen acquaintances proudly posting photos of small native animals that their outdoor cats unnecessarily killed. Plus, it's obnoxious how a lot of cat owners treat cats as somehow being more worthy and special than other animals. I'm a birdfag myself but I won't get up in arms about how non-native parrots get culled because as sad as it is, they have negative environmental impacts. I've spoken with ecologists and there seems to be a reluctance to even suggest the idea of culling feral cats because of the amount of backlash there would be. The idea would almost certainly never be accepted in my area at least.

In any case, these issues aside, I am fine with responsibly cared for indoor cats and can enjoy their company. My sister has a pair of Bengals that are pretty cute and playful. However, I much prefer dogs and many other pets over cats.

No. 1441811

You know what else needs to go outside? Dogs. You know what else isn’t socially/legally acceptable? Letting dogs free roam. Every sane and civilized person agrees that dogs need time outside AND also should not be allowed to free roam. Good dog owners walk their dogs daily. Why is this same expectation not extended to cat owners? Cat owners who insist their cat needs to go outside to be happy, get a leash or enclosed patio or shut the fuck up. You have ZERO excuses. It makes no sense that cats are the only animal, the only one, we still let free roam. It’s a cruel practice for the cats and wildlife. You are a bad owner if you let your cat free roam. You can make all the excuses you want, but when it comes down to it, it’s pure laziness on your part. You don’t want to train your cat to stay inside. You don’t want to provide enrichment for them inside. You don’t want to create a secure enclosure for them outside. You don’t want to train them to use a leash or take the time to walk them regularly. You are probably too lazy to even change a litter box so you just let them poop and pee in everyone else’s yard. Out of sight, out of mind, right? keep pretending that it’s because you love your cat. We all see it’s the exact opposite.

No. 1441832

>thinks cats bring back everything they kill
>thinks killing native rodents is fine and good
>thinks the only way cats negatively impact wildlife is by directly killing them
You are the reason this thread was made. I almost can’t believe you’re real because you’re such a perfect stereotype of the terrible outdoor catfag. Thank you for proving us all right in our hatred.

No. 1441846

I got a new cat that's clingy as fuck. Loved my childhood kitties, but this one screams if I leave the room and will scratch at the door if I close it. If I pee in the bathroom he's there on the sink. Everything is nasty and dirty because his paw tracks litter everywhere. I like cuddling with him though. I won't get any more animals after this; it's too much of a hassle.

No. 1441849

I absolutely hate most cat owners. When I see a post online from a facebook friend about their lost cat, 99% of the time they admit their cat is outdoors… Absolute retards.

No. 1441859

I dated a guy who had his cat shitting in a fucking plastic tote box that he had cut a hole in with a box cutter and he never changed the fucking litter and the whole place stank of cat shit and piss.
I bought the cat a litterbox with like a lid and a door and shit and some litter with like baking soda in it, and he got extremely butthurt and wouldn't let it go until we broke up
I asked him his biggest pet peeve on our first date, and he said "People who let their pets outside unsupervised," and then he proceeded to let his cat outside unsupervised every single day right in front of me as if he'd never said it
To be fair to me, I was out of my fucking mind on wellbutrin at the time or else I would have stolen the cat and taken it to a shelter

No. 1441864

don't worry anon. it's not your fault he was a retard.

No. 1441904

File: 1670804853996.jpg (27.24 KB, 455x319, 35b.jpg)

A decade ago, two randoms cats decided to use our parking lot as a giant litter box. Every morning, they shat and peed right fucking there and let me tell you: the smell was unbearable, nauseating, vomit inducing. The fumes of their waste amplified by the hottest summer we had in years permeated the place and the odor was so strong you could get dizzy, and no matter how many times we cleaned it, it smelled like shit (and rancid pee). Eventually someone adopted those mfs and we could finally have a breath of fresh air

No. 1441928

Cat piss is probably one of the worst smelling things in the entire world. I understand why they condemn and bulldoze houses that have too much cat damage. Biohazard-tier.

No. 1441968

Those cats would have been poisoned. that sucks you had to deal with that. Cats are a menace to the outside world with their feces.

No. 1441978

You were probably out of your mind on toxoplasmosis and cat piss fumes(samefag)

No. 1441986

If i ever get a cat i'd most likely get an older one who has chilled out energy. But for one, i cannot understand how anybody can own more than one pet, jesus christ that's hell on earth.

No. 1441989

Tardjanny, I promise you I did not respond to my own two hour old post, you need to stop redtexting shit when you're this bad at "clicking the wrong ip," you just banned an innocent nonnie for using the same vpn as me(You did, retard.)

No. 1441991

what shitty vpn are you using LMAO, deserved.

No. 1441995

This is fucking cringe, stop redtexting.

No. 1442002

>defending trannyjannies embarrassing "witty" redtext
stop encouraging this behavior

No. 1442006

>My campus had a supported feral cat colony that was taking over the school
Feral cat people and trap, neuter, release people are the worst. They lie so much. "oh, we can't kill the feral cats because more would just move in" Then come back and kill the ones who've move in. This isn't rocket science.

No. 1442010

Nta but:
>Noooo don’t believe the farmhands who see everything I say and do and get redtexted for! Believe me, a random samefagger.
Totally legit.

No. 1442013

So you, as a janny, monitored the ip address of every post in the cat hate thread for hours, waiting for someone to samefag
But when someone spams seizure-inducing gifs and nikacado avocado's gaping anus for hours, you're nowhere to be seen
This is our moderation staff's priorities, well this and banning black women for complaining about medical malpractice and cancer patients for whining about having cancer

No. 1442022

and leaving up cp and gore

No. 1442023

I don't exactly know what's happening here, but sometimes anons can share an IP or a VPN. There have been multiple cases of anons getting bans for posts they didn't make because they got the IP of another anon.
>cancer patients for whining about having cancer
When was this?

No. 1442024

Samefag but also I've even got bans not even because of my IP but because a janny mistook me for another anon, and they took back the ban. They make mistakes sometimes.

No. 1442026

File: 1670811315382.png (52.27 KB, 1379x535, i didn't mean to.PNG)

Last night, check it out, this is the farmhand's response after two people said wtf about it on meta
She was redtexted as ((seething)) in the vent thread

No. 1442027

i just reported cp in m/ and it immediately got deleted though (thanks jannies/farmhand). When the jannies are active they also deleted cp just like how they ban retards like you….Indira…hmmmmm

No. 1442028

farmhand and jannys are different…be precise on who you mean indira.

No. 1442032

Who the fuck is Indira, why are you hi-cowwing in an ot thread?

No. 1442034

The screenshot says "farmhand" and I said "farmhand"

No. 1442038

After reading the original vent post, this is a very strange explanation tbh.

No. 1442041

''she'' knows who she is, ban evades just like the troon, i remember when she joined the lolcow discord server, i also talked with her.
Thats all im going to say. Ugly racist ana-chan with a forehead the size of the solar system. Its hard to explain if you havent interacted with her. Not going to post her image which she posted in this site to prove she is a woman after everyone thought she was a troon because she kept on spamming the whole site.

No. 1442046

>defending trannyjannies
>joining the lolcow discord
>not even aware people here get ban messages for other posters consistently
What's your game, dipshit?

No. 1442048

ironic of you to make fun of someone for joining the lolcow discord., arent you too hypocritical?

No. 1442051

It's not ironic at all because I'm not in the lolcow discord, are you taking your meds?

No. 1442054

yeah you are not NOW you dumb bitch but you were there previously to bitch about the farmhands and how you are TOTALLY a real woman and posting pictures of yourself. Give it a rest you mental patient and find something better to do than IP hopping. You are not fooling anyone who interacted with you, oh and your ugly as shit by the way.

No. 1442056

Okay, you are detached from reality, I'm sorry I interacted.

No. 1442057

File: 1670812909341.jpeg (550.05 KB, 750x1145, 11B1A6D2-0BE0-49F5-B04E-372B69…)

They are they worst. They try to claim that TNR will eventually decrease the population (studies show that’s not true), but how long are they expecting us to wait? So much damage will have already been done. And imo it’s way more cruel to make the cats slowly succumb to the outdoors than put them down humanely. It seems to be more about people making themselves feel better rather than actually helping cats. Feral cat advocates are some of the most unhinged people I’ve ever had to deal with. I wish they would instead put their passion and energy into building enclosed sanctuaries for feral cats that can’t be homed or something.

No. 1442121

File: 1670817749762.jpg (93.79 KB, 730x370, 1690965334.jpg)

>When was this?
in the vent thread

No. 1442201

File: 1670823798458.jpg (69.87 KB, 563x844, a-refined-vintage-inspired-bed…)

My issue is mostly with lazy/negligent owners more than anything else.

When I was a teenager, I went to a friend's house for a sleepover. Her room had a little reading loft (similar to picrel), and while I was climbing up there she said, "don't go up there, my cat pooped there." Sure enough, there were a bunch of piles of wet cat shit up there. What the fuck, why wouldn't you immediately clean it up? I've met a lot of cat owners that are just weirdly ambivalent about having poop in their living space like that, or take forever to clean up after the animal.

I actually like cats just fine, and after volunteering at a shelter, I've realized that they do really well when they have a room to themselves (even if it's somewhat small, like the size of a bathroom) especially if they have a cat friend in the space to hang out with. That way they don't walk on the counter, they have the privacy they need, they won't destroy furniture, and you can always find them if you need to. One of the scariest things about having a cat would be having to evacuate your home and not knowing where the cat is on short notice.

No. 1442202

File: 1670823872893.png (141.31 KB, 566x731, 9vv3Cfp.png)

What an odd little thing to lie about.

No. 1442207

We've already established that using the same vpn would cause this phenomenon.
That's hardly the point now though, you're seriously revealing anon's ips now for this? Jesus christ have some dignity

No. 1442208

You do realize free vpns like protonmail assign tons of people to the same ip, right? And because they’re limited, there are few that aren’t banned due to the Blaine fiasco, right? It’s so common that you’ve banned tons of innocent anons during schizogate, right? Or are you going to accuse everyone of being Blaine now because we don’t like the new farmhands

No. 1442214

nah it looks fishy. That anon just happens to share the same ip address and be in the same thread responding to a post they made with that VPN?

No. 1442216

Hold up now, if that's how you click IPs to ban them, then it really doesn't make sense that you "accidentally" banned cancer-chan.

No. 1442218

You may as well leave farmhand on now that we know you're stooping this low. Like this is so far beyond the cringe ass redtexts.

No. 1442219

This is so petty on your part.

No. 1442223

File: 1670824859100.png (197.5 KB, 819x1069, 201-2019133_405kib-2142x2800-t…)

I was about to say. It's not unheard of for people using VPNs or mobile data to end up with an IP that's been used or even banned here, but it seems extremely unlikely that a coincidence like that would happen to a pair of people posting in the same thread within a few hours of each other.

I'm thinking anon just samefagged the piss fumes thing because she realized it would be a funny thing to add to her post after it was too late to go back and edit.

No. 1442225

It’s happened to me several times. proton is the most popular free vpn and it’s servers are often full, and when you connect it connects to the least clogged available server—so if you and an anon connect around the same time, you are likely to be on the same server since most of them are already between 80-100% full. Combine that with the fact that Redacted got most of the ips on pvpn banned, and it’s even more likely.

No. 1442227

Yeah, big coincidence using the same vpn to reply to the same post within minutes of eachother. Just crying about being caught samefagging and embarrassing.

No. 1442229

Isn’t it embarrassing? kek incapable of being a neutral entity

No. 1442230

>revealing IP for this
Can't get a post history for onision or shayna or any other cow, but you'll do it for this? did admin give you permission for that?

No. 1442231

>you're seriously revealing anon's ips now for this
>it's a VPN!!

IKR. It's not a huge faux pas to respond to yourself but lying about is just cringe

Yeah, but was it a recent ban? This has happened to me once or twice but the post that got banned was months if not years old.

No. 1442232

>crying about being mistaken as samefagging
>copes that farmhand is samefagging to defend self

No. 1442233

I’ve connected to proton vpn and jumped on lolcow to make one post and cycle through like three ips that were banned, often even that day, until I find one I can use. There’s thre servers—US, Netherlands, Japan. Most of the US and Japan ips are banned due to bl**ne, and there are only recently a few Netherlands ones that are usable. I believe it personally, but I don’t care either way—out of all the shit for a farmhand to sift through, why would they be paying attention to that? Retarded(this is the bitch who spammed this site many weeks ago Rachelfag/Indira)

No. 1442235

No, they’re breaking guidelines

No. 1442237

Not gonna lie, this derail is pretty fucking hilarious and I'm getting a kick out of reading it. To think this all began with a shitpost about piss.

No. 1442238

nta but what guidelines? is there a link or something?

No. 1442241

It's not really a good look to reveal someone's IP considering that whole thing when an ex-janny exposed manifesto-chans post history, the cancer anon redtext, and just in general how they keep going out of their way to be snarky towards some anons. It's such a small thing too, they could have just moved on since the last post about it was from 2 hours ago. I don't get it.

No. 1442242

Just ban for derailment of the cat hate thread. It’s like if a gore spammer got banned then minutes later claimed to be an innocent vpn user who totally just got banned by mistake and the janny should unban them. Likelihood of being legit is low.

No. 1442244

File: 1670825510245.gif (3.96 MB, 498x331, guidlines-pirates-of-the-carib…)

No. 1442247

unrelated but I like the way you take charge nonny

No. 1442248

I don't even care of the bitch did samefag at this point, a farmhand is being petty enough to break their own rules and post screencaps of what they're at least assuming is someone's ip for making one extra post about cat piss fumes is wildly unprofessional.
We've already got one farmhand "accidentally" banning multiple people in the vent thread not for violating rules but for saying shit that they don't like, now they can post our IPs if they feel like it? Not good for any of us(Rachelfag/Troon)

No. 1442249

I don't think it's really similar to a goreposter since all anon did was (allegedly) reply to her own post about cat pee kek

No. 1442251

The greatest crime of them all lmao

No. 1442252

Exactly. The farmhand in question is a retard.

No. 1442255

anon clearly hates cats if she lets it outside lmao

No. 1442258

my biggest question is why was the farmhand monitoring the cat hate thread this hard for samefags, and can she please pay this hard of attention to the front page for gore and cp(Rachelfag/Troon spammer)

No. 1442259

No, her cat is different, he's a super special soul that will die of sadness if kept locked inside like rapunzel
This thread has a huge target on it this is obviously some weird tactic to get it deleted

No. 1442262

The other day I was cleaning up after a cat at the shelter, and I saw a mouse run along the wall literally two feet from the cat and he did nothing. I'm not sure he even saw it. Then again, this particular cat is kind of a sickly old fart, so maybe he was just too elderly and lazy to give a fuck.

It probably also depends on the breed of the cat and its living environment. A cat that spent its whole life indoors in a clean space with no vermin probably isn't going to know what to do with an actual mouse, and neither will any kittens it has (because kittens learn to hunt from their mothers typically.) I feel like effective mousers are generally feral or barn cats raised by other similarly feral cats. This isn't to say that cuddly companion cats never control vermin, it's just that they generally catch stuff just when they feel like it, so if they're not in the mood to hunt or play, they're not going to go after a mouse even if they see it in their living space.

No. 1442269

File: 1670826683147.gif (101.76 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)

No. 1442270

I don’t mean same in badness, but same as in unlikely to be telling the truth and just mad about moderation. I don’t get the embarrassment in samefagging, it wasn’t even to agree with herself in some spergy fight, just to make a stupid joke comment.

No. 1442272

None of the crew are allowed to reveal someone's ip history unless admin has investigated thoroughly and given the okay personally.
No link because it's in the staff discord as it only applies to them(they are allowed considering the poster is a permabanned troll who keeps ban evading and spammed this site after being banned for racebaiting over the new ariel movie months ago)

No. 1442274

Oh baby wtf, you are showing your ass bad, only one of these posts is from me, and I'm not a tranny or Indira.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1442276

Does this mean farmhand will get fired? Oh no no no no… kek

No. 1442279

Now I know which vpn you use cuz I just got banned for one of those too.

No. 1442280

File: 1670827530692.jpg (246.95 KB, 2000x1125, CU.jpg)

In English, a mascot is just meant to represent some kind of official entity, typically a sports team. Sometimes mascots are real animals, like Ralphie the Buffalo, but usually they're just people in costumes. They don't even necessarily have to be animals, for instance the Sun Devils have a demon mascot.

Animals that live in your home with you are "pets" or "companion animals." Or if you want to be cringey, "fur babies."

No. 1442284

The rodents we want them to catch (house mice, brown rats, black rats) have evolved alongside them for thousands of years. They are much better adapted to avoid cats. So cats overwhelmingly choose to catch native species when given the opportunity. They are much easier prey. This was an interesting study looking into it: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fevo.2018.00146/full

No. 1442286

Why black and brown rats specifically?

No. 1442287

I just realized how this sounds but I'm genuinely asking kek

No. 1442290

Lol those are just the common names of the two invasive pest rat species that follow humans. They are also called Norwegian rats and roof rats respectively.

No. 1442342

I take back the ‘her’ kek.

No. 1442351

It's gonna be real fucking embarrassing when you try to reveal the troon's history and it's incomprehensible because it's multiple people using a common vpn.

No. 1442370

>I wish they would instead put their passion and energy into building enclosed sanctuaries for feral cats that can’t be homed or something.
TNR doesn't work? I'll look into it, but yeah generally sanctuaries are the best option. I think it's unpopular due to how much it costs to buy a big plot of land and the running costs. Compared to TNR and being done with that cat. Main reason TNR is done because if you kill cats, you get public outcry and treated the same way PETA was for doing it while claiming to care about animals. So that's the last thing anyone would do.
Maine Coons love hunting mice. Just play with them while pretending the toy is a mouse vs a bird. They are natural mouse hunters. Even Maine Coon mixes show this behavior. Maybe it's also because they're bigger.

No. 1442379

>TNR doesn't work?
Yeah, especially if you're feeding them. They often just become drop-off areas for more and more cats. For TNR to work, it needs to be a closed population and reach a sterilization rate of something like 80%. Something has to change in the culture for there to be a solution. Cats, like any domestic animal released by humans where they don't belong, become invasives that we have a responsibility to remove before they damage the environment. Capturing them only to abandon them in the wild again is just neglect in my eyes. If they can be homed, home them, if not, they need to be humanely euthanized.

No. 1442383

Honestly, homing them is just as useless then, since most people are retards who think it's cruel if you don't let your cat wander outside unsupervised. By that point there's no difference between TNR and homing them. You can spend all that time socializing feral cats in shelters, only for some retard to adopt them and whine and seethe that they HAVE to let the cat outside. To the average normie, keeping a cat inside, with a catio and walking them regularly, is equal to killing them.

No. 1442384

File: 1670837102702.jpg (321.56 KB, 1757x628, cookies.jpg)

If you don't use a private browser/delete cookies regularly they can also connect different ips with the same browser cookie history. That's how kiki got exposed. You can read up on it here:

No. 1442387

The free-roaming thing is the biggest and most important change that needs to happen in cat culture first. It really does impede everything else. I'm really hoping I'll see some kind of significant change in my lifetime. I think maybe if people come at it hard enough from a pet ethics standpoint, it might catch on, but I do feel like it needs some kind of legal enforcement as well. The reason there aren't stray dogs where I live is because people are given hefty fines and stray dogs are taken off the street immediately (in combination with people recognizing it's not normal or good to have dogs free-roaming). I hope one day the world will operate like that but for cats. Like when a dog is seen on the street here, I can guarantee you multiple cars of people will stop, everyone will be on their phone trying to find the owner, making posts on NextDoor, getting its microchip read, etc. I want that same reaction for cats.

No. 1442417

you serious right now?

this tbh. it would exonerate a lot of anons.

No. 1442477

I feel this. All of my friends love cats and while I don't outright hate them I just don't really feel anything towards them. They're "cute, I guess" but nothing much more. I go crazy over dogs and puppies so it's not like I'm not an animal person but people showing me "cute cat photos" just doesn't do it for me. I always make sure not to say anything about this out loud in order not to hurt their feelings but then they see it fit to complain about dogs all the fucking time despite knowing that I love them.

This. Small dogs like terriers and wild foxes are actually the best form of pest control for the reasons you mentioned. Cats couldn't kill a rat, they lack enough mass and power.

It's okay nonna, I babytalk dogs all the time like this.

No. 1442663

Yeah, I hate cat lovers who defend the free roaming thing so hard, especially when presented with evidence against it. I can't wait for that one cat who roams my neighborhood to get hit by a car. I just dont want to see its body.

No. 1442667

I want to like cats, I really do, but they are just not the animal for me. A friend asked me to cat sit and I agreed, hoping that maybe I would see the light, but at the end of my 3 weeks of cat sitting… I still just didn't like them. They were funny and quirky in their own way, but at the end of the day I would not want a cat of my own.

They were destructive and their claws hurt, and I tried my best to wear them out by playing with them a lot but they still wouldn't let up clawing at the couch (which my friend asked me to try and get them not to do, and he had bought multiple different types of scratching posts for them). One of them never wanted to play with toys but only wanted to play with my feet under the covers when I went to bed (i.e. clawing at them), which is like ha-ha yes fun game but please let me sleep. They were always knocking things over, which isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things, but I was afraid one of them was going to knock off this giant hanging poster my friend had in his living room. They also kept walking on the stove (which he warned me they would do) so I was terrified of them going up on it and burning their paws. He covered his stove in aluminum to try and discourage it but it doesn't bother them.

This is also a me problem but they're just really hard for me to read. They'll come up for pets and the next thing you know I've got scratches up my arm. I just avoided petting them or pet them for short periods of time because risking getting scratched wasn't worth it.

No. 1442671

Yeah, i dunno why they want pets one moment and scratch the next. I know not all cats are like this, but not only do their cats hurt, they are full of bacteria, which can give you a bad infection. I can't imagine having a litter box in my house or dealing with all the cat hair. It's just not for me.

No. 1442686

If you pet them for too long you cause static charge and shock them. Just like when you rub your socks over carpet. They scratch and bite because you shocked them and not every cat is as sensitive or easily charged.

No. 1442688

Cats are natural predator animals. Sometimes when we pet them for too long or in certain ways it can trigger their hunting instincts. They don’t mean to hurt you, it’s more common in younger cats and a lot of cats stop doing it as they age. If you want to know at all.

Weird the foil didn’t stop them? Did they always go up on your friends counters?

No. 1442697

Don't get into arguments about mod decisions. It never goes well and it's rarely worth it. If you stand by a decision, just say that and move on. If you don't, fix it, and move on.

No. 1442746

>Weird the foil didn’t stop them? Did they always go up on your friends counters?
They rarely get up on the counters, it's only the stove they're interested in. He said one of them will sometimes get up on the fridge and will jump up on the counter first, but it's rare and it didn't happen when I was catsitting. He always discourages it regardless and tells them to get off when he sees/hears it.

Thanks for the explanation on the hunting instincts though! I didn't know that.

No. 1442765

Sometimes cats will get bored of getting petted and decide they want to play instead. They're fickle like that. A lot of cats like to play rough, too, with claws and teeth. That's the main reason cats do that annoying "bear trap" thing, where they roll over and let you pet their belly only to latch onto your arm. They think it's a game.

Whenever I visit someone's house and they have a cat, I'm careful to pet its side instead of it's belly when it rolls over, that way it can't trap me. I have to be really careful not to get scratched too much, because I'm allergic and it gives me hives.

No. 1442801

>That's the main reason cats do that annoying "bear trap" thing, where they roll over and let you pet their belly only to latch onto your arm. They think it's a game.
Bullshit, big cats do it too. It's cat body language for "I trust you enough to expose where my vulnerable organs are", if you then touch their belly, you shamed their trust and get to suffer for it. They aren't dogs who secretly like it.

No. 1443319

File: 1670881044553.jpg (174.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Whenever I see people gushing about tourist locations full of cats in places like Japan and Greece, I just think about all the destruction. I can't find it cute or charming at all. The places are often islands too, which means they usually have sensitive endemic species. As an island nation, Japan has a lot of endemic species, but it seems like they care way more about cats than they do their native animals. It's sad.

No. 1443469

Same. I have no desire to visit any of those places because witnessing the lack of biodiversity would be depressing. It's all because feral cats constantly get special treatment from people because they're "cute."

No. 1444220

warning : novel
I love cats, i'm just here to complain about unstable people owning cats. THere's a very popular ragdoll breeder on instagram i've been following for well over 5+ years and i've seen her go from a very well caring breeder who really was a kind person to absolute turmoil and basically throwing her cats away without any proper explanation that fits her character.
She had a divorce? or break up a couple of years ago that basically made her homeless and with a ton of cats. this started her heavily reliant dependence on her followers to lick her feet for her despair and carry her to the next checkpoint. she needed money to move into a new place and needed a place at all in the bumfucknowhere in sweden and cried endlessly about this for months until she had a place and things were fine. But as the year went on she increasingly and obviously could not handle isolation and being alone. she continued to breed her cats and aquire new queens and sires, she never had issues until recently when her new mothers simply did not want to take care of the kittens or was scared of her own kittens. a lot and i mean unusual a lot of her kittens were weak , small litters, and deaths. this caused her to spiral even more but still continued to post upwards of 10+ times a day of her cats doing anything and everything with occasional rants about her life. her followers would comfort her and tell her it was not her fault and such is the case with breeding anything. just a few would recommend her to take a break but most kept pressuring her that it was okay to keep going. she rehomed several cats during this time so that her other cats were not as stressed and or were not fit to be mothers. she complained of her depression and trying to be treated for it without any sort of progress, and became incredibly sick to the point of hospitalization.
now you would think that someone with 7 cats, and up to this point actively breeding them would go "wow, i could have died recently, i cannot even remember to feed my cats" would quit breeding all together and try and move on with her life. this is a woman with no real social life. all she does is post her cats just staring at something. and occasionally begging.
but no. her "solution" to this problem was to rehome even her most beloved cat she's had for her entire journey of breeding to a new home and many others. with no clear wording about the state of breeding, or even what she was to do with her life. she asked HER FOLLOWERS which cats she should keep. absolutely incapable of making a choice of the cats shes had for years at this point to pick the ones who are most forgiving to her current condition.
she gave no explanation for the cats she picked to rehome and she continued to post overly happy and overly "everything is okay" posts when it's incredibly clear it's forced and her whoopsies like double feeding and forgetting and commenting on the fact she isn't completely okay still. everyone comments how hard it is to et over physical illness but nobody dares to comment on the fact she's incredibly mentally unwell. she needs help and shes continuing to neglect her cats, her home looks so much more dirtier, nobody is helping her. she has little self awareness that she needs to give up and move back to where she can be around people who can help her get bac on track with life instead of completely shutting down the moment something bad happens. why would you own, breed, and post your cats this often when you KNOW you're not healthy? she's never been in a more vulnerable yet promising spot that she could get out of this situation. and maybe one day in the future return to this when she's not crying every day and ruining her life more?

No. 1444226

Same. I get so many videos on my IG about how there are thousands of feral and stray cats in turkey and they just live like that. makes me think those places smell like cat piss. Imagine the destruction to native animals all these cats are doing, as well as using your streets as a litter box. Probably have parasites too. I wish we could normalize putting strays down. It's very sad, but I think doing the catch release program only lets cats roam wild without the thought of reproducing more feral cats, but doesnt stop the problem at the roots.

No. 1444322

I didn’t notice this double standard of dogs vs cats before, but nonnas are right. You don’t see islands of stray dogs getting popularized. There’s no “catch and release” for dogs. Cats are smaller, yes, but are destructive. And honestly, cats stink everything up worse.
Also, being humanely euthanized is better than the cat being run over by a car and having a painful death.

No. 1444328

The cats tend to be ill though, not worshipped and well taken care of. I see so many stray cats in Japan but I won't touch them because they have gunky sick looking eyes

No. 1444336

Exactly. All these places promoting cat islands. Most of the cats there are diseased and carry parasites. It would be more humane to put them down instead of letting them suffer cold and sickness. Why have roaming cats at all?

No. 1444363

I understand dogs can be destructive, large breeds to an extreme degree (like ripping through doors or some shit), but why is it acceptable if a cat can be destructive? Because the worse you'll have is some broken cups that's been knocked off a table or some scratched up couches or curtains? Why is any pet of any size causing destruction accepted in any degree? Toys exist, scratching posts exists, your animals need to be fulfilled so as to not destroy your shit, or should have their destructive energy/need redirected to something else.

I can't remember if it was a post here or somewhere else but I remember reading some insane rant by someone saying that dog owners must be so far up their own ass and conceited or extremely controlling to want to own a dog, because many dog breeds are eager to please their owners and easy to train. Training a dog is bad… but not training a dog (leading to a potentially feral and extremely dangerous animal) is also not ok…? Cats were superior, because they are smart and independent and not so mindless to be easily trained. Is that really supposed to be a perk?

No. 1444397

No stakes in this thread but remembering the time an anon asked if elon musk had cats because anyone who has the means to own a cat and doesn't is likely a psychopath.

No. 1444401

Ayrt and yeah, all the cats seem so crusty and unwell. So it's not even that the people really love cats, they just love dumping food on the ground for them and taking selfies with them. It's shallow and misguided.

No. 1444403

Also samefag to this, but I read that they tried to spay/neuter all the cats on one of these Japanese cat islands but one of the residents purposefully hid several of the cats so they couldn't.

No. 1444451

>Because the worse you'll have is some broken cups that's been knocked off a table or some scratched up couches or curtains?
I think the worst that happens when cat owners let their unruly cats free-roam outside to go kill birds and other small animals. Yes, why should cats get treated any differently than other animals, regarding destruction? Hell, there’s crazy cat fanatics that think it’s “sooo cute” when they do knock over shit, or doing “cute kitty biscuits” poking holes and scratching up the furniture.

No. 1447452

And I'd thought I'd already seen the worst take possible this year.

No. 1447468

You'll see this one study that says that TNR is the best thing possible, better even than trapping and euthanizing the same numbers but the study was funded and collected by a TNR non-profit and didn't take into account all of the birds and other animals killed before declaring it the best method so the study cannot be trusted.

No. 1447471

Last year my bf's friend's cat had a VERY VERY bad bacterial eye infection and he didn't do shit for it. The poor cat's eyes were literally sealed shut by mucous. I was over there to help my bf aid in taking care of his friend's other cat which was a baby and needed a bottle and I tried to help the other cat by wiping it's eyes with a damp rag and it would just run and ride. It frustrated me so much. I sent that scrote a long paragraph about stuff he could do for the cat medwise and he just ignored me. Apparently the cat just got better now according to my bf that visits him but I haven't seen the scrote since and he hates me now apparently. Fuck me right
Catfags are as disgusting as their clawbeasts they don't give a shit about them and see them as disposable. I hate cats but cared more about his cat than him. That's just fucking pathetic. Meanwhile if any of my pets have a minor issue I go straight to the vet. That guy has money too he'd just rather spend it on scrote shit

No. 1449295

I own cats but I live in a big house with a nice fenced outdoor area where their litter box are, they can't get out and birds don't get in. I also have a Garden where they don't have acess to and where I can take care of my plants and visiting birds. My house is clean with no hair since I brush them daily. That's the only way I think someone can take cate of cats. I fucking hate visiting my friends and they Live in small 1bdrm apartaments with fucking 4 cats and the whole place smells like shit and there's cat hair everywhere. Cats are annoying to take care of, if you can't provide a place where they have space to play but won't escape or harm wildlife, don't own a fucking cat. No one likes visiting a hairy stinking shithole apartament.

No. 1449543

I'm allergic to cats, but I still like to pet them from time to time. Some cat owners scare me though, they act like cats are some very special category of pet that needs like extra personality traits and a degree in psychology to raise and constantly spy/stalk other cat owners' online pages or even IRL to claim they're mistreating the cat, discuss all the ways they'd totally take care of them better and the real psychos even plan out how they'd steal and rehome the cat.
I know all different pet circles have some psychos, but with a dog, for example, you often see the same faces while out on walks, see what condition they're in, and anyone who'd try to walk up to someone, and get all up in their business, would become a subject of gossip of the nearby dogpark for being a fucking weirdo.

No. 1449581

Oh my god cat facebook groups are INSANE. I not in any but but have seen screenshots, good lord.

No. 1449654

idk if this is necessarily cat hate, maybe more like cat owner hate. i've never had a pet of my own so i have a hard time empathizing with pet owners overall or understanding their neurosis/hysteria when it comes to their pets. i do admittedly like animals though and i like playing with them, caring for them and so on. i've volunteered for a local cat shelter in the past and i found it fulfilled the crave to help and interact with pets whenever i've had that craving. i don't understand the need people feel to acquire a cat of their own when there are overburdened shelters for abandoned/homeless cats. it's pure selfishness to me. pets aren't substitute children, they are just objects of comfort and people who delude themselves otherwise ("i'm a slave to my cat haha" etc) are in denial over this fact. no matter how psychotically meticulous you are in caring for your cat or how much money you spend on it, in the end you have it for your own pleasure's sake and it is your prisoner, not a ~free individual~ that you "love unconditionally".
absolutely insane decision making. who thought that would be a good idea?
hard agree. i just don't understand why you'd be so passionate about feral pets instead of "real" wild animals, many of which are threatened to the point of extinction by habitat destruction etc and actually need advocacy.

No. 1449891

The one thing I hate the most about cats is their dirty ass litter boxes. Cat owners will sit in their houses and inhale cat piss scent all day long. I guess toxoplasmosis causes this for some people. I was grossed out constantly when I had a cat. He would even track his litter into my bed. He would jump on my counters even when I cooked and it was so nasty. I remember onetime I caught my cat ROLLING around in his litter box like a chinchilla. I did not want to touch him for the longest time after seeing that. Cats are cute silly little guys but I don't think I can ever own a cat again due to the litter box. I don't even like the idea of my cat pissing on wood chips instead like how some people suggest just because its just nasty that their shit and piss sits in a box in my house. Thats just mental illness. Outdoor kitties are cool tho.

No. 1449914

Outdoor cats are owl/fox/coyote/stray dog food

No. 1449923

That’s what makes them cool

No. 1449925

it's because people who support feral cats want to justify keeping theirs outside. every fucking time. outside cats can give you a host of diseases from just a scratch and people act like they're harmless for some reason. some retard in my condo building was letting their cat roam the halls and common areas. they were doing it so much people kept reporting it as lost.

No. 1449966

I absolutely love how this thread is most "cats are dirty, they are loud, annoying. They scratch and bit everything/everyone! I'm disgusted by their shit and fur, their owners are always batshit insane!" while the dog hate thread is "I cannot handle these murder machines anymore. Why the onwers alwayd let their gigantic furbeast roam muzzleless? They kill children and no one cares."

No. 1449970

Oh right this is a scrote containment thread, my bad, carry on

No. 1449975

Wow, almost like they're not the same species! Holy shit, anon!

No. 1449986

I don't get cat hate it comes off as jealousy to me, a cat lover. What's the arguments against these animals? Because they shit outside and hunt? Have I got news for you about the animal kingdom

No. 1449991

>i dont get cate hate
>bumps this thread instead of the cat love one.

No. 1449997

You're talking about wild animals that fight for survival, these are pets, looked after by their owners. People started keeping cats around to hunt rodents, now they just kill a bunch of songbirds.
Even in rural areas they're only tolerated if they don't get a taste for hunting birds, the ones that go after chicks and other hatchlings get killed off.

No. 1450006

I wanted to generate discussion lol.

Yeah cats aren't really domesticated. They're edgy.

No. 1450015

>me a cat lover wants to generate discussions in cat hate thread filled with scrote posters.

No. 1450084

My hate is for any invasive species that kills massive numbers of and directly leads to the extinction of several bird, reptile, and mammal species. Nothing personal kid.

No. 1450105

Yeah, I'm so jealous of cats killing the birds that come visit my feeder and nest in my neighborhood. It was so cool seeing a bloody nest of dead chicks and their momma with a cat walking away from it.

No. 1450135

I find them annoying and I don't think their quirks are cute. I even hate the way they sound like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 1450137

Ntayrt, I think cats are wonderful but I absolutely agree that for the sake of the birds outside (and the cats themselves), people need to keep their cats indoors. I think too many people own cats that shouldn’t, because they assume they’re a low-responsibility pet.

No. 1450360

I think you're ignoring about half the thread discussing how cats are murder machines that destroy ecosystems.

No. 1450365

>He would even track his litter into my bed.
Augh oh god ew. I remember all the times stepping barefoot on litter tracked out of the box by my family's cat. It was horrible. Outdoor cats are definitely not cool though. They are even worse.

No. 1451111

File: 1671364122410.jpg (302.94 KB, 610x870, 12712373_p0_master1200.jpg)

This. I believe in the ones that dislikes the owners (instead of the cats themselves), but I have seen that there is much more disdain for cats than dogs. Dogs are liked by about ~40% and cats and dogs are ~30%, while people who only prefer cats were about ~15%.

However, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but there's a reason why people react less to cats getting abused and hate them. Cats are independent and takes time to know. I checked this thread, and it seems like a lot have fair reasons, though there are a few that painted me as moids. I like dogs, though I also like cats more. I just hope that the nonnies in here don't support killing cats (as a solution for them ruining the ecosystem could be housing them), since I know a lot of people who 100% hate cats do kill them. A lot of scrotes in those subreddits dedicated to hating cats have supported killing kittens and whatnot.It is normal for people to kill cats where I live, especially families of them. My grandma would raise them and feed them and try to take them to humane society, though they always disappeared the next week. Always. I can agree with hating pet owners, I do too. No hate on anyone in this thread!

No. 1451302

The difference in the rates of people liking dogs vs people liking cats is likely because one, dogs do love unconditionally and everyone wants to be loved. And it's not that I hate cats, hell, I spend large portions of my job educating the public on how to better take care of their cat physically and mentally because I don't want animals to suffer. But cats are not only more independent, but I do think they understand the concept of revenge on others and won't hesitate to make their displeasure known over petty bullshit.
I wish we took more time and care into the breeding of cats. We spent thousands of years honing dogs into the perfect companion before the Victorian era of pure breeds started messing everything up, but we never did that with cats, just jumped straight to breeding them only for looks.
Nona, when you say no killing, do you mean no euthanizing of cats ever, or do you mean killing them outside a vet office? Because unfortunately, there are too many feral cats and not enough homes. If we truly wished to save the environment and remove the invasive species, it would involve euthanizing many cats.

No. 1451335

I live with my sister, she has 6 of them and it's honestly living hell, constant allergy because of all the hair and they are just like babies; they shit, pee and puke all over her bed and people still say they are cleaner than dogs. There's not a single clothing item in our house that doesn't have cat hair and it makes me feel so dirty.

No. 1451367

I wouldn't support psychopats going out of their way hunting for cats or someone killing animals for revenge. But I wouldn't blame some village granny for shooting a feral cat for killing her poultry, the same way she'd shoot a coyote, instead of taking it to some animal shelter just because it's a cat.

No. 1451445

I am all for rehoming cats that can be rehomed (in homes that do NOT let them free-roam), but the unfortunate reality is many cannot be (feral and unable to be socialized) and they need to be humanely put down. I support initiatives to remove free-roaming cats, and that includes the euthanization of ones that can't be homed. At the end of the day, I am a bird and other wild animal person, not cat and not dog.

No. 1452333

File: 1671428792966.jpg (93.63 KB, 850x478, sample_462833f5fa521f2224a29a4…)

I meant killing them outside a vet office. Though the euthanizing is a whole other problem of animals in general, I do believe some vets are a bit pessimistic when not giving animals chances, not all, but some. I think this is just an issue of industrialization though, not them.
I agree with this, however a lot of them do kill cats for fun. Where I live, they do things like shooting kittens. Some have done things like bashing them on concrete. There is a lot more abuse of cats more than dogs, I've researched into this topic since I wanted to help at an animal sanctuary. Perhaps the reason why I believe into cats so much is because I relate to them, and why I think most women are like cats, independent and requires time and effort to care for. I have been outcasted by society just like most cats. The most disheartening thing for me is this reality that these cats are not by farms where I am, but by cities. People purposely run over cats, theyve done it to ducks as well here. They will purposely cut off their heads sometimes. What breaks my heart is that the reason sometimes when men hates cats, is because cat's do feel less traction to men, they go more towards to women. Most animals feel more comfortable with women because they know that women would not go on psychotic episodes like men. My issue has to do from historical reasons like europeans, who have gone as far to killing baby kittens just due to the belief that they are diabolical. This is still a huge belief, especially for black cats. I think denying that cats do get abused more is a bit unfair to them. I am posting this for any scrotes reading this, that killing them not for farm related reasons, but for pure torture, is still hurtful because there are people who are trying to better them, who are trying to save them.
I understand, though I just wish that cats were not as abused as they were, including dogs. I do not understand why men will care more about dogs (of course, dogs are unconditional and will go to anyone) but will excuse their abuse on cats because cats can lash out when you force yourself on them. It just is very telling to me as a woman. I do not feel comfortable when men hate cats, but when women hate them, I can understand.

No. 1453077

File: 1671478512341.jpg (134.77 KB, 574x588, dsaiudhi.jpg)

honestly lot of cat owners are like the intj meme of pet owners

No. 1453097

>Cats take time to know
ok? so do dogs, they have varying personalities not every dog acts like a golden retriever, some are more wary, introverted or less affectionate

No. 1453159

Nta but I think people mistake the canine inclination to be lovely as them just being shallow or stupid. Dogs have incredible depth of personality and the variation is insane

No. 1453315

lol accurate.
I like cats and dogs equally but I honestly think cat people are the ones who are pushing the cat people vs dog people narrative

No. 1453345

What the fuck is wrong with you? No you don't have to shoot cats. They aren't wild animals like coyotes or lions or pitbulls, you can literally pick them up or shoo them away.

No. 1453380

don't pick up strange housecats anon that's a great way to get a blood infection

No. 1453398

In my experience, you cannot pick up the majority of feral cats. They have to be trapped.

No. 1453402

No you dont. Most feral cats need to be caught. They dont do anyone good as an outside only cat and some cats cant be trained or domesticated.

No. 1453404

this is not a dog vs cat thread. Dont start this up.

No. 1454202

>pick them up and shoo them away
you're a dumbass, we're talking about feral cats here. they hunt and kill like any other wild animal. you can't just "shoo them away", the cat is just going to come back and kill more poultry. you have to trap it not pick it up.

No. 1454518

The Australian cat hunters are heroes and I'm tired of pretending they are not.

No. 1454520

Come and try to pick up the feral cats my late-grandma was dealing with on her farm, I dare you. Even domestic cats had to be put down once they were discovered to be causing damage for the neighbors. Cats should be indoor only, since you can't really restrain them like dogs. Indoor cats becoming outdoor cats are actually even worse than ones being used to the outside life, they exhibit even more hunting behaviour according to studies.

No. 1454528

I love you nonnie. Sorry no one else replied but this is a really good post and I couldn't agree more. When people hate cats they want to kill them. In my own neighbourhood someone was poisoning cats (not strays).

No. 1454717

You do. Same as how methods like shooting need to be used for other invasive species. We don't capture and take feral pigs, feral goats, invasive mongooses, invasive foxes, or invasive rats and mice to vets to be euthanized because that's just not feasible. It doesn't make sense to give feral invasive cats an exception simply because we think they are cute or whatever.

No. 1456603

They got rid of the robot that kills cats in the desert. They've designed a robot called Felixer that sprays poison on cats as they walk by. Unfortunately Victoria banned it, but it's still legal everywhere else.

No. 1456653

Humans are more invasive than cats. Why isn’t killing us justified?

No. 1456656

I know this is bait but congrats you got a taker: Because you can tell a human to not recklessly kill birds and other wildlife for fun, and most of them will listen to you.
Cats do not care what you tell them, they're going to engage their hunting instincts in places that did not evolve for their predation and that's why they must be kept indoors or euthanized if they cannot be rehabbed enough to live a healthy life indoors.

No. 1456658

>not recklessly kill wild life
Are we forgetting all the animals who have gone extinct because of us? An the animals we still continue to kill even though they are endangered?

No. 1456659

If a human goes outside and gleefully murders endangered animals for fun while giving parasites to children and shitting on random people's lawns, they absolutely should be killed.

No. 1456660

Did you personally murder those animals? If so, yes, you should be killed. If not, then no, you should not be killed any more than the housecat who stays inside should be killed.

No. 1456665

I'll quote myself again:
>you can tell a human to not recklessly kill birds and other wildlife for fun
I'm not talking about extinctions from mass human modernity, I'm talking about individual trophy hunters and other humans who hunt for fun. They're a tiny minority of "outdoor humans" compared to the proportion of outdoor cats that hunt animals for fun.

No. 1456666

Plenty of them do actually. Take a look at what happened to the dodo bird.
Humans have caused more harm to wild life than any other species. You being on the intern right now is causing harm to the environment. I guess you need to be euthanized.

No. 1456668


No. 1456669

So it’s ok for humans to fuck the planet up the way we have only because we aren’t doing it for fun?the average human causes more damage to the environment and wild life than any cat could. I bet you aren’t worried about wild life and the environment when you start your car up everyday or use the internet kek

No. 1456672

NTA but since cats are humans' pets, the harm caused by them is actually ultimately caused by humans. I hate every human being stupid enough to let their cat run free outside. They do not deserve to own any pets.

No. 1456673

Even wild cats don’t even put a dent into all the issues humans cause. Think about it what would benefit wild life more, getting rid of humans or getting rid of cats? Humans are always quick to want to kill off species they consider “invasive” but don’t even take a good look at ourselves.

No. 1456674

Sorry you had to hear it here but that's what comes with being the dominant sapient species on the planet. Regardless of correctness, we're able to make world-altering choices to suit our species' purpose and so that's what we do.
Most of us individually don't have enough of a carbon footprint to matter ecologically (save that ire for celebrity jets or w/e, one of those 15 minute jet trips emits more CO2 than my entire life's car usage twice over I did the math once) so I'm not sure what argument you're trying to make about an individual's internet or car usage? Most individual humans do not remotely approach the sort of devastation caused by an individual outdoor cat. You seem to be misplacing an issue with our society by placing the blame on your average Jane.

No. 1456678

Are you seriously saying that outdoor cats cause more harm to the environment and wild life than the pollution caused by driving and even the internet? What about the species of birds extinct because of humans?

>inb4 cats kill for fun!

Humans also kill for fun. Hunting is a hobby for a lot of people and we have killed off numerous species this way.

No. 1456686

How many hunters do you know? I used to live in a rural area and still only knew a handful of hunters, out of that small number only one didn't do it exclusively for food. Trophy hunting was more of a thing back in my mom's and grandmom's day unquestionably, but it's fallen out of favor compared to subsistence hunting these days.
I've had to clean off dozens of dead and half dead birds from my auntie's porch because her cat would go out, half-kill something, and then bring it back for her because that's what his instincts told him to do. I don't really belong in this thread because I like cats, but I can also recognize that modern cats do not belong outdoors in areas that did not evolve for them. Ecological devastation caused by humans does not remove the fact that cats are predator animals who have been released in multiple ecosystems that are not designed for them. It's deeply tragic, but it's simple fact that there are invasive animals causing trouble and humans are going to step in and stop it regardless of how cute we think the cars are.

No. 1456689

Humans have killed off 60% of animal populations but you want to complain about cats doing it?kek

No. 1456690

doublepost sorry, *how cute they think the cats are.

No. 1456695

File: 1672243903391.png (68.09 KB, 792x789, wellshit.PNG)

Not in the US. Picrel is from a 2015 article. It's only gotten worse since then.
Here's another one from 2016.
20.7 billion small mammals per year. That is nearly 3x the global human population wiped out annually due to outdoor cats alone. Not even all cats, just pets who are let outdoors and feral cats who don't have a home or owners.

No. 1456697

>Plenty of them do actually. Take a look at what happened to the dodo bird.
Then those people should be killed. How are you not understanding this super simple concept? Wait, nevermind, it's because you've got the cat shit brain parasites.

So you think that all cats, even house cats, should be murdered because they eat meat? Guess we should go kill all the lions then because they "damage the environment."

No. 1456702

>those people should be killed
Why aren’t you killing yourself then? Your internet usage contributes to pollution. The meat you eat from factory farms does as well. If you aren’t walking everywhere or hunting your own meat you really are a hypocrite.
>> So you think that all cats, even house cats, should be murdered because they eat meat?

No I just hate when humans get on their high horse screeching about a species being invasive when we are the main culprits.

No. 1456704

anon you realize that humans bred cats and then allowed them to become feral, yes? you sound like you just want to bitch.

No. 1456715

>Why aren’t you killing yourself then?
Because it's your hang up, not mine. Do you also want me to do your homework and ask your mom if you can sleep over tonight?
And you must want to murder lions because you hate when anything destroys the environment or hurts animals. I'm just keeping you consistent.

No. 1456726

So since people use cars and the internet out of necessity and big ass companies we have no power over destroy the world it's completely fine if some stupid ass purposely lets their pet (which is a luxury) outsite to kill the local animal population when the cat is not native to the environment? Because they're too lazy to play with their cat themselves?

No. 1456727

Imagine a-logging random women over cats, kek. You need to go outside, autismo.

No. 1474854

You’re a literal fucking retard. Cats are disgusting vermin that should all be exterminated. Why are there so many catlicking faggots in this thread? You’ve got your “cat love” thread as well as most of the fucking board, let us people with brains that haven’t been eaten by parasites have our thread without you shitting it up with your sperging about how your ugly, dirty, disease-spreading, murderous shitbeast is “not like other cats uwu”. I fucking hate cat owners almost as much as cats themselves.

No. 1659448

It’s against the law to have these disgusting creatures outside in my country but some retard who lives near me keep letting theirs out and it’s coming into my beautiful garden that’s full of native wildlife. I wish it didn’t have a collar so I could treat it as a feral and dispose of it, which is legal. I fucking hate these ugly pieces of shit so much, I don’t know what to do because I don’t know who the owners are. Hopefully it gets snatched up by an eagle or an owl.

No. 1659563

if it's coming into your garden, you should be able to dispose of it, or at least set up a cage trap. owners that let their cats roam free are trash

No. 1659592

Nah if I kill a feline that’s clearly domestic and get caught I’ll be in trouble. If it didn’t have a collar I wouldn’t give it a second thought. I’ve disposed of ferals before and have absolutely no hesitation doing so again. A trap might be the way to go, if I take it to the pound and it’s chipped the owners will cop a fine. And I completely agree, catfags that let their shitbags out are garbage. I just hate catfags in general though, kek

No. 1659606

Last summer there were a bunch of cats roaming around my neighbourhood (they had owners) and one of them kept going in my yard and in my garden where I grow my food. It would also attempt to clinb on my birdcage to get the birds and it would scare them every time (and some birds can die because of it). So fucking annoying, fucking keep your pet inside and play with it yourself instead of letting it "hunt" random shit. And no they barely hunt pests.

No. 1659640

I've grown up with a cat mum and her cats are very friendly and all, but having to live with them I chose not to have any. Their fur gets on your clothes no matter how much you brush them, they will randomly do their nails on couches despite being taught not to, they catched random animals in the balcony, and we had to regularly use bleach to clean to get rid of the cat smell. Not the smell of poop, just the distinct natural cat smell. I just can't be bothered to do all that now living alone just to please an animal.

No. 1659682

shit thread, just like the dog hate one. good thing those of you who've committed crimes and/or participated in needless killing will inevitably get what's coming to you

No. 1659702

File: 1691661353020.jpeg (568.33 KB, 828x1142, IMG_1891.jpeg)

Good thing some of us live in based countries where killing feral vermin is not only legal but encouraged. Now back to the catfucker thread with your toxoplasmosis
Cats torture animals for fun because they’re psychopaths. They shouldn’t exist. As per usual humans are fucking retarded and continue to enable this shit

No. 1659705

I refuse to go to a house where there’s a cat or eat food prepared in a house where there’s a cat, the stench alone makes me want to die but knowing how much disease these fugly things carry, just no.

No. 1659707

I fucking hate cat owners. They're dumb people. They want the company of a pet without the hassle of actually caring for another living being. That's why lots losers, moids, and troons, end up getting cats.

No. 1659709

Right? Without exception. And when you tell them that you hate cats they sperg about people who hate cats just don’t respect boundaries or understand consent, fucking retards, on the contrary, we don’t want annoying, stinking, unhygienic, destructive animals in our personal space. But like attracts like, stupid people will choose a stupid animal as a pet

No. 1659710

Plus troons are always unwashed degenerates who wallow in their own filth, of course they’re going to be catfags

No. 1660026

>they sperg about people who hate cats just don’t respect boundaries or understand consent
I HATE this dumbass shit catfags like to spew. "It's proof that your're not a control freak uwu" guess what asshat being in control of your fucking place is called not being a doormat that lets their poorly trained (and untrainable) pet scratch everything and shed fur everywhere to the point you can find it even in your asscrack. It is completely normal to want to control your own space and keep it clean. I'm so disgusted when I see that cats walk and roll on the floor, outside among trash (since the majority of people refuse to keep them inside), put their paws in their shit and piss ridden litterbox and then walk all over your counter, your bed, the couch and even on your fucking face. That's gross as fuck and if you allow that shit then you're an unwashed dirty motherfucker, sorry. Just think of how much bacteria gets on their paws and in their mouths, especially if they hold carcasses in it, and then they ""clean"" themselves basically bathing in more shit and bacteria eugh

I had a friend who slept with her cats (that walked outside everywhere, what is hygiene) and she would often have a bunch of cat hair all over her clothes. She wouldn't even bother brushing them.

No. 1660764

Fucking tell me about it. And catfags insist that they’re uwu so clean because they’re always cleaning themselves uwu, anyone who thinks an animals that avoids water and uses the same tongue it licks garbage, decomposing animals and literal shit with to “clean” itself is a special breed of retard. I’ve honestly never met a single catfag who isn’t fucked in the head and/or a huge piece of shit. Shame we can’t treat them and their shitbeasts like lepers and ship them all to colony far away from the civilised world

No. 1665349

People who like cats like that they are arrogant, selfish assholes. Says enough.

No. 1665960

You can’t convince me that being mentally ill isn’t a requisite for liking these putrid creatures, the way catfaggots can’t help escaping their retard containment thread to sperg all over the boards is testament to that. I hate cats and their owners equally

No. 1666102

File: 1692174343408.jpeg (418.86 KB, 828x1115, IMG_1908.jpeg)


No. 1666167

I just broke up with a guy because he had a 3-year-old cat and he was talking about moving in with me with the cat eventually and I'm like no I'm not going to own a cat then he talked about getting rid of the cat. Haha sad. I'm not owning a pet that shits inside my house whose piss smells THAT bad. Living apart from cats for years has made me despise the idea of sharing a space with them again. My home is clean, no litter crumbles in my bathroom, no cat hair on random places, no cat piss ever. They honestly aren't even that cute sometimes people post ugly ass cats with broad faces and tiny eyes and go omggg kitty and I'm like that cat looks like woll smoth

No. 1666176

All cats are fucking ugly. Literally everything about them is disgusting, the way they look, the way they move, the retarded noises they make, their habits, their attitude, they’re the nastiest animals on earth (besides primates). The fact that people think otherwise is evidence of how badly toxoplasma erodes the brain. The retards that claim cats are smart are especially egregious, scientists have proven that cats are stupid, in addition to be incapable of feeling emotion. The intellectually handicapped fuckwits who argue that their shitbeasts love them have no concept of affection. No, you dumb fuck, that piece of shit vermin is keeping you enslaved, all it sees is a source of food. Idiots.

No. 1666188

And they still refuse to keep cats indoors because "it's unnatural".

No. 1667587

"cats are clean" meanwhile they literally carry brain-altering bacteria and cat populations regularly have breakouts of new deseases (totally not because they're allowed to go outside and munch on deseased animals).

>They honestly aren't even that cute sometimes people post ugly ass cats with broad faces and tiny eyes and go omggg kitty
i've seen people go "my cute babyy is sooo adorable babbyy" and the cat looks weird as hell or just like a regular cat you would see on the street

No. 1667622

>woll smoth
Fucking kek, nona. Seriously tho, I really don’t find any cats cute, but some are especially fucking hideous. Like those hairless monstrosities and the ones that look like goblins. And all the mangy ass street cats you see in southern Europe, fugly pests. Every time I see one I have the insatiable urge to punt it into the sun, fucking diseased nuisances

No. 1667624

> i've seen people go "my cute babyy is sooo adorable babbyy" and the cat looks weird as hell or just like a regular cat you would see on the street
Or it’s some putrid looking creature with a triangle shaped head and demon eyes. Even kittens are fucking ugly, I swear the only people who think these abominations are cute are people with toxoplasmosis

No. 1675674

I don't hate all cats but I don't see the point in owning a cat that's aggressive or that doesn't stay and want to be cuddled. I mean isn't that why you'd get a cat in the first place? To have something be affectionate towards you? A loving cat is infinitely better than some bitch cat that only comes to you when it wants food and scratches your furniture and shit and no, it's not funny.
I was crucified every time when I expressed that if i ever get a cat, I want a ragdoll that's bred from a reputable source like oMg adOpT dont sHoP why would u spend money when you can have a shelter cat?? well maybe because I want a cat that is proven to have a certain behavior and has a history of healthy parents. I swear cat people are some of the nuttiest I've ever met.
Same shit happened when I said that if I'd ever get a dog, it'd be a golden retriever. Like excuse me for wanting to have a gentle pedigreed dog instead of some mutt with unpredictable behavior.
Also cats attacking eachother or humans is not funny, cats being cunts is not fufnny.
You calling yourself "cat mom" or "cat dad" is NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Don't fucking equate having a pet who sleeps 18h to being a mom/dad. Those people piss me off the most, next to those idiots who spitefully say to their family about their cat that it's that only grandchild their parents will ever have. It makes me wanna puke.
oh,and any pet licking their genitals and then your face is neither cute, nor a sign of love. EW.

No. 1675676

I hope you never get a ragdoll, they deserve a mommy not an “owner” ew. I’m a proud cat mom and my big boy loves to bite visitors, it’s extremely adorable. I have nice cats rather than having nice stuff (yes even my bitey boy is a nice boy I love him and he’s super snuggly he just likes to bite sometimes). I hope a cat licks your face and then bites you.(freak)

No. 1675677

File: 1692875560187.jpg (21.4 KB, 474x436, 1584.jpg)

No. 1675712

u sound mentally ill kek

No. 1675779

I hope that your feculent piece of shit vermin meets the same fate as this one. The only good cat is a dead cat. https://youtube.com/shorts/wq34qoufLkM?feature=shared(chill out)

No. 1675784

May the next person your “big boy” bites kick its head in(chill out)

No. 1675859

>I don't see the point in owning a cat that's aggressive
I see so many cat owners getting scratched by their cats regularly and all they have to say is "oh hahaha isn't he cute?? What a naughty boy haha he scratches, hisses and pisses all over the house so NAUGHTY but he's sooo cuutee hehe uwu" like okay? You have an aggressive pet that can't fucking stand you and you allow it to hurt you and ruin your stuff, congrats I guess.

No. 1675996

Hating cats is fine in this thread, wishing them harm/saying "the only good ones are dead ones" is not. Let's try to avoid alogging the animals, these threads are already unhinged enough as it is.

No. 1676136

You can’t embed shorts…

No. 1676312

You are right, the red text has been corrected. Sharing videos of animals being subjected to violence is too extreme even for this thread.

General reminder to other anons not to respond to bait, report it and move on.

No. 1677184

How do I get cats to stay out of my garden/flower beds. Shitty creatures shitting everywhere. I got a dog which helped as first but now they've gotten used to him and are back shitting up the place.

No. 1678700

I’ll get banned if I tell you how I do it, but sprinkling chilli powder (the hotter, the better) around the beds/pots works well.

No. 1680242

The thing is that cats can climb fucking everywhere and their owners will let them shit and piss everywhere because the entire world is their toilet I guess. Entitled pieces of shit.
I've heard citrus smells also help with cats because they can't stand them, so maybe you can use some plants with strong citrus smells or just put down some orange/lemon peels and see if that keeps them out of your things.

No. 1723123

Average cat owner when their badly trained pet displays clear signs of aggression/hunting behaviour towards people: hahaha she's just playing hehe so cute hahaha let her play!!!!

No. 1846804

A friend of mine was in the hospital for a few months back in highschool from… "cat scratch fever"? Or something? She'd helped a stray cat and the poor thing ended up scratching her to shit and back.
I'm personally not a huge fan of cats. But they're just animals. I don't like them any more than I like bugs and insects, but can appreciate their design and anatomy from a distance.
What absolutely BOGGLES my mind is why cat lovers (maybe all animal lovers really), go into threads specifically targetted towards complaining about the thing they like so much, and grief the posters. I love dogs a ton and avoid the dog hate thread like the plague. I pretend it doesn't even exist. But like everything else, it just feels nice to have a place where other people dislike something that a person searching for likemindedness dislikes. Cats shit, so do people. Dogs bark and make noise, people are noisey too. Animals all have issues, and yes, fuck cats. The amount of damage and the type of damage is different from any other animal. I just get how people get labeled as scrotes for hating a fucking animal. There are so many stupid cat gifs and reaction images on this site and nobody seems to pay them any mind. Why waste time and stalk a thread that is 100% going to anger a person if they like cats???
Really fucking hate cat lovers.

No. 1846888

ppl got mad that there was a dog hate thread. tbh who cares, just hide the thread. ppl are allow to dislike some animal or other.

No. 1856940

this whole video is weird and alien, what is so funny. sounds fake, staged, etc

No. 1883853

I hate insufferable lolcow catfags, also cat reaction images scream "twitterfag" to me.

No. 1883877

File: 1707587306103.png (87.93 KB, 300x300, IMG_9485.png)

I know there's a certain brand of cat reaction pics that seem zoomerish like picrel, but cats have always been universal internet culture. I couldn't say they belong to a certain site

No. 1884280

File: 1707613695935.jpg (72.32 KB, 720x718, 1000002665.jpg)

Getting mad at cat reaction pictures when they've been used since the dawn of the internet is crazy

No. 1884287

File: 1707614337012.jpg (126.77 KB, 700x511, ry4bq.jpg)

No. 1884292

Sounds like a you problem. Must suck to be so thin skinned.

No. 1884321

This is a cat hate thread. You're only proving her point.

No. 1884377

>Sounds like a you problem. Must suck to be so thin skinned.
Do you not see the irony here?

No. 1884524

Proving her point for trying to discuss things? I didn't realize this is an asspats only thread sorry. It even says we can discuss cat culture in general and I'm pretty sure this falls under it nonnie.

No. 1884688

>trying to discuss things
Right, my bad how could I have not seen such indepth and well written talking points of discussion.

No. 1890999

So recently my family cat died because i retard brother kept letting him outside and my parents enabled them despite me telling him so stop fucking letting him out because he and the wildlife is endanger. Unsurprising, a coyote tore him apart and ate him and now everyone is pissed at the “evil” coyote for eating him and are trying to kill it and i am so done with them. Fucking retards kek.

No. 1891027

do you live in the woods or what kek

No. 1891038

maybe the coyote will get your family too!

No. 1893603

My cat is finally dying and even now it's still annoying. It looks disgusting, it smells horrible and it's has barely been able to digest food for weeks yet still insists on trying to eat human food. My mom has catched a terrible case of petfaggority, and insists on keeping that thing alive even if it has weeks left being very generous. Cats technically they die alone and without disturbing others no? Well this one doesn't, when it's not begging for human food it's making horrendous noises trying to provoke pity. The cat was always retarded, but now it has dog like traits and if i wanted an stupid animal who only lives for food even if it can't eat it I would have gotten a labrador. The worst part is that in a few weeks my family is going on a vacation and I KNOW the little shit is going to die the second they left the house, so I'm the one who has to take care of the corpse. Fuck i hate petfaggority, this shit should have ended weeks ago.

No. 1902411

God I fucking hate outdoor cat owners. I can't understand how they're all more than fine with their pets killing wildlife and other people's pets like pond fish for sport and justify it by saying it's nature but act like this when their own pet is finally on the receiving end of it.

No. 1902803

Are you unaware of the fact that coyotes are common in many suburban and rural areas around the world? Especially in america, there are a lot of wild animals running around at night that could easily harm an outdoor cat. There are bears, foxes and birds of prey too. If you leave your cat outdoor you have to accept the risks of it.

I absolutely cannot stand their attitude when it comes to cats wiping out wildlife. There are several professional studies that document how cats were and are responsible for the disappearance of many native bird species all over the world. I even learned that in some areas their waste infects sea animals with toxoplasmosis. They shrug it all off saying "it's nature" or it's not important. No it's not you fucking idiot!! Cats aren't native everywhere and they shouldn't roam free and hunt native species that may be important for that particular environment. Most of the time the cats just play with the prey without eating it.

No. 1917122

I honestly hate everything about cats, especially retarded catmoms who screech misogyny whenever someone says they hate cats.too much exposure to toxoplasmosis gets you saying such nonsense in the first place.

No. 1917653

I bet no one has ever said that to you and you’re just making up bitches to be mad at.

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